Newspaper of The New York Herald, 6 Temmuz 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 6 Temmuz 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6887. MORNING EDITION-FRIDAY, JULY 6 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS INDEPENDENCE DAY. ItM Celebration in the Metropolis aid Elsewhere. ACCIDENTS, Ae< The day passed off it usual. Ho far aa we have heard, there wu ao trouble, no riot, no dUtorbanee of ?n y sort. There were quite a n amber of acoidenta here and eUewhere, the particulars of whloh we fire. Apart from these, all pained off quietly and happily. An occasional shower, with thunder and lightning dur ing the day, eioled off the atmoephere, laid the duet and added somewhat to the celebration. ? The Military display in the city was brilliant, but weie ^jret te bur of an accident to 0?n Hall by the falling of his horn oa Broadway. New York can tarn out the finest military division ever seen oa parage or In actual aervioe, la the evening the rain Interfered with the fire works; the thousaads In the Park tried to keep dry un der umbrellas, bnt they failed in their efforts. The fire works are postponed to Monday. The Liquor law went into force, as the Legislature directed. Every one who felt thirsty slaked his thirst as ? usual. Ihey did so In Brooklyn, as well aa in New York. They did so everywhere. There was no trouble? no ar rest, no seizure. We have not heard the opinion of the -Carson League, but everybody else seems satisfied with -the operation and effect of the law on the first day. APPEARANCE OP TEE CITY. The glorious Fourth was celebrated in the city with great eclat Wedneida J. To be sure the vreather was not as propitious as it might be, but what did young New York care for that? There was a certain amount of fireworks bought, and, rain or shine^hey mast be explo ded, if not in the Park or in the streets, why then on the housetops and from the windows. And terrible was the racket the j avenUes kept up. From ''morn till dewy ?ve," the air was resonant with the din of firecrackers, and the explosions of guns, plitols and the smaller sort of fire-arms, while at Intervals the booming of cannon was hear! to heighten the effect. This continue 1 daring the day, and at night the oity seemed almost on fire, so continuous was the stream of rockets, Roman can lies, tie , ihot up ta mid air. This was kept up until Night's candles were burnt out, And tbejocund morn Stood tiptoe on the misty mountain top. The weather during the morning was very fine, bat about noon a smart shower came up, which sent the pleasure seekers scudding to their homes. The after noon was showery at Intervals, and Heavea's artillery, thundering in the skies, ?ame into competition with the detonations of firecmcit - ?ors and squibs, and at length withdrew dlsg&sted from the unequal conflict. The oity in the morning had a very brilliant appear ance, aa every hotel and place of amuaement was gaily adorned with flags and patriotic derioei, as were also the ships in the harbor. CELEBRATION OF TBE SOCIETY OF TAM MANY. In a oe or dance with the custom of the Tammany So ciety, or Columbian Order, since Its establishment In 1789, the anniversary of our National Independence wa1 celebrated in the old wigwam. There was, aa usual, a Urge number of persons present beside the members of ths association. The room wae decorated with the emblems of the various States, and the banner of the Or-ier was displayed behind the platform whloh had been erected for the Saohems and other officers Shelton's band, which was engaged for the occasion gave additional interest to the proceedings, by the per formance of eome of their beat music. About half pas one o'clcck, the Sachems and officers, wearing the! badges, and preceded by one of their number, bearing the cap of Liberty, entered the hall, and after marohla round It once, took their seats on the platform. Th Cirand Sachem, Lorenzo B. Shepard. Esq., came for war and addrew.e<I the aa follow*:? BaoTHraa.? Tb* r**olvlng y*ar ha* brought n? one ? Mala that d ay of wbleh w* a r* nut J ait ly proud. I retarn* la poae* and proa parity. No natlaaai calamity rerreaec tba rejoioiag* with which w* bail lta praaaaoa. Uratitude for tba lerric** aai devotion of our father*, laat prido tar oar high aatioaal honor aad power, aai tba revealing* of tba rutur* tlllad with tha promlaa of a grandeur unarproached to tae hlatory of man, fali -Itoualy concur to *l*vat* oar apirita to tba digaity of tha oc - ?a*ioa. Ihara ia no olime ia which aar flag, borna by tba leTiatbar* at ear commerce, dote not leap ta meat tha rlaiag aun of tbia moat glortoua day. There la no braete undur baaven that doaa not bear tba rol jee of thoae reaouading eanuon which Tladieatad triumphantly upon tba (rait deep, " tree trade aad aatlor'a right* W? ahall moat fltly begin tbia day by earned** oar humble thanka to that luad I'ro videnoe whioh ha* maintained oar coaatry during the parlla .ncidont to aatioaal eziatenoe, aad kept ally-.- that patriotic ardor wbicb I oaten a democracy above m*re laotional, local or temporary purpoaea, aad with a aplrlt aa pblloiopblo aa It ia jaaa, embrace* oar remoUet brethren aa warmly aa tboea who are nearer. Thla apirit, tba aplrlt ol oar falhtn, perpetuate* the Union When it ahall ba>ome cor rupted. aad pabtlo virtue aai aball give ao reoog aned title to public reipoet ; wben eoaatitational dntiaa ahall be coee'dered Immoral or degraJlag, thea, then. Indeed, oar Oaien. o lain terra ted. will tumble iato aa'.agonletlo ele ment*, and the hope* of free /over* meat be extlagulehed In laatlng (loom. Aa brethren of the Tammany Society we can aot for*ei that ite foaadattone were laid ty mea who have departed Not one now llager* upon the *tage of life. Tbey bare gone in the falneee of yeare aad of honor, leering aa the heritor* of their aabllme eatato? oor eeuntry, and thoee principle* of elTil and religion* liberty wbieb iaflnitely tran ecend ia tbeir bl***ing* to maaklad the Imperial rift* of all the eo veretgn tlee whieh the hlatory of aaa record* Thaae principle* are the link* which bind ua to our Ibthon, our irethiee, aad oar cbildrea. It ie our pleanng duty to keep thoee lia ka atroag aad bright. And tbia day, a* If la pre mboo of the departed free wboee memory we Invoke, let aa rovcnnt I y ad d one other atone to their meaument? one other anthem to their praiae ! At tha conoiaaiooof Mr. She par d h remark*, Alderman 1 Jaaa* Kelly read tba Declaration of Independcnoe; after | wbieb, three chtet* were g-.rtm for tba memory of Tha kw Jelfanoa. Ocl. Alexander llli^ tbctorator of the i day, then ease forward aad delivered the following ' ?ration .? Tiuov Cirnim ?The aagutt igatrnment of tbe Deila ratloa of oar Nation'* Iadependea:e baa thl* day been re cited to ion. Eighty long eveatful year* hav* elapaed alnoe the great moral. *oei*l, aad political truth a It enaneiate* were proclaimed to aa admiring werld by a aelf eaonflciag aad hereto baad, who pledged their lire*, their fortuaee, aad theer aaored beaor, to maiatain inviolate tbe bold, manly. right**** doctrinea ie declare*. Bnglaad, tbe mo tber cooatry of theae ooloniea, having become " deaf to tbe veiee of Juetlee aad ooaaaagulaity, ' a wept from her chan nel* a *ea ef eppreeetoa aad tyranny, which turgeJ againat tb'e land from Plymouth r-tk to thearld aanda of tbe Caro . i?aa Ibe tailing, freedom levin* baabandman. aad tbe ta* riddea ail lean. etruggled with aiaewy arm* aad nnauedaed heart* to ci mbat the eagulpbiag wave that pluaged them deeper aad deeper Into poverty aad waat. and liaklag them ?o a do* radatlea woree than elavery. The Americaa coloalat -wwpealed. prayed, remoaatrated ia vain to Brltiah outrage ?ad te UHtiah power laaoleace aad iaaalt were returned to bto peadBul appoa'a; morttfeetioa fluttered hia heart, ia digaaUea darkened hta brow, reeolatioa aad retrlbutioa cloeer tlenebed hia determined hand, aad taking up tbe ?word v*ag*tully he ahonted, Olve me liberty? or give me death. Tb* entire oation kindled witb tbe ahont-"liberty" aad "ladepeadea >*" rwelled from *very ho*a**tead, waa bora* aa ***ry breete eaaklaaoaed oa every banner Tha twin oroeeee of 8t. Andrew and St Ueorge, once vanerated, U aet adored, beeame bated aad aorned. Tb* throne wae no more aaored, tt e crown powerleae and deapiaed The colo alee rebelled. Reaaon reigned, and man aaiomed tbe iaa lieaabl* aad preeeripttve right ef aelf givernaent. Son. daughter. aire aad wife, All the *oft ralaMiea that aweetea life. Related their graap. aad liberty aleae Uiaip'd U* koaem e i uadlviled thiei.*. Dutiactioa* eaaiad. want, wealth lo tretberhood /eked te the wheela ef wir, together (toed Tbe a take waa mlgbty 'twee a flerloee caat? Invmpb'a irit char er aa'l miafortaae a laat Sueh wae tbe criaia, fellow citiieaa, wbea that aagnat aeeemblage ef ear patriotic aire*, tbe Haacock*, Adama. J off or a* a, Fraaklia, Murrla. Wileca, l.lrlagrten, Lewla. Kee*. Smith, Peaa, l^o. ('arret I, Rutlodge, aad their veaerated co temporaries eoterly, aerloaaly, reeol'itel* de ? tared t* tbe etartUd ear of diataa*. kla?dema, that klnglr tale wa* uaaeeeaaary, ' maa capable ef aelf gcvenmeat/' aad that tbe Americaa coloaiee were, of right, free aad m dopondeat Statee Oh immortal fatbero ef tni* republic, bow much will the milllm* *1 tutare age* owe te you' The moaataia* of Tell, tbe vale of Ciactaaata*, tb* lead of Lee rldaa, the river* ef tbe Seiae, the Tiber aad the Mle, ahall tin their veieee to thee ia praiee, aad ehaaat to I'aaa* to your impariahable lame. Tb* pen aad dnciHae* ef Jeffer ana, aad the a word aad wiadom of Waahlagtoa, aball la?pi r* the heart* et aabora million* *f fratmea whea tba monarch leal Cbeopo aad hi* eload erowaed pvramld* ahall ha Oram hied aad wiagled with tbe elod* of the valley. The day ?whieh gave birth to tbi* gloriou* epooh ia theaaoala el ha maa govarumoat Jthe Tammaay (Society have lavited j oa my hoarere. ta ueiM in eelehratiag. It 1* ae pageaat wher yea are called be etrow thepath ef a blood ataiaod ooa qoeror with fragraat flowere. nor gaae with wo aderlag eye* ?in tb* dataliag gewgaw* of the *poil* of victory. n >r yet to lilt TOOT "eweot Toteae ia tbe iaaagaratloa of eom- new Jcrmod dynaaty We have ae military trapping* te eatrance you withal? bo aatiqaated armorial paraphernalia to lacite jrou to hoaft tb* Maid <l a line ef kiBgty aaooetry-bat we In rite you hen ee brother mea? on)oyia? aad eat'tlod ta ?'inal aolitieal right*? to *q?al rollgioa* freedom? to oqaal tol*eaUaa la yoar owe poo alia* daeUheMe equal poetiiea aad odaeatloa? aod to tbe e-jval bleealag* aad pretoettaa ef that charter aad that aatioa whieh epruag lab* being oa >Jbe 4th el July, im, aad whoa* aaaiveteary, with the bleea lag of God we moot te oelebrate. aad ao oa* ehall make oa a "raid. Ibi* i*. a* I ued?r*??nd It, tb* democratic d?ctrlne, thla 1* tb* j*ffar*oaiaa creed, and tbi* la tha rellgioae are* tine of tbe Celaaahla Order nl It. Tammaay, by wbweYlad Invitation we hare tb* gretMeAtlan of bolag iwrrouadad by true hratbore ia tbi* aeaaoa of flowtte, at ear aatioaal foati wal? "the btrth day ef Libert) "? Oh the* power tapr*meiT bright, TrofU** of hi l*?, aad pregaaat with dalight, rerpotaal piaanroa la thy preaenoe retgn. Aad imiliag plaaty laada thy waatoa treia taa'd of he* load, r*SJ*?ti*a grow* aero Ught. Aad pnvorty looh* eh**lf*l la thy Mgbt; Tec* mek'at tba (loom/ faaa ef aatnro My, 0iv at botaty t* the aaa aad plearar* to the day' I will venture, eeld he, to ?*f]r t*J of aome of mr brethren ol the Columbian vriei by ?rt?l)r ittllii tho on gin of the Timau; Sooloty. In 177*-3, daring the period ol dlsafrscttoa whiob *u strengthening with the strength and growing with tho growth of too m alcon teste in tbo Ami no an oli rues. tbo leyaiiata aud offloo holders under tb? ministry of that Umo? napeoially in tho leaport towao? ?r ganued a goodly Bomber of King Ueorio's loyal auhje Ha lato St. Coorgo'a aid St. Aadrow'e Sooiotiea, to aoatala tho orovo in iu aoto of uaurpatlaa. To oppooo and neutralize tho effaot of tbooe tory aaaociaMona, it wao auggeated by a number of the mote liberal colobiata U form an order on more liberal principles; ami aa thejr wore growing more aad more boetile to Great Britain, they received thai tho titu lar atint muat be of aboriginal origin. Tammany waa at Indian chiet then teaiding In Pennsylvania, of extremely vutuoua and honorable habita? nolle, tolerant, braro aooial hud intelluont, with extremely bi(h notion* o liberty and tonality. Him they adopted ai their aaint Ihe first members of this society, principally ooin pried of the offlcera of tha tram btoda in toe mil tia and eome other distinguished cltiiena oonnacte with agriculture tod commerce, druw ap tbo Brat plan ofit organisation. With an eye to the permanent security o thcmaelvea and the colanua, they taw that revolution wa the only remedy? and orery man of diatinctlon they ooul etrol under their banner at that early day they courted t join them,? they were tbua inatruuiotal, by the aaao'-latio , of talent, induatry aad wealth to counteract and overtur > many ol the deep laid echemei of the St. George'e, St. At drew 'a. and other loyal and tory clnba of that time Uany a meeting of the Tammany Society of that day ?>? adjnrnod b> an instant aummnna from the bo ?m of the oaanon or vol' lej of musketry. Their mottos were "No fcingcmft," "A Ir.iinof 1U publican States," "Liberty or Deatu!" About thia time Tammany Society found it ueoearary to placo Itaolf in opposition to a reoently formed "Society of Clnoiunitl," in consequent* of the engraftment on Ita charter of the aria tooratioal feature that none but the olde't born of Ita mem bera should be eligible to membeiehlp. IJunoelt bncame ua popular uith many ot the officers ? ao moon to, that Waah in^ton, who bad conaented to have hia |narne uaed aa Preaident ot it, had to get the obnoxioua olauae re pealed, to appease the democratic oppoaitlon of the Saoliema t( Tammany Scclety, who were oppoael to all English titles of nobility. Through tho position th? Tammany Society ot ita distinguished membera. at thia time obtained trom the Legislature aa act of iaoorporatioa. It divided ita memberainio thirteen diatiaot triboa, to oom prebend esoh State, with a aachem to each tribe, aad a Grand Sachem to govern and pntide over all? tbo very ot tlce now ro ably filled by our present presiding ofllier, Lor enxo II. Shepard,?sci. All thtlr insignia, are of the simple aud primitive aboriginal oharaoter. They atill keep bright tlie tomahawk and acalplng knlie, raady tor eaemiea, and their calumet of ptaoe, their wampam, and the watura ol the On at Spring fcr tteir friends In council. One ef the char aoterlatio featurea of their oounclla la, that the Sachems and i's tribes are alwaya found in adranoe ot an> great reform, caloulated to benefit humanity or tt><- maaaea or mankind, aa the enemies to freedom aid equal rights have toe plainly learned, and are now learning With an undying contldanoe in the Great Siiiit, tha 9ona of St. Tammany over hold that tha " Voice of the poople is the roiceo'Ood." Tothiaao clety, and to the democratic seed aown by ita paternal hand, are we mainly indebted for the peaoo, plenty, happiness and liberty which now aurround ui on thia ausptoious day. I Died not infortn tbla intalliirent audienoe that the peaoe which elosed and crowned the attuggle of tha American Revolution, waa not acquired withoutlUavtug deep and last lngtracea of the march of ensanguined war. The hoinea desecrated aad deaorted; the privation, want and rulTering endured by tha patriotio banda engaged in tbla death atrnggle for popular liberty. Alaa ! too many felt Ita horrora and shared ita woa, aad none mora cruelly aa than the unfortunate yet gallant inmateaof our beartleea anemy'a rriaon ahipa. Ilere the noble ion ? tbo generous brother? tha humane and tender fa*her without a hand to bind hia wounds or bed * hereon to rest hia weary limba? in raga and wretcbc'incae? covered with tilth ? a prey to vermin? waa he left, deprived ot food, or languishing or maddened by nnap peased thirat, to droop a living skeleton into the arma of death by aotual and intended itarvation! Can It be credited that tena ot thousands of the gallant aona of liberty ware ao permitted to perith?IM3od preaerve all future agea from the practices of the Briton'a merey ! Teoa of thousands of Americas aor.s so pariahed. and their unbnrled ocrses left to rot and whiten on the deaert beach of the WallabJUt. And there their uacoffined boaea lay bloaohing in the annual aun till the Tamroaay Society, by reaolutlon adopted February n, lhUM, reaolved to have them gatherod up. placed la proper coflioe, and oonaigned to honor able aepulture. This aooiety built at its own exponas an honored monument near the Brooklyn Nary Yard; aad on Wedneaday tha 13th of April, lift*, the Tammany Society, aid' d by tne civic authorities, the etsrgy, the Bar, the vari ous trades aooietiea. and the naval aad military feroea of the oity with due aolemnity aad In "all the pride, pomp and circumstance ot glorious war," lnurned the bones or the ll.fttiO marine In freedom's and their eonatry'e cauae. Had tbla Society aever performed any other servioo for its ooaa try ?tbla art alooe entitlea it to the veneration and reapeet ot every oiviliied community. Ah, well do I remember that datk and aolama day? bow my boyiah heart availed with ia dignation ?a my youthful llpa gave utterance to ita heartfelt exeorationa even aa my aged voice atill eohoea in thia I all, "Shame? ahame on thee. Britannia^ aocuraed be thy wara for^ever"' On tha eatabliahm>nt of tha Independence of the American Republic, a new epoch opened to the nationa of the earth? not only on tbia continent did man foal him aelf regenerated and disenthralled? but to tha oppreeaed ? the itruggllng and down troddun ofdiataatoliinee waa aent a thrill or Joy? a gleam of hope that nerved them to lessee the weight of their ohaiaa? to dare aad rebuke the ty rant' a frown? to treat with acoru 'the proud man 'a con tumely, the inaolence of office, and the law'a delay." Ty ranta ware taught to tremble, ane despots hong their their haughty leads, while ti e bold, the tree, the inspired and tha brave, cheered by tho oomprot ot the American con federacy, battled more fiercely againat error and intolerance, aud rellshted in their aative land the fane of truth, of liber ty andjoatlce. The^principles of the rights of man were defined ? understood? established; and all free hearts spoke freely out. "Would my oountry was America, or I an American!" In every oiiae our flag beoame an object of fear or idolatry, and the American cltueu honored, respect ed and admired The gencrooa eoutimeLt tbat reoogniied man -the high, the low, the rich or the poor? ae a brother? thecoBcaeaion of the politv of the eoverelgoty of the people ?the guarantee of life, liberty and tha pureult of happi neat? together with a perlect sqnality ot rigbte, without diatinction of birthplace, to all who lived uader our flag and worablrped at Ita anriae, ataivped the laad of Waahiogton emphatically "the land et the trre aad the home ol the brave' ?aud dignified this country la the eyes or eiery na tiea oa the |lus. When it ?a* romosnbereg, too, that in the ranks and is the council of the beroea ol the Revolution, who established these holv principles, wae a Lafayette, a KoeM iusko, a I'ulaski, a UeKalb, a stsubea, a Mon*(omery. wlo ooas; .cnouslycontrihuted to seal with their tri'mure and their blood the compact of American liberty aad indepen deuce. It waa no wonder tbat theeo distant nations glewed with our glory, and lelt thmntelvee participants in ita great reaulta. Their hardy brothera an I sona, downtrodden vio timi af opprsaaion and tyranny, were Invited and Bought our aboroa. American policy and Amerioan atateaaaaaalnp coo aulted the iroaperity and tba wealth ol tha oountry by courting emigration, and looaing tha rigors of the natura litatlon laws; the hardy pioneer oame. and the foreet fall be fore him; the aarienlturiat followed, aud tho valley bloasota ed a<< thero-e. the graiisr dotted the hill side with cattle, the navigator whitened the river with canvass; the architect ralaed the pointed aplre towarda heaven, and tha peopled otreeta gave out the busy hom of the artiaaa and America became happy, great and free' Thn confraternal lei-ling which our fathera cultivated aad enc3nrft<ed, and which fave us such proud position abroad, strengthened the strue ure ot republican liberty aad upheld our democratic Instl tutiona The spirit of lntoieranoe had not then unooiled his vesomoua foida, and Know-Nothlaglam waa thea (aa It aoen will be agatai a thing uakaowa In the land ol freedom Oh, follow citiaeaa, let ua continue to live In the faith of our fathera; abjHr? all intolerance, and foater no aplrit of pro acription. Throw open the avennea to eduoation and moral culture; promote the purity of Ihe aallot box; encourage man to feel that by virtue and energy he may aaplre to any eminence; that whether Jaw or Gentile, Cathollo or Protec tant, rieb or poor, the wgia ef America ahall protect bim in Ma equality of rightg, and that tho lawa of hia eountry like the dowa of heaven, are diapenaed equally alike oa all; then, ia tha i>rie metre of onr amaioaal anthem 'Aa a band o i Laotheri Join'd, Peace and tsfoty we ahall And:' When Col.- Ming concluded hii or 4! loo, which *u re peatflly applauded, the Gr?nd Mia innU! t>ie meeting to unit* 1b ologlcg an oie which htd h?en pro pared for tb? occasion by Mr. Hulbert, to tb* air of 'Hall! Colombia ' This wai folio ?e-l bj a perfect ?torm of enthusiasm, which found veat In niae terrific chears, that mad* the walla of old Tammany ahake A large portion of tho meeting, itt the aujoroaUoa of the Grand .Sachem, adjourned to another room, where an excellent collation waa prepared for them Here, the exeicisea, ai may be supposed, were of a different or der The Giand Sachem presided, and opaaed the pro ceedings by llling hta ( lass from a large punch bowl before bin, and inviting the company to do the aame, '? Brothers. " raid he, "let ue fil) oar glasses from tb* waters of the great aprlng.'' the inntition, It la almo*'. nsedleas to (tato, waa complio<l with anaaimoaaly, and when all the glasses were charged, the Drat tonal waa given aa follows ? Ihi' Day we Cflebrate? May It b? at j?rp*toal aa timo Thla waa received with throe cbo-ia, anl then the ao oond waa given ? The President or the Called Statoe? The Oral oommoaar la the land, the iaitniiaeot to protect public ri(hts. Mr. Job* Cochraxk responded in a few brief remark* He aald It waa not to Franklin Herce that the bonar con veyed In thla toad waa given, bat to the office of l'reel dent of tho I'nlted Htstee. At the aame t'me he Justified bla whole public policy aince he entered the exesutlva chair, and although ion* might differ from him In re ipaet to the wisdom of hia acts, he hollared that his torr would Juatify nil ho did. ilo allude 1 in the 00 arse of bis remark a to tho gallant ooaduet of Captain Ingra ba?, which, ho aald, had heon approved by theadmiala ?.ratios, and defended the bombnrdmeat as an act that i was required to pre r rut the Interference of forwign pow | ?rs upon this continent. It woald have been all the , asms if Greytown bad been a Gibraltar? tho ootirae of the govtrnmrntawould bare ?aflared no change Who is It, he would ask, that was opposed to Fraklin Pierce ? I It was the whiga and a certain party which had Its 1 headquarters not rery far from Tammany Hall. Bat he coald tell them that notwithstanding all their oppoai i tlon the public oourte of the chief magistrate of the na tion waa approved by the people, no mattor what might I* aald to the contrary by party politicians. Tbo ailu sion to CnpUln lngrahaas was reoeived with three hearty cheers. The Grand Sachem here stated that letter' had boon received from the following gentlemen ?Gov. Seymour, Com. Boormsn, Lt. I'e Camp, free born O 'Jewitt, Gen. Ward, Frnatus Oornlng, simoon P. Jewitt, J. Homeyn Brodhead. Wilson G. Hant, Isaac A. VerpUnck, Boo Ja la in Welch. Jr..Kt?pben D. Dellaye, Royal Phelpa, J. M. Francis, K. G. Inpbam. G..W. Ralph, ft. B. Garvin, sad others Of thaee letters we have only room for the fol lowing ? JUaaroo* Srsiieoa, Jaly .1, IMA. Cnuiar- Your lavttMloa, addroeeed to mo at Alkaay, 10 aalto with yoor aeoioty la ee'ebratiat the anslvaraar/ of oar aatiosal ladepeaeeaee, 1s received. for wltieb plesee ac copt ay tbaaka 1 am, hawovev. too Barb of as lavalid Ve avail myeelf of yoar ooarVoey. No caoac os earth abosld sore warmly enlist oar appro bailee tbaa tbo proper obaer'saco of Ibe day mat proeUia ed tba anion and laeepeaiieaee of tbaaa States. Apart from Ita ssaaal eelebratioa, ?e may <>flea rarer to thai time, to ita deeds, aad above all te the spirit that enacted them, with prodt It wae a high spirit, ealaa and self roliaat beforo the meet threateaiag per 111 mor* tbaa that, it was pare aad pa trietic, aad haew ao potty ooUal.aeoe No aiodors atau-aman thnroasbly inhnM ?ith >hst aptrtt coold over propose meaenrea to gratl fy bla ova p -reseat *ada, at the aaerilee or attbo peril of tb* poaee of bla eoaa try. It Is, aa yea lastly observe, gaatleteea. peoaliarly ?ttia? that we shoald retere to the gmt trot ha of the Do claratloa of Iadopoadeaee " May we, at the aaaae time, is bal* the lofty apint that aroolaimed theat I bare the beaor te be yoar very obedient a?r?net, ft. W. PBCKHAM. New Voaa, Jsly J, 1 HA GaevLawca? I beg to refers ay aiaeera u?k> for year kiaS InvltsUoa to eslte with ye-! at Ttmaeoar H > brottas ear eetteae! aaslrerearr. ee<t Ve m priaa m j p?l |??T0* that prevteaa ea<ac>atesU will deprive me of that pisaeera. Tbo *ebto ariseiflee spoa whlab ear iad*eeadoaM >11 d elarod, and thegiorteas atfaggle by wbteh t< m eveOU-'O ? caa never 1* nor* fltly renumbered than now, aad nowhuri tiv more appropriately celebrated tkaa it Tammany llall? a* y?Ow' cot* well remark*, lb* persevering effort* to invade civil liberty legislative action and to oigaalie latolerance and proictli'tloi against religion* freedom, make a reoorreuo* tilth* fkndaoiuntal priaoiple* of our national oiittoece a high lit; of justice and patriotism and to a Jem inrat tbu duty briag* mb it an boaorabl* pride la the positicn *verr wb*r* iiuntd by hi* political wethrea. fortunately for the country queetlons fr*tae*tly artee which apply the touch ?tone of sincerity t* th* profeeesea* ef men, and ooinpel tie country to deoid* who at* aad ?ho ar* not it* tru* Irion It. Snob ar* all <|U**tion* teaching oeaititutieaaj fr-iel>ia ? Ireedsm of opinion, of trad*, or epeeoh, of reliitoa* faith. Tk* appeal of misjudging pbilaatbr?pfe> to legislative ooer cion and tb* assumption ol tuperlor patriotism aad cbrie tiknity by bastard American*, civ* tb* democratic party 01 tie nation th* opportunity wh'oh it aever tailed to improve, ?f standing out Klor* the wrrld at tbe opponent cf iutol* ranee and fanaticism, th* d*tead*r of th* aatioa'i hoipi'.al - ty and lu.iustice, and tbe ohampten of civil aad relifinai freedom; in every b'.ate of tb* Union it* position lathe same M itbout ntvioua understanding or aspareat coneert. with out meeting 'lot ctbor in ooeiaultatioa, the demoorat* o' Maiae aad (inrtu ofNewiurk aad MissUtippi, instantl . assume th* tame position upon a *udd*n aid aew '|U???i>?, aiid feerli??iy confront a eombinaeion ?hiek u eweepint evrrytl.inr before it Tin* i* the gr*ai and glnr an* lastiuot ol d< mocrecy, This give* it it* tru* coaMrraUv* aad na tioral character This mak*i It what it 1*? tb* natural ravins an .t governing roaer ol tb* I'aited State*. Truly Voura, J. VAN BURKN. Tb* text regular tnaat ? The Memory cf Washington? Immoital as bia deeds ? we* drank in -lience 1 lit n came the tea ?t? The Tammany Society ? ? which wa* reepotdad to by Mr. David O'Srarn, in a few appropnale remark*. He waa rery aaeere upon the Know Nottlsga, aad MUM I the hope that the day would never coma wh> n tuia country would be ruled by men who were ? ceretly combined to JeprWe their tallow citizen* ol the same light a wblcb they enjoyed. The fouith regular toaat wat? The feigner* of the Declaiation ot Indpendanee? Th- mo ?lent men of Rnnnymede, wbo demanded aad obtaiued a bet ter Magna Chart* Amuhomi I,. Fiunh, . reepoadad. The folic wing toaat waa then anro'iaeed.? "lbe UtTcrnur n the Mat* of New I oik. thii waa received with gronnt, which, howarer, were eocn auppreaied by the chairman, who suggested that It wa* to the olhce the toaat rnftrrel ami not to the m in. lie ca led upon Captain Kynler* to rexpoad. The Cap taia pre??oted Uitnmlf, and eaid he could not conceiTn theo!>ject of the l'reiident in a*kin{ him to *p*ak to auch a toai<t. lie then made a vtry brief reply, ex prtcaing tie opinion* a* to wbat waa nacaaaary to oon atitute a got J Governor. AfUir tue follow itg toaHta were anaouaced and re*, ponded to, tbe company dlnp?ra*d ? Tbe Army and Navy- Tbe Shield and Buckler of Co lumbia. lie*p<.n<!*d to by Major George B Ball Ibu Empire Mate? The trigbtost *tar in the **eutch*i>n of tbe nation. Ketponded to by Hoa. Thomas J. Muaiy. THE MILITARY I'AKADE. Th* military dlaplay wan not no floe tkU y?ir ai uaual? not that all the r*gim*nta did aot rtupact tb* or dera of their Major General, for they did, and ai a gan* ral thlog mad* a wrj creditable appearance; but th* difficulty wan, that anticipating a warm day, many of tbcm did not parade, and from this cauae **veral of our boat regiment* looked much thinner than they ahoold have done. Beiidaa, th* general order mal* it appear aa though the/ wete to b* under arm* In the hot aun four hour*, and in view of th* numtrou* cai*? of coup dr lately eocurrlog, th* ilclieat* and aicklr men did not ftel diaponad to run any riak. The** cau**a all combined helped to make th* parad* thia /ear oompat* unfavorably with thoae of former year*. Tbare *ai not ovtr 3,000 men out in th* Division yeateida y, when the uaual number 11 over 5,000. But though th? military turnout waa alim, tkat of tl>* piople to view thtm waa not. At whatever place they appeared eager ciowda foil. .we 1 them, it ml on the line of match th* appearance of th* itreeU waa brilliant In the extreme. The window* of the 1 ouaea along th* roate Wf re tilled with well drean*d ladle*. to wltoaia th* glit I tering hpectacl* aa it awept paat. Our New York ladi** ?nanifeat the uaual weakneea of thalr **t in admiring j the gay unilorma and nodding pin men of th* "boll aol dier boya " who comprise tbe rank ami file of th* Firit ' l)ivi*icn New York State Militia Nor li a parade of our ubiformad companie* without ita luggaativenee*. For it* number*, It U certainly the moat ahowy, a* wall a* th* moat cosmopolitan little army la th* world. It embrace* all aorta of m a, and every Imaginable variety of military drea*. Here ia the >carlct ooat and daahing ualftrm of tli* Kng hah- there the gaunt garb of ti.e Continental*, further on aie th* ?ombrehai>ilim*nt,-of th* Black Htunawlckera, and atill fuither in th* > iatance may be aeen tbe fuy ariay of the bcotch ? the taitan, the plaid, th* kilt, and th* abaeace of a certain garment that make* y i.uug ladiea try to blu.Oi and look modeat, ?<?n when viewing them Intently a* tb*y are paaaing. Than 'he Frenchman, with hia acariat bieeche- and unaeealy 1 at. the arcen Itiabman. tbe itrong Auatrian, and tM "gallant Ouaear." All have their good pointa, and a* i ure each tteir admirer*. Our militia very aptly tjpi ilea tbe ooanu-politan character of our people th* diver* race*, language* and naUonalltie* that liv* under th* ahadow of our municipal inatitutiona, ant ar? ruled over mi tenigniy by good Mayor Fernando th* Firat. I'urauant to announcement, th* day waa uah*red In by a grand naliou;il ealut*. which waa lirwl by a Ucbmett of artillery apeclally detailed for the pnrpiae by Bilgadiar Ganeral -pioer. The national atanlard waa die played at aunri** Th* b*Ua throughout th* j city wire alao tolled, and Trinity cnarch chimed appro priately to celebrate the nat on'* natal day. ->ooa the : round of drum *nd life and band* wtr* head in th* *trt?t?, caused by the variou* companle* marching fr 'in their headquarter* to th?ir r**pectiv* rendexvou*. Hooo after 8 o'clock A. M , th* time deeignated, the Une formed in Broadway, with tha right reeling on Four (eenth *tre*t. There, wbll* lereral of the r*gim*nta were countai marching, amuat tggiMa a-ndeatoccuried to Brigadier General llall. It appear* that whil* pa** ing Bltacker atreet, th* General * horae took fright at j acme firework a that war* let off, and allied and in doin/ , ?o slipped on tbe pavement, throwing hia rider beavilv on th* ground AeaMance waa immediately r*n4er*d, acd General Hall ext/leet*d from hi* unpl*a*an'. and ' dnCNOM po*it;on. Mia right lag waa found to t>? broken, and he waa otherwie* much inured. II* wan conveyed home, when It waa found tbat what i? known a* th* amall bone of tbe leg waa broken. HI* woanda, though paimfnJ, aie not oon*id*r*d daagaaeua by tli* phy tlciana. After thi* unfortunate epiaoda, th* lie* of march wa* I taken up, and th* proceeaton me red in tha following or der, headed by Major General Send ford ? Finer Bait. ami, commanded by Brifadier General 1 Kploer, compoaed of Flrat Regiment of horte, Colonel flyer, preceded by a j mounted band Feci nd Regiment, Colonel Bogert, with Rohinaon'a j l.ra r a band . Thia regiment oornpriaea the Continental, j the <1ty Guard, and the 8cotcb compania-, and wa* mu'h admiied for It* excellent drill. Seventy flrat Regiment. Colonel Voeburgh, pr*c?d*d by WalUce'a braiu land. Hlu* froct co?t and whft* pant*. Though not a large, a well drlll?l r*glm*at. competed *xclu*ively of American*. SrcoMj BKHiariK, Brigadier <l?a*ral Yate*. lonith llegiment, Colonel Hlnckan, com^i*?l of three ' eompeniea of cavalry and five of artillery. Dght field j pieren ,.c ? < nipam** ! thia regim nt. Fifth R? g mant, (olonal tkhwartr. wealder aceompa I nied by liodwotth'a lecond band. Thia t'^iraent La ootn i poead of on* grenadier, five infantry and two r.B* oom pan la* Fixth Regiment, Colonel Peer*, aeanmpaale-l by tbe , Waahington braaa band A amall turn out. Blue uni form, trlixmed with red, ind regulation cap. Eixty ninth R'gimant, Colonel lraheny, accompanied , l>y Ajer'* band (ompoael principally of irlahmen. Thik? Ru'iana, Brigadier General Hall. >eventb Regiment. National Guard. Col. Duryan, pre ! ceded by Noll * band, aad eaeorted by a troop of tbe | Wa<hiagton Gray* Thia regiment Hmed oat very full and commanded uniTeroal admiration aa they matched 1 d wn Broadway Ibeti drill and eoldietllhe bearing wa* the theme of many a wall merited eulirr. Kightb Keglment. < ol I, yon* i.leut. 'x lonel Rette, ac compaaled by Sheltoo'a An* band Thi* r*gfmeet i* I better known aa tbe Waahington <>ray*. Thia ia one of ' ourold?*tand be*t<!tlll*d reglmenta, andean l>oa*t of ! having taken pait in the war rf lKl'i The regiment I* 1 now compoaed of *ix compaai** of infantry aad two i trooj ? of ton* Ninth KeglB*qt, Col. Pltkla, with Maaahan'a band Their ntmfcer* much mor* creditable than their drill It baa eight fall cempanlaa of Infaatry and one of horee. Tbe uaiform i* a handaom* green, with aky blue pant*. Tenth Regiment, Col Hilaey, proceeded by a band Tbe an Muak*teer*, attacb?d to thia regiment, marched Well. t.uardee lafayette, ' apt. f^ Clere, a^rmpanled by a Hi* band. Tbia command new forma a battalion by Itee!' aad commanded very general attention. Focbth Bntuena, Brigadier General fcwea. Heventh Kegimeat, Cat. M. M. Van lleurwA, ? h Fbelton'e bead, eompoeed of five companlee of lafaatry, two of ride* and one troop of laacr*. Th* Continental Guard, th* GHy Guard, th* Moatfomery i.uard. the Irlab Anwlean Guard, the Waahiagton, tbe City aal tbe Vnian Rift*, belong to thlo regiment. Twelfth Regimeat, Col mebblB", aeionpaated by Iindworth'* fuu band, aad preceded by the n*-w Engineer corp. who** appearane* elicited naaikad attention and approbation. Tbe ahewv Twelfth did not aak* at good aa appearand* aa It ahaald have dona. Half it* eempW meat of men waa net aut. After th* line waa formed the prceeeeioa marched through Fonrteealh atrwet to Third a venae, down Third areaue te Tenth (treat, then to Broadway, through Broadway to th* Park, at whieb place they arrived at half paat t*a o'clock. Hera they were rerlawed by the author i tie*, and all diamleeed before aooa. A military aalate waa flred at tb* Battery at aonai by a ( elaebmeat of Brigadier Cleneral Yate*' artillery Tbua *n*ed tbe military parade of thi* year AOClDKVtB IN THK CITY. f)? Ta??A*y tft*r>ma ? Uttto firl >imdmI Otlterls* IHUlkvr vm prortrttwl by tM ba*l of lb* m HI* ?u ewn;?d to ktr rH^wt*, No. IU w#?t Thirty aiath itmt, by tlx Tw??v.?th ??r*l poik* KMlwatlTM ?"'? iBBM-ilaWly ?b?o th? sufltrvr r?TlT?4 4*4 ?i?S pnitabl; mmi. WiUUb IUh*r. ? h?y rMitlaf IT* Tl IU?ry iUh(, * " Tffiy ?? 1?? ?f,?r??o?. by Ibo ?* ao(>iirur*r .;?b*<,.? ooaU.a a* fwim lit 1 ? ?i'? w*?e* v? 'o? f*v>> V.; ? not taking place, lie plckad op th? botU*, wbM it explo Cti J in his face, wounding Ua severely. Oo Vi eJaestfay, Tlios. Kagaa, jeeldi/'j at No. ?*# Bom ton street, accidentally (ell from ths top of a a'.af* and *?? dangerously injured. He vaa takea hum* sod pro l*t >y caiei for. About t o'clock on tho aims afternoon, James Mar pfcj, a boy about 14 Jttri of a^fa, was badly burnt* 1 bjr iiw t-xjicaion of a pieVil which Be wai ia the act of llrlii/ at ihe tints. Ho we* tatu to tit* Mow York Hospital lor Kocicn.1 Utatn-ent. On tiie asm* J .}, Hoary Pita fall from th* nan build ing, coiiui n( Msraat ana Monroe street*, and eat dan - gercurdy uijatr.1. He wai tak*n to bia rea.dence, No. 8W Monroe auiat, by tb* ^rraath ward poll r a. Adolph Miller, of >o Ms First avenue, waa run over , ?nu xeteiaiy lejured by a baker's wagon. Ha wa* taken , to a diug stoie lor treatment aad waa afUrwarda taken noma Hiory I*wis, a boy thirteen y*ara of age waa m vtri-ly iniunnl by a tlag falling upon him triille ba waa plajiiigiu Orcbaid etrett. He waa taken home by th* IbuUec-tn warn police. On lueeday light, an Italian boy, named Joseph Mar- | tin, fell from the third atary window of the houaa 21 | Baxter etrvet, and waa uiatantly killtd. Toe Coionvr ' lit Id so fn'iuret upon tbe oody of the deceaaeil. when a vetd ct of accidental death waa rantlared. John Kmu, a boy aged thirteen year*, waa knosked loan and i>evtraiy goaded by an iufurlated ox belonging 10 Mr. Oecrge IJarnes, of WUUr.mi'?urg. Th* poor child waa picked op by the police, who conveyed him to b.a leaioioc*. loK Kaat Thirty nlatb atreet Tbe doctor in attendance cunaldrrs tbe boy 'a euunu dangerous. About three aad a half o'clock Wednesday morning, a, working in th? bakery store ol Mr Uolmea, mN-cond avt nue, near >orty-flft}> atreet, waa dreadfully buinad hy the exploaion of a caapheae lamp, whlcu he waa Ullicg wljtn lighted Mra. W aid, ot I M Kranklin a treat, had a eery narrow aauafe hum death, ou Tuta iay night, while sitting at the WU' OW; a ball. II red (rem a gun or piatol, paaxed tbrcugh the bair ol her bead, and lodged in tue wall, wltbeut Going any further tejury. The shot waa tired b* a bej uaiced Keruinand Smith, wbo waa airaated by ?wi Vlttb ward polite for careleaa use of Ur<t armv about t< oa Tueadav night, while Mra. Philips, of No 8V Kit n ?(re?t, wna sit'.ing on th back sto.'p, Kii.e i ne bred off a loaded piitol, the ball of which en tered bar th'gb, intl'cting a very paintul and perhapa c'asgtr'ua wi/und. A brother of Mra. 1'bilipa, who waa aleo ou the atoop, received a liall in th* leg of hla boot, wltlout, bowevtr. being wounded. The piatola were supposed to have been ditch arged from tbe rear build log ol 19 Charlton atreet, a? considerable firing wai KOi ug on m that building about tbe tlma of the aoci reat. Mra. I'billlps' Injariaa are not supposed to be fatal, although it will take rnoutaa ere ahe can fully re ooverfrom toe accident Oa W I'dneada} Jobn Oram bad bla band (battered while Qilsg off a piatol, in Water atreet, near Kojaaralt. He waa taken to tbe hoapital for medical treatment. Michael Mejara waa aeeerely burned a :out tbe face by tbe expioeion of a piatol, which he waa firing ia Kraaklin aquare, corner of Cherry atreet. Th* injure J man work* fur Treadwell & Co., o. Warren atreet. Thomaa Callataa waa brought to the New York lloapi tal, by bin mother, aullertag aaverely from the exploaion of a piatol la hia face, wbUe oelebratlng the day ia 1'earl ntreet. Bartholomew Ro??, while looking at tb* proceaalon, waa aun atrusk. He waa coareyed to tbe New Yoik lloepital. tie will probably recover. Kaany Gray, a daughter of Mr (i ray, the Warden of tb* City i'riaon, bad her face aeveraly injured by the explosion of a piatol, Bred by aome careleaa raacul. in Cantxe atiaat. 1 he powder and wad lafliuUd a paiaful won o-l <>n tbe little chiid'a ehatk and neck. A, wbcae name w? were unable to learu, while abootlng in tbe piatol gallery uncer the Aator lit me, in Vraey atreet, accidentally abot himaalf in tbe foot Tli* ball waa extracted with a gnat deal or tmub'e. Join Ho; la bad bin foot aeverely crnabed by e Hag failicg opon film at No. 109 Mulberry atreet He w.ta taken to the Saw York lioxpltal. lawieae* .Vorrla waa dangeroualy woua<!ed while Walkisg In Mott atreet, between lieator and Orani! atraeta, by tbe diacharge cf a pirlol. 'It a ball entered tha abdciut n of tbe Injured man oa the right aide, and takiag a ctrculUua route caoaa out near th* a^lnal co lumn. Tbe wooad, although a very never* one, la not aupponed to be f.itai Tlie permit who tlre-l tb' piatol l aa not jet been arTeated, although tbe police are on bla track. William O'Ctoanor, while amuaing himaelf at tb* cor ttr of Ppi.b* aad Marion wi'li aome p-mlw had Ina f*c* creacfully burned by tte un<-xpa;ted exploaloa ol tbe > ami lie waa brought to tbe boapltal a altering acutely I'atilck Tooney waa daLijeroinly w sanded lj the hand while paaaiog along Waahiagton atreet, hy tbeexplo aicn of a pistol la the hamle of tbe pioprietor of the giocery siore, corner of Morrla aad WaaBlag'on atreet*. 'the piatol lung car*lt-a?ly tired c loan beaide the hoad of Hocney , tbe wad inflicted h deep wound in tbe scalp, piodticlsg ln'in-.ibillt? lor a time If a waa tiken to tn-i iioapltal, where, alter proper treatment, be waa revived. Ibe woi.nd is not auppoaed to be fatal A l>oy named Kwbeit I'etera. while boiling a loaded p.'atol in bis hand, had several of bia left floger" blown oi! by tbe premature discharge of tba weapon, H* waa taken to the hospital, where tha injured J< Ints were am (<utate<l. Tb* a^cidtnt happened la Niatb avenue, a*ar Kortj fifth street. A aon of Mrgeant Rloord, of the reserve* oorpa, bad bia band badlj abattared by tbe preaiature exploaioti of a pi'tol vUn be ?u stx>ut to lire nl t lie Unit of the accldmt Tb* thumb and for* linger will, no doubt, have to be amputated. I<aa)'i l inn had bis hand and arm severely la jurel by the *xplo?ion of a piatol, while he waa loading it It* waa roaveyed to the hospital, where it was thought am putation would be neesaaary A young man la the amploy of T. Barker, of 106 Hay aril .itre< t, while in tlis act of dia.hai* llg a pittel, wa severely injureil In tba band snd arm by the exploaion of tbe weapon. A piece of the birrel carried away a large piece ol flesh out of tbe limb There will be no 1 1 c?eait y, however, to amputate the arm. Thia* boys, named Cab! well, Irwin aad McCsy, while ceMbrating th* 1'ourtb, at tbe corner of Taath aveni* and K>gbt**nth atr**t, were severely burned about the lac* by tb* exploaion ol a flask of powder, with which they bad Inien loading Ibtii platola. They wer* attend ?'! by a physician, wbo rellaved them somewhat from tbe psla crcaeloned A little aon of Hsargent Ouia<!?n. of tbe reserve ocrp>, bad.bla 1 nd hadly aratteied by tbe premature eiphaion "f a pistol with which he waa amutiog blm self A boy waa accldaatally abut la tfc* grola with a pialol ball. allagad to bar* boan flr*d by ono of tba occupant* of tb* bout* No. W llnl?nn *tr<at Th* boy w?* Mi<n I; lljuidl, id>I wa< brought to the fifth ward station houM in / raat paiu. No irmt. kll?D IJlly, a chlM about nth yaar* of af*. tu run OTtr Mil inatantly klilad by one of ttia I >ry I?o-k anl Avrnua ( lis* of *tag*a. Thoaa who wilaaaaad th* oe eurr*bc* >?j that tla drl?*r ?aa out to l>lam* la I ha l?aat, aa th* b> r??a war* goiag T*ry alow at tko tlm* of tb? aectilrat. Th* body of tha ilafaaad wti taken u tha bom* of ('? baraarod paraoti, at 1UJ aranua f>, whm aa lb'i'i**t wan bald. FIRES ON THE FOURTH OF JULY. i ikb ami isruimoK M> HMMB Bi TPH BTBKIT? MIRACU LOUS MCATS OK LI fK llttwr'D 11 and 12 o'cloik, th* night of th* 4Ut, a flr* brok* out lo tha fancy ator* No. 134 Prlnsa atraat, oe c l pi# d by Mr. Htoaa, who lta-l a ,aaaHty of itraworka la hi* atcr*. la 1*?? than two mlnut** th? whola pla<* waa Id flatnaa, and th* riploaioa of hrvworka cauaad much ? ic>Umaat. !-?ou a 'tar tha criaa of th* occupant* of t b* pomtaaa o*ar th* ator* alaraail tha n*tgbborh >?-}? Mr Jobu Nagla, wlfa, two daughtar*. aoa aad ni*ea, all grown p*raon* lb* (Iranian rama, aa I aldad by Captain Tarabull ao4 hla una. th* whola of tha family up atan* ?m raaca?d ia tlioir Bight eJoth lt>g from a uHocal 10a, through tha front wladowa. Da third floor , waa oceaplad by Mr. ll**b* aa<1 wifa, who w*r* raacuad I mm th* window, aa alao a hoy who alapt raar of tha ?1?ro All aacapad laiary wtth th? axc>| tloa of Mr. Nagla'a aao* who raoolrad a alight bars an tb* *kould*r. Mr. Mtowa'a atock U inaurwd la Lorlllarl Iniurann* loinpaay for 11,000, ri*i in vandam rritnrr. Iht Arat alarm of fira, at about oa* o'elosk I' M , ? tutr*4 by tha dl*oor*ry of flr* la a atabla ia Vtatua ?ir??t , It waa ?o<m put out (t waa eauaad by flr* , work*. riBI IN WAtKBI.Itr PLACE. About half paat two o'clock a flr* brska out la tba fr?m? atabl* 167 W*r?rl*y plan* It aooo *tta*'M to 1(5 aad 169, which, t/>f*tbor with l#T, war* a'aort t. un? daatrnjad Tha flaira aitaolad to a brtek -?nga r-1 atabla* in tba raar bit by th* prowitt arrlral of tha firarmn, It waa ar^m Mttafa'abM. Mr W?a. Mailary who owa'd tha atablaa 111 aad I'9, aad alto tha rear ba.lrt.B|?, aua'aaat a l?*a of har??a* faad. attat 4' , to about ? 1<0 TT?* lot* oa hla atabloa will b* aiy.-ii K.'O. ar* laaaiad la tha rirwawn a laaaraa-a Ow pany for #4*0 oa tha raar brick build lag, aol %'**> oa tha IraaM "tai.laa la froat. Mr MalMry wbo waa quit* aa wall, had laf I aarty in tb* mora a? for Haratoga Th* atabW l'fk baioag"' to Mr *"m hi* lo** ia hall I log* aad aoa'aoGi I* abowt llOtt No laauraaoa. Th* fliw waa caaaad by flrarraek?i* rial r> uan'ntookt armarr. About thraa o eiock, aal win f tb* flr*m? war* at wark la Warorlay pla?* tba ball* ? truck ap for a ir* at ? o. 24 (>aaa*T00r' Ilr? t IVa Rr?a?*n war* *o>/a *pua th* a not aad 'jakkl) ntlafaUhod th* Br*, wb4eh * a a tad la a a mall frarn* 4w*Uia? ae?ap*a<l by Mra > aaa awl baa or two otl ? poor faaMitaa It I* aappooad to bar* b*aa ravtad laaaaaitara Mai thrown la ha twwaa thla hoaaa at ? *?* ad)?4alaa H. Th* bwtMlac b*loa?*d to Mr. M B- Aatwr. aad waa wot lamrod Tba poor aaopla who oorapM th* how** lo* abowt I3fl No La*araa*a ma i? ntABL ituir. n*tw?*a thi** aad fear o'eiark aa alarm *a* gla*W 'ortMMfiaU'uU'l caa?ad fef a '?.ar".*i f ama#? **?lag U?* Sonr rm flr* In Ua* lawaaal of tba preeieaa bo 3v*l 1 aarl (trawt Fat ?at wtth a pa. I of wabar f m? i* warn *r*am. A a tha tram** w*r* oa UM*r rolara frwwi tha a' an* la l aarl *tr*ol tinob* waa dlaeorarad laanl^ 'rowi tba latrtk *Wry wia4?w *f tba NIdMg Na In *iW atroa*. rwrwwr ?> Maa Tha flrawaoa 'a madia U j g- ? to ) work aad iftlafaliM tha Am wh^b waa foovl to I hav* ortgtaatad to tha pfoaaiaoa af Mr l-> ha M ? jai. I Itthno rapbar 1V? Ira at ?mawt loaha ayMarln** fh* I Mia-' ? baa tba wuktw ?'?* ia*ao'.t#otl?w Ml I HflOfwr baa aa uaawia*** vi lo >oa aoaonat a* I lt.6'0 in t'a* HI Mark'* Inauranca Cob p. ?*. Tna loa? cannot oa |#t be Tho tuirl llo**' I* occupied b; Julian Altrn, aegar manufacturer ll> U <Mut?l oq , hsi< atocl la tl r MmLat an ftr SI, 000 Ilm da.vag* ?IU | be, fioui watrr, ?'Mint ilfcO. I'll* second Quor.w p\t J b; sir. (Jicti s Sebtunk, ?? a bwdaar* aed ?"(?I'l/ ?\o:k. Ill* loaa, If toy, will b? tr'iling Thit llrat Vf w At occupied by Mr. J. II Do*, ??gar dealer. nto-k liafoiged b; utter urobabl; nmouulu 4 to |JM). luaur ? il in lb* kti.o^uhUa for >C,OtO. Ft*? Iff WA?HINttTO'? HTKKKT. At out 10 ?dock, P M., ? fir* ?oa dUoorarad In tb* lout lb at<?r; of tb* building No. UM? WunhiDK'no atjeot, occupied by tl>?n Uainri<hl, 8??r? k C* , voodoo ware tn I feixom dealera 1 he fir??n*n worked wita grant lore*, ami *oco?e<le<i la eetflnlag tho Or* to thn iol t mi ?bicli it appeared to bare originated. I b* great cr part ol tii* atock <0 tbi < loit will Im a total !<??<. Tha lirm t 10 an iMuracn of b't?wn #16,1.00 and #14,000 co their atock, 1 4 which th* Ifarcbanta' Iim #6,000, Co lumb'a t.l.OCO; tbe olhera w* w.-r* unable t* learn. Tb* loa* at priMet raoDnt b* eatl mated. riHK IV WAKEKN HVHKTV. V hit* rome of tha ftrtuirn w*r* (till enjagnJ at tb* !? *t oan:*<1 Hi". an alarm c?in? from Warreo atr**t l'ha firrir.en liur?U"' irouri no 1 found tb* lira burning is tb* ta*em<nt of No U'J Wr ?rr?u *>r**t, ooiup ri aa a po tent met tfln* factor;, k*pt bj V I. Carina (too. Tim li;r *aa t tt<tiKu'. 1i?>i ia about half an hour. Mr. Par merlon 'ia ir.J ?d on bia a took and fixture* to tb* amount of 11,500 loth* Columbia Inauranca 1 ouipaajr. Thti loar b; U.a and water U aatiiuelad at about #I,0U0. mhi in rtMTON nritr.rr. A tir* orcuiffl about 11 o'eloek A. M , la the h>ua* No, 78 Kulton atra*t, com r of Hold, oncupial by J Man naaa; aa a Nra worka d*pot To* riamajr* amouot*d to about #46. Mr H bad bia rigbt haal ahattered labia atuoijit to etlioguiali It It t* auppoaod that It waa an attempt alaratn. Tb* Kir? Mar-alioi will luveatigate the caa?. THK EVENING IN THE PARK. In th* trtnirg a great crowd of entliujlaatlc nod patri otic citirena aaaembled la the l'ark. to witnaaa the lira worka, ' abat ilul'nt fo oH. ' ' My 7 o'eloak io tba *r?otn( tbouaandh had aaaamblnJ, but tha abownra of tb* aft?r tioon provrd a eild ahow*r bath to all th*ir aitieipat*) plfiiaui*. Ill* atata of tli* waatbar waa aucb a a to pra Trnt thr workman eran from arrang'ng Mia Nrovorka in th* aftanu tl, and whan a?amng MUM not a a ngla p.iw lar can1 11* gractad tb* of tb* vialtara In frwnt ??f tha City Hall iluncrada, cot willing to b*llara tha raport that tbo aihlbition had li*?n poatponai. Ilag*r*d about tb? Pari, till loog attar tha hour tf M o'clock, and war* finally Urlran a? aj bjr aoothar ahowar. Tba Com mitta* of the Common Council 00 firework*, bara decided that tba exblbltioni of tbaaa artlrlea ahall ba Ktwa In tho Jiltrrant I'arkaof tha'itr, noit Moadaj evi'Diog, weather permitting What U aald bar* of tb* Park, ma; b? >a<d of the other publtegiounda of th* alt; what* Dreworka were ei pacta*! . la *acb plac* cro*<i* atarmbled, hut all allk* want hnma dlaappointod. Th* exhibiilcn on Mondt? next, will b* throughout th* eit;, a* iotendtd fir th* Fourth DISPLAY OK PIREWORH DESKiNED FOR THE FOURTH OF JULY. Tli* Conmltt** of Arrange manta of tha CommTn Council for til* r*leSratlon of t'j* f ourth of Jul; give notice that th* tliapli; of tliawark* c?aafgn*4 for th* en ning of th* Kourth loatant, but pontponed in cant* <|Ucbc* of the uafltne** of the w*ith*r, will tak* plan* on &loBi*a; sramng n?xl. tb* tfth Inat. Hhould th* waa tber tbat *r*clag alio pioro uafarorabla. tb* dlapla; wi 1 b* fuitber poatponrd until th* lirat fait cranlag Uiarea'ter, auectndlnir a Una af arnoon fl; crier. CHAN. U. MA-WKM.. Chairman. C. U. Turarn, ^or*iar;. TIIK PAY IN BROOKLYN. 1 Id Itrookljn tba da, wu oalabratad r.r, mu-.h In ?r eordaoca alth the r.putad cliara.tar of tba clt, Wot ? iUwtardl.ff lb. fact that tl.a r.UII <n 4te<jh(,, c uo' ,eo"?lJ "lt>> th? lh. Ircbibitor, law durlD< tb, h,I, portion of th. 4.. * W" 1,01 nuch of d??k?nMf. in tb. ?tr?n-u ,0.i but f.w Of tb. man, ?ecl l.ot- and r.,u,iti? b.low w.ra .ttri t-utabla to Intoilcatloo N..,|, all th. ratail li.tuor?.tabiUbin?nt. la tb. clt, wara op,n a?, ?!o>oRbaaln..a.a u.u.l, l0 con?a,|?.q?, c. , ,UJ f.L?r.l und.rat.tJ oK that lo .?..t, f(,r relation. 0, ) tb. I nhibitor/ Ik* would br duno, tb. i?a, wiui of. a liquor .to... .ad drink a* naloMa.tha nt, .??tao ?d ? tm, crei-ltobl. e for aobn.t, and foc*l ot ?*'? U '? bo* "Wool tb.t lb. w.atbtv c?.n.|wr.0<t, u, fmlle an ftroraUj forth# curjiog oat of prwooooi ?? 1 fU" fof ? ob*#r?auc? of ia Moir?rarr of our J;. ,00.1, .. I, d|<l ff r th. w..oo, it ?.? daMghtful. \ 0^,1 ,u . * fr.U)iCff br.n. ar??. with tb- .un, .ol tj,. Ut t.r a T.ll ?tlch lu0d.,?t.d th. afl.rt. of hi. *OuJ|.nc., arid p.rmlttrd to. g irrliw .ir to k..p in bMlthful tw.t th. p?U* of th. m?.t ' ./Cot d.roto. ., tu. .brio, of l,?t, .how.,, from m.d uotil ?r. ",".7u. ""i a.auranea tb.t k tj) Jf i.v?|. ?>? r.,i i,'" . in tb.o .. .b^ctioc to.T^.Vt'' Ih. firm, o f ,m?j] ,fB, tb. rjplo.ioa of rrack.r. burning of lUman -andl... anl Ui. r.n?i ML.mZz! ) parU rolurad ? duri?g tb. i r??i ,gi ulgki, would i h.T. .wak.n.J anoth.r lUp V., Vviakl. to ai.a.W,, 0 Uto aitmrdlaniy ImnoiUueaof tba iwmiaf 4.. c..n?..,a, UI, f.w soul/Hod .icum la .U.pYor J^uVl' tit .IL"1" ? i 4uti~ whie, o.,.l,rup.,? tl ? .BtbuaUatic patriot on ? ,ch .a occwto*. A. . ? f ' mor# "**? ?** "oiapan, of th. fifth li?' 5*fl' uf I'ur aauuuor*d br ^ .i?'UI" tb*7 "J1 *?"' At ?'fti n*?rlj th. *otlr? brlgad. w.r. ?? th..rnior/, I. r?,r l,iBj c rd,r and at t. o'clock tb., ..r. r.rU.^f *, to. 11,1"? ?ad < OB-rm.o < .^.ocll at Hi. Ort/ 11.11 .rur Ur.oi com 1 .t.d a March through tb. pnw I p.: *tmU o' tb.cit* prompts.' .t tb. b.,ur of rail, uniform/, a.d .t.a^liw.. cn m.rch, an I .j.p^ ?bi' u " tf.aa ..,u.l tTTa, oth.r .J l^araac th., ba>. mad. a. a tog*:, [lir,. w.( Q, I c vlcprr/C.t.oo aurlrt|f tb. da,. 01 I . ot,:*r r?.p?cl. tb. app< ar*nc. >* tb.^lt, >u a !?>? .at -Ut. and nt, dm J. .. ,"i *" lb* fyblui buli ha/. .n I It. >Ur. am atr p.., a. u.ual, alom^l tb. .amilu of b. t?la an.: port ?r L.,a.. a ad flaant. I froa. Ui. a.a.U of h.ra.a from r.l.'re^l c.ra ?n] omalbo*. At ai.lit a aV'^tr r\r> */ ?** .t tb. aty HaU, aod from InooinwabU prtT.u .|?.||i>a. m.^il V '1. prod uo too a. of p,rot?<jiBir .?tai'llahm.Dfa war. ?thibtud witb Ln.oaud hb.rali It A. a who!., th. ..Ubrat,^ ,u..,k%. VZ miSS' at., lb. aeefcx-ata .hi. b or.orrwl y ). c'.n??<| of car. '.at !>.?*. At auariM a wa. 8r^l from Kort <irr?t~ bt th. V.ur... of U>. HarofUl, a?d im UJI. of th.'ra>toCa r" ruM ,or **" ,n b"u' tub *n.i TAmr. Th. ?????.! rtflmaata of tb. m.UUr,, *>*pr..MM l'^ f'fth ?r;?a4. aa?n>.U.l at tb. .rovf , ,t , ? cjJJ, tb. moia.o. uadar cmm.ol of 1-r^adi.f i..a.ral |jjr "I"-1 "l' k* ?t??t, U>. rigbt rwiiai ' on ( lark ?ua?l. Th. couipaoi.. vara fall, r?ar?MolMd aa l mad. a onlJIaat a* i crMiUbi. imiraao. Thar Barcb?.| throofb IflekaaUMt U, ala,. hroMJ MootMu. plar. to,, tLrou, h AtUaUe to llo,t, tbroy^t Jlo.t v, ? ul^a ar.n 4,,wf Kultoa ?f?Bb. f . tb. (it, ||aU, wu?. n..r ,"U? b?for. tb. Ma, or am ? MMt , ,Wl|' 7^.t *1 ronpao, from tb. Ka.toro <UUiM tb. u>u.l I ?, in pa tha Ma, or and a-l 1-d aa a-MiUooal I abfbt hj ? .?at.njr aar./al wblak., aotllM a?l pr.t.a-1 u'Jf. '* lk*M'r*? lb. Ilrtgac. th - n n^rUUia M,rt>. to Krtd.a atiwt tb,o.?b ?tri I,. u> ^?ad. opMaoda lo>ulto?, t?ro?4b lu.'Uo to'r.abarr, to Uwi tit, Aro.or, .bar. tba, a.r. dlam w? I 1 O:. Hroo.l,. CJt, IU v> VlM lB.k, I at 5 , '? ! /lJ* *7 ^ ?? tu. amor, ftt 4 o A U UA d#F ">am?A J ?f UpU.n 14m ^4/ ? bar. tb., pr....Ud a ?a,a.fl'.at ..orrif tS. I alta>i ,r^B P*^Ur? to A?1;?U?t H Wui^U f ^ t^lUoo l?r Um '.OWM J th? hUt?. I pott tb* Mo^tord u iOMfibod, 'l*roeeeW u? A^gtlit ^b?ft H, W llllti, b; tl)? ilWl^||v| (1(? ( a *4a Jul, m, IM* ?? n.? lik/r IU.| ^ "'"?I*"*1 b, a Mat addraaa, wbi'b ? u a?M ,rUt.?, to by th. r..|M^t T>,. tb.n adjoortad to tb. iw,* wUra i .. ... tick of a autataatlal bi hi fa.t ' ' , ^ *?? iiuvmu It ttaitrftlaa tk.n aal a dliaar af flrMsrt. 1. ? ?U ??, Mai.. "Ha littia p.r? tb. r r?>? d b, tb. foiirm U . ar ua. ",a?u.arf ?l >v.u,. J..I H?rb. * Ui Ktrat about aad laadla, u.arvto from ?bi>b a atekt mhI I b. 6btai?a.| w?fc **"' J? / l ard., I... th.. ?,?>., a*4 . ' Mt.rMii.eto4 t?,^Wr Tb. I<^4a7 .aa m^ta i Maaar. l-lja awbW b, Mr Jo-pb fct.wd. ..tor aj tba ^MMltto. b, tba "???. ' ".Mil Tba ytoMO MMtotad MrpaaU pa TolTtof wbaai. and alar a <*? piM, f?,r ) ?9fU ?llh wro^i uu?u>+r tJM v?H ' fiioo. |*7#. Mkl th* llAM am aiat.d of a abiatd nmaiaM b, .a "Xl t?w A**"a' ***?; "? ?bl% war. tw word. "<aar o.a*r, " W u, a tb. abi. d m rrmiai. i '' ? ??bl.wi of ? .. >>r<**r >.f ' a. l?" Aaartaaa. aaaa.1. ar. arwi awd bant |IUJ r>f a aaala Tba 1l'nl. r -A' craditokta *n?.l<to*l.( tb. aaprwpltlwaa af tha WMtW-tfca Boiatarw ba.ta* a"~-ta| tba Mrt. to a.'k a dMpraa aa ta Mwia a# ta. awt kaMlifa] aaaoaa Tba ThalMt OMMpMtoJI, WM MTWaaii la , f.U rtaw af tba daaifa waa tba. ifara, MrttaJlr o'bMurad aad Ua.?n d.#trw?^! ' "M?ur? r. *?., ? Tba dMkia two a tor, fr*mt SM a*4 ?M )%} +*ht Hjff tio IftAM, Tliii ||U l t/T M..?a ao* Vr M.tobtoM. ^bTrr,. tia ^Tl 'I4, J?1 * '???? fr?pmu?m a< bka r?d. .*** ?* ^r o, *d . Tba bowaa I. ra 4ara4 lau.ub'-la i K?a|a abo.t |t,M, ^mIUP; Maia? ?* a ir. wwk. awl fa tba bna. !*rvr M i%l ??M*., oaaapaat aa a frwaor, k, M( M?fMa. am haaptalt Ml ^bar >a?iTr TV. Waa*ta Wat a?ar1, aiJ Ikat h*l, tagakbar .<????? Mab k- o^tof to Hr <a?p??n Tlk. Uwm >m toaMa.wl TalaJ da?afw abMI K.M4 TV. bra ? ?ta*<?t L ? ra nKtm A kaaa. la NadMw ...wa. Wtwwa fro at aa' Vain ?w?w>., aaa?ki aa iba r~*i tr~m vwa laM 'aaaa fa waa *p**diiy e?tiaguub?d, however, without (KUiM - Id* much damage. Vt bi'e the Areeaca were at work an the lire la Vw% ?trial, th* gatler ol the bouM fall down and * truck a man no ihr era, oauiiag a eerlou* fractur*. At the inn la Jay a tree t *im llr*m*a attempt*! M I taUr tba hnua* wllhaat baring oa tbaiu u; itr*ik-Bati*a 1 to abow what they war*. Tl?? Chl*f of I'atle* ar larwt them back, and for ? while tber* waa fjolta a tteaty tl?*. 1 lia li>n>n were prarMtoif from going 'low rear, and twa of lb >m ~ lh?rr Oaaeo 1411a aa<i .l*m*? K*rp*trick~w*re arreeted, aa<f bald ta ball to |1,0M each to appear aad aaewer. A Marina a WaUh awl t'aehnw want thair aeaurity The (realm are to a hl?k (tat* o t atottmHtlaN gard ta UlM err?*t?, aail bare called a ?Mtlag a* firemen > Hall for frMay evening twetprwe* thatr rtowa to rdatlaa tin r*?o. ii*a< niKna waa brought bat or* Jna tic* Pmitb yeatolday, ant b?M t> bail loa wait to^rtMa ol th* (land jury, for aae.oitiag a policeman a3T Kit* palriek oa'a airmlar charge, w.v> held to ball for eiaal nation on lb* Mb Intl. Tba frretnen al.i|? ihittto poll- a actoU id *? unwarrantable manner I'AMtfAl.TIUI IWKihU TUB DAT. A lad, oainnl ilmrr Barton, aged about It year% while In thu art tt load In* a p?Ud, bad hie front liege* partly blown oil, and bla head ?liattarml, by ttie pr*aea tur* discharge ol lha place. Hli pa ran tx r*<tde to Flat bu?b. II* waa takea into Dr. laudoa'e oflh-w, corner of Head* aad Kultoa atreela Jobs Murray, a??d about 1ft, bad tba forrftager of hi* l?ft baad abot olf, br tba premature dixoherjt" of a pto tot. Ha la employed to th* grocery atora uoiaar of lilcka aod I'oplar ?trrrll. Abraham l>unn ha 1 hU band blown aearly ofl by tba eiploeion of a platol, to li lualilag avenue A bov. nanx-l olliiea, reelllng at No fl Kuraaaa atraat, had bla eyea and too* dreadfully larirel, by lb* ? iploeloa of a platol. An apprantica, to tha employ of Mr Ht?*nw*Ma?, !? Atlantic atraat, bad bla tbuaib blown oil, by tha eipto ?Ion of a pUtol. A lad, f:i year* of a?c had bla I aft aar parti/ tokra off, by tba aiploatnn of a platol, la f'onrl atraat A joung m.m, named -lark, realdiag la Waahtagtoa itrrit, bail hla band eev*r< ly ahaltar*<l I >j tba eaplmlaa of a platol >our lad*, namad ltinmaa (illWa, 1'alnrk rw-nala, l*wr?o<-* U'ilnoonr. and Joba tialvla, war* ali dread fully Iiji 1 ad alx ut th? face, baada aad faat. by tba aa pU.?ion of a <|Ukiitity of powilar, whlrh bad baaa aoal laratt on tba aKawaik. In Hilary atraat, aal lato wblck another boy tbraw a ll<ht*d crsckar. A boy. namad Tliomaa lakln, waa arr*ata<l on a war ran* by thar-aooad dlatrtot p?.i.ra, for wilfully Bitag a piatol into tba faca of a youaf alrl, no tha a?raar of l<aM and John aUaaU. hba will ba ba<tly <iUft(ur*>l la ouaaa quane*. A iai(* uumliat of alnnlar caaualt aa, with Rraatar ar 1?"? aailouj laaulla, bappaaad thraaKbovt tba day. bwA tba namra of tb? lnjuia.1 |<araina coubl not ba aaaar talnrd. TIIK UKCATTA IS IIOHTON-NKV YOKK VICTORIOUS. Tha Fourth wia calthralad to lloa'.on with a aptrtt which kai navar lw>-n aiowllad on aay prarlout ua^atiaa . Iba city (f>r?rnm?nt had inada aaipla prorlatoaa fa* "ktrplnf up" In lapandauca Hay tan tliouaand dallar* having bam approptlatod for that purpo**. Karly ?? tbamorntog. tb? train* on tba rarlona rallmadi fr**a (II n? rant aacUona of tha country bagaa to arrlra, whlak wara !osg, and loaded with paaa*a(<-ra. t*b* day waa ?Ttry way line, with a ooollog br**w> and th- t *??>?>? matar at about r*r?nty, and aotblag appaarad ta a la ad to tb* way tf a fall ratuywent of tba gloilaua fourth. The (Joowk n, wblcb waa dotta<l wltb booth*, taata and atorida for the aal* of r*fr??hm*aU, waa th* frtaol pal putol of rendervoaa after tha procaaaioa ba>l baaa wllneatad. and tb* wbola park a?*mad all** wtth biaaa b* uatU about batf paat owa o'clock, w baa tba craw 4a began to War* lor another alt recti aa, which wu to ba ottered oa Miatkea ilarr. lie regatta waa tha principal f?at tare of tba day II had beta arranged by a eoainr.ttwe of tb* <1ty < auactfl on a noat liberal aa<t eitanalra ?aal*, and tb* gr*at**t anikaty Hanel wanifeetod oa tb* part of th* p*epie to witneaa it Iklor* tb* ttaa* arrifxl for tba itarttog af th* boat* tba Mill lain, t ambrtilge llrtdge aa l trtry loot of ground frcm wblcb tha ran* could be wltai I ?*<, ware occupied lb* topa of all the bulldtoge ta tba *4 elnlty were coieied, a no proniln*al poellkiaa on ptirato froperty ware let at pnree rarylng fraai tweatfflra rrata U> Ore collara Kiaritblng of tie* boat klad tha* would float waa loaded wltb i>aaa*ng?re, of mine. About balf p*?t two o'clock a gun waa Br*. I freaa thw juCgea' yacht for tba koala for th* flrwt raeato gel raala 11. la waa for faa<-y boat*, to l>? ruwad br b*y* uadar (? year* of eg* "nly Hire* out of a*me etgtit ** lea which It bad be*ti aaaounoad were to entar. prima tod thenaelee*, fir - I lattery Pel of New York Amertcea I '*> r , of New Votk. Jobtay Jump<r, of u Tba prirea ware a all r*r oar far the wianiag baat, which waa awaftec to the liettery N, aal a el I re* r??t bo jk to the reooiid la tbe rate, wblcb WM wea by lb* ABiMicaa Hoy 71m ?ecoad rac* wae for dnriaw, a p**allar k'ad af boat, mucli to u>* In lb* wa'*re arouad H*ta? A beautiful elleer Iron- 1* I, w> rlh lilt, waa o'taee I to gala which fle* dortee atarted Tb* rac* waa eaaily woa by Mr William lierker. In the dor* I>eaUi 1 1. VVVa .m l*H, w It oil waa hullt la tola Hty It Meear* Sewmaa h t'andell, eiprmdy It r th* rare. Tbua waa the ll?*tmi ena baat aa innr own water a, aad by their owa paeailav kite' <f boat, br tew Virkara. I la tb ro raoe waa far elab boat* for a prlae of *a* hubdie ! dollare, which waa won by lb* four oaiel teal, J I H 1'ijtmea. wblcb waa alaa balll by N**ata fe Haodell, la t|. a rity eipreaaly for th* regatta, aad *M rawtd by tle>era H'ephaa I'ula'ti I*. I.yach. II. I>arwwa aad J. Matberioa, New t'ark amataurc I ba I'utman wae alari eatwfwl for tba ''Mirth raea, ket tb* judg*e, ?vuiva'ly feailag lb* New York boat* www Id 1 err v bona all th* price etartad tba mtu to tha iDaUir raoa btlcre tba roateataau In tb* third rana bad ????? >i*?k to tba aurtlog joiat tbua ?battle* owl the I atmao aad th* Jixapb |.?lwiaa>fo, both at Sew Vmk, aa>l both of whtrb bad l**a proper y eutrred. Tin ?tw ro*K*iu) minx. IVarr'it Jul/ 4, 1 146 A (x *1 r? ? bull plana tkla ?'Utici'O am CharMa rt?? n?ar tha aillVa u, UHitu tba Malt of Mm uf P\ J-. In, N H, aa<1 t? ? J !l R I'u'asvn '?f S*w Y??k. Iba <-baltoaf* *aa titm by tha ' ?? Tort boat 7 ha ;.artlaa put up thr?* Du?^i*d <J.,ilar* * alt*. Tba r?M tu iuB'I'OtMlf woa by Iba liruutlUM*. T r L KG R A PHIC. ?3iot ? 4-u rtrn mot m uomhh *, ( ?t.' am a, Jul/ 4, 1*44. Yaatrrlay avaainf, aa a prcoataioa of Torath t?4 ti'l-it tu para I!*/ tita ?UaaM, a 'liflteulty araaa U t*?a? ? o? ??( tha 1 'irnar* aa<l a ho/ >kM aa alara aaiiiKUfcl hr il* Tarnara aa-1 Ibay aU mlul baob, tuatltl*| at>4 U>iim o( iUkm at lha p'apU la Iba itn?t< 11m rtnt ttao I aa I tl?a Ttrwrt, kaiaa aimal ? lib r?t )??(?, c,itm?u-*: trtaf ?p*>a tba cr ?, <'tn a <toiaa pi it oh ??? <t'a:!.arf*V aa<1 an* ya .aa k - a aaa m> *?ua<:*>l t' at b* IM altbia lull ? a boar. Mu; ?>? ><t!,;la ji?I t; >UU aa< tl'XMt, bat a?r.? It la t*l>*r?l fatal!; Tha |?.l ra hart arra*ta-> taauty foxr Taraart, a?* ia*4 ? bum pubUc aplaloa la tat* 4a I4a4, a* tfcar* ip)*ar? to bar* Ma? a > *i?u*a al.aUrar far tbato ro?4a't ?N<<CIIX? 4LCII'VKT 4T rotT'Kii Jal; t, 1*44 Tao ;?<ia| aa?n b?k.?? a? In t)<* HaraWfa li<rbl arl# Wry, aaaa4 M klUt/r4 >*t Kaaptori ??'k laat a ' ?al jaatartay ta'rvala/ abito Brit* a aaJuta tni tm urn i? *a? ?*< *t -rm Ja'/ 1 444 In tbi* rlty U>a fount. paaa? r,<f la *<*aH?a?a *1t4 tb* pubi ab*^ LfQfraataa*, aa1 ?.?14 to a MraMaf k*a*aa, nxia (baa '.4a al aaaa ' J (Jaffa a aanbcr af 1* . **au a* ? i| Imk aa aa] tb* 4r?r af aa fipraM * U I'.?n ffr.m bi? ml aa*4 a4'a' Tfca b??t ra"a ?ata *l!a?#i?l br naaaaa >r?arla. lb* ?r*t r*rm with t*iff *?-a<? ra?*4 bf )??>*? aa>*w i|i.<"ii a*. If in IHttarp fat W ???? Tart >ad tbatj.ii W..iar??l a?4 J ti. R. F?t?aa , bat* m >t* Yf*k >ia tba r?? raoaa la vbiab '.bay *M? ra| ?(?<! lb* raca M?a*a aaaaVanr rJafc UaaU ?M aa* ly tb* V* I *f ' fa, af M. J"ba !* H 'a Taaatna lait a?a?i n? ? <Mnp?*ary ai*|ia( *??Vaf for ?Wwla? tb* ?ra?wf%? V? ?a 4??a aa ^ ta?'?* a* if Uta p0tw*t ??ft Iajara4. bat Boa a faUily ' Ibaat' > iia ir,*l )>a ? ai a I na f.|Ua V I. QarrtMa ptaahtlaf , ?>aay yr m a*at aba*it"ewele ?l^a? *f Mim1 Imatt a*? 4a? ??<?4 by teat* if tb* aytaiari Tb* a?U ala**ry Km* af> baM a aaliliaal ,ab4 I mi'-t -t a.ibaa **>* aa^a b/ ??*?/ r ? ar^i Mbar prw.ia*at laa'Wfa of tb* friar TV* al?aa4 4J*a til lw|a tub roi?TH m > buk'itt. y rtTiurt, Jaly k, i?4. raartb a lb.* rf'y. ?""><*? b? a.: a>?> tb* **a??? aaa ?a Tb* wialriti?* af Ik* r? latbar at* ut t< ? ib'.aaaa: yap I* Ur*r*4byf * IDiafl tmi return in rvwwri raauu i1> 1 irnraia, Jaly I. 1444. lb* MtoVraba* yaat*r4*y , ?>a-l a# ?* ry IIMUf baa* Tbara a*ra aa aabb' <?r?**?*iai*. Ja/ok (J-/aM a l*t tor >arrtar fa* tK* rbi a4aipbla I'aat OAaa, m,(nawl ab to hatbiaff at *? w?-?aab roaoa, l*a . Jaly I. 1444. Tt* > ' artb aar ratob??ta4 bar* w1Vk aiaab aftrH A Cr* al rb lliiabarg 4aatr?ya4 tb* faaa4rr af J E. 1o?p4la< Tb* taaa * b?a?y laasraeaa fTa.Cto a? Jmlf 4, 1444 )a Up>?'??*a (toy aa* rary f*a*raily j baa* 1*4, aa4 ^ af lato'iy aa4 vHkaal aa*toaa >??<?> 4?f-?a< 1 f'aaa ) ialy 4, I4M tbara *ai aa laaaaaaa {altonat bar* yealerley. a* J - arVaai Aftar Mr l**ta '? (paaa* th* 4aa*n?aa ?J*t I'.-taa, a* a/?yi?4 at IHlla4a4pbia vaa aal iraaf bf tba *at?a aaa? ipiaya, allhaat a !ia*an*.ag r aa* If* Ml tba ',aaat>aa fatly aaf fairty aa mMt.iil iaalg|i i>af, aa4 carn*4 ail '?'?? btaa. rn rwit* rw *4**?*?t*??. Wiaiwr t, Jaly 4, 144*. Tba aatoarat^a yaatartay "a- a aaaaptoto faUaaa, a*>af W tba i*t?* rtora Tbar* aar* ta?, ulabralbaaa . |at* Natbira a a4 aaU Kaa* *atWa|. (laa l*tovaa ? a* l<K|-ifu' t?, Val 4*4a t ??om TSa Kaaa Va tbiaf* ia??M*< aw tb* ?*1y WliaaraM <to IMan <m aa4 ni a 4aM>***4 aa ratVa *ea*a4ary Dbato f?rto4 ? a* 4y'af arti.iary ;aaatay tba aato pra man, uml >ati(MU* * a# aaa~'wM k| ?i?a a-'??*.

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