Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 9, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 9, 1855 Page 3
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POLITICAL INTELLIGENCE. TAP. TROUBLE IN THH KNOW NOTHING STATE COUNCIL OF PENNSYLVANIA.. OCR RKxniNO OOMUISrOHDENCB. Rcadimo, Pa., Jn'y 0, 1855. Mating of the State Council? Ths Way it mat Or ganized ? The Split? Tht Two Section*. Tbe btats Council of Penniytanli caaaisaMd tts oesslcm is this place oa toe 3d. Tus ??ueral attend' ance km good, bat, with tin exception of that of Alleghany, the county delegations were not fall. Ailegbacy county sent newly one hundred mem ben? sore t*nn one third of tho entire Council? ?very one of whim was either half or whole " nig ger." Tbe Fourth being s.? near at hand, had a terdencv to draw off it large nu Tiber of me a of the national stamp, wno t'juad It convenient or oblige lory to give thtlr atteb'ion to the oelebratm of that day rather than to tbe really more essential duties of fte State Council, and tons Alleghany, with her abolition p<o:llritiee, had tho prep onderanee in the Council. It was appartnt from tbe nt*rt that the ffoall Lumber of national man in attendacce, em liacing Broom, Ashmead, Caucb, Sewer, Hsnzer, Fletcher srd other*, from the oity and county, were to be pat down, oowed to the earth, and rode over rough chod by the Allfprhvjy delegation, which, confiding in it* numerical etreigtb, derided and ac . tuaily b NKtl down the speaker* wno offered sugges tions which did not sma^k of free eoiliam or aboli tionism. Ttia delegation waa lead by Governor Johrwfl, and applauded their own speakers aa it.j'jdici'.osy aa they insulted those who were oppceed to them. Being conrlcced that toe det?iminatlon to crush them was an ewenial element wttn the majority, tie n>)?or.t>, in reif defence, was forced to employ the i tactics necesgary to sustain their, and by ? fair retort to ptrliamentary rules deferred final action for two data, hoping to*; a better apirit might actuate their opponents, or that a reinforce ment to thtlr strength might art ire. The Alle ghany delegation finally reached the point desired, which waa, that the report of the delegation to the National Convention shouli be read. Tnis report, of course, sustained the course of the five men who oppcaed the national platform. After considerable debate, the whole matter waa referred to a committee of one from each Cong res iriodU district. Hare the determination of the Alle ghany delegation to ride over everything not ooa sonmnt with it* views, waa again made manifest, by their voting only for aach men for the c itnmlttoe aa were known to be openly in the negro interest. Tbe nntioiifel men then withdrew their nominations for ' the cORmitte e, and calmly awaited tbe develops neat of events. After some daliooratlon, that committes repcrted that they wen divided, and that there wm a majoi ity atd a minority report to ia? before the council. Tee former took the ground of unceasing agnatic n of 'he slavery question, and an asyieidlog opptsitioo to any extension of tue institution with oat certain provisos. Tbe minority report endorsed the PAtior ai platform enbatantitily, bat repaliated the 12th ? ction and substituted tbe following: ? , Ibat the question of ilavery should not be ??Btro'tur*4 into tbe {?.? .V rra or theAmeri:?a party, being con ritic* u tfeat to ?uch i.uue iu lowndou to be embraced within Hi princ-plea and object*. That we believe in, and *1?U ever defend, tie right ot ft*e<'ciu ar.U dihc'.iMuion on that aa 1 every otbor nutject not twf <:ii?4 to be embraced within tbe iWi^n of our 1 orue jipa'no. Ifut inasmuch an the subject has been forred i pen i?e, we regard toe reoeal ot the Minsoirt t otnprom.M ?? un intrartioa ol' tbe plighted faith 01 'be nftt.iu m.o tlmt it hboula be restored, and if etlorts to that end ebeu'd fail, C>r?ni*j ebouM refuse to admit a*y Hste (oier?t<ug slart-ry. whic? ?h'di be formed ont ut ajiv pc.<t.oa ot tre territory from watch tUnt iai>Uiu tic 11 waa eacuded b that ccmpromiM. The vcte was **ken npoa the rasjority report, en J j hwaavwtd down by a vf-ry smul m^jonty-?o i light, is fact, tiuit hid tae national tn^n re'u^ed to vote it mculd Have been adopted. Bjfjre the que*- j tion wuaBUiilj anbrn'tted to tbe Coancil, attempts were ioa4t by Asfitutad anl his coltoagueH to be be&td, bt.i trey were pot down by m >tl ins of the pr? vlcua qoertton, ana tbe rote was taken witnout ev< n ai'owit g tuem tbe privilege to give tbe ttasoca for tbeir votes. Tbe mimntv report waa then adopted fcj a vote of 133 to 5.1. Ilou. Jacob Broom then oB'-ired a reaolntlon that tbe ?lawny rioort. as adopted, should be mibmtt tea to tbe diflerent Councils? giving the pbdge for bimseli ntd trier ns that ii a majority r>f the Councils leclded adtrrtrly to the spirit ot the report they ; voo d qaktly enbmit. A motion to lay tbe rcsoiu ion on the table wm toet by a very close vote, the Uleghaay delegation, almost to a man, voting ' ?gainst r*~ Tbe renaiation was then pat apo/i iu < inal paeaage, (Governor Johnajn making a speech " igalnat it, aid waa loat. l'ae course upon thia reao- : lotion showed the enct p osltiio of the fTOesotl fac tion in tbe Coot cil. They wen airaid to go to the oeopie, and were placed jutt wnere the national mo wanted ibcm. Bubaeqatutly Mr. Lftaberton, of flarriiibtirg. i ifleied ? rtaoiution eabaUnUftUy m follow* >? lUeoirr', *hat a committee of thirt -en b? appoiaied to incite the eoope ration of all the -tate Council* la I ttie cor.ff feraej who mar be willing to cone or la th* frindpto* aa<J plttlera thia day adopt#} by tba .Statu of eonaylranla a* and for bar national creed; and that a , convention tx held at Cincinnati on tbe 8th day of Jan uar j nut to conoert nwMtim t? naoure tba notni aation in tb? convention callad by tbo National < ounell. Of cenctate* for Pi??ijfDt aad Vita President who ara wilut? to 'tend upon tba plat.'orm thU cn.v eatablUheii, lad tracimct Mich other matter* ?? may a* deemed tie- { ?en-nry to eecure tha aooeaaa of tha American party in thel'nion. tha representation! of each Huta in naid soriteaticB to be ?,|u?l to the nuinMr of member* such ?ta?e ia eatitir to In iba national Co# ttm. Here tbe trthcrtn corert treason of the negro fac ii>L BfHitHt tl?e National Council ww? cp* niy avow sd. ar.d tt w*s 'cfttcely believed that tbe l're?idcnt , an a:cc.iuit c f toe eubveraive elnracUr of ta* mno mtioa tef,Mu\-zg U>e consolidation of the Order, j would aut w it to be enteitaiaed for a fdcftle mo rert. C octrary to t^i>?ctatioo, the President, being a frit cd of th? mfjonty rep rt- bat aa cxceUent oBuxr in other lf?p?C'?~ allowed hi* prejudices to j warp bK ; ftrd the motion wa- rc net red by i the chair azd U;d before the C mnctl. [ dero H la , proctr fc r me to btuti- tha,t M . Tiffany, tne regular Pmident 01 tbe .^Wtc Cound', wan iU*?ot and hit pla e >?.* ftnppllc lb Mr. Kale. j rhe natf jnaJ men ?aw at crce t&at if the rt*o ution wa* not with drawn, tluy cocld rot remain in the Cjtmeil, w, by tbe act cf cntectftinis* fa ;h ft res^ntloo, tt h*d ?ec?drd fiwn tn> authority of tbe National C>unci). Until fate lit ait'Ut en Wedoealay, *te National wen mcde tmty < xertion to aa oun ru itare, ?tid K.i:>.ht ta ran*. oil upon the troubled <r (tiers, bat te ko a* kit. Tcetr moUotut to adjourn wert wed t??n. and the rebeUlou# major ty, a'lder the Mad of (?o%emor Jcbnson, neemin^ detenu med to jcocmviiib tin ou'rvge, a oontidttable b;d> <A aft tiora: men !e/t iue ('?uu\ the few remaluin^ de ttrnir u g to tcliow if the obnoxioai reeolatinn ?a* adopUfi. Tl:? ie*olulicn wivi carried with cfceera, end tbe 'rt i.-on mi roi'-uinatf.d. lhe r txt day (Tliu sday) the natlnnal men, etn trfteics TTjrtfeKtat.vea lrotu neTi r*l roui tie*, or (PUt r.i 3 n> ti e 'egilimftte Htate Connrii ot 1'ernntl ftnit. Ui'iX'!r.t Bg JMqM w. BhMMV, N Moot gotMty. v Pr?*i(.eDt, and Hen>ee )'>-.f;er, ot ltarka, aft d ljaet<ji K. Pontoon, of I'uiUdt iphia, tieuw Wei. Jacch Urt 'in, ChftltniftD of tbe Committee on BeHo'iii onf, Mpctted the foUowicg preamble and reno it. on*, which were unftniototwly .idnptei ? H bareaa. lha 5at!oeai < ?il, at ita lata ?**?ioa at miadalbhia, e?taVli?batl aad peoanaliratad "laa ilat* trra ana )'cbc p? U the Orgaai j.iioo,'' aau whur* a?, aooord o th? i.ft.tatU n an>l la*, of th? >>r4ar, the Natienai < ounrd ia tha toprem* haad of tha OH*, and ai >?? n if ??titl?d to tha rmipact aa ! udetilenoe of the tut o?f: ?t? brasrhe* tbar??>f, aad wl?ar??*, tha oaf' rtuoati- aij.tatica ot aarttocai KatUra ritiun iba aaid Nat una: Cot scilhaa rt-aited ia tbe intrwdaruoa of aa krt.c> < N.II.) t" wuirb theia sppaan t > u* aerii>o? aad ftrarr oi ? cuna? oa tba part ol ? portioa of tha BM-atUra of <t,e ' >rd?r ? tharafora, lUfoS?<?, T!iat while we dap^taV- *rv" l??rpror? of the k?iu-.ion ia aa> mat: ? r of th# ?nlj?rt of ?la?-r y, ?any t>U r; <c e?t.m of 'u?al or aeeimnal r n ens, in the i aftalili ?i' ? of the wlaelflM ?' tti? ir,. riaaa p?,' If, af ieiBir tnee-npa ible with harmony, and Je true Uta </ tiiat rrnaart of aeti^n ?b(eh i- in?'i?pan??(,le to the wrli hetmr ?>f r nr nation at 1 ?rgt, aad it) peara and proa|arstp ;y?t aaretthalM*, onr iaipertoa< nanw of rtnty and ' i bort. ut dii to tha Natienai (Ouocil and loiotioa ta tha ,-rea? .'.m?-ifaa raaee, wb^h w? bf/i ! to b* avra ta a.i oiWar politieal or aee tonal <-->n?i ^-ration*, Uspal a# U> ratify, a>!<.j t ami eonhrm the aa.'. platform ar jnneipkw. ? tu-oltoo. Th t tho minutaa purportuv? to b* tha pro Veoier* it the etata < oaa i of . er.asjri- a^^a, wtuoh at . ra-.Itj <.n tba <1 lnot., dlaeloea the laet ?f the ?rw oa iram tae aatloaai ortan! ..Uoa of a ?i|a or a.t'rti t!i t?0 In attendance, who harerefndi ?t'd tl.e " at'rnU f'rmaetl and dlaowna<t Im avt>.ortty, ?ii'' that th. it 'ore tiiair "ntlra proeeo?line- are, in the ?fnokm of thia htata ? traneii tfi>ov?nai in.r, and nra htraby reyndiatad an l ciaa.owed. The f/coLdl trenxarted other MuhMM coming IrgMmately bf fore tt. Tne Trtaturer wait dirooted hot Ve pay motteya, eictpt at tbe order ol thia Countil cn -lahoure ha* been nent V> anborJiiate lodspe to ctre to their adhexioa to the piationn ?doffed by ' he HUte Coon il . or declare t.i elr op ycettton to it. Toe wore marfced by irreat nnarinity, aa<i yr n may re?t a^ utid tlu4 lite lUtifotT, Ot the r.ut ioi U men wij l?e ftle^M by treCoor.cVa fpncrftiJy. TbenftM eai mtff-.iera <>f tbe B(?le Cq*pd tere been toreed i&k? toeir pra not poettbnbv the adverse faction, bat Chey !um tto oonacfeLtlousMas took their owae vti; oe heartily approved of by all w&o b?v tbr true la Uicata cf Mb Order at mrt; ud CepMKl up>e ti their pri:ee<5!ngs ia Coaocd wi'l b? rvhitd mn( enttmrtast'.csiljhy the nrmbw ia PiUvl-I jfcln, ?? well ea bj theae in a iarg* pcrti n of t .? St**e. The Know Nothic* a u> Pennr ylvsela will ah>ve I majority against the atteap-. so folit upon tiern the I ncaety platform of tbe atxlKionist* and free Boilers. We stall ?e what we thai! ?ee. &? OOH PHILADELPHIA COHJI?flPOND*NOI. Philadelphia, July ft, l^M. Xomtt of lh? Aa'lnnal Drbgaiet ? yvkat They Did ? If ''?< i Thnj tnhnd to 1*0. The following are the gentlemen who left tte PeDExyivani* State Council at Reading when the j reeohtipn appointing a convention at Cincinnati on the 8th cf Jab 0*17, ?upeiee4icur that agieed on by { the National Couneil at Philadelphia, was utter- i talced by the Chair:? Jicnb Twenty foorUi ward, I'hil'a. John W. A?bn>?ad ?< '? ?? " Joseph V. Church fertnth ward, " Cbatl e? 1>- Fmmaa Fifth *ud, ?' CnailM M.Neal.. .Sixth ward, ?' fsawr " " " P. H. KtnMOjr fWcomt ward, ?' Willi*? i'Mter K'i?t ward, " Huaiickrr Montgomery connty, Tfcese gentlemen were joined by the remainder of the Philadelphia delegation ? excepting flv?? ont'je next day. as well aa by delegates from Berka and Caiboo. Come thirty delegate* wen present aad psrtieit a'ed in tbe foimaMoo of a Htata C )Aril on the ratioral p'atform. This Council will b? reoog matd by the Executive Committee of l'adadelphu, aid bj ail the Councils in the city, with po'haps two exception. The minority in t eae exceptions wi.l crRho*ze oncer tie etiti-J< hnson or regn'ar Cconcil. Tie feeling In PhUaaelp'>i? ia a <no?t ocanimr us in favor of the above seceder* from a/lia organizing and t evolutionary body. TO THK KDITOB OK THK HKKALD. Philadelphia, Jaiy 7, 18o<'?. 1 notice a <elegiaphic despatch aaat fro in Heading, atatiog tfcat I bolted the Convention held there 00 , tbe ud irat. I pionounoe the assertion false; and , tbe wiiter knew it to be so. I was in tie convection ; 'rt m ita commencement to its close, and never left it. The aaaertion, also, that the "Caunoil was per fectly beimcniouA in all its proceed! a**" is m far (rem tme as the former. The tact cannot be denied that the convention was packed, and a man who did not advocate free soil Mtitimeota found little favor tlere. The advocate of American principles who if I'udialed tbe subject of slavery, as caving no le gitimate connection with tbe Amerhau orgiuUv tioo. bad no voice in the deiber Miens of that body. Ibe ties pat A alluded to ia intended to manufacture public sentiment. Hut let the people pause before ?fce> decide. E. Pouijion. I , NATIONAL AN1? STATE CONVENriONS TO ? BE HELD. MaetachnaetN Know Something Convention at Woi?*at?r, to nonow, Jul? 10. ' JuJj 11*'* Temp<:lulca Conwntlon, at MurietU, 1 jn^e*j^0,k A?tJ R?nteis' Convention, at AFbany, Botw"? Sl"? o-?u.., c?"$kllKjU,WS0thiB* Convention, at Byra ^^^HSilim0CnUe BUU Conrentlon, at I *"Tlt*W Convention, at 8L Paul, j | A^utCr.',.n Df"K>'r*tic Convention, at Mviiaon, I I ! | jt,*^bi7;.I*e??J,fe R ConventJon ' HfH! ) , at Coln-nbfi*, Mui.?on"setS0bii<5111 CooYCIltioD (?"? ?>?'), at ?;?>r#ia Scutum Union CnbernatonU Cooven ticn, ai AUUdetfitie, August 8. ^oovco. ejNCU??frp? ?oc;mUo Conv?,,ti!>? fhard?b?Jl;,at ! i^lKvery Convention, at Lexington, : *%?$&.****" Conveot]oa (fr? 80i,>. ?n j ! ^SSl^rJSSSf JJuS" Io!j2?i1 ^owatioo, at Balr. Ja?ei;0DI?? n0W NotWo? Council, at New York. DaS*oTl7*?H? m*blM Conventl('n' ^Cincln j SENATOR W1I.SON REM IHATVT) Br * n,. I CHKHIEH KNOW NOrHtNG COUNCII i? l.\ me6tlr*T of Council No r,fi in tae city of .ocheaUr, on ue evening of th# Cd inat., the ioiLw rog reeolutiona vera unnnjnouai? ado-iiarf tidoedtobepublialied-^^ 7 Mo,"ed' Md the Amtncui ptrtj w?n with bi^t^t but .^n ~?%x?x: .-a *ss ,r siS l,!? ^tTL "? caa h,tn ?? eonfkleoc* (B or fallow ?Ss5as?Sf?^ ~S <u?rr?'X"i'? arch's, ,? S: ;Pi^gS|Hp j "" ?'<*itbe'r,) ?I'I^"ticn to th* , Hwl-i* Iih,n'u rM *;?? a-*, of ' .... ? - ? * "?tU,Hfcct acoa,a*.2TP ** p: AIff,kH ^SdfflSZ** rAnTY w assy# a ./>,*<* w Haseo, President; H*r?v v"n0,."*L i* .. rt/0Td' M,d ,;?0H i'ojku.(, 0< NaMMutk, \ ice PxeaWnnta; ard (lex W. l: ,?.r>. ' t.cnoi' fbBV ^M?i0Vafttr aM',orI*K?* toe a. ' i rv?-. , ^?.ct*u.t at Itie Ni?ti**l ; ??itjnc f?n uto? ptiaci'iruf I whft 1 &2S! SSBKftJE* ^ pr *nuiw'a *? l. t>i? >i>? n'' c*nc? of tl:e Calaa of ? h> f?w.i r?,a^^.rsssis? | ** loth* constitution ? atul a ??.?'?! .. ui / "* * i ?tr.rH ?ot. of ?U ' vtT I by IfgVl-t T. o, ^WUtlTT. IkVuL r%"u 1 : of i-1? ! U? ??tt;.iu?ntcf{?iil^r?lu! Tod^ifr110" i*iSifT*l!on , vto, ? ! f if ^ ' wfeai ?i>aiir> la oar aafBr?H??tio? ??-. 0a0r?.'^,w*1 i -bo lo net holrt H? 1 w jita.Z!,..eto.1 <:iP'o??y^ ' mUyorl^nlSurTJ,' ??? . AarrUMLli by birth, or "br tfcom^JJT'l' ?who **? i lia-mae lh? pro'.frticn of kl^T^ ' pr*p*r itffri* of tboir roli(r1?mr?Bd r ?'i ^ (rem *il iaflu?a?M that V'*'" 1 tioc.' or Wm^4i, fh. uSTlr t?mS?Z ! aar* "* 10 ^ ts ' th? .*"* j 1 1 1:* rnronJitlooal r#ntornttc? of th? Vl*^??ri : srisr.^sr ?" -- kcxts, Ur'rtoTTt'llf?*.10 ***. <* "Urtrr U no* f?^ " 'iw!n ?*?????<? ?? ?L*?T#ry tt^wfro*. iv. rtnfciioti on tht Mrt <?/ ?>.? ^^.1 - b? mm] i?U>rr ratios ? . ?v' !v 1 BPC*,,M7i t# th# prop)# of th? 1 1 ti ^ *i?dn? of tb? rl^ut of ?nliw* sawffiSS^-t: ssH.^ ! "Y.'X," .aSSl.'^i^sS',,--1'- ? ? ? I r?r'T VaS '"i4 ? ??"" ** * ?h. iD^Tat^ **"" ,rWc11' ^ ?" PfctM. a. _ MlhCKf I.A.NFOt ?. i? i. ..l_n^uvre ' onimitt?e of itw Am?>rfc*a OnW ! < < ' ^ ik^n U h Lt0!? " ?rl!'r to ""^rd.rats C< urriS ! b*,T'fctb1^ f ^W rr .p,^! | ffiefti of chtm*. bo" aVSaaotn* ^ t<>*^c< ? 0 '< W*nt ?pt? i ' ^ ^g^-^aioate Mijthia# to Uw? aaa? I U.I m m tn/orm Uta <*ief of ! '.nJorm the cbie*a of dtcadee, as t the cM? U Inform tbe member* et (Mr <K?4e?. Txi? tnfonnattoa ui italily ilmmtmtm tares* oat the bretar**. Tte Aiuvw par*; of Georgia, cartn* uwlfo- | ud tte Hon. Ganet aidce 4 s a* tbeir aaitd'latefcr 1 Gcrwcor, hire !<rafi ta aadreea raoovneanlae j bun to tt? fcopport if ?< people, tod aetttag forth the ptiacipiea of the pa ty. The Axe>icjkT p?> of Mrbl!? w?< to hoi ^ aprwtd , m?a? me* frig In tr at cltj, oz t te 2 t tnat , ts rutilr theprowedUga ofttbe {J-tiuiU Convention at PM lat'oljta'a. and tuj Slate Convention at lloa'g'xn^ry. Hen. G ?mU luvia >? oa tie ilnmp in Krntcckj is bt&elf t ft#. Kt a?r-No!hi?g?- Oa tie ??h u>?u he eprke la Newport. Porre of ti * fnaen ia Ma^jUt J are tat ,'ag r*rf fetiot^ in favor of a uuon ? f tae ?h<s? a 4 dtma cta^ for the purpoat* of defeat!** the Kuoir Nu Utile*. A cor r*j render t *rom Waller ccon?/,Gw, liyi : | Sattuet ia maklcg K tnt foot prints ta Una mean- i taucca rrgtoti in ?pit- of &U cip aUon The Kiev Not mac a ?iU h?v<> a graad rally la Boa <m tfcif , Huxit} ert tir g. Their S?a?? oawa bra will he be d u? tnc?o?r Tu?-Cv , l*<h met- at W?w*f r, c'lsmtncttx at 10 o'cioclt, l M. At McmrHii(>, the Klow N'otluaga hars eke 'id ttulr whf-k tu V. u The liticoic Kr.ow Mot ivg state Council m?*toa the lota tD.-t. t > aowoo tl*> I'mUde^Lia ptatform. Tbe Ancer'ca^catOid?t*e fcr Ja*t".-w in Cincin nati, a few <*?ja wife rfcuvtd 2,740 of 2 !?40 r^A The rat onal ctmr c rate of CcrJand cmaty ?rtll meet ut Coi<laodnit>- <>a the Uih Uat. to eier.t dile paue to tbt National Democratic Plate Confection, to meet at etyraruse to n> nutate 6ca>e otficnr*. T be fti't firrat Btocktua dritooetrv.lrn in New Jhsj tock place at Bo'o^ntxra on the 4th, wa?n taohuidrcd and t<ru ty five prtHi. s mt re prraeat. An oration a no deavo ed b> K. H Graudia, K?q. Tbe 1-egteiatm? U New Uamp.-hire will adiourn on the lota nit. If ? in* front Kama*. (i n in tha Kickapoo City (Kaaiun i Itotiaar, June il. J UOV. UKKUBBV uiTi r>. Xotaiifentent !rg 4 1 tr? dimtinf tction thiamin Lo* given m Kh&?m, he h-? t>o?tttvaiy returned to U o T*rriU.ry in (line for t be mention of be L egia Intuit*. We *4 v a teltg'epQic de?ua'.ch tns oi? r day ficm Washington, ttating tUM, at bad been po l"*ly by Ptp eioeot P or e he wm ai.i chatgtd, and that a southern or Won era me? htl been < r wtnld to appointed ta his plnce; ba?, an for I'DsuU, it serins thuaea ooly on credited to Madaire Itnmor. How long Got. Itaeder will per Hint in be iig tbe Hiecutve of a neoule wio do not want hm, rtrtalrn to be wen. llo it chiUnnte, bow mulih to u>' PhmMmp Mate* anows an bvl jadg meot m RetVer do# ? ndw, in not turning bin oat But what better can we expect from a tr?e a?ti P * tdc?B?.' It fa to to boped that ia ISM aoae one will be promoted to the P<eMidemial chair who will have tbe BiKDlinrM at >4 Indipeodeace to discharge tbe duties of a Prealdent without showing partially to Governor Keeder or Ciovernor rtjbsdy e ae, bat re gard tie wifchee of tbe majority of tbe people. Ibeder can nerer be on acceptable m in in thw Tcr ntorj ; his course baa been too arbitrary ; Pie peo ple will never be ?ati?Qrd with him. We are nnr priard that he *o obstioately hangs on, when ths a<|UHtttr scvtrelgna wonid much father Ke hemp bung Mound hfa neck. CONWMIMI OP THK l.KUiei.ATCXI. Ibe Ugiaiature of Kansas will oo&veae at Paw cee on Mcnday n#xt, 2d ot July. Tha*. we shall Boon lave wholesome laws we donbt Dot. There are v t ? y few 6bo.ii ion memtorp; ho fe*, that tony will oniy be able tjenat the minority vote ia all ioatan eta. Tic nfoj.le of Kansas have been true to their , lnfere? ?, they have acted, voted likn men- Tbit tbev will ever remain so Is our since' est wlah. Tbev have- nobly ftocd up tor ihe light* of the Kou'h and the pro ali?very cau*e. That everything look* fair and biigbt for Kanwi to remain bh ttolf, ia beyond doobt. Whether tbe Emigrant Aid Honictiw will pffMft In tecdlrg tbeir dupe* hither remiioa to be *<fc; but frw, very ft>w have lately arrived in the 1 Teintoiy. We urc ?? ' the opinion then have become I dl*: utilised, aj.d in all proba'oili'v will make no fuiti er iui?mi>t to abolition 'ku ua by atrenuonn ef fort?i, but wul allow tbe ptoole of the Baat and Ncith tor rig'it, the piivilega u j 'Ui* aod a \ lor tfcMtielvre. "n-c-e are fome free aoilen la Kansas who nave emigrated of their own acoord men wb?< awe kian ail c. nnect.ion wti tho Aid 8j iettee, aLd have come em' eg u? withcu*. the aid or Icnuw Ircge rt U>i* dr^eteraltd and c mtemptible claai cf vet t? the 6-u r^axiixeta ot the Union ? toe foea of tbe fkatn. MOHK MX.DIKBM I OB MW MEJCICO. A oompMty cf ooe hnndfed men arrived ou tha ateamer Ju. H i.ucaa at Fort Lwanworti.oa Wedbf*day last, deatioed for New Mex-co, aider coiem>-fld of L eut. If L I) ?vin. Tbia ia only a pfr.ionrf tbe foil command. There will be Ave band red in all, belonging to the 3d intantry, 2d ar tillery a?d lit cragcona. We sever witneaeed more kindoera sod atten tion mantfeated toward privates by an ofti :sr than iks 6' own this company by their Lieutenant. He vara* of the nstn were sick, and be attended to tBtfr wants day and night, there being no army phyal clan on beaid, It is gratifying to us to speak thua of Davis? It proves bim to be a eotditr and a gentleman. Al>n B. II ? /Ard , editor of the K Btsaa Pwurr, ia ap as the peoples' (pro-slavery) candidioe lor dele gate to Ocngreis. Regatta wa RkanaaMn Lakr. Tbe tweUth annual regatta of tee Bkaaeatelea Ya< ht C'lub took place on the 4th Inst. The race re quited aa iollowa Kmrna ? ~ hours H micutea. Tempest ? .2 hoars 9^ minutes. lflBLd Vaeen .2 bourn 16 mlaatee. Blue He 11 2 boon 23 mtnatee. The first price waa MO; ee aod.l^S; third, |I ">. Tbe dtstanc ran waa ab jut sixteea milea. In tbe afternoon, a iccood race for a pnrae of t'i". I came off Four boats entered? the Rloe Bill, Hmma, Island <^ueen and Ten) pes'. Tbe boats started in a hfsvy couta wiod, wbioh soon tamed to violent tbunder s<{ualls Itom tee northwest. During . the ftotm.the Uttta exhibited < ne of tie finest sights , ? 'tr witn'*-ed in br?t aalhog on tbe !?k\ (he b' at? atood it well, ana came out ol it all n?ht and light. Ihe wind then fell to a alight couth wiad, 1 giving toe aoVB'>tnge lo the bort witi the moit h?1 . i Kot Cf ai'y tbe d marn e of tUe liiat time round the ntbfct- boa'n tbe Illxe Re'I and 1- Jand kept , clceo to taci) i ttier; Lut owng to the i'cht wind, a d tl e great .?( vantafe In ( anvt's, tbe Mine Bn!l i ok tl f> lead, whj< b nlie kept until tho eud o< ttic r<tco, * r.L it# the $V> lt>? BatMin< .i*' i"j>< ihr mil/ aCwt *Ua 1 raithiiu? . e ? 1 1< U bar "o?? to oar knoirlf'lge, t? * sink ? j iiifr ot tlu- taiUt in the yard of t lie lurnlo^ aatalili*Li rr<nt '< Mr Jaase -u:?r. oo Krw'erica ?tr#?l ila fore the oni'iiik ?. no lr.o?!?'lg? waa b?<t of aay inaLintle yard, bat en tb< ful^wtre nxirai i>r ii mi ifUeovated thtta *a? a fcole aMot t?ejr? lix b m ia 'tliatiM t?r, tboogb Urgrr belo*. and ai>out (if I l?D '<et d*ep FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. ROtlT MARKS*. y July f ? i. P. it. i At the cJ'ne of th* atftk market yesterday tbe I cunett value of ad chuwei of aeeaiitiea wm about a* high an at any previous period this year. There in ! bot ho much speculation going on an m* have here- : tolute noticed, but the dinpositioa u> buy continnna j a1i? cg. and the atuiu'y demand from outaidrr*. for II vestment , keep* ju ?. m up. Mom) la bi abundant that stocks ran be hypothecated a dog tbe moat faro ' rable tei Bin. All apf>rehennionn relative to toe movn- I mentn of the banks bare disappeared, and it in hard ly f oeaible Tor any serious panic to occur. There Is bo marb capital cootro!Ied by individuals that lo lb? > pvent of tbe stock tpemlator* loaile of oar btnkiig inntitntlons, taking it into tbeir heads to Vint off leans on stockn, plenty of money could be otAtined cutidde, at nK*t reaeoeable rate*. This wonid draw down the depoeits, and seriously redu.w that de partine&t in our Wall street iurtltutiona. There wan a time, not many years ago, when the bank* could get op a stock panic, wheaever they pleased, but act no oow. We do not see, j thtrefore, that there In any probability of a sud den coilapse in prices. Some stockn are pretty well {i Hated. Bevtral of the rr solar dividend paying railroad aVotka are aeillng for mora than teey are worth as Invnrtmente; but so k.a^ aw money coo Unoea no cheap, It < aunot be uned to much better VW?aLtif? than in that cla?n cf ne nrtiea. It is peasib.e that a revival of boalnees aad t:e tnoring of oar Immenre crope may create a demaad for aacne) that wanld draw it froa ?u? k iaveatmaota. If Wirh a atate ?d thUga la reai'/ed, lower prir? will rn!e fcr securities, bat the der.n ciati m will be oa.'y temv?raiy Tlx re arere !V) ihiplRfBtf flf ffOQ Ctl >JV {KUt lae< waek. Tbe steemnhip P"<metheus is reported al New (>rieeis, byte'giarh, with a xteea d?ya j lat?r new* fre<a Oel-foreia. T^e aocoer t* aie said to be very encoora^itg. I. we ahipm^ets of apede are re p irtti T?e two reamers of tte ( Wth <rf Jnaa (roa teg >' -an ae<jo ?ti! p~>bet?r b.tujr down < oe ud ft half ml Hon of doOaib* tft gold or f*e tgh?. We <wb oftlcale4* o? oaothe' half atV llcc Is tl? h ?r<Je ct paesen gere la gold and drtfU. Me A.beii H Sfc U) '? regaiar ieni'?Mk y aao tioc Nue of slock* and b vno* trill take p'tci oa M> tv'17 next, at 124 o'clock. at the Merchants' Ex cfceogt. It# trutUt* of the Ut? Cltca and .-caaoacU'ly full io*o < < tnp"i?j. b?TiE(j. parsuMl to th?ir rmultr of tbe 7?h of June iaat. disposed at public auction cf U>? mcu title* lela ft tb?so, fc?T* d*<- ?rvd a dividend o ? nine p or not < s the tcdcnl of th? US* rsp-tai >Moi o( ttie com (W), on lb* 17tb day of Jul/ 1 U* Merebistt.' Dfcit of AlNkOT b*? declared a (??ml ? or ukl oivi< ead of four percent; ?h? OWn Uf? lo?u recce ?uJ Iru*t Unpu;. 1 Kml wiiitl Jiiidini of ?oit pec cent Um I'arpnta*! htunan Oompnay of St. Loii'? * *? tr.i nnr-uni of n rn per cent i\ eivl<*?oo f t fc?r foilnm per irwvon tre old (took of tb? Ran'. o? Hntfnr<1 Coon*/ tcpt b<r with lb* in cue ?d the now stock, *a* bs?n declared pavsbls ttHcml. The Charter On* B?n? have derttred t dt vt'rud o> five per cent on tbe orlff'asl eapltal of tbo b?n? etd *o um d ridead of flee percent from the Hbrplut lord, pajstle on the 10th lo*t The Connejti cot Ktrrr BaneJSf <<.mpecj bars declared ft -leidaol of four f?r r?Lt . payable cn oiujuod Tun .V.'oft laeurancs Con p? -7 of H?r''ord h?r* o?elared a semi eniuel Ciai t re.- cl >? ft c?tt, pe/ebie on cemsnd. Tner bar* now of our teintj At* p?r ctnt 00 html Th? Cexieetic t Fire !t?nmc< Oo?p?Dj bat* ? .<*? a dlei ?Vic of hve per c not, atd h?rr c?ll?l aa loitalm-at of ftrtr'j Art- p t c?rt Tbin (o^U'inrnt In e*Ji?V. to coet pi? v ?b the ranc'BMoU cl otfttr state* 10 i?farJ U> fci*?s n tuuiute MQ|'I& t?. Tbr nceipts f e the Miiwinkie and MtwU?ipp Hft'.'ro wl for t*e month of Juaf , jutt pitted, compare a* tollovs wila thcaecf the<wcc.e month U?; jev. ? Mil.WACKlK AMI MlXNIslMim Rmlboati. June, Infil. 1866. Pn<'.*? $17 :10 62 >21,412 U l r*?ht 27,061 tli 4U 001 47 Total t?r>,262 21 tKM'i* 68 ? Bhf airp mi increase for Jcae of th? present y&ftr, ot *lf>.87C r.7, rr rver 40 per cent. For the first h x moot i? of tie preeeut year the tznizgB (hue ( i.mput with thora of last year: ? :s:4. mso. Jasaar; 122, '^24 3t 0^2 217 00 l'*r.ruary IA.IV2 113 2?,!tOS f?? Marcb 80.778 W8 80, 464 2S a pill is cih 4r> a;i oto Hbj 4I.7M 22 0\W 1? Joie 46,261 Ul #4,128 68 Tclal $176,613 57 $266, 7S4 ?1 ? Ireea'e for the flint a'x mou'h* of 1?65, #<*0 ^ 122 M, or iibcat iO per cent reault beyond the expecta ioca < f the meet aaDgnlae friend -i of tbn rond, t)?DKh far below what may safely bo counted open in l ho lint h'x mcntba after the road ahall have been paohed through to the Mttalnai^pl. The proapect of thla long wUhedfor c?oaunimfttion dai'y biltfl tfin. Tbe read la n>ir all under con tract to tho Mta*i*aippL The entire irradirg and bridging will be doof within the preasnt year. The Ccmpftnj'a new brao of bondi, aeenred by a mort gage upon the ro?d, asd payment prnrideJ by a ilnk'r g futd ot I'iO.O^O per annum, will give them the mcui of purehanisg the iron and ttie eqnip mect for the Weatetn DtvUioa, and completing a?d opening the read to the Htaluippl, long before tbe next year ahall have ran ita course. The Wyoming coal trade thi< MeaH!>n, up to the 20th ? f Jute, amouated to 123,377 ton*. The cia' tnd* in the aggnwte {? coculderftbly behlni what the consumption requi ea. Tbe amount of new boode xubnoribed for 00 the <x:-berge mrvemtnt of tbe Vermont and M?R<>aei)u aetta IUilroad C.mpvoy promiaea to ba eatir*Iy en itraful; tbe anm Already algted for foot* ap to over ha t a million of dollua, nod additiunU atgnt- J torn are obtaiaod every day. 1 Tbe anthraol m coal Uftde, by the last report*, abowx a largf> buaine*a, t bough not quite no an tbe txhlbit made laat we*k. By the three llaot thu an cunt brought down for the wot-k reaobra 117, Ml tcna, atd for the aecaoo '2,040 /.Mitt to v. Theahip. roeo'aon the Hehaylkill Navigation were, for the week ending on Tburaday , 24 .!?*:< tons. The aaooat traa?i>orted on the Heading IUilroad for the week erdlng on Thursday wan 4 > ?r.l ton*, and foe the year to that time. 1 ,14 7,27 j tona, ag*inat 1,00?:/ih(; to ?ame time laat year. Tbe ooal ehipmeata fr>m tbe Ijthigh, for the week ending with Hatorday laat, wete 60 0D7, ft^atnat 42.H8C ton* for the cormpond iusr week last year; for the seaaon, 4.r>l,^M ton* agalnat ..?0 ,335 too* to tame time laat year. Hhip merta for the preaent week will be very materially rcduced by the interruption to tbe navlgtUon of tbe Delaware division of the Pennsylvania Canal, fro 31 the tnmblirg down of the Durham aqueduct. The weekly shipments of ooal from Ki bmond, the depot of the Heading Railroad Company, are con siderably lest than the receipt* at that place, which : *ho?H (hat there mast be en accumulation. We ' estimate tbe accumulation, ap to this time, at aboat lifty thousand too*. &Kjrifurr? o? tool rw? Kk-hmonu, Wffk Bruhnf June 0, 18M, Albeay, S.Y., l,StM Newport, K. 1 /atom, K. Y IMtimor*, MJ B> T?rl?y. Mam 18',' Ncirpoit, Ilel t-i 37H N. V.. and fc-ooklja ?,?J0 Now ilow-a. Ct lm 191 BrMeeborg, l'e "Jft* l'ewteoket. h I 277 t'-r if ?*port , Cons 'JAM I'etereburR, Va at liru'gepur', N.J.... 80 tij mouth, Km* "ti Morton, Miuw., ?,'??* I'klledelphle f.2S Itufliolo, N Y if) l'?on '.fore. N J ? 70 Ceaibrl'lge, Meee 6'i2 fori Camrter, .V. V.. 160 <*m>n v.J, ChMl?>Uii, H. C i h??iUT, r*. IhiBTiri", M , K??l <.rr?a**oli, tt. Fall Rnti Mm, I ol if l*n<3irt', K. I. Kraut foil. I >. !'r*<'?nr??t,urf, Ve n. ?Mhiiru?>.v. ?7 Portland, Me (Ml SO I'arVMoutli, V H .. Mil 104 roughiM |.?i?. N V.. 3J7 JW Vtoi idea R. I.... MS 'Jib ivuin'y feint, Miu . Ill 1,088 Kiel mond, Ve ICO 1Q0 Koxtmry, Weo? ;.'*l (!1 hoco, Me,,,,, .'Cj ??0 HeJi-m , M;>?" l,4?fl 1*7 i'.? 187 -uletn, N. J (ii?o ('<<??, I. 1 10 Hallobory, Hin ... i>o?*idij>. N. V ... 170 -*(f ller'or, L I.... Ililtlof. it 6M> -en I reorweo. Cel. Ill HfO H III I- H S. r Ml) IK*! Huntr.*. I*el 61 IN tttoor To at, .VY,.. i?l nr. Hololk, 100 5U1 'In nlon. N.J ?? I . %?o M?iit'? ijJ'u i. r h.'#" ?J21 W?r> I I'ltM, N. y. VI 1*6 Hunm. K i. 1M 5ft V oMoflon II. C .. 801 IUiw th Hovrttraw. N. Y. . . ' r.i.m, Mi i i?( lBM?burf , IV,,.. Iluonoa, V V., .!???? jr < it} S . J . . I jt n, Mi> hi Vi lu* rk, S. J.. I<?|r Ql IfOOt, f'B ,.. . ViCo'trU D, Ct 210 W lliu'r,#l"li, Del... kflilo Alt. ?*> Vunilli, N. V VittsAi'l, Mm.,.., 5^7 __ Not obmii, "Jlo Teiel \oemk. v J ">l )'or Mitoo 70** "It SnrHrtj[M<n P. t.. 140 !???'. jeer 091, UbH '.??I'll'tmi;., N.J., "J.Q The untied utateiueat exbiMU tbo qautltjr unitklueot meirhardiae exp'!t*J froi Vbw port dump the work eadfcg aai IncladWg Friday. Jo j ?;th, IW, dieUaguUbinf the dentiaaUoo Mid erven t of hhi|,rn<nl? to plec?: - Vi natri-i ot m fum nr N*w Yon*? Wmir Kirorr< lit xxrtioL. f. tue, be .* -Hi 04i WooIUe. re., U $S7 1 ?om k?..)M,wa f.i ie- , b*Iee. 13 4)1 f?o bi?*I. bbi 1.4(-<? I n??ie. t< a? m t.MT'i liMoe, lb? *!? .,44'? 4 ,tM fUj*. bsle* * V\t '?b???e. ItaWi.OC'i 7,11)7 - lerrt i,00<> i<*> IV r* oil, f. 6,100 H ;o? '?p turp*n' M) 4 '<? vrb?.? oil. g3,i<x> a.wo w 1 m!ui?,u. 3 rw Temp (r*u b? *<> lid "plkoo . . 800 l?t ? ? VrliowmeUl. 1? 3,' ' 0 ToUl *!U,4I1 lft, ??* Iw o?p<*? b>.? .'/> ?1.V0 ?? "ry, i htfooJ b..? 1 10 I >? 861 <Al c*ke b<? .<A V,'H8 140 Ceeeoe, ib? e4,3W 4,?l O pper. I bo ll,'<*? ."<? 340 f letw <4 r7 [. turpen bin 914 l>*f. the 37? C ?ryeU,l'?lee. 8 Mom?. beUe .. 10 Hoi*, btlee. . SW I, em 10 !'? rl eob tie. 10 1?<mc?o.IV? 1...5W7 K. >IB, bble .2,41.1 1 era, Vm? . . 1 i+'i pk at .... M Hvll,,MT 1 t *???, 11^ 18,017 kooU o.Ik M 607 i.lVor, lbe.. 4,087 Tnlweo lih<o M I ureltere, e?. | 1,78V 8,400 1'Aei. ? ran. eaeee. C i?Mee raee . 1 j w?l-??Be ee . i r+t ? ool , rwar* ee. I Hoekieer; ee 8 iieoke, eaoea. r.i; |?*ee I It- tm, baiee.. w* - H''e*ep?**r I 1 Hrreea .... 4 iv?a Tie :i Ml | "r?? *.!??';?? Mo * ? ett'o.ifc 4 044 TctaJ. ot ?? ?17,V*V I 1C4I n mm MM V?1 4W I"? Bo ISA ?jm <00 80C 7M ?oo i.i* i.xx, M -81 1 o?. ? ><ek?. bte . ' * t> * oei??M> ' ? 'T ZJ8 loa'.ber t<a?<. 1 W H?ra ?<l fi 1,4'i 3,4 . * Im"i, (M II MS tare* I 'AD MO ToteJ . ML It a';a?< e*. 8 llordver* bf? 18 lloaeo. la* *?*> ;-U?f?obo4o if. P-eiwao.e* o <juor 'ow? kh '-4 f(?m tuft I, AM dan Ml ' Oil B fS 1 ;ad tuk aittm *n Joeol r? aoti t* . !?ro h *)'.?>? *4 Otb? r arUeloe ? ...?W.TM *.,*0 Z014 1. 01 1 11? 1*13 M* l>V 1 tM IM ? Ck? t 4*0 a -** >?r?e 8k 81 NK0 ?o, Mei< ... ? ? or 1e ??iu K?i <-4 ?\ ?* ' ,.r? T^tal kUe ??<?*. baoi . '.MM ?V4M ? htavee ha ur 8 ? w 4b t in ,.r,M4 Cot?M, Mm m tU,?M MchogM/... ?3 fnfr b? 248 I, too fiotr??. ???*. l.Mo fMaab* bbU 2?# 4,116 Koala bt>U..? 40) Jl 4M) Ki Wk? \l,b* 109 Bp. 3,183 HUn< 12,000 ?L?Ta 14,461 I0,0?t 640 Ml To*^ M2.M I imM. J"ork, bbU . . . 2, COO $23 200 Koala, bbU . . . 8M M40 To<*l CO**. Coin, bo*baJ? H.Hfll >9,304 NilMl t.W. Cotton NUM. 123 tb h:.o Ho* a, hbJ. . 3T2 i B?of, bbl*. . 2i)6 3,0*0 Hp turpao'a. 40 I ri?con, Iba. 62,000 l,4f), tf?Je? 10 < M*?? .1,44(1 188 Hi-Im 44 Hub. bt>l?. .. 'JD 2.H18 Mr' w (oortvae 2 Wh.f?M,l?*.2,Q26 040 I. igwooa.tooi 'OS toUl M0, T?0 H*mm MOKTK AMFKll'iX COLOKUr. FWur, bbi*. .2,410 >20,780 Rut, 1ft Cofi>, bo*. .?><i,010 7,iJ80 Huffftr b :>**.. It IUU C. a4*i,obl? 1,287 C,38f. Im floor.... ti.l 384 H?<?' ;U 467 To, p%'? ... tfO Hftrt l'rrk 6711 .\Q60 M'cha? ?*im X) 1,<44 (ilu, pkK*.... ?7 4,311 Tut.fct .lb*. . 18,420 1, (Ml, too*., ?W 202 . lUiaio?. bxa . 37b M~ Ckaaop'a, bka 7 110 0<l. beU * MM itolt. ba??... 4t 200 Olbar arUoiM ? lof Totai >M,U48 RiuTixif wvr Kloor, bbl*. . 724 *0,470 ()ora, buataate If.'. >100 H*?r 42 Ml Cornm-al, bU Ml "nl I'wk HI" 1 878 Lard, b? . . 4,071 648 (TaoiUt hv*. 'J"6 1,678 Itraoilr, <v?. .. . 0 7'iO Hotter, lb* ?;o I ar I oil. ir*:?. 1M lot I<c miotic* blj 12 2.18 Har.bawa... 60 IS)( I loltwii, n 2 MA Oiro 12 V?0 Hje floor bila 1f> 1 1 U Cipa, ea I 140 lb*, W)U 117 llootafcah* r*. It 17.'t Hcottltahr.ra. ?0 1,SM Bread, bbU.. 32 l?l

Jr?ncj- do?<i? 2 lr>? Tobar?o,hMa 4 i?0* Hay, IuIm... b'J 1,118 Whale oil, gU 16u 100 W im-, pa f> 120 MaU>tK>?, ?>., IN luO Dm Rto?l>, r? 7 Iv'J Oihn aiUHra ? 2,274 l-oml*r, It 37, (.10 MM . .. - To <*1 ?24,24? MitrriHH ?<i una. Klmir, bbU.. !M >7,781 I'.teb, bU?.. 76 >187 H?*l 400 l-ork 448 (<rn, boabcU f* 0 lean. b*?? .. 2AO Papor, bd'#.. 4<X) Bioom* dor. . iA T*r, bbla .... 60 4 ''00 ( ?oJI*a, bin 4??? 5,8'1? ?t?a.l, bbln . U12 *?.; n mt0, hf? 200 Wttl Carrt*??< .... 1 I'M S Map IC2 ll'l H*y, bala*.. JO ?-?26 Totai >23,943 MAUI. IToor, bbU. ,1,M* ?!7.v;y< L>tr4, lb? 30, JO ?3,0.'l ira, ebmta.. lfci 2, 872 I'bMxa, lba. . 2 ?' 11 M0 PwiHtiw. b* Mfl 1H,I40 IVxm, bbla 1,674 2,1*9 Total >44,478 OiirfiM, baa. '*) CtnVWM, B.. 18 I R. ?oodc,n? IS M*cbio*ry, .. 910 K?tUn, M.? (iltntirt ra. I'? n>*htir? b*. bi.M. <???*? . . . Out to*. fi 1 an ?JUS 1 227 I. lor, it Comlm, bi?.. lloot* 2 VurtUb. bbia U I'fclDt, ?*,,.. 12 furvlturt, pk 110 Total KSX1CO. $1,177 We;?Q?. e* . . H 1,2(0 I>ri?*l frail... 12 1.040 Dry good*. . . . 6 30,177 IUjr, b< 40 lilt l>ru??, p*.... I 22 1 ? Ou material* Mb 1 Wl"' Hop*. b* 7?J WnrbJo. bxo.. 170 Haraea* 8,188 I>?k ?? 1<'? HntW, Ibx. . 1,460 Toa, b**??,? 2* # Wood's Af UN 10 7 1 4 780 40 I 400 Wh'boae. Ih*. 633 1?7 Other artlelr* ? l,7o0 l ?1,0*12 2UJ 2.H77 i 14* *,?vj i :i,fl77 :sir> 104 1M H7H 1 HO 71?7 300 .144 31.1 .$01,677 I "inlflU, en ... JtwrU^. pig 41 $> 7.'? Book*, be. 062 -p tu rp. bb>?. CO VoWtkT. k||*.l,l<0 ll?ir.?. lb* WO Ilutt-r SOU cwe?, b\? ... too Hop, bit***.. 6 Clock*, pi I*. J acktiuixa. $t'4><? Kwajtan... 7 A 4,'> 0 Wool ware... ;u? 1341 Onel, ton*. . . . 1H I.'a ?jrup. bi 76 213 l.umber, <1 . ?.C,?vOO :un 107 Toul ?*$,?? P?n?r?, e*.... Tool* Hop*, 1'fpjnr, h?*? Hp 1ui|?, bbl* T wlu? Whinlojr, bb4" 2M) Pogu* 200 I.ic# If* (IfiBfll OO AjMii.xnmi *>crr?it<'. ft 4 16 ICO Id ara $?? aii ia& H'7 1>? ,1,2 ?J<0 I Art, If* . fciwok*. Itotuxl). rk*. . Oraekxr*. tc?. to Wooiwnrn <1/ 1'.3 2,000 I'lckita, b.M* 4, 'too l.umt?i>r, tt. 7(4,712 :.,0T0 OUikr ariidM ? 071 Total Value of and**. exported during tbe wc?lt. $1,201, ?71 Tbe Wowing la * oompuvire itatcmrnt of the vaJneof exports fn,a? the eomme '.cement of tfc? yrai lo Jujy 5: - 1F34. W3 fo'toa ....$* 0$2 474 $4i,Ml4 H67 Klncr 4,?.? A.'VO {>,129,200 1K7 267 71,602 1 M 2,21.1 $117,614 1,?3i,;>6 hi. - 0>1(>B?*1.. . l'.it, 137 Wl?-at 2, 0(4, .'.90 G.*d 1,190,120 [Wf 0411,7*2 I'ori T32,S78 ? <(. /*r miM ? $?-? <ra,?i7 ? 3,?t$,r.2l ? U.VXO ? Sj-n'** *47. NIB ? .'25,72- ? 1, Of*, 4 12 ? Total .... $'J0, 0*4,01 4 14,001 ,030 1,324,3*4 H, :H0,2U NM dtrniM to Jul/ S, lit to $o,9H,01t W? notice u n^tlro ootvard movmeot In citUm udoom. There bM been ??rqe ?ctlvit/ lo prorl ?lena for ablpnmt. We $r$ about entering op mi a mere m*1t* ezporlinf mmou, when oar wteklj re tone will compare more feronbljr win Mr Import* tk*B. Am mkb aa oar now cropa eane to mtrket, pricee tor braadetalb will, we UtMt, fall off *o that we can exoort lar^T, o( M all ertiU to aa extent *uch as we bare heretofore averaged. The <iaantltj and raise of certain article* other than foieign dry g ode, imported Into tbla district daring the week ending Friday, Jul/ i;th,wereae follow*: ? I'o?t or ??>? To** roirr*. I'll. $C0U I'uiinn lakii 1? *?* Hwkcta.. I'^ttW* .. Heir*. ... IV<I *.. . . rrt?U? l'X*bl?*. . Htarfti . . Kite!'*.... CU.k.... ' ????#., . o ???.... < Mrkor; . rin y (Mil l'Vm. 70 ? 172 210 170 id". 0 r*?, ?r? i$/io 1 oik* M? Litttti VI 1 r??* ? A I tip ot J . . . 1 - 1> t?? Is t K4>. . . , !'*? p* - '1 *t I ??if all ? r tartar. . . <?1 ..i? ... r, w m lurb 1 o ?.p*i . . [/?<-b?? I le |?i' . . If\ a> I'xilti t*r ivruT Uik kl. rfa... *<?n? at ? ?? i. - i|tt k*4 1 '.rqu* l< ml 11 to bOH l'u Ml 10 ??. VI if I 12 I" 42 ?wi w J <1 III Ifotj JtmiitJ iy\ p*l?t'Bir* M?trt>?* Mnatorl U'toof? ? Ili?? 1/ ( ?r<ll*i? ?.m. r ft. I? tih" JVxi1* * ?>>'??? iik is* I. ?< to M?'?l T, 3? < 'W rirrm '?p? <?,17 Strf?UnD? r\i U r? ..... . Ii?f ??'? ? rts. *13 an 14. 7.4M ? M '<m ?:>n 117 ?,1 #1 e ? is !,$42 *an l 4> i lo 140 710 ^0 T'l e.i </o l f,)0 7.U0 1 MM 2,101 I.*# l.:? 4 *27 -?7 4 M? 2 r-7 eafi 'JC <M2 WT4 i, <;? 4,4flO !>}?m o?'?, p?le U, K* - lokr* ft lo**<?4.. V? (ft ... </.)? Ua<i?*i... ?)(>??. .... l-.tBt ... Vrmlliw 442 . IT ? 0 l arr J. A . II >roil? kz ? fruit * it roe . . 1 >?ta I ottpplo* amr*? i *j |0'<U , . k 4* ! a* r?t:n?? . 'b?9 I f> "<?? ?eie. I U. <:** ?. ? l*x*are i ?. pl*U . . , I lair in rteHk.... ll?'Ur'? |'< ?. 'rim* il?i <i I t HM( HtiMiJ la*'U >4dh>l 4* byllMl t $,7W . 1<* . 4" . 41 h 4 444 1 ?/)l ? IV, i Mtn 4,416 4,'J** V4 l,4t7 1 112 I/-22 13, 1 M 441 1..4S 14 40$ u,4KI !? ?0? 4 ia ?:?? V.4U !4? 11 ?4 I n> I"* t n* ' I ?/. W??* f!l,??t IUilr</?'l , I i Um *lr? ... I*?4. p i i *p?l'?r .. / n< .-tat* .... Vn .1 *<? 1? W< . . . . PtaH e?re. 11* "n* H?>w11*ry. Hllftf ?*r* OU ttr t U .... ItarO.' Ko?* llnrr 4* UM* mm ..J r?p?r l?> l.*?lf ??* hrftei rj II I'? f ... r-uiaH bf ? ..... T'f'JMI. ?ft s?*<* -o*p* !"?>???, *,"*> II Ho(iii,M?,V "X fl* .,t * Tey* Wl?M ? *?4 <taJ?fk?r W >*? W*,l Mil' I T|| m ??> ; lo? 1$ I I t II . "JO 1,1 *0 1 'i IT! 411 . *t *.' ? ,1 ,Wt I ,~'M re I"'. 1.4 3,4'i4 S3* 242 404 4 734 1.'.. " <.?2 4, 1 ?'? H'?* 2, MA I," 1 4 TW 7,;e? 17,07 iie.'M M/0i I Uv.. 7,110 l.t.^ 1 411 21, 440 3?t,71>7 &v i?; K-,?:4 :?.i 4 /.V. 1.47U hV* win 2,400 M '. ? l IV. 41, 47 4,11 34 1* 4,<KM ? 'I 1,04* 10 0I? *.f*7 24?i 4 1/M 11 441, $44 00 10$ lit b*r?* 4' ? l ??* artf 1?? ? ?4 4 t?,IU ?.'I rw I' .*44 ar, 4i 7,l>.4 4 VQ4 90.XU 4V4 t r 1 HWt 4 < v$ 4 *1? ?* o ? ?/ r-? ??*? tb* ?mr.?1 4*rt*f H.4'4 '^e ??',?? of ?f| |o-?ta '* ?*?' ?*?? l,l?4 ,0??. Tf?l ijepwV $>,</*i,74t Tbe frlselpe. Keae of Import durtag the wmk wtre ae follow* ?(/(tee, r^l.tfT.', naddar. $4,4<?, txrtrtr* d ?k'?*, |11>V^,, trrw, | .?.'.4>7, etael. b, I If, tto, ?r<4 11$; Klgar. t 161 04?; ?rAoM U4 p p? r, 1 ? !'J$. It wGl lie ??*? th*t ehoai ce? hatf U it* URfcrWlM cf geeeral wriiaa4!? waa in ?M *k?4* i?ir.ed Mt<4i of rwti ead im'immtj. i w$)pyN$. ?moo mr e'?Tt.M ii? ?MO 1*4 Otate fi'i . M luoo vur'ou fl'a. . . M 11*00 Mtaoatl OTS 1000 da OT 1(000 do ... . u>iA 07% mhotmm ?'? 'M.. wr 101(0 l<*?M*aa 8'?. (MX IMO Kite M Mt ftu 1.0 XOC Elia bond* 'IMS HOOMMi'Ti .. 40(0 noOH latMl Ha too HOC Pma bSd waaiat 101 V f(*0 111 Can Wt l>J? M\ lld< do Hh*. ?Jxoo do b'JO tok' <**oiit >t.?i<4b.*e (to 101 W lOlrrllU.v ?ilrt?>b 04 ( 0- OTuH'.fcAlMiub HVlU 4000 < 1ft lot iat l?. b.. (Ui 0 aha HI. N Auifiu-i 107 6 Oo ........ no OOO0 111 lat mi p Ml 41 ) < 0 ifc I'ato* Kock 120 Ti Corn Ki Ht !UC lOKborAlsaibllk.. 1 1*. 64 OhUliMr<oon 'J< Nlc Tr.rn Co. . . . ?jro -00 if? ".00 (id 60 1 60 (ft 400 do.. 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I hb* ret. | , ^r??d ??r? takaa at .? I6C, Bad ?-?j'.t IA,00t boater ill earn at a 4 %.l ? bulk and ha^a 1'.. '*a to otbar jx r*.? *..r* .i*bt, aad a^ t < ch?D(tid ,,untaU<n.a II' i hail1 'a?> ar.t i?;in(al |l a II M IkfM T ? 100 tkarrar ? rr a M at |?. t laon ?ai ftaalf. ui I ar.M aa< l.aafa>l. M> u '? ax. ? abi ut ;<?i brda ('al a ma?"??a1a vaa M?lt' at , aad IV Oo lata* at p t V.>ai Htuk? wat? ijiilrt, and mItm 'ier(iaac?d I'ki H?n*? ? Tbr nmrtrt w ui Oioa, a(tb aaka of 0M a lila., iaela.ll*K x* aataa, i t |('i IHtll ? f 04* a 61'' 1 f f eld ai.d $l<" :i7 a 6!f> 60 far ei* pnao IV at a a> la fair ??'?naaB'' aad tb? markat rboMaaaO Arm aalia of i?0 a '<0 b ?< r? 'na.ta at 00 7(. a 060 -.i lor roi>a(r; yr m?. aallll a ? 1 for do. , aad 016 a 01* 'or Chicago t?p?Kkad B*-..n ?a* dull Cat ataaOa ? A toot '/00 packagoa araro aold at a kc tar aboulAani, aad w,c a 1'. ,o fi<i bnaa -a. turn riwa vara mada lor a a port at *i ?o#haeg*d Rn i ?aa dall aad aoailaal. Cn. in- wrr* 'I II tat, oitb ralra of 940 a 4'4 ' uba ajwaci vado at f.lfe a0*fe afl,?. Tixaftxi ? Haloo of ?0 bUda Kaataakr war* sad* a* 1< U? , aad 20 botoa Obio aaa<! laaf at <\a. WHjaarv ? Ralaa of 'Joo a :#0 bbU. vara maOa af UMa aad prtaoa at 40*. a 61*. of fraih Huttar ?aa Wwklf Hruort of ItrtllM to lb* ?(/ a ad eeaatj of Nav Vert, froaa U>a jot* top of J dm to (km TUidar o/ Joly IS**. Km, 10*. >?m?. -a, W.J., itf , firU, 1T? -Tatto, Ml idalU, ITT; afcildroii. 8TU, nalaa, Sol . (mm 1m, aa AMurian ?' lb? haa/t 1 Al<llr*f U Apnjtia, (InUnUla) * ItlM IU>r l.of ir Ota Irnifi tirmla. of Hnm uiUt. Dnrnat or a-.aU"?'.. ...... (aorar ikuril ) ( nrrr of tli* ?<**? ? aanal j to bla?t.n - < a?uart.?a. I.jt fall* faauaHf. b? raliia (???illlr, i; ?k*tlK < hifiro-'a , . , ...... Cm ?ia Ct>rtrf?U of lj?r? f < I ? i It %A) ? if o' bra n I'?C>Um f 1 l' ?i from )rt*t I (< n^r-t."* ff Na-? .... . 'flotunit-twj* .,...* I. Mr , .,?u a 111 Co* raiw aa tm'utUUi * i C OU[> .............. ... I? 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