Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 6, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 6, 1855 Page 5
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WSW YORK HERALD. 4AHG? O AoH BKMSBTT, PROPRIETOR AND EDITOR. fcyriCB N- w. COikHKR OF WAS8AU AMD FVLTON STB. Volume 185 AMU6EMRNTS TU13 K VEM LNU. BROADWAY THIATHI, Bro%dw?r ImiitM tmi'ii BOB Ko lack's WirB? 10?"?CTICI'T COl'BT?HI?. BOWERY THEATRE, Bow?ry? Thbbe Ovabdsmbr Whb tmaiMori TBBBiric lBAecuiAif -Thbbb Jack Sh?IPA?I)? MIBIO'S GARDIN, Broadway? Dauohtbh or Saist Inc. ?VMTON'S THMAT**, ChtnWi itTMt? ?i'?* ?V MOITOH fftBIRTI AWD U V A BP1AI??? M*B. UAllll. WOOD'S MINSTRELS ? Mteh?aio?' Ball? 473 Bro?d?r*j. CHINESE ASSEMBLY ROOMS. 88# Broadwaj? Pa.10 or Ei'Jiopk abd Sue* or SKBAaTOroa. StwTork, Friday, July 6, 1855. Th? Wews. Bj the arrival of the America at Halifax, and ?I the Hermann at this port, we have one week's later intelligence from Europe. The atl vices re aeived from the seat of war are of tte highest 1m pert an oe. In carrying oat, on the 18th, the operations against the Malakoff and Redan towers, to whijh the ?apt u re of the Mame'on and Whit? tower, already effected, were necersvy preliminary steps, the allied troops received a dreadful check. They were not Mly completely repulsed, bat a loss was inflicted ?yon them each as we only read of in pitched ba* ftfes ob a la'ge sole. Acoordiog to one state meat the British lost about four thousand of their beat troops, including General Campbell and apwarda ef seventy other cfficrrs. Maay will bs glad to karn that tbe officer hero specified Is not Ike chivalrous Scotsman, Sir Colin Ctmpbell, whose personal gallantry and immunity from dan ger in 10 many desperate engagements seemed to warrant the belief entertained by his soldiers that he bore a charmed lire. A great portion of the loss incurred by tie a.'liea Beems to have been occv atoned by the Rnc siacs springing a mint) ; and during tbe ocnfnsion caused by this event the ttamalon tower waa recaptured. Thus all the advantages gained by tbe farmer, in the previous operations ia this quarter, appear to have been lost in this last ?Mack. Another event contributed to tbe gloom wbi;h this disaster cast ever the public mind in Paris? B&irrely, the serious indisposition of the French Em peror. There were vaiicoB rumors afloat aa to t!ie ?ature of hia illness, seme journals attributing it t j aa apoplectic fit, and others to a violent bilious at tack, accompanied by colic. By tho latest accounts, hia recovery la announced. The French govern ment ia again in tbe market for a loin of ?20,000, M0 sterling. Layard's motion on administrative reform ba=i been negatived by an overwhelming majority in the Ecg iah House cf Commons, and a more palat able modiflcation of it, in Sir Edward Lytioa Bui war's amendment, aaopted. The old sore will be allowed to fester until popular discontent gets to a head and uproots tbe whole system of oorrapt and aalfieh influences to which the interests of tbe masses are sacrificed. Constructed as tho present Kngliah House of Commons la, with two-thirds of its members belonging to the aristocracy, no one expected that anything would come of this move ment. The p: ivileged classes in England, like tie old rubles st in France, will persiit in their errors an til the storm bursts suddenly upon them, and huies them beneath the debris of tbe rotten insti tatkms to which they so teuaoiously dug. Frcm aa article in the St. Petersburg Jturnul of the 12th of Jane, V, weald appear that the Rossl&n government oonsid;ra tbe renewal of the peace ne gotiations not only feasible but easy. With tbe ftolng that exists amongst a large party in Eng land in favor of accepting the terau offered by Rus aia, it seems like madness to ontinae a contest for which the belligerents on both sides exhibit such little inclination. The maaaacre at H&ngo of part of a boat's crew ha" longing to an English man-of-war and bs&Ttng a flag ?f truce ia one of those acts of aavage barbarity of wbioh we have unfortunately bat too many examples ?ven in the warfare of civilised nations. Toe details given in the English papers tarn oat to be exag gerated; bat however far they are in advance of the trntb, enough remains to sicken tae mind at aantemplation of such honors. The defence offered hy the Russian authorities for this violation of oue of the few immanities allowed in war is , that tbe Ooesack's boat was engaged in taking toundings, a? at Kertch, under cover of tbe flag of truss. It is stated In the Invalid* Ru*se toat six only of tbe crew were killed a id that the remainder are pri acaers. All tbe officers seem to ba amongst the latter. It will be seen by a despatch da'-ed .Juaa 8, from a British vessel ofl' Crocstadt, that Professor J v ?obi's submarine ba'teriea are likely to play ai Important part in the decease of the Biltij ports Two of the reconnoit ring vessel i of the combined squadrons, the Merlin and Firefly, were near being blown oat of the water by these Infernal nnchiue?. Osing to a mistake ia the jalculationa of the Has hi engineer a* to ttas time for firing them oil, ?nJy a alight damage wu Inflicted on the tiro vei Mia, the Merlin having all her crockery knocked into a cocked bat. The French Admiral and half a dtMi post captains were oj board of her, and mint have been rather scared bv thia unexpected and puzzling node of attack. The British government ahculd forthwith set Lird Dundoca'J to work to eaunte raise the Protestor. Ilia lordahlp under lahss wi'h oce of his fatminating balteriea to bloir C.-owrtadt itself f>ky higti. Trade in n general way was dull yen cr Ivy . ??y merchants who went to tha country to enjoy lb) Fcntth had not returned. O wicg to the cbirac. Hi of the foreign news, the cott.n market wm wrettled, and no sale* of momsut were repot te^. Common grades of floor were firmer, whila the htoker qualities were unchanged. A Muall lot of me v Southern red wheat sold at t'2 45. Indian com was o&e cent per bushel lower. Pork was ea tier, with moderate sales. About 40,000 basbela of corn were engaged for Liverpool, ranging from Uid. a 64. in bulk and bags; and 600 biles of unpreaseJ cotton at 3 led. We have rtoeWed a number of deapatsh^.a f:o:n Beading, Pa., relative to the pro seeding or .ha Know Nothing But* council which reoeut'y a? ?cabled at that place. A strong off.rt was mtde by ei-tiovernor Johnson and a few others to aboti ttoniM the American part; in Pennsylvania, bat it proved faille. The Philadelphia national platform was, finally adopted yesterday, and there upon tha free soilets and abolltiooiats bolted. TheB>ardof Aldermen met la?t ??4niug. Taj cewmnnioatton from the Major, declining to give information respecting poJj se appoiatmeaa, aUc ?ei n warm discossion. Tnera appears to be a tii drs re on the part of certain Aldernvm to H a,>> Mayor Wood. Various attempt* have b en made to attain this objcct. but all hive failej, and the malcontents find themselves in a woful Minority. A reaoltrtion direct. tg the Cxnp t-olkrto prevent, if poMlble, Castle (iu-den from being converted Into an emigrant depot, was ad op ?d. The subject or the removal of the wre :k of t ie ahip Joseph Waiker w.ii again brought up. lVh y do not the authorit ies Vow np the wreck at once, ?r.d thus ckar oat the dock and W > pongera on the treasury at the tame time ? On W*dEei"day afte.morn. when the Oraagt coon 1y train of enra from Newbnrg lo Port Jervis it*? Waihirgtotv lie ' taMon, en Intoxicated raw ?aned Mnrpby, inaUempUi-giopf'* from one r?r ?? the other, wh le the t tun was ia motion, fell be ireen the oars ano wm instantly k 1 ed. Tte beat race b?t?r??n .he New W.-mnwt ter? and Kev fOJkstB, at Bortco joatfftfty, feaulte# in the Hftt* U ?-* latter. Xke Siege ?? Skbartopol. The pbibt ol the new# Lb to the effect that the attack on Sebuk'po! wai renewed by the Allies on the eighteenth of June, and that they were repulsed with great slaughter. The attack ap pears to b*YO been m>ide from the worka recent ly taken from tbe Russians, npon the south eastern defences of tbe city, and mainly upon tbe Redan and the Malakoff tower. Pelisei?r's plan evidently was to carry work after work at whatever cost of life. The Mamelon and adjoining work towards Careening bay was not deemed by Canrobert to be worth tbe number of men Pelissier sacrificed to take it. It was taken, however, and ten days afterwards orders were given to prosecute the advance upon the near est works, which were the Redan and the Mala koff. These it appears were fortifiad complete ly. They are among the oldest defences of Sebaatopol , and whatever strength time, mo ney, energy and science can have imparted to them, they pessess. It Ib not wonderful, there fore, that the assailants should have been re pulsed with heavy loss. It is said that that loes amounts to four thousand men, and over seventy officers. Bnt it must be observed that both the British and French governments have concealed the news they have received, thus leaving the public mind a prey to a conviction of disaster without the least inkling of its extent an'l nature. Four thousand men, a greater loss than England has suffered since Waterloo (the A Afghan loss was not in the field), seems a large number to have fallen in an attack on a line which cannot exceed half a mile in length; and unless an attack was simultaneously made on some of tbe western defences, it will probably be found te be ex aggerated. Criticism on military movements at such a distance is not easy, or liiMiy to be very pre cise. But it iB impostMe to reflect upon the sacrifice of life that is going on in the Crimea without a feeling of horror, and deep indignation. One cannot help mistrusting the vaunted abilities of Pelissier. According to the telegraphic accounts, nearly eight thousand men have been sacrificed on tbe allied side alone, for the capture of a position by no means indispensable to the besiegers or dan gerous in the hands of the besieged; a position which the English and French have each held in turn and each voluntarily evacuated. Even if the attjek of the 18th June had led to the cap ture ol the Redan and Malakoff, it by no means JoIIowb thut the Allies would have reaped any advantages beyond moral prestige. The de fences of the barracks, artillery stores and docks wbich lie in the rear of these works are said to be of equal strength to those which have held tbe Allies at bay for nearly a year. Even alter these were captured, the Allies would only be in possession of oue bank of the stream, and one side of the city. They would be exposed to the lire of the other side on wbich the city itself is situate and the strong est of tbe works; and also to that of the pow erful batteries which lie on the other side of the bay. Non military men may be bad judges of such matters. But, judging according to the plain ruleB oi common sense, it docs seem that until something more has been done than walking three or four miles along the Tchernaya, beat the bushes and then walk back again; until, in short. the Russians have been beaten in the field, Simpheropol reduced, and Perekop ? above all, Perekop? captured, it is sheer folly to slaughter men by marching them up to the cannon's mouth against a city which cannot even be invested. Patriotism and Pihtolh ? Shocking Results. ?Bend our reports of the mutilations and dis figurations inflicted by pistols in the hands of thoughtless boys on the Fourth of J1 iy There never was in this city so much pistol firing on this national anniversary, within our recolkction, and the results are truly shocking. Young lads, ambitious of a loud noise, have vied wilh each other in procuring the biggest old pistols, and in firing the heaviest charges. Reckless of the dangers of such sport, many a promising young fellow has boen crippled or disfigured for life as the penalty for his rash ness and his folly. It is to be hoped that the fearful list of these dreadful lessons of the cele bration of this last "Fourth'' will be remember ed hereafter by parents and guardians; and that the attention of our city fathers and law makers at Albany will be called to the subject of this indiscriminate firing of rusty pistols by young lads, who neither know Vbe strength of gunpowder nor the weakness of old iron. We hope never hereafter to have such acitilogue of killed and wounded of the rising generation, from the explosion of overloaded or damaged pistols in their hands on the Fourth of July. We leave the painful question to parents and guardians themselves, as to bow far they have been guilty in this matter. But let them look to it hereafter who have escaped these dit ofters. The Wohkisu ok the New Liquo ; Law. ? The Liquor law went into operation on '? the glorious Fourth," and the result has been a very important and most astonishing discove ry. The general belief of the effect of this extraordinaiy law was, that from a--d after the "Fourth" it would put an cad to liquor driak ing and liquor Felling by retail, "exept for medicinal, mechanical, chemical, or sa;i-amon tal purposes." But the effect is exactly ihc re verse. The practical working of the la v in theec parts, thus far. shows that so far from being an act of absolute prohibition of the retail liquor business, it is an act of absolute ftec trade. Anybody may buy and everybody may pell? if we may judge from the numerous examples of buying and selling in all parts of the city? without the expense1 of u license, and withont fear of the law. The first section of this remarkable law posi tively Interdicts the selling or giving away of any intoxicating liquors, upon any pretence, or for any purpose, in any "tavern, store, grocery. ?bop, boarding or victualling house, or room for gambling, dancing or other public amusement or recreation of pny kind," A 4c , and says that no intoxicating liquor ?dull be kept or deposited in any such place*, in view of the penalties of the law. wluch is a pretty clean sweep of the retail trade : but then comes the proviso, which ?iys " thi^ s.ction shall not apply to li qvur the right to !*ell which in th s State is given by any law ,r treaty of the United Siates.' And here is the loophole of escape. The feudal constitution pre-ridc* that Con^rc?* shall h ive I pcrcr to t ito comrn?'rc". levy duties upon imports, Ac. This 13 the fun damental taw. Under It Cor ^rofct h? nrovided for the admission into ve* York ol foreign lienors as merchandise. Tfiip ccmprehen-U the r^bt to bcU; and r.pco this construc Ikn Mayor Xood has issued hie manifesto to oar city po lice men. He considers tho prohiVitfon of the lavas limited to bald-faced whiskey, lager bier, and other homo made articles, and cauuoa*thc police accordingly against interrupting the re tail banner in Flench l>ran-Jy, Holland gin. Jamaica rem, Scotch aud Irish whi.-key, and English beer and brown Rtoat. Of coarse, with this awful hitch In the law, it is a dead letter, and we undertake to say that to It will practically stand till tbe act is essen tially modified cr absolutely repealed. The policy of " eupprcsing intemperance, pauper ism and crime'- by an act providing for the uni versal sale of intoxicating liquors without the expenses of a licence, is ? new thing under the sun. Under this rdeqse, the liquor sellers ought to be able to retail their home-made French brandy, Irish whiskey and German lager bier at five cents a glass; and judging from the start made on the " Fourth," we shall not be surprised if, from an increased competition in the retail trade under the law, the cost of a dram should be actually reduced to five cents by the first of Angust. " You shall see, anon, it is a knavish piece of work." THE LATEST NEWS. BY MAGNETIC AND PRINTING TELEGRAPHS. Cram WuUngtMi. ARMY APPOINTMENTS- JUEOB MASON? MORE HEAD! OF r, ETC. Washington, July 5, 1865. .Among the new appointments to tha arm? are Mr. Fairfax, ol Virginia, and ll?ura. PulUizt and Brook* ? two latter of thla city ? Second Lieutenants. Judge ^ason retired to-day, but it ii aaid be will re turn* bis duties In tbe Patent Office about the meeting of Congress. Three messengers and a lamp l'gbter were beheaded to-day. All parties except the Know Nothings condemn the course of Secretary Davis in preventing the Plying Ar tillery from joining in the Fourth of July profession STATIONERY CONTRACT AWARDED. WAfKisoTos July 6, 1865. Messrs. HcSpedon & Baker nave been awarded the contiaet tor lurnishing stationery to tbe Treasury Department. The Know Nothing State Council In Penit. ay lvanltu [Pesjiatch to the Associated Press from a Free Soiler.J PuiuAmariiiA, July 6, 1866. The Know Nothing State Council, now in seision at Reading, has Civideii? Governor Johnston leading off for a Northern party. A number of delegate* are also or ganizing a State Council on the Philadelphia platform. Governor Gardiner, of Massachusetts, has writ sen, a let' ttr to Governor Johnston, urging Pennsylvania to join the Eastern wing of the party. Tbere Ii much excite ment amonr the members. Tie Council has repudiated the Philadelphia platform, by striking out the twelfth article. Free icilism seems destined to rule the State, [tespatch from a National Man to the Herald ] KeiIhnu, July 6, 1866. The State Council have this day adopted the national platform. Tbe tree soilers and abolitionists seceded. [Despatch from a Free So, lor to the li'raid.] Hkadino, July 6, 1856. The State Council of the American party has been in seas on h? re lor tbe last two days. The convention re pudiated the twelitli se.tionof the national platform, by UU to 143. After tliis a new eectrn, re eoact'ng tbe Missouri comrromtte, and opposing xlave States north of the comprom se line, was adopted by a vote ol' 133 to 63. Tbe Ksstern Of legates stood 73 to 27. Thirty Western men opposed the platform, as not strong enough. l ast night, retolutior s calling a national convention at Cincinnati, on tbe 8th of January, on the Pennsyl vania platform, were oflerti.!. 1 en delegates weeded. j 1 he convention are low discussing resolutions which , will ceita inly pass. THE NATION All PLATFOIUf ADOPTED? A BOI.T. Rkaiiinc, July D ? 101'. M. The State Coundl to day adopted the national plat form, and the free soilers and abolitionist* seceded. The platform adopted by the State Council is that adopted bj the National Council, exsept the 12th 'ac tion, for wblch the minority resolution proposed in the National Council was substituted. Ten members only seceded, and they adopted the na tioosl plutforio. It is reported that Governor Johnston deserted the Alleghany delegation and outraged the sentiment of hie district on the majority platform. Tbe Luanocratlc (State: Convention. IUkrhiiuri:, Jul? 4, 18&5. The to tbe Democratic SUte ','onvention as emhled in the ball of the House of Representatives at ten o'clock, snJ were called to order l>y tbe Hon. t cod tich B Wright, wlio nominated Jobn B. Guthrie, cf rittaburg, a* chairman pro tnn. Tbomaa McGuire and Mr. William B. McOrath wore selected ue secretaries. The morning session elicited no particular feature of interest, beyond t>ie enrol ment of delegates, until the double net from lUuphin presented thtir cla m? The scUfcm in this county, It appear* in purely Csmeron and anti-Cameron, and two tt^arate connty conventions were repreaenlea by dele ga'es. ,Uter a viry animated discneslnu, In which rations reeqlntions were offered and withdrawn, relative to ihe taint of Know NothingUm, the subject wis finally disposed of by ejecting tbe Cameron delegates by a very Urge majority, and af erwards referring the anti Kn jw Nothing refolnllons to tbe Committee on Reulutlons. | Hiii action of the Convention virtually excludes S'.man Cameion and h's adherents from all communion wi.h tbe < tmo:rat'tc paity. The Convention, on rraisembl'ng for an aft?rnioa rerti-lon, organized by the appointment ol the fo'.lo < nj? officers: ? President ? Honorable J Clancy lone*. \ ice I'rctlc'ents? Jccl B. lisnner, of Adamt; Cimerou Loclliard, of Carbon: Jesse l^nber. of t'.r?en?; Johu Mo < uity : of Philadelphia eouuty; Naiain \Vorl*y. of l?in raM*r;TbrmasAeams, of Perry ; J. R Jones, of Su'livan ; ilitmias Giove, of York; John Pratt, I.j<onting; Dav. R. Miller, of Alleghany ; .lease Johns on, of Rjcta; Wll on lard, of 1'iie; Peter noj?r, of Chester; ' ...rlwe Cuter, of Ueavn; Timothy Ives, of Potter; Janph Lippmcott, of 1 hiladelplna; Azor Laihrupp, of .SnK^utfiAnnt; It. W. Werner of Columbia. i-ecretariea? Ale*. H.-Fisnv. of Weatmore'anl; John A. Inula, of Northampton; TLcf. A. UeQu're, ol t'.im brla; tVm. B. Mcfiravb, of Philadelphia: John Orr, of l'rank lis. A roaiuitfee on rernlul'ons was then apTOlst^l, r? presenting each Senatorial cist riot, when the cotiven tion proceeded to v te '-i,-a von !o: a can?l'J?t? for i n?.I On tbe thud ballot Arnold Plumm<-rh*v <ng received 77 volet ?nd Win. J. Campbell Hi voVas, tai Brit named gentleman wss icnomi:#d ai the cinlldtU of tbe democratic party at the ensu'n^; eliotmn. Tne i cmvent'on then adjourned until 7>? o'clock this ? ?"*? | irg, when a very ?Lim*ted dUounsion U looke. f or in the resolution to be offered by the committee, o' I which 1 iihbll duly apptiie you In connection with other rca'tern of interest. Sl'BQUKHANNA. HuitirjRt lid, July 4, 1855 The Temocratic ?txic Convention, to njmmite a era t'ldate for Canal Commissioner. met here to dav? lion. J. Clancy Jones, presiding. Arnold flummer, of Venan go, re erved the nomination on the third t illot. The Crttmlttee on Resolut'.or a toads t wo report* T&at oC the majority avoids tbe II juor law aod tlie Nebraska >| ties tion, but tbe uiinonty repo t takes strong ground on both subjects. The majority report was adopted by a vote of h9 to 19, after being amended by the insertion! f a resolatien against ne;ro?s voting. The Ri]>lo?lon or the Steamer Leil ton Forty Lh?i I .est. Bi rr*ix>, July 5, 18j>. Ttae < xplcsion of the st?atcer l/sxiogtin, previously reported, occurred near Steph'nsport, during the up Hip on Sunday last, and out of the who'e number >'? board enly one e?caj>?d uninjured, excepting tbe ladies, all of whem were eared. Abaat forty persons are r? jrorted to hate been lllied. Ihe stesiner l<rxington was bound (rem St. toni* to I oc isville, sod ber bo l<ra explo>d at A. M , oo Satur <lav, four inUes from Hime. The wr?ck burned with great rapiulty to the water's edge. Tne I). A. Given cine to the nksiiticre of the Islington, ant" *u eeJ?'i la saving all the ladles and children on board. it Is U'hovel that as many a ? twenty live livss wsre I ist, end twnty or thirty otbera injured among tae ?stfer Captain Thorp was badly scalded. Vibe boat was an old me, and her cargo conflate 1 of 0 hale* of hemp. Krow Nothing Mstllicstlnn st f<onlarlMI. Ixil'Isvilul July 4, 19i&. ike Keow NothinisS hell a meeting Li>>t night to ratify the action of the I'liilaJelphia convention. An iinpo* ? g prcc?a?ton took place, ^p'eebes were nude by Hon. Iltmi brey Mar-lull, Presiutat Hartlett. Gen. Ttlcher, Mr. P'enti'H, and otbrrf. (Jrent I nthiiHiasm uaiuitni fc-ted, and tue crowd was eeti^iated at ten tWnrsn4 perions. From New Orleans. tub sicAiuflrA aniAiOBir im abasix)vh> l^01r NOTHIN? VICTORY, ?T0. ! Ni w Illnj'., Jaly 3, 1S55. Th? ? tesmehip Oshawba, from ^ew Vork direct, ar nvfil h'te to day. The Nir*r*nua steams'. ip Une h?s heen aNindonsd. The Tsn "| Web?*er left li*r? <>n Saturday for New \ork, ci.d the Prometheus wUIlesve ou the !5t?j inst , after hr r reii rn ficm -'so Jnsu. >lerr.ik, th- Knew N.ith'ng cnadl<M?, is elated Clii f Jtittnocf loulsliina. The Xivvi from S?1mw(o)m?I. July ."i, ls;>%. ,hr;r.?n Vilnans' mm-lon and grounds are mtgntft. ?<( > lilt ?mated to night, in honor of tbe r>pul?e of the '.)ie? at Sevastopol Tbe ^aHmi t-oveas al4n* fix rev and is n? glare of tansg-ueJ lamps. A di*p!a< of i ' ?oi> ? alao took pla-e. Navlgallen o t the lllile, V TTsst m, JnlyA. 1-5S. , r it* ?nev b?r? tv* m?mu??s oul? live l?et in the channel, an' !? still fallng. ^eatkor rear and pleaaaat ?nUtfc Nrw OutNa. Jitj 2, 1855. The cotton worbet is "'.all, w.j> a otuuiog tendency. Tbe salts to day were 1,4C0 bales, at 10c. a 10j?c. (or ?iddbag. Hoot dull, with * dec (In -ng tendency. rne HuHiUcDn ar? $7 t'd a ?8 tor saparane, to *8 25 tor fancy. K-g lard It quoted at 11 \c. Mew OHi.ttNo, July 3, 1855. CctUo easier, bu'. not q notably lower. llir?et dull. &les about 1,61)0 bole*. Hour ia quoted at ts a 98 25. Chirwlon, J ilj 2, 1855. < ottoo baa declined a Xc. toj^c. -Sales to- .aj 700 bale*. THE PROHIBITORY LIQUOR LAW. Acretta lor Drunkcnneaa on the Fourth of July? Proceeding! at the Police Court? Itxe MagiiUaltt' Opinion on the Law. The officials at tbe various police court! were busily engaged yesterday to disposing of ths person* charged with Intoxication under tbe provisions ?( the Prohibitory Liquor law. Various opinions existed among the isk giatretes as to the proper manner of proceeding to work, consequently each Justise acted somewhat different from thi other. The number of parties eonvlctod waa very numerous, and comprised men and women of all na tions. Many of the old topers who had been brought up before for a too free indulgence is tbe elixir of lift, were not a Utile astonished on finding out that the amount of tine was ralasd double; and besides this, tbe law made it incumbent on the Judge* to jiold them as witnesses against such liquor dealers as had furnished them with the various (matters, cockUUs, skins, punches, clears and straights that tbeir appetites demanded. Very few of those wbo were arrested could give any distinct ac count of their frolics, and consequently could not positively awear where they did get drunk. And as men are presumed to be sober until they do actually get intoxicated, tbey could not be blamed for not know ing where they really did get drunk. Tto course of the magistrates under the lair Prefe rence to the disposition of prisoners brought before them for drunkenness aeema very plain; but notwith standing this, each police justice seema to put a dlf iertnt corstruction on tbat portion of it (sect. 12) which dt lines the way in whica they shall proseed t? business, in a very plain and straightforward manner. Ah this section (12) will no doubt be the means of put ling drinkers and others to a great deal of inconvenience, we give tbe following extract : ? It sliall be the doty of every snob officer when be shall see lay intoxicated person in any store, hotel, street, alley, highway, or place, or disturbing the public peace aud quiet, to apprehend such person, aud tp take him before the same mai titrate; and if such magistrate shall, after due exami nation, deem him too much intoxicated to be examined, or to answer upon oath currently, he shall direot said officer to keep lilin in nine jail, loot up, e?r other safe and aonvenisut place to be detignated by aueli ma&iitate, until he shall Lvcume sober, and thereupon forthwith take him betore knit Magistrate, or it he canuot be found, before sorno otbor magistrate; aad whenever aay person shall appear, or be brought bcfoie any magistrate as provide') this or the preceding section, it shall be the duty of su . igia '.rate to administer to such person an oath or sflirrattion, and tf> examine bim as to the cause ef such intoxication, and for the purpose of ascertaining whether any otfeme has been committed against any provision ef this act. II' upon such examination it shall appear tbat any such offence has been committed within tbe jurisdiction ot such magistrate, it tnall be bis duty to issue a wsrant tor the arrest of the of fender and the search ot bis premises as heroin before pro vided. If it shall a,.pesr that any such offense has been eomnitfed at any place beyond the jurisdiction of sueh ma gistrate, it shall be his dnty t? reduce such examination ta writing, and forthwith to certify and send the same to any officer or magistrate having jurisdiction ot the offence charged, who tball therenpon proceed in relation to such

complaiitin tbe same manner as if the same had been made before him If atiy witness shall refuse to be sworn or affirmed, or to amwer any question pertinent to s'ieh exami nation or trial other than such as will criminate himself, he shall hu committed to the common jail ot such county, there to remain until he shall cpnseut to be sworn r.r alfi -me J, and to answer all questions pertaining to such trial or examina tion. He concluding part of tbi? section ray a : ? It iball be unlawful for any person to be or baoome in toxioa cd in any store, *.rcoery, lane or street, or peblic place, snd for each offenoe ho shall be liable to a line of ten dollars, to be sued for and recovered in the same manner as fires in the fourth section of this act; and in (tsfault of tbe c*>ment thereof, he shall stand committed as provided in said fourth section; and it shall be the dutr of tie mafislrate betore whim sueh intoxicated person is nnraigned, to examine sueh pors"n as a witness relative to tbe eauae of his intox.oatl. n. to ascertain whether auy other t eison has violated the provisoes of this act; but the testi mony so given shall not in any ease be used against him in any civil or criminal action, except npon an iadiotment and trial for perjury. All such tines shall be applied to the sup port of the poor of the city or toon where the offence is com mitted. l'rcm a glance at the reports of the proceedings at the police courts here annexed, it will be seen that as little or no positive testimony has been adduced against the proprietors of any drinking suloon for violation of the enactment, for in no case could the icebriate positively swear who it was that cold bim the liquor that deprived bim of bia senses. HRSr DI8IHICT rOLICK COCRT, AT THE TOMBS. Id tbis court during the forenoon of yes'erday, while Justice Bogart was presiding on tb* ben:h, some sixteen pemcs, men and women, were brought before him charged on the complaint of the police with being in toxicated. The magistrate on the affidarita of the com plaining policemen, committed all the prisoners tempo rsrily to the Tombs, intending to send them into the Court of Special Session* for final deposition. The names of thJfse prisoners are as follows James King, Anrrew Bradly, Julia Connolly, * John Conway, Harrev Brown, Hannah Willi ama. John Poe, (So 1). Robert IfcAroy, I'attick lifggins, John Doe, (Ho. 2), John Creeman, l'atrick FiUsimmons, Jane Itoe, Bernard Farran, Ttomas Smith, Martin O'Brien. Justice Connolly, who presided in the afternoon, acted somewhat differently from that of his aisiclate, Justice Bogart. The former has decided to take the policemen'* deposition* for arunknntsti, thereupon commits the pri souer* until they became sober, when their examina tion in refer* nee tj who it was tbat sold them the liquor will be taken in writlag. In soms cases t?> is magistrate Ins also seeuaced the responsibility ol discharging per hob* charged with intoxicAticn both before and after they bare paid their tt&ee. altbongh the Ww stye thattbe prwner shall be sued for the fine impoaed apou biro (910,) as <n other eases of misdemeanor*. Sareli Jones, Catharine Ual.hualia and I l.Uibe'.h Weit, were looked up by Justice V nnolly until t?ej were so ber enough to declare upou oa'h wbere they had got tbeir liquor from, lhe ia?t nxmed ntim? i-ud, belore go ng to tbe cell, tbnt her husband was kind enough to supply her with a good stock of brandy rn th? "fourth," and it wasnpon the strength of tins aid? thai she got eliyated. 8JC0M> DISTRICT POLICE COLKT ? I EFFgMON M .11 *IT. Justice Hrtnnun urcaidad atth's court, aud disp-jiisd of a large number of c???s yesterday. fh.s tiate will not commit an ioebr'ate tempo-rirtly ; the pollc'mtn bringing bitn to tie police court most, ac coding to (he magistrate's initru :t'?ns, tike ; the pi isnner luck to lh? station hou-e urn 1 he booniM loter < ncogb fo make in atliiUvll Wben the prisoner* sre eiem.teu all the inform item tbat ciu iie gat out o1 I them .? obi ained, and, npon piyinjr tbe line, a -e then I discharged, to appear, hnweter, u* witoesse.i sjjios tie liquor dm'er? w'aen subfusaed ti appear at th ! Special Sessions In tbis manner were a numbsr of j c*-<? ili p.i.'i-d of yesterday. Hie exmntnitions in all rare* were no doubt rery unsatisfactory to lh* ? ).rson I ej cue, as sll the person' app?arel to be lderally Kmw | Nctliieg*. aa will be seen (mm tbe following abst/a-.ts made of their aRiJaiMs; ? Isaac Smith became intoxicated In Jersey Ci'r Michael llurke could not s.iy whether li? was intoxi cated or not. drank aeeeral t-nses on the IVifth, took cne glass at the corner of Fort eth street and Ninth are nue, but did not pay for it. Men Hrsbir dtd not kna* the names of the parties from whem she purchased liquor, John Jobaion had a jroo.l uw, bjt oiM no' sweir where it waa tbat be got tbe liquor that mid* htn in toxicated, as he had <irank at a large nuuioer of place". Jeremiah liaJey procured the liquor at a r>ou>e kept by one Kus-el, but did not pay for it. Joll Thntjf VMt to sumetoua ? ? m the i lehtli atf noe, bn*. tould not say which vas the list borne he had drunk at. John XcGuire got elerate<lat the house o! his father tr law, and did not pay for the liquor. lit 'ilget t-bane got her whitkey in r<e?iity four's street, but did sot pay mm thing for it. John Williams. Micliaaf Fitzgerald, Owler MrManus Join Hsabrook, coull not , exactly say wher.? the; bought tbe ir drinks. Join Morgan waa of the same (urn of mini, as be t'ou Id not say where he bad drank for the last t to or three tnins. 1 awrence Conway was no bettor off than the former in point of cltarness of memory. l.uke Foyers pai.l a woman to bring him some liquor. Haae < hatterton paid for all the liquor he urank, but unfortunately for t:e end* of justice and the glory of the Carson l.esgue, could not tell where be got druak, ss be <liank copiously at Tarious places. THIRD DISTRICT POI.ICI COURT ? EOTKA XAKI WT. The eastern side of the city itemed to be quite dull yesterday; only three persona were .-uraxted lor drunkn ' ned. The magistrate after giving them time to collect : their rsaaoDing faculties, examined them a* follows ? I'atriek McCabe ?wore tbat he purchased bia liquor in ? a porter house, of a man nave<t Hook, corner of iioua I (.in and fchertS streets at a saloon comer of arenue 11 l ? r,d Third street, an.; at a Dutch grocery <t?re in llonston, near Willet streee, but he could not say posi j t rely wbere be got drunk. | w ill am 1 1 i?R ins said be bought his brandy and bittern it< w one farey, corner of Klervnth street and arenue B. I'enisl Flt/-fmmoDS deposed tbat he had been furnish j ?.] with beer at a dutillery No. (1 SnerlfT street.bat coc I<1 cot say wbo the person was that gare him the i ti?,nor. lbe?" men were then discharged ^ro-n custody. Jus Hrr V>?l?b, ?bo pr/ sides at this court this w?>ek, Is of 'piiricn that b* cannot iisue a warrant npan tue s?m t lamt of drunkards for the sel/ure of liquors, and say* t e lias n> fnrtlier jsiri-dlctjon in the matter tban mere I) the con p aint', and that here his dut>e* eu.1. i te remainder ol tre lob is to be p-rformed by ?omebo!y ? *?. I hi |S)iil C's?f for th< fsle ot|iier mi fh? Kouitli of *>111)'. v?ni>v5 covbt. i Ilefors flea Judge ^Irds i " | jr? b.?ni Ptopif, At 17 ?r ,trui,n. , ?Vf E. ?w k.? inlfc'a ca?e Jnd^ F-rdsMi i?s .?d a ?ar.bst }esterdaf, tie Kiurtbof . .?y , on ctm^Uiat against Cbariee E. Saitk fox saBtag Uq??r n that 4*7, on and after which It was (NkikiMl by aet of the Legis lature of thia (Mate. Mi. Hcrrlioi, MiU of tlM defendant, railed tha question or et'on of tils Gout 10 hoar and deter mine thin cm" which, being a misdemeanor, the Court bad bo juiiaoietion. except ?? a magistrate to arreat and biad over the jutj for trial >t 6. anion*. lhe Court reserved it* opinion on tn? queitua rained a?<i will probably deema the matter to Borrow monilif. We or uerHtand that thi- eue waa not up by the par ties interested, for the purpose of Mating the question and of having the hoaor of being the A rat in the field) Court of Seaalona. 0BA1UI OF RKCOBDBK fcMITB TO THE GRAND Jl'BY ? TUE LlQt'OK QUIKTION. The charge of Recorder Baaith to the Grant Jury for thla term, waa mainly apon the Liqaor lav. Tm Grind Jury waa a at Q1 ed till late oa rueiday. and cunaiited of 1he following gentlemen ? William IIibhard, foreman. finiitl H Adte, DavM UiaeL, Win. Harlan, Matbiaa Blood*ood. WillUm Baata, C Heater, ftuthl T. nojd, Brary Cares, John Flanley, Ceorie Bawa. John Laviaoa, Jnha G. Neleoa, Sem'l A. Beekmaa. Bobt W. Boneall, Wm G. Bo***, Win. T. Bear, John W. Bornton, Clarkaea Croliut, Henry W. Ilicka, Lrraaao Moaea, Cbaa. B. Boont. Jamee Radlaj, Ilia Recorder opened hie charge with a etateinent to the Jury that, ehargiag them waa ao frequent and had been made ao public, it waa hardly nece-mry that ha ahould go Into any detail aa to their duties and the ralea which governed them. After a mere reference to the care that should be ex e railed on the part of the iurcra in finding indictment* upon charges not ave mlgated before a magistrate, the Recorder aaid that queationa of gTeat importance might come np before them, ?r ir ^ oat of tne new law, paused April 9, 1866, entitled "An aet tor the prevention of in temperance, pau|? riam and crime," and upon thia tmb ject he would particularly charge them. By an ac passed pub i "(-iitly to thia ast, entitled "An act to enln-ge tba jurisdiction of the Court of General and Special Sessions in and for the city and county of New York," pained April 12, 1856, exclusive jurisdiction ia given to the Court of Special Seaalona to bear and punish all mitdemeaacr*. Now, by tbe aet Brat mentioned the celling of liquor ia made a misdemeanor, and unlet a a complaint under thia head ia aeat by the Court of Special Sessions to the Court o( General Sessions for trial, and unleaa the party complained againat shall choosa to be tried by the General i-'esatons, the law demands that the Special Sessions shall try tbe case Now, in regard to thin claai of complain *, I charge yon "lat, aa the law now ia, you have no right or power to in ot any one for telling liquor in violation of tli< rat aet of April B, inaamuoh aa the complaint tor such violation must be made Drat to torn* magistrate named in the act, and by that magistrate must come to the Special Setiaicna for trial, tl' u? running clear of the Grand Jury entirely, and kteping.tba subject entirely oat of their bandH. The Special Seuions, a* I have already at ited, can, if tha accused ao daatre, send the ease to thia Court for trial, and it can comt here from that Court only. I may here suggest that it ia a question whether an ia dictment can be found by any power for the ollence named; but upon this it is not nesesauy that I should charge you now. The lieoorder, in concluiion, stated tbavttwaa & matter of doubt whether an inlictment would lie for keeping and aelling liquors, inasmuch as tbe act provided remedlea which might be had ex ilasive of ird ctmenta, aa tbe act salt nothing of indictment* whatever; and furthermore, the a:t of April 12th evi dently repealed tome portion of the Liquor act of April 9ili, 1815. Incitane In the Amount of Imported I.lqnor In tlie City. A perron who i* In the habit of frequenting barroom ban called our attention to tba fact that since tha 4th of July American liquor baa become very scaroa, and no thing but imported stimulating beverage* can well tfe had. Over the bar* in tha liquor itorea tha fo lowing sign ia now quite fr<qcent NORB BCT IMrORTKD Uqt'ORP 801.0 11KHR. ^ 1 bis feign will, no doubt, be looked upon by our Kto? Nothing fiUnde with suspicion and alarm, as indi atiog a xudctn Incieate af foreign Influence in our midat that i-houH be looked alter. Good applejack, inspiriting Monorgabela, Altany cream ale, and i'biladelphla lager beer ore no more to be found, while English .tie. Stitch wluakey, and good French brandy can be haa In abocdmce. Nor is tbe ainve indicated sign confined to to called respectable houses. They have alco been seen in several magnificent three cent restaurants in the vicinity of the Five l'oints. It is not to be wondered at however, in these places, a* tbeir iicqiunters are generally of or Teutonic extraction, and naturally partial to tbe flavor of bome mace liqutrs. Many of tbe Geroiao alcoves, with an ntter difiicvard of the American spirit now prevalent in tbe country, have tha following placarded on their wells: ? tz J HER IMfuBllKkTK UKTKKKK W*RI)K.V H1?R V kRKAt' KT. } 'ffum tim.lar to the following are do* of <Uil y occur rem e id tbe city: ? Set nr. Fir*'. ? A Leg- r Hi'.r Sbjatm. [Hitter a Ihirfl j Cuelf m-r. j Oi homjr ? lo Bai tender ? Give mi ium? Philadelphia la^er birr. RAhT>5r>KK ? T?>ere in none to be had in the cty We have, boweTer, ?u evcell-rnt article impor ;ed from Ger many, which h.e ve ry much the flavor of the b>r job a*k for. Yoa can bate it lor tbe name pi ise. CBfToxfR? Well, bring it along (1 bug* mag fa brought, Into which tbe thirsty gentleman tliraata hi* h-ud, and dees not withdraw it for tire minute*.) Will, I declare, tbie i* an excellent eabatltufe for tbe Phila dtlpha Bier. [Hut Id capital humor] fit nr Second ? A Rcriaurant in Broaiiimy* [Ener (Larson I,?agi? agent ] Auilnt, to landlord? 1 want some Albany crean ?*?. Lawn ? We don't cell that, but can furniah yea with fine Vngliah i r BwiUHl a'.e on draught. A?kj\t? Well I'll take tome new hngland rum. l.Afn ?We run ont of that on tbe rhird of July. Would 'lit tbe Jamaica variety do n* well / Ackkt. (nonpluaaed) ? Well, 1 g.ieei, I shan't drink to day. [Exit disguised. ] It in lemarkable that these imiorttd liioor* have very much tbe taate and flavor of the com men artiole, and what ia more, can be noli *? cheap. Toe eaverpriae din played by the 1'qnor dealers in dh poring of their Ameri can lii|Uor in one night, and tilling their fhopi with imported liquor by next morn nr. in certainly very extraoidinsiry, and merti* thu pubi c, mtiie. Opeialloii* I'ndti the Liw In Itiooklyn. llie following per?OM, out of icme twenty four nr reated m the Fourth of July ou the charge of drunken neaa, * ere brought before 1). K Smith, i>-q , Ju* ice of the Brooklyn Court of SeMione, jeatarjty, and di?r,?rd ot und?r the provision* cf tbe prohibitory law. in manner aa herewith detailed. ? Stat* of Sew Yot'k, himr County, CUynf th orhl.nt, m ? John C'rcithtou ben f tluij eworn, doth ile. o?t m d ?I t.a; h" la a policeman of the olty ct Itrooklvn. and tna- on the Kur'h M|el J i . I _> . I.-. - > t!j city o> nMUfl. la neid Tinty, h>' raw Mcholae Conner ietojlce'ei, in nelatioa ot ?n act tor the na?en ion ot iiacmperaoce, MttMrilU and crime, wte:evvm coinalataaut &pj Teheed ?<! aa d Nitbotia < oi.rer ai.e l aa no* hron^ht i im oefore D. K. Mm h Po li< e .1 u ticc oi the aaid city, t#te dealt ? . !i aroeilnr to law JOHN ?:aiSHiUT/N. f??rn tj bo/ore me thii f.'tfcday o! J ly, Iv'j, D. K. J <1 ITII, P. J. lie exeu-inAlijn on oith of tbeai-ove name." Ni v>. le* Coiner, r? to tbe c*ni?eef hi* tnt?xi;*ti'.<., aid tor the pnrpoM of ?>eerlaiz.iEg 11' aty olfence hm urtt d rf livt-t atj of the provifien* o! aj act lor tne |ircv?ntion of intnaip"r?.?ce, ptuperitm tnl erlrn* ? Niel.o at C<juncr, t?ciu ml examined, ?a>?? I ll?? in Iritnllln atfiiiif, thin rity, ti?tw?>?n Purlc anil 1 'oiluos aventiet; I .Irar. k intoai. aline li ,nor?on tbe fourth inat\nt, at ii to rn on tin icrair ot Ktn'. and Ann ?'reet'; a Dntcl.ican ke pe it; f don t know hi* name; it u a ,r?f<n i-tore, the only ?'o:e on tb*?e -crnara; tlx keflfxr luniitbed u.ia e th the liquor; I U.-a<ik 1 hramly bsth. 'he.e, and ? aa With me; Michael Ifmphy ?ad llo?h Krliy wero wit here; ih?> livo in (hat s<.Lbborh<i<ifl; d'n tk^o-v tbe ? re'ta; Murphy livee in Jaekaou'a lata; I alac drank <,in at a tavern kept by Luke Kiley, OB Ken', avenue, ! etw?en Ta' U.r *t?i rijm?r ?fre?ta, on tho r.h iu.t.; iiaoj peno?? eeie tbire: know none o* their uaa.'>; 1 alac, the Mine day, iliaak '<n U r i-onifr of I luehinft an4 Kect avennea; eaano'. i ay w Li ther >lncrl>r>Bily; itwi.ii in t d(a*io| V| ; I ,J r: 1 .at prettv l ifib at tbia time, aod aoon theelli er fvnnd m>>; a >o\iiia ii<au mmed Doxaic nt in i> With a Q ; 1 itr.v.k ii.toiii atiaj; liquor aowberr due. R li'IMI. tS COVNt.ll. 8* ?rn and cxamlntd before me, 'h ? Mb day or l?l?. I- ?, I'. K. Js* 1 1 m P. The fle1?ndaBt waa line:'. ?'.? f.jr being irunt, and emmitud to tbe county j\ I for tan Uaya in i.el?i;l: of I in u.ebt. Willia Caiman, a poilctman. coupla.n?d of ''tta'if I t ? nun lor drunkeoneM. i'he defendant, piai?J upen the ?tand, te*vnie<i he reeidel at \"o. 7, prince ? ueet, in this city. 1 bel.eve I <lran* InuixtoaUng liquor on the 4 th July inat , 1 frank br^nJy, I Uink . 1 tUUik it wn in New Ytik. in >tuth utreet, n?;ir tbe Fulton ferry ; don't know wbo keepn the place or the numuer of the at net, I drank once or tw ce in Brooklyn; I thick 1 .lrt,nk bran<'y at|afaH'a, in Myrtle aveane, Mtween Prince and ( ?r 1 etrceti, on the north aide of tue avenue. I am cotporltiv* I waa in there, ?n<l if I waa, cannot teil ?ho ftn ma bed me with tbe liquor, 1 am a mam; I th'nk I waa at New York in tbe moTnirir, 1 ataid at home j tb.nk on Tttadaj nifcht; I had u U>t le of alcobo! in my pocket: I drenk anme of it; I wanted aome for bati ng / .LeltiO, and in dtfaalf of payment aeiuec. ed to tbe county jail frr ten daj ? Pollctman .loelkliller arreatel Vimotby I y:na for io t< ?, cation. I n IxJdc put on the itand, he stated that be drenk bratdjr a' tlio Valley Crove tarero, on Proapect nM; a'ao drank ii;.v.dy an>t b< er at a houae on Kilt jn avtcii?, Df .ir Mai.ti'i ily roao . drank with a man enmel I ertelt at tl.? la t j la ?? . ilrank brandy >a Ui? mo niu^ a; the groc< >y of 1 h n l.yn.h, ccrnerof Hoy - and Untlcr atr?et?, i ear ei.< re I l.?e <ltarle* PrfBce -Ira Dk brandy witb tne in the bet pla e. I ce . f 10, an'l ia default com mitted to j?'l f, r i( ii lnj a Poiiceni.m A1 >?n i i*itt/.w .irreateil Mi -b.iel Py m for dmek- nnca t o ? e!o> r?'?n. he depowed th*t" he l.vtd in Keliey'e allej ok lt.,eor yesterday at hi* brne, where h?l'iaid?, w b hi* brother iieaali Hyan , be got tbe bt.tni y or Jamea Callina, ?l)C kt< pa a gtucery and II ? - attfc in 1 >>uinYa atreet ctn?rof Keleej'a vlley d unk t?o or thrwe glweea io hiapiaie; orank cone anywhere eU? yeeterday. The i'(fei dent waa aentere' d to p?y a fin- o! ten lollara, and, in defanlt, to etac l eomBttUed tiatil paid. lo 'fecrge A. Waddy arretted Jama* Vfi'Vjr n-.i. k fr.r drnnker n? *r. Tli" i'fet'Sant. liein^ p1 1 ?<dIoa ?be iUnd, a wore that he lived a Boll ar atreet. near Xa?j , drank a gla*'* of br?ui!y at i:4?-'i*l M rrlaon ?, ftnerof Hndaon and Fnlion iwnn**. b e aon l boyi furni*ti*A w# with li ,'ier, for whi.-a ' j vil thr tlao <rmi> tro -la'-e^ o' ?r r?dt llog'i It. j ? '.a, e('n?'<ii ITniaon awasne ud Wi'Jo.igbby *ii ??; tb* wne oi ilogh iniab-'n." w. thiirant/; a'ai ??>, a g'<a. tf hnndy at a loarling hn ?? -;t by * .tai i. aid Hawkinr ce:?a- of N'av; r.rJ Wl! ou}> 1 atrer ? ma who board* there i?w dm the brandy; don't know bis !>?, ha works In Preatina'ii hat faitory; don't think I pak for it Defendant wax fiaed ton dol lars, and commtttd to the county jail for ton da ft, la defaulter pa>aent Xfv or time moie vera examined, and s ni'larlj dis posed of. Waiiante will bo issued agsinst all those who sold tha defendant* liquor, ae teetifl?-<l to by them. Dr. Aprlmuiil'a I topical Dywntciy and dlarrliua rtmeoy, u now to the public after oe. ing used In private practice for many years wrth aston. iabteg BMMM It 1* the result of tbe experience of a medical man act ng a* aurgeon in our army in Mexloa and upon tha California It ia entirely different from the uiaal temp?rlug and uncertain methods of Ueatmtnt, relieving tie moat alarming c*nei in a foir boo>*, either adult* or infants. For tale at moat of the druggists and at tbe Ceneral Agency. 22 Ileekman atreet, New York. WM. B. BODGK & 00. Proprietor. J Coagreia Hall, toratog* Springs ? TUe Pro* {irietois of thia old and well known establishment be? ? ave to announce to toe travelling publto that they have scale latgo additions to Its extent, refitted and re lurcishtd it throughout, provided it with gas, water, and every pota ble conveuienoa. and are prepared to ac commodate their gurete in r. style of comfort and ele gance not to be anrpnaved by any hotel In tbe United States. They bare added to the building a ne? din g, 200 feet long, with a spacious, well lighted diciag room, capable of aoat ng 60t guest*, and tha three upjer sto ries devoted to snitB of large, airy, handsomely fu misl ed rooms for families, satiable for any number of par sons, with cbil.iren end servants, and provided with piatzas to each story, runn'og the whole length of tha house. The new drawing rooms are tha largeat and most elegant in tbe place, a spltndll band la in attead ance every even rg Tba table la lariahly supplied wlttt substanna) viancs and all the vegetables and other luxu riee of the season Particular attention is paid to tbi* department, and nothing will be left misapplied that tha moat fastidious can centre Congress spring, tie mist famous of tbe mineral waters of Paratom. ta ia tha im mediate vicinity of Congreis Ball; ana the Hamilton baths, the beat in the place, are immediately in tha rear of the Lrusa, and can ba reached by merely panning through Its grout d* Tba proprietors have * pared no expense to render Congress Bali equal in point of com fort, cleanliness, and eleganoain all departments, to tha best and moat fashionable hotel In any part of the world. They have expended nearly $100,000 in refitting tha house and in the purchase of furniture, etery arti cle of which throughout the house i? entirely new, and th?y will do ?verj tbiog in their power for the accommo dation and comfort of their gueate. 1'orters, bagga;a wagon* and omninufts *111 he in atten;ian?? at tha' railroad depot an the arrival of every train, to convey guests and Luggage, fr<eof expense. HATIIORN A BAIL. Saratoga Springs, July 1, 185ft, Leok Out fbr Your fltadl-Look Oat for tlie Knox on itl Have you j it been to KNOX'S new aid ele gant store, on tba corner of Br jadeay and Fallen a tre<*t? | He ia selling the moat elegant hat yet out. He has an other store at ?33 Broadway, which is immensely pa j troii ized by pet sons of taste. Panama lints. ? We have Prepared bjr pressing into shafts popular with young gentleman wearers, our entire atock of 1'aoama hats, whica, t.> ciuao off, we ofler at unprecedented low prides. A few sea. shorn bats only remain on band. Visiters ta watering placea should examine thfm. LEARY A 00 , batter*. Antor Honse, Broadway. Positive Auction Sale of Oil Painting*, Bare hooks and engravings. ? We wish to remind our reader* that ALBERT H. M CO I, AY will sell thia day, Er-day, at 11 o'clock, at hia sales rooms No 11 Broad street, tha remaining portion of ancient oil paintings, belonging to the collection of the l?.te F. A. Cummins, Eaq. . includ ing many fine specimens frctn the school of Pouissin, Bamberger, 'feelers, Vanas, Bernels, Carlo, Ma.'*lll, Zucarello, Van Gam, Lamared, Vernets, k:.. many of which are gems, and worthy the attention of ccnnoiseure; also, a choice selection of English and French brolis. For further particulars see catalogues. The whole to be sold to close tbe estate. Albeit H. Klcolay will liold a Special Anc? tion sale of stocks and hoods this day, at 12>i o'clock, at tbe SI? rcbanta' Exchange. For turtle- parUonlarti see bis advertiiement in Brother column. Cata'ogiea can be obtained at the otilee, No. 11 HroaJ street. Anna's D*|nemotypes.?uarge Sfxe tor JO aenta, colored ana in a nice ease, twice tbe tiie others tak? tar 60 orttta and equal la quality and aite to those raedo slaewnsre tor 92. ANSON, 669 Broadway, opponia Metre Hotel. Fhotogiapbs for 50 cent*, 91 and |i, bean* fully execottd; dagutireotypea, 26 cents, 50 ceote, tl, Ac.; sfareotcopic pluturtii, $1 and $3, by BOf.tfKi' U. 8. patent can-eras, taking from three to four piotnr** at once. Dapot ol art, 2811 Broadway. Llghte, Bewfin Ac Hradlmry'e Saperlov !>ianos, and Geodmao Baldwin's couble biuk in a odeons, suitable for ct ur :bes Two very gool^Frencb piccolo pianos. Pianos Volet. COLBt'KN A NA^H, agents, 423 Broadway. Theimo?eter at DO,? Urates L.lnea Ceata, as eoel as a zephyr, at >1 60; Marseilles vesta,"#', t: and 13; linen pantaloons of every description. 91. 9'2 *od 9d; at EVANS' clothing warehiiu*, 60 and 68 Fniton atreet Zephyr Cnaalmere Sulta, (lO^Thm really beautl/ul suite are manufactured from a new descrip tion of weollen good*, of r-.cb, delicate sbiu!?s Atnul Me hundred of them are told dally, at EVANS' elotbinc warehouse, 66 and 68 Fulton street. (?rami Wedding to Take Place at ihr It, Nicholas ? 2,000 guest* invited ? Splendid ?>ji'_a for th? oocaHion, may be obtained at KVAN'H clothing wars house, 66 and 68 Fulton street, at %'M. Al>o, *eptyv caraimere euiti, #10 . cheis Marseilles (itita, 18 !r\ Parents May Buy #ent Summer Coal* for their bo j (i of R0QEK8 & CO., corner of Fulton and Sae ran streets, for 60c , and Marseilles vesta for o^c Oi.h?r hummer cloth' ng In proporton. Drt?malilng.-Ladica Sojourning ft>r a lim ited time at our faabiomible bot?ls, and who wish ta aecure the latsit Parisian at; leu; will please ob?< rr? that the richeet drosses are furnished in tto latest e! jJe and perfection of art, In tfn hoars, by MRS. FARNHWORTflL fashionable drreemaker and importer of faabiccs, "41$ tnadway, oppcalte Broadway Tneatre. Ladlrs for the Conn try? Wishing LI urn Gal* tere at 12a , gaiter boot*, a.ippers, ties, tollat slips. !*;? boots ard Inuia rubber shoe*, Ac , with boys, mu-es* and chili j en's toot- *n4 snoag of all Made au>l prloor* den t forgit J I). MILI.hK k CO , 134 Canal street Call at the Olohe Hotel, Corner of Fran U fort and William streets. i;on'.ai'iiog SM ro. Ml. neat *c<l a'ry. Price reduced ? rotmt 26c per day, it 50 p-jr *?fl. Wllhliii1 Amltlet Prrpartd by Dr. S. N> KUiott'a | rocriptioo, pr?srut??l to me, will ro.toic. pr? it rve ano c'.tutte the baj. i bO cmie per ?xiVI*. M. W 1 1, KIN, 44 U.v<>? Une. N. loungei's London Cordial Gin lias bern pror.ouneed by I>ia. Chilton, Castle, and ot">* r emine it medical authorities as a iloiI valuable MjUMl tinc ture, and an sxcellent beverage during the present warn star on, as It keeps the bowels regular ant m^.vr.r a cool it g ? fl? ct to the whole symem. The ne -v i <fiir Uir dn<i rot ? Pert its aale, as it us an imported article *.o?l ?ol<l otaly in the oilgioal paotagta at tl par que.rl bot t?e. It ran le obtain* d of II vv, HII.I>', dngir't, fl"f> liiosdwsy (latarge linoae ) and of drugjifits nut grojira g?c< isl.y throughout the country. R K. MESSENGER k. C?> Cole importers, 18 Fttlion strict. Eii|;llili Stone Ware Milk Pan*, P. ire an flats, stioog aa iron,) 1*. and 4s. each A 'so, Dgl:ah stone ware pickle jars, warranted to re* at to* strtrgeat acida. Cheap co na and glass sure. M3 Iircauway, above Eleventh street. J. K. K Jj'Cft. D?- (lance Halsunantfcr Haft a (lobrri tl.Pat A1CK is the sole manufacturer in the United - ac?a of >lis alrnve celebrated HIM, and patent MfiH | <of de l.ancr lo. Ls and noes bare. Iiepot 10- I'earl ititei, one door below Maiden lane. J mat Opened, Kill's llraneti Hair / tattls*, enriirs and shamrcoisr jarlers, at No. i dare. ay street, U'tei s J in a a??t. eoin'nii abls act Trie; .at si ,a. ' Bbavinii st this or the old stand, No. ?& Nsseu ? rsit.'six icnte. Hill's Improved I lataiitaneous I'a*i{salis4 bait dye, jet black ana perfect brown, cheapest ,'.nJ ???st in tie world; cn'y 4a a warranted eatuMittorf , or r?-y returLed. Sol 1, or appiie4 prirately *.t ilia No. 1 Uarelay atreet, or at lbs old stand, 4m Sar in Ue'woi the worry parlors N< a* u street Batrltelot's Ilalr Dye, Wigs aad Twtk.pees.? rhe beat in the world. Mins private reoms for ap ily hie nrilvailed dye. Beware o( isaitattoaa ; U ev rw 'It la rloiaa'.e. lbs largsst sto4k of wWs aad to n.^n n America, whokecais and ietail, at BATCn>.l.i>.i H, .'19 Broadway. CTtal arioi-o has Killed t'oinpe'lllon l>y c itn n ns'urs. Psr.onswiU red t-i^u it ti.? n..stortnns. Five min jiss gi-ree them a l.c?<i . i b .lr which bat ttt living ah n'ng tne they h%v Invitd in olhsrs. His r > celsta r I've w.|ls sclent. tic iu <. > a io a moirnnt ^'.d aad app'trd at No 4 A ".'.or It is an VaiTt-.nal t?>?ei ? ntlon t?u?t the b? autifiil!( at beada ?( hair arw to be fo-isd r n- 'o? < oa IrOiap.. thay prs< *rv? it bj tba u?- of a II' ? v'->lo CcRipOTind I he aasM ia for sale at IjOVKi'.S , '.j> 00 offce, "*.2 llrneiway. l.ialiSNri Oa|Bent, fnt Koielng e ta< licaid o grow in six weeks. $1 a bottle. I a;.-? b i-s <?>? laintsgt ?ht of the email oo?s ?6, >ent to in jnrt of the rn> ntry. R. <1. (lltAflAV, .'??j Itrv/Jwey ,'n >r, -)t>'dtb lbUd street, Phllajtlphia: hngw.- , .-'tat* net, AT. any. Tan. Prveklta, Ptinple*. H ni|>!li?n?. rh< usa, rmaw rra, fci., po ittva y r*ne 1 .io. H.atcble?s Italian mwllra i" >oap P<. ijf? ip t< ots h% r trom any pirt of the ho-'.y ? out* Hr pale llpe and cte??e i ilj ?rh:le, ( iour v.. . . m .0 bnj no 6th<r.) Ila^r dj? \ ?. 1 <v?i,i ,? i .'s?. pot, 63 *>aik?r str?r?, iirflxt r> from Hroa ? 7 foil." nnit Runloits lt>fnn?i<l from 1 ?/> (r.t w f "M* pan, l.lo. ?' in ?r, by I- ' "K-, cfllre. lirradway, a w abivrWi -t. Immertiai'ij after Ibe op^r ?t r. the '^o?a *?> k? * nj ? itb cecitort. M'b enrn ? :te l <> 1|>. Dr. K. l'it< h inlhor of Hi' -'?i\l. ?i < . em m ' caansption,'' oti c? '? .riiki'.? ?v > y, ?cuav ? ?v.'p,c ',) fr ci t. j lo ?, tr . "P", a*'.> m* , ? ?s o' tls ? ? ? - b'i 4a raset of c.a rs and f.-mt^s. 'on .It; "nil