Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 1, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 1, 1855 Page 1
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? ? ? ^ -r| a ? ~jr~ TFV ?iJL 1^ i\ * \ li t JULY 1 1855. PRICK TWO CENTS. /' ?St pitWrtK ^ /were *ky rocket*, c A, ud th* other devilwh if r crowd*, retorted to on thi? oo \ .S democrat* of the Union Club hare - ?? ,mi XttiC JTho rarannoy Hull aurrounding* are ltrgnther too vvlfarfor them. Th.n4mia.ion an* eren egulaied by ticket*, and bartend ef the coat) ea* and hat. eta bard fitted democracy, the audience, auch u it *h <d rtrj film at that ? ooni(?t?il in a large proportion of Wee. for whom the dree* circle and balcony box** were I erred. The ?< ?x.rclaaa-'-for by thl* conrentioaal hrwi i were the proceeding. daintUy expre#eed-com lenced about balf put eight o'clock, by Ood worth * ad performing the overture t? " mi'iam Tell,'' trhicb f iMitttd 10 bare been, and wan applauded. Mr. .Iohx ConiKAS e, 'reaident of the club, then de li vered the following addre**: I. bMM A*v 0,arnM*x. ???!> Qmtimiw or thc Cldb .JESEm/X V *? PU"*at ,ou lh8 eo'-icipateJ i u , 'n!!?*1*1-' M the presiding offlcsr of the Young M*n * Democratic Union Club. I mutt llr?t ????? too-^ratnlau tho*. rfJoVwh, are pwMnt, on hariag bad the courage and daring t) th? ti V?* r <*enmoq, nre**nting no feature other ?"'*yr7 PQhS>l nweting, or anntver **Z! ?,* It may be proper tor me to dl < rot ?o*r attention to brief to the hlitory of tne Club which hat reached, thia evening if third aunlven^y Xu ?k?rh l? 77" ?tt*n,lon *??? few of the JOth of tlOB* PMt On the iithof Ju..e, 1852, waa tt tbat Hone number of the joucg otmocrat* of th. cltj and connty of New Yora ST'tS thiST1^ tVT und*r clrcumtUu' tetarrlTiarf J? y . nd Ithomielvaa placed, ?J"??U,!d ?? organize an aaeocUtfon which ihonld thereafter be known un the Youo* Men'* Oemoera..: Ua.ou Clnb of the City and Connty'of nIw knot a Ztlux"* p?oa,l7 *? *??? tbo?? who had Stoto ?X*AX! ?Wpl? the hortaon of the state, had di*tl?gui*hrd (torn. and threatnlnia Thoaa who pretc need to prophecy the future had gloomy for* mUWmI hlln/!*^d Th"' wh" k*d ?P their ? ^ , ?Uliog tbe DftlMffli tiiOfld fftnffl |L? fnll *i*A hA. ??' P?wt??*i 'inder the gloom which wu Mita mp and districting tbe Nni Uivisiin and rero ?* upon the helm of our political warrior* Di vjiuon a., i? their counc.l Their o^lwtS^a. di. rided oixffraed and di*ru,rtured, while here and there and"?5nw!! * **tent ol tbe 8UU power* wer* rafted **re "ruek which ha a no other political anrtJ^I.iJf . of du'r?-ting U* democratic party and. of trailing in the duet that baanner which had Jh phfBt A*iuud hf *"?*? d^Uioua ^ *UerP"'tT of <U ?uooeaafut HI! P i c*rMr- r"?r were never united eicept klL^y01"' W r*JL'liTi,lon of "'? ?Poll* presented of aueceu. They wer? nerer unitXan.1 oonjoined * ^P' ? u ifl' T Princ1P'e of a more muity prorerb; *t!r^T half loaT than no breal." Each dl?i?ion o/ al,d tllu' th* member* of , w W,re orn the candidate of a com mon fee. lbua we ituwl till w* earn* down to the V?. Ji. ,Drtof*Uo t^T'ntion of 1843. The dlTieiou* in tl^d,"??cr0^0 P?ly of tbe State of New York were car nimitr D*trly it" una ninutj ^ u?t il . with a_ *inguUrly unanimou* rote, the CodtmRIoo Mmlnated the present incumbent to the Presidential %>*nklin 1'ierce (*>m pie wa* Miated in the tute of .New York. The <le bT?U.l<'^irth?t8iat* ,nprr'?J tb* PUtforoi occupied by U>e erandarl bearer of the party, anl the dilfenat pUtfrnm'^LLVl0^ ? po*ition on that looltef with a comaon ??je to r*rd? t h* i- ^'u r*r of their prieciplee, the pereon who waa uadrr .th*** clrcnmetance* that thU clnb h*ic/on P?th in [the midat of a political calm and .onsbine. Then wae It that, pUeing them wkIi jnpnn the noe platform on which the whol? d. inocratic party of tbe Union *tood. they in wbkm with that party, looked to the atandaro bearer of theee principle*, In tbe peraon of the prwent Incumbent of thc F'reeidential ctaair Thtn war, tt too, tbat binng their arm* in thl< common ? ruffle, ?a?l?ifag4with ail their micht and enerwr in the comolrtion of the wora counaelled by older and h<*d*> Jh*T ?cted In line and in direction. Then throwing their (Undard to the breese they found theme* lr?* acting with other politician* and itatea nDJtnUPtTn ?f th* *"**' r'nCTlse of the demosra ??. ,B *upport of it* candidate. It wa* not *d?(?'e*r*t on had been Inaugtrated it wna not till after the auceeaaful cindidata o' tbe demo ald or n.?HlrtV!if,,,i*r*d r0"* *dln,al,tr*'.lon of atfain and or the diatnbuUon of the emolumenteof olBce, tbat thl* clab railed It* eye, ia a*toniahm?nt at Mi 1. 1 ,P*cuc1'' * dindad party ? o*"Me&, and dlrrupUJ orginUatloi. 2?r n^ailSTo?i<>JL iMS' if P; Pc'Pto ot "?h?" i, J , pre**iled orer the older principle* which ea tali II'mT t,wkriu^pb of th# <i,mocttUc party. Then wa* It that both seetioa* contending with each other in r? gard.t" the dlrie'on of t?^umenU ? effl^^h JM"" '/*? other, tke one claiming not onir the *'?? to*f; an* * ""'?"f" "d dlapoaitloa of "?1 't* olVm to the flTe loaree and the two *<???? that, the party m New York ttood in a divided potiUoo , ^*t pt'tfera* wa* eatltled to the leader - it waaaa th* dMnoeraUc yen ng nan an) ni ai^aT thot " T1JST-4m^ ***' winSld their' ' VPtlfVS* ?*??P*?* t the union of M J5? " tts <UTlrton*. event* of the warty told npen th* exte J" ttb, and It wa* en^meed by thoee geatle , ' ? eMyoead by winar men,th?* thia di viaion . ?*Sm* ??"kl mr*T ^ henled ercept L"' , u?" 0* pvnmount lamet with wbuh to ^ f-r~rlr 'JiTHled their noli '*?? were found iaevenUw&lch Sart yry but V*11?*4 UnH previouely. An at ?Sr?S^nJT^ **? to foi^t In o<n tutS ,* 8utT th* featnr?M one ef^S uL. J*"-..,1" ,u ?>*'? tte H*e?LeU2 tkU,.t Thk* l5r ?tt?tlon of TT. . ***? of thl* Club wae directed. Aram odJoee cow, bloat, on ^ grown ?p "dU^r^r 1^! T?* of Ul"' ???"? "? found ' ^ **f. ^etltutl? * . aad ea that danger tke 2riSl*Hl5SV2i tt"- .T?'. .*T7? "f " their aun iart baarer af? t*? fore** of ? '7 - _/?" they oppoeed only by Uoae who ww^tiweSh^tt" oftheira bet they vSwtlEFtfZ **""?>" '-MM," from hora^.7?. ril 10 lh* >k'e*t babtiaa of <Mnjeure*l?y. The reenlt yon all do know ri. whlth wae polled in l>ah*lf of th? to.^* ^.isrrSS? IW .t -a- thal on "i ^nlli of tbl^r? KL C,Bb w,th ? ""x'o- led f*arleean??? ^f a.^1 VhUhlL ^ai?'^1^ UP?B "*? P?-"P?^ meeee. nt "fr- b**? co^mmated, the bvttoT already foawd themeelve. a ^awi'sSS'SfHr?' e,*^> ?tie I union rlnbe took their a?i"?* aad h*4 their ex lotence Th*ae>lui>a .7^ erigiu to mm tea dtoc aTTwcnU .^ .1 , ored the?r origin other J?a*u>? iwiariJu iL.t r **t(o* to an vbo r^aapoM tle ^r^f .1* "*'???? the ...4. they o'g.niHng themMlve* ae the wT the aetun of Ue leader* who b v hmr ' J' f?W n??U Ce.uoy the laurwartlif ^ r*r**l-ta<f cnalWtng t?at the & ?2.* Tlwr a ! r. ? the --- ? !!i' "aul4 be acoompltahed bv t* .-a* *| thoae who prof eeaad to ^ ?' 1 < Pto - be principle which they r ' ^' i ii" they lifted by their rea%?iaT^ feee^a?i whici. we* ta?i each and all of theee rianii i ^ ?otion, !er It. anthorty to Tamauny ^ (** ) #lth thn? i? /-T. 'egltaniate thej m^L \&?i,trL,m?Z ' aav lull had Man a ehnHtahle ? ?ee th**?,a wa* Mlen^r wnnhy^T hi H ft wna ? toted, aed ha< been remntly ? toted *- . L* b?* a n,-retoi.?. of raf.,,,' r??h??y iiaU aaeuid hare beMee .??* ae-'.rea of the to al orgnaratieat ?' the / tlM pffWT.OUJ ed aeoemetohed a foaon k> tnelr aueseaaet poiiMtol cnnwgn -of th< true*, illk v uU ?that btaimodkiK, iMNtat l? k? that ill* should of political ctectrtne* saw. T_. ? ? ' head in tha conclave of the o r, .*? o< Tor aid. | It ba* been chkrged that Ummto} .mil, while professing all deadly bost'lity to the miserable pietoeiaion* and foil prlaclple* of fUM>w Nothingiaui.'ia, In foot, secretly coantenancfngtbelr principle a ad aasUtlng to tha emo luments of offioe tboao who have moved fa bar midnight conclaves. tientlemen, thara ara mercenary apirits in all per lira. Whan the mercenary spirit of man anall b# obliterated bo ahall be derated blgli above hie preeont nature and will bo little leea than tha aageis thsmselves. The mercenary la eplrits* the mer cenary la mlad, take* hU career orer the halls of tba rich and over the hamlets of the poor. That spirit rot ere your proud temples built to the ever living God, and it takes it* course through the halla erected for the ennnclation of political truth*. It la lonnd in the midat of your social circlea; it is found in the pulpit ; it ia foued la the Senate and at tha bar. Can yon expect that It will not take it* place in a political party compoied promiscuously of man ot all clim**, of all rallglona creeds, and of all social belief* t Mo, that spirit i* to be found tbers aa else where; And where lot* rent ia before men, and In'siest ia tacrldoed to, this mercenary aplrlt will taka it* course, and ia secresy and ucier dixg uire Net to accomplish lta ends, by atealing the livery of heaven to serve the davil io. Tbna ia it that, if ever Tammany Hail haa placed upon ita ticket) the names of tboee secretly devoted to thie loul organlin'iou, it haa been done in Ignorance ? it haa been done by the macbi nation* of the Interacted. Tammany Hall .ia not to be known by tha principle) which they who impoae up >n her credulity profess; but aba la to be knoira br the piindpls) which *be avow* to tha community at large. (Applause.) And what ahall I aay, tben, of those wbo make thia imputation against Tammany H*ll? What ahall I aay of thoae by whom thia foul charge ia ful minated? Bow ahall 1 tell of them who, while proclaiming thta cliatge against na, and array >ng Tammany Hall before the tribunal of publio ^opinion, ara asked by that public opinion to poid up a clean bond themselves. Shall I deacrlbe them u> jcif by their professions? No, for their professions am a* pure aa their real purpoeee are impure tiaell I deacttbe them to you by their note 1 No, their acta are a* concealed a* the atmosphere about them la mnrhy and dongrrons. Shall I desert be them to you by tbe atatiatlca which the noli ttcal event) of the laud have disclosed throughout the length and breadth of thia t'n'oo r I will do ao, mad I will a*k you if it la a crime to be charged againat Tammany Hall that ehe supports Individuals whoaa professions are opposed to here and who have effected concealment of theae professions ta It, 1 aay, on offeree for tlio*a who make the charge to bava it prove* againat them by tha politleal atatia tlca cf tha country that thay have not openly profaaaed or openly acted, but bava concealed their exertion*? The proof i) aa bright aa tba aun at aooa day, that with ont throwing their votea for the Know Nothing candi date he could never have received the number of votaa which he did. I apeak of no localities 1 refer to our own city; but If 1 did apeak of localiUea, and wet versed ia geography, I ahonld aak you to point upon tha atap to a place called Blnghamtoa. So much for thia chart) which haa been fulminated againat aa Institution oa whose fouadatlone too young aea of thta association have rested their faith, and on which thay reat their rrfitloal organization. It haa teea at* tod further? and advance once mora to tba reecua, la thl) respect, ia or _ Mk hom the Toaag men who a here rapreaeated? it haa bean statedM tin* eealfecte '?xt to wl pa a* j*!".' *-* hot* tha ronae men who ara here represented? It haa been atatedin THTeaSllacboa, I aay, taat. could tbe l**der* of Tammaay Hall be per suaded to lorego their ealBah purposes, the anion of the party m'ght be compiate, immediate aad Imminent. I aee on my right one of tha leader) of that celebrated place (Mr. Sbepard). There are othera who are ch?rr ed with tha aama crime? if odence It may be termed? aad yet these gantlemaa, distinguished, promi nent, able aa thay may be, are not leader* of Temmtoy 11* U. They'aie oat loader* of any portion of the demo crats rt oka Thay ataad up martly a a the reflex of the opinioaa of tbr nuaae*. Tb?y ataad up a* the exp> tent* of the principles of the creed which tbeee mia><? ptofee*; and if ia any particular they depart from that profesuoa, or wander Ir'tm that creed, tbea, an J imme diately from that mement, their character j of leader ahlp expire), aad they sloU back into the mass from which thay were originally taken. (Apjllaise.) lasdership, geatlaanea, la a ral?nom*r; It 1* ao longer applicable to the political phalanx. Who la the leader in thia country T It la tba people. They are th? leader. (Applause.) Aad whore a man who 1* elevated upon their ebonldara betray* hli truat la repreaeatlag thalr pnaeiplea, he sinks Into the obacurlty of the paat, aad another, more hoaeat aad more tine, ia elevated ia hie place. Therefore it la, gentbm?n, that we are to have no union by a bargain between leader*, but we are to have a unloa, If at all, br a fusion of the maaae*. The young men of thia elub had buaied themaalvea coa tiaually la exerting their power toward* the organiza tion ot oeatral anion clubs, which a'uall look toward* tbe par rat. Tammany Hall, aa the legitimate eource of all political power aid organisation (Applauae.) Bat It ha* been a aid that there i* no fusion among the maaree, aad tbe evidence wbleh i* advaaeed to support tbia auertioo ia true 1 rarer to it agala fer the reaaoa that it ihould be contradicted aad dlaproved, in order to defend tbe position of tbe youag mea of th'a club. Tha prool which ia adverted to for the truth ot tha fact la, that they who ateadilv cocteaded that there ebould be a union of the party, by a bargain with the lrad'-re, claim that the meeting whleb aairmbied within three walls but a lew evenings since, la the evidence that there still I* a division ia the democr* tie ranks ia the State of Mew York. But, rentlemea, the music of the band is Marl, evea though thsre may not be heard the heavy tramp etf the thaaaaode aad tbeaeaade of the sssases lib lad; aad , *>nBgh there may be toottag aad drmmmlag, theaak therein* *j>.tha aa tic* aad ezarcieee of the drnsl major ia the I |B the claaeor at levtd bf Hi 1 is made, aad H is perceived I proclaims this noise te the world, Mwis it that fM will aay that that noiss shall <^mpoee a part/, while they who make it are Void upon the linger* or tae heart' No clamor may be aude by member" oa either adie bat when yon oosne to tae streagth of parties, wbea you proclaim to the world that there ia a force which ealle itself, and Is entitled to the appellation of a party, tbea aloae Is It that the proclamation is worthy of tbe notice aad of tbe attention of the world. So resolution- may be paeeed eo assertions may be proclaimed : so, may It be that a party exist* apen a paper, while In truth, and iafact, Ml oy refe rence to the stetistlc* of the cosntry, tbere is no sucb party. I perba?e here eacrooshed too mucb upon tii* time of the aoil ence tbls eveetng. There are those who *re to aurceed see who will enter mora upon tha spirit of the proceedings, aad who will present mora at large I he political characteristic* o C tbe dey. I have but to eay a few words before resuming my eeat. The principle* which the youag aaee of the Uub piofea* are priactptee derived from theae reaalulioo* iaepired In 17M through Jefferaon (be apoetle, and Ma ilsoa tbe sword of democracv. ( Applaua* > The pHnriplea which they profess are principle* ae old ?e nature itself. They are principles which repose et the basis of our aaeaoood. They are tbe principles on which iw>t the pillars of tae ooemtltotioe itself. Tbey are priaeiplse wbich rocogntrs the digaity oi our maaaood under all a gee, la every lend, every where. lliey ere prieciplee wbich strip from tbe im mortal Hpir it the aeeompaaissente and surroundings with wbich the ever eternal life has eneompaseed It, aad ele re ted men to tae highest dignity of hie natere They are princlplee wbleh are moat vital to. oeeeoeracy . Thu club proclaims here to tbe worbl, that they etand where tbey ever have *tood;)i*et lied npeo the doctrine* of prditieal aovereignt) fast Aied upon that doc triae oo which repoees the conatitaliea of the t'aloa feat fixed upon the (onatitntion iteeU, with all ite om promisee, wth all Its treths, aad ell ita area t prlnci j lee; fast fixed upon the democratic administration which represent* these truth* and principle*, *ad npon tbe meeeare* of that adaeialetmUon whUli have been enacted ta aeeordaaee with three principles. As they atand here thta eveaiag sa will the ooaatry dad them, fast littc la oppoeilioa to all coermve Ughiletloa which shall hare far it* abject te iaetl) or to drive m .relay leto the human heart ae yon wouid Are the -eed lata a flinty soil- faat fixed ia oppoaitioa to that fell spirit of Know Vothlagism, which would ex ?- 1 wta fron all the beaeflte of eur lastltutioas aad from the charter of hi* rights Irm wbe ch*nce%to bsve beea born npon a foreign soil, (applauae) aad which by tha aame priest pie would exclude htm our use the very staff of life iteetf? those flowing traps whleb aow wave aver eer soil from jour w.stero eouaties. wbicb weuldeacls^e fr m yonr Bit that v*laabl* animal tbe hot**, the bea*t of bar ten, o?l because tbey happen*-, to have been iatr?s iced from foreign lae^a? aay, gentlemen who wanid esclede fr >m yonr ii.idetevan the grateful am of heavea wnieh re lleva ua, heeenae, perch anew they eeete wafUd frees foreign clirnee Thieee youag mea, thee ae the curtate ?(eea open ti e aeit act ot Uw peliucal dram* of tha Mtate are te be foeel etitl feet (sen ia thstr etea<lfaet oppaaitiea ta ell 'raed ead cerraptioa opposed a* sleodlt) to the frond* of thoee wbe may repre?eat theirs* I. ?s as their frlewla, eed was are erreysd andev the Vai ner wh eh ;le*t- over tb*ml ssaes'ast ibe frauds aa i esweatleue 9* epfooing p?ii Heal foea. lhaae ere the aasS.> s rek t'.ey a^espy ;| avet Hob ?a<l nn *?r<r M t<l Win tt im, / th?t *ii tme the band _ __ > Regiment " ^aCn^unhwl democrat* R? ATOR IS a AC TOTCXY. Haktvord, June 28. H55, Gkxtt.vmci ?I regret that I a ball not be ah la to be pret?nt at tM ealeiration of yonr approaching anni verrnry. I regret It, bKMM J buttilr coaiar .a tie object j on bart la view m expre**ed in your note, "to give a practicable and unmistakable illustration of the umou of tbe North ud Sjnth u p >? nthMl democratic Ujuea, and their determination to tut We common ciih eiiainxt all diaorgani/ing lofluenoaa, ?lam*,' and lavaaion* <>f theaaored principle* ot tbe oonatitution. and the Individual righta of the cltiaeo." ihe cant* of democracy I* the oauee of tba people. It U founded on the deepest philosophy of hunultjr ? the right and duty of every man lamvldttallr t> pro vide tor his own wall being, and the riftht and duty of man In the aggirgate to provide for tne ?eU b?lo^of the community ot which he ia a component part We have a community of 8U*.? a under a nation*! c?n?titu tlon, am) communities of citizen* unCer lute constitu tion*. la political right* the .Statea are equal. and citl ten* are equ&l. "I&iuallawa and liberty" ia tin motto, and the very eeaence of the democratic faltV Wann ever an attack la made upon the golden rale at equal ity by which citixea* are bouad together ia itMM, an I the Stale* are l>ound tor other in national uaioa, and the e?iual righta of any claaa of eltizeiu, or of any cla?e of Statea, are aaaailea, the democracy of the wholn country, Inevitably, taatinotivaly, irresia'ialj rallies t > the mcue. >uch a criaia now exiat*. The equal right* of Ame rican ciUaena have been ataailed. The equal right of every nun to worehip God according to the dictate* of hia own conscience it a(??M. Tne equal right of every cititea to participate la providing for hi* own well-being, and the well being of the community to which ha belong*, U aaaailed. rhe right ot tae people In their primary a*e?mblie* to deliberate togetner openly upon their common Intereat*. and thu* give di rection to public atlalri, has bean invaded by a e?:ret oath bound combination, which exersieet despotic cm trol over it h iworn member*, and seek* to tr<n<fer the effective powerto usoern secret oounoil*. The ?inal right* 01 tbeMatea have been made tbeaubjeciof vehement aa vault. A tat*, i* mow eonght tj b* applie 1 to n*W Statea, which applied to tboea already existlog, would expel llf tean of them troui the confederacy. The constitution Itaalf U openly and paraavaringly aaaailed, aad at thi* mo sent atamla violated by a formidable agitation, *e>. on foot for the avowed purpoee of randeriag practically nnll aad void aome of It* eaaeatial provision*, without which It never could have exlated and without the eieiaflon of which it mutt ceaaa to axlet aad tne government ha bro ken up. rhe democracy of the country la neither blind nor deaf to what ia to be aeen and heard t? all ald??. It ta already rieiag in lt? accustomed strength, and la rally ing to' the unfurled atanoard of It* well known princi ple*, and tba y?a r *69 will exhibit a uriae of it* proud eet triumph*, I am, gentleman, respectfully, your fal low eiticen, IHAAG fvHJCKY. To Meeir*. 8. Willick Oom, G' L. Van Zajvdt. aa 1 L. V. Uamihok, Committee of the Young Hen'* Hasan cratic Union Club, New York. FRO* UKH. OtVtOH i. PILLOW. A.-tok Hoi aa, N?w Yoaa, June 19, IH68. GixtuukB? Your leitar?i tie l?th inat., inviting ma. on bebalf of the Yoaag Men * Democratic Club to paiticipate In tne atWbfatoa of the anaiveraary o( tbe riab, ia reoelvM on tba efe of my Departure for my re aidaaa* in Taaaaee?a> and taviaw arti/i ma eevwat n?a l*r? of my family, who have loag bean abaeat fiom home, 1 Had it Impoeelbl* to ialay my atay ia yonr city until tbe 30th inat. Whda I mutt daay myaalf tbe pleaiur* of meeting the Young Men'* DemocratitCiub of yonr great city. aUoe me to aay, however, ? W I heartily approve tbe OacUred object of the aaaociatiaa,? that ia, " lo give a practical and unmlatakablo illaahatioa of the anion of tbe North and Sooth upon natttaal iaeuee, aad thalr dwtermiaa tloa to m>Ue eommo* canae againat ail dlaorgaou ng influtnor*, 'lama,' ati lavaalona of the aaerej princi plea of t tie conititntloa and the inlividual right* of tha citlxen." Tba patr'.ot owee no higher doty to hia coua'.ry at thit petiiona criau in it* Malory, than that ol making com men can** with, aid uniting tha I'akoa m.n of tne North and tfouth, in ilniicatioa of the righta of tha eiti ztn, wki of defending tbe oon*titntion a^alaat the ae eaulta of factioa. It 1* vain to attempt to diaguiaa tha fact that the Union i* ia iinaunmt danger of auruptioa. Invlded m intrtv>t, In aeatimant, la eotial pnrauit* aad demeeti] Inatitutiona, the conataat tendency la to ward! a Mparatioa of tba Stataa. lhia tendency ha? bitbtrtu been ovrirome by acommoa reoaileetion of tba many battle ftrlia upon which onr anceatora of tne North and Month commingled their blood in the glor>oa* atrngglefor onr national indapendance aad libdrttee, an I tbe attachment ol onr wboL* people to tha Union, to the conatllotlou un ler which we hiave groen great and proaptrou*. Bui ihaea tiaa aad tba cord* which have heretofore bouad na together are coaataatly, one by one. mapping aaundar, until now. the national dame ciatic erganliatlon (weakened thoaah it ia) alooe re main* of all our pollucai partiee to hold tbe Union to , getber. bunder thi< organixatloa aad yon atrike down the eon atitnUon. 1 bat done, and all beyond ia darkaaw and blood. How long would :t b<- befcre the eaaaea which fitxloead the aeaaration, would bring theae Mtata* into deadly coaflict upon the battle laid? What powtr ttu.d atay the davaalatiag contict of eivll eat)' ? what poeer protect n? irom without* Tb nk ywa that ia tuoh a aoaMict the right of property wnala he *afe? -that aat*an*l mJttj ceaUMitV flunk ? ,v-* etrtl?t nHgioae kbirty eonld exietr? or that in. . inamti aenld tod aa abiding place anywhere on thi* TKE*7?loody grit aidei |he mine of the fhireat aai ferighteet 1 towtHhat the world haa im ata? . I-et every patriot, than, ttaou by tha eenrtltatleii ?e It la?the "M&gaa Gharu" of our Uhertiea? and dKe*l tt aK*inat the aaiaalta of faction. Let theae etaad by the right* of tbe ."tatea, aa they are written on the restitution and reearved to the people? aa tha fortreaa of aafety agalnat federal eaeroachmeata. I>et them remember that civil and rellglone liberty are "twin alatera," an>l that they caa aaithrr eilet la ? i!I*rnpUoa of the Uaioa nor in the coeaalidat.oa of tbe ^tatea, and that democrata are the aafeat aeaunel* '?>, furl the tabernacle In which they dwell I am gtoUi men. elth great feepect, your efctJieat eervaot, aiw?.u J. PIUjU W. mOM ftODHAX M. nUCL fTiTi or Stw Jaunrr, t imu Dtr*immrr, I Tuana, June m, i?av ( iii.NTtHB-1 hir? the b< nor to aefcaowle<lx* the re aalpt of jour lantation to attend the oeiebrat.on of the auc ivrt -ary of the Young Men ? l>*m?er*Ue Cnu a Club oo Saturday arming ?il I thank you for the iBrlla Uoa, and regret e->ce?nagly that prrnonn ?ngag?a?ata *111 pr?T*nt My baiag ia New York and of f-0*pUa? of It. Tb? ??nue\?nt aad prtoeipW? emtxr-1 ted In J oar aete of InrtUtlon, ?f? ? " To g\n aa uaaelatak cable illuetravto* of the union of tb* North ann of the u?utb? apoa a*, ttonal democratic leauoe, a ad their determination to Mate <o?bo? eaiM agaiaat all disarranging ladoraoa*. ' tnni.' aad mra*toni of th? mcT~l pranpi?e of tha > oa ititittloD tad tha Inl irkdaal right* of tha oitiiaa," aa accord with my awn latliM an J MM at to tha trie intoreete aad policy if the drmooratl'- part/, that I ?ban Id bare barn (lad i*iM to hare tator changed >ur Bi.tuaJ MmpaUlio* an-l prinrtuleo npoa tb? aational I'DiDMit and impalaoa a poo which roar organiietloo la board, aad which ?ou propoeo to celebrate by thl< oxa moa lkey ara tha eent.aMat aad prin-tploe of errry trua J?*ocratic republican ororr iairlcta Tboy rontaia tha whole kay, platform, (BKJe u4 g or nament for aaary duiaa who deetreo to pr?#ecT* oar traa laetltaUona aad perpetuate thla gtortou* Union la hla political action tb?r* la but no trae aad piUwtte eouroa ; but while ? tha doena-raay of tha Kaiptra Oty and ttata ara deeply imbued with lore far the (Jawa. aa* with high, bbrral, aad patriotic arntuaoou, aal ?haa If la known that taair prtaalplM ara appreciate* aad *a Wrtauxxi by a large majority of tha people of yaur great enlighten*! loSoaatiai aa<l powerful Stole, eoeafeiqg oar kittb of tha popolattoa of .tha wfcnio t'niiad Btt'a#, w weighty ta tha political Mala a f tha aotatry. h**a beta lo?roted by In tar a al dlac-rd and 6lnaloa, how tarwtleg, bow Mortifying to yaar follow d?mo< r?.u ia otbrr Mutaa to wttaaaa thla looal <lietraotiaa. aal fu? tbar know by It tha w>-> of democratic aacenlaac; ta ioor fftata |or?raa>aat ia ettnbatad ? which ia ee |.n Judicial to tha well bring of yaar Stole, If not *n<Uatw inf tha eafety and integrity of tha l alaa Tha eaattaoai) <tl*iai? a of tha party la ywar ftataf rm tba daapaat anheibhda aad aaitat/ ta yoar br*t>.r?* tbioaghoat (ha laaa, aad wander la rtpnaaod that ttMama ara act haaiad whir. a land to each di?a?ra.? ra?lta aa<*. |It* ?ueh adraatag* aad power le a ca??r>a foe. Where <e that taa*aa??ea. ?aK aacrtt'?' wla. a?, > patriotism aad ?lrtua, la tha taedari of lha party. a? ?* crtaary U taoiarr waatod harmoay aaMag mtm ?act(<4 ia the zraat eaaaa, wit* Ml aaaae alaw aad a. A the aaae daabaa, aad laaMaf ta tha mm? ?aal<a 1 aa aa treat yaa to fratmiai. aaaae it'4ar. a*t t?ff>?k#r ta a rpirl'. ^ ?>U? u>! ?-??. , rlfTf* tad tfteetlea for aaa iMtbtr, at ' far the ? -u . t 4? "?ao-'H pr'a 'j?? .f '.bo raeVUfea. Catted, you are inducible id your Mat* and we are mnaclble ii? the I'nioo, and uiay if", on " eoo.|uert?i? : end to conquer" in both, and Uluatrate the bleeeing# ?f 1 a pur* im united democracy. J I 1 bure juel r?ad the publiibed proo.-e<liof? in one of | tbla Cay'a t.ewap?per* ol a iu?eMog ot the ? ' u*l "0*i j 1 democracy," bold ln*t eteiila* id jour oitr, eaJ r?c i | mze a* p*r'l:lp?tcr* IB i?? projeeflin,i? the c.em?eof gentlemen dl#tmguiebed for their eeinoee and ?aer Uc*e f?r tbe temoeratic party, and today I am enew*ring nutUMii ?<iu*Uy well known end rtletingmahed out who r-pi.wiai another eeperete end dletleci democratic i organization enO it i? well knowa to them, '? you, and to n>e, tfcfct to ,oog ii tUe?e *ep?r?te organization* do exiat that the pmty U thu* airideu and dtatracted, defeat aufl diaaawr await* J on Vour t.retM*n out o( Si-w )ork cannot o;nt>D|uU)l between t6f iwil tonne uneil (o dektgnate toe dirieloo* of th* party 'a fb^r State. Demorrate of Maw Ytra are alike t > u* io New Jaraey? ?e do aol lutar'are or take el'lee ia rour liee-n ab>D?. ?t only pray for their ?pa?dy termination, and tha eapaee whi. b lad to them? >a the d*ep hoaom of th* ecaa bart<-d . Thru fill tha *bout of glad tiding* be heard froaa one ? ?d of the to tbe other. 1 bop* hooii to rtait Naw ^ork on nut-h a daairable and au?plci?ua ooua*ion aa ' tha oalebratioa ot perfeot rtuoiou of lb* cemocratic parly o t the Bute of New With great regard, I am your friend and fellow citizen,

* ROiiMAS' M J-HICK riiOM uumr a. vim, uovkbnob klbct or viwii sia. accouau, Virginia, Juue b, GanruuBN? I hare recalled jour* of tne atttt ult.. ?*. tb?e pU?, ftoat Waahl???o? U MaMarW wer ? tone oT|?%tttotUm au ?onnd wiadom tbaTfOU almo?? tampt ?? to foraat ayaaV, a?4 waka a promne which 1 oould not worthily ra.iaam. H amythint U waotaa, it la ixaoUjr what you ptopoaa to raatoro tha raanollj to a >anbf tba taalrloual rlghta it atit and ahal. darend, < t rait to Ml at Tha laauala ?Shall IM rapubUc con' It cannot If iatoi?raaoa, pnxtcralt, aootiontl iia, blaolry, higher law, ai? to rwiga la tha ola=U?n?. Ana 11 tod new wIjI ??c rally oouiUma lot tba aurpoaaa of political aanuaalaatioo, *ooi man muat opanly baa.1 togathar to eonaerra tha ltoarttaa aad tbo laalianaoto ngbta which n?l?har moba nor laglaiation may a?all witboat krioglac death aad daatraatloa to our whoia ayatoiA'at oiirato ngftu aod puMlo poltay. CoroialW, than, with ail my heart aad all ?/ heal I ; OaroUdly aalte with -The Young Haa'a llemocratie I Hon Club," of New York, In tha noble aaWrpriaa they uB'iertal e of raatoring tha old (eeling? thw heroic racolu t.onai v teeilag ? ol ibtn Ulaaeed country aud It* happy people. We Boat recur to fumiamantal prtarlplei Wa muat kvItb tba national aeate of wk? w# are ? ot our one Is? of our latbera' latth and imiUM of what wa are aao aboukl be. the nactMlua* whiea cowttrain ua aa ot old to ha united la orjar to rem?la free, aul the eai? we ought to um at, and tba cooatitatioa*, ritaie and feoaral, which are tba atandaide and tna touch - atonea of our political actio*. Thar, muat be a r*nv*l of tba lore of law, oro?r, rarereooa for nooad mo I rallly. and reapect lor pi Irate and public authority. \a glrlatio* mutt oe ao teetralnad aa not to inra ieiiulten able llgbta. Man munt ba educated? aoi leflauteJ ? to lie Kc?d chrlatians and good citiuna. The paarch ami not lar lta handa on political power, for taa aake of per I ?ecutioa or any other purpoao. there muat be ao Kopeo here, either iToteatanl or Catholic Nopoeer maal dare to lutarpaaa betweea our coniclencai ana our OoJ. Ihe conatituttosa and lawa of the land muat ha ob-yad? the union ot the tftatee, and tha rlghti and ?oeeraigatie? ot tba btatee, mutt M preaerred and parprt.atel. To thla and wa muat rerira atew national le-l o? id ibe fualon of conatrratirea of all p?nle? aga'oai the ae atrueUree, wuo would brm| notolag but contusion apon ua all, by combmiog ail the ood? and all the eoda o( all | tha lama in one umntum-f*htrum lam of Know Nothing her pardon I w lab I could acorpt your call. I would aladly it I could. I cannot. My health l? ?h altered. 1 hare been a b Mint from bome einoa let January Ian worn down in tha l?t* eaoraaa. I ?"?! reet. My luaga are auHartng, aad 1 cannot for a month to wai either labor ?r apeak. . ... My hi ait aad wiul axe with you with all mf Might. 1 am jour oDliged aerrant aiid friend. 1 * HtNKY A. Wl-K.* IBOM TBI. UON. 0. K. DtUt*. Piui-aPKirHu. May, 21, ' btari r.Mts? Highly Hatteie.1 aa I !e?l by yoar Utter of the 17th la* Us I, aao eennible bow much real gratt i hcation would be tspartenioed la jalnlag youi eelabration of lha aotb ol June next, I am aeferlheiee- oollg?i by ' f agagtmaata ol pro!ta?lonal buaiotee to for b*?r aciapt I tag your invitation. % llie time* aeem rapidly approachlog whan the utmoit nloria ol aU luion a??ocintV tt*, *a.:b aa youi a, ma; ba la Btcaiaarr, ia ar?ry part of our country, to pr?aoire the worth aaid toroe ol tba fedtral conetuutlou The ! practical aa< I autberitatira disclaimer , aow tluaataaed, of tba great pnacipea which, a* it* fouauatloa, booedie I rtut iaatraotaat, cid not fall to depreuate aad ea eeake | what w* hare leretwtore aatea?*<i aad I" aad la hatha i iiotl perfeet tUaor r ewd rntia al ka*M (iiwihial I To mie to *?nar?ie and ch?riali tha equality, the i?le I ration, tt.e fraternity aod ibe Inculcated and i guaranUe l ?>y atety Ilea Of the coaatltutlon, la to reject it? ao<t attiactire aad raluable propartla*. end be ready for it* or* rtbro# Iat u*. gaatlautn, re*i*t to 1 it> Cut, and in all upright aad honoiable f rm? of it ' ti?tty. a di*a*ter ao tatal to the hope* o bumacilly and digiadiog to our?el*e*. I hare Ibe honor to be. rour Iritnd aad obedient ten ant. 0. M. UiLLAll. riOM TDK HOK. 0. J. 1 NOMMIM.. I'H|IUI?LI'U1*, June 'ii lV.i liwiTimi v-Vy tm? of life may unfit me tor the mtatirg of tba t oung Men'* Democratic Coiea ( alb. to caiabrate wbe?e aooir*r-ary on tba ;i?lh Inat., I am ia nuO by yi'ur laror ol the 1Mb mat. and though it will not be (Obviat'-at lor me to attend, I am not the lea* flxttaird and o>liged by toe booor of tha inritalioo There who fortae* mora than 1 can, predict, 1 aa> Void, a cob flic* at the ceil Presidential eUclim, to try >ue fetltra) eonatitution -erarely, and wrack the I'uma to ita foundation U to I fear that wa, North mea, who are a large, pre poarinating wajonty, wul be toe ag*re?- jr? a,a>n-t the foutbein paaelie nnoority, who aak lor no more thau to be let *Ioaa. _ Au i la to that afgreealre and perilou* agitation we of i tha u reat Northern majority will ba mialail, If we gr> mki it at all, by a rery *mj01 minority of aealot* among our j ' That Northeaataib mania hae ccoetraloed the Ameri can republic by leactloa, Juat a* Inrariabla in polit>?a a* ia otlur thing*, to cbooee all 6Ut one (J< ho Aiia n* i of Ueirl*r*alcenta either from among alareboldara or tnoae taowo to barooaliw with them: and eaen will rontioue to l^e tha rr?ait aa loag aa a email minority of the Urge Neithera majonty la euflerad to excite the wbi>le Nor'h to pi wrote ibe waole .^outa to ao purp jee, but to dla tract m* "Maeger lb* I aloa IM Stale of Naw York, gentleman, aad Ua democratic party ?( that groat fltata, are aubdinded Intoeomtny fa4tMM, that yon meat atcuee my Ignorance to waita portion 1 am a?lia*| thla Memento It la mtaadad, aa 1 hope It wtii be taten. la good part. If wa. o< tha North, aeatre to ahare with the .South tha praawaan, Ita la ?aanoo, patronage, aad g-nerally tha ?evare of a ma)ortty, we maat let the Houlhern minority aloaa, aad cling altagwthar to the I'nioa , am, gaatia?, fSOM I>AMBI. MCIUMI, IIWUTUT Of I tOi T10M AT LOKDOM. Naw Toa a, Juna W, lt&O. Qmrri >mi?? I bara tha plea* are to ntknowle ige tha ?aritauon with which you hare honored mo, toaaelat at a waetiag af your aaaocUtloa on tha aaeaaaoa of Ita ap protehtag aaatrrraary Tha purMMa of tha pree*nt moremwt, aa MM la the aote of the commltaoa. "to glra h Mac deal i aad aamiatahaable Uiuatratloa of the ualoa or ibeMorth aad aaath upoa aattaoat deaaooratie i*aaa?, aad #*? lawrmlaaMaa temahaaommon ?au>a ?gaiaet all l*ai?a?|Meg laj?aacee. 'laau ao a , .too* af tbe aaaieo pd Halm >.t tha OaMtituiioo. j. tbo mdlrKial rtgbt* o. the etthea," mdht my oordial coaenrraate, aad wui ?tte|Ma aomanal my boat ex | rr lion*. A pilor <agat*in*at *kkk Itort; to dla T?g*rxi, will r*nl*r It f<* *a to ha praa ?t il tba attatlof , J ul I hut to o fftr I* )0lMvw aad k ~>to a-*o*?atloa mj tkaaa? far yaur Mtrlwiit V?ry raapactfally, your ml (Mbit ? *mal, D. r. HV.'Ctjfe. wara ilio iwtfM (im Onmar Priat, of ?av J?r*?; , KoUrt KaUy, J oh a tally, Joha I. Maaf >rd iTtOlp W. >af*, Daniel K. Mat)**, Ha^|aali Watok, Jr , Judga lafrikui, of V?* York; Hoar* To?r*j- ul Hanarrnly, of i oitrtlnl, ill dm; at harm. Ika baoi) Um a froaa Kigoktvo, math ?ota lon^rlai and )t?*ly thaa th* Wttara. Oam. jA*m W Jfm dtlirarad th* noil ad dram Ha aald? India* aad gaatUaia. th'? la tha ftr?* t tan th* ha** ?Tat had tha hoaor to nr draaa ta aadwara la th ? pl*? Tkaaa *aolT?raari'? (ka coot>aua?> *!,oul4 bo our* (?naraily oh?rra*! tad <-*labr?t?! T>?ay ar* ra4?hra lloa* ib par>*tua'~loe of the n.oat *lnr>o.? pt ?clp>? o i oar roamN country. Tha ft aatpioa of UM 'aa?^r?ik ?arty ?ra plain aM atat?l* It baa w?l forth It* karoa* to #*bt tha battka of fraodom >nr;tlun It ban alaratod tha ltt?oat ta fatitlcal agnail'/ ?itk (ha Mgh*ah? ord?r oat of iIiwtIm. It u coaparatl raty M* to aa, hut tha prtaolpl** *ia H all ti ann Bat bat a 4*marrm$f ta tha lav of tha laa.j la athar r?<i trW* 4?aio-ratl' *dkta Baa' ??**?? r?t and prir?W Th* apaafcar "araoatly adtlaad tha rlah to Mk*ra for IU War ator to tha atornal pna-taa* of th* p?itj> [a flUdiaf to th* prtaaioiaa of that pa,47. tx* aaaahar ohati nd that th*r partook a* *ajarf*4 pkilaatfiru fj That par?y do** t>< \ ?top U to^-itr* vnar* a ana ??< kara It raoagoim* tha 'art that tha ba?t '?raifi i^*<j *a? i-o?rad oat ta t l a ?>? ?' th* attaa. Drata araey (t**aa ?ka In'itada )a tha aatmaaat of *: .?> , {aoattoa* tat r?- ><f a ro* *T?rj m .* ?ko .a traly a aa* a* a hro<tb*r Ik* ?tut part) La ?*!?, ft*a too %<*<??, aad d?**otrad aa It ?raa a* rapidly that It had aa M liaU mmid aot aapimrt |l? hadf Tka jioatb af ?a? f*?'" ai hod ta tka p'*f*r im* ram* 'art* (uU; <k '.ad ay /af ?ma It i* iw ?o il?ua| ttat It rutit ?? Vwo at akafarod TU? ayaahar "<atl?a*d W *ayta tiat <M Blah vaaid aot ooata too aaM Um* a ta' if th* tatoa It la*ad 'ha t a! a It *aa WmI iniat 1 kfth th* hiMa af tvoafy ail.M< ?' p**pla iM'no leald paarnl a#*i ??t It. Ta ttlafe af Iuh .t.aa I ?a?-kl j I* tr***?*a Ta>* ta aaaurm 4*r??'.aa Iw h" " Imt la? tka t'aiaa H* *?a**l*d v* **? ? ?iat ti'aa> ti tare** *a>' a ???* a* ^*?w*tt# ila%a t"Wn w (ma It o. t taa**at to **?* * ">a?h af ??'*a4' *a ' lag fvraaid lor lit? ?*.?* aa" th*/ ??t~ Mart Umj | irvird la Ik* oogMiiuHMi o( h>flo( don* their duty I to tbeir country. ' Tb?"L'i loo I'olkn " dedicated to the club by H. H I ??< I - worth, *u porformed by the l*?J After wblch th* mreting wa* ad?rt*>eJ by Mr. J. W*l mi k i om., wbo ootrmenced ly a ay i ng that tba honor wklch baa bean conferred upon hire, Is being called vpoo to apeak, ?aa entirely unexpected H* bad boon 1 appointed to read llit laitora of til* gnat mao who hat , b**? invited; and it ba vara a great man hlmealf. ba too would ban wil'ion ooo. (Lauotar.) lit wa* air t) tbat eta of Um flrit oirmbtr^ 'it tba clu?? 11 >o lio ratlo sejmrur? wax not able to attend. lor ha know bia preeenc* would ba a caaaa of much irttllcillm to all. Ha broaeif waa alio amoog tba Brat by whom tba olub waa organized, and It waa with prl<** that ba viewed wbat it bad accuagpl<ahed la tba brief apaoa oftima wb ?b bao elapted alace It* foundation It <??? true t**v ba< mat with aoaae opposition from tbaladiaa, wbo < <mii I not ee? wbat thi-Ir huabaada w?r? doing out ao l*\a at night, talking j, otitic* inataaM of being at bouia la tba boiom of tfc*l' famillea Hut If llity coul-1 fully ra ellje iha jatHotlf work la wbir.b th?y ware ?oga<ed, la working Id tbo'aa nrlce of tlielr country, tbay wool I not n. iirmar at thai* ba ng abaeat from tba dinie?ti<- elrelo for a <?w hour*. It waa tba duty of thoao wbo lot ed their country, to propagate tho-a ptiaWplaa wlitob they Ultvad would ba pirxlaativa at nrnfewty anl haopl Btaa to lk? people. lia ba I nu rear for tba aafety of ?te Colon walla u*a aonld ba fouad wbo wara ready to devote a portion of tbalr time ta amWulag wb*t lb ay regarded tha trua pillcy of tha aa'ina rto Mag a* Ame rican baarta boat witfc.o tba bona* af tba yonog, all orgtea a?i aMH *wiilabm wUffipf* A* tba etooo tt Mr i^awt ?Unaa, tktbaalfkyri ?'Hall to Columbia," altar vMob tba maatlwg ad jour* ad Tha Iiittnl* llaal ?r ViMnlijrt 1 Yoatrrday waa or*rpowertn|Iy bat. fba au'i raya J etna dawn aa if oonoattrated by a horning lewa, aad | evtry laaana of defence agaiaat tba lntetee boat wa . triad In rata. To make matrara moia intolerable. not a hi rath of cool air war atlrrlng, though a blaat aa If from a furnaca occaalrnally caaaa floating by to add to tha Bilff ry of tboaa whoaa buaiaaaa oallil them to UieetfeeU. (if courae tba haat waa mora paitk .larly Alt by labor <r?, maarna, and otbar* whow out door araplormaat* c<mp?l)?d them to endure tba burning raya of tha ??o Polictaitii luffarad xoverely, and It would ho well for tba city autborit'aa to fnrniab tbrm wltb diiiarani cap*, a* tboaa they now waar are gtaaad and have a lendena* to attract tba raya of tba aiia. A poiioeaaaa named Janw GUleo, attached to tba Hecond ward police, fall deed a* though ahot, joatarday afterfcoou, in Na***u atroot, naar tb? rim a Ui office. , At noon yaatar^aj It wa* 90 dag. la tha ak?4a, aad at | S Y. M. aaa'.iT dag. in a very abady plaM. Vbl? of conr** give* do idia of tba ar*raga beat, wblah waa much blgbar ; lvdaai*, tha plaa uiually followej of glvlag 1 tba tcmparatoio of a abadytpUco I* a wron< 04a, aa II conraj* but aa laaecurate nation o! tba liaal r? aUy (alt. It baboovaa oat cltluTn, at thl* time, t> bo careful aa to wbat they aat and diink, aa tba tempta tion to undue iLdulgano* I- aery urrat 't *uih WaaVbar a* hie. Tba bna'* for t'oncy Inland, Wtnlan I <Ua i an t ll ? >0 ken *tia ciowdtd ye*tar<lay by j>. raiiua >la?lr.iu* to atcapa thaaYceraU* boat of t?. i. lj hiler*i on the Ilay tbtra wa* haroly any n r. irLlle iha *un hlaaod dowa .aod baing riflne'ed from Iha watwr, ma la It *o hot on board tha bo?' i, tbat tba unkaj>py traraiian wtibed thaj bad rimalmd at boina. At night th* waa tbar allg) tly miK'tratad. aad tb> 1 w?r? aymptowi of a 1 toi n, wLkb. bovern, did not t pl*c? >ip to th* tima of writing. Aa will le ><? n ba'ow. a niimVer ol fatal ca?ai o( <uu atroka bapvtnrd during tba laal nodaya, an l at in. ? a; rr ora will douttlen* be recorded t uiorrow win-* ua 'ti tle i.ot rrportad to Jay. A* ti?i* 1 ? dun lay, an I tba n?ra>ally of lielag oat Coora la not *o prea?ing, It ia to bo bop?d Ibtre will bo but few c>*a* rvp<-rtudai 'xjcar tW g te t'ay. trricT or tiir h?at. Akoo| the cata* of auaatrrka ilurlnj tin taal too tajn tLe following ara ropoiud ? Jor?pb Klrnlfeldtr, a cblid two y nr< 1 > .*. wa* a*a ?truck ta <>raa<' atitot. Ha ?nu n a noma, lift trot ma itra?t, by a policeman. Willi** l*oae, a etoaaa*aa??i', ln>a lu atrtet war Hularenun, a. wo-a ? 1 111 '.(la Thirty n nth atiret, tail orerpoverOd hy tha aft t* of tba tirnili* brat. Owta Karly waa *na?tr?c( in tha atraat. Ha waa t*k?n to tba ricTantb ward ataticn touao, wbrre bo ?l?| ' on aer notified to lit K aa ln>|U**t. An unknown man wa* aaeatruck ia Pprlag alre*t II* wa* taken to lb* City lloapltal. Aa urknown woaan waa al?e takea ai -k In I'aleerally piaca and waacoare)ad to Itallarue lloapltal |'?t*r W00U waa ?un/truck la South etreo'. and takoa to tb* 1 Ity llo*pital Jam** (iillen of tba So<road war) pollta, wlula wa'h iag oa hie teat ia front of tba ||aa?i.u odi.a yaatorday ?lirraorn, about 4 I*. M , fall down and etpirod la ?tantly. cauaec. by the ?te??ai*e beat Mr. <<lll>a wa* a y< ui h Oi*n, and t<nre an aicaJUnt character. Ilia <UaUi i* n.u- b legratted by bia la low olbcar*. A man narnOd Cm 'alio, raaloing at 219 Wa*t Thirty *ec> nd street, wa* proatratid b? tboaatratn* beat, an l d;*d a lew bonie after aanla. II <e ramaia* were taken to tba Ivrntteib ward etatioa bouao, wbere aa in iuael will to teld to day. A boot ?lgkt o'clock laet aeaalnir, a rook employed in (ioaling * reatauranl, In lln adwejr, J.ed *uddei.iy, a* It I* euppoaed from the eitrerna lieat of tba w?a'J>?r l<be wa* flrat taaea tr< ih* ' I'r iloapital l?ut tba at'en ); ,g ph)*>{i*n rafuaed to racalta her, aa tbay dtaooferad her to ta d?ad. Mie aa* then r.n n?eyad oa a Mar to iho <1 lef'a, In tba CHy Hall, wbar* aargaaa'. Oweno, aot raoelring a *aiiafactory acconntof tb. manner ia whl'h the deceaaed una to bar death, ba tboag'it proper to detain tlioao eotaaylng the eorp** 'our in number ? until tbe matter could bo lavoetlget'd by tba Coroner Tba c< rpeo waa tbaa taken bacit V> Mr. Uoalioi'i, where aa la (neat will bo held today M?wi by (he Mailt Tba A i ba d y TratU'Tim m;i thai alar* ')?<?. Clark tn?i?urall<o aa Kiar.ullta of thla Htalt, hr hu [>ar4?a ?><1 SK-ra paraoo* from Iba Aibao/ p"nit*a'ia rr tftaa li 1 kit Ko piKctiadn IgHijt th? vbola of lhair Urmi, abd bid*' of I Ut'ioo* ara oa eoniitioa that tfca fk/<JoBB>l part r aliail ?bat?lu float utinj l?l >tlra ting ! .#??" " Wnal a'jtuMlty fh-ia paril'iaa, <v>a trarj In prarxlaat, ara rnal? vltboof ruainlUUna of tba eoorta oh'fh a*olaa<-*4 tb?t.i, i?ta??a la juinag iat>> U> fa^ta of tba 'aw Tla Km|at<n (Ca./ HtUnh Wkif aajra that a 4-ial took j ia<a tin Ibal rltj oa tba 1Mb alt. Ill* ?.? baiaota ara both on-ibhora of tba ','lty ' iuo -II, ao ltha rbalaoga vaa prodnco-1 by lb* dlir?p?rt ?!.<>? n for tbat tO'l j b? aaa III ' batn <>a Ha ltrat Ara uaa ol lb* par tMa f?II ao<l faigaa>l to ba Mortally *i>ua<lrt Tba o'bar tack to bta baala aa4 baa oot boaa baaM of a w a Tba Bslltia Oiaarr inJ A4 r*r\\trt alatM that 4arlag tba fait a trial baa baaa prngraaalng la tba'. ra.poetirg tha lltl? to iwrtaia laaita ia that ri< 'ally, a at ota of tha vttnaaaaa broaghl forward V> taat.fa to tba rlgbUnloaa* o( tba rlaiaa of aaa o I tba r,oa taadtag par tha, wai aa ag?'t Haaaca warrior, a?a?~4 Cbi ip * t;a Cwla Ha vaa oaa bund'ad aa<l aaa aaara of iga, baa a IB ?aay battlaa la a am bala a ad haartf, llrlag <h? tha fattaraagaa r?aar*ati*>*, ac t bia ajaatgM ia |o*4, ?ad bla rotaa atrong aad elaar. Tba raak*aaca o' Mr llaatj., la Ma4iao? towaah'p. Ma ilun ctr n\i, Ia4 , t>?* Sia a* tba Htb all, aa4 ao far ba4 It a/, aaaead '-'ora tba aWoptng laaia'aa vara ?vara at tba tact It vaa *i<b groat 4iA<ajty aa/ af ttia ara pat. altra. Un? child aaa burat up with tba boaaa. Mr Maatj'a v ?a tba aait -la/ frm tha Vara* aba ra?at*a<t, aa4 aaotbar Lk)j it aot aapatt*) La "ta??r. Mr Hail* aa- bia aaa. la thatr tar- t. Tnt?. '? a Matt ?rtt .MM HMD. mm baa*ra4 baaa'T laadappHo* aaalaad a> Ua faa?aaa oa ia ia ? a?aa? * all. PrbtMo of IU aapl 'attaaa tl tt.r. ?Va a>rro4 ta UM k??o?at?aa rf o? ? ? *?'./ ? alalia* ???1??*?*4??aaf Maool a L-mm a' lb / a4 b*?Ht A , aula K MMiabaaH, tow laayaaw ?< p. . -aa I?aa4 ta ? laff* lavs la bla e,' ar ?? ? II U parlaailp ataar kkal b? ta ? it' a- M ?a baa4. bartag aal bta taf<a? fr.? t baaadaa aatltoj ayaa b a ?Itaaa.' (- ^ Ma baaala Tba af (ba antaa*. ? -r, a. i'a)*wa ??? tbaa? fcaia >1 aaaaa ba ixtlf I aaa. et.Mroa Kao^iuiw '^a r? , , Waa ftaat ta, *mmm vara i?>ta?.ttf a '.at ?.? Ia4 , aa ta. i-1% aM , bt a "? *MM ?> l*a '?* ???.?!??? Mi:, inm r?a?- >af *< ^MJ < Or l tk,_l C.. laab ^3 ?a.: b* r * v cb.iv aa m* >/ ?' r*a. aa4 ba atlw ?I. ^>ii ) ?ara^ vaa' 4 ? + ' /*, kaMi ubau?a*i aal "haa bwrt * ' bapabir laf-alala'*, fw aa l^g thaa Ivaatj ??? Naa^w* M*^M>a? UM aaf?bai ^ atM ?? ? <*??? a aaa 4i>. ail'baabMrt' iTT-IITMffliMi baaa* a' at* a "*****??*.? '?** -at aaVM fwarb w, , -ar?Kt*a-l *? aaa oa tM latb V* pwai *?/.'* ***' * N ?bnMlkaai4 va Mara, ?? ???>????* paa a Mai taal or buta'l, t/*aaw ?>? I ag b??a gawal, lk4 tkoa ? vaa 4at?i. - ? >4 lnimlMr A w raa-iw ' * * * * a *i?aaa rbl lac ?tf i***'' I fib laaaaat * iTLl? * " " ? "aa?rf ">a?r?i? r>,.a |? ?? W ?*la ?ttU*ROl lb* OrlM* CowMllltr, I THE i?vnri??no* nrrc? k*i>t - mk. maTHKU. a* ?mjlimiman A?AI*. Thla iMnlltM mnitlwl y*?Url?y, la tha nty Hall. I 1'ifirot, Abtarnan llrg?aaal I'tmkar. Mr Micballar, i Jliu W*batar Hd ofllaar Mc'Iaoa, tht rnut.maoioua wit aa*ara, wrf pmnl aut iaa?!y for prnnadlaga Ait arm aa Ii.iuok- OaaUaatra, I akill ant prantwl ua laaa 1 go oa i*gularly aad acr.rd'ag tola* I hafaa atatamvat wbirh tba clark will ruari. ThacJaib ttaa n?t tba (nllowtng atatemaut ? I aid nut kaow, uotli ait.r I bad Ml natioaa tor tba contuuiaoiuua with'Maa to >|i|Mr bafuiw ika a<Nam>Uaa to t'ay, that Jutig* Italy I who ta bow la laws,} prabahly cominlttad an iimeif Dtionai miataka la hit ordar 4trvl lug the contumacious wita*araa to apgaar at Bjr ot i ? nd t ucb bk aa; irar j m?itar Mbrawi in tba natlTitj ia*olu?'oa a>'?pt*4 by ih? llaaid af AMiran March 1ft, lkk6; w< an b? dotbtlaaa m?aa' that thayibould apcaar ami taatlfj awrr tba Ir aad and corruption i?i"lntioa, a I by tha llaagal af AI<iirin*B April IMA. I'adar thaw oreamatafcoaa, 1 >n unwilling to pw*?l *t?k Mm Ian attgaMria until Ju'ga Italy ratarua Iroca Iowa. Tke I oik .?g ufBdarlt waa thau road by tba Clark, Mr. falawa ? ? I latitla Mllllgaa. whoa* m?ld?a Mama wa d Jlaward, aad aow a r?ak*aat of Uaaara, Ontario ooawtj, S. Y,, d*|u*a. that 1 waa bom in HraaJoa, ^uftoik laud, la 1?M; (bat la BMP fatb*r. itka rfiaarj, a bo ni* ana araaing whUa Uta family w?ra at tea. ?4 aai<1, ?' llara ta Mr U*ur?a Matoail, a talldr kr Uarfa. to wbOtu 1 waa Intaodunad to day, who liu ru- aatl y coaaa ftai London, t? rn?iua farmaaantly In Hraaioa " that aa aoon aa .Mr. MaUall waa latroduead to ua ba aa d ta 07 latliar that "ha bad a daughter ntmn! tltrj, wka Waa j oat about my aga, who waa bora in I On," thai I afterward* tacautf ac<|nalat*d with Mary MaUall, Huaaa aad WiUiaau, * ho war* aU lb* cbll-Uta Mr. Malaall bad ?ban b? rama to llrtailnn. that 1 bara haard Mr Mat ?all any that ba waa a nattva ?t Norfolk roomy, fcagtoad, (whicn aojotaa Suffolk county), and that m w?al tia Avail a afi?r b* man lid aad b'iriad hu Brat wifa la Lowloa, by whom ha ha-t ao cihlldran, aa<l teat ba aaoa raturaxl tolaglauil. tbat I bara aim h*ard .Mr Mataalt ?ay, that ??a?* Una atUr ha i*turn?l to KagWnd from Aaarioa, ba jot aamal again In Norfolk etuafy, whar* ba bad tbrr* aiatara loaMlag, aad tbat ha Ikaa waat *0 tr+W.r id lon'on that I *aa vary 'UliniaU with kterr, Mr llataall a ald?at daughter, aa<t rtafta I b?r fraquaatl/ la llraaooa, an-l oltan ilap with bar at oar latbar'a huuaa, wloeh ?aa ooly about forty iota froa my fa thtr'a laaldaaaa m Hraodi n, aad that Mary baa ?TI?a aii | t with u>? at my latliar'a bou.a, tbat Mary aad my >alr hay* oit?o.b?io to < hur )b tog'lbar . tbat Mr Mat aall. tba Celal of I'olt -? of tba?i'y o| Naw Yora, waa ? rract abto Ik* atatad bafor* th* |.olic* lo "-atlfai iag c< ?mil**?. that b* waa bom lo I bi I, but tbat ha waa barn to my pnaHIra kaowltdga, la It an >ou Koftaad. la IM1, InatMlrif AoiarKa, aa bo itatad hia mot bar told hi in that I distantly matnlwr lino hum hla br k up to tba tltna ha Ia(t |tran<lun with bia paraata, la th* ?{?nag of 1117 ; tbat I i.latlnelly rvawmbtr Auguafoa aad Kluahatb Mat**!!. ?ku war* to my koowl*<i?a ban ta lirand'n, allrr lb* birth of <.?or<a ami taat I aUo kaaw tl?tn nntll ibry l?fi Hraaonn in MIT, that llaorg* bad not ?*Vi??l.,nKUin ' attar.h*d to hla kina dar ag hla M? iltnea I'i Hiaii'Uia, fiwm lull to IRI7, (hat Hraadaa, in .t?y> bad oaly aararal )>un<lr*d iBbaxtaata, aid tbat th* MaUall family, llaaall olbar fautilina that*, ? a ? (niurilll kii<>*a tbioagbout iha toaa that la Aprl< 1*11 Vi MatitM, bta wli* (wbva* ma daa aana ?a? Mir t"tli i ooatabl*) Mr* ( idatanl*. nlia rani bar if Mr* MaUall,/ Mary, ?uaan William liaorga, Aagua tu> aad Hitabnh Malaad, all aadcanly latt llraadaa. without any ol* faowiair It ? inapt tb*aa?lr*a, ami r"t? rot haaril of aftarwaula, until a l?tt*r *>? raaaiaad frc.rn th*m lo I'riMn from Am-ru * that thta la tha i nty family nmtO MaUvll that 1 n?ar kaaw or haard af ta ? sgluxl or America tbat t Utt laglaad, with mr liu ?i'i for At>?rlaa, aiaa yrar* Ma< a. aad bara raaid ?d infi'O'ra. NY. ?r*r >lnra I aan.a tn Amartca, tbat my buabaad l? a abo* inaaafaotarar, aa I if aar pataaa at a d ataaca daairaa In kaqw haw w* bar* auadaalad a*r UN* < urhig tui alna jaara' rvaManaa la <l*aava. (bay < ai> ?-?ally laara by imiulrleg of tba aboa aad la* mar I I ? alna and yaapaciabU r.ltliaaa aagagad la ot bar fur. I ? ulta In <iaa*ra . that I aipr*Ml) laaira h*ra U atat*, Ibat I ha?a aut |lna Ibia afb larlt from rbolaa? tbat It ? i .liiui la tbta wiaa ? a Mr Maad, wba la aaqaaiatad . with niy buaband la t.anara aUta i aoma lima alac* that 1 ha bad baaa iwat'lng la th* N*w York aawapapara tbat | Mr. Matratl, tha Culaf of I'nllea bad raturo*'i lilaaa*lf ! la aa *f)ici*l document to tba < ommun Cijuaa.! aa a aa I tlra of tba t'ait*d Htataa; *n0 h?1 awnrw b*fata tha I 1'otlca Infti Mgatiag < on.ailli** tliat "hla matbar laid ; him au. ami itiat "ba did not kaow wtwr* hia fatbar raildni hafora brum- to AmarUa" tbat aa baanaa 1 thla, lK?th mjaal' and buabaad yary aatura'ly aipr aaal I mucb aurprlta tbat Mr Ma*a*llakould dla?wa bla oaon tty, ami my liuabaad at tba aaina Una aarraUd to Mr. I.l< ad m m* af iba facU la thla adldaril tbat Mr Maad, witloul c< oaul'iag m*. arotato Aldarmaa IWtaga, abait naa af tha f cli > < imm.tiaaia Naw Va*fe,Tat?raiiaf ' Wbi ? tb> i ? *t--* r"r * | a mi"^ Mm a*lf Hdptto II i ia?'J;, iifca U Cat.,,* wiU. U>* laitaa tbat Mr . Xt**! wrote lo Allaraian I'r gga, aa andaaaa of bla authority, and afiar b*lag latro u?-*d to m* by Mr Maad. i>'(u*>ud na te gt*a thla affldarM, wblrb | bara rary ralonUatly gl**a, from my atrcag <t*^r* oct to lataatonly lajara Mr. Mat a* II, or aar body ala* -that my haataad W>W| Mr. i'raarb taat I rbouid aot *>?>? oath ta what I bar* hata ata'ad r?*p*> tiag Mr MaUall'a aal ally uaill bahadyoca bafor* a magUtrata aad arwteatad agalaat I* ami thai Ha wtfa bad (Iraa bar aBdar t oaly fram bl? 4a*tra to bara hrr roafrrm to tha Uwi of Am*r?aa and In tba racaat iTaciaioa af Jadga Kaly, which my baa naad bad attaatlTalr raail bat or* tba airtrai af Mr. Braarb la Uatara. but Mr Braarb naallr ooaaaatad ta lat tb??* raaaoaa for glaiag my all larlt b* *mb?dud >a tba aflidarlt itaalf. aad I th*a, bf parmiaaloa of my baa hand iaa<l grvatlr raliarad myaalf with tbU *iftaaai?a of my la tk* aft darlt), waat bvfar* a aagUUat* aad aa'a a rV.limn oath thai all I hara bar* atatog m ?"?'t aar i at I r trua Aad furth*r tbla dapaaaat aalih aot i.rnnA miu.kuan >ol?arrlbad aad awom to h*for* m?, thU 2kth day af Jua*, lib*, f.r/iaoa M. Iloatoa, aJuatl-a of lha I'aana la aal I or Catarlo >ouaty Akaimaa llaiM>a i,#ntl*niaa, I kaow what I aaa about. I am gwtag oa ail ragnUr Mr. Maratuaa.? Wa ara raady to froa**d aow Wa at* *a1laAad th* dariatoa vt tba ialga. What rtglat bar* you to <| a* a lion it ' fla?rhUr ) AUrraan llai <??*> ?I an aatlog ail rif hi ? wa WIS wait awhila. tha waatb*r la um Ixil fual aow to <l? au-A, ao aa w II wait Mi<a>iiAa ? Mail, I am gulag uut af towalaJaly. 'laughing agala i Jim ti??na ? f*o am I Wa ougkt te go on a aw. Wa ara aattaOad with Jadga Italy a >U> a>ua (M?r? faa arouad U>a tabl* I tu'vraian Hniooa ?Wall, wa will .aad far yaa. gawtta m*a, at tha ayalaga. I goa*a yoa will m?a? dawa mtmmm I want yw? (A awtaar nitnaa? af laagbter.J ( tiara a tat, puaay '.ooblnc man raata late tha roaaa aad raliad out for a a*i ar I aabte to bag ona ba fa cad ab^ut aad waat oat af tba rtx-m J Wa< art I aa -? Wa ha'* gat aaa'.har tof pa iad. Aidar man. Woa't you ha" oaa Aldarmaa ll*n.> a ? Yaa. I thlak you might Malm af a alra <og (lAugbtar ^ M*' mua ?I II a*a yoa larUiar kr?t If It laa 'I wartu tailing for you naa t bar* IV. AMa/ aia a Itaioo* ? Wall, paatiaaaa wa atef bara, aa-l tbia aaaauag U ad^aaralad auhj*rt to tka caal af taa 1 halraaaa. *?pat?or t imrl -?.? aa i?l ftra. I'raaaat all toa Ju4f ?a NNMN> Wair*a ?a ~tMto ? Nav Will d?a.a4, >*4 Jul* Maat for Um piataUft Ida oatoaa w HaaUa rm~l V^arUj ?? rUaaall? <??* f? I V?ftal.| far u?a a mo , at ?' Inl Kll? ?'?B ?l?Um ?? W?~1 -to<tfaaat ilia*' fc.alaj ra tto4'??ff "r4ar *|UnI i ?ato. hai-kar I*, .fcatla -<HWf of wtNt < wal*4, -Hr- * r~U ?a Kit far layiiwui t>f tiip mmuna *UUaa.a ft Nmk -It U dlaaiiM*.' ana -aato. Kaia. cfeaa ?? Ika Hortrj laa?i/a* a ' y trlaJ iraav-t ?taa?rt *? I aat - J? ')a?>l i?a*- * traatat ? ?ta ?? aM la UKlfhiii a mrm*i Aft at* .a, *?k Ja-igmtrnt ratxta* Naa UWl , TU. atUl fa?t? to ?.?! Ml v? II 7ha Hart? tUi>raa4 Hawfa y ?Jt If ?! fararaarf Naa b al i><aW wtto ?xli "? atota ? *aal WLratar >? 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