Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 2, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 2, 1855 Page 3
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TIBB8TIN6 POLITICAL 1NTBLLIBBSCK. Mw Rational Know Kotlilag OmmII, ANNUAL AJ)I>*JC88 OF PaUMIDjIMT JAMBS W. BAUBB. have obtained a copy of the uaul addree* of i ' B?rker, fc*q., to tin late National Coaaell on 0 (MinUcn in Philadelphia. It u annexed:? * Z?* r*,BII*,rr Ta THi NATIONAL COUNCIL* muuta? in obedience to the mandate of the con I 'l0?> ?? convened In Na< ioual Council ia I ? li, individually and collectively, all (he power. C0?'r*" forVL\Z?r" of the Order of tn? American Union." in tbe vaaea of oar legitimate ouu*. ire need a Urn n Jki?,h?h,B0!l Hn "f,cltjr- Thii **a(i?a ? th. ? J?*1011 th* whole Union he. be-tn repreeented? in ?ntere?U involved, U ooafeeiedlr the important one ea.*mbl?l .inoe the B.tional con 0 ? Urdarlnto one di.unctive homogeneou* -al power or party, and in it* oaim and weichtv oration* ahonid be evoked the individual wiarinm [^Z0t *T#rjr m*1D wr' (|MI ">? national een ? 5 "V J"t be the more fully vindicated bf thi" 00 1 *? ?r* "ere t? enact Tie wC rtc"? **op'*. with mtenewt latere* .rented hitherward, and toe hope* of tbe vac. |n^??00!Lr\te?m' ,rd no* th" pleasing 1 ^ !' national tl a by which we have con.cderated, will be mu le th? more cordial and "J the laeulcavioB ana adoption of a more ? iul an<l natural unity ol the body pelitlc, and upon ? ?ea ol constitutional prlnc pl?e and requirement*. Dion ? the naticnal Uuion o* cues* Htatee an it now ?n*? be m >>nt* n?d id tact ae it* lole value re 1 1n the degree of tbo protection wbich It guarantee* }? **eral Sta>*e comp King it The reearvM a* well e enumerated rigbt* of tne separate Htati* mu?t be cated to tbe len?r, and in the spirit of an noneat Inanly deference to tbe la ?a and e.i uitie* of the con The Order ot the American Union, reared and ?i "R?" national asntiment, with nt> aectional glvitiee or *7"pat?ie? to toeter or indulge? with no i "?,8f,n*n. ??. K"t. no West, to to male the r?ei',lJ,#Ilt', of ??? f?*or?, but the common die lon.miii. ?f C0.rm0? 10 *'? aectioaa? to i< tSThU M Lu,on Pre,*nt? a more ?n 'i, , than "an army with banner* " ;Uaioa?Uie whole Union-one and Inteparable ? ? to bound, the horizon of our aeplration* and en e* our fondett devotion*, and, whilst we repu :Na?b ?rl'.*?'V l"? "''b"1"" doctrlns* of North, wo '?Joct with oquot firm new an 1 docl the *ece*?lon" doctrine* or th* Southidlafrancnl*. the extremist* of botn section*, we will frat r. ? with none who value tbe pri :ele** legacy of the (en* Union lea* than the monomaniac fallao e* ami flung* of the Tanatie and parricide. With all such i^v*raffliufl^m#r'?*? Lnlon ?*n h*T? no fraternal ?rty affiliation* whatever, and the earlier ito na '"?* U. d?clared, the *ooner w.ll it* i^ic mission have been fulflne.1, and the $Un and toe* again wave in proud triumpa over the domtin $ie harmonioni and free in happy attestation of i uifcr,The"d&aTa?? ?f ttW n*Uonil coostitatlon di*tinotive meaaure* demanded to inaa h!fn?!t^rram0U?t dut' 1 mo,,t reapeotfuily leave i th! ?d Wl,rt0? ?f H?e National Coun ill, I \ confident a**urance that the initiative will f J? 10 10hiT th'* ^OHl Important oonsum ~ .2 1 "nPr^#d?nt?1 growth and power of tbe (7^ , ?"?<!? infancy? c?u*in(t it to be loved ' !r. ?' oar extended con. iSllli con^'tntlng in many locaUUe* the one 'nnant political power or party, whllct it proffer* juH uad for our mutual gratulation*, i* yet nevertheless <e*tiveol interesting thought if it has not indeel n conducive to doiiUvo iusiruct'on and knowledre ^inated primarily a* the balance of power betwMn 1 dominant rival political faooons of the times de Ui?g : alway* the promotion of the native Amertaan bout leferenee to hU form-r party afflliutloBs, by it* ?;jier friend* was nevtr contemplated as a distinctive ^ependent political exUtency, and for the very obvrous ; parbap*, that it* moat *ntbu.l?*tic duvotee* r formid the conception of it* present acrength and r. But It* univ*r*al develop -raent, it* extreme ? and vitality in auctions deaunetrating its ability ?teat aueeeaafuily with either oflhe old effete po I I parties or the fu-lon io*sii remains of both and gtneral diguat with the prevaJent corruptions of time*, have *11 conspired, in many f-Ute? and ae: u, to erect the Order into a distinctive indepenJent organization; and whenever and wherever so :ted,j to the fullest extent of my moat critical ob ratlona? if tbe severance f rom oil political aflialtie* ataociatfoe* was entire and in goo<l faith? ha* not ?dto raalize a juat and generout triutaph; but when sredin mock semblance only, tbe too cond ting ex ^tions of the Order, as in the Ute Senatorial ^ i Empbe hUU, have been deceived it* friend* humiliated by th* exhloitioa of tae t ?p?B- mouthed bypocrital treachery and fraud h!w2f*!!LU,,! ?.0a,M' ?! ,tB ',ro,e"eJ Wand*, the Order that State early applied the proper corrective a* an ' t-pecdeat national political organix?tion, nownum i B?aziv ^00, 0< 0 member* aud ha< freed iteelf from : wardi*m and every o-.hsr "Ism'' aataiconlttlc to the ace, a.rmony and fraternity of the national Union . T * partial political independent of "the t . . Am*rl?an1l n'nn' ' from the old effete rival i ? tlmoi, tbo ?u^f?ction in *ub itted whether an absolute, entire ana uniform irnle ndenre u not counselled by it* pr'ient .ion I?; ? n?l operate to nn'r ' *ugge*tion be made operative id the un Jormur recommended decreed, the further fi 4*",*ibc,<1 ?ltemative i* pra*ent*d of the bold '.leh I.*"' en"?C ati0? #' tn? principle* by Jich, aa a party, we are to be (overuei ? at we may be Men and read of all men " ,n platform. enunc.aUng boklly and .ucsmot i ^ l r# PoUtio41 principle*, i* not only de landed by the popaiar intelligence, but bv tne very U ?ad "h"?l lnaututlona. If we would ..doctrinate the intelllfent maaae* we mult flrat make (P** Md the aouroe* of accurate laformatioa and i W*--W0^ r*0?r*J1y triumphant ana luoceuful Ji*r PJ*alj*r t*081* ami doctrine* muat be made t<! tDnflli^i*#0*^ ^day Bght of heaves by beiog embUr.oued jafideatly on our Ameriaan banner a. aadluBr defiant t XthnnU.r ^'i\ m"^' ?*Mrou* "trlfe.iboulder , *bonl(.er, valauitly content with tne nydra headed ,M U 1 If need therJ be, foTthe civ. ..I supremacy or the oMatitution an l lav jurisdiction in th. premise, thi alpabl. necensity for tbe erection of a national at and rd of political sentiment, to be made conformable to |he conatitutioB and Uw* a* they exist, and advlaiag 'hit Th* ^ * oaballitic laaguweof the Order ??du'"lmran<ii?( onr national, SUta and auo ?rdiaate council* may the more be effectually screen ?'h.t r?m '*** obeervatwa, I tru*t j hot I nbmll not be regmrded a? eoitrtrAnm* 'f'thl l!r0pr?Jtjr OT <Joty> by ">* aaaeveration 'f the h onset opin on that such a atandard, to be made 10 th# A?o"c?n people, moUe?ua* i diotioctlj tbo mtovoI do^ou: l?t The moll. ' IcttiM of tbe oaturol zatioo lawi extendinff th* neft i Toatto. of ci'.lienahip to a w?thC^?L??f t^",T*?1 State. In tbla behalf to boBTara* with the nnifortn rule1' preecrlbeo by Con<reee pr*T,,'??" of th. conatltution. Tn^U m* ' I he foreigner Bret required to be made a citizen of *he l.lted Hti*,., before be be legally eatitledWthe ?7hU ^od immualtie* ?f any of theTtatis. 2d. The ve Interdiction to the election or appointment of any ?? e gn l.etu citizen to any ofBce of honor, tru.t or ' ???>lumeat un.^r the federal or HUte government, and t^atricUBg all such to tbe eejoym-nt of . WItvT' ??'' prepay guaranteed by tha eonatitutloa, ?bout tbe preeant political Investiture to enact, admi " noli tinn r,X:Ca*,lb* Ur M- Tb' determined ^position to "the union of church anl Mute" ,u?. ?'tt*r . br "hat clue of religionists so-v'er jreaptad to be consummated, such unum b iag mimical to the spirit o' our Uws and s?? ' jveraiye of our free in?titutlon*. 4th The rigid maintenance of tbe vested ri^bt. of ' forego a. Zmtln" b?rn.r,"'*n?. ?od the most de:i>ive repu- j to thi ^ure?C*tiT",r'tb- 5th Eternal no. fll.lty to the seditious and tr*a?ona01e "higher law" land aeceeeloa" Coctrine*, by which th. coaatit'tion i. ?rmigbt to 0* aii?T?gard?d, and mule of Don* (fleet? wbetnn enunclatad by politician*, thi-oi >g ?a?, or any otfrr c)a?a of per>oo? wba!ao?r#r. flth. Ub a?f rritu fealty to the 1'uion, the tonatitutlon Of the '1'alted f-Utm, ?nd the rti<hti> of the ne??ral 11 IuartLteed '.b?-r?by . and 7tb and laatly The natural, tal and ia<'efeaFlble right of the na'ire to tb<- manor | 'lorn' to rule and % o?- rn tba land of hi* blrtb. our '> being " Americana i-hall role Araerira." With | thin free and unreeerred erpou of my i~ntnnent* an l ' ?ptDH>n?, It but lemafaa to m?- to remark, that | ,a* tba t?nara of tbe ofH-> to wiilch ( waa | h< n?r< d by your g*n?rou? ?ulTrig?a etplrea after | B/T pre??nt constitutional r*<jii reaenta ahall bar* been lolflllad, I may not permit the o*ra?ioa te pan i ? thout tba tender of mr profonndeat acanowle'g n.eata for the high honor conferral on me and my moat , grateful thanka for tba uniform and heart* auppnrt 1 , award..! to mr admiaiatf atlon. tbe de?tinea of ma Order wbilat yet In Ita feebl??t infancy were committed to any general ore and auo'rri don, and to our common I effort* 1a It tbia day Inlabtel for a <'e??lo'?m*rit, I atr?n?th and power without a prec?d?nt in tbe anoal* of party h'ntrry. Verly haa tie H'.tla 'eed ? th? amall ' ?*t o f aeada ? under onr joint calttira b*> oma a m ghtt j t??e, ntn er woo?e widely ?pr?a.ling braorbea, ? th <Jod a i bieaainga tba w'.ola American people may repoaa la i union, ?af?t? and peace With t r kindest re*a? a for yenr laCtTlrtual w- Ifa-e and hapa ? ?a. eni with the ra newed aaaurar c? of mr roatiniied deeoton to the b?at taureata <>f ''tin Order of the Am*rlcaa I 'men," I wiah ryou a plraaaot barmoaiona, and proapeToa* aeaaioa AHOTHKR rt.ATFOKM. I Tie " AasaricaB Party of Washington county, Pa.," hrlda putl'C roeetng on tbe l"th alt., and adnptel tbe ? ; following platfctm. wbich wa a recommended to tbe I 8' ate Council ? 1. Tie unlimited freedom of reltploo, dleeonnejtad witb polltlcn? boatiHty to ereleataatiial aRaancea i (on tbe attain of governs)) nt? equality of right* to aU natural'reo ?migranta who aia tluroughly Amar r \u I irec , aad owe no temporal allowance, by reaa?a of their nlig're, i'ehar 'ban that to tbe conrtitution. 2 No in'erfereaee with tbe flfhte of cltl?en?bit> al- I ' re# dr ac'iu"*! by foreign' ra. and U>.- protection of I law 1o ail who hf. neatly emigrate from io?e of liberty; I but 'tr e*ciu?loo of foreiaa pawner* and felona, anl a refuaal to e?t?n?l the rljh: of anlTrar* to all who ome . iieraa'ter. uatU they ahaU hn?a ra?idad from 10 to il , j?ara la tie tatted HUt?, aal complied with the uatu { gal latu/ii 'awa I 8. Oppoai' OB to all pcl tieal nriaa ai'ioo, oomp^i . ?xc!uaie?ly of fortlgaara, and to foreign aill'tary com *' peniea, and to all attempta to nc'u la tba Hi Ma from reboot >? au pjerted tiy the gorer?m?at 4. Haaery la Weal ? aat natioaa;? and wa oppntm ita 'ei'eatiea In aay of oaf Tarrttorve, and tbe lt,< rxaao of 1 ia pohtou 1 rower ?y th# adm.?a<oa latn the Caten of ?joy alare Kate or o berwtaa. aad we Vwiaad of the aaroi go?arament aa laiai-id *U "redrea-t of the graat ?%a^a wl?irh have baea inU eted upon the eanaa of ,T* lam aad the Aai*rleaa rhararter by tha repeal of the Hiaaoari coaipromlaa aad tha latrwdBettea af ?****? y into K a naaa la ??olat<oa of law. b/ the feree ?' "%i. aad tba Aaatraeteia of the etoctlvw fraacbiee ' "a baath HiUtlna o' the wlalaai af Waaktafwa, ?? "iiaM all IftlAitAiaa aa ttt aW at State*, y*t ob nl! proper oocmIom nwll Mk with hold our sy mpatfc; from any people aspiring to toe free. 8. We support imaricu iidutrf ud puvl tpiut tbo mItiim foUe; of fonift nation* ul fa*Uiti*s to in tcrui Mt Mtntil oooimsroe by the Improvement ?' rtwi nod bat tors tal the constructien of Minil rood* uniting tlie ration I sections ot tbo Colon. I. rbo union of thsee States should bo mod* ptrpatunl by ? fal'h'ul allegiance to tbo constitution. 8. In Stole |oUv; wo wlwuly ?4?oo?t? retrenchment nnc reform, nod in in favoref biennial sessions ot tki Legislature. believing ttiat we have too muob leg lain - tion, anil aaa consequence too much taiation. A convention of the moaabers o( the American party, reprseenting tee count es of Chautauqua aod Cattwaugue in tbis Mirf, ?u bold at Fredomia on Wwlnescsy June 20th A stries of resolutions were peated i?preeeatiug the views of the aaamaeraof the order aaesmbied, amij which ar? the < tloeing in relation to slavery : ? Resolve*, l'bat the institution of American ultrarr ia sectional >n ita character; that the South has no just right to cent and that it abail have n plaoe in the sym pathies of the North, aod should be contest with ihet protection wblob I. guaranteed to it by the constitution or the Lnited Stat* a, and cannot reaeoasbly ut the axl. encouragement, or acquiescence of the North In lU et tension to terii'ory cow free Reeolved, that in the eatnbllahni'nt of the American party, tbe matltut'oo o' alarery was mgarded an a sub ject of enduring difference between the North and South, and one too prominent to be oaally reconciled, that it Is, tbeiefore, jus'ly euti'ied lo a toleration of opimia ?/ N ortb aod Month and ought not, therefore, to bee nm? tbe subject uf a political taat in the nntional p'atform; that the Nor h ar well a? tae Soi'h hat xtill tue n<t>* lo be heard In tbe national counoils, without her repre sentatives becoming suoject to the charge of pjl.tinal lisresy, whan eod^vnriag fairly to represent the aenti niflLta oi their eereral constitutors. A meeting o' the cltizana of Troup county, Georgia, waa held at Lagracg* on th* 10th inst., at irhish reio lutiona were adopted endorsing the late propoaed South era movemeit for n fualoo of parties on a .Southern platform An aooreaa to the people of Georgia waa also ai opted in which it 1* recommended to hold the Unioa of the State* oi secondary importance to the rights or the State*. MAINE DEMOCRATIC ST ATI CONVENTION, The Democratic Convention at Auguita, lie , accord ing to the Portland Aiivrrtuer, had a little trouble about their ri-solutons which condemned the Kalne law and endorsed President fierce In hil adhesion to the ancient landmarks of the democratic paitjr. To thU latter reso lution, the chairman of the ommlttee, Joseph H Wil liams, dissented, aa Imply ng an endorsement of the Mis souri compromise. Hon. Mr. Fuller, M. 0.. Mr Sevall, of Oldtown, and Oeorge K nhepley. advocated the roto lutim, which Lot M Morftll and Mr. Williams oppoeed. After several speeches had been mti't. an amendotnt was adopted as foilawa: "It being understood that tais resolution is expressive of no opinion upon the repeal of tbe Missouri compromise ? The following resolutions weie then pasted: ? Resolved, That while ws have alwaya recognized tem pers nee aa on of the leading graces o( civdizea life, an 1 the practice of it as Incumbent on every citizen, we bave never failed to perceive that th* care for it which ia sincere, and the culture or it whtoh is moat effectual, are to be found wben men are ucting in the sphere or their noilal and private responsibilities, rather than when influenced by political and party considera tions; that with this conviction w* have always resist id tbe ellorts of leading men now in power in this hi ite to prostitute th* cause of temperance to party uses; but our motive* for so doing have be?n maligned, and our effort* In that direction unavailing; that we, therefore, accent tbe political attitude on thl* moral quest! >n, which we art thus forced to occupy, and in demanding, as a parly, some essential modification* of the existing liquor law, we do to with the conviction that we aie truer iriAds of soiriety and gooi order than those wbo uphold it aa it atands, and in to* fullest confidence that our po-ition on this new question of party politics will ' meet tbe approval of tbe people. Resolved, That we are opposed to the unrestricted sale : of intoxicating liquorn, ana in favor of suitable prohioi tory law*, but laws to command respect and obedience muet be based upon tbe principle* of tbe constitution and tbe Bill of Rights _'lheir provision* must harmooize with the sentincents of an enlightened people; their ne ceeaity must he shown by actual , exist n< circumstances ?their wisdom most be reflected by their practical ope ration. Resolved, That th* prevent intenaifiel Liquor law of 1 Ibis State, being antagonistic to these fundamental doc 1 trmes in consequence of lta uunecessary stringency ? the unlimited power it piacea In tbe hands of its acmin . istrators tbe sever ty of ita penaltiee, compared with tbe matsitude of the offence c< mmittsd? its wauton (ruction of properly and violation of the sacred | >IrM* of the citizen: together with tie (MM results aiii-ing from it* execution, are well calculated to alarm 1 every candid mini, aod bave alarmsd and aroused tbe ' people < f tbi i State to ilenian 1 essential taodlQcat ons of its provieiona, .so that, in tbe language of the constitu tion, "the people shall be secure in their purson*. hju*ei ! and poenessions, from all unreasonable searches tnl ceizuies" ? "that all penalties and punishment* shall be in proportion to th* ollsnc*" ? that "excewiv* bail shall not re required, nor excessive fine* imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments Inflicted. Resolved, Tbat tbe present government of th's State, ; of hIi-i h Anson P. Morrill Is tbe head, by it- ,.i?h hand ed measure* in overturning court* of justlc*, in aboliah I ing one court in one locality and creating the same in 1 another, for tbe obvious purpose of bestowing honors and eirolumention partisan favorite*, and prostituting jadi cisi tribunals to party purpose*; by its nullification of a plain provision of the constitution of tu* t nited Slates; j by its oppresaivn enactments, desifnel to prevent sdopted cit urns from exercising the rights of c tizsn ? bip. after they have complied with tbe provision* of the naturalization la?*of tbe I'oited Sta'.ea . by its at tempt to lavish one hundred thousand dollars o' tbe ptople s money en favorite sectarian institutions, and by its enactm> nt of a liquor law which ha* Its proto typo only in tbe statutes of th* dark agae which places tbe character and the property of the siti/en la tbe banda and at tbe mercy ef a fanatical dark lantrro oil - garsty, has shown Itself unworthy the trust confided to ite keeping, and merit* the condemnation of all patri otic citizens. Resolved, That th* national administration, by It* faithful axecution oi th* laws, by ita adhersnc* to th* constitution, by its admirable foreign policy, and by it* raaolnte maintenance of the old land marks of the de mocratic party, will command tbe respect and support of sil true men it beln< understood that this approval of the national administration Is expressive of no opin ion in relation to the repeal of the Missouri Compro mise. Reso'.vei, That under a government like ours, founded on a written constitution which Is regarded by *v*rjr true Amtric*n as th* supreme law ol the land? a gov erumeot In which every citizen bas a voice ? where tbe iibeity of rfieech and the preas is guarantied anl .ore stiicted? a government under which tbe hnmbleat citi - ren is allowed to express his opinion openly, with perfect impunity, upon all snbjeeta appertaining 'o the admin iatratlon of the government, and be*te? bis sulrsgn on whom he pleaaas? a government Iwhote offices are elec tive. and are alike open to all trades and professions, to all classes and religions? a government wbich annually maps itself out before the p?ople, In true and faithlul records, legiiiy drawn, and op?n at all tim** far inspes tion ? the formation of secret political organi/.at on*, who** object it is to control, by clandestine means un ler tbe pres?ur*of blasphemous oath*, the dettmle" of the cob n try- it- Uou<and industrial pursuits?its army, Its navy, its Sag, Its bonor. its patriotism, Its morals, and ita r*li?ion, is uncalled for anl unnecessary, and highly reprehensible, as beiDg subversive of intnly indepead ence and hoteet a-tion ? aa fostering diiaimuUtinn and fraud- being alike dangerous to the intersat of th* na- i ti< n *td the liberty o' the citizen, and a ran'iogr* j pn.ach and disgrace to *11 wbo susta'n cr co operate with tb'm. Fatolrad, That wa ba?* antira cnO>nM in tha ln'.*g lit;. ability aad damo?tracy of Hon. Srnaual Well*, th* , noioinaeiif thl? oi?tmln? for to* oUlcw o' <iot*r?or, | and that w* will un all fair, open and hoiorabla m*aas , to ttcnra bin a|*cticn R**clt*d, That in chio criala of tha hiatorr of thla ! Ptat*, it la iDcumtcot oo ar*ry traa fri*nd of lit* coun try. ?T*ry tiaear* patriot and *t*ry hooaat man. to tot tb* acton of mm atil partita by Wnga, and) not by ! r,am?? to rant h i? influence with that party which in j a.1 timet and rir,.Minn1aoc?* ha* mainta t>*d th? great prtnclpl*# of clrll and ndigloni ll?>*rty, the utipretnaey i < f the law*, pf th* f?*nrr*; government, and 'ha prettr Titioi of tba I'niuu. tmn uim fhom aermoi Mmw( ov i OtOKOIA? HOW A HI) WIIKN IIK InTKMjH TO DIB 80LV* T?l* t'MON. [from tb* ."arnnnah Republican, Jnaa 21 ) Wa invito tft-iai attention Vi ih* folio "In* l?-tt-r from Ott Jobriaoo to tba * itor of tti* (Atnlui Tiiiim It will be ?-*n that hit KicaHeney, lika (iov Towai, a**mt aaxloui to precipitate tb* borrora of diaonion upon the country He ia already patting bii bouia In order fjr that *?< nt. H'* letter, It tbould ba r*to*mb*r*i, l? written to checkmate, and to iraw olflnm it thou* at tram* south ern right* men who are lupporting it. In doing thia, h* n?m? to hate forgotten that it might uate a contrary ? ffact upon old I nkn man;? Exarrnv* Ch ??nrt. > Mniarxjavu.t.*, <?*#> Job* SI, iw / I?a* Hi* ? In your note of the l#th iait. yon r*f*r mt j tn tba to' 'owing language contained tn my latter to Ma jrr Howard, to wtt ? ??r*upiM.M> Kanaaa with anch a constitution nbouM Sa 1 r< j?ct?i! at ?b* probably will, an l an appeal ? lion id ba made to th* non *l*Telioldlag Htataa to ratum m*ml>tri 1 to tna ?< I'ow.rg (??cr*aa, who will rata for liar admit tioo? what bopa n'.nnld wa than hat* of a tureeae'ul ap|*al If wa ?hali har* dlatolved our party alliance i w th tbta Ahtolutelj non* " Ion ?*j that my "opposanta contend that la thia l aratraph I abow a 'iipoaitiou to dally with tb* North, intiaad of fairly and > (uaraly meeting tb* itnua mad* by tt* touith r?M"ut'i n of th* (?eorgl* platform " I lucce, to plneatb* <(o*t!ion bayond all earU," ?oa injutat ma "to indicate ' ba court* I would pitran* aa <.e*?rnoi of (itorgia, if CoagrMa anoald r?,*rt kam?? Ufani* if tlx- ait?t<-i>*c of tla'- ry therein. I c imply cbtrrfullt wi h yoar r* ??tt 1 wlah to b* ani^ratoo<l itfa n tbf < tnbj*rt? I inland to b*. rbongh I tbink my I l*tt?r eoantfutd a* a whol*. ought to aaitafy tit* moat | b?p?rerlttc^l, y?: I will aay, that I tball mw "dally wl'h tb* North ' upuw any <(ii*ati<xi iB>olt.w? tha right* J of tba Footb- no, narrr, nerar Bit to tna p<Mat 01 jmr infinity. Tb* foaitb r*tola'.*>n of tb*C*or);ia platform ion' am plat** iUaolntior , ip<n tb* bapp*?iMr of ei r!*ta coa tir>|(?ac at. Tb* r*<*cUo?of "Ranraa b*?t*?*of th* ?xialanct- of tla?ary th*r* n," wvubl ha on* of '.ho** c .rtiogancio* Tba *?paratloa of (iai>rgu from tba at a f* -a t mnat ba*lta ?et af tba aor*r*tgaty At tba j txawiit t* of th" '?tat* tba fnnrth ratftl it aa iJotbaa a* ' wttl' no [ow?r ta procla'm oeh a*p?r*U<? Nor am t t?M??1 with it b? aoaatitjUaaal arottaiwa Ta*r*(ora, j If Kaaaa* ahonld tbn? t>* r*)wcta4 I woul' '**1 bnu id tu lak? *i.i h *t*p* a* w '.old *H?it natation of ? ? rtlibty nf tla ?tii' la aia'nima of tli* tl*argia plat- I itrt la' t?d I aba 1 brtag th* wtwM* aqbtart bwfera tba | ittt la-gttlatir* **d ra?oiarta?d to thwfn to prnwt4a for tb* ntlling of a -au ro?v*atian, ta tb* mat *f aacb r* , ja*lM>?, :o d*t*rm r.a tb* tat* a?d ?o-'a af tb* "dlarap tlo? of ar*-y t?'UMadi htr to tb* t B-an " Wht tat J alactw" or toi thl* aineb I a Hail da, ta my ataattc* to t^* (x . atai A**a?t>ly. aad If *l**to4. tad ?h* rtwntaer i ? bail aria* dnrng aty ttncat'r* tara. I taall wab'aitat I <r ti> ac ?? a Kara ?adiaat*d _ Tb* Oaor|>a_^U_ly aJt i from the Mm* eonroe that framed th* eoaatltatloa. It i a N|ul to tut MraiNt is solemnity and nlllitr; aod M EiNuUra of theHtate, I to M mush bouad by It a* by the cenatitatioo iteelf So I oaiatrue mf oblige ttoa u a State a nihti mu, u4 ?o woull I reader to it tka mwt implict, prompt and energetic etaedieao*. Yaur o- trfient aa.vatt, HE88CHKI. V. JOHNSON. tW. T. I<omax, Columbua, Oa. IICNTBHDON, (M. J.) COlfTlUirlOK. A convention of th* Hunterdon ceuaty, tin r Jtra*y, aid hnakcr t'emooracy, tai hald at klea aitoi oa th* 234 utt. Tbl? coaveatioa U regarded aa th* iaitlal ? w???t toward* notorial th* brekea raaka of th* democracy throughout tka Stat* It vat telertbly veil atteaded, aad wai addretted by *om* of th* lead' eg m-mlier. of tha party A platform vat adop ad, th* main feature* of which are containel la th* teUoeiag reaolutioaa ? Reeolv?d, That the demotracv of aid Haatordoe ad here with unfaltering fidelity to tha tcnM boa*r*1 prta ciplea of ths ilMMcrttli p arty, at promulgated by h*r ?age* in tha Declaration of ledepeadeane, tha ceaatit* t oo tl tb* Ctited State*, the Virgiela aail Keaiu :*f re eolutiona of '98, aad reiterated oy taa Natiaoal Deaae cratie Convention at Baltimore, in 1N48 aad 18S1I lteaolred, That prominent aootn th*** prlac'plai v* recognize equal right* and equal privllagoa to all citieaa ?t our comnta country; citiI aad religion* li tarty I a freedom to wornhipGo l according to the diotate* uf coe acienc*; bo ciatlactioa la tha qaaUSeaUoa far olHoa oa acwuat of religion* belief. aad a atrlct accoun ability ot all entrunttd with oflioial pawn He-oleed, That the de mocratic party 1* aow ta1 anr ha* been unalterably oppoaod to all uni, aad therefor* deaouncea at inimical to th* p?rp*t?ity o' our mattt* toat, Know Notbingiam, open American! <m, fra* sail i*m, abolitlunlam, aad although ib favor of judlcioa i aad effic et llcenee lawt, ve arotr ourtalrat openly aad lie qaaliflerilf opalaat a law kaowe aa th* Maine It*, tl* baneful edec a of which hare recaatly beea m?ol'e?t?1 Id Mtia* un-Jer tb* ofllsial power of it* ajkaealedged parent, Neal Itov. KI.1CTIOH or JU0GI8 IK OONNIOTlOaf. Tl* Hoot* of Repr*i*atatlT*? of Caaaectlcat proceed ad to th* altctio* of four Judgea *f th* Huptrlar Co art on tb* 26ib lost. On the flrat ballot th* Hon I/or*a I'. Waldo (dan.) wa? fleeted orer Cbarlea J McCurday, tha regular Know Nothing nomine*, by 115 to 8T. Thomas B. Butter (K. N aomla**) vat eltctal on tha aecond ha'lot by about the una rote. Thitil Bnllm ? No choice; I'arli (K. N.) 83, 8p*acar (Mam. / G7, Sevmeur (dam.) r>2. A>mr(A llnllot ? No choice ; I'ark 98, Seymour 78 ? large number aeatterlng. Fifth ffnlld ? I'ark 113; Seymour 78, Speactr 15, tea tW ring 4. I'ark elected by 7 vote*. MISC'Kl XANK'tUH. A State eoaTtntion hat been called la Mlaaanri, to meat at l?xint>ton en the 12th ult., the object of vhich will be teen by the following extract from th* call : ? ''in view of the movement* mad* at th* Kaat to aboil tionOe Kaoiat. ami the recent nuUlfliattoa la* ?n?-tel oy oa* ol tie Muted there, ioTOlTing mott momentoun conte <iu?-nce* to th* right* of tb* Southern State* tod tae W?l'ai? and perpetuity of the Union, It ban been 'bought proper to bi'M a convention la thit State, to tak* met ?urea for our protection againat aggreaiion* on our elave property, and \o conalder tha m>?tur?ii pup-rto be adopted by tna South generally, in rlev of tae alarm li g itate of aPalre exlatlng in our oouotry." In the Atbtabula ."frnfinel of tho 28th we find Glddlagt' ultimatnmor "fourth point" with the Know Nothing* itated thue "It ie clearly Impottibla that a man cm remain in and promote that organization, (K N.,) and be a republican Tliey are now in direct antagon'mi One or the other mutt triumph. If republican! permit the Know Nothing! to ehure la their proceeding* aad election*, they are aimply nourUhing an enem? in their own boimehold, who will drive them ont th* day he liaa the po*tr W * commend thit riew ot tie *uhj*;t to th* coonidtratioa of our republican fritnde generally," The Cincinnati Bni/uirnr ot tha 21th n't. , ttyt ? Th* Waablngton I' num. of a recent date publitnet a li*t of the member* elect to the next < ongrMt, vtth a polltictl clarnHcation Th* tabl* U full of groat errort Kor inatanne, he putt ilown fir* demo -rati at elected to the Boute of Reprenentativet from Ohio? Meaart. I>*r, M cbola, Mott, Kmlrre, and loiter All of ibet* g*ntlem*n wer* the Know Nothing abolition randidatea, and were choa.n o?r the. democratic nominee* In ladiana the Union' I teble it e<|ually inaccurate at Ohio Mettrt. Knglith and Miller ?ie tbe only demoiratt electa-1 tram that State I'um itd, barbo'ir, Urant'>uan4. I'ettlt are Knot Nothing abolition fanatict. Tha friend* of tte American party held a matt meeting in Buflaln on Satqrday evening. June .0 It bac very mocb the appearanre of a fution gatberliif 'Die meeting waa b* tildreated by 8. (I llaven. of t^j* Fillmore anho< 1, llen jamin H. A utt in, a *oft ahnli demt ciat, and llnraticn Seymour, Jr., a hard abell, all of whom explained the piiaciple* and objeata of tha American party. Waller Colemtn, the whig candidate for Cvngreta In the T?nth dlatrict of renne<-a*e, after being engaged op* w<-ek in eanvaeaing the dUtrict in connection wltti Tho?. Ultera, the Know Nothing caadldat*. aad Dtvld M Car rin, the democratic nomine*, hat "gin out," and with drawn from th* conteat. lion. I., if. Keitt. member ol Congre?t *l*ct in th* Third dietricl of South Carolina, recently deliver*', a apeech to bia conatltuenta, in Orangeburg, In whi iti h* tcok ttrong ground in favor of th* acqulaltion of Cuba. H* aaid it muat be acqulrtd. either by tbe general gov ernment or by tbe Pouth A matt meeting of tbe antlAebratka voter* hat be*n ctlled to araembie at Iodlanapollt, Indiana on th* 1-lth of July next, "to <-ontid*r the atate at public affatrt, aad for a more thoroogh organitatloa of th* republican, or people'* party.'' Tbe Hoaton /'ol I venturea to make the atatenient that "the next National l>emocratlc Convention viU noai ?ate Franklin Pierce for re election, and the people vill ratify the nomination." Sam I* about. A large meeting waa held on tbe lftth nit., at Oreea Cattle la , at which the Hon. J. Scott Utrritoa. ton of th* late (ieneral Haniaon, wa* tinauimeualy nominated for th* PrttliUncy of th* Catted State*. Hon. Felix K Zollico ff?r 1* caavaatiog the Kighth dit tnct of Tenna aaee far re election to Congrett. under the Knov Nothing banner. H. N. citrk, th* American eaadidate for Jiuatic* of tbe I'ea<e la < incinnati, waa elected on the 2?th alt. bye good majority. Jamet F Powdei, htt been nominated a? the demi cratic candidate tor C'on(r*a? in the Thirl dlatrict of Alabama. The Republican Stat* Committee of New York are to hold a mreting in Albany on tbe 4th of July. Col. I'eter H Bell la announced for re election to Con greet In the Second dlatrict of Ttxaa. The Know Nothing atat* Council of Alabama hat decided to ignor* tb* featur* of religion* proeaription. Ihe demori*cy of Klcbmon<l, Va , vill celebrate their late triumph to day, by a barbecue at tbe Slaah Cottage. Thk Grkat Kirk at Bayou Baiia ? We hara aliearfy given name account of the dieattroua Ore at lt*yon Para, on Friday night, the 14th inetant. We have been lavtred vltb the tollowlog llat el the nttat* of th* au!Ter*r*. their loaa**, and aruoant ioscred ahow leg aa near an eetimate aa pot?lble of the ex'eal and paitlcular* of thia great calamity ? lake k Co., two warabouae*. no in?uranoa; E. HiU'a oll-? bouae, no Icaoranre. A l?vy, drv gootla at re, $M,000. Cbariea Hofiran A " o., dry gooCt t'.ore, partly Itauftd I'. Ado'pbu* grocery ttora, no inanranct Join ( Fernty. ta<k>r no inturance; A Zaboo tailor, no I* tuiance. K llill'a dwelling, no inturance J. Moit?l tu .* ttora partly istured. J. Herkdull, tin itire. no luiur ? nee Jamea Mark*. Isdgrr off'ce, nolnanranea .1 Kool fln dwelling, no tnauranre I' Adolplma dwelling, no lneurane*; II. I. -toekllng, deatiat, no iniuraac*. tire A Grtabam miiin*ry, no men ranee J. (Vickel. eaddler, ro oturtnoe. I. Cerlacbi ea Idler, part y ir>tur"l . F. Wcodflo, >boe etore nn iniaraiic* J .1. tl.yar, 4wel 1 bit no Inaurtnce II Ij*v? k Brother, drv g nit (tor*, partly lotured < barlee St' rr, ront*ct'ori ry. bar room, and dwelling. Felix Roman evelrv no intartDe*; 0*r trude Nolaero. f. w. c . bo ie* va ant, no inejren -e Hempten H hitakar, hotel, no Imuran ? Je oh Mettal, d?< I'-odt ttore no intnran * If. R Vlbbert dn.g atore to Inturance < he; lea K. Toorain, dry go?d< ixr i an I tv* *ar>-hOQt?t I7.0C0; J Whitman A < o., war?b''ii-a, , partly intored; J B Harper A Sna. ilrug it >r*, no in ? uranee Oertrude 'Volaeco, dwelling, au at'iianee, i Join F. Irrin. dwel mg, ne iniaraa^e Ch^rlee Mo man. , dwelling, no Intu-aa'se, U 'laut*, i't k*nae, icair.o ', Jamet Hal*, hotel, ( mith t Hotel, i ao Inturan-e K. Mumford. warehouse, occopied by M I rn!?ll. 1 1, I' Witty, har room no in>nranae K I'. Ingbf, fralt it< re, ptrtlr ln>ure^ I ebret A Hea'tell dry goedt tloie, 110,001 Martliall lionae. poet o'R a an I teietrt ;.1 , I no latartDce John H ll"n*he ?. three au'dt* -ro th a t'ahlee Total loat ? 0.l"00. In all 'ia* ?* ! tb* above, w* have hear t of a aoulei of other loete , | among which are .J. H A F. Knoih a t?m'>*twia* wart conae Vi h.'emen A lltUh, lota I ; i*?* J. H. H?*t ia?, if^a, $t 000 McO<nn dry goode aU>ra Two life* Unt, Jama* Batler and Frank DoratUey ? Atw Ori+ub /'?> iyuae, Junr 21 FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. RORIT MARKET. BniPAV, JCLY I? P. K. Tb? paat w?ck haa not be* a eharastsmad b y aoy erect of lmptrlacce. Vaotattoea for itocki h?re tfcroagbcat been weil ma!nt?i?e?1( ken a inrj l%r*? ?meant of baalne** luu been traneert?<]. Ttere b%? been ici change io financial alf*ir?. Th< ataodtao of monay rather inctaatethtB dlm'al *?, and there apprarato be a > probability of an laci' Jia>? ehufn. Wr i *nai.y bare a abort, dull, lot period to CO tfcroegh thla month, tad all are prep... air for iaa^ tirity asd depreaaiaa. Tim hot weather alr eady expe rienced 'iaa drren many ?pecslatora aad caplUliite ( ot of the city , aud ? 'ew non A lyt of m h a rue Mr heat would thin cot Wall atr?et wry ntn*h. ft ta az ptcted that atorka anil fa!! ot djneg tha 4ah aearoo, Lot we ' are no idea that any depre latton of importance will bo imIIbM. There Bay be no hoyefr in the atrkrt. and thoee who hold food it* ka will not b* anil ra, ba'. wtll put away their c?tM.ra*ea, aad wait tMr retain to tha city. No aaca aan ?lH ieara town koMlajt ka rge l >u <4 faary etocka. Operator* ta that rJaaa of aararitiee iMlf-ta lraee tha otty, beta* ooepelled la raaialn aad wat- j c oealy the spa aad dawaa af irlm Thara ai* many *a.tte? for a 4m tin* hi tha nwti valna o' f.rUa anaaUkittai d?r dand payief aaooka. toee? ? in vain. Thoae wboaoM oat with w eioecUtioo o i baying in igiia tt lonr prlcw abiut the vtddle of Jnlj, bin, Id oar opinion, nidt a mlatako. If tbey with to ooom in at all at any h'ag like price* realised, they mutt n>t pat It off too long. Too money market U llkrly to rtmila mii fw an inde nt Ite length of time, and eo lo jg aa It doe*. stock* cannot be much depressed. The exportation of specie last weak wm 1b the aggregate quite la'ge, although no heavy ship me at* were made by may ?tctmer. BHii'MKsTa or Hrscit raoa th* Port or Nsw Yokk Iltrk Uva, Marac?i>ve Am (Old *I,0>k) 08 bark l'a*eaUte, Uuoa Ayrea, doabiooaa.. 4,770 00 Htesncr Atlantic, Liverpool, (told bin .. :i2T.768 8# x ?> ? gold win .. 4 TO 000 00 " Ualoa. Havre, " .. 1P7 8*<t CO ?? >? ?? gold ban 24 1,056 '.2 ? " ?< iagaU 100,2'?9 6c ?' " ?' gold and silrrr .. 23, 300 #0 " A rial, " A merlcaa gold 7,000 ("0 ?< <i ? fraaos 3,000 00 Total for the week *1,338 088 tW l*T?rlou?l7 16 736,083 01 Tttal for I8f6 ?17, 074,918 #7 Mr. A. H. Niolay '* regular setni-waekiy aa tlon ?ale of ato< k( and b?d< will take pia? on Hindi? next, the 2d p ox.., at 124 o'oljok, at the MercitntV Exchange. On the Ilat will be f mod $75,000 Vir glsia State Hoods, "hypoth sotted." From the "Regiiter of Canal Riats," recently prepared in the Ctnti Drpt'tment, and printed for the use of collectors of cantl toll*. the lib my Jw mil gathera the following face: The wh >le number of boata registered la OfiO. Hupp alng these boata to b? of the average leogth of 78 feet - which It pr bably near the trae average -if they were all marshalled In single li e, toucnlng etch other, the extent of the line w >ui(l be or<)r 73 mile?. Iheir tornage, at an average of 80, would be 3% ,800 tons." The anthracite oal tin nag i by the three princi pal line* to tide water the paat w*k W Urgor tbtn ever befo e, and reachea the very eoonnou* tinaag* of 137 527 tens, and for tie sewon 1,9211 020 tuna, the shipments by toe liehigh NtvlgUlen are again larger than the tonnage by the Retdlog railroad. The following la the caoal tonnage by the aeveral for the week and season? that of Uie lie Ugh being up to Saturday lait, the otaer two ap to Thursday of thia week : ? For w?'(. For Seaion. I^bltb Navigation, 64, H5 4H|,788 Handing Ktilroad 61.V7K 1,104 413 SebuylkiU Navigation 31 <k34 424 826 Total. 137, 6V7 1,#2(?,0 :6 Thia tonnage ia considerably in advanct of tie ahlpraetta by the same com pan es to tbe st-ni time laat year, and yet, large a8 It Is, there ia no row >n to suppose that, even should tnere be no latsrrup tion to the tree and full working of the several lines, there will be any ex ;es? of supply. Tne esti mated increaae of csrisum >tlca thia year over lait is something more than GOO, 000 tins. This Increaae will hardly be reached. Tbe amount of coal shipped from Richmond, the <!ep<.t of the Reading Utilr >ad, 'u -Iok tne week ead Ing June 23d, c languishing tbe destination for thia season and lait , up to thedtte, was at annexed: Ship* ? <riM or Coal raoa lticnao.\o, Wffk Hinting June 'I. Ui, l?A.'# Albaay, N Y WW New Load >n, Ct. 460 llabgor, Ma.,,. ?... 216 Newport, K 1.. 613 IViaton, Manx U.64W N. V., k nruokljs, . . 8,88* Hrnlrabur* , Ha 1,813 Norfolk, V'a.f. ...... 40 ODbndi*, Mtai.,... 821 S'otwiih, Ct., 4'i# Otaoa*. N .1 1"? Pswttekat. It I, ... 210 Charlattiu, H C,... 316 PeUraburg V*,..,. 216 < bsrleatnwn, MitM ,. 460 I'lyaiouLb, N 0.,... 60 Cbelaet Ma?? 560 Portland, Me 6i0 Chanter. I'a 50 Pert' mouth N II l.'JHS Cbuv'i M V J.,.. M l*oughtee|iaie, N Y, 2.18 Cbriatiaoa, l>el 17 I'art lUcOmond, I. I, I'M Col'i ga PnlAt, N. V., !i!3 Prorldaa^a. K I ... 1 688 tmnttra, Mtaa., 220 KaadtU'a Ul'd, S.Y. 214 Darby Cona 133 Koodo it, N. V 123 Million, K I 2' 0 lloioury Mm W 1 1 Kali River, Ma?,... 2,824 Kye, Maai , 8U KUtbuab N Y 218, Me Ill Folly I^Jg, It. I , .... Halam , M?a- 2,3'.'8 trariilrtii, Pt 70 .Salem, N. J HI Gee rgatown, D.C,.. 24? gmg f ng N V , ... 1 i? (Jljoeaatar, Mtaa.,... 148 Houlbport C ,a 1H", OlaaCcve 117 BpayUn KeeUCr N.V h3 U eeawica. It. I ,.... 408 ? Jo'm N II 212 Harlrm, N. V 127 Ht..oy Pc. at, N. Y?. 116 li<rtf<trd, Ct., 413 Taunt . n,M.a? 13-( llaaasa, (sba 4<"> Tori at a li> V. J ... 26 Molntttburg. Pa 132 Van?*retl('t I/I g I. I 212 Hudaoc, S. Y., 804 Wire's Nlaad, N Y. 612 Jersey City, N J ,... ?66 Warahtm, Matf , ., 1)3 Mamaroneck, N. J., 1W Wtnao. R. I, 1*8 Mticua Hook, Pt ,.. . 110 WaablngUm I>. C .. 458 Mtr'il. Y N.J,... 25 Wa.tchaaur, K. Y., Mai":fcr<i Maaa 130 W??t Karma N. Y., 2liO Mcora?towa, N J.,.. 60 Waat l'o<at, V Y .'I#8 Nnhaut, Mtea 224 Wilm'ngUm, liel,.. 8 -H Saotuckat .Matt.,... 150 Yorknlle, 135 Neetrk, N. J 652 1 Saw l'*4'ord. Mtaa ,. ll>6 Total 4H.280 Nea Rruaawlck, S.J , 140 For aaaaoa 870 806 \?wburvport. Maaa , 580 I-aat year, 662,#62 Maw Haras Ct, ... 8W6 Mr. Joerph 0. Martin, atock broker, of Rxton, has compiled tae annexed statement of dividends payable In that city In July thia year. Tie rata of dividend In July, compared with tnat declared in January last, ia alao givea : ? Bowto-i 8tai AwsrtL [imiimt- Jaartar a?o Joir, '66 s. lh <n Itndi . ^ 5v. A**'"1*1 ? Sicks. Ooj/i'al Yr * /a/jr, '68. t ij* r? I- K:\troad O, 'l. It ? Dtrkshire >320,600 1 \ I \ $6 809 I? Hoate?*lAweU l,8iUOOO 0 3 64 ?K) I ? Ik ? ton tod Mama. ... 4 164,700 4 3 1 '24,1 . t i ? Poaton A Woreaater.. 4,600,000 3 3 136,000 tapo'ol ?,OOOat*a 8 0 ? 1? ciiealilra 2,168 200 0 2 Ia bonrfa 2-1** Jk W (am (praf) 1*0 000 8 3 I.WK) 2?1 ei a W. Cam. iol4> 1 20 000 3 ?, 2"^ 3,W<0 17? Mleh ran t'#ntral .. #081.000 8 4 24'), *74 2 ? N. Ilacford k Ttoatoa 6t0 i<00 3 I lt,0iX? 2? (?. <o!o?? Ail". River. 3,014 100 8 3 ?fi,4.v lC_p?tarbort>' k Afilrlay. 800,000 0 2 8 -WO a?I'lttaBrK K S A USSI. 45".0?>0 3 3 1...600 m I'rov aa.1 Wnrmtar. 1 MWO"!) 3 0 ? 1~ Htoeib'Ml Urtarb.. . 8A.44KI 4 4 2 418 S ? launt'/B braocb 8l'l 000 4 4 10, '*>0 1? .Waiter a M?0.0?0 3H 3'< 1?0,2J0 2 ? Worcester k Ntahut 1,800,0^0 0 2 18,000 Total MM, Of* V inuf <a\ri' Co. I. If ? Pttas ??i-fl,000 3 4 $32,800 1? 'ocbacn ooo ?b's 0 $18 31,'* 0 2? < dotocfxik . 1 40 0' 0 0 12 ]i' liooelta Ait .VtO.OO-, 0 8 11,000 ? laaeesVr Mlus 2 000aa'a$'0 <> ? ioaell 8,v?0 ah's |J0 0 ? ? M?orh?"tar 1'rlat l.OOO.COO 3 2?" suwkeag 7'*.0C0 4 ? 28, VO ? Parkins. 7T 1800, <00 0 2 2'. ooo 2? Kea iwl^b ll'aaa .... 4oo,000 6 6 2 0"0 2---taia Mills 1,2W>.COO 3 4 60,000 Total $220 800 i?r?aawr oa f .tus S? Albter <1U 1M.6 14' o?*i 3 3 4 200 2? Alhaay8'a WaatR. R. 1,000,000 2 3 JO. 000 ?I? Itaitf I, I tf >ux a Ar>o^t ? ? 8? Boataa a Prov. R. R... A?-?it 3 3 3,080 ?? l(flav,? Ai Kerceatar . 42- 'Oft 3 3 12 . >0 2- Cheakfre 8 a 7K?, .00 8 3 tl,008 8? (< owr1 k M<m'retl . About ? ? 8? Ixwrbestrr 4 Mlltoa J.%Vt 3 3 1,186 V? ',ran 1 Ju'if. lataj'ga 360, OW Z 3 2? Ma?a Hrate f.'$ ... 6' 0. 2.t{ 2 ?> 11 600 2? V-Liaa 'eatttl .... About ? ? 28.000 1-Woewfcb Uty ? ? ? a_0 (?lor,7 k ? Riaer . 17*. too 3 3 t~f?M*boro * Hh'riey ? *w> 8 8 .02 2? l'orU?adOtyO'?. A beat 3 4 It 000 2? t'altaO Hatas l< ta . . Ab?rjt ? ? 8 Vt. 1 Mara. Jay, '64... Xte.eo'l 3 3 8*, 704 TaUJ MM, Iff Mtntfh v?w 1? Ami ict a lu Ot IH,M * < *4 00? * ? K iluata* ?> Itr'* (?. iliOOQO X IX *714 S-rrMkHa Im Q? ? ? li v>> t?V A*.?Tir?n !a? ?a.. **) VP, I ? ? 000 S-? hUUa H? t?i C? . IW.'iOO *4 I 4 '/<, *fl?A?IUa??g> HI "S* InWraat ?? . W,,\ W7 MioufK-trr S( f It !??<? ? St. MO Rai)taa4 Inaiaao-la fll.&Ti To?al?a? Vf,1W 11.411 (A Jll 1U* I It I M0 ?' J?iy. MM. I MT.771 " Jm> IM4 .. .. . J.iWI .440 ITha ???/?!>! of ta uaaa'-.j fT* m J %*, iff { I tf*?? >? J alt, u It* ana m) pa;ia?ata ar? at tktl I i.?? . aatJaaaarr la* r<tr (<*.<? <i, 'JO ta u??l? I ?WI, ait* la# lib a| haaatiw ???#, <?), . tM Uwa'>utl'> Ufa taauraa* 'ma ft talarast .'|J00 | ">,i kalp*- u> - ?.i: la* ? ? taUi a', hat t *?? I>??a ?ra #hm -nap ao ?? ?r?i/t vill *>??>??? If I di'i'ta i Ur w tha aiaatk of Jaif, hat t??. M*. /at I . xlaiM lk?* Aaaoac uaaa antU to''* ?.i ^tar ' < saaay, a*>-k all! aa*- >? ??'if e1?1 *a > *? 1'ia IUa.1 u.a War-Uaa aa* Maaaa* .natte *?l . Maai fv'iriaf Ua^ac m Ika B> i ?a ao4 Utt 7 W J Car r ra1 <"a, at/ 'ka hnaa. I la?ar%a*a < aaitaf. TM afcaaa 4f**4aa.a an pari**" at tiaa <tavaa f r?? a ' 1 ? I ia lht? - <f l?r l^artaia a?Ma> Vry Ka liaa4. at ( rarUitaai aa4 U? Waraartir aaf , >tt,Lu Kalr?. at ? itaarla, kat a la-?a parttaa af , I..?ai<'>aa4 11 Maa at tka 1 ai a*.i?u r> ait? I I 1 Mi a? tfca IWt.aaahll>til Ua *aar\ar1, aaa, Tha dividend* ?( January lut are aUo ftraa far etm parteon. bat ?uch eo-por?'U>aa m kirt p?a*el twe oc ei?trt#uda ara on *bib| tfeaaa ar? tha Mot trn unc lYoridroea, KuUrt. Fitcbburf, U 1 HtotMlW atxl laarwM Kftl'roai'a, aad tbe Caloooe?, MlldU?c, Ni w K?fl?ad Worm*), M <ahu>, Nalasn Kail* aad MM d'aai>i toauufaiturla* Oorapau'ea Tba n p-T mat (IitI land r>r in* Mlebifu Caatral Rail road, la Jaaoary laat, ara? fa* tba ;ur ?ravio-i? anl pa ? a hie io *?ock . Tha praeeot la a c?at> ?>?a tha fl rat e?m< uautl dlvidead rnf duelarad br the ci?*p?ay, wljlcb la inUaded to ba soatlaued, la*'ead of annual paiiuent* a* baratoloie. Iha Paterbnr?' aod Shirley Railroad (lo Metaarhaeetta) pay* a ea?b ifivideod of 2 par cant (par 1100); ?al all acrip of tba 26 par cent atoca dividend, declare! loa? month* alaoa. muat b? oon ?rrV<l Into ? Htrea and ?a teredin tha l.oota of the "orporation bafura Jul/ 10, ia or<*?r to ob'aln thi? raab J|vld?nd. Tba dividrud of tba Hou/'aa? A?* (Joipia; !? for a year en ?.'<<?<>. CtiO, tba capital barlnf ba?a laareaaed fiom ?1 -0 000 Tha i'Iv d*od of tha vortli A meriraa laiuraoo Coa pa d j la for bva oioatna, tba time of aakia( up ib* ?l( u.1 ctba' arccua'a baiox rhtural frue Jua? 3 1 to Ma? 31. A* July I fall* on ^unlay tbla yaar ?a praiurn* toa in*ere?t on boada will be paid on Saturday, Juaa JO, If called for. Tha Wrrrwotar an<1 Naehua Railroad baa raaaaaad divi dends, after having paa??d on* in Jaouary laat, la order to pay off aom* nia'urini( llabil'tlea, and tbay will pro bably now ba noatiaued regularly. The annexed H'avmeit exhibit* the quantity aid value o( certain artlcli* exported from thit pirt dtirlDfr the weak ending Friday, Juae '2!?, 1H55, diatlnpuiehing the dm instion aad extent of ship merit* to each place: ('OMMKMI'K OK Til* I'dllT or N?w Vore? Kiniari. (Jin m.'. Valur yuan'. I Banket* '.'A >1 "M Hat'a fcoda. . 2 ?l ?",7 Harjtra fl ftnfl In'ia rubbeer. ? 15, *64 H?>? 29 4 Uflfl Mua.ral laat.. 51 7,241 Boitl?a .. BrU'lee,, BractN. Hruabe* Hut on*. (' 18 8 2 2* UK Cblna 165 Heper* ? (lay AW Clo'ka 1 Ooal, ton*.. 3, 340 ColTee, b*a.24,607 I 'nn irooita , , 18 llruga Altbla root.. R Arrowroot .. 8 Areola 8 Haleatn Tolu. 20 Hay water fll It rarb. audi lllea poarier Ilrimattne . . . Caa'or oil. . , . Codhver do < it aeid 12 Or. tartar.... 12 Cur Lear 20 ? 1.37 1 Matheoaatdo. 10 1,814 Optical do. . ., 1 437 Hurflcal 3 1,211) l?ory ? 2 bflB Jaaalry...... 14 4 Di'l OU p?intio<a 4i 7,JflO ijquorl? i3,?Hfl Al? 23 1.H71 Wraudy 0* 140 Oordiai! 11,316 t:io 3H 9B0 I'ortar .'tn.l 303 HflO 114 Ham ....... 10 l.?atbr ... 11 Ilio ? H ahoaa 0 l>rr"aed akma 114 C adrrtaal do ? Maul good*. . TO l'.?0 100 100 102 0 1,MI1 Cutlary a 362 3 21 1H Kitricu ..... &?']. oila . . . . H?rt. jrf ta^h iodide potaab Ipacae., .. ... 1'echaa .... Mac anaar ell Opiom l'r-ru? bark.. Phoapbrrua. Qulalba HeK.antirnoDy Mai aoda .... 4A6 hoda aah .... 400 Sulpb copper 33 Succory 13 Tr>ni| beaaa . 16 Otber article* ? Iiyewooda, tir ? C?Jora 36 Kuatle.. . . . . . ? loiltflo # I ofaood . . . . ? l.itbarta..,. IJDaeed Oil. Maddar oil I'aiaia Sumac Vaiiinllioa . . . i> lf> Krait? llauanaa ? CoceariaU... ? l^mrca _ Nnta ? O'?oirea ? l'lorapplaa.. . ? Sauca ...... ? TairarincJa ? I- DxraTioga . . 4 b?m ao t 'artlitD aare H|,fl Kaacy(M><'? Vtt 1 uroitura. .. . 14 Kora 14'1 Klal ? blaaa fitO CltNtail... 67 Olaaa plate... <>4 Mirmra f>f> Gaaoo h,lb0 Hair 4 Ham* 2 1.311 1 1611 1,1811 2. *<66 14H r.oc a h.",o l,l*l 848 4 JO Hit ?66 7,(k:8 1H0 6Hfi 1.^^6 .. U .. 161 .. 113 . M .2.326 Hard ar ara <<ooa I abl.ia ... Iron tona,, 1"* 4, *24 Hoop 4t4 Shi at 4 28 Railroad ...1.1X1 Tiii>ea 168 141 16 107 1 S 8 48 113 137 ?rii 116 K0 Wire Need an Naila Platwl wara. Hraaa gooda Copper . . . , I'er'n cap?. . 11,604 Shea'hlof 1,2*0 1 HO Hteel 2,111 Sadlary 22 I ??4, plja. . l,3'>6 Tin .,..20,278 '/.loc 236 OH m?t?l.... ? llurr atonaa .3,646 Marhla Ill Mnlaaaea 123 Paper 11 Pap^r haaic'a. I'er'aaiary . . P.p'a .. .. ? I 'a m leaf . . .8 200 PLaater .... 770 l'o*aU/e>.. 11,040 Ra*. 213 Itatlaa ....1,888 lloa 611 Su| . ta.Vb*ICi 41H ?|l?a 41 H?i( 8 rtatiooer) . 30 Salt ? Maeda ? Tea 18,927 f. 6.17 1,07# I,e00 II,078 1 7?7 lit H38 2,090 1,076 400 h24 4,H*8 428 9, 420 li.m 7.'i,IOO 3,382 1 B40 OSW 175 18 51.7 r>03 3. (UK 8 673 11 700 Tobacco . . . ? 4?rt Tapto-a 97 11/.M Tamato'i . . . , ? 62.r> To?? 08 247 Watcbal .... 88 8,t 40 Wmea ... 2,'2Hij 289 ' liampacaa 6,876 81 887 W.^d_ 6,476 Mahogany ? 1,889 i ?>ra ....... . ? 4?,M.; Hraxii ? 2 372 lloee _ 4,4('0 Wtlloir ? 2 244 Vtr.ol 86 4,kt6 Hotka 1.14 4,988 W a-ta 45 1 l.tHfl I.ombar . ? I 407 other article* ? 286 1 63 426 467 427 12 825 1,904 818 2,411 226 1.1M 288 1,166 4,1 19 9(1 3D, 811 139,881 0.41* 2,518 13 813 13 298 iMI *7,021 38,641 3,:t89 1.I-5I T.4J2 1,847 1,723 2 488 845 1,416 940 1.716 8 791 16>>4 41 886 3 993 28.4 22 1 14 779 9 168 4,793 3 874 8 28 19 772 1,111 44* 3 217 2,714 4.7 29 791 421 9,721 3 334 4 571 396 8 lir, 12 *17 l.JU 139 1 01 9,3*8 1,3 8 1 66* 1,007 68,9 13 21.221 y,wi.. 18,818' 4H0 ?JfX/ 2.098 1 328 1,47 4 ?V?C 90 i 1,78# 2,0814 Value af m '.ae eiported darlaf the weak .... 8' 11,84 b I *0 apecie do dc. I, ?>" '"4 Valaa of ei porta 84.277, 826 Valoe of in poita.,,, .............. 3,475,4.-. I Excari of Import* orereiporta 8I,1*7,8m There ia notblOK particularly laporUuit or late reattrg In In* above atateme nt of exports. It will he eeen tnat the aft?rr?f%Ut baa b*>n pretty wal| diatrihated. Hrtadatuff* form but 9 trifliug amrant in the tola]. The following ia a rommratire *t?temeot of tba value of experti f. cm the comminoeaeni cf the yaar to June 2H : ? 18(4 1*66 /ivr^ll Cotton ...88,4*4 821 $6,783, #80 ? Hour .... 4,8i4 889 2 >.?? 340 ? (?ia meal 19. 951. 179.081 ? KMat 3 637,138 71.401 _ foro .... 2,l?2fclK? 1,760,449 _ Ilea' 960048 887 886 81"7,6*7 PtfTk ... .. 71.9 661 1,7*1 SM 1.071. M.8 /Wrnlir 88,891 181 2,764,999 13,874 2 4*\8U 404 104 M?1 I10.ltt.444 III, 441.93S II, '27#, 24. |<Jfl TO Nut 'fnnw to Jw 21, IHftl 7,04?,HT llark Kn n>n|?. CiT' iinT, Jnna 30 H't. &<i aba V V R MO W?i bo ?I MO Il?i0 ! - ?? *7 J- MX) lad 0. it 601*1 do . . . 2' <00 .lo . r. ?) do. . sono Vitt ' . 1U o* do . . . IWK 1 U?!-l?o< '? I0<0 Mar I.I U h.'a 4(^ki \t ? <' It 71 tl MOO ^r>? i?da M of! 2.'." o fr><o Mt 7i ?V 1 ?o . . . MM Md 0 Al'.aoj K* t'tfi :i 00 II K :M k M? lor<*? do. .. M0 I04/0 |->n M. 34 U 200C N J ' ?n <'K bo MC IU'*nKKb:> II n?l do anoo in c kk v >< >|i 800? III Kr??l ! 0'a 10(0 Tr* h h* la'.M H0( I) ?. la 1. 1 uli* <>???? H?*4 11 Hicmi Ihr.i H ' <ronu??eo k (k 300 hi r T >ui fV> a<X> ?:<? \n a 240 ( aotoa Co VQ do M0 fO do *10 40 do 1 5 l'??n 1 1*1 Oo . . l'O l om ('*>*! < ' . r 100 7i'. ;u> 31 0 10 V Ml ,i>") 4* 4 4* do V.I V 'lot R K d? ? '.V' I l(Mtj V ijfoU -0 . ltf.00 CO . .. 1*0 lc<// nrtifov :? 7? t oo in. b-u .r J'f0bo<*oujt ;| ? fOiljr.a KM M? MOO m. .. b,o * 'A <!o t*> ?'"?0 I I I root t-u 2?*t0 4o . . . *40 3M U> N!? Tr ? ?!') 1M 4o. . .. ?> tM 4b.. . . M 1(0 dt, , U0 do... .. H 11V? V ?'.* *0 101 ioi s t??i VI *** 44 1, ? I l4 wly no 77 K>4 t ?SI *??? il'i 42* t; ??i % <4 I4> K 140 *7* 27 ^ 27', w a 113 H ?s 34 ?< 2?S IWiW 1'*', U.'itv ?** HI* 1^1 <t 41 4iy >'i, M >? '? M V, Hk 17S i'H ITS 17* 860 4o 100 100 ?tn 7A lo f 100 , r.o dr. ?io io t 60 .lo ... bio IOOS ft" ??.-> ?I0 100 { loo in ... no i'K?*< ?o Chi kfit ii i'. u n \ to Himm K K . W4K ' '?<? Kmo K*tlr?o<t ViO 300 ti.O 300 IU0 300 KiO 40-) luO 100 M4 I <lo . , . 4a ... . to do .Oil* 40 ...,U . .b*? II < MH ?!?? 42 V) ?1* 41 H M ??'< 421| Li SI 4? *M 4u do ... >10 W-0 ll?r!-? H"4 H ' * , 2^? <lo ?>?? 200 4? b40 |WR<*4li| KK ? A VI , ?it- 0 4? *3 ?I>J '.llidf-f. It K t 4i, Mi Mirb < H>'. (.?? 103 lu W r K S I Kd 1/4 lOOIIUCfO KK..-A 47 < M 4o . . . .?.l 47 2-'. Cot k I'HU RK 44 IV) 4.J bl M? do .... 41 40 114 <.?! A < I. ' KK. 100 1MC!*V 4 lot HR i?ii 200 do ...bit 4.< , 40 da.... v'JD i?<i WIM */( .M !lu Tr Oo b^-4 17 V Mi.iUulUKIt I 'J* ? to ?g . 4* 144* li UMk < ??l RK... 101 14 Co*l <? lo ... 0< 1 <4 C %? I0? Oo ??M 140 dt. .. ?#) IO0 ?o . 410 1< 0 Ik 144 Cri* Ko irmA >14 VOO 4* I?, do ,, I ? IW ** KM ... 34* do .... k*. n\ .4* 2.', 4I? . ?<s 4i^ Cir* 1R4DK HK.rwilT. (UiriMT{;iMiMr If #t wUa|?l ft ym n I' Mt to i n 4t?lo luiiopm ?Iktr-Tk awu' dtU V til Win, oiwl ???!-? m>? I b? MM ?okri?l ? bout ? 0C* ? " 6*0 Hvl-U C400M to |*>l ??d iSIm br?' ? of Mat* ?! 44 ii ? 14 34, ool ?( |4 l v ? ? - ' ? * ? ?? *m 4o,ot#? 40 o I ? 111* oo* aw l* I mm! ao4 111* til 7. for fondle n in Hoatoon *m Mi <? to< |ta???4 ?llo aip>r?to mm ot li < ? 110 '? I #1'< 17 voo tueUto -??laa akoot f j 1 ii , #4 t* 44 ? 411 T'< Wow. -tri'l uli ><?< ?*t*r M of ?4!'? M??.? ?oo at fi V4 (*ra >14 ??v.k mi f'jrVbof iliua of amoral ffco ?i>i n*' h4 '*< I M,M it.Li ? oo l*? a|w*, HkMiIi f?/f ? l? "wiaoo aw?4 ol Mt I " oo ? t*>1 to |r IT*, i? 4.fft| ?r4i at ? V a *<a :W oo ? mi oia aaa/o atOajaj at ilaa omotaoolo o*4a ?? 'j^naa ?ad aado f*44w R?o ?oo Invot MatoaoTIM Voal^U mao ?a4a 04 II M o'W Mrlt feaid II 4* o ?1 a* '>at? ana ?oU, al '4- I ?t hr m?to u4 Nb4 nd aaUrt Uoa a^?a af tW ?aa? ? 10\e.;60 do. lOe., aad ltO mat* of Jae* tut *4t *t UHo. Orrruv - Tba mIm ww UalMd U AOO a TOO Mm, vttboui further la prica*. Kbuiihtn Hi Utarpnol tk?ut 80 000 buabaka af otm w* r? M|i|nl il 44 IB b.ilk lid M. In chip's tap. A few baa iM talM of cottoa arera M|i|M it .1-144 far toapraaaad Ttim ?u ootblag bow to loadoa or to tba ooatlaaat To CaJlfoi a a rataa varied froa :iftc. to 87 Me per 'aot arugrimtat Hit ? Maraet laaoUe*, only 200 or 300 balo* loll, at lOOe a lot* I bo* *aa Ann. with modarato ??'?? Mm ? Th* roartat waa ataadr, with light aalta. St*ll lota Now Or lata* coiumoa iuU at 2Sc. N*> ?i istobm vara qulat, at 40)(e. for aplrtta aad Ur for rnla yr 110 lb? dellearad. Pbovimo**. ? Pott? Tlia market romalao.1 firm wttk ?oilirtKi uaaaartloo* Tba aalaa embraced a?ut 400 l>Ma in'lunlDx new a*a* at 019 60 and now prima at ? 18 W a tin y . old a>? waa at |10 1 1 a lit M aabad. Ileef wan llrm. with aalaa of 300 to MO bbla , at ?? ft a ? 10 26 fur country pi m, aa< III a fl3 for foot oeaa trj inw r?j>*<?.. 1 i Lirt^o rarlad from tlO a #17, tbo lattar for extra Cu? m" it* warw la aoderat* daaaod, with aal?* of about 900 , ? *?? ? at TX* * k. '?* ahaal dera, *r.d 9V a It '?e. 'or haul llaeoa we* *t**4y but aunt. 1-at -1 waa In fall dam tad, with oaloa of 8M t>> 4<o bbla , at I0^?. a lis llutUr waa at Ik a Ite. for (tbio, and lKc a Tie (of Stat*. ' li*a*a waa qalot atd hear;, at rd atM4e. Id'-* waa quiet, aad no aalaaof mmneat wara rapartoi. hi oa**.? Ha market <-lo*ed for I ha weak at a <lao lao of ',c a '4r. Th* aalea to day wara roallaxl to aoaa 4(0 a too bad*. < ul>a muecarado, bt 6He * * V* fo? roaiaxm. to 6T,?. a for fair to good quallt *? .-ail lota of both Itiaa au(*> aad moiaeeae war* aotd at p t. Wiiixkkt ? Th* *?!*? i ear hod about 160 bbla otio aad Htat* p: tin, at 40c. a 40^0. (ninmeoce of thr Caiuli. Statemaat ? o w ng va? total quant I y of aath art' eta tint cleared on lb* canal at, aa'l th* total qaaatikf a t erich aiticle lelt from tb* caaal at Naw tta miath t f .In a* l?.1? And alao th* whota amaaataf Uil a racat*"' oo bo?U, paaa*a|*ra for floaa, ho , ha . ob aacli articl* for tUa aaaa |??rlof ? ArluUt. , l/wmti'f > Ifkib JetwiUy Ar'ually iiawil^ Ih$rnplum. Jlrit rid arrivrd lotU ra '4. IVvata. .. ? - 11,436 M I'a?*?i>frr* ? ~ 1 Tt>r fbrml. Kur aod paltry, lb* ? 11,0(0 hMMt o' Wood ? Beard a ao<1 acaaUtag, ft. 0,2 Td 3,911 H00 7 II fflili ylaa, M ? Ml 000 ? Tim'x-r, cubic fwt ? 1A6,300 ?? Hla??a, Iba ? 4,937,200 ? Wind, cold* ? 9 ? ? Axhaa, pot and p*arl, kbU. ? 1,207 ? ? Total of tha ** ,i4jfn<nl!urf. * is 10 .?'* 1 ?? Iba 900 6, 218, <100 10 6.^ ?;?? ?* ' ard tallow and lard oil. 400 ?, 994, 200 U m, ::::::::::::::: *,*<* Total product* of ?*' VrB.t.bU^ooa- _ ft|U7 It l>lour, tin. \'t* VN h- at, ba.U'la ? Si r :..S! - \ 4?rn a <?rBm*al. bh'a *??!* la "T :.v.vr - >?& - llraa *n<1 iblp atulTa Ita. ? l T| |'.aa aad baana, buabtla. 1,1 I'tUioa* - ';"J? |)rtad fruit ? "?*w ~ Total *rK*tabl* food ?' " All other aartrultural pM,ducU <!ott?.o *????"? t am*nul?elu/ad tobacco 1 1 ? , 1 f ? II, W? Cto'ar aad |>aaa a*od.,.. I#,' 00 ''??r*'- - no.too ? _______ ToUl all other agrtealtafal pro-lufU >M ** Yoi*l afrtcuttaral<ur1* >14* 44 Manvffirturn ^ |io?na*tic a|ilrlt?, galltB*.. . ? 1M 7T0 ? O'.l m> ai anl caka, lk? ? *90 *00 ? leather ? ?*rniure ? liar aad D n l*ad ? 19A.H10 I' t - 2, 12*1,900 111,000 ?il ?? Kioom and bar l"'B ~ ,u II l aa'Uya IB") Uon war* 809,-00 194 700 344 01 I Im static wroll*n? ? ' |)t uieatle fi tUiea ? 1 JIOBie*tl? "all ? rt KnaUaaalt 107,600 17,000 71 08 fotal n>?Bufartttr*a #1,270 66 JfnrtmiJu' Iba 4,778,427 900 4.4T1 44 VU,.aa?. 1,341,797 600 I U% 07 (T SoTT..!.!.... :74,07ft lktvio 707 00 ".?il* apitea ao i horaa ' 60.034 #,700 471 40 [! Ir< a aad ateai*. 1.9M.4M) - I.40T ?8 | hliat (BaB.ei, crock *?y and ? laaawaro .. .... 278, *42 l'<0 ITT M All of er iMirbat a# , . 'J Tat 0 , 4 J,0, '"0 ?,k4t 00 Itallrta l In a . . .0,9: - *.446 01 Total ??tf baodiao. M {MArr Jrtt. Ir$ T.'t? cattla, hcnaaod -ho?p, ? tore ilo.a aa 1 clay 2 '201,000 8 .4 .Ooc *v0 80 ?^?Troal 4,412, 00f? 1.109 OMM *78,100 J, n t.400 ^rtt io Tdtal ' 'tbai ortlcla* * Tota' ?eee i ,?? a * I e? rt'.fy tb* a?-a?a to b* eorract It 1 1 II li It WOOt*, CallacV*. Kiw T?rt, Jan* SO, 146"> Weekly IU|>art of IteatKo la tbo *ltf aad co*atj of N*w tork. fr<i? tka *td Ooy of J*a* b. tb* ?0tb day of Jaaa, 1460 Mao, 61 w?mb?b, fc8; br>?a. 127, ftrla, 1 l# -T*tal. 841. Adaita, 104, abiJdnu. 287, maUa, 178, fawalaa, 1?, *o iorad p*?*?/a?, 4 n mi?. ? feear, po*rp*ral % A'araaa of tb* bra n 1 K??*f r*ailtt?o* I AiDuaiBar-a, ao ) >trt?bt'a l'*?*f a ar*t 14 <ti*eaa* of ktdr.aya 4 )***r *bip I Apopleiy 3 ?e*w, trpboid 6 A.p'.jtla, lafaat) 1 '*??? ???? * A.!b*a ? r?a*W?o, of tba .kaU ... 1 Hiaadiaf . . . . .. ' Ooot ' I liaart, 4l*ao*a of ? 1 Himvinm ,.?*?<???? 7 n*mrU* til. .a... * . t Ho faed or ? ?al,'*?t 1 ladawKnaU-.a ?f braia .. 6 farmer of tba liter aad I a II .mra.t'-ra rrf k?*t 8 r'oaaek I laOamaiatkr* of I'ear . 8 f'aeoar ?f tb* I'oaiach I lofUBimatwro of laa(?. .. T f aarer of th* * loOaaMBfcUoaaf thraol . I ' ae'ialt) . (by fall*).. I'l m m?r.Wwd (by ;;u-,'.ra lofaaiun 10 tojary ta tba baad , . I n>"'rra oer) ?? 1 Ueoe, ?tao**e >,f 1 I .iiIm.U of lieer 2* ?!??**? -?f 0 t'<Bf *at < ? of >'r??B T Harteoil, a *lt 8 I. r yeat -a of laa(* ... . I rtara??a*a, iSfaoUia ? fVmaaia vti'.a 2* M*?aW* <0 (>B"i t'rrt^ a * i It .. 1 Ob0tr*a4l00 of bowaM, .. 1 OoaeuUiuo*. iBfaa'ilo .?> * Oroap ? 1 * 1 eb My, w". . ? .1 r*?r ?r [b> Jlf, tkfMrtdl .. . 1 fraoialnr* bi?*b .. ... ? fl*Urlun tr?o>*a* . . . 1 K?>*'ii?*w*m af b*ort I li.air'.*a ? K*pt*r* of koo*J4 ... I 8 H*p1??a. of waab. I r*vpey la 'b* baad . . . JO fcliifa.a 8 i-rr.pei la t'a orarlaa 1 * ep'OBi aar *!*?"* *' ' 9 ?* ?>?eeO??4B?a * ^eenlary . . ' Hpeu* ..... ?",! Ka'ariern*** of baart I KH'Ibairo *? I't i*??r 1 'to""*w^ I V/T* ?*ta? ' ?o*^0*. by araaoia .... I k .^r . 1 lt? r d*. by eatbot throo4 I I.e.r.'b^J .. 1 Watrwu bypota^ ....I fetrr ft'fr I Taaiaio? 4 y.eer aii?>r ? I akaoaa I !?**? ????**?? * ITT tot*J. Ml ay ? rrrr uryn-ianw <taaWO IV a#< to^oia *a 1 tHiiiVra aad yr*aatara Art * a?t I -'??? " btrtb .... ?? tt.r,. ratl.a. rraat 4*' 0, k?wa?B, a?4 Heart B?d bt??^> eaaa^ 10 OtUae l|Wt.'* "f1- *? I-*a#? Uwtiot br .... T2 l'b<arta-ii **at a?d (?o if. 4 aral feear* >4 Am!** a*4 arapttea I ataowa ' fereea li ! / aa/; ?e(*B4 4 tWal i.ffin.W ?'X tkirk loaJea war* frta r*i?.l una I'le. Iiaf 'ram lua(* Praia, die* tea of. ... C?4?r 1 T-' 1*? UtoMrwH M 1 Ve I 41 ttutlifan )? ?U. If*n II V, to <*j f??.. IT n ......... J HU)t"?r* ? !S ta ? fMn % llu? t? . ? i UtonikM ? Y< v* '.I ??? ? li _ fc'. t* M> /??/? ? T?U1 Ml iitinmt fcrU*J ? ft* <?.!??) I J ('? "At ?? M". ?? I ... .... .... t !/*>?'! 41 VklM 1 tt^UM* * ? liMl .Ml rrrtjo rmwrrrrr- mm 4 m It ? M . I iu?. I III hill HH?1 t H'-y u; 4 ?? 4 ? Ut 1 E?* ? Mm* I ? ll? ifttal, > ??ikJai'VM, Ma '1 ? JjI . I 0>4?rM Mr r? !U-r U< t ? I tuN li; WiriU I V*4*l SI I II 14 ?. II N 14 ... . ? l? fc 4 H ?? .. ?I t ii u m ? u i* m i i? ?? to ? n m to ? M n m 14. * to.. to I I * ? to i.uuiiii M totoi. . . . '*

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