Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 11, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 11, 1855 Page 3
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Politic* In TrumMN> BPKX0H op ANDAJCW J. D0NBLS4N, Kd? , Tin PWVATA aaOUTABT AMD ADOPTBD SON OP OANBAAI. JACK SON, AT AN AMKKICAN MKSrriNO IN UiBANON, TK.N MUM, ON 8A1UBPAY, THE 30th ULT. I Am proud to meet you on ad ocoasion like this. We Are bete not m whig* or demwrAto, bat a* friend* of oar country, knowing no pArty bat thit which is determined to sustain the c institution, And to rescue the fedenl goveroment from the ineom petent nod fs.thlesa bands wtiioi Ate no* Admluls terisg it, end wbich have sought to oonvert sec tional jealousy and hostility lot 1 a pe manent ?ouroe of political power. Although we have differed here torot? on some measures of nubile pdioy and expe diency, we have always rallied togetter woen the aolemn covenanta of tbe constitution were in dinger, and the fundamental doctri es of oar republican ajaten wtie aougut to be uniernined. No man eame forward to the support of Ja k?oo wit a more Alacrity And ccatAge than tbe greet Webst+r, in the -crisis of 1832, when powerful And talented man maintained that a State cou a absolve her cttizsni from allegiance to the United B aten, And break uo thia confederacy at her pleasure. Toe true wb'ga and tine democrat* stood then abou der to shoulder In oppcaltion to those bigber law men who were openly resitting the ftalfl men* of const! tu'ioaai covenants. Tr-e true wtdg? aid true democrats of tbat day leved their coun'ry more than party, and thtir common and united exertions Hived aa then, ae they did in i860, and ai I trust they will in 1866. Fellow citizens- l'be sentiment and the feellag wblch brouaht i-e wucd men of 1832 and I860 to act together, are tbe sentiment ai d feeling on wbich we rely for tbe kucceis cf 'be American ,>arty, whose platform you are assembled here today to ratify, and accept a* the guide of our future po litical couree. It is admit* d very generally that the democratic party, as represented by Mr. Puree find his Cabinet, is nothing but a coalition of aoo litionista and nnlllfiera, and tbat the c uotry never ?as prosper until its counsels are directed by wiser and better men. Tbe effect of ta s admulstration is to dee'roy all national tone ia the management of oar pablic affairs, to bring down to a sectional standing both the men t?ni m insures of party, t) place tbe patronage of offloa in conflict with the heedom of elections, and by weaken! og the b nls of oar Union, to jsooarilzi tbe uerpdtui'.y of the blessings banded down to us bs our fabers. I wu one of thoee reontly at I'.niade pbia, where the convention Assembled wMoh bas framed tbe platform now under jour consideration, and I c*n ?my to you, fellow citizens, with *11 sincerity and tooth, tbat the judgment 1 hive just passed on the present executive government At Washington la la baimony with toat of nearly every intelligent m??n 1 converse*! with, whatever may have been bis previous party antecedents. The nulliflers of the Sooth and the North control a'l the patronage of the Mveinouat. They hare sent ncu men ai 3aui6, tee w?m? who ww banished from Frame for his law less conduct, to manage oar diplomatic relatoos with the great governments or Ear>p?; And, as might lave been expected, tbe achievement of the AdmisistrAtion ii a disgraceful O steed Conference, in which the United States ae exhibl ed as watch ing for an opportunity to com nit an act of piracy on A friendly power. And results equally natural and disastrous to onr national fame are appearing now on every theatre of the administrative action of the federal government. Fi ibusterism in Europe, in Centnl America, in the Cnlf of Mexho, is ttie order of the day, wherever the action ot Mr. Pierce and his Cabinet Is felt at all in our foreign relati ins; and the same remark may be made in rega d to the in fluence of the government in all its Inieri >r opera tie ns. If the tree is to be judged by the fruit it bears, if a man is to b* known by the com pany he keeps, then must thts administ'iatioa be forever referred to as a striking illus tration of the fact, tbat treachery and infi delity in political, as in other relations, oon'ain within themselves a punishment whlc t it is lm ooa eible long to conceal ot avoii. We are told, fe'low citiztns, in toe sacred and lnsolred Scriptures, "that the days of calamity were made for the wick id." In view cf this awtnl trutn, let us examine f >r a mo ment, somewhat in detail, tbe conduct of Mr. Pierce. Before he came it to the Presidency be w.-otj t > ma tbat on tbe great questions put in tune by the cotn orroiee < f 1x50, he stood wbere Gan. Jackson did. TOatisto s?y, be den.unced ba traitors toe nulti flf rs and Mgner law m?n. uufler wh>se blows our glorious Ut Ion Atd constitution were reeling. Taat I may be charged with no misrepresentation or mistake in this particular, I exhibit you the i*tter of Mr. Pier< e. and offer it to the inspection of any .one who may desire to see it, in whi ;h letter hs used tbe fallowing language: " Tbere Is a great battle before us ? a battle for tbe Union? a battle for tbe asctncancy of the ptin iples, the mainte nance of which so nobly sitrnalizad tbe admluistrt tlon of Gen. Jackscn." Now, who were tlgiting la this battle against the Union, agAinat the cousti tutloo, agatnst tbe principles ol Gen. Jackson? Tbey were the culllfleis of tbe Siuth, heeded by Jeff. Davis, Sou).' , Borland Aid others; and tullittera rf tbe Norts, including t .e freesdlers and aboli tionif-ts. who made a deadly attack on Dioklnaoa, Fillmore, Webster snd (Brocson. Now this nnllify lng or dicanion band esieb ished a i>aoer at Wash lagtoo, CAiled the Southern Pitt*, whose business tt was to tradaee end calumniate every man who sustained tbe compromise. Tbe leading idea of thl traitor one *beet was, that no dem ;cr*t oouid aocep tbe compromi e, and that the South would be disgraced If it acqu'eicsd In it It Advocated tae repeal of the compromise, ths AiseahUge of a Southern Congress, And a secession of aT the Southern States. One of the editors at this sheet bad Advocated, when a member of tbe IndiAOA Legislature, the pesaage of a law legalizing the mARiege of tbe whites And the biecka, And the other, a renegnde whig, from Sooth Carolina, boasted on all occasions, that he bad no other mis sion aa a politician but that of overturning the reramenqof the United States, and foandlag on rains a asperate confederacy. Would if be supposed by any nun At All sensible of tbe ordinary obligations of a statesman, fat Mr. Pierce when ele ied President would call to the chief cibinet, judicial and diplomatic ttatioss wrthin tbe sphere of his nominating power, the men I have just Adverted to as nullifleri and disuniooists. Yst the fact is so, beyond all contra lictl on or refutation. Yes, tie fact la so, and if tbe days of celAmtty were mnde for the wicked, he will require a life as long as thAt of Methusoleh of old, to atone for the enor moue violation of his pledge* ia doing as he aai done. This Southern Prtts been the aubject of spedal faror; and ths whole catAl^sue or e?po.nt mente sooth cf Mason end Dixon's Que proves tbat tbe passport to the favor of tbe Administration a as been an identification of the applicant with the disunion schemes of the Hartford Coiveutlon No. 2, assembled at Nsshville. If a maa could prove thAt be made a motion to dissolve the Uotun, be had possession of the telle mm wbtcti unlocked the patriotic neert ol Mr. Pierce, and be was sure to get en eppotntment, whl.e toe poor tell >w wb . s'o d by bie country was aa effectually istrscised as he ova d have beeu had he bt<eu convictsd of ia-ooy or burglary. Fellow citizen*, I cill this conduc'. of Mr. Pieire base treachery tteachery tiatbaa not its squal on tbe page of our history nme the ronn iti in ot the governmeiit. But my old democratic friends tell ase tbat tbey are not to biane, and fiat tbe demccratic party is not to be bia ned since It dees tor endorse this tnea^Uerv. My reply 1 is, to this suggestion, taat no effort bas been made here or elsewotre by any portion of toe democratic party to repodiate tbe admlmstra tkn. So far from anything of this sort being attempted, we see, on toe contrary, the most st:cnuous exertions to Htistain t.e condact of tbe Exe< utlve. 1/ ok at Virginia, and what d fjoo see th?re ? Why, the calumoia'or of Jackoon aid Polk hat- been tie cved by tbe lifluenceof what la tuere called tbe democratic pa ?y, m r-.y bi :au?e he fe vors tbe doctrines of toe tire eturs and isuuiojists; and the party Is trying t > acc /mpil'h toe same r - nits ia every State where there Is an election. I*t ne a?k WB*'. u t .e mOA'itrg ot Aoay John* >o's Ja ? Oob'a Lsd:ensm in tbe State ? I. is uod^rst>>d abroad to be a complete endora?tnent of tbe iter e A ministration, and we know here ai home that there Is not a fire-eater or disuutonlst wh < is uot active ta the ranport of hi* auction. Au1y J >bn son is for a.te. lag the oonsti utlon, lor the ab liti >n irt ovctrioe in itMe>a to in* white ba*i?, tor g vin< t . the foreign immigrants our pablic lands, It they will go and occupy them, and fur a?lng everyt ln< else tbat will identify him with the Pierce flubu tar ing alminlatratli n in the poll y ot enacting aU tae iortlgu ai d Koman Catnoiic v.ites ia his servics. We Are al?o told, by those calling themselves d- mo crats, that the platfMm of tne Atoeiican party is suMtantialiy theirs, and that U <?nuot be male effective wUhout their aapport. la other words, we nre told thai tbere is n<> n* ctnsi'.y for a new or ganization of parties. Nothing can oe fnrther fron tbetTuth than this state -ret. t, an you will at one < see when you look at tbe subject in all its beam's. >SIMS tbe sdopt'oo of tne A merit an platform a'. Philadelphia, the organ of ths Pieice par'y imnedi ateir took tbe ground tbat the slavery qiesd >n most bo tgr.ored ae a natioaai qnnstiun? t ?'? is, t .at a daau<t-et at the North may be an ay-?lltto ilst, whilst at tbe South he may ima^fe nn.llfica loo or say ?ir sbsurdity, and still be aa orthodox msmbsr of par'y. This as been suostentially tbe pr*<; .ic? of both of tie old parties for a coostderable period, and beooe the failure of both to settle toe art ta Jon <eosed by slavery and other qaeatioss. As long aa large pernors of these par'le* N rth Aid 8 iath Are lod by euch men as Seward and J?*o. U avta. It is Iob pr M'ble that there can be anything elss bat agtta tiuo. To escape this agitation > on most go to tae American platform wh ch says to Seward tnat tbsre ia no room for him on It, because be refuses to respect tne coasMtutiooal provis'oe In regard to slavery, and wbish says also to Davis that tb",rs Is no rooK for blta, because he ret ks rem "ilos outside of the roBntJtnttoB. As at present orga.nzsl, too ?.timerra?i: party at the K>ut*> is a nol iflra'iou l??rty Ia* weapoc is a toaoare to tbe eoosUtition, AuJ it is this ate r. ace whi b prodaooi mich of the dangerous excitement at the No'th. Mot so with UM Amertoan party. Ii eUrts out on a national basis, and makes Its teoruiU alone from sources which protect t ie rights if (ha Booth, and all otter portion* of the Union. Ssward atid bis tree soil aieoolats* will be forced to at tad aloof, and the nnJhfier or the Soatn must do ths same thing. How ia it powribie to ignore the si a very question and give pea e to too country, when taa Duliifler, Norta and South, of both toe old parties, ia using this question to obtain power, each miio taiiilog that a dtate has the right to seoede when she pit as* s, and each cheating ths people with the idea that their rights will be aate only by tb.owmg into CoDgreaa sen who talk loideat aaout Northern or Southern righto? Toe American party, fellow citizens, tejecto ail this talk about nullification, se cession, or disunion. It appeala to tie ooantr* to execute the provisions of tne constitution, and ti ho d on to the ices that our federal system mu-tt b? preset ved at all hazards. The American party ohe risbes the doctrines of Washington ana Jecknon on this subject. The o her puttee take np the Ism* of euoh men aa Calhonn, Seward and Davis. Toe American party ssys thit the constitution aod the laws made in pursuance oi it are supreme. T ieo:her parties say that t ' ere is a higher law than the 3oaa ci tation. Choose ye between toese parties -thePiercn demccracy, atd 'he Seward whiggery mixed np with free soil and nullification, or tne American party ?tandirg with Washington anl Jackson, declaring that the Union must be pteserved by a f?H iiui exe ontion of all c wstttational compacts. Bit tbii is not aJl tor half of all the bad conduct of the Plerco ?cainistratton. War is not only mads on toe prln ciple which brought him into power by oitra isiag the Union men throughout the land, bat he is ea plowing bis officeholders, as the Pope of R <ms does the Swiss hirelings, who are quartered ia his doaiia i?r>, to rob atd oppress the peop o. Caere u a at an o0ic?-holier, tr< m Mr. Marcy down to the ioweit tide waiter, who is not in danger of losing his pia e it he cannot show that he is S3c>mpl ubing something in Ue way of getting a rote for the administration. When the Indian warrior comes in troa the ftaid, his savsge gbty, his retown, is proportional to he number of scalps he has taken from nls unfortunate vict im. So it is wltn these officeholding warriors of Mr. Pierce. They revel in the work ut deoaplta tion and hold up their victims with j lyooa acclaim tim, counting them aa so many memorials to be call, d up when tho trophies ot office are to bs die tiibuted. Wny, fellow citizens, it is now said that not a member of the American party can h<ld an office. Pierce, Seward, Wise, Andy Johnson, and all the would be Governor* and big men, bath north sal f-onth ot Mason and Dixon's line, are determined to f xcommnnicate the Know Nothings. I f rbear to toilo w out any further the cooduot of the Plirca administration. Encngh has been said to satisfy yon that no good Union man, who stood wherj Jackson did in 1832, c uia consistently advocata such an administration. It would be easy to a ho w that precisely the same state of facU exist in regard to the whig pa-tv, aa It stood in iti purity. Free roikrs acd abolitionists taking the name of whigs have abaotbed the power of the party practically. The true whig and the true democrat can then con sistently take each other by the hand and agree to act on a platform which contalnei nothing but national doctrine? a platform which wjuld exolade all therangeious isms of the day, and reogni-e cnJy the great and leading ssntimente of such pa triots as the father of his ooattry oherishe '. It i< tHs platform which has been adopted at Philadel phia by tie (General Conodl of the American part v. IiCok at it, fello?-cit;zens, examine whatjit contaias cn tbe subject of Uaion, the slavery question, and the foreign and Roman Catholic intlaecce. Mr. Dcnelion here read extracts from the plUforn, and after descanting upon the passages ia rela tion to the it. 'mm Catholic*, and showing that there was no design to interfere with the religion* lights of that or ary other denomination ot Chris tiais, concluded bis lemaiks. Bat bsfore doing *o, he adverted to the report that he was a di??ppoint td office tteker. Tom report, he steed, hat urooa bly grown out of a letter which he ad J rented to Mr. Pfeics before his inauguration, la bnhalf or his son i.-law, Col. WUcox, then a member of Cougress from Mississippi. This letter he then read, and showed that Mr. Pierce, after the organization of oi* 1 cabinet, cc.ud net have appointed h's soa-m law, iissauch as the c ndition of his app ointment in volvfcd a principle wh ch the President had violated in the composition of the cabinet. M'. D melaon Btuted that he recommended a man for offi e because that man bad vindicated the cause .1 the Uaion aad opposed the Be cedars and abolitionists, and did not wish th' appointment of bis friend, except as aa evidence of the President's determination to main tain the dcctiine of lien. Jackson on the subject of nullification. This is si folly stated in the latter that there can be no mistake a&out it. Mr. D. woaid have been disappointed if Mr. Pierce had given the appdntment to his son in law after the formation of the cabinet, because that cabinet was coai posed of nuliiliers and free sailers. The whole report was, therefore, character zed |\? a slander, inch as c uld only emanate from a President who bad forfeited his pltdges to a nation as a conserva tive. t on) promise manflWr. D., calling the attention cf tne analence particularly to the fact that Pierce had declared bimwlf In favor of the position occu pied by General Jackson on the U aion question, and to the fact that be m-ommended bis son in la v oily on the ground of hi* having exposed and defeated such BUillflen and abolitionist* as composed Mr. Pierce's cabinet, left it to the public to decide which is mcst to blame, the President or himself. EXTRACT ntOM us. pnesr*. Coscoau, May SO, 1851. Mr Dkas Sir? I rejoie* that th* leading orxaa of ear party I* new onCer jour control, and regard ta* ehaag* a* most *u?p<ciou* at tbis juncture. There is a cr*al battle before u*? a battle for th* Unioa? a battle for the aseendeory of the principle*, the asstntananse of vblch so nobly signal)*** th* adaiDiitration of U*a?ral Jeckion. The" ten*, the vigor, and xtataatnan llk* rrws which yon bar* brought to trt* column* of th* union a r* not m*r*ly imporUnt; they are abnolntely lndl*p*n sable In this.crisls. With great reapect. yo?r friend aad servant, FRANK PlUtCK. Tcnr Oaors, Iiecember 30, 1H52. Ciub 8ia -My ?on. in law c?l. Wilrox, *r Miuiulppi, inronn* me that hla name will be presented to ron to fill a miMioa of th* first grade to one of the eourts at ablch the .^ptaish lanauag* is npoken I couid not ri-n tur* the OXfcesaies of tbe Kratihcation hi* nomioaUon will afTerd me, did I not feel certain that It woaM meet the approbation of the round portion of the democracy, anrf have a ealutary Influence aa an*ri<lence of the if m pathjr of jour sdrntnlstraMsa with thoi.*m*n who riaked sometblag for tbe country wb*a powerful combination*, unc-er thegaib of .Jt?te rights, were b-i?T in towiog the ae*d* of d (union and ciTil war 1 olnnel Wilcoi In hi* Htat* took tbe conrac wbich rou did In your*, and thna **ved hi* party from the aitceadrncy of an ultrtmm which would ha?? been aa fatal to It aa the Hart'orf CoBwntlen baa be?n to the federal i*ai of th* war of 1812. I am, troiy, your obediant eerraat. A J D0MKI.90N. To Mr. Ptxart, Preildeat elect ef th* Coitad State a. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. BOflCT HARKKT. Tcksdiy, Jnly 10-6 P.M. There wm quite a reacuon In tbe stock muknt at j tnc fim board to-day. All tae lead ng sto:ks a j d j at lower pri <*, and there appeared to be a general j d?H re to sail. The bask s'-at?ment, publialed to i day, is not at aQ aatiafectory. The great, expandoi 1 of 1c ana baa Hightooed cautloua operator*, aod they have availed taemwlvea of the high p.-icaa ruling aid realized. They are undoubtedly w?e in *o do'Dg. With a line of discounts anamicg ap tiirtf eight million of dollar*, it ia fail time to look abjut and tee how prices for stock securities are iltely to be affecWd by a contraction. At the Rrat board In diana .Ve tell <1T 4 per cent: Illinois Central Baads, 4; Nicaragua Transit, 4; Cumberland Coal, Na* Yotk Central Rai'road, t; Erie Railroad, 4; Rtadmg IUilroad, 1; Hudson River Railroad, Cleveland nod Toledo, 14; Ha-lem, Gil n* and Chicago Ral road adranctd i per oent. There were large ?ale* at the decline to- <la) . There waa more ac'Jnty to da; in Iteadirg, and the transact! ma were princi pally lor caah. In relation to this stock, the Piiila delphia Pmn.' uhmnittn of the lO'.h I oat. says:? Tbara vh * rtry haary stock maraat yaatar Jay, though tbaoaly Material a-lvaaea ? m la KaaUag Kan road. Thtra aaama t? ba a ??rnt; of afloat la ra*rraaea to tba probability or a >iIti lan.i oa thla atock. tb? mo*t baiiaf ta that tttay will 1? clara about fliva par i?at. Thla, hoaaaar. it ta thought by i. Ultra, tba diractora wooJd t a a'ra'd to do, vb?a to* ii -atipj daht ia koo?n to w orar oaa an'! a b*lf liona, aa it m ?ht autjact tha? to a auapieian of batag conaactad anva tha racaat apaculattra moraisaat ia ita a tack. .'.nothir currant rumor ia that tba dividend wtli ha daftrrad, a* U?t year, oo?ll n**t payajant, by vhtcb i tuna tb?y caa pa y It with -ut, aa ku onfonuaata.y baratofora alatoat uoirartaliy baentha ea??, ultimatai/ | *<-bcn.i ?? It ia tb? Inerraaad capital da^t of tba cam pan/. 1bi? woo d go rary far tiwarJa .aluem* p?r- I manaat Invaatmctit aaakera to bold tba aWxk, aa I tloa take it oat of tba baada of cliquaa of aolSab ?p? ulatora. ?ho, being mara tian?i?nt boidara ear* aot ahat aaci fl. aa ara made for tha future. pr th?y caa m?ka a praaant Itrpraaaloti '.f the pr ca of tha ato-k, aivl tbu? make It, what it ought not to be, tha mixl ta tuat ng aa>i uacartalo atoek on tba llat, n aaw rulai at a*ariy par, ??t wlthla a y*ar It baa twloa tmrh. l halo* < >; jai thar* Ik ao? aa raai diffaraasa ia ita iatrlnala ?aiua conparad to thaa Thara aoaaia to ba a vary |rc*r?l >mpi"aaioa that apacala'lon baa aaarty raacbal l'? ba'gbt, aad that rtry aeoa tbara mar or.-ar a aataral ra action, as kpaealet'T* op?ra>or? will, of can?, i ka ta mm aa aooa aa poa ibla, aci tba ato-k thaa baing la priTad of Ita aof pc t, aad tba aaart at loaded ?tth It off?rta? far aaia. tt aoiid ant Ka anr>ri* to aae It ra trotr?4aaa ra^diy aa it haa advaatad The hoard of dire ton have a ta asormw, | the lltk izsUat, when the dividend <|n?e1oc will be diipoaod (A. H* sUii to toe of>i**? U>j4 It wffl to four per cent, no more end no lees. Erie wu quite active tod 47. Tv beus erekammvring ttis eiock with e greet deal of force, Chore ware two beer eelte to-dav, eeiiern four to tealv* months, bat they bad no visibU effect on prices. Cleveland end Toledo sold to some exent it t? flrei b ?rd, and fell off from the opening. There were plenty of eeilere 00 time. Cumberland and Nii*r?<ua have fttlen back considerably. fancy etocca hare not been In much feror with speculators tkli seisoa. The moat active movement and the greatest riae baa been in soon-t, substantia, productive stock*. The market wee a litte better for eoma stocks this afternoon, bat there wea not mnch do ie. Cam* berland advanced .{ per rent; Nicaragua Transit, 4. Illinois Central bonds fell off t per cent. Tiere are strong iuiicetiots of a decline in s'ooka generally. Prices bare been advancing stetdily for several moot ha. In the aame time the baaka have expand ed from eighty-live to ninety eight millions of dollar* Extraordinary facilities have baen 'u niabed bv the banka for bu leg and carrying stocks, anl they have now reached their maximum. The banka cm not, dare no-, go much beyond the praaent limit, sod any contraction is sure to put prices of stoou down at occe. The market cannot be easterns 1 without the ease a'd that bee inflated it The iteemahlp Baltic, from thU port for Liver pool, to mortow, will take cat sbou'selght hundred tbonaand dollars in gold A large amount will go oat by the Kteamer on Saturday Taa total ahl> ment for the week will not v -ry much from one and a half million of dollars. Tbe transactions at the Assistant Treasurer's Of fice to day were as follows:? Paid on Treason account $.!30.138 80 Kramd do 173 7a I 27 Ballot* do .1,959,860 80 Paid for A ma j Offlrt 4*?!* f? The reoeipta lnc ade $60,000 from Dub ique. Tbe operations of the Treasury D'partmsat, Washington, on the 7th, wen as follows:? Appropriates warrant, for Vu Dap 11,470,636 51 Appropriation wurtntu for Interior I)?p. ... lit), 753 IS Ihavnon account of tha Navy 23,517 00 The Eaat River Savings Bank Inatitu'.ioa, No. 3 Chambers street, will pay tte asaal semi annnat dividend on the 10(,h Instant. The Long Inland In surance Company have this day declared a semi annual dividend of ten per cent. The Paterson and Ramapo Railroad Company, three per cent, fhe BankofUti a has declared a semiannual dividend of three and a half per cent, payable on demaad. The Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad Company have declared a dividend of 12 per c< nt, payable in stock, Aiguit 1st. This is equivalent to about $4 per ahare in cash, at the pre tent market piice of the stock. The transfer books will cloae July 10, for the purpose of making up the dividend. The measurement of gra'n at Philadelphia daring the quarter ending June 30, 1866, was 602 802 bush els con, agalnat 362,731 for the same quarter of .ait year; 204,749 bnsbela wheat against 154,086 lut year; 68 667 bucheis rye against 10,637 last year; and of oats, 166,694 sgaioat 88,816 las*, year. The receipts of the Macon and Western Railroad Company for June wete $18,870, against $13,760 in the corresponding month last year. Tun company have declared a semi-annual dividend ot 5 per cent, payable on the lrt of August. Tbe receipts of the Virginia and Tennessee Rill road, for tue month of Jane, 1865, are as follows:? >rom frsf?ht $11,022 44 From p?k..?ng.r?, *ipr??n, fr?<ght, and C. S. mat) 8 Ko9 09 Total $19. 9H ! CO B*iog o??r t>0 per caat. greater tUan taat receipts of Jane, The coal dealers of Boston have organized a trade association and passed sundry resolutions requiring the Pennsylvania abippera to make an allowance on all cargoea of goal which may contain slat*} bone, or more than aa unavoidable quantity of dost. In view of auca case*, toe amociation is to have a atanding committee to decide what is fair and just between the partiea; and In ease any ahippera shall leiuse to pay the amount thus set tied upon or make good the aliosrancs, the mem beta of the aaaociation will to advised not to pur chaie of such firms or agents until the demand be compiled with. A similar recommendation la to to made to the membara of the aaaociation, la caee the quality of any cargo of coal ahall, upon aarvey of the committee, prove Interior to the krtiole pur chased or contracted for, or In caae a cargo weighed by a sworn weigher shall torn out to to abort. 1 to committee recommend that dealers shall not aettle for cargoea of anthracite un'Jl they an landed, ao that quality and weignt may to made eatlsfactory while the purchasers have the account ope a. This is a bargain having two si dee; and If the other con tracting party, those who furnish the coal, should not lika the terms la quite poestble the Bee ton inns may find the supply shortened and the piice materially increased. Tbe coal trade of the Cumberland region la pro gressing favotably. For tbe week ending the 30',1 uit., 52 boats deecended the Chesapeake and Ohio canal, carrying 6.H03 tons of coaL Daring the eeme period there were trueported over the railroad of the Cumberland Coal and Iron Company, 6 038 tone or coal; over the Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railroad. 4,944 ions, snd over the George's Creek road, 5,927 tons. Total from the en ire c >al region tor the week, 16,909 tons; and aince tbe l.t of Jan nary last, 386,717 tona, of which 194,720 tona were tresspor'ed over the Baltimore and Onto Railroad, and 30,9*7 tons descended the and Ohio canal. 1 he following an the official earnings of the Mich igan Central Kail road for June, 1*55, In comparison with last year, and it will be seen that the gala Is very handsome:? P*t$t*grrt. Frripk!. Hi fit Tn>a> 1846.. $140 79$ C2 $X4 076 15 $2 57,710 42 18fc4. 106,821 44 61 1 06 46 3,5 '1 U 171, *49 14 I'ald on dii-burtlaf checks 84 601 A3 For tha Treasury Dep.rtaent For tha 1 r Dep.rtm<>At Fur tha ( ultra. War warrants received and eotoreri. $36,899 93 61,2*3 23 87,616 2* 114.648 0T I Ine.... $: v.*?4 M t'.'3,CU 70 93,437 00 |l,lt,390 The l*lt R y ale Mi< I ag C mpao y have 38 too* of | i copp?ron the way from Lake Superior, making I I the total of ablpmenta alace the opening of naTiga- I i Hod abcut 13 j torn, worth My $<*' 000. Thi pro- | j oust of thto year will prcbabiy exceed 200 tooji, | mto bat tlx Wen heeda of etemv" in operation. la ; ' Angurt the ataupa will be doubled, and the product of lboO bU?K fait to yield a ha< daome dividend on ! j theetcck. The Toltec mite ha? 4.0 1 tooa of mui | copper on the way, and froa ell eocoaoU la pro ; preaalrg very aatlafactorllj. The Copper Fall* nine < ha* (?0 ton a on ihe w ay. The Cliff and Minne i acta mine* are both yielding finely, and will each I probably aeud ever 1,200 ton* of copper to mar ket tbla year. The anatxed ataV ment exhiblte the condition of the banka of Maa-acbuaetta on the 2d of July, com* , 1 pared with that of January laet, according to retnrna made to the Hecratary of H'.ate. j B*?ui o* M4iwa'hi ?ar a*t> Jrtr, list. LuitUvui. ?7 C'Wjr 113 Ctn n'ry. IbUti, r?p|Ul tmiO.iiH) M >0 N't circulation... 4,?*7,73l 11, >74 241 17, Ml Wt Itepeera li 114,317 ? 3O0.*lt 21 .4*.. *79 1'ioflt on kunil. . . . .'.-aa.ioo 1,M,2M t.HN.Mt Tou: 167,.V.0,14? 94ft 946, M9 ?lc.i 2M,7*? CmwmIi No?m, bill* of n ? rtaaie, he... ? ",Mi.777 |44,4<W,M2 m.HUM PmlelT 1,011.134 4,M?,7?4i K**l total* W.3M9 4- 2 f44 1,144 419 ToT*l ,147,340,14# ?4f >44 f <W) 9149,999,7 9 7 to foHo?lr? wttl tSo rmm .it'oo of tU* boaU of tbla Mat* oa tb? Ut ?' Jmuary l?-l ? lAakMiifm. 37 i'Uf. 133 (kmmtry. Ttnl i Okfrltal 9*2,1*1740 914.192.9M ??T,?t4.MS Net rtrctilaUoa. . . Ml 11.414,027 l?,l|l,4M I 11 4?4.979 4,104,744 1?.*U I?>1 I IToflt >4 bail .. S S2MM 2,144/22 4,997,991 laui ? l.aoo, 7 tUnmT(r?. Vote*, MU< of ?t >*a?* 4ms.... ?4*.1?9 :? 9?> aea.-^l i, *47, 3*7 ire, 14/. a.7r .'.u u. xM W..1 V? 4>.<v*4 1,IM,4ie T??a. 4.1,999,9*4 t4.,*CUT f9?, 999,799 "It ?*-nTi i' 'rmwt nhfttlf. apoa eonwUoa with tb* ftint day of Jwui ry Lut u Iiwmi la to* item* of Nfllilof I'll mi; of not circulation, d# pwHi tb. 082,248, of loata, W. 898 888, IH of *p*?l*, ?TM.23S. Thegrosi iocon* and exooodinrea of th? East era Ratnoad Conakry for tbeeirvtti nailu ending May 31, 1865, war * u fo lows : ? Raw mm Kailkoau Company. Receipts frtm |m*?ecf(*rs, tt&8,199 00 Do freight 106, Mm 00 Do other itatas, 34,71* 28 ?000,612 2? Incoaoe from property 47,102 42 ToUl receipU, $8fi(8l4 AT Total ripens of working tb* road 298,767 ft# Balance, 864,847 II Le?* for lueuranoa, tril of grand junction, InUieet xooidI, lie., 160,268 08 Leevlag to credit of profit and Iom 2"4 689 03 Tt c dirtr or? atata tbat ainea tbe laat annual meeting t ifco t alrtn null pood baa bean pnrcnated at an ?? pent* of 160 V4t. la etd?r to raaew tlie brigo asnu ibat pono, at an ea'ma*td oc?t of ?tO.OtMl A soil! brdge, w>4o eatugb for three track* Iim be?n a)a*?*t ent'ie j fil'ed at a con of 89 064, aad after c oar, log to renewal and con.-tf uc'loo account ? proper proportion of the eoat, tb* balaoeo baa Man cairitd to property account 1 lie entire coat of road and equipment la atttad at 94"87,0<4 19. 1 ho total valuation of property not re quired for (lie u>a of 'be road l? atatwi at *1 f>86 179 98. 1h* total lii'ebte^nen ot t?? coppioy l< t4.0IH.4l2, of wtirli batf a unlllrn la due to tbe HW'e, tl78,700 04 U pa) able on ? ? m<ad . 8263 t 79 66 in 1866, aad eo on t"b? defalcations of the Treasurer ain iuit to $207,006 *3 ai Mlowa: Rundry acoonnte tbtre U difference of til, 180 1)1 Not?a payable 00,600 00 Aeiatlc Bask, being for bills which ha had r*pr??ntei a a paid and vbioh were not.. . 67,807 78 Men nam '? Daak, Homou 9,789 01 A note rf tbe company ahicli be ha* uaod for collateral aecurit ? tor hla own not** 7.600 00 la addl'un to thi* there l* aa urn inaua of et-cat (26 aharea, wbich at market price of t6C 81,260 00 Total t-07, 01)11 81 Tht folio ?U>g table ??>ow? the qnntity of huuis of ibe principal art! iea of pr duce left at t de <ra'?r from tbe c mmtncrmeDt of navigation to tlie Tib of Jul), tot lumve, dniicg the jeaii 1853, 78 day*, 1854? 68 dajs, and 1855, 68 <*ay?:? Hanutut or PaoDcm at Tidswatx* Ih63 1864. 1866 Ca*iit oprw. April it). Jfiiy 1. JHtf 1. Flour, bbla 880, SUB 477 996 3'll,B72 ^ beat, tu* 1,(6 ',283 1,971.7 >7 8*4 :>33 Crrn. (?* <9,8,792 2.246 5M) 8 288,810 Barley, do 14b 02* 224,428 60,618 Ry*, oo tt.MO t4,Mt r, l :i;u Uthtrgraica, do 1,2'2 248 1,164,908 1,288,677 Heel, bbla 24,664 7,461 ?,062 Port, do 84 18.1 106,487 f.7,976 Afheo, Co 13.007 9,480 6,904 Hut' or, lb* 4.">t,0fi6 20s 005 141,137 Lard, to 7,399.072 18,021,490 7,477,8.11 Cheete, do UK 972 112,083 122,80* ?0*.U do 494,817 121,177 271.007 Bacon, do 18,976,010 1 4,074,706 0,84:1,688 Tbe Waletford return* not received. It would probably increase tbe tigu ea on floar, whs*t and corn, bat not materially change the figures oo the other ai tides. The aggregate quantity of tbe tatne articles left at tii*e?attr fiom the commencement M navigation U> the 7th of Jul , Inclusive, during the years 1114 and 1855, was as Mloww:? Flour, Wi. Wh inl,buih Cnrn, bulk Harlr. w, 6u. 1854.. . . 47" W?fi l,H7417l>7 22 1 428 1?66....301 872 884,633 3,288.810 60,618 Dec.. .170,1118 Dee 1,187,222 Iac.l,O4;t,280 Oao 17.1, *08 Ibe apgTtigate quan'tty of the same a tlclo* left at tidewater from the 3 m nancemeut of navigation to the 7th of July, Inclusive, during t.e year* 1853 and 1855, wss aa foJotre: ? florir, Wt Whtat, bvih. Cnrn. truth flnrlev bu l?-6r- hhti.WiO 1 ,6' 7,2n.l 008,791 14.1,0 W 1866 is*. 1,872 8?4,6;i4 8,288,810 60,618 I tec ..479 064 D*e .892,760 Iac.2,080,018 Dec 92,rrf)6 By rtdieing tbe wheat to flour, the quantity of tbe lattar left at tld?wat?r tola year, compared ait i tbe corre*p<iaJing period ot la<t year, shairaade crease of 29,568 bar roll of flour. , Block Kichasge. 'IDUlliAT July 10, 1865. ttfO I' 8 ?'? '87.... 120 1(0 *h* Kre BK.o4ss 62 n*l' Irni State 6'a.. 88 60 do *10 62^ 21 OO Virgla a 0'a .. 99 60 do. *16 62,', iOOO N Caroltaa ?'*. ?8 240 do alJm 60 9C4'i Krla Ilda of '76 924, 'M0 do b80 62^ 1(01 Uui)Bl?tMtBd* 91 60 do ?? 6<S? 1UOO do lt-8,H 1?0 do *10 lt00Hu<lK2d?tHd* 108 200 do.... b30 62S W C< 0 111 ( enltBBa b8 80 V 200 do e 62 >i 41 A(>0 do b3 8?J^ lOOal&Cnl KR ... Ill 26000 do WW 87 4CO Bvadlag RK..a0ai 96 100 do 87 M do 98 10000 mV'dbwaMO 86 KO do .... . b<W 98 V,' 6C(? ilo.... bS 84K 400 do 96* 2.'.<K0IK>nHKdb. *J 89^ 700 do 96', ?<>00 TaHtAAWdmb 90 200 do b 10 94', 1000 < lv ft fol l>v b* 84 100 do 9?X 9000U?:,Wft.-'tl.k* 86 100 do 96 \ 20 eha Bk N Am?r. . 104 200 do... *?0 96*4 8 ( ore K* Ilk 104*4 61 Hudson Blv RR.. 41 % 20 Mrh Ilh'g An* a. U3 86 Micb Coa RR . . . tT?< 100 Canton o . MO 37S 28 do ?7>5 64 Nle Traa Co blO I7J< 26 do .. 97* l(o do 17S 10 M Ho * N la RR . . 96* noo da. 17 X 20 do w? 3(0 do *M> 17?? 100 l'aaama RK 101^ loo do *3 17 s; IU?v,ColiOs... loetj 2< 0 Cum Coal Co. .b3 29^ 10 !S! 2(0 do e 29jJ 200 Clsv ft To! RR MO 93 600 do *Wl 29?J KO do ... . b#0 K0 do b3 29 % 30 do 92 jtO do c 29?< 60 do b'iO 92* 200 do bilO iO 60 do 92\ 7(0 (.aid OoldMJne. . 1 HO do *? 92 to b16 2 ?> to b?l 9I? 2< 0 do .... blO 2 20 do 92 200 llfCulloch fiold. X 66 do 91\ 60 N * I en RK *80 101 S, 160 do ...*1S 01* JiO do ? 101* M) do *10 91 Ta 2)2 to I'll* 10" do . . bdO 9i* 260 Krla Itallioao *10 62 * 600 ilailani RR. . ..? 28* 60 do *3 62* 100 do e4a 28 HO da *A0 f.?* 60 do 28* 100 do e 6?* 800 do boo is* MIOONO BOARD. tSUTCO Miwonrl 8*?. >.* V' ihs Krla RR bl6 62', 6000 VfciRvonthaa "j loo do bflo m* MOO l'ao Bd* 2d I*. 101 X VOO do . now* 62 ? lot oo iu Can hRe b'o 80s 100 do b3 62', HOtO do.. b.10 8t* loO do ...elO ?2* fiWM trie IM* '8.!... 88* 67 litUa Mlaail RR 9? HO ? h* ( um (1 Co ?3 So HKt HndaooK r?t KK 4'i* KO do blO 3C* 100 t UvAiTol RK 92 ICO do 30* 120 do ?l* ioocaatoaco ....*?' 27 68 l'aaama RR 101 f(0 Nic Traa Co. blO 18 9 do 101* r(0 do 17* 60fJal fccbl RR b! 110* i<0 N Y ( en ilR ?t>0 101 * 4'8> llaileu KK itin 28 100 do #3 101* fiO do 28* 1(8) do... .*30 HI* 2of> Readlo* KR n?0 96* HO 101* 400 do ?3 96* IWJ Kris RR boo 62* 4 btuxi irtdr T. i. KriW?.Hl A CO.'* CIKX'LAK. Nmr y okk, Jul/ II, 1*M. UTMIPWIl rLftNlirtCftTIOH. OrUiu I'plnnili. M MJ? &? I'r r M "TdlBifT t? *(.*<1 V ? V >, j a ?}, V ft 3 ? m low a.l44ll*> ? 10 H\ ? 10 9 ?, ? 10 V\ ? 10 Mi4 Ii.t -I",? -l?y- ? _ l>M ttit *?*? lot . -lie-,- _im?* - _ ii _ f.o<4 mi4.llll>? . 1 1 * III. II ft ill, ll'? > 111 II ? II MHillm 'fttr ll<, ft III, il', ft IS II1, ? I ', I" -, ? I I ft r to | 4 tftir II* * l-s Id ? 1 ' S ' - ? ?? U ft l.*>. null* or Htr *?><?. 7 if 1b? niikit h?'l rIomk! arm ?t lha imu< of Our U*t eifuUr p?r lb* Atlantic on tha 27U> ul inn, kit br .*? >'o*n *|kiB oa lb* r*r*ipt of tit* fUltie ? *4*>'o* to Mi* j 1Mb ..It ptrcili of uiitoa tppnr to ban Mt h* I b?r* on ?r I.di ii ibox oor r ft ajr" of pnrmm for llw ? rural of Oil* packet, ?l?i !??? otr? to )>- por*>ayU> lily or Id Ik* <H?i, of uram, Wft* B dWrliaa IB p*ia* | u. n.??t tha r of *if>?trvi? ft* ?po?uUt on b?i*a , lil'lj e?aa*d ftD'l rftkM f*.l vo II* for nudMlof* but ra rorarad <4e on tha ..Mb. it tft.fli !M; war* -I'vij ip | to r?o? p' o' Ua A mat i?a '? arr.iiotj ui %'.\ alUa>o. oa i UurKajr. Mb Tbo?a atiiaaa of *al?? la tha utwor vt> OW bai*? ?t a d*?liaa of ',4 >04 (lonra I a* moot* froa tb* friota* for tba alila<] arm **. aJihaoffl ' ftroapaolad hj f??..r?M? wa?th*r. m*n dla*pp"<a'lu( h*f?. ?*<1 bojar* daeaodod Kr. Welln* Ho?>* ?*ta roportaf. ?? low ft* 1 0 1, e . 'of biVI o?? ??ut >?i?i w*ra |lnt; at bi^bor tlgnta*. asd 'O'lad lli',? t'? low Vt pro<)o*4 with in <i?a?t ?} I ho narkat ?? *1 air *wa pl<*4 with ?aaplo* nodor l"^*, hol1*r? w a< a ?*r*a to **U und?r I1 \r. Tba ba*io*>* '??* b-*o li?'it * a * ? t.i "rtalatr ha* not aaouaWd to I 0#o ba.a* 'tailf 1 b* >aJa* a ad ibipnwau from rtrrt a?od* la ?h* ?or* a'j bt amoaat to Ifc.ff <1 b#J?* t*o ' ?r ,o<>t?tl?n* to th* ftf.o* t at whiah yiirchiiM o?*a*.?a?'lf >m iriftdo, akieb ?) aw a d?<- ii?> to tba fartet^h) of 1 , at *Mrh tfc* Birtt rb??1 at**'; jtitor^ay atth la"J<-? tlMM of fta opvftrn t?ci*a - ? Tba loal'lfb** r ??T ha* riao?> w* ft iff* tif laat la ??a a?d lot oat 10 Ofl bal*(, but bt* *ia*a fft'lM. ? a 1 i* liialj im>? to r*a? a aowa Tkia* I'afta'ai'i bar* '?ft*bad Nav'rrtaaa* froa tb* 'ri?a*?*n?oT two fro a Ui* Ovachtta. aad n* aaxh from *1, t* aad Wmi r - ftli with light laftd* aad rwpotlaf (?; *( ?tf??n? Vorafroe Hod rlr*r atmoa tinalni Tb??a ?r* ??i* ">alai to th* pr<*t* ? a tk? r*?a.p* o' th* lawa* aMftot* ? b"a<* >ft.a> hara b*aa ?fl?'t^l ** I w ** ??,? (?. k at MoMta aad K*w OrWaaa hat ft* tahyrapM* "r-1 ?r* t? bar fraalf > ador It* wora <1?*pater>*4 w ?>, ta* vn^ri 'a ? i?t. It 1* *upptao^ thftt t h* a?r*?t ha* b* -a iM^t *1* thl* data Thora t* aa '*???*? ta paaii* ? p*a<<m ?knit 'ba *i<?at of th* rowp'* a* tb * rtnp r?. r to ?? ?( ,?? hft. t<w*a C?atl/ '^w? t -m+ ta* 'r. n*? ?? w*ft nwd ?houM Uiot bmw a aa*a aad w* aro |?r>.rad w ?h raau auaf bat ib d tr) waathar. It will V* ??rt laai/abk* cirr in4?k it r. poiit. frai *t, Jtlr I'1 -4 P W > -nra ~ Hi* *a ?? win liaiMC ta aaail lata of p U at If l> a f tl Raa. -tr* rr% ?fW.r atrt't wv trawr ?w? ctwaai h1 MWiwa f ?'<? TV* *a*aa aaaracwd ?boat 8.000 a 7,000 bbU , iBC'u-'Iog' ruOB?a 34 ate ot M 80, u?) rbote* to Mtn ?t ^ T6 , WMIM> 8* ?t a | ?W 26 tor comBMin to dwc brwla, anTT? It ft *1 J V> t'* ???<?/ and aitra; C^i.V ko (aa\aa 1.400 bbla.) tl (J 87 a $10 H7 (or B'lx* op to lti<<) ml Houtlwl ?" nnebao?ao (orntntd? lixj bbl? Nw)-m; war* ?old at 84 87; Hraodywtna im ?t ? 4a?a* or 2 t oo buxb> la Caaadlaa vara oi*?a at 8 2 to ana 8>W buabtlt nav Southern wi? mid at 8 t u. a i ? '40 Cor* Wiia bim 1ti? high pr>UD-ii>D. of holWa aalaa, which waaa conltaad to ab->ut ao ooo a 40 ixrt) bin bal?, at Vie a W cbi?By at ? w.i^r MSc >a ronod ron' Ition for ablpmaat, aoiua lot* wara *ol<: 'or future dalkary, in Augtitt, at We HarUy malt? 2 < < C buxhala vara aol<* a* 81 37 Rya it a dud, ? lib amall aa<ax reportod at 141a. OaU vara uuiat. but bal l firmer at 'Uc. a '3c t 'om* -Tba mail. ft wax mo^aataiy aatlra, with xal?a. of 1,1 Wa l,2i 0 b?K> Kioat I0t{e a lo>4c , aad 800a KK* baga lagoayta w*rr 10IJ at 10\o., aad aomx am* II lota M. l"oui dip at Jt^e. CuTniK *ai mora act: re, with aalaa of fl,00o a 7.000 balta at an tdvanca of a %e aiooa Saturday laai. Mm. lilt (I upland* clonal at 10*, a 10\c , ehiafly at tba laat flier*, Fhhi.iit*. ? To Urtrpool, about 1,200 a 1.600 balaa of ccmprai aara nkit'ifi at 3 lOd a 7 .'t2<| , aad ab mt 10, t ? 0 buabaW corn at anont 4^,d.. to ba?a To lln iren, 400 baga ?( < o 1 1 on ?n? tDK^itl at Vl. Tollaare rata* wara un banyan. ami ta^a*- niant? I'ght. Thar* wa? notllB| Mar 10 l<eadoa or to California. lUv wax ijalat, at 81 a 81 M. Ihok ? About 2?.0 to ax war* acll, at 824 60 a 810, nmal Udm I iuh ? About 4 f'00 a t>,<w pig* fornjfn vara aold to ?rriTt*, part bpaa'xh, at 0 INe., aad tba r>n?mil<r it privata Uima. "pan'ab waa in i^tm** c???4 hold at t)t%i Mi i.AN-tx -Mle< ot 1 00 a 200 kld? l uba muaeorado , a?i r at HtJe. Ibn m?rkm waa uru. Nxil*. ? Cut adaaorad from : \r a If Naval Mt'Nio* waraatoaly, at 4?e. for aplrlta, aa<l at j 81 *<6 p*r Mil tor roaia par 310 I ?>? , dalu>i*d I'll. ? Lit.****! from atora wax dull at H7e. par gallon rm>MHui?H. ? I'oTti? Tlx markat waa aaltra fbxaalo | ?mt>rac?Hl ab<>ut 1, 00?' a 1. i'i0 l>bla. o? w maaa. on tba X|>ot idcIuiIici 6< I' at 811' 2\ r> oek today; aa<) about ^00 a 700 do. a' 81U 2^ a 819 .17 . and I ,<>00 do , to arrt*a 1 in M> < ajx bujara' opt oo at 8'M Naa prioi* ?aa at ^ 8lt> 3' a 810 60, and nlil maaa waa ooa nil at 81V a 8ltf it, BMf? tltaa 980 kbia , at Old pm-aa Hat ma?'? - About 16<l ptokafta vara aold, at 7 Sc. a t? lor ahoul j dtra. and \<\c. n ll)>> ? fir hauix. iAnl ?ax in%r>ira at IC^c. alio Salra about 209 bbU. Uuttac aa<l chaaaa ! nncbaag?d Kick waa toaar/. Tba aalax ambrtcad about 200 caxhx at I y,e a ? Sr ht <l?HM ?- ibxra waa tnora doing, aod tha a\laa am hraoad auout 1 2n0 blida , cbltllir *Ju >a muacaralo. at , I \r a ' V,c Inrludad la tlia aa'oa w?ra 200 budj. Na ? Orlaaoa a', full pricta hu ll? !-mall 10 a nlovxr arm aallmg at I0?^e. a lie , Taiihw ? Aiout Iii.ixhi li)? prim- |Uilitj ??rx ra ; portad aox) at I'.'e lump aold jTOttr lra?ly, Inrludin^ ' c< ron.OD at old prlo*a, and lamp at 81 10. Ti hxk o.? ha;?a of Kaatuck/ bar* tiaaa lomxatiat ' lar??r, prioclpally of lowrr gra<1aa, faratport ntti<r | aoita ara in fair rxquaat, wltb miftara'a aalaa. 27S h ida Kentucky aold at7S?. * lOH"" | IHli bh'a. lUraua at 2le, I a A3c ; rV caaaa axadlaaf 7c.al3c. , 34 caroooa Aabalama, prlaato tarica, fur aiport. WiiifKir ?About 200 bbU. Waatara and Htata vara | raporiad at 41e. ADVLRT1S1 lIWITS REREWKD KVEUY DAY. ~ I.OIT AM) KtH .M) Dtio i.oer.- a 8VALL Duo wira loso n*iK, eutlirlr wblta, aioapt a black patch bahlnd no> car bad a ball round bar nack A I barai ravard wi.l ba paid for bar ra urftj , at 7i;n lit... l?.iy ? .'Ot Nl'.? A FfcW WUKS AUO, A CASK WITH A. gold liaodla, In John Tajlor'a aalooa. Can ha bat bj prtivlrjc proparty and paying axpauxaa, at tba abnra nani>0 p'aca, 306 and 307 tlroadwa/, ccraar Kranalin atraxt. . . ItOl'ND? 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C VAN KI'i'-< ON 'If IK KVbMNO ?>K MONDAY, TIIK OHI j li.iat. , at I'laaaant Vallay Dotal, Tll.itudlam, N J., ou iba road dowa to llobokaa fa rrj, or ib going through Haiclay, Hroadway aad 'iraod atraaba, 10 uribard, a ladlaa' gold braaatpla; daalgn B traa aarlrrUd by rlaaa Any p?ra< a ratornlag tba aaaaa to 121 Kaat Hroadway, will ba aaitably rawardad. R|WARD8. AOi | KEWAKD.? Lf*T, ON fATfROAY AI*TKR ^ Z' ' bmd In oaa of tha Hanoad aran aa railroad aala, a porkatbook, contaiaiag 81 M. lha aboro vlll ba paid to tba fiadar. bAMl'lX C. HAKTH, 428 teeoad araoua. tftQA RKWaRI).? HTtllJKN, FROM T F BKtTTT, ob Muaday Bight, at 12 o?lo-k, a ailrar laaar ? atrb. If tba partia* will ratura It, tba abort rawarl vll bx paid, vb.rb I* tha full aalua of It, by laarlag It at tba Nataoaal llotal, ? ortlaadl at/tat (gtliv RKW ? H 1 1 ? I i**T, O.N MOVDtY NI?lir, ? Mp 1 "y diamond rln#, oaa itoaa Wheoaar raturaa It I.. J t ,\NIiLK.^).N, Wararlay llouaa, will laea.ra tha 1 abora ravard. (?/r RKWARII? 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Aar i(?a?tit/ nf raiaa as4 raattli baala Mtl'lxr. % nil *a*T MJ lirrjalva; , aawtd door a aoaa M*a>wi al. I?aM' ? <'/?Ujrn A-HMmrwr or *?>[, X> aadaai fm??ra.: pfM f.,f k..,um m? aaaitl Uit.oa aiaa t>aa a ia?a .baala al M aa-: attb a lar?a mlatj of lara akd aairrfoflarwl arWtaa for aaaa. mar vaar . ai k>f ^ruaa luLuai > g?Awy. m kMtnf, hUCE alLKt-W K WIU. 0PM THW WIIM A Ultra at', -a of ?^?rwr bia?a alaa, ?rruU4 w> aaar ?a^ at ta , (a aa4 :? par iar4. I. II. li.d) M tllH * to . i4T Rraa4aa/ SI HMlii ?K>.v fi t?OVK OOllKfcjw ? Nfe< 'us. Y ba? ;a?t ra>?ta?4 aa>itb*r iaiparta4?Hi of U*r ?+*? ttata-- kraa l ?-?a 'araali aaaaufaaturat at l.;'>a?aa /('ail) for bar, af a Tai ; hd 'it <<n iik au1 j ?4a flv) fat i?n.>iar ?ar aai; *M?aiac t*a??aa fair ai.' (tak?v*a aa-b cnraat liar pr\*M a r? ??'; aa.f uanaily f har??" *b la ro* aaaa aa4 ah^aaia ia bar Iraaar ?<??? miata ara ar^faaiadi; aaaar^aaa??l. OAlS' K lardtfai, 4t TtM i"taa aaar Taata at | I -i i . . tHU.I ? ? 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TUK RIUCIHKKN OK NtfrVM JJl l-ojga, Mo. 117, T. A M, ar* h-rxby t?(w I By autiAad lo attend tbair nail rtfuiar romiuuair.u.t, aa 11 m?<)ay araotng, 12th la*t , at B P, M , <>? hoatiaaaa of Tltal ioi( ortanr* By of Bar, QUI W\ Htil'RHKK, J. W., Actum W M. 0 I- ll< l.aA?, hacratary pro ton. MAUNKllC Tltt HOKAI'll OOMI'AN k ? IUK ANN ? At unatibg ol tbv atock boUora of tka Mwiult Ia4a gi?l<h dtuipai,; will U i,.; l at tha ' ompaa# '? o!li jo, M Chamut airaat Phiiaoi lphla, on Tharaday, Ml* IMk ?1?y U July, IBM, at 4 o'c orh I' ML, for tBa purpaaa af *l*ciiag othc*r? Uimix Ui* oomp.ny fur tha aa?ili f*' , . JOS saHJCK, racratnry. Philadelphia, Juna -7, Ht6. X; EW YOKK ? ALII I CLUll- UIK rilllil) (iK.NKIlAL il mafting of il>* Club w 111 Laa* pi*. - at lb* Claa Qouao, Myaias I'talda, oa Ihundar lb* rjih mil., at 4 O'ciixk, I tin oar at ?*, o'o.oek abarp lluaiawaa? A4 mlwU D of ntuibvri aud to tuai* arr?oj|*m*ul? for IM aurual oruiaa of thadub. N. BI/IQIMuOli, Kacoril mg H>rr*tary. IJaU cloaa at No 4 I'm* atraat, oa Tuaa4af oraalof. "\*KW YOKK, JULY 10. IB4A ? CHAKI.KS A. AUKL ll K i ? ?a nolle* to th* public that no daola wtll b* paid rontiaatml aa aad altar thui data, la hi* BUM, iritliout a wrtitan or '?r, an h? baa rallrwd fraai tha Baat mm All p*raona harm* claim* alll pi*aa* pr?a*at thaai lor pa) mm I and tlio o imlabtad will pi*a?* rail aadaat tla Imm-rtUtaJy C. A. AllKL. N. Ik ? The *ub*crib*r would, at tba mum lima raaar fully r*oorormnd hu oU ruatuaara and tba pulillt la g% aaral to pnwaat propriatora a rail. 0. A. A 8TKAM1R BAI.TICFOK I.ITKRPfWL, JUtt 11.? POR aala, ona ol tba moat audibly attaatad atato raa?, two paaaagaa, In tii* ataanaar HUtir, for 1 Jrarpom. aa Wadnaaday orit, July II. Apply to rt. IJCi.ANH h Oi , MatropolUaa HotaL IUUU.KAm Notn K ?ANNUAL Mk?T;NM ? OKKIUM of N \ H N. K I aloo Talagrauh Ooapaay. Ilaa tun, Juna 3<>, ln6t ? Vou nra raapacifully nutiBad that Mm mmUmhmm of tha .no* a oft im "?t ta|bal I'nloa 1 airgraph I ompany hold ttaa.r anaual muling la tba I'aioa Talrgrapli olTloa, tn Wall alrwot, B?> fork, aa Wfx'oaaday . Jul< I* IMA, at lo o cki.'B A. M., fur Uaa purpoaa of baarlnc an I coaai<>?rlaf raporli of past traa?aotiaaa. cbooalnf a l*raald?at. alaa IHraetora, rtaa ratary, liaaaurar, and huparlnUaovnl. fur tba anaalag jr* r aad tor ati-rLitog Sthar that away ba dvaaiad aa^antlal tu tba lnWr*at< of tb> roanpaay. U 1 IAWW, xarratarf. TIIF TKU-nOW OK TIIK WUtflC HL4IMH RURU. I amalary baraby ft? a nolle* Mat Utay wtli ba raatf for tla aala ol plot* ?n tba l?t day of Au<m\ anauiag. A| pneatlfn uiay ba ma la to Kiobard 4 Raadlaa. 64 na vantb atraat. Naw York . Jonathan Partly, 117 Or* Bard ativat, Naw York , Jama* Uarr, No 4 Mtantoa atraat, Naw York . aad Jan** W Rarkar, No. S Naaaau atraat, Nra York ; or to tha olMcars aad Truataa* In WhH* I 'lama, l-atad July 1, Ikba JOHN KI4UKH, I'raa. John I*. J?vk(Xk. harrctar*. Y^u ttn.iii.K. claw or ma ? am a good imul ,1 of doubt appaare to *xl*t natoaf maaiaara 0 i I Ma rlaa* la r*aard to tb* tlma lor t .a aait gaaaral iaa?Uac, It I* tbouithl P'opa* lo fivapublla notloa, that tb* otaan will maat on tba <lay twloia ( omm?u<<-m*nt, la tha yaar ]Bt7,tba fl/taanth anolraryary of tbnr graiuatlw*. Naw ita*in. Juna SO, IBI4. JAltkh IUUAT. MINI Klil.A>KOIIB. AMERICAN I '1 All* ti I . A.-iM Uim'ANir-l A0P4ET W illlamaburg, Ijong laUnd-Ar* aoa pr*par?4 la tin uta ordrra for rough plat* gtaai, an I tabu ,ut laaiL akyh?bta raalt and dack ligbta. I rompt altaaUoa *M ba gii*n toaU oioat* tail at tuatr vltl w, 44'J llruadwaf, or with th*ir a^ant, J R FL1 ff, 7V Murray atoaaA. a LIXtXT.? TIIK C'HOrOX W ATKH, WHEN I'URI /\ Baa bjf b? V roua n'.aaa Hilar la ttalf a ?raat fitury. It la lli*o aa put* aad p*Uurl l aa whaa It 4<a4 Bowed liom 'b* bubbling aptlag I hi a Bllar lainoraa Irom It nil ilia ?>K*labia, au nial and mineral liapaM t>aa gatbar*<l ?hll? runauig tor mllaa throagb ia??4*w*. j uiaithi*, ano iron aod !**?! p<paa, aa 1 raa<l?r? It aa aa ? tui* lal#fi'l*d It t* !>? htalilyanl r*'r*atilag 9 1 bd *i p?n<tafl lor ? n* of tha?? fll'?ra alll ta utrarl f?ur by , (;i?at Into a founlaia of |.uy* apriag waWr U*p*t, Itt^ i ( aua! ?trr*t. hOAW - I li.AM.KK BOA IU OK ALL I' ? .'.II !I<MN| ran b* found at tha boat aad oaf ha>%af of la^ar i aoll'a, 1?U houlb awaat. N H. - Hall boat* fr?a> 14 la M f**l loag, can ba httad out eoaiplala, la twoAay*' a aha*. 17KM0>? PATKNT Ail'. THillT ITRENCII hA^IIH alida ap in tb* fram*, and awing latu tha raaa, I can ba ia**ru?l m o4'l fraoiaa aad In m aa; caaaa tha i a?aa? gla** uaad. thr?a ^uaitara of tb* wibdaa aaa ba op*n*d with or without but M fruaa* ant thaw mr ? ??npaayiug nutaaaraa. ara ? haapar tiiaa Kr*a?b raaa a?b It la aaaraal y two montba auu* It* InlrudatUaa, aad ard*i* bar* b**a raealrad lor upward* of 4r* baa drad wiB'low* A working mooal aad lalarma'loa *aa4 upon addi*a>iag tb* riitaataa Wll h KolUi, 111 Waal 1 w?aty filth atraat 7*mU?iAl right* fur aala oa farar abla tana* Apply to tb* pataota*, or Jan* a U li*r*f, ag'ut lor I aitad HtoU*, 4 i l liif auaat 1 r >.7t III M | MnHI.NU MA'.HIMIIM, BAT f!U>Mn?, JV horaa haaa, cultifator*, plowa, alraw cuttar*. pi** a ab*l)?ri, raap*ra. boraa poaara aad Uu*ak>ri eaak throw bar* aad w'aaawar*, aad a4har ?Ala**, for *ah by P. 0. OA !?-, arrtnHwal aa i, 11 Mraadwa^. IOVIKh OP AQI'ATIC HI*OKTrt? Wll J. HC KXfflM j tail tbl* day only, in front of iagar*?H'a groat AaM ao hoat and oar haatar Wi rtoalb *tr**t. a it fatr*? boat, bnllt for th? Night nal Morniag <1ub of Hr?aklya. Ail daa<roua *>* lafltail toatUod L*|i|?, ATTksn<-N M. It r.ioiUN WIIX forward gratalUiualy to aay a<ldraa* la a* ?war to prvpaid latwra, *aclo*iag ataap, aa Ua laiaailag aod raluabla pap*r aa tb* *abJaet af toilat proparnlioa*. aihibiliag tha aaiar* aad cbara<rt*i of maoy aHlrlaa of tba elaa* a?a la '?a mo a uaa, eoataiaiag al*o aoaM aalaabla raaatpta. 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