Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 13, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 13, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6894. MORNING EDITION? FRIDAY; JULY 13. 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE PROHIBITORY LIQUOR LAW. Arrett* for Intoxication YuKrilty. With th* rlM in th* temperature o( the weath*r, the Dumber of *rr?sto for intoxication hui, in proportion, Increased. Y**t*rday about thirty unfortunate wars aommitted to prieon. to aulfer the penalty of indiscretion in drinking. The situation of those con lined within the pnclmoto of the Egyptian etiiflje mint be anything but ?n viable. The boated term must h?ve a mry trying ef fect upon their constitutions, an no doubt all Ujm in durance Tile feel keenly th* unpleasantness of beintf cat - fined In a hot cell, for no other crime than simply indulg ing *xc*?*ively in the "original package*." Juitice Con nolly committed about a dozen drunkard*, while Justioe Pearcy was compelled to dispose of a like number. At the Third District Polio* Ourt, befo"?> Justice Wood, the number of CMes did uot exieed lire, and, strange to **y, all of theae were lucky enough to Im In po (session of yuflicient means to enable theuj to escape Imprisonment. there will to a lively time in the Court of Special Sea ?ions to c'ay. The case of Snutn, of Howard street, and I>awd, ol Bizsbeth street, will come up before .luige Stnart for disposition. We understand tbat Smith will not demand ? trial oy jury, but will (at ttie instigation Of hi* counsel,) if convicted by the City Judge, have the cue carrieu up to a higher coort, wher> the constitu tionality of the l*rohiblUiry Liquor law will be tested It In auppored that in tbe case of Itowd the complainant's testimony will be ruleii out, .is she was grossly intoxi cated when the purchased the liquor No warrant* were issued yesterday for the arrest of nny liquor dealers upon the testimony udduced by the drunkards arrested. The magistrates seem to think that it would be very unsafe to cans* the arrest of parties upon the testimony of persons in the habit of becoming beastly intoxicated. In casee of felony, ee pec. ally tu eases of bighwuy robbery, the evidence of a compUinant has but very little weight, if ha conleases to have b?eu intoxicated on the occasion of tin alleged crime. Ko we presume the police magistrates look to a higher criminal court for a precedent, and act accordingly. The Law in Urooklyn. A warrant of bearch and ite'zurp was issued yesterdny by Judge Culver, of the City Court, against one ol the largest liquor dealers in the city. The execution of the warrant was delayed until to day, in consequeuc* of pome necoesaiy preliminary proceeding. 1'eter Mi.Mabon and several others, arrested on war ranto thargin 3 them with sel'icK liquor contrary to law, were btought before Justice BUtcbly, yesterday, /or examination, t' of tbe -quor Dealers' \sso ciation appeared in their bebaK, ami advanced the same Joints tor their discharge wutch had been denied by notice Smith the <!ay previous. Argument was set down for Monday next, until which time the examina tions were adjourned. Tbe first I qoor seizure in tb!s ci'y wits made at the County Hoepital some days stnee, A warn in applied for ndmis'ion, and the Superintendent, tor. Knodea, being nuspicions tbat she curried the rontra!>and article ab)ut her person, accused her ol the act. She at once ac knowledged the ollence, anil drew out a quart o( brandy, which was seized and confiscated without any process of law whatever. The Law in WUIlamibnrg. MOBK BKAKCII INI' HK'ZUKEH. Justice Fenn Issued a warrant against John Kr*y, tue proprietor of a grocery, corner of l<eon*rd and North Se cond streets yeeterday morning, upon the aOidavlt of a Udy, who bad made a complaint against him the day previous, charging bim with selling liquor to a minor, and for which he li now under amst. The wanaat waa placed in tbe hands of ollicnrs Sheldrick, Ifotlin snd Maloon, ot th* Sixth district police, who proceeded to the place, neeichtd the premises, and selted about $:i00 worth of liquors, consisting of brandy, gin, wine, cor dials, rum. b'er, bittets, porter, &c , ?c. The decanter*, kegs, barrel*. \c , containing the liquors, were all con Teyedtothe tiler of the Sixth dls'rict ttation house, where it is to be stored for tbo present A writ of replevin wa* issued yetUrlay morning, by Sheriff Lett in tbe suit of Thomns It try againit Captain CJulchard, of the Fifth district police, for eoizinic and un lawfnlly retaining possession or hi* property, whic'n cou ? in ted of liquir* seized by '.'apt. 'J jicliard tbe da). before. Mr. Berry gars two i-ureties, in the sum of S260 each, tu answer whatever charge may bi preferred against bim under the prohibitory law. Tbs warrsnt wnsterved by Deputy Sheriff Denmn, who is directed to keep posses aion of the liquor until such time ts tbe cab* may bn legally adjusted. I'art of the o'd City Hal) has ^een selected as 'he place to store liquors heie&Iter seizel by the city. l'lte r.Mw In RaUKdllei. Ot"K SArUXKTIZS COEKBSPONDENCK. 8*rasRTm, June 30, : On Friday, the 29't of June, a very exs'ting *o<! inte Itaating caa- w ii tr ?d at tbU town. fTlie Overreer* of tho Poor.ot the town of Badge tl?" , in r 1st** county, brought an actim ?x* 'i?t Brpjataia Artnim, to recover fonr dis tinct and *A<*Mte p?n*itiP.sof $U6 aacli, given by aaitioa II, title 'J, chapter 20, patt lat, <>t the Revised ^tattito*, Whieh pror r* 'bat "whoever iiball *ell any *trong or ?jlrituou> li juor*, or wine*, in ijuantie* 'eat than fi *a gallon * at a time, wlthoat a llceii ??, kc , ahali for ? felt a penalty of >' 5 for each ofTecce '' The ca*e waa brought oclort Justice Mereiean ? a #tri:tly temp'iauce man? and a jury bav;og been ca.lei Ir defendant. 'lie Justice gave tb? remre toa couitaioe, ?ho li a loa of t< mperance, and vho, In actor'an** with ?kin fanatical prejudice*, and ty direction of tba pluin 4bUTi and tfce.r attorney*, ium noc'-n a rank te?p?r?are Jury J. V. V. kinjrcn, Kiq., ant Vfm Hull, Keq , (eli sor of tbe ><eup?riien IHrgraph,) wari ro'aioel a* attor ney! for the Overseer*; and 1). K. Ulaey, Eaq, of Ut ? skill, and J. F. llookstaver, Kaq., of -ajgertii*, appeared lor the defendant. Much inferent wa* felt in the cane hy all r??j*'C'alile Citiren*, all agreeing that tho ,aie ??i brought fiora Improper motive*? Mr. Artman bn?< well known to all A* the D?'t respectable tavern keeper in *he town, aa l ftlway* havleg kept a atrlct, orderly and resectable fton.ta. The plaintiff* proved at the ttial tbat ilefen'Unt ka<l aold atrotg and spirituous liquors at four dlllerent i ihne?. aad claimed judgment fur (100 I) f[>nl*ot, ? Otnotri belli that there waa n law In force by whish Mid could be recovered, and submitted tbe law ?d the facte to tlie fury, who, a:*?r due deliberation, Irougbt .a a verdict ol no can** of r. ticn Tkf* ta not tbe only cate of thin nan're that has bee a V"ugbt in Um? town, from ton to fifteen otbeta have fcaen j'tonccute I by the Over-iaer*. I >ut it ia considered Ihat tliia ease will ead them all. The verdict gave ?? neral -atlaf.irtion By inoertinir 'he above In vo >r r?rer yon w!!l oblige the public aai ONE WHO ?V AH VK::-!KM The L1<|nor Linr In Pnivchlioepale. THIA1. AND COMICTION FOR SCI.LIN0 LAOEK EI?!. Hi first ca?e under the Maine law came off to d*j ? {July 10,) at the Court llou*e in Vou^bkaepsle, b?fore ,lndge Rdrtdge The peraon complained of waa I'liiiip BLrbereh, a German, keeper of a lager bier saU>3a, No, 122 Vine atre -t, in tfcli city. The defendant, on being brought before the court, do feiaaded a trial by jury, and pleal not guilty. A rewire for a jury waa forthwith aumtnonwl, and, after chal lengen were beard and decided, the following jury were gwoni to try the eate ? Hiram Haizht, '?m?< TtiancUard. Rickar l I'rlttaln, .1 J. n 11. OtU, Gdwin liall, Wttliam llrowaetl. T. C. Campixdl, Piatnet Attorney tor lutehe** county, a red for the peeplf . A. Nelaon, lor defrndaat. Tha connatl for defendant then m >v?1 to be d ?' har.-'d from arreat. on i arioua ground* pwticnlarly that toe 0et wae uaco nt.tut.onal anl tb>- paper* w*re defective, which waa overrolad by the C-iurt and the par'ie* ordered to proceed to trial. Mr. CaaipbelJ, for the pecple, clamed that tbe d?. fendaat wa? gallty. ?nder tbe pree?nt Uf*, on two gronadj of eelliag lager bier, and c< awjuentiy of vicla iJowa of the art, vir ? 1. t oder the flr*t aeetlon of the act pa<e?d Apr I 9, 1866, in harinr aold intoxicating llqnor* 2. I'nder tbe twenty aeconii *e<"ioo of tha act. hy ^?hieh tbe term intoxicating Ilqmr i* male toexren<i to aad laelude a>otol, dmtillei an l malt ll<|nor?, aad that, therefore man l>f{Uor* are in V tan proaibtled m much pM alcohol. The followaig w1tne??e? were then called and aworn On the part ol the people ? .loaeph Roaeetl ? f reei'e la t'ine rtreet , know defend ?at; be re?idee oert door to me; w** at hie houae la*'. Sunday , there were eeveral pev*oo* Inen preaent , I drank ?onaa beer tlvre. It waa lager bier .lau e* Ktrr drank a*, the aame tim- and paid for the beer tbe defendant wa? there, hie wife drew tbe bear (rom a ?a*ll aeg and pre Mated it to ua in glaae mug* Jame* Kerr? (?n Sunday waa at defen lant'a, 1a Pine ?treat, and aaaed for lager bier at the bar, they aaid they had n?r>e, but hail eome Iriab drink, Koaeall an I 1 draak *??>*, and another m*n, an I I thraw tbe money on the cannier. John fitotter? On Snnday laat 1 waa at dafeadaat'a la I W*r bier in Viae atreet it ia a pa bite pla-e I went Into the *bed adjolalng tho bar room twlse that day Md called for lagtr bier, aad it wae brought to me ?ad I drank it. John Wlxudow? 1 hare drank lager Mar aad kaow what It ia Made of. it U a Bait liquor mada priaclnalir Iron raalt. hop* aad watar; It ia latosleating.n kaow (Voeaexam.ned? I am City Marahal aad have been ?Bad for taking tha bier. ( Jacob Dale J am a Oaraan live la Cfcarafc rtre^t i %a0wtheU4uorcalladlagerb1ar .lt it mate rrem ratlt hope aad water principally . aad I* a malt llqaar. | kaaw' Ik la latoileaUag; I hava baaa i a toxica tad ia Ihia ceaa try. <a New Jeveay. Joha C. MiVctoek ? I hava Uated lager War, it ia a malt Hqaor Joha Mangload? 1 aaa a Oerman, I kaaw *e lienor Called lager bier, lager aaeaae kept, it 1* <aaa?%etured of malt and bopa and water sad i* Intoxicating, I have drank it often. John E. VuKr-I we* a practical brewer for thirteen } eata, sod undurrtand tl?e manufacture ol all malt It 1 b: ve euE nfil lager bmr; it in a malt b^ or, ?n<l tbe principal ingredient* are malt and hope, beside >??t?r; from its manufacture it must be intoxicating The complaint ie?ted The defendant called nine or ten G?rmuu, who all swore that lager bier wan not intoxicating, emongat tUnai tic following : ? Or Kberteeu, who awore ? I am a (itrmta anl practi cal phyaleian; I hare seen lager bier made In Germany but not in this cpuatry : it ma y b? made from tugir, bar ley, whtat, or malt, cr any vegetable nu'.>8t?ace; it i> not intoxicating; I hare draak twenty glasses at one aittlag and felt no elftctp from It. Dr. Gardner? 1 am a phyricisn. lager bier is not intoxi est. tig. I bare ?een lager bier umnuiactureJ iu Germany but not in thia country. ' Crom-eiamiced ? lager bier is uaua'.ly made from bar ley or malt made of barley , I nivor iikw it m.v'e except frommalt; never drank say In any place except Hobe nun that waa made (rem anything but mall nod hop* ,r*ok U(t,'r bi,;r Bt th" defendant s several l m, i. Christian Claufle sworn? I am a German, live in I oughkeepam: lager Bier is not intoxicating . ' I have drunk s.xty glaasaa in one day. Ctosa examined? Tbo gU-srs I diunt bold a pint each, and I swoe.r I <!rank sixty in one day in sp*<M of twe'.ve hour*, and felt no effects from it. (Tbia man was a very tuiall one, and the jury, and Court an i au iience lauctiwi heartily on hia giving this evMencu.) The evidence here rioeed. The counsel aammed up the cane to tho jurvat leaath The : J udge stated that be did not tbUA he *.,s required ay ti e act to chaise the j ury. iud read to them th-> set liona of the act under which the proaeculion ola!ir>ed to convict defendant, and tho jury retired. After out about four hours, the jury came into court and stated tiiey ha d agreed, and the foreman stats 1 the verdict wis guilty of selUrg lager bier. The Court .itat.-d to them that tbey should llnd a veidlot of guilty or not guilty. The juiy again consulted, and the foreman an u''Jin 11 jury foaad the prisoner guilty. Thus eeded the first case of a trial bj jury under the new I.i ,uor act, in theS'late of New York A in unl Commencement or?t. Jolin1* College, Kuril tanm. The tenth annual comineacemeut took place ye->r dsy, when one of the largest and most respectable as k iiibiagee we have ever seen at Fordkam, presented a (ia/ding spectacle in the Iswn fronting the college, where n very large tent wan erected. Notwithstanding that tho accommodation was exten-ive. many were oblige! to stend outside to witnie.s the ceremonies of the day. At half pant one o'clock, the most Reverend Atcbbiihop Hi ghee arrivod, accoirj auied by bis Vicar General, the 1 ev. Mr. Starrs, and was handed to an arm cliair front ug the platform troni which the student) spoke. We <?b terted many dLstirguithed aiergyraen present. Among them were Reverend* Mr. Quin, Mr. Kelly, of Jersey City: Mr. Moran of Newark, and Mr. Malnne, of W.l I au)sba>g. The exercise* communed with an overture by the band, which was conducted by Mr Weia Muller alter which Mr Jon.v R. m-?ARr>, of New Vork, delivered a very tcrcibleand eloquent address en the "J xlcteaoe of 1'ro videueo." He thought it arrange that any one should doubt the existence of a Supreme Heing, and we nt on to prove it by everything in natnre, travelling through the boundless regions of space, and instancing the hai'mony and regularity of the heavenly bodies in their move m?cts ax. I influences lie also glanced at th? v?rdant grt>a the variegated flowers in short, how they aprun. .eith from th? earth, to oud and blossom lu bsauty au t JCTeliness, all Intng under the gabtance of a auperin liemg. He then proved, philoviphicallv iu re gara to man, th? txisteace of a l?eity, much to the sa tulaction and delight oi the audience. At the conclusion of the above alluded to discourse which waa fre-iueutly interrupted by well merited au' pi",UV. M,l!nl Hi." *uJienr''' ? grand chor is from the opera Tel1" WM 'uni5 by ?ome of tho students, us?'er the direction of Mr. uUccnteyer Mr. Martin T. McMiHON, of Ne v Vork, wa the next i speaker, and delivered a very able discourse oa 'be " R.gbta of Providtpce.'' This discou -e wa- also wsll received AtU r another overture by the on hestra, Mr. Abtbi h G. 1'Karos, of beiawaie, a very talentel young man, sptt# upon tlie ' Objects of I'rovideDce " pioimg thst It is ,a n to seek to fathom the ends of a i>ivme I'rovldenoe. We irust soar, he said, int > the beav< ns Itself to unotiaUni the gieat objeetj of tb? ' " <0L"p!a!n tke s'ran?fe things that occir in this lite by the omnipotent dispensation. Tho whole of t?i? excellent discourse was listened to with the greatest attentioc by the audionce, snd frequently elicite l warm (Jemonstrst'ons of approbation. A grand cnorua nod aolo frrin th*- opera of ' 'Hay ' ' wan n* *t giT**a. Mr. J. T. Povnwa then .leiiverel the ralejictory I 1" '' '?? *n affectsruate a-.ieu to his Miow schojl to.itei j- refects aad profef ,ors lie to the .nsay bappy moireii 's be enjp) <*d during his cc'lcgiat* career, and spckii n the hifbei t 'erins of love and reapert of bis and mors! ^naediaQs. cxpr-'-^ing hi* -rsti tude 'or the cure and attention ?iih whirh he hsc Wn watched. To the nro'e^sors he <><) -ed the wtiaest a:le tliO of hn lirct. io his telioW stm.'eDta be <aii, ba* ?l <n m nf ling lu the \ailous sc ues of lite bin ?t-ovghti- would I ' 111* ? S. pVi- -sturu Ui til ' T 'e to the lntl? rhip-1 wher? th-y tneh together snd mvi.ked the a .rtsnce of Go t lj the purrait of Waorledjre, snd ronclor ert by ?ayin.; that nethiag shoul j ever interieie ?. Una uj-'(iiory and the da' ol yeo'U. After this Mr. Glac.kroeyw, M-. ftoncet, the Rev (?? ther.-maiiu . ant', one of i^> Qu a nta auui: a beautiful ?t u - rte'.te, called ??Cun.t,- 0?) n y Kc.,,im wh cL ?as tre.tly applaude IVi* aa iress to hegra)u?t?s by the Rev. .las. Mi ran A M . ? graduate ot St. John's I tilegewas the next th'ng in ori*er. it was ?n impr^s sive ami bemtiful and made .deep imprssnoo , upoi the graduatn. r r | TheRiv R. J Tu isjt P.esijent of the laatitutioa rea i tbe name* cf tho?* upon whom the degn ? of lliu .ii lor of Aits waa conferred. Tbe following ai ? Ihe ? .inea of the grad iaUs - Johu R Havsar l, Martin \ McMabon \nhur G. Tranc e, J. tl Donovan James Baritrd, Hypolyte V. I'eitR ia, .! .bn ? I'oee Kichstd II. "tevenir a, J. T. Conroo, Joho O'Brien, Tfioma . h i ?b Mc y t!io Jt H?ph Woo M lliKirm^ Archb 9\ op Hi* tber ??'??od#! the plM fortn, #he re he tot :k his i-eat and distributed tbe -^r /ea to the studiuti as t' etr U4ines weie read s'oud he toe 1-ev. Mr. (ioikelo. This au to u.any the imwt 'uU,'. n :ng part of tbe exercise*, is eacb o' the ? tu le&ts was jrwtKi with applauie as tie rw.e v.vj hi- ..reniiuras When thia wa* coqeluded, The Am ittx-iinr made a brtef tddrees n cooviiMnee oftti 'st"ni a* of th hour, to the g'cat u- -n *?"? ? experienced at witoeaeing tee d>*tribut! a of preriuoia to such alarms nnmber of at'i'lents. -oaja re were, he said, whj re-slved no premium*, for *i . I l*hey were K v?n to those nioet de*. rvmg Kvery rare and paina earned to lure , ? ?" t!"' moT4! ?nd I'hjrslcal culture ?i I!,' ? . dents. He si. glad to everything g.nnr o>, i,r> ? rotaly aad Hearen earned to mUe, he?a,l, upon etio: j? of both sti:dtn'i and t??hsr-. j t.? j,. fas, arriv.oK wtien he wa* ronlid-nt n ,t unly fi?uri-?n bot forty wou d receive ibsir diploma, , aan.i.l corrmrneementa He icncluded by aaying he e-i,0ld ftd>ow W!-b h.sej. those who wm Ie?v!D,^ tbe Cclleee and wa'cb over their <*re?r tbrongh Ilia He sa ! he thoogbt he Bi ght, say. with blaaa iien-, ws b?v, b't'D c. ch'ffhf* J w.tft th? flfn, u#nri? an#! m|f, | uf>w binlc a little exercise will be agneao'.e. a,i so I l ir "ith you. The audience theo dispersed, highly plea e<i el a 'be ?xerciaea of the Jay. Tiik C'aBEKh 01 a \':m. atn A MothIk Ar tuai.? The Mayor of thi# city, this morning, re I owfW a letter <iatrd Louisville, K?., July fron^ Margaret C. Hunter. who h talon tin', (be ii a wM dow without mean*; that two w* a??o *he ha-) a young daughter n.iraed Kliza Kllen, an only co.ld, who waa Induced ta marry a young m*i a*. I^ui* viue, who went under the nam* jt (ieorg* Went wr.rth, and who, after hi? mtrriage, took hja wile I to Philadelphia, where he started a caper, bat afterwarm Ieit for Benton, taking with him bis wife, where, after starting a paper called the Knterpr' ?, be coflected a considerable i amount and went of! with another woman, tearing I bit wife behind. The mother write* is a most ?fleeting style at tte thought of her young and In c cent daughter, penniie?a and alone in a strange , rity, her rear* Icing heightened by abatement made to her that Went worth had a wife and chil I Crrn previous to hia marriage at Louisville. Tbe i letter waa at once Landed to a police oflirer, who rj ade Inquiries, g"iog to show that the man left about tbree months mnce. Hie wife, who appeared to be much deprewted t a apirita, left the city, a* is xnppraed, two month* since, and her present place i f a'*>d?i cannot 1 e discovered.? B<nl<m JYnvelltr, July 10. A Cask oi bmvT TO Taii.ohh ? At tbe Coort of C > mmon Pleaa at Concord, Mass., Judge Parkin* p rt aiding, a caee wu recently tried n t some Interest to tailors. A man wm charged with *u-*llng a suit ot clotbe* of the value of V>0, under the following circumstances:-- Be had ordered the suit ot the tai lor, and directed tbem to be delivered at an ovsier saloon where ha o yaaionally worked. When dona, tbec'.otbea were given to a boy with directions to carry them to the designated place, bnt not to give them np until the money waa paid. Tbe boy went to tbe aaloon and found the porchaaer of the clothes, who raid that hta employer waa out, and that he could not, therefore, pay him the money. Tbe boy declined to give ap the clothes without the money, bat waa at last induced to go in aeurch tf the keeper of the saloon, leaving the bundle of oiotbea u y>n the counter. When he letui nsd the bundle waa ?one, and the defendant (leaked all knowledge of it. The reeaJt waa that he wm arrested for larceny of the clothes. There waa some evidence of ^ils aav lag baaa aaaa trying oa a ooat, aaf also that a baa die was Uuvri beoiad tbe eoonter. The ?ar> re Isnied a verdict of acqalttaL MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS. BOARD OF ALDERMEN. Jl'LT 12. ? I mac 0. lUrk?r, Kaq , Praeideat, in the the cbtir. A querana prwst The minute* w?re ?p proud. flKPORT * inOlTEO. Confirmm; Uiu aomioatioa by the Street Commu*U<ner of Chariex K. (Iraham tad I.ewie K. Bortoa aa ally aur Tfjrori , to pay Jobu Ifeaucbaiaf >314 76 for danagee, in having his garden ovttfloeed by water is const q aenc ? of a defect ia tit* *Wm, to fill hub ken loU Oouudud b j Kcrty aecoad and Kort/ thud atraeU and Kleveath aad Twelfth avenu. *. iron i'A? k**.vt A report from the Ootincilakua cam* up in favor of pavtr f Maiden Urn end Cjrilafldi atreet witn iron para nn-nt like that in front of the po?t < 'fllce. Tlie doou tnont we* not considered expl cit, and wai laid on the tab!* to he pr uteil In tb? minut** I'etiOcn oi 1 10 nan>?? again* t contractual out tne a'.reet cleaning Haferred MO.WMK.NT Tu IJCNKKAI. W0KTII. The Committee on Attn ana Scienoee. reports in favor of eri ctmg a monument on tha land boon tad by fifth av.-nce, flroadway, Twenty lourth and Twsaty-fifth fti-?;s, to the men uny of Major General Worth, tha n mi to I e lift.r feet ia height, acsarding to tha plan* prepared by Jainea (? ItJittamon. 'ilia lommlsaloner of Rrpnira and t-upplie* n- dlrec'ad ta nlv.'rtiae lor prostata fot tlie wt'i .. in question. tha report wua adopted. All! MOWN (1. Aide: man lie r rick moved to take from tha table tha repo, t of the Committee on 1'iaaooe, preaentod Home lime alnee, on tne awi rd of cantiacm for i'orp.iratiou ad>er tiaia?, and haricg the aame prated. Carried. NKKKJW. The f'oirmlttee on Ferrii* reported in favor of a ferry fiom 1 uirty 'ourth etreM. Near York, to Hunt?r'a l'oint, 1 . I., the termination of the Flushing Kal road. Kefer red back, with instruction* to Hnd out who own* tha !an i on tha otLer ?idu, an 1 to mai.e proper atiputatiun* in the report. Tha aame committee reported to direct the < omptrol'er ?< nctify .lovn .1 Hick? and Abraham .1. lleiry, leafeen of the tVilliainaburv ferry, that the Cor porntioa will cancel their lea^e unlee* all ?uch boati aud bu aie e< natructed aa ia mcn.ioaed ia aaid leaaa, within thiee month*. KKWKJUI. Report* were adopt, d to buiid a newer in Itonatoa fcUe><t, from Tb?>aipi>'>a lo tfullivan etreet; alao, ia H 'Uio^i etie?t, from fle.ter te Uraad atieet. t'I MMlWIONKRH OV I1KI!1>S. The report adopted by the Councilman, appointing fifty Coirsrai Mooerx of Peete, and re appo'ntinu <iity five of tlie pravioua tut wu-* loet . Alm-rmen V'oor hln, ltowurd and otheia opnoaeil tha vair of the re port in ita pre..f nt shapa, and wished lo have the aama K-.J ? n the table. After diacuaeioo tU? doenment wan refund to lae Ccniuiure on i-alaiie# and Oilieee. IIUMONO I'-KKV. /Werruan l'ot tilled from the table the report in re lnt.un to r> movmjc I'tnmoal reef, which wan concurred in ty a rot*? of 14 to V, and appropriating for the aau <? tho removal to oiakf tha waler twenty-two ftet at low water. The Board adjourned to l'riday B01HD OF COUNCILMF.N. A reguLi meeting rf tlii? ltoard wa t held laat night it tt *' r ch&KtH'rs In the City llall, the I'renldcut, 1?. I>. lonofiT, in the ch.i r. Petition! were flratfn orier, but none ware preasnted excepting a few aek ng for improvernvntH in certain etrfcta. excepHcg oce, prenenfd by Hay<>? \ Co.,aaking for tbe paj ment ?f f!OI for reportiug the llriggi com mitt"#. Accompanying tb? pet'tiou waa the following l?l? -r. abich fully ?iip!aiu? why the dt-n-aod l? taade ? To HiF IfOMlH AHI? TIIK I'KWIDKMT OK T11K ftliAKO OH Cotucuiw. The undeM pr.ed beg to furniah herewith a bill for ierMC?? p?rtoir'"l l?y tb*m, in May laat, for and ?n accoun' of *' /Ktiiion l oiunl of thie city, la mtking *p?ci*'. . u>\ r*po-.t ol .i rj;'in.?nt? ui nit befura .Imlgo Daly, in tu. matter o! th? application to cump<d U( Ke '.ar nod o'Uer coatuDianoua wita?*a*? U> aniwar tte Intcrrogatorlea of tb* ?p?ci?l c.iuim't tw. Tbe report w? made a* t:ie i-uggeHtioo of Ju Ik* Hair, ami by d^atr? of the coun??l employed on behalf of tin- Corporation, ?* wtU a/ ucuei the 'lircr'.ion and with the coarurreaca of tlie ciiairman of the'ee A bill, certified to by Mee- * Rr?dyan'' Naah ? a dupl<cat* of which ac conipan.ra Ihia ? waa furmnbed b> the iindennnael to AM?-rsoaa Hr ,%-< cn the Itith ult , tut paymeut nae uot yet b?i n made nor dot e there appoar any probability of iti eoon bain/ c.? i? I n''?r tuaee circumatauoM the uD 'fih._nc'j b?*j. lo i. >ni th-.r ac^oua; t<> thi Honorable the Hoar i of Coi'ncilrr.en, wifh the u ireet that pay mint thereof m -j If insiuediatelv directed. I! \V1>, IIIS' KS, CARKY A (*?., I e/al and Gau?r?l l^por^ra \o<i oor. itaul W ritara, 16fi luoaitway. .lulyf ls&s. lheitboM' pottuon ?a iefrtrred to it*, proper com mittee. Nrtte pr ate uiper" *"? tb?n ooeiider^d, af'?r which it that w??fii taia fl'iard adr/uro !t iil.oiini to mil: a. iiii oa Monday evening, tlie 1' th Inetiot l j>OL nro*. on, th? !Jo?t I t"< n re*o've<l it? elf into Com mittf? of tie \Vho<< , Couoc-iraao i' nckn*/ in the abiir. After tf trataatlii ri of icr.i?- :.u liipor an' buaiaeae, the Ucar^ ai./oni si d EXTENSION' OF CUWHKKH H "Tll KT FROM j CHATHAM STRlKr TO J AME*' - I.I IV Tba Staod r* < om* t"e? 'in .-in l? of the Hoard of | Couorilmar, bald * ma*tinr 7??t?rd;iy ifttrouo f'r tb* | put]MM of beating pi ttf ? I in tn* r.,nt?m plettd n 'tiMOn ol Clumber* ?'.'?M!t, in tba rhuuiV r of , tl e iijmU cf I oiiu- Only two of lua Cuniimtttc were pir-?ni, \ ttip Ohiirnuo WJeokin* j at<l Coubolman Oma> o (itij *1 t-r number I ' not <? -?.* u attai, thought r pt .far net to lf?n? * 1 :,n\ formal b'" ):.?# ?a In did o V. < or. -itar 'I wnutl ' ?? i.'ctpf .lattice wttlitr t ' tins petitioner" l ham elan or I iu. -a oppoiwd ta tb* n . > Laltia, n'>o* of whom wart i pi. 1 nt ..?ttt'Unf to tk* irn niition ?>' Ihi 1 hamnao "fct p((i|?M 1 tiMutkt comiiwiicn it ti"> praieut tarmina tic u oft h?!ut>?r? atiaat ?i Chatham. ci.taiil tie aoirii j cant orrer of ( b?lt?m auJ Duana ?-'.r?e** and t?e | 'm l*i of I'uui* Hinl Vi kin atirai' paaa** ' t through tb* l.Ior-4 bott'idal oy It'iAua, Ro*e, wjlllMi I '?rdt . ?; -*i??t? o miuE mi' nt tb? i. r(h-*?- i-' r j?r o( Ho-e im alrie'n, imnnlitltlj nppo?tt'- lb* . o*n ?MicrnHBt t ! Mau.roa !":??' <oououinjr it tiVm .11 j tfa* ?outhw>1?t < r ot ' t' ?' ou la j! M . /on *1 rna'n and i A ||( 1 . I- uu'iU. In i. >>in le 1 -j thi ISnat (wl. '.Ufiui' w.i.ii ii ti?d C'aeitBut *ti*ata, tbit-nh tb* b.iKi. . i ? it by Too. eteli, <i*k, chestnut and tt* ltow?r? Coot auii.f i'. takei off the fuutb ??>t corner tb?bl.,'? b.itu>.U"l by '.he I! ?w?*ry, Marti ?og. JiDf < and 0?!i ?tre?t m ib . -( i :: f l|"'? bova>'*" by 0%*, Jam*#, Hi.**'* >nt V.t .*< - I'. Mrvt* FlOBi mi? it {,????? tbrou*h the b?or? boiiuued by tt*ta *.?. Jiw- ( tai ry an'. !t<K.??v<ilt #ti*w??, Ami Una y jc;? I tb* aKiU i t -l:p * C'Berry atf't lb* etit jtr?n tbr u r*ad toa utuHf ui to- il?? 1 p-t.t.'e/ ki\ in iniarorr.f t.;e p>t;t|.?n In- ihwik i ?dm n| tin } ? t.-fbitlt >r .i w , ?n;. W. I . Hi>r toe, (? Ji'fcn Ifirjxr, ? oJ th? <ir? if IirnUr 4 ini;t? Th? c ? i?<- who b**? on*i?-t tt>ir 1 >ii?o? t in- . to tl.? j?t)t>oo o?i property U>^?t?1 on '.h? ! I nf ii tbr ?.itanaion, am t<. apwar^'i ' ?i. nt milium' cf dollar* Tb? r( miniUM tb?n adji u'n'it, ba^ ait acr**4 to * , aaoimbt* no ibu 1 '. '. n of a* it mnaUj at .1 o'clock ' tf Holl?? r. kR!'.r..Tr or Ai.LkoBn biiop i.irri.K-. Two yomi n?9, o?und John WilCama ami John Dou n?lly, wira arrnWd tint# nU/ morniBK by offkar | Ma l"?i of th? CUi"''k tn <-ha?jf* of attaapt at jlaifHJ fltafMCI tt II 'all^jad. wrnt into a c otli >?)?!? tu I l.n'bam i'l. "t, o?ar WiL am, aad while t ie of tb?m ???'?*? J to? ittittint of th? el*rk tba otbar raal< h?.l up a ia* ol wrar B( api>arat aad #b 1 atniruk to ?? > ?}? with thr ?am?, but iu iurkt'y fruatraVat by th< (.(Ii ?r, who, altar a bitucbaa*. aoccaa-lel iu orarha.iliog t oflaorrr*. Tl.a pritonar* w*ra locaad u;. lor ?ta m. nation by Ju-tit* Connolly. llllKiil or OR AND I. ARC IV T, (trtic*r lawior, of tba t'irat ward potica, an' ft ?r II Ibtwo, of tb? raa?rr*4 corpa, ?rra?'.a<l a man smii<! .'obn T>?tId*, rw?li*iac at No H Carl/ls ?tr?*t <b\r|f?d w.tb harl?* tto.en two < of (Ilk ro?<!? t H,( CO fro* tba aidawalk Ib frost of ln? ?u?ra ? i ' Un acway. A f?rw day* a*o ii* wilt of tb? p-.?o- ? ??

bit anted a?aa arroinplte* la tba robbary. wbea a* K*r a fall aa<*oi.Dt of tba unaa-r in wbirb it wn a?f- '*1 I ?tio? waa about to ?an for Karopa when f-.a o'1 ?r? took Urn loto euat otj V*? a"-u??d a .? bro<!,<!it baf. r? Jo?ti<-a Coaaotly. at tk* I/rwtr Poll ? Oourt, ?,io ml mittad blm for trtai. kl.LEOKO Dt*nO?.t?TV Of A IX>*t?TJC. A worn ao, UBM>d Kliaabatb .-il uxbton, latily wtopivyad in tb* boaa* of Jofaphlaa v??b at 1"? H?r ?r ?tra>? waa arrtfW yaatarlay by ?r. na' Martia, of ib" ? eeBd I>t?trlct Polle* Court, rh*/^ 1 with hat ag prim! onfaithfnl to bar ml/traaa ,o at-al n? tlflu worth of (?othia*. A fortloa of tha ?U?1?l pre |>?rty * .? tvuat la tb# po?aaa?toa of tb* arroa?d T)<a pr? ni.r ?>< mltta?l lot trial by JarUf J'aarcy, Coroner*' Prow?-i? wbu H?nii*?i -f>a Wa.|a??day *T*aia< a yMiaf maa aaaad 1. 8. wa- at utaatally drowaad wbila bathlaf at tba foot of Niaataaatb atraot, North n?ar. Tb* deaaaaad, wh.i* awtniBlaf, waa cao^bt with a rramp, Aai altboafb arary ?lartioa waa Duta to ?a>* h la, M aaak to me atora rb* My wa* a*ae aOarwaMa i?wnt?< a*4 taken to No. 70 Via b Ik a??nna, wbara Oatoaor fTUbalai bald aa ioosoat aaia tba body et tb* <???*?**. I^odaaaaaairwaidad win I, , pa rant* at No M Rfbtk aaaaa* AfciiiwrtaL Uaawaum .C*imi fiaibta haid aa <a 1 "*?' ya?Wr4ay, at tba faat af Jaakaaa aVewat, a poo < a* body of ? naaU Ortbiaa. a bay aba-jt Ua wa r* ef u. wto aaaaa U Ma iaath by dnvalai, wbua bathh* at tb* fb* ?* tfcia Tk*;vy raadarad ? rati'?1 af C?<k. The Tut f OX>TMT ] COUBHt, L. I.? TBOTTWQ. The great match againat tine-? tw*nty mile* with'n the boar ? mix eff yeaterday afternoon, anl ??? wo* handiomely by L?dy ITuU#*, tbo nag ehonen to perform the feat She won by tire aeromlj, making the twenty mil*e lb fifty Din* nunutei Bad fifty tire neoondi. TUe match wn for $2,500 wild*, made lait winter, the mar* baring until th* tint day of Anguat to prapar* for the performance. >om* week* ago ulie appeared out of crder, tad would not take tier feed to ault her trainer; but ? ?* improved again, and Mr. M( Maun, her driver, felt very an sguine yertorriay, on bringing her to the poet, that (be wai all r<(ht and would win th* race The betting w?., on time, at two to one preriotia to tbe Ktart. The atteniance wan very amall for ao importaut a rice, wb rh ma? i>e accounted for from two reaion* ? tbe eaily part of the day wax unpropitiooa, am the* ?.w unknown, ahe never barora having appeared on (be turf. Tbe track waa in capital order, tlie pro prietote baring bad it acraped and rolled nicely for the octaa ton. At about half pa*' five the mare atarted, accompanied by Mr. nrid^rg' horn* Voting l.mporor, wblob lay be MJe acme tbree inilta. lie wait relieved by Hiram Wood, rull for a mile, when Mr. Hridgea again drove aloogtide for ? few mile* further. Thene gentlemen repeatedly changed place# in their endeavor to keep t ha mart> In ?pint. Whether till* policy waa adviitable in tbe early nta. es of the rase, U a i|Du>tion. We thought it impo litic, from the (act tbat iteicited the mate when there waa no neceeiity for it. She had game enough, in our opinion, to criy her through without it. She made a Kl ip or two belore tbe ninth mile, on which ahe broke badly cn tbe home atretch , toning twelve or liftwn <# condK, and the betting ran then agalnat her at one bun dre<l to teeaty hve. She broke twic* on the tenth mil*, but lo?t notbln:; by the operation, and ignis on the twelfth and thirteenth mllea ? after which ahe weot atradi.'y uttii the eighteenth mil*, when ahe again broke op and lost considerably. One hundred to fifteen wan thin otli-rru that the could tot per'orm tb* iii?tanr.e in the time ttpecilied, aad the few that took the olda were ?uclj Hhe came out haud?oineiy anil atenjnd not inacu db-tiet-'-ed witli the performance Trui tf" be'DR the only heree tbat had previously ac compli abed ttiin wonderful performance. we will agmn give tti* time In comparison with Lady Fulton 'a. Thdhtioc'h I{?('k. Udt Ki ltor'H Rack. Oct 20, 1848. July 12, l!*6.'i 31 i let. Time;/ 7 Mai Twv of Total each mile. time. mch wife. tun/. let mile 3 01 j:0I 2:64 id mile 2:66 5:57 2 53 6 47 ad mile 'J .'?? h 53 2 66 8 43 4th mile 4:57 11:50 2 64 >? 1137',' . th n.iie 2 54 14 44 2 Jm, II .16 6th mile 2 Ml IT 40 2 5 H 17 :;4 7th mtle 2 f>7 2<i 3T 2 50 20 SO Mil mile 2:58 2a .5 2.57 23 27 ?tli mile ."HO 26:36 12j; 26 Sf>X 10th aile a 01 20:36 2:57 2'.' 37 11th mile 3 03 32 ?? 2. 56 32 33 12th mil* 2 54 34 33 2:58 36 SI lath mtle 2 fit* 3I:.T4 3:02ttf th:Xl*( 14th milt .1:03 41 : ft 2 67* 41.11 I5tb mi'* 3.04 44:30 .1 02^ 44 3??i lmh mtle 3:05 47 44 .".:0.;? 47 37 17th mile 2 59 60 4 ! 3 07 .'>0 44 18th tn.le 3:01 63:44 3 00 6.! .'.0 19tli m l* 2 5# 66 4.1 3 07 66:t>7 2'thmile 2 :61 >, 5U36.<; 2 58 5? 55 OmhmiiuIoiiui, I. I ? Ta<irri8?i.? July 12, match |5,i 00, t*n>ty mii<? within tba hour, in lariiraa. Jimm McMann named l.tdy l ulton 1 Time 50 65. Netting or WMtkliigmrn Oppoaerf In tlir (uiiUut Hjriltn. A mtetin^ of lh* waiUDRineu of New York *?i btdd ?n Wr evening, at I'nlon l!uili!in^?, So. 1A3 Bowery, el which thei* we* a lar** attendance of thou* lahor*ra who a re np|io?ed to the nyi'rai of cleaning tbe Mrrita bv n nl-act, aad iii fa?or cf having tb* work i ot? bj llit ( or, .oration. By the fmmir, tbey eay, tbe work wa* alwtya rereiaealy performed; tail, a* a once ?|uim*, cor half the nun. her of labnrt-rit wire not eui |.!c)fd. 1 lie mee'ing wa? ca.ied to order by Mr Hoyt, afco iinuiioet'ti Mr. tiro. W. Jeoaaani Mr. Mw. Mercer, far \ i:tt I'iki !?nta, and Mr. I\ Donaldeou for ecretere. Hit m n.:i ation aaa i.neniu?oiiely approved, after which a coiuimltrr ef thrte wi re appointed to draft reeoIotiGb ejfi<-??ive of the object* of the meeting. Mr. Iloyt then irv !r a f* w remark ' i ppoaiug the Detract tyuui and tii.f.ui irj the i'r<et rnifp'rig tr acLint*< a. enroa li jnt nt ? upon t'.i* ii^htt and prml?t;a* o* th* poor laborer. 1h? street- lie tai abould >? awept by llioea wb.m <?01 nia1 e lor the purpoee? -human le?nir? The ma elite be h*l.*T*c w?ie a p>rl"cl nuinan e. and aiaed i.p a KtiaUr (Ju?t than they atrept off, hit fig the ?trti tt is a w. rue < Ofi iitu n Mr f-nutb <!'? ? ' adlrcaaed (be Dotting alter which the folio reeol'itlout were utJi .?!? ' .alj adoit ?<* ? , fe Fi?>e h*ard that propotelt hate bet n i > u . ? * |.j ia Commiti i >D>r of ytreete for < 'oenin? t ie ? rut of Ne? b orl. I> ??n tract und when u, it haa i c o ?? it?d that the M yor of toe t I ? pecuniarily iott 'eait n i a * bat aie called ib'lt ew>-piO{ m?' biu??, ?ii < h b? ? ?he* fi pli.< ?t up. n i he airtata a* a privet* I ? luvlti.ii anil ?J>ert ia, that part of tba rlty of '??? \ ? oru not under ? ont act, m now aepi in a el' miy on | u.t.i 0 f> '.he ofln ' ra *let ted by the people to ttfnl to a . ' 1 1'iar.ri' and *fc?ie<a. th< City ha bt le ofoie Into ? "_iopi I'ed t p./t?rii efor < eantuit the air*1 1?? oac- to t : ? i i rprratcn anfl rn ? to ror.tiariort, ?tbo f iil? I ti jiilorm their Mity.and wher?i.? the people si nil' nnt.ii n.onely airree in < pinion that the city nae nevr u Infer cob' itlt B lor el'at.llna?a than it it at pr? nt iDi) tlitrtia. lUloril'rt peritBM aftoa-a that ttte wm W rt t)i'>Bi i a failui*, and a iireat loaa t i to* tax l ??ei?ut tha city, noil oo y a fa u to B ft >. proitn i nt , *ro !h e and f roit 'at on the BUtillc pluaiier tnerefore i |>'ol?el, we do t ?i Ddly *m! hee'M'y prot-at ? ' the ?s>?t worl> h#l rg ***ln ron'ri tmi, toe tk? I i|nr tkii rtwrilBd tail oo<> rrtliM thia mllit'. IIm | I ? rpotatloa of tli? city ran do It better and cheaper thm it tru tan lie) a or can lie do:i? un<!i - the Contract I I e-nlver That ic mi.eb an the < a p->rati' n of the ?y o* N- ? V rt were ^ <iti,p?ijed to pa) laic# luring toe ' u?t ytarf'r > 'taiiiog tba ttiee"? nrnmly on e to the fcBt/ft'r' wl:o ftii'd to 'lo the wo. a ar.d tecoadlf to I men i* ia. . r!y emp'?ytd by he ? >miiiieel >ner of 1 "?titel to to wiiat tied li en c ^lect' ! by the contract ?? ?e I na.dff It a froia otttra.'e nn Hie t? I pa \ ? |" of n e o'y .rat thi rlty ?OT*rnm?n ?btoM a -a n an l.e t tl ? in t- aftflrf danble payment i.t t Wad. lb?t tbe contract eyatem i* m? which hat far? lo ai cmplith tbtt pnrpoae of '-aui'iK prop* y | ?i.? >.ri?t? rd >-w Ycrk ao l tbit tbe rity a; '.bia tiii.e, motto' :t oalrg cleared by tl.e < nrp?ral'on, i? 'n whole at.n>? cr nt' IVo* nif/r* ?o tnan at asy tiioe wituia our ; retre i? M art? ? H' toived 'that no men her rf lh'? meeting will a<? n ?ill or' a nt oft ctr now in the t'-rt c ? of the p?op!t wn a I. a 1 1 rati h.a tt te in '.b? ? cJe of thia iel'? u? < oBtra rt | aja'tni, ? no tL'.t all !? or.ot men whoa* rotae are ? i.lie ?i,eat iotboee of the mooop'tl ???. ahooi.l mailt ae ':ia ptrw ta ?|i? go (KaiDat tttair iiiUri tte, and who. to pn' | B.fMy n tli rpnrtte, would rite j ?*,i m n who are will pf in work to 'le Mmt flout*, w'.era U?? t? era who aie alw aya tbe | rodariBf aa l laborieg clan ?t I rr'iat tnpfMt thtti I e olti i .hai it the Mayor he, a* hat been reprt"" t ed aa oweer of tli* atreet ?we?p n* wia< l:ia'-? and f *? | ia n? n< tie l?fln?nce to pla r* tftem 'jpoo t?e treeta, Ut 1 Lbe net!, I, , tut of tbe poor la ?<T?r. tr?ry w?:klaffBt*o dnty to I taaaif and famt'y |t~)< o e? that h* thou hi re mtnilter 1huoi!o i lit -b' Ui'l e*f afaia pr* tent blm?elf fcr tli* * of the pi pi *4 ire.1 1b?t the AVtrireB ana < onaei'men of the rtty ha reapft'vil* ie-|Uettt'l to ret . thtt wo v ut clean. or tba aiteet, t,, rl atr^nor" l.trolre.1 TliBt a cepy of 'hia i reambl* an-1 reeolutbu. ? , lie at lit to hn lionet Ilia Mayor, ant aateraJ'y t?. fie I'tierd of Aldtrmen an<i < ius< lime aal that aiomn ' i^e of tbite from ekch w?r, of tba city b? epp-)iot?,| ?? trait c a the Al4t tint a an ! < otn ' luta wi b r* ereace '. ?> J ceriy n| out tb* i S eft, ?( ih|( mi m' -tg Waea tie tcrt? tig teac.ltt iotia weie a ojt : t^? ni etisg attjoi. r t I nil) t t'a Ofll.e. rnaiif (If ItituiMV Fran- ? A W'hr-ltek w?? takra ialeiutel/ c a W? r? >"ey ir< ra r/, bjr if 'it M Man *, cbarfad by (I .ra-? Hayee, a Ue Ikup t ?a-i eltik at "4 John i'j?e' wi'.t b<t liffcitca b.w a 'tred i it-" oe tbe ft. SW aj Ilea r ? WI Wteeleca. It utile ataWd to lleyt- U' at )?* ? IB need n( >.'"!( *Bd?t>i ,1? , ftcBI b ut aBotber r Ui? aeo.e ta tit t tit if bid Ui tle^oa .? lb- fcnt n? tiasad >be I Itoat ,t Wtt p?rfert? y in,n). eo't w?a 4 I* tb* Bel' ,?y Ifai<- ?? 'if ' I *!? ?a?t U.e ail'v ? tcrger a |a>l <he?k la t?<?iae." "?r he <> /? "? tm t '< "fcniat !? ink WhewlBc* |r-??et?4 ant ra"e|reith* fte ytaast tor It , battb*e*.b?r r> <-k porpr-rt n< t</ >.a ?i*?ad by f . A. f^taaley, a'tei ? ng dtp- --.ted in t>?? a 'loael hul. by Hate* wu fteraad tbe t rl lity, aed he4 t? ba paid by lleyee. tbar* h* a? en ar-c at <a 'he ht. Hl? holae Hiaa wi'O I A tee ay Iba foil win* B ropy of tha cbett ow tb* IM Mrh*<*t Maab Itt Stw Yoaa.Jaiyf, I'M ? ."T Kl' H'itJkH BASh lay t' II rat* IU tea nt "td?r ti.? [ buwiietl aad a a?t/ two ?ba.lara ia ?/ tao I -"-Lei The ac?aa*4 waa eMnatttad. la Mi i t ?' bt < 'w1'' ? fa/thar aeaBitaattoa wbi-a w01 ai- Ljt t tb* ?( area b4 i day ar two ?rteblye Cliy Www*. Not la/rmai. ?Mr Wi 1 aat C oaoaer, ab* we- *? aaa*t*4 ae bat;a? bal ba btf ftac ur*4. i* T* *" ley ? p??ar, tafara e ae ftal the** It ? rw* M i^Aif Ii lfc?fa U' biff >1 'V I B y+tkt '+t City Tm Nation ai IJMonunc ???Mrrt? Th.. oommiu#. held . ?mloj U.t ?rralac at th..r room.. ^w.7, u, traa^ct Ui. u.u.i "a*...* t*a month. Th.ta wm quite a attendance of m.n Th# meetinj ?u e?Uad u? order by W D IW moUo" ?"? *? W. Ularer (M ctlUJ u> K rui ' u ? Jb*!?10* of th* ''rartdeat, Mr llor.c Kuli'i ijnt,u.l v. , 1 "? motion *.a iiqui. Ubn'.r to nifrt oo> wmx from f"i Coxn*cn ron Hthkw, Swrmvo-T... Co*. I'mojr 01 nir C'lTr. -The contract with lb. S(re~t u' cv'?l??r .ip'red b, iu uwn iittii.ii o, on <e l.t teat., the < oiiimn?ion?r of Htmli and ~T T ^ ch'r,? of th# w""j? tract .rplrxd. H# crtalBl, ennot be con/r-tuUl^ on I vr- 10 kp-p,n? ih'? *>*??,.? ih,/4r#now r?. L'iu .I 'k UP"''h k'"! f 'ul ?m?Il.? W.?i to .bend in tb* S.,th .?d I ourth ward., wb-r. th^n l > ia lU" C"'' "** dlcUU4 "f 'Winea* hi tbe pub. c tborouj f.r.? lor ?h?^KV into r.iM>r<4 to Ui?. b,J' to convert ih? rlPu * have don? thair work anil Influence, but then t^r lLo i- Vl^ * **' Polltic.1 citizen., if they hme not with ? "'".I* , with our tb. |MW contract* for el..nla? ^1*^1' to the Comptroller, ?nd li u u> b ? KniUr. ?election ?||j be mid. for If N.. VoT ,ha * foimar nUhv coed it no, the re.p.n?Mi,u 10 'U ^ - 2?Srsa I" be deprived of tUrn"' *rr"iK' m"Bl W,W"b' ?'? ov KwciK.kTiON.-The Hoard met ,t St well T ^ ^ W#Jrd"' * ',U"rUni b"D? Tt.weelly aummarr which re.d .bow. a deer*... ll7rrr0\^ V%t' r0n,^r"J ",l? '??' ye*r, of Tl'.w .M" *? "T#rrfr*U '? Uo. of W.i,ri()l ' '"ll""1 r"'"?itt?e m.d* ? re|>ort in whirl, cccutred the foUowiuir el.u.? ???...? . tir'pnted In by *1! the n^Jk. ! "lileb w.? p.r ;afr; i*:r;T?z dXdt|n*irif>tl^*?tf|7,,n blln 'ia dered the whole r>r( hihiti n C'fee. lie r<in?t. length pMMd. I be nI^T^Lmr A motio*. ?t T., ' *u? romr'1 "??n .It.r aiijoorned , , ?';r o,f?"iu?w-v,KI, ?r JUr?B1, _Wr Joon.rr .1 T" -'?> '? ^ ountrj, ?o,| rei^eaUid to Uke ron.pUint, for pul.L,. SSLSSS e*pt:"u"",omr"' ot "bip? ^'uU! U",,n*?t to PUMager,. wB fcr, t0 Tr Tb P*rtl" "J ,hr for r. juM.c'Xb '^".v-rr :"z ?r o"ta"i>" >*?'- P- ?? the .ulbojitio. i |h,t tbe i? r,*Jr> *"d iefi.ri<?.l to ru.,^hr.:v:v/:*b:r )tv: Met._i.tk8 with -h. n?le( woj'.'n'*!?'10? Jeoted to ri'iilta from . I?ut.i . T " "" describe. Ofln rr. of tl7 .h??nefU| to ?<=? ?- ?? Rr ,>r er. I% ||<rrr (tr., w ,^T(( ?T "!.!"" ** A f'w *r? we publiehM .a .. M/iiCl of ..Ubb.0< CO, tb.t o, urred .,; M?,, ' r?er luwh l, * n,.iro (|, wifeT"!!! "S* ",l'' *"'rk t0'f' k' "1 ' , .?.jr T>. Injured turn .|c ? ?),?t t ?a? I "I' r;' ,h* """ Vor. llo.ptUJ, j t-ViinV^r. "Jiuv^r1 i ?hi >? fr,rs"r<i \jmr% ? ,t * r*# " f 1 t?e '.%*?: 'j; i* i: -r- *?<'? vf". ! "? It o" Ih.- rJrc^' S'.?'r.' X'":r:'s r ? xz-zM'T?" - ."c';.5 ! !>.'? 1 1 ? ??' Mi f icrxo 1na (???.. i v in ii'i r ? > % No 14 Tb?'? ? t fx- * r * ta b* as lilU* ib1?h' MtllOV I b/ t> e n.'.nVra of th* N*a Vor lira I* l n !bl rtitaf K(|Im( mjian/ S.. 11 t ??> '?' al>o?? MiuUr' Un raraettf t?-ra ?u?(ao''?'l fur ?u a'lr/. 1 oa th' iiMwb'if ''f . oft or ? am ay S a U Man, tarn ')?' that tba NiaMn.? bv! ? ?,? ! ?" t*Rj *bi<" iMMlnf i" a Rra, am! No p. err*-', a < n, j lair t 4(?iort No 14 lb* raaa e?n ? ,.j. f r a /on airs tb* lit' fv n III ??,,?!??? *b . lo> ??<" of ! I '(? r. r | my atbf!',-*: taroof i'i ie*iui?ra I V ?r? Hoi?? at<1 i^toi, ?fo K < < r*r Ui ;*ar* ' it tii? il?p*rtctiri.t Al t!i ? a< '.ico tb? rompac/ u oa . un>ira??, ar,l a?t< uf?1 I ? * if alkaline of .abeedief ' 1 1 < b.a nl lb* I ' Dimi#' or ra ? ao' r? r>ra?t 1 >r d ? aor?U ; ir Ik*/ t>i? *|>|>?*1* 1 to t'i* I**sl i ' i 'itiio Uii.Mih a tli' m*ti?r 7 ).? ? aaakkoa ' maiil i h? v* poarr to i?n t,b? m*t!?- ba<-k t/> the 'Wm.j ? 1. ? ab? ; *b? ?'? r ii >?? kg a a Alttin*4, tu? tti < rti I f a rata of tbn a fourth* un/ tttrrili <t 1 hi ?o*? it ta of r' arc k)aio*t iib|h ?? b ? to jr? t Tb* a n''rr >i< i | h*'< ra the ) ira an t We'*r ' taiait'aa of 11,?Rrar)?| ?a H?'a?4t} arar. o? b ', war pO'lft an' it ia W 1 ?* boptil Ui* io*lt*r will Mtn' i. bit *til* ? tb* d label ?s of ! <.g na nmptuj II 1 soul 1 I ? a pi li.r. ar.iloi a* J ? ?*>? Ti " 1 1 a Ji'.ar llit?ry< tw r Kirre a?o I 1 1 ti W . n Ii. i Dm a aaa > a r rtnaif ' ?' '.b? i a 'oof < f Nortb U.'.ra lUWt oa Wniaaa^. j a't*/ ov ti a) out i o'c?k( la' twr a n nUi af youag 1 f< . fb i.a.'lia( frota ibk hi iU> nard ?al lb* ,aoai ? f fa eaHrra It aff??n t.n j Ufl be*a ia tk* oabit of ?? ? I I fig >a tl.a a: p oa Ik* rto rt??f mmt .,(j?fniir I, b?a tb? - a'.b ?ard?fa (O M ? woral af Ut* ' ' a / Tba Attn to ba rrra?f?.. a* ? aib m) i r. <r?a'. n . I t?a-;6' ay, at HfilM to <art? llaori ?? r?< ?I.I? ?('?> 80* ratal at. b4 r'firr. rial* - t ? r i u* af: tb' boj ? tbr/ ?anM flo ' '.a tba al.arf Tba t(bt aaall>i>l> r> a?^: tba >oia to ?ba aaaalrar of i/trr a l-uci lia4, ia.!*'* It ai'ar ' ba i^oat a^irata*! faabrr/a. ??: ? uuM ' o -M ? ?a :.?ta toa* a? Bum mi' i af. ba4 it Mt t"o tbat tba pe. ? get ? b-". of th?a' ?lr aad vara ?a t> tka |mt Mo?aa ?ara tkrcva, t. t, forto aatrl/, ao ? u? *aa hort. T>a Mio* uj aara*! Iwf* ? afa uttrtal - lias H'< -il!/, Win J'.ba Urn | loaa, aa4 Jo? I :r t?."/ wra taraa b*fara J ai ?? l?aar.aa aba ?' ? ? ?f4r<l i.?ai?ttl a r????r ?ft "??a : rw, rr??l4 a*.' '? !>? 3 a> t?.?/ aa< a*a?kt la .a of H(bUaf taw ? > I J > I * r ir r r ai ? ' ,n la <i?M ? t Na 6 Mijr*. , t ati?r- aaw Tb H *?aa .* aa?t l? oj?n ?*ai j Ta??>t?,r TI n?-la/ ^at iHay.k# ta?? It' l?'-ia of oaa a'.l lis-aar ati.*a't*r ??(, Ii tb' kaaait of Ua ^aai Tba'1r?'< ra af 'K.< o aaiacil ? itftitilM a/? aal"Mia| a 1 ?f m aaal'k; *>ti It. wa?4 a a*> In ? 1 a.- auiiaaa fir aa koaf tftl , a?4 l?Ur OaW'i '* *atW?a a?4 M ft /or V. i?<au!l baa* r/.a?'at?4 to ?a tuW<rri|<<i"a> (or lUt | urjrr* IVa l?f ilatvir at IVa laat iroaa a* C'C >UI Ira tbnm< <o-lara aanLtroa ttiat >ai a tbat an a' ifeatM la raia#4 '?( r* tba r-tif. -* n .?* ?,*r>.r.) At lb* lart arrtlllt of Lb* )??> t, |w./?r ?Jarr rb *a-' t*fb?*r> a tkaitl'a4la( aurpmi i*|r<rt *4 iU ?>f WM *'* <b* |>?*ate?? ',itarWrly aM> a/ tba bi"?J avB>? "f 'B>*a ra'i*'H 4'.ri*( tb* la?t f>w au i It < Atr: <t tw Halt ot K*? ana?4 t at < aa* * i' litre I eat al^bl, frflnar Miitbta>, atu<ut Vi tba ffeiaf ? o*oa, fans! tba *?tat4a 4?e> af Ua Ha-J ?* lxar?* Ij a? ?*4aafr?, tba WU4U? ratWa^ tbe U*?UeUe?'*, Nem?eU'a Mrf Ae4ater'a atiaa* beia? tba* ?f* eyae ia Ua mmr ; af Uteaaa Tb* k*/ af tea ??"*fet* i <?<* wee Ieee4 iyu? laatia kaietilka ta * n?aeii a# tb* keillear It ?w lataa la Mba C .n'a *<baaby Ue a*oat . eed iuayt U*aa?a* aa<* kaa? K 1Ve( e*M free* eerHieafcm be* Wa cnaa *w? by official* attached to til# building, there U aa InM. Tm Mltw abould be aroparty ia*aaUfat?4 Ui tha guilty paitiaa brought to light. Iltviu or Iimwnr**? A OoirnngacK K?i Aaartao.? It babvtfa haada of (aailhae, and domaafaoa aafao4%, to kHp a abarp lookout fur a (aag of impuilaat raaoati that at ^iMMt in feat thia alt;, collaetlug la it* MM, who, repreaenliag tbeniealrea a* houea areata, fa* agaot*. aad auinarnaa otbar ofliaara roaaectad with in corporate^ i oiup?iim, turcaad m awimlliog paofle eat ol varuxi* auuu i.l ni>My, be* 'dee patting tha rtctaaa to a great deal ol .maojanceaml incoo veaieaca ll waa only j**'' rJaj morn ig that , tallow aaliad at the haaaa of ao up tuna dtl?-o anil repreaentlag luauU a* the anient for the ga? ? . .?n any, nunn lad li |*itia( $2 lato bin clutibna, for which ha geaaioaaly gara a ra?elpt ia full. Tua*a bogu* gentleman ?><aerally Blake It a practice U> oat) u j->a ih? inhabitant of a dweili^ when they ara pratty rattaia he mala portion ol tha ac rupaate ara at bu*u?ea-< I lane ( woman to treiuea ii|.< a. t h. ? aoon auccaaii by thair laainueUu^ addraaa la ' taking Ibi Di id" moat Uautlfully, n.m I. I, lb* mart) flcatloo of Ihelr tarda <"h? ia the wort tre|eeat dodge r**orta<d to In ordar to chltile the mnp'e ana tad out of thair eartrlg*. All people ought In '?.* ,r? *1 tbaaa lni|?>etora, who, In arery inuginabia gars ??.(. t? pry oiun tha nawajy. Tin at or a N?w KiM K^llKr ? Yaaterday aFtaraaaa Lb# naaibara of 1 ngln? Company No. '.ar repaired la fea I'ath with their naw machine, aad la front of tha m, llaU aaUafaetorlly laatad tha good 14 Mailt ia> of tha Ara anolhilator Tbia eagiue U of plauoforte aaake, aad waa reaatrurtad by Mr Jama* ,*-iailli, of thia c if. It la richly paintad aud *U?er uounlad id a baa j Ural aaa oar. Corp f>* H< lilt ? A man na?M John Mooaajr, whta at work no the church now in rouraa of erectwa at the corner ol Market aa<l Unary aUneta, >u frwlriH tf tha beat of the i un yeeterday. lia w?) reaurad ta b? i?eidrn .a, No. IV K^aveath atreat Ottr Naval Corrreponrfr mr Umrvti nt AT?a Hmi r lai'U'aviiaHoa, I Hit or Parra, Juna I ? , 1W / Ariifi! ii J Paito?Mrlaitrkoly l^aikt?l/riwl lhn**r I 'art vet ? Trvubti vylK /Vr4 ?Oourtt Virf?.U Hinra tha O'partara from tha Atlaatlr Htatoa of thto ahlp and the John Adama ia (>rtol>*r lant, thla portkaa af tha Pacific a<{ua4rt>a ha? baaa alnfularly unfortuaata ? not only in tba number of 4aatha that ha re ore a rrad, but alao ia Ibe nerMalty thai Uaa arlaro for aa aliaaat ctnalaut court martial. Aiuotg tba daatba that aiay I* partl'ulartrad, ara thoaa ul I'aaaed Midehlpman Wa<hla(ton Tottea, fa* W acblDfctun I). C.,) iltnl Iw .7th, ls.<l outalda a( lUa, Uaut. John Mooney, (of llulB*,) <lled Juua ?d, I1Vi, onUlda of ('allao. Ibe latter death, br>n( mora recent, ha* left a aaaet profcuad impreaaiun. Mr. Mooa ay waa iao.1 hlfhly aa taaaUKl for aaary <|uallty that (oaa to (oim tha eharac ta-r of a Chrlatian ranilatnaa and offl ar, coae< >aaliaaa In hi* opinion*, ha waa accurata and praclaa la lha par formance of all hi* dtttiaa. 1'tr aoax month* aa aile ? tion <>f the eyei bait r? acta*) <<n lila brain and ol lata Uaa oocduct bad oocaaloaally glran arldeaoa of abarratlaa at mind. A watoh waa plarad an hla morenaata, but with tba ebrawc'nea* peculiar hi tba Inaana, he twloa bafflai hla obaerrara ? the aacond line to Baet hla daath. At ? o'clock at night, abortly aftar laa* lag ' allao, ha thraw blBaalf lato tha aaa, and though arary akllfol maaaora waa at oace taken, it waa but In rala. At II o'rtac* wa *t?od away ua oar couree, for all h>ipa of hla raoar ary bad been given up. On the evening ?f the 'JMh May, tha al!trer? iA iha la 1 dependencai (ara an eBtartainataat oa board tbear ahlp to tlia Amenraa Mlnlatar, Mr. Oay, aaJ ht? wile, which waa attaaled b? tha I'raaidaat ol tha republic, i an?ial Caeillla, aad hie wife. a. ? ompaaiial bf a Ciowduf laallta aad aflit.eia Two ot thiaa dare alVer want* a retarn ball ??? given by Mr. <.'l?y, wblcb piareA a aery *vc< ea>ful adair It waa a little alagalar to aaa lha president, atirroundtd by the bigheat otbrera a' tha Hate; all (agarly g . niMlog al a ? ard tabta, l"aiag a?4 winning forty or lllty auticaa, without a word Hag apakaa. Ijejt. lib B'l ha. l/aan di*ml>*e<l fro? tba Paotaa ii|ua<1ran. <>o < balnea'errat'. h m far diara ? pact to i apt Ikiutwe.!, at tba Joba tdaaia. Tbreaar lour ot ha f otb<er* are to be triad, but th*,r aeataaca, It I* antl< IpaieO. ae 111 not tie <|UiU ao aatara. Jnce K, *'e have been o?artak>n b; tba aUtaw b"ind north, an t ara f?c tiled by daapatcb** from Mr. T'aj. It appear- Uiat aor > i?n aon'.lii tia k tba laa ricaa ahlp Jnba t'un.aiir'ga. ('apt A ta?a waa at tha ( l lBcba lalan<'a </u ? a, Irbtaylaat ba had ti? b<a with bla men, Ibay mutlaied, beat b.ra, aa'1 w>? a kaat fium alongalite to , o a ear Tf.e I apla.a pro lured bla abot gua, an I l? imateaed to bra Ibay paraiaiad la iro dh away, ab i U - capta'n ahot tlia tuataaaja dead Ibe utber captama In | or ' American aa I I agtiaa, caught hla, ntted b * ahlp, ae-l ?ent I m up nere Tka IVrarlaa groammeni r'? as jurtadletiaa bit aa ttie wb' le affa'r look pla>e tinier tlie abadna aad pr^ta'taea of oi r flag I do not think they hate ant c alia ta lat? fare < apt , n Arlaiua la la pna. u aa I lila ahlp <lataia?4. We rati in at one*. lb* health of l'<a ?'jtiadroti her* i the John A '* a natf and tlia abip ) I* geaarally healthy ao deataa baaing o-riured fr? m dlaaaae for a?n e rwn ilw p rvkeMe deatiaatloa from lb a port, b we aball laara >a ? bout tan day* I* an Iraacia c? Obituary. T)i< fuai V f*uB'>t?, a pt. *??*!, -.1 V.^ial* la H atu.lil ten cn \h? 7th iaal. I ol. .!?????/ I'flaiah. a tuellltiiMry wlr M, (?4 la lb* ? trial') of llual*?lil* Ai< n lJ>* 'JUl sit , li ? m ulltittb jur lit >ti *n Iii i m' ><u k i wl tiUMt, an ' rr> > b ntMMl bf *11 a to ? ??? Mn II* w?* > *> tlra ?.l Vlrg.ala, >n.i f. itnvrl; VI* ' ? ,*> caaa tj IB lb* lagtalatara lr Wiiiiik luiii! >U? ' la Hyarta, lUato k ro.atj, (?a ?a tLa 4tb in*t. Ifcr ?. rile d/? // ij > ' ol l'*il?, *OBO<ia*a* Uaa <??tli of M l.rni i,o? <?/ U>* auxt ?) *tia<a<*ba4 ii mn of Iki tii?|.iV> > of that riij, H>? 4aa'b waa >iia>o by ? *lifht xra('b wnlrh ?>? gar* oaa of bi* Itgai* at..,* I ?|'| | inlrijt tba >iW.|?; of a p*r*vm ?t?o In] <!.? <1 fr?<u I) r.*>llna <>( lb* I , n*> Tao 4.ra >"?r la (all a alijbt |>aiB la tlia a ?> *nl rii**t, ablib f r.i a?*4 to io ratM, o*i'?itb?'*n ia? tbat 'ba ***at a**rf*ti< rt ? ???! ?? ?aia app!l?4, *a Ui> u vu teiwaa U-! ia * rfnilatt ftuvnty ?l,l )i rarr ?! 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