Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 1, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 1, 1855 Page 7
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ISRKWB9 BTEBY ?1I. VOB lAUk oKiar "to* a oountry ~ resiid nuk ? On OS 3M ?( Ju)y, 1836, let tb<?e who are dee a kHH aecuro ? residence mm the el'.y while i th* mtArtult; And the amni. M*nr per I aartltr what they e*ll taoNiMti. oa the (Ml la umuwt to near* * pleaaant rofi will oenetanUy increaae in Ttla?, and family ho?* 700 batldtag WU nod AO divided tmotf 400 * jb*tnxr* on the 21 receive* a deed for tw* lota, 24 by 100 if from twe to ten acre*, (or only S10, ?tatmenta. Apply Immediately to V'His, "J >tt A < ARPKNTER ? TWO f'HETO OF itor'e tool* will be aold (or atsrage, at, m ten days from 'hie notice. Toe above chaste are nctiBed to claim their WM. WILSON, 163 Cedar street. HOl'SK FOR SALE ?A NEATLY FUR i Tata boarding bo ate wim 11 roama, root. ? ear Hon (ton itreet. Thin hou?* om'orta that it neelr. The rent la very ?ld np to the ftret of Aug oat. The lea** i (or two year*. [CHANCE.? FOR SAIJi-Tai; STOCK, FIX i and leare or a gentlemen'* and boy*' clota D'.abmg vtore, located In one of the beat bu r i* in the city, and doing a good caah buei kbliah*d for teveral year*, rhe proprietor ? ectabluhnx'nt, and cannot attanl to both, inquire o ( E. 001 tag, Auctioneer, 344 DESIROUS OF A LEGITIMATE, SAFE AND fltaole mvealment, ean be ahowa tbo par'ico ~ inverviev, by addressing Lumber, Herald r .?ting when and wbere to be aeon Peraoai t Weet, thin U an opportunity seldom occurring. DR BALK ? A FIRST RATE STAND FOB COFFEE and cakee, or lor a foreign and domeatls fruit , at the corner of Catherine marcet *Up and South ea*t aide. Apply oa tie premise*, between 6 ?d 7 P M. For balk? just krom raK. uocntry, three firat class alngt* horhea; one a fine bright bay, with biatk mane and tall, 14 hand* high, aix year* o.J and atibough green, ean trot In three minute*, and In very fine ?tyle. Tiie aeoond one, a Una gray, eight ye*M aM, )&3a hand* high, black nana and black nob tail, and en* trot iaeide oi inree minute*: alio a beautj(al ? ni di* bene, Bale for lady to ride or drive The third a lark bay or brown, 15 >j band* high, floe driver, all ye.r* eld, wtlldtsigned tor a gentleman '* nrritge or bminMi none. Tbe?* hor?e? hivo b?'?n ovned by the advorti *?> lieu one to two year*, anl e?n be wefl reeomm<!nd< m). they can be seen on all day*, Sunday excepted, by ealBag at 89 avenue 1). For sale- fancy dry goods htori ; ioi court (treat. Brooilyn; stock from $1,600 to 1 2, '100; Will b* Mid on d?*iribl? term* to a gool purjh??er. l or particulars, apply to N. BCPTBRLY, 110 CUaiaMr'* at., flew York, er on the promisee in Brooklyn. ?0R SALE? THI. "COKDON COTt'AGE," WITH 2>f acre* o( laed, sitaatid on Ne? York bay, at Fort ?Hi on. lie house ia in g*od oreer, and thi griund* are w?U atocned with peach, apricot, c berry and other (rait tieee, er it will be rented for the season. Apply to PHILIP B. W1LKINS, Auctioneer, No. 2 Broad street. -B7H)R SALE? A SMALL FARM, OR COUNTRY SEAT, IP ertnntsd oe the Delaware river, one mile above flar aagtos, New Jeraey , acooa* to Philadelphia by boat ami eaiaaaveral tinea daily, contain* tventr acret; plenty ?< (rnit; extra good honee, barn c*rria?? h >u*e, 1st ben**, he. lYioe $t>,500, the larjset ptrt of which caa remain on the property. Apply to J. A- PKAdK, 304 Baaadway , 0> to the lubferiber on the p*. BEN'J ?MI\ "VYDKR. 3;>?R HALE? THE GREENWOOD PAVILION, ICrC J ereem and reft enbment saloon, near the new en aaoo to Ureenwood Cemetery. The bonne la boauti fnDy litnatad. bavng n One view of tie oay, and d?in{ a very extenkive boeine?a in ice cream, r*fro*hm*nu, aoda water, It", : n largo ice bona*, wall filled with fine lee. n good atable tot two boraea and carriage, together witb every thing portainlnc to the bnuaeea aa it la. 1 pretnme every porvon visiting Or?enwoo1 h?e viaited the pavilion to a cath pnrchaear Immediate poaeieaion whl be given, If required. Inquire on he prem.Me. TTM1A SALE? A WEIX ESTABLISHED MAvcrAC J; to ring betineea, wader a rnluable p?tont. t r?klr favorably Introduced, and premiiiuc * lucrative and MtmacBi inv?a*n?ant. For parti cn tare apply to 3ER MANN K. LUDWIO, 3 b Wallet. "f^OB FjkLfc? VERY DESIRABLE H0U-TC1, WEAR r Broadway ud Maaiaoa aqaare, on Fourtoon'.a, Toanttatb, rwonty-tbird, rwoaty fifth, Twen-.y ?il'.a ant Thirtieth atreela at pricei from 17, (WO to t'25,000. Im Inbl* hoiM, with two ox'ra ?li?d lot*; kU?, the ?km: eligible lota for private ink1?ic?i Apply to JOHN 3. KiCLflO, ??; 4UUa ft ?*7<)R RALE OR to LET, AT HCRLGArS? A VERY JT mm; and ?legan*. with groandt equal to 21 eltj lota, front ok on the river, deiig htful'y ahaded 07 old foroet aad freit tree*; aiao tbreo tine modern three a'ary bcuaoa, bang the Croton water and tae laveat taa ?NHHti, In the iiuaedin 1 neighborhood. Applv to CH iliNCEY ?J ARN ARD, Hfc**l<r?y. FKIR 3ALI OR TO RENT? A SPLENDID OOCV IRY teeidanco, on i?nc Ialand, a.i nailee irw BmUiD. by lone liiud Rai'road. attuatei within oat minute a walk from Cypitea ttatton; hooee 3ts3t; bale toy nil ?owed a Ant cardan or four acree, ander Daa euttJta Urn: n lat welL ?a. ; a Soo r*ale, eow and ban boaaaa, ft a. Apply to T. T. EPOBBTO.N, 14?i Pearl Hwtt RALJE, OR WILL EXCHANGE FOR A 0.000 farm In Nov Joraoy, or morebaaduo, n Arat cau 1, containing IT 100?, with pa a, range, Ac., is a ltW bbcrbood and pleaaantly located on tho 'Owner of Voodh jII and Hioka etrwate. ScuiU Brooklyn. Kj r par llara, io<|oire of J. A. I.yOCJKKR, 1M GelamSin, car at Union rtroot, Sooth Bre<k>y?. lAk. ? one lot or ?roond, 50 by m I foot, Ave minatet waia froii tho Fordhaa iep?\ ooM cheap Ayplr to O. SUTHERLAND, 191 t, New Tori. 1 SALE CHEAP? BY THE EMPIRE LOAM AND r Company, No 333 Broadway, two grocery yardt eea-b ekth (Mae), too dona straw n variety of other amalea. 4ko. tn tof (n MM|ia| to a company of tba 12th rtf-mtct, B. II. [EAT SHOP n?R BA'JC?AN OLD STAND, WirH laoat aau flxtarwe lii| tho corner of So 1 avenue a ad Third rtroot, hoforo 12 o'clock. Tba ar lo |tU( woot. lEWINO MACHINE-1 FOR HALE. ? ONE <>F WHEEL e?'? and Wllwon '* wb.t* itfijg ma.t.oa-im acll Uup at 100 or 111 Canal itntL I PORTE MONNAIK M V VHFACFURERH. ? FOR 8AL? pttrm hi caaplita ordor; alao tho ncoeaary j pattern a, dioa, r'^aapa. t?vU. aad aaator.ti? for i aoah Cm* ho win at 90 FnKon rtroot. np oUlra, I Offiio Of John K FAR! J. K BON. TjM?r cL? good at DRV WMMK m:. |AA AAA WOBIT1 OF DRYOOJtvvTwE Hl/UovUU au?ll ofle: tiua road roUio ug taaxl atnpod glnee ollha at ia. fri worth 10*. (aa* ehanMltoa alike, 81 ?? 7a. rMagniAeon* t^filoa gro do ?c* 2e. M ... ">? M - Bene al only (no abaltaf " 2a. ?mgh? a at M " It. Od. ' Baapory at le " 2a. An axcohont aeeartaaiat of nata< aad other natirlalt to hoyo> w?*r. ItO ?JKjTX <>(X)DB, aotailad at whoiaaalo pr.roa. UOU^UO^D ooor?, %aH*a> tnhlo uoibm, uoaae, d.apara, aapkina, ha., at oory low pr.eea. CRli'E HHaWLS, at ?1?. *?n* t20, Andl^e "mo* BIO** ? B0WU6 Boror,w fc w r. ttIUXT. ' AAA w,"<rH or MCB LACK OOKH aolBng ol at a tr*a*n>ioo? taarittuo. tUag ot a Urge io*. of rMh Uoo<taa?eu eomplato a*. tO, eo'lera for tl cola rata, cava* horihaa, head imaoa, pooaot handkarc-biafk. iafa&U' droaeot, eap taco, he. Tba attaniioa of ltdiee la partle ? j?y anbod to tale atoek o' j ^d? aa au>sh an opporUei 1 at) aot again occur to aeanre iho aewoo' aol aaoat ? hlonahle gooda in th a elty fov oao ha?f the eoat ittoo. Iaca anorad to aay abape or atyle. CA-tD K -4 ?an a fa- tor y. M3 iiroodway, oppoa.te the Moiro Kttaa Hotel. MANTILLAS. liirmu* ? (j or*, noi 43 to SO par font halow rtgaiar prttoo. i oat.r* rttnk an^a*. aoaitivtly l? ? -aaroj cot BKJffiRF 1H1 1STII Of J0LY, too of Kxmtarvv timinon whioh will (tut a partiai aad temporary eh nag of tho Beaatofu) Uarl rilk aaaaiiBae at $t and |A tach, and "I the uoin aoona ntoronTionaratT :??. OEOROE BCLPi--, r'ane Man'.la t mpemom. Ml Rr^dwny. Jl-tTK lA'.B MI IB, m'Jni A Nil . AU>0, hlnrk Brneeela neia and >* -? jaat : HKIF.A K'iBERH A 'X?. AITW AND EMBBOIDIXIX* ON MuvOaV, J LY U 2, ht ta'.ira atfl't. of t? ?? at.l ?iabro?darati I at ntn'iaa af po nt application VaWn'iaao* aad ri -aitoo I ea'iar* aad rlaaoat, to II* rat ?a tc (I111117 . -aa, Al?>i.*a *ira? 10*. of fVte rmtueioatw! collar- ao l aW**e*. will bo eoto b??rw OKNl>'1 Ranar, d?. Ntcn?taa,M3 Moaeway. Sl'MMFJt FRlNffl -*0TK CORrtEM. ? MRA iAYNOR kw ji't r??a*?ad ?,j i ko Ati.atlc, two u>k of her ihtntoo I- raac 6 aa?nu'k'tnra<l at l.fooa I eipraarly for h?r. a ? *ar? i<tt toa-.ilJo. aad Sa*_ Iiilly adapted for aaman-r ?a*r, ooly wa^ r*o?n loorto h?? oonooa t-.-b ? ????. IUr pr.-oo era ooiy F half aaaady rborgod. WoUe or >>|< and .ta^vn-a in tOlirf. fear Fraoch waa? -oraat* art ao?faeoo>>y anaar C-a4. OAVkOR, InfUtR. *- :ku< artiM, aoar lib atraot. ?iiooB'?'YiLK torrois-Ki i?*i? a*d~?1 ?too eowtnr. -nw va ea* 'brand >a -Jn ami* kliaW, >* aad *1# raft wkv?. tloab aa4 ak! a. fraai ft - ta ?? lib Aar aatalvar. act- ? IA faraala ?i *?ri ji a -r ijr ? a? - ae wo I toa< oa^.1 Ul hrt*4o< j nrw publications. A great NA^aiUL CHtar Publiahe i yaaterday, OW Oil SFUmDIDLY rOLOSJfD AH RET, 81?e 2* oy 32 inchea. 4 th* '^lenrrrnoN or thi- i.vttbd status, Aal inu lunaa ok lSDcraiDanoK, with Hl*TK*IT? ASD RKN.HtrintH OK ALL THB riUmunm Ud **aui or EMM statu a.nd TUUirroRV in ths vxtOK. N. U ? No citizen ihouV) be without this ihnt,u1 fo wbo you Id understand American people. their princ.plea and government, aheukl have a copy without urtiL run iwbtt ihi rtim. igente wanted for ererj Dtste in tba Union, to aell this and other valuable aa l popular mapa stiaeta, Ac., poo liahed by A. H. JuCELYN, 58 and M Fulton atreet. FORMS Ot PROCEEDINGS UNDuTtHE NEW YORK 1'iohibitary Liquor Lav, la aid of m*g litre tea, law. jera, liquor teller*. over*, ere of toe poor, * u per r More conetabiea, police o Ulcere, and other*. Prepare 1 by K D lMllon, coun.ellor at law. Price 60 cent*. Turt puo llebed aad fer sale by JOHN J. DIMHY A (JO taw Bootee Here and PubUcbera, So. 1 Naiaau et , N. Y. "fTAHE SHARP SI'UAA or ITHURIKL." X Tbea?w novel a poo faahiooabM religion. R**17 tb'? ,oc *l" b' boolr.ellera, WHICH : THB KlOHT, OR THE LEFT? One volume? Wfl peg* a. Prioa, SI 16. fBrom the New York Express 1 Ita writer plunge* into tba actual heart of all th* whirling alemvnta of laabkmaole nligiea aad every day --uaineaa bio, aad ? etraagaly enough _ bear* with Mia Ibe true apirit of Christianity. Hie book ii written with meat atrength, aad thraahing vigor of tbojght. The r',r^" w1hf *? familiar with tba eterllu^ oil tov,le of Daniel De Foe, wtli not fall to recognlee in Um m?e> u lin# vgor, the great raalaoaa, aad tbe practical elevation ol iU mcral t?ae, a alroag reeeraMance to their lea-Hog characteristic* In tbe preaent wort, which le rem irk a J>1? for it* graphic and powerful deiiaeaiioea of ch*rAj . 'ore*, and diractnaeaaf it* narrative it* (trlkiag and lattifytag lateral. but above all by It* arlgina lity aad pathoa. Taa death of tba hero?the Christian, and that of tbe imp?nitrat, are tbe m >et effeo tive aad ugn.flcant picture* of the kind la mo-Urn lie (,nV''~ !*?????!* to qa la oon aeetlon with the work, rbere are no maaaa that we are aware of by which tbe aima of our religion* association ?tbe bible, Tract, Home Mission Societ ee, Ac could I? "?JT?r *nd popular, red, tbaa by the oirsul* ?on of thi* velcme. In ii, religion ii not aahausd of it Twtimohiajx ok tiik Prurr ij? m Favor. / *. .J'j* ?ntbor bM,'( t*'T to attein a larg? ^re ?f popularity. anJ every Ckrtai.iaa mn?t wt*h the beet aeaiuie of *ucc**?. Hi* *tyto ?? cletr and hi* de. ?cripiiea* graphic, and in general true to oat i'e Oo tbe whole, hi* boo* le oae of ran* and gei>uln? ability and ealcula>d to raise tbe ton.) o? prictic?I piety ia t'ie tiaeere, while it fnrai^hea u itroo^ rebuae of th# too nevaiaat world lin**? asoogat pron-faing Chriatlane - Rigbt Rev. Joba Henry Hopklnrt. D.D., l.UD , Ui?hop of vetmoDt The beat .part of two daja were devoted to lie careful perusal. It would he idle for me to de*cri*i? v.y fe*liaira M j J***1 through each ot thoee aeone* of deep de PrlT")? I dipictid with too true a pou. %p?l vet oalv an tebo of Kviaa ,rnth. I fear, however, tW? .re few Heainel* to be met with- evea la the churen of Chriet - alttMugh many Jaaee, De Wi.t* and Towneend* in th* ohureh of ioclety. 1 think ?? Which" eminently caleal* whlci? '? Many? both miqi-tUra and )aym?a-to feel their true position, aad to brio, forth many cbamplon* in the cause of their Kx*lt 1 f11"0* """ Watwd Havloar 1 shall, with graft ut a> know led gmeat* for eo gre.t a privilege, use my b-*'. e' forte to promote it* circulation ?Rev. Ai?z. D gbv Ubd ben, D I)., Uoctreal, Caasda Cut. ' T ..'"V11 he1*it?w to expre** my fallmt approbation ol ^ 'n "d de*?re to aid ia it* oirculatkia. It was happily aaid of -liakspesrc that he ?< hel l a mirror np to aaiuK." The author of " Which" holla a mirror up to grace. 0*1 grant to aa many Samuel* Kav John A. VcKean, Phiiadelph-a, Pa. ,. 14 ? ?P?a the hoMowne*# of ths world'* abow, and the bypoa-Uy of ?o:<?ty'a church, with a maeter haa<l; j a nable defence of the true churob of ChrieL aad of Ihs kumbie an. I good ia our mtdat.? Rev. Vio' Ramaay, Philadelphia, Pa. It* popular *tyie, aad It* ehaete eaoral oktruter. will C"H. r^Pr,""Vf religloa* literature.? Th?re are po.i.**gee la ?c of neaswal power; tbe daaoae aaent ia true to natnre; ita purpoae above all praise, f aha ll be happy to iccommoad It, especially to aH in bwai K w- HollawTcimtrtd^, while I abould a brink from aaactiooieg indiaonuu ?ste.j tbe vorki of ttstioc, I hita oo bMiUtioo io to oemmendiDg thi a a* a Uaaely, welt written book calcu lated ia the hlgbeet dogreo to be uaaful 1 ah all ttke P*? pleaeute la reeoaaaaeadieg it to my ctnmialMa aad SabSath aehool. - Row. J. W. Taggart, Now York. Ita eipoee of tbe corrutrtion whloh warvade* the kaei neaa world la truthful. Tbo pic' are of faahioaa >ie reU ??. "^ae I equally oerrect Kev. Do Wit! U By flee a jr. Hwatroro, Pa. Aa admirably written book. Many of tbe deeeriatiooa are excolkat, aad eome thrilling; vhUrt tbe whole a-x>p? and dea^n are aalculated to do muctt good, the whole character of Hemual ia well exhibited ; ba: tbe oklll of the autr or flnda ita be*t Held m tbe haaaau nature of ??wrMHrr ia drawn with a muter' a hand.? Rev. H?nr? V. D John*. Baltimore Ud i??fOM5l?a?i latereaang iUaatration of fa tin *e aapaW table that few vwDtore upoa their utteraace it ia a remarl able book , written in a more kiadly aad fihrte tlao * pit It than any oth.r upon the eane *o?>ject, aad rU It ns>ew*YortPrOT* *lU?" ^ ns^ul ?Rev K. No It ia a very truthful dohaaatioa of the looee ayatam af reJgioc* morale which perraooa ancial aad ba*iao*e hf*. buB,?V* ?"? 4r* 'triktag portraite of tboee wbom I have mat la tbe petaa of wa4e Wboevwr the author ha* beea a oareful etnitovt ef motara eo ewty, and ha apeaka truth ? K.t. m. b. Whipple, Rome, Pre eminently adapted to de r--| araaenl true I aa I eaprweeiwe light; aad holding, with aa uayieldiog creep, the atteatioa aad inUreet of the rea da* to the end ? Rer. W. C. Rich arda, Lyaa, Maaa Y? T?Tid- lu It- eketoh ta?a truthful aad life like, aad ite broad hoe of dMUao Um between the chore h of Chriat and the eharrb of So rtety, moat jaat aad Mliag ? K.rwaa, (Hav. Vicho.a* Marray, D. D., Eliaabeiktowo, N. J.), Cpoa ebla.aiag it, I aat down aad raa<l until My eyee out, but with aaabated latereat. The lea*a? eba ?artaiaed. He utter* what all must acknowledge to ke eaaleentiy needed and irtannaebl* Si-1 w ch h4d It attared from a pulpit, would have em d tied a charjh. and etlrred aoeet o^ "*f ?b*at a aaiaiater'* ear* I eaaaot, therefore but rejoloe iha: a mad.aai baa been found for hrlagiag *uch Woro mil It in Uia ?birp up* or of if thortol iove re J with the garlaad* of roaiaace, aad moat iewh aaany a eoaecieace that eeald not perhapa be taaeh-d other way. -Rev. Jaha Waylaod, D. D , Koxbn . I look upon it aa oae of tbe mot I rsaaarkaVr boo!. , uf i tbe prevent eewtary Tbe vnfr -l.lde a awt vigoroj. p-a, cealing right and left the moat tree-bant btewe at aeere faabioaabie reb<ioa, welch be calla the "aeligiao of ? eeiety He .hew* eo m-rj, to th^e- aad there ar^ too oi.t a j of toom? oho join th* cfcnrrh, esd ptUootM whgiea, atmply bacauae it w* For ceu*Uc saUra . tooi *??*?. 'levetoped ia a tale of tbriUing aad ah-o.-ung inter**t, I know not where to Had the *<joal of '.hie book.? r.ev Joan Dew iug, D D., I' bia. Pa I am mach pleaeed with ita I rea relig^u* tone, aad I Mnaot doabt that It w.U be both affe-uve aad uaeful Rev Hiephea H Tyaf, I). D., New Yert. 1 ft***. 'or eo I f-el. ia lerme of high coMweadeUoa ?. ?"T* -J ?"*' ta ?? ' pray, that it will tka J^L! "i Wok tbe aa?d ef aad .trawned tae ? Cborel bM bmm #o loaf ooa'oroiaf lo dUd^0^Tll^".,'?Jtd? T*r" ^ Atal r ? ? worldly church Alee: for ear lear ' lord'e Body.'* The wHur a# ^ ?C1>* 'Mi eervice to thie rw*p.ct For tb.* 1 k>v* ban I pray l>oi t* blees ha He la mr ->tbei I Shall reeo.Mfnend the woe* too** m-rcantils awde.? H?v. E. M 1' Welta, I'riladeipbis p.. The ak'ira are oaly a few out e4 many huadred c*i -resdatory Iwttera from eauaeat elergymea of a'i deao ??oaaUeaa, to wbem wsre *ubcnittel aovaace oeiMee of the work. But eooegb for In day <-4RRRrr A <X?., Puollsbers, 18 Aaa etraet. TBRK F. On Ffll R r?KIUIM IAN BE A'X^IHfO dated atFert Hamilton at Ue termer OUsea ava-i* aaa <1ara*ea rtreat, four deora from tae Kkghaa ah y rob. WILL M U1AY UM TBI 18T OP JVLT- "TBI OlD lam ?<e*e." by rarslln* B Betier La'ng illaa vratad wMb tae eegrwviage by Vae laaaa fr<>s aaJnw ky Wtile; aaa pagee, U aa , a* tea maelia ?>l? fl U Tr? abeve weifc le a twautllel deatrakta aterv, ef deep tatee*?-. "n-eieid aad evil ebeeaet era- tbe ekammg n? e* ?? ma try Ilf. tka felllee af a faebl' alty lift, aad all th* va nad Mpiee beeeght a pea Ue eeaaaef tl.a atary. daeeriWd In tbe btppieet maaaer. A ee*y will be aeat te aay part ?f >h. Da 'on, free, ea rseetpt ef tbe *n-? CflAt, a. DAVI * iwtliakar ? "*e?b r*wrth atr?*t. PbJadsiptia hoi nr.*. RO0MS, w amtki*. WANTED TO RENT? a WAIA FlUMHUoii 'l|> yie** sully *'Ui*t?<l lur tho valor, w tiiu ton >!!?? of tho city. -UU> UiAad profamd AiMro M i 200, Po*t ')??? LMirHMTION. Ah. wHtm.E*. i>*<mkr o? writing ati fteokiMfiiac No. 444 B r?*o?ay, *?raor xf Tali '?ooote ?'>*?'.. Iju.tM trvaa 4 to 5 oa oek. Ht '.fermatic* taagbt by KLr food AND *JK? IHARtJDR CANDA'S H'lARDIV; jl u< 'lay Mko'.i for y??i< la>l>o?, N?>. 17 'Afayotk" plaeo, So r* o|?MC od *>"<lB?o<lay, flopioobor IX Boorkrr nua-r c. wamh * rocwriNo rooms ?m praollM ?' l?okk??ooia? *":?'??, *<? Ju? 8r >%4 ? ??. H' .ld>n( dp** **??/ ? A M.. to > P V {*11 for rtr#*'?r? M*rok ? ???pii>?0 vorka mi kook i* '|?>M u< IWK4 I* Mlofl. fa t?U ?? *i ' ?? __________________ BOOCRMi HO. PXNBANgatF. Ac.. A RR TA OH" ,* ? tntrnr *a4 ??p-41llr? woa??r, ?y rmrKI I O'Xt'N ttftfWMny. ?>>??? |hi<miw ??4 nttht th ?? '.h? (i?w ?f ?i.? mmMsc booaa win vron|.v?*M. %eit!?t 1*4 4?o?*t4h. ?HIPI'lM. r. OR NORtOLK, H.rRH.?H Rli, AND KtClltlOfD.? r r*? l Mil ?>#?r wt KOANOKR, r. KkiaMT, tt)t> ?*r,-'?r, o>|! ????? I Tor 13, Nor-ti vrmr, oa 'olaf-lay, /til y 4, ?' 4 o'clock P VI ; will ?rri ?? *i Naifolk !b? Mil a'tanwoat f'?tor*bo.r( ao* rtia'-ovxv th# !0'io?iD( ?orAio<. From N'or'cli pnwinin for iko "oaf. pTfi'Oc) by railroad d<r*?t ? tn HUMl If* W*| :oti to 'AjKiicioa, Charl-rv<a k '?ha c*'i??i (or# to N*rf?.ik l? to ('?ior?fcir< ?o<1 Ri'timc ? i ?tfl to I.j a?hhur* 914. U'bLA* k 'I.K* ?-ANT8. n Br*o4w?y N. B ? ft? i*b u*kota to t*o Virflaia *yr:aff Taa Ritatko '.**?? a fr< rkt for RIcAjooic. SHIPPING. "P*nR LrVFRfOOL- U. S. ||*IL rtTKAM "His" B?LT" w?U d*?rt wia!?Z?Ck,', ?"a>*nl*'-rh'? " """? 16 ?? t'oitod ritat*. BiiU for K ttop-1, BcaUto j oa Wrdceediay. ju|y llti, at iu 0' tlo^t M mm. w *' Xh* fo?' ?r da??l atrvet. I'or freiga; n??7?' i*?5l aoeotn n^UUooa ,or d *?">'? '-0* AKD K. ODLLINi 6* at II li CSg*r2 ar**, '?<lu"l?*d *> * ?m boar a aall J.It 2-,?h Tb? P<eitH will ajajeed th? Bt t>a, Ml IhlM ?f >P*" '',l1 '*"? t?k?notic? that um war e,0?0t Cliny "?/ (foxl" oootri-Jcol 0 th',U4b rh.D hlT"*^1' u?,T?u ??*?? ,tl).ru?.- - be *JUp* ?????*?* ?kl? Uw u? Ul !t?Tiunc^p?00!^ ?li'T'i i'?"*'" hall* k) Hairwt, ?ipitwli f?r ?? Liverpool t. New York ViraTAtalUri? .?3.215 ?neea >U*.M >? .I?b .hi* Wss?s^?^#jl SSSv^ i3S kskSS & i ss^"-^ ; -? ? ?, '* H. DRAPER, Htm .41 ?.*?'"? ?' "?? fill M *||| Dot be MoMi ukll to .!??< ?,S'SS'!SlJ^^^~"5!s Shipper* ||I1WS Uu a.ilo. that tht ,Ujp, ,f aki. M-. aet earry u, ?6o4, oo.trak.nj ^ Um W1 Tn^,^Ni)KRaiIr kuhokan link ok Trt^. ?nipe ? it* lira; cltaa Mtnamahip NORTH sr Ait ?.r?.ok will leave N?, Yirt fro?Tpi,r No JO orih tt??r foot of Chamber* street, at novo er? Cindy, on Saturday Jul/ 21, lor Htrrodirect. ?.r*t elan paiaage .... m CDucU>?m?n(? !m lb* North Star will m folbe.dh, UkW Ar'.?i.' Alii II I be owaer of Umm voraoU will not be ao :ouuUul? for gold. ?.lv.r bullioo, .p.cle. je,e?y, pr.coue ???? or no. 1*. no)**. tji.lrt of lad ng aroalin.d thaiaforoad the veiue thertof therein f]pr*n4t|, Specie and good* taken at mud ratei No fre aht received alter &oon of tbe c'ny belore railing No berth >ecat?<l ontil p?io lor. Ultera orooolil 1R?' ceo,. j*.r hell ot wltl bS reoMT.J u tta o Kp \l In !i'^xb* V ?">1 ?"? carriol , a -trow -iii^>i^ H*?' nul"r on ?"!??! ?t lUvie l 10 tf? Hon liitlM h'tra. J areele t*k?n, e tch prepetd, olo iolUr an j up?arirt KIXKO D tTW OK HaILINO KHOM XRH YOKK FROM I1AN HK* "?r? J-'J 21 Ami . . . . . . J al. 31 v'tk ?; Au*- 11 North HUr *u/ u North HUr tOpt. 1 Arel , wtV'sf" ' ??* 2'2 North dter .'liepu 2i North htw ( )ct. 13 Ami ' A"el Nov. 3 North riUr . Nov. 3 Tbeeo *t44mnhlp* are A I at ' the' ioeonto 34 ?fln? *"? "P"':1* *n(1 *<??? will be laaure-J In tli.m ?t "at:ro.*.^el^Q,U,n " 10 0l0? 'toanublpa *or freight or paaeago, appljr to D. rORBANCE, No. 6 BovlitiK tireaa Mw? York MONrANT u I.KAPEH, No 26 Rae N. I) ( iIm Viotoir^e. Parie. CHHYdTIK, HillUKSSMANN Jt Oo., ^?' 2' Quai Caumir Delavigae, HaviO. BI,A?v afl,L UNK OK Pack ATS KOR LIVKRl'OOI. ? 1ho clipper eblp WHEAT WKlTKIlN, Jt.pi. parMr win poeltively eaU'on Mood ay tbe Ux of July. For cab n, mcodo caola , and etoorafe paa?ai(M la tb.e apleo OM packet, apply 00 boarrt foot of eeekaaa 1 treat Kaat river, or to JaOuB WILHu.N, 108 (South etreet. ' hlACK BAI.1. LINK OF P Ai'KKI.S FUR LfVCRPOOL ? I^*c?PP*r?hlpMANHAI l 4N,H,pt. Uite, will I"- ? aajl 6Ui July. Paaeoager* la the weooal e iti.n <<>*& -i?h (I, eaokod. >or Urine of paaitage applf oa bjard toy Jt ^o^tbT-j.'et**1' riT#r' ?r 10 JA0UB WI1-^>N, 109 FIR LIVERPOOL- KM PI RK Lt\K ?fHK (ft-, khr* ted Clipper ahlp Cll Y OF S'K.V YOKK, Jo. 1^.*" w"' poait'vtly aatl on Mon lay, July 'J, at 1 1 o cluck prt-eiaely. Her accommo-lalioan for naliia eond eabia ana itatru. paa.engera are uaaurpaltaM. A JO\ Ls ?J*L ?KV0,t0 ,,w- or ^ ^ JONhS 4t toutb etieet, corner of Ola alip. "VJ OTICK? CHKAP PaSSAUK To 1.1 VCKPOOL ? THK iV-hJ? ^?i ?D"i7icli.,,p*r1f,,,p WOOD, Cap-^.u In her. will peaitively aall on none ay, 21 July rtw ?cocmBod.iM,., for ?U c.anaea of paaeeig.,, are aoauT faaeod. To ew.:ura b>rtb? only application ahoui I t>i ' on b0*,'i M P*?? 37 Kaat river, foot of Market etreet, or to TAPBCJIT k 00 , go Seatb.V rlK I.IVKRPOOL AND PUILADCLI'UIA UTKAMSHlP %Ji?35tt,IH ??;' favonto ?Uaea?bipe_ ,>a ? ? w llAMLUllinKK ,2,IV6Io5< (knt Wn tea Cil rY OF KALTIMOItK, (^w)a 638 toi' rlSt _ CITY (JF WAHHINGfON, do ^,700 toni Caev K Ultoh Baloon ?B0, W U 6. acio,<J.n, t', euto ro?, Ukeo"nm Pt!!u^*f ^ J1*" paaaengere will he pro via ion" 'hilatalphia and Ijvrrpool, am fan*! la from I'hiladelpbla. . . . . $30 1 From Liverpool a40 wi*h"?? to b'lag out their fnaada, eaa obiaia eeratteaUeof pae afe aad draft* on Liver??el in of ?! atarllog aad upward*. Apply to KAMI'KX. Sttir-I Bk??' ,vla bocthamfton. ? nu; united Statea mail a'eoaiahip UhRMAjiN, E atcrtei taa laaai'er, will toil for Brenea, touching at Hautnaaetuu Ct 2J5S ZZ.XV' ^ la llrat r*Ma, mala aalooa ?<.,> la nretaabla, lower aalooa la eacoad cabta ii Aa ezperteaced aarfaon la ifttorbod u'aoob iia.iw . part* debvered In Havre or Ix>ndoa AU lett?r* ?>..( pae* through tbe Poat Ottce For paeeareor fr?^hi ??. Hy to C. U HANI), Ag-ot, 11 WbSXT.ESL1*'' Ibe .u.?*r Waabiugtoa will ?a?k?*dtb* ?ad? a An CBit 11. ^ ? miemAoa, Dll VCKD PRICE?. ? Kio LBS. BAQQAUF. ytlit. Xl# Foor bobr? from Mi??i U o?+*a by l'?o?iu? -* ?apot?v? U irtpieal |VB ll4 r^g. 7 ?l4 IPtUld lllflftll And rAbUl Mn ? ' t ^ H S/CoWerela via raaaeu tatlrood Ti^'irf Id 8,~? ?'P C?i-aay -llld..p!r,h ? V.D^ ?ill m fkirNi;, Jnly ft, 112 o'elo?k F M dn??j? pier ?<-ot el Warren .tr-.t * H t?. &" .iSfustTi'ts tj: its?-' l"V; vii\\v.r.vh ?y'e, 177 fM atreat, Warr-a. T T ?e?p^ w, FOR HAN FRAMI'HX) ? THE HPLJCNDID A 1 FIK-tr elaaa dipper ahlp ANDKhvV JaJKMoN, Wtlliaaaa, Barter, ia now loadbag at plar M Koat rtver, aad will poaitiveli tall oa or baloro Tueeday, 17th July, dhlf pert will pleaae aead their lr*ight proeaptly oa board, aao eoaaprat* toelv eagag*m*tote before i aee-taf . lOtb. !h? ahipe of tbie use are advrtiaad for a cortaaa 4at?, aad guarantee it to aall Of, or be'ore tha day advortieod. HUnON k CO , M Srutli at , eor. WaU. I Mm C<I.IH?BNU? PA8U0E MO ? Tl. KfH til AT. 4aotk>n *T faro*. ? !"taw Yon ?n I Cat forala *taa?n amp btt, ?i r< icaragoa Aecaaaory Trunt Ciapw;, of ManiM, irnprtatui* ? tbrooab id Mfuw of Uw BaU -1(0 mi** a fiorttr tku My olbar rirat*, tl< owl j l iutai f*T?r, u4 two Bilaa of 4**<f?ro?? tw?i j| i* P*m? h;, kataaaf far* Uraafb to -Wa fraa taehxKof th? I* t hm u* oroa* laf ? fir*'. Mb ?, $175, aarond eaaia, $126. I1**i>(*. $to Tba *ptaa !kl doabl* *B|U* at<-aaahlp UTAH Or THK WHT, z,hhi toaa bur dan. t apt Turaar, will Inti piar .No. 3 North rlrar, at 3 o'tloak P. M. praeiaaly, for I'mitt Jtrtiw, aa rbur*4af, Jul) &th, IV+, coaaartaaf with tba ataaaablp Cnoia ^to, 2.1*00 Ua> burden. arar tka Wlaaraaaa Traaatt rout*. I ann< Mt twrlt* nl>iaf Ital tr***firUia<i by Bint rJa*? earnafaa. for iDfortaatioa ?r p**M(* ?? ?.ka retiuea-4 rata* apply "oly la OH A HUM MORUAN. far No. 2 Haw Una llrwi. I at tar bafa aaada op at iba oflea. (HaBpad Nttan takaa far mla auk A~ OH THALIA If iNOKl'KNDKVT MCn *L LfKlT^POAI tiraly tb? Brat ?hip -Tba BipitMot 4 I eltpp'r ? bip MKTKOPOLiH, 1,11 U torn a, T II Jay. i>iaai*4>r ? ill auceaad tha ' ri.ul I'ala/-*, ?nd bar* imat*d ?' ? ia?poV:D for Malboarea. Tba ae-OBDMdattoa* tor pa* ?? o**r* in thla ftaa *blp ?ra of lh? ?ary ba*t, both In nr?? *a'l ?*eoad eaWn*. Alao, a llaila-l iiamr ?>( <taara*a pa?a?o*?ra will b* takao at tba tow rata of I*), (oudC wits pio'laicaa by tba ablp. Harlaf * portion ef bar < arjf'. alra .'ly r?t'<|i. i naa dap?nl oa ?lalcb roapateb. >or fratfbt or paaaago at low rat-**, <ply oa ' 'i*rl at ptar 1? Ktitmr or to MAIfJ.KK % 1 "Kit I'* Wall *tr?<, ??<i AKKHJ, * KI.JJOT W i aarl atraat. P. MAIL MlEAH." HIP Oitfi \? V ? KOK HAVANA W? atwl Naw (trlaaa*. 'to Kualtr, Jul/ 2, at 3 I* U Iroa p ft foot of Warraa atraat .V It . tb* wall tai>wn aat tavorlta *t?an>aiiip fir> n ? la, i apt It P. <?nf iid will aa'l aa aboaa l'a>**(a rata bo aaaafwl al tw i>B|t*) * o?e? fralgbt ta N?w "rlaaaa to eoaia p*r . oM loot vuppara Will ba auppl at witb blaatbla of la^lEV of tba lr>rm alaaad b/ tha CoBptBf, o a tppH .? 'ton at thair all 'a So otb?r fo-oia (tfaal, ail oo mlla o' la4>of will na a If n*1 afar tba hoar of aail n< for fr? . i ' If paaaa^a, apply at tba offl-a of tta Ojotpa n*. 117 w?at itraat, eoi oar of Warraa *. 0 K'triKir-. ?7WyK HAVANNAH AMD H>>K||,A-I MTRtt tfTAtlf f man Iid*. lbaa*w aa4 alaaaot aUamablp Al.* n?*A. f*pt. Oao K Cchwt, will laara Saw Hark f>r ataaaab, r.o Tbaraday. Jal / 6tb, froa ptar Vo 4 NonS riT?r. at 4 a'<-lork p. if. tiilla of igm*l oa hoarii. for fraip bt *tpl; oa baaH, or for p*-**i* u> ?AH If I. 1. MmiUU., U Rroadway fir ?Tori1* b rough tlab'ta frOB Vaa Tart 1o Jarkaoar lla. 111 I DHka. ? .l Taa Kaoi villa, C D La/lmw. wiU a?a*?a1 ?a4 laar* oa Vatarlay. Jaly 7th tviK r?TAF.iJwmiTAmi"ri/)iUDA^V.ifi *> n I'd t*?i "ataa Bail toa.-tka aUaBablp tfX.'frt KHNKH, T Ian, mrnaaakr aftl laara pwr *fa 4, Ncrtk rlrar, aa fbara<tay, Jaly I. o?ia? ta .Ta^aa^l.f bar r*??l?r day,) b* a? tba aaalrataary of tba faarti t a? fra i( bt apply aa boar<l. wb*ra m uuia af 1*4. nt w II ba ?.f?ad ar?-l for paa**fa at tba at* -a 0' BPi* KiHD TH k Ct . M Hnt^aii lbraa(D Utau ?a flarnta. aa fallaw* ?To 911 la I'.atti 1X1. Tba Marioa will rrlli). aa'l ana aa HataHar Ml '? $ 80 .000 p*r e?m tarrrMt, en KM .UIOI AL. iflTvA AAA -MO14**1? ,/UN 0N DU ?OU' 'vU? uoi'li, ntekN,ji?ilr), dry |o? da, sefhre. A*., or bought tor tub; lUKke, n >t*e. net tgages, *1 n*gotln*od. Hn?rix??? oou4d*i'.lal ?n4 pr not. Hy rBOIIJ'^OX 4 'JO , Nro<tr?u1 orunleel >? ?MirbiDti, 102 Nuuu stroe;, corner of Ann, m vj No. 3, Moood floor. TO U-J4!) ON WIND AM) BoRF Ml*, for t Ura of jnii, >1 kin r._ , (food prodnatlv* re J tiUM In ttita tit? or Riooiljn. Apply t) ll & Blt?.'AD, K c 1J Vail ?Moot, Mccnd ilM), front room*. & A A AAA advanced on du?ond<, ?4U.UUU *tkkw, jewelry, p.noofurtv. dry aToda aad every d??crlption of utmhi* llae. Basin*** strict Ij eoolid*ntinl. Apply to I I YON fe CO , 608 liouitoa ??., between lf?r jer aa ' Uroan Am.

Rii mh hours from 9 a'thtw a. M. till 4 o'clock P. M. ? j a AAA - money advinckd os dia ?'lUtl/vvt mondn, watch**. jewelry, i?fin, and el) klnde of merobendaa uil eecuritiee, by JOSEPH LYON h CO., 16 Wilnom etieet, rotm No 10 Portia* waited on it their resident*. N. B ? 3uimm atnctly cenflaantlal. AAA TO LOAN? POR A TERM Or TEARS. _ iUUU on root ?(tax in tain city in <dm of ... no $3,000, or 82 MH). Apply to ALU'lM. HI.'LL * ?ffOChKR, 1? Wall ?Unt Jh "I AA WaNIEI) ?A I.ADY WISHES TO OBTAIN ?lUv tb* lenn of tti* aum for twi months, 'or wbicb n bona* nad collateral security wi 1 bo given. Aitciaea, pout paid, Ura. L. IL D , Broadway I'OMt i 'Sea. AKY AMOUNT (IKI A-H lOANCD OR PURCHASED at right lor fair prises i iamonda, watiltei, rich ywtitj plata merchandise an-! valuable personal pro ??r<j asneraUy. R. WOOl), HO Pulton street, Monad floor, Iront room, from 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. C.WI LI9ERAU.Y ADVANCED ON <VArCtH*, JKW ?try, furniture, pianoforte*. dry goods, liquors, at an) description of proprrtr, at 41 l.ooard street, south ??set earner of llmad way, in* okleet ??i Boat reoponolbk offlea la tha city, The strict**' cooflden ;e may ha ral?d upon MuLOUOHlJN k 0?NKILE. Dry dock ha vinos bank, ?io fourth smear, ucar Avenue C? Open on Mondays, Wednesdays ?bd vatarlajs. from 6 to 7 P. II Interact at aia p?i ornt par anoom on lanu of ana tbo isaml dollar* and on d?r Iiepoeiia made on or before Monday, JulyO, will receive internet Iron July 1. Ry ord?r ANDREW MILLS, President jAKm L. Sivwamt, Secretary. Dividend.? Atlantic bink, Brooklyn, junr 27, 1866 A dl?l>lend of tan per <:*at, out af tha mrp'nii profits of thia bank, baa nan declared psyabi* an andnter lb a 'id day of July ne*t. Tba transfer book a will be cloeed natil tbo day of payment. By or Mr of tbo Board of Diroovote. WM C. RUSHM0RE, Caahkor. ISLAND CITY BANK, 160 BROADWAY ?NRW YORK, Jon* 29, 1866.? tba President and Direc'-ors bare .bw day daclnrad a dividend o' three and ow half (t)i) par cent, payable to the stockholders or their legal r><pre irnlatiTen. on and after the 10th prox'ino. The tranafar neck will bo eloaed from thin day to July 10 WM. MTICHBlM-t, Stabler. M MONKY LOANKD-ON OOOD ShjCURiriHX IN MUMif to anit npphcaota. Apply to JOtlV 'lOO.'K A aDaMK, ipecla and eacbnago brokara, toi Mtoodway, oppoatte Paclttc Hank. ARINKRiV HAVINfirf IN UriH ON, THl ID AVK ana, coro>r Nm I a?re<n ? D.?..leui. Tbe fruaiaea ol lb la matit .Hon bare ? ei:Ur?-i a aeini-Ar.uoal dlvi iroO, at the rate ?( tl r > eot fm anu in oj unu of >640 and under, and 6 p?i c?nt oa ? . ki-' orar 4'>0<l, pay ab'e on anu al'trtae ibirj W? n??Wy to .Idly, lhvl cen ln net ea. Ud for w.ll drav interrat 'a*a aa i'j* prin cipal. Miioevt nepoaiMd on or b< fore .be lttbnf Jaly ??ill draw tnteiert from tbe lat of July. Btnk open dairy from 9 A. M to S o'eio:* P. tf., an l on Wetnan day a?" Saturday avenioita from 6 to H u'rlook. By or ?Wr of the Bonrd. IbAaC V. Sdirtf. Saoritary. NKW OKI.KANS COUPONS.? JfOTIOR? THK INPB reet Urupona on ibe conaolidaud bonda of Ma ai'.y of New Orlrana, ano tba bonda laaued by tbe ??<<>* I annrcipality of Nan Orleana to tba Uty Hank of OtUnna, tboee laeued to iannal Arnold, Jam** O. Krotb ???bam, and Joeepb toeler, Jr , dno in New York oa th? let of Jnly neat, nod heretofore p?Wt by tba Union Hank ol New Kerb, will be pnid on preennUbon at tbo Aenk of A marten, New York, from and nftnr the tat of Jnly neati alao tba Coupoaa on tbe bond* leaned by tha d'y ol Vtw Orlenoa to tba New Ortanna, Jnckeon an I (?rent Northern Hn Iroad, an1 tboae to the Nee Orleana, Opolouraa and Ormt Wee tern Rnltrond Oimoiny, nnd m tbo I ontchartrnln Railtond Company, duo lat nnd 16tb Jnly nnd lat rtepfwibor neat. 11>o (nterrat <k>upona on tbo bonda iaaued by tba ae aond mna>aipnlity to Jem Mln tern, dun 15th Aafoat and 'JOtk Heptembor neat, nn1 tbo?e inauad to tbo s.'i'y Bank of New Orleana, doe oa lat Anjtuet aad Juth Sap tembor neat, will alao bo paid by tba Bank of America, when doe. Cunpoaa pnat due on any of tbo a bo re doeerlSej benda ?lU bo paid *? presentation at tbo Bank of America, or by tba ( lUrena' Itnnk New Uriaana Tbe above deeerlbed bonda c impriae all tbat are maria nayab!* ta New Yorb, awarding to tho report a' tbe I )o ->ptroller o< tbe (My of '<ew Oriean?; but ne n cm alAerablo portion of Mia eoupooe ie<u?<l by tbe itd Mam o polity, and ta* nM city of Now Orleana, do no*, a poof y on their faro wbeye tbey aro payable or tba emonat of in to reet although lb* bond ireelf la made pnyabt* In New York, bo I iter* of i nab k*nda not BMcribod bnreia will plana* praaant tbo bonda, witn tha cenpon* at taebad, for ideoMOration, at tbo Hank of Amervaa, etberwleo tbey muet be referred to lb* CnUaoa' Bank, Now Or'eaaa, before beinf paid The Cltitoa*' Bank of roniaUaa, la Now Orlaaaa, bannf b*en ekoven by tbo Common Conn? I of aabd nity. to make tbe neymeate of latareet, an lb* debt of tbe old city, and that of tho Brut, a*eond aad third KnaicipatttMa, aad City of l^afbyetta, aa alao Uu in Ureet roepona on tbo bonda lamed ta the ratlraal cenapamra above designated, holders of any *f tbo aforesaid ehllvattona, who may daatrn aay further in farmataon In Mfard to tbom, will please addroaa r. Rcnraaan, K'o.. t ashler, Now Orleana. & ROL'.TKAU, Caablor Citiaena' Bank of l^olaiac*. New Ortaaaa, Jam 18, 1866. rCAPrTAlJ.-TK -A MAN Of CAPITAL AND KN. tnrpriae *an b*ar of a farnrabn opportunity to In eranaa bis manna, by applying at the Hornld olbcn. fXABU ASTANCBO IN ANT AMOUNT. OB PPBCMA* V nt M#bt. iineseda. wntakaa, rtsk Jewelry, m ?setae 41a*, aad eaTeakle pere?enl property aenerelly. B. WOOD, W f^lsn street, aeeond fleer, frset room, bin 8 A. M- M FIBB BONDS IBM} AD HY TMK CITY OP BAN VBA1 ateee, dated Deeeaber 1, 1A64, beartea ietereet tsn pet saat per enaam - Tke en4ersi(ne4 ?iir pay tae aeepees ">e. V' Ja>7 L '"to, sf tba ekose named kea4e, ?>) - Ned. la 88 eaebM.M seat per aaaaa.-Tbe oe4srsi(ned oil] pay toe eeepo "Ne. 8," dee Jely I, IMA, sf tba afcore aaaaen bea4a, say Ned. la 88 aeahSl.a Ua K7 eaeh 4 fn a l? eaeb l.iwr 188 a 888 saeb HI WILLIAM Hoo? A CO.. VI Wall street. ILLINOIS lOMV AMERICAN BM4MI BANK -,N*ttee is kerekt ??*a tkel tke Janaarr aad Jnly. Ml, lattelaeets at laisssst upea tbs steeks af the 8 tale e I llHneis otH ke paid at tbs anaesy sf tbe niaie se aad alM Naaeay, the ?aeotd day of Jely aeat. Tbe ii stalmsote ia? tks rats of 8l? t?r 8I,1*"1 *eskj will be ei>?il*d ap?a iba 'el lee >?? eeepeas Irew llltosis aad Miekiaaa Caaal Moedae Ceepoe |ef Jane vy, WOt, eld 81 <*?>, tM) aad ttU bees*, roapoa af Jely. 1H48, Iram It'A Bwrltas B-)e Is aenpoa of Jaly, IMV aad Ja?aar>. IMAU frea Bsadaaf IN? John MOoBK Treasurer if lUiaoW. n roi.icai tedkoiML OTOfilW? IROM 2M COU'MBIA HTRP.H, HOtTTH i) llrooklya, a double be.k, ep?n fa^e, 1 njnb ie**r. Ibe mebor I* Joseph Johnston, Lirsrpool, No 1,419 aad a ladiee'joerd chain and hay. Wbocrer will ro'.om lUa iaaa, will bo rewarded 111 Apply tn James M. Daly, 233 Columbia street, Mouth Drooeljn. R ?HTI IIKH, JKU KIJO , *( . G? Ksm Fiw* qou> ? AjjroHnu urn I Ur |.ko?, *1 h (Un ?, vllkMl ' hain (I. TImm did* >rt K)uftl iu fenliUB'ty and i^ur a?/x U> i>ia ra.l diamond Saat br mail lo ??/ pari >4 Otm ' Dito-1 "UM by in ktlM taoiDt to I. ft J. JA'?BN, 4flT Brttln;. IDCC1D PKICU W ATOKA, JBWMbMT. DU i aio*4a aa4 Mlttr war* Tlx lot im l?M *?"*? >M*i ? wall kw?i JaaWr ? n 4 laipatiar, < )?? Mb all ga?4a la kaa llM. at Itvvr (?r tbf hb>? ikaa i*f (Ikar kMM la M?* I nk, I t?ta4ol|>> ta, at Ml atfcar ?My. M4 alii M< by ?Iftii tr MMNi W*f IIH, JKWWl.MT km., w all part* af tka Uaiia* mmm i>m ?f ?>a#ca warrant* 4 u r>if?HKl Min by aad, pwtpM, CtM* ?S, <a. WATCHBB l)tfwnMl;|4 wiirtw HOT to fUH Ja*aM?oa waMtoaa, i?au a< huimW. iHi< SM Ca*.i-r *aaa?aa aarraato4 lift to tit If.VC' lol aatoka* Lift to JM abr?a>' watoc* . .. \A to M ti?b< 4ay tai?k? I4? to 1*4 l.*4*< ?m?i a??aba?. V. to )?) I,a4k?a' 4taat> a4 aatobaa to to B llw aa?ii.?a MS to II CaT> l?aui( laaara, fall jaa.ll. I I* -arat ?U f?. 14 apaa fa??4 fall ja?ai|a4, I* aarat i Mir?f of.aa taaa4 laaafa, fall )raalia4 B latoaaa I jKwm tr, ?ar ?*** II *M ?? ^ n? . . . i w to j* i NiwaMi. f t$ 9 ??tl4 laabata, aaa. I?a, aa4 harilim I mi '.a C?,M ii>w4 Cbaaa* 4U <M 0.14 ? hatola aa. ?? Ball Cbaaaa lu ?i to II* ? U. 14 *aa? t ba.m. ? ?? to #? ? C' 4 Fab Cbaiaa ? ?U to U ? ??I4 ?'?aa||. I J? to m <M UeM I'aaa ??? I'aaarfa .. I *1 to K ? ?*I4 < raa?*a ... 1 "> to II* < baaai t.-H ???* .. I ?to ?? Pt.ia Gal 4 Hl?ia 74 to I# I a? a?ar| 4aaariaM<* Ptoai*a4 Ha?l* >tw? Piaa tl* *> n (I *" ai Inac- 1 4 < laatar r, aa ?> '?? to a-f btaia ?*4 Rlaif 7t?to W4 tmm. ? ? ... .... wm ??? lMatallr>HM ? ??? to ? 1 (Maaaaa* kraaaiata : ?? to M? a) 4 ? 4i 4i. ? ILvtlt *tU Mm T aaya.a. . . ?* I" w ? ? til... >W"ft fty ? ?a? ... far aa* I] m \? Vi ? wt 1'. 4UK, 1, TaUi rwli |aaiU4k?4 IIimi l>>mr r-ili a?r a>? tl 40 to II ? Ml?ar *>44bi ? ak? IiKm I'M la '? flab Kalta*. Plakla faaba I ?? fnaa !? ??? fr?-i Irifaa, *>lto ? a ??a, ' I4l4>a? Hi ?>%>. via arifa. Iwt aa4 ??? ?a (u*? Caw fraffcia kia?a. 4a. I .laJtoa ( l..aka aa4 i*a?lrr w>Mwl " Iaa( lk*a ika aaaai iniaa Vatokaa a?4 (?taa la *??Kaa?a. oU) c 4u.iT lafWar rf *a?ak?a ?al iavairf, ? ailiaali aa 4 Ima, Va II Vail ?*n?t i ? aa4 |w I MM lnM?? ??? iMt _ BWTOMUfBNTB. Burton h~ qua m mi? miner' - driws oiRfnj: aad Paruat, ftti'tato; f MBtl/ itoala. 26 Or ?k>itrt ? -batr*, II, I'linn |> M:lt. I*oara tfra at 7',: Uaioats Voluoa. jlaader. Jnl r 2. DOR IN CAl.1? ;v*IA. | El/T BLL& Mom- Mr ' b?ofia > j It .It* i e Mr. Kdty Lira Mk>( Oiar'.loa Jnaiii, I le. tffiaia* DEAF A-> A W. WAIJ.a<K'-< THEA KK. BROADWAY. UKKMAN i if ICR a. ON MONDAY ?VKN|\ii. ji ;.v a. will ba ptrfanoatt, far Uu aacjad tin* r.rra, Aabar't gi?n? tun, In 8t? ?eU. of SI A* AS I Eli/i. i'rmdp*! ?hara:t?ra or Mtei amea IJlUMAN. IJiEDKR, Uutri. V(\K^ Ml'lJJiR, Ac. ('oadoKor Mr Robert loora open At 7 |ariura?nnoa la mbsii ? At 8 I'. M PrVia af a<ljni*alou ? I 'rival* Hoaat, M, Or a Malta, II; Fu^vi aao Draaa Ckrela, 60aa>ta, -<uaod T<rr. it wnta. Na fi'.u charge far rsearrnl aaata, vblca tnaj ba aa-iarad at tbo bai offlaa .my day, fraa N A. U. to 4 P M. Hta'hor*n'a ?rand ojc-k, of FIt>KlJM li in Actlae w baaraal. METROPOLITAN' THEATRE, BRi>AD*AY, OPPOSIIT Head air**'.. FOURTH or JULY Thi? airy and alecasal i Ht?bil?hment will ba < |i?n?d <>a thta gltrioaa aaaiTertAry, aod the (rand patrvntis drama a I Ma4a*TO 1.0 will b# performed, wub uth*r eniubVe ?:?rUlim>o'j, wbirb will ba aaaunico] in tba b.Ua an.! alvrt **wMiit* of ;bal day. Qf.o. chri-ty a woout) min-trku), *:j am ad war, aboaa Grand uraat Oi'K.N EVKRY EVEKING, For U)ta wa?k, Ethiopian Muutrniir, I lacing, K<\, oan tludlDg with tba DARK HEE0H, OR CRIMSON CRIMES. Dc era open, ft>? , ccnmance, M o'elark. Ticket ?*?ta All bnkineaa traoaar.Ml by U. W<xxl. ERANCOH'H OLYMPI i iRCDS, *'o UOffKKY. Iffl'MUMI) /ITTKa'TION ABI> ** ICVTTBB Will ha produced ou Monday a'l-raom aal ???iin{, ad I tbioj?bcu'. the wa?k, aad WedaaetUy aihI -Utur l <?) Blt'lBOTBa, Tb* grand oal^traMatl* keen*, yrrl u * ! unWtba roin#i,l4i<* laparrUinB of Mrai. l'raB:oal, ?all:l?l U?> f?IK.B UEFOAE rKiJA-dOl'.JL; Oil, rllri A 1 4.1X4 VI J TilRlOtM Piia-lpa) rhara-tur' hj Mio*. Kraa-oai, H. Hnnn- 'r and L?*atcr I *?, witL id aunliary fo a of tilt? paoptr. t? KatBcr aitli an eotlra ebaaga iu tba atcgAO*. AijuaayiA*, Ijun iitl! and nt jmplc k ? n?? lb>?* grand ptrlo-mu>ca? on ' be Fourth of J 'r. rorn maachg at 10, 1 aad i o'e'i-k. Hoii"i >5 c*n:4, ra ?f ri? ) *???'? 50 e?at? pi'. 12 ntU. !t* *o*ag?ia?nt of tba t'ltlamClava, W. 1". WALUlfl", wbo win %pp*ar on Monday ?Taa>n(. A TLaNTIO WAKOKN, MH. ? aNI> 11 BROAMWAY. A F:?a CMcar'.n win ba g'vva At tbla a?tabl>?baMnt e?t j ?T?blag, iiutll fiirtifr a)tie* by Ikilau-'.l. n I'jr *<-t Hand. i'RO 1R*MME? I'aAT I. 1. Graad Mar-.b fr?lns< 2. CaTA'ma, from '? Kraanl'* \?rdi 8. Air of <ir?ca, fr >m " It itirt U> Diablo" . . Uayrrbmir 4 Aaa?n Polka F. HlfMM 6. Cavntlna, Irota *ba ' tloaf"aiani>irl" IWIfn t. .-'-?na and Air ftoa tba 1 1 bllo ot? Ui? llagi m?a*. Man'/atli P?M 1 1. 7. "ciiia and Aria, from " Ma:U'.b" Vardi 8. I'oiia 'Jahai 0. kcmaniA, from '? Tba ^jrrn" Aunr lu. Pol I'ouir , from ' Don Bko??nol" MT. a. Mfwul 11. Oalkipa:* MUi ler JAVIW. I.VWHKMT, I'ropriPtar. FRANKT.IN KLH1UK, NO. AS BOWEKT, NIAUI oppaalta Uia Uowary Tbaaira Paif wmaaaaa a??ry at iarnuva, al J, aad tvary ???am*, at H. M. It ? Btraa^aat trill ???*?<* tbat tba Frmakra Unarms la kha only p!awli ?H'I 1'i.lM H'alen ?k<r? th* Modol Artlltt in ail?Mi?d. ?lib otii?r arlclaai anlartalBBaaU. Aasraaar, Na. ?! Bowrry. PANORAMA FOB HAi.E ? ENTI1KI.Y SEW, UV IKE b>*t Arttata, flu tttal in taa moat ku,?riar atria trill ba reld lor laaa man b?l? tba coat, it tlow a ?aa ?trn. or vaola ba nciiaii|t^. Addrata K. P. MORrtls', llrraW oflira. A1I>ANTICUARL>EN, SOr. 0 AN D 11 HROADWaY. , <B I'rt a roaear'.k Will b" *"?? a' lliw aa'ai.Uan man*, arary > jO'lay arralng, until furthar wwtiea, ay l>odwoitb a ( oita*. Han4. JAM^ T.'MHKRr, f'ropr ?tarr. Howard atiif.n.k' w, WIW ?!?>! itv tlaga, Sola Maoa*?'. ? I/*AI?? aad^anttaairn waaL lag aapagtiijaata nay apply, by iattar ar par?oa?by, u :h? Uanagtr, At ". C. Jol ta'a mnaie atora, ol'.l lirOA-lway , alter 114 M. ? r^ohCERrj, MMIIOTll. i>.crr?i>f, etc.? iry^ek.^ V; Uuaie K.unu. 626 and 627 Huj.ton ?(r?at, twa block a aaat of Broadway, ta ba lat oy tbn nigbt day ar ni-rk. Otk raaiOBtbtr mtm* lb? large KM wu .?l M lat for a rboich an ^'unoaya. rba aypar ravai U w?; adapted tor a maaont. -^Ir-' : nu.. Ml J ta J. P.M. oa tba fr?BitM. THlJtnuCAL.? a uOttD cwr fWWB *'im av tkga|?a?k'. ? Addraaa Cotaaa, H'-rald o?r*. MOKNKE, ( aBKIAOKH, ?4 . IV?R SA I F. ? A PAIR Of MATCHKO BAY HOW, IT bAada blab, and flnaly propartaaaad , r.-ry alyuab irtrara, warraawd rtarbterary way, aao aanu-paaan ay ??ry faw taaaa id Saw York ai' Bar in for* or atria, acta Id aaaAa a ap'aadid faakliy rarraga team wiU ba aoM cbaap Can \- ???d at tba Itailraad HU',1. i at Hitk arwaaa aad Forty third (tiaat. T.v?R -,ALF? A 001 PR ASD PATO >>r HORHW, l Ot 1 factiy ma V bad, aigbt r*a ra aad aatl warra'.lad aaaad reap* aaany a*w, built by J. I ar I A MM, <?' Naw Yarfe. SoM lar waa*. of uaa, u>(atAar ar aapArate. Caw ba aaan at 209 It nib (traat, naar Hacond avaana For kai f^a pair of i.arof. and F3r?:i.!.t>T track b i-t?a ilu-1 MAj I ?Wt (Ml lirMB) togatlka* or taptaraka, at 'ba d.atilkary a>*i>(ad xuiy by Towar A Rioguabarg. m Kaat araaae, aaar Jabatan ? lumbar yard, kaat Bruoklya. IvjR HALF i HF.AP? A -0'I.ENDID PliO0f?BtY LA dy't aaddta aaar*, 16 baala bigb, th yaar? old, aaaad aad klad io all barnaaa, a fa*' tro'tor, w lb lan^ floaiag aaaa aad tail. laqu'.rw at 2t fkoapata at. EOUCAWAY CARRIAUK, IMiLDINO RIVE. DiR aala. laiaoloroar, light? aoitatla far c.aatry roada, $100. At 0. I 1 ifrv.AA ? , MyrUa arawoa, aaar Fattca, Btaokl)a. SBDOND HAND (ARR1AAHI ? OOVflfn*f} or caaeBta ">?-% a ? a i a, gtga, kaggtaa, Ac far aala ebaay, AtMOrr A (10 * 'arnaga ampor UBI, aV"J llraa . way. Alta a largo aaaariataai af aaw, a t at*' j 4a. aenptloa. AMTKOMWT. MAllAMK MORROW. HIM H/'.IM.Y 'iOTfJl l.WlY I* ft ?f'B'.h 4??4?Ur, o-,4 >u *ara .t# (.'? im toll Iba par t, yroaam Ml fat j ra aooaia of trf? AH ?t? tuhti,)**!) atrrlafa at; u I Mia, U'l n? kor .Afola lb* ( /?? r- <#f h?r ooa loz-f'jl Ml MM *? I M til ;ti (lit Uilw*, ???? josr fiM .?<)>ba?;u<i tba Uk?aoa* of p<riiU?U1 kaKroal 7e IdMw ?iraa*., aaa.- < aaaaa. iHi'iiaia avt o-lm'.ia4 Ovi.y r?'h a -H"*r nun -vuni*. -wt?. ? HWIM! .??; M iB'natUa, -u |0CMaalta4 1*4 c?m traa lafrwmti'rm mm *tl .nUwiUu tflt.r* tkmfb HI* M aatiai, at bar nn4MM, It Wart rJa oaatb at . mm Wife itmm. Har trraM in (1 S BPOKTIKU. i r< urn w - A.L1. mr 'hoi > hkiki*- o? hoim lar aata aaa far ataoa , K ia* < lurM iaaalot> M*a balaao gny bouaii, aMaaoik M?? 'o*a<llaa<1 <>ut ?ao b|IM tomaro, Hwifh aa4 l?|lat i>i||Mrl #ag ? ?(^rttag Aaaa rtc ,?t (M <VaWr ittwl fioo-ooopy Ua ?44Maa. M. 8 ? A ear tai a <?? ra far aufa -?a xaata f? Uim AL. Dm p?ak ham MKvofSO >a? nnu?TK-r Arr? Uua far tta laat l? yaara la aa elB-o prarUaa, a*'. '?aUaoat la ba aaaaaltad Aallj by Mk aataa. at bia 'Mm Ma I ClaMlia arjaara, la iirtwnMy aft* Pr laaa, wboro Ma aataw?a? r?aaa?taa taa ka aatamo-: Maaaat aaaaa eara* la a laa 4aya t\h, AiTum or thm u ir?< rt? * . cm 1 ) rata Traattaa. hr , a>aa MA Haailna it??i m%/ Vaaatar, aa?ar*ally far Ibo '?ra of t mtf iUWa| aaan Haatttf KaitlUttua frtalla U A M, aaa ? to ? f . M , *aalaj iiMfUd | iH. lll'NrKM. NO I MTMO* KTMJCKT, NEW TOK*. J/ aa taag u4 finrarlr inn ta Um mM>'. Mr ?? -oaio/tod at bia ?M ?ataoJlobai iAm ahar* ba k* yraotlaa* ia a*a braaob of aMvtlataa for tho laat M jaara, aa4 *Ma a an t<iraa Uua aay atiar mm a im rlt>, ia aaaj ia*loa aaa af p mi naa aaaatAoraa ta ?rikla, < aw ?ot abw-b bo baa yonanaoa la ralar 'a aa horavrfar* <%art?a aa^m la aad .a all 'uni ra?a t m'ai'ao! Caatiaa My ? root raaa n if, Haatar '? rat lui I "oroo aorta' a AUaaoai attbn-it ?Irylo# It* aotioa ia '.bo Haai, tia Ml; M ba4 aa abaro I'rlaa |l OU iat |0t l bo Mo a lor of lloaMfe. ? Ml '.FT AM TO mfAJJOt -i*. IM I Wl OTrW? 1 Afaoay far tba oiclaalro troaUMoat of all bmai .a'V rit u> hoi.u lai ofV o aroaao, aaa r K?it Taoalt-aaoaalb nroat aarf foorlA atoaao Bian l?oo lar I?ok aaraafQMoala froaa II ?<? M A4r ?a fra? ? ( Or ? al'atiaao aao UlUia -oab<toaUal Man l*t(?r> ooa 'M| It wrt?4 aHb i1n? ?4 aiatlnaoo by rt**rm p*t I Robof (aoraauwl ta ail <aaaa flfooi fr?ai a > touaoa |?ari/a4 Wlb ouglbla baar4, baritaf iM at '?MiaM MIANMb*>f PAU* A.MD I /islKiN PtlrWlAS aa<t rar|*oa, aaiba* o? lb* Mo4iaal A4r.*ar aai Hi' >|o Mo M pa?M, 71 o?|i??ia|a, ( aa<la4 ay b a araJM ?*ooa.? <a aay U^rM far II. I* oaa*oJta4 at I] tool* rtroot, ' *raa? ?.f Hrtolaa;, from II A M ?III 3 aa* ' a ? f M . Man 4a fa MMfa4 7"b??* at a awtaaaa n*aia4 by nail *a4 prtt W? eoaaar *1'k at**r y?rrn <a mMMiia l.aa if. L aa4 bia traai-ao |> , pats I -?r? '? Ite'a 'ill :?f hwi 'laat* /?? 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Taa te ikraa kaaliaa at* aanaaaaf te vara tea aaaai aaa* af rla rvaraa taa U Ikaaa te*?.aa *?a aarraaaaf t* aar* Mka aaa* faa iar*>a aaaa ?> ilwaaua : kraa te *nr ka**lte ar> v*araate4 tk MM tea aa^l ' V i ?a w at* kt kaHla* r?i aaa* te* aa?te MM af ml te. A kaaatt u alaay* aapartaaaad tea tka taa* MMaa, aaA 'aai a*r* m aa>raa**4 "kaa te* teiat fttai te If *mim *f tete a tea a I aaa* te* aim af ft te aaaaa aa ? *?l ? |tte?*ta* kf a* aar* aa.iaka.a k* a ?a I aa'ta >*li ka**Va af ia >*l taat laM aaaakar aa aaa a Iftel |? aiaaatayaaA* '*? MteW fkaaa Aa* aa* tekate a* aal tax Mil teat aftaai te M aarfrvate* -tM te*> at aaaaa la aaa ia*t*iaa (a -aa Maa a-tte kartte aaf B_4a >*?? Uaa*'*r 'aaa lka? aa<a I Mteatantf I la | a*' *4. 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