Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 12, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 12, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6893 MORNING EDITION-THURSDAY, JULY 12, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE PMHIBITOBY LIQUOR LAW. ^tMn? of Jwlge In um Uqnor Cms* MABIM OOI'HT. Be foe* Hon Judge Birdsall. The PeopU dk. M. Chat. B. timith.? Tbt de'endent is fiharged with having violated sect on one of ' An Aot for tkt FnTntloi of Intemperance, 1'auperiitm aad Crime," having sold a glass of brand; to one Taylor, on tbe 4th Ut July inai. The proof of the sale of tne liquor ia com plete. Several questions are luine t by toe oounnsl of defendant as to the constitutionality ot the law. In the Srst place, although I know of do ooaautatlonal or ata tutary provision* restriction a committing m*gu;tr?te from passing upon such questions when tbey arise, yet J certainly doubt the expediency ot a ooaantUog mi filtrate in exercising that power. It more proper!; be long* to the court authorized to tr?- an appellate court. Th? act of 12th of April hiving alien i?.j tie juri* no tion of thin Court, I can only aot ax a police or com nit ting magiairaoa. from my ja<lgoi?nt tnere can be no fepp.*'. i nnaftiuently, to pass upoo these q leitionn Woiilu only he ?.??um ng a right or pjwer which could Sot hare aay aflnet, and wbicii would not eeWbilah any Tight* n tier Uoe law. Had I not bono o istd of jnr.adicuoa, ttmi it would h?ve been a duty imp >e?d to UKeiMn iml thorough!; every quantum involved aud .-which I ahoiilif have oonn uubraitatiog'y Ttinu J pans from sweb question* ?* to whether or not ''An ?Mnce baa been committed," or is th?re prob%ble Muse for me to believe ?n oirenoe had bono com mltted. Mbtt am the re.tncti?n< unltr the law? " LI qaormust not toe told in th'a exceat as authorised Ukr and by virtue of tbe law of the Lini -e1 States, or ?a provided by this law " Such 1 ooneeive to oe the ten* oouitiuciua to be pitted on tee law. Tbe question then What liquors are authorize! by the laws of tbe I'nittd rtal*4 to be sold m thin State anl Do v or In What q.antitts* My it b* solar That the "right to Jnwott," aa easttoaded by the Umrnsd couasel is coa ceded, bat bow?? why only in the original pa-si .?<??. Ikn I may aay tbe law of the United State* authorized the rale of hqutua is their original pac?ag*a, and not to MD by the |V?K. The State has a right to reguU e tbe Mle; having Um r*;bt to regulate the sale, t <e law says. Virtually, {tin eball not tell liquor ia this rfiate, nut Jon may sell to the extent of the autiority given by the flatted btHtee, sjud no more." Taking tbis view, an of -flaee has bars committed. I concede that the liw is ?pan to otnei constructions; It mty be so construed a* to except liquor, each as imported ' I'm true if a douit anbet as to oouitruing p?nal statutes It ohould Be coos'raed ia lavor ot ths prisoner Yet X, sitting ex a magistrate, anl it evidently having tin the totooiWtta of tbe legislature to prohibi*. entire She sale of liq worn, I deem it expedient ti hold the de -faadant. In m doing, both parties get tse judgment of the court, ac4k:orized by law to try these cases, and from whom drauiioo an app?ai may be bad. pplnlMof Juntiee Pearcy, of the Secon?l IX* (rtet Poller Court. The act for tUo "Prevention of Intemperance, Pauper ism and Cr.pio," passed by tne legislature of this State April 0, ISSb eootains subject nutter, the correct inter jiretalii'u of which there may be booextJy a <Jilfc;?n;e of ?piaion; bat it ie oot my intention to travel over the ?M<|r ui< ceafled. or presumed to be occupied, by Alt act. Whatever may be my private op niju of the ?Ot, either fir or again at, or the opinion* of othsrs, I Mannt jumi!j be Waned by any of tbnne considerations. SUre en'y to a ay that I bare taken voluntarily a Mlmsn obligatoao e? a magistrate, which I can neither pataside not <lMDOgard, and consequently can know no fcrfead-i or r?git>i c.ny enemies to t he above- mentioned ?et. In the cuv before m?, the accusea wa* charged Vith viola t ng. ooction 12, vtz , being found in the street Intoxicate): >in< Itie charge wae distinctly an 1 dearly proved by ttw qdioer making the arrent, amo bv tie ex amination of the ascusel bun-elf It is contended that 2 have no fight or power to .mpose the fioe. or imprison is detaolt it fijtient That purt of the twelfth section tMds thus: ? It shall be aLriowful for any pnraon to be or become In toiiolWtd in is v *4ere proccry lane, atrect or nnblic pleoe. oad for each iififsv-.o ?iisll be liable to a Hue of *eu dollars, <o be aesd i?>* ?od reetaered la tbu aatui manner ai tinea la the fourth ????'! ?. wf thia aot and id default o the psy jnent there..! h. shall stand c?m nitted, as provided in said fourth sectisn Bjr relet r mg 1o section fourth, we find ? Yverr pcrKc rta a'ball vi late any p?n?iiton of either of the Piwe edl-K if t ioDn, ?ball, upon oonv ntion, Ac., be p*in labed as lolloea. ? Fer ?i<lativii of fiction ttr?t tor the lir?t offsaee by a tie ?af ?fty dollars, f r the se>ond nffenoe t?y a fine of one brr.*vw* dallata, anl thirty da.V irapriaouwent for ?b? tlil'? ??>< <eve?y subsequent ofrnnet bv a Mae n 1 not law tbaa on* kaudred dollar, air more than two boniirei asid tfty* , and by lioiiri -onnicnt not Isaa thin turae, Emere hoe etc urontba. 4e ; and In defailt of payment My .neb tij? . ?oela or feea, or any part thereof, the de iaat rha 1 b<j eoawnatad until th< tame are paid, not lets than one <*ai p?jr<4elUr of the amoant unpaid. Thir. by rxaanoltig both ?ectionn ? the one declaring the e< inmi.-?Uii -it s. oertaLn act a crime, and impoj ng a penalty tbevfo, the other describing the m\nn<r of re covering tt*t eenalty, or iu default of payment, the tapriroi men* Jnoarred thereby ? I am clearly of the opt ?ion, as a metintrate, deeiguatel by section fifth or gh? semie *c% <11 fa -titute pro ?e : ings on all violations of Mid net, it w m.< eoly my province but my doty to Im poee the fin- of $10 on the acjustd for being iatoxfea Ied7 The f.\sil 'jak been raised that the words ' sued for nod re m???d," have a generic meaning, anl that ? suit ebou 'J tio instituted for the recovery of th? fioe^ (a I dent bj law, I do oot think so. That It was never the iuVaK of the legislature that the penalty ihastmyoeed efceuld he thus cued for at elv In, no poreea wiliolafwte for a moment. If It wti int>*n1*d lbat the H"? was to be sue l for by the <>>rpor?tioo it loraey (ae h ? keen argue.),) the cectioo wou'd have 6eeinate<t ifitl cou nod oamed the officer inst^id of yefWmug t ? 'he feurfa section Wbst ?i be more it**r tliat te tioe shall be paid on convietlon. If the I ' en'^s far nod recovered," had In the ?am< man _ been in >rM in eec'ioo four, then it would have ai Ssltted <>f i ? csthe r oonstrnction . but such is not 'lie esse; the fioe in to be collectel in the "anne Jnanner," ? I. *<. is to sav, on conviction Ag?ln. o* tice been ral??d, that intoxication la % mi -< '*eMior and the 8pecial Sessiooe, by Wlrtoe iaif in pursuance or the "Act enltrgiog Abe jwrl'ov ?o?rf tb? Court of Sessions," passed April U, ere aioo> osmpetent to adjudicate upon an 1 disp >se of nek ee^ew. By refernng to the H>vlsed Sta'ut??, 2 Vol., peg' ooc 64. we flnl " where tne psrformaace Of nay act a prohibited by a?y statute, and no penalty for the vl<>l*'Vra of such statute is impi'el either in the lime s?c?i n tootaining such prohibition or ia any etiMT se.-i-w* or Statute, tlie doing ?uih act shall he glfrnsf* a wr ?? leeieaoor " Section 12 of the a-t for the pieieotion ??. liiteppersnce. Ai- . imposes a p -natty of 910. Tbn?fo*, K is not a ml- i-tieanor, ani for n v o lethal of ??' ' 4?vtion. in mv hvd oo it Is clearly tse tlatj e< tt ? e??\strate to Inflict the imposed penalty. Thr Uw In Brooklyn. Teeter a.- Hugh Mtrpetrick, the keeper of a grocery la Qodeuu .wuiir, appeared before Juitiee Smith, of Ok On'' >f > (teelal Sessions, on a warrant charging bin with "i.-og liquor contrary to law. 8. D Morris ltd J. B K(og, Keqe., counsel for the Kioga Oiuety l*r"T Ilea ?**.' Association, appeared In his behalf; and J M Vai Keq , conducted the ease for the prose cution > r Sferrif move<l the discharge < f the defeo gastoc t- m MWwing grouads ? First, on the ground of InfenaaM} of Uie warrant In not xpecifying an offence, ineotra -n/ wi>etber the lienors were imported or do jnestie, aa* Urn ' did not sp?ear by the said warrant 2b at the hr.svty therein alleged ti have been sold by Ibe deft n aa>t was not imported, the right to sell wbi^h is five* by .be '-awn and treat) >e of the I 'alted Htstes. J| |t ?r> aot ifllrms'leely appear that the de'en lant Is aot a? 4B(Kirter of fore gn lienors, and that the *iaa4y eta not ie the original package* 3d. Tbet tUeeectioa of the act under which the pro fi?ertlB> It in M1-I*--1 is unconstitutional anl void, sad fhereleo 'is 4"fendaat ahould be discharge.!. 4th. Ifc.t tteUftb section of the act under which the kuttiorlt i e^ the justice (if any) ,to act in this proceed log Mde >'in is also eaconstltutional and vuld. ^lUl. Tli *t be twelfth section of said act, nndar whleh this aroee 'i-na wae commented, Is un-.on'titu lioaal ai ?? ?e?d. ?tli Tne* toe warrant la aot authorised by the act It pelf, I f not i<? een orsoity with ac tion twelve of the seld *cU . ^ Hen chj ??* aooe were disbursed by the rospec'ive conn pel, aaS oe <r?lad by the Ja^oe, sad 'he defendant re egM to p ? ?!, wheo Mr Mog referring to the K?v1?ed rtotatee ?? ? a dstay of twenty fnur hour* to plead, %* waeth- ciaA geof def?e"ant on a charge of m ? le ?esser, n <v r wbich bead this offence if off-n-e tt waa. ?would arm I lie Justice reeerved bis decisloo un'il Friday , 2 ? <C<xSk P. V., until which time the esse waa Smtbm sf rniwd (? U> o' Hupervfeore, which met yes?erd?y Ore alBf " ?-" ?Mtatioaa previously olTered by ^upervisir ? ' i, '.'(to* the olBcers of tbe counts to enforce rat *y law and ft* that It waa obi-r?ed w?r ? iap ? W. r.n KK tvon. and withrut debate, with but |? ing vote the whole snbject wae inle1nlt<-ly 4 Po ends prohibition ia tbe Board of Hnper Vie as a. (HM W hienvawnt of Ike Uw In Willi ame b org. Tfce lr?" dneMve action relative to the enforcement of tli* ?** ' 'I** law, was tokea by Justices Fena sad jlaeebe rf tto l-eetera district yesterday. Tie tot caee was Job a Krey, the keeper of a liquor MloOB, ciinet ef North Seeoad and Heread streets ar Tested en a warrant Issued by Jastlee Fena oa tb-? alB Certt Wt Mary Wtiite, who charges him with sell lag liquor ? Steer. 1 h? defendant pleaded aot guilty aad de SUM a jtry trial. Be waa held la 1*60 bonds to ap fhr mm Fr nay erenlag aeit, whsa his eaee will be dis fOMt If by jury. Refers Jastlee Jeeohs, k ? ai ti aad selrure warrant was Issued against " l Berry a large Uqner dealer eeeaer o? Heveaib pad Oras>d steeti, oo (he affidavit of four eereeas, w?o lisMH that they had bought liquor at bis plaee staee |he 4th nf Jslv O^ftoMa Galshtrd, ef the Fifth district poiiea, as listed by cfflwri He#, Jane* and Stimt pnxmd'l to '.n? plac* and seized about 92,0tj0 worUiof liquor* coaa-tm^ of brairy, good and had articles; gin, rum beer al? ebsirpngDi , >11 kinds of wines, toil la 'act a gen*r*' ?? sortm.nt ot ftpirl'unu* liquora An ottioer was plml in cbaige of the premise* ; the l quore wtU not b? rem "e I until tbin d ay. The proprietor of the place *u tauea into cottony and brought before th? Juatioe. I'billip Hamlltf n, liq , appeared as counael for fie de feDOsnt and moveo for bin diec^srg*, for rtmoa ol in at fticletcj of the allegation in tbe warrant o' arreat It cot netting fcrth that the liquors aii???il to h-tve h ?? ?old mt not aueb of which tbe rght to *ell in thia State ta given by the lawa and triat en of tbe United Elates. 1 he motion to discharge was denied, and except ona taken. The Oni?el then offered to give bail for th? defea tant to appear to answer at the next Court of (?-u?r?I -*n sii na and objected to t eing tried bjr tb* Vjurt of Spei.el feaelona, at a cited various a-ctioun of the r?vi?el eta tntea b h to hia right in objecting to the Court of Special Beeaioaa The Jnitiee itated that be wonld r- nerve bin deculon until Saturday, tbe Hbta mat In the maantimo he would estKine into the matter A warrant whh issued about 4 o'clock ajanut John Rmeell, corner of North H?on1 and Kirn streets, on tbe affidavit of feronn who eetitted to baying liquor at liia plat e. the warrant ??? p'au-d ta the buodao' Aaals'. ant Captain Hunt, of tbe Fifth police district, aasi*t?d by olli*r officer*, proceedei to tbe place an't aearchel the piemiaea, and eeized about $MiO worth of different kinds of liquor*, and p'a*ed an officer in charge of it until this day when it wilt be rem ived. There w is no resietance made againit the officers at either of tbe piacea and every facility ti text tbe different aindi of liquors, and tbe quantity of each, wax given them. First Trial Under the Sew Llqnor Law In Albany. CHAJtCOAUNO TUX inpohmkk-conbidkkablb kx CITIMKM. [Krom the Albany Register, July 11 ] llie caxe of the people, C. 1) William < compU naut, against William Lendoo, for aelllng liquor in v oUtiou oi the piohioltory atatute. came up before Justi-e Cole yeetercay a'teruoou. .-omstime previous to the hiur of trial tbe police court room waa filled wub spectator*. *t the appearance of Mr. I.amlon an't cnuaiel they w?re greeted with cbters and bitter sneering iries of "W.Uiams," ''('arson." kc. The Justice, however, im nxdiatel) quelled the ccnTutlon, by order Dg tbe arreat of aey person malting any none ??a'ever Tte case being called, Hwri Werner and De Ko:?at appeared aa counael tor complainant, and John K. 1'or ttr Eeq , for defendant. A lengthy argument waa had upon tbe objection of tbe defendant's counsel, that tbe c mptaint waa inf'or rr.ul in not aetting forth facta, but xinply atating wbat *?- tbe Intormation and' of the complainant Ibe defendant's counael cla mei that an accusation bud not been hrougnt in legal form, and therefore the delrnaant ahonld he diicnarged Objection waa also made t j tbe wunt of a specification ttiat the iiqaor claimed to have been aold waa nut imported liquo' 1 he cour se) for complainant, Mr Werner, lariated, in reply, that under the iiatute it waa onlv ne-e??arr. for tlie purpoee ef ieautng a aummona to compel the ntken dance ot witneaaea that tbe complaint alleged upon in and belief, and the Jimiuebad reco^n'ted tbe complaint aa aulli -.lent to authuriat the ieau ng of ? pnmmooa, ami tbe teanmony of tbe witneasea ba ? war ranted tbe arrtat 31 t'je delendant After ela orate debate Juatice Coif decidad tbe atitn mona to have been sufficient to warrant the teaue of a mandatory proceed to compel tbe attendance, aa 1 aus ta ned tbe proceeding'! tbua fir. Ihe rcmplainaat'a counael then deeired to flle a new complaint To tbin tbe ce'endant'a counael objected. The Court ruled that the trial ahonld proceed tinder tbe original complaint. Mr. Werner (complainant'* counael) then attted that be dca:red time to examine the la*, that b> mi^bt fully fettle tn lia oen mind whether tbe new compli nt. wai adminfible if It could not be admitted, be ahould ad vi?e the ataving of far*ber proceedioga aa <-ertatn apeci flcatiora had l>?et, onittt?d in th? t)r?t cumplftlnt, wmoh he dexred to appear in tbe complaint, it it waa to be carried to the Court of Appeals. Alter cnnaulUtlon. tbe caae waa then, by consent of both part it i, put over till Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clt ck The crowd then began to leave the court room under considerable excitement. Ht.C. P Wiliiarne. tbe complainant, attampter' to piss Out into tbe atreet but aa be reached tbe bead of the ataira. hn wae ae r.ed hv a number of peraona aad vio lently tauled ('own tbe ataira upon tbe platform half way between tbe two floors, where he fell or waa pros tratMl, unab e to riae Hia bat was knockel off, an 1 then a bag or powdered chatcoal, p*ev1oua)y prepare i and brought to ton oili :e, waa emptied over htm, covering him from h>-adtofo>t, penetrating every seam of bis garoien's, and Bll ng his eyes, ears and h?ir. He waa then aastile i by tbe jeer* and taun>s ot tboae who asa>a'ed In or \vltie-<< <1 hia treatment with criea of ''He I* drunk," '? he is drunk '? Ihe only ofliuer in attendance made bis way to tbe ataira as toon sa poasihle, bat too late to secure the arreat of any i ne ergaged in the outrage. Indeed, the multitude cried ' a bun -red did it." and memci pre pared to defend any one individual from the charge. Police Intelligence. AlLI'JFP ATTKMPT TO EILL JKA1.0C8Y TBI! Cil'SE. A lean named Cbar'e* William* w*? taken Into ou* tr..iy yecterday, by cfficer I'enderjaat, of the Fourth ward police, charged with haviag attempted to take the Ufa of bin wife, Mary Anne, by Bring at bar a revoiv-r, load*! wlib powoar asd ball. Ibe accuaed l? a Dane, ami ban barn married but three week* Toe following affidavit of tt? coinplaiaaot will detail tha cir:um*taQ ce* under which toe attempt at a**an(inatli>n wa* IB I lie : ? Mary Arne William", of No. 40 atreet, beiog duly ? worn. depose* and eay That no the Hub day af Jul/, 1^66. *he wan violently aod felonioualy aaxaulted auil beaten by bar huaoand, Charles William*, now prea?ni, ? ho attempted to take her life, by discharging at her a p > tol loaded witn powdvr and ball Deponent aaya. tuat about ^ H o'clock in the evening of ?aid day ahe went acroFH tbe at eel from ber reaideace to tha bonne of Jcbn Johnaon, No 41 Oak atreet, to get aoms milk, ami while obta uick it, h?r Mid auabtadcnme in, an t *eiitn< deponen' by the tl r at witb one hand. an 1 pr?*<-otlng the **id plutol at b>-r with tha other, 'aid, " Mary, you will have to take tbi?, < epr u-nt then acreamel. anl ber hm batd wa* aeized bold of by aaid Jobnaon, wbtrjupoo ile pon?fct fUrtui t<> run away, and had got up twoor tlrw ?laps on the atair* of Raid Jot.o^on'ii botia", woen, looting b< li'cii, abe law ber huahand clone t j her. aad who to-u *meo bold of btr by tbe dreai and dl*ibarge 1 one o' tie bcrieleot aaid platol at her. the content* of walch paa-ed over her bead, oeing to Deponent falling at tbe ttm? when deponent fall aa atatwi, and after tha dlactiar^n of tbe piatol. ahe frit ber urnl huabaad atriae bar %b tut t ti ?? neck or bead witb aaid piatol, but deponent then fa nted and became in?*naiele, and la unaware of what octurre! tb>reelter, deponent furtoer aaya tbat toe remaining five bnrrela of aaid p lnt?.l were at the time, and a* iti- be liave* are *tiil, loaded witb powd?r ana bail or bullet*, and capped, Ate abe fcax been informed by officer I'an dergaet tbat a *im lar bail or bullet, which abe l>eli*v*? to b* tbe -am* tbat w?? < Ucbargad at ber by ber aaid buaband, wax a'terwar a found upon tbe stair* of tbe *atd bon?e jn*t OT?r the pla-e where deponent wa* at the time tbe |,i-tnl waa flrei at her a a Hated; depooant therefore charge, her laid huaband wita feton'oualy aa eaultlng her, and d<e< barging the aid piatol at her witn the teloriiou* intent to tat* her life The accu??d waa committed for trial by Ju*tlceCoa nolly Tbe fair complainant la only aitteen years of age Tbe prl*oeer ? a returnel '*lil rnian ALLEOBD OITKAOE UPON K YIKOINIAN? CHAHOI OP PA I. RE IMPRISONMENT AND HoBflBKV. Oa Tuesday night a man. named J din O'Brien, keep ing a sailors' boarding bouae at 10 Aest I'.reet, waa a r rente-! by officer leaier, of the First ward polio*, charged with having fal*<'ly imprt* <oad and rjlbiag a Virginias, named I>evid W*bb. Ibe complainant sle'es in hia affidavit, ma-U- bafore J us'.ice Cinaoly, at the lower 1'oliae ? ourt, that he belonged to tbe acboon-r I>anial K Mart.n. that be waa indued to boar i at the houae ?f(i'Bri>n hy a runner, named laaaca; that while there ha ?a- maltreateil and iixhI in a shameful manner that be eaa waked up, and after beiog atnppel of all hil clothing ami valutblea, waa beat over the hea l and about the body. The complainant alao state* that he waa kept in confinement from tbe 3d to the ?tb lost., t>at during tbat time be waa kept entirely nakad and whan he attempt** to ear ape hi* life wa* threatened. He ?aj? that be continued In th a nude atate until the nigbl of the Ctb in?t , when >oma friend Man led him a ahlrt through a win low He r?liere* tbat it waa the intention or O i<ri?n and other* to take bl* life, tbat tnrougb fear of being tilled be made hie eaeape on lueeday afternoon by forcibly breaking op?n the wlcdow Pr<f hia be rootn, and getting from th-Doe on a atied of the houae adjoining where b* waa dl??ov>red by officer l?wlor eho conveyed mm to the Folic* l ourt. A man Banal Headiri in wa* alao ar Kited on cka'ge ef ne ag inp?.cata4 with O'Hr en in the alleged entrage Wo'h priaoaer* were held for examina tion T1>e eotnp'amani do aoot give any reaion for tbe treatmeat received at UA hand* o' th-a? men CHAHttE op RIOBVAT BOflBgHf. Arthur Canoll, the ber ten l?r of tbe Ujoor -hop No. 6 Mott (treat, wa* e <mmitte l ye^ter lay by Juatiee Oon colly, on charge o' baring foreibli robbed Joba Oaviaoa of ??) In bank biUa Ibe eompbaiaaot allegae til at, while driLk ng in the plac? n |*i**"ioa, b* berama *o*ae what ln?or1at?d? that without aay juft eaeae he wa* > nokrd doen I y the pr ?ooer, anl wb*a <t?wa waa r?h b?d of hi* wallet eoataining tbe above amount of money. Two other men oamed I> Inn and i-rffin were com on it ted aa aceompli tea, but were i'iaeh*rg?d *iy th* magi* trate, at there waa no evvtenae brought ferward la rtrimiaate ttem CBaKTiM OP OR4BI' LARCEST. Tiebeld and I'ani Redlar aad 1 bar.** Gluder war* ar reted yeaterday by the ^evente?n*h ward (Ohc-, charged w tb having (tnlen as-mt ?**' worth of braea, the prop* rty ef Jam-* 0 Moffat o' I.1* '-rinae *tr?e Tbe compla:nant *tete* that th? prnpert* wa* a'nlee from hi* manufactory, at Hloomfleid. N J , and taken frotii tb*ace to New Yof* Tbe aeeu*wl war* oemmiltad for trial Jeiin McKatyra, a young man, w%* arre*t*d by ofll'?r Dder, attached to tbe City Judge'* office cbatyl w th ?teal an a gold watch aad eaeie. ralaed at 1 1 M t"?a property ef a geatle?aa rwndieg in ??* we?t*-? par of thl. tale wbn. wbre here on a ? alt a few day* ago, waa rebfced ef hia t.Be |>i*oe. Mc La lyre wm held f ar? ii ?i municipal af f airs. BOARD OF ALDERMEN. The fallowing preamble and resolution were offered by Alderman 1- ox : ? hereaa. certain parties have this day placed in (Hp bet* wo pierr ;m aud 'il a large floating uock, ooiupyiug tbe ara er and piers ot Mid slip to the great detriment ol tlie commerce and trade anl Witlout p?rin s<">a being giaated Irom the < ommon I ouni J, tbereiors, ba it Kenlveil, That a special cdiani ttew ba appointed to re poit to tbia Hjarn, aa soon aa practicable, ?n to a?oer tain uom tho parties upon wuat autberliy they bare tek?n possession ot tlie eaid clip, and allow ?a<e why th< y ? ho nil not be compelled to remove eaid dock forth arb. Artop'ed. Tbe aldeinien of tbe .Seventh, Thirteenth and Fourth wards were named ai auch committee. The report of tbe <'?mimttee on Lauds and riacei, in favor ol widening the aide wait of .Seventy -ninth streac thirty feet be* wet n Vlftb avanus and East river, and giantlug permission to tbe proper' y owners to enclwe court yarda ii.'teeu feet on each ai. e. Ijild on the Uble. Tin. WKKf'K or THK HIIIP JOMM'II WALKKIS. Alderman Willumhon oflered the following ? I'.eaolved, That the special committee appom*ed by thia Boaro to inquire into the facta in relation to ..he sunken ? lop Joseph, be instructed to report to this Hoard tilt ' acu eliciteu at aa early a day aa poaal lie, with surb leooinmabdatioii aa the; maj d'tun tha interests of tbe cry require to prevent any further depreaatl>o of like character on the city treaeury, so that tha proper action of tbe i.i.muion Council nay be had, ai, in the op nion ol thia Hoard . tbe course o1' the Mayor, (/onp tio.Ur and S'reet Commissioner wa* highly censurable at leaat, it not cnlpable violations of la*. Kesolved, lbat thia lloartl condemn the action of tbe t'< mmissioners of Health, pre.-t-nt at t(i? meetugof tue fcth of May, in parsing a resolution aaauimng a power that does not belong to them for tbe purpose of giving a color of tight to an unauthorized contract previously en ered ta'o by tbe Mayor heaoiv?d. That <hii Hoard condemns tbe action o( aa) puid c oflicer of tbe city who "take* tbe responsl bllity" o' violating tbe law whicb g vea him existence aa a precedent t'augerous to the public interests auil sutverane of all government. It ia an argument that might be, and la, used by the highwayman, the burglar, and the lorger. If there la no other check to the doors of the city treaaury than the will of one or two pa>hc ofl>c?rs who vio.ate la* botn in withholding lawful d* niat<dH against the city and in paying demands ot tlielr own creation contrary to all luw, then, Indeed, It la high time that the ilea of a representative govern in' nt were abandoned. Kecoivec, 'lbat we will extend to the Mayor of the city all tbe aid in our power IimMum l?ws of 1 lie Mate un i ordinances of the ci? y new in existence, or by paaaing auch other needtul regulations ae may b? authorized by law and called for for tbe government of the city ; but we will net sanction or countenance any high ban. ed act in violation of tbe law o. the Htata or the ordinance ol tbe city, even though hia Honor should secure tlie aid of the entire press, by^ppointmg report er s to policemen's pay lor the purpose of misrepresent ing u ? to 'be public Alrerm?n Wii.mammim moved the adoption of the reso 1 11 tuns, lie thought it was high time to give expression to their opinions of tb>- high handed courae that had been pursued bj the Mayor Alderman Vkiihm* MMWd the resolutions. He thought tl ey wire premature and un-salled for. Alderman I .oho also opposed the adoption ot the reso luuoiis. lbe Mayor ought to be beard in his defense, and the Hoar' should have tbe report ol their committee before they attempted to pass auch reaoluiion*. Once patted it would b? impossible to recall them and he (Aid. I. ) believed that the Mayor was perfectly correct, and that no injury bad been done to the city by the course he had pursaed in this matter It was apparent ly nrcssary that the wreck of the Joseph Waiter should be raired. Alderman Kay rose to a question of order, and stated that the resolutions did warrant a dtscusaton of tha nerita of tee snbjeit. Al. ermsr I.oku continued to defend the conduct of tbe Mayor, which he contended was free from censure Aloerman W? Ti ckkh wasoppoa. d to the resolutions. All erman ilow*Ri< said that the resolution*, in hia oplnicn,bad emanated from a few disappointed pot tlcUns who were envious of the Immense, toe ovarwbslming p< polarity of Fernando Wood, the a'llei't Mayor that ever ?at in tha mayoralty cbair ot' New York, and who has ear nsd tbe good will, and is entitled 'o the united support of every honest citizen, so lar as his career in the position he now so much adorn* la concerned The quest on as to tbe. authority of tbe Hoard of Health ( nmrnlst loners to mal e a con'ract was a law question entirety, and shot.ll be left to the Corporation Counsel to decide tor the Inforruat on of tbe Hoard, anl antil a derision ? as gli <-o, lie would eppote any resolution of the character that tbe Aldsrcian of tha decooJ hat Intro need this evening tla therefore hoped, If the r*aclnt!on? were not withdrawn, that they ?oull be re farred to tbe committee having 'U" mat > r in charge, In order tbat the Health l?mm ssioners may lie beard in tre rrefenc* It woo'd be an outrage unnearl ot t-i paaa a set of resolutions of 'hat scanda'oua, that lilel ioi.s character, without ail parties bavin* a chin a to vin irate Ihamselves? ba bad every conOdsnea in the Integrity and ability of our honored M ?yor, ao t could not s't i|U'?t!y in bN seat and bear blm attacked i.ntll ?onietbing In the shape of affidavit* at least were pro duced to justify tbe wholesale cbargts made in th<f r* MNUtll'DRa Ah'erman It v ?l*o thought tb* revlutluna premature, urn would not eot* fi r tb?ir aseptic u, ,\ld- rman Kkllv, io oppnaing th* rMo!utim?, nlil tlint he ?oul(* Dot rc* th* objeat io tntr<*1uciog tUana; tb*y cam* doubtl*?? from paaMa* who had diaap [O'ntod in oot f.b'ainioi? certain [>ol nomination* if *rniD"r wm true. nn*mh?m about thl? boul w#? ai teeply ? ulpabie U culpability there waa. ai tbe partial <- f' ar ?j ?"! with wr< ng io thla trarat-tion. iio ( M lurmto K ) bad I. raid tbi.t n the other Honrt a p?rty ba<l aakad $!,( (rt to r?p"rt favorably upon th* ?ubject Alderman Wii.i.iam-un rietrodeu hla c mra? ia offering tli* r*aola lone, and thought it high time to put a ?tcp to pub'ie plunder. Alerman Vooiun- aail that tb*r? wtano m?n around U* Hoard who mure b? irtlly bid God apeed to th* W ?jo m hn work of r*f( rm?tion than be did, but h* b*li*?* 1 lo to* Df> ??*ity of than* reaolution*. H? eondemaad th* ? ctn d of th* Mayor in th* prt??ot mattT, and aald that b* had watched him for aii month*. Soma of bia action* h? applaud**, but from tba Mayo, < re-ent conluct ha (Aldttman V.; would not take him into full oummu nton Alderman Vkkrujt iVnounced th* reaolut'oc* a.< un irmtli-manly and cowardly. Why utiKmatlr* the chief maarl*trate o* the city na a ttief Without giving him an opportunity of defending liim ??!(? A u?rmau ?? Tickek wi?? nut <??* tf tho?w who ? f uld aareen tbe Mator or any other m?u hut aa lie conatdeted i* ung> neroim to cindemr a man ia lila ab *?ne*, b# would <pp?i* th*?a r*a<vlutl"n* A Merman VooftHM r*nied that h* had acted nowarlly In th* coura* be ha<l taken In tbi* n. .tter 11* e?itioiI'4 that b? wa? n<it attacking tbe , - b*h nd hi* back, be vat tb*r* by hi* < wn anawi r to th-ir renoiati' n, an 1 tbrr* waa no other way to c*-nnur* the acta of an *k* cutivf I u to apeak of them her* Alderman in apok* in favor of poatpoclag th* mat ter II* waa Van llnremeh, or con committal, on th* matter AMrrman BftlftfiN (Htirn wa? oppo**>l t<> the r,n* imo power and tconght th* tim* waa com* wh*o It ahould he rfnifi*1. When h* (Alderman Hrgga) wn In th* I abit of atteading Tammany Hall, Wool, or any p? r i<n who attempted th* on* man powrr, would bav* bmn ttiown oat *f th* window (laeghter ) Al< < Htuhm r*pu<'iatea tb* i l*a of rond^molag * n an anbaar ', an" *>? lo farorof permitting tba \ld*r irao o' lb* ^"*coni| ^WI|liam?on) U > withdraw th* r*?oln tn or, or h* would Tot* for tb* indefinite poitp'>n*m?nt of tba whole *ubj?et AI>'*rmM W'M.naiiao* ma la aom* farther remark*.

H* woull rot witBdraw, but ooaaanted to a rafarenca to a tommittea AlrcrniMi Okit* 4*U?*r*?J a faw aomewhat humi>rou<? r?mark? in favor of a thorough iaT*atiga'.n>D of the wb'il* matter vUlnraai Ki.r mor*4 an adjournmaat, which waa lo*t. Alderman Kult call*- 1 upon Al 'arman Wi|iiam*on t* will, draw tb* r?*olu)iona ao act wbn-*! would rwiound to bl? own cr?d t and to th* hoour of tb* iv^rd Mdencan WiLUAaaoa r*ap*> tfully n?i to with draw tb* r??o)ution?, h*eau?* b* ooaaideral tlnre nothing in th*m that tbla (V arl ahould ahrtak fr< m A d*rman I?*D rprka in animated ani". *!o?)ii*nt '*'m< d?nt eDcing tb* rw*0l?ti0B* a> ait only d ra?p?pt'ui to th* < bi*f Magiatrat*. but a* inainuating that b* had rountan* n *d o*pr*oatloi>* on oar city traaaury, an I i-*pr?' atiKoa w*r- tb* act* of a * h >*f llaring r??l*w*d all tb* r?aolu?iona he fAld lord) rh*far ?r'i?1 ?ha i Untuar* u ?d th rain aa Inda^orona aod itl<cr*dit*M*. Mo'ioLa w?ra then put ta r*f*r aod lay oa taa tabla, which w?t* lo*t, aad the na'ija^t waa ulUmataly p**t ponad until tb* Br?t Monday io Augaat. BOARD of OOONCILMEN. Tb* rioard mat la?t n gbt at tb* uaual hour, at tbalr chamber* ia th* i ity flali, tb* l*r*>.4eat, I>. I), Oobotot. id tba ebair. patltwni* wan nrat I* ordar. aa I om or Xwi ia regard ?? lmpr</??in*Eta ia itraata war* preaeatad aad r*f*rr*l H?*oIuVob* war* Bait ia ordar. aad a rewolatita wa* offrred directing tbe Oammlttae on Wbart** t? *p7rt to tbi* Hoard th* propn*ty of Ka iamg tb* Fall <i ??r -HiBlagU n aad Norw1*h at**mboat* to b* r*mor?l to tb* foot of l>?laBc*y *tr?*t, fa>t n?*r Aft*r rea?'.ag a t?w on mprrtant bit'* for tb* tb rd tima, and adopting th*m, tb* Board adjaurnad t.Li tbn ?t*aing BOARD OF HUPKKTHORH. Thin Board mat at boob ia tb* -hamper of th* Uo?r 1 of Aldermen, tb* Mayor la tbe ahalr. f ar tba r ai'iag ot Ue toll, tb* el*rk read tba miaate* of tka la*t m??t ? ng vbieb v*r? apf -orad of. Tba fo lowiag maami caiioa from tb* Oo?p^r?U*r vaa tb*a baadad la, aod . af*rr?d to tbat ovmittaa oa Aaaaal Taiaa ? ?i?a?ra (htrtrraarr, 1 Coarraoti k* ? (trnrt Maw Voaa, Juiy II I?4f> i f>, <k* him fd *vp^rr*A?ri ? lb* fcc ?^iioa m iba a-? ( ?haptar Ifl) of tba e***i*a law, n' I >40 yrr T?d?* taat tb* ?aa*a?a~at nAU n' lu *?T?ral w *r'? a t #r -*>af mmtU* a?d ^ar?4?*i by tka 'a* '#>?*?> '.aeiea*** "? .t oa <w be'er* tea fleet > ay of Jail <? aa? y**r t* ?'?lltarwd by tb*Tai Qeabflfaa aaara to tt* ioIWi 0' tbe eit; ti At* Y*rk aa< ea t; him deliveied to tbe Hupervitori, at a meeting to V* held fcr that purpoee, on the neoond Aedneaday in Juiy ??oh year, at noon of that dir." Onijr one of ftiese roll* trferr'd lo have been dellve red to this department, ami hence tbe Comptroller u unab'e to comply lul'.jr Alderman limine k moved that thio communication be referred to tne Committee on Annual Taxea, which was a ft r* < <1 to. A communication waa then received from P. P. Van Zaadt, enclosing * ntaU-in?nt of the Nn Yeik Ur? brick worln, wlurb ?a? referred to the aarne committee. A communication ?aa here handed in by Ahiariuan Beuioi, Irom Stephen U Thomas, eucloong a h 11 for ?erviota r?m'ere<; on board tba bark lira pea hot, In pur suit of Lewis ltaker, the murderer of WilUan I'oole, la accordance with the direction! of thef'ty Judge, Sydney 11 Stuart ibe amount of tba Mil U 9113 lft. I'hia arm referred to the Committee on Criminal Courta. The Board then adjourned, to reaaaenible oa Friday afternoon at 4 o'olock. Wollnrk'a Theatre ? ? U< FUlea de Marbrr." The French theatrical company ooar performing here gave a " grande rrprisentatum rrtraordinairt " laat evening, being laaa than the tint repr-sentatioa of Mil. Ilatriere and Thibouit'a drama in live acta, called 11 1 m? Fillta <Je Marbre," Ibe plot turns upon the inteoM in fatuation of an arliet for a daaliuig IvrrtU, who ban a marb.'e heart, and discharge* ber artist when aha finds a lover with more ironey. The detail of the atory, aa nearly aa it can be given is plain Saxon, ia aa foUowa ? The real plot in loreahadowed by an act entitled the " Aitiat'a Dream," which lnalntaina the principles tbat gold an! power have morn aitJ'nctluDrf lor lti? female heart love, which haa nought ?Iae to olfsr l'Ba allegory taken place in the ntudio of I'hidian, who ia ennoiored of Din statues of three female tigurea, waioh be he* previously disponed of to tieorgtaa, a wealthy but low minded lirrnu, to whom he now refuses to part with them Ii <ynss in made the arbitrator, and he ap peals to the statuea, who at once turn thalr beads fro'i the po< r to tie rich nultor. The r?al drain i ?hich in to carry oui I ..m sllaMKf now commences ?tnc I |MNM inn on a picnic of Home l'aria h'mtvt a'. FoutainbUau The three statues are depicted by three coquettes, of whom a M>1? Marco ia the star, and tboy ure nur oun led by Vaifstann of thn moat ou'rt description. Diogenes, aa a journalist, forma MM of the parly. lUp'iaei, a sculptor, la also wandering in thoae re^toon. lie encoau tera hia Irleu I the editor, * ho introduce* him to tne com pany. ltapnuel ia at once atrujk with the ehairaaof Marco, anu though warnej by hia frieod of ber heart ier* character, lie cannot conquer the auddan painlon. Marco encourages Kitphai-fcs love 10 raian the jealousy of a r<h exquisite, woum ane ia aeeking to entrap Taa poor sculptor in blind to ail but bin pnnaiou. Hin imther, whom he fondly lov?n, can no loiter reel a' in bina from b'S iDiatuatiou. nor 'he modest charma of a po ir girl, Marie, who ban been sheltered by lua parent, and w .<> at one time, it reenis will turn the current of hi- lore to her more worthy aelf The inlatuation grown deeper and deeper, till ha deaaita bin borne and ti?i utiles but tb>- shadow cf Marco, tiring in the hope of being accept ?d by ber The marble heartad worn lb, however, wlmn her own object in obtained, flings off all di'gutse, and turns from honesty, love an I poverty to wsal.uamlpo nit 0U Hapbuel l autii'l. tliou^li lunu te*< mi l 'ienpini ad by Marao, y el tear himsell from ber preaenoe. an l alter nat?a between lnteene love and hate, den^air an ) hope fi> my aod iivnpoa-iancy . hut '.be marble heart it in x orable. At length be raturnn, a'ter an ab?en<* ot nix weakn, to hi* hume, with thn m'jmeutary belief tbtt hia love ia changed tu lia'e and contempt A laat grief awaita him here , the pan nl wlio-n he haa oe/'-cte I 1 an, Onriiig hin tbtt nee. died of a broken heart. Thia K the culminating joint to hin woea, under which Hap^ael tinka aad diei. Tliere wan a good houae, including many of the rli'i of the French and Kogliah theatre goera, aod the piv-a being well acted and well mounted, waa qaite euccene ftU. Annual , Kxaiutnatloii of the Inatltntlon of lite Deaf and Dnmb. Tbe annual examination of the pupilaof the Inatltu ti>a!or the l>enf and Dumb wen concluded yeater>1ay _ The e xatalnaVion commenced two ar three daya ago, with tbe lower claaaea, and yeaterday the high clam, the graduating claim, were placed upon tbe ntanl. At 2 o'clock ia tbe afternoon, tbe hour fur the commencement of the exerciaea. tbe ehapel of tiie institution waa crowded with a (elect and laahionahle audieo:a, in tereated In witntaaing the evidence of inVellectual al vancrment on tbe part of those deprived of the greatest boon to man, the power of speech. I'pon each side of ti n ct apel were seated the pupils of the school, the glrla neatly dieanad in white, aad the boya in a special unl foitn. Wk n tbe audience wan seated, the venerable and haid workiDg I'reetdent of th > lnatitutiou, Mr Uarvay P Peat, came fciward. and briefly aad eloquently al dreaied the audience upon the d.fliculliei and diaadvan t ig. e attending the education of inutea, aad the nuccea with which tliey might ha advanced under proper train Ing W i en Mr. I'eet had conoiude 1, the Kraluatiag elan", nine in number, took the atand for eiamlnatiuo under the chaifte of their Ua:her Pro'eator laaa l>ewia I'eet. Tbm claaa waa auomiite-1 to a trying or i eel. Tbey were '|ueationed in e^ebia, chein'atry, literature, log i , and otb>r high bran-.hen of learninir 1 hey paaeed tbe orneal triumphantly Kach graduate ?bowed hia?elf a proflc.ant in all the branches In win h tie wan teate! Am'-ng the graduates was one lady, (Misi l.ucinda K. 1 1 'II. > whoee promptneas in r*a(onding to tbe questions piopoun-lei callei forth for bar the compliments of the a .dience. liar n? the pa<t few deya tbe pupila of t bt < inaii'ation have b--a un ler foirr an examination in mathematics, by I'rof Ixumia, of the New York I nlveraitv. In belies iettrea by Mr l"rin-e an I In i bemi?try by i rofensor OibSe o? th? I ree ?-ad* my. Fjtrh of th'ae Kentiemen were lnvlt.-l to the natitutirn by President i'tet, that they might each decide, vf their own knowledge. u|?n the marl va of the pup. Is These g> ntlemen yesterday, each preaenU- 1 a report of their reapective ezamlnailTna, an t gave the classes of this institution a position besile the claaaea of the Brst colleo es In tbe country Mr I'rince, wbo I a<' examined tba ciaeaes In hellea Iettrea, tkoaght there waa not a college in tbe land In which there waa a eiasa of | upi.s as capable ?? these mutes 10 the nae of Ian liui?|fe Ibe examination, according tu the r?<|uirem?nta of tbe law. wen conducted in the preeence ot Mr. Kan Cell, the Hcbool Hnoerit ten-lent of tl>e Mate. When the exemUatlon Dad en<*ed the various classes were ceiled up for tbe medals, diplomas and ertlAcatet all of wmcb were presented by I'reabtent I'eet, accompaaied he a abort sptech la the sign language The first priie of e po'd mwiiel wen carrie.] away bf Mr. A alter Antrue ? be oefng the (lret pcholar in ell the >.raa< hea of learning teiie' t lo tbe Inatitotlon. Mr Annua ia a hard student, and bee noblv varoed h-e reward. All the vmit<rs yesterday were >.,ie)iient In their pralaea o' I rofe.eor laaac 'lewia Peat, ' ?er the poelt-on U> shm he baa tbe claaa iib'lar birr, by hia aaelduoua UI-or? It Is simply (ulng utterance to a fact wh'ch all w ho were prener.t yesterday will teHtily to, to sar that tr e claaa examined yeeter iay might challenge aey Ifra-'natiBK cli>s of the past year, from any ot our rol egss, to anf-i aminatlon and if t be challenge was ee opt, two to one the rnutea would wis Tbla liatitution Is destined to give this country yst scire of Ita btgbett ornament- ia the iateUerlaal way. Among its graduatea are to he f -uad m n is tbat are ae flashing meteors in tbe intellectual world. Tbe lovely wife of Profeaaor Isaac l*wia I'eet? Miss Ma'y lolee, tbat wen, it will be remembered ? baa already given t nuiiataaeahle evidences of rare po?tK genlu* and with her might be meatlone'i others, who altboufh mutes, could stead lies-da tbe m-Mt learnet of ? hoa poasesntng the power of sjieech,' aa honorable competl t jrs lor aey pri re. After the examination, the cirrpaay par*> ic of a eol latioa t elow stairs, and adjonrr<?d at a late hour In the afternoon, much gratified with the day s entertain meat. Marine Cob rt B*for* II' o Jo4f* He< *r t L jr. Jut 11 ? l*np>td S' hu--ngknp> in Ntmsm f\n ? Tb* l*f*adaat li owner ?nd th* plaint If I* Woaat < f pr? mlMi No. W I Bowir; It l( a!l?|{*d that at Mi* tlm* plalatJIT hir*d tb* pr-m -** id4 baTor* tb* !*?** ?>? ?I|d*4, tb* <*?f?adant f-rnml??i U. pat ti* pi*' ? la gwi ttpm r, and k**p It taotoUbl* dano* tb* Urm of tb* '*??? tl ?t I* n?|l?ft*) to do ** , U'l tUt >b?rtlf ?f'? r pUlntifl mo rod in bl* ?to< * o' **ftr* *a<1 othor *??.!< ?*r* damafod ' j th* wat*T l**kis( Is, t? th* *it*at nf 4 260. litbr* til < arltoc for d*ir,?f** T* t??' rmoy I* lad U> ?b' ? l bit tot ?ueb *fr*?i *nt ?*? mvK, or if mad*. U ?t it ??? ?u .b'iu to k 'l|D tb* l**?# 11.* Jo-:** great*-! * ??n?u.i. /?;Ur ftkltukti mtr ttuy/k '???/.%<. -T'.* p?rtl*? tri lb* prtm.Ma If as: IS? II >.?u<n itml Aio-it * j**r ?fO th* ple.oUII * k*u* mb tb? r**r *# <*t I >t e o*e Ui tb* pil?y. c,r. 'i*'?n',*i>; ? lot Mo l?7 Tb* ftrivy ?** *0 old on*, built < t ?r t?*ofj j*?r? ?/ ? ??1 ?c.t ?-*??ot?l T\* pUla'iff. ?Uk b j '?! .n4 a t l d*f?BOeatOf lb* fart ?nl r*,*?*t*-l bl rn V. M i'ri of* It tbat bl* (pielotifl bO i?* ?b<.-ii : not tx II if?: Nfrft 'ifit t?fo**d to <lo ?Bjth d? eVrit it. ',ul r? .rr*-! (.laietlfl tad bi* *ff*nt to U.* t?o*o' o' N< I'V In'* ?*<|tl*0'? of tb* '>f*li lis' ? Mftoet p\*lV " ? h'KIM *?* Bi'icb lBjyrad by tb* *< .*om* maMar I** a? t'.r . tb* ba**a *i t va>l. wlteb li'ity liibw IlKt ?o n.u'li *o tbal ? p*rt of it rr,o?* b* ?????. <to*B eed r* boflt FltMbfi ?*'<>* IWIIlM tb*t o? *< to t'.? aulaaae* It >u ?:a>'.t I pra?it>l* t? r*' Of '^saau la tb* briaa* th* BiJiaa * !.*? 'n*n ? a-? tb ? ? nit vaa r>,oim*awd. "a tb* |?r', of tM it ?u lb* it*d tbat tb* f *r*a' aa<! ant tMttW ?? . *b!*f aad ? m Umad to mak* all ??'*???'; r?f-? r* HM(?irt b*ld U>at tb*o*a*r *u : *?>!? (l? a ' w>? i* *11k a lb* l*nn " r r>! oarjr ropairt It ?u ? p*rr >o?at ptarod bj*ot parmittM] t< r?m* * tb*f* hf Vb* o?a*r ? ad gar* judymaat fat p'.aiatiH fo- 1146 4a?*f ?< Ihf Tnrf. CXVTUT1I.LI OOCMB. I ? t?OTri?'.. Awrtbar attaaipt vtli b* m* !* tk,? */ *r*? /* ?/> !"<t t?*atj alia* trltbia aa b*tr Th* aaUfe .* for It VW, ?ad Um aa? *ai*?t*d I* ? to* ?*!. b?a4, op*a ?a ?t aar*. with tpmt aaonfb to p*rfor? *.ba :i?t**-* la tb* Ua* aUnt'?d. HUmi aata* WtWa a *4 tS U4f I baa ?ava?b of It *ba will via, barrtai Kt 4?*t< I ?< M lb* htMlvi at \Wj caa ARRIVAL OF THE PACIFIC. ONE WEEK LATER PttOM ED HOPE. The Terrible Fi*ht of the IHth of June. THE LOSSES BY THE ALLIES. Account of the Affair by Prince Gort ?chakoff. Interesting Description of the Capture of the Mamelon, by Gen. Pelbsier. THE PROGRESS OF THE SIEGE Of SEBASTOPJL. Threatened Trouble Between thr Frnrli and English Ceuunandm-in- hief. Infernal Machines Destroyed by the Baltic Fleet. BOMBARDMENT OF SWEABORQ. The American Army Ofllcrr- ttcnled ???!?? don to I'btl1 Srbakiopol. NOVEL ATTACK ON THE ARISTOCRACY OF ENGLAND. Our London, Paris, Berlin and Madrid Corm pondenee, 9k., Ac., Ac. The Collin* mail atenmahlp I'a.lflc, < *n pt Vj?. arrived at her dock it alx o'e'usk j?nt0r<l?jr morning Hhe left Livnrfool on Saturday forenoon, Jum 30. Tim I', arrived out at 11.40 A M on Hnndaj, June 24 Among the panienger* by the I'ariflc are ?i I're.idnnt Van Hureu, Colonel A. Van Iluren, and Mr*. Commodore Perry The m?i by tbl* arrival conal*U alm?at entirely of detalla of the 'ntelligence already transmitted by Mix gra b. hut correspondence doe* not (oat down m> Uu a* the 18th June. on which day tbe Allle* mo In their no euce.aful attempt toatorm riebaatopol. Tbe allied lo??e? ? m that occaaiun were overrated, ??t the official Mala ot killed and weunded foot up considerably over >,000 men Notwithstanding tbla cbeek, the investing arm/ keep Id good spirit*. and do ? it permit their repul>e to eta/ tie progrea* of the "lege lord Itaglan la dangerously Ul and hanaaked to be recalled Sir Ueorge llrowa i? aleo on the sick Hat. Humor. of battle on the Tcher nayaand elaewfaere had canned aome distraction to speculators, but were untrue. There ia no Immediate indication of further operation) In tbe Hea of Auilf. or in the Baltic. Hi* moveable firce of the allied ai my, French, kng liah, Turklah and .-ardlnlan, in tbe C rimea, la eetlmatnd at 60,000 available for the Held. Advice* from Cooetantiuople of June 10 mention that the troop* of the Kertcb eipedilioa had returned to Kamieiicb, with U.e exception of 4,000 men who were left at Yenikale. The following deapatch wa< received in lierlin from Ht. I'eteraburg. dated June ?&:? Prince Gortei'hakoff write* ? AiUr teenir four ln.iira of a raurdaroua cannonade and ?ibprece.lMDt.d l<oa>bar<lm*nt, the enemy, early on the morning of the IHth, a'trmp'rd the asaault of t>a? t.oti one, teo and three, aod t in Korolloll baatiou Kepubed at all po nt* wit'i .nornmua luaa, the French withdrew, leaving *li hunlrwl prisoners After thia as.aalt, BO brilliantly repulsed by eur trcope, the em iry In the evecing n-a: !j discontinue.] lila tire and up to the evening of the loth nothing wor thy of ncte bad occurred in tbe vicinity of Sebsstopol. Knaeian <!e*erter* report that tbe Malakofl tower ia mined Hblpa of lb* ?lli*< ha>! btan ?aat to ffalah tbr burafog of Arahat. Tliara ha* bun ? rural rar.onnolaane* of KalTa, and aa aipadltioa I'trakop u again ipokro of. lb* Porta bfto Juat roneludad ? amall loan, ( #'|atl to about $2,' OO/iTO, ) at twalra |.?r r*nl, on tha raraoaaa of.'mjrna U 1* raportad tbat !? ran* * an I I n/land ar? nSout to | uraula* au'.thar Turklah loan 'if ?4,MQ,0W ?let Hag. Orilftx hat* l?**q Ittllnd at M?r??il!a* to p r*p?r* for tba ctnhart 1I1M of .',u 000 additional F ranch tr top* Iba American ellppar- M narrh of tbn So* and 'toaaa Hari'id a?r? taking In ahot and ?b?II. Captain l.joat, of tba ?hip Miran la a ra'xt affluent olBear, l? daal. II* ?aa at ruck hj a riUa ball wbila on th* paddlrbox of hit ablp and waa takan to tba boapttal at Hsutari, wbtra ba dlad. Itrlgail rt Katcourt, a^Jotani K?n?ral of tha IVtUah fare** In tba f'rlmra, la alan In 1 A '!?a patch fr ia C n- taQUBOpla. I?U1 Jun* 21, nao tloaa tba arrival of two thouraul wound*-! , aad alia tbat chnlara ban ra appaar* I A Ma'tailla* eorreapoodtal of tba Ismdoa Tift, wrlUift on n':ih Juoa, >ij? Jfcek an ) woaa lad aoldurrti rontlaua to arriv* from th- (?-?a' w th ptlofttl rapMllr. Tba lirit.ab ataamar, f'araoa, wbicb ?? >1 from 1 ooataa Hoopla on tha lAtb m-t . tha harbor on rtatur tfay with SM nvalida or tamtlwfila. Tba crat ataamar Aaarr'an of llatla 1 aon (iay a < ompaoy ar rtrmi on .'?un lay with an a |ual lumbar Tba I'oat OTl-a ataamar, Pbaramood. laaa ? r- w< lad, amvad tba aaea# daj from tha fAat. Tba r.all lUimr, Hi aon. from "oa ?taut.aopla tha lkib, arrlvad thla m rm.f, with 4a apatrhra Irom tha Crlmaa of tha Mlb Inat . aad wcuadad or eouralaar?ol ao.dlara Iba >?a? nun goTarnm?n' had r?-a!?ad daapatchaa fiom tba ? r>m*a up Ui tba Tit 1 of Jub* from wblah it apfiaara tbat tba chol?ra la < n th* ?'.?> ???<? a Iba I' *d moot*** army hotn May I J to Jnna >1, tb?ra kai ha?w Ml eaa?a of cb .tara 34 bad r?oov arad, but Mi had dlad Tha f kilvultKr foti aa/a, tbat la military ell claw It It lakan for fractal that tb* atjrmiof of tba tbraa batlUma, i.a<1an, Halatoff ao-1 Koraliof, maat bat a haan atlampta-l by U'l >ra Tba Auatriao thunt* baa aa article aa -aaforlo* to pT' ?a t).?t th* aKi*a aboaM ? ?o I >o th* a>*f? of 'Wliia U/p>>l, b^au?a Iba ta.lila( nf th* toaa will .avolva a tarr fi- * iltaprop- rti ?**! lo tba advaatagw* of t A 'ioapatcb '!a>-1 tha 'i'.th ult. >U'*a ha ! baaa bomhar4*d and tba aioraa Vatf ayad. It alao aorrcborat*a tba atalainaal tba'. a larf* aumbarnf la f*iaal Bia-blaa? h*^ ba*n ' ?at ?p mt*\ awai pw ?* |!y. Acenaa' rla Hto'hbolra, Juam X' from 'lalaiagfota, BiaaUoa that th* Ktgl.ab bara bomhardwd llaago aal daatr'.yal tba Ujigrapb fab a Tha Kn. ana alu t tbat tba < "W*rli ? b. at dtaplayai a flag -4 tru*w, hat al l*r* tbat tbay f??r?l a aUa af*m fP'ty ait la'arwal at" naa bara baaa d!a#*tar?1 la Ua Bail!' tad lMtra;a !. Oa* of t'.aaa *(pbi4*4 "* tlaa p?x p of tba 1. 1 mouth Admiral h*ym>ar aa l 'apt* a la I la, who ??r* atari, al air It at t )>a Uia* war* tatoa if ta^urwd. Il*?t 1 1? c a waa 1 e?'ly b ,r*1 l!,? U J* i la'aat ad.tloa ) r?< taral*' a ataUaaaat m a 'la by U/r>! Palrn'raUm la tba Haaaa f ' ?>??<**, V> tb* *1act tbat liwl Ka# aa ba4 aot a^pM*d w. ratl'a fma tba catnmaad of tb* Or mm aa a/ir, r I* "mm>||*?w '/? *a?ar* 1. 0**a l/irl i'.a# a* '.aa t?*a ?>i?f*r ng fr'^a dyaaatary, and baa baaa naala" V> k a bad lor aoaw* ?taja. nut tha ac ??at laat r*""*d tr Uiagrapb r*fr? ' aaat* bl? lorlabtpa baa th 'o bata graatiy iaa^roawd wlthia tba taal foa h irt I' a ay > r.aag* la tb* ?>m maid ab? i 4 ba f"uad ?*?*? ary. It i* arraag*d tbat U>* MM aaaaad *1 lb* amy to tb ba aoafrlad l/> <?a?.ral ?iakp*<*. Tba I'ar-a 'orraapoaiaat al tba f,m? apaaaao' aal maa.-aiMaa ba'la# '-at an placa hat waa a Uta Frn<ta*4 la? ab f.??f*">?ata, ar.atag oait of ?axa?l*ta'a by <-*a p.. a?>r. oa tba waat of w aiMaat a ar of aaargau* awppofl t|i? tia part *f >. a I >|| I ab aatlaagB* Tba o<M*al *"??? X*0mnt aaatraaca* taa d aaa'aaa' ' ?k> raa?r?*a if tba tMrd ar,<4 faart* araaa a' * ? A ?? ' aati# a/tv<*# fraw> tbdaHaWIMI <*?'* ? ?" faivitlaa wbata* *r bt ?ha t<i'ana?t ^a? 1 **( '? ?? ???ai fill waa papara taat aaw pray aaaJa W p ba'l ?a.?*4 tH'. mw 'f'.rn BV rna|?>*f Tbn Amarlcan offl -era are refaeed p*rmi?ati>n by K* aia to rlalt Hehaaiopol A oorraapondmt af tba l.ial? T nut, writing from Warsaw, Jona IK, ??;i ? Ihrea Aaniru officers ol the I'altal Hia'aa army have arrived brw from St I'ateraburg ?b?? ih?y ???< to aak |iirDiul?a logo to i-aoaalopol to w?t-h th? pia graaa ol itmU At I nay appeur to liar* bm>u artueta4 b> ran? i-u n .alty leave was not grantod them, sad thaj will raturn ty way of Ovrmany. Quean V rtorta held bar last levve of tba artaon em the '.'7th June Mr Buchanan, and tba lira/ Waa and Mo icun Minister*, were preaeat. A grand banquet iw ^ir?o by Mr Oa )f^i 1'eab >1/ , at Uia Mar anil tiarU-r l/ia4oa, to Mr. Kill mam, oa Man da y, t hp V Hi A m. it ? lb* h'uaat*. 100 la a unbar, war* man; ilistiOKUiabed Amrrt. *na and aevaral of the I to* Uak nobility m l K-utrjr Viscount tanning la appointed i. i?>ii'<r il<oaral mt India. Ibers ware twa olb-r aa|> r >au fo.- tha oAoa? tha Karl of Klgtn and tba null* of Nam ?tUa At Madrid, lord lloadee, gave a dinner t ? M* Dsd^e, lb* new American Minl?'?r c?? Hm - 1 at ultimo. mim of th* Madrid papara call th? attention of * iTi-rn-n at to additional fur llii atlona mtkin by th? Ka <>.ali at <>lb ral'nr, and assume rather an otnit.oua and alarmist Una. Adalaea fr im 1,1-hxoi a-e to tba l'ith of June. T *m llama of Ih'pnt ke? Lad bwg two days n aecrat aa <ataa r??| ?ciiig tha lerrl'ory celled I ant ta. na tba front er of tba rorlo^a-a A ilcan po ?*aion of *<?lair aad T aaor, ced ? d to tha Dutch tlir?? jnr< a( i bj l.op-a I, lan'a treaty, alrch la am likely to ba approval! by tha I'ar tugueaa Cort*i. A lln* at St Petersburg h?d destroyed th? Vara ?'vauaa Work.. Telegraph'c anUiKpaltoa of th* In llan mail, with datoa fromCalca'to to May 19, Ma Iras, 21, Bombay 47. ^hanc baa, 4, ilwg Ki ng, 10, an I Canton, May *, U rareirai. Sot hlrg new from In ha. Trade waa not a<-Uae Meaty maikel tight and freight* fallln/ I irbaaga af'almnto ? ? l\d. Famine prevailed la ntaiir part' _.>f ? tuna. T eia hail kmg conaidarable (I^U'in*. With varying a?? CM?. 1 ihanga at Hiaaghaa, A .'I Htralian I'an I K (Jo 'a creditor* ba?e prove 1 dafeto agsiaat tbem to tha atn >iia of C- \00") aU'lio/. M mC dl-frr ar?ful gamhliac with hr r nil -at'* fwmU la prova4, and M"uritl*a lo igeil with them for aatety hare baaa mid or otbaraia* taai|iriad with ThMr da'alcat onai bare brought ruin on many lauitli' ? 11i? three pari n?ri of the Him iini j in euatody uadrr remand. Oar l<oeilaa ( urrraiHMidrtira. I iisho^, KanitT, Ji*ne y.l, 1V>IV Tkr Hn-trtf of Ih* |H H Junr 7 ht 1 A'' t Win IfrriM 1jit4 h'aytan? U'OIK *f inn t.yrmt H- tfftrnntr i J ikf I'kafara ? fitnuia y 7V'i'/iiv/ AVarvn in Myil* for*. ? Aili'iinWrmtir* Hrfurm ' 'ha rlrt l/vkrnt - IC?iimie' I hiii >'m The ^alalia of tbe rattraa met by tba alliaa oa tba IHUi of June ? tba aunlvaraary of tha battle of Watarloe? lia?e act yet rtai bed ua Tba U ret eaaggerated ar uuoto Of tbe loaeaa bare, however, been eon'raili ted, ar at leaet m<nlin?d, by telegraphle deapatrhae from haa4i|nar> tara Onrral I'el aalar Informa hia g/irarnmant tie . I tba French I' aa on tba I Nth waa .'17 oih era killad, 17 priaaa ara, tn fona to Lba ambulan"ea n?a matmlaal'ioag al eara and man killed and miraiag, 1,'>?I, g'ma to Uan ambsbiaeaa, l,04t. In the llouee of < iimnoni, l/ard falmeraton dar ara4 the 1 OKllab loan to be aa follows tbe wMa number nf tba Bi n ruaim aauined oOieara and tro-u killa (a 144, and woumlad, l.Oitl, making a total of boo eoaiutaatma ad nfllner* and man killed and arouadad of I, 'itlt, UaB number o< olticara klliad and waun Uwl la M, aaaxng a total of l,iH6. Ihe wbo'e loaa of the alliaa la killed aa 1 w>ua<la4 waa, therefore about 4.u<Hi men. Tba att?< k waa apom the MalnkolT and tbe )>reat He-laa A awn* tba kiitoA are Major '.* neral ! Ir John < amphall, Colonel V<-? aa4 l.iautenant < Bl'<nel Hba<!fortb Ilia talrgraphlr ennioiuulc* n,n wlta tha fVima^, whirb bao b?an lutar i u |>t?l ay an air.danl to tba w waa on tba Austrian territory, la now re >at>htaha), sal wa bare newa from the head 'juar "a to the . 7U> Jnne Ihe army (a hy no uiraoa daunlal by th^a Drat ra pslae hilt oaly barmsg to h* retrngel. Ihe followlog telegraphis laa^a u waa revilra4 laat night by'iah gorerament 7 ha I ranch and l-ag iab ara pro'iSBdlng <ailb their ay prcarliee a^einat the en*mt'a eoraa, aad era arerti^ urw h.tteriee to b^ armed wiih heavy gnaa Iheibimy aantinna to r? pair (he nmmmgm doaa durtnf the Uat alia k Uij little Ar* oo I'.rtr palt. Warrtaui Boaaaeekn of ton rannd I'uaataa fort ia tbe 1 mieiery whaere they wrre II riven In 1 <.? (ba I ath ae4 theMam>Un Bt I ha gorve o' t/.e aaliay wl.ich lieltan tha I ogliah left atia< a from lha right of tha .-*o itb Har bor. Frim '.anaral I'eliaaler the Vren h ('irvraia'at baa re railed the following Ji aa Ik- Ihe heeirired n> ta 'hataadlng our failure mt yeat *T ay which tkay alii doub'.laea ea?tfgarata aeaal darably area a>ariB> t laat ataht an i for a long Una they krpi u|> a lira from el th?ir guna at eaaarty apaae To Aar at 4 o ctoea, there wee an armiat r? i?r eutf lag tl a .aad J. aa 7U, USA. 11, Uaieged eloaaly preaaed ?B ihe ai'te >1 tba ? an tral Hatlne are >etnnK fire lo tbe Uttie fa .'aearg at UM eilram if o< tbe er ulhara p?fl We v arerlmg hattartae aitb (una af lieavy -albrw r ri tbe aorka laptuie-l on tbe 1th of June, ahtalk thraa'en more dirartly the gre?' |?.rl i *>?*>. Juaa l\ III- H W' u* ictlfllf inaHaf h" tooarda tba tt* la. ' (ifl taaar 1 1 a *r>*a? ? t? ba ? i - 'uaiaaly m cuflf'l >? r?fiair:B? aa' atf? *<? h?alO( I. ? Wirt a A llt'la rt o "? >1 II pr*t*ll?, but it <J itrwl. H.? li'kl'h U |?<4 j< ?? .;-ii r. h I bata BO ?*? fa't "> ???Bl < ? I mm j?u ' y tlM ' ^lur; n>*.l B'WU'i*-! n^irt af tb? nnMl <<f tha I ? Ui Jan* 2? -II I* M. I hat* ?<>U)lac r?*a I* ?rnoiji) * i'. ymu Wa km pithlof "nr tMNfllM i|< Mat tla* 1*1 Ua nmttiir<liiW U> iliiBBij a'tar y, ota>eb aill rmm flrl? tb* ?if U ? |*?t * ? ara alau iImciii l> a?r * "i Mir laf* itu a 1b?(a ai* aUJ (iubm mi af (IhiImi Ji >< 2k- III' M I hm wit uiftl.lif to \d. you t" -1?7 n* |w ttcular lotaraat. T>wa wtti ? ta4l at<a I ara |>l )fra<all(. J' *? M? II *> A M I ha a* ft aa y mvi U> Tha a tit . aal <*?(?< I* r*??'?aj of t(?* IM Maawloo aa>' (juarnaa oa tba "Ui Jim a boa that It oaa ? B.oat yahaat ?"fci W ? ,)iri to ''ay t">at I/,f t K?|!l? ritara* t > f a/'aul, M lb* ( a* of lit Uillt Tb* ?h*bn ??? a, a a oaa. to lt? apf*t riv? Aajal? <(i"? <% Klfurt IkI -Ml It M tall W iMiMamt ?.rvi*r ?' ? a/4l f.laa <>m maa'.n la ' "b ?.f rb* I' ?!ia *!?<? I' ?f i w* aaPartn* aaa* >iiU/, Tba waaiM la cMaf ?( tNa l-i ?* ? '?/ ? " ^ rt>!*? ny a i?*t?arai la>^a<a ,1 ' * TIM ?a*a*U !? tb? 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