Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 23, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 23, 1855 Page 3
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Kifi-van-KuJl, Witt n*?ri> *11 ot tiw'411 btui, with lta enlivening ornaments 4 picture ?qu? alleys, com piistag every variety or fcrciitB-.tare, ?rim t"ie cooked tut mvLe do vn to tre KVv p i ?n- Coavc el with the etUUUtinioat i? ? bt?a?* fur playing bil liards, and one con a'oiog b'wiioe a It-*, b >th detached from the noce> oy ? few rods' s,oaoe. Thsn thete are good atahiss adorn, hoa<?, and evarjr conveniet oe required tor h *?-ll r?*ulatod, well appointed, and well ordne- aa'atol'-'tunentl rh?re to ao public bar, but t >un is t-> d that the llquoia ate imported trot o '?'it " ??tuc elf?" ex pressly for the o?Ubl'?" jim % A Ustaer it is meant Ihe other aids of th? a. laaato or 01 liill- v?n-Kill, cor 'i for m int d'd nt 'OMiti iu At our present wriuu/ the l.iu*trotl<e H ww contains over two nu'ui<i*d a jd fifty -t <e erxes being about eq-ially d>vu<ed, end lomprjaiog & lespecUbic bUutj of tic faahtoa ot So * Yoik. They aw all bullosas oeo ole, ?* id f?ir s >en jiiqi of the aitUts osd joumer -.tal m-iu. as /rell Mtme of the proftsatoos ana Uu-uictir*. Upon r- m trkia* t > Mr. Biows, the landlord, h.-. wj ovi nove: Dts' >re aeon so large a compa<? ?f the really starting mt-uibtra ot see cty ?t *1 v u >*> ?ammo' retreat, ha replied. "Tlicre ia not ?nn t,?-ra >u that I would n it ?willingly redtt foe hi* bill t) th8 ead of the season." Thi* i? rciliy tUe class which lerd.i tho fa?*itou?t, (or -lta th?ir rn?t?rlal power? th-ir liberal eda auo 4 in uaeu a'.d thtugs ? iheir enlarged vie a, a qui -1 b> ind<ag *0 all parts ct the w irld and ?*> . ill "ihjoU"- they ba come qtiol ti' d to io?d w? catoa a* well hi with mcapf , atd to io^a i!i n i> ? 1 . cutt'vated t#e>. It ia true that vary fo? fttt-tiid1 a liipUy 'kirc lefs eoetlagfrom (koto aft- 0 uu ro ? tl ula-Hapirce b?; tbtn there ia much D-'/wmv dbp'ayed in d^oaiat ) heir soirees over y lb- <*d-) evur.l'ig, Uian wfi ever mvbtthe lalia in -ttra'. 1;* * <l N*-wpo:t. Tusre is not evfii a spnnkli. <r tr* 0 N* ?<>(l;ea<>m,nor ii tie c?teBtetiocB uci b <it k inryy guire of deaperate at ttmpte to keep up 4 > am 0 wrtiicl ciooml tasia are so common to iv?Dt<-od w 'b to tttem sei tocietf of a watering oNcm ? cvf viaibla h ra. Tie only display here ia r.ia'. or ^rao-'ul a.s < -i-jd qni^t m< eery, tr at almout a- ve as a mfrt-ihing aa&le wfclle the fun la inlhia m rid au> pu'r. The bathing hs'e is vn'j .0 ??>, < >t th? *at?r in as salt aa the 000*111, wlcnnu'. tia d> jgarou< unlertiir so common on the A-tiaitt omai. Ilira wo hare jatcLing, rowiag, p o toug, U.oijg, dtitriag, atroli ing, utti aU the pleaanr^a ?t tb') c >un ry, n id yat are lo furthsr? in tune -from vV?U atroet t*ian if werfalded La Twenty Qfti af reet; *ad, wt' h a little 1 more attention to toe rui-inf, it wonH aid very l much to the popa'arlty of (ne rR'.abli^hsisat, and render tee p ace a aorc of miola are paraiUe. Tb ? BfcjuiiD ia ferved here reguUrly nviry m trnin^ at halt puBt live o'clook and thi place aeema to noi .o meat of the advantages ot olty uud country, vith >at their OUKomfortf. The saactoua btllronm ia which the gaeata in- I ?lnl?e in a "nop" t very Tbiraday ? v^niog, to<ethar ; with the incoopa'ame beauty of t a ladlta, th? etyle and ta"te o' their druaasa, a a<l touh: tortes da t-'io? t*, will engage mv pen at aa other timo. G. C. 3. I.ONG UK ASCII, N. J. MKTRt?FOLn *N Horrt., 1 I/OKa Branch, N< J., .luly IA, lhjj. ( Gnat h'/iux oj' Slf mpr* ? 1 Viw Y orb r * Cuming Doirn?Aliruftinns of I. tig H ranch ?Di*ini gttishri Arrivals, *r The icflax of atraogera at this mo*t b3iuUial asv aide aummer resort, within the pia*; f ew dvys, tna been onnanaUy great, livery railroad train brings fresh arrivals from the South, and the New York ?teamen (upplj a fair proportim from ymr city. The Jamca Chriatopber this tnoroiug addel largely' to the numUr, and the preaeut dtily average at the ?Ufl* rent hctela will rea^h at lea it t wo hundred. Lceg Branch atisk ia looking uj. Hate to fore Philodelphians almost eadrel; ueid a m>nop oly | of the place; but now Ne<v Yorkera seem to htve found out some of ita adva'-tagu, und areanzioui for annexatlcn. The U.S. fcfa a ial had bettor keep J hla "wcatuer eye" open, or soma flae mirnJng ha I will diracver that an expedition, 4 /a Kinney, his aailed from the i-ortot New Yjmc into the "foreign'' wat?r? of Sew Jeraey. Being abghtly tainted wiA ' li'ibiMteriam" and thoicugh.v air guatca with the cj Am of the present national admmiatratioo, 1 will to?o r oat a f 1 w hln'e, tmd tt&ie sumo facta relative to th n territory, a) tout the people of the I nited Bvatca m *v jad <e of ita v&lae, and ccnreaueat y arise "en ma.De'' lor ita admiMioa into "our t'cion"' ? at k-aa>, I am aare tae abatement if given to them through th^ir j-oarna', th 1 (Ikkai.k will induce large immig a iou, whlc 1 will ajiom fiteh for the present all \U*l the warmest ffieudi ot the eoterpriso dealre I/>og Br inch u aitnated sons ; UKity milCH aonth of Now Yorit, on the At antic eoftfit, and within six mltoe of Si dy Hook; it pen f e?? ? many attractions that i' kaown would m?Ke ! it the meet popular 0' on-' aena de attnmsr reajru. j Iheaea vie ir i* unsurpassed, and a pertect panorama 1 cf eteauuLipi and aallug vesaa a are coasttntly ia ! night; the bathing la good; th? rides and drires a-e j flne; the fishing ?ataai<wt lU ?<ne?; th< 1 tlQBl ttU octftfi ii relrcsoiug Ana or^uig, aua not (my produces c&pfralalftaotug ?oat.her,but it drives tbe mofquitoea mixea back into the country? jast make a note at this fact, for fa t it ia and yoa m\y rely upon it, there to bat one "prohibitory law'' in force here, and that is aoolied atnngently to theae troubkx<>?e "suckers," that infect every other wa- ! ,eliaon^the tfetropollUi ti d*y I j nodcethat of Qn>*ern0T M. Prioo and family, of New JeneV: j",6" rooently retnraei ' from Cape lfay, and intent' ?P?adlng the sew on here. m ? | Bv-thebye, apeaWng of the Metro>.r',ta?' sl!of ( me to say a word in Joadoe t> thla estabu. i It baa recently been built by the nroprletora, Me**"- i Van Dyke m Cooper, at a coat $10,000. It will ad- [ commodate oomfortaoly 350 gti-M'a. If. B -The thermometer 1 1 day at onetime ranged | aa high as 00 la the shade, but auil a fine breeze kept j oa cool and comfortable am too. ( Lo! the Poor Indian? die flloox. PVOBJ the Stillwater, MlaDMota I'sloa. July 7 J On Monday laat, a go Miy numbsr of Stonx In c!ana honorea the cili/tna of tn a placa w>Ui a vl ait. They bad ih en over in Wisconsin oaahuntuizex pediucn,ai>d judging tromt <0 gaui3 they hal afon^, the* were tm'nentiy hv .1 i.iro 01 then a hSi v of bow legged, kncck-kieod begrimed aid , gree*y warilor? in answer to tae -jaeauon ? " H ?w many deer <1 <1 you km ? " bold up ooth handa, and | mo' lined with tnem '|Hte deliberately, t o iim?a ? ktdlcaUcg a *> we internreted It. one nundred. And they ktiUd other game bosiiica deer. O relid'an, j ayoung iquaah of a fell 'W, >iad a bidirer * "kin. tie Cnll?d tt a " i/iurir pare " or " ?juaiiPs ;>a >r,'' wo 1 too ? know waich ox ?nly. Tt' m aaue gTcaay rascal wore an old cadeo abtrt, tall of hoLm, tad-sd ani b> 1 ?me. red with dirt, aweat and grea?e, aal a pair of <U er ?km leggings and mocc? the uuioa bi tween t e mid leggtoga and tlu>? wall. Ui.; garnoot that encircMal hia w^iat I wai not a.i claw as it , m'ght ba<e teet ; coLAe<{neotly, ai he ntoopsd over fcr anything ootuiideiabte more of lr* dmky form ) might be ccen than ooaui be perceived wh? be stood erect We notictd one old warrior particularly. He wa? Mated npoc a tuft of graM, near a am ill dre, amok ( iLg a pl|>e, the handle o( wht:i waa ah-;Ut at lung ! aablmseif. Near the fire, Impaljd on a ettck sta-.k > in the ground, veto several p coot of vstlaoa. Taev 1 were being le'surely roost *1. Tae old fellow had , one eye cu'. It looked as if none 'Jnlnitexra l>raf e 1 bad once punched It out with the end of hla war ! club. In raitoua other r>ani>aiar? he s^puuwd tierce , and war bcgruced. ills lace was lAUi'ed, and marked, anc beameared and befdljied.tlll he sec ncd 1 hktoous; while portion* of hU hair atood u 1 lika quills upen the fretful porcupine, making nu md ecuness look doubly hideous and revolting. We E: scared, and were several ttm a on the p ant or vlng; but mir friend Mower, -vno a. : tnpaiied i us op ta tNtr encampment, held ua bi \ *.ias ! showing what one stout will ;aa do with oae moiin ed to be and ilmocotia. Trsne lo alius bad several lud in pooies along, SLd tbay were about as odely and grote*'] u iiy a; c< utred aa the lr masters; bo'.t&ey aj?med perre jt!y ! cotitcnUd wi*h tbeir lot, and tluir oenera were : quite proud of them, lbo one Is a onoferpart o tbe other ; one c 0.1VI not very wall get along wit' out tha other. Oae thing we particularly notice! wanthit no , eoe, thnt we saw, had a bow ael arrows. I ach had i his rifle or ahotguo; and it Is t.\ld mat many of j tbrm aw excellent ah its. Weoorehad gteat reaoect for the !ad!*i ra^e. ! Wehavo many a vl me sighed like a inraa -.cover the story cf their wrongs, acd regretted that wa bad not the power to alTjrd then ample rtdreaa Hut wa regret to a it, we are fut loilng thla chir aircna feeling. A 1 other Might or two like that we wltnee?ed oa Monday will core us cf our sick y Indian ssa'Jmoa- [ talons. Tbe dirty, bewrlmcl, lazy, gnmraom, tr Uvirh. vindictive rascals: We don't wonder that 1 tbe harcf pioteer pusus them further at d further i Into the western and unciuivated wild*, fhjy j ought I) be puabed tbore-that 1?, li they won't se*.- ' tie down end <nlUvate the lands they owd.ani become good cil/eiw. No nalon, ?r tribe, in Urn I <ey and age, should be permitted to let so fair s I lead as this go, year after year, aed age after a?e. i nacuitlvatef, and otherwise mbk ng tt b*oearta( U the hn?ac family. We do not know if Vattel ciln tloea with us in thla view of tbe ease, aor do we Oa e; teat Is r-ur opinion, Vatte! or to \ *tcet; and W>e do net b ame iur p?one><a. aod especially ji wrtertmers', for tfceir poltcy it-ia jea ?? th?se a iW Ind'sw*. It to atxwt the ociy coarae tiai can be $aritied. Tim ?<*!? Croatia. UCUUftH. The f n-twtog are ?* o mpUM rotara* of the p> r illation ot ltocCe.ta' 1850. IMS. Inc. D>'t. Flret waH 3 013 2 350 - 70J 8*ooid w*rd 3 03D 3.656 26 Tain? raid 4 491 4 420 ? 71 Fouith ?rd 3.5U 3 325 ? 195 Fifth w?ri 3 70> 4.T?1 1.076 ? - 6'xtO w?r? \. . 7 Oiil 6 3S5 3.0 <6* ? &M?th ward 3 336 4 GOU I 3u7 ? K'gQth ward 2.920 3 !?47 I 027 ? Nunh waid 4,696 7 205 60fc ? TtttJi waiU. ? 4,731 Total 36 403 44 403 8, W0 900 30 403 960 Gain la live jPir* THUOO 8,00.1 ' Iorlul!a( I at lb afanL In 1850, the popui.v4oa or t"? w?<t siJ? wu 18,799. biid fl( t.&a ??**'. ?nd? 17,'>13. P'io nuabJri how hiand a? f.;IU-w<? : ? Veit aide, '21 67?: ?;a?'?l'ie, 22 H25. M?jnnty utr ill wwb>., ta l?50, waa 1,177. la 1865, thti eaat a'da ataodr 1,217 B?ia OOONTT. Tl)? folio wiair *?ui hm hare bsw rfloe'r<?4. ard we bave taken iuoH^um ?o a tfc<? Minnal'* tfflciiU report of totroa ia E-?e c untj; ? Alden 2 430 B?*ton !,800 OoiC.en 1,395 OoiltaM I 0*4 Brant 1 080 RT?r,< 2 4i>3 Edto 2 H61 E?s?. Hi abur,{. . . . 2DS1 G;?oil Inland 63} II > i?n.i 1310 Manilla 1.395 e?neou l&H W.lua 1.6K9 Hardmm l,7f? Newstead 3,015 oNttoa cocntt. The net pain of t ia ci.uow i? 7,4*8? a very fair and Kibstbij t i ??! inert ae. ' he pi-gar at a<pr^na^ population of toe o Hint jr ia 107.05U agiinat 9s> t>66 in 1850. T OSWPflO COCNTr. Returns from ??* nUt?u of tr>ef?irtv foar <l?triot? of the e nn'v of O'wego.emorantcig ten cowa? o ><a plete, have brea re-elred ia ?&e U wk'a offloe ta lUaiity. We bavn footed up tome teiarai, whlca felio* ths following ro?uita as to p^piUttoa:? 1855. 1850. Gratby 3.758 3 368 Palermo 2 021 2 053 Paiiah 1.678 1 799 Cocptamia 3,364 2 495 W??t M'nw 1,196 i 197 Annoy 1.172 1,132 Wtllfematown 9M 1.121 Haatli pa 3 069 2 12U Tcwd of Oswego 2.763 *2,415 Mexico 4.080 4 216 Total* 24,054 22.741 Th rd ward, ab>ut 4 250 Tl.e total inceasa ia toe abore too to *a* h 1 313 wnc? 1K50. The p >pa'.atio.i of th<* city of Oaveic> ?will reach, pre Libit, neir 17,000, an ine.eitie of some 5,000. If toe tem&lnlog tovoaof the conuty aboir an increaa^ comapondinn m ith thnne he?ri Irooi, the pupolation of the county wid exoeed 70, 000, an In ?a?e of orer 8.000 lo fivs yenra. Tna retorna from the bol<ui< e of tha ooua'.y aad the eitj mil be in, doabtkaa, during the preaent week. RDU.IVati OOrNTY. The MonticMlo IVuie'iman aayc?G-.naat retnma have been received from (everal of *he town* ia thu county. B-low we g re tuem, toother with the population of the aamc toima in 1850:? Towns. 1850. 1855. Incrratt. Ro klaod 1,175 1 272 07 Cocbeo'on 1,670 I; 099 1,429 Highland ? 945 j Lumbeiland 2,635 :?) U 111 Tuaten ' _ Fiona oat f_ ijiMj Ca licooD 1.991 2 098 1 l'40s l^torty 2, (111 2866 US AT?""* nlU m 215 2,086 2 600 C'4 Tt'Oimua 3,201 3^553 352 Increase in 11 of the 11 tiwva \ 281 _ ORNBSEB COCJ.Tr, The BaUviA Advocate h-i?s trie foUoriair staUfitlja cf (icpulatlon in Genoee oiaaty : ? . . 1?50. 1856. Inc. Drr. Alexander 1 !<23 1,708 _ \''i 2 046 2,104 14<> Z ?>t011 1614 75 _ 1B?gf-n 1,897 1,800 ? V, 2081 2.U2 88 _ ^?V 1.7H 1.901 130 _ Oarftield. 1,450 1^29 79 J*?10" 1 ,"39 1.758 120 _ ^?br?k? 2 279 2,664 385 __ 1,974 2,055 81 _ TotaU r.107 226 I If WATTJFORD, PAKATCOA COVNTT. vviV ikil1, Ks''-' ( enat)S Marshal tor toe town of VV??rf-)rd, makeH the following return: w bole population 1070 \ iflaae population. Vooo No.ofm?jw " females ??? " black* ; " cfanrchea 7 '' ptraonu unable to write 145 " tareraa \ " atcrea.,, 23 " marriagea during the year. ! 1? d?gtba (ll_o\er 50 yean of age). 40 Amount of manufic'ng during the year.. . #1. 671 ,450 Am t of bmineae In milling " " ... $ho1,122 Number of iobabitMta in 1846 2 2iA ?N amber of lubabltanta la 1850 2 683 ncrtaae from 1845 to I860 433 Jncieafe from 1?50 to 1855 500 T. *isCKir.ANior.Ji. tS fSsrJSFatJtjss. tss a^!?tS^eJOU?^"oePl NormcM^SJ vl,0ne,nce I*'0' aai Norwich haa IrcieasM i/Ol. Ibe aggregate cccreaae la 603. . StSSffi Vu"""n,\ J"rcrM ?~ri f?? Adtf tf? povulatioB on the otbtr aide of Black ' ' JHTer, n?t In the corporate. bo>. realty a part of the vlJUutc 1217 Total * 4 - 7 <m ibe town of Wateitown h:w a p^pu ationof 7 7.17 ti"??rti"? ?r 636 Mi"c? l>"r>bUfw wnil9 ,ac'"w<1 ft of th? town hi* Ibe pofti atlon rf that portlr.n of tb? vi'ljire -f -in^bit"n!!MJ>iD^ ,D U>?town ?o. i?^0 r,,, bvf.r?r i?9. r> dk b 8Bn?u?-,fiw. foui, 1, -l- b^'ng a g4ln of orer :;00 Hinci! 1k5o. DoSlatlo^r^n - ' ?)n coattioi a ttJr?inpDv Yan /V'V rrtL' P"h,w??? the oeaim re turpa for Wei county, afcowlng a population of 1 '-1" . being a d/? rfaM of 1,02 ; mnca 1?50. ^>?ul%'.u,er* 1h ? <lecrca?e in cvs?ry to?rn In tna 1 ue Tillage of 1'ena iii nuabeni 2,277. , }?. ? P?P^*tion of 1,116 in the town, and {W1 Uie village. Increase in U?e town vin>y> 0"r Rlmlra < orr*-?|M>nitciiee. F./MtnA, J j'/ 11, 1U6.-,. T'-> ' ?tUM Rrt*,n*??,,n l.?/UOr I^?r-SuK tv*?~ K rort! r Smiih't s irU Ftir. The naiwoa of Klrnlrm haaju^betn completed the total number of inha^itanta ia 10 107 1'opu'atlon in 1h.;o . . " 5 0.<. !X'T (<rr!1"0 ::::::: 5JJ2 The Maine law ia doing wonder* In tali place- ao fir no aiwata bare been trade la town for in toxic 4 tlonorKllllg. AM the aalooaa anj hotela c'oaed thtlr l?a the m;rning of thefinh: aad a tb,^h i.'.nor r-onldnot be obtained openly, the kaowia? onra cccld And it a* p-en'y m befor/ I ? rraoy oereona Intoxicated u cm'J >.? ??, thiriJ andfourth of July, m thi- p!? ??*, I am It/ormod by the dingaUu ( wno i? ?s. ??! anthorl. ed agenta lor thi wiL or ??f h inrrt) that 3>ef have ueref known so mici aic? ?eea aa *uriig the lait few wa?i< ??,! -L3L . Mill mere rtmukable, that nothing bnt ?nJfH?'>iD* fi-,t,ore will rellere ibom. VeS&U?1 wt^S! Bocorder Kmith'i derUn.>a w?a rJSiJJ!? Uit- flag at the B/ iicard Hoiisj wu nw up aad tbia ul" ? in ( .ctober. Toe cirruJ.^on of yo? vaiuibiii^ dcuUrxl na e Cwl that of tfte;w itti*i ' (Uiu Tnlmn?) ha? f? ]?n i u* n '?" o"ic? tn tin pla< ? that In Ntvetch r Mt the cirru atl >n of to* Tn' hwt waa ahcut double that of tie liaati n. bjttiat txcmiM the former', io ra-;,tiat f late l.e ha* i.vt t>en able to keep a aaanly of IJrJui.ijf fori ? jegnlar coatomeri. Iwai at the r.ftice a ff ? oajg NnCe (ab-?it half ai boor after tn? x.'Jl If!! Ctml w):f c u'ed for jour 1 arrr, m.<1 wai harnwd a C-Mm wlOi t*.^ i2ktS;"Sv??A,'Y*,ef>- T'Pr*P'j "M.dr-Ot aak fbr a Tntm*,,] nn? IfaaALi , 0- rot vae.' I ?ni lafi?imed that ?arh *ct'.n are .rf f-?*i.i(.a.<, n f. * u ,,e \?<r' 'htt ,w "? * *< |-a?t tt* ai fr t har ertoanr 1 oa?tin wlyi -ia n*r atM ? T' ? f* Vi.T. a fiaiatwl reau tag tne attf C. C ?. Tli? Ci?*diui Cwmo% [I ron tt>? ttubtotal J'llci, JUJ/ 18 J We barn n-coit^d *fc?i aaeouel riij-ttX. of tha Bee"* larj of 'he B>?*6 oi i c tud jutMiCf mi th* On? u ? ot *te Ih u*ki. Tim coiu- di do** boob* a?ogu> a.' fac?, w .ic i forts u fljoti m? upas the ateo. Ntt'.e Uiis' Kraftii^g of vU?ki U ihs fo!Hi??B(c ? We we lrfirael thu; in t-ie U?<?4 btetesae b? been fount! ~ .,ad n ih ?tmi!a" ?? Oov Ok- uat ut><n fiv* jt?r? (f aire Ui^rn n^n I m?J*?,by M?r!y 0f y ?< uxttltd. t i?0 fKID<lv; tJHI tr? eg.e or to'i^t-e ?< a tr uty ,*'?? eit'iomber the male* 1 1 ?b ut tee' aw ex eat Cos i *?><*?? *u iB ??gain b" ate th- egseof titrt. eilf'?rtf, itirn Hit' m ?? oo'tiift>i>. >d <a<- ftiiat'M, >11 <ne yew | I860, upwtuc or h bar mw oi.d hIk-j thon*?id; *ii, 1 b? w*tie<?t all, Ht tevtiiitt j-T* of age t^in feoai tl e f,ei.d< r i* again u< tr>e mf iacUnt. la C?n?dt thi- Km^k'bu tbiloit a. 1 fliwipg of tne ftxiihl tutl bu hero tfiit .. to vary to a "Itnilar rt'i >, o.tU tir g tmiy i? >h- fi a#, gropa'tt >a to Mf rt*).?c.ive |*>pa atioo- c" tne two ccui tea W beirt-r U)i? hwa.f it'M>i . i ?ou'jJ la tie ?t1 o m ^itn i4 lvar?M toe repo't &??* not my; but i ? U n u Jfotlllblr. I> n>nr, <iroii Ai> -IPC'S t-tt- fl pM Que d'flVi ? t reemt* tnwi t's? (x-puiMioa, a* '4* 'o-lo* leg (lCl? IM?:- OI f T1) '.?i) in' .u*i/ d f*rod??s IB B i sin, e?cn wit-i a biirwiLd ii 'j wit's ht id h**1, it Nwnd tost tw v- tb tuufMl bur* t. o o ul ir?n u h< tne; ?"go', Ukkm uid have ou< oi?; sev >a 4u i< v d tw? ; fiv* tbou-arid t (>?; '?ar iu >u*%ad f w; * <4 ?<> ot, r^>4?0R ot fatLlltes (wib*?hj)( in nu a'i m a? t ?e nitr. b rcf cbilnifij i er* ?iu?, l < (i(.i *ui m t > this, I Cei acta hb *n a rtiutcsiiie i il-mar^. Oat Of fiw'v two tboa-BtvJ f?niiniw i^ic, oojrab>at fnar tb'.uHMXl Here ?un m co idrra wi h tni a aid to f? in proporaoa b?t*wa the cuvb r? ot feailbfl tekm in Me iM<(?fcttTe o atn?i, l.iB'titH briiiK o*e periful in thiJTi Biltaia. The u coaa.f t\>r tUin diCTnrAOCt iti wfml ??&)?. Oce in, t tailt{rtfitH to ta? count?; gmcraliy coma o it at a vUoriiH p -od ic tiTr ag' ; tbiartu'-n a ?'?j? vtilld Another wtttci b* of1>ta Dot t-C'tm qolto so mach s-?; tan i if, e?ti> Dinrrivgea in C*u^1u. It ii I'Crniba Uiat thtk' (?- print' i to a g>e?terdsg ?d in C*tb<la tPaa i > Grt*t B It in a v?ll kc>owT fact tfrat uno ? '.dm w /fcing oi >?w?h uftho tbit* k'D*<l' Qa csriy co*niitg ? j.rcy^ii t j a rait oun ?-ad c i4orikble i X <*i.t. AfK/h?*r rtrgumr fuc- *h'C! the report brisi^t b In# naiit the ditnr-pnucy \<\ thi nii<n">?r of bl"h? aca fe* bs be .*<+u tb- t*> Proria'.os. In 1 1851 tho blr lis ia Upp r r-*tnia v?er\ tn?rlo^ j out tbe <<?d T.iur.bO'S, :i2,000; while the dent ? | anjounted to 7,000, b->l g roio thlnj lt-Hs thai a ; fotuift putcftbt" bir.wa. In L war Citiadt, during ! tl'c ^biu? je*r, the hiT<h? m- e iu rjond oauib<r , 3<i,004i ; toe deUfcn, ll 000, nt-K ly a tiifd pan of tnt Lumber bora, thiu aoo*lng ? heavier taorta 1 y , >a thp !<o-er ProvUoe t \ th? II jp?. Tfterepirt ! etftjfn thht epidemics and cbildrn onpUioM, t-och an whoopiDg c ugu, c op, Ac., are m i;U mere la'al in ixxrert ia ic Up w Cuadi. Net the bast interMtuig i>?n to the ceura^ is the it turn cf the Ind ??n popm?t?on, theia aacmnt l *d* I ot tbe toftau Tue np Tt tbolr ?rh>ie Dumov I in tlw two proviooee to bi 8 723; bat it mys tiin is probably little orer half tb lr nuuiinr, as it h koo wa tbatmuoy oftbem live bt youd tbHC iMoa limit*, ia pof.poit of tiu? it is Htatcd that Hulth, In hl< vcrk on Canada, enumerated them at 14 000 in 18i2. Th* most metaacb <ly ptrtcf ihe report is th?t relating to tbe deal, numb, btmd and lanatic. H ?ra a^alo tbe Lowtr ProvLoo- apoears to d*a<lT<witaga. Toe inmber of d??f and dn ab in LsscCtaada U Ht>5 ; it tbe I pper Province it is little more than the half. 478. In I.osrtr Canada tbere in one to every 1 02!i ot the v role populft'ion; 1q Caian cue to every 1,091 of t ? po^niation; irhila t ie cettuaof tht United B'atts ?h:> ?b a nroporti m even still ks?, th ry havir g only oue t jtvery 2;t0.'? of tha *h< lit pcpulatioa. T r.e report fives icme very lat> rwting f*f ts as to the causes of de U dumb i.-sm, for whtc^ we nave noter*oe; ?m1 whl<5b, m irs^v-'r, aro scarcely al ft iieible int > toe cilnmi-s ol a comm >a now* *por. Tbeiuta-ns ol the b inl b'io* fn. Loner Cent 'a 664 , fi r tbe I ' ji or Province I) 16; beiri< to t ic former I to every 1,C0< < f fto wtiole pouaiatiiia, to tbe latter 1 to e\ery .'1,012, a^ain nho?iu? an t-X'^ess ia NmeirCai??da; i>tttit is atat d tnat thi pr. pnti>n ofbilnd to the whole p'puia'icn of Caaad* Wmi i? | lew t sn in any other ooiutry In the world. Oae [ joto irawin lur tfii? favorable re?u'.t la the fact to ?t Cw oda Weat is elt gc.?th?r o' ru eut ?etUoai?cit ml : emigrants cosing to the ponniry Rei.orally leave ; tbtlr b>iLd txli n i tbem, eitaor in aittaaia or wtth fi'Cidi". Ot lun?ties l.owrr CmjU'I i ties ",,7i,t,i tj evert 543 of tcc K!0 popu ation; I'p.ier Caaada has l,0< f, 1 toivny 0M)o! the whole it. ti?bttaatt. Tbe numtier >-f inhabitant* wno had nith^r reach , ed or pa'bedtbeir bu diodth year in Ctnala But., i at tbe taLing of tbe c? n>n?, sas 38. 2t) temples sod 1 18 icaJes; only 4 cut of tne wtoln number irere ' inatried, but 2:1 were widows and trees: only 1 11 cut ot tbe ?h le bavinjr lived out their oentory in ainftle bleeetdnets, and of thete 1 1 only .1 were of tbe masculine gender, We have a arcely space to en??r into -he statistics cf tie vaiious religious denom natDus of the C'aia da a. We shall oaten*, ouraelvts at preeect by merely stating that in 1. iwer .'?anadt t&ore are 74*;. MMi lioinan Catho ijs, 4j,M)2 Cpisospalitis, 21,1*3 Metbcd'sU, 33,536 Pieebytenans, 4.4!i3 Biptltts, 3,927 Congrrgatlonalista, and 3.4A0 Uuivenaluts. Buch are a tew of tbe more pr mloent f?cta which we glean from tb s volume. In c >r: on, we m*y state that tt>e cet aoa returns show the country to be In a stale of vigorous progress, and increasing fatt In ttat firut lequldte ot pr^^jetlty in a country like Casa<!?? population. Over and above tho | large Lumber of births over the deaths In both : Picvincea, we have bad duriog tbe oast ten year* a i jcarJy tvtrase Uqh of eml^iatba into the chantry cf nearly tOj/H). T1 e vaiious occupations of the nopulation of tbe two Provinces stand aa folloss (n ( pper Canada, farmer*, 9C,2'.M; canwnters and joiaers, 8,123: blatksmikbe, 4.23^5 tailots, 2 ?lt?j; merchants and sbci-keepers, 1,794; cin.^, ^?pws, 1,935; mllfers, 1.0S3; weaver*, 1,73^; inn keeiiers, 2nifr>: wagcnai'l canlage makers, l lO'.i; ctbtuetm Ut< *, 1 0110; masors and bricklayers, 1.71H; 9U3 clergy JR?; 582 J<CU?b; 1141 lawyers and notaries; ;;73 engineers, and 2.120 tearaeri. I.iwer C?uaii h.i? 7ft, 2^4 faimeri; in mere1 ants and shopkeeper* the return eousls that of Upper Cauda; of ctbiMt n.aicrs see bsi 511; weavers, 196; millers, u?r; ccopers,<if.7; talois, oolv 671. The adult pipula tion foUo*ing tr- <!?? ana professlcns la I o*<tr Ca tada isrotuacJ 1??,462 Tne number ofpen>nH livitg on pivate meaDH U nearly ii to 1 In fa.<jr ul ttie Eastern Piovktce. The whole popu anion of tne two protitcr* amo-untcd at tne time the een*us wai taken to 1342,VC.r>, and f its now probably re.vhed, p?rbape [ utt d, two miiliocs. Items uf Ilrrn4<tnir?. <?n 'le 12 b ios'ant, there w. re 100 Ca'd kale 1 w th t?fc. at at Cbattaooogv, Tenn., and the dt|<>t I tbtie wae ciamaed 1 1 Its utmost cips:.ty. The , Atlarta/e .U c n rot tbell.h, aa>^:? T--.o trains ! a day an ire st C a' tan n.a, by th-- .ViisliviHe rovl, a (lit i> an ehiiuatil yrh*>:r.l?y, tti*t t,o-e wer-; j etcied in that torn 0 bisnci.i of wb?*?t, e.\ n- ' nre of t at in stoie bv ear ro^L Kroai ChsUanoe- | do? ii to K owao , the deoots ar > aiJ ful. to P i A tog. On the '? L, t ere were ieoei\sd at Calhsii 2 <XK) Ui?h*lt. ?n?i the hands cz-.ald not in ck oT t) < ir ic aCinn till eleven o'cl> k at nUht. U*j it \ oupg, tbe agent of (Jalhous, th alca tha*. from WiU depot alone be will ship 10O O'iO bushel* during tho 6C4utn. Tc day, five full traias will g > d ?a, fcod we tuppoee esch car will contsln 130 sa ks. 1 tie ru?h M iti* description r.f freight has l?in unn o r*f tDie.l catsed, as we l?arn, by tbe o.Twa of ISew Utl miller* to give II for all wheat delivered at the dep'rt l>y the 10 h.nnd at e'naxlesUM and Savau- i nab b; the 1 >th of this month. The Chicttfo /fi>- rrnt says that the price for 1 * beet in that market will cot, a f?ev harvest, ex wed a dollar per bu*be',b?.t farmers hatiot b (n gsf- i tir g Midi h^b prices lor their ?b -at, wll hold for a j U tier price, at d ahiim^nta will b'; auull Uil the i pi ire tkroughout tbe country bee jtn-a aeUle<l. The markets for b eaditnfTs, nays the Btltlnnre A?/n cf tbe 1'Otk Instant, have a do lJediy d iwawud tetdency. Tbe recifcU </ Ht whaat tnthe Baltimore market are bemnitrg 'tn't' Leavy.aod virterU? prices dn lined ee mo 25 or 2*? '<iVi per MMHl 00 the ?tales o' the prevlcus day. 1 door. a'a?,t* giving way Ci'y Mills, to tbe exteDt of .100 barrel*, aold at t->. deliverable In fifteen c r twenty dam; and 500 bu r?ls Howard atreet, at I- 60, < ? 1 v r*Me|iii the mi'l die oi Beptember. A sale or 200 barrels cv>w* brands, was aico mads at 13 *;>. Tbe mt/ket cicstd dull and Heavy. Tin Bi?axr a.vt> Child Brotir Bef.ti ,cn.? A g*n t!< man from Gt manuo Informs the 0 'DC ird H'?Ut m/mt'at tie are grjaaly imjosed np>a ii tho effnlr of the girl and t ,e itiake, by Bill, t is Ntb/r of Ibe little giri. Toe s^n'.,?ina>i lives n-ar Hill's residence, and says, that last-ad of there U mg a tpontaaeru* and irie*.dlr feei ng t>st??en tbe ct lie and tbe reptile, t' e'e was tie upmost rs pueesace between the two at tb- time the uther ccmirenced his work. People ih-ru en^ettdn no doubt wbaWer that be cariKbt tie snake *>me tim ag*>; that he ob'?aio<d It for tbe ' ur j>?e of trailing tlit; cM d to handle acd c ?tr> 1 It, a> d tl*t t e n blliltu n rf tte two fw moory is t?.e emeide aMoi bad in vkw from the ii-?r,liy be in omar f treut lli# ?/*ert'^fi that l?r. W l<ht, wb'? is a hlgbif r* epeetetie tr.d witir j kn wn o y?i lao. ears l? as bis e^.inP n that a iefar*'inn o> t e fetid sod tte i ake w xi'd l>e fat*.' to tr e it t ner, Is a e?'i or* tbere Is no fnonda'H n srlmtenr r ??,r it, Tu? oe lets of tl* Ml(LliO'b(<Ml in which HI 1 I v*s, bo re 'all In Ue IsiW tiiat be trainee ib u i d t itieiw> dn*y "o whl h be sheens moi'ri d ?o e'. ? <??? ire i?e^ u> r??v?e in t? e m? * ** >'A r,y f #r* f'-; ra?e hie u?i ()??i<?r.. P la r?jo *<-1 te ho i er v iTial, 4Mme*4, atd evtub mas P 'ttm kh/A (J? H) CArt', ^, Ju j ll. ?wrahal M inuwu mna (k* cmum Ka _ - ?t. Arnt?u) hire pabl|?h?d, ^ "nm h" Wi 1*

1 of. I. e*i#? oommead of the Fro* * +x ?? thft ? J iO<*4OOO'?O?B0l i ?>.>. east" - ?"? ? of fcASSf 7*^a'3b" ra ft *? I ^ aUtV ?i'?2 i hi a f61 T W ,*t b1**Xf will form ^M C" rf * " G**?*al ia Cbief cjo W BM-ve in thiN da>k lubyrint'j te t-}<x . ood*r diU \arna, .-.ll1.*** '?*'** **y to my imp'waaioM. to mw Jo Bit IWl O, *i d ttk* |?filut."< 0< Oi, trtUt I A'IOiilJ SLTI b:** *,i Ua ?? - -<)d * letter i Vm i n tf L ?* "'"' *? 1 ??'*'?<??' * the fcooorw iu?. ooieUm? any u raj.^e-u# mj br.vfn .7. Jf * ^oCfDJft ?? ?rry moa*o*. I ai <*t waat lO>tD. Kid j,,t ooaM'uin*, fur ?>l thil te nrenn. Ho ? firamUW* upMI'MO. Sarp there U tr nmiiy??3h w.a^tiooK an una ? *o hlatorv' w? ""'O'WfH I ?? lt.?t urora u, tl, wc^iu. G u, ?s? ,uikt* me *tth 8 a tmd b? J V Up r I tb* ot"-r *<* ? ">?* ?'???/ w?? H..|(lbn k><-? t?r , ?U toe mVM!, of r??? mSF'JIIti ?u.' T0' Hi,J woicl ' **" ,Dr ,u "T?'( ?llll d.?0)?tffiyt tr , ca II oa m> h nv "?* *'? ?' ^ *>dnin^ i}f mw.fl h* *n??' - ?. >???" ii <i ** '<???? ui*,. sis? a?? > ? ! dtAs&: j*?**? <4 tbo ?ll. ? *t ?1? ;.?Lt? down mou o >?a w-d t tmUWUrf ^,lh ab^wvl CUIM ? i.oieuVlr6^'1 t'U^iri^ wiMi.oivifc-ia & <lr- brck- one 4, ? v n o'rl.?-t ut vw,.( ? ( n* .MKhUo? froi ni> t O'ifi d ij ^^lu n lr >u viei^i ? my m 0 A ?T.6 bf^-t Oft ?, rAtmtl xo !*'??** mjQ* Tnhu?tM?r Ma4*m?6aPVrt>40f ^ wr,t^: ? #rt> M^Ai AC*' lS' ^ ?** ""Jilv, ?nia yoq f ?? . t / 1."? l'i ,u ^ oi^en of M?'ro n t\M ?i 1 coiif-ndia^ rv?fj 1 g?' *Z CU'hm,ty- , in-y 'l tut r.?ve tot m,, ), ,^ 7l,r. Caul* m M% t ""*' Hr,, ,ad h?r?. b.rao | u>t ai nil, M> bcur , co euut-td 1 hlf. ! r.r?,a,,( I Wj?odu>K on tLi< charuel in', o e wou,d?4v <hai ' .abVaMcn "rUti Bufl'rt0?t?. ?<*o out #uk ?nid me ikfUfn. ? ? U/me n??r,nVl. ! gjjj lubt 2? iK feaalsrrv a:s: ? s= ; poj dtal. For could ^a^lS^'b^oV a fin- vie, 0 M ditoo c m.-lclc . ajw?u* f?,W ' Ah, MtDnMk. AJ>, Ifa'rom^ f W >en hhiII I ,(^Ze.r.n;}K? r ,0"'" k*'f*t calm, !ar from afl um i <areaa&d man /? bat not (rotn m i-n^o, d??r hii<c ' wt-o R*1*ik .0 wiab umu If tv,r I Oad ?n ,^if l?ck ag.iu, mitt, alt n y family arn-md. bo ?u? fo?a I C'V^?, .1?!LU,*t,caD ^ me^ ?*?!? f" V lom I lo hia biotcor bo wiitts: ? 1 mi*. 11 1 I Vahsa, Aqz. 23. 1R5|. h> V A! JT Jel muea ,D Ukl J* t i?a I 1 71 [?. 'fcr"?K,> chiteM atd iev?r?. It m a ?Mit rt?>p< DniliLit> ; I auuit k no* bitv to bjar tC. aid even ? mT ^T!! 660,0 rt' !f 1 fcUC *wl ' N ?'< hj a ?r?it rar, Jf 1 00 aot huco td I Bi*i. bo wlm tao woti.l 1 lir"' ^ bo ? light for I , w loa him! 1 ? i ? J o' B>7 part, my 1 ot ? iei.on tcll? m? brouer fioir I wui rest a'i r ta*i! J hap,. 1 ?i?t' 1 5 i' ,n J'j* t>l,Cu?b too Me(r??s o' rt? ar,.! Jn nukin* procJitm itioni om > w,l Toui in to,, c Jta a> *1 mer* I 'tad neat wWrT'L'J** '?>jJ"<0' ra:' ?'-'"?!? V I ?J?1 Inr laidlDn baV) reiu'iu. '. 0 , r"fj the Jwoa and the, th.yhiWc^ 1 tim'u ,ro 'I?. whoae numberi it i? oard to t'1 T iMC nr,t c<rtl"'ac tiiay n?ve K tot u cttraorjlnar} defec*tvo w >ik<. Mru^u 1 > a- not chw s.d, ai?U I an all i or luuiloff wy n orwat bf Katcba. It i? a , m ,ri t a" ; Ko"ltf? ,1<vo n,rt cj-a?.1?ei a bOfribw. 1 bavo >i?iu?>d; mo ari to lanj at O d "iv u '"'If o Wl" "** "n tu0 1 ::h or the 1 tvu. T* . MaOtnjP rtl'Kt. Ari'Snd h? wntw; i .. Otn I*V?i:t cC'ime'L Hem. 7 li'.i i Ilcto\-fTi V\ 1 iv: ? dw a'e 11 n rsady I Jut l"\ ' f.nC l0,,<' ,,,Icti ^ aruc- ' 'on - fioai n .ow .) ? V fnornlcg to f<xp?dlt? tu? Utullair of !?t"i ^fJ1W if ,u'd ' bup? 1 "b<" ** ?We to raiT , ?t : u!tlZhtIt^lT'ln<iWlrn0Tn,rK- ' Bhjil , f JL? f t1* HuJgatak, no ttu?; I rm ba ou<t? 1 cn U>? iJ<h, and forto tr,e pun/n inncJ tin ! ^ ,If J C?D' 1 (1r'^ tb? fo tbaStUr , si of the Kate a. I uromJ/w y'ja I will ?lvi? k?Mn 1 Zu^,cJ.'ULrat &*???" t? JSSSn line, and w ate favored. u*y (', jj nrot? t -1* r?i . ! ?tw da, ?, and all will go oa wl. Pl heard tbto mnraisg ntder m?TarOT U-nt. and I pr?vCd ?^r I ourajb-abreakfaa ed wit* Twrp baa , .5 ire*Vfi^'lon to '-?>? ?nnr, and th, I'rT"j iI at 5b.tb4?d ^ lu "? "7* I" '41/ tbtt I an am to feMOTwyWi I cotild atrangla him. Soth^g.aayH, 1* c'uaged | wa?t tio I b.Hwfitn tlio .. . ,- _ and attack tw di oo the souti;. *ad l?ar#? tNslr fiToai jireparv tiuta Oft &? torth nice All that t*Ll detail 1 on what I ah all nee whoa I r? & Bell*;k. Toe awiiWr time nKArn, m?ljve, thrnev ** rt Itrioat* f?.i? ,^0"? dwiblw my rotir*- e. I onir . of t^e someat wUrn we ahall l^ , or r . . -u,,t ,[ hoon : In tie ?prtB>( wo will take ? 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We Mi> iflK.mxd by a Mead ta ix>u 'oil , t u< Mi. R 'but S tiller <ra< in c iet rby in ?bo la'ier | ait u < Mur, tod amet wub *?Miud N?w toiker* Ht L'ck'* Utt l. He did Wit, ?or tdotKl at'Murra u?, o>aa Im ?ar ai?.?rfr be. urn of ur ?*t un rr tD? ut ? h -j > iar? |??utiaiocii ol the Ab!i burv-o t ea j- ; fa fr ?a ic wm wt< 1 at e-we, ?cd << ni.<o j ?t?l aa e*?<v 'Miirti to t ? Uiifted 8i?w?, ? mti .ieat to briitf (bu be owuld tmiuiy tbc wt id ibe la'fffrttj (if liir roiidao I Vn o?u ih^omvo o > in iTiaifftto tbc nturn of Mr, ft baa l<*ii otriotd h. tbc bigf'tit cmi'U o? ikn^taw t1 r.?ll um tu?v of C ibooc 4oui, tiutt ?Ii ib , ort .|?>uoa ol A rk Jm nivtn ?en al.lctlf .c?.ul, aud I>ln4ln<r oa ibe ttorkoo di ?h (< tin N. ? fl,r j? ?..d U .rl-?a ! inilr< i.dK. It bu actioaaoi )kku1 iiowubeltas rnicotd iw a orimiiiui ? Tob New If ?v*Q a 4 fli-- I 1MB railear* m*jr ham ac'4(Min of aebia**J at am ' tiat la donbctul; 'uid, toe jjui<ma tit that ho c'rra ?, wroid nn^lui n la a^oa aao >aa ibonM'latioo by pm'ir cp?r,i,jn. Wf nni?C4.u?d : tft a Mr. H hajlfr bn* noi. Mnce be Jefi (tun ">-iatr/ ,to? ?>r tiMiuid ?oy p?t of Ka'oua! Wheiih?. lift tbl? jT**drd ti Qmb c. , ?hMO be tc ok an frii.; lnb n eamrr I * l.tvtrpool. It *tam tbat bi.t hb.u- of.mnit u um n*uv? Und bud t?eo an Imputed ai d Hint Bla pu<a<?\vd b-ea ??l(pd aaTrnl d?}? bo/.-re bU d.p?rt,i?. ||, I nwb d garb c oi ly ?no tionr?< to advua e of toe depaituiuol tiio H ?amcr. Ibi wot t Mil nadaran aioumtd tamr. Mt am notdifgaLte hl? pnauL [I'imih tbe t-'ondij I?ut NKKM?i.r - Hokx i o u tie Uiat tke Maiae aw eit<i t ? tjnve <.?k ii t in lUiacity, HU a la aeutahln furl that dnu >>nnf*? bait nJtrmluirlj tn creueed. Ttd* U not lo ba arroanU-d for b? ? lyiatr tTat the o prneMit of that cdi^ Uw inbiUi, m 7t mey than formerly, Lot la toe fart tba'. Uioae woo na** no control <-ycr their ap^titea take a 1r* a tain of the iiiilveraal o*e ration la wal a ttiat la* U held, ana bopo to ^aaape with Irupuattr the exdlbi llon of ibetr b??at2taaa<. lijtthey rockna witnout tt pit fc( at, an trie lium* nmu aireau mailo durinn the laMatek- eome moor tarce U-a.vo - fulyteetlfy. No ltnicocj iibh bi*n n o?a la any ca?e, Vhtp in well. Tlie man who neither reipecte D lu-Hf pt loclrty t-hould be male to par tie full p?i aJtjr of tbe law, (I ron Hie ,"-'und*/ Itoapatch. j l-ijN Aiinan. ? W'e ure aa-arcd l i*t ri >Tennjr tlu/k will c?il a i t-tlra mm oa of tie f.Nfinl4tm Ol d Ulat IN- lint a -HI of t ut MMii ? will be tf e creation of a b >n d :>f pVir1" c >ta wmloaon fir tblx city. The rnxut rrfai at of M nor WiwJ to aJ Jow the pe->| lit to k >0* ?h?t he uad hit aHikulalM are rfr.fng i>* l' ,nci (' ?(L(nu-?i n-rn, ht< c eabvl a Vrty fi"?i(*?al f<v lin< Bframai diu roniliiuaci* of a I etur dminiior aiijo.M?i u* with ou, tioa<ujd men at Uh coa,maiid, to bo u<wi t i shield off-ndo-* apaUat thn a?,ort> p oh- -ute loo >oeal p^rmnt. I V' ti ta th? hei i , t>' pauertl in c i^et, in ?? nee rt . to Ol'irt. Wul tfco M i>o? entry out hm t ireat to re M(T? If Mich a la* 10 , ai ?u? Win he tv>w np.aad col. ( n tbe p-( p e ro' a re eip -Mno v ?nat l*?u r Co |xr %njn on Uie nubj lur. Miwnrt l.iri.HAH Rt'ttKjiu. ? A'l we pre dicteJ in but uku>i. xie dai y |?rea?, with two eacpuofis, l u-jlihtnii arttclea au-uotrnj; t< pjo Tin ? t' t pt J 1p of t' t d'y '-f ? he b oellti and pa >lic bi?n?li fi t Uia* would t1 >w lrom the praj.o* d rojtr?rt bctwoMi the C ri<or?tlfio *30 the owarn of tie utritt aweejiir^ ni:i:MiiC-'. Bill tbore arc a few ?too fiatur* U ?ou Jn who pro/oai- to doabt tlio e*!it of t'-i* liu-iary boroati. We call d daby prcce, and the lUkii.n to parti rtilar, ta ai l um IP fbttinj; iio iu the Mnfot ttiu nun^i of the i>eri->0M be raa rpiaitprcd on the I'<H ie I'euartmpnt.and n it a tli, file ore ol tbera vrit>? di^jjoeod to aive tie wopie any li?ht on the nubject. Now, w ? anbmU, If there are i oceof their n oo tars In .lie poiiilou of Mr. Var dcrvoo't, of Die /,'//*>'?, that Ui'i w ml I j pot bealute to (H aiad Uie Publication ol thU my te Ion* Ui.t of r?'i' 'in?n. A'c ,ire la po?*ee<ioa of j w'tneif the matte- ? lh*t triiwjlred fietween tho ' !w,cr ,,ri liia reP r,pr'' 00 ,,li' Olera-Hn to the oOtce of ohitf nieaUlriilo of the city. In <Jui Uuie we Mia/l doubthaa act a fli l ilnrelopeaMnt of Um 'acta connected with the creaJon of the lit <rary bateau cf tbe Mayor * o(1ii?, eren though th# re ?P'^alble editors or the >laiiy prw may b? oUii'jwvl > to iu^freM the fncti? ? [From tb? ynu'-'ny 'oiirler I Ami tn:vr.Trt oi rtif CuftHi. _a Tlal'er to fie irsaoe Aoiom, at IMackweli a lalaad, rtvee ua tk? loltowteg ae.xmatof bow of 4? bimaVca i.m t elr tiiw. In the do( t n * nnj a?re two Intdbe men rtcreann* thenars ^ %-w ?f , he*?. I 2^. ? ver, Jk - , fl ^?uein?n, alth a wi# oa hfa hea l, bi ) t; r vr w t ooro ! tu?ti ippearaece. Mewraar. U Tat ooa? 1 l bubead , ord hi id tr?a r: itnpcf . m, u, roilod up lu , in du ruoulh. Tbfllno 8*%* ni % t,a|? * aTi4 BVTM -Wr <bv?m;u nil*} t^e gt^ pr^,; | a wcid wa? taxi rn either (?iae. n ?! d d tii^y , tvrn pot) -o Uie crowd at?o-ii them. To all appear ai ro tbiy were aa ^ane an the i?,k -r? on. While the | ?ome wa< R'itnRri),? rcnti'trm-i amr Into the r io?n with a rloiln in bia lut.d, and t ?ofc ? vn at th<j wW (Jew, mar iheclu^jn/lay^ra. lie, l *>, wa? naioa. lie [.ul hi *Uj|ln lo oidrr w I delt^b ol th? . ota p?py witi a variety of orrnir and ?nr.V>neiilal ?t-? Ot>e of blii tuie* ?<? ? l\f gen >tu) WeaaU." If o ll'tertil ^ J? rloiir wito| tnd enthani um. Tb < u.nn wan otioe lield fr. hi/b r?|>u ? in New > >?k as .1 TLUii 1MB. "> Hi tii? his ' f T*ir#? Cotmrnisa f?( ia . iwim^tandlnf tb?? h ?t * < ac er , t e mil > ner tho es'iaryarc *?ry lw>y c ni'tiln^ 1 1 ',aa?r?Ii;o< eh "it <yyrr>???. (>( tt. M'tl^ie a, It. ,r of ArU,. loWrwd oj-<.n toe ordinary tfr.o i??^, ?m cieajp aal i> m tir>i a* July blw b>trva ; men a. M., MwiVr <4 At t?, a'*'.' d to t"o A V t.'iree >e?r* af'ej % ?r,et ij bo'Ui ?y i ru'rtinn tr mt.'ie M h -f-t >e.arrw^^ i'wrt> m M. p., wr i? (i we ar? *11 (ao.r'?rt?D<v< y) fa oj| u wt*li; ?hi n tbixt la 1 1. D., I# . trf <jt > * ? 1 '0 ll.U . >*? Who pr mf 'I K) ,' M 1 nt' 1. 1 at, .yt f,<4 liny ? ifwn ti erela I, I.. I> |> v 1 ,f (.aw*. a1 i.i'jrr*:n/m, % \< n to la*). t?, and laymen t/v>, woo hr im?'!* a fl.-ir# In jMib ( ?i>i rttrary lit i c~t tr. rh-?e ar t etaiat ' n r. t > ;r??, in Atth") re-?al con nx i.cmei,' or t>,? f r?lt? w ? r;tsrrrvl i!i?t ? r.e?Je^r?e, b M., f n*ar?inn M. I>.,) waa ,? "ito I'ri .'f -v?jt I ' vi U Kw t li MjM.r of M m . Wt'tii'r it w im lo 'ab 1? 1 to bi im 'mii <a 1 thai MOtlesan fur hi* ae-rt^M lo dortorteif ao?l' of a r(.r?l?n rrowto fr* b< a.e h<*.-ofui;j* tr vbefiwr he U ( vjwea. d to take ?1<-Jity ai*?r? r.< io*ke lt ?e , w? rai/O < faUx m A c cVrni* rnry im * drifrf*, O. I>. K I.., Do tor '( I o*n *e Wa^a It* Hot ff.r our |*it. ?e ro..< >r that t?w> wti>( b-i*' wm l?ore o?*n< ri rj v.d 1h.rn the BuUin* aod tte lUkx'Od*. ?r?/l I'r* Uiat irvuur prrtprtm tl'O d? ^ree t* ooa >r ( d b?re%fler by all o*ir ooli a > -e the wrratcjit my )j h., I^-t -f t/i? lu drokuM ?d -oi/iene At |l*rrard Coli^w. Caa hr.da#, llw-, it an a/'ini, e flc job tjt*? tbe fjottn r alrai> ? >aned atd i i.itrlotw mao H? ?umi<j?.*. iar?.-?-me(ii nfoll uniform, ar.d a *'?)' f dabb*4 I. |? f>. fn;? ore er wai g -P?n ta th' ?>*ai !!? t ry 1. tiutinar 0* art Ta-wie*. 1 -t ? all Uke Na U If a lo?<jla? Ka-^t Kot*irg o'.W;?? *0 tip* a '.e?rta Uw U nope ahead tut Uux * who U>cw a Jitii?. F t ic ? iO-> tv v I' i in l'< orr - w. , ?? t tarait *0 a by the Bewrvaber< that it a.i:.'ii? of (ii.?r? woitb '4 property I* |j?tltp>*d?? ?tk i,n CoiBci u> o|*n ( tuuiban nmt tnt'-?a 1 ir* it ' "htiham ?ie*t Vi ?fce river. We bit 1 v/ " *? t.v (l^!ic*. Wa have not t?e?> farorwd witli ?n < pj^rtuL ty 10 ad^ up tbe imI?j r l?na?. sad 00? Wile U? t'^nl nn rait. On ?jr]!l la e-it 'V t <* ihi* h*? ro [.?il U> the ??t l>nt ' if faith La?. (??,? futa. t< irmr, In n?|i aa.. ?o w? n t4?i?. ? r?ix n-l.".i</o* ;n a r <?id'ra'*? <wwn. \ " ta *V " m r? i.r >e^? a rta s':??iral oot'ple* Mi *oou! taittrM; aluw 1 '? r *pr?-?t *1 And yet a " MMlabt ' (l.r.aa I) I* t.te ?..? O'/thin* M.d, an we wtei J ' fAl. ti* ?* at .*'.* oi^welf In t'?a f-?? ? ?<?. we taie it t'<r rr*'U I taat e 4, 4 f w?>.il " k-1 down 1 toabt Ir. ?ail'* am] that a * " m . Ike a ' t? th?*?'or? t/? ?raC inn er,i]?iiair 00 u. ? t o *>*oo , the p'-?!^?eH '? iri?[ r'/rewMnt. |i la \> r thit < %tn. nrtt* afWtwitr thr?e .>?>? of -< t<*Mt ttigtikm, m tow .a tie ?? foj> ,/ 4 ? tn' ?r'y * r<. ? t mil* >.' w? Mi?*e that tt e * 11 iM'.ii' ( 1 we># aa 11m oppi*iha 4 ^e It cute Mt'ifiji. b i' f<mcd f'aaaJ t^ir k. )<m? i'< ?. m.<; i-?< iio ?n v* " hi e tr?? |<rejr?e?w U. then, li ? m? \ ?.t ? ?i'. I iiientTMtvc.1 ?areil/w?4u e, ? r?r ? ?brr fl,, r ny e?te??y *. p*il ( r ? f ? ? ) ? I WW.. Aid w ?? ?<,' M.? a- I * t/ie r?i ?? ? ? \bm Wfi'it'M At f,r>a?c.t r ?? 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