Newspaper of The New York Herald, 21 Temmuz 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 21 Temmuz 1855 Page 5
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United State* Marshal '? Office. KEVOLT IM THE IlAJtBO*. Jcly "0 ? John Thomas, aid nx ou?*r mimb of tbe ik tiK iB ?b<p Hanoi si, ??r* arre.Ud oa th* comyUint ?I lapis in Fiaieriuk V/ Kiiue, ?bo ?narg?d than with ?k oaicg to do <J .tj on bo<irJ that vkwi ?b?n Winn at uc.tiADtioe prtparatory to her voyag* to Uoa'Afldto. he accused committed for examination. camkyinu an ?>xciaa ok pabhwuew. 'aptaiu Av?ry, cf th? American t>*rk tftetro, was "'fated oo uf Minting en excess o( puseagtra to this pert Irom l.imtrlck, Ireland Held to answer. Oblluuy. John Hlakkijit, of UtfttfO, Ut>?<o coui.ty Jit i on the Ihfc In* t.. a^><] 73. He wan a mao of remirkabie ?u?r >) *f ? hara :Ur, strong personal attaihm?nU, of soun4 Mgnwot and axtsn sive InUuanc*. He w*? an *cnv? Politician for more than half a century, and *a< always ?toolest. Ha wan a member of the Assembly la 1H19, lh'J2 and IS. 4, and at r illerna* periods h*ld other fepertint ufliees, the oat tea of ad of which he discbarg ?4 with iBteliigsBt fidelity To Nonilitrncii. ? OiinKem of CORfprcM Wa ter.? We are reliably |pform*d that mlntral water*, un der tbe Dame of " Saratoga" water, and Halt* under the name of " Saratoga" Mite, are extensively lm Hted upon the pabllc in th* Southern and Southwestern oMae, where pentone buying these articles desire and tklak they are pnrehaamg "Congress" water, As.: ?Ureas at Saratoga there are water* of all Mate, from Congress dawn to ditch water; and tks article* imposed in this manner on tae ]?Uk are entirely worthies*, and often dangor ?ns to persona deelrieg tbe effect of Congress wa ter, the effect of tbe.-e artificial compounds being en tirely different from that of tbe genolne Ooogreae water, fnqaently producing irping pal as, vertigo, <vc. . some hate* resulting la *?riou? permanent Jlfll ; nines, hy weakening the digestive powers, destroy lug the tuna of tke stoma sh and bowels, and often renderleg a m'ld ?*** of dyspepsia incurable? the effesi being in no wlaa <>fU?*Bt Irom that pro-'ueed by aalma cathartics Ota ?elvtol in ordlnsrr water? while Congress water pro <?(*? wither griping or lajurlons effect in any case, hewerer debilitated tb? patient may b'. it being tonio, as asll as curative The Congress Spring, as is w?U kaoan, is the spring which auriog sixty three year* ?Mt has built up the reputation o( Saratoga, y?t some nave confcunced the nama of the spring with that of tha place ? thus affording tbe opportunity for s win tiers to foist worthies* arti:le* uuon the public oa the strength of the reputation obtalne<] by th* Ottsgrf ss Spnog, la a long series of yaara. The Injury thai iafliefsd u pro the pnolio and ourmlves Is doubla, f?> en taking thes* spurious artlcli*, and finding either ao effect or injnrious effects from 'heir use, they, in fu tars refuse the genuine Congrats water, euppoiiog that Utj have already tried it. It i* nit a sufficient gnar sat?a of its genuineness that it is in bottles and boxes, (Hiring our Dsmss, as th* old bottles and loxos are gtwdiiy bought up by counterfeits for tha purpose of iHing them with their valueless arti .le and seliiog it *? Congreis or Saratoga water, buy only or those you ean i*ly on? Congress water and none other? and be certain that the cork is branded, as is tha cork of every ksttle of g?nuin? Congress water, Tlx. : ' 'Congress ?aler? C. A W."?U without those wordn, It is a value ism, dangerous counterfeit. A* to tha compound* sailed Saratoga powder*, Saratoga salt*. A a , they are net only valueles*. but Injur ous -not po*s*nsing even the virtue* of the common tieidlttz powders of the ?hep* That It i* impossible to form Congress water ar ttfistnlty, we bav* th* authority of the celebrated ctae mut, bir Ilasaphrey Davy, a* follows ?"It 1* >mpos*ible I* raaembine the ingredient* *o a* to make an article ef ?%nal quality, tbe effects of which will be th* same ai the natural water " By ordering from a* direct, enclMing diaft for th* amount ordered, you ean bav* it iafaly forwarded to anr part of the world. W* re ftsiate our caution, to buy th* genuine Oongress water ?nly, af reliable persons, and to examine the lettering ef th* cork brand. CLARKE k WHITE. Cengrcs* Spring, Saratoga Springs, and No 13 Thame* ?treat, New Xork City tanner Rat* for the Promenade, Travel ing, fishing, guAning, Ac. ? The town is In progresa of dentition. The watering places and summer resorts in ths rural district* are, just now, far more attractive thsn the beat enveloped city, and every car and steam beat that Veatea it, carries away hundreds of delighted people All who Inttnd following thu example should nmemUr one necessity? do not leave without a straw hat. In the car, steamboat, fishing, on satitoat and yaebt, it is the indispensable article. The Rocky Moun tain beaver, delightful and popular head covering a* it is, is out of plaoe in the country. It* beauty will b* aoslhilated in one trip on th* water, and tish scales are ?ot giatifying additions t* a well dressed gentleman'* eostune. Remember this, and do not forget the straw bat. Knox has an extensive variety of them at hi* new salsmom on th* corner of Broadway and Fulton st , a* wellaa at bis upper establishment, No. 683 Broadway. Bread brims, narrow brims, bigh crown*, low crowns. Is* straws and coarse straws, Panamas, leghorns and caps at all prlc**, ean be found at e ther place, and we advise everybody who intends to taste the sweet* of rural life this summer, to prepare for it by calling on km. Hew Piano* tor glftO.?Horac* Water*, 333 Ebeadway, is now prepare* to furnish OX octave pianos, with Iron frames and circular scale*, th* interior work aanea*$800. Instrument* at tbe very low price of $1M>. Case perfectly neat and plain, aad piano* war seated to give entire *atiafaotioa Zephyr Caaotaaere Bolt*, 910.? 300 Pair Fine lasa drill pasts, of the moat beautiful pat tarns, at $2 60; smss linen coat*, "a* oool as a zepbyr," fl 50, at XYAMS' clothing vmhoue, M and OH Fulton street. frtdaj, July *41? Thermometer at 9ft? Bras* linen coats, " as cool aa a aepuyr," J?l 60; beautl fal Marseilles vests, $1; whit* line* coats, 62, Ac., Ac., at EVAhS' clothing warehouse, no aad Ott Fulton street. Fury Shirt* ? Uentiemen'a Travelling ebitts, a superior article, at prljes to suit th* time*. American rliirt aad collar manufactory, 219 Broadway, earner of Barclay street, opposite the Aster House. R JEFF. I'KKKIXS, J AS C. 1'AK.SEL-J. Kingdom* Fall, Ajrmle* Fall, Slateomen hii, fcanka and bankers fall, bnt OKKKN, No 1 As tor Besss, never fails in producing shirts that fit to perfec ts*, or ia sending them home at th* hour promised. tanner Oreo* Uooas SC. H. t^ead boater A ?b., ad 7 Broadway, are offeilng their bareges, lawn* and sehsa, at greatly reduced prices, ia order to make room tor their fall goods. Ttey wiU open, this day, three cases tae printed lawn* at A>{c. p?r yard, rich oarege* at Is.; 1st d* beiges at 1*. 6d ; rich plaid and *tripod *llx* at 4a. ; fin* black bareges at 3s. Also good* for batoiag aretscs and nacs^ulto nettings. Bummer Snapendera ? l Kali UHfftmtnt bow ready, in alia ilMUe, vulcanised, Wellington liriM, be., *11 unilities. Abo, Dammar glove* and under gai meats, at low prions, wholesale or retail IRA PEKLGO ti SON, 61 Nilun street Tea Lorg? Itltl Haomi.?Unwt Carpet sstablisbmi nt la the l/'nitetl tits'**- HIKAli A.NDtiK K)MJ, W9 Ilowery. InmiN Btoc* of Kaglinh carpets end oilcloth*, sola at tremendous low price*. ThOM Celebrated $3 75 Steel Ihank Boot! ere ?ade by A, BAkKK, lo ado street. French patent bather boo to from ?& to >7 ; every style of gents' ?bi>e* and gaiters, Rolling off 26, to GO per cent cheaper than eke where. Car loot tie e la New York ? One can be Seen at iWU William itreet, ooe OlecK rrom City liall, Ulooe Be el, that spscioa* building, e-gnt Riorie* bigh. lilt roem*, what render* it cartoa* 1* the fact taat it can afford it* room* at *ucb reduced prloe*; only 26 cent* per day , II 60 per we* k. C bailee' London cordial Uin, which ha* been It* jsars ia n*e m this country, be* no connection or afiiolty with any other article ad vertised a* London cor dial uin. f bia gin I* distilled eepeoally for n* by the oldeat and Bs*t celebrated disttUery ia I/radon, and to secure the ?arty of tbe article, it i* bottled, sealed and labelled aader the *ignatu re of Mr. E C ( bar tea, without woi;h aa?e ? genuine. ( bailee' I oadon cordial gin i* put in *>]uare bottle* of oae quart, tbe word* M'narl**' London Cordial (Jin'' fetewa ia the (la*i, aad la pacaed in caaes of two dozen e*rh. f ii sale by all druggleU and grocer*, prise $1 per bot tle aaa wboleeae by the *ole importer*, lit VKMJUE A UUHi.Ki 136 Pearl etreet. Pettrtone, Cooling and Invigorating.? Pare, ntrkttag carbonated rode water, at Cl'HH MAN'S, 2 n locaowa;, drawn from bio:* tin fountain* of the Uveet isd moat appro red ttud. perfectly tree from all metallic tut*. Only at A. CI SlIMaVrt It CO.'* new drag store, 2>t> Htoadway. Copper In Soda Water. ? Prreon* Afraid of gustlng Impure soda water are invited to etamlne H pare block tin fountain* and appendage*. Is front of hi* itore, comer of Mreadway and Canal itreet. Thee* are the only fountain* of blocs tin m tbe city, notwithstanding ail otter statement* to the contrary. fi asnn IhoaUder Brace*, LadkC Belt* and upanliTT Instruments for Bow leg*, elnb feet, aad ail gtjermltleo of tbe body, oe baad aad aad* to order by Di.OUJVKK, at the Surgeons' Bandage Institute, No. 4 im street. |b|tr'a Sewing Machine* for Billing stank, mantilla and coat linings ? Manufacturers are jr-j *ested to call aad eiaaune oar large *ia* aaattie Vtebiaee. specialty adapted for unliting Ibeee ma f^iae* will use a Bnar thread without breaaing. aad thus ?(>!?>? lee* mlk; aad rana'ng at a eery high speed, ?,)l accomplish far more wura than any otner. Toe I real economy of uslug these macoines can tie clearly ^aeLstraled. I. M. sl.Nc.KK k CO , aaa Broadway. t ' ?i Corn Farina, Corn J^asina^- Whlrn for ciet} inese, delicacy aad nutriment a* an art! ie of food ..A wbokiomenea* a* a diet, eland*. pne.utiM. I're ! M,ed and *old by BKl'4Kl. A H t MaN, WatUiogton kL is, 21b Centre *tr*et, near Oraad. (alrbtlor'i Hair D>e, Wigs and Tonpe**? rbe beet m tbe world. Sinw prieaie rooasa for app.ying lla mnralle. dye. Bewar* of imitation*, Ui*y reauit a rWienk. The largeet "Vri of wig* aad toupee* la Ajneriea. wholesale aad retail, at MaTCUKI/jU's 2&9 Brcedway. ____ (Uiehngb'i Wig* and Toupee)*, ertth hie sewly-iaeebud >kln i. vision, baee taken the lead of ail mb?r*. hell Biting by a new proeeee, light, cool, and ibeir appearance aatjeet to no change. 206 Mroadway, ocraer ol Falton street. Ire Nbaresl- O really litiemid Month Ante* rtaaa lexunea, |uet mtioduced by llll-l., at No. I Bar etreet *nd 4 n Maeesn atreet, lor U.e heated term," pa i j e teat* Infallible oegnent and doral.'a, for pro v >? Ua Ml t-e iAJ; tall ~t I Utter f(?u ilon. Jolin Kluor IJotU, of Vlr- | tlilt ? *icna;on<'. July 9, 1866 ? Meaera W?a S. U tarn 1 k <*o , Gent* -CuD>iotrii<oiu of duty to the ?lHi :t?d j ? lone prompt me to b?ik1 job thla roluat&ry teit.m > ai&l io tbe great ?*iu* of "Carter'* Spamab Mix tur?," ? lor that aljuoat incurable il utM, ecrofal*. Wlthiut b*int <1lapo?ed <>r .1-emiDfc it aecaaaary to go into tbe particular* of the cue, 1 oaa mj tout tne aatoaiahin* i ??ulta that have been pr.i<tu.:?d by th? u >? of that me- > diciue oc a (lumbar oi uiy o ?n fam ly, ?cl i.n l?r n / i two obatimtion hii'l *np-r ut*n en x a'ier th? ??lll of . I lie br?t pbjmcia'-iH b*ii ueeo exa mated and all the usual rmueuiea ha 1 f?il*d. (ally juttify ma in reoom m> nding it* u e to all ?bo may b<> a uttering Tom that dreadful malady I do oot u?mu to aay tbat It ia adapt ed to all eoostltutkn*, or that it will allord tba name relief io ail cae?a; for. o( ? oiUHe, I c*u kuo?r nothing about tbat? but from what I litre even of the etbeta, I would not heaitate io UM it, ia as; and every oaaa af ucroiula, with perrODR lor vbun I fait aa latereat, or over whom I could exeiclae tnllueaee or control Re apeettully youra J.VO M. BUT (X. Carter'! Spaniah Uix'ere can be bad at C. H. Rlng'a, No. 182 Broadway. Piise $1 par bottla. Perfect In Colore, ffttaral, Soft and Bloay in appearance, ia HILL'd improved iaa'antaaeoua hair dye. fvrabla k or brown, the beat in the world, only four abil'laga a box K?ld or applied, prirately, at No. 1 Barclay ttreet or 46 Naaaau ? treat. Dr. S. !? Fitcn, aulttor af the -Six Uctora ea Oo&aum pttoa, ' ' office 714 Broadway, open dally, Clay exoepted,) (ran # ta 6 o'clock, treate coaaump aitkaa diaeaaae af tba heart aao all ohroalo dia MM af malaa aad femalaa. GoaanHattoa fraa. Hernia ?Only Prlxa Medal Awarded to MAHt-H A (X)., by tbe Industrial Kxbibitlun of All Na tionn, for their new patent radical cure truae Refer eneea aa to ita lopariarity ? Profeaaora VaUotlna Viott, Willard Parker, and John M. Caraochan Aa ax 'anil re list of namtaof mercantlla aad otbtr gentleman cured by thia trohH may ba teen at Marah A Co 'a, No. Maldtn lane. New Kurk, and Itareb, Corliea A Jo , No 6 W?at Fourth atreet, Cincinnati, Ohio. Open from 7 A. U. until D P. 11. SarofUla, iUicomatlini, die.? Hyatt a LUb Balaam la aa certain to cure tbe moat painful forma of theaa oiataaea aa water la to quencb tbirat; alao, old ol cere, fever nores, ?ryai jelaa, tha worst ouaae of impari ty of blood, llrerand kldseya, general daoliity, dyapepaia. incipient ooonumptioo, pile*, ke. Principal dapot 240 Grand aireat. 7o etuta per bottle. Rualtton'e Cream Sy rupa and Para Cool Sofa water cau be obtataed nowhere el>e out under tlie A a tor Booae and Broadway, corner of Canal atreet. Vanilla, pineapple, raapbeny, strawberry, chjcolate, lemon and > range flarora. Whliktri or Mouatachee Produced In Six wee* a by my ooguent, wnica won't atain or injure the akin; tl pir bo '.tie, rent to any part of tha country. K. G. GRaHAM, 586 Broadway: Zeiber, 44 Souta Thirl atrtet, Philadelphia; Brigga, 37 State atreet, Albany. Holloway'i Ointment. ? Don't Have Sore bienata ar wore hea?l- don't bare aalt rheum, or any akin dlaeaae. Uae tbla valuable ointment, and no llaao Eted be amputated unleae the bone be daatroyed. Sold at tba manufactories 80 Maiden lane, S. Y , and 344 Wrand, London, aad by all druggirtf, at 26 centa, centa, and tl per pot. Tlie Siege of Sebaatopol ? The newspaper eolumna are all crowded fall Of tbe aiege aad attaoka oa Sebaatopol, But of a aiege nearer home no mention ia made: How vtrmin aad iaaecta of arerr grade, By aightly attaoka and continued ratllea, Of forcea combined like two legged alliea, Are faat lett'ng out the beat blood of tbe nation, And proatratirg low tbe " lord* of creation;" Know Nothing*, Know Someth nga, harda, aofta aad Hiadooa, All anlTtr alike from theae infamoua craw*: Then baate to El. 1.Y0N, Broar way 474; Uae hla powder and pUla, you'll be trou >lad no more. For Fewer and Ague? Dean ler 'a Pi 11a, Khodca, fever and ague cure, each tl ; India ohola?ojne, tl 60. For dropay, grarel, ke , Wol'a'a Schiedam achnappa, tl. For rheumatism, Uyntt'a life balaam, 76 centa, and Mytr'aextraotroca roae, tl Foraappraaaion.obatruction, Ac., Van Hambert'a female monthly pilla, tl. For dlarrhn-a, chokra morbna, Ac., lira. Hayea' ayrap, 50 centa, I.uiar'a ciarrbua mixture, 12)^ eenta. and 26 cent*, at UUION'd 127 Bowery. Btitlk. On Saturday, July 14, Mr*. Edward P. Fox, of a daughter. ?anted. On WtdMidtj evening. July 18, at the r?*ld*nce of the bride'* mother, by the Her. Dr. MUlett, of No. 171 Bait Seventeenth itrcet, Mr. GnoRUR T. Morrinon, of Middlebnry, Vt., to Miie Sarah Ann* Milliekn, of thin city. DM, On Friday, July 20, after a short and painful Ulneea, John Lyonh. aged 33 jeara. Tbe friend* of the family, and thnee of hi* brother*, Philip and Michael, are reepectfally mrlted U> attend the funeral, to-morrow afternoon, at two o'clock, from the reaicence of hla hrottfr, Philip, No. 478 Pearl itreet, without farther Invitation. On Krlday morn'ng, July 20, after a long and severe Ulneas, John Rkady, aged 07 year*. Hla mend* and acquaintance* are reepectfally Inrited to attend the funeral, from hi* late residence, No. 113 Seventh a ramie, at two o'clock Una afternoon. On Tbareday morning, July IV, Bkbnard Hart, la the Ollt 7 ear of hia age. Tbe funeral win take place from hi* late reeldenoe, No. 28 White a true t, to morrow morning, at nine o'clock. Charlrh Edward McGuibb, aged 1 year, 2 mouth* and 10 day*. The iriend* of hla parent* are invited to attend the funeral, from their reatneaoe, No ki Cherry *tr*et, Vhti afternoon, at one o'clock preeiaely . Mo carriage* al lowed. On Sunday, July 16, Robin a Amiua. daughter of Bam nel and Ulaa Tyler, In the 4:'.d year of her age. ller remain* were taken to Greenwood. On Thursday, July 18, Kmily, youngeet daughter of John J and Mary Smith, aged 12 month*. The relative* and friend* of the family are requ**t?d to attend the (antral, from the reaidenoe of her father, No. 71 Second avenue, thi* afternoon, at two o'clock, without farther invitation. On Friday morning, July 20, of oongeatfcm of the brain, I-ai *a, joungeet daughter of Guatavaa and Elizabeth Paulu*. Tbe relative* and friend* of tbe family are requested to attend the funeral, thi* afternoon, at four o'clock, from the realdence of the parent*, No. 179 William *treet. Her remain* will be taken to Greenwood fer in .ermeut. Ob Irtday morning, July 20, of eongeatiun of the brain. Hknky Jocaa, louigeat aon of .Ub-rt L. and Harriet Winahip, aged 11 raobtha and 13 daya. 1 ]>? trend- of tne family are invited to attend the fu neral, tbia afternoon, at three o'clock, from No. 79 Gretne atieet, without further invitation. lila remain* will be taken to Newark, N. J , for .nterment. On Friday, July "20, after a abort but aerere illneae, AaaiJA, wife of John Saeenaa, aged HA year*. Her Irienaaand acquaintance* and tboeeof the family, are reapestlully invited to attead the funeral, from the reaidenoe of hla mother, No la'J renth avenue, ttua af ternoon, at ose o'clock without further Invitation. On Inureday, July 19, of conaumption, Cornklii'ii MrCumav, in the 36th year of bia age. Tke telative* ana friend* are respectfully Invited to attend tbe tunoral. from Mr fKvto Wllaon'a, No 300 Weat FJ|bt?entli atreet, tomorrow afternoon, at two o'tlock. On Friday, July 20, Wii.luh Jamiw. twin *o* of John J. and Am Eliza Van Dalaem, aged 5 montha an t ti any*. I be frtend* of the family are Invited to attend the fa neral, from No. 211 Weat thirty tilth atreet, between Hgkth and Ninth avenue*, to morrow afternoon, at two O clock. On Friday morning, July 20, Harah '1r>b>h, el.leat daughter of the late Joha H. M Call and grand daagtiter of Or Tbomaa lioyd. The relativee ami frlanda of tbe family are respect fully Inrited to attend tbe fnneral, without farther no tiee. to-morrow aftera<>on, at hall peat flreo'aioe* pre eiiely, from h*r late reelriesee, so lul Ninth atreet. On Ihuriday mori.iof , July 19. after a abort and pain fill illneaa, Ix.rne wi.h UbriaUan fortitude, Enwaan M ? Maiior, aged 24 year*, a member of the Lafayette Kuat leer-, Twelfth Regiment. Ihe relative* and friend* of the deceased are reapict fully invited to attead tba fnneral, at oae o'cloca to morrow afternoon, from hia late reaioeaee, corner of Bridge and John atreet*. Brooklyn In the vigor of youth. In the bloom of hie age, He ba? peaeed Irom this woilo of atrife ? Not unwept a toe nor a eorrowiag friend, leaving babind a kind mother, a baby and wife. He'* gone? may hie Joy* ia a happier world Compenaate sow tbe evla of tula. May bi> aoul And repoae- may It reet now la aeaoe Arid inhabit the r^alma of bile*. KaropeaD papara pleaae copy. In Hrook Ij n, on Krlcav, July 20. Fran'Tw F. Pai<*. youegeat daughter of heubea and Fraasee Price, aged i yaara, 3 month* and 13 day*. The friend* anJ relative* of the family are lavlted to attead the lunaral. to-morrow alt*rnoon, at four ov.loek, fnm ha r late rep id* nee, Tweaty Arat atreet, Gowanua. Brunt lyn. In *lUtem?>>urg, on Friday, Jnly '20, Gnoaii* 'Inn, Kn ot George 11. and Fraaeeaa B -mi to, aged 10 month* and 10 d *ja. Ike relative* *nd frtend* of the 'aeiily are Invited to atteaC tbe luaeral, to iromw aiteraoon at two o'clock, from the re?u of bin grandparent*, corner of tautn Binb and Kilth atreeta On Thursday, Jaly 19, of eyaentery, Jon* Wiaeurr, tgen (A ye*r* ill* remalna frill be interred ,o St I'eter'e Cemetery, at Bt'g'n thi* afternoon, at three o'olec*. from the re ticence of hia *< n la law. - anton. No. 'i!3 Waab* Ington *tr??l. Hoboten Tbe 'rlen a o' the family are r??pect'uliy invited to attend the funeral, without far tear invlt.tion, PblledeiphU paper* pleaae copy. ADVERTISE .YEICR RENEWED ETERT DAT. MCLPilW * MncM TEJOIIU -1HK IM. aTHKHING fit tlRAW, F0* the redempli. n o' i??laod body, to en *r for ii'? eternal, will be preact-M Co "onday nest, at 7 >4 e'CK):k P M , at tbe Sattttkr) IW H at atieet. Heete free Publicatx-aa containing thle not trine :?n be obta ned at the S-itetuarj-. FLATUO CABM. PIJkTTNG CARDH or KVkjtV nwcmiPTurN-rcH ?ale at the Union <-erd Manufe^tory, 177 aa ! 179 Grand atreet, aaar Htoadway, laelaelag *1og a aa* ernble kead* araem*eterf aao plain, aad Twano-i *? M I m *TWx aa tmxm tare ?ai?, w?u *i?iuni 1 Md I i? u>i< wt ? wry, made mjtmmf tar Inline nw njBuc&nonB. IRVINQ'8 NEW AND GREAT WORK. ? THK LIFE OF (??org* * aabiogton by Waahiagtoa Irving fo b? ctnpletedln tt?re? ocUro vtf udmi. l"he toui.i ? Iid->a of thia loo* expacted an<l important work Mia preaa, the firnt volume being ready far delivery, aul in* <i?l> Dink now tDDUiiur pt It U printed oo doe ptper, in pieii tj pe, of over 600 pagaa, with three or uior* iwf trai'a *od ilaaa, end thia eoitioa u publiab?d u^oovl 1) bf nuMcriptioa, at (2 a volume. Subacrtnii ??? >? ceiveo b j tbe general agent, CHARLES C. KK v Nd at U a office 07 Gilaey Building*, or at Mr. Diaturoeli'a map ?tore, 197 Broadway. rrn ATLAS WU.L BE INTENSELY RICdl AND SPI J* X to morrow. Looal mature will bs principally dm ruarftd Tbe Joseph earlndle will b? elucidated ? >u Inalgbt will be given into the true cbaraor of Fer nando wood, Major, and Jamae M Smith. Recorder? tbe gamlilere and poller m?a will be rubbed uowu a lit* le? tbe Court of Sa??iona will be ibown up ?the ap point mnnt of Captain of the Nineteenth waft poiioe will be reviewed ? the Hege of Hloomiagdale w 11 give an opinion ? while the mlrcellaneona and literary aa'.ter will ba much more thaa usu%lly iatereetlng, initructlvo and amuxlng. Tboea who mira te morrow a A'.laa wi I lo?e a rich nawapapar feaat. I'riee 3 seote. OlBce 44 Ann (tn et. ."eld bjr all tbe aewnnen and boy a. UNPRECEDENTED H %LE Tna demaad exhauata 1,000 ton km * day. Etc ry body la reading THE WATCHMAN, A companion to <'Tne Lamplight#'." The nvdaiaigned woald itate that the demand ha* b?en to great lor thla tanU Book, that, with ihe utmoet endeavor, we hara found it al moat impossible to keep the work in print, althon<h our editionn hare be*n 5,000 corn ? kaob. Onr arrangement* are luch at preetnt thai we e^iall be enabWu to bind 2,000 COI'IM A HAT. To tbe book trade we would atata, that in future there will be no delay in aupplying the demand. The pr?na of the I'nittd SUtee hara been unaalmoua In praiae of tliia tbrll'Dg work We are aleo In reJaipt of private letiera frcm head* of famlhea atmsg'y eulog ?tlc of tbia book. I'riee for the complete work, hanlaomely bound In onr volume, cloth, la one dollar. toplea of the above wotk will ba Rent to any pernn, to any part of tbe United tttatea, par first mall, free of poatage, on their rrmltting one dollar to the publlaher, la a letter, poat paid. H. LONG & HRO , Publlahera, 121 Naaaau atreet. PEUSOtAI Ha. h? you will kind in the bottom post a Office leitera re<iuirlng your immediate atten tion S*ml your pr?*nt ?d irma to me at once, and Hare trouble by attending to th'a. HE.NRtf. IK WILLIAM BROWN, NOVA St'OTIAN, WILL 0U.I, at No 6 Aalor place, he will bear of important new* from Lome. When laat heard from waa In Harlem. 0. R O N tSIL IK ROBERT IXOYD, WHO FORMERLY t.lVKD WrTH Dr Hough, of Eaaex, Oon aec 1 1 c a ' , ia in tbe city and will rail at 110 Broad atreet, Ike will bear of iomalhing to hiaben?flt. IF MR. JOSEPH BARBER CALKS AT 157 MAIDEN lane, he will bear of aom ? thing to hia adTanta ge. IF THE 1'ERfrON WHO DIRECTED A NOTE TO MRS. D , at tbe Union aquara I'oat office, will call or di rect to 118 Baxter atreet, they will receive a'l attention required. MRS. D. INFORMATION WANTED-OF MARY *ND ROBERT Ary, aged ilxteen end eleven year* who left l.iate riek, Ireland, for New York la October laat. Any Infor mation of them will be thankfully received by Michael Ary, Wappioger'a Kalla, Dutch*** count j, N Y. INFORMATION WANTED? OF JAMES WALSH, WHO left New York on the 7th of June Uat to go to New Jeraey ; ia ?*vrnt?en yeara of agn; wben laat heard from waa with Mr. John Cox, in New Brunswick, hi* o:cupt tlon waa firming any information cnternlug him will be thaokfu ly rooeivwl by hia brother and alatar. Joba and Mary Wul?h, -M I'earl atreet, N Y. ; if he <a In New Ifrunawick, he la deaire<l to come to New York. ML.. YOUR LAST HA8 BEEN RECEIVED, WITH a cncloxed. I hare amn B. L. and M are wait Write again. N N. MR. H. WEBBER, WHO HArt Br^N ABSEN T FROM New York for tbe laat three yeara, can flnl hl? _bter by applying at 210 30th atreet, between Eightk and Nlalh avtnuea. NOTICE.? IK ANNA TAYIXIR, OTHERWISE LAM BERT. otkerwiae STa\ DOI.l'H, or (If daad] any of her next of kin, or bua<Mnd, If living, will apply to Mtiara. Andrew* & Smith, aolicitora, 40 (Donegal atreet, Belfaat. Ireland, abe or they will hear of aomethlng t > their aavantage. Tbe aaid Aoaa Taylor formerly re-I I'd in Ilrlfaat, Ireland, but emigrated to Amensa in th<' year lh^a.and alter warda uiarrled a per eon named George Taylor, and afUrwarda, aa la auppoaed. married a paraon named .Slaydolpli Ap .ly, in New York, to THOM Art KIEWART, attorney at law, 0V Wall atraet. QATURDAY, THE 218T, I WILL BE AT IHt SAME iTl place. I Intended to have met yon on Monday laat, at half paat tan In tbe morning. TE. L? NEW ORLEANS LN TOWN; DONT GET a excited. ipkcial ao-ricics. CIBARLE3T0M C ITY D1RI CTORY ? THE CtTOEN i OF / New York are cautioned artlnat paring any loml of money doe the Cher lee ton City Directory for t4nr tiring or lubacrlptioni to u; other than theaubecribere, who are the only pereona autboiiied to collect duee on the work JAMKM, WIIXIAMH k GITflMlER, Charleston, H. C. "\T0T1CIT0 MERCHANTS AND MANUFACTC RER*4. .11 The nnderiigned will it?rt <>? tbe flrat of Augi/it 10 ttarel throughout the whole iouth and Weat, fur the purpose of circulating the card* Mil advertuenu-nta, and pollening of orlrr* for mer<-h?nta and manufacturer*. Having been for eeveial jearaengaged in this ocsapaiian, be I* veil acquainted with all the principal bun Hfi men of the South and Weit; and belag also poeaeeeal of an abundance of the very beat lentimoalal*, be can be safely relied upon, both (or effi"l*ncy and Integrity. Pleaae addreia 3. C. A Lotridge, licrald office. THE 11FMBF.RS OF MANHATTAN WOOK SO. 20, 1 0. of 0. F., are notitiel to appear la full regalia, at their lodge room, 274 Grand afreet, oo Handay, July 22, at half fart twelve o'cloci, to pay the last tribute uf respect to our late worthy brother, George Wade. W. Smith. P. H. T. YOSSH, S. a. UA. O D.? THK MKMBER8 OV COLUMBIA GROVE a No 4, are re<|ueat*d to attend th?i n?it meeting o the Grove on Monday the ild iaat., to take a Uon no ? mactlmani* to the bye law*. By jrder POtRY BKITON, N. A. Warms 1*. Vhhh, Secretary. "VTAl E COLI F.GP.? MEETING OF THE ' I *83 OF lkl?. J The Cla?? ( f l"4i. will cel..>pr?te tneir decennial an nirerrary, on We?:nee<lay , July The hour o l pla e of meeting will be nettled at a preliminary ga'.aering to be held at the < ollege library, on Tueeday, July 2?, at 4 o'clock P. It EDWARD OIJHTEAD, Secretary. THK TI RF. NEW YORK, J1 LY 20, 1H.S4. ? HaVTHG 8EF_N a not'ee in the HtralJ that Mr Whelpley wanted to trot bl> atail'on Wll.tam Tell againat an* -ulMon, I will trot tbe atalliun Jrhn Kerne aga'n?t WlU'am Tell, any race that he may name la harneae or to wagon*, an 1 Mr, Wbelpley can name tbe time bo atart, for one thouatad dollar- aaiie, or for aa much more aa he pl?a-ee , or ao j other ftallioa la the worii. Apply to HAM in. TRl'ESDKLl., 172 Merrar atreet. T) TCRKM1N ? 8IATE OF NE * YORK, CI rY ASK county of Sew York. u. ? K I'arker of eatd ft / t>? iag duly iwrrn, ?aye, That on the lHtb da? of Julf, l?.r?j, be met Mr. R W Trundy at bla office in New York, le relet on to the late trotting match between "Hontag" and - flora Temple'' on I'tion f'ouraa, I/Ong laland, Juf ft lt>.Sk, and at ?och interview It waa agreel that Mr. Truady and depones* ahould meet at 4 o'clock, P. M . of the lllb July, 1*66, at the offloe of a J. Perry 51 Ijt*ity etieet, for tbe purpoaeof Inveatigatlng tb* bu*l neaa ?f eald race. Iieponerjt with hi? ?r-en 1* attended at the t>B* and pla:* Mr. Trnady fa' lei to appear, wbich forever aettlea tbu diaputad r{teat>on a. i'ARKER Sworn before me tbia 'JOth day of July, 1H&, town F. Corky, Cammi*?ioner of Deaua. T| N10N OOIRJK, LONG ISIJkND? TROUING.-ON U Tueaday, July 24, at 4 o clock, P. M.. a match for ??, 1 00 mile beata. beat three in fire, to wagooa. J luilela Damn b. g Hard JUm.l I) Piiler nam? a. g. Major Rfgera HUAW k WHIfE, PropneVwt rTUI LOVER!) AMD IRIBDBU Of PINK STOCK. - Tk* ??UI>rat*4 tberewfbrad rttlll' i Wild Inahaiaa Will etaa4 t?r ali?iU4 aatnWer of nana Ike taieliui eae tea. at the Red II >aae ataklee, a? $4u ike Maeoa All ne> aej? -n be aal4 I e'er ? aereiag the a art 4.U eaeidaate at therUkef^ew^r.^^^^ ?OCWH, RO<) ,mt, A( , w* *TKD W!?v*ibi r*,TrAiiK WAvrEn? F?m a fttr, F faaA>. wMitn one honr aitiatane* frem *>e? York, for on* or two mootha. Full aatlafac'ion fr>a *? V> rare of pr?ml?ei, furniture, Ate. A<tdreee J V. , bo( 1,071 Poet ? Are, etatlrg Witloo. tens*, It. TJ OOHK WAjmi>-FOB FIR-I C1.AM BOMMR'; J 1 thro* or ft ur atoriea and ba*etn*nt. iun* not -n noeed tl.'J'). l?cauon between lil??!,ter aad F i?r te??(ti etr?et< and Fourth anil -ixth a'emiea. Ad iraaa A. A. B , Klpreaa office. I<>Wt I AM?? WAHTFD TO pt KCIH?K, l<l*t landa loeatad by N. Height for pare- n< re-' ng In aad near New York. Apply to i*. H HATfl^iV, i. i Na?aa<i atraat, third ftotr, f .-ont room. tEJ A>Tt.U?V) I'l'RCHASE, A Ft'IX I OT 01 0R0C1D

y}f t*t?e*a ? fcrlntopber and ?'>ih ete , w> ?t ol flih arenee A flitreee etetlnr pri^e, %e., J I^Ouoa, ear* of K. i Tun eon, tts Veeey at 1*7 AWrtP? Tf> II IKK OR PI IU HA K A ?M*U. ' if W Vat ? boat* locatUn preteire-1 w??t <>4 ? war and be'ow T> Irtj aerond etreet. Addreee Cnt'eg ?, uat HI ftioaflway I'oat Offiew, ??'AN7?n to him? part or a hocmf h< a V? tami'y of thre* paraoae. eker* tt>era ? ii M i? rneotk*r fa?< i> a the aoa>a ow th* aaet etle ?' ?*? treg "'?< 'et'e' IIi>"i>'mi iw ||i? i???* T ' ? rate Re<?re?eae eiehaaged. A*<ueaa W. B U. hot 1M Herald efflea. A ?? AtTIVk. IADY wmn a MTl'iriOS, A"4GOVtiUHJB IS a private family, *i i r D tu-. f4 nth o? Cuba, to ibxUunt 1U th? ft nn . ' ' . ? "i-m i tu Gtflib edoea t?n. > loreaa, Hit M./i? A. A. C, Brook fyo l'cat Office, AKlR^r RATE DTtEF;- Hi KRIt VV 1NT9 TO IIIRE OUT by tbe m ?utb or ( a uu ?r ? o !? cutting and tt ting children 't .-I tbiL-r; >? % v ry line aeametreea; abt ia willing to (ravel x.ttt a l?1y. Avply at 4 Patehin place, Auio* Hi , near ti'.b avenue. A FIRST R.\TK GERMAN COOK WANW A 8ITCA tioo ID a private family ; -be ii a goo 1 baker, aad uailfiatan<'l all kinii* of pu>try and jelilee Caa (It* wry aai i?factory referenda. ('all at 4*) Frankfort it. , for two day*. A WET NUB31 WANTED ? AT NO. 10 SECOND A p!ace, :?u'h lirvoklyo She muat be health v, cTtan aad aeat, with a fra-b breast of milk (four or Ave month*); a Scotch woman preferred. Apply) with certi ficate of pb;aiclan and good reference* aa to character, immediately. ARE8PBTABLEY0LNQ WOMAN WANTS TO GO TO Europe or California aa atawardeaa, or would wait on a lady and her etui. Iron, and woul'l f?T? her eervire* a* compensation for b?r p***ug*. Addrean \|ra M. W, --h7 3otb tt, betw?eu Uth and 10th aveuuet, for two day*. A RESPECT* HI K Y?UNO PROTECTANT WOMAN dttiree a utuutlon, a* Brut clta* meat and paatry cook ; underatanus her duty in all ita breaches, ha< lived with acme of the hlgheet famiUee. Pleaae apply at 371 Powery. No objection to tba country . FRENCHMAN W14HE8 TO UNO A SITUATION AN waiter, be can furnlab the beat of city referonce ate call at Hixtli avenue. ( all for two day a. A AN AMERICAN BOV, ABOUT SEVENTEEN YEAR* old, la wanted to act aa ptge to a Uiy and gentle nan traveling; be mutt poatea* a knowledge of boraea nod underatand driving Addreaa Snaldera, H*ra]d office, ?fating when and where he may be aeen None except tboae competent and of tbe required a<e need anawer. T)0Y WANTED ? IV A FURNISHING AVI) HOSIERY |1 more, an Intelligent :.oy, about 10 yean of age, re aio lug with hia partntx In tne neighborhood, who l>?a already been in a atore, ('referred Apply at l.'l'2Cknal li C1HKUTI AN HOME FOR FEMALE SERVANT^ ON / Thirty eighth "treat, between fourth and Lexlng ton avtnnea ? Governeimee boueekeepert, alio eervaale in every capacity, *up|.lied from this Institution. A French auree aad aeamxtrea* waiting for an engage nnent. D CRACKERS ? A SMART, ACTIVE MAN, ACQUAINTED with tne butineaa, wishes a iltualion aa driver, or would purchase a route at a r-aeonable price, or would llae aome other out door buiineta. W. KEII.AW, Ne 129 Ninth atraet, two door* went of Broadway. IU'O C1.ERK WANTED? AT 1H7 AVENUE B. MR. llaumgarten will pleaae call, if diaengaged. Drug clfrk fully quai.ifiid for a retail and preaciiption buiineta, wao can loan bit employer two or three hundred dollar*, <m am ple eecurity. Such a one will be liberally dealt by. Ad dreii Do -tor J., Herald office. Drug <i>rk wanted.-a YOtJKQ mas/awt Hi or & year* of age, on* that it competent to araiat in compounding preacriptlona ; a Oermui apeak log Kngliah fluently and aader*taudlag the Kngliah pre acription bualnt* preferred. Apply at tM Hayard atreet, immei lately. T7N0L1HH WAITER WANTkl) ? AN ENGLISH WAITER X j wanted who uaderatande hia buninexa thoroughly, aad can come well recommended. None need apply ei eept a llrat rate one. and who can bring tbe beet of rifereoc* from hla latt employer Apply at No. 104 l'earl atreet. back office, up atalra, between 9 an 1 10 o'clock, A. M. Farmer wanted.-<>ne who has sufficient knowledge of farm. eg, gardening and tree*, to take charge of a country place, and wbo baa un<|uea tlonable reference a* to in.luatry and boneaty. Addreti box No. 313 I'oat Office, Newburg, Oranja county . Farmer wanted ? a hinoi.k, temper ite, ataady man, w> o umleratanda farm and garden work, and the care of a boras aal cow?togo to Connec ticut, and work on a anal! farm of '21 acre*. One tbat U willing to work may apply at HQ Broad at., Imme diately. QTEW a I i aitnatkn aa ite~aril??*, or to travel with a lady. A'ldree* Utile Harwood, Herald offi-.e, atatlag where an Interview may be had. ^lic >T1< iN WANTED? BY Tffo VFJIY ROPE" TvBI.E * German girla? one la a good plain cook, aa 1 a llrat rate waabar and irener, or la willing to do general houae work; the etheraa chambermaid and waltreaa, and la a good newer, or to aaala' In wnahing aad Ironing both apeak English and Frmcb can give tbe beet of raxim menriationa. I'leaae call at 2A1 Bowery. SITUATION WANTED-AH P0RTER. IN AN IRON OR O fcanlware ?tore by a man of eighteen year*' axpe Hence in the buaineae ii tbia city, ia full/ competent to receive, deliver, pack, and make goo' a. Setiafactory re ference from hi. laatempluyere i'leaae addreaa Porter, Ilarald office MirCATIO.N WANTED? AS COOK, IN A FAMILY; underatand* all klr>4a of cookery and fanry dUnee a I klnda of aweetmeata, pirkle*, aad aweatdiahea, la alwaya ready to prepare for auppsr partita, Apply at 7 2hib atreet. SERVANT GIRI. WAVTMM-ONK THAT 18 * 090D cook, wather tad iroaer ruuat b* able to r*al in I writ*, and willing to mak* haraelf generally u <eful At dree*, in own bBBdwrttiBf, A. H , HeraJd ofH;e, atating wb ra can to b* ind. S1H ATI' N WANTED? BY A W>PWrAHIJC YOtTWi man. aa li/ht porter, in well evroatotne-l to work, aad would deiot* tba whole of hi* tim? to the Incareat of bia eaployr. L'neic*pUon*ble reference (Iveii by addr*ealc( a note Vo J. E., 29 lawn atreet will be prompt I) ?tt? nded to. TO 8JIIRT HAND8? WANMJI, A KEW KIN'K 00-0 tf maker*. Apply to J. M. Daraln, Jonfe h <o , 104 William itraet. w W1 T) FA1CUEK? t-nVATION WANTED AM JEAVf Bt/??? - A married lady, wboee ti ,<*?n i will be ab tent from tba olty far a few month*, deairee to olW.n a ?itoaUoa In a respectable family u aeamatr*** wbere li tt labor wouH be received aa full cjinpeoea'.ioo for board during bu ab~?no* la a good dre*a Jiaker, kt. Addieta Hra. S , Uerald.nlbee. j o i moaum.? wanted, an active in COM p?uot ornf*i?t a?<i apotlieeary, to taka ina astir* management of a retail eaublmtiwent in a Southern cliy. A<ldre?" bos 1,667 I'oat Offi :*. The uidbEMMNEn. o? the rim ki??t or twenty fire cent* aoaloaed with a puet*i(e atatap ?lll place any pa mod in the way of mating from 920 to t '-'i per w* r k Addreee I'rof. S M l.yon, "tratfoM, Coo* ANTED - 0<K>I> < AP FINI-liKK Wa.VTI 1)11 1 IJ Maiden! ormD-nr a mmwumu onuux mk? a TV altuatloa ae eham'>erme'd ?nd ?u??r an 1 lrofMf, or to do plain -ewittg. rn<i beat ol fity refer<-ao*e * ren inquire at M Read* it , near Hud too at. tT NI R.-T WANIED ? A Hr.Al.THV Y'/l N> WO man ?itb a fr??b breaat of inlla to n 'I* a ]? uof Infant Apply, wtth r-rtiti aio of pbya an or other ree?mnirndali> na at 166 Amity atreet. Hreoalyn, befor* tf A M , ?r from 1 to 6 I' M IjL AMUJ-MV A RE I'l < . v Bl K %'jUKS, U YV y?ar< of age, e-itut'l.e ae wet bum* ia a re perlaM* family Kefer?n-?a rio be glren Ajvly to Mr? Win liarnater. 211 Mo>4 ?r*et Brooelya. *? WANUD? BY A -v ?B >? R, IND HTRIOIN TQINtt woman, a al'.oat on, to do (?aeral ti'iatee >rk (he baa teletaaoee, and jkiih to b? ? raploye : by a nap ct able f imilj the hae no objection t o ?o a abort dmao** in tb* eountry 1'leate tpp'y at Ktet Mth t , oor ?er of aTtnn' I >, third 8 tor, frtnt room WA.MTD? A mm I K A'it > WOU \X Pi IHt HOI if. wora aaO toe eittre **abin? aa>' Irotlag of a fa anly , none but a "> ?j/?tent p?r?oo, arttb icwmJ e fy r* eemmandatton, will do Apply at No. >1 Ntate at , prl Tat* door NlRMt.? wa'.thi, a MTOAIKW wi:r Dure* by a baaltliy lleet of r*feres?*e gieen, i en be ae*n at 71 Rtitger alip. Wfuntra-k mat and tidt uiru to di houaewr.rk moat b* a ( ml waaBer ao I lr"Ber, aad npalla to do pUia :oo i n< Owe wit a ceod eity re lar'nc*, and r .*><<? u>at to do the aboee, aa l noa* Ot bar, n*j tyflf at IT V*?1ry atreat. Wf ANTI n-BY AS KXCKRIKNCrDYOf S?i ? a at nation aa o>.ra* aol ?**?iettw*e ? <a Iring tM t"t "^*wimaotat ou?. ilia r? oii^ctioa to trarel. I'leaa* 'ail f?r two data at 13A >m ty at , ceteeea Ilea ry ea 1 < Ui<?, Brooklya. ? ITaMIFD ? A PR?/TK?TAsr WOllA". Tfi lf? '?fiK VV if wuh ii| u I irnaiaf vtlb t>* b*a*. r rferea . ?f Apply at t.l Meet dit at IITiMHM HIDMI.E WOM V, ] W p'? a ooo?. ?iah-rii>: Iruoer ie?e ti.? | |Mt of ?M| refet?a<-?, aa Um ? ?a ion *ill *>e f a?at. Ad4r*aa a. f. W , bof 1?7 Meraid oS'*. ? arAM,I>_A hrtl ATWiN l.V A "tXlTtH '*IRt. Tm V* at'eao to eh Mtm at -bam *ora. Hae ' e boat ' of ? Ity reie/et r* U rw|a>r?<t I > , i f at ^>1 7 1 ?> are i aa*, r itarMlltlai , Mian ??/ ANTED? A rRrvCH 81K> " A, T? fam ly aa 1 : i a ,ra? at a*a- itl-e.a Api-.y ' at *'> ' e'oo pla<e enraerof Into a" II IMlli hV A YOI Nt> < ,TH ' Ta.'iT, k? 1 V? '?! wrth her (.a ?at< a > ta?t oe ?? f >*?ri??? it < f tae family ?? ? nj rhU1r?a la via'"!1#! ia *.n? "lU ?-a r l>ra*?a*a, m Iteanof wntiaf, frtm m>r an wit hiatnry mtetmn, m efa ai -?"a <? ? aa'fotfuiy tad b iaay r*^. ? ' an c, a r|i*r awn 1r?e #i aid ?>'? ao ->* a to |> 1 **ib of tw Caluott ? a a a v t *?i* r oe aa*r* a* ?? }-?t toaa ?a-t y At raw h !rv>t ot -f>>* at. fern > pre'errad. for other part "iter* i*i ure ir < o*< tt p o/ataor of a'iaM, i.4 ?ra*4*af, *aUl ** g*#?d q; s'?b-?T a vrJtY K?>i ?/ rt?t ? Axr-ic ? If J??l| ataia, a Blaatwe ae a (fee awl to to t*e >??' o' eity r*0 1 tu aaa b* I * ? a itaaae aati at 13* Ihuty Utk ?tr??t *> acdraaa iiitekoth WAirra. 117ANTKD-A Hirt-ATION, BV A Rl^l'WCTAIHJC, v v ate?ij. eoher joueir tii.n a* c'era ui e ?? ul^ejo dru? (lot*, or u ?o i*i?kke?.|..r <Uo ^i Ii a tcellmi mala m? to flomptiUBcy ?nl mtf?;ter ,-tt ery lot 10 muck in object ?te?ly vU ?? A. Sir. ? ? ?. F , liioadway I'oet Ofliiw WJ AN1ED? BY A KW'KT MS i,,rt|. ?? with eicelleat p-ferenoe*. ? ?.\a*Uja .> l?'lv? maid or teamalreae. Ail lre>e '1 >7 WiliUm ?t 'w.w< ?a Dua'.e and I'rarl eta. WANTED? A WOMAN THAT I'NDERSTaSDS mak ' ioK?il kiada .<i paetry Mid tea cakei. Apply at u>r? room , fct Nicholaa Hottl. Waniki' \ .srri atios, hya yoi.'No woman, r<i dojeneral homework , II a good oook, weaker aa 1 Ironer. la bow living, and ran be km (or a law 'Uya, at :>(, Boad it "117 AN TED? A SITUATION, BY A IWPEQUBLK Vt marri' l wruian, aa wet nuree. Oood referenoe If required. Apply at tfi 0tb avenue. Can be nee# for two daya. WET NI RSK W4XTED ? FOR AN INFANT NINE moatlia i Id. Apply, with rwomnio latioua, at lul Willow at , Hiooklyn. WANTED? A GIRL, FROM 13 TO IH YKAIH OF age, to take cara of a onild ao<l maka h?r?"lf iiw tul Apply for two day* at No. 1 Veranla place, four door* from Clinton at/rat, Brooklyn. ?tiki AMKD-BY A RWKOTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, W a altuatlon, aa good plain cook, drat rata w ?? b? r and Ironer; the baat of city reference. Apply at .177 Kaat 12th at , third floor, front room. WANTED? A FIRtIT RATE (XKIK, AT Til IYER'S ilMaurant, rorner of Wbit> at. und Broaivay None ntt-d apply bat thoae that can bring gooJ recom mendatkn* in every reipect. WANTED? AN AMERICAN, END MSB OR FKKNI gill, elxtrrn to tweaty yeara of afe, ana aecue Umied to t?kri barge o I an lufaot, and a good pl? a a?w or, will receive a good home and from t- to t- '>0 par month, by applying at #8 Lexington avenue, corner JrtJi atifet. ANTED- AT THE GREAT REPUBLIC DINlNii room*, aararal young ladlea aa waiter*. None but tbo?a fully competent need npaly ?0. SWIFT, 113 Fulton atreet. WANTED- A I.HOII MAN f-'KRV \ NT, T< i nEHVE 'S a private family, muat bring beat of reference*. French or German preferred. Addreaa D. J., box 1,133 I'oat Office. W WANTED- YOUNG MEN FOR WIIAUNU VOYAtiM. Young m*n wiahlng to go to aea can obtain aitua tionf at any time, carpentaia, c?o|>?ra and hlackamith" alto wante'l. Aitvanca allowed ol lrnm i'>0 to |:r> to outiU with clot lung. Ac. Kandall A Robtan, 161 South atreet, corner I'eck alip, up utaua. WANTM)l-KOR WHsLIKri VOYAUES, MKN, WITH aom<- experienre at Ilia bunineaa. Vioo u binda ? young American men, VI yearn of ?Ka aim coopera, c.arpentera and blacksmith, cooka an4 atewarda Apply at 'iO Weat at , near plar No. 4, N. It. WAKTODu-A PROTESTANT MAN, TO TAKE CMtK of a bou-e. milk and work In tha gu<lan. I' i a r*ally good man liberal wagea and a permanent place will be givt o. Apply at 7Ti I'aarl ntr. et, up ataira WANTED? TWENTY WAIlKRs, to 00 TO CAI'E May. Apply at Of* Leonard atreet, Hell 'a lotelli g?nea offlca. ll'ANTKD-AN BWIMT IIOOKKEEl'Wt. -rili. TV adrertlMr la leaving bia praaeut engagaiu"ut no account, of entering Into buaineaa on hia own accmnt, and can Introducn a gentleman of raapectatililty, whi a lully qualiflail to All hia aituatioa. Apply, In oivn hand writing, encloalng raforancea and (I, to defray the ea prcaea of thin adTertlaeacent. Ilia alrertiaer *111 re gillie from the gaatlernan ?o roga^el. Thor> selected will have tlii-lr dollar returned to them Direct Counting Houae, Herald offica. Wantkd? a nuencAi. fabmm, a kabved man, of unexceptionable i-haracter an I a Pr< *?* tant, to take entire charge of a farm ia Nrw Jeraey, one bour'a rioa from tbecliy; baat of refarencea rwiu rad. Addreaa N. 0., Herald office. WANIEfV_A YOt'NO MAN. IS A STORE AND FOCN ill] ; muat lurniah the b??t of t?aUiaontali aa to bouenty, capability and ia<lu?try Muat unlarataad bookkeeping, and write a good band Make appllca'.i' ii immediately at 043 Water it , before VI o'clock. WANTM)? A SITUATION, IN A fOM HON houae, by a young man of eight y*?re' ex |<?nee 'e, and far the paat four haa bae* principal atleainari in oa? of the largeat eatabliah nanta lu the Weat Ota g;v? '.be beat reference* aa to character, capacity, Ac. Ad'lreea J. B O., Ilinid office. WANTED? A PORTER ? ONE WHO H Alii * In deliver and receive g <?da. Muat be an Amerfxa and come well recommendMl. Apply at 12 "tone atreet. WANTKD? THREE OR FOUR ENTERPRISING \ Jl'N<? men la a reepactahla boeineaa. >*l*ry f r o na t?> to $30 per month Apply to T DellAC'o.Nn 6 'A ion way, up itaira. Houra irom 8 A. M. to 6 I'. M. WANTED? A IJID. AM A-l^TAST BAR TENDER AT Wigglaa* Hotel, <<m?T MmI plank r .?1, l? I,, four m ilea from Fulton ferry, imme iiat*ly ixjol ra cobib* noal loaa or referencea re>ialred WAVT?D? A WIY, IN A SKOAK STORK. TI|W ?> * V. Salary fl 60 per week. <>ee who can :oa>e well recommended aa to boneety aobriety, Ac , A-., *. j t, ply at .?0)4 Fulton atreet, befoie 12 o aioca TUB THAUKM. COOTOIKIR8 ? ?(K>D OOWWirORH f'a.N < a i tb* bent totli, at tha hi(b*at rat?a, to 1 for waaka, by applying thla ni rmcy at ilaktr, (?/i ? n ? Co 'i prut n? ofltca, Trlbuna Ilullclnga OAMNMt ?A mnm.K a<; ki? u m. OWK j cbilil ti i? ? tiiornijfb kn<,ai?-V? of h.a . - a boa nl??< Kiuia of th<" r? op* ?>' I. th a? (rapt* Id M? iy<un??y in which ha h?? ?r. ! ? ?1 yaart tl?o ? gnod plan' to! Ta?at?bl" grr a? a*. draat W. K , M- "r? Ihoibuin k < ??> l'> iofiQ -,tra ' B'OKEMan wan Hi)? in A aumXI MAKl'FAC tary In Uia country To a 6r?t tlMM >'? ?? * ? - ?1 ?*ltry ? !l I* k i r?-n . Noi? otli'-ra o-?'t apply > h* ? ?ith fuj; tkfcr^DC**, K. B J , ll*ral . oth PKmmumo orauiou wastu^-at thj r?D'lii tou? of irt, 2M Krt44>tf 81 IWUNrhS'l.ING AlUUITf' n'KK ?A Ili.o l.r ctl ??'l pr? rtfp?BUr '.'T?rf his i?.fi ? ? li 4 ?tBtltnan who latefxW U> bull I cr <n? b? ?. ? ? a c'.ty or country. AiMrw. a Itoric, Inm ? .u? I . t Owet. Tik r.K iiji -w antii', Mil n tin f ? f t -1 *r .>U*ntl? atraat, llrootl/n. WiV'TOW AN KXPKRIKNCCD OPTRA OS ( ?r a ahuttl* nf-hiaa, ran flc I r .t ? in: a ipioy bx at it *i|?ttct A lUhB'r, M >?; 60 I jlt*n at WANtRI' IMMKIif ATK1.V? A OOOI> FlU: ?'<! JElt. 1 n*tint amploy maot, fail prioa, c??b ???fj "?t'ir")?y will ha gi?n Apply to' *.t(? H?itl?ry, ?! tfc? HI* factory, So. 4 forth ? n4 ?'r ?' WllUtrr (bll|. ttic uhiuh ticifnos. HAVIN'J rD.S MY SAMF. t'AKD Is 'Uf . vHV?V J la*?ua r?port ?? I 'Jo h?r >/ 'if j banof ?.*?? th?r? ? tii in y r<,ns*m' r ?[..? ? j< bSTi*> ao f<.nn?c'io? wilh that orrtar, bos/ a loa. r%\ | Ja" fMJUKtra, i>jfuit?bi* of it* T???ty nrat ?ar! j r (\i\ ""** Of wnwoB cLtEur, mon ft | OvUI r?turo?i 1 '?? I' ia! I'jbl.n l^jrur, '.Vb iki, bran um m n#?. r-u?, ? t 'iu? | ac.feoappa, l/tmdtm tut llal f in bl?'? t*rrj ?> f, ?hlto i br?o4j, for pr???r>in< ?n4 all iiu, -rt?l .( ,/<??, ( aa(*ra, V , far aaW Ij I M liUlll.1 A MAT."' 1 ? M Itfifnui t treat / <IIAMI'A(. S W IMF. riWR Tr I I , I- 11 V* ff?? ??? ftMMi H nr.' ''nt?(.n? a ?illarjr *?? | bMktta 100 half b???a'? 1 1 r.a? . baak**.. for ky J f 1 k 1 . M an't !'. Mi . "a iaa (<LA*rf WI>K WCAHKH ICX--MKAIM A'i/i II I I bb<l? ? Ittb ub4? w> luff '/r ht. Kn*flw ; ? | ^rai# ? i"lar*t 1 lt#r aaaa "l Jj i?i aai ( U'j .1 rant <?!*?"' 100 balf 'a*ki t Jtllaacbn'. til.av/a! For aaia If I. H MMI"?"-> A 1 4 Hair a- a U aat WIMIr AHI> IV BOSD Jrsid* CV*. tem Bnu?* Um$, la tha orlflBal j . a^aa, traa- I diaa Wit" f.m, flarata. rbant afaaa , * r' ad ',?? >n ? (ktb ?a?*a ? ? '? ? r ? r??,a aril 1 ^a t ,? aala tj I ? II *!lll''"S A B" ? It .1 mi at I IWttAI* M kil FT" I IK KKTttVfUEW, HlOfr.-- '?t ? 7,1 (ran'-l'rM, *?( n| aa tha U?f?aa*<, -tf . :? in'f rma '.?r (!??#.? aa'! frWad. ? tat ana ta? ra?o 'it I'.f ? - I ? ? aa a ha at (won* 'litfl Mkl I f aaia ?j?. f * M I 1 A M , T?aa-)a; ? > rwl I ft- rn 11*11' M , m4 ?>?/; mi 1( |)i*si^ |:i ka'1. W?T?X-. ??. ?<??? hwii h 1 tha t*>a ajari |fr? tb? lil I ? ? rt % ' W? A ' umat'fi'a W>o4a??<! k^Hraaa a aa' i a b ' ? ? rtt| ? Hoat< a )im ta>' (?< ui 4imif ? traar* aa ??* ehva ?a4 '.ha raK'rf at*4 IMOra ilMf 'I ??? ' , *i"ra (ni'il, f|t? eta i ri??' In ? ?aaa ?#? < >? ha ba4 ? ?a?Wa*a ?u Cafa a r.palva i ?a a ran', anl ra?t ai?w?') an j. <? .a?? Ila? a f'? a* a on av alhlf 'i.aa'a .? a ??*?/ sith'* 'tia riM naak-Wtta trnaarf taa - taJ W- ^r? ?Ml. (Tis ; IIa Dli'l""' J> I'i| us 1 1 i,5| hart % I' i'a?. 'or ? i A? s ,?aa kS' ? art f r 1'^ ??? <ita * Ji'tn I ? w.a f"? 1 1 1?, '*? far III 0 u4 w f ? ? ,a?ll 1 ' ? Tl Kt tiro?4?ay A '""J1 rata HAIIilMOkl \ I.. jm a mid tbiit, Rvii"aT n* ?> ua4 <*? M ['.?*?< of a , r. yfif ??, 4 arrj ' tSAtbf Hlltl Ib1 ta |.fatafi' a a r,. a.aa-f ' rraa|* *. .??*? axaa ha< Ur'. .a a?t, t ./ * laMfH aaa.'r,/ ?'-? ra?(,?<| a* +1 j a'? a> la; to ?. ? j #?aaa M> Urna ?*/u Kaa ii-> I - *!"!'!? *'?F.I <a?.>iT1.F.?A?f <?T Wr.Al ft, * ?/l aah'?ra tM a?, laiata- ?f m?i . ^ , *-,? ?* ? ??* ? * ?i * ????'-<?? *" - . | a <?*'' tfyt'aa aa! 1'iaa aMiau 1. a 1 I kia I^VI F?*k 0*(?. A nAN1 ?\. "r " ? id U> l?i ' TMlill i ^ i ? .?????. ? ? ? ? IHNIVOMh MUJ.'NFKY ^ TORE, NEAwrr in '!>? Iml * u io??? part of tfcta titf\ or aol* (olihou' '??*, If pra'arrad,) aa r*a IfMbla trrwi. Aj pi; at 6 . t.<ul ibMt. 1 RFVMHWINT TnM? If) (.FT. ON A URtND ./\ aicur?lobol I "< .1 .u; No 7, of llrM?*lyii, ?ilb * iUl? ? r alid 1 ?o |M|?, I ?rm > r>? uul>l?. ?*!> pi; to T. tliuMI' ON, ll* Clikttiam ?'fwt, tor ml- o t Haiti r. BO.xUMMi HOUSE IX) H i AND FI RVITU tf FOR >val? M'uala.i in a rrry d*ilrab<a locality, pa) in^ ? ill. Ih* foot ~ b?loif nl' (Wi p i v* ill prompt pa/art. II .IX) r??|uia?:. F'lr pai t.culai *ldreaa bo* 1,411 i'Wt Oft ca TprRMHHKD HOI -iK TO HK.NT IN BROOKLYN ? A- N"*I u ?'oo fan; ao.l u k atMt M?b burtiMMl llo .K |,a> k I '.be moara l?pr??aManta, ?*d i*" Jjs,rn'tu" '? ol llj* #a?at Ir.cnptiun, cvi ?W $J,i<0 Iraa ibau ua* ar ataf" Wil b? raa'.?d at a i#a??ioalil? pnaa Addraaa II , b .* 1,144 I'oat Offloa. 'CHRSl'tHKli IUJOIM To I.KT A IIAMHOMIC l'AR X lor and brrir<?>m, at h?o Hr a'lwa; I'araooa with in* oool, d? lltilillui rc^ u . ,i ,.rjr ?l0,Urtta prioaa. would do wall to e.ll ... i ... f? u??m?al*?a, at 176 DruaAwa;, o>ar l.ig .trasiU >ti t and I moo I'ark. liolci^ io utr -TiiMm. ei jaunt iioi'mw m XI Sim tarraoa, IF*** II tutaa ulautaa >kk of tba '?iij, K?iiu?'.mK a tnaatilul ti?? oi tha ba* ad elt; of V?w Vort, wub bati. fa* 1 ot an.) tnui w*m Mr., to fainllia# uf tlio brat r-. (ability only 'u.|i*a at iha olttoa wrnar of naaoti'l and llakaoo atra?u, ilo bokan, af Ki?'A AHl) MAltriN HOI -i: To IFF IN AMIiV H Tk EFT. HEAR UROAD ?a jr. tU'Ulih for a atn.ll faaatl;, mllhnar ar draaa ar.aMr, with gun, trotoa wau-r raaga, kc lUat from Auguat lit t? May out. aitb lama-liata poaaaa ?mil For full >>arU<-uUia appl ; tbU da;, to H W. RJCM AiiiH, jo: Miaadwiy. TO I. FT U>?ERI'AK1 OI HO'SE NO 1 H'J IIir.KHY KtTMt. K?ut Bw'?ra'.> to a good touaat. Apfly to C. * H IVU.UJH, TJ4 i?.a b aUaat. TO u r-TIIKKk. THHI.! SIOitY BUICK IKUHK' N Fifty third Itrmit b?t?*-aa Tktrd and F'o jr?h ar* nun. Itout oi lacli *3<lb Appl; loC'.iK. IVHJJJS, ??l* '-'outh itraat TO UCT ? riNK A"AHT MICSTH, OONSHTINti or maojr room, aawl; oavotaUd, altuaud la hoaaa No. (>i Alilta atr-Hit lo'ialra ia tbo aaid be.>4 h|. E>URU1Jpl TllliUl 1 1 v*T WTTII TK t M CO WW, at 1 14 F'ultoa ilrwv Aku. or floor about <IO*'44 iMt. i what* Of ouo hail ?ill i* at, to iult I'm ? ? mf J Alia, an 'tc'llaat dr; ba><-ir.(-r t to Ut for atorac*. la i|ulr? of K WAIKLH i flow baik room, rho la ratlon li ncalli at forbu?io*?a, tbo build a^f ia a in ?o* and I* cVUfl; oovupl>d e> tba awnar. TO I.FI- A" A OKI .1 HA' HIHCK? rAUTOF A FWT tUn touaa, oiili nndrrn InproraaMiito. ia WU liuaiiliurj, (r.urin bona* Cifaatl it'Nil, idUt! aios H-??i llaoa ba?bi at *l>b ranga, I of aa^oad t]<?or i room ?u tturd lluor, mil I Vu> ba r*nt"d for tK<il ami pari, or all of ilta (utaltwa, onleik la g??, will ba m.1 1 for <>i>a third laaa Ita ?aJaa Vppl; oa tba pratoiaaa. TO l.F.T? AT A NOMHtAtt IlKKT, TUFl TflRKK ffltO. tj dwaillaj 9uu lludaoo iiraat (axaap*. a#-?, ftrat tloo(> tontalaa olKbt laonia >od lata foul ordor. TW h< vi?a ia in a graUal bxa'kof withia too blocia of Jotia a anuara, rloaa to l'|otli nod Miith aiaaM nil raaOi ao'i two ?taga Iibok. Appljr to JAMR^ I'lll.'K, of flc? '<.110 liudiou atraat rp' j.F'r? vart or hocme i?i Hfo-ios- -trRwr, J thrao doora In mi <41 l.uka ?, furaUbtd Or UBlo'ulaiicd. Appl; oa M>r nn mkaoa. TO I FF? HIE KE4 0N1 riXX'R ANIl I'AKT Of J1IE a'.lisof U'.uaa MSI Oraod auaat, aaar I^ana Kor particular* lu^uira on tha prat >iaaa, batwaaa II aad li o'clock. rpo ixr-io a octruutv, without board, * X furoliix ' room, with a larf* paatr; oft. la a (jaiat lio ,?f, wb< r? lima ?ra ro boardrr*, rant 94 a ixootH. Alio auartin^bta lor i|iiiil Itmilira la t^a raar. ,'a julia at ) h lU'??)? at. TO U T -IMUITiUTF. I < >-^l.- ION, A VmV <<KN taal aail rommt <!lou? I'wrlliag part of a banaa, lo v.c^alt; of Madiat n a^uara, ?i b aath, g?*. As. lUat 1460. rba huata cuntaiu . tatln roaoia, la food ?r<iar t II kl.Si'Tllll K, HIV Fourth a riaur, H to 10, 3 to 7. 1ET? A KOI'R HVORY HfMTfE, ON fRINO atiart, r. oValniVf alitaon w>t k f aa, katb, , fiutabla for a tx>?rdiag .aa, raat |s X) Alao, a thrao ?'< ir; 1 idm, oa Fourth a?roua HW. ' W, a dwalllag par' $4T6. F. H KIN-'llllft::, :il? Fourth araaua, ?> to 7 P. M , H ta 10 A H. . rpo L*r-i ART or Tim norm ? nrru -rnic?.r. 1 ut tba ave.'ixi floor part of tba third, a oa f met I'aiamarit, to a iat'1 >atuil; , it la ta com.Uta ar oar paaaaaaioa glraa Itn /i><:ia'>: r Kot part.eulari, ia faira oa tba prrutlaai, or at t riaa atraat. X To jjcr ? t<> in* >t ami noK i>r.Aiw avp I'lham ? Hi'ira toiat la * i-alaaralad bun aa?a-aai(b b>ihcc<!, il ? .txal.'ua I* uorur !?*??*<] f er tha buat aa<l !,? ? I ? >!( a ftinT atnr*, aa'1 wbara Ui? aU?a breach of bua.oaaa 1? ar'uallj r iulr*l loiuir* if V. IIAM.fcY. eiu trrj aWita SIM (j HitKh ibM'., TU> IJ.T OK H>R A|> T II > ItHiftWN HTUSIl ? IVjNT (twckhnK tniix N? a.; *??t Tmt; U ><1 fthoal <li' ?at*' II < V ft N \ ' >lt *1, 1 ?* Mr?.? | *?/ r<> i.m?i iok k i v i. vi rwo rijur i uin ()?? ft lory ilarM \n Jit and 27 CanaJ fttfaol: wit ba i-vftaplftttl xnUbU for aaftrftiftaiaal MrtftMIMlkl l*tor Aoftt. la'iuira uf M IV >W * V.l Vl??l VODRT, 1:7 W?Hr rivi IKt<> A lAI'M. III, Ah r H PJIilL '?V ran. | ?<Mt ?!?>? 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