Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 15, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 15, 1855 Page 3
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The Know Kutblti|j N&uoaal Council. 8PEBCU Of UK. I". A- B >LLll?U, Of VlUUlNlt. . Mi. Piealdect? This N .tiooal Goaactl haa * Oity to perform? * cuiy it owe* not only to the JLaterioan party, bat <. ? tbe imeneau people- a doty It ougut do<. aiid o*noi? abac. The old poli'i ?al parties of the cumrj ?riu won bs awe nuttera of blMory, or if their naaiee remain, th? euoetaace Wlli be gone. Tb?y nm oallsd lulo a li>n by gwt Dationai isauea, and their udu'ciu ? for a long t ne ? were deeply Interta'.iug aud momeatouii. Thiy differed about tbe 'rue lute preiatiou of the coiati tationof tbe United rf * and absut great qaea tloi)B or nstioDNl polio* G ?Ht miada ga?c mem ahapeam direction, ana hurneet honest men bat tle i in tbeir van. Tb< .<* hwu*j are aettied, ttioae j?reat men, one by cue, hv* paaaed away. The oil paitiea, led on by Utile men, to effect their little aelllah porpoaea of pe< auoai ambition, bocam* tbe wotking toola of mWaie dunigotfuea, and their conttate d*K?nera<ed iut> n ona-xab:e andmjat plU MmwUitar the ?p >tla 01 otfl je. Tha people ? diaguatta at the b*ae u?r? u> witch tbe; ware put ? have inaugurated the A wtiean patty, *nd we are beie to announce lia i..iue yw? to the country. Lei tboeeprlncipl.e b* n?t out oonnetvitive, and true. Let ne atakO equate y ujou tie ora promise i of tlie conatitati t. Let u* *v* no more Baltimore patohwctk the peupie tial enoaga of Boch mifeeiabte deceptio a *u I talae preteucea. They expect better Iti v o' u?? let oa not diaap point them. L?t ua apt*k out plainly what we intend to do VFntn he urn * d alra*eir tuthe Atneri can i ait;, and bec*n>e a to rd o^ree merabir of it, he tellefed the pa'y ' oruuxnJy natio?jal aod con aerratite? and, anring t c*nr*M ia Virginia, be had ao iepiv?en'>?o ii? ?od ?uca was tbe opinion of tbe Virginia u>emb* ? of to* party. Toe flrat ?rent that contr?di>ed thi? o?lief and hlaatue menta waa the K?w Y rt teacher?, by whioi Vfm. II. Sewatd waa retnri.ed to fit United ^tateai^eoate. That wta ft starring bl .w ro tee but tr at wft? explain**. ft^d ^ha party *? *?? yx?SS5 tetania Btnftte b> toe Kuo# ST>tt>iiig LugtBiatu e 01 Mamcfcubetts. Th? p?r > ? p;^UwiU,mefdomd ed at that ole Hon ; but when G n. Wilton euaorsea the aentHreuts utteied ?? t *t young man, (bemau be wj young !) Bu.-iing^me. the patty w*s astoQud iS, and the lie dlwrt gweu. t,, a'U^boMtaof >h. niri< in liaaasc us*)* b o?iog conserva.iva or ?*?5? He held up the r mwI, and asked, ? Do,, thta book muao one thing i GeO'gia aud auother lu Hftssftibwietta ?" If eo, be d'?ptsed It, aad sparasl tt as ft bftse oontrtvaBce ana a miserable *r*o1. He ?aid it meant o e thi g evary#here, bat ftjl men ftie not tine to its neacrungt. nor to?Wal to their sworn ob1g*?io'.a and plighted f*'10 There lies the whole difficulty. Men ?re not required by this runftl to beo?m? atjjlitlouUM, nor _ pro ?lavery men? they are reqaued and pledged t j > ta frain Irom sectional agi?ua<j, ant to um toelr best aLd heneet efforts t > settle ?il asetioaftl ' dlffara ? J ?? enuitftblr and justly. By H the Nortn has no 'llJht to ask toe South to sunender one constltuiioual right, nor to part with their ojinioo. about It* it the Booth has n? right to auk the North to surrender one iojadiuticn-5 r?gbt, ^ ?nwdoder their opinions, as w the mirlt< or demsrlte of i ilai re rvT Nor does the S< uth ask any such thing, but a^e sake, she demands . she will have bsr osMtitcr tional riffbta. it the pe pi" of tue N^rth really love the negro race b-tter than they lore their breth ren of the white race, the South care# not for that. The bonorab e genUeman and his eQna^tnents may take them foi aonsin-law and daughters in-law? may take them to wife, if ti-ej like to ooB^-bnt.that granted, no mere muat be a?ked or expected. B it, S.t&eprtttnceol the ab HHonlato tlut ttwy love the nettro i ace, is a hollow pietene. Office is what they ftre alter, political po*er Is what they seek for?some grannies, in m?-u'a clo ;hea, may love tha. race? m allot ''era it ih a flecelt. these Immaculate gentlemen woik the i egroea in ihe political fi^ldi, For State and federal offlc:. and ?m >tuaienU-thay woik them harder an<? mow profitably than South eru m*n? who on>y woik th*m 1 1 make cr jps, po tatoes, oorn, Ac. Neither Northern nor Soutaern men lore t hat raoe, bur feel that it li i an and the white a superior race: but in this the 8ja.h has the ad rant age of the North ; fir the of race is m ra than balanced by kind fee^gs tor indivlcnals. At the South th?y nuree us-aie our Majmatek? aid a sincere personal regard i exlsti i be tween the whites and blacks. fno Northern ab oil tioniat knors nothltg of thta t*llu?'' A"4 Ci^ cesiata ?eel that the negro race Is inferior. The Caucssian race is mau of whom it U -?? made man a little lower thau the angels. The nearo iace is the race that tt.e natural hi^rj o. m?n tcmcbei li ft lifUft higher than th% monkef. Natural history teaches what all who will celve, that tbete ia a regular gra1ati<m, from vbe animalcnJa; diacottied by the solar microscope, link by liiik, until we reach the higb??tj ?iyl' J?*?' When we examine man we find this chain unbroken. with crook'.d spine ftnd droop ing armi, looklig as if hi. fore teet had ii? ;bje? litted from the earth, stands confessed the link that connects tae man and monkey, t ton this point we ascend to the noblest soecimen of manly beaaty and intellectual cower. Duel not this continue, untl me ascend above tha highest archangel to the migb ty God of the universe? Will our Northern hrcthien forsake their white brethren of the sTutb? men who aided in ashlsving their own ?d onr " e?ty-who fonght with ^m shoul der to shoulder? who were at the B*wn tea narty and the Yo ktown merry m^tong -for this ffiffmtn/ate race. Will they destroy thia a )ble gor srnment in an attempt to liberate a race unprepared to ^>res?rve and unlltted to enjiy free tnst.ta tions- aye, unfitted for government of any sort, save that they no w enjoy ? Can they not perceive in thia avstem of slavery the flngor of Gw Can thev blot out what he has written 1 Lst them con template the advanclngcivlluatlonrfth* flouth?a ?lava, and contraat It with tna wild aivage ^or Afri ca In hia native land the negro known no God , he ? ' A alfjara ATACtod 10 bUU. ftld Offdtt hittt BO ^ver- but be is snnk in ignorance sensuality and Li *Tbe ornamenta of his mud hut are the skulls SSI mmdeild wive., chUdren shves and ene^oa. He la notrniy bloodthirsty, bat Ignirant of conjugal, Siit?fiu2 and social obligat, ?a and 1 1 iMmhiH under panan superstitions and terrors. Nuda a"SeimeL,Kretches himself heneath hi. irorseous foresta, a. Improvident a? toe monkeys that chatter around him. It remains to bs s?sn whether twenty-two millions of tne Caucwiin ra e will be stupid enough to sacrifice the ' bappinass aLd success as a people to an attempt- yes, sir, * m?r? Ktternnt to advann*' the Afrtcn race- Le. u.Te^s wemay, 8L Domingo and Jam, l a a-e standing contiadictions t<> all who ^ raise tne negro race, <? maste, by burn an con Swoef to a fitness tor self K?vernment. History tells us of ("ho cVw, as a kijjfldtm in ancient times, vsh-re is that ua tion? Where tfce rematus of its grealne?s 1 has faded fiom the earth an* le!t iw tr*-? tylund. T* ere Is to anthenti : rec ,rd of a negro nation upon the whole earth of aiy digm .y. > '< ' ' tion , that portion of Africa p^s-Msed >1 t ie n gro, with every physical elemont oi gr^.n"^. ha. re mained in ignorah,>e of God. tu: wild a .rat o the w^ld barbarian, the beast , savage No art -.r scieocs buM sttutr up or taken root there. No van rnitis t4- 1 j the Hory of empire cr emnroer ;*. The fragmiot r.f i_o coluwiu points the mind to prond palaces, n?r to a SKble owelliog. Th-ck darkness hi. rested and still rests upon Nigritia, except the lit.le republic ol Lilwia- maia^y wecouceptionof Houtn STm'nds and the rceult of Southern benevo ?nc?, #n<l * ttled, mainl v, by libera l Southern . riaves. fflavSy ?!r. is a bitter pill, aid hbirty a boaattfol Sin" jet eU men are n,A capaMe ot enj^ng ih, blessing, of freedom. Tae ?.alile r*?e. With It. ?nick intellect and brave sp.nt, has 4r to wiutt Germany has It no\,i a id ^the^ brsve p.. if, warlike Hun are cru->h?l beneath t .e das EP.tae" Kogliuidand th, United States alone a^iov Dractlcal liberty, and m ea h ar-? many and srea' evils. Kvll is lnchent Uj all governaien-.i It las e?er existed, and will cont'nue t'jex'st so onif ? human government exists; man cannot ure evil. Our business is to f ranimlt to t- ose who shall micceed us onr noble inatitutiJis unimpaired. Onr i .^.Uto resl-t and cvercoiic these sectional siilutions and ermlties tha1. will, If persisted in, I tail receeaarily to disunion. ??n u?t S'^f ?lis union look at It and see what It U. Itis'ni. f evil with no redeeming gool to balance 9 tli ' ivi Ai Now in nis blessed C'a?on,one ^ our humb'Mt clt^ens may pas, from theAro,sUK)ktothe^uthern Ocean- from the remo'est bounds of Ore gm to tae extrems limits of Florida, u .questioned and nn -t^by any legal Intrusion. N ? popinjay " hin. at every turn to d.mand hia P?M>? tumble ab ut the aacred veatmenw of hi. wit ani r^aughteta: but try to pvs ever the con inent >t Furope.anti yon will be met at the *** mttv pitnrlpaity by ?u<"h vexatioiw . and dol i intrust' ts, and treated In a t ashion that jwoo.d arouse the scorn and cot. tempt of onr alayei, if they were ao treated. This ia bui one of the laaaer evils of dUunlon. We may learn another by atnd/ifig t^e hihtr iv of Borope for the last fifteen centuries? asy, sir ftom the beginning. There we see State wa-rlog [ against fltale, vexlog each other, li times of paare, ' with oteron* burdens npoa commerce, and each one burdened with heavy taxes to support ?'.andlng armies and living and being alwaya In ft state or * ,. or actual war. If this does no; satury jon, ?ook upon the little republic of South Ameelcft . and read, in these various lands, the miseries of dis onion and the utter in.igrii canw tk.twou d await us as a diaanited peop'e. Disunion once bsrno. he ST. fond dreamer who thinks it , w^ l end In two great rermb le?. Begin It anl it will not stop a. fur bidding. This great s >nfed ?: racy . the i light 4 the world sn<l terror of rotton dynasties, wl.l break !o pU^es "y to be united again under the spurred thee! ot arine' corquMor wb.**- vaulting amli tmn .111 ride rosgh sh-d over the b.eeding peopl ? ^lrst, little bi .kertnirs will spring np, toen wa ?, t>,en atandlrg armies, then m' itary despo lim. tea fcewtll ? iopk fa*twell-to human ireedoaa. Loo* ceotnriea o* popular ^uff ri ?g wilt ium, tad we ahall *xpl*t? lb u?ar? * ? ? > toiood oar fotljr tad oar cilme ? thn tolly of rational foods, u4 tae crime <>( tnter.ictae dw ?.ero; trampled down Qreece and R < me mo warnings to the wotlol W# m >st r* fleet upon tbe** thiu?e, ?? bo lit to meet tue grave luoee now baifcir pw^nttd to this natim Oar fathers, bj their paviotisji. virtue, modsr tti.w aad wisdom, wo-' oar f'WJnm aod transmit t?d to us ? govern men* mor* ?f>rtone >h?o ni ever be 'ore vonchiefed to mtn,r<<r never until the *ta if Jul/, 1776, waa man oompletel li*?. *e, etr, have to demonstrate- our capae-tv to enjf y the great b?>o of libsity. Will we, or wnl ?? not, by oar p* riotiem, virtue. moderation a?-? wlad m. prwervs aad traca niit thie 'iberty? t tiUohn whnu ii ayuajrogun of our libeit) , to thoee ?b ? ere \tt com* afte- us ? If we do Lot srr?st our at>ctional*tr?fe, ul pat an eod to our etupid quarrele abuo* the negro r*o?, we will have to t-ctle ?i? ulterv.r qnesu?, aid tie i?, shall tbia Union be dtaeolvei peaceably or forci bly? One born o ?b- other eft m dtle-nma we mutt accept, If ve pusiat ta our pe-wnt mal ooaree. Our Jnde.rend'uce, >>ar lib* t>, thi?Uaioi, is ta? acb-evunent of elivetH'ter*, in 1 not of tUe ?alf aty eo free State*. A. I !?*? m had U da with negro t-lavery, and u.sui *s maoh, If not more, than at y other State. Sjm b?id ? av*<, tad imported slave*, an* w*? the mm u willing or all tbe Bute* to give up t) c *l*v-? trade. Sw ha 1 Jie a'-ips and the Oiareclee; ah* <tid not wias tbe oae to rot, ncr toloee the nee f ?i- other; aad *o she contended for time, an pr ?<>< g <1 tbenUvn trade to me year 1808 Many o? ber p ui odifl tie, where her >lc.' and pollabe mm ui? ' *-11, aai f oa wh eh they launch their fa i-?* h d bituir rorii a>rai ist Houibe n alavrhol ier?, if e^icbed Into, will ba f und to beeuperetraotu'e* *b *? fou datlon atonee are i?atmg noon t e profl'iof ran elave trade. I* ia in vain to attempt to di*gq-ai or pal iate it? our national sreetoess, ourc > om?rct, oarmaua/aotnrea are baaed upon slave Nbtr. The white mia can not, the free ne^ro will nit, toil ia the v??t ottoa, augar, rice and t >bacc > fie At or rhe birmag 8>uts. Without thtae product* oar oommiroe aad ntiuu laotarea would com- to e ra den ?<.d, and, with the end of tbeee, wouid ei d oar nat ooM euoceaa, proi peril? and rreatneea The h m rabe Senator can not eecape the fact that eiave 'oil U in hia frarm?nta, in hia tea aid coffee, in big uo ritiag and ia hia down aitticg, and atioka to iiim aid hia cooitituenU like the ahiitof NeaHua It la to v&tn to kick a<iinat the p icka. when Ood opena a door n > m?n caa i abut it, and when he ahu'a a door no man caa open I it, and to attemDt tt la the extreme of folly. In toil whole ajstem of slavery we may dm ^era the hand of the Alvugnty. No ttma wuatd have aaffioed the negro of Africa o achieve hta own civilization. It waa necemary for bio to be takaa from hia own land, and to learn him the arte and a ieacea by ex tunp e, by contact and aaeociation wita a hlghec ra^e. Tbe negro ia ieatning, aad the ca tive is returning to hia own land, to teaah hia I set favored brethren; and thua we *ee G d d )ii ret- train the wrath of nian, and cans* the naidae of wrath to era la h him. The cupidity, the avalc* of the white race, and ea peciallyor the Dutchuun aad V-inkee, caught the wild aavage negro an : brought him here, and that negro ia being civilized, atd fitted to take hijaiaad as man. In God'a own time he will do it. AU we h?ve to do ia t> let alavery aline. Natural caaaes will do the rtat. The gentleman demands ths res toration of the Mieaonri Comprom'ae. He will never get it It was originally unconstitutional ? is ho aull. It waa foily in t e South ever to have submitted to it; it would be madneaa now. The time baa come when the South cannot and will not yield ita least constitutional right. Our constitution ia not bounded' by degrees of latitude or longitude, nor can it be re atrained by imaginary line*. Coa gresa is Its creature, and haa no control over it, nor over the aubjeat of aiavery. The constitution ia aa wide and aa broad aa this IJoioi; and alavery be longs to tbe people af the StaW where it exists. Nor baa Congress ary power t? leqaire of a new H .ate, applying tor adoilaat ?, whether it has a'avee, or hus them not; that i# a matter purely mtnlclpal, and alone controllable by those who form the gov ernment of a new State, (f a majority of the people wisn to have it, it is their right to nave it, and tha reverse. The Norta is equally interested with tbe Booth in prewivlng tbe crnatttution unimpaired, and mure intereated than tbe South to prevent the restoration of the Missouri Compromise, for tie North bas a greater csj.a ity to nettle new States than the S?uth haa. Anybody but the miserable demagogues who have, like the im jinnies jf a boil ing pot, got at tbe top aod rule thede States, c >uld net- it. Tcese demagogues cire nothing for their ponatltoents, nor for ihe negroes, but look alone th their own selflsh cods, and fur Uiose ends catsr to the ]>aa?IonH and prejudices of the worst class of people, that tney may keep alive the peseijns and prejudices that rniced thrm to notice and put tbem in office. They do not repreaent the sterling good cense and viitue of the orderly people. That class everywhere ia this country is full of lov f or this Union? in tavar of peaca and fraternity ?for that class has nothing to sain and a'l to his by this mi?e table agitation. To alio m that all we have to do with slavery ts to let it alone, and leave it to natu ral causes, let ua aee wtiat proportion it b ire at the birth of thianatioa, and now bears to the white race. At tbe revolution slavery stasias two negroes t< trree white persone- seventy nine yes-s htve pass ?d, and bow does it staad t.-dsy? S >w the slave population ia greatly improved, and still improving in civiliaatlon, with the ayatem every day growiag more mild and humane, stands as one slave to fire aod a half white people. The ratio of slaves to whites diminished in seventy-nine years from two fifths to less than one-fifth, wnat will that ratio be at the end of aeventy-nioe years more? No one can tell exactly, but tt will be srreatly less- perhaps lees than one twentieth. At 1MB the importation of ne groes was stopped by law; but white immigration continued, and still continuea. Toe negro stands to day with no pow-r of increase, except the natural increase of maa, while the white ra:s, with five and a half timet greater capital stock than the negro, capable of the same natural increase, has superad ded the increase resulting from immigration. It takes no ghost to tell, nor prophet to foretell the end of this thing. Time will do all the work, ander the providence of Goi, batter than man c?a, if man will only mind his proper bisinesa everywhere in this Union, and let slavery alone. The fanatics select Virgiuia as the especial object of their slenderou* abuse, and forget that tie Virginia slave ia better cared for, and enjoys more physi al crmfort than any tree laborlig cla-s In the world. Virginia drd more to arrest the African slave trade than any State In the IJoi'Wi; and has Iil>erated , more slavps than ary o.her, If not than all tbe otier j States. Virjftriia needs uo defence. She points to her recoid, aril de(i'>s her enemies. Virgin'a has a few word m to say. She enfercd tin Union as an equal, and lor the general good. She h is contributed largely totbia ITnljo; *he .trill loves it. and will do j ! mucfl to pr??Herve It. vcere are, however, aims | thirds she will no- do, let wba* m*y otne of it. >. She ml) not ?ob"iit t j any eartallmunt of bw rights ? under 'he conaMtution of the United S'atea. She i will not surrender her equality, rur tint of her children. Bhu ask* no itr>re tnan h r right; she Will accept rio'bi'.g .es'. Let oer son* diffjr an they ' i- ay. as to the b ussing* <;r evil* of neg.o slavery - i let what s^ad-wi of opinion you p'na:-: d'vlde them i upon municipal <jur trti jna t, .ey hil l h it one opin ?<# | ii|tOD tho queiti a of eWiminp aad defending all ber i constitution U and reseived right*. (> jnt;emen m?y I taik about their m?B and nui'ke* ?, and let off :is much g at and gasconade a* they like; web alaag has nr> terror lor Virginia n r I * the Sju'.h. The American party U not an abol'tbn party, nor <;an the gtnthinan or h'? friends convert It in' > such & miMratile contrivance, The bone and sinew , the brain and heart of Massachusetts w 11 a jura ?j;h a scb? me, and teach the gentleman tlul he has rait taken and misrepresents hit own State. A tempo rary Hucces? may flatter and de:eive him and hie \ compter*, but it will only b? temporary. The i')Iiy, , the icranlty of the hour will pat* away, and M&iua chu?etts will *|r dicate her loyalty to tie constitution obdibe Union. She will 'ome to herself, and hurlfrom place and powf r the miserable men who ralarepresent 1 her. But let tbi* S ate or that repudiate it, we will ; bare a national platform, or to the wind* with this party. We will not be co worker* with, and aider* and abettor* of, abolitionism or frae aollixm in any i iorni. Our platlorm must not only be national, but : ocnrc-rvauve upon tbi* question of slavery. It la a qiifetion tbat will not a i l cannot tie ignored, and ! It I* simply ndiotilou* to talk about ignoring slavery. : Slavery is a fact In th'* Union, and up >n that sub j*c?, Noith and H.nth, demagogue* delight to harp. At theSoutb one half of oa are charged with b:ing a hoi it*, but they who nuke it know the cvatge to be fal?e when *.he? do make It, bat it i* done to gall the people. Tni* party mn?t take a i atkod up< n tbia question ? oBe that will leave alave ty to tbe Stale* w bete It exists, and shall leave every 1 Tfrtl'ory irre to adopt or reject slavery when tt 1 f? ras it* government: and shall deny to Congress I ibe right to inquire, when a Bute asks admission iito tre Union, whether It ha* s avea or not? one < tbat will abut tbe <ioor to all agitation of thiaaubject { in Corjtrest, and tbat aball instst upon the exeen t ton < fall conirtituttonal lawa? tbe Fugitive Slave taw ltcluded? In every Bute In tii* Union. I?o tbte, and we will purge our party <* its rot'?d < btancbee, and setting oat on eomul principle*, ' vlctoty, jetmatent victory, will perch upon oar ' batner. Thia party, tt I* aaid, has no .eadera. Tbaik (lod lor It, If by leader* 1* meant the ral*Ta j ble rreu who court tbe votes of k >rnan Cetholli* and foreigners to over ride tbe will of native imm Ameihan 1'rotratants. We want no such leadera; ! we will have none each. We have a hard c ontert 1 ?o wipe? a coiteat with ail, fro? every qrurtar, wbo kve power mc,r* than right, love 'dire more than their CTuatrv. With *acb we have no compromise* to make. Thev fave tnrown down the guantlat, we take it up, a'id nt for! onr 'native banner, and we will etaal hv it Our enemies eharje as w>ih InuJcr^nce. Ihe rbargelerxt trne. It f? agtiaet inU leran e we c 'terd. We are not willing that the Pro'?*'aut B l?'e ehall be ez^hid'd Iron? 'ur ach-mli, aad we 1 w:\ vote for no pan tor My oOce who, in th? ra notaat ciwui# ?<?? in-n w"o e**k* t? excla eit. Wi iw o ? K"0 warring A<*l*at religious liberty Tb- c- ?ig?i i.- u ' tending ?guu' tn .?? <rn> xnu.d <i? rot it If a*y con d i* ii aumte'-a, and Oaa do no hart. Bu* y >? ?. / n id tor o?1wm of power between ( ? - ? H ? <.* ?u.i 0 neral Pwrc* to morrow ti??? i ; ?g. n. Lei t.i* A?e<l luS pvty rarot ^ mi utft; -?rl no 4 Uia. bna ice Of power no oi >re. \V. w? t a raltonrui who belters tost a n? buH? the key* or heaven . aad bell, ud ru etiui, >. m?o<- r n?*v -n In our face*, or thxtut u? it <>:<l h > <1 'V no*or of Ufe ?? d deatii cvi . > ' iu*ke h<in ]r<>u - <>b-tK U.t h'.K,i t fNWtl f?r?* hi- H >ul, or dsmn |t, a?l>.e l itn V W H/e not. *? is ch?-?red, , tpi't^fd to our ?tlnjr>.' ?/. h to tm-er wn? t>*ve vsUd light* of ctizj -j.' .. -ad"' <?ur !??? arH o >j atitution. u r> "j?-aiot aty rigb' tiirty have; but we wish ort ? 4* , tb power of 'oraig* era to I" quire tin tw h. ?* w? wish -.o se ec? he ca?? ot loreigaer* to !>? *ditut?d into tow o ua' y. We do ant belli v* tb ? c u vry ii au **yiuui for mu'dertr* en . thi'-w- th p;> ?r house f< r t ? p?u {??T?ofta? ?;h !e *' "1 W ',o Bit regard W t'ie ?tZH.'ctU) tor all u * d ????#< d hi d putrid acum of tie brothel* ot the en ft. r e ii<>n-?t, 1udu?tnou* to t'lfiuer, we do not objeoi to *e on'y desire th*t auca (.hAHae'veal -inri- npu ei.ti eabtp uileire the principle# of rcr a- ve.Miit- t. ?K>tore tl?*y ex r >a? the right of voting, ?b*n our i??a require We *i?'i Protectant Aa < io??h to rale A v imi, tail II '? i rtf bl tt>?t they sboal do no *n?i ?e are mum le ceiv?-d if they do sot do it et ?* bo will opyoae . tb?m. TIm ? uiliolir t liuteh. niHTKiBimos or pkk*ii/?is at th* sackicd iik*kt l CSV K>T Mil raiL*DKLl'Hla HirUATlON UP TIM BI ll.MNO AT KJ-HN UlLu TBI BXaHJlSIS, C1KM MOMlb, AMi BNTKkTAlNnKxT The usual annual dittnbnt on o' premiums took place at this invitation m ToarHday, 13. h (but. The convent in sitnated ua a btaatiful eminence overlooking the Delaware, *b <ut eluven milea frixa Philadelphia, in the midat or a cjuntry unrivalled for the beanty of itw ecnery, aud prsverb'ai for lie eaiubrity. Tae Ktonodt a om.d and beloa^inf to toe cosvent ait < xteiiitive and bra tiful, under a bifih bta.eif oa.titaiioo, etronxiy t-ufit^onting thi Bppropriatenfcda of the appellation Itestowed apon that beantifal iountutiot? tien. The parent* ot pupil* aid f iend* of the insMto tion cjinmebccd amving by the morning tr*la? aud t boat* from #*?oiog'on, Baltimore, Pdiiadel I'biu, New Yoik, Ac , while mau , of the citizen* / Philadelphia diove out in aaahi g etyle in prirAte cariiaKei1. Tbe uornibg w?i acliKhifal, aad all thiuga atemed to add to tae inttrcat of the oc a aion. At 10 o'clock tl<e d'lOn of the magalficeat lecture room were thrown ope u to the cotnpaay, and presented a c u,> dt ml ih?i wa* of itaelf w?r Ji the journey. At o< e ti>a of t e rjon, on e evated beLChta, aat the pu, i n. ail beauufully dronned lu white, to (be Lumber of ab at e ghty, and p/etant lng a piciure c> ii>telilgfiic?;, innocence and bappineaa. On ?eat? in front, a an facing tbe pupils, aat tje audieuoe, numbaring, we Hh<>>ild tbibk, about 350 lauiea and gen'.lemt<a. Ua tbe fiont neat aat the Right Rev Dr. N< irnto, Blanop of Pbilaoelpnia, ana teverai ot ths Cathsiic clergy , among wb m we ob o ved Rtv. Dr. M uiarty. Tbe hall was nittgtjiflt>nU) drcora'el fortheocct don? displaying uie rellned title of the la lie* of tliat lnntnuiion. Ti^e exero?ei? c mm^ced witn the ovjrtor* frsm the ppe:a ot ' Figaro,'1 by cut>-eiJ pu^iln, ULdor the direotli n cf Proleasor l'latz, m'iNic?l iu*trnctor in thi establishment. The pe to* nunc 3 wa? ot a <ilgh order, acd leU xtcd gie#'. credit on botb puulln and tea< htr, aud ibowe ttia blgn degreft of pr >f];ic>Dcy at wblcn tue pupi s bave ttrrived in their mu?i :al ftuciec. This wtm fo-!uweo by a seriea of reci'a tioue, <Ji?lo* uts, otamatic reurtsei-tfttiois, an1! mu?i cal txerciHttt, botn <vnd iuh tuaK'n' il? afl >rd'Cg to pareLts Hatli-fuctor) evidrnce it the care ?nd cu; tuie btstowtd ojion their chl dron. A dramatic re presentation, ei.tlMcd "A I'ate of Pagan Rome," j lliuhtra leg tbe nill'i-at gi- aua corntun .y of the early ' riirViars, in which several young Uiienpi-.i patrci, wab pot up win great c*re. aad performed 1 with a Hpuit and truthfu nentt wiicb many ot our ; piofeenlona! pert rn-eia might Imitate with advan tug' . Av iLttr^tiog little French piece, entitled I "L'Orgueil Ooirigt!,' wn? perf rmed in French, by ; eight yrutg laaitu, who displayed an acquakt?oce w ith the French language, and a correctness of pro nunciatii n which wa* biabiy cw<11'*bl?. The exer cises coiiduded wi'h a "chornn" by all the pupiln wLlch was a very eflecllve performance: afier whbb toc k place TUX DIHTKIBl'TION OF FSS MII'HS. Thrse coisixtedof medallioua. medals, (ibbona, flcral crcwnj. muiic boi hs, aid other appropriate artlr lea, wbl h ^ere pre*eot??i to the young ladies by the Right Rtveiend Bishop after which tha whole party pro eeded to the beautiful chape! of the convent, wbtn a solemn benediction of the Limed sacrament was given by the Bishop, assisted by pome of tbe R*ver*nd Clergy, daring wnich se vtral pieots of aacrtd music were performei by the chotr. Tnis truly solemn and Impoaing cerem >oy ccncludtd the servl:ta of the day. At the conclasioa of the exerciser the comuany were Invited to partake of a bountiful collation spread in tbe large hall of tbe cotvent, to wbinh all teemed to ao ample justice, yonr correspoadent among tbe reat. Thus concluded a delightful day, lung to be remembered. This establishment la fortuaate in Its present Superior, Madam Thcmpw>n. This lady seemi to poswss in a high degree all those qualities of heal una heart suited to adorn htr position. Telegraph* In Emope, TO THX KDITUB OF TUB IIKltA I P. In your valuable to day * piper I f jund an article on" Telegraph* in Europe." " The criterion of the physical, intellectual, and commercial condlti m of the various countries of the Old World " contained in It, lcduoe me to send you theae linen, although I i bardiy dare to beg for their publication. Tae map 1 from which y3u derive your etitemen'j wan, you ; say, from a high authority. Viscount de Voncy; but although it may be revarded aa bold to venture doubts on its conten <s, yet I dare *ay th it they cai ?ot lie perfectly correct. Frenchmen generilly are known to be rat' er anperli ial, and in their mips, although remarkable for tie magnificence of their tDgravings, jet inaccuracies are frequently met with: no it seema te be the caee here, in some re spects, and while the boasting Frenchman rn irked cown every foot of wire la his own glori at coun try, he K?n-s to Buve mentioned only toe m <re im ! portant tek-grapn lines In the other part* of Europe. Although France 1 us wondetful y improved under 1 hergteat though denpot! j ruler, Napoleon Hi., in i tbefe oommeicial inatitu Inn*, as rsllroad* an<l tele graphi may truly be called, yet It aannot l>e placed on t ven scales with h?r am?KOui*t and ally, h ig land. Tre Knglisb telegraph line* extend to every I art of the country, and If, by its smaller size, they are naturally not h i kng stretched, yet they are aa miraidy connected to e peilect network tnat sums up to a far greater anonnt of mile* than the French. Uelgium ih admirably well provided with wire It nee, and aoomparleon with France would mtr-b incline in lavi>r ot the ill at. I'tui-bia was amoLgst the leading powers on the Eu ropean contiint f?r IoU'xiuetlou of ele tri: tele graph* Ilerlln.itr capital, was the Ot*t place in Ku> rope that had ti em established through every part of the city. The Prussian telegraph management was l intrcduced into several lortign Btate*. Us mam lines, Mated In j our paper as the only ones extiting, ex- , tend, accordirg to the long meagre stretch of ttM : country, from <>ne end to the other, while nomer ;us branch lines divert t<> both side*, wherever necessi ty and aaefulness for the ho ne fe:tilti6?i repaired tTiem; while the amplest oonoectl >ns with all the i neighboring Stat** are f*taoli*bed. Their useful ' teen is so well underst >od that there l< a trancp ?rt ' able apparaois for an e eerie telegraph, wire and ! pcles included, for ea> h division of the 1'ruMlan ai my, so as to connect in a few hon? with th* e? i tabliehed Hue* for a length upwards of twenty to twenty live mile*. But if yen will form a criterion on the existence

of Ulegrapt * In Kurope, It would l?e well to derive 1 it from their usefulness for the natioo generally; aid then England and B'lglum again give to* greatest accommodation* to their subjects, whi e the pt Ice of telegrapnic despatches in France in soblgh as to enable only some of the greatest mer chants and the government to make use of them. I In (ietmany their use is more general than ia France; the government* try to pattern aiter the United State*- that leading power in t*iia and ?> many other modern arte tamed to " practical oae." _____ _ C' H WcLt.aMi Caxau- Last mm'b, aaya the Ht, ( a< h aiine 'a Journal, was the bus' eat one oq the canal ever expetiea- ed. <<05 vessels paseed thr ouga, of which 312 were American and 'J03 Cataduo. In onedav.tbe iMh 'iO veesela were pasaM through the lock at which our ilea are made np, lock No. .1; 37, we thick, was the moat ever got tbroagb in owe <iy before. The Increase In the number of Cana dian vessels, bstwaen which ann the American, there ia not near the disparity that existed a fee yeari agft. A travsllsr oa tbs ' anxiss ac ' \mli?y r*i.r<->a?J, frost M ilalstpMs Ui Nsw Y? rt oa th* JOtb >?! , h?? mg ue e-'iio* ?urtdsaly U, wis tsi*n ?at at ltor<t*sto*a la a pr?f?r' us stats v* rh tH? 'r^*ors '!?rla*? 4?. b* spa* b r?! . e b y rtsrts His nm? Is f?or?<1 to h? M f>?v??c? <?) ?< is nfprmH w* as with ths Waastf/a H raa> M< MW msry, Als Hs Is nt*<e aypea raa<* sa i ' Is rt f yj?i tc be a I rassiaa THE WATERING PLACES. CAPE MAY. If oc nt Vkunov Horn. f Cxr? May. July 12. I?i6. | 7Jir A* ?r //off/? Prnidtnt Pttrct? Puixiic* Dm' ??>?. &*?, We ve beyinsinii to feel bere taai tbe hel* itof th<- teMon at thin brine I ?, it beat, Bp >ioacHnjr. Th* room* are ait filling up, or the co'.m# ?moiig them, w d with the payeet kin J of peouie. Y ?et'sr d*> a perfect avalatrbe of genUemen arrived h?re. We have al?o orowda from New Vork and New J >r ae> , u, chain e (!ov. 1'iice end auite. Tbe (i ire oor *w ifctiyed under aalote, and you ehoutal Hit# bend th& trbota which were started up fro? oid C' et-o. For Bi y part they f* ii y atunnod me and many oti em were *q'ially arouatd frua their (>ro !>!?*??> tfHtfiH yr.ur bumble ccrreapondeat. 1 made a aurvey of tbe laland t* day. The lnu?fs tueiJ<>tHO full us aNQal at tlilg aeawn, generally ?leaking At ifte Columbia? Mill eader tie dlrer tjci of the f Ila'wood? there i? quite a rrt v et, Lut the Tnitt-d States, Conferees Wail, *nd o'tnn art- lor tlii; present Boxtwhal filn. Tiey wii. of ci o/bc a, m dtJj ll'l np. They fay money la tight hup o?'d? t im"tuey any" t.> be atix.?dfa3t, C?>> May u rareiy uffec'-ed by euoh u t lUiag in coBibranre. I rad a dip in the glr-rioaa old onean to d?y. ?n l revti jet tu.<i?r the umpiratioa *hich ?. excited. Tbe water wan aoaaevb*. cod at first, t*ut It noun became deliciiMH la Umperatuie. 1 danced about in it w:ih the gfMteit delight, iJid u.xv leel like a i^itue* man. We are piomUed "hop*" a&d ''be1)*" aJ'nmi Wi aout Dumbrr. At tb:? 0011*.- a nerien o partia# *?r* to bft givri , w'jich w>il surpkc aDjihioif of tue kind ever at?-mpvd, at leant at Capf May lle.;k'? Philadelphia baud ar? rtguUrly engaged, *id tuey CJdu ur?- t-u)" rt> uiuwic. l.tart nVdiiiug they piayei on tie frwit uiazzi tn. at charmingly. Tbe Mount Vert on hat at-uomnodtUoca f r up wirot- ol a thoueavd guea'ii. I' no proprietor* ara B. It. WcolBIB aid K. G.GeitaU, an-l tuej we *a alcted lu tbe^et-ent ot theboare by Mr B. <!. Wcolsmn, b> Jotiii k. UQti (Ifcte ot III ftXQllW Hou>e, in your ? it > ) a tir?t late te lo# aod l>y Mraim. JoOn l^gdriry, ?<? F. (iiflelny, and H l^'oh. The wrvatiM are tl.f br>?'. ttiat could b:* h?<l lu N.iw York acd Pblladelph a. A m ire cnuiraKv or df led e?tab!iHhiEett could not be found. W'nt it more, the chnrget are reaa jnable, an J tbe re is no ?j>cn> 11 g 10 txtrai. iii d. Pieue Jef * tbe island early in the w tek. but returra in a nhort time. Ik < ouid no*. giv>i tn<? Ctptt Mayltea a nception wbiie here, but be prmniana to do eo when ho .'tiaras- (iowl aou',1 b? muit Tiake hiaif>elf crce more familiar wltn tu? people; lor that be la deatlbtd to irtura to t*ieir ni<d?t, trter 1H5C la ?? certain an lh/?G will come. Kueakiag of dlHiioRul^i ea men, tb? il<>n. J?bu M. Clayton mf?. tbii bou?e on Tuee .ay. Uov. Pollock w expected be'e, I would and, to-dav or to morrow. , I b?ar from Philadelphia thnt the Know Mjthin^a 01 Philadelphia are generally Hpeak'ng dowa ujua Hovfrror .'olu?on'H an li*.i<>n piatform, erected by the i?i e leading conventloo. There rami oe a " tiack OJt" frr-m tsal stand, or the State o! Penn pylvtiria in tie r<mir>n e'ertioiin m pone to the d"i nmciata. The PhiUde'phu dees an u wbioh lo<n>ed in that Cmi.cil uoder the national pro gtaivnie are ?uataii.ed by tbe majority o' thMrcon ttitu'rit*. Judye Conrad and otner* ?re trying ham to bUtter up Jobnaoa, but t won't do. Bka Gull. GREEN* BRIAR HPRINUi, VA <1hf*s Bui ah -rniMH, July 12, 18.>5. Rtmtt to tht Spin gi?Efftet of ilit tVitir, $?<% A? tbe retann rolia ronud in the n ^hborhood of Mr. FourtS of July, ? trip to Vae of Vlr gU' ft in i?lit hnioi( whi n the thermometer U at 98 in thfc *bade. In ? ur principul clti-s It brin^i to m'nd that whiio eld Bi.l Ih pouring d >wn hU flare Mt r*y* upon tbe toa-tcd a:.d done browa iriii ibitant of the city, there are plaoea within a low h<.<irs r?i h w ic* bi? beat i* tempered d>wn into a mild *nd temper id warmth, and when the appliir.cea ot civilization are | brought to bra' for (be c.m'ort auJ relax t'ion of { mind and body. Lti?f intr at Old Point, a few day* *p?nt In the ?n I joymeut cf the bounMful and re,<al table of th ? Mem*. Will -rdc, tbe mnui of the intervening Mm* be: ween meala Agreeably interaponed with billia-d* abooting, bathing, tea pica, &?., and, not lea it, a regular *npp)j of papera ard periodical*, which adjunct! to recreation are not thought unworthy o patronage by the arietocrad : Virginian*. Hingula to it mark, thia watering place la the only one w ere thin neotw-ary aliment to the mind i? provided, and which, in our Northern aumuer resorts, would be conaidereJ without tlum temple* for Feejee lalarilera, balancing between (Iret-iibiiar and Je danx aa tbe Warrenton Fauquier Compary Hpringa are cloned; not, a* reported, on acouD' or the ?m*:i pox, but that horrible malady rt tumbling ilague. I cucae Oreenbriir. Tti? railroad to Btaun'on took me there in qui* k time, and tbe old faebioced four hcrae ntage. by way of variety, lanoeil me at the apa^lou* portico In IK54 these cprinpM were violently opposed oy rival wat< rirjr place*. The fzcural in of the Fea'her ?tonbuugb relate* their iuoonvenlencea in a Havana manner, but a;cor<l* to thorn big*! curative qualities. At thia time thoy wore under .he DiHt^agcTebt of the Me hm*. Caldwell. Mr. Autrew Retention, In '.'14, declared to the writer that hta life wan preserved, and hi* health restored, by c< uHUnt viaita to the *ource of tbtaa wa'er*. and their u>e at hom?. At the present moment all tb? comfort* of tbe brat society, with a healthy and raiubriou* aim mphere are found at thia olywian ?p?. CftARMASr. Our Norfolk Corrr?|>oii(trnre. Norfolk, Va., July !?, 1H.55. ?Surr'tundmgi ?Sis Frifatrt- f.nunch in Urlober ? Will tih Stick in th<- Mud? ? Tkt Hkkami /h ritrd ? It >mr fiy until t,n ? Hug fshiji fli trl / Qui ? p<irl and Yung Ama ru, Ojsterdom la qaiet ; aoit cralia, ho^flih and mint jalepa are io tbe enjoyable ascendant. July?'* Independence'' month la brin^log flock* of rammer traveller* to our adjacent witeriujt place*:? Willaid'a Old Point Comfort; Dr. Ilaokt Cheaapeaka Ball, at the ancient IndUn cl'.y of KeKoughtan; Tabb * Afton Hall, uear ilcroit^n ail of tbfm within hourly uteamboa'. raa<li of Nor folk and I'ortaimath, where you may take the nil for Cbarlta'on ar d New Orleana, or tht; a't imer for Baltimore or New York. The brain and muacle of the N?vy Yard people here I* directed energetically to tbe completion of the two mamm'itli war ateimera. On? aiJ tae lirnt of the *i*, yon know, an'-horiaid by Comgrrm, ha* already lieen launched at B*toD, u tier the lale fat' fable and veteran (,'omm-dor? Ortg ry. Mr. Coiatnictrrr Hart (the y uug?r) hope* to p?t tbe Umnoke into the wiUr a>m? floe day in October next. T-e Colora 1> will be a few rn'ri'h* iat^r ? probably lint the time that (taorge ht?er* will <.et hi* gigantic ard novel Niagara ovrrtuard. I' will be a mira cle il the R^noke aball lie taiely checked in ber launch: for it kx kn to l>e imp ? fjt humtn (K>wer to let her (Up from the *tcck? and prevent hi r from ImbtddiLK her huye Irmiie in the deej rr udt<ank* of the ojjpoalte *bore of toe narrow lit' e i l /?t*th rtver. However, M r. Hart * a younK H "f cu.i* in pb}*l<|iie, and it I* *ala l<? n raiifhty tmirt in ti* buntife*. m> we muHt tru*t to hi* r ttmnt *1 acd to nood luck to *ee tbw fureat ot lire oak aa'eiy <lu ' keu arid d<c aed. We bop* to havealiio tme here. Can't you -ome down, or w ud a reprnwn tiv?? We ari alway* glal to a?e th; Naw Yoaa H?rald. It *.ini 'i* up- krtp* tiaative ? aad ho /k? ua tn to the world'a gmtt car. The frUate Potomnr lonrnn up. and I* joat re"- 1? mtr btr ? fflc?-r?, c-ew arid *torva, tor ? iong ctilM in tbe Allaoti'. and <>ait ot Men -a. Io a ?**? or M) ('? rr rm m re Hiram Fauldlbg (of Hev ,h:Uofl*ry ?U(k)will kol?t bl* br ad |*nn^rt *? - iTTia der m et wl of toe h</?e njua^ron. He >* a bold, <JaaJ? v. ira'lait 'fTice', ar -3 jur. tno m?iit> pant tho ??ar apargled ba- aer in Cu>>?, or wherever e ae I nolo wam may ir,t mate. < ommandar I.. M. P?W eli la* rep' rted aa Capta.n of toe i'ovotn* . a >4 i* K?t?ii ft bor tn readir e*? with hU a?"ivu>?ed >vij at d intatHg?nc?. The three p. ? wi'l ?<* p>Aent %i r*n!dii>K Powoll, Pot mar ' Toe <?o*i?irt N*vy Y?r<i la under tbe eon man-i <4 < oam ><4"r* l?*? M'Keave*,aa hV.'im <ffl ?r,*n hnap'table r*o tW n ae . aa J a U>?r< uabiv a& i r. na aWntly a <ten> <iat cf tte (lr*t watrr, that hla ' V c?i'at?* tfcicufh ali hi* rff?ia a ta. To-r?i* ?oU/ii.f "f. g)la He ta aii Y mil* A mer a r?4' (a' ko akean V a hove n <tbin* ia KvW Yo-v it ?dvaxoa a' htm tn denocroey. A.C. Tk# "-ta** ?f T?? <? l,a< ?? rat *lv ?t ? ? ? ik? e? o?u? ?.f tW'i IM 1 1? ?? I* mi? i *'. to ? "mt* i > II ii 'tw n mtu ' O at ky tb* ta* mi-ii of l'te *OaU 4 ??? ? ta.< ? *U1 c ?'.? a baa n *.<-? u' 4iiMiSM l Oor Albuy ConMpgodtDM. A i, bant, Jaiy It. I8M. The First A> rut Utultr ttu (?r tjnr?Tk* Car *cn ijtagvr I>r\r*n in Art\.n~Tto I' tuple Crate I' wig the Pvhci QfK e* to H'iImn ttu frtcudmgi, 4 *? The pieaent week hu b*en filled with latere**, ciueorf by an attempt jf the Caiaoi Letgqs to ?1 amUter the anti-liquor law. T ough it *u aito riou* tnai nearly all the wboleea'e at ire* and retail ?Hope eet the law at deit ?u e an 1 c >nt ua*i to ?nil a* iiKuai, the League did u ?t enter any cxnplaiat* before tb? police, ua'.'I they were abolutely bnw bcateo and dnrea lata I*. Tate city bilag tbe headquarter* of tbe ?o tiled temjeraaca leader* and reformed drunkard*, tbe dealer* boprd tbe friecd* if tl * prohibitory u w w >uid, imiaodlaVel/ alUf tbe fourth of July, oa-ro^nee pr?a?caU<>aa, in order that tbe law might be brough*. before ths ocurtaof fiaajreflirt, for argnneat, iaretti<*tlon BLd decialon as to it* cuatitutl m-ai feature*. Ai tve-ybody aclniowle iged tuo qu<* i?n mu*t aooaer or later he teaUo, <he> opponent* of th* lav de?tred a retUimcn. of it at the earll?*?t prart cable periii. Tte better clam ol hotel keeper* deaued that c mpii ota H.Touid b? made uvaiiiMt tu?m, and quite a: anxiety w?h exhibited for tie Hr?t aaaityrd a Bu t e League would C')t primeou'.'*. Dayafti d*y l Mo d u' Uc nervine of any proc-*w to aopnar btiore t; e police couit. FValjr, two xeatiejun Uformad Lie l.taguu thai tuny bad druuk eaon a (jlhHH i f b>andy at tae bar of the City 11 >til k*i>t Tbe tact that tim league >ad t iewlvnl thla voluntary evid no* became ioita*My Wsk wa through tae city. I'ho wan-. of uraalne wit ureae* wa* on long r tin ex :u*e for n-m proMcutioa. The . ubiic knew thai the League tbe faa.ta , fu l A great oouacll w*a h^li.aai it Win d?U).mi'.ed t> enter a complaint agalaat Mr. Lfu-u ii. Accirdtngly, from tl-e tni<*matioii th*ut t a- mt la men Im <k, C. 1'. VViJlt Atnt, wall k >own hi r<- it* a leading *b -fimaiai, ir?e * >iler, Mune- ; Uw.te, a n.i iulx r of i e Canton Liagu*. and irtiy ot err " uui" of that character, men t be- i loir tae |o!lce justi c ht itiir'e affllarit that le ka<1 to l?.ieve" that Win Lindoo 1 holi i iit^ix i alt ? k iiquoia. Tbi* wai Wmt Mr Laodon tiopfd atd j > raj id ior. H" wauied hii ua-oe t'? a> pear t>< lore ttic pobllc aa the l ie victim la tb-i City ot Aibanr, tte bead quartern ot alJ trinueraace, I hi'raleud poll Li ai litijint), urieaUvl uudar tan law of laat t-?ec:..n. Tbe llr>i' i|tienti?u boiore trieciart wee, wiieib-T a warrant f r aw arret co nd bs hmqi ? ed u|.on tbe mete "beilet" ol M . W.liami. Mr. | I'oiler.o' iiiim 1 for (Lrence, oon^t-ndrd that no war r*Lt r< ula larue, nole?H th? compUlaaut ate'.ed tn hie ullldavii that be Mmnelt actually tae per?>oe oili.k eoinettinn at the bar. ao<l laat froin ntnoao ksowted|? be kMW It to btiMaxlaatiBgtUpi >r. Ju? tice Coie l?i?i?td ti> arguuenta pro and coo Mr tea or turt<< loure, and llnaiiy decided tuu the affl Uvlt tl Will aii.M wuh etifHctcul t < justify the taxti'ng of a witrraut, aad oonae<|uebtly t -e arroat of Mr. I.aud m, wbo *a? c ted to apuear nef<i(? tbe couit on Taunt dat af'citonu, two d*)a thereafter i'aring the prcgreea of thia preliminary Inrretlga tu n, the court ro ,nm, hatla, efitraroea anl atri-eta, In the ficlhlty, were ceuwly crowded and pack'd with people unxioua to hear aud learn tbe pr.x-tiel lr.|/e. Tb?* friends ai;.l o pone itn of tie law were joetird togethtr la a promia< uoua mvn, an 1 It waa al eolutely ladicroua to hear the ilirconti >na la rela tion to tf e propriety and effect ot tne law by p'r-ona widged no cl< aely tog ntber, that their rrm-a touched, ?rd their arir.a prntMtd dawn uh if la itraljihtj* ket?. The o^poneota of the bl'l, however, ware largely la tbe majority, and kepi up qu te a turmoil la hlaaing and abusing tin- Maine lawitea, and loiidiy (-bearing Mr. Ijtndoo. Alter tho <'<tne w adj urnsf, and ? (the crowd waa pa^lnv down tb- atairway, Wil Puma wa? bandied rougMy, aerereiy aad ah?me fully; Ma fa<-? wae c' v/ ted wltb cfoarc at |<owderto 1 a)ni<-et blu-dnr-H and anil >oauon hi* nera tn bru aed In ??vera) piac a. ana hi* clolhee buVy torn, l'uva aaadneb tte crowd, aid be 0 an not td??ti'y a ?trgle ixweoo engaged In the ouvt?g?, lie fell ioto tbe han^aof the I'titlietlne*-, anu heir g the Urttt In foimrr again*' tlx* liquor tlealera, hk* >ifcn riugt.y 1 1 < Ht? (1 tor hi* voluntary *?rvice. Amther darn in c'rati.m ia t x, ectei. Ai.bant. July l],lNi. 1'hr Abt'i igi'nea ? A Himiiiinl an the llinr SI / ,in> ? iniff ( innuji of Ihi St. Hem* Indium ? J'htir J\'uinhir and Midr if l.ifr, tfr,, 4*f. IrUrtbc present census leant, the Hecretery of hx*u> in directed to appoint ? per 1*1 marshal* for tuklLg thft otnmi? ot the Indian tribes residing in be blste of New Yolk. in tbo*e icservrjonn of Weetem New York, occupied by the remunni of tbe Ir qtiola residing there, he hu app noted native Indian*, who have teceived a good Kngll-h educ i tl. u, and who* acquaintance with the language and customs of the people was aappoaed to afford ttiem pecaiiar advantages for tbe dut/ assigned them. In 184.5, when the ceneus lav ?m first a^p led to t he coiltction of the Industrial resources of our na tive Indian", the enumerators met with peculiar difficulties, from the apprehensions entertained that tbe mean u re had some e mnection with taxstim, or was a part of some design upon their land*. Hu far a* has been learned, thie feelirg hu in a great de gree subsided, and the aUtUtlci of then* people will doubtless be procured with the greatest rail nets and accuracy. For the enumerttion of tbe Bt. Hegls In dians, I>r. Franklin B. Hough, ilrst clerk in the cen?ns department of the (Secretary's office, was appointed from his baring ber i intlma'ely a' ?juainted with the history and condition of tbe tribe, while engaged a few years sin e la collecting the local history of that portion of tbe K-ata. II* at that time received from them stj Ind an n?m?, an J never vi?ita their village without rtceiviog many tokens of confldence and regard. We have r>" eiv? j from him a few of tbe results ot their census. it will be remembered that, shout 1071, a portion of the Mohaeks *? >1 others of tie six ni'.iiis of In dians weie indued by Csthill': mlMiionsries to emigrate to Canada and *. t(le r ear M mtresl. Th? Indian village of Coaplirevsgs.oB tie *it. Lawnoce, opposite I<*cblne, in atill f inabited by tbe detcead ; anta Of those proselytes. Ir- IT'.O, ini'i r Ant une j Gordon, a Jesuit misal^nary, tti *n living at (' ;u<b n? w*ge, led ofl a colony from ttiis ne:i\ ? ?> et'tl' d at the prr^nt v,l'ai<e of St. It1"*'*, ctllad t? f the nalivts Alkwts**' lp. Then s o'> r* ?ord pit strsed showing t e numb*r that :iiu< ear frru ted. About I "07, the reair.tat of th< <)? ' v?4sa?cbie tribe, (si called,) which was Ilk' i * i*e fialhertd finui tbe lrtwj 1//U of New V <rk ; bjr Fetber l*l<|uet, the loon<).?r o' Fort I'reeer *Uon, ' now Ogdensburg, removed Irim Indian Point, la | tie pieserit town of Lisbon. M. I *wrerirv rmnty. st,d juir.ed the i>t? U<gi* tribe. T ii villa/e is t an tifuby sitae'?d m th?! Kt. I .? ereoos, at the heoJ of Iske St. Fnacl*, t ?twf?a tbe aiont'ia <J lit ket aid 8t. Kegis river, and In the fu lil'yof Its s.'l, tbe ijuiet i?esutyof its scen?ry, and iU r<>rn%itu bistort I cat as*" latlons, it has fee e'josU in t le > mnlr/. The vl'lage u divided t>y the I'.tn parallel of lati tude, tLe greater part t<aion "> t?ciad*. it?to re I lie wsr <-f 1-1 J, the i.stivs* knew n > IHUtctot i Utwien tf e American and Hfiti*h, snaring e>i<isl!y the ^rtf nts h&J atibiiittee of u<Ui gov*rno?eate and >b t- ?"t r done >ti> tffars, ruled by tseln < iUefs, e.i'ted "for li/e, by the five bsr. ls lt,t? whl h they ??re d:viosd. Or these, foof were head chiefs, (?le led by tbi wrmer. in early umee, abowmir III US ?a> y that e r/ie;i had ngtxe sod prlvi ? tut tst< t ?y tbs whole r,u>d.) s?*ui^.| B > !cur war cbie'*, at. 4 four onion < fiteet s< n ustr.geia ; ihe lat'?r Wt| y -uag men. wb/jse were to i?rry naws pr <?ie lnte.ilgeme, sad act as aetf-eiift'trs I < U?e xmar.i. Tbey ? ?re ii. 'be une <A prutv Mm to Um ffi * ?< wsr cl iefs, wimhad tin- iieji-'sl dlrerteio of a. .ittry al fair* u< dor t:>?or tatsof tha c.xit'-it. Mum tl war <f 1MI2 fe Atoorvan pa'ty have ewte.j IMr uw tt<s aanoally tr, tbe plsce of < nefs T (i- Itrlt ?b I *rt> ooi. tinned U,?ir f rlner < ft'ie nomtier <fr Uf? te ipk loducej to at?' r .) .aiii Uie iVUi of Juao ? f the (r?*?tit year, wnrti < ??io oei N?,/?er, ho irnr.t" n lei t of (rdien A 9*1'*. vial led Uke p. a e. i alio del by I>oed Bar* s?id ? Uj?fs, to lajuire mto i ai.d it?lr?i? 1 ?rt?.# aOOwa wii'h were alleged to ?i e? atd of w if n the rattng ^uefs fall* o-.feo?e.j th>Bii>el>>? BH.ty Tt.e syeters wse r m>keo np, j r.? w ct Ufa appo's'?'5 f r oa* year ow trial, and fe | illtise fjr roakntf "W^ialnta were aate-ded t> I < ?? ry pers>b Aadiaff Mtieoi . Itaie are at present drseinir anoo.t.aa and rent* ? ABwi i as |?rtv- sxi I Bflltail party ... , i,|j ?ak rg s Ujtal of |jjJ Tie ctaitn t on o# parties ao* is net demed ff m rtsMir ro oa < tjt or t be other a Is ot <?:.* boudory Lie, hot doe>:?ads <>u i Im maie aide f tti the 1/erl.e, w they formed le I "SI A , ? m. t,, ojeo msnttrg. arqiiira* f -r Nerae t aid ' ' I 'tea tho rt gate '4 lair finsbeod flliss a^'t'ed by or narrsiaf tato ledlaa faint'ie* ar-jtiire ! Hy bis t/> tt>e ar naitieK. Hie 4?s Ucl f/f iea is de a*?? d? r? the femaie 4de the laeis are laswa e> Ut Wo.f, Ueor, I'^iver, O.aat 1+im a^i Turtle, of wblob the Pb ver end Utile Turtle fm im " I> T'?t?4] t?Keih' r In the election of cblef*. Tbr Burnt r r of thee* IcdUoi u locrftwlox, M will to ???-u m tbe folkiwloK Uole, prop?nd|^oai the ole ?'? book ?or e*ver?J yttrt. It embresee the iB' lean party out, : ? 1 K4*> 462 1K51 4M 1M7 4ti& 1N4J i'Ji 1H48 4Ui IHM 6M 1*4!? 4*7 I lh2f? lb r am*) pox ?wf pt off g o*i number*, enu In IhJJ th* cuolft* nude fnjrUUu h?voc. attack ing *b< u\ 340; and wi UJ netypnoafeei*, trtolohfot )o?eo, dent ojlfiff 139 wi-hiu u nil >rt nm?. Ia 1H4D t l>e ci olrrm Mwnpl iff 2!) et?4 the ? mall pox 30. The wwn of IHAO 'H <>ne of p?cnltar f**lltjr. The Mir wibr u v ecme of the reeuliaof the Ute cea un?: _r !'? pu kUi>n uVt ol boundary Dwelling*. K?DiU'Ht . ..I Arm (U'iuvh ?-<j. i-xt tuiivv ol pieture 1,304 Nun l*i t on ?wm4 71 Ntn\l*i o( hoin?? J?? a i? oi hn ut iu icfit .. in Bo?htl? of tt>M? n?t* <1 i>i lK6i 1,019 liu?b? '? of co>u r?i* d in li.'it 799 M il o th?? nattvm laniifrm a ? ?mal1 eo*le, UkilR tip e?.d ociit-y i k m rv?tt property M mn li M it ft fffeinH'foVM lend ol ihr ri*? rvation M t/ pjr call colli v?U?. Tne iihT, In tbo mitnturr eft* ?? r , k'c h>r?o to o n*lil? r?t??* narabe.* to n?vinale leftr down tbe repHe of t1 e S?. I .twit* nor; o? ?t? mi a* pil'te on Ter^elf ?!??? eiid!u< the me ; w.d a very few follow the p-tmiuvr it- u j? t'c?i of bunting. ?b?> unaai Irei tr?d<* an unknown em* ng them, a cabinet auk*' noil i rtr pri.ter totoK the entile aainr*r of thai cUen in im wtole tenon. Our Ktjr Weal (nnnpmiilrkrr, Nbw Y mk, Jot jr. l?w. Jlttlnrt/ of tin IVrtrktng Mi/tttm ~Tht tVi tckrr a <i mi iht Wrtektd 7V .Vrafioai W V?,eh~Th, Hnrrof H'litf a) the S.itln*. To be Uuruogh)/ ari|ualutad wltn tta? wr?cklnf buidnea* oop mw- go ?nd |it<* a mug t!ie wrtt k?r?, ?rd ?it and jdage for bimeelf of the ra*e|t? ?ujt 4?-' nr.i?i?? of it. kn Individual. on Kulo(tuKwW.m, which mar be eonajdeml the greet wr?<'i< t>g em porium of the Union, and bearing of th- r< ? < *?pi my ard daring n aolfeaK d by them in the ?nivj-.lo.a of life hi d i roperty.wonJd come totho c . . .1 mtitt tbry did not dreerve the opprobrln > p-ntl/ leaped upon tsem, but (fiat th-i t-. n ? <<:kar alnuld be aupllrd to tbcm m the liter* ai ? of toe word, aa applicable to aetata of Ind.vllu i'? wkoaa m '* bnelnewa It la u> lave veaeel* and their rvfws from destruction. whatever pecuniary advantage* may rteult to then fr< m the value of tielr eerrieaa t?> ?er*?la In dlitrena, and no jiiat eat mate haa e var lean made of the value of tbcir aervluea to t -.a *hip pin# intern* ol tbl<i and other cMutrle*. I ! ?r? K?eo a WKH'ker, aod muat be allowed t . luve v.ou knnw'afga of the wre< kera and thj> ? kla^ bii?lr.?aa, and of the mannrr in which th. o.tlaeaa it < ainac ou. | Hcaile ?d alorg tfce ooaet, from Cap* Kl "I la ta tbe Tortugai, aie wrrckiru atatlona, the pi:n.-lp*J or wMci., betwtan Cape Florida mid K?y Wo*l are Cu aar a Cre?k, Key Draifua, K?jr T?rrrol*re, in dian K?j, Key Vacae, 1?|J down on tha aea chart* a* (lew Key, atd flayou llonda, net' K>/ Weil, | B*l w Key Wfrat Uie wmkirig atitloca a-a indif ferently eratterad l*tween that at.) tie T >r tii^faa; at ea< h of th? te utationa may b? a an, ly. iog at suitor ill*- in the evening, fnitti oae it thi?e, end aometint* ?* many at eix. wrecking vt?Ml? conptlai. c aiopa and aefcoooera fr>m f.rt* to c ne Luurtr ti t i;a burthen; on i- ?a?ie? > wrp'*?r a I'tyt't wati't) U kept; ra-fi imo o-l.ravie hum! watcbaa one bum; t e eipt<-ea i>r.\e, i (,f tnia w?'< i a to k*P?. a atuol look out f..r llKi, * ..r.^nala hn'ateil by vaeaela aarx ra on the reef. K?r y li4, n.f'?r,*TK trie . . ok of ibe veaael k-'-? mtal prrpa->n coff e orallhar da, after or ber0r , wn-", the aftuor ai.waahttt, ami ? e men ata d io r.aJ.n^a, about tie l>*iyarda ti auk'- milw an n a< poalWe la op poaition to othrr veaaela <? impo>la< tbe il-m. rtn iv' ii t nt of jjettHK uuier way. wijiru ia n-jtrtu/ hi three or f.,ur In t^e moram^. a a ti^e o< tb* Ct't Ml eirltrrnent. K%. h veaaei n*rn?-rally rlir^ed wlih pa'.eol (4 vka arid at the fojt of the ma? l? pkaje I a lead'ac' block w, tl the tb....t njU,trU rov. t Tr-JC Uan<> led *fi, a.> a-i to ittva ev. ry ,Jif, %n ?> .uitu miy rfi-BiliiK. Here then, aru,r c ,al foiifcd by Ute > t (ft W or m a wre kia* TMatl aaainb ea. th- ....Uiri Ukea plu;? at ta. tiller or wneel, aud awaiuthe Hrat ro >v merit ramU 1' X\* n*M' ,h* ,,m in'JmaUoo of m. T x " cU,Ur 1 IW bl M-ka I t a Mil r la ? lvi>n to bol.t away .ami ihr m?u >u \ >a throat ha ya? da i atart aft on a run with t iat part of Ibe halyard w/iich reevMthrot>irn trie le ? >ti>v uock ? ben ?(? lualnaall la up. tlv j.l, te a.arted by a-.ra-.! while o there ataud by tn? wiLd aae end t-. raa' .iff the taWHir attached to the end of the cba u au<l Ibrtrw ?,verlmard the buo>, which la uee.l t-i tha mooring* of each vaaaal. and to enable the a U? pic k up tl eir chain aKain whan U ay rrtura u. Mr ! * 'I10*" h *?,nf no regular m heave ? air anchor abort tna lira! Ihing In lb" imn a % i op \ty Ui? mil#. M bivtog K'H uniler tA; AQ #g:j race tak?a pla-e, to a?* arhich veeael can eer ahjai In I ha morning enilaa for t?, ka If n . wreck ? .a^'V'Tl nl"rn ?l rent InUrve.'a to tie m"rnln?- Ttu J ??? "r -iowa tb* rt ef until they meet th->ae of ot er etatioiu ?,*y wui'^T tmo bark again; l?.t if oaa* fljpt in to ao tinfi#^ri#int^d whor*^ n rtow. nkTiBi'1*?1 h' "D: "I tW0 t,,r rm' ???? fc?a aa i ? f Hi . ?* ,bwjt lo uk* P ? i or hope | tit that tiolnt where no wre- k la on hand. 7 3a day la per?< <j in wo- iti.g. watering or oW talking a Mapl* of flak and w,th wbka ta? iV/Jt o^ T Hwnda ra?f afewod. Wban a wrack a di?cov?,ed art e?cn)D. raoa take, pi v? am mg ' ' * f'*1 b"*rtJar <f a wrerk, If i -n . >r TU4" Uk" ,B th" and tnlrd beard* ra ; ail after them he ha? the privilege r.y ' V" ,tJ" i,lu' w'"? "* Uk"' *?>???? >? Ha m. ;. if cao m' ^ 4 "* Weir t/ ftaaga. K* . * "**' " hur.dra.1 t ma, he can cat j hf r do.nn aev. rit, five, ar?| ?, WlU ,f , ^ WI I aff. t< ,?t v< e.ei . ihare of the aaivage nak.rJ fL r^r. '' aV r,"n, toM m m '' 1 ft fai i Hate tr e-r m ve'iwjn'a aacj wre king ve**?i f'"1*," r; ? f**1 *'* "* ?'<??? * taa oara. <>a re.r'ng Uj- wre-kad vaiei Ui?? 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