Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 9, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 9, 1855 Page 2
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THE SUMMER RETREATS. ?Ike bilnk at )Unuo<a>-Utten Ami OM Mm Oonlbrt, Mug PnmkIi m, Sprlagt, Walts Mmu ?mI HoyJklnton Sfrtop-HanJ ul OLD POINr COMPORT. Wl'.t4RI?'? Horn* I Orn Poiwr OoMroar, Vs., Jo y d, 1065. f II mo Is Oct f%ert ? Characteristics of ht Place? Art Monro* ? Celebration of the Fourth ? The JBftraid, 4nc., tfc. The votaries of pleasure or the seekers of health eanot bid a plac: ia the country w . ere their object mmj be attaued with so much certainty as at thi Ant watering plaoe, and jomr nates la New Terk win find ccnvsnient and comfortable Means of aklttxg this plaoe by taking either o t the Uaitad States Bail steamships for Richmond, (the Jan* ?swn or Roanoke,) which leave New York twioe a week, arriving here the aezt day, without change of haggsge, aid at a coat of only $8. Pleat ore seekers will find every source of amuse mat usually found in large cities, added to sea MUigi saihng and fishing, under t&e direction of ?ft end accommodating attendants; while ttose ch of health will flad no placa where home and convenienses are more ample than Peri Monroe, the largest military work in our ????try, affords to the visiter beautiful promenades aad various sources of interest, among wtaoft any he mentioned the daily drills of the soldiers station sd here, with the misic vt one of t-ie best twadj in Ike tmplcy if the United States. A hugs number of persons visited this plica on At 4th, as usual, to spend tne day and to witness -feed!* lay of fireworks at night, wbtch, uo.wita stanutng UK Md *c. dont of t6e 22a uli., were of the mst importing kuid. remescnttag Washingtin Mobusd':o'; tfce Onnxtellatteii of 1776, sarrouaded if that or lttiS, with others not remi m-wreJ. .The day paved off *ell, and, with the exception of two m three bkira i^hes o; s>me ucruly spirits, nothing ?eeurrvd to mar th<: pleasures of any who cant) t j eetsbrtU the aneuversarv of that c.y which mile a "laboi fiee.'* The gnesU< are supplied, A< umitf, by Mr. C. B um, aa loi f and (hvcrsbi> koo ?u t:? t ie visiters of "Old Pofesi," with tbe New York HkkauD sad o' p* mh, to salt tbe damn* of ali; ba; the Hkrald is N>e first on tbe lhc, it being more c&lteii for tinn any ?t tier, and to sujh an ext. nt that he has to iaertfcse . is ordeis lor it diiiy. He has also yutv M?h*i a rtcelplite likeness of the Hon. Henry A. Wise. B?fore concluding, let me say tbat a more agree afcto compwy w?a never assembled atanvpkje. Bsie the Noith and Hcuto unite to promote the hap ptae?s of each otber; and one would suppose fiat ?hey sere all ncigub^rs and acquaintances, instead a# heug residents of different sections of the oouu Uty A LONG BRANCH. Mktoopolitan Hotel, / Long Branch, July 4, 1856. | 0mr Car respondent' a Idea of Warm Weather ? Departure from the City? Bathing ? Things at Lang Branch, 4>c., tfc. Tbe rtate of the thermometer on Thursday ?braogty persuaded me to try tha comforts of a thin ami. On Friday I was induced todravupoa Knex for my newly cleaned " old Panama." Satur day 1 discarded my uader garments " far a seas an," aad took to gossamer and linen, with the fullest cou Mence that onmmer had aotaally set in. In this rig I managed, with the aid of oool soda water? mind, I said soda water-and cons.derabte patience, to swoat sad puff through the day until about three o'clock; when, fully satisfied that itfwas not necessary, either tm my own comfort or the good of anybody, to en due the suffocating beat of the city longer, I alerted for a steamboat, sail boat, ferry boat, or ?ay boat that was going somewhere, anywhere? where a breath of pure air, heated something less ferna 90 degrees in the Bhade, and which had not passed through the lnngs of over a thousand per ma, eonld be obtained. Always fortunate? particularly when 1 am lucky ? I trusted to chancs, and chance and my ruling star toek me to tbe foot of Chambers street. Glancing aleng tbe decks, 1 saw stake Issuing from the ptps at a steam oo at at the foot of Jay street; the first tight of smoke ant the thought of fire came near Mghtening me into a retreat; but than, what was the use of a steamboat without steam? And the fl<e to generate it could not be much hotter than the ptersiig rays of tbe sun to-day. Why don't some Taakee Jin vector get up a patent lens to bak?*, boil and roast by the sun? If he don't succeed, the1 e ks no virtue In caloric. The steamer aforesaid peeved to be tbe .fames Christopher, ready to sail hi the course of half an hour tcr Navitlnk Ooean Hoase and Long Branca. Little earing which bsaach I took, so tongas it was Jong eoouga to givj ? losg sail a 'id some pare fresh air, I again re'iei ap?>n efcance aud went on b*atd. Already thre.j or fanr hundred persons were ahead of me, and it was 4k tot ate there were no more, or tbe little steamer would have been crowded uncomfortab'y and oar pleasant trip down the bay transformed into almost aaything else. At tbe "Ocean House" we took stages, and a rile of five mll?-s over a flat country brought us "to L>n< Branca." Oh, Jupiter, a bre.e/e! I.e. U9 stop ? moment and take a long breath. Let us look out ?pea the bioad ex.oanse or ocean that stretcW sea ward btyoid f e reach of vision, aud to toe <i ?ht aid l> ft as Ur as ><u have amimlto go. VjOc ?learners tre in sight, and four times twenty sa iiog vessels. From f>a e evation on the bank, le; us look down upon a hundred bathers before and below u*. km tfc* ^niy curat. i Ub c people I ha*e seen iu thrt <> cs.vs. How they erjoy thttuselvet! And bo* finely J>e surf dasHes ovtr tbexJ Hut t.mtslizlog M>eir Joyous fhoats ! Oh, >o i swea'ing thounuds ?* fling. blowing and gatping in faraaoe heated, Wick *alled cHtes? wtiat ?.iu!d yoa give to oi ahnige y< nr elo e, pent up. ill ventilated quart<wv tor a plunge iu t Hat w *ve that ns* cima rapidly roll top and foaming t/>w?tos tb'. bea^h? Hurr.aji aanin can't Staod it longer. Bo I'm off to i the va'er. And a* Moee classically expre<*?ee ft? "Fm going ia." Wio says tbe bea h of 0 uay It' and is superkr to Long Branch? The bo Ujji here tb* season is h?rd and n-tndy, with no sudd ju deerenirgi, ai d uo under-tow; no'.hiog cjuIiI be tear. And why ia it tfiat New Yorker are not kstkr posted up about ixmg Branch? Why d j tiiev ?less it with Coney Islai d and Rockawa}/ Let me Be them ?u item or two, for after the Fourth or y tfcey may te arxtoa* to come over to Jersey t > toke a dri- drive and a gUss of soda. Well, I har? already ascertained tbat taereare nine hotels and several boarding bowed, with accommodations for ?v?r 3,000 persons. The ho>els are oal'ed the Matro BUn, Mansion House, Uti ed Statei, National, rris', Howiand'a, Con <ver'a and Alleghany. Ti-e Metropolitan, recently built, is a file, large *L ifloe, with accomoxHlations for at le<?st 360 guests. It heats directly upon, and is within three hun dred yards of, tbe ooean. The main building is 200 he*, trout, and three stories btgb. It has also two two *x>ry wlnga, one hundred aud fifty feet each, ? ff,cao<,> *?e handsomely laid out in lawn, Ac. Kme drivr* over exoellent roads, rood sea hatn ?ft hunting and llsning, \ ura air from tbe oroad Atantic, arid trop e accommodations In tirat cKas ?Mala, teed to make Long Branca at leart oomtort Mia and ag.-eeable, and it dlflbm only from other tovarite ar d taehionabta watering pla^ea in an entire ?toanoe of kaftti, rowdies, and mustjuitoes. Am ioo. FRANCONIA MOTJKTAIN8. PaaJKJOsi* MoiTiTims, N. H., July, 1856. Tto PrrfUt Hovtt? Splendid Summer Retreat - Etha and Trout I*ku (kd Man in the Moan lams, +e., ^Wbat pleasure, thought I, on rising at five o'clock to aky dominie In the "little village" of New York in following tbe beaten track of mankind? To leave tha dust, the turmoil, and the din of msn, In ttils ?iky of brisk pilea, I am determined, and for a while aeek the mountains with their gurgling rivulet*. Bit in what direction a*n I to go? If I follow the general roah to watering places, I do not esctpe tha troubles comet? aent on city life, with tlw nrr <wry at ninety two in the shade. Where then stiall I go' My reaolutlon was at oqcj formel; and here I am in the mountains? nn'y think, Mr. Editor, the dtfiirrent scene that p*e?er.U Itself after a few hours" trave'. I declare it teem so odd when I awake iu Mm momiug under the expectation of hearing? "Here thep go, only three cents a baakst. Straw barriee, three oents a baa ?ket!" ibitead of which 1 bear the lowing herd, who Wind th>?ly o'tr tht lea. What a coatrast from my window when I rite! tor ic stead of looking dcjm tito a eonflQtd street, meoiidtog vttfa the cries ef milkmen, (forgive ma far calling people ant ? r>ei? mi? a.) leee tbe d I ?mutate*, Ike gtan a ie<Vaab?t , undnlatieg pfeina, wavicg forests plaeil rtNiai, la wftoee ample wire Litis la'adi kvete spssta* larg?, while the sheep atvr their plaintive Wetting*, and the bones dog aerobes roand, pcond in toe en sdetunesa of bavin < taken goad care at hi* muter'* dwelling dnrtig tbe nigh'* What a cjntrait, Mr. Editor ! And aa I w'A all my fell jw cirre^#%?*a well gratified aa mjaelt doting the preae*" heated term," ae your correspondent E. Men-lea M>*,I will, with yoar permetien , give them some advije, that tt takes, will Sabre thtrn one of the most debjht fnl summer retreat* oat glon a* ooantry o?> b >+&?? of. Ltaving tbe city by he nobis steam-r Isatc New ton at 6 P. M., oar party rtacKed Albany evl> ia tbe mornieg, ti n* allowing %n boar and a half for b? cak'aat before tbe oara k-.ft tor Saratoga Spring'*, tbence proceeding to the Morptu atauoa, wnere uw stages awaited us for Glenn '? F* Is, and Cildwe H oa Lake George; fcere we a/riv?d in time for an early dlrner, and a drUfehtinl 10 v on toe like, whose bourn in thia oa?e was like a ahinin* mirror; indeed, a* the water flew no bv toe resists* energy of the prow of onr b&tk, I ccold do: hslp reverting to the lines ef Byron? i-be wtlkn tbe waters Ilk# a thing o' Hf?, And ?ferns to d?>? th? Co ntri e. Who would not brave 'tt tuttlv, lira and wreck To move Um auo&ich of bar poopWd <?eckr Next morning at 7 o'clock, we kfi, in the JaVi Jay for the foot of the lake, Varna to Tic jadera?i b> ooacb, a d;st?iiceif four mites, w.iere ee hid an henr and a oal< previus >o m* arrival of toe ?leaver frcn> Whi *ha I, ana seffldent t ? allow as t me to ram?/Je aid animate among toe roiaa of th.j Old Fort, whose restaiscenoes naturally led as back mentally to thoe* s tues, tee enaacinsr of whica or der God's j rcvidcnce, lo*nr:d to onr forefather arid postulty " li:e, lib?r*y V o p irsai '? of hap puess." Tiat Ve monument of sach b!essia?s ebonld he dilapidated, id Ol>K in accord no ce >wisb tbe muwbiiuy of all bnm?n tft'.ira; aad when 1 re flected on v e one?rtamty of tba stfe of th-i on o ce'efcrated Bsbjlon of the Euphrates, tbe oily of a brDCivd gwtiF, 1 cjnid nnt be surprised at the decay ol tbe old fort. And ?oon Ws plao* *h*ll know Hm not! Our steamer from th-? reaohed Bur)la?ton ?bunt 6 P M., by whicn w? bad * one for a ride through ibe ciiy ?"d up the htuhta, Ml?k to ?be Am-riovi Ho*l whui I auet *av is both ? g ?d Ne*t iborticK *? ?'cea we lof? for WW e k ver Junction, Weils River sod UrtleVm, arri ^ng a early tea tine. We MBauad h< m over ni.iht - no, that this was a matter of, foo taw-' who piefer it oan proceed to the Protttu Hm?, I : Sla Notch Here, amorg touring moocttLUi , ^'1 be fitnnd an excellent hjt 1, new and 'o urime order, bnlit wit Mn the U rt Uvo a^ k'W'ra as the Ptr.flie H;a*e, kw*. by M<*irs. UfllMai* Huntress. TLii is truly a summer retraa,.A.u .dtne place! The t-oobe Is 40 by 1?18 iwet, with ft wbg 40 bv 72 f-et, tiuee stories high and aUto, cia takin* 120 rooms, and capable of. about 200 persons, the whole surrouuddd ?y ?<*jn tains 1,600 f?*t high. Absut a hmndrel the dwelling the mountali b begin to rise, and 1>?J? Set W^tVetak the oeleb'tfe* "Old Han 0/ the Mountain." Iremember seetag tbe old ??Uemau for tbe young gentleman, ior It appears he does nrA grow oiler!) some years ago, and must ao kcowiedire that ne is in to way conne ct 3d wi*b humanity, as time ba? no effect upon him; he is tht same jest^rdsy, .to-day a"d Torerer, and, 1U? the Mau in tie Mojn, always presents thesuae tace tcTjou. I couid not help thinking how oooiwm of our city oid bachelors would gLve. oould tney bat ninwfffl the nndviflg dVftbllitj of thd ttd4UlWltlII6 ^ wb?S?st the ,n > w. and the hurrioaaes of continuous * inters, comes cut fresh wd bw>m ing to greet you when yju arrive at the Profile 8 The first mcrnirg after oar arrival, we, as is cua tomary, employed a guide, and, after a oomtortab e d'jtuntr, started for the"llls. I cocfesff, after the seiOLtary habits of city life, it beocmes at (list a little Nbonous working up a^lnai the action of aruTity? a olrouniatance tha . did not SfpS to rafeuam the estimation ot our gaWc. Om young lady, however, of omf pafty, from her nraotul, light and elastic tread, ienidto ^^raot the attention of our Wader, and induced him to en ?*' w Mr oompMton, " that these large boulders, during some storm, may ruth (town inio the valleys, and cause great da "^No't at all, Miss. You know what the Yankw t?r said wten at sea during a hurricane. jn ed the t-iara and stupes tbat be was not aihoreia New York, wh<ae chimney not* aad signs might I fail on his bead. You i-t, ftTjs, thare Is no bibt^i asax a Wi'sssisusafis by the columns of the Hhxald T lost moat of questions aad answers, only awaamg to c>o?d<?? De>a on the last observation of the youag lady to her ^^You 8ee"^s?id she, "what folly It is to de:ry this wcrld and reprebeot it as being a hateful, aboouna We abode; believe me, it is entirely man's meitol d?foim1ty that mtkes so ?ad and untjae a piottire, nheu we ascmd a mountain and look out ower the ?.ce o^oTarth, is it not beautiful to who id tW. maKstic recks, then see toe waving l?.rthts m all the glorious panoply of their sammerclotoin^to which Solomon could not o mp*ic; oehold the wiy xlvulets, how ttey insh and juitp from cr^'. all uniting in tte large and glossy lake M low U ok at the scAttoed hamlets on tee i'ta, tbe abodes of met : ?e the CJtt:e le*dinR on a thousaud hiile, the oora waving ta toebreezf? luok turthcr en, bc'^o'd the my^cn-ui ocean, ai.d the white winged me. chant man on its bosom. Can we view all this la purtnew of mind, ar d nf t ocme at once to the conclusion that it ib a heantilUl ? a glorious world? Next in tte older f f our ramb escime tbe Cintioa MooLtsiDP. snrf tbe Eagle's Cl'tf, both in lull view from" tV Pioftl" H use, "bill; within ten walk aio tne Ecfio Lnlie, the Cascades and tae Trout Jjtkr. ^ lieu the guide began his the i.trtty ot the echo, our fair triend said tne utmc si gravity, that I-. d?d not ?>w up to Re echo o..<v> louud 1>? an lritbmnn, whub wassa aud>bte and die'irct., that *htr hoaaitdtr.e spirit ofhtHdecci^l gMEdnK.ther whether U>*<e w*i any d'inli .to he i oo t*los<i iu tbe othe.- wor d. the echo replisl, no nifire whiskey Tea^io " "Th" tinned the young 'ady, "was much o.ure he wus told '.hut the world ?an ? w j Id o' spirits." Tl if -ortie gave ma auother change to d>o in to your nolurns*. , , . Ab.ut tr?we miles oemw. ever a tiueroad, snd bv a beautiful stream, is tte Bjfin. leg and f? ot (it not *ay whore tbe otherl^anrt fo t aie), veil proporiloiH d, and measuring about 0 feet. And J>er?- w?r* gtaot< in thow ''?74- , Two m.its turtier and you oorco tothcrinme H 'use. snJ iha Flume. Fur full p?rtxuUi. r* this charming pU^-we^ ftrthe ruder to tbe J-ite cumbtr ot Harpers ^Vemts wlthing'tiie quickest, shortest and ehsap ot fett aiper^. leaving tne c^ty a* 6 1 . M., ?n<l pro^t-n log to Worcester, ttu nce io N Plymouth, thence by a gocd oo*ch and ?U b^wes. over ? charming road, and ih^h ?plandd K?m. ery, tor twei ty miles, when the '*?' the Profile Hrone in eeaaon for a good supper, which he will be sure to get Time, about twenty 81 The'cwtff a tli rough ticket is a^iut ^ ^ ?eascn it was but $S. From the Profile Hou*e to the White Moontiins :s twenty tour Littleton, eleven? to Wei s R.v*r, t treaty rni^s. No peroon ran possibly m?ke this tour anir*-un. distatiified. BT AFFORD BPBINtJH, CONN. 8r*rroi?P BrnnfOB H rst, I Btakkorh, Conn., July U, 18.?3.l 7*# Sprmga?Hot llealhtr ?Tht Hitti?Poiitics, 4-c., ire. Year valuable paper has been a daily oompaaloa from childhood, thcugh I have never until toe pre sent sought to tietpass upon IU columns. Bat so ftmUlar tave 1 become with it. that lt*emsllke sddrertitg aa old friend, '..her tfcaa (hi .editor of tte most w dely circulated journal in the United Hta'ee. L , The cool wva'her with which we hare beau Mass I ed had almost lulled me into the belief tbat wc were to have a dellghttnl summer of showery days ard Vacket a ghts - a belief that required but the shadow of a warm day to dispel. The prostrafng beat o< Wedteediy Induced me to hastily pack my tiunk ?nd s*ek a quiet and comfortabl# spot among tbe hills of New Kng'and, where vliions of aexn fortalile summer in New York wjuld rapidly give way to tVe real ty uf nv uutain air aad soeae.y, and the lnxuiles of coantry life. Hardly knowlrg whither t> nnd, I went aboard the ("plttdid ? esm-r Granite state, and arrived in Hartford, alter a dellgntfal night'n sail, on tlie fol lowlrg morning. Two brute' ?Me on the Wililman Oc rallrrsd bicnght we to this rharming soot. Ktaflcrd Bprlngs are among the mountains of rol laad county, a boot tfy ml* distant, bf railroad, ?'om Hartf.rd aid Saw London, ant Ins daly ofl mui>io?tx>D ?i?b New Yoik, tmw bttagtagaaia papm. (and I rot'ce the Hculi, aa uoti, is tb ? ikT< nte > visitors, aid good ttuog* for t <e tana wbiob , thoogi tut, u by do meaaa tbe least atorao tive to tbe gotata o t the doom. The *p> iDgi arv'meehet no'ed for thair meriiji Ml proier'hB, wil tie oacnerooa MMawMi in their fav t show that ma*y remarkable carea A ac Cuioue dueaaea have b ei wrought b# tw ase ? \ ibif water, when til other rem*dias bave faild. Dr. Blodoett la permanently connected wit 1 tbe house, cf wbon those an tor bk ctra a Shtphly. Ihe town about d* with jUto, grovas trout brooks? an indisp-naabie attaoument to a MHBnx-r retreat. atw?ys to oe foaM. ttoagn sot, aa entctig tb?se bll%, fall o* tbe?ptckVd trb*. Manor* taring ia cariif d oa in several braactas, aa wco>na, cotton*, mac&inery, & ?. There <a Uto a ntw berk id soocersfol operation aid otaer mnor public Institutions, wh cb give the plaoe a Uv?Iy aid prospeious appearance. Jdaauiastorer* aod famous are wear lay sailing < ouwenanoee, w ujH M a *are ?ign of a jjo d tine ceeuog. P ? weatoer baa been very vt n> for * f?w osye; and w?re K ?n t? r Ve o*l?eht?ul brttz* ?ver te beenjiyed en be piazza of the toa-te,' ;e f ideas' ve heat *on>d b?o mn inu lerable T) e thermometer o? B^tardij *ih 1?2 degrees in the shade on 8u dy 98 degrees nl so day it is o ol, and the raja of the sub CmI quite comfortable. ro^a> I woke with tbe aiming lark, wbose clear ik tea were roicghaK wt"i tiorie of tbe >ob?n, bloc b II. aid onr own sweet seeking btrd, iaaaot tor triovteto Bin ?co vat 1MB ovf r and cures lor Una ail, tiU ihf y l led the air with their d*bca>e t<ymns, ia aovw ot awert* rat cadesoea, uatil tae fluid air waareetl wrta to or nek dy. Tbe tematatton was to* atr jog for M-ist ance, and I sprang oa1. of bed wit* aliTtty tLat w< old bav* doce josttoa to m; jvng r dip*; Ti'l when tbe goeg sounded for br> ak Sea'., toe ihb-j paste ) ia toie beautiful grove, hoteaiug to w^'bljog Mtigatera, bad been fall of pleaetir. t oog >ta, re? d?r>Dg it aiBoet the bapt>ieat boor of ny hie. As ytt, there are bat few bwcers >? tb? noaa^, U)? a^)b t>re are many who have tM?a f^rtaaa ? ectogb l j duoovert e fUc , and * n?> yav H a '.eir>y visit, raving looms etg^ged for too o misg a^tso u Ike sprii gB foinn-rij Were uut a j atujo bought by plta?Die se^aerH aa by tbe?iu atii^e ueakn, who came to Uat tbe eurauve </oall .??< JTtuo ^ater. Bator late ;tari, siiice the h u*j b*eo aude; tae racervlrion ol its ty arteinsaod oblu^'ur ho.-, BaVn, aid hi* g*atlem<ji'y ole'k, Mr. Ki-vvd*. tave won golrtn opinions from rha pl-ada w* isg public, tlfy base reader j t e b'^fljid ^pn. g 1L use atavmiUs i-law of report during tbe sc noer m nvbs, Know Notninga are scarce ?u v >m B:QV,m ; neither bave I s*en a seo? nwLiat. & oac.ii di'.a pointed of ttae Aawrioaa c?rincsplei, cm a broad rational i latt^im, inc u<?mg fne J:?us.tbe wbo)e stiitrs, nd rotr.ipg bat the StiVs, ?'.ii the v .tefc ot ih.s section. Bkukib1 . WHITJi: MOUNTAINS, N. H. Wnir? Mocnpadi?, Juoe, 1855. JVi Us of Truvel? Hutorical and Qiographuai Re. minintnees ? Canals ? Catharine Springs ? Ex ]* of a Trip to the Mountains and Caiuid*, ?*?? trc. It has teen my cnatom for man; jeui to take tn early trip in Jane, for the mere pratitlcation of tra velling, and to note the progress in the mewa therr ?f, as well as the grateful freau patnt and whitewash which everywhere meet the eye on the great lines of pleac me resort. Three wetks at this ill one for the seaside watering places, anticipating the close of which, you may thip off to Saratoga in anple time for the fathtonable demonstration of that Baden Baden cf America. My disposition 1 1 essay ooia atonal coneapondence ensures me aaeeas to a plea, suit variety of infoimaticn from landlords, whhh adds a z*bt to my trips ; and now let me add, M-. Editor, that this little bit of variety is only thrown in as a pieface to the remark which I feel booni to nake, Bamely, that wherever superior ex ?mile ace in accommodations or increased faeilltksare afforded to travellers, the suggestion is made to me tan* it I would notice it tn the New Yonit Hkrald public generally would more surely and quickly appreciate and avail themselves of it. Then ym have the reason for my inditing the p esenc epistle to you, and which, it yon should deem it worthy of type, may occasionally be followed up. A leaeonable knowledge of geography, with sotsj sort of acquaintance with the histcTio&l lemlniaaen* (X a, be j oca the twaddling auide books, will be found to Increase the interest of all journeys, besi.'es open irg up infinite sources of entertainment, in passing thicugh the northern and eastern factions of this republic and the Canada*. Ihe early Indian, the French in 1754, the Revolu ticnary and 1812 war, hire eac*) of them clothnd with absoibing Interest maay localities which have alnoe become common as well as fashionable resort* of Young America. These scenes, aa they pas* suc cessively unc er the eye of tourists, furnish the must agreeable, and always profitable, themes for oarer sst ion to the young or old, increasing within the minds cf all a love of country and grateful admira tion to the great Architect above us, who hat spread with lavish hand bis works of grandeur, aaJ perm-i ted their possession to be the object of stern strife among civi ized and primitive nan jus I need not remind New Yorkers of the noble ais> clations which hover aronnd, tn fart or Ration's tal<9, their own Hudson? a mo e beautiful river, with in hurrcunelngs, tbaa the Rlire. Lit them pan op this by daylight each year; rejuvenate a day or tw.? at Saratoga; viaii the lake battle ground, where one great biow in tavor of freedom mat its rjwitd; thcnco in occ d<*y reach Niagara. The Almigoty ha^ here tet his mat k, and man each year a ids his petty attiactlons. Ihe slow waaran procflss w?ll be noticed by (be annual visiter, which somedi^ Unt period will make Niagara Falls a mighty rapii. The ncoriai'y for gcod *ater at the sortie m-vota aroond the suspension bridge baa braised a lltih ttv natural beii^y v?>ut the r*mn*nl<J fab|fl Rwk Wa'*r??otks a!e in progress here. Toe vinSer's walk to the edge of the E-igllsh fal: i% itnpeled tit tbr debris of tee mason's handiwork. l'nc hotou, conveyances, promenades and minor attractions about he* e ?re in great perreotlon tms year, bo*. I preoict a greater is in prospect for s nne c imiax MMOO. I allude to a ride thMtaoh the swif*., deep ire* current ana wbir'pool to Qaeeoet :.a, Lswiat ?*n and Foit Niagara, the point, waere the Svagara river jolrs LvkeOnt&r.o, tn some ' Maid of tno hiwt;" maybe it will be a wbaleoeat that wli flrit tasav that hitherto f. rhidden tra :k. It is knovn tiiat a gentlemar ??*am across the nver aud back, a, toe Itrry jus*, below tbe American fall. It <iccarre.! within an hour of the Mm1: that a .ady and gentleman crossed at the same place, in a bo*t, bat the advectnter preferred to ormcial hn per fornrancA until some^Unp- of more con?e[uen<jo ehould be attemptsd. From the result of far ther f Oorts of a nlmiiar sort, which wore v:ooai pushed, enough w gained to satUfy an ama teur that tb?; Lhrea'enliig waters In the curreit of the river, for two ar i a half miles bolo* the cata ract. may be safety navigatd. I predict it will ye* be dona. Ti e purposes of t;ade do cot urge >.t, but the itve cf aovertur, will nttooipt i*. by and-bye. St Cathatiic's ki teal an well should claim a visit, under tbe energetic ownership cf Bteohenaon, the best of the new botel cf that name. mineral watsf is hsginnag to attract woe atient jn. Far all complaints, ez> opt pnimonaiy disease, the ex ternal or internal application of the wa ter will sunilv do 10 harm. The distance is fount en miles, over a good stone road? a portion of the way along the Welland Cinal, iear to tbe Great Western and Erie and On ario rail roads, bordeiirg on the best wheat dtat<tc*. of Canada West. From tbe Falls to Montreal the trip d'rcot is deoe in a night and day. Tills alio *? the passsge down the St. Lawrencv a hook the 1 750 islands, to tbe greatest city of Gatadi, by day light. The fare is 19 50. B >ats and sverytUog about the route attractive. Every notable feature a)or g those watera has its historical reminisoenoes Tbe St. Lawicnce should bs travelled down, and not np. Tbe ? teamen , in aaoendlna this rlvwr, have to pass thicngh eleven locks; this sbuts off the view of tbe Rapids, which term one of the prjml rent attractior a of t">e giwat Northern tour. From Montreal, New York city, Boston and Qus bec may be reachtd In one day. Likes Complain snd George lav on tbe rou*e of tbe tiro termor lines; but to Quebec, although the Gra:)d Tnnk Railroad Company pnt passengera t^r mgb by >lsy for tl.tneevetiag steamboat line la much prwferab ?. Two or three day* snould be allowed 'or ea'h of th?*e oit'ee; they are dietlnctive in their oharacier, each has ha o?n peculiar features of atracMon, and tltber of tbrm gtvirg the visiter tbe beet idea of old country town*. The hotels are very mn h EngHil. Doncegaiia's is decidedly toe best at M m rt-al? bwora's and Bassell's are eqtwliy itoixi at t^ii*bC5. The ebargee at nsoat of *he isoge houwe on tti onte of pltnsure travel are tne samo per d*y ai thu li.t eeseon, bat extra'' are made to count up fniiy $3, altbout the luxuries. Mid nne Ht. Jnlian, a I'oaci iedy , Is tbe proprietress of tbe PonneKtns, a^iis'-ad by Cw. Bar'er who, I thtak, is the person thition of an sgreesble, popular, good-mannered lanllird Beddincr. bread, bee'', brandy and butter, are moat excellent at this h> use. i he White Mountains are easily reached from Quebec in one day byt e Grand IVunk Railrial. Here the traveller will realise tha diff-mnce in c?t | between tbe old style of jmrneying by sta?e at I ten tn i fifteen cents a mile, and the moden mode by rail %t Wo Hid th'ee ero?a THe e?v*Itf w'4 ebvig are m eitfeae'y agre'ab* ; ia <*"% je e 1 er wj.j < f m m mo nc ia*?*t? wo ^k3 ike ro mu.eejf V i t, M uoVui 'pr w^le^ ?w b; ?>j >e<' w'thtle eiUHlfjL By r?o? f om Muvietl 0- QtwbvC. ei'fts*, io o^dsy, tbe eas' rn declivity of tin *b?* E'B ?>?* ?tooob*4 V. G v bjno. I ?tH i at i'-'oup , ?)tlh OTmet*, to aqt'cl o?te the ?ar?e?-,nf p 't^Mi to tie witness, for sis tint t m?, of g ?n4 iinjiUy ?h>.h a?^r? bin b? m aiaoe e? prcmH+at ?a ail std* ?; bet will c la tent aajmi ?i*b advkl' g tk? traveller, wlu ?v .r ma bavt keen lie annoN, to *isn all tM fe itel* Id ibw region. Io tut ??j he w 11 bsve seen the iwoD^ilDB, rwt>M, giant etairoaso caeeadai, ?Md, profiles, mm flumes, gotobee, aid wild ?*?? e?y, okkn 5*ae N* ore, in bcr g'o'v, hu e?leete4 to gtrn'Bhker chosen aoade.wilb. P.-jlo? aaaiemrmited be -e to wa>i<v aad admire, bai b's eU-wjiofr wojs and reeking water woeelaare bant* bed trim ?be pwoeuoe. The WMt*> Moan* nine .ro *r mot tbeir sutami'fl to the Ablne region, above all ve#*U4>?; thi r*rg? Is teamen wiies ia length, *nd by the tra vel d |-n?d? n?> If e'g^ty miles a ooad. Vmt Waobir gto <e k? tie oeatre, toe veocUtw, ? aatd for tt?e P.-es dents (<o o?x as the? ware <1; *<Mom?Baof.e>evaed a tt?j, a*d tf mvn Clin*. ?u, Webster end Ptowaat Mo? Ma form toe raasn proper ; err. dru! on oil m -c-de '.bey rise *r?daai>y to tie gjttt* r p Ovation el til "WwhieKtm" domt tcawrly kaown ee the ?' H-iy 8 *?k,'' %)fo spffDd* to tbe SlpJne rA*ior; thia U>, at F>ao eoiia Nt trb, t. u?<sf n mil?s by sir Hue, ana twenty seven b> road, duraat from t e Wni'e oid^g rtrge. Near it is tbe Flame, the P/iftle asoaatata, ?nj the B bo lakee ? tnere ue (no? sbena. Bo elsninn at tbe A'phe Hon??, Oornaa a atioo, and trart rs?B(r tbe etr< W roads th-on^h t^e gw^es <>t t^ is nipui'sii oos two'orv to ) ;s western aid poutl ??n f xtre-? I'y , at ib- Fhimi Hiii?eI loi^ mttaa below Frsi OJDia Nctoh, tb# full wing o>oH?J hotels are iaa?ed n> <be ??j:- O'eo B ju-h*. LKiw'b <o.d tVawfoidV), IlenMi, Gibbs'ti (Not?b,oryoa.'R FVjb Ora*foid's). Wrtte's* Monvt Was bkvto,'' Betblem Hinio, ?nd Profile M ma. Bietrn w readily reaped in a dij fom ao> of rhe-e imsea, e''ber bv waj oi Conwsy, PonJft'd.or Intre Wi3??> pk>??Ojrt-e. A pe>tPB, with a mode- a n ob9 re uw o( ?b? rnrios'ti**, brrn^bt I vca /?1M e Ur, mny o*if tns this trip and l?k t i NdwYork, with a dibbnraemeat oi $6 a day, eiihua t ree we?ks. i&sn. HOrKWO^ 8P8ISTQ3, MA.<3S. H pkwton, Ha?a., ja y 3, 1866. Lccal'tn of Ike Spifg* Discivery of .s,> mitury P/o arhu?Amuetmt \tj ~I}^ p^-urth July, 4rc., 4rc. Among tho mmiUd lettoro pubhshrf in tb? Hkkaid t . m (be ptn'c 9*1 watering pla^a in Um United 'State*, I 4? oonnwwrt in pri? d thai a p! m? ao w?ll known a* Hopfcnioa dpriag* ahocldhare tictfti ste no'ioa o yoor onespoadnte. Tae Eookic'on 8,.r.ngi Hotel is mtuiied threa and a- half miles frin ?iie railroad statioi it West bora', a ad Ave mile j frun the town of H Joking )t lies at the base of a hiHh hiil, from whose rom mi tbe White Momtaiaa are risible. Wertboro' is distant cnly th'r>,y two aulas from Bjston, than affordiiar several diiJy commtrateasloai bd"?reen tbe two pUoe? by laUroad. Tie sp'hgs ared^uai half a m'le from the hotel. Carriages run t.?and ! from the hoiel andrailrwd depot npoa tie arrival of the trains t< om New Harm, Waronter and Bo, ton. CaHagts alao go to and from lie hotel and sprir gi thj ougboot the day. The sprfngs c jneist of three aeparate fouatalns ~ the Magnesia, Bulpbur, and Iron. They were ii/st discovered by the fa'ha.' of the prewnt proprie tor. But tbe spring'i d.'i not become a pltj* a* psbli; itsort ut til 183#, wiea the p-eaeat landlord ?bard wd the msroent:.e li'e 'a waicl he na ex tens) rclv eDgaged, and ereo'ed f>a haiae wdioh, na to t b)? time, baa baen an J now w, tnder h>a ei -lu idye management. -Jlww?ed5^?!1 ?"7>ert,?9 of the 9T>-ia^a-ere marfcible. The moat eminent of fe B>etoa nwdi thi E<* 0D|yv highly reommwd I iS?t Jnfv ?l ? ? hut freqtien'. this iv I sort with tbCir families. Aiso tho most diatiaguU'ied J ex merchants of Boaton ra^tic^e this plic? anKPjr whom the names of Hsrrim Gray o&' *' We^rdaoo, Preaiiett of *bo 2 ? ? Vv* ' may h? uattywd. Ab int a I &i 6 room the Kopkiaton SpHnm HotM f? * roif&ts, Jn which w odooik, Dartridgea, pitccou b?? ^d ?bom 3. HW, a!^,'^^ I ! "wu 'j W th099 whl to aTQid til- I Ir r^^L" eiMDr 01 htogto* their own oonve, I ?f.ceH p*y.eojoy b?procanng reniclaw aid hor?4 I from tbe livery atable attached to tne hotel. Tae I Mt?Tfl0Lf.v ^Dt berrie# ^ wpsaaUtieir a-De I I?.r ? ^ alnrort ir.ejfoaurtible an -piiea whi^h I J Berrabonta fnrniabea. I f thW pIa^ (the * rw'ly rl. n *!]"* P P' ior?S' K9- V"1 may cam the apex of a me ateep hill, fiom wh-n-.s I ?t?Ei tkf * *ViW 01 CmiDy ?i'w; yon miy denostai I I? ^ ?<T !y bfDaith- >y U? nmsi; ?!,"* "I^kirg brook;" or yoh m?y FimbU ^Zg -1.KK ',"WJCTvd *7?*' wd l^t4 U tie I merry warbling* of th* f?a%h<iry aonnrcn. At k 8 been, fMnacftated from the I J V? ^ hj a jmaeraJ b?fh, yon c in be in I trodnoed to one 0' that nunaber oaati.utiojr " a B^oSr^ ?f ^ Md Md ??gwith V 1 0,1 "Ith ??t Joyke noion'iuei I To nhTZ "I*" 3"uth p'?Mnr? mwt j To obiM the glowing hocrn with tijiaf fit I .i^y?0'"1 t^e hT " nine bo?t,-' Ur. Ji I ? -NorcroB*, la art exoelle^ ly that of any "Vr watfiiDR pk,_e !n M?Whusy.t.. ^ coa*JMK)n I { wcn'd to th )ae wbo wiah to erjiy " rea', aolVl "0?f.,n; ma region pertly heaKby. [ ^ heartily rfccir-wrrl tbe H<pktntw fipd^a }{?i I 1,C C.f^ni te? 01 -ArmgeireafE for oe'-ebrktiair th? I 4 ho? Jaiy. lmns. llnd the (tupenwr, wum I "tag* for our primte Mwj?tricJ? to mm row. and ti rrepae a ac^ffltbg for (It ?orV?. I n!f" r?* JOa we ir,terd t0 o)eb:a> ? rodependanco worthy w ilhMWorw rtm3_ ,v'n lf lh? be tbe BUte of ftiit cum and D-rS b' I li. V. I ??0N,'LT?ER^ H iLL- SARtTOGi RVHINGi 1>'. ?t%a k*t4tcf? P-pub, ,iaJt J 1 ? H I1* ,B V^e Yokk Ui-?4zi or ye?te -. I -*y>. 'a pab.L-hia^ t?e tntfid f &a three *Mal, !:? er ht?> rn the ^.1 and ait. 1 u ? 1 .07 ,?<n,rwi -T^-n. - Uaitod S i-. llovl, 10*.: I nlon Htll, 4V; <?ngnwrt Hill, ... ?JJJJJ' ? ?W tte a-rivais a*>i7? -n V S^aS SZT? H;!i *W ? r ^t>day onl/l anJ ^ ^^nd>iy, and Moadiy ar.-ivU, .? tnat lotel hai beem g'wo, as ??re thiaa ? tb" otb?r two hooa#?, Coa*?M Hall wooH Hve , r^ 5,r <0n^ U# DU?^ro< ?rnv?Htn?t tne I n rn u; < lAd a inte cqoil t ' M Vh* a5*2J> ah rif?D ta Mmi G^nu . ?. -,i-"i5r W?' w frr)T a*' m?di -n nr p?rt, w jIoi did frrat inja* ioe to Con : r as lUi j*hK-b, tin^r tbe proprietorship of 0 . H. H i b rc' formet.y of I uion Hall, toge'hsr with H. 1!. fin) i, " """ >CC!MNTON TH1 NORTH K?90CRI RaIUHOX^-. Tnai E UlN hn.LRD AND !i?YEN WoCKDan? 1 n \l> v !ii"luT ~A .^TT6?*11'# ?ccid?at occarrtxl on tbe North Muaonri Railroad laM nigh? .about 12 o clock, ?ha particular* of whlca we bare obtained (rem the - ffioera of tbe r^ad. The ca?.ia). yoecorradabovt fire milea from the city, r n th* moth lec 1 ,n, at the bridge acrwa the BalUfootaine road, "at d was tbe re?u:t of aa a t of atrocioua riDaiy perpetrated by aome aokaovn h0P? to ?? arrested an4 brcujihttojuatice. Neartft aWeof the tra k.on the bildge, waaaterrick which bad been u#ei in boiadng ttonea and tlmNra wtth which to build thf ^daa. The htidga being completed, the darrici had b?an awnng aaide so th* tbe (are c aid dmh naobatrnctfd. the uatortunate tram kit hl iJoum at 1J o clock, and paaaed crer the brtdm. whtci waa pert?ctl> otoar; an b ur latar It in running acToaa the bridge, O-e smokeplae wjuI tern fiom tho Lxxunotire, by mn<d oaaeen aifni ? aid a o< mpany of labor art, alwtir g en a p'.atfsi m c i aaept eff alao, and piectpiuttd, a rae of tocm! orer (be b<idg?, falling a ola'anoa of twenty 'eat, and the net on tba ground at- th? aid ? of ;be track. The derrick bad5 b^T^groaM eo that a ate at rope attached to it han< Imm^diunf a-inee tbe track, atT*r?l feet anora tbe groan,! ***** <:*T*d ^bridge a abort time before, and Drain? it clear of obatinctior, no danger w*a apoi* bet d d, ard tbe k>comotire> pnshed ac"o?* with the ci>K.|OfrcM aa atuteJ ahorf. John O'.Vell', lab >rir aid Jaocb Law, carpenter, of Wiyno pounty. InJ: ana, were 1n?taity kiUt d. Jacox^ia, WM so ,9M (ullr wounded that be annot ncowr, ualiaex pe'fdtoc'le fo affwhoura. John Row I. Mama Oaoey, Jnbn Clark, Brown, and ronr o^m ?rr+e ramea we weifoot able to Mc-r?al^ we ? * - w)) wrwVed.Uicggh their loj>jrt'? a'enn?*apD)>. ? r to te of a dangerous char^ or. V'oo comd aave Uer goihy of the diabolica< l^ed, wni h w.? run, ?bc< an*? oflba death of tbrto hninna t>?in.-a o ? bat motireooald prompt ar j one cmimir 'fie fltndtoh rntrnge, aw m?tt-n aa yrt involrr i i, c mp'e'anyaurr. We 1op"l at im> r (r m wm bn Cr?d ?o tnret c?t (be wrttrh .-J iafl rt - , puolabm# he *< ri .htj <t**Brwv. . (ft. .. Xitr$, Julu 1. Oar B?tim tjorrin? ? Havana, Jaae 27, 1856. Trtatjf VUIatim$ Agaim Rtneuvd-Th* Brtaeh ky Spa.*? C-jn u'aU Flap? DthtiU* Pan turn ?/ the UmCtd Stales C*tuul??Thi Pro perty of Decttutd Afnerifana ? A Tttt Coming - Political Quiet- Trwit, 4%. lot fb' raer communication I presented to yoci readers the rabjMt o' Ue violation of treaty by Spain, i* her vessels of vw firing at oar merchaa t vessels. I exbib'ted a proof from that treaty that the moat jgubifol would not oppose. Ton have published it, a" d with It the extraot from the treaty. I hope it wl.l he r<ad by an oar people. I hope the citterns of the IJnl'ed dtetes will "drive books in tbtir memory, aitd here aid there hang a little'' on thie important subject, to then, via: the violation of treaty. I propose to pnaent bow another violation of that treat y, aa contained in a republication of a deoi ee of the Queen relative to t ie flying of the flag over the eensn'ates, aid ales promulgating the wsrulr g that thia privilege to fly their flags on feast aid holy day*, and each other days aa is oas. toti&'y, "abon U nev r be considered a* an immunity to the'r bootee, nor may It serve m a pre. text to arrogate t? themaelvse any other fuo&t-ons than those ncoMwary, which hitherto they have had, of protecting the mereantUe interest* of the per ?ons belor sing to their nations, bet merely aa com mercial ag jDtd without any diplomatic character." This deoes is one thai should attraot the serious coosideia'kn of the government and the people, as it will be seen it affects both moot materially. Ia the ebeece- of any diplomats character, the Consul Is the only guardian on the ulaod of Cob* of hu couitrymea aid his country's interests and honor; and if the United Stated submics to this perversion cf;i?bt? *h*t vWahon of nat<i>sal oaligation? this utter j,r?r-r?tJon of all justiciar pta?.and equity- tt.ey gf oold t?>? no ffj-p mora, aid thea sink iato tie gi-ott tny ? bey o?s?rve? aud tlat ia, to vitadraw *11 tKi ir C Bsula, and let their honor aad uaeir interests go tose?rfr. The Un'tnd 8 a*es G noil is often plioed in a most delicto, *? d fve> d<fficnt, pisuioo. Toe a balsa) neglect of CoofTrm to pvs'awj to gov^n V* action, tbe woise '.h-w criminal neglec; of ad mtoistratl >b after administrati m in n it furnishing a code of foil inatinn i ? a to ad viae him of ?is pjwor and privileges. Well aa cireotwns m b'.i diiy, )laota 'be oon<-il w a most per 1 >oi position, aid scme&iMs leads to rsost d'sgc ?c ful >vi<i duanroui consequence*. Tom decree, however, I hope, for the honor of tbe United S:ate?, wi'l bring t,as sub ject to a settlement This decree laakis toe Coma! a mere commerc'sl a^oct. when ? is oimnfesioasavs le is a Consul, ?t,d his exeqaator sc*ao?iedge* bin a Consul. II be >s not a Oonaal, tnen he is nothing, aa he ia trrt cromlNdoned as a cotn? agant, nor received as a commercial ageot. He is nothiag. Con?eqaef4y be cannot culm the oreroga tivas of tbe treaty, it now remains to be seen whether tbe government will allow the Captain General or Spain to rawert their aooiintoMnts. On h's oommi>>?lon he is anttoxiasd to cltim treaty pnmtfOMi. wbico o?yst "Coosiis shall ba recioro callv fPtab i-h d, with tV) prlv1. eges and powers which tbo?e of tbo most favored nations enjoy ia the poits irbere their cram's reside, or are permitted to be." Tbink yiu, sir, tb?t Be gland aad Franca will submit to this a'rog??ce, to limit the ptiviiages and boron of tbeir ooc?uls? Then, I ask, ? 01 the United States truckle longer to the ancpanoe of S aia? I will tell yon one oon sul in the ialatd of Cuba who will not submit to it, even if tbey b?cd Mm in Ogatas or omI him ioto pri son wtbey did Mr NVhuml Croes. acting United States Cooxul; and did at onatlro', Edsrard Worrall, Esq., at Ma^aMSM. I will not extend remarks ayon this consul, bat will leave it for other* who have seen his oonrse shoe t e has been in the Consulate; be*, one thing I will say, if tbe government sn?"a<ns bim, aa they should in t etffirts I know he is miking, tbo An eriosn citizen will hereafter be more secure in property and p?tsob, and will not b<* ashamed, ae he is now, to say no is an American citizen. This question is a more important one than the mars of the people imagine, t? cause they are too apt to neglc t such questtar s. It is imx>r>aatin an eminent drg oo, an regards the prope-ty of de of at ed Americana Heretofore th n governmen". has laid hiM of ranh property, aod belo-e it hat b*? settled, the heirs ><ave been nvindlod ont of two tlirds. if not tbe wbole. Esglisb omsois alio v no Each ibiatr. Tboy c'aim it and take poawsron o! it, aod will not allow the hartrea ot' th? la w he-e to touch it. Tbey a<e right, a^d it is a b>ight, glori ous trait in tbe character of the EnglLn g>vera m-rt They wi 1 protc-t thoir < iti//nw. However, we hear to Havana that Ur. Wcr-ell h*s trtk?n the question np, a^d in tfe cose of Mr. Ha% field has put tbe teals of bis offle; oa his eff.-ctt, (tbe first cane ever attempted by a United Stttss Moral,) and tbocgb strong'y opposed by the "Judge ot tbe l*eao" aod "Defender of the Absent,"' maio* tairs bis prennd fearkmly and nnmoved. He, I understand, b*s referred it nil to tbe Capta<n Gene ral and the Secretary of State, and I understand the consul is gwaMy excited on the subject, aad ?weara that "now the question shall be sottlsd, if not by t) e govcrement. by tbe people;" and he as sured ho will carry out his threat. It in in hands now that will carry it ont or die. Ia a future number I will snow you how Ameri cans are swindfed and robbed in th'e property ques tion; li is tune the people knew it. A!1 Is quiet here po itically, aud through the whole Island business is fart drawing to a close. Pwro. Interesting ft oat the lUo Grande, oca BHOWN8VIX.LX COBJUMTONBENCl BiWwxbvili.E, Texas, June 24, 185i. ParmidibU Atpcct of the Revolution ? Capture of the City of Mier by Cerane/a* ? Aid to the Intur rtrt imists ? A it ion the United Statu at Fort Brou n ? Am Thousand I.itteraUn * m Mm ierty ? Wdd Cat and hit fVjrriori ? The Fight ?Rs ported Fail of Carnarg*? Session of the Unted State' District Cwirl ? Trade and JVaei gatian- St. Jo hit's l)ay, tfC. The tevohxtioii so dativgly isitiateJ tn Monte ray assuoKH in aspect truly formidable Ij thj tyrint aid flattering to its ttitula and Dartiaans. Fortaue continues to smile up >n it, and " kso*;ng oaen'' ex pieaaly or ttc .ly acan wiodae that whoever the nsouioca >1 the pr u e ot rule:* (State Anna) may be, hia days ol irne and power in the ?uj lining terri tory aie i lever over. On the H:h ins:., atnfffht, Oaravj.ial, with some tbice hundit <1 nen, crotst-d o'er from tble si ie, wad stationed bim*eif in the n.ighborhosd o( Miar,whkl I lace wa: already occupied by a detuhm-n". of fedo raiiats. The government forces stationed av t >%t place and Gocriero, haviig aho rn t ie white feather, willingly abacdoaeJ those places Low the hands of 'heir opponents. Oc the 1 1th, at night, Garr* left this plase for the scene of operations, and on the, next, day wis fol lowed by other Ritbmoods. Cjvernor Gar/ a is the same person who made last jeer the defence of Vio toiia against anch overwhelming numbers of tbe tyrant's minion*. On the next morning Major Giles Porter, com mandlig Fort Brown, sent ont ap&rty of mounted men atid a fie.d piece to diaperae arvi arrest the " baneittl,'' as tb*y ate termed by Woll, who com mands in Matamoioi. The unpii -aed violator of the aanotity ot Uacle Sam's territory ware all cap tured? ever the left, and in ahora? aad are a <r aoeoesaluily defying ftaota Anna and bis hirelings. Tbe i evolutionist*, after leaving a forae of '2.000 Ken to garrison Mcmteiey, t.avw*aettcbeJ a portioa of tbeJr fotcts to ocupj tbe mountain passee; sod Caidona, who bad tu'tendeied in Monterey, has br ken tia parole, and with the assistance ot Cm ?bo commanded in Coahulia, and had bjen om p?lied to tetiea'. from Hatilio, htd teemed the aid of tbe notorious Beminole cttef, Wild Cat, and hia <rar riots. Acco>dlog to the last aec >unta, tney had taken a ptaiUon at tbe '*La Encaraa Km," which la a me* ttventy miles on the road to San Lais P,)t*f. A strong fir e bad besn detained against thiv, at d m we hat' nut learned the result This to*.al wdiit ol taitb < n tt>?? part of Caraona will of c;urse mm hi* natter's fullest apptobtton, who will, I stipporc.ftwsrd bia exemplary tkl?lr.y by a^ad ag film tbe rrocs of tbe Order ot trtudeiupe. It ia in krepli g witl rtanta anna's tola, aad tbe oeit ot tb?m Mffnia be turned into a bo ning fomac;, in oider to I nrr> sod cor mime t he bad ones b it. A)t'?High Wo)l has lately been ?ppoir.*ea < -ove- ?? or sdo ?'vir,m*EdlDf (> neial of Taoiinlioai, Nueva l>or and Ooabuila, with aiaolute piwer to do aa be pleasra, he witely k:o a himself la lfttamiro4 ?tbe on'y place woiea he ready ammaadw, acd by far tbe no?l aj)ep*able on a< count ,4 re proxioi to Fort Brown. The gallant Major Porte-, com manning may jet rave to unfurl atasdard of | ?h# G'tat Hepublic over hia ..aa J." rbe ciaae is N'oondig l?ter*?<ing, and the hoands will aiK'Jy ti6* b>m or make hia take to water. Unable to wrea>c bis vengean e oa Ifea gallant fellows in arin<) ?ftm lift h a worthy master, be revenges hla^olf ou ite nn' Qvcdjig *om?n whose r*lt'iv?? are amosg h?<aemUs, by Insn^liig and aouaixg them in per ?oa. Tbe inmTS tb*t Tampto baa revolted a?raiast Pasta An ia, a* lis? that hia f ?rc?s were ycet rday In tall ?ena* fan Oemargo t? Maumoroe, are qaitm cmrreD% uo nock credi e i. We momenta*! ty look for >ho s??a ot ihe eaotme of Caaurgo, and naaer CBb amines it cm M*tnnoron are a<nng houses in tbw place, hum more ever on the approach of the 'e*J*r*lift#. The (fulf?a Bttff a DiaOiot Cour*. for Km District of TVxas, at B o ?lavttte, o >mmeacid lie aeaaian oa la-t Prid*?, vd sever*! Interesting aid criaa'nal ea #es wlU in all probability be tried. The Hjo. Jiidge Watroua was acs mpaniii by t j? Uott>d States Dta*rfct Attoro?j, the Dspnty MaraAal and many others from the inteiicr of the Sa'?, to *m as jtuora. ' Our mercban'v and traders are aiximsly autid pakrg a revival of business whici *IU certainly bs tb? ra we a? toon as a change of ml era awog the "m3*naJ.l?ott?" t ver tr e way takes plaoe. They areau ro?vs?t-gfrd ih<t thts fr-mtier will never proepa- if Baita Avt? and bis hirelinici eta prevent it, as the despot'* animosity againat its Inbtoitanta 1a onlv torpat-ftfd by his stronger pan- jo of robbing a&d plundering the nation at large. The liverta now.atd baa o*enf)rsome days past, in floe navigable ore ar, and vhe orobibllity of good crora keeps our oouutry peooie Iniiie bum or. Not*ithst?ndi?flr*he paralyzed sta'e of commer cial and ot??r alMr*, on' city gradually improves, pbjakally and m?*l y, although a-i this is SuJohn'a day. and Snad^j, toe M-*iean portion of on* popu lation are "nolo* it ? kb a uer'e :t looMaew/'ttgnt mg rook a, running bona races aid dan^ng. To he sure, till* may cot appw r very moral to yoor re K giou* oommunltv, hut ont here it is a U mode, and we attend to it as part of our daily occupation. In Baa to. Interesting from Houduraa. OCR BkLIZE OOHKBSPONDKMOK. Bflizm, Hon., Jaae 31, 185'i. Government Pointing- The SpM* S?,tem Abroad ? Official Ohangto? School Examination*? Pub Uc Work*- The Established Churc/i- Cochineal and Indus* Trade- Pro Rutsian Feeling in the United States? Trade, the Weather, and Public Health. * Tne bark Cadet saila this day for your city. I ?vail mysa>f ot 'his opportunity to .et you know what 1* now aad had been transpiring here ?' mj> last. Firs*, tar Printer has at length got through print ing the laws and to tea of the late meet-ng of thn Legislative Assembly. They ara prm*4 to very large type, are brtvii i leaded, and With a very wide mas gin inside acd oa'.. Thoy are prated on abiut fif ;y sbeete of foolsoap > f.nd are a'.thsnwdwite prion ot tite dollars. Tola last item will pravent my wnd i?g yen the oopy which I premised, a* that whistle Is not worth waat it wooid cob- By fie by \ thin > little job of printing the above mned work, wsa paid for by the pub ic, is the nice lit .le nun of near $1 000 for abont 10) or 150 copies, nni the printer was and ia a member of the Legislative Amenably. A% the close of each diy, I see, as a purs o! toe day's work, the following words at t ie ac'jjurameat? That John M&kiaay Many U authorise to pub'Mhtii* mocMdlags of ibis and no ctosr parson <tull <Ura to presume to p?bl^ ^V^?-MsU0SAU)( Speaker of the Legislate Assembly There is a sample of the way thsy do things in British Honduras. Quite a number of new Taws have baen passed by the Assembly, wnich have been approved by the Superintendent, and are low being carried out by oar sew polioe magistrate, " as he reads and aodsr stands them." We an expecting a new offiser. The Assembly made an not to have an Attorney Oannrsl who wsa to be a barrister. This will give as six lawyers and attorneys- public officers included. Ho we may be considered well provided for on that point. Xr. Cuylcr, the magistrate at Raatan, fbr the C> tony of the Bay l.lands, has been ap;?oiated Public Treasurer for Bs'izj, it the plane of Joan Goagh, deceased. This is considered a good appointment, although the while mercantile community of this town requebted Uu> appointment of James Mc- t Donald, a creo'e, aad son of ths Sweater of the Boom of Assembly. Mr. CuylerU ayonagmanof good business habits, pleasant, agreeable and gen tlemanly in his manners, and will make a very papu lar ana good treasurer. He is ex^>;o?d nere daily, to take charge of his effise. Bin a icoess-tr cune down in the iaat packet, and went to his sUliin bp the schooner diary, some ten days since. 1 did not learn his name, bat his appearance was mcih In hi* tavor; and it looks ate any iriterion, he ndl mike a grod msgtstrate for the rew colony. i'he usual SKmt-aunnsI examioaiioj and inspe > Una of tmr vaoho sohools is now taking jjrtace, un der the supeiinteodeooeoi the Biard ot hdociaon, aesitted by H. M. supemtendent and his lady, wno take a great inteiest in eueh matter*, *n4 a numbs r of ladles and gentlemen of the town. I am inform ed that the result, as far as they have gone through the schools, is very sa isfsetory. Allot Ue pabU- property is undergoing repairs, and we are to have several sew boikl> >gs for pubiu ri'i v*iici.ce pui up, morey for whicn was voted by the Aaeeiubl.' . This keeps a little cash in circula tion, and in a small way ntlpe ustbroagi our duil, hard times. In my lest 1 think I informed yon that a new Cbnrcn of England minister hid arrived fbr Baint Man s chnrib, in tbepaceof the Rev. Joe. Gegg, wbo left on acocnnt of t:e health of bis family. Toe dcw comer is named Schmidt, a German, a jolly, tat, good nature d man, who loves his gtaee of wice. can tsll vrlth lemarkebie good humor some very good and some aytfui hard stories stunt India, its people, auma's, insects sad productions? stories wMch, if tbfly did not come from tb* lips of a cler<, au eye witness, might not be balleved. He is sometbug ot a politician; is verv hard on your cot>nv inim fur their desires after Cuba; is rather afiatd t.*y will take it into their beads to eome dowr here sf er ibis plaoe, and would nit like to be , annexed to 'ke Unitod fctates. Wtu all histalanta, ' in Siite tf his good tumor, nis jolly fat taoeaodper 1 oon, his tunny and nard st rips abort, India, I his sffiiiis aiid civility, te hss bad tie mWortuoe to disi-lesf^ tome rt l-i" tarifhlonftrs, wao have be gun to show their bv rUcktag h>m toreugh the oolowna of the PadM l<iieU<)(cn> tr . At his last servioes, be tJd nis wen retwtioa tha. he wis ready to bear any a i?j.laint wbioh thay m gnt wish to mufce, bu *. that be siou'd take no iwwce er pay no a'.nsttcn to any anonvmons letters. Qui :e rwnt Her Majesty's brig Wvlverine it ni* Is onr har bor. 9be bas recently ban painted wi'.s a lirge wl l'e stieak arouno ner, and in otS?r respe its al tered so as to look wry muoh like a a^rcovitnian repoit aa>s ii baa been dono to eiune Ker to de-e?ve some of >our Oat>a tacgeis, or titinustsro expe :i t?i8. l)ut I Misptct it has been done t> to trap Mine cf W e Cub'v slave trsdera. 1bc picket wfich left on the HJb, toiksway nearcne th ussnd sero^nsof CJClinea* andiidigo. Tins Is a goo i sign from ttie ieUn r. It seems very strarge tha'. the resources of Hoadu ai and < ?oa'.a ma'a are sntiiely lot gotten or overi-ioked t>y the United state*. Ibere can ba no reasonable iloubt but that Ue State of Honduras abioeds sdtti valu able silver, gold, copper, Iron and ie*d mines or veins, eai'lly worked, ai.d corse(i??at>y very proflt ahe, as tbey are ail very produ ttve; tnen there are mines where ditmoEds, emeralds and opal atones sre foe d- the Utter in abundance. Their the cli mate of ibe mteiior Is one ot the b?s ; ia the world. What ba* beotme o* the railroad tha'. was to havo b^n built by your New York oompaay? We have many won4e s here w?y it is that tha chiaenaoftreUnived Statse-a rejublic-feel an interest in, or sympathise with Rtssia, ia tne pre sent cot test. Seme ratoer tall cursing fills to your lot, when yen publish some Russian ac oust which is not favoia^te to the allies. I saw two articles In the Uumlo. giving veiy go^d Matins why thst fcelinir mlgut exist fa your eoiutry, wbich I k?pt agoing smong one peiple here. But none are so blind sa thosa wh<? don't want to see. I haw rtlll to report dnll times with all o' our staple productions. Provisions are very Ugh -and bought only when It ia fmposalble to avoid it. We have I ad aa unusually bad *?>?#>? -It ban rained truly every week since Cb Istmss, which has cone mncb damage to the mahogany oo??rs, m wttbent diy washer tney mano*. gtt rut ^asir wood. Again, the rain aad sou has had a aad elrsct on wbat wood I as been g Jt owt, and eaised ft to split very much. I think on the wh ?ls we s all aot get ant ha r ss much as wa fid last year, f hs may, In in Ue ind, ktlp ua here, as tne Eogl'ah market ta B'.w glu' ted and mabogaay telling toera (or lesw than cost aid charges. I tere is au Am?r<c?n brig, (name unknown) fronr , Wilmingtot , hi. C., in the ba bir. l'nt hark W. 0. ' Al??en. tr? m yoor citv, is eipe^ed every day. gp Rr?H>h vessel (name unbnwo), a iw Isytig stf^iglun K^y- she is frrm the M <s ju to coax., wh'fr Ve l;>a,'??d wi'h nish gvy- ano went oa sliO'e; ber crew refused to obey orotrs, azd ars now cn tie ^obllc works. Anotber btik in tie baroor. loaded, is OLabie to go 1 1 sea for wan', o t hands. It is lepoited but I think it Is not true? that the >eilo? l"ev?r is in town. Tha wether la very wet -rani In torrenta day and ntgbi ? land wind, thunder, hghtnmg. and very beavf winds- jost :be wrather for the yt llow fever- arid It the wsether ornticnes as It is I may have to report Yellow Jirk beie lis my next. W.i bsva bsk1 touches of harrie&nss three timee In ss many weeks, and I axpejt to hear of v??y naavy . BsJes outaide. I8AVBLLKH 1

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