Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 1, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 1, 1855 Page 5
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from tb<re to Amerct, wtthou' m*king provision Car th* vin's if thie uu'ti ppy r'a** of people to ?u ??>:? ihesi t? ceBB'krtt an bourn Without *d> nir.nt. of auppor'.. liny become % burden to U< kuthonii*" ahrotd, ?nil'. la to Im *>ol*'*lat ' that n>fkfDrv? ha?? not ere tbia, t*?n t?ro to jnt > atep >o ifcn prtoitr*. Rot I am h?ppy 1 1 a'ate that oar f*'.h?-Uad. Saxuny, I* free from r or n no iinpu'*?i>n rhe ? 8'< 'ant* from t> re wen- til (.oir-rfa!, we?ltliy, and iaduatrlo 11 uoepl*. kupjilie'J with meant ye?, fru wenl'l, aanL m 1 ciull only trc rotss h-r* ? tb ??. f'elwg of tidiifH, and tueb as Aurriu will receive wltb op-a tr nt. For myrelf I ba?* n??*r taken part ln?h? above men tioned ?ir?l r?, and would no' irive or) v ?nu:tl>u. Acrept tUe *a*tir<ince uf my hig'ieii'. ntutum, from yeew, GE fOK KraRfifllKH, Geieral i Rent for the liarmio Knigr**.ioa. Law Intelligence. Court ok ArFK.tu?, JCilt 28 ? No* <44, 81, 92>?, 216 ?ad V68 (truck oil. No. 68 reserved far Jul y H No B.I reaeivfd for June 30. No. 241 rbe i'eopli ?*?. M:0*r r?n. Araued. Mr Joshua A 8p?no?r, for pUlBtllT la erret; Mr H T I'tley, for defendant la error. So. 42 reetered ud reserved for July 2. No 6! rferre 1 for Jnne 20 Nci. 16 end 17. Barney agt City cf BufUlo, ana Oro<Tfiior act. iuw. On argument. Mr Jo'in L Taleoott, conn**l *ppellmt?; Mr. Alva Warden ta l Mr. Job* Habtxll, eanoaet 'or r^aponden'.H Calendar for Jam 26. 1866.? Not. 62, 63, 64, 66, 6V, 50,'?, 61, 06, 69, 70 nd 81. Covkt or Armu, Jane 28.? No. 229, submitted; Own f. Coffin and Franca Larkin, counsel. No 46, rabmttuc-, (Mhert L. Wilaon, counsel. Not. 210,260, submft'ed; R. F. Hicks, counsel. No. Ill, reserved for fourth week. Noa 26, 131,8a, strusk off. No 247, The People agt The N. Y Central R R. Oo ; Mr J. H Rey nold* for appl't; Mr V Owen for reep't*. No. 88, E*?*I irtyneagt Weeks, argued; Mr. Ralph IxKkwood for appl't; Mr. fleo W 8te?etn (or reap't. June 20 No 84, Baeket agt. Richer!*, argued; Mr. Dayton lor appl't; Mr. K F Htoke for jeapt. No. 80, Caryl agt. Ruaaeri argaed; Mr Joibna A. Spencer for ?nit; Mr. L. Tremaine for reapt. No. 78. White ut. Joy, au*)mittel; Mr Jehn H Rernulda, couoael. No. 102, Keercitr agt. Tlionpaon, argued; Mr. John Habbell for ?ppl't ; Mr. J. T. WUlimma for rcapt No. 00, Judgment affirmed by default; ?ir. Charlea Jenklna, couaael. No*. 101, 121, 106. 169, 98, 99, 118, etraclt off. No. 41, re aetyed for July 2. Eepenachled'a Silvery Rocky Honntaln Bea ver waa no aeoner out than it took th? l?ad of ail com petitor*. Compare tbi* rich, light, highly fiowhnd hat with tboae told twelve per cent dearer in llrottdway, and it will be found a baniUomar, better, and Oner article. Kjl'KNSCBIKD, 118 Naisan atreet. Aitoa'i Daguernetypei?iiarge Size tor 30 Matt, colored and in a nioe eaao. twice U>? ti<? other* take far DO Nlta. and equal in qnalHy and alia to thoie mad* ebewhtr* tor U. ANSON, M9 Broadway, oppoiiM Metro politan Hotel. New and lS? anttlui Diecovery ? The Public are invited to call and see aome Hpe?ln?>Da of daguerroo typea, with an improvement discovered by Mr. W. H. Rabkn of Troy, formerly one of oar ?rtl?tt, by which the moat beautiful effect* are proiuoed. MEADE BBOTHkRS, 233 Broadway, four doots above the Aftor ^ Hotue. Piano*. ? Horace Waters, 303 H roadway, ha* Mke *ole agency for the *aie of T. Uilb?rt & Co.'*, Htllett A Cum* too 'a, Woocwatu It Brown'*, and Jacoo Cbtcaer N"! Bo* ton pianoa; and bin i* the only hoaa* where ean be obtained the celebr*t-d modern improved Horace W'a tece' piano*, witb overatriog*. Price a lean tlian can be tad elaewbtre, and which dely competition. 1'iano* to aeat, aad rent allowed en parcbaae. Piano* for aale on ?aoothly payment*. Hew Btulc.-'' Triumphal Polka."? Oecar Oomet&nt. t<) oente.? Tne theme ortgiaai and pietavog, the arrangement brilliant, but not difficult. "Swingiug Polka" ? i'bomaa Bak*r, itluatratod with a beautiful ? eoloieo vignette title, 36 conta. ' Oeratdine Scnottiaoh" . * ?Baker, 36 cent*. Three excellent production* for piano practice. HORACE WATER.S, Pabliahar, 333 Broadway. Southerner* on uietr Annual Visit to the Nertbrro states ibould not fall to examine the lar<e and splendid atock of cbeap pianoforte* at tae tit. Nnholaa piano eatabliahment, 619 Broadway, and alm> the much admired ceicitial.'or coubie oe av* piano, wluch com btee* a greater variety ot musical effect* than any other invention, and can be purehaa?u at taoaami price a* any P ordinary Brat claea inatrnm?nt. Pitnoa sad melodeona to let. El. V k MUNOER, 619 Broad way. Oiyital Palu?? Wuhingtontk OigMito*, ?r monster tree of California.? an enormous apsei wen of tbe forest giants of California, trensomdiag m size and beauty any ' big tree" a* jet imported from that region, baa juat arrived from S*n Fr*ocl?co, and wtU be exhibited tu the Crystal Palace, woich has been ??gaged 17 the proprietor of this wonder of o&'.ute, as the on.; building id New York large enough to dii play Ma msgnitlcent proportion* Tbe exhibition will opou on Weaserday , tie 4th of July, and cannot rail to prove the grand attraction of the kimih. Tim Waitiiagtoaia Uignntea (no tamrO by botanists,) la of mueh larger di menaions than the specimen of the serji?g?nrs described aid depicted in the London Illustrated News, undar tha title of the Wall ngtonea liiaotti That tree only mew u red 29 feet at its base and 174 feet in beigot, while the principal diameter 01 the Wash ingtonea liigantea la 31 teet, and ita altitude wheu gru w lag waa 3fc3 feat. At tha beig t of 110 leet Ita diameter via 1(X leet. Ihe "big tree" exhibited in thil city se veral Booths ago waa almuat ? pigmy la comparison witk this mastodon, which waa nnuuastlona!>lr the Inrgest "stick of timber" tn California It in supposed that there are not more than one hundred of these great trees rn tbat Mate and this, from It* overtopping height, waa distinguished from the rest by tn* title of the Motner of tbe Foieet. It has been cut down and hrvugbt to New York at a very h-avy coat, and caanot fall to attract universal admiration, not only from ita nntlvabed magnitude, but from ton straigbtness and ay Mastery ol it* bol-. St^hteea months wer* ooneumed In ttU'ltg. trlmm ng and preparing the tre* for exlubl tiso and bringing it to this port. Botanlats who bare aiaaliM the nn?s on tha trunk prono unce Its age to oe between three and four thousand years It was probe My n sapling beloxw the Bret stone of the Pyramids ?as laid, and waa contemporary with Hoses and the Pro phet* I? (N. J. Kxptesa.) To be seen at tbe Crystal Palace on the Fourth of July, and every day afterwards until farther notice, boors epen from 8 o'clock A. M. till 8 o'clock P. M. Ad mittance 26 eents. To Pnrthutii of Dry Ooodi-Wr will offer on Monday, July 2, an Immenee stock of rich aummer Ansa goods, which we bare bought within a few days for less than one half their usual prioe Fine lawns at Ad , French muslins, la., rich bareges at Is A<1. anl rich barege robes, grenadns*, tissues, silks, "hairls, emtiroi denes, &c., equally cheap. 1l. H. LEAliBKATER & CO., 347 Broadwiy. Hournlng Goods, Mourning Uooda. ? In Ad dition to onr heavy stock we will oiler on Monday, July 2, black barege at Is. per yard, printed lawns at M , Hue French ginghams, Is.. Kretch prints, yen*, wile, la ; and nil other goods at very reduced prices. ?. H. LKAX.UKA1KH A 00 , 347 llrovlway. Read and bo Inatractrd.? > .1 anc Halts, Check Marseilles salts, 48 .'>u; tep lyr cnssimare suits, 9IC; nrown linen coals, 4) ; Marieillea vests, 41 ; duck coats, 93 60, at ETAX8' clothing warehouae, M and 08 Walton street. Thermometer at im ? Uran unra CoaU, as oool as a xepbyr, at 41 60; Marseilles vests, $?, 42 anl $3. linen pantaloons of every description 41, 4'- and 4 at KV'ANb' clothing warehouse 00 and OS Falton street Zephyr Csuslmere a alia, $IO^-Thene really ' beautiful suita ate manufactured from a new descrip Usb of woollen goods, of rich, delicate sbades ao >ut one hundred 01 them ar? NU ?1j. 1 ly, at I.VANd' clotuing warehouse, 00 and 00 Fulton street. Jnmmtr Clothing at Auction Prices \l pacca coats, 41 26; gingham. 76c.; wnite jean. 41, silt alpacca, 43; linen pants, 7 be. 122 Nassau street, at f UkVlK'H auction rooms. Srtrn'i Khlrt and Far n telling Store, Wo. 1 Astor Hoaae.? Attention la lnvitea v> the superior ar tistes in tbe gentieawn's furnishing dq/artment. tha 1 stock Includes every variety of undtr shirts and drawers, ties, cravats, glovss, half iioee, gold shirt sinda and studs mounted and otherwise; gectlem?n's toilet article*, Ate., imported for the sprinir and summer trade. Ihe prices remocerata, and the assort tu?nt unequalled. For Protection against Mosquitoes and all insects. ? liA KIV-' patent improren portable canopy and net, combining beauty, cbeapnasa, and entire ee onnty against insects, without ooairuetm* tbe circu lation ot air. It is constructed so that it will 111 any beuetesd, and the net is so arranged tbat it will con tract and eipand by meana of robber braide, ro that it will fit seru'ely at nil Uinta, and on aU be>d*t?ads, ' thereby aflorciiig entire protecti >n axaiost irmects. It ean be attachsd to the bedstead in leas than teo min iitaa, and can be tal>ea down In an e<|ually short space of time jet, while it affords the protection sought, it is a beautiful aad chaste ornament to the bed. General depot No. wu Chambers street. New Yore. Brasher- Hair, Tooth Khsvlng, Cloth and nail bruansa, tn every variety, manufactured aad tor aato by lU NflJiY A l-tR.ll>, 667 Broadway. Oreaalrifi Caeca. ? The Saber rlbeia' Caeee far FronitinriDeat M4 utUitj. will tie found to e<|uai, if not surpaas, either demesUc or foreign manufacture. Caaee uce to oroer, repaired and refltuxl HLNTLKV A FAKi.L-, 6S7 Broadway. Defiance Hslamandrr Aafea ? Hobert V. Pat Jrkk 11 tbe wle mannfnetnm la Um UMM SmIn tt I the six" a relebrat-1 aafe- ?n<*. patent powder proof de locks an l cro*? bars. l>epol 192 I'earl street, one door below Maiden tsne. Ma Water aad Cream My rnpa. Made from freab cream.? ^mething new and superior to ordinary syiupa. lecies and ir?ntl?fnen are invited to call and try them, at Kl ItiVS only, at No. tl7 Hroadway, o or bar of Canal street, and No. 10 Astor House, corner of tiskrciay street. Cofinnc Otla, Photogiaplilr Chemicals, Ds gnsrrean apparatus, A'S.? iitruian green, French white, aad yellow cognac oils, peppermint, wlatergreen, jam Kr. clove anc caraway oils essences, Jamaica and Ht. oil rum apple, pea<-& and ecerrv branty; gm aod whlssey , all pbt-togiapbic chtmicaia anl apparatua; , salte goid Vnd.daa, brom. les pj rog%lic and aretta an is ?at'mium and silver preparations gutta percba bates, diabes, Ac, (or sale by liK. I. FRi < lit* aMiAlt, US Mauien lane. N B.? Warburg s uactere for choiers aod boa, $4i per bettle. Cutlery? Raton, Pen, Picket and Sporting knives, seoeor* and lan<'> cutlery. Razor* hju?i eol cutlery repaired, at HUNiLfcA' k FilWH, bt>? Broad ??r MttMHgn'f Urndon Cwrdlal Uln.? Or. Chll - tu?, the ennaFDt cbeu"st, h4v>u< miljwl Ut?t?u;4r'4 ' I'D, prineunce* it a w<*ical tincture of (reit value. Vh ui?k? >U extract lri?ra hi* Qtrttdeete:? "16 1 gei's lAimlon c. roiel *inj in es-ealUHv toe sano a* the > nnwncawt nr'.ielH lutroau-el i?!o the Ouitel -t?te 1 D.? peusary utider tb* asm . of ' f'omyiusi fpirit of JqqI p*r," and recommeooed in a u?*lut addition t<> diuretic luluiion* aod mixture-*, ia deoilititeU casts of dropsy, , ke. 1 bav? oo i'ou?>t that, if edmloUtarrfd m?d'c>uiliy, i ' H will jroduce beneti:ial elfects. James K t'hiltia, 14. i I'. , C bn i*t, New Yor<, Juoe i?#, l?5o." Priie oue dol I lar ptr quart bottle. ."-old ny U VC. Hills, dr<iri<ist, l,i fsige House, 67tf Hro*<lw*T and by druggist* and gro cer* generally. l'ba M* llquu- law ''oe* not restrict or I prohibit it* tale. It K. UK^KNUKB h 00. , sol* import ; er*, 68 * ulton street ? Batrhelor's Hair Oye, Wt|i and Tonpces.? The tout in the world. Ma* private room* for applying hi* unrivalled eye. Bawar? of Imitation*; tasy r as lit is ridicule. Tbe l?rge?t *tO".k of wig* aod tnip?esin America, wholesale and retail, at BAPCtiEMWs, 233 Broad waf. Hill's Improved Inatai.taaeooa Hair Dye ? the cheapest and beat ia use for a jet bUsk or beautiful brown. Hoe* not rub off or cum**) color; give* entire banlxfactlon or the money returned 8)td or applied privately at No. 1 Barclay street or 46 Nuna street Jnat Opened, lllll'e Brancn Hair uyelng, ?uttins, curling and ibasipooiai parlor*, at No I Barclay street, fitted *p Id a nsat, coinfortabU and praotioal (trie. Shaving at thi* or tbeole itaad, No. 46 Na**aa street, six ?eat*. Fourth July Notice. ? ueiitlrmen wishing th?ir clothing cleaned and repaired for the foorta, must leave or rend them to 863 Piarl itieet, near frroaCws), previous to luuvday, to prevent disappoint ing. Article* lest tor by A. COKTI.Sf<Oe>. Observe, bbli I'earl street. Dr. 8. 8. Fitch, Author ol the ?>lt I.ectuite oa lonsunption," oltiee 714 BrotUwuy, open daily, (Sunday excepted, ) Irom 9 to 5 o'clock, treats oiaiump tion, aathma. diseases of the heart, and all chronic dis ease* of male* and females. Consultation free. I Scrofula, Rheumatism, Ac? Hyatt's Life | Balsam is s* certala to cure tbs most painful forms of these diseases, as water l* to nusneh thirst; also, old ulcer*, lever More*, ervsipelu, tne worst oases of Impu I rity ot tte blood, liver and kidneys, general debility, dyspepsia, incipient consumption, piles, he. Principal depot 846 tirand street. Seventy five cents per bottle. Hloloway's Ointment -The tlrst Surgeons of this great country have generously and noblr r-com senred tbls valuable ointniHnt lo their patient* aod the public generally, as an Infallible remedy for wojnd*, Mire* and ulcer*. Bold at the manufactories, 90 Maiden 1 ace, New York, and !144 Strand, bondon, an 1 by all druggitts, at 26 cents, ft'i ); cents, and $1 p-ir pat. The Great inhaling Remedy for Asthma, conaumptloa, sad all disease* of the throat and lungs, Ir. Curtis'* bygeaaa. Thousands have Desn res to ^<1 to health the paat year by toe hygeaoa. Priusipal office No. Broadway, ana st Id by C. H King. No. 19j Biosdway. I'rice only a paulsge. Br. CUBITS will be at the office dally lroin 10 to U o'clock, where he msy be consulted free of charge. What funeral Piles of the Mouse and Rati j 'Twas not the lootb of dog or cat. Nor swindling eounterislt aid that! 'Twas 1 job's ptil that struck the bl>w, And laid ttios* heaps of vtrmialow I.ook for the natloaal medals aod K. LYON'S name on the label of genuine article*, which never fail of iucosss. liepot 424 Broadway. Manled. On Thursday evening, June2H, by the Rsr. K-lward Latbrcp, BiciuhdDomimc-k Bhow.vr to Syuklu* B , daugh ter of 'iboinas Tomp'on, all of this city In Brooklyn, on Saturday, June dO, by tbe Kev. S T. Spear, I). D , Donald Murray, Km-, of tbiseity, to M*ry tMJifi, daughter of Thomas Porteas, Ks.j.. of Hrjoklys. In Brooklyn, onTburslay, .luoe '.'H, by the Her. Or Betbune, Boiikkt I. OiiitaiNU, of this city, to Mario* Hklkn ^racuan, of Brooklyn. Uwd. On Friday, 2?th lnat., after a nbort an ) never# filn***, Sakah Jark, youngeit daughter of J tine* W. aad Sarah A brodle, aged 13 year* and H month*. Tbe friend* and relative* of the family, ill tho?a of ber brotber-in law, '/. K Simmon*, art re?p? ctfully iu vlWd to attend her funeral, tbt* a'traiuo, at three (.'clock, trom the residence of her father. No M Sund* atrcet, Brooklyn. On Friday morning, June 29, HUkkhctt I>, *He*t ?laughter of Jacob U. Clara, deceased, and widow of Jobs IdacdaviU, deceaMd, late of I'eekikill lb* friend* aa4 relative* of the fam'lv it re r*ao*:ful ly invited to attend tho funeral, thin afternoon, at two o'clock from tne modea? of her brotli-r, No. i')'> are nue ii Her remain* w >11 be taken to (ireenwoid for In terment Ob Saturday, June :iO, after a long and painful illo'n, fU7.A Ja.nk lioWK, wife of l'noma* D. Ho ?e, in the iltti y? ar of ber uge. Tbe relative* and friend* of the family, tho** of her tone, Clarle* A , Thomae C, Henry tj , an I J?m-eli. Howe. tba Wellington Chapter No. 2. O. U. A , the Ve t-rao t'orpa of 1812, anl U>e Meionfc OrCer In general, are reipectfully invitaa to attend tbe (aneral, fr.jra lur lata rvaidence, No. 1UI Orchard (treat, t> inirro ? m-?rn Ing. at nine o'clock lier remalna will be taken to (jr>enwood tor int< rtnent. On Saturday morning, June 30, of dueaee of the heart, KI'Waro K Laviu.iji. agav. 26 year* and 7 mon'.ha. liil Irlendi and acquaintance* are r**p4ttfully invited to attend 1 1 a fnnerai, from lit* late r<-?iden -a, No. lib Weet Twenty eeventh etieet, tin* afternoon, at three o'clock. On Satur'ay, June lO/Kirii tun di'Tiim, merchant, of tbix city, iu llit 7 lit year ?l hie a*? Ibe funeral will taka place to m irro w afternoon, at four o'eloci, irom St. Town**' Chuich. i(i* irient*, an t , tboae of bi* ion in law. Cortland Palmer, 0. De F'ir?*t I (?rant, and Mattnew P. Head, are reepecuully uavtted to atUnn, without further invitation. Iijz?hitii l'Muau, a native oi oouuty Monaghaa, pa- I nrh of Manetc, Ireland, aged Mi year*. iler lnei?''H aid acquaintance* are respectfully Invited | to attend tba funeral, tbi* afternoon, at two o'clo.-'i, i fiom bar late raaidenoe, No. 42 Went Broadway. At No. 241 Seventh avenue, oorner of rwejtr-nith j ?tteet. Lit. John In mr, formerly of Moyne, jouuty Unn< lord, Ireland lil* medical acquaintance* and friend* ar* >e<{ue*t?l to attend tbe funeral, tin* afternoon, a', two o'eloca pre cieely, from tbe above place. tin Knday, June 2b, John W. Anblky, orphan loa of i Jam*-* M. aid Km ma A*hley aged 7 year*. Ibe relative* and friend* of the family, and fin** of Mra. liannnh lialdwio, are invited ?<? aiwud the funeral, from tha reaidencaof John H. Dunne!. No f>d 1/in'oo Terrace. Weat I eenty third atraet, tbi* afurnoun at two o'clock. Ob Saturdiy, June SO, of drop?y of the brim, Jomcro, i youngeit ion of Jobn and Maiy F >rd, age 1 i year, A month* and 1A day* lb* relative* and frieodaot the faulty ara re.ipa-i'.f ally ' invited to HtteLd the funeral, tble a'ternoon at >ialf 1 paet two o'clock, fram the residence of bia parent*, No. 324 Monroe atreat. On Knday, J one 20. altar a long and *eT?r* tline**, Iiinmh Saatkt, ion of William Sant. r. agao i'J year*. At Wratbury, L. I., on Kiida/, June 2ri, Ow ai.u M. Conkun. Tbe relative* and frienda of the family are reepactfully invited to attend tbe funeral, thi* aiternoou at four o'clock, Irom tba reatdence of her father, Jobn Conkltn, No. Ml White Itreet. In Brooklyn, on Satunlay. Jnne iO, of convuUioa*, I *11 a n u.-> M^iiii, yuungeet. cuibl of Jo dm and Caroline ia-tDivv a.e.1 2 momaa an 1 10 day*. Ibe fun*ral ?ill take place tbi* aft*rno>n, at two o'clock, trom tbe reaifltn ? ?? ot hu parent*, No. 241 <>nld rtreet. Hi* rema'n* will be taken to (iraeneood lor in t* intent. In Brooklyn, on h'aturday aveoing, Jun* :>0, after a never* illnem, Maky, only rhill of Jame* M and .Saaan Moue, aged li month* and *7 day ? The relative* and friend* of the family ara re*p*ctfully invitad to attend tba funeral, to m- rrow afternf>oo, at four o'eloca, from tha raaideBM of her paran'.* No. 141 Atlantic atraat. lier ramaln* will be taken to (lr->en ?cod Cemetery for inUrmeet On Saturday, June JO, Makt, wife of Tbomai Uoyd, in ; tha A'.'d year of ber ag* ILa lelatita* and f?l< nd* of tha family, and tho*e of i ber *on in law, H. D Kharot, ate raapectfuliy invited 1 1 attand tha funeral, from ber late raaidenoe. Ninth utraet, between Second and llurd avenue*, Brooklyn tma after noon, at Ova o'clock, iler r< ma n* will be taaen to (i reeaw< od for Interment Camagea will ba in raadiaei- * at Kulton firry. Ilrooalyn nda, at flva o'clock pracliely. ADftBTI8KI!..\TS EEJTKWtO EfKRY DAY. reuoau. IT TIIK YOt'NO I-*I'V WH'i KofiB IK) rN IN AS Mghtb ivenoa etage on Saturday morning, who changed *e*t* with I g?n'leman at I. ran t atreet to avoid tba aun. wiU ?*nrt her acdreaa to rirahatn, Herald offiM. ?ha will I ear *oK*tbmg to bar advantage. 1 NFOKVf ATION W ANTVril OF MR.-. OROHliE M J I'epper, who landed on Iriday from tbe packet ? tip l ambrta. from l.iv?rp nl. Any information a? to tbe above will be thankfully and ooligedly receive J by the uno*r*<gn4d at LavejO) * Hotel. UUMK W. 1'KPPKK. MKS. ANNK OONNIIX, FANN Y DAW'V AND I' AT ? rlck and Harriet I'arcy, who artlvad In the ihlp I ( imbria and laMfd on tb> 2*Mh, and whoea fatter I* l<.? kit* fcr them, wnbe* they would call at 24-1 Water *t. | MICIiAEI. I>AR('Y. | Mb. hamland, thk oKNrutHA.v who ad . (*ra>ae<l a note to a ladr In Hrr.oklyn. ahoat tbe li th of June, in reference to room*, will find a reply at tba General I'oat Office . New York PERgONAf.? THE OCN OK II AN WH") LEFT A PAX age containing a ve*t, in a Wall atreet ferry omalhn* oa *loiday morning, can have tbe **ni* by rallihg at MKIJ.KK k KINS -a! ?on, comer Ilroadway, Waihmfton Place, aad paying for '.hi* ad vaitUagMnt iuci.Niorii norirK*. E1V. T. J. SAWVKR, WMJ.criN'riNLK BJ1 CO i of lactnrei ion tbe Taacbtag* at CniverialUm), I 1 per r?ineat of eeveral (ortho'ot) ea<j>ilrfr? In tba ur- , ehard atteet cbor-b, near Broome, at eigbt o r.iock I' M , j July 1, aad tbe nil following "ua<:*y ereainge Tknae who wieb a ee?t m iit come early to oh'aia one Tha I public ara reepectfally ?nvitad to attend. I FOURTH OF JUI-Y, PROGRAMME focrt h or jrr.v. The Cnomitto* appointed by the Common <>>uo?il to make suitable arrange rn'nts tor celebrat d( til* NatloniU Anm>er*ar>, beg )??t to aooouace tba foil >wln.r PROGRAMME! Of AKRaN'GK HsjV fi, FlHjfT PIVU4IOH ?KW YOU ATtTK MILITU. Dmniov UIU'i.*.", No :,4 Yokk, Jane 19, IS'16. The will pirile o? Wednesday, t'i* Fjurtb ; day of July ?ett, to e?>bMte lb# Anniv#.-*try of Ameri can luileperuence The Hvis-nn ?Jne w 11 be forosf! oa RMadway, wit? the right <n Fourteenth ttrees, at 8 o'cio'k A. M , pre euely. Brigadier General 8pWr will cause the Nit ion il Ft*n ard to l>? dtapl?>ed from tan lUttery, and tne niurmug salute to t?> flceJ at sunri.e, by a de'.aauaisnt (r b tin' tirat bnga le. Brigadier General Ya'.ea *111 direct a na'tonil ailutt to be tie ! from the Battery, at noou, by a detach m-iu*. firm be brigade. Brigadier General Hall will detad a troop of bona from bis brigade, lor eaeort duty, to report to thi Mtjor Geoeral, at but qairter*, a', 7 o'closk. The Division will piy the honor* of a mtrcliing at lute to the Major and Common Council, In front of tba City Hall, at 10 o'clock A. M The Commissary General will Ihhuo the requisite am mocition for tn* aalitva, upon the tequls ition or the ftoixr officers Broadway la hereby delignnted a* the p trade ground i f the Division oa the Four', a of July, from 7 o'clock A. M. nntll tLe Division p*a?e* in Irontol the City UalL The Division 8'all w li auem'ile at the quar .era oT the Major General, at hair past sevm o'cloo* A. M. Ibe line of march will be round l oloa aqunra to Four teenth atieet, through Fourteenth ?'!??'. to ThirJ ave nue, down Tnirl avenue to tenth atree;, through Tenth street to Ilroadway, down Bro k.l way to Chatnotr* atreat, through Chamber* street and Centra etreat to the eait gate ot the I'ark. IJy order of CHARLES W. SANDFORD. Major General Conniea ling. It'iiiWT C WitmoRK, Division Inspector It ia requeated by tae I'ommittae of the Commin Coun cil that the person* ha?iog cRargeof the vtriout church bella will eauae them to be rung from ti to 7 A. M , from 12 to 1 and Irom tf to 7 1'. U. Thxcbimeaof beltaat Trinity churcb and Trinity chapel will alao be rung on thia i.ccaucn. Tbeie will be a diaplay of Hreworka at 8 % o'ch-.k P. P., in front of the City Hall, under toe dlreciioa of Mr. J. W. Hadheld; at Hadiaon squire, oy Mtaara J. U. ti 1. 1'iige, at lompkina square, by Mr. U?ac Klge, aen. ; at Kiiaion Mjuare, oy Mr. J. W. H'tdHeld; at Jaokaon ?quare, by Isaa'; Kdge, een , at the Diatrlbutlng Reier vi ir, Ei|<bty alxth street, by Mr. i'erigo; at Carmine viilo an<J llirlem, by Mr. Daniel M Mur?o; at Liatr tine place, by J. (i k l. I dge; at the junction of Kaat Broadway aid Grand atreet, by J. G k 1, Edge. Pro t??>ur nout. Grant will exhibit bis newly invrotel light, illuminatiDg Broadway. In the direction of the Battery, Irom the spire ot Giace church I here will also be hand* of rnuaic at the lollowiog pliues of the exbibitlon of fir* work a ? At the City 1UU. by Wallace'e Bund; MtoUon rqaare, by Dod wtiriU'a Kami-, lonipk us square, by KifrarUon'e Bint; liistilbut'ng UeaerToir, kigbty-aixlh alreei. by Blind In stitute Band; Lamiirtice xquare, by Wasliirnt in Band: Jnchaoa square, at the junction ot Eighth avenue and TLiiteenth atreet, Bhel on'a Bind. (KIMXITTU. AUlKltMK!(. COO!?l11.1IB!t. C. H. focker, See. <'h.ia. It. tiaawell, Cn'n. P. P. Voorhis, li. F. Vineaney, 8. U. Moacr, U. Go.eman, J. R steere, IL Reed, 11. U Howard. E. C. M:(?innell. The Committee of Arrangement* will meet, at ro>m 41 Aatur llou e, on Monday atternojn, at two o'clock, whan it ia tarneetly requeated that every member wiii be pitaent. |7 EIERaN CORre OF THK WAR 1812 -THE CJRP3 V will aaaemble at heao qoartera, U. F- Kuill'a "tar Hotel O'J Uspeoard at , on Wednesday morning. July 4tb, at 3t P*vt 8 o'clock, in full unifora. to cel? the 7Uth anniversary cf American ini1ep?n3ence ,N H. ? A ape rii>l mretiag of the corpi will be held on Monday *v<nia>(, July Vd, at 8 o'clock, at tbe above p ace. Hy order. Hk lavLO*, Aflj't. H. KAVMO.VIt, < ol. THK XttU. ClKNfREVII.LS COl'RSE, LftN 0 ilsLa.VD ? TROTTING. J lnirday, July 3, at .'IH o'cio]<. Puree and ataae. Hi iC. M le teats Best U lu i In harness. W?. rlmuo son iiiDiO b g Columbus, J. Smltn naoiea br. h. Flag of t lie Colon, r>. Hoatfland names b g Ne'?ri#k*. JUKI. < iiS'Kl.'.N, Pr.i; riet ir. T'MON COCllfE, 1.. 1 -JULY 4, IW5 ?FOUR U o'clock I' purae and atake mile bsata, tett II In to harnesa. J. Daniels enters b. g. Chicago .lack; J. Mclaughlin entera b. m. I.idy Moscjw. H. Witcrtid r. in. Lady Franklin, tare will leave .South terry at 2 o'clock SO m. P, U , aud return after the ia'*. WIIITfc. UUW, I'.'-'pr.t tora. 1 T NION COl'RSE, L 1?lROTtINO.? ON FRIDAY, July C, at talf paat -I o'clock P. M , a untoh for ki,ii((1,tao Diiea ana repeat, to wag ma W. Wbalau nsnes gr in. .-ontag. Vt . Pealiody* mmea b in Flora 1?n ple. MUW Jk WHITE, Proprietors. T ] N'll N COCR8K, I. I.-THOrTlNO? PtJR-iE OF 92< u, with stal.e of (50 ilali forfeit. Mile heats, best three in bve, in b*rne?a, to come otf on the 4th day ot July. Free for all horeea ezoept Highland Mild. Fddy, Flora leirple aod Sontng For thih-a namel bcrres a liberal purre will be given at any time. To co-e ou Salurdsy avmiog, at V P. M? at f'aukland k Duree'a, corner of laat Broidway and Catharine street. HI1AW A WIHTK, Proprietors. Itmjoh o mmm, l i^-ibotrno? on huday, J July i, at half-past three o'clock, a match for two mile snd rsitit, to wigone. M Wnelio L?ro?s gr. m. .^ontsg; W I'eatnxly barns* b m Finn I ? n.ple Cars will leave the South ferry, IJrooklya, f ir the cnuTre at teenty minutes pas'. "J o'.-lack, anl return a, iorn aa lb"fp< it la over. Kj re golug so 1 returning, 60e>nta rtH^W k W -HIE, ''roprietors. ']M> 1 lis I.OVKR.H AND BRKtlir.iia O t FINK .?TOCK. I ?1L? ??le> rated Ihor' iiKt-mJ s>a li..o Wild Irishman ? Ml fit d l?r a limtteii annber of eiares tba easuiaa aea fan. n i|? H?<t U 'it* e<ebl*e, at IK) tb* (easea. All mo r ! ? paid l?ftr? a?rviag tbe ware. All aaoidaata al tli* n?k cf the oeoers W ILI.IAM A BRO'AN. PruBnetot. ELK WARD*. 4fcc/k bewahd -prrro-'Kn to iuvi "bken ?t.ileo bj tao buy*, (ona aj>| ?r*otly It, the o- ( ft Jt? tr 12 itiri ol.l.) a |o)<! hunting duplex wtt<:b, rial, J. pitta movement, No T. K. Cooper loccon, miter lh* ? -o*T > ?arl mil b? paid ror in return, uninjured, to 'ii Maidea lane : Rkw*rd? htouw: from VtfHNRM iff&t) h?rk*t, a browu Morgan hiraa aa 1 groom'* n, with b itter and -k^i in it. flk* wagun ta p.iut e.i blue, with nii? and itMniooa on a tin *igu Tit* above reward alii be paaxl on delivery o' the hmi at tit* etoieot JOHN MI.LLKUY, corner oi Kirrii ud Hojrt ttieete, tirixialjn. I/UKT A MO m ?D. (1AI IION-JXJBT ? THE IM'HUJ ARE HKtEtY j eaullotrd ?K?m?t begotlatlag X'> coupon* o f ? ;? tirli l*?ued by tne State uf MU.ourl, payable on the let oi Jul;, lhjS, numbered aa foliar* ? M, 37, ft, It, tK. 14' , 147, 14V, M, 67, ?ft, 301,302, 303, 3I>4, 806, 30?, I M7, tUft, 30#, .110. 407, 4Gh, 40W. 410. aa the aam? | bate been loot or atolen troin tba mall, between Modi ?< o ?o>l Jane avilie Bnwoooin Tba In-i-r will pleaae ittum tbem to the Metropolitan Bank, 10* Broadway, New York. I'OIND? IN A BROADWAY HTA'iE, A 'iOLD i'ESCIL. 1 i u i > a at room No. !W Trininlty Building J M.I Mi RIFT? A HOW [MiAT, IHK OWN PR, MY . proving property and paying tba rbargea, can r? r?mr tba boat. Inquire of Ayrea k Hnj C , He mealy lm Work*, loot of Heat Fifty nlnik itrNt. on riirh.-iiAY .t I'Aiit or <; inn -? j cle* of a p*' al ar pattern, an 1 in ? raae. The tiwt?r wi 1 fca rewarded by leaving them at lltf Broad atre?'. , fr-iot office. 10M.-I& BIVAW. PTRAYKI) ?R>M THK STA j b)? eornr of M*t?enth atreet and Siitn avenue bei we* u 11 *td 1'.' o'elock on Friday n ght, a e->rre I bono. *ith a white itar on In forehead, aui a a ar on bra biD't ijnartari. Any p?ra?.n returning nun ta tba above p aca will r*ceive tie ahote re?a<<J C. BJtA.VCH. IOhT-ON FKIliAY, 20f)l INSTANT, A Et'R"K OS j talnmf a atli?r ring asd talilornia ticket, Ho. 47. An It la of tin u*? to anjr ptriran, the An<ler w II t*> suit ably rewarded by returning It t-i Mr M.VN.VEY'fi, -o it*l I'earl atrtat near the I sited .wtaUa Houl. KlltKUOItKH 1MB WORKS FOR rOI'KTH JCI.Y.? 500 RXHIM tion p ecea, of unaiirpa>" d hrilliauay. for city and rountry <. laplaye, lor aaie by JOHN h. Kn--, .No 210 W aahlngt .n etreet. FIBKWOtKS DEFOt, 133 CHATHAM KKT, CP ataira. ? fbe <>'d aelablialied who e?ale ?v re .a ?up pBeil with a great ran?ty ot firework* of good luabtr, and t?ry cheap, aa uaaal, at 132 Chatham atraet opp>, ?ra tha theatre. W 11 FRET. 1-MRF.WORK8 FOR THI OI.olUOI syot KrH-O.VK ; buocted Joy ? en<l p>dlara ran be aappbal wltn brtworka of all kiode, by tba beat niaker>, at relasal prire*. Ha) en an<l tba tra-le would do well to rail ha lota purcbarlsg elacwbera, at b2 John ?tre?t, up atalr*. VI>0K8? riHST rRKMll'M COLORED AND BRIL Ti LIANT FIK?W<)RAj Han) a?w aa4 arl?laal i??i? err* ?ri?<e t? the eaala anai>eraar>, a??er befere offered *o the tabiia. Tbe ?uh*?rikeTt are aow (eej?are<l t ? fi.rnnh dleplara fat ?i?le?, Utii or tillae'a to any aitaat, aad bare ?? l.anl a ??, replete tar'.ety ef aale work, af <<ry a-iparior <<aauiy, whtck they t(l?t at the Went market prteee. Or4?ra will emI with praoipt a?eatl >a Addrcaa J<?n O ? ISA AC tr>UR if . Unl<e4 *tai'? lAl"raierr. Jataer City. ?f BfNKI> A Rtiblll.Na. M Mai lab 'ar.. H. V . Oa; oil y autb?m<4 aa*-ata tor ilM <ity ef New Vork. yiKl*OM DEPOT, ? DIVISION STREET WHIRR JT tan be faaa4 all tba 'art- n ?.a )? aiaie ky tl>? iae? n,aan'act-.r'r? ae4 warraatad ta ba of 'be f r 1 1 t lauty at t: e tewaet ea.b |Tlx?a. I'eaatry 4ealera aap(.|.o4, aa 4 r 4-ro laaetaaliy atkea4*4 te. TH?y>. I JONE?. ? f> r r?a ?!??-?. Fire* or* v-n e* tore laboratory ir er ?ht atreai ? Flra traakere CaaVaa r< a.t? dojk ? nlei ?a Xteka. aa4 a r??tle*a aaaer'ment af 're ? k?, war raate4 of tl o *ret qaki,ir. < aeatry aertkat<? aad MkhN la faerai. alit ?eaalM?w fatatty aad aaiatry I i^iayi, ? atload ?a t A* ?*et l.beral \?rm ? M RRKWRrr. .* Float rveaa.

SAUBS AT AUCTION* j ALBKKTU MODI. iV, AUCTIONEER. ? CUHUfO 4ALK 1 of choice braudiea, wine*. cordial, A>., *j ? t .r?-rt 11 Nicoluv will Mil ut TuKdtj, July il, at 11 o' -lo:k, at th* *al.-* ro- ?i, 11 atreet the r?mi a )i'K I onion of that Do* lot of wiaea, branllee, k?., rot ? i-'mg in pert of ? <kUtu London Dock branlr, Hid, (in bond i duliea paid or unpaid; 10 bhd* line eogata bracdy, l^lf, (in boud) ; 111) erne* St. Julien claret, flee article; hO c*>ee Haut llarrtr, UO cihi Haul rUut? ne. (in bond); (Hi c??e? rtoheidam fchnappa, qaarta and pint*, tu can*-) he ok wina; a caak* Kulne win*, 4 pip** do No. 2; 10 ca?n clarat wina The ?M(? j h luor* *re ell >n bond, and will be rte.lvraj froa the L'. 8. bonded warebouae. 30 doz. pal? Otard braady, I t'l'tl l'ttl't f'tyt fTf IVt Tltt Tf t)i? IrtiOK II'. i?e I Kamlliat and dealer* a'tout laying iu a *tock are re ipectfuliy invited to thin Bale, a* it in tba t ml aale of Ilia ?ration pr'vlcu* to the enactment of the prohibitory lienor law. The above wUl be aold id loti to anil pur chaaeri, Trrma cwh, bankable money. A C. TU11U: AlJTKHKEK, Wli.l, SKI.L U i Hits V e day. at tba Reiner, ill Cro<by afreet, at lio'jloci, one pair of boreea, bay and dray; a two Meted carr a^e and double harneti*, the proptrty of * gen'laman aell uk' lor want of u>, AUCTION NOTICE.? BY EDWARD SCHEN'Oa, ov Monday, July 2, at 10)i o'clock, at lrt WaU atnet, old wia?* and brandies, Kc. ; poaitively the do* i?)g rale of an importer'* atosk of the line*: (|ualily, viz j Marcb & Henmn'* reaervo mideira, Ik. 16 liarvey'* pale (berry ; P. Dimeg*, da Koin.tno'*, do Ollle'r* naj Victoria porta; Otard, Henneiay I'inet it Marteli London dock brand tea, in cieeee unl deurjohn*. Kvrrf article warrantee aa iepreaente<l. Sale punitive. Alciion xoncx ?Joseph l. turra will mll, at "ft Franklin street, near Broadway, to-uorrow, Monday, at 10'4 o'clock, a Urge aijortrajot of coatly furniture, contorting in part of one biaik walnut auit in pluab, of nine piece* ; one 7 octave piano, fully warrant ed; roaewood bureau*, waabatanda centre, tula and aofa tablea, with marble top*; aofaa, whal-no'.a, eaue (eat and mahogany chain, three entmel.ed *oita, rocking and taay cha.ra, mahogany and bla-'k walnut table*, hat stand*, large oval and p er giaiaei, clo.:k*, oil aa nt log*, carpeta. oilcloth, beat hair naaitre**ea, crockery, niter, glaa?wnre, fee. Tbi> aale wli <'.>mmanoa In tbe kitchen with tbe co?kUg atore, pota, kettlea, tineare, fee. AU< TION NOTICE? B<MltK ANH WK WOULD call attention to the larga triennial aale of about 500 ceaaa, to cloee up invoice, a by A. D. UaW, at tba at >re, rompriring a prtne aeaortixent for tiia aaaaoa, on Tuee ii?y, Julj J at 10 o'clock, A. M. A !>. OAI.E, fl Btekman afreet. \LXTlON NOnCK ? J. HoOAtir ? AUCTION BY S. Bvgart, to Borrow, Monday, at 10^ o'aior.k, at tue anction rooma, cornrr ol Prank tort and Will am ?treeta, the tntire atork and (lituree of a lamy dry Hooda and millinery ?atehl<?hnieiit. AI?o, byvlitueof an e?ecutton, > l?arber'a cbalra and loot 0'n:h?a, 1 ?urgton cnair, 1 looting |la*i, '2 engravinga, 1 tlioa piece, lot of ailver and cupper coin, ui<e r pirn lid mojk irg bird and cage, one Irtab thruali ami a rarlety of otlier tbinga. Michael liocdy, cooata'ile. Tu??)ay, at 10>( o'clock, at Ut auction ro?m, arge aa?ortinen t of lii.uteboid furnitnre. A UCr.ON NOTICE -JOHN H'U fill. Al .;rtoNKKK ? ^'\ Magniftrent houaebold furni'uie, roaewo>d p.aoi mrve, pier ann ueai minora, teleet carpeta, oil paioV inf?, aiatuary, &c , to be aotd t-i-tnor.'oar. (Monday.) at 10, >, A. M. prejirely. rbo<? goioli are tlie entire apian alio oomenta 01 tbe 6r?tcluaa tour atury dwelling No. 70 Murray afreet and are to be aol l without rearree. A patt, bat not minute, Hat ie annexed ? 1'a/lo a ? One mag iiincant roaeeood au't, uoneiatmg ol aeven pi^caa, tba (ranee of which are aohd rosewood, eiat>or?ie'.y carrel i ami uplioleterej, In cilmaoa anl marooo bro:*u?l coat tub\ roatwoo 1 aaven ostaee pianoirr'a, of beautiful i tone, and fully warranted, utuiie ruaearood oookca<e, rarvro roecwood etegere, witii pUtogtaae d?ura an I bick . eUgant lad Ira1 recrutulre, inljud tie?a4lully throjgbout; carvad roeewowj centra tablea eitb atatuary uiar >!e top*; heavy French plate pier glaaa-a, rorrwoud butfet, teatifully dar.oratad china ?a^??, marble a'.atuary, aume tery line CeaigBN; an -xceilrnt collrct.on of mi paint inga, by arttKta of acknowledged talent, rojal tapeatry Telvrt carpet elabaater, marble end fkitbic iolald ciocka; eleyant lace cuitaina, c raioaa, abide*, Ac Liming ro^m? Hoiid mahogany fltevaiuo tai|?, with carved feet , mahogany tea and breakfaat table*. tn%ho> gany cualilooed chain, decorated chma i. inner and lea ?eta, nlver tea rexricee, cactere, enke banket*, lorka, rpccnf, Ac. ; cut gla** winee, goblete, preaervna, fruit oiabe*, tie; irory cutlery, engravet d-c?nt<ra, *ll*er napkin ringa fee. , fee. I fi*rob*r? ? K"?ewo>l and m? toaany badateada, buietue, waaoetanda ant card tablra. roeewooo auit in ba r eiotb, uiah<gany do., ta pentry, Bhiimw and ingrain c.aip*ta; p " ?ud oral i roiltora, palllaaaea. Dure curl'd lialr mai.treae?>, tea | tbrr pilJow* and i;olatera, MaraellUa roualrrpan-a, lace . aid mu*)in window drapery, cornice*, tba.iea. toilet | tela, rngrntiogi, Ac , fee. Catalogue* at tlie bout*. 1 Hale without regard to weather. A' I'fTU-N NOTICE ?WN. I!. JOSE-*, AUCIIONKKH.? Ify virtue of a chattel mortgage Iwtlleiptae for I tale on Monray, July 'i, at 1 1'J firand (trert, at the I'a | etfld Mtefd BaIML at two o'eloct. In Iht alterao'in, 1 er billiard tablea, No* aud an I iiUI, mau niacin red by ] l.> onard atd lienjamiu. HfcNKY BWIOP, Attornay for Mortgagee, DP. IODOL Al CriONEER ? AluTIOM 8AI.E Of # elegant and coatly bouaebold lurnhure, roeewood p'*n?f"rte, toaewood hookcaae, g.ia cttau Seller*, Will. to and velvet carpet*, at the reaicence in Warrea ?'.r?*l, 0|i(0>ite lluil?on River Railroad daimt Ij S HOl'ftll w . II r r II ttr tntire coatir furniture or lueaday, July 3, allot wbi:b I* ol the beat deecriptloo anl tu be aoll p< rtmptoiily. ( atalogue* on tb? aorailg ef ?ake, when tbe whole ran lie eiamiaed. Klrgant nwiofl piano lurtr, coat $CJ"0, wlta talio covtied alo>l Kugllah, Wil ton and velvet carpeta; two magnificent cuan lellera, elegant roeewood cylinder bookcaea, coet ti'S, ?l?K*nt pi>r*ndovtl Klaaati. atatuary, maroie top centre ta blea, one aoll'! r'treeood auite. aevan piece*, covered la brooiel, and f^lly warranted, one do , rcblf carved ami covtied In trocade, iop*rb ro?ewo-xl etegere, wl-.h plate gla** door* anl bark one r?eewoo<l armo.i ilegla:*, wltb aatia wood lining*, liothlc le.vptloa caelr*. em brcidtred la tapaatry broca<ta and lace cirtalo*, coa ly aud CK-gaat mantel varea and <rcoratioui, onnulu clojka, Ac., wltb a choice and valuable collection ol oil pain* lay*, worthy of apaciai a'tenuon, ioa* luagiiiflceat fruit piece by Htrelcht). IhLing room luruttjre ? Ele^aot oak e i tub* ion table, marble top -id? b??r t, din log arm cialra, a >*nrty ul rich ain-r ware, I'arl.iao cllm, cryatal cut y<a?a ware, balaace fcaadle cutlery, Aubutsio cirpet*, c t'hambet? Superb carved r.aeeood bedatea'le, u.alioitaby do . floe nalr matireieea and palUa*-**, mar ble t?p bureau* aad wa*h*t*n i* to matoh, carved row an >i and mahogany t?te a tet>a, *ofa?, arm^haira, ro-e ? ?<a>d euring eeat rhaira, luaho^aey do., tapeatry car prte, china ami bpo.reiian toilet aet>, oval ao l rjuare mlrrcri, French engrav'Bge, gol 1 bur- ?re I altalea elth a large variety of kaa-ment and (itvben arailur*, iron ware, refrigerator, tube, t'roton boa a, Kng.aj o 1 ciotli. atair carpeta, hall (tarn!*, k'. Toe *ala will be po*it ve without r?|t*rd to weather, and a dep?eit|ra qu'.iad Irem every purchaaer. JOBN f. RUSSELL, Al < riOVKER -HAT, Rl's-r.l.l. A t O. have tak>a that old auction atore No. ?Ci Ne'aau atreet (lately or-upied by H. (' K?rap). where tb?y wtil be at all tiinra pi epared to maae literal r tah atvance* on all kind* of hooaabold furniture, Ac , for aa e at aaction. Ififklll L hMITH, Al'CriONKKB. OFFER t H11 HER vice* to Li* fneaca aad tbe p jblic wbo may wiab to <un?<rt th*ir furniture inu> caab. ether at tori r reel deb- ea or at id krankl n *t , where I have large aeeoin nicdaUca* to diaplay gocd lurnl'.ure to advantage and a< prompt pajaant- maae long friend*, I ahall 'Odeavor to n.atit the trieudabip of all who may are.l my aarvtcee. Auction aalea at 74 Frabklia atreet *v?r^ Mou ley OAK IKY K WKI'.HT *11.1, - Kl.l. AT AIXTION I Mna.lay Jolj a, a' 10 ?'clock, A . M ,M 321 I* /Id 1 atrtat Ilioealys, a lar, a aaa<?;*m?nt tf n>atio*aay j ?r k?, cLaoabar ao<l b?clr< oni luraituia Hru-wUi, .1 piy ? Dd 1 1, grain earpat*, ao'aa, lata atataa marbla tOpr?u tra ttblaa, a. an. la top 0t?a?>og buraaua, airn.w.o ta bi? croa-karjr, *c, he. B k K EM.VO. At t noNE*.RH, Wil l. BOX OB Men lay, Ju jr 2. IH&6, at looclo-a A M ,>t No. J IMS Wfit forty-foai tb atraat mi> K.gbth KtO'M, t ouaabold ant II eh-n furmtiaro, Ml Brat t?U wl in |o?d oroar, tb* proptri; of ? par??a about ka. <ba city. {?* r* Bailor j rl NW MORRKl I., Al'JrioihKK MONOA.Y, JULY ?a, at 10 , o'clock, rnumrw* oltb t?gtri i f loo or IjMv; ib*u dry *<** la U??n o*? tui aa-.oad band piaoo'ortaa Uian ralvnt and lir i-aal? <-arpaa^?( I tlx a ml paiatioir, it an farmtuia of all aiad, tb ^a / ro.r?< o . i,ar <-r "tilt, aupa r.or ai Unau.n 'llni-,- '? at.taa, por? half niattraaaoa, rafrtaaratora of alt a<aaa, too I Mia alao, frailoaa odea ?a.d Hat l|, of iilw, i ta alt,) worthy of attaaUoa af daolara, kr WH. MflJ/iK, AlCnOMML? ?Y KOt'OHTOM ' a A UalU r ? r aaada; July ?, at 10J{ o'cto a, at ]U S?miu atr??t, mort*a?a -*i? of ooaily aa* taj ?acaad baa'! Ibraltura, aiaa n? a U'l aw a-i hand r-ooa or. <i.l aid a?tnpDf pianofor'?a, rich tapaatry, i 4<r a t.d otbor carpata <-*?ain(r t%ar? vla4aa e-jrU aa, abadaa, aa rar n i |i?a foaao faa'hor bad* *? l pillow* lia r mattiaaaa*. fi r?t qoali'y Kr?a< a {.Lata plor ao 1 oval mir ror?, aatraral < ll pa ntio(*, ball iami< oao baa ay atlaar ? mntiotao elarlowt, with caaa MM II'", baaa a uao about Bra jaara n.a> by ? <alaabratad ma??r .a <aar maaj ; illtar kajad lloabai flat* wt Jijr. it.Mt fnrnlttir* will '-rmaiat of a lari;* and rarvaO <a*ort <n>at of ai^arki ma >10 pallor, ckambar, library traainf i" m, 4iala( loocn ao'l baaainaat farait?r? of '.u? I la'nt aid av**t faaki/foabi* a?;>aa AJ><> tho ratir* far- i of a(?at*al b uaa, of ifeo uiiai ?r?i> Man | Vita <ba tra .r, (holtr; inrrcbaata and thoo? aSoat far to ti?* tb* a rtlcloa Will bo oo tiVOtuoai <>o V< o<ay Alao. at 12 o clcck ua* tiaportor ton?1 aa* aa<1 aot>.ad ba ad roaoooo! aod mas<./aajr piaonfortoa, ?<.M to pa^adtaaara liwla 'an bo pvaa! .? tb a pra Biaalatl raaamaatla cba>r|a 11'' W KH0U Bf. AI ' n"NKKK WIIJ. -M.I A V\ fall aaaor'*^ r?'o l?r a it?k of -t>ta> <!a-? ant >ar*b*a?ara. oa Monday, July 2, a' 10 o <i< < a ai |?; 1 '.f'Um atraat ?l?oro iV aVir# aa .at ba takao dooa lor a ''raot ta paaa tbroa( tbo lot fMolfA"') \I'DJJAM-H K'. At ?'TIO- N ' ? ' I > WJM'AV, Vf Mf 1, at Wi'clirk, it lei ?>?t* ? a : h aim. ba aaco of furnitara loaaa*IM wila^a tai', porlnr fajtlfura, pa.a' i.|', Hrqa<?ia, tb r?a ; I; and ata.r 'aarpat, '>?1 ? <>tfea ? ir'aioa. ip .? farMlaio aa* a ii|?t r piaai f'.ita No iiaailad o?m' ??m??'.a a.,: ? ?? ; J' lis ( AMI'dfl , A?" ' ?.?aaar %??* wrrrtai, a rtK-vi.i ?<? .1 -< <<s ff Mr-t. at a' . S ? ?<o?k at ll<?<araola aM, f?>vr ?'iiaard ta Uaa :<)(atlof * 'a i?a a i?aa V a an Uaa Sar a ad bar tataio*. ma* ia fop - - n'o- ? , lalfa aalrrora, A" , atariUuat Brat ?a? a a. ?n?a . ia! aa f ai? T> i aa* a aaa :a by atr'. .a of a ba' -a. ? rt(afa, aa a-,lfl tif tr<ar of aa?r^a?ao ?HUB LUfcCOK i(UIIT*01. RAND MAvi MEETING vl of iim on/.k>H or >kw iota, wmioi t di tuition or r*?rr, who ?f? Oppoaeil 111 ti * I'l.OlIIHITnKT ll.ji o? Mir. "Tb* ud Jerelgbim, reauleut . ..f ,l ( y of S'e* York, w bo ar* oppoee 1 to the Prohibit i y I i uor la* lately paraed b* ill* l<*gi?la'ur* if thta m'.?, a* n gau??i ?eiy m'ribg^ui- nt of tu? natural liberty of tlia SiMiao, r?" uni.'u<i til* i a publia meeting t' all ilion? who ar* opposed to 1*1 1 Ll* upou ta*tu*<r>u Iplr, be held in lb* Hark, 00 Monday, the 'i<l da; of Jul; uait, at T o'clock 10 tb* aiterBoon." 1 tie above call ha* b?n algne.l by over 10,000 cltUaaa within tb* pa*t fe? day*. pla'jirg it entirely beyond tlia mean* of ttia Committee of Arraagemant* to pubUah. To avoid making any distinction among lb* 4i/n*ra, It bait been decided *iui| iy to pabliali the nam** of the (oMMlrlH or AKIUXi.KWKVTi. Joniah W. Ilrowo, William Parry, I'av.d U'Keafa, Henry Month, Kied. Weileklnd, A. J WilU?ni-on, liudley Ha *y, (il<l?an Clittou, Joaeph II. loone, Thome* Monroe, (ieorge I). W. Clinton. H. II. Moaer. A. Monkey, tie rife II. Pureer, Theodore A Ward, l.ymaa Caadae, Jol n 1) Utxon, (ieorge A iUruey, Jolin Clancy. (ieorge W. Willlami, John Simeon*. Henry H 11* lie*, William M Tweed, (ieorge <1. Mlaiiar, Ho'ert Murray, Wm V. Aiama, J. McKibbeo, jr. . K W t). Ilooaall, K Watnwrigbl, Horatio N Wild, W. J Britky. Ij A. ? ou ivar, Joaepb I>. Iluldwio, .lemaaS Anleraue, Tb< ma* Charlock , Norman Mclxod, William W. Welmore, .lamea M. Ilett*. Jam** H. Hteera, Wiu am I'mnmlaga, William Hoard man, Jr., Cherl?e J. l>odge, Thome* Veitcb, Andrew K*rngaa, Robert A ltaggerty, Kdwio K. Tnompaon, John Urr, E. C. MaConoell, Jofapb H. IVtty, I'atar Mitchell, Wm 1~ Uregory, Daniel W. Norrta, Job* H. Hyer, John Mclatyre, (bar lea A May, Samuel l)a ieiin.iter, Edward Riley, Barnard (iafTaey, William 11. Cornell, Wm. II. Reynold*, Anthony I<ambre<iht. I), C. Peat*, Henry H Adam*, Matbew t'haa*, Robert llanblt, Hamuel Alias, Cher Ira W. linker, .loaapb Cornell, Tboma* J. Muaday, J H Minsk, Jam** Kurey, (ieorge ttoyi, Da d la I H. Taylor, Al?z ?e<ter V Sharp*, William K .iarkaoa, John llnlmrty, Joniah Sutherland, John A Oonuaek, Peter P. lioppurt. The following gentlemen baft* content* 1 to be preaeat aad addreaa the meeting ? lloa. I?tI 8. Chatileld, K. DaiaHald Smltb, K*|., Tlieo K. Tomlln*on, Kawaro H llontain, , I orento H Sbeparii, VjH[ , l.>n Jama* V Nya, Jaata H Thajar, Eaq , (ien !!<ram VValhrti'if*, Hon. Joalab Snthcrland , John Gmnoorfwrd, K?o., Hon Jame* lirouk*. Amliroec L. 1'iauey, l.--| , Jobs ( ocbrane, K*<j . Col. Illrbaal D .heny, Richard Ruateed Ka<|. It I* all) eipected that ai'eeral other diatlaguUbed gentlemen will be praiiant and *peak. IIQt'OR PI'ALKHS' POCII TV ? Ml MBEKH OK THE j Ij'i uor Deal? ra' Society are notifl*d that tbe regular weakly meeting of tbi* aoclc'y will be held at Old Fel low*' Hall, on Monday, Julf 2, at 4 o'clock P. M J V. IIEYWAKD, I?ra*ldent. N. R Br .en, Vice I*re*ldent. D. t*. Pai<j?, secretary. Tin: KIN?H COUNTY I Kj'TOIl DKA' KRV SOCIETY will boid their reguUr mon'bly meatlog at Toyn b??'a Hotel, Brooklyn, on klooday a'tarnoja. July 2, 1866 I III* >.eing the laat iiimiiok preeluui to the lib of July, etery member laei pocted to be ouni-tnal 10 *tt?nl atice, a* buainea* ol importance will be brought bafore the m??tlrg alao. Hiom- wiahipg u> t>e;oiie ineulier* ar> al-o irijneated to attend ?n l *l?o tlx- ctnatpution and by lae*. TilfM TOYNHKK, i're?l|enl. P. ?>Unr*o*, Sec. Al.HthD RoNK, Vice Prea. HPKCIAl. NOTII KK. i vr\| | -CAl TIO.S.? TUKI'l >ti ICli IIKRV.HY e" 'l/Ue eautlaneil a?a'n>t reoeiringar nego tr.tibK two oertam promiaaorv bote*, '.rail b* me to toe or<'et of M. J (Jay lord, each lorttia aum of two tnwuaend collara, onedattxl March li, l*f.6, ih? otlier Ap-ll Jd, iHfi.'i, j Cyablo raipectlrely an month* aft>r date, a* ptym-nt 1 * l?e-j ? 1 1> jip* 1 1 . RurtWKI I. New York, .June IH66. MuiiiNt) or 1V1 - h TkTk v i rr i Hi) rsm w tl>a Iriab people, b> Id at l:& tiraad a'reet ?n Mnn ?>y avenlag, June vf>, the au^ject of th* followiag preamble and reeol 11 lion ^ haoan r?*ro nu,'K**t#<l by Mr. laioe* Mulligan, and llacu?e? >' ly tin *eu'le?oen prea^at, Mr Ihnma* Martin waa c*ll*<i To th* rbalf, and tb* ?eating turmaily organ'ted, ana the following preambla and resolution* were acopti"). Wt?re*?, Many Irishmen living In the city, ba'lag large famine*, wtuld b*at aerve the Intareat* of tal* nonLtiy anc. tb* intereata it tlo-ma'iaea and their fami li>a hy locating aut ot tbe rity and Wfctreai*, Maay o* tliam are unahla t? pr?ce*<l to am h locaiiti** I or want of rrean*, therefore, l>* it R*?ole*d, I hat waaliall, wuh t?o?* wiii.are wil ier to iom ua ornanlye a ao.-lety to be aaile.l "In* .Saw York tr ah Aid Society,'' t!>e object of wliieb "ill tie to aid an I ' aialat, by pecuniary belp, a* our nve*n?, practical ?l ?!.* end eipetienc* may enabt* u* to attoTO, all n*aarr log lri*bm*a wbobar* larg* fnnillica aud require ancb ail and aaatatanoa, to taach a Imme tor tl.em?eiTee and l?inill??, in an. h a part of tbe M ea 1*1 n portion of our country a* they may **verelly d**m A', to ?*i*-i lo carry out tli* aboee obj>?t a maeting *11. be b*ld at th* above piece <n Moncay even ng, JuW 2 All tboae that era frtandly to tbe eauaa are reapectfully ta rited to attend. Ily order lHOMtS MARtlN, Chairman Nri lioiwif* Mt Lima v, Secretary Cm of 1 mm - i H^ AovwtTRrit-t aiu > pi?|iar*<l to treat, oa behalf of tlia a>a <>atiOn, wita anipownera, iblpmaaiera aad ntriere, 'or lb* <lallrery ia tliix cHy, ?rom all part* ot tb* habitai le gl'>*w of aay portion of the forthcoming ?t oottr*** of Nation*," wblcn congre** I* to rooaiat of < n* peraoa o' each aei ( a bla or bar native co*t uae 1 of every tri'ie people end natioa upon vbe earth 1*e ae*o< let.on propose* 10 eng?ge the* r*pr?a*at*t'V*a fi r three yeare i a order to make wttb i ham the lour of V urope aftar their ei iibiUoa la A matlua Addreaa ASDIOlW w J( i.S * -. s. cret,ry, pre tem . of the Aaaoriation, 7<i Wall atraet, haeemeat iiflce CAl HON - AI.I, PHtSiOH A HI. CAl TIUNM) egeluat leading aay loola or et<. ? to |?r*oaa rep re ?entmg th< maalvee to be In oar emplry, nith'>at a writ ten order. (JBO. K JAi h^lN A CO., t nel,|.,r Ir >a Work*, 201 t'entre atraat. I ?'OR 1IIE IKHTOS KfriATTA CLt II ROaT J D R I'l IMAS ? lb* ri.euhrr* and friend* of th* liar lent A mat* 1 r drib will ine*t oa hoard the at*aa*r ( ><n naettttt fry t of Ceurtlandt at reel, on Monday after Baon at 6 o'olo k to pro*?ad to ll-,e'.oa w.tu fie clu'i boat J D, K. PI TMAN, whl' h * il ootaa 1 for '.he prtaea offered by tbe city of Ktatoa. A It A Mil IX, Hy m. i. a.? mi; nkw yorx *cuvtrr. I Mki??i ??4 ltro?B Ultttr; Hw.uljr wUl ball '.bur waaklp DiMttBR Mil Tua?'<?p tramof ai T I'. M , ?l tbair room*, romar of Htimrrf Ifruotua i'c?U, on winch of Miol tba late I ?-< ImiU, ?l ?? Imm bmlrgmttt, w?! 4ant?r a rala nM ra?? th? I'raai d?Bt *|aai, rhoiaa, anaa I. WiiB?r *111 lallvar ?n alo <|ii?nt Inaugural, ib? ntt fllMaWf llroaa, ?Km )l. i>lti?in,iD, will r?a ! bia grammatical report All faithful K. H. M or(>iiUf r? um>.| It atUni X' orio'-lHilM H IjT AKf Cat rnmSHB tru?t at) |?i? i or paraoaa tu tba ?? oust of J h'ourrnrl * to , Bor >0 paj aaj b>U< .laa to tba HIM tim, to <>?? ol Ilia r.m paraooall; J BlUI VI . M.I A I 'i , V'l llri.wr.j, ai i i?i. ra atra*t. J una M, Ikifi. f| AMMAN Y WJC1V.TY, <iR (1,1.1 MHJA* OltiKR 1 la accordant- wllh tbHf uafatjla. from U< a/ option of tha National '>in?t tutwo tba Itioaiaf ftociatp will romir?aoraU tha aomtrraarr of ?,ur *>a t oBal lnc?pani?Bc? bf tba <A t ??? (? I?ra' ou rrf lrnl?pi?'i?-?'0, tba doll to rj of an oratlov an 1 otli*r ? u 1 1 fa?tivitl4M Tha i>r>?(?a< ?jll fmnaoso* at I o clock. Tba collation w II ba aacrad in.??-: a'-alj aftar tb? orat on A4mia- iob to tb? oral in a fraa Tlcaa.* to tba 'oilafn.n II, to b? ha', at Taa.nao/ llall er of tha (ouB'll Of farhaaaa. V, I) k*BB ?4p, J' hn h?Hp. < baa H Kiap Kk Bar.: |l (>,??. I!_?, An!r* I t'lBial. I1 C i*'a>aa lbt> l>ua;ap At. mm. ||<rrtck, Km - Ihirbrov, Joaapb I'.oaa, A/? I I r?i??? 0* o ft llfiNftt IX>HIS7y. H MKI'AHI1, -atl#aaa J II*, 'irao<3 " Ml *f< AL. " .Uattal ?f mi*.. ?a> ' <?a? Hf ? 'am'm>??? TW? >???? ? '? ?*??? '?? K MT f RI'iR TOXKt MUHWS* If I IX WAR raul?-t w li ta ml at a iui f??a for ca<b if ta>aa irumadia'alj alao 13 a?".n l tan ! pita t all la (.?'?! . al It* foll?aiB( pilot l.t ? '> II' t?. |1U> oaa aapartor ft', octa<? l^i p'aao bat a.oatl.a la nt? pt if* |1M, at Wl Kill araaaa aaar lw?ai) fourth atraat H W?.* /.Al.KZ (? VIMI 10 r.<IU)I R -A I A NIUAK HKtMXi T?l I tbo*a w bo. i*aiiB( prlrata raa. aaeaa, c/Kiaart ti.aa lato ?al??n- ?t? an I atUirp' to |'t uw Mur of tta pubkc bp Mtartittatf lb* ?*.? o' piaaoa fura ur? Ar, in coaaa^wrac* of tba l'*aaf o*bar* g? i-g Vu fa r- pa or ?' ana otbar p a'? IIOKA'V Wa1?.KI .Vwt Hio*4wap. Baltt^r nut i to rial ten p? ? .r aLp ?<Jk?r pia?a. at praMBt, bat will roatikaa to aaU ta a la<ltl b ata aiaaati plAaoa from ua 4 fl?r*bt a^aaafac'ortaa, at lata pr.i*a " raa *a ba 1 *l*a?bara ai?* ri>t> to ? a'b bill a (uaraBt>8 that tta piaa aMIi flra aatlra aalit'acUoa ar | .caui rwi.t' rafuaKM NO II' MHI li-* HIU?( I I f.l' iK K<r * If A ??forta. 7 M ta*a Ira* frmaa rfT'v a a.l ra? p?<la, t*4 ? imai*4 ba#a a>a4 oa.1 j IBraa n>/atb? BM an a pi i?a %at<l for ?al? for I ? '* ui, ? ?*? at >4 '. ?>?) airaat. Baar tba Aa'or ItoaaB, Una < a eivo* Ull I . n M'.?lap o?4f . ? k.W Ml -Jl -I l?l MUm:?U. IHR l(?U/i? iBf p-?.?(cf a? ? aihftr b* a? ' ??.?* p*?4arii"aa of tba b'?i p?paiar fc?rtp?aa ??< ' aaarVaa waapoaari l i?al?t a ljbraf 1 - ta.. tj . b"< Haaar S? j, "f#a I'aplJloti'S RaffMlM. M*. L Ito. 4^ **Motl? aaba ? I ir?t V^jUt, <?i?r?, V" i ba <>U Ikai .,n<, I; tba p' p-nar r??p'?? H *?*'.' arp I>? ?!.??? tl aortL i? pvr*la<?4 ?? ? t.aa? aa ?at?a J< pt?-a *,.| b? (lua IB M one ?*? ' bp aaatl p?at frra ||i?KAf f. WAlli!#, f 4.V1 Kraailffi^ f >l> i'T VI IJ AN KK ? JJ? ! i?Nt, M Klf _f crU'aa, ta* i?a ba4 o* BppliaaUn* ba L tf I>L !7 M^M '<**? lra?4**p. ^rr*.Nrio? ti lAWO r? ?' ifA?ri!? inn r* fH ' to ?ta?a >< MM h<Imh rm?lwi? a ?? iWf HaftaHWH M? talMMiaaa lh?a M. IWl ?'?at a <?aa *?.4, w.?? aaa4a *>i Ira* 'raaal >ai 4 itop a?. m.4 at U* i4tw aa? <????.. 1 i , a. . , t?i( i aaWW aaaaa .?<i?iaui ?? lax iaa?# ? i?? i t till Ml'Mill V* III Kra*4aa). X ?^..a<|>ia, WftJTI*. LADY TWENTY TWO YICARH OF Alifc?VIIO Id ooaapataat to ia<truot jh<) ir?a la m *atr tod Uia '.B|li?b brancban of ?dueavoa, il?. ui u>MI in lio'iM kaaplag Mil family aaaiag? 1? muroii of a aqltabla altuattoa. lb* advartiaar can ba aaao lor thraa day I at 17 Canal it. ADOPTION.? *N AMERICAN Ufc.STI.KMtN AND lady wlib to adopt a* tr.alr own a litUa jlrt, from ana to tbraa yrara ukl, AiMtw* Mr. Y. rt. B , Broad way i'ollt < 'flic*. AKKSPKCTABIX UIKL WANTS A SITUATION AS ehatnbanaald In aoma i?<paci?l>U> UoUl Ib*at of eltf rifcrau-a c?a ba givatt at 1 1 a Kut X.'ilh it. a YOlK'i WIDOW I A I ? Y WIHHE4 to i>H"A!N A A. ntuattoa a a boui'kaapar la a botal at Irat data boarding bonaa; foal* lumpr.aat to dia-.birga th? dnllai of tui'b. A llaa addriai'd to harnaat, ItaraiJ oil atat ing ?h?n aid ?h*rtaa laUrtu* oaa ba bad, will bo alUll'IrC to. An amkhk an wiman, or bcpf.kiok nr-iivr-d capasitjr, would baa aa aaiagameat to go to Cali fornia, attbar aa bouarkavpvr or to laparintand a bun aan. fa an II* a or bminraa pita? a daalrlng bar aar alcai ma; addriaa M M , boa WO II* raid offloat. A FRENCH !.ADY WMIFJ- A Sirt'ATION A* UUlY H Bald, oi to tiara) to haropa or ia tbn e >uat tj, aa dvintaada draaamalmg aad halrdraaxiat Tba Mat of city rafiraaca givan. A.lraaa E. R, !U? Groan ?l?b at. A^SSL-S GENTLEMAN, WHO < AN ? i I V K fll% BEiT of ra'araaaaa, wiabaa to Bud a aituatioa la aa laati tutioa or ia a pilvata family. aa a taaabar of la* Fraacb laaguagaaud iwmI nu<lr No oajacttna to go la tba country. Apply to Mr Dapay, ebamlat, 60? Hroadway. a N AMERhAS BOY, ABU T 11 YKA!.' i>IJ), 1 jfV waatad to taka charg* of a eanrl?K'< aad boraaa for a Udy aad gaatlaman traviUiag. Salary load Apply b*tvr*a 2 aad t I'. M , for too oaya. at tba Wararlay llonaa, eoraar of Broadway and Fourth atraat room HI. Oao fram tba eauatry profarrad. 4 1II11JVH SllUE WANriU -Tl?K Ol'aRDI AS'? OF A \ ?' amla lafaat, tbraa moatba old, tub to placa it la cliarga of a raapoctabl* Am*gicaa, hngllab or * :otcb wi<*uw Udy, lacr aaar tblaruy Sua buttboaa bating comfortaMa apartmanta aaad apply Wat nnraa aot da ilrad. Addraal Guardian, boa laO I It raid ?nU-?. SUUATION WANTED? BY A RhWECTABIJC Y00NO womaa, to do tba MMnl bouaawork o I a >aiall family, or ai ebambarinaid aid aaaiit In waablag aad lronlnf .ia aa ai'allant bat.r, baa an objarturn to go la tba countrr. llaa tba baat of city lafaranca I'laaao call at 244 mi. at , aaar Jd avanua, front ru>.<M, Brat floor, for two dayi WANTKI>-- A CHILD TO WICT NtJKHC, IIY A VI.TI elaan, baaltby m<>tli?r, vitn a fr*?n br*aat or nulk. Ilaat of rafataara giaaa. applf at No Ml lutb an-aua, la lb* dry gooda atora ?II J AKTUU.A tflrVATlOW, BY A NEAT, TIDY TOI'MO Vt oumaii. to aook, oaab aad iroa aa 1 a? tbo gaaatal bouiavork of a ?ma.l family. A) ply at bar j.r? aant tmployar'l, 11 Waat ittth at "lir>NT>:D-A LADY COMPETTwT TO 1 A K I" (inuEIti', V? aad #up*rlutand tlMtf fM>ia|>lalloa. to Mf aora room Nona naad >pp'y but ti<?aa of vapaoaa^aad a tborooib Judga of ileb la< a |<?? a abu naa ?m' rlaa. Apjly l*madlataly to Millar A Oraal, 371 lliaad ??f ' an; ki?? nv a ri pf.' ta'iij nion -? an ..ih . . a altuatkon aa aaamairxa raa l i all kln la of Baa aawing woold do rbaaoaroort , cr m t ? rbil lian. I ta lira tba baat of elty r*f?ra?. ? iroin b?r laat pltia. vbar* aba baa livid tbraa raara. C.u ba >a*n at 41 Waat lft'.b at., In tba raa r, ba'aain M k ia l fttb at>nuaa ?11' AVTEI' IIY A W I|k?W I AI>Y OI HI I'KRH K DC VT ration aad iddraaa, a ritual on aa aalr?a<>aL*o la >?ma raapactabla atora. Adora<i Mra I?itar, ll ral.l ofbca. Wantii>? a uroATunr, by a i?nf.'<uiii youag g'rl aa rb?iiil.?iin?i ? ran ? aia g .ad '?ra ?f cblblrrn and i!o pla n aaais,' 'I'M call at ilk l*lb It , mar araaua B, 3<i Boor, float loom. 11' AM H> HY AS INi.l.'MI *0\IAV, * * W tion, aa rook or tou?* lia> a btlia g.rl, aad alll gi for Wan waga? ll?a i<x>d rlt/ rafaraaaa Apply to Mra. Malrllla, 111 gai.laua It , In tba raar. w WANTtl) ? A YOt'MQ Mas, WHO H WEIJ. AC 'luaiatad oltli oruga aad tntolrioaa, by r.albag at M K 24th at, op 4tb *r?au?, ia>?aaa tba bo iraof 10 M , ?r from l to 4 I' M will And amp! jn*u'. Haat ol r?lar?-n -aa will b? aipacta I |)K N F.I. OS Mi'Mf). y^rASTIH A Ml MMI ' AITAIS -OSI. U i|o |I ff bad ?i(i?ra?"? to '?f|?r and g'>m m aiotf may apply at tha o flira of tba pa uu Oold Mining ' um^aay, No. II" t icbanjfa pla.-a, ro >a >o i '< lI/ANrtP? BY A KIMK? rAlll.r Yof.SU MAS, Tf from ."rollaud. a aft w a* Wo ia paatry a?a*r A '? di*>a A T llrrald ollkra, or i!4 l>nu araoi*, batawaa XMb aad 3ttb ati, II r ASTHi- AS A? lit K, INTFI J.I'.ENT YO St. MAN W iaaaoOi<a, wbo arrn a (oo-l baa -, all tail naa b n.a*lf ir>n*rally u?*'ul ??nali Addraaa K M., Ii?rald otSoa, in o?a bau?. vriltag, atatiag it f?r?o.a JhaWk<| -Alii >!>? HAMfli lu -I I . . fllF. ItUilt r JRm' '''a a tat |.|o aaa (?r ma ?? ?' < r.n< a laMiag artir a .n In* grua?ry i n? by aliuik at*ot t? par oaa* n tba coat la aa<> f ?r tb* 'jaaa tity prwl'ira' by Iba aam? i.?a'i? on naif 'b" outlay it capital uk'l?r tba old m<?<? (ran wit babvrkl V a??r.t?, or tbo*" wiabirirf to pof. 1. >.a an lot ?r?a-. A4 er??? W II boa So 'l .\* t I'oat ' aitj*- bioai.way, c jrnki: of kf.aur "."tucri J.C> i At MOttHlit A <t)ll?rllf'4 raa .<? tvl tar liab Notrb, lurmaotad I r 1 ? b b?ip fur toU'i aad ^r ti<a laaa.1 aa. a ao at Wr< awtliwn. f*r>a a ara, farmrra, as<) macbai l?, at thia < r ta* biaa-b of i be, UU ?.r?a nw cb alraa'. Till*; TIUIICN. I n >1 RNirtl li lukr>< . ( 1<h K AVIi Tlv?H ilM.-. Aa UIUI.XUI, <tu UI1 )at?ia?4i av? . Bf >?) I kd ?if | iltrnrr.M If ka Bali ?? k) afi.'A lattar autU i?l aeil'tai fcim 'a mata ria?ii.afkMf i?n tl at '? *B|,lii)B>*al '? Kl ?? l?'t n?r. >? M tk?Ki?|kl) UMii>Ut4i IU k >i mm lo all Ita ttrioat bran III lla->aa C. K . aara ol A- l'.uln?r, <t>? Ha?ar Cl Abu >t r * o tiviKf wASirt), io ?.o in run aj'f-my, J k u.aB of dialog Mi>. <?t ?? ?i4 ?? U?. A f ply k< IV. >uikf of J .iin tl . i mm "?? I fl O ( A^r. MANIKA<T<IUK< * < A "* | mtlif fl om Ijji'Uim, oti.. b?? tuft"! UrM inn 111 lbi't1ll|llM liHIIM ? Mil* .I/O A1 Ml / ( , I M KriftllB )??' (Mlr?. II'A 1MI A CAI'IU Alifc I'AIMM', 4 rK,U ?fc?t ff kn-1 ? kU'ttin ill w%.r,.i m*o Sum till frit rlwi a?r> tpfl; <al tl I. AUm faetatj, ttnm of I11U it ? M iimk KIM l ll tl. T-vm murr UiUmiviu*** J1 HUSKY II. aOWAHII, IDT) ???>? > ifXilr, m4 *'T! Bal.ll L?? C A N l> 1 1> A r K . HKMOVAU. Kimoiai ? i-aa' i( mii< >i * imtvi u r% t 11 n*utb tliwl In No t W itiMt, saar At bail MATHDIOVlAlo MATHIWSUI MR I' r I A'.WV*" THaT ? !.?? ?<? ? ???!? rt f??i 'ar <?r U4ta? U'l a a- !;?< ? ?.? a'ti M f r ta*a ?,< a ttl ir tat i >\u. ?!.'?? Mv> .a u ??? a tfca ntf, tilt I II S <? ki a ? ai.t ? I ^o IM *?t t?-?i h IVrtrt <tp (Urn *? I ??>) U. laiUr ? ui '??a oat 'u ,?r t ?a \t AI'Y A li <itNTI???S ? * H lllVi A M K gjIMpaiUfan'. V-ji"D a k 'alb f'?0 Va 4 I ? I U?a UUf ? a j or till l?l * ? ajko ? .??aa ' >ra?l>4 IN 11 a iiaa? T ha fatal' r " anal* if aaa jarava aa mixh , altaa'at atar Ik riatk?k ? Waal ?a-l iti'.fc naiM l'ji^/i,tlWa y r* ? al I af '?>??/ far f*at1 iMi*iim4ill''ti al'.i And Ikn ?>rj (ttfaw A XaniH, I '"- a ui ? foal 'ifiaa |>'.AHI si, AT Mf KK?V HIIJ. '077 MTH AVf J f a .* iiinorf tlilia watl*. Ma la>i'iaa aa r ? ^ I ?a; <la I'alaaa 'art *? lam; lliJL. Htnrmt ?.aa wit ?mM a ilt lar|a j?H alAi kali* -ivaM ft taftoa a a^ utia baUka. la laai^aa^ far (aaUaJ a?4 (bfia'iaa Ita.itt. ? kaift n. >4a i tu I|? WAlUi WAHI--1 t1|g OKI.Y nu'l'lii, II * kil'ltaatla t friaol carat tli? a^'ba^ ataa *iU rafaa that All ?lii*r <b?fa fall T1 <a* a|. )m>* aaf* ra4 feat [.ftUa'ara ?tr?kaU4 a ?ara <i^?a, Sa '?/ ' aaal ?! rati, aaa (??>?. iMlny < f. i.mi taa; ;ta ra r?rtt *trraal*4 !*? laa (.:ia? ^arw^ia |. i-'t fat llta i?toa*a! -4 Irraf a AnUat, A ?>trt??i aal><i</ia f r cabtlll/ 1-H1MII RAllt iKf ft?* A'Orn*. Af ,tt run J ;?||, ti|. ? tftaal "? Haa^ar l?l> M A 1 l*TTWAKT * (II , Biia4*i;, i ka?'or>, m4 Hn ? tfitait TJ AM "Ml XV H ?K?II?? Wf/MA K?? Jl at 4 (a ai)? t&t a. u?? I Uta tm4f ta f laift r?n ? ii lk' knvia iwif-i '/tttaaai i AMitaa ?. l I'll a4?ki fttl 1 ?'? Src-'^D MAUI" A' KIJU.I* H'll IAIX TWO Hip K at) t t?a't 'or faar a*atkjfu?? lay k.ffr Ma lia?k tfc'ka; aaiaalr C'Uk't a.i^ht ? itwruaral a< ??'??? t'( Al ba|?i?a, ih M Ik a%ri ' Ira l?f |ti t if i*ta kl ll*P tkrrU(a fatWrr ft r-1 taaatt aaar I ; n'-alli #,iat? r|*'? ! JT AT li 'A*AI. > f KAICT, r' H>f-IIKJ> on I iilalkliMflttl tallan ptiWt a la aa tM t.r.k?< IM* It fa^atra^l . t t* iba Ifr" ftrl " aaokaf a< tA'ta niotat ttll t?ltM tar V?' a>a ^>r^u aaa larat ?-'?rai? l it Til I? m i Ait at? w rr. r ai-aiit ?rati. ?tn' timl . -t I j*?i ? ? v-lraaM J klltkaa. >Ml(MM atar *U Aar4 rat.'Aa' a?4 pa ?( ?4 ??Ua< %a mal Ana it#, a Itaiinti t' ?Wi T* H taiata ttlviti T??al| uiliU It una ilnt'i Alto it IH Htatfj tl ? karat alt li to Itl -Vlf a At raw