Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 11, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 11, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6892. MORNING EDITION-WEDNESDAY, JULY 11 1855. PRICE TWtTcENTs" ARRIVAL 01 T1IE ILLINOIS, WITH THE MAILS FROM CALIFORNIA. Mews from Australia, the South Pacific, New Granada, and the West Indies, *u>u &e., At. the mail eteamnhip Illinois, Cept. M'Kinntry, arrived Iwt evening from Asplnwall, with paasengers and mail* from Ban Francisco 10th ult , by the steamer Golden Gate. lhe nUnoiH nailed from AspinwaU Jane 30, 11 P. M , arrived at Kingston July 3. 2 P. M., and sailed tkencs . for New York July 4, 8 A. M. Experienced strong head wind*, with heavy sea, during the entire passage from Asplnwall to Kingston . July 8, at noon, paaaed ateamer George Law, bound to Asplnwall The Golden Sate brought down 450 passengers and *1,003,079 54 in treaeure, of which 9218,088 0? was destined for England. At 0:30 A. M. 23d alt passed PaoiAe Mail Steamship Company 'h steamer Golden Age, about 120 miles north of Aeapuleo. At 6:40 P. M , same day, arrived at Aeapuleo ? (the Nicaragua Company's ateamer Pacific was lying at anchor in the harbor; she ?ailed at 10 P. M. for San Francisco) ? sailed from Aea puleo at 8 :30 A. H. 24th alt., and arrived at Panama on the 20th, at 11 P. M. There has not been a single case of sickness among the passengers on board the Illinois daring the voyage, which fact can be attributed to their freedom from ex poatire during the transit across the Isthmus. Passen gers new pass from ocean to oc?an without soiling their patent leathers. To Mr. Puroei Hall, of the Llinois, we are indebted for late intelligence and California papers, and to Freemtn's Kxprees for files of Panama and South American papers. The following is the treasure list of steamer Illinois:? Geo. N. Ashby .... $10,330 Order $76,19>5 Bank of America.. 29,100 Pierce, Howe & Co. 8.000 A. Her win 4,000 Heed ft Wade 6,000 C. A. Burges 1,993 Schloss. Brothers.. 12,700 Bucklln ft Crane . . 10,798 Henry Stryblng 3,600 Hush At Wil<' e 10,937 Kampaen k Tapptn 15,600 Chambers A Heiter 0,760 G. W. Schenkberg. 10.000 Duncan, S. k Co.. 11,242 J. E. Hweetser .... 0,921 J. B . Dickenson. . . 10,157 P. Sprsgue ftCo... 14,396 <3eo. DanieU 11,082 R. L. Taylor 16,218 .Drexel k Co. 141,000 T. Wattson k Sons 15,500 Duraad ft Co 18,043 J. B Weir 11,040 Hoge ft Co 87,000 Wellington ft Ab Hand ft Co 16,600 bott 5,300 Hansell ft Sous.... 1,080 Wells, Fargo ft Co.. 142,456 Hudson ft Bros .. . 14,000 Harris ft Co 7,500 From San Fran 's. Kelly ft Co 42,460 cleeo $839,391 Mechanics' Bank.. l,2fo From Asplnwall? Mansfield k Wood 10,000 Ttios. Blantt.... 222 Manning, S. ft Co.. 24,590 __ L. Negbaar 3,600 Total $839,613 Newhouse ft Spate 18,000 **pr?^m!S? gjs fL ] ^.Jk-hortiyafte. '*^??^Ti??3t. pauloweki 1. beyond a dwbt th,,r deeuna ?pMUd TS,"S!S^Sm " Kamtacbatta rro? , the .Hud ^sr?ss SSSisgS&Sfcs asstw^jTeSSsr s? ?rortiflcat>eu?, end ??^h"?V>PP t of ammnitluo ^^j?S?ftXSw^ id if to. Emp. woald be n*o?**ary Ior ? *" f?.?ifv no ob*cure a pla?e ror WM f,r re 1 ?g en?ht ?f u< at'ack being male upon before anyb< dy thought of W^ ?? ??? B?Uet to it, be did not. after Ae wp?U.e of ^tbe^me.^ ^ ?t3^:s B ferent place from the P"trop*u Krensh fleet to Foumlcbon i? now in y??^ n,f i'ointei, who diel the PaalBe, in piece of AamUm t?? ?"??? ' twice time ago at i allao. _ Krwi from Uranada. AFFAIR ON TH, ,ffTHMU8-TH? NKW COSaTtTCTW **I i ? Panama h^lro^amkkioak^wphiw - TW* " EATHAK? rai 0. 8. CONSUL? TUB C.S.9HIP Ciw_A?>U from Panama and A.p?nwall-Ar. to JUthe3?D?lt*d State, .loop of-war John AtaO Certain BontweU, ai rived at Panama on Thurediy, the Mth n t, ..Ten day* lrom PaiU, where ahe toft the United State* .if ln'.? , he nail* for the feaee Inland*. w?Y?i ultimo nt Panama a aallor who waa con JBSPZ ^gzSss-MSl tt? permit tb*m to have ? ltrant,Ti but aa friend*, ready them not be orrter fcn,l the onnetltution ?ud willing ?? .apport Uw. ortw ana^ ^ MttT, M. w( the country- and, we *w? > h r,?i0n aenaof the State of the Utbmw i w.un. to reflet t> at they hare been indued w""" andMwUeaetep/' JuB. 30 haa the following Tb* A i^teld of ithe Bxton loe Company, ^ on the 1?th, 'en route to the L ifted Ktatee. Arriv*. her>. . the CO?",?j b vwmwiS** lf " lie hna beea eojdue?"? fcta tij-t k', hM McureJ a lot tiahn, and we learn ^ ^ lc# houM in our eity. .m the ereatlon mUroad presented the dome neiMtary work up? tQ ,nd fMMn p.n?m? on regular running ?f the t**4?" ^ Afttrnoon a team ^"Wednaedaj and Thwday- WOTl wuich caueel the cmm dowu 1mm ! ?nrnnm. to* . ^ repair of *a u u*Sf nbvve not* fr?n(f?Bentwa? w >othaf to impiTd .point on a- r'^J p4^>enft? orer the the Mfe and ?pe<-dy tran?t of ?"e muk ?h? road. Th. reduction of the wagee of ttM the raiboad will make a mnt-riaJ dltfcfen?? ?elate of ??ne of w >ylnnM?nn*. *,n.tructioo vhere ee?-.i to be ernry froeecttMrt h'^,nhlB three of n telegiaph line will ?Ki,lmin* will be eent from month*, and we pre. u ma . tJ(ore the eU^e of tenninu* to ?erminu* ef the railroa-i betore ?? ? week hna heen the aevereet sample at the rainy een*on w* i rtered for ope Two ce?p?n-? l^ereeweybee ^ ^ n?ghhortng 'ania. the other by that ofNew York^ ?ewr & ^ ?m^'I **?? Bath exe evidently got uPPrf= l ?me indlvidunla. We believe It i* the In tS& It .he^rt eoMtniet a goou roul through ^e~Vy. ?bl of which, in thirty year* from thU time w^i?S^r.?eneratad much the major portion of tne Houth Am* r can continent. wtth pto,unn ^.wTh'Lh". aS5i llted 0t.te. Coo havta?Alni.?l ~??ly recovered from hU recent eerere ""vST'fre ght tatlff upon the Panama R*'^ ^ rxWl .??<? the let of June bnt not hnrte* terilf at h?nd, we have been <J"bl* to .nf"'?^ " b*r who ^ave aolleited item* fro V' ' to the euitib;ene*a or importance of . <h# Ahead* a roneMwnble portion o. the wree* I'nitnd fttete. Mail }?taamehip (-ompany**^' . ?lemdit ioa of which we noted in our ln?t. Mi ( ?ared away. The ?oath Pnclllr . By way of l annmn we have late new* fro* the Soath I'aciflo Aiivicfa fram Vnlpnrni?> ar* to May 31. CHILI. ?rraoi(HiN?< *?*rr*o or rovi*?t?-**iLnoiM? v?t> nni.K inraoTtn? ? ra? ?ivw._whtit*a Tba saw* trom thi* r^ubUc ia of very llNe mtenrt the llrt of June, and th* PrcaMknUai meamfe wna looked forwnrd to with gr^t 10 VwJc na *c hemee for farther Internal imptevem^ot f ' the n-Htonai e?h,bl. !tj,'.-7e% rrsr^-- a ^ Railroad proffmee* rapidly under the able *up*rinten ilDM Of Mr llojd Threa iUtm*n of 1,800 too* aaah ?r? Mac boat in England for the Va!parai*o ud Liverpool trade, and tiro mora ate to bo ootMoeaeod at an early date. Tbe ml dci it re Welding wall throughout the 8 ate. Some alarm U felt among the farmers From 'he long coD'loued fro ught. and In soma dlatrieta the cattle hare died Iron want of paatare. PERU. mi mica or th? cowrmmr aimhtolt? unnuno si. Am ? UCCmVB DKCKKKl? UMITKIl STATU WAS VSHHSLS. The approaching m*(,iing of the Assembly, on the 15th of June, waa anxiously looked forward to, and the frienoa of peace aeemed to fear that Castilia and Elite cannot long continue to act together, and that which ever of tbe two ia ('acted, the other will organize a for midable and paihapu an armed opposition. rbe liberate) slaves la Lima, presented Dr. M. T. Ureta with a gold plate, suitably inicribei, aa aa acknowledg ment or bia service* in procurtog tbetr manumission. (j-rersl Cast ilia ban iseued a decree regulating the value c.f the silver currency, which, for the future, ia to be (if tfcelti (fineness) of lu dineros 4 graioa, and that each bard dollar coined hereafter ahall we gh 4 io grains, at tbe above standard; he orderi the Mint at l.nat to buy silver at tbe rate ol 910 2 real* per mark, and that of t'aeco at tbe rate of >10 lr. Tbe United States vessels of war Inlependenoe and John Ada ma were at Paita on June 15, but In couss quence of despatches received from Una, aailod for Cal lao, to enforce the settl?mrat of aqueation pending between tbe United State* representative and the govern ment, relative to the detention of the captain of the American vessel John Cummins. BOLIVIA. Tiudk with Peru? a* Eutcnoa SnicaciLr ?Some ac tivity manifeata itself in the trade between thla republic and Tern. ? Tbe approaching Presidential election continues to ax cite public attention Sr I.inares, one of the candldataa, haa a large party in hia favor. BRAZIL AMD PARAGHAY. PiAm N kwm (ONnKMiD? Tin Navigation Dirncoi.TT Sktilkd.? The question ia ended amisably between thee* two countries. Salutea were interchanged by the Bra zilian equal ron and tbe Paraguayans. Thla waa to re pair tbe ofTenoe of expelling the minister Leal A treaty baa been made defining boundarien and the conditions of river navigation. MARUT8. Vai.i'aradm>. Hay 31. ? Tbe fortnight (May 16 to May 31) had teen exceed' ugly dull, and no tranaactioni of importance had taken plane. Co i ton, *IU, woollen and linen gcod* were aull and tbe market fully supplied. Io metuls no salen Wines liquors and oils in little de mand. One i mall lot or coal chinned hand" nil!- par ton Since the first of January of this year the impart cf augur has been 79, 06*, MO lbs., of which 2, t >17, 100 lb*, cam* from Sjdney. During the sum* periol the ex port of flour baa beeu 64 844, Mxl lbs , including 2S.M1&, 1(0 lb*, to Auatralia, n,8HH,0C0 lbs to Kn*land, 10,rt?8, P00 Ibh. io Brazil, and 3,160,0< 0 lbs- to California. Ni trate has bean fold at 18J? reals lo copper the sale* bave been t mall. Freights to England vary from ?1 It*, to ?6 6*. . New* from Auatralia. TUB OOLD MT PORT DUTY ? LAND MONOPOLY ? CIHNB31 IMMIGRATION? VINK CROPS? -THE GOLD M IN KB AND GOLD MAUXBTB- THBATltlOALS. By the last British steamer at Panama we have news from Melbourne to April 24. Ibe Melbourne Age opposes very strongly the propos ed export duty on gold, as an act of injustice to the mi ner and as a tax imposed on labor. With equal justice, tbey fay that wool, tallow and the other exports of tbe colony should be alio taxed. The land system still con tinues to excite a great deal of ill-feeling against the go vernment, and tbe same journal speak* out plainly sgalnet it. and against the folly of thwart ing, thaa o^xtinaUly and rashly, ths interest ol tbe eettlers It says: ? There is a vast area of land, sufficient to eupport millions of people, lying idle and waste, and here are the unemployed cry ing out for free lands. Iheir numuer is daily increasing b> iiumljratK u. ar.d th? voice of their compliint may very Moon assume the tone of a demand, threatening the so called vested rights and eetab ished interest!, un till tbe volcano of dissatisfaction bursts, producing a diatarbnuce more formidable than Bollirat. because more general, and more dliastrous in its consequences, because more fundamental In its cause. In the Ballarat and other mining district*, improved machinery ha* been introduced, and old claims a'? being worked over again profit In the Gravel IV mines there are rumor* of 30 to 80 lbs, per 24 hours being nug getted from individual claiuii Tie amiunt of gold birught down by the escort by no m-ans represents the yield of gold. From Ballarat diatiict it was lu one week 30,000 ounces. In one lead, one party waaued upwarl* ol 100 ounces in a bucket 01 stull. Tie mcieasifcg Chinese Immigration was also creating math puMIc i)i seas -on anc though public fe<iiing con ?ide.ed it unadvia?bU< to check the immigration of these people, it wa* gene ally felt tsat iom? step should he taktn to control it* excess, and to put a atop to the *vil and immorality It produced. The papers notice the production of a vineyard, the property of Mr. Belperrond. winch this season produced twelve tons ct grapes and 4,000 gallons of colonise or white w:ne, winch is extremely pleasant, and without containing the Lent of sherry, is souiethln;; of the lrmoa flavor and of a light character. Gold at Melbocto* is quoted at ?2 Ifi*. fid. Al Sydney it ranges Irom, Ovbuj and liullarat gold, ?3 17s. 9d. ti ?3 If* ; to Hraldword. at ?.'! 14s. 3d t.. ?3 Hd. 0<1. The demand continue* to exceed tbe supply. Kxchange, on* per cent premium The founcaiirn of a new tkeitre was laid in i.insdall street, Melbourne, by Mr. 0. V. Uroone, on the 10th of April It is the property of Mr Coppin. MARltTS. Mki.iiocim, April S3.? .'.meiican boot* and hlioes, >5 t^r cent op invoice price; canvass ia good demand? bleached, Is. Id. to Is. 2d. p*r yard; fcoc<-h brown, aol io. No. 1 to 8, I*, to 1*. Id. ; Americas dried apple* very *c*roe ? per lb. M.; furniture, no sale for American: Hour in carrels, none. Uailsgo <v liat all per ton, 2 Ooolbi., ?40: American oat* scarce, 7*. per 40 lb* . hops per lb , Is ltd. to Is. 9d.. sbrn bundled I) \mericaa shuvl* po iiiibed, per dozen, ?2 10*. to ?2 16* ; spades, ?2 10*.; Collins' pick*, small Mce, much wanted, per oomn ?3 to ?3 fa. , cut nail*, little sal*; cheese maiket bare, per lb., Is. ;id. to Is. lOd. ; bams, M. to 1*. Id. baoon. >d. to ill. . Go?hen butter, Is. 3d. to 1*. 6d.{ Carolina rice, per ton, ?40 to ?4t ; crushed sugar, per ton, ?33 ta?35; m ilasses, none, American ducks and drills much la demand, com mane .ng long prices; rosin, K>*. to Iss.; turpeutioe wanted, peT gallon, !Ss. 8d : shingle* dull, lumber, a* M.rted invocee, in bay. ?10 Si. to ?11; y?ll"w pine, tongued and grooved, ?13: honey dew to'iaoco. n 2<> lb. boxte, for Is. 2d. to la. 10a., (in bond); i avenJmh, lOd. to 1*. per lb.; cider unaaleah'e. the amount of gold abipp?l fron Melbourne for tb* weak ending a pril21, wa* valued at ?2?&,tt0 ? $1,476,000. The W?lt Indira. THK LATK 8LATK CA8I? BrPBOTS Or THK FLOOIW ? Ktl'OITI.O TRANaPfc* or ISLANDS tu manc*? AMM VKK8AKT OF AN BAHTHyCAtK. from Kingitou, Jamaica, we bare paper* to Jul/ bat they contain little new*. Till L.ATK LIBERATION Or AH AYBBICAN 81. IVK AT 8 AT ANNA LA MAX. [From tbe KingUon Journal, June 1.1.) The Lite proceeding* at Savanna la Mar, la tt* aae of ? black duo. a eeamaa on t>?ar<l of an Araarlcan veaeel, ha* led to tbe inquiry ? ought the ulann (omrjoiot to bave taken any ?t#p* in the matter, ar l Ti tbe Imperial government under an; obllgati >n to re-iree* a grieraooe fuel MtfetOP* allndtd to'" Tbe fa>:U are ?imply there An Aierlcs W"> 4t ""2 ia th" baring a black man on '*>1* H <">? * ?*J T^? md ia *u?pected to be a runaway altho igh he wa* *bippe<l la tbe I nited State* aa a tree man. baviBj pTOuJiceo ?i? frte ticaet, er iurn iio alimentary evidence aa wan natiafacto.-;- to Qw maatur at tbe reaaeL Xnw tbe people on (bore came t > d'.acorer that tUe m-an w?f a ilare, or to *a?pect that he ?!>. doe* not appear. It i* aaid. however. tbat the maater of tb? vea *ei bad arrived at tbe ooncloelon before he reac'ie-l tbi* rlaoi". that lb* man wan a runaway llm, and ha<l 1m poied upon bin, wlitn be repr??nin-<l !a< a free man. Tb.a conelualon indated bun to u*e c?u idirabto vi|l!ane? in preventing tbe man from jo!og on ?h?.ri, ar ' in th ia way tbe tuspielon* of the peoplo of He* la Mar were aiouaod. The very m-an* which were u?e l to prevent eecepe appear to bare lea to the reerut >A tbe party whotn the maater of ibe reeeel ?a*. ae u. ght ?u{.ppMd,n.cre aniiou* to tak? back to tbe T a.te4 state*, Th? mo* e ot tbat reecue hai alre*'ly be?n >le tailed Whether the rnai. *i* free, a* w At ?ll?v?J by tbe matter of th* veeael, ? r a *'av*. a* he blm*eif etate<l hi fore it* ni*<i*1rat * of ?ery li'tle oooaa- -w ? In an far an th? reecue la coor?rneo Nor ean tii*r? .. any donbt that tbe ? wnere of th* vei ?el hare -u.ier*. 1 *e, If more wage* were advanced to t?>i. m?n than are Ukely to be aovtre ' by ul* e? from the p* ?? he wa* employed to the '"ay he wa* taken *>im on I *rd or weal from on board Me veaeel at Mr U Mar Ineie ia no bate* m l.elplo, a fj.low man to taeape from ?.a very, whtti-er It i*- on land or ablpboatti, but it mu*t not be ly vibleace oi .L' k,n4 teu'e.. to at -?t ui-Mai. If Uie mas Uil uii,? on >oo<e t<.e pen on* wSo appeared to take *0 du b In r? l ?: ' ? liberation would b*ve been ?jnlte njtht lr ' rwarillof hla ?4?e?. ihey ha<l no r.fbt to gtn I ard t je veaaef, or te i e fore? In taking him out. >a liaf to lir ng tbe wr< ng !o?r? t<> , j at lee. we can pemtve pu giouml fer nn appeal to the iti>'ieaa cottroret OT repr< aentAtlon to our own, ?n tbe >u>> Jact to et.lcb lia i Uett all iCing The Ki?g?tr ti ./ ;ir??.'of Jnoe VI auya ? We Urrnfron Savanna In M r, *la'. bU I'treinn-y "he lleftngrbw ordered an lave t'?*ation r?ap?-ttlng the lit eratlon of tb^ rran .indarecn, a.taa tattle*, fr.rri oa boarl tha brig Young an- it wa* to have taaen place at tbe Court Houae tbe re rn tlie lib laatao*. tb? KiDgat'n free m .? on* had aul ^i.ied ?100 V tb* patrlct.e !un<l. A Fa'.moutb eorravpCL lint, ip of tbe ef feete of the late Oooda In T re lawny, ?a.r? ? 'ne ol the reentte of ttio recent flood* 1* tbe ecablia< tie inbabitac' >f the towa to eapfly thema*l<? at * vary little troobla, lodepen lent of tbe raimouth Wa'er ( on pas/, from a ?t/- am of w?t< r . nu ( afroe* ; tbe road hatwea Kalmc ath au '. the U< '.?*>' 'V Tbe company, It U end, are unable to keep ; tbe 'tp pl - of water from tire *"ect, of Ui OTaed*. I Tbe iron ?uifteaeton br r* over tbe mouth of t ? I Var a Rrae 1* nor' neat*-' a# hetirg bees mi m eh i* j jo red tba*. apprebenaloae are entortaiaed hat t w | "ot laet U og l^eKiag'ton H ' il4 of June '.'Oeay*. ire C ???>? ii I eovev what prwteat ur (revad aa be ae ? ,nad (ar ',t* 1 contemplated transfer of Dominica and St. I.ueta to j France, in axckaog* for the French oolony of ' handan rangore in th* K*?t Indie* The Antigua and other oo Ionia) paper* hare | Iven free circulation to the ruaior, adding tbat th* matter U uider consideration of both government*, and will *h >rtljr he concluded, bat tQejr cannot trace It to an y regular foundation ? ' various cir cumataacea, however," say tb*y. "Heem to render it* truth net improbable.'' Witbout an/ certain or m pa cific ground? it is difficult to entertain the question at 't J* now brought to our consideration In a naked form The King ii ton Xrandnrd of June U he* tne fallowing.? "Major (jtoertl Kdward Wells Bel baa been appointed to the command of ber Majesty's troope In thi* Island, In the rocm of Major General Doherty We regret at tremely to learn tbat tbe latter distinguished ?Sicer'ha* -been compelled to rat-ign this command in oonaeuueace of Ui health." Tfiuraday laat, being the anniversary of the great ?aitliquakes wh'ch lam in rulna the ancient towa of PoitKoysl. and burled in the deep the til gotten irea aureK of the buccaneer*, the public office* in thi* city were all closed, ?a re thu I'cst Ullice;and thedail/ paper* were not published. We have, with gieat regret, to record the death of tbe Don. .lamea Uayleard, President of the Honorable Initiative Council ot this ialaud. Hi* honor hid been ailirg for home weekj previou* to bis death, and on Moncay mori>ing waa found speechless in hla bed. It appeaisthat he vat attacked with a fit of apoplexy dur ing the a<ght, of which se died at half pait ut o'cleak on the morning of Tuesday taut In Antigua the l<eg!ai*ture hud been specially called to submit a proposition for the transfer of tbe Military Buildings to the Colonial government, which, having been done, it wan accepted: and a hill for elf?oti*g the object waa mtroduoed lhe report which wmidoi tine a|o in circulation, respecting the contemplated transfer of Dominica and St. I.ucia to France, in exchange for the French oolony of Chamiernagor*. in the t*.-,t Indioa, waa gaining ground. Th* St. I.ucia papers are loul in their condemnttiou of the additional war duties. The St. Vincents papers exult In their harbor brag wall filled with shipping. Several veaaeU war* ab>ut leaving with produce. The weather waa fine, but aa compared with th* pant year, there would be u lalling oil in the crop. Tne (,'a MB* ?a> s. mi'r.'actile business ia at a ataad, neither provisions aor dry geods being in the leaat demanded, although tbe markst la wall aupplied. Th* proposition for free commercial Intercourse with Cinada had baen brought telore the legislature of that ialand In a me* aa?e from the l.ieuteDun'. Connor, "and after mature deliberation in conference with the Hon. llotrd o: Coun ci 1, the Speaker of the Assembly waa empower*! te aend tbe following reply'' to hla KxctUency: ? That provided the I-eglsJatute of Canada exclude tbe almlssioa of eager and molasses, the produce of alave labor, from their market*, nt tne rates of duty now or heretofore la force, end to long a* tnat exclusion continue*, tula Houae will be prepared to r?n.ove the duties upon the productions of Canada by way of the St. Lawrence, apon the pro ductiona of this government being admitted free from duty into Canada. Trinidad bad baen blatsed with fine weather. The shipments of (ugar, rum and mjlaasea had exceeded those of last year. The cocoa planter* are alleged to be in advance for tbi* season. Th* evil of having th* pric* of bread fixed i* com plaintu of. Free intercourse with Canada and America ?till continue* the subject of debate. Th* Dominica Oolonut Inveigh* against more taxea and robbery. Several proposition* had been aubmitted to the branch)' s of the Legislature, the principal of which weie the abd:tion of tbe offio* of the Clerk of l'a tents, and a communication from tbe chairman of th* Committee of the Legislative Assembly of Quebec, pro pot'eg free commercial inte rcourie between Canada and that Island, and tb* nana! lulf yearly report of the (Edu cational Board. Th* Colon ut expressed great delight at the Independence of several industrious laborers who hid bei oine the purchaser! of an estate for the aum of jtat.0 TURKS IHLAKDB. The Kingston Jaunuil of June 16 say*. ? Our early aumbei* of the Turks I eland UatH'e were desponding about their " salt" export; subsequently they had dried up their tears, and published more cheering (repoit* that salt liad " rir.," and waa loosing up ? whether it was aaceadlng to the higher description of the Athtea the papers say not. MAHKKT8. Kim.stoji, (Jam..) Jt n M ? We have no remark to mate, out to reiterate tbat every branch of business ia extremely dull. Sales of any magnitude cannot beat feciej. an i the contiauatloa of high prices la calculated to keep trad* within retail iimita Dkri.ORAiiLK State of Tuimuh ur Nicaraoua.? Tbe following letter fiom an Intelligent resident a* Virgin Bay, received by the Northern Light, Iron Sun Jutn. preat&lft a striking ptciuro of alTair* in Nicaragua. It la said laat the oho lent broke ont on the Northern Light, and atveral paaaengera di d on tbe conieward royage: ? Viai.tJt Bit, June 30, 1MM. Th* state of a flair p here Is a perfect cnao*. On ac count of tbe fholar*, Itie population of thl* place has been reduced from about UWJ to lee* tban twenty-five. All tbe emp'cji a of the Transit Company in tne oflloe liav* left Thi* is eauaed by tbe choli ra, ami, 1 suppose, also cn sc-ount cf Coloael Walker's landing at Tola, six league* from Kivas, with '200 men of th* democratic parly. Yester 'ay, from 9 till 12 o'clock, there was fighting *bd EiiOk' in Kivat and when I was at tbe Half way House, nurrylog up nous baggage, fourteen of tb* democratic patty came tn. ia a (teat hurry, and without any earniotf to t he houte, saying that they meaat to take San Juan. later new? eays that all tie L*?o**e? ran away, and orly lumi of the Colour T* party have been left figaUn< tn Hftae They took ftrm us and others fifty mules or mora, and, as everybody was scared to death, the com psny was obligsd to hire moki at tremendou" prf ? >?*, and could succeed only by enlivening the aplrlt* of tbe Ru n with eufficitat quantitira of lii|ucr 5he hlihuttsra ate eaid to have p<t?>*?sion of itivas, ar.d tr.a.T ret San Ju*n. [rhi* proved to l>* ths fact after tbla letter wsa written ] Aimoet the whole of th* Irais't Company's people nave deserted. Tbers are here no (gent-, no more*, no book*, no peapl*. no ?teamer ? tothing tot death and oontnilan ? no ssrir^ats to get water from lhe Uke. nor *vea to trim lamp*. Police Intelligence. ALLIOKO ROBHKRV Ut $4,000 WOBTII OF SILK I. Yesterday a woman, named Catharine IMvine, waa taien Into custody by officer Mcl'hernon, of tb* reserved corps, charged with being an accomplice In a robbery of silk * t o the amount of 14,000. From the evidence adduced before Justice Connolly, at the Lover i'*lto* court It appears that yeaterday forenoon a man named Jcbn I, husband of thepriaoner, engaged a carman to cany two caaea of allka, value<l as above atateil, Irom theaidewalkg la front of tbe store of Autlin, OrJt, Mecenbarg M <o , 110 Broadway, to pier 14 N. K . that Rfter bsvtng <?iami?fed this csruian be hired another, named leui Ollvei, and ordered him to convey the case* t? No. 8 Carlisle street, the residence of the ac cused. lbs proprietors of the store in liroadway hear ing of the theft, acquainted th* police of th* fact of fleer Mcl'harsnn immeit'ately set himself to work to Hod ou1 place in which the goola were concealeu. After a great ^e*J of searching he *ucceede<t In tracing the silk - to the h>iUM of the accused in Carlisle street. Mrs. Invite was comm.'.ttd for examination by the mt|i4 t rale. 4M.J0EJ) UIOaWAT BOBBKJir. A iria, QamM Tb&in*? Jtcknoo, >u uk> n Into ea?. todj on M< B'i*j n:|h*. cliArgnl with bArfo/, InoompAojr with etbar* ? ?auiUd ud robbed Mr. Tboa. V. It-a'.ty, of V.'J tti'/k ?'??/) efh;? wateb, tad* lot of *uaII chtng*, hA h* wm paMiog through tba Park. Ibe complainant Alfefta tbkt Jackaou flr.t >-f0iUI b,D> *u 1 r*quMt?l t, m tn to to?ar<!? tba fit/ Hall, w'mrn the accomplice* ? ?:? in Mr. ?*aU/ WM *noc**i dom, ?od altrr leonTio* ? b#?t n< at '.aa>l* o< tb? blfti n * -i* robbtd of All tu^t til Itluibld ^ 1 * prii 10 rti* cri?* of ti>? coaipUuaan'- for help ?llr*clAj

tl- ?t'.?.Txn of 11?B u, of 'ha riaoool war<1 polls*, who, ecminf t?. ' b? ?pot. is Mpturiof J? k-<>n. I!a w?? lik?n bafora .fo?t c? U onolljr, at tba I/>wer I'r,!lc? Tour*, ?bir? upon an be waa miii mltttd for trial - UA1U1S or iifACLt WITH 1*1 KWT TO KIM.. Mar/ a eo ' rv womtn Abo it y??r? of iff *a< ?irtntod b/ oBlror 0' Nell, of the Hlitta ward p. oa. cbaijtd wiUi hai.Li,' ant?uli*d bar r?pute>l bu? lic, Otcar tftv wd?n wltb a dirk knife, ao1 iitflirtiaf a Mf>r> ?(iCM lit h i *i<W Th? occur r?nr* t<>"? pla-e ta n l c# nf a JtA^ou# atntltif oa iba pari of Mat;. ?t<' ??i?pr-:ta''. 'h? Oacai tn endearorlac to 0*) talB tbe lore of aois* otb?r dark*/ Urn*.. and to est. -b f.>? tor kl? wlrtn ae?? ?U? plor.f*.) tba ? n.f* to to hi* t"*' ? th th? ot#olu?a arld'atl/ of >lnia/ him U ; !i? i Tha ariKjmrr ??? unmittnl for ?*a?l. Dt'.l'c tj Jaat ?? < ? nn-. '!>. 1 lajn r?<J mta wa? 5?o ?at' d to '.>>?? N?w Y'r? Hrrpital for ma-iral traatraaot. ittm Cf a % AJ.Lioti> n<rrn. A .ijbsa litftmM ' a oatlra of b?it>rrLao4, tra* tak. aft tat* eu?t<- !y abart* 1 wiv'j ?.>rr?p titx n't lba nsimt of Mr-am Uiliaa ^Al Vmnxj at Lofj.) * ilotal, aad ?u .inj tbara frtrn* a pur"?- " otaiolof i aad a ? l?ar aai L rat t<. ?t 12' lii* tee U' ad w?. aau|bt ta t .? ./?to'??'Ap i.i, b) ( fBc?r 'on ??f, ot tba '?*?raa ccfi??. Jultiea ' vor (,ii) eataBittad b.ri Up pr>aoat ta d? fault m t ail. ' ? tl Mi' -?<'? Wi* ? Toa to. ' mtrt tba heat* *b: ^111 tb? pfiv?? ia tba aiihrirat ra-?a at Ma< .mi M it , oa *k* 4lk lilt Tba dlatao'* rvwa4 <u a mlla a Ad a bAlf ? m? *'> a r* /' " /f'r't natf, {<kl - y ,,9 p.j?a. .Kol^L and R*ad/ las.;. ? t'i Woi-caa t Hikitb j Bta J ij Mtk ' 1' ? *At<-r Hh} 2 m*o V J? f IM I^djr Of tA? 1 U-M . ? (All ar>Al I. /' ? ' *?/ Me <nr Tim*. W'.'.mm m... ArW rai.?? f. *. Vca-wl* . ... KMi Hawk 5 aiiaa Mm. M. or rul Wujj. -tin (..< .nrr*#.? Tba Wb ? Saw York f-uta O ? aHttas ara uM te oaot at tba A* V r Uai>?, <? <fcU < t^, not kKuio;, tfc# if.j igf. POST SCSI P T . NEW YORK, WKDNK %UA Y, JULY 11, 7 O' HI 00 K A. \f. ARRIVAL OF THE PACIFIC. ONE WEEK LATER FROM EUROPE. Details of the Allied Losses In the Late Assault. Lord Raglan and His Reported Re signation. Russian Veision of the Hango Slaughter Proirrm of the Siege nf th* Halnkoff Towrr. Destruction of Infernal Machines by th j Baltic Fleet. ADMIRAL SET HOUR WOUNDED. Prince Gort^chakofTs Despatch from Sebaftopola SWEABORG BOMBARDED. CONSOLS 91 TO 91 1-8, fto-i tc-, See. The United l-tatea mail Kteuoubip l'acltiij, Capt. N ye, arrived a* bar d ck a' ?li o'clock thla morning. Hlia left I.iverp 1 1 on Ha'uiday fmeaoon, Jane 30. The I', arriv.d ? u> a' 11. .0 A M on Suaday, June '21. The aewa by tbl- a-rlml cnu.ta almo.t entirely oj detail, of the nte ; (fence alr.ady tranamlttnd by tele gra h, bot c rreapoud.r ce Jwi not come down ho lute ?a the 18th Jute, on ahiei day tbe Allien male their un luccewful attempt to atorm Hebaatopol. The allied lotaeaon the'. i ccation were oreriaud, jet the nffl :l?l liata cf kllud and w.uidel t o', up on.lderably over 5,000 man. Notwlth.tand rig th'a cl eM, tha Inventing army keep In good apirila, > od d? n >t je.m t ibeir rej.u >e to otay tie i r< 'in aa of h? I. >id Ra<'ai ia datgeroaaly ill, and ban a ked to be recalled. 8ir George Itrown ia aiaoontbe iek ia-. Kuaoia of battle on the Tcher naya and .1 ewhere, I ad cina.d no. (detraction to apecu'a'oie, bu ware un'rui. Ibire U no immediate indication < f futher <pera'i na on tb? 8<-a of Km T, or la the Bal'l?. THE WAR. THE REPULE BEFORE 8EB1STOPOL. 1 bote It an entire abeenee of additional newa from tie Crimea. Tba i>epulee of tbe aUiee from before tbe Mala kof and Redan I* confirmed, but (If we may ere<!lt tbe gou.rnment'a publiahed aceoun'.a) tbe rumore<l lo?a waa much magnified. 1/ord l'anmure glvea a nominal liat, abowing 03 officer* and killed and wounded, and 110 mica ng (taken priaonera). I'elUeler namea .17 French officer* killed, M office ra wonnded, 17 offiaera mlaaing (priaonera), 1,644 private man killed and mlaaing, and and 1,644 wounded. Total Kngll h /utrt it enmhat, 1. 1 '.I, French, 3.337 ? both. 1,771 men. Oa? ral- M"yrnn and Hruect -everely w< unled. Tbe acc ui jr? tiba dd<> lot materially tary the Br i bdb< nnc.nieat < f the repul?? ? f tbe .tlli^e, except ing an rt'gatda tbe Dumber of the slain. lb-tail ar<* anxiously looked for, it a much a. nlry di.-i{i. *'l rumor < are in circulation. In Fan It w ?? repeated lb*', tbe (allure war', ia a mea. uie at lea-t, owing to error* committed by the Ilritiib commanding oflWra. Thnir ertota are deaciibed a? tw f Id ? Brat, In n'>t having bad fatcinee provid d for liillog up the trench within tbe R. dan aid next, not having Immediately appriaed tbe French Com uatder that they found il neeeaaary to re tire. Tba Briti.b, < n tbe r - de, .ay tbat they took tbe kefaa, but cud not h j id it b cau e tne Fteocli failed to alienee the Ma ak It Deapatah from Prince Uortwliakor. Kr. I'maumrati, June '21, )?>,', 5. A re pert from I'rinea <1 utachakoif brlnga tbe newa In the Crlm>e, aee idlng to ' be Ku<? aa veraion, down to tba 24th inataiit . The Prlaeeeta'e. ttat tbe alliee fire vary little, aed ha avera tbat tbe troopa wh eb bad eroaeed tbe Tcbernaya, bad again retained to the left l.ank of tba mer. (m .he tight >f the Hi tbe Ku-.laaa bal obaerved a great mav.ment la tbe allied ??inalrona. ! *?" General PelMei'a DMpalthaa. [ r.Ltial Peii?aier'? lateet deapatobee t > hU go?erotaeat are eouaily devoid of later.. t ? I w*M, .'an* 14 MM. I hare nothing new to ansoaac*. Wa ar* fm?bo<(our approach** a*a nat tb<> MalaUfT, ant ar* hastening tb* oonatrvcUOB of tb* advaaoad bat'ar/, wlilr.h wll cm p|e'? lb* Infeatmeat of Ibapir:. Wo at* a. a , drawin< cU>??- wltb iur .'*ft attack. liter* *r* atiil *orn* cim* of eb l*ra. Ji .n 14.? Tb* wirk* lad cat?d ar* progiaaairig. J 1 > k *4 ? Notbl og l* w ?ui c lumumta'a. (??Md; I'ELL+'lKR. t>cid l itmilit, atdtr date Itriiiah War Itojartmeat, June 19, >aj? ? "1ha freteb a-.d Kngllib art with their apprwacbea agakat th*?a>rn>'a work-, aid ar* ererua* hatterta* to bt armrd with hea? j *un?. The '?*m , ifm tiaoet to repair the itamag* doaa duriag '.ha l**t attack T?ry llttl* ?r? < a their part. W* fall.e*) retato ?Ion of the roooi Km in fort la tb* <5*m*terj, fr-iis whkh I b* !(*?? an* *?r* drlrea ?>? tb* lltb. aim .,f tb* Wan.e'on, on 1h? | < rg* of tb* rail*/ wh./-b dir?l*w t!.a Kbpiiati 'aft attack Iron tb* right of UK aouth liar' or Tile Maittr Klw? A le?p?'ea date 1 tta --tb alt., >UVe* that Kw** horg bad b**n b mbardad aad th* ?U>. ?? dMtra/ad. It il? eorTob<i*t>? U>? ???*'.? n.eot that a large n .mber of In fernal atachiaa* had t-**a r*?t ap aaoal aawipar '? ll/, Kirorrtfi orr??nosi *r kino. Account ?a l"tnklii> in, Jua* B, If m Heir agfora, oxntlos that 'h* ?. ,?:-*lt bar* bomb?r<l?1 H?ago an) daa'rn}*'! tha ??a>egrep? ?t?t a The R.i**tao* adaait Uiat th*<??art ? *??*ya4 a tag '* t rua* bat al kg* Vfc?t t-ay fe?-*4 a *tr*i*g*i* trVOOTIKV <? r Mr II i *a e ? ?? - AI. IWMim I lAtrtif , F. la/, J an* 'Ji, I***. Tfca Ta'tafw la ? r?d w.'b hot a Tha Hawt .? <11 Ctau ad . I t>r?7 ?ti la'*? al ?aet, r.?? ha?* l*wu Accaearad a*4 d?aU?j*-l. Owe of Uir? MJ' ?>< ?? t)M f?j a *JM uwt ?* Admiral Heymour aad Caft. I*ui*, who warn examining H at tha time, were eeveieiy li juitd. I.**', iltmru nllfbtlj injured. The Valtura mat Admiral Maine*' *>|uiadro? aotuewUet* n*ar Nargan laland. He a of Amu V. Letter* fr> m CoD*iantinople of June 10 mention that tba Ircxip- of the Kertach rx j editloa had returned to Kamiorea, with the exception of 4,000 men who wara (aft at Yeniv ale. Health of Lord Ra?lan . Tha dot* (latent edition,) reiterated a ?l?t?a-i.t made by lord i'a'meraton in lha Ii9u>e of i omsiimn, U> the effect that 1/ rd Ra< no bad not applied to retire from tha i-ommud cf tha Crlin*an ariny, in conw>>|n-nc* of mmi lllncia. Lord Itaglan ha* been milTering from dyeentery, and haa been confined to hit brd for rime da>r;but the acount l??t received br telegraph repre sent hia lord hip * health to have greatly linpioved witliln tha taut few hour'. I' an y cha- |p> in the com maod abould be found neoe? ary, it ii anagg-1 that the command tf the am y I* ti b c >i fl-ted to (itnerei Bimpton. Complaint* Agaimt Lord iU(Uii by Urneral Pcllaaler. The I'ana *orieipoad*ut of tha Time* *p<-ai.a of com munication* having taken place between tb< French and iingliah go> eminent*, arialng < ut o' e m >la.n'? by (Jen I'oliiaUr, on the want of combination or of energetic au . jorl upon the part ?f hla Kngltah colleague. Auatrla. VinxA, T. ur 'lay, Jute 28? 0 A. M.? The official W'lrn rr /irlumj announce* he <ll*mU*al cf tte re*erve* of th? thl.d aud fourth armie*. Autheitie adv ce from Nieuna ata'e that there Ii no foandati n * ha a ? er for he ?'a'emeot puhllahed In *e veral Herman paper*, that new propooal* of pea-* bar* reachid tin' ? aji-n1 rem H. I'eteriburg. India and China. Telegraph c antiei| atlon of the Indian mall, with data* from Calcutta to May 10; Madraa, 24 . Uombay, 27 , BUang bat, 4; Hong K rig, 10, atd UnUm, May 8, I* received Nothing new from India. Tra>i* waa not active. Honey market tight aud freight* falling. Kxchange at Calcutta Si. l\d. Famine prevailed in many part' of China. There bad been conaiderable lighting, with varying aucceaa. Is change at .--tiaDghae 6.U. Money Market. Lokuow, Jen 39? Noon. ? The luglrh iun!* oprnel rather weaker thia m rniag, a variety of rumor* belug afloat, but to which little Importance la attached, The opening i|Uotatinn ebowed a decline of '? |><r cent below laat evening, but a much firmer appearance la now maintained, and tha decline baa bean recovered. < on aol* opei>ed at 0 \ to HI, aod ?iub??iiu*ntly there were buyer* at 91. Two O'Cmv k, P. M. The atock Market remain* ataady, with a flrrn-r ap pearacce, although tbeie ha been no bualaean of im portance. lUi.r Vwt Turn ? 0 Clock. The fend* cloaed ?te*dily, w.thont movement, Uonaola being finally <|uut?d at VI to 01 >. *X. div. for July. Ex chtqctr bill*, Ul*. to 'Hit. pr< m , and the I-uB* hill, -JUt. to gl*. prern. ixiMi i.i an i hi rim. {tell & ! on, lx>a<ion, report Ameruan atock* molerata ly aotlve, at annexed i|uolatiou* ? I '. B. (I per cent b<>ed*, lStiH 10# a 1 1 ?> U 8. ? per cent Injured -to:l , IWI7 - 'H.... Lii a IIW New York Mate 6 per ? ante, l(MM?- ii#, ... WO a ? i'enn*ylv*nia b par centa ?"! a 7* Co. !> per e>nt bond*, 1*77 H.'i a Kit Maaaachnaetta Merl'g & per ct. b 1*, lW8..1'U a I'll Ma ry laud b per rent bonda, starling Vll(a ?! '< \ irnmla 4 (>er cant bom'.a. I""t ,?i. 'Ja HT I.o. ti | nr ?? nt Um<l?, l"*d K i a VI 1 tl ay Kvenli.g, June XI, H The carl* fumla wern d<m* to day in 'lie ltiurae a* folio va Koar and a half per canla at J.'l Thne p>r centa, f.?if. hichabmon, anscM asp comp*st'h cihoi i.ak. UvnroDL, June 39, lt'ii. The w'ather ia all that cmUl l>? for the gnw lug crop*; aud in eonie<|>i>nr.e, the corn tra le ia ex tremtly dull. * *eat ami Hour are with . at mu - i change but Indian corn, under o fan?l arrivala, end adv ir?a of farther ?l.ipm?-nt* from the Htatai, baa de to 4a per 'juarter. At to lay'* ma kat aenrcaly anything waa done ia wheat or llonr. India* own. In the entln- ab**ii'e of demand, npenad at nominal figure* toward* tha eb *? a little flrmnaaa on the part of bolder* hail the aftert of drawing offer* cf 40?. for yellow, which waa d*clio?l. Qqotatlona are nominal. Hmk I* very '|Uiet, b it lb* atock la ?o mana?nat>l* that holder* are totpicalng We <| ante MelaoU'l, ti, i?ur nay'*, It and 11 10. I'nax. K ieept a ?ale of damaged by acctloo. tii* trana actiona have bean tr. fling Baio* I* nut ao active, aod to c i*e, ???! . t> 1*. per . ?t. leea wauld be taken Ijxii ?U0 Ion* have b?>na?l<]a' aualiao a or 1*. per cwt. TaiJ<?w? </uie', at .?0e. to f>3e p* cwt. Hi?-i*.? ' tmtnen, 4a. Jo 4* Id p?r?-rt. Qi annnii Baax ? Tilling aalea I'htlaitelphla, at '** and He. Hi per ewt ( tto*. ? The na ke' c ntioued dull, and prte** la diced up to W*dte*day a full ,1. per III. Yeater lay an active demand ?[ruDj up, aod aa>a of 20 t<g> bale* ? vared the above decline a 1 to day, lb* ,uo Utkna *re <h* taise a< ou FrWtay laat a lea for the week, 4.'l .130 bale*, ' f which 37, JW were Amerl??u. ? City Inlrlllfirnrr. o? nr? *m?>rn of m? Fan .t'jinar. ? TIM gaaawal ?ia"i oatioa of lb* at'itnila of tba f :?? (u4w; wklrh '.inm?0'?-! ?a 'ba M in it (ucclo'tM to <lay Hi eoor?? ?/ eonprim a 'if > ulalUf.tual, *n4 j'.litlr*l pbilrwph j il?? iim4 au'l )It:b( fanfuM"*, ebami tUf, pbyalea, mathauaU'o, oat?ra> tlrtl ??pnNra|, biatof* .a-1 Ui* lattr**, ? HUratara, cra-ief, iM ib? ar-.a of 'Jaalaa aalaral biatory aulon;, pr.yatal . ty ml hyairia a ail of ?>.kb Iba ata4aat* aa>hrtrai t rIAl f lani.atioa, a* I ilUi U tm mo?t aaUafactory imoIu lhin ai> at (,r?a?al about Uiw ha?ln4 la Um ImiI tutU a, of ?I.?m thirty atU fra4oata at tk* approaabiaf to mma' 'Oi'til. wh|r?i >n>~ to aaera4 tba-. ?<# i?f nm-r j'u n ntoiaat Tba aiaaaatx.a of pap la of tba ?ar.< aa war 1 ?? 1.00 a throafbnat tba city tabo b an- *'t for a' tn'*?iaa ? HI l?fla t? mttr ??, ao 1 tarou oa?a < a hi( ay. Wa vaia ac rwi by ?'rof Wabitar, that tba?? aro o??? tbra? baa^/vl ?|>|,uuaU, wjj.'h i< a>aoa t 4 abio tb* aanbar laat yaar, a?! by a?i* tbaa a bualial tba iiat of afpllaata at abr I' i ?r yu*' I* ta t> ?tlfy og to Uara ibat tba >l?*, y a |a a>c? arara yaa( >a tba a.t r.ilM of lb* (aiiali of tba p ifrl'a, a?.f Uat aa aa/naat ?? I a?ai n?. n .ba rivalry |i??ail? an f tb? ? V*aal oar4 acfconla, ta tba ai ?^a ra ?.!?? of <-?a<UlaU- for ><a aa.?a I a jet, ?ari a*b??M Uitrty flta ma alaia? U 4lat a?a tb a>) f-oa a m tb.a raafort bsruaf ?" ??** '-'.aa Icit) tv atu>au to tf a a- a?aaay 'aat y?ar ?ai Ibu yaar it ta r^??ta?S It a ll iir^au Ita !aia? U Tba aniai* jaar.y *ty?a*'i of ulaiat a# ? ita>al ta HUT'iial at a MtUa laat tbaa a ?ua^r?-i a*Uara a?'. Iha ot< la aweaat a?aaa4?l far taa "* a?tl laU./a la l?tl an 10, of ab^l a !affa |r-'.f*,rU/-a >u laxl out 'a tba p'H'ham of !-o?a, aUt^MOTy aw! ^b*t artl' -a Tba ?b"la aaal'r a/ flw la '.?*??./ tva, a .?] ibatr yaarly a? artaa r??ra froaai | . /) tat. W. 1?l I naa . M.aaaaut ? * aaaaUag *A tbalaaava Mai aba * ??? ka ? laat ????>af bt Uia mtm af Taaot.atb l1rM> Tbifl a"* ? Jabai <.lL?x. of l~Varattb arar4. ?fc4 I>. < llai^iataob ftia? aaMa-raUry. A 11M *u aijaaat^: to atrafar ? tfe taa <??a 1 ab" a??t at iba u*aa of Iba ' W% af l.'a lhari a> .Mil' ?ft*a. at Is f II W'Mi la# i ?.?? Mar bala vlli b* baW Jm ly ? l'?|?ru a?f? w<( ? tba /i^aaaat ?ar4> ?a V . a?aa?? tea af 1> 4iw> ii ia?atl ag aaaaa a<b-r butwi l*> aar raoa -a lima iw 9nm l?*m?rT ? -b#r 4y a/tar a o./'< w I #*am.r<?, a tra ?aa 4W?a.*aro4 ia ba baa 'aaa'.ry ba ^ toJ til j'aa. t la, raar of *>a to ^ b'U I rtrf\ tt ??a an ca attlacalato-WirK I laiaagpa fM l a aH**tat to baaa laat 'a>.?*4 frai aaa? ItatM I ?b > -aat-n Tl4tr*an ia/f^li tW Kn. ! *??!>? la?*J ra?*? >*aa^ary ?ba ba." af? to'ua^ai to it, raaaa ><*a?< tba Ira ? u a.t I Ifanlrlptl Afclw, puiun or ali>mmho(. mmDNN Of MtrehMU nod othara, iota* bturia*** ?? ?tmt ?u<l llroadway, to h?fi farwera aa< 1 oUuia paa j %antad (fob tbrowiDf Kftrbags, *? ? *? Gr*Tn,r<* atrt.t , oi u>rnl for eowNtiottf t??. HuroHn APorrmo. To Bllaunkaa lo< ? batwaaa Fortyallth ?*>< r"V eighth at raat., Kotty third tad Forty fourth Htmf. Hatauth aa.sua and llroadwajr. To lift* aldewaiV. ? Mi ttiMt UtwHi Kaat t*' *<!? ftxnt. 1u Hag, rtllll and |ll(N ? JWCUOO of too Mraat. Tj build a ib WaUar ateaat, fraia Coit'andt allay to Win lUwt. To build ft M?w la **?1* ty ibililittiH, I urn lai.tli to I !? ?.oth >rna*, Ihroaga Kl.aanth tTiBH to Cutty fourth atr<iwt. IVr balld ? a. war u Korty-tolUi atfo?t, from Sioth arraoa I* W li?? unirr'r To ciMiatrurt ft nrain tn man.ct vtt*i th? n t w** r is fruity fourth atr.^t. to (mx loti ^ Thirty llrat ant Toiriy tMnul air??u, tJafcHi ??J N.?iu iirigtn lo IIU ?mik"U Uiu Ut??? IttUi ??* f.jav.r't ht r'iih, Koity fifth an I Forty. akitb ?U no* kino m raral <>tb?r ?? But bit. nukiMi Ht?* wiibk*. A ??????? ??? r..c?i*i-l fr in tu? tra >aa?H-t?? ft ci'ii>n<unit}tliuu w?in'it *17 litm 'rllM tllrwd It llaWar, Kir-, awcmpaaiad by ? patina r|M<l b? a 1, umb.r o( n?.r< :>*nt? rai i tnn?< n liog tua anaftraoot at ?nmciutci pr.'u.bit.igWla i<Uir?rf? or atpoaur. ot l.rit* ouantlUo* of flr.w.Ju Ib tlia city. TUb a vera raf.rr.-1 to thi Committor on ilidlnftoraa. l*ou<*v uathm# Al.9?rmiu C H. Tn'Ull ?0?v*<l !*?? foltowt?f : ? tin* 1 <*ooi*ln i?iirpeet inn to b? by tbo Mayor. atating that to ft? U to ??ul.U?l. ft M" leal Ilaraao >0 tha I olloo l??|>arliaoa*, 10 b. uo<>r tn. aupaitinbm of ft J-urgaon Utaaral, ^Kaaolrm), Tha*. th? lounaal to th. <o? |>or a tloa ba aa I. ii??'?d to'a*annn? Into IM Ibwb. and to raport to Mua ltoar.1 ?li. thar, ib bia optalon. tha Mayor U* ,M ??r ?o ?.Ubil?b ft Huf??u ..fHorfron. to MwMM M with th? I'oitM cr Bay oibar .Upartm?nU A<Japtal. nuiHuaur uimni. 1 ba roport from tb? CoBDrtluwB u> allot a plara far 'aaoiag by tlia gorarnnaaot lorra* atat?<mal In U??a harbor. A.I101; rni-d to W >"ln? a lay. Hoa Hli OK COCWCIl. MBW. Tbla Jk.ard mat laat ??>nlag ftt tb?4r (ktakan >? it* City Hail tba HaatOaat, I> l? CoooTar, ia tba chair. Th? roll ?*? ralli'l an<l a i|uoro? f> uivl to b* praaaot, ?ka? tb? uiih> la| ?aa or|anlaa<l anrt lh? lalautaa of tha laat nt'itlDg ian1 ?a<1 a|i|>ro?ad. A ff w |>atltlona of an a|*<-l?l lmp?'Hft?ra war* thao pr? atntatl, ?ft?r which raaolollona wara ilacUrad la or4a?. Varlou* rraolutlooa war* tlian piaaanta<l In rrtaraa. a U Inip'ovaaaanta la atraata, afUr whleh CouaoUmfto l???. lap offaiad ft ptafto.bla ?nil ra?mlBtloB ap|*oprtaUo? a blank numbar of <loll?ra for ftfoli l?-Bfth palntlnKaf (??ai. Ward II lluinatt, to ba plae??l In tha Coawnor'a room tm U>a City llftU. thia ra?oiutlon oaa rafarrad to < omaaittao on Art* and hei*nc??*. . I of tba raporta praa?nt#?l, ?aa ooa !<>?? raport from t*o I Couimltlaa on Haaocaa. ia ral.Uon t? lb. purrhaa- of eritaln lasda 00 Ward a laUnd. 1ba pr >|*rtj tbay pro m aa to ptirrbaaa l>?ionca lo Mr. A. *?*><l<?r, ?ad tba ra ?,rt ,aeln.o..n?l. It. pur. ba.a In ft r. lhair raport, tba??luau n to ba l.*ad by f . aiaaia^ alonrra, to M ap^lnta-l by tha MftTOr and tbaown?r of th< I topariy I Ma r*i?.rt aod iraolotioo tafta rofaarad U a 1 4iuiinitl?a of %ba Wli?la. 1ba Hoard than taMilrad Itfalf Into < ommlttoa af Oia Win. la. Connc'lmao \armUyaa in tba cbalr. Altar tba Iranaarttoa of ?<>tna unitaportaal bua B?aa, tba Niard acjouriml to tbn a??Bli>|. 1 II K COM MIT IK* OP TUB Will) Of OOCHCIIMI* OM I. A Mr* AMI lift*. TbU (?(iinmltt. ol tha Hoard of 1'ouacllman aaa* yaa Uiday ftltarn. r.o, In tb? rhaml?r? of tba Oou*elliu?o, M 1 tba It'y Ilall, to ronaid' r tb? aubjarl rafartad lo tba? 1 of (ranting p.rmlaa'uo to tha Matr<n>olilaa l.fta ll(M Compftny In l?y |U Bialna la tha itn^ia of ttola elty ??? tba rommlttaa tbata wara prra, ut I ?ua- flm.a I'latka^T, Jacob I. Moora and Hoy d lltara v< rr praaant at tba organisation n* tha consMt* ? r? about a doran (tantl?-m?u lntar?atad IB tfca MdrapoM tan and Manhattan <??* U|bt ( 'ooipaaiaa, t??olb?f wt?* Mr. A. J. Vt, oounol lor tba Maobattaa <?oipaay, and Mr h W Stouibton, ao.mial for tba MatfopoliUa ' "it'i^W^.la' I drat add<w I tb? oommiltaa <m ???half o> tba Manhattan loapany, t"i c'aullft# to tl?a Mrt loi.oiltan t'on.|<ry tr.r ta?"r tl?y aa?. Ha roatoad ad tl at allow try tb. l?t?lt'ita to tb' Matropditaa ' mm WD. Vaa u.*a...r?K oaw aap<tal and laaroaatnf tb. prtao <#f (faa throaifhotit th? '.ty. Afala, ba cnalaaM ta ? rant tbla la. or woold b? to raitoaaly tajuro taa in. IB atn.ta of 11m. rttr. Mf?.laaf, |ata?? a* ft ootl. nouia >>? torn up fioui urn* mw\ U I ?? "lb.,, aLd coMiploU y imaol II. ft*ad t^a cf.mmltla* If tb.a aouU U'A baa < alaaill r to tba rlty It waa a *r.-at aaenbco of tba lolrraaU of tha to giant lhi? p?iula>lon to lay m.lna tblcugh tha alrada to tba M?tf"i-?>"'?n < omp.BT Afalo It waa a aattar wcrihy <f aoo?Ma?atlaa wU^thar a.K??a?4 ha |'la;^4 through Ui. at,..'. wIm... a.kaa. ".a? j i|?a war* ao ilabla t" taenia olftarrangMl, an : nan a aUoia o?t*h iK/rltial oo'ana?ital>?. In n Iba ?oHo? of go* 1,,*i II.a Maabattan <?aa ' <>n>|>*?y baa laid p<po? airaa '7, aa4 tl a Mi p> |.?ot Ilia M>t<< polllaa (-?u.^aar ?uat lay ba 1 .1.1. t KM-, air. arty i'o?u Now tti.ra aaa aa ra.l far j tbla-r... enwiMf far ?' Mu|ip<? that a laak iK'or., th.0 too a.ta of f^p.a nuiai ba o?atu o?4 halorw tlaa -a. can b. looad '?a? a.< of pip" warw ?^|vaia lor I all Hia pur)* >?a of tfta My ?ad aaa.d If ;t aaa a<H I tbab.l?btol foil; to u.a tao ar?at inflaaoraa I # ft ' .rrt. r> piirpo.., ab.B aaa of Uiaai raold porf'-ria aJi I tba w< r? ?a wail a. Uia two. aa<: oiaaa urn atft'r ' lalaaa I ba <ioud?I ooawa ao Iba Macba'Ua <.a? ' omj ioj and tba Saw Vort < ' aipaa; bad h ^.raUy diarba/gal all tl,.lr t otla. to tl a eitr ami tb* ? ornmi.'ilty, aad It waa wr< ag now to Wt otb?r roai|rfinlaa * .?? in as 1 ro? Utoto Mr I 'v? PtoafhtOD follnaa! Mr Willar'.on ba.ia.f of tb. M.trof^liUa '.ft* light I'MUpaa; lla -a 1 tba < iBiani lor wftteh ba appaarad only a?ha>; f <? a tua nioB right which tba r tbar tao comaana ain .a.Taiy atioyad Tba otbar two ?? Bipaa-.a ba<l fB;ayad that/ nutopoiy for jaara. anl it wag Bow liir>a tliat tft. aaa aeioly ablcb fall aa baa*: y upon tbaeitl/aaa waaaatal. tba two r<npan>? wtoKh bad ooj' yad at' iua.ra pr r. |M.I Ut ao I. ag a tima I' tbay bad ? 1 l-a' ad aa (r*a? an amount of raoltftl aa ron*^ida.| by tha iM"Oa.?g couniai tbay at Iba aaaaa tat* bad raaMd ? rita bar aaat liao. tba poeftala af tba cltiraBa. Mr rtU-ugb'oa rnad? an affa u?? aj^arb of a'<uat aa boar's'fc llr Vt lilard an Mr mougbton oeaoptod Ua wb?4a af tba day. and at tba ?on?lu? on of tuair arfuat^la tba rt, a ndttaa a ' rUH of ??lllmntr AMnw* run* TmiT to run n*?t?c moTiTf rio-? Our U?j Mtnn ui il proroat tilk a rtm oft Jatat rtaatlag "m.ioliVMi from u?o ill; h'k>n at Haltiaorr Tbo ->>]?' t of th ? imUm .? ?ur. v m ? I' ? to b* to f?n i n>? i uotW|? of ?.i/ ?aVar pel riltf, that Ibojr tor J t*p?r t tbrm wk?a U.?j f. bono T> ? I too r 4 of C*o*<'..m*B Ux?b *."?!/ a t ? lotMM, '.i Moo 4a/ ol/lt iut by wojr of rxOt t| tbn; ita'uoM brotbroa ? Offoro4 i/f < luoMimm Kmu - (W??lto4 tb?i ? c mutt*'* of flrr >?* a pp*> ?t?' by 'bo I'ftokltBt of UiU K.?r4 I# ?1ln1 tbo Ji at UMlif ' ? no.itloo on * ?' -f of tfco ' itr ? ooa<!! <?' B? *1 >tn, aiv) ?(*ort to >aeb KMiall'M of ->? ? ?r; fa^int ?? for rtoitiag Ito pabV laaWtottona -tartof t*? > ? t v<i ? riljf /4?|>u<l. si < oooriiaroa W* j.*r \>rall;?a I"?ii4/, t on Klp*r, aa ! M?? - ot? o ?|p<ri?l otB mlttro, 10 porraoa'r Tbo bl^iTO i<r?. 'nHtto, b?? J*4 b? ' .?? '?*? W?'hor, HMftll TiimIIjii ioI r?rtf " *?' tko r iM Uii;MbHt; moior <> m to rtior? ? oil ? Itloa-l oo ' Koo U ? Ma?4, 00 t Ik* trW..? '?ra paa/ oiamlao4 tbo ?ar> pal-ll? Iv' lul.w. Tb? port 7 sot not of. o ?bo r ?.? ! ?o#1/ la tbr faraaan* of /trior**/ **-! <114 a?' r??4fM till tmj WU Is tbo ?/ tarto.i Tbo < wfoop f>?* M*J'..aoro - ?o> oU of Mr Joba f NHW u>< ImmI I*>??i? of tbo Inl broar* of tbo rlt/ bad Mr Wa. r~ Mortal It, it4 *? *? Bool of t*o *o???-i Ittat'i Mr J?ba "'/ Traa*arrr of Italt.n. ro a?: Mr. T t Hi > M, ? t?!t-00* i f ISolVlTO't 'A ?Uf f ?,! Tb ? - ! ttif caMHMfa Mi t??o ?rr? i-f loot ooor in* Ilooi >? twio ? !??? to t> ? ?o*)rr? tb?jr ootoiH t ?>? f > itr'o V ;?)/ Urt to a '| otot import -<o '.f ti*o ?otof rm to '.bo iltf, vioiUof tto lli?>. lir "r* to I Hru^iriwr voir* Tb? 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Km parpmoo A oo? log ? *ir?- -joi wotot work*, a *4 rotnra W ot FiVi t or Miirta; no it ?iwbly INf latolll|?wn. i^iiuOirwiai or hn-ib??t also o tlocb m oooalaf, a ?UMa aH?a?a4 aoor U? l?a? ><la*? rati i<?4 4opwi, ot Mwifwr wa< f</ma<! to to > a trr t?f??1 lopf1.!/ fnr i ikut tia* u4 Uo nt w); rioi ewva 1 ho kattotof war wth boy r? -oai ; '*i?4 1 bo wl< ?? woo mi??o?o4 TV laMf* w>U ? ? ??'. U obwjt t "I A iwrmhor 'f No I oofla* war to rtooa# **>?'?4 ?.j bo. a* ,aawto6 tolwooa tbo atorbtaa Mlia> of i ' I a aiorao ran oa pi aooa*' ?| to Ur t.-a TV. oaf'oo o u aMa aiowbot ????< n* f -Uiit ty?f htftbw ?*mrM ?? I?a?r f V for <kt ?.? oa ?r J?lf 1 , 1M4, vta T r.f??..t ..#a #(? :#1 (ttt <a 1:.