Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 6, 1855, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 6, 1855 Page 8
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FDIAJfCIAL* 87.500,000.-^^^2. MMMBtili, intern* or email amount*, oo diamrmde, witdM, Jowialry, ipftnl, ud all dmriptlooi of peroonel property, or mrihtitd for e?A. *tr>ct"et oonfl +>nee nod pumclualitj obeer?ed. AddrM* 394 Broad r Walker a tract. ??7. n?nr AAA -MONiTTO LOAN ON DIA BDOUU.t/UU. "wada, watch en. jtNb;, dfj good*, Mftn, &*-, a* bought far eaah; atoaka. njtee . RuHtnee* conddeottnl ana i 00 , brocer* and eommlaaioa Kcrehanta, 102 Nnneau atw X second floor. atreot, Miliar of Ail, room No. $600,000" k? MONEY TO 1/>AN ON DTA _ i monda, watebaa, jewalry.aegari, jTaaoforte*. merehaadlae and paraooa) property Rtnaraliy, ?r bought for ennh. Buainea* confidential, and prompt)/ ei ecu ted at 78 Naaaau afreet, flnt floor, ba?k offlje. FLORENCE 4c 00., Broker*. asztzf AAA ?monk? ro loan in large 3&Ot)| aUUv? or waall ?nma, oa diamond*, watebaa, jowalry, aipra, and ev?ry description of valu nble pro party, or boaght for eaah, by J 08 ?. HA AC, hatoment office 11 Chamber* airvat. Transaction* prompt aad confidential, from B tlB 8; old gold aad elrver Mug at It. B ?No buainea* tranincted on Ka tarda ja. ?1 ?? AAA TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS. WAT-TH jplOt)?UUU #*, jewelry, aegaro, fee , (or bought owt) on reasonable, aojommoiaUn* aad ooat dtntial torma, by npnlying at 29 Aon atroat, rooma4 aa1 &. JORBIUH t JOHNSON, geaaral eommieaioa brokara. tfl^A AAA TO LOAN ? AT 7 FEB CENT, ON ?U JaUUU bond and mortgage on improved or good unimproved re*l aatato ia thU city *r Brooklyn, ia aama to ?uit borrower*. Alao. $.V),000 to inveat ia the porenaao of mortgages. Apply to J . K COOK, Jr , No. 6 Wall street? office No 11. <flj /< A AAA ADVANCED ON DIAMONDS, |I)4U. VuU watcbea, jowalry, ptaooforto-. dry Ituoda and every deacrpti-ro of uonhaiSiao. Bannaoe rtrietly confidential. Apply to 1. LYON k 00 , 498 Houaton at., between Mercer anl Omen ate. Qns'nea* hoar* from 9 o'clock A. M. Ml 4 o'clock U M. <fi?Q1 CAA w^N*n3 ON BOND AVD MORr NPO l.OUU gag*.? Wanted to bnrjow, in oaa # man, or k> tuma of $3,600 i?wh, the ntave amount of money, on nine lubetantinl brie* dwelling hoa*** anl lota, riaairably situated in thia city, worth double tue amount. App'y to M. L. frHKI.PON', H6 Naaaau atrae'.. <fht) AAA ? ?'s 8WM < AN UK INVESTED IN iD^tUUV/. a buiiuee* that will pay one hundred par cent. Addiaae R. T. M , Horald ottioe. $2,000 fncturtng bnaine?a where profi ;a art luige, and no rlak. Addroaa F & W., Hnrall ofllao, AIJtDY IN BUSIN'F^S, FINDING HEOS?I.I' FECO n arily ambarraaaod, wiabta to boriow ?,.'00. for which aatia/aetory aacurity will Le given. Addr?aa Far aavennae, Herald offioe. Brooklyn, july a, 1866? soum brooklyv Itavinga Inatltntion, 173 Atlantlo atreot, AKanx ain BaiUing. Dopoaitora are notified that in tare at at the ante at Ave per ooat per annum ou aU anma of five dol lar! or upward which have boon depoatted ta thia inatitu turn at least throe moatha previous to the lat ioatant. will bo paid on aad at tor the lfith iaataut. Intareat uoi ovUad lor will remain aa principal, and draw intoreat from the lat inatant Dopoaitora are iemindod that do poena made by the 10th aay of July, will draw intoreat taoaa the lit of July. Open daily from 10 to 'I, and Satur day evening* from A to 9 o'clock . Wno. 0. Waki>, Secretary. IRA SMITH, Provident. "D ROADWAY HAVINOti INSTITUnON, NO. 237 BROAD f? way, entrance on Park place.? Open daity from 10 aTII. to 2 F. M. , aad MonJaya, Wedneadav* and Sntur daya, from 6 to 7 P. M. Depoaita mad* in thia inatltn twa on ar before the 11th of July will draw internet tharcon from the lat of July, at the rata of alz par oent p or annum on aunia not exceeding 81>00, and live per oent oa all aumt#wer that amount. WaDE B. WORRALL, Secretary. Prrtn CrmiiKo, Aecountant. g~UM ADVANCED IN ANY AMOCNr OR PURCHAS VV *d at aight, diamonda, watehca, rich jowalry, met ebandiao an* valuable personal property geaora!ly. B. WO<)D, 89 Falton afreet, aeooad Aoor, front room. CASH LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON WATJHKfl, JKW ehry, furnitu e, pianofortea. dry good*, llvjior*, or aay description of property, at 41 Howard atreet, routs vnat eorn*r of Broadway, the oldeat and moat reaponai hie office ia the city. The atricteat confldenee may be re hod upon. Mci.OCOHLIN k O'NKJIJ CAfiH ADVANCED LN ANY AMOUNT OR PURCHASED nt aight. diamonda, watchoa, rich jewelry, mer ebaadiaa, ana valuable pcraoual property geaaraUy, at the New York. Brootlyn and WUliamabnrg Loan Aaao aiatien, 81 Fulton atreet. P. O'NKILK It CO. T\RY T0CK BAVP^oaTANK, <il9 FOLm?arRKCT, J / near Avenue 0.? Open op Mondaya, Wedaeadaya and Setaidaya, from 6 to 7 P. M Internet at aiz par oent per annum on aama of one thouiaad dollar* and under. Papceita mad* on or before Monday, July 9, ?? Meet** in tercet bom Juiy ). By order. ANDREW MILLS, Provident. Jam L. Prrwjar, Seoretary. E MIGRANT I>.DU9 TRIAL SAVINGS BANK, 61 OtIAM. lor* atroet. ? Vor'M? Dapiaitcraare Informed 'bat depeMta made on or before Saturday, 7Uk Jnly, will bear tetereat f:om lat of July. Back opaa daily from 14 A. M. to 2 P. W., and from 6 to 7 P. M. JOSEPH H rc ARr, )*r?*idont. J?h.?i UimxiKO Comptroller. M, IRV1KG SaVINGH INtmrunON, NO. warren ?tract. ? IHTidesd. ? Tbia InatHution kw dt olarod n na^utul dividend at tho r?t? of m* per Mot per Mis, on al) inoauti entitled thereto far the kit I X aonth*, pi]lbi< an Mid tft? the 14th inetent. All In unit let called for will drew interert m principal. Al tiylihi Bade on or be for# rfc? 10th lnit?nt will 4f?f Minrt from tbe lit. Opon do-ly from 10 *. II tiir. It, and 4 to 7 P. M. WALTER W. CONKLIN, Pro*ideot. rtNirs,,}* Va?pwm\t l? Buxton, Secrelery. TtT LCIU MCfe' " AKI l TCUDLrS7 SA VlWfc.-j JU. tics, 492 Grand i'tmL Open Monday, Wednt eday, TLur*?lay and Saturday, Inn 6 to 7 1*. m. )nter?*t at *lx per ecnttpor uiut on lumtoft&OO ud and*?. r?pc*it* mod* on or before Hondo*, 9th July, win ro ot it* interdt from lit Jalr. B y order ALrRKD I. 00NKLIN, Prwidtit. J>m P. IUight, bacretary . MARINERS' HAVING- IN'PnT! nOS7"TfliaD_AV[% nao, corn ?r of Ninth itreot, for the t?oafl? o' all elaaoe* of person* ? J)e{>o?t? mtde In t hi* book before the 1Mb July will boor Interest from tbo let July. Su prr cont UUnit allowed on itini of t.VXi end an dor, and i?e per crot on turn* evar 9600. Bin* opan dolly from 9 A. M. t? 2 P M , on.) en Wednwday and 3*tar day ?TtBlstn from & to 8 o'elcck. ISAAC T. StfllB, Secretary. ONLY LOANU) ON arFkU.S <1" VALUE, IN iiiui to *uit applicant*. Apply tu J<?HV H<K)PK AIM Mb, *r*' |Lf~'' axebauge brtaare, 462 Hruadway, opposite Pacific Bon*. KW YORKIU'.Y L(X*k'"C< >MPA\ V~J 1' I . Y 5, 18SV divMtftl <>( fvar p*r riant oa tm c.aHal atoek of thin ?omj>*">y, *ul ?? /-a d to tho aVxk b^ldera on and aft?r too lC'.h in?t., by order of tho Heard of D rectcr*. F. T. HA YK.1, Caehiar. fi KK~ OF 7 1 IK HA ?'OVKH " rirtK ~i?m:ravcr Ci.nfuy, No. U HinoT*r xjuar*. eornor Poorl irtroot, Now York, July U, lBftV tw ()ir*>tor* of th>* eoapooy k*<< ?laelerod a rem! *nanal diridend of aix 2*1 tent, no j able thia day. IfciRAi J,. STONE Secretory. nv> capita ijPiH ?a ?i.v ur ?:APrrAi7rvlii"?S. X terpr<ae ean bear n' a fatorobe opportunity to ls orenoo hi* mean*, by applying at the IforaU office. IXBE NEW OWXANH CANAL AND lUNK[N0~C0il pany bare declared a ilmien 1 of Are per eont for fh? lart *.i n>^>n'.h?, piy.b'e to tbe N'W Yor* *toji keldtra at the itexk cf < omuerce, on ot after llaadoy, the eivth day of Aogait prox. lit uiiNDflTsat (u niTrat cits or 8 a* /ha j _ dee a, dated lM?cu.t?r 1, IMt. i.*arin| iatetoet ?n pec eaot per aaonn- TLa eiL MI tbe eeupon* "N a |,"?eai?ty I, ISM af ?h? abcre SMn.d load*. *a?? >*?. la M aaeb tl.OTt Ma n KM M< a IM ?*??i l.'W lidaJW "Mk Ml * I ! ' ii Bool A C0..M *?.: a-r-.. ILUV018 AtJlrtCY AHCRICAN ?T< U*VG? BANC -NaUft >a betake *tran that tbe Jkbttil and J ale. iK.'., loatalaiente of iata'eot apea tbe (toe** el tbe State ? ftiatli ?<1) tie paid at Ita acenay ef tba (tale ea aad atvt the 'revrd day of Jely i ett. The laa?alm?at* (ot tbe rote ef VIA fn H 'rii eoeb) ? II >< appl>>4 ap>n tbe 'el aeepeaa frete Pltaeta aad MiabLan Caeal Rusdtir ('? ir?? let I.ivl, fi n eld ?l Odd tl* and All C Bae4>; aeao^a at J vie, ln?M tr-m U?S Sterlloa Roair a <?pon afjely, I.M9 a'.d Ja.-.?ar >, lKW. freai Readaof 1?C. JUflv lil'ilt, Traoearnr ef HUbeta. m ?n run vrioi Nolioii! Corporation Noricc?PRoroRA:^ for ci.ian ta( tbe itroeU of tbe city of N?* York ? 3*alei I ropoeal* wilt be r*c?l n 1 at ti? ?Dm o* tho Goabat* a oner of Straate aad Liwpi. eorn?r of '!raa1 aod Re ??? atieeta until 1U o'ev-k M 09 Tharda/, Ja^f It, 1*64. at wbicb line 'bay trtll bi oo-nal, (in aaeord iroa with tbe amonlod charter of lkft t.) for deaalai the * roe t a of tie e'(hf*o (IS) eaa'irt dletrlete, and f>B?<r*ii>K the nob ee rarbage, kc. , lie , tb?re(rom. lor tl.e tf-m of one year ficm tbo date of tha e?o1r*?>Uaa if ike contraote by tLe > -qainon t'lancll B 'Jdero wK aatintota far oaeb >:latr|?t aope aV>ly. Hpeal? \atr?? lor ? he wotk to be p>rform?4 ean bo hal on ap?Metl9a at th? office of the (ot&m ae inter, and alio at tho diB<w*nt paltc* natlor. ? Tbe Coia^uUiicnv reaerrti tue rijst to rej??t hB or any of lh? aotlnaaiea, if deeot*'! for the la taiaaU of the l oiporotloa. Hunt e.-.llnatoe eon ho hod ot th* o (T.ce ot the <"? mmteeiojer iORKPB B MUN9, Cowmlaaionar of t r?at* and Iaa(ii N Bl? The Trn'h.d at.-irt, 1-1. g tb? TanU war), 1* not to ho **'lmitod for, *? k' e .ioea not expire ?* 111 ml <<?U.ber. New Yeth, Joly t, 18AV "" REIT A I tt AS T?^ T~ M Y NEW RESTAURANT, (tlOVER OF BROtDRTAY aad Chamber* ? tr^at, br?ocb "f my WilUaai ami JVavr *tr?et? erUMIahiretit, will htop'oe" on rlotur C?y, Ju'y 7. To nay o*d frt?nd* I take thta oppirtaolty e' ef?rt?.* my aratefnl att oowMtr'n^nU f ?r t'?? witny t>?lir.*r ala nf thur (?teem, ar<l to tt.e puM'r ay ibaoka for Uelr po'rfm?f*, aaanr'a^ b?tht'?at no "forto ?ball be apera d to a.r?t a eintlnuVion of that favor _ k?ie'.a<or* >0 hberaPy h??U?w?>l ?|.o . ue L ARRIVAL OF THE HERMANN. FOUR DATS LITER FROM EUROPE. REPORTED IUNESS Of EMPEROR NAPOLEON. Another Great BatUe Reported in the Crimea. Massacre of Engliak Sailors at Hango. TEE RUSSIAN 8UB-1A1HE BATTERIES. Attempts to Blow Up a Portion of the Allied Fleet in the Baltic. NEW FRENCH LOAN. INTERESTING FROM SPAIN. Conaoto 91 1-2 a 91 5-8. STATE OF THE lift&ETS, dw., ???., Ac T^e Vsltfd Ptat?a mail atewnbip Btrntn, Ciptiln Higgiaa, baa arrived Btae left Southampton, England, on Wedneeday afternoon, the 20tb Inet, thus brining four da] a later news from Europe th*n that reosived by tbo JBaliic. The Hermann left Bremen on the 16tb, an) bring* 2.>0 passengers and a full cargo of French, German and Brit iab merchandise. The St. Petersburg Journal of the 12th June, a'ter commenting on the recent circular of ?ouut W*lew*M, relative to the Foar Point*, aisert-i that the renewal of the negotiation* for pea** la not eulv poasib'e but ?e*j . There waa a rumor prevalent In Southamp'.oa tnat the Emperor of the French waa suireriBg front the effec a of nn apoplectic fit. Re had been sick for two da; a. One of the Paris correspondent* writes oa tie 17th alt a* follows:? The Emperor waa very 111 t?*t u'g'-it, >o much ao as to requite blveTlng. The nature of hia miitdy ia atitel to be a violent attack of bilo, acsump-mted b y c'lohce When it became knoen that be w?i 111, a pnrfec'. panic occurred on what ia called the Pei t Bmt '??, ?nl there whk at one time a fall of at much *? 'if , but after a while apecolators became convinced that hi* malady wu grossly exaggerated and a reaction took pl?:e. It waa al?? rnmored that a great battle hal been fought, in which the Al'iea were defeated, and a French general killed. Ajnupos of thia rumor, we End the following in a Pari* >? tter of the 18th alt . Not ? line of new* from the Crimea wa* given tn the Mcmi tvr of jeeterday, nor doe* any appear to day. Thia la deeply to be regretted, for the aosenca of new* gives rlae to report* of the moat altrming nature. List evening It wu confldontly Meerted that ?oa>e great dle aater bad befallen the a'liee? and to-lay It le the talk of the whole tow* that mtiuoauej nouoeUtt hare certainly come to band. ? e ? e e e Certain tt ia that very pressing demmda for roinforoe ments hare been telegraphed both to I'uria an t Us<tos. General Peliaaler, for hia part, demand* not 'ewer than 26.000 additional men. Agrand "Council of War," pre sided over by the Emperor, we* bald last evening in the Tui'<*rl*i, to take these demands into consideration. It wa* decked that reinforcement* shoo Id be aeut a* rapid ly aa posstb e, but' whether to the rati extent <leminlet wne left in doubt. Aa usual on occasion* when mote men are needed, we henr the inquiry? Why doe* not Kngland lend oat a larger army? Why. *be has oa'y between SO, 000 and 40,000 men ? oae third, at least, of whom are alwaya *ick? when France hat upward of 120, (K0. The Parle corretpoadent of the London TWr, writing on the 18th nit., at fl P. M., says The aame gloomy reports that prevailed yeaterday were repeated to-day ; a baUtoJost? immenee Ion* ? o? nersl l'eliaaier killed and otwrxaUmitles of the kind, were given as accounting for tbo alienee of the iloni'mir, and to these waa added the illneet of the Emperor. With reapect to the newa from the Crimea, I am Informed that op to U o'clock P. M. thia dcy no intelUgenoe of Impor tance reached the war oflioe.TTwo deep tic hea were received yesterday, but tlier related to d- tails of aer vice, and ref.r to no new enooanter with the enemy; ao at all events, w? are told. One of the despatches states the toes of the French in the commit of the 7th to be flt,o killed and 2,000 wounded; and that sasta'ned by the Russians ia estimated by General Peliasier at thres times the amount. But It ia affirmed that of the die* s irona newa so freely est afloat oa Saturday, yesterday and to day, nothing ia known among oScial people. It wae also said yesterday that the Emperor waiyll; but we learn from the MoniUur that bo passed the afternoon in giv ing audience to foreign Commi?.lon?r? sent to the Exhi bition, nod other ages presented by tfcsir roepec tlve Ambaaeadore. The French gonrata tnt la in the market for a new ?oan. It la thus mentioned in a Parla letter of the 18th alt. I ?u enabled to inform you a fair day* ago, that the toverameot intruded to demand. without delay, a mw Jan of ?'/0, (100,000 rterling (500 000,000 franc*. ) Tha correctae** of my information will I an informed, be proved, aorordlog to all probability, by th* promulga tion to Morrow of an Imparial dceroe, coa'okieg tb< la gUlative body to (Ira ita ? anction to a Io&n of that amount. It la lateaded to rataa th* loan la tha Maa maa oar a* on tha Ion', ecoaiioo? that U to say, In amail ?ami, and from tha bulk of the people, without th* In tarvantion of bankara aad eapltafinta. Notwithstanding the dial r? mi which now pr aval la in mo<t part* of too country, enlng to the esceaiHr* <ieurn**e of fool, it ia not doubled that tha loan will be realll? nubecribed to, and that even a much larger amount than la required wLH bo offered. Telegraphic dea patched from General P?lt**ler, of (be letb ult , aay that the general atate of affair* waa moat satlaUctory, and that the alliee wrre rapidly omplefcng their new batteriei, which w.iull ?on open fire with terrible effect. There ia no additional new* from the Criasei The London /'Ml of the lVth ult. aay* ? We hare reaaon to believe that the bambar.lmcnt of Sebnriopcl i?, at the moment we are writing, r*-o|>?ae 1; aad we n?ed only call to m od ia order to prove tli* iinmenre Importance of tUe, tli it the outwork* are an # ?l! in tt,e pA*K**,ioo el the Mho* aot It i ii'in the v?ry for a *nd fortification* of the plan iUelr thit their rfforte are now directed. The following confirm* the abort ~ rani". Monday ? W'tolght, Jan* M, lH'.ft, An important telegraphic deepatoh, dat-l Sa'.jrday, bk* arrived 'roa* He taalopeT, ?hi?b***te* that tUe bum ?an}*r.?at will commence iinm'idlately. A dee patch from I'rince Uor'arbtknff, reeelrtl at H. Petersburg, (tatea that oa the 11th ml 12.U Inn* the "re of tae AMe* kef ere n*be*f>r>>>l <ea* w?ak, and th* U> * '.he Ruialan* very trifling, ant t :at toe Alt e? had re< yaatruoted the KanisrV-aUa work*. Advieea from tha Baltic state that on tae 14th ult. the allied fleet were to weigh anchor for the aet^h korboud of Haago, at the antrum* of tha Gulf o' Fin load, where the II tg ef truce waa flred on. Two of the infernal machine* exploded right under the bow* of tha Merlin, aad a third bunt almoet at the a* ace moment ander the Firefly. The two iu*iwr4 wf to eererelr "bakeo, bat very aligbtly damaged. IntetigenoO had bcea reoeired of th* evacuation of rtonjak Kale by the Ruaaiaa*. Pr*v.ouiJy to their re tiremeat the troop* had dedroyed about eUty hear/ rune and mortar*; al?o the principal building*. It w.i* concluded that tboy had joined the garilaoa of Anapa. A body of French troop*, ua'er General Morris a*i General Canrobert, and ? column of the riatdiaiao corps, under Ueaeral Marmora, made a raoaooiean-e on the morning of the 34. The former proee*l*d along 1 ? Woronzow road and ptithel their oavalry aereral mil-? beyond Be dar. After a fatlgn n* march only a *ia> 1 number of < oetark* ahnwtd lh*a>*elvee. Nothing ha-l occurred in front of the town. fhe weekly medical report itatoe that tba eholera ha j aeaaib.'y diminished befcre .-ebaatopol, but it had attack ed the Guard* aad the Slat Keg I meat near Balaklara aad Mint new batteries. It waa ho pod that ikt dieoaeo would paao away, aa it had fr jm the etatloa* where It flrat appeared. It had (alien heavily on the Sardinian contingent, aad (J*a?ral Marmora, of the 3d division, bad been eery aeeerely attacked. Our now* from Atbon* to th* 6th ult. *t\tee that br.;tn(!age atiU continue.', sappoiUd by Rua*ia, a* wae auppoaed. At Cegiiarl, Italy, a aharp chock of earth (oake waa felt oa the 11th June. In the Ilouae of Common* Sir C. Wood confirmed the murder of the trow of the <'o**a?'i'a cutter, when landing acme Russian priaoner* at Itaago, under a flag of truoe. He *ta'.ed that deapatchen had been receivtd from Ad aural Due da*, containing full particular* of the oecur* reaco. S o* abort Ume ago, H M. *hlp Co**ack took aal deetroyed *o**? coasting vu*enlt off Haago. aad rarrioJ off aa prlewoer* the captala of one of the veeeele hi* eon, and another Ftnniah *allor. Admiral Hund**. wiehlagaottovlaK with u nunc*** try eeverir y the trade ef the eountry, *o long a* the com mnaicatloa aad (upplte* between the Oulf of Fialand aad 1. Peter ibnrg ware Interrupted, directed that the Coeeack (koutd put bach to Haago aad reetoro to liter t; the peraona ao cipturcl, together with tair other*, wb? ri^wiM to be put Kkon ?t that pWi* Tbe Ceeaack aioordlagly r?tura*l for th?t p-ar >?>??*. A cutter m aent a*bore from th? (hip, uad* t Um oom mdiI of Lieuteeaat Geaerte*, ui a Sag of tra* ??? dia piayei half u hour before reach leg th? j?tty. Tie officer* ud prinonsrn, twi however, b*rely Laodai whea a boot 3c0 or 4C0 BtwUn cum down upon then; and although eipUo t'ion* of tbtlr vi* t won mad* both la Eagllah and Fiaaiah, tbe lluaa ^a aoldlera ?aid that they di+not car* lor tha Sac of trace, but that they wooU ebow how the RuM**aa could tght. About on* huadrvd Ruriian *oki>*r* baa im media ".?iy Bred aa tha ofioara and tha Fiaaiah prlaoaere on the jetty, killing them all, and than Brad Into tha boat un til every man (?H They than rtuhad Into tha boat, draggel aoa wound ed nan out, and bayonetted him on tha jetty, aad re Hired, leaving fiea bcdle* tar lead la the boat. One taan only waa picked up alive by a gig from theOceeack, which waa Mat to aacertala the eaaae of the catter** delay, and hern when theee particulate ware gtlned Tha adjouraed debate on Mr. Layard'a motion on ad ?tniatrattva rtfonn, waa reaoned on the 18ih alt, and waa a*gatived by a amjority of 369 to 46. The amead DMot of fir E. B Lyttoa waa then pat aa aa erlglaal re aeiulloD, aad the debate waa adjourn ad till the Slat. The report of the Behaatopot Inquiry Committee had been pro* o ted to tha Dome of Oemaoaa, and wa* order' ad to be printed. In presenting the report, whloh waa v*iy lengthy, the ehlef clerk atated that from the frequeat tnoon. latency and contrariety of tha evlleaco, and the Inpaaalbtllty of *uma>oaiBg wltneaae* who ooa'd have glvea Important information, aa well aa from other unavoidable eauaea, the committee had been obliged to end ao inquiry which they were un*ble a\tmf*ctorlly to complete. No report, however, npoa the woole, bvra out the atatemeata of inoompetency on lh? part of go vernment offloiala whloh had *3 frequently be?n made by the eorraapondenta of the Ttina and other KnglUli Jour aala. Tbe Pari* MoniUur oontaina a detpaV.h from the Flench Admiral at Obanghae, atAtlng that piracy pr? raila to a great, ex tent oa the ooact of <'oina, aid that it la a*c**aary for all Frenih vcaee'a to htve at least t ?o canton aad a aoitahle aunber of Brearaia. Mr. C. H. Brace bridge haa aent hom? from Scutari, seder date of the 7th, a brief narrative of Mlaa N ght* ingalei'a lahera at Balaklava, aad ber return to tt-jutori In lord Ward'* yaiht. Mr', the da'a mention* t ahe waa cxtremtly weak, but "haa ao remaiat of fever, *nl ao laager la apprehended." Hba trueti to be tosa aile to tetu-n to Balaklava. Miia Nightingale woe vlsitel while alck by Lord Raglaa at tbo bate, and a?4la on hoard the yaobt, and waa received on landing at ScuUri by Lord W. Pau'et, Commandant; Dr. Camming, In apecter General, aad Dr. McGregor, Deputy ln?p-<otor. The house of the ehaplatn la placed at n*r dlnpo**! ?al ?he baa been offered the uae of the liri'Uh I'aiace at Pera, by Lord and Lady Htratford de Re-lcllffe A few detail* are clvea by the itoncorc IWu i?o of tU* late att? mpt agalaat the life of Cardiaal AatooelM. It ap^eara that the Cardinal waa laaalag from the ptlaoe of the Vatican to enjoy a walk, when, while deaoeodi ag the atepa before the entranoe, a maa named DeMleia, a hatnial er by trade, raabed oa htm, and attempted to atab him, but waa atopped ia time aad arreatej. The corn market waa Urn at the ratea of the prevlooa ! week. The arrival* of wbeat and flour bad boon good; oata oaly moderate, aad barley aal other ?pring eira but acaaty. Rape ated, hemp aeed, nuatard, caatry aaed, aad thoae uaed in caafeotionery, mu:h aa Uat quoted. There waa no great obaage af Importaaoe la the pro grtaa of trade la tbe mana' dlatriota. At Mw> cheater, owing to the caution excited by tbe reoent moTomenta at Liverpool, the traaeactlona had been email, with a tendency to lower prloea. In tha woallea diftricte activity atiil exlatod, and aa Improvement had taken plaea in the Irlth llnea mvketa. In the Liverpool cottoa market, aa tha 18th alt., tbe demand waa moderate, the trale buying merely to au ? ply preeeat waata, with laat prUie* firmly malataiaeS? total hualoeia 6,000 bale*, all to the trade. Oa the loth the demaad for oottoa wa* United, aad the aale* barely reached 5,000 bale*, 200 of whleh were for export. Prlcf a were barely maiataiaed. Tbe EngUih fuads oa the 18th open* ! heavy, and al though there waa a alight tendency to a revival, It wa* not malatalaad. Coaaola elated at #1 % to K ; i'-?cha qner bon J* liK)J* to 101. Oaa ia 4 premium. Ua the lethCaaaola improved to a ); . Omalam loft off at 4% a \ prem oa. At Riimingham the iron trade waa flrmVy m\lata(aed, although ooaBdenee wa* aomewkat checked by the fear that aaveral apaculative flrme would break n p. At Nottingham, a moderate baalaee* had bom eatvled oa, and alga* of Improvemiat were obeervable ia the forelga trade, but the atoppage of ttl large lroa work* of Ja*. flay wood k Co. had eaaead aorae anxiety. Meaira. Btokee, liughee k Pecvar report a more active market ia Aaiericaa aecuritlae, particularly La Brat eiaa* State ?tocka, 1a whleh large pareela had lately ehaaged handa at advanced ratee, aad of which more eeuM be place<l If the aupply were larger. THE WAR. THE MAHSACRE AT HANUO. Ifu Uasanr'a Mwip Humu'-k. i Orr CltomralrT, Jane U. lSni. / On tbe morning of Um Sbth of 1 (ay tM C 4M(fcrk ud atood oi?ae into lUufO, tod oueerroi mtimI imnii anchored lnaide tbe iintrtu t elan' a Th? boela of both rhlpa wean ?*>( >nr anted, in ehnrn of Uaat. I ??<! (Ooaaack), to bring the tHifU out. Oo the bt>?ta getting in eight ef tbeen reeed* ther made end And ran on abore, and wara deaerted by tMr tnva. On tka boats boarding and taking foaMMloa of fun tbey were |?ul to be firm 'y grounded, and. an tna tale graph bad been at work a ling tbe ooait from a rer y early boor, nod there wn? ate ry reaaon to baliava that tnepi were or would aooo ba In tha neinitv, a? *e?ata1 perroca vara aaan lurking about Um rock*, and tha ataa tram a i po*a?) on all aidea to an/ attack of mualietrr, tba boat* being In a narrow creek, and tse thickly ?<*x)td rhora .in-l roma affording ee.-ry MBtf to the anain y, tba eeaaeU wara aat on Bra an i deatrojed. Thrre wara two large gaNieta bekiag ieir to tft. l'etr r ?(>'.' rg (empty), a brigaetiae laden aitb wood, and two acboonera, one of wb'rb 1 laden with grain, for Dntn or Mweabong, waa brmght put, and thice prieonere. Tba ah pa aacbord at Kaago lited Icr tie night. 1 arlr naxt morning a (loop waa , btiught nut (roa. babiad tba ruin* I fort* of liaa^u aod dcetro>ed i-oma perren* wara a??n n**r tba telegraph. P'.th ?> aeela l<- t and joined the Admml at Hiorke Bay Hj? Admiral, alter aaalng the prtaonera, ordered (ba ' rraatla back a;?in to land them at iinngo, a r w tare tbey ehoee, aad four mure Karaite prlranere waia re C* 1 vf d on board the t'oaaack at Nargen, who riv|u??tod ] t<> ' a landed with ttf othara at llango. On tha 'oreeooo of Juoe A, the (?a*a^a "too 1 rl >aa In and teat tbe et< tier away with a flag of trnie to Land 1 tba irlaonan. In the boat beildrt war* Ueut I. On- | oe.te, I r It T. taa'on, Mr. C. Sullivan, >Katw a Aaalat aat, and thr?e atewarda, aa a Kiooub captain, taken t prisoner hue on the iiflth of Hay. Infcrme.; u* there . were no troopa bars, that tha inhabitants wodM trade, and that tba atewarda ennld get atoca. Aa tha bvat I pulled In tewnrta tba i hore aha waa leat eight of beliln 1 ' tl, - lalaO'.t, tba ablp aUndiag of and on under easy ?uil. There being ao * gna of the cutter'* return, about i four o'clock tie gig, with a flag of truce, In charge of I jra'enant Field, waa ?eov In anarch. Khe wna obanrred i to be paliing aki? * the coast In teare i of Ike cutter, ao tha abip vtood aloae in and antborad near the ru'ned (ort Avont #lgb?. o'rtotk the g g retum?'d, baring aeen tbe cnttar (eouial nn'kr a j?tt> in?i a aereral aaaill wood boata and with aereral i' ea-1 badl-a In Iter; laailn; an arobnab ir treaebary, tbe gig dWl not auaaipt to i kiing tba cutter Oat, but ro'urnet! 10 thx ehta Hwer-l petaona were *tan a litUa Jutance off waWog w tbe gtg to land. About three o'clock neit Boroltw both ?*a*U 1 atremad In cloae In tbe telegraph atnUcSi anJ ahor'Jy j altar tbe cntiar waa obterrvd, witaona man in l<er, ap paontly wonndcJ, iculi ng toaard* the ?bip. A boat J "pt aepi U' fear a?>l?<anoa, ac,d ike wai brought along ?ida, baaing In ktr Jotn Rio in, oidtnaty *eaan\n a | yoaag n?a of color, ilia onlj aural ror. Af .??r b^lng n?l(*d up lhe?^a he aaid, ' .'"bay are allkllM " A'l?r warUa in tbe MA bay, be ma-ie tba fuitowisg at?U man* On tha autter, with a flig of trnee fljioj, getting aioiff ? Ida tbt )?tt j or lan .tag pmee, neir ther.lla/* of llaa/ >, tbe of .'ere an) l>b*ra ?d |rl<onera juspad eat, anl lieotenaat 'ieneatn k? Id np a (Ug of tiuoa tn a ttunMr { of Kaaalan troopa mho bad luM-nly aerung np Ifm tha ooeer of bocia* an-< rocka ? abuat i*0, die???i aa r.fla nan, and aimed with aauekata, aaorda, and bayonet' - I anc to d ibetn what It meant, and vhy tiay l?nd-t tkey ' raplied "tl at they rid not ear* a d ? for Hage of tru * I t> ere. an t wnak) abow them bow the Kua^iaaa aoul 1 ' e gat," or a orda to that a feet. A valley waa than Arwl . a', the afllceta eed liM rated prt?oarr? aod afterwaeda on tl a boat, aatl! an were auppoaal to he kllmt. Tbe Km- I ? lane j ua?(.ed late the hnat, an'* aft*r tbrewiog a?rerai I <i*ad Mfi oaarboard, lying on tbe arma in the bottoa a' tba beat ther touod Henry f?l:.|<lon, A R . who w*a only vooadtd tl.ej took bim oat of tka briatanl bayn | netted b'tn on the wharf; Jolin Ihowa lying beei-te k<a ? ad aererely wounded, fetgnel d*aU< b?waedr^g?) 'rr m cneena of tbe boat to tka ath<r, oat luckily a-H . tt rown ererbnard. They then lost tbe arma, magna no, er lora Ae The ofloet* wet* a hot down, and the liberated griaoaera f rt i I>r. K^aton wna the drat who fall, aa 4 the fmeio captain took the flag of tr una frowi li*wt- want fl? aete, and waxd It, ah??tlng ''A Sag of tru'.a ' ?whiei h*4 'wn pre t lou aly ei plained to them before tkay flrad. Tha Raaoiaaa anoke i^eilab. and the peraoa wboiel tfcem. from hit 'r?? a and appaaranea, aeeaaad to ko im officer. The Roaetana yelled, a no I red on the ra*a be fore ttey r-onld defend themeelree Indeed, ther* waa no*, an attempt made " Ike boat waa foaixl to be completely rt idlel a'i?re tka *a*ef line. It wan Incky ah* aeoaped wtihoat a hate t b rr nth her bottom, or ebe we?M have AIM ft waa etVet : tnat 'he Bee* aaa Intondod to lane* none to tell tka tale, hot It hae j k-a*ed l"re' Hen -e t . ar :a a 1) a'.tar lHao. The tblpa tn4 i f?? akrt aad roititi M tM t airgraph, hat, a fag wbIoi an, tta; ??ro oM>gad U baaJ nt u>t? 4><n> ?ator fbara ?M ao t>*v tb? oowaMty ttilUoi had ?atrfantty |? a*af . It ??? not th?i|ht pt?<laat to Mbayt U ?? ????* IM im?i? log boom*. TL? ft Mowing liat If ttmil: ? I. (???Mia, U*a'?aut, ag* ik. K. T i-aetoa, Hurfoa, Ml St. CtoarWa "uJl ra?, rwifr'i Aaaiataat, ago 21. *Kdt?ard Thompson. landtag wain in, aja i*. * William lina, ('?pialr.'i Atiniil, ago tt. Jobn Lertoa, Mid>hlp?OB'? hlaoatd, ago W. tVUha* U Hank*. Uao rooa* UtowatO, ag? Jt. MWojamin tamta, A. B,, a(? 23. *Jmuan Cornwall, ortiaary, aja SI. J OUdilot, A B , ag? 91. Gwrfi Mot l?, aga *0 onttaary. HUlun Haikail) age 20, onluirj. Tbosaa 8to*? ?, ?3, ordinary. Joba Hio|bt;,a|? 24, atatar. Kraama Uaoigr, ago 20, ordinary. Ox* Fraoeia, >(? 14, A. B. Libaratad piltou*rt ? Joan Laoitr?oo, ago M ; Toao dor* 1 ounaiioBo, bo;, a boat II; A. >'. Utoa*?rg, ago 21; aad foot otb>r RutaWa wi*oa>ra. pian onHajwn It will ba aaaed la bo? la? d , " "bora ara tba gna boa'? t" "A 1 wbn? I" Ltiug Wtlo wi'.b tba )la?-of batUa ?bip*. Tb? Adiair?l tu ordaiod tba captain* of harof-halila ablpa to aaaxWIar tba iu?k guaboata (ten ?n ) a? on* of tba ali*p'n baata, io tbaro la aotaiog but >rr'ibbinf( and p' fa log oa, Tbo Bothnia Li<><- Inline iqnh^ma wan rait awaji only yaatvrdar. Too * jax ii to i?maiD at O-auiMl, tba iiogu* at Nargoa, tba Ca-?ar at Uti? Sound. Wj can a*a too liao-of oattlo tbipa r?a<lj lor aoa, aad a graat aa'u'xi of ateaawe, (od? with tba r ???am at, iaOrooatadt 1 tbiLk it r gbt again to Mention tbat tha fltg of tru-o >a? tiring altar wan tbo oattar wni ?t>i?t l?Uf way fmaa tba ab'p, aad diaiinatly *i?IIM Iroa tba nbora, aad

contleuto to nati) nba laadod. THE EFFECT OF THB W4BOS KIWU AND HB ALLlfcB HOW LONO WILL TUB "All L.BT7 _ . I Prom tk* I/??<ton Jon* 1!> | AHbcuch th* puMle oontlnoa* I* watch ??. ?baiMi .Dtfi'at tb* rour.* of military c?enl* at tl?* ***t of war, and ? da* ?anua ?? ??* b>*t wh -h do*a not ?Y*t |> romt ntw *? plait, th* pr <>|r*** of th? campaign. lb* a-icc**? *f th. alli*<l pow*r* M by tho** brilliant ??bt?**t?*ot? ?Mf.1 ft1' lb# ?UumM *r (kt Otut tf with lb# of th* brat*. and, a**i. of tti rli B It ?*|rp.o* that aay blow can b* ?truck npaa ?ba ft'W of battle ?* ?uai'>t#?t magaiind* to Wino i lit# a #r*at contfit, ini tointof ,,kn #tt8h ,ucrr? b* ? nticipa'*'! ? ?aTlf? l^o tb?t of Ituaala. Napolvoa fooghtanl won at tin Horo .Ino the moht t*itlbW up'! ?an**ln*ry of mocWm ba'tl**; It op*n ?d tb? c *U? cf Mo?to? b * "rmy but Btt;' do* the KniiMTor Aleia?d*r; W, if w* "*r* ?n a eondl t en to flgbtand win *u-.n a battle t* o?#rr*ar "lth,n alght of tfl* Hu.tfan ea??t*l, It I* proa?bt* tba \^ ?? -ult wouki ?ot be ?or* declii'* Tn* r**i t.Ul of ? Ir-DtrU. In war i? to be fouil no*. ?0 ma-.d in tb* ?book ot *rwb? or Id I"aU of mft*l?U?o1 eou'tire, ?'(*?? ,l .? are houo * to b*n*r tbo** ?>bl* actio*. it He* rath.r in tb. pow.r ot *?dar*nc*, tsarnid at W, to he p. at of obauaton. A gr**t p^war ??' lo.,* a for t?.etad ?*rv,**a d.f*at. but tb. r-al can** whlnh %\W U to *u% forpoaro th? dlfflcnUko* *n?\ htird?n? tbro*n b, war on <WJJ *??*"?? ? ?' ?'* V nn'il tb.r h. om* altogether lo*?twmbU IU? (rr4nd dtn'Jic ion b* ?b? po-l lon of ?*4 ] W>K<?ro Fo?.m ?t th? pr.irat Um l? t|>w-jh* mi , o?*K on u* no ^rlfl'0 th. "ut^y of ? W UiD ?n? o? ?oney, wbioh b? r? ?? 1 wtboa . ?.?Bi .vli, by t?i?U?? or by end. t, mm\ tbo W*. ? Uin nvn>b?r of tioopt, *ol?n??.? to ft?bt tb* b.KWi of tb?ir country Tin . U 0"'0a'h'd ' I. ,o ?tmnd??t th?t tb* B?nk of ^ j t> nt rtduaod tb* r?t* ?! <*Uc>unt t* wh?- It wm loftp'trnMr, 1883; ??<1 tb* itrugfil* ?>* ?u^ "? ? r* ??K?f*i1 h?* r*o??d. but not *?h?nHU?l. oar mlHUry unrl d*??1 iiprvy. ( oinp?r? tbi* "t*t* of thing* *1^1* tb* condition ?f tb* Ru??Un *m??T*. Il?r *ntlr* m\ri tin* fommorc* i* fct *nd, tb* B?lUc pirtj im ? ?nil nto<inc* f*? orlr k* brought down *t ? ?, or ?bout ?20 a ton to M?m*l ?nd Konl.cibf^rg , th^i>hlp t>isi *nd wm*bo?*** *f *'? tl?* town* *f th* S*? o? I A .oil *r* d??troy?d ?ud It I* ?t??*d lb?t 3?0 rtc^d ?.*? rrlo *nd SfiO t1|bt*m h*?? f*ri*bed th*r* <a th? iMt _f*W ***k?; *?*? tfc* **lt r?qnlr?d let runng th# fl?h, wbtch ' form* * Urg* p<-rt on of tk* initeoanf* of th* oummoo ?opi, r*n B* lengt r b* pr<rur.d Tb* -p Ul by which f?,r o/dlaary ti.dl.g optrabon* of tb* rM on in aoH th? moutbi ?v?b of U>? I)c? and tfc* u* el*?*d. In "k****" ?Jk>DM ^ public m?icc In Bn..l* may b* pr?Tid*d for. tM co*f ^of warllk* operation, of tbl* ?.g?ltn.l* n?.t M n eof , y?t ?h? ha* no pow*r ot "'UriUlir Ik* Uaation of tb* country, or of rataiog a loan, ilk?w ? abroad In oo* ?-??* th* UiaUon I. frightfully Inorranad, nnd that la by tk* ia-?*<?ot l?vi*a throughout tb* ?uiptr* of >*n who at* ?* m?'b the t>rftr>? rtT of tho latdo?**r? of ltu**i* a* th* n??ro<* of a Virtinlan plani*r W? think lh?t u* l*i* ** vfvrr*l !???*? of frowi t?n to .litwn n-n p*r thouaand wiula ha*. U*? ??d? M?K* tb* -o?>?ii'*?'nt o' ho*U |i>i?* and th. rigor with which it I* fouo.1 n*?**ary to rx?euta th?? may h* ju^g^d of froa* tb. Urn**f tbala.t oka**, *e acting that a'l .i??ption* from tb- Hp tion a>* to b* annulM, that in town* ?n rr* to h? t*k*n to tb* ag* of thirty ?*?*n j**r*. an lthat*T*a rnly n>w ar* t* b* Ub?n, If r^qulrHl to e*npl.t* th* ? umtoi* of th* l*?y Tb* lluMlan ar?y. a? It ??Ut?d two J0KM ?f<i. of I bodj of w*ll ool dWra. th* mtjority *f whom bad ??rri'd for a ten* pirtod ?f .*.m, a ad had attaint a high d*?r?* of ?i liury im taction. T?n? of thon*anda ot th?* in*? bar* p* iUh?H), and th?ir pla?*. ar* WPHjl b/ ra? troonfl McfffOTOTi tbo FSBki of thi Runoion w my do tot ?upp?y that InUIllgaat and admlrabl* el*** *f ?>?? f">? ?*>'eh th# nou "wn*i'??lon?i oflicor* of tb* llnt.fh and Ktwh arml?? ar* forn?d. Tk* Ha?*ia? non eomn?i??iooo4 officer i* trainfd, Ilk* hi* .op*rW., in th* ?UiUry acbooja. aa.l th* ftrivit* can i#1<I<i*i b* r*U*d t* that rant h*o<* I th* aupply ol Uom ?r?*Bti*J ?i*?b*r* of a Kjim.ut U l<?iit*d, a ad th* to**** #a?Uinw! la Hi* ?*ld a-* aot ' *But TifPaII*'th?** ?*u?*? ar* at wor? to *?bao?t th* m> n?r*l nioiiKM of tb* Ru**i*a *a?pir*, aal to.olo** tt* * lhet*ney *1 th* Hu?*l?? ?r?y, tUy apply with p* cii lar .nd r^oubUd lore* to tb* iaun*dlat* th^tr* *f war. M?d t* th* army which .till ocoujmmi th* Crla?*a and d*f*?d* Tb*** th*? know that tb* twi ?>???? rtor** and pro.xlon* .(con.ulaUd at *a*t *ap*a?* by th* go?*ra?a*nt for the nunport of a naaMrou* army bar* b?*n V*ta ly cot of! and aaalhilatad. Th*y ar* aw?r* that on* toad n?*r arid at*pp** aod uobaaitby jj*00** only bn* of nommuaicaMo* with th* r**t of th* ??aptf?. that tbo iQOboolA of on 4rr^?l*tiSlo powr hem in ?i* ooa?t of th* Crm*a oa *r*ry ,ifm, whil* aa ar?y *f iWO.tCO men, ? og in daring ?nd In ?tr*ngth, I* r**df to di#pnU with th*? Ui* po **?.*???* of th * *r*n*, el<^d to ?b?m, bnt op*n to o*. W?U might (.?n. n M?T*n*raI ?rd?r ?f tu day, *f th* ?VU. ? May, (thotigh that waa jauid b*for* tb- ?uevn.ful ?tU-k on t? * MtBKkn) that th* *lf?et of th. U#top*r.'l?.o. of th* tin} uftd*r hi* had aarva*??<! h," tion?, and that in c?*Umpla?iof tb* .rt^aUon of th* a lied foro?* b* I* ?aU.Ocd tt -ou'd nS. H* U)1 J CT M>?w. ,4for tho h? o -Hi, i? U)aol?o4 ?? th* mut MffttUl cotillUon of bU r*i?Ua fo onl t>o tint* I* com'rg wb?n w* ?h*ll atrik* I. in tj th* h?art. Ill* order or th* day to which w* allud* ?? a riforoua m tn of that *W>|U*oo* whi^b rout** th ai irit of an amy, and w* partieoUriy ad?.r* W?* P'*^ t[f* of naming th. m*n who h??* dljItoguUhfd ?)ril in action, fro. tb* g*n- ral t* t*? f*'**??* in a doeoa-ant pobtlah*d imtn*llaUly ti th* tro'i^* Hat >ln>r>:* Hat of honor form* a rtrifclag e??tr*?t to th* m..l?nioi.tb*d. e?i?|.l'm.ntary atjl* in welcj ...n*. alm-'.t *?'-.u.lT?ly . I ' th* ?U(f ar* i*1rol>. inlo th* lirit ah da-patoh** lb- mof U i tL* r*. j-u.g* t( it* own prow**. a*d in an order of th? ? ay t ? i? p.,^IM* to cwmit tho^ acta of la*orit>?m wbi- i. xrm "touirk-i info a d*? patch U> U* Hor.* ??ua' * To r***rt howa??r, t? th* p? ?tti?n of it* art* m u tba Cf.a.*a W* iaf.r lr*n> th* l?U?*t ac-* .nt- tha la I'ri.K fnt ot tfca actual progr-.a and *i..p?e* of ti* | t omy military oparatioa* ag.inat -*t,a.tapol or oa b* Irharaaya, all th*i?f?*ral can*.* wbkih aaa' affc- . ta* Uiuiitat onof tbl* con .U ar* op-rat.c? 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Mm ilm* U tnd >f aitboa.h lb* rajtrt u>'il an 1 lb* aV>;b prott/ ittii*, kiwilri o**r iba -lanl '/ attaiata, Wiling ? it Ua n.aia tiapa a*4 rtnrmnj war* aa>! aiafttaf 'ba I r. fcbaa>)a Tfca Mar a la a?i p??aa4 t?< bar* a boaa >b baf > aa>' a dt?ar to Vu MM lat >??? t? m irrtw Hal ? l> n-leaa baaa ?ffa*U?? ar atp!o4a4 uXar b?f btlfa, III raau.l irlpM baaa k?? aafal, aa 1 I'M aHi t tt.a a r< a. j a f< 4 on*, a* Iba Irancb a<" u ir?l a?t hal' a poat r*;ta>Ba ?<!? ka bar. t.kna ?'??a |?a Mi'< ?ai? la raadmaa* Ui ocoa out .( '.ha Ua4 tat r(?n? 4. A II apl* of mila* of tb* Tolt^tVIa iifbthvw a' tl ? ? ?'ia?a inUrt p"tot ?f Iba kataa4 nl I ?.a?ta4t tha a lit 4 (laat (a bow rklar at sr.- bar )a >la?U Uaa, aiUal inf Iran tba lr|>rBaa'<B'1 ?b< r? 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Jaaa-a Watt, hlla, Brttabarr laabfa af Ibta la* aal aaorar tba ra? rr i , a?a (ba f anVa'i a?4 frlfatar K?r;a)a<, -a an' "rogaat, ?''b tba tat a>rt?|'B| nana, Marl. a aJ>* I |a<; Tt? aao'tt la *b ?f araiy hiataol' of yn faanrakto #ata tf Ika vaatbar la f*?caaa? tra iba pott ao4 f> f?itaauaai. aa4 naa Mttitl uva ati kui >iv4 a it) la yar-ta of tba vor??, 'jarartMUu af IS* ("HiBMaw Ttaibla at ikI llaaa oa Iba naarta, ??aiwt tbao da.irab?a 'w?ut "? ?f|?ro?J4jo< | ?? fFw^h .p,,..? IT! ^ 0L"fiL'; wbiak lit* olnnn.l Kt'i u0 v, It, I , oatUTk#*' VtthiB ?'?!?)? of Bii?M>Uiy built L ti *** t!0J J0N?<] Uil ra aou' tj of ( r.,L?t?di 1, ?ltu.t*o il l A.,#W |*r?al .Uff u,.r palao. of O,.0";XuV ??, . t*1* M't'j lo. t to v.. . lo?ri,"if hiHt ." Willow, a p.*p U obtained Of tun Jilt ?.,ir.. u; thl \ ** !"?'?<? ol l>t?rhof, o?l*brata<l for , .' f Ur<?* vM Miutic U.WO, !u ^ESJATg: II ilalmoat tHlj^MwIhlf to rooat atwur.t.l. th. m . 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Bortta.rn abor., ,D,j tha worfelu atafl. eaaiutib^ of tbou.aada, ap,war to eorar tb? ??ot Ma htapa of ante; .ad to. batt?r? alio nM-anJi ?tag* 2?raU?B, from rutflof tba fliat .ol to foi? Dg tba ambraa'ira ?n?l mjuBllcg tha auna. " I Ai to the kov?id?di? of th* r*?t of th? (f??t ??i wn?? I tb.t tba f!?.p?r.ta <?nfl ot, 1 ^ b'?JkH'1,u? l'1" ?**?t from Uoa., to' ' W*Klan li Utlou.-l ia tha tb, A?pbi(n.n*t ^ I i Tba?l*l of n)lr>fl>uDr a. to th. rlelnltr of 'rjmtadi ? ha. curtocr.l uaot r?| .n,| ?nTa, m,n w,^r ' ; witb iba Uult o' liolaod that ?h. ra To 'oVo,* "^f Tk^.V"" ??r rtoor walU of I'm \ r "" ,,,uo,, b-t'" O'"" "''"l1' ' 1, k" m ffO actlai tha ispiui' ' do "; .."d r.'tV."'" '? /?'- P U" Ul" 'ri,a ti.ain Uto.J f)L? ! ".? h* -!<"??'? 1. aotar- I . Up? fc?Ul NUmn?fH *n 1 iriiu huts cm f... aixl -t. I rtcrK ,,rf tnu.t ?n?r. tha f.,u of Kart n Ua pr..r.,rtla?, .o th. of Ajti'f .r** t? ^ ,.1.^,10 ' Ll.I^ l! '* * '***' 'louana.. th?t >u?h *<i atu-k I Baaprol.ablu, aka abj ?0r. U?f,B-t. tl?, ,,^1 of > -AUSTRtl AND TIIK WEHrKRJJ I'u VKIW ef k?l,K K*if. U*n P"''""""1 "?<!'? jojro i h ' 1!;r> lb" vt u '? ""??**ant,? i.. patch ' la (i(UUl ?,lol , e,ri?larof tl,? Jlfct ult. It I* &Uy '24 tm ^ | ]rnn?a,i !????,, *, ,ke ?**????'??? Court, aa1 p,li.u ou- tba I -L* e ?Au",'"> ?ouW taka If bar i>r?p9allioaa ? bot.,<i U rrj?ot?il t.y i ha W,.urn I'ow.r. - . . ? <v m'??''t?rjr up.,0 ti.a arlicla u. tha <Mrrrr i hi ion ?< ? ,n,t , I cno eoitiBuolcata to ?,f .! iH5t7,t tha followio, fur;b*r I lliformatioB. Tf ? lt [? ri?i Aiixtri.o Cabln.t ha I 1r.*n ! Up ?n ultiiuuium to be pr?M' bt?<i iu M f'< u rnbunr ia a tkCI b?,1Ut4on of HotnU't POrinlgstv w?a ? 1b? ciiQmUfR Droujn de l'f|uj? ?a l Ku^ull bid tJB frUkfn u? birk tbtn Au.trUo lrJU>co 1 with M* with thalr owo fOTarnmaota. Thl. .Iraft /? " tba ralaoUao of whirl, |,, it , ,it th, Auatriau (ovrramtot <la?lar.d IU d.tcrmlnaU m t,, |<>o.i " ? ??'" Ml l -^al.tad of .w? diilaront proptul. i of wblch vm olf*rsd to thn lia* pnucipia of a u.ntral Umlut.oii of p,wW to ba .*>?dupona?d ?t1l.d br batwwn Itaa.,, aad Itirtaj, ortKiB*tad in Kraooa rbataeoaJ alUruaUra Pit [t, It". a?fn0. tVhl T " * >""? r-"i" " ^ L a IV" IV- l. i. '"0"" th* K""?l?o powar ,Q tha nntlLi- I "I" t h?r* 'Ot,0.luc^i IBt'. | th? i puhllr law of t ump* p<rtlj by of a.a.r.l ' trraty of p?aca to ba coarlotfaj, partly b* a tr??'? 1 Hn'.lfn it" >r*n1c* ^"llaod aa4 Turtay Ur I J?l,o 1 Kuiat ll pra?loo? to hla daparlura from Vi.ob" win onla I ^B.lM.d oj.l,, wl-h tha,. nrop^m .i, fb. >r?n.h I \ i.Bam. *"*'"? l**"/' la I'lfut., Whoiwt ! I-. . " ??' i rt to la jr t.^,?tli* aro ! Skl.HI'tk i M i ,B" ,b* 1 ?' ??f t??? Oralt b!m \?. !"*'/? MloUt*r ' 'unt liuol, had h.a.Ul I . i J J V"? ,0?* 0,1 P*'t ?* Kraara I MIo^!* M1* <>f ? Ifoujo da lh* "?a "oaleatloa. m .da on tbia loplr b, , d?I?u? Tf!t* and Orunt Walaw.kl aw atrietU eo?/ I . fi ' ff th?F?fcr? tie Au?tr it, < ftblatt 'lo** tw. fmml UaoTlhitth/l10 ,t>tirtu/!i ih*m f*lXh #r, tkifinofW 0'rO'M tfc. lB)|anal Miblatry found lUrll Inlucl to call upon that ablnttaof I'aila and london to -nUr upon a fiaiBinatioo of Ita propoaal a, and 1o arlalj w.fTtha lb,t' -r'^w.un f 1 *' tlma aipUlaad IU pron wala In Inllatt dauila Bdducad ar,{ua,.ot. hCET . .I *Z ? y ",e objaitlona tb.r had ra'.ad a"u.^1 T. tkl" ,,,p obu'M?l tb. d.. ral amw. n5r r ' diaputa th. hiht of tha U Ijlif. r. at pow.ra, but would ba oblidr.1 U, 2aa?a It t.! l.Btop ocu,. for tb. maalvta that ffia wbkh Lha or^ ? 5 rSH j?pj ?j"? iHSiiU'J'Sassn,' ecAftrtoeoH Md roa<t?a? lo protoct t"?# int?writ ? of th* Um,".Ut! ??'!'% h'r P"-r<?ltlon. to adlraaa an at. is?5:"r^:r?r v? r.rrr.r; ore.?:-1 upot * ,*jt ?' 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Kl??r l'aal?B4, i" >.*?! tlnto wo Kh at*) tt? b-roMWrt> of tha rol*r? of Kuttia. our atlt*' on hat l a. n uti ' ml' t *(l/ 4iir>-to<l In all that r<a fiolr'bur to tU ? ?ll. n ar<l '"Baoltdatioa of lha tiaa ,uiliity aia-1 protparlt/ of U? tan|. r? lu ?? ?f [ rrori4**/*a. aa4 ?i M ?<? <-uoa*<'?r*'t it to ba tt) of oar ?'?! tair-l 4tUa* to I ha t?it of our poatr to tail* aMtgrtt thai m?r '<a rrx.rUd tu in a?tri.'iT?l nir j tux U?| I'im ??? all I* (Jo* l.aai), at <mr ? ??rl/ talvroi, cm to ba forr'".'i fallal aaiC n LI*. U. of Jauuarf .It'i I*.* llatr Icy thit In trr?i *??: lb *on-i'!< rat n of o<ar fit ota>,r t li? i ?a roaltaah aid lit* <il an ' I'uka Mi*?.lt I Altnn tri a tt b btitr ut'lti l f * It baa *?**."?! f??) to ua ?? "on forirnt; with tl.t fun- twnUI larttf li>* toi l*, aal with 'fc? a f>| rotaLoo ant Mtttiog of oar ?loaratl m ? '.of tba lrn(i??a Alafanrir* ImkiroTtt, |/i oc'ain to'. .o mtkt ifcoaa to aii ?r.*a ? I Hit is cat* ai car 4a-???? yrtrlnai to ' r 4??rl/ 1 t.? imtd MB UB'1 ? II"' MO! t bat lag alt > a ? >h? lai a<# i -,ii r*.i b? ia* for tit* majority au of aoipato? *0 be* I bbtil b< ?L*'l b .ta tUaiot- tbat fall a** , MialtlU 1 ? Brtor'j latitat'! llo'.hrr, Iba <jr>t J/u ? I "iitak'lna M'OlaijtoHtrb, r??fot of llxaplii tM?' tot tarntai rtt ItMliinU* fr'in It, tho i Ing om of f'>4 ao4 Lt |rt r i| ' u. bf of I lo>aa'i 2. Ihtt ib ra/a it tl.oBtl ptaaaa <>al t'U* our -Va oaaa ? I n to rt II to I laiaa.f oar At at bora aon bafota t>* baa ltl*>a/l I la Biajorit/, lot f?aa*i aon 11/ In " a fur *11 f to Ho la* r*t ilatltf tl* aaaraxloo In tt.t Uiroaa of bknia i Bait at a aeniU tt tba <iraa4 Dili ' oa aiaatb* M*olalja*il#?h ata?U nia* b r*t*ul U tba ? a. [ira aalil far ktat ? oa caai of a(t tl. 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