Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 6, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 6, 1855 Page 3
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ASTEITlSElEim RENEWED WTlSfY MI. lAliBH AT AOOTlqil. "jPTjirR rH. NICOLAY, AUCTIONEER. ? ALBEKT^H. A NIOOLAY wtb aaU, this day, July #, u 12W TabMfc, at the Merman t?' Exchange, for aocouu t of ?km it may ooooern ? ?M* California SuU T Mr cent bond. It NO Flushing Kallroad lit mortgage bond#, each. $1,000 94,0*0 Lackawanna and Wirtern Railroad lit mortgage Mad*. each $f,i>00 ?M?0 Ohio Htate rt per cent bond* of I860, etch.. $1,000 $6,000 Northern Indian* (Goshen Branch,) Road, lit aaoitgage bond a, each $1,000 S$,0C0 Cleveland, PainesviUe and Ashtabula 7 per cent % ? f- ---u $1,000 ?6,000 lludson Hirer Railroad 3d mortgage bond*. each $1,000 3$ ihani rhird A venae Relroad, each $100 41 Rotger Fire Insurance Company 26 10 Webster Fire lnsuraic* tVmpany 60 1$ Hampshire Coal and Iron Company 100 6,000 Fair Grove Gold and Oopper Mining Company. 6 Term* of 8aie? Tea per cent tuia day, and the balance before 2 o'clock to-morro w. roe accrued interest on all Mte buadi will be charge! to toe purchaser, excepting the State Won N?xi rtgular Bale on Monday, July 9. Albert h. moolay, auctioneer? peremptory se e et ancient oil pais ting*. ? ALBERT H. N1CO will aell, on Friday, July #, at 11 o'alook, at tbe ?alaatoom No 11 Broad street, tbe remaining portion of ??deal oil paintinga belonging to the collection of the Me r. A. Cummins, Esq , Including many fine old *pe etmea ? bom the achoel* of Pouasin, Bamberger, Tenure, Van Ola, fiemel. Carlo Manattl, ZacarelH, Van G%tno, laaerek, Wemaira, Murillo, Domenichino, l.uoo Uou daao, and other masters of celebrity, many of which are ~ and worthy the attenfan of connoisseurs. The whaie to ho pcalttvely sold, to close the estate. Aim, a tea Mlloction ol modern painting* ami engravings, now soady far examination. Catalogues to be hal at the LBERT H. NICOLAY, AUCTIONEER.? AUCHOV sale of horse, wagon, fts. ? ALBERT H. NICOLAY sell, on Saturday. July 7. at 12 o'clock, in front of m>e laleaioom, No 11 Broai street, a bay mire, seven San old, sound, kind and gentle in all hirnem Md an r the sadt le; together with a top wagon; also, a Ml mi plated harness, a fly net and whip, all In good orier. Vina* cash. 4 LBERT H. NICOLAY, AUCTIONEER, WILL SEI.L en Monday, Jnly 0, at i2)i o'clock, at the Mer ita' Exchange, $6,600 Phcrnlx Gekl Mining Company Of North Carohna d per cent bonds, dat?d January 18, 1866, and dae In the eity of New York January 18, 1866. He holder is secured by a <le?d of truat on tbe entire jpoperty of tlie company in North Carolina. For for ther particulars Intuitu at the offi-'e of tbe company. 1$ Exchange plaae. A. IT. NICOLAY, 11 Broid street A C. TfrrLK. AUCTIONEER? OfFIOB NO 94 A, Broadway. Sale of geeteel household furniture, Ike., this day. A. C. IUrri,*: will sell, this d*y, FrUay, ait 10>4 o'clock, on the premises No 116)j Grand s reet, a general assortment ot household furnture, rarpets, ??.. e' a family removing ttom tlie otty Terms ca-h, Md a deposit required from each purchaser. A UCTION NOTICE? KDWARI) WHENCE WILL SELL, A at 10>i o'clock this day, at his salesroom 10 Wall atreet:? Jewellery ? Large and peremptory sale of a fine iavoiee of diamonds, ' watches and jewelry, consisting to part of brilliant cluster and 1 n^H s lone pins, rings and earrings, ladles' watches, enamelled an 1 set with diamonds; also, others, VU Independent sown Is, double timekeepers, fifteen day patent and detacher fevers, &j., ,made"by the best makers In Europe, all in iMavy 18 carat gold cases; gold snlti of bracelets, pin Md earring*, brooches, breastpins, gold, atone, and Mo aaie sleeve buttons, studs, seal rings, gold, vest and guard chains, pencil pens, earring*, lo:kets, kz. A UCTION NOTICE.? WM. B. JONES, AUCTIONEER. A ?By virtue of an execution, I will expose for sale dale y, at No 146 Canal street, at 10 o'clock A. M., $he contents of a gentleman'* furnishing store, eonaist iag of e'olhing, collars, cravats, nmurellas, shirts, ftc. Moot but bankable money received. V. S. MILLS, donstable, offije Marine Court. AUCHON NOTICE. ? H. SCANL4N, AUCTIONEER, will sell this day, at 10 o'clock, at 106 Charlton ?tieet, the furniture of a family leaving the city ? cham ber and kitchen furniture. Sale positive. Auction notice. ? thos. bell, auctioneer ? BELL ft BUSH will ttell, this day, at 10>f o'clock, te sales room*, It North William street, the balanoe | ?task of a general dry goods, hosiery and gents' fur nishing store; fancy goods, mantillas, craps shawls, jewelry, 10 watches, H show cases, 3 Morgan rifles, 100 ?mes prime eegars. Stove*? At 11 o'clock, 10 first rate parlor and cooking stoves, fto. On Baturday, at 2 ?'slock, at No 197 Division street, tho fixture* of two ho taker shop*, viz: superior large iM box. 2 meat stalls, ?Mat beaches, lard kettles, chopping blocks barrel', knives, choppers, ftc. ; also, a quantity of furniture. A UCTION NOTICE.? ELEGANT ROSEWOOD AND A mahogany furniture. ? H. WILSON, auctioneer.? fiatnrdsy, July 7, at 10^ o'clock, the entire can teats of tbo large four story bou-e 160 Twenty-fourth street, Mar Seventh avenue, embracing lohd rosewood parlor ?ait* is satin brocade, costly grand action rosewood yiaaoforte, seven octave, with richly carved ease, a au paiier instrument; a choice aaaortetent of oil pain tings, .B caetly gold frames; large oval French plate mlr Moa, very costly: lace window curtains for four window*; rosewcod centre, sida anu pier tables; lady'* aOMWOQd aeeretary, elegant rosewool otogrre, with m<r ror door* and back ; dining room furniture, Ma:k wal Mt extension table, rosewood suit covered in silk phah, mahogany and rosewood chairs in hair cloth, aafaa, rockers, lounges, rosewood and mahogany hed , buraau* and wash stands of the mo it expsndvo kiad. hair mattie**es. toilet sets, bedding, fto. ; also, aoooaery, glasa ware, silver ware, china ware, Mb Tne hoose has recently bean furnished, at an expense of oevta thousand dollars, and will be soi l without any reserve whatever. Parties desirous of hiring the prs ?rises, the rent is $860 per annual, with immediate pos a**etas. Auction notice ? j. bogart, auohon^r-by 8. Bogart, this day, it 10>; o'eloek, at the auction aeoaaa, corner of Frankfort and William atrsata, by rlr 1m af an attachment and execution ? a large an1 ex ten aale of household furnlturv, tete-a-tete*, eofa*, ma hogany rooktra, mahogany apriag aeat chalra, marbta toy tabiea, rosewood waahctanda. roeewood, mabojany, lad maple baditeada, feather b?dn, hair m&ttre**** and badllng, Brnaaela earpeta, card tabiea, bureau*, large mirror*, 40 aagraTloga, oil paiatinga, waahatanla, atartary, dtcantera, turablara, mahogany and black walnut bureau*, wardrobe*, round tablea, extra irion 4tntag tabiea, kitchen table*, ingrain carpeta, oilo'oth, ?tore*. kitchen furni'ura and u-.anaila, two refrigerator*; aklao, about CO new bedstead*, to pay itorage and iuiTan ?aa N. II. ? The aala will commence on the aecond floor with kitchen furniture, ke MICHAEL DOODY, ConataMe. CHARLES BURDCTr, AU JTIONEEB ? SPECIAL SALE af 1,060 aharea uhio and Miaaiaiippi Railrotd atO:k a* on-tien. Burdett, Davie & Main will aall, on Satuc. day, July 7, at the Merchant*' Kxcbaog*. at 12J* o'cio-k, l.?60 abarea Ohio and Mlaaiaaippt Rallr>ad atock, the ?am* being hypothecated and numbered aa fo:low* ? Ve. 2,178, cerctdcAt* for 60 abarea, eioh t o Do. 2,246, ?' 200 " 5(i We 2,240, " 200 ?? 60 Ma. 2,247, ?? VOO ?? 60 Mo. 2,248, " 2(0 ?' .SO Mo. 2,251, ?? 200 ?? 60 Wale po*l tire, and w.tbout reserve. Term* ca*h by 2 ?'(lock of the day of m>. IL'RDFTrr, DAVIS A MAIN, 27 William street. IV C. DAVIS, ACCTIONEER, I.ATK OF I UK AUC tfonhouaeof R. C. Kemp, and O 1! STKVKVa, a of SanFrancUco, inform tliair frian ath&t:hey htv? taken the saw atoie, No. 10 Spraw ntraet, for tha gen ial auction and comuaiaaloti buaineaa, an 1 re^psitfally solicit eoniignmcnt*. Caah advance when re'i-ilrtd. DD. NASH, AUCTIONEER.? S?OHR ,U0 BROAD . way. ? Large and exleaalv* aala of hotel forni tara, he., cn Friday, July 0, at 10)?' o'clock A. M., nn tba premiaaa known aa the Anderson Hon**, 30 R?"W street, conaiating of bed* and beading, aofai, oUi>ra, teblea, rratanrant and bar ro m furniture, counter*, tabiea, glaaa ware, picture*, engravings, p.?r gltate*, crockery, restaurant tabiea. 4c. EK AARON, AUCTIONEER, WJIX SIf.L THIS * Cay, July 0, at % past 10 o'clock, a*, the ailea vaoma, No. C7 Nraaau street. a aplaodld a**ortcnent of fiae soW witch**, jewelry and rich diamonds, fan?/ rose wood workboiea and writing d?*ka. fany a hit ring an! waahing aoapa, and twonty thousand aaaorted a?<ara. George (x> >k, auctioneer.? k t'RvrruRE, bouaakeepisg artlelas, painting*, kt., thi* day, at half paat ten o'clock, ?t 304 Broadway. Thi* ato-k em brace* elegant roaewoud and mahog any parlor auit*, la wnrioua coverage, alao, be<iat**da, bureau*, wajlutauda, oontra, aard, loo, aide aad acta ?able*; library and aecre lain bookcas*s, wardrobe* aM?ho*rds, sofas, rook ir*, ?hair*, dining room do. and table*, corner stand*, hall ?toads, elocaa, oil palntinga, <:h\aa and silver plead ware; also, three saperior ir>n aofaa. three dozen mum Math gold pen*, wlU double eaten*, on hollar*, vary ?? parlor. Tbe abora will be po?l?W*ly .old to the bighaet bidder to pay adran'w. CaUlogoea the a tore TKNRY B. HKRTa, JR., AUCTIONEKJl -ON Tr7 XjL day, July 0, at 10^ o'clock, at toe atiro. No. O^Piaa atraet. hoaaehoM furniture, ramored for coo veaieaeo of aala, eoaaiatiag of the uaual variety fhtin 1 to a largo boarding house alee, a larxe Inroloe of lit nia a efr are. JOHN F. RUctfltl.l., AUCnONEEit. ? BY DAY, Rl'i HKLL * CO. ? Hale of bonaobold furniture, *4 ? To naorrow morning, Satnrday, at 10>^ o'clock, at our apt ?tona aala ruoma, HA Naaaau atraot, (formerly oo rupie 1 fey R. C. Kemp,) a Urge collection of hoaaeboM furai tare, compriaing ro*ewoo<l anl mabogaay buokca>aa, parlor auita cf furniture In hair oloth an l brocntol, oesmaBed chamber aalt*. mthtgany aofaa, tett a tetot and chair*, marble top centre laMe*, extern! in tabiea koongea and lounge beta, Megere*. pallia****, mtt treeeea, fee. B. B.? Day, RuaaeM fe Oo are njw pre ?a red to raoalra ooa?ignment* of all k.nda of furnlure, fee , for aala at auction. .<* JOBF.rH HEOKMAN, AUCflONKKR ? FRIDAY, JUi.Y A, at 10 o'clogfr , at tbe central aU a room*, corner of WlUoMflBraBS P'arl *tra?ta. Brooklyn? v| * ?ellaaeou aala # MMd aaaond hand furni.ure-Ma hag lay boraana, warlrobea, baokoa**, French badntetd*, mattfea*? . bo<la bedding, chair*, table*, of**, Bru*e*i* and Ingrain carpel*, oilcloth*, tammor rauve, eosk artnTea. refrtgaratora, Aa Also, a apkenJid on Election u' ?tuifad hlrdaand Ineeot* In caaea.anda *m?Il quantity ?f jewelry, allrer plated gooJa, two (Dlealid double bar re) riflaa, a lot of aseallant writlag fluid, kz. I TOHN S. BKTTV, AUCTION KIR ? AUCTION NO tip* ? Oraen turtle.? Otrard A Hett* will aell on + toy, Friday, Ju j 0, at 10 o'clock, on board *t*am*r PI. Laureaeo. fool of Rlg.itb atraet. Eaat river, green f?rUo-?" k ' **B turUa Cad?r Kaya, Flvnla. BALKS AT AUCTION. POSITIVE HALE OF TWO HOOBK AND LOTH AT WEST Mt. Vernon and PelbamvOle, WNMkMtuoraib, N. Y.. by AMOS JUDSOlf. auctioneer, at Gould's HoUl, Mb Vernon, July 9, tt 3 o'clock P. If. Thn tfcm ?tar; ud basement house situated on Wt No. 361 X, 100 fMt square, at WMt Mt Vernon, w?Ulnln| 17 room, with spacious collar and Urge barn. Tfeo wnole 1> v?U calcu lated for a grocery business or boarding hoaM. It is delightfully (Hunted, commanding a beautiful view of Glen Park and nelshbcrbood. Alao, the two story and attic hoube, with cellar under the whole, largo barn and very One well ol water, situated at PelhamviUe, on lot 100. all within fence, 100 foot square. Both houses art within fire minutes' walk of the Hatlem and New Daren railroad depot*. Fifty per oest can remain on bond and mortgage for three yearn, at seven per oent. The title* are unquestionable, and will be (old free from all enoun branoea. For further particular* apply to J AMES LOVE RIDGE, 84 Leonard atreet, N. Y. "PHILIP It W ILK INS, AUCTIONEER.? PEREMPTORY J| sale of valuable property on Sixteenth street. Philip R. Wilkins will fell at anction, on Tuesday, July 10, 1865, at 12 o'eloek, at the Merchants' Exchange, the following described property, vis. 6 lot*, together with the unfinished bulldogs thereon, situated on tae north side of West Sixteenth street, commencing 95 feet east of Sixth avenue, each 20 feet in width by half the nlock in depth. The buildings are up to the 2d story, with the 8d tier cf beams laid, and have been well protected from the weather. One lot on tbe north side of West Six teenth street, commencing 220 feet eas' of Sixth arena*, being 26 feet in width by half the block in depth. Thi* sale will afford a very desirable opportunity eithsr to builders, or to those wishing to build for their own oscu pancy. Terms at sale. Maps and further particular* can be had at the office of the auctioneers. PJ. KELLY, AUCTIONEER.? $50,000 WORTH OF ? dry goods, tbe stock of M:Conville & Murp.y, st llirg by auction this day, on the premises, rine street Pale each day at 9 A M snd 2 P. M. SFGAR?? THIS MORNING, AT 10 >a' 0"7IX)CK. AT 81 Nassau street, in lots to su:t wholesale or retail buyers, various brands. The present U*k? Invoice will bo closed this morning, for whatever the price* given may bo. Large sale of various brands to morrow. TUNIS MORRELL, Auotionw. STOCK AND FIXTURES OF GROTERY STORE AT tb* northwest -orner of Ts-enty seventh street and Second avenue ?Saturday, July 7, at 10 % o'alook, r?n sisting of gre*n snd black teas, oollees, sugars, codfl ih, herring, nut*, counters, scales, ke , tic. W. A. CARTER, Auctions*?. Bxcvnunons. A LL BOATS HAVING EXCURSION PARTIES, Ol parties of pleasure on board, art forbidden to land at West Point, New York. Excursions to the fishing banks -the steamer Golden Gate, Capt Charles Anderion, (formerly Captain of the it?amer Laura Knapp,) fill continue her regular trips ta tbe bank* every day, (Sun days excepted,) having aiiios atreet at 7 o'cloot A U. ; Spring street ? t " >4 ; Peck slip at 8; Broome atreet at 83^ ; and l'ier 3, N. K , at 9 o'clock. Kishing tackle. iwit and refreshments furnished on board. A tLne ootillon band accompanies the boat. FOR FISHING BANKS ?THE SEA STEAMER MIR CUKY, Capt. R'.ohard Yates, will leave for tbe tithing Bunks every day, touching at Fort Hamilton each way, from the following place*, viz:? JacUson street, b o'clock A. M ; Delancey strset, 6,1,' A. M ; Catherine Market, 7 A. M.j Peck ahp, 7,'i A. M. ; Spring street, North river, 8 A. M. ; p'er No. 4, North river, 8 >? A. M. Fishing tackle and bait furnUh*d?n board. FOR THE FISHING BANKS? THK COMMODIOUS tea steamer Sun, Capt. Wheeler, will make an ex cursion to the k'lshing Banks, on Sunday, J uly 8, leaving Amo* street at 7 o'clock, Spring street at 7.y, Broons street at 8, and pier No. il North river at 0 o'eloek. Fare for the excursion. SO cent*. Bait and fi thing tackle proviced on board. FOR CHARTER. -THE LARGE AND COMMODIOUS eteamer CROTON, can be chartered for excursions, on Monday*, Wednesdays, Thursday* and Saturday*. Fer particulars apply to WM. G LOCKWOOD, 37 South street, or to Oapt Wm. H. Wood, on board the boat, at he foot of Tw*lfth street, E. R. Grand excursion to the fishing banks Friday. July 8, 1866; fare 60 cent*; by the sxfe aid commodious double engine steamer MASSACHU SETTS, E. R. Hanks, Oommaoder, leaving p'er foot of King street at 7 % o'clock, and pier No. 3, N.R.,at9 A. M. Fishing taekle ana bait on board. A baud of music will be In attendance. CHARTER FOR EXCURSIONS? THE ELEGANT and commodious new first class steamer THOMAS S. HA1UHT, with or without barge* . Apply on board, foot of North Moore street, or of ALEX. M. C. 8MUH, 232 W?st street, between North Moor* and Beach sU. TO CHARTER FOR EXCURSIONS? THE SAFE AND 00 m mod lo as doable engine steamer MASSACHU SETTS, E. R Ilaaks, commander. She la the largest and most elegant steamer offered, having a denting saloon 112 feet long. Apply on board, foot of King street, N. R., or to L. H. 'JROVtfR, 163 Broadway, up stair*. H1SCELLAKEOIS. 1 d K CANAL STREET. ? W. k H. VAN NOTES HAVE _LOO a large assortment of the latest patterns of mantel grades, kitchen ranges, summer range* and stoves for sale, on reasonable term*. Jeweller* and bra** foundeis' fur nate* built and repaired. Grate* and range* set and repaired. BBUPHES OK EVERY DE3CWPTION AT THS BRUSH factory, rui7 Pearl atreet, Frantlin square. All articlee sold at the lowest factory prises. Paint brushes of superior qoallty constantly oa hand. Mashine brushes mad* to ord?T. JOHN K. HOPPEL. EOHD'S PATENT SLIDING AND 8tVTN'CING PASHGS. ? Parties making alterations or building, ara invit ed to OMlM thl* new invention. They am wirranted weather and dnat tiirht, when sSut, and will jjrs better ventilation wb?n open than any 0*.her in me. They both elide and ?*lng A working model wlU b? eent for examination, by addreaslng the patentee, Waa 8 Ford, lfj'Z Weet Twenty-Ufth atreet, eait of Eighth avenue. FEET.? THE GREAT IMPORTANCE OF HAVING A pair of Uets made to At your foet wo ild result ia the Improvement of yenr cemrort and health. By call ing on KFUNFDY, SO Frankfort (treat, the oetobrated lastmaker, you can obta n the ab*ve. IS IT POSSIBLE ? ? THIS EXPRESSION IS UTTERED by every one who *ae* the vas*. quantity of turbid, matter extracted fnm the CrotN Witer by th? poroun git br filter. All are aatonisbed. and thoee who ere utiog it declare it to be the moat effective article of tbe kind. Jiepot, 79>; Cana.1 street. JONATHAN BEET & MERCHANTS AND MAN" nfactnrer* of eutlery, (Ilea, eawi, edge tao'?. he ; ronvtrters and refiner* cf sveel. Agenor jt work*, Sktf fled, Knpland. JOHN S. WERB, Agent, 512 Pearl it rest, N. Y. KETCHTM'S MOWING MACHINE nAY PRB3SFS, borne hoee, eultiTatore, plow*, etraw eotterf, coin sbeller*, rsnpera, hone power* and thresher*. combined threshers and winnowers, and other agricultural m chines, for lale by P. D. GATES, U Hroilwiy. 13AIENT ELASTIC WATERPROOF ?HrP PAINT. FOR ships' bottom" nmetal roofe. or *!'. Lin 1i of iron and Outside wood wore; superior to nn) thing of tU? kin! in use R. I.. GILBERT, ICO Water at. 1 ready successfully applied In tii.s conntrv to the bet ter or cheaper roaoufaciure of art'sle* of the com noo eituie, or toother material Improvement*, and wbe may feel enxlous to dtrive proltt from the introduction of their ni?' he?*e Into certain nation* of Europe, ars in vited to ad'lreae thsmselve* (poet paid) to P. O. A , care of Mr. A. Fimorto, No. 74 Broadway. T' Knight & Co.'* ct leh rated regenerator will p>*l tivolj restore all your gray bail to toe natural and origi nal color; tint Knight anil Co.'e empire wh a'<er dye la hejrond &M romp irson supfrinr to any other dy?< ?fer jet. Bind* by any HI; try it. Th*t Kn'gbt k I'o.'i dysentery cor ital will positively cure any person of d.vsentety in from *;* to twenty feir hour*. Any per son who may use tho above, without satisfaction, shall have their money refunded. For sale only by KNIGHT A CO , rhemlut*. 1141 liroadway. American Pl.ATB GLAM COMPAMY-EACTO t, Williamsbsrg, I/on? (eland? Are new prepared to ex erate orders for reach slate glass. lettable fjr teora, ikj to all erdsrs lef* at their efllee, *41 Broadwaj, or with their a?eat. J. I. PLATT, 7V Murray street. EXTRA PAT. I AND WARRANTS WANTED? OF THE MHCt Ovv can and Florida wars, an 1 the w ir of 1812; alio, Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas patents, lo:ntel In 1812, long stnoe eold for taxee; also, patents loottei since 1H47, in DUnoie, Wi*->oe!n and lorn, for wtiicb the higboet oaeh nrieo win be gfvm. App'y to (J. G. SBUYKLDT, No. 2 Naaeau (tree'., two door* from Wall, first floor. HOUNTYLANl) office. -am. SOLDI km, SAILOIM. wagen master* and teamsters, or the widow* of thoee who served fourteen davs at sea or on shore, in any war elnoo 177ft, are entitled to 160 a:re* of b >aaty Und. Thoee who reeoivod 40 or 80 aorss ean obtvn the balaneo. No charge until tho warrant ie collected. Apply to the agent, O. G. SHl'FELDT, No. 2 Nasiau street, two door* from Wall. r AMD Warranto BOUflllT.tOLD, AND I .or ?|'*D for koonly iandi |*s*s?tly r.reseented kv ? Itw*. Mjehents aad *p**fe omse, 171 Canal (treet, aedsr >.hs PtopU'* Ban*. Letter* and otdsrs fnm thee ova tt j prsnptu nnswsred __ Navy bocnty i and and "Kxtra pay" umrm. ? I'uenty land* aad "extra pay ' ' for I'. H. Nary sailors, Ae. , In ell >,i< since 1790? thoir wl ioiee anil helra- promptly obtained sad paid Palaoee do- widows and h.irs of deeoMOd 0. a sailors and otbsrs cotleot-d, all kit^i of claims against the I n. ted State* reeoveied by nnlsrsifned; and tho widow* or heir* of tn?*e who perished wits the United State ship ??Albany," wUl be profited by r%uijcoll , ? ^ ? _ EDWARD ll'-WKI.!^ Agent and (lmte) Pureer V 8. Navy, 87 Wall street. IPORTMS, 81'ORTTNO.? ALL THE CHOICE BRIKDS OF DOO.i for sale tin for aloek ; king Charles spaniels ale* bslm*. grey bounds, m^mmolh Newfounifland, Sooteh and En^'llsb terriers, Ssots.i and i-jigllsh shepherd Jogs sporting ?!<?? eto , at *>i Wawr * treet I'leaee eopy the eddree*. N. B ? A ctrtaia t ir* fer as<uge, i<) peuta hi Mte. TKNAJkTS' RfiUMTBR. A BOUSE TO LMT? WITH ALL TUB HODH iN 1M provcmenta, be tk? vitinlty of I'utl itowt. Tto furniture will be told at a iHr:lci, u the peraoM m leav'ng the city. The fumture la rosewood, of ?M fry btit quality, ud wiTiMn la in iibm the tint ef M?y. Adereea a not* to E. B., Ilerala office, etetlng where as interview can b? had . A FURNISHED HOUSE T?*1.ET? OONSlKriNG OF ten rooms, at teg Canal atreet; gea baa lately been put in tbe heu<te. Inquire of JOHN H, BUKLEY, 200 Hoc son ltr?rt APARTMKKTP TO LET? IN A MOD.UIN BUILT biick bocj?. In oca of tba moat healthy parta of toulb Brooklyn. Id a resectable ranally, without chlJ drtn. S?oen4 floor consists of four rooms; third floor, five rooaaa. Reot i?od?r?te, together or sep-trate. Ad d/tea box 8,773 Pout Office, New York. Broadway billiard saloon to let ? two spacioua baaetueata, at 885 Broadway, opp-vite the Coilamore Hotel, adjoining and tba Preaoott House. The loeatien and premise* are unaurpaaaed for billiard aaloon, bowling alleys, or hhooUng gallery. HOUSE TO LET ? WIST OF AND NEAR 9ROADWAY, below Eighth ttreet, suitable for a small family, containing six rooma, w in gas, Croton water, ran|e, &e. K?nt until vlay, $3'26. Carpets, Ac , in nioe or-ter, amounting to $40, unit he purcaased. I'oasesalaa im mediately. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Briedway. JADIES' SHOEMAKER, OR GENTLEMEN'S FURNISH i ing store ? A store, particularly wall aituated ior either of the above businesses, to be let? tent 13(0 par annum. Apply at 125 Atlantic street, Broody*. PART OF A HOUSE TO LET? AT 18 TROY STREET, near Abingdon square. Board, if required, in ferences exchanged. Partly furnished house at cli?tom, a* a us island, to let, within tea mioa'ee' walk of Tea dtrbllt's landing. The (founds ate well enaeaed and beau tifully ibaded. TTerms moderate. Innvlte itl S. 1WWM residing en the premises, at af MB. CllJBriR FLOWJBR 71 Broadway, up stairs. PARTLY FURNISHED HOUSE AT CLIFTON, 8TATEN Island, t? let, within ten minutaa' walk of V&ader oilt'a landing. The grounds are wall arranged and beau tifully ahaued. Ttrma moderate. Inquire of R. 8 Howls, reiiding on the promt-en, or of Mr. CHlC-iTER FLOWER, 71 Broadway, up stairs. SINGLE ROOMS AND 8UITE8 OF Al'ARTMENFS, UN furnished, for gentlemen, and amall families of grown persona, will be let, at very moderate priced, la tbe genteel dwelling house northweet corner of Broad way anti Thirty- flrat street; vary good location, and oon vtiiitnt to cars and stags a; breakfast and room* attend ed, If denned; bathe ana other conveniences m tbe h?iue. None but most respectable persona need apply. Admira ble iocat on for a dentiat or dancing scuool SI Weat Thirty first atrcet, ccruer of Broadway. TO IET? THE 1IIHEE STORY HOUSE. 89 KING street. Iuquirs of W. CLAKEY, 24 Hiiumersley street, for one wtek. TO LIT? TWO HOUSES, JUST FINISHING; 13 BY 40, with all the modern improvement; Noa 109 j and 111 West Twenty-fourth street, between Sixth an; Seventh avenues. Apply to M. WILSON, eor. tVUiodt at. and Broadway, GiHry Buildinga. fO LET-TWO THREE 8 TORT BROWN 8 TONE front English basement honaes, with all ths modern improvements, in Tweoty-llrst strest, between Filth asd Sixth avenues. Apply to ALEXANDER W'EC&BECKBK, SI Liberty strest. TO IET? A SMALT,, SNUG HOUSE, LATELY RK painted and repaired, now ia prime order, in Bat ter dtitet. South Brooklyn; rent moderate. Inquire at 85, next door. TO LET-8100ND FLflOR OF HOUSE 69 WHT NIN& teenth street, near Sixth avenue, anitabie for a gentleman and wife and small family. Gas and water. Family consists of threo grown persona. rr?0 IET? A VERY HANDSOME SUIT OF FIVE X rooma, with basement; tbo rooms are on the first Door, in elegant order, gas and fixtures, wati>r and water closet, and have a sepante frontdoor entrance: k>o? tlon good ; rent $25 a month. Apply to E. B K1NSIII MER, 319 Fourth avenue, from 8 to 10 and 3 to 7. T.O LET? A VERY DESIRABLE DWELLING PART OF a bouse on Fourth avenue, cons'ating of twelve room*; gas, bath, &e.; rooms newly palnteu and iu fine otdtr. Rent very moderate. A'so, a four story house on I'rlnce r.treet. rtenl $800. Inquire of E. 11. EIN SHIMEK, 319 Fourth avtnue, from 8 to 10 and 3 to 7. TO IET-A FURNISHED HOUSE, IN A QUIET, pleasant looation, tan rooma, elegantly famished, west of Broadway, and near Canal atreet. Inquire ai Thayer's oyster and dining aaleon, No. 4 Sullivan atreet, two doora from Canal. TO LET? RENT LOW -A VERY DESIRABLE C0UN try residence, attuated on Bergen Heighta, N. J., 1 ;j miles Iron Jersey City ferry ? a neat two story C.otliic cottsge, seven rooma, with stable, kt , in perfect ordtr. Ibe hcuse was newly furnished about twelve months iince. the furniture of which will be sold Ttrma locderate. Stages pass within a few yards of tbe plea* evtry flfi?eep|minntes, to and from the eity. Fare, 8>? c?nts. For salubrity, and as a cool retreat for tae sum mer season, it ia unsurpassed. Possession given Imxe dlatelT, if required. Apply to R. RINGS LAND, 110 Cbamb?rs street. TO Lirr-A SI.80ND FLOOR, EN WOOSTER STREET, containing 2,700 aqnare feet, for a manufacturing business; also, two floors in a rear bullclnf, lfl by 2A each, for light manufacturing purposes. Apply to MAJOR THOMPS'JN * CO., 28 Wooatsr atraet TO I.ET? TO HOT' THINNERS OR OTHERS, A FLOtR conpihting of flvH rooma, togrther or aeparate, with gas and Croton, furnished, with uae ol piano, or unfur olabed, Forsesaion Immediately. The house ia Terr pleaiantly aituated, 772 Greenwich atreet, corner of Bank, near Abingdon square, where earn and atagea a: i- continually passing. TO LET? HOUSE NO. 6 VAR1CK STREET; THREE rcomn en one floor, in a houae wltb two fumllke, tent 910 per month, to let in Wllliamaburg. near tM fury. Haa gmfe and marble manUen. Rent $1)0. Apply to 8 C. SMITH, 16 Ifott a treat. TO RENT? THE THREE STORY BRICK DWELLLV8 boaee, '207 Henry atreet, Brooklyn, and furniture for HkU at a moderate price. Rent 9660 per annum Apply on the premiaea, or to CUAs. T. CURTIS, 36 Urovl. way, New York. TO RENT? FOR *300, TILL 1ST MAY RKXT. THE three ?tory and baaemeat ferict hou?a, N? 109 W. lorly fifth atitet, between Sixth and Seventh avenuee It liai all the modern improvement*. Apply to G. H WlJgua, at the bar, baaement of Clifford Hm-te, Park place. riX> LET, TOR SALE, OR EXCHANGE.? I hare now X and a! way a do hare on hand, a Urge amount of bouaet, lota and farm* In deeirable tocU ona. If you desire eoch, call at my office, 808 Broadway, n?xt Grace chur:h, where yoa will be anlted without doubt. R. D. GOOD YIN. THE WEST HOBOKEN HOTEL TO LR?.? PO^EfelON given Immediately. Apply to Mr. Henri Courvo>at?r, rear of 30 Cortlasdt i'ri?t or to Mr*. Conrroiiiar, far cierly Mre J-allerinant, Went llotjokes. The elegant store sot.? Broadway, to leaee --Heavy pl?> gin aa win<!ow aud doar, silver p'ated aaub, Ac. , aulcxbie for a Hght elegant buainoM; od? of tbe Vat location* on the atreet. Apply at EVEri LL14/S, S02 Broadw*y. TO HOU SKK EEPRR > ?A LADY II A VINO T.IK wholo or npper part of her hou?e to let, w.ahea t > lft it to a ludy aa a bo&roinx hoaa?, on eaiy terma Her family nrd fnenda, about eight or ten praooa, will r? oulra plain board only For further ptrticnlara, apply t<> Mre K. Douglas, 31 Careen atreet, or to John Oulyer, 231 lhompaon atreet. 1IOIIREI, ROOMS, AC., WAITED. HOUSK~~WAN TED IMMEDIATELY ?A PKKM ASEV T tenant can be had for a email house. situated In tlna city, or within five mile a of the city. New .lerney pr*lemd. Rent (160 to *260. Anawara that ftate, lo cation, &c , will r.icelve flrat attention. R. TOITEN, 196 Broadway, room, No 7. House wanted? wherk the rent would be taken in board murt be in .1 good loiatioo, gaa IM b?th Indiep.cnablr. A hoc ad'lre<aed to Teniot, Union dqnare Poet Office, will meat with prompt atten ticn. Referent ee exchanged. WANTED TO RENT? A THREE OR FOUR STORY baeement house. weat of way, below Tenth atreet. AdOreaaP., box 1,749 Poat Ofllce, atating losation and terma. WANTID? A SMALL, GENTEEL nOUS?, OR l'ART ot a bonae. Addreea, with terma, Ac., As , J . H , box 2 M4 Poet Offica. WANTED? T< l Pl'RCH AHK, A GOOD SECOND HAND a tram engine, of an or eight hor,e power, with or without holler Any peraon having ?urh fer *a'e Ma bear of a caah ruatomir by applyiug to or addxeaauig A. MeEemie, 241 Math avenue. CLOTHING, AC. CLOTHING. ? LADIE3 OR SCNTLEMEN, HAVING any to dlapeae of, ran gat a fair caah pri*?, by aending to the atoree, No. 12 iaureae atreet, near Canal, or 62 Weat rtroadway , or fey letter poet paid. Ladiea at tendedVbj Mrs. Oohon. H. COHEN. C1AST OFF CLOTHING OP EVERY DlWCRIPnoM ) wantfc.1? Tho highest price given, anil caah paid in current mouey. Gentlemen wlehing to dtapoee of e'oth ing, of a good qnalitv, for a liberal raah eoelvalent, are re(|aeated toeUI on or addraee JAMEi MOKONEY, 11 Baxter atraet (U?e Orange atreet ) CU-OIHI SO AND FURNI TUOi TvaNTICI) ? LADIKS t and gentlemen having any to (tiapoen or oao re-?i?-e a fair caah price br aending to M. S. COHKX. 61 Mm atreet, or 101 Cbatnam . N. B. ? i?<iiea attended lo by Mra. (ohen, F- I RNITt RK AND_CLOmiN? W A STI'D. ? LAIMK* and gentlemen bavlng any to <!iapo<e of can rotciva a fair caah priea by aendir.g to 1 . M. DI'MELDORP, IS K m ?tra?t. N. B ?Ladle* attended to by Mra. Dae ?el dotp_

? A TRJiMOff I A I/. M~ ATRlMoinAL? A YOUNG GKNTI.EMAN IU> RRj to n^ake the acqaaimttn?* of a young lady, in view to matrimony. Ore of aome feoaineae capa-'ity pre ferre.1. Ileaae a ldreaa, for par^olare, J. C. Shalae (liatbftn aqaarc Poll cfTce. PRY POOPS, AC. tfjt A A AflA W0*fH or Dflfy mods.? we ?LUUiUuU iWl offer ttfta {and following gebndid ilrlynl jWw silks at 4m. 6d vortk 10*. Ui|iDi tbtmlHD illti, 3i. <d 14 7s. M*gni0oeni keglisb |? do cot*, 2e. M ... " 6e. (id. " Hege >1 only coo " a*. 41a(kim it M " Is. M. Drapery at Is " is. Ad excellent assortment of ttnens and other materia* tor boys' ??!. DOMESTIC GOODS, retailed at wholesale pi??*?. HOUSEHOLD GOODS, Quilts, table cloths, tineas, diapers, napkins, Sc., at vary law prices. OK A PE SHtWLS, at *10, worth 120. And lots af other bargains, at THE BOW SKY SAVINGS STORK, 13d Bowery. F.W. * W. W. GHABT. (25 (? / :nA WORTH er BIOS LkCE GOODS NpOtUvU Belling off at a tnwatdu saeridee, consisting of a largs tot of nek HoaKoa sots oompisse at (? 60; collars fa* ?1; ooliarsta, eapes borthes, bead dresses, peeaet handkerchiefs, infanta' dresses, eapa, trimming taea, Ac. The a'. Uatioa of ladles is partiou tolly snked to thlo stock of goods, as suck an opportuai ty say not again occur to secure the neweet and most fa> biooaMe goods In this eity for one half theoost at leer. Lase altered to any shape or style. CiftBCB'i toco manufactory, 690 Broadway, opposite the Metro l?IHaa Hotel. BOLPIN'S MANT1IXAS. SiniiXAH SSUXSO OFF, F&OM 40 to 60 per cent below regular prices. Tie entire stock must positively be cleared oat BEFORE 1HE 16TH OK JULY, in cmsequtnee of Ml I'KNBIVK ilTBUTIO^S, which wlD cause a partial and temporal? closing ef the tiful black silk m jtl.'ilas at 94 and 10 eaoh, and an the lUCVKR OOODS PHOrORTIOHATCT.T LOW. GEORGE BUlJ'iN, Parts Mantilla Emporium, 3dl Broadway, Clearing our bummer goods. TRACY, IR?VLN & CO., Offer for sale, cheap, the balance of their stoek of FrensJa muslins, Organ-lies, bareges, grenadines, ging hams, Ju. 234 and 235 Broadway. CHEAP SIMMER GOODS.? 2,600 yards of barege oe la'nes, at 10 cento; 2,204 yarcs of lawn at Is.; printed bareges, Is. #?!.; mbons at all prices ; an immense assortment of embroideries, cheaper then e?-r, and other goods equally low, a* the sicck is being cleared out to make room for alt&rutionx IE BOUHLUKR BKOrUEKS, no Canal street, lour doors from Hroxdway. DRESS CAPS. ? MRB. A. T. JAMES, FORMERLY OT E. B Newman'!. T'A Broadway, has aow open s handsome assortment or ladies' dress aad soft caps, head dresses, 4 o ; alto, a variety of desirable styles ot mourntaf collars and sleeves, chemirettes, oapes, to , at llSlileeoios street, tbiid block west ef Broadway. French bareges? from AUcrtoN, at .1*. per yard, wiU be opened on Monday, July 24. A. T. STEWART & CO., Broadway, Chambers, sod Reads stisets. MATriNG? ONE SHILLING PER YARD; 300 PIEUEK 4-4 chssk, and Brussels matting at one shilUng per yard. Sold on account ot the season so far advanced, at W. 8. BOND'S dry goods store, 108 and 110 Sixth av. "VT OtlCE ? TO THE LADIES.? THE ENURE StOJKOf French embroideries, consisting of sets, eoUws, tleves, morning rebes, Swiss and cambric ban Is, black and white lace shawls, laoe eaps; gentlemen's Mnsn cembric handkerchiefs, &c., 4c , will be offered from this date until the 16th August at eoet price, for Mis purpose of making room for new face goods at that time. MADBEN & STEWART, 043 Broadway, two doors above Becker street. SIMMER FRENCH WOVE CORSETS ? MRS. GAYNOS has jn<tt received another importation of her cele brated French wore cornets, manufactured at Lyons expressly for her, of a very light eontille and beauti fully adapted for summer wear, only weighing from four to fire ounces each corset. Her pri-es are only balf usually charged, while for ease and eleftnse In fit ting her French wove corsets are confessedly unsur passed. GAYNOR, importer, 46 Third arsnue, near Tenth street. BROOK'S SILK COTTOS-FO* HAND AMD MA ektae sewing, superior to aay thread in she world, wewad on too, M0 and 600 yard spools? white. Meek aad aU solors, from Mo. 8 to lfo tOO. Aay umber, eolor and length for sale at WB?LU A WILSON'S sewing sea shiae depot. MS Broadway. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC. A GENTLEMAN HAVING LEFT TOR EUROPE, IS des*rous of selling n superior pair of b\y horsee, sixteen hands high, kind and fast, suitable for any one desiring a good stylish pair of horses They can bs seen and tried npan application to Mr. BEATT1E, 70 Nasstu strict. For sale-a bay horse, fifteen hand-! three inches high, eight years old, warranted kind in all harness; will trot a mile is three and a half minutes; just frem the country. Can be seen for one day, at REED k TRUESDELL'8 stahfee, 174 Meroer street, be tween the hours of 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. For sale? a splendid gray mare full fif teen hands high, six rears old, sound and kind in all harness, very gentle and well broken; would salt a carriage or wagon o' any kind. Also a net or goo-1 wagoa harness. Inquire at 107 West Twenty seventh strost For sale? a bay bouse, totf-en hand- high four vara old. *onnd Ml kind in hiruu; wili trot a mil* in liti minutaa jnat from Orange eoaoty. Can b* ltd at RKED * TRUESDKLL'S atabloi, 174 Mer ecr *tro*t, between the hour* of 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. , for cn? day. FOR RAIJ6? A SPLENDID BAT HORSE, 8 YEAR" old, a fla* traveller. aouni and kind; (alj only for want of uh. Alio, a light baggy and hariRBk, aoarl; Mf. Apply to H. D. BEACH, 334 Wa?h!ngtoa ilrctt, FOR BALE? a PONT, FOUR TEARS OLD, THTR ! t*?n bandi high, toand and kind in harnn** a>. 1 tuidor U>* caddie. Apply at the itaM? In Third (tr4*t, feat itabl* from th* Bowery, from 7 A. M to 6 P. M FiR 8ALE? A VERY FINE PAIR OF MATCHED bcreea, a*ven year* ota, perfectly * an art, gentle aa<l kind. Can be teen at tbe itabU, rear ot No. 23 VVeel ( Twoatyeecoad (treat. PR PALE-A FINE LARGE FAMILY HOR-iE, 16 baui1 a blgh, dark bay, long tail. perf-otly gentle and roond. Can be ***:? at Eldert'c livery atihle, No 4 Caat Twenty- eighth atreet, near Fifth avenu*. FR SAI.F? A BAT HORSE SIX TEARS OLD, 16 bandi h.'irh, nounJ and kind In baron*", and a line aMidle hoi >e Will be sold cheap by applying at I'konip ion's (table, 110 E 13th it. 1^011 PAIJ'" ? Trt'O BROWN MARES, SIX TEAR? OLD, ; 15 tiasda h gh, cuperior ityle and astijo; faat trotter*. ( ne of them can trot In 2 m 60 a. Warranted Bound and kind ia barneaa andnaddle. The*e borae* are well broken and p'oapt driver*. euluble for any genUu m<n. Apply at 100 Molbeiry itre?t. I^OR BALE? A GRaT MARE. WAGON AND HVIi " neaa. Mare 16^ hmda high, ail yean old, eplon did etyle, warranted aound; milting "top wagon, bat little uaed. Will be Hold low for canto. Apply to G''0. W, FARLEY, corner o( Market and Cnerr y etrvet*. HOR-EF ? CARRIAGES, OR WORKING OATn.E wanted in ezchanxe, iu part payment, for a four atory brick (tor* and daeUiop, 2i x 60, on lei** lot 23 s 1(0, No 210 Third aTenue; |>oaaea* on im(a?diatelj , 21 venn' unexpired leaae. Inquire cf JtJ'KPH DAVl *0N, Hanover bank builllng, corner of William and l'earl atreet*, from 11 A. M. to 2 P. ?. HORSES FOR SALE OR TO HIRE FOR THR SUM m?r? Wanted to litre for the aammar, a p*<r of bay horae; a!ao a coachman. Apply thi* day at th* atable, rear of tbe borne corner cf Nineteenth atreet and HfUi avenue, where thrjr can be Men. Morgan horse? a vert superior morgan hone, *ls y*ar? old, perfectly sound, a very floe (amily borne; trice $200. Alao, m (uperiir ill* aaddl*, eiegantly Aniibed, naed but a few tiro;*, with bridle, cover, (it., very cheap, Apply at 21 Boarum atioet, Brooklyn. ONE HOR?E CARRIAGE OR ROCKAWAT FOR SALE? tieod *tylo and la order, *tro*g a* new, very low. Uqwire at 88 Canal atraet, corner of Gteeoe. WABTED? A LIGHT BUOGT WAGON, IN PART pavment for a (mall farm of 10 aoran, good loiin (Oil, and ? fine building dte, .18 m lea from Brooklyn, on ribng lalaad. Inquire of A. M. BURR, 167 Broadway. iiZLlARDB. 4 N IMMENSE PILUARD BED? NO HUMBUG? MUST J\_ be tried to be believed Don't parobae* before Uylag thU, at No. 8 Ana, or 110 Fulton (tract. Tablea, cloth*, rue*, point*, ke , for *al*. Stria ger* are ia vited to try them, for curio*lty. They are a* heavily backtd ** the boat *var Mad*. ?fill I.IARTW ? WE HAVE A SPLENDID STOCK Of 11 billiard taMoe, wtth ilaM, mark)* or wooden bod*, aoltabt* for prlwato or pnbHe a**; alao, ball*, cue*, olotb*, me was, la foot every article la tbo lino, 10 por e*at cheaper than anv eatabl'ahiooot la th* Uaitod Bute*. LEONARD k HF.RGAMKN, 832 Broadway. Bn.tJARD laBLE**? WE OFFER FOR BAIJC A (tper or *tock of tablae, with tar newly lnventeJ cnehlora of anperior elasticity, ant proconn**d to be th* only correct cnahloa* now la uao. Cloth*, ball*, and other tnmm'n*a for (*)e at tb* lowaat caah prlc^a. GRIFFITH k DH;KER, W? Ann (troet. Billiard tabijx for pai.e? a good sktond band taMe, email aire, with everything complete. Poltable for a private houae. *111 be ml4 low. Apply at 41 Ann atrtct, wbcro it may b* teen. POUTICAU DKMOCHATIC REPUBLICAN GENERAL OOMMirrER. A r>(nUr meeting of thia rommittae will behrU at Xamm?>y H >il, <n Tburnlay evening, July 6th, at ?wht o'ciook. Tour cun-tuai attond?nce I* reqneatel. * ROBERT XSU Y, Ckairwaa. J>mm L B*S'?J^T| \ ^,rrft?r(ea. AumOuKMM J BOASOKKQ AMD LODGING. f* AO BROADWAY ?BUM ANT CITS Or NE*LY O4o papered and painteo front and rsar roomi, (er f*?n'l??e, whh full board; alee, to* or two rowii, (or tingle g> ntiemen. linn has all mo 'era Improve moo'*. Transient board era aieoannodateJ. COO AND 624 bBCADWAY, NEAR THE M'TSO pobtan and Smith* onian Hotel*. Kirs', o'.taa acc? mmodstion* for permanent and trannimt b i&rder*. Term* reasonable. m FRANKLIN STREET, TWO DOORS FROM HUD ?on ?tr?et ? S?i*ct boarding.? FurnUhed room* for gentlemen and tb?ir wire*, $7 to 90; for ala lia ten'.Umen, >4 to St. Two gentlemen caa bar* a fur nished front roan for It each par nwth. 1 f\ ?* BLKBOKKR STRUT, NKAK GREKNE ? A LAKGK 1UO ferninbed room and bedrooms' on aeeead or third tern, with panto lee, elosets, *4 , to let, to "single natlemeu, in a respectable private Preneh family; the Boat* la provided with *r?rj naw improvement, j?i, bath, ke. Bi oak fast If required. TWELFTH STREET, ON THE SECOND BLOCK JO from Broadway, a gantlaman and wife, or aiaglo g?ntiem?n, can be aroommodaUd with ? ple*#ant room on the second i tory, containing hot an 1 coll w*t?r, wl'.b bath room adjoining. Tbe nouie is handsomely fur nfsbed, and contain* all tha mcd?rn Imprnveaeate Dinner from 6 to 6. No. 99 Twelfth at., between ild and 4th avennee. WA FRANKLIN STREET, FIRST HOUSE WMT OF I \ ' Broadway? anitea, (breakfast aerved 1/ requred) k<ngle aud double rooma on tbe first and seconl H >or, B*a'h furnmhed; n good location (or n phfslcUu. To et lor a short period if required; cleanliness strictly o'? t trr*f. Inquire a* above. ? EAST FIFTEENTH STREET, BETAKEN IRVING 0 V place and Fourth areoue. ? Suits o( rooms for (* mill** or single gentlemen Hoatheroere will find thid an agreeable residenoe during the summer season. QO NINTH STREET.? GENTLEMEN AND TIIEIR OilJ wives, or single gentlemen, can be hanisomily acoommoaated with rooma, delightlully aitueted, in a new house with al> the modern improvement* Apply ae above. References exchanged. C)l* AMITY PLACE, ONE DOOR FROM BCERCKB'A Zl) strtet. a litUewest of Broadway.? Elegantly lur ui.vheu parlors and separate bedrooms, with or w.tUout partial board. The houee has nil the mo3eru improve ments. Summer vMteee will lind it convenient and agreeable. A private m?r would let to a gentle man and wife, or two gentlen.i>n, a plaasant room, in a bouse with modern improvements, with full or par tial beard. Terms moderate. Inquire at 166 West Nine teenth street, near Klgktb avonne. \ VKKY SUPERIOR AND ELEOANILY FURNISHED pailor and bedroom, with or without boa-d, to let, on Broadway, near the St. Nicholas and Metropoli tan Hot* 1s; teims very iow; nominal charges will vj repted ratter than keep tue premites unoooupied. Ad diehs A, M f., Beralc office. A LL PB'RSONS WISHING BOARD OR BOARDER} A will Hod my office the SUMOt add most sat s fac tory metbod of finding either. Boarders are politely di rected. free of charge, to all parts of tbe city or coantry. Office 806 Broadway, next t? Grace oburoh. N. 3 ?Not connected with any petty office. R. D. GOODWIN. A FEW SELECT BOARDERS MAY OBTAIN ROOMS, furnished or unfurnished, with or witnout board) with a private femily, m a new brown stone houie, con Apply at No. 14 1 a Secon' - - - nues. References exchanged. A YOUNG LADY IS DE31ROU3 OF OBTAINING board in n respectable private family, to'-atel con venient to Beeksaan street or Nassau street Apply this wctk at 78 Henry street. A FAMILY OF TWO PKR80N3 HAVING A LARGE bouse, would be (lad to take one or two single gentlemen to bourd. Tbe bonne is pleasant, with all the modern conveniences, and no other boarder* will be taken. A man wanting n quiet bome will Had it by addressing M., Broadway Post Offieo. Best references must bo given. A GENTLEMAN AND LtDY, OR TWO SINGLE GEN J\_ tlemen, oan be nioaly aceoramolated with a fur nished room and board at 134 Tnompion street. Reference exchanged. A LADY CAN HAVE A FURNISHED ROOM, WITH or without board, In a small family, at 66 Watts street, two doors from the corner of Canal and Hudson at r. els. 4 Sri?NDlI) FURNISHED PARLOR, WITd ONE OR /% two bedrooms attached, to iet to one or two sln gle gentlemen, In n private house, with all the molern improvements; also, a single room. Inquire at MPilnce street, n few doors west of Broadway. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING IN A NEAT fi cottage bouse, in the upper p*rt of tbe elty, con taining every ootvenienee. would like to take a lady an J gentleman; board (or the lady. Please address Cottage, Herald office, (or three days. A WELL FURNISHED SUIT OF ROOMS ON THE flnt floor of n privatebouse to let to oae or two gentlemen, with breakfast if required. House deoirably ocsted uoar Union square. Family very small. Apply at 21 Irving place. talcing all tbe modern Improvements. Apply at No. East 'thirteenth street, between Second and Ta'rd are Aback parlor and rx pension room to let, 10 gentlemen. Ic U neatly an4 elegantly furnsh ?d. r nd la in the moat central location. Apply at 89 Pr:i co street, near the Metropolitan Hotel. Modern 1m provmienta. Board? to lot to one or two sinulk ge? Utmia, a room, with partial board, with the um of bath. Enquire at No. 140 Spring *t Board-near st. jobn-s park, in a family who have more room than required. ? Second aWry room, with pantrv and wardrobe*, and other rcoma, comfortably turniahed for a gentleman and wife without children, or for gentlemen. Bath and pi. key to the Park. Reference* exchanged. Apply ait 18 Va rlck ft net. Board.? a young widow lady will let a new and richly furnished back parlur and exten sion room to ooe or two Dingle gentlemen, or a gentle man abd bia wife, with or without parMtl board. Toe bouie la delightfully located, wita gaa, hit ar.i cold hatha. The family conalat of three grown peraina, and do other toardera will be tak<n. 0*1' at U'J A'eit forty - tilth atrret, between Bowery and S xth avenue. BOARD-AT A COUNTRY SEAT, fcN THE EAST r.n r. A private family, occupying a 'arpe 'iOu?, with extensive la?n, vegetable garden and bath h >ua- ; with to take a family of grown perecna, an i two or thrse gtnt'xaaen to board for tne auiumer and fall. Carri-tg* ? nd Ftah'o rcom if deeb-ed; aseeaa t ? the city evary live oiinoVa tij Se o of, Third aad fourth Avenui- cars. A V dreaa, "Country Seat," Union square Po?t Office. BOATtD ? A PRIVATE FAMILY IIAVtNO MORE ROOM ch?n they require, can accommodate a .few gentle nun with partial board at 58S xth atreet, between First aid Seeind avennaa. Board iown town? two or three gentle rr r.n can be accommodated wi'h board at 172 f'u'oo ureet, ne?r Hudaen oppoalte Duane atreet yul Board in Brooklyn? ham>somfly fcrnhh td apartments, with partial board, to let, in a pri *at? fan lly, within live minntea' wik of I'alton ferry. Apply M 44 High atieet. Terma moderate. I)0AB1) ON BROOKLYN HEIGHTS? A FEW SINGLE > gtnt'tmn or a gentleman and h<a wife, can Had pl?a>ant rooma. wi.h rail or partial hoard. In one of the mosth*al'hy ind retired location* in the elty, by ap ply lag at 129 Columbia street be* ween Pisrrepoot anil Curk, A few minntea' wale fr.?m the Wall atreet "? Falter ferrlee. References excharged. B^?au)7n eorni Brooklyn ? ilh as ant front lO'.ica ean be 'bad In a first claai houae, in a do i ghtfol location, ?nl within a few minutes' wait of tlit ?ou'li or Wall atreet ferrlee Tetina moderate. Apply ac 46 Ccngresi atreet, aecond door below Henry atreet. Board in the country a few select boird are will be received at a pleasant maoa'on on thi banka of the Hudaon mer, within a few minu'ea' wa>I. of a railroad depot, and about three houra frotn the city ; looma large aid airy, tbe beat of water, convenience* for bathing, and all otter luxurlea ef tbe country or citv which may be required. For particolara, teat* la politely given to refer to WM. A JENNINGS, K*i , 24 Cortlandt afreet. Board in the < oontry--or part of a fur nlabed bouae to let, with privilege of ooo>lng T ?? cation healthy, ernventent to bathing*anl eaay of a. reas on tbe ebore In Mew Brighton, near a I in. I in/ Addreta, with foil name and particular*, box 3,092 Post OBee Board want?cd? in thr country, wiier"? there le ge d aea bathing, for three or four grown peraoaa, within two boure' ride o' the city. Addreea H Anderaon, 116 Naaaan atreet, room 12, with terma, fc :. Board wanted? by two girls, sisters, in acme reapectable lrlah family; referencea eicli tng rd. Addreis A. B. C., Herald office, atatlng terma, loca tion, Ac. Bo\rd wantfd? on btatfn inland, for a lady nnd rbtld, ( 8 >a jeara old,) In a plain farm toure, and wh*re tbe -om'orta of a home can be en jojed AddrciaA T. J. R., Herald offio*. BOARDINO.? TO LET, HANDSOMELY FURNISHED rooms in houae No ,7fi Gre?oe atreet, to gentleman and ladiea; full board for the ladiea only, and partial for the gmt)?>Rien, if required. Alao one unfurnished pir lor. to two atngle gentlemen, or a gentleman and lady Bathe, gaa, ke In tbe houae. Boarding at 94 warren street - pleasant airy rooms to let, with full or partial boar), to g'ntlem* n, er gentlemen and their wlveo. A vacancy for two ladle* wbo work out of the houae. Day bo&rdera accommodated. I'rfoea moderate. BOARDLtO in brook i.yn.? good board and plaaaant reoma for gentlemen and tbrir wlvea, at ?<*> r>o, or ?l?gl* gmtlemen at ?n ; one hall bodrojm at $1 60. Licatlon goo<l, and near the Fulton or Wall atreet ferilea. Apply at At Henry atreet, Biooklyn. f t CARDING IN HR<>OKLY? . ? TO LET, T*0 LAME f > well furnl'bed re ms with oloaeta and be lroem* If dealr'd, in one of the beat locationa in Brooklyn, b? tween the Wall atit-t and Atlantie teniee. Afy / at ^ Clinton a(t?et. ?v?jiu?im tjrm um>oi to, Country hoard wanocd-for'a familyof l?ur (IIKDi, n s private Nrolly or beard twfl bMn. within t so bear* of <m city lhrse cr two large roems will be required for about thr?e month*. G*gd stake fare wijl ?sHice, prcvidedevtrj thing is thf. Addreet 0. & B., Uerak offi ??. ClOUNrRY BO?RD ? A FEW FAMILIES CAN BR AC ) commodate 1 w.'h plsasant furnished rooms, it tbc Park lltose Orsnpe, N. J., tlfty minutes from N?? York by railroad, *<z traics per da j. Par particulars apply oa tbe prsniser, or at 61 Maidsn lane. COCNTRY BO tRD- WANTED, BY A GCNTLEMAK and bia wi'e, hoard for tba summer, fat a private fa? ily , about one taour'a rid a frem tbe elty, by either nii read or iteamboat: en the tea (bore pre'erred. Ad ertaa. staMog location and terms, II. B. SI., Bread war Port Office. French board.-gentiehen who wish to learn French by practice, car apply to a teacher of Freaab, No. 239 Tenth a reet np- r Seaoud aTenaa. Tbia lantuage only la spoken by his fa?ni!y, who, at wall a? blmrelf, are from Pari*. Tbe terms wnl include all tbe ntceseary instruction and b.nrd. F'RNISHKD ROOMS? WITH OR WITHOUr BOARO, id one of the ronWut locai ions in tb? aity. Two largt room* connected by folding icrt; will bt let separately or together, and two d?)iud sia-dro"in* on third door. Inquire at 088 Hudson street, two doors from Four Utnth street, or acdreia A. C., Herald office. Furnished rooms to let? for single gen tle meu, with or without board? full or partial ; also, rooms I or a lady ud gentleman, furnished or unfur niihed. No. 30 Howard street, two doors from Broad - wy FCRMSHED ROOM TO lit? TO A SINGLE GENrLE man, at 23 City Hall p'ace; rent $9 p'T month. References exchanged. HOBOKEN ?ROOMS, FURNISHED AND UNfTTNHH" ad, with breakfast and tea, In a spacioas and wefl finished bouse, lighted with ?aa thmagbout. For particular* inquire at 2C4 Washington otreat, Hobokon. /"\NE BirrlNO ROOM AND ON'E BEDROOM. TOGETH V/ er or separate, furnished or nnfnrnisbea, to let, la a French family, with er without hoard. Apply at 26 Ijspenard street. OTFANGEKS AND OTHKKS VISITING THE CITY WILL O find desirable suites of rooms, also slegle rooms, ? ' h foil or parcel to-rd, by applying at No. 12 Neilaon place, one door bslow Eighth street, opposite Dr. Pren tice's church; tbe fcou-e has all the modern Improve ?tents. l>rina moderate. STAT KN ISLAND? TWO SITTING AND TWO OR three bedr:om?. neatly f urn shed, will be let to a amad respectable Mni'ly of two or thrse persons, or single rent'emen, wbootubave breakfast and tea furnished, if iequir>d. on ibe above island, within live minutes wait of Vender bilt'H landing in a detached private house, commanding a beautiful view of the bay and island. Salt water bathiig convenient. Terms, for room*, with out board, tlt>o ai.til 1st November. Address G. A., Dei aid office. TO SOUTHERNERS AND OTHERS WISHING ROOMS, permintntly or transiently. ? Accommodations na surpasses for a. (ion l?man and his wife or a single gen t'eman, at v?ry moderate price, and where there are no boarders. Address Eugenie, Herald office. TWO NEATLY FURNISHED PARLORS, WirH FRENCH mahogany berstead in each ; bath room on the same floor; to let, with or without board. Apply at 47 Third street. Terma low. TO SOUTHERN (JENTLEMSN AND HDIEi? ELE gently furnished apartment* and r corns for gentle men and thtlr wives or tdogte gentlemen, in a first etnas private bonne, Apply at 379 Fourth street, near Broad way, or to BAI.E & CO, 196 Broadway. WITH OR WITHOU1 BOARD.? LARGE AND SMALL rooms, in suite or singly, ha-dsom- ly furnished, suitabla for a respectable family, or psrsona from the South. Bath, gas, Ao. One block from Broadway, op posite Eleventh et. 86 Fourth avenue. WANTED? BOARD. BY A LADY AND GENTLEMAN : board lor the lady only. Location must be op t'wn. Board paid in adv*n;o Addrea* Mr*. M. N., Union rqnare poet Office. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICES. (ftjOAA ?PARTNERS WANTED.-RARE CHANCES ?OUl/? are now offered for n few men that wish tu engage in businesses ibat pay large profits, and ar? continually increasing. Also, a partner wanted who can c itLmand S10,(0v, to join tbe subscriber in a cash business toat pays 100 per cent. Apply to CAMPBELL k PHILLIPS, 113 Chamoer* street. dh TO 1260? A PARTNER WANTED, A SINGLE vU man, ta join the advertiier in a corner grocery store, on account of giving up tb? liquor basi ns**. Apply at No. 136 West Seventeenth street. JOHN ALBERT. UQAA TO ?200.? WANTED, A PARTNER IN TBE P^u U muobetin of a medlciae that has UTtd thousands of lira*. If he Ittiood Mlunu and of Bo ra] ebaracttr, an independent fortune U the result. Thia operation la known sad command ? attention No other ma a la the world makes it and, to tort the fact, all you want to do is to call aad mo me at E. MeMahoa's, 176 Ctatfcam street, New Yolk, or 146 Fulton street. Brook lyn, rcom No 1. jh 1 A/\ TO $1(0.? WANTED, A MiN, THIS DAT, ?lUv to take entire charge of a legitimate eaah bu?ine?e A men of enterprise and a saleassan will stcure steady employment, and will be ikown that $4,000 per year wilt be the xaault. Apply to E. McMA HON, 176 Chatham etroet. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE.? THE SUBSCRIBERS bavng thie 30th day of Jane, 1855, entered Into partnership, ander the name aad ftrm of Da viae k Band*, end taken the buaineee and establishment of Charles Jsaklns, Noa. 22 and 24 Frankfort atreot are prepared to execute publisher's bookbinding, and to maaufartnrt book a lor the trade, anthore, aocietiei, lie. Wlf. CHARLES DA VIES, CHARMS ALFRED HANDS, The mbeerlber having resigned the abore buaineee to hie nephews, Wm. Ckailea Daviaa and Charlee Alfred Hands, recommtade them to the faeor of ale customers aad the trade. C3URLU JENKINS. DISSOLUTION OF COPARTNERSHIP PUBLIC NO tice ii htreby given, that the lias tod co- partner - ?hip heretofore eihting between the snbicribers. nnder the aane or film of r. 8. Bchleelager, ia thia day uis ?olved by lta own limitation. Ite concerns trill be liqui dated by F. B. Hebleslager. Signed, F 8. SCHLEMNGEK, General Partner. ADOLPH & P. CALL MEN, Special Partner. Hy A. Caxusr.-.. Attorney. New YuTk, June 80, 18$$. DISSOLUTION ?THE UNDERSIGNED HEREBY OIVK notice that the eo partnership heretofore existing uuder tb? t>hm? and firm of George Little A Oo., of New York, aid I'. A. Da: ley, fe Co., o fCaicago, III., U thia day direolttd by mutual eonaent. All cla ma against the above named firm, will be settled by George Little, 139 Ku'ton street. GEORGE LITTLE. New York, Jane 26, 186$. P. A. D AH EY Limited copartnership ? plblio notice ls hereby given th?t a limited copartnership has been termed by the uixterelgned, aader an 1 In puraoance of Ttt e 1, chapter IV , of the second part of the Revised Statutes of tie Mate of New York; thU the aasae or Arm utder which tbe eaid partnership ia to be eooductod Is P. 8. fchleatnuei A Andresen, that tl?e general na ture of tbe business intended to be transacted by tho ? aid ?srto?r?bip ia that of buying, importing, exporting and selling neichaodiee, and of baying, receiving ana eeU ng m- rcfo^niii. cn eommiaelon. Tn ?t tbe general partners fn'er*ste4 In the said partnership are Fraderiek R bcbleeiBger, whose place or residence ia the city of New York, and John Andretea, whoso place of retldwaee is the city ol Brontlya; an.1 that the epeaial partaer tn terest>d is A'iclph C. P. Calllsen, whose place of residence la Aiioca, in Bolateia; thai the said special partner int. eontnbnted to tne common stock of tbe said partnerabtp the turn of fifty tbousan 1 iollua of capital In cash; and that the said paneertbip la to co?meaee on tbe second nay of July, tn the year '1855. aad to ter ras, a e on th? lat day of July, in the year 186". Signed. V. B. HCHi ^INOfcR, J. ANDUESKN, ADOI.PH C P. CAU JSEN. By A. CiLum, Attorney. Now York, Jnly 2, 18.'>5. -J^OTICE.-IN ACCORDANCE WITH TH? CL1UBE4 Xl in the copartnership agreement of the Aral of tiulUeanma a Ki rn, tbe widow of ihv lata Frederick W Koia will represent his Interest therein, and the Arm came and buiinees thereof continue as heretofore. LION GU1LLEAUME, I' III -IMA MARIE KORN. NewfcYork, Jmly 2, 18$6, pART-ER W ANTED? WITH ABOUT T WO THOUSAND Jl dollars, in a profitable buiiness, whore ittle or no Sit sea are >u< taint d Any man with the above sum, wbo would five bis attention to the bns nese, would bo preferred. Ko' further particulars addrsae, by note, l ost pail, J. B. M , Herald office, where It will be at tended to. 1>AUTNRK WANTS D? WITH $1,COO TO $8,000, T> engage in a sa'e busineea. that will yle'd a fortune in a short time, Will have to go to California, take eharg-i f Baances, keep accounts, the care of haids Ac., Ac. Principals may address katarprlse, box 112 Herald sffisu, ad sppoiat a place of interview. PARTNER WAN WD ? OR FOR 8ALR, A RRSTAU rant. with long lsaee aad good will Doee aew a splendid business Apply at No. 211 Hroadway, in tbe basement. Tire copartnership exmtino bttween the subscribers Is Uis dsy dissolved by mntaal eon sent. Tbe business ot tbe late firm will M settled by Owea I'oremus, who is alone authorized te a*e the aasao of the Arm tn liquidation. OWKN DORKMU8, Oraage, N. J , June 33. 135$. H. A. AEEROYD. THE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING under tte bio ol Jobm Ii Cain, Is this i ay diseeleed by mntnal csasent The busiaees of tbe late lira will be settled br Mt??r?. Jonee A Little, wbo are alone aa tfcorued to use tbe name of the firm in liquidatioa. W. W. JONE*. New York. July i. 1>S? JAK? CAIN. The un< er?igred have this rfay formed a oo I un-ler tbe firm of Jones A little, aad will cOBUDue t*e elo'hieg busineee ss sa"neesors to Jones A Cain, at tke eld *taa t, No. 139 Pnltoa street. W. W J lHM. New York, July $, IMS CM0?0K UTT1.E.

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