Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 20, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 20, 1855 Page 2
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MTEV/ VORJB STATE politics Wit if in" Con ventton*? a'*jf ? ? k'ium Obiwt? ri-t ?ub?o?b?<# in t4 to' ?iit?!nr<)ry *J!< mitrt? O|>li>loim of vub- ?f?ioi?ik> <. f > -D ij? ' . . 1 . Tyiftca*. Jtlj 19.J ?\ ?10h. *?f publish abcve <i?j oul of tha RsaabUcii S* it* ?emmx-iee tor * "i-ve Convention t> ba oski at By ja outt 03 1? p emoer 2t?, ?a o mirii'e c iadid?t*i * b* saipo r'ea ?; 'i?e vp 'caching aiectiaa; toaa ?er with the cal of che Tbig ?atie Cjir.n. tree for ik whig c j cvet'ka at the sa-pe time and p m rta lirme: all disth ?;i!y ape .iflea the an-.t-Nearaski question if iheooiy p jlnicil issue before ths c>un ?ry, sad ?ltroj?n? n a plain and outright mincer toot toe m merest or' tie na^jju r?^nirea tha? t e ad anistration of s le State thanl 1 not be permitted ta tali ow tae hands of either the Nebraska demo* ?rata or tbe Hindoos. The whig cal. nave nathijg ?b \te?e points, bo*, it ia well understood that the fwjpcas c f calling the whig corwen'?oa at that placa Mid has ia to afford an oppo.-t unity ? if tie people siiaJ ?c decide? to r it to merge itself in that oTths io pcblic&ne. 1 ideed, a) wa a?e iaf ormed, that pur pose distinctly avowed by miay prominent whig* at the Beonng ot the Sti?o CX'im;Uee bald ak th? As'or Bocae yesterday, wneu tha abovo call was drawn cp. We enter:aia no donbt whatever that this din poti&ipn, watch werejoi e to tiad prevaling am >ng the whig leaders, will no en thus am ,el>y respond *d to at tbe primary emotions, and taat wnea the oon veaikm* meet, me wbig party, acting with the Da turtle devo&iin which tus crisis demands, will for mally renounce its orgaaiz*tvin in order io c* operate wj'h fe men \>t ale other parties vbo nra tea tbs meat hiatarica! work t ro'iiag tuik the fcggre'siotiB ?rf slavery, and secari tg a; Utt to Iretctm its just predominance in tae fadera1 govera want. JTieaa tt.? S"*w York Dally Stwud'a innio.- or?4a, July 19.] 8 statb ronnca. It wDi be seen froai u lti^ea pnoliahei in another erVuvr... *oa: the ?h>ir and the repnb iju dtaVi Can Ml ? imat'.ecK, Lave each i^u-m a wparate call for a StaM convettioa of th* pacties toey respect' *41 j nficMat, to bo b<>ld at Syr+cn ? atn on on t te 2u;b daj cf septfEabjr sext. The M.ft (bell or adjs nw toavoa t'tmicra b bold tjjeiw on tre 29;h of ?bc the ie&rd shells thei<s on tbe 5?<h of Ssp^tttier. tcva it will be se?n ?hat aj tio treat political par fes a;oiaifJy in tte h^J tor tbe raM cauipaicu. Io addiiioa ta theite, bowe?>'r, we shtll nndoubteilly haif & flto'e cou\entii?B of ihe te no perinea p?rvy, astci one oi ?se f?e deBiocracy, together with a 8v?te CVnmil t/f the K >jo v No h'n?t4, to'say nothing or *.hd abor:?io:iwti, trie Kqo-v netting aad toe Cfit'Ctave. I: tae &:ave, therefore, should t>) un *?b*?t) fim z. govirtircent riert f*l>, it u no: likely to be tt ot wy lack of caudiia'es. U is i-ideretooo uu', sooie c & variation was had jttst&rda;, a. tie m^etxig of tbs wbi^acdtie rep io Bean ? aix>V*es, a to tbi expjdieasv of umtiag ?f?i t srngie ti :? ir, &t tie conrng eleotion. N dithsr ?emmV.tee evidently bad any po ver to deeidj noon a qnostioc of so rch imp irtaocd tt> t ie party whic1! tt iepit?ents : bu- we believe it was very gane*al'y ?cnsejsd by tno members of that a iVm and leaclcte ifsi^unc^ totheusn pitkms aud aggrea a'onsi c i hlaviry w >nld be tbe paramount pur iamb o? betti pi, i t.hatail other mass would ba sscjnd try and sn'oudinate t > thi?; tba*. ail tie isda*s of pihcy oa which narties havs diffiteJ hiturt ? h?ve reei sett'ed by the coisttiaia, and th if. there is, tfceretote, to goo 1 reason why they shou.i wa?tt>, ic separate and napa esieft'trtj, that ttreogtti which, if cni?d and ? o?co!idat?d, m ght gite a aohsta niai triumph to the principles they hold in ww??; and, -vhiie ttey dta not fe-J antnirizcl id ^eeida a qu^a'na of si mndi imuortiuca titaem the fa;t tha* tieir respective CJnventiias ?re ca'led to irvt at the sam pla w, and on tbe saaoe <Hj-, fhcrnrs thA1 thev ate ili?pj?jd to fs-jilltite ?osh a t hob, if if ationld b) dtev.nd expedient. We Did Inclined to ttunfc that it will no; only ba >s?Dd (iijitiitBi, b? inevitable. There is very 1 nmtotauy a etco p attachment in aU oarQes to trie 1 ?tgaaizauoGS unoer which they hnv t ex^ided ? B^eh tf zeaious and enthusiaatic tffj.o. But no ?sfaaizaiun ran ling survive the pitncioles and she purprses that gave it vi .alitj ; nor ?iil men wtio w?farxxst]y devoted to a cxnmin obj always peniit in contesdleg sgainst each other. Nor cm it M ieub>?l bv any one wiu> toe puoV.c Heatunen; cf this ^tate.t'nat i; i* thwoai{hlyho,r.m, aa it has been tor years, ti the encroacsmjnta if sil very, and that the recent aggressions of tha sU'a powtr, the repeal of tbe Missouri Oonorowte, tha aimed invasion of Kiu.s*? and the prj-savery ciu q?,?' oV b?T Legislature, have roused the g.tat a vjy m t tbe peop'e to tbe :atvicti >c that the c nut wit't Mi al rights of the fiee spates must no* ho sejored, or ??ev?r icnendered to the permanent oomi lat . in o* ho slaTtholdicg intereat. fhis cnficcioa is to day the parancotut and rating uitimsut of tPe gvtaibodj it toe people. The whig party is vary aoart? cna^imoui to ra^ard to this mi . x.-, and thire a re tocnetad* is tbe ether p?r Jos who ara willing a >d eager to Dike this the leading iesoo ia tha cam :"g mmim. Under m;h circumstancis ic would ba Ktofbr acy poUdol organi/Uioa to resist uai ia of adks among thise Tt oa.-^ th :g united in santiam*. Aid whstever may bi d wi in regard to a S st*? ti ket, we have no douV. that ic alt local cimiia Moss, where the will of tbs peip.'eis exar*s4ed Abeetly aad witho it the intervm;ion of S ite Machinery, there will oe a very sronera! d?mvardof Crt / divisions, aid a cordis; rm?on of all irh > aA-ree opinion upon teta great i<sae. Ft will, ia oar jvdgOMnt, be round maci wis^r, as oeli uitici easier, to jield to this s vsll o' public smtlasnt tlu-.n to sterner resist it. Aa to the resclt o? si cb a uai-m, should it ba ac eoxipVsbcJ, var.ous opiuijus may bi tntcrtaioes. Oar 1Va?hiof:'on urn s >anoeat, ia a letter nibt'sh e4 in tbe fm its of yesveritay, eonld iinln>e?i doice o* earnest: ess and bVeagvi ot No; heri feeling upon tnis subj -c", aaa predicted the defca" of the repuilkan mc vem*nt ii <>ui ? au 1 in ti' tie ftee aid tae c <mpUte t^umiib of tea &' ivc power. coiiftss we do no. agcei hua m thlsopnion. cannot ?e ? a<<?'emints la tie NortLtrn slates itt that lgh% Oa tm cutrar/, wa da not believe Nartt^rn sentinjnt w ts eve ty tee so r early hwrmitiiuus, or so resi':atc it i ? <ie timbatioo ouon tb s point, at atthip-*e oit n> mea*. 4nd .ne best tea'co of the :i>o is thi ib ae'.ce el al'1 effrrveictnce -tae )*? k of a I no s/ na tmbuent drm joetritiov in regard ti it. Tae con vi fe on is deep, and \u-> m vemont is. therefore, cala:. Bt the oondc t o' tos pro s.'avary propua-. No^th and ^autn, ;a rcgari ti Ka^isas, hit boen s-j l;gnt b?nde >, ?u shsaaalesidv recki^s* of ''' MRbts aad oi f J1 g > d faiti, s > paipil> y <i c'.atyi bv aaia iiie kad L"?si*.iat? axoiuon fjr omplota na-i pttleC. aveodi-.oy ever all o .nichcs of th? n v,oa?: ?oven mtnt, as ta r ,a? e?ei tbe the vcriast d ? ig^t noes of the North <ot e nacessi'y ot prom >; aui ensugetic action ti self defence. Scar-y all t -o ttm H'otei b*\a aireaiiv ^iven very st?'.sfac ?rv evidinca of their pcsiticn np d tms subjsc'-. We di i*. doaht that the rsunbli." in ticlrt wiP ba t i im phao^y elected in u . Anl ants.Moa e s.mua molts from a similar maveoi at in this Stats. |I>CK th* >iew Yor . Co.:ri?rar>l l a, i.Mr, July 11 ] rHT& -rarK c inv<\tio<'. The Whig State Comm'tto* me af tho 4s <v House vesteiday, and a resilu : v was nnaiuntusly kdopled.< a State C>nvc?tion (fo."iononi Bwoi of soren At offers, aad : vo j idg?s o the Conrt ot Appsals, who are to be cmajn ?' tbr. November elect on ) a*. Syracnso, on tie h of Septfmo?r next. T?ie ti?? aad pi?'? are tha aa-n> as thowe do nated for the llaoubticin, or Ao'i V?ti:a*ka ?tit? Convent! or; and t'lis fact, together with the ioeliog mantJisted by tie membar* of the commutes and tbe many <Lst ng lisbad v.ngsfr>m all MMtri cf tae Bta*? wha wore present, iadica>s tha% tbe t?ro cjnventions will probably nom nus %srt otic list. at and atrreo npon a common expressi n ofpTincip^ea. Tha state convontiona of tbe oMer prmeipsl puriies are to be held in Angus', or oa'ly . w tuat tbe abave twa may su-rey the l ait?; ttai- opponents have taksn pisi *'?' v c : lD^r "wn around. But in any ?vent, there ia no <,?ei-.ion that the res'orsA>oa of the Musonri cimprxaiss will be earnestly em'-eni ed f r. |>rom ?? Sew \ ork omiwr 1*1 dve.-tissr, July 1<J ] "Kt f?ll cavtraiov. The whin State committee mn at the Aatir Boneo yesteiday, aad uuanimoua y agre3d ta call ? whig State convention at Kyracnaa, on tbe 2?. h o'' Boptembor next, for the nomination o' ssven S a? ?ffiooiaaAd two Judge* of the C urto? AmsaU to bo ehooan at the Novem m elect) m, ?? be Men by the call eiaeehero gtven. The new p t-:y, c Uod rept.blieaa , have issued a call for a 4tite oocvju tioo. at the same place, oi the aame day. We really canrot in the present stats of th? ?tmosfbera wiitesswe would wish tiwiiteupon thia subject. Suffice it at present to say taat the whig aad republ:-AO conventions have aMlnted ths same plac^ and time of meeting not wilBant an object. 1 1 .s well understood ifitt propositi ias were >ssterday diacr^sej for a fusion or nn on twesn the two parties, and were opoi tho whol j favorably regvded, It was feit., da neither aommitfe had authority to take sncti on Important st?p in the nami of tho party It ropresoited; but there ia lmlo dmbt, wo imagine ttat tie inbjoct is only poetpoaed, to b3 re ??med and conaommafed at S>TacuiM>, unless b^t*r com sels shanld ttec prevail. Of tb s, irooi waa. has cowet} oar hto'vladge, ve htva llWe h>&i. The pcroose ia donb'iets deliaAtaJy :..rmii o: th> naca a organt/atkni of w>o gs in Wiat of repth .'cms. Ind.'od, tha TV ^ufvsays, a 4 s?a ? )i , (> c>r*ee*iy, that anah a ptrpose ?an o ly tvowe d by some pram-ae-t ca?JBl>ars of tbe p-r-.y !?* the of tO" t'.v*e rvnes^ttse yastord ",y. T-es encs if tbe tJ fi- tl* Vbig Consent; in on a'! po' . al >y,\ ? i?ai? ? ?rn *caV- We acriool ?t?-e u?.' rue1, wi* f 1 1?-.' t-ai?'i**y will ?*lsr >? JiruTj 1)' * utd .'scr'UTikgfv j t ape A 'hi ws $ can--, !?ui ?e T?}>*i?' wiAVrceaia yejlo'iiy, piivsasvae ng up aim -t d.?Jy, tiVitasjr ssglt <uo is &a 1 lorai or te.Vonii obji.*;s?. ; tfi pnUorm a! tide sew repiibiica J t*r'y b'k? it to lw oae of iki -potmjii'. ouwi, s.od nbn mu WOO Rj OM! 10 J- QM6 Wittd Hfur % J^'iT Of two, Uey will deeply r?n uv t.'?- ateo tie/ I are dow &boui to take. Juda ng the rej?ii?iic*a i i>h}*y by it!- own program :w, it nas miy o? ahu, 5>i *3 tbat jtirely sevuBii or geo.-raphv cal. It I as lo price 'Mi, br- igiurej all dbei importan ? tipi :e icr the iuki axsi? of makiig dtbtmined oppodtijii to lie dou'.i /n the of slave y. Tuia it its am aran*!. Judgtd by ita , oy the man m xrt pnor, nftv ini.9 organ<z.V.ih , ata those proanuns in 3a whom it specially ho ars, h U ardency avd vio l*M)y a lolly a. ThiH, do doib", is it * t tn* char* > t?r, and we do net believs t: at w-wga goaert'ly -an be trantftne d arm-si stiogiy from tueur tr ad, t.-?ed, natooaal platform to tnia aiogle plask of ab?utioa itm. We shall be disappointed In our folio v w i*s it tbry can. ^aat of ali is tnere propriety oor do cestity fey such a course for tss ucrp Met of a 0H'? election. Bad it been a Presidential or a C ?ag^ea aioaal electon tb# re might hive beeo ssrae of argument for auch a uni m, bat even toen we kaj* no reason why lie wMga should b) merged in sie epub^cans, that ?oukl not apply with mi 5 j grsaV r force in advosacy of tbe morula? of tbe reptili an i'i tbe whig party. We b )pi to nee saci an ?i prfs-tion of oiit oi in th a snbj-ct from tbe rant at d file of tbe whig party aa will fiotby sev asiie tvery prcjeet for aunihdatia j tae wuig foec-eu. Til* Kntart of Kana?a [From the Leavenworth (E. T ) Her*;?, Ja'y 7 j It is well known to evar; one at all a^uaiatei witb tbe past : iaCory ot out rerntcy, th*t ni in telligence has ever gone Lou Kan?M toatesali in any wieo abo* teat tba cbaicss ire la favjr ot' oar people adopting tbe insti'ntkXB of a fresS^A. The'ie-Jolt of tvery elecion tna-. baa bssn netd ia in cor Territory boas- ovn ai iwnwnte prepon derance In tbe popular vote for the introaocMoi v>.6 embliebment ot 6 ictbera inuMta^iona in Kiiai?. if tbe qnesii .i; o! tbe istrodu:tioa or ex:5asun of slavery into Karsa^ ?m left to 'h? p?o al-i t/> mir ror, we itel safe that i*. wonl3 be de^dei over wh-ta'ii/r'y in favor or slavery. Tbe cjn>pie? aid ovtrwheimiog victcriea a oievol by tbe pros avary party over th? abolition foro?a, on every os:aaioa, in ItrjB Territory, Bubstan'jAtai our b^ief. Cue opiiijna of other* ? *ven pr>'? a?ed aootttioniste njoa tbe same srobject, aqree ?ithoa?. Ageu'U ttan wba was at our Uv. ele ill ia. aid j pab Holy doCareB bia prelerence K*u?? mala a fiee 6tite, in a vsry a^>? and inter ?tt n i,eu?r to tfcf> Chicago Txynti, ?)a ;h we ihsil pubiub in oar next issn*?, savt: ? Tli? frj???oH partj been b?k'?n four t-i one if tbi? actual settlers of th? eauo*?y. j.n l tttut too for tbe i tat of rot?r?, 1 trout sly ta^t i re^reiwi? to s?e roin wti | Hoppu-' 0 wero booor*We. liigb tnin Jed raao, trying a'l n iocor of loir dexp'.ivo trievs to nop ia illtgtl vi-e.-H, meroly to toako a re?p?7tallo sbo'v. ia tbo forr.tiry i thln)c a Urge majority la at tbe press nt t.n?? in favjr o! al?v?ry. We have time and agiln ex .r>ssei our bones"/ prediction that Kaasaa - aa'y deeuoed to be cow -s a alave Bute. We saw tbe adap"eit,e?B of i's rich Boil to slav^ Hbor.ajd tbe diterm' D'ion of ber ci'lzvns to make it a slave 8*,*te. So tirmly convinced were we of b;r fate, that we felt aa tboogb we would not ( a fig to be assured tbaL. tae ?ood ard prodtabia iustitut oa of Mavery rouiJ ba implanted uoon ber far jle aoiu Our or<fd.c'ioa has been virtually iublticd : slavery now exists ia our Territ >iy, mi among tbe flr*t aotsof our L<3g> - litive Apsem'ilv will be to legal ze an! pritoot it. When Kaisaa knocks for admit aim into tae Cairn, it will be bb a slave ; aid If sae U re fofitd a< m'Hsior., let tbe S m'h retaliate by hteping oat Q.-pgor, Minn- sou, aid Xe brabka- ab at ready to come int? tbe f'oi >n aa lief States, to bUo* that toe p ipulur vote of onr Territory has al*a?s b?en f*v jrable to sWviry, and adverse vo tw ed m. ?o will advert briefly to every election tbat b?s taken plaoe in Kansas Tie fi.-st ?L? ti n afi?.r tbe organization of tlua Territory w>ii iu NwVeuibf r last, for delegate to Cojgresa. To sho* wLar tbe iNtD" n tM? eiec.ion wai, #e quota from the Herald of December 1, 1854:? Thi tlestioa tuinel ujioa the laane of alavery atii anf s'avery. It c.u'd not. ee t?pt oat of the eaavaat ? wb>,' ati<) 'J?xo~r?'. w\? I i#t ni^bt of, aol tbat <|U?4tion . HlaTtrj'i ab.? rbei ail o'.bera. lo this election, in ?hv;?i tbe .[usstion of slavery a'n-orbfd all others, the vjee aiaurn by ? ftioiai rt turns, ?e fltid as toll owe ? J. A Wb.'flr ld, (p'o-slavprj) 2,258 1. a. w?kefleid, (fine soil) 2? It. P. riesaueo, do 303 J. B. ?;b*pn?a8 d> Id Which h fjuivaleLt to: ? I ji'.ire pf 'lurery vote 2 C>8 Entire lieo soil vote 509 Pro-slsvtry majority 1,089 Oor n*xt renitoriti e'ec'ion *as in M?rct> lwt, for m* mber* ot our lira* Legislative aaaenb y. A? a matter of coarse, the oa'y i-sa* ii tnis election tp us slaverv va. ab^lii oni-no. Toe ag^regito vote of the entire Tfnitjry was given as fo J ? Pro-slavery vote 5.220 Fieesji. vote 1.008 IVo-saveiy msjority 4,158 Toe abuvs vote cbows the vie ?s and sentiments of our people m r^ard to tbe introdicti in of sitrery io o K ansae. Tbe voice o'" our people on thii sab .ject w*b rxpret^ed in tcis ehutlon.aal ocr rbji:t tn reproducing the retnroa, La simply to sbo* taat on [ tbe :<0tb of March last five aixtns or the ettizica of Ksnsas were la tavor of rotting this C"ii7r.-?e a pUve fcta 'c. I very elecion that has bson tisii ia tbi* Territory has resulted In the complete triamob j of trosiawry principles, and we think this las alone safti ;ieot evidence to c nviace tbe most ?c:p ; titul of the ascendancy o" the pro slavn-y par'.y m ! KrO'Wi. Tbe Itortoa Da>lg Adctrt'sw and aacb | like or>Rnot and fanitical sbeeu ot toe " N'utnec i -^tatt" are croeioc most inatily over the reenlt of I Pterin s second ele-Ur-a in May last., ani ?>ntd fill | mike tte ?-otla believe tbe resntta of tiat (?) else j ii-t), provod tha' a majority of oar teo^rie are in lav r oi th? *x:lualon o; sia'iry from Ktiui. Ii j nawe! k'own and mcont-overcib'-e Ujt tba- ton ; elf ctiOL was not re-^gii/td by tbe pro slavery party, ] a:;d was not noti.r,a b^ tbsni in toe 1 as* a<tati?r. A* a mMtjig ut the citiz es of this ftrti ?ry bei 3 a- Siawore Missim? toe bealqntr ? tcrsof trov. Header - on the >ib if April las' witi obi jet ot t ikinp into onsideratioo t^o oonrae I robe }jnr?n?d by tnem iatne ev?nT o? a ne.v eiet , Vion being I'.'kd, tin fo lo*?a< 'rft?o l :n, waiCo j inlly MplaiiiH iu what way the iMMmUU piii'd tbe-r ntajothy -nttis so tabed ei?c5ioa, wavcotni noualy ^aafed : ? l'.raoWe I, : bat In tbe event of *. nn? elevion beln^ ord^ted hy the <!ot-*raor, we rejorameo 1 to e*.?ry li* abtdioR ?'ti/-a of Kinr.i* Territory not ft att->3l a?il elcctloc. Tre i r?ai\ve?y par^y rv c?d*d the r. :t ot' R it's call:ng a Sf-oo d tl-.crion as a grjsa aid iititerao.e tuusi^tion of txemUve posrer, and ooass jnaotlf did not recognize it. Taey stay-.d ?w?y froutoe doPh. kooelDg thtt Jieide- Did tr*n-t:ei.l^l VJ power df 'ira^d him by'>-?sai - te%nithtt the remit <i* this i-ssn lo election coiU mm wi*e Invnida'e Ue claim* of ocr numbars ele-t to th^lr iratfi in o ir I> Rialailve As'-enoly. Ia this **y~ bf tbe pro slavery party not v ?tin<? the lo.v aid iafa m:ua afoltti- niafs wereeoabled to herald the remit of tfc's tl'ction as an abilition triumoh. I; is not moretfcm ts ejp;ctcd of sach c irrupt and tre t2?i * rous beings, who sre errr reajy to sel/3 noon iJn moft oisrrptitab'e mean*, and the most con>anv,. hie pretei'H. to| conc??l ttew rmn^rrty and i n ? teccy in K^n ru from the paMic. We hive lot tie Utkft o^et'J n to thtir deck' ok toeir br > rs with a i tbf laurels they can win ot as. bt.t we d?Lz? to & >? them weir laarels the v steal of us. W<? behers hi tbe good old adage: "Hjoorto wbomhoooris dos.'' Tl?r Mormon Oran nine a< Wwport. Kr. In justice to tbe memo.yof my do :ea**.ii iiit botd, ft-) wan dro^aei on tne first of Ju ie a', tie Mormon beptvlcg, I wish to correct mcs m s itatemente as to me of his death, ft was stated, aid hut sines b:*n ao circulated aovxtg the ll<rn.ocs, that afier Mr. WLilimi cai bipt^-so, oe went to s?fm for plsaaure; tulsisnot trie. Tas maa (ireenbou'c, wh> was bip'i/.jtj, ask ji my bus bud to asaiet him, and as fas w*? ss k nga p>oper place he alipped from tr<e edge of the levee, an.l oeosae entanglid with hta clothing, tiuti prevent his being able to save himself. Of aT. tie torn ureter ! *ho oailed taenselres br<>tiren, not ooe made an effort to aid him. Uy son. who c re d rot awim, made t"e att^mp . aid wMdrosroel ia tbeiffoTt. The Morrr.o Prealdsnt, or b i hJi, tUnld have been there, but they were not. la's d > ible lone ct a h jsbai.d tsd a s n at tho suns m >? tut. ma a-range lasi. where we bad bun jo.nial by Zkiarepi-'eiitaHona, ia anttic eatiy diArsai at, *ithtnt ?djlng to it tsebittcrne*aof mi?s-a*-?m?a-a and astractioii. Trey were framed by desupia^ tes bvT* of lalse doctr fiea. to corsr the cr mma'. ncKl>ct of tie onnioc duties of humtnity ? duties wbich nature sk>ne weoid dic?ate, bet which tie trotbf-rbooc ol rei'.g4ot would have rendered doo-ty tinding. ALtt;? Wn.tims. < ?u* readers wJ: rssollaet tos attempt tcaJe tbe otbar day to blo? up tbo t?jae of ?!r Tajiar, 'a l>raviJ?a?e, an-1 i-atroy tte Li's o' tlatsl' ae-t dauji | ij?r, wh:?k >m ve."T oear nxj aCacVei. Tbey trlJ x ' *?ton'?beC ao #?r? taat Baa.y M. Taikar, -t*: ana a?l nio*brof !?*.? ;ita-led r;j'i?ta h*. be-a arreetai ?? '5, < j'i; of b.i ber-.f> jr1*,*. Th? raaWrt"*'-** of N r'Ji 'rcrl J?a;e fe'.t ?arrt?te-l by tbe p.-.. ' ier -e *' ?ro to raaaa f la a*raai, at 1 V ? ?m' bed *t j< i % b? t r . ?to>(* fer etam ?? .'or. ?tf, > 1j | -,r? a? ? oe ^'i'? t* pt-?e :h*> ?? .? ?r*s?f ? .1 y rninmUiif (nan Jin? fu. vjtti*- yno?< >m??M3an? ?r PSBfcWOt'Oi. avr>s?. vaTjilt8HrRO. VnuiiNia Mii ir*uv I- htit( tb, Jt:ly il, TO I Hi; ElHTUttd Uf TrtiJ RlCbLMONi) >V HIG: ? [ho Li, lom H 16 ?1 1:02 ? giaAutto ?.t I y? 'MM tUtlOC, r-OW ?r ? DJ M A ?U.*iJ*>n iQ iai R JSv iO ara'j :? H &a-S ;k>1, bav iog o^?tkin?d aima rw? >t aTUUg tfco* *i? < ??V: b.-ra^foniJUli Wl'.h rtl ill aiiiuta. It ao^eaHd t>? members cf iieBuro tr Vinu )B tb-?t it be puoLafcel. I send y u ta-rt fore a co^> ?or pnb.ic?o?a, aod Binply &?*"? IV. i Whitehead w a bauve of i It cmn'y 01 N -.asMrniwdf a d gr*aca-.?d it ih'a instiaiuon o? Ja>y. 1831. I Fhancis H. Bmitii. Ht'DAsroroLi, April 11. lSto. Col. F. H.Smri*? Not beiog particu arly enga^d thutvening, ki>i haviwg paotea in rev*.e* many or' the agrecab e ieiiii.jt0eujea come /.id wita uy tore *>uU?fui daya as a caset or toe Virgin* Mm ta?y ?ett ute, I nave ooncwived tie Ida* of writing voa ? lew iiubft, the aatocwvoa of joor q?jw hiing inseparably c mneo'ed witn that irwtititioa. I have bad tfce pteaaure at meeting only a fe * of my dim mates tuiod my dep?ria<e froat tae la8*/.iu<>e,aid inoepeiid*ntl> m t ? iworma'.ioa futnUtied ma by teem concert tug Ha utfury, 1 Dave r maned ia ( le meat eo*i lute iguoranoe oi every event wuch m.y Dkve tra^fjurtd witfcio US oieciuota Binoe ih?'. una. While a student of medicine at Philadelphia, aod juat before compwog my meaiMl staiies a; tie L Divers. 'y f P. lmayivania, 1 Had ocjaaioa u * -Itci from jun a eemti ate ea abiiB->iog ibefa:tthit i waa termer ly a undent ut tae Virginia Military la sotute. i*fcrm't at , air, fe> ex?irc8s to you op * upon tfcia ccci-ioa my gritefoJ^'kvJgin^ata lur the k.i d and prompt manner in watciyaii ac ceded t> my re<juea . I am in a part o? ?bwl>o? wh'Ch U at piek?nt tbe una; lattrea'ing of al pla ea, hom the nature of the events o< dvjy oacur xeice, and I baTe, tnerefore, deem*! It to Oa ajt in c-ppiopiiate tj addi(8s yon these few bnea, tboagn tui/iei )y written, wnich may pyanbly pr-.?c agrwo able to yjn from tae /a :t that tb?y come f/ta ?aib i a distant, aii d at the sune time icite?-.;iag ourt oi' tbeworic. lamia the imperial ssrv o ot Hiiaia, i as military pbyaic an tod surgeon. 1 am indent*:) to Pi'non Goriwhakoff lor the peoulla- a-lvant>gtM that 1 enjiy ax to ran*, A. J. - Su^.ijr Poyii^%o ot a regimen , of live vh.uhaii mod, "S:a chu O/iimo <<?<?"- tank between ibat ?f Miajjr aad Cckr^lU 1 am a', present attaooed t,j oue oi t(w liTge htsp Uia at Booast ?poL After having grado I ated in medicine aft t'e Utiiv?r>tf^ cf Pd Ji8;ivAni?, I kit tbe United ^-*r^e for Franstt. Ui>m tcy am vai at Pana, I entertd iojcueiiawiy u.kjh t^e p :n ?'? ;al study ci medicme. I rtmaiu?d in Pans a'sout oiift year asdtni?e minttH, iefi Pj,?.s t n V^rm lust lull. rnL.aineJ in Vienoa ttre^ miat w, and '.beu left lor Huteia. I ba?e betn iu Ru a* too. mm^ns? one mcnto ar< Seba^wpoi. itobai'.ofxii (till remaiaa. The Eigliah aid Ft inaii have tnaao no projtre.>s yat Uxrarai it. d'.noi my arrival bere several sor'.ies n*ve b^ea ' id by toe Ruiiiaas w?tt> marked puoc^ss, finjih t iave al\v?ya l >at a con?' Jeiable aamair. Trirf &:??) bave been bomaarttDg tuecity for tbe Uvt dvediys, aT. d cansfd a g'sat di'?i of damigs, >a? iv fiu drcadiully piid tor- tne batteries ot tae allies ir? now nearly silent, and iho-e of tbe Buaiaa* stroager ti an ever. Toe Rowan* are concentrating troopi about StbaMopcL Bvenia nave proved tea-, ta? Ei, ujifiO Ho'd>er is mtch ioi'erior to either tae Franeb or R>>uian, an J toat with certain Hons tbe Ra*?ian u as good as i ee French. Se ns o^ol will never be tak?-? ; it may ha bl a wn np by the Rugiaaa I have er Joyed a flue rpwtiauy cf pjitarmng sorgioal op?ra',iot 8, ao i mast remaia at t ie anbu lance tc-nuat, becitna-t tbi Raastans latin i miCDg a rc i tie. 1 h?ve very little time a', present la write. With tvery consideration, &? .'.^our iriend, w. R. Whitbhbad. [Vrom tbe Sjracn?e Joornil. July IT ] rF.itn?ct irom a letter fated at St. I'cterioarj, Juni "i, to irieii'lt la tnU city ] A few day? urco I wen' , ia company ?ir<h saro9 three bnrcred excaiaionists, to Peterhjffan'i Grin stadt. We tan ihe ovi-t atcainer on tne N-?va, a h>nd of mask' from tie Imperiil Guards, and, beit of ail, lair a flozen Americans. Passing dswa the river we bad a nne change ta see tbe vast p "e.?4rft I tions maie for defending tne cuy itself atnoe the d* clarMi m o: the state ot siege. ii*v.? h*v? torowu up on all tb6 ihlands &Ld om's. E^6ry I person ?Lo ba? vi?iud tiia capital ma^ye'g-Mii I bim>T r?n>embr,aiO':S ' f tfce Rwdens and groves "? rbe Vocsilia Ostr? ff. Tua'. vafitraale Uind, w .L bun bet>u ?miimg and blumiwring ever b noe taedaya of Peter, 1b new girt in lull armtr, aad nn'aberi-aa fStel^iteB, in iBh unape ot ssap^iah litis gun LjX/i, are in contiiual attendance. An honru voyage b-oagbt ns ii full e'gbt of tae ions of Cronataat, ano shartiy after tne die', cf tbe allies waa loomis^ up live or aix iniUe b^yotd. To ev>ty oi e of ua whose mind bad o-.en at a'l oeat toward a ca cuia'ion ot th ^ characttrof tae war, every foot of the way b - came iatires ing. Stre: ji ii k away to tbe rtgut trom the t iwa ot Cfons adt acrois tLe gulf snore o' r inland, wa* the snbmfiae wall ot stutts tnd piling, at wnim an a*ny bai bteu rc upied darn g tne past winter. Iw object N to nhut the norta channel, wkioh, tbaog t gene rally too shallow t r frigates, would admit gun biatr. You jrnst nat picture to youreeif tfiia wal as a urand piece of rtgolsi masonry ia fioisn trraa i e Me Pe?er s ?tn*ys. On the c-n'rary, i's pre sen' e is only denote J by speaks ind sjoIs here and t^ere, and by a long rank ot dismintiel fr gites, atichfircd sa aa to command every jart o' i? CtJbiog nearer we pastel two flsots o' Rusii *. i gaii boats TKse a-e perhaps mx-.y feet long, aome proi elled by steam, a mie by oara -ths f?rm r ar rvng thr?e great runs, tbe latter twj, l'oe Rut auna c am to have as great a naT.bSf of thdse aa the allies. I; is nlsoFa'd tba* tbe Row'an bolts are nuoh better adapted to these wa crs. Wh lJ on board cne some weeks since at a trial of her ma blurry, there ? ere shown me ssveril pirte for which tbia supeiionty ia cliimed. 8iy>i wo came into r. goodly compwy of s'eim frigates, aid amcng them moa' trim of aU waa the Kamscaatka, built ?jm# ye*t? siacs at New V >rk. iben we made our way through all tbe Rassitc fleet, tna binds on eve>y * il? play'nsj the natnnt: aithf m, ctorusmd by bnrriba liud a-id loBg. Teen we ran dote unaer tbo torut ani bktterlfa of ti e o?letir??d rairawparaifle? toe weatera gi e of the Kmpire. It woal l grvatly tn thi bi'dea*. imsglnation, not apum d on by tbe v law itaal , tJ laicy ev?n ea imm'-nfe a cifn'iitiit'f n o' d?'en'.?. 1 Ato'ir ri<h;, toweted Par'. Mawin'lt ff of Kirse I aice s^ape, tour ti*r< bit;h( and ot gruni1*. Oi tae left was Kron Evrcn Ca< le, a fjttreas of a t! graawr 1 ai/i Stretching f>n', trim thtse tv jre loasr race's or ! baurrks c v^re.i w th enarnmi gu-,s. F?r:ber a.i | vaand ou ihe left was Riibind-tna grea est tjrt o f i ail. .... . . .. i J.the kron Castle, it ia c-rcaiar n plan, aai bant i of graM^ Hewn in great s (Ut'ed b:o Jcs. j Uier in fiont was Fifr: Ales.?n<l r, and a on'owr >' otfier torts, from wftich t>*anchj? Io ig linss or cet i vy caatcn in pattery. Toe channel tn- If tssa nar ! r?w that not more tnan twi or tar;e vMaatt oo ild , i be arratgtd aorrast it. it, ard it c;uld at iveat a", any m men by tbe concet ttatid tire of n3iriy a'l tr.ree lorts aod b^renea -Vy a Are oom'ng train dve dltlerent directio n. Aod, than, utustaat i two tlrst class slips ot tbe l;se stand protected by tbe forts but se eping with tbe r w iole b-aitsides tbe whole bar n<l lengthwise? that no oU:ec>old i be bett4 r litleo t r defence by subaia.-lrm j ? thaiajc )tdia.; to a 1 ac ounta Jaoabi, the nmtst apint in alt bu?h d* vices, baa b?en cmstaivy at v<u?k-thit k of a'l these, *nd yjn wJl thon hi in a way to estimate tbe provable ema^i'.kii of acy foe wa > prjclaims few 1 itentian of passing that way to b>s dinner in Ft. Petoatarg. A Ucg way out waa ihe hostile ftee., then nun btring twenty-alx, a'-d all steatosis ex^spt one. Tr.vy were am>.'gt<l in !o>g licet across tbe Oil', atjd their maKtilioeutapaearanoe no doc. bt gladden ed the hearts ot the P.agl<sbmen of oir party, it was a tplaodid sight. By ti e a d ot a glass every put of tatlr hulk were ae "n distinctly. P ley ha?e alnaoy sfcotvn muth boldness. A few days smcs a sUamer, lie ' Halldog," caoae bo cl?e in that t ia !a-?s of the crew wer>? clearly reeu. Thoag1! within easy r*oge not a shot waa drei on eitnar aide. There ia a Ra'eian strry thai tbeEnperor hu given an older to let oit enemies fire tbe tirst shot. fbe ti!?a aaem to bave employed the Uos siecs their laat vktt to some prod t, tor n' w, thaakd t> unproved (harts, they run freely aVnt fa wOem which latt y?ar toey dartd notapproa h. A pt.-f iat cha-s o: the Calf cf Finland and rbe Neva .s rut a thing faaiJy to be obtained, as you may n ell mat gine. Then yon k ow tba*. taktog soon lings ia ttae of peace la putished aa a cr me. There are e'iSeit ly oiler dargt rs to the fl?et besides the* arising lira sanoa or stoc a Tae mjstuloators bare of .se laugh In a <|Ulet way over one of JaeoYi's parcoa ?I jd hattema, wrich broke 'r ?ra Its aahi.-anl waa struck by a Finnish A suing met. T is s". >ry ruts tbat, at last acoounta, veisel and crew wsre vyafing at a meat uncomfortable dii*anrs claul ward, ai'd to a very iocae condition genertlly. In met Be additions have been made to the defen fenota of Cronatadt during tbe p?at winter. Hard ly a day haa paaaed when we have not awn l *g trains of heavily loaded aledgea on tnalr ?*y orer tbe > e seaward. The trundling of canmn aa j ton i tl'iin through the streets ia toe rn w* <M.nunn oc rtrrenoe. I met to day several wrought inn gaa cart jaget, of a si/se perractly gigantic, going toaard there great deft owe. The taddctt aight r all waa that of the groups of Finnish peasanta toioeJ from their ho?*>s on the couc. and msking their way to another part of tni (xriatrv. Hade carta foik?we4 with tfce house vilJ ctif ':t ?r*s pttifol? thU 'eaving a roeatry tbey '.ove ?o wuch and fir a wtrj t^y hata ?a at:1: ;

^nd they wera going nto W lf^ Rnsna, a c >actry ?lLcb ?e?ms to neof all on e?rth ihe xost utterly cushr I ty man and forfeit by tlod. AtrMC I'rterfcoff, we irare start:eu at L^ahaP tie r jar c f oaa n- f f t' set. -<eien. sxplv aac t were gtvet, hoi to-day " have lea-iel t?s^ 1 was a aa):.'e g-tr. la ix-a .? of 'be ar-W>" if ar attar an ?f tba Frea.t t- xigrt-. \e c:Tt*? {?' ah pa if tem 'i. ")? Our tiw DtmpiUrc Concoao, N. 3., Jilj 17: 1 Adnu*n,ntnt ?J the Ntic iJ<fnp*\ >"* L,*gw- '?*' 1 l Jn Rroettditt^t ? & nt* Slavery .*in'*i**nl $ ? M*> Paul (L litoim- R<*ntoal? by Jjdra* ? L'quor Xxv -Qtute Ridvtri :-d ~Jc<iici*ry Rtnodxflcd Corj>vr<i'.ion Ad* ? P.srfi? ? of P^iUicil Aj faira?Ikm'>crahe CenoerU^m. Ocr Legia.ato:e adjmraed oa S vu '<1 *y Us'., July 14 , after a --essi 3a of thirty-niae diys. The amaaat of woik doae waa caonidsrable. Tne natter of pubho acts passed w*e 30; of private acti, C 2; of pubic resolutions, 20; of private raealufipnrt. 32. Addresses to the number of li were pa?ed,rer?ue?t lag (M^emor ta rornav e eighteen ofti:ar?, br eidea militia ofticer*. Theeeeuoahas besnaa exciting ?ae, though perhaps not mars bo taan tbat of 1864, when the demosrata hai a maj >rity ia oae branch, and were a'mast tbe waale of toe ota-w. Tt? de bates h?ve be?n ammoniac*, personal and int> reitbg. Some suddenly forms! frianlshipj h?ve died ?qaaDj sudden deaths; and if the ses^ioa his been haiveat time to eert&ia pe *0118, it, is pl*a tutt it haelwen seed time to otn?r persans. Lvge in vestments have been made in Usa politic v. earth, and we shall seeia March n*xt what is to he tha product 0! their lab is. The legislature showed itself to be t'ae most, ant'r slavery public body that has man ii this State sinoe that democratia L'gtalatnre which pisMd refla tions against slavery, and in favar of tte Wilmot ' proviso, under the leadtraaip of Harry Hiboard aod the late Senator Norris. Tne resolot.ona in rel ation to the repeal of the Missouri com promise, which we even ot an aboli'Jon character, were adapted hy a vote of newly taree ts one in the Hmje.aud ahno&t unanimously in the Banttt. Tbe dUcuistons cnthede resolutions were #hat ia called " s5iiay.'' Year old ac^uaiatoice, Mr. Paul R Gaorgs, of Hop kin^cn, who took a very pr>arin3nt an<l c editable tait in the Legislative puceed'ags, dec'ared that if tha doctiinea p? >poucdcd bad bean b.-oochc forward btfore tbe last rk.nti a, the devil woutf h<ive b*n raised, and the revolt cf tae bit-.le wou!l have bien clfl?rent. Dot even he, wbiJo static* that Congrosi bad tbe right to make and nnsaka ih? Fagit' ve Si ?ve la*, contended that it was an uarightaaa9 act, frou wblch 3 on caa infer ?b*6 oust be the opinions on Attained 0' i'. by pesple of otbc- general poiiti al views. Mr. < Jv*>rge, oa too list day bat one of tha ?esaion, bad leave fei introdo:3 a bill " coait>rdiag the rendition of fugitive nlttvei," which allowed them tiial by jurj. M *. Tappan, of Bradford, one 0? cor principal eutimvery m4n, mid that tbe b ll was great'} in adrano of the fugltl ?e act ,bat ne mived to lay it oa the tab e, which motion was alop'ad. Mr. ileorge, the sime day, after denono:".'3g the Km* Not' iega for their abaliti-inian, daclarad that hertafte* his hea*t would ba with th.a demo cracy. At thla early day it U not eaty to say how far be spoke th9 sentiment i of those democrats who ac'ed with h'mjalf and Kf. BarSca la aidinir to break down the djimra'ic party ia the Btite, not because t ie* hai any enmity to Gov. Baker, hot becao?e they wished to n nke a blow ?t tie national admin istrition, whlc ? fcas a vast number of enemies amc?ng tb?j men who nere mos\ forward In labctlnij for the end of itscreatiom If Genera' P.erce should be tne democratic ca: didate fcr the nex- Presidency /he Old Guard will not bs found sup jortiag h>. n. Ta?-e is hardly awy otfte- demacrat whom tiey cau'd not be relied ? nan to sappoit. I Tno bill t > re dist:ic'. the 9tate for the cboic? of Eenaiora wi?t pastel, atd will twatteadod witti uto (fiVct on our future elections, wht h was ths objer. in passing i . Toat to rem ) Je'. th a iodic ? ary ?y ste a was equally successful , asd will prove a popular a.'t. T:e democrats, who oug'it to have pas*d 1; them tcives. years ago, opp'jsiod it ii terms tui" woi\i bbvi < .me with a baiter gran froa whijs. T>e Mail e lair has been adopted, aod tbe reformers no t h?ve aa onprtunity to sn on how soani Is t'ji positi n ?hich tcey have lor years baea nr^ r>n upoa the people of New Hampshire. If tbey ahi . tcc^ceJ 1 o bolter tiaa oor Maiae neighbors, jod^iag fi<m what 1 uare myself seen amojg tha later, trey will have no grtatcauee to boas', of tae ooaie (iu>t? ces ot tbeir via?ory. One -f tbe great fights or the sopsk-i waa <jq the retnovsl by address qn<?s'.loB, in wbici ?Sev cV>rs did tct ?bo^ their o?ual courase. ft is known, however, that th*) we e hampered by some>? ei ttrtalL( J on tbe su^jwt of xemivaW c>y >>)t erior Me'caV, wlro is ende^v r ng to sa-e him ceif wl'b bis old dsmocratlc as?o-itteia jro<?t thor nahly uttlass attempt- aod wha would have 10 a idea prentil thv . ag*'t<s'. his will, he wt? fwced to sgn tie death wmanta of m?n wnom he would wi'lngty have saved, if he could. But hn mi', vea a"e sten through, and he will be mace dislik >d ts.ia tver by 'he men whom he would tarn imooss up is. 1 bey look upo? his conduit ?? addicg lesu ta in jury. Having always seed on the pritfc .da em ocaied iu sjiecreian Marc?!sapbirisK, that "tatki victrre,' Ac., they w old have submitted w.taout ituch wroaikto an open praacrip'na; ba% in cam man with most men who hA7e a sense of stlf-ran ei;, they ha'e tnow who would impose npan '.tetn b? a pleee of mjstiflca-ion or j'iggitry. Tna coalitia i'*? are, m st ot tbem, heatti y as :am9d of the miserable iksm. An act Kgulatirg natJialii-at o?, aod tae an' frege of ratura izea ciii/an*, wai pa??eJ, wr.n.wt a dim-ion. in ihe ll'.n*. A test vote ou a s.dc m? tion bad been previoa?ly taken, *h jwisgfh^t tier ? wne 20:3 in favor ot tbe bit: tool agiio?t it; .t'C'ir which it was excusable in anr p*.-ty to giva up the battle. It is tatbtr avsxatuus toaa a vindic tive ac , at>l i s passage show-t ho v very of a praxioai character cau be done to c.r y out t'ie particnis.' views o?' the Know Nothings. Mr. Hor beit, of llnm*ey, vhois last rising to inpartiio^ amotg the dcmocra's, vigonna'y oaposel taa b 'l, aite behtved r. collected with the :o#?titit>ia. In the caeo of forcigotis who might tereaftsr b? :i??s citizens, be taid, a ieguAtion <?as psihaatt nsca? s<iry, but 'bs l/'gisVa*a'ehaJ nai'^h. to iat*r'.ere with tbe privileges of man aiready Drti'imr i. Bo*, ?b'a very just oiflti?:tkm bad no wsi^fct w^h tae Honte. It was ieieswy t> lo * >a?t^iog far na'iv .bm, and so the bill becaaie a '.aw. Ti e s atj-tw: privita *c-.s pasieU relute almost aatlieir to u>e interest) rf c i-Doratioos whi-> w eoitrarv ta tbe traditionary po i .y of New I. ?>n > ah'.re, that abiT*, a*, lent > 1 ttrt '.ry, all ca ?o.-a tiace as aaM-denaofaMc, and d^n^etous ta thi liberties o; t--e pe?pie. Btks. water oaxpanes, hotel <oj),piftie*, s'-eaaoniill c impaakt, raUroid cctopanis, ice camptaiae, ul:gr*pi cwnaa 1 nies, Ac., Aa., we-e inc">rpara"*d m goadiy numbers, or otberwi*e were lexiabMd for. and foot op no email porfon of the time of the legislature. As ths iatsre^le of tks itite facMsae, atd her resources are devt 1 >p"d, th?s?art of legbilati in beocmes more and more imp >*t n , aad ai! tSeorot cal poli'.ics must give way bv ire the necefsity that compels i".. We are caang ag. though not so rapidly a a some other aod bei omtnR more aniheial in jur industrial forms. Another generation will se? this commumty a? oifl^rcnt from tbe old *>nuiite Stati as that dif ;rs from the land that tU Indiana hunted sad roved There is not a gre a*, deal ?o be said abaut the position la which ahings bare been lefi bv thi liea'slatuie, though lte a-Jiaurnmen*. generally m taken as a 10 1 of of departn-e by poiiti claM, by hici to make tvi9ir rsckoaing. Oo ?ute points the dama:ra'a hare not sea things eventuate as tbey expee'ed. They weie conflaent that the United Btates Swatmvl oufBtlon would snd in a break down o< the ciali tion, end t'.ev have been disappointed, l ndeala'jly the e is mucn waa.aminga-.sime M the hading coantlaniste, wha were in hopes o< oein< ee ttd s-nators, but whom it wuneceseary tip is* otsr. Toe abeo.ute ne^sstty that existed t ir sat's faint the whips made Mr. Beli e election somrA on tiat cauld not be denied. S 1 far ae that gswuemaa hin>*elf la concerutd, the freesolleri are bvter sa ttufled tcsn are satne of the whig ciieft. H; can out at apuaiic meoting here immediately after hn election, ae rtiong an aau slavery man as M'. flak ! bimeelf, with a g aod deal moreeolidrty of charaVwr to meke his adhesion imporiant to any ?mm. Tne ocmetvatlve whUs,who-? intrigoee t> preren*. 6m election had failed, saw h's eamluct wi;n tna h in digiatica, a reellfw waich th?y 'ouad It palltic to tnppress. Mr. HaVe election Is not ait igsth?r t^aalftcrj to the free soil leaden, wuthught ?ix years in the Heeate was enough for hlm.esps aally a? hs had once formali.y abandoneil the ri-^*e of which te hae Jost beeo chosen one of tie reore nentailres. Bat froa theee feelings no Permanent erllscan afi?e. Tte dtotrlbutloa of ofBc-?le, on tbr whole, satisfactory; and altogether the caalit! m ?* to rw as exprssslcn <*"imaion on in'erei'.iig o 1 anions, "as well as co-Jd he expected." fstdJ it has 1-4 weak ro.nts, as tine will a nw. Tie democrat* will hold thtir <" >nvacJloa is Js ivemtsr next. ;'?av. '^a>'r will r.o; be a oai d>d*?e. I>erh(f tse ion: man -h tia' tre to pi?s ?mp'e time w ! be allow- 1 ; rtv. rvf.i e??? - ?' km aa-e*ii r c* oa oar "e' " ? ?. <*?*- -*i . P^rmte r n? llwrort Pro>8l?T?y ot lMn??T t>* v. have r-rcami ki ex y? frota th? oflsa of *19 Ex:*tiis, g<iog .11 acc:ict- of tha f d.ij'isprcceeougb of Oe p,oelev*>ry Sistu conven tion in ihai o'-ty- A large ocrabM of de'egatea? lot lot ?> Vga u WkS ea iitcted weie in attenu ate. i be meeting, at ti?5?i, waa stormy an 1 oop lueed. be* ever Jthicg of importance ia embraced ia I the footing swooaf*:-- j Od motion of Judge J. T. V. Tnostrsov, of C ay, i CoU 3 . II. W<y>d?CB. of Jackson, f? e>c?d praai nt vro i> 'ii . ud ou moOcn of Gol. K- C. Slciv art\ , of Jackson, Col. ?am A. Love, of Fettle couity, &LiiK luted Sacre'sry wu fem. A resolution was c ffured by 0 oL 8am. \ or.vo, of Boone, >bat a eonmittee of one dekg&te from ei:b county represeated, be appointed CoaratiMto per manent ( ffic?rs t'T t??e codv3LUod, and i alto a con ciilee to prepare resolutions and other batmen?, t >r the notion "f the convention, wb*ch re*'-'*0'1? adopted. 6#id committee waa composed of tbe r J ljmng gentlemen Vami.;. Counties. XaiMt. &>'?' J W. Torbert.... Cooper. Ttaoa.E. Birch. V$i Mora a. Platte. <>*>? MeloJy ...Biooe W M. Ja-.kiion.. .Howard. L Sawyer. ..lAi?ye.j?. 9 Barker Carroll. C. F Jac*toa..^allJ?e. V O D??w Old well W. Httdtclea....Uvini-?.e>? S. L. Wir terns... Una W. H Kuseell.CaM. E C. McCarty... Jaclmon. Jno.Donaber-y.J4T. UstnA. K'ug .lUy. .loi.eph nftT'.i" H-nry. kdwta Toole Andrew. C. F. Chambl n Joaown D. H. Cbi?m Morgan. O^pt. flead....Randjipl?. A. M Foible Pettis. Jnn.A J^opart 0**? A. C. Blktely .... Benton. WH Baffington.Cole A Lrop.">Btticn was made to appoin*. Mr. RVston, of Kansas: but this was resisted aad decuiitou*. of order. Mr. Ralston nought be ought to be en titled v> a seaf, inaamuoo as be bad been ic.vv.ea '.o toe convention; hot as this waa not done, be woud e?tl on Dr. Lowry to take charge of the interests of Kansas. Daring tbe pr oceedings on th>* aa waoi, ff'tat contagion prevailed, and C.'looel ?\ at. rU Rusielt mevid an adjournment, bot tliuly wiii ^Tbe^bommiVee on resolutions waa anthari/.wl to leti'e ana draft row of.' -n?. Mr.Fir.LD, of 1 tfajevte, noteO the a;jp >ntomt of a (Avioirii'.t^ t > w^it od 'J-cxi. A.*#chl8 )n wd C jl? Docipb^u.^cd ibTite Viem ta tbe tlor . He uw< d taat thece two gentlemen irere ao v Ibe moa. promlaent men in iLasouri, and perhtos letrer tciMiDUd wi'b lb* qwitioDB thi? wonid on gage ?he attention of tbe Convention than an y onsr roen in the State; that they ouajht to lead oft ia tua matter, and tnligdten m with tneir ciwn-ei. ^ Gtn. Atohi^'In r?>ao *.nd *?id, In BODi'Aif!. to?. he brp? d trc motion woold not prevjdl. He sa'i it bad been ohargeufia; thU Convention tf Jtten op lor tbe pnr(>oie of advancing him a-i a ca ididate for tbe ( lifted States seaate, aad be noo?d mat h;i nsoe ivca)duot be tMociiuil ifitb tine &c?ion o. the Convention )n any other ?v*y thari ae an hn-no.? member; he did not wish to s<?e tie hi-tb aid in porUBt intermits ?bljb t&ls Cor.v^iitioa til ca b d together tc cm ?i? er abon , In any way tran mel < d or weaker ed by the introduction of party or tbe oorwdoration o? mere xnen. _ Mr. Field fald he had no political motives *.o &c ccmpilah, bnt wiibed tohavetbe advica and coun sel cf those distingnVshed gentlemen. Coi. DvMiipban be ttuoght it would bs on alseiorbim or Gen. Atcbis .n to comply with tie reqneot. It might bs prejudicial to tns nc'.ion o' tte oosve ntiob. We have me^ to estau.U'o. p'itciptes, which be hoped woa><l outlivd ei.hsr Gei eral Atoiison or himie'.f. H? was rcaiy a: all tim? s to declare his op'oit>ns openl? and freaJy, bnt it bad been chapped that this ccnvantioa wa9 inter ded to ad7?nc8 Gen. A^ .htson, and potm>ly a like migr- uaded cuarpe hid beea iaidj tiat 1* for blscA-n bjneflc. He thought It prudent thn neither shf.uld speak or take soch action as ini^it Jet d to env susp'coa c*lcn)a*ed to ppjodica our hajmoLkus aciiott as pM-iltve<-y m?D. Tbe motion w?s OraMy adopted, and Field o* Latejett?, B*ylr?of P', and Boyca of Ray, were appointed committee. Mr. Mosf, e<f C.ay, c ffjred th* following rejoin tkn;- . . , Reaolved, That all persons who are p^eai-nt from Ibe different counties, although not apooiotedas delegates by their Bsveral ctmjtiee, bo c:a?uarel at dele rate* t o tbi? coavention. Mr. Pbabody, of Booie, moved to aro?cd so as to read, " >rat all ptjrsona lrou? the difl'-srett coun ties oi tbe State, frienJly to tbe &bjv * of this coo \ention, be considered as de'egsw. Col. James Yovno, of La'ayette, st'.d that t he o> net ot the cenvention had not yet neen exp aiaeJ. and for h-j own part be did not know wh*t fie oo j?ct wat. It m'get suit hiH viswa, it mignt aot; and r. migtt be difficnlt to d-clde who ate favor ib'e to it; ai I?aat until it. wae manifested by It* act on. For lis otn put, he cculd not s?y that be would favor lis action in detail, jet ba wa? in favor ot pre senting a p'atfoim upon whici the whole Sou'.f could and would I'Md. Ho wished tie aj ion of 'his cotiYentmn to com pats toe whole tiah t of tne South onler tceconttitu-ion and law*. He wi* fc'so In f?tor cf tbe n?e i t all lawful and righf ?'?ait to seenre 'h e^t?bl)shm?nt of slavery in Santas. Col. 8. A. Yoi so, of B one, replied. He w? for la* atd order too; bnt law sometimes fa led u> ?ff rd adequate protection. There wat a ?' higher law." tbe law of naturt ? of aelf.protect<oc. PendifB which question, on leave grange!, Mr. Field, of Lafayette, fmm tne committee apoo nt?d t> wsit on Jleftrs D. R. Atchison and A. A. Doni phan, made tneir report, stating that those genre hk d declined iddressing the convection at tke pre itDt time. On moticn of Mr. Brtjjjt. cf Sdiie, the conven t'.on a#jcni*? d to meet a. 2 o'clock, P. M. aVENINO 3BII9ION. Convent! 'n was < a'led to order by the Present, m- Won of Mr. Slacc, at L'viogstoa, the rs folutioo offered bv Mr. Mo?s, of C.ay, together >v to the smencment offered by Mr. Peibody, which were p;nolng when tbe c invention adjoarced, were U'd on ?be table. ... ^ ,, . On moti n of Mr. Field, of Lafttette. M-jor m. Oliver wae requested ?o addiest tbs Conv^nt>r>n, and to /rve bis views en ta# oiffereat mit>j*cta n >w MbatiPK thia cot n try, and woicn wocld b^ broc^ \t r*foie tbie C^avsition, wtKh he was pro -aed as to do, wben tbe Committee on Rualntioas, &c , a^ted leave to moke their itport, which waa graoled. tbe committee, then, through their ctirmtn, Hon. A. A. King, subletted the foilowing re? ir; : ? Tbe committee to whom was auigned the dn'y of detigr autg permanent officers fo.- this Caave o'.ion, heir cave to report, the following For Pies! dent Hoa. W. T. Wood, or Ltiaye'/a. Fcr Vice P?esiient?- J.T. V. Thoapscn, a C.^y, at <! Jot n Lowry, ol Howard. F< f Simoel A* L^w?, of L. Wlnrly. of Platte. t t w Jodge Wood was condnr'ed to tbe chtir by a commitree appointed for that purpose. Afto * tb? orgaiiAiti'io waa completed, a l^t of delegaw iMB th? eeversi counties was pi^sented, for W-i h we have not room this morning. Mr. Wirttms, of Clay, offered a series cf retolo tione, which were objected to, and they wero tn?a inferred to the Comtaittee on Keeolutnns. lie Preoidcat, be'rg notified of the pi*asao? o .Governor Sterling Price in the hall, appom-ei a rcmmittee to invite bun to a seat witttia tte b?r. Od? or t?o otber nootloM wtr? of, *uu iben tne Convention adjourned cnt.1 next day. Trld ?f the Alleged Foreign Hecr-ii'iing i Ageme st Boston. [From Boaton Joaraki, Jaly 18. j Tke fobwing was the ouy witness exatnuaed )<*> ! tiuday after our re;ort eksea Cfriiwisn Tfwe ca:ifd - Am a <;erman; we-.', to So. l.t^i Anthony afreet, New York, fo a man oarosd John Battis', to get empioym<nt; four Frencn ren aent witb me; we wen sent on board tbe B ifftlc; taw the defendants <n board tbe veesel, torn? ot wkcm came on board after I did; caw I.ipi on deck whea I got on board; when I leit the mac wr>o en ga#ed me I remarked, " Farewell to New York,'" and be replied, "Farewell to the crime;'' d dn't understand what he meant; one of the "boys" on bcaid tbe Buffalo gave me a letter, and I gave it vo tbe ifficer ot the cutter; know Jw>b FUher. ail beard him convene with Connt Kaz oat'. -vhi ? in TarpanliQ Cove, before we were boardel by the cntier; F sber aaid be wanted to go back to New Yuk ; /iziniki a*ld bec:uld aot send !uo oo ?h<-ie, femarktag, " I have aeat a telegraphic despatch to Halifax, and I nuit b-lnx a!! my mm ro; a'ter ae get ti ere, if yon don't want to eaiiat, may be I'li get yon clear aad tead you bick;'' after the tlml boat from the cutw, and before tbe second boat c*me, taw C unt Za/ieskt take some writing raners frcm bts pocket, tear than la pieces, and throw them it to the fire in the oab.ooee. Crosr eiamlred- After Ka/inskito'.dhim htmatt go to Halifax. Fisher began 1 1 ory, aad said, " Veil, I can't belp It;'' 1 engaged to work on tbe railroad at Halifax, or to do housework. At thia point tbe court adjourned to thia morn log at ten o'clock. SFC03D Dav ? WSPyKMUT. The crurt oaare in at 10 o'clock, aad after examination of tbe intexprcters, Haoley and ffutfe, as to tbeir comtetency in translating iJerataa it'o Rcpiitb, and English into German, tbe axun c* tion o.' wHneases wm continued. Jscob Fisher (German) called? Waa oa board tbe brijr Be ffklo at New York; wat ia a bs*r bone, in quiring about work, and waa told could have work at my trade as salaler, in Hartfoid; Hosier, at 10'? icuth street. New York, engaged ma; saw LODe > t the detVndaats before on board; 1 took my tools, aed the man told me to take all the toils i c<jnld a*e; I expe. ted to go to Hartford; pali no money for my paaaage; when I west aboard tie rap tain pot me dewn in tbe hold; I heard ?..oem s^ak abcui goisgto f*?hfax snd felt bad. sod or ?i* t* "ord day, extectjsg w save been in "2s.tif.rd -j* ?ore that, v?lte4 tbe "apta.:. tf-Agti KJlin,*.i vtit nesaVire; wutl* **art>Mtl'n C ??; he *efc? ;oj 'c Ka. i?t', wlc afc"' Le tac sen-.f teiefsp** aeo^itch to BiDito ao4 ocx-dat let mc 53; r othlmt mo?e waata'-d it; KdHn ask *3 < :ectt> 1. ici.tniak iba isp'-a k remarked vo h ?/ mki, ' I aoa't know, as jou ii ee,"' they wcoi-i not k me go asheie while the vessel *m at a wur; Mr. Kaziaski refused permission; applied finu 60 *lr. Ka/.'ttkl far leave ti e 0 oo shore; hid t* > co zv or bit Iods with Kazinaki, oce on Friday and aiotber on ?atuid2.v; the conversation I have def ied <*> caned on K-*tur<?ay; ne one but tne ciott.j ww S resent at the oouversnii&n with Kaalnsi on Kri ?j; my Friday's convermtion with KiZ'nski w it about going an?or?, but be reamed, aayiD^ "ttat if I dtdaotwbm toenlbtasi sollier at pep baps he would kt me oft ; neve' s^oke t > K .z>nski befoie that time; spose to bim thin bo;*js-? 1 I wanted to go ashore, aid no* knowing tte right, way, the captaia refa'wd mc to Kaz'naki; 01 ?>? tarda* , heard C nit Kaz'nski Jsay to the r-all m tnh the colonel? "It Is well ne (meaning myself) caon t talk Bi>jliat>." J, Hiss, a Germtn, called ? Wis oa board t*>e brig Buffalo; was in want of emoloymean ia Sew Y oik, and went to 51 Greenivicn street, whxe I told 1 ould have work, ata was rsferrel to 10'* South street, where nntbmr was Raid to n?, bat 1 was taken Immediate >y on board tue veatel; wait told I could have worn 01 a railroad, oa> d/dnt know wter*; Ioiin't kiow anything abou' giiog t> Haliax to enlist, nor whore tbe rfa?=v vu bound; never saw the defend sa'a until I ran* oa roard the vessel; hid no conversation wit 1 Mem*,, heart tbe conversation between Fisher aad Kiz n iki about going ashore. At this pointquiea lengthy discussion eosnkl ii\ r-'gaid to mus of evidence. Mr. Hallett Jesired th) dtcir-ion of the C ?crt up. on tie point whether it ii necessary to prose n tent" on the part of the men on board of the vesse to enlist in foreign service, in order to roakj out a case against tbe prisoners He desired th-j ic or d?r to understani woe* kini o .' testimony 1 1 iorro duie. It it is necsmv) to prove inteas on the part of the passengers, it will be necessary to sbo? ] it. by the testimony 0' other persons, 5?caass if i they bad snch inten , it would reader them liable to ibe penalties atrached to the infraction ot tiie oeu , trallty act, coDeequent'y they could not be caLe 3 to i testily, beosuve tt ey would implicate tbeose^ <5* Mr. andbbw, for the defence, dl tit red from tbe Dis'rict Attorney in his interpretation ct tie s a tntc. These passengers it they had tbe lotentlon ! 0? going to H&itax to enlis;, had a psrieut ngh". to ; do s->, because they by so d )ing ieit the jarisdutfon of the t'uited States bciora en<i?t?ng. TSHnfore, ! they aould not Implicate themselves ic an illegal | transaction by giving their testimony on the poi it. I'M point Iks here -that they have no rig <1 to es lifet in the United ^:ates, nor has any one the ri<j1?t to "Hire < r rttam'" tjem for snsh a purp Me vitQ'.n the jnii-dictlot of tbe 1 cited M?atfs. Judge Sriuui F decided that for t^e p-i?sot tl>e ctse migbt pnoed n the pifbumotioa thi*. it is nec?B?a>y to prove inlrott> enlb.t onto? par' of the passengers. Tie also rnled that su-.ti p>rsods wou. d not inculpate themselves by te?*-ii'yiog upon j the point themsthes as they ht.v? a perf^c. r git to : lea\3 tiix country fur the jmrpcee of oniwtagin j foreign service. The ?;U'5<tion of atmittiog tbeir 1 daclaratiose to third persons, ne reserved fo: farther ccosidcianon. | Phili" Kauffmvi, a German Jew, was thai ct'ied. He testified that be brought ?evcn men fro x, New York to Boston on the 1 of June last; ko >w Count K-i/mski, hariag lived with him four or tire x inUn m New York; ssw him at tie time I broa<f t the men to Boston; kLow Wm. Newman and Giorg* Hmith, named in the iodictmen' ; brooghc foam to Biaton by direction o Count Ktzinski. Jobn 8 bmidi (a German) cUled, and evidsoie interpreted.? Was on oowd the briir Buff -to; want on btard from Tsieatj-tti d street, Ne* York, bo cause I could get no w:rk; s- man who re^iSes at 1:19 Anthony street. employed me to work on a ri'l rcad, or on a bitlevy at Halifax; did Dot kotow any Ining about goixg to toe Crimea; s*v Mr. L oi 1 on board the vessel, and he iskeid me if 1 :ou 1 wilk three hours a day; 1 asked him what h3memt,?nd he said it was no more then vu required of thi ! soldiers at Halifax; I told him I cou a trarel tbat 'cr gtb of tin e. I Da itl Hasale was n?xt caVed, but Dofikg m% leria; ?as elioi-ed. He testiU;d to seent Count Ks/itski born some pa;>iri on board t&e Butt'Jo. E\crntlon of David atoddard for the Harrier or his Wife. [Krcm the Ro:)i I?Uad Advt runer, Jaly 13'] Kver since last evening crowds had been pjuriig into our city froas a;l points 01 tbe oootMN, by railirad, by steamboat, in wagons and carriages, on horsebi k and afoot, until u j to 11 o'clock to day, ? b' d the strveta in the MCint v of tbe Couri Hon* i and jail < specially were tolerably jnmmel w.tb I pie of all sorts, shapes and stecs, anx?oa?ly awMtlngthe hour of execution of the moiderer, Stoddard. At 11 o'clack A.M., tha Hock Island Gu%-ds ap peared. under command or M ijor Wilson, in th? Court Hons* septate, where they w*re soon j lnei by the Davenport mfliAry. After performiuc v* rions martial evolntioss, tley were marched to the jail, and the criminal brougot out and p aoed ia an < mmbua, containing th<i Sheriff and hia oepu'y, and the misusers 0; the various cou'cien in the city, which vehicle wee guarded by them to tbe plaoe of execution. l pen arriving at the gallo ??, which was erectel in a gentle ravine near tue Camden road, outside ih* limits of lha citj, we tound present a c-?wd 01 fnl y ten thensand teopie gibbered upon the rising 0 round in the immediate vicuiliy, and cro rdmg doTn to the very foot of the gallcws, in a den* an i sws>itgnaes, so tbat th^ mi.ltary with dffluhy finally incoeeded in clearing a circle around th; scaKoid. Tbe criminal, dresafd in alight suit of inswr clothing, with hii arms pin<oned, was ass'<s:?d 0 rt ol | the ' nLibu 1 sr d up the steps of Ibe ecaff Id by 6ae ntl Gorton and Deputy Sb?-riC Bea'dsley, ais> ac 0' mpanwd by Rev. Mr. Wilsoa, ot tbe First Pres byterian chnrob; Rev. Mr. Vorso, p'esidiog elder;, and Rev. W. Ta>ker, minister of t&e Mf'.boditt Koix opsl chnrcb in this ?ity, and one or two o'.ner min'ster*, sad alec a b-o',ber of the pnsonsr, woo hsd ocmc from Pdoria in order to be with bim in hi* 'est Eiomcctr. After a moel elcK(oeit and touching appeal to Heaven mhis beha-1, by Kiv. Mr. Wilson, Bev. Mr. Motte, by request if toe prisoner, proceeded to ap?*k to tbe mritl^u le fur him as follow*: ? He began by saving fiat fourteen je<vrs ag?i S'oddard and bis wife were both protasssd Ooris tiaas. ar.d memberaof the :nurca,aad live J vomuar hippily and in peace with ti smselves, God s.nd i.k woiid. But te ha l 1 ?en cb*rged hy the < nai a*l particularly to state th *t 'he >au* ot tha br?tkuiK of uns peace wss ir-V-m >or*-ice. Ho Segaa 1 0 dnak little by little, c^til his Hun Of-Mnoarifn/ l?1i and h? himself a dem n of evil psa-iiona ?ni n h - louid it impossible to o- nrr >1. I nder su:h crcam star ccs it was tbat hisUmily becamo b.-okin up, aau wei e wanderers an<l outeas s withninue;f uxm :be face ot the e irtb. He said, lorlier, toa- be ha*i been ri quested b> tbe pr?otoe>r to stats tha' ne hai co particnlar t ont'essioa to r.iske in regard to rhj crime ot kilHvg his wifj, a . that time, leaving the question of bis ^n'lt to bs ?e*.tle1 by the* puh'ic ? tbat the court, tbe jury, tbe soenff and his offic?n< w ?re b;amekss, and iba*. be ral n>t a va.d'f actuation to brlog ejai^st any of then. W&ile in jail ne bad been as well c?ied for by the ,?Uor as if be bat been a brother ; anu he could ac *l w no one <f ill treatment towards him. Tbe reverend gentleman conc uded with an sb quent exhortation t ? the dealers in the run traffic to quit the dreadful businees, and to yo>mg men ^specially to avoid tbe t**Bpt?r whose loox was I'ltaea&t bnt whore sting wa? death. Af'er he had taken hii sett. Sutddard was ?? ? istcd to rise. Be poclntnei ia a loud and em vhaiic voice1 that wsat Mr. Mom had suvd w** tiae- that he owed ail hia crimes and miafortunes to tbe curse of intemperance? -ta at he forgivs every oLe and was ready to die - U a be feared b ot the ten ib e d.-eth befoie him *0 much as the eye* of tbe people now fix id upon Li?. He warns 1 jo .ag men against the beginning of citae, which was a uss ot tie Intoxicating glass, if they would avo',d tbe miserable life be h?d Led to; past five vevr?, a: d perhaps its dreadful end. ' Omemtow. ' **> t le, " remember my dying words, and flee, tl?e tha wrUb to oom.n Hisemotiats overpowertr t him, be was assists to a 1 eat. A minister then sroee and madi a most leellsg aitosion ta the melaucnoly rrcams.anees of tbe ? caston. He called attention narttculari ? to the heart br< ken weepia* bro'her ot tie crmisal, who was on the ecaffoia with him, in an ih a manner as 1 1 leave scaroely a dry eve in the vast asa-mbly. The bn tber wsa then permi' ted to approach tar toe onrrcre of takir g ieavsiof Mm for ton last lime. fie sunk up a bis knees beslds him, weeping bit terly, Stoddard himself remixing comparatively unmoved. Alter be bad taken leave, which occo pied several mbntes, St; d Card again arn-e and aaid bat dm time upon earth was now snort -tua' be wsa addressing the world now for the lest t ae. Be then confessed to the crime of killing his wife, sddtrg, "I did the deed, bur many wroag stories have been to)<! about it. I did It in a mo nest .if passion; i wss ottea so temnted before thv, I c rail scarcely keep my haada off her. I am no* ready to die ' Ar other prayer wsa ttoaa 'tiered by R^v. Vf. Tssker, ">mmendiag the soul or the crinr.n*1 1 1 1> mercy ef heaven. Af:?r th'S, as a aenaral 1m*? takmg of all nre seat 0^ tbe scaffold, a?d kissiog tis wtepisg brother, the* stepped on in* di op. The fatal aoose waa adiosed around V* neck , end the cap drawn ovar his faos by tie shenff. assisted by hia deouty. He tboa eom-neoced sirpirg tbe woid* "I'm g trg b< me,' wbl-,o tf r?->?ate'I twi?e, arH the drop i*': at prp.Ms-iy t?o mitutea sf-er -is c' loci . He str.ggad bat Utt s. w.,: !n aoT?i wau'-ea hid e^a??4 to A^er bsnairg twrs?v n'ntitea, his bo<iy w?? 'aten down ard enaveyed grsTavsM vid tnr:?4l oe?de t'c wi't, -p to hie re (Tjw:.