Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 24, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 24, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW "WHOLE NO. 8905 MORNING YORK HERALD. ? EDITION? TUESDAY, JULY 24 1855. PRICE TWO UKNT8. 1 lie (>ioblbito>y Liquor L?w AKltfcSro FOB InTOXIUATI tH TUTWOir. There were thirty -At* arreets for druateoaesa yester day in thl? elty, all of whom, u ? general thing, were of low extraction, and *eemed inured to *taUoa h >u*#a tad prisonn. Their appearand* wis anything but pre J>o****?iag or refreehing to tne eyeaight The follcwiag table ihpwa tbe numbor arrested in the > different judicial diatrlcta Uafiittrala. Commtimmit First Diet. Polioe Court. . Justice Cot uolly 1H .Second do. do. ..Justice Prerey V Third do. do. ..Jue'.lce Woad..., 8 Total 35 AfcHhHTH FOB INTOXICATION IN BROOKLYN. *1110 whole number of erres-a throu<iout tbe consoli -dated city lot tbe forty eight hour* preceding yeeterday tnornxg pm twtnty two The arreets aie divided amongst J he police district* a* follows:? let dietr at 2 2d ? 3 sd ?? * 4 4th " ...........I.." "II".... Ill 1 5 6tb " . . 3 e?h " I..I....I.I.III .11 ......... 4 7 th ?? 1 To**! ij. Ail lit fir tire arrested were assessed in the u?oil da xsegf i>. ac<) in default of paymnat kimou nit'.ed tojiU |or t*r> dt ja. TUt WILLI AMSBUitO LIQIJOB KEIZVKK CASB. Before Justice Juoobs. Ta-jUrdey af.Jiaoou the oaee of raomaa Berry, liquor dealer. comer of Grand and Seventh streets, Kaatern district, cnoie up for trial. In thia ease about ?^,000 wor'h of lienor was teixed, since which ? ? vr ral adjourn ment* bare taken placa, tbe last being In con equence of couastl fcr defendant moving for h a a i* charge, on tbe urt'io i tbat tbe Court had no arim'nal Jurisdiction Philip Itam'lton appearrd for Mr Berry. Tbe District Attorney wai una tie to b? preaent. Jus l.e Jtcobs. In reierence to this question, said that eo the 14ih Instant Mr. Haaiii on moved fcr tbe dls ? ?r<* of the defendant, ihomas Herry, from custody, 11 tun t/>? * round that tbe court had no or i>ioal juris dlction ? -v ce act April 13, 1S65 Conoectod with the ttoton so lnt'mation was mat's by tbe counsel toa: grave < ou-.ts existed a* tr. bin (Jvrtlce Ja-:o>e') tight to act ?? Jnatioe at all, by vtffee of tie Oovar aor'i appointment, and be tfccrugbt it both ad visable and important, net only with a view to a proper adminlttiaticn of tbe law, but for h!s s??e perecnaiiy, to examine that poiet in ooaoeotion with the whole euhject Involved, In order th.t be might un cars'ecd v pon what tenure be held office, and what du tee are devolv ng upon him. Tb s he ntd endeavored to do with the aid of eouneel, and had arrived at the yollfn.Bg conclusions: ? First.? that be la ? justice of tbe p?aoe, dnly and legally appointed In the pleo* of James M Aymar, de ceased * that, as tneh, all tbe powtrs and privilege* that ?r. A , mar waa required by la# to exerctae end was ettitled to, have devolved upon him . Second. ?That Mr. Aymar having been elected a juitic* oi the peace for the town of Williamsburg for four year* from tbe 1st day of January, 1862, was a magistrate entitled to exeret* ?. (and in Tact required to do *o), criminal as well as civil jurisdiction, ana that the 1cimi>r waa a vested right which the i.egielatura eoulrt no?. deprive him of, and that as his *uc lessor la office, it* r?ue power had devolved upon him; there fore hew* < a criminal aegiatrate independnnt of any pow?T cocfened upon htm oy tbe prohibitory Uv. Third.? "1 hat th* prohibitory law waa a general act; that it* J*a\n intent and purpose la tbat every jiatice of the p**re in tbe State under it exercise criminal juris diction *?? far a* the an orc*m*nt or tdis law is con wrn ?d; as for instance juitiue* o' the marine and diatrlit court* of New Yoik city are vested with enainal power la tb?f e c? n* a On tbe other ban 1, the not of April i3, 1855, u te at ion to Justices of the I'eace of tbe late oity or wtill'.msbi r? was a special act. Intended simply to re Inatate thoee Justices In the positions from wn'-h tbey had txe- otieted by the coaaolldation aot, cnoDrmiog them in ttr exercine of th> saaie general powers tbey had bnfcie ? xt-r. is d as civil justioes sad cannot reaeon ably fce cooe-dered a* intending to set aside any portion ?f tb> prohibitory law. -Again, while tbe act of April, 1866, bj it* own provlslona, took immediate effect, thai portion of 'be prohibitory law which would give the said Justte** eternal powers, took effect on the 4th Of Jul/, 1 xft5, and thus became virtually a sub aequeot law controlling the previous one. Snob appeared to him at least to be the law on tb* subject; aao without duairlng to take any *tep towards enforcing the p?obi. i<o?y law, except so far ae rrqulred br duty, he felt eottptiied to deny tbe atouon to dltohargn Mr. Berry . Mr Hamilton took exception to the declslja, and alao ae to the v?i ? ei of the Governor In making the appoint neat of Jertice Jacobs. Oe al*o denied tbe charge* alieged ??* nat Mr. Berry, and demanded a j ary trial. Tbe ?r al Is >et down for July 30 "ri" raltng and eaoepMnns were made in the ease of " rr (iu nhtrd, and the ease ?st down for trial on we?a?s ay, August 1. ? THB L?*D K LIQCOB CAB* IN ALB ANT ? JCflTICP.'H CHSKOE TO TH* JUBT? THJJ CAaK CABR1ID CT. We ga?e th? result of this Important trial la y ester day's papr aadas the piled pie at Uane Is oae or aausihl marsst at this time, today publish the charge of the presiding justice to the jury. It Ls sub ?taatiiO'y as ibllows:? Geauta.en? It now but remains for you to render jour veniict m this caae, which has occapied so much ?f your ! and elicited such elaborate argumente from tie :*spectlv? coubsel Although a great deal o' Hue has beea occupied la tbe trial of thl* cue. It ?s? tot beea time altogether waatod. This m tbe Br. it ' in this oltv under a new s*atate, and it was prn^-r that It should be fu ly argued. But tboae are eioeeo. eod yon are aaw called upon, aot to low Set, but to administer tbe law as it is. The ilrst quee in for J?r oooalceration is as to how far you are to ??t ae judg-? of tbe law ae well ae of the teetimony. It baa lot g oeea helo by those from afcam we hav* de rived ib- ? rtat body of our law, that jnrers are judges equally of i lie la want of tee fact In criminal cases It was dseaieo re-'raaaey that Jurori aheuld be elutbed with this power la ordsr to folly exercise their functions of ??pires oetween tbe King and tbe subjeet They are ?lathe- wltn tbe same power, to perhaps a limited ex teat, her*. Our legislators are elrenmeerib?d by a writ tea cocat'tu'.ion Knglaad h<a no written constitution. Ueace it not seceiaary tbat jarura here *houli, tj the mm exteut aa there, exsreiee the rigkt of judgiag of the law ae ??U . ? of the facta ta a ca?* like thla. All law* are p?ae*d to be obeyed, and they should be otieyed, aad aot x-tily obeyed, but deemed constitutioaal aatil codded otterwiae bj the oourt*. Jurors, eampoeed of sea ta??o > nd inert mlnately from the ordinary walk* of life, are cot to be supposed to be able or competeet to decide up- a what law* are aad what are not constitu tional Toe rule Is. that every eltixea abould deem all lawe ?ntctad by the L*(t*latare couatttutioeel, and act ?oeardiosly, uatll the proper talbunaU of tlte land? eourtc clotted with competent authority? shall de ?ide that they are not eoaatitutional, and ao null and Thl* competent authority, la th's 8tat?. Is our highest courts. If every justice of every Justice a Court cr every jury of sneb court, eboul*nseum* t? decide upon tbe coaMUtutloaality of every law brought uIS? y, I!i woul<11?* ?">? anar'hy in the land. M> gmllemen. It ls not few jurors? certainly not for Juror, ut inferior courts or for tbe justices of such oourts to decide upon tbe oonetitutioaelity of any law unless :nri?e<j. that law ahall be In clear, palpable no' totioce violation of the eoastit jtion, aad fnvolvlnir' tb* iaalienahU personal rtghu and liberty of the individual In aaeb case- where the liberty or toe Indivldual-his* righu-were tovolveo, It m>ght be tbe duty of evet. a Jury ef this court, to take the ressooaibllitv ?f ceciMi-k- up<-n tbe eoastltntioaallty of tbe law. Bat this la to such law, lavolvtag ao suuh rights, tientle nea. I ??''eve the legislature of this or any other State has th? rir-tltutioaal power to prohibit the aale of in toxicatira Averages I have ao doubt npon this point. I ^ tk* question has beeo dUtlncUy eettled by the Huprtme Court of tbe t'nltod State* [He read tbe ojptalon or J urge Catioa, aad referred to tbat of Jnd?e Taney iwi his associate*, rhe former asserts, la so ???y wares, tbat State le?ia'atur?s may prohibit tbe aale of eucb liquors altogether. And evea those who hayo wiittea extra judicial opiates against thU law, do ?ot d??y that the legislature may pass prohibitory laws. . aev assert aimply that la dolag so, by t&ia law, they t*ee gone farther thaa tbe eoa.t.tutio* allows tto*to This I to bo theaosiuau or Meeers itroaeoa. Wood aad others, extracts (tata whoes ojdnton lia.e beea read. But. wb.Uver may be the ?plaioo ftheie gmtlemea, and how olearlv soever It *** It" paolicl'.y to oplaic-e, it Is aot oar province, gentlemen, to p-oaoaaee npoa'be eoaetituttoaality of thl* (Utute However teualt esay betbat when a law ladeeUred ancoaetlta ?o*kl by a competeat tribuaal H beoome* no law, a* iaeh tribunal has passed upon thla law, It Is to be deemed by at ben aa a good and valid law. For ~ ? Ptt'poeee of thl* eaee. I ahall cjnelder thla V, yB'WmU? 1 aad v.UI. I have my own cptM lot of it. homer I In1m?i portiooi of it uiviM ?^ ?P- Hrteoflt will be ds,Ur*l to be uaeoat-.l' tuttoa.l Bet. geatlsasen. as I have already said, it L question rhis cas* Unat of tbat ciaee of eaeee which would jasUfy as la Woe nf ' ihlT^i C*'' doee aot lavolve the quee das. Uj? tret seattc. ^Ttioo -which be Is arrsigaad as ooaetUatioaal This oolat wwithsla 1m It Is yous- dut^S earry oat tboee ^aTeaUoes*"ir ron eaa a.rer'aln what tboae lateat?ae wij. Batll ilC TWtog 'o do SO you must oonetrue the eutate strictu. It la aot j our province ta speculate open what tboae i?. teat am. were. W to ascertain thembyaetrietesastra* tlen ot the law. What was tbe evtl sought to be rem* ?Jad, sal what waa the remedy eeught ta be apalud . Tbe latentioa of the Legtalataro waa evidently to aeo JiMI the sale of idtaxleetiag drinks altogether? that Is J? evsry eaae with la thetr prortaca The prt vleo to ta* Bra? Mctioa? "Thl* eectloe ehaft aot applv to liquor tbe right to eetl which la thU RUta I* give by aay law or '***<* ?' halted fHatee"- waa baaed epna the Idea that tbe Leyielatara af aa State era.'d laWrfere witb the ule of imported np rlta by tbe importw. B* aft?r wb. t ih imported ha- ps.seu oot of thebanda i > ike (a porter toi! takes lt? pltcetiMf tw arttc' '* of eota m?rce in tie coon'ry, the Srate, according ?o ib? ju dicial d# ciaion, ha* tbe right to prohibit ite *nl*. It Is a tul* of l?w, alio, that if an; clause of aetatu'e defe it? tbs palpable ofject ? f tbe wbole statute, thtt cleuwe must be rijected. Doea tble rule apply hare? Do*e thl* previto conflict ?l'b tbe eeideat intmtion of tail statute 1 i have been of >he opinion that It forbade the sale of imported liqoora after they bad paaaed oat of the t a:. tfe 01 the importer. Nevti tbeie**, the opinions of others, he u ey bare reaehed me? of to* Recorder of New York, af tbe Judge* in Brooklyn and others ? beve tiieken my former oplni'o somewhat. rhetropla I' u.t *te mat tbe aaie of Intoxicating li (Uorj are forbid den; but tliey lns?*t that tb<? e<au*e except* imparled liquor*, follow* tbn liquor wlerever It goee, and by it) tango*** permit* It* sal* by any parson In any quanti ties. With there rie?* te'ore me? although they are not the interpretation* o' any of tba higbeet coarta? I tm cmetrainea to forego my beretofura entertain* I opinion to yield to tbe antborry of the .Supreme Court, en expressed at Brooklyn, and to believe that this pro Tito iifHi ale an exception <n favor of Imported liquor*, as thu* t'tflned. But tie contraction of thia clause i< leplt'ii a" ly with tbe jury , for to *ucb an extent are ja icia indisputably tbe judge* of tbe law In ihl* case ('. vts t lear'y proved, an; inceed substantially admitted thtt tbe liquor. as alleged. was sol* to Johnson and Has tin|s la foJlowiTg out tba case, I.aadon ahowtd that ?he liqrer tbn* sold was imported liquor, and he 'neial* that be had tbe right to sell aa Le did, under the risuia <f tbe atatnta which I have already cited. It Is 1 t yon. gentlemeo. to decide upon tba fact whether the iiiuorioMwaa Imprrted abil, If that is proved, then whether, urder the law, be had a fight to sell It. If the law is constructed a* the defendant inalft* it shall be, IW? will the wt olt object of tne law be defeated. Bat, boerver i#u may deprecate such a result, the respond ty is neither with you nor with me. You must taka tt i law as it reads; and If, by d<>ing so, you tntnk there bns, In this oeae, been no violation of the ltw, you mutt find the defendant not guilty. But if. on tha other band, you think tha law? this llrat section of tbe lav? doe* not permit tbe defendant to sell tha Uqaor which be did tall, 'hen yon mnst And him guilty. The sate is now in jour hands, gentlem-n and thankingyou fo- tbe patience with wbtoh which yon have listened to the protracted argument* of eoontel? able throughout, if net always Tt levant? 1 ltave It with you. Ibe jury retired at twenty minutes put five. Ahiut s'x o'clock they cam* into court to a*k tha Justice whe ther it was their cuty to connect the section which makes distinct reference to 11 imported liquors In the ordinal peckage." with tba firs t aactien, la reaching their v< relict The Justice replied that tt was for them to decide. Bnt tba qn'ition Ming pressed, ha said, if they ineieted upon a ciitinct response, he would eay that, in bis opinion, the verdict should be rendered on an interpretation of tbe first section alone The jury retired, and again returned about 7 o'olock with a verdict of not guilty. Tbe announcement was ? er.elted with tumultuous applause, which the Court checked, and tie audieno* retired. Mr. Porter, when tha verdict was rendered, proponed to ti e counsel for the prosecution, thrt if It was desired to carry up tbe case on appeal, be would unite with him in framing tbe appeal, ia that a decision might ha ob tained on tbe impiortam points of tba law. Mr. Werner a?tent*d -o this proposition, and it Is understood that tbe ca>e will be mac e oat at tha earliest possible day. Tha Klre Com mUel oners* A meetlcg of tba Fire Commissioners was held last evening, at tha Firemen'* Hall. Present, Commission er* Brown, Freeborn (la the chair), Cartwright and V. Heht, 1 . - ea*a of Engine No. 82, against Hoie Company No. 22, was laid over, and the monthly return* of resigna tion* and appointment* were received and confirmed. Complaint of Hoie Company No 60 against John lie 4'ailrey, of Hose No. 16, was then taken up. It apptar <d from the evidence of two wltoeaae* tiat a* No. 80 was pairing to a Seventh district Are, behind No. IS, de fendant tell back into tha bead of to* rope on three dif ferent occasions on tha last time (topping the carriage. Met atlr-y was sworn and danitd intention of backing on to No i i. 's rope, bat acknowledged entanglement with tbe rope, being tired end unable to keep up with tie carriage Alderman Howard, on tbn part of No, 60, state! that be eaw McCaffrey Inside of No. SO'* rope, and thought he ha<l command of that company. Be was aoisy and wanted to get op a fight. He was drank at tbe t me This was denied by other witnesses. Ibe sane of Hook and Ladder Company No, 1 and En g n e No. 6 waa then continued from laat week. Addi tional testimony was given and deciaion deferred. A c ember of No 26. while giving his testimony , fell back in a fainting fit, la which ha continued fociome i tiaee.l Brooklyn City lewa. I* A ClBCTB A 6iClSA.NO* AMI DANUXBOfH TO PCBUC Hkaltii*? The Aldermeu comprising the Brooklyn Board of Health, at a masting hall yesterday morning, dacidad this question la tha affirmative. The cause for thia ao tioa la aa follows? Th* propria tar of a travailing circa* company advertised to exhibit ia Brooklyn yesterday, and hired the vacant lota forming the block opposite the City Hall, for tb>a purpose. The city ordinances, how ever, render it Illegal for sach exhibition* without first obtaining permission from one of the Aldermen of the ward in which tee test ia to be pitched, and tha aaaent of tte Mayor. In addition, tbey are required to pay a licente fee. The Aldermaca it appears, declined to grant the periiiisaion, but tne circa* agent having rented the ground, proceeded to erect hi* tent notwithstanding. Tba Mayer thereupon notified them to deiint: but bav ing obtained legal advice, it was found thai the ordl aaoee was defective, and they went ahead. Tbe Board oi Health having convened, came to the reecue of tha Maytr. by passing the following resolution, tbe produc tion if Alderman Barnard, who is alao a lawyer ? Reeolted, That tbe tents and booth* which are being erected oo tbe block bounded by Court, Clinton, Jorale mon and Bemxen street*, are hereby declared to be a nuixaace, and dangerou* to the public health; and that tbe earn* are hereby ordered to be destroyed, or removsd without the limits of the city, under tbe direction of the Mayor, the expel ae to be charged to the owner or own er* tbeieof. Tbe Mayor proceeded to execute the order* of th* lto||t), with aa Assistant Captain and six men of the i-'irat district police. On being dinctad to tear down tbe tent wticb wa* n process of erection, tha police were infeimed that they would be held Individually respon aibla for any damage whicb might ansae . and not being disposed to run aey risk, tbey refused to ebey order*, sod tbe Mayor waa unable to accotnpUah anything. Th* police telegraph wax put Into operation, sammooing tbe n>ea of tie other districts, but tha sympathise of th* great majority of thoea who bad gathered about -and there was a large crowd? being on the side of the circus, it wst deemed expedient to compromise matter*, and ef fect K peaceable kettle ment of all the dlfliculties. This was sccomplinhed by tendertox the circus s.-snt the use of tome vacant lot* >n Hsharmerhoru street, to which th* Mavor gave bis aaaent, and the tent wa* soon removed to the quarter* aaa'ftnad to It. Tbere wa* cooiidernb'-e excitement in regard to the Batter, and much fan, but It ia not y*t decided whe ther it i* dargerou* to th* health of tbe neighborhood into wbich the aircus was removed or not. Aa II I* aa iBiportant question, tbe Beard of Health will probab'y enlighten th* oemmunity by aaotber resolution upon tie eut-ject at tbe ?*xt meeting Th* poUceaMn who refuted to obev the order* of th* Mayor nave been *ae pended from datj. Entut ms<i a Cot st** haw ?A countryman, name not aecertaiaed, wa* defrauded out or a gold watch aod seventy dollar*, In Washington Part, on Sunday, by two fellow*, who practised upon him tbe patent aaf* iwiadle. Ae ioou an the eowatry man *aw hi* money gone he raited the alarm, whish attracted tha attention of officer Beaaley, who, bearing the victim'* atory, pursued at. I arrested th* ewladierx. Tbey gav* their names aa William Hueeteaand William R Jam**, bat it bas *inc* been aeeerteiaed that their name U Ryan. Ceveral hundred dollara ta spurious money were found open tbem. Tb*y were committed The countryman becomirg frightened, ran oil, aad has not elnoe been beard of -?w? Kxi-oaT or tmi (Inty ov Pourx.? The CbJef of Police preeeated hie quartely report to the Common Couasll last night, from w&lch it appears that tha following ar rents bave bean made by tbe police of th* several districts, during tbe quarter ending June 30, IMo ? First Hetrict 219 Peeend ? S31 Third '? 749 Fcurth " 401 Fifth " Ml Hith ?? aw Hevenih " *1 Kighth " 103 Math " 42 By Officer* of Court* 1W Total ... ..y. ? 9,007 1 he number of detailed pidlreaea Is 1U, and tbe number of day* loet by reason of sick**** aad disability waa 333. City Intelligence. Fatal AccroiwT.aT Imoweiao, at NoawAtg, CJov.v ? On Huaday, a son of Mr. Prior of Norwalk, Coaa., aged tlx year*, waa accidentally drowaad la tbe Norwalk river while bathing with a cmpaaion of hla, a few moatha hi* senior The two ehildrea. It appear*, ear*. ie**ly ventured to hetbe ia a daagerou* spot, when by ?cm* mitcbaase Mr. Prior' e ton got beyond bia depth and wa* dtown*d The death of tbe eh lid la a aad blow to hi* afflicted perant* Fix* in Woertiiama racnrr.? About two o'clock oa Monday mors lag, a fire broke out la tbe aewly erected dwelling of ?a. Cryer, of Adam<vtile, Weetcheeter county . aad before nay aeatataace coald be rendered tbe entire meaaion wa* coaaum*d. One of the (Ire eompa alee of tbe village waa ia atteadaaoe, bet owing to tbe lack of water the naahlne waa ?' ao aa*i*ta?ce. Tha Knildlaf, whieh had aot been finished, was laaared la tb* Waetcbeeter Mntoal I nearer ce Company for 12 000. It I* believed that the fire wa* tbe work of aa la sen diary. Enrol Hook a?d (ubtm Omrsmr So. 4 ?Tbe metn her* of Hook aad latter Ompaay No, I peeeed tbe HsnALe of!!** yeeterdsy, aceompaaied by their truck, aad preceoed by a flee bead of mnele. Ibe members of th'* awmpnay ere a fine laoklag body cf men aod exalted very g*e*eal remark a* they p*a*ee throogb tbe streets. At 'be eoageeMeo af the Hen Ntch flaagrtrt. tbe lege of M^e^etdale, three aheers were pre* ami fev thevgw Taat Hxaau). aod givea with a wilf 1 he Halting of the Joaeph Walker, lb* committee of ioveati|iHoii ia Um mm Pt the >*'?? lag of tie Joseph Walker mat ;iitwhf afUraa, >n, p a aueot to adjournment- Present? Hy, Voorh la, and Varian llucO. Bahk>*, Esq., l'r*ail*nt of ?ha Board ef 11 inawa, and one of th* (Vmralstionero of H?*Ilb,??or* i ?aid? That to hla beat recollection ha did not receive am j notification to attend tba Bjari of Health on th* 6th of May; I never haard of tha ? abject of th* raining ot tho Joaeph Walker mentioned till I aaw it la tha news papers, although I attended tha aaoelisga of tha Board of Health eevsral tun**; of my own personal knowledge I never haard tfiat lhare was nay danger to tlia health of Um oity from tba ooadltloa ef tha J Maph Walker, a or ha a it been communicated to nae; 1 never votitne Com missioner of Health to aathorii* the Mayor to make any contract or eipead money; I certainly would hare ap pealed to tba medical portion of tha B?ari, or to the City Iaspactor, before 1 would have voted the money I air not think the Mayor ha* any power to aot m tae matter, exoept under the control of tha Board o( Uealth Vi ? i ikk K. Jimch HMorn ? roat gentleman protested aga.tsl the report that appeared in certain journals, of bla teatiiti II) 6* Saturday last Alderman Varlui anaed if the wl>ne*? bad been sent for by any Ahlennaa, either previous or eu&aequent to any contract being enWred upon in leference to th* ship Joeepb Walker? A I ?ras, by Alderman Moeher of Ibe third ward. I aaw him, ha laft word for ine to meet him at th* Joaeph Walker; 1 m*t bam at my cilice, and be said he would Use to see me at the Hail, ar at t-berwood's, la Broadway ; 1 cams up to ti e City Hall, an I went Into the ofllce of ttte Clerk of tbeCoinmcn Council; I aaw Mr. Valentine aod asked bim it Alderm m Mosner was there, as I did n->t know him personally, nud wished an introluclioo; Mr. V. KinUd Aldeinian: I introduced myself; he aald was glad to eee iue, and asked me into a private room; be Held be knew my uncle and family, and that lie heard I bad a contract to raise the Joseph tfaiker, andaakedme if It was a good one; 1 aald It might and It might not, a a It would depend on the amount neceeaary to expenl in raising tba sbip. [Here the witness itated that he pre ferred not aneweting theae questions, though tba com mittee conetdeieo tbeoi relevant } II* eent on to abate that the Hoard of Councilman bad lequested the Street Commla elonerto remove the wreck He said he waa the chairman of the t'omniittee on Wharves, r.ersanl Stl|M, aui that he, as cbsliman, held thai re?<>lution He furtner <tated that be could report upon it promptly, or keep U back, snd acked me if 1 would like to have It kept bask. 1 said 1 bad mud* a contract in gool faith to motive th" wreck, and that the work was then .going oo . lie laid he did'nt want to talk to uie too much upon th* subject. (Mr. Jones again objected, and the committee demanded that he should proceed. 1 He ? aid he wou'd lend a Iriend to me. I told him he might do so if he thought fit. l'revious to saying this he ssM he oould stop the wliole thing, but he did not war* to raylcomucn to me upon the subject, but be would e*n<l a friend to me On the da/ following, while alt ting in my back ofllce, Mr Rort I Lane, of tha firm of Lane, Weet & Co. , ?sld he wsnted me to go out of the of fice; that one of the ft lend* of Alderman Moeher, or Board of Alfermen, or aldermen committee, or lometbingof this kind, wiahed to see me about stopping some Important m alter* in the board, about ?be Joaeph Wslker: he told me be was out oa the sidewalk, or in at 0. W, llrown'n, Mr. Lane told me this; 1 went out on th* sidewalk;! saw no Alderman there Mr Joxia.? Well, really .gentlemen, this is very unplea sant bualaef*. and I lon't want to go any further. Alderman Klt? It is necessary that you should go on. The oommlttee require It. Mr. Jokdi ? 1 saw a man oo the sidtwalk whom I knew perron ally, but did notknow bis name; I understood his name was George H Cobert, ex- Alderman of the Thir teenth ward; Mr. Inn* told me Mr. Cobert was a friend of several men of the Board of Aldermen, who were in the habit of meeting at Sherwood's, in Broadway, and he thought 1 had hatter do something to *top this Jo seph Wa ker burlae-s in the Hoard of Alderman; he said tfcat George Cobert bad a good deal of pemi with a nuro b?T of g?ntlcm?D in the Bond of AldenWn , Mr. L%ae raid, as 'ar as Ills intsnata were concerned in thasblp, and aa 1 was the principal man In making the contract, and as one of the Alderman had neat tela friend to me, that 1 had belter talk with htm.: I then had a conversation with Mr. Cobert. Mr. Cobert stated through certain channel* he could stop this thing, and that waa through him; l told him aa far M I *** conc?rn*<l in the Jowph ttfaUar th*t everything bad bean con* in good faith, but I did not want any public notoriety aboot it In the lioard of Al dermen 3t anywhere alee. be told m* that he eoold stop it by atme money , he said It wonld require a tbouaand dollars to alop it; I told bim I would think tha matter over, and I would see bim personally, or Mr. Lane would sea tin; I had a conversation with Mr. Lana up in tba ! Hdhjfct afterwards, and told bim that I didn't see that I could have anything to do with the Board cf Alder men as the matter cama through the CommUalonera of Health I didn't fee Mr. Cobert afterwards, I have had I an Interview with no other person as an agent In this matter. Mr. Colbert came Mm Alderman Moeher tha $1,000 asked for was to be paid to stop th* matter io the Board of Aldermen; I have paid no money, di?*ct or Int iract, to any of the Aldanneo. or any in dividual, public or private; I saw Aklerman Moaner after seeing Mr. Cobert; Mosher aeked me If 1 had seen 0?or?e, meaning, as 1 supposed, George Cobert, I told him 1 tad tot scan bim alnee the first Interview; h* atktd me If 1 intended to do anything But, gentle men, 1 dtn't want to go any farther? 1 can't go oa. Alderman Elt? Yon mu?t let us have It all- Go oo without fear or favor. We must have It. Mr Jojfw ? I Mid 1 had not ?*n lutioHt., b* tolO me ho was *lek or out of town Al lerman Moeher said be w?s go'sg on some committee; we then walked over to tbe lrvln? Uoute, and th?retook a glass of wine, acmething was said about th* Joseph Walker, anl h* said I mint say nothing upon tha subject; I said 1 would not- we tten took ag'aas of wine and parted, aid hoe the matter has leaked out 1 ion'tknow; I never told any ona about It, 1 saw Alderman Moeher one* subaequently atf-berwocd's, and whilat there sometUinf waa Ball by bim; about three weeks ago. after a Hunday paper had made It* attaea upon Fernando the Kirat, I made up my mind I would go up that evening and see what waa aald upon the aubjaet , after the Hoard adjourned I waa in troduced by Alderman Il*rrick to several Alderman, Al derman lletrtck wae a little dry, and auggesUd that I rkould be int(oduc*d to **v?ral of the mem (in and take them to Sherwood's and get some champagne and supper; I told him It would s fiord me pleasure to do so , we w*nt over and had some rhempegne. the party wa* Alderman Heirick. Brown, Iteyard, Steers, Tucker (Uttle Tucker), and, I '.bink, Alderman Howard; we oad cnampagoe, chickens, Ate., aid adjearned about 9 )? o'clock; I *aw that Alderman Moaber wa* holding himself aloof from me, and I went op and epeke to him , he anic something had been *nld, by some parlies, cbargirg him with a desire to get a ttoueand dollars out ot me. he aakad me If I hail men tioned It, or something of that kind; b* *ald it was very ,,ueer that seme of the Aldermen had sccueed htm of it; I said I had not mentioned the matter to anybody, thla i* all that I had to do with Alderman Mosher the last rrnvefxa Ion In Mierwood's was In private, away from the r??t of tbe perty , . , Aldtrmao V*aui?? DM Ablerman Herrlck ever aak you about thi* giving a tboueand do'.larev Mr. Jo.iis- He did aak me something abont It. and I told bim th* subetani-a of wh-'t 1 hav* said hare; he laid an *>poauteof this wouldn't look well for AWerman Moeher. Alderman Hraai'** here put In? Whenever 1 have i spoken to yon, has It not always been m jest f Mr. Juira*? Yes. *lr It waa alway* la a jo*e. Alderman Vsaua? Irtd any member of the Hoard of ( Cooncilmen *v*r aak you to glv* them money r Mr Jown* ? No, none of them, no one approached roe fortbtm, they have talked with me about the matter, aod esid It wa* an aojuat thing, and volunteered their aarvires in my behalf; these gentlemen were Counell n en Jenkins, Haawell, Heeler and others, I thanked these gentle men for thetr lervlce*, and that waa all. Ak arm* i Vjibia.v? Have yon ever been apalind to by *ay new?peper for money to etop any publication about the Joaeph WalkerT If ?o, *Uta what pap a*, and who *PAi'*erm*n Yooams-. Now, what ha* this question to to wlih tbi* l?ve?tlgatlou- It Is only brought up tor the purtese of raleing an ouUide issne toacreen the Mayor I auppoee Ufa tblna waa arranged by htm, as I ms Alderman Vailan has a lot of questions all Aldeirnan Vanu.i? I think this question is relevant, snd 1 th nk It ungenerous 'or my assodate to acemse mm of having prepared queatmna. Mr. Josr* ? Yee, air, 1 bare been applied to Ff-AI dernun Dodge cam* down to the offlee, aod_-ald the j .M. M/ay At oj was giving myaelf and M ayor Woo^h'* i I aeked him why He s? d because th* Aldermaa i dKU t like this .loespb Wslksr buslaeea, and Aldeiman Herrick , t^>nf to ^ ^ frm<l 9orT^l ? a patron of tbe Sundry Attn: and I eel I if I ooull see Mr Herrick, I eould eielaln theaubjeet, so that nothing would b? eaUI. He stid that woald make no difference aa the Aldermen were going to give Fernando the Ural '"idarmaa Vooaina here agfln ebje:ted to thle teeh Di'.ny, sod 'aid it ba-l nothing io do with the suliiefl Aldermen Vsn un contended that although his quea tlons m gbt not toarb the eebjeet now, they would be fore the inbjeet was through here. ... Aldermen 11 imair ? here pat la again ne 'oei??nd?! that tts question bad nothing to do with the eub;eet I demand ta be heard bare. U yoa will not hear a>e, I w II appear by couneeL Alderman Vmiaie-I want to know if it la right for me to he late* mpted here as ta my motives. I have my own | notivaa, sad I don t ehooea to eiplala thorn to say one (The question waa her* rend again.) Mr Jeina? Al<*e?mae I"wlge eald If 1 would ?tv* a thousand .loUare, he would eto, .the publicatloa [a th? A:iat 1 *aid I abouM do no sueh thing, and d>dn t 'to it (m tb* made, following the .vew/ay AtUu dil wae ost, and pitched Mr. Joaes. the Mayor, an '. Ki tVter maa Hodge Ha hn-1 only kalf tb* .t/-ry. however , called a pea Herrick ae?t morning, and told him 1 fell a little iore, and he eald. "Why you need at feel ba^ianei it, fe-r yon appear la tbe light of a .Wp aHtWaior 1 ?aid, ? My family aad friend* woaid not I k* me to a; peer la such a light " Hemea eald -Wood woull not sppoiat hi* (nptala of J'o.ioa in U?e NieeUenth e?r. sn- 'he wsated to give him joeee aad Uae ?rr. opport anliy he bad waa tha Joseph Walker, aad he mo*t ptu* 1* He aald he had writtea aa article, and dining a- lew ry-s wtth Alderman looge, be ha1 ahowed klai h? a r VrVe *ad told him ???0 he would keep aay ?rV-.? ru' of hU paper and kaeea It Into p . and ?a~, | >ava*eea Herrtak hlnaaelf, and bs said he soeM aaa* aay nrtiet* ont ef hi* paper f?r AlAer^am Baneir* Ti 1 w eae t'at ' aa ariiei* that nDeita aa; '-v-/, ai4ilu. h-.j " - com* over and give mi (.'>00, A wlU !???? tha article out. AMnui Varna* ? II u the M>;or, Ik' **J raapect, ahown joa any favor In thla MtUr f Mr. Josm-No, be bu not, ha waa dtiermW** to h 1/ the wreck removed, and he considered it ft fc?** aanca; I eaid it would coat twelve to twenty ti">?aa<i ? dollar* to g?t bar up, the Major ata rarjr part.- i'' and atiiogaLt la taking bocda, I have talked witn ilaary Woca upon ib-'a matter; baaftid ba waa aorr y the AUu had came out ao against hi. brother, he c mil lereai that I bad got a fair bargain out of the etty. -Aloe renin Vakia*? Mara you beard the oaaro ait? exprtas any opinion about U). Joaepfc Walker. ( rhli queation wan 'lectured Out or older.) caonH *v iLDUatx voowiw. .Aldarmati Vovwua? 1 bow want to cron. eaatnlaa 'hia wifei**'. Mr .lonae, did 70a (Ire tba Mayor a boad for I thia bomjt paid or promised by tba Mayor!" Mr, Joi?im-l w?j to give him bon's: J gam b?ad<f>r I W.Wli#; tbia bond cisseied all the money I bad recei<ei, I ceneiuemd Ibn goad secuiity for* the can tract Alderman Vookiiw? Dbn't you know thl* la aot good mmrltft Aidermau Vabjax? Well, now, 1 object to tdeee <i<ie?. tkiaa, aid Mr. Jlbcn may refuae to answer if lie will. Al eraiao Vookhih ? 'J, oon't interrupt me now? 1 dino't inlearupt ycu. iKm't act fta the May or'a tool every where Alderman Varna*, ( with much excitement) ? Mr. Cbaraeau, 1 ?il) not be intuited Were by Alderman Vow bin, 01 any, othtr man. The Mayor'. toil' Why, If the gentleman can't use mora reapecttul language tnuu tbia 1 hboufd lu? to know. I will aot .tana tbla Atfeiman Mly ? Well, A'llermtn Voorhta waa to# hasty 1a bla n rnaik. Aldeman VuORHt* ? Wall, I will withdraw the worl tool, and aay be u ttio Maya*'. advocate, and furtbar tban that I wtll not withdraw a word. Mr. Jon^ continued--! naver aaw Mr. Mo.her a*, mr office t first ?*w Kosher lu this room , 1 (uppteedCobert en? from Moalier; he old not aay be (11; I suppoted ae tram Moalu-r, 1 came here to meet tioih?r at Mo a. ? . n request; when I aa? him at Sherwood's, I aaw bt waa not pleareo, and I went up and a|uke tj him> I never bad Moahar to refute convening with me U(?<o thla matter; bow thia c?me out about Hosier I d-ia't know. I nevsr ssil a woid about I'; I have aeen t .e Mayor since I wax Inst bete; be aikel me noma que.! t>one about Moalier, and I refused to answer, Mr Van Oltndft was tuppo-ned here thla aftarno m, and I promised to come with him ; aoiae one told me I would t>? put npon (be ataad ftgaia; I came tf my own accord here to Oay . neither tbe Mayor nor bia friend. requested me to oome here to<lay, I came here because I felt an intera.1 in the matter. Answtr to Alderman Klt ? The paymenta to tbla con tract were to be made aa tbe wora prorrtaaej, 1 had done work on tbla ehip pravioua to tbe ftth day of M?> ; tlna wofk waa performed tomugb Mr. Barnes up to thia time; cot wore than $200 bad been expended in iny behalf. Mr. A. B. VA* Oi.i.mia .worn ? I hnve no office; my plana of business la at UO Wall atreat; It U in tae ollloe with Mr. Walter It .lonea, 1 am not a partner or lua , I tna<!a a propoeai to rail a tba Joaaph Walker, I keep a daek In Mr. Jonae'a odire, Mr Jonea an J I had a c in veraatioa about tba Joaeph Walker; thla waa pravioua to bftadlna in my aatimata, I did not know what amount Mr. Jonaa nad otI> nd to ralna tba Joseph Walker for, I don't tblnk he Knew the amiuut ot my bid, there waa no nndaratamling hat ween ua about the bill, 1 have bean with Mr. Jmea nearly aix yearn, there baa b?en great intimacy in our bnainaaa tranaactlona, Mr. Jcnea informed me whan be get the contract; Mr. Jooaa re quekted ma to ba one ol hia bondamea; I axaeotal tbia tond down 'own; 1 never had ? conversation with the Mayor about tba Joaeph Walker. 1o Alderman Yookhim ? I do not cona'dar myaeif the claik of Mr. Jonea; I have been Ula clerk, ha par* ine lo salary for servicea. Mr. Jonkii here made an etplanation, that be bad never paid any money to any of the city ofliclala, nor piomiaad any. In this matter. Tba Committee then adj turned till one o'clock to day. fret A caulS my. MCOM) ilWlTIUAlr OK THE ABSOOUT* ALCllNf. n. Associate Alumni of the Academy c,.,r.L t^ P^t -"'vreary laat even,?f i. theCburch of urUana- The al.lloa wai crowded by aua of the rir;rub" ,I"l'?ne?, which ?? h?,.,,n la thia City, and the ?*?tfeaUd In the proaaa ttni{k. lb. ... ciae. war. opened with an overtnre on the ,r MatLeC ItT .Pr,/" 0",r"1 ?>/ R?- Mr, Matbew. The oration waa than daUrered by l',of *? "?Uo?fphy of lllatory " The object waa to prove tbat there waa no each thing a? actua sau1"^ r^ko'^Z h?f 'm "" 4,,a tlon might te ?reai(.p ??, true one na earb hi \ Jw ^ ?ootb,r. ?>"? att.l Heated to ba no ~ 4Dd f"r '? be did not mean to aav ta?? m"6 n" "ut mlUr race of mm who lived two or ih^l ttT h*(t*r l"*0 tb,? and (hie adrolaaion wjuM , ? thousand yeara a<o, ohjeit of ita author tn*u ki.... " proving tba scagT-i'L'^'a1 trc^r.nd r^r^."' '.I' ?'"? >? haVe1 hDn"r? Pfcdo" *t U?n?**to "wblen ^ -m /r^'foiLr, sssTTzsLi'i? r" of tbe 1 reea ? ' 0*,crll''n? the working Wrftaga la the soun l wh?n fita* tbe notes Wf,i Where human voice* blend with Valcao a diL r* ""?? '? their rapid rounl, ?f?- . Ult- ">? ,,>,rrP ??????? jar. He? ^i"i ' 'P~r" ^ e"rc4' eblvrelie war ,, ^ ?t>*r">l' b,rtb of mynvj flying leaves "'V01*" raotl'7 sneavee 1 hi * 'catterad far , aa on n.e wlnia<i wio ; . "7 * r??d bla productlrn with admirabla ef?ct diape'rJT^ pronouae^l, anj) t(l# ,u41.aew Comin?n?intm of Ward Bi tutnl no. 3.1. In i ml tattoo of tha higher In.tltutlon. of learning, .ime o? 00 r ward whoola are holding annual con.mence meat, n honor of tha grtdoatiag cla.Mi-. Tba^ ciaea are peculiarly appropriaU in tboaa ecb/K,le whlrh ? end a larga au?her of pa pile ,0 the A-adeni, re.t.";.y tha fuatea. aa l friend, of grammar ? boot l| k?il 1 ?ar4-Wa.bla,ton M . mltb, Principal , Tboma. Huater, \ lc# I'rinclpal Turlea f'.t.a, Klrat Aaeiatant? met tba rra-1 'iat1n? cUm to enKege ,a a few p eaaant ?? , J. T_i ,1^1' ?*?**??* parting congratulat;. o. and tbank. w" onuaually large Ui. .^ for. been ee'nt to'tb'a m? 'f U>*? ^ 2S53Syig3 pis& admu.tba, bo t that of eaeourftStng^/J'iS """ ?f leg up lb. hlgb.rt claa.e^n^ 2, . ' VJ., *n'1 ^ ble, may be d?pr red of tfcetr riahaV 1 ??aa, It pi>v?| eaadi'lataa fer tU being tbat tboaa who fail may have tCTba2flt^!r lPf wbir? th?T utarxl Tfcg. i.,^ " "? o9mm\ or knoiriat revrm obnou* ^ of thi? ,n?"> ??<?? Mhool the i.aaaeo'mlB ',l1# ln 111 ef*necUd with It ya-. =r-??,sr ber ^ ' ,,M M ?' tha ward. Tbraao a"-??"*!** "e. anoanally large Murnham. aeaior elan J * ."'**ey juaiOT elaes. '? ,5"?w?il eect.'/? B H Mo t, eecttoa C ?Jartuft Newell eart oa I> 1 Wailaaa . eetlao V.. O II uar<?k, eertlx f aSgsasssss rJaid ,*""0 olf -u.fft?tte? ?.? ali to. r&SSSL i*0" MowT,l?*t. T" Purmi a/i,_ bttJT? t5? ^ via i.'t I'uiU iXa.Ty"^' hj C%r* Wl?1 ??>' Jimeerll!u. ?*c?r^o> lats werr Ifo*. H?n bo T flBi'na a 7 Cof?>0^?X>* f. t> s. H^??, |i"7 ^JSL ' s8 o*Wrc. e^^- , tftmphaai, Keg., aa 3 ?v,r <' ne> *' t , ,< r-% ? ' *1- vt 1 .a f - ,,C7 "MUa-a-i . fatal Caauait in Ahuo Nimi. FALL OF A BU 1 L DINK? TWO MSN Kll.LKI) AM) ft KYg HAL DKVIMI.T IN/CHaD. An accident ? t ft moat wnoui nature m?om< I t*rday mornug, a bunt lot,' o'alock, at the corner of NMNiudl'idirirMli. I ? hebiit!iu.< ?? that *pot ar* bow a tlagotsg hft prooe ? of 4aiaoUU?s, ia order to an et ia ho - p ace tho u-w ltm> of t>n maree. A* I* too oft o ho ee*e, th* laborer* Incau Moua'jr ylaaed a largo quantity of e'oae and >rlck* un tho aecond S?or, which b- lag wihout proi>*r aupp >rt, giro *?; ta tho pro *me mni (nil ?ritbal>ad crtah, alarming tha v?%ole oalflbborlaeet. Tho cry faa lam diately rftiaed that a oonbar of m*o were hurled ia ihe ro'na, ?ad groat Mclt'meat en?i?ad. Word wae ? at to the Cblaf'* offioe, nmd 3ain*ant Itnn aoat 1 1 tbo eceae of the diraeter. A poa*o of Kb* Kirn* ward pol.ja w>ra alio MM in attendance, aot uodar tbalr directl <?tiie workmen immediately began to clear atray tha rub i?b. A laborer named A a ."tony Ityrne* ?ra > aoon actrl salad from th> ru inn tie wa fount to be in a frightfully mangeu cendltion. Hit head wan eo cranhal that tuo k/aln* protruded, wbi.'e hie ohask* and Wow *h >*?>'< fretful gaaftta Konr of laa rlba ?!*?> ware iwoheo II* ?*?i placed a * rougS-y fitllhil plat'oM* ant cmi vejeO to the cttj Iloepttal, and pieced under Uie c*re of Dr. D*ah, wbo found he c< aid nut .urvltre tt sough the (?y. A bny aameo Cornelne HutliveB, we* ftUo e&trt ceted from tile runs, rut and injur-d daaadfuJtr about the bea>l aa<l (aco, *a<' one ?je wh?<ly dee troy t It i* feared he wtll aot aurvlve tnitiier 1?>I, ntin**1 Jotia -hee, wae ftl>o eevarely Injure i tfMiui, the I ?ga; tlae pky N'Ciaa la attendauco I'r. Tburatau, h>#?v?r. tn'uk* iiicn out cf Manner. \Djihcr boy, aama unknown, waa taken to the oft -e of the < oinuii.ioier. of kinfgratloa, but wa* fonnd'not to be eeeetely injuitd. While ti e woikman ware buar extricating tbaeo per acn*, tti ? Brat (lour alao full end preoipi'atad n.trlr a dozen workman lato (he vaalt oelee A ami of njitob t-oufuaiou rn?ued, aa It ?i? eiippi>**d mark Injury *? done tfcem It waa found many of (hem were tnu h nt ano-jt tfie l-ge aao arm* < aua-d by tlia brick and mor'ar that fell wiUi them fortunately o< na were hurt Tory nerlouel*. In ftdoitioa to the above, It ta aald othera were niiea iO(f. A a'liiil?r of clilljien ?? ?? n??n aroua l tte fcuiliilag i l.ipa, but up to % lata h >ur U>t nigbt none nu^b weia loun'. 1h<re ta gieat rarelea>n>aa menlfenied la leoriol>abU>g old tiulltla^a. mad tba r**min ijaae of cantraetora In not tnkiag prni>er pracautl >o can not ba tooaeaerely renaured. Tneie liae hren a *r?it numtiar ol aeriiieute cbumwI by the aam* kind 01 K?nce aa that detailec aVire -ttor o< heavy raaaaea of brick aaU mortar on half <)emali?he>t floorini{t with a nunitirr of men puaalag and tepaan ng ua<lernea"i, ia notblrg Diore nor lea* than attempted mtnalaughlar, aol aboult! be io rrgardrrt Poktm Hii*r ? Bytnea aad HullWan died at a lata hour laxt tiight. Pollco Intrlllgtncr, A OOUHAUIOUH WOMAN ? a IIUUHaBAItKKa BHOT, At an early hour yeeterday inorning^Mri Uadaay, of So. 129 Fighth ftrenua, waa awoia by tba nolaa, aa aha auppoerd, of burglar*. hUa latlmatod har eaapir.iooa to her liui band, but ha told har It waa all ira,gin?t.oo and that aba ahouid net ba tcarad ro eaally about nothing Mr Undaay then fall aelaep.but hi< batter half rem aine.1 aide awake, aa aba fait ooaelnjad that her nuapicioaa were coriact. In about an ho-ir or ao after tht Brat I alarm, Mm Un.laay heard ft n ilae qui to plainly (a tha ' ln "hlch ?" gorng i t ut .o the laii'Hng cautloiialy ahe *?w two f?l u?<nT 1 XW' :'tb ? eand a*^rar* rauaecVlag IL'.r L , Of tfce plaoe in .e.rc'iing fo" I plobcer 11?e mlatre..aof me hon.? br,of a w-jin.o of attoe* oer?*?, without eeyicg a word r?tur??l to bor i hlrh?!hl'-t,!l",1/' without letting i her hutba ad knoe aoj thing of wn^i ??, traninrlo* i S# bod '??" .r.*"1"' lh%l ho"? ?* bead of ! a Ml, end tbeu go ng out on the lauliua again, koaik deliberalo alin at oae of tne burgiara aad flntg .<11 tue weai> n, aucceedrd la blttm* hm.' .'?f tried out "M/iiol, Hill I in ebot, a ml than retreated aloog with Lla couip*awa down ?tai,a aod made goo.1 their eaoape Toe plunder ! that wae talented to hare iwn oarried off, ooaaUung uf fioe i clothiEg anrt jtwalrr, waa ound on tbe U'wr, i.?.:aed . I I R'*X 111 where li waa le/t m tue confu hi? !'!/ ""-"'?nt ^pota of b co l weie al.o perrepU bla, ahow.Dg arl> ently trat Mr. Mn. a?, 'a aim wa/k, no maat a an iLiJfWtnt cce under tba trying circma JKL-f; r>" "*'"r ?r fe 'iuta hm. "I"* ?'??I'-* ?"<?'> ? apauee, aa raw of th* atarnar Z Wi'b mutr CO,'ln? " 1 "reaery on Bt'RULAUY AND LAIICKN T IN BNOAHWAT. ;j?t ti'day night the tailoring aataSliahment of Wm. . R. Powall, at No S-h Droaii way waa burglarlooaly en terod by aom* burglara, and ft lot of goo.1., r*iu?j at ?tw, carried oil The burglary Lelog ?:lecjrerei tba fol lowing c'ftr by tha occup.nt. of tba balWlng, fiapUu. fowling, of tha Hlith ward pol waa Informed of t>i? oceurienoa On tba latter vlaulug the pr?ful?.^ he f.a I^rfattly aatlaflad, frtira the aepe<". or the pla<o, th;it the tobbara InUadod paying them a eacosd nait o0 fucdaa W4!1!..!0' a S",?)l',?,"*"'-rcWr/|0?"'>?oOiei?l'.re of the A plan aa< tbca laid for lb- r apt?re of tfu. pn.ty abou Id tha, ratu.n, .hicb ww .. fauow, J.jT I'OWlirg, with arqnftd of hi* men, wae atatr.oed In en alleyway, at tke reer of the lullding, while two ?< Mr lowalla trlenua were to watch the nulldlng on tha in' ?;:? A' fc ?"* th*1 ???ultg, aa wae anttelpatol, lt*lr ?l'?'**",uta and were aV.ut ?n i. iL'ih . .WJ"n tr"' alarma.j at eomo fJS!r. ."w **f 10 l0* the premlaea l??,l th?,, Wb. home tune aftelwarda thlee jouna ?ea, named Mcri. Mw.r^a, lawU xi2i?' and llanry Uaaney vara an. ate. 1 OB aaapirto. H?r|?iratora ol the burgl.ry, h^t that a la little or ao evidence ag?li.?t them. ATTMPf AT BOVPKHT- T Ji I BIII>T AOklN, At a late boor on funday night a dar ug attempt waa iriada to areaxinata and rob a man nar.e-1 Joba Uiyatoo a? ba wae pae?lag through Mu?>arry (treat, by too ruf Bane, wbo apruog ?pon hla, and after gtrlng b in a aa Xieetabwtib a <Urk knife, procaaderi to Bnlah their work of repredatlou by .Ir.llag Mr. H"yeloo'a watch an I porkat book, when offl>-er lloyle, of the fourt'en'h ward polioe, attiracted to the ?p-,t by tbanolee, ruer.el V, &la ? eaiataoca end ..,|??,e, t.,7,.?.?0, 'of vh.L^<ln, anaoatr whan ba nleo roootre 1 a heary blow aer ? tae laad with ? aluog .hot, dlaebling lum r, ?U1 rwaderlag pftnult out of tba inflow A'tor g.t:,.,u. ? mre, u. w, lb. h ^ made goo.1 their -cape iu'f.Vo wae ?, a drug atoro, whara hi* wnutv!* weradraaead 1 be aoU * man w** aleo ao aar.rely hurt ea u> rer,ler the ???? anca of a medical man w^ee*ary No clue baa ret ao?o obtalted to lie wbaraeboote of tbaae eoo-,odr*J but it T'^bT ,h*1 '* * <U7< ^h'', wl" u UU*'1 '? U*? a nu>r i*aio?*L at ?tlkmaii ft tk<ii'blb. Mirge H liar la waa taken lato e u,v,4r ky oM>r ' opeltnd. of the fourtaoatb war t poUca. her g--l . th I hevlng >to!en a caaa of aargi-a' Inatr ,m< n'e aal a g-,1 1 1 waU-b, ra'ued at |7?, tha property of IT Voaa, of So. { >6Wh.,a at/aat. I r<m the leattoxiny a<l>1u'ed bafura } Jtutlre Wtod, It appear* that It* via, *<mn ?tur (ba -?m e.oacf the lareen r, -eilad at tba r?H-n . of J .iiu, 1 arr tear. y at So I William aUaet, and eeiiag toat he ?** hard up 'or m ney a?*ed a oea o t llioo l?a --a.e ot n?trutten'. lbe re.jueat wae granted, aal haa a left -be jramiaee Hooa efterwer la ( ,e eJi.r-.Vr.ju or tie potertv waa H-ovare.! hy !" t ? wfcot^au^t It aa that which had be?a atf. 'n fr >m r,l? , a a* area>rdtBgly arr**ta>l or, rhnrg. t gjto l Jt. atire Wood rommitta>J tha ar^-uee^i i?r aiaaa.uaUo , AN OLD t'l -TOW* H CAI UHT. "? " uaStj aight tffl'era Haa :ev ant Hfcrd.e I o' taa Flgbt.ettb ward err*atad a man aamal Andrea Mcfad I ?,* iit.Kk n tf baaing norglerieualy entered a Iwaiilag tou? in Koarleen'h .treat, near KourJi aaaaea. A. I thay ware aaaweyiag b ra W, <b> ata'xaa botiae 'b. ,r .? aer made bia eeee^a aad getting u^?,o the fnf. ?f I *'*? '? ??'*"'? ??f U,m tb.m fe, . I time, hat the oftrwra flaaily t fare I bim u, a u?-rw in 1 'be neighborhood wt are he wae feu a- 1 i a bad n-.-a: log 'o ha a (leap Th* reetdaaoe of the an.oaer eae o r U nr ??-*!?, *aa ad to roaUia a let <?f ? ?,i. ?a,.i, ! ere a. ppoM,, u, ta tba proceed, of ,.M/ bVeUr-e .. I ' ' '1 "> appearaaeao/ atae, ti.'a.tu. teoiM I > at/ft I'OU e < wart M , V.mT : "J "? 'hergeef harg-arr . .p ? elliag o* t*e f.eaieeath w.,d peii'e, ea.a a i.Jfe ^ yott to Ike 'hie' of>? !.ra that th. pr<en?aev L, an f*. taat In'aited that r<e>?hborboo4 ,t ".mtaltt nw >a rv?. laraaalea aft4 b ,'glari.a ?ovbd mi nca roi? aniB | A w. ?.?, aaared Mary < rager wa.arrea'- by f < l> ? I aeaa Coaa.ll, of the Thirteen h aar? th?rg?: e.ta ! haatBg atalaa ft a*t* maa illa vaia*4 at ?? I to* ameaet , of M.UA. ?ranaaer* ef Sa ?!(?!?,, -rmt party ef tae eaaai?alaaat wae toaal la tfte f rana i f U>? a<ta>e4 Ju.Oce Wo?4 Keailu her V< prieva f'?r | eiaa naUoB r ' i n?aoB op aai.u la acre r. j lle^y I # Ti waa arreeVd ?-y ?*<*> Itanlay, ?,f tba | ? - -irth ward ( . e eta rged a'U b*, ?<? \ta . ,j , l*at , e(eleB wor'h of pet,; ,ty f,oan tU raaMeaee ^ ;oe.pb reborra, ef IW W.j-iea etraat TV. "T (? alleged, aa'are.- tfce he ; *? h, ^ f J ' wtua 'he faa 'if a. re at d.aaer, ae4 earrad o* u?e , perty A > nbeh 'i# ebaiarte* ka y* vara faaad a ItoaM ' ??? - e-erne # S^lal Tj. , > aa ? J ' oefcc i eoanaailied the a"iaat ,i,'. ( ia lefaait of ?*?? had. ' ' Ui?* AB*a?T or A* ALLM?t> Utrrm ti.L mm V^ar^ay a'fiaeoa IWraat ?.*? u , . ?aM, tf tha L eaj TaMea a dev?? apw I N,ah. at M aM, >? el | *?'. , ta. p(( . ? , e e?.iag la* ary yaMrtaa a e*?rery U Uw A .-r* I ! aad tha 4e?. ?f ta. ea e ' '?h?*vV aaaaad by tee a*. .. ... I It a r>hea <?*ft Soak ev wrahaalh m fwan?o.4ti Grand National CmtwIIm ?f (k? PioWiUnC A? elatuai* Th* Nttl<ul CoDTraliofi of tka Amariaan CratMlMl Aaaoetkt on held Ita Qui miloi la thU et'y ;?i ? imf' moraing, aad will ooollour to alt daily durlac Ika paw aatt aaak, Uiera bo o* man 7 walla ra of grm liUm> lo ?i?P bafora tha on taction fur adj ulloatlaa. Tbla omaa iatloD >u coamanoad la Plttabmrg, Paaa ayltknia, ID Ika jaar IMH, and aiaea that UM4 Ul|r>ra wtt^ gtaat rapidity, kk<l now baa lodgaa ta aaa-l/ all tha k^aiUtroMntaa. it ia, u lu aaota IB porta, aa aaM ( atboi 'e o/g*niiation, and la can^uaad, far tfca aaart part, o?' Inah Prataataata, wttla bar* wrf tbora aa Ani' with kail pkpiatieal laadaawo . fcglfeolMatW of Saw t iirk, though bataaao lour atl H-to Urouaatd aliOBf, tbr. a I la aat ottr a buaurad Aminraw la Mia $*??!. la r?.v??))T?, acd wlt*?? th.j art tl)9a, Mil* ltroog, ma louilti ol lhi? buuiuai v> Atu*rv\ta Bar*. la i Ala oily '.iff ana ttry i. unaaarau*, had iUuu?b fa raigaara, ibay i.abraaaa,a thai# 10C 01 iiH-aivnixa a numh.r of tctiw kum JoUiibg r*Mt>ci*n* ull.aia, Jaa>*a W iferktr, arto ia a Ita, bad to vv,li.,?, !?<?-. So u, bide*? It Mawart, City Jagg* to *> j? ?>|.li It. I ay lor , aJui ?Aa> "w* Uatoraor, to du . rtiauac?? t-obaOar, to ll??liait*i lii-'ja, 4a. Joaapb H laUa*, Can tan I. amp C oraimaadonoa . taa aarau Notwithalaoillba llitaairaf of Know Nt?t!l!?n iMlai thf I'rotaalaaaa oo Dot t%tm Gladly la tbvgotpal of taa' I Ural i>m aa piopa,un<if ? by Ml lartar, and thai graal bulk of tha Omar look w4rb grant faror <>o tha haa* N laeib.i.'a* w to, whila. 'tiay ai? r??y aatar* on taa l'?>p* anu (Lilian Ca'uul>a, naaai/a?t Duap^vtlta la IrnangBa-ra tv? ayrb Ita-aid'l Ilia; an frt* Miliar*. aa *ra klau Ilia rnhalatti, aa fat*aa oa caa i?ara. .lu.ifg tba <l?lrf(ktra ? altaoU>aca yaatordap a ia Joanna Hoh'u-oii, of I 'a labor*, who la t'awatar o' tha Orab'i Nbtioual lounail of Kaoar Soaiat.hafa II* ivpttaanSa MaablogWn -a-dna No. *, A I' a , a' I'lltatiura , alaa, Han l> I., hndtb. K. it, kaggeaa-otattw* In (ha larmayiraaia l.tgtaiai ?ra; ba r?pr*aaiata "JVa urran #?" l? g* N? H. Allrrbaay oount/, I'aaa Tha et'oaro'ioa a?ra>m>iU I at ,o A M , tod orgaainM uaorr ira Iclloalag samai] prr aaa, who war* taa aA C?r? fi r laal jaa/ H gliV *ml?j firanti Maalar, Jtmaa Uraar, af flaw Voi k . 1> A VloaG , Mr Jkaiaa I . 1M< taaa, of CmplaaaM, O i.rabit-ltororclof hacratar/, J a ~a<l Uraiif, of Ha4a dtljbik i ? >n lliaad lir??'jiar, l<a?id Jtaan of Albany, .Saw Yaat. Aurr pal ii?)| il>? icU It *aa bai^rialaaa tbkt dalagkgaa war* 1 1? aant I roai tba totloaing nxaaa itataa Hum Y'.tk, raaaajlvaata, Maijlaad, Oaio < 4inaa?t<o<ai. Ubu-M- Maul, Mm aaaohuaxtta apd Now Jaraay (bar* ??t? lb all about ll <i < a ? it*<aa in ktiaa Ua< ? Tha 4af waa apaat inriaatiuibg era<aatta a. an} a<> baaluaaa af in>|Miiiaa'a aaa t>aaaafl>*4. today, i Blara ?iH aa rlrutad, ab<l a (.ariuauaut orgaalitluia a.'W< tal It <a aat lei pa .ad Ibat tarr* will l>? a atoiay aao aiMlaa aa bate anaa in, k piap<>> Itlon ta alrika frvoa lla noaakita tub a piotiain alloatag bona bat oltxaaa 1 1 ba<aaaa mrn>ba>ra N -a* af tba >aw lark lo'lgaa ui inmaa ibair roll ol maiotara, wlab lo taka la uaaataiabaad lofaiyu I'roUaiaaU, tul thla will ba atrnagly opaaaad brlb by Iba Know Ni.tb'bga aad tba Know rtanataiaaa, who oaly wiab volara ib Iba organ /atloa. Wa will kaag ou I rnadara |,oata<) op aa lo Ilia pr<Kw*<Uaa!l of tha Can out coaianlub Inm da/ to day Mtrtlrifi ot Ilit OpHinrnU vf Wrnl " flag Kackinaa. A isaating of faraoaa oppvaa l to taa atraat aaaaplag macb n?? ka a maan ? of ol.-aaing tha tkrloa * a taa lira acl tuofouglifaraa of fha elty waa bald laal avaalaf at Sc. 1 atanua A, <? W Ja j uaa la tba rbkir, Aad Mr, I'ucbail aetibg ka Ha< i*tary. Iba aaaaiubUga waa by aa ntaana aa irflu'Uial ona, aitbough n<> doubt thaaa paw uat wara of opfalaa Ibal it aaa a gathariag af aaa wboaa dallbaratlon* would ba loukad upoa wtUi graat aa. Urtal by tba Anaimualty gaoaraUy, and bia boaot Maya* Wooii aapaalkll/. Iba flrat Unatc doaa waa tha appolatnaaal af a rta uitfaa for tba parpoaa of uaHi( tba aaaaaaary aa. ratganrnla far a graad rally In tba 1'ark, wbara att ta tar?ata<l rnuld gna Iraa Taut to tlialr faahaga, Tba r?mii:i ,l?a appolatad at tba laat naaatiag for Ma puipoaaof gWUg public ty t* tha mattmr, ka! mahaagi . uch prbrmooa a.i wou.d aaam piopar fur ita advaaaa u.aal , lapct ?d a* toilowi ? Your u a in lt#a ara ha|ipy to ba ab!a ta n?y that lha l-ut?Ok) pa|i?i?, ?l<h ut two tualga.flo ul aiiapUaaa, aia wi'h ua is uur alforU lo kaap out ta* IbilaialpMa maebioaa aau tb* roatraat aiataa 1h*y aiaa r'part Lbkl U ? dally twwapapaia, (ajwaya aarapiiu^ tba .Vaaaa ) air ni un'tii'l) io iia, hat tuat ann* ol Ika ffal atraat blachat abaata, at ck vo? hai tha rtah aaar . ahaala laal, aa<t abiuh a-Ji</a #jad abwir way >aiaa( Mi ? laboring rlaaaaa, ara nor bittar c?gp- uaata 7hry aiaara ptirt tliat ^aipao *o Wc d, In d*!i*u?a of lha iiaaa I'laeellaii tba pio^u wa o rlactad I ia, baa aipr*aaad bi> cala-rtnli.kik-a lo p it aa tba marhiaaa, aad rwyart fully r> pta rat taat r. >a tii* only Iba poor ma a at cvata up to tb* a ?' of lr fn?r.da agaiaat lha poaar af rapitai, abd tta loim Icat# ?it w.ii ol a pu .lu aarraak. Your i> lUZBilUw ullar tba (til owing ragolulloa f Jf ktap tion - ltr?i.i?ad That ba wi.n l< not for ua la afaiatt aa, aal Iba war< a wbi' h aualain Iba at/aal awoapiag a? rl.!u> a ara tboaa w birb au* lata tha May ?r agaiiaal t*a W" /ktjuiMi, kid tbat wa, aa wrra lag niaa, a bo aid ra Bi*n>h> i i.o alattltt (ay oar fr-abda aad oaf faaa K a r.aacay, Auguat I, aaa tba <ay flaad upoa far lha graad aan o.aatj.ig ia Ina fara Hr l i b Hall ti.ab alfara>. tba fulloalag raatlaUaa, ahirh waa, a liar *< n a d'aruaaloa, uaaaliouualy kilua^od la*rltad, 1 fiat *a atlaaO our ibailaliuo lo our fallow well aaa, aad all o|>proa'J to tb* praaamt ? >a<ra?t ayaiaaa, to aaa alili ua la tb* l ark <? Ika DlatM luguat aaik haaa rai a hi rl apaach' a wara tbaa aaa->a by Ika haal aad float ol lb* * ? a uiatl wb" aparad ao laafuada a ?'inrutciBg lha Mayor lor Ma tabaraaa roadatl, aa oaa ganlian an Ui aaa 1 it a at ? lag cab lr acta to *ta?b aaa aa u. th, rwrklaa K I o , abau ibar ? wara tl?aly of paaa luaa iu tha elty ?lu>. at Itaiabtag !o> th* wtat ?f aaa lla>D*i.t tbdwhaaaoay ataaba .f aapi-jrl wu?U4 aaw ia aat 00 by Ibaa* lliaal awaaptag u?a I laaa Aflat a grtkt caa I of bMaaaalaai talk, li waa raaolaad to appatat a i"ballUa t? i I aw tap k patllvoa kg k. aat tha laUodaa l;i/b at tha ma' b oaa, aa d*tria>aktai lo lha lalaaaata uf tb* r< au.kblty, to ba praaaalad u lha ' aa a''iiiiaaM whan ia aaiaka A t ?kly d.a?ua atoo than apruag up ralaUra to thi prepar n.aaaar of taia ag faa a for lb* aipaaaaa ot lha waa* B.aal ? g No otbar buainaaa of laj'rfUaM waa traoaa' lad. Martna court a llafora Ilea Judga gr< kithy Jf'MiMUr t "fxca Till UEN I AW. Jl'IT "i-"'.? k '?*'? J f brtlrr\.^ tn t A I "If t /trrvi* t nk ? Tbia kcti a la he u|b( ta r a?n?af ualar tha Uab law. II ap}*arg tbat la th> fkU of IUI tb* d*faat> aala roiployad oa* toward laa to talab aig c wUla t'UiidiBga oo tba anatharly alia af Taaaty Mgmh atraat, halwaaa Flrat aad waa ?: a**aoaa |>aa, la puraaaara of hi* agraanobt, aapioyad Ita plalat fl V) to tba pkiat lag, at g"". aa'b baaaa. Iba aafaw aata at tbat tlaat had bat a hondiag taatikcl float Iba oaaat of Iba laa, oa* Hltwarl thay aabaa^aaaUy ra**ifad a daa-l far laa xaa It aaa a> bt*b'i*d by ? alaaca tbat a? l>aa ?>akl ba aaforraa ag* bat t ha |r?p*rty, or aaalaat u.a - ?'?ad ? ola aa tbiy wara not Iba parli taaaa' tally ?laral*4. J a* garbt 'or { lainilf. Hth aad eoa lb Ua ? ka* 1.1 I'jar aa W L.aai l'-ri??l a *?ll fat gwata toM afl 'Vilaarat, lapa/rlad la Maa "ay a flaaai" Uaa ( aavrt gaia jbdga??bt (or platatifl, tlt-i tj |l.k/*a aata abd coata 41 Htmin oa kii tA*iu Jul mi #|J I?i rt Jfa^A#aa '/ faf'M, imfj't ltd 4* ? Tbla waa aa kUb apr a a proailaaory o' '* da'ad !Hk tabiuaiy IIM, <rawa by JiU llarVaif a aaty 4lfB aMarifala, for IliO paya'/la to tba on:** wf tatlkaw O'lana I, aa<l by L iu aa-Kwaod, aad wb rl aala waa 4a. U<rar*d to ? lllrark * Ot , 4rr fwia ?*rrk*?la ia *4 I 'an atraat ft r foe a *>>14 aad ?aliaar*l by taaa W Jata llarbatt i La 'lafaa-iaal Joha flarbal., aat aariaa Uaa a*rrtd altb pt ?aaa, tb* aai>a* wa* triad IgaWal tha o bar 'a'*aail tr'farrail J ha a?ta w aa p?rrad by Mr M < ?. r.k. tt? ao?a*al 'err Ika plauauff, aad tba art* ah- ??-! 'hal a't*? ia* aot* f?U da* A. Ilaraab h ta "aaaa ad a fall a ttia ao.ft kfbtaat tha aaaa part aa an. tb a k.?*. aa* . a igaaaat of diaaaaMaaaa^a oa * (ad ? a 'a ? I b ;*d<a?aa' it aaa fraaad Uat A I' Iraa k 4 ?? aaagbau Ua tola la JmMmi H (aad, lha I .* a. I.'.' ia ta a a t-'. aad lb* pkaiauft prwaaa la* aata i >*>11* b*id k* kia A aaa.toa aaa taaa atto far a in aai'y Mr n I. NtiUaga^faaiaat'a ??aaal. ta Ira gr ^ai rat thai w, a tatlgaralUa la prtta4 to kaaa oaa jad taa aa* l? oaa* It of tba bat a by A h-raab A f? to tba {faaaat pto ata ?, aad tbat tb* plala I # a *' t tb* f<*aa >d* ow bar aad botaat tb* aaa* *i td, Ital Ibara la aaaataaara laal thaa^a wa* p*-< ua ad ? r avli/a af aaa pat naat giroa la iba awaar Ila ( a it I aradbaao fartaar toauatnay ta *app 'y ? ? I at! Iba 4afaada*t pr?a>a*ad with tba Jaf aid ai> tad a ralaaaaaf all a aaa* aad ''?aaa ta tiara '4 tka *a*'b May, I'M, by Kiara Ma aft "*? W >ka f.ra of A Il.ra I tfa la Jol a lla - ? . ? 'alaa t ?* Ht*kiiaUa. la it * r ropar'.aaraaap aaaa aal tba ?faa- aal Ibaa iratad Tb* jiajat - ta** > ttora? V. ah'iw thai Iba i*aaaaa wa* aad :bWa lad la *i laad ta tb? ra <a* ig <? tba aa?la 14 ta a -a*a, wb .ah *aa 0?;Bl44d to Vy Ua da**i Aabt'a aoaaaa. *? ' laa ?4ag waa I ola I oial by Ua raaft . . _ Iba '? a**i far tb* tof*b'aa* laatatad thai a rolaaaa a taaa. tad by ???* ?*rtaar, aadw -al. la lb* aaaa* at tha r ,a aaaktaaUl* aa : iba* '?? "patauaa ta law boaat airtka t'tuo < ' tb* ? tad tbo aat * hattat ba t. gaaC la II* l""' p^a aull a' tar it baaaaa taa oar , , ? auk 1 a ay 'afab'a Wb.'b tbo dafoataat* tot lilrak A <a at tbat ua- aad ouatoadad that at* 4 n aw a tbaa aaaa. thai tb* r*laa*a did aat iffly y.r ai 'alkaartiM aad tbat a M aaa* bp oaa i.a ?? ?'d ralaaaa tba f.ra aubirul tb*ar /v* aa ibar. aad that If aoah a ratoaaa waa f-?t kgkiaai A I' ' A 'a. It la ant a?alaa t tta b.alauff a MM aalt, a I tatoa at Ita t aaa af lha 4*nt?ry af lb* aada to r ? ? : rt <a?ad*d thataa.t banag k^a aaaataaaaa#^ t; a lllrah A 'a , afar Iba t?4a P'aa* la ttattg aaaa* la il?t 'ka* thay b<U 1 M rta thai la*/ oaaM tat i*t rbr tfUa>'ia-a ay ?>"*'>???? taal a aft, ka1 art gtlg ?b* I aat ta ?ba pa abd '?al ta* aaa4 44 fak'a Otp ar la U.? <0 gab * bar- i^ltha ralaaaa ? aaa' , ??* ai' ' ? ,al?*-'*i_ t' i i*f*a ta*a' t. ,,t . Mirth A fa at tb t ?{* a*'ak'? !??? tat 1.4 la g? It* I a'a'if " ataadad Ik

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