Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 30, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 30, 1855 Page 3
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Farnar, Jane 29?6 P. M. The stock market was very unsettled at the open ing thin morning, and moot of the tr* as ic lions made wen at lower prloee- At the flrat board Virginia ?'s advanced 4 per cent; Illinois Central Bonds, do. without privilege, 1; do. free land, 2. Erie Bonds, 1875, fell off 4 per cent; Cumberland Coal, J; New York Central Railroad, J ; Chicago and Rock Island, Cleveland and ToUdo, 4; ? do, f; Harlem, 4; Reading Railroad, Panama Railroad, 1; Gale na and Chicago, 4* Tee improvement in Illinois Central free land boods was the prinolpal feature of the market to day. The advaeoe is attributed to the report that valuable deposits of coal nave been found on these lands, which has enhanced the se cirlty upon which the bonds were Usaed. Ah the bonds shonld have been favorably affected to an eqaal extent. Nicaragua Transit has advanced a fraction and remains firm. The feeling and facts developed at the several meetings of the at ckh riders of the Pacific Mail Steamship Co npany have given holders of Nicaragua Transit greater cocfUeuce in the oper ations of this company, and in its ultimate prodnc tivenees. It ooenpies a very strong position In the competition. The fare to California has been put down to rates which mast give a great impetus to emigration, bat the probability is that the rivalry existing will not last long. The Pacific Steamship Company will be compelled to corns to terms each as the Nicaragua Company demand, and thus prices will go np again to Ae old standard. The travel ling pnblio are not likely to be long baneli tted by the competition. Cumberland Coal has nearly touched its lowest points again. Toe flac .nations of tils fancy are certainly corions. It Is reported that this company is doing a profitable business and making as much money as at any time Bines its organiza tion, but the stock runs up and down with the great est rapidity. Etie and Central were lower to-day. Nothing definite has jet transpired relative to the terms of through travel and transportation. Reading was not so buoyant to-day, and the sales were only to a moderate extent. The Philadelphia Ledger says:?"The dividend is a matter of much sp seals tion with operators. It is known tost the company has earned largely over any previous year; bat whether the profits will be divided among share holders, or whether, afteramolerste dividend, the remainder will be appropriated as the managers may deem most advantageous to the interest of the road, is as yet not generally known on the alreets, if, Indeed, it is yet determined in the minds of the managers themselves." After the adjournment of the board, the following sales of bonds and stocks were made by Simeon Draper :? $7,160 Cleveland and Toledo RR 7's and int..,,.... 82% 9,C(0 Toledo and Illinois RR 7'a and Int. 86 a 85yi 10.0C0 Lake Erie, "W'li fc 8t. L's R 7'e and int 84?, a 85>4 6,000 Soiota and Hocking Valley RR 7'a and int... 76 20,000 Ohio and Miaelaaippt RR 7'a and int 60 47 aha Dry Dock, Grand at., Bowery k S'h F'y Co. 16 At the escond board, lower prices ruled. Erie fell off J percent; Cumberland, 4; New York Cen tral Railroad, ?; Harlem, ?; Michigan Central, 4, Beading Railroad, 4- The bulk of business this af ternoon was tor cash. Nicaragua Transit closed at morning's prices. The transactions at the Assistant Treasurer's of fice, to-day, were as follows :? Paid on Treasury account $29,878 77 Received do 197,083 34 Balance do 1,926,044 03 Paid for assay office 299,004 47 Teid on disbursing checks 32,028 30 The Buck Mountain Coal Company have made a dividend of i per oent. The Newcastle and Wil mington Railroad Company have declared a divi dend of 3? per .cent. The Mercantile Fire Imuranoe Company have de clared a semi-annual dividend of fire per cent. The Bank,of Albany baa declared a semi-annual dividend of four per cent. The Bank of Whltestown, four per cent, for the past six months. The Morris and Es sex Railroad Company, three and a half per cent Farmers' and Planters' Bank, Baltimore, four and a half per cent, for the past six months. The Union Bank, Baltimore, semi-annual dividend of four and a half per cent. The Citizens' Bank, Baltimore, semi annual, of five per cent. The Western Bank, Baltimore, semi-annual, of five per cent. Ooeaa Mutual Insurance Company, Baltimore, semi annual, three and a half per cent. The receipts on the Morris Canal for the week and year ending June 21, as compared with the corres ponding time last year, are as follows:? 1954. 1865. Total received to June 17 $65,432 74 $78,238 77 For week ending June 24 7,384 17 11.607 58 $72,816 91 $89,846 36 72,816 91 Increaee over laat year $17,02) 44 The reoeipts of lumber by the canals at Albany dnring the third week in Jane, in the years named, were aa follows:? Lumrkr Tradk of Albany. Boards <C Scantling. Shingles. Timber. Slaves. rm. K. C. FKKT. LBS. 1861 9,953,800 1,830 11,769 3,976,000 3852 17,636,846 1,339 6,451 3,800,844 1863 26,065,574 3,169 ? 4,248,800 1854 19,207,045 1,261 ? 7,203,361 1856 9,627,270 2,643 ? 3;i45,'200 There ie a falling off ef boards and scantling this year, in comparison with last, of nearly 10.000,000 feet, and of stavea of over 4,000,000 pounds; while shingles have increased over 1,000 l('e. The total receipts by the canali, since the opening of navigation, up to and including the third week in June, in the years named, were ae follows:? Boards it Scantling. Shingles. Timber. Staves. ran. m. c. rirr. lbs. 1851 70,321,043 17,704 71,360 22,039,800 1862 86,166,328 14,982 21,912 21,318,495 1863 105,966,057 14,046 3,780 13,632,327 1854 87.220,645 8,937 707 24,423,655 1866 66,789,724 19,477 130 16,192,747 Here is shown a decrease thus far this year, in com parison with the light reoeipts of last year, of 80,430,921 feet of boards and scantling, and 9,230,909 pounds of staves; while there is an insrease of over 10,000 M's of nbingles. The receipts of the Susquehanna and Tidewater Canal from Ifoe opening of navigation to June 24, 1856, are $86,971 66. The receipts for the same pe riod last year were $68,117 87. Increase of receiprs this year, $18,863 69. The St. Louis Rfpublican states that the Comp troller of that city, on the 22d inst. sent to New York a portion of the funds necessary to pay the Jnly interest of the city debt, and the remainder was to be tranimitted the next day. Provision is made for all the interest falling due on the 1st of July, including the interest on the bonds issued to (he Ohio and Mississippi Railroad Company. The following moneyed institutions of Rochester have severally declared the dividends at the rates and payable at the time specified, viz.: ? Gss Cympany $150,000 6 p#r cint July 2. City Bank 400,000 5 ?? July 2. Colon Bonk 500,000 6 ? j?|r 3, Eogl* Back 200,000 5 " July 4. 4 From the repoit of the Michigan Central Railroad Company, just published, it appears that the gross earnings of the year ending May 31, 1865, have eei $2,215,283, In place of $1,579,412 in the preced !g year; and that the net earnings have been . 879,656, in place of $675,468. The earnings pe /mile run the last year have averaged $171, En place of $1 38 in the preoeilng year. \he net receipts for the year, including e surplus income remaining at the end of the pre ying year, amounted on the first of the present nth to $938,501. This amount has been disposed 1 follows: -Interest and coupon account, $360, I; dividend, tlx per cent, $340,860; surplus re ining on band, $236,737. The length of the phigan Central Railroad from Detroit to its June 1 with the Illinois Central, is 269 miles, and Its ' jst, Including the station grounds and bntldlags In |lhicago, has been $10,300,147; besides whish the ipany has In steamboats, $343,880; In stock and of the New Albany and Salem Railroad, 599,763; and in construction bonds of the Illinois atral, $800,000. Since the last annual report, the Albany and Salem Railroad has been opened fwhole length, 288 miles from Michigan City to AM aggregate gala of $231,433 over the aame months of the year 1854. Tie financial condition of the company on the let of Jose, 1656, waa aa follows:? Michigan Cnrni Kailxoad. To capital ?tock $6,021,018 To bono account 8 per cent St. Bds unconvertible. $463,813 8 per e*nt St. Bde, convertible... 5M.000 8 per cent Bond*, uaconrertible. 1,442,460 8 per cent Band*, conrertible.... 3,188.000 6,591,093 To income account, balance '238,737 To bill* payable and leoelrable, balance 316,222 Total $13,163,*039 Construction No. 1, purchase of road $2,000,000 Construction No. 2, expenditures einoe pur chase 6,300,147 Cash on hand ' 11,331 Assets in hands of local Treasurer 61.294 Asiet* in hands of Superintendent 67,612 New Albany and Salem Railroad Co. Stocks and Bonds 599.763 Illinois Central Ra lroed Company Bonds 809,000 Steamboats 313,890 Total $12,169,939 Of the debt, $6,130,460 bears eight per cent Interest, which is a serious drain upon the earnings, fas num ber of passengers carr el c uring the year baa been 603, 774; the quan'lty of freight 241,826 tons; and the earn, ings per mile $1 71. The net reoelpta, after deducting the operating expenses, have been $938,601, which has been disposed of as follows .-?Interest and coupon ac count. $360,903; dividend, 6 par cent, $340,860?leaving a surplus on hand of $238,737. The increase of gross earnings has been forty psr cent, end of operating expenses forty eight per cen <; the lat ter being the result of several causes ?the accumulation of a large stock of fuel, the high price of labor and ma terials, ths expanses or agencies tn the Bast and Wast, slid the feet that the realised rates ol fare and freight in 1854 were much below a just price. The cost of the road from Detroit to its jancUm with the Illinois Central railroad In Illinois, 280 miles, in cluding vary valuable depot accommodations In ths city of Chicago, had been $lo,800 147. la addition to woich they have in steamboats $343,880; stocks and bonds in tbe New Albany and Salem Railroad Company, $599,763, and constrnction bonds of the Illinois Central Railroad, which can be sold at certain periods is 1856, the par value of which la amply guaranteed te this company, $800,000. The following table gives a condensed statement of business of the Michigan Central Railroad for the last six years:? No. of Op'ting ex tant pemet, in No. of freight Orots eluding Ne' Tear end'g. Pas'grs. moved earn'gs State tax. earn'gs. May 31, '60 162,672 81,086 8*91 972 $301 649 $399,323 May 31, '61.191.861 134,203 947,347 341,664 605,682 May 31, '62.221,199 123,127 1,069,947 404,747 665,200 May SI, '58.247,662 161,226 1,163,660 666,721 686,938 May 31, '54.367,936 216,660 1,179,412 903,944 675,489 May 31, '56.503,774 241,826 2,216,2831,336,627 879,966 The annexed statement exhibits the average daily movement in the leading departments of the Boston backs, daring the week preoeding Monday, the 25tb of Jane :? Barks or Boston. Banks. Loans. Specie. Deposit*. CercuVn. AtU 11 tic $862,960 $68,204 $250,337 $166,257 Atlas 880,939 20,301 252,137 118,632 Blsckstons 1,290,368 30,744 400,866 279,910 Boston 1,691,796 142,381 671,729 211,298 Bo; Is ton 804,399 31,078 297,603 200,747 Broadway 184,663 6,136 37,114 41,833 City 1,406,373 98,693 818,803 138,149 Colombian 1,193,062 46,116 393,482 161,833 Commorcs 3,076,381 162,759 623.482 322,366 Eaglo 1,236,106 101,200 603,281 182,468 Eliot 943,684 44,309 204,966 161,986 Ex bangs 1,870,628 100,908 607,924 257,864 Fans nil Hall.... 993,137 42,309 387,109 201,261 Frteman's 801,117 37,u37 239,034 187,009 Qiobs 1,742,396 140,446 448,393 142,095 Grsalte 1,870,274 63,480 324,736 109 186 Groesra' 1,174,606 119.319 191,794 246,348 Hamilton 869,959 182,776 424,616 166,450 Howard Big. Co. 776,642 04.179 206,316 168,302 liarkst 1,038,724 62,4(1 282,970 143,022 Massachusetts.. 1,106,661 78,219 389,224 125.291 Maverick 702,772 21.754 163,929 189,812 Mechanics' 410,943 14,943 104,338 132 387 Merchants' 6,099,700 368,886 1,348,849 495,626 Natlooal 1,076,322 60,448 207,184 168,226 New England...1,349,687 75,(31 272,290 130,224 North 1,293,977 53,180 391,929 173,619 North America.. 1,180,561 74.493 322,425 181,192 Shawmut 1,161,889 6o,126 267,496 160,796 ^hoedt Lea.Dlri'. 1,651,613 122,164 366,167 163,653 ftate 2,774,341 218,482 741,006 189,746 Suffolk 1,608,822 322,888 1,246,357 459,199 Traders' 1,108,036 71,400 220,539 164,389 Tremont 2,083,633 144,482 601,926 322,770 Union 1,670,727 72,220 405,702 162,06 7 Washington.... 1 169,908 60,260 288,627 157,256 Webster 2,442,826 157,117 782,950 376.404 Total $62,934,226 3,501,018 16,266,417 7,308,330 A comparison of the above footings with those of the statement fcr the previons week, exhibits the following results.? June 18. June 25. Capital stock $32,710,000 $32,710,000 No change. Loans and dis.... 62,690,914 62,9)4,226 Inc.$243,282 hpecle in bank... 3,698,661 3,601,018 Dee. 97,033 Due fin other B ks 8,314,160 8,103,366 Dec. 210,796 Due to other B'ks 6,113,894 6,332,987 Inc. 219,093 Depositee 16,446,897 16,266,417 Deo. 180,480 Circulation 7,364,402 7,308,336 Dec. 46,066 The following Is a statement of tolls received on the New York canals during the third week In Jute; and also the total amount received from the opening of navigation op to Jane 22, In the years named:? Nsw Yoik Stat* Canals?Tolls Collictkd. Third Week Total to in June. June 22. 184 7 $146,696 $1,162,894 1848 96,619 908,766 184 9 111,649 905,687 I860 110,032 838,777 185 1 88,428 1,088,024 185 2 108,110 846,606 1868 100,676 883,626 1864 101,139 812,684 1855 104,294 687,206 ?Showing a decrease this year, in comparison with last year, which was the lowest in receipts, amounting to $125,479; and in comparison with 1847, the highest, $475,689. The annexed statement exhibits the quantity and value of foreign dry goods entered at thii port for consumption, for warehouse, and also the with, drawals from warehouse, daring the week ending and including Thursday, June 28, 1855 Movements in Foreign Dry Goods. Entered for Consumption. Pkgs. Value* Manufactures of wool 1,334 $347,033 ?? cotton 785 134,484 ?' silk 684 628,164 " flax 310 73,182 Miscellaneous Ill 41,963 Total 3,124 $1,124,826 Withdrawn from Warehouse. Manufactures of wool 362 $46,876 ootton 67 11,379 ?? silk 122 20,650 " flax 37 6,068 Miscellaneous 41 6,678 Total 609 $91,541 Entered for Warehousing. Manufactures of wool 656 $156,188 " cotton 197 34,702 " silk 62 25,084 " flax 49 10,289 Miscellaneous 6 1,212 Total 960 $227,465 Since our last notice, a comparatively fair busi ness baa been transacted, mainly in domestic dry goods, and as the receipts have continued light, and the stocks remaining here have continued to diminish, prices of all favorite articles have tended np wards. Domestic cottons have evinced the greatest firmness and buoyancy; in these, our manufactures have attained more success than in any other productions. The causes of this flatter, ing attainment are well known to all parties, as is also the fact that similar caoses would lead to the same results in the fabrication of other commodi ties. Yet It Is undeniable that in the manufacture of woollens aid other textile fabrics, we are, as a people, far behind our trans Atlantic rivals. It is this Inferiority, quite as mnch as anything else, that has left the market for all American fabrics, save cottons, so dull and depressed for several months The experience' of the past year conclusively proves this. We hope its lessons will not be lost upon the Interested parties. Brown and bleached sheetings and shirtings are in steady request at previons quotations. Cotton flannels have not varied mooh. Donims are quiet, but held with much firmness. Drills seem pretty brisk at d buoyant. Duok is unchanged. Ginghams are in rather better request, and are on the advance. I-awns and nankins are as previously reported. Osnaborgs are less abundant and ate tending up wards. Printing cottons are also rarer, and held 4c. per yard higher, but are rather quiet. Printe are in fair supply and demand at strengthening prices. Stripes and ticks are seemingly brisket and a trifle firmer. Woollen goods are in reduced stock and limited demand, with, however, no Important change in prices. Blankets, cloths and castimeree appear un altered. Doeskins are retailing at steady rates. ?beat the mom. Satinets are saleable and firm. Tweeds are quiet and d) "eased Foreign productions rale qoiet at old figures. Small sales have been made to j obbers of British and Continental goods, bat these have been In the main inactive and somewhat nominal in price. The stocks on band are still light, as are likerlse the current imports. Stock Exobtngt. Friday, Jans 29, 1856. ?8(00 U8?'i....'?T 119)6 100 ehs N Y Cea RR. 101V 5000 In Stats 6'sb60 8?)6 60 do. ..elO 101 6000 VlrgiaU6'a o60 lOO* 60 Chie 4 R I RR... 97V 2000 do 100# 200 CIoy k Tol KR bftO 93 W (.OHIO'S b60 300 do b3 93 1CC00 Lou?iana O's.. $?&>, 100 do 93 70C0 HIM be. atOO 93 100 oo ... ?4tn 92 2CC0 Erie 2d lit Bde. 99)4 30 do 93'.' 8000 ErieC Bs '71 *3 86* 61 Cler 4 Pitta RR. 68' 2(00 trie Cunr '62. 90 50 do pie 67V l(.0t0 Eiis B'83. btjr 94 160 Erie RR 62k 17COO Erie B? of '76. 91)6 100 do b3 62 V 16000 H Riv 3 m Ba. 77 200 do 62 V 10O0U do .. .bPO 77 V 410 do 6IY. 23600 111 Con RR Be. 86 100 do b lO 6XV 20000 do >30 85 400 do ?00 62 V 6000 I CRK F be w p 82 260 do siO 62 V 60C0 IllFrrel'd bde. 86 100 oo. ...bl5 62V 6000 do 86)4 200 do blO 62V 16000 do 87 200 do 03 22 V 6(00 TH4Al-,2dmo* 88*4 100 do ?30 82V 8000 LEW 4St L be 87)6 100 do c 62 V 10 eke Ocean Bank. 86 160 do 62 V 140 Del 4 H C'l... ?8 132 400 do e30 62V (0 do b60 132 100 do bSO 62S 6 Nic Transit Co.. 17)6 350 do ?3 62V 204 do b30 17)6 100 do ....atlO 62V 100 do *3 17)6 460 Harlem RR...S3 29V 200 Card Gold M.b30 2 200 do at>0 29V 300 McCulioch Gold. )6 100 do ,...b30 29V 100 Camb Deal Co... 29)6 100 do ?rto 29k 700 do 29>6 600 Reading RR...t>3 ?.1* to do b30 29k 469 do 93V 200 do bbO 29)6 400 Oo b30 93 V 60 do s30 29V 200 do. ..bOO 98V 400 do 29V 60 Hnlsoa RR 42 V 600 do 29)6 47 H.cb 3 4 N Is RR 109V KO do ?3 29)6 SlMicnOaatl KR.. 102V 300 do s30 29)6 100 do bbO 103 ICO do b60 29*6 100 Panama RR.. ?30 101 v 120 NY Central RR. 101*6 82 do 101V 60 do b30 101)6 26 III Central RR.. 96 V 60 do b30 lOl.v 300 do 9flv 100 do bOO 101)6 60 do s60 96 v 38 do 101 46 Galena 4CMe KR 109 100 do.... s30 101 BKCOKD BOARD. $6000 Va 6's 101 1L0 aha Erie RR..130 61V 2000 IB Can RR Bs. 86 ICO do b8 62 60 aba Dal 4 H C'l. 132 400 do 62 8 Canton Co....s3 27)6 300 do b60 62V 8 do 27)6 6C0 Harlem RR 29 160 Cumb Coal 3o... 29)6 1?? do .... b60 29V 60 do 29)6 21 Panama Hit.... 101 v 400 Nlc Transit... s3 17 200 IU Central RR .. 96V 100 do b30 17)6 110 do blO 97 tO do 17)6 100 do 97 100 NYCeo RR...I3 100)6 100 do b60 97 ?60 da b30 10C)6 100 do b3 9T 60 do b3 100)6 130 Cler 4 Tol RR.. 93*6 60 do alO 100)6 50 do 93)4 10 Erie FR 62 60 Mich Con RR.... 102)4 2C0 do 51)6 3C0 Reading RR..M0 93)6 Family Marketing. RETAIL PRIORS OF FABX PRODUCE AT WASHINGTON market. There is but little new to note thin week. Meat hu advanced a cent a ponnd, owing to eome speculative movement at the cattle market. Fiih maintains the same rate*, while butter has declined. Ne w potatoes are abnndant and cheap. The old potatoes?the Nova Sco tian and Western reds?have suffered a great fall, and will not selL All kinds of vegetables are cheap. Fruit now fills the market Cherries have become so cheap as to make it no object for the farmers to bring them into the city, while strawberries can be had for little or no thing. Lots of green, abortive apples are also to be seen. The following are the prices of yesterday:? MEATS. Beef?Sirloin, roast, per lb 14 a 10 Rib, roast, prime ? a 15 Rib, chuck -10 a 12 Sirloin steaks 10 a 15 1'orterhouse steaks ? a 18 Rump steaks ? a 14 Plates and navels, corned 10 a IS Mutton, per lb 0 09 a 0 12 per carcase " 0 06 a 10 Lamb " ? a 0 16 " per quarter 0 76 a 1 20 Veal " ? a 0 OS Veal,fore quarters... ?? ? a 0 08 Hindquarters... " ? a 0 12 Veal cutlets ?? ? a 0 18 Pork?Freeh, per lb 0? a 0 M Hams, smoked, per lb 0 12 a 0 IS Shoulders " " 0 00 a 0 1C Sides, " " 0 ? a 0 12-M Sides, pickled, " ? a 0 10 Jowls, " ? a 0 09 Smoked beef, " ? a 0 12 Baa ?ages, " ? a 0 10 Bologna do. " ? a 0 20 lWpe, " 0 07 a 0 08 Urd, '< ? a 0 IS POULTRY AND SAME. Turkeys, per lb 11 a 0 18 Gees*. " 0 18 a 15 Ducks, tame, per pair 1 60 a 2 00 Ducks, black, " ? a 1 1234 Ducks, redhead, " 1 2k a ? Chickens, per pair 100 a 160 Fowls, <? 100 a 126 Guinea do. " 75 a 0 8734 Robins, per dos 100 a ? Wild ducks, per pair ? a 100 Grouse, per pair ? a 160 English Snipe, per nair 6234a 0 76 Tame squab, per dosen ? a 3 76 Long Island snipe, per dosen 2 00 a ? FISH. flhad, each 0 30 a 60 Mackerel 0 10 a 0 12 Bass, per lb 0 08 a 10 Weak fish 0 06 a 0 06 Halibut " 0 8 a 8 10 Codfish, ?? 0 04 a 0 C6 Sturgeon " 0 06 a ? Eels, " _ ga 012 Flounders" 0 04 a 0 06 Porgies, " 0 04 a 0 06 Salt mackerel, per lb 0 12 a ? Salt shad, " 0 1234? ? Smoked halibut " 0 10 a ? Smk'd mackerel " 0 12 a ? Sounds and tongues, per lb 0 08 a ? Smoked shad, " 0 12 a Soused salmon, per can 200 a ? Smoked salmon, per lb 0 16 a ? Dry oodflsh, " 004 a ? SHELLFISH. Oysters?Princes' bay, per 100 0 6234 a 0 71 Virginia " 0 6234 a 1 00 Clams, Shrewsbury, per 100 0 60 a 1 00 Little Neck, 11 100 a 3 08 Lobsters, per lb ? a 0 06 Crabs, per dos ? a 0 18 VEGETABLES. Potatoes, per half-peck ? a 0 2k " Western reds, per bbl ? a 2 76 " Norfolk mercers, per bbl.... ? a 5 00 Bermuda, per bbl ? a 6 60 " half peck ? a 0 3734 Charleston, new, per bbl 4 00 a 4 60 Savannah, " 5 50 a ? Turnips?Russia, per half-peck ? a 37X " Do. per bbl 3 00 a ? white, per beach ? a 0 08 Cncumbers, nei^ier doc 0 50 String beans, half peck ? a 0 26 Squaahee, per doz ? a 0 75 Unions, red, per half-peck 0 31'4 a ? Cabbages?new. eacn 0 12 a ? Beets, per basket 1 60 a ? per bunch 0 08 a ? Carrots. ?' ? a 08 Salad, each 0 02 a ? Parsnips, per bbl 3 50 a ? " ten for ? a 0 20 Green peas, half peck 6 09 a 0 12 Water cresses, basket 0 25 a 60 Spinach, half peck ? a 006 Garlick, per bunch ? a 0 18J4 Radishes, per bnnch ? a 0 01 Artichoke*, half peck ? a 0 18 Tomatoes, Bermuda, half peck 76 a 1 00 Rhubarb roots, each 0 06 a 0 08 Asparagus, per bunch 0 12 a 0 16 Leeks, " 0 10 a ? Bhilots, " 0 08 a ? FRUIT. Apple*?Rox russets, per bbl 6 00 a ? Do. per half-peck 0 87 a ? New apples, per quart 0 20 a ? Cranberries, per half peck 1 50 a ? Strawberries, per basket 0 02 a 0 06 Gooseberries, per qt 0 08 a ? Pineapples, each 0 16 a 0 20 Cherries, per lb 0 46 a 0 08 ?UTTER, OHERSH. ETC. Butter?State, per lb 0 20 Orange," " ? a 0 26 esa?per lb.. Cheese?per lb 0 10 a 0 1234 English, per lb 0 16 a 18 Pineapple, each 0 16 a ? Sapsago, " ? 26 a ? lags, seven 0 21 >4 a ? CITY TRADE RBPOftT. Friday, Jane 29?6 P. M. Acmw.?Sales of 50 bbls. were made of pots, at about 6340. a 634c. Breadstuff*.?Flour : common grades were dull, with a downward tendency, while good to fancy and extra brands were steady. The transections embraced about 6,000 a 7,000 bbu.. including Inferior and common State, to good end cnoic* brands, at 88 a $8 76: Western do., at 88 6214 a $9 12, for common and mixed brand* ef Western; and 89 60 to 812 for fancy and extraa. South ern flour was dull, with smell aales, at yesterday's prices. Canadian was Inactive, with sales of 600 a 700 obla , at 810 a 810 76, for common and mixed brands, and 810 87 a 812 for fancy and extra brands. Wheat: 600 bnafeela of Michigan wvre sold at 82 62^, and a small lot of red Southern at 82 42. Corn fell off le. to 2c. ?*r bnshel. The sales on the epot reached 60,000 to 0,COO bushels, including inferior to fair quality, at 88c. a 90c. a 91c.; and good to prime shipping quaiity, em white sold at at 9234c. a 9.1c. A small lot of Southern HOe. a 111c. About 60,000 or 60,000 hnshels ? satUad ,n the 1 ,Kla ^ ^ Bnwex.?Yellow U la fair demand at 27 Jfc., and Noribtn at 28c. Coma ?Tha Biritt vu firmer with lacreaeed utM which included 10,000 bags of RU> at 10c. a lie. ; about ICO do. Maraeaibo, at 11 Xc- a 12lfe.; aad 126 m*U Java, at 14J?e. Cotton iba aalea raaehad 8,000 balaa, clotlng at about 11c. a ll\c for middling oplanda which Indi cated a decline from about t?c. a >,'c per lb. FamoBTM.?To Liverpool about 6u,c COa 60, u00 bushels, including aome 6,too a 10,000 at 4d , and tha remain lar chiefly at Id in ehlp'a bag*, aad about f 00 a 80 J-balee of comprested cotton at S-lfld. To London, anmll en gagement* of rum and oil cake at 16a. par ton. TO Havre, ?oma bark vaa taken at $8 per ton; bone **i at t?d.: aabea and rice at $S a 87; copper at S3 per tea, and liquor* at 2J?e. per gallon. Thar* waa no altera* tion to a otic* tn rate* for California. Ginmng ?No ealea making; Utti* or no demaod. Iiat?200 a 800 belea war* told at 81 a 81 06 far shipping, and $1 12 to the city trade Ikon.?Sale* of 30 tona of Celtnes* (Scotch) p>g were made at 881, six month*; and 250 do. rail* at 857, aic months, ?)* centa off for caab. Holadhhi waa attady, without change In pries*. Naval Stork*.?About 1,000 bbla. common ronn were ?olo at 81 85 per 310 lb* , delivered; lOo do. spirit* tur ptntlne eoid at 40Ke., cash and 5(0 do raw do , at 83. 1'ko virion.* ?Pork waa Arm, with talis of about 800 a 900bbla., chiefly new meat,at $<9 60, and new prim* nt 816 44 a 816 60; old me** waa at $19 12. Beef.coutlnued Arm, with moderate aalea. at old price* Bacon quiat. About 200 package* cut SM-at* eoid without Chance in price*, lard was firm, with eelta of 200 a 300 bbla., at lOXc. a lie , the latter figure for prime Rick ?Sal** of 100 bag* Kaat India were made in bond at p. t. for export Carolina waa unchanged Sricra.?15 c??es nutmeg* were sold at Ol^c. Si-gar*.?It' ealea embiaced about 600 nhd*. Cuba muacovaco at 5'^c. a 65^c , and 100 bjxes Havana n 6c. a 7c Tobacco wis aelling to moderate ext> nt and prise* were Arm, and at the advance oa manufactured ^ce aalea wire 84 hbda. MayavUle, Kentucky, at He. a ll^c.; 690 bat** Havana at 20c. a 30c.; 224 do. Cuba at 16s. a 21 So ; 76 do. Cienfuegoa p t ; 166 easel seed leat, 6 Sc. a ll^c.; 23 co Florida, lfc a ISc.

Whirkky was firmer, and aalea hava been freely made, including Ohio and State prison, at 40c., together with 6Co er 800 reported to day. Wool .?American fleece wool begin* to come la, but as yet the aalea have been *mall at rather better prices. The wool now offering la moatly in the dealer*' handa, but litile arriving on commiaaion. Sales West hav* been Urge for this market and Boston; but tba etoci iu flrst bands hers is light, end probably will continue to be sb till the apesulative demand in the country is over, llie stock of old pulled la nearly exhausted, and lambs' ia now taking its place and aelllrg at 30c Foreign is not so brisk aa last week; but few manufacturer* in market and little local demand. We hear of nothing of import ance to report. Domestic Market. Nkw Bkdfokd Oil Market, Jcnk 25.?As ia usual nt this season of the year, we have a quiet market to re port. The only transactions coming to our knowledge, are aalea of 260 bbU. sperm at 81 80 per gallon; 1,700 bbla. whale at 71c. per gallon, (1,2<)0 bbla. of which were eoid for export.) Also we notloe n sale of 300 bbla. dark whale at a price not transpired. In whale bone there baa been nn advanoe, and we notice ealea of 20,000 lba. ('cbotak at 46c. mnd 6,000 do. upen private terms. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. EXCI W (ONg. " 4 TH OF JULY. 1855.-FOc.1rH JULY EXCURSION ?' to Newburg, West Point, Haverstraw, Kockiand Lake, Nyack, and Pisrmont. Fare?lo Newbury and Weat Point, 60 cent#; to Haveratraw, 37>f ctnta; to Pi*rroont and Nyack, 26 cents. The clipper steamer ISAAC P? FMITH, Capt. R T. Blanch, will leave Cham bers street pier at eight o'clock, A. M Returning? Leave Newburg at two o'clock, P. M. A band of music will acoompany the boat. 4TH OF JULY EXCURSION.?THE NEW FIRST class eleamer EI.Sl CITY, J. M. Lewis,commander, will have New York for New Haven on the morniag of the 4th, at 7X o'clock; returning, will leave New Haven at 11 o'clock in the evening, and arrive in New York early on the morning of the 6th Fare 91 60 for the whole excursion. To persons ceslr?us of visiting the beautiful city of New Haven, or of enjoying a short sea TOyage, the above offers a rare chance. FiURTH JULY. ?GROVE PAVILION.?NEWARK Bay Grove, tour miles south of Jersey City.?Cspt. HARRIS will give a grand ball at hia splendid new hotel, on the 4th of July. This house is surrounded by ons of the most splendid groves to bs found with! a one hundred miles of Nsw York. Omnibuses leave the Jerasy City ferry every thirty minute* for the Pavilion, fare one shilling. Georgian bay, lake huron, june 22, 1865? To Captain Benjamin Wilkins, of steamer ijueen City, of the Coliingwood and Chicago L<ne?We desire to re turn you our warm thank* for numeroua courtesies re ceivec of yourself ani officers, during the trip just now ending, and especially for the good discipline?apparent to | the n.oet casual obbserrer?in every department of yonr ? "boat. We have heard or aeen nothing to disturb or ?hock the teeling* of the most sensitise. Tne boat throughout is remarkable for order and cleanliness. Frrm the steward and those In his department, we hare received unusual and marked attention?our wants hare been enticipated In tbe moat courteous and respectful arsnntr. Though we hare had a continued and d?nae fog for a part of the royage, the watchfulness of your self and officer a, and a constant ringing of the bell, hare quieted the fear of collialon, and of all other dangers whtcb constant and sleepless rigilance could avert. No thing has occurrsl to cause an emotion of dissatisfac tion. Our only regret has been that the fog obscured some portion of the magnificent scenery in which the route abounds. Commending to the public this summer excursion, through North Georgian Bay to the Falls of St. Mary, as superior to all othsrs yet opened, in comfort, beanty and Interest, and In the hope that tbove who hare embarked in this new enterprise?the projectors and proprietors of the.Ontario, Simoe and Huron Railroad?may be re warded by a full share of the patronage of the pleasure seeking as wall as business public?we beg your accept ance of tbe accompanying piece of plate, with the as surance of our friendship and best wishes for yourself and jour officers. John McLaughlin St. Louis, Mrs. Anna McLaughlin Do , G S. Hubbard Chicago, Nicholas Dean New York, Mrs. Hoes Ottawa, P. t*. Burnham Racine, Sarah Tomblin Aurora, IraTomblin De? H. Sollitt Chicago, J. L. Sollitt Do. M. E Underbill Stanton, A. Mead Wisconsin, M. K. Thayer Do , Jane Slogan Montreal, Calvin Gordon Canada East, Mary H. Clark Claremont, Mrs. Merrill. JaneiviUe, Mrs. De Rerard Racine. N*. Johnson New'York, Edward S Dodge Philadelphia, P. B. Rodg*ra Fond do Lac, Mrs. C. Harcourt Chicago, Mrs. M. Wing Do., James P. Smith New Hsvsn, Mrs Dargin Wisconsin, M. Tyler Hartford, A. K. Harvey Montpelier, S. L. Granger Southwlck. Mass,. stiles W. Caughvy Erie. Penu'a., H L. Barney Cincinnati, A. W. Ooe Cortland, hmma Coe Do., K. M. Greeley Illinois, Wm Bejlngton Canada West, Robert Boyington Do., Coffin L. Brown Chicago, R. C. Yatea Cleveland, H. A. Gordon ?....Canada Mast, F. B. Hoyt Ottawa, Mallory Harris Kingston, H. J. Marshall Canada East, J. P. Curtis Brock port, E. Kempahali Rochester, Andrew Wilder New Hampahire, Walter Maberlv.... Do, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Seymour..Iowa, Serrell Phelps Boston, A. W. Coe Carlton, L. H. Williams Buffalo, S. C. Clutch Chicago, and many others. Grand excursion to the fishing banks? Sunday, July 1, 1856. Fare fifty cents. By steam er MAS8ACH1 SCTrS, E. R. Hanks, commander, leaving pier foot King street at 7* o'clock; Broome street, East river, at 8 X; and pier No. 3. North river, at 9 A. M. Fishing tackle, bait, and music on board. S UNDAY EXCURSION.?SEA AIR AND SURF BAT7I lng?The popular steamer JAMB* CHRISTOPHER will leave Jay street pier on Sunday, July 1, at 8 o'clock A. M. for Long Branch and Shrewsbury, land ing at the Highlands, Ooean House, Little Silver and Ocean Port. Returning leavee Ocean Port at 4 o'clock P. M. The hotels are now open. QUNDAY EXCURSIONS FOR 01,EN COVE AND NEW RO O chelle.?The elegant new steamer THOS. G. HAIGHT will leave North Moore street. North river, at 8 A. M., Catherine Market slip at 8.-30, Delancey street 8:46. Twelfth street at 9, Thirty fourth street 9:30. SPLENDID AFTERNOON EXCURSION?THE STEAMER JAMES CHRISTOPHER will leave the foot of Jay street this (Saturday) afternoon, at 3)tf o'clock, for Shrewsbury and Long Branch, giving patntngers an op portunity to breathe the invigorating sea air, bathe in the surf, and return by mionllght at an early hour this evening. ZO CHARTER FOR EXCURSIONS?THE SAKE AND commodious double engine steamer MASSACHU *TB? E R Hanks, commander. She is the largeet and most elegant steamer offered, having a dancing saloon 112 feet long. Apply on board, foot of King street, N. R., or te L. H. GROVICR, 163 Broadway, np stairs. Excursion to the fishing banks-thi steamer GOLDEN GATE, Capt. Aadereoa, formerly captain of the a teener Laura Knapp, will make a trip every day ia the week, Sundays excepted, lea viae Amos street at 7 o'clock, Spring etreet st 7M. Pock alip at 8. Broome street atHJ*, and pier 3,N. R., atOo'olock. A cotillon band will he oa boars. FfOR FISHING BANKS.?THB SBA STEAMER HER. 1 CURT, Captain Richard Yatos, will leave for the Cab ins hanks svory day. tonehlng at Fort Hamilton eaoh war. from the following places, via:?Jackson street. I o'clock A. M.; Delaneey street, CU A. M ; Catherine Market. 7 A. M.; Peek slip. 7V A. M.; fcpriag etreet, North river. 4 A-m Y ia^i" a*' ffovrth T"' ?? tackle f IO CHARTER FOR EXCURSIONS-?!!! ELEGANT ead eemmodiensatw first class steamer THOMAS K. lthont hanoo. Apply ea board, feet sf raw pmucATions. CAJSS -l*- "THE WATCHMAN." *ms rorvnaa north again otrr or nun?ax unit laeoi KUITTON ORtlKHKO '"** t?blishara of "The Watchman" beg to iaform the public thmt although their efforts have be?n uaaeet 10' to keep up a aupply, commensurate with the de mand lor thu popular book, they muat again aolicit pa tience for a tew dap a. r datra large edition ta being printed and bound at rnpidl; aa no*sib.e, and by Tuesday er Wednesday neat they hope to be enabled to aupplr ail oriera. H LANtt A BROTH MR, 121 Nassau atreet. Ta^EMALE LIFE AMONG THF. MORMON*?THE VEIL ?4? removed by a ladj who ha* escaped from a worse than Egyptian bondage?By realleg her rerelaticna the world will discover why It la that the wsmen of IMlt Lake hare n? vtr com plained of the peculiar mstitu tiOD* of the Mormooa. If what ahe says be true, and wo Sara name*. da tea, and places, and events within our own knowledge, corroborating many of her state ment*, than, incasd, it i* high time that the crime* of these cunning hypocrites were punished By the gerern] meat; that the poor victims, who art being a*ot to early grave*, were art at liberty For full particular# see the New Yok Mi-patch for July 2. Price four cents, tar rale by all the newsmen. HARPER'S NEW MONTHLY MAGAZINE For Jolt. The authorship and engravings in thia number cost over twenty tao hundred dollars. CONTKNTN. Jobn Paul Jones. ILuitrattd by twelve engravings. Tayiti'a Uetilojin Mexico. Iilaitrate-1 by throe en graving*. Beau Brummrl. Illustrated by four engraving". 1 be Beauty. What we Fat. Toe Newcomer. By W. M. Thackeray. With six Illus tration* by boy le. Chseter LX1I. Mr. and Mrs. Clive Newcome. Chapter LXIII. Mrs C.ive at Home. Chapter I JilV. The Family Feud Progresses Chapter LXV. la which Mr*. Cliva Come# Into her Fortune. An American Befoie Sebastopoi. At Evenmg at Newpcrt. Tbe Bohemian. A Dessert IM?h for Travellers. Worth Five Hundred .Million#. Weak Points of Great Men. Monthly Record of Current Events Literery Notices. Books 02 tae Month. Editor's Table. Editor's Eaay ('hair. KditOT's Drawer. Mr. Simpsins'a Experiment in Housekeeping. Illus tration*?fl 1- Application?He Result?A Mystery?The Myitery Solved?An Invitation?A Misunderstanding? An Mcitemenl?Chivalry?Keeptug Ui Peace?A Plea sant Night?lu Court?Grand result. Fashions for Jclt.?Illustrations (furnished by Bro die in advance of their appearance;?Home Dress?VI* kiting Dress?Lace MantUla?Chemiaatte?sieeve. Each month it gladdens n* and our household, to say nothing or the neighbors who enjoy it with us. Twenty five ctuti buys it?tbe cheapest, richest and most last ing luxury for the money that we know. Thr*e dollars aecureB it for one year; and wbat thro* dollars ever went so far? Put the same amount in clothes, eating, drinking, furniture, and how much of a substantial thing is obtained V If ideas, facta and sentiments have a mcnetary value: above all, if the humor that retreshea, the pleasantries that bring a gentle smile, and brighten the passage of trntb to your biaiu, and the happy com bination of the real and the imaginative, without which no one can live a life above tne animal, are to be put into the tcale opposite to dollars and cents, then you may be certain that if Harper were three or four times as cear. it would amply repay ita price. It is a maga tine proper, with the idea and purpose of a magazine? not a book, not a scientific periodical, nor yet a supplier of light gossip and chatty anecdotes?hut a magazine that takes every form of interesting, dignified and at tractive literature in its grasp.?Southern Times Turns ? The magazine may be obtained of booksellers, peiiodic*I agents, or from the publishers, at three dol lars a year, or twenty-five cents a uumber. The aemi annaal volumes, as completed, neatly bound in cloth, are sold at two dollars each, and muslin covers are fur nished to those who wish to have their back numbera uniformly bound at twenty-five cents each. Nina vo lumes are now ready, bound. The publishers will supply specimen numbers grata! - touily to agents and postmasters, and will make liberal arrangements with them lor circulating the magazine. They will also supply clubs of two persons at five dol lars a year, or five persona at ten dollars. Clergymen supplied at two dollars a year. HARl'EK & BROTHERS, Publishers. HARI'EB'S STORY B00K8 FOR JULY. HARPER S STORY HOOKS : A Monthly series of Narratives, Biographies, and Tales, for the in ?'ruction and eitertainuient of the young. Uy Jacob Abbott. Em beliishtd with numerous and beautiful engravings. Thiols ?Each number of "Harper's Story Books'' will contain 160 pages, in small quarto form, very beauti fully illustrateu, and printed on superfine calendered paper. The series may be obtained of booksellers, periodical agents, and postmasters, or from the publishers, at 93 a year, or 26 cents a number. Subscriptions may com mence with an; number. The postage upou "Harper's Story Honks," which must be paid quarterly in advance, ie two cents. Vol. I. containing the first three numbers, "Bruno," ??Willie," and "Straight Gate," tastefully bound in mus lin Price $1. Vol. II. containing the next three numbers, "The Lit tle Louvre," ".Frank," and "Emma." is also ready. Price 91. tbs numbkrs .vow rkadt ark. 1. Bruno: or. Lessons of Fidelity, Patience and Self denial, taught by a dog. 2. Willie and the Mortgage: showing how mueh may be accomplished by a boy. 3. The Straight Gate; or, the Rule o' Exclusion from Heaven. 4 The Little Louvre: or, the Boys' and Girls' Gallsry ot Pictures. S. Frank: or, the Philosophy of Tricks and Mischief. 0. Emma: or, the Tnree Misfortunes of a Belle. 7. Virginia: or, A Little Light on a Very Dark Saying. 8. Timboo and Jollba: or, the Art of Being Useful. "Harper's Magazine" and "Harper's Story Hooks" will henceforth be welcomed as joint visiters in thou sands of families whs re there are juvenile readers to be pleased as well m adult* ?Nee York Commercial Ad veitiser We have heard so many fathersand mothers whore cognise the pleasant duty of guiding the minds of thsir children in the paths of knowledge at home, speak to terms of the highest commendation of this series of booi s for children, that we feel a desire to see them uni versally read among children. They constitute the finest si ries of bcoks for the young that we have seen.?I-ouia ville Conner. All of Abbott's stories are preferred by children to any others, because they contain no narratives of improba ble events, but just what might have happened to any little boy or girl on any day in the year. If parents would piece juet such books as tbeae in the hands of their children, they would find less trouble In governing them. ?Viclfsburg Whig. We cannot too highly commend this series of "Story Books'' tor children Mr Abbott possesses peculiar quali fications for sucn compositions: and tbe Christian pa rent may safely trust him as a guide to his little ones in tbe path of goodness.?Southern Churchman. These books have never been surpassed by any thing gotten up for the profit and pleaaure of tha little people. ?Lutheran Observer. HARPER & BROTHERS, Publishers. T OOK OUT 1 a for on exceedingly attractive anil very Interesting number of the 8LNDAY MERCURY to morrow. Reports ot the recent Maeinic Celebrations, Military Firecrackers: Stories, Sketches, Editorials on all impor tant topics, and Items interesting to firemen, form a portion of its contents, to whieli will be added a sum mary of the festivities of tbe approaching anniversary of National Independence, and a list of ail tha most at tractive OUT OF TOWN EXCURSIONS, and other features of tbe day. Advertisers will please send in their favors as early as possible to the office, 22 Spruce street. Prioa, three cents per copy. For sale everywhere. MORE ANNEXATION ? NEW TERRITORY ACQUIRED. I MOV OV TOR NEW YORK PIC A Y UN K AND AMERICAN PICK. Having purchased from .loeeph A. ScoveJl, Esq., ell his inteieet in and the subscription boons of the Araerisen Pick, end secured bis services in the editorial depart ment oi the Piceyune, ws shall merge the lick into the Picayune stonce THE PICAYUNE AND PICK to-day, is the first number published under the new ar rangement. It contains Mr. Scovall's reasons for selling and our'a for buying. Besides the usual amount of fun, humor, and satire, and an increaaeof CARIOATtKM AND CONIC ILLUSTRATION}! OP DOINGS ON TOT FOURTH OP JULY, it contains tha first of the sixth course of Burlesque I ectutes, by that renowned, learned, ignorant darkey, Professor Julius Caesar Hannibal. fries, as usual, only three cents: 91 per year, in ad vance. W. H. IJtVISON, Editor and Proprietor. 114 Nassau street. Sold by all tha wholeaal# and retail nawapaper dealers in tbe United State*. Mobmonism and rra mysteries; <>r, female Life among the Mormona?The Veil Removed? Pubiiihed this day, and to be had in advance of the trade aed dispatch, at fifty cents Call or sand te our office. Let no one fail to secure a copy te day. WM. KINGSLEY * CO., Publishers, 298 Broadway, up stairs. fJUiK NEW YORK ATLAS FOR TO-MORROW, JULY _ 1, 18t 6, Will contain, besides its usual variety of editorial mat ter, "The Condition of Parties," " Tha Opinions of Nicholas Seagtist," Ac.; a large amount of original and selected miscellany on its outside pages?14 columns? as follows:? " Death's Doings"?Continuation of the biographical sketch of tha late John C. Spencer, memoir of Mra. Whit telsy, wife of tbe Hon. Diana Whlttlaay: Original. "Our Sihoolhouse in tha Country:" An original sketch. " Leave* from the Journal of a Physician's Wlfa." Original. " Sketches from Ufa on Blackwell'a Island," No. 19; Adola: Original. An original Essay on the writings of Thomas Miller very sbly written. Rhode Island Legends?" Execution of s Murderess:" Original. " Romanes in Real IJfo." " Sam Slick's Bargain with a Chessncooksr." " Tha Duel Extraordinary." " To My Mother " An original poem by Jamee Coyne. " Tbe Child-Poet's Song,"by Marie: Original. " Lincoln Cathedral" and " Misanthropic Hours"? both fine poem*. Resides uterary notleen, odds and ends, short para >bs, fa. HERRICK oeaitaa DRBIUBR UWMi; ?wvsvwmv, ?was. e Atlas la publiahad at 44 Ann street, by HE ARHhtiMilfiaMtiiMSMSS ORIGINAL OONTKNtS ? laham's wife, an authentic eketeh; The Press. from "A foam en the Btscks." Hufui biitle An epistle to "Old Knlck," by George; The complete Susquehanna eagler?Pert two; lines, by e new eostnbetor. Our young ladles, bj ea American lady; The lost hope, by Mim Louisa 1. Viceroy, Mania*?Sebastopol. by leaao IteoleUee, Our little man, a sketch, by Rev. F. W. bbdtoo; I.'oea?Womaa'a tilery; Upper teadom. a picture in a gilt frame; Thought* out o! doora, by Edouard de Ramrod, Elf,; l.itea?l?ath of tbe Cier; An anti-prohibition epigram; A ehort cuapter on water by I*ro(. J em en J "'fi Tbe Magellanie elond*, by J. Swell 'I be two winter*, or lo*? ?* gride. IJterar? I.ttw (f George Waahington, by Washington Irving; 1'eepw from a belfry?second notice; .Saucer*' "Young Indies' Reader," Homes for tbe people in suburb end oonotry; "lb* "Star P?per?" of Uoery Ward Beecher, Tbe Virginia Medical and Surgical Journal. Editor'* Table:? Leave* from our Camp Comfort and Green Mountain contributor; KemiomceuM* of childhood, a graphic aketcb; Gossip with leaders and com--ponoeats. The July number begin* tne forty Mirth volume of the Knickerbocker MagmUn* Tbe ne'e of thu old favorite of the public unow greater than ever before. The ver dict it tne pre** of tbe country la unanimous in ite praise. Price 13 a year, or 25 cents e number. Row is the time to aubeciibe. rold by alt booksellers and periodical dealers, end by tbe publisher. S. Hl'KSTON, 349 Broedwey. wnpHE SHABP SI'EAR or ITHURIEL." 1 The ntw novel upon fashionable religion. Heady thi* day, and lor sale by all bootseUera, WHICH; THE KiGHT, OR TUK LEKTt One rolumo?636 pages. Price, $1 26. I From the Neir York Ex pre**.] 1 be writer plunges into the actual heart of all the whirling elements of fashionable religion and every dap business Me, and?strangely enough ? bears with hiss the true spirit of Christianity. Hie book is written with great strength, and thrashing vigor of thoaght. The reader who may be familiar with the sterling old novels of Daniel De Foe, will not fail to recognise in the aaascu line vigor, the great realnese, and the practical elevation of ita moral tone, a strong resemblance to their leading characteristics in the present work, which is remarka ble for its graphic and powerful deiineatlooe of charac ter. the elmplioity, force, and directness of its narrative, its striking and satisfying Interest, but above all by ita originality and pathos Toe death of the hero?tha Christian, and that of the impenitent, are the most effec tive and significant picture* of the kind in modsrn fic tion One icea prominently suggest: itself to us in con nection with the work. Thare are no m.<ans that w* ara aware of by which the aims of our religious ass rotations ?the Bible, Tract, Home Mission Societies, Ac.?could be mrre advanced and popularized, than by the cironle tion ot this volume. In it, religion is not ashamed of it self. TKsrn.MO.vuLH or tiik PrLrrr a its Favor. * * The author bids fair to attain a large share of popularity, and every Christum must wish aim tha best me&Kute of success. His style is clear and his de scriptions graphic, and in general true to nature. On the whole, his book is one of rare and genuine ability, and calculated to raise tbe tone of practical piety in tne sincere, while it furnirhes a atrong rebuke of tha toe pi evident worldiines* amongst proteasing Christians.? Right Rev. John Ileury Hopkins, D.D., LL.D., Bishop ef Vermont. Tbe best part of two days were devoted to Its careful perusal. It would he idle for me to describe my feelinge as I paired through each of those scenes of deep de pravity, alas ! depicted with too true a pea, and yet only an echo of Divine truth. I fear, however, there are few Famuel* to be met with?even in the church of Christ ? although many Janes, De Wi'.ta and Townaends in tha church of society. 1 think " Which" eminently calcula ted to atir up the gift which is in many?both miniaten and lajmtn?to feel their true position, and to bring forth many chain plots in the cause of their Exalted I'rince and Bleated Saviour. 1 thai, with gratelul ac knowledgments for so great a privilege, use my best ef foiti to promote its circulation.?Rev. Alex. Digby Camp bell, D D., Montreal, Canada Fast. 1 do cot hesitate to express my fullest approbation of the book, and earnest desire to aid in ita circulation. It was happily said of Shakapesre that he *< held a mirror up to narure." The author of " Which" holds a mirror up to grace. Cod grant to us many Samuels !?R?v. John A. McKean. Philadelphia, l'a. It laj* open the hollowueai of tha world's show, and tbe hypocrisy of eosioty'a church, with a master hand; and it 1* a noble defence of the true church of Christ, and of the bumble and good in our midst.?Rev. Wax. Ramsay, Philadelphia, Pa. its popular style, and its charte moral character, wiM place it. among the purer gems of religloua literature.? Rev. H. W. Ransom, Troy, N. Y. There are paessges in it of unueual power; the denouo mei't is true to nature; its purpose above ail praise. I shall he happy to recommend it, especially to all in busi ness relation* ?Rev. F W Holland. Cimbrldge, Mass. While I should shrink from sanctioning indiscrimi nately the works of fiction, I have no hesitation in re commendicg this as a timely, well written book, calcu lated in the highest degree to be useful 1 shall taka great pleasure in recommending It to my congregation and Sabbath school. - Rev. J. W. Taggart, New York. Its expose ol the corruption which pervades the busi ness world is truthful. The picture or fashions Me reli Jion which it presents, la, alas I equally correct.?Rev. e Witt C. Byilesby, Montrose, Pa. An admirably written book. Many of the descriptions aro excellent, and some thrilling; whilst the whole scopo and design ars calculated to do much good. Tbe wtholn character of Samuel is well exhibited; hut tbe skill of ths author finds its best field in tha human nature of Mr. Townsend. That character Is drawn with a master'* hand.?Rev. Henry V. D. Johns, Baltimore, Md. As a forcible and interesting illustration of truths so unpalatable that fsw venture upon their utterance, it in a remarkable book, written in a more kindly and Chris tian spirit than any other upon tbe same subject, and will no doubt prove extensively useful?Rev. E. Ne ville. New York. It is a very truthful delineation of the loose system of religious morals which pervades social and business life. Many of its business men are striking portraits of those whom I have met in the paths of trade. Whoever tho author is, he has been e careful student ef modem so ciety, and be speeks truth?Rtv. U. B. Whipple, Home, Pre eminently adapted to do good?presenting truo and false piety in a mast graphic an 1 expreaaive light; and holding, with an unyielding grasp, the atteation and interest of the reader to the end Rev. W. C. Rich ards, Lynn, Mass. Its conceptions are vivid, its groupings fine, its sketch ings truthful and life like, and its broad line of diattmc tion between tbe church of Christ sod the church of So ciety, most just and teiliog ? Kirwan. (Rev. .Vioholae Murray, D. I>., Elixabethtown, N. J.). Cpon obtaining it, I sat down and raad until my eyes gave out, but with unabated interest. The leading cha racter is admirably sustained. He utters whatallmust acknowledge to be eminently needed and seasonable truth; but which, had it been uttered from a pulpit, wonld hava emptied a church, and stirred a neat of wasps about a minister's ears. I cannot, therefore, bat rejoice that a medium haa been fonnd for bringing euok truth before men. It is the sharp spear of Ithariel, covered with the garlands of romanoe, and must reach many a conscience that could not perhaps be touched in sny other way.?Rev. John Wayland, D. D., Roxbury, Mass. 1 look upon it as one of the most remarkable hooka Of tbe present century. The writer wields a most vigorous pen, dealing right and left tbe most trenchant blows at mere fashionable religion, which he callathe "religion of society." He shows no mercy to those?and there are too many of them?who join the church, and patroniso religion, simply because it pays. For caustic satire, keen mother-wit, and manly good sense, developed in n tale of thrilling and absorbing interest, I know not where to find tbe equal of this book.?Rev. Jfha Dow ling, D. D., Philadelphia, Pa. 1 am much pleased with its firm religious tone, and I cannot doubt that it will be both effective and useful.? Rev. Stephen H. Tyng, D. D., New York. 1 speak, for so I feel, in terms of high commendation of the work. I trust in God, and so I pray, that it will do much in checking and rolling baok the cold tide of tbe world, which has well nigh deluged and drowned tho Church. The Chnreh has been so long conforming to and courting the world, that where the Church haa not died out, It too often exists only as a worldly ehnreb. Alas I for our dear ' lord's Body." The writer of "Which" has done good service io this respeot. For this I love him. I pray God to bless him. He is my brothet. I shall recommend tbe work to my mareaatUo friends.?Rev. E. M. P. Wells, Philadelphia, Pa. The above are only a few out of many hundred com mendatory letters from eminent clergyxmn of all deno minations, to whom were submitted advance ooptes of the work. But enough for to-day. GARRETT A CO., Publishers, 18 Ana street. WILL B1 RUDY ON THE 1ST Or JULY?1"THR OLA Farm House," bv Caroline H. Butler Lain*, illae t rated with tne engrevrog? by Vaa Ingea ffeom tMfii by White; 460 pages, 12 me., extra maalin gilt. 81 tK. b* above work 1* a beautiful domestic story, ef deep inserts*. Tbe good sad evil characters?the obarmiag views of eoaa try life?the follies of a fashionable olty lift, aad all the va ried topic* brought upon the leene of tbe story, doesribod in ttie happiest manner. A copy will be sent?? nny part of thn Union, free, on receipt at the pries. CHAR, H. DAVIS, publisher 38 Sentb Fourth street, Philadelphia. FURJIITUHB, PARIS. PARIS.?THR P-VDEMIGICBD WOULD RR ?poetfnlly Invite those persons visiting Paris this rase mor to call md oxpmins Weeiteaeiv* aad olocaat stock ft fatal tore, la vleui brig oafiqne, merqeeUrie, bn?, hoi* dw tf?{steading*>J*'iy ffilt'nre sriUtad"lotbiTadvan :?TiBS^*SX,,3Stejwja8 biwbn.tbsc'e, A. Bows, 47* Broadway, New 1 attended EITRA PAY. LAND WARRANTS BOUGHT. SOLD, AND LOCATB* ?also claims for bonaty lands promptly iiimiltd bar WILLIAM R. RAWS, Exchange aad spool# office, 17t 0aa3 street, nnder tho People's Baak. Letters aad ttdem dm theconatr y promptly answered. Land warrants.?wantrd by taylor bro THRRS. Bankers, 78 Wall street. Navy bounty land and "extra pay" ofucr. ?Bounty lands and "extra my" for U. H. Navy sailors, Ac., in all wars ainee 171>0?their widen* and heirs?promptly obtained and paid. Balance due widows and heirs of deceased U. 8. sailers and others colleeted, snd all kinds of claime against thn United States recovered by undersigned; and the widows or hairs of those who perished with the United State* ?hip "Albany," will ha profited by caUidgon j. EDWARD BffiSEIJ.,