Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 4, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 4, 1855 Page 3
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TUB PROHIBtTOKY LIQUOR LAWS. The liw Yoik PreWMtoiy Uqiwr Law. hat on Biu'i uunoonuxi to tu roLioa or BBOOXLTN. Matok's Orrion, Brooklyn, Jnn? 30 1855. Vo the Pohet Ihpmtmmt of tht Oitj, of Brooklyn ; The mr approach of the day vara the ui Byy of oar State la relation t) the traffic in in mttcg drinks ia to beoome operative, and tic position I hotd aa the chief ex*outtv * officer of tht city, whose apnea doty It ia to saa that toe laws are enforced, combine to tender It eminently pre ier that I should addreas yen in relation to tut p>iiof, and point ant the ne w datiea to devolve upon year* solves in givirg It its fall effect. It la needleaa far me to express to yon my seatl menta in nspeet to the propriety of tie enactment ao aooo to take effact, Inasmuch aa thot) semtimeaw have been long well known in the esaxnaaity, aad cannot hare eaoaped your attention. Suffice It to aay tbat I oonfldeot'y Icok fcrward to the moat benign regal is to ttie welfare t?t.d ftaspi neaa of the community, from tbe faithful tnforoa ment of the provisions of this nutate. On and a'ter the 4th day of July next, tbe keep ing far aale and (be selling of liitocUttiag Uqaors, except by the persons ia the manner and far tie purposes authorised, and in tie cag'S spec ally ex cepted by the provisions of the a*w law. or alio rod by the lairs ard treaties of tht> Uci ed Sates. will become wholly unlawful and criminal, ana all llquoia kept in violation uf that law are, bir lta ex pre?a piovtt-ion. declared t j bi a public ouUance. The persons by ahom, and tee ?j?na.*r and par poses in and for whi h liquors may be lawfaily kept for sale and sold, are as follows: - It may be kept for sale and so d, 1st. By tbe impoiter of tbe sane. to' any purpose, in tie original package in which it ?ai imported, and ia no other manner. 2d. By the persons who shall bscome specially authorised pursuant to the stco<.deeoti?a, who may keep and cell onto in the prenfses and p ace par ticularly designated and dwcrioad ia tbe written dec'arations on oath or affirmation of such p?rs ma, died in the offices of the Jouity Clark aad City Cleik; and it may be sold by auea persons only in the followixg cases:? 1st. To any person of the age of twenty one yean, being of good character for sobriety, provided the peison selling t-.e same stall nave giod rewoa to believe, and shall believe, tha. tne nam-, is la tend ad by the parohaaerto be used for m^ohaiicil, chemi cal, medicinal or aaoramental purport , aai not to be sold, disposed of or given a#ay, ortoba drank on the premises; and 2d. To any person authorized io sell the sat, as in (aid second aeotlon provide! 3d. By any person where cider s^all be the llqior Bold, and when the same ahall be sold in tbe quan tities of at hast tea gallons. But in this case no part of the cider so sold snail be drank on the premises of the seller; and any sue i drank ?r a re puroAase by the seller of any p .r ioa of tha cidar ?old, shall snbjeot the seller to tne penalties pro* Tided by the set. 4th. By the manufacture of alcohol or of pare wine from grapes grown b bim whoa scch alcohol or wine shall be the Uqnor sold. 6th. By the importer of foreign liquors wHeu such liquors ahall be kept or aold in the original pack ages In which the same were Imported. The provisions of the act do not apply to the ma nufactory, keeping cr Bale of bon>iog fluids of any kind, perfumery, essences, drags, van* i* hue, nor any other article which may be com josed ia part of aloohol or spirituoas liquors, if not adsp'?dto ass as a beverage, or in evasion of this act. Intoxieatirg liquors may als > be k<*pt, but not for aale, in any dwelling house ia whioi, or ia aay part of which, no tavern, store, grocery, ship, boarding or viotaallipg house, or room for gambling, daacuig, or ether pubiic amuAemtnt or n-cira ioa of day kind la kept; or ia any oaurch or piece of worahip for sacram* ntal purposes; or in an? ulaoe where either aay chemical, mechanical or medioloal art requiring the use of liquor is var ied nn as a regular branch of buaicees; or walle ia actual tr*'j4ptrt&'.ion from one pU e to anouier, or s o/ul ia a w*rehoa^ prior to reaohing tie place o' its dastiiadoc. It cay also bo lawfully kept Is any bonded warehouse vitnin the limits of the 8-a?e. All liqurrs held at tbe time of his insolvency by any anthori/ed liquor seller who shall bee >me insol vent, may also be so d by legal prucres to any other authorized l'quor seller, and the legal represents tives of any dtceased person woo at tie tim i of h<s decease was an aumoriz d liquor seller may sell such liquors as may come tnto tneir p *ses?i >n as the property of such deoeated persm,to any per aca auttoTizcoDy (he act to sell liqu ?r . Every other keeping or atildog liquor of any kind, or in aay quantity, will be unlawful, and it is mtde you ex^rtas duty by the ia v to Mi/.n aud st^re such liquor and to aneat the offender in the following caa??: ? lit. Whenever such unlawful keeplcg or a&le fehall com* under your personal obsfrvsttoa 2d. Wheuevrr any lavtul warrant or proc?es authorizing ar.d requiring such seizure or arrest absll be pliced in your haodj I t setri e. Ia tie tint of theav caws. you will be authorised and required to arrest the offender, and to seize sues liquors as are unlawfully keot at toe time and place of the ccmmiasicn of trie fence, MMW wit i tti s vesse.'s in which the same are oontaioed; and it will also be ycur tuty in every such esse to make com plaint on oath against toe person arrested, aid to proeeoote each complaint to Judgment and execution. In the second case >ou will be authorized and required to search the place, and seize the liquors which are particularly described ia the warrant given you. Whenever any liquors shal 1 be setaed by yon. un der nay provision of the law, it ia made your duty, axoept la caaea when the owner thereof snail hare been arreeted, forthwith to give written aotioe to snch owner or bia agent, if known, of toe seizure of such liquor; and ia inch notice the liquor, together with the veaeela containing the same, must be de scribed as tear m may be, tad the name of the ma gistrate by whoa the wamat was issue i, or, ia case of arrest and seizure without warrant, the name of the magistrate be' ore whom yen have taken the person arrested, tad alao your owa same and resi dence, and the time of such seizors. This notice may be served by delivering it to the owner ?r his agent peisonally, or by laaviag it at hie last or usual place of residence with a parson of mature age raiding en the premises. If the owner or his agent cannot he found, and his place of residence be not known to yon, the notice shall be served by deilvsr lag it to any peraoa of mature age residing or being employed in tho pla )e oa whici toe liquor seized waa contained ; or, if no such person can be found, then hy potting the *ame ia a conspicuous place up on the cuter door of the plaoe where the liquor was found; and ia such case oopiea of huc'j notice, con- I taiaing, also, a description of the j?Uoe ia whic i the liquor wsa found, must be forthwith oorfspicuoudy pasted in at least three publio pieces within the city. After service aad posting of sucb noiicse it win be your duty to make a return to the magistr ite named w the samo of the time, place and manner of such aervlce and posting. Wherever any liquor sez-)d and stored by you shall not be adjudged forfeited, it will bocom* y jar duty to return it to the place where it was a-jz-d; but when h shall be adjadged forfeited, and a la ?? fol warrant authorising its destruction shall nare been delivered to jou, it will then bsoo ne your duty to imnmou the complainant or tucn otbw person as shall ne designated in such warrant, aid in the pre fence of each person to exoute mch warrait; aad snch per> on aid jou muit Join la making return by affidavit cf the time, place aud run oner of the exe cution of suoh wa-rant; and upon to* receipt of su-h return the magKra'e will deliver to yoa an ex cu tioa under winch jou must proceed t j sell the ver se's which e ? ntained the liquor, aad yoa mist m ike return of anch execution and your proceedings un der the same and of the proceeds of sale to the same magistrate. It la vade your duty b? the law to serve all pro ?oess issued bv virtue of the a :t which rniy be del lv ercd to yen for service. It is also made your dity, whenever yon shall aee any tatoxicaud peiion ia any More, bote!, street al- | lay. highway or other, or dis anting tue public peeoe i and quiet, to app eherd such person, a^d take him oefore acme magistrate. If the msgls rate shall, af ter due (xuniattum, deem suca pen-on tco mn* i tn toxioatod to be examined, or to answer dd? oath correctly, aid ,hatl direct yoa ?o tj do, it will b* | Bir fartoer duty t> eouvty sue i pern n to sn.'h , lock no, or other w'e a^d co iv?ul-at place, aa shall be det-lgt.a'ed by tie magistrate, and tnera to i keep him tint 1 be shall be -omo so Mr, aid thereupon forth art tn to take him beJore the aame magistrate, or if bocaiaot be fouiid, before tome other mtgin trato, to be examined according to law. The magis trace* who ere authorise to take ?ogalr. usee of of feaces committed against this act, are the Jus'ioes of the Peace, Police Juittoes,C'l<j Judge aad Cooo ty J nd fa in safiiUcn to these dnttot, von will be reqaired to take notice of aad report all plsces la wtJea yon have resets to euapeet that any vi uadons of the law are eoaunitted, k gather with the aatnea of the per sona keeping aad *>ea to visit auci pia es. Should any circumstances wnich m?y come to your knowledge be sufficient to Indaoe a reasonable belief that any tff^nee has been committed, and that the same is *tthia the ktcw<odge of an? o'her person or persons, except toe eupooeel offender, yon wOl be rr qui red to make oomplaiat oa oah to soMa magis'itf, detailing sici otrcam<taa<e? and belief, with the aame or aamse of ea?a per ?cn or pare >n?. I have tha* in detail st'.iad f' r ftur mtre pVert nsdetHatdtr.7 the cases ia wtufc liqaer miyLe sold, aad the new duties *W? ? a?> dev ?lved ap~ . you hy tola law, and I shau took to you ft* the f til %? frl do-charg* m ttose < Hiiea. I sri m> ?h*n U a tb? la ? **' V entaraediga<2 if an- or ed. It will bi erode Hve ef araat MMffii and It Is my eerccM dnelr* aa<* tsriea '.'?a ?~ r^fi sw my aoty to see that ia eaior .td. Your (Uthfulaeet u4 Tigdnot will gnttty *s?Ut me la the d'aoharge of kbb daw; joat Urttaxi er rantiMceas will be a g*eat hindrance. A neglect er refuaai en you port to perform any datr reqaired of joa is by to express provision of ?fce 'a vdeoitred a mlecemnaor, and la paniahsbls by * flae aot at attains five bundrtd dollars or by Imuraoaomt aot ein?kf one year, or by bnth suoh Hm and la piiaoomeDt ; aad in addiUta thereto a conviction of any such offi moe would work a forfeiture of yoar office. I troat, however, that there la ao meabw of the police force la this city to whom the terrors of the law are Uw only incentive to a strict aad UititiM performance ot duty. Obokoe Hall. Major of the City of Brookljn. A ^aMtloa for oar Supervisors, [frem the Huffotc Democrat.] Amofg other absurdities emanating from oar late memorable Legislature, theie waa oue watch, tana l?f? epoaera to have escaped uuolic a'-tentloa ai to 01 e poltt- Its cotatlrationa ity. rewards the dose of tr>e siae'.on a b li, wbloh bad b&en previously de feated in the Ilouar, waa brooghc forward la tie Set ate and horned tiroagh bnh heu*e*. It* iitU ia "An act to provide means for the auj.p >rt of the government." Its two first, sections are as follows, vie. t?c. 1. There eh *11 bs impouM for th? flcsl y?*r rtt a mecdrg en the first daj of uctoour. eighteen bunlred Hurt lil j-fivo, )i btat* tax of on* mi 1 sa l a quarter on ruo'o f<l'ar of tbe valuat on of real ami pwtonal proper I) taxable in thi* 8tats, to be a**e**ed, rateed aod col lected npon and by tbe anaual a**e?*meet? and collec tcnof taie* for Mid fl?e.?l y?-ar, In tbe mmaer pre tcribtd by law, to be paid into thi treasury of to the credit of tbe general fund. Sec. 2. Of tbe money to be r deed b y the tit abort n.rr.ti('Ped thn-e huntrad and twenty thoni-anl Dollar* shall be paid over to tie o^ul fund, and in berahy ap picpriaUo toward any deficiency th it nity exist in toe canel rerenuea, toward the payment of Intereat up?n tbe State rebt, under tbe provision* of article **ven "f the coretitntioD. .Such advance to tbe canal fand ahall, with quarterly Interest, be repaid into the treamry for tbe viae of the general fund, an provided in Motion flvu of erticle aeven of the constitution. Tbe third taction anutorfzea a loan to amply %ny cfticif n y in the Miking lucd to meet the p?vment of the principal and intereat of tbe puolic debt- la cihrr words, to pay one debt by creating aioth-ir. Tbe foartb section partially repea'a tbe an of 1S12, I authorizing an annual Sffa'.e tax. Dot we deaire now, particularly, to c%ll t o aUtntion of oar Huuervwors ai.d tax parent t> ' ?l.e foregolrg first and ae otd section*. Cbe first I iropoasa e direct ux of over two millions o< d >1- | laia ; the secoid specitiea but one DM of ; the tax, end that amounting to over IJ20 000, liavirg a tax of etxmt $1,700,000' without aay speci fication whatever. Now, by tne thirteenth sectloa of tbe seventh erti ie of the consUtu'joo, it ia ex pressly provided that "every law whloh impose*, continues or revives a tax, shall diatinotiy sta a tbe tax and the obj?ct t> which it ia to ba app;iel; and it chell not be sufll lent to refer to any other la w to fix tnch tax or object" Mow we ask our tap w visora to read that second Heo'lon over and over again, to are whether tbey can discover aay object "distinctly" stated , calling lor tr>ia direct Ux of over two millions, exoept three hundred aod twenty thousand dollars to meet "any dtfl stenoy that may nist in tte canal revennea, toward the paymeat of tbe B'ate deb ." To what, th?n. does the remainder of this tao million tax, amounting to aboat $1,700, 000, appl>? To no objeot, whatever; for nooe n ata'ei in (he act, distinctly or otherwise, and ao much of the tax ia palpably unconstitutional. Let our sapeivitors examine this queathn before they : call upon the people to pay this portion of a two mLJlon t*x. The Maine Law In Connecticut. Acr ordirg to the testimony of the U %/tford t te evil of lbtempetauce, in its m'Mt ufTeo eive frim, ia rn the increase in that city, not?1tti~ standirg aproblbtt ry 1 i{ law is ia force in C ?n necticut. Tbe Trmtt any?: ? On Monday U*t it wa* announced that member* of the Lar on League would sund a petition to tbe U)tr<! of Cob moo Council, complaining ot tbe gTeat amount of drunlenneii* in the city. On tbat evening tae petlticn v?i read in the Council. It waa eigned by at>uut two lmccred ntmei, we Hhould judge by it > appearance Tbe tii -t nair.e wua that of the llvn. Inoma* s William*. 1 l.i petition forth tbat the amount of <)rao?uinrk? w*f increaalng, and U calUd for an invaxtigaMoo nto th? matter, anC o?p bctally into the conduotof tbe watch mtn. The Maine Law In Maine. IKCISION OF T1IE CHIEF JUSTICE IN POKTMKD. [Fiom i he Esitero Ar^ua, June :m>. ] We announced on eHtu auy mat tlie Hupre~i? Coo it tad made a do isioa. having an imuortsnt brmiig upm the exccatio a of the receut-y MMNtoi Ltquoi law, and by the pout'nw.s of the pabusaers r.f tbe ?g*, woo furtiuncd at an extra cjota-nin^ t?e opini ? ol the C.urt, wo are able to lay it befo a cur icadei." to-day. The effect rf th s decision ia to o-i?' jtwticea of i the peace atd judges of police and municipal courts of ' all jurisdiction under tola law, except their eomm >n statute authority ; to rxami^e and bind over for trial la the Supreme Court, cff-cders against this, aa against aty otner lair, the punishment of whose of feecea Is beyond their jurlbdlcti >n. The opinion will be found distinguished by that clearness and a vilfty which characterise the legal oploiona of tne Cbier Justice arruHi judicial cocar- middi.i district. June Tern, 18o0? Kennebec County. fn the Matter of John Htrnrnm, on fVrti of Bahttu CorjMM^- Rhepley C. J.:? From the return made by tbe prison keeper to the writ of habeas corpus, it appear* that the prisoner wai committed to prUon on June 9( 1866, by virtue of a mutim** iikoed by tha Jadge of tbe Mnnioipal Court for the city of Augusta, reciting, that the prlainer had been Med and found gulity by htm of ktrtng, on the 16th day of May, 1865, Bold one quart of brandy to George w. Doe, contrary te toe form of th? statute; and had been tried oy him aad aentonced to pay a Use of twenty dollars and ooeta of prosecu tion, taxed at fife dollars ana six .3 one ceaU, aad to be imprisoned In the county jail for the term of thirty days, and to atacd committed till said order be complied with. By tne eleventh section of the act incorporating the city of Angasta, apptovod on Juiy 23, 1M49, it U provided that there shall be established a muni cipal eontt to consist ot one judge, "?h.j alia'l hare cog current jurisdiction with jastioes of tbe peace in ail matters ciril and crlmlnaJ within thi county of Kennebtc;" and jurisdiction in all c?e? ot nmjle lsrotny where the property (dull not exceed la ralie tbe sum of twenty dollars. H s gen*rtl jurisdiction cf cfkueer, other than larceny, ii to be ascertained j Itora the jurisdiction which justi:>ee of the pswe hare; and they, by the Beviatd H<?tutes c. 170, are antlwrfTied to punish by fine "not exceeding tea I dollars" persons c-nvlctvl 01 c?Uia enumcatel j rfftnots, aid to try all effcaoes within their ji is let ton aid to sentence tnese convicted according to lav. Tt ey are not authorised tosruiy to impose a line extending ten dsliin, or to Inprima for aty tiie whatever. By particular proruion? ia I dbrr statute* they are anth rized, as in ca* -a of lar- , eeiy, to pirlsi by a fine not exceeding twenty dol- , !sra snd by imprisonment not ex w.dtog ?ix mouths. But ttbir gtnsial jurisdiction Is not thereby en- i Ifcrpe-t. No ita<nte turn be u citcd or no iced, giving to thim a pet real juiiai1<;U->n of oBmoe*, pewer to impofce a flnt to the amount of twenty dol | i?r? or to lui prison a por-jo for onr time. Such a junadictun, if itexisis, muit be derived from heme statute socially conferring it. By tbe act tor the supfressiou o( drink ng houv* ul<i tiptliflf abops, spprored on ,'nne 2, 1<11, pro vision was irade by the Attn section, ID at Aoy forfti'ur* ot peatlty srUIng nnfler th?*b,r? ?*c1irn may l-e mover* d by is c'ioi of d?bt, or by coaplalst bsfrr* ?sy jostlrw of the or iu<Jg? of ?rj mualcipai or pMies tourt, is ill* cousty wiinr* tao clttoco ?ki roiiJiriVtfil. By tbe section referred to as abuve tbe sale of In- ' U xicsiing liquor* was prohibited. Here the Jails dlciioii rss Kf*d?lly cw.femd; bnt, by the aa?. ap pnvtd on March 10, 1H66, ttat act, and the act ap p:ovfi on M?ic<h 31, 1H63, vera repeated, aav>ng all pruMKs thou pesdicg. aad leaviog tbeninf-roe for t?4 pin abmcst of ail cOoacot comaUtted under tbem. Justices of the p?ace cannot, therefore, nave ai y jarisdidion by virtue of the acts of 1W>1 and of any snch cff< uee oommttlel sin j tbe flrst d*y r 4 May, 1H66, woea the act or Ii66 tx>k tff^ct. It tiey f ave jurisdiction to punish for oCEraeea cn n :u*a ibat time by the sate ot intoxicating li , que is iu violitl-ou of thn pr viaioos of the second m ' tlcu cf t).e set of If. >5, It most be derived fr'jsa k nr.* provision contained In that act. No such Ja i<i>dicUc3 Is cotifetred, or attempted to be con (t/ttf, by th. teootid section, wh:Cb prohibits the n!f. 1>eta it a pro^wna cont*lned in the niceteoath rt'toii, that * >aj i<iti ?? or forftiitara*. tht r*eoT*ry sf w>?l-h Is rr t !>'t?r?i pro for is tsu Ml, may b? rseor?r?4 , t.y eecplaiat or Itt'llctrntoi la asy coon proper ta try , n-? bis 6ot$ rot determine what csort is ptcpe ' to try tue same, bnt leaves It to be asoer wined from r xlr'.lrg lawa. No provision has been found ta aoy kcMou cf tl.e act of 1K66 exprtsaiy coo%rrijg tip^a jutr tiers of tbe peace, or mumdpal or police jndgea, at,y jnriftllctioa ol tte oOuce of which the prisoner w?* fi ttd to be pnllty. By tbe e4|bt 1 wctioa of th# aat they have Jaris 6 even to U aiid cur lab per*ocs found 'o hi guilty 01 ro tain cflteaeee t'Sirln aaaed; bat thu does asi ir c'nd? ( fftooe* rgaioit tbe prortsirms of the secoad ?-?ct ta. It is Insisted that jarisolct wn is conferred uvr? tteca by hap 1 ation irom p bvta.oui coat*ia e<t ta. eevveai of toe sect ten a. 1'rf vUtor is oa^e in tbe twenUeth sec ! i fe' aa rf eal ttt ft ? lrota of snrh Jtidga nr]i' :? t4 t(t i<?c?, ai d f?r ier*<a?B?{.cea to be by them t, *?.. !l reaea wr leb might a/i?e eat of rleiati -.a ut im t ovtsioas if sec. nt aeotioa. hi vim*c is aao ms e for appeals frma th?4 ' Je , '-ir ? b> tt>e taetty ai'ito secuor, ty laajrsuf* I ?pi-<oi rite to euvn ?rtte ta mm *rie?c oa^ee 1 I tl-e eifWt: ae><i'-e rrrr ?r?neb taey hsw jvtaH - I t 90. Btipg to a^J^o?'jr appeals ia tact came, do I?Oi?oicib h? dnn ttil tppMli from decisions aade under the second aeotioa were la Unotrf By Ite thirty-flrvt section proriitoa to ml* w Whfiiwm In th'j Mt Am m1 laptUoBMtt m Ui pnoUki. ?ut proTVtxl lor tba offence chargod, It ahaO be th? ?(t or tba jnsUoe or ooort to hiImx Ui ew r*ct to both 1m tai Usprlsoaaaaat. Tito language to applioabla to offmca arisiag undei t*e wghth section, end no iuferenae cam m drawn that it sotfeoiiaei pualahm*nt ti be iafiiotsi tar offiecM against toe eto ad eeotion. By the thirty etcac d Motion forma of process to be tu+d ere prreoribed, end it to declared 'bet thef &rail b? dMmad autfl event in lew, for all tu mm ailaing uot'ar tbU act, to which thsjr purport to to aoptod. amcug thefe forma to one for a complaint to bs mace to a justice of tbe peace, that tee pwion ac cuNd. at a >*rtain time ud place, ' old s?U a quaa tity of intoxicating liquor*" contrary to th* form of ti f s ?:uti?. There to alao a fotm for a warrant to to l?oed b) a Ju?dce of the peace onus bt coat p ah t, uo a sum for a recognisance to tie tnkua by n'm it ract- of an api eat from bia deoiaioa Hading the vccuttd guilty of nd an offence. Ntiih.-r of ibfne forms contains aay allegation or reeital if a f r'Mture of twenty dollar*, o< mat t m acciaed is l'tble to be imprisoned for thirty day*, t-uca aJigatULa cr koiuos are not nac?>etery to th'ir legal validity ; aad the o muilo* of titmia oily noticed to show that n<- words are a**d la tbe fcims, c inferring a jorVdtctaon to pnai^Hbyis pceirg a flee of twenty dollars, or an lourisoumeat ol t> Irty <?*)!?. Thsy acnot therefore infiiot anon a tutiabmi nt bv virtue of toeae form*. And a court caiitot extroite ju Udi f.ot over an off Loe vbeu it caz? ct inflict tbe punts* n<nt pres;rlbtd fx It t>y r'aiuto.- ' C ?mmon aeaito vs. Cartii, Thatcher'* Crint. Ca- c> 202.) By the words "ohall be deemed euffle'ent in lav ft r ail cai-*e arising tula act tu which th?y porpcit to be adapted," no more U m?a?'. than it at they Khali be deemed legal atd ??.fflcieat fornsto be ustd In buch > tmcn. Tbe .*ner* . en?( t m tit of oonect and Ugal form a to be used for tbe pif+eeutioa *id j.unt(*t.mcbt? of an off>nca cat n< t otbfer jurisdiction upon a court <r mi^!?tiat?. If k>, aoo t e words "oLe of tho justi vs or t*.c pence " weie atrickeo out of tne complaint. ia ? tnt? woids judge of probate, or coun'.y comaUaio .er, wwt iiifer'ed, then a judge of probate or coauty comtuiuisner wiuld bora jursdicuon. without auy other jroviklon of la# coiftrnog ?u n j<iri?diotlott opon tbtm. The surne re mat k would b? a^piictbie to tbe piorlaion autho?izi?g apptali to bo male (rem ifce lieclsiniia of juaucts c4 uie peace. A. pro | vielon author z eg an ap{>eal from the decision of a | court in or:mii>aj caate, cancot give t >e tribanal ! fioa which the ap tal la allowed to bo made, juris diction in all sn:h cat>ee. vlt is an eeiabiiabeu rule of tow that tbe jurlad'c tlon cf aa in'eiior court, or magistrate, is norer to be prttumed. It muat be clearly exhibited. Tbe enactmezita in the van ms aecti ni of the asl of 1866 do oieaily aboir, that they were mvSe up m tbe aatumotlon ir auppoaition. tha?. muoiciptl and police judges and justices of the peace nad jurisdic tion. It fiom aucn etactmeots, tbua, juriadlotlia migbt be confenedby implication; then it mignt be, U it wrre capable ol proof, that the provision con tailed in the act of 1861 exjreaely ouferricg sn:b jartodl^ion, had been originally uuerted in toe a st ol 1865, acd tad been upon deliberate coiutid r*tioo , Btiickin out for tLe very pnrp' mvcT depriving tnem of suob jurisdiction. It la said that the iatantion o( the legltiatuie to confer socb ajurlsdictt >n la cltanx aiortaiiable from tie or>.vkaioca cf the act. nod that Mii-h lstemlon sbould be made effectual. Tae ! incfbtion of a legislative bed? is by t . e law regari- , ed as a rule lor a cou't to detetmine wnat conat nc tioothe language ?hi h the legislature has u*d ihou.d receive. Hut no rule ol conttrujtion la i kiorn.or a^mittod, by wnicb a clearly perciived defect, or o( in Uglsla lrn to acc mpiish an importarii pnrpiM la crl ulnal tow, baa been, or can ' be auppdid by Interring it from langutge u?ed 'or i another purpose not suited nor intet ded toeupidy ' that defect. I If ?!><? t ti<ij1ion of the Ii'K'wlature coil! be a??i , legal.* tor tbe puipc-A of a.akicg '.tie law whit th'y (?oppM*-d it wax, acd lnt'.naed it sbou d be, instead of a rule oi C'tuntiucUmti atcrivri f.-cn toe Un- i guAgeuwd abat eaa 'moots it t<ad really mid*, i ttiih dilliruit) wculd remain, 'hat no ponon ca-j ' r rcltide, or Leii< ve ihat the I.edalstu-e intended by the meit ei>aotmei.tof toe forai4 to girsjur.a o:ctlm. TI c int^iMoo to glvo jxriidlctioa by t'is < fottl dw> B0t ?MUflWi toti it lorms BlMMMB /elieu u).on, the form of comp alnt for a aiugie sale iscctafo/m adCrriatd to m municipal ir piiios i jtidae, er.d no piovLtica la made that ?u;h foria for a compiajnt f-hall be to varied as to make it appli- , ebb * to au n a Judfce. Evei in t .e ci natruction of wills which the int:n t'ou of the tia'ator is to b) p e eminetit'y the euids I ti the oourt, that iotentloa cannot, however clearly ; dlsctverab.e, be made effe ;tual, if tbere pe f>und in | the will no 1 cguage used by which the object can be afc:mpli*htd. Ia the esse of Pickering vs. I.acgdon, 1'< Me., 413, the Opinion stalls: ? Hut tha coait i? aot authunrn! to mpply ocaixil^oj b t adding wcroa arm for aaeh a purpott. Tba inUatio ? { ia ?M tbirjr am. tUa MmHn ol tbat mtfatloa bj -.h tSStatrlX. atolhar. Hi? murx ea^cita bar lat?nt'on? b | lb* tua of noa Uejuaje to glra to tha eonrt tba powa to r jteuta them to man a tbra affaetoal. 1/ the court were to ra|>p'y a clear defect of i*~ ablation to give magiatratea a elm tail jurisdiction, It wonld rxhibitan act of judicial legitiauon forb J dec by the c Bklitution. lhe cue of Commonwealth n. Leach, 1 Mum., 59, Ttlatt d to by the attorney for the Bute in ttUa county u one in which the jurisdiction of the far mer ccort of general aeaa'.ona in a criminal cane w*a implied, doca not authorise aucha concltuioQ. The court held, t.u?t jurisdiction had been conferred open juaticce of the peacs by the adoption la that State of the atatntee of Edward 3, expreaely confer ritg anch Juriadictlor. The rcnatmction of the lair raapactlsg the pan i?bmeLt of cftnota tor aellin* Intoxicating Minora In ?iolatloa of the aecand aeeuon of the act of 18.'. 4, appeaja to be thla. Xhe kgialator* baa. by ena;V menia, provided for inltable form* to be aaad br jmtlcea of the pcaw for the paalahment of auch or f?tc?a, aid baa provided for appealf from their de cision* open tie anppoaitloa that they had jarladlo- ; Urn. That supposition la aacertaliud to be wholly ni enppcrtod and without founded m. To hold that ?hrne maaletraua have thereby acquired jurisdiction wen d be to mi?ke 'heerrcceou* ?appo*iU(.nof a leg : illative body tfietfoundatloa, and the only foundation, upon whlrh a jurUdictbn oiiid reat emoowering ; aai;h raigistrate* to Imptlson the pereoo* of the clU- , tttt, rhs intxc (taction of mch a princlule into the ?dmtefatratioo of crtmlcal law eacnot be admltfed. Treio'cof 'aw rtapeetli-g the criminal juriadlc- 1 tlcri of courts, ia ttana Htated by Upinaaae on Penal Blatu'ea: Wlih tmprt', bownw, U> utatutu giving jariidleUoo, I ? ? Siait be ob*?rr*d ?? to tr,? or anl in trr rr f<uri? The e^urta abevt say ba?? inriadict on by implication, ?? !b Mr raaaa of paoal atatulM ?n*n tioeed, tuifc ?? Krx t? Ma.lard (anva fol '?/. prohibit. iny n.a't?r of public oc>ne?rn uudfr a penalty, bo" ?ttt out a; prcpriatlr g it and which la a debt due t? tu* liona, a&C n(t>m bi* in tbe Court of haebecjnir Ihat n<|tit U ?n?d for In tb* court* abort, th< u^h they art oil named; bat no tn'kiior court or juri?licl.on can tare ccgai/jaca of acy penalty recori-rabi* tiaiiar a J.' niJ atatu'.* I?y Implication fh?j inuit b?*xpr?**4/ tn> fa the rUt'ltaa tbfmeelvtf, \a ' oofaireac gir?a to Utm fa tiprtea Krai l b i !w nu?R9 a ci at opted and aanctloned by the court in the <a** of B)w>r?r* (1 ceo (I. neain. 12), 1 ri ? i b tie opt&hra ttaua, "Junadiclon not barto< Iren g ven ? to jnnthtti of tie pcaoe, we are fif t jiir'on ?':?tt'.f j' in thfa r-??e sail no jurta dictjto. ' WhfU'r tJu* d'drlne e? ?taVd by K?pi raaae, that #n Micrr ur^a have jarla^ict^on by ion piicbtk n, caa oe ap|>! t?We U> c&urta exUtlnK under ctir Ittti'.utUH, .1 ta not now tecciaary to detor Ibisc. All d( i>bt , If ar.y m tHia ptibj^t, may be renotfd hf t'fwntirg he prrrlaton cot-U;:?dln , Hatite, c. 167, 14, which '? la ihrae witd*: - Ail bare and torfeltarae glvaa cr liaitad by law ? < wtci* or ia part, to lb* o#? of tb* Ht*t* o.<j b* r*oo by iad:etn.*tt la tka t lairlet eourt wutn n? o'.arr { mo6% It f ipr?a?)y pr< rimj. By the tveUvaevtath section of the an of l<w, , it 'a ptcviced that Wa;I fln?? pr&alti*? aad eeate, and ai' ram J >>a r? , (fftiraecu a* la tb ? ft jroTldad, tba 1 h? y-U 1 into ti>* mnty trNMfUl of tt# ratpat-tlTa oountl** fo* !i?* | at* of tb* -tat*. When, tbaie'rr*. to ether mode of ncore'y ia ! fxprt*K 7 prvldtd, a?jcb aad pec.alU?a wen to be tfrrveud ly i/di?.ta>-nt in toe di*t.i< t coirt. Tie nboejnrWdktir.b of that oonrt waa, by tba a^t of IMt, trail afrt red to ?hU fturt, hi ?at:lch atirb Hn?a and pttaitlea are new raooaerab'e oy itdi:W ax-rta; azd for tie atioa of tbe proriaiooa of tne mo -td aec'k>t: (f the ac'.of 1HU, off-aden may.oa r roper complaint, be brought before mnoklpal * pcjtjeJodgre.or joaticee of tbe peace bavlsg j irla o.ctUc.aed may be by them bctind over to anartr for tneb off- rir?a ia t ia rtnuX. I'athloter diet barged fro* laarl c; ?n?ro. hew *41 Leicester for tbe petitioner. K. H. Voce, C -ia i ty AtKnaay, for tbe A Late. Bic? J. tocenrred. Appietoa J. rtnvtf! thtt be w?a aot pr? j an d to cor car. Testy J. eld oot participate In the dedc'QV, b?r irg beea cot(to?d ?o hla lodjpic* by tt Jlaproiti- a fttm the time tbe writ aae 'jhn ant., tbe ie- j?i'? wk* acijoaicel. V* Got. Coixna, or limvt, Nor Otar> W* i-ff (,1-d 'o ieara tb*' tb* report of the o*c*?* of Coi'ler aaa tut t> ract. It oflfuaWd. w* Warn, ir vbi* waji-Vri.n* ra Ua way to fl oat I fy*tr>M he waa icM aiy yrwMhd by ae at - a of I panJj-l# aad ter aem* tlw rant* 1 1 aaaaatiai wad ? (,??</ **m, a%o waa r tM4> r-~f. at tba vm% oi : itmth. f it faaai p w*m irac ?df at *<y ear t fr?, aad tba raror* pntaalJed ta Tt^Uaoe* aa< w w*rrr I A ft na *ha> ba waa ft an> r <6 ft 'b?l three *r? at/r>a? *f * t* rwo/t* -y. Mm+ 1 /inraai, Mr 90. Our Hitw Oerreependew*. Hmto*, June SO, 1*M. Bet Wtalhrr ? f(U A mrrkon S'aU Ctninml ? The Judjfeihlpt ?Htforied ? A ObaHtbm ii' AppoinUi U> Ope* by the Atminilra-io* -5worf^iV*v<an CVmp-en'i-m ? 7Vr (M4'H I'ap-rxn the ir*i*n?W\Uo?. th? Citric' ?tins UaU in Wvrtuler?Setc Jmtl in LuuxU?Trpint

Gun* ? / 'etrvpo ulouiki ? Th* Christ Church Quarrri ? Bran on/! Hlu&?Thf Neutrality Catet ? I letting ami Actum qf the Democratic ttruniU Clitt?Ortyiia' I'ockapu? K. A. ? A Grand Hunt ? tfilitui Xrvompmmt We clone Ua Drat half of llit it ? condition of iweatl ocaa, tfce m.ere recoUeetiaa ef which aught to ba enough ta allow vi to dlapaoaa vtth lira wood at tbe rlo?a of the arcr.ud half. After all Our caoplainti about the baci wai iaeea of tb* te*?oa, we have hiui our lint real Lot waather a wvek earlier than la Utfti. The aaaaon U aleo (itawi In other reepecU, aad wa ahail aid our ahma 'o tboee boustlful ptoduciioM that are deetlnad to briug yttcaa down to the etanJard of pleat/. We baronet |M<1 ijuantltlwi of rain, If not all thut we could hive do filed yet mora than tba average ?aaouat. Iba thermc?>ter av?r?g*l about WO ;<yre< ? h?ia vj.i tarday, ant tiiia morsiaf. at ft u' loik, ti mi *<7; ; da greei la Pr. llrjei'i ee'.aw.ahwv jt corner o( t"at? aud WaealaaU a fcUoete Tha ee" jj ol lb* Kuow Notbiag Stito Co ? toll, which tu~-< so>lt ? is Boatoa ?i tkt 21th, wai uot ? ito^cihf).- 9j aahaiaaou.l a.- ft era* ?u|(ji4?*i it wouii bo, oa ta? quo* Uoa of a fuaioa A r* oiutloa -al in^ a ooavoctiou t i laeet oa the ISih of July, ?ao wb ch ra.1 written b) U >r. (laudinei , iai uo adopted. Tbii :a hiM lo indir r.? i?< <1 tin Know Nothing party, wV'.a eu^ortlo^ tlia eat. ilarery eeitinaat. ia determined ti> rte'nteln it* own or gan! '.a'.ico. itni to*. work for tlie benefit of other pnr'.iM l'trbapa they wiih W uoatillate the Uottuo bra'i:ti of ttatr pa.'ty, wblrh hM ivlaced a det< rmiaaUoa uot to<o lato in] tit-w roovemant Ju it no*, the ttoi'.ea^y In WwihkrLuKtta a tan to !uiii>a Waa to sonruaion It ia ao in all perti??, and we ?h*l! hsre Io'j >>l noni a^'iju-i btfor'1 th'M atcn'Si eiutll b??i>* away. Thata are (Iru Ja<lg?ahl[.i to be fillad, four In the Su per' >r r??rt rail tha Ticaccy caunJ by the railgoat <>D of J':.'gi Hear, oa ilia lV>nmoa I'leaa bench On it it, tb?\ it r MarrU, of th? Tenth dletrtet, l? to recei?e one cf tbeia Jutfreehif I, and tha* the tituiy that will tl uj be mi. 'a In our t'ongrer <!oaal dalegatlum will be filled I) the uomieaUon cf Mr. John W. Koater, of Krlm fiaM, new of tba Uororoor'a Council, and the eanie g?u tliman wh? flgurau in the rhilt'Mphla iiotr can Naticna' Council Mr fu iter can tUk, ant Mr. Morria, though pethape ^oaaeaaad of ?<tual ttleata, cannot. Tha aay i it ahold be aurprixed If I'maident fierce were not nominated for re election by tha damt araU. It a 111 be rurptliol a twiiveBooth Uenca, with a Ttcgtaaca. Mr. C n. Viekary, who hai be?a appointed Avetgtant PcstibMter of Kali Hirer, wai aa old eoalitlonift. aad aa euoh w*i electad to tlia State 8enata by fraa aoll Total, the rery year tbat Vr. Cuablng wr-te hia "crnililsg out" lettir. Tha Nawbur;p?rt Herald I * da fead !>{ Mr Cuhhiag agalcit tha charga cf bet inf bt-en an abolitl (<n!at, though he wa> a good enough oae to ?atlafy ~o enargetle an enem ? of alirary a* Mr. J. (). WV.ttier, tha vary Tyi)aaua of tha Oarriaanlan cauea. The aeit thing wili be to ilea/ that ha arer waa a eoali t/oaift, or that ha ever wrote lea l'ng \rtli-lee 'or d*no cra'ir papara. eui'.a'.siag the poaltioa t'mt It wa? right fcr daaiociata to unit* with free eallara to M?t tbe wh'ge, or that he trer wai appointed a JuJge of our Ccurt by a coalltioa gevernor, or ccnSraed b; a coLuril la which there were ail frea ao lera to threa democrat*. Tbe fwfden'orji o .tnruel CoaTentfon rurt nt the Iiowdo n at:tet cbapel, Ila?t< n, oa tbe 2H<h Jdi.a-I)r. *orce??er pri kiciag Ttere were abaat aliiy <1el<gite< j if?ot. aid ireny ? j?cta'.?>re. A Urge sinlitr of r*porte weie mile, fion which it at. peare tlila lingular form of Chi'itlaniry ia getting oa a^out aa fll1^haa gool tliinge ge'ierilly to ia tbie wicked wo.-M An ad<lre?i or leottrt op Solomoa'e itmj le wa* mile by a gantia mar f:o? Meloe *rom whi< u It appe:tr> that laatcei . bea'ed eoiS'a ? a i not nr.utih of a itructure, after all. I pitfioie tin', we get our Ire^i of tin- temple m eplro lor tatter Iron wLet waa done by ll?rod the 'treat tnan oy fo.tnua the Wire Coi.?ic!erat>le diaraaaion aroee on a HWltt btWJlM4 '.y Mr. Hubbard, to the ?M I chat tha tad a or. ol.jajt of tbe convention waa t<. ptrlarm trie urea of a church in a larger .'eta ae coataiuwl a the docU r.e of tbe Nee Cburcb rer>aled iu the onrld and ? ?t 'orth fa the writing* of bwedeabor* aa ewiftly aad a KBipretiina: vol/ ?? it caa do no. 1 hia reeolra waa tailed. [jaw It atated a I New Tor'- paper, the other daf, that .Newport Mrrrvry ii lha oldeat papar la the I nloa. though aimeebit ?hurt of a century la age llli ii a BUiaki. .'or on thle reiy day tbe 1'orianion lb tN . If.) (lar*'t r >?pletei tba Irit half of ita one hun drad ind Brat jea r, aad ai tuuet bava bean coamen-aKl at the l^-g -.i.i ?{ of 175S. In the r>'gn of i.aorga the MmI. It .a a rar* good and eigoroue paper now, ao l battlea (toutly 'or tha aatioaal aiBlalitretion, which ia a nnitale that can ba overlook ad. Iba (ioTaroor and Council hava aot yat iler.ded npoa tha fat?aof Wlleon, aenteacad to ba hanged for tha inur dar of a coarlct at Cbarlaatowa. Another hearlne haa , bran |rui*l to tao adrocatao of a emaiUUti of i punUhmant Tk? Maeb*o!c?' Atodatlon of Woroaatar 'jot* com I rot arid tha iiMtlog of a naw llail, at ? con of [ l?:4n paying M" oor for thr Ian J, oa which foruiaity ; ?totd tba itiiwin of tho lata Itonlal Waldo, aa amlooot j of that flourlahiag eltr. It U to ba 10 laat high > Th* jrtaclpal hail wfll b? oa th* third floor, aa I will ha | l.'i2 raat lone by 80 wldo. and 40 fart la h*ight. Thar* wOi ba a takou nnl* tha froot gallary, 10# by 22 foot, 1 wblah fa iatoadrd to praroot tha nola* of tha atraat) | from AUtarbuifr ua??tlui<* la tha halt. On tha aacond floor thara la to ba a hall 60 bjr 10 fart, library roomt. i aad paaaaga way*. fi? tha groaad floor thara ara to ba four largo itoraa, a mala xatraoca, aad twa larga atora* la tin raar. Tha ba aonaaat will bara a larga room for a part o! tha aoeiaty'i axhibttlon* to tha mala hall thtro will ba nla* dormitortai. at tha Kcman* w*ra a tad to call taeh thlaga. Tha ar'bltart la Mr KUrldga Bay <1aa, af Worcaatar. Tha wtrk oa tha buildiag waa c?o mtacad laat ?**k, and when cotapl'tad it will ba on* of tba laoat f.meturti af tha kind la N'aw Koglan 1. aul aa ornamental aa narftil to Woroaa'cr, haanty aa wall aa utility baring featn thought of la drawing op tba p'aaa. Tha naw jaU fer Ifi ldlatai coanty, an'! to ba loct'al 1 at I-owml, will rnat about f lit "00? rath*r m'ua tbtn | Itaa tM WMt tut. tinut b* a c?t?io?i at yat, aa i acre* <b? aga* bara b*?o ma<l? la tha original plan Iba contract raa bain taken by Mr I'Mar I'owar*, of I?w?U, 1 ion Mat aiaa <n kia prof?r?lo:i. Tf?r* a*'* fl?* m !*a < f !'?<* ?n Iht Iftrrinvk r>?r, I a'.ailtrlo/ lft.i-i/0,0' 0 f*af , o?*r l<ow*)l on tha 'if lb of i Jub* Th* M*niroa*i Klr?r l.'motr t'owpany <lo a <!?*? t a oaaa, anJ <;**arra tba'moc*** which th?y ar-rt I with 11 at vaoerabla g*atl*man t'nai* h*m. hat b*an full/ away hta :t-< n*y, thla w?*k, at Fart la!? p>n tnoa, n* ?. r Hull? la oth?r wot la, ba baa bfo uperln ..?nil'g oa big *?n?, muy of wUiah flaw ta piMa ? . Iikt ao many political par!.**. It waa 'jul'f a llttla l/mlii'iMnl, ml vary pWaaatii It waa to t?? tb* ha'ila dilr* up column af'?r column of wa'?r, and lira go and join tha teat of th* ralua'..* thing* t)i?t La la 'la' d**p Tb? r? wat a rpltaful roar aho'il th- rarlaal njiwlr nr that lam'a- *d r>oa of n Qtj%k*r Ulnwiag ,ip th* advuaa'r* Of wax <)?. r unr ,* la prtparlug for ?ar, o*r kapa b*c?ua* i? thnkt that Haliactopril La atoat W> fall, aa<l tbat tb* alllr- may bvcoto* aajoy aga o Hp>?Jila( of ?ba tlllti, rrtbln U in* tbat I rgotr, ?y|( tha o-biv fay, with ? g?o'l?ir aa wh? waa at P*tr>i^nai*w<tl do' iwo y>?ra ago, aad In ?aj? ?kat It ??* th>n a pia * of a? a'.-prgtn an<: tla f runn J ngllab forr* moat t.ava falWd la a panlr lb* (iortraar, b* a?yi, la ao ai?r (??tic. capable inan, and Kaa on?1oubt":lT ad'!- 1 to n ? n< < ? tf b>a peat unr* laat anai&>?r fat bit frtaal ?It?* It aa a la nputioa that it ioa*t fail 1>* or* th* for' ? tt at I* ?? -1 to ly now iMiart* 1 tgalna. It 1b? Itrtit thumb quarral ea?* ha* b**aa p'lvtpoa*! t>ntil th* (Jdour taria at ? ur eonr? oa tb* g?o i o<l ttat, if It w?r* Irl*'' n iw tha partia* u, It m./bt ?*??>?* t f*u?l I ahaui'l ihiab tbat tb*y barf got to a wUla 1 - at alraady, a?0 wi ta oa tba oomt of malting 0*ir peifc* a r? to b*'* a aai'iran of Ml* an I braaa? that la. Ma* ooata ai<d I r?a? baittoo?? tha po.i /* ia*ig a a to b* *taB)|i*'l on tb* but too* Tha ccmplant agalaat f? ont Katlaakl aad tb*ot.i>r (*ra<aa chargod * I to T'o^atin^ our a*ut/ai tr lawa waa p>*tpoaad'ay, until Jo'y 1 It wonld b* w?ll to taia op U? cat* on tb* 4th ol Jnly Hot, afUw all, a j I'ol* aba ?n^'arora to k*lp tha ail aa a^a oat tb* i>aa alaaa, i*b?a or. j what our anoMV/r* d.'l wh*a tbay aaiil ail i "r Jur<4? f*?klug to mak*. *ot maraly .*iu* a I tirlata law* but gc r*? n*l *nt* <rr uafa tbfal t<> tba t?raw of traati** for our noooln'a haaaflt Mr Wallrtt ' aho coaadutta tha i ua for f)*eronv *t, aa*-l u l<* daokb an the floly Allianra. aal rw, ? all hla ajmfatbUa muat bo agalaat tla nacha/g* of bu ofb<. ai dutt?- thongi. ha nmt parform ttra Tha I)*m??f*tte firaa ta Ha', baa h*M a m**tla/ aa I \ t*ak actka a that la loakfl upoa a* op*aiag tba ram ; paign on tfi? part of t' a l?i^ ra^j rlnl ra^nn j i B-*ada.t that a Hta'* (oaraatiaa bo raOat oa '.ha 2&4b o ; July, whi?h wr nld b* from two to tara* aaoata* *a/l.*r than th* uauai tlav* Tb* Ma oa law laaan .ntir* tiy 1 fatoannxi hy mm of tha club a rooatvoa, aitlw?a?h lit tamocratir party a motw r?*p?ot '<** tot tha oa *?*? a at tbat law In <<aa**'h .a?t<a **i otH*r. for II might ba?* klOod th* wha4o tij log in l^l. If It- I ?*.11'. ? m*c tad arly b*** tra* to 'b mi avowal prti' pio* tnma ^*w?U, who abhor th* law, ara op>aaad V* : Tracing aopj-or* a* tt* r?p-al a party taat fb*y aa f ' tt at 'k* mat. who *r* r-?*. i?t*-*?tad la harlac t .* 'aw ?W'lfBad it r?p*a<*>! ar* th* worrt aanalH J th* a ' acrwy-Hnt th*y WW U>* m?a what ho&gS' ap th* If 'at. taU aga'* tt toa a*w o*?*t<tnUoa <4 l?H and that ' M aU a*?a* < M 'l*y tara tihlMtad a* rt*% I ar. a.-, ; anty to tha pr if 'p.'* aad tha maaaoxoo af d*mo?'a*y | tbat lot ? *** ti?a ?kl?* haro *i/*^a< IImk- u*f an J r iA yr*car*d t* p4*^r* thnm ?*!?*? ta th* rtyaal aa aa, ; tat pt*wt 'hat tl * mtltat aba?M ba Mt ???a 'or -v\ ?nan ?<? a-.t tt U b.ia mar taam boat, oa arar/th-ag 'ba*. lala'aa ta '>? fa ? ?*? '<** aiaL r. ui'j a ra-.ft *a?tr^y. ao far *a lu a ti> * ra'toVara ?r? '<Mi*?rra* tfa*<? >1. J ' ac a Hartly a r. ana la Maaa'tamad Ml U* pa/*takal aco .at of ita ^?vrawt aga ?Mik t oaa no* 1-lMg to ??t raai<*o**a *Vi I|h'm >a ita rtrra* o* tt* |amil ??????- m?nt ft M th ./ 'tat ??a tPa* "*.?t'<d tin "? art I* ga ?* fia a ta lay daw* th' (? "y < f th* tarty ? ? ta a?aa* tt* ??? ? ? j .a j at dl "w t.Wat ma M B>a| Itaa *?? t ? t i i i a**> ?at rtitl *?*??oa?t| wit <>.. p**t 1 Kim ? la <a ha* It.* I.I b-ili agaa ? ?* . -i ' (?;" * 111 I1 ' .???' at>! a ? ? a I II a?t| Vh* ibw the KebraaVa Ml ? l lltfl<?H< lata 0? |rni u< Uia late eteottoa* Ml Uimi, aa ?k??. Uhaa f**o at tret up ifur ? laaf IM. '??? IM 8?tni Ml? a* re of Kptmii, ui la ?iijin< to a?U qalle ? Mill which will uat to kit oge\b?* rl'UKl ia UliMI of tba ml of the TV m >nihtra. IM. ara aH Boatoa m. a? >mu ia iv* rUutipj m( til>w kMMM kkml aa inuih for lit* d*<r.???ai/, of lata y?an, MiwM aa'ane tor the Western Ajllaaea. Tea fW( b?aiaeea laaka lite a part of tba Uriawehl nmaaMat, a*4 Hill tut at that a r rouot to loekej upea villi any particular o( favor b> thota Uoivtll wkn bar* toe am* tiled c f Ms( Inlml at Iwr '.bebaae (it of cOtca Loldera, anca a rear A correepoadeet of tie f'"K U wrlt'ag a aarlat of p% perr andreaeed "to the ica*er?atiTe wbigt of <4a?iei-.liu aetta " Thej ara ?ent to th* graveyards, I pr-aum* Ibe Hta wb'ge hate no 1 < a of helping tbe adialoi -ir? tu a out of JiOi cultlei Into which it bar got laro.^b I't own 'olljr " Original packagM' of Ihjuora ar? arriving la Hoi tow not Iran ll in l,i!M>b>Ug Lrougut 1**1 fueejiy, ?> J tl.a brig I ampl.irhler, Ircm Kottard.m There r?ie Mil jupa, au.i *t* o n . . I Jug- lu l ho c?rge, U 1 '? I with ' b - r?il I jliti'pT Juloe tuoh ? you'iI .i.nkr wreath*. lotslrr 11I temperate* noriatlea mi'.i hta U pa ta ame'I of ? ttall that Uewtbcrae mult bar* fcita tn.ana* ol wU-a lit - of irr.e f .uuta.o of ycsts la a nets b<.t'. t " I'l I* a tew "irfiukU" for y f.lnad Kiwis rhits? ? 00 rhiff A> r'al:irn<bU iifrmi'lTi *1 *oUl ib?li ct'J'oe. iuO ha burnt M't bu vita to w-ri. .> put ll floes llou"?.li, K'aak Biol, l>un Alri rl, H?nrr K rirr-?, Mtjrr lloyt hare gone to 'he A (lira a 1 1 <*< ?? ' ? ft, lo iS>w York to hiut and halt and retoa tha ! M"aa* ?** * b, "caeiplng #ut. .Villi tb>. <a ^ea'le nm except Major I <0 > 1 ???? pt?via?nl catiimsltte, tbelr uttlra for tucU pui poaee .? loaki- i upas aa aaoia l. In? aliBMt in lUiin'iK aa the mftiag of a lot of M a tiard chl^'taln*, tor a tftrr b*.nt arnuM hiva ^a"B r*aHr>><i a hun 'r' J ?uil f-ir'r yaara ???, bf tn? llctuaa i:> ori'riaa puraiuurnt ll-l .1 1> a ivrj allt'r Mr. Ahrr4 <? aa lovett. ? ta i^oriaioan. am tba (.ii*?-riri .? rot intu b hahtud ii'io '.a tint '?'?)< r llojt haa 'ra??l>>l from <ba 1'/ C' llri u> l*ta AtU^ tip, in iliat tb* u?ol will h? nbi!? a pi. ? t>> lilaa Mr luiea la ?/ llur 'to a r< th? atttjior of 'ha mwt Uarafi! ?n'l philo'apbictl .? '"aco '/f t>j? "n'Jal" 1 ?t . ?u lo tbia rimntrj, tliao >, \ bual <r u l llrtiar. Mr lliril il a (Tool ah?t 10 tha politli.?t UiiJ, nut lurthar trim that I can't ?r>? >k of b in. 'lha riirlalKn ancaispuianla 9l our roluntnar mllltli. viU ha halil on tha '-'Mli or Jul? acl tha "J -'-I of Hfptim h'r ilia flrat (iirlaloa, containing tba lloatoa co-u l amaa will auramp n?f Mouat Wollaaton, In IJ1107, on tua 21 th, Vlith ami UTtb of Jttly. 1 lm ilorarwjr will itrlfw <acb olalalon on tb* laat iiaj tha rnrtiav naol. Tbr rara?< a of tba rankar wormn all arouo 1 lioaton ara Inribla. In W aat 1 amliinltra It la calculatail that tha h-?a to tha applacrop ? otia will axrai?l l'wi,D')0 Oaa man ba i loat alerrn bun-tra-l treaa S?>->ia of tha t'?aa lu Waltbatn hara ba?? totiftha<1. bnt n it rata? Tbi4r torn will ocma aatt jfi\r It la tha mora to ba ragrat tui that Wrat I aabrli'ga Iruit abouiil anlfar, ua It la thi< b?at tkat la aant to our market, ant pr?a?rr*a Ha roiM i^uanliiHi longar tjan any otb?r Uoaio .lap?n la uiarb c n that low a for It! ?uppllaa. It balug a pariau Uian, fci.0 a praat ilaal of capital la thara luamlatl In agriou! lural and hortteuliqral puraulta AIAjOKA. Oar Poltavlllr Corrra|aoiadriire. I'.nT.n ill*. Juna M, 1*55. of Oval Mining? Vain* of Cixil /.an<l*-f '(ipi'jJ t'.mjAoyrJl ? Vahir of Httiln?lnttm* from hidivitUnil Intlut'ry an l ICntrrpru? itoti ^tiNnJabtr .jncf 1'ioJltaU'. Aa tba cooveatlocal rulaa of aoctatjr rarj jaatly ooaiiaii-n ?t ttj illapoait on to rudaoaia, no uiattar 1 i.w or where ?unlfeatad, an 1 a? I am bound botb In fealmga and iataraat to n>a|iact lawa ao aaaantlal to our own and tha happ'naia of othara, I mint ap 'lo U li a 'or having loft joa cn tha top of the Miae tlill, with only tha akiil o( jour coachman ta rarrj jrou bank lu ;our 'o^ifloga Tba acanar/, ao boualleia In extant, ? ii1 ?o IM ? hauatibla In rariat j, I foreanw had caplira ted tha facultlea of /our mind, and with t'ta r oaa* f]utuc*a of rtidee^aa ba'ora ma. I lo?i#4 upon It aa cixal to divert it, or ar*n attempt to dlrarl it, from t Ua fra-.t ao (orgeoua Ij apmai before it. Ileailea, too, I had an ink liog, from the deUIla iirarloualj (Iran, that tha app?t te for tua iialhrn of Intaraat wta aufflolenU/ cto^gtd- that you w> ra tb?n In poaaeation o' about aa r.tiob aa yon eouM awal'o a? and tbat th* banquet rould Crl; t>a fio abal b; tha en|UlaiVa d'aplaj l??'or*j ?o But of thla ; on will } ourielf bn tha ja lga.aut If you rrgiwd l1 a apolcgy aa aufbutnit, we wi'l laare iba ll'iwer, ' let', w lb aatie'.y wa quenrb tb* thlrat. and hue tba It" to Larg ita bead koJ pariah " Tl.e r>Kli n, with Uia tn?naar and trononi/ with ??hi?'i the coal la pro>luo?d, being tha object ?f the rlalt, wa ? 111 tka ti Manoaour llluatratiana, an'.', I,' p'r.aib.a aa t na'a the cm r(cli.e?a of cur politics. In my prefiou* h-H?ra I have ?h>?n that eiparleeea h a n'Ujb to do wttb tl.e bualnata of tha miaer? 'hat bia wcrk ii labor, and laboi of a peculiar kind. 'I oe mart act! n of (be pirk la niutcular. but lha direction la min i; aril 'ha aevaral faculties of that m'nd are la contlan*. art.' n to inure the ol.Jtct a?d protect tha bolder, rb* rr .'l nmat be I ad in a men-beatable rootltioa , aa 1 to atcur* it without wiete and la reauoarallag '|>iantlt aa, totbUunit without i laturbing tha orert>..nglng rorka Ihat at ary mlalaie may fall aad cruah him, to keep up the TfBtilatloa and protaot him from tba eftact of Bra Oaaip, It ai'tue, and thit trlenne ran oaly be bed by ripeifaara, and malalalaad by kxattaa, la'iae earing macoina-ry, aad facilltiaa fur reaching tlie market. 'iVn (acta I hare alto bl/ited at, aa<! nat, at yoa ara familiar wltii tl.e baett u|ioa wjilch they ar? fonadeil, Cou will rereeulve that In tba bafiaalag, lite all otker ag.rning-, the pioneer* hate been obligad to mate all it:pg? tut ui cniLiBK, (a I t&at nolliing bat tba woadar fal jicgraaa of tba ruuu'ry. th? adapt* tiaa of oal to tha omm Um cad tli* objact* la which tha rartoja clUMaa ara ?i K*(?d. liaa an*b>a<J tl>aoi to tll'b prttnl pixttloo. You win ara, alio, that La tha aipamwrnt I man/ bar* fallad tad but taw b?r* auftraaifally a?r 1 aiard tha Tba eo?t of tha laad, altbn-ifti but Uttla at Brat, abaorbad tbalr amu fur Im j>i' T?u ont. and now, alt?r twaaly Ava or thirty yaata' labrr aad toil- atUr liiltaf tba wkuu of thalr iinprtiT??i?r.U la tha nlata. Iw railroad*. la rail ran. canaia, canal IcmU, kt., aad aftar adaptlac tha I Birt'iir; to tka ooa'itioaof tba trada? ftalac ?>> lh#" lalaraat la tba railroad* l> tboaa who waraabla aad will lag to cooatruat tbaia, aa I Anally b J altaadlaf to tha ?io/bla and lagitlmata buaiaaia of mining, aad Miliar tLrlr real, th/y bar* raalliad tha poaiUoa lawtiloha for tuna await* thatr ayataaa of aiaaa^amaat. Tbalr laada aia aow "leralopad? ta?ir acal i* that* la laatbau (tibia { ?ium*ltlra? tbair markat la mnnf aatabllaba I, aal tbalr farllitl** for raarhiaf It willanabta tbaai to rwtaJa II, aad atpplj It, for aw ay hnolrad raara to row It ? viJu* of thnr lan t la Bait lb* ' hj*?t to ba latar Dilaad, aad at wa ran ool.r arrlra al tba potat by tha la ?? m? a t--w ouotat-oa* will <Jat*rtain* tha >|uaatioa. Oa tbr *atb>irli aata'a, eiaaiatiaf of 1,TQ0 a*raa 1,000 af which i? W'tbla lb* ration, aad In I *Ki coat about I CO- aa tha lo< atloo la ?ood. tha poller of tha owa ara i a* )>a< n In gltra loa>? laa*ra at fruwi m ta 40 aan la par low, ani ta Un'i to tha np--*at?r tba ' inat?ral aid ' to n.aa> tha Imprarainaota, which M again raturoal la am -.?1 loata n,? o'.a wrh intaraat- from thla ayalwoa, '?>? year, tba ojiarat' r? took oat >14,046 ta?a aad pal* (o L< ownaia 111 fat tl IM llila aaoat, wlthaut ti.i laaablsary, ?ool l '-? auaal to 10 i-*r oral oa a rapt 1*1 iff I!, 71., frt/Q, wht'b if e?a1a*d to toa l,H"0 f 'row wh.'h thr r*r>ana la darirad. tha rain* waild ba tjt?r par acra. lint tbia popart* ia ao aal tar tfcao flftr ot bar tra 'a la tba *?ti* ran,;* ; aar la it b?''?r ItaproTad lhaa ''tbara In rartiaa tai ta I tl a r?# <>B In a 1 raaax tba i>l i* of tb* p"> |<itj la *>ru.ln*d by tba aita-at an" doraVllty nf tha in ? n>??m?Bl? la tb* liat of tba oixrati at for tha ytai thla la/ ' ia baaa'ifully lllaa'ratal 'ha tba xtata ju?t <|i.ota<t ot ? o' ll ? oparalora, Wlthaat tba cropvr mtil n i;. O'jt #,'? J t< '.a, wb>'a aaa'.har, w lb ail tb' abj ar?l>i? and aj I'i'Bt writa U<aV a-.' aa i a?at Xn Daikat l'>7. II '<>aa < oa?- , a*atl) . "ta laiprovad laat la r >' it ai.y ai? latlatMd at ita ?ili? , aar l? tb* > a ifntf ?? wl. ah am'inota Vi a>m?t ftaa ?ir'i'ba >>f th* it| u >i?l with all tba iraaaf >rtaUca CfibMl aoai p! ?? ' ai at pr '** aow oblal*"! lo t' ? tn ra diataat aa I in ?? proa ad r'iflona liot ?IUl(i ?' ?atar.<g la!o ">? ;< n*.,a ? aad wl'.h oaly tha fa-t? i" < ?a< lb?*n, ;?? will b* alia to aa'.lai va t! a r p?it> ; ?-ad fotwa ?p<ratl' aa <?? tha laftwo Tha 'Xatb a )<u will p? r-taiTf ia not oe 'y I? ir.^'tlf t r ? naaraat (n marlrt bat tha ' daw a hill gradaa abft'Bi tk* 'latat.-* aa ' *l?aa it adrtatagM tt>at '? a Ml; la na bad fraio atbar inartara wbaw tha 'oaj i? attaaalad a tb? -a Tha 'a.^r'^'tnaata aaa a, i>l to tta 'i w aad af tba taar' at, ran b>aiU? '?4 to awwt tt ra iiraiaa'ita, aal altof?tbar. tha aoMVIaattaa of mi a.aay l?p rlaat roiiatarata, aar|? aa iroa ora, Maaa ?t<?b? tft'?t tora afdaa* with lo*a"'.na foi aaaai farturier, ae<i tb? Hfact aaaa*rtUin wth tha W a>baat a id ? ratal, giraa a*ja?va far tha r*C?at<*a a a' t'a' loaara nt abal* la lat'r??t a> tl?a? ara ???at? > ,a*?< aal dla^-ia?ad AS'TifHt'il 'I ha War af tli# ItallraMla. <tmm Albaay Atiaa, 1ml J . ] T)>? nb?t ?bi h hM rwifrnorl t'?a I t'a l?& lr*Ml a' 4 <b* < Antral lloa, M tlf nt'j rt ^ "?!?? lumJ fMridli aU.B t#tw-rn t ?? two 1st rr-aa. With h ?lrw !o frarrnt aa !a!tit \< Ifm ura'rf, t ? two < a |ah.'*a a?nt4 ?|c>n a dUcr* -Blr.aU n of fa'?a wb< ra ti. ia ? aa a ataiar.U?t Hu a Um foita. Th? Hi />? v ray ? TVa Can'ral aaa'la arraagaaiaata Nl ???Uat piaaaa rn aiaa Um alaiabad ???f tk? *?a(ata likai. aal t;- a )<? H\. -'.?im rtaar Tla I r 'o? 1 prot dad IU?lf wl'h ?<aaa??'-ala, ?a aaawt wltn th? '*ra ad '?aarbarc, ?ad <o traaapart traral ta a?1 Iraaa -aw Y Wk, at aaa C'-ftal !aaa faja thaa by 'aaUaoooa rail Tba fa'lp*a of '??*>*? lata by wata* rwaaaa .a?- aM? a ? aaa lua aad r,?* r, waa a*d aa y thaa r?'. (lad V* Ua fna road, altar bamf ferwaily aa) laHlaraUly amawM b> tail h tu --a' ay IU a *t of a4m?ii< iferovj^at tba "oat. IU 6 WW arraajr a.aala for traral. ?ada ta Pl ' " aaaaa a< H. Tt*a prt*ra | pta waa fart^ar i*o,nmt aaad a^?M ?? foJ <lw -baa at nta*^i>aat ? a? tinai a baa a tha Krta i-a4 waa praaaat ay rta ripwuMaaa aal la wb a ! tba lailnu) of .'?aw fc*gUad? '-aw Ya*?. I awaaylt>a a ? <<*>' Iweiaaa WVahtgaa aad Illlanta, a'taatad by thai' | ^tafabaa At t*a ?afcl ii aawi aw Waa af Jawa. la* tat pra ipaof ?|Ul lara ta* paaaawfwr tra?*< ffaa ?* ' a?aa?w f wla waa aW. a ?raad '.pa aad abaywi | ibtaiawl aad flanaaaU watt, for waaaaf a I"*"* polata la U/th tka f aaWt! aad tha ?>? r ada ft waa 1 Vaaaaf Itrt tad ^iapu tn <-*a/ft ttaiaat f" '''* a t^rawab Uraat frota aitaaa af thaaa y??a'a ta tart, oa bait road a, aad lhaf Mb aft aw i aa ia da ! n?<Wt*l? ttolikMi?M l?rlt i lata Ika law; iM Uara m to M war U> tba kaiia Mw*n |>alw<i nwarK TW atort a'raa'r b I r*na trt abff-r. 7V? rtaaH ??r ha Uta fa-we' a?al aaia of t*ia KrM V> Ua* haad wUa a. m wh< * -*.*a, a Itk lara aa ralll- asa W<a ' ra#'tal ti BW*. tl yixt ? Um "aiia-^ iifii to tt* Otrtt >?m Am tin on MO M #4 MM 0OIIW9VNMI, Rio m J UIM, I Ur tl, IU& /?naaon Aat^a'ian ? Diplomvy at *<xrk~Wli (k* Bm ptrwr H.?h i JbManw if Untt*4 fUmUi Mtaqfm tvr't?bu i ImU Jtortti tu UU /OyirtfnUnitm ? Atodfniffaa-TV Mlmw TtruU. A* th? UM* ?iB Mil ta ?*rrtv, I In?uJ ? oato a*. oiaaUf aa adtotel roport of the "ijiHwi ?' r*ra%a M fain, jut publubed, la reJ*Uoa ta the piaaeat *Uta ft Uie diplomatic ?cfolUttoa* re*pa?tla? the rlrar Ahiim, ImImm MM DtIM SUtM and Until It rafarra to lb* t ??-l poiat of tba atrlgtluia raaaiag late l'ara. 1 c oiJuIt fraai IbU ropurl ihal Una gararaiucat baa eutared into t? arrangameot with Para artnrfc (lra? It ih? fiaa prirtbga ta raa the aaw Una of ateaaaert lata It. r tarrltoty a* hi^h op M Naata, aul that If tha I'era ? am I'nt'i yiy tha company tJO.wOO per year tbaodr*<.t*i;ui learning from Uia l/tualil ahieb IV^ \? 'I t-i'n, tfcU , irjl (It* that am# oak It loola <>%/k lor a tpao j o;*oog af tboa* WatifJ to iht lr*a natlgaltoa of tha aorld, an I aa <?M tliat . 'ini ' ' U?* i n?i?of our |oreio*?at tia h^tt; oatrra ta tliei?lw? of l:.ii *'< ambit' roa^uf. You a re awar- thut Iks rteaa a and ll^uta of Ix-paalfaa are 'u w "u.jii. 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Uajaaty, wat tha aplaadid rapy af Ma ' i nltM Mtla* Ciait rtnrray. whicb art* a* at ta Mr, I irtahtr for tba I nparar (roaitka Ooait hurray Uapaav uiU'l tt KMhln?loa I tblnk that ilia athibiuna will atari tba aaalai fraai tb* dark ajaa of oar fair Hrta'lani, aad haraa aaalf < y In rail i...t WAM far inor* of oar Amnriraa iata>i<aa !?!?> ff tba Maka, Uth'iKrtp'.a, ^'loui^i'ti alad fMt*>, p.iutinm tu t >|?aliu?a> tuttafaa u t?'l atllola* lioai tha ratio** cilia* of tba Uataa mm auj-rib 1 aa of tba ao*t lot*ra*tiaf aJludoaa la tha l*ta ? taaeb of hi* Majxty It liia m?*g* to tb* Haaator* aad I^putlaa ara rajtrbrf coloaliatioo aodaUrary. Ourlaaj j tba la*t roaalnn of tba *?aata aad Dapoladoa aaarh Uaaa art* Ctniuuii 'I III MmMi M MlHiN I ion and mak<?( approprtatloaa for tb? taaa, wiUiaat aiucb c/l^ct, aod taa propabUity It, lb*t au*b af tba praaaat 'an on a ll I* coataumad aad liiaral arraafa MpM VS ba inii'i- for l ui"p'*a "aiijratlao K?a?f?? yrtr* t|a ality Ibouitad tltraa vartliaM aaanallt ?a tba ?lior** of 'Jrarll frooa tba auul af tMia *n<) aolif lato liboltft I r?ry waaii rattala l*fl ttl* part for Afrtna, and baa aon* go, an t tb* alara trad* aaa Uru affamually obaeaad ll.ara I* a great dfaaarat ag of daraa aad tbalr t aofi aiuat ta flllnl ny ral >riira>Joa, to leap ap tba lortiiati r of tr la empire lae ool >ule* that h <re Waa a*ttM'?b*<1 la Ilia amp'ta bare gen?rallr eacaa-lad arefl rod tl.e rouaiir la oprm far tin* k ad of eaterpr aa, aad He pay ta ?> od for agrf olturtl labor If llraril araaM tUri'WO|i*a tba Aaaiaa r in ta f rea oarigtt.aa. trada aad egrtrultui* auubl gtoa up iaataalta>ouaty a.1-t largaty to k?r aipor** an I prolate aulRcHit i-raadatuBa fa* bar abala ? a.p"a, aad ta?t ?anraaaa bet 'Otat lra-l? N>pi.t', t< r l ha ('ailed Hta'ea Juaiag Aprd, lit*? li.M'V bag* raffae It'lug for ?llath lain; llaatM, !/,H 0. < '>*? a*ioa 1,1*0, KaaOclatot, N*? Tart. " f.CH I'h'lt'i, Ipbla 10, i'li Prtcoa tre firm WaaOad, 4 "Mi a ft M-?i aopail r I '.<? t d.Ttci. 1*1 g * it 4 I M a 4 3'"' . latregul.r, i >'?? a 4.|i?i , 2J gool :,>*<* a I tot; 'iA or> laai; , X H)<> a > 6<ii: K**o'l ?, >,Mu /wmi* i ,f t< ,rrir,m Flour arrlral la Apr?, |H 14, bbla aoM Itf 7"7 raaaa>atat la Aral htada, 4,l*f( f Btaioiair la Vd btnd*, 11,111, 'out n aaa'aL It liM. Tar? 10 b' la . 1 1 f.r ?1 par bbi ? ak-l.tltlk*. **M for tl 10 a tT 10 I'll* (Illicit Ural I aal I r*. 01 M ci UCOi KIMKUPUHItftJtca. CufciOkk, .'??? I*. I*M ' Omul*, t.'nJ'-gy, and /'rndvrhrmi af 'Kt frla* f - A UiVA th i trwr < / (Kt <H4 IkhtH ? V<? f i'k of tk* r\y-m Vnitfl Aalu '?utruLi (? ? 'l?r TVix'jf v-i/A W?lln<? /' ml/Vila InM-vk-'Si/ufi Y JViMfii //yaaaf p. A/tor ft abort raat<iaoca la thaaa ^uti, I at laaftb Ml at/aalf arjaal lu tka taak of k?rfii| /ao UrM Of atV tan aa U>?; ailat la tha Match Waat lallaa. Tha clima'a of Caraaoa l? eoaaKlar?4 aqaal, If aal aa parlor, to aa/ la tlia wwrUI , aal I nknuli alrtaa afl la rail..' a who ata auflartDj tram palawaa r/ eotaplalala la J*; a ?la.t to Iba 'aland tofwra tha diaaaaa ku aaala auab prnfrtaa that It la laaarobia HiiIm frajii 1 1% tba raa* that |ara?a? altatal with ftlaaairy Ma aaaaa .l?far Haiti of tha tropiaa uatll tba/ ar? aa W I'M that tba pkj.t'.aai at heaaa cm 4a Mttdf 9m tbaa, aaJ Iba a tha/ aaa? bara ai/oetlaf tha kM?aba to IMOiatt a rjlWui ifN wh.eb Uui? U aatblO( to boil'L Tba lalaal af Curf at U of raicaak ortgla, aal o'it auaeop'lbla of aa bi<h a rtato of calurauaa aa of tha Waat la<l'a lalaaja , /at tbara ara torn* laa |ka taUxaa la tba lalarto* af tba Iaiaa4, ul tka araap, ???<<*. |oava, karabnil ?*apal aal luaarla^a ara oal t ?aU>l w! lb c?a*l<lnrakU arnoaai U? Coiaeoa tall baa far a kwa* r?aatal*l hfcfb Cieaa in joor uiartat. It tola* haaaiar tbaa Iba Tarta Ual. a 0.1 ra|?rU>r for (.lad ag /ir/..oo- Tha Mil la aaala bj avaporaWaa, aa<l tha prat?aa la aaaaaaal oartl to ua.a uot ae;ualoaaa4 Wo tb? auoafactora af aaM. Ttta uw ara (oaaraU/ fitu*te4 a/?a tba tew laa 4a a# tba lalaal, aM ara npHM tllk a a tar ffaaa tha aaa, ?kl<k la aoaaa ?a>aa aaa to aba I oil aaaanar toa yaaa ara fall , aa l tbaa </>o.uaao-aa tha | K??aa of araaara tu r rryata: nag kr fba aalt rrvf ^lli aot to aa largo aa aaual tbia ;aar. la ooa*aquaa< a of Iba baa*/ rata a <urln4 iba Baotb ?f A(-rtl At lt<aal>a tba for ara aaa* hara al/aa<3/ "?iir.'a-?t fatbrrlof aa4 bara ? I o4 tka prkra a> ??> jar t>bl af . t baabala Tl?a tiaarwaa baaa Barak aajlal for l??aaira u< Uka la a u<(a af Mil arm will ratora bara for <ir *?ra I iilliH l.?ra I l.a > ? ha 4 tba plaaaura A n.'tVng hll Fa alira /, J II Urartabaal Iba al ? /oroiaoc af '?ra'a<?aa4 -la?*aitaa?<aa (iwr (>r? laaUa' <a a (aatMtaaaa of Iba a 4 abaal aal taaaa wall Bfa-l f >r '.aa hiffb |roaitioa ba aoaa?aa,aM a a?ii*a' la ao^ ^i?yo-aa*a af la h'l a?.anara faa aaati/ aoir.aa a' h a railaa a ara ai'ralal It tka ?'?? aal taau f of tba lilial I da aot aaoa obaa I k?f a if aal ao boor ? at* flauutl; tbaa at I ba aa raaataa* Itia a|'|>a/iii?a of tla Iataa4 f" 'a U>a aaa la aaaawfal, aal ttwra w?ai to ba a naaou faakira akul tta haoaaa, obi' b ara all I. ' lit of it< na, aftar tki alfto a( ? a ?,*t ???? jr at* a ? a th? ba ? Minf ?> t'wa Taa far tltra'l I.a (I?a >t<a lt><prra< ?a la Iba tt'aar? la lhaa? pa/ta that tba Naibar'aola (arorwaoaot l?t?oto4 to n an a at*' r?f ?! o ar* tb?? ~t il4 !a a |raat aaa* ? ara, '"waoaar.'l t> a tra/a of U * fu-*k a?aaa fat at to a 7 '|>kkn Ibat Iba Uw la nl (a< 41>i>a? abao tk>a ro HjI.ii a tha k<a a oil' ka - ? a' I a <U- ' J tba jraat r afa Ml? fur a.' atlaaiaa T.-a'b'a ?^?1 ?ifl ba af gtaal I a.portaoria to aa for ri m ? ? (? ' ?" aa Ikl ff?<l ul bt i i 'a* tajua la] L > < ? lb Iba lla.u aal tba J I -la'* Iba art ? al ? t; ? t Aaaa'l Itar, lar'?ao4 ? ith a a.M wall < ??? ?'? Tba ^rloaaymi b-a aa? af tl ? |alao4 jI'uk I a i). i iboa* aaila la toa aarvo aaat la M*aU ' J? ab aarlar, aolto# )?o?a? Ma/a, a at to iba ?<* a?ai ? la thai f i Uaw o' tba tan nllaawWail Tbara tba (toa ko?a atora aal alat|-< tita otar tba raattao-o >4 nr ia?i- I, fraaa a a#ba la ? . .art, f t'?kao4b ta aba w?a4war4 w t"?a lafaaa, fa# n> M l a -?f. J ^rtofl^o !/ .abiU " ? ?? kttab f ...ft 1har 1 *a a< 'a of tba ' aital "a'ai a Iba tOaol ta a .aa*. laara to aaaof f |Oa f r.*4?r< Tba ?/ara a,riaal W io 4ui u( alia. ?aa-a bora boa boaa ao { - ' taa praaa Ura^ual 'ba I a ->4 It aaa baoo ><a; jaara ata -a <ba goaariaaat wf Iba '.aibartaata hai ian|iiol i aaa i hi la tbal/ raooiaa, aa4 tba oaa aa<| !>???a l aa i<mi taa I aar - aaaroal Ifaau I aaa b >i tba graatoot 4.Ma?lt/ la fa taa 14 tba r .a*',ratu?aa fraaa tba (oa.ra aaao t at baaaa I??r aaw tr*at; arttb Itoltaat eo?ara aJl frirtaaa mooa^a of 4>M> alt/, aa<l I aai ra4 b / iafar?o* taal iba i/aalf ha4 l?aao .aata ?ka?r tbraagb tba a aaa tl*aa of oar aoaiV aba ta attaaa/Oaf to aotoraa Ma Itatrwtlata oa4ar k a -ana " ?* I "aaa to all-< with tba ga?araa??a af 'to irfaal, aal waa ot'iW'4 to rwlaro Waa. ??? *? 'ka . 4aa4 UaoaMtrWI, '^aaa'il" ba4aaaa Iba aatWlMa aa-1 WaaaaM Mr iaaaf m f.a'f ? A?artaaa fill of U* .aaatrr aal bar laawt'jttow ll<a ranlaan If tba raaor- af aH Aoarwaaa '?ka? tka Waal, aal Ma ara ?.?a 1 wtto r??ral?a arf tha ra?a* af Oka (ka uai.ia :.a..M l"i|,k?4Ual?lrtl of T? I alaa oa Ifca4 aa#ra. a?a of tba foabt k Mat taa lal iba QaMkaa ?t?a?r-f a aat^ Tba ? b-.v-a ,/t.?at-. ?? abtab /aa ta4 <Ka ka 'abka at aaaa afyrtaoa /aa of tka fbol that ha a a (w"aa ao of taaba aal nliiaakl I lal thai tka llaa I.abui |?oiiaol Ha bi? anii -t. aal aa I at al ' . aaar* 'a*'f "laai' M*'a a Mow \ ark ?.aoai 4ioaok ifi !!? oroto la VaaaoaMa, aal > M aai la at tba' tba Maai ail pan; ara growtaa aatoar aw/ la; Tka '< aaa. a j aa aal/ waat atal a aalw aa tab . tl riai aaa taoa*/ raora aaa, to kaol toa* oaota tbroo?b aaokbar rwaa?akkaa Toa oaal aal ka tarfMkl to boar af to* fa* f tba aortf la /Mar al aa/ IM rv. ||W<| af tka arak or tka I ?? 1 ok* wt| I aal ? b MaTf a rot art-aal apoo tka ba??aa. OOM aakl boaa at avatwa aa tka .lot of Ha/ 1 ba k o?i ak baab ?roaka. Of Javoa/. aaat a ? bara aa l/Wa Danoa oo tka a#ba of tba Mk ?ai . a a* ? a vakai ka.. V* aow bar. ?*aaaa ??*>? aoltaa totwoaa r<n>? aat o Tkaaiala't a aaoo'ti, tba r*.?r*aaaa? af ?ka KaaWrtaa-r. bt*ot aaat oot v?a aaa aal t-aaat0ol irao 0imm?t kla raj R|l llaa aa-aaoia * 'aVaoa faa yaaaaaya ? ara a~a - ? aa4 aba aili aa*??bto krtof ' a a?r b?aa ab- rvoJI a?,?/l ta a^aa* to tba .laalR ' r>- -1 roaaaj. vj,? <UI4 wbtakcSf