Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 10, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 10, 1855 Page 3
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. ? OUT MAlMf i Monday, JoJj 9?6 P. M. The ttock market opened boojut this morning, fend with considerable activity. Tense we 6's it ?anced 1 per cent ; Louisiana <>'?, i ; Indiana 5's, 4 ; Illinois Internal Improvement 3t>ak, 4 ; It lnola Central Bends, j ; Cnmberland, 4 ; Nicaragua Tran sit, 4 ; New York Central Railroad, | ; Erie Rill road, | ; Reading Railroad, lj. Michigan Southern Railroad declined 4 per cent A large amount of business was transacted and the market appear* to be steadily moving upward. Reading was the card to day. The New York holders are telling out to Phlladelpliaits at high prices, and the piobibility it that sometime bence capitalists of this city will be able to bny ail they want back again at lower pri m. It was reported In the s treat this morniog that the Reading Railroad Company was largely interested In the immensely valuable land decision in California, with Pa'mer, Cook A Co. This ii, we believe, a mistake. A gentleman connected with tne Retd irg Railioad Company it, we are happy to learn, put owner of the tract of land in question, and the probability is thst this fact gave rise to the report in circulation. The interest of the party alluded to is estimated to be worth upwards of half a mil lion of dollars. We are gratified that the dsdlslon has proved so favorable to Buch a wartny man. Erie is steadily advancing again, but the transac tions are comparatively moderate. Cnaoarland Coal Company is destined to toach higher prices. The recent report cf the President for the last lisctl year shows a very favorable state of things- There was mined and sent to market during the year, "225,208 tons of coal, which, after deducting ex penses for mining, trai spot tat ion, agenclet, Ac., Ac., netted $189,630 68, which with $29,700 23 net freights received from company's vessels, amounts in the aggregate to $219,330 91. The President says:? In January, 18(3, the debt of th? company was 9825,'.00, anil at tbe oommacoment of the pant year it waa 9637,000, the interest of wbich bat been paid; ana seventy thousand dollars (970,000) of tbe principal han recently been extinguished by paying oil and cancMlinir tbe bonds, leaving a balance of 9467, Qt'O, which will fall due on the Grit oay of January nest, and may bt pro vided for without embarraaameot to the company, which in now earning large returns on the property actually worked. Tbe mines, with their perfect equipment of buildings, toola, and facilities for transportation, are of imsaenie intrioaic value, and afford full. and amole bi?<a for an almont unlimited amount o( buaiaea*, and I would therefore suggest the propriety of augmenting the re eoureee end facilities of the company, by disposing of auch portion or portions of tbe property as are unneces eary for its profitable ami successful business. The assets on hand May 1, 1854, amounted to $269,720 33; net earnings Hay 1, 1855, $219,330 91 ?total $489,051 24. Paid for locomotives, cars, canal boats, engine hense, wharf at Alexandra, <152,830 06. Suspended debts. $112,755 83. Paid for thiity-iive bonds cancelled, $33,250. Persona) and indispensable property at the mines, Alexandria and Baltimore, $33,921 30. Available assets in cash and bills receivable on hand May 1, 1855, $156,294 05. The compaiy a' a ) have on hand 2,822 ?hares of its capital stock. The company have sold this year, up to the 1st of June, 6G.862 tins of c>al, against 50,709 tons in the corresponding months last year. This coal must Boon be generally used hi locomotive engines. Tne experiments nude thus far have a>l been satisfactory and conclusive. Tne President of the Cumberland Coal Company, in his it pelt, taj*:? It U bow need, to the almost ntlrt exclusion of uj other lu?l, on tbe freight and paatenger engtnss on tbe Baltimore tad Ohio road; alto, on the Northern Central, ?lore general!; known a* tbe Baltimore and duaquebanna railway, wb?re wood can be pnrchaied at $3 per cord; and within a recent daU, a moat remarkable proof has been furnuhrd of it* adaptation to this purpaae on some of our eastern roads. ho mi:h ho, that a large establishmtnt at Taunton haa commenced the manu^ac tore of locomotives for the use of oar coal, and others are turning ttifir attention to the name object. T?o engines have been wor ing on vari >u* road* during the paet jear with remarkable success: one of them having ran more tnsn '20, Ooo miles with inviriable economr. a per experiment on Bo?ton and i-oeell road, shoeing naving of flit; two per cent in favor of Cumberitn coal. That tbe use of this coat, within a rerjr brief period, will be as general on our railrond* as wood now la, there casnot be a doubt; to rapidly ia it gaining in favor, that lti increased consumption for the lest Or ? y?ara ia thirty eight per cent agaiast t irtwo per een of anthracite. It may here be remarked, that on on road, the Hui'ion Hirer, there was consumed, in th ??st year, 40, (Ho corda of wood, coeting the aim js iciedible turn of $280,u00. Cumberland coal, to gene rate tbe earn* quantity of steam and perform the earn amount of labor, would have coat aot exceaiin $160,000, thus showing a saving of 1130,000, being, a el* ncr cent, the interest of $2.0011.000, a sum wel worthy tbe attention of > toe k holders of that and othe road* using wood as a fuel at very high cost, and tbe expense of which must increase in each succeeding year. All the Western rallroal stocks were steady to day. The reports of earning* for Jane are oomlng in fiavorably, ant es the season advances they will be able to make a etil! better financial exhibit. Btate stock and railroad bonda continue in active demand, without much change In prioea. The Interest ooapons of the Joliet and Northern Indiana Railroad bonda, guaranteed by the Michigan Central Railroad Company, due Joly 10, will bj paid at tbe American Exchange Bank on that day. After tie adjournment of the board the following eelee of boada and atocka wen made at auction by Albert H. Kieolay: 410,000 Great Weetern R. R (111 ) 10e...and lat. 84% 2, ?00 La iroste k Milwaukee R. R. 8 'a.... do. 81 % 1,500 Pbenlx Gold Mining Co. of .S*. C. 6a. .do. 63 % e, (CO Fori Wayne and Southern R. R. 7s. .do. 7$ 7,OOOOneCertitcate Breckeeridge Canael Coal Co., representing 70 aharea ot $100 each, of tbe capital of eaid Co $1,300 to 1,390 4 aharea Third avenue R. R 30 40 do. Lenox Fire Insurance Co 82% 10 do. Commonwealth Fire Ins. Co 00% 40 <o. Fulton Fira Ins. Co 84 % "6 do. Rutger Fire In*. Co 85% 28 do. do. do HO At the second board the market waa a little weak. Nicaragua Tranait declined 4 P?r cent; Cumberland Company, 4; Reading Railroad, 4; Cleveland and Toledo, 4; New York Central Railroad, |; Harlem, ]. Illinois Central bonda advanced 4 P?r cent; Galena and Chicago Railroad, i. The Columbia Fire Insurance Company have declared a aeml annual dirldendot fire per cent, payable on and after the 12th Inst. The steamship Golden Gate left San Francisco for Panama on the 16th of June, with $1,063,079 64 in gold. About (800.000 of this will come 'to this port. Tie steamship Baltic, from this port for Liver pool, on Wednesday, the Uth Inst., will taka out a large amount of gold. Tbe total aoipmeni will net vary mnch from one and a half milliooa of dollars. The tranaaotions at the Assistant Treasurer's office to-day were aa follows Paid oa Treasury account $'J.V>,8S3 43 Received do, do l/>?,4lfl 9$ Balance do. do ,...2,018,018 3$ Paid on diabors'ag checks 62,478 33 The paymtnta to-day Include $34,000 ia California drafts. The operations of the Treasury Department Washington, on the 6th, were aa follows: ? For tbe Treasury Department $13,814 92 tor Interior Department. 4,002 4 For the Customs 23,948 1 > War Warrants rectivea and entered 217,135 0 ? Drawn oa account of tbe Navy 7,774 6 '? Tbe following are the footings of the offl -.ia! state ment of tbe average condition of the banks In Mae sachusetts out of Boston, during the four weeks end ing the 20th nit.:? Total amount of capital stock, $25,322,600; lrans and discounts, $44,402,682; spe cie la bank, $1,011,234; doe from other banks, $3, 627,138; doe to ether banks, $6,021,724; deposits, $6.369 ,641; circulation, $15,079,675. The above footings are exclusive of returns from the Hancock and Pemberton banks. The Galena and Chicago Union Railroad Company earned in * " 1844 120,8*0 laeroase $!?$, 060 The Chicago and Rock Island Railroad Oompaoy earned in June, 1856, $123,316 29. The receipts en tbe Chicago and Burlington Rail road la the month of June were ss follows:? For freight $10*.$*! oo Fer pneeeogere 41,147 27 Fee mail services roeeivod $,728 67 Total $16i,2aa~ae The proportions belonging ?o each of the roads fctming ths line an as follows Rrtight. Ptuffm. Jf. Ser. Ibtal. O. k C. V. R. R. .922.343 4T 6,038 Tl ? 98,3'6 I# C. B fcQttlney.. . IT, 003 86 17,981 11 tJTT M 79,231 33 C Military tra*k. 21, 707 93 12,060 10 ? 96,347 13 Peo'eAOqnawq'a 2,438 06 4 87 J 16 ? T, 312 20 Total 9108,898 00 41,187 27 4,728 67 191.389 34 The following la the statement of Um earnings of the Ohio and Pennsylvania railroad, for the month of June, and for the six montha of the year compar. ed with the same period laat year:? rhe earn'nff* la Juno, 1866. were $78,122 78 la tbe flmt ilx montb* of 1856 607,674 67 la the first ite month* of 1864 ? ? .445,368 88 Increase, 14 per cent $82,216 69 The Superintendent of the road, 8. W. Roberta, remark*:? The increase on the half year is very at tiafactory, averaging more than $10,000 per month, for the alz montha, notwithstanding the failure of last aeaaon'a crop, and the exhausted state of the country. Tbe new crop is very promising. From the return of toe Bank of France fir the month ending June 14th, it appean that ths metal lic reserve has diminished in Paris 344 millions, aod increased in tha branch banks 11 millions. The discount accommodation shows an Increase in Paris ?t 1 j million, and a falling off in the provinces of 2j mil1i:ns. Tbe advances on public aecuritieaof France have increased 5 millions in Paris, whilst remaining stationary in the departments. Advances on railway shares* and bonds are 54 million* higher in Parla, and i million loner in the depart mints. On tbe side of the liabilities, tbe amount of notes circulating in Paris remains nearly as it wa?, but in tbe provinces it haa fallen off 54 millions. Tbe account our rent of the^Treasury ahowa an in crease of 34 millions; those of private Individuals have declined 23 millions in Paris, and increased lfc million in the departments. The whole amount of the metallio reserve is now 397 J millions to 636 j millions of notes in circulation. Tbe annexed statement exhibits tbe average daily condition of the leading departments of tbe banks of this city during the week preceding Saturday morning, the 7tb of July, 1855:? Nkw York Crrr Ranks Banks. Leant Sptci*. Circul'n. Drpoiitt. New York $3,434,003 488,438 241.384 2 836, 834 Manhattan Co. .6,821,148 1,778,327 383,582 ?, 120,467 Merchants' ....3,789,169 1,180,172 232,490 4,770,991 Mechanic*' 4,313,042 742,118 440,702 .'J, 867,660 Untoa 2,684 984 363,207 .197,627 2,373,510 America 4,715,902 1,478,911 102,481 5,244 869 I'heotx 2.616,926 306,363 98,372 2.385,061 City 1,727, If 5 171,060 71,369 1,315,4*8 North River. ..1,040,745 141,408 176,046 872,924 Trainmen*'.... 1,436, 088 146,598 264,866 809,487 Fulton 1,640,668 236,084 128,979 1,469,669 Chemical 1,449,317 319,908 288 514 1,348,800 Merchant*' Ex.. 2, 606,040 222 412 144,099 1,787,708 National 1,496,846 283,019 196.488 991,177 Butchers'* Dro. 1,569 029 250,819 71,402 1,196 680 Mech.&Tradtrs. 789.378 54.952 104,768 621,701 Greenwich 635,936 39,626 ? 344 677 Leather 1,921,007 183,228 237,984 1,470,783 Seventh Ward. .1,190 847 124,145 210,167 681,823 Stat* 3,517,626 712,001 516,482 3,168,640 American Ex.. .7,028,809 706,088 311,515 6,393,184 Mechanic*' Aienl.182,216 103,278 189,689 921,664 Commerce 8,366,421 1,261,527 2 165 6 338,387 Bowery 1.029.772 80,793 174,490 838,429 Broadway 1,415,489 134,33 2 203,036 1,273,820 Ocean 1,280.662 1? 5,197 107,501 730,866 Mercantile 2,168,832 326,873 90,603 1,603.364 Pacific 890 810 tO, 392 119.246 629,288 Republic ...... .3,411.269 761,780 103.674 4,015,240 Chatham 684,287 88,976 101.106 478 916 People*' 903, 6*6 126,475 127,715 769,111 N. America 1,647.343 119,618 92.037 1,244 044 Hanover 1,289 426 68,766 114 920 839,167 Irving C.. 496,072 89,447 102,748 443,169 Metropolitan .. .3,896,244 704.565 11,5.081 4,788,621 Citizen*' 734,261 69,212 144,863 590,695 Crooert' 08J.379 117,532 90,097 848,23, Naeaau 1,013,377 207,381 121,300 918,609 Ea*t River 536,484 68 674 96,118 291,661 Market 1,208,379 101,041 117,979 992,642 St. Nicholas. .. 696.884 60.362 94,238 428,246 !- hoe ft Leather. 1071,982 44,299 108,977 770,346 Coin Exchange 1,620,470 115,105 88,496 1,645 722 Continental ... 2.792.617 ?61,319 78,615 1,9*6,304 Ommonwealtn 1,138 969 93,(44 93,167 958 29> Oriental 596,710 62,695 96,141 401,057 Mario* 860,868 89.4,13 98,728 702 446 Atlantic 506,470 47,824 98.709 359,184 Iain oil City.... 410,473 42.369 96,638 218 630 N. Y. Dry Dock 415,967 22,224 65,780 130, 672 N Y Exchange 209.210 9,607 107,199 128 ?88 Bull'* Head... 233,212 22,075 93,750 131,330 Tot*] 997,852,401 16,281,09:; 7,743,04985,647,249 Cijukimo Hoi hk Tkanhaitioms. Exchanges for the VNk ending July 2 $110,106,596 ?' " " Jul/ 9 103,124,949 Balances for tbe ?wk ending July 2 97,675,9(8 '< '< ? July 9 7,155,052 The above aggregates compared with khoee for previous weeks, present the annexed statement:? Nur Toaa Orrr Bird. Loam. Specie. C\rcul'n. DmetiU Dw>. SO, '64. .381,063,087 12,078,147 7,076, MO S3, 828,0*) Jaa. 6, '66.. 82, 244, 70S 13,690,903 7,049,9 82 44,982,163 Jan. 13, >66.. 18, 970,001 16,489,629 9,099,401 07,909,399 Jan. 90, '69.. 96,447,999 19,372,127 9,081,399 09,047 ,919 Jan. 27, '99.. 99,994,997 19,997,399 0,039,829 70,180,919 .?eb. 8, >69.. 89446,997 17,489,199 7,(00,760 72.983,817 Feb. 10, '66.. 89,902,177 17,134,394 0,909,111 79,794,348 Feb. 17, '69. . 90,869,081 17,389,999 9.941,000 76,198, 988 reb. 34, '69.. 91,690,904 19^79,879 9,903,643 74,644,721 Mar. 8, '66.. 92,889,139 14,681,271 7,109,719 76,948,344 Mae. 10/66.. 93,381,799 19,179,90* 7,181.999 76,399,499 Mar. 17, '69.. 93,447, M9 19,998,998 7,001,918 79,904,337 Mar. 34/69.. 88,060,778 10,803,739 7,442,231 70,289,939 Mar. 91/66.. 99.9*9.041 14.019.109 7,887,983 79,909,199 April 7, '69.. 94,499,3*4 14,949.004 7,771^84 77,313,908 An). 14/69.. 94,140,399 14,899,979 7,633 938 77,382.242 Apl. 31/66.. 99,682,868 14,896,941 7,610,124 70.744.921 tpl. 28/66.. 93,606,961 14,291424 7,610,906 76,219,961 May 6/66.. 98,099,948 14,336,969 8,087,609 78 214,169 May 12/65.. 91,942,499 14,696,030 7,804,977 76,850.693 Mat 19/46.. 91,076.509 16,335,060 7,838.830 77,351,318 May 30/69.. 91,160,619 16,814.682 7,489,687 76.746,740 Jane 3/66.. 91,197,663 16,397,674 7,56i,0C9 76.343,238 Jane 9/66.. 93,109,097 19,005,156 7.602.608 77,128,789 Jan 17/66.. 93.100.886 14.978.668 7.462.1S1 77.949.464 Jan 23/56.. 94, 029 426 14,706,729 7.336.f63 79,113.136 Jon 30/56.. 96,677:312 16,041 970 7, 394 904 81.903,986 July 7/65.. 97,862,491 15,481,093 7, 743. Or, 9 85,647,349 The lest re tarns compared with those for the week previous show an I per MM la loan* ini discounts of 92,276,279 Iirreeae In cirenlaticn of ::48,10f> I Herein in deposit- of 3,743,281 Deerrue la epocle of 240,877 The expansion goes on with greater impetus ai it gets strength. The Increase in discounts and depo sits iaat wetk was larger than we have before re ported tils year, and the aggregate amount on Sat urday, the 7th Inst., was larger than we have before reported sinoe the commencement of the weekly statement*. If such i? the movement with little doing in tne way ot business, what must we expect with an active demand for noney for mercantile purposes. The extent of deposits show pretty ciearly the present inactivity of capital. We ahall require a large amount to move the maturing crops, aid the abundarce of our harvests will, it is ex pected , give a great impetus to tradp. If these things aie realized, the bunks will be required to extend the line cf loans, and the aggregate will reach a figure which cannot but ixcreate the danger of a sudden contraction. It ia possible, however, that the banks have departed from their usual custom, aid lr eluded their loons to bankers on stocks in tbe aggregate weekly reported. If ao, they will only have to dnw in loans on stocks and give tbsm to toe mercantile cla'see. In tbis way the regular line of discounts would not show much explosion b*j ood its present limit, even with an acti re de mand from business men for business purposes. The L'ntitd Stair* In.mranet Gmzrltt for July, contains the annexed table, giving th* returns of flfty-two Are insurance companies of this city, showing the amount of premiums, looses and ex pensrs of sach, during the year 1864. The aggro gates comprises twanti -six associated and twenty-alx dog associated companies. The object of this com parison ia to show the operation of the two sys tem! : ? Nrw Tosx Cttt Kiss Inrpaxnm Cowtast*. ?? -Twenty til' An. Cot . 7V?ti<v iu .Von Att. < a ? So. I'rrm. Lottrt Krp'm No I'rtm. Loan. Krp nt. I 9S7ta<> ?'??? I""" I MUKD M,tt* I3.KJ0 J.. 1 1. hue iS.iaai is ?o X w.nai sn.ono XS.n*) 3.. M.iMJ ?"??> J 4* ill) v '??) IS.fajO M<n> num n '??> ? 6.1899 ssjaaj nmu 6.. 47 UIW 23 'Ml ISnaj 6.. 66. 'Ml ?.(**> 16 <W H 721W 15 <??? !?'??? 8 SS,i**> )ff*i> K ian 7.. 75 ow St. isw 16 <m 7 . S8.ISW as wo is<ajn S.. l?ron SAino 7?'?) ? W.|<? 3t .au ]? ? m 9.. 101 100 64.u'l a 9 V '110 si, it a) I7.II4J 10 7?.K0 SJKfl 12 lu MnOO W.iaai |?,i>? II.. ?ian )?,< am 9,i>a> II.. 4A'?> M mi is i**i IX.. 61, HO 7,1*10 IM.iajS 13. . S4.t*? 22<*ai |4,u?i U.. W.iaai isnat is Tiiwo ?,!?*) i*n*i 14.. 87,000 10'**) H.KJ0 14 41 <ae IS.ia*) Ilna. 13.. ai.noo loaaj M.iao IS 79, n? M.<*m ln.oen is 41, ore Xft.nn is. tfon 24,'wo to las i 17 JW'SW JS6.IW0 72 iaa) 17 Tu rn X* ion i;.t>*> IS.. 3OT.ISW 1?A ia?i it. "" I" 7".'aai Vhs? i?.i>*> It t? laai .T7H00 I4.<ail 19 38 '?? 14,009 Mn JO,. 7?.ia? Jn,i?o i audi 6v.n? .*(*? 8Ji?? 21 87 <*? 1 1 'am lino 21 48,000 l?i*? IS '?*? JJ.. 72 HO 2?(S? IX.'SO 22 8S.<*? 84,1*0 IS.iM) 23.. 72.099 9S.OOO IAKO X) 41 (??> 41.099 13. opt 34, . 84US0 V. aa) i6i**i 34.. 41 '?*> * ISi?ai js, . ssnou xn.uuo a>.oai tt. . '< * TOu ia ,n? as.. 11.010 ? i*,osn 39 . 46W mom 14 000 1 .on .one ?*!,<?> 81 t'.iffe ei,mo sea, 009 fw?i*y fix Auoriairt Cbmptnm Prratiums rwitfH, 1654 i2.108.900 Imm lacarrei. 1864 il.OTl.WD Kspeasss. 491.090 1 541 004 i^ 64.099 Twen*jr-rtr JVrm inonaM r<Mpmin Premium* resolve], ISM 01,461,0:0 Loanea (scarred, 1864 9491,000 Exjeoaee 388.000 ? 1,27? 000 ?173,090 Mowing wl?hia i fraction Iratjr p*c Mat U Itrir of tbe associate! tMfttiH, or that ths mm itMiot of bun Mr* done by the compaaiee oat of the association coat tk?m $209, uOO B?n than th? aseociaUd companlea. Ah tbU ia the flr?t table of tbo sort that has been pub lished, a word or explenattoa may be aeoeaaar y, to giro tee reader a elaar uudrratandtaig of It Why flltytwo in pref?ri*ace to any othar nam bar baa two cboeen may bo exp'atoad by briofly stating tbat at tbe time tbe toturna vera mala in December there waia onl; twenty nx oompamea outside of tbe aaaocia tioa, consequently twenty-eix of tba aaaoc'atod offlcoa bnd to to selected to make tha analyst* oom plate. By arrangieg tba pnnolpal the total amount of premiuoa, lo?H*a and eipoaaee of tha com paaiea? Into three parallel columns, toe state and loudltion of oaoh ea? be aaasrtaiaed is tha shortest posaible apaoo of time. For exanple by adding the lo-aee aad expenses to gether, and tien subtraetiag tbo irhole from the anount of prtmluma received the remitting balance will de ttimine tbe actual aanoant of profit accrued daring the yter ?lth reference to tha ditTereooe of the eoat of in surance between <h* amociated aad son associated com psales, a eiml'ar result can be obtained by tha aim pie rule of proportion It may bo neoe*aery te remark, for tba sake of tboee who may not bo aware tbat tba diatinctioa between the aaaeniatod and tbe noa asaociated eompaatea coasiatri ctiteliy ia this ? tUit the former do not employ brokers la New-Yo A, Brooklyn, or Jaraej City, while the latter may ampioy as many as tbey pltaee Tha ac-ociation can employ only oae ?gent In eaeh of tbo above mentioned citlen. At it re gards the re*pective amounts of loaaes, it la ttit to be understood that thoee specified are all, or form tha tit*l amount suet lined during the past year Hue* is not the ea?e; foe it willgener-ily be found that, at the tima tbe returns are made, claims remain unsettled oa ac count of 'bo tima for >ettlomoat not Having expired, or proofs of loaaes not baring been male: consequently tbey fall into the accouttt of tbe following year. Mock Richangt. Moniiat, July 9, 1866. 840 aba (lard 41(1 Mine 2 200 Nic Transit Co .. 1H 50 Canton Co ... a w 27 ft 50 do a 00 27 ft 66 N Y Cen RR ..a3 102 100 do ?S 101ft 60 do 101ft 10 Chi k Rk lad RR. 97 24 Erie Railroad . . 120 109ft 98 08 97 97 97 86 ft 86;, m 99 06300 I1 P 6'a, '87... It 00 Obie 6'a, '70.. 1(00 'icon 6'a, '90. . 10COO do..b60. SHOtO Miarouri 6'a a3 tOCO Loalatana 6'a. '_8< CO do .... a3 8000 U State 6'a.i3 3010 c'o . . . . aB tooo Virginia 6a.al0 H (0 do... a3 6000 III In I 8 of '47 100 V'XO Kjle bdn 'H.'l all 9ft 13CC0 do '7.'),a3 92 ft 10000 do. ,b30 02 ft 6(00 III OwhKbaa.1 87 10( i 0 I'ao bda, 2d tx. 101 ft KNUrfMfcV) 85". M'i 10C0 do .... e3 20(0 T H fcA lalmb 50(0 T H * A 2d m b 30< 0 Cleve & T la bit 1COO Hud RSd obi 10 hbx Bank Amer 12 do 10 Rank Mate N Y (3 Dank Commerce. 109 100 Mec Bk AmocI'b 103 19 fboe At I. Hank.. 107 lOObio 1, \ 1 i ?j . . 100 1C0 ContinentalBank 106 20 do 106 ft 10 Del k Hud C Co. 132ft 1(0 Cumb Coal Co lli 30ft . ?8<J 8Hft 93ft 90 63 78 ft 112ft 112 1C8 do do do do do bio do b (0 do #60 do 2 '10 Harlem RR.sUm 200 do ba 100 do 6 J 62ft 62ft 62 ft 12 ft 63 ft 62 ft 63 62ft 28 2s?ft 23 V J 50 HO 240 1(0 100 50 200 Co , . a3 <*o b.'so do... . b?>0 to a6o 1)60 ?30 .-60 do . .. <?o ... do... ?0 Reading RK . . alO 95ft 100 do si 95 ft 200 do hflO 9ftft 100 do e3 95ft 400 do a3 96 300 do e3 96 200 do. . ... .*10 0'ift 250 do 9bft 100 Hud Riv RR..al0 43 19 Mlcb Cen RR . . . 97 ft 50 Mh.SANIeRa.bl0 102', 60 do a3 10^V 50 do bUO IOC) ft 10 CleT k i'ltta RR. 62 26 Gal k Chi RKbl5 110 3<ift 60 do 109ft 3(.ft 1?S do... ... 110 30ft 200 CUT k Tol RR. 03 ft 30 ft 160 do bill 93 ft ?ft 26 do aim 91 30ft 60 do . . . . b60 93 ft 30S 30 Third Arenua RR 3?i $5000 Va. 6'a 4U0 Hiaao'l 6 a biO I0C0 do i. U" 0 Kriebd* of '75. :>0* 0 do ' H<1. 2060(1 III On RR bdn 4i 00 1 H &A2dMt ba i(> aba Ba America. 40 ilaippiihlre CI Co 1(0 1I1C02U ata bOO 10<> McaTran (o.. SECOND BOARD. b?0 1(0 aha ReadgRR alS 100 no ?? 150 do biO 300 do biO 50 Oal k Chi KK. .. 100 Kria Rtilroal 6(0 2(0 200 260 200 ?:w 'M0 C O at 0 do ?..0 do b30 to do do biO do b.'t 100 Cumb CI Co b3 1< 0 CO wo 100 do 07 ft 97 9'.'X 96 87^ 90 112 ft *K 98 17ft Hft l'X 17 ft "X 17T* 18 18 30 ft .'.OS iOft do bl5 do do bT do blO ?to bTO do do bl:. do blO lo Clave k Tol RR . . 160 111 ( en KK a3 18.) l.ittie Miami KK. 60 N Y Cen KR 1C0 Harlem KK...a3 100 do a'*0 0?ft 96S 96 1^ 96>t lie-; 62ft 62', 52 ft 52 5 J?, b2S 62 S 93 98 94 101ft ?itft 21 ft CU1 TRADE RKPOHT. Uutiitr, Julj #? fl P. if. Axiim war* dall. and no Ml** of mom tat w*r? reported. BkMKHTrm.? Floor ? lh* market for common ami me dium grades wa* Bioir. Tin sales reach, d about 7,100 ? 8,1(0 bbl* , ic eluding common, good and cboie* bran-la of Mat* at 98 b7 a 98 76 to $U for extra *V*? 98 87 a $'?' 60, and $11 a 112 76 for axtra 0*n****; Canadian (8< 0 a WtO bbla.) at *10 a?10 87; Southern (aala* GOO a 7C0 bbla.) at (10 26 alio 76 for inferior to choio* fcrsnds, and 911 a 912 for fancy aad axtra. Ry* tlnur waa quiet at $7 76 a $8: and Jeraaj cornmaal waa aold (.">0 boll ) at 94 87. Wheat? 6C0 buabala new Souther* r?d aold at (2 40, and 3,600 Wiaeonaln on private term*. R is waa bald at 91 M. data war* aaaiar. and State and Western were worth 68c. a 02c. Cora? Tha eat* a am bra ceo about 70,000 a 80,00# buabala Weetera mixed at Vic. a l?3c . which waa higher, with some white houtbara reported at II 10. Dorr**.? Toe mark at waa rather mora astir*, and about 1,200 to 1,600 bag* ef Rio w*ra aold at 10*. a lo?,?. a l(\c. ; 200 to 300 do. 8t Domingo, atB^c., aad 400 do. Maracaibo at lO^e. a lie. Comm.? ' Thar* waa mora dlflldanoa amnag d*alara, with mora doing. lha aala* embraced about 1,000 belee, dosing at He. to Ma. edvanca. Fkijghts ? To Liverpool, about 1,000 to 1,600 bales of eottoa t compressed) war* engaged at 3-lftd a 7 3Jd. and about 86,000 to 40,000 buabala of cor* la bulk and bagq, at 3)fd. a 4)<d. lo Ilr*m*n 200 balaa o' cotton were engaged at ,\e - *n'! 2, COO galloaa liquid at '?r per gallon. Thar* waa no chaaga of momtni to aotice in rates to *th?r porta. Hat waa quiat, at 100a. a lC6e. Iro.v waa ataady, with a mall aalaa Scotch pig at old pricaa. Molamm*.? Helee of 00 hhds. Cuba muacovoda wera n a * at 28c . aad 34 do Neuvttaa, at 82c., aad 30 hhda clayad, at The. Naval i-tobxm ? Sale* of 200 bbla spirit* tnrpaatine in ablppiat order ware made at ?2He , and 1,000 bbla. io?in, at 186c. par 310 lb*, delivered pKbvtaio**.? 1'ork? tfalesof 400 a .'>00 bbla. w*r* made, inducing new mm at 919 26 a 919 44; new prim* do. ?10 37 a 910 60. Old mess waa quiet at SIO a *19 12. Beef? About IN bbla war* MM at 99 It a llu M for country ptlm* and III a IIS for me** do Beerhama va'.ro in price kom SI6 a >17, Trim* maae beat varied t rem 924 a 920 Cut m?*te wer* unchanged. About 100 a 2(0 package* war* aokl at old prloee. lard? About 2</0 a 3C0 bbla ware told at 10^9. a lie. Batter and cbeea* wer* in good supply, with modarat* trananc ttona him ? We bare only to notice a amall sale of 60 bbla., at 6Se> a fll?c hmaaa ? About 4(0 a 600 bh<!a Cuba muaeevado war* aold, part common, at 6'4c , and the remainder, better grai'ea at 6\e e'.'4c WnicKai ? r<al*s 2U0 a U)0 bbla Waatern and priaon at 40>*r. a 41 He ADURTINKMOTS RENEWED KVKRT DAY. DRV COOPt, AC. Qypr /Wh^t WORTII OF FRENCH ERBROlDRRIM 850e\-r'/V/ f'?" auction, at juat ball prlc*, roe aieUag of ladie*' elegant embroidered aktrt* at 97 50 each, worth 914; about alxtr aeta of boaut fill cullara ho i alaerento match, at 910 60 each, worth 918. Any

quantity of feiaa aad eambril banda MADDEN k hi'. WART M Hroaaway, aecoad doorabore Hla*cker *t. Bam? ? a conpixn: aswrtkekt ok 8tMw and embroidered piece* for basques, now oa exhi bition alao blacx lace ahawla at 96 aad up, with a I art a vurutj of lace and embroilered article* for aum. mrr wtar, at low prtr#? MII.I>-.B k (iRAM, 371 Broadway. 2\ry (ioorw-roR s ? i j-:, a rktail sr??cK or / ataple and fancy good* Apply to TUJMAli I E ?UTU Ijm, Aaalgnee. 243 t.reenwlch street. Greater barc;ain.-i tha.* k\ er.? lk BOCnuJA Brothers, ere clearing oat tbelr atoek el moat un uaually low pri'-ee? beregee, lt**u*a,.lawaa, organdie* and barege da lalnea, ribbon* a grant variety, andem brotdanee extraordiaarily cheap LI BDt!TUiiA MO tBIM, Canal street, fourdoora from Broadway. 81 MMKR FRENCH WOVK CORRKltt ? MRU OATVOR _ baa Just reealred another importation of her cele brated trench were cornet*, manufactured at l.yona es preaaly for her, of a rsay light eoatlU*. aad beautifully adapted for summer wear, only weighing between four aanBTeouneee each corset Her price* are oaly half usually ehargsd, while tor aaee and elegaaee la fitting, her ) reaeti wore eoraeta are eonfeeeedly auaurpaaeM. OA V NOR, Importer, 45 Third areaue, near Teath St. JDK OPKNtlt? RaRROE ROME WITH FI/>l7Wcm At 96 each A. T. MTV WART k CO., Broadway, Cnamber*, aad Read* street ( ORFORATIOi NOI1CH. ^H)RF?jRATION l??/nCE -FTtOI'ORAIJJ rOR C\Ma*. Vy tag the r.raek* of the elty of Wsw Yort ? Itealal pcopoeele will he r*e*4re4 at the office of (he "??mSs s*ea*r id IMraete aad Uaaaa, career ef Oread aad ka ?ei streets until 12 o'clock M , oa Thursday, J aly IS, la&k at which time they wiil he ap*??l, ria an'eee< aao* with the amea ted charter af 18U.) for iliaala* the street* of the eighteen (T8) contract dtotnru a*4 renwrieg the aekee garbage, kt , he , therefrewi tot I be term of oa* year fr?m the date of tha eooArssettoa of the eowtroete by the ? iami? l oannil Ihdiers wiR est: mate for each dUtrtct *eparatoly. NperlgeaWoa* Is* the wssk to he per* armed ras ta had oa apat' mt effiee of the Cnmmlleasa aed elee at Uae dittareet pwtic* station. The Ofleiliaii t*ssr?es tha right U rejeet all or aay of the ? ttmsle*, if deeeeod f?r the la tenet* of the CoryeraRaw lUaak a.iiailn eea ke had at th* office ef the Cieimdssl sir JUKKI'H I ERL.'NR, Bl? h<9i r ef thrwehs ami R. R-Tb* to^h l-etnct. hedag ths Tewth wart. Is Ml to ha *e*aeaatee for oa tHe o*trwt ?'wee ?et etara oa tL ant 0c'9tef. New Yerft, ialy 1, 1?M _ _ liLU AT A PCT1 OS. A IKTTON VoTICK.? WM. B. JONES, AD< riONIKH ? A By virtu* of Mrwd execution*. I will mmn for ob Thurday, July 12, at 10S o'clock, at 146 Ciul #b?et, HnntH* piwm of carpet* consisting of Urn* eala, tapeatry ui Titnt. WM B JONES, Constable, OlHoa Maria* Oout * L'CTll'N NOTICE? TH0H BELL, AUCTIONEER.? xl BEL1. it Bl>H will sell. in their salerooms, 1'i Fwth William a treat, ih* remtiadar of the valuable household furniture coamino*! on MoB^t), alio a larg* variety from other aourw*; paiatiag*. two caae? tij gooo?, Ac Also, a lot of ftuaiture (do Yorkvilie. Th* above aal* will take place at !? 'X o'clock. Auction notice-j booaki, auction not- by N liotfart, tin* day at 10*, o'clock, at the auction rocir.a, eontr of Krackfort and William streets dry pocds, fancy goods and millinery goods, 40 Canary bird*, laika and thrushes calico, Unec, lac* |Iot?? bonsry, Ut'ie* pocket handkerchiefs, under aleevee, bOtlons trimmings, (Uepa, frli h'ea sewing silk*, suspenders, Sortmoaosiss, showcase*, bat braids, ladle*' and boya' at*. Ac. Al'lTION NOTICK-J BOOAKI', AlCriONKKK? HY H Hopart, this day, at 11 o'clock, at 13 flreenwich stien, i-lienU'a eel*. 1 large mahogany double de*k, o mahogany desk*. 1 clock, 1 writing table JOJIfr OBSKK, Sheriff. Thomas Cakijx, D'paty Kherlll. AlrriON NOTICE? J BOOAHT, Al'fTIONkKK? BY S. bogaj*. We< u"-'>ay, 11th inat . allOS o'clock, at ibe auction roemi, corner of Frankfort and William street. mortgeg* gala, a large and auper lot of household turu.turv tapeetrv. Rruaanla and 8 ply carpet*, mirror*, &c. 1HOM A> CaKIJN, Attorney lor Mortgage* ACCIION NOTICE. ?BY 8. T. H UVRTI.KTT tlockery. glees, chloaand fanny gooda. ? Wedn<>? day. Jul} II', at -81 l'earl atrwet a large atiortuisnt of all kiadH W granite flown blue and commuo war*, wor thy toe notic* of Crulu- and grocers. Also the dock of retailer. a LCTION HALE ok' HOUSEHOLD FL'BMITPKK Till-! X\ morning ?JOHN F. KUaHEIX, Auctioneer ? I>AY, KVNbhlX 4t < 0 will hold tb*lr opening Hal* at tbnlr exteneive celts room, HA Nasaau etrwet, (lat* H. C Kemp'e,) thi* morning Tuesday, at 10>? o'clock, com priKing a laigr and varied collection of handsome *nl um>Iui houaenola furniture, euch u parlor and cbam>*r su'ts; ?ofaa . chair*. b*d?>ada, bureau*. bookcaa**, wardrobe*. mattreas**, mirrors; oil paintinja, elegerta, tablea of alldeecrlptloss, A;c , Ac. DS. HOUliH, Al'CnoNEEJt. ? THIS GKKAT SALE . of saba'sntlu and elegant *oti<l rosewood and' mahogany, walnat and mapi* (araitur*. will tan* place, without any po*tpon*Bi*nt, Ihi* day, July 10, at I0>, o'clock, from tha largo At# atory roaldoace 7U Warren Street, near (' allege plao*. plaao forte*, pier glaaae*, Kngiiab carpeting, oil peiatiugn, iwtkeaae. olegaat aoiid MMWOa* aulte* of the moat faahiouable make, an 1 rumptuoualy upbolatered and corered , varionely corared easy, reception and other ihars, in elegant atylet of HniaU, large, all aprlng, invalid chair a, manure an 1 coatlj reaewood, rwroleing front aecr?tiry bookctie, magaiHcent doitl/le action roaawood piano forta, of 7 octivfa, eleiaiitly carved, pearl inlaid plat**, and for quality and volom* of tone ll unaarpaaeod br any, ( warraatod) . a nunilier of ro?ewood oentre and otlier tablea, all with Burble top*, varioua klada, aad tat I* fully rarred. aleo a tee choice oil paiatloga, by dlllereat artiat* ? "Krult 1'leoe," (for a mantel,) by Btreet; ' We*t l'oint," by L? Croix "Crow Neat," btr tha lane; ''Chateau of Char le* X by Remy; "Hylean rtanaet," by liardwlcke, ancient piece, author uaknowa, and other*; elegant pi*r and oral mirror*, Ib heavy gold fram** , rtch aoo bear v lac* curtain*; elegant painted ahailea, ujannllicent Wilton, velvet and tapeatry, atair and dorr carpeting; chanceller*; ladle*' Mlaid roeewool eecrttoire, fioe.y car ?id aide and corner etege'e*, plate mil rnra, back* and front*; a great varlaty of oraa men la! arti :lea? revrea porreUin v*?ee, blaque tad l'arian flguree, atatoary; alto la dinu>g room, large 14 feat > StBMtaa tanle. fwalnit.) china dlener an i taa aeta, co?tiy ailver plate cat e banket*, vpoona. caatera lor. a, tea eervicee and a*lver. Ice , Ivory eutlery, Kreach cut glae* decanter*, liquor ctaea, winea, ke ; aiao in the chamber*? carved, ancient aad m xtaro roaewoo l bad *t*ad?, with marble top and gla** bureau* wa*h?tanl?, r< mn do . airo r da ulaca, wardrobe* also mahogaay do., chair*, *ofaa, rocker*, nlagant beditead* and bu reaua. (mabofany,) fin* hair mattreaiea, counterpane*, curtain*, lm?n, Brunial* carpeting, ho., ka , A:., ha. DV N.4HH, AlcriONfJSR? STORK Sit BB IAD . way.? Sbtrifl'a ial* of coatec tiooery, tbla day. ( lut-aila) / July lo at 10 o'clook , at til i ortlandt *tr*et, cooaiatingof coafectlenaile* of every description, p?r p*?.a aad bviiera, toola. glare jar*, rountera aad fli tur?a, iron *if*, ile?k, Ac., Ac Alas, Iraae of pre mi*t-a, Ac. DC. DAVIH, AV'CriONEKH? BY Hl'F.VEV^, HAVu * H OU ? To morrow, Jul/ II, at lOo' tha tale* room, 18 fpruce atreat, large aale of elagaat roae woo<l at>d mahogany lurnlture, aulta la bro^atell* . ao taa . teta a tet?a ctsira. roc ? era vomer etaad*. bwk cares wardrobes, waaoatanda ceotre table* mirrors, and (almlngi cf great variety and beauty; large eon ? ignRt'O*. of clocks of the best manufacture eleo one roaeeood pianoforte, and 40,(00 aegara. Catalogues on tb< miming of rale. ?7t D B1KLY. AIXTIOMKR, Wll.t, SKI.I. <>N TCK9 JOjm da; lb* It lb lait , >1 10 o clock, A M., at No 146 Wot twenty atcaod at., tba entire furniture of th? bouae. coti*l*ttn? ?>( t apritry and lagraia carpet*. roaa wood and mahogany aofaa, ebaira, bediteada, marbta top table*, dreaaing buiattia, oaa flue roaa wood boudoir pl ant , kitchas furniture, Ac. Tba family will leare for Knrop? no tba 14th, and tba aala will be peremptory. T.1 F.. AARON, Al'CTIONkEK ? %IIX -KI.I. TUlM DAY, IV July 10, at balf peat 10 o'clock at tha aal?rt> >m?. No. 67 Na??au atraet, a ap'endld aaeortmeat of Do* <<ild watebea, Jewelry aad rich diamond*. fancy maewo?l worktoica and wiitlag daaka, fancy sharing and waab ir.g i oapa, and t vasty tkouaaad aaaortad aegara. GO IIOHToN, ArcnOSKKR, WILI. HEM. T1II . day, at 11 o'clook, at 13 Mitb araaue, houeanoil furniture aad two billiard tablaa, with ball*, euaa and eount*. aaltabl* far a private houaa twa apring carta oaa llgat wagon. oablaetmakara' workbench, two datan palated eloaau, Ac. GKOROK OKiK, At'CriONEKR? A I.ARJiK AND tery elegant ivxk of furaltura, honeekeeping art I elaa, mtirora, painting*. Ac., wtil ba ?M by auction, Tbia day, at lo.H o'ei>>ek, at No. 304 Braadwer , am bracing parlor aoitaa of roaa wood, mabngaay aad black walnut, of aenoua corrriDge, roeewood mahogany aad walaat bedataada ; banana, waahatand* commid**, comer atanda, atagaraa, centra, alda aad aofa tablaa, eidehoard*. library aad eecrelalre booaeaaaa, wardrobaa, book (belvca, aofaa, rockara, rbaira, hall atanda, dining room ebaira, aiUnatoa diaiag tablaa, clock*, a:lr?r p la tad war*, chiaa taa aata, raaaa, Ac. Catalogue* now raady HFVRV T I.kCTH, AI CHONKER ?BY V II. WOOL l.l.Y * < " ?Will aall, tbla flay, at 1?X o'clock, at Iba raleercem* No* 3<l and .IS Brekraan atraat, carnar of William, tb? aatira contant* of tba.r tao aaUamoma, eocalatinf of roaawood pianoforte*. made by tba oala bratad Cbl"keriag A Kl?b?r oaa of llortnn'i malodeoat, aad aa amcallaat organ Thla i* a rara opporiuaity for tkoaa wl?b rig to purchaaa, a a tba above Instrument* w. : ba fully warranted A'ao. oaa r- eeood ault, la F ranch brneatct, aad aeery variety of roaeeood and ma bopany furniture. Will be sold without raaarra. I >r aroa wonld CO wall to ca 1 aad examine tha goota early. BOaerplated aad glaaa ware, clotka, oil palat.aga, m r rora, draka Ac , As , ara Included J I VAMKWATKR, ALXTIOMCKK.? HA1.K or la furniture ? Tbia day. Tueaiay, Jalj It, at losf o clock, at the >aiei room, No. li Mai lea laoe, a large aLd elagant aaaoi tmen'. of rteawood, matiogaoy and bi?"k walaut bouaehotd llfkHdt, kr . ata) an . Iiair cloth parlor aulta mirrora cairad aad plaia marble top caa 're, aofa aad aide tabl'l exteaaion diamg do t*t? a t?te? ai d aofaa rrekar* ?aay ehatra. aeta of parlor 4? , l/0(>kraeea, eWgttta, la4ia?' work aad corner, qua tatte (So, roa?wo<d piano, card tabl?a carpeta rtlea tad plated ware. Ac Bad room fureiture of rnae wood mabogany aad black walnut al*o anamelied do ; Hatch l>ad?ta?d<. p a a do , hair oiattreeean aod palli a?aea, wardrobe* mar Me top dr*e?iogaad plala buraaua, do waafiitanda, toilet lata, cottage, be ateadt aad ebaira, towal racka. window abade< Ac ; tte bdae'Tient aod kltcb>Q furniture Alao, an laaolM of twaaty fl?e doaaa neb fancy aub<taatial aad light pattera walking eanaa, ailaer aiooated. rariooa wooda aad atylaa. J"1?N W -OMKKISUVKK. AI r n iVH It :"'r ' ? 110 Oatre atraat, coraar of Fraakl/a, will ee.L, thla day. (Tuaeday,; July 10, a^l' ^ o clock, at atare bauaahoid furaltura Ac ronalatiaf of mahogaoy aad c aba aeat ebaira. bateaaa manogaay aad roaawo<d> i fa a aad lata a tetaa eaH tablea, wardrobaa, roralag abaira. roaewnnd aad mabiwaay t>ooacaaea marble Uii aad laaf tablaa aaahogaay nat alanda ofB<-a deeka aad tablea, clock*, looking glaaaea oooklag aad parlor atoeea, bedataad#, faatbar bed a aaettreaeea oola. Ac., Ac. Mala of crockery, glaaa ware, Ac , oa Tburaday neit Jlll.K>r-rMN. AL'TlOVriR ?BT ftXkMi. BKAW , frus A PHIUJW, on thera'ar, the lath July, of,.'., at 1*4 Eighth araaae, at 10 o'rinea , hMMtel far Bitara. Catalogue aate of an elagaat a*a<.rimeal <4 far ?nara, erioalattaf of mabogaoy aofa* rbaira, tete a tataa pier glaaaaa marhla tab'ea. ro^voad piano nrh ?ortaia*. r< aalatiag of tha eatire faraltare ef a family declining botsaekaeplag For aataUgue* apply at tba aflleaof tba aactu/aaera (1 IJI<erty atraat. 2MORIAKTY, ACCTI'l^K^R WIIJ. HJ? n?W a da* at 10 o cloak, at I'J 'Chatham a.|?are. the nltnre of a family from pw -ad atraat, a aew aeaort saat alee from famfbea going to tba n??atry a cbotne aaaor1m>at of faatb?r bad*, carpet ? Aa al*o fancy aad dry fiada Bala p>*lUre Mb. BCTijm, tfORflMpw ADMtwm a traU<r'? aala af graoery au?ra of late John i> . II a. daraaead - "a Taeader Ju y 10, a' 10 a '!<.?*. at A20 (iraeawich, corner of l<?ror (treat, the -ooteata of eaid iter*. c?a?i*tiag of greeefe*. nran uaa caflba, apt oaa. aaolaaeee, aoap Soar c^tatoe* ll^ooc*, toSa-ao, decaatari, glaae> a alac. a'aallag -aa??, baa aa^.llea, ? how caaea beer p mp, flitarae, Aa Alao gr?v ?? I (I goa and harnaaa. Ahm, laa^ o' pr?m .a. T-rw?-**h Vf r*>C?HtV, AHTtOMTR -I.AWJK PAI.P l.f 111 a Mw aad *>c?Bd ha ad farsltnra, ta morraw, ? ?daey.a y at 10 , ?, M at tba aactioa r**oaM. Z7 at re a tree- com prang a (aod tMwtawal of earl w chamber aad diaiag "*>?? fara tar* ta row wood, aaa hogaay aad walaat ta r mattraa*e< twa p*aa?fonaa , alao a aire let af awoel kaa4 faraitar* from a Caantly ? chiaa croakary aad glaaaaar* tkrae ply aad tagra'a ?Qlll PagU Jk tow clott ea*kla? t'-rrm Aa *mt? '"rT?pVrrr T> j hiur ircTios not - iao vn wotni <tr IT. fara<ra **4 domaetic -"ry i?'?, tba alet af He ' ???!>; A Hurrbr, awtl'ag tAla Ja? by aerHaa, aa the pcarman . H OtiWi* atree'. Ha** tb a fa; Mill ?Mirft _ ULEIATMCnOR. OAKUY * WRIGHT Will HELL AT AOCTION, ON lueeoay July 10. at 10 o'elaek A.M. at No 141 Myrtle eaeaua, Itrwoalyn, a larw?, W'*d, i^uUo?if? HKXtuwti o( nih rU??, Kta*?, aartMaa mmA crwckary were, ?(?rant cbma t?a an<l clnaer aata, town atooa otu ate ??.. a Iwp a-aortmeat o' nt-h itM, cut |iwi an J Hint war*, rartbaii war* oa-tera chin* totlat IIU, atoaa China 44, *arU>?n do. clime card DMtU, A e, the Wtola rOBf?llC| a Olspiata awl ?*r.?rat aaaortlDeat, to to r>* (Oic to lot* to auit purcbatar* Sale poaltlr* a?4 without r?a*rva. to ! wlil be wcU wurhj tha itunlioa Of tha public. T>0eri I V E KALE I >E TW< ? H( ?CM* AM) UTS AT WUHT Jf tot. Varuoa ana Poibamnlle, Waaiebaater county. N. Y7. by AJ1"M auctioneer, at Uoald'a Ho'el, Ml. Varaoa, Jul/ U, at '1 o'clock 1'. M. Tha throe atora anl baoBtit ho una attuat-1 oa lot No. U&i.St l"*> 'aat aqoxra, at Weat Mt. Veraoa. omUining IT mocna, with apactoaui owllax and large barn. To* * Sola t? well cairn latro for a (Iumtj hu?in?** or MuMia( bouee It u dabgbttully altuatad, commanding a baaatlful alew ot U *n 1'ark and aelgblK.ri.ood AUo, tlia teoatory aad attir houne, with cellar under taa whole, (erg* barn ao4 or; naa wall ol water aituauxl at Palhamaille, oa lot 10V. aH wttbm fenc*, 104) foot afuara Ho lb houa** ara wlthm An mlnuW*' walk of tha Harlem and N?? liarea railioad depot* Mfty per eaatcaa remain oa bond and mo<tgeg* for tbraa yeara, at eer*n par neat Tha titlaa ara ua<|iifutiooable, and will ba eold 'raa from all aaeua braocaa Kor furthar particular* apply to JiMK.S WVfr KlIXiK, H4 iMwaril atreat N Y. PUIlll'R WU.K NB, AOCnuNVlLK.? PERKMlTOKT aala of trainable propart/ oa MliUaulh atraat. Ph. lip R Wilkin* will ?ali at auction, on TueeJay, Jul/ It', IH66, at l'J j'clook, at tha ktarvhaota' ticbaoKe, tha following rfaacr.bed property, ?!?.:- 6 lota, together with tba unfloiabed bulb;li>g* tharaoo, altuatad on lb* north alda of A'aat .Sxtaant'i atraat commencing W.S feat aaat of Siith aranua, each 2b feat in wtdia h? half tba slock in t'eptb 1'ha building* aie up to toe 'Jd atory with tha ?d tier cf bnauia laid, ami have liarn well prota.ttod from tha weathar. Una lot oa tba north alila of Waal Hix - taenlh atr*<-t, roir.mxoctng '.".0 faat eaaiof Siitti avaaua, baiDff "A faat in width b? half the hliica in daprh. Thla aala will allorit a rar j .lea raM* opportaal'y althar to bullcara, uc to tboa* wUbia?| to build fur tiiair oaa pao cj larina at an>a. Mapa and furthar particular* caa ba had at tha otttce uf tha auotiooaara. PERRMPTOKY MALE Of HFLKSDW HOC8BH0U) furntura. ? A )l. C'l'.ltiTAl.AK, anctlooaar, will m-11, on Wedoraday, .luly 11, at 1U o'a'ock, at No. 7."> Wait I birla- nth atraat. roatlatlaK in pari uf tnihofanr aod roaawocd parlor chatra, aofa?, curd, centra an! dining table*, mahogany and roaawood aerratar/ book caae. draaMag burraua, waaliatanla aad rookara IVaanh plat* and pirr glanaaa and tollat oo . tapaairv. Hiuaaala and log'ain rarpaiinci txl palntlnga, engraving*, maa wood and mahogany ?S octa?? pian<>, window curualaa, plated waia, g'aaa and china war* elegant t>a room fur nitora. and a larga quantity of UtoLan uUnalla. alao, ona a.l??r taa aat, U piacaa. JJAWNBKdKl'Ut'H SAI>. OF WOMKN'tl OUOrHHli am jawaiiy, on Wadnaaday, tha 11th ln?t ?JOHN' kit >1.1 1 Mr K ror Chatham and Ollaar atraata, will aall a aalact aaaortiuant o' ladlaa' atlk kaiwootlan gotxlt. o' avviy daacriptioa. Alao at two o'clork prartaaiy, gold and ailaar watciira diamond pint, jawalry gnna aad piato'a, and tw* o> Wbaaler k Wilton i aawlng machlaaa, in ptrfect crdar, .*??. - 1 , ?? 7 <J aad '20.244 By order ?f P. .V KhIDKfc Ill-JtO, 4'r.t Hudaon atraat, and 'JtfV Kaat Broadway. BC. KEMP, AUCTIONEER.? Al'CI 10* Norii K? , Moitgagra a nal* of farnllura? lo morrow, at 1U o'clock, at tsa* No HT S Waat Tweoty aiktb atraat MMlMkmtMtna all the furnilura contained la tb* bcua*, conalatmf of rich tap*atrr an ' uthar carp?t?, pai 'or, (tlnlng room ekarnbar and kltcban fumitara, coivpi it ox tta uaual naaortmaot. wlilnh la wal' wurtby ot tl.a aotl-a of loiiat kaepara and daalara. Catalogua* oa tha morning of aale SIIERirr S SAI K ? fHIH PAY. Tl'MDAY, JUI.T io, at 10 o cloc? in tha Igllgtag, at 1 >1 llteery. tha oontebta of a ttora atora, conaiatiag of parlor, cooking, aad othrr irtwi, raogaa, Aa tjUERin'S HAI.E ? WILI. BE BOLD AT Pt'BLK' Al t;. ) tlon, July II. IH16 at la I'ourt atraat, Urooklya, larK* aaaortin?nt of dmga, madtclaaa, A*.. Ac Alao iha flitnraa o! a Crug atora, coaalatiog of drawara. ahalaaa, O'untara. acalaa, abow caara, ram, i*ra, bottlaa, Ac. Alao, aariotia ai ticlaa of bouaahold furnitura. Iiat-d July B, 1HB6. I.N<JI,HHKKr I HIT, Hh?rt(t rpt NIH MORBtLU Al tTlONKKK. -MKOINII HANIt 1 lurnitur* of a family will ba aold thla morning, at lt'S o clock , at ?t Maa?aa atnat i wltooui an r raaeraai, att?r which atyara ha tke I'Oor 1 0>j0 Tartoua kiada, alao a lar?a atlaar pitted pi'abar alao two irnu book or 'auiila aafaa; alao ia'rtg> raiora of aix ?i/aa, a*w furni ture of ail kiada, mattia?a*a, window rhadaa. Ac N II. ? Priacaa wiablug to buy will b* prompt to Ilia hour, aa it la a dull leaaon of tba year (or aufflciant company. WILLIAM IRVINU, AUCriONEKK ? ECRN'If UltK fancy goo^a, tagtra, Ac ? Will aui lrvin< % Cj., will aallat auction, ou W<Mtn*a<lar July II at 10^ u'clack at tb* ?al*? iconia. No. I'm* atraat, hruaaela and in train carjatu . u ta? of roaawood fornltura In plnab and brocalal, cbalra and| aofaa In hair cloti, mirrora, ijuar t*tta tablaa. bo>.kraeai. hat <tan0*. pl*r table* centra tablaa, w idow curia ui hair mattraaaaa, > ranch bml ktaadi. black walnut cottage bedetaa<)a, waahatao la, n abi gany Eraich p*cratari*a, draaaiog and tea tail"* Alao. without reaerra, to pay adtencaa, an elegant car aad rntewuod ' ax'taaa pianoforte, made by liowen A I raaatt. llrxUa Alao for accnuat of whin ^t may coacrra, <a?* of aiagent cfalaa aaaae, with tiowan and atadaa, about 7* pair, 3 caaaa, containing m 0 0 aegara; hale, about V00 yard* cottoa eabblag. <*kaea awnat oil, ? ra?ee 40 ilotan aacb Jean Mar>a farma < oioga* Alt > OabiPg rrx'a and reala, I, net aad hooka, game bag* aai baakata, copper ketUea, hotlara, paaa, Ac W M Wim.Ks ACrriCND.R? WILL hci.l ov wcd o**4ap, at 1?S o'clnck, at In; < aa*l atraat, a Urfa and raauabl# aaaortnaaot ofgaataal boaarboid fur attura, roaai-tlnf at ao faa, aaay roektaff aad parlor ctalra, roaaai.od am! sabofaay caotra, alda, fanry aud ritanaloo latlra, piar and otbar lalrrota oil painltafa, on* ant roaaaood 7 o< tara piano, atool and rorar, alrgaat ta|a?try 3 pi y and utbar aarpau oil alotba, nahoiai; Fnach nad co ta^a bailattadi. hair aad otb?r Bialliaaaaa, bada and b*kUa|, marbla top draaata^ aad plain bnraaua. waahatan a MM mU, dlBlaC aad kiuh?a turaitur*. rookla* aW>*aa Alao, a tuna. glnaa aad 1. la lad war*. Alao < 0 Tiiuiaday, at 10 1; o'clock at 17# Bloom (laid atraat, llobokaa all tha aaa ?aal bar lor, ebaaabar aad kltebaa (uraitura la tha abora bouaa. WC. AI.IU KTI H, AfCnOKEKR WIU. -tl.L OS ? Tuaaday, July 10, at l'j o'clock, coraar HfUi avaaua aad tnatMb atraat, Hrookly n I.' boraaa, 10 dirt ?aria, lOaada barnaaa, lOalrt eara Alao a larga lot of curb, rattar. bridga aad patlar alooaa ?kl>( ? ATKIV. ClOl.l'MHIAS UOUXIK, WAMHISOrON, D C ? i j Ka? J. 0. Hi-nay, li l> , I'raal laat ao I I'rofaaaor of IntallrrtbaJ aad Moral Pbilr-aopby William Kugflaa, I.I. I> , l'roia>aorof Ma- baalsa! I'bilo- I a?'phy aad A?tronoaiy. Hn. A J. Hunt nirton A M I'rofaaaor of tba ' > ra*k , and I At id I?n*u<gr I barlaa C. Jawatl, A M , I'rofaaaor of Kb?tor !c aad I Hrllaa laMraa L?wit II tam?r, A M , M t?., I'ri-'aaaor of 'baraialry aad Na'ural I hilo-opl y !? T t'ntif A N , Prafavaor o 1 Mathamati- ?. William K JilU' n, A M l*ruf of M>J?ro l.uafaafaa. It C. fat. A I' . Ta'or la <?r**t aad I ,? 1 1 11 Ua(n>(*< J <>. Saab a M , Taa?l>?r a' I'raj.arati ory l?p?rtn,-at. T> >? aait aaaion ba(>na oa tba lax W ?:o?#''ay la ap WmUr, aad coa'.iau?? ?ia? moatba, uat'l tba Wat W? ? n*a a; la June ? an ti lataa lor adaata?i?? tna r Sa at an.tnrl on Monday an l Tuwaday piaoaliaf U*ci<? m >.f tba aaMtoa 11a rvyuiar e?ilag? tout? r>i?iraa ' . ir yaara f'l tba <?|ra? of A H I )?>?? ?labia? la lo m, j n.?y ('B>lt tba ?a ,?ot laafuafaa ?? ' purav a ai.?aU0? ecar>a tbna j?ar? lot lt<? :a|taa of II. I' an a1>aaa?d rocraa la al*>< prr.?,d?d for tb* dagraa of A M "t u l*nt* m*f pnriuf *uf par'.'rular bran< tiaa, wham tbat r?a 'la ao pri.t>tal I/, am a: . taaa (afllrtant atndiaa f u < y to 04 eupj thair tlna aal rv*<va a oartafl ata of actual at- j taikMtkt A (rrjarat'TT drpartroaat la aatabllabad .alar tha r*n*ral auparru oa of tt.afa/ultr will, aa ahla aad ai |/?-ri>nead Vaar bar, aad apaatai attaal < a vili baglrxi to flltllf I "I "a to *aUr I o.i^a a ft II and a'ala fatuity atadaata ara with oxt daaeaiftrltad t/j tba uaual l ^aattaof oar U-at laal.ta ik.ea, arith tboaa advaatayaa p*'u!:ar to tba a?at of tha l?aaral gar* rums r.t. 1 irrclara aitli ail naad*<l n'orviatioa raay ba raraiT?l by applyua* paraaaally or by lattar tr< Ula I'-aaadeet MB VTA I HAWTflk J HAKIi TIMS'. UAKli TIME H -4KJ TO ' f total, ltd Walton atraat?aad ft a boal of tba >*at qua Jty of (raaa tartw ?oap for <>aa at.i.Ua? V0> dlaa?a | of r?aat aad bollad naau at fl par piat*-- ttaaa tala o' bard tiaaaa \M V xr * HK-TAl AA.v-r 00KMCB ?.? MOADWAT ill aad Cbaaibara alraat braa?h >jf my Wi.aaai aad ikaarar atraat* aatabHahaaat, *lil ha op?aa4 on Malar day, Jaiy 7 Te aiy a<4 fnaada I tab* U. a , pataaity af orarlaa ?y aratafal aakaawlarty? ala far ta? aaay baatiawxnala of th?r aakaaai aa : ta tl.a pv' - ?r tbaaka far tbair patraaaf a a** iraf ?? tb t' at an ?" ?ta a ball ba ipai?4 ta aa*rtf a aaattaaaUaa af i?at fan! harataf<.ra ao liharaily baataaai upaa aaa UrKP.v/ 11 r*f.M"?ltf? T^'fTVT.? TO IH'fT, WHO WI'H T?? ?tr 4 f-<r?n di?a?r at a nodaraw proa, aal a lba amAarl r>a la Ifaw Vort wa wovi.d adrtaa tkaa la drop ata tba Naaaau '>.faa Roaaa ? r.l r-t d*ar abara Aaa atraat in ? - - ? - ? * I rr>ur gnu T Mov-rm wn?f.*fO at mr wr. ; J. NaafcoUa --Wa do a>d a a' ? abalia, tb.a ?raa af- | la.r ? II taka (m> or a?t ta* *? 'V. baa* tba' a flaa ! frawb lot >f |ra*a tart* kaa ,a?t am?ad, aal fr >faaaor Ka aadd. fr'/ai tb? fraa?'<at Haul, lv?wa baa fcaaa aa (v to MiB'OTl tba ?a a a aa? p aad ataaht, a?ary day tbi* aaa , at '>?!/ ?? abi llaa par diab, baal >. oaar './?? ; rUttr d,fl?r?at daabaag at ^ raata aad t paa** aar plata aa<* a- ? -r?r; >-?iy aaa -liaa far aal aa A !a? ara am afal'^Uta fraaa tartki aaaa> aad aVaab at i tiUf IJTI mUmm lid fal'oa ? ?aat <? li _ Paaa. aa >app <ad far aal; 3* M. par bo?l. rtumiK. P" aw. pamm -rut i-MinjiDi?,?ntr> wty ij> m apactfally taatta tlbaaa paraaaa ?'?' ag l"a> j Uua nMM t? aaU aad aaaaiaa baa aitaaam as a^?aat ( aWb af far?tta?a. Is rVaa ? baU, aattfaa. nar , I kt,U bata da pat a ad a^bar faaay ??di, Wi a? ?araaa %a Pariaaa iaUa?ia? ta bay faraa*?ra ?U) tad H U (Mr adaaata^a by aaJia? aad ;ad?ia? 'a* Mkaaa aalaaa pruau U par^Waatac iiaa a Sara al adata rMTMIIfX WXJJ Ma M ftaalaaai I Maaa Miaatila f All aadara laf. at ba Widfcaa'a. A bu. r? a?Mdvay. Mm Tart, p -artwfly attaMal] ' MIMKLLAHMOI. 1 or ganalbtkkkt? w. * h. van noyhhbavm AOt) a latga aooortamat of tbo utMt MtUI grata*, kite has raagaa, aammar rango* ao? atoooa for uk, os nuoutta tMM Jowoitora ao* knM found*!*' fomw built ut NftM. MtW m> ru|fi Mt iwl upttnd. ? MkKKAN FLATS <il ArvS OUMPAV Y-t'ACRjRY W'Ulamaburg , Iioag IiUd I - An now pr*ptr?l t? tMciib ordwa fui rough plain glaaa, (ullabla (or floats akylbrbto. vault Mil d*ck llgbta. 1'rompt attention nl b* tfir?n toaliorfara lalt at .nair ofti*, 44'4 liro?dw?p, Or ?i lb Uw >|*at, J K KUTf, 7 1? Murray aUoal AMONKY MAKiNi. BCHtlfK* TIIK KNOWl.KKOg of a bu< una wboro from fU to ftft per day ran bo ??da, will bo aoat to ob* ?-B'Uoif on*- dollar or lb* ?MOl ib poat ?taoip> ia a lottw I m la ? bigaly rtupx-tabla bualLOaa, and a ny man can uita it pa y tbo abova aaMlt. Tbo tiovMfi mt to any pari of tua I WU'I Hta>*? at a COat of all rrnta pOataga Ad.lrooo *11.1. 1 AM K U)NU, Broadway Hoot Ortloa Boaw ?pi camtrc boats or all DMtnurnowi cac ii* (on ml at tba boat a ad oar baraar of lag** ooU'a. -40 Houlu atroal N. B.~ Soil boat* from 14 to 1ft f*0t 1<>0K ran b* nttad out com pi* to, la too da JO' aoMao. HMIMlh^OKKVkKY liVHLTBPriON AT THI WttHH farU.rj, Mt I'aarl atraat, Fraaalia aqaara. AM artlclm oult at tba uiwaat firtoi y prii**. Paiat braaboa of an parlor <i?alitr constantly oo hand. Manbtao b rub'* mada to ordar JOUN K. HUITKU CIAI'ITAIJ*!*, Hft? MINNIXOTA ? A liKNTLKMAN > r?idlB| id tbi< rapialj i[i'<?iiu Tirritorj, and obMft I r-tuinug thar*, would Ilka to a*. ura ao^aral raapoaaiMo Inauranoaor othor agoaelo* llalng |?rain?llr acquaMt Od wiUi moat of lb* buaioau m?a and having trovoMoA ovarolaiga portion of tba 1*iritor;.h* eould out for an; port; in o*Kotiauag aalaa, *IT*eti*g Inauraoaoa, 00 UctiBg land, or locating land warrant* H* la alio pr* poiod to fuaran oo raoit?lut< p?r .-not par anaaaa lot lavoatmant*, npoa undoubtod xacurit) Addraaa Hi . ? l'au!aaa, bo* lau Ha raid oMca. CUUUM, (.ircl'lars, rill HKAML BUJA or lad / log oo Icra, l rem pta, rtltrka, blkuka. prlc* lial*. tag*. laiiola, poat.og anil handbill*, country mnrchaota' aU'io btlla ai.'l all otb*r kind* of plain or fancy job ! printing. t>?*tly *oao at T1KM. K. hi TTUVrt rriatlag I Oflloo, li'l Fultoa atr**', botwaau Naaaau aad Uroa loaf T.' KTCIIUMH MOWINO MACHINtM, BAY PKhj?K\ 1\ bora* boa a, eultivatoro, pUiai, atraw aultora, oora aballrra, r?ap?ra, bono poaoraaod thioahar*. comb Mod tbroabora and vinaowara, and otbar agricultural ma oblora, for aala bjr I'. D. IJA1K-, li Uroodwnf. ?r AMIS, ATTKNTIDV M IX AMKIUiM (WHO WAM 1 a (or ou ) oar* patruolial bf tbo laW ro/al ftml; of rnmot) vtO forward to ao j addroo*, for tbo aom of amo dollar, oaeloaod lo a pro pa id tottor, rooolpto anl uwtro* Uoso wbub will ou)lo yum to mat a with aooo, aad a* I ao louoooao aarlnf to /unraolroo, tbo followtaf ritaa bio ood Indiapa naabla tollol orticloo ?HI* oaa A* bo <|U?tto, for tba b?B<lkarrbtofa aad (loroa. bla la bait* wbito, for baaallfjrlBf and mproiuaf tb* eomploatoa, bla dootiifloo fbr *l*a*iO( tba taatli aad IwaotaM^ tbo braatb bla nnri*allod oapatb*rino , lot raotor af tba balr and proroatinc baldaooo , bin tmproaod oooaaoo of tjro, wbiob will laatanklx djro rod or (ray balr a booutltnl blank . til a latoluablo aoomoboaata, for nmir I tag fraoklM aad plmplo* from tbo obia. A Lao, Ma poo dro onbtllo, pomado, aad bloom of roooa. Tbooo ar* cloo ar* of unfalllnf ??obot, aad map bo r?HoJ oa wttk > oa tiro eonfltaa**, M d'l aaanm will (uaraatao tbo Ii If boat aallaf action, aa lh*j will oaabU tba parabaoor to aato for from W*. lo lfra proparattoa* wbiob w*o!4 i oo*t from 4a to H ?. la tao abopo. Addroa* Haoo4oo d CamMoa. I'oot Ofboo, Now Yorb. Mr. Ii'Uomoroa? LMor Sir ? Your rooolpto ?? art Man; a foobtoaabla lady lim ft'Jo to ftM a yoar Ita ?Moo tbo aconomy aad tbo adraataf* of kaowtac bow to traporo tbom, tbor* la o fraat itaal of aauafaotkoa la makMx tt*o oa*'* **tf, aad knowing that tboy boo (too from lajartoa* logrodioata I *<>a*idar Mr dollar rorf protttably Mrootod aad bar* a* objo?Uon* to roar aMag My aamo. Mr* M AlUHMTK HoWK, 81. i vtbaroauo, N T. M. d'CBMaroa? Doar Sir- ? ? ? Having obialaod yaor r*o*tpta, and baring aaad tb* tooth prwparatioao toto^ i I moat aakaowladg* that I am awrwaably aarpttood. Tbougb ao ato^il* aad oaoily Ma t* Uioy ara bottor toaa anything I o*or oaod. aa>l f aboald ? up poo*, from UkO ?or* wftb wbi h your dlmotloa* ar* glraa that tb* otbar prapara tioaa muat b* oqnaUp good. I am aril aa tl? dad, and giro yoa pormtaaioa to pabUah thio aa a toatimoaial, witb ?>/ aam* aad adilraa* MAHY MII.mii.AK, No 4 < ollooada'rov, Columbia atroot, Hrwoklpm. IKWM tvtm 1 WANTIT), T1S <>K TWrVTY A* j loocb tuba ta<|uir* of MII.U4 O'Klf. LLY, 112 HratM *U*at. Caab down. 1) A INTO ' I'AISTV !? KOK Hl'ILIHNfi-*, Hli*. lotifa, h? , at 1 S ? ota a pouac wbit* laad, T raota I ID rmc.Hr-nta l'l*bl*'i Kollad oil at T'< caata a gal loa oil f< r fan<-?a too!*, 1c . to crnt* a gallon varaiah at of arary daacriptlcn, at 11 1 Maidan Una JOHN II -Mini -at RAWLKBIlia, CHI IUUB-, OH AN Y TKIJir Or rrgatabla. may b* for yoora proaarrod la a I frrab atalo. wltb a* tural flavor aad <?? lor. by tba uao of Hpratt a patact a? 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