Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 12, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 12, 1855 Page 2
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coinciding with tha NttkUoi of their Naa ttM, ?m tbe tomivit of tha admsairtratioa w the Im and ?htef 6?b?< of thaea misfortune^, hereby riette with Hm mrreT* npnbMMa every Mbn of tba cabinet wboee mmanlt ?ed to ?neh disastrous resalta. M wi- fixed for the 3d Jaly, bat kw been adjourned to a later date. The toEow-ng >legr?ph deepatcb kti bMi received ? The blockade of tha porta of tha White Sea wae effect ed early in June. Tko (iranl Duke Nicholas has review ed ? troops a Helsingtor < and Ab >, and waa expected at 8 ? tabors ? At regard* the recall of Lord Raglan? for inch 1 have have every reason to be] eve tt U? there ara man* rn ?w u> eolation. The dafaat ot tho 18th ia attribut ed, I hear, by General Pelisiier to soma negligence on tha fart i f Lord Raglan. A correspondence baa enaued aotwoen tba English and Freneb governments and bis sacali U the result. Vireoont Canning hai boon ap paiuted Governor General of India in tha ataad of Load Daiboume, wbo retires. This ia the poet the Data of Newcastle hoped to receive. Tho affair* of tha bankruptcy of Straohan, Paul 4 Cj. ia still the topic of maob comment in commercial circles. Tbe exposure- that have taken plies will greatly toad to taakniah confidence in private bank*. Tha iniiac mail ia telegraphed. Everything in India ^aiet. Tride dull. Oar Paila Correspondence. P.iRW, Juno 28, 18i>6. AU'ifti A aitr ioon Sympathut Ibuxtrdt Russia? Soreness e f Petit ng in Paris on the Subject ? Ddica>-y of the Mmprtu' Health ? The of the Emperor'i late In <i a petition ? incident of the Crimem Camp, liyn ? The. tost yew* from Cuba ? Prince Albert's Speech at the Trimty Home ? Pr< pa rations for the HtwpMnof Queen FiVtorva, <C< , i?t A letter from Waraaw, announcing the arrival of Majors Dtlafield and Mordecai, and Captain Clellan, three American o(hcei?, on their way to St. Petersburg to re qaoft permission to enter the Ruiiian army in tie Cri mea. coupled with the story that the ship Samuel Apple tan, cf Boston, bad landed a cargo of flro arms at Port ?attic, and other report* about ships building at New Verk for the Russian government, have proiucei a good deal of aopleasant feeling at a moment when tbe pnbbc mind wa* already sore on account of tbe disas trous result of tba attack on tba 18tb at Malakhoff. It t? aaderttood, however, that such uanjid explanations have been voluntarily made by the American Minister as to leave no doubt that so far as tba cargo cf (Ira arm*, ar tbe building of ships ia concerned, there is little or na tratb in tbe matter. Tbe manner in which the A merisars identify themselves With tbe habit* of tho French people, their undisguised part'ality towards tbe French metropolis, and the large sum* whith they abesrfnHy pay for the best and moit luxurious ac;om modation, tendi daily to knit closer together the two aaaatxies ; and tboagh tbe policy of tbe State miy es tablish a sympathy between Russia and the Unite! States, It is evident that this cannot, in tbe long ran, destroy the growing interest which the French and American* daily exhibit toward* one another ; and though little events, such as those Ave have alluded to, may momentarily disturb the stream of good will ae it flow* along, tbe disturbance is but a ripple in the cur saat, serving to show its generally amootk and placid ahaanet Tha Kmpress of tbe French arrived at Pan at half past eight on Tuesday evening; her Majesty wa* enthu siastically welcomed. It 1* to be bopod she will derive the benefit of which her health evidently stands in need hem this visit to the Eatix Bonne*. It ia impossible not to ebrerve that her constitution is of tbe most deli ?ate character, and little fitted to the imperious duties ?f ber elevated position. The mere necessity of re turning tbe salutations woich, day after day, welcome ber appearance in public, must be irksome and (a tigning in tbe extreme t? so fragile a form; and when I last taw her Majesty at the Exhibition, performing ber duties with her accustomed gract and amiability, and witnessed, at the tame time, ber palo and languid vlsaco, 1 Celt a pang, doubtless shired by many others, that so Mttlo repose wa* given to one evidently deeply in nied of tt. Much has been said about tbe health of the Km peror, too, which at one time cauied great uncatine**, But 1 believe tbe following to be nearer the truth than any atatemeat that has hitherto been made. AbJat a fortnight ago hi* Majesty suffered from violent throb bing of tba temples, and consulted hi* friead and msdi eal adviser, Dr. Cciintau, who prescribed a bain d- piei and bathing the bead with iced water. The relief, ho ever, was only temporary, and a few dtys after tha tbrobVmga returned with such vio lence that it was thought n*ce(8*ry to bleed | tbe patient frte'y, since which, with a con stant application to tbe foot batb, the symptoms have entirely ceased, and tbe Etn peror Is looking quite himself agAin. Indeed, except for a few hours, tbe at tack was never suffered to interfere with hie habits o' bnainess, and only confined him to tbe palace one day. It is not to bo wondered at, however, if the slightest in disposition in the life of one wh? has become the po.a: i an which all Europe turns, should cause inquietu 3#, aud little can it occasion surprise that one whose naacis ?yon everything, whoso brain mcst bo ceaselessly in agi tation, who is hixarelf tbe state and nothing but th* State when tne veis?l it in shallow waters and brothers are ahead, thocl J, in spite ot that determined will wh .-b holds h.mself, no less than others, in such complete sub jection, sometimes give evidence that ho i< mtde of elsy, like the rest ot ue. It is known teat with dm gene ral* love of action, he aidenily tigb* to be wbnrethn dm of battle and tue heaiivion fight are going on: it is known that his toul un??r tie treaawUitsl ne ?f imperial exaction, but he cannot leave tne helm; be ctnao', oar* not, assent hitfcuelt' from t'aric, toe bidden volcano of which be alone bt-n the myslis a ~t of eoattaisg to iu ?u r-terr&oean u w. J"rtaee Vipoleon, in . onwqoeaee of the cSDrocitiia of tke S?nate unit I .emulative borty, continue* hi? Bapert) ietep?.on? at the 1'alali Roy*! through the mon-h of .1 c>y Prince Nap-jleon Pierre MHiapiila laulej n .l*r wiliti Iron Corr a on the 26th. inrt b*f uoi? rcuthed I'arie. The M'rtixteur announces i.hat t'.e gov, rni.i'nt ?f New ?>raD*i)? bee put ?n end to Ua o wnish Mi Fiakkl lb gere id Parn, an Coarge U'AfluiieH to the Unpens! lid' ?i ora-nt. It also fo<u*ln< a doiHie pro BttlgM kk \h? e UT?nlioi i onriudtii between K,?l? ap : HbB?T*r, for tl*e ra-iprosal 'xtraiit.on of offender* agwoit ;be bw-i of the raape-tire countrea. I'm K'jg ct Poring!) too? bia cepir'ure from Toulon forCkeiu Veefhii co th? u ?ht of tbe 26tb, in tne iajp*n*l jraaut %hi P*inn? llorui.xe, *ni on th? uns 'lay to* Lt-<;ulo?, aaitiar tianapcrt, baring 800,000 i*logr*.uiai'" of gun Ciwoer (irojrvt le?, ano other oilltary itore* t tn? < A if >?r, by lb'- way, from Pilots ~??Ui - topoi, roUte* 'be feiloeing ilttie .ncideut. ? ?' In the itittci ou to* lUim Ion fortim thii'tll, t?J ?oldiarn Belonging to tbe 3d '/.ontTOg iro*. toe it* c or all the otbfr*. ltd If a-,e l mt? '.be Drat o tae tbre* ti>i -,h*a Tbe rets'D of tlie Kuaamm to re:ov?.r the j* a :<? di -v. tl'ow th-n> to aaoape to time, s.od tbey hao no'.' % it but to preteno to be dead. r?ey Moon. :ogly wa t*i m?i1ion'ei>? tor taenty tour hour*, ext>?:'. *v:y tkat on ar?ui? 'io would take p: a e tor our.-ing tli.t I. Tboir expectation* wera not disappointed, not ^ tbe aitunlabiu-nt of ibe lirai b . .y of KreBih whf.-.h ap proaeheri to adatoMtnr the Uat a ul nm o' tbe 10M rt >n<ldeofy to bet old m.v refurrec ion u( Uievr two intry nea freia MBlct tbn flitin anJ wuuede i, aj i u> r^cei^e their j?.you? Mlti'lUoM," A Utt*r frcn Gallic la, io the Auetr ao Omit'- atate* Kuoit wilt ahortty p?r?it me ?i jurnuoa of :orj, *n tncnuB'^Mi-Bt wotoli ta lai>?d?.tti ihe grtaio*' n?'i?.'aetio?, aa ecro han rihva to an e*oroitaot tri Tf? Gate tx otCuoa. of the "2d, ooataia< a de r a ky which <i?n?ra) <to la Csaou, L'ap-.ain-Oea^ri' o' tne "rvtr fa ihfa. ia>e o.' t uba, raii mtae etate of *i*je In tt ?t ulaad anu ita (,.epeoi<eopie? anil tatea off tr.e bkxaa.'.eot ?se ioae e which wiw eaUbliatie'i on the 13-~a of f'et-uary It announce an?o tLat all t?*w r-? o( i pia<'t?c?l n of the ialaml hart oaaat'd; Mr. Qar.aoaa, wc? via to haTS commanded tt. ani ott.-r Aaoeri an ofli^?ra who eoe to have t?keD piri to it, reaigaefl. and that auch aerioua JtKoa?al3a< abjut aacaey hart artien b<tnMo thoiie gentlem -a aid tbe Cuban toclery at n-? Oilrana. that the ao:iety had b<en ? aaolvvd. It adiU, tt*' in rOBaxiuou.-" of tbia cmraDerc al 'Oi>tilrn<?- had b-' a eataullabei lo toe ielaad, aart the ereatton of a Hank >>f laaue and >U?coaat via t<. be ptocf uled to Tb? Kaperor Nap.?lein hie Wmln) tblt *?9 aay Ian- asall be eomtitatM, foe ae., ViONUN, the oth?r rm tfce baaka of the ~eine. o?r j- Germ^la for r<aTale?.?pl wotko-.?a. A< tha Ho'.*. i'.?? lnT'it:.if , -?? earieea tba hOlJier w hy -moot an/ ior,*er hot ) the mtia le", ih> theaa new eete'vliehmen'" will Kite ahaU" o the ciTil to'dier? tbe worKinru, who, from asci<v<-ot, b?c< me Dna"la to 'am b a bra*]. The following account o( the receir?.< o' tha . Exhibitlcn, eirlnrtlo,; the Beaux Ar-*. ar- in-.?re? ? ?ea> the 18-b to the iJat ot M?y, wh?n the ti :tat of udmwaien waa 6f , tue iargeat #uia r?c?,ved ou an? <?oe day wae l?,l'JOf . an l 'ha amalle-t, 5,"'lSf. On tb?lf. rtaye, from Jane to lane IS, the lir^eet aoc r? lr? | waei*,t><f, and the ???rage 13,1 Oil;., ?h5?.n?> ???r. eligbt diflertn e in the Ja'l/ r?"*!pta. "n ta* 2< centianes day* t'.ie r?ceipte were. Jone :(?! ll.S4lf Win, 14 3<.7f. ; 17 to, 1? . Of., at 1 on the '^Ith. aC,t>*W. la ore of my leUera laat week I mentioned '.Be aen? U?n wO' -b l'rn<-e Alb?rt> tpee'-.h a', tha rrioi'y had ea.nen amr ng official cir . a :n fan*. ?o< 1* eurreatly ie|?otteo that tVie <>r g'n nf ;hl? ap^p-1! tia'a tron a SMwer>atuw b?ldat * m': - tr with the luo?ror <>f the Freach during hia UUviait. Ilia Mtjeity 1* * mitte<i 'o ia*? aald on that <x-ca?ion tha*. no oni r ? pejt ??1 parliam'-ntary goeerotnent an I a free p"^" , ?< cje J darted in l-oglan'), nnra than be il o th-'. > ? ?ti l'rt ron-ider It a bie*?log If Kran-a couiJ <i e ami en ,oe ti e aamaaa rational y a- KaglaM an i Atnari -a; but " r.? did not. beliare with tha Waotfi; w ra ami the 'hmf* --pe'Tt of aflat'* Kr'";gbf about by 'team, :0?t j . v i I f aiihle (ft aay gOT?rnm*n?. t? carry . n a w?r . ? u. ??otiier (toTirtroeii . whoaa g"'at f;r.:a lay iu hen! r-?er?r ib<! 'je're^y, e fill idbanng i'a r 'O1? fie of parliamentary pnh'i:ity. * >d .NapfieotJ, for your aarn a* ;ur fy, to- U ?*' ?at>oa of l.e bJooJ of lr-tfh.-*u, ycur *? rat will b* eom palled 1o auapenii ???jorar:./ ?? '?'-nr *f f0T*mn?0U? to b?*e, i& fi't # '1 ' ta*? ? ? ? - uTii ?b# ?ar a'nail haT?aru t?m..nktiija. .'?>?'? > we. . u-*' yt ?r ! a.*. ?t .to*. < jr?" vit'.tr- ;? motif a. ' M. Petersburg w.' twenty Iicu.k, atd thus we M? Mnteading with a eward of wo?l aga:ost in imdt nhoM weapuo has a doable *d4? of ;t?e (meet tempered steal. It .* true, you m?j saj, that with* at suepcuding your fr ee government, you once raccevfuDy resisted the world in arms; bat I answer that itctm and electriUty have linw thit jwriou revolutionized the world, and 70a cannot expect a repetition of similar good fortune. It ie now observed that the French semi-official jour d?I?, which were at trret reserved when Prince Albert's rptr 'b was the talk of the salom, hare suddenly, mow that the hngliah newspaper! are attacking it, come to the rescue, rhe Pays, amongst others, has a very ably written article on this snbj*ct Great preparations are being made for the Queen of Kng'?nd'? reception in the early part of August. Such fitet at 8t. Cloud, su-h balls at the Tai Series, such re ceptions at the British Embassy, such royal rollicking and junketing. as has nerer been heard of sine* Cleo patra appeared before Mars Antony, arrayed in magniB eent apparel, and beguiled 'he enamored hero out of the greatest pari of the eastern pror aces of the Roman empire. Not that I suppose the little fat Queen af K*g land will be Clsepatra, er Napoleon be ready to play the ri le of Marc Antony ; bat there wfil be great doings, or at least great 8>.diiog. BKRHE. Our Haul rid Correspondence. Madrid, June 21, 1866. Re* epicn nf Mr. Dotlge by the Queen ? His Address and htr Majes'y's Reply ? Mr. Perry Accompanies the Minister ? Prospects ej Mr. Dodge's Mission? Critical Pnsuu n of :he Spanish Government? 1 he Monarchy in Danger ? Anarchy at Hand ? Tlte Spanish Embassy in H (ifAuij/Srt, ic. In my last I informed you that Mr. Dodge, United states Minister at Madrid, had been grasiousiy received by the Queec. I atn now able to gire you Mr. Dodge's speech and her Majesty's reply. It was a Sunday, 17th Juae, at half pint 4 P. M., that her Majesty the Queen, accompanied by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and of the i*alace, received in private au dience, with all the formalities, at the Palace of Aran guei, Mr. A. C. Dodge, the United States Minister P.eni pcttntiary. t Mr. Dodge, on presenting bis credentials, spoke as fol lows:? M ?!>.am ? At the moment of presenting toe letters of c-ebence arcredit me in the quality of liavoy Kx tracroinary and Mioirtfr Pleo potentiary of the Uoiwi M it.tes to your Majesty, 1 fa Itil the orders of the Presi dent of the depubli: In expressing to you the sentl xotttb 0/ friendship and high esteem be entertains for 3 our royal person. rhe most sincere desire of the Presi dent acd v : the American people is tosee tightened and consolidate*', theascient and amicable relations which for sc m??y yean bav*exieted "o#fw9?n the government of your Majesty and that of the United States. For my pan., ?o long an I shall fill tae office witti which I am honored, as much by duty as (row personal Inclination. I neglect no hin^ which msy contribute to do away with every came of difficulty between the United States and Spain : and I witl labor with assiduity and constancy towards the de velopment of the interests and prosperity of the t vo cations Al'.ow me, m?dam. to express, in coac'uuoo, the Mtc? re views i entertain for the happ nes-? wel fare of your royal person and of your fami y. The Queen replied : ? Mossacx u Mi.sifiTRE ? I have heard with much plea sire the expressions o* friendship you lnv: ad-lre^Mtl to ire in tl e name of the President of the Onited States, in prenotirg the letters which si-.cridit you to m? as Knvoy Kxtraordinary and Minister Pleniootent ary of the Confederation; and 1 am bappy to be able to assure yoa, that you may make it known t j the President, that the sentiments which animate mo for his person are not less friendly. I deeire as earnestly as the noble American people to behold drawn closer the oil and go o3 relatione which happily exist between Spain and the United States; and I doubt not that for your part yon wiU con tribute to that result, equally advantageous lor the two nations, by seconding the desire* of which my govern ment has given proof to put aside *11 motives of diffi I sulty with the government of the United States. I give you thanks for the wishes yon form tor my welfare and that of my family, and you may rest assu.-ei that you will find at r.iy Court the weloome which is due to your highly dieting aished personal qualities. This was nothing more, of ciuree, but a repetition of f he expressions that bad passed in their flret Interview between the American Envoy and the Spinirh Minister of Foreign Affaire, fn thlch both bad concurred in a most cordial understanding of settling amicably all the ideations pending between the two countries. The Bon. Mr. Dodge was al-o accompanied in h'.a official viaita by the Secretary of the Legation, Mr. Ferry, much to the nstoniahment, I mait add, of many who i eetned that the offl race of the former Atner can Minister'* secretary wan run, and this for minynn GDvious rtaion, which I do not feel jai'.ified for the present in dwtllltg upon. Thus fur baa the diplomatic Intercourse between the two countries been formally renewed. Wnat the real mutton of Mr. Dodge it will of coar.e remain a diplo matic wcrtt. But, whatever it be, it is easy enough t* foresee at once in wliat it will en l W aether he bs directed ui r?De7i the prcpr jals made b/ Mr. Soul.-, or ?cerely to further the American cU ma against Spain, tee u filiate reiult must be equally negative. In tie first c?te, no oierturts purporting any iiea of ceaiion of the laiand of Coha would have any kind of cbnnse of being entertained by any government here. The spirit of national pride hag b?en rouaed In fh s qieation, aad public men, of all parte*, hava unanimously pr> claimed that tlie nation's honor wa* Interested in re jecting all terroi of digest or indirect ?a> At for the settling of the pending cliinn, it miy or may cot ccme to a satisfactory issue ; but th-i negotia tion* they will bring on wiii most lUoly, for aoy one at all connected with the soanlsb ofli -al habits, tire out n.ore than one more minister's pttienco. The r?a?y resolution that baa been come to in tie question ol tbe Black Warrior must not laai to a a.ippo f-.tion that the rest will be as promptly and sttisrac tor'fy despatched : for the satisfaction olle Md in this InaHnce w?a evidently nothing son tain the result of a fipttf against. Mr. Soul<\ and also, psrhapa, a de aire of 'erring the interesta of the aecrstary, who bad ingratiated h maelf with tli* miu'atry by t?king up the Span sh a'de of the que* tiote in the difficult1** thit arose tetween the /niTican envoy and the Sprnish government A proof tbe.t Mr. I iizurisg* and hi", colleagues Implicitly ackoov tedce -hat they have been actuated by feeliuc? ot thin ktod, to consent rather hastily to ihe concesa'.oo* tiey bi*e iftn'le, la the f?c that tlie conditions have not yet up to tbtq time, heec mtde offiirilly known To rctnrn to tbe probanle remits of Mr. Dodge'* mis sion, t?on over and above the reason? which I have al n-ady mentioned for not '.onti'en<Dcing uny flatter m; hojes. it Is necessary to take into accounttbe precariios staid in which both the government, and tho nation h ive atood over a'ntc the revolution o( last Julfj an<i which ab t'o* ihr whole aU'Viin and exertion of public men in tbt daily ?are of *f If-pr- servatioa. Ire tenure of tbe tbronn by the actual o:;jpmt for much uicre time, lias b? vwie ?ery uuceria.u The pco U'g? of the court during the latter years has complete ly all" o ate I from tbe IJueM aad her cynitsty tbe afiVc tipn and interest of the peo ile. Tee gov-ruroent, usurped by General O'D. na*U, and retained ; y hiui in the name of h.* more popular tut less energetic colleague, Espartero, hat no hold oa pib li: op.Dio?, and >e e??rj da? exposed to a defeat. I !i?t (iirt^s. *,hrou?'u want o' proper iuit at ? n. aul sacriUcibg ail to petty ^rkoaal or party fcud>, hive auuk Into pohl.c e <nt> a:(it Jn this melao 'holy atate of ahtndosmsnt ?n i fearf fl eventualities, wlih publli- and private mi *ery daily ^roiv ?tig. aud knarchy enteuding iutlf t? the I'.aiimstratioa. | to tlie arm) . aud to all classes, the nation feels tie want ofti'e ttrocghanAof deapo'.iam o ^ave her frooi com inittiog -nici Je And thai U we sf' tbe nlt*a i berals to E< parterc, cr^'ng him *.o a?s im? tu* tlio^vture, w lilst the mod?rii. es 1p .* forward to tht: re", irn of Strain to te esta ibsb order in tbe country, ?ul the Carl>ate stand uo foe the restoration of no-oluu p >v>er in t;.e hai ia of Mont* in .111. ?? tbe ouly for.n oi )j>veiomeut coti^eu ?I t.i be chi/aclei .iod habits of the 4paatah peiple. la th" 0id.1t of Me asfiratlccs o' ihsi<4 sonteu ling and faciioos u" c. toe count-y, which flas b?-en tor so ru*nr je.irs j.s?t gradually Binding duwi >0 the l>? levsl of her foraer >ouUi American colonies, is threatened of ue og ia^t conv ub-.i by a civil aal so.'.ial war. Wbilat the<e *.i absorb. ng viasi.liraU ins are pr?yia{ cn tlie Kind oft>l public u.e&. it ;? easy ?noaga to cou rieve tb-.t l?avirg ?**! ?? tha n*'.UTal inlileuce an 1 or!i pary ( lflci?l ill will jiecul ar <0 the men o" this so in'rj, *irj Utile attention can be g ien to tho satlliu^ 0. foreign ciaitpf. l'e"ids?. neaeroua fears whi'h Mr. ^ou!'- hadatons I me inspired nere. have, to a gre?.t evtee' disappeared; and moreover tte general impress! in is tiat, let th og< cenr.o to the wont, tbe jeslousy of Eiglan 1 sad Krauie i-ga nat the em-roa Omenta of the t'uion will iDtsrf<-ra to their favor and secure 'or them the safe .ml flit: pjo aesiion o" the i?i?nd , f 1 a .e. Meanwbiie the tiua. Ul. Do Ige hi* aet oat on Ms dip'omatic campa gc. The Sptniili jovtrauiiat, . - . ?e (?Iter band, has et.t ??t up .ta aomd as -j the choice of a refreseota' ve m Wasbtagtoo. D 'teren* names have he*o put forwar I. Som* bave refuted \u 1 then it 1a tb<>egut that the v'obinet iie.-e is i*?.:ous th ?*. Mr. <>. usi i.c.o sLou 1 1 in Oi*. to hold b.s p>?., and ugreea tu grant rin? the three oojths' leave of ab-en s on which lie loeiste. i>. s,? Another gisnd reception to?V p'a^e a f*? davs Va^k at th" r'"jalp*lsce of Araag jn General Wil'. am coo h*d the honor to be (atMdacod t" h?r Uiia,iy. sod tt nod in the presence of royalty in the full b.i/e of h.? cloey ?n J ftriiiiant military uniform Oeneval WiUiam ?ve was /r??*ated, 1 an u>! 1. by Mr. Secretary Pery. \Unain, J .r* lSi'i. II h,l,n--l 0/ ?*/ flt" twrrn nty th' E\ 1 ' K 1 r ,?i? /'OWI ? The .Vtw F i'l ?? ( 1 1 M din 'M *ri Contiihru of th- fr'tuurv and 1 1 C4umi? .Vp? 1st ?? ,^1 hlnctft^n? 1 ?f Difti' ul iti II" 11" 1 ' vp< nfra i-nrf H mt?Tk' Sp i*"K CUrgg Cu 1 *g Kt\r 1 , Th rkH?A ??tC( 1 n t'dnor >,/ Mi I 'rry, <#<? , ,1 . the authodaation of ibe Qieen. tbe go*s.-nni?i.t has wlilioraen t'lOUw fo- pre-err eg pibliJ o d f, '.be r.aaio i of wn. - .a the Ae?emt :y wouid b?.ve g ?en r.'e ti ?*-ioj? iVb'i'?i inwt ; the :.iinistrv wou.d cfr ?a!n!y liave 1 -en mote i. is the ?--. i ter par' of tbe depn ties ui.' om ijk . tte pr-o <ere agMia '. t losj ltoof -her." sure and o"i*r? of 1*- < letereei, pi^l^wpuoe s dec'.artw ' self ae n t'b. mr.->y ,t> i ?4r?c j|)y t M.?i??er of i nat^e. w:? af -? h. t/ ? ?.? ? v- r - '.iu - ?i .*n? m mo j-'an i ' :h# a - ?na) iefi ' ?? thmt , t? the fo.-:el han f rs- I ^oi*. aj hi* p(< -eoe?*off, baa fo.a . . ... e;*a I tlv* *ha3 *>at of re-estab'jss.'-g jdo cclioc je ooau oj- J ' t t ?* ? j*t. aftii tav -s ? jt'.vi?iv*a, a^a'ast which the whole country clamored in the lata re volition < f Ja)y. Aoy tu ef thia nature will b? rejected by Uu entire Ccitea. Aa yet. the Minister Iim sot presented hia prejeet. So yen tee. the state ef the tremury is vary bad. The actual expensee of the government exceed certainly 75 millions ef dollars, and the ordinary revenue la calcu lated at b3 Billions, or with extraordinary taxation, at 66 m-Wcea, leaving a deficit of 10 miliiona of dollars, which it ia not easy to aay bow the government will cover, in the deaperate aitnation in which it astuaUy kinds itself, and eapeclally when it la abolishing all the contriontioni of the former tariff*. It ia not enoogh that there should be aome improvement! in the N?ry and Treasury Departments, whilst the aeaodaloaa s-Ua riea of the great eiilclala are left untouched; uotJ thia ia oone, ana halt the pension list atricken off, the nation will never be nolvent, much leas so if the interior dis orders ahould become more completed. The floating debt of Spain on the 1st of Jane was more than 29 milhona of dollars. It has been said that the government was abont to reorganize the nation*! millua, bat it la not trne, for me government well knows that any attempt to trammel or impede this body by obnoxious laws woala be repaired by the Cortes. The legislative aeesioes con tinue in their usual course, occupying themselves with various subjects of general interest, and the bane* -Al and TM of tbe new conatitntion. A new law witb re gard to education will soon be promulgated; many depu ties wished to allow freedom ol teaching, but tbe propo sition fell through. Tbe Carlisle oteappear at some pointa, hat re-appear at othtrs, generally commanded >y prieuta. The govern ment in tbe meanwhile ia not anl ep, and sboote all tbe faction* who rail into ita hands. The Qoeen ha* re turned to Mao rid from .\ranguez before the uaual period, in consequence of some deaths there from cholera; nevertheleta, tbia evil scourge does not make much pro gress in Madrid nor in this province. It appears to be certain that Monaigneur Fraachl, Le gate or Charge d'affaires of tbe Pope, will laave hia post here in conatquence of ordera from home. The general opinion in Home ih that the Pope ought not to preserve relatione with Spain, in eoneequenoe of the a an: t ion of the law of releaee trom mortmain, wliish, according to the opinion of these tonsured politicians, infringes es seutially upon tbe concordat* of this concordats ac cepted here, without r-gard to the decorum of an inde pendent people. But this was one of tho great mistake* of the "moderado" administration, whveh has contri bated ao much to the rising of the faction; as, on ac count of the many privileges accorded to the clergy by it, that body became te?f relying, ana, throwing off the mask of submission, present themselves now, making w?r against the existing government. W ollat the Spaa isb clergy, with ita stupidity, did nothing but murmur against the constitutional government, without proceeding to Honttlitles. that government looked upon it with tne inslifferense which it deserved: but no*, when tbey not only lonsplre openly, Out without shame or compuncllon present themselves in arms against the government- now, when from the proudest bishop to the smallest shaveling. they scatter their money to sup port civil war, and to again entail tbia sjourge upon the nation, it would not be bad for our government to call to nuna * hat a deputy said in tbaffamoua French -in vention, when It became apparent that the aoblen ind clergy were ccnspiring agaiost the interest-) of Hoe< ? "Tbe frogs are raialng their heads out of the lakes;" to wbicb another answered, "So much the better? it in so much tbe eat ier to cut them off. ' ' Some people say that, our government hive sought the mediation of France in our affairs with the Pope; bnt if this were true, it would bo a new mark of atupldity on tbe part, of toe present administration, and of want of consideration f.r ita own dign'ty, after the action of the Cortes in the matter; bnt nothing is known with certainty retarding thia. In the (/tuet'ee of yesterday appeared a telegraphic communication from Paria, pro bablj t'rcm an ambassador at that court, to the ell->ct that the Secretary of the U. S. Legation In Mexico was coming to replace Mr. Perry, the present Secretary of that Legation In Madrid, as jet, thia news being Iso lated, and not having bean confirmed in any foreign pa per, we cannot credit it; not because we believe that Mr. Sonic will not, through hia intrigues, seek to Injure Mr. Perry, whose conduct, in respect to the true interests of his co on try is so strongly contrasted with that or the ex-Minit1er. Mr. Perry baa obtained for hia country every possible result in the existing subjesta of difference between the two natione. Tbe present s'ute of theae nago'.U a tiers prove tbe fact; and it is generally known tbat all la owiig to his conciliatory spirit, which differs so widely from the boastfng and braggadocia of Mr. Souli. KL C D. Oar Berlin Correspondence. Bkku.y, June 20, 1855. What it Thought in Berlin of the Successes of the Allies? Extensive Movement of Iltistian Troops from Wt? Polf'h. f'rontur Towards Perthop?The Under standing :i Austria and the Czar ? Correct Status qf the Military Stuourcet of Kutsia ? The Baltic Expedition, <tc. , rfc. In the military circles of this city the lata events at tbe teat of war have given rise to considerable discus sion.* importance la .now .attached to the opera tions of tbe allies In tbe Sea of Azoff, than oa receipt of tbe first telegraphic despatches, as it appears that they have only bombarded, not occupied tienitcbl and Arabat, and th&t the Russian* ara consequently still in possession of tbe military road along the Slvoche, instead of be restricted to the isthmus of Perekop. It in asknowlelg ed, however, that the destruction of such enormous magazine* of grain an! provisions of all binds, and of a whole fleet cf coasting veesela, must be a heavy blow to tie Muscovites, although falling more uptn private Individuals than upon the government. And beaile*. these operations evince an energy and activity to which tbe allies bad not accustomed us sines their first landing in tl>e Crimea, and which shows pleinly that a n?v spirit has been Infused Into them by tbe restless a a t darirg gtnins of Pelinier. But the rssl de:islon is still befjr* tbe wails of bat tope 1, and hers, .too, the be tiegera have made greater progress within the last few wte'H than during the whole course of this tedious and proi ranted campaign. Ib fact, tbe capture of the Mi me lon vert is the first act jal step male to tarda taking tbe tortress itseli, (or at bast the southern part of it), all former attempts having been confined to an ineiV<ctual bombardment, and to blood; but aimlsss struggles about rifle pits and ambuaca>ies. 1 be failure of the assault on the VaJaUofT tower is undcub'.e-ily a serious contretcm , aid proves thai the enemy are not Oismayed by d?f*av, aid Ktill rent upon defending themselves t.i ths Uit ex tremity; but it in generally believed that toe Frencuc >m mamier will return to ihe at a' k at the lirnt fivoraile opyortuni'y, nor >es. tin he hi* plant-id the tri color on tbe baiti-tieut* of thtt terrible loft. Evej the (alio | the Ma akolf, however, would no: immiiiatelf lead to i the naptare ot destruction of Sabaatopot, as tae re is* I dcuMe line of entrenchments behind It, and every bou?" | ?aio to have been turned into an arses*!, capai e o d? tence, sn-i prepared for a d*sp?r?t? reeist-iacs. Cuter ibeee circumstances, and considering the *r?,nei>)oin tofllta with which t..? storming ol such a net wore o' for tifica-iors most be aitendwd. i . certainly be; >m ?s a mat ter ill serious reflection, whether the allied ar.riy w II not l?f eventually destroyed iy its very ttlu opbi, or re duced to such a state o: weakness as to he unable t > ??itr. stand the onset of tbe frsfh masses ot'Hu's ao troop < that are now on their taan n to tin p?nu?uU; far * hive oos.tivj infel'i?nce here that the Czf, r?liev.<l by tbe pacific attitude of his *'cb-valious" brother of Austria, from any further nacesr'ty of kefpioi; the bulk of bis fcrcee cjocer. tra'.ed oo the 1'oUck frrntmr, has a r>-aly given orders tor p-irt of them cia? of two wioitcorpi d'artnii to pro.'ee I t i the ("cijs <* ?y force l marches One of these is theWiv of the Russian trmf, tbe iJrena'lirrs. a div sioo or" which, with tb*ir com-nsc 1 ?r, <Jenerai I'lavotin, had arrived on tbe 15th Instant at Armianekoi Bazar, the first s o^e somh of i'erstop aol nutr, therefor*, by tbis time, have rea$n?d the hstd quarters ot Prince <>orts chitoH on the heights of Inter net! n i'ubaps 1 marks wsll take this opportunity to givs von rorne details relative to the present status o' tbe Kuseisn a'm?ments, sho'it *-etl''b w? ar* much m)re nu l<ii' :n thei- ,'Ji??io<?" tnan tbe Engi>sh press ap pears to b?. The wnole Muscovite army la Kurop'* is nominally r.nder the supreme commando;' aid P- ktviu-lj, as R?oer^iirs Tno, w'io>e grea* age and iodrtniM** w I! mibkhly prevent bim from ever aktag the li^U a<?in, but ?bon* ratne 11 coasidere.1 a ''to??r of streagti" by hm countrjtoec, ite prestige cot having iuffer?0 in tbe r ey< s, froc his last y?ar'a 'eilure at Suistrii. In pifa: o* iact. there 'ire at present focr <ej?rat" arm:es, ?.z ? fueaimy of fbe Vortb, under the orders of tJ^ie.-al > ount Kudi^er, of tbe West, nt ler<i*ner*? Sanun kofT, that or the '>n'rs, ?atru?.,*d 'o iieaer?l i'anaVu, and that of the Hontn commanded by I'rince flortsch i loff. lhe army of the North i4 distrib'ited a ong ?he whole seaboard, lr;m ('auriaod to ths liulf of IVitaai*, and cocsista of three ewtps? that oT ?i?n?ral B.rg. ia Kmlat d ? '.bat of Arbusefl with Its healqaarters at S-. Ptter-burg? and that of Severs, at Riga. The army of toe Uest cor posed of tas old guard and t ?o divisions ofihaiine, ia etattoaed in I'olaod, to p"***nt ai<? out break ia that roun'ry, and to IntiaUa *> the s' r>?.'r? Hat pui llanimous (V.jrt of Vienna; wh'Js the atiuy o*' the Cen'fe seeps up the r.anwt in with he S'l.itb, *ul rervts as s < ejo' from wliencs all the rvln'or cement* ?re itraitec off to the aeat at war. The army of QortachakOlT i< the strongest of tbe four, beicg e-timital at asar 300,(00 men. having an im sense tr* t of foaot'y to defend, ettenlloK from the Pruth to the D?o, only a email part of that force can b? cm eatrat* 1 oa .>os point, an i its ranks are cOBtin tally th nn - 1 by tbe ? ?ovil an<* by disease. In addition to thess forces, there a-e the infsntry reserve* un!er(/ener*l fcbeol.t eir, wj> l as his t ead quarters at Moscow, aad th? cavalry re ssrvee ma ler tisneral fount .Vik tin, at Vosaeiesai'k, w.'ti enumerable s verms of Irregular ca'airy, Casta k Barhkire, and r?lmu".s*. Ia Asia '.here are '.arse <rnle* ? that of the Caucasus, under the o-leri a>. f; *o*r*i MouTtvleff, that o' <>r.?ns irg, 'in ler Coint P*ro(Ts<y, ? bieh ha advanced t<> Khiva, and is sani tjthr-*en Hrrisb Imlia, and t?at of Siberia, romsaoded br aa . rh r MouravieiT ?bo?? authrr.ty av-nfs to th? aartii oi tne A moor sod the shores oi Kem'.-iia'iia: whira by the !?st sc ounts be W4S a -tively ?riKige.j m for ifyln^' a m ast a rreewe 1 attack medjfated tit the alliel squ* :roas In tbe Paclfl ts to the strength of tie militia, wlileh h is Vt?n ceiwd oat in .til the o!t Hiss. an provia-e? ilis dUMeult to risk* e*en a wu(rh esr.laate ?>( it. b?*. oa the ? hole it m?y ^e cal<'iUit*l tnat Ku'sla b* nea-'v a m i ion and a b- If of m-n x 'oo. at tae rresan- m i^t-a". o' whipb. how*v*r, proliahlr not more th iti a uu,; >n c i . ; 1 nrought ?> h?ar e duntaeeouslv f-?r tbe de.'snce ef the ?P-j,tre? an empire Ne t rea?raoer^l, tb?t JoveT'i on tioth of tB* area of tia* h^bi'sb'e gloie. ,"he last a -coun'.s 'r-jm ihe 8?*' ? bold on* lit '* h ip r t-,a: admiral fiin'as wll b? ah> ??} acv> nplis . wi?t n*of oi i rtr ee Na| er ?ae dlstrra^ed for n >? at Wmp' n.- aa ? n*i tnu stry have adhered 'o vk r ar>> lysttm o? eea^'Jir cut lir^e la* of- b?*.'!e tiipt, whl * can t?r' no ear*'r y -a ia tW)?e Barro r ?rater* 'hi)* laencoV?''n; flok* as aatter>ss, ;r a vv ?e efli- ?*???<? x ict ?as stpe -te?;. a." do*. ??>?. ia I'M ? taatr tlM flwft M x*r a:eth# lor'ng which naval operations can be carried on art ij?t, and the mo?t BagotfiODt Beet that ever left the shores of Eofland, ron J tbe risk of having to return a ntood '.ions Without effecting anvthin/ of awn importance than capturing ball a doasn Merchantmen, and burning a ?core or too of coasting vessels Even yet. England dies not seem to be full* awake to tbe necessity of pat'.'n* forth all he r energies in thia lif? * niggle with the calos ?tal power whose preponderance 1*10 baa undertaken to reduce. A blow directed against the capital of the Rus sian empire would not only be attended with result* immeasurably greater than could be expected from tbe moot brilliant sueeoisoo in the Crimen, but would en courage tbe Soandavlan kingdoms to east their neutrality to the wlnda. and to range themselves openly on the side of the allies. As long as the latter eon due them ?elves to a summer's cru'se, and then go homo again to rent upon their laurel*, they can hardly require Sweden and lenmark to eater into engagements whieh would draw upon tbsm tbe wrath of the Our, who, as soon as the navigation was closed, could easily march hi* armies aero is tbe ice of tbe Gulf of Bothnia, like he did in 1803. and dictate an ignominious peace unler the walls of Stockholm. The King of France "who marched up the hill, and then marched down again " would have done just as well if he had never marched at all. A. B. THE WAR. THE FIGHTING ON THE 7rH OF JUNE. [From the Paris Momteur ] The Minister of War baa just received the foUowiog leport from General Pelissier: ? Bs.kore Hbbastopol, June 11, 1855

Monsikcb i.x Mjim?chal ? My two telegraphic des patches of the 7th and 8th of June and my lector of the 9th informed you briefly of oar brilliant affair of the 7th. Having to day received the report of General Bopquet, a? well as other Intelligence which 1 expected, I am en ? aided to give you a general and detailed account of th's action, which is a real victory, from the luitre which it casts upon our arms, and from tbe tmportanoe of its re sults. | At 3 o'clock la tbe afternoon of the 6ih, as I had the honor to inform you, the artillery of our right attach opened on the place. The English batteries commenced their fire at tbe same moment, and they were support ed as soon as possible by a part of the batteries of our left attack. Tbe tiring was oontinued'wlfb activity during the whole nlget from the 6th to the 7th, during the day of tbe 7tb, and at 3 o'clock in the a'ternoon it was com Dieted by the opening of all the batteries offoar loft at tack, so ihat from that time the place was enveloped in a girdle of fire, which, cosomen-ing from tbe east of our careening batter ??, extended to the west as far as the Quarantine harbor. The plans of attack c'nrerted between Lord Riglau, Omer Pacha, and myself, and? ax tar an we were oon cerned? carefully considered by General Bosituet, then began to be put in execution The object was to get pos session on the right, on the couater fort of the works called by us outrage* Mane*, or "of the 22d and 2Hh of February;" in tbe cetire to carry the Mamelon Vert op posite the Malakoir; whilst on their puts the Kaglisb on our it-It should make themselves Dieters of the Rus sian work called the Quarries, facing the great Redm. Kach of these attacks was separated from the o'her by a ravine between tteep and rocky slopes; that of the oucragti blatus was separated from the MtiakolT att?c'? by the Careening ravioe, and the Mulnkolf attack from the EnglUli attack by the Karaheiniia ravine . These ravine* were inconvenient, inasmuch ae they isolited the attacks; but their covered portions enabled us to pi ice in tbem numerous and powerful reserves out of reauh of the enemy's tire. Tbe 2d, 3d, 4tb and 6th divisions of tbe second corps had been designed for the attack. At half-past four in tbe afternoon these four divisions to>'? up their positions, tbe divisions of Mayran (the 3d) and Dolac (the 4th) on the s de towards our batteries op posed to tbe Careening bay, and the divisions of Cimoa (the 2d) and Brunet (tbe 6th) in tbe attack 011 the centre. General Mayran was to direct simultaneous attacks on the plateau of the Careening bay against the ouora ?et blancs of tbe 22d and 27th of February. The Ant tigade of his division, csmm&ndei by General Lavar ande, and composed of a part of the 19th hittilion of Chasseurs a pied (Commandant Caubsrt), of the 2d o' tbe Zouaves (Colooel Saurin), an \ of the 2d B'giroent of Marine ( Me ut.- Colonel de Cendrecourt), occupied our trenches of the Careening bay. This column was charg ed to attack the work of the 27th of February. On the left or f.avarande's brigade was the 2d brigade 01 Mayran's division, under the command of General de Fa. illy, consisting of tbe remainder of the 19th batulioo of Chasseurs a pied, of the 96th of the line (Colonel Dancer), and of the 1st battalion of tbe 97th. Tnis col umn was to carry the work of tbe J2d of February. Dulse's division I ormed the reserves of these two at tacks: the first brigade, under the orders of General de Saint Pol, was to station itself ia toe parallels of tbe Careening works after tbe advance to tbe attack of the two first columns, and the second brigade, commanded by General Bisson, formed the second reserve. Further, the 2d battalion of the 97th of the Hoe, and one battalion of the 61st, under the command of Lieut - Colonel Lsirouy de 1: Orion, of the 9'th, were posted in tbe Careening rn?ine, in order t > turn the enemy and cut off his retreat after tbe capture of the ouoraar < blancs. In the centre tbe operations were conned ts General Camou. Tbe first brigade of his diviaioo. under the orders of General Wimpftn, occupied the parallels 0' the Mslakholl counter fort On the right, the Algerian tirailleurs (Colonel Hose); in the centre the 5'>th of the line (Colonel de Franc'on); on tbe left tbe 3d of toe Zouaves (Colonel Polbrs). The 2d brigade of Camiu's division, commanded by Oeneral Vergo, was in reserve in theKarabelnaia ravine, in reaiiness t> replace the 1st brigade in the parallels. r Bronet's olvlsion. also potted in the KaraMlnaia ra vine, under the order* of its chief, was ?) f.irnish the second reserve. Two battalions of the garde imperials, one of tbe gre nadiers, and another of gendarmes were placed s t the die - position of General Camou for this attack The whole force was compter Jd by tae Tarkisli division of Osman Pacha, who had t>eeo deta-.lied by th.? Com mander in Cbief, Omer Pacha, from his army 00 the Tcbeinaya. and who had taken up his position on the heights of 'nkerroson .\t half past six Lord Raglsn was near the English ob servaiory, and 1 arrived at the entrenchm-nl tie tore the Victoria teuoubt, from whL-h place, as bad been agreed upon between me and his lordnhtp I caused roj'tets to he discharged as the signal of stta :k . General Hoeqnet, who wss stationed at the neighboring Lancaat -r battery, had just received the last orders All was ready, the troops wero burning with ardor and animated with en tire confidence of success On tbe discharge of the first rocket, De LiUnd's bri gade, with the general atits hetd, dashei at tbe secjod parsllel of the Carreniog bay, an 1 carried s.t douMe quick march the work of Feb 27. Not?ithst\udiog the grape and musketry which, during the 200 metres length of ground to be passe-.! over, sort it a great numb*' of men, tbe column penetrated into tbe battery by the em brasuiss and tbe breach. A band to hind flgat begin at all points, many of tbe de'enders were killed on tbe spot, and we soon be *&e masters of tie entrench mtnt. At the same s'gnil and with the fina ici ?etuo?ltj, Failiy's br-gad* had rosbed again-t tbe work of Keiru ary 22. The distance was twice that of tbe o'tier re doubt, the pa-sage to it more difficult, tbe 6 ink tire of the firs* wora n-ore <!estruo* ire Nothinp stoppel this intretdd brigade. In one compa mass it ran bed th* battery, sealed the psrap?t tinier a roll'ng lire, sod overpowered, even to the inter or of the wori, the des pera'e rs?ntsDiie of the enemy. Forced at thess two po'nu, and bemmei! in by oar troop*, the Ru?s ans fled in di'order. some toward/, a sma'l battery, constructed ?!nc* t^s 2i of Miyforde fecnrg the raouth of the ravine at the Careen ng tuy, ?cd some towards the bru'gs tbit .'ross?-t th? bay srbere thif ravine cpens into th* great fcarb-ir of Sebi'-topM. A pirt of our soldiers, led on to tbe pursuit of the enemy, captured the bat'.ery of May 2, th* g ica o' b w?r? immediately splkel. Nevertii>lf *?, as this battery wa? iCO metres from th? wir. of Febru*ry 22 ? the no?t remote from our lines ? and ss it wa<i nU;ed under the double protec-ion of the eocelote and th? north f >r's of tbe rondsteud, it *?s im;-?ssible to tawk of St.! pjiiu it. General Mayran. set fug a R->**itn column advanc n^ ic orrer to retime tin ha'tery of May 2, ordered * bayoaH charge, which drove thii "colainn back Into the p'.i.e, eitiDif us i ix'y prisoner*, three of whom were offi --"s. lie tb-D rail ed hi* advanced troop*. ?od broiffht them bark into U>e wort* o' Februwy 22 and 27, irlii:a re mained definitively in our power. In the meantime Ibe two battalions co'.lec'el in the Careening bay rav<ce, and ccmaande I by L'.?tit?niin' Colonel I.arrooy d'Orlon, had b?ea :*r fr:>m renniaio^ iaaevve. Depending the ravine at tbe mrnatat the *'ortE>ng party became visible on the ridge tier pashel on to the ne'ght of the ?<|neduct bri-'g*, climbed toe ea> baikoienta or right bant, and cat oil the re'rei; ?' tbe enemy driven out of the tirat two work*. Tti a turn iLjt im,v?ment, which wa* conducted with aa much ?lgor a* s?i)l, and whlc.b ha* given u* -100 prisoners, (12 rf whom are officer*. ) doe* Lieutenant Ooljne' Lir.-ouy d'Orlon the (tre*???t honor, and ju<ttrtea my special re covmendatiou of this officer to your Kxcellea-.y. U hile theae feata were beiog perform- d oa tht aide of tbe Careering bay. tlie action had began jad was attll got Eg on round the i.raeu Mamelon, with evolut una st.ll nioi* exciting. At tbe name signal of rockets di?cba;-ge'"ronB tbe Vu toria ledouM, <??neral Wimptfen i?aued el h ha brigade from tbe tr*n<y>e?, wblth oo our aide mrrouod tbe im?i> of the Green Mamelon -that is to -<y, from the ieft place d urroee and from the 3d Victor! . parallel. Three columns at once charged the enemy's wort, tarrying two adv meed aegm-nts, anl * > ue *tr j ig a ti bu? midway between Pie grape lire of the r? doubt lie ron?ergiiig Are fronn ffce (Man and tie btt terlea to the left ol tbe kltlikolf tjwer, coohl cot ala-ten their pace. On 'be right, Colonel Roee, a*, the h*al of some W<e-. ite rlfl'isen, aeued a four ?un battery conne.-tel with the redoubt. i olonel de Rrancion, a' the centre, with ir.e AO'.h, and Co lot el de Tolhea, at tht laft. wi h ',l>e IlJ-egment of Zouave*. reeo'ut ly a'.U. lie ' lb* redoubt it?eif, da-hei down IE to the ditch, climbed tbe pirapec, an 1 cut down th? aitilieryrr.en at tnetr gun* Colonel da Hrancion. who had tne honor of llrat planting hia ugle ..u ;he redoubt, fell in this attack, under the enemy a p rape. glorious in hie triumph The fcimal nrder had be?n given not to paiebeyool ? he teck of the work, anl to mike a lolsm-nt there in atantly against the Are and attempts of the place Hut. ctrried aw.-iy hy their ardor, oar po ier* pursued th? Fu*-iar* aa far as tbe po?>.e o' (he Malakoir b?t '?ry abojt inet-es from the ledouht, an.l en.teavored 'o tenetrate with them into the ence n'e. A* u.igbt be foreseen, they were competed to fall back under th? beaty poiat blank lire ol tbe enemy'* renervee, who I n?d tbe i*mpa.rt* Th? two winga o( the French Uue r?t red, while ten besieged ?ent out of the pla w a strong coitiirn'of fre?h troop?, who narched stri gh; agtln*' our >?Ptre. Tie redoubt of (he fireen Mameloo could ?o longer, a' M<, offer any abetter. The tiie ha 1 c? .>el to ?if'n. e eitrer a fouira?ee prepared by tbe eaemy, or a pow. ? r HMR../UW, which aeriontly burcel the ommaa t *nt ol the ot foot cha-aenrs, and a certain mm b-r of n>?r. I'lsski, po?t*. buroing rope* lei an to ei ' f.-e*h eipio?.o?? the oterior of tb?wor?wkato >n?r?r terab.e Instead of aupporliog thomselres at tie reftoaVjotr line paeeed beyond the mem t ??U .'crated k half t rile rcu?d the Maa>e?<a. There *4i not an <M'Ut to be loot. General Camou or'ervd General V'erec to tear* the tree -hen , General Botqoeisent to tbe 6?n division the order to march ; General Brunet ted it on immediately to the front Tbe movement of this division wu enacted with in Keirg ao'iditr; tbe let brigade, commanded by Lionel iprat <3e la Roquette of tb? U'Oth regiment of the 'toe, arrived and oenupied tbe parallel* behind tbe Mimelon, and tb? 'id brigade, General Ltfont de Villtera, ad vanced to the tear and tbe left, ucd-r cover of a moc.n l. Tbe Verge brgade formed at tbe aame moment into column under ibe enemy 'afire, climbed the slope at a ra pid pace, and rallied tbe troop* of the Wimp lien br>g*de. Tbe poaltioD wis carried, an<l tbe enemy driven back a second time into tbe plate. We were definitively muter* of tbe Green Mamelan, wbich our troop* occupied in tri umph, and tbe enthu?ii?tic criea, a thousand time* repeated, of Fire I'Jtwjxreur. It wa* half- past seven, and tbe day drawing to a c'oae. As I bad anticipated, we were established in tbe posi tions eonquervd at tbe moment when tbe darkness would enable tbe engineer* to commence tboie labor* wbich wero to fecure aa there. The whole of tbeae labor* were directed by General Frosiard, having for hie chef WatUfiiu. at the Careening bay tbe chrf tie baiaillon of the engineer* Charetou, ana at the flreen Manic Ion tbe chef de baiaillon De Pr.aet ville. K>eeuted during tbe nigbt with grea" boldness ? with remarkable intelligence and eoolneti? theee work* were aoltdly established by tbe time it was light, and they enabled n* from that moment to offer a vigoroa* reKihtanee to tbe attempt* of the en*my. All tbe aManlting column* were accompanied by bri gudea ot tapper*, commanded by engineer officers. These retaebmenta fought every one of them valiantly. Dj la Boissiere, captain ot tbe en?meer*, wan aeverely wound ed when scaling, among the formoat, the parapet of the work ot February 27. 'Ibe ami' wry, which play* so important a part in this ci?ge, co operated most efficaciously in the *ucce*s of tbe day. After tue departure of tbe assaultiog column*, the line of fire from all the batteries of tbe Careening bay and tbe Victoria parallel was changed and diieetea against the body of tbe place; during tbe D'ght a great part of tbe embrasure* of its batteries waa reconstructed. Six detachment* alio, ea'.h consisting of fifteen gun ner*, under the command of oaptain* of artillery, marched with the first battalions of the columns, in ore er to turn sgainct tbe enemy tbe guns of tbe works, and to aseettam what new works ceeded to be made. All these operations were performed under tbe 'mras diate direction of Lieutenant-Colonel de la Bouseial&ro, whose devotion and activity cannot be surpassed. Tbe guns In tbe battery of llty 2 were spiced, under the enemy'* fir*, b.r a detachment oi gunner*, com manded by Captain Melcher. Th? guns of tue White works and the Mamelcn remained in our power, .\ltn getber 73 piece* of ordinance have been captured from the ? nemy . While we wrw rendering ourse've* masters of the White Works at tbe Caieening Bay and the Green Mtme lon. the K'ngl *h captured with r* re intrepidity the work of the Quarries, and firmly established themselv? i in it, thus taking their glorious * jare in the succtss of tbe day. The Turkish division of Osman P*:h* rendered great s?ivicec. Kveral of it* battalions, led on bj- the chief of the stair of the Tu r k i t-li army, Sefer P-ic^a K'sisted under 9r?, and at the advanced poets, in ie:ur:ng our conquest* i n Mount Sapone. Tbe CeneralisHtno, <>mer Pacha, came at the com mencement of tbe action to the advance ! Victoria en trenchment; he wished to offer me all his as.-i-tance m case it were require 1 by events. 1 cannot think him tco highly lor bis offer, made with such great cordiality. Wtat shall I say to you, Monsieur le Man-ohal, re specting tbe troops of the second corp-' The r deeds are more elcqwat than anything that I cm write; they have teen admirable. Their eqeeem was skilfully prepared and insure .1 by General Bor qoet. 1 cany out tbe intentions of the chief of the 2d corps at the same time a* I do my own, by mentioning here the names of the Generals Cam a a and Mayran, who commanded at tbe tesault; and also those ef tie Generals Brunet tad Dulac, who so well support ed them Nor shall 1 omit to mention with praise the Generals Beoret, of the artillery; Frossard, of the engineers; and De Cissy, diet of the staff of tbe 21 corps, who a~ted under Genual Bosquet with so much]*rdor and devotlin. 1 should be guilty ot forgetfulness, were I to oai:t praising the two battalions of the Imperial Guard, grena dier* and gendarmes, who proved themselves truly troupes d'jtb We have sustained sensible losses. Among the fallen are the brave General de Lavarande, killed by a bullet on th* morning of the Nth in the work of the 27th, which- be had conquered ; and Colonel Hardy, of the 8f>tb, mortally wounded at the head of hi* regiment. We have to regret brilliant officers and brave soldiers; but these losses are not excessive, when we take into scconnt tbe number of troop* engaged, tbe duration of the combat, and tbe importance of the results obtained. I shall not finish thus report, Montueur le Uarrclial, without telling you that I have been satisfied with the service of tbe ambulance*, and that, a* invariably, our ?urgeon* have been beyond all praif? It could not be otherwise under the direction of the In tend ant M. Blan chot, skilfully assisted by the officiate under his orders. Deign to accept, &c., PELI8SIER. THE FIGHTING OF JUNE 18. TBI BRITISH KILLED AND WOUNDED OF THE klGBTBENTH OF JUNE ? KNEUGY OF THE RUSSIANS. [From the London Timet, June -ti ] Tbo actual number of etir o ?n Milled and wounded in tie recent attack on tb? Kedau ia not of that terr.ble amount which was at tirst supposed. ben it wan stated that the loss of our noble army waa not loss than -1,000, that was Interpreted to mean the British lota alone , and it wan infeired that, if we had lost ao many, the loss of tlia French mint have been 10,000, or metre. It now aypears that the total loaa of killed and wounded in t'.e whole allied army dees not exceed 4,000, o' which oar portion war just under 1,300. The Dumber of non com roirsioncd officers and men killed i? 144, and wounled ),0ih; the total number of officer* killed and wounded U !<a? making the exact total l.UWft. Tbe enemy, uapp-ars, toast that they have taken 000 French prisoners, which, in 'h'i prefect state of our knowledge, we can only sus pect to be a Russian exaggeration. Tbe whole Iom ia numerically not pi grett ** whit we have Buffered in tie ep\ce of a few J ay a, withiut glory and without any addition to the roll* of honor, by cho lera or by irost. It la lamentable, not no tnucu for it* number, nor yet for auch men aa Campbell, Yea, and Hbad'orth, wbo, having done no much, bare fallen oit stde tbe will* they deserved to enter, as because this I* ayeverne, a check, a delay. It cannot really affect tbe ultimate ate of hebastopol, but it. muat prolong a etrag gle, every day of winch is eo much lost to tbs interests of peace, to tbe happiness of maoy nations, and tbe cause of Humanity. tk> far as regards tbe more m\t?rlal part of the qneation, no doubt we are a'ready in a better position than we were 10 on tbe morning of the 18tb. No doubt out batteries are in better order, our guns heavier our knowledne of the position and of the oMtaelee be fore as greatly ioci eased, and tbe fore* in t ie front an la mented, 1o cetrentrate our army on the *lege, we have been obliged to leave the inhabitants of Kertcb in the b&naa m oor A r tbe riege continues, one consideration aftor another will te sucrilioed to tbe necessity of our pontiua, and it may even cen.c to in^stba'.we shall be driven to the coat cro>l ana was .etui of all courses ? investment and tloclade. It depends cn ourselves whether this affair i? to ope rate ist warning, or is to be a asm ov of ali that we co, and are still 1o oo, in the eourss of this sie^". Are we always to accept frcra tbe enemy tse terms of tbe com l a' Are we to confine onrselve* to nurchinj up a hill crtilid by bis artillery ; standing on cir oun .'sien-e *gaip*t bis advsDclog columns. ctrryiDg tlis works that be tbiows up in cur way, and attaciiog, alter itiioy day* of actual sua mdtua! prepjration, tie particular pi ints on ?hleh lie b'? ooncentratel all bis energy, skill, aiid leaoorces? 11 is very clear that ir we are to let the i';mij take the initiative, sta';e the 1 iff and i n pose ail the rotdit ons of tbe conflict, m c?c hirdly upMt to escajit heavy losses, even if not nctniUy de feat*,!. For auRht we know, that is, for aught that hen tru spirao, the Futeian* weta able doi only to devote all tlitir strength fur tin days to reo lering a cjmpira tively email length of defen-e utterly inpr-xniUs, and fu.i) or nob snares as no forethought CJiild provide eya ne, but also to employ their wbole g?rrison ia tbe ('tlencf. We have lever yet bean ibl? to surprise the Riits,?r? They k do w tie time Of our intended move ments aa eoon aa our own araiy anil wh?n to th' is a<oe?i a like certainty as to tbe pcin' and the mrvi of aitii. k, then Ibe sswult is reduced to tbu lorest. 'On. I'lt.ocn of saeoess' tbe oa'ence is taie*??! vo tba m.wt f%. voi able, sot. to m? an ahsolute certainty of an ???*. A* fur as tfe nature of tbe defences is known in tills ?touatry. there ie no re^mn vuy tire- or loir simnltaceous assaults should not have r>.. p ranee id var oua pimta of tbe iorii8catiois trim the Flagstaff tat eryto vhe yuirantine hiy, why the fleet ihouldbot b?ve taken Its ahare .n the ? irk, and why a tbr>at#ninir demonstra'lon hhould not have been undo by ihe p< r'lon of oor army oo the raberniya. . W ben the details arrive, It may turn out that more win there tore in this way than has been commun.uated in ihe necessarily brief m>-s*aff?s of the electric telegraph; but wa cannot disguise our fear that from want of some soon ordinary and safe precaution, there haa been a wasteful lanifka of men. Ihe eirge baa latterly assumed the solemn pace of a rratd heroh war It would ?eem aa If the auguries b ? 1 l??n tak?n. tbe decree a of Heaven had been real, ai>d that rebaatofol is not to be tatea till the th'rd, or possitdy tbe tenth year. Meanwhil*. we are to have a succession of et>i?nement?. in wbi'h toe victory ia to in elite to this or that sice, with all tbe vacillation ot toe sdi lent epic. 1-or ineoratable reason n the allies shrink fron M lowing up an advintaaetat the moment wa?n victory deelates for them; from first to last they bav? never oBce talen at tbe How that " tide in tbe stVairs of m'o" wbi.h alone leads tenceeea. Th?y hs'e*!*ays stopped, like the a^ed and weiry, to rest iron their day's tail, to recrnit their stiength and collect their tboegbts, as if ao army cf sear two hundred thousand men did not con tain il e material* of perpetual youth. al?epiess act vi ?y scd laexbauetlble itrengtb. untie 7th thefort'fl c?t crs tf roth tbe iledan and the MalakotY towar w?re a -'nal'y entered by tbe allies; and, though the few that ? etet'd i Id no' refurn. tbat is no reason why a ressrve i f et. ft ' I' ct force, and 're?h for the a?sault, might not t-eve teen poured lo with the retreating Russians and hate b ?d? f oo their smund I ord I'snmure bss received the following 1st of oil! ?tr* kilUd. i t wto have clied of their woun-ls, on 'he Hih of Jatie ? "sjor Cen'tnl >ir John Campbell. Colotel Ye * R?c'uen l.ieu'. Col. Shadfoitb 6"ta Regiment lieu'etant Muerant l^tb Regimeot. Leutetnet I)?vies 38tli Rec meit. I.'eutein^e. tehwin.. ATtn Regiment. 1 eijte> an' Bellew 3M Regiment Ot'a t .^Mffner 34th Reg'meit.. i -[.*a:r Rcbinson ' 4th Kegimea'. 1 lei tt j ant Hurt i4th Re^iaeit. }.i. iteian Alt 't4'5? Re.itseq'. i -p aiu Forman..... Ritie Hrlgui*. < .ipts n Jis?e Hoyal Fag nee-a. lAeut?:ant Motrsy Royel E gin?e'?. liautei ant Graces R^yal E igm- e.i. i n pu o Fen wick 44 tb Rtgjn>i?, (^Ltalnlion C Agar 4? J? Re< ao?n . Catta n OaalfeUd 4ltk Regit?sn*, * (:t and Adj. Hobion 7th Reg meat THE SIEGE OF SEBA.BrOi'OL. nuuore i^rasT ?r atfaikb m rate ciu**i? yb* Or TBI ALLIED TROWS. [From the London limn, June ] We are led to iev?rt at this moment to the detail* wfcica continue to ruch us of the so-.ce^fal operation* of the allied armies before Hebastopol, because the/ afford by far ths mo*t trustworthy evidense af tbe real pKgrl*i of the liege, and of the difiicultw which frus trated th* ulterior attack of the 18th. Kverything we have yet learned conQrm* u* In oar regret H?*t the a? ?auit of the 7th w*? not csrried furthtr, an ! thu fault seems to hate been rendered even greater by tba con cession of an armiatiae of five hours to tba Russian on tba folio* inff day, which they unscrupabnsly employed to rsmonnt tbe gun* destroyed In the preceding bom bardment General Pellasier state*, in hie despatch of the 11th of June, that formal or Jars had bten g.ven te the troop* not to advance beyond the gorge of tbe works on the Mamelon, snd immediately to effect % lodgment, there. There seems to hare keei an impres sion in the army, however, that if tba first, attack suc ceeded, a dash might be made at tbe MalakoB Tower and after Colonel de Brancicn had planted the imperial eagle on tbe redoubt, and fallen at the moment af vle toiy, tbe troops rnehed on with irresistible ardor against <be more distant and stronger batteries Whether this was tn'endfld or not, it is certain that a considerable number of 1 be French did penetrate in'o the work* of he Malakoff Tower, just aa many of tbe British troop* penetrated into the Kedan. and many Knssien gun* wore piked in both tbe** work* by tbe assailants. Tbe rummer tfmto engaged in these attacks oa tbe 7th wee small in comparison with tbe immense amouet of the fore** now at the dlspoarl of tbe allied oauiender*. No attempt appears to have been mad* to divert the at tention of the garrison by an attack on anf other point, although noth'ng I* more common than tbat a pl*vce <s iaken on come point of secondary importance more aiillj than on tbe front wbere tbe enemy has concen rated bis chief means of resistance. Tins was, as we pointed out the ot'ier day, the case nt Bariajoz, and the remark applies with greater torce to a fortified town of tbe extent of t^basiopol, wbere tbe defence of one portion is necessarily indepte'ient of the rest. Daring the suspension of arm* for tbe biriil of tbe dead on trie 8th of June, the army naturally flocked with extreme curiosity to examine tbe scene of tbe terrific, contest of the previoun nlgnt, to contemplate toe works by which tbe Kussian* bad contrived to make and bold that strong position, and to observe th* effect of our Are on these buge entrenchments. It is toe iixit time tbat our engineers have had the opportunity of exam ining thoroughly the extraordinary fortiiisatios* which have so long and to eUetaaUy battled iheir effcrta. Tbe traverses ate described bv our correspondent as about 18 iitet in height, and tbe mass of earth which must have been raised to give solidity to such a work can only he compared to the embankment of a railway of the came alt.tude. When it is remembered tbat tbi* enormous extension of tbe fortldcat on* of hebastopol wa* only begun at the close of the winter, and tbat it baa Often completed in spite of tbe fire of a powerful snemy anj of tbe rocky nature of the soil, the result does tbe b gh?st honor to tbe skill, daring, and industry of tbe gam?on. It is not tcomucn to Hay tbat tbe occupation *f tne V. .melon has retarded tbe tall of tbe place bv a con pis of months, and tbe importance the Russians attache! to the de fence of it was by no means exaggerated. But, on the other hand, as this great work now forma part of tbe Frenrb lines, ant these enormous embank, mentsbave already been turned agaicst tbe fortress, the attack on tbi* point has acquired a solidity whi:h it never Ire. ore postered. It ia, moreover, h'gbly satisfac tory to learn that, in spite of tbe mw-oitu'le and the perfecticn to which the Russians htl Vrjught these earthworks, ibey were by no means proof against the fire brought to bear upon them. lbe embrasure* are described to us by one of onr cor. respondent* as knocked Into formless moun U, the tiav*rtes overthrown, the gun* dismounted and tne de vastation of the batter es well nigh completed before tbe attack of tbe French was made. Whenever the Uame lon I* completely armed, and it* lire directed Against the works it so long served to protect, the same result* will be produced on the next Mne or defen-.e, and the Or* of these batteries as we know, already ex tends over gr*at part of tbe harbor. Thus tbe progress of th* stege ia perfectly regular, though slow, each dicentric line of ?be worts besof first reduced by the fir* of that wh'.ch lie* beyond it, and then turned against tbe next portion of tbe defences lying within it. The latest a rcount* in form us tbat our engineers are now advancing upon tbe Halakboff Tower by regular approaches, and, in fact, Jay us g liege to tbat work, which miy w> considered a* the citadel of tbe eaatern side of Sebastojol. To hazard an attack on batteries without approaches i* always rath, though often successful; but wi'?h th* usual modes ot concuctirg siege operations tbe reduction of any given po nt is a mere question of time. It is evicent, lrnm the last rsport* we bave received, that tbe bombardment did establish a mar ted superi ority of tbe tire of the allies over tbat of tbe Russian*; for while our correspondents have been enabled te wit ness and describe tbe result* of tbe tire on tne Russian works, rot a gun wa* dismounted in our tren.-hes, and not a parapet tbiown down, lndee.1, th- enemy appear to have slackened their fire from a conviction tbat, a* long as it was confined to answering the l>n<e of tne be sieger*, it could do us but little mischief. Tbe heavy losses recently sustained by the army are much more attribute bis to tbose occasions on which our troops have bad to support the tire of tbe Russian >>alteries in ad vanced positions, ailording very inadequate auelter, and no means of replying with effect to the enemy's heavy guns. Considering the magnitude of the enterprise against Hebastopol. and tne extraordinary difficult es whicn have been overcome, it i* lemarkable that the attack of the ltth is the first abortive attempt which baa been made in tbe wbole course of tbe mege, an! tbat tbe tieneral* have usually confined themselves to tbose object* which their means at the time enabled tbem with certainty to effect. One of the great principles of tbe art of war is to be daring and to t>e prudent in season ? to carry nic est* to its furthest paint, and, a* it were to rid* in upon be crest or the wave; but, at tbe same time, to be cau iou* in tbe commencement of each operation, and to attempt nothing except at the proper t me We expre** any opinion we may form on these pjin'.s with diffidence, end with ao ample reservation in tavorof tbe more com plete knowledge we shall hereafter ov>t.a u of the facta; but tbe principles which govern operati ms of thl* na tuie are so well known and established that a mere ob server may sometimes judge of them *i:n more justice than tbose who are engaged in the beat of action. (t-roni tbs l/>ndon Time*. Jon* 29 ) The news of the war is more than u?ua'.!y grave. We hare indeed still to itarn tie particular* of our ill succeti on ilie 1Mb, ana are atiU without tiding* of any further attempt, but while we watt tiros wean- oa, and nature take* i>* course. Lord Raglan'* .ron constitu tion ban at lengih given way to a cause that ha" laid many a jounger aud stronger man low. an1 hie .ordthip has, we Hietutd, requested to be lelieved o b s command, in oid?r to return heme. General ^>-npiva, we believe, will succeed him in the comound-in ehiet. Gtneral Eatcouit, Deputy- IdjutinMraner el, has fallen a victim to the chiner*, and one of the hrtt duties of the near Commander in Chief will be to appoint a eu;oe*.or to his f >3?t capable of iu duties. Auo.ntr lose excites the deepitt regret. Ctpt. l.yuus, whose talents ana cuurpiiee mined biro for th? command ct tbe expedition to tbo Sc* of Air>fl, in ipito of his eon parative jouth, and who acnp!y _ tiatlned the tvindtro of the choice, has cted oi hif ircui.l. It apptara tbat, in hi* aoxiely toinaae a thorough res <<n i.nje of Kafla, be sj>t>ro?. hea so near to that portlha--, staadiag on the padcie box of his srip, be rec*'ve<t a nils bill in bis l?g. Me i it cot thine much of it at -?ie time, but the exwui* heat, the r xaitemeni of t it oxiuon, ? ivi prtbatily also a dejjiee ?*' vextluu a*, teing thm un leotaniiJj disabled, cbocsel the healing proves*, aud dejrtvod the strtice ut tlie very pr^ui - o< oflUer to wbini ee owe cur very fir-t uttiiuofun A.-- war. It i" evident thst the sum oer is be^innio;; t o teLi as se verely as tte w'nter, scd that it becom*? ordinary pru duce to make the test of our I'rengtc while w* hwe it W e itave to cboose between war *l'' c.?>.,se. Miss Sightie|ial? if about to return bon^e. M rs t-:iai?y has alrvar J. hear, arrived. No doubt that, ai the war chaot'?s its ,:h*ra:ter, as the conflict rtraws elf r and clo*?! , ai *ro i.^h' one pirt ot Hehastrjmi agaitst the otber, th* arsen<k> s>gvnst toe town and the south aide against the north ? further, an we ?<!v?nee m'o '.he mtsrior, an-! pursue tie to- through detlJer, ovt r steppes and acroo marsh**. *?? ?oal| h.ive m?nj naiw such budget* as that of th s mormcg. The taroy tesolu'ioos ot a divided legislature. ?od tie beat iL'eBded measurei of sn honest governineas ?r'lt je an tif'pa'ef) by nisny a remov*l?od rn.inv a promo*. >a by I eath's own btn l. it 's oeeoless to My tbil we never reji?r?!ed with <a?or piopo?ition* of a r*t*ospv.tive and even vindictive r.haraet-r. Thsy do not t?e"m? either the gravity ot the subject tbe dignity rf 1 *rluinent, and, wbstir ? v- r mure Important, they are of noun). Tlie war itself wi Ido i's own work. It choovte ite own ?cene, it* own m< n it* own meMure*. It bo long <iuew ;asied nut it tiist s'rtigelv intermedia * sti'e n whi -.h our mrLiatets ot lait year thought it p >*r r i* to take it. We sie no longer ma*tu< idle demonstration* threitet ieg can an 1 navel reviews. H"- . c? io aging i i. ar qf rtcui fi arxl on I ft' laryr: scat'. Wo *?at rut I-orc Kaplan more a* a m.lltarr a'Or to keep ou f ic d urms with onr allies, and to ?.?< id war it I os-ibl*. ibsn *s a general to bo guide* by pti*!v mi'.i> taiv e< nMcerati ?<. We have now to r^mmisMoo a toldier with no o'her object than to H/h* iud best the enemy. No doubt other chaoges will *?* .a tbe same dir?ction I be work before us is none tor holiday *ol dier* i bo Crime* I* not a place to kill tim\ nor i* our amy tbsie sn sgreetble clar tilvry. sod perbspa pro mot.or, ate there to l>* woo at apprip.-i n*ke. Hnctx in ttoa- mi?lstr*?ive refjrm. the proonjt.oo by raer.t, ttat. we have h'.'iei'o l? lit red for In vain . "'utb i* tbo ? pint of otr xoute. aod ?o eamxon to all cUlse* t? hCDOtshl* am it'on. that there will he no licit of ctnV ca'eeforlier Nsjesty'* e"m<n'?s oos \t '.ae >a..>?, *f the war sorsn's*. aod ita *acriHie> i acre see, tbo private etddier rises in Imp rtan sn i n * i.dvaece in tbe kOcial icxli alicady marked by a great mcreaes of pay. J 'ratably the var nrnrr u-nrr. no wnflciip ni ' at at this m'tntnl. uh'ti !hey who in "arv ?* iai-u i'tt v>n oscimdoi m -nmni-ni' in-nt are iiicr'.i'.ci y t/m'.'trt# He tang, and Ira ting th'-ir plaerj to m>n of ??rn*r miud, ami i<trhn/it < U>o more rrcklrtu temper. Hussis playej for a high stike, a?d has already lost the ?*ib?tao:e o? ? ctuti territory and power, ae well a* t-e rhtduw of s Isnaiiral expestatum. Kvery jear, ererymom'b. that tbo tl*ck ."?? aud its*hore< ar* in the h\o1s of tbe al lis s will te *o mu-b admission n' Western *nd Viuthsm ttllu?nee, *td th? lot>g?r that *tat* U??stie mo a diffi cult wtl! Ku*sla tied it to rea??ert her a? fniao-y, if that Is ? ver to b? done. In thr jpirient obttiwy of Hui >ia cntt c "nitt dritrminaiion "f the aUi'i <? f tonmu h naton to frtir a prntrvft'il ttruM>4. Wl'b otwtraiss, new gi o?rals thrown into tBe b!o?)y areas, with new pn vi cat ons. with tho?e mtsttke*, ou'rsgas, an I retaii aticn? which B" el! ri* can prsvent. th? war ?ust con tinoal'y ' e-ome more relentles* and m->'? mnpaMe of con. promise, or even of homsnHy -??er*i hundred thpLssnd n?n ire now flghting fro a hU to hill, fr<m r.aood to mound, fron ;h? op??'si?# ?.de* *od ?Bd? o' ih? ?ins gorge-- '?? n? an 1 retail mj posit ons (till in*d with the'r o?? d<*4. Tbo ? Ire* m all tbis .re * tall io the a* eo>lant aid we hare even rrgxin-d ? me of th* vant*go ground ,</?'. co ?i# 18th. i t et? in oe no re tsonabla 4->\ih'. as t? the early >* ie of iucn a struggle on tbe ?-et,? wh?re it o iw r*g*s. ?ieb**V pol will *aon bo oar*. What next. m h ' (fir. 'i ft ?'< rren' o/ war ?nV "I, an t ?\*rr w th.ill apa'n en rr k by mfk th ? to.l of Ou ''rimvi, i ru.d t< iHirt to Hut, ScSa-'opol wue. ? /Jo