Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 1, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 1, 1855 Page 3
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THE WATERING PLACES. Oar ImiMi Com espu Newport, R&ode Island. Joes 21, 1855. J Trip 40 Fall Rtvtr, Trvtrtan and Newport ? Fiifm if in Rhode laland? Hietorieal, T ?pograr phtoal, Geological, Geographical, and tcthiological Bmamrchee? The Hotel* and the Black Fuh? The Neto Steamer Mttr rpolie? Incident!, $c. k party at foar persons, three joerntllrts Md a trivets gentleman," the latter not so lone and thin ha at Wall street oiMsal notoriety, migrate! from ew York city early in the week m the steeaer etropolis, Caotein Brairn, (not " Brown at the ?tiers") and by the continual noarnnoe of a .riea at remarkable phenomena, to wit: the revolu ioos at the wheel* ot said steamer, they ware pro elled to Fall River, which ia a mwiafnctariog town oduoing a great deal of maohlnary, cxton, calio, etty gir.'s. Know N rthlnga, abolitionists, tempt aco men, aad hack driven. It was a nasty morniog when wa arived ia thit liege, where none of ne had ever beea before. It td raised taxing the night, aad the torn present | I the appearancs at ft a hool boy with a face half safer d, aad the fragment of a exiled nethnr gar ant hanging ont (like tianeral Oaen Sacken'a flag trace ) from the rear. On one aide ot the boat aa a coal yard, and the other a cUyey looking hill ith no particular beginning or enjlag. Tare* or mr disconsolate looking femaiea, decorated with Attiehoro' jewelry," were sea'-ed ia the ?tpa i anxiously awaiting the arrival of their hns or friends to Mtote" them homs. It was lire ?pn&, a disgustingly early hoar for city people. J^re is anything that n/^ly look* miserable it a* one bona tjwn at ' ^e o'clock oa a relay '.ning. Nov, Fall River is a "one bone town/' / (I don't can tenpenee for McCallooh or Miyor ' Bufflngtcn). I did see it at five o'clock; it wu rainy; everything waa all wet; everythicg did look miserable, and everybody did feel "bine." ?t Your correspondent, a sort of major-domo or ' valet de place to the crowd, thought that breakfast must cheer tbeir spirits. We had it? such a break fast!? at the Exchange Hotel. It ia the "best" in town. I do not know on what "plan" the Exchange is kept, but it is a remarkable establishment, well worthy the attention of "all the Howards." Oar party had egga for breakfast, a luxury only vouch safed to waytann. In the "reading room" of the Exchange waa a mysterious pile at lunber, which told of the departed glorias ef a bar. Toe "reel ing matter" waa confined to a very handsome showbill of Welch's clrjns, thoagoat whereof, Mr. Adams, wu at breakfast, but %> ? let* (or the eggs; end e proclamation from the e ?/or ordering the police and night watel to rigidly enforce the sew prohibitory liquor law. Kail Kivnr is a terribly dry plaoe just now, and all the old eoakir* mo fearfully exercised in mind on aocount of this melancholy feet. Liquor ia sold, however, privately end under fear. Bidding a lingering and pathetic adieu to the Ex change, we chartered a carriage and wen soon roll ing el mgthe shore road towards the Stoae Bridge at Tiverton, aix milea from Fall River, on the ahomof Mount Hope Bey, and overshadowed by the historic heifthts when " Granny Spencer " wts encamped in the year of grace seventeen hundred and seven ty-seven. As we approached the classic ground, the sen, aa if sharing in the general joy, poked his nose throag h the fog, soon burning it ap, end reveal ing hi the toll flash o< its glorious morning beauty the delicious scenery around us. An hoar's tide brings us to the Stone Bridge House, the terminns of our journey for the present. In another hoar we are upon the shores of the bay, catching tautog, or blackliah, as they era called in New York. Frank Forester, in his work on " Fish and Fishing," rather slurs the blackflsh, which is e piece cf iajaaMce in regard to that noble animal, who ia delicious when broiled and battered. He iea on the bottom . concealed amcng rooks, and only bites in thespiing and early in the summer. He runs from ore ponnd to ten, but a three pound fish, caught by tear < orrespondent, was considered some pompkisa. ptocatorialy speaking. The blaekflah most be palled up aa soon m be ?tiikee the bait, or it ie vary probable that he will sot ecme at all. Hsia inae flih, bite* sharply, and givea a strong and lively palL Oar puty had vary good ipoit, although it ie a little late in the seaaon. Mount Hope Bay ia an inlet of Narragaoeett Bay, and divides the taland of Rhode laiaad from tue main land, or the Providence Plantations. The i stand waa Lamed after the ancient Roodea of Coloa aua notoriety, and It haa been truly <ylled the Para dlae of New Kb gland. It lonna our a amall part of the State, and waa aittled aooe time alter Roger WUMama aet op hla Plantatioaa at Prarideace. Toe Mead waa at flrat independent, bat after warda waa eooaolidated with the Piantationa, ondar the cele brated Cbeilaa the Seoond charter. The Pokono ket and Narraganaett Indiana inhabited it, and they moat have had a very good time. Tae country waa well wooded? the bay awarmed with dad? the air ia pare and bracing, and nothing ssems wanting to make it a second Garden of Eden. Miantunomiu, the arntor chief of the allied tribea, received the white men graciously? gave them corn and embraced their leader, Maat?r Coddlngton, a friend of Got. Henry Vane end a convert to the peculiar raligiras opin ion? held by Anne Hutchinson. Canonchet, the oth r chief, ww also friendly, and the island wu convejed to t'oddington and hia fellows for twenty- j three coats and thirteen hoe*. A pure democratic I government waa then eatabliahed. Wars among other Indian tribea broke out, bat the Rhode lalandets were never molested. At laat the old ; chief, when 00 a diplomatic miaidon, wta tiken pruoacr by come white Pnritans belonging to Ply mouth colony, given up to bia Ionian enemv Uncaa, and kiJlid. Uecaa ate a pleoe of hia ah wilder, say ing that it "made hia beert strong." Who showed the uk at baibeiity, Uncaa, the Baraga, or the cultivated Cumtiana, who gave up their old friend to the stake? Yeara rolled by,nntil,in 1675, Philip and Ca ncnchet recced ever the Nanagaoaetta.the l' )k >no keta and toe Wampanoagaea. Pbilip waa bodied Into war by the Maaaacbasetta mm, and Caooichet joined bim to aveage the murder ot hia father, aa before narrated, loe tribea were arouaed. In the ; aumaeer of 1GT5, tbey come down like a whirlwind upon the woitea. Far nearly a yetr the war crj of the Potamoketa Branded like a death knell to the ! eettlen in Maaaachuaetta. Thirteen toarna were buried, nod aix handled men (the best blood in the colony) were killed, all tor the treachery of their ! rathera to a poor old man, and thair cowardly con- 1 duct ?i ooe they considered a fallen fos, but : who Kave them terribly atroeg proof to the contra- ; rv. Philip waa betrayed by hia own frteuda, and i anot by a renegade Narra/anaett, in a a wasp at the foot ot Mount Hope, and near whtre we are en* daavcriag to aadnce the black flah. After h^arlog of I be treachery ot hia oonfidaat, hta great ami -teamed bowed, and he exclaimed?" Now, my heart , ia broken- I am reedy to die." Previously he had sternly refused to liaten to overtnrea of peaoe, come ! from abate ver quarter they might. Ills bead waa , ?ent to Pijmoutn, where it waa exposed on a pole for a long time. Hia oalv son, the laat of a line of priecea, waa tianaported to Bermuda, where he aoon died. After this. quiet reig' ed over the ahorea of this ; beautiful bay tor a whole century. Bat in 177 A the inland waa beld by the King 'a troops under General Brown, while Roaacer, to whom Congreaa had just gives a Major < General 'a oommiaatoo, waa encamped oppewta on the belirhta of Tiverton. We aaw the ! remainacftbe reaonbt. The French fleet and troops ware at Newport, and if Hpanoer had been active < .enerai Bro en would have been aurroanded and annihilated. Bat nothing waa done. Here also have been found remains of a race an terirr to the Indiana, and a recently diarovered Iceiaadic MS. makes it clear to me, at leaat, that I the atrange place the Noithmea found waa no other than Narraganaett bey, and that they aatled around into Moact Hope bay. The eceoery ia full o( qul*t beauty. I prefer '.hia pait of the ialand to the Newport aiile. I/ooking noa Tiverton beighta towards tin lea, the view la enchanting. Stone Bridge ia qalte a reaort for people from the flaatationa and elsewhere. There ia a pretty fair hotel, kept on correct principle*. Ail tie people about the bouae saemed to ao their ntaio*i. t > raaXe 1 ua comfortable. Pretty soon there will be good bine Hohii i and shark flehtng here. Tae sharks are caught with a book and iine, ac 1 avenre three or four ee* in length. They have been 3Mgbt M long aa tea 'eet. Altogether Sf>ne Brldf/ s aa IntervHtlrg p;are. (?n? will alwa>* arrive th -re with jay, and depart with rvgret. We can* to Newi*>n by ore of Kin*>y's stn^es, nutaL'e !are five Votk ahi!i;tg?. Toj.?.rrapbieil inlcna'itn cf tne diiver, ei-acalve bit not a ways , c?n*.t- "un very t- a n her of jouag *(v?m I wish severe moki c uurlo- a J Out faauionoi papsr 1 UMDet boat# ajurn oigi v '.aif? pruty 'ti.g ? homa pretty lary-aoat pretty 4 ry -aprlcga I putty ctiff-fMtnl tmttmbU of the rid* pretty an- j caatortaale. We nWtl ieto Newport la i little Im llut t* ? { hours. The tows nwei asleep. Toe umr, guaint-lootarg old ilmti ware almitt de*erted. The hotels on the hill? Me Atlantic tod B "tiaras ? h?d their doers wide open, but thte were, slatl no gusts within thea. foe Ooean Hon vu ia a terrible state of discrder, and lootsd lik aom of ita customers- M**t in the extreme. Tie ooly improvement that I noticed vas thrt ea egad *rtnt ?M en?e?ed in whitewashing the ahor'. p^ati where the horaes are tiad, to iroot of th-i house. George T. Dewnitg haa built a fi?e naw h>u?e near the old piece; aad tie Ocean C Atage, at toe I Beach, la Inhabited by a Teaton'c individutl, who teila lager bier and Dutch sausages, wl<h "bread i dhertifn." Toe people ia Newport no* ere making the nmal arrangements to g?t aa mini mote j aa poaaible from the visiter* aad t my ere now living in the hope that somebody will <--oou there by and-bye. To-night oar party will take thi boat (or hone, /ally realizing toe tnrth ot llr. Bancroft's reme-fc : " The traveller, when be leaves N?w York, area no day to beppy aa that ot hia re tarn." In oloeing thla letter, I cannot rsfrtin fro aa string a word shoot the new steamer Metropolis, which baa jnat been pnt on the New Y rx end Pelt Rivar line. The H&kald haa already publiahed the hatld er'a aid engineer 'a etatieucj in retereooa to ber. 8 be ia the large* and ewifteat veetei of her oiaaa afloat Her fa'nitare aad equip mente are anperb, aad ahe haa many on'orts and conveniences which I hare never btfore seen on a vessel of thla kind. The stateroom raloen is splendidly and taatetally famlthed, aad has two tiera of private rooms for passengers. rue cabin baa four tiera of bertha; eo taere la ao danger that the passsngere will Had themselves siort of 'Sleeping doings," aa they any ia the Week The Metropolis ia tally able to keep ap the digalty of ber title, and the fair name of the popular route with which ahe ia connected. W. Ottr Port MonmottUt Correspondence. Poet Monmouth, (N. J.) June 2H, 1055. The Advantages of Port- BSonmuu'.h as a Watering Place? The Commencement of the Bathing Season ? Fishing in the Horte 8hoe?Sctnery in the Liwer Bay. Within the peat few months the village of Port Monmouth has been in a great atate of excitement in consequence of the intention of New York capi talists to convert thla beautltal Mt spot into a watering place, by the erection of a large and very handsome hotel in cloae proximity to the beach and steamboat landing. The aitaatlon selected for this j structure ia well choaen, it being about six miles j trom the highlands, on the eastern aide, while it ia ! tally at far from Keyport, on the western shore. The country in the immediate neighborhood la un dulating and slopes gradually toirarda the sea shore. The beach at high water is ansarpaaaed by aay watering plase in the country. The bathing aeaaon haa jutt commenced here. With the thermometer at 90 in yoar city, nothing could be mire pleasant for those who can afford time, than to start from New York at nine o'clock in tte morning in the steamboat Eagle for Port Monmouth. After enjo)iDg a delicious bath and eating a hearty dinner the Uothamlte can ar rive at home with a sharpened appetite, about six o'clock, just in time for supper. Among the many attractions that Port Mon-n <ath affords, there la none, perhaps, more n >rth y r tion than the excellent fishing that can be ii* very little trouble. Weak fish, blue lisb .a ba-u can be taken in abundance. The fa Cities (or arig lirg in the Hortesboe- for thin ia the appellation of this part oi the bay? ar ry good. If the excur sionist ia romewbat fearful ot ventaring oa the briny deep in a smalt boat, why he can iha off the p>er, V?00 feet in length, with excelled". smcc-w. The bay fishing, however, is sp entid sp .rt. 1 i the cool of the mornings and evenings, weak fiih of a very Urge tize can be caught in atmadance, while oc in tionallj a young shark, by way of variety, will antp at the bait. Bnoal* of moatbuokers, chased by p >r poue? aad ether inhabitants of the vasty deep, serva to amuae the fishermen when tie luck ia not go>d, 1 wbl!e around him on every aide is the moit beautiful , tcereiy that this continent can boast of. With the ' Highlands of Nevitink on one tide, the blue hillt of ' Keypert on the other, the lovely aioree of ritttea ; ana Ixng Islands in the distance, what s *ae caa be more beautiful on a summer's evening a fee ml nutee previous ta the setting of the son? During the j day all the shipping entering and departing from ! the Kmplre City can be plainly distinguished with , the aid of a telescope, while the movements or all j the steamships caa be detected with tha nakad eye. 1 Tbe Port Monmouth House Is well iltted up, au<i affords ivtry convenience and enjoyment to the , wearied citizen, who, from dust, heat of the weather aad cane of bniataets, endta vora to while away ale* hours in quietness or pleasure. Prom present so pearsncea, I have no doubt but what Port Moa- 1 mouth will ia ocart e of time beooaie the most favj. i te I resort for New Yorkers, next to Long Branch, dor irg the grimmer season. l.s I'lakki k. Our A Ton Springs Correspondence. Avon Sriuvos, N. Y , Jane 1!), 1855. Quick Tim* from New York ? Vi'lage of Aem ? TV Spring*, Iff-, tft. By the Erie road, though the mwt enehantinj? scenery in the world, over ft broad gauge nearly 400 miles from New York, In fourteen hours, we loitered it thlt beautiful Tillage. In the heart of tbe Kmpire Bute Avon reposes? trnly the fountain of health, aa every inval'd can testify. The wheat flelda and oak openings, tbe rolling country, unnur pawed in fertility, the romantic rsgion around, it oder Avon Bprlnga ft charming reeart. Tne wa ters are rnperior to the celeb/ated < iermau springs, tut the following analysis proven. The baths are de licious, acd hotel aicommoieti'M all to be des-red. Bttf ia 14 cents per pound; the very best batter 1? cents; potatces (1 per bushel. The society at the hotel etc'aale and intelligent A?AL TMH or I.ONOB HI'BINO, BY DIU CHILTON. Coe gallon contain* as follows ? Oniits. Sulphate of llm* 10* or. Do. ??!???, 13 Id 1>o. rod* -1.-7 Cbirnda of calcium 19 III iio. natasainm IH.M lio. Kfxltum SI W CnUniitc of lima M 22 Imi. miKOfiM 'JH 1ft Iodi<*? of rodium a trae* Hjdrosnlpburst of aodlnm J 4i o-ganir Batter '.1 .. . H'arboaie aeid ?ii?H j PalpboietUd byorofea 43.2*4 A Taavtu.H.a. Onr New Hrunawlrk Correspondence. St. Johns, N. !?., Miy 17, 18.*,.",. Shipbuilding and Uentrai Trmde? FeeJtng To>r*i d* the United Slate * ? A \aluraJ I'urw* tly ? FulJt of SI. John ? TV 8u*ptniion Bruise -V.vfc /,?> memd Lake*. Tbe city of Bt. Johns, shut in as it it from the great thoroughfares of travel, is not aa veil known V> your citizens ft? many places presenting far les ? attractive features, either to the business mtn or tbe man of pleasure. The facilities for ship building are almost ownr peered a supply of tbe Quest <palities or timber be ing always at ready command. The skill and txperienae displayed by the worknen, with the very thorough faatenlug (throagh and througi), bsi justly elevated the character of ths St. Johns ships to a very high standard. A fea-ure exists tere, well worthy of imitation with you, tn the ex istence o( an sgenoy of " Lloyds, " whose duty it is to inspect the progress of each ship on tbe stocks, snd indicate peculiar fastenings, and np:>n who?e final certificate depends the rate of the ship when completed. There are at present a number of floe trsmes up here, and in various stipes of progre**. Tbe mercantile community hare complain of ft KTeat degree of ? tag nation in basineas, wnich is ge&erally ascribed to tbe Kuropean difficulties. A gnat degree of interest is felt here i> tbe n?ve met ta of the alliec and the people, aa tubjecU o> Victoria, are naturally very sanguine of ultimate success. In this I am a good subject of tbe Qoeen; j ft, were I a citizen of New Brunswick,! ahtmld aek to direever the tie which bound me to her, thinking, ae I do, that the Province, aa one of the stera of the American confederacy, wool J have her railroads completed, her ree^urcea developed, and aeon become far mTe popn'ous, pro?perous and at tractive liian under the rusting regime. In thi? I hrpe t*-ere is no treaenr, m I nave ad the thorough Lr J K?g'ieh*si. s pride la his government (being one by desosat); yet I ,tk< to live under and near, cot far, fr ? tne power whicjj rulee over rae. The ab!,? ect of deeUf?rine tbe laportaat lt?m ia tbe oenmerce of Bi. Jotn s, aol n/t?itb*teod is g uh* r ard l?ta ea at vera. fite *np? have lately ioaied, e? d more are ae* losing for Ko r >pe aa lerts. Tharirer Bt. Jaka's(caiiM tne Huiaoa of Ness Brt^swick, from the btut/ of it* fcrnrri bear* to the otty Ishmm raft* of log*, vhlrt ill j namexms uttl? around soon convert iato iltr?r<K n*e or atipamt. Although the rmoui ft on tfct* aoutoeisvery large, yet the undev slop ?1 re*iurc>w I are so great (tut oaptta' Md enterprise sroiU bora 1 ?oat aa ample marfcat, and a most profitable rewa Herat's*. NearBL Jaha's exit* a parad >x ia aetata, wltik la certainly a gr <at cu iosity and wed wwdy a visit Aran (he sight e*elng irwillr. It to kitri cut the "Falls of Ht John's River," aad what wlti appear s1 range, ia toe fact toat twice la tweety four bnora the water falla towards the soiti, or oaJstef tba river, anl tale* la twenty-far hoora the vatw fafla towards tba north, or up the river, preeeatfag at ai (ornate period* the ao earauce of a tea knot ;ur rent, and about an etaht toot fad, first up aad thoa d sm the river. Thiseffec'. ie produoed by the ex inordinary hUrh Udo* of the 11 ly of Fundy, tto wa tor rising hern from twenty five to thirty feet, fhe river 8t. John'a, above the falls, ia wide, and Diaia down an immeaae aamut of water. At the K*ll?, uu'ertbe suspension brlige, ths chiuaei ia cia tree tod Atom perhaps a mile ia wilt a to less than five hundred feet, and throng 1 tii* (vp, ole't through aolid rocks, risiog a hundred feat oa either tide, the entire mui of water rurhes at wblrlprol speed. At low tide the ws'er io the bey is so much lower than in the river, taat a fall, withXttHnll rapids, is presented, while at high tide, and dating low stage* of the river, the water in the bay is ao much higher t tan the water in tie liver, that a corresponding fall and rapid* I* aeea making np the river. Toe Hidden anl ex'.re<ne height of the tide, and the narrownees of ths chtv nel not allowing the waters of the river and bsy to attain the same level, ex eot for abiut fiftaoa 1 mli nte? at or near each half tide. Over tba narrowest point ot the river, and direct ly over (he toamlog rapids, is a bsaatifai wire sat- ' pension bridge, aa neat a structure if ths kind a* I ever raw, and a dseerved monument ti the founder, aa well as the liberality of those w 10 aided its n? pletton. It ia at preaent a very pardonable lion with the citizen. From too to fifteen miles bick of St. John'*, are the Loch Lomond Lakee, four as beautiful sheets of water aa often meet the traveller's ^^aad d ring no discredit to their great nara^iJs. To the kindness and courtesy or the Sheriff I am Indebted for a delightful visit to them, near one of whloh bo has a most ctucming location, bring a point (may I not call it Sheriff's Ptlui?) projecting midway up the lake, and commanding a vis w up aad dowaof very great beanty. Fial aiound in these water*. ' and tba summer tonrlst cannot do bitter than visit them, sure aa be i? of a mist cordial receptioa from the hospitality C-f the oitizens. There ere many other objects of interest near the city, but I must omit a notice of them at thl* time. I. H. U. The Posttlwa of the Amtrlru Party. At a recent meeting of Ward Council No. ? the Hon. Mr. Brawn.!., of Virginia, and the new editor of the Organ in Washington, was Introduced, and spoke aa follows: ? Brothers- The American Order has vindicated Its nationality. It has spurned the brlbs of section al deception? it has refused to commit itself to the guidance of politicians. It has taught lsssona of moderation and wisdom, snd spoken words of truth aid soberness. It has admonished the people to resist the designs of foreign emissaries, to rebuke the schemes of domestic factions, and to ualte in bends ot patriotic fraternity all who bear the proud ti'Jeof American citizen. E*rnal enmity to the fots 01 the l u ion? fraternity and union to the citi zen* ar.d at tiinn that c impose it. And this senti ment h r*,iQed by countless tb. usauds in the pre setae of congregated patriots from every sec don of the confederacy? from waere the Missjurl bear* up on its turbid tide the spirit cf enterprise aad the re ward of industry? from where trie fearless Bax on, spurning with native integrity the proffered bribe of a foreign power, grasped with trni emotion the band that wolc imud him ba'k t j the associations of his nativity? from where ifcrnis, grateful for delivery from the arm of aaar cby and the cloud of superstition, pours her golden tiiboto into the common coffer*? fiotn where the City of the Creictnt gainers the grot commerce of the West as It seeks an outlet to the marts and msr* ketsof the world? from where the gallant and roso lute men that hold the great stake in this contest re poee in calm and fearless reiiacce up in the faith of a compact, aad from your own snd other ftUan B tales which form the key and arch stone* of this confederacy, and upon whose strength and fidelity tie piotection of right and the tranquillity of th country so much depend. And under this burner, Uaiing tee broad impress or these bond* wntca were broken by our fathers in tho grasp of a tyrant, now unite the sons with the stronger ties of a volun tary union; and that constellation which teachei that there is no inequality in the planets whi :h it that no ?? star dlffsretn fro a aaotnsr" in tbeastronomy of freedom. America's nationality hss been for the first time Invoked and embodlta as a politic** fact, it is the spirit inwii:h toe resolutions which you are here to ratify were j adopted that their strength consist a. It is this which has assembled these masses, and it is that bs* nign influence which hss desoended upon thl* m?et ing. Americans have deliberately, and for tie first time, weighed the value ot their nat.oni: ni ne against the infsmous agitation which irould impair its honor end destroy its power. Thoss who have borne ita glorioua flag to victjry over a fsreigu fo ? those wnoee canvass wafts the product* of indus try sale frtm the teirors of the tyrant, or the mi- ? tauder, testify to its vaiue. Taose whi wield with h-inest and with hardy hands the implemsnts of in dustrial mdepet donee, and who know tou: the M He* snoogbt oy American hand* can surpass th jse made by the starved labor aad cheap material of Kurope? '.hose wbi have demons' r?tod by their example tha*. the inspiration of freedom isc joainteat to the devrlopemc-Lt of literary excellence? those who fee! that '.he tout I of ^ nlpiure or the v >ice of son^ can attain to refined perfection under the genlu* of freedom- 4hoae who believe that Americin mora s are mote pure, American genius more bright, American enterprise m >re enlightened that toe couiage of our men anl the honor of oar w>msn cant ot be disparaged by oumpariMon with th^ down trodden and immoral milUona of the Old World that our foreign p diry is wi^er and more just thai tte dishonest diplomacy of Kurope, by which use IthS wais sre terminated by stisiaelesji treaties- ali unite in the ?xu.m that America should be not only g< vtined. I?utth?t it on?ni to be U'ight, claJ aid deieLtku l*y Am-n ana that it should j. alive genius acd rtward na'.ive worts; aad tnat it ehtuid ackiiOW?<lge the a-ipremtcy or Kurope in notbtDg c x -?pt in lis vioe, it* povett*. it* igQ trance, in the lnfuinv of its opprc*?ion, or the still deeper !n;amy of submitting to it. In fotrner timen your own Bamilton met your ance*t r* in the cp;n lieldnol Ne ? lork to tranafor nto th?.ir bosoms the fire that burned in aisotsn. Our Henry, impelled by the prophetic vision ot an iudepetdtnt nation, startled the timid and the veoal by proclaiming that liberty should never want an avirger *h?n fhe ftaaJ \ foe. Taat thqllBM whirn g'owe < n no mortal Up was given to lignt tne fires of freedom. That tire burns now in every boa< m ltneithsr nredsfoel n r dreails extinction. This MM snd th * sesemblage la that a xr**t ovation, which offer* an iirefragible ?lemonstration of the gnat tiuths whi h it Is intended ti tea h. It nieds not the feeble aid which you invite mstoooa tribe ta. Hut tfaa dm >n*t ration tu rendered ne. :w??rj by event*. 1 hi* gcretbment had Us onus a ?plendid tcttiw, wb?w capital print* came within ttu hope* ot the moat ehameleee adventurer. Every appeal , had been made to actional prejudtes or to pern ml vfR j'jr. The cooflit* of political gladiator* had a- akm tfre fabric o( the ronatitotloo, and in?t?ad of tt urging the ble*nlnaf* of the government, tbe aole o?.je?-t ?r<m# d to I* 10 arcore po?we*? m of ita *|xil?. Vie have heard dieuinon onjmned ah a date to 0:4. Faction atr de with lighted torch anmod, j ready to apirau the titea ct civil diacord. l'he bolder ud more lafctww npiriU were ' ? licna me darker and rao*e diOjT'OU* crept like *erpenr?. The eeparation of the Union teemed at hand: but the fjice of the people waa hetid in tbi? orgaui/ttloB. It wa* at grata whin per, bat it rtee and awelled,and drowning a/1 ciatfior with it* thunder tonea, tt will drive the factiou? and , tbe malignant In terror to the cave and ia>r. It will poor Ita purifying torrent*, and waab from tbe na ticnal honor th*> *t?in which ium defaced it. It will bre*tne the pare fre?bi e?* of rmdia; over the not and tainted ma'ana of 'action, and It will nalore the ptimeval brighter m whirh greets! the morning of cnrr.atWna! txuHeacf. Tfc? its ?tstton? which jro*i aeaemble to cawiin tmbody two leadi a p.inclpU* a Ute ?ett -ment of the atctionni qu<?rti m. 1. Tbe right of ptr. *ta mdgmeat. I nd*i thi? , every man may wor?ftip <iod arcstrdin* to the dic tate* of hi* ( 'iwi'-nci or *up?raMt?on. v> unin thia tphere there te aeewly a degrie of inor??tioq upon the Inatitalkot* of hto own S'a'e winch hi may not entertain or avow. Hot he nr. W. keep eUadlly within the IJai'a which the eoMtttnMta baa a*iai/ed Lim. He mut a X inaki h * op rJ.n the lawful o-.rn.on of Uvea wbo are roemb r* of anover political community. I , like tt># rap* mm Jim, be *o?a one hail * brewlUi beymij t ?* lif a* ?'? ned Ium ' ? lN? Hi**, Ami hi# l i der tbi? reetrt~ti<ia U>* C'fertoUan creed* ar? ptv Wrtrd wftkia their legal a? hare on netiirted tie road 11. Uade* 'J-M. Mm UwMtf MHUpMH CM ipilr Mi ?n kuMlaai ia Ma ?n ???, to' mum Mkt tfeM Mm m4?t Mm IMi ? far ntory. Hat (W lUatto ef Mi r%M m ??%a4 kr Am of m?a ai wwrtlit ?atkgaH?^ 1 The wwmila fWeie*e ewi ?I PloflBttnMl MpaWfea, l(4M?MH>a ?>! MlH ha |ia?Wi< kf ?*? ('?Wm rar -* ia ?ta nt??l o/ wv i*?f Ly ?* < - 1 . W a i*. I aaaM* 1%P, ?>! ksuihtr u ?? wul ? ? if t mix say +*"*? esu * <-? interfere ? Ik* adfcey fur eaa |waa??t ? Ani tais new . ">r* ' ha* Woa taeetswd aitt wi I iilkataa kK*?a h ??k>A? ikta I CrtBrt^ra, aad at ,,**?? V ?? ua wa a af a<4aa? > Ik* lav Bad lantla U Ik* I a*aa tk* * ?>n qaeelieae wtist ka** fceea a wtam i Ha saVsrt M lakiattaaM* lataaaa AM M a<> mm a- w.a? < ut algt tflnaace Hal ??? 4* ?aa I mm ?? ?a - r*r<??a faUMrs have reosadsvad ik? wo* ncm! *? ^a< Cbqpca sufc suae* I > *at ae?<a?? ?*re f?a? la Waiicta iliiaaa*. 1*4 ia i aear atad 4a**> ataaMwa to ifcat aa okMiima tevuaaMwa Ikaf t>?? * la* ?*?! Um aid of aiiaae to ? aa I0e?f aar ?4 ? a a > aar* eat a. C?a laHUt?a4?aat waa ta l?i|a a? prejudice* of ran* end ralictaa to >w -a'*-*** t < puip^ee "I M*r?*atoa ens a* vr<a(* 1 aa w?' aaa teal a 4 fci ai ? aa ralaa eaatd a4 ka a'?aai by word#. I? ai<ki ka** hoee < need kf p?M< pknati, tat It aMi4 k**a kaa tk# ?*aH| a bullet b<4* alui < . n ,.?.wr * Mtf fea*a ? at eraked Ik* wsuad MHi >a.a aal aaaa M Hal iwr* art rr?? ?< a*? Uw< ?r?a< khoaM ratra tue ee?**M? * \a? *# < a > aan rrauoaaibie lor Ik* *ar "tires* af ? wee *aia>?a m any ottitr hteCr ta.a yea aa <* tka Of any Mhri rwiip ? thee lk?l * ?<* /mm p* * ?* You bava kaa always ea?aa a* art* Mm ?aai which m*in<au> iM* inaMtai i >a ia tra?* a c -? "a arjt, ia tba c .cawue struggles t? ar <?*/? a MS nu? lrii<?a. A (iaauf |> >i<i ?*a bt*< a >aa *m ? are dissolved tk>* o; ear who wuoid tw ?*a Mi* l nlon, aad a* >arad punt M t-? ??? Mm bold* of lb* slave en<1 sieve** hi*al>eo ?,.*>?? wltn tbe citterns at Mm l attal Ma?a? Him 1M* agitation abl b th"?r rrs.iuti.saa p *V|M te I

Vo<i aie ?(?(*'"?"! to ibc taw|mi<? <* > <r??? paupers. Vou <jra?d tkatr aaaai ?*a Mta>Mjaa aad ibtar iodoatrtai r^myeuUmm \ ><a bar* aaaaa to oread Ukeat. Tna pure aa at a? tatnai ? t lib(iat?- a ra Utaa Ibiaa MIImm* ?b<. d f m ta c?ar and ecndivwa, tr?? ?Mtraat*aa. a?d t'talr imm trm lion Into your nra '-xaaiaaiMaa a ia*> Wbea ih h AI.t ai t*<* abatl bava Mm *p rtt la chargc tteiroood 'boa, a ill toay a<* r*M at aa ? In ooe Mack axodua oa\ ot Utr kaad at bmlac* Will they not go at oara iat<> t Ka < *aaaa an a hold* oat racb attrac .lota to tkia W u. tkr; a quit tbtir eMail* * aad go t > tlMtr frtaal* aad tu. loey not la dilv?o out by tha aa?or or afp>*b?a alooaot t'.ioae from trh?:o tbry tiara baaa otra^al No aooMr win UM faaau al puro *m uf Um ate4 UodUti be carrl'd out tbut Uw pr ( <?*?* at I amuORlt jri.u a* Uia obaoeM leptilaa tritb obt< i> it* veoireaaoa ol U:d rlMUd iba K?pt?aa Taay will lnf**t joar cltiea, village*, ratal* eed f*ot> rlea. Vtiu wi.'I b? terr*De<t ari'b inetr rrt?ea, and taxrd with tbrir aet ?a*iti?a. I? ? rou wlah thcae African aliena atBittnat you ? T<?a do not with u admit a <i*rm*u <>r aa lrl?*iai*a without iimitauoo of bia potitiral r.gbta a,., y ?< alljw tha tlave, (Rhh (rem another boniar*. ti kt HVMMIN yourmaater at the poiU \ .?a ??r that Amerlctnhail be ftoveraed i.y K aen?*aa. 0 ? *on mean Anglo Afncana a* wail a* augio Hti >a* Y cu nay tiai politician* bargain with ti<an >u* !?> Totea ; that ma>orn teward witb t*M mat #dy of y -ur lawn and property tboea national Mawtaii ma wm u aid in tfitir eierati -n. May not aomt na< o laalar contract upoa almilar ttrm* for tba bla k tot* ? Vet auca U tbe toiidenc y of aboiitl >n ta *nr Mtrago tbe laimig'atiOB into the N *tn?rnhiatea<>rtia w f*t pnrt of Uie jtopulUioa o! the Soutu. Are yju pta pared for encb an Intualon into tv ballot b >x ' Are yon prepared lor *u :h a ptnciical nxutaUua of > >ur (ihjrctiouji to immigtatloa ? Vou hatra o >mtr'ne*J t > rcaiat the imn.iKt*tion of toe debated ear ? of Europe, wU>ae t.-ale ot animal want ate at u* at that of toe digger Indian. You dread lae c? u^att tioncl that labor wtiicb want* no gat men', bli a Motue, tin ft od bat bdee eoap, no bome bat a <ailar. How would y<u like a tew addlUooai mUiMtot icgroa woo womM tire on market garbt/a, *le?jt like lazerum t, ander ilotr atefta, and wboat daily labor might be purchaaed win tb? cbetp pt *m of your dirllJiar:e?? Do you wi*h that a I the p*uper itm wbicb a cmptnlta toia labor ttial! be chargrd up< n your tift*?tiry ? iKi you ainb that alt ik* enmee nbaU occupy yrur ciurU and crof>iy<Mir prlaotii ? But th< f? are other ctoae<|uencea which miy ra ault trim the agitation thin aubject may o 'ciai >n. Tbe tffect ol abullt on w utd b. i? impair, U It did not de*troy, the production of Bouincrn a.apUt. Vou men of New Ycrk lire by coiimerc*; y m krep palatial botel*; yon dl*pt?y tbe aaa lb of 8taiea tn tbe limit ol a at.eet: you go doaa in tae pride of your lione*ty to tall, and wnwitle bt-eai m- 1 and t'ained for a llrelihod. Do you wia^i any interiuDiion to thM gteat ptodn -t of the rijum.' lid you winn the draft* of New Orleant, and Ala bama, and Carolina, and Virginia, prou*te?l ? 0<i yon like to bear of flaoaa wnlch devaatala, ot la tecta wbi:h devour, of wbicb dnatroy tna ataple of the country'' Then do you wall to coatn bote to a meatnre abich might cbe-k fore re r tbe prodajtkm up -n which yoar labjr ao muck depend t j for ita reward i1 Bat when yon iJiall bare mitred In tbe abated demand for yoar labor, then refl?c ., I 1 tiray you, upoa that otter conaej oenct to wnlch 1 bare adverted. Supjoae the act conaummitad ' which f be enemiea of tola Union In New Ka^lanJ and Old Keg land have concocted, you wl<i perbaoa fee in the colotnnn of tome praaa which lovkt tbe ' Aftictn better than the An?l> , Saxon, aomeaucb aunonnotaeat aa thla:? " We learn tba*. tne la<t I division of the freemen, eato?ipat?1 at thehMth I by act of Congrtaa, ha* {i??aed toe rotoma< ; they baaten t> tba'. laid to which the intilerauct of their oppreaaor haa driven them.' Ho* will you be prepared to receive Uxee now brethren.' It la ther< fere that we appeal to yen to ruVift a Rettlemant which Involve yoar Interest aa well aa I cur own. We mean to leare this queitioa wa^re the cotfctltutlrn pla>-?d it. We mean to knep thla institutioB aeparate and diatlnct from you and vout ititeterta. Aid ut, we pray you, t'idjao. Men ol New York, ae have doi<? all in oar powar to btad the I 'nit n logi-lher hy promoting tbe a^|aatnt%ace and inter aeavitig the int^reata of tie States wbicb ctmpoeiU We have tailroada a: d stotmahipr, we have*?' ?e!oj ed out miMral and a^ri ultural wealth; aewiMi to enlist your capital and your lodustry; we bav maintained a principle < f aovereigaty and Ktate equality in the Kanaaj* bt 1 wMb we will maintain, b<*t we have n<> pu'jKjeea of aggreesi^n, the pall of 8utb? rn progiett i ? not to the north w<" tiif ooiumn deiHoys to the aoatlwest. We batetoUiijg to gain by turning aside tbe teud"ntie? t^ our inC'uttrv; we will croaa fe Misai?aippi at II' nipiila: wc will traverse t.i? rlrli prairies of n/iper 'lejta*; we wiil mrcad the p is* of Itio Ura. de; we aill oprn t) trade anci dvlli/.atlon the rim aim ?? ard valley* i r f'hfnaanna, Of Iturango, of S.n<ra, si d we * iii trace the path of our progtnss acrora t > thep-jrtstf u>e Pa'jhc, attd toaarda Uia*. genial region which offers so much attraction to onr rs?a. Flat lev not our prog??-ss will l>? m%rk<><l hy ra pnc.ty or dl*h nor. We are no r >b>er*. We trust but to the u.(1uer'e? of energy an<l ioteiilgerica. l'bia u? tbe Ciur-eof Hoc thorn***, and if our Can au uii and New l.aAUnd ft'cLila caon tascoa p<uy the prrx eenlon they mu*t dr>jp out t.i it, Na ibit>g bat destiny can a"p it. It hss b*en under taken by a racc ol m*n wtw h ive an:cefded m all grtat uDdt'itak'ngs. They wlU posa r<a (Mr c>a qa*rttg c iumns aetll they em'r il the emmvroa sod inspire im policy of the s-mthwe?vrn p itu ia cf tb's ccatirent. You raenluuts, mtrlners. and manofactareni of \?w York w li ahare is aad pmiii ' by cor Irtiiniwbs. H e are Angl'^Haxor,* like your selves, ar.d it Is our detsrm nati >a and oar <le*tiny to prota.t cur rlgula of pn petty. We have glveu yoa nor princip e?. They are brnrat an<l plain. They tali what we mean i . u apprtve tie m tut their candor at well as f >r their eturage. Tbey td! yen theie mu*t be psace tka'. yon rouat tb*de by the law aa il It and you approve of tnefr decision. I most now "iffU'ly my aen-e of the patience witb which yoa have accorded me yoar attenti /n, by cio sing my remarks. CkiiUtintn.I t?c ,tr,m? ;.il to you tlila piatf'?m. it will lie found oomprehetMive. c:<Bil at/?ry and car did. It wae frame?l in a patno'ic uev-rmm *' ti to give petre to the country. It mtgtit, pertiap*, have b<tn so framed aa to have cotnman Jed mo-e r > o^* rat.or, bat !t wss tbtmgbt btVter to <Moar* so far l torn the uaai's of poiitl lans as to s >eak wiat we tbcugbt, ai>d, instead 'jf a'.lempticg V? dersirethe : pr' jiie, we iktermleed to nmr ar;<;w th* r*k of of n MM thein. Already havr yoa had tM op^nto* | tlty of taelrg tie fgtteMM wbi h ireaeol tb'-tia relve#. At f ltvelsnd aliens were t [>enly invitel U> one in and cotnUct atta.un A mtf.ear.s, and a ! larye party wta n?n pledging tssuf to ootimie agitation and ttnte v< a means of securing the govctBlBCMt of the ciantry. AmeiVar>a, will ym ahi<e by the platform of law and i nina or will tst go to tea ot" n that t aft las^wl to*eUM rfr <a tbe iiiae k* of a.!e?ii?m and faaaticton, gulled Ivy ot ? ? -els of trea?<n and malignity, aad <ie*tined to !'. .italiie wreck upon the ro> k* of dutuaiao Yoa, mee of New Votk. wilt a'ode by the law, and will ww, a* y tn baretr^or* hare l-ne, tare tne I nkxi fr< ra lotassttc or from foreign eamike* Ilotmb'n lllf Arws. A"??m ? n* k <>????? Of H**!'** ?A ftrl, HK'i ! Vtq i*a* Hirt, ? ?* ?m r+r?U) r*4 a i*? liav ;n(Ur tfyMgtirm. Ik* ?Wj> 'if Ha<iaaa j7, j ? ? a ntttiUr, ?M wr*?V! la H< kaik*a > a 1 a??4af , *? ? ' '?< ??xUI?t >t U aiWf?-'. ta?t afiar bMaf 11a fk?rj?4 fr*? bU a?rr*?? ?k* rkl?4 IM hiwaa ?* ? >??? | kiwmii Va ttia a flit **Wpa4 it kj a via ( 10m and t?l|*4 km?:lUt?ni ?<*! -<?W aftielM * v?? arr??U4 ?k? ?aa f?'i M a U? )]f?at ?)'M? aa4 ??? ajwrtiac a ??? a r*a> iwl Mw i*i?* < ?>? vn *r? w '??.'! ? ??ar?r?>fc? -a. '?*. 1??i l*f 'r aw aal J . ?* ?? Uai ' >?i (U4 fe >f V< j %?!?? a* fur tr ai ' af ih? CkMk ?T -?-r If MKT M? n- ?4ruf, "WW ?? m mMix ?? ?<"? ???'??*? is# a* a <Mfca?r *?(?* jaal ararta* laHab>ke?. ... M" *w^ ?f W?*? *" ^ Hfc'w* B-k, >.aar? aa'ar ?ka Utia a# ' O" I **T * *!*??? t,n ..*k ik> mMM ?*? rtlMr Ika tM >r.. lW>* 1*1 ?? ??, to fa*t, <*aita^aa a^., . u* Habatoa. M Wi M ?*? ??' tka .M.-- *al tWIrla* Ultla Mju ??? ? M ?w ??. ?4 ?? aa4iaa?7 ltUJ? <? ??a? iu> 4 ?*? *?? I. ,M>rin la ?U !???*. lk# aaaaU -'????? ?*'" ????aaHertira fc, *. a. ?at k'W? 4 mm -1. if af . ? *a?toa **' ?**?!' ??? b' K,. Aakaaa.MUaf, *??<** ft ?fca |j_i"T -? to# '?? totlaalaaa -???a ?7 ?a* , . .. witb aka??k M? lUUi? t M *a*to"4 ?? '? *+?*?*/ U ?" ?? .? ?a * >*. ?. aahaa. M< ia eea?ari?e? ??** **?*. ?ha?.aaa MMM ??? MtffeMlfcta aa.t; *?* , >r^ ? tka i'MM C*.r?a Tba M?M BM f1 haa % . Uai tmm U" art 'In**" " * ??i aaa ,r t? - ~ t r -m ?*aaa *a ifc*aa *?>??? *" *"??* '? ? ^a to ?* '? **?l? . ? to* mmm t-?- a ;? ?* aaiiaaa ta|? 'tog .. ^ , ? w to . .u? aa4 ai to. .~<aa *.? .1 tk* !??? J!aatoi ??#. aw K*aM l aaa ?'U yaa all a,,. ?,,?a?to?.<ia?aa?ii*?tto?'?4 *ha --???*? aMlkitoiaf Win hi <ia< Ifealafa ,r r< HM *M* IM to.? ?? ?? HT*a to 4a/ ta a ,? ?. i, >a<? ? al >a? w*a ka?* aa ???"??< wttk . >?'. toa a? >a ifca arart -to af tto. ? ;?<to mM toa???fa *a <W toN>^ <4 ?a4 , - Mwa ?. to< aa a ,??- ?m* a? ?< t? ? awat r?M| | <a . , ?. . t * ?>?' ynHin to ?"??? m' *? ^ ,, . a.rt aa* ??>?">? ?>"*" *?* ?* r..T?. ^ ??? *? ? m?>'* t*a< ?? <"?? ????? a?ea%# M ??""H**? tT aa MV to...?? ?* ?? ??*'**a4 ? 77 m to ?M<*a^toto al' ?k* >*????? w?? ?. <??a tnm **** *? *? **???** u-? 0i ???* j <M fca?? a-riorwaJ aa a*< ? t*? ??- to?f ?? -. ? a >ia<" '*?*? ? V"** Tt. r ? f - ????? to ??? a..? >???? to ...a uai ? <?? <?? Va?* **??' ??*? ?*????* ?*?** , toa tt ? ? tor ?W t f'? *??? w ? ? una* >*? a'to* a?f , t4l taa??a M um?, **a" ? la mm ?a?a.? mt fcj ?fca |w?to?. ?? "j*.*,**1* Mar?M art <4 t?-Mf tto> ati -?a >?m4m to Oaa - tortt aw rWtoa ?> M ?? ?*??? ?ui to ato?to , ) -I ? f ?a? M4 lto*> ato rtto to . 1 1, || w< >la,na ?a *a ati Ja? aa l?a< ha* artali'M ? k>? ? hataa a* riiMM a* a^ ffa"^ ?* '*? * ??? kt ?tirl 'to a** to af nh ? <tona?? aa I 4aa'? aw aa J?a? to M-a mmU ?? a^a Aa-? ?*e ??* *" ?'?P* a a anii - ato aala<* J a 4 taa * ff*4l -to f 'a** a to hSlai ^taaW to *m aal ?to* '"?? lM laid al aa. aa aa4 ? aiaiaa ?.?la? taa- to. w Vto *;< -"l" ".v * *>?? ka MVtMi a -a?to*? ???? "? -?? ?? a.laMaaata* U? aa- r+mt~+, to toa?* ' MUto I'ato -aaM ato aat itoton umm >M> u a?^aa*? I a a. ihara ^ tt... ? ?? . ?- -r*a.w..,? Ual ?( |M? IM ? ?H,#l ?? " Mata to* a?w ?< ??? .**1 '^*.r.' <> (?toaaf a?; ?Ma( >?"*?*'. aa ?a >>tot ???toaa latal a?4 *" 1 J" * araa i?a*ua. aa ??ua? to?a ? .><a4 at ' Ml I to apMt aaalaaf (Maia.a to. ?-?w ? < ?*uaa toan? Wa. ?to a.f ?? -? ?'-? U?il>a vfeK a to ka* ????? ? to toaa **?'??* ? *ia* r?? >a?? 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W|ual to kla Kathat'-rka maral l?r- ??'*- ?* *? rrmaln tfca aama tboa. airtuaa kia larb-araa-. |i?a mti.ara kla humllit/, kia ra.wa.twaa to tb. w?U .ill U(N vlrtttM ir? ?? ?Wf U^.?g ""I rl..o rc?4#ffio (ho? who m%f fr<*? ?? tc. af aurfc a k?b ??a<.r . a? ?aty?-a?tWi? aaa'altBlT to thaan.aia *-u a,U?f'.a baa# aark aaan hi. a' < aa ibtoa altoM?1 la ??? <*? *???'" "?* t,MT PUBfD^l ?i|?, f'?f ?? - "" in ?t tiiat i* .Bomb aO ik* ???? ? ktto'?*?y ?i a tb* aora faaalkar wa?4a ?f MaaVtor ?a4 a. v? aa a (1.1*1 ? " M ? . h'? I. >k>M lila ta I* tnd thay all! raj , il:?r ai!, V>..? .* IM i<a aa t ? ib ? tiirt nl bur (?!.*<? IKiri?|| lU part ? ???, ? i-a ta U jr Ukiaf up ??!>? of tla- w*' |??> . a> aaM'blf part?'t ?1* juti-ate-i la o ? t ?? . a t ? >a4 MtlatN '? (ktfHMwM ? 1 Mm ,(?aataat ?>' in.nlla ' ?t MOa to <; th); ana oat i iir ?Uu> ~f ? 1 *a ?ra I'.n ttaai lman?;, ma; ba ..taa tt. t,j ta *af a tba li ilwli iwt k*nw v< "? a to put>U*b aaa? tbtac* that aim* at 11m ???? '?>?!> lion of < lifaiiaalt/ I rMi*aa'.*r. a faa )(ut a: a' a lhay p*U?ba-4 ??a af tha wat i?'aa?a* a aar*? ? * *> art'.laa aa . w aa a.aa (In I ia aataai ?<*?? ??< tot* reiutrr ?oan<t 'antt a 'h It, |ti?t 'l?-lu?t t?a? fi'. aa a<t I' al tta ra-onataaa taU hi af at*?y a*taa ?'?t cnaa, a* aa aa'i o'a a??ia-t I'- ( . a .aa.aa? ' tba praaMt atea'b, et akl'k I lata *p*?ia IW Vritar ;ii?? tha puttu hi* apia >aa* -a twa aa* a ?> ra II# m t* la 'artaia ? Mum* af Aaa an a M* 'aa* ? ? .art. i ??ff eaaB ia ??. a **>oaf ai Itnl i;f l'?t< ?! traral It ? lm iiU-( t<?? ?a a i.l *??>; tl ?f rfllll.1 ? ta 1 a tf ha r. .a' M '.?('? ? taa-# o I !?><; wiM >U iar la >a>> alaat .aaat >.* - - r > jiutrat ba laiMtif <a>< aa* *a*?> a Ia*t at all ahat ;? aaaat la tK? < ataatt- t.%?#?b tf Ha lialf -? r bra <>f tba htaaa ?al -at* h aa* ta taa ? b* aa aat a hka uliwtmii iip<a it Aa4 ta mm a a iiu *Ma natti I ? ? ?< > > li ? a . - .f k < . a?a?a> b* ? ? pra*<aa lua aug>i 'ba' la th ? a*>>( aiaaaJ a "????? ? -a iif ul ti.i, tlaara ?ba?U mil nam p-' ? * a .a ara f ? .a la MM I P aarablp aa4 tba anrabip a? ?Ua a tba* a <?**r ta oartata tba p> a'<pa* a|"a at., a a ? writWa, h' uttata thU laat.naaat fbaaa aaa.* ..aalaaal awap Ml * aa Mil at ? la 'aataa il?aa* a ? ? ? ?iai? pr-?faa***aa aa t parr-a* t?ia'?~4f I . aha- Itk.aah- la* a ? a laf ??? . pi a. aa l? | aapta W witaa fat f aa pr 'aa* aa* Ita I baa jltat ? ?praaaiaa ta taa ??fa. a a( ? " Par '"hriaa la* r rtaa haa /ai* a* aa hbliatt* .? aaf aatl'f. a* it ba* atth -f*a4a a*4 ? n ?? > A ad to * I auppaiaa a lit ba r-.aat aral a* ? rat aa -a fcaVa MM tl.a argnaaMt ba aa>M aaa ?' ait: aa ' afaa4 a i ?I| maor a- a tarr<? a bhna a* a aat yaaf a aa nattaf (In 'Ituta l?(ll a* a ai,ia a* >laa -a i?ai ua aa -> |/iaaa*aa of a aat; paanf aaaafa ap 'ilfah'f tbaaa ar i . P a urarttf aba ? tb?f *?? -al rai I .4 i.oraat 4 ail ol hi^iim aai ar * laaai iaa apr? aflMk, aa4 n( Uk ma*w tf in*a ??tial taa u.a aa aaka* a* .a I inta I>.?t ? U'lii ? aiaa a tf>| ... aarf aa.l .a 'b? aar* af aa .abaita* aa faaa. t><n but th?7 ?*> * I.aa aaaat.Ual a arTaalnai ta?l Uvt ?a'f'ituh IVaaaa t?a at. I I., tn tka p a a it a ? it ? aa bitkarta baM ?a*rfrt >p*a lixaa ? ? kur?h o( liar at ? Ut ut that 1 mtt t- t* T -f a a .B it.rart oppaa'.'iaa 'a afcat awM Saaa b*vjaa?1 ' ? ? .a ?af laaiac af tba urtf. tbaf ara m taaaat hp taa trial* af b'ata- r tba W hia^ af Um i at^iaJhr ??ar b *lail try "?mmmn i? a* aa?l aipfrlafw Nafnra ?**? aa ? art an/ ad ?|at?a ff rai.jta , ? al ??aaa'f aa a that m ,??. lap a fa Jb4aUn? fa* t *a: a -rf tar ta la/ ? laiaiMM tor H tkff <aa*f ?!**> tba (imal . li>* i Matt, 'ar * at* ara 4? aaay, Ml hwl vat aa fir* ly lb a f'athafc' alfMh that ? I t a Taa, but braafttaal HrbMata bit ahaa la t*4*ia? ara ipM tba aaU ra*% aa t lllUlft (bar aaf mgarl It a* rohbiab 'bat wit 4a<t t * * a . .it Uaa ta a vara It *?., ta ar<*r ta 4a/ aaa? a ta .1, it M?ta ba aararatrf ' n'kar 'a 4a a?rar ?Ha Vba aaiiaf la th* aw .UnaofmM M Wrth aa-. '?atj. *f^i i*aa uml a*4 Uaa aparttaal ?*?>'?? ty af .t* 'l arab Tkap taiM bar* ?* '??tiay tuat atat'Ji aba>b baa p?la?Mt tba a*t*a -a Ita >ai?*atbr 1 ta it ha I thar aiuat paaa** bar that tba //an* af tba aarth ?*?*.aa4 ta rata tor .la 4aatr?? aa ahaa It aaa aat x'ahaMhal. aa4 Uk*t taa ?a>t lla plant-4 kaa?ar?aa* graat Uaa flat aaaw l ? 1 1 1 .a> f t it ta?n*ha4 mm* a lha aa*4-' af paraar *'?? *a t that Uaay *rfal4 bar* W, 4a?tr*f tba r?mri* ab -b W-i Law It paraawt ?V eWae. *a4 ?W . aa?ta<a tba art v aaa of > .r < p ?aaaaa, that ha ?mM b* ? Ufl it a "*"? aaaaatir? af tba #ai*4 '' a! tbaaa a * 'aanra 'if IU Uath. af tta aaa* ?.!/ ita aalaaraaa p, aaat 'V par* ?h a IM It a*W< opM IVaa afta'a a*4 ?ha w^urB'! It IMMMIIN top tha aalrathaa of aaa Mat ba 4m* a?af a-th hafara Ik* *fa*a > 'ai ba lattWlrtal T>- Kt **l r? a'a-aaaa paa ?*'*t at at . praatar laa?tb a >taaa at tba 4<r aa an<>? v taa harrb n'aieaOM ataa <ba a-aaaaitf a? p*a a*Ma aa *??a*atai ta h lr?a ' hrv uaa ?'a n aa; *a fat *?4 < *Mto<ia4 aa faOr^r* -lat aa, thM. *? hj 4a; la ta* i if aa ?- a aaf tba ff^-a -af -aa ?a?a?*a? ?a, mIh that vr vdl, fron thlf nuotit. (m fdfeM Ic tha frwltlt af *1 iw da uaa of eur raliglaa. Ma kwi oa* titf-M bMb lk? a aaa a of fultlliag M ka lbs body mimmU, ferU va Mfhct it va till be vMh ?i( m; Itoilt; ?( UUitaMlk ful, that m baring lift) u4 Mint IM aa Mrik n a?y , through tli Bar It* of hi* Livlaa -oa, roma a ttoa vkiib k* bit nwml for thoaa >hi k?? abeyod hi* NNUMI. At iba OMClUiOt of Um WBW ? lw|t CaliMllM IM Wkrn up WM aftar vblch tba ooraaoay ul iladdeataa tanalaatad, tad tba ooagragatton JupfM 1 Tba ebutk la oaa tructad a( brick, la flfty faat br alartyflra, aad aaat about tl'J.ODO. Tba altar, which U a wit baaatttal aad ehaata plara of tartaiaiblf, va? maoa by tba Brotbat a Thoaaa aad tba charth vaa ball! aodar tba dinrtlM of Mr. Dautar-b triiitest. Tba crgaa alaaa la worth tl.bM, ami tba orgaaiat, Mr. Da Oraaral, of Hobahaa. la an* or tba baat la tba lit;, aad baa bad a laag oapanaaca la hta proiaatlaa. Bahtad tba altar I* a rplaadld ropy of tba baat Virgin of Kapkaaf, k aowa aa tba ?? MaAoaaa at Fatlgao." tblaaopy na ar:ara<i by tba Klag of Hardlala, aba paid tvalra tkaa aaad fraaaa for It, and by whom It waa praaaatad ta Bar Mr Obavte, paitar of tba cbareb. Tba fhareb It rail la a plain aad uaprotaadlag adidea, aad la artdaaUy ib traded aa a temporary atruetura. Maprrtor Otmrl? Part Mar aad. Bafara lloa. Ju'lga Hloaaon. action nm malicious pkmkoution. Ji-aa I V. 1.1,1 rfw+iM w. JfarabaM A. JfuAa a ? Tbla va a aa aetioa for maMeiaas pikiiiIIwl Tba plala tin aUagad that tba dafaadaat, as Navaaabar M, IhM, rbarfad bafora I nltad Hta toe Coaiwlaata? I BMIaMI that Ua plalallfl bad oomaittad parjary la (alaalf avoar lag a* tba Custom House, an Htplaabu ?, 1IU, that Im vaa iha aala aad oaly nvorr of tba ataaawklf Adalalda, aad that ?a auab charge (ha dafaadaat eaasad blaa ta bo brrastad aad bald ta ball, aad that aa a aubaaquaat aa - aalaaMua lata tba raaa lbs charge waa dlamiaaad. Tba pla'utlfl aiaa allafad that tba rharga vaa aala mallaaaa I), end without probable oauaa. Ibtmagea ara laid at (IV i?j Tba dafaadaat Iraiad tba atailoa, and laalatid Mai tbara aaa probable eauaa for tba ehargo. Tba aa tva ara* < naawl oa tba vtuth of June, aad ortaptod tba awit up to tba iAth, oa tba trat tba faldaw lag a'alamat of far la oa? shown ?That eoaa tifbs ba ll.- a tbayaar ItM. oaa 'aaa Vaa fall bad goaa toCailfar a-a white there bad be<-aaa largely Inrolrod la atoaa buauag, aad ta tba lannw of tbta tear. 1H&-1, Aeteraiaal ta > ate built u> New V art far Califora a a ataaaaar ta ta <aiia<1 tba Aealalda. Tba ptaintliT rlalmal that tba aaa>?< araa ta ta baill uadar an ? rraag* naaal bat vaaa hlat aoM aad Jaba Vaa I all , by vbicli iba oaa tract a vara to ta a* ?? aad II <?' *ala Ukan ta bu ova aina, Vaa Hdt fvraxli ag tba largor portioa af taa fuada, aad tha pala t.ff a*ainn?t:a( to blaa taa a u oa of (I.UUO and bla par aa.nal ?araHaa vuw-b vara to anbtia blaa to tra taaa tftka ' f taa ?? aaal lbl? va ' daala>l ay tba dalaaea. H lat vaU; appaara'l, aovaarr, tba* taa plualitf did aaaaa aa to fc?v Vara, aa<1 did h?ra aator iato rartaaa ?>at?i ta (o< tba ailtarral pa r ta ?f tba raaial la bia ava aaata, aa>! caaaaianiaatod iha fact to .loba Vaa i1*!!. ui w,??u'ly Mr Hlabard ' haoary aad Klchard M. Jaaaafc Ma at aa I raa*l?aa <iti< tiaa I lataraata In tba raaaaL th ai optemtar I. IH..I, t aa I'aii aaat cn to Nav Tarb !?- aupor aioad 'ba flaiabiag of tba ??aaal, aad to labo bar u?t to talifuaaia, uaa I>aal4 r Volt, vba vaa aiaw ? aaa - 1 aa a viiaaaaa |. r tba piaiatifl Iba dafaadaat alalaaA taai bafora bu eeata Jaaa Vaa fait furatabad ta Ika pia ii* id Ha,' t< aar-.'a tlaa ?r?aal, an I t oat tba talaaoa ?< ti<a faa-'a vaa f iraMl>adby tha ad in alatrator af bla aatato -a talifuav*. aftor uaaili iba aiaiatllf roa ??ia1 tliat ba bad raraiaad I m,iM from Vaa I'all, bat .!Mia?a<l la a I tba aa'ai. a u< tl>a fuata aaa rvntrlbutaA pait ? lit Mr Yaa I all a eaiata, aad parily by Mr. Cha aar a aad Mi Jaa.ap, alio vara to baaa a b araa la tba b a a .-I. a>p<aiad '<>ba Vaa I'alt .liad >?n aptaata .+ I*M, laariag <a b<a aaal of am bi> motbar. biabra a lata aad bia a a'ata, oaa of vnm bait naairad tba 4a ?? a laat .a tb a artaia It tbao appaaral tbat la tha a?<aib wt J uaa 1> *. tba aaaaal vaa aat yat rampWto t ? I bai tail aad tl.? | la t-tlfl antra la av York banag bar fteiebad aadat taa i . ta. uaa aad tbat t ail, vba ball fcaea >aal oa f JaliB tan I'alt, bad ba# a nuadraaal bp M' 'baaatry ob?aa'oaa>d tiaa a'lioiaiatratora af Taa I aii aa vail aa aatniv. to a akara la bar, aad Mr iaa ? I aad aaapaivanat by tbam to aat la tba? bah Of la J'.tta Mr I'atkli baa aa a art tao vltb Vad aad Vaa-Wttrtli tavb' b ba tatrod?i-ta b attaif ?a batiag ?i art la a a aaa tar af iuba Vaa I '-it aad alataa laat ba ' rl-ita tbaiai ta aail tba 4 \ la, 'f i baaay, Mr VaM. Mr Jaaaatf aad tha plaiaulf ba> af tbta dalaral aa tbat it aaaid ba tot than muraata to liara bar a aid ? ? o tart aad out tataa ta lalJ.raia Vad laat1 bad tbat ha . 11 ? tad tha dafaa >?at to aa wa tbaa, If ba bat aay agal ' *bi bijiaai|l tba ?ala Tbia, baavaar. vaa a-H aaa and aa /?l| a tba laiao laal aaibtd lar CflMar a?a t ta rat >raad -a Im la a *pla?bar, aa-l Maa wtad laat dur ar bia a' aat ? tba a.ild ara had aala vifbatr btli 01 aoia ta Vaadatbtll tbat ba bal lakaa ll.a ratiatry ?a?lb at t' a I ti'aa llama, aad that iba bu bai baaa aa.u, aa laaaa to It .?i?.a by Vaadar bit o lb t !?? ra?aa*t of tail Tba praaa atl aa vaa la at.lalad u 1 pat ary a- a?a<] to Ka?a baaa << atalttod by tlia p a aU? -a tai ag ' ba ragiairy uata Taa plaiativ aia'Otad apa a Ibir, laal ba vt U.a layal aooar, aad Mat tba lagal Mia af taa aaaoal a bla aaa Baaa, aal roald lavfaali aa?? tba ragauy uaib if* aim udaaad vlt a?a aaa va etaao tbat Iba dolaadaal laaa lb* nraa ataa.aa ba'ata ba aida tba rbaaga aad thai Iba plala M" vaa ata?..oa 1 aa a vltaata >a toa p.aaas a ol tba da aadaala ly bia rMBaai la tb a a 1 a ib a I'bal aaft la all 1 a laat la I <aaa vaa afa-o?t ba A'talaida, aa *btrb aa aa aalaaa ha I aat, lad ta I baaa 'a- la aal farotahod tba ?taiandaa' lottava raaalt*) 'ram ; Vaa I'alt abavlag Iba a is ka aa ? lalai ? I by bia tba >'af?a>taat aa bia part, taaaatod tbat Iba plaia on, la maa lati.ra anlaaa by bta aad prada aad bp tb< lafaadaat mm Iba aaaatiaaUa ba ira tba 1 a tad ftotoa itaa'iMax bad adaattltad tbat ka tad aa lib .* lataraai ia Iba raaaat, U-ai iba Aat aa Aaa 1 aaaraiy a> t?d far Iba iB'aaOta af Ifea Taa I'alt aiato, a a, a bo bad baaa appaiatod > lala ?a'aator IB Saa tart tbat bafara l?a( aaftkla la Uaa aa* tor ha load all tba farto af Iba > aaa baforo Mr Ja a baaa-a tba A.aataa' I aal lata aa Allaiaaf, aadao ? baaa adtia aad dlie taaa ba a'tai ua aaaliaaidg tba r'a?a-?tiaa aad tbat tba dlaaiarga by I ??aatataaar ?toa va* aftaa > Aal borotao aad partially aa Iba grama.: lltal tba p-aia I' * a Iha aalb, bad a ibal aa-'ar tba adai-a ol Mr dhopard bia aaaaaol Mr Mad aaa 'aattpad that ha dla barf a- 1 aa |va> ? raaada ? 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