Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 1, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 1, 1855 Page 6
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Satcbday, June 30?6 P.M. ThoMook maikot still remains la * very unset M tome. There imhti to be ao regular mow. aum to soy Stock, whether & fan:y or not. At the flat tart, 4*4*. Indian 3's 1W1 off | per oent; UN Is Central bonds. ); Michigan C antral Riil road, k; Mlohlgan Boattwrm, fc. Lauiiiaoa 6'? ad twcc4 k P?r etnt; Nicaragua Transit, 4s ClevsUud >nd Pitthburg, 1; Cleveland ud Toledo, Jv Krle and Gentnl wen putty wall ? t lined to -day, I? view of the oempetitton which la about commencing be ween tbem. Tfio Central Compssy la dourly wrong m the pertHae ? mad regarding through fates. Reading bolda oa pretty welL Tho dividend is aUB in doubt; thai it will bo muoh awallar than genenfly anticipated, there la no douM. Indiana 6's were in demand today, and aold to aamo extent at a deciine. Bahrond atoeka wen comparatively qoiec At the second board there was no change oi eonafqurnoe. Tbe tendency was upward, and * fractional advaase was realized on nearly every description. The New York County B?ak commences business at the corner of Fourteenth street and Eighth ave dub, Monday, the Sd of July, when the third and lest instalment of thirty five per oent on the capita wil be payable. Carries C. Masy, President; A. Maatotton, Jr., Caahier. Capital, $200,000. The United States Life Insurance Company paya en Monday a regular semi-ananal dividend ef in terest, a t the rate of seven per cent per annum on its capital. The Bank ot Savings, (107 Chambers fetieet), has declared an -interest, fir the past six month*, ot five per cent per annum on all sums amounting to Ave and under five hundred dollars, and leur per cent on nil sums of $500 and upwards. Also an extra dividend of the same amount, and on the euaa principal, both payable on the third Man* day ef July. The Ielaad City Bank, n dividend of three and a half per cent. Tho Phenix Bank has declared a dividend of Ive per cent for the last six motitba. The North River Bank, a semiannual di. vt deed of four per oent, payable on the 10th of July. The Bank of Hamburg, & C.,has declared* dividend ef tone dollars and tlfy cento per share, equal to seven per oent, for the last six months. The annexed statement exhibits the reoeipts and disbursements of the Assistant Treasurer's office, during the month of June, 1855 assaiAKT Twuscmb's OiFics? Receipts aitd DinnsnnK MMI, JCNK, 1866. By bsiaaoe.... $2,237,967 75 KeoMpte during the month Customs $2,370,087 60 Patent f<*? 4,f?96 36 Post Offioe Itenartmont 66,660 83 iransfers 1,900 000 00 MseeBanecue 4,686 44 $3,461,519 28 Total $&,6H9,486 9* fafmsti : ? Tr?a<>crjr drafta $3,620,789 87 Post Office do 111,921 43 $3,73i,691 10 Balance $1,966,796 83 Kt bttiau, Or., disbursing accounts ' $1, 196,569 44 Br recetota daring the month 1,294,147 42 $2,486,716 86 To paypoonta 1,289,817 94 Balance $1,196,898 92 By balance, Cr., interest acrcunta $2H,9i4 43 Appropriation 841,199 42 $870,123 86 4,236 00 Balance $866,887 86 Bv receipt* tor custom* in quarter ending June, .666 $6,981,812 62 II* rewipte (or customs in quarter ending Juna, ,8 64 8,943,813 81 Deoretee, 1866 $1,942,001 29 balance. Cr., bullion and expense ac count (ec a?ta; Offioe $2,606,670 70 Coin ree'd daring the month $40,966 40 I tue bars ila de. 1,994, 121 88 $2,086,078 28 Total $4,640,064 98 To pa; est uU in cols $63,417 78 To payments in floe bars 1,960,396 30 $2,018,818 03 Balance $2,626,841 06 By coin lo band, in Assistant Treasurer'* oftioe ,....$4,018,682 60 By oo'D in baud Is Aimj Uf'e '.i,2'it>,841 94 >6, 2*4,424 64 By list hin in Arm y Office. .. $381,000 01 B? unrated bullion do 1,126,672 11 -.11,486,672 12 Total $7,770,006 M St ituum oi Bu>t:?fiw at the rxinw Statks And Or non AT J.V*W Yoki., iok the Month Endiwii Jvxm 30, Mr,. Depoaita of gold : ? Foreign coins $11,000 foreign bullion SU.OOU lotted fctaUn bullion, including $16,000 of Cal. Br. mint bar* . . . 1,936, 0C0 $1,067,000 Deposit* of ailver Foreign cokaa $6, 100 Fcrstga bullion <,?? I . 8. ou'.lton ('contained in gold) 14,400 lio. lake Superior 180 26,700 Total $1,992,700 l'a>able<a ban $1,926,000 Do. coin. 67,700 $1,902,700 <.ol4 ban ntaaaped $l,992,9i3 Transmitted to U. 8. Mint for coinage 38,279 Tbs warrants entered at the Treasury Depart neat, Washington, on the 27 th inat., were as foL laws:? f or theTr?a?ury Department $38,737 42 For tfce Interior Department 34,843 21 For tte Customs 39,773 30 War tnmmi rooeivud and entered 67,343 66 We* r?p?y warrant* receir*! and entered . . 62,722 96 Interior repay warrants received ao< I entered. ift,3?l 61 i ?ver?d imo the Treasury irom Cnstum* .... 1,364,602 74 for carer og into the treasury from Lands. . 2,000 00 Carerieg into Treasury from miac. sources. . 7,600 L6 Jest -H. 1866. lor thoTrsaeury Department $.166 00 Far tie Interior Deparimen ; 14,329 36 For the Cuittsm* 12,437 It War w.irraata received and entered 62,306 46 War repay warrants receiveJ and entored. . ., 380 97 latorier repay warrant* received and entered. 9,608 '21 Drawn on account of the Navy 101,778 84 ror repaying on account of tb? Nary 864 60 y or covering into tbo ln asnr j from astorn*. 8 92 The re^ipt* of the Hiiwaukle and M istiaaippi Kadroid Company fx the first 18 working days of Jane, tfciayanr, compare with the same time last year ss follows:? 18.*, 6. 1864 l'emeiuer* $11,046 04 $1'Z,08N '.<8 freight 30,011 67 2",460 00 Total $44,067 20 $32,636 98 The advantages of the new steamship canal at the Banlt at. Marie are beginning to be realised in the oepper regions of Like Superior. A letter from the Treasure* of the "Forest Copper Company," dated at Oatoaagon, 20th inat, mentions hla arrival there per steamer Illinois, being the first boat through the canal, and in about six days' running time from Boaton to the mines. Tbjee mines are about TO milts from Oatoaagon, the Wnding place on the take shore, with which they are connected by a railroad now io operation, and the Ontonagon river. The camber of men employed at then* mi aea at preaent is about 120, and the shipments or cop per saoa the opening of navigation thie season a) out 7S tcna The Boaton Journal of the .''Jth inat., gives tie following ((aotatioM for stock:? Viient and (laaada was in dem tnd tbia morning it 70 l?>d, but no ?tock was offered for sale; thi* i< 3 per cent above last *ai?s. Rotten and Maine was <|ui*t, tH V bid 96 askae. Provtdeoen and Woree*ter each impmrM CasMsrd dull aad heavy at 47 aakod, 46 Si tbs ho*t bid. K&jrUra sold at 66, which was the sskln* pries at tha aloes. Ogtfeasborg ?taady at 64 <{, tbs seattarin* lot* ?pan tha market having b*?n recently taken up. In V'srmHt and Ma*aaetra*ott? there bi< Reea no transae Haw* isr a week . 11 W I* offered and 12 askad. The in tarsal eenpeaa of thi* n>M*. doe July 1, will be psid at tha oftoa of tie company (Wab?t*r Itank Building >. on soot Central sold a *aiaJl lot at 2, Vermont < antral ?old a noiilt lot at 2, wnaaa waa aid for 60 share*. Fltc.hiurg told freely at 80, aad was leas arm at tha clone. Cooper Fall* de fined yiMhn; M . The market for Rail read Bond* was heavy, at pi i ass a ?hads lower. Tha oeopone ef the lat and 2d mwtgnge bond* of che Ohio aad MaaMppi Railroad Company ( tfaet am Division, doe Jnly 1, 1R&5), will be pail at tbe uffioe of the oompany. So. ?# Merrhanta' Kick Mire . i and after M , 71 Ju'y. ?UOOV.8 8* 'OT 11?* 10000 tad H. 6*. . b?0 88 MOO do MO SAW 20C00 do. ...MO 86 5000 do *3 86 3000 Vltf OH 101 1000* do MO 101 * 10M0 Louisiana ft*.. 90 1W0 Bar lat M bd*. 03 lOOOJrtoCB '?1.M 86* SMOBU?M?>B& *S ?4 * 2uOCO Ekio Ma '74 . . 91* 5(00 do ttlO 91* 5000 Albany Kx Ctfa 00 7000 H K 3d M Ms. 77 10000 do.... MO 77* lWOPanbd* Sdia. 104* 'JOOC N J On RR b*. 90 (OOUlCaaRRbda. 84* 5000 do 84 * ? 3000 111 C RltFbwp 82* 3000 IUPreei'd Ma. 87 60COT'T?BfcAl*tM 91* 1C000 ft Wayne* 3 b* 78* 1H8 at* Ocean Bank. 8a 18 Hanover Bank . . 100* 9 Commonw'h Bk . 100 200 Nl* Trana Co.*?0 17 * 200 do a8 17 * 200 Canton Co 27* 2C0 do b90 27* fcO do alO 27* 44 do 27* 15 Pain. Coal Co.. . 112* ICO Cum. Coal Co..c 39* 100 do bfiO 39* 760 do o 39* 200 do 29* 260 do b3 293,' lu N". Y. Can. B. R. . 100 * 50 do 100* BECOKD $2000 iAoialana da . . ?fi * lOCOO Virginia C* . . . 101 .* l?oo co beoioi* 1100 (alitor. 7a, '70 91 6(00 Frie Bda of '75 91 X lOCO Erie Co Ma '71 80, if *?6(0 111 Cen RR bda 86 5000 do b20 85* 2u00 do aSO 86 360(0 U1 Freel'd Ma. 88 20?0 do bBO 88* 2C0 ah* Nic TrOo bio 17* 100 do a3 17* 200 do b4 17 * 100 do b80 17* 100 do b3 17* tUTVHOAT, Jut SO, 1866. 60 aha N.Y- CmuR.R 100'; MO da 100 no da M-X ioo* 74 " da c 100* 50 da a 10 100* 50 da MO 100* M da alO 100 s 100 da a20 100* 60 CM. k Rk. la. R. R 97 * DO Panama R. R ... 100* 160 Erie Railroad 200 200 600 too 100 200 60 960 400 100 100 226 50 do *3 do do b60 do ...al2m do a 60 do do ... do .., do... ?10 do... do... do... ..a3 .bW , ,a3 ..?30 61* 61* ?1* 62 60 MX 51* 61 617* 52* 62 52 62* 52 29* 29* 29* 93* 93* 42* ,alo 2(JO Harlem RK. . .a3 22? do 200 do b80 100 Reading RR. a.tO 260 do a3 61* Hudaon R. R-t.. 50 Mich. C. R? .b60 102 50 M. 8. ft N. L RR. 109 100 Ilia. Can. RR.sSO 97* 60 do a3 25 Clev. & Pitta. RR 100 do b3 300 do b3 1 14 Gal. & Chic. RR. 150 Cler. & tol. RR. . 200 do bl6 50 do s30 97 69 59J< 60 100 93* 93* 93 ^ BO ABO. 200 aha Nic Tr Co bCO 50 Galena k Ch RR . 50 do b30 108* 12 Mioh Cent RR. . . 101 loo Comb Coal Co. . 200 do a 60 100 do b3 160 do *30 100 do blO 100 do 160 Erie Railroad. alO 'iOO do 100 do a 60 100 Reading RR 93* 200 do bjO 93* 17% 108* 29* 29* 29* 29* 29* 29J* 52* 6**' 52* Cirr TRADE JH.KPOHT. Satcrdat, Jane 30?0 P. M. Asunw ?Small nalea were made at unchanged pricea. The Htock amounted to 1.278 bbla. BRFAPhTcn-s.? Flour ? The market waa dull for all cowmon and medium gradaa. The aalea embraced about 6,000 a 7,000 buahels, Including common to good and choice brands of State, at 98 12 a $8 26, and ai $8 62 a 98 76: W rater n do., at 98 60 a 99 12 for comnoa to good, acd 911 a 912 75 for fancy to extra; Soutoern waa in limited demand, with moderate aalea, at 910 a 1 910 76 a 910 87; Canadian waa inactive? aalea about 600 bbla., at 99 96 a 910 75. Wheat? Small aalea were reported of white Michigan, at 92 54. Corn waa with- j out further change of moment. The Balea reached 46, 004 a 60,000 buahela on the apot, including inferior to common aound quality, at 88c. a 90c., ana good to, in ahlpping order, at 91 *o. a 93c. There ware again awce tettiemeata of time contract* made, on terms not made public. Rye waa firmer. 8alea of 150 butheia were made, at 91 66, afterward* held 91 58 a 91 60. Oats were dull, at 60c. a 65c. for State and Wfatem. Naval Storks were quiet, at 40*c. for apirita and 86c. for roein per 310 lbs . delivered. Provisions. ? Perk? The market remained firm, with moderate tianaactiona. The aalea embraced about 400 bbia , including new mesa at 919 60, and new prime at 910 o 1 a 916 f>0, old mean waa at 919 12 a 919 25 aiked. Beef waa firm, with aalaa of 300 to 400 bbla., at 99 75 a 910 26 for country prime, and 911 a 913 for gool coun try mean; repacked Chicago varied from 910 a 917, the latter for extra. Cut meata were in moderate demand, with aalea of about 200 packagea at 7*c. a 8c. for ahoul Oera, aid 9*c. a 10*c. for hama. Bacon waa steady but qulat. Lard waa in fair demtud, with aalea of 300 to 400 bbla . at 10*o. a 11c. Butter waa at 15o. a 18c for Ohio, and 18c. a 22c. for Htate. C'heeae waa qulat aad heavy, at 6d. a 9*c. Commerce of the Canal*. Statement showing the quantity of theaereral article* firat cleared on the canala, and the quantity left at New York during the la at week in June, 1855:? A rticlf t Cleared. Sugar, lb* 1,408, at2 Iron 639,662 Mo 'at am 241,026 Railroad iron 2 126,800 Coffee 190,893 All other merch'e, 2,6 U.347 NaiUandapikea.. 103,(63 _____ Total 7,222,123 Articles Arrived, Flcur, bblf 15,3f>8 Bran and ahip ytal.e* 376 atoff, lb* 398,700 Btef 190 Bacon and ham*. .1,993,700 Pork 4 000 Butter 20,700 Doaneatic apirit*, gla 12,000 Lard .. 1,491 ,8t0 Wheat, buahela.. . 7,600 Cheete 8,000 Corn 317.800 Wool 7,700 Barley 500 Oat* 106,100 Total 4,882,430 I certify the above to M correct, RICHARD H WOODS, Colleetor. IDVEflTISKI ENTS RENEWED EYMRT DAT. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE. BATH AND GREENWOOD STAGES ? LEA7E bath 7, 8. and 0>i A. M. ; 1, 2, 4, and 6)f P. II. Leave Greenwood 8 >4, 10, and 11 A. M. : 3, 4>?, 5^, ud 6>i V. M. JOHN FIELD, Proprietor. T7H)R CONEY ISLAND AND PORT HAMILTON ?THE F * tranter Nor walk le*van New York as folio we:? Fur foot of Abo* street at ?)? A. II., and 12 '4 and 3)4 P. 1L; pier foot of Spring atreet, A. H. : 12>4 and 3 >4 P. M. ; pier No 3 North river' at lt> A. II. , 1 and 4 P . H ; leaving Coney Island, last trip, at 6)4 P. M Fare to Co ney Inland and fort Hamilton aad back to New York, 26 cent*. No half prise tor children. F? BRIDGEPORT, ON TUI8DAY AFTER SOON* , AT 3 o'clock, July 3, connecting Vitk the Houaatonie, Naugatuck and Nov Harm Railroad, the steamer CaTA 1JNE, Capt. Charles Weeks, will leave from steamboat wharf, I'eok slip, E. R., on Tuesday afternoon, at three o'clock. N. B.? There will be no boat on Wednesday morning, 4th. For information Inquire of HEX). W. CoRUBd, 283 Pearl atreet. "VT EW YORK TO MONTREAL, 0GDEN3BIRG, WHITS J. 1 lloun tains, St. Johnsburg and BurlingUn. via Northampton, Brattleboro', Bellows Falls, Rutland, Windsor, White Hirer, Wells River, Montpelier, St. Al lows ami Rouse's Point. Through tic lets, via the New York aad New Haven Railroad, Boston eif re** trains to hptingfitld, 8 A.M. and 4 P. M. Baggage checked through. FRANCIS HYDE, Agent, Offioe, Pier 2fi, Peck slip. Ctl'NDAY BOAT FOR ALBANY? PASSAGE 60 CKN'18 0 1 be HKhO, Captain Hancox, leavea Robinson street pur at 6 P.M. arriving by 4 A. M. For slate rooms, Ac., apply on board; being in connection with the Cea tral Kailroao. Ti DAYTON, CINCINNATI AND LOOTsVILLE.? Spring and summer arrangement, via New York and l.rie I Call road, Hudson Klver Railrotd, Peoples' line steamers, New York Central Railroad, Lake Shore Rail road, (lev eland and Toledo Railroad to Clyde, thence by Mail ltlver and Lake Erie, and Cincinnati, Hiuiilton and l*ayton railroads. Quickest and moet direct route! through from New York to Cincinnati two hours In ad vance of any other route, connections certain, and ample time for meals. Three daily trains. Passenger-, leaving New York on evening steamers of People's Line, or f> A. M. train of Hudson River Railroad, or A A. M. train of New York aad Erie Railroad, connect at Buffalo and Dunkirk as follows:? Arrive at Buffalo HP. M., Dun kirk 10.16 P.M. ;Clevelahd A 30 A.M., Grafton 7. 06 A M , ( lyde h 66 A. M., tselMontalne 11.4s A. M , Dayton 1 P. M., Hamilton 2 P. M., Cincinnati 3 P. M. Passengers leaving New York on evening boat of People's I Ann or <1 A. M. train of Hudson River Railroad, or ') A. M. train of New York and Kris Railroad, arrive in Cincinnati two hoars in advance of Columbus route, .'-econd train Leaves Cleveland, from west side of river, 0 A. M., on arrival of steamers Crescent Cltr and Queen of the West, from liulTalo, arrive at Sandusky 11.36 A. M., Dayton OP. M., Cincinnati 8.20 p. M. Passengers leaving New Y ork on 6 P. M trains of Hndaon River itailroad, or Naw York aad llrla Railroad, arrive at Buflalo 10 30 A. M , 1 Mini irk 11 60 A. M.. Cleveland 6.20 P. M., Grafton 6 46 I' iM., (lyde 8 r>0 P. M., Dayton 4 60 A. M-, Cincinnati 7 A.M. Rere leaving New York on evening trains p' Hudson River Railroad, or Now York and Krie Rail rued, by this route arrive in Cincinnati thirty four mi nu'ts in acvanoe of Columbus route. He sore to call for tickets via Clyde and Dayton. Cleveland passeogers, en route for Cincinnati, via Cljde and Dayton, take the can of the Cleveland and Toledo Railroad, and are <au tinned to beware of the misrepresentations of runners in the Cleveland depot, that the traia for Cincinnati does not leave until 7 30 A. M. Two hours are gained by taking A 10 A. M. train, via 'lyde and Peyton. Baggage checaed flora New York to Bnffaloor Dunkirk, aad from lluTilo or Dunkirk to Cincinnati. Through tickets, and all ia formation can be obtained on board People's Line iteam eia, or at the ticket offices of New York and Erie Kail road. New York Central Raiiroel, and Hudson River Rail I road, or at office of Cincinnati, Hamilton aad Paytoo Railroad. 160 Broadway. T. C. MITCHELL, General Agtnt, 160 Broadwaj, New York city. G. 0 BROWN, General Eastern Ageat F'ORKirrOBT AND FORT HAMILTON.? THI JffW and (est ntsambeat IIITPORf leavea S sw York font ol Murrey *tr*et, dailv, Sundaye eieeptad, at t e'clw k I' V., retarainic leaves Kevpert a> 7S s'elsek A. If. fare J," sent a. Panose daatreeoef vtsttinceas of tbn moe* hralthv aa4 beet kathU? ptaees ia ths vteialty of New Ycik will tn4 it a* Better*, aad bnsiases mea eea beta Mew Hrt frois ?S A. M. aatU 4 P M. THB nUTAAT. A 1TKNTIO.V ? A MDtlAI. MKfcTIHU (?? THE >i* J\_ Guards, will be helu ai Mr. Me?han ? 317 East Twelfth street, on Monday evsc.nv uext, July at 7 1, o'clock, PuM' oal attendance required. By oitier of the Ccmpaoy. HLLiAHD*. ?OILIlARTW ? W> HAVE A BI'LKNWD 8Ti>CK <>P r? bdtiard *ab.? a, web elate, m\rbl? of wooden bets, eeitable for private or pubi'c nee, also, balls, cues, r W4be, fee we 1 . In fact every article in tie line, 10 jer seat cheeper than anv eo!et.l.ehnjei,t ia the I'oitwl ?Ut * ?L '. v:v, Un*:va( BOARDING JUI1> LODGING. Q7Q FOURTH fl IR>3:T~ APART * Rif fs ELEGANT t> I 57 Ijr furnished U let, with or without board, to iMIMUUliHlltliM a Ml families: nl*> rooms for ill gte gentlemen. BUKOKS& STRBKT, OPPOSITE l)W>A(J HOW. The ?b<m first oUm haut, replete with .m Cvementa, U now readj lor lb* reception ?( ttudwi. Blue* desiring delightful apartments, separately oe'U suite, wu find super tet icoMumtitiM; also, Am rooms, with board, at *6 Gnn street, utr Bleeder. 1 9 A N,NrH 8TRttr? nJEN'ISHH) APART MEN' IS to let to gentlemen, without nt?aU; locaton dtmrable, being ? few hotues WMt o( Broad**/. Apply a* above. 85 uo^^J'^-rBE ADVEK rxaFR fl4S tlemen and their wives *? *? fea without full or partial mud with or cation. DC*x0> mt the shore desirable lo 2 BOND STREET, NEAR BROADWAY.? A FEW PLEA aant room* to let, with permanent or transient board. Strangers rUlUng the ut/ will find this 4 moat deeirable opportunity. A PRIVATE FAMILY WOUIJ) IJCT TO A GENTLE man and wife, or two gentlemen, a pleasant room, in a bouse with modern Improvements, with fnU or par tial kxard, Terms moderate. Inquire at 194 WestNfne teentn atreet, near Eighth avenue. a large front room, suitable for a gem J\, tlemiin and hie wife, to let, furnished or unfurn lehed, with or without board; a>ao good accommodation* for (ive joung gentlemen and three lad mm ; a com 'or cable heme can be realized; kept by a respectable English wi dow woman, at No 23 Harruun street, oorner of Green wlch? Mrs. a A. Heddyer. A WELL FURNISHED S^ITE OF ROOMS fO LET, TO one or two gentlemen, with breakfast if required, la a private bouse containing modern improvement*, and deeirably located near Union 1' ark. Family small, no children. Appl) at 21 living l'laoe. A N ELEGANT SL'IT OF ROOMS WILL BE LET TO A XX tout hern family, or others, wicn board, private table or not, for a moderate price, if the best reference U given, In Ninth street, between Flith and Sixth avenues. All particular* given by addressing M. S., Union square Poet Office. A FINE OPPORTUNITY IS NOW OFFERED TO A FA mily or single gentleman, to obtain desirable ae cbmmooaticns, with lull or partial boars tor the summer, where they wiU receive the comforti and attention of a borne; house very convenient, and location unsurpassed, five minutes' walk from Fulton ferry. Apply at 77 Cranberry street, Brooklyn. A NEATLY FURNISHED BOOM AND BEDROOM TO let, on the first lloor, suitable for one or two gen m men, or a lady and gentleman. Board for the laly only. Apply at 60 Woosterst., near Broome. At 96 FOURTH AVENUE, OPPOSITE ELEVENTH atreet.? Two or thiee gentlemen, or a Southern family, can have a suit of fur Dished rooms; use of kitchen for cooking. Location in view of Broadway. Family private Hot, cold and ahower baths. Refer ences exchanged. Apply for one week. No bill on the house. A GENTLEMAN, WHO HAS A FINE FURNITURE pailor, piano, and a large bedroom with two beds, wants a quiet companion. Price moderate, and to call alter 5 o'clock, lb* Walker atreet, near the Bowery. Board ? a front room and bedroom on the second, and back room on the third floor, to let with board; house newly furnished, and has bath and gas ; the family being small, desire to take a fow boarders o make it more pleasant; beet of reference given. Inquire at 101 East Broadway. Board-at a country seat, on the banks ot the Eait river. A private family, oeoauyioj! a large house, delightfully located in full view of the JCafl ?iv?r. with eatenelve lava, vegetable garden aad bath houae, wish to take a family of grown pcraoni and two or three ?itole gent, en en to board for the summer and fall. Carriage and stable room if rtqnlrtd. Aooest l> the eity every live minutes, by the Second, Third and Fourth avenue oars. Ad drees Country Seat, union square Post Offioe. Board.? a gentleman and his wife, or two single gentlemen, can obtain a pleasant rosm on the recond floor, aleo back parlor on the first floor, with or without board, at 224 Greene street, on reasona ble terms. Gaa and bath In the house. References re quired. Board? Strang ers visiting the city, or patties about doting their bouses for the season, and desiring transient or permanent board, can be a v commodated with a widow lady, living retired, in a pleasant locality in Brooklyn. To ptriiea liberally dls poeed, she would take paioa to secure the freedom aad comfoitn of a home; references exchanged. Address M A. B. , New York Post Office. Board on state* island may be had for the season, (or two or three families, in a pleasant C- ce, and salt water bathing convenient. For particu s, apply at 77 Barclay street. SOABD IN WESTCHESTER _ COUNT 1.? A LADY, OC cupyiog ber own house, at Mount Vernon, (one r'a ride from this city,) can accommodate one or two small famlliee with board for the summer. Tne house is neat the railroad deoot, and tne village situated in the moat delightful and healthy part of Weetoheater county. For particulars inquire at the houae, or ad dresa Mrs. C. Peace, Mount Vernon, Weateheeter county, New York. COUNTRY BOARD? A PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING eight milea from the city, would like to board on< or two families for the hummer; the house fronts on the bay, and the situation la unaurpaaaed ; It is convenient oi acoesa by stages and cars; bathing house on the ?lace, and good flshlog in the vicinity. Address S., lerald office. ? FCRNISHED LODGING ROOMS TO LET, TO ONE OR two single gentlemen, at verv moderate price*, in the firat clans house No. 772, Broadway, corner of Vth street. PRIVATE BOARD AT SARATOGA SPRINGS? A FEW hoarders are deeired in ? private family, where the comforts of a home may be realised. Address B. K. B , box U2 Post Office, N. Y. SPAN Ml BOARD? A GENTLEMAN WISHTS A WELL furbished room, and full or partial board, In a pri vat* Spanish family, wi ere an opportunity for practic ing that language will be afforded. Address E. L., He rald office. STA7R.V ISLAND? TO LET TO TWO SINGLE GEN tlemen, a large, airy, comfottably furni*hed room, with bedroom attached, with partial betrd. The hoaee is beautifully located, near the water, a few minute*' wak from the ferry. Addreea, with real name, P., b:x 276 Htritld office. Spacious and well furnisfed room-* to let, to gentlemen only, at from $4 to $10 per week, In tte firi-t class hcutm No. 11 University place, corner : iL-r.'.ii street. TWO OR 1HRF.E AG RELIABLE PER-OS3, WITH OO03 reference*, can obtain daslrabl* room*, with ureak l*ht and tea if necosiary, in a private family, where no o tiier boarder* are kept. location good, a bore Seven teenth htreet, and west of Broad way. Baths m the hou?e. Apply to F. D , box 3,572, Poet oflieo. I'O SOlTHiRNERS.? GENTLEMEN OR FAMILIES DE aiiirg firat elaM accommodation* in tne way ot lani iodic furnished apartment*, with or without break 'a*i, will lind inch in tne delightfully located bouse No, ER CUntoa place, Eighth street. "\/ ERY PLEaSANT ROOILS, WITH BOARD IS BROOK V lyn ?Two large, airy, and pleasant pai lore, with board, suitable lor geatinnea and their wtvee. Also, one , trailer room Thf house is genteeiy located, and ban gas Nature* throughout Apply at 91 Sands street. E roc ok J J a. MI HC F.LLAKEOl'N. 1 CA N AL STREET. ? W. * H. VAN NOTEd HAV> J DO a large assortment of the latent patterns of mantel grate*, kitchen ranges, summer r*ugee and stoves lor a ate, on reaaonable terma. Jewel. era and bra** foundei*' furnace built repaired. Grates and ranges net and repaired. CANADA HAT8, CANADA HAT?.? RB'EIVED TBI* day, of extra quality and breadth of brio*, for sale by UAYSOR, MacIion'aI.D * CX, No*. 21 and 26 Warren streot. Cheap baths for mi: people-prices ke aucvd ? At tbe Deabrcsses Streot Baths fnoarCaaal street. North liver), tor a mere trifle (10 cents ) yoa ran enjoy a plunge la the salt water, rid your?elf of rheumatic pains it you aro troubled that way, and in duce a degree ot hardlnesa which will dlminu>h tbe dsn hi ol celng so afllicted, save you lea dollars in doctor's bills (or e*er j one you spend, and beside* the imtns i ate

pleasure it atlords, and tne after add the mars pfenning Moettt ol health. We practice whae we preach, aad at trbute our general good health to the uniform can torn of bathing. I Eft IS k SEAtORD INVITE ATTENTION TO 1H?IR j aplenaid *'*ortment ol geatlemen'i Iutuimikik ^ood" for tbe summer I omplete *U>zk of gauu am 7rpbyr fabric under clothing anil hoeiery, ciar*'.*, tie*, Ac , specially uscigned for extreme hot weather. Cen tmm * laenion.iole furnishing bazaar, 666 Broadway, Htujvt?snt institute. rjnii i oi'R horse siagf.. called the bead, X OW t.ed by 1 oct A- Co , at 27# East lleveotb treat, Dt? Dock, is now readj for excursion* of aay kind rhe oncers hare *;ar? J| j,a.ns nor t-ipenae to mako thi? one ot tbe gajut '.urn outs in tbo city. TMs stage will <?at twelve p?r?ros partes go-ag to Ccney 1*1 md, >te?p'? Hes'1 Hay, Flu?h tig, Hi<h Bridge, or any iiaoo of ie?ott, will pieaae give us a call, at the stable of the *i ovr whet* it ."sn be wen acl o*gag?d at a reasonable cl argf. IOOT A CO . 270 East Kleventh *tr?-t. AMgRlCAk; ,.aT? G1.AH) COMPART? PACTOET, rt i.lie tn< ?r?, t<D? Are new prepared to aa e< a it cro?r? 'or n ?a- ' av. *la?>. tmtabls tnr Boon ?ky lights, ea'ilt a 1 <(*>-?. 'l- lit* Pro i.i" f aateatlen will fettven U Ml o*d*re I it ai t.v eir nftic? til Rradsar, ?r with their a?sat, J. h. PLAIT. TV Knrmy Mree*. ROnnBRfl' ALARM -TO HOI7IIKI8PBU, ?'? IE k**rer?, ollue prepristcrs. As.? garh and s?*rr per so; raaj iicurs a tm I?1 eateiy w this their deeltinis ot lis** i 'be tnc-? at a triuin* atpcaas, by acdreeam^ S ml* t> R. B.. V'H. ' M raid < >?. ?1 ILi INfi" A Ml El. I.?, WIEi'AlfBD BT D>: s. M Miolt'* (,iTa<-1pt.or, to tnr, will re sV't* pr*s?-. ? anu cleaa-se tb? lie r. Price CO renn per U( It '<? ,rlLK!>'. hm? ;*b ?o-. Kxcuiusttonrs. iaj, tiu ui juiy, leaving toot ot tKoome street, K. it., ?t 7 A. M ; foot Gouveroeur street, 7 1* ; I'eok slip, 7 30; 3|.rna streat, N H , Rt 8. Robinson street, 8. IS; Pier No 1, 8.3?. Refreshments, Oshiog tackle Had bsit furnish 4TH OF JULY EXCURSION. ? THE NEW FIK8T cIms stsimtr ELM CIl'V. J. M. Lewis, commander, will l?tn New Yocfc (or New Ha Ten on the guntof of the 4th, at 7Ji o'clock; returning, will Is* re Mew Utrei ?t 11 o'clock in tbe tmioA and arrive la New York earn on tbe morning of the 6th ftn f 1 60 (or the whole excursion, l'o penteu desirous of visiting the teautitul city of New Hewn, or of eajsjlif a short ho* voysge, tbe a bo >e offers a rare chance. oara july. ? grove pa vilio*? Newark Bey Grove, four ml lea south of Jersey Otty. ? I'apt. HLS will give a grand ball at his splendid new hotel, on the 4th of July. This bouse U surrounded by oni of the most splendid groves to be found withla one hunlred miles of N?w York. Omni Doses leave tbe Jersey City ferry wry thirty minutes for the Pavilion, fare one shilling, FOURTH OF JULY.? GRAND FOURTH OF JULY excursion to Keyport, around Statan Island. The new and splendid steamboat Keyport, Captain T. V. Ariowsmlth, will mase an excursion to Keyport on Wedreeoay, July 4tb, leaving New York, foot of Amos street, N. R , at ?>,?; Murray streak at S))f; foot o( Grand slreet, E R., quarter before 10; and pier No. 2, N.R., at 10 o'clock. Returning, leave Keyport at 4 o'clock, P. M., and arrive in Now York, landing at foot of leurtay street about 0 o'clock: ? affording one of toe cheapest an! plessanteat excursions of the day, giving an opportunity of vis wing the fortification* of the Har bor, Fort Hamilton, Sandy Hook, snd the Islanls of Navesink as well as enjoying tbe refreabing sea breeze. The cay will be appropriately celebrated at Keyport, end a good hand ot mu?le will be in attenlanoe on the trip. Fare, 26 cents each way. TTKIURTH OF JULY TRIP TO THi: FI^HINU BANKS X; Faie 50 cents. Th? steamer CROTON, Capt. W. H. Wood, will make a trip to the Fishing Banks, Wednes day 4th ot July, leaving foot of Uroome street, E. it., at 7 A. M * * ~ Stn 4, 8. td on board. T7OURTH OF JULY? JC For Wbitestone, Manhasset, Franklin Port, Glen Cove, Glen Wood, Roelyn, Lloyd's Dosk, Oyster Bay, and Cold Spring. The new and splendid steamer GLEN COVE, John Germain, commander, will leave New York on tbe 4tb day of July for the above places, as follows : ? Hsmmond street, N. R 7:30 A. M. Canal street, " 7:46 " Robinson street, '? 8 '? Peck elip, E. R 8:80 " Twelfth at., " 8:46 " Twenty third street, " 9 ? Returning on same day will leave Cola spring at 2 P. M. Oyster Hay 2:30 " Lloyc'sDoc* 2:45 ? Glen Cove 3:45 " Franklin Port, or Manhasset 4:15 " Wbitestone 4:4ft t? and on ber 10 turn will land passengers in New York at the foot of Twelfth street and at Peck slip, E. R. Few places have more picturesque attractions than those at whi:h this boat stops on iti route ? In particu lar the new village of Franklm Port, on Manhasset harbor, la remarkable for the beauty of Its situation. At ttls last named place there wlU bs offerel for sale on the 4th lost, about 2,000 choloe buttling lots. Maps of tbe property, will be furnished by the proprie tors of the land. Refreshments will also be found ou the ground. Tbe .steamer Glen Cove is a new boat, of great nize and speed, beautifully furnished, and capable of ac commodating lrom 1,500 to 1,800 passengers. The steamer D?)l Grove will meet the Glen Cove to carry passengers to Glen Wood and Koalyn, and will return vo meet the Glen Cove on her return. ]7!OrBTH OF JULY, 1866.? GRAND KXCURSION TO } the Fishing Banks. ? Fare 6U cents for the exoursion. '1 lie steamer THO?. K. HUi.SE will make an excursion to the Fishing Banks, on Wednesday, July 4, 1665, leaving New Yoik trom foot of Amos street at 8:45 A. M ; Spring stmt, at 8 ;60 A. M. ; J ly street, at 9 A M. , aod pier No. 3 Noith river, at P:15 a. M. Returning to tb? city at about 3:30 P. M., giving passengers three hour.' to re main ou tbe fishing grounds. Th>s excursion will be one of the finest of toe day, g>ving pisseoger* a fine view of the bay mm harbor of New York, with toe forti fications, and alTordtng an oppsrtonlty of enjoying tbe healthy breezes from the 00* an FOURTH OF JULY EXCURSION? STEAMER GI.EN COVE, with a band of maslc to I'raaJUln Port, on Maitassltt Bay Great attraction for New York citizens and others leaking cheap and splendid residences A village by this name, containing t-oms tiro thousand house lots, at a convenient iiiaUnce far persons doing business In this city, is being established ou an exten sive tract of land Ironting Manhassett Hay, with a suffi cient depth of water for vessels of any burnen to anchor or land. Every street and nearly every building lot com mands an extensive view of Manhassett Bay, East river, ana the plctuiesque landscapes wlihti adorn their nlines. Tbe unsurpassed bealthfulness of the place is an object of paismount importance to those wlio select a home for themselves ana families Tbe title It indisputable, having been in the family of one of tbe proprietors for thiee generations. The beautiful sieam>r Glencove will will stop at Hammond street at half. past 7 A If., at Ca nal street, forty five m nutes past 7 A. M , at Robinson street, at 8 A. M., at l*ck slip, at thirty minutes pant 8 A.M., at Twelfth street, at forty live minu'es pint 8 A M , at Twenty-third street, at 9 A. II Returning, will leave Franklin Port at 4 P. M. The proprietors and aients will be on tbe ground with maps, and will give all requisite Information. LONGLEV, Cl.AGGETT A MITCHEI.L, 36 Wall street. Fourth of july at mount verno.v? the cats of the Harlem and New Haven Railroads wtl' leave several times during the day for the above namel p'k? e An bration, with other appropriate exercises, nurlng tbe day. Fire works, and a grand ba.l at the Mount Verncu Hotel, in tbe evening. Persons desirous of spending the day and evening pleasantly, should avail themselves ot this opportunity, a snleniid band has been engaged. Fishing excursion.? the a no. i fast sail ing sloop SWALLOW, with superior accommoda tions lor from twenty to thirty passengers, ctn be char tered by the day or week, any time previous to the 1st of September, if not otherwiie engaged, by application to H. R MILLER, 179 South street, a pilot, wall ac quainted with all the best tishlng grounds down East, wiUgowi'b her. ' ?OR I.ON 8 BRANCH, SHREWSBURY, kv. DIRKCr.? Sen air and surf bathing. Tbe steamer .IAIIB llbTOPHKR leaves the foot of Jay street, for the above places, on Sunday, Julyl, Monday id. Tues.lay 3d, and Wednesday 4th, at i o'clock, A. M. Returning, It lives Shrewsbury, at 4 o'clock, P. M. Stages In atten dance. IpOR CHARTER.- THE LARGE AND COMMODIOUS 1 steamer CROTON, can be (bartered for excursions, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. For particulars apply to WM. G LOCKWOOD, .17 South street, or to Oapt. Vim. H. Wood, en board the boat, at ke foot of Twelfth street, E. R. EXCl'R'llON TO THE KI 3111 NO HANKS THK ST) A mer GOLDI1N GATE, l 'apt. Anderson, formerly captain of tbe steamer Lanra Knapp, will make a trip every day in tbe wee*, Sunday* excepted, leaving .Amos street at 7 o'clock, Spring street at 1 >?', Peck slip at 8, Broome street at H'j, ana pier No. <i, N. K , at 9 o'clock. A eotilon bind will be on board. Grand third of july exccrmos up thk. Hudson nver, for Albany and Troy, landing at Cold Spiing, Newburg, H/tmpUm, Milton, Poughaeepaie, Kingston, Barrytown, Keu Ujok, Uristol, Catskill, Hud eon, Coxsackie and New Baltimore. Fare for tne ex cursion, op and down, 75 cent*. Ibe splendid faat ssii iig steamer HKRi >, t'aptain J. W. llancox, will leave from the foot ot Rjbtnsou ?'.reet, Tuesday, July .1 at 1. T. M. . Amos street (t>ld Prison wharf;, li1^ P. M Returning, will leave Troy at 0 P. M. . Albaoy, on Wed nesday (4tn of July), at ? P. M., making the aame Uud logs In addititn to the facilities above olT'red, the evening will be celebrated by the diaoliar^e ?f citinoa arm tire rockets, and the reading of tbe Declaration of Independence, and an appropriate oration will be de limed on the occasion by t apt. J. H' . llancox, ex-mem ber of tbe New Jeriey Legislature. Grand muRsioN to thp pishing banks Sunday, July 1, 18. i5 Fare fifty cents. By steam er MAffACHlSU'lS, 1 R. H:inks, commander, leaving pier foot King street at 7 H oclocn , liro >me street, 1-ast river, at 8 V and pier Vo b. North river, at 9 A. M. Kishing tackle, bail, and music on board. TO CHAltfKR FOR tXCriWION'S? THE SAFE AND eommodioua double W(iM itNBMr II ASSACdtj tfli ITS E. R Hanks, eotomander. 8he 1 a the largoet ui inoit elegant itoiMr oilored, having a dancing nlooa 112 foot long. Applr on board, foot of Kiag atreot, N, R., or to L. H. OBUVCR, 103 Broadway, up ataira. FOVRTH <>K JLLY.-n.A08, FL 103, KLAUS, FJR sale or hire. Flag* of all ?'.:<??. ' hup A. M. it R. DA VI EH, >07 Broadway N. H Mo-^uito neti nvlt and put up at ahoit notice. Alio gilt wiadow ahade-, kc , io. l'"R K.Ti T It-ION'S ? [Hi I'l.f. . A NT ami i-cniiiioJiouK new tint claw iKimtr 1H0MA1 K H.M<;HI. with or without 0*v"? Applr on board ftot of North Moor* stroet. or <.f At. EX. H. <'. rtMIIH, 23a Weat street, bitten North Mo >ro and Botch sts. A T A~ MEi nv; 0K~THFf KXCCRMON COMMIITF.K ; /\.of Templar lodge 203, F. aad A. M., the following re- ' solutions win imaaimoualy pmsed ? Resolved, lbat the think" of the lodge be, anil an teieby, tendered to W. M. Robert P. Holmes. Kv(., oi iae New York bar, for the elegaut, eloquent an l ia ?tructiT?lj historical oration deli vertd b> b.mon lb* aa niTtrsary of 8t John'* I>ay. With the tli>wur/ imagery of tbe poet, thetlegant and accurate nariation ol the nis tnrtan, bo united the force of tbo accotaplmbtd orator, and tnsp'red every breast itb a deeper r?r?r*o:e for our time hoitored institution Iteaolved. rhnt th' things or the lodge bo. and arc fcertby, tendered to Ibcmss Mtnalian, K*<| , and hie ac euppiisbed band *>1 musicians fer the " note* of link'd miody, long era wu out,' with wairb tfaeieeembly were ebtertd. enliveie-I and deliglt tort. W? reenpnise to him the One musical teete and t'.'O skilfol Inalrrehtp wiii?h bate long renders bia ban i the pride and delight of our cinztna Heaolved, That to t'aptaia Wiieoler, of the *teim> oat Fun, i?ur thank* bo, and tbe earn" are berefty, n<!'r?4 fur hi* politeness. rare of, ond seotlemanly attention* to the n.eiiibtre or tbe lodge and tnelr goest* Resolved, That the pleasnre of our excursion woold net have been complete, except enlivened aa it waa by tl-e suesbnc of woinan'a prsasooe, and by tbo geniality ami good fellowship of our inrited gueat*. " Mi?n no* t they do ride abroad, May we be there tn see " Reeolved, Thtt Hie thank a of tbe lodge \r? die, an \ are hereby tcotered, to lame* Cordon loneett, F?q e. i'or of Uie New \nrk H?r?ld, for the ltqr.ptu-in^ ?nj geaoroua ntaneer that the (rorotiiiaga of oitr aoanet t%rj >tr:e reported ia that i al^b'.e _,*wr?al. KiriRSIOVN. X^OB K1HHLNG BANKS ? IHK SE4 STEAMER UKR X Cl'kY, Capt. Richard Ifitti, will leave for the Fithing Bant j every day, touching at Fort Hamilton ' each way, from tbe following place*, viz : ? J acUaoa strtet, b (.'clock A. M ; Delancey street, 4. M ; Catherine Market, 7 A. M. ; l'eck ?Up, 7% A. M. ; Sprint smet, North river, 8 A II.; pier No. 4, North river, 8% A. M. Kuliing tickle and bait furnished on board. &RAND FOURTH OF JVI.Y EXCURSION TO CaPE May and Philadelphia. ? Tan new Mil commodious ateaaaer MKNEVONE SA N FORD, Cbarle* B. Saa?ord, commander, will leave p'er 14 North river, t'oet o< C?Hr street, on Monday, Juiy 2, at 6 o'clock P. If., for Cap* Mat and Pbiladelptia arriving at Cap* Kay at fl o'clock A M. th* s*st morning and Philadelphia at 1 o'clock P. If B* turning, will leave Btek'a Wharf *n Wedne* day, 4th ot Jul/, at 10 o'clock P. M , and Can* May at 7 o'cloek P. M. . arriving in New York early on the morning of tb* 6th. Ticket* for the whole excursion $8. Thie will be on* of the ftnsst excursion* of the senson, affording tnose participating in it a delightful call outald* of Sandy Hook, with an opportunity to vl*w th* Atlantic shore, tb* beautiful scenery of the Dela ware river, and to participate fee a time ia she enjoy nsntsofon* of our finest and moat popular sumn?r reeorta. For further particular* apply to EDWARO B. THORP, agent, 14 North rlvtr. TEWAIHTg' REGISTER. nee) BROADWAY? TO LET. HANDSOMELY FDR | fjju mshed room*, to famiU** or single gnotlemea invate table only. The houee is Brat ela**, and can Ulna all th* modern improvements. BOWERY? 8TORE AND APARTMENTS TO l*t, and fixture* for aale. inquire aa above. 274 A FURNISHED HOUSE TO IJRT-OR THE FCRNI r\ ture will b* aoUi oa reasonable term* The U.iuee ha* all the modern improvement*, and th* furniture ia almost new, in the vicinity of Canal street. Aiarea-i a note to G. S., Herald office, stating where an Interview can be had. a PAKTMENTS OF FIVE ROOMS, THREE FIRE J\ Place*, two with marble mantel*. Craton w* car end waate pip* in one, on th* third floor; also, privilege In front basement to waih in. and vault, ia the h "ine 138 Amity atrett. laqulr* of Mr*. T. Reymond, at tfi a mo* ?ireet. PARLOR ON FIRST FLOOR, WITH itOJM AD joining, |to let, furniahed, to gentlemen, .it can be itted for two or three gentlemen and I* ia th* most cen tral location, a few doors from th* Metropolitan Hotel. Apply at 89 Prince street. A CONFECTIONARY STORE TO LF.r? STOCK AND /JL. fixtures for aale, ia a good location, and doing a good cash business, No 186}x Sixth avenue. A CHANCE NOT OFTEN MET WITH? ALL THE BEST part of a three story brick*house ia Degraw street, south Brooklyn, bin just been put in first rat* painted throughout; will be let to a gentleman and wife, without children, remarkably cheap: best of referenc* required. Apply to JOHN B. DEMARESr, 13 Corl landt street, N . Y. COOL, FRK8H AIR ?TO LET, IN WILLIAMSBURG, A beautiful, genteel residence, 7 rooms, 16 minuta*' walk from the ferry boat, (140 dollar* per annum. Al so, aa elegant house, suitable for a private hotel, or boarding house. Apply at 462 Graad, Williamsburg. FURNISHED BRICK HOUSE TO RENT FOR THE summer; will accommodate fiom twelve to sixteen persons; rent one hundred dollars per month. The house is in one of the most quiet and shady streets in the village. Any one wanting such a house will addreis Mr*. E. a . Monger, Saratoga Springs. Furnished parlor to ucr, near corner ok Franklin street, in Varick street. A piano forte ih in the parlor. Is a very quiet house. App.'y at 6 Vaiiok street, from 0 A. M. until dark. Furnished house ?a large furnished house, in a ctntial location, to let to a good tenant, at a low rent. Address Furnished House, Herald office. House and fcTORE to let? a rare chance for a person who w tabes 10 go in the clothing bunt, neaa. Vhe subscriber nas a WtJi assorted stock of cloth ings, all made np lately lor canu, In a fashionable style, and will sell tbe same on reasonable terms. A first rate rate stand and cheap rent. The place ha* been occupied for a clothing store tor the last tne year* {Inquire at the Htore of L. LIPPMANN, 346 liowery. PART OF A HOUSE TO LET? AT ?8 TROY STREET, near Abingdon square. Board, if required. Re ferences exchanged. EOOMS, WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD, TO LET? A few gentlemen can be accommoda -ed with pleasant rooms, with partial bOHrd, or the room* (furnished or unfurnished; to let at moderate rent. Apply at 186 Henry street. STATEN ISLAND.? TO LET FOR THE SUMMER mouths, a r.ioely furnished parlor and bedroom, suitable for one or two gentlemen, (breakfast and tea furnished if required,) in a beautifully Joctted cottage bouse, commanding a fine view of the Bay, first lauding; oi they would be let with aesommodatlons in Kitchen, with loom for servant, to a small quiet family. For particulars, inquire at 101 Prince street, New fork. T) LET? OFFICES LV CHAMBER* STREET, NEAR the city Ilall. Are large handsome room*, and second to no office in th* atreet with respect to their adaptation to a professional business. Inquire at 12 ? bam be r* street. Also a large baieuient with a good entrance. mO LET? AT A VERY IX>W PRICE, POSSESSION 01 X Ten immediately, a large house, or part of house, 11 Barclay street, near Broadway. It Is well adapted far offices, or hotel and rtstaurant basin***. Th* baae msnt can be conv*rt*d into a nice bar room. Apply t* F. FIGL'E, 42 Murray s treat. r> UT? THE I.0WKR PART OF HOUSE 98 ALLEN stiMt, to one or two small families. mO LET? POSSESSION GIVEN IMMEDIATELY? THE JL second and part of third story of the house 'J75 East Tenth street, near Tompkln* square: has all the modern improvement*; rant low. Apply oa the pre mise*. mo LET? THREE NEW HOUSES, WirH TPS ROOMS I each, but ud front bMtmtnt. and Crotoa water, in 8;W street, 24th arena*. Inquire on th* pnniMs. or of R. L. SMYTlIK, 274 Bowery. r LET- THE 1HHEE STORY HOISE, 39 KINO (treat. Inquire of W. CLAREY, 24 Hamiiiersley nr?et . for one wtek. TO LIT? TWO HOl'KKS, JL'ST FINISHING; 18 BY 40, with all the modern improvement*; Not I0.< end 111 Weit Twenty-fourth street, i>etwe*n Sixth ano Seventh avenues. Apply to 14. WILSON, cur. Cortlaadt ?t. and Broadway, Gilsey Buildings. mo LIT? th>: ick crkam >ai oon and toy stork JL No. 301 third avenue. The ixlure* and etock for isle. Apply on the premise*. TO I.ET-.145 TWKNTY-9EU0ND StRI IT, A NEW btown clone house- rent 9cG0 only. Furniture lor *ale \ny chtap. Can be teen at auj time. TO IJTT? THE DWELLING PAK1 (BASKMK>T AND three floors) ol a comfor'aMe and commodious li?uw,.No 4">4 Fourth ureoue Will be reattd separately t-r entira. inquire in the Manhattan I. sou Office, on (as preateaa. rpo I.I T? IN HOCSK .'1 JOJil STRI- ICT , THF SF.UONP 1 (Uior, connstinn of front and bacu room*, three Ixdrcom* and kitclian, with water and wa-te pipe; rent m> 'Urate. po-?en*inn given immediately. Apply to llKNhY I IV MAX, 70 Oanal atreot. fTV> LEI-A KI.RNMHED UOIM, IN A QUIET, X pleasant location, ten room*, elegantly In- wished, wo*t of Broadway, and near Canal mreot. la mire at 1 lie jet's oyster and dining saloon No. 4 Sullivan slroet, two doore irom < 'anal. rpo LKr-FOJt 7HK -UMMkK SKA -ON . ? A t OCNTKY X house on the sea?nore. lbs Katuoiinao Naff I irecbt. L (, Inquire of JOHN TERRAIN. 1SI? -niith street, Brootlya. between Bergen and Wvkofl street*. TO LET ? A F1 RN1-HM> SI 1TABLF. FOK A boarding bouse, at No. >5 llulaoo street; a very desirable location at a mitlcrate charge. XOIiTOR FOP. SAI.h-7 ...OOS^t AKH VI .IT ON 1 HI irrcund door, equal to three fall lots, for any busi ness requiring much room, at No* A3 and 05 Ceotre street, near Pearl, auitabie for hard rood and seas owed lumber, large iron or Draaa foundry steam engine, ler letting out power to ibops. TO SOUTHERN KB-1 AND OTHERS VKITINS THI-* city. ? } urnishtd rooms, or the principal i?*rt of a furnishrd lir*t claa* lieu** to let. Fori card of address apply at 12? W?ct Twenty lourth street, near Seventh artnue, where a room, Wrootn and kitchen, suifcible I it a small family, 1* to let. at reduced price*. /TLIFION, STATF..N ISI.ASD, Wf.AR THE NARIl'WA V ' ? ouiMii.f It ts on M*h around, wi'li par* water, ttn? ?isw? an 1 i^rtftt ra.,- Th* must attractive br.ritiuu for renirtriK.** n tl.s island. W. W TAN WAGgNCN. W P"?t s raii<Hn*<. Haaursr ??r?st. I'O f.RT-TWO TBSF.E STORY BROWN STOWE J ffr.t Fs?.nb baseman* kensee, with all th? m>d-ro imiworemtats, in Twenty tir.i bsteesa Flttti sad fJ?^??*noe?. Appty U AL* \ v.NDIR W KCMtCK.**. 31 Libert* street. lUITIIINI., AC'. C1A?r OFF CLOrBING OF t.\ KRY DIWCKIPriOM ) wanted ? The hlgheit price *<???, and cash paid In current money. Gentieinen wieh, ,t o nispaaa of cloth ing, of a good quality, for a liberal < *h equivalent, are re ,o??t?>d to call on or addxe** Jam S MOKON'FY, It ftiiler stiaot (late Orange street > CurrHLNO at aoition pkk _fim ^ii k alpacca nonta, 13, worth $10; fin* b , cloth fneu e-tt ?H, at $4 coats, 75 cant- -ach drabd* ete pants at (??** naif th* rost. 122 ' ?>*an atreet 1 M IK'S auction store Uooc* racaivad ou vo.nmUston at 1S2 Nassau atreet (1)41. COAL -MX OBJECT In OL'KTt BAIJ:4 AN M 9WAU. profit*, for rath. 1 am dxlivertng beet q iallty red or e b te aah, wall screened, at t- CO, or in lot* nvar Ave too-, at $? 'i5, from my yarda, King a*t t,rw*aw(rh 1 went y fifth ftfot aad iftatk a?*nu*. 41*. i<uao? *uest peat Brt>aiwa?. I'KTLS CUMVK. HOTELS AND MUMMBE EETEEA1 TjUuH?BMEN TAKE NOTICE.? lUKRK LS FINE FISK J? tag at Kort 'UmuIim; weak fish sad eea btH are taken In !m|? quaBtiuee. Boat*, bait, and tackle al *?}? read y *t Uu SlUweil Ho'il Tm Coney boot touetii ?t Fort Hamilton etch w ay. Keystone hotkl.? to the buplic? on an* after the four ill day of J aly, U>? following nil be the price* at tha bar:? lea ?ratar, 6% oaata, Miia Croton 4 cents; foreign liquors la the crlginala packagee, t >4 cents; temperance jalap*, lK>? oaata; temperanse s.erry oobbleri, 12 K cent*; all temperance (mw drinss, 12,'i c* nts, cold tea, #'4 ce nts; degars, 4 and ?V cenli; talooa dishes at the uaual price, room*, da do. Open every flay, f Sundays excep'ed.) On that daf the room*, are let to the Library Aesocla ion. HENRY C. AT WOOD, Proprietor. Long branch? uka bathing? thls wkia knows and JelTghUal luotuci retreat i* ait ca led twenty-four mile* lioui New York along tha Atlantic coast. steamer* Ocean Ware aa>l Jamee ChriatoplMr leave foot of Ja y (treat, <latl/, for Loeg Branch; tan* aie several ltrge and comaMdloas boarding booses etta ated witbin one hundred yard* of the aaa snore, with a line green lawn extending In front to the edge of tha nee. Fine flaking, pleaaaat ride*, and every attends* uatd to the gueets for their oomfort. There are at laaat 16.0C0 persons visiting Long Branch daring the sumuiar season, the navigation of tha Shiawebury river betas greatly improved curing the preeent year, to enabe the ateamcoata to land passengers at Branch port, within eae mile of the boarding houses. sits gee will convey passen gers t>o the boarding hooter, which will be opened the 2?th of June. Any person desirous of obtaining rsnms will apply to the proprietor*. Metropolitan, by Vaadyto* & Cooper; National House, W. Stokee; Mansion Heuae. 8. l.aud United States Hotel, Kennedy k Cratea: Pavi lion Hotel, S. C. Morris; Bath. Green & Sons; Hoviaada. J. V. Confers, Alleghany, by J. Wardell LONG BRANCH, Proprieton. Mount varnon hotel, cape may, n. j.? Tats mammoth hotel, with aciomuodatton* for One thousand guest*. will open for the season on Saturday. June 30th, 1866. One hundred aag fifty additional rooms have been added. Pure aoft water from an arte sian well has been introduced through the house, and a large number of new and complete bath housee added, besides many other improvement* since the last aeaaea. Parties of six persona or upwards can have prtvat* tables at any hour agreeable to tnem. A regular table at regular hours will also be set for thoee wto are net In parties, or who may prefer a table de liote. Toe term* will be moderate, and no extra charges, except what may be ottered. SAML. B. WOOLMAN, Agent OLD STAR HOI FX, 64 AND 08 LISPENARD 8 TRENT, Broadway, near the depot of the New fork and New Haven railroad. This hotel has been refitted and important additions made for tha accommodation and oomfoit of residents and visiters to tlm city. Choice wines, spirits, ales, segara, Ac. Lunches through the day and an ordinary from one to three o'clock. Good beds. JOSEPH BROOKS, Late of Cincinnati, Ohio, and formerly of Manchester, England, Proprietor. N, B.? Summer 'retreat ? J. B. begs to draw the at tention of his friends and the public to the garden ia rear or the hotel, where he has fitted up a partition and with the luxuriant vine which aow over-canopies the yard forms a cool and pleasant resort for the season. Soda water, ice cream and summer drinks. The Glee I'lub meets every Wednesday evening In the olub room. BOCKRR1DGE ALUM SPRINGS. VIRGINIA, FIVK miles from the Virginia Central railroad, and twen ty-three miles from the Natural Bridge.? Rw mora tban thirty years these remarkable waters, a a aided by a sin gle newspaper advertisement, have been growing, by mere force of the wonderful coree effected by them, into public favor, and a general celebrity throughout the middle and contbern States. It is confidently asserted that in those commonitiee they eland without a rival In the eure of scrofula, chronic ciairhcea, dUpepsia, obsti nate diseases of the liver, of toe kidneys ana oi the akin, opthalmis and nervous affections, bronchitis, laryngi tis, and dtaeesee peculiar to female*. Pampalata con taining analyses and a few out of many certificate* vo luntarily tendered to the proprietors, will be forwarded on application. The establishment is now fitted np fer the reception of five hundred guests. If Northern citi zens are disposed to meet and mingle with aa agreeable, refined and eocial assemblage of Southerner*, they win find this a pleasant "neutral ground"? whilst tha ad mirer of the sublime aad the picturesque will deriws a rare eejoymeat from the successful passage of the care across the summit of the Blue Ridge at Rockflsh Gap. as well as in the contemplation of the Natural Bridge. After the first of July passengers breakfasting in Waah ington City or Richmond, will dine in Staunton aad sap the same day at these Springs, thus bringing them within two da; a of New York without any night travel. The Voiandt band ot mufic engaged for the aaason. FRA/.IKR k RANDOLPH, Proprietor*. SCMMKR RETRRAT.? THE MF.DHUKST FARM, AT Centieport, Long Island, is now open for the recep tion of gentlemen and families of respectability. the steamer Island 8eli? leaves foot of Catharine street every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 11 o'clock, A. M., for Northport, 1 miles fiom Centre port, three hours from New York. Only a few superior rooms are now vacant Terms moderate. For partiou lara, please apply to W. ANDREW KaDU', 117 Fulton st., New York. N. B ?Excellent bathing, fishing and shooting, EA-Vlliw ~H( (USE, SIGHLANDK OF NAVmiNK.? This new and commodious houss is now opeaed for the reception of company. There can rotting equal, ia grandeur and beauty the shores and ocean ecenery ol the Navtslak Highlands, there can nowhere else se found such advantage* for sea bathing aa are combined ia the river aad surf which stretches for miles in front of the Sea- View House. The house has been elegaatly and luxuriantly fur nished, and In all appointments it is not surpassed by any similar astabliahmaat. All that experience and liberality can command? id that taate ana comfort ean desire? will be furnUbad foe the entertainment of the gueets who may favor the house with their patror.sga. Thoee desirous of obtaining rooms either is the BMia house or in tha adjoining cottage*. caa rto *>t by apply lay to I. H. TUFFS, No. 89 Prince street, or oa the pre mises. The steamboats James Christopher aad fines a Wave make the trip each way daily from the foot of Jay street. _____ M. JAKVK BEAUTIFUL SCMMEK RETREAT.? FOREST HOUSE, Budd a Lake, New Jertey, situated oa SeheelevTa mauataia, about 10UJ feet above tha level el the aea aad ansi rpaased for bealthfulascs aad beauty of situation. ' Car tiejee always ready at the Staahope station of tbe Morrie ae<l f.Mes Railroad to earry guaata te tbe beeae. Fer rooms, Ac. ?ddr?ss the proprietors. J. M. SHARP A CO 1'orait Honaa, ?taaho|ie Post OAee, N. J. T KENTON FALLS, NEAR UTICA, W. r.-THlHOVn at this place of favorite resort is open fer the aeaeea. V is? sr* eaa aow reach <t direct by the Bleak River aad OUea Railroad, trains leaviag Otlca on tbe arrival ef the steam heat express trala, also et the Hudson river eiprese train. M. MOOEE. Propria tec. COP AJRTN KRSIHP NQTICEE. Af lA -A PARTNER WANrED WITH A HPUeVrV/Vfe <~a?h capital, or a part caah, aad part approved acceptances, to purchase onehslf interest in a oat b business in the beat locatioa ta the city of New York. Tbe purchaser will be expected to take tbe geneiat charge of tbe businese, as the prrssal oraw ie about to leave the city. None need apply unless tbey bare the above amount, and can give undoubted refer ence. Apply to Partner, 49 Murray atreet. tt'ThilA -* PARTNER WAN TEl)] IN AN MiJUeUUve oil sstablisbeiJ maaufaoturing basi ness. Profit* large and cash salea Capital is required 10 ext<nd it. A gcort baaioets irsa, with a country con oectkin, wul bnd this aa excellent opportunity far in restnteut. References exchanged. AflUrets, postpaid, R. W. A., care of Mr. n m Graham, l.ibsrty atreet. ffil AAA to ??, can hk invk-ikd in a tCi L V V V bouness locat?l in Minne*ota that will pay five hundred per cent withont fail. Any person deeiioua of locsting in this rapidly growing Territory, can icctre a rare opportunity by a<ldrcae!ng Katerprise, Herald ofli-e Oi aa i" -?tastkd, a i;f.ntm man of Miul' activity, to take excluaive cUarge ef one ot tbe meet popular publications now leaned. By a mas of the right stamp 93.000 a year caa be easily made. None need apply eithoat tb? mooey, this Jay, te t1' McMaHO.N, 1 ,? Chatham street. An Ali h NT ->B PARTNhK IS fMMKIHA TH.Y WaNTKU by an 1 nglish manufacturing Una. Only a party (.oeaes'ing buaineaa tact and capital, say from ?1,004 t? Eft.oOC, wfli be tfrated with. The articles intended fer have been shipped to all parti cf the glebe, *l<1 yield larte return*. Addreas, with rssl aasae. ta avoid delay, Iomicn. room No. T7 Carlton House, Heead way C\OP A RTN IRMUP.? THK ^VBW;RIBKRS HAVE THIS J day forme. I s copartaersblp. uadsr the asm* ef Merrill*, 1 amp tc Uiilyer, for the purpuce of importlac, maaularturing and >obblag tailor-' aad c<othiere' trim mings. :.t No. t Werrea atreet corner of Church. HENRY A. Ml llfUi.i., GKORteK D. MKKKIKU Ijite of firm of Ooddards A Merrills JOHN D CAMP. I-J?WIN H1LLV>R, July % lK ,i. I ,te of Hri? Thoa. N. Dale h Ce r | \V <.rni aLI.-W AM) OTHIRv? WANTED;, 8JMK X ?u!*rpri?ir* mm, with capital, to taka to iet?r<Mt in in InnhauMibJa paint jua/ry, lacatad w.tula 1(1 mil?? <if Naw York citj paint i* of tha baat c?? of ( t mtrican and can be turned tato tha mtrtit ?t an utumaljy low rata. Th*ra In balonftng 1 1 thia iunr rv two larga atcaa faetariaa, with watar ? ba*U. ai.aft ?or. *vc , ke., with u tx'aaatr* watar power. I or urn tdaa anu all Information apply to MelfAHO.V .v. BHI N 1 1 H I D, r?al aatata and ma< tiinvrj agaat* aad r*?armJ m l>r?ktra, 174 ? hatbam atreat. ^ TllE AirVKfTTOER. A TOIM. MAN Of TWKsW ti??, artiva, induatriona, awr<M>< and inwilicaot, a an parior p?nm?n and a< counUnt, and wbo haa ha4 tmji?r? 'ipemnca tn bualn?*? ia tbtaeity, daatraa tn,plo_ nifnt ta a ?lor? or manufactory Could gir* m cm ty to any i?a?<nabta amount. or'iaaaat : rwtn $ -'00H t<> I' l.CO ia an j aafa bnainaaa No objactiaa ta laarlaf ttacity Adiraaa TV, ba* ISO HcraM o'tiea. Wanted? a tartnkr, with a cahh capitai. of twanty or thirty tMaaand dallar*, ia a eaah bnaiuaaa alr*udy aatabllabad. wblrh will pay a large profit. A<Ulr?a Industry. Herald afflM, lUtiaf *liia an intrrrlaw cm ba had, whan all aac aaaary infanta tioa wilt ba glrta. V aNIKI' A l'Aitfiwt? MWWfMCWilWt A ttAt; ucal cntUr, htr u$ i itnir at bla naanud aad a I good trad*, la doroua to on, with a party af aaaaa capital, to (itxa a marrbaiit tHllartaf ?atablj*hm*at flaaaa ?ddrr<a M????iao\ Harald o ? oa, whiah wiJ auat 4 ? tb f roa.[ t att.atloo TiijmiCXri BSim in tm four* re a a??. war* trada with <"aah capital fro?? H<XiO to ?* *?, 4 to jo n a * b" 'a ifttHre from th? pr*?#at traa; can . . ? I aa MMilra ?;?ra of Waatara aa<l mif , trad*. Brat nbmet flr?* and mn i-?1. A MNP tta* ta A *oo?, Hatall *fb ?.