Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 23, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 23, 1855 Page 2
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M- ??*?? MM Sf R ode Wi i, ?4 UMOM m?tboMm to 9ai*m. ?*? *ii*r 'itho? r i tltky way sf Sw Umi 1 1? N>? "sr n. tkg?t by Htrlfcrd and ?^rw, 4 Ivlr ?>< to ^prioaieM, Vawidiofctti. ????a h imi Ra?lr?.d to B.stoa. Distance 338 m, ~, ft-0 $> ? rhNM wW Meor dbg to the dtop* ,Ha * the flxrtford ?Jd Ne ? Huron people, from SfM to ?Jr**n k <ro Too I Ml 100 milas on this route ??* <nf i >4 to B aton, are ptarootly paawd, H? it t' ore 'm-t. raofN ore mean, paddiin: tW trav tlor *C1 flsd Vew H iveu i pie* mmt fitn 'w ? tew boon sojourn, (he is now it) aw lomti ry, ud if he chooses to rest Ml thee are several capital hotel*, ^tse tyOSi a thr "n?t '-er of spicareaa delicacies to my is Me la-ge c t m. vasd*y travel is pro b-'bi'ed m t*i? ho* bo<? saaU train Varan. Passengers tm mt rH m ?i rem* csens for seven d o liars ea;h. feavaihsf by > itkar of thee* tLnos Is hard, dusty wee*. TV steamboats ore much pleasanter Hew ve *?*?? Hv?nl haes across the Houni. Too Atn* <? ehaai 136 ? leo b? each, *nd the fare 1 *>m at u e ulfcta rote of U. ?f ??! *t N?*wtoa *nd New London, steamer #mmoaw**.'tb a? d C^noactkat leave pier foot of ?setmaet street, ovary d*y, sxoeptCSundays, at Are V. IL The hmli poos through the Sound ab"<u MO s ki, to the a*oth cf>he Thame* river? -op the ?Mar to New Lenroa. ? ono., thenoe to AUyn's Ma*, where pae>engare for Boston toko the Nor wish sad War *r*r sad Boston *nd Worcester ?albitd. Ttma aboot 12 hours. Taw Cxnao/i. v?a tk is a new steamer, and f occeartilly disputes latt(Nvii?l|i<} of 'h* Hoaid with all eompe'J tosa She <s h'eraQv a fl >atag palace. This line j ?aada a soatfaotor ?brt>egi en b <at and railroad. Mr. R tort Waiter fl Is thM po ltion aoeeptibly >m *e Omn otsrsaha. ? 8 Martin, ptor 1*, North ?tv?i, le th? ageeteSihls lise. >?? Leaden is a not*', of historic Interest. Opno rite m tl e ai*? ol Port L>df ar?i, wbloh was token by the Brttub tr oi? la 1778. After the garrison had earn d*r?d, *v?ry mar, use uClng Ho commander, was 'maenwred a id the town of NewLonlen wan Pa ael. It ta a v?ry old place, aod h?,s sent forth feensaads f in d j whalers. Verwicv is a turtvirw town, well worthy a via't . Morecsfrr (M?.? ) Is no'rd fon?s hisaae aa>lan, Orftge (Ro&an Catholle) of the Holy Cress, yonug iadbs' MBtiiJferiet, aao abolltionista, of which last asmmoditx tbusiv a great crop. Boston is a im-wi city a'.l over the world, and Ik* traveller wl'J not fail to inspect it carefbl'y, with its P*neuil Ha>l, Its bo?atlfal public park, it* Beaker Hi I, its Hsivard College, its A the nun m, lahrary, Ac. A". Kabaat is a oral ro;k, rising up ont of the set, akil fomtren milrs from Boston. It Is mach fre ?pstt?d m * watering placs, and has a "first clue hole)," with the ssoal accompaniment}- -billiards, high prlots,^*! belles, snobe, Ac., At. Boll is anot&er famcns watering place, on tha ' aentheastoi ly aide of the bay, about ten ?Ben frcm Boston. Hlngham, two or three miles fcrthcr an, and Cohaaset, ten miles farther jet, tm excellent water ing places, and being easy of Moest, are mnch patroni/^ed as summer residences hy the "aol'd men of Boston." Aero is a steamboat line from New York to tturtford and New Haven. The boats are good and ?a sail a very pleasant one. For New Haven, the Mto) City kavt s Peck tllp every afttrnoon at 3, and Mtormtag leaven New Haven at 11. Th* steamboat WrwveUer leaves tere Tneadayi, Thursdays, and B >t vdajs at 7i A. M. For Hartford, the Granite Btate aid uity of Hartford leave Peck slip every after noon aft 4. Fare, II 50. Passengers for the North eaa toko the cars at Now Haven or Hart fort. Fer Bridgeport, th? steamboat Cataline (Catiline?) Mares Peck slip Monday, Wednesday and Friday ?armings at 10. Far Boston, via Providence and Swningtan, the rteaaboats Plymouth Bock and C. Vanderbilt leave phr Na> 2 North River, every afternoon. This is the ?Meat Hue, and has always been well managed. Pa* Mngera reach Stonington abontone o'clock A. M. ^?oviience about 3, and Boston abont 5 The Ply Month Bock is a new, staunch and swift boat; ono af tbo T?7 Sound. Distance abont miles by steamboat and 100 by railway- Fare, fi R. E. Lo kwood, 10 Bittery pla:e, agent. We feav* aRudtd above to the Fall River line In speak tog of Newport The boats run to fa{J JRlvor, h boat JW MU(I, leavfog pier So. 3 North River, it 6 P. M., and reaching Fall R'.ver about 5 I A. M., thenca 12 miles to Boston, arriving there at 7 A. M. Fare, 14. William Boi den, agent, 70 West street. Frtm New York to the White Mountains of New Hampshire there are several routes. One Is by way af Concard, N. H., by the Boston, Consord and Mantrrai road. Leaving Boston at 7:30 A. M-, th*_ toarist has five hoars' ride in the eats to the shores af lake Winnipiseeegee, which lake he crosses by ?feamboat to Centre Harbor, from whl 'h plats there M a line of stage coanhes to the mouiutlns. There la another route, by the way of Portland, M tine, Mavteg Boston at 7:30 A. M., and retching Cor ham, N. H., a short distance from the mountains. ?Ate traveller from New York maytaksthe fine attamtr Common wealth to Norwich, thenoe by Mffway to Worcester, Nashua and Concord, N. II., aaving forty or fifty mi'.es. The most direct roats to the White Mountains is by way of New Htv?n, Bartf *rd , Springfield and Northampton. Throngh uake's can be purchaced of Mr. F. H?de, at Pier 25, Feck Slip. As *9 lastanoe of the progress of the age, HI may mention that trattllers now go up Mouit Washington in a s'age. Saw Ycrk is reached from Boston at the S^W tears and by the save conveyance above dea- | epitod. " Trains for Fortland, Maine, fr.wn Boaton, leave by the raatern or lower route, at "i, It aod 5 P. M , and hy the Boston and Maine, or upper rout-?, at 0e same hours. An a matter of information for ?vavfllers in thi*"i>art cf t he U u ite<l fiiat-j', wo will say that the conveyance oi Oaths of spirits on the parson ?r among the biggage, is a misdemsanor, and is punished by fine and imprisonment. Ths toav^ller in Maine will be delighted with tb* aetsery along the noble rivers, the Penobscot aod Ktanebee, and if he should penetrate as far ss Ms bead Lake, be will find such fishing and sheeting as cannot be found anywhere else. The White Mountains may be reached by th's rente. Also Canada, by the Atlantic aod St. Lawrence Belli o ad. raaM *mw tom to tu? nobth ahd west, aanATi> ? i, UU OKOIWiE, SB4R0N SFUNOS AMD NlAQltU fALLB. The New Yotk and E;Ve Railroad is the principa' dhreet route from New Yirk attj to the West. Tnls Mad is 409 miles in Ungtb, at>d is considered to be fea finest specknen of a laM way in the world. Pas feagers for BuSialo or Donhlrk have pier foot of JDaaaa street, at 6 A. M. (express) .8:15 AM. (maU), al 5:30 P. M. There is an emigrant train, so sailed, wkwh leaves at 6 P. M. Pesseugers far Niagara Falls by this ronto will tjbange cars at Eunlr*, 2H mites from New York, taking the Etmira ao<l Ntv |ma Falls road, 16t> miles to the Palls. T vrsuh tare, '110. Passeegers for the North west, 0<wa ia, ft i will stop at Bioghamtou, 243 miles, anl go from tbenee to Hyra<;ase. From Syraoun* there is a rail way to Oswego on the chores of I /ike Onta<in, sl>a? boats run across T.ake Ontario to lorooVo,fro n Whence the Ontatio, Bimcos aud Huron railway aanvejs passenxera to Cotllugsool and tfeeuceO Ike 8a nit Ste. Marie, Cbicapo, &\, Ac. This in a new rente atd ia becoming (julte popular, C.H. Tappen, 273 Broadway, Is tbe ag nt in this ol?y. The Ontacio rvad ha/ just received the null c >a toaet On the Er?o Railrxd tb'y have lately made n novel appointment, that of a stow.trd who f e s along the iine a. id Uke-> csre that the oemfort of the passengers is atwiO'^d to. The beepers cf the saloons for r?frcshro?at are tenants at will, and t'.ey are ejected ia cm* their eetsbfialmepta are not well kept This is an e* oe lent ?*?. "? ?' ?*n 01,4 W n cceeftbeD uasreos HBtyuwi attendant M rel)* ??; Irarelltsg. T ? Kffc- r*Umad to alas eonme'ed with the Wil Haaiiprt ral roe i, ' want ? fto? Hornel vl'le to Will smaport ta PeoBsyvaaia. West b Els eoo Bf cts wkb 1 e Lake Sooee railroad for Cleveland, Ae Ti e ttroogu fare to now vary low, in oonac q**sc? of a qoaii el between ih- Erie an Central. FiibtclM* tWkeV to Dstk k, 17 60; se< ecnd ol*M, $4 ?0. To Buffalo abcut a d liar ew. the trains a*e iBB ft* folowa:? Leave pi*r foo- of Dmt street (when taere ahold bo bo tor ac oraroodat-oaa for ftstudtn1 Dn kirk express a'. 0 A. If., for Dan knk; Buffalo exp* si, at iJ A.M., for B ffJo; mail, at 8 15 A. M., lor Dunkirk and Boffalo and inter mediate *a< Ions. Paassngere by tr.te train will ro B>a)B over Bight at 0?*g>', *ni proceed next morn ing', Rocklaud pasaeng^r, at 'J P.M., (fro.n foot of Clumbers street, ) v a Pierm-aatfor Saffiraa and in'ermed)a*e station*; way pftasenger, ?* 4 p- M> for Newburg and Otiavi>.e, and Intermediate sta tions; uigh: express, at 5 3? P. M.,for Doakirkand BuiUlo; emigrant, at 6 P. M., fjr Daokirk aa?l Buffo o and intermediate stations; ateambJ&t ex press, every day, excepting Saturdays, at (J 30 P. M., for Doc kirk an<i Buffalo and lasermediata station*; on Monday, tiro expMii trims, at 5 3d and 6 30 P- M. Puxoogera who prefer the rlv jr route to tho North and West will take toe Hudson River rail road or Harlem. By <h? first named road there is a file new of the scenery on thi river, and tha ex press train* mike very good time, running from t.^ia city t<> Aibiuy (144 miles) in fenr ftonw. Fare $3? sometimes teduced in the auicinei to #1 50 or f'2. The Hudson Biver road connects at Troy with the Rcn>selaer and Saratoga road to Saratoga Springs. , Dbtasoe, 42 miles. A pretty s'ow road Mils. Saratoga Springs, 182 miles from New Yo.k city, has tor g been ?he moat rathlonabie American warr ing jJaoe. It s a pretty village, with about 3,000 inbabKan's and a great many hotels, wt?*re, as a gereral ?hirg, ore can't get anyiMng to eat without feeing a set of rapacious servants. The chief spiiiu, toe Ooag-ess, was disco vered in 1792, but was pr.babiy hno*n to the Itdiars long befoto that t.m?. The medi cinal virtues of ihe water in many Borbatic dis eases is well known. From an analysis, it a >peare that a gallon of the water contains toe 'olio wing anbatancee: ? Comuon sa r., 385 grains; hydriodate of soda, 3^ gra ns; bicarbonate of sida. 9 grains; oarbooate of 1 me, 98 griln<; bicarbanao of mag nesia, 9'i grain-; ca ban ate of iron, 5 grains; suex, grain; carbonic acid sas, 311 cubic inches; at mospheric air, 7 do. It is not uncommon for per sons fond of the water to drink halt a gallon before breakfast, and it is certainly a pleasant way of taking powerful medicines. Over tills spring the proprietor has built a pavilion, ta whloh hundreds of people resort every summer morning. Amoug the hotels Congress Hall see ma to he the favorite this year, having been recently rejuvtnated and opened under new proprietors. It is the nearest bouse to the Congress spring. there are many pleasant drives about Saratoga ?that to Saratoga Lake, about nine miles east of the Springs, is the beat. The patriotio traveller will extend his drive eight miles further, to Bemtu> Heights, where the ever memorable battles of Sep temberand October, in 1777, ware fought. You are shown the hcusi where Gen. Frazer died, and the room where the gallaat British general breathed his last remains undisturbed. Also the spit where the actual surrender of Burgoyne's army to the American forces, under General Gatea, took plaoe. Lake George la 2J miles from Saratoga village, and is a great resort for pleasure seekers who are tired cf the Springs. The lake is fall of beautiful island*, and is noted for the transparency ol its waters. On its shores the traveller may also see Fort Ticonderoga, celebrated in our revolutionary annals. You may pass through the subterranean passage whete CoL Ethan Aden roared out bia order [or the fort to surrender, '*in the name ot the Great Jehovah, ?Dfl the Continental Congress." The ho tels at Lake G eorjtf V9 very good, it is said. Vie have a'reidy pointed out two routes to Niv gara Falls? one |>y boat from Oiwego; the other by the Eile and Elrnlra and Niagara Fails railroad. The railroad route, by the New York Central road if, we think, the quickest. You miy leave New York, by Hudson Biver Railroad, at elx oxioak in the Burn ing, dlae at Syracuse, lad roach the Falls In the evening. The road passes through the centre of the State, and is formed by the consolidation of the Albany and Schenectady, Ut'.ca and Ssbeoectsdy, Syracuse and I'tk*, Rochester and Syracuse, and Bufiklo and Rochester railroajs. The Central Isafaat and pretty well managed road, doing an immense way business. We think the Etie has more through pas. seageip. By taklsg a Nirth river steamboat from this city oae can go ta Niagara for about seven &)'?? lui cheap enongh for four honored and iif'-y mile* So mnch has been said about Niagara that it is baldly worth while to repeat it. Tha traveller, however, will cot leave the place without a visit to the tuipeaaion bridge, wbiih ii almost as grca' a triumph of ait as tne Falls are of nature. Frt m Niagara It is a pleasant tnp across Lake Ontatio to Canada, and back through Vermont. Visiters to Sharon Spring* will take the baat or cars to Albany, and then go by Central railroad fifty live miles to Palatine liridge station. The Sharon Springs water Is highly medicinal, aad coa talns a larger percentags ef salphur than any me dicated water nori-h of Ma*ou & Dixon's line. Sharon la a sort of conservative watering place, I ra hcr more quiet tcac Saratoga. All the way 'ares on tbe Central iallro>d are at the rate of two cents per mile. The Cattsklll or K*?ori Kill mountains ob the Hud* d, may be reached by the rivor steambaats or eats. Time on the three routei ta Albany:? Hudson Klve- Rallrofti througi tra'ns at and 9 A. M ,12M.and j P. M. Psuglikeepris trains at 7 A, M , 1 and t P. M. Sing, 10:15 A. M., 4:M I aad ?:30 P. M. The trains at 6 A. M. aod ft P. ?? are expresses, ttoppln? only at Peeksklll, 1 ougn ktepr e> Cold Spring and Hudson, Da?ot, Cbamaars street, tear Hodson. Time ob tbe Central RaUroad. by tlie way aal in crnaertlon the flu Is :b Rtrer Rallrjad, from New York for Boflhlo, C^vsland, ToUdo, Cincla aati, Cbicsgo, 8t. I-ou>, Niagara Falls, .SaapSMioa Bridge, and Detroit. Expre* trata leaves A baay st 7:30 A.B., arr.viBg at Buffalo at 7:10 P.M. New Yoik moTBlug expreas iaaves Alb*a? at 12 M., In c/maecticn wito tBs llud^o Biver Ritl road ftom Nsw York at 7 A.M.. stopplag at *cm cectady. Food*. Little Kalle. I ina, R wis, Caitta rarg<\ Syracuse, Cly<to, R lchssw, BU?v1a. aal ftrrif^gat BuffUoat 10 M P.M. Nee r*k ew#a. ing expreee, ?n c?aaw?tioo wit's the R?to?Rver Ralbead.toavte Nsw Yo k a'. t.?? P.M.; Abt?y. 11-16 P.M., acd snie?s at lioB?l?st 7; ?'? 4.M ; -ij wnsion Bridge, 10:25 *-M . a^l V'*?*ra KUu at 10-36 A M. Mail tr*l t leaves Alesay at M t.M , ?tco^ing ^ suHow. Tvioa a*?n?du?? Mr. tmv . **> ?' 1 kUtiott". and arrives at Turn at ? 1 U. Harlem R>liroad? FromCU, l?mnsa'8:16 A-M.,3, 4,and 6 F.?. L?k. Ma bonar, one of the !>*-*? te*? !?*<*? ? * ? 0 utM States, ?sy be reaohtd by this r>a?e ts th-^e h u-m ?Km New York. Tbe tr^n iwr will take tr?n to Ctotcu Falls, 51 miles, tare II 2-<, aoJ ga thstxvs flv3 or nix mllfs t j Baldwin's, oa tie sb ? e at tV lske. By s'eamUat* loiae S w on. 11 ?nlnk Ha !?'?. Manbattan, K'iiekerboek-r, Metropo i'-?*. Rip Van Wiukle, Ac., m->rnine * sevwo o'o> >'k. evening at a x, frtrn pWrs f >ot of R >btn< i Cortlaridt ai d Jay "trefU. Tbe f*-s v ?r <m sco <i ifg to the cmoetlU n, bo? i? j?i?ra ly one ooli mt. ' My these bt^ats West P iiit, Yo?.k rs, Newbtrf a?xi other places of re-ort on ihe r'.v^- m.y \ pe l .y nacbed. Travellers will find Metropwli aa, the i?t alar day boa\, whl h Mnn pier fed or Jay *re*tevsy Monday, W d Mtyud Priiay,at7 A. M.,a v?ry good >to mer. She ??tea tits Uud i?gS abuV* Benato *#, k. d )*OMPjBeblU)e. le?IM) Hudtao. Iliosth fare AO c?W, BKW TOBK 10 OLEN COV . OtiNBY I0ZJLND, rBI JBa HB* .1U0HH, no. " her- are du? p i^-ani p.'aoe* near New York lo whlcb th ru is * d?jJ/ . cminuai nation by railroad or (-(umbo* . Corny UJatd? ha famous plaef for roasted e)au>s and sunburn' batbera? hae a oemmtaljatioa wtto the ma u land by ths strong and -wife steam-r Nor walk, which wiN w Y.n u filloir#:? Pier foot of Abos street a 9i A. M., and 1?J and 3^ P. M.; plei loot of 8*rirg street, 9J A. If., 12$ and 3J P. M.; pier No. 3 North rver, at 10 A. I L, 1 and 4 P. M.; leaviig Ounev lalatd, tail trip, at 6^ P. M. Pa e to Cvuty Island anl Fort Hamilton aid baik to New Yirk, 25 onts. Ttwn is a good bo' el (t?a Oceanic House; at Coiiey Wand, now, aad ltn*9 quite a numbei of regular boatdera. Keypcrtia another pta-aut place in oar imme diate vicinity. Itio steamboat Key; ort le a*oe N?w York. foot, of Mi*r?y atrset, da-ly, Sundays eacept ed, at 4 oVkek P. M.; retoraiog, le.*v?s K-ypart at <1 o'clock A. M. Pile 25 cents. The boats for Gl*n Oove kave Peck slip emry afternoon aid wn. g, and oa Sunday tie tu.,h?.? G. Hugh! (lauding at X??r lMcheiie) isavoapfrr foot of Norm Mvoi* s:ree* at 8 A. M. Fare 25 ceute each * ay. For Shrewsbury, Long Brarch, Red Bank, and various other places ou U? Jersey s^ore, uh> s earn boats Jamea Cbru>|jp^.er and Ocean Ware h* -o pier foot of Jay street daily. Time varies with toe tMe, as the navigation of the .'ibrewssury rlv-r is rather mote difflodlt than that of the Atlantic. New Jersey has two railroads wltain the 8t?v the New Jet toy Central, from Jersey Ctty to F?* ton, eerentv five miles, rraina ie?ve J^e? Cm at 8 A.M.; 1, 4 aad 5:30 P. H. F.e, %7'y l new route to Hobtx-^yV M >oat*io, ?as i??l< bcccmo a favorite watering pk?je, has lately b n arranged over ml* railroad. Steamboats Red Jacket and Wyoming, in wm-t. tion wih this rsl-road, kav.f Ne. 2 Sor.t nver, at 8 and 10 A. M.; 1, 4 and 5i30 P. M. R* tninlng at 7:13 and ?:10 A. M., m,d 1, 3:15 aid .5 r ? Jn. ? ' The Mor;ia and E*ei Railroad runs to rii'ke^te towB, Newton, A 3. L?av<* Nte m York, fojt of Cort laLdt stiett, at 8 A. M , and 4 P. u. F?OM new YOKK to LON0 |JLA*D. The Long Ih aod tUilioad trains leavi Brook yu A" M:> 3:*f and 6 p- M-> "0PP'?g at J*maic Hempstead, Hi ksv Je, Faralajidae, 8*pha?.k and R.ver Head. D stance 95 mllc<. Fare $2 50 TheFlnaking Railroad from Banter's Puini to Frasbteg lias Jately been completed. Steamer Island City leave* FaltJa Market si lD at 6, 8 and 10 A. M., 1,4 and 6:30 P.M., coonecUa* with cars for Peon, bridge. Winfleld, NewtoBa, West Flash' Dg and Flash'ng. We see that thre re is a new route for Bag Hvbor Greenport, Orient Point, Port Jefferson and North-' poit, L. I. The steamer Island Belie, Capt. J. Posi Jr., leaves New York, Catharine market aliu. on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday j at 11 AJf. R* turning, will leave Sag Harbor on Monday, Wodaes day, and Friday, at 8 A.M.; Greenport, ?; Oneot P?nt, 9:4 5; Port Jtffarson, 12 M., and Northport, 3 P.M. Fare lo and from Sag Harbor, Greenport and Orient Point, $1 50; Port Jtfferson,75 cent*; N ort b port 50 cents. In closing this article, which is only Incomplete on aooonnt of the negligence of sjme railway offl Cl* Tw? WU: 00t take th? nsa?l*M*na to inform rhe public as to the time and so forth on their roads, we desire to say a word in relation to ar rangement? for the safety atd comfort of pw*,n geis travelling by railway. Until within a few ytais no attempt w?s made to contribute to their comfort, and invalids were afraid to travel by rail way. as the annoyances en route gave tbem mora trouble than all the sanitary effaces of the Joaroey couJd possibly compensate. Various Inven tiosa have lately been pi teed bafore the pu>?. ic for the improvement of railway fa:lli ties. A very ingeniously constructed bralr. baa lately been tested and found veiy Affective. 0.' e of onr French uudente is epgag?d in constructing r?ilway carriages of iron, and upon a. principle which will render them fifty per cant s*fer. M Sallsbury, of this city, haa lately introdaced his patent duster, whi&, by enclosing the lower pa t of the car in a covering of wood or canvass, keeps the dest fr?m lising, prevents the occurrence r f accidents by paasengers falling b?twean the can, a. 4 deadens the aound of the wheels. It hi< been as d ou the Camden and Amboy Riliroad, and aai baen, ^oogh imperfect lo onsti action, quite succaMfal. Hailsaj travelers ?ill hail, with exceeding great j ?> t the adoption of a p^an w i.h will keep away 9 dost, a terrible annoyance to summer traveller!, n 18 clear that it is the duly ot railway directors to examine all things wnlch may conduce to the safety and comfort of their passengers, and to hold fast to tbat which is good. The earning* of our railroads amount to many m'Uions annually, and tbe public has a right to demand tte wrth of its m ney. OUR SUMMER RETREATS, iBieresting' Gossiping Letters from Sa ratoga Springs, Virginia Springs, Cape May, Long Branch, Bergen Point, &c. S&RkTOGk SPRINGS. United SraTEa Hotkt., I S^RaTooa SrhiNoe, July 20, 1855. ( Firil Gvn Ft cm Out of tht Old Gwnd ? Tht Ptc pic at tht United States ? The l^adies - No Sn*jb* Thu Year- HoUl Mattetn, fjfc.,trc. Well, 'tie quite midsummer, aod true as tho "be ? ed <eim" ccmca all the usual amount of gaiety, an 1 fathion is -n full biaat and leather. The "Old Gaard ' aie hare, too, and so completely mlzel tnat bith wul shortly lone ti elr icenvity. The Idea I can cot relish at all. For forty five years 1 (we, I meao) of the O d Gaard, have been an Institution, bat u X the reasoci that we are to join in tbe dan:* again to-tight, we ate tnreatened to be called t-Mhinoab'.e, Well, we ia*ber like H nn the whole. Ba tuink of itl Mr. Wi:meiiilcg, Mr. Stagg, Mr. Stewart, Mr. W>>d and a beat of the like, old standards, btnidea my self, ten j ears the aenior of either, oalled fashi Ma ble ! Gay aa a boboiiacon owr the tali, sweet gra a flekb, we hare plame^ aome of us, for eighty sum mers, bad tor giorloaa neastta and are boys yet. Rtagg says ha Is all ty nine; and though 1 wwd take bio wo d or his bond for a hundred thoasaud, I doa' - helkve hlaa. Kja ^St a? an Inilan, face as fair as the "premiona baby," be da-icaa toe nattiest of the rroed. I g1?? It up. WiliueiJiBrf -W?e merry boy d?'t tellhi^air? eay? he bi? r. ?? n hut every 'ijd/ know< e be* sn old ftsd. 1 atibari Suy da?, w 10 h m baon oa tardatrvery tieetirg of th New Ytrk Unt-ncvl 1 * J'" ?. ?Ed growing joaigcr al tie ?H'< ? ??r Up crfie ar, 1 t-arv-leih, h>uewt oil Katecrtb <ker lik^, never ?U'oe?tiig Muneltw or ?ay ?b? r l?ir, 1'ke all the reet of w, ne kniwfibow tod oo?n1 b? nvry, But iioB'i ng one's te f acd fr*od? Is not in g>xl tart* or otten al<ow?d m toe IUhalm; aai more rao that. I e*a ii?a tnst t e h**nnful womm who are tiow h<re have ail the claim to lien ity an l ai mita'f' a; ai.d t ? danoc of t!il? cveairu; ('us no* \m* ve o'e'<<"k) tally jaaiirtoe tbe a k"?owlad?nmt. i na^ic* lau'? ? fro a; at \ aet af-rnt'-'n fl'itea of the Ultov, hee .ies nvcta, Furooe^o and BriBab Aim 1 ran Oo'ofiWW, am^rg tlirm *tr< Diaocii, Mi* W linn rdlng, Mta? f.uyanns, M n H'tyda n, ?:?? H'(?art, M.?. I.abeao, Mr*. I>r. Ri?b, Mr*. R biu ?oa, th'aa lad'es romprl?ing the taml y of (5 oeiai Alaao^te, Mexican Minister an l very tnaaj others equal 'y d'stttign'shed for the meat a complUh in. n'.a, beauty, wealta and faih on. ti i ?',b-,T <*??? ? to w als? >?% I, ? ? . ?art*w* *?'??!" y r ><Kn for the par x*?, ?* ? tte y mi, watah I (v??e ever se-ro 0 ? nu** " oooi story of (04 m ? k^w , ?h?g of 'he noese, with pi *zs. , ?? J* J* **>e ?-n-,ra krgt , it ?CTarcU ai a?^V *n pri(De?*)e f/i tls ?i ,lV,..,?Vrn*g?d to k* **?<?. wtttt a?r m>* o! "il from tbe mounts t&* wmoo environ Bsrnoga on th? ?onb. Ereryvhew alas I ijniM triors d*n log at ?hl-< wanon of tbe ye*'. Bsittisitdwi iwid 'uitebh for ini hrtd) "kt ?dm, w my a j and htbies of ihinera lommeii. Y>?, it U I ere every way oonservsflve ? d boHUwvMi^-. and ( anaii due to say that I ?3joy n w?-h au my Thlb lit * Oa tfre whole Now York ia an anl 8v*v> ga opt of it* ^rea* feature*- a grat long valley jf more than cue and fiicy Cifferoot mineral uprise, some of wh*:h are u^eqoaijed In th? wWe world. The mountain range from here stretches far iiio tno uoitb, ?iy quite one hundred mi ?w. Soihitths air from the in gbland primeval forest may invurirate tie deD)z.-D from ihs ^6trouo u. B i* Mtdofr )Ui%lt IBM wwiii attraction, oeopie nuke it jomly in WiuBtiDff-ooDflirega lix^ b?r? from all the fettled cJt'fs ol t.^6 Uware is a grjooioj? of buiTiy and fa*]? km, rttioemeut, and even toieliHct, w?>io: w petDiwr b Jiielf, bat not to our great *vtiea; wpecialij us *eeu in onr *<vat bote)*, T ?0Oiffer#j3C? ia,hf ?e ttO?Q?!8U) are I'rona oai ^i?%t i i6A,aud ia oar cltkB tbey are from a ) pa: tn of oar gre%t oou ifcry. Ard I dec fue 5*u: io?d y I ?u v prated ia the greit d.nirg hall of ihta eatabt ?ib ?ertt, witiant ex ?ep^oa, the g'eate^t ftoaiber of ? Wait n%or e^d, fateful 9 dreti>ed 1 ??>. xn and geutiemen than it was evar inv p>a*ore to aoto id aav empt.e ol the woirld. fr joi Cblia to *b't Kmjjire ^k^-. This it wy fortieth rtgmli- anrrjawr at S*ra*/>gi, a w?tter o i no c.>ne>>qneno? to tbe nad^ra 01 um Hekj ld. rnly th?t I am "dl p. gffd r??ardtag Its cbun^o: th s scsson^nere li not a snoft la the ?fnle p.aoe. 1 have rxamfoed ff?ry p ai??, fr m tbe ten ?priogH to the t:*er spiiWtng Ojogreiw. Theri is ?otbiGg btre tbe prta.nt wisoj wnio > is at all liks

tbo onJy anitn ?! wt.i b nag at ?ny U a? g'vfi tbe Jeaft prtnjiw of nap lyhg hie place, wtu ot* which ram* early in rs 6a<nam>, tailed asoM<)er, inrnHot* J with an m?,itn?>oo o*!led tbe Mfttne U?. Tae ixe'itutuD It-eif in bid refute, Its of9 ?r left two or tbr<>e *eekn sin e. 1 Old faahioned as I wn, I pay my tavern bill eviry w*ak,and am g-atifl^d ti tell tne rewlera of the Hksald ind t. ? rtet ol oiarki'td, t\at i rics have net advaiorl a dime at the 0, ited S?ate. Sotel the f'Mwnt for any ?n?Bt, ..erdien, "veuk or nonife. But were 1c not for those eamotQMM dia ?*r?, twtiry Mr oeBt better than in any prevlana jear, p?r i< nl?rty of todav, yon mlg t bave bad a m iie iac? let ?r. Good d'nnert, however, put n* on fend trrm* with all tte wor d; seem to g*ve in cr eased kive for old friends, and admiration for the kdict. p p ChPE MAY. Cafe ?at, July 21, 1855. 7Ji* K'fJhtr -Pnwets of the "icason ?A Hup? A Ru??mn .\obltman, fc, <*c. I rise tbi- morning at an early hmr, in order " to drop jon a line," aa the putty merchants say. We Inve f< on d K warm even her* upon the ocean bor for the p*st thrre or four days. A cuutge came oyer the spirit of the weatiier, howerer, yesterday, sod now yoor bamole correspondent site in his handsome apsrtment at the M unt Vernon, dad in tk? atonteat cf his t wo winter overcoats. Doubtless w* shall have another heated season in a d*y or two j at any rate I am going to hold on here until the midd'e of August Tho season will here oome before that time. Hot or cold, Cape llay is gay nod fashionable Cram this period to the last of August. We lave a large company (over seven hundred asd fifty > at the Mount Vernon, while the other prominent houses are pretty well Ailed. Upon the whole, thus far the season has been a failure. There Is ? very prospect of ita proving an avenge one. Indeed, there can be no doubt of this il the hot spell which has just left us returna. Theie waa a " hop" at the Mount Vernon a night or two ago, which waa well attended, and pasted off with spirit. JBsckl Baad exclusively engaged at this house ? played ?oim tf their very best quadrilles, waltzes, polkas and ichottiscbee. Tbe belles of toe occasion were Philadelphia sa and lUiti anreaos. One in par ticular, a laiy froa toe Moaamntai city, excited a cartload of aigbs. We saw two or three joaae aid exceedingly tender headed beanx from Philadel phia, whose white waiaicoita were woiully agisted by the beatings of their hearts, aad who, as tM) surrounded the lady in qaestioo, shook froo head to foot, as jf tbey bad been cvtafoot jbl>y rather ttiao flffcb and blood. The dancing waa kept up with great il ^ntil a late hmr. fue had of tbe Mcnbl Vemnn in immense, as long as the looges' block in PbUadcli.hia. DouoUess fire tboaawd peo ple could flourish in It, witn heel and toe, at o ie time. When lighted up with brilliant j?ta of g*8, and filkd with a g?ily dteeand cwuany, it foriw a coup d'tril very hero to surpass. " Hopj" at tie Columbia, thellsnsion House, and CongTeai Had, have been very brilliant the present season. Indeed , if we have had fewer people, they have been j jllie; than those who usually oose here. Got. Piios of New JeriMiy, has been stopping at the Mount Vernon, fle is a modest, genttanv^liks person. Tbe t'overnor waa aoc m^ut^ed by 0<*n. Carpenter and others whose names have escaped ua. It was reported the other Hay that a Roasian no blemab waa ono of the gueste at the M uot Veroon. He was eaid to be incon. Woolman was epptted i t in tbe prt-mi *?, but h^ cuuid gtve no inforaatlou, or woold cot do fro. At last an i <qxi<?itive ?enUem-tn declared be had diarova.fd the hero, and pointed out to Woclmun the individual who had exntod its suspicions. The individual proved to bs the gtfte I Gnstave Blaa?rer, who with Ms tad / is st pping ac tbe Mooaft Vernon for ale* week*. B'.ossaer d ?es not know as jet t ut hi was misttkeo for a R m sias, and we auppoee h< will not feel oujh gratiflod new that we anuouuoo the fa t; as. If there is a des potism which Ui? T?r>nbil w> Oilman lieatt truly do testa, it ia that oi llnssii. Bloacnt is the c >mp*sor of Home very floe | lano ri? rts, and 1 as groat vt : cow tn PhLadelph n a> a 'e*rii?-r. Tnat erer h?j shon'd bo mistaken for a n>i'sl?n! We b&ve 3 goo<i Diary l.Wi eervante here, aimi ot tbi m very parti, ulsr^y me t. One of the n wai i tbe olb<r day V>ld by air. C a>-il? WoolmaVs part ner? totoke the hoz maid ari, and go to tbe iio.i fng, and brinn up soo e c<ns which were ?ho o. Pat started on ard in un hour rsr so w%m fw?n r.,> proacblr^ Mount V? rn n with his lo*1. "Hiv* y u brought ttcm ail ut-'C" prdd Catteil, m Pat drove to tbe door. "I Have, sir.'' was Pat's reply, as -e wiped tbe sweat from hia 1 ire head with .U u.*i alec ve, "ail t".af s down, is n Tne eamo irVjrtlao ksh told by li^nny Wo > trap, tho other dsy. to go out iud grj??ener-? i toed ca*. and be o'jeyed orders t> t <> whrnBetioy w?ut oat to see bow th?Job ?is pe formed, Pat bed covorrd with a oSc.- c^t of gn-" > - the botiom of tbe car, aud waa ab.'tt aiiolvlai; ivj thtr to the 'cats, droiuiT Pnr/tiu.. HIGHLANDS OF NK\ A3INK. op Nrvasim, July 11, Df-criflton of the S trury?Surf Oai'. -4,- 7".* Hottli ? Ho\ry to Grit to the thekl^ndf, *rr. Ab:ut twettj five miles, nearly dift so ith frcm jour city, theae green Highlands dip their rao?sv and folia Red heads into ti>e Uue, tr<vth Atlaotlr. Inynediately before us we have the Shrewsbury river, and then Bam'y Hook, running like a serpen of sand 1 etwee n the great river and the ocoan. Tn n river bathing hero |i mild, ard adapted to cMldrea and infabds, while along tee b?ach of the " Hook ' we have the finee* surf ba Jilng? the creamy btewk era ? urging upon a bard sandy bottom, in ttie frot j cf which it la axw?t delULtfol to reveJ, while view ing tho wbrte peming sails of ships and ourl.ig tmekc clou a of steamoi a that dot the oontorapla tive sia beyosd- bobbing our minute m wtaiify im the e<?ges cf thcae wierd depths. Hvbind the hotels here, rise, in term-i-Uke sw>l' tngs.t'e g" en fo'litjed bills of tho H gblan -s - p eRDaity j Fg?oet ve of drcsmy woofl-nympu and louian futprinte, *s yen near in amoug .be still velvety uojks that ii.Uot t'? shores of tbe beiiutilnl fibrew?!,u'y ilver. Thtri is po??ibly a , other plare In tbe world tbst has rogenatiou h-j ol<?e up">n tbe *ca as it Is hw. W;tWa a stoae tf.row from wb*ra I write ihi^, is a tbi* rip\ waving field of craln, that scorns Uke a M'.k. ti p'a<? at ri it; So scnieO, ss^d piajiul bir ls th*t sin^; Aod twtttsr o'.i it- g?i ?;o bie?"t And within about tn tse th- sane d staoc-; <|?r?a V cut tfce b:oa3 Atlantic, cvryig on its fr?*^ aarfsce meny a Ralmnt ehlo and n?ole B f ijqor. K100 gnvrs of ?rees sit nn* r sid vlo* hs ina? wood* laaib'eean l ple^sof oe\r j a (>li. i ju? riv >r to seil in or troll f ir bl ie U-h -lUh-rman h*. (he I Ocean flonse op. < fit*. f ? T>>h? yoti ui tlte liulisnv' banks bat aro alive w li s a b*?? an i ot er fisn ; tie hill* ard val ejs il l<?d nh b^rnoi sod ot:i?r f.ul'pof the sea*. ?; sieil e-hof all kinds. dslUhv folly fresh and plenty, Inr.'oding ?o't s' . Il jrabs, that are at this moment sendug forth a savory odor 1 OMIT o'twr alvas .!**?>? 10 bac Wined ?( ?n?a besalHut place, aid ?J tar w*,fc',ter ?>? ?"?. bo * bull* . V " batotte#, aid h*va f?a1??* , 'Sr *?* .*? u~ *?? ?*? "J WoedhiTl *1?t0,n' '*** o' the firm of X aXV ???"*!*" ,bjU * "P^tu mansion ThJa m ?-2^! 'Ppo-Tte tas Oca*n o?oaw*?T? p?e ' tb" a*0" beaititol tmgmctptm ?alley and ocean f ew imigl House, end U w O em Hou*e, k^pt o? R-eiY 5 tobtoco history, and aeshtaj b, Oaptala Hturzert v of Hhiewsbnry steamer ? e.eb-Hy. u*85a"y? this is the flr?t reason of M?. Jarvla' 8? Val ? House, and w ot a Ustle mora ambition and enter prising character *tt - Una locality ban baen b'oaaLi or mured, whi' ? oopei 1s altogether oo the taste Tr tbe pat roc. l.'iJi.w fruialy ka^t the Now Haven Home, In Bio*dway; is a thorough bunlners womsn, and isnuts a bill of far* (It for tbe mis baa nirta^y siren two or three bnJhtal boas; his a French cook who ia teslly *na<, judgleg from the triors ibat waft from tbe kitebeu of the 9sa Veiw Hon.?? over tbe del ghttnl promoaaie and jitzzas of Thompson's Hcc?j. Tbe furniture < f the 8-sa Veiw is entbety new an* ve.y beautiful ; the grove in front ol tbe bouse wlil slnoot vie wit ? ti*t of rhomson's ali'tle to tbe south. In one word, if you get in' either of tne?e houses, yon will be sure to vjsi; ?bit retreat again aid agtln. This ia my ll'th summer heie, after fludiug "nor.hing in" the nun? pretentions watering olaces tb*t are blazoned to [ tbe country an being -'the place." T:e O.ean House ia kep<. in a New York en'er ptif iDg n>8D r or. I', has a ooolsea b'eeze coati nualy wafiina rArongb its cleanly rooon, aod sets a good table. Tbo advantages toe sea beitniag her oould not be bot'er. Two Hrst cIms ateimbotU leave the fojt of Jay dally. Their hours for aUrting will be foaad in the daily pipers. Those who are loam# tu "na tural ruby of tbeu cheeki" by tbe intense beat of ibe city should come here, and lobal^tie fresh asa tret** and oatch an ecormoos ajpotite, as I have done. # j FAUQUIER WHITE SULPHUR SPRLVG3, VA WfilTl 80LPBPH SpBINOS, > FacqciKa County V?., JqIj 17, 1855, f Letter from a Lidy to Her Ciwin- Beautiful Scenery ? Mtdttul Properties of the tPater~!m provemnUt in iIm U >ui ? Amusement} of the Vtai Urs?Toumanuni , Fun ry Ball, frc. M\ Deib V iHtHMA- Hj * much surprised von rnd yonr sitters, Miss if. aoo ??. O., will ba la "re ceiving a letter from me dated at Virgin a! Buf, p ? found himself so no well tbe week yon left us th*t he made np his mird to dilnk mineral waters for a month, and proposed travtllmg to this region al me, which ma wou'd not listen to, aa I nave not an yet teen anything of the world. So she packed me off with bim, esying, '"He coold afford ii well enough, for h s^otton cropa were very doe this season.'' However, pa grumbled, and won d not give ma bat fifty dollars to buy my rev clothes with, and yoa c?n judge what Kind of a "fit out" I have. It would net do at all for tho great place yon are at, but I see some worse dressed girls than myrelf here. Pa only allowed me one track, end put his best coat in that, and the mt of his wardrobe in tbe carpet big- for be says: "It casta as muoh to travel with trunks; a fellow won't toacti one under twenty five cento to move It from your room to the carriage even." Yoa know we have got nsed to pa's talk about eoonojpy, and don't mind it at all. Ma said I was old etough to be married, and I never wonld get a bnvband If I stayed oa the plantation all the year ronod, seeing nobody but the yoong Bcotts and Henry Jones, wno don't ere* own a negro yet, and are not worth anybody's hat ing; and I cried, because y >n, dear Mary Virginia, had gene away from B. Under such favorable cir cnmitances, with such good, indulgent parents, who spare no expense to make ysn and yonr sister belles, and, moreover, with trunks and boxes fliied with elegant new dresses, and your nurse to Ix them on joa so beautifully, and dress yonr hair, too, as well as the "Martills" conid, whom they writs abent every year from Cape May. Ah! you had your aeivant we'.I trained in Baltimore, when yon spent the winter thore. Now, I must tell yon about my prospects in the marrying line, aod give you an ac count of oar life in this Rueo. At the foot of the Blue R'dge are we ? not la a "seven by nine" room? ia the third story of the " Mount Vernon," bo? in the cunnlugrst little bouse on tbe ground, called here a ctbin, that yoa ever ? There are forty, in all, of these cibins, oi V tiding in a semi circle from the centra! Mammotn bote), to tbo epilrg wberea (oil grown rymph stands guarding ti c ever bnbbhng w*?ra of .'ifo. The*e fashionable springs are about fifty miles frcm Washington city, which yoa reich by railway In alwut two liours. Virginia, yon know, is no lew distinguished and celebrated for fcer mineral wafers than for emlsent stateraien, ard jostly m?y she be proud of bot-U, for they have eqaitliy given her name to Eame. The clueter of spniige most generally known to the country aa the ^arren^n.Spriogs, are thsWhite Hulpbar Spsings, ia Ftutqaisr coanty, and a*e situated wlibln seven miles or tbe baatitol vil leg? of Warrenton, the couity town n Faiqu*er. The satnral scenery which enuompa*aea toese springs on every h*nd is j^ifectly beautiful and plctuics<iue, and caui.o*. but ficire the wonder and commatd the ad miration of evecy bshoider; for yon cast ycureyo over a panorama or thirty miles, em bracing a range of mountain*, hills, valleys and lardf capes, burning witn tie purple and toe gold whieh have been seldom eqtutU'd. if ever r<u- pained. Tbe climate Is mild, and the aotl is fertile: ths d-v ?ant manners and the generous hospitality of its inhabitants know no sn^erlor. Tbe m ueral ct these springs hava alway-t been oeiebrate d for tbeir mndi<:lnal q?i?Uf.ies, aud tie o*e of them has gtvin re'ief t-j ma?y hop<t|es4 invalids, laboring for years uuaer v* tons form* or chronic MiOeroR; and mure ho^elMS cases Iuvj uever been teliered aud restored to tha erjoym'm, of he?!th and Lappliuaa. The headng vi.-taes of ihtse waurs have acted like a charm on nuaermis chronic diieates of its vai'vrs, aca have crea el a measure cf astonishiroflt wlu Ji in t ling short of mlraculoos wwer c:.nid exceed; aodt&ishM aV traeted arooud tuishealtn givlog foarilalanumaro<M invalids from ev? ry soctiuu of our chantry. Aod ?^twithjtanding tbe ievilua>le aul intrinsic wort*! oi th'iic wn'.erp, tfcay wete i ijfriT??d for many yeats to rentatn t?eglc.->ted, *o tlii they w vn sjaroely I?:own for maay jears beyoel ?bs ojafl'iasot Vir ,itni?, ntUl that cUUng^oreo aad erterp'tauig gen tkman Ttomaa Urf.n. Ksq., uejormtoed to 'a'dte p ovi-wn ior U o public, at wo*' is ?>w kaown as UieFaaqutar W ntte Sprisgs, at?d no expels? h<M b*#n c tisld?rtd by tMs gcatlemaa too gre?t, prov'd?"t bo e, mid promote (lio pteten e ol tbe vUiteis at ttua fa>dnoha>le re'.re*'. This aplendtd est?L i?:?m?n., lor beauty oi design and eleganoe of execution, for all tie om loftaota lahhi>mable rcusat sod tbe ^M^ares of rtftntd aordcty, for the loxnilrn of lis table aad the accomm-datiag ^p^^lt of ita goailemvUv t>r?oriet ?r (Mr. Baker, Ute cf Washla<<toa o<ty,) lemtlni tin (.tupaseed by any other watann* pU^-> ia onr coon try. I speak kiowinglr. for ( h >v<- v sited Sarar9ga Hprtngs, Bhaioa, Old Potnt C aafoit and o bsr piaxs of fashionable resort, aod can truly Buy that the*; sp'ings, as tow ktpt ny Mr Biker, wlil c>m pare m< st 's\-o?sii'y wttb tt? m. This favorite aed p< i Ur establishment has re cently oadergnoe exieasive invwvea^nU, which will fi really oununbj'e to i-oe c >3^-? am p m^ure of Its Ti>ncra. Knryo>lng has ttsea doae by Its present g. Btlemaniy j r?^?rmor srhkh m oe.cmated to giatify ibe tas.e acs fairy of it< g^sa, ai well as to pri.iioif tiuMr tcaiia a t4 h* i?(< .t- s. VI* f" ? mayi*-f?n ?vrry m<? ru?g a:4 ?renlog In toe r '?Jiiruwc* hi .1 uj hvrse? . k, vta?n..g U>? b-*..! rc er-De;y, sf?h ua>i<ls the aJ^iraU.41 <>:' ever; teboldiT. I,*tna suniite or a ?uh??t wi'l a^oly fsy an a?)ir.'i^r "I natn/eaada kvi .? <?t tin* 'ui l >r ?'.i ti>r It ;?'?> wMrb b?- aay ttv? t.? *o if' in >? .i r rti d*->.o<? .n B. ;a rea hiug th Hj rln >, ?hl<l are>M.*d t ? ea sple -lid a i-nnixiims ' i i>/vtiu>'*< acu (r(%n4?-?t u* <vtn --en m sr,y oil^r po.tim of ex o>eiUy. Y ,n c-?4 *. i< V i ol* n li?> - if ta/,y ^ ,.-e in *?rld, for - vcrythrg c nu<. ' i wi'.l t'e s,-; ? 6i. letn a-latiil?'?ed f>-t fio ' v * jd it* |d??.iare of the gtu 'ts. e lovt rs o? flit^ -< <c.<i ide win Hnd pe^'UMr r??e h*? bs? a U. *r> v? ilr> P'ova': while the v-. w o?*r an 1 i-be r Id U i! Mlvor M-h 1.1 ? ft. .. v>.fc . ... . msyn- lev a :??.?- u? h ur to tb ?e sbi-n in'.^r oifj lafic /n n /iu Id a w r ?v * >p l,t.> Venn tak?-.'i rf ?" : ?yy-r,u i !f..r*;:t> . iii'i to * 'd to ioe Cir ? hi ? in.j .lv.'O] f Vi'lteis You .'Sti ( \ ? AW I'l? ore . rj (be tmpm aiie;s. ?o- y vol u* ? '? ?< o t t&s i? i room. The hu: lie r?.* . r.d 'b< l.-.i: ?v. w.t! ?? it.nry bill, ru wjueiaoc ?nd b"il ij.',? t'r> wotk^ wJl alfo hml tovira'tTR > ?'?a. Ti^i. tmio-tcntv ?Jv?s hrtr frrm ??! pa"s at th^ l,;? ion, %, f*r noruj an B,?tn sn-i Ke* ^ >'k. *nd as ftr ^uut'i n? Chariesti>r< a d Nosr Oro an*, though ?. tht- p??-?ni time ?be i^reavst r,uru ? ..f vii^r-nre , n nj(l mote, R-ct m nd and W mut ;wi. W apr it g for the grana t-.nrv . nenr, whi^n e3-n?? off h Aasnst, and wnich a ill be at'-anled hyth>fl wer of Virginia, the pride and heioty of tb?, H'a'es and the fhacy ball on the reek easu ng. Woea it take< ptare III write too ?n > ta >h* no esstal competitor, at> d the naoe ??f tfce **>w o?d Queen any bono other p>rt?u v aa )iur d< a Nt flfld sincere Mend, JJ I Iwgct to nieit'ijp, d*ar Virginia R., thai there is a swing, os siee >* fa toy affair, which we are forever patroMZipg, *?' gi'H. for it draws sueh a crowd o- youo* so* d #?????) ua. *11 ot whan strive to h?ve the conor ot nwiuifBg us to and fro; and we scream if we go bi.6. and U?ey enjoy It; ob, it's very t xbiiiratiug. I must telt you that it ia a very nodwt ?ff?ir, DoseviT, la the shape of a bo*t. and tfcat two or tour of ua get in together and ait down as IHn a cnrrte*e; tfceie is a nice little step, too, in the ai^e, a > w* only show our feet whea getting in aid out, at?4 our ancles a little if they are pretty (as mine a?'), balance ee aie Oougec ta to.'d up our ioug dreees, yon know, Then i every evening the bell r om w I'guted up, (Weoers vsre, fine bend of ten mu?' tans appear in the orcnestrn precisely at 8 o'clock ) and we have a ban. Tnree times a week, Mm. any, Wednesday and tridavv we dr?aa incur pnr'y 0 &?**, and the other night* we go in ju*t as w<- ate at dinner; they are called the "undress t>allu," ano ususiy break np bctveen ten and eleven; bat on the other evening* we re main l%ter. 'J.cry raornug aid evening the hand piayaw i. .?j baU r'-om, and everybody goes in ta rear then., eppyc:?l!y ttm obi Wren, who dance end frolic, aci art* a* h?p y ?* we are at night. We dan e, too, if w* It-si Uk? it bat we usually prefer listening to Helc.-.tina.i fio u the one*as. Doa't we, now, lead a ofcarmlng life, dear Virgi nia? far superior, judglug from what yon write, it jcur city doing* down at Caoe Kay. Wtten yon are tired of staycg a'. Uw ?a shore, do come, witbr jour slmer a'id your h otoer's family, to these springs, for jou will nl> eujov your visit so nucti. Oh! Virginia, I hav* berime -cquainted with Buck a sweet fellow ! a iR^i P. P. V^? you understand ? so rioh and eloyu t. ! Te.l yoor sls'er M. we da have the coshst wuik?t to the spring, by moonlight, together, and th. v. al> -rouod the winding paths, to get back ?o tbe Pawio*. and np and d.wa the Im mense Dortuote, 1M) fret in Ungth, in front of it. He quotes nott. y, ii.>roQ, and Honre, anttFeatos superbly, my den.' > < z ! ^eo he folds my sktwl aa gracefully ar^rntl me, when the danmqg ia over, and acciinj.ttP'tfl me to my cabin; of court* lights my canole by tt,o )arup wr ioh is burning outsider Lt the coctvooii iice i f wao'e row. brvaga it t* me, ehakes haods oh ! bti'a a perfect love, Virgi nia 1 Of oou; is<>. h'.'ll win tUe prise at the grand tonrrament, and tbtn I ? all be Qaeea ! T.'ia knights are already prac ts'ng for it, and all the ladies are going to K*e ibmn. The banks of tlie river are Jact a ru-a t i? bridge at tha foot of th? hill, about a qnar ti-r of a mile off. Out bafore t fin lah tills alreaoy trio locg let'er, I mu?t tell yon that it ia my intention in mi oex . letter to give you n running sketch of the iiv tg p< rtr?fis whioQ adonf the galieriea of the Fauquier White Hulohur Spring-; and yon mar ?t?at a?i?n>e.: ir>a'- it you had only beeir here I should beg n w th y u and your aiater; for I will sketch lile ui it goes, witaonv regard to frienda cr foea. Sincerely and truly, jout affectionate Coz. BERGEN POINT, N. J. L\UTKKBrTB HOUll, I Bkbokn Poist, Jnly 20, 1865. J Letter from Brown's ? Amuserrunit at the Point ? ? The Ltidi/s ? ? YarMing, Dancing, tfc., tfc. I After suffering to a tearful extent from the heat of Gstham, and after frequent slghings in Tain foi "a lodge in acme vwt wLlierneea," it waa in a fit oC desperation that I jumped aboard the Huguenot yea* teiday afternoon, hardy knowing when bound, when In about an hour I found myself hare, being *>y first visit. The fir* impressions of tha place were well calculated to inspire ma with pleasure. As wt ?eared the dock bevies ot beautiet were thare to ba seen awaiting the arrival of husbands, brothers, or perhaps lovers. What a sheerful sight! what fond greeting to men of bos'neaa, after the toils of th? day! I jnmped ashore, and as I did so hid lo clap my band on my wAb brimmed straw to keep it on, for there was a goad breoie stirring. I stood there just loi>g euongh to nave every remiant of New York i atmosphere blown off, and wended mj waj to Brown's. The gong Bounded for tea, after which prepara tions were to be nude for the hop in toe evening, the fourth of the sesson. No l's band being in at* tendance, struck xtp an opening overture, when the dancing oommenoed ai.d was kept up nntll 12 o'clock, and with such spirit that tney danoed through a heavy thunder storm without eckroely knowing it. The adalr was splendidly gotten up, here being _ gojie tnree hunired present, and was not at^ded witn any of that s'JffoM* or anobbiahneos whi<*h *o ftequenfy characterize* the bopa of Saratoga, Newport, M>d elsewhere, fhera were many beaut ful l?aies ^reeent, w^ese dancing and demeanor entitle thum vt distinction; of these I may m*ntien Mrs. E ? Mrs. V? a ? n, Mrs. fi g, Miss T f , Huis W ?, lajtum Miss B a. . ? There were also quite a number prasent from Staten Island, ai>d aiuons them I will aaendoa Mrs. C n and charmmg daugntnr, both wait known at Weat Point. After tbe hop the band went abjot atresading, and until two o' clock aweev strains were heard at aiSHent points of tbe place. Bergen Point is a dftligntsul place; there you wUh find a cool breeze every evening, and a o;m(ort?bla night's rest? true ttiere an ? few mnaquitoef, but they are quite docile, and their singing ot the melo dious kind. There are he** quite a number ?f pri vate residences, some are qoite be*uafu' , aud owned by Doctor Paimley. Msaars. !*?ry, P*rre?t, Mefick, Million, of New Yctk, and offers. Any <*^dei rons of a healthy, plctsant and, agreeable place or resort, cannot fail in beinx pieaa-.d jew, as there are all the elements of enj.iyment, wuich include selling, bathing, music, <iancu g, ot<tightful drivaa, and seost of all, some of tbe most bawitchmg and agreeable young ladies anywheiw to be toond; aud a fallow would have to button his ooU y v?r his heart rainer tightly in oider to keep it whole and safety. To-day there ia to be a ra ? if amAd yactxte; ea Tuesday evening next there ix to be a moonlight excursioa around RU'en iaiand. the residents haviog cuartered a hteamor for 'he purpose. Ros Rot. LArTEHKTTE HOC?*, ) Bcroen Point, July 21, 1846. f Letter frar. a J<>umo/i*t ? His Point of View at Bergen Point ? Distance from New Y?rk ami Point of Depart ur e ? The LttUtrtUe Houu-~ Thr Guests ? Ertraorrfinory Ftuh of Mr, Brown? j1"iu?emint*, Ac. Among tbe numerous and enchanting suburban? retreats which embrotfor with beautiful specimens of architecture acd gaxleetng our delightsosM bay and est u the:., there is none more attrac'Jve thee lktgen Point, which. In point of faot, ia in several points of view rainy points ?t>sve any othsr point ol "summery" attraction tor business men of this metropolis. It is about nine miles from New York, aad may be approached by omuibus or private con veyance on a plank road :rom Jersey City, or oy the ftteamem Huguenot an1 rttntea lalander, of pier No, l Bv.tery.Eaat river, which ply a!ternai?!y every b'-nr, stopping a'. New Brtght?n, 4c- From Its n> oessibility to Nsw York, bufdoe?s men may ooo tihne in the city ftcm 8 a. M. to ?4 P. M , and, ia addition to a refrenbing saii every morning and evening, may enj >y the >uxnry of alsspiog ia a cool, health! ul retreat To the denizen of ten miles of bttck and mortar, wjom duties mike it necessary that be jieraml/tilate tae strviets, or? with the ther* mom* tor at ! 0 in the s uUs? br oudued to misty books, in a mepii'-caJ office, how deligtitfuliy p'.e??atit it is to step cn board a steamer, and, after fcat'.ice the wit.i th) b?aa iiully etli-.ei Itig tew y sronud our biy, wbirb- tot nke the skkly moMloay of the ilteen m!lfs S'|uarc bay of Naples- is just the ror.ect size for beauty, sud alter uidatiuH ^>e lan^s ?cd foeling revived <n boiy a-jd rest) ad to ?.n appredettve se.:te of *rm blessings of li'e, to meet a ^jge jojous Titupany of elegant f?op\elu the bi?t t f?ib:e spit lie! lhes>o aloue are suflljteat ,o coun Mi^ialatce m ?t j of U it ills of contloemont to trade in a city through tN. bu>ning ssaa.)n. TMs plscc Is so healtby that one of its native bctogerailaiM told us ths ctNer d?y, wien auy of heir people becom3 aff.-cted I'ki " .iltimoat," or ' Aatm. the mau hat^r/' ihey are a Aualy obliged V, leave the place in order to enabte thsca to dis. Tfce prevalence of the rum -rt o' ague aa 1 f?vsr a]mcn ever w he * at this time make tbs univ?r?tJ iraith cf this r^/iut an Imoortant dAsideratun. Th. ' place it *J uues 17 acf*s cf shrabb jry and gar dtc. Including the h n <pcdmeta of ar"wri culture, r.onicult' je, end tho^ Jeautisa whloo develop* tbrni^elvee jialiady proves, gmvol wsiks, parterres, Iruit, fljwtr and vecr?>tatv!e. The Iauleto'te House comprises numerous bul'd irs?, ai.d Is more liko * charming villa Uiao ? hot- Fint.llte enet buildinr is 42 ft by 100, aad ;i s.oiies high ; second Niualng is 40 ft. bf 60, bas.des win A ; thdrd, 41 f*. bv 100; fourth, 41 ft. by M). Tbe verandaU Is 400 f?. long, fuming one of Ue mtrt laautlful p<s*e? and and*i-c ?e*r peo rti/sdes of sjiv onsilc hwe in tbe li nkm. Pie main ? ?>lor Is 42 rtfby 14, blgh oelUng*. and furnished \'f * ? tsstefnllT- indeed, almost sumotuoosy. There Je two large obse, vaU.rVs.,overlo ?klng Hew York -nd Newark, with thslr neighboring beys and rivsrs. I 'atterscn . Kilzibethv>irn, tbe RarlUn river, and