Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 21, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 21, 1855 Page 6
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FINANCIAL ANO C(XMMERC1A? - ???""PaiflaT. /uly w-? P. *. ittttbamMw iy m tbasVook mw ^..lAy, bat prtoM *e?o 00**0 W9'l sastatnsi. ?roe market ?ales of stock. g r.rr-Jly t ipun to be .isnsilflr sotlllag down. Th->r ? a*e none speculators la the autat w?o are haying long time. bayjr's tpttea, with the hope tha? th <r* mty hi a tat-gu ia yjfc Unir rt<Mltliin '-ilia t a length of their o >n (ract. I*1* olMB of p on lasers ? ?y marre to sustain Me nirktt, bit u no at>c* oiajgts hanis in ta-? , the elfeot ma*t t< .>1 the m ?t tem pon 7 _ UafJrtnaate'y far this class 1? spi-al* tors, aad the probibultt * >* Profi'* u? thviropora tton, ihi market nlM jf ?w 'k 1 mgw at tao higheat points. Tbersis uo margin f* a farther rise, aad speculators aiier exUtiaj olroa<a Mtaaoes, bteoM dMiNmu ccoa<*i to go bsyoad tOMWbto Hmi** 8 n*? u? tar lole break dows of lMt jeer there hsa baea * caatiouauess oa tie part af speoalatoN, which nss fce t the ma ket ateiiily b?t gradually rising. & f?<v uunths sinoe there ww a margin Hoc ao asp ?w? >0, aad t ie aoouraui v Moa of sssney "<0*biea maiy, who very eel ions apweted ia stooks, to at .as favorabl* turns in the street. Tt? *m?unt of oapltal ijfmg ulle la .the a?uc* of the mercantile o Imm tuned their ?*t?otioa to stock* as ihi oaiy available me-aml ot gincg It ompl >y ?tiL Ai that tim? twtii rued bw, and it ru bardly poartbis to o?t< * iiistake. Prions have sinoe advanced, atid ?<**?*> ^h > purchased h re a good margin ih their Uti t. I'ai ; au has cxat to realise. It wouU her? bo> a bs ter to have done so ? few days ago, bat uw <n -meat Is & favor able one, and shoal a at 0-1 int. Ia a few w<ieks the msrohaats ?il bi ut thi m* of aa active business, when tht-y *?M * ail tbe capital they oaa 0 mrnand. ' Those wa:> h >d stoska with the belief tbet higher t noe? ?U1 be u* tzed, or that the fhndsao invest 1 will ?k<- 'w required in thjlr lagi tiaa'e trade, n?. oi>k^ a mwui mistake. They nay be ooopellett to reat'so ?t ;au l>irer rate), if aot at aa aotaal loss. W# have s. o*n holders of atooki refuse par, aad at imu-ely b? glad to take fifty per oc at. A n*a oat ot busiaogs having oa pltai oaa spec nlate ta ? *xik* *i-h iapanity, bat a ?Mrehaat may 1ti jequi-rd. at varf short aotioe, to tan all hia atoek weart u,s i?t 1 cath to meat pay tneats oonaectfd Sritb hts i-tctjnate pursuits. It is, therefore, b*ter 'o r. a'Ue a pro&t when they oaa, aad hold tneir capital iu hand for coatin* The inportat&lu are coning la rapidly. This ?aek the value ot 4ty g~o4? put up^u the market aiaxyitM to ncflMv thru a half miUton of del ton, and the import?4 n of general merohasdiss has alio been ucuao* >/ l -?f. Tha aabtr?asary is absorbing a large amoui ? ? f 'ptcie, aad the banks vl fiad their suvp<> o( hoi ia drawn doirn ia a variety of ways. T>is ??"k the balanos in the hands of the Asaistai t rteasure< will show aa la crease of aeaily a mllvra ot dollars. The urrancy af this and the N?? KogU d Bsttai will be de pended upon asd rwj n td u> move the new oropa, and there will be, tlMnrfo e a demand for dlsoonnta from dealers in b^ tadstufiV wucb must be satisfied. Ail the iodic itlocs pou t to a "er active fall trade, and aa active damaad f r iniaey. Wa have had aa h aa easy mon*>y ai?rtot, for such a length af time, tlat the comas c it ^ tuvo become ra loos and indifferent to tbe prtdv>loc? or pr ibabttt les of a change. Bpe ulatoia s??m to think that a change ia atteciy oat of to* q^e*u o. A rewUna may ?ome upon the mons> aaiket as suddenly as a ?load apon the fane ot the sua any of I these hat days, ab rnt IWi, years ago, the Presideata of sewrai of oar Wall street, hanktig iaittuMoaa wars tcjvrtng themaelvaa at Saratoga and other faaaionasla watering places, when they were suddenly summoned by telegraphic deapatoh to retoia immediately t> the city. Ths Complexion of Aaaas*al affairs had auexpeotodlf cteaged, aad from aaaa aad abaulan e we had Btziagency aad eoatmoUon. The mmey market MgMeaad up at oa*, aad 6 alders of atjJcs suffdrsi tome daring t jo month of Augunt. At the second* board a we was nothing new. Ths ?alas wen to a very trifling extent, and prioes ware fcerely eastaiae* -t*is aad Oasberlaad appear to fee the haavU?tn|fcA*'0^llb 'art; ths reason pro Ml; la becaasrmegr are t^a least prodnotive. Then sras a small aale cf Nisaragns Transit at a quarter lower. .Mailt g aad Cleveland aad Toledo rnasstn wtthoat dlange. the traaaartlosa s? the Assiatant Treasurer's ?Ilea to-day srwrarfctbirsi? Paid en Tr**sory aSSesSat $18,TdO 11 Basairatf <e. 91,131 01 Bslaus do. 2,692,194 73 Paid for Assay oQlea. 1,008 71 raids* di*barsiag entcii 26,613 63 Ths warrants entered at ths Treasury D pvt. ?cat, Waahingtoo, 00 the IB h, were as follow. - For tbs TcSMury Dap*rta?at ?2l,131 34 Wot ttoa latsHor Oapartaient 10 161 86 Far tbs caatossa 36,281 08 War vurud raaatvsd aod satarad IN 213 60 Orara aa seacsotst tha aary 86,000 00 Bapaysasati oa sw?ut?? tha savy 42,064 46 Covered ia frees s>iaeall>&>eas aoaro*a P,636 40 The Aster Fi-e Itsurahco Company have do daied a aemi atnnai dividend of five per cent; tie Ljma a MUls, Q^lyoks, Haas., four per oeat The acnezed atatam-nt fx'ubts too aggregate aiovuaaat of the backs of Wisconsin on ths 21 of Jnly, according ts re tuns made to the State Comptroller : ? Baku o* Uetourru ? I ul Otoeewt*. $2,405,401 r^? from AUwetoro 4?,?4l Boo frooabm^t* 12a V?1 0ro? 4rm/to 14,0?i Btoeto ot rw 1,044,7 SI Stock* tM 8,6<5l I'.-omijooe? MM... 24 6iH yprcl* 308,1-27 Cwk Itfw 70,407 IWol tiUU 66. 079 Um ?t< FlftBMMMUBt 34 244 BOU cf Boircat b?a*? oo hxa'. 661,924 &U* Of Mnk? I 801 Ihi* fron fcoaka.;... 4.17,346 Total rooourcoo $6,250,007 Ltabili id. r^>?toa.... $i,f??,ooc Motoi la eirevlotiMl 830 320 Pul IffMllon 2,026,H1H I'M to othtro 766,869 Total liftfcUittM.... $6,260,007 A ccaapMtooa oftboae aggregate with thMe of prevtoui pwiads prooocU annex sd sUtonmt:? 16o6. 1865. _ . , 1S4A. January. July. CapHai $221,476 $1, 400, COO $1,636 COO WWW U. U7H0 1.678,680 3, 406,401 06 067 843 3*4 368,127 OreolaMo* an, 470 740,784 8:?,3iO l>*f??Mo VntM 1.4S1.M7 2,626,818 lbs Moving btiki in wladia# up:? Pittnlr OHj B aok? ***>? Coapuollw $6,763 CtrtmlaUoa o?uUndl?? V743 OttMilt Bwu- *,7?J CMk la ha?4o Of Roafc Comptroller . 4144 OtrctUattoa outstanding 2 624 Buk of tfco Wort Coafcia kiablf Baa* Comptroller. M0 fifhiip Buk? OMhla baada of Baak CoMptroiTer . |j ow QkcolAUoa Mtltaolltl Ttm WiakMh* Ooaatf mm Hm bo MeuriUM <Upo?H ?d m4 OO OtfMltfttM. Tk* teak otreotetton of U>? 8?ta U anired by a villi the Comptroller of Um foUortng 100,000 WtaoaMia Qtata otodk*, 7 por *?t..,.$?0,0??0 D*. do. 8 yor 0**t..,. M,OCO Cwjll 0*> * ?ot o*Vt.... $6,000 D*. <?" 7 jmr $0,009 ? ? 46, 0? Vi*?<ala <Jo. ? P?T cant $64,600 llOaovH ?*. da $74,900 mauoM ?0. do 146.000 JH CereUa* do. it W)ftJ0 > ?.oekf ?? do 00,000 Xs -,?la#a d* 11,610 V . >%*? 4*. <*?. 11,000 4 1 -rate 4a? 7 po* oaat 6,600 $?,JJ? -OA < I \ 1* tba fca&la of Book CooiptroUr 3$,067 <rfe? Cvurttr o4 t^e 19th last., at yt: ? The bank (??urn* of New Yon a ad Hoston both eon tioue to ahow u undo* (ipiMk? of la ana ??4 j,,. counts to supply the acllre d.m*ad whleh, ?>n(ul?rtr enough. nuta for man ?j in e time of mercantile ri??r /. ?ion and general dvil??? of buataeee attain foe N-.w York Umvv now awount to 98 ^ milUoas, huvin* u created b all a million n the put ink. rbo Boston loeoa amount to MS millions b?rl?g increased a uaer'wr mil lion in tb? .eme time , witna loe* of epoate nooa toe 1 4' u a?? ?. *? *??a*asaHa change In all the other item. . Th* loans aatd.a ounta U Ta ? w according to the r?turua of the 87 bank* kit tn-r?j MUrl,Mth' ?!**>?<? bank * ??r*g?t? oapital of owly $32 7 In 00 i To* orawa down, to aa to materla'ly ntun tb? ?*<wm buu ??k JUktid,thm".ll.0n "" ?'"P"*1 fro" N*? * ? **"*. , *?? the ititotr tram t<u? port mm bTVl??^r_.,^0U?mt *?*??*?? lb* ow-ny bu UlmklJkr.I I ,* ???*?*?* ?< *P^'* Tuat there tow^?!? ?T ? i ,** ,ttr* aalttn that effect <ol u ?1 u , r% e^dently mm* too*. raiiaal cIium mtxelcarrenoy of tS oo??t?y, which haa to eftou produced diaaatar (a times The Boeton TratelUr, of the 13th Inst., gives the following synopsis of the aiock market of that ei?y : ? The share market was animate 3 thi. morahw with an SL. ^^tion in U>. moat promS ?ock? Boston a?d Uiim improred rapidly tj 93V. at wbioh ^6UTi tt'm ~"1 '? PravHeio? f?0* to W. tb. biiiwg rat. ^ *?a' an ia>Pror?ai?nt of l)? par 2 1 **' WMt*ru ??M at ?>>)<, with a nan s' -^>rrr,t^?ur;b^* ???P?Ued; Michigan Outr.t, ":"***?, P?rtla?d, Saoo and Fortamouth Rail. ,d aaranecd 1 per cant, but tha a took at taut rat* <ee ' ??. ?or? *?a ?'d, aoid ? ?8 ppr Hh*-a. J?,1**' "I*D 'Ml ,*le Cy^nnborg Railroad, 4^, but aakad. We understand that Wuliaa Ka?monV La* J*1 ?" Presidency of thia rimpaar. PbUa Baltimore Sas aaaad, nntn* ? j ?? *"? 5 ofl r*d; Orand Junction 28 bid 2S M, j 2TSr**W,r Wd. 91 Si asked Thar* ml* a ftie Ot.ioc ' errr.ont and M?aaaoana?tt. 6'a at 7f ?h? first aaJe at the Board since Use maturity of tha boa la. The Norwich and \ -rcewter Ballroad Cxaoanf earned, dating the ywr ending May ai $304,661 73. Opcratisg rxpejuea in woe Use, 1209,196 19. Interest, 140,767 57. Net earnings, $54,688 97. The aggregate amount retired for tolls oa the New \ ork State canals, frcm the oommeiiieqaent of navigation to the 14th of Jnl/, msaww. Saie period ta i$i^ 1 1 1 1 1 .V.V* $ 60a 57 Dweara in 1856. . ..-. .$161,860 08 The Cincinnatti Gazette of the 17th laataat iaj?:? In another part of our paper wa gtr? the proi??d n*s he'l!Ll->"?rUle. ?? regard toitTZZZ what atranre prooaMuua la esnaection with to* eitab UfhiMBt of branch banks under the net State Bank t?f?&rtS?L *** Vlaot>mm*t G*tettf ?? ?W ?aha books for subscription to the eaptUl stock of tha %ao?h of the Bank of the btate of Indiana, were op<n sjorwuf at 9 o'clock aal do. el at It taa eapital atook harlng been tnbaortb^ previous to tha lattor. Of tha amount, $100,000, about $36,000 wre taken by soma of our beat dttcena; tha balance, we un derataad, was takes on aaeonat of those who got up the ^ ? paaaad by the last Legtalaturai The ^ Mhjcrlptioo, w* have bee* iaforned, la held until Umm parties ats indemnified for the lam aawuot a expended in having the ahartar paaaad la soon aa that tranafier it to aueh of our clvcena at Wiin to toko stock in such mounts m t^v n%y So forth# proceeding ore merely prellm^n%rr ** Pa?*raph of the abora. It would ap ff** fca* ??*t a Urge sum to prooure the pax ??ga of this hank charter through tha LenaUture of tofoot tha bills, thla in about aa cool a plena of tmnu ?ne* tk? wply or the notorious Mr. Auditor Duaw, to the req neat of tha Indiana LagUlatura aaktnr blm to give aa aeeount of his stewardahip. At Jeff?r aoBTille and New Albany tha stock was aU taken within tea mmutea after tha books were opsned. We fear toer* ia aom .thing wrong about thia law, aa the traasw'.lona ia regard tothe taking the atoak indicate that apeoula tore oonaider It a grand opportunity to make a turn. The annexed statement exhibits the qoamity and value of foreign dry goods ettered at this p .rt for coosamption, for waiehons?, anl also tie with drawal! from warehouse, daring the weekending atd iac'ujicg ThutBday, July 19, 185?:? Movkhknts iv Foaatos Dbt Goods. Entered fur Contum.piion. i'aeknqet. lota*. Vanufacturaa of wool 1707 15J Manufacture* of cotton 703 au9*8U Manufacture* of silk 4?7 1.H93.4S9 Manufacture* of flax 923 27'i 316 W*x?B?n*ou? 356 1?8',G*5 ^tal $3,092,0^9 Withdrawals frtnn Wart)u?ite. Manufacture of wool 261 Manufacture* of cotton 152 Manufactures of *llh 201 Masufacturea of flax 69 Miscellaneous 42 745 $220,840 Warehoused. Manufacture* of wool 357 $S5,975 Macufactura* of cottoa 147 88.201) Manufactures of allk 115 91 t)7'5 Manufactures of flax 90 2itWT Miscellaneous .V.. 373 8$8 Total. 1,081 $'245 900 Value put on tha market during the weak .... $3, 342,485 'lock Bxchangs. _ Kkidat, July 20, 1866. $6000 lad 8t Fire* . . 84 ^ 650 aha Cm Goal Co 13 21 5000 Tenn ??a....90 200 do . . . b^O 2SW 8000 Mlaaouri 8'a, . . 96>?' 200 do..?.b90 2*J? 10C00 do., .beo 98 100 do a3 2H? ,^22L#au>,,, b3 94 100 North Ce^oii.. X ^Sru. 260 Hlwaaaa Ml'g Co. 3V 60C0 0al 7'a '70.... 86V 60 l"anama Rail c loov $000 NV Can 7'a ,*3 102 50 W .Wl-Sw 3000 HMe bda of '83. ?8*i 160 (f Y Can Rail s3 101? JJ5? ^ bda of '76. 92 660 Krie Railroad... 61 8C00 do 92V 350 do 51 w 1000 H R 2d m'? b* 92 GOO do. . * b60 61? 10000 HR 3d m'tbe. 76V 400 do . .,90 61 1000 Hud Con b'da. 75^ 100 do... h90 61 W 6000 111 CRRbs .90 86^ 300 do .."btS 6 tj 1J22S do - blO 86V 800 Reading Rali.opg 9u?' .?W? do 86V 400 do *00 90 1C000 111 Fra'd 88 100 Nor 8c Wor Rex d 39 3000 NY Oec RR bda 90* 13 N H ft Hart Rail. 125 ~ ^ ,?? 260 Hudson R Rail . 41V in??i- . "L" 12 Oal.aa h Ohi R. . 109 J2 ' ' 1C.9 112 a#T * ?? ?? 26 B'k of America.. 112 150 di bl 8-iw 1M 60 do. ::..a20 lOBauaof Oom.... 109 300 do .. bl SuJ 1M?I'V*V,nUtC? 60 da' ... ..*20 89 ? 100 Unto. to. ;>0 An _ bw f(0>? ,d,?- -v.-860 26^ 6 Chi it R I R*U . . 9.-.V 276 0umb Coal Co. .3 25 ? 10 do 03 2 200 do alO 28V ? 8KCOKO BOARD. 'I? if, J'' "8 "J* 600 ,hl R'd '? RROP* W> V 22? J 70.... 86V 100 do a80 90v W0 do 86 1C0 do ... .60 901/ 60 aha NlcTrOa *3 17* 100 Cl?r'd At Iol RR 89\ 60 Cumo Oo^ Co ?8 28? 100 do be) 90^ d0 bbO 28 \ 100 <)o all) gf,J ^P^rr.:;::,^ ^ $ ?I5 ^ 260 do .8 61 * 100 Harlam RR .'006 2? H CINCINNATI STOCK SaLR8. Cr Tree/ ft by Hricton d- Holmet. Bf llefontalne k lad. R. R stock .. Cen O. R R. itock , , ' . 4? ['"?i "t? k r>aytou R. R. stocx a\ " Cia. A Chicago R. R. stock i0 Cla., Wilmington ti Zana Ue R. R. stock 40 Col A Xeaia R. R. stock 00 Cot. A Lexington R R stock ?*) Dayton A We*t. R. R. stock 2(> (ireearUle A Miami R. R. stoak... '. 10 HUlsboro' A Cln R. R stock 26 Indiana Ce?. R R. stock 60 Indianapolis Ada. R. R. atock H8 Junction (Indiana) R. R. stoak 12u l.ittla Miami R. R. stock 100 Ohio A Miss. R. R atock 17 Ctol., Pique A Indiana R. R. atock...! 20 l'eyton * Mich. R R. .took 25 Dajtoa, Xenla A Belpre R . R. ,tojk 10 Kataa A Ham R. R. atock u Fort Wajne A Southern R Retook...'. . l'?w: ? Bellafontalna R. R. atock. 50 Mad. R. A Lake Rrie R. R. atock arx Marietta A Ola. R. R. atock . Si* N?w Albany A Salem R. R. atock.. 15 Heru A ladlaaapoha R. R. itock 3& J" v"w? * ?tta R R." atock 10 ? to.. Ham. A Dartou R R. Co., 2d mort 7'a ?8 Indiana poll* A Cln. R. R do , id mort T'a K0 Llttta Miand R R. stock, due ia 1886 8. 2d m Vt 95 CoTingtoa A Ux. R. R. Co , 2d mort., 7'* 6& OhioA Mlaa. R. R. Ob., 2d moit , 7'f..... *1V Fartaan' Haak of Keatucky stock.., ia* * Northern Baak of Kentucky ?.. Cincinnati Inauranoa Oo. atoek n\ Kitemea'* Insurance Co stock oq Washington Inaurance Co. atock uo City Inauiaaoo Oo. atock m National Inauranoa Co atock ao Mrch. A Man. Insurance Co M cm TKAOC REPORT. Faroar, July 20? ? p. H. pfto** ? ^ lk>M Mk^no*4 about 60 bbte. poto at Raaawrrrrwi ?Flour? Tha market was dulL Oaw?r? an<lme iom grade* were 26c. per bbL lower The aalee r?Vvn.m^nV 6.?co a 6,000 bbia., iacluding comai >4 ?t $7 75 a $8, a?d $8 36 ? M fit* tot * ? fx)*? ml*?d brand*, $8 60 a $9, and lie a a 80 Caaadiaa waa lower wita \>W" at $t 98 a $10 *0. fi.ut* ^1" *7o?^i?f Llkl*fcku ta small lots, at a raa?? ZS?? 'I1 *V?tth aalee of akoat 400 obU. OOOv1^ CiOeOe of obout 2,400 bvuhtll (a|a aA s^eat$l ^1? aada aaeall lA^J^T^dat 7T ' 11* Tko aalee naabraeed about 40 1? . ia am >. ?h#U ? Western *x*d waa e<44 at Ma7 a * uj go ?' eluded seme tots for export Rr. waluU aVd uMulaV Oats were dull at (to a 82a for <ita*a u* Onerua .*^ A bout 800 bage Km w*ir? a^4 at luva a lie., and $00 Maraoafbe at p. ?. The atock t?f Rm Vai ee'iwkatpd ?t aheut 80,00* bars M "? W M < ?m>?.?fia)aa were ooefl.^1 to a taw kundte4 kv ea. wh>* pneat recaaiaad onaettlad. ^ ruMm ?To UnrfNl, about 00 beta* *f nottaa w*n ?*?*?ed at MM , a*: a li? haadred bat** at ^4.; ?ad anput 16.U0 bu*tu4? ?T eora w?re ? eh^M bag*, at '-'Xi a Sd There lu ao h>ag M* to Loa m To liana. OOKC* f WW >t V? 4sbM t?w nW< $7 , tie* Kt ?"> rsmt X"- . ?" ?* *><?? . *?** ?* to To Dreoaea, ?? 0 titan of nottoa w*ra eeg*<* l It Ve , 1W b <? vkM ?t 1<V, 160 obU ?ho? p?<* at 1?. St.. and 6CtcBs maaetiraaeat ?oixl , w'th ? It: of viol, at if* To 'b??e w 0" nlipeer* a? o?of tiMt w?e eo?at .10* e?, and eaotber half falL lbs ntx r*r.rd ftvni 8?fr vfc.a ,0?* Hav.? .->uk-n aecerewe' at t> f* par 100 lb*. Itnif, ? Kiuv M> a IOC tana Sooieh p g ma sold at ISO 60 a >31 *U a.oaU)?. MuLVk* w?r? bit firm. Tpaeivo ha* been q?iat ?? n< to tfca *erara hot ?? ther Pticm ax* unchanged. Th* *4ee vara 3d bluia Krot uce y , at P>?? ; 68 ba'aa Banat at 27e. a 36c . IS* da Vara, at Slfe a S?o. ; 4ft do. Oleafuegoi, p. t ; 60 eat turn reedl-ef at t\c a 1< Xe. Naval ProMt?Tae aa*a? emSraced a hoot 8,000 obi* (cbium iwi, atll bt par S10 to#., dallrered, anl 0*0 bbl* epuitt iurp?at aa at?U^e HiOM*ioi.8.? Pork? The market for o*w ma** ??? Ntltt; tM eaiee embraced 600 able. *a? me**, on the epot, at 810 37, cant: and >00 do., deliraraiie ly th. lttfc o* August, a* H0 ViK: (a* pita* aold ta lot* at 81* 02 a 616 76. IM *w eteady, with aalee of *?>? t?bU. coun'ry me** *00 prim* at old prtoee. Cut m?ata were et*e< . wltb ealee o aeoat !?W package*. at '%? let eb Udere, ??<? Bfce. a I to. tor baa*. Laid? kbeut 600 bbl* ???wM etlOXo alio liicfc wa* doll, t?ou?B quoU'ioa^ war* aechtn<*d. Mliw ? Afwut 76 ba.N at p-p*er war* *old, at I ? Ke. Mu ?Tba ealee Mnbraoad 4(0 a MK bbda. Cuba ?BakaoTa^ at ?baut be a i ui 10 Tai?a, aa pn vbi? urvi*. Whihkmy ? &U?a about 300 bbU Oblo aad PrUoa, at ?e.a4ie. Vmxmu j Hara*?a|. umil raioBu uf r arm psootroa at wabhtko'tw kuuut. Tt>*r? art tome oottccobta a&aafa* ta th* prtoM tbi* vmI Tbt w*rm m*h*c baa aat b#aa wltcoat it* iftet is ahMpaata* moat ?sd addlaf to tba moioI aad var?tj of th* v?f>taol?*. Maat ka* daeUatd two eaata a po??d oa aa ir>n(i alana tatt waak, aad U m?w cbaaf ? tt tbaa at aa/ pattod daring tb* pait jraar. Tbara u but Uttw ataat ta marbrt, aad tb* aalaa ar? Uf bt Tbara ia to titUa poultry ta narkat that it 1? b*rl(y wort a q tut 'ax Kuhtt pleanfal aad raanoaabla. Tb<raara larf? quaatitiM of ralaioa, vaakBab, blaatik porgl^ and <?? Lata ia market, *oft *b*U erak* are r*ry ca?ap' Butter, eba?*a aad ?g|* ara obaap for tba aaaaos Ft ait 1* ia great abuauaaoa, and tba banrlaa loon ap lankly Ptrairbarrtas tnat mo*t dtlieioa* o I all fralt, b?a dUappoarad, bat t Mir ptaoa k?i bean ?upsltai by raapbrrr^a*, waortlabarrta*, blaekbarnaa, earraat* aad (tbarrlM, wbicb bar* b?en pouring ta doriag tba pait wack ia gnat a> unaanae. aad bar* foand a raaiy nil will ba a great berry yaar, *o all tha firairi aad huokrter* ?ay. Tbaro ?? a larga qnantlty of OMty grean afplea oa tba atall* of tba market tbat oufkt to be tvmt led tff th* dock. It t? a abama to oar oity that tberc ia ao market lav* forbidding ta* tale it ttU poi soocd* truck I 'eache* Hare al*e made their appear ance, and Pfil week we wlli bare taem ia abaadaaee Thii is keotra aa * peaeb year. The alteiaa'e auntoiat and ehowur we bare bad ihu inamar ba* not been wi&out it< eSect on the regeublee. They are rery abundatit aud elieap. Rejoice, ye potato eater*, for yoar favorite ctlola can now belied for reatonabl* price*. I*rig -'eland nod Jer*ey potatoe* are eelUag for >1 60 yer barrel, and axe iiae one* for that. Green corn ba* oo cno to, but he ct ahe who would eat It a* yet iou*t be ?ieen indeed. Tboae wi*h to get ta a plskle ct.ndo?o Cucumber* ar* oheap. A* for other vege table*, look at eat U*t; It haa beea car*: ally corrected. OATS. Beef? fiirtoia, wan, 12 a It &io, ruafit. prime ? * 13 Bib, ebuca 10 a ? Biriotn et?<ak* IS a 14 rortrrtaoure steak* ? a It Kur p ? ? Platoe aaJ aa?el*, corned CJ a 10 Ifutimi .per lb C OS a 0 12 urcarcaea " ? ?6 a 18 Lumb 08 ? ? 10 ?' per pound.. ? a 0 12^ V>al " W ? 0 14 Voal, fore quarter* . . '* ? a 0 W Hhia ijuartere. . . " ? ? 0 10 Tea' tauat" " ? ? 9 Pork? Kr?ih, pet lb 0 10 a 0 11 Hoidh, ranked; per lb 0 18 a 0 14 Shoulder* ? ?' 0 00 a 0 It SWoe, ? " 0 ? a 0 X2J, BWen, pinUed, " ? ? S 15 Jowls. " ? ? 0M 3moked beet " ? * 5 H V.u " ? ? 0 M 8oU<na da. " ? a 0 31 ?ri?r " #0T ? Uud, " ? ? ? M rOULTUr kKP IlKt :::::::::::::::::::::: ?!? I Ducke, tame, per pair 16? ? * ?C Chickcuui, pwpkU.*... 6 M a 2 00 fowla, " I?? ? J * Guinea do. " 76 ? ? Wfc Kob'na per doc 1 00 a ? Woodooek, per do* ? a 8 ?? nsa. freah aalmoa, p*r lb 0 M a 0 82 itaoked do 0 38 a 0 87 X Ba?* per lb.. ? ? 1? IPgiNi " ?* A 006 Weak Oah " 0 66 a 0 0? Pickerel. " 0 18 ? ? Halibut " 0 ? * ? 1? Codilah, " ? 04 A ? 05 8targeen " 0 06 a -- tela, " ? D* 6 18 rioundaia" ? A ?0? 1 orglee, ?' * 006 ?lt maekerel, per lb 0 II a ~ Pait abad, " 0 ia? a - Smoked halibut " 0 1? ft "~ ^mk'd macaerel ?? 0 11 a ? Sound* aad tonga**, per lb. 0 08 a ?? ?moked (had, 11 0 IS a ? 3o?*ed ?almon, per caa 1 00 a ? Smoked atlmon, per lb 0 16 a ? t?ry ooA&ata, " ? ?4 A ? influrm, Ojateri ? Prinoea' bay, per 100 0 62# I 0(1 Virginia " 0 68* a 1 08 dam*. Shrewsbury, per 100 0 60 a 1 0? Little Neck, " 100 a 8 06 per lb 06 a 6 66 trafae, per do* ? a 0 26 ?' reft ehell, per ^o* ? a 1 00 TCOVTAMJa. Potato**, I?nglfUnd. per bbl ? a 2 50 " par ueu-iwok .... ......... 18 ? 0 *0 << fvmtern ie<i*. (>er bb* ? a 2 71 <? NcrioU mere jr?, per bbl.... ? a 4 00 [tuimuda, per boI - ? a 4 60 <? bal< peek ? a c 30 Charleeton, new, per bbl... 2 60 a 3 00 S?r*nnab, " 6 60 a ? Cucumfere, new, per jo* 0^18 a ? tstrica bean* heir I/eat ? a 0 12 Squeebea, pr.r do* 60 a 1 00 i^uioue. rvfl, per half-peok 0 ?1J^ a 'J*kt>*?B*"Oew. otMu 0 04 a 08 Savoy cabbage 0 OA a ? fteeu, per basket 1 00 a ? per bunch 0 06 a ? ?'?wrote. " ? a 06 -vLed, <^ah o 01 a 02 Veramp*, per bbl 8 60 a ? " ten lor ? a 0 10 Omen pea* per ijuart 8 12 a ? Crren oorn, per ? oc 12 a 0 20 OUlfloir*r*, *!>!?? 09 a 0 to lailivk, p?r tuouh ? a 0 18^ 'irdiHbOii, per nunab ? a 0 01 .<Ut>c.ho*e*. ba'f peck ? a 0 16 I omatoea, uaV pe'A 76 a ? KJinlwrt' root*, ea?n #iK) a 0 08 /'.aparagaa, p*t jWob 0 12 a 0 16 Uait, " 0 10 a - bhiioto, V 0,8 * - num. Apyfee, tew baK peck 18 a 0 20 li|?Okberrt??, quart.. ? a 0 18 Uaastetrics 11 ? a 0 10 Apricot* cote a ? a o 26 Cenchr* bail p?ik 26 a 0 60 tVlioruebeiri**, per t4uart 16 a ? Gccetbarttee, per <inart 0 16 a 6 12 Oerrtee, pet ib ? a 0 00 ruinate " a 0 08 Tc.matoe*, ;er baaket 0 18 a 0 JO ?nrrn, ct-. :txn, *ro. Inttot? 8ut?. air lb <1 8* a ? r>r*ae*, ?? ? ? ? 26 1 tela ear* ?? 0 18 a 0 >0 riteeee ? t>r lb 0 1? ? ? ?nr?a!', per b 0 18 a U Piawappla, each 0 16 6 ? Bap***, ?* ~ In*. **T*o r 81k ? ? UflttTBi&Bin ULR^Wfl) >mi UAI. ojllliooi i'dio. Fw i.inr* mk-j ^oc i:"sr RkitvED, ?til b* r>t?eni5 tl I* M >roin^ V SHUKI 1. 1 i iK.--.tN A L-tKi; 4" 1 Broadway. JtK iECKivta>-\ j ARor A-ui.rn -<r ok wsk r[ p>, air'p-' 1 auJ plaM ci ? I a' lea, by tall'ng imaK.liteiy a* f"UN'iAt> 8 irdta atore, e6> Broad ??y, heee aa oj p?*u.rity of eelert.rg fraai ? r?ry rhotce rm r tiy e*en. a gie*t aauy n. riau< aat* terr uaeful ar l rieawbieh ar* *e'-rre *.i.l d??bal>le, ** 1 at* oaly to be l>.-i?jr^4 et the est re ???UVU^m n t. Str?aji>ra ar* ?el rot:* to eiairt ie tke abor* Uk-?, w.i*o la rery o<im i ? ad ?'J-m (1 I ad ?*' puaeappt be ciw-ta with many * y\-t t( ru p!Bo?p{)> ?Mtrou'.re.l att>cl >e, C-.l eaafaaa. Aa |f d?-a i?.l, ??inpi'e cf t-aeepyle wil. be e*r ' br roe'l aat trdetu by expiree. 5A j ao ti>w*r. MCtKM> O ruu.vlis ^V'AV I I't, S) -:R41,W WrtJ at m*t kl**k f**oe ott e-r Noa* i>?i t*n^ w*)o ?>?* ?C3?* <r tbe ?>i* ae-? eae.1 arr'y, to ????? /. Kcer- , .*i? IJI'e**.; etr-et ?o Men ay *li1 Taead.y t* '.wt?a 1C aal 11 o'ok* A. M rrv ve asv cpr.m?A q< r>;? As*jRr 1 iwatjaet re ?<??.', 'or ??!? ??> " tm Him ft C.?., 69 aa 71 Bk^lway. aUAlVJM -U A >0 XIUUIjvU. QfQ H t'NION ?QoaRK -HlNDOfS 000 'onuahed rooms to to. win or wittwat >o?rd. o.ih IM* Handsome English basement fork ' pbTimea. I 1 17 Hl'Usuet orttUM, a* JodN'? Irr I pwk? Fun?l?*#a now to UK, wltn ooaril. to eing-e iMtlMna, or geatleuen ?a4 tOetr wires; also k hepdec??ly feral* bad bio parlor ; hona* newly far nlrhea, * ith aH to* modern iafnnMati (tor p era? Met tad trans ent boarders. I Qi aMADION AVENUE BT<tANG?K4 ARRIVING lO I" thi? ci r.j duri << the oanutaf muim will find * delightful nbow rest eooe vie* pWMi?ino a?,

(either UHin or id ?aito.) ia * Brat oleee bouse, luntf ell tbe modern eooTeoieoc?s, By applying u a bore. Wt.1 itml (m tbe door. . NEATLY F0RM3HHD FtiO.1t ROOM TO LET? TO ?m or two ntlli>im on nwiimiI? terms with [? tl-l board if required or to ? ma and bis wife, irl ,h uu* prirllege of oookitg Reference exchanged. la ? new lot ot bouse*, 134 vVe.t 10th street. ASPUCKDID FTSMsHKl) PAH LOR WITS 0*E OH tn bedro at?*?o?dt to ot to oaa or two sin 8<e pttltMt, (a a pr.T?ta hMM. wi?b til the m>4?ra nptwemenis Alao a single room lnqalre at M Prince street. a BTNGLE GENTLEMAN WANK TWO LARGE AIRY /\ rooms, with br*ea k?t ud t?a, and dinnar on eiin^aji In k atncHy t>r v*u fan ly wttert) he oaa enjoy tM ccnvur h ot a homo; location watt bo la a baaitby part of the ci <y, or la Bm-Mlyu. wltn ***j acoaas to cut, stage. or f-rrUa. Ktf?r?ooai exchanged. AdrrtM box 3.MV-, Post OAce, (or t<ro days. . FOREIGN GENTLEMAN WaNPS A BEDROOM, with bieaefaat ant tea, io tbe locality bn*wj Mrecker and tyinth stie?ts Terma aot to exceed H a watfc. Adutesa T. 8 , Herald office. Board?a *mall pr/vaih family would let, wtb noirr1, Ku eiegeut par or ano bedrooia. totfitair or eepara'ely, UbturulaiMi-i, to a gentleman aod wife. Oati- ailera. bet aad ooid ?at#r la the roo-na. Loea 10a Twentieth *t<eet 4a enoiet; U too prLneip*J o \ject the txme snail he vary moderate to an agr<eaoie ojupta. Adareaa E W. T., Herala office BO/RD IN BROOKLYN? FOK A GENTLEMAN AND wl?o, or a single gentleman. la aa airy locaiita Ave minutes' walk from tbo i+mth fer-y. Where there are la# other boarder*. Apply kl 10 Coajrene ?tre?t. Board in Brooklyn? kor a gentleman and lady or a'c<ia geo(l<meo, in a Hrat oU?a boaaa near tbe Hontb aad W?ll etrett ferrioa; holoarotma with all tbe oom'orta and ?t >n'Joa of a borne. Terma mooerate. Beiafoooe required Apply at No. 43 -Jon groea atieet, throe oo- ra below Henry. Board in hoboke? ?two large, airy asd comfortably furnished rooma, with gaa, on ?a?aud Bcor. kuiubte for (tan l4tn*n ano toe r wteva or alogla getitleacen, fir* murntaa' walk irom toe farrlea oo uo derkte tormf. in k privai* lam ly nay bo obtained oy kpptyii'g kt 21 lr? lag place, N. Y , or llu Gaidea a tree t, BoMta. OOARD WANTED -FOR A LADY AND GEN CLE MAN, D (bond for > be led) only,) where there are no ?tbtr boarders, in ? genteel noow, witb modern Im yrovemecta. Aadr*?a A. B C , Union kqaara Fast Of noe, stating partlouUra ItOARD WANTEb ? FOR A LADY AND THftEE ?SMALL 1) children, on a farm plnaaantiy a.tuatoi, not ortt fifty miles from tha city, and wbara planty or goo) milk, brrai kM Dtt?r can be had. Ad dress Dot 1,657 New York Pott Office T>0aR0 WANTED-IN THE VICINITY OF UNION fl squaro, la a first claw boarding booao or a respect kble family; lktc?r preferred. Sonaty of yoang lkdiei Koch aougbt after Address Alma, H?raid office. Board wanted.? good board and room wanted tor a geni'eman, Is a family ? lurensh pre ??ried-^-?nii bat few or ne other hoarders Fleue ad ditss L D. Newtll, box 1,688 Poirt Offloe. Board wanted? for a permanency, by a gentleman ana lady, (board for tbo ltd; only,) in a paikll family, wbere tMre are uu otner boarders W>ll Ofurat-b their own rooina. Adareaa Jaounon, i office, or Bioailway Post Oiflca, statlag location and terms, whljh mast not exceed 930 a moath, in kl ran oe I >OAJ<rtNG ?TO LET, FURNISHED AND UNFtJR J ) tirb-a rooms, wtto or without r>o?rd, to single iad.e* and single gentltiuea, at U9 Howard stteet, two door* irons Btoaoway.. Boarding.? two gentleman and their wives, elso single g*ptlem?n, ran M accommodated vlth room The boar* is no wlv papered aad psiated, tojtitaer nitu (U, bttb, ti Apply tt 6*1 Him tun street. Boarding? a pi-EASiwr, osroRnsHiio room od tbe second Boer ?aut?d,ia iu violnity of Myrtle and Fult o nv'OUfH, ?wt of Court street, br a gentle rcnn hud wife; tuli Hoard for ooth, Md poiseas'ja b? lrt PtptrmlMr; roooer If aeoess ary. Address, luting brats, Homo, Brooalya l'ost Oflic> BOARMNG ? SOMJt HANDSOME ROOMS, IV 8UIC3 or Magle, sr? no ? vacant at N?. 10 Waveriey piact Permanent or transient boarder* will finl tbi? a vary pleaaaat location for tbe aammir, being near WkhhlDgti D squaia and Broadway. OOARI'ING I* BROOKLYN.? TO LET, TWO LaR'JE D w?U tarnished room*, with closet* ami bod room* If deatrad, ia om of tlx M?t locations la Brooklyn, t?o tween ?al (treat and Atlaaia farriaa. Apply at 88 CJnton etreet. COUNTRY BOARD - TWO OR THREE GENTLEMEN, or gtatVmen aad ttuilr wives, eao te aooommooateu with good board, la * ra*p*eteble private family, in fqaea village, H.J. eoout s*>veu boors' rUa from tbe city; daily communication roe bouae in in a ha*. toy aad baaatiial a.tnation, aaar tbe s*a*kora. A eiatw< will leave tba house ones every da; for tba besoh. Trims vsry moJnate lo^nja of J Ad. U. SH AN AH AN, at jttaat ft Rioe's, 273 Paarl Rttaat. COCNTRY BO AM) WaNTED-TOR TWO OR THREE months, withm one hour aad a half of the city, for a gentlr man wife aad ehitd three years old. Ad* res* , stating 'toi waich out be stodsrate, J. W. W , Jersey ?hy Post Office. SOCNTHY BOARD WANTED ? YOR A LAD, IN SOME ' respectable qoiet family, aaar the sea shore aad bin a f?w hours of this city, wbere he might enjoy the oomfort* ot a home. Address box 1,11a Poet offlo* WANTkD? BY A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, A FURN iahed room, with partial Bo?rd, ia a bou**. waere ha may find opportunity to converse ia tbe English aad Spaauib languages. address K, hex 1,647 Poat Office. _ TSAVBLLEUr GUIDE. T7V)B OONEY IHLaND AND FORT HAMILTON ?THE ? ateasaar Norwaik leaves New York aa follows: Pier foot of Amo? street at U,% A M, aad 1 9M aad 8 \ P. M., pier foot of Hpriag street, ?K A. M. ; U>4 *?* tt* P It , pier ho I North nW at lu A. M 1 and 4PM ieavta* Ooaey bland, last trip, at P M Fare to Co ne; Inland aad rort Hamilton aad hack to New York, tt ?nti No batf price for otilldraa. PR KEYI'ORT AND FORT HAMILTON ?THE NEW and fast staamboat KKVpuKT learee New York foot of M array street, dally . Sundays *x oepteA, at 4 o'clock, P. ?1 ; returning ie**-s Kay port at 7>* o'rioat A M Fare 86 cents Portions dealroas of vieittsqi on* of the moet bealthy tad i??t oathiag pia^es la th# n unity of New Tork will dad it at Key port; and oaei'tasi. <a?a can be ta New Vork from VH, A. n. aaUi 4 W. M N ew V(IPK TOXHI" WHirE MOUNTAINS, MON _ treat, Ogdeastiarg St. Jobastiury aod tiorliogton, r a Northampton B<-Uows' Kails, Uutlaad *md?o*. Kbits River Wsilr Rirvr, Montpelier, dt Allan a and Kouse's Point Throcre tiasets, via the Ne? Yo-s and S>w Haven railroad, B stoa express traias to Hprla* laid, S A. M. and 4 P. U. M?#?a g? ebaeked tanm^h FRANCIS UYDk' Agent. Office, pier 2t, Pre* slip. kgV: Har pay boat for A BANV, landing at Yobkais, West Potot, Nesrbargh, pjiahseeptile taiatlll and Hudson. Meals served oa oaro. Th* steamer HEIRuPOLiTAN, Cap am I. Poitemus. wtU i?maiDM her regirar trips to Albaay oa W?iaea-<ay June ?? tearing Nee Vort Tom pi?r foot o( Jay street, ?vaty Moo^av. Wedn*?day aud Ktfday, at 7 oVoct A.M.. ivrtinng at Albany ta time for th* ears Returning, wtli leave Albaay every Tueeoay, Tbursdav aod tlatarday. lor farther particular* Inquire at tsi West street, aear J?J- * SUNDAY TRIP TO NEWBUR8, WNt POINT AND Odd Spring, landing at \ oaten. Hastings, Dooa's ferry, Tarrytowa, flag ttiag, Haverstra* aad Oocsea's I>oca. touching at Amo> stn-et, each way. fh* favorite strainer TH04. E HU La it, will leave from foot ot Jay street, every Woodsy morauig, at 1H o'olocs for the abi-ve places. Returamg, leave Newburg at 1 P. M SUNDAY BOAT FOR GLENC ?VE, LANIING AT Sirat aaport aad New RocheUa? Tba elegaat aaw steaatet 1H0WAS A. HalGflT, wui leave ragoiarly dar Ibg tba aeaaon treat North Mjww stfaM, Norm riv^r, a* X A. M. pier Nu. i North nv<r, at 8:16; 0*taer?ne Market rllp, at 6:46: Delaaoay ?treat, at t: Twelfth stieet, at t? . IB , aad Thir y fourih street, at V.46 A. M. SPORTING. (1Al"n0N TO THE PP HiiO. ? CHE S03BCR(B?8 HAY. J mg bean iafbrned that certain p*ru?e am uaMiia< boats. Ac. n* aad do en the North aad 'Kast ilivrs, a'id ate tepiaaeatiKC said loats as ' beiiu oallt ?j ingereoiL" the public are bttraby caa ioeel against pureWiag ?sll boats, as all repreeaatatioas/if tse aiad are Iran ru>??i. It )/ereoii bas r.o agecu eccaptiog at Ooarlestoa S. 0 immediate actio* will lis taken to praeaeata tbe tread a l?bt parties. lNCilulflOlX, boat aud oar batair, UM iteatb street. ?0R iAf*? THR?r. BE AC TIF! -1XT~' * AKEUdT FULL breed setter pnpr, sit months oti, la aloe eoodttioa asd wi I be toM roasoaeble. May be seen ey eail ag at 81 *<hipp?aviUa, Hobokea, aaar tbe tidiag aehooL HEfrtuatirni GOBLWG'8 NEW RKBTACKANT. N(X m BROW way, Mrs* boas* above Duaae s*rs?t, apaa evry .'ay for MtakiBAt diaaeraod sapper 'reei 6 a M to ? P M. Ibe prrprletor, la retaralsg bis tbaxs* for the patinoag" be tee t*c?<ve4 fo- tbe Iket seveoksao ysare, r,t is to assu<-s bit fneada, t ?? geaerailv, that lit bi siorss wiB ?.e ooaducvel witb 't e t%m? ewrgy aei 1>a ?*? sto Dt'oo. as well ?? tbs same .*i<?^ra ? c srsae ebirb bss roVa'rtJ.I'tg's r?sta?.faai *? erthrtogh ou- Vf?> l?n t*<i t* a'?s I j'tc'i of W1 i Cfe**a fiuh<* ?ie eervw ap drily rp?-s?4 ?? 'b? ?>?* b^m *jc eerv ad ap by pelit' at J stiealive tsit'i L. Oik^UNG, .Vojjrl <tor. ?UJUAT Aocnon. A CCI *?N NOTICE.? W. A CARTER, ACCNONMR, yt*. w 'U ?>|i tbt* day, (Saturday,) at 10 o'clock, at #0 (.???? awi t> *tr??t, fur aooooot of ooac ra#a, without re *"* equality ?' b?a>rt' 'upcrflne flour, One L'tm pcol "kit. c'mfi ftmol chocolA**. i?u Ac ; ilio ? ?took of wow?** WW, mate Be* 4c. pardaily <Um eg*d. * UCTfCN NOTICE ?J BOO ART, AUCTIONEER ? BV & S HO J*Kt ? WOJ Mil. on M onlay, S3d lut at IF* o'elo ? *t U?e al-? rtotj, corner of Frankfort aa t WHi.m ?tr*e'a vn Miotmot or whom it ?nay onacors, 1W<> ToJooirh Ht.nd.r aod miM-ellaoeoas wore*, by pop'alar author*, aJ*o tool* a*** a chain, carpet, taMe, ks A LCIION MfTlCE ? J BOO ART, ATTOriOWEKR? Bf /I *? 1 00 A*T ? '11b?? #?j, at 1?S b'olosk, at thaeae ticn rtMiit, o'lo^r Frankfort tM WtHau etmata, by r>rtu? o an ex?c?Uca, tk? MMk m< fixture* of a flr-t daM ttug ?tor?; i*r*? a??ort?a?Bt 01 p?cfum?ry aad fancy i>r<ic-?a bru Ma, oort^aonnataa, apaalld aboar caaea, 'rain ebow jar-, timepieces, fuicj enap, tad t la a* vajluy o> otbpr m' oim AIM an Himt?>(t ot bouaeroio iu.d tuie. NATHANIEL FINCH, Constable. a tTTJON NOtlCK? TH09. B?LL, AUCrtONEK* ? A MU 4 BIIBH ?a> Mil, thin day, at yeionk, b' their kurtifu rouoi', 12 North WilUaok t 'to i* of *?Uin?ry fa* ioeabta b?u 'or ladle*. *ed othar <oodn la U * l>ov, 'wo ca?e* try Kovta. seven caant-r aadoth?r snow caaee, &o All o'clock, elegant fara>tur* o' all d*M?ip-ioo?, ap><? id ?ar'.roM*. <ve*itln< b'lmai*, vofasabfl K>f? txxU, chairs. table*. Frenuh b?t?tevli. bur BitVM'iM, 4a At 12 o'clock, to ci-we *?la* of a private a*ock, '200 ftot'Ls v?r? floe ol t>r? wla?? aid J?m?<ca rum <u-v*ti dcoUjoluM 4? , *11 M importal; alio, 160 bi x?a superior eegars x cmoN nouce,? ' Trios bell, AUcrroN'sen ? ?\ hj Ith.l. A: HUSH ? Omt^tl furniture. ? '4oaday, atl' K o'c-ock ?1H o? sol; th? really gon farn ture contain*" id tin s*oon<? story of ths if Bouie 25 (Jiove near Bedford, comprlttof tha arran^ABeaU of p-rlfTn, bwircosag, 4c., all of a description to giro aatiifaetioo. - CCTION NOTICE -?M B. JONES, AU CTIONKKR. ? l\ I'y *. J JONM 8t?N Ui Canal ?tre?c Bf rix tu* of as nt ution, I mil Mil tbl? dtr, at lOjj A. IL, a kt if atar.d'ng e?tk?, ?nall cftnta platform ?calo?, l'quorg, eoff??, vritiwr cesk, two coaatera and * varlaty Of o'hur artlclita. AUi, a atova aad pip*. WM. B JO. IJS. Conitftbla. Auction Nonrs? wm b. jon>s, auctiosekr? by f- J . Jobmi, atora 1 16 Caoal atraot . By rlrtaa of aa fin a ''Oa I ?Hil ??i> tbia <^ay, at tl A. M., a lit of o'D Oo ' r ? ?. ?? doora, pine board*, 4c., 4c. JOSH 3. 1'VRvZ, cro>.tabl? HA. G-ULrON, AUCUONKBR.? OJiE HALF OF a tbaataam tow boat Taumat Salmon at aacUaa ? COLE 4 CBIl.TuN will hell at aueHoa, oo Tu??day, Jaly '24, at lv o'oioek, at tba llt-rohaata' Ecshaogt, aa lar tb? diran'ioa of j B UodarniU, taa oa? balf. owoad by Robert McCormlik, ?' the ?t*a? towooat Thaaaa dal ipoo, a* abe bow hea at the foot of Jtska m atreet, Eut river For tetma aad partlcalara apply to the auction eer*, 4f Naaaau atieat GG. HORTO.V, AUCTIONEER. ? 1 HI3 DAT, AT a 2 o'clock at 18 8Uth areaui, furniture, and alaty coat* and veatu lor men aad boyi. MtNHY T. LKED8. AUCTIONEER ? BT N. B WOOL LEY & CO - WiU aell tbU day, (Satorrtay.) at < tba sale* rooms, 3fl and 3d Ueekmaa atiret, a Urge arsortment of Loa-ehoU furniture, pia do*, oo* ?z"*lleBt m(<ledeoa, 4s.; alio parlor, dlo'iif room asd eh?ui ier furniture, r>r : ? Roaewood fuita, m French brooate le, do chatri, bureau*, wa*h?taadi, cntre, el e aod card tables, marble top*: roaewood bed etoara. pure curled hair mattreivee, mahof any aofa*, cbair*, bcokcapea, it*aka, wanhaUnda, bureau*, roikera; thr*e eo?mei<ee euttAjre salt*, mirror*, oil pa ntiags, B-lver plat*o wan, refrigerators, leungse, iron vofa, 4a., to pay advances. Henry e, heris, jun., auctionerr?hort ga?e rale o' grogtrj atere on Meaday, July tU, at 11 o'clock, at No. 534, 8th arenae. etocs snl Us tvre? of k?io ?ro-?ry atcre, ?ioaai*t<a* o* teai coffae, sa ??>?, nrdin?M, herrlnga, pre?*rv-d frulta, tobiooo, se ffs. en f?e unu?'T?rletv of stock mr' cw en; also beer I Hup, caike, bosea, barrel*, sca'ea, wal^ati aaea au/ta, oollne oal'l, <oeat ben iL, counters, 4o. By order of attorney for mortgage, 'ferae*, easo. JI, VANDtCWATER, AUCTIONEER. ? l H1 1 O tY, ,S? turds j July 31, at, 10 >4 ?'clock, at the *alesr00n, I'i UmCtB lane, tuw* sal* of ho lmholJ tarn, tor* , n*? aod mcid<1 bend, conataUng or toaewqoi unl mehsgsay parlor eult**, in brooatol and hair "loth; epi>ndi<l roan wood e**K?t ? una Isdles' secretaries. carved end plain nmtols toy centre tebU-a of ro> e w.iod and mahogany; do. do **ie of quertette tas'es, 7 octare piano, roMT>o] aor- er ataida, can) tables, mirror*, csrrod and plain rockers and parlor cba<r?, large eesv do , bookcases aed booketsod*, ?o'a* and Ute a-t?<e*, china and plated w?re. bronze* Ac. ; marble top enam tiled cottage cham ber nite-- roeeeood and matiog?ny marble tap drsesiag nod plain bureau*; do do. waslutsads, case aod other cbaire and rook era 'or chamber* and baacnent; loan^es, Ac Alto some e ad j t.ojes of gunp order a.. J black taea, batteU ohaupigM, ?at dines, anohories, Ac JMOKlAKrV WILL SELL, THH DAY," AtIpES * ,?'cloe?, at 17a Chathso square, thefurnitir* of a -smlly goinc Writ, a good assortment; alao, a ft# bag * of ?alt, and other good* ?rnm various sources; j aleo 1 aowirg tcach.oe In goii order. Lake boat cmon ax auction.? Monday, july ?3 at 1 2 o'clock, on board, at pier 13 North river, (net of liberty street the lake boat Union, irl'h anchor*, cbamJ, ceirick block*, fall, towlines, furniture. stores, Ar , in complete order. 8*1* jpo*vtlve, to tbe highest bidder. W A. CARTER, Aic-'oneer, 67 Pey street, corner of Greenwich. II ORTOAGK SALE ? A. M CRI8TALAR, AUC flu SEER, M 23 Boweiy, will fell on Monday, July *29, at lo? o'clock one bay mare, eight year* old; one bay hor*?, ?>* year* < Id, and on* carriage, br orcer ot T P G l lelan, attorney lor tbe mortgagee; alao one llgkt wagon, and one hussar suit and *aCdle, Ac. NOtlCt? THF. PERSON THAT USED TO KEEP THHJ grooerj im in basement of hoaee 77 Jacuoa etreet. comer of Front, U here*, notified to reaofl the good* and fixture* left by him In aald at ire, on or be rote tbe Slat Inet, or tbey artli be mM to pay itorarn, ki. Constable'* sale ? I will expos* for sale, at pabfle van doe, at 77 Jackion street, corner of Front, the Bit are* of eeld ctere; alao ? let ?r grooertos, emptv box**, bar rel* and tobe. 100 bottle* lemon strap. 1 store, 1 .ot More plie. 1 tin boiler, 0 large stand cask*, IS liquor ket* *00 content* and other article* too numorou to mention. Bald good* are aold to pay storage, Ac. JOHN A. VAN BOKKtLEN, Conetable Seventh ward. Tikis morrell, accttonrer-at o'clock tbia morning at 81 Nassau etreet, fa ml tore of ex cellent quality, 1 Deluding reeewood suite* ?x'eoson d Birjr t*W-a. wardrobe* dreea bu-eeu*, M>f*s, tete-a tete*, mahogany euita covered with hair cloth, silver pia'od spoons and fork*, of superior qualltv Also large invoire of segar* Jo lota to suit. N. B ? Poortia) to tbe nonr to secure competition? a small company will not answer. II ' 11)1 AM T. BOYD. ACCriONERR? ?KFICfk NO 77 V> Naaeau otreet ?To ooopera ?Will b? aold at evic tion on Monday, July '<t3, at !(H,' o'clock, at Cook'* Br ck Yard, adjoining Hamilton avenue 'erry, Bro?k jn ore bvndred and fifty bundlee of hoop pole* (?plite), to pey charge* of etora?? HOHWKB. CAIUOAOEH, jO. AM'GMKI ENT1ARK B.\Y HORSfc, MUHT YKAR< olo, st*nt lng up* ?rrtn of slftO'O fcaoda h gh, v-r? gentle and qu et, o< t?-*atiful proportions, laog maue and tat), free, 'of try aeiiou, aod a very o ^naMc animst enter uni er tLO >adrtl* i.r in b*rueee, otleeed for sal fo any or e having a similar hone, ancdee ring a muck, ? ucb a team ccul i rarely be equalled at any price, lit 'be owner raaide* m fne conntry. afay'* not'ci eriil >?? o*cia>a y to sbow vka boree in the elty Lowwet pne-, *4(H>. Address bey llorte, box Post Office. CARRIAGE!? FOR HALE ?A FSW MORE TWO AND tbree seat mckae'ay* still be sold rery ot to clear ont rammn etoec , alao ooaebe* and aaloebea, en f top and no top vagstne; one eacondoand do itor's gig; doctor'* phae on ana eocoodhnod top wagin, At II. lH'ilUuV A 00 , 37 Wooeur *treet. rj>(Mi HAi>i-? a asroN 6 11 ind "fo c r s Ka t uo .x f away but Uttle use I. Inquire at 394 Broalw.y, to KINO A WILCOX <ON. CtOR~5ALE? A H.iNpSmiE OaRRIAOE, NKARuT ? ness, and b?t little na?d; made by one of the bset esakere , wlU c*rrj six pefeone. alao a light srsgon, with sblftinc top Apply at 1?7 Water strsot, New York, or at No. M tUmsen -treet, Brooklyn iT'OR baTk? A ^Pl.KNOiU dkY H<)H^K. l?x H AN D-i J h'gh five years osd. and warranted eenod and kind, and very fast; toaetber srith lie at sragoo end beroees Will be aold cheap, as the own*r U a boat leav sg to city . For partloniar* inqntre at the I tables, M Mercer itmi ?.to* HALF? QRA Y~? ARE, WAQOV AN 1) RaRSE'Q , r mere UX b?n''? high six ysars aid, *tybsn,*<iuyc aad gentle, would make a desira '!* family ot road horse, wagon ha* a light an't.og top little need; nareae* in keeping. Apply to OKOkOE W. FaRLEY, corner of Kar k't and Cbeny a tree's, L OK OA us CdEAP, IF aCI'UU) FUH .SOON? A r horse, cart aod hameo*, with wore; no -h ,r/-? for ?or*. Apply at !M Wert Eighteenth street, *e?.>?d (IwJ H0Rf> TOP WaOON AND HARN HUB FO'HAUt ? The 1 or?e 1* s xuen hand* high, bright bay, eoiat bird and gentle The wagea and hataea* la a* rooo *a oew. The whole mil be sulc for balf the ooet pr ca Ap ply at 1* Joj. o raer of Greenwich strset HOBJiE WaN i KD -OT GOOD SIZE, OCNTLE AN J ettorg. >n taWs for a family hone, and car:, aU<>, a egnn to bold four, alao, tart, hernees, Ac , one or all, in exchange for new ij Imported cTWitg* ca**iai?rea. v-etiaga, Ac , at easii*. Addreae A. P. W_ Herald offire. SIXONI> HAND " CAHRI AOE4 ' FOR 841.* ? ONK Ight rrcs*?*y eea<a lee foar, one baron the lor foui p-'*ooa moo's In the side* two no top burgle*. 00* track su1a?v. 70 lb*. ; at 6. LENT'* carriage faitorv, Ibtod avenue, near Forty (events street. New carnage* foi sale. ~XJ KI MONT FORflB ? BOCTHERN OFVT.HMKN 08 \ o'bere, ceslrons of parehneiag verv Ins ma < or fa mily horaee. (entne of teem v-rv fart,) of fine Mores e bieed, will p ?aa* call end look at a let o' vary flnr bceset, laUly fr*m Vermont at WnsuM'i ataele, He ?rvw street, tear Fultoo aventte, Brooklyn. O *TIM1 l'MNT WOHiy H V vi~R?iO VltF FftoM <4 Me.enteftO to No. % Barclay etreet, A?t^ Hee m ?Sot t ot- yet a *d extr-ot*-! emboss- d, or cut to ?r y f.e*t?re ee>- 'a ' s'.yl >s r*adf 'or ?tiib st in, kit? se shea Uaonbis printed, go ds i* *rel withoas gharjie, J4J1W BCRE, Jv A?t ei\ A An ? broad* ay loaw office.? 2S j OU?VV/Ui liberal Caita Ml if/ge or (mull amount*, on diamond*, watcbei, jaaelrj^ dij gocda, sad *11 flewpdona o< pereon J ptupirtf, er pnjrcharre for euh Tbe ?trtoteat CimtWenoe %od punc tuelity obeerred Addreet 394 Broad w*j , mar Welter e4. ?/?. ?/\ ? MONEY TO LOAN ON MA SOUU?'JUU? mooda, w*tih?/, jewelry, agy fooM, eegere, he , er bongat for ?M <; *toek.<, not**, mortgage, 4-r negotieXS Burlneea ceafldrntlel Ml prompt, Yj THOMPSON k CO , broaera ene com>alaeioa meroftanU, 102 Naoaeu atreet, corner of Ann, room No. J, aaoocd floor Jh At. AAIW ADVANCED ON DIAMOND^ hP4U.vUU watibee, ]?*?lrf, hrottoif ft* no?, paicUoya, dry (nodi ana ererj dee rip ion o< pro perty. Par'!** Mihof to obtain Iowa, ou h? uw moanta. on ibrrtl Urtna, different to other offleae. t%? etetaaeet (MldMM maj be relied on, ud IU ebeea taauteuta tuut in whole or TMivu h?m, pi) lag H 6?8 Houston atraet, b?t vem Mercer aad Onw etteete RmIbni bourn, 8 o'clock A. M until 4 Ml Part** waited on at their own reeideooe. h. MKYKBS, 4?Mt 5<)AA wanted, OS 'UU lota (a Huatioi $3,000 w/v w uu la niunuogtoo atrial Bapefc lyn. between tourt nail Clin too- The property >? WW* oubla the am runt boutae M* For ntli, two Mt| tayO* In Adelpbtn etr?at, near Myrtle avenue: Oeaeae two ?tory and haeemant. Inquire of T. ADAdS k Oft. 71 W aU etreot. UttflL I WWk TO ON REAL ESTATE IN THIS 57?/aVVV oitj only ?Any part* having gial ee eurity, irepr vnl or unimproved property can onata ttta ?bore nam at once. E U KIN-Hl 4EK, 319 fourth avaone, 8 to 10 a. tt , 8 to T P. M. Aii/1 W.00?, $3,000 and WAfr ?t) . V/ U" a ea, on * loan ?or tare# or Are f ??ra, Mcurtrt by a mortgage on valuable real eatate, feat ria Ing in value, and worth four time* the aum mioni A liberal miobUiiod paid If ootalnad aoon. Apply ta C. It. HART ICE, 20 i Broadway, room No 1. WANTh'D? UPON VALUAttf I*. \/ v/ proveo reel eitato, BidMa, N J,. ?orih three timea thia amount; *Uo 91,000 w?nt*4 opoe mortgagei o' a took, crop, and tool* cattle. ti>r*ea, ? Im , 6n One (arm, Ne* Jenny Alao fT a ale, aaparuM boot and ahoa atore. Brooklyn, an1 apiaaWd grvoary atoro, ditto fl.bOO; modorn hnaae Thirty- thlrt etreet. Sew York, 94,200. Apply at 61 Nataau (treet, room U. db O i iAA wanted?on real estate, nr iJpOe V/v" the olty of Ne?ar?, N. J., ir.?rth fawr the amount A liberal boou? paid if ob aiaaA aoon. ACdxeaa 0. U., 100 Nowan arena*, Jsraoy City, 'Lis Articles or value advanckd upon in sums to a nit applicant a. Foreign gold and aUrar oofau bought at hlgbeat prtcea. uacorrent money d aoountad at joveat ratea; land warrant* bought ana >-ol4 at too B pec in Exchange Offloe, 402 Broadway, oppodta Pauilc bank. JOHN HARPS ft ADAMd. CASH ADVANCED IN ANY AKOGNT OK PC?OaAS ad at aigfct, oiamonda, watcb ea, nab jewairy, mar ahaadiae and ralnabio paraooal property generally. R. WOOD, 09 V niton a treat, aeooai Aoar, front rw TTvIVIDEND ? If COLUMBIA FIRE IN^&NCOE COMPANY, N?. M Barclay rtreet, comer of CoUnge piaoa Niv Vou, Jmly 0, 1004. the Board of Dtreetore of thu Compan j barn thia dar declared a aemlannoal dividend of fl?e per oent, pay a No on and after tha 12th >ai?aat. The trahefer hooka wM ba aloaad ontil that data JOHN 0. BEROH, Bocretary. Dividend.? broadway savings iNsnrunw, No 207 Broadway, (rntranoe on Park plaje J ? Depoaitora ale notiM that tha naaal aeml ananai divi dend tm all amoanta entitled thereto, at tee data at I per eent per annum, on eunu not ezeaedlng UK and 0 per eent per annua on aU auma orar P6?0, arCi ha aaM M and after Monday, the lith mat Interaet not oailnd Mr wlU draw Intereat aa prina.pal Opan dally, from If A. M. to 2 P. M , and Jtenflaya, Wedneadacra and Saturday* fro aa 6 to 7 P M WADE B. W0RAALL, S?or?Ury. Praot CuiuMno, Aanountant. elVlDEND NOTICE.? OFFICE OF THE SIXTH AVB nae Railroad Oompaay. New York, July 14, IH46.? ? Board of Director a of th ? company nave deelarwd a dividend of per cent on lta capital at-iok, eat of tha cart Inge of the road for the current ait moatha, payable at the office of the Ireaauror, (O 1)0 Aa?eiia, na%., Caabler,) at tbe Paople'a Bank, an and after tha Srat4ar of Auguit next. The tranafer boot* will ha ctoeal nntt thatoay. T. BaILKY MTKRH, daecetaty. ?J ARIEM GAB LIGHT COMPANY -THE HAliLEM II Oaa light Company, having procured from too Corporation of tbe cuy or Xe* Yora a grabt to lay pipee tbrauKh all the tireetu and a*ennea ui all taat part of raid olty ljtng no ? tb of tbe centre Una or treaty - ninth ?tr??t, for the pnrpoee or auppiylag gal I got ta that portion of tbe city, and havng eommanted opern tiona la ronatruonsg tba neoeaaarj apparatoe aad buila lngt. hereby give nouoa that ->ooka 'or rubacrlptiee tar 9130, OtO of tbe capital atock of aaid oompany *U1 no op? ted on .Tueaday, the 17th day of July, net., aad rf main open for one weak, at tba office or Barr w?ke man Itq., tbe PreaMent of aald uompinr, No. IT Mar banta' Exchange, Wall ? treet, coroer o> Hanover (treat. PENRK P. McGOWN, Secretary. New Yrrk, July lft, I860. Money advanced for hhoht periods oh real aatate, cuamoada, watcnea, jawelry, fiata, plarofortee, dry poooa, boraea, carriagaa, aad ererr de aotlpUoo of property , by the raapoaalble Empk^ Lea* aad Agenoy Company. C. *1Li&, Agent, 888 Broadway, oppoaite the Broadway theatre. M ARINERS' 8a VINOS INSTITUTION, THIRD AVR, corner of Ninth a treet, lor the beaeflt of aU deeaaa of per? ii hank open flatly from 9AM to 2 P. k., aad on WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY EVKdlNOa from 0 4*0 O 'olojk Internet on depoeita of 9400 aad nnder SIX PES CENT ISAAC T. SMITH. Secretary, -KTBW YORK DRY DOCK 00MPAKY.-JVLY 4, 1900,! it A eeml annual dividend of fear per eeat oa tbe euttal etoek of thiaooa*MtT> he paid to theeteok haldara oa and after tie 10th inat.. by order of *m Beard of D-rectora. F. T. HAYIC3, Oaahiar _< BUI- ANNUAL DIVIDEND? OCEA N STEAM KAHOA O Uon Oompuj. Now York Jnly 12, 1366 ? Th* M iKtati of tit* Unu Wteam Narigatfoa Owpw; kin >bla dt) declared a dividend of fire (6) par oast a* th* the capital ("toe*, out or toa a*t>U(l of tk* put aix month*, p*y*bl* on th* lit of Auguat nut. Tm traaa fer book* ?rill ba clo**d from tfii* nay until tba lat of Auguit. C. K. ANDERSON, Secretary. r CAPITALISTS ?WHO HAS >30,0(0 f ? A BARK ck>D? for aa tnrettmect. ? A bu*ioeai now wall ? .abllrhed , and incr*Miag rapidly, require* the ?I>ot* iuo to make it mora ex tei. alee aod p ottUSU. ?f>,0i 0 gua:*- 1*?<) to tba p*rty the firat year; hi? <ot? itet may re?oh 810,000 tba flrat year. A>dr*?*H J H, Barald ofTu *. with rw*l nana. All ooaftdeaflal. Toe peracn can be ipecial or acting partner. _ COPARTYK51SIIIP NOTICE*. Qt 1 TO 81 6CO. ? W ASTKD. I U tIEDl ATELT, S3 1 t'.'vU ? P?rt**' w,tk the aoora amvaat, to _,uuj tli?a<mrT?er in the pubUaat'O* af one of tk* moat lOpciar guide bi ota o?w i??ueC. Much of ila ep?o? will i* oatotfd ?o the 1 erntory oi Mlanoaota. and ICO par . ?nt w 11 ha pu?raotro<> apoa ike in re*tm?at Oa*r public* len* wi'l ha coa.raeec?l at on*? ai'.oga*h?r af lording a r*r* cb*oc* 'or to enWrprt?-a? m?n to *?ak* id otf J. Ihf aiTalre of an *st*n*tr* land company wWk ?l?o i>* ?ntru?t*U to the firm. Addrea* Ouida, box lit lUiald offio*. ar AA ?A PAU'NVB WANTKD IN AN OLD ?, en'ablahed auction ootnmWon aad real n- tat* buiiire* A amart m?n, with iron $5t 0 to $8 *>, m?y reallt- a fortune in * few jean 4ae<i aa op pec nnity e*leam oiler* To ?nre trouble none n?e1 apply ?ho are not |ir*|-a'*d a*, once to m>?e ?rracg?m*al*. tor p>rt.cuUn call at 2i9 Broadway, room 28. <CiOnA ? HCH.PHH, ARGHtrBCrS, OR OrnFRa, VjpfcV/V/a "homaj wautajoang man (athaar*. i.-ai *t>d i ractiml carpenter,) with to* aoor? euta, to ate ao m-fieft In their bu*in**a or aa aa *-?tataat, ?Ui p aai? avdrvM Globe, Union equal* P>*t Ofle* NOTICE ? IHE PARTNERSHIP (IF HCUH aCCSUW ru*SS & iHJSV ?u oieaolreU by in* death ?' tk* m ti or aart ter. Ill* ana* f who ar* al?o appoi* U4 exaca tort of hi* will) wilt attend to tb* *etu?a?wt *f th* af (alri of th* firm. JOHN AOCHiNC LOW, h vaa AiuHioCLus* The Dtulf rtijfDrd w U oontinna th* oo*inil??loa 6n<la**?. uii< er fee firm of Joha k Uu*h Aucalaelo**, at So. 113 ittoadwa*. crm*r af Tkama* etreat JOHN ACCHWCW)?, H'jtili ACCiUNCUMCS New Vert, July l?, 186J WJL P. BlJiUCKM*. PARTNUt WANTED, W1TU ?6,000? 9L'3I.VE? IN New York, proBU ?*ti*factor/, Kr**ia*at*Minl by mrrtgajf? on real <wtat* Par ion baring taa cath. ar.d do otkara, may addraM Reality, U*nUd offlm, tar oa* wee* Partner Wanted? to go shar?3 in a work witn one who baa had low etpert-nc* in dyelu aad IM-Dtlo* Tartee red roMoa cloth. For further tl?> tpp'y, with real nam* ana aWr??t, to 3K.MS RAJf lilJRt, Uotmabnrii, o**r PhlladMpfe^a. artner Wanieo? at Ht. u>uiB. 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