Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 19, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 19, 1855 Page 2
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THE WATERING PLACES. WEST POINT ObzzsN's UonrL, Weht Point, July 16, 1855. Awit/y at W W Pouti ? L eu'enant Om*rat Scott ami F^ntilp ? Pertonal MatUrs, Arrivals, Ifc. A wee* h4? elapsed sinie I raic'ieJ here, ?od I hope a good many weeks will pass ere I am ctUed to Ittie it, for a More ehiroiog spot or excellent bote! is not to be found on this continent. Tbe house is not half fall, bat wjat i* wanted in %naotity is nude op in quality. L:eo 'en* at- G jneral Bcott preside* at the west table, fl*ik?d by Colonel and Mr*, fijott on oae side, aud a b jvy of youug la dies on the other. Lieutenant Governor Bradiah and fcmily have been here a fortnight; Ur. and Mrs. Cutler, of yonr city, for even a longer time. Mr. Cat wr drives a beautiful English pony carriage, whl sh is very attractive and unique. Mr. and Mrs. Wojd?, of Mew York. ar*? also here; and Mr. ao i M-a. G?la?v. T' e belle ot the house is a Miss E , a bla;k haired joug lady, from Massa '.husetn, B*id to be very ?n>n ng; and, if she is half a* agreeable as she is beautiful, 1 would be afraid of hnr. Mr. Henry Hioks and Wdy arrived oa SVnirday, ateo Mr. and Mrs. John B. Murray, ot New York; ?r. Pell, Dr. Honacks, and a host of young geutla ?en, who And very few ladies to receive their devo Mona. The marked attention Mid respect shown to Gen. Boott is a subject of remark aad pleasure. Wnewver toe old solder goes he ii received withriised hat, ?ad bin stlntttlo is in retnra are kind and trie ad ty. ? We hnve dehoioas music evert evening, aad the wgalar morning drills. The other houss is, per haps, fuller, bat ot less kaowa people, bjiag princi pally from the ra-al distti :ti. Tee Rafsian feeling aming the officers of tbe Point in lemarkabte. It is an avowed thing, aad npoken of ai>he?it*tingly. It is not so maca trom nay particular sympathy for Italia an from a deadly hatred for Eos land and everything English. We tape to receive aooesuions to our numbers by 1st of August, as our rambles are dull without a dfanpltd band to press amid t >e secluded groves of thin romantic spot. When I h?v? enjoyed that felicity I will drop jen a line of my experience ; ! Mil when let me r?mam, Si b Rosa. HIGHLANDS, N. J. Highlands ok Nbvasinx, N. J. ) Monday, July 16, 1855. J Matters at Neva* ink ? T,legtaphs a', the Hotels The Eurrptan Ntws?Hotort w Sent to the City ?An Emperor at Handy Hook, $?<:., fyc. Yonr notice of this plaoe baa already hai same ?Beet; several who bid not thought, or bvely know, ?f the place c eclare themes Ive a much attrac vei by tie flattering, though oorrect and impartial diicription I bad the plea rare of contributing. Of the nu share who have visited here, not one, I venture to sty, but will coincide with ms respecting tha supjrlv ttw merits in natural attractions, of this locality. The proprietors of the two principal hotels? the BeaVisw and Thompson's? have made arrange menta With the telegraph to hivs regular daily b llletln re ports of whatever of importance may transpire within telegraphic range, which mut aid to tha interest ?f the houses , and betrays a commendable spirit of Mberality on the part of the proprietors, besides being a great indnoement to merchants coming nere> who are uneasy when away from the city, unless they are kept well posted up respecting tie markets aed news of general interest The ne ws by the last atcamor(arago) was known here as soon as it was published in the city. Thus, though of no p witive walne, it is a matter of some satisfaction to k tow that, though 8' mewbat obscured, we are not entire fl- lost sight of. Speaking of the telegraph reminds me of some interesting particulars concerning it , and of wtu h most of your readers are doubtless sputa ignorant. almost ?-vny one knows that the news by the steamers reaches t ?e city and is publish*! long be fore tbe steamer itself reticles Hi dock, but now and where it is done very few are aware, as no; ?ore than one in ten are acqnaln'.ad wit 1 the geo graphy of these regions. I will particularize a little. Handy Hook is a ling, narrow, irregular sttip of mndy land, extending out from a little east or tin Highlands, on a line with tbe Narrows, with t ie ocean on one side, and the Bstre vsbary river on tin other, and forms the line of separa'.iou between the bay and ocean. In passing the Narrows, Vdste Is bear direc'ly upon the Sandy Hook point, six miles tran the Highlands ? a rather barren ptaca, tn >ugi there are aoundanoe of cedars. Tnis ft owned oy tbe government, and is tbe place spoken of as approorlate for a <iuarantine Dos pit u. The only residents are tbe lighthouse kei-pars, and the tele graph operator on tbe ex '.re me no:nt, who it widely known as "Emperor Faotoa," and wno rules lbs destinies of his little do m tin wltiaqulet dignity ?eally c arming to behold. Any poor mariier no may chacce to be shipwrecked on his oast, wests here with a hearty welcnne, g wj chew, ocenies tbe Emperor's baa, while be (the Emseror) tekss, the floor; and on parting, has his tmney refosed with an apology for not bei"g able to do batter by bim. In the uoper part of the E nperor's mausioa ie a good sized room, devoted to t!ie use of fifty car rier pigeons, woich are trained *or the purpose of con veying sews from the aieauitiips to tie shire. This part of the business devolves up on %Cr. Jams Ferrell, whcse modesty and z?alous energy nave earned him an enviab e reputation. In fa::, there ia hardly a shipping merchant in the city bnt can ?peak a good word for Jimmy Parrel'; ths ex'.raor Ointry aid unparalleled exertions made by htm o' late in obtaining ne?s has won for him golden opi nions. It la no trifling matter fir a single man in an open boat, in all klnta of weather, to droo close alongside of a steamsiip under headway. Having done this the news ia thrown over in a water tight ean, and the newa being taken out, a single ahnet is affixed to a bird's leg. After d ring this, Jimmy aeta tbe bird upon his fliger, I->oks at him avfui rtiarp, as if to impress bin with the importance of hie mission, aod bid* nim go. Mesntaaa the bird looks inquiringly around, sets hia eyes upon Jemmy lor a moment, as much as to sav, "I know wio my feed comes from," raises his wings, and away ho goes, wi h all bis power of locom ition, in a straight One for tbe office, going a distance of tiree or tour miles in as mair minutes; aui, popping in at tae Window, Is receivod by the "Emperor," who trans mita the intelligence over the wires to tie c"y, ?wai lb is frequtntlv received and published bafore tbe steamer leaves tbe quarantine. I'll let this suffice for the present, with a rem irk bo the reader, tfcat if ever you visit 4*ndy Hook, bi snre to tntrcduce jourselt to the Emparor, aod the visit will iem?ln stamped upon your m?mi'y tor bfe. The grea'est treat I could desire would bs ti see tbe contractions of his countenance when inls aeeta hia eye. Alpiia. CAPK MAY. Rat Hall, Caoe May, July 14, 1? 55. Queer Letter from a tyueer Stick? JUmgular Obstt nmty of a Land lot d?Hoto to Make a Bathing House ? Music at the // itel ? The Cold Spring ? The Young Ladu i ? The President, <$-<?., This serene brandy and watsr-lng spot has already drawn to its shadelees bosom an extremaly la-ge tnwd of beautiful beings in bonnets, and handsome heroes in hats. So we go! The sunny South, tbe nitid (see dictionary) North, tie emparpled East, tbe warm West, send their aona and daugnters bare tc take the infusion of hops dia il ed at the hotels, and tbe forty thonsind horse power surt bath. Ths latter dally provided free gratis. We are seltUd in a very comfortable ho'el; but ?or host stoutly refusing to give as onr board, in eluding wine, washing and private bath house, un Vaaa we pay him ia dollars, we shall not give hin tbe benelit of an ndve ti-emeot in this letter. A/to pes dr private bath howM.tiey are constructed on snch a simple principle, aid jet yield such princely revenues to their proprietors, that for the benefit of new salt watering pi*.;g> we lDtind t3 give the reclps for their ma iufactnre. H >re goes: ?A dozen or two old pine boards, with the hair on, inat aa tbey come from the sawmill; a fistful of four' penny nails; two pieces of Isather for hingev, ** 'em up ! Pour extract af bilge water ovtr tha fl ior, throw la a small curry-oomb towel, and you have tbe apparatus complete. ?La* right the brats band of onr hotel ' dl* wurscd ?scat eloquent musi;." Tie sabjaci of tleir dia oonree was taken from the secind act of "Ssmira ?We,"-?wrn., d'errore, rJi content* ! ?"Oil ! d.y of horror, end yet of joy V Tae musio eqialled ?^LSSS1, "Sl0t **! 1 .b? invidious wh*xe all were so txoelleat, we would allude to trie perform to * of tbe trombone, which, in tat a air (aalt turned nigat iMlo aiy. Tbs porpoise muufaoViry, or rather, porooise oil fajtory, now ia opBr?Uon here, bils r?;f i0 D.ov. excellent stock. We would conmeod it tor air chase. Ooe day Uiis we^k wg oin'ed In s?v-.n mil/ u tea 98 of tlese marine imnsrers p.ayitiif a oog toe edge of tha surf. Tie Jersey ti n are afis* tbaoi with a Hdarp stick. Eaterpriio son as tnu la sure to be rewarded. Blnee last summer ?tat improvsmeits have bvn made in Cape May city. Sev-ral eiegant private ^atl bouses (n^ipe for maouU:inre of whim is given ab rve.) h?vs gone up to take the place of tAuse goon down. Tue ttHM iuooa "cull ad poena," wHb the title of b?th tender, is r&c'othel in "g >rg eon* to*' hi*, *ud red ribaon roaad it. While toe roots over the bach houses, where the old totcbelom ait during the lades' bathing nonra, vtth lorque'/B, Dave baa whole Ion In of brusbwiod aided to their topB, to setvo s* a shtlter from 'he aui, while they cjmpli-te their auatomtoal owurea of stndy. in their case tne pursuit of scienca ia aniv tended with difficulties. The beautiful drive >ver to CMd Spring is a* great a favorite m ever. Anxious to view tuut singular freak u nature, we hired a Jeraeyman ? purming - hi* horsts and *agon, to drive us over there. Be - ok tbe thoi teat cut, ot course, and over suoh a shaking r ad, that when we finally arrived at the sp tag - cur bones being all broken? wa * x jec'ed to be able to oat India rubber the ' India rubier min," and tie our heels over our heads. Bu'. to the sjrtog. tt bants ap from the middle of a salt marsb, and is si delightfully cold, fresh and clear, that we thiak w? might be aWe to driuk a glass before we*k<ai!., 11 we hod it over at Bat Ball. Towards sunset ths road u hemmed and stitched witb ca riages, tie ea<ar contends of woich (don't mean tie cushions, of oouree,) are dead bent lor a cup of o -id wa ter Beslly, eul.v those who've been over Sthara, wlnra there is no liquor, and at Cape Mav, where -there is nothing else, can rightly appreciate tha luxury of cold water as a drink. Oar > otcl i? filled with the most beautiful yomg Indies "that ever were brought in a blanket, by tha doctor, froir a big pumpkin field," as the nursiry legend goes. Offing to the iutrodncJon of homed dtetsee, tht entdea of Rat Bait are to bs <ri 'en >d so that two oan drive abreast. What aa e,eg*it gra e there is tn tbe shape of a diansr bill. Tt e exodus ot Free d*nt Pierce has crated a de pression in oolitlcal circles here, osrticuiarly amiag the Jersey men, who were about to petition for the admistoion of their State into the Union. Pax Vobibccm. Cape May, Jnly 16, 1855. How They are G<ttii tg Alo'ig? Fashion and Snob bery ? Gov. Price ? Politics, tfc. We are getting along bete tolerably. The num ber of visiters, however, is c imparatively am ill. Somehow or other people do not seen to ba about. I reckon, m they say down Gist, that thsy will swam in upon ns by and-bje. Notwithstanding the small number of visiters here, you see qaite ? crowd of the long eared gentry. Tucy are mostly quarteiedat the Columoia, wnioh is, thus tar, the leader in fashion. Now, when I s ly taahi >u, I mean equirtdom. Gentility and fashion ore by no mean* synonymous at watering places. The faahion of watering places is aim ;at exclusively parveuuiam. Wtll bo n and well bred people nevar mike any ntdue display aoywbere. They move about with solid, eub-tauthl consciousness that all is rigat. Yonr fashionables of watering places ate tnoaa who have got suddenly rich; who hive bwa seizad with a pletooia of money, as folks aie with apoplexy. It baa come upon Ihem unexpectedly, by the sud den rise of putty, or the death ot a rich relation of the tallow chandler or blacksmith school. They suddenly fail upon brilliant equioages, sometime* embracing all the colors of therainoow; turn up their noses, and so go it with a perfect looseness, ihere are some biaux at toe island wao are the snbiimest specimens of the squirt breed that you can imagine. I hear tbat one ot' the genus won*, out with a partv to catch porpo'ses, tha other day, and :r>at when he returned he was so ove-oome the effects < f most desperate sea iickue*s. taut he wai obliged to repose >>is oead a whole hour oq hi* mamma's lap. Poor little d ir il ag ?' I was mistaken, I find, about the arrival of Gov. Price and suite. He was expected on the day I wrote, ai d tne guns were ft ted; bis It seams this was nothing m >r? than toe usual eiluto on toe arri val oi tne New York boat, Maneaiou Sandford. The Attorney General ot New Jersey is at tha Mount Vernon awaiting the G ive-uo c'a arrival , w 10 to, it seems, on board of a vessel engage] tn a sur vey of the Jersey coast. Touching the Menemon Satdford, whico stirred up thacannm tender at tne Mi unt Vernon, she c institutes. iu cooaaxion with the Delaware, the independent hue of staamtri between your city and this place. I tear from Philadelphia tint tha exscotiva American committee ot the city and county hav a approved ot the Pmladelphia natioaa' platform, and repucia'ed tha* substitute for it by Gov. John son's Raaoibg State council. Tney c tndeinu, too, the Northern aboition conventloa ca'.ed by the said Reaaing council, at Ciccmaati in Januarv, one month betore the regu'ar national Ambrijan nomi nating convention at Philadelphia To ba bie', the execn'lve committee endorse fully and uaequivo c?l>y the oe'lon of tie gentlemea who aeoeded from Gov. Johnson's packed body, and or*antzad a 3tv<e ciunctl up n tbe bis Is ot the national plafom. No American, who regards his obligatioa, and da sires to maintain the integrity of tee Orier, oat will second tbe executive c ?mmittf-e. A xn?jiri-y of tbe councils in Philadelphia, I am sure, will do aa. 8 ah. OLD POINT COHFORT AND RICHMOND. Richmond, Va., Jn'y 13, 1855. Trip South? Chtsaptake Bay ? 0!il Pond Cmfort ? Janus River? Jamestown? Richmond ? Council Grounds of Powhatan ? Capf.John Smith ? Po;a hontas. Being on a pleasure excursion from " OH Gotham," with tbe design of making a flying visit to* as many of the chief paces of interest in toe Union aa a month will allow, I set off about om week ago for the sunny Sou'h, thence for the West and North, into Canada. Having visited PaUalel" phia and Baltimore, wetook advantage of a most delightful aail on the Chesapeake Bay, from the last mentioned city to Norfolk, Va. During tha sail we were favored with that moit welcome net breezs which, to a pentup citlzan, bestow stongtu aid vigor at every breath ; and in tha course of some twelve bonis sail we made the landing; and, with that yearning after news from home which tha abmnt only can appreciate, we Immediate y pro cured the New York Hkrald, whiih in m# toavela is an nnf ailing and entertaining companion. The Hebald seems to bo the paoer in all the hotels aid watering places of the South. Reading an int:restiog account in tha' papir Of Old Point Comfort, 1 leit Nortolk for that p'.asa, audfouidlt ha 1 not been at all overrated. Old Point Comfort, whl :h ia situated at the eatraice to the Chesapeake B?y, is rendered interesting from Its famous military station. Fortress Mouroe, it-* cool and delightful sta b.eezus, its excellent bote! aad bathing houses. Tbe enclosure of the fort, which covers about eighty acres, is beautifully laid out with shiled walks, where every morning and afternooi, (exjept Sunday,) at the sound of toe bugle, the recruits of a regiment just b^ing organized instaotly present themselves in the'r reepe ;tive companies, of w itch there are at present six. It is quite amustag to sse them divide and separate into squads of hall'-dolius, dczeos and twant es, and, each under its propar effioer, march, couoterma'ch, wheel, A J., making every part of the Hell as busy as a biahlve. Afiar an hour's drill in the afternoon, the bu{le agtia sounds, and then all assaab'e and dlsoerse ? :he cffloeis to their dwellings in the enclosure or a", t is hotel, and the soldiers ti the barracks After supper at the hotel the band entarel th4 ball room, which Is about sixty or ssreaty fact rquare and tbere began toassjmb efrorn tha various ooms. the belles and beaux from diff-r <nt parti of he South, for there were very few Njrtieroers present. Ia a sh<rt time t >at iargi run wai crowded to exoees with ?? tair woinu aid tirare men," and several lookers on were tmrd to wh s per that tbey never saw suJh a coilen j i jf ham some faces; and what ia wort iy of nota is, fiat though these www the fair and fashiooahe dangu ters of 8om? of tne most wealtiy Suiuco planters yet, with but few ex epilogs, msy were at a ball dressed In a put i thiigi vMy becoming mmnor, whiJh circuns.aaoj, sriin their freedom from afficsa ioa, give an addltiocal cha-m to their beatifies. Arr>P", to oar ladiei ot tha North? the bitter taa lo >kiag aud I more la?riatung they were, the plainer they were ia ] drasa and the m ?re nuaasum n< mmin1** ; ti fa;t, the only one ia the dao se remarkah ? f?r dress aal airs, was an antiquated old mud. woos*en?dio afllk-t herself in a^nuting to *t>oaar aeitimeatal ly amiable, as rauia as tuosa wh ? looksl at hsr. Leaving the Point tne foil ? wiog d ty, b / the Ja n >? R vcr for Rn'omnd, we enj iyod neri tie mitt pleasant part of our trip. This sail, to th *e ac paint*.] with the olrcam stances attending th? neuiemantof that part of our oonntry, <annot fa'l ti awaken a lively latest. After sailing about thtee uvurs we came opp ?i it * the fit* of Jat?wtown, whlci "was, bat is no:," This, it will be remembered, was tie Ire'. Raglnh settlement (1607) In the United N <w, al I 1 'hn mark tne spot is a portion of tas wall 4 toe i * I "Old Ch ircli," built in tha 8 xteenh . anvi'y, aad < ; fbe grarryard of ibe pioneers of Vrgima? thesa, c t* i. ??n P?d will toe preserved; toot all a*ou?d ?t ereon- eighty setUeuieota flourished, f? no * e exte > ve cornfield, e>o?e upto Ftuth t up the met and on the same side (oorth) i |M. t,hM birthplace ot General B?rriui. "J? hereof The h^us. is built of brick, look* quit* < 1 j , but is to good order; txpaDsoQ ot the James nver, surrounded by piotu rtS35o^uo toe Junes, the soenery, nf:er passing ? few m lea of low, tut oountty , beoamee very pieaang ^Tfce Wod dopes up on either ?ide from the river, :??ss2?ift sssssms ^CdtoUn^uatil a few minntee wt.l briugus Sra? sw wroxs AutobsUoi, wnion flows into the James river this tributary tor aboot six mltee, when we lanaea ??"'??' wtich sp?s we J*m-? nver, or the fabB and rwj ^, Tnd MrSehrtd Richmond, built on sever*! vary htgi hSs^toe^Ueeto and Uuaee io ooMeqaeno of rttth present a broken end irregular ?P *????? r-e Capitol ooeujiea the moet o*i?p'oa ^ locality, ovrriooktog the wtoole cUy . On enteri ? Mm hnildinff the 656 meets ? QM m*rb*6 o? wihtoMton,' end in the beiutiful I park sammoding the building stands a very erecud to the memory of the Father ot 60 to' Sending the James river, just toefxe W : a.t the site of Janaestiwa is seen the Colok, sinking into a s#amp, was aptuwd and 2k? Wore their king, Opecaw?nou?h, who forwarded him to hiB brother ottef, Po?na?tt. The fate of the pri?ner baing "batttBl * courcil, it was decided thsc he eh mid die, wbere uDon Powhatan ordered Smttu t-o ba caodu .otefl ? a^ock cU se by, and his he ?d to rest ujnn ii, he iud ed up. Cub in baud, with the design ot dtspavcblrg tna viotlm himself. Bit bahold. J?s. at this ctiei., when the savage re 1 men of toe i threat were natbered round to witue? tha deed, aua wueu the wewpun "!Safi b, saa? A"-a^* ssr ?&?%? iTmb aidwith tn jb? words and ton* whlc floj only frtm tbe beart of woman, bagged her U tter not to kill him? for his daugater a sake, to spar b!Could tbe hand of that stern e^uU^erbo^Uy saws srsa sVl^Sr a kks ifcVnViZfr who. wlta overflowing heart, loJKea upon & innooentaud lovely ^XVTpTr Smith, after a sojourn of a fc? we?k*,was P? mitted to return to ht? ^V^TdM jlyCmrnTug ?ho had in the meantime bsen deeply ? , i 8 n&iSSA ?r *?"'?> ttad fcf!er a 8h,rt gfS'SrSSHS Sc'sSSfflSS Sfth Sl 'the cordiality that the Southerners ssss tVre^Wno"oubt,as the wae aocarately de?crlb?d i** Mftory, and orroborA'iei oy S ^mwW&o. rhe pUce U a very high tsUK^masisi jssffffsi byAMuftle in front of the house is a level srouod 5.S ~ A J'S S3E. ? r^?T?Sly brtolifol ?od romwitic .p?.^?Q"dl1 was laid . Tne stone is df epiy o!anted, of a^ V?^, ouiar shape, some four feet long by three feet wtde, scene eeetaea aim nrocirlne memento** TD-,h$th; rl " Ot the visit. WARREN TON SPRINGS. Wabrenton Springs, Va., July 16, 1855. LAttr from tVarrenton Sjmng* ? Tiuy are JVat Cluiifd, but M<jre Salubrious and Popular Titan Evtr. In a letter purporting to be written from the Gietnbriar Springs, VirgiaU, and published in th? Herald of Sunday, a statement la mvfc that c tH tor immediate contradiction. The writer, amongst other matters of gossip, which are introduced merely for th? purpjsi of covering the only design of his letter, aud of giving it an air of business narrative, etitos th it " tho Warronton (Virginia Bpriogs) had beei closed far tbe season, net in consequence (as had been reportol) of tmallp. x breaking out there, but because a disease similar to tbe plague had made it* ap;*a since." I asm'e yon that the whole atattmeat is an on mitigated untruth, and totally without foindtfior. The health of Warrentoo Springs aud all tbe adj* ctnt tfftlon baa been uninterrupted. Nj dleea'o of any kind has prevailed, nor d >ss prevail there. Tie position is elevated and salubrious. It lies in slrfht of tne BluelUdge mountains, which extent thnugh ftvual Slates and are lost in the State of Geo'-g a. It Is well k' own that in 18*9, wb*n thi? chole a ravaged tbe seaboard, and the Legislator ) of Vir pinia were forced to leave Ri Jimind, the cspi a! o' Virginia, the Warrenton Springs were selocteJ as their place of adjournment. No point la the State Las greater at?ac;toa tor its pare aid sala'jnjua atmosphere. Although it hu been enwdf d with visiters every Bunmer tor twenty year*, there tun never appeared at theae springs, oi in the country wbere located, cholera, smallpox, or anv epiism'c which has a ourged other lesa wholesome localities. The mtllce with which some person pursues these springs bas no bounds. He first rumors >n a Pe'ir ? burg (Va.) paper, that the smallpox pr .+i^ei here; and row, In a most business like muioer, well calcn'ated to deceive, be report* thr u*h yoir ? olumrs that t e spring! " are obaed," bjc*us! the pU?oe has appeared tnere. Not one syllable of ei.htr report is true. Th* plsce is open for visiter*; m disease of aiykiad pr? vaiis thr re, and every preoaratioo ti detUjr.t aud ? nteitain (he largest company has Ixen Coksin Bakkr. Oar ?rlinylrr County Corrrsponilrnro. Bt KDKTr, Soncjri.Ert Ci? , Jaly 12, 1855. Attempt to Murdir a Family. Mrs. Wcodford, a very worthy lady, and family, residing near this place, barely escaped death t<y pois~>n, on Sunday, then th instant- Oi returning trom church, Mia. Woadtord proceeded to prepare dinner, tasting several tim-s of some sugar which bed been us ?<i before, and b*en left on a table in the r>?m during ohurch She s-nn began to fe?j onweil, with a tenden-y to vomit, bat did not susptcttha truecauee. The family eta seme lettuce and cherrtea on which some of the earn e sugar was wed, and were also seize! with severe n ansea and vomiting, which ltd them to suspeet they ha<i been poiaonel. Medical aid was obtained, which fjrtu Mtely waa successful. Tbe sugar, on beltg exa n tne<?, was rwnd to contain a large natality of iorrwrtve sublimate. Tbe perpetrators o? tiis m n r lerons attempt have aot as yet been slearly di?. overed, lb < '1 he H?w Vm Herald and tike Democracy. IrroiD tha hicbmood Kxamicer, July 18.] Tie Nbw Yumk Ukhali> a ebo t time ago advanc ed i be idea to* 4 toe o?in>cr?tij outyi v*a dinaov-d; am toe wnig party b*iug d?-moliMb?d, nuthi jg re named to be dune bit to r "Lire 0?k G-or ire Li*'* to set to wo'k at this rnnbieh and lamoer to oof sti net f. r himself ? craft, under the navebea of witch v TM S? ^ ?afely carried into toe Presidential chair. Ttie ntBt branch uf 'tie notinu has become a fort of cuut idea with the "ternble Know Noto'ngV and tfcey e to the cnckoo note froai 000 end of the country to tbe "ther Tnry proclaim, aa the reus >q for sustaining the Kaiw Nototog uarty, tbe great faot tbat toe dem >o/at?o party is dissolved. On HjcUald ciirgs 10 tbe delusion, and ea a nrHber loi diet) with great* at aff cUon her real-footed or bnmpba ktc child, ao too toe Hkraxd seems to be most d? yoted to thia abortive thought, and to Da moat sensitive about ita contraction. Tne Ibrai.d had beat pursue ita usual cool and seir-ootsassed mode of dealing with knotty questions. Snee a aad epithets amount to tittle even m the nands of thosa who possess a mattery over the weapoaa. In tooss of the IIkhald toey scarcely reach a decant sta pidity. In thia labor of love to which this New York journal baa of late so z-alou-iy devote J itaeir, it bai tot evinced its usual sagacity and apt appreciation of public sentiment. With ail it* intiueo3e over tbe neat mob moiBter of New Yoik, tt can't mue George I,aw President of tbe United State*. It might make bim Secretary of t <e Navy, under acme acrt of a mcegreLaLfllnistratun, bat tbe '? force of foJly can no furflH^o." The Hkhald baa not attempted to ahow toe in oonalmiveneaa of the views we took io the arti ie It refers to. It attemiits, however, to b<eik thair tore a by delivering itself after thia faahion:? Nor can we permit tbe preposterous of our Richmond ootemporary tbat there are now tut two par ties? "the dtmomoy on tne om aide," wl ?ha "raoble of lama oa the otoar"? to past without remark. l'Ua democracy? Who are the democracy/ What are the*)' Where are they? Are the Ksw York Van Bareo Bullaio neeeotUiB, of tht toft shell ad ministry 'ion ty p?4 tbo mocpAc ir or are tbe boatile hard Bh*U Dhkinaon men/ or U0 J*ff. Davli MCMfliooiflts? or (Le Koutiera condar vators of the Cobb achoot of Ueorgay Are tboae ol<1 de

mocrats in both sections oppoaed to thia ro:taa admlnia tratiun the democracy? or are tbe far dUbeirteaed and demoralized spoilsmen that still eling to the publis plane er, tbe real grnu>ne derao:rat.o party? Whan oar Kiotmond co temporary haa found the democracy, we ?bail be (cabled to prove to hia entire aaUaiaotion Chat there are two other areat parties? "tbe raobia of isms," with Reward a? tbeir champion, and hia dis'ioion pro gramme aa tbeir platform, and tha great aatioaal Aouii can patty, formed i?f at me of the heat materials of both the old wh'g and democratic parties. "Wio are the democracy? What are they? When aietb ty! Tbese inquuian have the double merit 01 b<iig botti rich a d cool, decidedly. We win tell our great inet.-opjlitau luminary all abau', st. Tbe demo ^acy are that p*'ty wno fixed the oh? rauUr cf tepublio^niam inde ibly upon amenc*i govern met t; a hi an expelled Adams from offiiie aa<i elected Jtfle/aon President; whi;ti ua 1 t>je l>rison dooia and 1st out many ago d editor lor pro iMinncug ?tucturts upon Hr A larnn not ooe tialf ai bitter as th >ae which every cay teem from tbe typ3d ot tt.'o Heiihd the present adniiuiBVr^oi; t!>e pal ty , cber t fore, io wbica She qwqh pmtnt lttiuunity frcni tints and incaroerA^ioa. I". ie toat patty which has pereeverini^ly m?iuUimd those identical principles ever stuce. The par-y which aniexed Loaisiana, Florida, Texas and Cali fornia; which beat the British at New Orleans, and coLquered a p*a:e under toe walls of Mextoi; which haj> made the United States tbe asylum fit toe dw trtsstd (and therefore is toe Herald amnget us) oi ail naxioLS, anit the objejt of wondar and admira tion to the whole world; toe same party who wara h.tdwiLked and entrappei by tue 'l?g cibia w"1 t?rd cider" epdemic of 1840, whica tbe Bxhalo remembers,) under the lead of tje fero of North Bend; acd who were once again Impoted upon aid betrayed by toe cry of "no party President," and a general system of fals - cooa aid fraud whicn cinnot bave escaued toe memory ol our veteran cotemporary. We truei tnia is a satisfactory acswtras to who are th cemocracy. We are, we confess, a lltt.e non plnsM.d by tbe second branch of the interrogatory. "What ate the DunocracyY" tiiumphant.y as&s enr learned Theban. Beyond what we stite in iep)y to tbe first question, we can, we think, bast tetpind in the aniwer of an Arkansas DiUrio', who, being asked tbe same question by a oaviil ng adversaiy, saia, according tj tbe report ot Petet Wnetstoie: -"bir, the Democracy of this free, grea'. nation, is grand, gloomy, and peculiar; stupendous, lavage, saitln-aud sulpbnric in toemaeives." Aa to tbe a hereabout b of the democracy we will inform t ur great "robustious peiiwig patea (teliow ' that it he will descend liom bis Olympas, aad cease lor a short time from hw amusement of pulling down and eating up dynasties, and ot regulatiog the I affairs of two hemispheres, he will discover tie i demociacy to be some in Virginia. Ani tne lifcitAiD will moreover learn by a misMoa o*' ooe <>< its multituainous mercenaries tj the Biu'h and West, that the democracy are toere-oraauizaa an^ottermined , awake and iovincible. The bt t mptto make "Live Oik (ie^rge" Pre<i cehtof tbe United States by means of tfoow -V> thug'nn , however audacious, is hope eesly v?to. The Order itself, only a little over a year in acuvo operation, has undergone many mutations aod m xn boat jots. It baa abandoned its secrets, when rs juggle) y was detected; and materially abated i-s prcs uptlve intolerance, as the national disgust arose against ita spirit of hypocrisy and persacudon. Ant laat of all, It has split into f<agmeots in attempu to ccLcial its abiibon proclivities, so mtnifest throusn cut all tbe North- which to deoywaia <rand to. monstrous lor even the abolitionism of Wilson v '/ OT to swallow. Penns?lv*ai? has /crmally allied henelftothe abolition wing ot pa\IT. not ttlrly dissenting voiaes out of tbe multitndiaous cumbers of tne State Couictl. Tbe Baccej b o( tbe Koot Nothing party won ?i b | toe oissoiution ol the Unior. Tue or those conservative principles embracd in the P-uia celpbia platform?st len irom tbe Baltimore plat - j term- can only be effected through tbe democratic done 24 ^lrou8Q toat' lt wiU certaxiy bi And we bfg tbe Herald to remembir fiat the mamaragemtnt of democratic func iooariss, thair follies and want of sense, nay, tbtir very treasoj, ?re impotent to disband tbe patty, or dr*w them fiom the great principles to whtoh taev aik^iaDce. Id 184h tue democratic pirtj p'eiorred submitting to certain defeat sooner than cm tamiiatt d with a [treawn and a heresy wolcb if sanc'icttd, would havg m certainly sioared atrt nirph. xbe democracy had in turn tbeir tnumoh Tbr> raw the dwerters to tie Baff-?lo ahominati ,tJ rstum with penitential prayers to their all?jnan askinx foigiveoeds far tee past, and swearing fa-.n luliy to observe the Baltimore creed, as a gu^ie olthtlr itformation and future ttdjltty. If njy' have been a )ltt:e too well oald for It, we find an ue roctlve lesson in the parab.e of tna prolyl son aid tbe fitted ca.f. We would have wiiOed 11 ware I / but?be great body of lemoc.-ac,r bet little ab ?ut toe distribution of tbe h >oii? and tuen ibere Is consolation ai d encouragBnorjl lu r? meuibenrig tfiat tbe evil is ephemsfV,. It is of ail n< te that neither Fornev Dor bU oadjators cocdtitote the dexooorasy of thecouQtry. The New York DnUy t*rra?. Op'n Ltitid'-cl, f ir cjtnpeir-ion ia chs ratntge roe&t of u newspaper, as la other profcssi joh, 1 , commtnanbh, and j ewn to advaaceaient Nor m ?irait rcjo'nder or qaick repartee objicMooable; bat when an rdi'or.p obably hi vi mi of tbe bu: >s--t ft a tival, deacerd* t> law Derooal abate *?d black gnardia ra, u.Jer tbe delusion that hi* rea-ier* regara bin *flbtia a* et>n'Uioas of wit and talaut, he not only h?ultn tbem, but tools hlaaelf, and dw grace* the pio'efston of the jouroa i?^ Tbe Mercotvped atta< ka ol toe NeivYork Times >nd Tribune Q^oo tbe Hkrm.d bare "bee Don flat, ?tale and unprafltable," tor di tley in the lean team to pr< daoe tbe desired effect of "extinguish iii#'' tiat journal, or even reducing ite circulation to a icvel with tluir own figure a. The la?t attempt of tbe kind that, we have noticed appeared in the Ttmr.i oi toe 11th 'out. LWnt. Uovrmor Raymond indulges in a tew of uijeecbjice aad elejr*nt epithet* of "8iUn sitting fur h a portrait,'' "oar titanic coteroporary," "the devil," Ac., &3., and upon bl* then? intoagea to dole oat t early a column of haling mvte.r for hN m:ral p*per. Bennett'* aucceaa- tne 57 00() daily circulation, aod tbe publication of tt? fact in tie H?K4i.t> ? Mcma 'c be tne provocation forth* a>tt\ k. Nordoeathe amiable Llo.itenant (1 jvernor coafiie hluuelr to the iditor of the Hkkai.h, bat leU fly a bio???i>le of canmter aDd piape into tbe rank* of tbe thonaanda and ten* of tnouaanda of too reader* of that jourral. Hear nim : ? It in hordlr n*r*Mary that w# ?hiulj eUaraetariza mtb brmrrn effrontery. bat we rensot well belp *11 u llnj? to eucb a eocl and coa6dent exhibition of an uuMuih n,' ? e.'Ueceon tbe folli Milt j ?o.l h-lplen* imbecility of * ela*? of rea<i?r? to whom ea^h btlileniwh any he oltired with impunity. But tt?a H>ku.i> kanw* '.he Uate* >o4 cepacltie* of It* reader*, ao doubt, aod a?apt* iU.-lf to their uBcrr?t*ndiBg?. We are one of t ie reader* of the Hrrald. We ofWn wly noon that journal, pa-ticulartf fo- oar fo reign item*; nor do we think we are "gulled/' or dia^lay "imbecility" In aele:tiog it in prefer nee to titter the ftm? or Tribune, and it i* evident th *t tbe public think* aa we do. Ia eWusion, we eug ge?t that the btat plan u> put down the Hkhai.d, aod complete tne aa oe?a of ite rival*, wrala m to print a better and cheaper paper. Try It. It ia a mier way than an indulgence la B llina>*gate ami blackguardism.? ttwtnm (.V. Y.) Ujtcttr, July 14. The ehofer* h?? bee* raftvg pr*tty h*Hly among the iaborern on tbe lltUl.utf ?o l Drill* K?llro*J, n*ar t> i> Mar Ida Rallwav. A numbtr ot them bar* died, ia lladtof aU* aevaral fem al*s . HatTkid College ommioMmtnl, (Kiom 'b? iicBtoo Journal, JaJjr 17 ] ? "5 .H*1"5 st?t>-d, tain is o.uai-iae*ment week at H-r?a?<l Ce'bg*. p e ltceilei u*l af.rao fjrisot the ?*rk commeMed >bm m>rntog, vo?a ?e>c to* hnv by naetat<era of the gada Wit g cImi iCf ? ? DiviuHy ScV:ol. The exircie'Mt w*r* held u> tbe oollege chapel, woija waj d <l*d who an an-' Mi ce ooa>pcsed mostly of iadfa?s. Tae pxeicii*& o* niaer ctfd it 10^ o'jio;k eltb prt ir by I'lcitmor f si'ciB. Tbe pr ogramme of iluioitrciwt W?S SS folios*": ? 1. Prajor, by Professor Frantf ?. 2. Uvsano F?ar an Principles of tie Rsligious Lfc. Mr. An ire* Napoleon Ada'ns 3. Image Worship. Mr, Oho ge Franklin Allen. 4. Ha< Cbristiacity done for the World wn*t might reawn ably hive been expected from it ? Mr. Charles Taylor OantieiA, 5. ihe ti^Djiii j o f Christ. Mr. Wlllim Thomas Crapstsr. 6. Hymn. 7. What la it to Preach Ciuiat? Mr. Simeon Bar* deu Duitee. 8. Tbe Holy Catholic Chuioh. Mr. Frederick Fntbirgban. 9. Tb* Priest and the Prophet. Mr. Edward H*nry Ha}. 10. Tl e Ltcenm and the Pulpit. Mr. George Hogbrs Hepwoith. 11. Hynm. Jenkins" PSDl ** Athen"' Ur* ^llUm Linaoln 13. ai John 'b Type of the Christian Life. Mr. Al fred Porter Putnam. 14. Tbe Anthon y and Meaning of the Lord's topper. Mr. rt?odcre IV b bets. J1* t,u? Theory of Worship. Mr. Charles Br fry g < bomsB. 1?. The Cbarac'crietice o t the Theology of Schlei ermacber. Mr. An I Cesser Williams. 17. Bymn. 18. Piayer, by Professor Noyea. Tbe names of tbegradn-?teoio tue Divinity School are an follows:? Andrew Napoleon Adtms Ge Tire Fjratkilu Allen, Coartes Taylor Cautteld, Wil ia-n Thomas Craps'er, Simeon Ba den 1) irfe?, Fredrick Ffotningham, Elward Henry Hall, Guorare Hagie* Hepworth, Wil,i?n Lincoln .Jenkins. Alfred P.vtsr Putnao, Theodore rebbets.CharleiBriggs Thjinis, Asa Messer William*. * ' _^is aftenioon. the alumni of th1) Divinity Scbnl will hoid their annual meeting for taa o true a of officers and other bofline s, iaunediat ilv aftsr the conclusion of iheexeicUes in toe chapel. A? lour o'clock tbe annual add e? bif ?*e the alnmni will be delivered by Rev. Wm. G. Eliot, of St. Louts. Wtdtet-day is commence m?nt day. The usual exercuescf the graouttiug c-d?a. wbic'i numbers ?8hty two, wijJ wke pl^x, ?t 10 o'clock, ia the *>ist cturch. Che u?ual uroces<u>nof <be Presi dent, corporation, alnmni aod trr?duatiog cla?s will be formed at (Jore Had at 10 o'clock and uroc-ed to the cbnrcb, wb?n ;be ex-.rcuts will take place in tbe toLdw ng ordet: 1. A SaJnt?tory Oration, in LaUn. Joseph Con verse Hfjjrwood, VVasbington, D. C. 2. An Essay. "Modern Vie*s of Mahiaaet." Ed win Anprne tu? Gibbens, Boston. 3. A Dieqnta tiun. " Tbe Itonan Naw " vti tord F,aa* Bli-s, St. Louis, Mo. 7 4. a Dissertation. The Reform Spirit {Q m J(i. ein NeveK" Edw?rd Barty D-lton, Lowell. 6. Ad E-say. _ Cnry-tosioro Prracb ng in Con staitinople. William Henry Evans, Cambridge. b. Ah Oration. "T)e Scnootmascer of tae Fa fSta,N.H? Benjamin S*nb>m, Hsmpun 7. A Dissfrtatlon. "The French Bar." James Many Sea well, l^ouisville, Ky. 8. An Essay. '? Cha les Frederic G was." Wil liam Coleman Burns, N*w York, S. Y. ?tgA, H.Tw.;'n A w,i, *m wu lar/'n,,^ VT'u "^Pregnable Citidela." Wil lsrc Quinc> Pniilios, Cambridge. t 12' 9fat,05: . " rhe Be?t;ratlon of Poland." J. aeph Cnohisg Baltimore Md. 13. A Disqniaition. ? The Sultan Reviawio? the Browne, ^itOT. Kd"r"d Inger8jl1 A DieeerUtion. " The Novels of Btlzac " William Pit? Preble Loogfellow. Portland, M). vA,? E.-aa>. " Auoient and Modern Tele Samuel Parkman Blake, Rixbary. ui i 51' fertatton. ? Tbe Koighto of Malta." Mslcclm Maceun , Philadelphia, Pa. i 17-,,4 Dl.quisition. " The Do Urine of Mornho Chtrite Francis Stone, New York, N- Y. Fi'chbnrg.,e*k 0r*Uo11- Ed*rard J?ckson Brown, win '"A "IF4vorlte Books of Great OA* 1 8a?;n*l Crocker Lawrence, Medrord. 20. Aid Essay. "The JsMmts m Paratrtiav " ? Fre<Jffic^ McLellan, Cambridge. J' " ? Means of Com Phi aTlphfalp^ m?4 1>n<Ute Mitctu?11' bI'; mSS'.'SSkm?!' j*?" ?,oh? T).2i3;.^i<i?i*.l!.i00i. " The Character as ?n the Funeral Oration of Pericles." Joon Words Edgeilv, Somerville. ,Jf4'All9r?tloD''' ^finance ni the Panrfon f r r?" *' ruiiivECk^e,,M ta w,mra D?? th. "Th? Origin and History of the Sikhs. C ar es Augustus Grevory, Cambridge. N..oV. B^n""14''' A",~M of 30. A DuftnattoD. "Trajan's PillaT and trie ?tDB?sfn.' * v???<ioa?." Edwin Hale Ab ?V kD ?r%tt?,nV " Obligations of Philosophy to tbe Schoolmen." Laugdon Erviag, New York, N Y. th?p ^nclent ^r?cian Seit;eaents iu wick'i^- Cnshing Hobbs, Soutb Ber iu '^Nftf^ ''heTK?P'?^??nt Ikieton. "*aa Pdrke' Wainwright, .)(>. a Difjuisi'ion. "Washington's Two Visits to ^m bridge." B? jsmin Sm.thTyman, NorSm^ .17. A Dvsertation. "Civilization in Sicily at ths ce^er!*' tr0, Ch,ri?s Augustus Chase, Wcr Tb.cktre^?('^,t?.'Thara^0r ot the B?'ire of XDsckersy Lt.ailei Ammi Cu'.ter, Caaibridire. T^i p;i?"il^.Tbe Mftn uf I,urp?"-" R)bert Jlfo'lf"??' ' Authorship and Pre Csmbmfe. D' r%ncls Cbannmg Barlow, tkJ'o wi!l tb'n bo conferred, a't^r whlc^ ine ? i reo'.di'nt, corporation and alamni will piriilt j of tbe cu?t( m?ry dinner, at Harvard Hall. On Thuriduy, Rev. H. Ward Bssiher will deliver an oration betors th? Pol Beta Ktpna rontetv. Tie n??tioi? will be fallowed oy a po-m by Wm. Hjury Hnrlbnrt, and a di.-.ner in Harvard Hall. On F rtday Jame< C^olidge Carter delivers an ora Cai1" ' ^toi *** ^ huodred Md four offered themaelves for admission to Bar P* yeoterday. This la a greater number than ever before rfl-red in any vear Th?>.??mi, ticn will be continued t>da,7anTreS W teS. ether on tie 29th and 30th if August. From New Bri-nswicx.? An order was recently received irom Kngiand for fifty arti.Uryoec serving in Nova Scotia and No* B in a wick, to proceed to to* Crimen. The requisite nunber was mtde up by volunteer*, a lareer number offering than we e ordered. Xbe St. John Art/- Iirun?u-uker h<u the following remark* in regard to the trouble with t <e K?eign l?"nn.n at Meivu e Island: -It in to bi re Kitted that povertmi-nt e?er undertook to raiae re cruits from aining the ou'<casts in tfe I'nitei Sut*M, the very scum of ab ra>ionn. If the honor of the Butmb flag dep?nded upon inch baings, we fe*r it wou'd Lot long tnuauin Ha present proud position. The expense of th*i?? worthies* htielmjis will bo more it an th*y are worth? tu mire, indeed, than the best aubjtcta at home could be enlisted for. We btpe to fee un erd pat to this mode of obtaining recruit*. It is derogatory to the character of the first nation In the world. The sins of Brit tin evtryirhere are willing to share in the danger* and a orles of the p'exent contest with a baroarout Power, and tbeie is no need of subsidising metcona ry sc Idlers. Movkmkvt op Taoora. ? Kipk ditto* to tb? Pi.ainh ? The Van Baren (A'k.) In'rlliffrnrfr , of toe 29U> nl'., s?y?: -An exp?dl.ion tor toe Plains left Fott (iibwn.C erokM Nation, on the 22d In',., comistingof t ree companion of the 7th Infantry, inmbertng about 230 officers aid uira, nn^er ih command of Lieut. Colonel P. Morrison, 7th Ir ta rry. The other officers are Assistant Sargeoa J. T. (ibitelia, United St ties Army; Brevet Mai ir K. C. Uathn; Cepta'ns Henry Little and C. A. Hamber; l.?utenaatt r. J. C. Amory and B. O 'Connor, 7th Icfantry. The expedition will proceed by the most direct rente to Tu*key Creak, there striking the s%nta Fe route; thence to Bent's Fort and Big Tim bets, extending protection to emig<anta on xaid n u'e, cultivating friendly relations with nch tribsn of iLd ans as may b? met with 00 those vast, pr* ? riee. and inquiring into the facilities for eitablh ia/ ? m litary poet somewhere on thi Uoper ArktiatM. The ex r edition will probably return to Fort Gibwn about the mlddie or last of November next. The Revolution in Noithrrn Mexico. (Corrof pondeose ti the N. 0. >'ic?jrdae. J Cuarua Oilman, July 2, 1865. The Laiedo mail arrived taat evening, bringing In'el igtuce that Cai vujal and Caoi^ran, nim a sar tioi-Et fotce, were b au-giPK Camargn, and ti?l it was tbe intention if tbe revolotioaiar.a, after taking tbe place, to uarca at once upon M?umorM, and drive Woll out M vr? v oua acoounti, Oaaargo wu parriK dpo by hx hundred men, and It ie probable th-ewllhe a der'poate ooDflict befom re can be wken. the State of Tamiulipas, Coabnila ?nd Ne w L?od, are united in tun matter, aod t ?' only point* now reman ing in the hands of (he government ara Camarge, Maiamoroe nod Tamplco. Colonel Cruz, * bo vat in command at.Saltillo, ?urrenoered the place without a struggle, aod ra llied with all bis force* in the direction or San Luia Pottt>i. With scarcely a single exception, ail of ihn principal men in the three State* alnve named, have taken part tn toe revolution, aod bo one here entertains any doubt of its aucoeaa. Toe combined forces were to have c n cent rated at Agna Lejaa, a pass on the ioa to Monteiey at the borders of T* maulipas and New L"ov. I presume they must have dene no, as vbe letters from Rio Grande City, poeak of the united torces under tne c < mm and of Carvajal. Bo f*r ti e Jattsr is the only leader of tote I nave heard mentioned in connection with ibe revolutionary for ee. Jaaregui is in M mterey, 1 believe, ard will probably remain there to wach for the approach of government troops from tba interior. A large amiunt cf goods is now concentrated at Brownsville, waiting tne result of the movement on the otner side, Should Camargo tall soon it is pr> babletfceae ROOrB will bessntuptheriv?r, aod pass id into Mexico tnruu.h the custom noose at that place. Gov. Garza, ot Tamaulipas, la now near Cv m*rgo, and will Joub'.le?a resume tne p .Hitlou from which he was driven oy Santa Anoa. Tnere is to bo a fair at Monterey n me time this or next month, andtthrse goods will doubtless be d s'ribuved thenco throughout the lnte< lor. Tbis wi l be an effectual blocker npon tte ieo? ipt ot duties at Matamoro* foi tne present, and as Woll depends entirely upon them ft r the pay m? nr. atd subsistence of bis tro ids, be will be starved out, unl?s he procures supplies by sea, which the revolutionists will doubt ess en deavor to prevent. 1 eball bo Ui on tee f roucd in a few days, and will then wrie you more iu extenso. P. 8 ? SU'Co writing the above I have ssen ? letter from B.owotvilie, ?huh sates taat Woll is baiily engaged in fortifjlna Matamoros and Riynoso, and bat> determined upon maintaining these pontions be can ob'atn rein to csoients trom Vera C.-uz, wb>ob be was dui y exacting. Ibe writer also says that tbe cblefc ot i be n-volu'IonUts were quarrelling amcng thimaelves. fhe principal of tne?e appsara to be Juan Suaza, ot LwnpaztJ,* noted guerilla letder daring tha ;as; war witn the United Slates and famous among oia countrymen fo.- bis intrepidi ty in figb>ing Indians. The most wonderful tales are told of bis c mrage, and ha seem* to b ? a ma, uroum wbom bia countryman wotud rally in an emergency like tbe present. > Tbe re?oluuonistH, it is said, hive so artillery, and unless tney ake some at Camargo it will ba a matter of gieat dcuot. wnether they can efloct any thing agait at eitner Kesnosa or Katv-noro*. They have, or will have, plenty of money, however, aid anil.'erj can eaaiiv btt'pro?ured. A compiny of liquated Rifles, commanded by Cop'- Elliott, ar d one of the Sth Iafantry, *reiv id ytrtesday from Fort Daocao, near Laredo and they rei"?rt tnat Dr. Mu 1 .wtey, the Ameri an Consul at Monterey, had eft that pUoe with hia family, aod was daily expected at Laredo. Deati uctlon of a Cucui Tent in Can ad* by a Mob. [From tli* Toronto Colonist, July 18.] One ot tbe hum; disgraceful rlo'8 th&c evac oc^urej in tbia city t-xjk place on Friday night lent, the olrunmetances 01 which we have taken trouble V> n*cet a in accurately, and they are as 'olowa: ? Howe's menagerie and Myers &, Madigau's equev trian trt upe joiiitly exniolted and perforated in ibis ci<y, on the vacant *p*08 near the j *11, on the evea ings of Tntusday and Friday. On Thursday night a row occurred In a h ruse of I'lfame a little west of the old hoepital < n King street, in wnich two or three of the circus oeopie were concerned, f #o young men, named Fiw et and Fr??er, who, it is F&idjMiMkJfLjhc hook and ladder company ia thU cuvTwurtRnoualy 1( ja-ed, one a' th?m get ting his jaw broken in two place < fr <m toe blow of a decanter. Tne parties woo inflicted *-.e*e irjn lea were thoee connected with the circus; an 3, conse quently, the frletds of the suffarere vn?pd vea geanoe on the wbole establishment. From the inquiries we nave made, we have aaeortalned that tie friends of Fawcet and Fraser were busy daring the whole of Frid?y preparing for an at'ack on ma circus ewablubmeut in the evening. Every endea vor was made to collect such a forae a? would, if pcsiibie, overawe both the circus people and the police, and allow the mob to do just as it pleas dd. u deed, we have beard from several that t&ey wero aware of a riot being c n template 3 several hcurs pre viona to that at which the performance coumbocid in the evening. It also appears, as waa sta'ed by constable McCaffrey in his evidence at the Police Court, that a certain system ot a ;Uan was de cided upon. Symptoms of tne not were quite per ceptible daring the h tut of perfo maioe, bat no re gular attack waa made up n the premises until the audience had dei arted. It waa then that boom one c< mmesced to cut the canvas* with a knife, and a most violent demonstration was made by yells and stouts. The employes of the circus arcaed them selves with such weaions as they oould lay tuuds upon, rallied out in a body and m?ke a cleirao 'e, and again returnee under the canvass. The poles hare, it seems, made a feeble attempt to arieit some persons, but w< re prevented by the mob. About this time, we believe it was, that Joseph Bird, a member of the hook and ladder oomptay. r??iv*d a blow of an L on b r from one of the circus men, and hsd to be taken home. A pistol shot, we on deratand, was aUo ft<ei by one of the party assail ed. The next step of the mob wm to make an at tack on one ot the wsg. ns, which they poked away and tumbled over toe embankment into the bay. They then attacked the ticket wagon, which waa smashed into pieces with their sxes and set on fl.*e. The Mayor bad previously been sen* for by Mr. Yale, one of tne managers of the company, and he eooB arrived on the spot, and endeavored to qued the disturbance. lie advised the circus men to lay down their weep^ne and consider tbemsslves as prisoners, and he w uld do ererything in nis power to protect them; to woich request t xey inmedlately ylelced. sitting d < en together un^er the tent. Hetbcu expostulated with the mob outside, and entreated of them to desist; but hm efforts, alt tonga successful in one quarter, were defeated at nn tner. He mao rgeo, however, to res ue two meo belonging to toe company, who were set upon by the cr jwd, some of whom enouted out "kill tbem,""kaook .oem dowj,'' &c., and whom he sunt off la a cab to toe pj tee static n. The work of destruction stul went on. When the tiket wi'gan was set on ti e. *ooae of (he mob proceeded to the St. [.iwrence lUll (about 11 o'clock;, end caused ibe tire alarm to be raog,wotcH proceeding, m'<*i liknty preconcerted, had the effect o( bringing tne boon &< d ladder wapo and several ot the engines to tbe ground. Amid demoniac yells aid the daikntsa of tue night, relieved oaly by the dim lixbt th?' burntaa vehicle, the hms were applied to tie hams and ropes of the p*vuioa, and v tbe ay of "this way, rockers," fr irn toe ringlead ers, tbe work of gulling down the canvass oonm .-noed. While this part of the proceedings waa gongoa, seveial attempts wereinade to flee the test, bat the operation wax Lot i-ucctsifal until it was all pnJied down, when the wu'diobe (wqicq wan new), aad every thing that coal i bo laid hold of, WjS thrown into tbe Ate and destroyed, ("he noil e, of wn<>ra there weie tbi'ieeH on the g^ouid, were, wito tbe exception o. Chic' Constable Sherwood and consta bte McCafT ev, either uuwil'ing ?r mc?j> able o.' ren dering tbe Mayor any tff-c ual aa>u ance. Mr. Councilman McC -nkry, who reaciud ihs ground late, was extreaely actl?e, and with hts aid and that ot three or fonr others, the Mayor was for Innately successful in pre vesting eecioua per sonal collision, although fe was frequently obliged to thiow himself betwiei the as eallaou asd tse (ariiea a;ta.ktd. After the tent was daxtroyed, tbe mob rus <ed toward the csravsaa of wild beasts, one of whi h (tbatof the c?mcUopar i) the* backe.i toward the tiarres; but the Mayor sad his awis'aats rescued it. His Worship tl /ally addressed the excited popu lace trcm the root of one ot the wago.?s, po oting < nt to them the shameful character of their or (tejirgs; snd after some time they began to dis 1 erse. As roon as he found the inefficiency of the police, his Wrrs'ip bad asnt off for toe wnllod i en ioners, a body of whom, am>nutlag to thirty ( r forty, under Colonel Tallo b, marched on to the (toned about two o'clock, at whtcfe uae tne die utbaooe bad wtoPy cea?ed. On B^turJay moraine tbe two men who wm reecoei by tbe Mtvor w.ire examined at the poltoe office; bat no ac.imU >a teing brought against them, and it bsiug nn-fer sto<d that. Bira's lr jaries were not (/ a eerois cbaiacter, tbey wue uiscbarged. Ooe of the drcoa party, It seems, was kicked and beaten in so seri m a manner as to prevent hi n leaving the city on Saturday with bis com van i ins, who ars now, ws hear, at Brampton, a ?al ting the arrival of a new tent, Ac., fnm Sot York. Myers ,on? of tbe p-o pn tors, wbo was tue party imphtaved in ifes assault on Tou'sdav evening, on Few e*. and Fr?sir? W now In custody, h tving been arrested at Bramp ton on Fatnrday. Not tbe leant discreditable part of this transac tion is tbe difficulty which is round In dUcoverinic tbe ringleaders. As ia ths case of the flra oo Church stieet, tbe i>olioe profess their entire igno rance of tbe patties concerned, artlough tbe Mot lasted for nearly 'wo hours. Ins Mayor, A'dermaa Onggan and Alderman Rrtith spent so ?ne on Saturday in eadsavoring to t ?*oe toe offender*, bo*, with^at effect- Farther irqulrie* ere to proffre4s, ? ad we are assured that, if possible, jastioe will b; dOM.