Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 4, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 4, 1855 Page 2
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IMWMiO POLITICAL DISCOVBRffiS. Wk? Kn*w * willing*, lh? Dcaocrwy Mtd the ?cw Yolk a?i Ki<l? W no Cuuu Hal, [Froee th? WaebiD* ton Union. J 8TAHTL1>0 PBOPOIITIO". II wl'l be lemombe^d that white the Kiow No things ware in nafonal oonventon at PhU*d*lp5ia, ae at,* mot wm made to ke?p out of ??? the s!?v ?J qa* stioD ; to o<hf r words, to fetabliah a platform, ead tOf?ay 1.0' tun a; that woold indicate tin opinion* ?f lb* port) opoii this vexed Mid exo ting ?nbj?- t Wo h?w deemed i ; neceeeary to teeali the aritcie tn the M*w Tom Hctuld. iu whioi the nropoaitlou w*? irrt MTMOB'y mrft It o?me in the sheoe of a >t tor frcm the convention to the Hku*ld. nod ww ] tbna alluded to in the eaitortol c^uuini of tnei < prints? He refer to bia letter for the jvntKuUrx. Hare we "?J, briefly, that it in propoeM to le*re th* ilarery ^cee ??en ?n opaa one until alter November, 18*#. 'D order till the order way our; the iatervewofr "teio *ni the FitaWeatial election*, pro atavery n>?'a ?' Uk> Houth an I iitl hImmv m*n In the * ortu ?? rw-iM to ault? uu tixaa ft it b? foe !>?? met wh?;i CoogteM meet*, after tin ?leetiea, th? a!av?rj no'atioa will be fairly o^eeed ???t <lk>eQ?c*d, end, if po<wihle, an nnd-'frtswilinK b-?-i bu Ve?e? tbe North end thi Hon tn as to tfcn adauastan of tntore Met**. JUKI nJI > *:lt oth?r matter* *t ir.ay be tu ti ??!? e Uu :iu'nitca in tin fw>ta If an 'in riermi. <u both arctioi'i of tbe country *r? heel; 1e bfunStfee p*ae*-..bly , cannot b? arrived et on t>Hi km?t* o! tie ortt-mt costtlturton. tb?n that Oo-yraag xi Jeeje^a'l ? convention Uncalled eompoM'! of dt)?i{?'jt.?e Im>u ?U the State*, )?>? lb* pnroow of iicsflrtalni; wheth er et a**eaa?tb*r conatautlof) c ainoC he framed wh'o'i <111 ??? tie tMnom- l? tltot>ui? lit other wor-ia, to ataoad ?#?eo?dlepeW MteilNElt >n harmoey with -.he viirmtade ef to t*> rente am ooafli.-t of opie oan exU.t.,jg ie the Me*ent Aey. Aod, flakl'y. If, elt?*r da? if! Mr e??1 olewtitlen, it Is found iiopo>Mi?<{e to ioveut eey tewyteraiee which con tie received wiMiugU by rtoVi ?- c Meee of the country, that a p^*oeebt? s?pera;ten be ?r feete4 betvMi the North .nu South, aai ?v:o!i treet-aa >n?'l m iii?y be k'utable to tv.-,tr f ularn u>. ee?d tion. futk was Die sobemo l?r<re'y favored by tbo WentiWKn Men and t/ic>r S or hem "brovia ?" m tbe Knew in? c nroition. It ii trna t \e phi <Wt?t Bnfi.t'rd as it Wit dwfinoatandagroml uu >.i ly the prtont o.vver-; but u j one eta t*ee t ml the f i ootid upon wb eo, finally, '.he rival ?e jtious fere ??lied, if to niltotenu and norpoACs, praeMeaily tbo anme thii g. E->n>i wing 01 the fcuad oomb na - tion has ifs >wn i>)?tAjvm. The aboMttoni9r?, lei ty W. P. Jot nston. ths famoqe agitator, ?ho ad Mvca to tbe Knoir Noebiogx La spite of tbe pretnad ?0 national oiatfoini of t h uejority, hare tbetr oar twnlar cieed,and ??lil rail) nojo it; while, 03 he wtfeer lard the Bontnern Know Notbiucs, lei by Uajner a> d P'cut.oe, have a cteed upon wntoh they teka their ntaud bef< re ?be people of the HU*"h tid ing Stolen. There is n*)? uo dmH tbat buh taeae npoanntlv diff r tig sec'ionB will vote the same ticket 'n 1K56. The early ooorHe of Wlhm ii awn ranee of thie; the known favor with wteitih Ur. 3a wnrd baa always re garde 1 th? uiau of ^aTlag the slave qoestion to each Hec'<oa of the Union; the i??4iiKsa of the New York Tribune to forgive oven thing for tbe sabe of the triumph or tlte antf ?toTrry aentuncnt; and the tao'. that the Kio* Nv trgnna declare (hat toe Northern dimdaters in not seoeders, are bo many proo' that tbe abo ?^moniato is tbe Order, bivrng gained aU they des red ^ M tbe avowal of 0$i{ a?.?cwiae?, aud in tbd fko-iw ft? abolitioi) rep<rBeatattvea to the oe* O ?ngroie, *M ready to stand by the ti ket far Preaitbn; and Tlae- PreMdent whl? h may be agr*"! by the Mit Know Nothing conv ntion. What the Suath ?m Kae w Notbxnga will d a miy b? reality aatt >i patoi when we reoolleet tbe eagemeai with whl .b anen menaa Ravner, GnDom. Pr ntias, Hint, &o., jtkm lac da with tbe abilitionUto af the Nfjrth on every ocnaaion that presents itself. llewewbUe what is to beaome of the great iatorasL* Involved in the a. ways vexed and abioroiug isiue of tbe ripbto of tbe Southern people nader ttvj ooos .' ttenV Mr. Seward's game wi*l now be to e<eot hi ns If Pwaldent, ar to rob*i 3i?.t a >me weak and ua ertva mtn from tbe Nortb or tbe Sontb who will yl?'d to Ma wishes. Toe dsmagognoa in the Knoar Nothing order aant offices a one, aud oare nothing for prin eiplf s. By giving to tbe hungry hordes who f alio v tbe foitniea of that Order aii too sob rdlnate places, be will be able tf lust to scnieva, ei her by UOMMI e> another, the grand ot.j-c". of bis life. Cbc slavery ?nention woold oe ?oatpon?d till tbe or^atiiKUion of w new admtoiatratkm, ani then the program m of ?boti^toa aggreasioo, backed by t-;e power at the gov ?rment, wl>l be developed. Kiret in ttie *>riea will b3 tbe refusal to admit any new dta'e wbiib d >esn it in Ma aokstitntion prohibit the insUtntion of aUverjr. Tbia will be the grand noclena around which the e(b?r atrccrties asdueaxons > onteoapiited by tbe ?bolitiot iato will be cltstered ? tbe repeal of toe fa- : ClUve Blave law Sid of the Interwi&ve traie ay, tie ?babtion of slavery tn the District of Golambia, aad ? nrriea of laws by which e<[<ul righ'.a are to be do ?iaO to tbe people of tbe Soutn. Indeed, tbe balf of the work has already been iaae. Beward andtho Know N tnin^s have almort entirely aboiltioniaed tbe North. Chi FaJtv'.ive Stove tow. tbrongb tbe conjointd ixifla^noe of J >hn ataa ef Penni^lvania, Gardiner of tl waacbusot^, Hale of New mmpshiri, Ford of Ohio, aod othe Imv Netbicg chiefs, and tie eff .rts of U''. Se?a-d aad Mr. Giddmga, hai b.en p actically nnihfled in tbe fire States. Neirrots ara betrg el vavsd to tbe right# wtich are denitd to tbe waited. Liwa de JbstiDg aational legislation have bc -n passed In several cf <be NortiMrn states; and Id the new Cm gives tbe North is to bi repre-ten*ed by almoit nn fhriM aborttion deegati-ms. Tea rvst will txn betflketcd. an;essthe p opleot tbe 8 jath, folloviag 9m example of Virginia, shell aid tbe r-rne dt>m? eaaey of tne tree States in putting do vn tbtm inon atoena acbemes. It ia aaddemng to see that Son'Jiern men do not bititote to play a prom nent put fa tuts Irama, a id ) thtt, vttn ail tr e?e evidences b^i'oretasir eyes, they will persist in to?ir a'temn'B to deeeive tbe people ?f tte Smth. Daily, bo?ev*r, we see evidsnoes of tbe ind'pnatien wbicii thie treachery has awak mel amesg all pert** in that por ion of th? Union, and we Ugtn once morn to iee! (bat fac'ios etano^role %* eonntty when it is un?paru)gly uenjunoai and aniHl (Proa tfc? iUnhmand ]?aamii>er, Jua* 29 ] TUB "TBHRr. t'AHritH. ' )k? Nnw Yokk Hbk a lp has gol a sn (ral?r e roV^ ? at into tta be*: about tbe exiatenc > ot' ihr e part.ji it tbta count' v, aottgosiatic and abaolttiely irrecju cfiable in ih:lr motives acd th*ir objects. Tbere n<ver was a greater tfeiaaion. There are tow but tiro great part em in tbe Unlfc?<l Stttaa; Umv? have alwaja been but t ?o; their ubjacti are ao* mac i tbe biw t<? tbey alwaya &**?? b%n, nod ?veb at the* are likely always ti con' nn?. >?no prkcip'e of manhood wbiofi (I d b"e?t k >* in*,> Uie ae-nro o i tbe mfaut when be i? created a living a >ul, which prcmpta hWn in bin aaptf atlonn to; It m *y and ?qcal Mghta, wh] h inrpi.ea uim with a true * abi tlan and lofty pa '.riot mm, lay a Ui? fonadatioai of fcue conservative democraiv. I iia it ha ro.k on ?bl li tbe tr<ne p-litlcal rhor-.h fa bnlt. ani ta? "fetes ol Hell aha*! not oreva'l against tv' I) rno eracy ta an intuition, and n->t a ie*< m. I ' ia la t*i bean of the pelt reliant patriot, ?> d nut in the ne? I of tbe ?cb*mer and imitator. it <a the sound ?KBt and native impulse of tbe h inc ., ao r?r, bra-re ?an, and do', tbe aicbter croicbcc anil >n ?d f,j *v of the aebeming demagogu*, or ranting tana' ic. Ic h tut amotion, and n .* a calooietion or a aiant. In tbe I'aitM Htat^a, tbe r?oogala?d ettngiptaa of deaeerscy are the same ere -y mere, fa ilfaioe, ML nitiana, in Mew York, Virginia tJ * n ?L?a aid Misri-aippl, the aarae rijhM, pj?erj and limit a*.ioua ate ssertned by tbe dfliioorary to goterim^at. It ia 10 refnta *on of tMa remark to say that p irtf >oa cf tbe ?* tfenocra y" profece aentimeiia at war with tbe g* r - ml creed : for, whenever thin la toe ua ??, it pr^eo merely that tbe dissenter* ha?e " ifono a wbirirp after flat** gitda," and, although J lara, art, to trnth, no< of tne cbi dren of farad. PbU fi-eat baniof?u*<,ttH maaa of Irdexndent, self relying, patr'ot " ir?n, conutiin'e tift national ccnrw.y of the United H**tes. and wl; a >?v?r m n .t f tr un ia ?gainr' oa. Tba (uatiolaa of the einn ry, vho'tver It eii?t?- in w for u it m extt'bitei? ta pro flW, by i*a na'.ural Itia'incta. to nate de n toeaor, ??d tu war npon it. abf.imaawm, Kn ?w Xotbtnp *">< t*r til ms-oiy diff float ap cio< o^ a coaraaoa gonna, W'llch hatea popular ama lanor, ehxinka from trie p'ptilar jat^mint, aid di'truata ponnlar inteiil^uo-. Democracy, when onit?d and anmnd. i-t mtre than a match 'or all ite enemie? ; an.i tiat it till beoome ao whanevorths welfare <? tie cw)aa'.r/d^ mandn It at ita bm'le, onr hfeto y -.oiH'^aN 1 tep atedly, and la ertry great eocrKnCypj |i,o ?mntry. Tb? Hsnai n merely gire* utt-Tinoe ti Us .ivTi wleheewi erlt pry laima the extiacUoi of vie demooratio rart?. party waa n^ver ym peaaaaeed of ?o( a ritaitty? y of tr ?? infin<vl w mi ? a*?prr parpoae or a pnrer ?tea 1 . T <e an jlitionivji of the No:th arv n > new party ? the Km* N ttb of the Norti rally to no new prlnctp'e: th.-y >.r i mareiy dtfT rent tiranc'iei of tbj fane :."<i iccri. r m ff xla, wai?H aid mo.'chandlae ic whioa >h?y aie all the aaine?a 1 the j -olniil of the a*T?) wcrk ?hot a. They a-c alike with fraad, docsj/t: w, lalaebood, plniider, wen' alt? atd t?o Tba Hkhald ia mtitak a ia aupooatng t'tat "the Know Notbing party, aom^w at atfztd up dm g *he u?at fix Blink* or ao with au.i alaeary afliiit I tJona in the North, and ? mo?hat da n a? 1 ii ooBB*qteioe,"can rleante iiweifof th-hi-i r, n'tnl naMo? - rn, like acbio] children, wash r ff .Ko n >?'a fat and bniwrtote after ruoblpg for ?he it^ v, Ic ii far otberwiia: that damning ai?ot will elHg to tVm like tre Mood npoa the r.a J of [,vlf livhett? ti^y ' i*ay a-caoie a virtue wh >3 t iey (nre it no,;"' bet tho iiepoein'i* will dM?We Boone. Tie K htm Jfotbirg or#ai 'ration at the N-irth rftpn d go info an rpen an^l hoc??t . al iaoca m i h ? ???ir ratural ooadjotors? the f,*#e aoll-ra and ah li ? inala'e. lhe democracy kioir thit ttey hare u ? - hi aJI.arcner at lata-, and do not mean to 'w pa. *T?ceir guard by ljMlr apparent aeparatkt-t lit) dr farted e tanpa and t-qtiatfa. Let 9*?mon C>?, Fradftick Dong u?, Aoby Polnom, W?i<Wl Pafl Hub 11 d L#c> ?VM'oe nolle ia"p*ity, ?' tbay V* O'rtV to it> t>uriot~\ ? A" H'?'V Wifcou, DmW Ulivu, *rd "Liv* 0?k i>? ge," *? avmioa'ze the ooua i?> uud pmDte> fie nation ?1 treasaty. Ljt (twin i o it at 01 ce, ??<! da etmir wort. tee dev oca reamud to for rrigh'eaing the penle iiito tbe eo;<poit <tf tbe &i>o* Mj*niog caid'Ja'e for Ptrw en ? b. fleclaring that, "In Georgia, a very it oded o?e?3ci?)o mcvoixeut, o( the i noa aim i p i -i)?vrty hi' ?rt*r, b*4 iui tn?j great 8 mtv em j ?r y lor lh6t?"? era Ux> bWd to deceive aty oi e. It \g a m^re cre-i i u of tbo tasoy ? ' buci stuff m <ir(?n s &' e made of." No aacb patty exist*? uo ft cb | arty ia m oon&*i?pUiti"n. So mov*m*at in tb'ogbtof at tbe S ata but the m ivemeat o t the U< ro cracj. In. hoc signo cincitnu*. Tbe o untry cannot tvs by the trick* or tbr prcmina of the Know NoUuags. Too pejple koow ptttectiy well teat ttie boas ed PhlUdalaiia p)?>f tm, by wnu# revivifjing power tbe petrifying ci?jo?:a of tho Ord :r ia hup.'d io bo p o wived, it a bolit m d palpab e 1 ircsny from tbe deonorttio Bit 'iincre piattjrm ? f 1862 TVhi'ever the Km# No tbngr p mm to fc.-ee'i ch in from 'he ex;;. a of tba &?> d aid the ooiif*-m.tof everybody, it btilea ri tin )y irom t' ? pla'fjnu of tie p*rty CJastaitly irei uc<d by th*us; and for tMs metiU whtoh ttxt-i theft ccafumjpot '. rin, *-b y (lively t to c <u j tjy pot c.rJ-y lo ?oixi ?'e in *.id bt.nor the roi??M, bit to txe<-rt?te M>d nbnid-a iio r<?io2d ! rim Ittto ? t tbig trick u not nood--tbe p >bv/ ianotgo-ji? tae >D"ift'a :ut> no' fa n'. It ii uoi to* fjfftiiorru of aoy k.?3 the cobifc J i t>n look i ir ? >>'?; ty or irpo-te. It t# ?!' little iCipof^r i'? win tber a Dirty in ao ua'oJ by -fanO daa? ? n tbe rabjfxt Qf b-iH.>-n >lav?ry, as t -a 11>jI5 ii? bte sr^, or upou tbo t of i?tile mc- r,u<i pe/fe.'irAon of (oM'gn tH, aa ibu Ktiw Noti >Dgn a t ; ct *i v? notbing bat rap??taa and niRin t's>. oober atcoud v.boagMHnf tbu pe> p!", wj)1 stiffly r.-.-eive lotairs ska-? Cli ro ate bat two ism)**: tf crf^rn') r?3y? tbe pvty 0' tb?3 G>n Mitotior- sr/d ttit Utilon? with al' tse goarsin'.ioa of )be t Be and tb? PflvUrg- ? of the on the oo^ etde; and ti e r&bbe of itmi opon t'w o'.'ier ? *1 b t hi: ir hihi o'B of every *>rt, under whiou t* iy erary fcUde of h D'-immn aud tvtry degree of orime, 'ro n Ue motarchical pauciuluH of C ev*li?r Webb to tee Fm lenBm or phUoiophar 0 eeky? fr m th? Murk treason of Se**rd wm Wila>u to th* u gger tbievr.g it Cbate a>.d Uiddings. Th? nrom>caou? coiictib'DSRe of th? oommoyu>f,,,Live Oak George," ) an a wide rat ge to choose in oufaido or toe d mo craoj~bnt he umi never gef- nu a now patty oioept from 'ue llucka of Greeley and Phillip* aiid Giidbgs am Wied. Mltrcllanrona Political Intelligence. TUB KNOW r OTUlNO I'LaTKOHM IN Q6OH01L. | From tli? ^u<uat? ((;?. ) S?utio-?l, juu* :>??. ] We Lavo i?o?iveot ?n1 |iu?l;8ti below toe pUi'orm R.iojitfl by tb? American or Know Nothing Convention rto*ttly tti?' in Ma-on. It It a very cuajise aori ru, tit, aaa will be eagerly sought alter by m-tn of all putien. The 4th. 6ta ao l O.b reeolndone, however, eon htitute it* tesecics ui>'l chie{ merits, and win ? cor uial tetpoDHe In the he^rta of tho.n inJ-) of Gaorfiine * jo are not members of the Order: ? n^iroiiM raiycirtJM or tub aherigax party of thh pTaTK or OEoauU, P.V9B8D AT A MlIlITINU UI.r.D IN macon om tiih ibm jtivs, 1865. Beaded, let- l'bat we ratify and approve of the plat form oi prLcipUa by the late National Oouucd of tbe Ameriunn patly at Phliaoelphia. Reaolved, V<1. Ilia-, the Amarisan party aaqaalltlidly couoemoa, aud will ever endeavor to ooun'erait, all ef forts, by aoy *ect or party, to bring nboat a uoioo of Church anrt M ite, and utterly diRcUCran any IntenUoa to preKcribe a religions teat an m qnalittsat on for office. iteaoived ao. That as tbe na'.uraliaaiiaa laws hive been ao long perverted t> the taeeet p'irpoaea, by aor rupt political OMnegoguea, aa to eanae the foreign el?. rocnt to grew up to be a dangerous power in our midst, Cec.ting our political cont?etH as it pleases, therH exists aa in>p>rative ueceas-ty for their ridioal aoodiilsauon, and stricter enior^emcnt. Ki'colved. 4th Tbat we re allirm tbe Georgia platform of I860, aa inch it log the right iioifty, in th? ev<<nt of the coctrngoaews thore n aaeatian-ia ; and we here"/ pltdgt ourselves to atand by and earry out it) pr'a-.iphs. Ktsolved, bth. That we uoqaalilladiy ojndeata the a.i miBistrat:<ia of President Pitr .e, for Ine appoiatmaat of Iorv:gi>?re to repiesent oar couatry ar>roa-l, f ?r appo iit ing au.l ? tainin^r free soilorn m ofJi :e ; and e^pecia'Jy >10 ?. condemn toe President tur uut rsmoving (?ov. ;te?.!?r from office, wfcen It tu drst knovn (bat b-ihaiuse.i his official atiWcn ooth toen?bla r im io spaculatt iu the Inuisn Feiervationa, an! to s<istam anl earry out the vi?ws of the free foil party of K*o??a. Ke.olved, bib. l hut thin Couucd, (while repadiat'.n^ tbe policy of allowing, in the future K-gielttioa o< tie country, unnaturUivd foreigner* to rot? in the ferrito >lnl ei.clion?,) tegarda all "ppos;tion to tfce prmai^'-eA of tbe Nt b'a-ka Kaunas jet, in relation to slavery, m hi>? tility tj the cooatitut:ocal r ghta of tbe Soutii, auiall ptrtons who partake In such opposition aa uoSt to be reco, ni/xl as members of the Amorioan party. Resolved. *tb. fbat we cincur in tbe oplnlon.exprftasvl in the mating of o>ir fellow citizuns of h?M on the '.'fith .lay of May, 18f>5, that tbe tlm* h?s ar-ivvd when our lellow eitir-DH should ouw lr? V>eir iU?t'n sioia, aid forgst tbe dillVrenees whieh have aeparitel them and that a a-<mmon danger and oommi.i caemy should unite us for our eotatniB I'e'eoee and safety , an I that we will cboi-rfully eo-operate with all who tnty I oo*t? with us in the endt>av?r to aceampliah so aable aid patriotic an object. Retolred, 8tb. Ihat the tVsateni and A'-linN.! Rail road was projected and MBt for the gener*l go id of the w.;ole people of Georgia, and we utterly con temn aiy policy whlrb has sought, or which may seek, to make it subtervient to the ia'eieet or puipose of auy pi litical party whatever. R( mlved, !'th. ITiat, we ate la favor of the a^quisttioa of CuSa, wherever it ean be aceoaapllshed upoa fair i and honorable grounds, or whenever any Karep-ian I ower shall to make it z point from whiith to assail tb?- rights and institutions of any portion of this ooua try ; and that we strongly condemn tbe vtsedUting p-jlt ry of the acmin-atration, as calculate 1, if not deeijned, to defeat tbe acquisition of tha ; ialand. WILLIAM 11'iNK, President ol State Comr.l. Cw> JosM, Seer tary pro O m. [Fioid the Biv*nt>a?i Repub'ican, June IV}.] Ak thea'y unnouuc*d unltr oar telegraphic heat, the American put/ of GeorgU ai*?mbted In HUU Council at Macon, uo Wedneaiay le?t. Tbn r.ttoa Janes tu large, two hundred and fifty delegates he'ng pn-ee&t tr<m almo?t ev?ry county in 'be Sta'.e. Tho lubordlnite couveila bad a notlaa o( only U't*en darn, otbarwWe tie number pieaest would have been largely iacra*.* <1. One of <te moet gr*u ylug feuurte of the coa7entloa wan tbe \bcroce o( upollfinea aud deiuagOf uti. I'. ? -? an axEtmntage of the boot*', hearted people of Georgia, "native and to the manner born"? raea who ?eet to pu rify the ballot box, to elevate faithful servant* to cubhc ?ta'tona, to aupprege the ''wild bant after ofH'-e" and d nag'^niitm in all lu forma, and to check toe tarb.4 t-da o' crime *cd pftujHTtam now p 'urlng upin oar aborea from tte pufOBM and alm-th-mee* of tbe Old World. Thtri wero men preaent from .lie i,'hat^aho>;hee ao<> the Savannah, from ton tuourtnoe, the miJlanl* and tl e Kaboatd Tre pUn'.er wa i there, as well ai the a>(i?l?t?r, the m?rc,Lant, .he p'nyslci-tn. llio la*?er, 'tl? ir.i -l'.uni .. ? ni' n of ul! vovatlom ud all 'Unleao' opinio:) ? d< murr :te, wbiga, Unto a ueo, .-'outb-tu r.gut* iaeu, temperance H' ^ and rati t .mperacco mm? uii forge: ting (or otr tlllT'rdo :e? and actuate 1 by Oue com ion d?ei e to ji the Uod li.>3> miarule, to iuppreaa tas corrupts na of ruiten and de-Ajlng pirtjee, tfl f treai^in of fanatic m, and to array taetx*-"lver! i' \ hul. waik k?t?-e?n Wia'r idI ex- ry dinner, cotii i' fioai rbs.t <i'j?rf?r it roiy. Hov well th-y did thilr work rill appear whtu the raarter shall h**eotim-n?1 tbe timver? wbicb go t> tn.ku u ,? tbe folio f.uj nibs struct ite (in Wtc'ijOeday theOoiasil was orgin emin'.Me* were sppo'n(ed. and other fre'.imioary unit -ra atv'u ?? 1 to ('a Thursday, t.ho cnmmtWe uppomUnl for tha purpcao repor ,ed the platform WHIU BTaTK CONVENTION OP MAIN*. The Whig SUte Ujnventioa for the nnm'.nition o' * c*n<ytcate (or (.crwnof ?( >l*<ne, met at Fori vol '.a 1 huraday la*t. l'nere Aere prteea'. nearly four liu j ire 1 Mt|atu. J. M I'tr too. K*?i , in calling the ( 'onven'lon to order, atate<t that it had tu cr called with and by t^e adnse uul ? nient ol n'ne oi tbe Ariaen m>'ml>era of tje t\big ' tat* ? ommlttM. He nosioaWJ Ho'>. (UtM Hron foo, of Ita?h, a? i'renifietii o' the ''?nv?u*ion wb? wit unjtoimoiiai^ < ho??n. The follow og gentiem-n wdr? th^a apiiolntrd Vice I'reaidrnte. Tir W. M. PeeJ, of Kermlrgkio ; r?'rlo ^I'en, of Vir ri<'g*wock ; Ijtrl Cn:ler, o; For '.land , 1***4 tty or" !Un tor:(ildron Tucntr. ?'f Cice ; G*j W llob'n?"n, cf Ibomeeton ; Item. Crahtice, of Ctmlen J. f. llar<m>re, ol Mleworih. Mr URiiNee^ In a":?p*ing (bo office of F'r^aHent. In a a ahort apeeoh tendered bta tbanka fur tbe honor o*etov eu Q|?ii him. and axplaived hie an l t ?wa lo the pr?aei.t ft'-te of alTa.ra. )I? MllfTrd the ooa.Tt-a i >n t > be i-onipoeed of trie whi|*, who h*l Mf i;i fulfill valiantly ftr a>ipr?mary, l.nt uot a1w*y* w ? h mi* ? * W?t bad in?t here in eappurl of th ? * t ,>rin- ple? avowed by the heroee of tbe Reroln^ on - ;>r rvr plee plaiited and d?v?i<ip<<( ia cppcwltioi to a p?* ? n'ng |K>wer for tbe p\irp-me of aejwring to iia o ?r nghta I n der "Be form or anattier wa hive ever alri v b?'n eon ten< in? for the Him pr.neiplee. To theea w^<g prtnsi plea, and to lhe?e only, <'o we owe our e*lat?ne.' ?a la dependent people end oir Mlvt'ln fma th) ?Wi>r of Kuropean tyran ?, en'' we trnat tftat they wi!la?v?n< from anarchy and miarule He t^ioaifh* tS??a evi'tel a neoeeelty fo* two t reat parttea, one aetio^ aa e.-ua-r '??> the o*h?r. ^vlonel inturi'hts rone' bo. b? ailovet t-; t>% rocM pre/'wmuiiBt, or wr peril tbia glorlo ta I'aioo. He wae . llio# to battle hie lite long for tbtMe treat irr o-( plee, aad wa* ?ore he ahoaM eever be f*l?e 'u t'' ? j >oeg ?? he h*il the leeat regarl for h * ooual *y, It 'iM >"?n avid tbat th? ?ln? p?rty 1* dead- (u>: j ' r*e v * r wae b->f.'re a time w'^en i?, vti ( I that \,,rj sfcon.-l atand hy the lvt.da>ar?a of th-> lUvj'n 'io? Many tbtne*nd< b?d deeeited, he I?b? r. Tuey |s*d (one >>? knew r.>t wbare, U> b? kn?w ml w.a?, tn 1 he would not pay. A pir.y >or, ad hy any nortof uv'h< to eerrrav wniiot be n<\tloil?* Whan we f ? d<> verting tt r, a in wboae rtuVi fo??tit the c*l>.n'. Cliy end gW.ruto* ?i? ,Ti w<t *r* ?urj>ri.-;e t asl arievel .-u?-h are t>.? a.n r ba <*e>%te-J (T y. Kit ti nn i nw wlio pr*t?n to b. -,h? true e? t"?ieot i o' wht< p*'oc ? el<?. lie <-ouli net fl? ,t ?n<ii>r Ui-lr ban ter, nor v <t tb'.t of another part* re-runt to all principle He w** 1 the rrpt r) of thft f:m? n??ri' r? ! Mi.nourl eom/ro ?? eonlo have el.rerv ?e cl onal nod ItSertr a\Honal~w ?h ?<i to liTft np to th? jrli-flouM privet (vUt ?C imck lit* aotvicin m%y mh , piH liver , and 1 v?? to t.inmpn. ' ' Hot. (ininiit Kvavh, being ?all?<j ?p,? j,, ^ marked that he fonnd him?e'f io ? aitnatiai 'hit b^'htd n.rt oortipie i for y?a ra, and ta*t M vrrv r?*d it ae. e led to (be call (o adrreat otea oore a wbtr cin*?n 'ten He thought the wb'ga of the ^?vn> ? ,fe reded apon to opprge th? preae?t ?<!??.? arim n'.ir utoa ao.l party la pow?r, few the e?at? re^nna ti'tt tt??T aa U ?g ago t? the Kev,,|n'.(on . rea'ated tyranny and on prttaloa (n wwtbet farm U? thottfht th\t U?? ?-4e rx cm* for u; wbigs leaving tMt party f?r u?Umi ?m tbe tbat tSo?e <rk? tUVn* a)i?e sariWl ?;t gather, tkat ih to bin Mae logte. He tto?gWtW? abolitionist* In a duiqn res pens - bie <or the yreaeat critical state ?? tb* al?Ttr; queetita, tf critioal U (m Be considered the Valse Uf an-wwmitn liooat, uaeipe d*t lit apt! iBjuclrtoaa. lleedver ed wild Hnrtt; uti? molu'lons pa-ned by the o? a v motion ihtt nom'tute'l Horn1). Be ?M hart upon the Know Sorbin**, nut saul taat g*DuiD? intensified Acaerioentam *as the true foundation or (biiiirj. Bo ?l??d nn t> t? Ret do?a ?? r??is*.i?g (bo rolorm noveneate of the day, taetoM h" could v ?'t constat to empty harsh metauree. U* ckted with an nbo)UtK>B. " wb'*s, let us not M dm croraged; ?e bin gtett. grett tiufco* to perform ; itui firm, so J by tb* b:?*eiBg of God vict-jry will jet oo o?r?." Mr Kvani spoke an hour, and apellate tu frequent throughout. Tbe following resolution, offered by Mr. Porter, of K*DDtbai>k, tu unaatnoaaly and enthusiastically adopt. <1 ? HmoW*d, That, entertaining entire confidents la the ability, integrity. patnetum end ft'ness of Bun. Is-vae Hud, of Watdcboro', for the chief magiitraoy of '.hitf Mate, bka coovention aniaimo^aly nominate* aad re oniMutn^* bin to the ebeertal support of our fslleie eit>Kiia for tte oltioe of Goe?raor*c tag coming elecM>o. V.L !i?m Paine, ot PortUnd; a Wilder Farley, of Ne ?, Horaee for'er, ot Keaaeouak; U. C. tUlleir, of Bath; A. W. Johnson, of Be fasi; 'i?orge C. Gets-iell, of Anfiti>;*nd G. W CbamhetUin, of Cva??l, *a? Dg be*a appointed a committee to prepare leeululion'J exp:es*iv< ? f tbe mbi? 01 thi conesnton oo toe l*a:ing topic* ot he day, retort* i ? ifrien ??< eight rogi?T<a, ?.'h'eh were tit?niiur ,i?iy nlop'e*. *Ve tnoi the fl??t t?o, in faear of ma'ntai.iitv ti'e er.jnut'uiD of tbe wb ^ pirty ? le*oIve<l, the* tbe wbtgti oi .Mi ae, :a m ?mhle l. tirr. >o :h* cf>n?.<--.ti -v o' cor.-e.'.fjeis of theif pri*elf!?? ?b.i tje jatriot); met "<te o' tl^ir w^o eiavw am) ?11U full r.nafid'0?? th-it these pria'i?)** ? >11 in the /otur#, as :'n?y h?*? ,n r.i?t r<0Jiva tfcc ?upp*rt of tbo p^'jpls oi" t'i.t ;t?v? as i :f t >e to it* try. ri nfB.-ni tbe r o?r?>t!i>a *.kc??' > \<j ! '-*:larw tb?iT d?t?Tm>D*tifB *0 upholi ui'eVtatv tn 3 uatioii.U organi** ticn o / the whig party. Mr *?)*??), That ?e came-,<)T ar?>e?) to tb* of all the Hf?t#? U) matDtifai tb*ir fid#; ';to\ prlasipl-?n \al tlw ir cl>ginO' .i ta itie sf that ^*iiy t? >o>? BDNW?rvlt< pu.-po 'H ?..*<? sc<r, m liaey h?re ev?r b*oo, tomamtaiB th" integrity ot the Cn'oa; t^ p'eierve 'O Tiol?te tke roastiTn ioo of oar country; to p-ote;t \ii lsdui' trial in'trei to prori'>t? tbe genera] w?H*ra i&l prntperity of ?ti cla*s*i of ita rl'liea-', ani to d>fec I all lime* and at a') hilar*** tirae greet pr nrtp'.es of civil and religious h >erty whw-h vers so triumpnao^'y mtiDtaiB<'ii ami socare'ully h?<iuoat' eito tv r c-it'v?,i'f itcts hy the men ?ho foo^httbe na'tlee of the R volu tios. atxl who mbii qti'itly tlie srovrrnmtnt of tbe Tnlted Bta'?a on'i?r its fednal ioaa*Jtu'<oa The rrmaiBin* resolu'ions feoouare secret po'itll*l or?tn>*iticES, ferUre the repea* of t>>? W ssiirl om prowtff to havf b?' n the gr-'i't-it vn'ltlcal .vroo* er->r p??petrato<), characterize toe pr>?eit Uatne Llq ?or lanr a< Ini practicable and mPMBst'.tuttonali ao l ^to '^e the rr'nihtrij rf the cot T^ntion to to effect a gena ral reform In the poi tics of the Htat*. Impossthlllfy ot Uniting Religion >vl(li Poli tics In Utl? coumry. TO THE EniTOH OP THE NEW YORI HKRM.O. Nkw Yokk, July 2, 1955. Your striking ed'tcTlal commcik^i", pnbll.-lied ia thi IIikald on Fiidij la3t, oa the proacriytlva feitarci of the Know Nothlngf, has Siiiuc^^ ms to oravt jonr atisntioD to a btlll m ;ta txloatlid rcviov of that Order. " ChII it Burgundy," said B jnif*ofl of hit ale, " and it la srr rLjti a guinea a quirt." Tiiorc will b? nr> end to tha Tiluo of the old irhig party now oi ? (fehized, or disorgatjized, tinder tha Kaoxr Nothing?, > y calling it Amcrioan. That liAma has a aavory of the vintage of Bargundy abant it, which in theas times will certainly enhance its value. It mike a no d fl'orence that it is the old whig patty which wcut into liquidation in 1602, aid now seek* public favor nrderanew nttce. fianken in o diaaredtt by tbe weight of its illiberal and restrict iva poH :y, aid brought inta contem >t by ita oal/tiom with every disturbing faction whio'i has ria ?n to tha aotfici by tte a'd of disappointed political traiara, there ?? ceita icly a neoessUy for a new n&ne aod a fjr j?%i batti^m. It was easy to select ona, and '.be right to the broadest lange in doing so i? qo te uo joes tkxiable. The ideas ooramonly entarta'mei of | to be sate, were very d'ffarent from that vh.oti toa sew Ord>rhasasmo)!>d,togoaaki.a own cttirat tcr, and to advertise ita d jalgos and pnrposja. A low and cowardly crusado agaios-. every pa wn resident amongst ui who happened t> bs Mra in another country, and t j cniar.ii J religwus on niOM not quite in hirnnoy wit'o the Protestant aenttruent of Um States, is a species of Americaai?3i, sjrely requiring explanations to render it a:ja.jttbla to liberal minds. Opprcaii m of e re.-y character, reli gions intoI?ranc? cf every hue, and tyranny of every grade, we had inopossd quits wall mi telto many of the old countries of Eorjpe, bat *e hava been led to th; contusion ittX while it was oar duty and our interest alike tj nesiTi Urgciy of tte men of thjee oanntrie?, it w?.s so part of our pjhey to adopt their most oppiessire aimlnlatrative evil* Europe has suffered from her extreme political rule ?from the exercise of tbe As atic principle in gov ernment? but, after all, fctr oaff wrings have bean Ftill greater on ao:ount of tha intolerance of her reltglcns governors. It tp prtci- ely to this latter sDUfee that ire a*e in i debted for a large portion ot the emigrant pr >docQ?s who now fill the great of the W**t, and annu ally send to the teabotrd the result of their labor*. Th*ae rewdts, at tblsttae, spe?k a very pli'n lao. gnage, which ia readily nndsraiocd aid appreciated, when *c reflect that of the p ace which in yeu?y forwarded from the plain of the lake*? the mos. sburdart grain region in the United 9Ute?? not 'tis than ota third is t >e produ;e ct this c'uj o; Alii tr kan - cit lieu s. It is unnecessary, then, to go bsyond the more question cf inter* at to jiatify tne lioeral p-yvinotn cftxiatag law* touching tne reception &nd na*r lkiiz-vUoc of foreigner*. To those who, with unre fnceru for the ditchirge t.f jnii obligations *a3 wi h a wu't to m&inUir. the -aith of oar poluicit s??nt, feel disposed to kqmie lu o th3 d stLnc'.i in which the new O.Jsr lia? bsVveen the rative a?d the naturalize! citLz*t<, it may be well tn hay that tle:e is no earthly d IT rsnie inthe'.r political poti:k)LU, and cao l>o none which ia nai fmded in ii jnstice ixd oppression, and wh o i, to tie <x>eLt of ita p.-a^U:*! exercise, I* nit a snbrer simi of both vhe law a"d t ie oom lta.*on. The catlve and adopted c- iz.i exist npm a painard absolute eq iiii ?. T ?e furni'r is na'n rarie (6 to onr plan of gnvec&nMit oy t'>o coo d.tjjrs cf br:th aod age.; toe i? t:r by t V> con ill.i ns of age, rc-ddtno?, aod o-vorra'ty ti other requirement; 01 Uw-a U* m id by th* !*gis'a'.ive authority in ohedknre *o the o-noun.l it the c<jE?titut.ou to fe.ablish no if oris mei for th* caturalixation of foreigners. lac t x.^enc ? of 8>i^h . a provision in the organic la ?, t'-e o' C ngrees therewith, and m ow thao fifty > art of pneti e m>d?r tlem, wocld not only *?-.;n infifcliot to mm* tion the priutiple invoirtd. bat ful'y to jas tl :y the [>cbcy of Iibei aUty wtfei 'ley eraboly. Now, is it either wise or hum in.:, ju*t or n^cea caiy, that there should be fitter d ia the Uoited S ate* an intolerant politlco-rvll^lioa orguatsatl m w hi h mu-t Jock to the revArsa' o. this policy aod t ? the revival of ancient pr*jjdlc:s tin prowriptlon* for its support and contrcl ? I? it Aescrioanism hat thus teictoe ? Arc we sure tha. in tiring g o the m^iport of t-uch a party the hope* of oftt ji 8* rewa da for tbe utterance of suo!) ilhneral >?'.) American ideas, we are not inflicting upon tha ohi rscter cf the people of tbe United States a bio? ?bc?r iijarfcua effe its will bo felt in long coming lie? Hare we si f?r forgotten the very syirtem of t oterrmcrt which tl?o fath rs of t?>? rapnb ic pro ' iK?f d and Astabllshfd? a syatem who?? foundation* ? fro i?W in toe ahsolnte freedom of tke cUI?>? In rtfi'itnee to every ronMirable ahadit -of rellgiom l> lief srd acVioa? as to de?m it necatwy, t.i?-' mdderjly, and <n tbe midst of oar grnatwKt proaoo i it j nnder that eyiib m, to reverse the whtfe law of ; onr political exUtence, and to enter lati a cratide egr iiist our neighbors, which mmt end In nixlag

questions of religion with recalling politioaC dia paUi> and agiUtiots? Hi. re is but cne lav In this matter, fie operation of wh(< b, hern or elsewhere, has secu-rd beneficial MMi'tstothe bnmsn family, aod taut is, ahiolnte r> n- intervention with raligiona ooo terns. It iw the fr?e<irm of the citizen to aar ard to do what he phnse.s. I' is 'die >o aesert that uroscriptiou of t ie man has to rightfal tendency to bring teligioi into the arena of politics. T> e B'ate I* 04. ir posed of indivldat's, and it Is indivldnal action that mores the wheels of g- vern nient. The pro#criptlon of the person then enters at once into the government, and tha* toe B Mc f itself Uoibmi bane of contention at each recurring election. T it tbc eflfeot of rack ? pot* y will bo to degrade bout pot tte* ud rehgiea, n? refl*e>ive t email *1)1 qnestioa. Iudepend?ut. tb*o, of ?* injustice w^ioh will result to um pr ?oritod indi vidual, um noat HsrkM? evils may bo counted ntw? to fla.7 from such a plan of patttieo-religtoas opera tions in tals country. Ida a settled urtmiple of A mark ?n po'ky to admit the freedom of the precs a ad or spttotw Tbeie tassmo't reason for abridging th?a? nghta, is reference to mattes or religion, tjti opoa m < a'i?r qutotioiia of govern neat, opoa tariff*, bftiSa, Ac. If example* are dangerous to other a jd oppiatog interests, it may well be questioned if the lewr d > lot requite ttoir Ltfloenee to oonect aome positive week teas In their philosophy. 14 argum-nts ?u Utu u e essential power of convincing lug do ler standing, it is equally clear that, lasted of oopo* mgtteir utteraioe, they shtruli ba rncwag*d la thy widest publi ation. This prtnoip e la equally appti able to all sects, because tiers is no tM <g mzed autoorttv, as re that at tie peoub, to detsr bum their faulty or trutbfalhes?. N.y.mag, short O! a power in the govtrcmeat, acting rivUly up jo and capable i f seining 'be qa*sr.k>n of ngit and wrong to ?uch mstters, would justify (be iu-.ndue tion of reityi us conceits into she ponies of the coat. try. Tne ?is not osiy no suoi pow-r ia toi? government. but all prefawes for assumtog K m positively ?ak?n away by ?6e organis lev. It woatd, wan, b* just as reatun^nle to n tog tie cittzsn be foe tbe pri&ttvr joigm*?t as to ftriog ttie priest before vhe government for appro ral >r eondk-maar tiop. There is co Il^b< fai which the sa'oj^jt o-o ba viewed *bcn r od* not at eo/jibsn tbe ?>nvic*.V>u that u ia tbe duty o' tf>is peop:e at l*+?* to adue'e to tne rule if confining ttwir govo%,omt Htney to p ottttdl coi ceri a. Ttiia ronvi.*ion is strengthened % rxneriaicj, and by lb* f*ctlhat native cora Aaa^iit^Xia *m in a large awj'iriiy, and ooesequ?n)y ai*v, 4'. a<iy <n* ?it- iit, c-? txoi h e aamtnie>ir*uoD. ?. e n neve* n? been a t?nj? in wbi>>n nearly a 1 the piwers ot '&?; povernibLnt have not be^n ex?reii>ed by native oo?n eltiaetif. 'o{?iooniin tbe iogna, ttei, mat "An* ii a n us. ba ruled by Americans," >a a inward^ n'wp i '3" a power, ??,d a p roelaoa ioa i-u ita d iCoe, wi ich ia nowhere aebn<i?d ?ad t?ev^r t>a^ b en. liia, In tin^b, aowau, fikiKfci'.ig, J(md< iotl ?ppe&l to ib? lowe*t puvtox.B of 'B^n, in a >sh8 ui array t:em 02 the m of a bind of trading, rin )k ste io?r p iliticuua, with a vie * ol mi'.oa a<i vantage ? a device o> tbiev/ig roxuca, wa i 'o <u-a tuo public eje tr<m trelr a;ta, wh lc taey t?c:ot8 l&? fiu tj of tbeir lao^ra. Ti e prvctical qoesidn involved in t}.a ?>?? rlp tive policy of the Order k wrii prfs^n'fjJ by a men her ol tl*> great Protrs^aa*- faintly *>i tti4 Unit id fti.Ua? a fsmlly which amMis tweacy t) uae Catholic-- ibmii bef ire bis co j'uei and pro claiaing bin feir of the en^rov:',i!nenta of vie Jattir upf.nhia poiitl alr'ghts! He is either a owird, t us to pr jclaim his imaginary d-i3t?e'a, cr a kiave, , who wcuid make use of Uia proeisma^dn Co asOJ* ! pibh sta-e sinister purpose- 1'he fuoore oi' oar 1 c .tier is foretold with prophetic vlsioa by Him v??o < d< tlfttca, that if the republic ever ?aff~ra froao . intcrM<ta at home, it wiil be by l<s eatae ! to the -e fatalica, co Tarda and kuavo?, n o w-ju d giitibte rcllgiouB ^narieift, aad thus wl 1 up a m <r b'd Ktsibility tcoo&iag the cucrcachaKnu of thin crtLat aysumot belief. A>liod tj tnn asivinest, and eqnJly mtddleeome, unjostiliible to J dapger oua totle i?faoe and ba muy of Vie Uai m, w ita ikr e denunciations of a avery by Norloern politi cians- an imtitutloa with wImmo eaw^uje *a bivo leitber pait i>or lot, and in (me oontlnua?> e or aboli tion of which ?t hjvve no mpmatbuity or oo.ics-o. It )? an affair resting whol.y wi?h toote woo are re sponsible for its existent audita evils. Oar ?g*u:y in ft is C06 fined so.ely to tte faldlra^u- of our c.vj nant to entteoder slaves who ahdll escape intb Btaua wbere it is notr-co^niz-d b> lav. It is a subject of grea'. delicacy oalyb23?nselt has been l?kvn from its cousUiu i^ual s.tbe e of exittence si>d th'ntt into th* arena of politics, aoil tnere m*de u.e subject of polUi -al g^m'jlic g. I>?-h ten and in ths 3outa thvw a e many fl ;roe ?od t?u bulent spirits, whose true life ia fcutd ia the midst of jjo'iticii st t, ma and hurricanes. But for t?ie greater evii whi.h would result from the cvtnhrov of the m st sublime a-id biaitttnl machinery of government ever y>na'.ruotea by mm, it weald oertainly ba doeiraMe that tbese exvema should be b ought intj warlike eollwlon? tfiat the fcwotd aoould solve the probVni of ab^r.raot opinions on whioh each taction would have n<i bslieve the ?itstintea of mar kind depends. Men of exnem* vto*?, tn ugh ?ido.y diffcrlag in tkeir av. wed purposes, are cjna'.itu'esl es^en'-iaily alike. Tsey may travel in different directions, ba'. they invariably reach tbe same point. They do out to much s< ek to accomp'Uh a d- ti im objoe'. t>e? ^elvtsseto defeat the uiderly detigas of of o'Jkis. This spirit of content on is legitimate/ allied to t 0 illiberal and proecrtt>tive Btntimeat which is ths a< n1 oi tbe Kt t.w Xotbing party. Tb? n-ligi. u^ intolerance tiat w:u'd thra)*. its po*s? bh' t into that pa.ty , and give attaran ? 1 1 i'.s fcorrors oi tbe influence of foreigcera npm o-\r insti tuticip, ia preciai ly the claw of mind which f 01 fifty years, has been claiming at tbe hand4 of 0 >n fxtfstbe roc ft e:ri3gfnt na?igit:on laws, prwiibi live and protective tariffs, alien laws, pHitietl cachintr, as Ur. Hami;tcn c-iUtd the oH biuk, an 1 al the other devices ot legislation which gire oodue advantage to tanital in its distribution wtth iabor. Indeed, it whi be found ete long tiai there -is -? prirciple under whici parties are nrgui'.zed, avd that this principle, unier laws of af(ln<'.y, will entry into tie Know Nothing organiz^ios tbe grctt KsfB of illibial a-.d selfish men, whose noiUa thropy is bounded by rives, lakes atid teas, and wbcee oourage is cf that order whi b deims itw it dasgar wienifc cannot number mora t &-? twn tv adherents to ote antagonist that it will a'ao t>ri it < to its fcuppott, for the tima biiug, hy iU tendency to prod ace kindred iffrcta, all or nearly til V-i piofmiorai diatnrbera Nortn and Boa<b| u mute than pr?b?b>. It most be coufeswd that it ? a little mor ti'y i?g tho(. tncb a pi -oe of i> tliUcal mo saic shoo'd &ecotn?! the raine of A m?riov)? a leetg nation wh'cn la dUgraoed by its g.p,.lic-itio.- to aoy thirg short of th? who)? people of the Uni'.?d States, and wt ich bring* to tbe raied, all over Ui< world tot as of freedom, magnanimity, cha-ity and proverbial ooirage? a name wlncti will ovry its rikbffil po-(K>?ir *otbe bosnitablo b tird of every liberal mm in Europe. 1% is, howovtr, a tree oountiy, and tho light of the O.drr to its aisaaed cognomen is aa clear as was th?t cf Ijuficy t > o*tl bis ale Burgundy, with a view of fnh?noi>i?r iu THtoe, and it wee ado jted pro'mb'y t.?r precisely tbe same reasons. Thaa h pre.*nv d .& tra t HCdtbe oo&ciebi of Know Nonhi-gwrn. No party tan bs socoevtuiy orgi^zM ia ta'a roufjtiy ex apt on the b irii of HVralKf. Toe pu> lie m nd of America lo ona ot ees-wtiil S'reedo* aid ebarity. All tbn frnlta of OU' plliiw. ay* Von htve been ^athtred under the operations of pri& cipi lee. Ibeir abandonment cow ?r?nld b? % stigma on the repubJo, uot ?e? mars*! for its no lauanof the 1 lan of xomomo-it we h v aiooted, and ULder wfich we bite been :ai<^d t > t he hi ;heit deeree of roaMlal wealth and ;>r^pc:lty , 1 jao f ;? ?* wanton peraecntlon rf men wbo turn: largely a dud to prrkinoa t c v results Ta twtt "b*f a majority of ibe pt'Otie oi tte United SiV-ea willbiv>.in in Hjont^iitil la forcing awn ni suc'a a aystetn of poJsico religious ?ntolerar ce, u a: na e> to dea/ the iTidrnce which mom t!?an mxty years' ei perknefl baa ao umula'ol too b<rm tco ;.ublio s"?n tinwn' of these Staiea. la *11 ih-U tiau Uiera his bten fonsd bo conhifieribl j bimb r of tbe im- rlo in petple re?dy to e^iiat in the CMS" of ' pr ??ri<?"ion roroplnisn sake," ai d tot on-> of ib? ^rf ,?t min wbcsi earner ad rn t' n ps^ei ol our hWu.y otn b-> <jo tei in its defence. To insiot, thee, thit a p .?ty can be orcaa'z<?a acd be ?noce?-ful cn such a lusis, is but acovter <ray of dssvsrlng that the people of tbe L'aiied a e not only ready to hacrtM'X) a 1 J4i-ir Mk1'*""' Interest# and honors, but can st any time be nude tltu to da of cotning knavjs and derami<jg?ofc Mrat re?pect inlly, B. M. J. An Tllinoi? PRAinrx.? The inanqnraMnn of a rallrotil fr> m Chicago to Burttogtoa, Ie*n?tbn) con Meting I**? Hlohlgsn aad tb* Miraiptlppl? took pU:? a lew c'*j? ago, a large nnmlwr ef tha Wtin; men an 1 women of tne laie HU tea partioipativg In it. a l*.t?r from one of tbe gnesta than de?cr bes aa IHinois pralrt? " Tb? Iron boiM atrnek out upon '.be bon^dieaa pta'jle IcwarOa Uie Father ol WaUra. To tho*a who hamnrofa rri tbia )lniltl?M ocean of land, nothing nt*<< be for tt><7 know wot ?!? cannot convey a reali/Iog aenae of ?be befutjr, the Biajmty, tbe grandeur of ttta HUaoli i ralrtf a. To these wboee ?yn> hare not been xtraia?>l ta 'roiib'ae att?mpiK to titk* In aueh a landscape, I can b it that aeeing la balleving, an' he la a foolUtt nan who haa tbe rsnity, and a reeklai?a nw who ia witling to rink hit rppn ntion for trcth and t?t* :tty in an atttapt at a dffcrptioa of a trip from lAke Michigan to the MUrlaeippl. Aa far aa human vision e\n rcieh, Uod baa out a t;ant b*4 ami oor?r?1 It With a touncli-ia "rprtsi'." Man haa adorned th it a jread. Tlere, ;n ibe freab turaed earth, ia a huge ?trtp? or i rqoarc of rich black: there, a bright gr?en p*tjh of war | irg wheat; again, a not <?4 strip of com; and hfrr anl ttare a w<re a<<ber ahade of natural gra<a, tnottle l w tli trl'ht fl )?*ra ?f trerr hue and tinge, tirovea ef u*t r? oi?k ard of *nlti*Med bcuat tree?, relieve the nDOotony; ? odherdaof tattle, flocks of sharp, drove'* ot hor;oa room aad 'atUn. Pigeons, aad quail, art'! prafrl* hlgk^an t tovrr ard around, acd tbe eye w^ariea. and the m!nl tires in v? n alUts.pta to take in the baauty of the aceon 11>?t>ure<Bf atiei rta'hf* on, icreaalng l.k? a iVmsn a* b'a Uit mpb, aol hla living foUowera are either mu'e wiUi adm ratlon, or at beat but siclalailngr? 1 On, how > aa'iln1!' The Clard?n of Man waa a rolling prtiric, aa(" i> >a to aaatter of vender that our erring father and mother were grief stricken and wretcWl a t?r their eapni'toff. CnotuA m Mibb ji b!.- Cholera h?? broken out in (irrrgetoira,.Mo., nrd there had bren tetnty two <i? aihi- at the I ?t %C' onnta. N it a sir w> lsmtly in ?l-o town, it ia etatod, had oeiaped vultat'on wl? i tbe rt idemtc. A large portion of the population rad fltd Id toneerjoeree. AFFAIRS IN EUROPE. O? Pari* OnTtipoodmn. Pabis, Juoe 13, 1865. Singular Pktnomtna Exhibited b y tte Fund* <n fienne* of tht Crimean 8mcctuu~TUt Pmris Exhibition ? Tht Chineit *nd Indian Depart hit tut ? Tin T> mplt qf OmamotU ? Pro%rtts tf tht Exkibititn, &c., tfC. It efertaialy is an anomaly (hat just in propTrMon u tfce | ublic mlod is 8la'ed by daily tidings of ano s*?fn) enterprises on the put ot the allied armies, the national ton da should exhibit a sympithy ex aetiy in the eontiary diieetioa. Yesterday, private in/a nation wee generally bruited abroad from Vkin*, that the famous lialakoff tower, anl the onthern faubourg of Btbastipci, r ad fallen into tbe kanda of the ailiea ; and the following la the ao cannt of the Bourn : ? Jane 11, balf-r a?t 3,? The market opened tiros, bat realization of former advances becftn-n^ toe cider of the day, proea began to retrograde, ait continued to do to to tbe end, when Tureea fir tw aeccui t left < ff at 69f. 65c., with a decline of 5.1 c.; and Foot and a ha.f pur ceata at 94". 50 j., or AOo. lower ; and railway flhuea ui toe aami ratio. It ia tree that the MmiUur of this morning mikes ro altotion to thia piece of private telegraph..) in>'or ma>lon w ich obtained au:h general credit, aal K might be orgrd f bat tbe initiated oa the Eicbtoge were incredulous, and hence the decllni ; bit tb-j day before, the Bourse was placarded with the a<v ttciitativei announcement that Gen. Pelisaiiir had spprietd (he Mkister of War of the allies havlag captured thirteen Russian officers, aid 8-lz?d 62 pieces of cannon n tbe red >ubts they hid taken, ardtb&t Admiral B mat had eimmnnici ?d t> tin Minister of Mwiae tbe fact of the allfei at six st Tapsnrog having been port'eotly Bucossafal; and jet the funds exhibited the same coldness, the *a-: o iacl'oatljo to dim tbeir 1;kW, ratter than by a soo ting upwards of t ielr fl?im add additional raOiai ce to the brightened wpt ct of The cdIv rational ray of acoouutib;.' iur Mi is, that tbe holders e>f poblio stcari'iea b ti- ? ? that tfeey *.-e in each micoewi of t e a'.iks a greyer a>d more complicated enangkrmnt of European iater ttiB, md Duun pPi/^aD-ui character given to uo wer. In ibe meas'iaoe sJl cla?es like to wia, and a penera) satisfaction - ens to prevail at t ie sawti tuikn ot General FelJa^ier for Oa'.ro jsrt. Ttera cent fUf C4>: hb appear to baof a> indnbital>U a oh v a;<?r that tie most determined prophets of the "imporaible" ach< of begin to waver, and tan pros ve^to t eeizing 8*b??tipol teems less remote. Even tle;grand universal Exhibition hoa roused Itself irjm i'a !etha:gy, and put on a more riant aspect at the gee d ie vs of the E?s*. I vieitcd it yesterJ ?y af <at an irifctvil of a week, and tbe progress accomplish ed vaa sa remarkable as pteMlng; and were it no*, that &a jet no plan has been carried oat, taougb we bear t f scary having been devised, for tempering tbe solar heat by abado or ventilation, it woild be scarcely pc*fcibl? to imagke a jesort more cs[>able of affording both relaxation and instr uotioa then the Palais de l'lodastiie, even in its p>e<<ent rtate of inoompletkin. It ia oeitainly neither so vaat, eo light or so impeding in its coup d'atl aa i'x London predecr aaor; but, on the other hand, it (s mote varioaa, leas absolutely utilitarian, and more under the dominion of art. Theexhibtti i of Bog liLd was a cokucal bizau? that of Par^ is more abin to a museum; and when all its denigas are peifected, tbe gianotur of plan and the multitarious objeetsconceatfated? for every earthly tas e fa ol lccud- cannot fal to a rike tbe baio:dar with mingled aetoi-iebuent and regret- astonishment a*. t>e gtgf>?(io na ure of the uLdartaktng, nftlfhl it sb? uid have been to clum?iiy marred at tbe oav ea, ao that aa a commercial enterprise it matt ba the mott t igoal failure < f modern day*. In aoother lMipth? that is, by tbe 15th o' July? if I m?y j-^dge fum tbe pTOfiie-s of ihe past week,! hav* lictJe dc ubt thai tbe whole wLl be fauly nuder w?y*. and thocfrb rtthiig c?n reeover to the ccmpaay tbe t?n weeks. < r three lnvalnable'iattnlhH, Uwy ?Ul have jmt, tb? putuic at large, who wilt hav? delated tbeir excursion to Paris to the dog d?ys, will bave uotf ii>g to regret, for tb<>y will see thit which on so great a scale will probably never be attempted a^b>c? '-be Ahoioett woks of art, of industry and m-th neiy, collected ftom tte four corner* of toe wcrlo, unotr cne ioot, or nearly so. Tbe tetter articles have been obviouU; kejt ba :.k fcr fear c? tuch damage aa t*w incomplete ?'.st? o' He bi.ildin/ would ?nbj ct tbem to. and now t^at tb? c^ritjal feontaUis have released tmir a t?ndii>t bricklayers and plaaterera, acd that trie only wnrk ge ing en la that more noisy, bat c >m|tarttiv?)y nean one acoompHshed by the hammer and saw, heauiifnl < couttnoatly emerge 'ron obsoarlty, Mfjd l?ke biigbt start in tbe deep gloom of midaight, have all the advantage of the previous dvkoeaa ttev contrast Tfcert, U a small Chinese department, in whloh, amorg other things. ?a exhibited two tripods, in brntee. tba handles formed of lizards, and on the lid ? gr ffin's bead; anythiog more artistic ?lJy beau tiful tnsn the design and execution cf thess obj.cta | it. in scarcely potuubU to ooncdve, and tae FrtnuH, wbote t-kiil in the fabric ot bronzes is well koom, Rie i ot a little stiuok with the knowledge walcti trer* inhabitants of tbe Yellow Se* have a'.t*>oe<l. Tier a a' f, also, elaboratly wived flie se.resna la e'jorij, of gieat beauty, and a Chinese temple, com ple'o, whb its gods aid high piieeta. Tbe b?antifol conjunction mtrfred "Corstantinop'e," and welch, t pfrotiv*, has Hon? rff an cfforoot in the eu'e n ? ?? Ivry , overiotkiug tbe lamina plate of glsss term id Ht. Gobain, at piesent only exatbirs af?f rags, nabies. guitara art] iranaol;ni<; but Miter things are ictib'k ia in store. Tne department of tbe But lu ll la Cimpany, if attractive before, la now douby so, h >lb from tr>* better dispiKdtlou of tbe ariic'+a ainl tbe inDpnrta^n if several new ones, snob at carved Hor> chirrs, Indian p'rli'Zis ot dniw, Ac. Li m.n Uiepiajs of metaic Lave b3?u ic ore wed, an 1 of thftofcivts aw worthy of a voyage aoosa tbo Atlai t<c to come and see; the fWitmi, t/><; colors, tbe high a?t evinctd tn <svery detail, is someUnug filly msrvoiooB. Toe Kir dim vu d*)iar*.mcu' ii 'laiofly nmarkable for >ome ttbl<s in' aid wi'h va 'huh weeds, net of i'tt ?rent co'oraasin onliiiM-y nv qnetiie, but tinply of var'oos minn'e frhailee, bat i) dosing llJaftrat.;rn8 wait v of the flats* crayon. I)< -cci dipg it to the nave cf tbe building, one of tiie fJ*?t objccte wbici y< u enoonnter is i e gltsa r,i~e of Moc-ka, the Court ciftumitr, wb?, st ilitis-raS wis oi hi? ie:uJtar mttur, haa given fa l repre smtut riTif, in centime, ef and otror Bttsbiii'fcn, end frw irpr*nr.t? t-evm to be mo e fmtiinate In attracting a oowd fian tula gentltm i of tie f(<oce and s 1 store. lithe region nmktti ' Fiaic*,"' wLi h hither io hia Veen a a>e?>y waste, Augraud's epecimets of /xipu rt <1 botdurtt d? fan 1 a*tt will well repay atu&'jon. 1? is no'. pondble to .mcgine snythu g more exqniaite in faihic and co or, tnan tbe thoos^nd temples, oadosed In a Urge folio wbith the visiter is uivi'td '.j tnrn over, more ilellate ttan lace and v\ein< in color witu the nxsi btantiful exotica. Tiie cya Ls po? ivt y entranced, alike *itb flowers fat> io. Thru tbtic is friadin tbmitttiir, ftul ot thor e deiiotonf works In (niit lit vwm which rich Abm rWvuis pur : b-iBf witli sorb avidity that no En opcanlwia cfcsticv, if they oi ee rated a p*ep at sny^hi'ig ot <ina ia this way. Advancing, yoa came upon a VRht fittt temple, ?npersciioeil with tbo words Ir.dwirtt Paiitimr.c Parurt, which would appetr t> u. tbe contribution of sfve al artm's, t i ll eeratslns plnmrs of fsavbers, Howtrs, aid j-wels, conhisting of brsolels, eecklaot*, 1 1 ru>> raids aca dtsa>onds of eu^h sn pvcir.g brt. 1 oncy sbd magniliof ncett no d> scrip noa 'jat give t e w ?r tvt/i ?n imperfect I sa of; and aa If t> f?s cmate beyond all bonmlatbo fair fptc^airfx, a'riadr In tbe ftvntb besv?n of admiration, tto >n 'a 's frrm the highest pol^t of this lottjr magoa re, a n arlie-i dd cur cf white siik, W( iked In thread of frld. with a fringe of some tlx in bes depth. Oaz r.llrg as ate tbe jewtls aid the thoosaod a* d ^e far ant that sdom this glitterlpg spit, I ram: H tnt tbe itdles were mne absorbed with this b'il iael ftp l>*nr)?se of conrt rigimt than any tiling eli*. It ?t!0 k me that tbe wearer, whoever eh? nraht h>, ctul i have only ntj regret, namely, th?taob?Qt'fn( an mm e aheald be worn behind, instead of b torr>; tb^ttotfr own ejrs, as well aa th-we of o h: , >t)?nlo r rit be gratifltd. But I shall mtJce tht < l?: , ?>r ?o n t:rh Dke a ra>al"ffne, and faMgne ri* ?,?<?, , an or tbe N'sder, if 1 expatiate on all tbe 1n> m .i oi th'i p e cf which I took note yesterday. For tn? r ( sent I wi.'l osly give one more acc utt, ao?l tiat 'i tb? tih.b ticn stall of M.Krt laser, Hue <)? ?]im pan. T- thoaa lamtliar with Paris, it is on y s?oes f^rj to mention tbe name and address of t lat ftln t tvnt tore* ind tbem that any lingoage o' the most In genie n? wMiernust be totelly inide<|iate toce?''ih-? srj ariirle which shall be put f >r*.t? at oce of > ? ttufn tU'/rwre. Flrat, tnen, Is a cl >,:k w?. i t*n r-'ira to ma^ch, In deep blue poroeiUia to gold, on which was appended an atftrht, besitcg the word "veudn*." Aoyti! n/ V. ?jr-cuful, rloll, elaborate, un'qae aud eoc^sx.tirg t? nr. U> s b( nqn?!t of ornaments, It is u U.tlv k,? ? il.l to coi eeive. Tbepa/eof ehlcn this poicela>u i? f rmi il ?s equal to the finest old Bsvre, the n?? bl ,e of the giound is so f. nit an-i vntr t st ?t? prr ftttloal ? et on ? fTldtnt; bnt the mediili-n ' - rlo ?h*fl d*ie> lb? Ibeir enamelled brightness and the )oi?l) v?la lag ?aic; mo< dm themr And then tbe i ha ? Kid taitB aw of themaetv** no graceful aad so it ? V?t (tm without tbe<r ?djuo-ua of blue tad gold, Md fl .wtiin end prioelesa ;orcela<a, the eve ? ou>d be raehtnted ai d ravished with Utm. By tl e aide stands a cabioet of bats dt rose and mo dern Bf v e- vseea too of all sorts, ud thea a table t*outU! Tb'S table, nraktogai a gates, aa; have a dU meter of toor wet. It hu a border ? say of Un inehe* df ptb? In which are encrusted or inlaid oval po< celain tn? daiiioos of exuaisltely painted flo w tnoi some Biz <sches lergth. There are alwa I twen ty of these. Hon towards the centre of the table there !? another < irsw oompoeed of forty beautiful miniature n?( d-l'lone, representing portrait* chiefly in the contvwe of the sixteenth csntiry. Thto chained circle furrow. da a centre sh?btly aoeeped, whieh Is perlaps twenty inches in diame ter. and la filiei with a galaxy of flow era. tainted with ?uch exquisite art, and grouped together with aueh cooeumm'ite taste, that the e)e wanders from b rd?r to centre, and again from tbe centre to the miniature oiroie, la a lerteot 1> wilderment of aKm*ratiou as to which is Kent wet by ot its eternal adoration. BERTIE. Pabih, June 14, 1855. Lfjtotd ng Tone of the Public Mind in France ? Austria Hedging Off and England Disponed to Back Out? The Luke of Cambridge '# Peace DtcloraUons? The Civic Fitts at the Hotel dt VtlU in Honor ?f the London Corporator s ? Arrival of Mr, Dvdge at Madrid? Rumor ei Ministerial Resignations in France-* America n-t in Par if. NoteitsBt lading that day after day the walla o Paris are plao* ded by tae governaeent authorities with cbeserng aczoun'a from tbe seit of war, and trat tbe moat scectioal are beoomitg convinced that tie tided be llo In tbe East is viaib'y taming is favor e#?he ailits, tbe heart of the people seenu Btvertfce'ets d spoodiog. Every wind thai bb wj fiom i be otter Md? of the channel, every time tbe electrie wire is tou bed, acme expression in tbe mouth ci loins cbief public man in Ka#Und l*ma3e l?no*r>, a?d eanses great bitterness and disguat. Two facta appear to be striking their roots firmly feto the publ'c mu. d , namely, that Eogland is only fvr i cectnt opportunity to cry "Hold, tnvogu I" aad that Austria does not mean, and never bt*t in*aat, to raoge nerwlf by the Bide of Fraice. X. eEvginh aristocracy, it Is believed, Li thoroughly al?med, and aai no real eiufidence ia the prtseoi stability of things in France, and even if it bad, ti-.da the Internal commotio! now fer mtnvifcg lo England one that will need all its best efl'jrs for self- preservation; aad m an example of thia, the language of the Duke ot Cambridge, at a dinner given the ether da? by tie Me: chant Tailors' Company, baa bien indmt ieusly and zealously d acuaaed. "I hope," atid the Duke, "that when the operations in which #e we nar engaged sh.ll hive terminated eoceeatfuliy, the country will adopt a noble and generous o?nrte, to not attempt too muoh, bat give the enemy an opportunity of coming to a just and honorable pc?ct!" These worda are supposed to lmp)y far wort than they expieaa, and to indicate.* dttiie to pv'ch up a p toe the raoaeut there is an e? ise for dottg eo. Then, ttie conduct of Austria txaiie ' uuiver?al dirquietude. Her circular to ker d . i i ?geu' on the 23 ih of May, is oon nt / ut o a dechaatlon ua her put that she to now ?by tbe coiduct of tbe allies? released from tbe treaty ot tbe 2d of Dcoember. A report prevails that she ia withdrawing troops from tie Polhb ircntiei ? ibit twelve cavalry and three infantry regiments have quitted Oalida, which cannot but have the effect of iterating a number of Basslan regiments, hitherto employed in guarding the southern fiestier of Poland, who will doubttoai be def parted to ?be Crimea. Then thereto hTr g> veirrnuntef thePrUc'pa ities, which baa beenln ficiteJy mote epptessive and Irritating to the Inhabitants than that of Ruseia. Austria, it ih nercelved, in the first place desired, by orxiuettlng *>tb tbe Wettera ptwera, to aecore hcraalf against ? be brroKtLCu and rapa ity of Russia wi. float rtsbn g entiiely with her, aid bow that the new Czar Betuin in d*i<grr of being bumbied by Fraaoe no be r ally, Ausbia turns roun?i aad extends tbe bieid of ber i rotectlon over a Pt>wer whose aid aha 'eels will icon be required tj enable ber to kaepher ground a^au.xt tx? public opinion ol oivlliaed Ea ?pe. Ak 1 cbaemd in my laat, public scooritiee would appear to *ndotse tbe general alagtving, or Uty eviLce but httie sympathy with this glad tidiEf* G?L?ral Pt luster ia caily imparting. Tbe uttempteo atraksiiiatton, also, of Carcioal Antonelli, Btcretary of Stale to v e Pupe, at Rose, shows the ?k oblou* itaie ot tbe political atmosphere, to which neither V e ;e tmg of ibe young Ktag of Portugal tcr tbe preset ce ot Queen Cortotioa and her daugh ter at all blinds t?>e eyes ot tbe Parlaiana. However, nothing is suffered to interfere in Paris w 1^ en a dane* or a dinner ia In the wind, and the ball given by ti e Prtfcct ot tbe Seine to the Lord Mayor of London was thronged to suflbealfon. Certainly it is net easy for tbe mind of man, oa pleasure bent. io imagine anytning co re Dewncmng. enonMtiug end insurious ibwi fate styie of boepitaiity eihlnited by Mr Haaa-roan on tbia ojcaaion. At a ?pe3tao.e, flaw lotteries is not to be compared with tbe mf nitkCB ? of the gieat city palace, ant) oa tbia ooca Mob tie Pitted seemed determined that ita ancient n nown a cold be ctlpp? d of nun* of lta boson, bat rati er acquire ft tab latuela in lta peth of glory. The jon? g Kin# of Poitngai, o.nnd from head to foot with stais, linbcna and va'icus orders, led oot the Princes* MatMlce, eld enongb to be bienotber, to a quaorlieABd the boy Duke of Oporto danced with M net Bin BkOFMban, ahile the quean mother of Spun lxktd on approvingly. Bat nothing could exrnd the b?aut> cf the apa'tme?ts,wuich, In addi tion to wbat n ay tm called tbetr nattcai and proper, nirtB* kdoirud with fl mere and baa oira, at o n>i ltsi) tropl lta, ? hile on either aide foun tsirs ttr<* uv tteir *iray nd < ooled t e heated air. The lord Major of Lxndtn wuo was present only in el* priTtte capacity? tnat la to ray. without hu tix T<naeif in ciotb o- gold? waa plautd to toe right cf Quun C;ii('ixa, ana nust bari felt matters ftiuijiej cckcgea tne tketfay wbra he cleaned lx?t* in rt ,fic?i K?a ktivts and lorka for a print neller ii lb?- 8'J*rc. Ore c. unit btlp ihmat pifyirg Ibees royal pnp f t?, w.iD- (1 trom me icecc of festivity to Duott er, ibfj Hin rt eir m nototoui round like one it Mr. hanomV mrdeilui cnrios.tior. The King ofPotn^a h ' kfi ta instimate aa ?n? bestarrct meiLiam in i? ccut oosti mer'a wndow, wnieotd a; d 3<.nng i >:?'? tie another atont and 'read upon tbeir Eciphtt re' w<a to catch a glimpse at a lad ?ko, if be *?- * Let cnllod k'ner, to one would hare le u?d tor ? iiiii U'? ; aid (ten to kebcid bin doing rcynl cm ?ir p with Ue Princess M&tbtlde, whose bofBtkua bunion h ate the di <?ra e of the court (bo takM to !a'R? a share hi. We were hap py to see sioi'H a t amentia elats of Am er i *i a pr 'en, 'Ar. ti race Greeley, wbo, freed from durante vile, in said to lie tr~i>#ri?g to D>?ke atuot .f fUtkr.ce against > is a'*~abar,t#. HU ainat, itappfsi*, oc<.umd at the icstanee of a Frttch ani-t, *>o sought iidimnlilcatiea for the lot* i f a ?taiue s?t ? ?u> by btm to the New To k Kxhibittrri, anu * I let baa not keen retucatf. Tbe rtfse Is t? be ?i ?? d in tbe coorts, aa to nheUter Mr. <irtfi?yl* bable, and should it $o sg'last hhn, a 1 oat ot ? ther claii ants are to be let 1 me opon him. Tbe Mt dnd jon, r ut? mlo m uj that G?i eraJ Hoyaa biiskf?n t ewi.ared ^spuln Gfncisl of Madrtd^Q tbe mm of Get. Zsbala, tow apvoirled to the M tktiy of I onian Afl*ira. Tbe fiat, tie laya that tie goneraaett tasi?t received ai) con ti, mat ion ot a inner to t J e ? (TV c1 tt at a vstt conspiracy bad b#iB dfc?.v?r?d st Cntaro, ?sd that the tort of Ran F. rtmj do de Pioqvarrt ws? in dar^f r of falling Into tbe bknde cf tbe CsriisW. Tte irfii gtnt cavalry a- Sara|(tfa bsd b?en leafed, snd the cbief, wi'h rUe <f tie bind, snesled. Ten ? (lioers of the ? "d GaiCa hid made their tnlmimion, and a'nist &il tte aim<d peasanta aho j ited htm ba^l re?n?n?d l.u e. Mr. C?-af Aaunsttis Dodrw t\e sew TTb t? d &ta fa MicisUr, srrivi d io Maciid oi tie 7tb list. M., under *ecr?t*ty ot tbo Mlshlry f>? F)tsroe hsd restgied; ard ltwaasa>d tbat iftr.#* h'/ib latictioi ailea of tbe sens? depart d ?n? w?te nn. ot io roilow L<s czacple. Tho n w hnivtit ot 1 1 L ?cic !? to ntt*iij)<; io (Jif>MDis wi1] Ufc u? u a lean prr po?<d b) II. Ulan c r. < I be irotin i**-e t,u?Ket of p old, ihe a; rival o' whf ''i kt Hn>re < n i?s to tbe exhibit! >n, alt Psn? t.a? b?en so ?*te?t?tteti>lj ii,fmm?d cf, tnrcs ont to bo * cmp-vn. Tbe nee wbo b-on^rSt i; u.??kltt?i dajsskMofv* Prarcc In ordttto obuln I ,H n?,. L.015/' ?fceti '? f"?Bd tbat *h? Ti ? ( f .t *t* Ik fid irfff til u?lf oofertd owtt d, I mt on !? f.w\h rn mat or r a? to cUmly r?v m Bible th? vata*bl? metal. The man who'preae ited it t f ? tttn air> s?rd. Tbe <(Btr*?t b?.,ween t?e nrmbfrs wbo viatcdf tn^ iJfHffiil Kxb)MHrin <n FiltUy iw t wb^n the rbarfe 6f , s?d on Konday wl.- n it was f'or sous, was v?n s*i k-ng. Tfce r onber being on Fri ca S16, sr dot Hbt-dsy ?ft J.'. 7. Rss. s Ti e prolu>k>n of ittKtl ?a? now In Paris, claim It p tW h. t?i ijr n i f Mr mv o, the United (Mate* M nHter, ie qntte evi re<-ri 'nt"l an I ru^ti heeoeej ?be psr'C anoi g the l< dutr p M'ers o-, ib? itcrmpWte stated < x*?tbl iin aad tielraw? kWkl 'dii clarg s, tb?* but i r th" Am- neatat'.ey n onid hare been nine 4. Bams.