Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 26, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 26, 1855 Page 2
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DVEfiTFEMMTS SEJfEWRD BTE1Y DAT. raw nvut'AxirMi. a: BRILLIANT BOOK 0 ADVENTURE. HARltK ft illtOTHilKS, ) street, Franklin sqisre, puulith th'a mora uj 1' AIKNA. Or Adventures on the Moeq ui-o Sbc*. By Samuel A Barn. Wi'n a H>p <M' tiie M?Mqtn(,o Shore, and -tix-y QigW iilaetratiohi 12ino, iiua.'u, >1 SB. Thl- in a nsriatiye of siTenture ua inatPArtof the eaa en of Omtnl America Wnowu *? t> e Vto^uito Mere It preetntc &a animated and t! viy picture of the ahaiatter and hi bltB of the people and ?-eienr of that tTi. . a rapi?i nietch of lbs .-UtiuuH 01 tli? {wo ouan if |irtB in thl tppouuu The urUit hw eo'lcbtd Md iilustr ?*-e i hj .les :rip.:??s with B ribing and clia M>ct?rwtic ketch? <<t sctuery aul incidents. rni HKIRS8S OF HAUGHTON; Ol, the Moth?r Secret. By the Author oi " Emilia Wyndhan i," -'Riven clul*," "Aubrey," "Castle Avon," A a. 8vo. , p?p?r, ;i7\c. We tt.iv ~o itfratulate the author'on Lavitj added ar.o tfc?r to ihe list o! her literary successes.? London .Van. We wtre not inclined to believe that the ?auwr vroull Mrw her " JCmiiia Wyndliain," the power of which ?bide her reputation at once. Nevertheless, we can omfy do jut lieu to the matter before us t>> saying that we sonaiaer thia tale to be the beet which the amboreea ha* yet written ? London Measenger A story of aurpaasiiig interact. Thi heioiao Is on? of Ue a wet tent portr*ttar? ? of fem<ale love.iness waich even the talented pea of the author of "Emilia fynd baaa" has produced. ? John Boll Lin: OF BENNETT ANNOCNCEMEN T ? SIN.;K thin work was announced aa being in preparation, an u?t*n?o deetre to peruse its ooctjnt i has Leon mani fested by al) claaxes. No mere notice of a lim'Jar pr.b tieatien has received so much attention in the literary world, or a sa^enei a more lively iot.eresi with tbe back hiuie generilly. 'I he anx>ty to devour iht biographi ea) nan alive of thie rem irkabie man, whose li:eu so ?haekared with marvellous lac idea s, and iuteruovau viVi no many public eicutx, has caajdd it to be lojkei lor with aa Inverest unexamp'ed. A very largv instill stent of the work *ias ptepa.-id with the expectation o pakuni'ng it by the miudla of tbe present mooch. bat thi* larg? ia?ue being ?r.gag':d in advance, the publish en are constrained to am: a * ?et or ten i 'ays' delay to enable them to prepare auothor large ripply. D ie ni ttee will be g'ren oi ihe day of p 'biicatiou. In oao elt - g-mt velum* of 48S pegee, with a. fine steel) medallion peitrait. Prioe $1 2b. fcTRlNl'KK A: TOW." STM\ 1'aVjnhers. 2'22 Broadway. Tin* work fill be for wtla by ail boo^.iers, triveiHt^ afente, car ?ireoU, uc timn: agents, and oarr>era everywhere, "he fillewiug bwntes, ^mong others, have aide i[*> ia": arratg- meote to execute orders on the pabiubere' ten.;*-? J. C. Hrro/, ll'J .Nassau street, V Y. ; I. A Brother, street, N. V ; Dexler /: Brother. 16 iao ??ti?eL. S. V.; L'ppii'ott, Crimbo i; Co , I'hiladel^bit; T. B Peterson, I'a lidel pli?a Phi.lip", Farop.vju t f'o , Boston: I'otricl/ii & <!o., MeUrr, W. V. Ppeooer, Bo .ton, Kederhen & Co., Bji ie?; >lerry Taj:or, liaj'imore. LATP^r UAVr^AND YU-.W3 OF PLACES, THAT APE ??u?lBg so inach uxciteineat throughout tbe world trem the r.oit accurate source*, aaviKTui'OL, cruiu, black, haitic ajto ampt bhah, ?huving the pietect ponit id ui the allied forces. Saaail ?wpoi fcurcpe. giving tiie routes and distanoes irona Len-Un and l'aris. au^jbei of vessels u the Baltic lleit, aini> <nd savj o( ttu world, views cf the hurricane on the Bla.k Fes. battle of Inkermann, Cons tan tlnopie, pepui-'it r. of Europe, immense munitions cf war seat to tire Vieuch army, ceo. Size of the mip 26 by 32 in efce*. t'iice 2b c?.nts,ii) sheet or pocket f-irm. PabUsb ?vd this day, Ja!y 17, by A. H. JOCELYN, 60 Fallon atreit N. V. Agents waated. {itii >~X*Kspfpeis copjisg .be above and Bending Ike same to tills office will receire three copies. rE WA1CBMAV. ! A tVJlfASlO!? 10 ril4a "LlMPIJGHTl.R." is having an I'nprecedeaud - ale. ~1hii charming aev book it a work ?f anri>assins iute vert and extraordinary beauty. It msrit? the praise it kaa received from a:i who have read it. It abounds te mciuesi and adventure, and wiJle it, interests the reader it points to awhoUaome moral. Head the following noticea o. : toe pr?ss. We mi(jht i'5unt them by humlieds, but we were cem peUed to eekc': ihtui from the lea. lug journals ? [from the N, V. Triiiuxis ] The Keral purpoee of Uda stety l?i worthy ef lha high est commenaatioii, if veil as tuo m?'.hod of the aaUi ir te carrying it into ettect. .He makes so m iwlinh appeals te a sighlpg aeniimeotidism, nor strives to win aamtra tie* lor impracticable excellencies, but htlds n ? the MOl rterlmg qualiiiss of .-.taracter, on which t.-is.-.i eoeise ?t the orter and well beoig of society depend in najmer to av u.ien syrnpihy and chilienga imiUitiun. [Krom the N . V. Uuily Iom.] There Is nci. an exaggerated charaitei. nor an ovir wvonght inc'.ient Is the whole story. A I racticed m in aad none otuer, could have written this work. The iadlviduulty of his character ? m ly be taken as n is iteadmg exeelie&ce. There is no straoiing after etf<c'.? tkos$h power!. il efl'ectu are prouuoed. There Is no -waste e4 werda in didactic dUlc^ue. Kvery apoken sentence tell*. Ihe incidents are suoh aa might have occurred te the persons and nnder ths circu,nstanci,s brought ferward in the narrative the whole tone of the bou i it te^enly tuiexceptlonaola bj*. decidedly moral. [K:oa the Wheeling (Va ) Times ] A litt>e meident in the book thst touches the reader very cloeeiy la tho remark of little Nelly when Honry got a tc bid her good bye, u<; he gool to aei. Sue aeys, tkseugh her Ua.s, " \-.u do uot cieaii to do wrong, do yoolienry ' apixrest of contidance aod eaireuty vbtt u,ai' ? it ibe soldltt uie life. Vti wwuld it be, I we obeyed tUe Jctle wor ls of inn nsut Md loving ir.fncp, wbo maj themaelvea forget the a; i at which tiod cften ^ear? into our he*rte as life mt ?eriee. (From the Montreal Tranacript ] A plot full cf internet, extraordinary adventure, aod etiango corcep'.ion of e.'ia-ac'er. Ia the Watchman, tbe nriter hae attempted to bring out "the soui of go*dneMl'? in a poor diau, and. as w? tbtelr, with com ?iete anccees. Uae (.'jow'i l.-.ataer dtoc^ ig. iu h s Mill aciituder, tLe ft c'.'hmai. bee 31 * a sort of ethical philoecpber on his own hook. A delicate iC7.> ftoty Heads a ailvtr thread of romance thioughou'. the narrative. The book will have many readers. t [From the Lo;k Htvan Witchmin ] We iia?e Heldcm read 10 fresh and erig ual a st^ry . Those who re-vd the teo ilrat. cb^pUrs nre sure t> rta-i aB, for the interest heightens at wary psge from thai to tbe cchcIuaIou. [From the &-)!lon Krenla^ Trav.i'Jei-.) We have a charge ag iinst this book, w..i al?th.t havlxg taken it up for a ca> ual pffMU, the wr.'.ect peeved 10 be ?r sc:b absorbing interest that we 'vre us?ble to ley it down before tsoo'c> V next morning. [F'om the Troy Bu llet. | The char?:tera are a 'J weil drawn, aod the story U ?kus imgly told. [Fro-a the Port Hope (Cini bi) Pilot.] Ne one will fail to read the bj)k tfi/ough w u ~ uls tbe ttrstcliaptcr, for it .s a wori of surps?.<io< inU -it and abounds in many be&ctiful images and sk*. ttUy iWiB pietjree 01 the b Juan heirt. [From the Beaton Puii an Recorder. ) A. high moral tone pervades the tooK, and its teash teg* are wtU adepte<l to lorm a Tlttuous ml in inly eha meter, whether in ths lumber or io.rer classes rueott a raetere *ru v*li develooa.. uud eroli snstaiaed, and ir ?4 them art ? r*?n fr tnuetusi lite. [From 'he Albany (Ceorgin) Pitriot.} We dely aar ene to r^bu ,'iisti the d<>j.. m'iio t 1 ?aaing to k no, wh be<'0ir*s0f eve.'/ l n, ?m ?gnrea in it. fikt lor oeoaplete work. . itDdsomely bound In one Vetowe, elcUi, it OM. DOIJ IH Copies of t^e atic-e 7. nrs will he . nt *oaty o?racc. to any pa't of hs I nred fates, pe' irst bui ire ? Matage, on Ms remitim j one 1 J ir t tae pobti isr, in a Jetur, pos. paid. II l" ii k BHO., I'nVithere, No. 121 Vassau at. ?t, -V. V., ail ell booi-i llet 1. fPWENTY POCT THOCVAXD NOW READY. B TOT Art OS Tl"' HO MS. ihehr atructcre aa ( due s?^, with tlie'i . i Alee. pract!'.al for buyer-, bieel^rj hreaneri waith, Ac ^'otes by ?pot>G?r. .111 ao^iout of tbe brea;., totheUaiUd St. tea, by II a. Hanlail. Sixty lllu?tr.i bsi. ih3 pp. ?1 i?. Toe lMmtneean'l constantly is :rea?.ng a nt of VOCjITT '.I W >.H\, la the beat reoon.mondsatlun we c:"i give aithoagh tbe eeidefcoe oi those who lta7e waved tbe ltves ot vaiutble beraee by the diree'lons as te the TMtaT?*vr ok ' whkeh it contains, oouM be abualsotlj aldu-ed, If neeetsary *ek. would bay tbe b?s wort 00 the ktiH, ??t tjis. Fur sale by all bookaeHers. E?n;jte ecp n Wtmt t y in lid, prapaul, on receipt of the pric. GRroN A ML t LKi <.V, i'abl -tier ', 2% Park r?? n. Y., and 107 Wen see at , Aabutu We alsosabl ?b - Theaftas'j Fruit t ?itur at, 12mo 25 Stake's Axaeric*n Kara^r, 12uio fl W > The Dairyman s Mar. mil f j J , Aaaerieaa Udy's js'em ot Cookery, 12aiO ?1 2S Bebbtn'a Iroiluw Re?V n?r, 12ml* to UOI SKS, BOon< AC.," W.UITED. Am skail aorac w an rn>? on a lease roSNor teas than five yews fer ? Mn?u family tbe bouse ?aeat have all or nes rly all ihe mo>m inproremen' 4 aa4 in a line location Address, uatil tbe : Ou instad*. HtaaH Beuae, Herald oUlee. A_ GENTLE MAN AM' WIFR Ki . class nao'lera house three rooms, ?. u kitehsa Pa?d servant's reom, In perfect order. uKiurainbed li.e heme* must be superior In ohara jter, and >n * (asaloart Me rsigMvorhorl. t'ommunicstions from strictly prl vats (amities, containing (nil particulars, tuated eonii AeattaHy , no others will be noti.ed. Kaferco^es ex ?banged. Addieas ":oen lorf, Herald office. K TJART OF A HOV-T! WAN TEf> -El THS."R IN NK? XT Terk or Brooklyn, for a very amtll family, if in New Terk, aaaet net be above Tenth street, or fnrth-r than City Hall from Fulton ferry, Brooklyn. No one aesdeaply without aUtinc ter ns and location. A- 1 baaa Johnaon Herald office SAIL BOAT WANTID ? NKW ok sm?ND HtNf> abent ?6 feet keel, aloop nin,el large bwam, ?n ! n ?eed sailer and outaida aee boav Address OAS ?ending, Pa ' ' UNFUHNHHEO ROJMB WANTED ? BY A VlMIIY eft we pereona. Two or three imfornleSed rooxu In n fuiet naighberhood, on first or 1* >?i 11 Jy,' eall' u betsreen Bleeeker and Foarteenth atraeiK. and Third and !-Utb a van a as AAiraee. with fell particulars. Iks. E. Vernon, Union aqoare I 'oat itDta. UNFURNliflED Ri KIMS WANrsll.? TWO OK THitF'; nnferniahed rca< rn a i|u??. neighborhood, en ?set or seeeod ftoors, kcatioo near Ihua^leay t referred AAdreer wftfc foil perienUrs, (3 0 P , Hsnll ??. FVNAXGUJU */;nA AAA -money to loan on dia ?UUv'iVVV# mood*, watahto, jewelry, .iry iwci. segara, ke , ?i hoagnt fur iim; stock a, n'tes. mortgsue*, Ac., negotiated. Business confidential arid jrjiapt, by niO'lPtSON k 00., broker* and commUsioa roetcbunt*, 102 Nuiu struct, coraer of Aaa, n>u<a No. 2, >'CCt (\ floor |?fr AAA TO LOAN? ON WATCUK8, DIA ?Vl) I ?UUU Bornii, jewelry, Hjui. u4 J?rj description of valuable property, or bougut for cub, by JOd. E. ISAAC, baiement ofiice, 11 Chamber* ?teeet, from 9 till 9. Duiiinei.i prompt mil confidential. Utd go'd ant*. silver bought. N. B - -No business t?*n? actfcd on ur Jay. (ttQff AAA TO LEND ON BOND AND MOP. T ?00?VUv **<?. *um* to aait applicants, on pood productive real oatate In this city or Brooklyn. Apply to 8. S. BROAD, 13 Wall street, second storefront room. dSr AAA -imcwtox and coa NDOoJJ V/Ve flrat motigag* I pr cant bouds for rale These boudh are amply sejur TO LOAN. IN ONE AMOUNT, ON bond and mortgage, on improved rial catato in thi* cltr. A' no, seveml suiUler lani. A line addresred to S. E, LENT, #22 Broad w*y, will receive immediate attention. (BS~ AAA ?WANTED, PEWONd TO SELL IV V UU? g"rsoll'* pattnt machine for *nwicg down treea, etc., which offers a plan, id indu -*mnnia to those with acme capita) to travel throughout the I'nian. Macbfneti on exhibition daily, from 10 to 1 o'chck, at 229 Broadway, office 8. COVING TO V cent railrotd ired, with interest payable sera. aznually in the eity of New Vork. M. L. 8HELD9N, 85 Naaiaa street. ftl AATO $'200. ? A R IRS CHANCE FOR ANY iBl UU p ere jp having this amount, and wishing a safe and profitable travelling enterprlae. Thi* is such a chance as seldom offer* to make a fortune on a small capital. For particular* apply to FETCH k INGAhLi, real e-itate agents, 345 Broadway. ARTICLES OF VALUE ADVANCED UPON IN* SUtfS to snit applicants. Foreign gold and stiver coins bengbt at highest price!', unourrent money discounted at lowest rat<-*; land warrants bought and sold at the Specie Exchange office, 102 Broadway, oppo.-ilt* Tallin Bank. JOHN HARPK k ADAili CASH ADVANCED IN ANT AMOUNT OR FDRCHAS <d at tight, e'lumends, watches, rich jewels, hm: ehandine and taloable pu-soainl property*ny. R. WOOD, 69 Fultoi< street, aeoond floor, front room. CA^H ADVANCED? fN SUMS TO SPIT APPLICANT, on every description of property, at 41 H i ward street, southeast corner of H'Oidway, being the oldest and most responsible office in the city, Ths strictest confidence and honor may be relisd upon. MeLOUGilLIV & O'NEILE. CU?B ALLY ADYAV<TF.D O.V JEWELRY, SE ) pars, wstcheH, diamonds, furniture, pianos, hoiot j, wagons, r?<?l estate, &c. B-isiness strictly c2iitid?oti?i. H? ill estate bought, ?old or exchanged, by ea!Ua; at 2it) Broaoway, room 38, third story, froa*. C^OCHtTUATE BANK OF BOSTON,? THE NOTES OF / thin bank wanted for a few day*, at ri0 csntn on rba ihe highest pri-o paid for tall liindi of broken tau'. notes, a*. 2?4 Pearl stree*, Murbet Bmlr but'd'ng. IVUIDRND.? ) C01 1 MPl.i Ft HE IN "TR ANCE COMPANY, NO. ?9 relay street crner o.r Cvliege piaae. Nkw Vork, July A, lg(t. The Boar 3 of Directors of this Company have this day declt red a s*m! a^nu*l dividend of five per cent, payable on and after the 12th instant. The trabsfer book* will b? o>?f3 until that date. JOHN C. BERQH, Secretly. D RUC NOIEJ DISOOUNTtD 3/ SAMUEL BOWNE, 64 W*U str*et. LUVTHER MANUFACIURBRS' HANK, NE^ YORK, July 24, 1865. ? A dividend of five (5) per cent ou the capital stock, will be pUd to the jtockholdere un aud alter Wedne?rtay, the first day of a jgnst. The transfer books will be clo*cd (rum the -TtU Inn. rr.til that d?y. By order '.he lJoaro. T. K AO.V, Cashier. MAR1 VERr- ' SAVINGS INSHrUnON, THfRD AVE, curner of Ninth street, far the benefit of all classes of person*. bank open daily from 9 A M. to 2 P. M.. and nn WEDNESDAY wid SAtURDAY EVENINGS from 0 to 8 a 'closk Inteieut ou deyotiis o! $50') and nc-er ?1X PE"it CENT U- >. A 'J T. SMITH, Secretary. Money advanced for short ffriod3 os. real en'.ate, diaiaoads, watch**, jewslry, plate, p^nofsrtek, dry goods, borsei, carriages, and every da ecriptioe of property, oy the lesponelble Empire Lo*n iuid Agency Company. C. WILLS, Agent, 33U Broadway, opposite the Broadway theatre. St EMI ANNUAL DIYIDEND -OCEAN STEAM NAVIOA Vicn Company New York, Ju;y 12, lt>65, ? The Ui rectors of the Ocean Ht?an Navigation Company have tYf day oedarcd a dividend of five (5) p-,r ceat on the the capita! ntock, out of the earnings of the past aix month*. j ajHbie on tte 1st of Au^uft next TM trans fer books wid be closed r-om tills day until the 1st of August. C. K. ANDERSON, Secretary. THE MANHATTAN OAS LIGHT COMPANY HAVE do.lsre l a dlv'daod of $2 60 per s'lai,' on their full stock, acd t- 45 & 4th per xhtre on tbeir sjrfpt stock, p ajavjle ?n whL 8 B HS'TaJTD, Secretary. TO THE BON DHOLDK RS OF THE MANSFIEI.D AND Sindupky, Sandu'ky, Mtnid'!! ard Newark, and tolambux aid" f.ake Erie Ktijroad ?The c?as ui'ttee apr??p<e'' at the latt n -e .lag at the Astor House, b-ve prer"'t*<I tbi a. 'reroent to be aignei by the diSer ent .nteresrs in the above com^aniee, l* a^sdrdanoe with tbe report 'be re rr:<de tn<! ?c".? pte 1, and it can found at the ('!!".?? of E. f. H. G.bioo, No. il3 Pearl siren, where th^ trr'tholders are re^ 'ested to c?51 and sijathe saoe without delay. Any furtbe'' information sia then rod there be obtitaed. HUlEli? ATO SUMMKB. HE! BK1TS. B "BOOKS' OIJ) STAR HOTEL, #4 AND #? LISPENAUD street, Broadway, en the Ki-rop* 'U pl*a. ? Choice wines, eptr'ta, ales. -e;s.r?, Ac ; breakfa^'t, dinner am lucctcs. C od beds 37; i cents and SO cats per night, or$.' *0'! f3 r^r weei. J'HKPl! PROOKS, l'ro^rietsr, Lite of ClncltLuatl, *ud fo-mer'y of U&nchester, Eog'.am'. Hion bridge httr, westcsbstfr sidi? Boarding for tl>?- su-amer. -Tbl . vt*bUfhtn?at !? u?rw oj- n for the reception of nern. a-nt or transient boarder*, on the mcst .-eason?bie Urms. It* *xnf ma cess to tun city by the B'.rlem Riilroad every hour, and the splendM s*eie-y, with ten aces j." fruit, renders It I otf ol ths mr *. !e?irab!e r* -o. w in tUe vicinity of New - Yort:. eepeciiilly for the health and ?*fet/ of i-u.iren. Inquire of THOS. JONES. IM r.TToiu:.:r.vN i?< rni-, long antNca, nev J?"fy-lt? fine ,t .lunide resort In the wor;il; j,ui>) fr?-sh n t, nro.1 a hi tf, Sre Irhes, no mo^ jaltoss. A ?ew fira*. ."U i hotel, upon a bout fu! lawn, ar.a I in u(0 j^rdi of tM ti. ajtiv o -m,r. I V kN DlTC;" ? COOPER, Prop*leU)rs 1)1"^ A Tioon H'"'.^K, OlTOSTTK FIRE HI. VN">.? 1\is brce 1* now open for t*e **?eptl. u of vislt i ?r". ]'? e ? ? ni^apw *iy , cci, Is'ano lUuroad, twice ' da'1?, rb ' ti. spier.<tl<l situation of the b o ve. ronder It 'im' the *r?vt c*??rab'e resor'- in tt? vi:i tty of New York. l'?e.t? always in ret-iiovs ta take pi???n gers to 1 Ir l*' nl. rarr-nr wts' to vis.i this hsuae will ie*ve the car* at Thor- ' ^ m f ^i':oo StilJk U STKU.VO. Proprietor. QEAB?IH3J '?, FIBHINO, tC.-^OlTTH AMBOl N. kO J*? Vereon* wiabiilg %e pro-'u:* { leaaanr. room* and l-j."1, on tbe h#& sh- re riu H a<.vosan>odate<' ou as plication to k'liiUp J. } arisen, L*oj a Ato'jo?, or at MullMt slieu ? V. Tts a* i.nltit Jiki Pof'tkirni pier . o. 1, *-'orthr ver at d v U . and 2 I'. Ml. dally. pun tp J. p. riif-sir, south Atai'tf, n. j. 8" MlfHSOM *N HO' ~T, I t; a '"..iv, ?*? i ? '. o? H' i -''O . 9ntl i , OV the EUROPEAN' pi.AS. Rocns at all )'ii "er, fro^. J cents to I. a d*y, an 1 lower than any other i(r'. c'tm boqi? la t'u elty , ac cnuBOdate# f"iiT hunlr* ' guetU. "-n^ihionian R t Uncart - doeri Ka. iM Proid way, wtth private ro? us ai o,n ng Ai tbe *?b ? tHM'.iaie and luxuries cf th? mi.-ket at do va to*p prices. hw.'.b?' r.:s !ioi ? H-itbi ? S?!oo i for i^eoOera*u No. ?'04 Hroadsay, hot, cold i nd .,hfn.^r. sVititllsd pjpj.-r tobs.nli mail clenn. e n's. lAdUs' >>a:b? up stairs, No NtBwul way. HlDN'tV KOPMAN. T 'HE CM>1 Kj I'.SSIt, 11 V\;\ ; < ???ENEl' HH K0!"T, can acoommodate ? t* w ;? ar<!?t?, >f applies, Ijn I made sooa. A* a healthy, c >oi and ?ja et retrea* ai ' faelnty tot i?'? t to or, lo I* net surpassed For fatttvr rtticolus. Inquire of Glib rt D.?r"s, ; s>|., r . -of liiaa and Ptne *traet>. New Vf?r<. o,- oi .'ohn Merun, liiver2x~d, I/.ti, 1 dud or WisrtO the ?ub<rrlttr, at (.cogue, haflulk county. L. 1. H-'ftARil ull'JVIN. NATH1MO*! tf? A GKNTLlCMAV nF MIDI CJC A'!' AND I'SB.'N J\ ish-iU ciiS-rnTter. wbi 1? free cl (r 'u?)i anje, wita r?Jr bustnes* pro 'fleets, is denirous of mti'.ng tiiav quaintenc* of a j>dy, in relat^n to tu .'ri.nouy. oi re*| *c table aojj rements una Uomcsti habill, fruni t ^lrty-li?? to fifty y enr? Of ag", sod posee^ ng *cm? props'ty. Piesse a*dr#.ts. this w??k, S. J. W., Ve.v York i'oit 'JAi with came anu pluoe of meeting. Ail cjib^ isiMom strictly oa the square. AcTFNmilAN. 25 YEAR.- OF A'iE, WHO L TIRKD of the gay pleasure* of tne world (lalssly la eiU ed; and <!r>ermined In future to enjoy the mors sow reaJit e? of life wishes to open a correepondence wuh a youig lady, between IS and 2"J years o! age. with a imw to matrluony. Good common sense, a p!e?*iaga<llr*fta. and en amitbls disposition, the great q ialiti:atioo?. anl ac'X>mpli>hments no object. Address F. HARl'/.WHL, Jr , I'hiladelpbia I'ost Oi?*?. l ENn ri'A*; TfejiTTHrRnr t*arm of agk and wb-*? ; ? notary c*rcura? lances are moj'r?>, es the acq'iaintantie o[ a lady of int?lUir^n:* an: good personal app.<aranee, with a view to mttriaony. A widow not objest onabl*. Must knew bow to mtnsgs household matter*, and be econom'cal wlihaut bsing pennrtons. AddrsesD. f) , Hroadway Post Olits ilit rg plsee ol residence and time of interview. MAIBMONlALTlniE rNrUVIGNED, AlilCD M, possessing ?o?e property, % i^speoU^ile pro'??*ion liberal education, estentire business, thi> highest re s portability, flee 'or m and countenance healths, net'., polite, ladultricns, sIT-'tlontle strijtif tempers**, wtiiies vo marry a la' v of wealth and nwit I'.rfer' confidence an ! honor rile !god sn I re.[n red. The stneets i nly addr** s A. P. A V ti I "AXJClATlBOnOi, i H ?,iIS0VAYJ A fCTI ON EKR ? AL3.'{RT It ^1. 'u0^ * " 'Iw <iay, Ja'y 2C. it 12W fWdo^k SJma - U-&U' Kick**e- ,or of whoa Itmay ? ??<???? li'nSn ru"1!^ RR 1,1 m '** 7 P*T c'-nt bVaai. ' ' ' *n(1 Htt burg K*1* +* !"'? ?2j000 JohiLot County, Y,'wa, '7 per' "o?Yb?.ia,'dae iu *vlrtib? k?q" H?Ur"id' 8 per 'ami con $1,000 Cleveland, ralneari^e and Aah'lbaU Railroad 7 P?jf "?nt mortgage bonla. ?MOO 000 certificate of tha Brack 1 ridge (annel foal caplfnuff 70 ahape* ?f ?T00aach, of the ^ ^^M???M^pplRRbypothmt?l.$103 40 fcAAICfl CbatbAiJ) fiuk 26 , *' ? Fannere' and b"itl reaa' Bank of ll" i! ! 2a 186 share* Ocoat Bank ^ 60 <0 atiares Sufolk Bask. * 50 310 shares Ear; River Bank ?* 5u 6 shares Park Fire InauranoaCi 10) * rnion IodU Rubber Oompinv, ' " " 100 100 shares New York < onaolidatel Scare ( omnanr' ' 2!> 3J"0 abaren White Soap Stone Co., hypothecated 6 70 sharoa Marble aa<l Stone Cutting Co hypoth'd! 10 betels " pW ?*nt^U d?y. Md the balance MIOT9 2 u clock to-morrow. Th? accrued lntereHt on all the bends will be charged to the purchaser. Next regu lar sale oa Monday, July 30. A I.IDI.0W, AUCriOVlCKR. ? PRINTING PRE^SE-* m,w,Pt'/tfl~*10rS,4e? a ale. ? Itluraday, July 00. a: third iferyr 18 'W Beek?an\treet, Fonr Adama p res see, rhree cylinder prfaett, Oaa hylraulie preea, <>71? band press and inker, Preaa board, iri? aafe, oeske, fonr impoaing store, flf ahatiln*, pulleya, fte., three atovoa aid pipe 0ne p^r cutting machine, flxtnwa, eigne, Ac., ft*. JOHN r. SrEWAKT,? Attorafti for Mortgxgta. A CCIIOJf NOTICE ?A GRAM) CHANCE TO JlVKE jf*- , ?on??;? rcr sal?. the atoek, leaae and figures of tl^oto eetebiUshed oysler and dialig saloon, now d.inj a first rate business, situated at No 1.104 Broalway? nekt door to the Sixth Judicial Diatriet Court. It not !n If" ti^ui?taJn,t ' tt Wl11 b* soU *' ?Dctl? n invvi iA rd , * ior PMticnlaxa, apply to WM. B. JONE , i45 Canal atreet, or oa the prem'aea. a ucn jm Noncp ? josEPn l. ssura, Aucrtovi-:n-. i" /*7, (I^ursday,) at I0,V o'clock, at itt Franklin street, fourth boaae w?at of Hroidwav, o.;? rorrnood piano, of brilliant tone and finish: parlor tur nitur*, of solid rosewood: rich carpetx, oilcloth, oil paintings, large cval and pi.rgUasea, rocking an! ei^y cbatrn naahofi-iy anj mipH cbaira, aofai, dining anl tea tab.'s, rotewooa inl uiahog%ny t?dstia,.la, oawitas and washetands t> match, bett htir n>it'jreit>et< cri-k try. giaaawnre, clocks, ?ii\?r w?re, ftj.; three enlnulled cotUge amfs. AU- 1 1 "N Nor:- T. - H \ RD WA RJ.' HOC 3K FI.KNHH ingarl'clet, E. \'a.V ANTWKR riU aeu, o&, 27tl., alio o'clock, at 210 IV., la* et. the cn' Ire axoca c* a citj retailor, d?:) uauiujas, rom; ri?iDg a conip.ete asiortuont of hu-dw^re an-i bonnefctepipg arti Jes; in good ordir Term- c*ah. Arcno.v sori jk.-bei.i, & b' sh wh.l notskll thia day, in tht4.r 8alca roojM, 10 cooiequenc ?) of hating to arrange the goods firm the Cryaul l'*U:e for ttldi j'ataie Tila day, at 12 o'cloci, we will sell at 121 Storth street, formerly Anthony, the atack, fixtures, counters, of n grocery store, 100 ooxes tlae a^gi'-i ind other artldra. FriJay, 10,'i o'elock, in our aalea rooms, 12 North William atreet, we will c jmT?ea;e tiia aale of beautiful goods, which have been on exhibition a the Crystal Palace, comnenc'n? with the beautiful Bobetnian glass ware, Drtsdeu etuna, richly de;orated Tiaes, ka. Will be sold in lota to suit. Silea of yariau j gcoos will be contiauad according io n^cice. L'CTJOV NOriCF,? W. A CARTER, AUCriONEER, "ill ae il this day, (Thursday,) at 1.0 o'cljok, at )"o. 0 l.'rt tnwich atreet, fcr account of ooncarnej, to piy idrancea and atoragi, o!> kega (absat 10,.)00 ;bi. ) of emery; also, Liverpool fice salt, pea nuta, so*d, mu :baree, cigar., flour, ke. Accrros' notice -joun h^ich, AicnoyaaCl klagniCcAkt hcaaehold furniture, rosewood piano lorto, pier and cval mirrors, ralret e^rpets, oil paint .ngr, statuary, Ac., to be ?oid to nnrroir, (Frlda?,) at 10;^ .1. M. prer.Uely, nie e goods are tbe raore sy.sii did onteota of the ftrittUsa four itory dwelling No 70 Mnrray atreet, and are to be aold without raaerre. A part, br. t not minute, liatia annexed ? raxloi*? One m*g nibcent rosewood suit, cunsiating of tercu pieces, the fiamei of which are fcolid ro^ewocJ, elaborauly car* and upholatereJ, In crimson and maroon broeatal, co?. *?*5; rosewood seven octave pianofrrte, of beautiful toce, and fully vrarranUd; maaaive rosewood bookcase carved rosowcod etegere, with pUtegUaa doors and back - elegant ladles' eacrutoire, Inlaid beauMtnlly thro og> owl' carved rosewood centre tablea, with statuary raarile top.: heavy 1 ranch plate pier glaas.s. row wood buffet, beatlfully decorated china vaaea, marble atataary, some very hne designs; an excellent collection of oU palav inga, by artitts of ackr,owle<lgtd talent: royal tapeitrv velvet earpet, alibaster, marble and Gothic inlaid e.oeks; el?gant la;e curUina, c.ruic.a, 1 Lades, &a liming roam? 8ohd mahojany ?xbansion table, with oarwed fer.; mahogany tea and breakfast tablea, umbo gacy cushioned chairs, decorated china dinner and tea aeta, silver toa services, eaatera, ca?e ba~keta, forks apoon^, Ac. ; cut glaa., w.aea, goblota, praaervei, fruit dishes, Ae; nory euUery, engraved deoantm, ailver napkin rings, .'vo. , ic. Chambers ? Rosewood and s?. fKjaoy bedsteads, buretus. sraftlUnda and card tables, rosewood suit in hatr cloth, mahogany do., ta pestry, Brussels and ingrain carpets; pTer and oval ?lrror?, palliasse* pure curled hair mattresses, fea tber pillows and bolsters, MareeLlea counterparts, lace and muslin window drapery, coraioee, ahadea, tvilat stja, engravings, *e , As. Catalogue, at the home. Sale without regard to weathar. Auction \onci: ? j. BooiRr, ArcriovEu: ny S. BOGAttr. ? Fri !?7. at 10?'o'SIock at tbe au uon rorri.a, corn.r of Frankfort anl Wt'.lHai streets the stooa at.d fiituret of a dry goods, fancy aad nulii B'ry "staBli^bni'Ct.. x rcriOHnono-.-rau da* at io>. o'cixjck, ,+*- *? Nassau k treat, by virtue of aa exacuUon 8 *?nte*U ol a reie.-.tory. Also, at 12 o'clock, at tbe corner of Mercer and Canal etreets, thi wjnteata of u refectory. MigUKL DOOUV, ConatabU. Al'CnON fAIJC OF H0I JEII JLO Kl'RSirt'RE, *C ? Jobu>. RuaseU, Aucl ? 3y I)aV, RCs^uLL .v C<>., at thtir lalea room, 85 Nassau atre.t, two door frem >u)tou street, to-morrow, Friday, at 10ji U n. I.r.e acaortrutnl of bandaome houaehjid fiimitare i. irpew?, tii Tfir* oil pain Unga, new aad eeoond hand, for cash, anl without tbe least, reaerve. V. B !?a? HusseL A Co. wiit give particular aUenti. n to out doii ??'< n of ev try descriptisn. I>orTXKs. hkdhtm;, thy, ht ccven* f oilock,at5J Creenwicb at--".! ? 71) rrosa c nrT p?p bottles, -ogether v.n nil .he nee-ewary appfrafu' for carrying on \a* ?iu<.-r b?er t.-?de; aini bv I, bel ':?*< c; jot roewvo. W. ...CARftJB, .in :t?oneer IMy atreet, coraer of Greenwich. Eh. LiniAiW, AUcniAHim? pr.BASc^vXcHr . ltraat Austitn. I. U. LCPloW wiU ae!l ?a auit on. on Tueaday, July 31, at 12 , oVlj-i, a', tb Mtrcbanta Exclunje. by order or executor, the am t souii au.l w?'I jacat Cltra, ht.r ta.kle api iml mi h ?it'rt' 1,i^,1at ^cU,keu "J 'o^merly be'^nglvg I h. istopber Mil r, de^ea,ed She ia at/oni burthen, scwn-i ri^ge,! aad weU foan;! ia ev?.-y par ticalar, mal.yjg bar a v -ry ..eairabU ph-jnurw va-b o b? st^o 1 onappli^tinn to TUbmv MeMui^n, on boar.-' tiwl ?r "I'pr?'e': BaU'', at four ?on-h?, with ia^, ACCIK USKKR ? TO-MOKHOW, FRIDAY . ? at l'j'0 o clock, at the auc.ion roim.? Sl.irWuri n!e o:boae?.uo.d fu nitura, cirpiti, oll. loiha, m r7o ., ??uj .I'.mg" matte.- rr. itt.-esses, se;<md hand furni ?i- .;c , ???. A'. 11. 'j o do-*, at the aa.tion ruo.o, 1 B* ekntan str-.-t, (sennd lloor,) a v?ry Urse ?^?r ' ueo oi ROO'l re .on,! a,,! nn i0<any furai'i*. of every I ?'W?n. comp.aing ,a part aolas anJ tele a tete/ m l .itny Ireu u? an-: r,?thic bolate<d? mtrole'iu fai>i"?V> t>0r" '*? n,lrb-* K>P centre an l mm tab.en iLti cooca--, and couch t*J4ta.4l* nvthj gau, r-ooKca^. aul ^cre'i'eia, wardrobes Urge 1 ren;i t 1 nl rTl "*i oil piinticg?, Voitatre aal ean? ?4Drt.""i p^iait'king chUri; Bru*Heii., tnre !? J ?ad irgrain ca?i;eta, oilcloth,, bel^ andm'.ttrwje. ou; V^ or an I dinlop rojtn furnitir-, ?* t?n?l..n dliiiDK tablt bait aad other .-lo-ks co tage furniture, mahogany, curl maple aad other . Ua.M tO*wthor .l'h ? lar^ aasirtwioni of farnimre foai i JWmUy (faring up bousatoeptng. I he aale wih be am> Itita, anl .;ata> >gues on 1 n a v m rnlng. FLfi^iriRK SAJ,E? A M. 1 ril 5 1 Ai Ak, ACrrtON ear will se'l this day, at 10 oVto-f. the fum ture cor.-a r.-d ?!! lower part of housa 1*3 Or -hard s'reot CMaixitng of mt Hoy -oy rofa?, bnraaot, m? toV c,^ tie table*, chair*, looking gUsws, ropneaad a --uara' a^^oitrtn'ut of b<'useteaDing articles, 4; Ac, mtm G1 li HC.r COOK, AUCTION 1 EH ? I.X Tiin -;vf '?TTr r cf fttrpltare, U,M|(. j.y, , to ro rrov, , nt lo >. c 0.0 k at the ? ilea room., J.., l..-0adway, i-, n?r of l>uaiie atroat, a ^rge anaorlBiint ofr jee roof walnut and o.? furniture, consiating in ,nrt of ?2v^n ! .M maheaaay parlor fum.tura, aa* * u ti/ in r?ch aud ii?btorab!o corenn.-e, richly cirred ro?e?oil torn.., hMijy anl secretaire b^canes, marjle Uu V.n .t, .tde snd sofa Ubla. ata^m, ,a'art?ti \u |P0;J?r Nney tables, cnitoro mat'e ex.enaloa dmlnir Ub.e. ?.ViY lounges, tat* a-tata#, arm chair., roEl parlor chainn, very anperior rosewood and S" dxesamg uad waaWn" wardrobe., tair mattre .Ma, paUUstes, A:. 1 /"iROCBUEf, FlsH, RAHIV-", COKl-TH, Fit - -FBT t%j, July 27, at l*?>i o ?li-k, at 47 Day ?tr*'; ., corner or Greenwich. Thitoh barring, beaf, woo-lan wire, atarch, brushes, tea. clarat,, tabasco, plr.klae, champagna, sp aas, nuta, maesaronC rnlraa. files, saws Miaaor*, clocks, sammar elotbieg. fast pattern*. W. A. C'ARTK.H, AucMoaear. JO<PPH HXOKUAN, A t'CDONRCR.? FRIDAY, JL'f.Y i7, at 4 a alock V M praclaely, at the rora?r of Jay and TiUary straata, tha Uxtnrwi of tha atore and bakery, eomprixlag marble top flouater. abow caa*>, sl.t. j^ra, window shade*, eigne, large Con boiler, trougtu, pans, ron awning trwae, he. Friday, J'aly 27, a- half oast . no o'ek>:k P. M , at Ml 14H Bridge strea- Rrooklvn, a 1 mall quantity of plala parlor aad klteaen fornlt jra. J"~OHN W SOMKRIVPYKF, AUCTIOVERR ? ?TORE f?rn*t of Ktaakllu and t eatre -tr?eta, will MH, ba Moaday, July 50. at J0\ o'clock, oa a:?Tnat of whom It nar etaeera, at i20 FraakHn atreat for Morafe, the feWr* .ng g?>d* ?7 lk>(?>ieaJe o'|aa*w*r?, aietins of Urn? 'hi a: nay (I" baa, k' : aTao, fj yi? rt uf ftagglot 'tana. ULM AT ACCTIOP. Jmcriarty, auctioneer? will sell Taw , d ay, at 10 o'olook. at 173 Chetaam squtw, a (***~ ral iunor.nxnt of furniture, from famliien leaving the city. One brilliant umxl pianoforte, 60 (>?(? of salt, lot* of carpels, feather bode, 4c. Sale without reeerve. Mortgage sale.? john w somkrtnd yke auctioneer, store eornsr Franklin and Centra ts, will ??11, this day, July 3d, at 19S' by virtus of a chattel mortgage atlO West street, honseuald fnraHi^ A-c , consisting of c'mira, table*, bedstead*, feather bei* pillows locking glasses, Ac. , Ac.. also, tbs b?r rontn furniture JOHN W. BOMKRINDYKE, Attorney for Mortgage e. N. CROFT, AWTIONEE*.? BY CROFT 4 BIL , jl . LINOS? will Mil, at their salesnwm, 6i William ? ireit, corner of ix! ar, thia day, at 10^ o'clo:k? A large assortment of old aiad new furaltu-s, con ' sting of hofas, bureaus, dosfcs, fancy taaloa, closks, painting!, chairs, lounge*, beds, bedding and crojkery. -Mao, iO, 000 imported segars, and 70,000 perc union caps, powder horns, 4c. M~ ATTHEW JORDAN, AUCTIONEER. ? LATHE, tools, 4:.? JORDaN ft CO., 360 Bmadway, up stairs. will sell, on Thursday morning, July 26, at 10} ? o'clock, in the rile* room, a imall engine or foot Hthe. with frame, foot whssl, Ac., well geared, oompousd slide, rent. chacVs,4c. ; will tarn a piece 30 laches by 9}i in diameter. Also, two tool ches'.B, fall of all kind* of tool*, and other goods. SHERIFF'S SALE OK JEWELRY, FANCY GOOD! 4c., this day. Thursday, July 2t>, 1955, at 11 A. M., at 200 Chatham street, constating of jewelry, fancy gooir, accordeons. violin*, toy f, 4c., Ac. SHERIFF'S SALE OF JEWELRY.? A. M. CaiSTELAH' auctioneer, 23 Bowery, will sell this day, 23th inst., at 11 o'clock, the Mock, fixtures aai lease of atnre 70 )? Catherine street, consisting of chain*, breastpin*, rings, bracelets, silrer and plaUd warn, show caaea, fix ture* : also, lease of atore. By order of Tbonaa* C? -lin, Deputy Sheriff. JOHN OR3ER, Sheriff. TUNIS MORRELL, AUCTIONEER, 81 NASSAU STREET. Thi* (Thursday) morning, at 10>i o'clock precise ly, with valuable article* of turr.lture of all kin 1*. oil painting*, mirror*, carpeting, aegara, mattresses, .sliver plated ware, counting house d-.sks, &c., 4c. Dealers a* well a* private parties will attend, aa decided bargains may be expected. Terms sums over $10$, credit of ninety days, with interest (when desired), on anprove 1 city acceptance Boxing, 4}., in the bsit manner and email charge. For particular*, examine early thia morn ing. N. B? Ths large sale* room* having been im prove.', are filled with desirable article* for housekeep ing, i.e. WP. MELLOR, AUClIONEER -BY HOUGHTON & , MELLOR. ? This day. Thursday, at 10}? o'clock at the salesroom, 113 Nassau street, ele^i at household fomiture, superior toned nUaoforte, rich ehina ware, choice o.l paintings. Fronin plate pier and oval mirrors, Ac . together witn magninc intly carved rosewood parlor, chamber, dining room and library fur niture, of tbe latest designs. We recommend this really good assortment to our friend*, country merchants an I hotel proprietors, all of which has bee* remove*! for con venience of sale, and presents a favorable opportunity j tor buyers? cobs sting in part of one elegantly carved ] parlor suit, covered in rich French crimson and maroon brocatel, medallion hacks: several saits in fanoy cavc. ing, hair cloth, 4c; rich chamber furniture, rosewood bedsteadr, bureacs an<l washiUnd# to match ; mahog*nv and walnut do , library boakcases in oak, rosewood, mahogany and v\ alnut; elegant etegeres, sideboards, hall tuiiiitore. Ao ; mahogany sofas, chain, bureaus, washetau In, rockers, lounges, lounge b*ds, 4c. To gether with a lot of second hand fnraftare. Also, to pay advances, several fine gold watches, six dozsn heavy plated napkin rings, iron safe, 4c. At 12 o'clock, seve ral rosewood seven octavo pianoforte*, all of which are fully warranted, worthy attention. \TT M. DFMO.VT, AUCTIONEER.? CONDEMNED Jfj atorfs, by Order of the N'avyAgent? at 12 o'clook, on Friday, July 27, at tho Navy Yard, Brooklyn, viz:? beef, pork, rloe, clothing, 4c., junk and shakings. &}., 4c; t'rmscatn; good* must be removed immediately after the sale. Ta MELLOR, AUCTIONEER? BY HOUGHTON 4 Mellor.? This day,. (Thursday, ) at 12 o'elack, at 113 Nassau ctreet, assignee's sale of the entire stosx of a crockery and glass doaler, consisting of tae usaal variety; cost about $1,2C0. The trade are particularly invited: soli in lots to suit tho trade, A deposit requir ed from all purchasers. Sale positive, without reserve. By order of the assignee. M. 'WIITER-', AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, ON Friday, at 10^ o'clock, at 240 Tenth avenue, near Twenty sixth street, the stock and dxtures of a grocery store, consisting of the usual assortment of groceries, 4c., rc. R JONES, AUCTIONEER ?NOTICE-BY VIR tue of an execntiou, I will expose for sale at public' vendue, this day, July 20, at 10 j o'clock in the forenoon, at 141 Canal street, 17 pieces cf carpsts, con listing of velvet, tapestry, an<l Brussels. WM. B. JON Ed, Con-UUe. WAGONS AT AUCTION? THIS D I Y, AT 12 O'CLOCK at 57 Dey street, corner of Greenwich, 3 s?: >od hand top buggy wsgsns: 2 do., no tap: 1 new do., weight) 260 lbs.; one farm wagon, grocer's wagon, expreu wagon, rock away, carta, 4c. A. CARTER, Auctioneer. A A LONG BRANCH COTTAGE LOTS AT i'CBLt . fJbv/ on Friday afternoon, August :id, at three o'clock, at the Pavliion Hotel, Long B'anch. New Jer sey, by M. THOMAS 4 HONS, auctioneers, 40 cottage and building lots at Long Branch, fronting on the oceia and on Chelsea avonue (00 feet wid^, situated between the United States Hotel an 1 tha Hanelon House, wi'.n \ lawn facing the Atlantie Ocean, comprising about 4,00t) sqnaze feet, and to be left open for ever for the free aid common use of purchasers of said lota. Lithograph'.} elans ean bo had by addressing V. IHOMaS & dONS, 1'hiladelphia, or ? C. Morris, Pavilion Hotol, i/Oag Branch, Kew Jersey. W, 83.000 lit Led and yield: COPARTICEltgHlP lOTICEI. JjQ fAA WASTED? AND AN ACTIVE P.a\T ?OiUuU ner, to engage in a lumber sawing an 1 piaaing business, near thi* city, under clrcnmstanies that wiil insure 90,000 per year. Particulars will given at an interview, by addressing Limber, Herald o.' flee, staling when and where to be ceen. ?PARTNER WANTED, IN A MiNU , fa-'uriag business already erui ?nd yielding 200 per cent profit. No humong. Addrtas A. A. A., Herald office. A-| AAA ?WANTED IMMKDHrELY, A PART Ol vUUs ner with thi* sum, in a lucrative bs nbemi; a young gnntlei. an of respectable Kin'ly, will tag to advance tie amount ean have a situation at t V>0 a jear and seven per cent Interest. Address Immediate ly L. S. S , Herald office. ttjj'AA -A YOUNG MAN, WITH TBE AU >\ K ffl')vVs .-imount, would liae an'intere-t In hoi tflisitess slr<-.?dy o^tabl.shel. Cjuid increase the ctp.ui if D?e?rsary. Address H , Herald otlice, stating business S300 TO $'<00 ? WAITED, A P.UtTNER, WITH this amoant, to tt*e an interest in a In erative bus:nes* to a irentlennn of capacity, a fu-t .oe isthel>sult. Call and test the .'act aw M MAHON'4 office, 17ti 'l!?tbam -treet: or Harri ion's, 40 Wall street: or Campbell's, 113 Chambers street. -TO PHYS10I ANS A N t) MEDi V VI, STJ iBOU v/e dent* ? Apartjif.- visutel, *nta the abov ? sum, to engage in an .in%(omi:il busins.<-4, paying 100 per cent monthly. Call on Dr. HILL, 732 liroa.isay, from 2 to j 1'. 1; AV ACTIVE PABTNER WAV TED- IN' A FiRST K iTE houso in the clothing huiiness, with a capital o about $lfl,00>>, I'uing b ii sine** in New York snd New Or leans; ths <>?'j?ct is. that soin'c' the pirties with to retire ne\t >e?r. Address O. K., Heraio cfti'-e, with reil name an^ aodreis. and ennddenttai, with ivfereucis. a FORI I NEW A M KHEi.I.,? AN ENGLISH URil A. rer-iilree a third partuer, slseping er acting, w'th sa.v tlu, 0W cash capita:. House ia New York fiuto'y in Ma>.sa 'huse'.t*. Real ca.<r.e and :SBiu:d^at< pereonti interview indispensable. Address Trlmountaio, rooni 73 Drsndreth's Hotel. DISflOUJTiON.? THE COPARTNERSHIP Hh'.tr.M fore existing between the snbs:ribers, under tin tirnj of Webber A: Beatty, la this day dissolved br m i'.u ai c.jns* at. The business of the late Arm wiil be s?- -Jed by John T. WebVr. JOHN 1 WKBlltR HENRY W Bl trrv. N. R ? The subscriber will contiuae tho busines- at the same place, No. 2 Barclay street New York, July 26, 1055. JOHN T. WEBBER. Hotel partnir wantkd ?wan ted, a pakver in a first class hutsl In the city of Ne ? Yarn. The house is new, most desirably lo -ated, sa l elegant iv fur nished tbrongnout. aad to a satisfactory persoa having ti\.w $12,(100 to $16,0.10, v-ry great inducements wi:i be offered. Apply to M. L. stlKLDON, 45 N'aisaa ?t fi(mCE.-TO ALL WHOM IT M VY CO!'C3ERN'.-THf. cotartnership herete'ore si .stiag aadsr the dm and l of John F Wood A Oo. , at 584 lbi-d avenue, in '.h* ciiy of New York, in tbe Sour and feel business, is this day disso ?-ed bv mutual consent. All buslneas relating to said Arm will be settled by John St. Noyes. at the above place. JOHN F. WfeOD, Now Ycr*, July 24, 18*6. JOHN M NOYBH. The nndereigstd, having purchased tbe eattre interest ef John F. Wood, will conuaue the flour and feed busi ness, at the old place, SS4 Third avsnue. JOHN ft N'OYIW. CU VS. W. NOtitf. AR1NKR WaNTED-TO JOIN THE AOVKUfWRR an established machine ssannfartare, in which lAi he has got a patent, an<1 has been established tlreysars An aoUve business man, with $4,000 or $6,000, ? aaid do wsll to address eoniiidentially, W. G., box 1H2 Herald office. Pf-tHE 00PARTNEB3HH' HWETOFoMK EXISTING JL tweon the undsisigaeJ. unier the naoi* sod Grrc of Tamer. I?ne 4 Mosrla, is tils d?y dissoivet by mntaal consent. William Turnet and MicS.iel ;! I,a.,< have become owners of the effect*, and wili pay all tie liabilities of f aid Arm. Toe busiue?? will be eon nue) by the rsmaining partners, aod<-r the firm of Turmr ?; lane. WILUAH TURNER, MlCHAK , h. laniL New York, July 24. 1*65. W ILLUM II. M JRRW. WANTFD? A fAHTNKR, WHiI A CASH CAPiTAL of $600 to $1,000, to Wke a share in a nee lav a fan, for which a Urge earn lias b*en oife.-ud .n Kurjpa sM'h w?ul>i yieliJ laigs profits. K a. I parti.' iisrs u?e be bad by ador *>ir?r la\?nt>eu, bet in n?al<1 effi.'s, Rr t>re? da/t stating p.ace c.f .alirviee. ne>jurr tueaumm. ARaRB CHANCF A3 EVER crrmw 'ITORfc . Bowwrf 1 1 let, N# 203, rut amir tiLt counters, theirs* and mm '.or .as tixar+m V? ? o'L*7 *l0'>- !? *?? oc. upied as a youths' aaA ohildrea's' elothiiig ?iore, but would answer for any ?thS-?X!i ne... For particulars inquire on tbepXHlJr AFA1TILY OF THREE PEMO.VS, OCOPPVTVC A ?nnJI neat house in Blaet*...- . ^ .A way, declining housekeeping, wi?h to la^tl.*^ ,4j' reserving 3 room., for the coming wia^r rh^^^K1?' meat. served irom restaurant). jJa'k ?*? ? ? i m ^ throughout. Ref.r?nee required. Ap'pfraUiM n ' J? way, ja.t above Bieecker .trae? f P ? " 666 Brovl* APARTMKNTSTO LET-rARr OF A FIR-r OCA'S h ?? Urltoa kvena?. nrujk'jn, first house BROADWAY.-TOTFT-THE LAK'K FO' li STORY <ie^}2il>M<'1?81Br0*J,T*r, ne" U> M(,tr PO'lUn ?ud ,aiu?ie !or bi'W parpo,.8. would be divided to luit. Rent wry moderate. Apply to JAMES PHICE, 200 fludssa street. imcHis ? to rent, to a family without children, the entire second floor; tar.* i *m'. ,0Bf 700m ?? tWrd rt<*w, 'a houjtie 36 Willow ,et, within three minutes' walk of Fulton or Wall 117 ?"?tb'ta ?dTW^' ~r? TpCRNHBED HOCSE,? ANY RfMPfXTABLE PARTY TTODPK8 TO LET.-TnRZE ELEGANT liOCSBB J* JTL River terraoe. Hftiaktn, three minutes' walk of .??. T7' 00?"?*??W ? beautiful view of the bay and >, ? r 9,iiT?r l bath, gas, hot and cold wa^r 0 t?rrt '^?P'eUblUty onir . In,, 0ir^ *t Uie offioe corner of Second and Hudson str?its, H* " FJDWARD MARi'LN. TTOCSE TO LET.AND FCR.\'ITCRE~ FOR 8ALS.- \ J *?u*# *ul table for a smUl geateel lamiir ?is'.i furnished throughout; the owner i* about leavis* town ^?V"'on c*" *? h*<* from lot August to 1st "ieptecihir' location unexceptionable. Aidress Homer, Hera'd office*. HOC8E TO I.ET? A FIRS? C1.4S3 HOUSE, NO " 17 ' hast Fourteenth street, with a'l the modern i<n" KTnlJIIli pirtieular/i apply tj S. ?. rKVSKS, ? 1 15??lw*y cor. of Broem* ?wr?*t. n-ar the St. M eholas Hotel. The key is to be found next door. Nice apartments for a smalt, family is thk pit axan test part of Brooklyn? IV*. or four rooms, unfurnished, on the second floor of a thr;e story boare, in Vender but arena*, flfteenScjUiutfn' w^K fro I Fulton ferry; cars every three mlnuV.; rent n,]er*U fr r v? '7^ f?.r Addres- or etl! on Or.' H. ( No. 7 Old slip, N?w York. OFFICE TO LEr ? HAIJ" OF FRONT OFFICE cond story Franklin Bail Ung, 196 Uritiwar. cor" S"?.1"! ?treel;. very deelrah>,a for al . *& lay light business parpose. Apply to Wawrnury Jew?lx? Company, on the premtie^, or at So. 12 \ esf.y street. ' STOR1S, iC., TO LET OR LEASE. ? ?HIE FI VF corner of Canal and Hudson street, ju.t m^arn ^ w"h large ibow window, and doora^ 'matoto- ^?2 tS^i ftr *'lar<1"kr*> clotbiag, or boct store. ' Also the two small siores adjoining, we l adapted fjr oid and^Iif l'fl01'"' * ' j an<J room? on sec a ad and third floors, airy and commotio A. wt'.h ikji?ni''d oft to *uItabIe ,or ?5t.ifJSla (,'?ueT*i" rooms, ,'ci Ap P''J? JAMFfe PRICE, 200 Hudson street ! STORE AND SECOND FLOOR TO LBT.-THe" LAiWf i store 2J4 ihird avenue, conveniently fitted up bub nxtnres, counters, .helve's, t?o Urg'show w^ndo^' ?I S' ' ?*ceUent loc.tlon for any bu^oew ; also,' the floor over the store, four luga rooms wiU be let separate: rent low. JOHh FOl"y\ 167 Broad STATEN ISLAND?TWO WELL FURNISHED, AIXY rooms to let, in a private house, with partial boari w H Dgla gentlemen, or to a gentleman and lady, witt. ?r X}" Udy: k>c?tl0B haalthy and nlea^iat, a i?rt?dUtv"Cv" m ?tthw Quarantine ar Stapleton lan ! ing; fine bathing quite neiur the houM] Addren i. with rval name, A. U, box 303 New York Po?t Office. T? JER3EY CITY, TWO THREE SIOSY brick hoc see, consisting of ei?ht room, and <nu ments; the location 1* the healthiest part of the eity iu fcouth second ?tre?t, near Erie street. For partlcularj Fo'^,^ ? Soj?'Jtrt*J S0ntt rtlO LET? A FIRST CLAS9 BROWN STOVF FRONT A house in West Eighteenth street, near fifth .va line; one hall the rant hs paid for in board o! ih? owne^possession giv%n imaiedlately. Address Box l,0de TO LST? THE LOWER PART OF HOU5E 0S AI.T '\V street ; rent moderate to a small family : na o ?on t> take part of the rent In board. TOLET-A HANOgOlfE FCRNLSBED R?X)M OR R(X^1S m a fashionable pirt of the eity, wit a every con veni'nce; gas and bath room on the same floor- ran be aceomaawlated with Vu and breakfast if requiAd. In SSSTtM?' ruth**"* ,tr#,t- eoniw of Sl'lb ^ IO ' W-IHR i'HRKK STORY BKI.^C Bl'ILDIfT/aro lr outh street, |oext to the eorner o' Gouverne'ir street "g ^ Bridge atreet^ BtaoUyr - or in separate tloora. J-or farther particular, apply to ff. K BBIN CK KRHOFF, 112 avenue C, before 9 AM. and after C P. M. T? 1 Kr? A FINK COTTAGE, CONTAINING SEV;;\ .7^ , r]oom"> ?" Jh? bank of the Hudsoa river, corner of refd * KU*Tentb ??enue, near the Bloommiriale ygr rp? LhT-THF DWELLING i'ART OF HOl'dK NO. IH "'*ua sir<-et, one bio.k. east of LireUwav Tii? .part meats constat ?i three entire floors. Aresantiy n-u ?n perfect condition. Croton aud gaa in the ho;i.e in quire of BACON t UavA, 136 SZZS rt^et IO LI-r-TO SMALL AMERICAN FAMHJK^ Fl/JORi tb rough, con.isting of five rjoms, with ba> i Cro ")n "*'?/) *c , la the new houses In West Ntaetieatb fr^m^asn^fer. Ja*?'?11"11 *ni Ki*h'-h ?renj?. rent, from 10 50 to $1.1 60 per month Apply on ths rremi JTsjj 140 We,t Nineteenth street, fr>? 3 to t oV.lo.k rO IJPT-THE BROWN STONE HOC-E 140 W*?T i* ,tr**t' Kxhth avenue. Tfte bou*e tlfif! ^ *T?7 rMP*ct? ?**?? winw, with g??, baths bej. .peaving tubes, laundry, Ac. Yetrlv rent vary low, (4609, ) with immeai'ate poteai>slon. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broad ray. TO LET? A WELL KTABLLSHBD PORTER Voi'SE with lease, suitable for a boardiag houK? or .ov 3??K2Ti.,i '' ? 10 LET?THE WHOJ: OR PART OF A .VfOp7r>~V bou?*, uptova, west lide. The ownsr s fam it il-ol^aiL1! ,"th.oe,:npan,,' or'f irt w:i1 b% le* ; r?Qt I- ) to $460; rin.of tbB wfco'ehouM, four uto-v t in > - iociticn is tieautiful. enl conven'ent focars tnl it?M.: We pufy fura.sbM li desired. AdJm.H>o!a, H*raM T? ^tore, no. <o. r>a!>k stre?i, ?po.rf. hll'J '!Tr' Broadway, east tide, ' i? *c bQn window.; a very de^raWt ^ I ?erer*l loom, iu house No. 8oi)a?oe (treat, aut ??<Je. w.tbia flfty feet of Broadway verv ^^nV^ ?ro^lwayUrtn* To LET-UPPER PART W H^i; Ml HCf^v 7 room*. Airo, npper p?rt 0f m anu&dWatt. street, coatMning ri>sjactire/v s ni* rxmr. Also several .ma!! ap*r;menj u> ,7a. ? borkood. All at madera> teats. Apply to J-*ME3 PRICE, 200 UudMa str> ,t. l.CT-T" \ SM U.I FA Mil. f, TH1 hiojNfJ > -VjkV J. o. bout ?> 100 *dffclli Street, coo?<'tioir of froot n 1 back parlor, and with bedrooa intbe?t\ ^front required. 1H? LF.T-A PJLBUC HOL.SE ON THE FOrUTJ \T7 , nue, ne.r Tw. atj wvent i street? a*tin* uiovn . n .Ukik "t11 ?'TB rogmi1 *h0T*> with l>^?h t\ 4 .he hvuto 1. now doing a g.io4 bujiao*s, and it m re'n nn in eon?(tuenae of th.? lilne*. of t!ie - r f" WrY' ? ffjrrcfi, sr- * - ???? HJ >i ?lo k, a" tSJsmiwiliS'ri'S: " frcw 3 to 7 i\ M. ?iwoulMllR, 3i9 fourth areau* T? /-rr-A aroRK. splendidly locati d is thf &?S%. "V'T; axx.** ,il mmmm rp<i I-FT.-RE^l'l-A TABLE APARTMKN'IV! TO I.Ef, JL very cheap, at bouee 104 Cnambert street, and 160 Rf?1e ?ir>et, niur Greenwich streat. Rent froa to >16 per month. Inquire on the premises. SK> IJCT. \ EP.Y ( miAr? W>X)VD, THIRD, AND fo'irth floors, five rooms oa each floor, mtrblaman i, oilcloth on .tair. and ball*, with gas, Croton water, and flae yard. Apply on tbe premises, 142 Ea.t Thirty second stieet, betwaen Heoond aad Third avsauea. rpO 1XT, OR FOR BALE? TWO BrOBFjl OS GRAND J. street, Williamsburg The eorn.r and the oae ad joining the corner, will be rented to a good ten.nt at a vtry low rent the store next to tba eoraer of Tea'.h .treat la 26 feet front and 74 feet deep, well calculated f?r any kind of manufaTtaiing bminess, as taere is a gf od well In tbe back part ot tne building. F of fu'l par ikbIsm Ia.jair? of J. PRICE Na Grand street, Wil I'jimsbarg. Alsa, two lnte ag So ivb Third street, will be M id for- three hundred dollars less Utan tbtir actus! value, terms easy rl.KT OR TOR 8ALB-TVO NKW HOUSES, is m 40 feet, witk all the i ladern improvem*nM? N?? twK aad 1*1 West rweaty-foar-h ?treet,j>etKe.?8i?Oi ?no "tveath ave?ne.. App.y U M. WUv^OS, eoraar of t\rU*ndt street ."4 B.-itodray, ar.der tbe *Hl?ey BbltdVhf. nwuw Mtonm, mows and QOTOTRY.? SMALL, GENTEEL* FA X mil J? To let in Williamsburg, a beaulMul rait of rooms, 7 in number, water, (tn, dfanliHpi, erory modern impiovsnjent, 15 minutes' walk front tuft lorry, ?tagaa put the door; baautliul prospect, Iuqulro at 462 Grand street, Williamsburg. Rent 1140 pot annum . TO PUBLIC BOtTfE KEEPERS. ? TO LET, THK THREL (iter j bouse Mb B owary, taown e? the Ciob House; In well adapted lot a drat class raataurant, sapper rooau biB!ardi, or lodging house; rent f 1,300. Apply to GEO. W. IE AN, 108 Thompson street. TO PENT ? THK THItEE .STORY BRICK DWEL line 203 Henry street, Brooklyn ; 1m, airy and ploaiant locality; rent ?<50. Apply to SCRANn)N a. 00. , corner Homy and Atlantic streets, I'rooilyn, or A. P. Pnrvla, 68 B'oadway, up stairs, M. Y. mO RENT? THE THREE fltWY BRICK. SWILLING A ho TIM, 207 Henry street, Brooklyn, and farmiture tor sab at a moderate price. Rent $C40 per anaum. Apply on the presnieei, or to CHAS. T. CtJRTla. 3d B:oa4 way, New York. WORKSHOPS AND 8rAHLR? TO LET? IN REaR Ol No?. 22 and 24 Watt ? treat; workshops 2 1 by 4 J feet. Also, 16 stalls w.ll be let cheep Shops well light ed. Inquiie of D. P NA8H, 310 Broadway. SUAHDUU AMI LiOOUUO. m BROADWAY.? A FURNISHED PARLOR AND thiee sleeping apartments, to )?t. No W?ardere nor ioagers in the h'juse. foatains bath rc/io and gas. A few door* from New York Betel. Reftreniea ex - changed. QQO BROOME STREET.? TO LEP, AN UNFClT OOO nished bvk parlir, first floor. Ales, a large fnmiahed room, with or without board. The home has all the modern Improvements Care and stages pas* tee door, between Breed way aud Bawery. IWou mielarate 0*70 Fol'KTn BIRKET, NEAR LAFAYETTE PLACE. 0 I v ? Elegantly futnlsbel apar;.m'nt* and nln^W room?, in a first cites genteel private taoasj, with or without board. Terms very reasonable. Reference, Messrs. Hale & Co., 18ft Brow' way. 1 | fj HUDSON STREET, FRONTING ST JOHN'S JLt: J piftk ? Furnlel.od rooms to let, with board, to single gentlemen or gentlemen and their wires; also, a handsomely furnished back parlor; houfe newly far nlehod, with ail the modern improwutfets fcr peraaa aent and transient boarder*. f7f? WEST TWENTY-tOiM SrP.EW?SINGLE GEN | U tie me n. cr gentlemen and their wires, cu be handsomely accommodated with liouJ, in a first clav house, near a ear and stage route, a few step* from the sixth arenue, where bnt ferboardera will be accomm >? dated. 7Bi.FF.CKKR STREET? A GENTLEMAN, OP. A OES tlsmnn and wife, can have a nicety furnished bed room on tne first lioor, with nne of the n ijoining parlor, with partial boar J, er ca the Kuropsan pi in, at 7 Itleeck er street, east of Broadway. Nono ne?d jjply bnt p*r sons of the first respectability. A GENTLEMAN, WHOSE OiXTPaTION CONFINE-I him much at home, desires t) obta'.n a la/ge, well furnished room, on first or second floor, with be ird, In some central location. Address Siduey, Heriii ouioe All pepsons wishing boahd or uoatoerj will find my offlse the aoreat and km' satisfac tory method of finding either. Bjardjn> are politely di rected, fiae of cLar&e, to all parts of the city cr country . Office 808 Broadway, next to Qraaa church. N B.? Not connected with any petty efflce. R. D. GOODWIN. A LADY AND OENTLKllAN CAN HAVE A PAKIXtit on the first iloor, woll foralahsi, with or without board; a'so, a back r^om on the second fl>?j family ?mall. Apply at 66 Watts street, t*o doors from the corner of Canal and Hudson street ACI"Nn.EMAN WL-HH3 BOARD W A PRIVATE family; a furnLihed room, with Croton water and gas, and bath room ad.olaing, would be preferred. Mast be in a good location, and bitweon U*nai and Tenth streets. For sat'sfactorj acr->ramodati?na a good price will be paid. Breakfast rsqnlred at tf In nummir, u>4 half-past 6 in winter; tea, at 7 P. M. OenCemtn dlnia dnan town. Boardlng-houte keepers nesl net reply to thid. Address a line t<> J. B Stuart, box 1.31" Post 0.<B :e. AGENII.EMAN AND WIFE ARE DESIROUS Of Obtaining a room and bedioc>m, farnUhed, in a private American family, where there are no boarders the privilege of cooking must be allowed. \c Iran, pre paid, W., < hatnam square Post Office, itattng terms. VERY DJ S1RABLE- 5cTrE~OF R0GM?~Tb LCT^ With or without board, In the wall looat*d mo iern huuse ?2 Kavt Sixteenth stieet. near L'nio^ square; f< ur rooms on second Boor connecting, and roams cn first or third flours. Rofsrencea given and requited. GKNiIeMAN AND UI3 WI?L OR TWO SINOi.l aentlf men. can ba accommodated with whole or partial board, in a private family, w.thin thtae mxatee walk of Fulton ferry. Apply at 46 High r treat. Terms moderate. OailD- DUMP.ABi.K, LARGE, airy rooms, fcr I nished or anfuriiVhed, with er withcat board, en reasonable terms, can be had at 60 Walker street, n Mr Broadway, wsst aide. Tranaient or <lay ^carder* acsjm modated on reasonable terms. OARI).? WANTED, FOR A LADY, A FCRNISBttn room and board in a private family, (wi.low's pre ferred,) wh^re there are no other boar l?r? , below Or ?n 1 street. Address Bernard, Broadway Post Office; refer ence given, TJOARD.? A i-L'II OF P.O<?.\H, H \NDao?(X,Y FUR Jj uiah'd, to let, to a gentleman and wife or a party ofpentlemtn. Alo, single reona, futniahsd or nnfnr nUhed, and basement, suitable for a denttrt's or physi cian's oIBfte. Call at 70 West Twenty thlrd street, fire doors west of Sixth avenue, OAKr? A~H AND^OMKLY FURNISHED ROOM ON second floor, in a house with all the melern im provements, with or without board. Terjit moiarate . Apply st 1?1 Crosby street, o^pistte Nibls's 0\r<len. TJOARD ? A~~Fl BN' SHED RCXiSI, WITH OF Mm hath, to 1st. with or without biurd. Is inirs at 14d Spttog street. OARD POWfT TOWN -TWO OP. THREE OI.N tlerocn can be accommodated with board at No. im Dnaoe street, near Hudson, opposite Duaae street Park. Board in Brooklyn? tor a c.hNrmiAN and wile, ct two ganttemeu. Kron* rooms cw> be ha^ in a first class house, in one of the healthiest location* in Brooklyn, a short distanaa from the South ferry. Apply at No. 43G>cgriss at , a fe-.- doors bel^w Henry. TIOABD AT A COUNTRY SEAT" ON T3i:>ASrRIVER. n ?A private family, oacupyinc a larre iiie house, delightfully located in full view o / the rirer, aither tens've ground/, bath houi?, Ac , wish to take a family of grown persona, or two or turee g*ntle-ne3, to bo\r<t fur the rummer and fail. Stable and cart t age recti can be had. Access to the city every five miautee ky Se eond, Third and Fourth avenue cars. Ad'lrtsn Count, y Seat, Union Square Post Office. SO AKLi ^V A N Tl.l) ?ITT BKOO K I , YN OP. JEHREY OT?, by a gentleman ai l nia wife, in a private family, re there are no tcardar*. Address box 2,361 Poet "fli-e, stating term*, which most be reiaonabR TJCAillj WANTUi? FOR A 00 Y OF 81X iEEN YEARS JJ of age, in a plain Amfrloan or ogKsh family. Terms lor/lerate. Aadn-as W. P., box 113 Tleral 1 ( I > B- oa?d ^vntS'? aHFlea; ant FcovrwTrHVULL loard fur a !ady. Address, atatiag terms, which most b? moderat*, with referene-e, M. \ , tax 714 Pou Office. B 1)0 ard wavttd? for a lady, warn: she can J) be retired and have all I tie o><mfort??J a home, a nb a widow laoy would be preferrod. Address Com'ort, Herald oibce. HART WASTKI) -A PART.OK ANit B' OKOOM, IN a private family in Mrooklyn or Nuw York, tor a g>>n'Jemtn and hix wife, wiih partitl dot ! for the pen tkman. Address A. J. M, box 4,573 . c it Office, stat ing ttrms, lojation, 4c, Trimi mist je mvleratt. Boari iinc.? to L'-.t, wiTh iV)A.HJ>, A ~UAVD somtly farmshed front parlor, on wo ni flo>r, w.tfc pantr.t a' t ached; also, one on tie lb??.. floir, at the piia?.iBt)j situated house 27 N<jr*Ji M-jon street, near St. John's paik. Baths in the hou*e. /Tor N*rRY~BOA rd wanted? foe tw^? cmjldrfn, V' of or e sn<l two and a half years eld, >n a rsapeci able private convenient to the city, end whera tiere are nu othvr cb!lUi?o , an r.n/1 ab fijiily prefer ij<1. Addivss a note to Jobn Thom^a, Kr.. 1 wty Host Office. INUNKY BOARD- A KE* l'l.t^ONiT^N BE AC I c.TcmojaUd with hoard in a private fj vily, iu a !>e*auln! and healthy sl'tiation, eight milc.i from .New ark ana two from WestlttoomHeM, N. J. F?e?h vag?t.? blee and fruits and goo<l board. For |ilrUjuUrs tf/'j to J< hn 0 i ffialtsr, :?K. Br adwsj COI NI-lY BOAlU) WANTED? 1"0R TliKKK k eh.' Ir'n, from months to 10 ye^r* ?? age. with a nervunt, fu a b- at thy 1 >ca?irn, eonvoqient to Uie city, and where tie Lh-ldten wiIT receive a aaither's care for four or Ave weeks. Addreia. post pa'd, S Qembs, 2-1 1 tiracd st. I31TVKHBO OH UNFUPNI-HtD R' >? 'Ms TO LET? With board, is the new house, V'J )Varl street, a lew dooia fmm Bio ail way. HANDet.HF, I I ;\'-n l> K.i-iM I . . H ? Lm?? g?nt!-man; board for iady only; lo;ation not ab-?re K gbUi street, nor telcw Beach. Address H. ?' F., Broadway Ptat Office AKENT3 ?? (iUARniA.VS MAY OBTAIN EoR TH-.iK children board, with a'l the corn'orts of a home combined with a g?<;d edacatiou, if reqiired, by apply ing to Mias Antiaeli, Port Rlciimond, States Island. pUAJ A nTIu M )M3 1 (T I rf7 w ITH- ?"|"\ Roi TO ONK jL or two gmtlamen and the r wins, or single gen tlemen, In a private faatily. Apply at 017 Ilddsea itreet; references exchaagid. RTVATE HOARD? IN BROOKLYN A VERY oSsf. rable front suite of n>oms on the second floor, to* gather or separate, suitable for a tentU mu> aad hie wile, or two or three si ogle geatlemen. the huie la in a flntclaai location, and nelihkcrhood nesorpasasd; onlt five mluutes' wa'k from ie South ferries. Apply at No. 388 Hen*y stieH. HRnjt OR FOUR HOfULE OEHIMMKN CAN BX ac lomaaedatad with one er mors suites at rooms. wlthfuUor partial hoard, within a m ante s walk of thw New BrgbUn ferry, tor particulars apply at the new drug store, Btaten Island. NrrRNtaiKD PARLor.t, of a~ nfst two or thr*<- story house, in a genteel lo'ati^n, wasted by three yoang fentlrmen, permaoent'y, at aa aaaaal rwat of not mure than 1 100 Address H.sse, Ttmee elhtie with par'J-aUrs.

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