Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 26, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 26, 1855 Page 5
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*'w Pilnelple I Sew Brmtdyl H0P0M011I HbOUta'S Fever and Ague Care, or, Antidote tj Mi lufe. >er the prevention and cur* of Intermittent an 3 re nlt teat fever*, fever end ague, chill* aa 1 fervr, da a?b tg -ie, general deWUty, night aweite, and all o'.ser ferine of "iwwe which nave a common origin in malaria or mies ?a Tkil subtle itoicifbtrlo poisoo, which at certain aeaion* la onnvoldanly inhaled at every oreatli 1* the ?a me in character wber. rer it exi>ta ? norta, aoutti.ea.nt, er w**V? end will everywhere jield 10 thia newly d ? covered antidote, which neutralise the psinie, com pletely purifies tee system, and thus entirely remove* all the cauae cf diieaae. tte proprietor distinctly claim* thee* extratrdinvy results front ita ute; ? It will protect any resident or traveller, even in tike Mat aicaly or ewnmpy localities, from any ague or beliocs diaeaee whatever, or any injury from constantly lab aim g Malaria or miaema. U wi 1 instantly check the agne in pereona who have Buffered lor any length of time, front one day to twenty jean, so that they need never have another chill, by eontinuiig it according to direetiona. It will immediately relieve all tit* dletretaing reinita ?f bilious or ague diaeattea, auci aa general (lability, night aw seta, Ac. The patient at onoe begin* to recover appetite and atreegth, and continuea until a permanent and radical euro i* affected. By ita ue fever and agne may bo banished from faml ?ea and all claetea. Farmers and all laboring man, by adopting it at a preventative, will be free from ague or Iimm attack a in that Beacon ot the rear which, while M ia the moat aickly, ia the moat valuable one to them. Furthermore, ita unvarying efficacy ia equalled only by Ma eingular innocence, and agne nulterers will pleaie no Mee that it la the only fever and ague remedy in the aaaiket that doea not contain araenic, quinine, strych nine, or other poiaonona drugs; and to prove thn, the followtag certificate, from the moat celebrated chemiat IB the United Statea, ia attached to every bottle:? New Yokk, Jane 11, 1866. 1 have to ale a chemical examination of ' Khode'a fever and agne eure," or "antidote to malaria," and have teeted it for araenic, mercury, quinine and atryconine, Wt have not found a particle of either in it; nor have 1 found any aubatanoe in ita oompoaition that would p rave kgukia to the oonatitution. Jamkm R. Chilton, H. D., Cbemiat. iHorunDB or agub avrmuau yeariy nee pill*, cbolagoguee and tonic mixture*, sold aa lever and agne remediea, without knowing that all their virtue ia owing to araenic, mercury, or other deadly petaona, which, though they often " break the chiUe" tar n ahort time, are auxe to lay the foundation of weetched mnlndiea that ceaae only with life. The land fc Seeded with theee poiaonoua meoicmee ? the well known ineiBclaney and injurioua effect* of whioa prove Ihem to be the offepring either of false principle* or mercenary quack*. Bomtmber, therefore, that thin ia the only fever and ague medicine which la proved free from auy aickeuing er poiaonoua drug a. It can be aafely taken by tne young - eat child or feebleat invalid. Thw allowa of ita being feeely need aa a preventative whenever the aickly aeaton appreachea, and ail, thus protected, CAMNOT UAYB TUB AOUB ! One or two bottlea will answer for ordinary case*, acme may require mure. Direetiona, printed In German, French, and Spanish, a seem pan; each bottle. Price one dollar. Liberal die eewnte to the trade. JAMfcS A. RHODES, Proprietor,, R I . 'arcciimia or testimony oo.vnierALLY khohykd. Ia tract of a letter from Profeaaor Fletcher, who waa cured while engaged at Brown Univeralty, Pro videnoi, Iadianapous, lad., Kerch 1, 16.55. Jamks A. Rhode*, Eaq.? Lear Sir? Youra of the 16th ntt. baa been received, and 1 am glad to hear that n me dicine 10 efLcaciooa ia to be introduced into thia egulah eeantry. I have the greateat confidence in ita luoeeee, and can reaaaure jou of ita happy effect upon me in en tirely breaking up the chilla and leaving ma etrong and healthy. 1 kke the atatement on your wrappera that you will let the medicine atand on it* own mertta, and atanding than, 1 am moat or it* aucoeas. I expect to travel over a large portion of our State thi* iprlng, and I shall have abundant opportunity to recommend it verbally. Wherever I go i a ball take great pleeiure in thaa teitifying to ita merit*, and if yoa will instruct jour agent to let me have a few bottlea, I will earry them witn me to diatribute for your benefit, hi haate, I remain, truly youra, HiljuJ. Flvtchkb. JLrwaBDko, Union county, l'a., Kay 2, 1869. Mr. J. A. Rhodes ? Dear ?ir? The box of melicine yea eent me waa duiv received on the 11th April. 1 have aeM about one bail ot it, and so far, the people who have need It are satisfied that it haa cored them. It ha* cer tainly a topped the ague in every one who ha* ueed it, and an ot the caeca weie of long atandlng. My abater, who had it for five or aix years back, and oould never get M etepped except b/ quinine, and that only a a long aa aha would lake it, ia now, I think, entirely cured by year remedy. C. R. McGmly. BAD TUB AOl'K ron TWB1.VB YKABfl. Pkoyiubscb, June 29, 1866. Having been informed of the ulneaa of a poor, bat worthy woman, who haa not been free from fever and ague a month at a time for the laat twelve yeara, 1 eup pned her gratultooaly with Khode?' fever and ague cure. She took in all four bottlea, which completely restored ha* to health and strength, and aa four month* haa now elapeed, there la no reaeon to coubt the permanency of ike cure. 1 am alao aware of many other caaee in which it haa been used, and have never known It to fail. C. A. P. Mabon, ApV.Uecary. SiiAnnuit'ua, Md., Jane 27, 1866. In regard to jour fever and ague cure, 1 moat aay that i have reaaon to believe it all that you represent it to ba. 1 have mate some aalee in the abort time I have had it, and believe in every inatanoe it haa proved aucceaaful. fen reepectfully youra, Wn. X. Row a. J. if. Yerrlngton. Chisago, July (, 1866, wrttee:? The euae ia railing freely and give* anleeraal aatiafnetion. It ha eenaidered a eurp care, and the time moat aoon ooma when it will aunaraede all other remediea, &e. M eaara. Bcrr k Ooulden, Aurora, 111., July 3, 1865, ad viae that '? The cure la selling very well. We have not loat n case, and conaidar it n aure thing ; alao reoom mend it in preference to anything elae." Woen Mr. Barr waa lequested to take tne agency, he aaid he '? ahoald have nothing to do witb it, unieea he foand it better than tte other ague remediea already In the market." Meaera. Craigbead ti Browning, Indiaautpolia. Ind , Jaly 9, lh65, aay that "all we have aoid haa given fall aati? (action, and we have no doubt of aelUng a large quantity aa aocn aa the ague eeaaon seta in " <?tu. 11. BATkH, wholaaala agent 133 Water aVreet, aad for aale by C. H. Ring, C. V. Click mer h Co , F. 0. WeDa k Co., and drcgglata generally. There la Comfbi t In the Thought ? Knox haa atraw hate enoagli at hie eatabliaomanta on toe eerner ef Broadway and Fulton street, and at 5 )3 Broad eay, to supply every unfurtaaate indieidaAl in town who ia now ?uiferirg. perapiring and growling beneath a black hat of the last aenaon. Tardy Individual*, take eeaafert In the thought, and repair to KN'OX'3. To "Young Stw York."? Vcat mil? Bcaati nfal daruerretiypee ot Veatvall the diatinguiahed pr mi ?anna were taken by aa yesterday, and may be aeen in ear valuable collection MfcAUh BliuriiKUS, 233 Bioadway, 4 doora above Aator Houte. Secondhand Pinnoe ?One Mecondbauid T. Oil. bert k lie. Kollan piano for 9210; one Nana* $ Clark kr 9136: one tileb A Jackion for (120 ; one do. for tllo; mc icr 9100, and one for 930, at UoRaCK WMIKR?>, 333 Bread a ay. Hew Plaaea for #150.? Horace Waters, 333 Treaeway, ia now prepared to farniah fl>? ocUva pianoa, with iron framea and circular acalea, the Interior work aaate aa 93ti#. Inatrumenta at the very low price of fl60. Case perfectly neat and plain, and pianoa war mated to give entire aatia faction Mike* Bauregee, and Lawna, at Reduced triced.? We w.ll oiler our en .re **,<>ck of tne *->ov* ?imeu gooda a: greatly reduced price*, to make room (or fall geol*. Alao, three hundred doren sjperior, puia mace kid gl-jvea, at 6* , worth 7*. ?. H. UUCBUATSS k CO., 347 Br.ndeay. & WUaon, OUeejr Uauidlnn ? 'Jltjr and eeantry merchanta deairoua of purehaung ahirte, col lara and atocka, should avail tnemaelres of the drvt ficklremone of the largest and mot t choi* stock of gecd* In tbe city. M. WILiiON. corner Cjr.Unl'. itreet aad Broadway, Uiiaey Bailding, in the bate men*. ufteonoiity Ua Virtue: Practice Mrlll make Aperfect." Zaphyr cnaaimere *ui -a. 910, che^k Mar -?ll>a ?a.ta, 9e; beautiful piqu>: vests, ?it 300 palra aandeome crllliag pantaloons, well worth 96, at 92 60. tVANS' ctotbiag warehouse, od and 48 1' oiLon atreet. All Who Valae llenlth aaid Coiuftirt Duilng Ue exccaaive beat of summer ahoaU wear the macn Siiaec lephj 1 merino under ga-menta. eaoleaale aad ictail at hcLkl CHMN'i aiurt acdfyriuaUmg eu?re, uiner <>f Chamber* and Greenwich atreeta. Tea Large Sale* I loome.? Largest Carpet ?etablieLmi nt In *.he Cn ted r?tA>< ? HIliA^l ANUhrt vm Bowery. Immense stock of l.<igliaU oarpeta and Oil doth*, aolc at i.-em tnUoua low pricaa. ?Inget'f Sewing Mae tallica tor <lat!(lag teak, maatilia and eoal Lninga ? liaJtalac' are.-J are re fseated to call and axemlnc our large lire ahuit-c aa ?kl nea, tp? adapted for qalitlng. Theee ma^kln** eik nee a finer thread without breaalng, aal thaa con some lea* atik , aad a', a very uigh aeeiJ, will accempllah far mere e ork than any other, rue gTeat eeanemy ot theee machines can be clearly 4cmjn< awntad. t. M. bl.NUiJt k QO., A23 Oroe-lway. Pare Bona Water loaaioftied Willi lluihtjn'e cream ay rap uiakea a mjat oelicioaa, win. atom* and itfNik.Lg arink for warm weather. H tap and t/y n l ate, oiuunel only nader '.he A*tor Beu e aal corner e Ktandway and t-ana i a trait Maaeenger'a Lk>ihIoh Cwadtai <-ln. ? Ihle ?te bgktfni tea c, diurettc, aad .uvigoraung beverage j amii.ustwaiy the purret aicokaiic'aa; tiat can M eata.ned, and le aa Infa^ible care for lee-r and igee. Kor aale by H. K1M<, corner oroa ' vay and J-?;_n ?neat, and U. W, LI. 11a. tiTW Uroedway, Sew tort vtre. lliyan, 176 >ui'?n street, Uronxljrn. il C.Beeteil :i - , i.ittc atreet, WillUtuburg; C. H. Vt'r-.<ut, c> raer t?ren.blasnl Ig.ot streets, -oata d.-f. j*]yo; Ws. 1. teieer, brc%<i street Negate, aad by^eke aal generally tbroaghoat the eoantrv. ? ognnc One, Kane n?-*e bin, Jamaica and *(. Weix rum, apfle pen.b ano cbe-iy brandy, Wbiseey aad eert. patent m'Ciciaet, "tseatiai viis. pkeuigrapnie, it (eerieclyiic and elscU'iyne ch'UiMa s, and ail metis nr aale by lir. I . i f.: II . ^ \ AetrHclor'e mar ?ye, Wig* end Tenpeea fta beet in the wr rld. Mne private rccaia for app ylag lis unrie tllad dye. TV>?ara of at teMl, re ru:t a idi'ola. The lnrt??t a^sek of ?'rs_n1 teireee * awatiea, wheieaale and leta .. ? - ?- ? /. s, 4+4 i. ad way. ffhlekeia and Moaalnehee P, oiliaeed la *ii ?e>ks by mj mgnsn*, wit-itat stain er teju'y to tae , 91 a bettie. ftset t* any par*, of "be ron'ry OBABAM 9M Hroadway ; I 'bar, n "? ? -n PSIrd Hrwt, Pbiiadefp^'a: Hrgtrr. 31 "?*?? 'erset, A baiy Try Harding'* Liquid Hair Dye? To Color black or bro?B Uj a lew aisntl, warraated. Prij ? i ill ii i ill tn fi?jn_ inllimg* p*i Inn Sold or HARDIN G '8 ??? cutting rooms, Bsaadreth House, en true* on LI* pensrd eteoet. TM Bradwu, mr Eightn Street ?U. T. LOVST he* NMH ft* price of nio wahp< ue, tad hat diiMdMMl 10 Mi i^nJe*ele isd retail cimstMioaid ag.ats, an WW I ?f so much counterfeit trUelti h?ing ?old for LOVBTfc nnhpene. OhJ How Beautiful and Katoral are Color* f the hair imitated b)? HILL'S ira^rov?! ku<ttuUnw n bair die, for a black or brown. I* anemia lie J, aad oaly fear abUliags a "bo*. Bold, or applied, at Mo. 1 Barclay atreet, or 4b Nawg street. Ice Bhnvca and Head Oool?ra-)a*t Intro duced, at BILL'S, laiml telle hair cutter, No. 1 Baralay street, and 46 Naaaaa street ouly 8 cent*, and at no other *etabliabmeat. Infallible onguent and Bo rail ia afplled, when tbe hair la cat, curled or sheiopaoel' Hollo way'* Ointment oiitl PiUa.-- Scrotal*, (ait rheum, rhaumatlim, aal all (kin or maieular die ?Mr* can be radically cured, if tlie ointment ba rubbxl Into the parte affected, aa ialt la rubbed into meat. No external diaeaae can long withstood the eombiaed power of theae wonderful medicine*. Sold at the maaafaoto riee, 80 Maiden laae. New York, aad 244 Strand, [.onion and by all druggists, at 26 cent#, 8 2>? ceata, and tl per pot or box. The Great Uhallng Rcamly tor Asthma, ooasnmption, aad all dlaeaaea of the throat aad luega, Dr. CUKTLS' Bygeaa. Thoaaaad* hare been reatorel to hoaltb the peat year by the bygeaa. Principal office 318 Broadway, and aold by 0. H Ring, 192 Broadway. Price only $9 a peak age. Dr. Curtia will bo at the office dally frtne 10 to 3 o'clock, where be may be coaiultod free of ehasge. D. Cameron'! Keelpea are the Moat Bcono< mica! tblngi of the day. They contaia every taing that la needed to heighten or preiuve tbe oeaaty, enabling every oae to Bake their owa eeemetlca at a aariag of from 600 to 1,000 per coat. Sold by M. O. CAMERON. 213 Columbia atreet, one door fro* Atlantic (left aide), Brooklyn, one minute'* walk from the ferry, price tl( forwarded by mail to aay part of the Unl:el States. Dr. Waibaiif Fewer Drop*, Legitimately ?d ployed ta the Crimea, admitted by the Anftriaa and Britten codes aa a pharmaceutical preparation, all the Leaden hospital physicians. aa Dr. Bablogton, Sir ? ? Halllday, 81r Jamea Clara, La forty-live Austrian hoepi tala, aad by the phyalelana aad the king* of Holland and Belgium, are uaiag this infallible intermittent and chill and fever eradisator; likewise recommended In cholera aad malignant dyaeatery. For aale by Dr. L FiCCHT WaNGEK, 98 Maidea laae. Btreftela, BJieumatlam, die.? Hyatt a Lift Balaam i? aa certain to euro the moat painful forma of theae dlaeaaee aa water la to quench thlmt; alao, old ul ?era. fever sores, try si petal, the worat ease* of impari ty of bleed, liver aad kidneys, general debility, dyapepeia, hadpleat consumption, p.ira, Ac. Principal depat 240 Graad atreet. 76 cent* per bottle. For Ferer and Ague, Deahler'a PiUa, Rhode'* fever and ague care, each 91; India cbolagogue, tl 60; for dropsy, gravel, 4o., Wolfe'* H:hledam ichnappa, 91: for rheumatiim, Hyatt'* life balaam, 76 cent*; Mjer'n extract rock roie, 91; for rappreaalon, ob atruotion, Am., Van Hambert a female monthly a(Ua, 91; for dlarrbcra, cholera morbua, kc , lira. Haysa' lyrup, 60 cent*: the San'* diarrhoea mixture. 12>,' and 2S cent*, atGUlON'S, 127 Bowery There'* now no mere hcenae for pouoaous drachma. All counterfeits now are foand oat to be ituoi; My "magnetic powder" each great chemlat faith, "1* poiaonleaa, while to the inieet 'tis death." All lour looted vermin are alain by my pill ; Mv proof* and prize medal* are viaible atill. At Depot iiW 11 road ?ray.? Hone Genuine without E. LYON'S aatograpa on lab ila. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. WAJVTS. A CARD. ? 1HE SUBSCRIBER BEGS LEAVE TO In form ladle* requiring aay klad of plaia work, ab lit making or baby linen, tn all ita braaohe*, tsat they can bave tbe caare eiecuted la a superior manaer, and on the moat liberal t?rms, by applying at So. 83 Marion atreet. A aote addressed to T. 0. will b> immo) lateiy attended to. N. 1). ? Will (If required > attend at the realdeace of any lady, by the day or week. AN ENGLISH LADY, OF EXHJC vTION AND AOCOM pliahment, accuatomed to tuition, desire an engage ment a* superintendent of a firat claaa 1 adieu' inatitute; having resided la Fraaee, would undertake the French department, or give lesion* In oil paintiar, pantile, mo nochromatic, crayon and other itylea of drawing. The hlgheat reference* given. Aa the ad??rti*er would de vote her*el) to tbe intoreat of the establishment, a libe ral remuneration expected. Addrea* Experience, Herald oftiee. A HOUSEEEEPKR'8 SITUATION.? AN AMERICAN J\ lady, of the first respectability, well ex perieaced in housekeeping, wish** the entire supervlaioa of the domestic dalle* of a gentlemen 'a family, tinier* ten 1* the care of children ; would engage a* companion to a lady: beat of references givan and required. Addrea* Miss Kilo , bex 100 Herald office. A RKcPEC'TABlJC SCOTCH GIRL WAN'IS A 8ITUA ,J\- tioc aa chambermaid, or to take care of children, In a prmVTamliy. Apply at 127 Weat 37th at., between 7th aad 8th art. A SMART, ACTIVE YOUNG WOMAN WAN 13 A HI tnation a* laandrea*, or to do ehambsrwork; would no general housework in a small family ; i* a Brat rate waeber and lroner, and good plain cook. Can be seen at her last place, 2b3 1st avenue, la the dry goods store. A SITUATION., WANTRD-BY A RE-TECrABLK young woman, to ds the plain cooling, wathlng aad Ironing of a family, haa no objection to <lo tn* housework of a small family. Has the bent of city re ference. Can be aeen at 03 Concord at., Brookljn, for two daj*. A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN WANTS A SlIU J\_ a '.ion aa wet norae Can be *a*n for two dtya at 218, corner of 16th at. aad avenn* A, la the dry good* atoie. Good city reference can be given, if required. A GIRL WANTS A M TUATION' TO DO CHAMBER work and tearing; aho woold aaiiat in taking care oi children; ha* no objettion to go to the country, llae good city reference, ran be teen for t?o 'lay* at 211 Weat 26th it., betwMn 8th and 9th avenue*, *ocond floor, back room. A LADY IS DE'IROUS OF OBTAINING A SITUATION aagovernee*: *he 1* fully com Detent to give la ? trucMona la tbo uiual breach** of edusation, aod tho roughly understand* manic aad French; or woald have no objection to become a companion to a lady. Beet of city leferenee* can be given. Addrea* Muaic, care ot I'or 'or Dillon, 421 Pearl St A SITUATION WANTED? BY AN AMERICAN YOUNG womaBf to take charge of an lafeat or of childrea; ao objection to travel, would be wtUlng to attenl ti a bakery, fancy or confect'ocery (tore. fh? belt of* re. leience. Cail at 117 Charlei nt., fo irJH Boar, for tea day*. HIGHLY hKSPEl TAIJ^. WOMA N~wTsUK-J A riTr uatioa, aa cook, ta a hotel or dining aaiooa. No objection to a private family. Uaderxtanae all klodit of faacy cooking?, jeiliee aad p-etervea of all kind>-. Would go ia tbe country. Cm give the beat of raferencea. tail at 271 Bowery, for two deyi. A YOUNG PERSON WAN ti A SITUATION, AS ?eamitreex, ia agentlemaa'e family, ahe unler atanda cntting and Btticg tireiae*, cloaaa aad mtntiUaa also, children a drenee; would aaalit In an? light bu*l ni*e. no objection to city or country, or to travel. M<ty be aeen for one weea at 473 Broideay. ABirCATloN WANTID-BY A RKriPKUfASLC PRo taat girl, to do ehamberwork and to aaiiat ia the waahiag aaa ironing, or would take care of cn idren A private fam ly preferred. Can be aeen at 12* Atlantic et., corner oi Henry, Soatn Brooklyn, roim So 11, third floor. A YOUNG WOMAN, WIIH A FriE H l:KE\.-r 01 J\ , milk, teo week* old, having lout her U.xt uaby, | wiabe^ a aitoatioa aa wet aurae. Applj at 06 Clark no a i ? 'omer WMhrng'.^a. A RESPECTABLE OlRl., TO DO GiNERAI. H'JUaK- j work, waated in a ?maU family. Go id referen ?:? reqaired. Call at 234 Weet 17th at , bat* een Uta aol 9th a vs. MMT*HCTABL1 GIRL WIMIIfl A SlfUATION IS A 1 reepe-table private family as rhambermald, or ! chambermaid aaa fine waaber; haa tbe Mat of city re leieace trim aer last employer. Can be ie*a for tvo dav? at TO Uharlee at , If *ot eagaged. AKESPITtABLS YOUNG GIRL WANT J A SITUATION aa plaia cook; U a good waeber aal iroaer, or would i gtaeral hc'ieework for a email family; au<W a tend* chemberwork aal waitlbg, wlehea to go to the country. Has good dty reference Irom her laet pla>;?. Can be '?ea for two day* at 239 7th area'je, between t'lib aad 2<lth *1*., ?e:ond llojr, from room. A young woman wants a situation, aj ] nun*, or to do light cbamberwork, with a private I [ Knii! j is well exp'i.*a<ed m taking car* of cbil Ir^n. oood re f?r*ace .an be glvea. i'.ea>? call at 17 Wes'. 1 33lh -t. . a?ar 5th av , eoere aa :atertlew can b'.- hal. A SITUATION, WaNIED-BY RFHI'Fi TAI1U5 YOUNG w?*saa, aa clam btrmald, or to do the geae-al U uaewcrk ?f a. >aa:i famuy. Good city refejaae- given. Can be ??f :j at 21 Delford at , for l?o days. Vrbfectable and TRU3rwoimnr rnmr.' r \sr yotiair wtrran, deetres a aite-.'ion to do <*ee*al Bo ;e*?ork can <!o g 1 plain eo>* ng .aaa ?i 'tieet w?a. ?r .nl ram* r. ha* lirel nearly ten year* in her j la?t pLre. ;' ea? apply at 271 Uowe-y, for t?o lays. A a to aii oi* wanted ? by a taesnctAWtM yran{ woman, at took aod to as?i*t .n woh'ng ii'i r>n.?g, she i?*v? her pla-a la <? >a? , aeace o: th.i ' fau.ily treak'ag up hojeakeepiag. Wi^oo-. she hit liv?<! the laet tbrae aad a half year*. au?ies>b*r, ao net aa i ab.^j.xg , to cu?t tausfactory referee*-- given. Caa ? a n at 1 47 7tb attaae, t wo doora f/oa 1 . to i , setoai Bear, ba-k r?- * V- an .x^Rir'.cr.iH ebitdrea, aal i rsa.h ? ngaaa ?i.-je #atL"ia?w J re , fer two dayi at 14'.' Gran 3 AT0uv'i **' ?? Tan*' A " 4 ' > i V'terlaaeVr* rr 'a k?y ct?i-r pi * Vr* ? '."i a-> ladivltftal vr^ii r* a** a' r* an *ea* *r "? ac*d "tare re *f=-e g:v?a re-.atrag'. f a'J tt '?1-!ri#e f * , I'! feet r RfOS, FOND C i Di?atly, w:,h-i to I red ' .g be ae*a W1IT1. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG HAM WlallO TO OBTAIN ? tltnhOD u ooschmtn or g ooa; Iim alwaje lived with noble familial; ia a itealy .ctue driver, MO Ue natl'ul If inquired. He* no onj c'ioa to town or country. Plen-e direct If. 0., Herald ? lUce. A YOUNG MAN WAN1ED ? TO A 1 TEND A GROJERY; J\ on* who underetend* the huatnma; mm otb?r Mod apply. ('*11 after tot o'clo:k, for two day*, a*. 441 4th avenue, enu of Slat at. ABTOOT ACTIVE I .AD, 17 YEARS OF AUK. WISHKS a aituation, to learn carpentering, ?a* fitting, or any reepectable trade. Raat cf reference* give*. Ad drei* William, box 116, Herald oUioe. A BOY WaNTEH-TO ATTEND A GROCERY a lota ; ha aunt gire good reference. No oJ??r c?cd apply. Inquire at 297 lat avenue. n GENTS WANTED? 10 MUX A NEW MAP OF THE X-Il United Statee and theCmadae, new pita of Sebtato pol; new up ol tba 8m of A*off, Bla-k and Baltic Set*, Crimea; email map of Europe, giving roaUa and dia tance*. vlewe, army and nary, population, ho. A. U JOCELYN. No. CO Knlton itreet. Hiia of map, 38 by !"2 inchee. Price 26 cent*. Thl* ia the boat won oat fat agent*. A T MANNING'S OFFICE, 271 BOWIRY, (L\TK 241,) A. a nam bar of good girl* are wanted for excellent Mtuationi, in eity and country ; FroUataat and Oa tcolte*, and all.nAtion?, coo* a, chambermaid*, nunee, laundre****, aeamatreeie* and aararal for general honae work. N. B.? Relocatable partita, mala and lenal*, lately landed, oaa be allied. BAR KEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED? BY A COM pt teat young man, who oan give the beat of eity reference aa to ability and integrity. Addreaa K C. F., Herald office. Boy wanted? in a jobbing house, a srour active lad, who write* a fair hand, and ia dealrona of a permanent aituation. Salary 8100 Apply at 182 Fulton at , up itaira, from 8 to 12 o'ciook. TJOY WANTED? IN A COMMISSION HOUSE, No. 8 ft South William atreet; ooa who write* a good hand, from 14 to 10 j oat* old, and who reeidea with hie parent*; muat be well recdmmended. COOK WANTED? EITHER A WHITE OR COLORED, who undrratanda her baalneaa an<l who la neat jind obliging. Aiao a flrit clan Uandreaa wanted. Ap ply at 46 Remaen at., comer o? Hlika, Brooklyn, or at &H t roadway^N^Y. ? /?"100K WANTED.? A COOK, WHO UNDERSTANDS bar buainMa, la a flrat rate watber an J troner. and who baa good city refnrencea, may apply at 24 West 11th at. COOK WANTKIl,? WANTED, A l'ROTH^TANT Wo man, to cook, waah and Iron for a email family in tba country, near tba eity. lo a faithful woman the aituat'on will be permanent Apply thia day at 42 White at., from *11 to 12 o'clock, and from 1 to 2 o'clock. Wagea ?7. (1LKRK WANTED? TO AS-IST IN A GRO ,'IRY STORK; J one that will make blmaelf generally ua?ful. Beat of reference required a a to honesty and capability. Ap ply to Phlllipa & lied field, corner of Court and Degraw ata., Brooklyn. /"^LERKS, PORTERS, BARKEEPERS, WAITERS UOACH men, groom*, farmer*. boya for atorea and trade*) cooka chambeiratll*. laondreatea, aeamatreaaaa, houaa* work and a mall girl* to mind children, Sootcb, tCngliah Irlah and German, may alwaya be engaged, at No. 4 Eta; Broadway, corner Chatham rquare. (Juarge* moderate. .liSIU McLERNON, Agent. RUS CLERK WANTED? IMMEDIATELY ; GOOD reference required. Apply at 136 7th avenue. English sirvanto.? wanted. in a gentle man'a eatabliabment, aprofeaeed cook, man wattor, nurie, lady'a maid, laundreaa and groom; all muet be tlrat clan* aerranta, and will be paid the bight*'. wegea, and have a moat comfortable, permanent hone. Em ployer oan be aetn from 0 to ll at 149 Grand at. Drug cierk wanted-as an assistant in a retail drug atore; reference from laat employer required Inquire at 81 Honaton at., for two daya. G< OVKRNEiH-A YOUNG LADY, WHO INSTRUCTS I in rauaic, French and English, deairee a aituation aa governeaa, and, if neceaaary, to aaalat the lady in bouaekteiiisg. Can oilrr the beat referenoea aa to ca pacity, 4c , be. A Southern engagement preferred .tddre*a, with particulata, Goreraeaa, bsx 1,603 I 'oat offlee. N DEMANDE? UNE CU1SINIKRK FtvANOAl^E, DANS une famllle de deux peraonnea. S'adrcater au No. 22 7 cut avenue. D Seamstress.? a respectable protestant kng llah girl wanta a aituation aa aeamatreei ia a private family; ie uncommonly neat and nmart with ber needle, and haa been accuatomed to cutting and fitting ladiea' drenaea. Beat of reference given. Addreaa box 3,135 I'oat Office. Situation wanted-by a respectable protfx faot yonrg woman, to cook, waah aud Iron, or would do the houaework of a am%ll family. No objection to go A Hboit diatanoe in the country. Beat of referenda f-irfn. PleaM call at 70 iltnry at. SirUAflON wanted-by a good cook, to as aiat In waahlng and Ironing. None except a good private family need apply at 77 Weat 18th at., for tiro daya. fpHRKE 0PEIUT0BS ON WHEKLfcR'S SEWING MA - A chine* wanted immediately. ? Good wage* given. None but good handa need apply at 76 William at., baaement. TO WiiOUitAIJC GRO* >:i? ?THE ADVKKTISKR, A middle aged man, araeldentof Ohio th? ptet eleven jeAff, hf.ving an ??xteaaive acquainlmra in OU*| Ml ana, and Ultaola, having cone Inovleigi of grocery bualteaa, and could control a large Weetern trade. Any bcute wiahlng hia aeivlcea, either a? aaleaman or bo>k knper, will pleeae addreea Weat, 81 Pearl atree t. Beet of city rilrreazt gl?en. , 10 HO I EL I ROIRIETORS ?A YOUNG MAS WANTS a aituaticn in rome reapectable houie, b'ltel or reatanrant, aa barke>ptr; ha* been at tb* hu?'oe?< for the laat alx yaara In thia city. The beat of reference from oceof the luat claa* hotela in Broadway. Addreaa C I)., Ilerald office, rpi^CHkR^ W A NTT^i)? H Y" THE PATRONS fiF Wlf - I CCX'h l nited Statee School Agency, 29U Broadway, fining all order ?, vacanc < a and chaogva, by an adv^n -a fee <f en t per c?nt. procuring everything want*d in achool*. No charge to pupil*. CrUmPLOYED AND WANTS A SITUATION, A I roacliicm or groom; baa lived m hia laat pU*qfor two yeara; baa the Unt o ty teferenee; lit* no ioiam br?ru?' wlmtoier, and la willing lo bnn-eif *?n* rail; ux tul to tbOM reiiuiring hit airvim, Pietae ctil at 267 Otb at , (table, lor two daya. CTftE JELNE FEANCAI8C, DtSIRB UNK airC vtloN I dact un? famiU*, pour prendre roiaa deaeaftnto *t doenrr de* lec'ina, elle p?ut fournlr de bonnei re ccmmnndationa. S'adreaeer r.CH fi. iue avemta, ealra 1* ISo at uf.e rat. W'kt Bt Rfit? wanted, a hituation as wet nurae, by a healthy woman. Ileal of reference* gi'en, <an lit aetn at 71 Rutger alip. WrANTEL'? BY A KKiPKCtABLE YOl'VO WOMAN, Ittlcy l rem Krg!and, t aituation aa ^'lairiltermtid, or to do g<neral liouacwork. Adar-,ea A. H , 78 l rral dint at., h^/uth Brooklyn. TI r A N IED ? TO ATXjVr A FKMAI.K CHILD, BI-'TWEKN TT two and Ihrve yeara of age, of American p^rea'a I referred muat be dark enmplaioned. Addreaa J, A., 1 Maiald cflicet, with j>uxtii.nlaia, for Uiree daya. ?|I/.\NIEI?-BY A YOl'NG WOMAN, A SI I CATION, TT in a private family, to cook, waan aad iron. No ! ibjestion to do general li .uaewora. iiood re.'e'ence cin I fce given. Apply ?t 16 Jay *t. , Brooklyn, for tw > day* WANTI'JJ ? A FIRST CLASS FRENCH DBKSSMtKK*, ' to Iwoone parte*- r with a lady, wbo ju taken ? , nire botM In as ncrllant tucaticn for the builoeta; ate ic >ut be ful y (vompe'.en' to take tht rntire chtrge aa lor? woman, *od one that can warrant all wnrk ti give alttlhctivl; ?on* otliat will do. Apply at 110 Spring at., ait r 10 o'clock, for two leya *1/ ANTED? BY A YOU NO WOMAN AMTVAfKMf Vt to Ao|M*r%l houaework; ie a gool co??, **#ber fcnd lior?r liett of city rel'rence giren <"?l| f?r two oaya at lii.lAat '.Utal , tbird SMk room. "\ir ANTED? A SITUATION, At HO' rEKKl.PKK, IN W a prlrau faitily or eouatry toarclog acb'nl, by a vary renytctahte wemae; b?*t<^f clly an-! oeaetry ref? renM can le g1 v?n Apply at the Rrar.dretb ILjaae, corner Broadway and ''anal *?< , for two dty* Wr A>T. I?? A S1TIAT10N', BY A R-^f'KCTI B'.K ycung wmao, *? aeemitr*** or to ttta th? ?nl r? ?btrge of a yi'icg t<aby. Ha* no o>>ieo'.k<a tot'ivei with * good fan.llt to any part of M.e i'nrted rt?vea, o* Europe tt ra inlied Can proror' eight j?a-e' tee* m .n ?' fun ter la*', place. Call at 43 Clinton plaM, f >r larei d?J?_ WAM Kb? BY A 1UM .. IVaMX VOt N<? CjittL, A eituanon ?i> ehambarma^d, or to take oar? o children bit bf i*far<nce* iieaee call at ber Itat place, 38 i'erry at. Urt.-TEr? IN A HMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, A ORR n.?n girl (ha*, (peaaa h.ngli*n, to da Ma o><o?iag w*?) ing, Ironing, asd iu make betaelf ger.arUly uaelui. App ) At ti Orove tt. , b*tw?en 'J and 11 o'cloclu tE7 ANTIuU ? A SITUATION. AS CH.iM?:S.MUD AND II to i?al*t i* wait pg, by % jonijg woui*a of goo-l dUpotl'Jon ami Me?dy kab.ti Cao !>c -n at tfish iiee ot ri'r ji< ect t i r uttil engaged, (with wWa ie haa 1 v<id for the la?i two ?>?) W^.t llth at. "fI7A*irJV-BY A ?MI-i? -TABL* Y if\.j WOMAK W a ?r .iiV.on aa iban>Vr?aid ? n 1 b>a o*>. Moa to Relp o wt*blng tt : iron ng, c?n pre! )'* g ' ia eience. ''an fc? m -n ?'>r t?r*e cay* at 1 '5 We i .2 1 ?A, mar 8th av?* ue, %d I! >'/?', Mtk r ???. 'ANfrr>? HT A PESrTCTAIU.K YO'S". toMiS a e.tuatton to do general houaework t r *hi..i '.-r , m * *saa I private 'amPy. I* a g -ol ai-w > . ? (r Rett of ntj ref?r?ti?* from h?r 'ait f'iw. *k?i ? MiBtcI teo i?ara. Cm he >??i for teo !ay a, If *g*g*'1, at fi *e?t lith et , lr?. fto it. ? B t A LAI.Y, WBO HA-? MET ITi'lf a reve?* of <lren*?tan" a. to de 'be ?a? eg ?' a W M g r >t3an'i ft*, y Can e it <? I *tak? !t4l* ??r.tler -n * fine ahlrle an4 ehlVrep ? f!otll *r n? tea* ".'vt ??b'on >'? ntnaer A'#r**? 'ANTED? A HIT' ATION, BV A YOUNO WO .IAN a?> ehamlx-rmuj aid waiter, or to 4<i eh* i.N*r work and aewiug. <;?od rare renoe No oh ecti .n '>? the country Ajply at 333 U<1 avenue, ba wean 2lth aul 26tb at*. ANTED? A flTTATION, BY A KBfPWT tBU' , . young ?'iiu, t< conk. wi<H?r en. I kroner, or I > do general luowcvri. Good mferenc* from h<-r U?t piece. HIwh ca>l at 2s Co ion at., South BmVi'ya, ??coed floor . front rojm WANTED- A SITUATION, BY TWO KESi'E'J TABLE young glrla, oh aa -.ook, waaber an<l iroaar, and the oth?r aa auree and plain lever; good eltjr reference. I Icaia Mil at 310 8th avenue. WANTED? BY A PROTECTANT WOUAN, A SICUA tlN aa cook; aba undtratanda all aorta of paatry and baking; la willing to aaalat is washing and Ironing, if nqolrad , beat of alty raf annua oaa ba given . tlia countiT preferred. Plaaaa oail at 203 Variok at, llr <t Boor, nont too a. WANTED? BY A YOUNO FRENCH LADY, UBED TO taltioa, a altuatica In a refpecUil.' family or boarding achool; tha su taaah Preach, geography and biatory . Ad<lr?i? box 3,764 I'oat Office. WANTED- A SI TO ATION, BY A RIUPICTABLE young girl, to do general houtework in a email family; u> a goad plain cook, waiber and Iroaar; Can be aacn for two daya at 116 Went 2#th at., between lib and 8th ?v? du?h, tbird floor, front room. WANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A RKSI'BCTABLE girl, to do general bouaework In a reepeetable faa^ly ; aba ia a good pla a oo?k. Oan ba imd for two daya at .'>6 Maodoagal at , la tha rear, II ret entrance, accond floor. WANTED-BY A VERY RISPECTABLE WOMAN A aitaation aa good cook , would aaalat with the wa?hlng and ironiag of a amaH private family; under ataada bar baalaeaa la all Ite brenehee; tha bait of city rafar?nc?* can ba (lraa. (ka ba aaaa for two daya at 171 Eaat 11 that. WANTED? BY A HIOHI.Y RE8PHCTABLE WOUAN, a altuatloa aa coik, waaber aad Irooor. Th? beet of city refaronse. Can ba aaan for two day* at 291 Eli zabeth it, near tha coraer of Blaackar. WANTED- AT MRS KIHHE'H, 119 CdAMBER** ST , two or three good waiter girla; thoaa that eaa cb*ck aad who uftdtratead tha bualaaaa. WAN 1 ED- A WET NURPE; HER MILK NOT TO BK oldar tbaa tha child (tea weaka); a baalthy wa ui>, of good cbaraster. Nona othar a a ad app.y. at tha mllliarry etere, 67 Canal at. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH WOMAN, a altuatloa aa Orat elaat cook ; aadarataada tha making of jelllea aad loa craam, *c. Plaaaa apply at 82 Kooeevelt at., for two daya. Good city rafaranaaa given if rtiialrad; do objaction to tx^rdlag bouaa or hotel. WAKTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, a altuatloa to aook, wath and Iroa , la a gaad pla'u cook ; baa no objectioa to go a abort diatanoe In tha country; haa good city reference. Plaaaa call at 120 i liatoa placa, 8th atraat, third floor, front room. w w w 'ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO GiR'., TO attend children ami do plain tewing. Plaaaa call at 118 Waat 21ft itrtal. WANTKD-BY A FIRST CLASS DRKSSMAKER, WORK la private Tamil ee, by tha day. Beat oily refer ence givta. Apply at 172 12th at., betwean lat and 2d atfiuea, fourth floor. WANTED? A SITUATION, A3 STEWARDESS, BY A - a young woman, upon noma reaaal for Europe, aocuatomed to bualaena Apply at No. 6 Mulbarry atreet, betwean 10 and 12 o'clock, a. M. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY AN AMERICAN Wo man, to do general homework in a amall private family, cr to do esoklag, waahing aad iraalng. Apply at No. 11 Becford It. WANTfcD? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIRL, a altuatloa. to go with a family to California, or to do cfcambrrvorli la a private family ia tha city. I'kaaa rail at 206 Waat 17th at. , can ha aaaa foi two da; a. Beat o I ei y rrference glvtn. WANTU)? BY A LADY, A YOUNO WOMAN OF A vary lively, cheerful diapoaition, to take care of a child three yaara old. Sba muat be perfectly aociu tomed to the care of ehlldrra, and hava goal city r* f? r*nce. Call at It Lamartina place, la 29th Ht , be twaen 8th and 9th ava., between the baura of 12 an I 2. WANTED? A t-in'AT10N, BY A RESPr/TAlll.K yoaCKg'rl, aa chambermaid and aaiter or to take care ot children and do plain aewiog. I'W-aae cai! at 131 24th at., '-orner of 7th av, Good city reference. WANTV'.D? A SITUATION, BY A RWPBCTABLK WO maa, to do general housework, aad would o-W. *arb and Iron. )>ood city relerenra. Apply at 111 Waat ltth ?t , In the rear, baaemeat Caa be ??en fo. two day a, tf net tpgaged. I1TANT1I>-A SiTI'ATluS, BV A RESPETl Bl.l fj widow woman, aa wet nnrae. Gojd :(ty refe reace glvta. Apply a'. 61 t 'listen place, ('an ba aeen uatil cii(f*^?d, from 10 to 4 o'clock. |*/ANrKD? A BtWAfKJM. BY A MMWTAKM W )oarg womaa, to do general housework, or couk, waal. aiid iron. Good reference given, fan be ?e?n for two daya at 310 fttb avenue, balwtea 26th and 27th ?W WANTID? A HIT ATION, BY A BKNI'KCT VBLE y urg *oi4?n, a* norae and aeamatreea. Goo I reftrenee given. Caa be a?en for two d?ya al 310 H.b avtnue, batwean 26tb and 27th ate. U' ANTED? A BITUATIO.V, Bf A TO UNO WOMAN, Tf a I'rotaatant, na cbivlr'a'a nurae, iht la a ko<> 1 waater and Iroaer, and wonld d? the worv of a ?mall family. Good refrren^ee. Apply at 371 0th at , br twfji a van or a B and C, for two day*. II'AMEP- \ Hilt ATION, BY A WWIIIH ff I'rotxUat w.iman, co?k, waabt r aid traaer Apply at 242>a 18tb tt . near !'th avauae. Caa be aeea for tao daya. WANTED? A Sin*r.ON, BY A HEAP EC TABLE jo -ng woman, in a private fam'lr, oook, uu drrataa^r all klada of paatry would be wiilirg to aaam III the willing noil Iiiia.t fi, .1 te.|Uir"d j or would do I M houMWork of a rmall family ia capable of taking pr . y r rare of liar kitcben, la willing to go ia the coantry good rvferrnc from her laat |-lave, wbrri abe llvrd lor four year*. I'l?*-e call at 48 Allen at , Brat floor reir bouie tetecea lUnter aad Graad at i, WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE youog girl, aa cook, waihtr aol ir>aer, la w,l iu< to go n the country, good rtferen se. \pply at i nity p'ace. Can be acn for three daya WrANlHi-BY A RE<PKCTAI!LE fOBW (URL. A ?ituatinn, aa chambermaid ao l i-eamitreaa, or HiBitrna by th? w??a, caa g<ve goal dty refeier.-"! -Abp'y ?t her prexent p ace, IN Weat Waahingtou place CM veo daya. WANTII?? A l'ER-^)N WUO THOR'lUOHLY I N deretanda (luting, and mating ail alnda of ruch'a. Apply at to Barclay at , ap ataira 1*7 ANTED? A WTI'ATION, IIY A RHI'K 'TABU VV yoong American gtrl, lo take care of rlill Iren an I do plain, Applj on the aoutfiwat c ra'r of 2j it at , ' to av., thir-i liosr, fnint room W\N TED? A NKtT iHDTIOY OIBL, FOR flEXKRAL houeiwork nut be a gool wanner aa I Ironer Apply at t8 1 siton it, tiro^klva. WAStU>? BY A MmMMl PR'jiEtfANr young woman, a aitaation to co'^k, w.<b an. I' n, or To do general houeewurk n a imtll family. Tbe beat of city relereB'-- given Would praf?r to live in ?'ie rouatry . i'leaae aall at 341 -<d av., ?etwe?n 20th and a:th r?. - W~tiltfifr- V * ? YOUNG W>( maa a aitaation, aa children a anrae or iadlea' maid aad pla.a aeaBetie" ia capabla of taking ''barga ol an iafanl from ita birth. Gowd city referen:* giv?n. i l?a-e call at 103 Weat 2Mb at., fourth floor. ( ta be aata for two daya. Wf AMID? >N AMERICAN WOMAN, AS NUR4K TO take c barga of aeverai young :h Idren ia a private family, a >l;ort in tka couatry. Apply at 194 W tfl. tf% o ?t. ' Wr ANTED? A hJIX' (TION, BY A BE PRC TABLE young woman, ia a private family, aa ae*?airaia, can cat aad fit cbiU:ran a dieaaea; la a good aatrt baat Will ng to do I'ght <-bam'<?rw <rk. Can ba aeea la ber prri?at tituatioi, 1M I2lb at , betwaea 2d an1 dd ave cua?, until aiitai WrANlED? BY A Vol' NO LADY, A ?ftJAflON A1 t'rn? maker -tt "aioitreaa ao olije-tn/a In tat i care of cbikran (Jali at 41 I tight at, oppoute (ft J? ID a park, Where aba ia at preaett ea>pi*rya? I fi'ANTLD? A UOYLKNEH, IH A H CALL >aMILY TT <<ae who u compateat to tearh ike Eugi ab aa I lr>B'h Uogaagea cona<:Uy, aad will make ft* I gee* ra.l j initial, w.d Bod a vrutw Loco* aa 1 Aral rate wagea. Ajpljrtollrr A II- II, I'aok r'ap ll<>ai WUliaav* karf. mi^N'TEii? a HiiuZFioN, as w*f ~ni r?e, ?y"a TT jmt.( eumaa lt?a' of re'-ra ?a i ?? ba >??n fer tw xya at Utt at , between l-t aid 2d avaaaea. AN I U>? BY A KMI'W MHI.C Y'H -I ?'Mi* iite'y retaraed fr*-m k.'i ripm, a ? t iat!">B to 'rav?l > lady av 1 ta< 9 care of ehilcr?a iiagaod piaia , aau ia wall ?? ? ,?t?m* i to travel -tx- -? ?f atty u -:e given, i' i if. a > at 44o Jr.tb at , betweaa - a ? ???., fortev <??)* AS It&^A .-'I. C. TlOi, !!?' * i jot,?r woaaaa wnSa? to get * l? aa . ? i? p ?e?, si ' do 6. a waat dg t?l I ? a ag aid obaibir ?o tc. n i' 'Jk? oaa t cf ???J *l'f* aa? m ? > a a -ko<t 1 lUB ? fa tsa aua it. <;.? 1>? ?eea :?.r w w VV \v VKffT- HA . !'. Weat 1 otk < ?<itca?k>v t, aad a tret rat* baker, gand '*'? <a ? oyer lu' e-, o>,,- ioa u to- ao in try f'rtwodtya at 1 1 /Tt* tt , bet aeea Tt - ? A ?tnv r?' *, BY a a ec?a*. ?Mb*' a I > ? t ?< , ~t ? ? e r?(,h WAJITS. \tT ANTED? * SITUATION, BY A YOUNO OIRL.'IT yy tear* old, to take oar* o( children, or to do Obam t?r work. V||W not no much an object ft* ft goo J boa*. None but ft retpaclabt* family imi) apply. laqalr* ft*. 24tt uTta.i* I!, if t.r Uth it W' *1/ ANTED? A MTI'ATION, BY A RKSPfcXJTABLE l?UI' ,?? nu,?' "d Pino eeamttrea., or V oald nave no objection to do the work of a a, nail fam'. If; it ft good wather sod Ironer Owl tefer.n*a An )>? at the daif a tore, Atlantic ??., Brook lj a. aecond .loor Iroui Hick* at. WANTID-A SITUATION, BY A It MPH.t: TABLE Amarisan girl, to do cbaiiibar<vork and l>[?u eaw itg, or to tok? cere of a cbtlJ, or *ouM do the houee work of ? (sail family. Good refarencaa. Ap/j at 16 lit oi j at. WANTED- A SMART TIDY, (illlL, TO ASSIST IS doing houaework, and to mako herself gaaerally uteful, a>u*t bo of a kind and ob.lgiag diapoaitioa. Ap jly at No. 0 Eut Warren atraet, Brooklyn. WANTED- BY A RKSIECTABU: YOUNU WO*AN, k alt nation to cook, wath and Iron, th# b.jt o city reftiauce from bar lai.t employer Can ba "een for two da; a at 131 7tb ftnnu, corner 20th at., in th? lamp ?M> WANTED? A SITUATION, BY V STE \DY WOMAN, a* a flrat rat* cook In ft amall private family, eaa gtra tta boat of ro'troaco. Alto, a young woman to aa *iat la tho waablag and Irrnlng, or woila >1.7 mm *r work and plain aowlafc, no objection to the ouu.ry Can b? aaan for two day* at No. 12 .Vmity pltca. 'ANTH) ? A SI1UATI0N, BY A I'AFABl.i: YOJNIi woman, in ft private fam Ijr, aa good plain r.?ok. wether and iloner, or to do general houw ao l c.iambtr woik. Apply at ait Want 2Jtn at.. for two day?. WANTKD-BY A RKKI'MT tBLK YOl N<i WOMAN, ft altuftt'on aa cbambarmald aad to a*?i?t in iroa Irg, or to do general houaeeork in a amiill prlva'.e faint It; tba btat of city reference given. Can be imd at 77 Wi f- lMh at., for twa day*. WANTED-BY a young woman, a sitcahov, ft* wat nurce, bar own baby ka only 0 eeekt old. Inquire at 181 Varlck at , rear buililng. City rafvinra givea. WANTED- BY A REHPHCTABLK M UlR'KD WOMAN, a filtuntion aa wat nurte, in a (ntfnui'l family, la ? nly a lew weak* ovtr bar confinement of her aocond baby, wblob wai attil bora. I'leaae Nil a'. MO Monro* at WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A KIM'I CrABl.K middle ?ged Proteatant woman, aa good: j?k. I'a dcratacda bar butineaa perfectly, an<l ia aa egcaUaat wftaher and Irontr. la a good bread and oaka baker. Call at 38 Kft?t lwtb at , between Broadway and i'b avaaue. (.'an b? at an for two day a. Reftia ti !aat ?Ituation. WANTED? A SITI AnoN, IY \ HKJl'Et.T \HI.E g rl, aa a cook in a reaper' abla family, or hel^ in wftablng or Ironing Apply at i'-h Hanry at., o(T Atlantic, South Brooklyn, front room, No. 11. WANTED? A BITITA1I0N, AS COOK. (Ml TO DO generftl bouaowork. by ? reap?:*.?t>la young wo ?au. aba can milk and bake, and woull go to tba coon try if required, the ii well rejonuitn led. Apply at No. 4 ^anda >t . baaeneut, Brooklyn. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY AN KNOL'.ttH I'KO taatnnt girl, to taka care of chiHren, and to ai ?lit in gent ral Lou a* work. Apply at 6&H Ureanwlcb at., for two day*. w ANTEn-A SITUATION, BY A CAI'AB'.K YOt'NO woman, aa nuran aad aeftmtlfaea. Uosd city rt fereocea given Apply at '244 9tb at. , for t wo daya. WANTED? A 8IIUATI0N, BY A RKSI'K' TABI.K yonng wonia, aa cb\mbarmail, ant to do the Ana wathlng and Ironirg , la ft moat excellent plain aewer.luatha moat raatiafaclory city reTeranee aa to bonaaty and capability . Can be aeen for two daya ?t 3i ? 2d kvenue, corner X'id it , aacood Uoo-, >m. ANTED- BY A RffiPECrABIj: PROTECT A NT Wj Vr man, n aituation, aa nunie or Itdiy'a mail haa hvtd nanny yaara in both capa-.ltie? ia e<ry food of chiidran; tba country ptaftried. 1 pp'y at 107 Kaat 1'ith ? t . cnrutr of Id aetnue, up itaira. Not -a from the ciuniry attended to for on* week. WANT* D? A KlltfT RATE l.AI NDRE88; FS i-U Scotch or Oeimtn preferred. App'y at < Broadway. WANTKD? a situation, by a rk^rcta aa oook, waaher and lron*r beat of > i y rnee given. Can be aeaa for two day?. Appiy at 124 : 6th at , flrat Hour. WANrED? BY A MOST R PBCfAJU YODJtO woman, a aiiuatioa, M a t.r?t r< v* oook and a moat eactlitnt baker ol braa'i au I J. . y und?rata.nda all ktnda of aoupa and caaaar a wul l u.ka charge ot houaokeeping if roqalrwl, u aha ia aa mull! gent i?ra?n Pleaae call at TM I1tj at. uir >t> an nue, till engaged. Beet of elty ralartn a given WANrED- BY A RKsl'ECTTABLK Y'.INfj WJMAS, a aituatwo aa cbambtrmaid and waiter, or to take care of ebtidrea, or to do the bouaeeork o' a ainili fan.iJy , !? rompelent to do either, b?>t of ty rt area/it ran be glvea. baa lived In her laat p ace one year. < 'an he teen for two daya at 3414 Pearl |t. WANTKD? A EIRKT RATE BLMiKK^-U'KR, AND AV A No 1 aaleaman, acquainted with Ute wboirnie fanrv dry gooda .buameaa, to go W?at. Apply o han<l anting of app'icante, with referaasM, bia 1,W4 OtBre. WANTED-A BlTl/ATl'lN, AM 0?A' llvlAV, BY \ man who underitanda the care aii'l miotgeaea'. of boraea, baraeaa, Ac , ho la alto a good farrier, er a altLBt'.on aa forvaiaa m a llverr atabla, far wiii-b ha la aito compel* ut nnescepUonabk reference given u it cbaracttr, ah.llty Ac , no objection to town or cauatry Apply at I'l' at . Bell a in lall.ic-n -e ofllM. W ANTH)- A SITUATION, A.S WAIIEH, IN A Pill vate family, by a Protettanl young maa who tk i roughly unorataada ula baaineee In all lie braaebee, aad baa livad with acme of the teat fainlltea la tbe s ty Ne objaetK a to towa or country, or to travel. Would go to Call ornlacr Auatralla with a g>aUetnaa ? fa<nlty or >ea captain. A(y ordtra left or a note addraeaad at the drug ktore of Mr Mtlatyre, <72 Rroadway, will bt attended to. 11/ANTED-A fMAKT, ACTIVI. TOOV0 MAN, KtlOA TV IC to IH yetra old, to attend la a coal oil. t oat ? ho unit ittamla tbi bua.ntta prtftrred. Apply a. I i Wooetir at. W AM Hi- A MAN TO WORK A BI.ACK-uffni one tbat can alio* houea an I do job work, tpplr at 1(0 Murray at. Nona nead apply bat '.boat wa!i re oommtniled < all from fl to 10 o rlo -a \. M. "\\T ANThl>? A SITUATION. BY A R't-'VF, T A 11,*. TV >tea< y yocng man, at clerk ia a wbo>aalt ?t?fe f at an a.nttent l.ookke par; r an g ve g t>i 1 ref-rae ? fi ">m bij laat employer, and a? In tfce kaowle^gt if <o-?? p leg. Adcitta T V. J., Herat i oflire ?a'Aniii>? a suctiiua, in * m i an r. W I roteaient young man, 17 yeaia of ag', ?<> in llnht work in a atore grocery ttore prefarrt 1 <>k,a : Ik u to go to tlx routt-rjr. Apply at US Waal ;r:b at , fur two daya tl; ASUII ? TWO OK THREE M?N IN A PI I." - Yt agra?abla tuaiO'ta. by wal^b from I . ii ft p>r day can ha made alto, on? oi aalary V it fan a (. |.l v to |o'j .Na*aaa at , room h, a;, at-, rt Ho i ri from h tUl A I M u antu?-an wmm and aopt m*-., akdi W lilty yawra of age (ao .men an . wbo undOf atanda tb* o>< nay eacbaaga t>ualn*aa n a. i\a arau-t>ea 'iutt be a giKM. Jndge o| money, \<-. Itefarai, ?? ra ured. A' drata D A , or '?Ul, corner o' Ort?a?i bai.l 'ia- ? .y itraela. WANTHI- A hllUATluS, BY A ill- S'. ttZS "a" barter l?, beaidaa, fully qoa li.ed to ifajt .ra hiat ra'.a balr 'Iia aa>t parfumeiy of avarj dat rtj" .n Aodraaa A D , It > raid ofBee. AN r>D- THREE OB rof'R KvrKRI'KM <0 YOfNO Vv *an. In a iMpafUh a Ii naa.?. Na ii; f'wr I. to $M> par mnn'.h. /? pi>l y to 7 It'll A ( ' I r ?v1eay, Oj a'alra ttoura tiom ( .(. M to 5 P M II' ANTED? A ?f'BF.K A' flVK AND I.llK'iriHM| W inaa, trnlr vta boraa ta1 eert, an I m ? ae I. maelf otbarwtaa u"f?l la aa oil fact?.-y one ae*) app'y unleia thay ait a< tiat .mad to tfr>vog a bortt aad earl. and wall ftr>|ua n'04 wlib tke all/ '.?<^lrafer u ?? w | be rtqulr~l. An A meriaaa pval? rrad Ajp'yal<?:E. ? maa at , Brooklyn. 11/- ANTH 'lY t V*Rf lUfPEJfAB W Hi VV a tltaat on ia *mm w: teealo gr . >ry at a aa tntrv eJert, .r Ui In koap ag the b> ?? >*4 mate bin ,atl? otlerw ta utefoi. With a elvw '-t 1*1 ?t aome kaoola 'ge of ' he b'jetaee* I1<a<a ?d 'reaa I .a Hi Nara'd office au log vh?a aat where aa a^rv.ea-aa be had ?j^ an r? d- immadiat ?.xy, in ouff" o ri~u~K, Ts W i L>la tiph ft, * Kan fktttft "oiataaa. fro a El'<> to |Ki>. raiary, at Aral, per aMetb. A petmtaaa'. ?tcat.oiitaft laitbftti paraon No 'iaa ia> ; ?a iaaa te <:aa r'0|il/ with tbe ab>ee. KI' 'i-M.i % t I ub - tleta, o? - ? >ip atatta, .1 iir><adway *? i?D? Ai r.XftUr.lcCO C )"*Y'VQ ?. Apyly at 1 1 W. . v\ ?t'xy be k ffim gEMMID ? A \IA* I Tkkk CAR! '<i VV h raee, a Car' aft, ? ? iw and ft I lb rty w ? a out ol towa ftit'itlbev* k"?' ? n 'rtlead tba eara of karaa fttat r< ijt.h'td Apply after 10 o'a.tA at 1M f m a ' p ita.r>. 41 'Ah KI ? .M , ? ?'U V III ? V> m* It ?!>?.* 9m\*r |o ? *?' e?rk j * ? ?f ? ? '? <??r *** 6 * am. ?t aai piar* ebeve be "t ? laut b *-eir J.ieetr 'ao ra ad ???. ? tta t% >f e. |v.,Al V?V -> !. 'I V | ?t m'j <* ? 'I ?k w h '? r pint"* taai lie? a . a. ??a (? i ei eeaara. *a ?ai'i a ** a .. la He a'b'ir . 10, Uttaftt a a, .. ! Arrival of the Star of Ihr Went and (tone Law. TWO WEEKS LATER FROM CALIFORNIA. Rev* flrom Orr(?Bi .<u?lkri ?ru(rai iarrlta, r*di? SaMlvkk l*land?, tutralla, *?< #1,505,40* in Treasure Arrived. Interesting Political Intelligence. ? DunotnvUt Nominations for RUtte Officer. BlEXIMi OF THE STEAMER 4.?B*IM. MBTTZdOLS rL&rrOlM. NEW GOLD MINES IN O&BOOH. ?OVBtlEin OF 1HK HDU1H. EXP0ET8 FROM SAN FEANCWCO. INTERESTING FROM CARSON VAlllY. MARRIAGE1', BIRTHS, AND i)KATB8. IMPROVEMENT IN TRADB, the m akketh, ?r., *fn Tba ?t*a??bS^?t ir of tb* W**t, Of lb* Nieara*ualloo, K. W. Turoar oonim?n?l*r cn'?l j?iUr?l?t loarolag tn>m PuaBi Ar*n?*, Tin Kty W**t, with 3dJ p?*MBg?r*, iad 9461, 3>6 U? *p*el# on 'rm^bt. Tba Htar of tba VT??t arrlrad outward at I'unta Awn*" <,a tba 1Mb ib?i , rorMi i'ng *ltb lb* ?te*mi>hip ^hU?, ('apt. Bunt, wbioh to!'. "*? I rmtaoo ?? tha Wlb u't TbaOoft** ulM at Bao.iiailbi oa Ui* way, aad arrl??-l at Hoa Juaa dal Bar oa the tl,T? t tf tba 13th la? Tha flter of tha Waat Ufl PuoU Araaaa au ??** 111 of tba lttb nit., wit:. *>3 paaaaagor*, wi ? 0*6,2* 4 m (poet*, and ealtod at K*y ***t for coato on tb* 20(J? lut , wbtaca ah* toft tha Mm* at 1 '? ??*?. ?'? M. PUMIfMI all ID lf?xl bMl<h. ('?1. Klan*y 111 bl* *i|?4itiM bad aot arn>*d. Vaitato la tha barbor of tan Juno dil Noil* ? Br?ll*te rtf? frigate Butitrd, *ad ha Waat India *taa?ablp TmooV ... ? . July 24, at H ?>* ?'?* 1 74 d*c- 0 ?icbangtd aigoato with tha buk B. II. CaatbU, ataadlag North. Tb* follow tag to tha Mncii u?r rr.K *tau Of til* w?m Dr*i*l It Co., I bil W.u.UW Boots * K.l<*f,N Y ?l *1 M.Uopol Itoak NY 1W.I.W0 U??M* Kraft# ll.Wfc VVkUi rargo k < o. ll-,0"j lii#?* A to 14, OW) Km* ia?*>n?r A' o 44 kU' ucUwteln, BayfcUa 11,140 jT' hrn !?>? Hch.U. k Bro* 11,310 WBtVllgaiaa k( o l?l,t?>0 1 ?-?ch.raoo *0a, R K*llj k Co IVMtr.n ........ 4, WO Wai. II. Daabaai 2* ?"> k Um liaak of An>*rlc* V.i *?i ?ai, do XbaOooMr! .. ??"?.) WimiljJj^ 1,4^ W. r. Col???* ?*?'?> II. '43 .1 HwaUM ,^otb*r. T. Wbalradfa k t'o * [*>?? * y :r ' ? Vr. TT^U.A..?:: .?,?? Ilod^.' V I "? i!^l-rg.r AB-o., IterAlVl-lk". 1 >?? *?rt V* li !So . ... . , ? li. i t' Morgan, afwat. 14,400 lij . , K A J lloiaai^kl ti,'VOO Ik j ' H tuuar Kdalabi* ?u0 Ma?*r k llr** 2,M>0 jXiI'?! J* i a W^Klarl TU* 'i*orgo 1 ??. * <1- 0'?7. <? >???*???'. Irft Alp'awall a*. 7 14 1' M -'ul J l?b, aa.i ar?l?wl oO I la Til.* atO o 'on o. lb* *f?olag of th*2*b l*ft llataaa Jalj 21 *t at 1 o clotk P. H, ?o.l afrl?*d ?t t|a*r?atiO* ?t 4 clock I' B . ol tb* 2?th ft* briag* tba tWIforala lo.ito ol Jur.? U/'.b, l^tWJ.aia la ?a*ur* oa liaigbt, an.l v???*oi*?* U. H. tlMp gf war l^lmnuUi, ' ?ptalaSh?w, ?u *1 Us**Ba, te *a i oa * #r.i>a o a f*w day*. lUa I'acaina Bail utaam>a p < ..lapaojr * *!?.??' "o"' r*. K, I, WblUrg, coairana'lfr, Uft Kr*a.i*- i, Jjo* .Mitb, At #.40 r. ?l , with :: |,a??*agar? aa?l |l,l&i,li.*? la U?ww?? 12 ?-f wbleb on Kogl *b */ ouot. Ju y Ut. at 8 I' M , r ???*' ?t??m*r (Virtw, from ?*a<j .loan for Haa Franc i**" .'u1* Ttli, at nanHta. /?*?* I *teaa*r John I -tepl.*o?, froai I'lumi for 4o aal a '? P M ?uaai*r Hl?rr* N*?ada froai l"an Jaaa 'or 4a Ikt Honor* arririd at Acapulci July Clb, al 1 49 A B , laft at 7.30 A. B , *am? day, and arrlf#J at I'aaa - ? Jaly 1Mb at I u>loek P. B Tba?". raporU* a*at of U or * gl.t clip ft ?! oBf.a llaada, b uod la. Hiaaaaar ? Af*. wllb p*a.*nfor< aad at J< fr# ? N.o Yoia Joar ?tb, ?rrl?*<l at Han Kra?iU:> Ji*? rfOtb, at 6 10 A B 1 ba faltow'ag U tb* r*EAH HI i.iirr oi inr. la*. W.IU K.rgo A '? ' ?? lf**?l k t-to... . lo'ioa |! .a?*a. -.b?l?i>?? 'O IT'S; Ja?r?*? I'aU Kh .. . . t'rdwt..... ?a-'??w <ata*y ? ? % ?i*a 0 ' oibura ~ ~ \\ IUjI. of A?*rlea g ^ J i.t?,"'a*' TjU 'O j ?< w"' -- itt ; <T,,,W. <*.o? I'"'*' f ? HI. loo. Bat '"?* }*??'' Joba Ihi.and k O# ??-? T. B". I toy {Wg W?l lag to. A 11 Y"' J |i I i k< *?'* ' llobat * V* ??l?'b*g*a ? 'owl 1?*? l;roU*r* . . t'ts4 l it t ? p ? i ? I li t' l * u < v ? fu-1 f. IV. >. W ?-b. J III u 4 I. ii a t OfcO lllaift,. 4 , tfOB #'?.?!? A W ...? v.Laior, B*aa?M A ' ?, < b** A l la. wi Aa>r.?i I i ?' , II li*af<..,. '< iqo> i* A ( ? II A. K?:i?j i. < . " niut'a A li^p* W*<- riat>- lac ll*nry ' trybtpf Jao -(????? Taial W* ar* ? <o " , . r ' r ?jr .?r o* j ? ?f ? f lb* B?*t, f</r ?? ii all ?? ? ,a Fri - a '.'yirttfj W. ,ti . ! i" ' ??iy?i?#? ?* ? I argo k ' , ii?: .aa t* I ijr?# ? 'j. f* ' ?* ?' I <?? a ?? ? *>? t ?a -4 ? ??. ? . f?*f aa at ] iac? til * oa tt>? 24 ' h t\ Br*. ' a'b?? ?.* . ? ( ? a a< w tl a*ua la V?T| a, ? ?i * ?? >ay *? ?'.*g a pait af lliiirt I'nff Ryar. ? . . w ?; *n ?? ?wi, tad B'<? Cmi; I! *>' Tba rWwi /' .... t at C-i. ''-?ft**, w tb ki* <? *!???, h?4 arr<?a* a ' alio a I ill*y * . I *a- a ^ *ip* ted 41 P a or r.lto Ita *?. ?? f .,??? b/ Bra a* 'ba ?/ i , ,'ir ?? ? I - 1" ? ?| I*. t%* aatii! ?' |1 ? Tn In 1 ' ' . . la ta? run 4to'Alwry *?*?! , Bann '4a|k ?g?r. a a i ?? '**'.?! va aa ad)** *( I*.**, ; #!*? ? fta* i ?a ? ? If ik< f'l-aif ? U 'g* ?*'??*? '? ? fcMl tllHllwly IllBtJ'l *?" ai? y I?i* I in 1 1 Ight'i u ? . . ?JlaM w i ba iHimti ?*r<4 * ?*. ? ' ./t. ?? I QaB, < apu,? i#r , i.araar oa ?*? " a fcit w b *. ; i ? j, v*r teAiag ?> ? tea ! < <?f ' **> "t ? ,? ?, ii > (aa ??<<?, ????? ?*.% ?, i in **4 vllb TBB ?'?? '71* ?'P *?r ?*- ii- a. " ? ?' * ??* ?u?' *.11, it l ,>' ? ? , i w IMw, 'a n?a' !'?* lali b i> ? .;i frawi <i* /??-, W> " P. fl'l 1M i|a ' ' r"> ' '**? '-*f*r* IM ' ?% r na ' 'it ?* ?wa'bA, I ?? pa* I - t M t ' y ib* B?j r g* , , , i. r ?*#'?' to? J eto4a- * V- a i n "o ? ? ? ' t. ito te 1. 1' ? ? * t a .*???' - O ' ' ? a#'. ?U ? ? afoot* i*-t i ten f.*? *? ?? vat?g It ItfaSy wM VV? ?ily I r/ I ' I I - ? ?.? >i i i I I II r 'aa f . i ? -. ? I ? b bo' 5 by ' . ?* ? ? i , jx.0 ? BtH*t A (b-|M ? .lit .a V ? ' " ?4 a-. ? K 'U ?? f i > ?l

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