Newspaper of The New York Herald, 19 Temmuz 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 19 Temmuz 1855 Page 3
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Trial at /Ukged Foreign BwnMlag *#?***? In Htiton i The trtolof Coant Lou.s Kezinski, Hugo L?pi, Sichsrd Badellus, and A. Langtols, who *?ia Uk?n frm tbe British brig Buffal >. by the offioeniof tie United States revenue :at>w James C*rop^eu. on toe cb? ge of enlisting soldiers 'or ? he Freoca and English to serve in tbe Crlcce*. commenoed in toe United St it eg District Court, Before Judge Sprague, i a Boston, oo the I7ih in>t. , . B. P. llallett, E?q.. U. 8. DUtriot Attorney, appeared tor the government; John A. Andrew and Wn. L. Burt, Eiqs.. for toe det-ndants. The Clerk read the indictment, whto c aiw tie Viisorera wi-benllsting carta? persons aa sold ten in toe set r.ce cf a foreign sovereigo? the Queen ot Oreat Britain? to wfllch they severally pleaded not 8?Two interpreter*- one a Frenchman and the other a German? were sworn, to communicate with the accused and the witnesses. The jury were tben "MLr?*Hallett, In opening the rase re-narked, th<?t the ^resent was a novel case in tie caurts o' the United frates, and then praceeded to defloe the nature and eesignof the law which tbe p uoners are charged with violating. That law is the neu trality law, which is designed to ca>ry out tie settled policy of the United States, and also toe stipulations ot the tieaties with foreign government, by which toe Unit?d State* aie pleog?d to strict itnpiil*ttt? towards tcieign powejs who may be engaged ia warfare. . . , He stated that the goverrment wiuld baas its action upon tnat tection of toe neutrality la* wbich prohibits the hiring or retaining of pes mis t<> go beyond the jurisdiction ct tbe I'oit^d States with the int-.nt ot (Pereenl'st n?t em in the servi m of a loreign prince. If this could be proved against the prisoners, then a o*?e would bunade out against tbem. As to tae word "intent in tue statute, if it could he shown that the prisin%is evidently hsd that intent, ard made their arrange mints a cordlngly, It would be sufficient, wi.bout ehowirg that tuere was sue i an "intent" on tie part ot the persons enlist* d oy them. He then recapitulated tbe evilence by which it would be pioved that tbe prisoners oad violate 1 tie neutrality law, narrating tae rauiner in which they bad inveigled some twenty- me men. mostly labor em, onboard of tbe British brig Buffalo , at New Toik, on the pretence of going to Halifax to work upon a ra\lio*d or a farm, wnich waa no batter than kidnapping. For auch acts aa this, if allowed to paas unre baked, tbe United States will be liable to on called to an aoocunt by any power w .icn may take umbrage thereat, and may be brought into collision witn foreign States. Mr. Hallatt tben proceeded to call the witnesses for tte government. Capt. George Clark, oommander of the U. S. reve nue cutter James Campbell, testified to meeting tba British brig Buffalo, of Maitland, N. S.,tn Tarpau lin Cove, on the 23d of June; sent an officer on board, who reported that there were twentvoue steerage end six cabin passengerioo board; I da talned the vessel until I could get legal aivlce in the matter, in consequence of information denvaa from my officers; brought tbe prisoner! and ?it netses present here today In my cutter to Boston. Cross-examined ? Had bo direct commuoioation with any of the paesengers who claimed my pro tection exoept through my officers. R. A.Morsell, 2d lieu enantof the cutter James CnmpneU, testified to boarding tbe brig Buffalo; all toe steerage passengers came aft; Edward C. Ed ling and Christopher Terse (present in oourt as witnesses), asked me if tbey could not be taken off; the ciptain wm asbore, and wi.n two of the passengers, Lippy and Rndelius; Kazlnski *m sit ting under an awning; asked Count Kazioaki if he was an Ecgliah < fficer, and he said no; afterwards heard him say that he waa goiug to receive a com mission as colonel in tbe British army; think I hoard tbe Cjunt say thu Dr. Langlow had been to Sebastopol ; am positive sDme one made tne remark. Cross-fxeminsd? Nothing was said by Couit KbzIi ski when the complaint was made id me by Edlingand Terse; saw no cimmunica ion ba.ween tow Count ard t e steerage passengers; one of the men who made tbe complaint said be had a*ked Kazir-skito be put ashore, who repllel tant he had noiblrg to do with the vessel, and therefore could .not put him ashore. John Ca?on. first lieutenant of the cutter Camp bell, called- Boarded tbe Buffalo; saw tha capta-n, and told him I wanted to see bia papers; he s iowed me his i estates, witb the Consul's certittiate; l anted bim i: be had a pa?seoger list, and he replied tnat he hao not; asked him aoout the cunpleluta of toe passengers about going to tbe Crimea, and he said he kL?? nothing about It, be waa onl> to carry them to Halifax; I called out iu a liudvoicito those who complained about going to the Crimea, and the pasiecgers move4 forward, one of tbem, (Ja'ob Fisher,) mskisg a statement, aa I supposed, In Gtrman, which Edlitg uansiatod: he said tie left New Ycrk with the expectation of g >ing to Ha^ ford to obtsin employment; ?>n learning his destina tion, he ileMred to be put on board a vessel to return to New York, which the captain promised to d ), but did not; tbey all said (o? interpretatton) that they believed thst they were going to be sent to the Crimen; they said they had engaged to go to H*U fax to work on a railroad, but sfter getting out of New York learned that they were to be put on beard a British man of war and sent to tbe Crimea; that tbe night before leaving New York, aa a steamer wtfl peering tbey were foroed beio# deck nntll she had passed; that on the night of sailing tbey were compelled to go below aad remain taere on ill tbe vessel go* out of port; neither of tbe pri sonsrs at the bar made any explanauons while | these statements were being made, or after; had difficulty in getting the papers of the British cap tain; he did not produce them until I told him he would be subject to a fine of five hundred dollars If he refused; took tbe captain on board the cutter; did not hear Count Kazlnski ssy anytMig about a telegraphic despatch t > Halifax; heard him say that be was going to the Crimea; he said ne waa a Pole, and that the Rutslans had maltreated his country men and his own famiy; he said heexoected a commission as colonel; Lippy gave me his name aa Hugo Lippy, Count Strome; u9 told me tnat his father bad been a British officer, and his brother- In law was; bad no exulenation from either ot the de fendants it regard to their connection with tbe Buf falo and bet paesengers. Cross examined ? The Count told me that he paii bis own expenses on board the Buffalo. Edwaid C- Klling called? Was a passenger on bosra ibe Buffalo; went on board in the evening; asw the French doot r come on board in Uie boat; he went into tie oabln; saw ot er men come on bmid; Count Kazlnski c*me on bjard late? it waa neatly dsik; there sere seventeen pasaeng-rs In tbe ?tie1 ace, seven or eight of whom were on board wbenl nett there; I<sdtostay in tbe hold; s?art nd to go op aad Lippy told me to s<ay where I w?s; we were ail in the hold; Lippy said i could not come np until we got to sea: staid in t ?e hold ?bw. a quarter of an hJur, until we passed the Battery; when tbe neamer passed Lippy told us to lay down nnd laid dowii himself, sayiug t tat to one must sae tis on bosrd; when 1 first went cn board Lippy told me I wrs to enlist in tbe British army and I tod bim I did nit know it; he told m? 1 could ae an officer in the British army; he promised m? $:w bounty, and after the war was out some land , 1 think iiim?i acies; was to have tight dollars amoutn; heard Lippy and anotr er co vsrrnug about s >mc of tne men iVtuming to New York, and one of 'h?? Mid that it wotUd be bad to have ooe of tbe soldiers .getback: tbis was In tbehrld; do not know wb:ch of tbem made the remuk: know tbe man called the IVn- b ooctor; heard hta aay tbat he had been to faebaetopoi btiore, and wai going there again; kn-w Jacob Fisber, wbo was on board; he speak* <?er man; spoke to the captain about Fisb*r s expe ta tion to go to Hertford, and nis derire to return t< New Ycrk; Count Kazinokl aaa sivtiag within f >ur yards; waa on board wnen the revenue offl>*r cams on beard; was w.thin t*o faet of nlm, and s?okJ to him; the Count wsa sitting within a tesr ya d?, reading; tte Oennans wantel me to "peak to a mao-ot war, and clustered about me wbea 1 did so; I did net at any time bear an j thing said by tnese men aboot g \ng to the war in tna presence of tie defencants. IwrwcriON on th? Bo*to* akd New Y>nt Ck.vtr?l R4ilhoad.? On tie l<Uo o( Al.-II, lst?) UKt?i? pvswl by th? I?{i*l?ture <if Ma^Ktiu wtu, io which it wm ltd that if ivnj r*iir->*u nhi.nld thereafter be ?> laid oat aa to ctoe* *ny turvpike, bUrhray or town?>y, it ?ajold be ?j conHructei u to pa** ore.- or under luc'i lamp ke, highway, or townway, unleaa the ounty rain n >.?? vtoixrH or the county, in which ?ich cro ?iiag ahoald oofinr, ahonld on an aopilcitioa toUum an i after k full hearing, antborwr and i>enmt tot aatj ibllrohd to be obstructed noon a level wit- aacn turnplka, highway or townway. Ia otter aijir ?* tnl tf the atovuBcM ot thla law, the B?ton ai l N w York (Antral Railroad Company r >oa meted their railn^tl actoii a large number of r mda and liigV w?ya la '-ke t?wa of I>orch-wter on tae md? grat'e or level therewith, aerer*! of whiih highway* are great anr* important thoroughfare*. rn?r ?h*ae elrcom?tatc?a ?be Haprem* Judicial Oort of I'orcheater did not heaittte to grant aa immediate icjurctlon, which waa duly aerr?d iti ?aidcrm(.aay on the 14th lt*t., by vlrue whereof " Mid company, l'? oflcera and aervaota, are pr >? i blted, until the fartoer order of aatd ooo-t, fr^m croadtg, re in am way euterin* npoa or uving laid Vay?t or aar or either of thara, with ca?? or engine*, at a erpecialiy from rnoninn over aaid f. eeu rt waja, or any or either of them, witr> lara or ?oglnea, or a Wei ot at grade toewwltfl." By the ?iprea* term of aaid act of 1M41, natd oropanr are 1 able to pay two baa l?ed dollars f t eviie/ man'h during whlob their train* tare ron o?er eat 0 <4 ?eld hia^weje. AM th?"*e per altiee am>">mt a' tie preeeM time prohaaly ta tha abiu of twen'y th a sand doUara. Affairs lo Ktnw Tl* Kansas Hn aid of fYrrd-m of Jan ? 30, My* that G> vnnor H>eoe? baa returned to me ?r itory in excellent health u< spina, reaoivad on ?u?v%u iog ?be law* atwbawver coat at * very land ng place aloi ft the liver, cro*dt roaned to ti* b?*v w> ?te him. Be w? on <*ve? *1 o< c*m?u rudely treat to t>? his enemies. The Hi raid gives toe f^iiuwing incident: - " On ore occasion, a gentleman toaroicted G if. R nod *?Jd be te* ru a tmnd it ^4(11, Mn., re D>hik thai 1' Gov. Keedtr <eiurn< ?i to the C. rritory be would ftatht-r up a company of meo, tan thoa cane if nooeetwy, and t?-?roa every part of the Terrivry , ir 1 etd be, to bod and hasa ala. T<*e Governor ve y corduaJiy taauked tata loformaat for tbe intelligence, aLd rem? kea : ' C*l* ymr tries! tflat abetbrr be cw at the bead of Iw ba.dred i r ten tbouc&iid men it will mate ? ? ciff rayo*: I sha.l cevf-r be mubbtd; and your friecd, if hsmtke* a omobatrauoD in tnat 1 l ectioa. m*> eat aasured tt at bis nun at* e are Dumber* d, 'o- 1 trill put a bill through but nead. though 1 k or I iial> bo cit inti hob piece* tea a.ltu'te k't-rvarai ( eoail pataae wy ifgulinau. buciwm ualut? ri^pied, el ? tbe m varer cf my rlgrta a^aL pa vbe f rfen.' " Tbe Fret Stair of July 2, public he 1 at Li*r*noe, comaine an article upon tm* a<at? of poliu %i affairs, troto wnlol we gat ler tb? u ple<t*aa? truth t >at divsirneot amiitutut exist amo.g tin tix state v un*. wbo, wat>Vn?r ani'y ot pnrp<vw, 0 a of ?viaree (if* to fcaro>' oy 0' a tiou. ri.e Frrt state Bay?: ? "Ou> paiti bt-uru inaoeup tfa> ma y >x>miM>aeat p??tfc -nubracn gtvny moo tbtth-saa ml capable of app'i'Ciatit g thdOflenncr between n#b<. ud w oag ? u what make* it ao tX'*edingiy oitfiouh '*> uoic# tfcrm "ti one eisi d p'atfo m ni riootpira. Oa tco po'nta tbey are a uo*t. They a I daaire toa Kaosia h'tu d (it a ftte ptate, and ibfi all ooadrmn tbe cutiagcf < eipe<r?t?d by tae pro-ti?v?ry p*rty at our eitctlx a. b> wbicb a gr? a', m j.#ntj or th- mini betB bo.d their aeala by fraud. But tbe iv :j bnog rompofed of aooie radical m-u, wbo ar uomluA^ to gi?e an >nob, in order toobuin the coojeratHa of tht-ir fell w mt-n - some wbign. demo rata and free xcileriswi'b ib e/ own nut^oi a, tnat bare bM>n matur b g for j?ar?? when tnese all com* together, t ey ex Mbit an tvweit oliuglng to '.tusiruid vimth, anl tbere beii g n<> one fo ce turflci?btl> b Id so Uke tbe riap' ii-'biliti ot laycg d wu a putform o'pnn capita wbich woti'o mase a grand ln?tl nointarauod woicn all fre? 8'ate men aoou.n rally, tt appears that we ate now, un ?r auob cirououtaacea, like (?beep having n > ehepberd. N bra-ke demosiats my <bat tbe I rte 8ta'? party, own g to ibeai fac's, cun ac om >lieo nothing, we moat, say tney, hav? an bfgaiization of a truly iia i?na| ehar>tcter, anuva w ich all can ra-ly and doeff-etiva w irk, and that tbe beat plan is a reorganization of tae ta'lonal dtmocracy " Tte Ftn StaU says that the very men who are meat c'amncus about carting away mino- differ 1 Veen aie the very men who are most tena.*i mm of thtir own *aya ot tub king, and tbe> are u 1 willing toatand on any pi a' form bat that conceived ia their own minoB, taking the moat tadioal ground. The Frit Siatt rec n>m> nda a tisruug 1 orgaaisa tion of all who ate iu favor of a tree dtate, c?song away all minor differences. METHOPIPT rt&KACHXKS MOBBBD. [Comapi/ndeace of the Cl.icago Pr ??.] Platte Cockty, M>?. Jane 30, 1865. I hasten to isfo.m you of another mob iu Bur.te county. the Mathodwt Ona ca North h?d *o ap pointment tor a quarterly meeting mm Farley. Tbe prtwding eldtr preacberaand congregation had nest mb!?v uiid concluded tbe morning sm vie, and were proceed ng, wnen * m b ot ab ui ei?h y arm-d mtn made tbtir appearance. Tbe M>agregaUoo, it being warm, were atated tn th* abae in fro&t uf the booat , ai d tl.e p tacbera were 1 aside Wh?n Dr. t alker ltd the mob to tbe door, wnere the H^v Mr. Muni* ?ae piea bin*, and ?'z d him, Mr Mor tia drew hlh revolver d o t ck<d it, w ea some ooe C'Ugl't bia arm aiid tjok it from Mm. Tie nob teen rut hed on him jelling, "Haog him! shoot blm!" frme In the ' ongregation iuterc dad for h n>, anc alttr alung paile, ibej cvjaeitei >o let h ib t,o uider a p'eoge to leave ajd not preac \ any niOie till tbev gavti mm permi'Sion. Ibe ree'. of the preachers escape i curing ibe disturbance, and ti^e congregation brwre up and oispeieed. Toe preachers were ad a mtd ?it > rtiu lvera. Tney are a* aie i f tbe tt reate daiiy made agaicat th in. I'J.e Uii b brtuitlit *ar at d 'enthera and haaip alo >g wtta th' m. The exclfc men*. is great. Three humoie *ni pit u> muiate*a of leligijn will be driven out and law-eaentae prevail. Ijraaclea of the late Hainut-I McDonald, of lioltiiuoie TV t xecutori of the ea ate of thl !dti Samuel McD n?id, who was txtenaive'y and f?vor?biy kno.n a ? a weaitty and btnevi'ieut ct.izen of B*l timoit, Hied ttc will of toe oeceas <1 on the 13m im>., win Col. Hickman, Hegia'er of *iil? at Balti more. tbe Ammcan of that city taya: ? Id view of t/ e general interest manifested to aa owtaiu tbe featu ea of the will of the late Samuel McDor.a d, wbo Itft pioperty ea imated a'- aoaut $600 ,000, we have obtainea an abstract of 1 * provi ?lona at tbe earlieat prac'i -able moment., wbicb will be found full and complete, with the ex?p;l,n of cerain previsions in caao of tbe death or parties named ft tie will. who, being atMl living. are of conne of no account. We annex the will, stripped of l'a legal veibnge To Mra. M*r b* McD nald, hia itet> mother, 915, 000 oi United Btateaatock: twenty aharea of Mor cbaita' Bank atock, and tt.e dtrellinr houae at tbe north wfkt corntr of Mnlberry and Coortland atreeta; $2,000 in ca?h, and together with all hia faruture. and pate, and pictu?e?? except two portraita of General WaahingV n and hi* father, General William McDonald-witb all hie clothing, winea and llquora. To William McDonald, bia haU brJtber tne par trait of Get era! Washington and hwfatner, togeJier wi'h hia libra/y, piano, watob, Ac., wita the hope that be may keep them in the family, together with ell debt* that may be one by him by tbe deceaaed. He gtvea to hU executor*, In truat, tae earn of 1*0,(00 for the uaeof hia couaina, Hannah B Snep tard, E'izabeth Moaher, wiie of Dr. Wnliam Moshw, Ha'an At>n Homana, wife of J Smith Hoinana, aod t-r.a n Manning, wire of bamuel Manning, to be ecoaily oivided between them, (120,000 ea b.) To nla oouf-in, Tbr<maa Bhept?erd, a w? eb ?uae and lot of gr? und on Bpe>r'a whaif. and $20 000 in cwth. To Heiry Pendexter, $10 000 in United Statea atock. . . . To the Second Preabyteriai church he releasee a m'r'?<?Re oebt tf $:i,000 Cue aim oj aaid church; and ehx. glvta to tl e chnrch tbe antn o< $5,000 for the payin?Lt ot tne debts and improvement of Un cbarch, and $.'<00 to the bun day acoool of aatd | cbnrct. . . . .. To tbe Ba'timore Orphan Aaylcm he btfju?atb? $500; to tee Bal'lmore Humane Iufantile Bonety, | ar d A#?d W.m n'? H me, the cum < f ,$1,000; to tie l Mar\ ana Bt U- Bib't Bjciety the huui or $2 000; to I tliP S*amenV Union B? the! tio:i?*ty the sum ot $500: i Ihr B?ltim?>ie M?t u?l Labor Hsbool fcr Indigent B. jh, 'b* ?nm of $1,000; te the Baltimore B?atetn 1, urifM'j. (located In Ka??. B*illino.-u street.) the s> n> i ' $300; to ti e Mar) Und Tra t Mocety the ium 0 ll.C-OO; t.. tb< Mar. land Slate Colonization So | cetjthe ?om<Jf$l,00C To Mi*. It?i^4iet B. Kic'iardaon. be bequeath* I $5,1 (Hi of Baltimore cny ') per c^ni ?f?ck. To h s Captain Ka'h*-w i'earce *nd Jravph K. Tripo the am of $2 000 eacV To tbt llfv. Sbendan V<uiU-?u, ibe ?un of $2 ,(100. To each <t b's trtti d?, Jamen McConkjr and laiael M. Parr, the miil ot $.1 WXI ?f\ch. To tbt- B?v .lamta Sewell, alltth vdiit nunls'er, th? eum of II ,0<m. i To Btubtti l.< ng.of Virainla, formerly a clerk of 1 tb' >a t tl mcf Wil.iam McD<naid A boo, the sum ?? W.?iO. Totht-Be?. fitenhen Williaos, the eum of $500. T' Dr Ihimas H. Buckler, the sum of $1 000. 1o Mr*. Klicabeib Ha>ite, the wife ot George . I H?>te, V"e euro of $1 000. Tc hi* friend W i'iiani A'f^rman, the aum of $3,000. To i-emuc 1 M. Doomd iticuajdaon, the auui of $2,000. ? v He aarualt* aod rtl-aaea from bondage all tbe ?!?*? a be di* {>^oa*?e',. o*. i n re?- wareb<.u?i a a d lota of grouad on Biwly s wterl; tiite weien?>naea on hpe*r't wnarf;teo wtrerouies in 'be wtat aide of Commerse atr*et: a wart h tier n I.tght a?re?t wrart: a dwrlling bou* 'i Kxner a.'n? t ; adwerlrg<n hiring atreel; four dafln'f" r Moi tgoun'iy airt^t: the uaJl aeat and tui io?en.em? on G ?|i.n'e Palla, a houae ' 0 1*1 at atitt t; a bait intrrMt In a b< oat und lot of Kioond 1 1. hou'h atr??*t ; a h*lf inU-nat of two ware hem-eaon Boat's wbarf, a t>alt intemt In the ta *? rt. aod ctati ?- on the a. u'.h-wtat omer of Frank j in ,td F)n'aw stret-te; a half ln'er?r. In flf.een acra c' laid ailna ed in Baltimore c uniy; a w*re H.U-. i. I'ratt aireet n^aif; two dwellin* bouwa on Huh rrf, -?r ?e dae!llc? h.^i??s In the vlll**e o' Aju-t'a King WMiam'oownty, Viriflr.U? *"e all Hv?n in trout to h>s ex ? utora-the rtnU, dl a.te aid ^ Hi o wbicn are to be i.aic ovtr <*, hia ba*f h oih'r Wlllia a McHwald, !,i, til he alt-ma tt t a^n rt ibiityfH ; year*, at Wwah 1 ni' ? 1 i to rw up to hi? ?l#oluf*l>. If tl^ and i* i. lam Mi:I> 'na^d Ao'iUJ eif hft'ori h?- r??- 'nix aee "f h r )-fl*e, 'hen It a .all b? I t (1 In troa4. for th* bendt if bii c!J. iren. Ail the r<-na .drr ol In* *.tat? he dev i#e? to nla . i a. in ?iii?*-. <*? 'nW f - -t aod pi >flta of v lir.h ?? e to l? i a ?' rvtr ti U haif be< ?t!.er, ,<*'? ham M 1'frii.M. itit.i m- ' 'bo a/e "f Uu.ty at wl 'li ito t a-o ? .nviyel v? him aj aont I): en.j it pe fhail \ die before a teieiflg th*t ?t?>, thes Ui tra t f>* bi? ;o Irrro. , ? Thi- *i i t- or|- )<s hv -i>.'^> i ?r Huifb M r. ? fj. T)iof&aa K< < fct-d .1* tit i Mc( ;t \y tot ? x-eo tola and tiv.1- (?? Ui onrrv ou the orovi-i'ta of tne wi? . fi* ng *1 ii corr-r; Wl.rt* at 6 i>-v cer t 1 .ir - ?? al" f r ?; i n ?;ve? ? e?eh of the !?*?*<?? if<- i?? <; ? fiill a'* nt t o< tV" r i 1< 1 , T I'fT I'l' nliV'H (ATTn-.' Og t> 2| I f?r ?rf.) ?t i t lit to**'* lo lw tut o* -iia i i f;tie,ai u'ete. Who la Andrew J. Doncuon 1 (From itf Naahnlle (Tata ) dtuaoar, July II J A oaneepoadantof the tucbauoi Wkig fall* Liim ae ra tal niwU"! in regard to Major ItoaeUue. Major D i* L*t ib* adoyUd not of Oea JuiHt, u atavad oy that otrrtapoaoent nor U be the own?r o' Ma H-rmttef* a>int*. Ilia u'di adjoin* that of the Hermitage t> miliar miatakm- la other papara baviog Dm* iafaed ujoo by var ou* democratic journal* aa 'urniaBiag ocoa altu arc oaaae 'or tepreclaOry and ?uatrt?< aliaaoa* to Major lXiceUto, we bare Dean turaiaaaa by him wtta tie facta ftausi fcalaw, ?rub a ??? to the eonvc'ion of tbe anor? above ttnrm ta la r>gard Is tumeeif Tbeae facta will hit? tba (dditatal purpoae of abo flag ?leu?t Hera bf ai>ythin? la tba private a? offi val rata tioo* ? hi b tiVM r>?twe*a Uaa Jacxaa and didhI', at wbicD aa; t?ue and genuine Jackaon democrat of lha pteeeet da; would be likely to aaaar Major 1> , loaina bta father at aa aa rty period of hta H'e, b?c? me aa inmate uf *be famujr o' ien. Jacaeon, ? be aa'rbm orer bin ad u cation aa a fa* bar, aed *eut a tn ta W?et Pom', where b? graduated In 1817, an-i received tba (X Ueutebant In taa corp* of Bagtaaera, a |x eitiuu llifb evelgaed to tboe* only who obtained tba It i at twori of tba maiituUon. Major U. waa ordered to build a fort on tba ttabina, but waa detained at New Or Wet* ?>j a ?p*-eial O'dar from tea War Deoartiaeat, end {.aimlttro ta join tba atalT of Geo. Jaonaoa a* ail d? can|i In tbu capacity tie ?u with tn? (ixu-rci dor u< liu occupafeon of Florida aa a comaa aatooar to ramfn ttat utrtu.rj frem ppata ; and la ti incapacity ha anrred Gep. Jackioii a* long aa the lallar remained in tha army. Ma,?r t, ?oou alUr reaianai bi* coaua>aaioa, for ~.h purpo?eof practicing ia? ba ng Homed to -.o ao a'ta attending a couiae of lew lac'.uraa at toe lreu*ylv?m Unlaeraity Ha then formed a partuerahip with lha lat Ttoiua* I)unc*B, at d aaUlad la Naabrille. But at tlil pinoo Gtceral Jackaon b cam* a proa,io?nt o?u'1i>*l for tba I lOaidetc-y, and Major D a?a<n became a mem ber of bla fam<l> at tha Hermitage, In order ta aaaut t; ?? irora elWclue'ly in d*'eod:og but ceute Ha tiua hved ailb (??ueral Jackrcn untJ tha fall o' 1824 whan n waa enppceed that tha llruaa of Kapraiantauna a ou In , in <b*tr choice of I'raaldant, confirm (Dp plurali ty vota r^r?iaeo by (?acaral JarkxOb Major I) nan u<r tbto Dairt?t lu! fattiad a Boa plantation adjoia'O* ta* H-npilaK" cobtmurd fro a tbat altuatlnn to ar*o<:Ua tiaciaiiua of fci? fiii-nd and Ktiardian to tha high ofllc# Of I'raaiOabt of tba (Joitad rtaUa. Iba a.'acucn of iH'iH rrauiting in tna cboica of U<nar?l Jacket n by a larga popular Tota, Major I) n compiitaRa witb tba tirnrat #bir?a<> of tba (iaoeral. conanatod to aciaab.'* Itnite facra?ary. a poaitloo ba nrrar abtn iv.trd nc?}it at abort inUrrali, whan hu prlrata buai naai ra Ho blm *o Taonaaaaa. Majtr U., a'tar tba cloaa of Gan. Ja-kiton'a PratManey. rtt'rtd to h * farm, wbara but relation* with tha (>*naral cott'DU?d to bti of tba a?ma contldantUI ch?rwinr that tbty bad b*?o from tba ?arileai period of hi* lufanay lie bad darlmad h gh ofhraa from both Uaa Jacltaou and Mi. Van liuiao, but, In 1044 hayialdeii to tba a I'iolU tn d of Uaa Jark?oii, anv accap'a.1 tbe mUaian o' unar^a d'Aflaita to laiaa wpicli *i< tarmioated by tba a<r^a n>ant ct Itui to accept tha term* of annnatlon pro pcffd by the I nitao htataa. lla afterwarda, unit- -tha admiaiatratton ol Mr. t'ola, waaappola'ad M nmtarto tha Couit oi iTuaaia and wbao the raaoluiinn of ltl?8 broi.a Cut. ha waa tranaf?rr?d U> Kraukfort on iht-Malo", tna at at of tta caatral poaar a*tabllah>d by tha Uaroao PtaWa, wbara haaonUt uad until ha waa n-cahed t>y Uau Taylor, on tba prouDd tbat tbat Power waa nut llk-1? to raaliu tb? anprctatiou* which bad baas farmed of it* intlumca on tba poli'-y of tba Kuroparn Stataa. <<tn. Jack! on waa the protector ol hi* yauth, hit frlaod and Kuardfaji throu|b lifa. andracival aiway* from h m tba h vt and alTaction which ware dua to a father, lie waa bin aid da-camp dui .n* tba latter pirtion of h<a mi itary career, bta private aacratary from LHJ4 to IN.1A, and to tba rJo?a of bla lifa hla confidential friend, bavloK tbe fiaaat acc?a? to hi* paper* aed ai Uo* him in hu cur reipondiDce and whatever eila would r*llara tba bur dan of buklneaa frc,m bli declining yearn. Burning of the Steamboat John Stevena? I'MM lilvrl iMt. [h Mim the I'biiadtlpbia bulletin, July 17 ] The community wan startled this m irnlng by the inttllipptoe that tbe favorite nt?aaboat Jjhn 8te vttabad been burned, ud that eeveral lives had been loet by t'e mirbup. We immediate y re jairrd to tne offioe of the Cainirn ana Arnboy Itiilroed Company, where we taa an interview wiUi Mr. Ct iqtione, the pilot of tbe iiHeUd but*. From iiloi, aid from others who wltneeaed the disaster, ire ltsrntd ?ba following particulars: ? Tbe iltveip. after D ating rer accustomed trip jeaterdat, vent ba iimimI to W'Liteball, h ahort dm luttot below Bordentown, where sne net ell v Uy a I i >nut. Bfeteacbed her berth aboat f> o'clock in tbi: aftcr?roB wbere toe usual precautions ?m taker to prevent accident. Mr. Chl>|Urtn<? e'at-a that. at bait met. ten o'clock ' e examued the boat and tl.e condition of the boilers, aud 'o and all +j jujtbUy Hulf. Mr.C. sie^t in a small rojenoathe ma boara e>de c f tbe boat, near tr.e w leelnous*. lbfetewbslut one other man on board, a deck baud, ato the weather being wu.m he aiept upon a tttue on tbe main deck. Harm* Wiigttt, tbe chambermaid, sl*pt in the c Ht >10. The liret and second cook* and (be dish washer, all ooloied females, occupied a small cab n below Cttks, in ibe txtieine forwaid part of tbe bout. Ab ut a quarter before one o'clock til* morning, tbe man who wa? bleeping oti deck awok?, and found himeelf completely envnlo?ed in urn ike. He fj'TbPR rif. but waa M HMt bewildcrr 1 t lat fj' a wh'le he did tot know woere he aat. lie ecretmsd cut at t e top of hia voice, and. after a'.unbing about tor a time, succeeded li> Sudtngnia way to tne ude. and made hta way ashore by tbe stern liue. lie states tbat at thia time tbe amoke was pouing from the boat in every direction, and below decks appeared to be completely la flame*. This mta was tome ? bat itjured mternal y by lnbaliag the hot air and en>( ke. Mr Chl'|U< loe heard tbe cry uttered by tbe d?ik bard, and coming out of his ro >m, be barelv sue ret did In aaviig hia It'? by leaping overboard and swimming ashore. He bad on nothing bat his shirt wbtu he lett th*> bninng boat. The chambermaid wss art need and crept out of ber cabin window on to tbe braces which supported the iparli, and ane remained ibeie until the waa rescued oy aome per k lh In a boat. As ax>n aa poesib'e a boat waa procured, and as tte fire bad not yet reached the small cabta wasre ibe three re mules were eleeiiing, it waa hoped that they nupht be eaved. Tbe persons in toe boat dsi-bed lb the wtodowa and slumleiat the top of their voices, but it Is probable the poor creature* wtre already suffocated by the denae amoke, for no response was beard fr< m them. iiia few mil utes from theoiac>very of tbe fire, tbe flames were raging from stem to stern wrh '.he ntmcst fury, ligb'ing up tbe surrounding country, ami mating much excitement am ing tin persons who lived in tbe nelijbb"rnr?d. To prevent the dre fttm extending to tbe bolidinga ashore, tbe cable* weie cut, and toe burning mia? II m t d slowly off, si d finally went ash ire on a shoal nearly opposite Whuehlli, at d near the Pennsylvania shore. Tbe Mm of the Su.vens oeing ot Iron, it w?s, of couise, not destroyed. but every particle of comouv tible mat) rial on board was burned fbe wreck was boarded this morning, sinoe daylight, and search was ita'efor be remains of the ooloivd women, hut bo trace of tbeir bodies cou d be found. Home me t ed si ver wae picked up amoog the ruins, and tnU, wiib boita spues t' e machine r>, and tae bull, was al. tbat w?a left of tbe John Htevens. The ni. me- of tbe first cook wts Mary Parker Hhe wss aboot thirty years of a jf", am Maveeasoa. Tbe seer rd co k was n?m>d llanna1!. .the wm a jovift w iitaa. Tbe <iiHbwa.^her wan abou; fifty jeata of be. She was known on b ari by tbe name ol "Aon'y." We ccuid Lot asortam tbe proper of the two females la^t named Toe lii-fateo eteamer was boilt in Sew Yi rk, in for tbe Camden and Amhoy Hailroad C ',n ia i; snd since that time abe na< been runoing con ct:mi)y upon tbe I'rlawate. Notwiihs atidio< th? !s't teat nhe bad Uen lu service nine )ean>, a ie wus, at the tine r.f ner lo?a, the flntst boat on tbe rlvtr std a ?reat favorte with t >e travelling pu ?> i'jv. lit r ot ig^i. al cost waa flld 000. Tie Mevebs was commanaeo by ('aptaln Peter Hester, wbo waa a his rtsidm'a a ii^ent >wo at tbe i it e ot tbe cad mishap There wil. be no inter ruptlm in tbe b>j8ii!6H4 of tbe line, as aikotber boat ha* bliead> tak> u ber place. Ibe i rglr of t' e fire ii a mystery; by aome It ia tboogbt abe was set on fire, bu? tain is mer*?u-m's?. It le ? ertaln, however, tbat the lUmea first broke oil be lov, atd bad attained great headway before they ?<re diec?ve ?d. /boee on hoard who were stved, tb i k it pr selble that the three mismng fern* ea got rntrf their cabits acd wcra dromed, but thia is net probable. Theaters and KlblMUons. ButtWir Tbktbs? The first ps-s tbfs ereaiac wtll is "Ireland as It I* Mr and Mr- William* la th lesdlsf rbarselert. This will be soeee?ri?<l by tbeamue leg ronei'istta, " Its th* Costoai of tha Coua'-y Mrs. Wlfiiaais tpf/ftrief as M*liese. Tbe eooclu1lri( fsa'ar wil fee '? fat's Kroll-" " Mr WUI'sms as Pst Roonsjr Mrs. Illisms take* her b*as8t on ? rltajr ug Pi h?? stUeted an ?at?rrsioii.*a? of ft? I *i?riu-ti'.B W r?(?r < ur T<n1?n to b?r adesrtis*aeaL She <las*re*s a butr.fer. lei her have one. Conner Tnrsraa ? Mr W. R. '.oodsll sal Mrs W Wsrd are to af^ear sea a this evening. Tb# plenee pre vfded are tb? drtmae of tbe ?' Wll.osr Copee" and " Ka c?'?<d?," >t/tc of wh!r.h >r? rast to th* fall ?tr*e(tk o tbe rrw|,nBy. Mrs. Ward's b*o*flt wil coss*olf t > mat rtj* ?teui?s Nieii.'s Gsanrs.? Th*sa eery popoUr ple?es, " for.r I'libeoddy " end *be ?* Herkms taanly,'' are to be reprs i??t?ii to- alpbt. Mr Hurtca euatelnlar his lalmit*l>> e amrters e f pill eaMj and Amtasdab we*! The Pfn? so<t !lants< n ccmpio; will apt?er *?s-o to morruv see ainp. Wroa ? ?Tbe new sad soer?*sful p\f of

1 I *s * k iMeds." is to l>* repoatod tc slfbt Tbe bone* eniiivs to b? crowded every eight. tea Auh>?>u?< are to glee saotier loarert this *T*n.r.f, at I'srbsm's Coaeert Hcc sa?. Tb* profrassm* ?s eery attractive Ms. sen Mim Patau*, the pepular frith eoaiadlse aad Teaks* mn.m 1i*na*, wasawt sa ?aeee*^i?at this ? esntetst Use Irene lye Vrneoa This wtli b* a BMh tieat for tbe elUesi or Rreiwly-a. # W. f; i*k?. <hr ?annlM I>eteb or n*4iw, fe la th* ete? ?f'?r faUUUa? a my seiees*ft.i V* sotera sad He a'. here tear. fiTBAMM ACTITITT Or AM ImANB WOMAN.? The Bangor Mtrcu<v of list alt gives tbe roiinar 1b It account of ? nan ta tlw ton of Whi ?ey, Mr ice, who has been ia-sae during the Uat tet> r? There to ? wrman In tbia tow* who for tbe put t*n yeara ba* been Ion inn. It la not fully km ? ? what the c?uhb na toat led to <hta very pe -uiiw rue of her mli d. About eighteen rni *?o aha loct her botbtx d, but alLoe that time aae hn ^tir loriLKl the rutea of ber hoaaeoold wl'<h aa much care aa la rcmnno?oooka, waahee, do -a aU t*m bivetoold *i . k without aaaia'aaoe or gnldaace. Bit unlike BMWt women aba spends aa unless t'tne ta doors engaged ou the nicer ktwH of luce work, or ?ven a' to- toilet She baa a work to do. and nil bar tntrgwa an given to it. A* boon aa the dtahaa are waalu d, furniture ?et in order, ahe llgnta bar pip* atd t-tarta for the field. About fix rode fiom oar feooae are two# mall hil a. wbicb a> e u at work <eveUttg. T hey ate about tweiv? feet high, and on the (op cn???ia neirly 4 quarter ot an acre. Dnricg the past too yeani all btr leiauie m< rani.ta nave beanthiwo juried. Ktrlj ia 'he n?i xn>tg. witb ber hoe aad crowbar, wntna am (be only u>ola ?he uses ate etarta for lot at lull to pa, anu tbeie wotkn till night. 3te came* (ha email stooea to ibe (out of the bill, rolta the U'ge oco' , and bo-H the di t]d?wn. In ttua w ?y ahe Iim ItWMtd ci <? hill Dime man <> feet. I'** other 4fc. Tbe work abe baa per'ormed lasa'd to be mare than any one mao in tbia town c >uid have d jb ? In tame time with the i?m? too!?. Tba a', nan aiofn- ehe htecanied to t' e f .ot of tbe alii fuu d bow r> quire <h? Ub r of five men ud four ox?n <w > month* t < remove. Notwithstanding thUltamewe Hi.d romli u ua labor, ahe eojoya at tula tiuia the ver> bfat 1 f health. WruB Inihi- bouae about her work ibe is pnfe-tl., te?er ctatroya anything, and is <ut ty of no onbnipg tiltki, audi aa cr*zy pi op e generally ae. Bbe aura oer acn'a wood to heat up I* g* rock* which abe cat not remove without breaking, ivn pouni water ui>on th-m, stalling tietn Into auiall p ?cea to e able ber to carry ibem into tie v*dey. Upoa alomet every aubjcct ot t&* dty abe ex prearee be Relf, having idean paoutitr to ber-elf a one. I sH tlptura aba ia avll ver?ed. The wo d Sun In but properly apeiled -tba uoutonca It i* Nun, be hump It Murlxbea t >e eaith. The wooderfu ourr>ra borealie in the dtrll'h fire; and ttari are t <e Hi ?ik/< thot tv 1 up wtwo the ilevl Mtirx it. Sue 'wx had ncaaioual tc court* >t?wltu tow pern >nage walle at ber wcik 00 toe hills. Once hi at <emoted to uke b^r crowbar from her. It vaa billy b ut In tbe etMiRirln, aid ber face ocratcned, but aha over poamd ti'o. B."e ha* k? ?' faith in channa, >r what xhe call* P'jwir BtnL^e; ber bed 1? ae -ordlngiy filled witu three at?cea. wt icb abe take! rrom the bilia? alto tbe wiLdii?H, o'nt-ra, and v^rloun otljer p*rta ol t booee. Bbe [>u'? "ih-ra alao around h?r cjrn, wfilch (bit pl?nt? nptin tbe hula, and w lco grova well aad yt-lda abunda tly,thou(th all t>eeoil In rem ved. Tt>? k' BtoDf a, tbe aetutea people , keep off ibe wltcaen and n.?ke tte coin grow. Law Words ov a Scicidk . FOirKi> in a Il'trrLic ? The tollowing latter trim A. B. I'attuou, aaya the BjracuH) Stondaid of the 17th lent, wno. our ret u^rs will rcc< l e t drowned himoelf in a mntll lake near JtDt*vill<\ about two yeari alnce, and w <oae biv y waa ftutd thla aprlng. waa found by Ur. T vj max N Oirg- ry.of Jamekrille, cn Sunday onrniig Uat in a Ixttle fluting id theUke, aod la a perfect Mate ot irertrvation. It w&i written in pencil, ou cne nda of a paper hag uetd by the Kocheater ?nd Byihcnee Ilotliuad Co?Buauy to Bend back Mcketa collect* d by tbe ctnduciora on that road. The pa ter was jiiven htm br Mr. Strong the day In-f.? e Paft a>n committed mtrfde, and Mr. H. at the in? tup* JokiDRly told htm to write his will uoon it. Tbe bo tJe in irhlch it waa foaod ?bh a comm n pint oban panoe bottle, tin htiy corked, and td- cork h?d ev<d?n ly b en tied down, but the ntrli?* nad da Cajrd. The baodwrKlng w<? recog?lz*d by nia f?Uilly , ai i! Uieit 1a no d'mbt of ita beiu< g-nufno: ? "To my P/ieLde? Beintr about to end my eartiiy Carter, ard waging to leave babiod m? some t?<'i aoria or my wr>trcab'int?, 1 w< uld say that de?p brtratb tte water* of tbl? lake, eecured by c .rd* to heavy aeigbte, will my body be touod. I 00m ait thia ret tor varioui reaaont. 1 navar expect to t>e ti'und until tb?ae mtgh'y hilU are rent atun<?er, and tl e waier mra out, and t It driea up. 1 rec'lv?d thin 'rom Bid. ntriag yesterday, and tie a*kei on t?> moke my will upon it. Little dii be tniuk I w< ukl. A B I'ATriHon." FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MOSSY HARKS*. WmmsoaY, /illy H -0 P. M. There w*s a ilight let up 10-day in some of the leading fueled bat the market on ths eho e heavy. Cumberland nod Kne were moderate y *c> tive, wit* oat mthrtal ciange In prices. A; tb ; flr.t board Hi lnol? f lee load b>od? deolioed 4 per ceat; NVw Yo/k Central KiUr*d, 4: M>c U*n Sjathoro Railroad, 4; C eveland and Toledo IUIItokI, 4. Chi cago and R ck Inland fttilroal, 4; Minis Central Railroad, 1. Ml arsirua Transit advanced 4 per ceat; Ccmberlacd C at, J; K-xsding R.llroal, J. Toe bocks of the Rtadiog Rtilroad Company closed r*? terday, and will open on tlie 30A la*'., sometime pievl u* to which the dividend will be declared. The movements of the mtnagem nt of thl* oompiny are liable to aeriau* miaconatractl jil The first six month* of tbe present fl?ca! year ended on the 30th of May laat, and here it la the lHth of July, and stockholders know nothing abut tie dividend. It la not at all *trange, la tbe 'ace of thla aort o' flcasciering? a ayatem which haa ai long b?o pur ancd In relation to the affilra of tola c>mpany ?that the a?ck becomea no better distributed, axid remain* la such large lota In the hand* of speculators. Hpe-uiatow appear to miaage ths entire concern, and holders of *to k, who nuy hate purchased for pirmaoeit invee'.meut, fled their Interest regulated tot so mach by the productive ness ot the road a* by the cu ran . value of the atxk snd the positu n of certala large epecalstor*. Nearly rlxty days have elapeed alace the expi/tt'.on of the alx rauothi, and tn one arems to kao ? whether there vtll be adlvllend or no;. It natter* vtry little whether there is one or not; ba* It is im^ortatt that a more plain, atralghtforwtrd, ab# ve-board system of maaagsmeat la regard l> Jlvid?.ds?h ri!<] b? partoed. Tie Reading iUUrotd Conn any havtt a vrry strong prrj'iiiice to ovaic ?me Ui the public miud before its rt ick c?n take thst tijih statd In the m?rk?t wi ci lis prospecMr* l rodur.ttve ntNs would j istify, aid nothing but tee n i rt honorable wysura ol minsgemeat thf m<hout car give the puMc oonfid?ace la tbe stick ai en intectmeit. Tne Kri< ltd road Company havt canned to the first Dine morthso' the prrmat fiscal jear M 142 721 66, ag* tst $3 931,291 43 for tbe ooneepoud'Bg |>i-< I d the prevl mis year, shotrlagao Increase thi* year of $204,4 2.'i 13. A', this rate lb* intieaae fcr tie year eill *m>un-. to at> ut 1260,000, les ieal cf tb* 1 1, "00,000 estimated T be net Increase will not, t >erefore, v?ry materially from that of last ytar, srlth the lntere*t on an ad dttional ii debtedueas to provide for. Nlearagae Transit rrmalue pretty firm, asder the prosper. of a satisfactory adjiatmeiit of all difllculties with tbe I'acthc Bteamshio Cotrpsny. Negotiations are pr >? prrsslng favorably. Nee Ya k Cntral luilrovl ! ? tock has r?ac bed 1U maximum. Illinois*! b ads were active to say, while all others were tegiscied. The *teaiBsLlp Ameritt, fr m Host-in for Mver prol, to day, carried out |7'.?i 000 In spc le. A. II. Nleolay'* regular *emi weekly anr ion sa'e of stock* and bond* will take plare V>m >To#, (Thursday,) at 12| o'ekek, at the MvrJian's Kxchaage. At the seeond board tbe msrlset was p'etty w >1 maintained, bat very little bosli**? was '.ran*vtad fteadlng went up 4 per c*nt; Nlctraga* Traaeit, i, Illinois Central bonds fell off i p?r ant Tbe ateaashlp Canada, at Ha lf?x frcm ;,lrerpo>l, brin|* date* three days later from a I parti of F. i rope- Thei'.telllgincadoe* a A p?**e? the si.gbust ,rter?rt. Nothing of enseqTen e hsd transpired In the p-.Htical, flaeaciai ar ommrr la! wt rl i elact the departere of the pnvl as steamr Tbe market* '?mained precietly a* previously reported. 1 be (3orn Kxchangs Rsnk h*< de?'*'*d a aem* I annna dlrldesd of three aad a half per orat I In answer to many inqoirtea rekMva tv tb* pab'tt debfto' Cal.f?TBia. rep?s?rt?d by tr?* s^vea p'r J rent bonds, we < aa *tate that t e b tal BB4UI 1? | I2 100 000. Thia Inria^e* |?00.0n0 re^rt/r le?n*1 | in tbe fnadleg of the fl'<at.n? debt, witeh wis j for vaMoo* e?p?i?e* tf tae pwa^ , j kjwl for *he sver'toa if a H %U I h'?p sai, A J At. Tbe weoerwa of tas M'ata ie pr>^ee y hs>* ' aad ewted, tadapssieas of bee ?re Ttrj iu vtlus U eatl mated it la ttaai ??*lre public debt, la off* Ium alreoly baoo ?*?? by a company of cajttalurta, of two million of doilare.for the ?Mn rro*\ In S? Franc.oo baioig In# to the KtaLe. Thi* would pay off the H'.ato debt M otoe. The Komntwmi of ,b?. Ua ?od 84 ? tee ?p preprinted latt Hui'in I1W0.000 to liquidate tt>? wir debt of California, a">d arrange a*n*a B,w being made for tNi inimdate ptrmnt of thaw boada. The Bute igmt U ao? in W?ebU?t? for the pur pow ot rrcetving the fcpproptlaUn. The annual revenue of California being m-wp than fufflctent to meet oil its current paytnenta, the creation m( eoy adJIMooal iodibl>daem h?? b ?? pr htbitcd by a apeoitl aat of the L*giaietur?. Toe ultimate pe>ment of the entire dobt la ixoyided 'or by the ?atabtla'>mrnt of an adequate alaking fund, tnd.uvatr* proper aHuinbitra'.ion of lot public finance*, the Hta'e rreatury mutt long before tae maturity of tlia debt, aho w a U'g; ourplux. rtie tnuua tion* at the A?4l*tant T^eawrer'a office to da) , men u P?id on trveaur; accouai $47 9 9 28 Krr?lv?4 do. 23l,Vl8 23 H.Unee do 2,6M,<18 4H I'?M tor Aim; nlKce 6 778 no Paid 00 iJlabura.oc cti*ek. ?.0,534 61 The warrant* eatcri*] ?t the Troanury Department, W?*bt?irt?>t>. 00 the ti-h, were ai follow*:? lor th* Trrt.urj drp.rtWBt 126 3*1 00 f or tli* Inferior department "l'o >1 -in Kr r I ha Cu ?to? ? , . . . 60, 0M Hi ??rr?i t#i rtcHfetl iod ftntifn<) HHrt (ii?fr?d it from mi?w{)?tvouii nourcM 'J I too 01 ( ir from ru#u>?t>? ftn 7:1 l)ftwo OB Account of the l h ty , *789 00 The aanrxtd ,tateraoot exnlbita Uio average dally condition of the leuoirg depart aeon >f tbe bint* of Boaton during the w*ek preceding Monday July 16,1866:? BaHKK OK llrMTON lA*m* ami .V/ow <li?"unU in >*tnJc Ih-vnii't Cirrttl'n. ^l 'ntie $?3I.M4 964 ?a3 t2'>4,467 mi.vji a! *' -; HI.J.1H6 24,660 234,011 1 ^4 H^l Black afon* .... 1 , .'<28,803 32 8t?3 43^.120 314 H?4 2?**n.D I,f03 440 127.6K. 673,20* 2^1 Hi) J,h"1'lU" 30,108 .114,710 220fl.'0 Brt>?'l?ay 1H .I r,O0 ft,li?2 36 263 46,614 J7 . 1.410,276 83,?64 366,026 141,071 <W?"b?e? 1 *?#,??:> 6 7.B2H 864 342 164 041 ***[' 1,240,443 W,4t\H 4Ht,^42 HW 764 5"?' 0143,807 2?1 76H l'i7 lft7 mt k*ct,n>*% ...... l io?, 4m 2?vo',e 1 4 IWttUlIall,... 06PMA 4\r,6fl :t4#42i 100 164 H0? 711 :?.7tift S43.4M H? o loh?, l,m,7*0 14V, 620 4IH 46T l"? IS ",p,lnn?, V4*|3 7W 46,363 3*1,314 Ion ><W 1,242,488 67, MM 2.10 128 223 2 ?? li.mUloa . . . . 1 i4K>,40l 101, Uu IV.i lbl ifi Ja Ho?r?r(1 II gl.?. . 833,120 6!? 774 206 180 In 1 ,6.18 1,1 16,113 54,1.0 IMJl 'i'M i tit pn Al^^cba^lU..l,12H,i20 7JS.441 412,472 ",l*?,rtck ; ?W.U? 22,476 140.442 I86.l0"i u 436.862 16, ?M 124,810 l.iftnil N?U< ?J " ,' VA'?, 'Mym M'l/22 64i 8.18 h*tUm*L ...... 1.U6, 421 42 U4.I 94i.i;ia 1 HI 044 Now hagUo.l., .1,431,128 76,862 346, 5HJ l?i ??1 V "' f1 ' " 1,322,832 3d 728 330,247 1K'L50W ?J'iS'S.'i 7,;1M 31n6#0 ??IM . b??lnul ...... l,,..0,7ia 10, . Of, 270 W70 164 37ft "**' IW? 74,042 3.'! 0 6 78 17.100M ^l*.1 J.806,463 m,6l& I'24,3i3 207 63.1 2un*'U-, UM.077 208,013 1.2V6.4U 4O0 647 246, mi 160,76,1 ,, mout ^,''4-..'i72 1.16,284 (164 6H6 Jlift 70', Ln'0??V J 79:'74 <"'444 184 jni n- V ? " * ? 1 ? 1'' ?''2 64,371 302 828 1:,H 440 2, 18,038 166,041 808.624 373,786 T"*' .fM 279,031 3,330,702 16 449,7,'Jt 7.092,0.17 The above retain* cam, wet with thuae for tho w?f* pr*Tku? pteeent the asiicxed reeult;? ? . . July 9. July 14. Capital atoet 4.'U,Tio (Of, 10,000 raeh?*r*4 *41,, noun U flJ,HI?7 ?1<6 ft4,V7?.9;il Joe iji ' 2?jr '? h"?k ??? w\?o ?.2i?7oa in*" V .?? J u 'ri-m o'ii bk? 9(C4 ,IVfl H.Olvaid '< 1 O i| "?h 1'nf 'O olhrr hU? <1,003,11*1 0,724 ,.'|'J <i l~P?"? It,f>90 WIS# 11 449 7AI " 141 214 CircuUtoo 4.2?3,-l'.?9 7,002/,;;! ?? 04o,'?0i The F.rle, WatMnh and Hl L uia luilroid Company have junt ni<ioUa'od wl'h a parly of New Yuk (?piuu?tH for ,()(*> Of their ?e*md mort mne be ode, bom# the nuidue of the Iwue. It fa un" int-l t od that thi* h%> will furoiah aufll - lent mosey to c- up 1ft i the road to the Htote hoe. That p ,r?on of tie road frrtn To ?do to Kort Wavnc, 75 mllei, '.prca for boalni-M to- morrow. It will are a good local bnrin??* iint. I the Southern connection* ari mar e, ud will add cocalderably to the buiineaa of the Cleveland u.d Toledo road, with which It can recta at Tchdo. The annexed atatonjent oxhibfU the condition of tbe baikaof Near Orleana for Hatar lay, 7th July, 1H55. an i tbe 8th of July of lent )eir: Ba/o:* or *?? Oai.iiMa. 4,^1. ?/u/" *? m*- 7, IMS J 7, an, m a n.iww I irriilwtli,n fl,79.'(,??9 ? at 147 13. 101,231 13, 40 7, *.-(1 Iwpoalta Io,. 1*7 MVS W, *34 47! Kifh?n??. 3.0*4 921 3 77.1 4/11 l?u? duUnt Hiak* 1,0*.', ,910 1,324,417 Thlaehowa In a>me Item* oonalderable' varU tioa, My in apecle a derreaae of 1 1.1 17, 379; la loam of 1693,390; In depoalU of 1463,133; In ex change of 1310,4';'); In collection account* an In crraae of 1240,747; or a difference, eay decreaae In "xchante t?lanc?aor |A5l,<ioo at the preaeat time. The New Orleana Crtternl of the II th In*. giro* the annexed exhibit of foreign trade of that port, doiiB* the tlacal yuar ending June .10, 1h.V?:_ Co MM FN' * Of Htw (nujUM?? Ditim o? lunar* , , ,hft* . J*i6. ^a,T >"2 231 Jantia tj in ',44 ^u(ju?t loo,?'.? r.hru.;, ::. : Ywiu Hapiam bar 199*04 March wi ui4 Octebar 219 724 April 1 7 1 ' 1 47 Nnramtar 219 843 M?, 154*239 l*f?iotar .. 233,122 Julia 434 310 Total. 11,104,91(1 Ti-tal .... ..11.031.109 l.loo >11 Arm net reeelved for th* fiacaj raar ?alio*** lM 0W> Jaae riO. 1*64 ? a_,^ M7 f?cr*e?a or faflm? off t $Tto7*7 iMI'okTM Vih, 114. i !?> I,' ill,,, a T rut c'.ai ?Mia I'm n \m, it, a n > Ki/~? , ViiUl.M.h.Jm, I, 4 ,>t4- ltu ,al,u /??, Vpf J.u1^ He: iwr ?v a?t ?v. ? I-. 727 40 27* mb?r 4T/..W' 1 lr^Ua 21 14 ["u b" 7< 1 7 li',.91* ?44 f>o..?Dtor 9.16 54.'. ,1;> ,f?2 44 2I& I art o>??r. . ? 741 a^i 400 ? . Ml Jaauarr, IMt 414 7?? r, Vt :~a 4". i<,? ??-MI f3'.i7 l;4,"l t"r,lb 472.219 4>..V41? 1*0*40 (71, 4U UK Ml MX 721 **?' 41/6 044 44'^'Wj 4.1447 ?i 741 IM 9?* 7o,4j "XT' 4 397,701 1 4ii I ', I r the t'lrf" fitrai yfa-? aodln* Jnta ,'i the folJowtCK Ma cotnparatlve atatomiat larorr* or M?:*( *A*num *r rri? 0? rrna ||?rti mm y>ar rr,,iin? 7nti' ll/ l |1 4 l,?t In,tial>l* IK.nl9.e30 W.3-2 4ttt ?4 t>9 003 4,3* i.342 .1 474,f Tl 4 J*1 I 70 iialilcia aa ! ijweta 1,342 - 3 3 Ija 1 ?? 1)434 ? '4 11 tl 1,102 I VI 9 1 J 924 40a K f m tl ia >'a'i ni'Di w Ich U made qp from the T'" '? be ou r???d tita>. tnore la a faltluolT in th* am loot <<f ditiibie raire ,?adue ImportM firihflaat year of atmt fliie?.n per < r?i. lo r>ae art ilea there ti </nly a trifling varaUoc. Nine km ha of tbe frte ?? rnaadlaa la the aftlrJa of 'on-?. Of tea* at a ?AJia? l?u?/n*nt prodoru of f? r. ion 'growth admitud It**, thrra are n-. imp,,!* ih/r?ith tje ( o.tom H'tMa. T e oaly rat*-, of teaa Ini" rt*d dlrrct u>?o New inin? raa ia war l->, th/to?h th^ home o* Mi-r- l.i*a-di A < , *1 h u#n thia la th? rrtatMt mart of unporW tit n for coff?# in ta? ( ofted siaIm ?rt th?> u aU/ut all ?e ei<??4 in. JMnrfc ftltlurqp, W Kt**m ? t i ? ; w 1 a I ia ?, ti-'OI 4 a 47 .. I.n, 2 s y < ??, . J,. I '.?<o?,k,? 4 . 40 J, ,t. y, ^ |v,,* v* ' latl' eia 7 ? 70 ?4 ji*) ?k, |?>? ." 'W..an4i a*.> W 1", K/i# KK t . |] * lf'fl ?> ? I 10 ? II ? 1U0 latf mala m K 4, ...,va4 ?ii l "? ' H>t4 K .VJ ? U 7'^ 1 *VJ 4a.. .tin II V ! IOOI1JI Kd M b'/> *? . ?./) 4t', .//> It J 1U?? 40 ,b*0 ?' ?, |(<) 4,, ,|0 ..J I0U? 4*, MO ?f HarUaa K H ???*<? v*, CT.* /'-? ^ " . Hart It It iu . 4' ?aa4 ? R >lw .'<>/> M >ia?f t* k ?? s I 'A ?/, .. m2 mv IM'J Cc .MO ?? .. .w It ?M n>l*S( aH? i;*> loo a4 ^ f' 17 (ta*o*rr h*ai. 9.* 4 joo <u ^ w 4W< N,a Tita 17. 300 , ' ? no 'u fcM l i s JaKPt l'>4 * ^ M I V M> <9* a IM, )f H?fffr|At}?4? H* If V 74 riAMM R k #VJ iVll' ?? tX *7^ 100 Z Sv (;^ - "t aa 29 lar, 4a' t90l?li MO r>* ?> Cl*? * fiw. KK M, I- '""^1 2! f* mi to* . * ? ?? CWa 0 ftl R H ?? .... M</ 70 loo 4/, .It ?-W laa iO'tORIK* I tl <?* bv4 )* |4, a, >. w MO WW ' <* rt 'aa MX M Yf.ak* ? U J 1 0 m ... SL <0 ... tl? Ui v I IMOKD SOABS. 91000 KrU lite of '78 V2* 2*0 ?tu Brio M. 6100 lUChK ha *00 M aoo da .. 4* (ha lltwm Hk 07 WC??*TM BH. Mi I'Mfli't iluk.. 100 ltd do M M Mt trio U. U 18 SooK'tdioff KB. ope M IOC Horlrm BK.. ><? do b&O " 40f <t? ... . *?<) 2* S 880 da 10C Luaa Onal Co (??) 2V 100 do .... oM 1<? do b*0 30 V 24 l.tttlo Mlawi BH. Of 100 I to bt 1V\ 200 N y Coo KR..6S 1#1 ?o do.... bao ?.'?<* 150 do d IH 100 (Jo SV'., 160 do a00 101 60 > rl* Kit *10 6) ?, bC 0*1 fcCbia HK b6 10# M <wt 3 a U1V Tit A UK RKPOItf. WuntMiiAl, Jaljr t* ? d P. " Amim ? Hotll mIm of poU ?i? Bade It CO M rr? - ftour-Tiu ntrktt far ?iobn wt madum (rail** i luoad at *b?ut UK oa?U p?r fcW ** eiina Th* inntMhUMM ??? nodaraf, to ?.I?1 a I. wm 1,1,1, , lorlacad la wtaiab w*ra imm H' (oodaad ttr?mbk br*o * of nut. at MlliMMf ? ura <-o, at ?in^a**7ft. Cooadtaa w*a doll ?Mft "l|* ?* <tu W'., at prircii rat(ii| froai (0 TO a MO B. Houthiro llot"*.. Jull aad abaut 12c a 'A? pm b*. lo?ar. .-*ta?. !,?i a ?00 tbu.,at 6? ?7a6'0 60 for ateat to |0od broad*; while loan** mi titraa Ml* aoAiatl at 6 (i ti a 612. lija lUi.r ?a* dull. Hid (U ilaMd 64 >3 a It >6. Vilnal? Th* tec-lulu of B*V HtttkiM wbaat w*t? oa tb* ^ fcb?ut 7,000 bu?M6a new ml s- ulinin brought br tb* HaruaU Ml Cbarxaton ?|.?m<r- fron voan# larttior <?a?l'WraMe 1*1 go.. ?rrr A ?m*ll lot of tb* abate waa r?l?rted *o!d at 62 9 6. Kte ?i dull, aad aomlaU *6 ? 1 40. Ook* ?lb* ?h? unbraced it. 000 a Mi 000 baibatojte eluding p*r< rlx (or t?^>irt4 at woe. a HI S4? , tba lattor figure Icr priaio V'r?t>ra mUnd OaU war* >a moderate dimaad at i>lc a <>!?'. (Uirrnt o? a tin vW Arm ant tolaruMf oc'Jt*, ttw **laa unbraced 1 .0(4) hag* at 1' ?<c. a 11c, aad 200 da a 10 ^,c. ilH,c ; 540 do. I .eg jajra at II >?e. a 11 **??. aad M) I'ofto Kloo at It \c. ( </n< m ? Tb* aaJ** ware roiop'e*?ed to 4ro a M0 btlaa, but prlcee bring trirg^ilar, ellonied ao criterion for >{?a t*'K?? IkKK.iiTa? TV*(? va* mor? corn nlTtirlaK for I.l**rpo<C ? Dd aiout .to in o a 4u,0(Mi ba*h*l* war* ablppil at 'il^C a "%<1. la bulk. and at i ',d. a - \d ,lo b*4*,tod (r?a 400 a 600 balw of rotton w>r? ?oxa^x'l at U lid. Kata* Im r li*r d r*<-tlm.? *rr? <iul*t aad rata* uoehaaifod. IIat ??? at 01 OA a 61 12 for old in *Uppi*< ofdar. !?(>? an* ,t?ad), villi Mod*rat* *al**,at ?tx>ul 630 60, a*i>al tiuia. MoUMM ? tba *al*i fmbracad al>out 200 bbi*. ('aba Bia*CO?a<lo at .Uic Horn ? *4 ba ?* vara *old at 2/>? na*k Naval ? >ma.> *al?* of iplrtU v*r* Bade fraa* tb? ?b*r *1 41r. *oil fron alorx *1 4^e. Koilo ?u 4l 61 6A a 61 Oil villi i?|*) at tba lattar II (u r* for a mb^I parrot par 810 lb*. rcliTcrad faovialUNB ? Hurt- Tl.r *ala* rnilirarad 000 a 700 bMi , IrrliuMoK ate niraa at 6IU 7' a 610 *7, witb a aaall lai at 620 , aoi prima at 611 02 a 61" T6. Baa<? 664 bbla. rmmtrj ??r* aald at 6IC a 610 ftO, aad maa* at til a |M Prima tn*a? Imi wo* aoonaal at 6 '4 a 6 620. (W n'lU Id llglit rv'iuoat, amUl *alaa war* m*4a at 7\r a Br., ano linn* it ? Ik. I?r>i - Hal?* SfO a 4(?< bb'?. aiV S ? 10\e. Iliitl?r nh'o *a* **Uiaf at 13a. a In a i*d M?ta at l'>e. a lvc Cinm wu la u*t d^iiiaad at kr * tic Itii'K.? Tb* markat *a< dull H fl? ?? ? 10 ra* v* Diitm*(* vara aold at Me. St'iiAM war* iiulot bnt utaady T>a aala* r*a*bad a>out 4i'0 a mo hbda. Cuba maaoorado at about 6)^ a , and V6 do Taiaa at p t III ?!? - Hal** of 140 bain of Amarinan daw rottod waro ickdo at 614n; aad l'.ft do draa?ad do at 6160 a t'iW. lliaawAt ? Ma?)l *alaa of jrallow war* mad* at '.'7 t?e. Wiiihkat ? Tb* markat wo* baarjt , ?al?* of 900 a 666 bl>la. i >blo and Pri*oD, in lot*, war* raportad at 40k o 41c Ijok ? Salaa w*i? making of rnmoo at H0e., aad af lump at 115e. Tia.? lb* **l?* mad* by auetion draw a food o ompa bj aad frioan raalnad ladlcatad a dlgbt ao t aae* a >*r former rata* In ported par t'ontut, he ? lara* *4l won li> r 1 1; M>D 12 half rb**t* at 3ly 12 do Bllt. ? do 21 Vouff it) win ? .'lo balf eb?*u a ti- ',r .f0dott,2& do 40 1, 2b do 4t> , 122 do 4^, 1 - .1 do 40 ', tH do JO, 106 do I ? , U no I'7 JfO Co 66 r.? do 3t do 3.1 S , 1 T do !I2>, VO do S3 l:it?do?l 40 do 30 ^ 197 do 30, M do 20 w, 40 00 29. M do 36 , .Id do 2* 2d do JTi, , !4Jdo21, W do'.'' , 134 do 2>> '.'I do 26 H . 2<.0 do 2ft , 1 1 do 74 H , t? 4o 34 . 34 do 23 MtdoV'.'H *7 do 22 I IRda 21 ; 7* do 'JO, 16 da 30*,; 32 dul**, do IS, 10 d? 17 !g , 46 dn 17. Uaa jioailrr 9ft half cl a?t?, 43i,. '.'7 do * I 90 do 42^. SO aa 42. 13 0o 64; 63 do 33; 10 ?0 31 H . ?2 do 61 ; 10 da 30 1<; 32 do M . 10 do 30S 12 do 27. Imp*iial 22 half choota 4ft >? , V6 |*? 44, ft ooa* lid., 31 20 lovoi. 14 do 91^. llr*oa tw?nl.a ?.-.'UI half rb?*t? 20- 27 do 24 "0 d? 94; 47 co 23 to do 21 32 oo il . 2t do 3<i v, 03 da P , 00 da It *4 17 do I I, '??ii <io If >? , 00 do lot, llt*oa *kla? -H Cliaat* 30 30 d-.IH', llm .o lis OoOmr? 00 half ib>-at* ti S 1 10 d" 40 , Ml Ho H 20 do 7. 100 do 30 f., 336 Ao 3ft , 170 do ; Il I , I !< do I U , 4.'i4 do 34. N ?? v? Vutk Cattle Itukrt. WitiMir, Jal/ IS, l*'.6 AT Al.l.KUTOsV T?i? i?i vl> Wl catUa about tht >ta* m UM ?nIi , but tlia daman.) waa not *o aetira, as 1 ptlra* bar* da<-l.o?<I n*arly oaa Mat par lb U<* nunUr 1a m.rk*t thia mum la? ' 1,032 and during 'ha weak 2,lli Cfca mark at wa* >|Uita Waa at tb* op*nio(, but V?w?r4? Ua* elo*a It waa r*th*r languid, and prteaa were ararealy aualatnrd Tb* cattl* in thia markat ?*t* noa'ljr fra? Ohio arid Ulir.oi* m l ratbar p?>r nan? of tb*aa la* Kor U.r b?al . tliay aoo. rnoatly at from tat to 10c par but aouio -ltd not hi in* m>n tbaa *c ? whila nm i.l t k* t < it brought a? hlil aa I Ir a 1 1 ',r It vaa thought that about t><"> wouii r*aaa<a ? ??all. ido tkoaa u.oatly of po/raat ,ualiljr Total aalaa ta <laf 2, <,33 In rova a ad ealr** thar* I* not mueh Into*, Uaarabaiag col; -1 la markat. aad tboaa. vara ? J4 at ab?ut laat k 'a <|U<>tati< ra. 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