Newspaper of The New York Herald, 18 Temmuz 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 18 Temmuz 1855 Page 2
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FYaada Upon Baugnnu. wsw they ssociJt bk nuivutnsD -Nsovwnr ros A CHAOiflE IN TIT* UW8 RSGULATtNU AQWrtt, BONNCKflj AND RMIUK VSV BoAtUUMO B K'98 KJOFIUI9 ? WOtF* EBKNCB OF THtJ OOMUI93ION8KS Or HUOMATIOH TO Tllf OlTaAOBS OOMXI rTK'D VPON IMIOHANTR ? SHOULD NIK MA TOR HE PBBSI* JMLNT OJ~ THE BOARD OF COMMMSMONBBJ? ETO. Jhe folic* ing interesting document in relation to Ike frauds ard impositiozs committed uponemi" gnats on their arrival at this port, by runners, toardirg house keepers, so-called ticket agents and flhiri, was diarn op by Mr. Luil wig Bernler, the kead of the new departmeit lately organised by the Major for the protection of emigrnti: Ofkick of rai Emigrant Dbpaitmsivt. ) Mayor's Office, New York, July 3, 1855. J 8ik I trust yoa will excuse ma if I indulge in a few general iemarka relative to the frauds pra :tioed ?a emigrants in this city, before answering thoie qoes-kBB that yon, on behalf of the Emigrant Pro tective Society, propound to me. That emigration which set in from Europe to Aase'ica, from its discovery, still flows with an ac celerating current, adding Its contribution to that fcnmease mass of national wealth, dominion and pseapetity which now seem boundless in extent and eadkis in duration. Toe great majority of thsse ?migrants engage in agriculture a-Jd mechanic arts, knee the united labor of the myriads coming here la fbiownlnto those channels most productive ta actional wealth. The statistics lately published in Prussia show til at each family , leavisg that country in 1854, ksaagkt with tkem about $500. The Prasiians are ky ao means aa wealthy as the inhabitants of M^ck .laaburg, Oldenburg, Kolstein and the principal! ties, who may be set down as beiog worth at least doable as much as the Prussians; bat the am mat they bring with tbem is insignia saut, w ;en com pared witn ttie wealth walch their naited labor aeeumalates in this country. The mater part of these air.ving here, go immediately to the wm(, where land and food is cheaper, and labir better paid: but the thou time they remain in New York ait? they are subject, to more frauds than thsy ever srtfered it om before. Tee j feel this treatment more sensibly bscau?e it is directly cnutrary to waat they expected. Wuei lh*v left their own oountiy they looked forvard whh hope to this, aid regarded with impatieacs tie thne when their own fortune would b3 a<-w jiv ted with toe miithty destiny >f a y wag and vast republic. The eui g-ant, In hU i? ionics of oir country and the people, regard the runners at pec sobs authored by Saw, and placa implicit cofi fence ia aQttey cay. Chey are soon ujds wived, Isr so sooner has the sv.ip cast anchor than thay ba se* him, and he is placed entirely at their msrey. He is defrauded of ui? mom y, perhaps all hs oas wtth which to pay his way into the interior of tie country, and being ucaoquaintei in maiy instances wttt our latgnage, he knows nut bo* to apply for ?edit bp. A railroad ticket has been sold to him fir a differta* route from that ty which he wishes to iaa. h bis destioati >n ; and it be applies for an other his demand is mot with insults, and he is iiablo to aersozal abuse ard violence. If the ticket waic i he has pu.-cbaeed is for 8t. Louis, or any otbar dis tant place, he flot's out a: some intermeiiate point cn the route that it will not tako him any farther, and that he must either uodergn the expanse of re tailing or jiay Tor a new ticket before he can pro aeed cn his jourtey. But (his la no*, al.; for even should te retrace his steps it is more than probible when be reaches New Yurk that he wiH no; get his ?:ket exchanged. It would be well, however, fo.* the poor emigiant, if these were the only frauds of which he bad to complaii. There is aomataiug ctkl worse which he has to suffer, and against wh'cn he ficids it impossible to obtain any protection. Ik's is tie fraudulent m tuner in which his freight is wtigned, and the excessive charges he is com pared to pay. Thit you may understand fully the master in which these Impositions are psrpetratad, 1 will make a brief statern n'. of tin modmowundi. X short time previous to ths deoarture of th9 train ky which tbey are to go, say half ai hour, their lug gage, whicu la in charge ot the forwarder, Is weigh ed, and an account mala np tor thi overfreight? tfcat ia, for all over titty pounds, ths amount a'lowel to each passenger free of cost. Tua most ex orbital charges ate made for the surplus weight, which the ' emigrant is compelled to pay, bsing unable to dei ty far the purpose of making h s complaint b fo e the wooer antbo. itles. Toe train is ready to start Jils tick it is paid for, his luggage wilt not b? given up aakas he pays the ?,>e;iti.a sum; he is oonfased aad eattrelyat a loss what course to parsna, bat is taoly compelled to submit to what he feci* and kaocs is a fraud. Tae frauds praoti ad iu the weighing of baggage would often b9 ludicrous, were they not revolting. Some time since an ofQ jar de tected a runner dtrec^inK a number of emigrants t > gat on the scales and bold the baggage while i . was being weighed. ItwouMbs import his for m?, hi the brief space to which I mu-t confiae myself ta notice all the ir> justice practioad up >n the eimple mind'd and unsuspecting emi graat. But there is one which 1 must notice Mi the hope that your worthy s.ciety mtvdevto some mcai s by wbijh it can bs abnl shsd. I a'.lud i lathe snares whi:h are laid for the ssduotiono' jfaag women into houses of ill tame, aniof chic l mb tLQsi have bee n made a vare before this t 'it ough tke SMdiui of the public prtM. It would be wrong however to act use the licensed rannf retail thes: dishonest p-tz'.ice*, WkiM BFS matoly to b? traced to man who are indirectly coa Meted with t e emigrant business, such as bvj gage smaaben, speculators, and other ueauthotizod wersoBs, whoare unab e through the icefticie.ioy aod BBaerfections ot the law to mtke alu ratire livin<. Obi Mayor has used all tbe en?rgy and porsa7e raaoe wktcu has marked his official put an emd to these evils; vat until the LagUlatarc r?vi-?e aad alter some of the exist 'ng laws on the subject ?f catigratkn? UuUl a dock is set apart exclusively fa* (migrants, and until the Commiui oners of Emigration exhibit a zeal corresponding with the Major's, it is impossible to accom. llsh a ronoletc sefoim. ltla with reelings ot aeitcajy an raiQsUnce tn it 1 allude to Uie 0 'm nif.sioaTs of E aigr&'.Ijn. I am aware from ex mietce o( the d'ffijh'ilee ( insur It Mix co, tat I m tot my thay iuve tt ia Uni.- pi ? -r to pat an end to t-ais revolting pe uUtion, by * >h tbjnwBds of do'lars are evnry d-?v uk j? f/jai . it C!h#t?of friendless emigrants fit tie of sf dMboreat per Ana. The Bo u\l (if C m nia-ti >o ore cf Emigration <? jns ala ed ? few year* alue to prevent tboiw frau-.'s vox c jmpUia d of. T e object o tfce LegUlalu-e *m wxtbyot lb it e.i Vgbttntd bolj.ttiil tae liwa whtcittoy p lis id were excellcm; oat. unfortunately tn mttm tvjop ? ed to carry th m Ml wwtfw wer* nof. < to tbe parity < f their iutontion*, anl bare noi &i awe ltd *to?i eri desired. The org-urzitcm of tv Board ot Commissioners of Emigration it a > im >er lb t, it Is a bu. ter of w -ivler ttut tbey dil not ?aiathief atavist tx >c ne, >na ?id o^a MV.Iegoal ? l aa fanunati cost. Xh3 ohj.ic'.wos to tae 'l>u) M* thr-.e-f .Id:? 1. fUo C mmtoifwera hava no ?v iry; tbei ? i ties a*?T iiVmt and onfr-xw, ind th*y are *sn;ii;i'l la ilner business wiii h .ecupiea a great por.ioa o' to?ir time. ? 2 A pirtef then f .rm'rfy were me- hia a on netted witi tee emigan. ' tr*dp," ud ooo Mqoeutiv t'leir ptioijlM were in o'lttiy wtlk tb - ir i ? t-reat ; tb-r<stote I' trultatwirp in - who t ey weie enemea la tSuii*- iat treat; an?i i< tru > to ttejr interest t:?y oera at war wit i ihjlr pri ?;i pi*'. 34. Hla. ? 'he orgaaiziti m of the 1' ar t tin re hi] only been one Catena1 id>ner ??, a tMt wbi tejk? abk to apeak foreign laugna^aa, wii>o tbslir^a?-, portion of tao cmi-cta iti ?bo arrive at thii pjrt are ?ttffiy ignorant of Kaglis'i. Tfte ?au rema>k ma/ be m?de in jegard to tin peraaas emsloyed by tue ?eaid, very fo e of whom noiera ajd any other laa I?a*e than tba' of thii ^o&try. In toy.jvojl. of ibeao objv:iona it m\y b< a<f m *1 wi'boo*. i?i- of c:,atr*1ict.rta, tb?* tba la ? of 1H44, lat the pTotect on of emiffranta, haa neither b.ti entorcd norobsyed. ba'. baa b.ea ojxaly TioU'x i ?very day lince u ?, aa enacted. Ia rep y to y?.Tir iicauosa. 1. ran tie Bj*rd j,i <nre a d'??a'. of tbe law now ? J? ra'a' to en. gr*ci?a ? V* L iW4 ?f New ^ork, r<>lar.Tj t? i*a c.ty of Sew York, by D?ia. 2. Arotteae lawalnteUic b a, ex?Uctt and anffl ?te&t tor tbe porpoM tor *bica tiey ware e&ac^ed ? T*y 'xpacit, aad neej bnt Utt'a aitoraUoa tj bo aafflctent. 3. 1# not pl?Mt to point rat dUjrrepiiciaa, lncjfl atotonctea or otti'r m. I^U nieatioc l? em braoed in Oto fourth. 4. What amendment* aad adllU nt to tbeis ]aaa might ?ttii a<iT*nt?ge be mtie f Fo *<> tin 41 page.iWo' tbe Liwi KsJattT* to tfce Cl y 01 Vs* \o?b, iHvte' edioon. It ah said ala> b-mvlsihe <nty of t??ry boar Jivg h?H keeper t j give, 00 a.; mand, rbc t:connt of cvi/y b jtrier applying for^nndet a penalty for n A doing a J in a naanoaib r in aerfkm 42, j,age 327, the Itan of tbe b?rdi?g bovae keeper 00 the boa.dor'a baggage ah.iu.d bs reetil-.tod to tbj prise of biard Mil loagton. rti't Ikn now can bo mi ir-cd tor cartmr, borrowed money, Ac. By tbla moana ticUitooe laiob'?dae?4 H created and ciDtoUd. Any mtditnM aboo'd wher?vcr tbe b>ardi,? W* TsopoT rotaiM tag??go beyond the am>nnt of bin claim, ktve power to aaaeaa Mich b^cgage iQ ? a^amvy way, and compel ie?tfVitton of tie ranamder. fnatead of arc. 44. t>ag? 32*, which ta attorly worttt hm aa it aundt at pteao it, I w >uld hive >. ,(? inaerc ti: ? thatevsiy wnal arrfvmg at Q-j ir?*iti?. <j be b-ardrd by n p.lioe officer, provided wit a h?d bt;a (tpe?rM>I?g the rartout lino* of trinaporu-J m f lacao abere vioheta for tbe dlff?r?nt iin?n art a>U, 'be price of tirteu, frritbt 1 nr oar'., a id t^e prme beard ?: t??e diflbrent e-ntgrant b >? rdtrg h >nm _ $ d afl tb'a **7/ei)?? shall h? b ,-rne bt'^C >mmia a oMlttrf Kahnt'-n:. Fot 4K.figt 32S, ah:o.d b? tioa line, should bi p*rm"ted to sell ti< kv.?? timt tbe sgent siou'd e: d tw bid nam*, in Ji g ifticul cv p?s*y, upon th-? t okei at tai Um".?. hi t.?W> Vt ^ diCfel,?,t hne" ?h?Hb/ MrWui t ? ic.-p one -ffice on the eaWr ati >n ,t rtt .i c?L,dX:on tbv,tbeys ouTC k?eJ *??"&& ?P^rfrK ??? "? su;h d>ok, aid V?" n*!^05? 0> ? police offljer-toki Bo H t?" nbouJd be a^sijjuable to an? int^rm* ha* station, bot should ba uvebuged the whole dwtiinn L?i?T "d t *t meae ti. kata ?iaJI be i '*n8nag? wrnch the eu'gruiU who bav tbem understand , and that it a all contain a dire^ tl,n bow it ? to be us id; and thMtbeeni^^i shall also be tuniah.-d wr.h a bill for hiefraUfr 5.'.^ * Vf9Jw,g,jaS# whiz>1 *? naderiuad7lai that be shall be diitc.ed to keep auah recaioi n, wii otJt^gM, and in all cms whose agent wDs snob ticket or givu eo^JS to-paid h,gg4* , ahal, r^poM ,^e J^ J??*1*0,? 01 ??oh lnggige the who!e dlstauoe snaSt fled on the receipt or ticket. Law k urJ ?? respecttd on account ef its severity as for the o ? r?Hr^ ^ 5&2? ?aJKft!SS? 6."?w&5S5? sss d b..?a h*l0Z fc*f W0Q|* "??ure justice and S??"b. v," Question : Is the law foi biddioir the sih) of neis*i?>81 rwJ"dU# ^a^ng01 vesicle by run .Pwgon, unfBdentJy clear a?d ^ht i i not oonBTant)y violated? "u ? cear acu explicit, althintrh u u violated; and from the violation of this ear y< ali1t,1? f??ids practised npon tin enjigrwits. It is alamentaol* fact thit there a-a only ?few shipping bonus in tots ctty who will no* *11 p?rmiis to matters. Rob mi claits, wltn th? ?Ppfaran e 9f wspectabi ity, reoeive no iuooisideni ble inccme f/cm the douceurs they roceive trnm {?e'?- Tee captains, pilots, maws" anTcuaX house ofiiccra reoeive literal reckoner** oaa a* tiA Ab so? as apSmiuflbtoii? nnt J 5 * steunoo*-, to convey hia prey t~? on? or the docks under his c large, or under ih > charge of ube Hue for wWcb he w.>; ks. T >e s eim *r b?X1l\m"no^ 1,1:11 b>t,k9 8' "?owrs, dgh^s, bjsrdtog boose keejers and others who occupy 4 more saipict-ius position. The eip-nws of saih tjfe tWKA?th8 f fr< qaeD ^s0*1 beyond $ioo. Uad?r c^tPf?V v. ??n,1,raMS of fhe ^-a?l pjy tb8 ^ , ^ convsyauce, or that tie tm gran^ l?hi?&Wa,#J>> Ci"'y la 80 h rn tha , "I'ich f.rbids the ssie ??f permKi, cvsd d Oh^ lnggage of tb? i emigrant passeogera is i?adei on th3 2M-d "?emigrant ha. t, rol'o v, and ensues a toeae of riot, frtud &ui robberv whin t o last, pssstngfr is on board the ite^-? ra7nJ< eith*^ wl,1.not bealiow.dto laad until they a'o either forced or persuaded t j uurc taae raiiMai , w^'c^ thfy ofcen hive no no. S) r?i^l ?an8.T? M idea of the rutfitnis-n, hruiUiti prevails duri jg these tranwetua?. The pas Banners ate finally landed on a pier waici is K,n^t?ri^der"eHUbar?e ?' former wh?h? bongut the permit to plunder them, f'oai th* consj^ee flere lg ^ their ia^age kof. (they always arrive at night evju when mohi^ a* trom on lwar(J t3? siliP? io the I Horning.) A? sooo as ths?y land, otier runner* Ss (m f ?eD?h ff 40 boaIdlnf? ho<"??. w:wre, In many, they are deprived of tasiMt 0?n! chav p psess. Lest this may sseai exajfgjra'^d 1 in ten part of the affidivH of Wm. Dix, DiSseaffer an bawd the Helvitia, taken a fe<v days ago a< the Mayor's office, aud which is at folio w*\ th' 8b,p .b4(i oa,t *aoh3r in the ri^sr, a ?2 fM5' #vnd Vlfut03ed a'o^side, and a number of men boirJed the ship, by whom a> getbtr with the crcw) tfcey '.vera, partly by Io-cj Put on the steamer, and pirtu' by tbe fear of Sr8.t.aiU?8g4g^ ^ U4i ^r?,ved.o ' 'SV. on ^ s'.sambiit, on^ L, ***e? tor the pa-Bragera wha ptfd th?ir at Havre> M *<?>y wjald bivi to piy cue?? fieir tickets. Deponent. ta?n Mid he i had agreed in Hme to travel oy Mew York th? ' tbat hil ba3 J ?dvis3d bv the t L"iimt.h,Mwld a P"1 "r 61,1 fi"0 o? we rcu.a, that be Btieuld no'* pay his f? ra to aiv ?^<iD?i,ei:ikK<Dgito 166 Ne* Yo k "d K-ie Bi f r??d'"d who not at th? iim?timi show oae v1 15!06;1 m Havre, whlci Us-, would wrive in New Yo'k before htm. tb?n sild a?to, Iw bad not the hit? he wou'd ge* it when the? Urkats f<!r th? V'K'V tb?Ve wMld ^ b ? tickets for tbe New\crkard E ulliilroad: tha' ,ld|,8ed to believe this o*i acjau&t oi' said ? sm all riirit R? < ffiaer, sent to pro^c* ^ (mgruts; th*t on heaiiig this be fftva for a' uSftJ0* ,a ?!Ve' and m in excaiuge for ? ticket be received itom : the? imriJi nMtwhn h rtghf" 7*? ^p'.05 (t?e dock; one of tie ?n?? u X b*d boirtfed t ie ship told the pMieugers teal it tbej oid not go and botrd a', his honw ttnir 'Qfgage woo d not be /ee-ired; dapjaeat fa -fAw I tkyt tSa. tbej stayed at that pUae one nigh^; that k ^dl,lief0D5(1 ti:kits ce pir thXH r wcr? to'. Whit he Win . 3d; tuat they were on ano bsr railroad; that wten h/wen', ch40?ed, t>y puabid himavay, an J to, d bun to sunt hismmih, or he would gt\ a licking. Depoaent fa ther says shat hi has bj?n iS^SI9 ffchoir PMsea?e?. woo h*vj been wsy, to proie ut-? aiiJmn; and this esse was dismissed witnnt t^', or thj opinion of tha District Attorney." I lata d,<s tbe pi ?er to ea/orca tbss^ Tie power to eu'wcs theaa ia T*?t<d In the t? !? onaoonrfs; bu' tsc po ?#r to have tfcan en'oro<Jd res' h price. pa'ly with t&e CoStSje.oneri of Eu< g Bt 0(l. 7. Htt?e it'-nc-a agmat thei# U*? b??n brm$h* to ligbt, at?d tbe cfl=n.ers proiacuvx? PraMCu .ioca hive tnen co.nmsassd, but *1 wiy? failed; tlr#t, bee vase thj ofl>u3eni scrip '.e at no perjmy fir one another; cecni, t'in >vi:.e..s;s iigaiErt th m acoa aiattsr rhuu;a toa on'.ry aid c.iiEi t b. fined; tbtrd, if tatro is any diii^r o 1 a ccuxicil .n V* sritn'?3Ci are apiritd * f.y. Idi not kuo* * ?ia?i3 oa?9 wi-,r3 til C Jfl-ni^ Hicwrst f Euifcf alios hava sned fir tin**, as ?.tn la* refjninH tfcejj Ddi, m aav or tb? v?t >m ci*Htaa; have b?ea r?poit?d to ibm by f&nti or. tie V!iy ofW^flke sn : o'he n. ft. To wait dojou a?ciiij th? n r* ]art?n<yj to ei.fjrc? t!w Ur? 9. llara swa re?r.n ti .'O'fW. aoy s;ire . in 1-r it.iidiig ba.wfen p?t.:i toiOB.'.M tail ma'C-i? 10 1* t*e plea wtll err >Md?4 cmn< f. be f ntA ?bo w il faithfully adu?uu> er tia Uwa and ?ff Jid legv re<tremo \ >ju ed e n It reply tj th ior-?g log jne <"i ?ca, 1 r.nllaty tba* It i* am a impoa^W-}, w> ;o'> to* *8 . lnvtKti*a fLa, u>jj.voa<l ttiret s^re-. Phe-fc v?? * me ihin^s th.i *ru",a of wiia1! a i-i only bi aoer tailed by taenia!; wa'oVog ?????'? aui a f tre-.e way b* ieaawib'e tod s'.r >j? g-.>ac1? ,i ?a?pr tt.a" vee'e i?, ia luo w cda of tour q .er i jj , ?' t> Mr' a* uaJcrs' odiog b? w*,ea par i a *1 WitD thl .mver,"' aim, ?a ttie.1? ??> a > pro >?, 1 . w >i' t b.; ii juOl WUM to M to Mfcf ta?: tbc<! a. I bS!\ -:VJ t*tr? afe nug'.s ri'ea wh? *r.*Jl s>t?iai*w t? '<? with rt'i--l'.iy, ijhJ s?'io w.n'd fo ipj i:?I ?m' g'?rj?? tiT fa* red wb'o'i oajB vh oln :oo aatv o*lh*lr jnrtcul p<*?- ?"<i 4a.fl??? y. 11. Whfit ttti Mw 4< rki< r* aoli(?iiiiI,tb?i 'J mu i aU>i wi?ot t^i>li{(aM i : *\ i be< nibi-?l ipte* mt . < ?*;y all tbe form- r chum.' : "f compUU*., la c n? tw> ad pt Fh ls+.fK# r.iln for Us mvc?giiH?ot; v*w ;1 id tlvey ar? a-?at^d by tbe Legida.urs la An rn 11 jt; lavaaa th 'M Mrtla xvji*. onc-1, ?ud ?n?l-;.!Kl 1?/ t*J : c'.t^ ouuhjii m, w?Lb th'y ?ii! t>j, \r ti?y eta ?' ford tj procure tr? a?fi?taiios of ^ nufflc. u*. patlcfl fi.Cf. a p'Hcefxcs iTA'laDtd c-n th? co:k,?ul klao at St%*u Nun'), wll; b *i n*c mry, io tn?t, at I ?ffl!*er ran ba onli atd ?woa ohtu wi'Ji healib ar,<l coi?^.T''<l ?1 b icu? pM**.ngp a t> l^c' prwront ali ,i w?n n*. D?r*. Ac, uiit'l th y are landal O". tb?*mgr?it do.k. The ofliotra ?t*t'-)Qea odim dc;lt m?yb? ateUoncd there ih ? M/cgn* d fir Uia flulgmtt, bat alto have to watch Uis proccodlaga ia r***c4 irg rfficet, and have tbe and a a unlc UmIt oh*.- ge. It la tnuraiy neoeM&ry to h its the s \?k* no w)Ac'i the emigranta' luggage U to ba ?ei.:p?'"l, oo we f migrant deck. Tula wtll raine a go >d oeal of obj c ? tion oa tbe pa t of the forwarder, but U cau oMlly be manaced If it la made ft .tanditian for tie priri lege of iff pf>g a t'eket cflloe on tee dock. All the charge* cm emigrant* a wold bs c?U*c>d on the emigraat dock, oooer the anparrwion of ;ne CiBmfaroRi and (olioe, m eht'ge f>r far*, trelg'a, cartage, kc H might alio be my adTlaable, for thf >lor?TH io taka Ihe u ili'j >?f a te.op jrary hnrd mghcute intj comidffattoo; aooh b? dia^anan *h aW be for the u*e of tbise emigranta oily Wa i did nut want to stay hire ab.ire t?> dar?. 1 1 Brew?n there la s ica a b>arlinc hoaja, fo- tvo thruHard ?aigr%at?, kept under control of t.n -i y antbaltiea, and ?? haa anawn itaatf to b* of tbe great eat benefit to ttivalen. If, in En opa, an oh huaaii ty U ahown to thoae who emigrate from tinn *. what f bould n ot ba done here ft>r theee who In our free lacd, exhaueted from a long voyage, %?d who add tothe wealth o'lhacjaitry by the p;op%r.y ?hi oh they brtn* with them, ?al the'.r ar", their ?kill, and their Ubor. taanawmfrgynrlaatriTieatloB," Vhrttinnwoo'd yoa t*f( ounocd aa mor. raeorahle for tbe * >? t of t oe ComUte* <>f the S*Bate to make trie t en of ia f|M y to tbe cite?" I nroet aaa#er fiat I wonld re con<m?n<? tbe pr??ent tine, aaemigran'i a'eda 'y J fc'flrlDg. and tht lawa pa<? d L: fhi iaa*. T^glaia I tut 02 tbla Care iirowt ci into a (fate of I arardby, of which the "emigrant, tradera" have not fa ted to take advantage on evary ooasion t!u) fflV-rtd. Z may *l?o add that the e never ou * time when frauds and eutrages have oean m>ra frequent, tad cave been committed wit i g-e*t er impfeoit y. It ooro'iHton, permit ma to 1*7, In juitice to tha cfckf executive or onr municipal g ivernjoent, taat if bis jurisdiction wai irafflcienily on large d as to giro bo p wer over all caaea of frauds c imaii -tad on emigia t* ; and if ha was, aa he ahouid he, Presi dent of the B>ard of Commluiouaia af Emigration, that activity and vigilance wbicti (m has displayed In all matter* in wbioh tbe interest of tha (inolis ia concerned , and which ex -.ceded the expectations of the moat Bargains, would tw employed in protect )g the emigrant againat the fraula of that numerous class who an now permit '-ed to prey npon him, and who earn on their fraudulent practice openly and in deflaaca of tha law. I am, dear air, your obidient servant, LUD. 8BHL3R. Tha VaadubUt Yacht Expedition. Wa publish the following from one of tha city papara, as a simple act of jostioe ti Mr. Vajider bilt: ? I flod in your paper of laat evening aa extract from the corresponded ce of London papara, dated Copenhagen, June 18, headed " Amerlotn Sh'ps for tha Czar?' in a hi oh thi writer intimates that the Iasht txrwion in the ttsamer North a ar, made by ir. Vatderbiit, was gotten up for speculative pur posts. lie states that a Captain Moeller, some trs years ago, west tj New York ai the agent of toe Ris*i?n government, to engage Ameiioan shipbuilders to send in drawings ana i>Un9 for a numbar of large ships of war, to ha built la tha United dtitea for the Czar. That among others, Captain MosUor applied to Mr. VaDderbiJt, who, induce J by tbe hope ot obtain ing such coo traota, resolved to gi himself to 8% Petersburg and see the Emperor? hsoce tie origin at d inunt of tha yacht expedition. To And so gioss a mistake originating aa far from home, and emanating from a correspondent of a Lor. don paper at Copenhagen, ia not surprising. London papers, as well as their foreign mere* poudents, embrace every opportunity to miarepre se- 1 Amen a ?zd Amsricin interests. Buoh N their opinion of our people that vh?y c?a not end wil notfclleve that 01 e of oar 01 izers >?u f.ven go tbe e upon a grand yacht'Og excarson without be in< actnated by a sordid motive fur g*ia. The article would d*uy to Mr. Van.JerM?c we ptaamre of fteling tbat be hud, throngU his m-jv s. liberally and munificent y entfrta'ned nis friends in anovtiaid most celigttul mauncr, sitbout any thungt t of ee.f. I I . would b*ve those whim he visited au.l th9 oub lie b> lit ve that ibis nihility of acion was ?or ?l&uia'ive purpotea, and had not o;isica ?d !? a deme to pmM hla MhIi, and to mil 0 t M Lurel to the a resdy weighty of Anrjri jan eD?<iprito. The article is Bpeclou*, and coutaias atatemaats teen iug'y trnttful. 1 stall not, however, att-jmp'. to correct tJte mmy miatakf h of tha writer, nor ihcnlr 1 1 ive noticed the article at all had it no: <u pearrd inyenrpaotr. Aopfsrng ia (nil without oomment, this foreign libel obtains a o'lcu'aiion at h:me, aad hsa e de itai-dv t or cotire. Of itself i- cut do no harm otbsr tbaa wound the foelisga cf bim at whom it aims, and outrage the feelings cf V. one who were tb? recipients of his baurty. It fa but fair that tbe llb?l &od i*s refuUtioa eh.mld follow f a:h other, and thai prevent its re ceiving that credenoeat home which it might other wise obtain. If tboee who accompli if d llr. VaodirbUt upon tbat occasion are c mpete.nt judges of tho truM or fa sify of ita btirg of a business ekarae'er, then, Mr. Editcr, m*y 1, as one wio eij>yed his hospi tality, bear witness tbat ths excorsioo, from begin nirg to etd, was entiiely oce of pies sire. It ia true that wken in Su Peteriburg, Mr. Van ? derbut received at d *nt?rtained on board of his ysctt membera of the Enpero 's family, as well at many distinguished naval ufQusrs. By asme Mr. Yanderblt may have been ap proached oa boslneea subjects, hia answer inw tiohiy *as, " I am now aeek'ng pleasure, not br ? icfb. Cara Ileltbehii J, only to resume it whei i retoin." Tie e are the facta of the case, and have bo;n ai understood by his friends and the paolis at hon?. It Kems to have beta tbe peculiar fortune of tou mtnef Cnpe^hsgen at thi^ late dite, to dlis <var and aaaibe to Mr. Vandeibilt other motivas for hU extur^ior. I d'.tm this elcple refutation of the article suffi cittt, aid will ict trespass further upen your oolnana tban to sngi;ei>t tbat t^a pioersof our oouttry, by whom the arti:is miy k*vo baen vnbiithfd, will also publith ibis refutation, so tlat ti>e retcin tide may bear b?:k to Englaud tbe evidence of the tact teat the motives u? onrctizsns are no', to be impugned by London papers or obacu>? Copenhagen coirefpoadeu*g with impunity. Xiwi from British Guiana. TBE IMtt CHOI" HKAi-TH OV THE COLONY- f?W IMPOHT DCTIE^? SUirriNU AND 1'RJlQHTd ? THlDU I>lLL-J.kW 10XX DATS AND 1 DA1B COST- A ROY?I. SALCTX. Ocr filet froa Tkmarsra, British (jiuna,ar8 datel to the 29th of Jane, and contain some in'ereiviag intelligence. Tl e Dcmarara R yal Gozrttc of J?e 23, ha) the fallowing ce?a items:- It bag bscomj a sort cf j roverb b?re, that the next year ia to bs the mm sgtr's jesr. There is always somstbiDg sapervebtag to pit vi ut the cr p being tradstmd game e4, whtcl bad been astic'pated; hot the manager, wi-h a fiopelol ?piii,, announces, crartier fuhion, a largo ptcroiff for the morrow. So far aa tht weather h*s bee n concerted this season, tbe lan^th it has gont. it baa In tane grow'rg lilt no cb&ica i ir antijtpa tfor. lnthefa?eot t'.e war tax and low p'iose. the: e will thia jear l? in tbe colony a ciao crop ex crsftirt we believe, as tomparel w>th for'n -r ex periecce. Strange to saj, at (be tune t^iie, ve hear ve y Ci;le bow, corapwed wita p?t u ?es, of ta? bid i rice of la?or. Either mu plat.tjr, proaJ o tfcc Inxorlmo* that sor.'>nn',w b:m oeaa-sto ^cin hie, or *?<,? a b?vc settled down to a llx?jdra'o , wifb wb>ch tp" lab r*r cnuivea to be?*t^tl-d. Tbe colony still cout&uei very nt* thy, althoa;} . io^ and 6?i?iti we are .tmindeaof ttest in.iirs ojt ? <!?*; pf-araLce fio?a '.h sojee of soom well kao* la ?. Ami : it ttes*, tbe otcee day, .va* Cha*l * Itibirs.'o, E-?j., for toei.ty odd ye i-* Cali .ui'rot COf-'OBi* HtLOLg BS. We sie a<ji j?t at tht >> giariog of r r >.) tire; thj sblppij ? :& the nvcr is, 'bercfofe, abaidaat f.> : oif w*L<s<, ?hd freight* sre l>w a A C< moutfeeU Waysaiid Meuai f itc C tntbLttd Dooti ha -i been in Wt.tion t dci 'j.ea.ihtg <*T Uie ia?t cai'. Addit.nal axes npvu a;'-w s'>nin>a a i.r;|.?} of impair, buy- b -en imp-s-dto miet toe nc e ?*e 1 stLon.,<t of the ?eMai4?e, r'ndeic ! lecesstf; by "e v voten 'or pub'lc vorks. Tie y n-.y ?? tbn e&oeiJ ratec : ? l-Vb, diUd, r>ei 112 lb'., f.otn ?5 o. to jO;.; bse! picfcle^.per eo.o( 200im.,f?M? Jt jurk (.?ickrd, per bbl. cf 200 Irn., frjiu $1 jo 1 1 f3; lei iob*COo, in Bi It u tua 800 io . ii cr<>A(ec t'. oa> 8:. t' 12?.: (>o..o i?acl?;i,?o<'!ej- tlia MX) Its.. ftoz\ 1G ?. to 24 - ; a -.n itao n c l tji?c >, 'r? m 105. io br 12 j ; mtt, f.or lOj. to 1 5?. p3.* Jo ; eO40. flOE i'% t;.10 lc. pa It) ; Ui'S Ifq iO.'S, ? wood, fton> |2 50 in b- i"> pet bhj.; do. lu o jtOe* p r d- z n qitk/tc, from 12 >. tj bi 24c. Tae p'^^j'-t to i'j :r i?e tb?? du*y apia I'toifr im SO*, to uo . if r gttil >nt aith n^ft Ht,vnu;miy oppos ea by tht rn?jf Justloe asd u>.bo s, -in r w g->a vl tbat it ??? o:d f>E y b ? giving a prpmiur. to swik* pi Dfti sf UrreiKa dnU sa'way^ d'd with ia irtid of tbi- li' d, w .s bawc.fvr csrr <d. A tcvdn'e of iua,i duves. pru^os^d '>y hit Et vli*icj tbe ttovrfBor, ba?, wan c nsld .?*&? aioai 'fijition , patiffd tre cmbint-i Court, it. was o ipoi *d b? tie (r.erclantii p- nee *!ly as ??x> ! k-ily % hit drati oe to ItMiceai*; bat thtir pe itl:u on t hi ?ub Jkt wn* overtnle-i. Id 'le milst of this cotid't) n of thfage tVrs is a rtsffoation or v-3sicesn a? otMKOMBinb o as it La al most nnpn c* dented. Ife;?ch*ntt o' ail c'asaes com piain, lmm the ra at rxwntive im. orter t > th? p*-. MM reteiUr. Pr. vision* are oeitaialy sja'c-* an! high.y priced; bat pe< pie ma<it lire, aid tie sh ?rt er.<d d<m"jid ex'eida tven to ttic miatne^ea"uy ar^lclt a of exlstcr ce. In the C jur, cf Toilcy , oa Jn ie 2S h, an ap^Uca Uoh was made from klessn. Do Jonge A, O h, tb) cvmaignffs of tb?* Uont<zuma, stitiug tiax tbe cap tain nad neglected to menJou to toa ail-waitera i that be bad low hats on board, which bad o >?'. bin six dolUrs In New YorX. These ha * be ha 1 glv-u away, aid the j had st>b<eqee?t!y bsej s iz?d. T.i? petitirnrra peatfdihat the bats aiffhtbe ietarn ;i to them, and that they migbt b? perm t ?d to ma*ce a to*t entry and pay the duty, amounting to sixty cents. Od tbe m ition of the Hon. G. J. Lactie, spcond d by tbe attorney General, the prayor or the p?t!J*

wts s ranted, bat the partite were fined five do) n-s for tbe Irresalarttr. The iflth of Jnae beirg the unfver*a*y of tbe cncnation of Qneen Vict-?tia. a rojai aamta was flit d by Um garrison at the fort. ? A CtOWM it a Fall I ron a H >r? ? Jame* My*r?, tbe c)r?n, an4 on? <? f U>? pr' .netor' at Mi era' 4 M*4i?ao?a cireaa aoapuij, m?t ? an ->o timely 4eatfc wh V* performing on the -W-k r-^e it ';??e-a, a few days sice fhe r:?g if wht-b u? r?se vii f*?> rf. ea re w?y. tb*o? r>?r bla to ? :ie *ro n wtib ?c an- eh r-T*ea? tj iatb i'? he*. aa eat , ? I H'j> i '.'i /"> H Interesting from Www OCR TKOUXMH OJRHUSPOMDINCB. T*cc*sih, K&cai rerritory, Jans 29, 1856. Th< Affair Between Gwcmr Rxtder md General St'in&feltow ? Full and Accurate Particulars ? Situation ?f Trcumieh ? Price ?f Lots, From a reliable sou roe, I have jast laaruei tbe following particulars la regard to the lVe affiir at Shawnee Minion, the headquarters of the territorial officials. It seems that a few dajs since -almost immedi ately after Got. Reedert return ? Gen . Stringfellow called at the executive office, aad had some private conversation with Got. B. The two gentlemen were alone together about fifteen or twenty minutes. Gen. 8. then stepped to the door, and invited in Ool. Isaacs, the Attorney General, aad Mr. Holder man, the Governor's private secretary, bath of whom had previously retired from the roon when Gen. 8. signified, in their presence, a desire to c in verse with the Gavrnor in private. On their en trance, Gen. 9. said he had some business, partly of a public and partly of a private nature, to settle with Got. Reefer, and he had called them la that they might win ess the matter, aa the results migttbe importaat. Gen. Stringfellow then asked Gov. Read er if he had publicly charged him with being con cerned with tbe "border ruffians," in a foray upon Kansas during the late ekotion; and especially whether he meant him, personally, in the celebrated E&bton speech, recently delivered by him, Gov. It, To this question, as I understand, Gov. R. said hi had not referred to him specially. The next ques tion was, whether, he, Got. R., in that speech, sail that Kansas was "an Invaded, conquered and subju gated country." Gut. R. said that he had ao spoken aid said. Gen. 8. then asked Got. R. If be had in pnblb or private said, dec'atred or intimated, that he, Gin. 0., bad isstiga'ed what Is termed fie "outra ges in Kansas," and incited tbe course inisutd by persons alleged to have bo invadid Ksdmis; or was responsible therefor? To this question a dircct answer was not immediately given; ard after some conversation, Gen. 8. reduced bis question to writ ng. (I do not profess to giva a copy of it, merely tte substance of the matter, as recollected by my informant.) The question, as propose J, embraced the potato ope itbd; and in ra p.y to it, G iv. Racder sa.d t>e dhl not know tha', hi had pubucly made declarations to that effeo'., bit tbat in private he had probably so iati sated or declared. Gen. S. then demanded a retraction, ivhLch Go v. R. declined, on the ground that such was hi* belief. Bcme sharp conversation tien ensued bet vein the nvitiep, ar.d both exhibited cmni.'erable auger. Boon bo'h partita were standing oa the floor, wil l pistols in their hand', aiming and aivanciag to ws; d? each other. Col. Isaaoa and Mr. Holderman tben roshed in batween the parses aad separated tbcm, and prevented them from using their wea Sons. Gen Stiirgfellow then challenged Gov. eecer to go out ot doers and settle tha matter iu the usual xnaauvr. Gov. R., who had by this time taken bis seat, and was leaning baok in bis CD air, replied that snob manner of settling disputes wis sot hij "oode," o. sometting to that t ffect. Same farth?r conve-sa tion then endued between th?m, when, on waiving a reply to roma remark, Gaueral B. rushed upo j Governor R'eder.asd eifhsr knocked or passed Mm over in bis obair, and toeu attacked him on the floor. As toon aa possible, Colossi Isaac* aa<i Mr. Holderman interfered and took General Striugfel low a??y. Governor Reader's la e was injured and considerably bruised and scratched. Whether tae scratches were oc asian d by the tali, or y tbe salts of General S. in raking bin d >wj, or by the heel of bis (funeral B.'s) boat, m? informant was uocerta'n. Tbe Gov< mor was marked, but not seriously lojorad. Be pasffd through this viliaga jeaterday oa hts wa> to Pawnee, ta meet t"ie Lsgiila'ure, wh;ch will assemble tbere on Moodiy next, acd tha mirks on his lace weie jet quite plain. Of course, this att\ir wi 1 add fuel to tv.e es:i? meat already existing, aid afl'ird tha Eu^erd pa pers material for eeit>raia in abiodaoce. Billevlni; the above statement to coot*n the fa:ts, snbstanti al j, I eeid it for tbe benefit of your roaJjrs. 1 he matt* r wid, nndoubted y, ba di"t.>r ed aid t vke ? as tbe bails tor ? manufacturing *' s'athng ne *?"? it* ins for tha abolition journals, as General B. baa betn quite prominect as a pro-sUvery man. it is un> trtain wnetter the diffic j1:t is yet settled General 8. has made ? demand which Giver a ar R refuted to accede to, and it ia posiible, if not pr < bable, that innber violence may be ids re. at' Gov. Rfedei's Ess ton speech has offended a grea many ptrsocn, and It is certain that ht? rem krk will cauie tlm outside ab'e tronbie hereafter. A ? ba did pot bring back his fam<lv with him, ( 'o vthich purptee, It is wit* , ha went Eaat,) it is c n rtdert d by sat y as an iQd^a'Joa tia*. G?v. R io teids net to reiign. liumcrs to that eff.o> navi been cunect for some time uasW About twenty members of the Lao hi i'ure arrived here jtaterdav, on tbeir wsy to Pawn e, ec;atn panied by .fudge Elmare. Col. laaaos, Mr Ho'lor par, Mr". Danelson, Untied States Marshal, and wtrtl ttber gentlemen. The? all < rowed tbe Karsas rivr here, this bitag the principal aid meat coive&iest c-ooiing p:aae. Li^t evantor, % large train of government ?agons, cout/utiiag su> pliea for tte trcope, each wagatt dravs by tv-.l-a oxen, passed over the Kstuai rivar here, os their way to Port Luam'e. - Ttccmseh ia one of th; bast palita ia the T Ti ter y for as important town. Tae 1 <cat',ou is cen tral, bealthy, and advantagcoua 'o ? buaiows. Tne tile is os tbe sou'h ai<?e of tbe Kinsu, and is certainly the most b*au*Uul of any La tta ? rerri toiy. It Is said that Teooui-cn has atroij clatme ta be selwc ed aa the cap ti', baiog fl ty m'lea 'r oa Fort ]>e<;v<n?orth ou a direct vr line then: a to Courcil Grove, which in sixty mi'ei werteuu'.u Ktst; sixty milfs weatfrotn W^stpoit, Mo.; siity live iiilltB taitol Fott Ril^j anl P*voec;stxt7 int:- > strthof Agency Wty, in the Ba: ani Fj.x satlia, end afoot sixty or stventy miles soa'h ot tie Se bra* k* bom da y line Town lots a e aellisg a' 140 to $140 each. Bizo of lots 52& by 120. Aatvu KANE'S LKQISI. ATt Mt> [Frtraths K?bmk llinH, Kxir*. Jalj l'V j LsAYMtwonm City, Ju'.y 10, The two b'oxei it the Ks??? L*Rj:)?*a'c mit at t?o o'c'cl, at PiTjoes, Ja'y 2, lna;.on?e p* puf d f' r tie parpoae. Tee Hon. D. Wood son, Bxrelvy of !b? Terrivory, catted ihs Co ob 2' I in order, aad pron>ie<ied i> c?! the > oil 0. Btnben haV'Bg ear.ifl:at:S of eU'C ha liom t?.e G >vernor, when ttw foitoving g?atl<*3iMi pie&sted ti fir ?r lftca^es, nut t|oalnW. ud ???vri ttCi ' 6t fctt: -Xu >C1sa Joh'^o, Ivi *i."J C'Mjuitt, Jobo A. W?k?fi*td, A jjJ, t. IL ??>&!}, Piv d, WillUra B.rVe, Johii W. i>-<ata. Will are P. R hirdaon, D. A i liotef, R. R R?-js, ?\ d U. J. . Mr. R to wiatben caited to tbo nWr, Ud tV d l ueiai <>? s of Ji9 Council opone (l with pTjjsr by the Rev. Thomas J ntnti. A C. moiittoe on OreletitUIt wai a??oin'.sd. cm aietjjg cifMtara. C. ffey, J jUbsm and Richar-iaJS. fbey werw empowered A Uie umatig^t.uu ta uaid /or utrapta a id p*peru. 11 OFT I. A. Mol>o?? d, frmi the Saond <3i.s'ri5t, fl. J. S?n fcl'r/rcmtbi: rnird, ?.:>d /-(ha Duallto (urn t."? 8ixth, pre?entci tfteir ciat na to i 'Jam uii .ttc let ttieir rip hi to & u\?. K. F. Cotwiy, -fho b*? cooniotted the poopio t > disregard all .aw? pasaed by tee LsfUlataro, t> treat thim sia a l.ui.i'y, hcu failed thu* fir, op t* tb<n ??cond day, to c;aw ro*?v?r<i with tbo >e>??l Mai of the (5. vernir and claim a^eAi. Hi m ;er? it tbaplao*, ho vevr, and w a pramaat dots not in undtejait wi'.b the 0 ^emor's Cfriifl a'e. kit douo'Jeea to preaeree it oh a mdmonv) of fidelity aid attachment ot tia frlam? . tie Governor, who gave it to htni over a m&i> t;, by baviog teceived a m?j iitty of 2.54 v jt?? a", tiie p l a Da vote ?tOud- For Uoa-t'dfon, 300; Coiw*y, 164 *? Conway knowing thit Dota!d*>a would coD'eit hie ??nt and expos* toe frandment meaae he rra wv ? d to In oide- to < btain h'a oerti 1c ?te o I eiecti m fr -at the Governor, fail" to com" forward and c'a'Oi h h Mat, n eking the fl!n*y pretext that thia vu ? Ml* Kuri Kaaeaa L'gigUtore. It appeara that in c intcst.o*; th'a district, Mr. Dona'oai'n cbirg?a trat Coswny, in n:?ki jf a pr j tt<?*. agatoat the Mai?v,'.'e prOilact. election, oona't ted a hand lc aignw g nam^s to it at pera?ca Ur;ng tlfty mi>? blatant, who were not at the eler-loc *af. kuw i othir.R of what waa thorein atated. Ton, ?lib other tmnjia, iney acconnt for the ab?nc: o r-. v vfty. ne is pi o Ably acting ii?i'} in io: cjm irg forward to >',lalm hia ?e*t. lle>?rr. Wakeflold ltd Wood, f*ee aoll^ra, fr im 'be fXc cd ar d Third Conacil il*tric?a, who were de feated at. the first elor.lon, tmt elected nt t,h? ?so?n I eloetioo, tofC t' eir ?ata opon the O ivernor a oe UBeate. The Committee cn CredeMiala aro n ,n fFgaped la tha ex?minatiun of fasta in ralition t > U?M ibre* ooataated dutrictn. The r? ta v Oft* wfif I?io<r in favor of thoae who ?o-e iheu c'c:tdJ. r>e C anotl pcrmanetflly ofK?" v A by the nntoi mrtia aleotloti of the fallowing ufh ^er*:- Pft?J44it of tbe C o&oil, Thomaa J bna.a, Piealdent o' Um Cociicil p>o Uni, R. R. Rte?; 8ecr?ta-y. J.^bn A. Ha ix'iD; Aarfitant BeoT'tAry, Caariee Mnmri 4*:aeasr *t Am?. Caret B. Wbrteh'Mf; I)ojtk?eo <>r, wm J. 0'oc.frey. Tbo \Mve inorado* tbo aab 1 1* ico of toe pro- ttS^vgn ot ibe firat ?I*y. The Ho? a waaorgaaiaed on Moada? by *bct'ng the lo .owii gf'flll vM:? Speaker, f)/. J H. ^'"lon fello*. Speaker pro tern, Jceph Aniera a ; C i?' ' Clerk, J?me? M. Lyle-, Assiataat Clerk, Job? Martin; eJerje ant- at Arms, Kramer; Doorstep ir, Campbell. Ti e srveu free rollers who obtained oerililcttei front lit 'iovernor, on the second election, ob aiaed their seats. Onr Uuee delegates ob Aiaed toeir ?e*s without any objection, rbey, h 1 wever, did not claim their tigM to sects on the seoond elecM.c. The officers for both houses were distributed ?anally on both aides of the Kansas rivet. Ti e Governor's new age will be delivered to-day (Thursday) at no on. Tbus far everything has passed off smoothly anl quietly, without any disturbance or difficulty. Ttiow g< l ten eo who anticipated a row, have been disap pointed. Tfcey have found the pro slave y party to be ocmpoced of men actuated and governed by prii clple and juatice. More an in. m Young Africa." TO THX EDITOR OF THE HERALD. As the article under the above capilon in this month g's edition is worthy of serious attention, I hope this communication in reference to it will ba cotsidered by jon. ffce dangerous poiltlon of the Hbhals to the interest cf the colored people, from Ha inflnence upon the minds of a largo portion of the pec pie of this country, andita tendency to nea'ral lte all < (Torts for their elevation, is a subject which requires ? solution by the development of a prin ciple opposite to it. But while a whole column is devoted to the co lored people and tbeir conventions, the folio ring sentence ia sufficient to show its true chara ?9 r a ad its Intent : ? " It is difficult, we kaow, to look at all these proLUBcinmentos without smiling at 00019 of the absurdities expressed in them, and without etteitaining some doubts aa to the sanity oi those peretvtrirg pec pie, who hope, by resolution! aud speeches, to efftct a radical change in toe very foun dation of our social and DOiit cai sjs'em." Tee sentiment embodied in it, an i the course of the Cilo ed people, mist load to thesam* result, uriess public opinion bs csntred upon a principle, nith sufficient foroe to defeat them. The docu ments herewith submitted will enable you to cor le-t the mistake in the Ebrild, in rafarenca to the supposition that the colored people " hope t> effi t a cnaoge ia the social aud political sys-em of tie eountry by speeches and resolution*." Tee want of harmony io the material composing the ca'.l for the State and ttn National C mvsn'ioi will render lhtni as useless in t^e future as in the past; ani as toe views ot their people are In a sta ?of transition, it rnnst drive them upon the emigration platform, o: force them to surrender to the pnoc!ples represent tA by tte Herald, and "be crushed cut by the ircn teel of Acglo-Baxon progress." The explicit views embodied in yinr artb'e indnitB me to bote that the subject sub xi* tad will cot be treated with the indifference it has met with from those who profc as to fav jr the came, bu 1 that yon eiL give she public the benefit ot too plai to tffect a revolution in the s:cta! condition of the colored people. Lawis H. Pctn'am. BfSFORP, L. I., July 10, 1855. Comt of claim*. Jad,M G',cl",^,? I1?4 of the *?3tlem8E of the bar 2> i? - !? cerUflcites antithag taem to be sworn as attorneys of the Court. The Dresl. re?Mk? ??* those gentlemen who hfd left their hemes with the Cl?rk, and who wer > de? rons of being admitted as a-t >rney?, might b3 o worn ?i.!n!?Kt?treaf,ter forWird twi- cemticjtM,? rebuilt d I by tae inie, to the C.e:k, waen be would record their auutiaol give them a certificate of * P?*1" la ">*> crart ?f ?JFt . n re*d ,halr ud those p e wer^a?>rn by the Clerk, a part ?ith uplited hand and apart a poo the Holy Bt'ole foiww tDeI? re^aeit< wera affirmed. See w n p Se^tlenen were admitted: a h * ft"4; S4muel L Liwia, v?. jJ V Wm ' flr"UlD?t0n t. H. flt.WMi. WmM|?'b. J H ?' w'" llan: r. Vinton, Ohio? ft* ii ,k??:?V4- B B ft FmTw IW? w V ? John a RoskwelL Conn. i, ^ *?*k J- M OMii'U, Wwhiogfa. SS&SSt ft John 0. Horgett, K. yor* L.u lS Wi,h> N.?h.n 8.t4'?t;N, To?k jMLL J,. ' dd - a"*PB**t'T* vi OWo' ^^SKS, do ? tt%X? Tf A ?? Liik# f oj j lirarl Willi *n? Oh'o WJifam 6a?t. d?" 'wl'-rtfr Vfc R < w J' riff' Wm- ? *?"&>. do c w rk^^ 'w w, , Rict*rd H. Q*r?? <lo Vn*w.Ig *"biD*B- M. Tfconpton, do. tJ^eii m *"* <>af8'loM in w?pect SiSvi5 ^ssswiMas v. ndlfv aV ?* the -aws of Imic Omui ivV b kin-f vs Uaitsd ^<Mnfa?d n .. KinS *?? United States. R T P*TuJ ? 10 tb? cue* of (Mill 'o?. ^Ui.tted 8tat?s; E'.iiot 8 '.mil *?. r?M-~U0,',d 9u-! r ,m2TeJ fi>r oermission to wifi B-ates, filed bjTthe peCttUoner??d^raebrtkSJ =?? ? ViMonSeD4^m^ok Pu* ***??* MesiM. Rack well, S-An'03' ?o one side, w?i the Soacit<T on the other s de. on omsMo^ of practise in respect to objwlo". *ed bj ? 8ou^Ltor' whether on t-iem objerJona the s Z tte sttiC^fcr ,S# P5t,,i0ner8 ,,10llld bold rtc FrtiidiDg Jodge r* marked tbit, ia rcaseit ti tttm. i tijn? ?i?n?n Fonrsday, theA torney liners! ^rJvi^n ?,^n d UP?? tt? motions dl*? i 0 Djoutaeih, sad tb*t the Court 'ir 'he i n?Sif d?:,aio,M on ?besi motions fhc C or; ?dJonrne?l. P^niDiT, July The fcllowiag gentieaej ^e-a ?r:C,# Vf tbs con's 03 F'M?y. 1^' mo'rJjn^l 'J ?ur ^ Sd urday wLm.^r' -A. H.Liwrencs, "' r\-r WJ'", ^ e'?in, AjiOiuit; N. (.vK r^ !?' York'? -5irg<nt. PercB 1^ jff" .S J s0E' W'lliiic H. !? **? ^^hiogton. r* g-Btlemen reres*jrnU . i. ejH < t rse wurt or : natnr ? iy mornin. : ? ^sro& Hafgist Psl?er, Wwaingt >n; ' Wilter S. a :. JohJ! s- K >w?-cs. Wisiiiavw; nM, i v. nV.J' Jf-? New York; Jjho T. Alien, Ohio, Jcto f!V;a, Troy, New York; J**).* F. t VI b' Ve?Pf*Un EIh, wrjwliagtsn: Ls <). Bib! d^bniv . Pt DDH>lfanis fn re*ptct to qoe?tion mvie oo Fridii a* to "vjatoe! i lo.'ieitar or the counsel for tno > u. ? iBtn sbonl'l fold tie afD-? o , ijreuerii dv mn/rer, tt? Conrt reto!??d -bat tie opeoiiir t nd 'J( k ni , ?' % c t<> the soiK'tnr. tut Coir- hIs^ .e?oiT?d tbfct a hmf u? each od^g would *y bj re 'jo i?<'. Ihe Cctirt .vmenn^ed tbe fj lorlcg end:* i oa cf 'lie "O'jd ruie; Ti?'. the pr>:tt!cr, bjforo oei it Dy ihc okrk ikodecsflrvd m hUgt>D(.ral d eket k cUim,?V' b> otie ^ taem, or, io Mtbercs't.ty soTccwdible pfr*ro. m,rt :?1"trlke 03 ' 01 ?rl.iin v ?jVtiooj the rSoSf icl or D? been ooa*lde.-6d bj ?1?? in'inirrd if the Conrt had disposal of ? sS ?? forr-.pls t.oos opon tbe Sec ~ try cf . ,a 1 0 o* the Ho ve of R;ore^n f V U PV*r" CB fi'e la their offices. Judge Qu brlst remarV.d that it wm ?ery e?idm'. >>#- it would be lonnd lc it?ty to modify io so n? *.ikC h ' te 1 ' CtTgiese orgaiiioog ti.e .^xi. u!^n^tt?'r V^d'- ^ dWnot nndamt-md tie 1^*"*?^ *? relation to tie department* m *ppi.l c.b'ft to the Se retsry of tbe 3e?atj or tbe a.?rk of the lUoie of Reproseut Hives. The moti jdh, ture *?&??? pipers on flie ?n iheirrffloes were ofsrrnled. Mr. Rsxter's moyon In tbe case of Michael Sfoat*6, (Ao- n in fhe^orke',) for liberty to ?i'h craw a ma: ns aipt petition ?n i opie*, and to file a Pfte ted an ended petition ard copies, retatnln* ita plsca in tbe docke<, was allowed; as no geobsmtn in scbef 'inett cant objected, and the sol|r?cor 'o?eS?rf ii b?b%lf of .h? riert, that tj i2nk- it iiom t'? ow:? on tbe docket would iavolre the ns r*H,ty of the n ambers of aOthe TObST quenMvttes, imc , enmbertn* wm cbiellrimpor ?s?? for re?e? no, the via' of case* bw th? ?!L ot tie Court, dep'Bd!ng noon the order >n which J WVe P?ep*red and entered li tie tn?l d ) ;k <n>Mtnr PJ?P0f?^ that the motion of tbe tn.Jcltof to fltfik^ oc! C6siitn ptrts of tfo c^titinn *ft Issac Swain (No W) be assigeed by the Conrt for a>.'*me oa Monday tew. The f /Oft deciinej assi^miDir the rue at hmuhi ?fn<?ge Gilohriet rema* ktng tha'. tb*v ware nn?n?u?? st pre?!*.t to estab f.h a 4 !^f ^ KToH t u.e tv.i> tney b?d some farther^ WperiwS Ac^oprifc. Pon unov or La Cnossi. lowi th- i C??m? U m+Ta! Uars* froii tie Torn CWak hX pojniatiOB of K* (>???? by ;j,# z-zwt now i? ? ? Mkefo.l opt?t,(00. J .lI'Tf'"' on y sa0; k?d la fl?# ;ui, ftfo ta ]'#.fl ,"?* 11 **? U-MD of the.ntiM Si r flfi* ru oa'y ?. '#? b-iadr? ??-^o >a 'y?w.cti) Oar Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary at the Court of Spain. TO TBI BDITO* OP THB HKHtLD. As pocr an ooiaion as the oouutry had of the diplomatic abilities of Augustus Oscaar Dodge, few wore prepared for the sycophantic and anti-republi can exhibition he h? jut made of himself in Ua presentation speech to the Q teen of Spain. Minis ter Dodge, Preside! t Pte/oe and Qaeen Isaoella make np his speech. Proud and free America appears only as President Pieroe's United 8.41 is, and the Spanish na ion as the absolute property of the im ma ulate Queen. If our sleeping democracy and onr zaalous Ameri canists had looked over the ocean to tie conduct of onr representatives in Earope,and let them feel that they would be held to a striotly republican course, we might now have been spared obsequious, anti- Ameriaan display, in the presence of the living democratic tendencies of tbe Spanish people. The majority cf the Cortes Itself would resel every word of this retrograde speech of a JeeuK To be the bearer of the personal regard and high esteem or the President lor the royal parson of the Queen, seems to be the weighty oMectof Mr. Dodge's mission. 'The high esteem the President entertain! for your royal person," ept*ks Envoy Doiae. "Your highly dhtinsutsbed personal qualities," graciously answers the Queen. " Your Majesty, your royal per se n, your tojal family," says the plenipotentiary. "My weifarct, my family, my court," ejh >es tbe Queen. "What a soft log from the Ame.ri jar back a o >ds !" whisper *be smiling nioi&ters mpp iug this mutual admiration pair. " We shall h**<, no dttti ulty ia st ?iii g ltd rough ends." Even the phraseology of this ex raordinary mi nister is so bad that it would plase him ar. tbe foot of the janiGr class in aiy of our public schools. Br ys, what do you think of " Latter a of credence wbicb accredit me I" Than again, " Toe sincere views I entertain for the happinesi aid welfare ol your loyal poison,*' and like senttncea. Ary Ameri an, le resenting by whatever acci dent this gieat ud fresh country, baf^re that effete, hostile and dubious monarchy, should, even while Sa e'nliy yielding to the necesaary formalities, owb'mself every it oh a republican -a Frarfclln at tbe Fietch couit? and at least, not have no con structed bis speech as to lead to tbe impression abroad that republican America is ignorant, or de spises the txtetenca of an iccre&stng and progres sive democacy in Spain, felt and reou^n'zed evan by tbe couit iUel<. Bat is there a manly, sensible, statesmanlike expression in the wfeo.'e speech ? Not one. '? I tn tbe orders of the President of the Re public," tajs Angelica's minister. " Ordered" wool J bare been a natual expression ia tbe moa^h cf M. Turgot in ouveymg the aiaid&'ea of his in perial ma?ter, Ktpoiooa III. it is bumliattag that an ambassador, aopoi ted by the alvt^oa^d consent of tbe 8en*te of tbe United Btatei, sioild, in re presenting this grand repnh ic, have no higher thought tnan of being " ordered" by tbe President: thus siclirg- tie ecvoy extra~rdiua-/ below the digti'y and rolfiespect of an ordinary courier. What will flunko)iem do next to degrade us before the people of Ear ope and the repuoli.M.ns of the world ? G. N. 8. Nbw Yobk, Jnly 1G, 1665. A Mure ever Lynched la Wisconsin. [Finn ths JsnMrilla (Wia. ) Standard, July 11 ] The trial or DdViO P. slay berry, for ih} murder of Andrew AJger, of Jeffersm county, ia this Sa'?. has elided. Th j evidence in ths cue m cloted on yesterday afternoon, and after the arguments of c >utsel and o srge of the C ur1, tb?|jor/ retired to tiuir room about six o'c oek, w. ea, after ai ab sence ot some fli teen minutes, they returned into court with a verdict cf guilty. Durirg the whole ot this trial, and ia truth from the day of the dircovery of the body of the mur dered man up to the termination of tbe trial, much txiitt met has prevailed in the community. It was sot of that kind, however, whig x exoibited it self in threats of violenoe aganst the prisoner, lor all reemed desirous that be fcbou d recslvt a fair and Impartisl tris). Hut the moral sense of the pub'ii wss shocked at tee enormity of the crime and the coidblooced and heartless atro :ity which charac terized its com mission, a feeling deeper tian that of ordinary excitement seemed to have taken pos session of the minds of the people, aai dartag tae progress of the trial the crowd with wnici tha Cjurt House waa constantly filled were fpiiet and re spectfu'. But ater tbe verdict of the jury was known, public tndignatioa burst out, and eviient signs of an ir, t erf st on tbe part of t ,e p3o->(e with tot the Coort House, to tsks the adminis'-rvJaa of justice in t eir own Lard*, became apparent, Between eight hundred and a thousand people wete assem bled on tbe hill tide. Waen ths officers appeared with the peieoter, a rash waa made for Mm? a nrote was thrown by tome one over his nsck, but by a dexterous movement of bis right bind it was cast cfT, and caught by one of the effljtra-when prisoner, offi er?, and crowd ruiied up ma full run to tbe jalL The door of the jail was imme diately cosed and the officers s'ati iued the natives at its It nt. Speeches were mida against "m>b law," bat with little apparent efl\j From 7 o'clock uttil 11 last night, demonstrations were msde of an intent to break toe jtil and bring oat tbe prisoner, bnt no serious attempt waa mtde. Tils in mtng at 8 o'clo ck tbe prisoner waa biGogbt from he jul to the Court H mse, a distance of sb ot ten rods, lot the purpose of receiving his eea'cno*. a larger concootse of people waa assem bled ii side end out of tre Court House thu ware prefer t last evening, and the most iatenee excise men prtvuiled. After the stntetoe was prononrced, a special police o' ab jut. thirty of our citizens was gammoned to ssilst the officers in n oonductlug the prisoner to isiL In tbe meantime the crowd without was col lect It k aad becoming more furioas in tbtlr olamtrt for Ue prisoner. Jui'ge DcoiitUe cams to Ue porti:> and made a ' very impressive sdorees to tie p >poU:e, ram meri ting against re spttt to ac'uvts tbem, end in favor of tbe suprm?:y of tns laws. i He was listened to resp?-c--1ully, and at: this juncture airore <|u;et eoirit secined to pt* rhis was atout 11 o'clcck A. M. Abjut 1 o'clock the crowd thinLea out,ai?d U<e ollioesrs dee me J it a it:ing time toprcced with tbe prisoner to toe j?i:. Wp were uurloa by ?ne cry of "Hog him, haag h:m 1" when. ou tUp^nf to tbe wmdow, we s*w tbe tRicetsftvd prltoc.r comlrg tovardtbe jail, SBrruunded bj tbe in'&ji .ltd mob. a rush waa made jet tbe jail, tbe doirof wbici w?s htrr'caded at orce b; toe c owd, ard (he approacu or the effljsrs cut t fl. Tbe i fluer*? though res sting the popoltce wth ail tbe * i usj tLey pots??s?d, sad protecting tfce purser to t e utmost of tfce r powar? wm borcc do*n and. over. >o*ered. The p'isour wa?>t!:en amos' aloie; bit bs de fer d* J bimse f wi'b triperhuBixi s'^esgtb. H? lougbt witt tre utaiofc-. de^paratioa, and p>sse??iag a mcrt ?th!fti pbj*tcul tratoe, fcr Sj?e tea yard* ttc cro?d fei' Iise coaffo^fore Uim. A blow, ho* 'ver, with a b *idgw)n iroro babml i'?l'ei him to Vn giou: d, sno he *aj pO'trlrss. a ror>? was tleo l-astea round his ntrk teized by t;e crow#, v?d a lu^b msde .lnwu Coart street lhe prsiner, tb agh J art :og in tb?: da?t, cmgb' thf rope #i'ti bia baud i anil tbua pr?vei<te?l s.raogu viou at 00'*. irrtvrd Id f<CLt of our < ftice, a de>ve-*'.e offorc w*s sga'f nt;ide by tbe otlloers a"d c-?.i/ ?ns torw ie b>m. Ihetoje was cat turee tim -s h/ Mr. Orrio Coticfv. who exhibited tn? rr s*. deterrn^oel b sver> in bis bshalf, but as often wss b* tnnut atkic snd the rope readjust* <J. ' Ai tti's tine a ?ce&6 a:m< g*. indw.r: va? e? liibiteu ; a cru?d of between tUef anl fjo* Ui )o?nd tetKim wss sssjed ?osnd fro, In ths>>?..-ewM tbe df mi<l p tiefiter lying upon tbe grooad Lim ito. d trierds ^bttgiog and *tracrgiisg for his life? wbl'ea far greater rnmber srere loteu upon tl* deatb. Tbts state ot things lasted abatr. ua m'tutea, srd as re looked from ocr wiadow t'is brpe i ledrminattd tbst tbe thesis of U.w aod <-rcir n.ial't >et prevail. Bat It wa? a vain hope. Ibe fearful crytf ''Hasgnim:'' rtswlondsr t",?a beftre. and a rush with tne prls ue.r waa male to the cluater of trws on the public aqtare, the ror< , trs^jurted up u his neck, the o'ber end tbrowa over tl e iia b of a ties, ard for ths tir?'. t ms in our -? e tbe hoirble spectacle M nhumuibiiog ht&g'ng f tbe stck utM he waa dead met oar view. Tt? tin am -latere which at!?aied the murder of Alger wete of the mawt aggr*va ed k nd. It was a coid Wot ded u>d strocioaa deed. 1 ia uoai'^u'l'd by a single mt< vatary oircumstu>c?. Tbe Biu'te:tu man was a ritttsms). liewasvll Iccwato all who follow this ocrnpvtlcr. on Hxt rvtr. Us tad been known to taem aM fee years and waa adalied and reelected by tbem &1L His reeldeiKe waanrar J< flarsoD, in Jsffe soo couaty, in tbia bta'e. Uia friends were aware tbe cn f ntty ot lee murder, aad as they supposed the ts ar? <|uacv ot tbe panlabment wbioi owr law pro vides for so foul a crime, they assemWed It m* bete so awa*t the issue of tbe tils'. During iia pro gress no moo than oomotn ez-.ltisbent was per ceptibie; out last evening, after the verd^rt of tie jury waa kaown, the deep seated and datermiaed resliag to v?att paatebment nptn tba bead of tie Ctieotx r exhibited itawi*, and to-day an organize 101 of n it leas than three hundred psrsois w?w S re rent, who would rot be aott*(l?4, save with tte fe blood of tbe murdeiefc EMAKCiraTtoM o? Blavsh. -Ia sec ordance with ?n aot pa?a*d by tha laat I?*i?la?or*. an apyU-atk>o for ibs ?saaa*<^*li4ia of two slarss. with psnaisaien m tt main In its <tst?, waa jssltrday triad bilma jary ia tha First ?is**?t Coart. Tba permiasiaa ? u rraat*! by tba ja?y. la s waa the Seat eaaa aadss t?i U? laifa Hab*r:?oB cava It aa hia opia'on, ehat tha First Duui'.t l<<art was tba onlvewa la wa'-h saeh aasaa racM ba b Tpw Orttaiu Trur M'n. '"*] "