Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 21, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 21, 1855 Page 2
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2 |km na th Bret brigade of tk? lik lihoti; flrtM h4 the H??n regiment of infaatty. ta bMtkaa No. 2, ib? Vladimir NftsMtof infantry mo tlk? lit tattalm o> tbe Hou^tl regiment; another battalion ol the una r*g'm?nt ni drawn op along the ?urtaiD Mhm bastion Kotnilsff ud baaetioa No. 2. ??rtioD>o 1 niMtupM dj tM Chasseur regiasents tirBiiUbni| and Prince of fftiw*. The Mwn! reserve of troope who defended tba work* of the k?iakalnei? faubourg cauuM of the lat brigade of tba lllb division of Uutn, with 18 paeeee of mM iitllltr} of tba 1Kb ud 17th brigades On tba 6th (18tb) of Juoe, at daybreak, tbe enemy In ? dense cbala supported by itroog reeervea, attacked susultaoeousiy b Latum Mo. 1, tba fortiUad barraoka be tween bastions 1 aad V, baatioa No. 2, tba Karn-Uff ba hen, esutioi So 3 and the so oelled Gribok work, dev ote an the nght of the IVressyp; the oaemt entertained tba hop* of forcing o passage somewhere aloag this long hi ot def?noe. Tha somber of troopa the; brought to tha aaeault wa* at), cow men without counting their dietant reeerv.ia. Tbf French idrtDoeo oa tba right fleak and oentre, tha Itoglisb vn (ha latt flash -tha baskgsre, provided with ladt'eri, fascines, and aappara' tools, atvaaoed rapidly to tha attack. Deep* to tbe heavy flie of grape and musketry wa poviM into tbrss, tbelr columns advanced, reached oar ditches, sod commenced scaling tha parapets. But tha Uao of tba latcapid defender* of Sebaetopol aevM awerv?d. They received toe daring Mtnltnti with tbe points of their bayoneta. and torn ? th?m bash take tba ditohea. The enemr'e column* then threw Aemealvoe on the Oervats Battery, entered it, deova oat battalion of infantry in charge of tt, and. following te pareult, occupied tba bouHes oea^ext the Karaoetaale Bhuboarg front the Malakhoff Xamelon to the bay of the docks. The sneeese of oar adversaries was not of long dhi ra ttan. Lieutenant-General Cbronleff. the vigilant otuef o I tbe line of defence Of the Karabelnaia Kauwurt, or dered np a rsrerve of iu hundred r flesaea to the car ta b between Bastions 2 ?nd Kormleif When the ens bad passed through onr Due near the Gervaie flattery, Xtantenant General Cbronleff, planing hmeelf at the Isad of a oompeny of the Savik regiment af infantry, vhtab wae returnngfrom a corvie. ana taking with hi* a battalion of tte Poltawa regiment, led them to the ?nee troops, reinforced in good time by Ave compa ?fee of the YekoutKk regiment, aad later by ebattaljoa I <w( yt tte regiment, routed the Frenih, and having totvan U>em out of tbe Gervais batteiy, pursued ttiem Mo Ihelrewn trenches, putting tn? straggUrelo the ?eor to tbe oaj onet rbe com pany ot the Sevsk regt m?at distinguished itself by Its intrepidity during the unbtt. On all tbe other points of the line of defence the taeote ammat? d by their commaoiera. Rear Admiral PastlieS and Major General Prince Ouroussoff, taogbt with eiemplar j courage, and drove back tap bar bat eres on the north side, #n?l onr ?W%?n?rs, wkioh >w?pt >bM enemy's columns at every point upfto wf.n tbe j Poold bring their pane to oansiderofly to tbe su?c??s o' th s hr ilea* ? etesaer id particulrr, oommanded by Captain Baa take ft approached repeatedly to the entrants of 4fc?een>ag Bay, lion which point it swept the enemy s seesi vee. . Tba heroism end disregard of danger Hebae??i~l, in which all, trom tbe <-n*ral to the toaaht wtk most eitraord sary ranog and Intrept'll ^y, ?a above ail praise. Among tho^ who CT.uisbec tbsmselv**, in sd-uloa to tbe commander o-' the eaiiif on jiid#*dt*OuDp Co unt Oeten Backea, and his mlrll 'aotiimoff, (who so valiantly direct the wbob> <>eteaee of 8?bts'opol ) I most ItaaUaanV General Cbronieff, to whom tne chaef honor of Ibe day Is one, ss commending t*e wboie a* acted Bear Adbiiial I'anBiolt, who drove back the ?eeantt on bastion No 3; Major-General Prince Ourooe aafl who eefeated toe hsXiuiu'h be'ween bart?ona 1 ?ad' 2, tbe Lhlefe of Bectlons and Naral CapUlos Keru j Perehscbioe. Hajcr General ^ ouforoff, Oaianel Cola If, lieutenant-CoL Maiefsky, and Oapt. ^"tUott, ?ar lo?s?s duriog tbe borubaidm?nt ef the 6th and gtfc 117th and 18tb) of June, and during the assault, ooneiBt of 1 ?np?ncr offlcer% subalterns, htfed ; tt intHtuct offictrf, 4Sfiab4lternfl, sbou - 3,3 "VLmg Uiebrave defenders of Stbastopol ??haire nn beB^i> to deplore ;he loss of some diat.ngnlshed o/tl san Aus, tbe brave Captain BouaistobeB, o' the n*vy, "? Among the wouooed are Major General i*r marine, tbe gallant Captain Yeuraovsky, of the navy, oewmsnder of tbe foorth section (aerlooaly) jthe cap tain of naval artillery, Stanlslavaky. commander of the ?ttl]? rv of the Korolleft bastion Tbe loss of tbe enemy, wboee columns were exposed to a most terrible fire of grape and musketry, Is verv owsttarable; the removal ol the dcd. whioU took place __ |v. rat, at tbe nH\acst of tbe oomman<ers S-Ibiafol the alnes, at ft in .be evening, is a proofof tb Tbe number of corpses wae so oonatoerable toat. the ISTtte ^moeJ?Vt?^UdUb "the duty masted us U ?,** aemeon of t*bastopol, which, alter nine months ?f ?ge and three terrible heabardments, repulsed the *auarate assault of tbe ent my, oecaeioned them an lio i.?e wTi.d wiVh b?roic divouon is stlU ready to Meet any new at'empt on their part. 3^c itapbte thw'wKort, a t?le*r?phl: NabastoDOl or on aoy o h?*r point of the Crimea SmJ^iiaiese it ?e IndfTpensabie to say that tbSVml^t^r "ilcU the atuwk of the bertegem wae made, has an extent of about four '"T1?' S?eenlne Bav to that of the laboratory, and forms a Bastion No. 3 is detached from tbe Bay ?< the Docks and Korailsfl, on tbe right shore of whlda, Mian in tii* with this bastion, is the Gervais Bettoy, the STif whTch coTom*ai s the hay and the gwnnd in tast of Bastion No. 3. ?? official k*pobt Of fltmsit rpLiaaitR. iuuixiUABTKiui, before 8e >ast?pol, June 22. woinirx lx MiHW'HAi. ? Alter tbe cap nro of the e* tener works on the 7th of June, I rapidly made erraoge Z?. WtT eo? them the basis of our ?Uck Mem the enclosed speee of Karabelnala. we armed 2em with powerful artulery; the Ruesian o?mmu^ok ttaM and places d'ermes were adapted lor our aee, the _M,d and toe dispositions 'or the oora*>at were studlel Sa^tetall and the allied armies divlced their task. The ^i.ah fsM to foroe tb* Oroftt lUdio; mi! w? oi our Mf4 .|m to oa rry the MaUkoff hatteriei, ttt# Urt6B CgVeden, aod the entrenebmeots that cover this ex Semrtv of the suburb". It in superfluous, Uostaioar le MaiecZai, to enhance in the eyes of you* Kxoelieuiy the eoaaeouenees whieh the suicissful Issue of suoh an ?omtion woo id have led to Hince our last success the eEtmOe of tb? eoooj mad ibe en'huMtaBmo our tro?P# ^emleed victory. There wae no motive for prooraeti ?"agreement with l>ord Raglan, on the 17th we over wMmad the place, and e?p?cu*ly tbe works we had re eetved to carry, with a eruahlng lire The enemy soon a ^ reply from the Malaaoif and the Great HeJan Ml* nrobaoie he wished to spare bis buterlee and re aerve his Are, ana that he did not suffer so much as we Mnnsati from the effects of our ariUUry. te "Vet if it may, tbe soperlorty of our c?on_in coa 1 ns In the project of attacking on the I8tb June; I ear nx the prese.Uog nignt we made aU the arrange ate nooeesary for effecUng our general neoveuaeut oy l^e'tuiions were to take part in the combat -the #TiftSo?B of ran and Bruntt, of tbe dbvleton of l/'Auteinarre, of toe first The division of ?he Imnerlal Guard formed the reserve. The division ot May ran had tie right of theatacVs, nod was to carry tbe entreocbm'nte thit extend from the bat' try of tne point to the Careening R<*!en. Biunet's division was totum tbe balakoff on therljb.. I?'Antemari>'s Clrieioe was to mann-uvre on ihe left, In order to carry this important wira General liajran's mifsion was olficnlt ni? first brr ?ata commanded by Colonel Ssur o, ef the 3d regimmt of Zouaves, was to lasue from the 1' Biy ravine, at tbe spotwh?re tbe aqueduct is. to proofs alo-> j the left slope ol tbe ravine bj deli ng as mucn ae poailole from tbe fire of the enemy's lln-s, aad to turn by the ?^?*?eeond*teigadea* under the hereof Ge^rai ^ Tailly. wss to endeavor to aot on tbe rig a tot the Careen tag Kedan. It was supplied with all the meant lor "ifce'apecUl reserve of this division c-nsUte.1 o* t wo hat's" ? * of the 1st rtgiment of t?e Voltig?urs of the Omard. All thege troops were stationed at an early boor **1?ib et^s dYri sloo had one of its brigade* ln^front tn l a. <ka riaht of the' Branciou Kedoubt (Green Mameion) ; giber was in the parallel to the rear aod the right ''as analogous disposition had been mt'le for D Aute Marre s division; the bnga-te of Noel infront aodtJ the taft of the Brmnnioo redoubt; the bljads of Bret?n la ^T^o?itta^ee ^ o?artlIleryt ckpaWe of '' i_ i_i,yja ?are nlsced bound the (tranciaa itedjubt, s? on the e~-j'a position., U we ^oWto?nt?f,Setlh5^al Gnard, forming a gen.ral eesarve for tba three alUka, wae conoenUa-d Behind ^ poet the It wae thence I was to gtve tbe signal, ky me^ns ? of Star reeketa, for the general ?taaolng gnat dlffieuMee In the ground, notwlthsUnd Ing tbe ecstscles a cmMtatad by tbe eoemy. aad al though tbe Kuraiana, deodedH ialormed ofonr were on their guard and ready to iye^ Ithe ' ?any be permitted to believe that If the attack eoaid have been general aad Instants aeons along the *hMe extent of the line U there bad been suddenness nod anlty ef action in the etiixts of our brave troopa. Uae oo Jeet wonid have b*en attained, l ofoitonately, mob was not tbe caee, aad aa lacooceivable fatality onoaeJ Mir failure. I rras still more than 1,000 metres from the spot where ) wae to give the nUrnai when a brisk fualllade, miagleJ with grape shot, told me Ibet tbe aetaoo had beaa ss ?ten sly oomma need to war tn- right In fact, shortly win, three o'clock, (ieaaernl Mayraa thiughibesaw __ digual in a bomb with its Baaing fsan that hat been fired off from the Brandon redoubt, lie was laformad, bat to no purpose, of his mietake. This brave and unfortunate general gave tbe order to commence tbe attaok. Tbe columns of <auria end <"e Fallly dasbed forward at o?5e the flret rush wae ma*. ?iloeal hut hardly bad tbeee heads of columns ad v*a-^ od when they were eseaUed by a shower o' b.llr and Co?. Thl* nT*r?h?Jm!nf inp* CMM ?ot mflnw/ ? works we wanted to carry, bat from the enemy * etaemers aleo, wlJcb srrlrwl with fnll steam on, and mainuvred with equal good fortune and ?kul howevrr, mutt have indicted some damage oa them This prodigie ui- fire arreeted the elTorte of our trmp'. K became impossible for our soldiers te march for want- , but not one made a single st?p in retreat It was ti?n that General Wayran. twl ?* b.t already, w<ie strack d iwu by grape shot, and compelled to give up tbe com man J if kie division. Ail tbie was the work of a renro nl, and General Mayrnn bad been alre^dv carried o!T tbe iialo of battle. [ gave tbe signal fr< m tbe spo' l h?l leached Of ft* Lancaster better v. The other tro tben engaged, in order to support ths premetar- i jove-neatof the division on tbe right This relent diviskru, disunited fe? an le stent by the lose of !?s general, rallie I {vrstnatly *o tbe roie# 9l Geheibl Oe ftXiij U? trocpe enraged, aoppoited by tbe 2d btttdot of the Nth mtaMit of tb? hw, ?d<i om baittben of the Voitigenra ?K tka Goard. oscrr Umncwi of tM bnn Otlnwi 8?u ivtlle, kept Arm near a ndge, where the fralrti pieced them, ? ?a DiUUiMd tbalr ground vivk intrepidity . la the nruUmr, being Informed of toll lilutMn, ?wck nl(bt kemm* orlhetl, 1 p?? ordm to Utotni H?fa*olt de EblitjHA ce to tend four battalion* C t?o V*1 tigeura ?( the Gu*id, Uto Iron the general raterve, to th* moo or of tbia dirtaion. l.?n?r*la Hall* net an-l lib rich me raked with tflla One tiuop, rallied whet wm Matured in th* Careening Kavine, and o?me up with their aolid eupport to General do Kaillj, by ojoupylng the toUom of the ravine. Gtanil KtUitet repaired is peraoa to Oetml do FM%*b right with ? battalion of grenadiers. whlah bed been attached the erenlog- before to the guard of the ravine, and waa very useful to him lty lecturing hi* light The central attack bad no bettor aucoeaa General Grunet bno not yet been able to aon^lete all hie ar I rangernvnta when the o'uater of rockets that were to serve aa a a goal buiet id the air. Fur tetiiljret S? and twenty mwutea ail tb* right Dad alretdy oeon pre maturely engaged. Nevectheleee bU troop* marvsM with ittuluUon, n?t tboir valor (tiled under the iv.ady lie of the Russians, and against unforeseen At the outset General Brunei we* moiUUi woanded by ? Mukot ball in tbe eeutie of ale duet The Sag of the Olat waa broken by a ball, bat It !? needleee t> add taat iheae glorious iragments wore bronght sect ay tola brave ieg>in*nt Genual Latont do VUhera took tbe nomotn I of the division, and eonflded that of tbe troop* engt<*d to Out lorences. Iheee kept **eady while tie r-m o. tM din iikn occupied tb* trenohea, to bo prepared agaloat the evvntnalltiee of the oon<e?t. Ob the lets General d'Autamarro h%d not been n.ble to engage beiore ttiunet's civiaion, bwiides, be i-.oold not eoconut for tb* bnrrled Are of musketry h? ueard to the direction of the Careening bay. Bat at the sign** Hp pointed for the aaiauti be i?t looee wttb im^olUiMtty tie 6th Foot Cbaaaecr* and the let ta-U'ina of thi ilKh regiment of tie ire, who, by keeping .ilon* ihe oreat of the Karabelnala r*? no. reached tb.i enuenthaMnt that ocnnect* it wlb the Malakoff to?or, s:vt>ed tbia en trenebment end hue entered the *ncicnte lteeif Al ready the eepptia of the enginerr* were planting tbe laddere for the remainder of tbe l?tb and 2?t'i re glments, wboee genera', d'Aatemtr/e, ?a* hutr mg in the movement benmd hie valiant head of the column. | One instant we could be liav? in *ueo?*8 Our eaglet bad been planted on the Kau'lan eorti. Unfor tunately Ibi* bope wa* speedily dlieMpeted. Our ill ea bad e nc an ereo anch obetaclen in tlie-r atteck of tbe great Keden, and ibey bad met anch a fire of gee pe, 'hat, m spite of ttilr well knoan tenacity, tiey ?ad been al ready of nop* led to maee a novem- n' o' retreit. Such waa tbe tpirilol oar troop* tna , d??)ilte thin utrcum ?Hnce, th?y woo a have puahed oo tnl continued to charge home vbe ehtm) , but the want of aiaaultaw'oue aetld i m the attack of our dlvitW'ni lett tn? iUsiUus free to overrun? na with t&e reeeree* and the attil-ery of the great Keden and tbe >nemi k>et not a moment 10 direct againet cur brare Foot Chaeteuri all tbt other rtrervee ol Kara^elna a Before lunh tmpoelng foree*, tbe Commmdan'. Gar nier, of tbe I tb battalion, aireitdv woanded by* timea with gnnehot. enfleaeornl, but In ?a.<n, to hol:l tbe ground tbat had beeu won. Ohl g?d to retire before tiunabera, be recroeaer the entrenebment General Nloi rai led h<a brigade, reln'oreed l>y the :'0?h of tr<? hne; tbey elahed to attempt a freea oITenslve moveni-n". >n orctr to en-ure the unixta* of tbia n jw elTort, an>l on word bong aent by General d'.int-tunrix th?* ' e r-? eerve waa tednoeo to toe 74th of tbe line, 1 .a tbe regiment of Zouave* of the Guard; but. on tbe arrieil or Urae ve'erane of oar Air can wars. th? moenmea' no )cn**r having tbe unitjl to deairaole for ? coup of t*n* vigor, with one ainglo dlvialon aoanpparfed eltner n tie right or on the )e.t, and out ao by the ar'Uiery of the Rertaa, againet which our allien were anrpend'jif their attack, 1 did not fall aooa to peroeiee thet every favor* ble "banc* wa* exhaaated. A (reih effort would merely have occaatooed a ueeleaa effneion of blood. It ?a* half peat e gbt. I gave ordera in all dlreition.4 to return to the irtnchea. Thi* operut'on w? effeoted witn dignity, much oruer, and coolnea*, and without p ireait or the enemy on any one po ut. A nut of the ku?*t*n tr-n ilie? ?till oontiir>ued even to be bald by our men, wbo gotavav in euoce^aton nor di- the enemy venture to pro It by hi* ac vantage* and attack them Our I o*a baa been great; we took etre, from tbe very oomro-n< ement of tbe action, to remove m et of toe men hit by the errmy Bat a certain number of tbeae giori ona dead remained etiotcbft] upon ibe ?l*c>? or In tb* moat* ot tbe place. The la*t honor* were paid mem on the follcwing cay B ea c'ea General Brunet and General Miyran (the | latter tuocumned laet night), we have to rogret an olll cer beloved and apprecuted by the wsok arm*. *h? jcui g aec brave de Labousitintere. a Lleutenent-Oilonel of tho artillerv, killed wbiie aosenling toeplopeofa ' trent h croeded with troopa, and while repair ng with I one of bi* batteries to th* Urancion re loabt 'it ia a haavv k>ai> ; thorn waa much promUe ab >ut him A great many brave anperior oft*c<t* were attack ilowa whlie aettlng the nobleit example SUff oHl era, r?gl aen'al offictrd, luldlled thetr dat e; worthily, tbe tol'iier waa admirable everywhere. We ha? M7 cSiceta killed and IT taken prison ir* 1,1144 non coomlt?toueo otfic<-ra and private* killed or mla?lng, 96 officer* and 1 614 men conveyed to the anbulaa^-sa on the ?v?nlrg of tbe 18th. Many wounc* oontMered very a'vere are far from being aodaDgeron* an wa* at Qitt b lievrf l Th? leir-ra of tbe e honorable scar* will abortly mppear benaath their color*. Theae loiaea have neither quenched tb- iM or nor abated tb* confidence of theae vnl an! Jlvtpi vm All tbey *ak is to make the enemy pty det.-ly for that day. Ihe bope and deaire of conquoat a>e in the bwattii of all. ?nd all recton trat in th* next a ruggle lortane ? 1 not dlaappcint valor. I'KLli-'lEK THE ENGLISH IN 8EB19 'OP)L THK LAST DKh?>*TCU PHOtf LOltD llAUI.AN ?TUB US PORT OK OBN. BTHKB KHTHANCB INTO 8KiA-*rOPOL. Huokij Shurtoiol, June 1SJ, 18' 5. My Lokd? I infoimx jour Lordship in my despitcti of thelUtbinjt that I would make a more spa-sal report upon tbe movements of the rh'rd division, ui inn ai I should receive the report* of LMutenwT. <maer*i Sir R Inalend tod tbe major-generals commanding brigade* under biro. Tbe Firat brigade, under Mijor General Btrn*? 1, pro ceeded down tbe Worocioff rued, an l was placed In posi tion on the right of tbe ravine, reaiy to oo op*r*t* with the columns c 4 attack on tbe right; while tbe Seoaad Brigade, under Major-General Kjr?, moved down the ranee wbich asperate* the left of tbe English Iron tbe rght of the Kreneh ad van :ed works, fcr tbe purpose of attacking the enemy's ambuscades. and miking a de monat ration on tbe bead of tbe ilockyard Creek. This set vioe ?as performed with the utmost gal'.aotry, and notwithstanding that they w?rs expose! to a a?t galling fire, the troops maintained themxelves in tbe po nition they had taken op during the day, ani in tbe eve nlng withdrew unmolested having a pxt at tbe Ceme trrj , which nod been one of the omenta of the attack la tbe Tbe action having from circu>n*.anc*s beccme a molt ritrions one, I b?g, as tbe most satisfac tory way of makirg your Lordship acquainted wltn the particulars, to lay a copy of the Major Oeoeral's Utter before your I/irdship, and to solicit your at <entlon to the offiesrs *ti< se services he particularly notices, and at tbe >ame time to hii own dUtlngnlsbed conduct. Your Lordship will see with concern t.t??t toe loss sus tained by this brigade Is very conal'eraMe, snd that Major General Eyre is himself wounded; bat I have every reason to hope that tbe injury he has received is not very severe, snd will not incapacitate him 'ron the (ucbarge of his duty with the same etergy and -ievoiiou as be has already applied himself to. its performaneo dnung the protracted operations before Heb*?too-:>1 1 enclose tae retains of casualties from tbe 18th to ths 21st. K VOL AN. Camp hwokh SiaiASttiroL, J lie 19 Fir ? ? ! have the honor >o report, for the infurnnttion of Lieuttnact General Sir Richard Eugtaid, K i! B , commandite the divitron, that, agn>??bly to hi* in structe as, I moved oil yesterday m irninir. between 1 and 2 o'oto k A M . with my brigade consisting ?' the Oth. 18tb, 28th, S8tb and 44tb Regiments ? totei *ir-?ngth about 2, COO bayonets, and proceeded dosrn to tbe rarioe on our left, by tbe Freee.b ticket bouee. for tbe t> ireoso of attacking tbe (Lemy's ambuscade aud of m Jung a demonstration on that side. In attacking the first of these am*><M w? were anticipated by the French, who cleverly to.ik thorn on tbelr left flank as we advanced In front, snd m*de sev. era! prisoners. Beyond this tbe French bid no m<true tlons to eo operate with ns; I therefore tmm<Hj lately pushed on nn advanced guard uix'er M?jw Ftetdan, 44th Regiment, composed of marksmen fr > >n ea-.h rag> ment, supporting it on the right by tn? 44th and o4tu regiments, and on the left by the 18th rerim>nt, keep Ins at first the Wh and 28 th Regiment* to <eeerve. The enemy, whose itren'h I could not estimate, oeou pied a strong position; their right re?Vd on a Mansion, their left on a Osmetery. These points were ocaupied by mtrkssen. Tbe Intervening ground was latere* -teo, and the roe -5 barricaded w th stone walls, which our roe* were obliged to pnli down, under ire, before they could ad vanoe. In rear M this poeltion, towarJs the fortrets, tbe enemy oocupled several bounce, and there were b?dte< of tbe enemy seen in rear, as resetres, but of what strength 1 coo Id not say This ptwltion, ur <ier the fire of the guns of tbe fortress, was strong, and we ceutd not expect to carry it and retain I; without saitUnlog a consWrabla loes, and whl ih, I regret te at?'? we have aiperleneed both In officers and m-n; but it i* gratify ing to feel that they all most noblv performed their dnty on this occasion, like 18th ro.tnent puehe 1 en and oocupled some houses Immediately ualer tbe Oar den wall battery. ! The 44th ot'cnpted some houses oe tbe right, whance [ they kept up ? ore on the enemy's embrasures. Lieut. Colonel u>wih mored en with his regiment (tbe and, after tel. ing poeseeeion of rome hoaiuvi tn front, endeavored to turn the flank of ? battery whlsh annoyed ?s in front. Theee parties were a'terwards, from time to time reinforced or relieved by tbe Mb regiment, tha 2Mb regiment being drawn up In lint In rear to support the whole. Having driven the en. my from theee p-Hots, I conti nued to occupy them, with the vew to ulterior m>ve ments, la the event rf th* atta* on tha r ght b ting successful, snd notil ft was decided wh*t purt'oa of tne ground stould be rstsised for siege operations I cannot sufficiently express mv s?use of the contact of the officers, non commtselcoed offlcsre, and rata on this oicaeion. They attacked the eremy tn the first U2* etatce with the utmost gallantry, helling their gro ml until late In the erasing, although *ipie?d all day t) a nonaeartrated Are from the grins of tbe forlreee, in addi tion ta wfcteh 1 betieve the enemy brought up some field gees, end kept continually firing sbel's. the 1 Mm o casioned wera considerable, tbe total being HI onicete, 44 sergennte, se.l 4s? rank and file killed or wounded At about h o 'nock in the evening, after giving ot.Wrs for 'he removal of tbe efliccra to ths rear, ths gradaal withdrawal of the par ies from the fioct - tbe ground be'ng too fsr in tdtaars to be pc-rmaeently occupied for siege operat oae -1 gave over t'le command of ths bri Cs to UeutenaetCo'oual Adams. 28th regiment, bar received a wound m tbe heed In tbe early p?rt of tbe ^ay, which pred ated me latterly from attesting properly to my dut es The snnry aid oo- atUmpt to rnoleet the troepe on ret ries The conduct ef all wtsso exemolerr during tbia trj itfg day that Iran sparsely with jnstice partli'ilarlM Individ n sis. I have, , W. KYRK, Major GsneiikJ, ti E NEXT OPERATION OF THE ALLIED . aR?Y. [Fro* tb* Loadoa Chroatole, Jofy d 1 ? * * ? ? ? ? * iV ] Is tb? ttWM of offleii totality ism from tv . Ml (lf ?u, w* in cempaliad to t oboe mtrtl r' \*ru ibit Ml aarreat ntwcttw tba w-ittloi ot tn* '.fa, Ilia evi dent tbrt to* besieging wvMki lit nr- . rtp dU ?i>d tbat to* bitter ex par tut do n ?? m* 1H-# Jr n? is beiag tureeo to a eout. ? Braa cioa r*fot?bt, aad tbo mm artv^^ r^?m. fa alileo baas, are M tf crowned ?,tfc ?,mtn?-oU, wbich wOl material^ to'?v?r* with operattous of ihe Him too (hipping, Pr- ^ntwM fur tg important *xp* dittoa were alio Ma'/Qj making id tbo allien nap ??? eoadtn* ttiv. vMkl >nte tagence, igj it ooaM appear tbot tbo t*op?tM) obooo o 1 tbo into June bod only *d> strut e<t tbe energle* of tbo olbod coauaandwe and tb* nr rual in?t sets of tfao tioipo. U u? believed tbot o serious itUck upoc 0d?((& *o pro n e. Itatto. end tbot o signal alow to tbo reeourj^s of I'Mit * ill bo ?tmek la ttat direction fbu oeatruot on ana capture of Udowo would prove no Iom 'aial to ibe proe peels of tbo Rus* on army la tb* Cnnw? tMa tbo irjunes Inflicted by tbo aliea la tb* Sea of Aioft. Tbo Hue* tans appear to ?? thivatentrg Kupa<o-ia wita o formidable iurpt d'armct. oat wo do not em.-etp*va any teai atUe* oa that plao*. If lOpuW*, tbe KuaaUua world only increase tbo difficulties of their pwttiou while, <f rucr* ttiuL, ibey sonid sot bono to noli t?*i* owb. Fopatoria boa reaped to boot ibiHiotl tm^or la no*. sao tbo policy of tbo KuiUn 'ominanoer i- di rret*<l to weai< en too <or?.o before Kebastoooi i? ? f*tut OfOL fcopitere, Shoulo (ny impor'aut eipedltioa >? n*rert?lea by tbe alius, *bo Utter p iritioa wul Ns doabtltM eftaedoaed, t a absorbing a g arriaon tbot ojuIJ render mire valuable aervici tlaewhti*. THE HANGO AFFAIR. [TBR HCPPIAN OUrBKAL TO AbMllial. P7MD4&] UawniFOKH Juae t> (t7th), l?r?>. U0M8IIUB l'Auhka,? Before reply lug to tbo le-W >f your excellency of tbo 3rd (16th) o< June. I mu?to*v kjw wttb regret tbat ta? niiela ot tan Kiulisii bcl*t Rui (Ion color* tbe nun early to ruptur* any Hun iibb *???tl 1b*y o?me ivroait TUn jodida h have (ulU nwatly n>aoo known bow, from tb? oou>u*aoom?at of tli* war, tbe fibtr of truce hus be?a aboxe.) in e*evy **? tr tkto foTiDU>i to mike mlHtury ooecrnattoaii Tbe bo*t)hty di?(/Uje<l agaiatt ltolf?oaly<> towna and v il?K>a inbabit?d >~y p-?c?ruJ poalatiima baa tx^u but too weil poved by all U at baa taacu place la tbe Baltao On tb* 14tb (VKtb) of May, a cutter, I CO not koo v frt>m wmicb ?blp, la] ded with a lit'je white fl ig Dear tbe Tillage ot Tw?tmiru?. Not On' im any troop* (ta t?D>n ntar tte Til-age, tbe ore* of Ue cut'-er wan toily Mt Hie to aome hutu and boata, d?t>piie tbe white On tbe 26tb of May fSth of June) another cutter be Ici'giug fb tbe r orv< tte Coatack axon lor tb llaego co?Ht. iHh boat bail tte Rritlab fUg ti , ia ' Tlo olH*-r in rritiBkod of ber pretecda to ba'a Ui. tr. a little white flag in ber prow oa a (tick. Nel'itr the men on < uty at tb? ttlegmpb on the oeijbbor og* nor tbe military jioat <n tbe coa(t p-rceiwd tola pre'eadwl wbtte flag. It wai, corf 'joeatiy, quite aaiural tb*t ?b*y ?t?/uld attack tbe cutter and It* crt ? aa tcon a a tr? latter lab' ad. Lieutenant Louis Gencate preteci's '.but a *ervant car mo by bla a oe a aticb with tb* wbi:e ling ou it l'he f oil1 lert- an? cSicfiR of oar advanced ptuta, qov .ooe-1 aa to ite exutenct of this -flag, aflirm that they Jever aaw it at all M. <>cmt? pretend* tbat be was rent with a flag of true* to give up f?me of tbe crew of merchantmen nap torn) doting ibkt fortnight. If iuct> b?d bean hie in tontloi., K w< uld buT? been a mnoh r mp er plan, aa tbe toaaack cam* fiomtb* a*ightorbo-id o! Cnmat?dt, to bavv a*nt item to 8wea':org, or to bar* landed them on M ine ia'ami, frim wbtcb they could eaaily bay* teacbeo tbe ocaat. ibe Captain of tbe Cossack ought to know tbat lb* bearer of a flag of truce cannot and ought not to o* re ceived upon tbe flrat landing placa, promontory, or rock it may ?uit him to select. My oticpofta ?*?, and will continu* to see, In *ucb m a (tcaa only military reconnaitaancea, wb>eh uae almiUr preiexta to male explorattona and aecur* prorUloas. Tbe hottile an? by no means trucs-Uie charaocer of ? bis mti-hioo la, motrover, proved. 1 My tbe loaded arma feind. Three mu?keta show by iheir explored rap* tbat tb* crew of the boat made as* ol ti em in tb* aticggle. 2. Hj tbe ears abown In providing tb* cutter with 900 cartridgea, and a cheat full ef iaoendiaiy articles, which is actually fn oor poa*?*>lon On the fiilio<r;ag day tb* Cot aack kept op a heavy Are durtrg an i-our aga'nat the village oi Uango and Its petolul Inhabitant*, and a few daje la er, the 1st (18tb) of June, the attack waa repeated, to a?t Br* to to* teKgifph and to destroy aome bousea, instead of going to '?wtaborg to demand explaaationa. B?(plte tbe bu priority which ateam tnd acrew* g'.ve to ycur vaneia, tbev do not ceac* to hoist the Kuaatan flu* to reiz* cur coaatiag vexaela In tba came manner tome j ar in'of wl ite cuivai* have evid<otly toes tamed to aocount to take bounding* . ud make txplorationa. 1 fcm wtlltng to believe, M. 1'Amtnl, tbat tbi* 1* dona without jour knowledge. Allow me t?expr*ea tbe hope tbat you will in future prohibit tba mmaions of aucb pi*tend?d Sag* of true*. lh* crew of UeuUnaat Ue tieaU'a boat were caught In tbair own trap. Seven men were kl>led, four wounded, and tbe r?rnamdtr mace pritonera, aa the list 1 eacloa* will Inform you. rt.e aflair only laaUd a moment. It waa tmpoaaible to dia t ngniab the FagXsb from the prisoner sailor* ihey brooghe *ith then. One of them, Lundotruan, w.o apoke Knglifb. waa tbe fliat mnn kil'ed, and two other* were woum ed. Tbe re*p< nslbillty of tbe whole aflair rests with the lmgulanty with wbirh aoiaaiona of this *ort ar* made. Ii apjeara to m* tbat it would be more aulta>>l* to make eomarantcatloiia to Sweabarg, and iotruat them to aome vessel n-nt there io tbe earn* aa you aent ycur Utter of tbe Tid (lMbl of Juae. Tb* Cossack abould not nave deriavd from tbe rul*. Veetel* wisbiog to enter into p? r'ay abould hotat a white Dig of large (fiitcnrioo*, and anchor beyond long range, and await a boat to receive tluir mersa^s in writing. ** will never receive any other. Tbe Cossack did notn in u of tb* irtt It *eem* to m* that the he nor oT your flag ought to exact tba roo?t strict and acrupuloue ob aer'aace of tbe rular ei'anUrhei on saeli occasions. Ibehtaorof my flag will a*v*r perm.t me to depart from tbero. 1 can ui aure yon tbat tbe woanded are wtll taken c\re of, and tte prisoner* well treated. I have tbe honor to be, Moaaieur l'Amlral, your vary obedient- servant, liK BKrfO, Aide da t aaip General of Hia Uajeity the Kmpetor of all tb* Ilaaaiaa. THE LATE VIENNA. CONFERENCES THK POSITION OF 1/JHD JOHN HL'bSKLL. AMD M. IibOL'YN DK L'UIVB. [From tbe London limns, July 7 ] It tii rntber a remartaola revelation tu ba made with put any reauve or mlrgiving, thit there eiuita 10 the Cabinet *h rb la wfcoily r?i ponaible for t&e e-nt'ouaoc; cf tte whj a MlnUter of great conaiiWratiou who thiokii it ufcneceaeery. That Is tbe fact. Not deterred by bia rebuff tbe oti ir evenlrg, Mr Clbaon taut night renewed hla effort* to probe toe great myxtary of tbeVionnt negotiant br. Ttia ii not tlie first time, nor the aeconl time, nor even the tbira t<m? that, af-eradae homonrd meet of question* in) lnalnua'tooe, an attempt baa been mare to assault tbe ramnart of official weerve, aod get at tbe reason why Lorn John left Vienna ho abruptly, and bow it e?me to pe>s that the Anatrlan Minuter m? others aa well lnormed, oocli enlly aUted that I-or J John wan rea'iy to mute peace, a? gome said, on any terma; at heat, on terma thnt Aus'na would agroe to. It com* I ont that tha K.oglif h and Xrench pie oipo nn tianea wen a^retd, and that they returned boat" to rt omasesd to iieir portrnmentx tbe acceptance or the Anatrlan propoeit to; that M. Droaya <ie l'Muys, 00 lintllng be bad not tha cononmace of bia ^orernu-nt, rrpiaiicd that tMs want of concurrence wnii o?- n^r no', to the >nscpm.tnt opinion of tbe KcaurU l.mfeioi and bin niivii tin. but to the <1 a ent of tbe Unl.ali potnra ment: and tbet, ootwubs'un'tn/ th?t cUsent an<1 the com i;o<-v>t re'ireirent o> tbe French Pleatpotent are , I?r?l Jot n PuMell baa >hoiigbt it Mot to oevour hla dl. feiincee in ai'cice. an<" to e-eiat bia ootleagnea in r.txry tnjr on a war a etch be believe* to be wboJy gratuli'tn', aoc* Involving tbe nation tn tbe guilt of aiusel?ta Wood abeii. Alltbu rnoonxl not only here, bat through out Kurofie. Reaon? tvtre even assi^uod. feme raid <hat Lord Joha had been eoduisd by th" b>-?ity and good natured lone of the Russian pV>nlpo tentlary; other*, that ba bad learaod roere t'Mtn he eboie tc tell, lndadirg come viuon of (lander front aom 1 quarter cr Cb>r to the roantry; in fact, that he h?d "seen a wolf," and that bia very silence was porteatlous. It waa tbaa atetod very confidently th?t wuea he re aumed bie place in the Cabinet he dvi? such a caes that be won over re rial cf bla colieiaoes to bin riaw of tbe ?abject, that the cabinet waa tfterenpen divided in o a peace party aod a war party; that tha war party earned tbe dar, and that Lord John Roiaall, eoaoeiring that he wotild be nobody and would do no |0>d ont of the Otti< net, teaolvcd lo forrrt bla adrloe and tbo whale chapter of bia unauceeatful diplomacy, and heldca with Lord ]*a)mi raton We Teatured t" intimate ouraelvea tliat the caae waa ?ery much aa we have s atad it. Yet, when the oypcr tnnlty oceurr?<l. a?d the aneelat laritatioa came, <0 live Parliament a full acsooat of tbe failure of tbe cm fenneea, an' lord John Ruaaeli'aoen part la it, hla lordefclp fl?w c(T into aetne a?ie biatorieal declaration about the -axmenie power, dan?<rona pneltion and ovar weenlog aabtucn oT Roma, thageneraleilect of which waa that ha waa quite aa much heart aad sool la the war aa any O' h>a oolleaf uea Aa might be expected, we came off onraeivee rather ill. Wa were charted haring imagined a (f^aaeat ion between lot* John aad hla til leacnea, with having fabricated a pease party, all out of apite elthar to lord John, or to wmabocy, or to every - body. Indeed, we bare seldom had ae much ahnae aa for tbla one falae and maliatoua atatemrnt? ' rla., that lord John Fuatall had tone back fiom Vienna with aa Anatrlan proportion Ac peaee, aod h%d ctroayly nrgel hla cslleagnea lo agree to it, bat Uiat they had refuted. ?After a ailtaoa of we know sat how ? < ?t weeks, ao long and ao profound that really Lard Joha and hia eoa farent en bad a'raoat earn* to ba forgetten ia the gravity of paaalDg erenta, all of a a ad dec laat ni?ht. on Mr. Gibacn'a mere Interrogatory, Ix>rd John mada a elaan breast, tailing everything with tie simplclty of A child. It was perfects true that he had aoquleaoed Ja the Aoatrian proporitlcn, aad axprae?ed ao opinloa lib prl va?e to ?be mla.aUr that Ii aflnrded a miata* of eariyina ont the third point aa eat ufactory to the <a tererta of Kurope aa lo tbe honor of Koaaia It waa qatl* true that M r>roayo de Lhuy a bad agreed with him It waa true tfcat ba remained of thf same opioiou atlL. and to thia Ikj Ihloka we are lanabng our blood aril oar treaeary w.lhoat any n*e?aai:y for It. It ia atao trne that there waa good preoedent for withdraw Inr in aach a caae-- the oaee. via. : of a decided difference ol opinion with tbe Cabinet on the moet mportant quea tion, not of tbe day. hnt of tbe centtarr Waa toere er?r anitLinr more lngenioui? If the poeiUon In which hia Lordxhip ?tarda b?> not qalta ao<sountahle on tha common notioaa of coosieb acy. oonstltatioMl proprie tv, and even personal honor, r\in there can b? no doubt

aa to the facta of tbe caae We now know all abont It, Ur Gthioabaa broken tha mr^tery aad explored the fertreaa hy tbe aimple expedient of wait in? rleht Int 1 it. OB 'he fotmar oeeaaloa Lard Jobn wai aviilently la 00 hnmor to give aatfafaetw*, and pr?'*rre I to raiae a cicnd of dnat abcat Ruea an aggreeeiona, or anything whatever. On this ooarabw ba baa been so pmapa, ao ex pHelt, MftFaMUraifMrtntoaBgfMtUieidea.whiab.oj > p?*ee tor tfcr qneetiia, bu luaitra a Dtrlfid it, w "V. that note atlt] wouit oosar, ??i that Perlinm a* " ru'd uptiiu before he bad bed toe .pportiultj o' ta ?iidi si tta wrM that be itoot la precisely the i*? ix f Inn u H Lhrouy n de H&i ?, eioep ing nnly W?t 1'netBu bad retuod from office, and iba EngUsnm ?a tun not *eil, thla la. to aey tbe least, a very add story. .There sre hoi mas j men u> hug: end, we h?-) raid ia tw world, ?bc <ould ?ta?d op aaa Mil it with Lord iolio Km?I '? mfe-eiiiens conpmurt. ?' Evil be to bim that tbinta " > o doubt Lord John is an honorable man; so lo >g ?a r? is Kewfled bo ia aetlna tor the i?t anO domg hi* ? ouo'ry more service by saying In tbe Othinet toau b? "1 ariiiiiR out" any* here e lee, and knocking about am 04 tbeverioua aonreecript oppositions bin Lordship mast M> roorid?rt& tba boat jodpo of b I ova oooduo". At tbe uw kna, wo could with that h>a lordship b*? jo-t dropped a syllable to lift oar on burnt* >elvts hub tbe charge of lying ana slanctring, profusely bwprd opoo na wben wa apok* of tbo pease and ?r?r parly ia tba lebtnet, aod said that Load John hat ht and reoommeedtd overtures of peeeo frsai V ??ne Tfttaa ia, tooc. another uufortuaete wuilayro 1 04 a tba tana which bia Wdship baa selected for bia teroy confession. It ia much uiairmoaa woat ba^ l> nr< at Christmas. On toate<caioa. altar keep-ng *o himself, or at 1< ait from the world, (or three quarters o a \ ear, bia objectiona to tba imperfect atate of the War M mi-try, and bia ciatruat of tba het>fla in wbloh it was be found bimrell at last obliged to apeak out at toe *ny moment wbrn the gov* rnment was on tba era 01 d'*M luticn nnder tbe storm of public disguat at tba n<i>n.aDi;grm?nt of the war. As Lotting can be no re disagreeable to a geoeroua Dst'oo than to desert iriends la ?b? boor o' p?rll ana di> aster aoh'a toidibip was truly unfortunate in baring put off a ?ood ibtenton till it assumed the appearand* ot that equivocal act In the prse?nt inttenoe, it ?o tappers tbat we bare had. till juat now. a run of aue ree-ea, or something like It, ever since Lord John r? '.uined <rrm Vienna: to deeiied indeed, at Ant tbat reitainly a proposition to make peace wittt Russia en tba Austrian tenia woild have sounded vary rliiicnkiniv The tailored health and inereaa*! ncmhira ?/ tbe allied armies, the arrival tf tbe PsrctD'an Contingent, tbe improved oooo'tion of tie ramp and tbe hospitals, tbe constant repulse of tbe Hn?Msn forties, the capture of tbe Mameioo, tbe occupation of the Pea of Jzoff, and tbe protpeot ot cutting oO tie Russian auppliea? all kept up a atate of confidence in which It would bare b?eo an act o' tn ommin courage to explain wbat Lord John did lait j' The srane baa low unbspptiy chaoged Wear* experrnciBg tbe rark mc? of wa>. Ibere ia, therefore now no raahnass, no courage, in the ooulamioo of peace ful wishes, and of an inward disaatinfaetioo with tbe war Must heartily do we condole with Lord J?bn on the <!elay which has timed his explaoaUon at se un eraciooa in hour. But, as tiutb Is always desirable, and bttter late than nevar, we will still be<r to tianli his lordthip frr a statement which the BUitiih public, an'l, inraed, all Europe, had certainly some rigbt to Oe In pcetesslan of, and which ia also due to eur own tiaAi cation. AU8TIUA AND PRUSSIA? "HE R rOLIOY IM iHE GERH?N DIKf. [Barllti (July 4) Corres(,ondeno* of London T ava. ] Tbe ?ut>jeet matter of tbe OTerturas tbat Austria pre peses to make to the Diet at Krankloit, and for wliuh U/uat<-rbii7.? endeavored lo grin tbe acqoieeeeoie ef the Human government on the 27t.h alt . ooosisto, as J bow ltaro frcm a reliable ftonroe. io an appeal to toe lat. to adopt the four point* in th*U baaiTuriillity, ae Abstria did on the 8th of August, 2a, to aeoada vi the treaty of December 2; and 3d. to recognize that toe ctuifce bitherto porsueo by AuHtria haa been cootoma bie to toe duty she assumed of protecting German inter es?e in the South. There ia no eiprm mention made of tne U>nfederrtlon sharing in the cstaof the Amrtmn occopation, but a motion to that eflVct would follow ?? a practical corollary to tbe third postulate The excel lent underetanding which, according to the Austrian ptus, b).s been arrivea at between tbe two Otolnets, consists in the following:? Piuesia answers ? 1. Austria herself, In her coon a clru'iciiH to the Diet, was the Orstto point out tbe firit two ol the four ptlnis as peon) arly allectlcg German in terefts and that view bss been adopted by Germany; that the YVtsttrn Powtrs have dropped aflfOHr; and that Russia haa teiuted to adept any appUca ion of tae third. 2. lhat the treaty of December 9 waa, according to the letter, voided, by not being putln foroe wben it fill due on January 1 no pence bavuig been concluded by that d? te, and, according to tbe epirit l>v Ausina'a wito drawn g frcm its realization a'ter the :lose of the inef fectsal Viecna conferereea; and ^fc*t Austria's treaties with the Porto ani with tbe western Powers are more or lira contraventions of h?i eng.gemebtsto her federal allies; tbat she entered th* Prix cipalitiea in virtue of htr treaty wtth tne Forte, ? nd for her own purposes, and, instead of peorectin* Gertcan int?re>ta there, haa brought Injury to them and opprobrium on the German n* me; and what more nearly co-bctrr h us la tbat the conduct of Anhtna haa made the population iigh for a return of tbe Russian* fcucb am the vlewa expressad in governm-ntal circle* here, and ly rjficicux writers for the pre tie in Prussia and now that the Auatro mania no longer ragea so vio ently <n Injisnd and France, they will probably be recogcized ihsre ai juat. It nay he presumod that, in oonieqsenee of tho ill reteption the above mentioned postulate! ot Austria have net with here, the will modify them extremidy t* tore mtmitlieg them to the Diet A Vienna oorres ron< ent of the BorunhaUe, who always proreaeea to be it mated into tbe innermost aroaua of Count Bool's la tently re, writes under date or 1st hutant. tbat Baroo ? F???sch Oeten, who left Vienna for Frank'ort June 'I'" ucted t o n ak e the treaty ol the iio of December, tl-e a\d' nrmuire of the 28tb of December, and tae U>nti recce protcxocls, tbe groundwork of tbe eoaimani rations he irakes to the Diet; to declare that Am * **1 ,e'? the Diet to declare that her course haa recn ;n harn < ny with tbe federal resolutions of tbe 24Hi ot Jone and the 2th of December of last year; tbat Austria woes not come on the present oscasisn to dais any extended co operation on tba part ot tbe G? iran Cotf.deratien but only, in the interest of peace, te claim li e continued maintenance of tbe nrtaent state of p>?I*re3ie?e for war (hrieg* *rri .rchaft), maamaob as the Imperial ( ablret does not look upon the conflict tbat threatena Europe, and Bret of all Germany, aa in tne ? lightest degree lesa impendieg and tbrea-enlng than be ore. Io these poe ulatea tbe correspondent asaures u> Prussia has already given in ber acre islon, whi?b to ?ay tbe leett, seems to te rather improbable, aeetnc that ever liice Count Katerhaiy had his last fru tless lrter view m the icrelgn Office here, tbe Kim haa bwoat Potaram, and bia iilniater at Mlsdray, where be only re turned yesterday or tba day before. I'nder these ct en instances, a conference would seem to bave been at ItndM with difficulties. The Fourth ft Jaljr In Ijondou. [??"rons the L?n<'on Cbjonlde, Ju'v rt.l BPJ7CHK8 BP KX'PKKtllDKNT PILI.MOKK, JOSUB tJI'INOY OF BOSIOK, 8Dt KM1!H80> T^^NK^lT, *' MH. WAhhr.S OW II'MII HILL, AMD MR' C'HOSBV. n:li? Booms, Land on, were on Wedneiday even. air ,'5?*?'*"/" gathertng of citizens. Tbe day tMicg T.*nn'T,>r**ry of Ameriaaa lude lendedoe, ifr. George Peabmly. as is his custom, rate a grate entertainment to somt 180 of his lelloe-ritlzeo* fcjooin'ns in Lot don; among whom we aoUeed hla l-i celleaey, MiUsnl fillmme, late President of the l ulled btatea, and reveral of Amenea's most dlstlaaaiaiied ?ten. "here were alto present several English gentle men of distinction, who eeemed e<pally earnest lo ho M<ring the occsmoo. We need scarcely add, that a {? lw , .t? r1PPiT ,?"rl,i;,,nd happy, wa, the m bit. The large hall was afpropriately decirate ) throughout, while the fable.-' wtre most gorgeously sop plied with the moet delirious v anrs of the se??oo, wblci weiwdurur.ed nnder the influence of some exceil-nt n.neic from Coote's ana Tinney'n band -k"*.0!?' tn<1 of U,e ha" *tood, in that calm repoi rllv.J "V ktstoHcal, the bust of Waeliia?tm, .i.v,..0f Wueen on tbe right and Prince Albert fw i-l. , ?"r the se, hie t. led graretuily. the digs of ? ?r t? sn'1,A,,,tr,0?. which were surmounted by IZlltl I ti. I1""' -At th* "tbor en-, there m ? Mtio?f^T ?f the eliieli nod ? fi. nailen, and turrountied by (be tlage ?( tn? : entwined from a garland of, and wwlng a nrapery We may ad< , that so aoxious ?er Ameiicsns to pay ihelr rerpects to the g-neroos hoet on J oco*f ,f'D. *nd jo'n In the feitlv.tles of <be dty, tbat Liverpool Mencbesur, fiouthamptoo, iud even Paris bad Its representatlres. ' Alter the r? moral if tba cloth, *!r, ^.M,0PT ro'* to P"P??? tb? Bret toaat? "TheD.i? ? !, /????' ago, said Mr. IVabody. jo ?epn Wamn>amu?l Adama, an 1 others whose neaaci were equally eoni-plcuous In oar Revotation, sent to !>?? roua young men in whose talen'a ana love of liberty the. had unbonnced rouflcmce. The ottiect of tbia young ??J s mission was to establish a personal intsreaaree [ with the friends of constitutional liberty on this aide of ? tbe water; and Ibrough It, see what oould be done to (?evant tte rupture then impending. Hi* miaaien proved lutiln; and notwithstanding be was ho no rod with tae friendship of Franklin, Got. Rarr?, and even tbat ot the great lord Chatham, he was forced to tbe eonelnaion tbat tbe t?ae for separating from tbe mother country lad arrived Anxiety of mind and ard>nt feelings wars ?n his return borne, within ? |bt of the American coast. BU last wieb was that his life might ke spsred for a faw houra, in which to eon ?w* with Winn or A^ami. Bia laat act m, b? wtu sec teeiament, to beqneatb to bis osly son tbe iMpiring works of John Locke. Algernon Sidney, and John Milton. With those be enjo'ned him to prey tbat tbe spirit of liberty m ght upon him A graotaon of that early martyr? ons wbo hears bis Illustrious name now sits fcj ?y side, nnder wUely itinerant aaspfres. With hie toMtI h?ve Jast given? '? tho Pey we Celibre'.e ? * r Qt inor olierved that to tbe journal of hie aneee tor to whom k ndiy mention bad been made be endea vera to ( eseribe the effect produced upon him by bear Irg' the M*?t lord Chatham plead for the rights of America b* fore tbe Honse of Lords. ??That great ore t>r,' be lays, -atretcbed forth hU hand with the dir nity of a 1-anl, and smote opon hie brea t with the en eiiy of a IViroathems, while with a propket a fore??bt he warned his peers what would be the ooneeaaences 0! denying to > Brltieb sub.isets the right ef DritonH, and enduded wltb those memorable words ? If I H?r? an ^nwricsn ss Ism an Eeglishman. I nover woul 1 lat di wn mv aims? never- never? never " " v?d rn?t T'rit ?Ull eidats. U,al aa are the dij/ens of Ixmdon fey weuld to day rue and reeiet, as our fatbora did! the levy of a lax imposed by any of th-ir iepr^utat:vee' Had t>e throne thin, si now, been graced b* > Fovere^gn tbe r'ghtf guarantee.! hv <rn?litut.'on te every sabject of the llritiali t>?r, 7W|,^ ther rear or dU-ait, and wboee Huldlment ef the dut'ee of private Ufe L onlv as exsmple of toe harmonious r7 lat WW "be noli a with tbe naiioo at laige ?-e mlrht now have fW in nowbered among tboe.. suNecta lo .un ,hn ptJrrtoV.of J?s?ee. htnor. and vlrtie . *u!?b? ? est ir pie before they are enforced l.y Us ,'J/>a5 cheers ) f^seerfnl aubnnMlon to tlie die be right of fe male gcverrtfw'** U of our national -Hraitoria^-s Ibe t nfy d'(rer?ce* ??o batlons belrg, that the si'gr laO/ ??' Kngland giverns aU k.nirllshm?o e^iteetively, while th*"' severely 'adiesof America enre'n ail Ameilcana IndlvlduMly Hat the tlmecf aenaraf on had arrived Tbe ehila had ootgroaa the parent's dictation, and a kigber pfs'er decided tbat he sbonH leave the paternal roof, In aa l?!spea<*at ft Jy'll ?Bd*r tlSuMI OIHUHtlOOM, *BR J cat Li'tp 1 O.w.1 hXttij aha h?d iwrwd v' "" *>*t t la separation >u benoSotv to Be es* ? the w?t?r noaitt: . ' ?? H*o*Ib1 eonip ia?Dt ptln to oar Mtnotu h?<t ol v U '? |wra)l log her ?wa ' i "* 'V*11 ?'??? ">? ?*'?* 01 ber p*t?9M to J"*' ?" * ,orln?r o km moo, prove* her m ? f "?* '>?< tosw pioir>i> m?j tM w well eo ????'?tJoo two satioaa, u. .. V* "?' ??o??tij. enlightened by tb? Mm* loot log t**a on Um asm* kuton, *a jojiBg t:*?sm* liberty, sad gnuled by to* i?m- r?li gion, u tb*y would b*?* beee, bad this mighty niHof bamesiiy rtmel?*d nnd*r on* form of to**ram*at. *? b?T* ??* for mutual ^?gratalati.n oo H tb* P??aperlty of lh? pramat, tod tb* bop** of tn fntnre. ?nd the oootaioa oomp?l* u* to do tbat ablrh is moat painful to the character!* tie BiOOvstay ol our Bitioo (ob**rsj? sp*ak of our**lv?* Tb* *LO*tle aays tbat "he that tBma.tb of bima?lf more highly than ha ongbt to think, deoeiveth btmavlf " and there ere boslj oo thia fid* of tha Aiwntic ?ho tPi?> that en tb* ques'ion of national importaoo* we are atri>ing repre'entativo ol thi* deluded class. /Loud cheat* ) Ihe next toait proposed was, "The Sovereign on wbtse roil we this da; oeUbrnt oor glorious Anniver sary , one wboee virtue* command toe ittwo ana res pect of i h ? civilise" aorld." I'ba toait waa drunK with tbr?e t aara three aod o*e cheer. given with a hearti ness we ban seldom heard equalled The oand fol'ow ? 0 with the ' bat>on?l Anih-m." Following thi* oame tb* toest. -'The President oi the United Slates ? be Alls <1m> b.geei <fic* In the ?i>t of tb* peop!*, on* whica we resp?ct ana delight to honor." Tl* toaat waa drank wtih imm**?* cheering, tb* band It with tb* a>r ?' Tha War spaog'ed Bonner ? ?? The M?mvj of Washington" waa drunk. in suence, the band follow** ?i h an impressive oir**. bir taxvuiN TVmuckt roe* to re? pond to the toaat pro P'seo by Mr. Peaoody , "P*rp-taal friendship and amity ? twV,D tb* of Ebgland and tn* united state v " II# >aid the ctalxiBan'a allux on to bim (tilr Koi-reoo), and the eoop im?ot woieb wea lnallad by '.be ?i?i tbat fc* (bonld | ?? a*uraBo? ta tt* eentiment' of hie eoan trjttfD ob tf* liT*ro*tiouala?piration'<i wblab Mr P*a bodj had juitglvtn *>pn-?aioB, be ooold ooly rra?rd a* a njo'flcaiioo of tie o*aire that be (olr Gmora m i'aa r'm) ?bun>d add h ? **atimo*? to Mr Pe.body % than wh?Bi bo man waa b*tt*rqa?litied to bear witnaiaae on tb* ?ohj?et aa to tb* uelvrraal anc p<r?mouot (*eling wbiob animates alJ alaa?*a >n lb* United Kingdom ? from >b* munaiob aod D? nobb oo?n to tb* aru<an aa<l the labottr? wnh an anxi*t> to cal'ivat* ih? cl .a-?et mtl n?'j, and pronot* the lat*reb?og? of tn* kmoiie?t of lloe* tatween to* people of I'Bglanl ami tieir trieoda and relations in the I'nl ed Sta.Ua? reUt oaa rndoared to tb?m by birth aad ooaaaBguinity, and fi<?od* attached by the geoeral attra :t oua ot a common laith aao a oobbhib lasgoeg*, aad b j *b <d?n lt? of all that cbaima aod ii?? ex ateoce, a eommuaity of enmintro*. aad pnrao t-oii^iu'og, ilteratute and lava (lood cb**r* ) i\n?ng toe m.ny aovaotagea wbioli two rosntr.ta hav? d?r v*d from the resent aueal-r-tioa ?f In oeourve. it la rot tb* l*a*t grat fjlojf 'or ib? pre rent, lortw i*a-t elgmtloen'. of (op* for rbe futar*, tba* It baa tacKiUUo aon isdncd thH ohaervaat an'l iB'rUiaint traveller from tb* (Jnitad ri a'.ea, to b?nr back *>th bim to h'a owb bone hla pnreoa^l at eata tloB at to the Imi1i| which be must htve diacov*r*d to bo pieval-Bt in Ui*at Britain, of moe't and at ta hmrntto lb* citl/eni 01 Ameilca. (Ch?era) The kBlmoaitief of th? *igb'e*otb cea'ory, and alltbaiea looiitf *Ba*B(*cr?d by the (trugglea of tb* civil war. baye either p<i>?d away, or remain only aa a re oor I on one ol tt * leaat cre .'inle iagee of oor hia'nr) ? tb* geae ratirn whi.ib tt*y aoimaUo t>aa <ak*a tnem down with tb?Bi into ti* tomb, and la the mioda of tt* living of to day tb*y ?arrive oaly *? an uipleaaant tradition"1 to JiOlBta moral or adora a tale." M*arlj tbr** qatrter* ?I a century had ?la}**d tin :* tb* Oocanoaa of tuigland roav*j*d an Intimation 'o tt* fhrone that the people of tnet* eooncrira wouH an longer aupply ibe meaaa for protoegipg an nnjnat war a* aloft America, (cheer* ) but wonld regard aa eaaai aa to tb* Crown all who ahould ad viae it a epntlauaooe, aubveraiv* aa th*y felt it would ?' t Srot P*e,a futnr* reconciliation (Cheer*) Aid the King bimaalf, oo the oo?4aWa of rojeivlng the "ret acrred t*d lliBiater fr*m tb* yoang Repub'ic. gx*t?d bus with tb* a*?araac? that '?lr.boogb be had b**a tfc* laat individual to raoogniz* the iaa-penHence of ?h? Cnlteo 8 a *a, h* wooiialeo be th* laat. to infring* I on the roveiaign rights wbioh tb*y bad woo;" and with I that itobfcoro booeaty wbtnh ia tt* charts tcnatic of hi* I lac*, th* Monarch added bin earaeat bop* that I '1 "***?? t?? couBtriea alrraly united aa I ***?. blood, religion and eotnasrc*, *oul,} cobtinne for agea tnat frendahip aad I ronfldcnoe which ought ?v*r to obaratterlze their la I tejeourn*." iCh?#r* ) The same impulae wmcb then I ci.Bktxamtd the Parliament of KagUnrl to iaa<at eo I P**e*i Bad th* tame cenvicHon whtcb ia^uoad to* king I to w>hh it p?rpetual baa tlace b**a dllTuaad aad teo I r?Bgh)y Implanted ia th* brvaata of tb* aa'Jea, aad he I fiJ.* E ?ot mrly beneve t tha'. tbar* prevaih I at thia caj but. oae a*n<im>nt amosnt ta* people of I H'l* tonn,ri*s toward a thoi-e of tb* Onlt<?i Sut-ia? I that of aoslration of tbelr liberty, woo Iron an Imbe I ell* tjiaat (cheera). and tb* babe a* earpaa whicb yoar I ancertcra asd oor* coatiired to extort from the leant I ODr klo|t8 ln fonr Oon^reta and jour Stat* I A??eKbll?a jou adopt th* pre Mont and obaarv* th* I analog** of tb* British Parliament; la yonr court* of I ^oi tic* joa cite oor statut** tad th* dictum of our jatgrt; and, aa waa aorswdly stid by PaUeyraad. I if th*r* be aimething r-publ csn ia th* teprt I wBtatlv* eookfitu ion of fcaglknd, U ?b*r* not I acmethlBg monar?bical la th* executive p*w?ra I etpfldtd to tb* Americas Pr**id*nt (cheer*;? But it i I aot aioB* in tb* reuen ranees and a>sooiatioM of the I P??t^inipr*i?W* and enduring a* tb*y are, nor I* It th* I <-M)rcid?ae*? ard ajmpathi** of ibe p-*h*nt that s*eur? I inr yon t>* aep ratiota aad wishes o tb* mu .<f Kag I ? "1^ "t onr attachment Itos la oor hopes I f' r tb* War*. (Ch**rt ) Ann m th* part wh>ob Prori I dra- * appears to bav* asslgaed to both n.tiooa ?o aa I sun.* th* wide PaolSc. *r>a th* Oil World begin* t* I c?icb ? rtfltctVn fiom the N#w, and, ioitiiag from th* I m.? s-erluus eoDflrcs of BmU? A?la, c v lization aad I freeccni reem prrparlig to ressm* the ancient mat eh I I?*' ? 'V "??t. Dstwcea them aad th* Atlaacic I gloomy Itapo'lsn* who** d?.rk reoessaa hav* I y*"4? b^l^wtTa^d by tb* adT*ac;ng torch of Mb*rtr ; I *?5 'V," 901 '? ?>? "'tor* of things t at th* old I aad perilous syattms of 1 or op* ihould not draw atlm*lv I adnunition f*f th?lr r* constrict loa from tb* triumph I of frt* iBstttati is. as exhlnted in j*ur country aad la I on is. (Ixmd cheer n<.) la this oosvictioa, aot o?ly are I th* sjmpa'hle* of Kaglaad with America, but her nro I 1? w*,eb,<1 w,tfc ?BiB**tn*s* aad hai.*d with aa clsmatloB by th*r?st of Chriatenuom. They hav* not I failtd to perceive that th* is fl nance of your *x ampk* aad I 'ne"?* th* destiny of I utter i Bg atate*, aod I baaten the adve- 1 oi th* time when rational liberty shall | co-ext*usiv* wtth educat on ?n4 eal oDt-nocnt This I 1Mb is tn* blgh miaeion of America ? m tb* a?hi?v*M*at I sb* has tb* btarts aad bepes o' England ta animate aad I ebw* cn fcb* bafc nojeiloua glaaees, as susp-Mous I ?B?iti*s to apptebead from ua; our prayer* lia* hers I ,r"v overthrow of tyranny in *v?ry form aod e r.!' TVVt Pr,P*"d k th* uaiv*rsal reign I of cnltivattd liberty I *r**<'"ni. take thy radUnt round, dlmoitd, r-vlre? *bon loet return: Till a*ra f brine oa **r?li h? fi.nnd I which i by gl< rial shall bo ? burn. I if'w **' 1 H* (^1' J - K. Tennent) eateeaoad It aa hoaor lu.^\-i^A ?P'?rlun'tJ ol ei pr??s>jg wha.h-b* I !v . ? . * ??<lann* of bis follow countrymen H,a??,i7.j0rip"rprt2tl ,l,lu'0* "th thi tb*lniUJ 8U:e* (toad ctn ring) Inwe i^* ?? J*4,* "7h? the remit of th* lHh of . r. ProP<J??J end r*. p .n led to by Mr I ii ? ' alla01*ll '? tee bat.l* of I i ..kill ? e*'? ltl,t though, aacoid og to t?* I u f ilJif * 1 w,ri Americans lost th* b?ttl? of I w?nwW ' 1 J 0B <t?J Mid* a oemonsitat oo I ,7T "" ? P ?????'?? of f ?tnr* ruo.-*se. it miaht Tie ^ne^n tb* a*y "U u"t OTr,l )?< " f was *D* on Wbich a* tnsurea a tutut*. watch 1**11 | oni own. PminiDt Bn'nh ?UVem.n of tbat d*y I predlc'ed the remit ? tbsy declared tbat if thmr | (.overrment peraUtcd in ihe ronr** they had I adopted, a Mpar?tioa of the colon!** from tb* I rnotrer country annt follow A f*w eves log* a>|0 (ooo I t noed Mr Warren), white llstenlnir 'o a debate ia the I Hon *o Commone. tti* yttton *y UeBeral, ia the courwj I b>? fpe?oh, al uded to the war of th? Americin r*vo I lutlon, wblch k* cbsracUrieed a* a w*r in which the I aaierlcans wore in the right, ana ihe Ilntlah govorn nentin the *io*g He wu ?U t to hr?r this ot n* t declaration from a Prittah Hateaman, ?, woui?i aloo bin f*lhiw elt UBS pna-nt. Now tbat tlie t*o CJUtitrlea wer* fl?* from the peiplexIMee wbiob lo-al *l**,ioa4 W ??* ,D ???<?>? detail* of governmeot I tbry bad lothii g to do but etrengtheo by all mnana * I v"'r. Wr 't' ot ^ *B?lly taWrrouree, am to I <berl?h fiw each other e*otimeat< of respeot nblrb a (0?^"*? * ' gnM* 'n<1 U,Ur,8t,i "?w?W loi^lrt. Mr. Cbosit (United (fates t'oasul at S*ntbamoton1 mponded lo '? Tl* Mercaatilei Maxine ?f ? I t-s >*pr?Mn atirr* stioat and aahor*." I A''!r sp*?eh?s, which w* tre compelled to I tbeljolOB^* rwa* 7^ (lBt*m?.deot of SSLt iTltST b. uh b* **? to ?"?;*>?*? ? I '<>???, IB vhich be f*lt sore every oae preaent wouW I accord, j*tn him la drink :ig : '? I*he Health of I onr Oi nerons H st" (Immena* r.-e*rlng l Mr. Pill tk *' a tt en tton'of1 m" 1011 *' T0i0* thL'' at 00 18 ?ttntad U* attention of bl* bearer*, ibwiH klr lea bolt as a couitr?m'"'*n ?' O'AfrtM, and of whom Ms I countrjm# n jubUj p?ond. liMMpiantiftd to lir t ?h *0.1, Uma main alne/the obar^.^aU^t? hla coub f0Tt|hf V*1 ,0"', r^*UetIo? which f*..y J illofraUd ea this **y of onr aa ^..e w,u? * be*utlful allu. ton he pcmt?d t* the **gl* a* tb* *ad of the ban. aad touch fordid th' Ul* opportunity af t^,.? in **"*'">* ?om.nyof hi, ciantryn,.;^ *T f j * 'beoM always b* proud to c*l*brat? ^epeid?^,P whether ct atitad. Mr FiUmor* sat dowa amidst the m?t VjBe"tle b*ad Paying " A old t^.g Lsanth of th* Casard llfsaifr Pauls _ _ tb* Locdca ( hroalel*. Julr 6 ) Ob To**, ay tb* steamship P?r*U tb* firattenn e^tdu ?h^l 11a er, ioUt by tb* or5eW ^ CUfg?w, for tie Cuaatd or British aad North Assart -an Mftm (omisey, waa launched fiom the >mkllog yard o Ms*?*. Pohert Kupler aad Bobs, at Co* in, a&nt t-o isilfs from Ue forirrr city. M*s*rs. Naa'er ar* tb* botlders lioth of th* hull aad tb* eaglne* The Peril* i* th* lsrge>t*t*amer both in**f , t? of bull aad aUim pow.r wh.cb h*a yet beta built, fbe Uuocb, whl h attiscte.l a Urge cor 'ourss ci *pe0 jitorn, was adm'raMy naosfid. lh* P?r?l* C ?, ,?d, in lnrgt.h, lornase, snd i *te* m pc ?er th* Crest llrltala or toe uimalaja, and exceeds sleo h> bo lens thna l?20f toas the < Btl> Bel capacity tt tl* larf^si of tb* prew-nt ' unard )l*ers. Eer chief aropottii.D* ere t^??. _ I *Bg-b frcm flgare-Bea/ to taftail, 3t?C f'St, Unath In tn \*uh Z?' !"} ? ?f th* *>nrt 88 fe*t ; breadth over ? II. |1 feet: diptb. aa feef; burden 3,?00 t(.n* ,iP cc rCir g to tb* ntrtct goversn en? mis of adm?*mea.' hir powOT is *qnal to tbat of MO boree*; aco^r,'jBe to tfca p sn Uid ro?n 1a far" Haidwiok* a bi.l, h,r p?war te equal to ?at l cf l/OO hor?*e, aad aooo.dlrg to Jam.* Fan's tld estahHehed role of 30,000 feet ,Io i t<1 lh" fb* Is erpected to work opto tbe Bitch of i-. ?aeen 4,f00 sad M<0 hor-ee. TheUel J eral NT? of ttoa about 3fi feet la kneth each io.n.d Itthtr by lP?f serf... .?d, ** a wh^s iTu^hes dee?p by ?X tnabap thick. tha framing u ooaatruotad in a Biauoar atonca peo'liar and aaouriog the rraaUat poo aiMe amount ?< atrmgto Tbs utaiBf of the a hip ij y*iy bmry lha bow ia c oaatracteo iltaUMl ti ohm p?rular n??i affr-tlog to* jr?*t?it poealbla tirangtb to tbia wportoiit j?art of tbo aaip Pb? P*r*t?, baa ?a??n watar i gbt romptrtmanta Tbo good ?r? to be atowvd away ib t>o or iha*a dlriaiona, Mob about JO loot kag by 16 in brvaJtb sod 20 foot la height. Tb??o goeca atorea oi rath?r tonka, are p.aeed in the centra line of tba abip wltd -be coal ?aliara or buskers oo each ai<?ol tkam At tt o tarn* time tbo reaeel i? oo con atructod aa to tare a double bottom undar thaao goods cbamtara, ao tbat If tbe on or were beat In or iajired, the >DDOr souM, in ail lilrHbood, protect tbe cargo dry hd? in' act Tha cbambrra are por'eotly water tight, and lo tbe event of aeelO?tt to th? hull, tb?ae Uaka woila of thcmialToa floa? tie abip febe baa aeparate al?eplng aceocitoeakOM for nearly three hundred paoeeagora, diajwsd a1 org a bit aaj be ca.lad tbe mala deck, iylag temcdiata iy aoer* tbo gooJa tad eoal s'orss. k'ldu aivo of the wboVecmo uooaa^auoa for theoffioeraaad twt iietra ikriean ia <ta forward part of tbe abip about 120 earths for the aail'ng craw, flr?m?n and atokera. Above tbe mam deck tbeie is a deoabouae covered in tbe root of ? bleb afloroa a promenade from a tern to aitm. It coataisa tbe main a.niag aaloan. about alxty feat la Wngth hy taanty feet >n wiath. and aigbt feet im ha'gbt. It will te ecp coaly lighted from the aid ea by Clataa of giaae piaotd in tha alternate paoaln. In front i tbe paii'ty, ?blob has aoout 3M> aquar* feet of area; and before the funnala ia the kitchen, with It* eooking range- , exoerritg mo< t >nd equalling any of the cull i ary ealablabmantt of th- moat exteo?:va aad noted Lot?)a in ?he klngdrm 'I he weight of tbe iron la tbo Pernio ia 2,2<:o ton*. When tbe engiaee are an board, and ilo ia fully tadar, t bn weight of tbe immenae maaa will be 6,4(0 tcce at wbieb time aha will draw twenty ibraefaetof water. Bar ooal oellara are ooaitrueted to ecaira 1,406 tona o' coala. She lit alao acoommodatloa or about 1,2(0 trna meaaurmant of gooda. Bbe ia ei. acted to be ready to a?il e*rlr in October. Hi herto the largeat ?taamar hekDgicg to the Cuaard Company ia tha Arabia, but the la only 2,i-9a tona. Mr. Hlnlatcr Ma eon ana m ParactnUd Tonne American. The Rev. Dr. Thompson, writing from Paris, re lates tbe following: - While t?'M une morning In the offioe of the American aabaataaor, Mr. Mwn otme to, and after the umal salutations, ssid, "Did yea ever get iLto a pr ulnae pe ? pi ration and bare a wet b'ajket V row u over you?'' "No." "I did yesterday. A la' y o>me to ne with ta? following n,wrauvo:? "I ?m from toe Uuited B'atee, ana have in c*re % ) ouiig la?y who baa been visiting her Wends In thin coun'ry. Bn- la a Protestant, and ber fatbir aid m? tbu wLtn Oj ten <'.narged ber never to for. rake ber faitii or marry a Oataolie. She baa, m >ra o r*r, ? Protefctast lr>end m tbe Untted S'atea, ta whom she ia attached, a> d to w om oa ber retnra to New Yoik i-be i xp o a to be married. W^lie iq the Soul b of France eb* met wttfl a Fmbci gen'le ma&whiiwaa Fm iten witn ber; be p-ocarea m intr< do tion to ber, aud baa been ooa z-ag ner with nuemutiog atunti i>a ever atnoe. Sle h>s ua?d era>ij mekenre to -hak? bim off; ?ha bi? trowred njonhiu ; the i as to>d ntrn cbat a ie cm atv:r marry bto, toat it ia n.tetl/ impostriole; tuat his ?t(Btii ia are tnpL"a>-ao*, weaiiaume, ohmnBtir.g, even pauifnl to ttr, at?d aae h-n peremptorily orcertd tim ncvt<r to *ee her. He replies, " Tbat ia tmpcitlble till I die. I ctnnot life without seeing yea' We cute to thin city in bopea to eacape biin, but he aatcbed oar m'lTemente aud came with oa. W t aongbt to hlae from nt u here; but be baa f? ncd u- oak We have told him we afiali k are tte oonntry, and tbat he bad b*t'<er re turn 1 ome. 'No, no," saya be, 'I will go with yon wb*n you go, I will atop when ton atip, I will atiy wb?re yon put up, 1 wtli live where you lire, I will aie where you d Now, can nothing bo done to tare oa from tbia annoyance?" Mr- Mason aaid he liumeelateiy aent for th? Prefect of Po ic4, and Kara bim the facte in tbe presence of tbe old iadf. "Your trochlea are at an end," aa>d tbe poli? offiw, "the tonus man will & e your wa d no more. Give mi bia name and adlitar; we will oooimut him, and if he obey not, we bare a way of making him obey." Mr. M. letuincd W'ta the old My to her l?dging?, srd anuennoet kto tl>e \ oang one tee joyful news < f her deliverance from tbe annoyance to which a be bad been rohiec ed, wneu lo! with a suah tf grief she cried, "Ob, < ou bare been to cruel aa to apply tfi the p' lice? You win wound tha youigmaa'a fteJinga. O, be is inch a fine, such amble younr mar ! Iwiuid anfler anything rather tbaa wonnd b;a heart." "I atarted homeward," a?id Mr. M., "iinn fdiaifly , ea> irg wttbin myaelf, w?> bare been ion g miaebief; they w D be marTiea at sure as the world. No rcBtating P< en h entnneia*m ." 8at|?a voiltga uunmencemc rat. Tbe commencemnit of Ratgers College will taka } lace on tbe 26th of Jaly, when apart of the gradn. atirg claaa will deliver oration a. The Bacoaliurea'e addreas will be delivered by tbe Preaidrnt, tbe Ujd. Theodue Frellnglmysea, LL.D., In the college cbepel, the Monday preceding* Tbe annual addiesa before the Alumni of tha Col lege oa Tuesday, the 24th, at 11 o'o'ock A. M., by David D. Dtmartst, D.D , of Hcidaon. The Hon. John Thorn nacn, of Pougnkeepale, ie tbe oratir tefore the literary udoetiea. tbe Pi Kappa P d Podety will be addrtaied in their hall by one of ice graduates. Tbe junior exhibition will be bf Id on Tueedaf ULirg, iu tbe Firat Reformed Hatch Church. Untied BtaUl Court of Ciahni Jcvt 17 ? Ti e Hon. George M. tfibo aud tbe Ak sander Acde>a<n, bath et Waahington, were ewoin attorneys of the court last week, bat their taint a were inadreitently emitted trom tbe pu> li?b? d bat. The followliMr geotlemei were a worn tbia m m irg: ? Jol.nO. Breit.of Waahington; DanLsl Web tbr, of Pblladelfibla: Jehn M. MoOaUa, of Waah Ingti n; Obrirtopber Ingiee, R. B. Loak*y, John F. CWmets. the names of the laat three gentlemen were nrt given to tbe eleik. Bevei a. genu* m n filed motiona, under tbe new rule, for icqu'sitiota upon the deportoMita for pa peit, Ac-, to beuaed in caaea now before the ooart. Tbe docket we* taken up and exaoriaed as far aa No. 60. Tte cour* decided to aljoum over to dtnaday for the pmpose of tiking time to look into the paper* ot tbe respective case*, and if gen tkaen are then ready arguments will bo beard. Not bo Black as He ta Pawtbb.? The Hartford Tnnra, in speaking of the Nrw You Hukixd, rait:? It might advocate Motsonlsaa or Mahooaadaaiam with out dvtnmaat to ltd intereiu ^beie is probably no public man in this coaotry to b tle unetratono as Jamea Gordost BsnneU; and It le generally tm?e woo know h ast ajJu . turn that are tbe moat hitter in their denuociati jas. W? had lately aoue traLaaotioia with Mr? BoqqoU ooraeli, and we muat do fcitn the justice to my that we foa ad him to be? or ratb'r be prond bnns-l' to be? e generous, free he*' toe .strictly horn able mm. Aod we must eon'taa tba*. in (lading him to ne tM ?0't ? f men deacribrd we ware diaa^poutel, for, from h? array, we bad ?upjo?ed him lo be qu-te tne re vtiii ; and bad wn ii una him such, wo wou d joat us aion my ao no w, as to say what we have, f tr ra do not care one anop of our finger fcr the editor of t*;e OkHaLD, more iban we du foraoy ottser tnvn ?bo acta honorably by of. But tbe Htutfovd Tvw aaja "tbe Hrraih might advocate M*fm>al43i w itbont datriment to i?s iuterwn." Ho?, wamlda't tbe I iwif * like to be in that independent p jaltioa mni? Fum wbat *c know of ita antrcedanta, we bare not a d nht of it. It remtoda us ot what a friend or ours once Said about Mike WaJsi. Said le. 'tkA man" (icintmg to Mlh?) "only hat?itoe artotocacv bcosoie he ia not one of ttem him'?l';n an' to cl the Haitford TSmt*, it enviea tba Hkralo btcinae it east pursue the same course in Hartford that tbe Bb**id dot a in New Yotk^-Netc Ymk Ledger, Jvly 14. Tbb Btati of Nkw York and th* Millkha op RocuaTan^? 1. will be remembemi tbu toe mil. - us of >hia citj , some years nnce, preferred claims for damage* ag?lstt tbe Btete to a large amjuat, for the divenlon of the water of the Gtnesarto t >e catal, to their detriment and ia coatr^raa. Men of their fighta aa owuers ol such water. D?y before yaaterday tbe Board oi Canal Apitralser* met ir. tbia city, and f rganiaed. The eaee of the miller* wna atattd at much length by B. Darwin Bmith, Eaa., and tbeir claims to damages enforced by a vwtefy of considerations. Mr. STwai responded to Jcabna H. Spencer, Eaq., when Henry R. SeMeo, , iwKwed tor the mtbers, aad waa answered 0/ J. H. Martin dale, Eaq. Toe whole grcund b?fng tbua laid open, the hualaeaa of UUog testimony waa entered nioe )(rt*idnv,aad ooatieuad tuesga tbe day. the mUiera had also to aid t:>em W.S. Bia boo and Alfred Ely, Eaq*. Canal ComniasiAa er Folk tt ia it en can ??, locking ater tbe tntensU of tte State. TLe taking of teatlvony will b* re inmrd tc-da?, when the o^mmiaskia will adj>an ill the first of An gust Too bearing arHl then W" irmmtd, and tbe n:stter probably be ?.io*ed. Tie amount now earned is about $300 000, and may be t foil. w?d by ether olaimants, ahou d tte nresnt o?ea prove rucctatioi.- Roeht?Ur AdxSn titer, JM v Umtkd Ft ati h Conbtl at Aix-la Cbapei l* ? are daily b o? ited to the Union f_w depart r.eot wwi But ir Kvin tbe Union doee not nnb! ail tbe department n. wa. We allude to iW omiariain to ai rrunce tbe appoiatasnt of A. 8. French l*>s of tre State DepsTtiufnt, ea United State* c'jasnl at Atxia-Cbajele. Mr. French la the b-ot&?ut*w 'JL !1,BPT M,rr? - ? d a very estimable g?nt emaa. Hie r-ffice to which fa is appointed hm attaehad to It a salary of *2,000. T e perqniaitea a e -ai'l to amount to $1,500 additional, although tha reosnt law in relalton to waiuls prohibl a them r?v calving ary sBchwetit ahore their Mlary whlc1! U pgulaud by Ve same law. A'l !a Chape',* Is ? fiH^us walerinsr aod the resort of t ie pi and faab^orable from all parts of Europe. We wlafi V Wr. French t?m nwff tid a pwperou. career hi his ccaiular life^? W a>hn\%ion Organ, July IS.