Newspaper of The New York Herald, 2 Temmuz 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 2 Temmuz 1855 Page 1
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T II E N E W ? V C) 11 (THOLE NO. C884. v? 1 IAS f 1/ - k II i; r 1 i) JULY 2, 1855. The Common Council. of Alderman boid the first netting of their peion'thia evening, and will in all probability ad )ttr till alter tbe celebration of the Fourth. We if nothing special that it expected to come op. .tUsc of building tike New City Hall will be paeie i au?e before the appropriation CM be made b7 [UUture tbe next Common Council will be eleit it will then be their province to decide upon the Tbe ?ite, it ha* been already wisely determined^ e in tbe Park. The weather ia too aaltry for ?bates; and aj several of the Aldermen are bniy inn for enug berth*, we may expeet a light ?ei ? the tlTiiri of the (Common Coanoil. Amonjet the ek? i? are Alderman Brown, First ward, who is kid for tbe poeition of fheriff; Howard, Sixth or Street Commissioner. in which he has a for ? opponent In John H. Chambers, the Deputy tbe Board of Aldermen, who ia also seating that Krnt Alderman Herrick, of the Mm???enth, hai tut ior the Comptrorerihip; and ?' Mr Flagg hae '.aoimotisly prcnounoed ? bore, the Alderman o think he would J>?v? no objection, if pressed by ids, to?bvw the city what a Comptroller ought gat the reports long expected and anxiously for is one from tbe Committee on Ferries, whj d under consideration, for several month* past, feet of increased accommodation on the Ilimil. nue terry. The memorial seta forth that from k 1*. M. tbe boats ran only every half honr up to ?ck, when they cease for the night. There is a ipuiation, not only in that portion of Brooklyn, re a?e a vast number of Long Itland farmers who tftir produce to the New York markets by that tnd require the boats to run from 2 to 3 o'olock noming, that they may reach tbe market at a ,ble hour to sell to retail dealers. The Union 'ompany are monopolists ; they are very wealthy, influential that they "managed" to defeat a memorial when before tbe committee of the last We lope they will not be ao aucceaaful with the t. A 'out verront. Board of Councilmen also oommence their meet it the July term this evening. The meetings of end will be held successively night after night, till neei nga are held ? the number required by law to 1 eac^ mouth. It la not to be expected that more tight meetings will be held during the term, as our atbern ate not the men to do more work than they mpe'ied to do this warm weather. They won't vo tr work while the mercury runs up higher than the lomet't. There ia not a very heavy or important lar bt'ore the Board for this month. The reports conairered are mostly in regard to improvements eeta, with which are two or three reports from the alttee on Public Health in regard to filling in sunken Tbia is a fnll preface to the history of the Hoari une.iln-ea for tbla month. Th* Liiw Court*. ? tummr vacation has commenced la the State t* *nt we shall have no trial terms in any of theui ig the moathi of July and Au gust ? in the Superior t there will be none until October; yet there will be Jg* at the chamber* of all the court*, and motion* be heard aod writ* of Uabeaa carpus granted, anl Mcailoral decision on can** argued at special term be looked for. Lawyer* and Judge* hare for the t p?rt old adieu to Blackstone ??* and are 411 iug tor a trip to Europe or a sojourn at the *aa , ihne the Uc?* l* uot too intense for pleasure, and re they can get fresh rigor for future disputation*, le United StatM District Court will be formally aed tomorrow. (Tuesday,) but, in consequence of anniver <try celebration of the Fourth of Julyi ?r* will not be summoned for attendanoe until Tu*? uf next week. Judge Bettn announced from the cb, on i-sturday, some Terr important rule*, whici Cear*. h?d determined to adhere to, and which wer orted in .-unday'e Hxbii.d. He say* he willin a j e* wlitri- the public prosecutor i* not ready to pro d to trial, I'iichnrge from custody all person* who art iflned *? |overnment witnes?e?, there being no pla1:* irided (or tb*m but the cell of the common felon, the ger ano the murderer. Tne Court, however, may nt Indulgence to tb* public prosecutor, tn cat** of irder or trtaeon; but In the ordinary cases of felonies d miedemosncr* which crowd the calendar, the wit n*ee will be discharged, If th* government are no1; idy for tiiai. In ease the defendant is not ready, hi set farnirh the necessary aflk'avit for poatponemanti d waive the penonal appearance of the witnesses for e prosecution on the trial. The July term of the Court of Session* commence* to ,y. Th* lent term was held by Judge Stuart, and the ily tei m wi'l come before Recorder Hmith. Th? eaten j for thi* term L? quite large, owing to the time that ts lost >n June in tbe hearing of the Bustned contempt ee. I.vmau Cole, who was tried in May for forgery, ?eing indicted with Kissane and Flndlay,) and who tally eecaped from this charge by a disagreement of the ry, ban other indictments over him , but his cue being anaferred m "?? aupiwm* Court, the (Xiuii ?? tietsion* 111 be saved tbe time taken up by Cole during the terms May and J una. There were no murder c?**s tried last ra. and considering the heated term at this time, It I* mbtful if toy ef the capital caees now oo tbe calendar U1 be taken up this month. The rest of tbe calendar is >t very important, although tbe caees are many. With tbe thermometer over 80, we think that very tie buflln?*-i will be done tn eith?T the federal or ale Courts. Fire lUnhsl'* OAr*. INVIflttATlON IK TO TI1K CAUSE OF FIRB*. )iax in Vmrv !+m*KT. ? On tb* luth day of May Ust, ?tween 12 and 1 o'clock A. M , a lire broke out In the tilding No. 58 Vesey street, and soon extended to the Ijotnlng building, consuming both of tbem and their ?attnte. Upon a thorough inveetigatlon it appears on the Matimony of Mr. Kranei* Stouvenal. that aViat ?e year ago he removed aonw woolwork from around i* chimney and put some brisks in their place at taat me be waa fearful the woodwork would take lira fnm e heat. About two or thrre month* ago Mr. Stouvenal .tied Mr. Brown's attention to a hole In the chimney je on hi* premises ; there *lwt;s had been a great heat the chimney flue, whieb ooadncti tbe heat aao smike om tbe furnaoe of the steam sngtn*. There was a fire orred in the eag'n* room over th* boiler some three >ai* ago. wbirh burned th* flooring over tne boiler. Mr. Brnwn testified that he waa owner of the steam engine, id that h* furui?hed motive power to th* other n?nte; that whan b* left the pr*mi*es h* want all lough ili- m toaee tbat all wa* ??'?, and did not thin ? anything oat of place. About alx months ago his tention wa* called to a crack in tb* chimney flue; he .amlned 'ha opening and ordrrel K to be filled np with ortar, ihla er*<-a wis about 18 or 'JO inch** from the tarns fiax ts Ma ineo n H rarer ?Between two and three clock on the morning of the Mth May, a fir* m dis ?vereii la the cellar of the grocery store So. 117 Madi n street It was extinguished with hat trill ar .mag*, i'atriek (hawford was arretted on suspicioaof ttlng fir* to tbe premises, by th* toventb w*rl police, it upon trveat'gxtioo and examination tb* fire appears have erigmated in the cellar, from some tinkers fur ies Th* otn>r of the groeary "tore had for aome ?e pact permitted Itinerant tinkers le deposit* tb*ir raacee in ble cellar during the night <*m one occasion Mt of th>M furnace* wa* set upoa tb* stoop for a abort ?*, while the own*r went Into the etore, and on hie turn tf * ?toop waa found to hs on Are, There wore '0 of th* e furnsoes found where the lire originated. '? Craw'ord wa* honorably discharged ? tax I* Alts sranrr ?Tbe building .Ve. 49 Aon ?tr**t td t?n teat*, wa* destroyed on th* *v*ning of tht tOth M*j i*st, and from th* fact of th* fir* origiaatin J? 'he liands wer* at work in th* bulldlM. eon sp.c.ot* existed of it* being *t on Are. A thorough llw H fBl investigation ha* been gene into, and tbe J. * Kdwart Wines show- that the gat wat <***? " ?? room, an.: that he wa* Mgajed In *-**t* Into that room and haagtaa t)i*n nn "tending aleng oa? half th* length of th* om, about eighteen incbee from the bNma. Ther* wer* ? only two or them were lighted. h?"f th* ItgJit wa* about two **etUnnBy elicited from other witnosee. 10 thom #r* ?<*k " tTthfT7; i "W" ?? orig'aated by T^th S.d2l ~mln? in con ,*i?t? w?i h, a?2r.f * Ji tr.? -In Jersey City ?the Uli t^rSlT'lnT^ rSl ,"-t' e ??(>!** of 'ir.- .1 J* *he evening ther* will be a ^ rjr JLVJei .fie o* e( the prreterboi* diapl** "awe at ta* rhe Continental <Hard, Capt Saadsrson will >i ? clock. A. M , on taat day ' p*r*4* " la Hohekee ao oelebratieB wijj take niaee * th* aaaieat Sam let *r Oeeawi aaw will ahmte tb* day by a ftrtiva! D B WahMaaa f* ot '?r- Jir 2SJ?. ue idjT- t'ea t**?? ri?j* ta the aat.y rrart af Dramatic and Hulril Matter*. Tb? pant wMk ?u signalled by tbs Baal closing of thi Academy of Music, after a continuous season of about four month*. It ia very certain that of late the Opera bas been much popularized in tbi? city, and we bare reaaon to bope for something still Bora brilliant next leaaon. Meanwhile some of the artists will return to Europe ? other* will seek rural retirement or marine luxuries " by the and aea waree." Tbe aat opera was on Friday lest, when "Don Giovanui" wai given by tbe La G range company. Thr English opkka at Nlblo'a ia doing a fair business. " The Daughter of Saint Mark" baa been withdrawn, and it will be aucceeded this evening by Buckatone and FitiwiWam'a comio opera, "Tbe Queen of tbe Day," wbich we believe baa never yet been Rung in thia eoun try. Miaa LouUa Pyna has tbe pr.nclpal part. In ad dition to tbe muaic of the piece, Mis* I.. Pyna will intro duce the far famed aong of 'Tbe Sky Lark." Miaa Caroline Ehrmann made her drat appearance in tbe German Opera at Wallick's theatre on Saturday, la Auber's "Maaaolello." The same opera will be given again tbta evening. M'Ue Lewder ia tbe Fenella of the bight. M. Anthony's Krenca vatiuflvllle campiny gave a per formance at Wallack's cm Thursday. It was well attend ed. M ile Alexandrine, who played in "Ls Fille J? Dominique," ia a capital cprntdienn*. We ?ee by Lt Progre t that M Anthony haa added to hia corjit itraMd liqvt M. Leon 1'atre, from the Vaudeville Pari*, and M'lle Adeline, from New Orleana. He will aoon produce tbe "Filles de Alarbre," a piese which waa very success - ful in Paris, and waa tranalated for Celeete under the title of "Tbe Marble Heart." It hue neve* been played In America, either In French or English. At tbe Broadway Thkatiiv Mr. and Mrs. Barney Wil llama have appeared during the week, to tbe satisfa: tion of large numbers of the people. These artist* have received oilers of engagements Irjm Mr. Benjamin Web ster, of the Adelphl, London, aal Mr. J. B. liuckatone, of the Haymarkat, which they cannot, on a ocou nt of home engagements, accept at present. Mrs. Barney would astonish tbe I.ondoners "some." The bill thU evening Includes "John Bull" and "Irish Assurance and "Yankee Modesty." At Burton's Tukatrk, the eccentricities of Mows, not n Egypt, but in "Kew York As It Is," as portrayed by Mr. Chaqfrau, have drawn pretty fair houses. Tbe per formance to-night includes the adventures of tbe afore aald Moses in California; also the French drama, "ltaf iaelle," in which Mr. Eddy ami Mrs. Frost plaf the prin cipal parts. At tbe Bownr Tiikatki, the melo-driimitic spectacle, ' The Enchanted Temple,'' has been very well got up, snd It draws full houses. Donna Vai.khy Gomkz is in town and will shortly give a concert. Mr J. H. MoViokkr, the Yankee cornelian, arrived in town lately, and will soon sail for Europe. He will act at one of tba London theatres early In the autumn. Mr. McVicker ia the proprietor of the plays written for the late Mr. Danforth Marble, aad since the death of Hill, Burke and Marble, be atands almost alone in the representation of Yankee parte. Vhe Londoners will And blm "Brother Jonathan all ovsr." TiixatbicalOwwiI'.? Mr. Davidge and Mr. John Brough am left town last week for Canada. Mr. Davidgn com mences a star eng?geu?? ??? ?? Mv.un.-i uaeaisrt UkU evening, and from thence he will go to Buffalo. Mr. Haekett will open tbe Metropolitan theatre on the Fourth for me performance of "Masaniello," etc.? Tbe Hip podrome will aleo be opensd on the Fourth ??Gabriel Havel's troupe, numbering fort/ artists, appear at tbe Howard Athens-urn, Boston, on Monoa.v, July 'id. After tbe Boston engagement, we hear that tbls omp my will appear at the Broadway theatre in this city, when Ga briel will tak* bis leave of tbe American stage and of tbis country. The Boston Evening f&w'tt says ? W. K. Burton, the well kown comedian and manager visited this citv this week in bis military cspajity of Paymaster of tbe N. Y. City Guar 1 U s reception last svemng at the miliary dinner w?e imm>-ns?, Uis epee-.h very lunny, and wlieo tbe band in rompilm- nt 'o blm struck up " Wllltkins aad hia Dinah, ' luere seeme) no bounds to the enthusiasm. A theatre was opened at Wilmington, Del., for a sum mer season last . Saturday evening with J 0. Roberts a* tbe star and Wayne Oiwine as the acting mansger. The Francois Rarel Irouftt bave preaented to Mr. J. A Johnson, the capable carpenter of the Bottoa theatre a fifth silver goblet. Mr. J. W. Lan?rgsn, Mr. 8aod ford, aad others from tbe Broadway ano Boston theatres, are playing to good business at Beethoven llail, Rjck laad, Maine. A Paris paper says that Mrae. Btolti has been engaged for tbe Opera at K u de Jaaelro at (75,000 per annum, a furnished bouse and benefit, l'retty good terms. Stolt* achieved ber position by tbe most Intense study. She was originally picked up ragged and dirty out ot the streets of Paris by an entbusiaatic professor at tbe Conservatoire, who was charmed with a street ballad which shs was sin/ log. Mrs. Coleman Pope is mow rusticating on ber farm in Hamilton county, <'hio, near Cincinnati. ? Mrn. Charlee Howard la going to l.ondon to 'act at tbc Ilaymarkat. Miaa hllxa I-ogan hal a benefit at WtauU, Jam 0?. whan ?h? played I ncratla Morula, and h*r (tin tar, Olire, acted .lane Chattarly to tbe Jerry Clip of Ooodall. who Kara among hi* Imitation* una of hli*? Logan a* ?t?Ico. Phe open* at Cleveland July ?.? Iiulneaa atUl proraila in California K.i'.wln Rooth wan at tbe Metropolitan, and the Qolden Krti ealia him "tha moat premising young actor of tha lay." hatella Pot ter wa* at Sacramento. A majority of tha profe*eion?l? were trying their .nek in tba iatarior. Mr. J. W.Thoman la to take charge of tha WeaTerriUe tbaatra. Mr. Tho man baa with him Mia* Mowbray, Itiai WlllUwoa, Pa tit* laura. Meaara, Young, Drahroer, Trarera, Simmon* and other* Mr. t. prepoet* to eatabliab a theatrical circuit in thia portion of tha State, embracing Shaata, Wearerrflle and Yteka, and to gire a eerlea of dramatic performaacaa at theae placea ? Coeta, tha famoaa eon. doctor of Itaiian opera bead*, tha Philharmonic an-l Peered liar monio fcocietiae, and ibe director of graat inn aical* throughout Kaglaad, will produca at tba Birmingham FeetWal thia aummeranew oratorio writtoQ by himeelf. Tlia baad on that ooeaaion will iiimtxr 1&0 ? o*?r 100 ttTinged? and tba chnrae .140. All th*a* will b? pick ad from Knglani'* baat. B?aid*? thl* oaw orato. ik Tba Meaaiah, Elijah and Beetharen * Ninth Sympho ay will ba performed. McmCAl FBfTIVAL at Dmudoiif ? ?Susan Wa abridge an account of thia /ft mvui i r (rom tha I/indoa A'hurtum i? Tba thirty third annual muaic meeting h?ld during Whit- waak at om or other of the trfwn* on tba L->??r I'.btoa? on* of the moat important gathering* af Ita claaa la Germany? took place at I>u*a*ftl?Tf. Tba hall ? bar* tha mutieai performance* are hall? oaa of tboee picturaa<|n* tamp' rary wooden r?m<, tha nocrat of erect Irg and decorating which belong* to Germany? ?a? pitched ia a garden, and betwist flt and fit of tha long aad la bono ua rthearaa'i, and part an 1 part of tba wn carta, It waa pretty to tea tha cheerful and cor Hal at dianr* atraaming oat under tbe core ring of thoee lorely fr?*h lea re* ; and plaaaant to know tfcat one could loiter without among o*j??ta eo rwfreabing to weary aplrit* , yet at 111 hardly lueo a not# of MaCame Uoliahcmidt a naging roloe, aad hardly a piano of lb* moat *lab>rat? cboiua. The Bret evening'* concert waa made up of a eymphony by Herr Miliar, the conductor .f the faatlral, with tta motto, " Ki aiun fink fruUin# wer'ien"? on the wljol*, par nap* the kaet work of Ite compoaar and tha baat f.erma'i aymphoay of a later date tban Men delaaoha'*. Attar the aympboar, Haydn ? " i raatioa ' waa performed airelJaotiy Homehow they make more of thi* work ia (iermanr, aad laa* of Haadal'a Oritort >, ban wa do ia Kngland, aad ( aa 1 to aay), la aptta of the aareaetic pity of tba -'men of tba fntnre," old iJayda * 'picture mu?;e wa* rapturoaily repaired ? ia part becauaa. after all, It la nail', and art my* tieal aoiaa? ia part, owing to tba woadron* efagiag of Madam* tioldachmUlt. Wondr .u* thle waa, aad of a perfection wnieh I da not think aha erer rea-biad in l-ag had. If bar role* ?u flared from b*T American loar, it haa entirely recovered it* hrlluanay aad ln*tra? and the ?ty le aeaaia to bare gamed (aa ma at be tha eaae with arery trae artlat) la warmth aad dinitr Hrataa too, la wall deeai red by tbe tanor Herr Hrbnai er af l?ip*te. who poaeaaeaa what eo maay <>ermaa taaore want? ehara aad ewaritr of toae, wltfeoat aay bad habHaaf dell ?ery Attar the taateteaa bawtiag oaa ia aaad to hear, which "eat* up' for baartiaeae aad eaergy, uaaf lertad re&naaaeat ia but a modeet <iaaatity, i* a we] em aa rarity. ?!<o far, an good Aa aaooad ootieert, which eoataiM<: tbe ? pecullanty" of thia Whitauattde raatiTai. waa fail of matter for <tra*fa ?a?parlaaa? If aot for aad thought. The prograaaate eoaalated of MaoAelaaoha a Maeraatilla overture. Or ^banana * Caatata. 'I'aradiar aad the p*rt aad Reathoraa a C aiaor (ymphaay. To thaaa who thlak aa wa do ia hag la ad, aad who are aot uaad 8ret to aet up i lota aad ih*? pail thaaa dowa, tha J axta p**i'.toa af tae two Irvt aaaead aampoalfoaa aagge?t?d the abyaa tatowhirb ??anaaa Uato baa mado hiaata to piuage etac* Moa4aia eoha a doath, by acaoptiaa If kiiiMa* ae hia eweee eat aad i?aytha"a*aa of tha par tod ') hia au parlor Noear bo: tea itd I fa*! aa ?'rwa?ly bo* graat waa oao ooerpoaar - ha* r*j taati .m ataar .. ~ r on tbe Prohibitory Liquor Law. MT? VlRtfi ? oil 4, I! A YOIl A MAX ev PBKTBNCB8 ? * *rer dtiiTf r^d a wrmon Uu ?renin* , ? ?. *f. the church of the PuriUni. Union to 4 Urge audit ae<*, b. ^ , g of th# proWbl. "7 00 ,h8 -urse was given before, but tory Uquor law. The t of a Urge number or the 7 re^t<d ^ ?* rt<^V , Rev gentleman took advocate* of the new Uw. "PV a ? , _ o, T<rH ? hi. > ton from lxcl.aia.ter cba/- oommendment, and "I counsel th*e to keep that in regard of the oath of Sod. Tie speaker commenced by ?.yk-* humto ^ 1* made the npontan#ou4 growth * . . . in hoc sty, and U 'auctioned and hbjV * B . ' *, thciity of God, toorO.r, under sntch ra J ' otl i grace in restraint, to cany forward the design# ofG , , _ m ? . , . . lnued, are Christ Jeaus. Ibe i>ow?rs that bo, he ooav ( . to uphold God* aathonty, not man's; and tb |')u^ trate is the minixter of God, for good, not for erU. ^ if the lawa are such that men cannot obey for <k , sake aad for ponse'.ence towarda God, than they aaa break then. The rery anthoritjr and obligation that binds tbem to obey good lawa, bin da tham to disobey i | bad laws ? that ia, such laws aa would oompel them to ' I iniquity- and for the name reason, because the powara that be are ordained of God to keep men in obedience frctn ccmeience towards God, and not from tha force, or wrath, or violence of man . It followa, of necessity, that when the poweta that be usurp God'a prerogative aad tain sgaiuat him that authority which they hare receited to use for him, they taunt themselves be re strained and ooirected, and their Law* muit be brought Into accordance with God'a law, or eliw swept from the statute book. Hut now, suppose a law under tbe sanc tion of the firine law, and ko framed iu to carry out the purposes of that lair, applying the Divinely grantud authority of gtwernnsent for a terror to evil doer* and a pralae to thoee who do well, forbidding the aale of opiam and ardent nptrlla, except under definite restritflww, and declaring aucb ?.xl? a nuliannt and r crime ? auppoie tha I.egtaUture, after having by the eipertence of years, yea, of generation*, and the Hmonstrations o( *Utfatic* gathered from all classes of society, but especially from thoae mont needing to* be taug'Jtand protected, guaged tbe almoat intiuke misery and gnilt produced by the traffic in these artlales, yea, f may in? infinite, without any qualification, alncn drunkenness 1* the rauTder of tbe aaui, and he who kill* bia neighbor by potting the bottle to h m, kill* him be yond tbe tomb. I any suppoee the l.egtsWtnre, after the wi?ie?t induction, the m<?*t falMifnl and ???rchin/ in vestgation and comparison of fact* and principles, t > have prepared and promulgated a statute effectually to put down and aboln-h a traffic in the article* of ain and death, that law every man 1* bouud to obty, not from repntd to expedience merely, not because on ilia whole be judgei it diserettec, but from regard to tbe oath ana authority ol Hod? the oath which be take* a* a member of the civil community, the obligation which rent* upon htm. to the very nature of h<* constitution a* a subject of government, an<i entitled to iti protection by tbe Ulvine law If any traffic be founl, 4on tb<* whole, mainly productive of crtma and misery, and accomptihhtng no good, no neceaaarr narpo**, a ktatute forbtrfciog such traffic i* constitutional, and rantot be otberoise: and If in order to ure obedience It lie necee*ary to pronounce such traffic a uuisanm and a crime, tbrn such pronouncement t* con aiitutlonai. It doe* not make tb at a crime which was not a crime before, hut merely deAn?* I' according to the principle* of constitutional law, for the sake of lay ing re Id upon ft with t lie technical a* well aa equitable clu tclie* of the law. If a traffic lt?elr in wron*. whose main ene* nee coneftt* in ministering to and provoking man's vicious pawions, wbaae visnl detno us* rated and acknowiec^ed operation i* to mill criminal* of every kind, tilling *ori?ty with immorality and misery, ami especially ilotmg on tbe ruin kni destru<'t>on of ?k. i?. ik? unm?je<i end i?n*uai pr >*t>?rit]r ?>f the rich, then it is right anil constitutional in law to 1 forbid thai traffic nay, by tbe very oSiigatiou of gov ernment to God as well as aocla'y an obligation growing out of tb? v^ry *uri t>jrpo*e ui Iws au thority as received ftom Go<I-tt is boun 1 to pti* such a piohibitcry law; It ti bound to doclara as a nuNnoce ?bd a crime," and to proaeeute as such what I* sueh to reality. Now. to ncr view, there bar<lly ever was a cleinrcase In which conscience, law, gnverainsnt and cons'.ltntton are all on one *ide, an<l in win !i the text decides our duty. A great benevolent m ivem-nt has been inauguiate^, ann a mighty eip?rtmeut N in pro cess of trial. It I* really tse ??xperimeut whether thi people, in tbe work of suppressing intemperance, are able 1<> govern themselves whether Go t has wrought in tfcem snd ins ng t*?? in rucb an amoaat of educa'ion and of right principle that their constitution and their Koveremint can >tand ?a conscience wiiet'ier con science enllgbt* ne<l by the word of Gol i* a legitimate snd csn b? ma< e a aueoesaful guide in legiiUtion an 1 element in law. It I* a grand and sublime experiment of freedem whether the people can lie trusted with the freedom of self denial by law; tha freedom of aliroga ting and outlawing among themselves a traffic that, grounetd on appetite and avnrtce, h*? assumed the p<i sitioa and clsitns tne privileges and the sa -re lnees of a vested right not to be disturbed ? a vested rtg it o mak. ing money at the co?t of crime nnd misery in the cum munity ? a vested right which Is to be protected by la* and ags nst which na law Is constltuttinal- -a vesv>d right of traffic *n tbe materials of immorality and wretchedness, especlallv among tbe poor, the de graded, and tli<?e classes laboring under diffi culty ? tboee cl*>sn* that, but tor this traf fie might have* been raised, might have ra. -e l them I selves to comfort and respeetabiflty bu'. if this traffic continues. If there (s no remedy against it, mod re train In poverty aad woe. There are those who rldisnle Ibe first sentence In our fleclaration of Independence aa n false bcod?-tb at all men are tx.rn with equal rights ti life, liberty and tbe pursuit of happiaesar who, ne vrrthelesa, maintained in effect that the right to sell rum is a natural right of humanity, with win h we are so veatad on comiot into tbe civilized community, tint anyaarlona raatraln* of It, or forbidding it, it un-oaati tationalaod lllagat. Tba truo fanatira ?r? t-ione vb? 1 atantna aneb * poaltlon ba t aaaert tba aiiatanc* of a j rumaalllag ernaetiaca a* under impregnable protaattoa ?if the eonatitutlon Tha atatut# in <|uaation ia n it ? titty lit, but it in the trait of alowiy gattiariwg *n 1 fiepentntt conrietion-tha work of hooaat uptaiwn forcad i* to tha iptno by dam. natration* of miwry and mm* increa<'rg from tor to y**r Cm It bit ? una* turn wbathar ?ueh a law I* t? ba anpp. rt"d * I* our Mayor > man of pratanca*? ? m?a win will *traln at a t L?t and ???How * t T >'or all tba abuaaa ha haa exartad ao much aaargy to put down, and baaa ?o ty plaudcd in tba conflict, am but tnoa<|ult<>a?, orgt'linip para at the worat, ia tomptrlaon with th? gigantic and tratnandonii *Til* agaln?t which thin lav 1* mMd. Ar? oar jod(ja? and pollca a body of man who ?ball ba art pall mall upon a po< r, innoeant aandar of harmi*** eootrw rtiafal pampltt* on th* w??k day. aod (but bim np in pr'aon, wbtla th?y l*t man by thou*and< rand what liobart Hall joatly called "diiiiillad laatb ?nl h |ni ? damnation,' ?fl on tha -abbath. ant ?ullrt a unit of boy vagrant* to go roaming through tba a treat* and paat tha church dor ra, hawkmr immoral caw?paper* RIM with daflanea of tliti rary law' Tna moral mbllmlty of tha prograa< of th'? law and tha am raqacacM hanging on ita auccata or Ita fallura, ara to (??at, that 1'. ta almoat a* if we war* permitted to ba watcher* while <io1 ?i< gulag to craata a world It ia, Indeed, a atupaodona aiparnv-nt, an experiment of b \ tat aarpaaaing lnt?r*at. that ona would think erar y good Baa muat look upon it with In tana a attllty, that It mayan-caed <i?,athin< l? attno, tha ,mpula?? ia of <.od, tha ?igp Jpi 'no-tioq of M W ord, aa-l theft Ik a deep ?'^?beamatlr n n tha h'art of tba people to carry it tbre?h and if a*er there waa aa oecaetoa on which wa re a Id rlghtlf >*T, " pepu/t ror <fcit ' (|)i* ta tba oaa. Ut tba friend* and auppoeter* of tba law b? encoaragad, f?r th?r? ara prayer* foing np to '>od from quart?r? w hara ba haa pla-'ftd bia ir*!ola attributaa for aorwrr*. Ifcara ara tlia Uara aad rtrtiiafiaa. and *>ot|? n' h??r* hry.Tfl ?Mow? ?ul orpbantf b?fur* him. Ha opaaatb bia aa r td iW ary of tba oppraaanfl, an1 a taar with <.od ta a (r?<taf ?r>am?Bt than tha aubtla, d'oatitutionai 'J>mon?tr?t??o bought with a tbouaan I dollar ft*. i#t |ao<l aaa pora^vara, an ' ttia Uvyan. In aacb a raa* may ftta pmLadanta anl labtla ti*a, and con.titutK nal anti iejuo Uoni to tl>^ haaa*aa, bat tbay will t>a of ao Bora avail V> atay tba onward pro*r??? of rlnbt?oua law than a baa>l of coWaba to atop tba Kalta of Niagara. At tba roaclualon of tha Mrmon. a coflartlon w*? fakan up for tba T?mp>tanna A-^ iation, after which tba andianca di?par-*<! Co ron era' Inqarati. Tin nrMoit Rrrn nailhOav accip?ijt. Coro?*r ffllbalm bald aa ia>{aa<t upon tba body of fbriatlan Ptallar, wbo waa tan orar and kiilad on tba Hndaoa Rirar Railroad, an Ha tarda/ morning. Tha art- j daaca adduoad want to a bow that 'ha laaaaaad, wbila I r'taraing from boating, aloag with a maa at pr^aaat unknown aeetdaatally or daaignadly w? a aw Wad down I on tbatraok. jaat ai> tha traia waa <wmiaf along Aa wa datad yaatarday, It waa tot elaarty abowa whathar ' tha caaa waa oaa of aecidaat or daa>gn ilowarar, tb* caaa Icoka aomawbat loapietooa aa taa uakaowa rrittmd baa aot baaa taaa alasa tba aee?6a?t Tba Jary nn baar inf tha taatimoay randarwd a aordlet of " laatb from taa ? "acta of I ajar iaa ranaivad by baiag rua OTar oa tba Hoi aon Rl?ar Haltroad, 1 tj a traia of oan, oa tba maralng of Jnoa 3d, 1M'|, ?f|?r barkaf baar kar^ k' d down by ?o?a parana to tba jarr onlawwa." Tba d*- aaa?d waa *>6 *aat of aga sad waa a aaUaa of (iarmaay. Dtu.wsgc whiij Baramu. < oroaar f-aabia bald aa iK|oa?t wpow tba body ? f ; UadaiVk Wrtb, a aattra afUarmanf 39 ya ara of ara, ! wbo waa aaetoaatally growaad wbila ba*.k?g at tba foot 'f lorty aiatb atraat. Eaat rtfar. Ha di aaaail waa bat | a rary ladlffataat aw.aiaaar. aad bay od hia , daptb. aooa bacaaMaibauatad tad ?*ah. Tha Wdr waa i aacn aftorward* rwvorarad by oAoara Murphy aal of U* H'tliaU ward poitaa. Vardirt ? "Iiaatli by I fcowaiag." ?4T?t *LA*TINfi AifflKBT. Abwnt ft adrr. na .-a' ?? r .ay alafwoa, a labarai | aaakMI ^a?aa |>w%a.d, ampioya-t la *i'ifl?ta| a a* war la j Paat fofty t atb atraal waa ln?taatiy klllad by 'ba pra aaatarw a, p ??<??'? biaat Tba tu '?>??** wm Ut tba hraaat by a .arga rack, which fa!, ad bin ta 'ba ! ?rwc?4. baa wk ib b? aaaar af'araarda raw> aliaa Tba ilanaaal raa^aaA n Thirty alttb *tr?at dba t >aaath I a?"?awa Aa ai?aat -a? ha<4 '.pan taa bud> af tba da I tmm4 byCaaawar (tambia, wb?- ifrlittof act tai*al J 4ea*b -a* w*s<*t*4 by tba jury. I Shwklnf|TiM(r<ly In Brooklyn* ONI MAM EILLBII, AHOTIIKK MOKTaLLT WOUN0KD, AND A THIKD BKMIorHLT INJ('MI>. A (hocking tragedy wm enacted in the Eleventh ward db Sunday morning, t yeatetday,) whij'i ranaltad la the death of one pareon, the mortal wouui ng of mother and nerloux iajnria* to a third. It appear* that, about half paat on* o'clock, threa

young men, named Charlea Johneoo, Robert Johseon, (brother*,) and Patrick McDonough, paeaad by the cor ner of i'ultcn uvaaue and Itaymond afreet , on their way to lledford. They aaw three men lying on the edge of the aide-walk, one being in the gutter. They appeared to ba aileep, and were probably Intoxicated. Their namea are Michael ttorman, Michael Medea, and Patrick ikully. Charlea Johaaoa went up and ahook them, tell inn them to get up acd go home. Two of them paid no attention to bim; but on taking bold of (lonnia by thi leg, he upreng up, ana a* quick aa though thruat the blade of a dirk knife Into bta abdomen, and followed it op until he had inflicted four deep gaihm, each one of which waa lulticient to produce death. The wounded man crlnl out, "1 m murdered? I'm urdared!" and dropped upon the ptrement. Ilia ?>r and McDonough, who hid gone noma wayi me back to leud him their aid, and taking hold aheaif, fc. the Utter plunged hi* knife II rut into Itobert " "or"?' "V 'ln< two awful guhee, one In the abdo o neon, it 1 tr |o tb? back, and then fell upan men and ttk* . . . . . . ' ... . . . McIXmo.**, wbc * BtMbM ln ^?^igh.ju.teecap. lag the a re-ia. . . . , 'or man .eel.,: what" ** *< *? .Uwk l? ?u pursued auc' overta ll<n b* prlrate ?.vo ?'n r lngatim; but ?our.'ithiag hi* he aueeeedau lu "V ing bim at bay, and in turn '"?de l''m run. Ilrf ,11"0 ccatlaued hi* con rue up Kullon a *<nue to the corner of tiold etrtet, where he waa ov#rUv*n b7 officer* SUd more and Canler, of the Fourth district police, who alter a m vere wtrufgle, in which they were oo^'^Ued to dla able bia> with ihnr clube, aucceeded in tak'lf him into cuatody. On tbe way to the itatkm ho ue he ln<|ui.*?d of the tflicer* what they had arte*led him for, and pWdwd if iterance or whet bad oeearrnd lie finally admitted the deed, however, and haatllr remarked to tlm eifojt that he would like ti kill "one humlrel more iriah'ueo, ae well an tb- ollicera. l'he orticer* found the kniftflu bia JKXk?t all covered withMooil, **eiog which he ex claimed that be eould not deny it if the bieid waa an inch tbick. In the utruKgle iMiioar < Aaler waa aseiden tally atruck upon the l.nwe by the other otticer, and la (entered Incapable of d'lty in conae'|tience. Ihe tnife ta <n the po^eeaioa of 1'iptam It. W. ('all. It la a white handled dirk, wituout abaci, apring, and with a pointed blade ?on* tt-ie inch** iu length. ? 'flicere Velaor, Caiman and il?de i*|>[MMr?*.| upon the acene ol the murder about the name timi at thi olhnr Ofltc?r>, and arr?at?d Mic.hael Saully au I Mirha-I Mc(ie?, who wera atlll lying in tfce (laiur apparently un<-oa acioiiH ol all thai han tnnapired around them Tae; aleo took i barge of the wo iiklal mea and cjnaeyed th?m to their realdenrea la the neighborhood. I'u<iy were afterward* convaywl t? the Oily Moapital, where Chari> a Johnaon <lied a few hour* afW lie waa IS of age, b' rn In county Weatataatb, lr?Uu I, an appraatioa to th? lilaikamKhing tiueinxaa 10 Atlantic Ntrett Ilia Injurte* arc damribed ae a puncture I wound in toe abOomen. in the pleura, butt>i > au'l arm itobert Jotinu n, brother of derraeed, he* in a criti cal aituatmn. lie wan born in tne aame county, ta Vi j eat a of Kge, ur>marrleil, and wa4 a japHnnrr t>y trade. Hi* wound* are in the back and a>dom*n lie we* yet alive laat evening. I'atrlck McDoaough waa h <rn in county loogiord, Ire laud, la 1H yuare of a^e, and an apprentice to the hat tit K burlneaa In the rotabliKhment of J. II. i'reatiaa in Hafmcnu elreet. He aualalned an 1 aelaed amu I iu the llilili. *lbe pioap^rti ate ttiatb* will re^.ovr The alleged perpetrator of the homicide ta a l?*ua ditfaer bjf ocmi i^llon. I? M?? <.t t'e ??.r tegTy. Me i* au atulatln, well formed man. about 'Jft yaar* of age, five feet nine or ten tuchaa tn bHgbt, wub dark hair and complexion. He elate* tint tbe deceaaed caught him by the iega and atlaoip'.-id to ateai bin I oota. having had on a new ptir (?ptain Call t?oa the di p tuition of ilooert John*on, at ti e llorpitai, although be w*i in *uch an eihiutted *tale tuat be could hantly make bun? If undaratooi. Cnri ner lieddiog ordered a /*<?' m >r'rm ?tauraa'. oo of ?'eceaaei*, which we* inade ?' the Hospital ilea<l bo i*e by tbe attendug eurgeon, l?r looa. the ll>u*?dur. faon, I>r. HaMoea, and I'r. Samuel It*>yd. Tie folii-wiog jury wa* formed by the C<orsn?r ? John Kmiib, N'i licla* Ammerman, hamnrl Johnaoo, llm.ry W itty , t? arret Van l aj ue , John i'.alfor? tt'm fiaecoigue, Joi-eph fcdw*rd? Mr. Nonarn, David Kilhian. Aftar vieafog tbe b>lf the invaetiga'ioa a ljo.irne.1 until tbla (Monday J afuruunn at 4 o clock, lo Uie City Hall. OidlmtliM at TfliiHy cliun li. 1M ill** ot ordination w*t<- jaaterday administered hi ib? Right Iter. l>r. 1'ottor. 1'roaUiooal Ulahop of New Yerk, to MrtD randldatea for deaconahip aad on* far the pf t*-ntto< <;<l. I be church *!? occupied by a Urge 070/ r* K itiua. The aerrlfeo of the occwioo were con I icted by tbe Hight K?t. Itiabopa of N?< York and North Cero lili, a*m?to<l by the Ker. IT*, Height, Turner end Van kleeck i?4 the Kit. Slwiri. Mwl and iiopkine, with **r*rai other clergymen. Ill* r?|uUr order w*? morning prayer, whi:h w*? md by the it#*. It. Haighl. the He*. Mr. Mead reading the brat, nod the lie*. l?r Vari?le~:k ree (leg the I'cin! I ??Km the Ool.BcU were rend by lh? Iter IT Turner '/be Kigbt H? r. l>r At*ln*cn, Itiabop of North ? aroll on. then preached the ordiaetien ??rmoo, eeleerting far bla teat tb# ...d rerae 01 tbe 4th chapter of -t. Lata'* i.oepei ? "iix wcrd vaa wub power.' Toe reaereiil epeaaeropaced b? ?bowing tbe unllm.ted poeer tfUud'i word, a* indicative that lie w?n mi -r* tbaa into ill* word not < aly (Teclaree what will be, b it maite* it to b? ? Bot only iloee lie eon >uore, but that ??r y *oojuu-? men t etlec u He Ua^i tlua power aa It baa beau * iown tnr< u|li?ut the b *'? ry of t%>? creation So wee it with t hriet who, wb*n lie wan emt-arkel 00 the w< of Tib* rea, and alien tb* Utile ahlp wkJ about to foun ler friin the driving of the aod Hit dieelplee, to fear otelo him and aaid ? "Maeter, maaler. ?o pariah. ' tben be roee katd rebuked trie wind, and the ragtag of tbe waree, "en ! they neared and there WA< a eaitn. H? merely *eirt,"reace, oeatlU,' ao<t the eaten became eaitn ? do *?bel(K<! aa'i thus wbea be'or- the inn of I eat* roe, *be called en ao power* eitornai to huneelf, lie m*oked no aid, created or nni reeled, but iu ? rely Mid, ' I aaaru*, <-oa?e forth," air' the ipirit of the'man that waa far Detent heard tbe mice and came buk to reaoi n a ? tbe earthly labe?n*cl? the w?rma fled aa4 the l? naa became etr ng, and be eame loriba li'log man ??> powerful w*a Uie wor I of J??o? f hrlet then Nor baa . thie I power ceaaed to eiiet. fo* e*ami?l", lie instituted and b>eaaed bil ? acrauienla, andjbey Dave ever alnce been bleeaed, aod bare b?en tbe m-an* o' Kttru to many a periahlrg eonl. ,s?r I* It B"-e?aer/ V> attain th a power ttiat the wor la ihonld pr- -???1 diltet It' a 1 ihe llpe of the ariour. tbe earn* p>?er bel??|* to tie appointed mioletry. Ho wu It when , Ht fcter ?t?od by aod ??? tbe laaie mo at the trapla, 1 ? Bd be, leelr^ that he bad faltn, aaid to th* W""., ?'!<!?# aod wallr ' 1 pod pO*T "ett', {Cr'b lt? th? wort at .1.* fnipa'e* o hurt 9' had "?ot kiM M bm epcatle, an-: tbe m.iB /at up tad leaped a/. 1 wafted - ? neb power went fortb. Ibua 1" I'aul, by dtfiae 1m pull*, ?bat* to the man, and hli wmi <rent to Ilia mm den .nati' a of k!< tin, ?r. I be waa carried oat I>lm1 wit'i light, with aueh |?war ?pak* he. He partis u iarly to lapieec on Iboe preaest, that the ?'?rd of (>od I* the inetmineBt apeelally rbocn for tbe purpoa* if e< BTiaeiag maakla l of ita, *0 aa to kdlap?a<? tbe word ol (>od rtgbtly. h'i , ala- the eord aaeaia to hare loat much of It* power Around ue nae up meal | fetlalioa* Of Wlche faeee la the rapid a! > > a0* of j la^' ehein aad Idolatry. W rHi.nee hta *>.ced ! o|oa the cuamaalty, an the reeoit i* eperula I t oa In high plaeea, lynevoaaaeee of oilier m?a ? ; *ad | rodlgallty of oar o-a Wherein It the '*uae I ot tht* change' It I* canceired Hat the |a> o,U who are called by the name of Ood, wbo have pro'*e*? : Vo be 1 er Tinte Ot (iod bare, to a paiafuS etteat, reaer?t!/-e ?er the word of Corf aa : for tbe min.atry of ??oi Men not onue to Cfcar'-h to hear t'le ?*-l iHOvl, that 'bey mar una !. toilet* aa 1 obey, but ifcey oaM to tbe rlareh ot '-od became it le fvalilnaable or coa tomary 'Mcanae fbe u*eg>* o' f?l *0- ety *? I it, beraaea tkey bae* tot hiag elee ?/> do < a that day if, perbepe, beraoee taey wi*b aomatblag gratifyle/ to I I heir intellect* ?e k* pieaoatei) and heje'i Ua- ?.?? thin* new or ?Wrpfiaiag. Who "itaea to meet hi* Wlia ?m**i Mheeiaf that <e"i,)* epenelly pr? ?ent ltre> I* rotfe-t Me aiae, and t| re-ei?e partna 1 lor ble tranegreeatoa' to ieara wl.a'. be atra'l do tn we ?aead' liow wiaoy. ** ">?*parad with th* aaaber tb >e ' ean>? up to tiae bo>i*? 'A <.'?! ? for tbe mr*i of <e*dt to be powerful, It maet Bttr up tb' icmoet lep'ha of tb> *?>??'* ?f ataa aa>l Ix rwceta ?0 ae tbe wor<l ef 0?l Ha a there o-d aay fault efae 1 a bare, (bat "??* we, tb? aiel^*fa afUod, bare ue' re* taiDed tbat lateeat fa to >a the mr>' ef '>wd, that t boe* ako waet before ue dl/'-tbat n'. ire tra?t la dejaea deaea, tbat deetre to ennaaiaateate t*>e aewrd la It* poli ty and aMBpliMtyt liere we aat afldar ani a?erf? eer ieg lafloeace eooght eiaewbere for tMe pnw?r wb a* we ??gbt to lieee eoagbt for a tkelwliUntal Uke word of (>?4 Aiae le?uld eat bwt apjinkeal tba>a bee beea a peiofe! <-ium?e | ib o. If wa 'aaipere Ike aeT WMiaa at >14 with tboea of 'bia 4aj . we aia i find tMe appe/eat we aball be -eapaM to eay tiet I beea (* aot i?at truat la tbe word of '>?4 ae in <i*aee jaa> by. b-a^ Hi tbe fty war af bnnaea tbeaght aad ew<( ,ewa there * too great a tn, at liow liiwreeet M t?la I will aM ray, naereiy, with tbe gr*at rwforaaera ae-l ap?*tbee bat, bow <tiflbrent waa H with war A>i?ee eto ?a? ?ai fartb tba e*M ef <>ad W* bar* aet tbat it*#* f?t? a tbe potter of the aaard of Cad, aa ! aaear ef tbeee ?tiaeaaraea nf aaea -ateweii to aught eatt aa wefl fer p?ll tieal dlattibea. ? fa* eddreaeoe before Itewery eae-tegiae Tbaapeater the* (barged tie ia*Ma'? a* to 'be ' ?ty 01 *a rtadr *g ae to ; rwa?k t*** were <W a He a aap e faarea ttnat'Bg to it* aftaaey to eaftea Ibo hatr be*: te af a*aa?lMd Tba raadMatee ?ar* the* p**ee*ted far *rt *at>*? by t: eH#? far Ha gb' e ho real the eerr>ee o< tbo iito**y T'be aa**"!" aeri >* wa* thee praaeaa?*l by tbe Me* BMi'p Fetter alk ?be aat *???' af tJbe laag'g ?toffer wa* afgMghtiird by toe aagM t gafbry t'eantlnualloii of Ihf llratrit IVrm. THE HOT WEATIIKH Of THR t.A?T Tlltt? KaTH AND ltd EfKKCTM. Home ptoplt tn diapoeed to 0* (totiiiiM wn*n ipMk |gg of the wratbn, but th* intent* liol of Itui lnt thro* day* la anything but fanny, end an individual who could get e(T a Joke with tha thermometer at an avernge of V2 degree* In tha *ha>le, muat b? po***?*ed of th* cooln*** of a refrigerator. The extreme heat we hare been *ulT*ring nmler t* rendered the more intolerable by the ooolneaa of the **a ion we have juat pained through. We ware unaocll mated, aG'l therefore felt it the trior*. There la tbla peculiarity about It, alao, that a??n la the morning and evening tbere baa not b*en a breath of air atiirlng to iu tbe allgbtent degree modify the overpowering heat fhe ? on yesterday glared down all day long, without a *peck of cloud to dim It* lntena* bright aeae. The *tr*eta Wok ad dcaaitad, and thoite who could fled the city and found their wajr to H?bok?n or 8tat*a Maud, in vain en deavor to And a cool upot. At noon yeeterday the ther mometer *tood at 01 dagreea, and at 6 I'. M. at OJ da great lnthe*W*. In tha evening a breea* aprun^ up, which waa <|Uita refraahing. We heard of but few UM< of aun *trok* yealeriUy, which goo* to abow that a little caution aud au ab**oca from out door labor, will tn*uroour ait i*n? avalnat fa talacclftnt* of thla kind. It la to be hoped that during the continuance of tbia weather, Mayor Wood will laaue an older permitting policemen to wear lightar clothes The rtgulat cn li At prtMnt, that th* cutta tuuat b* but toned to tbe throat, if no v?et l? worn, and th* glar ed cap to te In no caae dlapeuaad with. Of Ibia, the men loudly and Juatly complain, and aay It la a perfect tor ture for tbam to walk in an atpoaed beat in day time, the black glared cap attracting and abnorbing the raya OT He aun, and the thick coat awelterlng and aullocat. lag tiitto. N" doubl. " * I'>?P?r petition ia preaented to Hi* Hoanr t-.n ,ubJ*rt. h# lflv? 'I h'* aerloua attention .and lh,t J?>?tle* l? done the otlHera They have' now "bnt, ton F"*1 ?n for *kulkio< from their duty. (In Saturday oyhf tbe upper pu't of the etty Vi( via I ted by a copt*u>i nbcwtr, which, atnoge to a.?y, did not extend below hpnnjf *?r*e?. I)urlo<f th* *v?oln4 there war ronalilerahle lightning. By the way, it ha* been obaerred that abonld thw* he much lightning, it j betoken* a change of the fui^Vwtur* or the weather, wblch do** not take plate, however, uw?il twenty four houre after The w?*tl?r wa? eoul iwat night. arw) the pie apect ia that tbe weather wilt he more cemrf triabi* to day to Tim editor op Tir? iikkald. The temperature on Saturday, reached aivtoty eight I degree* at 3 arid 4 1'. M , ao<l waa at and above M>, from j HA M to 0 P.M., ten coneei-utlve hour* aulatvragel ninety (our ?legree-> for theae ten boura, with a pertur batioii downward of two degree* at 11 A. VI Hun >?y, tie hlgbeat temperature waa ninety lout at i, .1 and 4 1'. M., aud waa at and above '?*> degrwaa from 0 A. M. till b P M., blue cooaecutive houre, average ninety ? ?ne and tbree fourth i egreoa lor trie nine lioir?. Th* temperature In the *nn'? ray* waa eighteen de li ret e higher than in th* ahade l ;).t?lag ahuudent m the Poutb aud Weal, Pride f eventing , tliumler and '.glitning in all ilrea.oue, Haturday evening, and llghto ing In tha We*t and Niuth laatevenlug Tem{>eiatiir* at one o'clock thi* m >rning, tavealjf ????o degree i K. MKIUAM. ' Biooklju height*, Monday, t A. M , July 3, IV .'). UAra* UK cut P OK HOI. IE b COHON'kH-i' IMqcMW. Coroner Wiliarim t.eij an ln<|U?at upon i ia tx> >y of Aihumd) Kohl, a (ierman, who waa *ua ?tru?k oa h-atui'lay. Tfle der.*a*ed r**ld*d at '>0 lid W liletl atreet, and waa atMHit I>] yeara <>( age. ( ><rocer (I'Donnell hel I an in'iueat upm thebrlyof an unknown who w<* proatra'e I l>j tue heat nf tbe ?on <m fetnroay alteraook I he i>?tj of deea*?t waa conv*>e.| to the It^ilavue ll >?t>t'.? An m>|U*<t waa alto held by t'or.iaer o h.nn'ii upon the h?if of (iwen Karly, a native ?>( Inland, . t year* of a(>, who wax aun a truck on Friday, wbileal work. I'aceaaed re>i<led at No. >.:i I rmce >tre?t Mary <> iirl*n wu alao kille-i fr-nt tb> axeeea^ve h"ft I el .^atunay evtmng wtillealwra in i.<?. n< a aatoea in ll;oada?y. where >Ue ?>?< ? n(il>i;> ?! *? a r jok, Cn n*r O'Douneil bald an iu',ue?l j. n the & nij ?>.' th* da j dWM ' oronrr 0 Dotmell bell an ini|ue?t up n tha boly of > (I'tabeth ahtro, a native of Ireland, l w year* <> ag?, who w?* ? ua atruck on -aturday. I lie >.e<:*a?Mj i*ei<ltd at No. HH,/*b*lli *tr<et Klebard Htxgerald die.) ?n Saturday fr?m the eioaa ?ive beat of tb* weailier II * txMiy waa conreyal to t i* llelievue Huapt'al, where < ? rower lI'UaenaM ' I an in up* n th* corpee. I**a wa* 24 jaale of age, and a native of Jr'ianl. ( oiooer t. amble bald aa ta<|oeet ye>ter la) upm tb* body or an uukaown colorwo man, about I? yea r* of age, who waa aun atruck on Hatur lay wbile al work oa board the Mark Conaiabtina, iylnc at piar IT, li K l orocar ip'lMinnell he id an in<jueet, at the i ily I'riann, upon the b*dy of aa bnkno*u man about Hi year* or age, who, from the e&ecta of mtamperan'e an i tne haat of tbe weather comtilned. di' l In tha li'oifU *a-l oa ttatur'ay night A letter '!lre<-t*d \n Jaanei Al or.lfa, !*<)., N" Ho JViuth lieiaaare avenue, fhlla'lalptiia. wae fin n d in th* pr>aeae on of the .ece?aad, evl'laatly writ' ten by one of tbe agent* of nan ttoru * Independent Mnaof eteamar*, ronnibg bat ween .Sew Vork an4 i'Ii iaiai phia. 1 her* war al*o an order front Mr an liord oa ih* Pensaylvanla Coal (X for <fi long Of taL lh*e?pap>ra ran lie oen by ts<jUiri?gof J Vau :erprx>l, poure riark at the lemb*. toroaer Wllhelm held an in-.ueat jre*ter!a jr at the New Yolk lloepltal upon the body of m aaknown man, about 10 )*ara of ag*. who >iia 1 iron a <wy> f* ?4>r I t* celvad jaitw lay moralog I he de<a*ae>l dre-aal ia a gray r oth root, black rloth pant*, hlaa overba il* che k blue afcirt. fbad?ee*aad hail btac* hair aa I wa* aoaaawbat bald, lie bad all tbe appearanee of a labnrwr An .'n |Ueat waa bel l by the aama ( oron" ?p>n tha bo<Iy of a man named i eapti >r? er, a reaKtent nf (iak atreet, who wea killed by '.he oppree* ve beat of the weather on Matardav ngi" Ibe ???ai waaaaalne of Iralaad, and wa* al.j it .1 jra*f* of %%? ( oroaer IMton haul an ?, iieat up'>n tha body of Michael < oet? llo reel ting at >o. 'It.* W eel thirty aa*aa<l itl>al, wkafaitaa lUu'k-a atordar a!tera? a ike oeceaaeii waa fuond oaa I in tha rear of hie koeee by ? (liter llo tie i, ill tha 1 weatietb wl pail' e Ha waa a native of trelaa*! Jane' '^ard, 'aelliag at S'o. 161 ;?or?na atraet, willa epgaged on -eluro*/ >ftarnvn at w^rk on '.he new ?aaoot houae la Tw*lith that tL *ud4ea!y tell, axhaoc^ad lit m tb* heat Of tbe eua. lie wa* mine-lately ugaa to hie reatdenoe, where he died la a fa* wiiante* after ward*. Aa la<(aeat wu hel l upon the body i>' tie 4* cee -ed by ' oroner Wlltelsn Ih* decreet 1 wa* 1 4 yea t* of ag* aad a native of lr*>a?4. ^'.fvjer Oettibl* nail aa ?p-o the b?!f of Mary Ana* Anferf/*. t native o t <-?tU?! agead 9> j?nr' who died from a "?y< <4g *Air\ oa atarday evaa iltf. Toe de eaae-i baa a hoehaod Wv ag ia ' aaada where ah* r*i!4*d ?< iue time ago CfiKwmnn. Jar r.ra tiillen tbe He-^m I war t po'.eeman whoae loath by ?oa*tr'.*e wa* anaouaret I* yaetargaf'* paper ie, w* are inforaawt all.* *nd kicking Oar iaforaaat w* ( apuia leonard of tb* r+vA war !, wb? la re* poaeibl* for th* mleiaAe. , AimlvrrNif af lb# Vw lotk Itll.l# I'm ton Hi aaotad Amlmiir; ?f U>a J*a? York Rita I aioa aai lia/y to tba AnMieM H<kl* I iIm, ?w j bf?l?) lul al?bt la tka North ttapUal ckwr-h oa Uaa foraar of < tirtaf.pbar ?a>l ll*<1fo?<l itrwu Tb*a. > ??? ?ca?!I. oa aeonsat, p-rh*f" <4 Uia aie?af*atjr ?tra a?tlhar Ikatiareiaaa ?*r* 'ocbot*! ? ? b r?-a4ia( ';?? im ! ffilfhrM, bj> allw ??? ??' i f?p?rl ??? ra?<1 fr<>? vhiafc aa asltaat in* f"ti**ia< la ?<*>*<.! ta #t?*b<-ta! proapar tj, t .<a 1/iH >.** ?>??" { , If ?? Aa 'Mill a* rapori lb* Mf*f' * ?f aJt ? it.* rx'iio ra ??* 1 ta ?ar ?*??? aal (.* 1 n? to 'ha I Wbla ' atoa *?f ttoaa ( ?? '.w?uaa*4 <?llaw, fr?'B? Iwto iatn*<-lly a* 4 i nnrtf baa >?? M j ! lata lit Uaataar; ti-hn tb* .*?? a jr***, j -op* tma ;t | alK-k. tba ?ptnal J*?tAaat ? ?> of ta* <?in, b?? b<*B tr.r.? ! l? R*? J <? '?? *a?i, fw tba rjftalat <*a *f tba rttflptar** l? '.*;??? 7 *? ?n>if|i?'u lioa atth afcl'h ?? ?f* ?a^<?aia??l uaa a atar* aa foraa'/ aa<! ?Ua?J \j pt*>% ?aa*??a ta It* f!t?' *1 (if.i p?ntj tbaa '>?* Am?r'?m Hibta ' ai-.a thai M bi* iar tw'??a arttb aht^a II I* oar pn? ??a to mufMix ' lha |t ?<4atx>ti of .a-faaa* ?? tta apy**ra U> M aim**t u ??? ?- mr aa I rt M aaaa Ixwa m4 t,f antbaaatfal rairaUUaa. TV.* <a?b raoafpl* ?>..? a? U? iral f aaaaaal fHi ** 7 b* ~'?*W5 <?*! ... 10 AM I i b* Uklr4 jaar M,T?I Tba fa-?rtb j??r ..tVM lb* ?ftk ;*?? . m.-j** Tb* ia"*a?* ?tar* ?f.a >?*t aaa ?a??a rj <??* mm ta ?twit IM MM* fttfntVtm lb* ?i Iba Aaatrvaa Mb* ' awa .a iba I af ab Mfartaaat, ua pi ?r*a* ?? rafMi; la a fa* ?aa*a \H?? a?aM?*tijr atpMt U yr???i ta tk* faaMa. M |*Mtal 'ifnau.-a aa<! >iaa mimi. rafmaa af MtaiU a*fUi?i a* (U *?* taatawat ai*a. a nataM tf tba I1?*4 of Jab Ttoa* f?ru?l fa?'?a?a -jf iba %ar r taiaa, ?bl?b ar* m-.thf fraaa tka pawtaf tb* i axaa ba?* aaabaaa^ a prMaaaa la'?f??t a ?? ?r**t a*t<i prt?a aj* "*>4 a? a* a' aah- a/*, aatb ta uri A???Ua tkaaa ab* b*?* aarWail# aaaataal iba pi arf.pta. ?? vbi'b '>? ?>.?a ?u? ba %??? x?a4. a?at xa* (-as ?/"?t?<1 M 'Ainjt wat itaa #???"?'*?, | pro** tb* ?aa?, la*a lb* aalaaprtaa, aM t?ba? ?a* na a'<<?a <ta?at 1b*Vtwa^3aal ?' ???* < aaaa, IU* 1** Arm 'a?a, to ) baarwt tba aaiaal ?iM?aaa. aal ?*a^ ??**"? a4 I 'ra>*t tka aa'tof* Tb? m0 *t . ?f a * aafoal at a la la ' Ml DR. HUNTER ON INHALATION. Letter No. XVIII. THE REFRACTORY D0CT0R8 The Vain, the Prejudiced ami the Ignorant. An Eager Diaoiple with Enterprising Aspirations. OLD BII1WS PHILOSOPHY TR1TBLV APPUKO ? iBMiUrv" M Sew ud " la prtitwali" In InliUliM. EUM'l TAWS Oil THIN IIIUKCr. Inter* atlng l>UUof[iM Iklwtrn Or. I?. *mI fUa CaUtnl-UuMKnl Itawl) Piwl itmhly OM> poM-il of- (inackarjr In lnfcalaUon?A<lrt?e tol ounliy Pitknli? llMakMi miuthrapy ? Mm drruua Klndneaa-?I*roc?eUunMww Unite or MU? How Mt Chronic Cltru?l Cured ?? Impoilanrr or Kmrly TrrUiurat? Country Air and KalhlOMltle |{<iatu-rh? Pro|?er Time for Trrfctmrnt? Tt>? rnrdHlilf <irC<rO*UUt|>ll?Hi In Hirer RteKn, lllnilraM ?The Cruel P acllre or Pumping CtiuUr l-lnlila lit to the l.tinn*? Krruiullnn In (lie l iiilimnt o? t liulere anil Other InrrrUotae IHaeaaaa. To Till KDITllR 1? tttg mw TO U lliatLO. M_\ ob|* t la puhnibliift tbe mtdlcal tneti-n.a contained in ay tut letter w*? u> ev>w tint to , piof(p?kn everywhere approve of h< halation- i'Ae t l? not a day pa?*ra ih?t 1 am not n t?b | pbyilclai.* of thin city fur nilvUt lu Uil V u?j oia* or for membera of their ramlly, or f?r paltenti no | der th< Ir i ?ie, and all m<Mt bare f-tunu roe wttliajf ? to !? r dt r thi in tvuty aa*>?tancit la my |)0?rr, c?a hlnUni nith t.oe position I h i v e amine* 1 r<-tf?/dia< my can lnii iuU at i) Um> flood nttue ao J uurcaea at lilt it'* Jon VMit ti phjalclan* an nniv?iH?l! t u I mil in* ndf'f n nj rffleac) ot inhalation, why, !?? m? aa?, l? m( i vei/ rut of dl.eaae of Ui-> tunic* la ihl* oity, w4 ttiiougbiul the liilon, wtier.v.r aiy letter* bava , hren M-iKl and a knowledge of ihl* fteciirc rJtime rd.ktmre placed anim Uraini ul Ai? larf M : die without txitfiK permitted u> tu?tt??rl*wa of a I w?ii? i.f relief witniu toe reach ot al>. ? m >lf tm I caute tb?ir p9)Mielat>a are ignorant of in? prw: Joal application of ihia mode of treatment, and art ua wiling to Rl*e au the ceie inteinr ban la ? WHS a ! practi e unpiectdeuted in megaue-)*' a ?ae I* n tJWira gnater than waa t?tr hmM.-rt Uiou<bt poaMbte 1 1 attain in tbe WniaUiii. ul of duw?M * ot IMt i iiikgn a lib uiib moodd ofp rluulutw fjl o'urrwa 1 twm arid expt iMiioe, and an Intimate a id pre .ical l??o?i?ilg?' of tbe actio i of thuee iufdicin<* w nch 1 can ho lafe'y and hrtieflolally a<*uiinuttnrt<l bf inba ' latien, the patMnt liaa aiwi'iy a batter proiaiae ul r? coviy uiiiier my care tbau he ootua nam uodar thelrc and knoelt<ft thia and a<hitiUiiK It aa they bafr done in U*eir h iter* to m>?eif, Ui <* iihyaidaaMi ^ w/M) iki y or Oim miega tbett waUotiU fro ? the uaa I of inhal.ttiMi and i.taia them < ndrr lb- uaaal irawt- I i unfit , hnowltiK tbai t ay have no ra?*>iy to mttx ,m I wtn ii ?bey can r?ly Willi tbe leant pro.prct of ' ura, 1 > charge theio* Ivr" with tbe reeponnibi.'liy of their ] patieata' Hvi*. Ttu Ir vainly, their pie|udlr?, ihetr ' i i?n<.ian(*' or their avarn ? leal uiisa oq t > tuna. Kor in tbtie day* It la crlmirai to bi IjfaorMt; ll b H ! riimiral t>jt?-Kl?ct tb<- oj p miwiUe? of af'|ilriaff w knowlidRe, acd p*?ainK kiwi*l8(f(ri?, It U wotm J than < iitLinal w.ll ill. j t ) dl r -Kald LV p .wej wol lh ^ ki i'Wlidne K'vf and the bnuSM It iwn I >??->??? ? I dim V I ix>m? now to the *xw 'i lion of a laea pteaalag 1 ta.k, i.Birl), |e MMMeVMt aomewbi* >n the ah- I imec?o< thin- t iirtraira aud ? >n*iderati'ioa wbloa 1 I abould i' hart' lei /.e iteni>eni? n ?< every profewtwi la I t life. AmoKK the tMUBllmot if <' <rre?poadMoa 1 l*fme me, I aave Hunt .(tier* from phymi <?na. ot th? cbaracter ot Uin im win ii toilowa. While 1 Withhold tbe nam*. I Kniilattn tsaap.c, u> an* with what . <?ri4-.> maaf m uid partible m* la or copy my time la writing eM r>rr? ripti'ioa for Uwir caa*a. i?avi ? lb in u*i ra'?k?t advaaiaga wf leapibK all Uie b. Mill of mf laho a jfirri'i ? ri j?? 4, lata I'M It III >tra ? f> .r fr I at. < loutu le IMt, |iactl'?.'ly, jt .r B?tb?l (if Imlnml la pul?aeary ci.mpU'nta, *?!?>??? htwiI piUaet. (it iub *iu far *u -ft tie. I to* l t at thta lim. (Ill Hit. "?> Mt la view I write tr.ti | *U|| in aao* tbe < -.t af toe .y^aiatwa fee InbaUUew- n.n ii wn pwiat T ?(..? >r. ;?? fin b> nlun me rMip?<tli.f ik> aotap *11 a ?f ihe 41f Irivei rUioi ?t rnaMliH >M ta'lung .ill tht?at ata i *11 j, mt moOvH of Ij art, tuiiu n? to | ii..'ium Um Iruiiaof I i?'.< If I dachaa lo i Uttd heeiBl '*?- I I J Itoi If, cm tba ' oo? f ary, you atlhboM ruck la' raaaUuw, I will aot fattbrr aaa?'j ft u. I rlfia* my 9ft tii a ? mil | (or ntHif It. UJll/ \?r;r<t|?iUiiilr, j?mi. M I) Haia, >wil??uiy, w IIm Bifida* "raatdaraUoo I Ati.r tf.a |>tqw1 of m y t. oblcb f arat blM Kra'ir ID ?' ???-r U a I .iruar laltor, tnia ' *<>r\hy a?< u>t dcaUta ' to taal, iu ally , mr mUm 'it tiMumrbi, " ?r? i it. at it* amy a furbt*l> him ?iU? %ii lit f pim- rtf, j?tt? <>i toil, ?*udy mmI ?ipwu>a dotbla, bo ' will r .lit tfimtu ttitx >y rtw ' Ualbio ccsaiUoa mh'tr am 1 lu mi auarrd from hU fu rUy?r MkUWM n. kit il I do cmftlf m.lU bu r?"i jaat, bo OlJl ni?liri.r-iil '.ft fua " MfNll >'?!< Jill , u?a pa ttobl*. fit nitixf la !?* ti.ia traaUiMBt. at i I'ira glWB mr tba raaalw < f !>.???, aiw*,.? If tir iMftW?-ta |>alw i to, or if Ur wJo> ai??#ra liijudi' i ualy for t ?I'd ? k* m i< i f tart QUm) j rtiMtKt uh or* b' mj W?a . '?? raUwr thai, lu bUOwn lor ?pO rt?n ? hit r a?. 4 ?m am aad la rat tag bla caaaa, ibt>-v$k Um ?m ,).u ?m J funuah aim, h* ar mallo (fur ba *rtUaJ> 4oaa Mt aa* it la m rda) Um ba out Um *h? mt Um *r?a' .Bfl'MO' a of ibaA ofHo^m wkita W at? 'foitMara to ftira. la da ? 't i..V 1 1 ?,w Ibto M*4ic?l ftaat.rmaa'a ro qMR, It ?ay <* Ui*( I do t?o* aoMr >*etiy appra ? lat# h>a jr ??- ?t roadw ? ..oiim la wflrnaft lo prjM bin aa.f by ai j latooa, or prvporly raiimaia um xraaft inlurma bia i.aiot mdUia a ?*t?BSinft my l?ra ?to?. liot it ao my **< uar m !l bafmn4 la tba fat* lb*t, lioUi In bia aiiralc ard |>?''fMl)<MMl rbaravu r. ba I) '.lUrijr uiuaovti U, \u* Hldlt uiurn aa If. .a uo<*K? W. II baa baaa ??irpaaard t* c oi laipari.MAC? b/ a pfejratclM fr?? ?? o.cah?ra ua UUd i. .u an .nuixa f " "* ?l"Kh ba ft*o*?d mm. L ytitu nr f'tj/ KKitlar, ' ?afian> ano ? ma ' ad rj.ftw'ad t off in b>; < htlr anih fi ten- ha ???#, aad an a' ratify III hl? in |if? \>i a bairm crauaf <d *it<y oSjao? wIlblB bla r?Pf? u 1 rlatoa. W?|)t h 'or, B*. b?f' ra t :>io lima ty rwrar ttuv my ?<itp ?| ?# 1 1"'" ' ao i" li'ftaaaai A I whi *:?4 _ tax : Itr## of ? ? l< an 1 b??? ; ?aM to ;t?t f it m' tba pw^-rlTti-'aa f ?r lb? mill to '.00. I re i|?'to a taartwr at *d c* Cm, aad i ? >waHaaib? fftevn tn'a pra' ThtraUa *m'4 pbyaiilaar wb> j,-n. ai um ft a: ri?bl to fr . rahUi altk t&a bat ara ?I titly 0B?<?r!hj or ?n?ld*rai><Mi; tf>oar afa 41a ti /.<?'* M<J bf IIm nto pra-tM* of atafpri^aart?* (Mr'ra.1 rial brrrtbra* BMkiag ? . .aianalloaa 1 ) ?tail in* 'ba gii*al|> nf Um ma!.' UK?a to tbotr pati'Bla alMfffrr II r%n arr?? Wirir um 'n4a; ? ib *a-.b emm- aid I bfM? a fa a mrh '? "aa v.l? i?> uiVareoana. <H4 Rirtoa talta na Ma battar to^ pi a it-an a I oar U ki? for i boy a if>?f>a*ff)b4* mW;, aad aiaai aad oitl hara ' !a?t W<-|# ?ad thai w, ottn ??? m*err** drt<? a'> m nabM iftaf aad biitorar^, U M?*blty aad cnirHr a?a <?r?t?raa-4 by ? faiy, trrot a/.d ramt'** abMi a/f? vb?-.. i n ,*U iKitaaoa aa a- >i/mt ' ?'<* W1 la" fa wtv, Utif.m mm wilb UWlr prato a)?taBM aad fmprrn iwato m labaat.? at ar appraJa ?t< io*ly W? Um good aw a ?'I ?TUi loco to Iba a?a/ mi p* aior 4a boairai i? ariad awraa w? # ar ai. ? <-w ?t a? u> ft 4 bat Mm a?M ty.r I to'.Urm mt f xHataj- trim, a oar aoftaaga. ? a? a*d "ir npawm wb?- ?m ?? , . _ > I a> ? ? r it y TB Um tm aa aaa?4 day abai ba UtoagM o< nrw? po?u *< i^a*.arMU ?acJaiaad, "thrw tr|lo*? alaai fnai nommt km ?pa?a. at d Utay Ark H ?p,' Ttrra aia a- mt p* jf*l> ia/M >wt ' /r Um Viaar at I hMnatly , la* %a bnaa tlMy ara fo? o a-ira "M?? .??? Jm? nit fruNJaaMy aakoaanil way ??????> hk"oa I* tb?MiairM a*4 o#y r <oUaaa it fvmU | ati.tran o u[--n U*>r opimb^o ?Blai Ibr aair?~ a Mai I i ?- ? ? I , mML aaa all ttatr >?aaa>? u? <>?<??. -aa* ijm frw. g?t?|4of?ra? ifi?M!a?l-?. I trata at or-" . ?t'?r ?y "*/a a a^r ????>, ff>? hoo^rg j aoiM br'i.Mr a aarrHro. bw baas ia*raaaafWia< ? BaoatBg, ta ??* a^Mblr u^Ma-o, ttoa ? ai I- tr *h pta? VM? *i*anagM?arai|fr . <? b?- a?r t 4ta> om, A* afP'Og W iJr. f kwai pkytf aa o* ikia 'ity. far alrM. Afw ? i?a t al> hat fc? praarn*ad I 'mi v??r uaa?Mr'ai aa* waa aar% iar w> an?a up* bar Mtf d IM OMU* ? ?an* y '???r?:a? *>a dlro?apMB ba ?*?? & rt tvtffb a lb U-a i.lwa?i 'M aaa -o??rM, o- v*? BHd?a M'i rttad r'?a ' aoi a' tltai Mil to try UMIf ft. 4 at a?4 tii V?t ? i/