Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 6, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 6, 1855 Page 6
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1 " ? i Mmi _ ?Mihwl modern lm < . ved Horace Wn iW ?*??, witt eTarsttiags. Prteea ? m than su be lad ?lM*h?N, >wl which defy eon pet '.>? a. Pimo* to Miiul teat tllo*e< on |u?im< Him to r sale w Wtklj payments. Helloway'i <*iila? The Utot, (he Ntom?fh, HO the kicneya. These valuable pills ut immediately an tbtae orgass, ud thuw remove all lurking aigna of iioaae. Huic at the mannfactorlee 80 Maiden l*n?, New Toik, ami 244 Strand, London, and by nil druggint.i, at 26 eenta, fJ}, c.nta, And ?1 per box. HoUoway'a Ointment.? SeJt Rhtwn, Scor batij eruption*. and nor of a la, and in all rheam ttiu ?near, this lellable oiataaen'. should be used a* a sove aelgn >em?dy, even nkcii all other maaas hare been tried In vain. Hold at the manufactories, 80 Maiden lane, Xew York, and 244 Strand, London, and by all feufgiaU, at 26 cent*, 42% oenta, and II per pot. iiaBKi, Hbonldvr Braces, Lndlaa* Iklti and aapporters, instruments for bow leg*, club feet, and all 4aferniiiiea ef the body, on hand and mtde to order by Di. CLOVER, at the Bnrgeona' Bandage Institute, No. 4 iii street Maroh on, brave Turkey, England and France; I' plii i the battle ax ? and lance? X. LYON Maintain* the war's but began; Sin* bang goe* the po*der, the insecta are done. B> Lpoik'a Hagnatic Powdir, Crowned ??y national pr!ie medals and oniversal success, atlil kills Me thou sent a of bedbnga, Ilea*, cockroaches, mo*quitoea, Ac., Ac., while melees sporlou* articles ere exchanged tei the aoney of the unwary, and ue ot no benefit to the hay erf. Look for K. l.jon'a signature an all genuina articlea. Depot 424 Broadway. lltlM On Toeeday, June 2(1, by the Rer. William 3 Balch, Craiu W. Haskkix, Esq , to Hue Khah.jej M. 8. Howaix, ah af this elty. Hew Jersey papera pKaae eopy. On Sunday, July 1, by the Rer. Dr. MoFar>and, of Ctiea, Mr. Pi thick Hk>hv Kskhajt, of thia city, to Miss Him An nr. Nowlan, of Watertllla. On Wednesday, June 27, by Her. Father Jerome Kobri re, W St. Joseph's Church, Mr. Touiah C. Rowlky to Miaa liiLABmi M. Hoka*. On Tuesday, July 3, by Rev. E. T. Bi?40x, Mr. Ciiarlks B. Uacdoma ld to Mrs. Martha Emm, both of thia city. On Wednesday, Jnly 4, by the Rev. Ira R S.tsvard, ?apt. James II. Bkow.nlow to Isaiikila Luw, eldaat daughter of the late Capt. William IhomB, taasher of navigation in thia eitv. <>n Wednesday, July 4, by Rev. J. W. B. Wood, of Chilian avenue Church, Mr. Calkii 3. Ha.vd to Miaa Eliza - nun Fixi.d, both of Flushing, L. 1. On Wednesday, June 27, at the resldenoe of the bride's lather, hy the Mev. Dr. Iillentnall, Mr A. L Parkk*, a* Manchester, Eng , to Lbah, joungeat daughter of J. M. Tib Bergh, Esq , of Hoboken, N. J. Mancheater and London papers ptaase copy. At Grata Church, Baltimore, on Thursday miming, June 28, hy Kev. Dr. Wyatt, John Sthickkh Jk.vkiih to Cuiu li. , joungest daughter of the late Kobt. ttruce Yandervoort, of Mew York. At Waahington, D. C , on Monday, July 2, by th? Rev. J. H. Donolon. Jou.i H. Havila.nh, ef New Vors, to Ulaa 1. BunoMT WriKwco.N, of tbe form-r city. D(td. Ob Wednesday, July 4, by being drown)! while bath ing at Acquaeanonck, N. J., Awsio Wilmakto, in the 19th year of bia age. The friends of ihe family are respectfully Invited to nttend the funeral, this morning, at ten o'clock, from the raaidence of bia brother-in-law. E a. Brooks, No. 31 Ixwdon Terrace, Weat Tweoty-tair.1 street. On Wednesday, July 4, Mr. buuatiAX Jaclard, agel It yeara. Tbe frienda of tha family, and tlioa* of hia brother in law, Wm. Saunders, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, fiom nls late residence. No 1 Ann street, Mia afternoon, at two o'clock, without further invita tion. His remains will be taken to the New York day Cemetery. On Wednesday, July 4, or congestion of tha brain, Gbokgk N., only sou or Charles F. and Catharine M. Mcsteakope, aged 3 yaaia, 8 months and b days. The relativeafand acquaintances of the family, tha members of Atlantic 1-odge So. 178, Free and Accepted HaMsi, and Amaranthus Lodge No. H52, 1. O. of 0. K, ate teapeatfully invited to attend tha luaeral, from No. 288 Weat Tnirty lirst atit-et, batweeu Ninth and Tenth kwsuaa, this morning, at ten o'clock. Hta remains will ha taken to Korwalk, i)t., for interment. On Wcdneaday, July 4, John D. Callaqea.v, in the 27th year af hia age. Tha lri?nda of the family, and tbon* of hla brother in h?, C. W. Baker, are invited to attend hla funeral, thia ntteinoon, nt two o'clock precisely, troa tbe rasidvnea of hia father, corner of beven'.y third street and Third avanna. On Thuraday, July 6, Ag.nks, ouly child of Alexander and Margaret A. Frear, aged 1 year, 11 months and 0 a friends af tha family are reapactfuliy invited to nttend tha funeral, thia afternooon, at fouro'elock, from Xn. 123 Waverlev plaoe, without further invitaton On Thursday, July 5, David Wilhom, stonecutter, a na tive af FUaahire, Scotland, aged 38 yeara. Hia friends and acquaintanees are raspectfally invited ??attend the funeral, this afternoon, at two o'clock, from hla lata residence, No. 1!>6 Wsat Nineteenth street. On Thursday, July 6, U as MaRiah Vanmckkv, in tha 32d year of bar age The frirnda and relatives of the family ara invited to nttend the funeral, from the reeldence of her brother. in hw, Chna. M. Day, No. 4b Avenue D, thia afternoon, at ?ne o'clock. lJer remains will be taken to Greenwood. C la tar and Orange county papera pleaae eopy. On Wedneiday, July 4, Kuu P., daughter of James A. Keott, deoeaaed, in the 20th year of her age. tha relativea and trienda of tl>e family are raapertfully toviled to attend the funeral services, at tha ra^idenso ml her mother, No. 139 Weat Seventeenth street, this moaning, nt tan o'clook. The remtina will be conveyed to Yenkera for interment. On Tueeday, July 3, after a abort and painful lllnaaa, a i disease of the lung*, Rachsi. F, the beloved wile of JNL 1? u. I'etaotto, aged 28 years and 3 msnths. Philadelphia, Cleveland, and West India papers pleate Wednesday, July 4, after * short Ulnata, Jout fii MUII, of \ orksbire, Kngland, id the &Z& year of hi* age. The raktm and trlendaof the family in respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from bli Uto residence, Ko. US West Washington plaoe, this morning, at ten ?'clock, without further invitation. Hi* remain* will bo taken to Greenwood Cemetery for Intrrment. Philadelphia ud Boston papers pleaee copy. On Wednesday, July 4, KurtTi Auujau, daughter of Jaaoe* aid imilii J. l'rior. Tli* frtenda of the family art respectfully invite! to attead the funeral, from the residence of her parent*, So. 38S EadUou street, this afternoon, at thro* o'clock, without further invitation. On Thursday evening, July ft, after a Mr ere i linen, irnou Oobmikb, aged 68 years. The friend* and relative** of tha family are respectfully tavited to attond the funeral, from No. S7 Perry -treet, ta- marrow morning;, at t?a o'clock. On Thnraday, July 6, aftor a abort and severs illneee, Cum n Knar, only child of John Henry and Anna L. Dot, aged 6 moathi. The relative* and friend* are red poet fully Invited ti at tend the funeral, to-morrow afternoon, at half pait two ?'?loch, from the residence of his parent!, No. 139 Rant Thirty -aixth > treet. His remains will b? interred in Oa Wednesday, July 4. Prrnt Gilliuav, Sear , a native ?t eeaat j Longfo.d, Ireland. Philadelphia and St I oula, Mo , papers please copy. On Tuesday, July 3, lionet, s id of Horace and Miry f. Brooke, aged 'I vears, 7 months and 14 days. On rues day, July 3, after a liaferiog lilne*-, Hftvky M. Bi rkkli, ion of the late 11. It. Barr?ll. M. D , agwl 33 year*. Suddenly, on Wednesday evening, July 4, I .any, only child of Nathaniel and h/izabeth Tfcty, ijed 15 months and 14 days. Philadelphia pspers pleaie copy. Oa Sunday, July 1, K at*, infant daughter of O^rnaliua aad Caroline Grace, aged 1 year and 'JO days. On Monday, Jnly 2, Jax* A. Hutkh, wife of Jacob Heeraianes. Her remains were taken to Greenwood Cemetery and ftacad in tb? family vaalt of her father. > la Lee avenue, Brooklyn, on Wedn??dey. June 27. Ht? mx C. Kklliy, aged i years. Tne rrmaias were Interred in the leroetery of the Irtnniai. Suddenly, In WllUaaaburg, on Thursday, July ft. Caoaor H., son of George W. aad Sarah A. (.age, aged t) ywurs aad 4 months. Ac friends of the family, and thoxe of hU grABd mo ther, Mr*. Royal Wilds, are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at roar o'clock, from the re side vca of nls father, No. 130 South hightn ? treet. la Williamsburg, on Thnraday, July ft, Kiu v i? Mouta, Maty child of ^aran and David L/atouratte, Jr. On Wednesday, July 4, Norval Day. in the 5th year of hi* age, youngeet son of John C. and Annie P. bay Ro bert*. The frlenda of the family are invited to atten 1 the fa aeral, this afternoon, at one o'clock, from No. #4 Oar de n street, Hohokea. At Jersey < Ity , July 5, Mtss CAnuRiwr, daughter of Ik* late William aad Mary Weathenll, age<l 55 years aad 10 BMnthJ. Her relative* and friend* at* respectfully In ited to ttea4 her funeral, from the residence of her nephew, Hi, Horace Liter, No. 30 Proa pact street, near Morgan street, Jersey nty, this afternoon, at two o'clock, with ?nt farther Invitation Tusealcoea aad Alabama papers pleas* copy. At Milford, Ct., on Thuradar mora'ng. July 5, at half pact hU o'clock, at the residence of R. L. Baldwin, Hut Mi Dmok, son of ChArles I . Pinion, of New York, ag*l I years and 6 month*. Hla remains will be taken to his grandfather's, F/Jward rblitpe, No. 90 Stanton street, anl due n-ti.-e will be given of the fu< rnl. UV ERTIS1A1 m KULWLD LVLRY DAY ruit WKT. B nion ooi rsr, l. i.? niortivo on Friday, Jaly i.f at hall past 3 a clock P. M , a match fat ?i,tX0, twa ii'In and repent, to WAgons W. Whalaa names gr. m. Boutag, W. lea lo I v u.-unes b. m. Hot* Temple. SUA ft' k WHITE, Proprietors. TTNIOf OOL'RHE, L. I. ? TRomNI.? ON' FRIDAY, Jaly 6, at ha'f past tbrea o'clock, a match for ??A.CC0, two mil* ?r.'l reteat, to wagons. W. * helaa Mau gr. m. W. reabody name* b. m. flora Temple Oars *111 le?va the -v>utb ferry, IlrooKlya, for Mm ?< ur*e, at laentv mlnntaa pa?t "i o'donh, return ?a aoon a* the sport U over leregolng and return inc. M Mat*. BHAW A ^.ifl^ I'roprlators. f|X> TBI LOTXRft Af?D BBEtpilS OT rtWM STOCK. A ? ' the eelebratsd thorouxbred ftallVia Wild Irishman WW staad ter a limited r.smker <f narss Ike eassiw m aaa. at in* Red Htnte ttaUee, at SOU the nans, all SSJS is M mM Men servtM tte vara. AO aeeldsata (I ahe risk ef Us e WIIMH. jQUIRCoe-J AM HERE? Mk'E? MF ? INFORMATION WANTED ? Of WM. BARH9W, AN Englishman, Md 'Si j?n, would be -sr-y thankfully r*c*.ved bj J AMU) TURNER, 247 Adams street, Bro">klyn. iF THE MATE OR ANY OF THE CREV OF THE BRIO Eiktt ite in the city, they ire requested to cnll inedltttlj At 64 Lnigbt stree;. JOHN DOUGHERTY, CIVIL ENGINE!*? PLKAiE ?end jour address toS.DE AG RED A JOVE, k CO., New YMk. LITHOGRAPBERS TAKE NOTICE. ? THE PERSON who has charge of the plite from wlilsh the Jipli nu of the Adelpbic Society, at Union Oolle f. are struik, or any Information concern log It, will greatly oblige the society, by communicating with the committee i aimed! IT I.9S1NQ? ON JULY 3, KVEHING, A YOUNG LADY 1Y1 18 years of age; waa either ablucted from bar home, or left under singular circumstances to oam? her husband and lamtly to fear for her safety; she ia flea fieet four incbti high, blue eye*, Handy hair, goal tenth, and fine looking; walk* erect, straight now, wore a light blue and whit* laws drew, whit* straw bonnet, purple wreath Inside, abort black dotu-d veil, black mantilla with lace, brown jean gaiters_with rosettes, Urge void scroll breastpin ana ?wrings, embroidered collar, bu-k lace mits, two gold finger ringa, and one red oornelian ditto. Any person giving Information ol her at 398 Greenwich street, will be liberally rewarded. Tfcif ABOARET SULLIVAN, SENT OUT ON E Kit AND ON Jjl Tuesday, the 3d Inatant, baa not ainca be?n seen or heard from. Any person baring any information of her will do her brother, John Huilivan, whom she lived with, a favor by sending him an account to No. 8X Stone atreot. Age from 10 to 11 year*, light, haired; wore a dark dress, white figured red apron. rE YOUNG MAN THAT CAME FROM ILLINOIS AND called at 112 Jobnaon atitet, Brooklyn, bearing n message from James Langhlln to his sister Rosey, will pleaae eall at 161 Nasaau street, Brooklyn, where ha can see her. ?ub Uhcur ?t(iitiri'>U(?. 1 AAA CASES OF SUPERIOR CLARET WINE, FROM %'i (bottles returned) to $tl. London and Dublin porter and brown rout, Scotch alee. brandies, wines, torn, Schiedam asbnappe, I-ondon ooriiUI gin, ana all other imported liquora, segars, fcc. For ?-al? in any qoanUtJea. by UNDkRHllJ. k MATTERSON, No. 43? Broome, corner Croebv at. CHAMPAGNE CREMANT, PRlCMIUM WINE, FROM Maaalenrs Ruinart IV re et File, Rhslms. ? An In voice of 300 baskets ot thia wine, landing ex ship Helve tia, in excellent ordar and for aale in i|uanvities to suit pnrcbasera, by the undersigned, sole owners and impor taraofthle brand in the united HUtss. WHITI/JCK, NICHOLS k CO., 84 Front street. W , N. & <>> , beg to announce to the public that thia wine, received from one of the flrat houses in France, was ordered to compote with the best wines ever sent to thlo country, and ia the opinion of distinguished judges tho quality la not sur passed by any wine in this market. WINK AND BRANDIES IN BOND? IN THE ORIUI nal packagea, with eortlDcatea of Importation, for salo from under Custom Houao lock, In hslf pipes, quarter and eighth casks; clarets and cbainpaguee, in groat variety. L. U. SIMPSON ft SONS, 10 Beaver atreet. THK TRADES. TRUNK MAKERS WANTED.? INQUIRE BETWEEN 7 and 0 o'clock, A. M. at 00 and 71 1st avenue. TO FURNITURE MAKERS, CLOCK AND TINSH0P9.? An ornamenter, wbo undarstanda making any kind ot gold decoration bv hand as woll as by maohlne, which latter method enables him to make com iderably more than former, wishes employment; prefers to act aa fore man, as he thoroughly understand* tbo japan businea* In all its various branches. Pleas* address Japanner, C. S., care of A. Rudlger, die alnker, 01 Ann at. 1\0 BAKERS?WANTED, a GOOD BREAD AND cake baker, to work in Brooklyn, who will devot* hla time to the buslneaa like the other three hands em ployed. Apply at No. 1 Vaod*wat*r at., N. Y. WANTED? A SITUATION, AS O tRDKNER, BY A young man, an Englishman ; has no objejtion to work on a fsrm if require*! , and will give every aatU 1 action to hla employer, both in work and moral con duct. Apply at, or address W. O. A. vmith's, (seeds man,) 64 Whit* street. WANTED? TWO GOOD COOPERS; A ISO CAR penters and blnckamitha, and a number of lands men, for whaling voyages. All clothing lurninhed. In quire at the whalemen's shipping office, N >. 117 West street, rorner of Codar atreet. up awir-, opposite Pier No. 14 North River. COAL. COAL? MY OBJECT IS QUICK 8Ai.ES AND SMALL I profit*, for cash. I am delivering best quality rod or white aah, woll screened, at to 60. or in lots over Ave tons, nt $6 36, from my yards, King and Greenwich, Twenty fifth street and Ninth avonue, 114 Da ana street, near Broadway. PETER CLINTON. COAL? VERY BEST QUALITY OF RED A-"1I, STOVE or egg sic* coal, screened and delivered, dry and In good order, from under shed* at $6 60 per ton; and whit* aah $6 26, from yard 60 Ooerck street. Weight and quality warranted. MAT. CI .IN TON. WAFTS. Airoti-htant aim. wian a situation as laundress, or would do tb? general bojseworfc of a ? mall family. Clan give b??t of city reference from her la-t place, where aha ha* lived two years. Please call at 230 1Mb at., rorocr of 1st avenue. ATOOM woman wan is a situation, to do geteral housework, ii a gooJ washer and kroner; j no objection to go a abort distance In the country, un derstands the cara of a dairy ; good reference from bar iaat place. Ca>l for two days at 84 7th at , top floor, back room. A N EXFKRinXCED DRE-'SMAKER WlSHEflO WORK J\. on* by the day , can giro every satisfaction la cut ting ladiea dresee*. Iicnee call at 46 W. 13th at. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOltAN WANTS A Hiri' at ion as a goo<l plain cook, washer aul Iroaer tte beat of city refer* no* can be given lived from two to four yeara in situations. Apply at 178 .lohn-oa at , between Carll at. and Hudson avenue, Brooklyn, next frame home to the drag store. No objection to go to the country. ARBSPBCTABUC YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SfTJ ation aa child 'a nurse and chambermaJj, ia a go ?1 eewer, and understands waiting on a dclltaU lady. Call at 169 Laurens at., for two daya. ARE-PKCTABIE YOUNG AMERICAN LADY WO0LD like a situation aa lady'e travelling or lnme com panion, or children 'a governess; uaderstand* music and dressmaking. Apply for two daya at 60 Franklin at. A RF.-FBCrABIj: PROTESTANT WOMAN WAN ti A rV. situation aa cook or cbamberma'd, or laundrees; Is willing to male beraelf useful if reqnirel ; w igea mo le rate, prtfera the country for the summer. Cleats call for two days at 94 B. 11th at., a few doors from 'i-1 ave nue, In the rear. Ayocng okrman oiri., competent TO PER form all domestic duties, Including cooking, waah ing and Ironing, In flrat rate atyle, wienes a place in an American private family. Apply at Mr. CWby's, 2M Canal at. A RESPECTABLE OIRI. WA^rs A 81 Tl' ATION, AS nurse and fce.imatrera, or chambermaid ana Main - Ureas, is a Aral rat* sewer. C?llbia?in at lier place, u'. & Eaet ttb st , lor two da) a. ARTOPtjCTABLK GERMAN OlIU. WANTS A -ITUA tion an chambermaid, In a prive-e family goo4 city reference. Call at 14? Division a'. A RIKJ'KCTABLK WOMAN WANIV \ MTU ATI- IN J\. aa flrat rate cook, in a jtn?ai? family; anient to-:* biead blacuita ta a good gam* and y'ry rook ia wil ling to asaiat In washing. Caabewenl-tr two days at UuEaat liftth street, between M\ anl .'ki avenu?s flr?t Or or, front loom. <>oo-J city reference. ApRorrsrANrciRi want-i a situation, to do general housework (or a small private family, and to assist in the washing ao-1 ironing I i goo-1 plain cook. <>ood reference, 'an be seen f?r twodeys at 110 Rooserelt at , first tt?or, op sUira, front r-om. AW1T M ft-I WANTHi IMMKDI tl'KI.V. AT 63 Division street, near market street. She mast come will recommenced. ASMARI I*TKLUOKNT WOMAN DlflRM* A -ia'A Hon aa seamstroes, >. r genera! helper, -be is e->m. psunt to waah and ir?g line things, and has a niee little girl three years old, from wh..-h she cannot part. W? Cs no object. Anplr at the christian Home, 4th st. tveen 4th and Lexington avenoee. A SITUATION WAVIED-UY A CAP \ I'M. PKR.-ON J\, aa c.bambermai or laonlreea, or to asaiat in general housework. R*feren??e uneicej-Uce ib!e I isa<* call at 11* * eat 19tb ARI-PfCTABU PIlOTTBTANi Ollit Wl-iD* a ?itoatioo, aa plain seamstress and chambernul 1 no objection to the e .atry < an be seen at her pre?*ut ?-mplcjer'i, Ne. 7 Sullivan street, for two daya. A fRKPPBC TABLE <IRI. WANIW A JHTUATION, TO J\_ do general houteworR n a email private family Can be se< n fur two daya at Wo Pearl street, corner Of Clymon' h, Rrookljn. 'lood city referen-:*. HiSlM CTABUC YOl'NO 01! Rl,* Hfl?4 A ?ITl ATMV as senmeiress. las n i objwtioa to do chsm >erwork or to take caie ef children .oo-l re fen-nee from her laet niaoe Can be reen for two day- at IS* Plymouth at., Brooklyn, in the store. YOCNO WdHSTof LONG KXPEHIEWCT'Tn this city, wtab^ a ?"itus" on In ? genteel U-* le; has a general knowledge of r ising :?<1 hous? keeplrg. Any one re siling such a r?rvin wonl.l iin>l her steady and trustworthy. Me t -ity reference given. Will rer? i\e en'.N oavu auite<l at 1 VI 2Tth it . fcet*e< a 6th and Tlh a?s. RCPECfABI* HKAI iHY YO' N'. WID?;U~w-7 man, with a freah Breast ef milk, wanti a i*na l ton aa wet nnree la some respectable ram''y, h?r oes bsbj la fear weeks e' l an t wU giro it o t to narss; o > eb/eetJon to go Into the country ran boe??n ftr three <nye; haa good e tv roferei m. Pinna* -sail at .'TI Wil llaai rf , n*nr Pea/I, 'onrth fnnr front roest. WANTfk I 4 SITUATION WANTKD? BY A PROFESSED OOK, IM I A. a private : -i.d ?rataad* ali ekad* of preeervea ' and pi;kle?. Can be ihb for two J*y? at 18# Eaat Zlat 1 at , near 21 DIOM. AROTECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, (ENGLISH,) wiahea a o u aeamstreaa, .m l to (1 ? chun beiwork cic cot ud lit ladi??' an i ehlldren'a iIhmm, ?ad all UiiCH <i( family see in*; w >uid alao do Una weah lag The bent of referent from her laat plaoo. No ob jection to the country, or wait on an iuv.ilii ladr. Pl?a*? c all or ?.<ldre>a jSeamatreaa, 2W Mott at., between Hou'ton and Rleecker ?*.?., fourth floor, for two diyi. An fxperienced nur^e. a protestant, wanm a n t'lation : ia competeut to takn the eot'ro nara af an ioftat and tha cbtrge of a nursery; can cut anil male rhildieit'a eio'.hio* lit* tha moat aauafactory city reference. Auply for two day a at No, 7 Union court, Cnlverrify place, near Pith at. AN AMERICAN YOUJTG LADY WANTS A SITUATION to attend Btora? a liiat cUaa confectionery pre ftrrid. lleat of city rafaraoce. I'laaaa call at 362 Pith ?t., between lot and H avenues, aejond floor. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU atioa aa wat nurse Id a respectable family. Tha of city referanco caa be given. I'laaaa call at 212 14th at , front room, thiij floor. A YOUNG LADY IS WANTED TO GO TO CAU 'ornia. Addreaa M. D. , Colon aquare POit Oitloo, duriag tha day. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION, A i GOOD plain cook | udarataidi making broad and bia cuita ta a good waabar and Irooar; haa good city refer - enca. Can bo Mao for two daya at 112 Eaat 29th at., fl rat floor, front room. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANrs A SITU ation aa wat suraa; haa loat her baby, three week* old. Ptaaae call at 60 Oliver at., In tha roar, room 6. A OOOX, LADY 8 MAID, NURSE, CHAMBERMAID, J\_ waltrv aa and laundraiia are wanted immediately, in a gentleman's family ; all mut be ft rat claaa aervant*. Apply at the c-ervanta' laatituto, 14!) Grand atraet; alao. excellent aituattona are now ready for aaveral good cook a, white and colored. A YOCNO GERMAN WOMAN WANTS A SITU A A tioo in a private family ; good city raferonce can bo given. Call at No 6 New at. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE yoaog woman. Ia a Brut rate draaamakar and Mamntroaa. Would prafar a private family. Haa the beat of city refcraneo aa to capability. Apply at No. I Mi 12th atreet, in tbo toy atcn% near University pUce. A RESPECTABLE YOCN? W?MAN WANTS A SITU ation, aa laondreaa, aurae, or aeamatreaa. fce aeen for two daya. I'leaaa call at No. #)4 Frankfort atreet, ia the taar. A RESPECTABLE GIRL, WHO CAN BE HIGHLY RE commended by the udy who employe her, aa aa excellent waahar and ironer, plain worker, un 1 goo<I baker ol bread. al?o general honaeworker, ia uonoui to obtaio aaituaiion. Can be aeea for throe daya at 77 l ?ual atreet. A situation wanted? by a young girl, as plain rook, washer and ironer. or to do general homework : ban no objection to go a abort diatancr in the country. Good city reference aan be given. Please call at 11S Weat '.7th at . between "th and Hth avenuea, firat flotr Can be aeea for two daya. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO MAN WANTB A SITUATION aa waiter In a private family, or in a gantleman'* boarding bouao. llaa the baat ol city reference. No objection to tie country. Addreta Waiter, Morae'a gro cery, corner of 12th at. and Cnlveraitv place, or at the Herald ofln, Can be aeen till engaged. A WEI L EDUCATED CUBAN YOUNO MAN, WHO speak* French and a little Engliah, wiahea to give leraona in the Spanlah or French language*. in any Ameilcan family living between Spring ami Chamber* atreet. and not too far from Broadway, in exchtnge for a aingle faroialied rocm, without board. The beat re fertutea giv?n. Addreaa, within three daya, A. P., 26 I.! ape card atree*. A THOROUGHLY ACCOMPLISHED DRUGGIST, Al'O tbecary ano chemiat, with an experiea ce of over reventren yeara In hia buaineaa, wlahea a good aitoatlon. He ap< aka German, Erench and Engliah, and la able to carry on cerreapoaaenee in theae three langiitgva. St tiafactory reference* given. Addreaa E. P. , Herald ofllco. Agents wanted- to seu, map sHrars of the moat pepular kind, by which >6 or til) per day ia often mane. I tree aplemlid colored abeeta, aire 2t by 32 incboa, jnat leady. Lettera of innuiry aaawared by return of mail. Addreaa A. H. JoOELYN, 00 Kulton atreet, N. Y. Agents wanted in the city and country. Apply peraonally, or addreaa, eaclielng p)itago ?tamp A liegeman, Broadway. A GIANTS WAN THI ? TO TRAVEL IN ALL PARTS OF J\. the United Staten anil the Canada* , to veil a map ofToith America, United Statea aad Cuba, with diaian cea, population |iortraita, Ac. Map of En top*. Criaea ami tho Baltic Sea, with rontea, diatancoa, popnlatloa, Brtraita, Ac. Tho llluatrated Life of Chrlat. Mirror of baatosol, Crimea and the Black Sea, with portrait*, population, diatancoa, Arc. Price of tbooe map*, 26 centa eacli? aira 2d by 12 inchea. I'ablialiad by A. li. JOCkLVN, tto Fulton atreet, np ataira. AYOl.NO HAN WHOW EVENINGS ARK UVIM ploycd, wiahea to get ? aet of boofca to ke?p. Bail Mu BB?1 not bo too extanalre. Addreee J jba, Herald office. A FIRST- HATEDACIERREAN 6l'PKRAT0R~ WA sFFd i\_ ?to take IB intend in a dmU; tltted np gallery. Inquire at 371 Broadway. 8 COACHMAN, WAITKR, PORTER IN A HOTEL, or any reap?:tabl? houaa or public inatituVloa * het* an Intelligent, active Mil ateady nun la required, la a 1'roUatant (Fngliah), would be fouad capable In almeat any aitoation. The beat of teetinooUU u to capability. I'leaae o?U or addreaa Coachman, Vt? Mott lit., between Ho u a ton tail Bleeckar, for two daya. Would go weakly. A BOY WANT ID ? ONE WHO UNDERMTANOS THK gam* of bllliarda, aad aan come well re:onatneoded e?a apply at 130 Vth it., after 12 o'clock. BAR MAN WANTED? AT MONTAGUE HAt.L, Brooklyn. The boat of reference* required from la?t employer A <ilngle man preferred. Apply to David H. Iiainea, Montague 11*11. SOI WANIED ? AN INTELLIGENT BOY, ABOUT 16 rear* of age, of good moral character, reaiding i hi* parent*. Apply at 133 Canal at. C10MJETENT DREartfAKKM WANTKD-AT 491 / Broadway. Good handa and exper.enced at the trade will be anitably compoaaated. ClHRl.TIAN HOME FOR FEMALE SERVANTS, 3*111 / at, between 4'h and Islington aveau** -liover neerea, bouaekaepera, alio eervant* in ovary capacity, anpplied from thla InatltutUra A aopertor Preach lady 'a ma'd now at tho Institution. COACHMAN ? WAN I El >, A MTVATION AS OROOM, or grcom aad ooachmao, by one who per'eotly ua i5?ritan"? bla bnimeit. la a Protaatant llaa no ubjac tlon to ibe country. C'an be eon at I'M Cedar at., bo tw?.u Greenwich aad Waahingtoa ate., (or two <iaye. I lod refer* n ? given DKMrMAKFR ? A LADY WANIX A MIDDI V. AGKD American wotraa a? dreaamtker and < miipamon . one wbo !? a loo willing to do a 111 tie light houaewnrk Cool reference required . Addreaa "Ira Maaon, Herald olfice. RUG I UK WANfA-Om FUIXf" <jc I U FIKD to attend :o 'be retail and prea ription bualaei >, may apply at oS3 Seoond avenue. RUG CLF.RK WANTED? A PP! Y AT Till, ?TORE, '"?*) 4th at., cor. Wooator. DRUG CLERK WANTED. ? "NEFUIAY COMPETENT, ? ind wtoao character will bear the atrlctaat invea i . atmn may ad Ire** M. P. I?,, at Thayer'a drug atore, l'earl at. i lecKM k "wan 3 vnn at ST 13roiSi t D D1 DRI <. I I .IKK WAN I FO ? ONE WITH I JfDOUBftU) relerenre for a )bri*ty, boneaty, \ : , aad a thorough knowledge of hta buaiu***, capable of taking full charge o( a i-ompoun '.ng ?nd ? i>p*ua!:ig drug a lore Apply to Cr. J. O'Neill Murphy, at hi? M?<: io&l Hail, II. Hudson ? venue, Brookljn. DRlli CI U:K.? A YOUNG MAN, WHO HA 1 BEEN fourteen year* la the .'rn? and pr*a*riptlon buai aeaa, would lil?e a alt nation. can give tie t-ry rw?*t of refeienroe, both In lhl? City and eUewhere would liae V> to -onth or We?t. Aildreea for week. Pre?'ripilon, Herald ofti :e. ]aRI'fi (1.1 HK WANTKJ> 1MMKDIATO.Y-IT ."U * Cabal et., corner of liiilaoo. Noae but Ameri cane p'l-eeaaing eadonbtod teelimouy aa to character, A- , aeed apply. I'NTRY < UJt* WANTED.? AN IXPFRl^CED I N j try clerk waated m a wboleaale dry goo la hogto, in a \V"?t'rn ity, aad fully compateat to act at aaeUtant tot li keeper. None otber n?e.l ajpplr. A 1 Imea, wltb real nam* asd reiereaaa, boi 374 I'oat 'Hi :* OfERNKS- WANTKO-A tikNEVIME Oft FRENCfl <*iotoataat, to ,a- rne.t twoyouag ? rla, ?a? ie?', !? In New York, epoaltng the neimit in Newport, K. I. SaUafactory rafer?uces t" peraona in th.a conn try re quired. Addreaa bo* Stt.PWt Office, Newf^rt, P. I. CI ROCI KY. ? W.tVrFD, IN A CHEAP TEtfilUMMR f gtocety a younf r.ian wm thoroughly nler ? taada lua** an-i #?a mm* well :rr?m -n?a le<1 '<ooe other* ne?d apply, i-ali early at tU Fuitna ?t HOCMnKETFJt WaNTKD.? an AMfRICAN Vms( f. waatod, to take ? liarge of a ina 1 fain If in the country ,one that haa lived In th?t .-inatry pr? errad Apply from Id to ; o eiock. av .No. 9 Htiyveaaat it T AWYUt'A 0TH< i ".-WAN TED, A r.vW CI , KM, J i who writhe a -C'el hand, lol l? w.l ,ag to bo r-rj at-eotiTe. Addraea A H. A - , Heraad office. r. m ? r mahvr*? want n, a

? It ja'.ion ?y a yauag naa e-fli'eoa yar- of a<? and at prevent (a hcH nc a reefe taole c t'iat.on in tl. city; w.'bee to >\>e tne d*.y aad g/> oa b^ard nf a ?teaaaehlp a a atorekaepar, or e?ae per ni&ent attoatfaa la a etiaaer: iViea o?rtaai*>lon w.ia'roite .'habae'. '4 ft' r?a e ran ba given aad al?o aactinty, ifr^j, r?i A haa ??.? r??e?d to W. ft., I.e-aJ 1 ore, ? im r-e^.ata attenf oa. G wAm __ einuAtioN wantid-by i ittii r-Tiiu-t person ) h iiiim, ii4 to Mailt i> cbaaaberwork or yUli new >ag, hit but ?? *-tv tiftriM) , cam be mm for two day?; call ?. 79 W ckolf ft., Mar Uoyt, Brooklye. SITUATION WANTED-IN A PRIVATE 1'AMILV, BY aa tfficient, well raoomnradad, high)/ rupculi1*. and tjaetwortbr girl, to da general booaawork; m good rook, ?ubir and troner, an experienced laonaraea, tail h?- got nnen?p!|onable city rtfinoM A|iply ?t Myrtle av?nue, Brooklyn, In the UmmiL SITUATION WiSmt- BY A RWPDCfABLE PRO teatant gi?l, ai ebamtwrmi.d, and to Milit In the waahlng and ironing. or an Mil to attend to cbildrin, In a private family; woull prefer going to the eanntiy. Bent of city refereacai. I'mm eau at 71) Cbarlton it. Can be aeen until engaged. SIIUATlON WANTED ? BY A RKSPECTABIJC I'HO teetaat girl, an chamber maid and WA.ter, ot to aa nict in taking care of children; or would do the bonne work of a email family. No objection to go a abort die tanee in the country, (imd r- (?r? n >? from her laat place. Can be eecn for two daya In ttwi Horn 1H 1 8th ar. SITUATIONS WANTED ? A8 CHAMBERMAID, AC'., BY a French lady ; and aa servant, to da genenJ houte vork, by ber HiNtar. lioth ladiaa can giro the baat or city reference. Inquire at #4 Church at., corner of Raade, ap stalra, of Mra. liiraud. rpo BOSH MBCHANICM OR FARMERS.? WANTED, BY J. a youoK lad, aged abont foortaan, a aituatlon to learn a trade or to wcrk oa a farm. Country Prefered. pl*ni>e addreia a note to W. B. , Compoalag room, Herald office, New York. TO B0S8 CARPENTMf.? W AN rED, BY A YOliNQ man, a aituatlon to go under m*truoUoo? to a gtod bone for one or two yeara. Call at 1WI Kaet 2 2d at., first Hoar. TO ARCBIWtB, BU1I.DER3, AC.? AN ARCHITECT, ?nrveyor and draogbtamaa wtabaa to obtala employment in etther of tba abova branehea, or In any capacity in wblch a knowledge of the above la requiaite, la a good mathematician and accountant, and would make himaelf generally uaafal to hl? employer. Tema moderate, and aatlalaetory rafwaacaa given. Ad dreia Architect, bos 101, Herald office. TO I.AWYKRH.? A YOUNO MAN, (AMKItlCAN) 20 ytara of age, a ratildeat of the city of New York, retlding with hla mother, deilraa a seat In a lawyer '? ofiica, to write, atady ana do offioa buiinaen; write* a fair buaineia hand, in quick and tfrract at flguraa. good city raletencta given , wagea $3 par weak. Ihoaa w .ail ing the Kervlcei of a competent and trustworthy paraoo mar addren Kvelyn B. Fairflekl, box ltK> Herald offlei, or l'reicott House, oornar Broadway and Spring utreet, 100m 102, for time dayi. TO PRUOOIKT8. ? WANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A young man, acquainted with the retail ani whole aalo oral buaineia; ipaik* French aad German. Ad dram J. i,. I. , l:ox 127 Herald ofllca. Tu T0BA(x-0Ni8r->.? wanted, an i xpf.uikSc i.i. tobacco cotter. To one who thoroughly nnder-tan !a bid bualnf hj iteady employment will be given. Inquire at 148 Third annua, of Wm F. Traak, proprietor. CTN FRANC'AIS IT HA FEMME, NE I'ARLANT FAS J 1'angUiH dt-aircrait ie placer toua lea deax dani one maison am. rloaine; le mari coaune gar. on de cbaiu t>re at ?* charge d'entietanlr toua lea v. lem?nt d'hotnum da la maiion, at la femme comma femme de chainbre on bonne d'tnlant. On donnera do boa rananignnuent. S'adrenaar 132 l<eonard at., chez Mr. I'aueront. A.NTED-A BIT CATION, BY AN AMERICAN WO VV ?nan, aa hooaakaeper; abe oBdanianda choking ??rfectly well. No objection to the country. Apply at K Weat 20th at. ' ?T ANTED? A HITL'ATION, BV A KKfrBCrABI.K. TV I'roteitant girl, to do chamberwork, ar take oara of chlldran and do plain aewing. Han no objection to go a ? tort dlatance in the country . Beat city r?faren;a. Ap ply at 01 l'eatl at., Brooklyn. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE i'ROTMTANT yonng aoman, a ntnation aa cbam'Mrmaid an! waiter, or cbambei maid and plain aawer, or to aaei?t in the care of cbildrea. No objaotion to the country. lUa tba beat af city raferancea. I'leata call or asdreee a note for two daya, (at 162 _Wr>t 2Kh it., fourth lioar, back room. WAN' TED -A RJCPECTAHr.E (. CR1LAN' OIRL THAT unc'eritanda Kngliah, to do the work of a una II fa mily. Inquire at 6S4 Houatoa it. WANTED? BT A RBJSl'ECrAHLI OIRf- A SKIM tlon to do cooking, waahiug and ironing. Apply at 11 j W. 2fltb at., tBird Boor, jicU room (>ood city reference given. Caa be taen for two day*. -lE/ASTKD-A SIT! ATIOS, BY A HTKAHY WOMAN, YV ai drat rata cook, waahar and ironar, the beet of city reference, l'teaae call at 13 DWlaion ft., room 9. WANTED-A l.ADY'H MAID; ONE WHO Id A 0001) bulr die?eer. and can coma wall recomatrnde-l, may apply at 61 btb avenne, eoner of 12th at. Wanted? by a rotkci' abi.k person, a siri'A tion aa teaatatreoe la a gentleman'* family, would take charge of a chdd from lafaacy no objection to go a ehort dioUnca to the country. Call at IX) <iro ** it , cnrntr of Weat Waabington place, in tie atore, for two <!aya. WANT?.IX~BY A RKHI'K?fABl.E YOCNO GIRL, A aituatioa m chambermaid or child'* nuiaa, i?I to <o plain tewing. Call at 1S3 I.turena it, bat*oea Hoaa tot and hlMcket ?U., In tha rear, tot two days. WANThD? A I'RCJTfiiTAN S GIRI, OH WOMAN, VOT under 20 J earn, Aaaeriian. Sxjtcli, or <ier?eo, t> do the gettral houaawork of a amaU family, touiilm of a (alkiun tad hia wife, without children Apply thit maiaing, at Mm. Wekien'e, 16 like atreet. WAN1VD-A HITCATlOy, BY A HE-U'K TABI.H. yonmg woman, at coo*. *ub>r aad Irowr, in ? Crate family ; good reference ('*11 at >?? Charlton at., it floor. I aa Im im> for tiro day* WANTHl-BY A MBl'IOC TABLE WOMAN, a Km atlon a< gotd eouk, wether and ironir, <od ftret rill baker, city re'*rance , tax no ob'ection to the *oao try, for a ahoit dtetaince. i'leaae call a'. Ifl Ikntt n * betweea ilooKtoo and Rltocktr, top floor. WANTED? A RirtJAriON, HY A REfO'BCTABT.* young woman, aa cbambermUd and waiter, or child'* narae aail .oaraetraea, Ocod referen-r can llvra. I tan no ohjo.t.?n to ge Pa the country. Iteaae rail at 173 Kaet 11th ft, are. A and H. flrat floor. WANTED-A VITIATION, BY i RK-l'f.t TAUU. i'roteataat young woman, to do tlw Iii>um?w> of a an jail private nam ly, or aa rhaen>?r s<.<l an 1 j< wi er. May h* lean for two daya at 241 I at a?.. noar 1 .ill it WA.NTkl) ? A 1 tl ATION, BV A YOtMi KM, HH iirl. lately amr?*d, to do cbamhereork, or tak* car* of a mnall family. Applr at *3 W. I'Kh at , up aUIr*. lit be aaen for two day a. W.\Nin>-A f-in'Anov, hy a amoTAtyi 1'ioteataat.wvinaa a a eoot Tbopo igoiy under . tan<*? ber bualnea*. No objartioa to go in !m couutry. fity r>f*r?n< e Apply at 1&7 Klrat areaaa, la U.e rear, car lotb at. WANTK1>_ A MIC Anon, HY A MFKfMUE young woman, aa < ook, waahf r and iroaer, it wil 11 dk to xo an ' baaViaa. l in a pnraVe fa xwly i.oxl City rtiereaca ' all at 130 Anaoe at. tBiWMBUMMi BY TWO I.UIUi Vt ?'?t*i >* amell pritaW (amiiiea, ooa to <it gaaeral boueework an I t_i? other chamber ?'?rt aa<l plain mmt. <-an be a*en tor two daya, if noi en raged, at '^f>7 Waat Mth at., between ? a aad !/th aetata**, Ihir' floor, bark i?-> n. WANTHf? A MH.'Atl'jV, Hi A 1UMK.TAT.K your* woman, aa aurat and aaamatraa*. or ia<n barmaid ami in.ima're-a. Caa {iee tha baa', of city r?(erenoe. Apply at No. 7 Saaood .renue, beteeai lal at. AB'i llouatoa ?t. , la tha rear. u a nm :abi^. (ijRis a struA W Mm in a prirate family, to do boa-ework , to ok i?'tion to the ountry ity ref?r.-a' ? fifri 'at be aeen at Mixab^tU at., roraor of Hojaton, th.rl rt<or. ?*TASTKfi? A WtAWW, HY A YOtJfO VQHAM. ff aa nura>- anl aeama'.reae, tr *^rocerma. 1 aao farratreaa Would do ehamberwort and rlna *a?b a^ and iroaiag Haat ?f r'farence. UouaUy prefa.-rai lan bo aeen for two daya, If aot engaged, at Si, oanier of Mott aad -priaj atraote. WAN IKIX? HY a HlLDl.K A'.rj) MOOTCB WOMAN, A altnation to do feneral bouaowork . i? a fa^l ?aaber a?l plain ironer no oh ?cU< <n 'op O tbe'-o i.n try Apply at I 'J b rand ?' , 'oraer duJIrar, aewnd (1>?r ? ANtC.I) ? A VtAKr, - 1 KAf>Y l,R'?.V>rAMr<i!P.I TV otcb or '?, ?bo apeak a K?(l:an prefar-od '.a do tbe general boneework of a m?.l ,n A)V> kaa abe unit (*? a good "oa aad a " rat rate weaker ai.d Iroaer a ? a* but a rapaMa aad wtiliay (trl, a want of a good altuation, oawd apply Addre*e Naataeee. Herald tfbra, with refarw? WAN nut? BY A RHI-ICTAKM: TOONl QmL, a a tcatloa Ut lo btmberwork aa I wa '.In or put of th? flna wa?bin? aod .r .atn* kaa ao tn ? im v? the care Is MMrar, baa ihe ?o?t ro-p?-tari?e "!r ref?r ?nee. I'leaae apply, tbia <ay aad V> aw.rrow at /? i v Twaattath ftreet, !/et*a*a i rat aran ja aad aaaate t. iiriXTO* HY A fHOnWAMT ntm., A ?mjATt7W \\ aa . hamberm I ani wa W ot '? it'V ? >? < a >ra l fa ml ; . fn^o re - t pr?e*al employer a, ) kmr? at 117 AN mw A f'T! All ! IIY ' ?> <i M ' ? / wosiaa, ta caw, at V> d# geaerai v> iae ?'<rk. Apply a*, fear pre MM e?a plnfar'a, ? > T>**io<tva areaaa, where aba an ba wei. re ? 'i ? '? ' WA' TWk- BY A Y< ' v . W-.M . a aa nar<e ai ifeamSarma ut anUa.i a n itxtaf. ?aii'<! hate f. i '.ta to ga to li? *, a'ry rba bawt ?f aity ref r>aoe f?i M r *a .a r ? ?> for two daye at ? ^prvi* #? la ,Ne roar. WASlin- 4.V*Ti>M'.N ?<rt ir Ai ? a * P\*IV aaa ha?a tt? ? ^.tbea ? ? - *d ky a '*? kaaA, by the lay, or n. b-'i. tat parViaWra ap ply at ITT < eat>a (treat, la the rea*. WimMT a tt ant i am. * yovwi mmm womaa a ? '.natian la tkiMrwa'a aue, ta 1 > ! piaia towing, ar V do ?bm'af??a an V a-? ' r two 4ayt at Mr a.o\r ay a fe, *aedl agv? at w WANT*. WIT NURMK A RKSm'TABIJC MARRIED WO uiD, with ? good breaat of milk, waat ? a Uunu vtlinrw. t'aa giv? city r*/"rence. Apply for two day* at Ibo K??t llioadeay. No ojecteo u> tbe MUtl). WANIED-BY A UULTBf WOMAN, HO HAtf laat bar twby, four 4i;i old, a baijr to mtaii<a. ?4 bar own sour but r?- pliable partus mm apply. Inquire in the 1'oet (>??, Kranallo at., Griea 1'olal, I. 1., ?( Dr. Katll, a abort dialaace from the Tenth atraat ferry WANTED-BY A BESTECTABIJC UEKMAN (KRI., A aituation aa chambermaid, waaUar anil Iruaar' or to do plain eewmg, tbo baat of city reference given. ln<|UUe at 'M'tb at , near Ilouitcn. Wmift-i SITUATION, 11Y A YOCJNG WOMAN ???htU 1 nurae la a Mod plain Mm, an: would do tbe houajeoik of a toiU private family. Good ra faraooa fr>m h?r laat placa. Apply at 7ft Con-or ! at., Broaklyn, botween IVarl and Jay ata. WANTED? BIT A GERMAN i.IKh, A SITUATION fO do general bouaework la a good oook , waahar nod ironer. licit of referenre from bat laat place. < .ill at 100 Krade at , for two dnjra. ANTED? BY A VERY RWPECTAVLE GIKl^ A altoatlon aa chamberma'd, or to aaant in ||M waahing and Ironing, or do plain aewlng. ia willing to maka heraelf uiefnl. Can be Men at bar praaent ana ployeir. 43 Cbrlitophar at , for two dayi, whara aha will glva reference. WANTED-A SITUATION, 0Y A BBPI3TABLX girl, 14 } aara old, to take ear* of a baby and aa alat In light chamberwork. Would prafar living lo Ho bokan. Can gat good reoommaodauoaa from bar laat employer. Can be /-ecu for tnroe dayi at *7 V?ri.'k at., ia tba taar. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN', aa law n die u. and to aaabit la tha waahlag and Ironing; good eitv reference Apply at lit X>)th at., be twaan 7th aad Htli avenue*, for two daya. WANTED? BY A KKSI'ECTAHI.E I'ROTESTAMT WO man, a aituation aa cook, and to aaalat in tba waahlag and ironing, in a private family, gooil city ra fereace can be given. Can ba a?aa for two daya at -J43 avenue II, bi'tween|Uth and lfitb ata , third floor, front room. WANTED-A SITUATION AH KIRST KATE >?'?K, waahar and Iroaar, rr would taka cara of ? nil. I rra;etn gi ra good city rofaranea from bar I *.at pUf.a, whara aba lived two year*. I'laaaa call at fttft Nth *?a nua, batwaan 39th and 40th ata., for tw? daya. WANTED? A TIDY, BBHPBTABI.K UIRL, ABOUT fourteen year* of age, to do the bouaework of a family of two peraon* cnly. Apply at lua Meadow it., abora 2d, llobokaa. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A HWPKCtAHLE you of? Ganaaa girl, althar aa anraa and aeaaatreaa, or aa cook, waahar aad ironar. Can apeak KngUab wall. Good raff rrnra. No objection to travel, llaaaa nail at 1)0 ll'id at., raraar of lib avenue. lE/ANTEl'? A lUM'HTAUI.K AM KHICAN GIRI. TO W attend a confertl./nery atore. One wi*a good city lafaitaea may apply at HI III* acker atreet. WANTED? A Hll'l ATION BY A RK-U'K'TAI.K young woman. M>e Ih a good ? ook , wa-lier and Ironer, and umeratnnda baking, iiaa no objaatlaa to go in the country. < ta ba aa?o for two ilayi at tba re ?idaace of har praaant employer, 10H Wait Twenty aecoad ?treet, between 8l?th and Heveulh aveauea. WANTED- BY A COMI'I IKNT PIMOM, 4 KIH A Uon to travel with a family to Europa, iikiad and illectionate to chilcren aad truatwortby can b? ae?a for two dayi at 141 W. 16th it., between 7th and bthavenneii; haa unexceptionable referenda. WANTED A Nl'R?K? CAl'ABl.K OK TAKING CllA!U)t of na infant an wetka old, aba muat be abla to aaw neatly, asd willing to aaalat In rhamborwork. Alio a good eook, waahar and ircaer; Uitb mual have good city reference. Call at 41U 4th it , bet Wean lluwery and 2d avenoe, from " to 'i o'clock. WANIl1^? 1IY A HEBPBCTABIJC TOCNO WillUN. a aitnation aa chaml>erinal 1 or to d> general homework, In a anutll family. Good reference glvaa Can be ?een for a w<-et, if not engaged, at 1 10 < jluin'rta atreet, betwtrn Moua'on and Lie/ raw, ,-out/i Hroiklyn llafara living In ll'oo&lyn. Uf ANTED- BT tA BllifBCTABUE <;kuman uiki., V V who >{'>ii I ngliaa UueatJy, a ajluatloa a? la ly'a maid, or to r.n 'khh unCeratanda the e ire of rlul.lrf-ti, I c <i u it a at^O Norfolk atreet, betwaan 10 a. M. aad b 1*. M. WANTED? BY AN KXI'EHIKNCKD, CAHAHCK WO man, a rituation aa rook in a pi Ha la fan lly ahe U an aicalltnt cook, aad veiy anat an l parti-uUr m bar kitchen; tbe bant of city (eferrace. CaJIatliU bth at, Cllntou placa, in the a*. ore, can be ieeo until aultwi. ? a ANTED? A Y0QM, DtnUnPIT i.AHY, Nor W over llyeara of age, poaaaaaio^ aome coinoaer ul dlipoiition, lo a-alat in a aiore an orphan, or having no relatlona in Near Vork, preferred, to^om tne .o'totry, nrar New ^ork. Addrtaa M K M , l'?at(>nic?. W'ANiH) ? A SW'AIIO iN, BY A KkDIKl'r All. I toung woman, ?a gcod cook , naJarataada all ?.ul? of paltry , woald be trtlilog to aa?iat ta tha waabmg and ironing, if required, or would do tba ho'iaework of a ? mall family, in capable of taking proper rare o.' bar kitdhau , i? willing to go in the country, i, owl refer- noe from bar laat placo, when aha lived for fjur yean flaaie call at SB Keaei at., batwaan iiaal er aad Grand, rear houae, aecond floor WANIt'D- A MTTATtON, BY A Yot'NO WOMAN ta do gaaaral liouMwurk, of ekaa ?wrworh , |M rafaraeea. Apply at No. 10 Vaiidam ?t , is tba f?u WASTED? A J-miATION. BY A YOUM tllRl,, A i-liambarnaald aad w altar, or to do (?naral bonaa wtrk, la a null (tally. Plaa?a call at 'khi ftrarj at , Brooklyn, for two da vi, wbtra ?ha baa IlraJ for Rftawa Koaiba. Can ba wall ra<-ommaa4aJ. Would pr*f?r lit lag ia Brooklyn. Wakhd-a kiti atjon, ijy a wpbttabik jooaf woman, a* jo jd (.lata cock, *n ! gxi waah ar aad lrantr or to to r>oaral bouMwoik Id a anall pritata family , do objtctkoo ta (-> w.Ui a rami)/ la tha couLt tj. Good city ra'artnoa. ('all at 7# W. Mth at. Wami iv-a nti'Anoif, by a rftomrjiNT w*. nun: la an fieailaat rook and hakar, w*l4 at awt ia waahing ani Itomag if r?'|iirad. A ?>iort !i? Ufa la t*a country pra'arr?d. Ilia baat of elty raf-r aneaglttn. I'iaaaa call at 13 '"larbaon at , ba v < m a Va rick ao'l iladrcn, in tba raar. WiMU>-Aim AT ION, BY A HJ*r? UBI> Wo man tooook, waab and Iron, or to <lo gaaaral liouaawork la a [.rlrata family , ??> objection to tb? eon a try. Oood rafaian a. Apply at 1*1 Cfcarlaa at , Brat I floor <aa b* trru hi tan oayi. Wan re a Hin atjon? a MBIT kksitc tabu; ' youag woman, aa laua-lrcaa or rbam'/ariaawL la 1 Tally coropa-'aat to uaka op "a? fx* la ia 'ha na.ta.l 1 aty ? i an b? wta at bar pcaaat plaaa, li W tlat at , ' m ar Ifaadwty. WANTED? BY A KKKnCfABIJC YOt'Ml WOMAN. A iltuatU'B to da Vba b .u-aaora of a prlfata family ii a |< til waabar aa ) tfoaar, ao l eaa baka ograUaqt braad. Mat good iaUi?B'a. I'iaaaa eali at 46 1 Waab mgton at., aa<-? t l r ar "II' A * TkD? A M 1 1 A TIO.V, I? V A riR-T KA W. UK/K, i W ?ua wbo thoroughly ufc ?ratan:a l ?r taa aaat la all Ita tranchai, ia willing to aaaiat wr.b tba aadiroatng. to MjMtlaa to ttia aoiatry '.oo-t *..'.y r'f?r?ira I'iaaaa rail for two daya at :10 MMt at , tblrd atbty, aaar l:laa?har at. WAN nil? A BIIL'ATIuV, It A v.lrt?l? A<.? ') Wilat ai BIB, a- root waab ?r aa I iroaar a a i toad bak*r abulia ?r?tao '? ['??<ry oarfa-tiy wail < aa b? aall ifuBrto ?<1 from h*r laat (ilira baa no ii tioa to go a aktrt <latan<~a n u.a country ?'>*14 do tb? gan>ral boi aaa< rl ? f a a r? ? I family Pkim all "r addiaat lot two daya f * ,<3 11 Ut<arry a' ?? Mad 1 'ft, back rooaa WANIID? A f n I ATIOV BY A HK4W TABIX : yout| wosiaa, aa wat aurao ? | > a %art 'lit<aa?? la tb* ro a aty g?od rafatro ?? ?pi>'y at '? . V Mall*rry ?t., fas rib fl ?>r, I or tao daya ll/A- m A MTl ATI-.M, ?:y A HI?,M y KtC r I , V V a' *"*ian ia a (f?o. o?.a an aa a? ?' ?at *aab*r an: Iroaar, aa '.tn,a bifbly i?- >ai *a<a! f i cm bar laat pla a, wbara aba haa liaal far tba la?t Iva taara >a?rt ca atMBl of <ba family bml eg ap b-. aataap'rt ' ail at 'Hi lltary f enraar of t'ae-: fi ?t , I' <<oa l ; a. akaia al.a -ao ba aa?a lattl anf afat ttj AfilH A fOM MKNr ?IRI_ ro t >OK WAIW VT MM I; '-a B?fara??a ra<t<.ir?l frwa bar iaa' tit* -tl*a la^tlW It if H. ii- ; im n a imwctamu rpamtuit <mi^ YT . ? taa.iod aa cbamt-araMi<l aad alaia i ? riaaba aaaa fur t*a ay a at tba ?? of bar laal tinp.'.jar, M Jay atratt. u/anthi-hta h?/ -t) iAi:i-? TT)? su my t W ??.?(!? a aa aktaal<ar?aH aad waltar ,a ' to do f? aaral baaaaw it la i ana ! faaiily <><??: - ty r?/at>n;a |li>a I ?a#? a l at a , *??( ) V a' , ba I twaaa r.'b aad 7 lb ara <?a ba aaaa tar la Uy* 11/ ANT>I)- A ?AB/ '?> *11 ' B1 III! I " I W " -?an, at I ?r o?ri raattaftra Ow (H Mka ba?t of r?ftr?a'? App.y a ll?. Mo i at ,w ? ? W^A?-rn? A ?trt trio-., BY A r |lll, ua )o r?a'*al lata ?or? raJ'ta ! * a?b*r a r./; raaat ita' - . ? y ?? ?t? ?. -a i a? a -* at 111 ?aat Mtk at , lav Wt Ityi ii a*. rifa~A mrioi m>K, Miniu'??u r\ ran, law a at*!- > A'fty al a a'i ? ?t UTANrUw-A MttATU;*, BY A OMI'lllLNI, j J/jI ??. ?'?*'. ? (I, aa .? ' aaa4 taiiaf ?? I aa fbaaika'iaald a.< la '?a; ?a? a? ? a^atla, waah t?ai n,a, II I?i?i|a4, f'/f ifc" ai'iafj haa ai ? act *??y >>>niai mikf' liaitaj af?a ?? ;h' ,a \ry at ia a ttajat'a i." !???>; ag a am uia I a ?<r? Cai at n' tm ? A at , far twa 4*/ t WATVm, A Kr ?i ? ?<! ynt I, t< jaart <4 ar* to laka t-ra af . ?.il H laiaa atw ia t ?atm n tf ily a u . , -a U aa V, a? a gaa I Vaaaa f laa ua ia at IK -.s a? 'rat fawr. Wast'-wa ?r ?ti "i a^ tR ?. ? nr i ratpa?aab^ aaffi ad w ? an ? a> "sit at >. f Many !wo a<a'h* 1<I ' ??' rafafa 'a a. laal iae ?( w WANYID-A MTCATION, BY A YOUN8 WOMA'< to i o |M>nl hm???<>rk. and I) 1 good a ak im goad aaahtr and tnaor. 0?ad rafaraoco. A[p , at 101 nlttij il., Hrooklyo, (or two day*. 11. IT NUBPE WA.Vnti - A YOP\(i IIKAI.TUY WO f? maa, with a (raali t-r ??? t of mil*, >o aaawl a ma lh*r, fto mrM twlna, ii' <h?t nt( ?nn Ml) imcb ?Mad*!. Adilraa* boi 1 Wltf I'uat OfHoo. WAVIH).? A KKHI'K t AMI K HIIlliLK At.KiJ AM) 1 1MB woman, "hi uad-rataoda ooratng wlahta to acc< >,iojr a r*apactabl? f?m <y gain* to California, baa had a?p*n*nc* (or lb* laat ? ??ar*; (rom Um ooub try. Caa b* eonaultad Willi ai 10 I'roapoot it , llrooklya. WANT!. 1 1 A II. Alius II V A KBH, BHABI.K poraon, aa aaaraar ?? id a raapagtablr family haaaa objoetlon to >aka c?r? of obtldraa; eaa o?i*. ami lit , or woald bo oogagtd hy tha w*ak Call at U''. 1 Ug bth at . third I oar. (an to ?aoo no til auitad. WANTKD? A BTUATIoN BY A RIHPftTAIM.t. girl, Vi do gaaorat hoaaawork, ta aa ob-oUobi wa*h*r aad lron*r, aad (wk) pltla look; ao ooi?atu>n? to go In lb* oonairy good r*t?r*aca glvoa. t all at 4V , I'rlac* at , ran b* ???n for two da/a. WAMfcl) UY A I'ltOTWrANT WOMAN, A cm' A lion, t? rook, waaliar aad Ironar, la a taul pri ?at* fatally; ao nhjrctn u to ? private hna rillag bouaa. Food e ty r*(*rao<? gtaan, ao Kmatry tolka aoa^i apply 'Wa?o call at flth ar*ou?, a lUr rvar; can ba in* to two day*. WA.Mll> HV A 111 I'l ? I All k li ;KL A HITUA Hod to lib graaral III UMWorl., la a good auk* aad irooar, gaod atty rotaraaro Can In aaaa for thro day* at No. 120 Codar atraot, WANTHk-liV A RKIKTAIII J YKI Nii WOMAN, a alt nation ia a good aa*h*r aad Ironar.alaa, k |ood plan ooak, caa bo wail r*<vimtn?, a d atartaca glroa to tbo oountrr Apply at 84 lllka at., i'tojtlya WAMltll-BY A MCrtr KINi'l CTABUf YOUN0 ?m hi a a a altuailoa a* cfiambarniat l aa 1 aaiUt. ar aaamatia** aaO nuraa alia ba* Uia boat of rof*r*a-* from bar laat plara, wbora aba U>*4 tkroo yoara aad a. a mo alh* la j i. iia at ItJ 14th at., b*tw*oo 'ii aad -I MMW. WANT 1. 11 ? A MTV A THIS, nv A HIOTK^TAV r girl, *? aarao aad aaamatrooa, la a ro*pactab o family. Apply at 'itft Waililagtoa at., Ilrooklya. WANTID-A WAITKH (JIKLj WHO I'NnMt-rANM bar work the roughly aao will do It promptly aa I rtha*rf*lly. sbo will Ami a romfortabl* homa, *al aoaan 'loliara a moath paid rag u arly. Tha family U a prlrati oaa bat protty largr, aui thoao wbo dlalUa work a pad not ecoo. Apply at No. U Hi. Mark 'a (plara, from 10 to 3 or look, ibla day only. WAsrm- a Mri AM'iv, iiy a HirncrAWi toaag girl, to to to ih* conatry with a raaaorta Mo family la a goo.1 rhamanrmaid *ipor'*a?al Talha car* of raiMroa, aad a |w<l waaliar ao f Iro a?r. ka ba wall roromai*ad*d by in* fmrnllr *h* laat iv* aitb Call at 'iU7 llrat araaua, aarond floor Caa ta **?? for two day*. WANrVlt A Mill ATI'JM, Af OimK IN A I HIVATIi: family, and to aa?lat a tb* waablag uid iroalag , would hava ao objaction '?> go a almrt dii'.ao ? ia tb" rniuatry, tool rattr*Dc* ra.a i ? *t>i-a I'll! ?t U.' Woat l&tb at., bataaao Havaalh an I l.igblh aiatua- ? aa lo aaaa (ar twn day*. "117 ANTTO? A fflrtUTIONr BV""T~ ?l ? . ' aRI> Yf gill, a* e^ak . flrit rat* waabar aa l Iraaar. N? objaetlca to go In tha aouatry. <?u Im **aa for two day a at 77 W. 27tli at. IU?t ll> raf*'?n-?i gl?fa. Wantih- KMi'iovm n i my rut imi <>:?. wbkk by a young woman, wro I* a gr>od droaaaMk ?r and idaia ?owar, an ' 1* ??ll *aparlaaoai| in fam Jy ttm lug of all kind*. Qood rlty i*f*raai ? an bo glraa. Caa ba ioc oa Kriday aad hatur l*y at hor ro>ld*ae*, UK CulUraa at. WANTUI-A PHWON W HO H*? IIAI> W)MK ? prrlaan* ia pnttiBf op wlnr* h>|uora, As. A dor m*a ar for*l(B*r wbo ba* not baan loog la lb * oouatrp Bro(onr?d. Muat a*oak Iba Y ngilab laagaago. A<10ro*a Importar, llarald ofllea. antkd-a wti aTion, is a nutf, baraaopar, I* of lU'tuatr.oua babita. aal a I'm trataat. f'laaaa a<ldraa* J. 1' L, ili-rabl oft l;a. for tkraa daya, Iroa "1 till 4 o rbwk. \JLI ANTIi)? A HITUArMN An V Al.l.r OK rilAVIJ. ff llag aarvaat, by a yoang man. a<a: lata*! an yaara, who apaak* )r?'lab aa ^1 Iraauli, aad la wall ao ?|kalal*d with huglaalaal I r?m-? t aaioaf t-ooaakl ra (*r*no*a glvaa. AdtiOa* W II. K , 74 llowory. ?u/A'.Tni a niiti'i. a i ntAvri.i.:N<. n ? aaat, or aa light poitar in a dry gwl* *tora, by a yonag Ijigllabmaa, agad twaoty two yaora I Boaaop tuiBablo rolaroaroa glroa. A ,oi?a* <? C 78 lkiw*iy WAMtUV- A t'ASTAWB. fOII A MrWffkl'Hl. Thorough knooMga of tha baalnata rtqulrod Will poy a raWr y aad rowiinlaaioa. Ap ly la A >1. HPIfltOO ^14 I'aarl atraat a vt*d? TWu rrmrr ci.a>? haijbmkn, iv * dry g("d* a lor* it*r*r?ara moat l<a *ati?f?:l< rr , aoa* nt h?r trad apply, la^aii* at 474 lib naija. 1*; ANTW>- A YM Nil MA ' AI'Alll Y <)t TAMSU ff cliargo aad artlag aa aaUaBkan 1a ebiat, glM*. gaa flitolci aad faary artirlaa, ran olilala a altoalloa at J HtonraO'l Ai 'a f,>l ltM>a>l**y Nona a**-! appi'y wltboot lb* baat r*rouiB.aad*l osa. "|I/ANTK?-BY AN AUlKlllN, A HITl ATI. IN l'a VV a abolaaala atara, gn.ary praf triad it abla 4*4 aUitaf to aark , tha boot o| city rafatat?<o fltto Ad droit ? A., llaraM cfllra, TErAMTH)? A MAN. To 1AK> CAW 01 > Ty horta, MtU ft ?*>? anl <)o fu'raiti work A^J) al 2:1 tad at I<oy atraat Nom mi iff); attAaai a giod wwmKmIw. ? lirimK'H KIT! 'ATI' N \ BY AS ft.'.*. I JVI WW sab. Obo mho ?a<laraUaada ku kuWM And caa ta higMy rMMiatiJol <?n ltk> mi? of a?4 >trtTa 1 Mir of borate and wou I > ? ai.llng to aark la* (ftf'tM ('?a fa a??n a( % V it:. at , fix (our 'lay*. WANTin MflflMATM.V Kit H HMAtti , A T"! \ < ??'?, to traval la U>? mat /r aa agoala. W Jaa ilril A Co., (*? flroa..'way, r>?aa ?A W4\TH)-A WTOATKlN, By A WTKAJY A kill MO aott aiaa u a porter or to balp la a otora, or ta taka >ara of aa oflUa i>a? if. a Mil of 'Ity whwaw fi am bla laal pltto, abara Aa I rod ft ar lat ? Cm b* lata for tao Jaya If not .naployad, at I M Mat*, at , n?ar '.read, Drat at ? r Hit a'ora W . .rn \ v.t Ni. via'.. Tii ArrcMU a ... ?alooo aa Anwltaa or lailnkau praforaad, tad il.ay a. .at bran ti>> bMt tataaaaMllii.a far baaaaty Apply foa tao daya at I AUaat.4 at, iiwii I; n. I a. an I lota I ammi. a7*Tai hka' , t<i <io a rn* n;:.a.i t* w iba r./uatrj to * il (( K* uaa>f?l ran apply at ' I aa4 't , ? < ra at, 'attaaa 10 ar... 1 1 o ek't, to day ? ar ^ V I ? f? ? A Hri Art<f'.,A l"? aft T tM IS A *HOIJt V? aal* ator* ar to flat a bnraa arU ? Hf ?? ar 4ar l<Mt fill rafaraaa f r?-(? i?l !a jttlra .,f A r. K ' ii. tli, ?<b liat ia, r'Mi ar of 1 lib al Wa nii-)nii a ijtr> u v?aim ?, a ?'rn 4 IWe la a dantla- ? off ??, Wo laara tha ^faa>a.( In ?? r bar|? ft r aaratra raadara V aa 1 a M?*WaU a> a (.aaaklioB Apply al 'I It araaaa, botaaaa 4 aal II a '-*> k A M , for t?i doya Wa .iw?-a mrcAtum, nv a vovny mail m a abolaaala ar rau.i jroa/y or a>ia?. rataa . a* aka baa baa i, In a ?' aa# I coaa la l"b.U nl, v>?r ill ;aara Ilia baa t of rafa.a i ? |tni Ad.raaa l< l III If " r a 1. 1 off'a Winn a>. ??,rsf n iwv wn asd .amy lkf'?|>?at iKa I ai..a, 'a aa^aia alba u ai .faatura aa-t aaha of aa irtltla . p- a a at farta aatlay of |.t, >.i.a tkotaai I - I. a/a a yaa? rr.ay ka ?ia' a Tta art' la k ' aa of na rartai "oaa .iapioa i a i - hri If a-. at. a., aa^ t. a> a/a k| tbaaa akn a ah a gait raj iMfahiakti'laiat l a/ Uri, a'lti a *p< a?a <f *.aa ar ?> a i I k y aal oa 'ba r*' a i jt of I.' j ai'j Janaa i llaiaa r?'? 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