Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 12, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 12, 1855 Page 3
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Cbimaa (* alto ouri, tod we Khali hot 1 the BUcC 8m and tha whole of its shorn* u a mtlWJ1 (uwuiw tor tae aubmieeion of Puasla. [I ron the London Globe, Juno 29 | It appears ir?m the deepatch communicate! by Lord runn to the public tnls moraine, that the AIIIm, although repulsed in tb* geoeral attack, etill game! proana on other point*. The language of the dea patch it not very intelligible, but it points out that the Kua. aiana ware eipelled from tiro petitions. on* stjled the ?' Rcund Kutmn fort in tha Cemetery,1' the other the " Mameloa. at the gorge of tbe valley which divides the taglish left attack from tba ri*ht of the south harbor " Dmi tha for ait r refer to come hitherto uamentionad sacceas on the French left 1 The latter, we presume, indicates a useful developem*nt of Chtpman'a attack in a direct in which the boldtre ?f the Flagstatl and Barrack batteiies will 8nd inconvenient. Hut tba in'eirst of tha now* doe* not centre in thia or that ?oremti.t, or in the stage ol preparation for tha nait assault. It is the death and sickness of men who have pla; ad prominent (art a in the war that abaorb* the attention and awt kens the feelings of tbe publie. Oaaualtiea 1;?? loose of .-lr John Campbell am Colouei Yaa, who (all leading il>elr men to victor; on the 7th of June, ara heard of with that kind of regret tempered with admiration, which ?-v?r attenca the soldier to his tomb on t?? b*ld of ii.ntle. Tue live* and deaths of .such officers are aurioi uded with a halo of glory that compensate i ihttr fritaoi, in aome measure, for their lone 1h? blcod waima aad the eves aptrkle in honor of their deex'e, while the it ar of affactioa steals slowly down the cbtf'a. Ani thaa, even when a promising officer, li'?e Captain Lyons, whose career of glory had been ?? brilliantly begun, falli a victim to a devotion in tha came of hm country, and a disregard of peraonal conse<|u?oci *, -ilmoat too great, we udmire strongly while we d* plore eeeply hia ueveie loaa to the service. But tbe>f *ie tbe k'nd of caaualties that th? public look forward to -n war: and every soldier and every n'am?n Daluralty regard* death in arms aa more desirable than dexth in'tbe hc-pital. (t ta wbf n ''("-aae ateala stealthily throigh the armed hoat ? it is wbtn the demon of pextilence breathes upon our ga lant vatriors and smites them down, that our feeiiaga ate tha meet deeply wounded Brigadier Gen eral Mtoonrt < (Vath is of tlili character. He occupied in arduotiK poat, with honor to himaelf and benefit to bia country ; he turvivd the suflenngs ot the dreary winter, which made auch havoc in the ranks of our un seaxocei army he sinka down before the luMltll at tack of cboieia. just when the prize for whicb all have been conteurm^ ao devotedly ia within reach. It is a hard fate; but it in, equally with the casualties of the aanguioary combat, one of the hazards of war. In all cumpa.'ga** kills more than tba sabre or tha caDDon, aad General F.atcourt U only a conspicuous Instance of the tate that may attend the obscurest soldier. THE COMMANDER 3-IN-CHIEF IN THE CRIME i. [1'atts (June Correspondence of London Times ] 'ibe rumor < : noticed in my Monday's latter, or a cool ness between General Pellssier and Lord Ktglan, and which I thought I was fully justified in discrediting, have been aince repeated, and ic:3mmpanl?d with such azplanatiraa an lead me to bedleve tuat his lordship fltidaa mi itary brutquerie in the French Commander in-Chief, which renders him a leas agreeable partner In command than were 'Marshal St. Arnaud and General Canrobert. Ihe latter, it is said, communicated his plans befoiehsnd to Lord Raglan, who sometime* (is the French account) delayed his reply till tbe intended combination was rendeted abortive. General Pellssier continea himself to informing the Kngliah general that ha intancs to do this or that, and that ha wishes him to do sa and so, evincing at the eama time a determination to efTect tb* intended operation by hi* own forccs should I<ord itagian differ with him on tbe dealgn or moJe of ezecntion. With tbe same resolute spirit of command and inlilTer en re to the understood customs oi the service, Pellssier pushed on detachments ol the Imperial G iard to the as sault on Ue 7th asd 8th, instead of h ilding them In ie serve for great occasions, as is the universal rule in all services witb regard to the household troops. Uut Ge neral PilioMrr has bad tbe fulleat powers conferred on him by the Emperor, and is said to exercise them in an absolute manner, and in an unusual manner -but alter a fashion peifectly to the taste of the French army, and which msy tarn out to be aa little to the taste ot the enemy. However, I am inclined to think that tbe old spirit of tontine, which certainly infects the military authorities of ingland, w'U have Us '? withers wrong" by the morally and mentally bold ant daring officer, with whom It ha* now to carry on concerted operationa. IMMENSE SUPPLY OF WAR MUNITIONS TO 1HE FRENCH ARMY'. [Kiom the Courrier de Maraeilles, June -3.] IbeAmericja clippers Ocena Herald and Nonpareil have be 4 u n to lnaa war mater al for the Kast Yeaterday ? detachment of 58 artillerymen and 1(39 horse*, and & battalion cf ti e flits regiment, 800 atrong, arrive l in our cltj, and "i h artillerymen emburkel far tbe Crimes. 28 I'oliali cfliceri and ai many soldier*, m rout, for Con xtantinople, kia expected to day at Marseilles. To {ire an idee of 'he " (ivcmpnl of the I'ort of I.% Jolietie, we need or "y mention the quantity of nuvrriil depoaited on it* qua ? by a tingle col, u actor In the coorie of the laat *ght da; a ? .unpowiier, 80,000 lb*.; munition* of j war. 420,' 09 ibe ; 22, K0 bomba and abella, weighing 7'!0,0t0 ion.; con greve rocteta, 4,000 loa. : camp artic'ea aLd liaroeaa, 270,000 lba.; article* for the hospitals "J4,0C0 lba.; tents, cans, Ao., 2tl,0C0 lba ; India ruM?r bats, 13, '.'CO lDi. ; a ehloroform apparatus, 48 lba. , 89 bay j>re?>e*, weighing 44,000 lba.; aau*agea 13,ii00 lba . car f, platlera, and beldiog, 58, COO lb- ; dried v-.etalxe*. b,tMo lb? ; earth- baga for the artillery, 42 318 lb< : quitine, 234 lba.; preserved beef, |48,000 lba.: in all. 1 ;8M>oo lba. For nuot weei* war ma'rrui, weighing about 1,C00 000 lba., baa barn dally eraotrked for the Crimea. it-e.lnglish ateamer l.ady Jo>lyn will aboitly aail for Bona, taking in taw tbe American clip per Gauntlet. These two vessel* will ahlp. In Africa, ? or tbe levant, tbe first 150 and the second 170 boniea. The Krglhh packet Whitehaven is also to proceet thither wiih tbf N?-w York clipper .Ml'gban'an, which istocon tej leo bortes to the army in th? Kast. The Kogliati ateamer Kuaakilleu, towing the American clipper Si ?ncdo, la al>o to leave for Bona, where these vessels ar to embark lt.O borsea for tbe same destination. Th splendid English ateamer City of Baltimore will ahortly clear out lor Oran, where ah* la to ahlp 2W horses. She is to take in tow tbe coloaaal American clipper Ocean Herald, which ia to carry 260 horses. Tne English steam-packet Pactoms ia aiaotocall in at (Iran for 70 horaae, aad to tow to tbe Kaat the Napoleon III., with 1C8 others. AMERICAN SHIPS FOR THE CZAR. [Copenhagen (June 18, Correspondence of I>ondon N'ews ] About two vrars ego a Danish naval ofiiaer. Captain M<> tier, went to New York, aa agent for the Russian go vernment, to engage America* shipbuilders to send ia drawing* and plana, as the < ?.ar intended having a num ber of large thips of war built In the United States. Aracng other* Captain Holler applied to the eminent abipowaer and builder, Hr. Vanderbilt, who, iniuced by tbe hope of posketing a few millions of tbe Czar's (pare roublea, resolved to go over to St. Petersburg himself and pay h ?> personal respects to the Emperor. This l?i to the 'amoui expedition of the North star, which Mr. ; Vanderbilt fitted out as a private yacht, and In wliicb, aa will be in tbe recollection of our readers, he visited, I In the compaor of a ?eiect number of his friends, not only 8t Petersburg and tbe north of Kurope, but made a cruue np the Mediterranean, and proceeded aa far as < onstsatiiopls before returning to America. Hr. Vaaderbilt'* speculation turned oat, however, as 1 far a* be wa- cccceined. to be aa unfortunate one ? for. on arriving at St. Petersburg, he waa drily informed that the Russiea Admiralty only intended to enter Into contracts for sciew ateamer*. Ai soon as Capt. Miiller heard that Mr. Vanderbilt bad not succteeeu in making a contract with the Russian govertmeot, heapphad to another New York sblpbuil ler, wboee satce I leud you in confidence, and maie him similar oflm This gentleman immndattly went to St Pettraburj in a leae ostentatious style th ianis predeces sor, but r ti. b-t'.rr -uccess, fer in six weeks be re- j turned wilh a contract in hla pocke* for a screw S4 gun ?bifi of the 8ra ciaes. Tbe keel of this vessel was lu'd ia tlie jrei-.n<e _f thiee Russian naval oihierrt, who had been pta vient iy next to tbe l alted States for that and ctner butiaeet jnd the ahip ia Dow being completed. Accoiii Dg lo the cf aditiona of the coat tact, the ship builder eojsge 1 to Oellver the vessel fully rigged, cop peied an i equipped ? with the exception o' the guns ? free at ItCMtnit in the court* of this summer, and ia, moreover bound to load h?r with tbe timber, ready cut and prepared, necessary to build a sec md veaae! of tbe aa n.e cla* - and ? m . la r size, to be put together in the Russian arteoala. The price stipulate*! for tbe *4 gun ship is SstO.'K'O ? be tg just at the rateof >10, CM o per gun? of which , $100, Cl.O were paid *h?n tbe keel w t* laid down, und t ?32Q.COO bate been lately paid <a bil n on Ixmdou ami Anistercam. The other half of tbe purchase stun, as ; well aa the'. of the timber for tbe aecond ship, la j to !>e pa d on ceuviry ol tbe veesel at Cronsta<lt How ti e i ob tractor proposes to elude the vigilance of tbeBiitieh Beet aow in the Baltic? and by the ttst ac counts actually blockading < ronata'it ? ia unknown However t ?? ily may ncceed in mystifying the British j eomul n Amenea. aud making him believe her to bs a commoD ai?r' hant ship, there is every reason to hope ano Mlieve ? h - 1 the Britith naval oflicera in the Baltic will not be eo ea.-Uy deceived, and that llrother Jonathan win no? tie able to eliuckla at having been " oo wide ?wake fer the Britisher-," a* in the case of the Mlotu. riflee aau the revolvers landed this spring at llalt ah Port from tbe American ahlp Sammy Appleton, aa shown i.p by yoor correspondent at Memel. At all ! ? vents tail .mem .n'ration may have the (too 1 effe of serving *o | jt the British consuls abroa I and tbe go vernment at hone oa their gnard, and induce them to k<e|' a good look cut. so *s to permit this vnsael to I alip<bn>ti|h tbeir tingsrs, and be ome ia time a for milable auta^oaiat. THE VIEKNA CONFERENCES. Tbe Pari* Mifi levr pabliahea the following reply of < ount Wal< wa.i to lb* meat article In tbe <is St oa the Vienn.i conferences ? Tbe official journal of St. Petersburg baa ju?t publish ed an article, emanating from tbe Ruaeian government, the circular addreeaed. under date of the 2;.d I ?f May la*t, br t junt ? alewaki to tbe agents of France I abroad. W* sbou d not have noticed the publication of ' tiiis docbmept tf its enlr object bad been a reply to the c rcular of the 2.' d of May, especially aa it adds nothing to tbe erg , Kent but tne foyrn?f ,U S>. PfUnbrmra i tonrhe- upoa acethrr subject-the rupture of the Vlen- i sa confeirencta? and endeavora ti throw 'be reanonsl- I Wlit, tbet-of upon aa. We will pass rapidly over th obaervatcaswt ch < ountWalewski a c.rcular suggested Vi fin. os tbia reproach. Tbe Ra. .<? trovertmenl attaebes great importer to aUting that the jU'-tico cf the PrtncifialltWie is sottied aa alfoUatt-f ti e oavlgstlon of tbe Danube. It almost attributes to lie* If the initiative taken in that rweperf at leaat. seeor 'io* 'o ta own a -count. It had alwava desired tiiit wb'Cli tb* allied Power* belle ted It had al kltkeito rtfnaai to the W.ahea expressed by Ku iOt*e lttg | it therefore ti -?t of all complacently points out the 1 advsn'agea wli'ch tbe Woirfo V a'.lacbiana sre prunmed to owe te t.e Intervention <?' Ru**i? We ? hall not ! draw a picture ef the int'i ?lan "rinc palities ue'<-r the Oflitec'orate of tLat ' oeer in opooa'.ii'n to that r*?rn ' r tie * If fit !' ' - v -ii of t^etr e?n itlon . <d?r Ike oK f ' 'o*n? ^ a<"- 'r **rs on wee>ia' oatiee ? r?el? ?* ela pl t U ? q e?t ea wt,f, if '?i-e a r?a.'r ? Vr 1 aretyaereiee to the Pnrt?, a i !?*(? caused >'J the evils eoomerated by the journal U q?ej tton, tbe Principalities thou Id now beho:d a support a?<l ? protection in the 8??nlit7 o I tb* forte, wtul* they approve of everything tending to relieve them ef ? Bui eua protectorate. A* regard* the navigation of tbe Danube? we ere hi pry to ?>; It ? the Cabinet of St. Petersburg acknow ledges tbe Ucpetfectlon of the measures it nee taien bltitrio for keeping open the muuta* of the river end tbe 'nsufBciency of tbe meant employed by (he local ?u thorlti's to obviate the accumulation of **ud, which often renderec.them unnuvigable, it congratulate* itaelf upon the ee'at liibmint of acommioion which will eier otie a super vision, tbe principle of which it admit i. The Journal or St. I'rtertboura aasure* ue that it will not be necessary to shed the blood of France and Rowland to procure these result*; it wae nevertheless neceesary to ?bei! tbat blood to obtain tbem. Ibe 'ourtb pcint, it will be remembered, relatee to the ver y <|ueat on which gave riee to the wnr; we fear ttiat on thia subject the Russian gerernmedt atill persists in ite former errore. If, in fact, the Journal Jt St. Petrrsbourg talk a to ua ofniceetary formalities, te attribute to tbe Sultan tbe merit el npontaneouaJy originating tbt> meaaurea to be talien in fsvor of bla Christian subject*, by a manifeat contradiction It at the lame time eipreaeee the opinion mat tfcey ougbt to be, on the aide of tbe i'orte, the object c.f a ' ur^ean ni t which would be tantamount to . onferring upon Ibe whole of Europe the privilege claimed by I'rinre Menechlkoff for the Conit of Russia. W e do not dwell further upon opinions and tbeoriea catt itoricaily refuted in the circular of the 734 of May, We to the reproach, addressee by the Russian grvtumtnt to tbe |>lenipotentiarie* of France and Eng land, of baring provoked the rupture of the Conferences. We will readily admit that upon one of the two points which constitute tne third guarantee tbe Rusrlsn Cabinet haa male an important conces sion to tbe allies; it ba' relinquished ita old pretention to keep the Ottoman empire beyond the pe e of tbe public law of Europe. It is wilting o suiwwib* to an engagem?nt by which every difference between ibe Port* and itaelf shall be in future refurred to the arbitration of Europe; but, while acknowledging tbe extent of that concession ? while congratulating the Cabinet of St. Petersburg upon ita adhea>on at list to a prlocipV which it openly repudiated before tbe war ? we are at the rune time' obliged to repeat that the ad mission of the Porte into the law of pub'fR right in Eu rope does not entirely lultll tte object of the third gua rantee; it doe? not put an end to the preponderance of Ru?tia in tbe Black "ea Ihe allied cabinets insisted, and ought to insiat the more upon that guarantee, as without it all tbe other* are illuscry? ai without the reduction of the aggressive forces of Russia in the Kuxlne tbe suppreaalon of the political or leligious protectorate of tbat Power in Tur key and tbe free navigation of the Danube would be only nominal. tn fufc"cribing to tbe formula which we had pat to it as a preliminary condition lor aay negotiation, and wbicb Count Huol repeated at the opening of tbe confe rences, P.uasia admitted ? at least, we fancy so ? the ne cessity of making a real sacrifice on this point. Hat no sooner waa tbe question raised than tbe Russian pleni potentiaries, on the contrary, rejected in principle and in praetue, under any form whaterer, any limitation of force*. Tbe onlv object ot the counter propositions they brought forward waa to elude the question? not to solve it. It was In consequents of the absolute rejection of the sistem of limitation proposed by us ttiat the confe rences wete 6rst inpereeded, and it was after the publi cation of Count Nesseltode's circular of the loth o * "ay, which renewed the ceelaratlon made in thla respect by tbe Rurslan plenipotentiaries, that we were called by .Austria to a last conference. It was therefore to be presumed that In this last meeting tbe plenipotentiaries of Russia would periut In rejecting tbe principle which alone could serre as a ba si* for a euitable airangement, Tbe Ruialan plenipo tentiaries, however, appreciating the proposition made by Count Buol? a proposition baaed upon a principle of limitation explicitly formulated? omitted nothing to make It be understood tbat its examination did not de ptnd upon item. Rut this condescension, so contrary to their former attitude on tbe aame ground, had evi dently no otber object than to turn to account the ap pearance of a difference of opinion bitween Austria and us L Prince (.ortactakctf would not express an opinion un til he bad satisfactorily ascertained tbat tbe plenipoten tiaries of France and England would not adhere com pletely to tbe Austrian proportion. Provoke i finally by M. de Hourqueney to explain himself on tbe principle of limitation Prince Cor'cbakofT, with a frankness fer wbich we thank him. defined, in terms which could not be more precise, all the objections he had formerly urged against tbat principle. Prince Mmtschakoff f?ays the protocol of the last mreting) repealed that, bcth at the Conferences and outaide them, ana whenever the question was muted, be constantly declared tbat any limitation of power at tempted to be imposed upon Russia would be regarded by ita plenipotentiaries as an attack upon tbe sovereign rights of their master, and an an insurmountable obata cle to peace; tbat lis remained invariab'y true to ttiat pnncple, and tbat he again established it in that final aitting. Prince (iortachakoif therefore rejected at the close of tbe negotiation, as be had done be'or*, all system of limitation. Be rejected, in principle, the Austrian pro position as be had rejected ours, and thereby he took u|ion himself to characterixe his apparent moderation by chariy proving that bla oiler to refer to St Peters burg cid not imply any idea of conciliation, as It at the ? ane time declared tbe mode propped by the Vienna Cabinet inadmissible. We are simply stating what the pro'ocol of the 4th of June demonstrate* bejond a reply. Rusaia, the refore, must bear the whole responsibility of tb* rupture of tbe negotiations. It was her obsti nacy which paraly zed tbe efforts nobly made by the aiMed Powers to obtain a practical rssult. France and Kogland brought to tbe conference* those *? ntiments of moderation with which tbey constancy showed themselves animated in the different phates of the crisis. Provoked to a war wbicb we attempted to prevent, and the initiative of tebicii rests entirely with Russia, we have excluded her flag from every eea. and at little cost we could prevent Ita ever reappear Jut in tbe Kuxine, we offered to allow it to do so on the condition of a limitation of, her forces in that sea. (.imitation U a ae curity wbich the general interests demand. It is not our fault if Russia, by a too long policy of aggru??i >n , haa exposed herself to tbe demand of such concessions, and those only are res^omtlble for the continuation of the war who, up to the last day of the Vienna negotia tions, obstinately refused to grant on that pal nt any ?? rious guarantee to Enrope, I m portal, t Ki om England. THE KPFBCT OF 8l"N DAT rRollIBITOKV LK0I8I. ATION. [From th<- London Tune*, Jan* -?*> ) If an y of -hoee mifguidad noblemen and gentlemen, member* of the Britiih Legitlatuie, who bav been in altnmental in puehlng forward the new mNiort for crippling 'he Iteedom of action which th? ma*?ea have hitlierto eojoved on the .Sabbath <tar, had bwu prrient tbe hour* of 4 and ti in Hyde park yeaterday afternoon, they muat have been "peetator* of a aoena which could require nothing more to natiiry tli?m of the dangerou* impolicy of tha movement they liavt- orlguia trd. Several tlitueand* ot jieraon*, chieHy of the lower rlaaaf*, a-*embltd on the right bank of the t-Vrpentlne between aod 4 o'clock yeeterday. For nm? tln:e they were divided into little knot* of liatoriinj *p?ctator? around group* of talkative orator*. who b'-ld forth in good act term* upon what they called thin fr'?h attempt to cruxh the induitriau* clanaf* An the carriage* began to arrive the aaaembled multitii le moved from the rark and took up atatlon* on either ?i<le of the drive along the batki of the (terpentine, where they amuaed themaelvfa by hooting at the inmatea of every carriage aaitpa*??d. For *ome time no eerioii- MMBqtMMM were app-ehetCed but a* tbe crowd n reaaed the r;ng leai'tra became bolder, and the noiaei- and criea < f "(io to church, ' hi , Minned a menanng tone. l-ord and Ijn'y Wilton, lady (.mnvtlle, and the Iiuke and IMichena of beaufort were obliged 10 leave their carriage* at the d'nandof the multitoc*. .-eterai bomea bolted, and three r r four difficult earapea took place. T her* were aeveial peer* and mamWa of tbe I<ower Hou*? preaent, aed Mr pteliorl and tome othera appeamd deeply Im prt*<ed with the painful exh.bit.on ot public feeling on thi* n.o?t G&nece?*ary topic. What they observed w II cot be loet npen th?m wlieu the question next eoniee before the Jt"U?e, ai.<i ther* ran be little <l<mbt that any , I nr'lnr attempt to pan* Ine bill will be met ??!t deaervea by t lie me lor.ty of the Houre of ( cmmtior I THK VKIIY l-ATF.S f. HV Till'. HA I'll mOV WIMDOV TO I .fVKBPlMt . LoSBon, ,-atur lay Morting, June cO, 1H66. The Timn in it* leading article tbia morning, alludea to a report that the Fmperor Alexacder ii eerlou*ly III, but la unnble to utate what rel.ance can I* placed on tbe rumor. Ire reign of the King of Pruaeia ia probably .!raw og tr a cloee, aa for aome time the account* of hia health bate b?< n unfavorable The M* rniJiij llrrabl aay* ? "Within tfce laat forty eight hour* we know that one of our ableat an.', moat gallant captaina of war publicly atate 1 tbat he would atal.e bia life, and all be poeaeeeed oa earth, that Ixird 1 IKnd< naid would deetroy fweaborg within forty eight j host a aftir hit arrival there, without lo-? of life to tiie all:<a, and at a coat not exceed ng ?100,000, \ i?*i, Th irnday, .lune 2* l*'..'>. > r i.eorge Brown, <?*neral Teanefatber and (ienaral < cdringten are nick All I'acba and 1. antral "earlett have arrived Three hundred of tbe 1 oiaga i-eg.'.o have aleo arrive! bate frr.ia Ekg'and Mtp-i lira, Friday, June ??*, 1 Tbe nia'li Irom India and China arrived here at o'clock th;a moAiiij and weie forwarded on at , nine . MON*TAKr 4ND COHMKKCI Al.. t o-.eoN, .Saturday Tl.e Kcglub fund* opened hiavlly < n Friday at a Ceclina of \ per cent, but a par t al itact'en took place and tha market cloeed iteady. Tbe clo? ng (uotatioo? on the Pari? Ho u rae on Friday ? I wed a further fall ef th> from apeeulative nalea. irade in prepaiation for '.he approaehlng loan. At V iaeca, tlia ofMc'al announcenent cf a reduction 'n ttie aim ba- ca'iaed a alight implOTement In tbe looey maiket. There ia an increaae la the liu'^ioa in the Rank of ' *g'?nd, amciii.tlng to ?", 'f0. Market*. Losii?v viorv U'hi 1 Jr xr Vt? liwi ?The 1 ngb b fun-'a oj eaed rattier weaker tlil* ir.orning, a variety of rtin,ot? lieirg alUat. but to which lit'Je importance I* attached "The open.Dg quotation *h"erd a <>dlrie of S J" r e?nt l?k w la.t ? >etiinf bii' a m <ch firmer ap pcaranc* ia n^w inalntainad ea<t th" df-c! ne baa beta recover*'!. ?en-< l? OT>e??d atl*', to ''1, and ?ub?e ? iUeatly there were buyer* at "1. T '? c'C o ?, T M. The ?tork warket r?m?:ni ?tea'y, wl* atmiran (Kittire, tl'.kwik tlifif ui beeo mIiiiv of . m utaaee Bau Put Thus o'Ci.oci The fundi closed steadily, wtheut moveaaeot, coasols being finally quoted at 01 to 91 >? ei dir. for Julr. Ex ehsqasr bill#, Vila, to 2&s. prem , tad the June bill, '.*Oa. to 21?. prem. AMERICAN SKCrVITIM. Bell k Son, I.oodon, report American stocks moderate ly active, at ennextd quotation* ? 0. 8. 6 per cent bonds, 1868 1<>9 a 110 D S # par coat Insured Stock, lHrt7-'8. .. . 108 a 109 New York ttate & per rente, 186s-'60 90 a ? Pennsylvania t par cents 77 a 78 lJo 5 per cent bond*, 1877 86 a 88 Masaachutelt* Me rig per ct. bda, 1868. . IDS a 104 M?tjluJ ( per cfot bonds, sterling 1 9S^ Virginia 0 per cmt beoi*. 1S88 86 a 8T \ l>o. 6 par cent bonis, 1S89 80 a 01 THIS IKRNCB FUNDft. Pakih, Friday Kvening, .'one 20, 1866. Tbe rarfe fornix were dona to da; in the Bourse aa fo*lo ea : ? 1 our and a half par oeats at 02f. Three par cent*, 66f. HICHAllIit'ON, BPIM'I AJSD COMPANY'S CIWWLAH. Livkktooi., June '.20. 18.r>5. The wi-ather is ill that could be (teaired for the iftam irg trope; and in continence, tha corn trade Is ex tremely dull. Wheat and dour are without much change; bnt Indian corn, mnder increased arrivals, aad advices of further ehipmenta from the States, bin de clined 3a. to 4s. per quarter. At to cay's market scarcely anf thing was dona In wbratcr Hour. Indian cjin, in the en'ire absence of deiraml, opened at nominal figures towards the close a little nratniria on the part o holders had tha effect of C rawing oilers of 46*. far yellow, which waa declined. Quotations are nominal. Bur la ear y unlet, but tha stock is so manageable that hoMers sie cot pressing. We quote .-choirs, ?&:Gur ney's, ?6 and ?tt 10 1'ohk. ? Kxcept aaala of damaged by auction, tka trans act ioc a bare bef n trifling. Bacon in net no active, and to c'osa, Od. to Is. per cwt. let a wauld be taken. l.Aho ? 2t0 tons bare bteo sold at aa advance or 1(. per cwt Tallow? Quiet, at AOs to 53s. per cwt. Komh ? Common, 4s to 4a. Id per cwt. Qt'KKciTKow IIakk ? Trilling 1 alee l'hlla<lalphla, at 0*. ami 8s. fcd. per cwt Cotton. ? The matte! continued dull, and prlcea de clined up to Wedseedaya full ,d. perlj Yesterday an active demand n rung up. and with eales of 'JO, (00 bales, recovered the above decline; and to day, tha quo tatlcns are the asms as on Krt'lay last. Sales for the week, 4.1,: : 0 bales, of which 37,360 were American. BAR1NO, BROTH F B8 A CO'S CIBCUt.AK. London, Knday, June 'JV-- 6 P. M. Tbe colonial and foreign produce markata have been steady during the week, but without much activity. Tbe weather is lavorable for the growing crops, lioney continues abundant. Conaolx leave oil 01 a 01 for the account; dollars, bs; bar silver, 6*. ll,d.; Mouth Ame rican doubloons, 73s 3d. An.triean aaglee, 76a. Sd. By electric telegraph from Trieste, we learn the arrival there of tbe overland mall, with advices from Calcutta of tbelOtb ilaj , Ha'.raa, 24th; Hombay, 27th, Shanghai, 4th. Hongtong, 10th. and Canton, 8th U\j. Ktchange at Calcutta, '-s. l,\d. ; Canton. 4s. lid.; Shanghai, 6a 14. leas doing In American atocka, but without an/ change in price*. The chief sales have been in I'ennsyl vania Kainoa'l ?'?, at 01 , ex div. l'anama 7'a Rail load bonds, at 93. Virginia alerting, 6'a, at H&, ex div.; l'etr^ylvanla Btata 6's, bonds at 86; New Orleaa* City 6'a, at 81 ex div. ; New Vork and We 7'a (3d raort psge), konJa at 87 a H7 \ , 7's, bonds of 1882, converti ble, 83 a 84. About !?<: 00,000 Canada 6's have been placed at 110, ex div. 1st July. lew State bonds oiler "K Cocoa is quiet. 740 bsgs Trinidad have been offered during the week, and partly sold from 37a. a 41a. for good gray to good red, being rather cheaper; 42H bag* Gianada realized from 36s. a 30s. td. Ci.iPfK In dtmand at lata quotations. Cot iii.nml is firm. 278 bags at auotioa today all found buyeta, the inferior qualities at Id. per lb. advance. -.'6 bugs Mexican silvers brought 3s. *d. a 3a. ' l Md. ; 78 hag a lenentle, 3a. lOd. a 4s. for good to Baa ' silvers, and 4s. 2d. a 4s. 7d. Tor blacks; 175 Dags Hon- ! durss ailver, 8t Off. a 4s. 2d. for ordinary to goo.l. Comui ? The market continues active, and all oolory 1 Of script una of Ceylon find ready buyers at full ptisea, , HI 7 cask a, 4H8 bbls. and bags plantation Cayioa have 1 been offered at anction during tbe week, and nearly all j sold from tSa a 6<ta. nd. tor low middling to middling i bold roloiy ; 1,400 bags native in publf< sale realized | 41 s, td. a 47s. t'd. A csrgo of 3,00o big< St. Domingo | baa beeu aold afloat at 44s , for a near port, aad a cargo of 1 ,060 bags Rio, (low quality,) at 4>,?. tkl. for the I Mediterranean, tusurrd free ot particular average. The following were the imports and slocks on 1st Inst, com pared with tUoee ot the corresponding period last year ? i86?. ; Mi'. I.b?. CTiief imrt.< of l uro|>e irj.'-fno/oo lHl,fiU0,0l?0 Great Britain 16,000,(00 ir.,7<-0,000 Total* 174,100,000 207.200,000 '~1?64. 1?^?. I in. Chief porl* of l.urope. Wi,2l 0,000 U2,.K)<j,<i00 Great Britain 27,100,000 21,000,0(0 Total* 12;:, - OO.Oi 0 U3,aoo,ooo Cotton.? There waa aotblng doing until ye*terj*y, when bolder* accepted lower price*, ami a large bii*ia<ta waa done at ,d. ? >?d. decline from the litjf point, lhe ?al** for tbe week ara :i,: Oo bale* Atlherpool the demand has alao revived, and the aalea bar* agaia ttccme Urge- vealerday a quotation for middling Or U-aua wa* I \d per lb. At the Con* market on Monday there wa* only a ? mull aapply cf Kji/lixb wheat, with considerable arrival* ol foreign, chiefly from the loirer Baltic porta, lhe trade waa auil, influenced partly by the favorable ' ?tate III the weather, ami the greater part of the Kngltali ( wheat remained over unaold. I.aat week * average quo- i tat ion for fngliah wheat waa 70* 7d. on nn,Vl!> qn. re I tamed. To cay the market waa very dull, and to eileet ?ale* It would have been aeceimary to take lower price* We quote white American wheat at 7H* a 8:1*. , red, 74*. a 19* per qr. American Hour, 40e. a 4.1* per bbl. Dure**, kr ? I'aator Oil? 1,100 caaea at auetloo, aold chlelly on rather *a?ier terma. from 4\d. a 6)44. for fair lo goo d aer<od*. Stickler? 410 bote*, from Ilia. Od. a ;i6* fur middling to good Mam. Outcb? Of 1,150 lit.'*, about one fourth m>1<1 at 22a. for ml idling Pegae. ' (Ambler ? Very dull; 1,<K,U bale* lair quality were offer ed. but chiefly taken in at 17*. Ad. yulek*llvar, 1*. lod. I limp ? Tbe market contiauee without improvement fit. Pattrabuff clean I* quoted at ?46; 75 tone *ll?at country dimagtd at auction brought ?-'i.r> lit*, a ?10. Manilla dull and difficult of aale. Jate 114 loe. a ?14 15* lor gcod > rdinary. Ijumo ? Utile doing In anticipation of tbe *?U* on 10th proximo, the declaration* for which amount to 10,867 chut*. ikon ? ntfnu** in good dehiand at full price*. We , (|Uot* rail* at ?7 5* a J.7 1' *., bar* f. 7 I .? . Cm oa board in Wale*. N'otch pig*, 7d*. for mixed number* in the < lyde. L> an. ? 1'. ice* are rather looking up, Weatern In keg* 62a. a 54* l.lJWBi'. ? The market ha* been active at advancing price*. fine description* ' 0*., either on the *pot or for arrival. .Arrival* tbia week, 1,071 quarter* only, all 'rem the Kaet Indiea. KapeeeeJ ha* alao advanced , ! at ?i*k? quality. ?*?. a 6!>*. perginrte* I i v-wn ('AR?e.? lore go ?carce, and price* hmr* im proved, Marreilie* carg< *i J.lo lOe. a ?10 IS*., coot, Height. end naurance. lM-tant *Li|>mer.t* of I!o ton bag eake*. ?11 10a.; New Vork barr?l* difficult to buy for future 'ielireriea at ?12. "II*? Ki?b are quiet; Fp?rm ?old at .C12X Southern ? '? pale real ?62 lc* , coo ?40 10* a ?47. "live Arm in gc>d <>ixi*ad, 1 rieate ?54, levant ?12, -pamrli ? ?.">4, OalllpoM ?60 a ?."> I'ape i* ecarc*, and h?* ad vanceo, brown having b?pa aoln at 50a., an i refined at ' Mr. Cd a &!?*. I ln-eed ha* been largely In deman 1 fur 'peculation, end price* hare improved to 40*. >.>1 on the epot, and I'J* Od for deliverie* up to I rcrnber. Cocoa I lut f*u I at 4?'?. i I. a <1* #d Palm 30*. a 4< M hi' > Mat, and price* ra'.ber lower? 2 'KXj bag Itengal, at auction, *ere chiefly bougbt in from II*. a 1 i . for good mi iiihrg white; 1,000 bage IVn^al *?> Id pr rately mm 14* fcd a II*. tfd. for good white. In floating '*r g-.ea we bar* nothing to report ?*i.Trnii? quiet, and 6d. a I-. lower. 800 bag* lien gal (Tff 10)4 per cent; aold at 27a., anJ .',00 b*** (I per cent) ;!1?. f.d. Ht ? ?t*ady ; 100 puachecn* iKtni.rara ?o!d at "I. Bd. p -r jrocf gall'.n M,,| ?110 punf been ? I'orto Blc? bought In at 1'* gfiri*.? I'lment#? ><0 bag* went from 4','d. a 5\d v utmeg* ? 'i44> ca?ee I'et.aug all "Id Irum la lod a * 2d., with flue Irum i 1*! a l?. ?W). Ckrv? ? ?4 1 bag" 1 /jirlbar nahtH '?",d.,?n 112eaee* good Pningfmo I 1?',d.all '?d i.mger ? Mbbafirough \fr"-an broight ti< a 22*. ' d. a 23* SMTMi dull at ?2o 10*. oa tbe ?|K?t JhriA* ? Tb?- m*rwet I- not activ*. bat b?/.>ler* gene rally are aot dlepoeed to pre> aalea, and pri<-ei< are *u|> ported, lli* eale? of Heat India are 3 ?MQ hbd* , a<Kl of 20,t<0 beg* Mauntiu* an t Kant India offered, al>out one half found barer* 700 hhda and 140 t>ble. Porta R|e?,. nd 1,2'Vi box** llaraaa chiefly aold at about pr?elou* rate* Webavecnlyto report the rale of on* float n - cargo, vi/ .410 b??? white P? ream ' oco *t 2-'>e., for Trir-te inaured Ira* of partirular average. - ? ??? ? ? tmpnrti ? I lit 4. 1*66. U*. IJ> . ' b:*f Por'e of Pur?pe 112,900. OCO 2M. 700 000 (?real Hrita.n '.I 4<iO,<Kei IK,, 000,000 Total* 000,000^(40 6 4,700,000 1064. " u, . Chief Tore of urojie Ill 400,000 Greet Britain 21 . too 00 Totals 12*, 200, 000 2t;.(Xjo,'joo T??? I ublii renipri" ng 2,1': parkagee, held dur eg the week bave ? It verr ffaUy cnlr about 4 <.')0 package* of tbi* '1'iaatitY having been ?old at aad after the auct.on*. (ommon lotigoi dull at *Xd a ? ,4 p? r 'b. 1 isr ? KngHah w?? advan e<! < n t e 2' t .iaa'aa te. p*r ewt on r ? mmon, ao ! <e. < r retired preeen* price* are block*, 114* bun, 11. ? refirei, JIM*, -trail* aearce and held at 2*. auvai.'e aay 112* ilanra, 114* TrtRtltt* -1.100 baffW r ugh are rep> rtwt at *e f>d. ,*merir?r. ejlrit* bare been *oid at 4*., from ware l,i'ii?e .ad i M. tollt ve Tallow ia qu et at '.:* a 52?. f.d oa lie ej?it, aad V3* i^. lor the l**| tbre* moath* of 'he tear ari|?ert*er Court (Itneral Tern* Pre?eat? I b.ef u*t em abley an 1 Hoa. Judge* lluer ao I Btew^rth ?noi>nu*! o? k ?rv clui. J : . 11 The ?f anno -j are . that the ' ?flrt bad ef f* I'e*! Mr <>eerre T Mi weQ. fer m%ay y? iri f r t tie i k o the f i.uoa ef ef eVrk. la tbe ( nxmofltf s t U liwb a a.: tUt Mr H if * l? t oe Vaawe 1 a* '?pn'.y e er. TVe FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. ? OH E T IllKITi WKDKKSi>4r, July li ? C P. M. Tbe stock market *m rather unsettled at the j cpeaiflg tt?i? morning, hat became mora steelier acd ncte buoyant towards tue close. At the An'. | board Virginia G'sfell off 4 par cent; Illinois Central Bonds, 4; Xilin ?is Central free land, 4; New York Central Railroad, 4; Ha'lnn, 4- Mlnou Internal In'prtvement bonds a'vaowi .j par cent: C *v ;land and Toledo dividend b^td , l ; Nic?riv.fu? Tra'-slt, i; Cleveland and Toledo Railroad, i; Pan ami Itailrosd, 4; Mloh'gan Southern Construction Kill road, 1. Tbe unfavorable account* from N' learnt? a* did not keep the Transit stork from lislng. Tbe re ant decline was att abated to a desire on the part of the large holder* to get held of more stock, at low prices, before the arrangements with the Pacific flteanship Company were consummated. There is now no doubt but t&at suoh a combination will bs made aa will be profitable and satia'artorjr to both companies. As soon ai the terms have been agraed upon, tbe weekly trips wi'l bs reiumed. R?*diug Railroad stock was comparatively quiet this morn log. The dividend for July will be decided upon to day. The delay has givtn i l?e U> alt sorts oi rep >its, and it is well that but a few days more will elapse before all doubt is removed. Tbe floating debt is put down by a Philadelphia < otem;>orary at one and a half million of doilars. On the 30th cf November last li was one million seven hundred and 1 >rty fcur thcuj-an.l, seven hundred and eight; srven dol lars, ($1,744,787,) whioh the company are doubtleej anxious to dispose of while the money m&rknt con tinues easy. A stringency in money matters would make this large debt troublesome and expen sive, and tie management are therefore wise la their desire and determination to liquidate it at the earliest moment. The net earaingt of the company in the first six months of the present fiscal year, Ending kUjr 31, amounted to $977, OHd 50 lDt?r?ft on bonded debt, 9257,500, ?inMo( fund *60,000 Intrr?Mt on (lulling debt, IC0.0C0, oontlngmidM. is/ >50,000 4.17,100 00 ToUl $539,688 50 Dividend, rnj fr ur per oint oo $8,500,000 of stock 340,000 00 Applicable to liquidation of Moating debt, flirt, Miti It will be aeen that but a email portion of the fl jat ing debt ccald be ptid off with that balan<(. A dividend ot five per cent would require fts.r?,000 more, which would nuke the balance $114/>xG SO,

inatead of the figure* (riven abore. Bat for the flrating debt, the July dividend could have beet a large one. Ah it ia, cveu four per cent may be aire than the Ccmpary cm afTjrd. At the above rate of payment, it wtlbea long time before the floating debt can be all paid ofi. The Company have In hand ar att* to a large amount, but the? are not immediatey available. Whatever dividend toe Company makee will be paid in caab Kric Itailroad ntjck wai in ac'.lve deicand at ycaterday'a ptlree. The a tie* ware in *ma l lots ard principally on time. Illtnoln Rail road boids were a little heavy to- lay. We report a df dine In each olaea Hold. There appear* to be a t Jy?n leeling among hcldeia of Htock generally. Th >? War* are predicting all iort* of ciaaater*, and If half what they anticipate ia reali/.td, ho.der* of aticka will be m where. There i* a ?trong bear |>arty in the atreet, but it 1* our lm pieraion that their lime haa not c .itne yet. The bull* bave a very powerful influence in their ftvor tl.i* jf ar In the iatrir.ric va'ue of the neounttee opt rated In. I'npnxlurtlve atocka have no', at'rart. ed much attention this jear, and the bjar* havs not, therefore, much to work npon. After the adjournment of the board tha foil jiving aalea were made at auction by A. II. Mullix: I.'i.coo Klr?* Indemnity atock of N*w Yi?ra 97 ' , 11,000 Kentucky ultra 101' j ?'?fl abarea American < ??; Co., Alltyhanf Co , kid 3*1 7?5 to do itorip do do per aharr. $1 Mr. A. II. Nirolay'a regular aemi weekly auction eale cf ato< ka and )>orda will take placs to nnrrow (Thunday) at 12 J o'clock, at tne M'trchuita' Fx change. At the eecond board there waa no material alt; ration in prioee. Reading Kallroad advanced i per rest.; Erie Kail road declined 4 cent.; Illiaoie Central bonda, 4; Nicaragua Tranait, J; Cleveland and Toledo Itailroad, 4; Hodaon Itailroad, 4. There wax conaiderable a:tivity In Heading at the advance. The Mercantile Inaurance Bank haa declared a semi annual dividend of five per cent. The Arctic Fire iDMirance Company bave declared a temi an nual dividend of Ave per cant. The .4-ltna l ire Inaurance Company a ' em! annual dividend of eight per cent. The I'eter Cooper Fire lo*nranae C m pany have declared a aemi annual dividend of live per tent. The Burnett Bank, of Hyracn e, toar per cent. The transaction* at the Aaaiatant Treaeurer'a office to day were aa follow* - l'aid oa Traaanry accoant ?a?,(m7 *4 Received od do 1 00, .173 M Balance do 1,971,141 92 I 'a id for .tutj Office II". Ml VJ 1'aid oa d.abuuln* check* J 1 , ?? 1 & 07 I The paymenta to day include $62, 000 California draft*. Tbe*t?*mahip Pacific, at this port from Liver pool, bring* *even da;* later new* from Furope. The alviu* ate not important. Financially and commercially they aie favoral/e. (juAat'nn* for cotton ?..<-w an advatoe. The Liverpool circular of Wright, Junior <V Co., of the 2:?th o! June, nay* : ? Our rot ton m?rk*t rlo-erl on '.be 2id Id t. (the late of ourdri-iiiiradtlKf prt * rnerica^ rery dull, uod ra*?a rery irr?cu:ar Iluiiag tba eariy part of th* prwaaat week lb* pievloualy emtln* riepreaaion w*? further la rrraaerl. vltbougb hoi, are ia reieral itid not preea their -lock a !or "*le, the ually offering* w.rf m?'i than nmple t/i ro?at the reetrl?.t< d demand, wbir-h waa r-oa libC'l alinoat eteiuaivaly to the .rnmediate r?|Ulrara-b'. of '{ inneia, who w<*re ab)* to <>p?ra la alno t at n <-niotl pllcea, artce traaasctibim abowini aa much *? ,d. t-> Sd |" rib. variation troia la?t I rida* a qiMitatloaa. and ?liten redurtir/n h id to be ?nbniitUxf to ia or ?r to in?a? prrtfrrnj 1b, a altered (etliOK waa inltu?nf.e<i by th* UattrrrK arcoanta In re<*ii >i to r.a ? t an?on ? no p, al tbougb the irr r* ImmMlia'e rauac ma r he trar-ad t?, tha rfjairt of a audoan and rapi l rite In th* rivera (br tale g:aph on tfce derline aga.n,^ fli in* pronnaa of tiie re putrd lar*e r|uaatlty in Interior locai, lira bodinx ita ?a to th* leahoard, aud thua le?aeomg the evil* of a lureat <ned ?bort aupply '*ur *'to*l atock pnbably a ? ce*d< tb< eatiinaUd .oactitr. from the fart of ma*/ pinetra fcaalrj rr aal I par ? i In ibi- market, but *nrb aireta w- old lo?a tr? a r r' ?-?t?nt the <|u*iilit/ bald by the tia?'e, ab l ttiia featar*. rnupled ?:tl? Ihe ,le rllne in rat*e, mo? t'aut ?ea tier and continued ? aie la mr aej mattara ran>ed * more aetiae In luiry o* Wacnaidav, ?hicb ?aa followed up on Ihuradar by * raaawal r f tbe rp'r-iile'ira U-masd, reeultia( la lar^a ?alea (ml a reroaerjr of the abore lerl ne the marait r-lo d( to da; wt'.b an.matlon, and eaiimated aalea of W,We balea, of whltb lO.OOTi Jtr W, Iper- ,'a'nra and ei pr,rt?r*. prtea* UadiBf upwarda Fitnr the miu.uf*ctaring ri^trlct* the a<r yunt* a?e glotroy. The Man> heater goola markrt coati r.uea depie*efd, with a downward tender, y. The alietre of order* Ir.cuc/ d teller* to fall more readily into the vewe of buyer*. Brradatnff* btvr fallen eff in ((notatlona. The weather had }>?en liaa, and tba proe|?rt waa fair for in ear'y and abondiat taiveat. Tte cr*pe iooked vigoro??. The mot)*) mar'aet waa fteali, v beomiig evaier The atrlrala of fperie r jntinu*<l i?rg* ao>l the huik I ad ini leaied Ita **otk < t bullion. The rr-tu'a fn^m the Bar k cf Logland for the war-k e;,diag June glvrafkc following rtauita, when compared with Uie ptevima wi?k:? I <.bil? ''epo. ,ta , W W laereaae . >,*'/?< 1 1 * - ? r > ? !. . ? ? ?? . ee ? I lt?*1 ,114,279 ln< r-?e? i,'.'j| f?n the ottf r tide of tba acoraint ? 0?*e-*i?eet ?e<urtl.*e 12, *94, #6* la'retee (100 ? -"little* .... I.,*?-. 'K7 fi e^reaee I'.t X'.l , 1 1 a*:, ..10 tar raaee 7:. 119 7b? *?!, . at of n? tea ia'i iaUoa ia Hi t?,l be <n< *a larreaaa of it, to' ar ! th* turk of btil m* la t?tb dr pact tr.en'a i* ?1 a 1M '/J4, eV,?i&r *n lor re? ? ? <4 II.*;,lo. * ben cetaparad with tbe | rarediaf reta/a Mroey could b^ otttained oa go ? en. wot ae. aM tiea at t?o aad two aad a half per renl. ( onw>* were qnafed at a :*1|, haviag adranred from '*)! , the p-tvH o? <,wAaI int Tie new French loan had bee a radorwd from <mt b^edrad aal fifty to fifty ml !i?a of &? -i \r? la re'aUra to Am-rt' ?a ?toeka, the l/iiton tirralar af I- I ?r uwa t ??)? **4* ? IHlf '%?* Uk* Amn ft M ? 0 'kJi *???* ! 4 with duc j r-?a<-;>n, ?oon Vnar '.Ha iafaraat J arvnaing to.. i vbfj jr*H, ?L.l tu? 4?u?l cluunet*r o t m?a;- of tfaa aaeu DMih We ba?n h*d ? ??., demand Or lUiaoia bunda. both rowtru'tioa **?'? fr?? land, for the eharee tfcere wi tajeta at t OUeouat, with none oU-rLUrf TL? UjmIou < ?ur\et of the UUi inatnut *?f? ? Storkn and boodj w?r? *<-.tlr* ,t ? ?l.g at dec'ln* 1 u rrif?? Maine clo?*i at IB>? W*?>r , vVorc*et*r ? t I , Old Colon/ at Rfti4 I'r??i 'i-oe- *t ? ? ?-:1 VrrrriMt ?oil Maaaachuntta at H>? mLk : 0 whuh waa ?(tar ward* bid Tbir* bar* !*>*n no prwaiou* <?? ,.f thla ooec ac'-ira itock aloe* tft? of Ju-i thr%e w?eki eao, wben 50 w*r* *old m*. 11 V niWltll^ Kor tb? bond* 1'. ?v bid and 77 aatud. for a aingt, pie** Naarlj half of the aaar mortal** loan for *l***? i,un dred thcaand dollare ha frn nImmIMi' tnr at M Eaatern Ran road etoel deritnad to 4*',, wb:rh *n tirmljr bid at th* c!oa?, ahnwiog a depr< (-laf on of ?* p* ?barn within ita Ja;? wtii-h la p**'"* pretty ' airly for ib# nat loa of (122 000 bjr the i|e'al*?t'<m A cor'i pg ta (be annual ripoit, tba corporation baa ?? wl njral to ?ti jor oent <> lb* whole cut!*? (la luting the Mirplua prop*rt ? ?f (I fiW 000 > ?n1 owt ?i(K i?*r rent ou t ht <-oat of tba road iiaelf ?a j % l III' leea than H,8< o 00*', for 12 montka Th* rM-elp'- ar? <nfr?ai>lnf aid tha eif?n?*? di?f running. aa tha whol* llaa oo* ia la ecellant crdcr. the it-cent favorable arraag*m<n'. with tha Mate* ir,ad will a eo largwlj mrr>??* t n-t inn in* lint for tha lata datprtaH lr*> .1?, tb? *to?'. In ateaJ of falling >7, would probably h*?a ria*o $11 p?>r aliaia, and ia likalj, to do* tint* not eithMau 11 a* th? lo??, to command aa murb a/ tha Ptor ,!*nr* or *??? < <d Coloo/ atoska, wlilch ar? woith all tli? ? ?r* ralliuij for in thamarkat. Tha futut* la brigtitar tkaa $; <IO0 V S 6"a '"fl.. . huoo N Car ?'? MtWfal 7'a TO. ... 4<>C0 Vlnimia '?'i 111 I ah '47 b ??. Oil Hat l?t Hi" bil IK CO Kria bd 10<KI Mud K 1st BI b. (otoitiiramhiao. 1VOOO do lmoo 111 < >a 1*. !'. bJ. 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WtmnmiT, ii^ 11?4 H i! .\ruaa - halt* t?( 100 bbla pairl* wara uiadn at prna'.a t a tin a, pot* won* uachuigad BwiD>Rm.-fl(iir wit firmer yaatarday, w th a good ilt-maud lor local aad l*->taro con luinptioa llm ?aJra tmbtarrd about 7,""0 a h im o bbla , in lini ng mm mi n to good Ptata at In a (1 71, and fx 76 a 9 ' fur fam r nod ? lira Kitra t.'niaaa rariad trotn 911 i flv In About 800 a 1,1**0 bfcla M. I ou. a aolii at 9 ' "|J a t'J 75. Canadian >? *? aitira, an I aalaa rraibad about a.iXjO blila . Included in u.a llwri, at pr.oaa which ranged (rum 910 24 a 910 87. >ouUjarri ? 100 a WOO bbla. aold at 9U' a 91- fur the vliola range- to* lattar figure for i-itra Kirhaoml brand*. Whaat ? Ilia a* If -m biaoad 1.600 lnnhel- wbita Southern Mi> bigan at 9'^ 60, aud al>oiit 1 (.00 a 1 >'00 buatiela n*? Couth^m rf I lii lota, at 92 87 lt a 92 40. Cora ?>i !??? hi?/aul Tin aalaa embraced about .'19,000 a 40, <? 0 huahala, alWI>ta. a f:?. for prima Weatarn ml?ed-th? latter figure m good ahlppiag erdar Cm I recta for 11,000 a haeh ?la wrrr u ttlut at about Vie. Hi a >a< flrmar, aa I aald at 91 Ml a 91 M. Kra flour am! m?al wi-ra un. Iian<ad i Tlie markat waa al-out ao l?e lngh?r for ttio. Tba aalaa aabrw-ed about l,orv> Nega lafertor, at W'-.c., with mocerat* aalaa of good aouad al 10)fe. a lie., and l.'.O bag ? l?(uaj'a at l'l ^'e . a 1 1 e. Cnrtoa.? Tba aalaa embraoed a boat I, '<00 hate? afw tlia rrratpt of tfceataaaer'a nawa. an 1 eloaed at a further adranoe of >,c par lb., Baking the wbola ad?eare aleca 1- rid ay or Saturday laat, at <te a ',e. Mnidllag upland* vara at He. KumiilrfM ? Rata? ware dell without ' hanga of aaomeait To l.lvtrpool MinatiOO a *00 belaa of eottna wara angagad at 7 33d. a '4d for roaaareeaed and unooepre?aa4 < ore waa quirt at ahoat 4 ?,o. la bag* Itatea to other porta M urn bae/ert. and ea? agement.? unimportant Tha 'a rumble abate of rropa abroad, with tba urerpeol aar kat, wara unfavorable to tba ahlpmi-nte of Cora at pra ?ant priraa. II ?T ? fnaall aalaa were reported at 91 Ma 911' par 100 tba Umr ? About 116 a I 20 balea of Amtncan law rott?d wara aold at 9140 par ton la<? 'onLou'O ateedy at ftlft M a 9 ..1 aakad for ot b P'f MOIJIH. i? -A lout 400 bbl> v?w >>rl*aaa wariaollat t I, an-: 17 lib N>urlUM at p t Sarai. Kroara wara iiuiat, ant ptie*a for apt/Ha aa' roaio mor? f.r !? a? noaolaal. I'afli nio^a ? Tla ?al?a ambrar?d >00 Lb la , In eluding n?w wir-a, at 9r*<"?7 a 919 60 an' aaa prima at9IAa914U7 and '<> bbla. tb n n?aa wara ao'd at $17 7'>. llaaf aai un '? t r.f ' with ?a>? of a'i'<?t IT > bbla. at old priraa liaaf barna wara juiat aad prV<M nomiDal. Cut n aaU ware m. .at aad aalaa nn wipaHaat, with pnr?a uaal!?iad. lar^l waa ia% tl?a with aalaa of 'ito a ..if) bbla at I0;?r a 10 ,r ?ad aitra prima, u ? mall lota, at lit Him ? Hataa o' 10 a 7 'J ra?ka, it I ' a ' , tba markat rU<a t/ Cnl! I hi i ?k w?r? a-',Ta with a i?? l<Tt?f 'aa nf aai ar j hollar" Tba ?aia? ??'.r '?1 al/*/'.!' 1,710 a 1 "? ? eJilafljr Caba nma? rafo, at r a' , , with ??? U?t <A pni?i? it ? ,f . aa 1 >?w OrlaaB at ' *,r * Htnwii ?laa if I .& "i lb? wna auria tl IT 'mmw qalat aal mbam Wm?i>in - Salaa of al^rn* 9C> ? H> " ala w?a at<> at 41r , with a . ma lo'a of (>br< at 40r Vm Imk I atllr Mat I W?i ??>?fnr, Jmlj 14, Itl.i I A: Vl)ait'?B ? tha markat baa li^aa b0f*r ? pp ~i wl'.h baafaa tb ? ?<??, t> it wl'b a pra it/ good danaaO'I, tba aitrka*. rataiaa Ita buo/aa' /, aad tba probability la I tliat naarly all tha rattle ?i " ba a> d Tba jija! tj ga | i aiaily W fair ad t?.? aopp.iaa rom* pnn ipal ; ftoai | llliroia and Ob o Tba a u an bar oa >ala dar i.g tba w>w. ; U 2 ll? aad tba ranga of prnaa 9 ? a 91 araraga alia i'. I 91*. IHit faw ra'.tla ao.d a' tb? U aar prl<?, and but f?w at tha b.gbaat htna ? aty lafartnr ?- 14 aa law aa t ' 1 I a a and war* alow f aaia, bit | rl< aa ( ara without a?a'.?*ial ruanga Vaala ara a tr !ta law?r 1 1. a aad ??!??? aia aat nu'h laiairal far, aal (,nw< ara ratbar di 4i(iia| wtna ara plant/ aa 1 Mwar a tb ! but a t.aiila4 viai.d Tb? follaw ag labia ah'/wi f-aa w'.at part ,( tl.a > .a /<>-' rwu. I Hudaca Kitar Ba lraad ... ,. I l>e baata, . . VM I I it? Kadroad . . i 1.1 II via m Pail toad ,, . .. 111 IH.awa " <>b?a . . ' Kaata >i ?"* la-.iaaa 14 Wiaeuaata . . . . Taiaa M <bl?aa ... ? j Naw ^ ork Br *iia liar -am KaJroa a?a aal 'a 'aa yt i"o 4a -tael'a-raa 41 fa it Ma??f aad la?ba , , 1,114 la Ira Kailiaai- ? ta .... |l I?i llotaoa rl'ar boa'a . ;M I Haafrattia aitra ? ty pat \>*> Iba 912 44 a i?, i . ! aaiity .. 11 a II l? i m -nca ?? ** <0i a '# !? lof-nar ? '?* a ' owa aad <?' **? att/a W (n a II o gaa4. '? (/ a Vi Pi MMit 9ft W ? 99 v?.j ta I l?a>tia 7 a - l")?aaj tad aal* 90 a 9 la attra .... 7 '*> a j Ma .aa groaa , % '. H ??a ag a Ikara wara ra?? tad fat t a waa. aa I '?/II ? t '? ' 4Mli. .............. .. '? ? - U eMfaia *ea?oaof 'ha year Tiore Whiti i-ibm froa tM? Btata ??rj io'fni*i a lit f-oin 1/.^ MtBt u' Kna from IKoWrdoa count/, ft. J , war* In 'ant tUtM fat ' ?*** in Bale tip r.iarBat waa Ut ?<> WBtl auppiia* M ftt aMMkltM p qiliuif, raiatd tha r?UJ pclrra at tt>* Cltr mar* froaj la to 1 vJ per lb , by tint ji.?r1*r Itema lamb* eo?-> m ke* aa $1 '.o Tha ?ha?p com. of from Otlo, Ini.aoa dviigaa tad Ulliola, were o mmm itrrk, eo-ne of tr.ta tMia* tia rrmaii.a ol pirlad oaa? of larga dioraa tl>n.? (ran th'i.-<t*t* and N?w J*r?*y ware la t?tt*r (oiDtll t Drort ra m?"? up Junrg the w?k for ln??r? 'ii>t*ia*4 ?car llaa.t U<-k Tha aonaial report <>i St, .r?? T Nio, abtep brohrra in tk'a ma'fcat, will t>rw <n r? light upou tba aubjaet Thar liara ??11 ah?ap n law a< fl fo ,'aur* McCarthy aoW alao about 1.9C0 abaap ,!?r>a| Ut eaai. at a* large, and p*r'i*pa a larj.r??rm thaaa Metiraw'e. though we ura uoaMa to (iTa hi? r?port .a full, In r*e*?<|U*oce of the mi-la orbol/ aertdeat which I ?(?'. h!a MotD?r at Hargan Hill, who waa hUle4 by tha ear of tba Saw Vor* aad Kilo Railroad whila proe ?toe*. Tha aartet < loard firm. With thoM lafi ?*** frow |i?t>ria; <m-\ tto arrtTal* to -"ay, that* ware about 1 ,000 ia tli* p> oa left o?er uaa<ld. Iteavaa? Tv-w v> a lari't M.jplj ,n (ha market than uaual, *ai th? aa'aa wei* rery hrlak, >*tr<g ng froai M MU IK &?. e< cmliag U? ijuaMj lUary ttaatberaar h l.aad?rbaoh <1 k???iI o( I 'l 1 baad ftoo, |Vi?wbt eountf, fed by Tapihn, itbou*. hall (at Ihay aol.l al?o Ml h*ad froa lll.iwi* at ll*u*u < ewa aad I'elvea?Very faw war# u a: it at, aud thai* aold ratb*r lowar i'ivi ffrtof about 1 . (jcarti milk p?r dnj nailing from to ??U. tka ttk tog prtco for a tour itar oil i?:i im Hurt am "??Wtr4 with calf, u $70 \ rala froa t .r. t-i par |?>ial Ivp wal^bt. tb?r a# II aa (aat at thry i amt It Tba loliowioij u a armartDdum ?f aatM h/ <aa?l Mrl.raw/kSon at H owe ?g'a 30 lamlx at llWti 0") 60 ah"'" a' till to 1"? i)o. at ill 'j.'i 'iin <to. at tn '.4 27 CO. at 191 00 117 <*'i at l?4 ? <> <"o. at 'i~ '0 at 'i?ij /a SW do at .'^T ' ?: at -?,l '?? Z* fa. at iai T .to a ? ill ? 6'.' do at 1?.1 36 ^ do. at 'Ml v? ;t .-O. at 18JI 71 109 **o. at :4 t? 70 ah'?p at 'jr.S 7.'. 01 do at l\X) 0* 44 do at tM <'4 M do at NT b? 7? do at...... l.M 00 H3 da. at 3SH (M 1,>7* alirap ao l lamli- , at * M A vari^a par h?a I 'I If .laica^ Mrl arty alao aold 1,340 ahaap aa ! laa^a, at mm ? rara^a of $.' 61 A' <'haml>arlaia'?, tha ilamaod (or !????, raala. at^o? auii I mil-, aad i on aad ralvaa, haa Imob to a fair aa tant aad all olftrad aar* dtapoand of. lb* aalea Bar a b?*n aa followa . 1M t#?f cattla ?o 00 a ?r* M lf6 rvwa and cal?aa,. m t M ?? 1C4 taalcaWra (lira wrl^ht) 4 a ft "40 ahaap aad Iaat>? 1 W t AM At O'Rriao ? tha daaiaod haa ba?a modartta, hut ariOh l.ijht aupply . Tha jar la war* pratt/ wall riaaiad oat. Iba ?alr< ba<a l>o*a aa followa ? K<1 llaavaa M,<? ? ?H ?<? 4(1 < aai ralraa '10 U0 a 44 M '.U \ ? (lira wa'|bt) 6c. a 6 S ? ait' trrrt i.ano - (Wiajid V'3l SkiytmS Bww C|lt? CW??, ?? ??'> Hroaniatt'a ,'>'"?7 ha fbanibarlaia'a. 161 t"4 O Hrloo'a *6 4o 20 ToIbI '1M:> 141 II, (M llonrlllr Market*. N. * IUmomdOm MtNatT July 0 -pcarm alao* mmt laat. ha> dacliard 1'ha tranaaetjooa taelada aaloa ?< AM bbla. at 91 7ft par (allon Wa would rawtark, bawarar, that Una la oauall/ tha <|Ukat aaaaoo for olXi, aal haU ?ra <!o Dot laalilfral nay <t?alr* to oparata? a major tr ?* wboa will out tail at thea* prlrea, bat a r* arm at pra rioua i| notation!, aad tha darllDO may bo r?oald*r*4 aa oa!/ trmporarr. la Warrao, wa iindaralaad that l,i*? l/H< bata ohangad haoda at II 74, an ! la saBtn'k?t IfHJ 1,1.1. bar a baan aold at fl 7A aad I'.O to atll 14. Wbolo oontJnuaa firm wl*h a fair ilamaad. la tlata wrkiit wa report aal*a of 1 000 bbU. at 7I'<c. perfalla, Ml do. at 7Vc . awl '.,'>0 bbla opoa tarma wa 4j ! aat >at n lo s*w 1 4)0''oti wa b'ai on* aal* of U'M bto far .Saw York acrount at 74r Whalabosa? Tha <lan>aa4 a meliorate aad i>r>*a fully auaiaio?d halaa caaaiat of ft, 010 Iba < n ho'.ia at 4^c aad 1 1 Ibaa da upoa pri aat* tarai ADflETKHFJITH RK1KWKD KfKRT DAT. lout *>? rot % i? U til M> |\ uNfc Of rill HBOADWAY A*I? HHtfT J* wroiiil ?tr*ai *Uk*>, on Moa la/, tb U ut , a >m*ll antn of mooay, ti?? i<?a?r rao (inac- ra t* a* aaa li. full eg at No ti *lra?t FOI VI) IS ON! Of TIU HIOMlVAt ?fTA<.K-<, tba 1 1 tli mat . Iwiwu'O 7 ?i>4 *1 o cloak >a to* art* 1 1.' au opart tflaaa Th* - Wfi ? r ran bar* tba aaaaa, kf ralMa,/ oa Mr SI Hurkar, ri>rBar of llouataa aa>! Ma??ar atiarta, prorwr propartr, an.) j*yla.- * I p#u?a Fjcm) - a laity v rmemmmm, conAomm a amall mint of monay Iiaa Una tla/ boa* ral iraa4 to A T Mm*m CO , IibtIm >-aa fonal la thaw ataua on tL* bt )> ot July, by a littla frl IVt/iUaf. (DibImii aii'l IVaila almi L<*T? A I'ACKAOIC. OOHfAIMNU TWISTY 7'A ?If btf dollar*, aii'l auutlry papara, ?aluabl? only to tlia oworr, antoaf wbfb a/a rartia< atoa of fori la HaaV of O.inrootro, S. T . , Mai lam Ilallroad, auBi'.ry baot* aa4 lnauranra rutnpaaiaa la i'rarMaara, a oat* ? goal by aao for li, 7MI, abub tba public aro rauUoiUkl lr< n aac'la tlag bllla of atrbaof a, A - , for all of *b>< b l&a pa ? aa? t ha* haan afoppari. Tba Sailer >111 remit a famr I >y ra lurniaj lb* papara l?. ma, oara of r-pr of. Ura-ll*/ k llaf fun a hrual at/Ml, Saw Y?rt, aui la ??lr*raa u> rataia tba ui'?bbjt. I - A AC f IIA/AKH Ii*d os iiik KvitMsii or Monday. tti? ?th j Uiat , at i'laaaant V?H*r llotal, TllJltu<lWaa N 4 , oa liia roa 1 <1u?b to llobokaa ftrtj, or la goiag lkra?|k lUirla/, llroailwaf aal i.raa4 alraat*. u> "raaa r4. a ladlaa ("Ul braaatp.a, daalga, a traa aarlrdad by naaa Abt p*raoa rait ral of Ik* aaoaa to 121 U<l Hrw I "Bp. ? 111 ba aaitably r*?ar<Wl IOHT-A MKMnHANIH M HOOK, COST * IMMtl j Maitri. fun A I y oa ekwa for M, an I knari blUank, KaU'^rc k ? art?r a r-haek for A v (10 pa/aa*at ?f abirh baa ba*o *U.|>p*>-' A r**ari vll ba p? I aaa laa*ln| tba baob aa'l efearka v lb I dolpbo W aif* No 'I Hni r r atraot. LOaf? UN HAT' KIM Y. 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