Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 26, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 26, 1855 Page 6
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rt 'ot tLf> Sacramento V?U#y fWttrood. Thl en fry** M >?'< ?rririDg kt ? lUU Of completion. TV demoratlc pHm*ry election, h?U la thl* city Oft Ui? lTtfc i**t , re.ulW-4 in tbe election of thl Mlin Hu^r for tbe State Convention, to bo hoM at 8a ciemen toco the 27th of Jans Th* rntiDtr City of Norfolk his boos pat npon tho lino betmcu this city and Oregon, via tho various porta aienr th# eoeet. tho steamer Amirtaa mad* her trst ? trip (tvia this city to Paget Sound oa th* Slat lastaat Tho omUisr in Saa Franctsaj haa been aaild aad ana oj far tb* pis*. ton 'ays, while at times exooMire h*at haa been ea**riono*d. Basin*** ui bora lively, aad wo bar* no moco hoary failuite or defalcations to raeoant. An application wai aiad* ia the Twelfth Diatrlet Court, ac tbeltkk, (the day of eai.iog of th* semimonthly ill? mi ) for tbe arret t of Mr. David C. Pago, who vaa abeat 1 carlo* for tbe Eastern 3U*i. Than were eerioui charge* of fraud made at fie same Use. Aft order of arreot waa glren, bat tbe Sh-nd wa* unable to mako tho arreot, a* upon proceeding to th* Golden Gate, whleh steamer **Uod at 6 P M , it waa found that Mr. 1' age- had railed at 12, la tho Sierra Nora la. The sew couaty hospital U completed, aad the pa tient*, cumbering about three hundred aad Sfty. will be removed ia a lew daya i?to tho bulldbK Tha ctrr Mayor eioit and Oommon Council take their eeaU cn the drat Monday in July (2d proximo). It haa net yet been decided whether or not to throw out the double return* ot tho Fourth ward. talietmint* are laid to bo going on ia thl* oity for tbe Alrater party in Mexico. Tho prooeediags are kept etoeedlagly quiet. lhe United State* steamship Maaaachusotta, Lt. Mead*, cob: minding, left thia harbor on th* Slat, b< uud c? a crulae. Tho provision* of the Vagrant act paa*el by tbe last lajviaiut are likely to be tbe cauae of eoaaiderabie contention ia thi* city among th* legal fraternity. By tbU lew erfry person out of employment U liable to be arreeted, and aoreral persona bare been arrested and brought to trlaj. Jury tr ala were bold in the polioe court, and the defendant* in some caao* convicted. A a otv'fcr haa paa*od the Board of Couaty Supervisors approbating $10,0t>0 for tbe building of a bridge acre** Mlsaioa creek. On .-eturiav , the 24th. a man named Loha abet an other named Umbwn through the f aoe, In till* oity. The culprit (a H*ld to hare been insane. He ha* beea sent before th* Grand Jury Our date* from the Sandwich Island* are to the 6 th iaitant, Th* United States sloop Decatur wa* at th* Inland*. Th* British ntorosbip Rattlesnake wa* alio at Honolulu. Her Britiab Majesty '* ship Monarch. 80 gun*, bad arrived at Honolulu from Cailao, and aftar. a few tfay* stay had aalled to tbe northward toward* Petro poulewski She left Honolulu without paying her bill* for ouppu**, aad th* appl.oajats were threatened with the eat. Tbe account of a naral engagement between a French aad Russian ship haa been published, but the story I* eotiral; unfounded. Several very aggravated assaults hare taken place in thl* city within th* lait twe week*, which hare duly been brought to tho notioe of r.he author! tie*. A prono*iti*n ia now on foot ia tho Comaoa Counetl of San irancwco to puxonaie tho plank roada known a* the Felscm. Mission aad Pacific itreet road* of the com paaie* owalag them, by the city, for the nam of $175, 0C0. The payment to be made in oity bonda, payable la t*a years, with inter* at at the rata of 8 par cant per aaacm. The aeip Harriet Hoxiehaa sailed for St. Bart iolmew'a Hay, L"rter California, for a cargo of guano from the Oerm Ulanda, which are said to abound in th* pure ar ticle. The Democratic State Convention for tho nomination of a ticket for the rarioia State offloes, waa hold oa tho 27 th and 28th of June, according to prorioa* an no ace - ment. The reealt hae not yet been declared. Ex Governor Foot*, Don. K. C. Marshall, Bailie Pey ton. Darid S. Terry, aad other leading Southern politi cians, hare been delivering ipeechen and addroaie* throughout th* Interior in favor of the Know Nothing s*ov*m*at. Tbey have been enthusiastically reoeiveo in every direction, aad it ia thought they will make the tour of the State. The State election takes place on tho Bret flTedueedav ia September. Th* account* from the mines continue to bo of the meat encouraging nature. Tunnelling and quartz crush ing ia teicg prow cu ted with extraordinary activity, and the interior preia teema with nattering notice* of the discovery ol new and rich lead*. Kviry day's exp?ri*ac* *e*ms to point out th* fast that the placers of California are inexhaustible. !u Calaveras county the most successful operation* are going forward in Campo Coco, Chile Camp, French Hill, Empire Citv, Stewart's Hill, and other famous mining place*. From other pertioos of the State the new* I* equally cheering Th* SDiner* in com* district* have refusal to deposit any loager in banking Louses, and prefer to bury their treaause* a* they exhume them to trailing the chance* ol another Adam a fc Co. earthquake. Water i* about being introduced in'.o an Imutenea tract of gold bearing terrl'.ory, from Lake Bigler, in the Sierra Nevada. Th* enterorise la already oa foot aad the fbnd* partly contributed. From all quarter* disastrous account* are reoaived of the raragea of graashoppera. In Car*oa Valley it la feared the whols gratn crop will be deatroyed, while in the vicinity of Saioramen^o , and at Hook Farm, the re sidence ot Gen. Sutter, everything green has disappear ed ia thilr march. Tbe news ftom the louthern part of the State is un important. we have tecel ted advise* from Oregon and Waahing ton Tenltory. Mining and agricultural affair* ar* In a proeperou* condition there. Che Brat *t*am?r haa cam mtnoed regular tripe between tJila city aad Paget Sound. The ateam propeller Uty of Norfolk etarted fiem thl* oity to ply on the northern c"eat laat week. Tbe ateamer Thoma* Hunt, schooner rigged. *all*d from thl* port for Hong Kong, on the 17th fnat., but re tarned, having carried away bar mast*, th* went to aea again the following day. Th* Sacramento Union publlihee a tel*graphlo d*e pateh ffcm PlaoerrlDe, announcing the arrival at that place from Salt Lake, of Hon. J P. Stile*, Associate Jua tis* of rtah; J. L. Hay ward, Coited States Marshal of CUh. and Oraon Hyde. Col. Steptoe and oompnny will remain at Carson Valley abiut tea day*, to recruit, pre rioaa to eroding th* mountain*. Mr. Hyde says that th* la*t report give* him many more wive* than h* really bae. aad none came orar with him. All qu'et In Salt Late. Grasshopper* doing considera ble damage to the crope. Th* Portland Time* *ay* that mining operatton* in .^?utharn Oregon are almost eatlrelv suspended, for the want of anffieUnt water. It Is a aid there ha* been leas rain daring the laat wmter and ipring than ever before During tbe paat week the moat exceealve heat ha* been experienced throughout the in tori at of California. In Sacramento th* mercury ha* reachad to an unuaual height In Stockton it ranged 95 to 105 deg. ; tn Hone re, 1CI deg. ; la Columbia, 168, aad Mokelumne Hill 102 dog. Ia moat plaeoe thejieal baa been each a* to pra vent work In the mine*, excepting at morning and *reu _ '"Vew* baa been received here of the dlaoovery of gold in large quantitla* In tbe neighborhood of Fort Colvtlle. It ia aaid to be eimtlar to Feather river gold, aad that men are taking aut from $12 to $20 per day. Gold ha* been discovered near tbe leree. In tbe city of ?"?cramcnto, and many penon* bar* ataked out claim* there. Qght men took out $107 on one day, and on ano thar over $80. The gold was probably buried there by oonm minor in th* early day* of California, and n*v*r re turned for, and tb* waahing of th* river eating away the books brought it to light. Tbe leurahing towns of Auburn aad Angel's Camp bare been entirely destroyed by Are In tie last twe wreka. They are faat riling from their a?h**. Political New*, TIH DF.MOCBATIO CTATB CONVENTION. Th* democratic Stat* < onrenUnn met at Sacramento ?a tho 27tU Jane. On the 2tttU a platform aad reeoln t'or.*, firming Marly an axact tranicript of tbe laat Kaltimoie platform, with the addi'Joa of oaa denounc ing the Kaew Nothings, were uoanlratualy adopted, 2S5 rieiegaUe v ting. The (U'ewlag ate the nominat*oas ? John Biglei, for Cerernor 8am uel Purdy, for Ueut. (; >r*rnor, Charles Hrjaa and Myron Norton, re*p*:tirely, for the ?hort nad long tarn of the Supreme Court. T. Kloumoy would probably be nominated for Comptroller. It i* stated that tweaty two of the deiegatea withdrew aft?r th* nomination of BlgUr. ? KM SOIL CONVENTION IN W*HH1N0T3N TKHHtTOKT. A fir* Mil convention wa* h?ld at Ulympla, W. T , oa th* 26th of May, and noaiinatid Josiph Cushmao for d?l*gato toCongro** from that Territory ItUONSX lnXTINO OP TUB KNOW NOTHINOS. lb* San Franc. *oo CUutn of Jane JO, say*:? <>neot th* largest and moat enthusiastic political gath ei'age which *v*r occurred in thi* Stato, took plate ia Sacra mea to City on the 23d ln*t. Tbe American party for the trst time aaeembled at a public mass m**tlng. and by their unanimity and display of eamaatn*** and good (W'.ag, struck dismay into the hearte of their op poaent*? Hag Nichta?HoMians? tailing th*m*elrei de mocrat*. Th* most wily of them *xpre**ed surprise whin it was announced to tho crowd that Dr. 8. A. Mo Means, State Treasurer, a democrat and an American, would pMili orar thi meeting. Kx Governor Heory S. Footo; lidwa. d C Marahal, evCongreoaman from thl* State; Balin Pej-ton, ex Miautor to Chile aad City At Urney of Son FrancUco, Hon. Wilson Flint, State Se ^ I'-^n. , a disUnguiahod do ?o?n4 ?f Mtoakton, addressei the meeting In aappirt of the canoe oC Imrlraia, aad their right to tul* toe o ?eln*. r^ullon' "*>leb were passe) we extract tho following ? Resolved, That all *ecret political organirationi bound to tM opirlt Of our free Initltutlons, treasonable in sd peoranco U not ia deolgn, and ihoild receire, a. ther liwil, th* just anlmadvoreion of all gt?J citluae Paaolred. lhat th* democracy of California abhor and rep?d>ate a* un American aad anU mpablicaa th* pro ecriptien *f a man for th* Occident of his birth, or for J1'" rel'g'.ouseptaiono; aad In this crisis of American 'Ibertiie, L^utlon, aad ideas, they reaffirm aad pro claim '??nil foroe tbe universal democrat!] doctrine of '?jnW right* tn oil ua<i*r th* eonatftution aad lawi" ? anddoolaio ta tho immortal word* of the greatoot of Aaamlcaa^potrtota, that "aay man eoaducting himself **..* Is accounUblo to God alone for hii *a<' ought to be protected ia wor "J^^onel?^' ?<?ordlog to the dictate* of hi* ore RwrtfOd, That wi do now Mrdlilly invite all our for morpjMcnl brethren who may have atrayod fram ui "* ?Ul^! curloaity or otherwise, aad ? hohavn Maed thomselv*. tO MK-ret pollucal eiders, to letv raw us. nad with us defead the priaclples of their foimsr faith, aad abani'oo Institution* which th* 'a ly current of event* Is ("evi loping to be founjed on io' jleranee end eon! rolled by men dangerous to the per il ioim and welfare of oar government 3Tifi rifgtANCi convwrioN. e S?a?* Ttwperaooe Coareutloc mst at Sa:ram?i >> k. lie T re fn* h jiidr*'' (el'js* ? w?rs ir.. . Oea J otto A. Wl'soc na clectod President of tha ?on reaUon uiJMMChB'CtaM ?H elected Vim Presi dent JL it mac fsellng "? manifested aga inst buIdj aaj asperate State Mai *ft' low. A racommMkdetioe to tha otui parties viii looted that they nominate t?m ptraCOS Candidates. THK KKOW WO THIN 08. The Know Nothings la this BUM, sa ys the dan Fran cisso Herald, ma to have iddtd ft now plank to thslr platform. Their boat speakers hare been deputed, or have undertaksa of their own acooid, to stump the state, aad tney am already ia tho Bold. Aftor the mass mooting in 8acram*at?, oa Saturday laat, ex Governor Foots, Hon. -Kali* Par too, and Hon Edward Marshall, proceeded to K1 Dorado by invitation of their K&tieal Mends, and mad* appointments to apaak at aoerrille, Cciotua. LHaaicnd Springs, and fttber point*. It ia aald they and othsrs will keep, the field until the eleetto?L The announcement of I?r." MsMeaan' adhesion ft the Know Nothing party, and his presiding over a Knew Nothing meeting, bare created no little *orp -tee ansae the democrats. the Kao w Nothings latimite that (heir surprise will be reiy much (nermjel whan the teat la put to tome other demoerata, who are prominent caadidatee before the ooareatloa that sasets at Idacra aaaato to day. It la myeterioushr hinted that not a tew aMaatm of the oonvtatlcn itself an in full fellovshlp with the secret Order. A scene may be expe:tsd when the resoiuttoei are reported. Upoa a similar occasion, m the Jamestown (Tuolumne) Democratic Coaren'.lon, a large number of the delegates with Ire w, anl la the Saaora (Taolnmae) Convention, professing to be dsmo natlf, anti Know Not Ling reaointiona were actually ?tad down. BaiDtng or tha Steamer America. Ihia veitsl waa totally destroyed by fire at Crescent City on ths 24th ult. Loss aetimated at $140, COO. All bar freight and paaaingere had juat been landed. Mo lives were loat. Ihe America waa built by Win. H. Brown, la New York, :n 1W>;, and registered 923 toaa, and waa brought sroutd Cape Horn by ('apt. Mitchell. She arrive 1 In iaa Francisco in 1854, and was bought by Capt. J. T. Wright on 'id 4 of aft of the aama year; ainoe which time aha haa been employed lathe ooiat traie, the principal portion of tha tune running to Crescent City, and the balanse to Sen Diego. Capt. J. T. Wright, the owner, reports that the fire waa purely accidental, and la supposed to hive orglca'ed <n the coal bonkers from spontaneous com bustion The cargo of the late vessel waa all saved and landed. The Crescent Cltr Ilerald of June 27 saya:? Thla splendid sttamcr sailed into onr bay an 1 came to anehor about twenty minutes 'past 8 o'clock, on Sunday afternoon, June 24. Tha weather waa fine, the aea calm, aad everything indicated a brief viait and a apeedy resumption of her trip to l*uget Sound, to which point ehe waa steering with a company of United States in fantry, numbering 132 men, under the oommand of Major Prince After the mail and exprosa matters had come on shore an unuaal quantity of amoka issued fr?m tie vessel, and conjeetuia was buay for a few mlnutee respecting the cause. But conjecture was a jon solidified into certainty. The vessel waa on fire, and a scene of excitement, both oa shore and at sea, folio wad, which we have but feeble powers of painUag. lighters, belts and canoes surrounded the fated vessel, and dotted tha bay. We could aee from the shore that those on b>ard were making almost superhuman exertions to master the threatened calamity. All the soldiers who ooald be spared from the veieel were soon seat aahore, aad in aoout half an hoar after the extra smoke was first per ceived we could aee the paddle wheels beginning to more, sad this fine ship was run aground ia tha shal low water, about oae hundred and ftfty yards from shore, aad became a total loss. Hnaa Meeting of the Settler* in San Fraaciaco. SETTLERS' PLATPOBM. A large meetiag of settlers was held on the 28d Jane at the Maiical Hall in San Francisco. The meeting waa called to order by Jodge Sutherland, wh# briefly ex plained the object of the meeting, when, on motion, W. J. SnaV, Esq., wa a chosen the permanent presldsnt of the meeting. Messrs. John H. MoKune, of Sacramsato ??d David F . Douglas, of 8aa Joaquin county, were chos en vice presidents, and Messrs. Michael Hayes and O. R. Sanders were appointed secretaries. The president then read letters from various portions of the State, en dors lag the proceedings of the previous meetings, and ten dering a cordial aad united cooperation with tie settlers of San Francirco county, In securing legislative rsfor&s. Judge Horace Hawes, tbe ohalrmanof tha committee, who was appointed at a previous meeting to draft "spe cific measures of reform,'' made the folio ring report:? Amcrg the resolutions adopted at tbe meeting held at tbe Musical Hall, in San Francisco, on Saturday evening last, it was declared that, "As legislative rsforms were demanded in behalf of tbe great interests of tbe Stats al luded to In the resolutions, the proposed reforms ought to be clearly and distinctly avowed, In order that the principles upon which fhey are founded, and the policy of their adoption, may be fully discussed aad fairly un derstood." It waa accord ins ly determined by the meet ing, that a committee should be appointed "to recom mend such specific measures of reform as are nacsasary to promote the interests referred to In tha resolutions then adopted, and that aaid committee ahould report tbe same at the meeting of the people ot this and other counties cf the Kta'e," to be held here this evening. The undersigned, wiio were intruated with the impor tant duty above alluded to, have had the eubiect under consi delation, and bave unanimously agreed upon the following serlee of propositions, which they regard as .just aad useful, sud proper to be carried out by legisla tive acts. Your committee do not recommend these propositions as a plat'orm oa which to base a new party orraalza tica, but they advance them as measures important to be immediately adopted, in legislation, so that the voters, if they approve them, will see to It, that at the aext election the right men are placed In oAce, and that their views and wishes shall be respected by the aext Lsgls sture. HORACE H AWES, WM.J. SHAW, N. BENNETT, C. M. BROS NAN, JOHN A. LENT, . , GEO. R TfNOI.EY. 1. All Isgislation respecting real property ought to be so framed as to favor the actual posseesor, who has en tered peaceably and without fraud. 2. Ihoee claiming title, however, against the posses sor, ought to be free to vindicate their right wtthla a limited t'me in the courts of juatloe. 3 The law oaght to prohibit and make absolutely void every conveyance, mortgage, lease, or other aliena "jn ?' property, (except by descent or laat will ,) which is at the time actually occupied by a person such'ISlMw*'11' l?d*P?n'l??tly of, and in opposition to 4. Ths law ought to bar every aotioa lor the recovery of real estats founded on prlir possession, merely where the defendant shall establish an ajtuil p >it?estoa held ia his awa right for one year before suit brought. 6. Kvery action or defence, founded upon title to real propart v ought to be barred as agaiast parties who may establish sn actual poaaeasion bold ia opposition to such title for flvs years after ths rigljt to bring auch aotioa haa accrued. 6. Every actioa for the reoovery of land situated within tha limits of any Incorporated torn or city, ought to be foravar barred aa against thoaa who have actually occupied aad Improved the same unler claim of ownership, sad !n oppoiition to the title set up by ths plaintiff, for the space of tiro years before suit brought where such oooupaat. finding the land vacant uain dosed aad unimproved, originally entered upon tbe same peaceably and without fraud. This limitatioa ought to run equally against the S'ate where tbe improvements made are of a substantial aad useful character. 7 Just exceptions ought to be mtdein fteor of in ranis and others incapacitated to sue. 8. lbs actual poaiersor ought to be presumed to bold in bij own right, lod in opposition to ever y outstanding title, until the contrary Is duly made to appear In proof, and no Ulle in any perron or corporation ought to be presumed favor of the party suing such possessor, but should be establiahed by proof. 9 In every case where real property sball be recover ed, and aa actual poeeess'on acquired pesceably aad without fraud, shall have been held In opposition to the right <-et up by the plaiat'ff for ooe year before suit bi ought, wtta the knowledge of the plaintiff, his grsn I t?r. Sc., and after the right to sue has accrued, ail ; claim for me?na profit* ought to be barred and ex i tiaguiehed. 10 Ia every case where a recorrry of real probity shall be had against a party establishing an actual pos ! session, ac.)uli?d peaceably aad without f;au1, and h?ld ote yiar belore suit be biougLt, in opnoaition to the right eel up by the plaintiff, and with his krowledje, or tbe knowledge of those under whom he claims, ant after his riaht to sue had socrued, such recovery ought only to be alloaed. luhject to the precedent condition ot paying such poaseisor for all Improvements made upoa the laad by him or thore undo? whom he claisu und holds, secorcing to the value at the commencement of ^ the ault, having reference to the purpose for which such improvements ware ma?r. 11. Tbe law passed at ths laat ?ession of the Legisla ture, rommooly called the "Limitation bill," abrogat ' log aa it dose in effect all limitatioa of real actioaa. anl I preferring frauduleat aad invalid tftlee to valid aad i getulre ones, la a measure highly injurious to every la teiest la the >tate, aad ought to be lepealed im<ne diately. ' 12. The public lands ought to be doaated ia limited quaatitles to the actual settlers upoa them, aad ao law onght to be parsed or suffered to remain unrepealed, I wtlch Is ralculated to uadermtne or prejudice their rights. 13. All improvements upon laad occupied anl recog nired aa the homestead by the laws of the state, ought to be exempted from taxation so that the land shall enly be aaeeased at Ma value la Ita natural etste 14. Ae under the laws of Spain and Mexico the proper tTr ,?* Sfl W"4Ut^? thearoperty In the mines of gold, silver aad quicksilver, and the tltlea to laads giUtta by these jcvernments sad confirmed by ours | convey ao right to sneh mines, laws ought to be imne diately passed for the peraaaaeat protection at mines aad miaiagdsims oa all laads public aad private. l.V The legislature ought, as aooa as possible, to es tablish Mrmaneat regulations which will promote the miaisg late rest, secure it agalat all asonepoTiee give tbe greatest freecom to labor, aad proveat any dispoaltioa I of minerallaads to the prejndiss of this braach of ia dnatry. 18 Tbe laws of tbe 9tate of Callforala ought to be so smtnded aad reformed aa to embrace the nrtaaiplee here in Ufore ei pressed, aad ao candidate ahould be sup poited for r ffice until he shall have aaeonditionaliy sub ?crll ed iheieto. Msvfnunb off the Inettniia. Tits Rrroarsn Miesaras ok tbs Ki amstm ('.ittsiioit I following sxtract from a letter from ( nr. Whipple, ladlaa Agent, to the Creeeeat t ity BtrmUi ' inform ;ou that the story of the masse .# It' ?* '^t of tha U Jean, was, like mtuL ?.? r TTT* freai the laJUaa, eaMreiy r. r>C i ,ou^ ?verythiag gala* oa w Zf. , Mt"?'shmeat of fiamlltoa aad 0t_ "'-?V?.U*y.r**d their murder. (Jet ent of the ^crape of kihing six inaecent young men as beet you ^ Mr AT** ????>sr M ttJTfii" ' ' ,on '? him also ei lanun Art Mas m Iiikou* Vsuxt _m .in w. t>ereJ, with the .XfTL outbreak ra the Klaraath river, we had actuate i " ? Vaf?y, ,est aa the %pr 0*r*of Ortgoo. la rtfcrae* to tb*o* tha Omoui City Ber*U I Ufi ? " Up to the ttoi of aur last u*ua, (Im ? dlficul til* la that section ha* pniiMMd to u ibtalu ex tent. Volunteer omibum war* la Mnt K to* Uali aea, who bad all left the Ba**rvattao en K?rue rlrsr. Judge Peteca, Mr. tUsborougk, m4 Miuii oa tbeir way U this city, war? iaduoed to return to Jaokaoavill*. ? Mr T. A. Jackson oatse tirsugh aoociapealid by a guard a shcrt Ototoao* of tta routo, and t wo daps after his ar rival a tottor waa received, written br Mr. Shoady, aad dated Apptogato, J una 10, frem which, kr permission, wo make I ha following extract. ? 'Va*t*n?ay Mr. Jackron got Mr. J. Dror aad Mr. D. McHue* to guard him er*r ta M >*a*y 'a Ranch. On re turatog heme the/ were waylaid by the Indiana, and b'-th kiL'ed, en* having received eevea balls, and tha other ton, through the body la various place). Pome aoloiara who paaaad along thia morning found tha bodies aad ballad tfceaa thia, of ooirn, caaaee ooaeirteraWi excitement, aad families an oblige 1 to Hereto places of ?atoty. Travel baa far tha m*m?ut alnot ceased, aad there to bat little deiog in the diggings her* at Jaoieoa ?11 It*. It hae rained all thii afternoon, ana two or three train* havt- jut oome through without experiencing aay trouble ' " Tbete liabnmti an fully cot roborated by Mr. Corn wall, the ?xpteaiman, who cams In a few day* after. Tn* Ism am Du nortnw is Illinois VALLXTHwrrutf* .? Fioac 0 8. Rice, of Hailor Digging*, we leara that new* bee been brought to cf lb* adjustment of the Indian troubles, it being reported that the Indiana returned to tt* Keeetvnticn, after giving up six of their namW ooncerntd in the murder if J. B. 1101 on Indian creek, aad alio in the muuler cf Dyer and McHuae oa Ap ptegate. NlUMtu or la man* is Klamath. ? The Herald eapi there ar* about 1,600 Indian* on the Klawath Iteeer ra tion, and in tha county of Klamath froaa r.,000 te 6, COO. Late* from Canon Valley. The rollc wing letter from Ore an Hyde, the Mormon Ku'er, who arrlTed]in California with hi* harem, in com pany with Col. ffceptce, La* been published in the Sto't Journal:? The Leslttetcre of Utah Territory, at it* last xeaaioo, provided tor iha onracization of that portion of country ?ituated in tha w**tarn part of raid Territory, bounded ua follow*:? On th* north by deeert, op tha eait by 118th degree of wtet longitude, on the south by the territo rial line, and oa the wMt by California. Tlili aection waa mad* a judicial diitriet, aad hit Honor Giorg* P. Stilts, Associate Justice of the Supremi Ccurt, assigned to this said dutrict. I was appointed the offioer to organize th* county by dfrldlng it Into pre.iacto, and causing an election to be bald. Pursuant to theee arrangements, myself and Judge Stile*, axiom paalsd by J. L. lie* wood, U. 8. Marshal for Otth, with othen, arrived in Carson county last wank. On leaning tfcere more fully that the Uae between L'tah and Califor nia wa* not satisfactorily established, I hare concluded to try to make tt satisfactory to all conoerned, as an important preliminary to the exercise of Jurtodictioa ovei It under th* tows of Ctah Uj own opiaion to that th* country alluded to to deci dedly In Utah? ovon tiia whole of Canon Valley. Still I nay be mtotakeo. If It, or any part of It, belong to Cali fornia, I do not wish, as the ag*nt of Utah, to attempt the exercM* of aay jurisdiction ? re r It; but If it belong to Itali, I want to do my duty in the mattir. S'aca aril ring In (hi* city, I hare learned that tli* Surveyor General of th* Stale Intends to be tn that quar ter within a tow day*, to ascertain th* most practicable routo for th* location of th* contemplated road across th* fierra Nevada mountains, aad will go prepared with the requisite instruments to detarmia* th* latitude and longitude of th* place, so that th* lin* may be fully and clearly known. The grwshoppera wen doinc much Injury to the cropi, especially to tn lato sowed wheat aad oats in 8alt Laks Valley, and also in th* adjacent valley*. Carson Valley is also visited with this dreadful eooorge. Indians on the Hum bolt appeared very friendly ; but In the vicinity of Goose CreeV they wen seriously mo lesting the em'granto by stialing their bones and diiving off their cattle. Much stock Is dying on ths road. For two hundred miles before we reached Carton, we wen isldom free from the i tench of putrid carcasses. Ths mortality among stock, I pfMvme, Is this year without a prece dent on th* plains to early in the **a*on. Colonel Stopto* aad command were expiated to arrive in the valley on Friday evening last, fhey will nmain there probably about t wo weeks, shoe aad resruit anl mslf ? then proceed to thslr destination in this State. The people of California can hardly fail to b* pleased with the Colonel Thty will find him sociable, gsnHe msnly and courteous. ORSON HYPE. Gold JBxpostatton. The following table exhibits the tjtal amount or trea- j mre shipments by the Panama and Nicaragua steamers since Jac us ryl, 18.r<6; also aa estimate of the amount of exportation through other channels, compared with the entire amount of shipment* duricg th* preceding year:? * Pia Panama. Via San Juan. January $2 832,61:0 40 $1,071,122 00 Fetruary 2 631,361 14 714,822 87 Mirth 1,1112,798 43 403 179 42 April 2,377,115 67 589,6.8 99 May 2,187 112 72 900,34'.; 43 Jute ,, 2,403,887 31 1,456,279*44 Total $13,644 ,996 90 $6, 134,204 9t 13,644,996 ttfl Aggregate total $18,779,260 94 8AM 1 RA.NCIHCO MHANOn MINT. Coinage for June :? Double esgles $2, 660, COO 00 Silver 10.4C0 00 f Mars 420,214 07? $0,080,664 0! A seats? June 1 to 22:? Before melting or. 119,601 7T After melting 118,940 61? $2,176,403 01 Export* from Sail Francisco. fn the course of nnparing our monthly table* ( *ays th* San Fnnctoc* htrald. of th* 27th ult ) of exports, we take 'herefrom statistics of the total shipments of flour aad grain for th* month. By it it will be pero*iv*d that there ba* been *xport*d from Saa Francisco during Jun* ? Hoot, quaitsr sack* 11,866 Bran, s?ckj 4S4 Wheat, sack* 84,0<X> Barley, tack* 11,806 Oats, sack* 0,900 By this it will be percelvad that t^< entire axportation for th* two mo* ths of May and Jun*, la aa follows;? Flour, quarter sacks 87,303 Bran, *acki 1,000 Wheat, sscks 68,627 Bartoy, sacks 42,237 Oats, sacks 14,689 The total value of ths exports from 9an Francisoo for th* month of Jun*, amounts to $380,201. Duriag th* month, sixteen vessels in all hav* cleared for distant ports ia th* Pscific aad on th* Atlantic, embracing three depertures for New York, three departures for Mexican portr, Ave departure* 'or Chin*, thne for Australia, an* en* each lor th* Islands aad South Amsrica. Herewith ws give a table of ths exports by the vitloit departures:? Ships. D*sina'-io?. VaXvt. Ttlegnph Vew York $60,000 8 8. Bishop New York 27,141 Adetoide New York 70,000 Cornelia Mszatlaa 3,734 treat MsiaUan 1,667 Arizooe San Bias 31 911 Yankee Honolulu 38,l.r>4 Fanny Major Sydney 8,189 Kebenab Sydney 7,489 Jenij Kcrd Sydney If ,378 Palmetto Bnanghae 35,4H3 btmg Ray Hongkong 20,36;: K'ngfisher Hongkong 8.16C K'yicg Cloud Hongkong 43,331 Wandenr Hongkong (WO Rocslsnd Call ao 7,071 To,?' Mlacellanroaa Item*. liiuuT Use* Bst nw I.*dy Jam ash 1.ady Vs.k.non ? Ihe great trottting match for $2,000, betw*en l.aljr Jan* and lady V*rron, mil* heats, best thn* ia fir*, to sul kiss, cams off over the lou'.slana course, at Sacramento, on ib* 20th Jun*. K Fulton entered g. m. lady Ver non; C. S. Kills .entered b. m. lady Jane. The attend ance wan larg*, th* weather warm, and the track a little heavy. Then was not much betting. Lady Jane was the favorite, anl 60 to 40wascffered that she would win the race. Both animals were ia good condition Lady Jsne wss tirlven by Rills, and l.ady Vsrnon by John Crooks. Pome bets' were taken at 50 to 40 that Lady .Ian* "*mJd win the first heat lady Jane won the pole. Four attenpts were mace at a start, lady Vernon nit ci ming to the sccre, aad aeeming a little lame. On* hue ? lied to eighty were now frealv olfsred and takea oa Lady Jsne. At twenty minutes past tour both horses started off, lady Jane * 1-ngth ahead, maintaining th* sans po sition to the ouarter pole, l.ady Vernon gained from this point, snd lapped her antagonist at the half mile pole Hue la<?y Jate broke and I.vlr Vernon passed her, com**g In to th* stand tare* lengths ahead. Time, 2C0. -econd heat? An e?*n start boMi horse< kept neck snd neck till near the iuartei pel*, pasting which the gray mai* waa a neck ahead, aad constantly opening th* ?ap At the half mile pole the gray mare was three lengths ahead, aad opening it'll w!<l*r the gap between her aad th* bay man, till ah* reached the home s? retch, * ben she was nearly six leegtbs ahead . which she main talned to the ntsn4. Time, 2 37. Time of Lady Jane. 2.40. Kill now wlihCrew lady Jane, as lite had so ehtac* own sad was weakening rsrr fast. The judges de r'ared lady Verton to have woa the mooey, and *b* walk* d iouuI th* traek on the last mile. Aa Oder was mad* U> mafh lady V eraon, in harnesi. to lady Jaae sr. j way. for one thooaaad dt liars within aiuty days, at Fsn KianciMCo. Das t si iiivs Fine? Asnst'a Csnr in Rem ? I/tw $;0 "00.? On Sunday afternoon, about two o'c'ock, a Hie broke rut in a '"hiner* boa** la Aggel's ? ?ap. Ia tweaty mlnnles lbs a hole town wa* la flames. Th* lire, aftsr ipreadlt g upon both sMei of th* street, com mi.nlcated to the bouse of C. F lake, kaewn as lake'* Hotel, la co?n*ct'on with th* banking hon** of W*Ila, FsrgoAO*. which waa soUrelv consumed wtth *v*ry building la town The principal infferer* aie given bo low ? II. Matthew* ,$S <00 H H Reyaoldi $1,600 C F Ia?e 1,100 I'aciBe Fxprem Co. . J00 J. Newman 2.10C (iie Try on 1,000 B H trail* 2,0C0 C. Rebeek 1,000 a J. Strauss 2.6C0 i eo T. Yenng 600 Geo. Nummliger.. 1,600 Ah Slog 2,000 A FrledttiTger 2,?t0 A . May 2 .,00 Others have ant with heavy !?**** The safe, booka, papar* and trtoinn of WeDa, Fargo k Co wen saved. Movinaat or U. S. Tucon ? The monotony of the pact w**k ha a b**a agreeably broken by th* arrival ia our city of a d*tacbnceot of I nlted JHa'e* troops. 1 W. T. Gardcev. cf the 1st dracMas, r* rnu-t fcr Tejoa, ia (M*. 'rut the force st that po'at to nearly o?* hnanod !v . , P tb??r.-i?n? of I t?l. Bea'e u a?taet Q:iAramt?r Gapta'.a Rirkham, reoeatiy frcm Jefiare oo buncki. Mo., Mooopulk Uw diUckunt. It that ? poiuca cf Coioael dteptos s command, now on tb?lr wi; (rem Salt Lake, will ia ciMM the g*rrisea at tu? fart some thirty rate Me are pleasec to aolioe this attsattca oa the part of gcrecamoat to provide for tao necessities of this por tico ?f tke country , and we may expect that heocefor'h the properkj of oar citi??ns may ha reader*! somewhat mote Meara than hereto tote There U no poiat ia the State whaie an effective forea ia mora needed, aad whare tLnlr presence cm b? ren dered of greater service, than the rejoa, as it completely cooticla the great thoroughfare* through which hnstlle Indiana tusks their incursions into oar ratter*, 'or the p< rpeeea of robbery wl apoila.? Loi Angeles Cilifor man, June 13. Cbowmno oi a Print** ?The Sacramento Sla'e Jour n ml itaUi that tha Coroner of the county held an iaauast on the 17th of Jane, on tha body af a joung man about tweity alght jrsar* of age. named Herrey Baxter. 1; appear* that Baxter, ia company with two others, went on a DsMof excursion to Ihrae Mil* Slough, ab>ra this eity. The party asperated Baxter'* companions going ? op tha slough to And better sport. Boos after they heard eplaebiag In the water, and returning, feud Bit ter'* body eotaaglid in tha bruah weed taat Uaad thi bank, life waa apparently not extinct when he wa* taken frcm tha water, kvery poselbis means waa na*d to rater* him, bat without Brail. Deoeaaad formerly worked in a newspaper office ia new York, aad for a abort t me raoaatiy in tha officio of the AUa California a* a " leofer." BasMMunos or Mbmsms or ran Boabb or Asmsri.vr AuiauiKN.? Msmis. Mayaard, Da rid too, Piper, aad Btary hare addreeted a commuaieatioa to the Mayor, to be submitted thta day, tendering their resignation at members of the Board of Ara'stant Aldermen Con sequently tha Board ia bit without a quorum of mem ber*. and will be octapellrd to adjomra niw die. Th* gtntldmsn named ware impelled to adopt tbia coats* ou account of an apparent dcaire, on the part of certain mrmbers, to meet erery night during the remaining ptr'od of their legislator* authority.? .Stan Francisco lin ahl, Jane 20. n?nt*|N, Births and Deaths. HittHS. In Baa Frsacieeo, June '21, by Rer. Dr. Scott, Mr. Jbum? M. Parker to Mlaa Caroline Stareca. In Saa Francisco, by the Rer. E Thomas, Mr. Geo. W. Dennis, oi Tnaa, ta Mi*. Margarat A. Brown, af Balti nit re. * In Linn couatv, Oregon, John S. Wright to Vrsdoaia F. Tjof r, both of Una oouaty. In Oregon City, Mr. Cbss. Albright to Mr* . C/athia Mann. In San Fiancitco, by Rer. Mr. Gallagher, Wm. Meyer, Eeq , to Mia. Marian Mclroy. In tuisia Valley, by Rer. Wm. Wilmott, Mr. Msrrla M Richardaon, of Vallejo, to MUa Caroline Barton, of the former piare. la San Fraaclsoo, by Bar Dr. Scott, Mr Charlea Sey mour, of Naw York, to Mlaa SUzaAugaata McCoy, of Brook) j a. In Oregon City, Mr Wm. EL. Smith to Mia* Margaret Wettcn, both of Mancn coanty. Alao, in aam* place, 10th tnst., Mr. A. B Socager to Mia* Mary R. Albright. BOTH. Oa tbs 6th June, the lady of J. R. I.wsator, Esq., of Yai-iecito, San Diego coanty, of a ion. In Placearllle, Jar* 20, the wife of Mr. A. W. Bee, of a daughter. CUED. In Maryarilla, June 22, Bridget P. warding, aged 75 year*, formerly of Memphis, Tans. Ia Hoaolalu, May 29, Mr*. John; en, wlf* of Mr. S. Jobatoa In Tahiti, May 13, a aon of Queea Pomara, aged 17 year*. markets. FRAMISCO, F8IDAT hVBNIMQ, Jua* 29, 1864. Notwithatandlag it ia ateaaur day, aad at th* cloee of the week, wt hare to record a decided improvement arer the operation* of yesterday, and ia fact the day* pre ceding it. Thi* ia mostly dae to th* arriral of the clip per Panama, which eame iato the harbor from Saw York ttua afternoon, bringing a rer y fair amount of pro vitloas aad other merchandli*. Almost the satire in roioa* of desirable goods were at oaoa taken up, malaly by a prominent jobbing houae on California street, and although at rate* aot made strictly public, still showing bo disposition for pries* to raced*. In flour and grain w* hare bat little to reput beyond a con tinuation of the trade in Haxall aid Gallego, which has been goixg on for aeraral days back. -Of the two brand* the first named seems to be somewhat outrunning its riral in ralue and popularity, not, we Imagine, from any intrinsic superiority, but simply becaass the stock of Gallego in the marl. at la largely in adraace of the otter brand. While we continue to hear chequered stories of the anticipated jleld of the crops throughout tie country, the papers to hand from Oregon teQ bat cue tale of the bounteous superfluity existing in that Territory this seaeoa. It la currently atatea that the quantity of all kinda of graia usd breadstuff! will be at least double what it has been during former saaaoaa, aad the Oregon!* ns appear to be felicitating themse'.ves oa the e iportation which baa been goin^ on la San Francisco, de ducing thereftom the probabilities of a remuaeratir* maiket ia th5* city for thair surplus. Ho r thaae new* will ooircide with those of cur peopl*, who hare been labor. ng strenuously 'or aome time to rid ttiia market of it* plethora of flour aad grain, ia orcer that our own trads sad prospects may become bsaellted thereby, we know rot, oat should *carely think, with tiialr promised "aid and comfort" from abroad, that ?-jy new fear* need be Indulged ia about icarclty or ahortoomioge on tbe part of Cal.foraia ?rop*. Ia China rise and sugar, the actiriiy obserrable for esrsral day* back continues, and large lots bars again changed hand* to day. Fh* bujer*, inmost Instances, are Chinamen, whopurchaa* even at the SDhancsd pricea. and In aome instances, it is ststed, far sblpmeat back to Chiaa, whsrs at laat ad viees the artiole was held at a long adraacs on thi* mark *t. lntrlllge nc? from Southern Mexico. OPE AOAFULCO COBU PONCENOB. Aca rrrwo, July fi, 1866. ITis fburth of July? A Mexican Tbast? General Alvarez and Hu Couritrt, dte The law of Mexico forMd* th* hoisting of foreign flag*. General Alraiez, bowarsr, permitted ua ye?terday to hsist 'he " star* and itrlpe* " We had a graad dinner, which was attended by the principal official*. Mr. Van Ilrant ws < th* boat. Patiiotie toaata, without number, were diank in sparkling champagne. On* by a Mexican officer, I gire yon translated ? " God made Washington and rested " The leth September Is the Fourth of Jaly of Mexico, and It is a lingular coincidence that it waa on that day that General ?cott took up hi." quarters la the hall* of the Monte zuma'r. By the way, it is three hundred mile* from h*re to th* city of Mexico, yet Montezuma used to eat for hi* breakfast erery morning, flah that were caught here the night before. He had foar Indians to each ieagu* , making 400 between hare aad his breakfast table. He had also a Has of the asms length to Vara Crux Yeaterdayl saw a courier at tea o'clock, who bad come from Texca, the headquarter* of G*neral Alrarez, thirty mil** distant, harlng left there at *lx that morning, on foot, and without shoaa. He started back immediately to get his dinner at Texca. General Alrarez has one courier, who, the other day, went ninet; mile* and case back the next day, on foot. They receive no pay ana feem It an honcr to he handed down to their children. Nearly all tts State* bare pronounced, *o that Santa Anna haa nothing ieft him but to decamp. C0N1R* SANTA \NNA Hem fiona the landwleh Inlands. LF.OIBLATIVB MKAfil'RKS? A MAINS LAW? yCKRN Victoria's birth day? sairwREcc a suicide - * HALING BIPORT. By the arrival of tha bark Frances Palmer at San Franc sco, we hare received file* oi the AV? aad falyne lion to the 51b of Jura. Among legislative transactions of tbl* week, sa;s the tra, w* have the plessore to announce that the Wiae bill has flcaliy passed both bouses with respectable ma | jot it ie * and the prnc.ple* involved bsv* been fully db. cusred aad acknowledged. The Tax Collection bill hia passed the Houie of Repieeentatireiand i* likely to pas* tie Hous* of Nobles also. With all it* drawback*, wa are inclined to beliare that this reisinn wMl, after all, pror* the most progiesMre and eallgbtaLed, aa walla* '.be shortest. Viewing, as ira do, say* th* Polyneiinn, the whole traffic in splrttuons liquois to b* used as a beverage, a* sn unmitigated evil, productive only of misery aad urfme, w* shall be glau wbea our treaty obligation* al low us to enact the "rrohibltory law" ia this kiag 'om , we hope tha pnhlic will aerer rest satlsflad until we fal low, in this respect . tbs noble example of those Statee that hare exhibited self deals! sad self eon trol enough to bariaL lrom thslr mldat aa enemy wblch tyranlres or eT its biM i able vis' ima, against the dictates of raa pen, aad nubjeeta them to a dagradatioa below which it Is !rr possible fcr human.'./ to siak Thnn lay, the 24th of May, the birthaa i e< H B. M. Cuera Victoria, was. bj aiuai courtesy , observed in Ho Loiula, by a di*play o< bunting and visits of coagratula *!oxatoH B M ( onsul (ieneral. The British sto;* ship Ratt!eenake, Crewed ia grand style, fired a salute at noon, wllch was re*poad*<l to by the Amariean -loop cf wsr Decatur, who wore the English flag at th* for*. About 1 P. M, , tbs HagllahM gaa shin Monarch, arrived ftom Valparaiso aad acchored outside. At 4 P. M , a rumptuoos cl'nner was served up at th* residsace of Cone ill General Miller, at which were pr**ent H M the K'Bf. H R H. Prise* I. Kamshameha, Mr. Perrin, H I. M. Consul, Hob D. I. Gregg, C. 8. Cob. misai oner, their Excel enclt* Misers. Wvlll* aad A Ilea, the commanders of tbe ire c of war, sad s large number of other*. The f chtoner Kjcel, from Kauai, reperts the bark New World, cue hundred aad four days from Sydney, hound tor >aa Fraacisco, ss la a leaky coadltloa? having trisd several dav* to bast op to Honolulu without succ***. Sbe had a Urge number of passengers, som* ten or df teea of wbomlaft hsraad landed on the Ulaadot Nllhau, whttc* they weat la canoe* to Kauai, aad arrived at this j oit oa Sunday last, ia the Kxsal She ?aa leaking too lady to proceed to Baa Fraaeisco aad oaleu *h* sm< mskes a pott, much eulfertag must earn*, as all on icerd wer* much exhaastsd by pumptag. The Caited rtates shop Decatar aailed oa ths 1st June, to render s-eUtaace to th* abov* named vessel 1 at ? advice- fiom Kauai inform ua of th* lammtabls death, by rulcid*. of Mr J. R. IngeraoU la the viciaity o( Lin uc, a few fays ago Mr 1 had Wa miaied for several day*, aad was finally discovered, after much aearch, by a nativs. just as be had laia far a week after cta-inittixg tbe fata! act. Ca tbe 24th of May th* last whalMhlp left Uhaiaa, *nd i'cr corraapoadtnt mvb it was s?o?e'is?'y ^'a'.I ia c nfeqaeaco Thsre hav* reen at this pert th:s ssasoa, ?1 wbaleis. 1 merrhsnt ebtp. sal 'Z ccs.-cbaat vbwa ere Krrtheaest fsur moathi "but I'tWe T|rov?ca?n\ |S exfee'efl. IMPORTANT PROM CENTRAL AMBRICA. Total Defeat of the Walker Ex pedition. ANNIHILATION OF THE FILIBUSTERS. fOLOflBL WALKER SAID TO BE KILLED. A Death Blow to the Kinney Project. OFFICIAL ACCOUNT OF THE BATTLE OF RIVAS. Interesting Letter from oar Correspondent at Rhraj, We have received U* .f Joe.' (Oeta Rica) ?* tend lug up to the . A /? ^ o( the Diario d< Avisos, of Caraca., O oaeiue )? *?tS? journal Mntahu a reprint communication ?' the 1st July to the G' of I a nor, informfrg ?e of ths arrivU ta 'ns P , m-ii... 0f' . caxo* comma^ed by a toreigner ??? Colonel IX B. A^uaUo, p<- Ubed, Juh^lTeJflSn ano mow than a hundred m?u. The BoUtin add*:? Itu said that 460 manor the revolutlMiU nartM ?V. ??.ch hh?ded by Seoor Ceatelloa; and tU?r? U a ^Jd&W th. rJport that the cholera waa u?e<in g ravages la .everal towns of Nicaragua. General Guardiola haa published an eddre.. to the neople and army of Nicaragua, in which he ?ay?: ^xsspx^sjsrsssjs, by a common danger- to pieveniiu? f th( mo^t field. ofCc.taRleaweredUeppeeilng. We do not find anything of Intereat in the Caraca. jouicals. _____ ANOtflEH AOOOUHr. OCK BIT AS CORR*BPOND*NO*. Rivas, July 10, 18?>5. CM MM Wt-nu CaMlon?The March on Rivu-HoxMy lo th, Filtoultr?n* Engage? tU and rhght ofOu PiUaragw Democrat*-* M?r Jr?A? Uis Flight and Srcape-Tkirmen Amencans Killed, and their Bodies Burned-rap "* ^nd on lh( D,ad~^. jxarance oj He Defeated Men-Ifames cfsome of (fc Kilted? Cholera at Costa JUro -health of Raw. l er la.-t steamer I aent you a elnrt despatch announ - Ing the defeat of Colonel Walker > party, and I am able to gire you further particulars this time. ttfonel Walker and hi. party (fifty .1* tn al ) arrived at Kialejo the 14th of June; started frcm there to Chlnan d?ga, and were .(at by the democratic Prealdeat, Cabtlllon, residing and governing in I<eon, totakethl. ietarhneut, an,' a fores of about 160 Central American troop, was given to them aa existence, under the coal meed of Colonel Mender and FeUx Ramlm. both notori ous character, of the revolutionary army. They arrived cn the libth at a small port on the Pacific, about eight league, from thl. place, aad about ten league, north of h'an Joaa del Put. lh? goverement had received new* of their move ments through their .p!e., and preparation, were made to receive them at Baa Juan del Sur. The tw,o veasels ttat !snded filibuster, and democratic troop, pawed San Juan del Star, aalling towards BaHna Bay, and .o directed tie attention of the government officer, to the aouth. Meanwhile, they (Walker', party) had landed, and marched the same afternoon against Rlvai. A .mall outpost was taken by .urprUe; but a. (oa? of the go thl men t roldler. there escaped, they hurried ap to Ri val, end everything waa prepared to receive tbecu A courier waa despatched Immediately to 8*a Juan dolSur, orderlnt the troop, atatloned there to ooaoentrate their lcfce at Bivaa. From all the email village, people ran Into Rlvaa, presenting tbsmaelves to take up arm. agaiast the ''Yankees aad flnbu.tore," a? many of them called ?^sm?ssie??b^ in the iMaiMt meaner. They were told that 1,000 ?? would fmmediateW join them, and instead efreel.teace that they would Bad rejoicing at their arrival. It waa n?Tli1fv arrived , at Blv*?, altogether la number about ^10 did. it one o'clock, whw? they a vast euard of the governmeat. and the fight ag Waa, the loveraaaat troop, drawiag Uck towards the PUsa, Cbaace. seemed to be rather even, whea the retotorej meat from Saa Juan del 8ur arrived, sttaiUii I " osrtv in the rear. The democrata showed very httle or no fight, aad run away, headed bv their o? sere, ? cronpi of (wtnty thirty, abandoning Walker i pyty } tboLd meeaahile taken powesHioa of a houee beloag i. , to the plonter tf the party, a rich pleater, Don MM'MO Ktpiaoia, where they su.talaed theawelvee VTtitr wall, firing with their rifi*- through hole, made fn the adobe walls, and entirely -afe thenuelvee from th. m.sket ball, behind them. . . . After the Nicaragua ievoi*tioo?ry troop, had aban di oed them, the houee we. .urruuuded by ail the govern ment trot pa, about three hundred In Bring coatinaed for about twe hour., do ng little harm to the filibuster., while almo.t every rifle bail hit its "Ala* e perty of young meo, principally oftbe first families, aad all volunteers, stormed the front door, when ether- from the other elde set fire to the bouM, etd took It, losing, of courne, c imperatively to their DUC>r*W.u"'s perty had to bre^ th* fltd into a .elgbboring cacao eet ate. wlu>r?from they tock tbeir route towards the Being night, and only a limited ai , fo low them, they had a chama to Bleep that m 'o low them, they had a c henna to sleep that night, md leave next niter neon for t'JfcJnea del Sur, where tb#v took a schooner by foroe, MM the cnartel of the gefenment dowa, end left tattierrat ineognia Ihia i. the ead ot the great aanexation project of Ool V alker, ex Treudent <.f Honora. It waa, indeed, s groat foolisbncse- mere ere rinees than any thin* eUe ?to be lieve that a force of fifty .ix men could take a country, as weak ae it might be, and <a. end keep It. Thoie men mnst either have been the moot desperate characters, or thsy have been deceived? moet probably both Ihe government perty lost about thirty men deed, and about the same number wounded. Thirteen A me ricaaa were ai led, and their bodlee burned. It was first btlleved that Ool. Walker was killed, aa many papers of greet interest were found on the body of rne of them the orlgiaal coatmct bttweea Byron Cole snd tbeprovislonary government, with all the ne ry stamp, and teals, for 62.000 acre, of land; th* power of ettcraey given by Co'e to CoL Walker to execute said eraata; various latter, written by Mid Cole to Cd. Wslker, speekiag .bout the most eligible land., nubile snd private property; the certificate, of .Wee Tn the roaipeny, of which Walker waa the. egent. I send you one signed la blank, ia case you should like to have aa interest ia the concern. There are pleaty more here, and to be bought very cheap .? CAPITAL ?TO(?? OP?? HINDIID THOt JAM) DO I, L Alt*. T > MCAKAGCA COI.ONIZATIOV COMPACT. 1 ! ' J \ 'm \ i * < Tin* is ro Ci a tn v. That ^ X s ; J ar hie asii?ns, Ueatitled VI one smut la the';! S ? \ NICARAGUA COLOMI/ATION COMPAIfT. j 5 I X aad ia virtas thereof owns ene nadirldsd has ; r \ \ | drsth part ef the fifty twe thousand acres ?f I J ? | | land mated to lyren Cole by Pablo Carveial. J - ; | x | MlaisUr of tbs Interior for the Kereblis of \ 2 | Nicaragua, by letters ps'sat dated at f.son. tbs capital of said Bopubln ths twoaty eighth i * X day or Pcosmbsr. el(ht??e auadrod aad flfty ill > S > ,0Br > " I Sigusi at Saa fraacisco this ttrst day oi J J} i 1 n March. si?hto?a huadred an. ?C j *vs. WM *', ; Ajeat for 11 . row Cole. r: A PI T Al. sroca? OH Ml M1RH> TIIO< MUDDOUitl The eipedltitn most have been fitted out rather poor ly. as many receipts of Welter appear, i hat show that ioana of $t0 were accepted ey him nrem varlow. pert es. Al! expeolticaixt. had te pay 940 paaeege mmey from ."in itaacisco to Rialejo. They left ia great ooafoslow, leaviny me-t all their ammunition nwdidee cheet and surgical la' rumenti, \c , hthind. As the coni mending olhesr of the govornment bed or diTS g!T?n to ts'.s no prisoner., ft we. Impooeibls to ideo t.fy ear of the <*ee I Americans Tie Waiker fsrty, when passing the Transit tow irde -eo J del -cr pr?*?otod the mos^ lamentsbU "Igbt ? ?<?*r?l rwole!. ?.l of ia rs<?, ?y! v",r?tc?ly d.rte acce biota ul tltl. veir low sinritf", m* '<nut tti Leou {trtf lot taviia *>*u tu*11 Tii*J confessed taviog teat 14 Dfs and amocg tfannthr.e ef their principal officera, ?nd Ih 't thcj die not expect euch a funoc* and K?f? mtitaM ft* ?' ci in la j of the bous- thev say, waa i?:,ed a rreatleat; *od ther ackaoaleJga having wStu?* t?>pte the/ ?.r?r taat Col. W*lk*r wu not m tit fight, MA ?Wtliw eculd rot hare been kilted. From them, and ,rcal l II i ,?L ^r f,un<: o* th* otad bodies, tfcare hav* bean kOled-AjL IT.?. 0r I onrr Cubi me in try , R. T. Mern* here ecnu- three or four jenrs. u4 i H>?oed ?? *? r? voiotionery potty- tie ???*??? 'T??" LoaUahmaa, hotel keeper, la Virgin Bay. A. jU Kewen ?ii eecond ct romancer In the P?rty, * ewot d and gold w*t JA were taken aa ? P?? bT *** ****ra KU?,Lmm?ii under Ma.?riftt ud J*"4"' JEJ?*? ward* tie (oat* bocnA.rttH, wl took fo -tbia jui pot*, about 26 mute* fiom ?ba U.njportit.M eootr?et? of the Aeceascry Trend t Company. Aa import*?* aa twa fight vu for th? gover oment P"rt/ aad *11 C?W AmaH ea? m weU aad biave aa It waa fought -aa ** f* otM>^ ? it xrw aa If tt6 |?nnn>wt matutlf u want ot par* od ,i that bav# a ny military *zp*riraa* ?*c*? mak* any dUporitirna Wbeu tu*y??nt down the n*w* *t the expected invasion, knowing tbat only abr ul \ Xj maa were armed with musket* in thi* departmen*. toey seat only H eoldiera to aaatet, and bo arm'. A" terra bad to fight with their shotguna, end ?n??t Of *?*m "and tb? government muakete in badtrder and u**l*ae. Ther* waa a cannon (12 lb.) In Rive* bit the Graaada Commissioner* bad ta&en th? baiia to Granada. Ths cofcmanding officer fired four ehota without ball* aaeinet tbe boose in which Walker'* party area, to scare tlum, but aa (to ball hit the houae, this ?tr?tag*m waa without effect. It wa* lor the good luck ot Walk*'* party tbat Uiey bad no cannon ball*, or th?y e?hld bare beta BurrOunced at a large dbtmM, and weoll hare been lo?c?d to Wave the Eoure, and moat probably. on? bv on*, been killed. The tame wnntol dHpjsiUoo ia the can** tbat they had two day* time to go atray tame i?ated like tbe Leocete*. _ In ooBMquence of tb? cholera, the f o?ta P.lea govara ment taepa up a strict quarantine, and in thia way the runaway democrat* are in fact between two^flrea, but as everything goee in thla country la a poa> tvDipn way, 1 aoppoae it will laat about two month* bef*ie *oae M the trcop* will com* down ftom the 1,800 men nUtUaei aince five month* in Man*gtf*, <!obag nothing Ihl* voco fionao baa been the fault ot both parttsa during the preaent revolution, and one rauit eomt to the corclnnioa tbat both partle* deem it conren ent to keep *^tho!fra ia abating. Since the 2ith of last month we have had no death nor attack ol it in Yiagln Bar, whale In the interior it is ati'l prevailing, but not largely ^ Intelligence from Oregon. * IJIPOKTAKT DISCO V*RV OP OOLD-KHOM PITB T? TWENTt DOIXABS A BAT DIOOINO. Tie Portland Standard in Its issue of Jane 21, an nounced that there were rumor* to the affect that gold in conalderable quantities had been found up the Co lumbia river ia th* region of Fort Colnll*, (ttaatoa In latitude 48 deg. 16 min. north, and longitude 118 dag. w?at, about two handled mil** in a direct line from the Dalit a of the Columbia. Krom an axtrtot dated J OM 26, we ex'.ract th* following additional particular* of thla important fllscovery , ... Sinre our laat notice of the diaoovery of gold mine* near Fort ColvUle, we have gathered further and mere deficit* information in rtlation to them, and men* of the gold dug there. Th* :harict*r of thi* gold ia much like that dug on the Feather river. In California. It ia in tealea aad ol very fin* qualify. There Uo*ca aionaJly found with it email particle* of quart*, but Mat generally It la fr?e from that rock. W* five *om* of th* facta connictad with th* procuring of thla gold, aa well ai tending to confirm th* truth of th* rumor* inregard to it* existence. Th* nubile can place their aw* con struction ujoa the** facta:? ... ... About tt* firat of April, a party of I rench halfbreola, living on tbe F*?ncb prairie, having heard through friend* rralding np th* Columbia that gold ?i*tod ia that country, reeolved to pro?peot tor it U that quar ter. Accordingly a party of about a dozen of tbeae m*n fitted themselves out for the expedition, **cur ng *ome aid from friend* and aoquaintaae**, aad preceded up the Colombia to a stream about thirty mUte* above Fort Colvllle, where tbey bad learned of the exist enceofth* gold. They were twenty day* ia makijg tbe trip to this river, .lhey commeaced prospecting oa th* bars of thi* river, and fonnd g*l). They atqa pocted alorg tbe dlitance of ab?ut fifteen miisa up thi* Htieam. and found gold at every point. They found it even near tie junction of thia stream with the water* of the Colnmbi*.' Itey bccame aatinfied that there wil a large extent of country wher* were to be_ found many good mining claim*. They selected a claim aad com menced work. They continued about fifteen day* till their provisions were consumed, and the riae of water from the melting of the enow* had covered the bar* of the river io aa to mak* th* b?r digging* unprofitable, and they then lelt for home with the intention of re tunteg with treah and full supplies of provislona, aad all tbe Implement* for continued mining. During thla time they made from fire to twenty delTar* per day to each man. They arrived at Oregon City oa Saturday morniag, June 2?d, bringing with them ab*ut $1,600 of the dnat which they had dug, aad also a train of about SO pack animal* which tb*y had procured for the pur pose of packing their auppiiss to these mine*. Several persoaa at Ortgoa City purobaasd small quan tities of thi* dost aa famplea, and Jam** 0'N'?iil. Kvj , of Well*, Fargo (r Co., of thi* city (Portland), obtained about two ounc*s of It, which he ha* now at hi* office, and which waa shown to us. II* read a letter to a* from David McLaughlin, Kaq , who ia wall acquainted with person* who dug th* |*u,l and who **/? that th*ir >tatem*ats may be railed oa as substantially correct; and further nay* that he hi mas If la fully convinced from their statement* that good mining exists at th* point abev* *llud*d to. W* also learn that Mr. McKlaley, of Allan aad McKlnley, at Oregon City, who also know* well the mining party, la fully confident that good aad rich gold mires have been discovered by this party ia tbe aeighborhood of Fort Oolvlll*. We further learn that Mr. Stovea*. of Clumposg, ha* received a letter from his brother in law. was is now at Fort ColvUle, to the effect that he had been working these mines, and had made from $20 to ? JQ per day for aeveial day* ia succession, aad tbat he waatod Steven* to pure ha ae supples aad come Immediately np there. Stevaa*, we leata, start* forthwith. Thia weleara fraaa Mr. Woodman, of Oregon City, to whom Mr. Steven* re lated the facts. }*om so many corrobsratleg circum stan-M It may not be proper to Indulge the nope that the more important tact Of tbe diaoovery or rich mines nesr Fort Colvill* la true and worthy of puhUe credence. One of two thing! la certain >ither that rich mlaee have been found, or that tbeae men have bsea anl are ae a placing oil upen the people of Oregon a vary shrewd aad ayat?matlc deception for the latter of which we caaaet ?r e sufficient motive, while to th* former w* ar* iadueed to giv* considerable endense, aad ationgiy hop* that tbe 1 alf of th* extant of tbeae mine* ha* not been nar rated. Jim 24 ?Two mea arrived at Oregon City yMtorday from th* ColvUle mine*, bringing with them gslJ dust. One of tlem dug aad washed ia oa* day two ouac?s of tbe f!u*t. Mr N*w field purchased th* tw* onnoes re ferred to, and now has it la bis poeseaaion. In reference to the same mine*, the Orego%ian of J an* 2:; says: ? We bare been shown several tetter* confirm ing the aews. One letter saya that ? with a oemaaea p?n we male >H, >8, *10, and as high as $20 per day to tli* man, white w* worked on this littte bar, out war* obliged to com* down to g*t provision*, and bs*ld*a, the wattr rose so nigh tbat ll covered the bar." Anethar l< iter ?ajH:? ' TBej found gold at atmoet every place t*? tb* river? *ven on the Calnmbia? but the water was a* h'gh ttey could not work toadvaatage, aad they there fore came iown for a supply of provisions, aad are ga la* immediately back." Mining cperatiooK la southern Oregon are almeet ea lirtly suspended for ihe waat of aufficieat water. It i* i aid there has beea less rala during tbe last winter aad ppriog tbsn ever before. We bear good leporti of the cropa throughout the Territory. The lata warm aad fine weather ha* added much to their appearance. Grais never was mere luxu riant, aad tbe wheat aad oat crop wUI be abaa lant Tbe Temtoiial House of Repreren'lves will stand: ? I< mi crate, 28; oppoaitioa. 2. Cauaeil? Democrats, 7; opposition, 2 lb* conventlcn question, submitted te the people, ha* been defeated They have determined not to orga clue a Mate goveitment. The telegraph is nearly completed from Portlaad te Iafayette;lt will commence uperationa soon. Is dun Trkjitiiw im '-MlDrL* Orhkw," ? At a graad council held at Walla- Wale, Governor Steveai, of Waeb 'n|t(a Territory, aad General Palmar, Sap*riatoad*at of Indiea Affair* In Oregon, concluded important trea ties. highly advantageous to the Daitad States, with th* piiaclpal band* snd tribes of Oregon and Wath'agtow Territories, between the (hasade aad Blue aonntains, ia which they have ceded to the United etatoa tb* Lower rmatllla. Touch*!, Wal'a Walla, aad Tuaaaoa valley, a laige, valuable aad lm|ort*at section of oonntry, nearly a* extenaive, and fuNy e>iual, a* aa agricultural couatry, to tli* Willamette valley. (ipverm r Hteveca ha* goo* on to th* Blackf**t coua ' ry, accompan'*d by one baadrad N?/ Percea warrters, uncer Lcoktng (Haas, th* war cbl*f of th* N*t Percea. Ixiokirg Glass had just teturned from the BlackfMt cocatry, with a bead of young warrior*, to attend th* grand ccuacil at Walla-Walla. He laft one hundred .ci'gea of bis peopl* ia the Hlackfeet couatry. Rial fraaa New Omaada mi m.w co>nrruTiON and riuhtb or roititax K*P? MEKTTtUI OF Tlli ABBCMBLY- OVBIOTg COM* <n ak Dg<miR? Nints or coi-okbi. kiknby? OBOLKBA AT <1 BKTTO W> ? THB FO?n?m Or JULY r*IIB>*TION? UMTBK CTATO WA* OTtlTB. Ib A'l r'tmtmno, of July 4, a project for the caaatltu ioa about to te adopted by the Aaaeaably, to caaveae or tbat purpose on the l?th inatant. waa published, whkh waa -appoeed to hare emanated from >enor Juste Aroremeaa. the Federatar of the Iathmu*. Oa the 11th aatsat, the** appeared ia th* aame paper, another pre ect from Honor BartateaM Calvo, late editor ef I si KvroUl, of Paaama, Both these projects recogsue th* liahtand aaaume th* practteabiUty of aa excreta* *f cettein political right* by foreigner* llrlng in th* SUia ol tie lsUmus. Ih# proposition of Heaar Aroaemeaa fa tha* generally ?et forth:? straager* wUI aot in general *aj*y political rlgh'.a ia the I.tate, but th**? who bav* resided ia It for at least a t?ar, and have any known buaineas or oxupatioa. caa elect or be eleeted to certain minor oMeae of a local ebaiactar la eoa'ormity to the law. Tl-e propoaitica of Sr Cairo I* mare explioiUy deelarad la art. :.(? of hia prcject, thus ?the members ef tha i ab.lio are to be eiecte.1 by all the LahabHaate of the dMrict tbat are UraBadUn citlxena, and by th* mala fore'gmrs that are snore tha a '.weaty one year* ef age, ami nave had at leaat two years of resideaee ia tua place, la legn'ar practice of some prafeesion, trad* or lalor 1>* Paaama H" aid ef July 14, remarks The I agia lativ* Aeeembly oft(h* new fiata of Panama will be Iniu g \j rated to-morrow. Ibe Br*t act of the AaeemMy, aftar electing tkolr I'rseident, Herniary, A? , wiB to to paee an act irgaietlng Uelr procaedlai*. af'sr wbteh t*Mf will prroeed to elect a Jefe Provialooal acwwdlag to th* teems of th* law by which they act W J*?4* Art ?em*aa U the i>aiy caatk^*.* as y*t pul.i.ri/

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