Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 20, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 20, 1855 Page 4
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NEW YORK HERALD. JjlUKSi UOIIDO* BEItlllCTTi PRJKRfBtOR two EDITOR ?TTICB N W. OOKMBi OF NABS* IT aHD FTLTOW OT*. TERMS c.ttJk in -rivinrt. Til ft PA II- ? HERAI.D 'I enri per .;;/v ? *7 per annum. THE It EEKLV HEKAI-Prryu S ?turd..* if fH4' . enti ter .opy or f3 per mtium; t\e European e Htion M fwr tti I im to ^>1111 p ?rt of ( ire f Urit tin or U to mv jm rt of (Ac ? ? both to in. Wr pott ></c AIL LETTERS M, M i 1 for S tnrriprmn, or uritk Artvr-r brrf ><{? (o Ire I-I?t p ivl, or th* poetupe urtll be dedufU-l from tie monrv remitted. Volume XX ...No 100 AUU8BMKNT3 THIS BVBNLNQ UROAltWAT THIlTm. Tkiih ^uiioio Pinr??f *.>D P((91tlllll01-^'|M?>IG1II ABU TUB raiiiti-IlilH fun vhh VHILO'B Garden, Rroadway?DAooHrsa or the Rigii ut. IOVKT TH1ATKI. lt<?rr Quv M Axncmino - r?T i VieAiim Widow's (icvm CBKUaM S CPSRA HOUSE, 963 Br?*d ?Ay- Ali.kuha ?vans. FOOD'S MINRTHRLS MscdadIos' H All? <72 Broadway. Hew Tark, Pi May, July SO, I8W. ?All! imr Che Pacific. fHB NBW YD Kit HbhALD? CALIKO&MIA RDITtON. the tatted ."tates uaU at?Aaiihip Empire Oitj, Capttm Windle, will leave this port ihii afternoon At two >'oleok, tor Aspin vail. rbe mails for Cali'ornia And other parts of the Paciflo *10 sloi* at one o'clock. fhe New York Wkbklt (1kr\li> ? (California edition? watain'Dg tbe latest in'el'igeoce from all parts ef the Perld, will be published at eleven o'clock this aorniag 9u>gle copies, la wrapper*, ready for mailing, Uxpenoe. Meets will pleate send in their orders as early as pes riUe. The Nem There has been during the preset heated term ft bunied packing np of trunks and bandb jxes, tncj ft very general emigration towards the mount tl* tops and ?.be reashore, and the marges of quiet lakes. The fishing excursion baits do a fine bad ness just now? fare fifty cents per heal splendid cotillon bat d- fee advertisements. Yesterday tha theimometer marked ninety-eigat, the b ittast y< acooidiog 10 the Ssge of Brooklyn Bright. Taere were a number of fatsl cases of sunstroke, au 1 toa ?trinity list of tLo present wtek wiil reiaive 4 large addition trom this cause. Aboat nine o'elook in ti e evening a refreshiog shower of rata /e 1; tae atmospbe e be.ame delightfully oool, and ve trus; the heatel te<m is ever for soma days a', lean. Toe Cabiuet, as appears by our Wasaiagt ia des patch, has determined that no ftppolucmdotfl shall be male unttla'ter tie result of tie coaiiu< elss tims at the South shall hw< bean a hearts mad. This, otooune, is dbulgned for the espe lal benefit oftbe bouibera Know Notiiiugs. Ua'cy goes o 0 d Point tor afe* dsys to reoujerata his healto, which has bee me somewhat impaired. The Court of Claims wili probacy adj >ura to day antll tbb 17th of October. Abons one hundred aid fifty eties have been cocketed. Tin Court wscieag-wed jpea tarday in perfajtiog the rules. The suffire.-s by the bombardment aod destruction of G ejt owa dive arrived at the capital to urge their claims for ia demuty. These claims amouut 10 a^nut flva millions of d Lart? a pretty round sum for osrrylog out the briiliatt war policy of the P.erce admnts Ication. At some of the ports Collectors or Surveyors h*ve been it appea's, in tne habit of giving ti vuss?l.i papers purporting to be certificates of tb ,ir le^at a j pa ity for the carriage of passengers. The Treasury Deoartinent giv?s notice that no validity a'.tacaes to suefca certificate, as it is Hit au'.borizad or recog nised by any law of tin United States, and c lase queitly bo officer his ft rigbt to is?uj it. Tne itsponsibil ty, in such cases, mutt rest where the law plaots it on the ship owners, whose duty it is to ftsoertain and know how many p&sgeoga s their vessels o?n lawfully carry, and they sloaid bs held to snch r?ep >n?ibi.ity. It is directeJ, therefore, Ibat no < ffi ier of the Customs will bereafiar Issue to any person a certificstc of this dasoriplioa; but whenever any ineasu emnot necessary to ascertain thelegil capacity of vessels to cirry passangaw shall be made, the Col ie tor will bs c*reful to keep an ? Jftct rn-ord or it in the offioe. The eottfn market yesterday /emvnsd uosattled, as dealers were waiting the receipt of the Cfiads's fetters. The sains were restricted to ft few hundred bftle#, the prices of whicn affirdsd no bssls for quotations. Flour of common to medium and go jd crudes was again about 12|o. pe- barrel lover, aud aa'es moderate. A supenor lot of new wtiite Taa ocasee Wfceat sold at $2 50, an on'sids fi$a", a -id a small parcel of sew Georgia red sold a; t'2 20. Corn was about 1 % per bustiel lower, with tot irsb y free tale*, Including parcels for export. New mass pork was easier, waile other pr>>visioos we e un charge! Coffee wm active, and tan sa es rca had ftbeut 4 500 bag*: Rio at 9| ?. alia., ?riCi as ni'l lot of prim* quality at 11^!.; a lo: of Hsraci bo brought 10J . suga-s wera firm, witi of #00 to 1 000 hhtfs B?yood soms e isa^em^nts of own atd cotton for Liverpool tiire was but a light business dona ii freight. The ne * Health Officer of iha oori of New York, Dr. Tbimfson, entertaired the Common Council of A bsny, the State officers, the Commissioners of Ht hlth, ai d a targe number of nts other triends> with >he most liberal h epl ality, at I is r?sidecce on Ststeti Islaud. p?u*ingof th < good thiogi which ware provided inihe most Uvisb af.undtnie, the company proceeded on an excurhi>a dovn t-ie bay in * b at ?>n<a^-nd ex jr-osly Mr tha occtsion, letumirg to t! e ilty about * even o'clock. Au in teresting repoit of the affair will bi found else ?bn?. The epecisl committee of tna Bnrd of Ald?-mon, having in otarge the invcstigit on relu'.ive to ?.hi snekeu ship Joe?pi t\*a ker, were in ss'sioi yaster dsj. A full repoit of the end'oce, licludiog tbe testimoty ef Comptroller Klsg^, is g van ia ii other psrt of today's psper. rhe eff.fti novfn progress to raise tae ship, by m*aiiS of hyjrauilc Bcr?ws, b?ve so far proved su 5 rssfu., aud it is ?f ? ogf.t she will be all >at by Ssturday, so ta*t vh < limk . an Nt towed ont rf the slip. On Hat day night last a flmdsh at?m .t a?. a* e-t-U-ailon was petp-trated at Fairlaven In Kit Isiu ci nnty, Vermont. Th# hired n?*t of a f**m :r livit g ?nm?wbiit remote from any neighbor, uuiar to. k Ui rbopup fcts employer with ft bniad axs, ai he ?SH quiet , ? feplog m bis bed. The foolnrdy vil'a 1 avow* aa hl^ ibjert the forcib's abd'niion of the mat k ci-ter. Tiie itit?restiog and s'looklog pir tiin srs are given v*ry fully ia the letter of our correspondent. In the Utlted States District Court yes wrdiy, a motion was granted to postpone t be trUI o^he p?r?o s charged with vioi?tmg the uentrVity U ?s by making iclistmetits fort .e F..rfi^ The parties ntder arrest in Buffilo for a * m.Ur off,n >e have been comm:t *l to pr eon, in d#f*a.c 01 bv.l in tbrre th< ueand collars, to a trial. Thetrisl of Coutt Louis KsZ'tski, Hugo I,| pi Ri:ha?d Rndeling and LDngJos, w 0 wer?? uksti from the Butish brig Buffslo by the offii>rs of toe rev me cutter Jarnes Ctmpbsil, on the chvg? or enlieti- g recruits tor the Crimea, term natad dsy In the a< quittsl of the a cn?ed. Capt. Uireoy, of the brig Fairy, arrived at this pert jfite'dsy morning from Rio (J ran de del SnJ, rrpcrfs oi ly rne American v--?il jj i?rt, ft?dehs wr,oJd m ballsat for R -> J ic?i.? t . load. H d )s were rcarce at Rio Grande, a ;d comxt idol high pricrn. The Larrp snd Gos C m n W of t!ie Boar.1 rf CcuLciJmen rret ysterdsy, Kbm ar^amtni ?vs? heard fjr a;i1 sgsinsi t ie petitioa of fie M'trnpolitsn Gas Com >any for If.ava to Uy down jip sthronghont the city. A report will be pre tented son 0 time next mouth. The d^eriaeeof receipts of tolls noon the N'e* York canals tbns far this seism, as citmmrei wiih lit' jiame period ia l?j4, amounts to ll5J,wo 08. 1 Tb? Lata Whig P*rty ?f few Yo.U and tbe I*. of lhe A>Ujr llOUhf JUlitdft. n b. le were some notabl- doings a<, the Astor House ou Wednesday. Tuere was a meeting <t the ? Whig S<?tt Central Committee," tor tue purpose ot u ppoi nt'oir a day f,*- rbe meeting of the tVbig Stau- Convention iu re<e<ence to our November election; aud hi re was a meeting of ">bo Republican State C?ntr?l Committee" ap pointed at the anti Nebraska State Couveatiou beid at Auburn l,et tall; and, by a unit >>ea<t ttful, fratcnal aid bnmonioue arrangeweut, bt.'b tbese committees met at the 6ame hour, oa Wednesday, at th? Ast.rr H um;, and in ttie fame loom. The result of this artmirab e fra ternization, an might Lave been expected, w u& that, ae a party , the "wbigs" agreed aod tlie "republicans" agreed each to hold their State Convention on the game day, at theBaroe p'aea, ai>d for the Sijne common objects. Furtucr mcre, in order to adapt themselves to the movements ol all the other parties in the field, thi* "wr ig" convention, and this ' republic in" convention have been put the last upon the list, to wit: the 2<> today cf September. From the extracts concerning this decree of tbe Amor House coalitionists, which we hive placed elsewhere In this pap*r. from the columns editorial of our cotemporaries, it will be seen that tbe Seward orgaas are in a blard and heavenly state of satisfac tion that the usually ponderous and sonorous Courier and Enquirer, though in a oof ; and eub? ued strain, sings the same song? that the Kirprttit has little or nothing to say, boiog still in the market; and that upon the whole, it is a ''fixed tact' that the fo^sl] remains of the late great wnig party of the Empire State are to be merged at Syracuse into this piebald, hy brid, heterogeneous ooagiom&ratton of free soil and abolition fag ends and factions, bearing the modest and musical title ot the "republican party." It farther appears that while Thar low Weed is to hold tbe string of the kite, Mr Joseph Blunt, John Jav Co., and the Lieutenant Governor aud bis aids, are to balance the tail. This was a great day 's work for tbe Astor House conferees, confioering tho state of the the rmometT nn<l the working of the new Liquor law. Aud, speakiog of liquor, wo are remi id ed that neither the 'whigs" nor republicans" did anything, suggested aoy thing, or siid any thing in this Astor Hease caucus in lerereace to the amendment, repeal or modification of ?his prohibitory law. 'i'he evidence was b.-1'ore their eyes that it was a failure, a mockery in fact, little b?tter than a nuisance; they ktew that a regular and wide spread move, ment is on foot to mnke the repeal of rhis odious law a direct question before the people in November; and jet they had nothing to pro. pose and nothing tosny upon the subject. Phis is. a very enrious fact? a very ominous circuin stance indeed. What docs it mean? We thi >k we cau tell ilij Carton League and State tem perance Alliance. In mi aDs that tho Sewart anti slavery (unionists intend to throw ttie liquor quest.un overboard ii November? that they intend to dru;> temperance and everything else that uuiy interkie with the onject of a gene ral Northern fusion upon Sward and his auti-slv ve<y programme for the Fr jeiuentia" cumpaigu. Wh have suspected of late, from the r,- ,ieP ootid treatment of this liqno.- qms'toa by our Sew ard organs, that they were backing oat; and in truth, their narrow escape from Gov ernor Seymour last fall would hardly justify ttie same risk again with lhe liquor interest, in al' | its ramifications, organizing for active resist ance in every hoie and corner. We trust, however, that the party or parties opposed to this Seward negro worshipping aud Maine law coalition will hold it responsible before the people, and upon the distinc: issue that thin abominable and demoralizing proii bitory statute shall be repealed, an-i that ihc party enacting it shall bj superseded in the admiuir>trat'on of our State government, as unworthy of oflbo aid unworthy the confidence of the peo pie aLy longer. A common understanding of the opposition forces upon this issue, ia ttnir nominations for the Legislature, will, more than anything else, we dare say, contribute to spoil tbe election eerlm ites yf Mr Weed and His big and '?little vtll.ins." When a polrical coalition upon tbe false pretences of "Aa A-t for the suppression ot Intemperance, Vies and Crme," gives a new impulse to imempenaae in d all its attendant tvils, and wcakeus ti-reiy tbat public reject for the laws in general, which Is the only reliance of a free people, the jartiis thus guilty should be held oc oumablo for tne conseqm nees Nor should a dispo itio > partto "biek out" bs permitted t, forestall the verdict of t he ecmnanity. Hold thi m ?o it. Th. re is at other feature in this joint decree of the Astet llc ii-u conferences worthy of no tice They appoint the 2G-.h day ol September lor the meeting at Syracuse of their Siaine-e twin convMitloos; and singularly enough, it so happens tfa'. tho Know Nothings hold their nominating State Council on the 25th. Of course, the Seward leaders will be in to*u on the 26th, while many of the Know Nothing* will remain uear the s*lt works to *Une-s t5? Si ward fusion proceedings of the 2<?rb lo deed, it is most probable thit ttie Know No thing Council, as usual, wlllconunm for two oi tbice days, in which ea?.' they and ?he Sovard it?s will be in full blast in tho aamj tow.i, if not in the mine building, at the same tia> Nobody will suppose this arruig -ni-nt to be accidental. Thurlow Weed ha, au onject iu it.' o bc ?uro of access, he pencils ho fy of a break into the c iirp of the Kno<? \ ? tiling', and a division of thuir forccs. L-t the Know Nothings loik well to this i.r^n^h ot th plot. It is tne single p dm upon witch toeir success or overthrow aud .topers, on, as a , r,.lt national pirfy. m iy depend. The Amerlrar p-r'y as w n id^r-ta rl i-, are to hold a business council a' Biogh* nr., i on the 2Hth of August. Let them there pr.. vide to hold ov. r their nominating State Cmu cil at Syracuse till a .'ay or two after th ? woi/ snti slavery lusiot conventions, aa.i mcy wm b.?ve tbe coa'itlon upon tV hip. rne vitality ?I the A merit, an pirty iu this Si. re. I;,.| ? 1't ' tiRbout ihe I'nion. depends upn a hixh nail and a deep ditch Isjtween them :nd t'le S?wani Alliance. Let the Ku.?w N" itoiogs ulM> le;lr in mind that the poop'o iu K.u a 11 ? lt"a.-ka will take caie of the smverv 'J' r^'nn "u' tli' n> f,ir u jrir or t?r .. with Kit detriment to the I ?!on. but tbat Mi bent npon the peopfe of New V..rk. flrsn a. J foremost, to rep, al The Liquor \ IW. b ??.,*. lV coMlnued existence Is eu>.,.a-..i to b.,nir al. >"??; cenrer,,,.!. Sr.u, an, | pot. w III, h to, met th. S,V,M mi >ear. Nktiotml i.-snes in xy ,i,..,.rr?,;, iin,j y . ftcctd tlion^h: of the j eople." The Finetwt ? ns In (he Price* of Food Oar PlMptct*. The eff c of the pas year's d?fic ent hap v- <1 ii ootre-tcb i m ximuui, so far as bread ftuflw ?e e ? oncer ed, uatil lust May. The t-toek of the (irow'h ? f 1854, which were a full average, remained to a consider ible exteut uu toio up to the a tuma and wintor t '54 and '55. The advance io flour and groin comra -nc d in February la*t, aud continued gr vdmlly to impioveu til the lilies point in tn^s m trket was rench" din May, 1855, w en common brands of State fi or ?; n< up to $10 25 % $10 Ii7j and extra C>n> see to $12 and $13, which exceeded tbe blpbest range of prk-s realized daring the irbh limine period in 1647-' 18. Grain ad vu net d in about the same ratio; the highest price obtained for prime white Gene?ee wbeat was about $2 75 per bushel. The highest price realized tor corn in large quantities, was about SI 18 a $1 19 for prime Western mix^d . and $1 20 for S uthern white, per bushel. These high figures cut off, in a measure, a' I demand for export to Europe, as prices for same time before and since, ruled above quo tations m the Eoglish market*. The home demand, however, was so great, as to absorb all tbat was offering, and at high rates. The stock getting low dariog the winter, as the mild er ce jfion advanced, the chief reliance l'or re ceipts was on railroad*. Fortunately for consumers, the crops of wheat in Canada bad been tali; and under the recipro city treaty, when Western aud Southern stocks were comparatively exhausted, aud famine threati.nod the papulation on the Atlantic sea board, large .quantities of Canadian four were received in New York by railroad and tbe Hudson river, which tended to keep down prices. For the first time in the history of the trade, Canadian fl^ur, on its receipt (a New York, waB actually re-shipped to a consider able extent to Richmond, Baltimore, Norfolk and Charleston, and other Southern points, for domestic use. It was not until abaut the advent of June, that any serious relaxation was commenced in prices, acd after receipts by the Grand Can il augmented stocks beyond the immediate do mestic wants of the trade. As soon as curn dropped down to a point that would admit ot export at a low rate of freights, priccs aga-n became better supported, and the decline checked. Such t? as the confidence of dealers in a con tinuance of high prices, that large contracts were made in March tor the delivery of Iudiaa corn in June and July, as high a9 105o . and some of those time engagements were settled in June at. 98c a 100c., and sc me have been since settled in Juiy, as low as 9L\ a !)2c. F our con tracts were made for June aud July , deliverable at about $8 75 a $9, which ' av>- s nee in many cates been settled at much lower figures. There still remains confidence in the value ot' Indian corn, as near six months must pass ov-r b tore supplies of the new crop will b a suffi ciently dry for shipment ; and soure three months or more must elapse before much of it will be in a lit state of dryness to eater ioto domestic consumption. In the meantime the pist year havii g been one of a very ehorc ctop, the country must be pretty well drained of supplies of old corn before the newctncom'! fairly into consumption. We learn that in Ten nessee ? the best Indian cam country ot the vVeat ? where, in plentiful years, this grain lias b:ea sold as low as 10 cents per bushel, such wis the deficiency there awl in the adjoining Stages, that the article, at points convenient to trans portation, actually reached oue dollar per bethel, which was forwarded by railroad to des titute districts of Georgia in lar/e quantities, wbere the crops of the past sea-o j were in a meamre cut cff. The largest purchases in this market were made for tbe New Eoglaud States, wture supplies were ? xceedingly bar ren. Nex to New England, the English, later in the sea?on, were the heav est buj ers. Wheat being iu very light supply, kept u.? longer than corn; bur. since tie increase, of re ceipts of old trom the Went and of new from the Sou h, prices have gradually yielded la fa vor of bujers. The growing crops are universally repre sen ted to be good; but many suppose tint tli etlVct of this prospective abundance will bi lc>s sudden on prices than many persons l?e !i?ve. Under the idea of a future decline, millers probably will only buy from baud to mouth; while the taruiers, when Uiey Hud pri :es rtctding b- low their views, will be disposed to withho'i t.b"ir supplies frOul mar set. a very decided and material r< duction mas sooner or la'er be readied, stuulit no accident* 3 et occur to the unmatured aud unsaved oroo<. nil ure Ui-po-ed to admit. Toe chief difference o) opiiiinn exists with rtgird to the time w; :n the lull effi ct upon prices by abundant crop^ is to be realized in this mirket. To show ttic wholesale prices ot provisions it tbe periods stated below, we give 'he following tables: ? BRBADflrtTFF^. J m ft, 18!>4. Jan. Ii, 18S5. Cotr itum SU'e Hour $7 76 |i ?7? ? 00 ' on mun Mr-igbt '? 7 75 ? 7 81 9 00 C ii Djoo favjme 11 ,,,, 7 M ? 7 ?! W ill ? ll 1 '2 taoij CltrtNte 7 87 a 8 00 o i0 a 9 "\7 t im '? 8 <0 a 8 50 11 JO ? 12 00 V* lit at ? Wh't? Utuenee. '2 00 a '2 t'2 2 >5 a '2 HA Ooa.ta '2 00 a 2 0'2 '2 III ? '2 '20 Corn? ??p'e_n . 8! a S'2 1 02 ? 1 0?S Miuilsou wott*.. 77 a 7s 1 1.2 a I 05 July 12 1*M July 12, 18 o 0 maoo ^tat* tl uir Oo a ft '0 t* o * 8 C2 i u m- ii itia gat " . . , . >i 00 ? ft 7 j s 02 a 8 7 1 i nitron lnviltt " .... 7 00 * 7 '2ft S 7ft a 8 87 K?UC} UtutfM 7 "ft ? 8 7ft 9 00 a 9ft) Kvr* " 9 00a >1 U) 11 I'u a 12 7' White Sinil't. '2 .?k'2 4ft i 4* a '2 hi Ctnii'a. 1 'ft ? ? . '2 ,,0 a 2 4 Or?? We> t?m u.ix'-il.. . fifl a 70 liu Oil, MtUtto whin.. 80 a 81 1 !2a 1 16 FRdVlSMNB. Jim. I, *854, J>in. 1. Is'o 1'jlV.? M?l? $M 3/ a 13 .10 til *7 ? ? >'t iu? 11 12 a 11 2> 1? 2i ? ? Bt?(? Mm* 8 50 * 11 00 S.iO* 1 2ft l'.ine 5 OP a 6 75 6 10 a 7 oo July 12 , 854. Jit'ij 12, 18jj. I'ork? WfM ,...$11 <0 a II 26 $H a'" ? rrn* 9 "'a 10 V5 l<; ;i" a 10 >? B.?f? M ?? 12 O'j a 13 Ii. H mi ? i t iw Pl.uif " Co a 8 00 0 7ft * 10 <?> Thi re is tven lcc8 bcuMoa to be felt ol iui v Midden Ull in p i'k a> d tnsef th?a ia brrMMuffc. The icarcity of f ? 1 tb?* pi' iu'uniu a il wiutcr chu>cM fanners ??> mn^h' r ? mm Ii Krgt r portion < f their *to!c thm unu\l, to npliic* wbich require* tim-, though fan ii ny brfoni'' nhu ilaat. Bci-tiM >viiich, uliould tn? \mi. r,otet?l. the foreign dem mi to.oirpro v m'hii", ur c? rt bin ?li acriptioii" o> them, v. l<M-t will i?uo liki'lj continue. i . .in, o ?ik. * I.i/^-t proioi'ion i?t our ptiivi-ioa-, fitinn Hif p?-t non'bK, tbun ban ?-fer lie ? kon?n fore in tl"' ? iinn* period in the m? orj ot ? >n r I'ai'e. ft i'h 'he bl?'**ii)f,< of ?nac* h im ?, utiiit di' t cr p*. Hr <l a f?ir yloiil rW go'd lr>m li 11 jil ?C? 18 ot "h'l I'nilic, tbi* ?r<>?,M*c> h il i < HTC quite fl?t**riuif 1(1 ta?' Unl'. <1 Hw..- ft will nvirt* I'l tn onr u mi rr >p. b ??P7iT to r k?? np f?T the w n?ttfu? eitr r I ,'q ? ,f lL< j ?tt U- yr tLrcc ^?r?. The Liquor Law in the Interior ? Give Saiiatooa a Cjianck.? We observe that here ai.d 'here iu ?be interior there are souie pros# cutiotB going ou against liquor sellers ant 1 qucr dealers. From all that we can learn, however, the rural districts we very lit'.le ahead of 'he city of New York iu the en fore -i j u?eijt ot the law. K> re, an anybody may w e, bj nifiht and by day, the law, ho for from ar jeeting or o mmi-biiiL', has largely increased the selling and driukiug of all sorts of ioioxi cating liquo;s The only point where tbe Uw appears to have a iy vitality ou this issue, is wbtre the liquor drinker gets bis skin so full as to conbne bis ideas-of the principles of locxno tion. Then the police are down upon him, and be becomes another offering to "the Tombs." After hia arrest the law requires the intoxicated individual to testify the placeor places where he procured his iiqeor or liquors, spirituous, malt or mixed. This is generally attempted, but according to the "Drunkard's Directory'* of the present "hea-ed term," the victims of the rumeellers are so completely obfuscated, in most cat-es, as scarcely to remeaber whether they got their potations in New York, New ?Jersey, -or Coney Island. In the. country, they appear to be laooring under thesam^ dilliculty in tracing the effect to tbe cause. We had leared that this prohibitory law would play the mischief with oar fashionable watering places of the interior; and that Sara tofifti where distilled, fermented aud mixed liquors have always been ia greater request than Congress water, would especially suffer by this restriction oi all alcoholic stimulants to ctiur-ofoes and private houses, purely for "sa cr amenta!, medicinal, chemical, or mauufactur ing purposes." But it aupoars that our appre hensions were premature, auJ that the glory of Saratoga is still uudimmed. After chilling their stomachs with the purgative salts and iuagnetta of the Springs, the privilege 1* still in lorce of warming up the vacuum witb any thing you like, from FreLch brandy do vn r,o Laid cider and lager bier. The Saratoga Re pvbUcan says: ? We presume that it U generally koo*a that liquor cad be procured in thm Tillage >i our taeiii and elie wtere. if Dot isows, we feope the pre** throughout toe country will j{lvo Do-iee o t the*f?ct la *ot emot sd<1 a rider alt ououB8tan:?s tnat may ari^t, straogtr'i wLo ru?y vi?lt here ca n b? supplied witi any liquor* tfcey miy desire, the Bale of wtuea it no* oi>jn and above board. This is conclusive. We confess that the law is a humbug, aud that old stagers whj tiave lieen slaying away from Saratoga, from fear of tbe Liquor law, need- stay away no longer. If tbe principal virtue ol the water of the Sara tc?a Springs be tln> qualification of the stomacn for branny, let oar old campaigners go np. The law is a humbug? the bars are open, una the coast is clear. Too Fond of the Heralo.-- Some of our ru ral Postmaster* are altogether t, k> food of the Nkw Yohk Herald The intensity of their afifct on lor this journal causes them to for/et tin ir obligations to the people, and to negleit to forward copies of the pap>T addressed to s.i's .-cribcrt' and others. The subjoined lett r giv. s a case in point: ? MnmonOmcc, 3tooMvat?, ) D?l <? , N. r , July 17, H?6. J TO THE EDITOR OP THE HtfKALD. The IJkhai D i* Trry irregular in r?e'.liiog the Mirror rflice table, for th? r*anob that It is utoppe) no ti>? way .fci iri*iiioi*M the wrapper .a crumped, an J the piper ex hibits the mtrkH of btving be?n used I ooiil.l exsutft sll 1hi?, if it not I'elwyed. Hy thil op-raiiin I a?o ofVn d*pr ted or tbe i?'?st oe?n ? h - u I want It the most? un 'he day htfore publication. Sometime* tUe ?rapper IsoM an though it had frees ehan<e1. I enclose one that ram* around Saturday's IUkai.d It I* a ddler ent quality of p*p?r than wbai you u*-, an4 the writing altogether different. I' loots Ilka n-isl ollite paper, an I if parted together. Please return tho onclosed to me, if you su??er It appears by the above that, s^me conso.ien tious (fficial removes the wrtpjiers from the Hebai.d, reads it gratis, a<vl then takes the government paper for a new wrapper. He not only deprives our confrl'e 0f the Bloomville Mirror of his late news, but commits petty larceny upon our mutual Uncle'.* stationery. We are afraid that tbe Department does not ex ercise a proper surveillance over its subordi nate". Compla-nts ol the miscarriage and din nppearar ce of all kinds of mail matter are con tinually made to us, and it is very evident that tbe Department needs a thorough ? verhaul ing. We do not think that matters will b? im proved until C-n^ress is driven by the outside presmre to take the matter in hand. In the meantime thousands of letters ar : carried by ejpre?ses in defiance of the law. In some cum h our merchants prefer to pay tbe postage, ai,d ihen an extra fee to the express? so our ch?ap postage does no* .amount to maoh after all It is only a ax on every letter this we write, while to ensure safety we mist send our letters outside of the mails. in t.he specitl case above mentioned, we hav? a right to d> maud the interfere'ica of the head of the department. Tbe General Post Ofllje must attend to ?*uch matters. The projt is clear and direct, and su;h things occur every day. Will Mr. Campbell see to it? Bathing and Swim mlvo.?K very oae should learn to ??vim. That is a truism. Do; tor Franklin sud it a loug while agj. But ho* few there ar<*. even in our seagirt metro polis, who obey Poor Richard's iojunction ! There i- no excuse for *uch negligence, wnen we reuieniiK r th it, the acquiremeut of the art o( -Himinuiii nivt-s Detilth diid pleasure to tne pu pil. All tua. it required is a little faith, s >me vcquaiutance wito the Uws of speeid: gravity, a: d con-lderabie practice. F mh. as in ull im port. ant nj,itt?-rs. is the c'uet' requisite. We have seen ?u excilient method for learning jou'hs to swim We do not tbink it is patent ed. aiid i,ive it for ihe tieoetit ol parents and ituardiuu*. The teacher is Mipfilied witn a "lit iod. ftiiDewbat shorter and ^troncer than i tiebiCi in I od , a cord, a hook and a strap?the 'utter should oe thr*e or f mr inches in widm 1 b? s?ra j is placed ntmut t'je oo>iy of the pu.iil. hair whj between itii armpits a'id the hip?, f.h ? i t (K i rriui' e (lixed to the strap, an I fastened to '?? ? c rit. The Utter being made to the end I ol ihe rot e, the pupil is placed m toe water like | a li>|j. II- wi'l e.Kin le>irn to h nke out. and , the re-twlll come or itself. The Hy^tetn evi t>e ? pp.iid anywhere; Out, the btsin* of the r ail s at ih'- Katt? ry or the foot of Dworo^js street are i he best nlac?s, ai they h?^e a uni "?ta. depth <-f water This plan is better torn (hat in supporting body on corks or llfe jr.M rvers, tex-a-e h, (be Utter method the uv? his support all at once, wbllo with the h< ok an l line it ia taken a*ay tr- m him gradually. Swim uing l?y this proci ss may l>e Uughi in about si* easy les. S 'WS. 1 hf public but u li; this r: ty, during the ptst W( < k l>av?* Ireeii lit# rally alive wun all t* of Im'bers, and thi'sc?ne? <vhi< |) ijiiiy trao^pire at Um ore sometimes iid- crilia'dy ami- in/ j V*pj people ure prevented from re.-ortin^ t<4 i' <tn on a' coif, t nf i lick of p..liee prouc'loa ' 'l l> ] aic lrtqutttlj inrad'.d by rowJic, wh..?e only terror is the dreaded star, which ne^er appear* on the a cne ant I it is too late. Ioaa much aa bathiug i-< aa important, requisite to | ihe t-anitary condition of the city, we 'hialc that the Major ought to protect the bather* fiom annoyance aud robtiery. I It ia hurdly iieoetB iry to urge the importance of frequent bathing at this season, and iu fact ! at all seasons. But ??ow it ia p irticularly im . portant, aa the absorption of fluids from the i bath promotes tbe'health of the body, aad re Durs the vigor of the organs which are weaken ed by excessive pre~piration. Our advice to all during the present " heated term," ia to keep as quiet aa possible, bathe frequently, (remembering that swimming bath* Aould never be taken in the middle of the day, but in the morning aud evening, and n?vrr continued more than fifteen minutes,) eat sparingly, and read Merriam's bulletins JlfjTupvx dea bottes, will the Sage of Brooklyn be good enough to tell ua when it will be cool tnougta to eat, drii k, work, read, or sleep com tortably ? By so doing he will confer an ever lastiDg favor upon several millions of suturing, sweltering individual, and he will be at ouc-' aud ever atter recognized aa one of the leading Havana of the age. New Rule is IUuvari* UunruitHTT. ? The Board of Overseers of Harvard University, Matwchu^etts, lately refused the compliment of the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws to Sam'l A. EUot, o t Boston. Why ? Because he voted in Congress for the Fugitive Slave law. in pur suance of the constitution of the Uoited State*, and his oath to suoport it. " Old Harvard," however, has adopted the new doctrine of the higher law, aid her doctors of law are measured by the nullification principles of the Hiss Legis lature. Yet, after all, Mr. Eliot has received a hightr compliment than an empty degree, in being voted unworthy in this case This re fusal will make him a man of mark and in rit, and if he remains but true to the constitution, as heretofore, it will procure him a thousand distinctions more desirable by far than the empty appendage he has lost. THE L.AT158T NEWS 8Y MAGNETIC AND PRINTING TELEGRAPHS. From Washington. APPOINTMENTS POSTPONE!}? MAttOV RECRUITING TBK GKIYTOWN BOMBARDMENT BC7FFF.BBIW AND TUB CLAIMS ? PHOCHKDINfid OF THE COURT OF CLAIMS ? INTKKHSTtNO FO LIQUOR lUPORrKUB, ire*. Waaiiinotow, July 19, 166S. ? ?, [aMD6t ,8,eiDblt(1 ?g*|nto-d?y, and flaslly afr4ed that. thers should be no appointmtntii rcade tUl ?,f er election* In the ?outh. Mr. Marny, be-ng desirou* of ruetleating for a few iayn, atked permmgion to vuit Old l'oint, aod the Cibi net acquiesced unanimously. -If anytaing ehouli ocenr, said Marcy, ' telegraph, aod I can be here at thort notice " A number of claimant* arrived In town yesterday direct from C.rejtown and Nicaragua, with Urge c:atm* Hgatnet thi. government for property destroyed in the bombardment of Grejrtown Thia is a Are million hiu' In the Court of Claim*, to-day, a rule w>. adopted authorizing a Jaw docket, iu which claimant* may enter tbelr case* when there are law que?t ooh involved which the, desire to have decide before taking 'te.timony. Testimony w., authorized to be taken in all ca*e* on tb. docket. The Court declined giving any intimation u tj U? weight of tx parte teitimony now on file in the seve ral dtjiartmentr, or bow far letter, from officer* of the govrrnment, actlog in their official capacity, would be a. Disable a. evidence. s?ch question. would be c?. ' wh,n properly presented to the Court upon the tllel of a cause. A regular call of the dosket wa* commence <7, but was suspend, d again without any case Doing am Deri. Nidi c**ea were *ubmit#.ed bj agree ment without argmenont the law punt*. Duriog in vacatlon attrrneys, nay upon an agreement with the Solicitor, submit case* without argument, andwUh or witbont biUIs, and ?n:h case* will be considered in vscatlrn by the Judge*, and opinion* given at the opening of the neit term of the Curt A motion was a vie to get at certain records in the .Vew York ( u*:om Home, to be need in a class of cases where clai niant. demand a refunding of dutie* paid on liquor, which tbey,never received, tbeiiamt|b?ing on them voices but not on the cask* having leaked out curing the voy' *?*' , Coort 0T*r*nUd the motion for the present a* be i legsl question* involved may dispose of the cases, ? n I tbe evicetce irom the Cuatom House may not be "ant.d It U Mid that thfal c las it of case* involve* a very large ,um of money. Ibe C mrt declined deo * Particular |eUf* of case* csm* wi'.hln their ju tiMudiction until queetons of jurijdietion were lertti maUiy pre/ented ? The a ?rt meet again to-morrow morning to dispose of a few motions, tnd then to adjourn Uil the 17th of Ocicber at * hich time tbe cause* no* submitted wtth cut argument will be! as to the law question in volved. Krom Buffalo. THE IOREION I.IOlON CAXE IN BUFFALO- DKCISION IN R1UARD TO THE PROHIBITORY LAW, IPC. Buffalo, July 19, 1816. rte person* arretled beie for recruiting men lor the Crime* were In I y committed to ja.l to-day, in default of $3,0C0 ball etch. Ibe firit care tred under tbe Prohibitory law cloned today in tb* Court of Sessions, rte 'Jourt Kelt that i?po>t.d liMnor carnot be sold after the orig nal packag bs* b?eo broken, i.ncer tbe prohibitory clause, section ore. rte jury, thus charged, returned a v-rdist of guilty. Aricet of a I'ott Ofllrc Clerk. Kbadwg, Pa , July 19, 1855. Artbnr Hughes, a special ?|eut ol the Poet Offl:e !>?? jwrtm.nt, arrested yesterday afternoon Adams H .'untb, a clerk In the Pb*t Office at Richmond, Nortbaap. ton county, on the charge of robbing the mail, fimitb confessed taking one Inter eontainiaf four hundred dol Ur*, mailed at Stroudaburg lor the Kaston Bask. Ttlal lor Violating the Neutrality I, aw* In Uoaton. ' Bostox, July lOj 1855, Th* trial of Count Ktzinskl and his tbre- a?soc ates who were taken from the Br ti-h brfg BulYalo by ths cutter James Campbell on the chsrge of violating the Beutraitty laws, resulted in their Mquittel. Tne tes timony fulej to imp Icate th#m a* heieg p?rson*;ly en g*|ed In enlisting nun for foreign rervic* Conrtntlon of Railroad *ten. Bcfkaio, Jnly 19, 1855. Aconv-ttion of railroad m?n was h?ld here yesterlay and to day, and all the main roads were r*jreseate?l rbe Kne Celegates withdrew, and ?.n? r?st adopted r-so ntiens anoeg otber*. to do awsy with a'l runner* bandbllli. posters, Ac., so a* to lessen espenee* Kali road Extension. Bcrrsio, July 19, 1R:,5. Tb* opsntn* of tbe Illinois C-nt-ai R*IIroa<l to |>u buque wae celebrated ye.terlay. Heeer*' thou^sod tec, pi* were pr'itnt .'?enator* Iiouclas ?nd Jones aud Hoterncr Dtdge w?ie the prmeipai spetaer*. Markets. PHILADELPHIA SfOOI BOAltD. I'HiLsnstriiia, July 19, lnj,5 Mrnry esey R'eek* dull It-?ding, diviaead oO; Morri* Canal, 1ft ; \, ag Island, lfl^; Pennsyleaai* I Railrcno, 4-1 '4 ; l'? nnsi IvanK State 6'*, Hs 't, J tllR mi.TIMUKB tJATTLK NAHKRf. BsLTiMone |0 At <rr rstt e m?r*et to d*f Sn'l h-m of b.ef cattle { w.r? itle-ed. ot whu tj 160 were driven ?astwar'' am it* >ro.- ?<)er ?ild *t price* ran^i*g from *e. a pi e'nst wti-k is s S is bt ae??LC? on previous 'etee. )lors iri lai^e su{ ply; salts at *i 76 a ?n per 1(,0 l>?. Brrriio, Jt|^ ii_i2 jo p u i Th<re hes hesn a moderst? i!?ini".! ' i- ? I <n, uslcs 4,0 b , .t ? fil, ? i /l J^ro": .. ';?,r=, ? I r* f?fr rfnu^-t "Aj-, , vn j I I'P'r lAkeon prt.ate term- O.n, - - 1 M',.r snd bu>ere apart in tb>lr*tew*. the form?r lirm .?? 7Br j i M . sni the l?t er ?f.i MTsrmg, gsnera'u, ov?r T8< a , ?* t of '1 W ii hn>fc>M ??s made ?t ; >? iKt, u. -i Me.. id,. IPC f,r, - , ?b..y, .ad Vo u ls?p rrr r's ,?st?r.?>- s-|,'l V>l* w-ea* It. 1.6 s, m,t r. 1H.IM l-uahel*. ( ai ejport* 'or tb? r?ts e time Hour, *">1 bbls ; whsat, i.O'.O bustieis (?m, 6,146 Umbels ? oat*, ^1,600 bnsbela. ' Annual Ksgatia of the Harlem Yacht Clubs Ibis affair nine off yesterday la grand tyrle. *nd to tbe eat re eatiefarnot of all concerned. We yesterday g T? >br?r blsto'y o' th a club, and the Dim-* aud (i<b, dmoch ul the ^oa'c ?atered for the raee, ami, there fore shall now br e fly give tne result of the noort. The lINtoiM* u ii h nj toe 1 ast liver to l'ort Schuyler *ti 1 back again a dtataorc oi t*-Diy -two miles, el??eo mll.-u ea.-.U way, and the content resulted ai follow*: ? Timk Time Pf.ri-onmimi. Ailowed. Vtrr Timk. H il. Stc, M. Sec. U M in; (Jeorniara 4 0 ofi 26 20 3 41 an ion 'sa Jate 3 -2 30 12 30 II 10 00 Ctalk-nge 3 ."2 68 10 CO 3 22 KB Glpeey 3 .1(1 f.0 8 60 3 22 CO irolle 3 23 Vt 6 60 3 17 12 Mo>n Bird 3 111 18 4 60 3 14 28 Olivia.... 3 ID 6# 2 60 3 17 OC . J. 8. Austin 3 17 66 0 00 3 17 65 RirAMTULATIOfl, FT. AT. Sec. L'uisaJane Ilnl ptlie ,...3 10 0 Storm Bird tycoon do 3 14 28 0?leia IhirKfo 3 17 Ofl Fiollc Fourth do 3 17 12 J. S. Austin....' Filth 4<> 3 17 66 Ibe da; waa a delightful one for a boat raee. aud the breeze all that could he desired. Commodore McfJnwin's boat, tbe sturm Bird woo ths second prtza Tais I* the firet race abe baa ever run, and it la another triumph o( tbe akul of her ba lder, Mr. Ne*tntn KtnMl, whose boats have taken six pr zee tloce the Fourth of July. The prize* were presented to tbe vlnoara at the Club House, Harlem, at half-past seven o'clock laai evening. Niiilo'r Gardes.? This evening the "Daughter of the Regiment" will be pin by the Pyne ana Harrison troupe. On Wednesday the last new opera of "The Queen of a Cay" waa rendered to a fashionable and ap preciative au 'Icsce First Hop at Newport.? The first bop o'tbe tea son at Newport was to hare taken place last evening, at the Belle vue Honse. Examination In Ward Scnool So. 4 Mr. Thvmai !? onlli, FdnclpsL An interesting examinat on cami> off yesterday lo Ward School No. 4i, si'uated In Twenty-four-.ft street, of which Mr Toomae Fonlt is principal. A large cUsb in this school are abont to leave hate for the I'rte Aca demy, and tbe.r examination yesteidsy was a h >rt of "leave taking" of ibeT rid alma mater. There were present a Urge number of visiters, among whom were t*e school officers of the ward, and a delegation from tie school officer* of Brooklyn, School CimuissiooerK Jobn l'tlsmiUr and hobcrt A. Adams oscaplad the principal desk, and in person conducted tbe extmlnit tion The poplls were questioned In philosophy, alge bta, history, declamation, and in other depar ments of learning- Tlie answers o' tbe pupl's were promp'. and comet, calling lortb the praises and plaudits of the au dlenre. Tie declamation of the pupils il oar-.iculerly deserving of notice Tbe recitation of tha ' Sumioo'e's R*p'.j," by Hotter Henry S eel*; scene irooi '-Mar m>on," by J. W. C'armichael the "Birthday of Washing ton " by J. 1'. \V- biter the "Address o' Sparc cas," by R I Bud; the -Death Scene of Marmlou." oy 0. Kihtr's, were all aumirably given and loudly ?p pl~uded. In these various reel '.aliens, tax oor*, n<iae ot whom were over fourteen years oi age, seeoieu to be Bled wffetbe fire of eloquence. A dialogue, Ttie Bin lctni?a?ol < htalme row Know," waa reuitnd in amm ner by these boys tbat wroulj have r.U cte-.i ore;i? upon tboie who stand hi. lies I in the histrionic art. 1'ha *x m tu uatiot was varied by inuslc, by the sc mUr?, givn ? i.h a 1 i?ro scccmpsulmebt. At tbe close oi th- KUI cUes soeiC valuable books were distributed as prlcni iituong tbf boyx. Theie prizes were glveu to tlis auliool f(>r this purposo by Mr 'IruioKti Sheraood, Mr. lhonts K?iul> aud Mr. N. Ii Hsrtram. the Vice Pnn -.ipiio tn? ecliool Thv Unt jiriz- four large volumes ol tbe l're?i cmt's Meer.igee wme taken by Master Sweet, *or the p?o duct <n of th" tia>t eesay Maxtor Livingston, a r*m?rk ably bright, intcll'g- nt loonirg boy, toon th? sacoid pn/e eor his excellent eesay. The other prir-i were token >y J- tl- liumal C.Komrts, J W. <^tr<n eoael Kl belt H?ls<esd, Davin I, l ong. Wm M. JellifT'9 ScoH K. Sberwuad and M K. Ii*igbi. Thirty-faur se<m<-annual <??? i?iftc?tee were litrded io the < best boyi" t>y C^mm e sioi er Iieismaler When toe exercises were over ib? guest* and school offlners present were c* l><! up<m tor epeeclie*, and soni? stiod speeches were m*de Toe bckcol Super rtenrtnt<, Mr. Kandal and Mr d L Stu art, were particularly eloquent and louoly ao/uaded. (Jtter epee'rhes w?re made ay Mr lalaniater. Mr Adam I, Mr Warning, of the Brooklyn delegation, and otberi, but we have not ro. m lor even an ata'ra.-t of th^ir ekrquent remark* lull of ac vice and nifiu'i <?rn'<ut to the pupils 1 lie exerr.ires nommenocd at 9 o'cio^i n tbe no. n kg ane were rot terminated till near 3 o'olosi in fce afterncen. I'be ebole examloatlun was moat, satis arfory to the audience, and spose well for tbscfr ions of Mr. foul* and tbe teachers under him in iraio ng atd directing their school. Thr Wirrk of tne Joseph Walker. MIETINU OK TBJt VOMMUTKH OF Till HOaKD OP A l. iiaK war . The Speoial Committ>e on th* wT*ck of the Joseph Wa'ker met yesterday afternoon at tne Cit/ H ill. I're ? ect, Alreiman tly, Jbairman, Alder me a Varian aud Vtoibls. Mr A C. Flaoo was first called and swora:? la the care of the ship Josepa Walker, it was rcprwwnted to me tbat tbe wreck was an obstruction very necessary to remove, and a contract was made lo this end, atd good secuiily taken A requleUion ctme to me tor 14,000 nn tbe agreement, wblca eas paid, A short Um> after ano ther requUitlon cams lor *6,009, and bsfure tais account was paid an Injunction for $1,500 was served upon me. Mi. Jines was notified of these fact*. An inqu.ry w?s tbm instituted in'o tbe aBount of tbe securities in volved. It was found teat Mr. Jones had givea securi ties to tbe amount ot $8,(00, ana tbe contract was for Sli.iOO. St biequentiy Mr. Jones was paid S3,50u, and kept the 1 1,610 on which an injunction Had been served, ibe matter was rubotqu'ntly contested taiaoC.urt, .iud an oraer made 'rem Ibe Court to me to pay th? ^mouul to tbe creuiUirof Mr. Junes Mr. Kurey an?r??rils urns Lik wsnant In Hi "ju, an! mane u |M m*t?s<t iftbelormer sniount. I bave paid r?quiaili?n? n all wsys, wb*ih>r 1 knew tbat the Commissioner ul streets, bsen oiC??bo to go on and do a Job or not. tie ?ad >ent in a omiti.unichtitn to tbe Ccmmuo l^mo^U, assiog tleni to pass sn ord caoce requiring a copy if e?cu 3cn trai-T to be I* it in the Mnaure uepartmsn*. I am na'. able to recb e srhetb* r 1 <-an go behind a r-quu?i.!un or tot, arrorcins to tbe urdinnn 'e of 1840 tu ih- nutter ot lequisituns, 1 pay accaromg to toe xpioifisatioos tliertiu slated 1 knew, ho sever, tbat toe r->.{iais'.tioo in III s ca>e was for the Jotepli Wa ker, fr m ?rr tOfi ?cents itat bad been in ace Previous to tbe arrange II, eels fnr raiting the .ln?epb Wslker, 1 wa* nor wa'te u|Oi> by acy p ist-n otter tban Mr Ikilge, w?o tol'l n-' tn?t L. had Kate tie CGutMC' lor remov>n< tuat vessel. I r< mous t.i tbe >ct, 1 tell-ve l bad on^ or '.v > tl tsrviews Willi tee Mayor (a tbe subject, bu*. <lo oot r* rolleet L? v n{ told him tba'. he wi>s tbe proper prrxun U> (io stead ano have tlie v?stel removed In th* It* cases tbat I bave teen cocuecuu with, I have uell toi puipeitj of the Vrssel to pay fjr tbe expense < f racing or leaovirg tne i u sauce. I tbins thai an ellori sDmid lime m?0a tu compel the owners to r-inirs tie vessel belote ilie city wa? asked to dl it I kndr inland tbat Lieesures had heon i*aeo '-o ra'ee the Joseph Walker, 'lie underwriter u? l ssn trying to do it; I sto>id clear of eli eanlUry met ires, and nsve always stoe<: aaioe Irom eon-t tuteJ s-j tlnrtii* I was tsrred w-tu s notice ?.f au ass<gnmeE' ot tbe rcctrsct Mr. Jones to Mr. I<an*, slt*r I e'gned tie rhick for 1 1, f<00 in favor of tbe crsol tors ?f N.i Jons, I bad nothing to do with ibe making of tbs icnljsris with Mr Jones I bad nothing to ,lo with lb* cot tract otter than pa iog the requisitions. Iutb'?r<">t of tie slop being ralseu, tbe bond of (N^'fO li -? * I I aig?d, bet it *Le is n<>t raited in a >atnt aiu>ry m>n ner, tL.n It wlJl rest with tbe linsnoe depertm. i t !?">? ?oree tte p?)ir>?atef tbe t-ood. lbebondo gi.'iWl* all ; be security tbat h<? lieeu taken lor (be fiis Dg "< ibe Tbe raiplng of v?-'s's ejosiunsr Kb re) 's Cepaitmen' snd be generally keeps po??ess;oo "f ft* Tt sei,} ..ecauM) it i* a hard matt'-r ti g*t -or one to < < me torwani and claim it. Ite pioli'.s of city are not very Urss at any time on *uo*ea vessels. It i t> wii g a warrant tnr an appropriati n of tins tl ??'. we rbsrg* tt to tbe spproprtaticn 'or wharves. tirr? an 1 shfi. 1 i onaKer it pioper t<? pay any sums on a rsq ?? fiiunol 'bit km . I would aaj that a' y < b? rU'-t 00 '?? eaT na ii n cr 'i <i v?-rt properly be paid out of ?u? ">l Ui api roprleiicn* orwiaiv.t, piera ami si p*. * "j ,sept>s t' e approprlalmn for tbe ik-ard at Me ait lor tbe st*ci?l use of ihst board II we p i 1 tu iri'tey as n?er aa pra--tic?hie, for th- np-'iflt pk i pose ii r ?bieb it wa* eppr ? pristad, we k-ej wt'.bia iLe louii. ol tbetaxl'st. tb?r? ars eotu* o ib- I ' wbo seem to taae pride in ki*p a{ wilb n ] heir aptiopriatioa white ethers do not atop wnil" fiiu .1 ul oi trem I Ulak I *b"uM liare . lie ??r ranis *rr rust a tf e .losepb * slker without i - e a'ti m ot ait) mh. r perm u then tt>? Meyor an 1 tj ,u> u>? suner aud cbarftd to the appropriation fur aht-eei, pieis ? no sitps, on theirooLd tbat I . was sn uM" -i* i i> n to nee i/ation As an or-Mcanc* does i.< ' i* jui'* a k I'J ol a n.nlra't to be turnlsbed me. I nav> to o' i?r rour'e ielt me than to i ay a requisition wb<-n mi'? ire be the p!0p*T oBlc?r? ; If tne.'o-ei.u il"ai,*sn iaif?d errrrdlnr to tbe nontract, I rawnot ?>) w^'-li*' 1 I M all pay tbe lequisit on lor tbe balance f ti:e en'< I nact ( '.srorntirg to H,i TO , or not . I can't i*t 'I f e'l re ! ?i d- at all e vet'-s I ah* II want the ) I , i> m. ;s| all ripht f<r?r I t!i uk tber* will here to ba *., ,, -t-i p*IO l-ark ttto the trea'Ury In fore I ran pay ?nr m of t' in this matter. I - Bf wes tbe nex' witne?< ?. , ? < ?' i - r, i I'U' ire a up Jos*-eli N* a I a > r tt nn; ? ?' * In lb,-.. 1.1 ee there Sirre tt- !? ol .1 e*r/ ' hj >>t hiit-ie** ?ud "aster-ay; | ^ l*. ' ? nielt ai.itli ng olTeo* ve o" unhealthy Iha' Is ? I ii a- I - -<r% t be ?? ip or eaigj ' hi r j* a ' ' i ; ter ?ni; ? f tie ali,->, *uth as om*s *? u:o all ? p . a . . . r I ' ei' rot a st.-. o? o ah fa i r. ? - 1 - r m*s (rem ibe ship . 1 have never beam any oa* ?* tr wa- an>u. eg i.npies-ao' fj.,m ah-por -?r< ?> bave be aro folks aay M.*t when Sfce was raise 1 Ot' < water tbe ft ucb woo d he uomdura I*: t .* '*i w*t*r a?ou! tl e wrerk whan we first ,.ninm?o- - 1 ? ,rl -eg npan rnwp aUmt IMltM t< the dank a esfe - I e i re I f(mmstn ?! work ?!im*, h* " ?? ? ve*>*l vere a' nn1 nine 'set nt if of W:tt>r I<-1* r' ' fit I>si 'ei l o ?s in rsi.ieis tb* Walker- I motet l-cra Mr Ptx'ge. if eeervtbing should ?erk rig* and we tucceed in getting her up without aay *ttreo

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