Newspaper of The New York Herald, 18 Temmuz 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 18 Temmuz 1855 Page 3
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riKES Iff lev TOKH. St iul-Ani>ual Report or tike Fire Marshal. To tax Mayor, Common Council . asd P ouceJca ticks or thj City and Coustt or Niw Vokk:? Id laying before jou my seconi sctai nanus! re pert cf the ruu>t? or my Jcustlgat'ons into the origin of firtp in this city, for the period embraced betweso toe fl u of December, 1861, ud the 3l?t of M?y, 1856. I think itneoe*s?ry in the tint place to call jenrtt <ntion to ctrtaiu taiperfroti >u id tue print ij>r? u,<on which buildings are c>natrac'4d, u>F??btf with other m*tters mora or le^s dire tly coi i ecttd ftith the disasters whioh h*vj frr<nea the subject of my inquiries. In ?li tns gre?t European -oitus tie detect* to which I am about to direst jour notice are vtry generally understood, and are guarded sjialMt eitner by individual prectuttois or etrlngt at police rvgul.tions. the cone quence ia, a compilative immui.ty from tbese calamitous v'sita tiens, and I fi et aasuu J that it u only necessary to <letLOtMUale tbi* fact 10 yon to induce yon to tike acme imnr t di?te actios in the matter. At a gtaeral propoti ion, tien, I affirm tW. our present fjuWo of bnldngis ii lt?if one of the most fiuntul causes of tie numeroni accdents by fcr wMi h (few Yoik enjoys such ai unetvl tble pre-emirenci. Ibis a^ertou apples as well to our {.slntial stries as to the humblest close of oar private d*e( iags. Our builder* hiving do lsgil pe nalty to d e#d, totally disregard tin moral responti bili v impotto upon them by tha acceplvnoe of duties invoh la 4 the security of such a v*st am ount of lite asd proper y. Their oalyconoera is to make aa iluci ae possible out ot a contrast, and they cire not io ho? imperfect and dangeruus a manner tbf j execute tbtlr ?ork. There bsmg no inspeotloa by the poles anthotitief, and so fine for o?reless co ftiuction , it is not surprising that tneea men should ct nsnlt :f*a t; e general safety than their own pock ets. It is the system, however, t <at Is to be bltm^d, ard not inolvdaals. No properly governei city leaves such a latitude of dangerous discretion, to men whose private interests a e apt to confl'Ct with tboie of the {.ubt'e. Tbe objections which snggest themselves to the ? resent sjattm c f ibuildliig may bo clss'od under wee beats: - 1st, carelef sness of plsn; 2d, careleas nesi cf execution ; 3d, the introduction of hot air furnaces. I ptoptte to shoe yon how, in these respects, we neglect all the most obvious cocsidera tioriB of p< nit nee and safety. 1st. C a/dt**iktsi of Plan, ? Architects g*n*rally see m to lorget that they have almoit as areat a moral leaporslbLlty imposed upon then as the physician or the au'geoo. Their business is not nnroly to build fine s ores and bacdsome houses, bat to balld tuem ir sueo a manner as that life and property will be safe in tbem. I am aony to say that the re sults of the iuqairies which for the last twelve months have esiagtd my attention, have led me to the ecnclusLn that, with a few honorable cxc?p tiona, this responsibility ii but too generally disre garded by the profession. Whrn a capitajist goes to an architsct for a plan, the latter, as loon as h? finds that the coalitions of economy impo'ed upon him by the grasping spirit of the speculator incompatible with aa'ety to hnman life, ia morally bound to refine to execute a plan ob such terms. Is this p>lnclple generally acted upon? Far from It. Than ate archttecti, for instance, who, when asked to make out drawings for a showy block of brown atone houses, allowing only a tour inch flue to each house, will make no scrapie about executing the plans, although they cannot be ignorant that they are doing that which may lead to the destruction of a good deal of valoa ble property, ard perhaps even or life. 'la. Carrie* mas of Execution. ? When the mvm ia called in, <nsteai of saggtstieg the dinger of a flue Ihcs cc not raced, he eagerly acoeots the con* tract at a price much below its va'ue, knowing toat It is cheap rather than substantial work thit is expected of hun, and that be will not bs very closely overhauled either by the archite:t or owner. The ( ar( er ter.rei dered indifferent by the same coo sideia iens, is equally careless. He either allows a beam to rttt in the nue, or ao close to U that it toon btcrmet cl&ned, and offers a reidy point of com mni IcaMcn 'or fire, or prthapa he omitt to put in tbe prorer headers ar and the chummy it elf. 'M Tht V. cof Hot A\r Furnace i - As lashioo niw a-dsys f*e<msto be a more important consldcra'hr than health or safety, I tear th it any arguxents that I may u-e u_der tbis htal will have ba* little weight with inumcualt. Tbey are, nevertOelesi, en'ined to the i arums consideration of the authorities. As no bouse ia considers! f-shionab'e unless it poses ee the hot air turnaoe amongst other modern im Cvtmen's. few d welliags sre now withoat it. Tue ger ot conveying heat in tin conductors, intro duced as it is but too genera ly tbe case in lath ?>d pl str r wal s, ia, however, so eridsnt, that it is ? nrpiislDg that this pracMce should have come nto auoh gen ral use. Experience ahova, that tbe coictntration of heat by this means a', some periods of the year, but more espe ;ialiy la tbe vtry co'.d weather, readers the wood work In tbe vicinity cf the pipe highly lnflunmable. In many casts a chaniog gradually sets ii, and com bastion ultimately tarn place. In illustration o' these faots, I could mention several Instances that have fallen under my observation, but two will suffice for my purpose. Tbe iir*s which took placa ta the bensta of llr. Swan, of 29 Lafayette place, and of Mr. Ccnkling of Tenth atrset, a siort time aince.both crtglnntei la ihia wav, and ourionito aay, occurred on the same day. The furnace at Mr. I Swan'a bed been in use as long ai seven or eight years, bat ttt wood work at last caught fire from It, and the boose was entirely destroyed. The ci mbnstion of tbe wood work ia merely a ques tion of time, bat sooner or later it Is almost oertain to take plaoe The common argument with which the saggestkos of prudenoe are met? that because a thing has been long in use, no danger is likely to re-n'tfrcm it, d;es not hold goodlo this case. Tbe vnlgar illustration of the fate of tbe pit iber in its progress to the well would be more strict'y applicable. The only way in which beat mty be a afety on ducted through m building fa in a properly cemented | eight inch flue, extending to the register. Nothing : but a ap ator e or Are brick should be pitted sround the latter, and on no acoouat ahou.d wood be per- , mitted to come within eighteen or twenty inohea of the flue or beaters. It la m the power of the builder to make all three matters aecaie, bat he moat have a certain 'aiitude of terma to enable bim to do it. I If a builder i? bouad down tj thelersaof a tight * contract, he catiiot be expected to supply more ex- 1 pensive wcik tliac ? ill losve cm s)me margin or profit. Ac ordlig to the present system, where no , check ot fire of orscquence restrains the gr<?ely | calcxila'icr* of the capitalist, ths builder nas no i opt inn but either to accept the wotk on tie terma oflVrcd or r< je;t it altogether. In ?nch intanoea it ia Mel less to sa/ that in ninety-nine caaes out of a hundred a man's interrsta will prevail 07er i bis lenap of moral resonsibtlity. The capitalist la. In fact, tbe party who ia most blame able, bu'.nntil proper legal reetruits are imposed on hi* capidity j there ia no chance of his reo >?Dlniog the justice of tbe sxiotn, tbat capital hai its dutios as well aa its r gbt?. th* preietit competition amongst builders, onfoituna'ely encourages this disposition on the part of mooted si>eculavora, to screw estimates down , to tbe k>w? at point. Itls not the good worknun or the boot at dealing t/adesman who gets the pre- ! fetence, but bp who can beet " hide with oraament tbe wai.t cf ait,'' and who can make tbe most show for the sn.sileet amount of money. Hi far is this pension for decoration at tbe expenie of sobitmtial workmanship ?anied, thai tbe Inspection of build ings after erecion is rendered imp>ssible, without tearing down tbe only really creditable pan of the verk. Ths taatefol but flinsy decDratijjs of tie stucco plasterer, like tbe charity that core's a multi tude af ains, form a convenient c onk for the detects and imicifectic-iu thst lie hidden beneath. Id) not wian to impute intentional neglect to builders for the purpose of creating fresh jobs, but some of the wotk tlat baa fallen under my examination would almcet warrant that c nclusloo. I could poibt out many blocks of h.uses of hindsome external appearance, situated in tome of the most fashions Me localities in tb's city, which art unsafe from their foundations to tteir roofs. 0 lr modern dwelling* seem, in fact, built entiiely hr show, nod not for stabi'ity. The cosse<iaence is, tha'. when fits them their immediate destruction is certain. Raring pointed out the defecta of construction which api?ar to met> be tbe immediate cause of moat of tbe fires which take placa in our city, it will now be expected tbat 1 should sngg'st remedies for tbem. As I Lave before s'ated, it is nssleas to appeal to tbe good fee ing or ooreaty of any of tbe patties wbeee interests are bound np with the pieeent buiidicg system, the core must one rr< m tbe legislature or tbe mnnlclpsl autho rities tbemsems. It seems to me that a Itw or oidtoance she old be pawed, imposing a flee an 1 im prisonment on bui dtrs, or parsons authorising the erection of buildings with walls less than sixteen in^bes, or flnea less thsn eight or twelve in-bes in thickness. In all casea there should be a party wall, with beams cf snffleient strength to guarantee the safety of the edifice. I would also make it penal to place any wood work within a distance less than twenty iccnes of tbe chimney or fnrnase lass. To cany out these regulations, a oerUin number of c mpetezit persons, (experienced mas ai aid ca* panteis ) should be appointed, as in I.mdon Pull, to inspect all new buildings, and to report all itfractiocs of tbe law to tbe proper authorities. In rrder to Illustrate the necessity of the adoption of seme such arrangements as tboee whi:h I pro pose, I will just mention a case in which I was pers:nal / enrerned. A short time ainci, Judge Mortis, of tbe Pupreme Court, requested me to examine a house he had jiiat hired, [Vo. 11 J'a*t Thirty third street.) one of a block of aeven dwelUrpi ' owned by H Astor, Esq. I called ir, to easts* rae, Mr- Jrhn A. Cngler one of the ex pt i let assistant engineers of the Fire I>epart xtnt. Upon going to the p>ace we fouad a block of buildings of vtry pretty fluith, with froo-a of about aixteen t?*t each, fcuHo Older to give ail tbe room possible tb?i chimney floes were run ap ia mi eight ib eta well, leavisg onij feu t iroheaof bri k between tee flue &i.d tbe ac joining bc<u >. Thb kit meo flue from No. 13 ran agatosttne partitiiu vj'.l of N > 11, ud it m the eatne la all tbe othe- buildings of tat bicck. 1 he beat ft cm tfeia tioa ia N . 11 was \eiy gieet ud apread o?<r u lvg> irurn'e: the baae beard lad split ap^c frm ?he #*.1, a?d the latter wst too hoi to ae?p one* tutod upon. Ia faet, we were informed that touie da>* m tp.jl>irg water to ir. tbe water would b ee and Nteam a vty. We could cot fol'aw the floe ah tbe way to tie t p of tbe bco?e by tie axcaiaire heat Which It communicated to tfi? wall. Oa viaitug the kitchen of No. 13, the oook toll ua that the had cn that da; oily a moderate fire ia tberarge: on otb* r occaaioea she had mac *i "hot ter fires." NVe next via ted No. t?, tbe residence of Mr. fril e. Wt fcatd bia premiers In nealy a simi lar kta^ed rendition from tbe range fire of No. 11. He tt/dua that hia fsmi'y would have to abandon tbe back rooms, a* tbe beat ?ai too great for endu rance . The result of oar It wt s'igntion raa that we jrave a certificate to Jadge Morn* that tba premised No. 11 were in danger ot takifg fire frociaalai proper conrectlon of chimney flats. The Ju>lg) re . futcd to cceupy the luuae, although be bad hired it on a 1> a*e of Uree jeaxs. Tfce n? at tur>ject to wiicta I would direst your at ti nt en if* the necessity of Usistiog upon some eiai slllcation ot dmaa. Tae reoer t fire inUUdeniane illua'mtea forcibly the mischief# resulting frim case ltsaicea in tb's respect. Wnolesale droprgiats at e in the habit, generally, of oturing on the upper flow* c f tfce buii'dinga occupied by them poi?on ou* tc l combustible material;, inch a> pM- 1?, lamo black, nratchee. Ac., and on tae firat Hour their valuable uudiciner. Although a firs occurring in tbe upper stores may toon be extinguished, the large voaatlty tf water thrown into tie building to put it car carries down with it a solu'lon of the pri st nous drugs am ngwt those Intended tor family uie. Tbise artioies. when once dffraged, are generally Kid by auction, and are purchased by retail drug giHtalor medical pur joeea, more or lets impregnated with foreign and pUaocoua substances. Tbe effect of tucta a practice upon tbe health of the oommnuity aie tit tee leea dangerous becaoae they caanot be traced Many of the aiogular phenomena exhibited by d fferent diseases are probably to be attributed to peesi rl|tioes made ap from these dam igel in gredients. Now, in order to guard against i tfce recurrence of each accidents, all drug* of pi isoncas quallttet should be atored either on the tint floor or on t-e basement. Thus, all danger of their becoming mixed with other drug*, in tie manner that I have indicated, would oe obviated, and a large amount of property aaved for tbe underwriter*, if an ordinance compelling tbe c'aatificatlcn of drags cannot be carried into effect, there ia no doubt that by a proper understanding smcoget themselves the iruuracce companies might auplj a remedy. The subject ia one that calls for tue>ii attention. Applications are almoat daily made to me, re questing my attendance to examine premises re puted to be dangerous. In a'l these cases I forth with make aa examination, and give aach instruc tions as in my judgment the circumstances seem to require. In maty iratances I find it neceasary to order tbe removal of beams, the dieoae of furnaces, and tbe repair of chimneys, all of whieh recom mendations ate readily complied with by tbe owcera or cccupanta. Wten a fire takes clace, either la tie day or night, I am immediately on the a^ot, i and when tbe accident ia trifling. I always make it | a point to explain its origin clearly to the occupant, 1 and to give aach inatnicttona aa till prevent ita ? rerun en ce. Tn orala acknowledging the ready and efflcieot aid rendered me on all oc asiooa by the Fire De paitCi-iit and police authorities, eapeciaiiv in the investigate n aa l dete tlon ot iacendWiam, I feel it necemaryto recommend Nome modifl sation of the ! law. In caeca which fall under the beal of araon la i tbe fir?t degree. The death prna'tv in the "vent of ' conviction deters jur ies in general trora ttading a ! vtidict cf guilty, although the culpability of tbe | Saiiy may l? clearly proved . Wheie no fatal axi | ?nt rcmuts from the crime, jaries are apt to con siler tbe perslty eiceseive; tbeir ajmpatbiei are i et listed on bebalf of tt e prisoner, and tnua tb3 law , is leiidfred almoet entirely inoprrati7e. Cimmon ' tcree, theiefcie fugg* =tB the expediency of al'e.iug | tbe law so as to make the puLienment capiial only j ?bne life ia destroyed. Wei 4 thi* done, I have no , doubt that the offi Dee would become one of raro occurrence. There ia no greater en wuragement tor i crime than uncertainty in the operation of penal I enactments. The tubbs ehow tbe arreat of twelve persona { cba ged wiiharson. Of thla number, upon a '.borough invalidation before the Po Ice Jafetloea, six were liberated from custody for want of evidence; five were committed for trial by the magiatrate but eobarquentlv dKcharged by the Grand Jury; and one bas been indicted for araon in tbe third degree. The investigations give, aa near aa possible, tbe loas by lire and water, the amount of inauranoe, and t&e oripin of each fire; and it will be aeen tbat oat of the tot a' number, 35 were evidently tbe aots of dealgn, and 108 the mult cf accident. It U shown by the comparative table tbat there ia a decrease of 31 JncfMiaiyftrta in the laatftix months, and a reduc tion of 7| Area on the total amount, aa com oared witi my previous report, aad that too at a aeaaon of tbe j ear wben accidents are usually more fie quent, and opportunlt'es lor tbe iaoendltry more readily at hand. Amcngut tbe numerous caoaea to which II rea may be traced, it will be seen from thla report tbat tbe meat general are eaieJeeaneaa in tbe uae of Inciter matctea, escapes of gu, imperfections In the con atrn Hon of oaimney and fnnaoe floes, tbe storing : of oiied cotton goods ia a compact form, the naa ol bghted candles in cloeeta where clotting ia kept, ard tbe employment of wooden barrela aa racep- . tacles for clndeta. Should I not bs fortunate enough to ansceed in having the measures whic^ I have recommended carried into effect, the publica tion of these facta will at all event h do iome good, by inducing greater caution on the part of the public. Your obeiient servant, Alfred E. Baa ire, Fire Marshal. ' The Fine Arte In lte? United Stale*. TO THK EDITOR Of THE HKP.AU>. ' I >tve read your article of Jane 30, proposing a stock com par y to establish ? gallery for the exhi bition and sa'e of works of art. I beg to expren my gratification. and my hope that you will give thin subject a steady advccacy, such aa seems neces sary for measures that require the co operation of many persona. ( like the plan of a joint hVjck com l>? ty, ami I hope it Is Intended th*t It aha 1 l?c j pre A1 able to the stockholder*. If this bs the plan, | and it can be i-tarted, it will corns to something ulrorg. if cot ufined. Allow me to state thu [ intereated mysilf ^crne -0 jtais ago, in relation to tbemeaoaby which art may be M>'-t tired in tbis csuntry. In lioodon, with a peculation of a mi. Jon a'.d a half, and a aupeib ( ih'biUt n, 'It Ilojfcl Academy 'a receipt* were j ?3,i00. In Dottco, with a population at tine of t>0,( "0, 'he Atbera om'a recolpts were $3,600, for an exhibition of vety humble merits. The pe <pls er nr rally ia thia country, go to exhibitions, if they ebtye tLem woith pacing for, and thi artists ought to paint for tbem.and to or^anite a system of exhibitions, by which their wotki sh.uld be exhibited throughout the Urion. Bat capital ia required tor that, and artiste r trely have capi al until they have pic ked up a good net of cu?tome<a and got a local fame, and would he more hurt ttian benefitted by helping their young com pe< Hon Into notice. To state the case the other end for t moat, o.en who have capital, or the expectation of it, do act become artists or writers, but'turn their sttenticn to speculation, ia which their capital will enable tbcm to make mocey faster than they can d) tt by their iceivldualj labor. Hence It it proj er that a joint stcek ccmpany of outsiders ah .old bs be Invited to take hold, and do what their bus in see . habits will '.cable them to do better than artists. But whl'e I w<sh It to be a muter of profit to these who invert money, I hope that the sp rit of st tdid speculatka will keep out of tt . and nick to ! cheap tenant housts, or bafld dusty railroads, or do any other shabby work. A liberal hazard it what | la wanted : what la done should be done ma Hb*ral scale, that shall merit the public admiral! tu, whe i tber it gets It or net. If tie bumsssa of exhibiting aad ailing woiks of art be (snkd ca sa you propose, with advance* of a ijuarter if their value, I believe it wltl bs as pro , h table as ether business; for people have In them the foundation of a taste, if not a developed taste; and ?hey will bny aid psy for seeing, a* soon aa : they have acquired a perception of toe agreeable ! realties of such works. Bnt I suppose that the I dm o who will commence will not wait for the ; ? rtalnty of seven per cant and tie chancj cftea timis aa much. A* Aansr. Tmk Rrori KxmnrTtoH.? The steuner CataraH Uft this pert j*?Utda? afternoon fur J'ort laavwiwortb. having on toeid the folio* i if effletr- ? tisoersl W. H n?tn?y, U. f A , Cosssumder of the Slew KiMditjee < ol Aedrews, J'aj*>a*ur, V. 8, 4. Ms or vs i nubia. As tUtaat Ailjutsat fiSMrai. Captain Van V!l*t, Asnatant Ut ? n smarter; Usut Hudson, Aid its ea?p . <'*ptai? Heth, 10th Infantry; lisnt. fetish, Ordaaars Dapart m?nt. There crntWmsa pro'"#* U*t r>?r? to tort I ++ ??nwcrth. and thsaee, with all das tspsditita. 'jo ths plains. (t Ix presuaMd, fr?as the prssvat conditio* of ? Hairs ia rjnaiUr, that no aatUt of -mall woman* will Is permitted to delay the pr grssn of ths tmops, aad U?at If Iheflloac lsdias< es* bs ftund tbar will t* ebsttiftd iato a treysr rsspect fer the p'oy ? r>1 th" 1 sltsd t-'ai( ?. V?Qi?n(shr>rt th. i wtO d?, anl thouf1. the np<diUaw is sotr.swhat late 1* miring w? h? no d*ahttlat ' ? MfL llar*?y w L sUUs Urrrr .aW tbw vcissr ihsmif he way sssst tlsv ? JH f?v<i fUwJ' i /? y 1*. Illinois IOu?w ??UUng State CoomIL [ Krotn ths Chicago Uwietil, July 14.] Tie Kwr Nothings hkvi beta m State Cwaoil I ?t Springfield during tie present wee k, and as a I past of in politick history of toe time*, we record | i>i lew the pUtform^or declaration of prlnolplea, i which they adc pud. It appears tint a'rty fire councils veie repre seated cy about one hundred delegate. Chicago canlcd eft' the honors o' orgm.izatit>n, aa both pri aiceiit and eeeietary acre token from tkls city. According to tbe brief ci.utaio y speeca of the Pmiceut. (he business of the council was to hear i V e it port ol dtiegfttm to the NaUoual Cornell. An acrcunt of tbe doings at P jiladtlpkla ha 'in* been fcivtn by Mestrs. Danenbower, Y.nng sad Jenntrgs, a motion was made to appoint a com mittee ot fire to report a platform uf prUclptca. Aft' r ctfempts to am<nd, the whole subject waa laid upon tte table. A motion to take np t je Pflila celLhia maj.iitj-Stuthern? platform then pre vail' d. Articled oce, two and tiro* were adopted, *h?n much excittrotbt and aa animated die ctualon toeued. lhi delegates from the northern and Irtm tte uouihtin parts of the B'-ate wire pitted each ether. Amid ths confaekn a xoottcn to Ude&nitely postpone the whele mbject pretailed by a majority of bfte< o. SubwqTj# btiy a committee of oce riom eaol cocgrensiciLal oi/trict was appointed on a pMf >rm. Tbe Ike was dirtmoiiy drawn bmw^eo tnu North aid <bc Ecuth? the ens gciig against and the oUer f#r slavery. Aittr tie t ran tact ion of *ome farther unimportant builrese, tte Com* lit te ca the Pluthrm of Princi ples prt tented their report. It was ucd ratooJ that it ree cf the < ommittce w?te not in sympathy with tte, bet It wu atnoancad that t >ej did ait intron to preireiit a mucnty report. A d 'leg tie frc m the southern peit of tbe State brought ia a set of rteclotioc* aa a substitute for the teoorc of ttve " ee, proptsicg tba'. this matter be postponed I ULttl Oetctor Dext. A mutton that tiese resola , Uioagototbe tarle prevailed, lift) nine tofjity five. A motion to greeted to the adoption of the platform rtp rted, by sections, pre failed; the flr?t a-ticle was teed sna adopted; the second read and unanimous y id^pted; the third, aft-* sum 3 discus blor, wu.i a&opteo almost unanimously; to?> fourth wee read ana adepted unanim ously; tie fifth, ia which ti e slavery question wa< am bodied, waa read and ite adept ion mcved and secluded. A motion to lay this sit'cle on tbe table was loit. A substitute was presented, which was lost by a rery large majority. Another aubititite, offu eu by tte lame genttman, lost. Another offered, laid on the table. Anotner, also lout. The previous question called fcr aid voted affirmatively, by a large majority. Ajes and noes called for; resulted in 74 for its adoption and .15 against. The fifth article In the plattcim wa? ?| test; article sixth, m sn'motuly adopted: article naventh, unanimously adepted; article eighth, unanimously adopted; arti cle ninth, unanimously adopted; aitlole Uulb, op pf ted cn tbe ground ol tta being a side issue, bat adopted. Tte nnftiiiDR motions of the report were rea.d ! "?p^)CpU ' 'Ld flnaUir I The following ia the platform aa ad >pted - 1 w. h.iiHlH?!!! AM",CAN 1. AT FORK, m.? . , In the exiatanee of an Almighty Heine whoae nullM*. ^nlTtrM' ,*nd UUoiia ana to ?*?*"??' ??? we are Indebted for our ' rcWr ??^Mttant in national and individual .n 1^* priTl!'**- an" *<" M?4 tha right of ! ail peracca, of whatever religious eect cr deuomtnat on I ?wCT?bto#S?le lVe<?.B.,,n r*,i8iwu opinion., and to ?ctaLee* *Ccord,?? to.U,?* dictate. of thairown con I If ?tnfn ! ?. ?? 01 li. jr ?b,U "**> " ? ?act or a churab r,vh o. ? V tJ?Porml Power; hereby denying ali wlu *? ?p?'? ' " ?r l" /" P",lllc?' aiaociationi of men ctnvjK)?d ?iclti?(rf)v of perwona of foreign birth and 1 tojb. fcrt-.uoa of foreign rnUIUry coui^n.ealn our 4. The cultivation an] derelcpemeot of a nurelv Am. I ricen HDUmnt anJ feeling ? ? paaeioaate atta'hment t? Cur country ard Its government? of admiration of tha 1 fuifr ('aye .four rational etiatence-of vVni?t?on of I n.r national fatbera, end of emulation of the virtue 'hit fr*m,d our r?natitutIon .. /.u }iw UtnT bM ??<?*d when tha American nir ty of tbe 1 1 ited Ptete? are ca led upon to take ou>? orVu"n tk.T U fnTIwVT?D^d ?p^n ,h* 'i?wtloa I 4(, Vt V?' I . "n >w axitatlng l be people of ererr aw tlon of ?l.>Ukn, and mat tt" intake a* "taUJS In 1 1 tg talitn ah ch at the present time ire dlatractin sr our I ??a<? uj.on the *ubiaa of .Uvery, have ?en ^uT? eJ^f J!?**' .?^,*L'<Mlt*eurl Comproml*e;_and that that epaelwa> uncalled for, a groea v tola' Ion und diaregard 01 a aaritd compact, fntere.1 into between the two great aeoticn* of tbia e .ntideracy, and In the btaheet degree i drill uctive to the peace and welfare of thta Cnion. That mtcration ol tne Mltxcuxi Comproaiae aa it will ' rritcre the lerritorr for which ft wa. ort'lnilv ?ida to tie r?me aitaetioa iu which It w>? Before that Una wa it will re Ntnre peace Ini fcar*ony to the country, without Injury or laieat ct to ary ixrtion oftbe I'nion that while It will only Kira to which with due aolamnity an/ rn^Jd fr?mV* "if* eonTVd to kar under tha contract, it will ?<jually pie erre the full and nn li*? iteil rlgh'a ac<|ulred under it by tha Couth, and that thewfo?tJ *"f'*urt t*?tro*iae ahould ha reatorad, and that In ail politlCAJ c>ati( da! ecotetti th? Ameiican Mrtr In the I Hate of Ulisoli will demand of ita candidate, for oBioc amopg other inalificntiona, their open and npdUiuixtd 1 opiniona upon tbla <(>?ation. giM ti Ihe caaantfal modiflction of the naturalization Jf" ''' '-*tffd,el[ tb* time of reeldrnca required by i thci ? of fotelan birth to entitle them to citiMuhip. a ?/*n jtot? law* allowing any but citizen* ? i J . t# 1 * ?' aulTraife. Hat a eare- ! fa arolilaace of ail Intarfa.woa wi.h riihta ? ZJZT ahlp already acquired under eziatlng lawa. 7. Rraittanra to tha corrupting irliieneaa and a ima- I ?lre poliojr of tha Komiah dhw?h, u JwTrr^ t mil wriei. wbttb* r ciTil it r rrltwtioi). R. Ai ad leal ImproTcment in the uraaant aratam of nrC" ill? P?tr<?***', *h,e,, nnaparln*^r con fen rewards 1 J ,n w"*,rT!r*eT' *"d punlanae for manly inda ' plfclrtjhu ?I>lDl0' *nd 4 ,wUM ?Mel? o' ?. Ibe education of the youth of our land In the achojl- of our country, which ahonld be opan to all, without regard to conoiUon or creed, and which ?h.n be fraefiom all inlluanca of a deoominut'onal or partl i?n character, but In which the Holy Hi Ma ?v,iUT,r la freely introduced and reud. a a tha booh which oon tl!.,be*t '?ie,n of n>?rale, and the only nyatoro of ' pore relleion, and froaa wtich arary true Chriati in nun trrlve tie ruje of bta 'altb and practice. 10. The jut t atid p oper protection to American labor and Amarican enterprue and genlua the adver** 15/ foreign Bat one, aMertlof, a.?o, th*t It la both within U.a power and duty or tha general government to ait and facilitate internal commerce by an improve d cat of oor nrere ami the harbora upon our lak.jT 11. "e <*?cl?r? our attachment to the Union of theee Stn ea, an<) w? . ile we (Jo not |.?rt??e of tl>? tcai * ao often entirfam.d of iff diaoolution, w? will endeavor t'? pro note it? perpetuity by a Arm adherence to all the piln cipltH. a < well of the counlltution aa tl.a declaration of Arreriean iriuepeni*ence. WcdiacUim all right of the general government t*. ntetfexe tl.e inatltutlein ol etavary aa it ei^ta In aty of tf e ctatevof thia I'nlon. hut we diatiactir a?reit that Coi gitta b?a full power, un^ai tha <.om titu tlcn to iegL-l.te uj.on tbe ? abject in tbe Tertfuwie* of tie United Ma'.ta. K. iriich a raCical iro<1il callnn of the law? in rer r enee to ittm'j ratk n aa will elleetually ptcvent the ennding lhf "hJ lelona of otb.r natinua. 14. We cenj'tino, la '.La meet noaitire manner, tb? aa aanlta upen the elective frao^lae in Kanaaa. and tha eilorta toccntrotbe ftee tietCiaeof the right ef auf. if* wnlch every Amer<''aa citl'en ia enUtleJ Revived, piat the pi naiplta aa object, ef the Ameri ran party tbail hereafter be everywhere dial nctlr aad T? .M?**? ?n'' P,lbl'?b*<J; we Invite all perou* wto UUeveln trae /merican prlaeip^a to aid ua ,o earning out our frluelplaa aa herein aet ftrtb - ?n i we wiJ efcearfully ce.-'rparat, with a?y party, aa a nat on?l party, whone objirt w^ill be to carry Into edecl the above eecfiirenta. ufy "a 'n %i "pTll,(lr(UM' ??thia lHhdayof Indiana State Repnhllean teu>eaib>a. aromoje of a n.A-rrnkn -prncnmn am d k??mp TIOXK? Af>J<ll tlMMgXT. (From tbe Cincinnati Colombian July If! ] In >ator'av a r0lumt,ian we gave a re por'. of the j feracova proceedlega ef the lodlana IJepabli'-an <^>a t vtnflon, which aaeend?<l at latfiaaatolia oa Krl.Uy. At two o'doel. I' VI. tbe Convention ia a?-embi?l ia tbe State Ifotiee grove A " gooily crowd we aj pre i band, wae preeant tbreughoul tbe aaormng exareiaen | but tbe vaet concourae in attendance in tbe afterao'm f?r eacee led la nurber that ef the awirniag Ai<o I gather tbaie eculd aenrceiy have been leea than tea I t> e.naand peoj la preaent. rnv natreian The ( ow mil tea on KaaoJotloaa having aiinounced ita nad.aeaa to repcit, Mr. Mr. McDuen, ea behalf of tbe ecmailttae, read the following, aa tbe pr?>po^?l piatforaa of tbe Coai ?ntl<n ? H??olvad That ae eorlially re nfflrm all t he priaciplea I eat forth In tfce preamble and veaoluttoea adopted by the i Kabckieea or i*eop.'e'a lonveatioa, babi in tbig city one i y?ar ego tbia day, and, aa appropiiata to tbla occa-ioa I we re a^cpt the fcllc.wlng part thereof ? Wkaieea, We. tbe freteMa of lodaaa. without reepeat ; >? ff' '7i 'a^ actuated by a common devotion to our re ! i ubiic, and a coa.mon r eve recce tor ita foiiadere, have ariembltd oiurelvea together, in cocnaee mora tie. n of tbe peoage of tbe ordlaaace of July 1: tb, 17*7, eonaaerating tfce horthweate m tenltory to freedom and, wbereaa, ' the enaaliroua adoption of aa!d ordinance, by tha re pre enteUvee of ell the Ptataa <1 tbe l aloa, at that daU, eleatly evir.cea that oppcelti.? to tbe eiVeaaion of j to tli# titftaf of eonttittiiir>nui2 poirirr, w m tb# I flied jol icy of our fatbei*. and. wbereaa, we regard the racatt repeal of tbe Dtb aetUon of the Wleaauri 'aiapro | nrlre aa a grow and wanton violation of the faitj if tha I rakti, plighted t? a aolema ompnet. rwtrtctlng Uie ei tenaion ofalavary . therefore, Ra-olvad Tbat we are uacomt romiaiag'e orpeee! v> ! tlia titeaaioa of alaeery aad, farther, that we u'Velv repudiate tha platform of prtadplee adopted by eeif at>li d Itmocratic f cnveation e a the .'ith of May, la , ea^raleg tad approriag tbe naaeea Vebtaaea (acuity lueciaed, 7tat we waive a.l former party pt?d -erttoga, at d la ccnceat by nil lawful rueer*-, teak to place eeeay laaach cf the federal aovarcmeat In tha bai. ;? ef a a who will re?eit tbe riabta of frt> .oai r??to?? tie Mi? ?oul(<np(aw ir >fr? i?>ral drcwaulaaoee i '' 'Ita ea'eaexa ? a?rr j fte?clee^ fnnber "bat oar ievol.c.jewr aaawetor I rejerced fiet/aa ae ea' treat, ea ! eiarary ae aact oea* that w* will *t*adfa*tly adhere to taoir policy , aad flrtaly IDlittftn attempt I* ntiu it. I<e*olved, That aa (dniikinUiia that Ikc^i tlu ccurega. Ability ? ad dUpoaittoi (? protect the c(t<>?a* of ?m Stat* or Territory, ?? th* im exerct** or tb* elective francfei**, Miiwi tb* aceault* ?' itari nob* from .-tatta cr Teni?crlta, u undeeerviLg tb* c ? fltieoe* o' * Iff# peopl*, and ought ret to be CMtuinl is p< war longer than a coaatifutioiitl opportunity i* aflort'ed to exchange it for 001 tbat wll be untramailed by U* *lav* powtr, and tnat will bar* moral courage ? ad Independence euouxh to ral-e it*** a*t*r* ail put; prejudice' ; on* tbai will not, in it* x*al to (upport com j-nmlae [PtiuiH, io?* e't'bt of freedom. j utic*, and tb* coaatitution, but wtU ada? nie'er tb* government fairUaaly, wiaely and for tb* good *f tl* a hole people. lUaolvtd, Ibat a .tt> m;crat/? 1* a great act loto'er* bit* iril asd Impenonrly demand* tb* earneat atlorti *i all prod n fo (or Iti total auppre**loa. aid to tbi* aai we toirmn!/ pledg* ouraelva* to each other, end to all the people it tb* -tat*. M?fr to abat* such ellort* until our ourcM* i )i*)l b* complete. Ibat lb* r'*ulte o? th* abort tiial u-aife o' the pre eeot prchiti ory liquor la* of lit!* Stat* bar* ) tto e?pu more beneficial t'laa vai an ticipated by it* friend, w* therefore aa* (or th* law a [ full aoi Mr tiial, and pledge ouraelvee, >ltxperienre aha'l i aa ooairat* tiatt ??? law U uniecettarilr 'W>r I oui la ?o; nfffc'i, or iltftcUrt in any proviaioue oe <eeary tu **ci<re1t* benevolent obiec'a, ?r* will chear luUj Mill ia procur'.rg all needful and proper amaal meat* tbertto. Reeohed Ibat both expe.lente and tb* uctn.atakable m*nU*?t*t < u? of a just public lentimeot, I' 1 a charge of the ili u?tituiiot nod !a*i of tbia Stat*, ao aa

to I'ni't tl:e eU. t re 'ranroir* to acch pereone aa ar* actual citl'n * cf tb* I'niled Statai either by bUUi or by a full and CI ?1 i cn'or mity With the taw* on tb* tub Jon of r.?n r?l /-vl on A ro*e belx? turn oo tbe reeiptico and fntarhement t4 Ike KMlutioai aa ?t|rtnia| tl? iraia of tha con viniun, they vtia, without except. on, uaaaimeualy aiotUc . Aa if fortler to *how their appreciation of tb* ?'?oun'ni ?*" of tl a pcjcipUs th?:*>s prvmuif{at?d, th** io?r 'V 1o tb*lr f?et and greited ?b? reault ?l<h pii^^nae.t and ?nthur<ai>tic cbaeia. it fcllom rrl?n (or <;oo. K I'ana, tut It vai aa ncuiicr ^ In m the Masd that Mr. Dunn ?ta not preaeat, and ao lb* ?*ar propie w*r* o-.ligo'i to for?gt> tb* pl*a* ui* of li*t<amg to that g*ntl*man. noi vulK'andiaK th* diiTiou* aDnounctDirnt rroau tb* atand that h* would ai)"i*a> tb* o<crinti< n 'a tb* afi*rs?on lbnf h?irg Jr ui] and Bumetou* ci>U* fur HworaM* HarijS lan? that g*aU?mau mounted tb* roa rum, Hid |roca?d?d, in i>n exixcat an^ eio-jufnt manner, to a?''lr?>?a tb* tramblngo n* >.j>ok. r>f tl%? *ntho*taatic an<l urHnimoua rtoi plion ?ir?n Ibe rraalation*. *ajinj( that it i!< mooK* rated how l'-le waa tbi- charge ma fe br lb* eld lin? pri-?a, that a disruption wa* iaaritabl* on tbat day. No, L* bad ati*nd*<l conrentioiia for t? catjr yearn, but ncvir had bt> wiia??i*4 ono ?rb??* projeediog* wer* *o entirely orno'icoua and barmouiou* What ttcngh tVeir biitliplacen m'trHt be diflen-at, *o ttiuttbey wrr* a unit in aentlroent Mr. 1 aa* thtn drew a atiikiag eontraat b*twe*a the pnaitica of the frioni'i of (rMdom a few jeara ago, and Unit of n mparatlr* bonor and atrengtb oieapied by tb*m at tu ii. day litre, raid kt, la a platform maried, plain and ua mlatakriM* Let our oppi.neata uioet a* tier* faitly. I/*t there be no dodgliig or raiaing of faiu ir*u*?, but !et th'a h* our battle field, tb**e our mnt tire, *ad juatire an1 truth our w*i[Hina. U*n*r?l W l *oa told you tuat tbat th* !-'outh would a*rer b* d'rMed nnt'l the North atiMid united, let ua do our part to w?rd freient.'ng an uabtokon front, r?>olTing in nowia* to le awirred (rem our duty by tie application of any rpthete. however *tlnglog, unjuat or opporortoua, wl ether they eom* from the alaveocracy of the ,-outh or tbeir coadjutor*, In tl* abap* of doughfacea. Hlavery la a lix al inatitutlrn, and while It leap* within it * proper botitn!iir'??, I woull respect ler lighta, liut when >b* preanme* to oreritep thrae, and potlate tlia air of fitedcm with her noxiova breath, then would I diatrojr hi r aa 1 wou'd a wild beaat which had broken I rim Lia c?i;e. It In with ularrry In the Territorlsa and not In the .-Uti'i that we bar* to d>ai A|ainat tlie et t?oal(.n of ber accumec tbraldom there ?e will war to tb* knife, and th* knife to tb* hilt. Let ua reaolr* upon tbif, ot? aid all, and generation* y*t nnh irn will rin* up and ca'l ua bleaai d And let our opponent* t?k* iuu* with in oa the temperance i|ue*t|on, If they wl*b. We liaT* >*nned tbe faaiag* of a I rohibitny U^uor law, and will auppott it. l/'t our opponent* take litaue wit'k ua, if tb?v pirate, on it* repent. At tie cccdueion ol Mr I. .'a epeecb, there ware Innd t-lauiMta, followed by erlinif "Colflt," ''ColOt." Mr C, ke it knrwn. wa* rxeatly elected lo f'ongrera from that diattict, aa ihe Anti Nehrnal.a raniildate. In re*pon?* to the ' ail, ha a?c'nded the eUnd and addre*eed the Con vention. k. r C. i* a young man, probably not ever twtnty-fhi', and rtry popular among lna conatltusuta, at waa e tried, cot on>y by hi* triumphant (lection to C<?|r.ia, but by the reception xl?en h in on taking the platform He ia empbatirall) down on tb* extra- 1 tif n of alaeery tn'n tbe ti rrltorl? ?, i? In favor of it* n*>o- I ltatueut Id the I'latr.ct of C ljmb.a. and woubl not dia- I lia* to ate tt* tcp*al of the Ku^itiv* Shir* l*w affaotBd, He I'eltevea in a Prohibitory liquor law, la not to be fllghtmed by threat* of routbira geutitm' n wbo ioteud goirg to WkOilrgton. ?'armtd to tha teeth." li i re man.*, ton, were well received by tb* auci*nca. 11 * next feature of the programme wa* tb? oreaeata lion of a hoEber, prrparaii iy tba ladiee of Mai .on coun ty, to tl.etsbelb^ ci unty dalrgarion, wkoae uum'>*ra en titl?d ti em, beic-nd all diai'iite, to the banner. The pre acntaticn epeecb, by Mr. William W?l are, wa* neat and appropilate, and waahappjy r*<i>ocdid t> by one of tbe Hieihy county e'e legate.! Hbrrt ep*e'cle? followed from Mr. Jojflyn (another lew *nti N'cbraaka i ongreaemanj, and 0.1' Hdloway. Ihe < V.mmlttee oa Re*o!n*.!opaf en whom wna con'*r rid tl* power *f appclnting a Stat* Central Committ** inai * tb* fbltaatog report, which wa* at cace andoraed lyt Le Convent ic a ? eraTX ckitiui. committ**. Jamra Blak*. Mar on Co. : J. 8. Ilarrey, do.; R Vail*, d*. ; I . Baibour, do. W. Wallace, do , Conrad Hiker, tam etbsry Co ; Milton tiregg, 1 loyd Ct, Darid C. Uranium, Jeiteraoa Co ; .fame* P. Mllllkia, Iiearborn Co.; Mtrccitb, Wayne Ch. ; H. T, l.oeey. Park* Co ; <>. f. Claike, Tippecanoe Co ; 1). M. I>ann. Ca>t Co.; Jobn W. Dawaon. Allen Co ; Nathaniel Vindtay, Howard Oe. Gen. Klllgei* oflarea tb* aabjomed reaolution ? Iteeolved. Tliat tb* Ohio onoveatioa of the poopl*'* party new la MMlca, b* notified of oar procoedbg*, by **B ing tb* following t*l*g;apblc communication la diana greet* tbe tepubllean* o' Ohio; t*n thoaaand free men have aet tbe aeal of eternal eoa>l*aaaatioo on dough f*crlim and old llaclam; pi atforas adopted unanlmoualy. Tb* r**olutloa lielsgl adopted wltboat a dl* * voice, the convestioa adjuuruedj tin di t, after giving thre hearty *brtr* for tb* platform. I >?- 1 1 ? I ?? in and Death of ? Raw York HrrcltMt ? DlalrrtslnK t'uul*y> (1 rem tba Mad.'eoo, Win , Journal, .Inly 12 | Yfbterdav mmlog, about half paat oat o'clock, Mr. W. B. Hutching, of the firm of Fuller, Hatching A I,fleell, dealers In Bilk gtoda, No 9! Ul?erty street, New Yoik, cameto * auddtn an 1 violent death by jumping from tbe fourth atory front wind 3 w of the Vswitai Ho tire upon the atone pavement below. Mr. Hut china arrived In tbla place by the train frcm Mliwaukie at 11 o'clock on Monday evening. We learn that be exhibited ejmptorua of Buffering from del'-um iremen* on b ard <>f IM -ar*, an?l on Tuirday morning be appeared aonwvhtt irrati mil nnd In * high Mate of oervou* ex< itement. Hy tbe advice of Mr. Ruaaell, the landlord of the Capital | llouae, be applied to Dr. J. J. Hrown for inidicat 1 advice. liccer the Wt?'uiem or Dr. Brown be >j? I rinit more unlet, aid in the afternoon and evnln ft Bpi' Hitd i/tiite rational, tip to 12 o clock at uigst, 1 *hcc Dr. Brown left him apparently <ju'et, and* if i g tl at be felt indited to ?Iwn^ibe Doctor pro t o?ed to remain with him untinfiWIln*, but upon h a t.rsirfr tbAt it w u iinm-ccx ?iy, aw *'>K f" m his ai'pwanoe aii'l rational couvtaAtlm that I !c mental deranfjefcentwM over, the d'.ctor retired, | ' fcr-rpitg there in the himie H tue pa'ient ina>le any diatuibaix-e to Mend f< r Lira lmm< diately. Mr. Kin aeil testified before the jury of loqar?, whl"h w? ? a!!rd early W?dne?d?y miornirg, tan', at about bait pant one o'clock in the mornirs, m be WM re tii ir ^ to hia to rn, le met Mr. Hutjhlni la the pan ? ? ipe, with !>!? rnq t on kit itrm ami, on Inanity, Mr. H. iDtoixntd rim im' he ?at Koinjt to leave. Mr. ittuioll nupgeatei thut he might bare b^eu disturb ed by tbe potter e?!><tinK ine boota t>f lodger* in tbe paw a^n, and told him tha'. he could sleep two hv.n:s yel before tLe time for 1h$ car* tj le?.ve, at Which be seemed pleaecd. and returned ti hit room, fibottly afteiwaru a gentleinM wh> lodged in tae ato.y below beard a craah, and oo looking oat of ti'M window to wctrtaln tba cauae di#cov#red tone thing lytn* on the walk Mow. n c lam ^lately ai. nnrd a pvrter, who went down and foood Mr. llotchira lying upon the pavement. The p?rt*r j in mtdUtelv called Mr. BmmD. Dr. Mr own vu a*, on re rent for, and on examination Mr. llutvbina waa fctind to be dead, with one aide of bia beal broken !n by tbe fall upon the pavement. T no following i? the verdict cf the jnryof Impieat, whi :h waa held befoie A. B. Braley, Ka<p: ? We, tb* jnry, <*0 ray aa 8?<l tn?t W. H. iiutrbina ! eaaae 'a bia drati. oa n.'-rnina of tba Mtli July, 1 I'll.' , hy ; umpini noa tUa wl? t,m >1 tb* ( kpiul llvm Hotel, la tba '!?*?? of >1 .dlaun, Wl ooMta. wb :? la a ?1?U ot abet ration not ksowiaK ?hat b? 11 1. Mr. 11 at chine drank no liqoor after bia arrival bet*, ud informed Mr. Itn-eeii that lie bad out Irmrkwy Mordaj noon, and thit be wixbed f mover without tLe nae ol 4i"Biilait#. He bad fotnuerly trnviiUd ccntldrtnbly throefch oor Haf . | in the employ ol the firm of U >wen A M : Vamee. of V w York. Her en! of otirrUi*?n? were a?|'iiiot*l aith b m, Mid we are inlo.-med tha' be hu aJwaye L rtenhlgbly rerpe^tabie rejm'atlon aeam-inof a> ility and integii'y- Me wa< a man of g?ntl*mto Ij appearance ard p>e??ieg addreea. The rtKainx of Ue de^aaed weie boriAd laet tveolrK- The fuoerai pr?e?ion wai a v. ry large r>i e, and com poet <3 of of onrlie* . '*(',/ ena. Tbr Whrat Mark*!. 1' '? *?i. sapol ? !a<5 ) J"v w?', of U>? etb et. ..?? a >)?? <taai* Ur(?ly In n>, r ,t tk?.t tit), uHiit loglte boD'l aad aecort/ for tbe '.*li>ae; by >oita.b?r t.#it, of 8t? tb< ??a ivi barrria of a' O'e <k'Iaraan<l a ba.'f f,?r barral, to *07 *o? ?b-. ?! fl?? (ood ae?a/ity for tba pa;rr?a ' tba a lit* UUr.rt 1 (mn > // rv'd ii1 tb? 'O k iae'^ataaya I Wnr baa fallea f mm tr- <0 $ 1 per baoer**. Aa j i'.?a | t>tj caaba boaellt et tba latl?r h(jr* ? har? wj <?iiM bat UyitTt ran b* boaxbt for 13 la a f?* ??a?e \ ia'?aa<?, 1 ln<*. ) ?? j ? tba aali.?r? aa4 at* e niLg >Mlrvu !<* a** alaataiti p*i baat?i, d*l'*?ri,b> la fra? Un ta kft<ea )aj? Pe O'e aay? tkat tbe C at leta af whaat tbat h??a ba*a lev i,i,{ aid aa>a*i.' tl U ikatitn i?wt<r t* tba r? 1 >t!t of <r?a{*tu.rr aer.acf tfc<- ae.'iar* u ta ?ua ?b<* 1 |fl>4tU latal ??? rt-ti, Wa ?n.; tiyarl a* r ' at abc t t ' ?> tarrtl ta a woatL at < e#vat aal j ilu tat t' 'aa??? it a'f 'a tun aa<! fer |l 4 I ? Troop* Mr the (rtmt ta Wn* ftn Hftfi MClSKOK or Til V ft. CO*JflMIOM? ? ?BIYI?a io??n ?bli> to ?aii. in #1,000 -uouu or MU. UGWttfcOITT. [Vram tbc (:<nr inn?t! Kn-ir.trar, ?laly II J At o'oio yr*UtiUy aoriiis( th? bal' *u crardrd by a daaply atUnl... au.l.?tca u baar tha itl ?oa of tbt Crramiuioerr ?U:b *? ,,ISMnt I* full. Ibu c*? baa occupad tfc? uuw 0| tU)> i , jr? aararal day* In it* til*!, but tot loof? r, p*rba;a, iban t>?? facta!' tn tbt c*m> ?a< ill inop<Tt,i.. would to <l??i%u<J ' *oa on Ui latur aecotut, aa wtll wi oo acaauol ol tha tovMty o< th? ca*?. an*i>luv abnaoraof tUu?- prr-?]*bU ?Mcb w a Had, tllhac direct or tnaJogou*, u th* mv**U patioc of cfcM that u bruufhv later* , u^i dal tr bun*:, I t??o ft it ro lltila ratio m T ,? (tcl that *.oat e! Xl* Ugal quaalu Q? rat?*d u tb? of tl? cam ??? pr*<?LiK3 an! ar*u?il |aa?/alij, vilhont >-p*ct?l nfiitCM to ttk? tutumm or al .* in tupp^u ?( thta* | OiDl?, bu mad* u. > duly ?or? dUB ult w par tocm, within the (i* kitrii netour *''jou?o-3?at, ti,?? it would atbarmia ba?# etaa. 1 am annr# tli it tw bam< but a pit- 1 In tatty ?vamoa'.loc, it U not icaoarall) t> )i?t tha p?r'.? on wtcm tl?Tol?#? tt p duty 01 41a loa.Btf ?t ibf COM) for tha I id* bainj <btll a&prod in i b tiuia or fthr into acy o'tbo-r aw? Kgiicnaata inth* <J1? |ic< I utu o( t' a niatWr wklrh ?ui?'.t from Uioaa b^bor tribunal* to wbicb ?uca ca.*?, itri removrl, usual *u, but I bo(?, howrrar, tsat ihar* ai* fa*, or noua, wbi> np*ct mritm aiii ci.utt t?a*t u a mi-ra narbioa d? void of rontciraoa ??J r? <?rOl.?? of lair ami juattoa. it ^[*fii ii' nit uu.r?i?nj tlitt an itainlais* oourt kliLuld, in (ir ng ita rtutlualona iu a ????*. gc minuMj into the luw in au/por'. of iboM c ouflu?<ou?, aaO it would oat ba nry aiucb cn? of ilia nual cunton to i pvooui<oa tba Unal onk-r by Lu Jin< thr p%rty to ta (?tr. or tiai a* In rv? OJR y be Mat cut of if?pa< t for taa l-?ror l g*DUrm*o alio ua*a a? abij ar?nM tka caaa, ao?l, p*raap*. w.lo a pr op?r <la j Kit* of r?n*i'i 'or raiiall ami p'fr|>?lrty, I litrn coo- i eluded. *? Ir'ifly an 1 ran, ta<f'T* taa ri.>?oi? fcx au trrt?lxiOK tlw opioiooi I t!ull a'lraoru on ?ora? of tl.i> 10x10 qtentiot"< argt'ol lo tbli rata II I m darn t*ud my duty in a caat Ina tb? piaraut it I* tj awnuii irlitbrr, frtiu tfia tanturin'iy al'lurai en tfcf tiinl, I tb?rr b* ii'a/onabla <"*u -?? t < bolo the a>-cua?d to abuta by tbe ia<(o?*t of a (irrnd Jury iu tha Circuit Court, oa Ibr rl.argr of biriof or rotalliDK pei'oni, ?itbio ttu< ttmtot) i f tUa I nitnl o'ala*, with lotant to ba aolut Kl or <-?l?r?d in tl:? a?r?ira of tin Qi*. o of tha Coital K ogdoan of l.iaat Hritain and lialaad a* ao!4ter?> llm ta wbat 1 am uitimntcly to il?t>rmia% bit bofora Niririsjt at tbal point I am raquirad to aaavar ?o-n? ?f tloaa <|ua*tlon? ralaatl bp <'0u0wl Tlin pmMciit oa ia . biourbt uai rr tla ??cond nact. oa of tba lav paaiad -tprlliO, lsl(t, to ba found In t'altad Stata* Htit ita*, yol. J!, J>, 44S. Jt im I lit ii* That il eat pereou aliall, within lb* ttmtory or jurie.i,. tton ol the (luit-d Mate*, eullat or nut liim?eif, or *o ?,* j< ud tbi limit* or jurisdiction of tl>* 1'iM .1t*t*t with iu j t< i t it i-olleteit or *nt"re?l la th* service *1 any luKUa prince, na>? ooli r.jr dlatrtct or T'?ft*, ?? * *oldter, or >< a citric* or ai-amen. on hoard of any >hmI ol ?h, Inter el nut'iur, or prlvat**r, a*?ry rrnog *o otti-ndin* atinll I,* da< ii ed KUiky el a high ateilamccnor, and eball be bind, Ac. 7b? pr*v:>o la that th* art nhall aot extend to "an r nuhjeci or citizen of any foreign print*. Aic. who -<>i*fl traaaiantiy be wttliin the inlwi aut?i, and ebaU on beard of an; vereel ol w?r, Ac , which at the time o( its arrival within the rniun statae ?u 8t?ed nut and equipped ai aurh, onliat or enter hltnaelf, or hire or re tain,' be , another ttibterto: 1h? time foreign pr > I pie, who la tranaienUy within the I'uitei Htatee We read that thla act wae coo*i<l*r*d aa declaratory of the prt* filillrg law of nation*, ami wait Intended to aid tin K? erutlva In the enforcement of that law That the da *lgn la to prevent our eitlMM flom Involving thle natlun la tie quarrels of other nation* to the Injur; ol our neutral policy, an I neither to aid nor kinder either of the bell'gcrenta, but to aland inililfi tent between them. Counitllor for define* claim? 1. I'nat Mr Kove ciolt, by virtu* of hi* cQtclal character of Coa*ul, ia < tempt from arr?- 1 in hie own hcui*. Thl? 1 poitt haa bran lrg?n;<>u*l* argued, and it baa bee* claimed that, by virtue of the th'rd artiileof the ( on outer convention bctwecu the rnltmi Htatra and I'rano*, pro-lainie*l lllth of Aaguit, lH&.'t, tue Uefrndent1* ottlse* and dwelling* ate InvleUU*. The article read*, " I be cooku'ar ofllrea and dwelling* akail be Inviolable. The local aatcotitlfi ahall not invade them under any pre text " Ac. .-'oine diectiaalon ** to the meaning i f the w tarda "local authcritie*" haa bean had, and xeverai othn (UltitH <f a hie character are her* r*l**l, , whlcb, if I w?re to atle-mpt to diapona of, would occupy ? ore fair than I expert? J to <lerote fo the dUpoaltiin of the entire rata, Indeed, It w< tiH be uhImd for tue to attempt to miet ??? varioua matfre of eeemlng impnr tarce dieeumei. in thii trial, *?podal'y ae I tiirik I eta *afely d in pore of tb*cn* without referring at all to meat of ti* point* rai-ed. Hut what I- to be done with fin-trUim 1 1 defen>Unt'i coat a?l J not mentiiaed - IH reftrrlrfr to K? nt'?<V>oau,?ntaHef, we flu I 4 clear de Tin tiM ?f the nrlvii?| r?i character*, M?., u I Ambaaa? oora and t'or.iule 1 irnd from volunm I, page ??, aa to Amtu/ra^ora III' re the 1 cir.ail*?louer reaa the inota ti'<n refill*! to | is, w ?! W ?**a from tliia that Vmbaa aat'are are prlvilrgrl Item airaat nnler anr alrcum ataacce; hut tnia paaaaxe app'iee to ^mla?aa dora oiity. la the nun volume, pat* 41, we find the fcilowlty relatinff to Oonaula. [Ilere^the torn a>i>*ioi' *r lead the eitract referred to.) Vim here bnd tbnl C'oniul* are appointed to watch over tl.e ninmercial tnwreata of the nation depuVng b<m, that )>e can l<* puniebr l by the law< of the -oi.n'.ry ia which be ia conaal; that he la not ?itch a publlr m<n>?tar aa tei t? er.tltlKl to the privilrgt* apperialnlng to that character, nr.r la be un'er the ?p*ciai protertlnn ot the 'awef nation*: he <!(r? not en;ovtbn piotaction of th ae law* any tuora tbau oilier |?r?oiui who eater roua try ou a aa.'e conduct, and that in criminal ;% -ea he i* Nubject to tba law* of the country In which ha ra*i<le4. Thin htiig the law, tue p i poaltioa of defendant'* coun *i 1, that ?tf*n<'*nt cannot Ue arrent?<l in hi* own bona* for a crimiaal oltence, la dun **<l of. If a citi/en of Cincinnati can be arreated in hi* own dwelling for cr me, (and W0 kBOW It la lawful to do *o>, tb? dafnndant, al tliough a eonaul of (.teat UrtWia, can alio, for a Ilka of fence, ba arrtated ia bin dwelling I think tba othar point* connected with tbia branch of tba caw are tally included in that naanafo juat aow read from Kent'* Ccmmantarlea, and will aot lo*a time by father refer eaea to UUe part of tlia aaea. 1 he anrond claim of tbe lefrndent I* that tbe warrant la diferUva; it charge* varlon* aOaaee*: tbe dafaadaat do** not know from th* ?airaat lor what cilaae ba la called to aacwer. la meetlac th!* braach of tk? caaa I have fo ind araatar difficulty la obtaioing aid of a modora data than ia tba la*t ijueatioa. I do not flad aaythinf in oar re porta with r*ftr?nre to tba form of a warrant, aad very lilt!* aa to lt**fle?t, but by iaf*irinf to I'bitty'a Cilmiaai U* I father I be follow lag ? When a party *ti*a<sl*4 1* at Urge, be nay, b*(<,r* an ia dietnieal ba* bara Iu?a4, be apprabodtd. *tlb>r witb *r ? itlionl* warrant, by a private n.4lvil<ial, *r b? a c*r, .'a bla ?rotb*r ?iia**r aa alfulo or under a warraat *ra'it*-l by aj'i*ti<* ul tk* peer*, or a Jul.* Ac Aa arreal la ri iiulaal c ana ia (I a apprtbeailtog or ?->*.n iaaof tk* peraoe, ia order to le f?rib"?tiiia? t? aaixr aa a. laaed ar eeaperted erlaee. 117* law Imblirltly arti.rd* pewar to naea a warraat wk*a it ' glfM iurlaetctioa '.?! r lb* '.fl?o*o Ataaaava la* ao place afford* prvt" iiao te i'ft**d*re aaalatt the <rtBiioa! law. Mliar' tb* mafiatrate I* aot jr??'n? wb*n ? erl'a* 'a* l??? roaaaittad ne ?u*bt aot, upon mere Ura< < loa. to aead tti* party araond to rtlaea. but en dae o*a*id?rati?* ?r ivi'l**** adduced before bint. W harever tba caao will adaiit, it u intr 1 rodaat to o?ta ?> 1 1 * aiitki. n'y of a rea*!*trat*. U alta ?r at*r ?ee'iniy t? the { artu 1 It* ton, the arrtet ia to b* i ( If dae??r el aka< ? adieg ia aot a r*at, it ia preferabl* <0 l>aea tamatrae. A ? arrant protait* tba party avrviar It. >:al**a pr*> rad n. alieiooaiy. It n'.t ?** to t" l?e aheolntely ai **?aa ry to >et out tba cbarg* or i<((race cr ? ri>i*ar*i in a warrao t<> appi* tend, IbouRb it 1* n(ca*ary la the ooaitnUm -a and It haa h'ea obeer rad tha*. caata may occur In wh eft It would ba Imfrndtnt to let *ven the paa^e nrtlc*r know the c; ie.e of eblch the party to b* arreited i* *oc uad If tor lx*ar< n or felony, > r other ecoitrou* o(1ea<**, It i* cot aereattry to *teta It, an 1 tbit it a**-m? to be rathar dl/ctelicaary than recWMary to a t It fri.-lh 1 n any caae. It It, bo *?v*f laid rt'.wn h> f/r<' IUla tl**'. reg' .arly a warrant ought te rrwtaln tb*> aatiaa *pec all/, aud ?i*/ .ld not be r*c.*r*Ily, to *n*war lurii Rattan aa ah*1) h? ob leeted *g*ln>t b m Vcaare It -tur/' at f?*' whether It be taithin tb* iurMft.on of ti- ? JaeUra no tb> r can it npj4?r *h*th. r tb* j artjr b* '.a'.la>.U or otherwl** It a obattml, humr, that au-b a ear ant "'tnmittini >k* '*o**i it valb). *rid lb*t a Juati c* of Vb* I ?? * m>ke bl* aai tan', to appteh*n 1 a per'oa *??[ ? <#4 Hy n*a?e, uj a ? vir.ptahat aaa/a to h m, h'.t tliat at roaonvn law a warrar.t 1 ar.Li/. be i?< *?: to abpratend -all i*ro.aa ?uapecfrd net nan.lng tb^v I p>.n tiie wbnla, tt Mete* advmabla ia ganaral, ??ncU*.f to >*<nib* tba >app?**d tftenia. It K*m?, however, to ftifll a to *tat? tha per tl-olar *pe?-le* i f cr rat without ahnwtag tb* yar'ieahar facte of tba ' nm*. a- ia a wairaat for faioay t i* not n*ce-**ry te >rt out tbe particular r ???!* at laa. Vbn ti.'- prlroerr la (naught kif>?* Ul* Ju*ti<* be 1* atlii ccnai?<r*d to lie ta the cu-tody *1 tue of* car, 'iatO be 1* * '.t?r dtaebarr*.!, 1-* lad ot I'nwanaU ud to pr(M>n lb* < Hirer may k*aj> the warrant I <n bl* I o-B t ? titrate.*, an I nly r*t-irn Vo tl.e Jutiaa whit ' h* ha- doe* ta j ure?a*e* of tl* "launaa-'i. I a* of tba opinion tlaat ti.* w?rr*n'. la ?ufllcken" f It property <a* erfb** * crtm*. and that it I* cat a good onj*rtl/ift 'hat 1' *at* fr.-rh mot* 'ban ? '?? rr tne A warraat I* *f tha aatui" of * *u.i>t?r,n* it hriig* tbe party b* for* tba imr an . wt en ?w?ca bat -a the Court, ttm rim* m?y be a***d, and tba eaaa **t for bxar'ag, * a 1*4 tba da ??1 Unt tin.* f?f d*f? Aa to the other Waa'b of tbe ob ?' l?n to 11. e warrant ? r tbat the defeated' I* WA ? afernaJ far a 1 at be U called to aaaw?r, tlaat lain part re wiov*-! by wbat I bav* juat el<i,aad'*a be ftifr aa awete.l by a r*< .'el <4 tba fait*. Ike lehadaat *u ti- ght into L?uit o* Tue'dey, aad It t? my a|i'n? * 1 1 .at ?li*a be *pt?ar?l t?f"r* ?r.? tt > a* t'? (at* 'n *' j*ot either to tl.e il^ge! '* e.f the r*<-J* of arraet or at tb* wairaat it**. If and that, aa *<.gg*>*t*4 by th* o-.a *?I I cr tba goter r m*e? tbe pro \mr mi.n* to teel tl.*** i'a**t <a? aotill ka?* l*>aa by ktU ? aAtu Tb*l w.'^a th* d?f*?dant I a* h**a kroafht b*tor* an *eame'*c 1 <A.rt t e fnnrtlaaa of toe warraat e*e*e, am that tha 1 pioa*< at'* tea Ui*a alert aa to * bat crime b* wlO try t'^ < *f**.lant uae^e, e-t'lag to tbe latter oa *ppb'*'><n I a reoaat abl* time to pvpero bae <j#fra?? T nj t* la p*lt a *t? I* *M n t ./f a bat r'aftl ie tb e -a?* tb* Idetrlrt *tt-^?ey did etate b*'oe? eaterio* nt? a hecilag < a what tart of tJ?e -tatti * h* ?aeUd Irr 'I* <>fi n-Mat while the '*f*&de(.t did r i fi*Jm te be Ukea hy a'ir^r?*e. Uit re.l*'l Hfo* tb* *B?C MfU to tbe w*rr*Lt ,?rt aaaatiooad Tb? U j ' ? : aeit la thet *'tu*l en::?,n^rit ?a* a*-?**aey te oowatltak* t?.? i' < a' a tl e a?*n b*?a* t lr*4 lo ?e tetaaada, t*?re total. -t Ac ?eala-.? ?*' I* ei| ym\, la part of ti. a .-laltri t?* ???? "m *f tbe I'iHm Mat** l?WtrV< 'o?it of lb eOalpbla ? * bate 'a*a raaatflal ia tbe new*pa|*r*. 1* r. *d I 'e a*d in er*UM tba tori. 00 (a'M a* iwU ctai tk* d*fea?a*t ? ctoran theagh. a* I '*)or'ad, H WO*, -'?mm *?* eaaaera to aaaee w i?at ?*?er.. .at thJm H te*e b .1 it 'av'alaly eacn'/*. wHh 1 i*ty, be that J aa*alaU**ty agrae witk 'I* htm <?t ta jo ta < aaaeta aad tb*r* W<a* a uM, *r e tb* Writ lab army, aad tbe tofeaeUat pr ??.?* .a raee be w>ll r,m.pif. to |ay to* travailiag aa . re- ? ? aery ' ij?*e**e cr. Ue iaaei to (aaade aa' tht'. i* prti tar* "f that aai i*m*at, tofeadaat <b?ee Sra *k ? e 1 1 Ve aa-: a *ea?, aad tb* t-1b? aarty ae* ?dt **'/ earn ceteea h * M1147, (wWtbrf he r*ar "tea b e Jew- .aa ? io <r *-? It aaabee aa dHnaaa 1 that ton I* a*t ? Mr'i f rt tifim'm ag wtlb a tbe law |f*v? I a e? r**aua ed ? at itaetdegaW (ien*t ** ba* la* had wtt* eegard ta - ? **oe*aia#wl the wawle ' hie*,' ' rvtaia aad ?** *a I N ae<a traaa ^ ?beiar'* I /c -vaary t: a' ' Ira w**a* "? aogaga '? aarrtca 'or a aUptiJa'oJ ra war J, till "rata'a* i> MtoU or k?M la foMtMlM, to kMf la pa), to tn| that "tilM" b ta aaroil. to ragtotar. to Ml?r a MM t? ? litt , I bat aarall nuu to writ* to a roll or facial to inaatt a um, or Mtor la a Uit ci wiatofu, a) in arroUfl for a*rr aad Uiat "aatar" mum ta ba gia in boa mm, *iarteja>?av or aorrloo, to Mliit ar aa ma 10 aa tba acldkr taiaiad Uia tarrloa at algbtaaa ?aar? of aga 7 To fa* dowo, la a aa*aa. to aarofl, aa to aater a nain la th* enli lwant Hat it ba ao e?**a tj to ralrr to Un a* daflai'lim* "ban I coma to Mtf t?*' iumu./ Ika mtioi on which t'ia proaooutlna l o'i* tba t'afrtdaot ?* T*nojM) oooatruad by ooj?**I >ka> lar|iag* ol tba lav <l? m not iwar to acnit a< ?o moch railaur* lo ccnatrumf it (Trr* Coaimiaaioaar rwaC tli* acctia u ] It app?ara to n)? that ta bring a part? within tba taw (or Hiring or iwtwaiaf, It would ba ataa !?') nacaaaary lb prove tout i>a had tu?Ja a eoatract, ar (Hi red a raward. ia Uu couctry, ta aaotb*r party to >?<<-*? a *oli'.lar in tba aiior of a furaiga pr*nco, aa4 H ? ouUi rot la Important, aitoar, thai tba party a traaiag to i<> nrrial *t one# a' oiktbing m a raward or not, oa that hit tint atxmlii tw- bara aaroilad , bat wbaa tba P<cj< fc.Ui t, ta ma. I* by Iba ona, au4 acoaptad by Ma otbar put,, <ba law I. a* ba?a viola *d, ard I aa aa* thick l< in foitkht that tba I?riT aba proaiat* ta aa Ba* mama it to (t"o4 faith or not; tlia latoatioo of w part) Ua nothing to do, a? 1 think, wttb ?* J*i l?llt or iba iar?o?a<a of tba attoar. Tba fou rth and ! bait. ** tba I .at ol tba aiata araaaal Hot** of ndnoi'i totj dmI, i?, ibat tba tawnwat i ou id lot |M loiibd I,; U. .wuiaitoa of pa*U*a kala* or about tola mliatad To tu??r thla prnpaoittow fully wonlii covauizaa much Hum <h4 bafora rudic fiom thi- to tta tcat.m my I will *<ia;>)) ,.y that* It ba ftr*t abcwa Unt thara boa bam) a ccnaplracy bitwaaa tba ila-fanoaot and Iba aa vara! <Ahar p?rtita to riatato a law, aad tbat <>na of bi* co <oa?|,iiaU f, had h .'ad a part) to b? rnlUti-l vtplainr.t hi* pl.r, . \c than a oak Uatinoo) would ba a.nau- abta A iK, m i-up'part a I ibla piopaalt rn I rrfar to rrruao ?oa bouii;?l aot alarao O I (iramiaaf. T> a a%n? piia 'pt?a apply to t?.r v % n-f ilar.nratiooa of ooa of a eoai ao) of <<mapit?t<>ra la ra gard to tt>a < umnton d??ika aa ai<?ctto( bia laUaw* II* rd a fMiodktK.o anil Qrat ba >atil b) prcaf, auftioteat, in Iba op n rn of jiii'f". *o aalthl>?b tba fart of roaapbiirjr lm:?r?n Ibo parti** ar pr<>p?r ta ba laid btfora tit* 'ury. a* tro?io * lo a*t?bilab aurh (act Tb> e??i<artioa ot the ia ivlduala In th* unlawful *ator prlta ba'nft thua ahown, ar*r/ art and 4arlaratia? # aob maaibar of th?< ronf*4ar?cpt in puraaacra at tba on?rit ?i roarrrtrd piao, and witu r?f?i*ora?o tba oaaa a. on ot.jact. i? in coa'amplnttaa of Uw, ti>* * -i aa4 ia rlarativn of tbi>iii ail, and ia th?>Hi>r?, ort<la*l art dtnra a?a>n?t aaeb of tt*m It tnak<a na diflxaata at wbat tima aa? oa? of tb*m ant*rrd into tba oasaptracf r Ttar) err who doaa aatar into a eotaatoa parpaaa or <??* nn ia. In law, a part) to my nj art watob bad Itfor* v*?a dona b) tba nthxra, ami a ;xtf ta ?*<?!) act wbich roa) aftrrward ba din* hfaayoftba otbara, ta toil) traana of aoch < oaua<>a 'v??t?o. Ant, la ? ?1i;itii-n, tl>* following rula *? mlt|Ml, til Whaa l attaaj ia lntio<lur<d, not a* a anadiuaiol ptaol taaa tabllab a aiatiaet fact, but a* twlo* pai t of aba uoaooo lion ia i|uraUoo. Itu uilmiaailiW .-?> daclaraUoaa aada h) an a??at, actliif a*, tba tin* ? Itbla tlia acopa of Ma autbori'). aia ratatvabl* agalaat tba prtiatpaL Atotbrr ia parpatratiaa an act, mora paraeoa Iba* oaa ma) l<a eooc< in*d, an.f th<) ma) ba roacata?4 aiaro or la>* itltaeU) flia who diroetl/ and *b*oji:lalr aaryMra* teit tba act I* daoow.lnatad (rmctpal (a th* dnit 4a|roa. II* who l? pri**nt, aiding and abotllog, ia prtaeipai la Ui* *aoo<id lUgiaa, and thta prra. or* tna) ba artaat. OO ?iM I* h* *t*ni!* by * a*1 a??|pl?, cr it in?) t* ranatraa U?a. a* wt*ra one k*ap* watch ai a noufaaiant dtalaaM Agaln b* who la aatlbar obi of artor our actual!* or ? roantrurttT*)) pra**ot ma) atUl b* guilt) of partleipa tlrg In Iba p*rpatratloa ot lt< r**ult<, la wblob caaa ha la I'taumiaalad aa arcaaaor). If ho procor<-, adtiaa, ar e< mniand tl a ad W l? dooa, ba la an ae?*aaor) bafara tfe* fact. If, kaowian tba act to bar* baaa doaa, ba to eaivra, romfurt*, or aanlata tbact mlaal, or *bara* tattoo atailaof U ? ' flu* h* i> an arr**a.,rr altar thafart km arraafcr) la Uabla lo tba aataa panlabaMnt aa tba prlaol ? pal. Hut I now oom* to toaaidar Ui* tamt an<?0) ia thla caaa ano bar* I wlab to atata that na aiattar what aaa) ba mf ptlrata opitum of tb* cwura* paraoad b) tba priarlpat wllorta in Irtcglag about tbia proaoautloa, or bowarar much I ma) *)nipatbli? with tba partial wba*a oaai tea bka larn hatr*)f>l, I am l?nuil to trjard thaaUta maal of aacb of t?-a wnoaa*** aa traa, uatli ilia coateaqp la ahewn. an bar hjr a tlaprova! of It* fact* autad b) tba wlteraa, br rroi* a&i rnloatiun, br proof of *tataaoaalo rr:ida b) biin prrrloua lo m*mu*llou lai-amaaataat wdli lil* pifiaat a rli'?nra, br prt-^f of bia act* aad daciara tl< na toacbina tba matl*ra In la<ua, or b) ganaral aal? c'anrr ol bia cl aractar. ho *ueb pruof ba* h*ao a If erode ?nd ) aai bound to icgard ll a ir afklcmanl* aa trua, aa lar* iraal rati) unlrua or InronaUtaot Tb* rradlMMr of a al'n?*? l* c mtMjuadrii of bia ko< nlaiiga of tba laata li* l**tiflra, ha iliatata'aatolafra, Ira iat?frll), tat a ra racit) an ) hi* liclng lourd to aprak tba truth b) aoafc an oa*h a* hadaaaia ohllgaior). Now, doaa tb* taaU icon) ai tabllab tlia lact that tba dafracant did btra aaf on* to i r.l at or iat?r, it Ha* that* l?ao a huiag * T1 1 taatln on) baa V?? n * ?. :iai|?anM) atatad, tbat I abaH rot attempt lo follow it u i u'ait but it vaULiubaa tb" la. t tbiiA (<nrtilaii TialVad tba dafactaat la ntrpaa,) wttb M> Ka> tbat thar* a prmaa or aa avirknua via t> t> r. V) .?(?n'at.l tbav If ba woull la if * (iiau kumb*r of ln?n witiiia a glraa lis*, bo ?t-i uiii ba towaidtd b) r nltrlif a eaptaikC) ia tba HrttUli man, ttiat tlia put.. < to la *t.Ual*d war* to ba futi.Ui *d with a??i> to pa) aadttharaa ciaaair a t p? t>? to 'ana. a, aad ?"..j bouat) ntaaap at an tba-) atrirad U.aia, d*<luctlug trarrliiu( aa^aa aa, Uat tba wHoaaa aiid tba ottara in tba l -ag.ia' wiiU bis did (rorura man, thou(h tba) did ant latand raalf ta laara, butwara aciin? liaarbaronai) wltb ufaalaal. tbat woe of tlia aimiar i lt?-i.|, < did. in purauaa-* of MM pri mlaa aia<:a b) daftiulant to .ennoban, actual!/ rocairo rna-aa) *nd tic??l* fiirm tfr.Ka) for tba purpoaa of da liKiin? tia up n?*a of lt?i.|) *u< IM ML itb*'.*ra*a " Irpmt aa wall a* 1 1. a laaafna . afw. aata to I.* take* to f anada, aad who war* plarad la bl* ca ra through tbo *?anc) of Captain Vdia) thai tl.*aa aariiaa war* ar rcatrd alia oa tb* point of l*a<lug tLl* nt) oa tba tailroait, I. a ring Ibalr tirkota an moi ?j la tbatr poaaaa alon, tbat tha d*faadaal waa tcUu la ronaart wltb Hi Ka), larabull, Ilaniltoa, aad paruapa otbara, ia a caa 'pltacjr ta tiolala'Vha laoa of thla . ona'/). b) prtarariaa, bir ag or rrtalaiag p*raoaa to go ba)oo.l tbo UMiu <af itoa falttd Slatea, with lataat to bo aali tad or aaterod a* miUirta ia th* aarv.Aa M a foralgo pr aaa ia a *ar agalaat a panpla with a l^m *? ar* at paaaa I aaa, tb?raltia, ceaipaiUd to bold tba dafaadaat "O tbia abaraa. Eafor* tb* aawuol of ball bad baaa arraanr*! b) too i opimualaaan, Mr itowocroft craaad pMaiiaaioa la aiaka a faw raaaark*, tba aabataacw of wtucto waa M ri>rovi ? May it blaaaa jo ur lloa?r II it Ira* tbat I b*UI aaJf tli* Mil* of a mhuI, bat It will ba prvra- I tbat I aa ? public miaiatar, ?4 *atitl*<l to tbair iifklital priit Wb*n I raa* to tbla noaalry aapatrara>l bj ay I ym??t*4 m?**lf bafora it* I?im 1?1 m 11 * I'ilM M*ui, u4 b*, la b*balf *f, uJ a* wag 'a* tb? |>t*t Amil'ii l^ pl*. r">M um aa 'IttlBf ai* to >11 tb** 4?tl** ?n'l of eaa*?JU af tit* moat r*?ot*1 uilnu u4 I aoo bai4 it to ba mg 4utp, la baball of tb* |< T*iom*at I r*pra**at, to K* t*?? apaiaat aa oplalou which 4oaa aot (raa I a* Itaaa r (Ma * it 1 prt?ll?g*? *4i.or*il bT tb* rcajul* of tb* aaacrt f??"r? I aatce* 1 l-atn !? a luty I ??? to raj "j'mn a to niaka tliia brot*?t r*r.aaalt/. ! am natb>af la tbta iu*tt*r but 1 rapiMNl t?a jrraat i*tap*a4*a-. Brtttab nation Tb* Consul ib*a ?{???>* of tt>* tr*at/ b*tva*a tala at I I mm ? !> raiat.oa to r*aaaL* aa4 (Mr f ua ptioa froai aural ?it?l *l*laa?l for tb* ooa*ula a# fc.a f rt rBB*at 1 b* a*a? pi!r !!???? ait! ? I *ai pu*a I now a?arrt #r *atlr* IdmuB' * of tha r bar** broagto aaalaat a*. I aouM oot b* ?o foalirb or *o atmpj* a* ta i-ogaga iB aucb a x lit it.* Ml l'.o*?- -oft tl.*o (lit on ta r?w tbat th*r? ? ** a p?>at aot *ti#irt?r,tlr or liia'lactly -la*. I .(?? k; Ua cat Dial, which (bat It* <M a ir^faaitutii* af a K'?at .oiirnoMBl lb a a:nii'MUI i^vil; aai tltia*! ti I* iim^t on (Halnil p'iwu on aooouat af baa rbarart*r a* aiala'ar that b* ??i aval bara by bit ga* *r ? *at it a Ua* abaa H ii-*?- 1 ba> a **t a< pr,i*'i?ia air* rfftaliloc to ja**'!* Cab*. afcuk, if ||U*, It aa* b'a 4 Ai Ui r*f?*l to bla (u<w awl H*. tb*r*fota, t-aioi*'! Uiat It ? faac'laa * var* aora ml Li* tar al tliaa KaiuUr Tn, mM b*. Ill* (oanl'i cSc* la a public oa* aJi rtaiaaa at* i**4 vo anUar , a^l !??*??* tb* tiai at Ualloa. 11* r*?/* l, U.? i/no'aat *ad tb* poor, a * v*S aatbai rli aa'. tafiraar-l !??nai attaat oa ?a*a * 1* <.1*1 *,*4. lo* iair a ?ht II b*, lh*?i for aa *rJ ?i* )<?..? (*ri'>n In uii*i*j i***at I a.fbt *?; II ta , ? ? ; j* ??' ' r a a'*wnt ta?* an w * ?* ? a/ * hat I* (mat t ar<>ua4 a* - Uva< I aa o?i ?<*ara tkaA * B?laUn*ala '?i lh* Cr a*a bat* '<*a m?4? la tb* <*'f <f f'.n aoati I lia?a ?bj,!iraUofU *?iy 4a/ aaa? tlai** twit; of lima tao If p?r liaavr w > laiaa* ir.* I alii <ta-<iil? b*** laWitl***, for tb*| a" m irb all ilk*. ' a ;a<tiTt4?ai Mia* iau> th* *?**, aa 5 a'i*? taMag a ?*at, '?a?' n- ?* a* i* *oaaoa la in'i '* ? N *r/ In* da/ V.f/ l iff* ar* abaa4ati*. aa4 fian ** ??l> Kitrt"T<laarii/ ? .(?at I'ri'aia l? at ??f altk r< **'* ?? ? >*? (that'* a fa?l ?**tlr t*a*ra :.f ki>?'?a Vir/ bad b?a>a*** \a/. 1 b**r fagtaal U raiataj a f*i?i?a lagtaa. fa*, '.bat ia a lart ^i*t'r ?*i'*?a.Jj kaawa F*?'j.a4 traau |.*r **A** aaU. V*. *U tl*a/i lf*?U w? nil afco l(kt fa* Mr r. rta'al/ W*.l, I ak? -4 Ui* u. la tba laratfa Uftai ?tll I ilMitM > a* t? a** | on Mllttaa (a* bar ta Ma Irani alU t ** tbaai ? I ?<?>?> *?ariiaa? /aaaraa da* Ur-ktac f*it*?, bat I (a 1 4a aaytfciag la.t /aa Mb/, ar* /au n?t Ua Mritiab ' ?a*u >**. I aa. ?a4 Iw tba ray i?w<n ba**aaa I mm Ur* ?tab < <**al I 'aaa"? ?Bat r*? far tb* ( naaaa ll*'?H<a tta abfltraat |*i a*a / (r ,atU| al b*< bar4 fat* 'a aot batiaa aaUrt* ! for tb* farMfn lafiaa H*v *a*/, tbaa, I* It la* a aa'Mivi j dM^a^ par ? a ta i. *r*yr?*<at akat I aa/ I A* aat i ilal ta 'Ma / ikal I aa a var* that niMaru far tl* Ormm baia >>aaa aia4* la tba ? / af < as.aaal. M u a/ 4akr 'o >i?? :t I tail ?aa, air, ! aa baarti / ?'?? of tb*a* iff ?*????(, *a4 frat Ilk* tuaoiuif U.* apt **?* ?*?? 'b* Mata ?W? I M* tbaa affTMMb I aa tint bi* I; a; I** H1<? If b* i| aatr* af M, aa-! r?p*rt ?' a? r<?araaaal H la a/ ?at? to ar<,'ia at mj**lf ?itb "bat u (a*ag aa ar- ?b : aa* of lat*r*rt '* *>/ ??? ?abtrp *a4 a/ aar* r?*|a It ,? a/ 4at/ b* p? ***??< *??/ nntbib *ak^-t aba r! ta* -<.'.b >?i>l*rt?* II*,* a it * a?t, ' b I i*a baa ? rtal /aa >t mm.' Tki ' Mir r*i/ paapUr ar'*ra4 ik? at* ta U* r*aw?*?'J vr Kv9?rt0ft tb*a a?aV*Bda1 ttat tb* *ati'? pr* .#? af - fca4 k?*a krrao'ap. ?.al ba f*li b aw*<f a iaa*. Vat that ba abo?14 lt? ?pW4 tb* rWbt* af bt* r **?a a*at, aa4 b*4 a I rar rkatrrw of p j*u it* *aa Vy iai.a( tb*t ha aa* V, tbta am.atr/ V> lt? ?il* i*aaa Utaaa tvrv |-r*at a*' *aa ia4b* tbaa *4 i,v4 if at Iba '?*a*p*r*?r a* ?!<?? t an t aa'*< 'ba ? itaaa*aa, dtt aot aa'^'ba'* atib Ik* 4an ?*? | ?*?**_ Tk*(iaial<<WMr >k*a iH Ik* b*aM* Ttituhli aal Man 1)1 a t ' a >*?a*?r al fl,***. a?4 tba laH*i ?!,'<? *a*b ( *a?a * I **ba*r aa* b**.l a ba* mb ??-. . - r ?a* '*? fi- V* appaar la I vil Ik* /*-iaiaa la I ? *' p?ab*b tp >n fa W. a?*i?a