Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 25, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 25, 1855 Page 3
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COLLEGE COMMENCEMENTS. THE FREE ACADEMY COMMENCEMENT. ITXKBOIBU or TUB DAY ? .iPKSCilHri, OKADCaTK 3, no. The annual commf nee meat of this institution came eff jr ?te/dsy, la Niblo's Ssloon, oo Broad **y. The weather La the morning waj unfavorable, tie ?kies locking daik with cloais a. d full of threat* ot ralo; bat notwithstanding all this, Niblo's, at the hoar for the commenctmentof the exercises, at 10 ?o'clock, was crowded to its dome by the beauty and gentility ot New York. The "pretty girls'' that had ?come oai to hear the " youog gents," and to eenl them bouquets, were very numerous, and were deck ed off in alJ that was brilliant or invitirg ia the world of fashion. The parqaette was jammed, the first circle waa aa plethoric with iemale loveiiae* as the parqaette; the upper circle equaled either, and the bicad promenade of the theatre had no room for any addition to ita " b-du'.iea." Boon after 10 o'clock the a adeinic procession, ?comprising tne professors, members of fe Board ot ? KlucaVoo, invited guests, ai d the graduating olaes entered the house and took their set's upm the s'sge. Then followed a portion of the overture to "WilHam Te.'l." well p'ayed b< D. dworth's baad, alter which Mr. Nelson, President of the Biard of Education, announced tn*t tfco exercises of the day would cemruence with prayer, by the Rev. Mr Sivger. the reverend gentleman accordingly c'ellverei an appropriate prayer, after which Dr. Webster, Pi-eat ?ent of ttc Free Academy, announced as the iii|t exercise by the grsdiating claw, the " B*lutito-y Addrees," by Lewis D. Bajlc*. ra!s yoang gent1.* man took for his thtme " Iiie Memory of the Good." Tne delivery of th t a tdreas waa very ex cellent. and ita matter, as wall aa the minnt r of its recitation, was geceralJy praised. Tail young o/a tor, at tbe oc nciuelon of his effort, was bands oaisly rewarded with bouquets from ibe bar da of his fair Mends. Music fo'il>. wed, the band pUjlng the "Oik Wreath Waltz." during wtica per.'ortntnce tie ycuog " beilea " were> e. rt*ged among tbem aelvea In camasairg the merits of toe last speaker. Tbe next address was entitled " Tbe Progress of the Angb Ssxon Race," delivered by Francia A. Mason. This address waa ove:fl > -/lag will tbe en thusiasco of Young America, and tie manner of i s delivery waa In keeping with its spirit and to:e. When Mr. kaaon eiued his rena-.ks, be, also, like tie young gentleman before tim, was rewarded with mote bonqueta than he could carry oft tie stage. Hen, sgair, tbe band came in to chtngc the exercises, which they did by playing selections from " 11 Trovatore " at d " il Gitana." Next oame an oration upon tho theme "Spirit of tbe Age," by Mr. Luis Fernand?z. Tbij yoirg gentleman, like his predecessor, was full of 4ia and grand predictions for toe future, of oar "g( > rioua country." With the ladies this youag man was decidedly tne favorite. Jt is but just to say, he spoke well and with gcod effect, shoring that he really and some genius in him; and in addition to all tbis, he had such a nice oirly head of hair that all the young ladies at once be ;ame extrava gant in tbeir admiration of him. Mo.-e than one "dear creature" f-aid "he was a love ot a man," and resolved open an introduction; but all thU praise of the hoar is robbed of its sweets by tie reflection thatto-morrow it mty glov mire bright ly for some one else. Mr. Fernandez got aav num ber of bouquets, as he deserved. ? Music intervening between each, the other ora tions were as follows:? "Human Sympathy," by Dayton W. Searle, a very goad production, and short: a merit that la rare iu or.iious at college commencements. It was wall u*. together, aud tbe author went off tie ata{* with as much cau <o of being proud of his effort auy of his competi to- a. The next, "Impulsiveness of Modern Progrew,'' by Gtorge J. Greeifltld, well written and well da livered, suggesting that the autior has in him much of tbe qualities and oa^tcUi<ss oi the orator. He got his sbareof bouquets. A dissertation upon the constitution of the United States, by E Dw:gbt?Churcn. T: is was a ratber btsvy subject to treat about; ooe which has ia timea past exercised the highest powers of a Story, and in some instan :ee pozzled a Webster; bat our orator of yesterday had no cifficulty winterer In getting alcng with it. He recited an essay that woHld paas tmy where as a very tur production. Upon such a subject much could not have been ex pected. Considering the youth of tbe author, M effort was a great compliment ti his abilities. Tbis ycurg gentle nan was not neglected by the ladies when il came time to "heave on" the florers. OiaUon, "Events of a Moment,'' by Cb tries S. Wightman, which was very well delivered ?nd re ceived by the audience with great favor. Disserta Hon on "The Loxuy oi tbe Times," by Warrsn H. KnubaJl, which displayed aa ec momtcal turn of miid oa ibe part of the author, and a spirit advent; to enei vaifng luxury. His sentiments were good, ana in the language of aa ent aaslsstic young lady ia the aadleace, ''long may they wave," (mat is, the IsentiBrnUi). Oration, "The Philoaopiy of Hitiory." by Jaaea W. Mason, was another prodac tica that was well deserving of praise. It was a deep and weighty thane, but waa well haadltd by Mr. Masco, who was petted with bouquets whea he had concluded. Now followed the presentation ot oiedals asd prizes to the " best boys," which were as follows, and handed to the recipients by Profesior Webster. The " Wazd Medals " were aasigced to the folio ir ing young gentlemen:? ChemitUy. Wo. H Abel, Natural History. 8. Dat her, Natural Philosophy F. S. Rising, Moral Philosophy F. 8. Rising, La w. Wm. H. Abel, English F. 8. Rising, Greek A. Mc Mullen, Latin Chu. H. Pratt, French. J- w- Mas?, Spanish A. We-nsr, Getman L. Fernandez, Composition Chts. H. Pratt, Astronomy A. McMullen, History 8. Blwmflald, Drawing R. Parson*. Algebra and Geometry 0. B. Ireland. Engineeiirg Wm. H. Abel, Pbj*iolog> O. B. Irelard, Logic. D. G. Fanning. The " Ptll " gold medal for general good conduct was awarted to A. McMullen; the "Buir" medal for mathematics ti Wm. H. Ab.l, atd tbe "Crom well " medal far his tcry and belles lettres to R- A. Don aid sen. The degree of Bachel >r of Arts wu t! en conferred open the rcllowing candidates: ? william H. Abel, Wm. Menziea A^am?, Chsa. W. Allendorth, Alirin A. Alvord, Hamlin Babcock, i^ewls C. Btylee, Walter Biukerhoff, K. Dwigbt Church, William ML Cole. Cb?rles Daly, Wm. H. De Camp, Hugl Macfaritas, /r., Lais Fernandez, Francis A. Mason, James H. Gract, James W. Mason, George J. Greenfield, Henry A. Poet, Samuel B. Hsuse, liatseli Raymond, Samuel Jeisop, Alfred Rorell, Robert B. K< j ser, T'aorad)ke F. Saundere, Warren W. Kimball, Day'on W. Searle, Benj. F. Lee, Jr., P. Bonnett Wigat, CbarlesB. Wightman. Tfcen followed the valedictory oration, opening with ? dissertation apon " Libor," and clos'ng wltb a farewell to ooilege life. It was well prepared, and much applauded by the audience. Bet edict icn was then pronoanced. and the au dience diapemd, the band playing a mircb from "Tfovatoce:'' and thas terminated .another year in the history cf the Free Academy? the college of the people. RUTGER8 COLLEGE COMMENCEMENT. Bctoxm Colleqb. Nil Bui KXtncK, i July 23, 1865. f A Rfturn to Aim a Mater? Vitit to tht Mailt of tht Pro ft* tort ? t omntnermaU Morning? Bacctihtu rtalt Addrtsi ? Tht Prtrident'i Opinion on Sta vtry and Intemprrimct. Nearly ten yean harapaaaed mj since I left the walla of mj li m mater? Ratgera College?* nun* the mm* Uttll of which brlnp to tniad BMJ happy reooOectioaa of indent life. Time ku pre dooed mymet ehuge npjn It* ontward walk of red nihwi, WHhin we feel at home. The old atoae atairway hea been won deeper by the dally tramp of the atadente to the lee tore roona, where, aeder the guidance of tta nMe end gentlemanly pro feaaofi,tho vigorenaaad energetic mind of youth bee ben led into the depthe of acieaoe, end hea drank deeply at the eparkliag foutaiae of literary haowlege end ? themattoal trath. ?e I entered the room of Protaaor Strang, ay eye, wandering nrooad, ooon rooted mpom the Neck board, aad Immediately ita chalky aarfhce oeemed to be Mei wtth peculiar little Umo, pernll efc, angle*, drclee, chorda, Ac. Tht axloma end thoereme of ge. ometry, I to pleaee, aolida end epberoa were before me; covU ooetioM, tad the differential and integral -caicuhu, wtth tta algebraical character*, ware an wrtttan eet.wit* Mathematical prachdea, and troth wee ia the leeslt We Wkgat hara imagined the w*thy prtfaasor smiling At the inooeei of oxrso lotions; but rwlity brought Its reflect!-?*, and 0ar imaginary dreams wen dispelled by oca sweep o ( the cloth, which left the board a blanh. We ttepped Into the room of ProfMi^r Pncdtit ? Hatodotus and H.mer, PUto and DsmMthsaee eprirg to temporary existent?. la ev,ry Une of Greek there seemed to be a new significance, and the f xpiiaatiooa of the worthy Proitsaor came to mind with twofold clearness. Afier visiting Professor Van Vraukea's room, where the evidences of Christianity had bsea th> roughly impressed up in my miad, I entered the Prasutent'srocm, where the Boa. TheoSore Freiing hnjstn leads oavrard and upward tm mind ol "young A metier" to that noble pursuit of every citizen, aykoowledge of the international aid con stitutional law of this oar happy land. The room cf Dr. Bsck, the chsmUt, the b'Unw\ the kind PiO/?cs.r and the true gentleman, wis n ii tufered; nor that of the venerable acd highly **? teemed Reverend Dr. Gannon, both of whom urs now wrapped in the dark Hosiery of the grave. A. great improvement is in contemplation heie in connection wit lme College, namely, that of er opt ing a c- mmodii us hall for the couveam e of tas students In the department of theology; thertby giving them a com'oitable, pleaswt, and happy home, where, ULittd by sympathy ani assojiatioa, Uey may pnisue thsir studies without necessarily encountering the c*ee, aJlurements and deceitful o?s of the world. It Is to be hoped tint tho^? :l teres t fcd in tbe welfare of that institution will spare mucins and wltihoid no effirU or money to procure the erec'jt n of a ball nda >te J to the wants of the student*, in a atyle oo-nomnaurate to the is pcitaucb of tho work, acd an omameat t ? ad ica the beautiful and honored grounds cf t ds absda of I science acd truth. To day, at half pa-it eleven A. If, in ths Coll see ouape), bt fore an auiiencs gra-ed with tn* " btau QHilthi ^ y'f ,?fter.the "'?ding r>f a oart of tao -8tn chap er of the tinging of a peatm, and an excellent prayer appropriate to tne oc-asion, by the Il?ver?nd Dr. I.uilo*, tie President, Hon. Theodora FreKrghuysen, delivered ?he Baccaiaureate ad:mps to the senior class, now graduating. After alluding to the occasion as oae oi the pauMs in our pilgrimage to atvakm aad en courage reflpctlon, he spoke of the past thus: ?"For J? 0I1? sei:*? the past ^ gons irrecoverably, jet it lives in a precious relation to bliss yon. LUa the light to the tempest toeaed mariner, t^e past is still near, as a b??con, and yon miy turn to its records for tbe warnings that spring fro a disappointed hope*, the tears of broken panoses, and the bitter groans of regret and remorse ' that linger on the ear of the faithful memory. Hespekeof tbe range of Isflusnos to be exerted on pnbLc occasion*-? ' "When ma-ses are brought together, yon nan the more readily and powefully enlist tte sympathies of tne many, and better direct them to laitmg and happv results. 80 at the early ia.w^ r,0UJt?wn t,ilrt3Tjr' th8 'W ?f ^e revolution waked up the energies and kindled the fires of m: Much, however, remala?d tor the silent, nupretending power of an UDtlght t"?Pi6*butfeV'?ljr ?3nT4r8ati0n?n laflaJae b,Jtt? bri#ht that gilds tin future, be urged them to stand up for liod a,d troth and purity, with the face set like a flint, and the heart baptized at the fountain whicti flows fail and c.ear tear the Throne. He aLnaed to tbe many suhje >ts of public con cer'j that would ottfn arise, and refeired to a lew of ! , tm' ihe first, said be, regards ou' pr jspecU as a 1 free people. We are free almost as the air of onr mountains, with ?? liberty according to la w." Here is tue boast, end the glory, and iho sUbUity, also, r. KmV> " should never be forgotten. It shcu'd be a househald word, taught in thi nur ?iry, a nil vmrica'ej there if neads oe, attd it should ' be :cculca?fd aid oDfcr^ed by your example and ! icfluenoe wbecevrr ;ou come in contact wlta public fpiuioc, or have the opportuilty to mou'd it. Hora ' we are tne free to do right, but met by the terr; rs 1 cf law when we woald do wrcng. i The able rrehid<ntfu aher said - Another matter ' of very &i x.cna impcit in its relations to cur wsl- i f^re as a ratlcn, will h>ve a bhire in jour cm era. , Uoiuestic suVw-ry hoa bwj for many years a fruitfal I tbtme for mj.ii*: and political discission, and is now Besoming a graver aspect, that often a arms even the most trar qui). It is not an original question. We cat act disoose of it as ? tn-r? abstraction. When the crntfitution of the United S ates was an Cer anrlsemtnt, by the law 01 nati ins a slave es caplngtoafrce country be ama fres. Thealare holdlrg BUtcs were unwilling to form a union up on j 14 01 that ''"?'national law between Inde pendent States. Toey proposed to the free States, If you wiah to unite with us, and thai twm one people In clceer b nds than by the general law ol nations, tben this law of the fugitive nave mast be so modified that we shall have th* sums right to re olaim in your 8t>ta that we bow have in any 00 un 'J ^'in',0,rn Stats. Oar forefathers agree! to this modification , m l tbe thirteen col on leu unsnimooslv ! adoptod it; and they left slavery a domestic instl tation In all the States where it existed. This Is the ti ue political state of the question, and there fore we, cannot disturb it. A. a great and moral so- i c al evil, it ia open %o fiee conaidsration and deba>, " *re matters pertainirg to moral duty. Bat noUtlcaUy we agreed to lew It where we 1 found It, ai,d that was with the slsve- holding States, with all Its mpmsibllltiea. rhls subject ?tefb. th?, cheriaheJ and fraternal fceJisgt ^ ttat formed tbe American conatitn tlon, whi^h has so long and so illustriously shown how mnch of human wisdom aad forecast, and bow much more of Divine benlgiity crowned this first (treat experiment of a free and t elf-governed people- May it be perpetunl ! may do rsu>b hand mar Its glory cr dare disturb ita foundations. Should not alm?t e'ghtv years of prosperous fieedom plead for our Union ? Ac , Ac. We have not time or apsca tj fo low the worthy PresideLt throughout tbe whole of bis able addrssk. ? The evils of U. temperance were britfly set forth, std alter a few eloquent aopeals in behaif of virtue, btnor, relig on, Ac., be bade tbe class farewei'. The address throughout was listened to w'.th ma; ked attention by every person pres-ut, acd as far as I have hartid, gave Inil satlafa.tioti. lOTi. TALE COLLEGE COMMENCEMENT. Tte atnuel commtnciinent ol Vale College takee I lace tLia vttk. Candidates for adm'nhn to the n?xt clata will be examined on Monday tuad Tuea osv, 2 <d end 24Ui. On Tuesday and Wedn?aday there la to be a ci a veiUcn tf all tbe chaptera or the P*i U gallon P ,a Urnity. Literary ex?rclae* on fucaiey cveairg. Potm by Wa. H. Burleigh, E*q., Al'jaay, N. Y. Oration by l^v. Horace June a, worc<eVjr, M?*. Also, on the tame evening, C?tcio ad C.ernm, by lUv. b. W. 8. DuUcd, ot St 0 Haven. On the foilow Dg mo'ting tue Alurati will bold tbtlr o-itial minting btLCatti tLe lent, between 8 and II o'dlcck. Wedcwday alteinoon the ancnil mceticg of the Lixoniaa and Brotl>era aocieuca will be held in tte new halJa? both cf which have been recenty for nipb' d in a very el?gaot acd eutwtentifcl manner. Wednesday eveuog the oration bet , re the i'bi Beta Kappa Hcclety will be pronounced by FroC. P. D. Hnntu gton, Harvard U' frmity, after whi"h fie varioua claaaea and eocletiea will part ace of (heir annual auppera? the CaM of 1H62, at the Sew 11a vtn Flow; the Pal Upeilcn Prateruity at the Ton tic*. Tbe exercbee of tbe graduating claae will take Slate at tfce Centre church on Thuradtv. Tae vale Ictory baa been awarded to Jobo C. Tcdd.ut Pitta fieid.Maae. Muaicby Dodworth'a Bwd.-A'ttr Ha rm 1'illadium. Ctuatrtroy. 8. C ,<?? aim Maxmt ?Our market tbia teaaon will present the uaoaual feature of a large loreign export of wheat. We leain that a aingle home la thia city baa received aotioe of oon itgtmenia to the amount at two hundred buabela. Thia, though a large item in the boaioew, la far (no embracing the whole. Nearly all of Eaat Ttnneatee, tte northern part of Gaorgfr, the weetero part ot North Carolina, and tte upper dis trict* of our own Btate, an Imrnenae region aiair ably adapted for tte culture of wneat, will fnrnlah their contlngecta for cur market during tte preaeat year, and promiae an I ndi finite Increase la future jaara. With proper arraagameule on tte part of oar merchaata, and proper facllHlae on tte part of cur railroada, we have every right to expect that hereafter tte exportation of wheat aad leur from CberWetoc a Ul form one of the leading teatune la cur commercial rtcorde. Thua far, eur exporte of wheat have bean moatly to Northern porta; but we leara that erraogemente have teas effected for ?hlp meaU to Europe, where, wa hare reaeoa to believe, tte superior quality cf Southern grain will make it a flivotlte.? Ckarltiton Mercury, July 20. Naval laUlltgiaM. F.* ?v Imdia Rqf i naoa . ? Adrtaaa hava ?>eae at tli* Navy Poaartanaat from Cemmodrr* Joel Abbott, who rommaadj thia equadron, te the Id of May. ?hao the Maeadoniaa. hia Sag ahta, waa at Maagbal ?ha Wt Bong Kom aa tha eth it Aj *U, raaehlaa Khaaghal la louhn naya. Tha teltad ?talM atoaa frigate Pov hataa, dept. MeClaaey, waa at Shanghai at tha ana data, bo cad la a abort tlaa to Hang Rang , touahiwg a* Amvj oa her panagr thKhev Tha VaaUiU, Gmaaadar ha d Waa ordarad 'a fraaaad UOaaat, *aa of the ielrcea la'aala, to aaka a rgid lavaatigaUon (a to tha truth of rat lata aliagataaa of opynwaira Imliniat ky tha (iCTaraot u (.uta torn it** % aorUen at U?? >aaa?a |*r( aad eraw W)#t? a ?. to tbe \jB?r.~aji ?a-a Sarah M?%ra, ?r?ak?d aa turn laltfl TV Cue at U>? PlUbniUr Bark Vtmoila, U> Mobile ^ fliCOfcD CU. \P-roa ?.i? MctiJe Advertise, Jul/ H.J .'r< Arvmu-irr.? lle/ors the Hob. John G lyle, Uslted Statea Judge- M D. EsUva sworn? I am acting V fee Coiesl of tie Spin;sk government, knew; c/ ihh txlatocoe of a po.iticsJ organization to e v&itctcw tine 8pau?& gcversmeat In liu island of Cob#, nd revoiutioiizisg that goverrmant Crose^x. itu <d? ' Ti.e organization, I taink. has a nag; it te tit tin open bSM&aUM, but 0*9 of con ip?atcry. C tar w Harris awrrt- 1 waa second mate of tba MagscJia: ealppeJ at Now York for B*r bailees; the msei did cot po in the direction ot Barbadoee; she wer;t wot? at Key Weet; spoke to ti e mate several tixee about Lee going cut of iter course; shipped for the Mary Aid; wet a fifteen or sixteen d?y? gong fjem New York to the |>lae where wo wont oafecie; tbe wreckers got na off acd took na to K *>1 West; while on tbe reef, the mate t* ?Id me if the wreckers Baked wnat the cargo wm.I ehcmd eay it waa provision* end mtchinerr. aid I trSa themic when we discharged the cargo co ifco bark Antlia, found it (ocatated of gitu, clttbicg acd ore large gun weighing about three ttrti, texts, teat po<es, cartf uaifcrm clothing, ah> vtte,ard r ties epeLiig at the breech; 00 the voyage ?aw tbe i.c(c>ct;(to wore a military jtcket, with nary cuttc &?: sow macj secret coasoltetionsbetween tu captain aid enpmaiga; efts* reaching St. Joiepne tne men citppli i?d -oeeaekel why be didnottske htm to tbe West It dbs, ui be had contracted to do; certain 'c'dhim heahipped to go where he was. anJ orfer'd him to go io work; while at St. Jo sephs the supercargo went to New Orleans; he a sc wet>t f j hire at St. Joecpce on his retuia from <-ae of three t:ipp. U?<ud ue mate s?y there waa 2 000 cr 3.000 men reedy to 30 upm the expedition; Qjthit g wan ta ked of but Cuba : umlereto :d a teas er Mms<chufet;a,asd then the United Sta^s, wu e mtrg Itrom cargo; tbeba.k Aansua waa mi St. Joeepba wften we anisred theie; she waa h*U leaded; I Be appearance of a vessel bal' loaded it liSeote deeply bal, acted; the cattail of the Aia? lia and Wagtilia were flrirg at a ma-k - used riflss; I fcea.d hem say, while firing at rairic, that thoee 1 Acs would kid any Cuban; thecews of the tiro vettela te.d consultations together about decounciog the exprd.tiou when the Amtuie got U> Apal* :aic J.a, but it wds difcaUd by -Utemat?; in the oonroraa ticta amoog the crew, thr j believed an attack ?m co&tczbp ated V t Caba; Ue tvo veai-eia-Uie Aarei a and Magnclla? were las^ei together, and while ro msbed a sutTeymg sohooner.csme ia sight, aid ttey tten stcpi>e4 shifting cargn, put the LaUbee down, and went to wsatusgthe ceckr t e capteiLB, co tie appearacce of theach jooer, seemed to be alarmed. CrrM f xamtzied--Mr. Walab shipped me; Aid not ice Captain Mais'en befcre going on beard; was shipped for the Mary Aon; went on boaid the Usgn&iia the 5th of Mete"); I kept 00 log; the mate to.J me *he reasel waa not co htr course for Bstbsdoes; a'i English brig spoke ui on our voyage; the ceptain ecaaered her that he wae bound to M( bile; mj pay wae $25 a month; sUpped for the voyage cut a no back; there were two guna in the cargo, about twelve feet h ug; heard ciptain and supercargo often talking; it ii usual on every voyage lev captain end supercargo to be much trgeber; tbe sate told me taere wtte sereral hoc died riflemen in Kcntncky, all rea iy. the mate said thesteamera Ma^acbuaetta and United 8Utea were expected: it was abr.ut haif-pa?t 4 la the afternoon when the kmvajlcg ecbccner c*me in; the ships ccLtisned la*hfu t'getber while the schoooer waa in the bay; the cepta>n of tie Amelia w 1 i!e in the hc>la of the Uagaoiia remarked, that tbe rile woa.d ki'l a Cobao; tbe ctptain of the Magnolia never a poke to me about Cabt; the captain ef the Amelia aiked sc mt of the ere w if ttey would go withh'.m to Cube; have had no con- [ veisaUoo b?ti abont the vovfge wi'.h any one, ex- ; cert ti eay on what vewd I came; never bad any j ecnveifa.i^n with tte l>istiic< Attorney about the j cate; Ita.dtoMr. 0\ksmith that I'd make my ' wfftfB out of il:ie c-aw, tod him sj on lfith June; : app itd to Ur. Kramer U> l lxl the vewil in oider tj | get my Wigt?; ht-va oeter got my wage*; did not 1 at ip for tbe pirt tVey Ciir:od me t ; atsippei on ! Saturday, and Mr n-iav early went on b.wc ; a>:k?o tbn lameott^u) v^srlaod wn . toid it ham the Miry I Ars. (ifuoial W. Hmi'.h recalled? ^ When the EnUy i Kt.'.h enteied, iu ?.oriv?qaecce cf so:ne su?plciom i lircuniMsrct? npuk*! to Mie captain ab^utdiacitrg ' lig hu* catgc; he tad the ccal was t .r H'saae stesm soijh; he itc.e captain) did no: know wha*; spoke abt^tlbe deau'iage; bv ?nawettd carelrasly, that wr uir ml be settled, ar.d before the vo?*l tailed he sa:i list was all ligbt . Cbarles Kbre<re, e?o:n? SVa* p eient when Mr Clique cck th ) lefts from the caotaln of th<? Ma? ntlie; be rtelattd htm; had them hem under his aim: was siatcirg aj<; refnacd to give them up, sod Mr. O. j' liied them from him. RicbiTdhteed.swr rn? Was one of the Magnolia's crew; shipped for St. Mary'i1, Poito Rico, on the 4th March; ibe vewtl did not take that direction, but attcred for tbe Hole in the-W? 1; complained t? tbe captain of tbii; when we got into St. J.<eepi's I vouM not tnrn in to duty; the mate sail I could cct be p m^Mlf, and ha j better submit. Tbe veaaei was Iftxhed to the Amelia wien trans feir'ag enrgo to that veaeel; confirms the tea Imtty ot Charts Ha'ris m to the surveyiLg scbconrr, end aleo as to the inta atlou of the crew todenemoe the expedition; I begged tha crew to report enr rcrdition to the Collector of Apelaohi , cr!s so that we be ie?cued !n,m onr equa tion: states tbe r&taie cf the cargo, as leatltied to by other witneeaee. Mr. Bai'e/, io order to facilitate tbe examina'.ion, acmlts 4k?-y were expee?'ng itotber veaaal at rt'.. Jcseph's, and that taere were ajtlUry stom on beard. Lieut. McrrL'on avorn? Between St Joaeph's bay 1 and Mobile th'ie ia only St. Acdrew's bay and Pan laco'a. C.oes examired? I took charge :f the tlagnolia; 1 lave bun all orer her deck and cabin; not io her bold ; sbe is a beik, of between three aid four hun tfud toi.s; appeaia to be a atauuch vessel . nothing unosral In her fittings out: cot much room on her deck?; no place en fcer :o have m< ncted a gun; tbe Mss&oiia hid tore of the characteristics of a cruiser. Mr. Ikquler -Kcre cocceied that the Magnolia waa cn'y a trbnspott t^ip, aod not interred to crulae. Kxanirat oc resumed-- Wllnevexp aicx manv al terst. vcs that wou d be neoesaary to fit tha Msg no ; j for an armed fighting rave! ; vb t would nee da crew of l "i0 to 'io<) men; 10,000 gallona of water wuid hare been needed; cutloaets and boarding pikea a>o. The exsmiratkn cf tbe wilneta htr: wae Jesigxed '0 show ihat ttec?rRn of tte Magnolia I cculd to* have been intended for her armament or equip meLt. Capt. I?. Oftinger eworn ? As to the capac'ty of 1 tbeateam. h'pa St. I.arretce a&d Cm ted States to tarry men, lor a short pa?e?se of Uur or live Usvs, they ccnld teke en beard 1 ,200 or l.'OO aen each; t^eapetd of the United Sta>es and St. Lawrence ii very ei cat; tba 1'r.lted States i.;n from Hivaoa to NcwY.ik lu four aci a ha'f 2a;s, I think ; the CMUd Stat a cculd readily be converted into an efficient piivaher; she could cairy guna 1.' feet org. and wt Rhing three tote; I te>>oiUd tbe K.mlly Ki iv; bad been ia the be) for two weeks before ?e?X"Ttioed her; the suspt icus circomttaBce of ber bavbg ccal on beard for an expe:ttd 'leaner, ere wme o:/ier r rc jh. -lanoes, caneed me to rep'jrt I tr t'i tne Colltctoi : the steaxer, with gmt faelll tlti for the woik, could bo converted into a privateer in th:eo dayr. Ctfiaa ?xam'nat;ou^-Tbe al'ernt^s coull be dore without beirg ia port, 1/ the cart>*Lteri In s" ffic eat number weie on boa. d; the Keith lay .n tte extern rxtieaity of tte :jwer fleet; whea I ?eized tbe Kaecolik, the ca}>tain yielded bis clear , aice re uctantiy ; tie Msgr.olia ia only fitted 'or a i fieiiihticg tcs*?1. W.tne*a teatiOed aa to whtt would be neoewary to m^ke her an armed sb p. By the Conrt- 1 a?restei tbe Magnolia in the hay of St. J<eeah: tbe Captain tad a ciea.*ance from Key West to afobile. The Dilblct AtV rney hew closed the testimony for the govenmeLt for the pieseak Mr. Bailey, for the clalmanta, then moved Vo stiike the r?me of 8. Oslumi'.h from the libel, on the ground that no proof had beta adduced to stow that he had been engaged In famishing the M **ao ?ia, at d prtcerted to show that Mr. Oak smith had no interest In tbe veaeel or cargo. B. C. J. Hnwky eworn? Am Mr A. Oakemith s bookkeeper: Mr. S. oakamith has no ownership of the veaeel. Mr. A. Oskeaaith is the eole owner of tbe vessel and carto. Cnsa examined ?The cargo wae por:b?eed In New Vork with the fnndaor Mr. A Oakacitb, aJ wee paid for ia cash: don't remember what the carve ocst, Lxamiaed in chief- Mr. Oakemlth does a arge bnsirees; be hea (Ve^aently parehaeed stores acd mnattkae of war. Sidney Oaksmith sworn on vwrt dirt? Hare ae Intercet whatever m tbe vessel cr cargo; was sa^ r cargo of the Magnolia. Sailed la herte St. Joeeph a Bey; received instraeUore te eeL the cargo there. The letter of Instruct iota to wftaeae exhibited u> him. Objeoted to by the Dietrict AtUirey, ot tbe Brand that it ia the declaration of the party l? i> est, to wit; A. Oakantth. Tbe Conrt overrates tbe objeettea aod a-: mi tithe letter to be read ae part of the rt?{ it*. Mr. Beouier except*. Mr. Bauey reads the letter of Isetrnctioea to t .e euper cargo. Kjrair1nst;oo reeomed- Prom St Jceeph Be* went Io N*wOf*.eenB by lead; (fn. Hu-imamm u9 feo

po*Mxon* for tkr rv>rta?* ,f forgo, but tw tsf aMr fj eewi' up to mf I <naj B?d if tr?n br*kt* /; have been ia cegotladoa with tbe Vaweaeiaa go *M*msat, which waa goisg oa whs* tse vsaMi waa ?aptared; ia caa* af the sale of ito <^.ge I waa te J 1* to Apalachk'-f* atd t*i? ia ao.ig? 0 1 oetv>e; I knew e? the cbjeet or fwuaatiea *f th* (Mite. fxo*pt wtftt I Cram m/ let'.* of U ?fcaociMt. Mr Bai!?y fibibrte the 6Vrp?? n*d Cor-.mtrct<il L'it, ? cftwpftper pabl.ahad'io N?w Yerk. t? st;?w tiiat the cltftitd far Floruit GftpL K?(vx>a iwcn lu deftilioU-HiTi cn ifttcreet it tfii rfMtl or cvgo of toe Mtfcalit; ?m her contain; re ?v ?! icdbruottjat from Mr. On* ?nath. Wititae dridli* ?h,? raytgt to 8t. Jc?eph 8h pf*4 or bowl tte Magnolia, no', the Mar Aca; be.'d do ktct tl ccuo?t&Uc?fl wltii Mr. Oikaaalth oc be*?d; bad no i jr? of coir* to Cob*; would to* t*t?? gcce tf r tad b??n sent; tad no Idea of so fpglzg it, ? beatila exoeditioi ajrataatCBbft; nv 10 !:nto>M> ac St. Jcaept; there were t: provision* t^ert ; tte rttxsl wu Sletxti by ft broker ta New r? k. Bj die Court ? C'farel for 8t Mary, my paper* efctwc toa?, bat loet tuem; dcc't kcow ?*jtal:if ?beat ? ipi irg to B&tbfttoee; the frhlf pirg art.'cu* r?ha that ft* w si e to g? to port or porta ia ths Wert lUiH-: iI'Il". Icow t a ooctecta of carjo whec I If It Mew Vor'i : tte letter (4 ioatra.-titu wu ta In form me ci that : afterward* . Mr. Bui.ty r.-fttt tic u>tter tf ioatiuctiujito toe Captau W ?.( Hwrr ?- breo ofalppirg muner for eome ;ta.* it .cia olty; it la can ti to ?Jalp aallor* for ere r:*?tl #r 'i libia'rr jh-m to another 8y Mr I{*qtie?? D? yru sey that la abiogtcx etf>or* it m no*. to noUia to* *wa ;( shj Ua.tS State a? Aarwrr? Yi# tlr, U ia. A0jtmt<d. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL' i * * r bikkzt. Ja';. t>4_6 P M I V*" CP8Md tLl8 ??rciog j0r ? * I /el! off < per oattf Ohio I 'aid ar ,l'V ir"n ' " : "ts'jb? R*^o*(lt 4 ; Cieve Isard 4- ?? i: Ci 0a*? ai(J **k ? ?. i, r^ue wia uo mwmwt ?f ~,^Jr?or "I'"" ?r^ual rtdactloa ia price. <^r ?.-c? , ffttera. 7 fcre i?,.jr booairg strcrgir. t-* b*ak ?Utexe^. published this Bcrr rg u nt.t S Irwlca smtrg Luders of stock*. With al'a-of a UD'dlTl b"fl 01 lem tha" ,UUM5n miLi0t?' *uJ a lap.dly dcc.tasirg rir.ouLt of dapo.lte ^fCic,PC? tod make large hoidera of .tucks tiamble. We Jo cct .ock for.. y ?addfo Coilap?e la the ,tock markjt Thee a 10 imauflate apprebenskn of a pt.uc: Tbe motty meiket mil gradually but steadily ? .$Cv? will .lowly settle dows ta lower prices. A* holdirs of stock. ficj b?t tr nw for the coital m vested la otlur pursuit. M busmc.s imp or;., tnd mercantile credjt w flrd ^ ,u,,pl>of pret.irg ^ w" ag* unul tbe mfc:k,t b#c?=? w ? >41* ao* ^e principal bny:-ra but U,? on.y purchase to falfli contacts aside wlti Jmr J^8 inajTl<ia?^ Wh9 Ubcred us !er tue St Hi!.0' * p:fc<:, We,e two 431 Xhie* P? ctLt above carrot rate., that a ?u u higher ?cist j f^a^l a ' *? b?U?ht<?c "P?cu!atioa Irl Jif' A,8,ft S^eral tLio* *be,e speculate ?, *UJ>BI ab'e tu fcc,li ?<xk? f^r any leagia of !?n : 7 7 "'^P^ 1 a ?t their 0 rn op ' scd as .cc? as a delivery is male, par:icu laxly ^ it i. Ulow cost, tha utock 1. sold to pxr iitttitLOem. Ihe pwiUoo of th. bj3k. 1, n?,t at ?? .nccur.fii?g t? -oUer. of ^JCVs. fh,rel. every piobabt.ity of loan, bsbg iifcvi ta uad umly ?oit? ?sy, A (.*11 of tkls kica to a" 7 -xu t wcmdn.aU tie ff.rte? Q, M^jLg ^ ( ti(j w tv g:iW3 th8 rfM tf ^e llxk c;ta der i?h Vt'7 1BCM*lln 'WcgstjdeJ ultb. Re b? ?rs i?v? heretolow foaad tfcen ? , *o tte^coal. Io twea'yfour hrur. th? b?uki c.a jut djwn stock. t:n psr cett, but it U.^rd 1 r Pcwlr to i-at then vp cce ab yc current rt?. it u wcU Lao/ra faat th; pitKdttta cf g'xe of the largest back, ia Wall .tree! .re aveurate .peca^r. la .ta k. ?td when the proper time a:rives. t Ldj mH cat! As rocn ss tb^y hare dore ?o, a'tura ertwe 1 la the screw. al: at oace the n.rket ght cat oP. TLn. bank presid.cti pi.y ^ be.utl ? *,nl?'fcx it la always a auccs.sfi oae. 1 30 ^ h*111 k4M a ready rea hd. '-.rf ?.! emooat, Ja the face of stock, ar^ gr4<i? uccdirg. The bar-ks hrfre very lltt.'. pc w?r fo ?ocd, but they have aa iataieuie Jeal for iril. hto.k specoJators who place tbmaar: res la ths power ?f these iMtllatlcas arc eaUtied to ao ?jt?pathy,if at asy tfaethey should be :.mplbte'y sklaaed. A eol.apse Is a. sore to come m the itolag cf the sua, and ths baak. wilch Jorlag the imMt alz moaths bees foetiriag aoleacjnraj !ng ?pecaUUoa la Mock, la aty way will be the lint to tara upoa those who have taken their moaty upon the moet earnest aoUciUU :r?, whea It was diffl-ult to make loan, on the lotest term., and compel them to pay up at lire mitnte. aotl>? Ihey w'll net orlydothi., but will for ti# Mas repudiate arerjmaaia the mercactUa ciama'.tty who hui specu^ted in stock., or who fca. hypnhecite l them for any purpoee. When batlw h^re money to Icn-J on aViclu tie* w very civt: aci polite to bor. ^cwert. !"???' Jaata and laatieis are rua^itg ao^ut ? all atreetamotg tte brokers begging them to lake aciey on aim.,' acy terms. t'afoitaa*v;y,the7flad punty of sptcu atom who are a?a^> tiae .*??/ tr take a flyer or two n the market aid aaaj flc!cus tcacn. When there 1. a ft r m< &?y frtm the ttrrc at lie !h* br- ':f r> have \ !ia.*d tlc.s cf it Tbej a.-e t;tR?<d very cavalier-/ by th. ftTJ caehMnwboa few weeks prerlca* were m v<ry gtscico*. 1 -ars tn stocks are called la at the j ?fcorU 4t ttti??, rr mt'lmes at a late hour lj tha aid the bf ker.4 ait ^rt^uentiy ccar?Led to itk. zn ' M iclccns M'lincM to pny o;>. Inl. girae aas lx en piayti by t:e W*a! street baok< d:zea.'jp,2 tc?f ca ot t jLts. nee wiil be p.a> -i ?? of'<;n .ig,.ta. It laciffleo!*. tor tl >- br Aers to rrfass mo^. ; wtut ? 10 pc.lte./ u g-: i upon thea at.' Itty ? 'n !f,a rtfcbTy caught. We ire tb(t:t ra air s: '.:e ctirta. a };: bLo'her act In the siaj play, tad the pcor iopes I ?ho will flcrjp pronjlae-tly ca thj.t.^e tr< :. tiro., but adepta ir t'_e bc;Jifs?. After Ihe a^jourBfctat of b>ar4 th? Uj,* s taks of bon<fs sid .V.cks wtro rait tt acct;< t It himtot Draper ? fr itrs*. tsert. it , ? K 0<.Ot.r??,?!ru?Bj U UK. <U>. . . J J, ' ?,CCO f>b!o ao<! Mu? t. 77' }.j<, ?4 (j,, ' : . , J7 w City {<y * ??fcaresnro-sm tt^Kfo,*, si '?0 K?r>?: > rt Ibi. f!o ?} ;? Jo Cctr tocaprMtb f r? Io ? Co * <U? Cessna ttslUi Bank ' <j% Re traaaaction* at t^a AuUtar-t r-rtmmn t-ffloa to day wt:e as _ j'aJi ob T.-ihut* are .a' ?>, - , .? "?""H ii .... Bajaaee it ,1 A Pa.4 *a iiiat>u*i:a| mlouT warraits eitert i at kha Treasury i>.part m<ot, Was^^^toe, cn tie ll?t ,a?. w.-? M f0: Fw the Tteawry Cwpanatwat Jor ibelctar'.cr lajirwav l >i' lor J '? V. ar wsrraat. r?aa,va< k,l ;...;" r l j ! laUrov apppufr^a'J /? ?a.-rat.Va ti w>j . l^WB oa .eec^w Cf ta? aar / "1111^ * , T*p ay Brat. o. ae?ma* ?r \l? ?*, . . ! ' 1 or - CctataO la fMni Btiaea la -?oua Mure#. 17 44a t (?v?rad ia frr? 'fii 2 cmn? ia frcia Md. ;;;;;; IWnam^ at tola* Mag ^ bocdhj.f^i e? tbe MsaaAeld ac4 Haadoasv Md Baadaaky, KaasflaU aid Newark , aad Coiom Lake Krta railroad coapaaiea, have pre 10 * by tbe Jfftnat auras*, can be fooad at ta# 0IBoa of E. T. H. ('Uaoo, No. 33 Paarl street Ike f.reanw', a lasaraaoeCoir.aacy >r.a r?. ? eriiiacraal tec per -c? Matafaf.ureia Baak, a eemj li* iet i of ve P* cent; the Flna^way lar:raaot CutB-.a*. a *?1 annaal Jlv.dead of Are par ,?? * na fa?(K>WM labia *ewe ^ q^aattty f Wa Um yttsataai aiMcim *i ro4aos irft at 04e w? w ?r ? Ua oapji-.^saa^w tie ?i< e( Jul/, UcViaee the jeaie IM3, % ?lay? W44, T5 de?e et*i 1*66, 76 i%f ?: - Rwuptd ur Pboduos *T "iimi VT?ra 1K<3 1W. lit? Cj? il ffti Aprxl ilt Vay I * 'i Kl-' r tt<? I.uWtoj W14*, fcvuk i,wb..4;? !,'??% w? vr,7 s.03l'aM 4,0*1 Toe "' "r*.- . Hfcau ,4j?4j ?;* T . .**?**? Ui,2? u jU ? '47 l.o.r 9*1,1*1 &^::::;; 1 ^ ''??* HHr'a n?,0,ti w A-h as. I6 ,74 1 }J 1 OVWi ???> ?- ?'? -Alti v-t'i !"a ? -U,r ,.i I, <t >"u i? {???? , *01. Jia U..JV, 1 1.SC1.411 in 4Jt , l'i Ba"01 The r?terford retutji ict re<:e^e4. It wou.j probacy irccM* lis Brsrw on 9iar. *r,eeT ,c.| ?xrc, bat not material'/ ccjuytJ tae liguee on otb-r ?Itlciee. - is quia tit 7 of llour, wiwftl, c?ra and b a/ley left ?>. t.Je water dunag tae thi/4 w>cu u Jil/, La tbe years 1BA4 ad im, wan si followe - ism fS5,r- cr?: r /a,p^?-0 "? 47>a 21, 70S tftjj; lie...... 14, CM r-?c. H!t,731 las. 00,74a D?a. X ,1 >0 *.*3* 'S?*s quantity of the tameartl^ea Uf. at trie wafer frwn the comT-ecoemet' of navigation to tie 224 of July, iuoiua'.Te, inlai? '.be jwn 13(4 aoi 1855, was as fo'IovH.? .... r!?",: *? 5tt. Air.',?- ft, !S 4 ? ; -??? 2iat,057 ' f?l Ml ???VSU ' yTt.*S' w.'l.lw." t, '.31,704 *50,643 162 649 l*<: f 2 ?: ?? fe- 1.150, t?'j f>?. ~i v, -!?. .,-??? c.f tie tum* Artcite left ?' C.j? ??;er fro* 'be p^mmet.o?>r*r k of sarir* R>??& ?'?&! -SASl 'H ??? '"!'T W?l?s 4 081, TOt 60 548 loc (w Ji; i), 8 1/.'0T,9W Joe.J,l8?,9il It. liToM 3; rf iucicg t '<i rflicfc? tr floor, t!?e r|n?autr of ?K .fc'>f at tljg w?tw?41jy#Sf>c?,f4red ?lU. ** w^*pe:d!^? ^eilc4 ? Iut ;^r, ?h??, ?j?. cr?a'e 0' 40:j,23h btrrelA tf [|0cr Cbt Huuttajj IaJ;to? UiiL-oa4 Cmpmy t-yj ieo.a.?4 ft iivideu of fire pfr C;ot, uavabi# tc t> E&Htera ?tc.ckbc.liere At tiu Ftca^u L->m ?Qd Trust Coajpa: 7 tffice, ta tkj jti j Tbe A'iir Granada acj b^ai WiTi^aMon Ooejm; i.a?ja.? jurery ubsr*] I cfcotlar. dctW?l from tij LfgtCatir# tiuTS^ta, 1 *jt tJw P?P'-^? of naviaaticg by nr?r' j Misdaitri, Th? ctplta; of the com ?a/ ia tro a>:..!cc"i tf ioL'ara. The ncvcraBf'at o< New Oru%- J Ja barr ^.vta coat- j?/ % Iiu* for nixij of ' rare. cca^fcHog '.be Mtgdeleia river irtth the i foxtcf C'aittag5D?, and it bai tbe ?oie r-^ht of ! rivJgatkg the cena. bj rteesn. ac 1 lerrmr toiU oa tbe j-Miageof mertaacdje A?. It ia the inteittoa oJ tjj coaija^ to oa*'.:u t li7e i:jn ateimj.j, of abcot 2^0 ft?t la lergih d-awnR atioa? four feet of water. 0:? of tie flv? Lj to*- 2ea:l/ read/, >>i .'fave for C?rth*f?aa oa or ?b(.jt the l?: of Angust. Tis MaaJ-lera Hrw can l?e r.avl^i{*d by a?*acatra cf ta!? c.mi t? Honda, a - Jt.acsof af^tabuair'd mile# lato tbe tourio r. Tbe?',eaa?i tear!/ cmpiet?d is cal>.i the Henry Wt j, aft-t t> en*.9r> j.iag ??f.-.dfot of taec -m. pai/. M:. VTt .a it of U6 fl.-ca of Wells, Ftrgo A ('?? , if ti.a clt/aod Kan l-'.-atc'sco asd Mriagston, J e it .c., uf P?ti?, an6 a well koo?ra ia al |>ar?a(f -b; clrilizii wcrld v, ose ,t oar ra0|> oc- I ? asj Intelligent oapitali?tt He ii a maa of n Mt i ? tliiij erfrgy a:d r^MTfitce. a- 1 rha'.tfer he ui .>ert*kta he iarirtab'y accoxapllahia. h;s p^i 7toc, t>rrif'.;e, kt :be tibad c.* this c< m; aay, n'ia. rattees -tg c mpiete sueccis ?ri the woi.d wi'J b? j w l:ijc ?ai hu atjoiiutf. for the "p.nlo^ 1. oi '.e*!itj,ry jroi ..ii>g all tLi oioai un grrtot ?t.| e< t' a tioj ical .a ({.'?ja*. ab'ia ita re. TL : c# wL.:h t?i !? ^fo th* p^e^MiTti of :Us .oai a-.;. ia tmot/tro mi!aj kog. Th^ S^a? r. r %-.y* Tinea4, haee expended ml'.;o?i of m .sey 1 '.a >t 1: 1 it '?at be placed .a nvn^able c,{ ier for a ?ia'1 rax. 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