Newspaper of The New York Herald, 23 Temmuz 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 23 Temmuz 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 6904 MORNING IOEK HERALD. EDITION-MONDAY, JULY 33 1855. PRK^o _H?MTUW9E!IT8 4ENKWK& I5VKBT BAY. ?iw pvuuvmonti Brooklyn daily signal.? the kikst nukbcr af this new evening ptuoy paper wiil be pub iahed day, July 23. fa-rler*, r.?nvataeri*, news ?eaier? and others iat*mtH, are requsatud to oil at the office, 181 Fulton street, corner Niuiu, at aa early boar, VAX VKGHTE>, Skill 11 It CO , Proprietors. IK VINO'S DEW AND ORhVT WORK.? THE LIFE OK George Washington by Washington Irving. To b<i completed in tbree octavo ro udim. Ch.i oitavu edition of thia long expected anil m|K-n*et worts la in (>rass, tha first relume being ready for delivfry, and t'ae wuole work new inmanuscrpt Ft i? prfeted on Hon piper, in ecu type, of over 600 page* *iti three or more por alt* and plane, and thi* ei'i'ion la publicum) exclusive ly by anbacciption, at a vol.ime. Subscriptions re oelvnd by the general silent, CHARLES r. ERaNS at h a office 87 GUaey Building*, or at Mr. Diaturnell's map ?tor*, IV 7 Broadway, ?TNPRECKDEN'rED HALE. vJ The demand exhausts 1,00< COPUd A VAX, Everybody la readies; THK WATCHMAN, A companion to 'Tvi Lamplighter." lb* undersigned would mat a that t>\i> uouiaml ha ; ' been to gruat for thi* 1'opci >k Boob, that, with the utmost endoaror, we have found it al ?nut impoesible to keep tae work In print, although our ?Million* bare been 5 000 ropnw men Our arrangement* are luoti at present that we shall be r-nabied to bind 2, CM corm* a pat. To the bo?k trade ?? would aUte, that in future there will be na delay in supplying the demand. The pr??t of the I'nitcd State* have oeen unanimous in praise of thii thrilling work. Vie are a!-o in rfv-iut of private letter* from head* of familie* strorg'y euiog stlc of this book. i'rico for the complete won, han Uomsly bound In one /olume, cloth, Is one dollar. Copies of the above work will be sent to any per* m, to any part o( the United 8 tat**, per Ur*t mall, rree of postage, on thelx remitting one dollar to '.he aubliaher, in a totter, poet paid. H. LONG k BRO , Publishers 121 Naaaau street. ?fecial, ho rictus. A MERiCAN COTkRIH ? THE MEM'dKRS OF THK above are hereby notified to attend a meeting at No 1 Eldricge street, on Monday evening, July 23, at ft o'cleik, for trinMaction of buntoes*. Twoa. Prick, Secretary, WM. K. GWYN, President. C1AUTI0W ? ALL PERSONS ARE CAUTIONED AGAINST J receiving or negotiating a draft lor JH.ftJii 50-100, drawn by J. MbJey & Son, on the Bank of tne Republic of thia city, in favor of E, H. Rowland, and en loried by him, pay able 1st August proximo, witho it grace, no <wptuncse waived Said draft was tnailttd at Augusta, Ga, for liockford, Illinois: the letter reached it* destination without the draft. Payment has been stopped, CHARLESTON CITY DIRECTORY.? THE CITIZENS OF New Work are cautioned against paring any sum* oi money due the Charleston City Directory tor adver tising or ?ubscriptlons to any other than the subscribers, who are the only persons authorized to collect due* on the wort. JAMES, WILLIAMS ft GITSfNGER, Cbarleatoa, S. C. ijj*AKF. REDUCED TO THREE CENTS, IN BULL'S ' Head lise of stages, from Forty fourth street an<l 'XhiU avenue te Fulton ferry, through Bowery, Chatham and Pawl streets, on and after Monday, 23d Ju'y. J. V. MILLS. IO. OF 0. F ? THK MEMBERS OF GRANADA ? Lodge 283, are notified to attend a meeting of the lodge on Monday evening, July 23, at bullae** of im portance will be brought up foi action. A. B. Jonto, ISect G. G. HERMAN, N. G. N- OT1CE TO MERCHANTS AND MANUFACTURERS. The nndetbigced will start on tne first of August jo travel throughout the whoJe South and Writ, for the purpoee of circulating the cards aad advertisement*, and soliciting of order* for mcrchanta and manufacturer*. Having been for several y tare engaged in this occupation, he U welt acquainted wKh all the principal busi ness men of the South and Wee* ; and being also poseessed of an abundance of the very host testimonial*, be can be ttafely relied upon, both lor efficiency and integrity. Please address 8. C. A Lotridje, Herald office. HE~ TVfFNTY -HEV 1 IN TH ANNUAL FaLR OF THE Aaarrkan Inst tute of th< city of New York. ? Ta ? autnagert nnti ounce that they hiv* made arraageaieot to hold this exhibition in the Crystal l'aleoe,CDtnm9acing on Wednesday, the 3d of Oc'ober next. Thu msi;nlllc?nt U'l eendena nnilding will ^e opened, for the reception of araelea, frcm Thursday, tli<? 27th of September, nntii Tueaday, tte 2d of October. Heavy ms^feery and artl e'ea frem a distance can be sto/eil in th^FaU^e fmin the 16th sf September. Offices will be opened on Fortieth atraat, for the ? ntrt and recaption of articles. 1'reminm*, constating of goUl and silver m xloU, cups and diplomas, will ba awarced on toe recommendation of competent iuu??J> The managers would impress unon exhibitors ???*,sfly 6f ffirng immediate botise <S*tte J?1*? **I iu".r?? IW tha proper dl*|il?y cf the srtic.e , taev latent ta axhibii Circulars, cos taming full p*rtica>ara, can be ha4 M a?j licatlon nt the oflice of the Institute, No. Ml d'OAdway Commonicstieos addressed Wm B. fxH.r.\rd, ? Onaspecdlng Secretary, will meet with im mediate at centicn. Vj order of the mamgtu. EDWIN SMITH, Chairman. m'onx W. Chamuekh, Secretary. rr A. 0. D.? THE MEMBERS OF COLtTMnt \ GliOVE U ? Na 8, are reqneeUd to attend the nwt meeting -oi the Grove on Monday tbe *J3d inat.. to take a -tion on ? ammteant* to the by a law*. By order PERRY HEITON, N. A. Wamd P. Sxnn, Sicaetary ALE MRF.TI.N'i fOF THE <T..\SS OF 18 1 j. The Ciaan t f 184i> will celnbrate tneir decennial an nivnraaay, on Wednesday, July '1!>. Thx hour aad place of BMatfng will be settled at a preliminary gatkerfng to be haUnt the College Ubrary. on Tuesday, July 'Jt, at 4 o'olaok I'. M. EDWARD OLM-TEAD. Secretary. DRY GOODS, did. 5aa a pairs ladifs' b: ack~ ol/UU SILK Mill's, Lang and short, with and without Beger-i, at 76 ruvTS i-. a i-aik. Alao, MISSEB' DITTO. at u* a tK>n? ns ram. A. T Kl'EWARf \ CO . Broadway, Chamber? and Kea<le streets. A' n HmLstwTT&Joi tMEsf' oF frkncic~km' bcaidt rad sets and cdlar*. Also. Frrn;h bind* uow at) lee. PETKR R*>?lER[.'; & 01, No. 37t H road way. GDiTLLMEN S FURNISHING AND DRV COOllB.? Wanted, by a young titotchman, bra<l ta hiiinosi j> tho city, a situation as -alesman or bookkeeper, wholesale or letail, in either of the abore lines beat city reference* given. Address C'Aleionia, Herald eflioe. Hair tLora skirts -hvtimww, fits bbovd. way, corner Amity strsc>, lias the best aod full est skirts in the city. All tho la<lie< say so. Also, louncinga. banda, beautiful embroidered collars, bead dre*Ha*; ribbon*, a large auortmcnt. Trimmings, lacee, Frtneh breakfast set* ant tap*, ail at reasonable priaaa. Call aad see for yoirsahma, Ucles. ACES AND IJUlUtOlDI-JllKM ? 6.G00 1 III > 11 I'M broidered collars, and upward* of 1,000 breakfast cap*, at 26 per c?Bt below actual coat Also, a m w lot of rani Valnioienees edging, at 1s per yard, by tbe piece. (ifcMN'ri Bataar, St. Nirhojis, 61U Broadway. r ACHt-juif arrivi:d7 "and "soi.ri "a r tiik I j fabric price* of Franci an<l Bolglum, at Mri. LaURENT CO.'S, French millinery importers, <W1 Broadway. I INK ART*. FJMJEOANT 06RAWO9 ' Olt SAi.l VEST CHEAP JTj for ca?U ? Agent*. caavii**?re an<l lealers lfiU find theaa pnotn a gnat barvain to be -.fea stifie p'a'e printing offite of W. H. lilNBAK, agent, iiOOntre strvet, ipsUire AsmotooTr A ItSCli rXiY? MaDaMK WliifJER. inf WONDERFUL Hpanioh lady, tae mo*i aonderfui astrolofst tn the world, or teat has ever been known She win tell pant, E-aaaot, and future ovent<. lamrprat dnv, m I, e m?ult oq w Mnttrrs, presrrlV n edictaes for all disea-e*, p"int >ut rtol'n or .'oat pioperty, ani deecrtbe the pcrun who ha* It. Hours from A. li. to tf P. M , 66 tiowcry, <-c jnd toor. ABTBOi ! >uY iTfi'tEVOI.Ol.Y ?Til): CELEBR t'lKD Mi*. KLKURY, (torn i'ari*. whose reuilon has beea constantly ronsultao by Vapoiaon I givostruein fcrwatlon an all svsntx of hi*, jneetloos .re am-aarad by the pawerof magnetism, af M Hroorae street. Madam: M' vtK ii/w ??? movku io lui slventh aveaua, b?twe*n Twen'y third and Twenty-fourth treeta she cob 'Jnoe* tn tail p*at, preaenl and faturn ?venta, likewise marriages, journeys, law inlts, business preepaata siekneea, abeent friends, property ioat or etolan. Madame Mevar conver pea in Fagluh, K reach, and <? era) an, and girea guarantee for bar art. ?mf adame "Moniiow~ rill" bbow'thk licence 1*1 of tbe intended husband anil absent friend*, and will tall all the ertuu al Ilia, thla hi?aly g ft?t la ly baa a nati.mJ gift so tali ev?n the very IhoughU. AD who w1ah a sj^y airrlan may rail soon, aad tliey msy derend upon tme alvjee. fo iaded on the eternal principlea of mag eal aci<ncaa No aharge if ant satisfied, ^entiemea not admitted 7ti lireenaa street, near (?. ?tunbia. ?TO?CAle. MUSIC "i,1a Y0CNG LaDT WOULD UKE~T0 siig in a Protoatant I pieropal cburcb aepraa > vUee. l'>e??a ac lrsaa Hopraaa, Herald oglie, for thre? day*. jkJ EW- plaNOS lt<R II60.-H' RAf t Ws'FiH, xw Hroa^ way, la ? ow prej are" to famish f | ?-Urt Genoa, with iron it b>< aa J Mr-nar sealae, tee later. rwi?t iasM aa g'-JO to?'-a?i-s-# a', t tie vary lew prtre f ig4>. < eee perfectly a*ai and pla'a. aad ptaane wannptod Io g ra naUre aanaiactiwn Dramatic ?ad Hutoil Matters The heated term last week killed tbe bualnees it kl th# theatres that remain. Hoir an/ one can ac? or H ? to tho theatre when tbe thermometer mark* ninety- flvt), la , more than we can understand At tha Bbo.idway Tiwatkb Mr. and Mrs. Bar My Wil liam* have been m engaged far another weak, the fifth of tfcefr engagement. On Friday Mrs. William* had a benefit, and was honored with a very good h mae. A new farce, called ?'Patleace aad Perseveration," by Mr (bailee W'alcot, comedian, waa prod need Mr. Waleo Jot a not write eo well aa ha acU. The farce ia dcflcieat ?n flot, incident and altuatioa. The dialogue la amart however, aad there are three or four very go>d part* Mra. Williams playa a Yankee lady, who afterwards I* supp- o*ed to disguie# berealf In a tbin brogue aad a loa tiding babit, for no partioi-lar pnrpote that we cul l .*e Tuere are several parte better than that of I'atieaee, which, although acted with vivacity, waa not e<t!iul t Mm Williams's previous efforts. Mra. France, Mm. Ilotigh, Mr. V biting, Mr. tirr>iv*oor, end Mr Fransn bad all good "character parta," and made the inoet of these. The fare# wae exceedingly well acted, and It wa< certainly refreahing to s?e a piece of thta kind where everything good waa not monopolized by one or two person*. The bill for tonight include* four popular pircee, ia wbich |lr.? d Mr*. Barnsy William* appear, the stago manager of the Broadway ehould be more careful In making out hia bi 11m of the performance (in Saturday the "Irish l>iamond " by IHoa Bourcicault, was announced. It la an old piece, translated from the French, and usually called the " Young Scamp " " O'Flannlgan and the Fairies," announced as writt-n by John Brougham, in the prodnctloa or Samuel l over, the eminent Irish author and poet. " Render unto Cajsar," &s. At Nihi.o'h t!jkRnr>' the Kngliih Opera Company ha* been relieved from duty three night* during the wuek, and Mr. Burton baa been delighting the people with some of lit* beat artis'ic eflcri*. To night "Fia Diavolo" ia announced, with Mlts l/ouina I'yne aa Zerlioa On Tuesday Mr. Burton will play "Paul Try" and "John Jon#*." At tb* Bomkry Tmuru, Mr. Oooiall and Mr*. W. Ward have been placing to fair house*. On Friday Mr*. Ward had a benefit. when 'Guy Mannering" waa played. Mra. Ward's Meg was clever aa a piece of melo dramatic acting, but altogether untrue to nature and probability. Mr. H. Ball played Dandle Dlcmont on thi* occasion, and did it txcceOingly well. This evening "Guy Mannarlng" will be repeated, together with the fare* called "The Omnibus " Wcod'? Mu?trkiji, No. 472 Broadway, itill keep up the excitement, notwithstanding the warm wrather. This evening, a good ct ncert programme and " Th# Wanderirg Minrtrttl. " TireFn*N<ti Pi.aTs.? At WaiWck's theatre. this #vea log, M. Anthony's French company will appear In n new five act piece, "La Vie de Bohi-me," by Messieurs Pair (li re and Murger. Mil. I'atre, (iuatava, Kdgarl. and al the ladies of the company are Included in tte cast. The piece was quite successful in Pari*. Do*** prima dount of the Caitl* harden epera troupe, gives a conoer*. this evening at M bio's, af*l?t?<l by Vest vail, Rocco and otbnr artists. This Is Ponna Gomez'* farewell concert in N*w York, and ehould he well attended. Dramatic Go^ir.? The Cana ls papers Inform u* that John Brougham, after playing to crowded house* at Toronto and Hamilton, will appear at Montreal thin evening Ilia Gabriel Ravel troupe is drawing fall bouses to th* Howard Athena um, Boston, which will be epened by Mr. ' Lynge for th* regular saason oa the 3d September Malar ne I .a Grange and ? igaor Moralll at* at Newport, and tie following artist* are bennd thitherward:? Otto Drrssell, p'anlit; Ve-lrali, Ella* Hemler, Btlxnoll, Amo'iio, Ole Boll, Mr. Hanforl, the Amei<cea planhit Mr. Gotuschalk, tho pianist j Paul Julien, vicl'nuit; Hlgnora Manzml, Md 'lie Caroline Leh man, Mr. Apthomus, th* harpist ; Uertnsn'a Musical Society, and rthent ? ? Oao of tb* piper* fays that "Pa lomba," a tragedy, by Mr. S W. Cone, of this city, was lept ia the bancs of one of to* Ho-ton manngers during two years, because he coulj not find a lea hog a*tre*s who could play y?? piinslpal part. Astres-.** be -care* in then# settlements Mis Daveaport is In Beaten. Sho is goin? to Europe on tU# Urat cf August, but will returu to play bt,re SV^t *ea?o^. Mr. H. Mall Is engaged at Wal lack's ne t' to**, a. l1 * flo? ?tto,r in boilnqim, and Mr Wallack intends to giro bin a2 opportunity to display hit Valtnt in tbat lino ? ? ' Ih? Hati^r' *&*?) Journal has the following ntot:? Put lag the peri or man ce of the '-laiy of I .yon*,'1 th* ctbtr evening, by ianergan and aandford's com j-any. in the sjene In wblcb Pauline ia to te aacrillcadto : are her father trom bankruptcy, (the ptper falling !ue the asm* Cay,) one of our most esteemed and wealthy ciliztns was so wrought upon, that he whispered to a friend that he was reedy to etdorae and get an exteo aion cf ninety Oafs' But Mfore tbe transaction couid be perfected, Claude appears with tbe pro fwi, and take* up tbe notes, without demanding a dolt of secu rity. ? Mr*. Dora Shaw, of Ht. Louis, will -hortly make her (Hi1', having adopted th* stage as her piofesnlon. The Boston Museum open- A-Jgnsi 5tb, with Mrs 1'urrar as th* flrat stur. The Ka ional, la the same city, on th* '-nth .tugust.- ? Mr W. B. haglisb, manager ol several Kaatern theatre*, Mr. George Wood, manager of the People's theatre, Bt. Tamil, Mr. J S. Prowte. and Mrs. I. C. I'rost, arrived la town last week. Mrs. Logaa 1* playing at i 'hleago.?? Mrs. Julia Haj ne is at Cleveland. Mr ii. L. l<av*npor'. and Mia* T. fining rlosed their eogag*Ditnt at < Incinna l on We<l in flay evening la t, in eoti-e'|uenc.i of tlie caath at Nor^h Cambridge, Ma**., on tho same day, of Mr l-aven port'* son, an Infant live moutini old. Mr. and Mrs. 1 lorenc* are dclag a fine hu* aat* at tba lioltd iy *tru?t theatre, Raltimore Mr. and Miss Charie* hav* been playlcg at tb* Brooklyn Museum during tb* pa-it w-ek. Jam** Myers, the clown, and one of tbe propriaV/ro of Mjers It Madigan'* circus cmpsny, mat with an un timely death while performing on th* alack rope at Ge Ltva, a few dajs since Tlio ring by which the rope was fastened gave way, throwing him to th* ground with *? much for of as to ;aah bis brains out. C II. Thorn*, who took tte Rochester, N V., tl.eatr* for a summer reason, and bad a -.*ry fair ccmpsny cl^i*d it after tight nights, fcr luck of patronnge. Tbe propl- were not w tiling to pay for tte --.muptiny , and Mr. Thome did not care about paying himself or the amusement of tU* fe? o' tbe public who saw lit to attend. The lUvals ar* ?tiil at tb# Walnut *tr?et tbaatre, f'htiacelphla. Th* fall ?'asoa at the* establishment i* to commence on th* llfst week In f*ptrmfc<r, when Pet*r Richlng* and his daugbt' r at* to appear as th* stars.? Mr. F. I. Via cent pia.?e<l In Albany last waak, tor th# benetit of J. II. Tctr, iy.uiedl#n. Foti>Kiv. ? Hits (Mrs ) liceott aa Aaseritut j.riria ('onna, has mad* her at Drury Ian? in " I a IVena <?el lago,'' (Tb# lady of tb# l>akn ) The rltle of th# At** ?aj * Mis* l.uey liCitt, wlio perforiu*<l tb* part of >'!'*na, I* an American i?"y whoae recent * uceet m a at *? verul of tbe principal tbautra* in Italy hare been macli *po**n of. H?r appeorauc* hi youthful and pltaemg. liar bgurala mall ano si : .ewb*t slight, but very elegant her feature* am dell' >-t# and f mlmae ant her voire, a high sopra no is remarkably clear and flexible, with that vibrating juslitv which cjnduce* graetly toetpresaim ller in t 'Mtlcn I < l eautifully ?ru?, and h*r eiecullon and ?tyl* are tboae cf a highly accomplished artist The manner in whleb ste use her tint air, " O ma'utiai aloori, ' ebsrned th* ao'lunc# at onoe; and her whole perform aace, fiul of refinement, spirit and *M*ibility, was a con tinue*! triumph. 1 he l-er. lon A lAaneiimmjl ? W* ar* iaformtd tha'. r'lg aorand Madame'. as .er ba>e ?lgna<l an engagemaotvo ac ooui pan y M. la. l.en to Am'ric.i ?A monument by Sg nor V*U to Don rettl has just l*en placed in th* 'Tiurch of i^*nta Maria Magglor*. at Bergamo ?At the pari* Hippodrome, a l.atU* piece called " I-a Crim. #" has been prooucad. la which 2,000 men aad ?ome bunlrwl Horres ara engage.! Mr C l>lck*ft* and hi* amateur theatrical friend* ar# about to apper.r again, In aid of 1 the Paaltoriuaa for Oruremptlon The performance* will be given at Camp .en Hour#, Keaslngt' a, and will consist of a new pi ay, by Mr Wllkle Co. Una, entitled " The IJgbtbou**, ' with scenery by Mr Pupbald, R A snd a comic plec#. by Diokpna, tailel " lb# H'?sdsrfiil Woman.' the Ueket* ara one guinea ea< h ?Wagner, the eminent ormpoeer, baa retired from th* I'hilbar monle (<nc?rts. and tetun>a<l to trermaii ?An la terasting theatrical repreaentation, * to Uluttrale th* hiitory of tbe i^rman diama aai fnv th# l*aetit?f Ctount I1aten'< awnumnat. has tskea (laca. by r mmaad of the Grand I'ake, w th# e.'***lc hoards of Wr?*r It *mi?r???T *een?* 'mm '.?* |.l*ys cf Hans .-ache, /*Crea# (irjphlus, f?otta-t?4 I ai#rt, leiiew. t, *? , aaa ciae?i with ITaVW * ternary. "D*r Ibunn Kit *itben l'forten."? M Rogar km ac ceptaf ? short * ngagement ? tha Opera, Pari*, te ai i< tke | rinolpal pt t id tha opara of till Koyal H ghaeae the Prince of Kaia Cobnrg <*otba, to be brought out on the nut of Qttecn Vlcieria and 1'rinoe A b#rt, la Augu*t. He will immediately afUrward* commence aa engage, meat io Italy, and thenre prosaxly proood to Now York aid other or the American trtatea By a decroeof tat Minister of State, Mad! la. Rac&el baa been oppolated I'rofeeior of l>a<-lamatioa at the Conservatoire.?? Mr. ChaiUi I'itt ia placing at Manchester.? ?Verdi'* law opera, "14* Ytpre* Kicilltanea," continue* to craw an unprecedented crowd iirrr evening at tie (?rand Opeta io Pari*. On Monday, the 2Ath ult., tbe icoipta were 10,41 Of.; Tueaday, 10.00" f. ; and W*ida?? day, 10,'J6(jf. There ars nareral enc>rna every aranln^, at d the principal arti V? are generally recalled twn at three tm'i ? ? Mm* Knj le d* (iirirdin haa left a 001 act pi???, antiUed "I'ne Kemuie qui a.-teate ton Marl," alttady accented at tbo Irjmnw, when the chief part a to to played by Mm*. ho?e-('hirl ; alao ane'.ber play, In vcr.-e, called ' I Kiiiiculea f'eraicleux," which, though fir ( :w?Mci, remains naBaiabed.? Mr. J. W. Wall licit erl'.ttn a letter to tha I^ondon Dally Newt, soatra dieting the .nUtetuaaU) of the I'arta corraapon lent relative to the diitreaa among tha Kngllrh actor*, which statement wan publ.thed in tba Vrw Yokk Hxkai.i>, tha corietpondent repliea as follow*: ? 1 maintain the entire troth of my narratire at to the note riou* oottlulion in which a portion of tba corpt Us laUtt wax <>u the clay when I wrote It ia true, M Mr. Wailack aa)*, that tb?y old not receive an/ of Madame lUatoii'a mc-rey, but it la not tba lea* true ton* aha dis bursed a pi. in for .In 1. u-e. 'loin aum w/ia, however, In conaequetce of evtnta occurring eubsequenUy to oiy lat ter, returned to tier, under tba ouuumatance* I am about to r.ent on. On the Sid of June I'. betam* a matter of public no orlety that tha French aperuWtjr wno had brought th* Knplish a'tor* hare had no money to pay tl>em The bill* anncuoc n* the f.nglish perforaanoea were tcm down by order of tbe provisional director of tl? Italian theatre, fee environ* of tbe stage door ware crowded from 11 to 1 o'clock on that day by tbe Kngllah daneera, wbo were weeping became thay bad bean turn ed out of tb*ir lodging*, and bacauae M da ? (I Will no* mention h'? Dime tor fear of drawing down upon you n ore letter*) bad eatd tie bid to funda to pay anybody. Their dlsire** ws* manifest to nil Iwbol'er* llicae facta orest'tated by M.tliile Sof, * ri<la<>rur o( la? II! uttratum, and M Heon'Monta*. o. a r,<f<t<- 'ur of tbe Knrupt Arlit v, koth of Whose t..m?K I *iu author zed to cite, Oueevenlng llie manager havicg fount aoine fault with tbe dsnc?r*, they replied, .-tlmrvt with one voice, " II *?v can you ixpeet ua to dance with e piriC when we are starv ing >" On the day wben the b l!? were torn down, Ma dair.i< !> -tori, w^o wai cont'Dg to the theatre to rabetra al. raw tbe girl* in the I'Uce Venta lour, w th little bun dle* unctr their arm*, and cryiug a* 1 deecrtbel them. HI e could no' apeak Koglmh nor tbey t rench, but bar ing heard ot their dtatie** tba night before, *he nnler st< od their po*>tiov, *nd depoalted ?itti the reyiwur of tba Uentieaaum oi 30yf. to be applied in relieving them and aendlng the m homo She al?o ollered to play for thetr Unlit It wna not till tha next day, on going again to rthcsrRa) that Madame Kiatori laarot that ?onm I rfttteb roali'enta in 1'aria h *d com* forward to aupoty ironey to carry on the Kagli*b repreaeetat'ona, with Mr. W*Uack ftr manag?r, and to aend tbo daneera back to I-en'on. It wsii tboght by thoae wbo uudertooc to catty on the entvrpi t*e, commenced by an leaotvent apeculator, tliat it would not be creditable .0 allow any mimlirot the company to recede charity Iroiu a !o reign perfottrer la obedience to feeling* of becnn'Bg national pride, tbe rqiuteur wa? ordered to return tiie sor.f to .Madame Itiatrri, and at tbeaame time to aanure her that tbe purp?pea for which ehe had offered It were otbtrwlee provided for. It waa alao aaio that there waa no cccaa'on fer the prolfercd benefit. Thia ta the oxaot truth. Nayor't OOlcr I. Ol lt TKKBTH AO* tN Blb'OMR TIIL 4H0MI OP FILTH AND IUHKAHl:? The following letter*, relative to cleaning the atrwot*, will le read with intereat:? To HwflovoR rr**4ii)0 Woon, Mayok:? . The uttder*igheo <lo moat rexpeetlully repreeent a* lollowa ? That the Coinmmicner of Stn eta an t Ijirap* of New Yora, on tbe Vd of July in.taot, publlalied. tbtougb the IIkkaih, and probably otber paper*, a no tice that proposal* for cleaning the atnet* ct tu* city of New Yoili would re received nth'* otti e until U M. of tte I'.tb ln*t. In aocordasca with tha teima a* well a* ihelntmt cl the ulo<-e no', ce, tbe und*r*lgne<), a:ter rarefnl li'iulvy and con?l>ierati< n, *-nt m our proposal* for eUanmg tbe atieete ot a>l the diatilct* ociw^riaed ia said noilce, to the ptoper <!oj.?iwn?Bt l bcae j.r po**>* are In flue form of law. aid n all re*pef.t< oo-rect, an 1 eitry rf<tuinmrnt of lh?t department cunc?rn.0{ lb<-m hi* been performed promptly by ua, aod they vrre lilod in uu? time with tbe Comuiationar We have alao rceired, on the 1-ltb ln>iant, a coinmu nicaticn in writing frvtni aai rOomoii?<>iia"rl advhlog a* of the fact tba. we are the loweat bidder* ror the con tract fer cleanirg. kc . tbe Ut 2nd, :ir<, 4th. 6tli, #t'i, 'itb, 1110, ll'.h. l.?tl?, inth and 17tH dl?'ri..'..\ and al?o rn|ii rng ua to pioouce our teenritie* wlthtn aeertiia tin.e at hi* oBlre, with a view Ui rlo"ng aaid ctntrj^t* for *ald flliir-cts j?repirator; to llaal a?',"'? the pro per authoiltlca, in tbe premise* Al) tiila we have d'<n*, *n 1 d? ne pioroptly ; U< ?i';t *. we have alwaya been willing ate! jr?d t iy ct/i.h 1 ji in a'.l ri-Koli to 'hn law, au levin toco moti ibait P?r wtglyt duty, if d?*lred by the 4e P*rtm< ut. Wo bat* a!-d, In writing and orally, aereral tine* demanded end iD*l?ted cn our tight to enter ini Bto ate'y upon tbe performanre ot the cutle* of *<i'-i ctatract* *iB'-e the receipt of tbe above ooinmun. ?? tion, *nd to bave tbo?e contract* at on-e extent"! an 1 t!t livtied to 11*. F specially, we ??nt a written demand to t bat effect on tbe lsth it*Unt, ta tbe *? J Comuin nitiier, and a per-on*l demand ?a? a'tVe'iui-ntly ?i le t? MrMnitb one of the undaratgntd, of the Comaiuaioa er at tl* < l*ce. Itut we regrtl to be obliged to a l l that in-'tad of cctnpl)ing with th'* dem?nd the '.'om miea.nner t a* I Itbeito refu*ed to enter into or lunit?li tbe ecntra'-** to which we ate entitled, and r*lu*e I to veimit the un<!e>Mgoed toco anyttiog ia the pr?miae<. At tbl* tariiy aelloo, or, pertap , pootive oeglect on the p<rt of tie f'tnimiaalnner, we eonlen ourtelve* aH Unl*t?'d, ?nd tbe a: ore *?> aa no reui n 1* given wuy we i-houll tot imme'-iately have th* contract* *a th" taw awan'* th< m to ue. We therefore, ai* oompalle?l to appral to you, aa the chief magistrate and executive of the city and the head ot the department*, to give thi matter inch eiainmation aa it ceeervoa at tour haa la, to the and that we may have the contract a for awd Oiairicta which have beta awanlrd to ua without on nt<'> <waiy delay a? juatire aed the Uw rtnuire With hTtji rff-pwt we ?r? tour no?i rumble peiitiom ra, \r 8MITfl# r-wKl-I. AI. ' July iO.l1-.' |t.i '. k i" t f, Ni w Y' ua, July 20, J' *-l TH K V HI 4)1 1 I "I , f'.WMK Hi -TKIT* *XUl.A*Pe I rut Pin? M?Mt ? ,-mith, Heehel ?t <"o repreaent to me tliut pa reliant to ao adv?rti-em?nt for rtceiviu.f pr> pcaal* to >'ltan Uie*lie?t* lor one year from the nib mat l?*ned from your iepaitmient, that tbey put In tte reat malM; and tutth?r. that tor sevente? di*tric'? bill* wei'itbe lowest, and that they have la ail re electa compiled wttb jour advartiaemeat and wita -h* ? haitrr and oro'tantea reguiatiog the mi :.ieg of eoa tracte, and that lhay have gireo ample ?-cari'.y for tbtlr faithful ptrlorn.ance end that the rontra?t? liar* be< n pr' perly awaried ti Ibem by yon and yet they advite me tfcat yon reft *e to algn the r?utr?' f. to g.?e them po-ae**ion of ttia *'r*wt*, to wuictt Uey are now clearly entitle"' If tha t>e ao. I j am at a lo?? to '.mow tie ie*ioii? therefor, I Kvery rt'julii e of tba clurter and ordinance* b*a l*e*n T tttnr <d with , 'and aa there I* an appropriation fur j rlfaolBg the *'rtet* vet uneihaua'ed, nn?l aa it hat | boo well M'.tled tha' th<ae are all that are r<iUr*t *-0 ? cti'le a b.Jdtr to hie contract lorthwltb, it awe:'..*/ tte confirmatory a< tlon of the (^o raon Unn . 1 I car < nceire rf m ohiict lor retu*ingtbeee i^ntle n.<'u t <i*at aa .on for om?<!late work. Tbi great *%v:n* ?o tl e rity of th?* atri?ne*men', by wbi h wt can ha- e ?!?.n *tn?'? for about halt of what toe work bereiotora cc-t w. en ?* bad dirty e'r't'a, rhotil1. of iteelf be anfli cleut tu warrart u- in prowptly 'omplymg wt.hHbe re.i a/a -lde aad 1***1 <l*m:.ud? -f -mith, ^ tbe ewcution of their ccntiarte and po**euira Of tM ''titrfe'a. It' tbe-e *tatement? are eorroct, ptrmit me to expie** the hop? tbat jou will inter po*^ no lurtbtr otjtction*. and teimlt theao gentlemen to ?nier upen tbe JI. charge of tbtir 'ontnkcU f'-rttiwl ii Wry trnlj tort., KERNANf-o WOOll, Mayc? 1 p V-< omplatnta are now connantty <0 tb 1* ? r tl,- r vf th? icenmn'itln of Jo** ^ atreeti in varloua tee/. ion* of tbl* city Thi* !*? 'anger^ ona to public health at thia **n?on. an.. *H old no' -? allowed If thia conUnuia, I *b*^l fe-l warrants in Uk'rg proper mee?i,re? for the ;mme#?'? nunova! or ' *urh ' n*e of dl??a?e Marine Coart. Before Hon. Ja"ge Mc? er'.hy. ft (T FOR OOOtM SOLD 4M> MLfTHUt" Jt IT -1.? "(tor e?. tfillnti hrtr-4. ? fb'e ai t ion wa* brought l.y Mr Iiyer aa a**igaaa cf ?**"? there, t? raeorer igal?at Mr Kerreet for goo-la aol I an der 'Jie followlog eueamntanea* In Juaa, HJI f * William l orreat cam- to Maa n f*r ?v 1 r> atora, aa-i or lared *trna bcka . I '.?* " n m tallforuia wit# out, however, *W.t o ? "?m* o? addreta l? r<'|ue*ttd them *0 .it . lla/iwrA Hfot'.tra . whj. w*r? alao *bippte? g<-' ??* to bi* aoti *r Wiiavn ??? vim wtrll with ot* of *ri# ? rtf* law and the too** were aold to him ?ad <*u' a* eirerUd to ? Forr-et," fare of fUeper k Br there. Th* Mil waa bamd to Mr William Forre.t a?l t.\ to tin. Itntt, 01 ' altforaia, ill* aJege.1, .w.j l 1 a acn.etl og leee tfcaa a year after thia ?*l? Mr ? 1 m Ferieet re'n**d to pay tha bill and '-b' aet'on e? * ctm' lacly brf/ogbt. be de'endaot d?a ed 'n b1 *<?* e*', all tLe allegat-ona of tbe complaint, but bl* pt'a 1 * round of deteoee itetr.* to be tiiat tar. Wtn- ?orre? waa not re?por*it. e 'or tbe U?>kt aa ttirft at u>* the *ale to him be dieavoww! any 'nt'af.ooof b- '? tetpvnaible M?**r?. Ae^oit for 'he pieie'it-' "? tetdt d tbat the <nly ^a^atloa waa owe i,t few. 4w wb ? t> e credit wae given, that up?n tb?? po at ihe-e en'i ?* nc r?o?n 'or doalt, beeaoae er-lly 't apt<?'?-i ? ?' tke Va*eae Old aol know "be name ?,r a'.dree* ef t ntri ? ir ( a! fort la. aad onald a" kaew tea*twt hina, aa ?* ffir!) Ntfu e It appeared tb*l Vie | oerf* we?e ebaege r. Mi auai >o?r?et at tb* ca-e o the t*aaaac" ?a fit ?ael 'or tke detf a. eat ire *l?d ta*t tl* e?'.'?e - wa' e?etre<" -trey aa" ia'tl Haat to a Ja-'gmte. f 1>.a i a.e.5. :ea<?i reeerv*4. Thr Pt?hiWt?7 liUlw Uw, iBRiim . K?3 W"0??? w?im( nu rtrr* > * Tha paftta l ?'ojm fnr Ua put two da, 4.t w oaptibla incraaa ? iha auubar of 4 uak. ? Into day, trpttltU;, ? M u in'at ? *abh?h a? w? kt? -?-a wont ts wits ??? 'or T%* mm, which art utuaily o? -..a'a/t with pnaaaara ehargrd with iataxlcal'oa ? d d?aore?Hy r adael wa?o quite dull jraatarv'ay, ? i pi * *d ? h*?Jihfal >UM af rffalra In lb* nwtropolla h.'?o? tH? 4*f oa abi-h loliibitory lienor law w?i to V?r? haaa Hf ?w4, U<m hai brrn a <actd*d d*"ra?aa la t * ?? *f gmn ? ion; but wbath*r tbi? cm be at V^batad U IW? p er<ty of the Liquor* vended, or to the wii vhfala?ee af the p ? ica io eatoh og lndu'?*ra before they *?' ate te balil os to the ground, or not It ia *ard y p* ta ?y. There In aUo a (nut diiuiaultoa ia Jba aam ?< nt eepectabV luprra ILia ran oely ba a**?aa<ed for Kjr >fce drterminat oa ?imwl h? an<a? of 'be anoietar pa I rra lo told up iba uhism of thoa* who heapee ua <?? unately to I* t>l*c*d in a poeKit n at l<mc* ' U<a ia ?r?'b ? < a?" of Uia provmiona of tba pruaioitory edi", la e *>a and dugrare. Tb> lollu* rg 'ab'c ihnw< tli* nuaabar nf p?r?aaa a- , retted fur on ha(ur> ay and ->aa<Ujr iioit aoraa. Kimt Wi'rlrt I'olloa Court,. .Stroud Mttrict folic* ' ourt Ihiid DUtrict Pu'ioa Court. Sa u' liay .fiwrfa* 13 W 11 li II Total S3 M AUKIKre IOk INTOXICATION IN BBOOBLVS. Tbe whole numUt of ptiMi* diatow^ tf ba tb? ia tloe* on !4aturd?y mo* nlng for Intoxication w** om The polica return* yeaUrdiy hiormng ?b??ed the f?i lf.irrg numler of arrant* on Saturday nigbt ? J*t district 2 34 . ... ?i !M " 4 4 til '? ... % Total II CONVICTION K'.tL HKI.L1NH LlyrOit WITHOUT I.IC? ?'Hi Kz*ki*l RaMwIa, *ti? keeper of the Vraaalin llauea, la Fulton at rM', whi wii anoog tha flrat indict*'' for a?ll lo i li'iuor without llrea** in tha month ut tliy ?? t?i*d and conTictid in the city court, twifrr* Jn<'ga Cal tar. on Friday. The <tay following the Cafen lant wa* ] *er>te lined <4i pay u flue of $I!>0 lie van Jef*a<t* 1 by ? the I.tijuor I)aaler?' counsel. IhTKMiEHANCK IK WILLI AMUBtlM). Tbire men ware arre-ted by the fllrteenth wart poll* on Saturday night, on a oharge of druak*nn*i*. Thay ware brought before Alderman Kama*, yattarday, and diacbarged. Two man ware arretted lo tha Tnlrt?en'h and Kourttantk war . i for ilia aauieottau'' ?, one of oVxa w*h discharged, md the oth?r aenl to jail for tau day* OITK ALBANY COKItEHrONVKNCK. Ai.iu.hv, Jul i 2'J, lS.'.V The l'ru>rasi?A Trial of ffillinn Ian! m, fnr SrUing lAfHor?AcqnUtal <>J ths AntUftl. Tba caaa of William Landon, proprietor of tlia city Hotel, one of our flret clam public inn-ei, baa baen concluded, alter an inveatigation and trial for nearly two week*. Altbcugli tha Carton laagua had dally tbreaUoed to aommenco pri urculiona, thay mada no at until tUay ware actually challenged to da no by Mr. Ijudon. He >*nt a rappoiulb'* p. raoa to tii -ra, with tta information that intoi'cat'ng liquor* wero avid at hi* bar. An aflldarlt of tba faot waa made by tha per ic?? who drank tba lii|Uor, and upon thl.< arl l?n?e C. 1*. William* antrrad a complaint. Mr. I.aaIon employed ax lii* conaiel Maarr*. Hill and I'ortar, the latter gantla- I man conducting the defence in court. The warrant wa* leaned by John l>. Cole, a police magistrate ? a timpeiance man for two or three ye.ira. Tha defendant cITtrcd ball to any amount, to appear upon tbe pre^en I laticn of a tltand Jury, or to lubinil iha raaa to tlta ?Henelon*. Bilh proposition* were | denied ly the magistrate, who preferrod Le?>pln< '.un raaelnhiaown bnu''* Tb<i defendant, tli-a, nad no ! alternative I* ft but to call for a jury before wkotn the ' (acta and eUcumaUao**, a* wall a* Ihe law, could be auhmltitd "lh? following g> n'l tmrn ompoi. .1 tho jury *1* .? .lanJte Mllwaln, batter Ihnjamin Marah, a.h?r acith, ko. M ionr.rlgot, carpenUr, .Inr.n M -i i Utn I?1 ee ofllotr, .i?u~' Hurl, ?.e?inr of inlsliigoai >? oiilc.?; Ibcmae 0. Tranda, atom neater 'ILa pro??cn<Kn pro?e<l ( ?hlrli waa nut denla t > th^t Mr. I^iiidon told two drink* <?( hr?ndy on tlm tliti of July. T bin waa aufBtUnt teatimony to bring b:m un ler the proiilblttry law, aa tha Oa/-on 1 eigue inia^iae^. tha deftnie *t< tbat tbe !'<)uor tod waa im>ort?! biandy, aod line fact was e*tabll*b?<l to the *ttlef*:tlon oi tta < oust anc jury Mr ' ort?r, r.riun'ol for Mr f.andon, qfioU"! i rotn the l;et lanae of ilia (lr?t*?rtl*n of the prohibitory law, which i* a* followa ? "Thia aec-t un ah.'il nut apply to U<|if<>r, the J lab', to mil whi' h In tUla SUta i* given by ?nj law er tr*?ty cf tha l olled ritita*." Ha eon'^'ode.l that thi*4>r<iaiait.'i> ia the law allowed thn ??le of tm poiftd U'juora in acy (juant t e*. ei'.ber in or-fr'ntl pa-? age-* or !n smaller luantitioe. Though the couoaollor, in bi* .vi-'r*** to ha inry, adJuoed roluniinn'ia author! ti?? *g?ii.?t niaoj < tb? r leatura* of ttu> law. aa l o?i u j 'fd two day* In ble rrmark*. he relii?l niial'y upon the kl ot? i|iiotad clau ? for an aenulttal of bl* chant, Mr, Lacc'ou. lbs ctiuoael for tha Cttrton I*n?ue Mr. tVerner, o*u p!(<i ?orae fo^r bour* on ye'terfay in da'ewlln^ (he liw, nliera irg mo-t of tba ?tale an 1 ater?ityp? 1 mitler of tlr 'em p< -au :e lectM'A l-T a iloten yare sir Jt.atli'a f'oie in hi* aldrea* to t"ie i "iry, rentrkel i In *uba'arc? that ha I rnt?rUioe<l the h. llaf tb ??. , eatnt< a of the proh'bltory law wer* auHi ian*. t? arraet tl.e ?e'iln* of Ifjwulsatiug I 'juori; but lie f<,nf?**a?l tbat it jon a mora atrmt eiammatlon and cloaar tella-tiaa nx n tha clauao 'Hiotid r?laklng to tba aAle of li'iuor allowed bylaw or tiealy of tha I nlt?* I -t-.tea, h? be ??e ?otnewbat a tagger* <1 in hi* preriou* opin on llea'ao atatrd that tta de^Uion nia'la by lO nor 'tr -Tii'.b, of .Saw \ork, anJ ?be new* preaenteo l>y .lu'V" Hr?n">n up<o the -ani? polnte, na!? a'rong impreaaion* on bia own mied, aa tin y wara legal genUtmen of eminent atm l log, aud wboae opinion < ui?n any law tae*U >n wi r* de-?rvlpg of tbe iroet c.?n !i'l w>n*idar*tlon P.* caia wa* then "ubmittad to tbe ury, who la t'i? rour?a if a aar* faw moment*, rtiwlar*-! a nnanitn m? vi r ii' t " that William I nndon w?* not guilty of any olf? nee (itnio*! any law of tba ,-latn of N'** Vol* on a <ourt of h?*lng -old Imported U'( not* In the i ' tj Jfot- l ' At 'be deci.irstloool tha eerdl. t a alight approbation waa nianlfeate.1 by tha c*owda.l nu'lianm pra?>ot, ?inlba of whrtn Here in fa?cr of and had ay; i:;?ttj|r ?aith i he d..f?B')aot loe r.-ult of tlinWlal HMtrt *(,r>-ad 1iir< Ddhotit the rify. Into the p-iWic b'.ieli and ln?r retail abop*. But III" wwifamai w t'l U n atoita tiou or?r t>e prohihttoir law or the < ir*"i l^agie. ; ??n Uo e moat iuteiaeted in tha remit et' ihlte l no a gn* of coo'jueat or rl< tory, hut took tl?a m?'l?t nitn m o i.i '* awl cocal leritloc lbar- wa* oo ereaaa of c fitk c* > n tfca oo/ a*ton. and n>> Hntnrda night within a u yara pa-atl oil mora .uletly I uar ? I . a ai r?; in 'h *, which ia blthly ere-IIW la to that po tion ol our cit)*?n* wbo conacientlonaly be) tare that tha laat Ij> gitlature eaoaadwl lhair authoilty ia tba pa ?ag*? of tba I rob ' itory Li'iuor law. The r:?m<ier? of the i'araon l?ag"j* ?ra of couraa l'a apio nted in It. a raaiilt Tliay now aa*?rt, ant wl'.h ^<jo4 ji. 'V?.'*nt too, tl at If our tlr<t cl?-a l otal* cannot he prnhlhite-1 from aalllng ll'i'ior, they will t*A attemp'. to rlo-e (p ba l.garbler :ind other lampfiraft ruin ahepe. lb--? ae^ert il?at thU ea?a will he taken t-< tba btghtft court* tor apaady ?<1 judication. tan by the Mull*. < d tha Uh Iria'aat a loan nam?d '.aorga U nk, who | llted aa bo#*.!ar wi'b I>r. <f|lg, in V?ajoeab<iro', I'eno *ylr ir* burg bo iaelf. I he r-ul / Auae aMlgaod w a grlaf fei tba ??aib of a . ? : t? to of tba WCtof'l, named l "i, lurmgwroa* aleteea* nank w m beard ut ay "wbaa rox < lea 1 want to die Un xftar tna ani uial'a Jtatb, wbanfamoTing ita balUr, be rairiark*! 'tl.ia baliar will ir? a aar<ic tif.e lay,'' and ranfla't tbe ramark by ? n<* &g Li* own life > itli it. Iha V*rD '. itb *J ' 'Hi tb* Utk Inataut. a fchool'of **nnty ibree black 0*k wa* driven nlo tbl* htrtir at 1 CAptur'-fl <t wiihin lb- limits of llira ita'da byiaptfeio- Jcabun Hamidln of t>* U>ra ant Jacob f. llow? a of Iw-cn ? ??<1 Uair enwi. Thea wara 1 ituanady laig tr>l fat, i#l it I* tb 'igbt will yiall ! ?1, too worth of oil \ man want to ona r.f the prltilega*! il | u>r aejara a Auboiti 'o get -ana U,uor to lill faaar aod ague ? -ita, *|6, ** a bl< ' |* o' b a .ii ' ilty, aomagr'oind pap jar wa* oilettd to ba noted with it 1 no m* le ua waa iatan. an<i tb>' agi.a paten! gvt drnni? wm Sn 4 Hi V r tha aa ma. no i .< nt to pr >n for f*.'?a pretan^aaa a 71.. ctaaBbont Wado Hen rn> t irnt at Motila on tba 1h llat Mr Jtbn of llnl iwia Mwtf, Alabama, waa burnt to <Wth n '-ba *Wr. of the '> >at Ha .enaea n i?r/a !,ibI;. W? i?nrn f ro? the Ko^kfcl /fc ?' that tb*? '?n? i trlnry at ikat ( *< ?, "? U.e waat >ai? if tha i , oaxrofad hj ra on a tar ay rap i waa the *or* of daatrnci.'-o tl at u llo'ng '*aaar?d UiM, I IV, (CO. J>a A Mr*. Way and lar ebiM, a hoy !?at 1?a j*. ar* of a^-a, Tending a to town of lyre * (aw iuiaafr. ? i."afa.l N V., wara afr .-k by Igb't'og and la | aiant y klliad dm ?/, % tb ?n - ar ah'iw?r on al of eat wa* Iha I gliimng atr ck tha I ?< aa U wkuli tkl a?uK ttvad Nils, r) wa* < o?a to'ha taar ?- t ! bare of tba faally. ao<: but littla to tl? la ?t ' n U>a aigbt af tbe l^tb Inat tb' dor i t bo'iae ; Ala ?Ri'er (ruaapasgb, HI UMiawa ' <>haai ibia 'Miatjr, !*. v., > ?? ant*r*>: hy two ar n M. j I| *1 u.f i(/.o, ol t>a ?on f r. J. T Ilia*,* .?h pi'" A barber, Ban ed '"be rle- ifao- t'?no. t'.?d an ? da a' i um * hiaar. 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It..,..,, n . apt* boa ?*aaaaa* , aai tba aaaula waa taatiar < WUHaaatori . Hp lawa. -?/.? at lw.a,.;,u _.taa ^ na.;.^, ir.f oa .?.ijiat'ia'art^r^ WlK? ... . /.a ,u? ? THE HERALD GUIDE BO(L$ - Tbfff Ilundml Miles Around New Tork. *UU*T ROUTES TO THE WATERING PIACIS. ] Valuable Information for Travellers. Ol % At MM Kit HKTHKATS. *??? 4M !W (Hji rf 'W* W<'ith*roaH Ml'ifla Ht*t?a la H?*f*4 Willi ? *a? t network of rat l-o via oar n> tan ill nrtrr *? eight ?r >t?j> th-y ?r? by many e'eaaboaU, car ryiu? iWiti ?# f?ii?n>n ???] ?iiY?u? worth of freight Tknw W fca?J!f ? rtlle** witfl '? tbr?* bnt>?ir?d milee aerifc ?i>4 ??4 el M*? V rk %'ttvrrln tin tttoeia of the Ma wfcleu* to ty< brer J Mf a d ?* na M a* a dajr. la ??? eaaaaaerar?ir?tiBM> <? one fifth of our p?ofl? am cHImw for fc?hh.buelaa? or ptea aw*. H i4 *w u? of t ?a claae that we kav? #*>R pik4 ta? r. 1 <??(?? fo<'(?ia fHaUoa to the roat*? a ' u?*ei wi ifctu ?!?# * Um?h> ho WTfd milci af Near Vat Ik I ??w r-aa ?# ran ?m? "Mib. 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