Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 1, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 1, 1855 Page 2
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AFFAIRS IN EUROPE. Out Parli jiorweepontfeiw*. P&KIS, Joa <o 7, 1856 ?JTu JUiti Ati^nyt ti E-npetv? N ivouon '? PopUuriiy fUh l/u Cpurt umi ti'w *?><** of K^land The Adon.1 *) JV?J >">' Uon SttU ? Tkrm in tht Str'm of Progrtt* Tkt 1'ower a,*u Portion of tXt Present En^.r. pledtd HtpulifCit L'udtr?, Kumtik, Udru Rodman jAWkartin* ? In What Hapctt Na,K*to* J Su'^ru'r to n.? All- Imp.** W.'j of Mtlablitkinga Kfubl .Vow ? Krrurt ami Orimtsiftke toatdiits? The Pauper '<<*<& Buret* and Ike NorialUt, OiMnuiK? Veuje/roni tkr. 7V? ?r a f War?Tht Appro* Summer G*mpa>ffn in Ike Vrxme ,-TK* War Xot ^ "? Taking of (JorMan *?,U?Th* Ctra inHrrhn ?'? ">? Rkim-Tkr l'a rii Kxkib^onand Jt Ore,U PrCtMl"^~0"' ] ptemnt, ReUUiM ?*A franct ****** to BtiouM. fry <*? Ottenu Comfermcm?iffaurt Spain MM I firtiifffl' of American* OKarptt ?n Vara - Lord Clarendon on Ur. Bwkam*-Mr. Dodge Ltfi Paris for Madrid? Horace Qreel>tj On: of Prison- K a mo rs AbotU Henry A. Wile The late attempt to assassinate tfce Emperor bu ?seated very Mule sensation, aid ?s quickly eJ plated by Vie execovon of the aseasslo. Is- was d? Frenchman who a tempted to p>'iuage b? country aoee more into anaic-y and confosioa, but an Ua. tea, who acted fro? rev- ng*. unt w.\hout a iw tact pobtical Tnotif?. ! ? t*e pr? BtaVi cf peb lc ?ffu.*n in Eurcpe, the govm??eat of Napoleai H ? aeeefleity, act onlv to the proipwrty and ?wer of Fisa?e,?ut to every 9*-ate not directly i*t?r?8'?ed to upholding and inc:ea?ing the p?w? o' U?i Ctar. Nothing hat a sense of that ne*Baty ooud h?n isndea d !ST?^oteoa papular witti t *> court aad aru toeiscy of Eogiand, or procured for hla# '.hoee ot? tioBJ fcy whisto tw progreae through Ragluid haa veeeatly b?ea sigoahred. Oeitataiy ao tale of the "?Aiahian N'ghts," no C.-rmrt g*** B'^ry, ap" picaclt 8, in th? instance, t^c iober reabtiee of hw ?e>y,07(aniiBb(? a m ire iastfoctWe comnmlary ce the morale and fashiina rf the tluis. Saiolton II?., whatever may be said of his m .da ?f ascndiag t*ie U ihj eobDdincst of ?he aevamiioraiy spirit of France, bo far n re?ifl^ ?'<' ?atagonlfm to isoitnt Hog"ftt and lb tble Btnw? it ii BiiU the reprsamtaMve of re?t>la Hen ltd democracy, thongs aot in tta* c>nti<Q ttonal lutm which secaresite p?ra?iienf. aic?t lancy, lie is a term lathe 9ene9 of progiws tha*- a?irk". the diaaohitioa of 'ie Btagtaot and Boperannnated furas ?f elTil zitioa of oirteu times, thiagh tie Ktnj^ar9 he won d reir in their stead nay b; eqns^ly doomed to ipiedy Saciy. The repnblis of 1818 was far I jbj daagtrutis tj the o?a?e of despoils? tiaa the Kvpiic nnler Nipoleon III. The f ?r?sr crsi'^d miely an aat?go^i<nn V) mj:aroh? wi^bout ei^ib.t tog aay capacity for iaslf In tts piace; the latter, h# &ttu:k-.nci tie very ieal and -on . of wiMttl deepotla? in t?ie persra of fie Czw, is praparing WeeVero and C antral Eorops for a aormil tfevelo^ement of liberal principles, as locg as Haetia m la tte hell with her half million of Oossa ka, every repnb'ic?n movemcat la Karo?e Mat go throngh the ordeal of itrife ani bioods'isd, wHh ell the chancer and nacert?Sn'jea oT war against, it; while the very military direction which fcV-ua given to H, exprssa it to thevioieme of todividoki pasBios and to tie imtiiiioot des res of Mcoessfal leaders. the reonhllo o' France had already bten ewer??a tote a dictatorship wb?a Nat?>eon saccsadsd to tb? ??versment. It had lost tne reip^o'. of its enemie?, aad the Bapportof Me t'.ienis, and might have bsen ?aVjnga* d by fo tign arms, had not tae aoMMian cl the Emperor revived the souvenirs cf a great ins piling the most natfontl of Piaece.tbe army, with niw h^pee of tte fc'nre. Mo on* denies that France, at this mocoect. is are Swerfol thin she has been at s?y pe*loi smoe 1812, it her government ia more efficient auI stro ige* vittiia aid wltaout than any tw, P1*0^*4 '1 .[,jr the last half cra^nry; that it noada th9 late of L i aeae is its hand*, aod tnat it hw ra aed U.e coMii ji^en is which Frenchmen &>*? hex! t-roogt(>uv SrSJrl Tbta, io itself, is Bnfficleat to ??ore the JSJSt Jt tk? EaodW W!t , V? wh> e {sr rthec^ WeJTw?at has Na-wlevo IH.iote since hJ?C;?t 22n'Jt fce Hi has taken np ** g'?e "f 5TL?m .W^ toe Czw had t6ro*n down te h? nm le and by tta' means restored Fraa:e t*kw wermsl oondltJen on the eontinent of Eirooe. If m ?nec^rds the republican teiiers tikemse^ves wih have fara-shed the testkaoay by thwi SI acta will be i(M tilled and their owo ooodMWisl. Mb wd? witiiia a few miies Itxn VkMM, ?aaicd and did not ve stare to attack tus . la H her ?? ?.?nhai Lsdru RiUiaaid Lvaartiie t?al no SSrtwirg Sance .to tbe Hilf AU^of Pnutia and turtrit, while tbec.iiz.a g la M30 bad nothing W. worts of compMSiM t vt iLaMlmc Md blesdmg .Poland. Tm rep^buian fflHL'SL. mta of se'itim-at withon . a:^J^'f ? HtoXin W.^ucw'S t?a all in his kJiw^ijJ a* the French people, in his jid^m'nt o. tfcf p v Dtical condition of.Eu!lpt,(1^dtitkit la^^'c ' MosoltT. ^ tqe C i. ^rat)iB otn aily hope to prmu by t-e > lt^cr^ hut it IB s great mn ake to MP? sSItiht dcirTf*ll of the empire wmld ?m >otb ue mil for ? Wuaphaut sncsese of ths rembje. A Booth"? or Oilwms restoration is, in my bum ? iargmect, mcch more like'y tisuooeed the P; ^; tin/in than a republic under the aasi?Ic-a ji uw Jmafcditt-d lea J eia of tie N ati ma* Aawm'My of 1648. a wan^ic ooiid not now be eitab'?shed P3*^" ' j . ? ^wic. witn i'* nnmsrou* fa^t?ons. ^^ct UM. pwnnt V with Hoa^a with the re ^a?r?d erergy and uiity of J?JJ?3iiadNap0toM. in Ffaa?. Hj is aooeptad, ewiob^?i? JL_Uj u vte ocly possible gov -.r a sie^tal to ' * ^^ d?ei not sx eitier natioaal prosftr.iy n saltans! ?lory. Three orders of society the new Enoeror hi* taken undf r hi -> especial prole tion. the a -my, t?e nlergy, and the workiog clanes. rha Are', loni* prntabie to his tnc em; the se oad. I presnne, ?? mote in the tiatore of v^c-ine 'ion to protect F:*noe (KB the greater evil ot aakeUef and eineisa; while the toird la onqnjstionihly of the trot eneay? of democracy ? a thing attempted by the s-cUiist* of 1848: hot la the execution of which tiey act mi ) j felled, bot invoked the ezutraoe of 'he re pabHa. Without national work-hope, Louie Nw? hod audi employment for thiae>ad? of skilful workmen fent miff^t other vise starve; dieoriminit ing, however, betweea the idle and tne indnstrioos; fninish cheap Incoming agrarian, mnigw to achievements which P? *? . These are sosial the expense of the wealthy, wlthocVlftB ?<"?*?? a. principle of property wh - 1 tiee et the bte* of efl ?Hidtro instituti on a. It is in "u?y matter to show the evils inherent In tha' pilodpl",, and to s*J*ma ftize, with proper emphasis, some of the doleful ?oiMqoencea, in tne Riepe of pauperism and vice, to wbi h it leads ; bat hare we say Wee of another rate of society, ?x ;apt tiat of hmbaiism, from which that pMsciple is eataad*!? and is It 1 kely that such another utate, if it coald eo-exlat with civilization, won'i bs tree frim ia tolerance, oppression, or crime? It Is an ewy mr ter to cry ointment to th iee affli t M v.ti tae pauper itan of Eirope; bQV U ih >w the a valUu OM be redn cd to a gOTerotntnUI lortniU, it t? aeeeesa y to point out the t-ai*ition fr>nthe p? sent sttfe to that state of i tea', ex tteo is iu wm h society i'self becomes a Rrea' tmaraaoe ' Oimf agaliat the hunger and thirst of the ledividial. r > suppoee that the hi?tory of the Uit five thonind Ctra ta nothing bot an error, fiat that which hta n is not nee?i?ary to that which i* to he, is not onlv denying <? >d'? orovidenoe, hnt ia fl iirroot eon traduction wite every principle of nttar*! s leoce. Those who, under snoh aasptoes. cHim to be philo sophers, have bntasm*h appre -latin of the true ernenoa of phlloaophioa! tnrh, and are it be*R iat qnaeks in politic*, lbs socialist of France have mined the republic, end wouli rain any srr vtrnaei t that should attempt to reduce Itaeir pr n eip'ea to prsctloe. The reus fr<im the theatre of war continent to he fa*r rahls to thn Allies, tbouch one c.*nn t halp b? isg struck by tberala-gio h>n?ne<ti with whi -h erwy Intki edvaotsne obtained hv the troops or naviet of Brir*aidaa<1 France Is paraded to <heworli. Iiv-he prr peat attitude of Anetnaand Prniiii, t<dtt>we! ?Act c f each victory ia more cared th.itf tt* mm ?a>y adntuee flowl'g from tt, a*t lit ta b it tea evi dent, even from the tone of th? nffi ill nrww, that a needy peace is more booed for than expae?ed. Ve shall have a summer campaign In SwMera RnssU; but whether U* AUVaa or the ltna>laus winter in S-haeiopol will not he decisive for the speedy te? miration of hottililes. The *?w threatening C>?ftantin"yle out have already effected a lod.rcsent m Bs/iu IM advaiced Co?sack Gaud is already oa. .. R >i?, il is Mt)e w> talk or huncauM id Ru?v.a t? vse ? ack he* Ti * tu mutt eventa*liy b< rough'. oa". mi i*e tu'tle fluids of Girmtav; bo*, the ta too far ?dvsurcd U3.itD tlx ctiopaigD 19*. Iff JmprmioD is, Lz-nif Naooteoo *111 ewun'ihVy t%ti tbe ermmand 'f t?e army nf 'be Ritas; hat ">? will hud' j venire ?* supers e Pehsetsr ii t"<e Crime*. ?? ? Ezl-ibitkis baa not jet fairly got. ouder *ay; but it would b* wroj?r, oa that ?oc>un'-. to pr> rootc? it a ?aUu<e. As a place of mduwwd', t*ie Palais d' Indus vie ia oerta>?ly interior tj tie Cry* ta* Palace. It i* i either aa brilliant, tor doe* it corta'n a* obj-ffts of carioiUv. Croniud ?c*ptie#, aiaanoca rom Incia, and stat-.ary from al) tb" mufsum* of Europe, are a it aidant to ina sp'endorof the ooa-;ot>; bn< ia a practical, c>m aeio'ai point of trie*, the Pane Exh.btti'ia is not infe> ior w the London one. There www 18,000 ex hibitor* in 1/wdop, a*d there are 20 000 exhibitor* in Patls, while the character of the trucks exaibi'?d b*v* a far mo- e prtcMcai bsarlnc < n tne acvial ?x cbanpis whVh it la tse ovj?c; cf the exhibit* >n t> pj emote, than was the case with tha artielsa ex hibit* d i* Ij in don. Toe Lnadoa exhibition furoisa cd ao standard of onmp%>iatm, for it fnraisbed no prces. It la net Miffictet ttofrco v that England csn pn dace ceitain qualities of catco. and Utat France can piodncs other* of a sanei ior ti r?n?e>< or quality. To fceow 16 e i?B>iect7? vata*. of these fabrlw as an artic e of commerce, the price? at wnish thuy may be ru/Liubed io ooBsumers must he faraiahed, when ('?will at once upwar wh ci of the t?ois likely to con mm the market. This the French Exhibition furni*' e* with a degree of liberality otptyy credtt ab'n to it* projertom, and General 7 instructive to the examiner. To Ameri'ans especially, ltnaaoot trove bat an obje t of sroat interest, an J it is a source, cir giet tbit the ingenuly of our country ? ?' oold be so sparingly represented. S> >ar t ie American Crwn>i8*toa*n Pave simply out ioue all oioe?* in the Rpiendir of t eir aoeoit? i y, while toe rpace allotted to Am?rio*n exhibitorx i* still for the ?oet pait, a vajr. vaconm. Ti ls is a gmt m ?f *ke, et>p* cat t ?s rear's iosenton, wbo would find an tntrcdoctmn to P<r* a capital me^nscf ?' etery cai>tiiie?tai market. I would jet meatMia the three great division* of the exhibition into m^auflso'.tr^i, maeiines, aid raw p>odneta u <l ?ork? of tie tine arts, for ?h>c'i a separate holpt:o^ has umd engaged Tae ex ii bitien itself will cot he in full blast til! the lat of Jv\j. Our 'iplrmstii rela'.ions wiVi Fra^i^e cist nee undktai^ed br ne? compii^attont, uol are ce fliied to diplomati i etiqoette. The Oatoad Coa^r eices. thooRh not as ueely coranwatcd upii sh w*s expccUd, aie tffsctoaliy preventing any ie> tei <?>:. i>ee of vif-ws a circ<nnstaact> wn'cn vooid biri b' en felt and appreciated h*4 ao'. Mr. Mmjo's Illness fnrils^ed an imtneditte exouaa for the ens penvion of intima'-e relations. Tbe ?ff?i s of 8^aia are engag'.ng the doe^i s> licitnde of the Eoipfror, at'l -bp preieaoe of ta? K>ng or' Portagil ia Pang famishes the theaM of va?i'jn? co?>cturrs, which, ag jet, are in* vague to he embodied in a 'argibte form. It is no: lik?l) , now ever, trat our dipiooutio agents la Eirape will learn more than mere lum vs ia re^d to mj movem' tt cc2.teiLpl3.ted by tbe TVeatern Povars. They hold no o*.ber relation than thv. of ?u3oec<ed >tr?Bfie s in Ixndin, Paria, Uadnd, L'hooe, Naples anl the Hague, aid are liUle more tnan lonoceot cipheisat Bsrhn, Petersburg and Con?tt^Vnop)e. Tf*y roust acquire a character bef?e they era oemmand tbe iaflueace dae to th- ir &titi :as ai re preventatives of ore of the greitscrt ax.i oids' pi^er fh! republics whi h has jet appeared oa the bis'O' rical atage. I/*d Clweodoi has exp "eased hia ? ondertBMt at lAr. Bach-mar/* ontiuued r?ideoce in Lor dor. Be f in is his polttic*' staadmg at home far ibave that of a miiiMter pienip")teatiary, and regrets fee should not re'ora t/im? to at^al to th?i electijE*. V.rry ani-.'ile to it Lord Cta resdon; and aluiost as fjjd of Id:. U:chaa*a as ihe Empress Eugenie is of the crowd of A?eri rita in P*t.t 11 r. D. dge left Paris for M*d:>a oa Frldav las*. Our Cbarges u>, Hoiliod and Portnaai respeet've^y, fjoy th*io?elves qiiet'y ia the French inft opolls; md Mr. Hori?y; Greeley, who has h?.tn imytiioned ts oie of tfefl dire>vors of the New York Crjs'.tl lVi .ce fxhi^ition, h?i jist b*en set at liberty. The piliosiper renaiied, thr-jopboot bis shut cinfice<neat atC.ichy, ca m and culiected, aa became his hinia statiin as ai edi tor. Another tfnfortunate ex editor is m a worie eorditicn. Tr?ere is a ru?oc here tna". Heary L WlM> alii succed Mr. If taxi; bat il U hr\ocd tha*. the Senate wid not confi ra sue. in & >pc.3tm!at if made. Mr. ^Vise ia a capital fella# to gs'. the mm v tij i^to tiooble, to jaJge frojj a'l 5ie a iteoed^nts, bat esseciillv frea his expwned de>irc "to sr,r>k? tb? nun* cf the British li>o." We hi?-* s*o all aorf.* of ?tr-ikes of Mr. W^se;s. H-?Tjn fivrbW tha*. w snou'.c net this master stnki F. J. G. Pxsre, Jcae 7, 1850. The Pan I* Exhibition? Akvtit.m in tht Pricts of Jiitfiutiou ? Blan* ; Aj.pcamnce of fit Building? G*Uv ill of thi Eip:tiii.n da Beaux Arit ? Engiith and French Pai'iiut ? Tht Atitrican Department, fyt., frr. Since my last the I'^rls Ex'i:bi i >l fcis eiiertd npozi ariOtier pbaa?, and bt.-x. fti.Je.-ei a*cas?ioifl to al comers cn payment cf ore friz c irs^aJ of Ave; the txcep-iona: days being Fridays, whes t ie charge for admi'sion remains a= before, and Sac day*, when h ie four sons. But alas, a Neices s would appear 1) dog it* hecla U every turn, and, as if in revenge for all this vaunt and mockery of peaceful arts, when peace like a frttliSened bird hae fled ft cm the Oil Worlu, aodaperdlag aorosa tbe far Atlantic seek* rest for the sole of her Io?. In tie New? wou'.i seeaa tj tender a^rtive all the eflTj.-ts uf its best Meidnta emancipate it from the Acgns .it ilir which has rharacterited it from tbe b?giaamg. Oa Saturday. ?he first day of the reJu tiin, a respectable ?nmb*r of Well dressed pemons took advantage of it; bet except tba*. fe* could Cndaehilr or beicb ?'.">*irt.L tj r?r?se t'?ir trea'iid lim;s, ttere wa* a . ail hours of day axpto room and ve.y? enough for maay a tho&sud more. 7t wai, hjf ever, imuossioi* not to remark toe liok of blark (7mppr>intm?nt that for *.Le m^st part pemded t&e c do uterine as of the m iter portioi of t oee vresent. Ho-* c"uH it isdicl be o'.berwiM? Siace Sanday, when all tha world, fre<j of f line, bsd, by ImptriAl grao?,bfe.t idm'Ped tj E'?, ?:urav 1.; KLjthicg worthy of the nasie nal bosn done. I: i? true, the red clay wbish formed the iiaages of tha #re at central fountain had aisamel hoe of brcaze, thinrh tbe bricklayer and pla-frer s'.ili p'idd ib*ir respective trades at the aan* i; but the French gal lery jet remained a barrens d<;e?r:, ti l m .ay exa'oi t*!r? in the tran*5^t T?iSe1 tie r trfft'u?ea f.-jn the eje of a atorch.ns ran - and cjoaeq ieatiy tram thtt o( the visftera W;icb darted its pierc'.ng rays thrcagb tbe rocf, over pari of w"ni;h was oact. at if ia j*ft. a sxal) portion of ctnr?ss, whir1! tbe ea?t wind lo j*eij flapaed hither aud thltner as it dsted. Pending ti* cimpletioiio' the rtfe i oirt ta th? Paa> rama, two feoff-ai hare been <di:roTised, which would be disgraced by ompanwa with rotiv aa Mubfrge in tbe ?nViioa? of Paris. Pale aw to be sur*, Is a laxary orovidea, ba'. a' t#o j francs and a half '.he p*at bitt'.e, the u*o- &. av ? 1 for which is, at the ilj*: rMpr.^ib'A ? ji> ?>vaaf*, tea sona. The ham?er 'eter d j "*?lkuiB,w -.VrucarWty, s! ; t r'' > the grating *aw; tb? smell of p; vo- / ? oir tire, and the gejertl appMnnoo i, oie of * balf atorked, Kaif nnUvd w?-c r *" udlea;y Misted by tbe bailiffs. ! ruvm: oat .n J?gu?'.t if ? wnnlacd f j watt for tne q>x<. >! ml *?? *iat ef fee. iep adciiH'.ac. (V :?r'? as wnH b*?e, both op*ti tbe pnbil > and Vbc tod la tbe n* an Woe found try way t> tie Rx joiiUaa dai B**nx Art*. Th'? ii clearly the jbJj br.g^t f?V.ur? of thia ?ait, anwkidp u*deit*king. Ma y haadfeia of e eg?ai 'quiptgea R'.ood at '-be door and <be clax rf virion, >*. *aa a**; to <> wrro, w? of a vary *1 jor.i>r Hf# riptlon to wQa; I bad j?t lef'- Baaing *' Mg tb*?e ftnaoioaa and beao^'o'ly Hfb'ftl gn lerita whuw tlo f VfiufVurr * #f an >doni Eivpe?n *r ?i-t* fiom evarj tchool bqt tttat ? m\j is r<n u a frkacce. lie de'gnt of '.be imWim broke oot roneawdiy ??- *bo*o entin?ia?io ?*d-?w iioni which too F-efP ^ *> ai t.ra^:* rip Tte E: I'iabf *bo-.> ?f'! erjiaUv tttristej tr>f :-,rg?r nhan of ?ttnt(ift*b.y.^ froja t*4 ln:-rM'. ?ft?c ed *?! *H raputUim of ?.? anift*. aa well A* from we He. tn^ t ie grea<?* cm fcf tb? tVnns^pecl nena iw^j t Aa:?a \ad public mSwm. w* teth,y k*r<b*? n?j ^ tV* pnb ic ?}'*? lnd??d, U ? \?II iitay Fi*i>c& o*ut???f ?**? of vtfua ous. ly itfartd nndAtbe aa?pi ^ ir?MSl iricunt, > banco a ft>?P'a'>th%t Kior ro %r\ i?o'? bu occm?o? qoa'oiy r^,*. *'? aacfad bave fr??ly op tbalr rh?re lHt * doobt, bo^ *??'. th%t 'N" P*'V- the ex'i'bi lioptaaw.rydrf.yln'^^'B'nwpaW OaSno day 1?M lb? kmitreaaa nnrnt^r or lit^ni at f.? mi. fornad j ? "trtHog coilr^ aTall?dtr?ifo(^la?ia%!l cbarp at %. p. n. ^ 1' ti,dwf k?, Jt r^Mkad U*t W*? *M 0a? of tke I^gil4^ artMto ??p?claliy r^g r* Mtn I 1 ?xpr#Mi<*. p r? dominant. Tbe plctu'e of tV Ww. A*b?it. from )U bubjfC", fowid a .* miten, who, after gazing l?;>g and (wo priiictpm ti*r>rm, w*m>d <*M. ?rare eoch remark %%'? .Ma .???, l-ura t e> re beau i, *V?f ct pn? '" to wbiob s. "to* woad rejoin: "Out, .? tout moftjiit/ut!" Tb?n Ans toll's ?oii bure's ot txei'ed aop'.aa*e. Indeed, I tb?n o-?* bad occasion to observe tial i botu gettie and simple, are enr*ptnr*d matter) ? ?o>k Id ?kio*> tbe anatomical' men t of tbe English s .hoot takea an aa ?oi Bui let ve tarn tn tbe F< ur-soue visiters at inis, and see whtf it ia moat >t?MU their a The crowd in not nearly so lag*, sot by mo half, a* ueSnndsy previon#, demonstration that tbe ???niri do Dot think that (he print worth pa} log for, or that tbe* ait a time when tbe exhibition will bt tire'<j f.e*. It )a m inus to observe that tbe rurelv industrial objects are . tht'ie ?b'ch i^fer-st the most, naeas bap-jCD to be of a vai-v <*>-ont*tioas itiar*.ter. amr>? m Mor>fr?. Pearla's betn'lfal b?*t h persons. or Me>srs. David's exquisite porcetai ?ice <on>m?momion of the Emoeror and En vteit to the corporation of tbe City of Lootoo, enthusiastically Mttp): 'lui tbe mere indmt prcdnceof every day life I?, 'or example, pms rapidly by for tbo?<t rare speoimms of mosti ? ex biiri ted in the northeast g?'l?ry, marked "R>at?,n by L. Gailsnd. Tten. snsp-cdel od tbe wen: to a grand tableaux to mosa e, representing in eol-ors of brillifit hoe, tDe Roman F>wnm; tables atoo in'tld with tntlqce stones wnose flowers, n^iaato and go ners! illusti&tions seem to live nnder your e.e: there are roses, too, frcm (be variety a?d bi?nty or tbe (tones artntio+lly tnconste, aud whose valae to almost fabulous, and here it is tbe true geitu-j o' tbe French people to to be witnessed. Foey h*n< hke a olo?U6 of mcaawrizfd bnmao beings over snob objects. Again and agtin t'jey return ti tlem wt mpnabed on by the police , and as tbev we i d their way home ?ard they ta>k of art and aralyze its laws aa an Eaglish collier woold ipaak of Baroiay and Mi ux's tn'ire. In spite or everything, I am an willing to give no the boiethet tb s Batok'av* o' the We^t will, likn its prototype in tbe Bast, assume slape and f iroa and order at last. Bat 1 1 asoect this wl I never be mi til tbn government have Hi'.v token tt into taeir owr bunds. At present it fa 'really m!ser*oia to wllntss tte tree*. ions still going on, of Ourcmc for tbe sale of articles wbos i tame is t<> be ac qaixed a', an Ex ibttion wbioh nobidy cares to vi"\ ard the immense preparations in prog eiq for r" ? >.oo d cberr ?f strtngrra from all parts of tn *Or.<J, who, in fast, show smh very little desire to leave tb*ir own kr mestesds. Tbe colors of all nations a. e gaily floating over the cry >U1 ro ?f, bat tne will taat gives importasre to pnc ? IosUroia ia wanting, anl t at. Napoleon the Third, 1 fear, <san alone saputy. The United States have, with great distdvaaU^es wbi b coald not lor an instant ap ilv u> her. certain ly followed soit in respect to the manner tn wh'ch France bas tloneht lit to nl*y her ExttlblUoi gam?. Except a set of teetn, lookicg m ostominrntly ?n?av rsd a patent r^ino-ahJo Qinal supporter, t' e.e i< bu*. ore thing to npbul* the industrial and invettive honor of the Land of th? Free, and that to. a case of Coit's far famed revolvers; and, con?ideriDg tbe important part these weapous have lat+ly, snd perhaps at tbto moment are still playing ia tbe 0>d World, i> to no wonder th?t tbe eon mo es oi the American department are in r*aHty as mach fte^oented a* any portion of tbe Exhibi tion. For killing five men witn one weapon iosteai of Ave? for inventive capacity that effects with ten which Europe requires fifty pair of bands for? and for (verytbiDg tbat adds to tbe material hap lioees if man, Amerloa is nDrivailed, and before tbe Exhi bition closes. I trust she nil prove it. BnanE. Paius, Jan* 14, 18&">. Affni,-: in lh'. Cruris* ? S trikiitg Ditfnrtnc',1 b''i tf?n Ettq Utk and Frrnck Military HuU'Jini?Ditecue in the Crivita ? bovk <J Dr. 1km : Draper, a Y</uny Am'ri ran Surgeon in the Servi- e of Rutiia?fJorcux Greeley >md hit I' aria Truublet?Atu'ult. by the Emperor't Cor siran Dei'ctii'ct on a Young Englishman ? Court Scan dal, if i , rf . Two important despatches from ."elisor, an nounciag the rtnswal of the bomWdment and the taking of several of tbe outer works, particularly that of tbe Mansion Vert, reached Pari* last Friday evening, and woulJ hare been pibliehed in tho Vuniteur th? nut morc.ig, were it n>t that Mine passages were imper fectly transmitted by the telegraph, nseessitatinj recti fictions, which were net received unt.'! noon on Satur day, when tbe newt waa placarded at the B vjrse. An additional pbrss?? rfttt logeons dans In ou vmgei con quit? wig after war It tent to ?eve-al joirn?le fr>m the Minister of tbe Iatarrtt, with a MqiMlt to InMrt it in tbe (tcond despatch, dated (he 7th of June, 11 o'cloe't P. M . Tbe lint despatch wai dated the dth of Jane, 10 o'clock P. M Both despatches, reiiiel and cjrrec.eJ, appeared in tbe UoniUur on Sunday morning. Beeidei tbe newt contained in then, an imj'O Sable rumor has arrived tbit General Morris had cat off the route which leade from -ebsstopol to Smpteropo. and Psrokop. The despatch of lord Saltan nto a fnsh iustaace of tie difference in style and color between English and Frnuh military bullet <ne. 1 says nothing of the oiu? -agt tlu i-arrieri declared by Gen. Pelisiiert? bav* %e?n takea and occupied by tbe British troops. It spsaks r. io of "uo known losses"? thus elevr'.y indlcitmg that ths lows* were no considerable aa not yet to have be in tabulated, er aa to cause lietiiatica in naiinj their real flgart. Tbe deadly affairs of tbe 23d and iilth of May were pom pensly announced by the French deipa'.ches as having resulted in the occupation of essential positions. But lord Raglan, La oae of hit report*, utve a mich leaa exaggerated Idea of it? importance. In th* s* ne report, also, tbe passage of the Tcatrnaya, was hett cjanidercd, for a couple of days, as something decisive tingularW lost th* p-oportons ascribe# to it ay the Frsneb desptMhes. Tbe .ioirw.1' have announced th\'. th* chi.ers anl tbe typhis fever had broken out in the Or mea. The fact !s con'irir?d. Bnt wb'le the cholera hat a?U*d hot few victim*, and tends to dscrease, tbe typhus lever thw. ea* to rage more virulently than ever. New atkVe luces have been prepared at Constant no pie in anticipa tion of * lengthened sick list. It tu of typou* fever ttatFatber 'ilortot, ex-confessor of the lat< Mtrtill d? r'aint Arr.aul, recently <l.e4 ia I'irkey. D'asase p?j not sptrsd the oe*>ege<i w. .v tfcc.ii tte be siegers. Wittt deep personal regret 1 ?. .e !m ssg ti<v.Bgi?whish, ere this, probably, . n 'tit to many a foa j heart at boke? of ttw rpbuM fsv?r oi Pr. Isaac Draper, one of ib? ra- >"?< ?nrgeens attach'4, to tbe Radian i in Pebsstopoi. ^everalof the f*c ? < ?? im . but trutalnl and interesting letter* oi fr ' iniend*l hj bim mly tar We frlenue, w- .sted to tbe Providence Journal, anU.JOnca " 'e everywhere capiat:, tinoibg million* <>t re?ni n tidee of the AUantic Oae of b ? latWr* Wu? ?? , aa-le tne Uxi o i a MattiBC article in the l>on<5 tr As amiable as ho waa intelligent? as BKdeat ?< i>a was ardent and brave ? be aa'tO'* in rare p*rfr -i."p .he beat '|ualitle* of a nan'y -haracUr. freak of youthful way w*.-ilo?'i? C'.verwu bun '-tun <te p <,tk Of duty, wbio*! be steadily M'swel am.ds' <ios<s j dsn grrt to his distant grave. < keen ?i?<-e?,'ir)U? spirit was Snely tem(Hre| M? i'Oaft. Hla noMe ambition to avail hlaaj /f ? ??r*o-?iinary opportunities far aelf culMl [ v Z1 "VksIuh il improvement, was a'.ocee sustained anl / M4 b) philanthrop e anl religion* motives. 4hsr ? ,i< 11 'e was It was a "finished h'e." Whatever lie .net . ns be might hare woe, had i* been proionaed tbe cm M n >t have entitled him to more love and esteei than be had already secured from all whs knew hlo His memory will be especially dear to bis class mates ? tbe sear l*H4at Brown Universty. Horace Gr?eley lett Paris en Monday for a trip 1 .-w.-K?rlaad, where he aan lay in a stock a f fresh al agai nst bis return to (T cay, shoald his case be dec 44 adversely on the 4th of Juiv, wuen, oddly enough, 'ti qncstioa e' his liberty is to be tried It appears tbt toe J i x* bss reprim-ndrd tbe gnrti* c It '-ootnterrio wn s> cared nis ? see by imprisoning the ex -lire: tor of tl New York Exhibition for haviac exceelel nis instrm tiona, wbi-.h wera only to require security for th* p?i aonal appearance af that unlucky visiter to the Pari Mhtb'.tion, whenever th* ease abeul 1 eotne up for tria Ibe "persona! appearaace'' of Mr. Greele; withia tli walla of ( licby cauwd, as you may Imagine, no aa J aensation trere. Quito a comieai account might b writVn, If It were worth while, of tbe ciransBstani's i bis arrest, which threatened at oae mo t?ent to ke na Joko to a .m. Tbe sum af 1'2,(X0 francs demanded by M Lacbem* for his missing statue-aed the aca'ptor ee? tainly baa a just demand on somebody for the iosi rf whic- be jomplaias? was deposited unier protest nj

frienrtof Mr Greeley, n order that be might lo'.h es. from prison, and as be wished, have th* merits of til ease ngnlar'y tesUd. Is laroum oommg out h*re t-il| summer * It would be dtaU if be ant Gr-eley sao.i.d b| chiimi together at Olchy. The m'uristod Preach ei bIMter* ire not dlsconrag- d by the evident wish of tb authcritles to prevent, as f?r as possible, any uni:? sect li >rns*>oaa' f*e)iag* relative to th* Nee Y txbivtion <rtm teing aggravated. Tb ysven b?g;-i a qaes'ion wb?ther tbe di**om*Uc character of Mr. 4e oh Bt at the Hagne renders hie per'on ??cred at Pirt !*omr. who do not clearly understand that tbe p ( Preei-'eat or the 1'nlted Hta'** Is not h*re.]ltary, aa: r member tba* th* President was otasent at the ins unci tien of the Kxbibi lon? thus, in their eyes ienli'.gi sort of gov*rnnnrot sanc'ion to it? have *xpr>-s??d b<# regrets that Martin Van Ilaree was psraiitexi to easti Par s quietly, and their determination lo bav* aa ew 'ot M !?sr) F Ilmore, whose arrival is expected er* ' y ha* h* obi a seac*what mor* s gaiti-ant aaiu> to A?i*i.?an ?o)oorBere In Par's than firmerly. "st t f tb* Anericnne are *ipo<e4 to the terres of ' ike English, sUlee though they be, a-e not aafe from ssbre stroke* K tSey do no*, avoid com eg t*o cl>*e ' ly '.i rmta 'with tt* pereoa of tte Fmperor. prite ted ' pa they ?. partial to <. It ocntains tbe i~ given that Oatend Conlei*, the French preas btatew but Httia attention on that Qu>iotlc enUrprixa. Tbe tact tint riou'c baa lafc for the United ;itat??, not to return, bae acted Ilk# * calming Didione on the iomatee of the Tulleries and the Eseii; wii'e tba lick ?eaa of Mr Mason ha* chaageJ the anger of the French government into companion. the Cuban question is not mooted In any prist, aul it la hoped here tiiat it will bo finally burisd Mil touottan In the United States. The p?sition of public affaire In Europe, and eepeclal'y In Spain, la au:h that it ia tbonghs prudent not to moot the Ouba queation at all, lest the United BUtea might aettle It in their own way. There i* a system of eap.o nage pra:tised hy the Immediate rn>*ruraye of Danoa Christina, now hero in Paris, and the American lege tion ie for that purpoie closely watched, and even visit ed In a frienc ly manner, by auma very diUiaguishad peraons is tba dowager Queen'i sultoj butoT tbie I sup pose the government lit Waahington ia not regularly not fled . Per contra, we have a number of Ohargi-e an 1 Consuls here, attending the Exhib tion, and exhibiting themselves at rare apeclmsaa of Mr. Piarce's dlpl#nutio cuiiositlcs. They might be group?! into a perfect bou quet of Jew and Gentile, athsiet, fllit>ust?r, secaai'.ooist acd frte ?oil?r, and placed In some of the vacant cham btii of the American department in the P&Uiit tit I In Austria by the aide of Goolyear's India rabbar sped- : mens, as a proof of the elasticity or the preient admin titration in Washington. No India rubber, I am sure, has been atretshed half aa muth ae 1'ieroe's couuieucs. The newa from Spain, as published in the French pa pen, can hardly be relied upon. It Is certain that the administration of Eapa tero is tottering to Its anc tbat the government teat he propoaed to estabUeu In the fen nsnia is, tor the present, an impisaioiltty. He baa, for the preeent, suepanded the operation ot tlia nt-w constitution, and estaol'eied domaatis quiet by force ot aims: bnt it ie quite clear the', he cannot take many mots retrograde steps without being eontona led wiiii Hervaez, and perhaps displaced by h?es This, no doubt, is what the French government would prefer to any popular outbreak, or any auempttorepabHj?n?zeSpaio. *he great distinction with which Donna Chri?tioa <? treated hy the ttnpTor and the Kmpr<-sa, here In Paris ? the prominent part its la inviled to play on all public occseions ? la no encouragement to Eaparteto's endeavor * to protect and consolidate the constitution and it 1* hut too plain that a roup (feat which should brine Donna CbiUtina back to Span, and establish the power of the Quern, by aboliahing tha Cortea, wojld not very muett du pleane the present government or Frauje, though it m gbt cause some apprehension in England, whaae law* and inati'.ntinns have evw been the beau ideal of Ei pat tern's political eatbuaiaam. Things, in my hamole judgment, are notyat rlp?, and tbe t<me is cloie at hand whan tha United Sia'.ea wll be able to treat open'y and above board? not ineeklngly and cowardly, as the pre sent administration have done? for ths purchase of Cuba. France, Kaglaad an* Spain feel that thay are not In a eond .ton to astume fresh reaponiibilit ea; am hence they are quite willing that the whole matter should dron, after the premature and ridiculous delivery of Bnehanan, Masoa and tbute at Osten l an-i AU la Cbapeil*. Amercan diplomtcy ia Earopa hae vanquish ed itself; it U now impoteM from sheer lm>?*cll,ty; It has spent what little ammunition it bad at Ha command, in a treafonahla attempt to Mcure popularity at hom? at tbe si en Ace of every ?nbsiantial in 'e real oonweete-l With cm foreign ralaticns. In leaa than six months, ii ii quite probable flpa'n will ?gain be thrown into anarchy, from which ebe will r? coverbut slowly , for it will kardly be In the power of France to Intervene by force of arme, and ptrhaps bad policy ia her to do so. Whatever government succeeds tb? state ?( anarchy most neeeaeaedy be weak aad pour, and tbe finances of Spain are not ia a condition to op?a a favorable pi oa pact tot a new loan While Turtey in in tbe market tor a raw Joan? the old one being not yet entirely taken ? while Franae art Eoglani are devising new maaae or raising the wind, ? ha government oT Spain, vkittTir *t mi; b*, Im no otbc* pillar to feffttast tban the Baak of San Fernanco, whose reeoaree*. ws all know, are not in?*hauetible. Spain, notwlthstandi ig tbe solemn protset or ite Cortea, will te obliged to sell Cnha? 'perhaps to France, if tbe latter can plank *>?* tee cash for it. Tbie Ie tbe condition to whtoh Spain ia gravitating, while tha perfect JUu<v of oar diplomacy ia Kurope ana the knoim weakneea and uopipnlsrity or tbe governmant at Washington, inviu almost any out rage in the hope ol ite remaining unraaen'ed. We want shrewd and active mlnlatere here ant In Ma ir'd? meo convert *nt with general European pnliaoa, aa well a* with tbe particular condition of thinas in France and Spain and a plenipotentiary In England who shall not bea Presidential candidate. Such men mijht at least avert evil. If they cannot do much piaitive gold; they might, at least, continue to treat matters aa open quas tions, which, trrm a talee real In a wrong direction, have almost become closed against aa The franc h Kmperor understands Spain anl the l)o?a ser Queen better tban we do. fie does not oflend tiia pride of the Spaniards, or embarrass women by olteria tbem the alternative between war and ?on*J hbrewdty offera tbem hi* protection and friendijrtp. This Is wbat we ought to have done, instead oT opening nege lr a* a -.1' r to hie country I? **? natarJr i -nM'er. !? suppose fat tKo>e who entertedaed l??i . ?? i i,e our <,v>n ? nion, wonlu i"*> iCruV ' to with i'h Mu-e fur tha .marr of t|i?ir c"?aig'-i' in Furo|>* ? ?r!'Staai Chr chiefs, r?" rrpabli -ea- ar. ' nCra - solutiete, were equallr wel:ojni at tte houses of our mi outers. Prtociplea want for nothing ?liberty or deepo'Jsm did not weigh a reatlier in the balance, so tbat they promised to sell The consequence wns that all parties deeame distrustful of u?? tbat witli the lose of ooofldence on the part or the c roamed heads, we forfeited the respect and gocd will of the people. WtDe this state ot things laata, it is immaterial who is *>at ss Mtsister to Spain or anywhere else He will bs made tbe reclpteot or oiBcial poll teams ? nothing mare. He will accomplish nothing while he holie his oommi* sion from Mr. i'teroe . . k One feature there was in the Oaten* conference whl-h ie wry characteristic of the persona who playel an jm p< rtant part in it, via: tha aKi.? which they avolde.1 direct reapoaalbUitie.^ In thii i re^ spect It must be admitted that Mr. bis colleagues, he was tha only man eho did asa?i'ne <ir rect responsibilities But he eras dWrtW. Th? , paper drawn apby the pienlpoUntlariee, while it endeavors to jestiry the foecible seir.ore of Cuba, la ease Spain should rtfuae to sell, loaa not iadicate tie time wben the eel sore Is to be marfe. It merely ea?s Mr^Iterce s coo science, but leaves him to act as be pltlMli mlses. This omission, however, was atoned for by the fact that Mr. McKaa, our Consul to Paris, was himself thebearvr of that important documen;* ? 'r Washington. Aa Secretary of the Oongresa he knew all that it had done, and was eapeclaily commlasioned to Inals' on the immediate seizure of Cuia. W ben Colonel MaRea delivered nis measage \<t Gov. M?rey, the l?tUr. w'th his aacnatoined pradeore knowing the men he bad t,, deal with, asked whether there was any evl den^e on record tbat this wae actually the joint opinion of Mr. Buchanan, Mr. Mason and Mr font. because, without su-h erlrfenee, he ?hould not feel jostiflert to act on tha suggestion The public^ tion of the Oatend conferenias shortly afier wards brought the whole matter berore the forum of public opinion *o that wbenColonel MeHea returned to Europa ? of the pleclpotentUrles? not even Mr. Buchanan, .bo was to gain ?'! the popularity rrom the Cuban movement? rem* (The red the verbal message sent ti*r Pierce sndCov Marcy; and ths matUr has ainoe been suffered to dirp Tbe eonr?re?s were merely b>ldal v sera while U? sdminiatrati m in Washington was de tarir'ned to aefvntlrely on the aogge^Uon oT our dlplo iratic ageats abroad, with whom It had no Idea or aiar og any reepoaaibibty to the country. Tbe joeersmeeta of France ErgUn.l anl Spain, fully apprised 0r these racta, s?ama for a while quite ani'ioldeoed, to ths eateot o ?!lowin? efLl**ni to flrt Into cur ahtpii. ba4. this v . K?#n thftuiibt dangerous ?mce; for though tli? a'miu IxiXZ ?iht ? t ^ re^nt the Inanlt. the people might become unduly eacl'ed, anl Inlividimls might "'"n1 'J ftriiata tl erarore, have t>atn *l?en not to repeat the out ras ?and topJt a little mors into the coo Qf RMoUb officer* IH'l OlIlBwi Mr I)o?i? V?fl h#r? better ihtn ft ft*o bnt h?? net takaii tbe iltrert mute to Madrid, the tr-.h ,. NIr Psrrv is eatruated with the negot atwns, ir any ther. f^and Mr I odg? w I I ellnch tbim hy ha impn.atnjf pr mo Great preparations are no ? m*King at Ma1ri?l ?o receive b>m with distinguished honors, and to treat Mmir he al.ould eihiMt alalia that way, to a bull iTa me are#* ntatii to tbe Fssperor and hmpre*a an era* aad Mr I*KVe pal J a haedeom. Ll.7me2. in the rhar?, ?g Ko*en- hT relt r.-ing <iT?at he beard .ledge Pooglas sav In Waahlag'nn. to ?t tbat the Emperor of Kuesla wae the best bred -?? mi h%v* 1 1ll evantu -? r?:' oa th* ?>a? <iii?v?o wb? Iuti done b?tt*r to j tbHir magniQs*nt ra?>* jJ?oj ud tli* other a oj tiler ^?p?l tnelr co-ope r?ti)D in the J^VvXi*? C i 8 "" ?f? ??n?|l?r S'.aie* woullba?e had to tholes- they woold bave been compelled to follow th* Ji " ?! inv*d?r?. to prevent twin? era* led lb# a'rofgle bt'.iHo the tbr^e great f'oeara of lJurop*? ?fhV.* 1?" ?f? ,W*' an'1 Fr4n<"e an! KngUnd ooth* 8 n * oonKtfqueoeo to th* imallcr States to Zb'fb't"L"" "ot :??Vaud wbichoaly^Ito l5 ? th* """""tarn or ?ho?UU?. Spain aWo* i* en?bl* to profit hy this condition o I thing*; ft utrtate Wat es ? bf?? *M* *? tap*" OO too !Jni',<vl N mflil.' 51^.5 ^!,tb'r '1Jr-nor ??4in?t ?>? the ?.??!? ,*12 between them, with the Cariii: faiuoo looting toward Russia and Austria. Wbnt Uie Allies have Lately Acquired |? the Bra or AZulT, The Guide Maritirn.: dam la Mer d'AzofTgiyem tao fol f.n,h?.? f!u. fr.M \h* c kennel Of the I'ereve oU, in ? "*#t. diiection to the extremity of the Petroa of ti,? nl? The .onudlna giv*n here are, m all thj?j tb.m H? flotitlou*, a* the lam wind a re iace tb?m eonildet * bly , and in nome pltcea doira to zero. 1 vei**l lie* during that period embodied in tbe mud, and ?regionally Tor a ton? tme The port owe* it* foundation to Pater tie ?r?*", Kran S* of ^1h# dllmDuti?? #f "? ?*t*fs ?h* ! ?# iS-. "M an* th* pre ?eat site w** ebo?nn on th* decl vity of a proBoatoiy or tap*, in tb* hop* tbit a auffie'en' 2SS2faiW.?"M *1WV" h* ,oaalJ- Th> ??? port ?rqaired at v* comne^ment tome omoureUl im fh?^C"' b"' "? disadvantage* aoou u-:?dh apptrun'.. U? boo, whicb empties i'?elf wlh irapfu^ltyat the f' <"??? "own ei'Jh the nodi watch th* tn!t^ UP 'V1" 00Mtt,?ua 'i '? owinf to tbii tnat the water in tooallo* near i'agaorof aal la all I* barin. It b** t>*?n befoie o^?*rv*d that t.e uaa water irln?abW*"r^?i? of ??? a'. t( i? ipo> ai to oe tar i th? iu ?tn/> r of th* present c?n -* j^ pc.rt T*i*"iogr waa frerjnented By aa?h . toTXVna ^r>'By',M^ " *? chegoreramnut , movement Taganro* had then a Uxa from tW?8 ^ }? iX~ wh,ch di?B?ns*d tumIi bojnd from tbat port from seven day*' obijrration, wh;-.h the7B??,B^ kI" ,TOnt 01 tb" Stflk,t o1 Kertcb. Unt tbe aaTiyatjon becoming nor* extended, and the mari flcient'foi th?n><,nl T*?Mro? IffomiaiBg to be io?uf "J?** "on** and Qnarant n* wer* formed at Kartcb t^fuTn V*amrU'mM were thai divided befeea f *?*??*?? '?* each ear a (miller num b?rof trrneeii jn 1U water* The Qiartnttne of Keri h allowed no ******* to pi*, on to T^inrog bu t thof^ha ?V? <*4 ?? without *a.p^or*But what .ir* 1K33 bv itlV0 1lr?*Br08t WM 0,6 ?*Mor? adopt* i in thf ?i5L ?u??*n government, wbi:h declare K*rtsh th!t SLq?'*5 !i^Wt,1,0 ** te* of *?><*, which from th?L i^k ?JT to *" vtutla ?t:*pUiir eojrtiBf trad*. K.rteh bain* at tfM* oa tb* . ea of Atolf tots* north aal on the Black Ma to became that act tb* entrepot and the port tb* 15? ""i fhe C0!0n1?1 #~ducuSf tbe boitkern oratt, and even tbose of the Dan. arrived b'1eMV,B** follow ng th* tovgu* of Arabat no to tb* only privileged port. Whatoa?, n& ?M o? traaiporta of muolt on* of *" "? ? Pfoviaon* from tha Caneaaiao proving A eonii'leranie nnmber of r***el* for that apecial eervic* Sf"{??rebJr.?V"J!t5* WftWof tU- the watara whUb M?!!L * m 7 b*omlo? ??'? ih allow, a ad _ JV '* p'*8* ?/ ?a?h commercial activity. In it i* fathered th* grain brought from th* interior, and tan* a "Jl*' who b4T* b?4 forgostan tuie w^ThiCfs?WM *2 W" 1 km>*B tb^r a?o*?lcr*. and *l ?b* time *0 powerful. with cl.IT. ran* bin* and ec*-nalf mil** to tha aoathweat and tarmi a ue^l1" Hi,0"a,ai' at th* f00t ? which la formed ir.1* ,.^ ' ma" ?xtent> to th* ?ootb fotuteen Sll tVrlH ii ," * "Ue from th* *bor?, fr*m Marioa y i I* Gap* Bieloaarai. Th* nam* bottom i* fonal taa ^ 4t b mile from !ti eaat era ?bor?. It chasm to th? *osthw**t of tha ligbt boM-.and auco**alvely throughoat tha whole w**-em wi!B ""L7 fourt*e" are found tw* mile* from Uod. From tha north wmt of th* ligbtbonia aloe* the oo*?t which rui toward* th* w**t, th* a*a gtU d*ea*r and at a mil* it i* aixtoin f**t. * * ^ ' 0?r Yucatan CarMipaaJtm*. Bdbma Vista, Cjntoy Ulacd, I Jane 8, 1865. f Oknr Trade with th? Yucatan Indians? A Ntic 8tttltm*nt?SiXi,ty m Yucatan. I a?bil mjself of Um dep*rtar? from this pUoe of the American brig Rerl?lle, C*pt. KelJogg, 0 wned by MtmrB. Hlvshcook & Go., of jour eity, to for w??d yes* brief acoonnt of the?'doioga In these part*" daring tbe lsat three nnnthj. 8h juU tlie ? rbtcfc be deemed vortbj of insertion ia joar v?'q bble jourul, I mil endeavor to farDiab ynnr paper ?lth communication* hereafter, as opMrnmlite* . off- r, nod *!?? JCu s?>me itema In. r cr ^io$f? "alare tra<J?!,'' whioh h ? boe.n y-wned on with ?o^h "r.Tce,? >t,.i ? >>, wei! fr3,n V-i^un v i'uba -o^er . '^K,n i?jj* intro'lu^i ia that Ifelerd, f.-om Ui? aujouiog peninsula, within the Imi few mcntbr. The arrival of the brig R. at jonr wharves, loaded with gnano and turtle, will be a muter of some in quiiy. Permit me to aatWfy the enrions, by tbe in fer# ation tbat ahe ia the p oneer "packet" bstwfe a New York ud thin pla e, where abe has bees ioad hig for the last three weeks, and now awaits a fair * md, to bear frwa oar midst Mreral worthy citizens who go to New York on business connected with tbe enterprise. As legisrds oar new "settlement," yon mty well (appose, tbe recent establishment of a"teni?d del l'? npon the eastern and rooky shore of 0*>toy Islnnd which is sitaated? as a rout d'a-,1 at a ohart of tb? Mexican Gulf will can* Inoe yon? some nine miles frcm tbe csst cca?t cf Yucatan, and within danger ous proximity to the Oem of the Antilles, has served to put the Havanntana on the qui vwt. As the sud den and unexpected appearance of this "shalmnt" built village bas given rise to va inntaad nnfoaedel ejeculaiions, I have presumed to lay before yoa so ne few facts connected with the founding and mu<b 10cm growth of our city (which ia now composed of ttJseBR frcm all quarters of the globe) oa this hem tofore little known and desolate island. It is very crot able tbat tne nameroo* incidents oonneeted with the foundation ot R ?m* and CirthAce, familiar <0 aliuott every acboolboy, would not have reached mcd^rc time* bat for the snbeeqaent greatness which those cities attained; then, in this age of pro grtis and printing, whi oan see even with " uro pLctic eye,*' the fnture destinies of onr proeperam title plaoe, which has, even at this early period, be come the main of every won and mtoroacopic O* ? " Veveros," ftwn ffavana, and other vessels which have at varions times appro* bed the coast, bate regarded it with astonishment. The 00m' mandii ? position which it oesnplea has give a to it tlie name ?f Bnena VisU or Oood View, foe a*so riat.on of name and "warlike" appenranoe, com btcf d no doubt wl h its joxta- position to Gabs, hare ?ervtd to invest It with a)l the horror* of BHbuster i-m, ard to incur at tbe same time, all the snipicion ard j<ak.a?y interest to our neighbors the Span tarda. With a hope that a few brief ex tracts from a diary of our roigratio ? hither may provs of s-une interest to the reader in "general " and tbe fatnre d'tsigns ?f tbe ocrnpant* of tnie plaoe, of pecuniary Interest to the c mmarcial and agri< uttural render* in "par ticular," I will comment* at lbs starting point, and ?bai! fli.ixh tb* narrative at some fa to re time ii not paimified to do so rov. ' Tbe exueditim, com l? ting of three trnssli E u llsh bi k Outhagena, Gapt. Gr>mar; American brig Seville, and Mexican icboonar Josea Fernan it* -ujp to d me coorre, *'>d, gfa. in the t jiierlaWe v. comoa' inoi . Ev*>yt? ftee and t-wy s'j.e tTy. looke I lor tbren fc?t pt-riun iit S tau'a d-mocre sad h< re, tfiat a cnarcniog b re off 1? tiioDiD1: 'he b?art c>tiz?n c< DL?did with toe ej _ be i au be Rten at ab boari daring orr b?tnj no iialtBV MRh-'e, eUikiag abm;, "ghost 1 tbrongb oar at/te b, h? Uvea ud bra.'.'aea ia tx atnoospbe' e. Latej? i u f'urUirn and dejttb. p**r?Loe basmiird u>e ?smpiti.ite of IM' I muat row jljse, and mad rouj n.y ringr< jopy, an the b-ig is masthead ag ben ??iis, avd ?til. in another oonr, bs be*d qi; fa, " land of ibe free aiid the bome or t,ie b.-i Cots q*;fiiiiy ttme do?s not permit raetooij njiRtaktH, ?bd asod you a fair c:py of put of i I Otaigxed setdirg y?u. Mi Fever and Ag?>?u? Ncnvilir !|nclft?. Maoy ytoji since tue f*T?r a?d apt* prevailed In tb French W?tt India Ittencs of ?o Tiriilsnt a type al i carry off gnat duodiv:< oi victims, and .to thretteas meet to:al re population. Tbe government ofTerej < Urge reward f or tne beet remedy, whl.-.'i wis obtta by tM diacovervr of toe preparation of whiati 1 fi^rmi tea recipe, and whish not only cured the diuieeae, I ? compute); eradlcateo it from the system, ensuring tt patient aga<n?t a rsaewed attack In 18<l, tbe residents of Washington City were ntf> jeeted to (be disease to an noueual and alarm' ng degr?t? ibe Kreicb Minister, It Lie Neaville. who had beta ?4a4 cated an a pby*i;lan presented thia recipe, wbiehbadj obtained tbe p-ize from his government, to an elderly gentlemen who bad been r-daoed to tlie last stage < weak acre by daily attack *; hia tbree attending physic.* pronounced la favor ol lta trial, and ia (lie day*] elltctsf ? perfect cuia It waa eufceeu?nt]y admin t?ra>l in mur* teas a taoosand caadi srita liaa inccaaa^ Rkcif* - 1 ez beet Lunoon Peruvian bar!., ,'j oi pa dered rbnbarb ox, sal's of tartar, or. powder geatian ai/d 8 drop* oil o! wormwood, eltberaaadeJ into lb equal p-lls, or what i? prdferabie. mixed witty wine glai aae of wat?r, claret or nort, in a bottle. r_ One pill or oaa ?i?*gla>i to be taken lan' iag: an b>>? afterwaitie ligbt food; at twalve o'clock a bo *1 ef U(*9< soup; at oae o'c'o >k a pill or wioe Rlasa of medtcine; aa bear after a turn iler of wine with toast or apoega cate Sped in It or ntber light rood ; at aeren o clack a tfc ! " or wine gU?e ?.f mv>lclne, and an hour afterward* _ :t topper Tae bo tie must be well ahakea befti takint ?acb <"o*~. i Tbe chilli will osualiy be broken on tbe second daj bat perMTerance throagh the Hftoea dose* 1* aeceiear in order tearedisate tba dieeaaa from the Tt medietas most not b- tasea while tbe pe'jeot ia uM tba inflnente oi feeer bat there ma?t m a deluy of al b?ur arur the faeer nas subsided, fbe dlreetiona ?? t diet mnst he aitleily obeervad, and the appetite, whic frequtntly becomes raeaaoue, mast be restrained dorli t:e flea <*ay* i'ba preecription moat be made up bA diurgist of reepestaai'lty, aa Peruvian barn ia frequent )y of imper'ect strength. I As I bare joe*, seen a case of sucsesefo! sore in aa al tack succeeding one of last year permit me, s:r, la ai this remedy snoirs tbrnagb your w.d?!y clr-alatJ jeurnal for general heaeflt, and certainly tbe medic J ebeuld b?ar the eamao tbe dietlaguiahel I'reacb Hia tar who first ezuaded .ta benotte to oar caautry $ New Patents Iwud. Lift ef Patents Mined from the I'nitad Hu'm Pa._ Office for the week ending Jane 10, 1HW ? 1Mb bearii tbat date : ? Joe Alam*, ef Ta'rhaven, Vt., for improvement atone living machine*. Horatio Alien, of New York, N. V., lor two-mol cone valve* A??rj Babbett. of Ankara, X. Y., for far e ting irregular form. rrieb Boabee, of Oakland, Mich., for improremeat corn plant*!* H??rj Boy n ton, of HIneebargh, Vt , for recipreeati railway propeller I Jbo. H. Cooke, of Bravo, Va., for improve'Dent* in ra road car reats. 9 ?*rk Ce&n, e' M lwaukie, Wia., for improvement appuatua for replacing railroad ear* upon the traea. Richard F. Cook, or Troy, Ala., tor improved bakho L. 6 Evusa, of Spnag HflL, Ala., for improvement plongb*. Jaa P. Fennel], of Philadelphia, Pa., for improved aereen. Geo Fetter and Joe. L Ptnnoek, ef Holmeiharg , ? for machine lor cutt ng the inrde bold of iliavel fcaadL Aravmua r reach. of WetarDury, Ct., for improvemt In r prtaga for buu'b he. Abram C. Famtea, of Wait Philadelphia, I'a., for proveinent in ?c*JJolj? Robert R Gray, of 'J^awfordiviUe, Ind., for imp expanding 'jiooa ior tterae collar*. bi?pb-n Gorton aid Fradci* Moixle, ef Crawford wl ty, Pa., lot ia?rortd ?'.amp machine. Geo W. Hilcretb, of Loekport, }f. Y., fee mete of hanging alia. Orria C. Hit!, of Malone, 5. Y., for Impravement in door*. Robert M. Krrrieca, of Philadelphia, Pa., far improve! pianoforte *ct>on. John 1.. Kite, of Failadaipbia, Pa., for Improved lot air furnace. Joaepb li. Marat on, of Philadelphia, Pa., forapparaloa for tat leg attreo*ro?<c tioto/rapna. Fein Millar, of New Yorr, X. Y., for leu roremeM fa?'?-.s^-. i o?r9?-.?. J'lt ' ;a>r? Mal'ii e, of I w * "?? ??*?/? *<L' p?aebm? '?r fi.:tiia*J?".Vr f?i! ? ?1 jt i- . o?> o#C< ??iVf'Ai W?eS. Patented m Fran fuiy KM. Jooal NevWr, 4f Naw York, N. 1., t.? metaod of ncvrtpti ?nt?*ra to rotary dtae*. hoy a I 1'arce, of tMuher, N. Y., for taaehiaef or enttiap look a and taperiag and* of wooden boepa. W. I) Parker, of New York, N. Y., for improved i. fcouae. David Pierre, ef W?odat?;k, Vt., fer machine for* ?a nfaetui*ng wio?l-n ware. David UK Pol'wck, of Lanenater, Pa. , for fan h|| ? LaveU r R'cbardaen, of Worceater, Maaa , far ? 4 handle* for eh *?**. John Riebardeea. of Buckeyitown. Md., fer lM| ' ment in produetog .aWrnaitteat e:aeileera'oa of me in barvtatere, rakee, he. Barrtaoa D. B-jso.d*. of Pendleton, lad., for tmf *1 ment m cleaner*. .lobn W. Ruaeell, of Bp'iogfleld. Man., fer imp ??t ebuek for turning 'wdvich. Jatn?a ?eiby, of laacaater, Ohio, for improvena ,? ?? *e?<1 drill*. Albert & Seutbwortb and Joaiab J. Haw*e. ef Beet m Va. a., f"r appara'.n* for moving ?tarto?oop4e picta v \ Hylv. -tar Stavea*, ef Botton, Maaa., for improves ( in rotary engine*. Peter Ton Ejck, ef New York, N. Y , for improved ?? acting brake f? r vehicle*. William The ?? peon, of .VaakviUe, Tean , for ?H op ting circular ga'e Levi lilt, ot Saacuiky, Ohio, for improved Kriek. Chariea t. rbomae, of Taunton, Maaa , for im|l" ment ia ream boiWr*. Albert M *atarbouaa, ef New York, N. Y., fm t provem*at ia hoae roupUne*. Alva Warden, of Ypeiinati, Mich., fer imprevaa ? ia joiata ef atove pip**. Jeeae N. B*>tle*. of Pbtladalphla, Pa , aea^aer ko I Ock?rbana*n, of Hatimera, Md , for impeventea'.in of pipe* tor artaaian walla. Orofge L. Dolaaer, ef Meant Jankaon Va. tMifa'r Heueen >1 ei?. of Shenaadoah count; , \ a. fer imprav* I mill drea*. { Ihomae UtaM of Rrookl jn, N Y. aadgaor to Rah L White ef New York, M. Y. foe impror?me&*. in tk | manufacture of artiflcal *toae Patented in Knglen l.M* ?, 1864 Marvin 8. Oti*, of Booh eater. N. Y, aangaor WCharl> Knmlej, of aane place, for Improvement m maehiae tc Wing cj'iodeia laaac H>t**r, of Wlnckeater, Va , aangntr ta Henry | Carter of littaborg. Pa., for improvement ia mekini nuta Ante detac iWember, IB. Ii;>< Jltuuuet ? H-arj Carter and Jamea Ree*. of Pltt'karg { Pa. fir improved ant and weaker machine. Patent* Auguat St, 1>M. Stopfaob of Lnrsa*? Ofikiw of th? Usirir J Arm**** -<l D. Bacon, a memter ol 1 thr Arm of Page k -iacon, of Bt. Txrata, ao 1 alee of tfcat J of Page, Bacon h Co , of rian Fraacteio, applied ta the" Poatmaa'er Oenerel lor aa order In the deputy Poet w>a*t*r of tb? city or New T<>i%, that ail the poa<le?ceof the i:m ia flan Fraacieoo, addrei tbe r neveral a?*nt* In tbe Atlanti ? and ?F*etern *taie? | aad daily tipected ia New Fork by tne ateamer leg the mail* from flea Fraaeieco, ahouM bo deBv to bim H II. Ha"Oa. Held ? 1. Tbe wtl**r o a otter baa no eu >,h geaeral | ty ia it, aa to *nUtte him la every caae to while ta irnnriitt. 2. Birepttoaat eaaea mn| letter ia tbe anal"*; of tke c by tba law mereaeat t. all anca <-aaer are eieeatioaat, each it* own ap*<-ialin?rite, aad there I* ae ant for tfco nine ef the order aaked la tb e Peetmaeter <iener*