Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 26, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 26, 1855 Page 7
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Ibraatdfer the of c? tf J*f?. uJ Um pvUHe goawally appear 1bcjU*4 to *npport biaa, bi; hu Mot at* opto iona may be raQe^a zta end ni* a-tioM controlled la a, qa*rter abere their *>riild"nce la notao great Adeewer the Sea ate and Chamber of Represent* tiva* of Naw tirtst'i, ia Congrce* 03 Mi J i4, i U pub.iiihtri The ?. tii oii.clo **}e ? '? lb* etecutWa power will withdraw ih* (-inuwt'ol tho** foreijra Om an)* in the Ht\V or Panama, -vho pro'eot tlietr cituwn t la re?.*tia?c toe jurt pajn-eBt of the national te. f* *? tabluied In tho raid State and*r tboiT o *u laws, or tbcae of the national Cencre**. To ohn?te diffleolti**, ijownnrati ihtit bo notiAe i of Um t?ini' ?[ this article, k that they \>? aware that their consul* are aabieot to the afore* ?io joie " The Panama iff a(d rtswrii on tho chaugethua ? " Mo* tb* not>ee wi.l be receded by the ' friendly gov ?m-c-nta 1 wo ha 1 no intan* of knowing, aud p?rli ipi aball mt? > .rn. but tt wou' 1 mot aarprtao a* te hear tbot it jrodueeo ? eharp reply from -ucli men u Mr. karry Lord ckar?ndeu, or the Freaoh M'aiatarof I orefgu Alii??, if, indeed, the ecoiuiua' ttioa la one to which they would oooaider it no;?a? iry to retarn any ot oil" The Herald, of Jnly 10, any*? By the iiritiah *te*m*i Uy<i?, from Greytown, wo hare dawa to the 34 lnau.nt, by ?b<ch a report reached a* to tbe elfcct that Co<onel hia?*j, witii h>* little Altimeter band of eighteen atoa, had Arrirei at liroyiown, aad proceeded acr.taa the in tenor oountry to join Waiker. Thia report, although peislble, te doubtful, a* It diu net appear to be generally kaewn aaeenf the p**i*7g*r ? o - oflicv* of tbe etuamer. . Ob JuJt 9, < ap'aiu Bontwell, cf tbe lTn?ted State* sloop of war Jebn Adam, entertained on board bie ahip a'. Fuaaa a large party, including the Goremor, Don Mease) Din. Ft. K<)oar4? Valuer, Olthop elect of Pa nama, tho Kcgfah and l<Vnch ooneule and many citi zen* aad ladier. Tbe I'nited St-itcs Conanl wo* pr > anted from being prfe'nt by !ad>i>;>3?!tion. Tbe Aapnwtll Courier, of July 14, haa tho following ? Tbe lac It. Id. ateamer from San Juan del Norti, (Grey tow*,) brought the *ad lnte'llgene* that tho cholera had broken out at Tarioa* potnfa anon the Slcaragoa route. We l?arn from tho Pannsin hlar and lUnM that the Vnite4 iStaten stoaaaor Uaaaachui- tt* may bo axpe-.ted at that port ahortly, and probably aiao tbe In<rep?ad*nc*, from Callao, aad tbe St. Mary*, from Acapnleo. Aiooag tbe po**ong#r* per the la*t etoamor from the Bantb Paei?e was K. Moc ,.tta, Eeq. , Commlaalouor of the Ecuadorian bondholder* in England. Bo reached Anpio wall ycaterday. In tbe ?ame pop?r of July 11 wo find thia Item The Tenrtb of J uly ia Panama ?m celebrated by all handa, each "en hi* own boo a " Capt Jehuion treated to a ?ftwmetb punch, with tho laet of the ice. The Declara tion of Independence waa road at the United St* o* Cob aalate. and a ecnj>)dor*b}? party who bad asaomble l to hear it read pvtock of Ool. Ward'a (the Conaur*) hot pltiil'y; aad at half-piat five large party, inc'.Qfltng the bftiuera of tbe 1'n.taJ Statei aloop of- war John Adama, th# Ccvemor of the, to., ftc., met and diued with tbe Consul. TUB LATEST. PxxjlMA, N. G., Jnly 16, 1565. Tbe firat aeacon of tbe repreitentatiTe* of tbe Q9w Ivoerai State of Pusamt wae held yoaterday. Dr. Ju*tc Aro'timtna waa elected '? Jefe Priviaional," H?. FVanciace W'rlga, I'reeident of tbe Chamber, aad Dr. liUa Aroft t. ?na. Vice Precedent. Eterrthing west ell qn!etlj. Tbe Gokloc. < .ate tailed la<t night at 8 o, clock for San rr?DCiaoo. The wea.tb>r lp ?ery fine, the health ot the Iithmua good, nod tb- railroad la exo-llent order. Tbe lato <*i ? >-ident of tbt republic, General Ohando, ban been ft - vo^ed to ?we'.TO ream itaniahment for hl? r vt:ic'p?tioi ia tbe rerolatios of Gonornl Melo, of April, Tha slooji cf war Jofcn Aiatoi ia ia port, and the offi cere and crew are ail we'l. She aaiw ahortly for tn F*ejf e laUudin. k Tbh Vt. Kttji it ixfestod here, al*othe Independence aad the etesmer Maaa?chu(*tt?. Slew* Oom the 8?ntU Pacific , The atoamer Boli?>* arrived nt Panama on tho 6th kaat. from ValfaraUo aad OfclUo, bringing tbe uaual oeml monthly m?11, paaeoogera and $165,000 in epe eie. Her date* were, Valyaraieo, June 14; tollao, Jane ?i*tb .Parte, 2"i tb. The folio iring arette chief itema of Intoiligoaeo.? <KBT.NO OF ?? Pa?ID?Kt ? LOC1L aaaor.H.i>4 ? ? kaI'OKT o? bCLUON? tub **a OaThe lat ot Juno tbe Nation.1 Coagma m tb? caoitAl with the cu*to?*ry o%rt?ioai?n Ttia Pf ?dontS2diu Snaal me, .age, gi ring an ?3*>? in? of tW coalitioa ef tho country, ?od Ui? cocrao of .he *J "^/to^atliae it wUl be *ooa that Chil* ia eagneiln dOTele??ag. notaeloenly and graduill/. the ro*oarc?* con tain'dwittiin it; that it adTaneee wfta a ?? ?? >ath of e'rilltation; that etory doy the mtere*t*bonnd St ia tbe preformation of peace augawnt ia number ed i ?nd that all the** -.oadiUon* fctee promia* th*t we aban' twapo cataCr^be* which h*Te caueed auch depioieble mjnrie* to othtr State*. Peraerering in our prtaent ^^^the .? ...niuiiAa na'ierof orogre.'i, the rep up. c or i?e Hoa'h will present tbe gi atifyiflg *ut<ctacle ef tbe SorUi no* eiblbite- naoaely, the Mf* of ?reataeai an a pretferity attained in a brief period by i5ST?Wlf"oToniieoi ' Thni we propoae to oOQtra dirt tbe pretuflne w'iich deatea to oi.r race ti he pease c ob ef th# power of attain'og bapp.iwa* nnder thia p? U The iVtwraol Oongraaa In tbeae daya hare been filfht. hare boen engaged in th.^cuMionof. treaty with orea' B*it*ia, eu4 or abollahmg the duea "Kr, %.'?&& .?:? * '-?""?'tiv "52 retttd by tbe gOTHrnment ia ;itoi o popular oinaatioo. werab'.p. ani the improTein*at of rja u and mean^ a ?f -mini atlJB A 'O'iiOAOy hll eapiW for tb' eonnrnc'ijo of a rallr?\ 1 f rota liaotiago to ralco. Su'h has been the antbu iaim mnuifeated oa t??e aaojoot. a? to warrant to* hopi that ore loag the ..Tn eaeiU! wili be .or so?aa?nrin? the , o'-b. ("biW ia now .. country ..ftMing t-> fore gfl ' eV' taint# the double inducement of eeour.ty and a hig)? JtE.frtrtaiSttoiaT.rt tbeir mon*y here The < op. Lp^^boaTwhlcb i* I? thuo eixty a* -?e lo^ y- d. abaiebol^ro ninf por c?n' Mllm, XUrtir N*r:i*> aud "..n .an . UaTita h*Te p ircUaeed at puilie auction the iii eof ma ieti: Wlegrapa between v. './-aiao an<. Saotiagc. w;.h it* a. p i*teuance?. and ri(& far the rjm of <**-? W?,000. The aua** of Cepiapo are ?tlll .sovroTin. Dnria* tho fortnight ri -b deje UU h?Te been rw -he. ta Cb*nareillo anrt fc*? P'intas The eiforU of by Hon j 0t .uxtr at Caidera for tb" Crat fo ir moots* of ?Se rj?u?w" |1.4CO,00O. HMidea taeew have ^n' ^rm of copper, wbicb -eery day U bocom:og a tifodaHica lu ihai taIu#. ;-he feara that have be*a fel' ie|arJmg ^ hern diapollod. t>ott;ient rala? haTe fallen of ^ a 1 he vtate el the weather i* nt.'aTorabie to coan-a^r-e. nir. t , The new* from thia rep-.bli: ia not of maci Impor tasc*. raatiiu. it i? naeraily mppoted, *? 1 he ele.toC be the Pr^fldeocy. fOllVlA. The .OTerr .relit r*ndidiU for tbe Pr?Mencj Ofthla ..vbMVo ia neiii ' ordcx .? the rtn inaw o! t.en^.riJ B?\:n tbe aetuai "rer.d^ot Dr. " r aJWate and Oeairil 0?U Cnu, ui not llk*ly to on??#?e. It ia, k .**T?r, a???t"0 whether lieUu w..l rtVigo tbe off ce tf the ele .*?l (ur?e**-/r. r- , Jt Silica eonme-c el m\ t r* there t* ?a cUacg** tor the oatvr ta repeat. . , aadenlei <aly Iot V ?l demands, la .o. gather* tTT.'i^t tawu"tr, ng re l ;r,<l ,r,v a. Aoofiaba are qaolo/<: an i *ei*l> lo * a*o? n0 aiteretkn. V*iloe w-'ll wtfltod, ^U*/. a^atifuliO'ber wsM, ind to f i of, 5om alio n.ita,lo^01n1, o^r Kiice aad in den!an<*. In *be ! ' ?i I Ii'joora *b:i\4ant V. h?^ and ajerm c'l ra- ( tber acarce aii waited; w.tb a!' otb^r olla tie m.rk-t I ia t*ii aapr^'J- la ?poH* eopp?r ?* n iotel a *r^ J \ at abore bid''*, *uperur niaHtr, at fl fii on * )? ??, , aad in demand flour ?*. ??' 2-'? ? I" 75 >f" - ' I at ?* -? *aiat?l. I'regbt.j to Ea|llad, frota to 1"*. I ()(r a?- from ?.?t?t*r*"t*? ?TOiffW wnn: O0T.D ( FOOT) iOCkl. Lr fl. iW-T'lt. >??' >J j Ll'l'aB?m. -- hare rs ehad Vl.'.t>-'ir?? o' K tie lVih ol ??, heuig *1* ^ *?i2X*V P<" ?r ???/ \u * ?*??' u* #1 Ir^.c ? u? ???? ?, r K C^S"! *Y %%<&' mvtxiuSA' ?"X m a n vABt'ir Til., ?nd 7*1# *i 1 Tbe'arpefeat "*?! <-? ??' ?eaal*d ler ia tb- <")tn?ere.*l cul una o! th* (, < <</'??; *or eoadwr i? I og' ^ a; ^ Vut o"be par*, of ,'citT.av ould aair.:e to rx\? all toe r* u f t^Tar? ^ Met**a?e* of bf. i or ,'u I b.Ta.t^ vr'r^/r;" - Z*t %o 10* ) e' to.' .U A; w, %nd tu.- I.- e baa Ht thy qoaaMtT.J* o^e M 7 ' ui| lim^alao w. Ifom iAS u> voo. 14 e , . K tw ka*a neeiaed afcoee U?,<f '? buab? -a of >kt ^ ^ pile* paid to importer* w ea-:inal?i ?? *> , < MMtiaen tU* charge a'tra* * fMM !?? w ? ? baaVI Bote a t< o . ample o' wh?at r',diT "_ ' i'?# mt IqimH M l ?m th#ii ^ < ^ -of pr*o'. U> tU iatiJ *r Kp#cuUU>r Tn?c .Q* t -?.rr aappiy Of .but er. 13^ too-, U reetca. ? ? at*, y iM) ab<j of too ? 'jaalttj tho r?i# 1 trtw w<iiy for it 1 >*. V*r Ant tn* b?^?y drain en air celooAl BOfi-r 'a cjaatantly go.i* IB in a ?oantry *???'ra anllioo* of a-r*a are Wanted to prodn * eT*ry ^eaeary and ererr lutary o. U'. Till* aaomaly i* *om**an1y attributed to the regu lataoB* fat Ue dlapoaal of can* laid*, hat w* tfc.nS * . ,?ki it lolittnn il, that other awaontleee, i*l TaMrUl'T flo i?g*lng. *r?. ?ea?rally boneeed to al^mTre^ W?n w?< ?* 0"' tlJ^Joweeer wher^ tli" priae of Ubor U much lower TVV hll bari whiio flour and other proeiaione baa* ?^".W.Inr There U *rery V.Xbeod .bat *pl -?*'?? sarassj: i SSffSsSSs ?r tb. te*. bnt per*oaa rao-a'ly tr< an a.-.i>o ua ?*rt th?t i.aaeeagar* **"i*tO,l with gold parce?? m <ht, anu?*?ee?oa*a to ln*o?ct the Te***l a,??i?r r ? n* aam* oplnton U tbn*J^P^*?ed by *e Ar.#of e ,opeaie?tatlre*wick * Creek - 1? e prise o! pott I fen y to 74?. 9a. The ea*?rt ebwwa a (fceided lar-r?%ec ja pmruvMii, ?a l th ? tacconnt hat ?)' r. t ?eu ooadilerably e.^mea'^d Curing the l*?t ;?w <*?;? ttw weather ju (m?q nnaetaled an/. threatening- and ttic-? u ever/ re%?oo V) believe t'u.t tte winter t?? nsvr f^irlv commenefd. TV At on Vcaee brua. and tu msveiused coticenc* appe it* to in Utienoe tbtfirano-ictloac o I the ?omn><r:lU commaotty. The co>ef topii of coiverkation among all elaa??a la th* ex tiaord.a.ry ' erder" for the Abolition of the Cr.>*l?k (,oH Omce. Hanker* g?U *rokere, storekeepera, *nd etggere jo b id ind'gnent renin *< m?t thi? ineane acta ' oar | lrrane Uo\?inm?ni: and if *e rightly eettmete the t*? per of tb? populace, tbi m?o'ing io te bald tbin dey, w i.l be maned by ?n unenim.'v of ?entiraantb*it taldonv wi:na>eed. Tt? ?ciil ? j port outr ia the more <-ond?mn ad th? in ore it ie diicu'v d, ?nl the prevailing impre* ?ion ia that in it* present ebejie It will prore totally in operative. R??a from Caba. Wa bare wired saw* from Havana to the 2ttb lost. The Georfa Liw touched at that port. There It no po littcal aewi of importance. * One of our rorveaponilente men Uon a the failure of on* of the largMt p.tprie'ore for $1,400,000 ? haa property to the amount of $3,000,060 or mora, eight augar eitutes, | eighteen atook farma and a great deal of eity property all productive. Ha decline* making another half mil lion by taking ad .antage of hla creditor#, an erideuee of honor and bunnty. Luis Zaya had te*i arretted by the government, and thrown Into prison, under iiuplcien of baring a likene*., of Ramon Pinto la hie poeeeaeion. The buit of Pinto bai cot been captured by the polise Sereral arrests had bttn made of tboee su?pecte*J of baring been iatereattd ie the work. fhc iteaucr United Rtatea arrive 1 at tundowa on tbe 14tb init--eo pai?engert ? giving partnulere of th? America's ne *?. Thr Com offtlie KUiboater Itnrk Magnolli, at Subtle. THIRD DAY. [Kroeu the Mobile Advertiser, July 10.) b) Admiralty, before the Hon. John Oijle, Uni ted states Judge. Taf mroro? Am ac<weln'. ed wi'h Mr. Upton; am e'erk of the Battle H iimj; have bad conrermtkina with hira; he stated he wis a government agent. Mr. Reqmcr ? We acmlt he km a government agent. Mr. J. Heeeee rec ?lled ? Mr. Bailey propontH to show w;tne.ea a letter, by which he expect* tj prore that tbe Magnolia wax not offered for aale tithe Cnban Jont*. OrerinJed by the Court. By the government. U?*?u recalled - The AniCiia waa oleareu for St. Mary ?,(]?., In ba)U?t andatorfe; her clearance was on ltlth February; that of tbe Magnolia aome twj weeka later. I^wia ii called -At. the tlms of k->'BR to Apaiactkola for piorl.ion?, wsj ioatrn - ed hy Mr. Ouktmith to watch tbe creva of tbe Amelia and Magnolia, aud be promined to ^ira me c^arxe of a brig, as an inducement to that duty. Tas objc:t of the watching wai to prevent tbeir ommnaicating with tbe government authorities tiiereand dsnono leg the expedition; I exue-iei tte United HtaV. tbf re; Mr. Oakamith tola me ne alai expecVe 1 ber.i Croee-r xamined? I tkn^r that, tome four d*>.? previous to going to B\ JompI'r Bay ; captain toid me some eight or ten days after leaving New York that we were going to ft . Joeeph'a Bay. By government- Dmald McDja?!d kworc -1 ?hipped for Porto Itioo, as ooe of tbe ere w of the Maguoiia; wm spoken by a vrmsI at aea; the cap tain answered that we were bound to Mobile; nit with bead winda between New York and Loo Key, where we went ashore. Mr. Keiinier rabmita to the Court a statement of Mr. ?. Oakamith, in writing, accompanied bv an ex* pisuation that It was made ai ths bula of an up pllcaiioo to tbe government to diamine this prooecd i Bfr. ! The paper was read, in which Mr. Oaksnitb says Ibat he can piove that the Ma?n >lia wae engaged in nothing that was lilrgal, ana that she baa never forfeited the light to the protection ef the govern ment. In the paper, he farther itaVee that he de elm to ship the cirgo, by regular paokaUi,!.* <t here to New York, at the sarlieat p?sible momnut, eo aa to be able to meet hla liabilities on the same. Mr. Beqnier then called the attention of tbe Caurt to trie tact that tbe bookkeeper of Mr. Oakamith teatifled that Mr. Oik&mith had purchased and paid for the cargo. The testimony her* c'oaed. Mr. Router, for tbe government, commenced the argument, and bilefly stated tbe points he ahoald make in < ne caae, and al?) tha grounds oa which he ' insisted that tbe c?ee came folly within the provi siors of the act of 181G. Ee cited numerous authorities, and among others a caae recently decided in the United States Court by Judfe Curtis, relative to a vewel libeled for far feitnro for being engai^ed ia tbe slave traie. He insisted that the evid<-ace proved in a manner not to be mistaken that tbe Magnolia was cincerne.1 at a stonsMp or tender to an expedition for tbe inva tioc of CnM. Bating concluded his brief opening, Mr. Bailey proceeded to adlrena tbe Court for tbe ! defence at considerable length. Tbe Foreign Legion EnlMtmcnfa. I.J.TTKB FROM COI.. l>f EORFONAT. Bcfknsjov<;f., Niagara, I Ja'y -'3, 1855. ( I regret to ace in your paper of vesterday'a date an aitkle from tbe -Vt u> D< nwuesktr reflecting on tie character of tloae men who are enliatiug in the Foreign Ltglor. The article 1 refer to ia aa fol lows: ? It la to be regrett" that govermueat ever undertook to ralie rerrulu from arong the oatea?ts in the t"niie<l State*, tie very ecum ef all nationn. If the honorof tbe Britiah tl?g depended upon iceh oeieg?, we (ear it would not loB|{ maintain It* prexent proai poiltlon. Tbe es penie of there worthier b'reling* will be more than they are worth? far more, inieeid, th*n tbe best ?ub jects at home coolS Vt enlinted for We hope to eeo an end put to tbie mole of obtaining reornita It U dero iretorr to the Brit nation in tbe world. The none o' Britain everywhere are to ibare In the danjer and glorie* of tbe rreient eont*?t w'.th a b*rbaron< power, and there Ie mi a*ed of enheidlzing mercenary eoldlera. Sow, fir, l beg to tell the JV? ir Brunmrickf '? .. h? states is faite. iia true, bad man sh > k ?n'lated tte ' or. '.it. '/-g.'.n aa well an in the line, but tnia fact should not warrant any ooe in making such a wboiesa:e charge at in outlined in tha ab.>v4 extrtct, which la cWcolat*. -'ike to damige ber Uajeety'g service, aa it ie -:riun to wtond the fee. Ings and disconr?ge the t Aorta of every honest sol d i?r wbo may be en.iatcd for rbi - pitriotk objjrt. (?. di. KoaroKAY, Lieutenant Cclontl Britlab Fo.eiga L"g)on. Hi* Pennsylvania Main Une at Anttlsii-^u Midden. From tbe FhtUdalnhia J -'y 2.'i.] Laet evtuintr an ",C*Tt nj a.aae to MU ttie If tin Uce cf tbe Pnb:lv WorLi of Penjsyliania, in pur ?uerct ot an a t of Assembly, pva-)d M-.y 1h 55, ? to provide tor the inle vf t it Miin f->aa ef tbe T'u^ic WorW At half-p M eerea ?> cloak Giv. FoiJf'Ck, A .orttj '..mer<l lVa.:?,f'o!. A. O.Car ;in Be^' -taryof the Cwui ? weal .1, thu Cimm'a i.!oner? \onctnud u ider tbe a -., aa'l th* snction "?r, Jthh B. My*m, E-?i, mvi their * rpevan-e iu e rotund* of tbe K?<- <u>?, whic^ cjn'-iiatl olal., tree bun-J-ed ik*.m)09, *nx?on to nitne* i it fal'j vis?l u. tlilprincipi) aw of the tiiMjivMia imrrv>Vfn>eote. Mr. Myers, by 'i're-:. t cp or < r ilio Jr, t tS'n''n'X 1 the prclitnmvi<:s o? tbeaaleny rea4i'i{ the <?iros pc*b.rib?4 Hvthe , .. t. Thc> 'hr* l j bid 1?<j* thin $7 ,">00 000 ! ahoald b* if eivc?? and tb*i a de|.j?lt cf 1100,000 , Hk oi) i-i U r- <| .(red from At pur. IMM*, the awia te ^ torii iud to Me dt i - uuleie the eondi^oae iped tied by ti:e ?jt w?Hi coaapluid wl!b. In drtfai' of ! tbe Imaedieite r>ayment ?f thi? mm ol $100, wis in avaiuble ftind?>. uia M*i? Line war to h* again put up for ade. A Wa w?& then solicited by Mr. Myeri. b it there waa no reinoaa*. Ha then cttauMnood at ; tMcen pi I) torn, nod after the unual ? ended to e gh*. 0t.!li0B>, aai frotn tku a^tn by I th tieandvtot etanin-.ntu price of i 000, ? 1th on' re<itiv'ug a si^g'e bid. ' Uovarnc r r ilo-l, alley c Jt ?ultation with Mr. I I ra< klli. and c..o*ra, annono-?d that If no off'-re 1 wer? mv.e within tire m antee, tbe ee'e wonid >i v jTt?n*i. T/i e fn. led io b ing an off .-.and the e notbei/gtfce riinf ?-t diapoejtloo manife?itaJ, W <? ' emcr *tat*d that the^tle, if aljoarnod, wonld >>?> -vithn i' ? day. After a ahort delay, the w*bwu sdj'-mriied 'it< r/j ? , atd the ar.t for the sale of tl ma'n licc baa prorrd lu'*>. Of rernir pollack remil.ei is the F.x kings fo. I a sonalutrab e jm , a id *?>" 1 .trjdn:ed to a nuu ' btf if 0U Nlluta Thefailuieof theeale wm a I source of mnsbiagret. Tu* Gold Diwuis'-'a on tmk Hki> Fou* of rra i Aaa^Ntaa.- Abe I an /l?nn imHUfnttr, no'ic ag j tbe prepara'.iora ' f a c rrpany of m a f.t>m Urn*. (; tnerj & epty, Ait. ft?r d*;iai;n:e t > th? rt >ortad ] v !d oipt 'Bg* on tb? R*xl Fii'k of the Arkapat*, saM: ? " ^e do cot wla^ to lie th: d lave meat or o| fe"e iLtelllger. e, and in all candor mist a?/ that ' we have no leilabk Int i.'ligen"4 fr-m the r-p rt^d , mire*. That shere ie gold up the A/k^tu ta and lu ! trlbvtaries there ia so d/Of... bn! w.*ther In oian i tUteaioi ay f r woikinjr or noi we are ustb>t t > | ?sy. We wonld canttoa all pera^ma frtm taking their lamilUv tn?re, and aU i or* U> heliera al1 that they eee pobiUfcrd io rela'4.m thereto. If young I mm eee B: to n.?ke the explorat nf let '.hem d . i so. bn< da aot lake faaiilie" of ? Jm? n a a 1 ohJUren there." The Fart Smith H*rtUd, on the earn* subiaci, t^ja:? M We bavx read eevtral letter* paMiahad re oently, purporting to have bean written by minara frrm the gold diggipgaof tbe Arkaaeas. and are fraa to H?%\ we have d mbt ee U tbe ei teat i of the inMrf ird eicw^of tboee D9V prespectteg ' their. We ad ? tea our trteaoa not m b<>to> ba'ty ! ia behaving tbeee pabHefc^d atatemeata" FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MOSSY ItlKIiTi Wednkhtuy, Ja'y 23? 6 P.M. Tb?re vu a little m ic activity <n tbe stock <n *r ket tius morning, bu' the tendency of pr?o?? tlir<?i|<Jici>t wa a do am w;?r i. At the fi'it bo srd Vir ginia t:\de3lined ^ per edit; Erie bond*, 1876, 4; N?w York Central I'd, i; Nictragoa Transi", i', New York Centra! ItallroU, Clereiacd and Tole do, 4; Harlem, 4; Heading ttiilroii, 4? Coioago and iuxk '"land advanocd i per cent. There is evi dently a growing desire O got rid of stocM. The large sal* k to day la a atrong indication of that, and we tbouli? not be surprised to sea the daily trans actiona increase, Instead of diminishing, aa la gen erally anticipated. Pnr chasers, buyer's option, are plenty enough at all time*. There la a set of specu lators conMunaEy in the market, who never bandied a ceriU ;&te of stock, and who eperite entlrtly on d fl':reno*?. These are the buyers at pro >ent, and the bears, although they hare no'. mu;h confidence in tbat class of operators, when nothing better ofle a take their contract*, and generally, at maturity, all their mrplus funds, in the shape of different*. TC3 stick muket haa all the symptom* of a ecLa^M. The indications are all in favor of lower piices. With no buyers, and the atrongest probability of a stampede amocg holders, we do not M.e the dtst Inducement to ca.ry stocks. Ttie proa pe' t of getliog oat at high pricea is poor enough. A man who will bay stocks at a time when the talks show a discount line of over uu huadvsd millions of dolisrs, must hvre great nerre and a long poise, which be wants depleted. After the adj onrnment of the board ,t'ae following sales of b Jbds and stocks were made at auctioa by Means. Bardst, Davis A Hain:? $f> 0(Hi Cbiesifo sad Mis- R. R. 1st asort. In'.. iwMsd SO !i (CO Ohio ?n 1 MifS. U. R. do. do... J) J.OCOCm. Chic, fc l?g--nsportR.R do.. do.... 78)4 500 do. do. do do ... 79 31 sbarss KeutocVj Bank 60 Indianapolis a?:l Cincinnati Railroad AH luO Oblo and Mississippi R R., Kasttrn division. . . 15 Albert H. Nixi'ay's regulsr senv-sreekly auction sale of stocks and bonds will tak? place to- nirrow, (Thursday ,) at 12i o'clock, at the Uerchaotk' Kx change. On the cataicgne will be found a great variety of first class stcurities. At the second boa'd the market was weak. Erie sppears to be the heaviest otjck on tbe list. It un doub'edly lias the widest margin for a fall, for it is in the hands of holders a dead weight. Nicaragua Ttantlt was a fraction better tbis afternoon, with small sales. Theie were no ssles of Reading at the second board. This morning there were tranuc tiors to some extent at prices lower than have ruled for some time. The transactions at the Assistant Treasurer s of fice to day were aa follows : Paid oa Trsasurr aceount $164,212 &?? Received do Ml, 470 80 HOioci do. 2 180,381 83 Paid on disbursing cbscis 85,816 49 Tb# ytjtHn'i 'o ai; ineluds $27,000 California drafts. Tie warrants entered the Treasury Depart ment, Washington, on the 2Jd inst., were as fol low a : ? For the redemption of stock $110 37 Kor tas Customs 46,828 00 War warrants recetTsd sail entered 12,64# 19 Kor the Interior Department 48 Interior repay warrants 5,800 01 Covered la from ?iaiell?neou? wjurces 1,013 '.'7 The steamship Par' tic, from this put to LWerpul to-day, carried out $900,771 in eptcie. Tbe steamships Star of tbe West anlG*orge Law arrived to day from Nicaragua aid Asptuwall, with two weeks later intelligence frjm California, and $1,505,496 in gold on freight The total shipment or gold from California, fot tbe six months ending June 30, 1K>4, waa 118,990,290 32,agaiu?t $24,725. ihl 74 for the corresponding period tbe previous year, showing a decrees i of $5,716,291 42. Trade in California wt?s rapidly improving. M >ney was easy. Accoonts from the mining districts continue tawrabie. The Price Current says:? Money is abundant ?ui ratos comparatively ???r: trad* bss L??m brisak, tbjsbtxrsars ssakiuc ssonsy, and trer/thlBC appears to be nninf aloag imjittily. Tat u asocial ?0)b?.-r**?m"Bt? through which the tomuasi xj hine been struf|tiae for so lonf ? ti??, appemr to bs ?bout at an tnd, and beneeferth we boy* to see bstter 'inei. The Director of the Ifiat gtvds notioe in onse ijuence of tbe preaant accumulation of silver coin at tb* mint, that from and after Uie first d?y of An gus: next, and until further notice, the purchases of silver for coinage wU1 be paid for In atlver coins only, and net la g .lt*. Tbe silver offered for parcbMe will b? weight 1, m? lted and assayed as usoaJ, and the standard wdght determiied there fr;m, in ouncte trey, to the hundred h part of the oonoe; and will bs ga'.d for (aa at present) at the rate oione dollar twenty-two aai a half cents per standard ounce. The receipt g'ren at the first weighing must be p.tsented by the eeller or his or der, and usually payment ma; be expec td on tbe day following tbe date or receipt, or the secoad day folljwirg. For the information of bullion detlsrs, cot. , try banks, &o., it m*y be stated tbst ac;jrd o? to tbe abave rats of purchase, the yield of various classes of coin or bullion will be abiot as follows: ? Kits franc piroea 9'< etat*. tfexlesn sno Hontb Aonrtcen dollars 10-. \ " Old .^pattab dollari< 106 " ftsroluti >nsijr or "b?mm?red" dolUr? 101 " Half doKars X. H., c' tutors 1837 " Tbe teas' aiao* 18J7 to 1*48 82>? " (,'t.iiter dollars are proportionally less proln :tive of premium, wbiie dines and half dlmss coined b* tote 16.17, have lost rather more by wear, on an average, than tho prem am would make np; tboes ooiiied since 1H37 to 1S.j3, will average a premiun of jj p?-r cent on tbtb nomianl value: ? r*n 0?rfiaa, fiwsdUb, D?ai?h anl Norway an erowas. Ill <;>d K ranch crowas. Ill linnin florisa. 41', PtU'Ma and ll.mnr.u tbalrrs. 72 V m*7'.c*a pi. If, 120 to l'i2 !?? ? par ounce. < :ei. ume Bntoh ( bU, fib cents p?r nan Tb>ee ri^ti atlors will take effect at tUe bran-tb of tbe MiLt at New Orleans, when the purchaee of silver >s r?eua*d at that ins'itution, of which no tice *01 i* e,reB bl l** Superintendent. At 1 lascitco the ptmUaaes may be paid for la gold or xilver, at tbe optica of the Haperintendeat thereat, until a st. ft; .is at supply of silver bu lion is ret>lv d txj m*t the pnbll: demand Jo- iliver coin at tint', 1 kTstitntlco. Theaune*?d note from Kkj^r Hear*, relat ve ti tie g Id product of New <> '"ana la, corrects an er. J ror n.adc regarding the probtbie yitld <>t the muisj | in tbat c<mntry:? in TTlS Kt'lTOR Ol TM S Mf *?!.(>. la jour toossy article V> -!ar, ?p*tini of the 1 ew '.r??a?.'a Caaal 1 ?mp?ay, aikl lit re'erao-e to irol-1, t >h ?at ' Jilaaast*laa the i?port of Major H??r? that ?h?r? is | t<n <!??*? as sauih (f'li there a? in California, or t* that 'fleet. Tbe sw^em*at I made In conversation el'.b j the r..u. i of was, tliat 1 con*c'.ered th?re wa? an aal, if d' t (r'atsr, atnoont of sold in >ew t.raead* ti?-i a (Auierala. thi? Uirs the resail of say own o*?er.?'ioo. Ht cor replug the ?rror In W" artists br IS'erUng tb'? jou win oblige yetirs, ilKVRY It , Yr??, .late 21, 1*55. Bto? k Ewh?nc?. Wr'^rw-Af, Inlr i'? !*'?' ?tsfi Obk?e>, ' * 101 eb? .*4 V ' 'a Krt 101'. (COO KtIoa! j 6 ? 101 1>V) de . ...M0 101.'. ifi tt' li r?a 8 ?.. #*!? loe do ei ii>i KU. Y fl'S. W do b30 lot , 7i.tO d?....b?'0 9'}, 160 do e 101?, j(^0 de . W/> l^/i ,< i and To! KK . S< , 2tM Stbaay 'tfs V K0 do b:tf> <?> ? < 7 t -<? ICO d? .. . b'O " do i 4?rO li*r>Bi BR. .. a.'. iH (MCO nud"."cKBe.? t 77 PfcO <to W tCM til f Wt B? ?4* *6 tO Kie RH bit 51 ?,'r i W yi ICO do a?6 ?'. >< S V tea ? S If'.'X to try ,S?0 61-, 10 .barr? < I,eas l?k >>*? 800 do s.1 $1 , j G'? do .. *7>s 3CO do K i! M.rc'j 1 J Itk bs U . * 400 do... H H 2') Mettopt ilUn Itk It'" Ml do bl 6! . I 10r?nt asi-ta) Hfc 1(N >0 4 , b'si f,l . '.(IHt ?f Coaneree 100 1(0 do VW M't 1 Hi *ortb Abi Ina Ci li!0 210 d.j al il too Mm TrOs.. ,.M$ 18 f-0 do.. Mo M'j lb? <o 175. W>H? adla? KR >?0 >'? 100 do e30 17M 1 100 do opj s<j ,i o ' ojnb ti Cm. . ,a.'t f* S 40o <*o.... I S'H, fid do ? i$q do ti* M't, '>o da M 2*54 ? nadeor Hirer RR 40>, '.?) do ...,?30 2?X -g, RJt . <4 , I .00 so.... -M 2*>, 10 do M % ^<1 do boo 2* Si 2(. It - At V 1st Kft 13 I 100 do S3 2>>, 60 do . ^>1-2', ???! ^0 2", 10 ' blc * H t Hit . MV J 0 da bSO 2" ^ .14 do. .. MS'. Vnt do . . .. s*-1 l? tu I <1, r? P.H ?1 i i A l^std >.eid M.blO 1 ^ |, <t? SI, 100 do I ? BKtfOMD W) VHD. flOOCO Vte'rt 8'* tK>i MW K?>?h~ ?'J 60C0 16 Win 1. -toer* HH. HI,',' 8000 I/.ulelan* ?'?. ttt do VI ?S ?cc Ohio ?'?, 'it mx t > Erie nu . . t*o * 400C Il( Cen Hi lie ? ka\ 20J do v) 11 6000 l!? Vr*0 Bdt..b6 tit-'- lt>0 do ....alb M lCfO N V (en 7V. l: 2( /) 8o &? 10 abarea Ku'tonBa l:w WO do .... v,0 M \ 80 Nic T* Co.. ,.*?o 17', j',0 do.... a.; i 1 60 do IS HO <? 1?10 SI iO do .. M t<s UJ Ho *10 M 100 < nm" '1 Co MO 28 S 230 do . . b90 M , SO '*o i* H00 He rlem KK..b*<t '.*00 Clave \ rol HK . 80 S dl o?> V 100 e?0 *0 10 Hich C.-B RH . . 't-l , 160 do boO W*

New York CiUtlo Vatlaet, W*dk?d*T, July 24, l*6C. At Allarton'e, the market tu lur'tlj eo weH ?>ip plied with beef cattle a* lut w?ek, though * : j,. ted demand p:eviou* price* ore tnr>lj ?u >uwe<l. Th? ?DBtir ll nukit to dtjr *m l.(!7 ud for the weak, 1,793. rhe HupjiIifH r*ir? raoiit'y from Ohio aal iUI sola, aa<l the quality, on *n average, tu ordinary ti fair. The baa*. cattle eal.l a*. Uc * ll>4c - the letter to outside price; and infer.or to rood, 8>,'o ? 10 ?{e. It wm thought that but fe?,lf any, would be left over un eold. lncloded la the ofteringe were tome 203 cattle nt Bergen, N. J., which were ?oM for the Newark, I'ater aoa aad Bergen Point market*, *?., at ascot the pri-ee current here. Kor sow* an J calve* oalj a moderate da tcano baa yrevailed, though full prevloue prl ?*- !iav?, bsen roalt?'l Vtal calve* *old to a m?lerato eitaat, at a range of 4>,c. a tJ>,e , aa la >iuaUiy. nheep and lam^t ha ??* tout*! read* purcaaer* at about praviou* pricoo. Swioc are m< re pl*nty and dull. In <cm an-3 ealvr n~> ch?ag? is prie*> bua occurred, and tua riemnna U n<o.>rau. V?al caW** sail nlowly, *t 4c. a ttc. .We wr^hc ac?o?d iog to quality. flirt*. i Beef cattle, eitra <inallly, par 100 lbe. ?!l 00 a 111 50 Iw. ho?1 i|uality 0(>0? 10 00 ho. comrnnn 9 00 a ? Ho. Infer or H &0 a Cowi and caliaa, aitrt 60 Ola 6'S 00 D*- food 40 0(i a Do. emnmon -5 0<ia 3o 00 6 !>? extra di . . 6h?cp aud Kiubit 2"i0a 7 00 The folio Wi?k tal le ?hij wlfrom what part of the coua try.and by ?b?t cuneej anc-t? the eupt>;.?^ c>tae ? Hudaon Rlrer Railroad ;i7d " Bnate "d7% We Railroad 70,, llarlea Railroa-I \ m llitnole ?'.f, Ohio ' j|. 11 t 1 ' ? ?c 1 k 7 WO New >ork J,, OtKtr Stork Harlem Railroad ?Co wee an 1 oaWae ^7 ? Veal calvee ?17 .. " . , ? ^eep and lam^e .Vl,#? At Frowning ? ? fbrre ban been a filr "ibnly of l?#r cattle, and price* reaUvdare, If any hla?, a ahwle eaeier. Quite anomoer of ?uiaU ai^rii and c**ec%h-ea elaieed under beeroe, har? been foil at pr??. ranjint from ffl to $10 f>0 ? iv omall number at fta latt arlee Tbo market for sheep and lamM hae fluotaatol 1 nmH deal during the week Lamte baeo been rerr nWr while go#<l Nheep h?re been m?it? eearoe Tba re<-eloti hare been at leaat one thouaaod leu* than la?t week *ad of decidedly aa laforior iioallty. The bulk of the 'mo pile* some* 1 rem Ohio, Indiana, s.w Jeraey and iu\ State Tain! tn.- priceo ranged from ?> 60 to?ll f0rah??u aad I'JHi); 76 for temin. Abont .100 head were l?rt over nnnold. The follow iog U n memoraodum of aaleo by ^mnel Metiraw, at RrowBliig'a? 109 aheep Ik b?he. W;,4 76 31 xbtep Ac LimSe. (13 01 8" <10 3U7 41 118 do in) "& }*> 50 5?oi2 7 do ? 65 lft? do 7?3 26 ?2 do :m 12 *1? *9 81 do 18*1 .17 do 131 26 6] do 22 4 -'J 7 22 do 69 36 188 d? 8?.l 74 do 264 7# 10O do 360 (17 do .'136 2J 8 do 18 60 do 303 70 56 ,lo imj ,vi do.. 227 62 ?? do ;i*5 1'' do. 64 CO 5j jo 180 00 do SQ8 62 160 do.'.! 6M40 20 do 06 76 ' d' 94 76 2.1?ftah>et>k'aml>*M,fr47 fl'i iv - - ? ' 18 8S A'erage |ier head $ 1 9't Tha following la a memorandum of aa'aa by Jam? Mi (arty, at l<townlcg,i. 81 aheep and Umb*|211 87 SOahvcpand tamba ?2'.U 38 ^0 do AO 00 86 do 27t> 00 78 do 2<!6 .10 212 i?.' ..... UltU J2 do 167 16 ?r. do 131 '0 ,*# do 189 60 33 de 131 00 ?W do 469 38 77 do 1<M 00 '*? 212 00 62 do 22V 60 "J0 i81 26 ^ do 364 00 1"0 do 8 MI6.1 31 d->. . . 14'. 60 "3 <-'? *:,?00 ? do 33 00 J? "j" 222 37 31 do 160 00 **,' 372 8;; 1 10 00 ?t4 do 334 12 ? ? " ?> ??- 00 2026 do $7,10^20 'n.nif?Vrr' ,:W -Aeerage per head 361 Tie followlag U a nieav-raadtrtn cf talee by Thomu C larlioi, at Browning'* ? ' 92 aheep* la tube 0 !6 41 ?heep A: lanbo ?18? 00 ?* >?4 00 64 do 341 13 f" do 239 80 ? _____ _ 4f t 66 M;*beep\ lamb*fl,9j!? .0 . n. "3 1 5 .lTorage per head 3 4. At Chamberlain a, a fair demtad Aaaprovaflad aad full pricea hare boon ieali/e<l. Ihe range I* Be. a 12e and the euppliee we*o about all dfaponed of. Oor?.' calTea. veala and Iambi varied but little from Uat week The folloviog are the aalee ? 3ff? *?*' cat*1* V 00 a ?12 00 " ttw* dfJ ??'??? *v> 00 a 0>) 20) ??al i?l?e? "l?e w ^hl; 4 %r a7? 6,1*1 ibeepaad laOtHe y) h gj s0 Tme following table aV.iroUie ta.e ,f ahaep and iau.'.e by Hood k 1 oft a, at Oiamberlaln'* flull'i itaa I for ike week ending July 26, IV,.',. Tbe mart** hae been ?. Wre and fair <|uaUtie*of etock wet* ml! readily at anadvaaee from laat week 'a pricea . Amount. .1 v 1 nit. >206 00 $,00 J?? 204 00 2 91 OO 3 76 30 ' 1*6 00 ,VJ ,2] ? *t* 00 4 vO <26 00 2 31 ,s.i W, 21, 3 ftl 5M ? , 8 32 282 UO 8 00 V* , 166 00 2 60 12 00 1 it 1 f M " ?VJ? 8o ?1 $286 78 12 87 ' 20* 00 4 00 /: ' 190 co a?> 1"2 12 .1 17 * aw 76 3 60 ? 1?2 '3 13 489 " : II. 804 02 tl 20 At O'Rrtea'e, a fair .temand ha? prevailed for 'eevai, and all offered were fo'd at ful' pricea. Cow* ?ad ? a'vee aold ra'hei more re*. Illy, and a?. better prlcw VeaU aloo t rougbt l a.", pi tree '87 be'Vtn |H r?i > |10 .'0 87 row* tnd calve* 26 00 a 4o 0<) '4 ! veaJe (live neigbt) 4,'?r. a 6c. r? arm L*rio^ Of oe-' VnoJ f"i" 1 an I /)?*!-< Coir*< Cat Lrml AUertom'* ....... .1,702 31 ;t47 102.J itrowaiDg'e 418 ; ..<1 8,0*1 'banner \ln e .... 328 lt> 2-to t. 1*1 O'Btloo a 187 87 42 ToMl! 3 TOO !?., t2( 1 1,2*7 o Ctrl rKAoi; hkimkt. Watvai-ii**, Ju'y 46? t P M Aen?? .J>e ?alea voibtaee.: about 78 ?>b ? pota at ?e to. Bmo ? e,a ? Klo-ir ? 71 e market wee daii a t lower. Com an n ?'*<!?? t* II off (rem 13,S'c. a p*r liirll. Tie aa<ea ?iabr?red abo it '? <?*) a > ,0?' b'.^t la udlng 'r.ft.t.on to ? ' ra'v L : ' taU, a*, f 82 a $7 76 After tlte r. of the lower 'haug? aaUe m*ri rnoer'.a.I at ?" 60. We*tTt? wa* at 17 ?7 a I" 1 !X, an l at 18 a |l T'< for mixed ead 1 b o e do. Kit** i>*aeew wa j a*. tlO 87 a tl2. (janadiaa waa U1,*. a p*r htii. l?K?r. -?lea tl<t a 800 bah w<re tr. . .* at ftsraflO foriofemr to rlo'lO bren<i? with ikief aalee .t $ > ?> a (10. Pcuthern *11 -J -a ! 1 w th liu>.'?2 eaiee, at |.> a 4 J Inr low gia4*e* to 19 76 a 110 l"i fo; g??! r^wto. y* to ? belee braa^e. Bye lour aud era ueal war* axni/tai *i.^at ? Ibe aalea <mr?'l 1,100 >ta*bel?, g??.1 r?l lit Kieo,at|l k0, ao l aonae lota of iimin.vw 4<s'.bora, <1, ?: II 70 < rro erntii.^ej y with aaloe (f atK>n' I <00 t 'ial?la Wtalem lulled at > ' 8 9it. Hye wa* la'i iol acmlaa], ad Hie. Oaia mh d^'t, ??) prtaoa l?c "!l toe ar<*a l< w?r ra'? %. ( >'it?? ?i? active, wit'i a. ^ee o? aVeat 2, TO". i.\*<, at II ? a 11 e on "iran r>' at 1 ? . an 1 8' biga ' toa>ia, at ll?,c , aad iO <!?>?, Cap* at ca*b i.? t I't.TTt,* - T>e >a!ea wne c*.r(ia? U **<a Uri belee. 7r? matb?( c><*. ng etea?.y. 1. n< inr ?To Luerp'*.', al?at 1 .!*> * 1 ."00 baiee a' 'itt' B e#r? ei.a?g? ). at f a' .2., f-n ^amp-eeoe." aad .rrcu ;.tnwj aud I, WO ob. ti'ior, not pv-rteeely r* t rt?<, at 1* , and i?a< f?r".b?* eogae*tJ -o'? w .r* n-al? i?>tfayaltke pawl* figo*e. To foO'V o, 300 <-b't o l tie were enraged at p. t., at 1 ]M i wa ?/?< 'mI%* to at *? 8d. To Havre, c ea> ?? gated at 'a'- . aawl a 't nf re at II per hM A teeeel wa* (-Wfaged to l->?d e lb f eele, at l#pr?ui for 1 .verpoot, at 71> Hat.- <>>4. editable f> r aalpp'nf ?a? a *? e, aa held at II it. I fan ? -??e ta'ea of Kngl ?h were mvk* at W* aad of 1. alma at t%r *' 1 >?e waa trm Vat <t?lot ivai ^toara- Ttm aale eaa^raeod a">Oat 1 40 l.b'e ?p . I'a taije attao at (tkt all. 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Any In <i? aad jfontlana* wiib'u* to aiup'. a child, acd <hu kit* goo<l rafvrraneti, will |>RaH* uddtt ? pom paii., with rami tunc ?nd add: M( , ?2a<ar0 .a, llfraNl cfil>'?, lor os? w*?k. HAKH1I r, 1 IMPLOHK Yuf T\> CKVD YO.H All d/?M. I regret .|?,?t'l.' ?!! tltat i j'Mi'J I w.?n you to bo cotnfnmtl* 1 %?l'.l m\li* ?i?i to you tb? bonM are iMtd t/> I1t* In in '<?? Yo?i. , and ?n:U "rol to ht?p joti ao I tuo joung o!jll 'r?n raoyctably. r# tbt ir fatore bapfiiti-an, and II ink of jo'ir d? i r baby, I'ttlo A. *m! llttlj Py. Kao't l? ? a n< n?a< i?.i ?1! will be will HK'IIAlu). I VFOllM AUON WAKTRD-OF \f THAI.:. CROWI V biethtr aud ? i?Ur ''.?j arr >u tLn no ? j'.ry * W. I. ??ei \j JMIt; tb?jr ?r? u.itl*?', of 1'umluj .rt, MMty f.'ork, lrtl-O'l Acv iBtormalUia il ineao w 11 fnllj rec?!ivid by liButlir 'J'Hr 1U a *.b? '>'J.?\n ?or. ? nd K" jiu'>n 1 *'???{?, 11r> -^lyn ibej Iilaad, .!o bn.rn Met utby, -xtnt* to ?.>e tb> in Mmum-I HKUVED YOUR NOYB "N WMDAY. When yon arrive ?eml u>o a mtXf *>y a tw'erof -li hotel vlx'i* jon it oy I -t! biu> tellver It to io? o?r eonalij, vo ??*? tia>?. Mil. tHAKl.l- l'KHRY, ?: 1 J) lXAf M \M? k'A'T rer, llrooklyo, ? unfirM to call at I'. Ilawkla' . 10 lV-ehcikB Itruet, altlout dvlay. ONK WhhK HAJ? HAD At I. TH--". EF1 -?..T YOUC?N denlro: aomaaoiral* ifl'b ne inj I re cited year letter ou I r' !aj Y< u '??ifoi, - Ik lert: "-Dall/, your addrp?<i. ]) ? r.? ? k and j ? s UAVBAXotttm vuv tlfci l.rown leathtr, moro: > po>-l4 dM for ?ak. On *>e Keen 'or tiro weeka at tli< arnoi ry of it? Sii'h ''nmj-1 any. Wbo nuatH to buy a dog ' |%1B HHIO' AT LAW OK J'lHN IIARM^'S, I I 1. te.K*d, late of 7 hiir?touf)tl.l, !n the dni'-i of CiimtxrNud, Kngluad, farmer, wh??? oalr Orathar, Ibcuiuii iluriieon, '( mppoeed la i: are oe'.iled is Atae. i .?? eV'it the year 1 V tJ , aod xUo the be r< a. law ef Jnbr. i.o we. William H. Howe au ' Ja< ob How#, whorm^pt tad um t'Utg'aad lo Uiu country about a eaatary a^o, ma; Liar or i ?'>m?'.i.la7 to tb?ir advantaga br apply tog toj.jk i, YltiUi', Karoynaa a|eat, 3i3 BrjaJ?r?y, New fork. it ? A f lopiate lla: of al: Ungliah iUMlau?<wi dlvldi-ndu aon adrer ti?i'in?ct? f or bnir* at law ran it* Iivp-rted at tue alx ?a oftira. p?a for eaar^h, 01. AKYVAHDA. ?1 RA BRWAE1) ? ?roi-KN, t'HOM >? 114 ClOv ) lilh aTfBiie, on a;arday a?or?a?. 2?el loat , a- about 10 o'alott, tR table apooaa il Ui o< 18 de??ert forka; 24 de???rt aptn -i.e 18 'arge ftrka 4d<? aart krvvae aod ti egg >poj n?. Kagiiah alTawr. very ba% TT, n.arkaA C In ll-rman Test. Any 'atoraitUaa of tb? aluT* may be lait with I.I O W MAT-KIX,. Onef of I'ollc jfct>fr reward.? !x*r, on d vn rday e\.;sisc., 0 JjZtJ -let laatanV, twt flCO bllla; o-je to |ua STuchantea' Beik, N?w York; db n ,t racoiiaat what bank taa othor ?aa, bat It w?a tian vlie. Any peieoa (lading Ihv Kama wltl receivu the aSi?? rawartl and tue timka jI tlia pertuA loalc^ them, wbo le a poer into, by mi lag Uirui at No. 60 I ni*<r?lty plaee, i.orner of (eal'li ?treat, or at W. W. I Irak < a b:IUard r>.u? i, coru'r af Tweaty aecond ?!r?et and Fraadw.y, ?1 r mwa*?.-ra? aww, irkkk wgmtma O J t) appr.?a:' ?? to tiibicco in %n i far : u r Bf tfl in?l \Tulleu, Aibi rt flaliar, and Walli* !*rlaaro?e are a'jou'. l.i tea; a oM, trara l^rht rBaa).ere.l e?p?, ? he>k al?irt?, ?eliow paata bare f?oie.l ar? la thla eiiy or Pater<oa be above re ward will be pail ta aay pirrio whs *:'l dataln and for*a;d tliaiu bi Ohiiral'.rllK v. J nr to l'.'i Waat atraet. Saw York oily. U li. AM" ' A: O). KMNtahd* t awt, o.v fbiday, 2orir iwr.. t black aad tin Keir'Uh terrier, >, -autlfully ?po u.. from tbe tali, th'i'i ia ivng Call a" 6'' Hraat*<^y. (? rxward wiu, Bk PAtt? narunn rn u?- j _ a ame'l ? * ? yvodla dog, thai etrartt or ?aa i aTolea on tie of tbe 24ih mat , frvm lta I . . I r?na atraa' Wl>? .ont ha l>ad on a miuh Vara rod j aiorocro collar, alth br?aa paJla'k aod'i rlV^on attavhel lila fee' at* a'law*, asd la aaawart Vo '.be nam* at <"*. 'rile. 7h* aboae rawari ?UI te paid to ! wiottt i wlU uli. a bint to th? aiot* addraai ST HI.U AHII. ? I>fH* 1t>1 Htnil M) 12. e) nin'l" atraet, oa I leetay eiaaing a amall bU.k aad tea Klnjr (btriea .-wan. a., with a lit* km bra* a collar oahlana-k h'a >ara war rather abo-t far '.he l.e*d a La ba'r rathir ab'.rt oaoe^t on t*ie laira; aa> <#ra %>, 'Xt aam? of 4 do. Tbe abora r?-werd will be | -al : Sy rai?ra sg bim t5 the ' We of ba Ceixr, v* ?l Naae Blent. J I, *i >?ijS l/WT AMD POt SD. j" w--nn',i ^ v.Ai.jS, hy i -'i. ti'N.vro ?? v af bc*a?k, i i ibe 'htli ?' July be'.weoo Tbtrbaaatb aad Twenty third itretl), * ail ear moai.'ad whip, g> A d -lauot d cane, and a pair of bciraa at.eeta, m>rVe |J i a Andar w,ll be 1|tiorr?'ly r-w?"leu >>r te*? n< a., agl any of tb ib t T* /. JO-' ) ? Ridlag A'aU.ry, U" aid l?!o Wareer a'.r*et 10PT- ON 7 Ml Il?DaV AVK51M;, jv a 00A HI J taken at ,l*raey < ly Karry, a -a 'm l l-iv'., witb oaefal artlcl?a. Ibe dnur will raura till tu tn tb* / ? t 1 wenty reload airewt abera he ?ti Hia ten. LOHVON Tt a>fi\Y rVTMHO, TflK . . i H !> t A wal at, ct,aWiot?K i aaia'4 ljwul' of m aa ; ? al ni '.*>? to wit - Oa* ol 0AI0, oca of $17? , ear II .0,aud a *-h?-aV oi tf'i, tad aond/y o'ha ? ^>ap*'- w, UietoaB/eoe I I r ? owner |.ayir.ent if tha aaiag *to;i d Tia 8a tar la wal-oi. e 'jt> the av.aay ' ha wl.l la kie or read tba aal.a' to Mr. I obvr > k. >i aa* ?tr?at, r'*m So, 7 1<a-f_0'i Ti l>fi AY, MTU Ivff a fill ?m . _j go'd pencil caew, w.tht.e aao>? a' f ''aim Sir' it eavraeaO ?n t an ieft on a ? ?ak tn the '.'rot >a w a r oftiea. A amtaula reward w II oe (*. 1 by War :i ?. i.,1 Weetetret. Toft- its itmuT. J47ii tv?r., i s ohum num j 15 ! i'.raadiray tr> Merfhuofa' lt.n?, 1?? , etr-ei, Sit) dcllara, In tan dollar r .lla. H'hoetar w'.U ra'ur . :he a* m* to .'.'."i ltfo*^w?y, to I' Mar lki )t., ah I ra teiTa a enitebla ree rd. Biori't Mvrrofui v ? w *Tf twt ekl-ra, aad a p?.< *e? i?- I 'ir "TOt.l.v Tny lag a aja a n Apply 'o ? it fM' 'it a 'I , ra ?*' <?. * *i 181 flowery. i i?i i.i? ?osn> m havi mb v ira i ?. . e. . Hue cpera glaee, ?'i><-at*e . a ? L -1*7 ay pro e la air p. Opart' e?d pea irft I* e er pwaa?a< af t a ag, i a ? |j l.'ali a t" ? f,e '? naiaaij. "Ue-? STTIAY^ fill M^KIMi '?! 7H?; HTM ?' the 't.y ' llnien.Trrt eat wt u w t rye ae L? r , I roi *a a ?? A ia.e atda ? ' a>a- kya> re I>a f la. I ear * t ?ral n?i| I will e- ? ? i K1TRA rat. ?V At . h'A :.71 I A.SJr A>a *i' * ?t> ' ' ' I ?Mr iialy lead at ' eiUa p e far I fa ay aa are Ha, >* aii wa*a a m |tte th* ' ?.'??" Bat haai-?? ptornpUy ' kU.r' t aa pa ? Kabato due ?'?..aa ai t halra i' teeeaae^ t 8 ?? ?? aod ttliari aaJaetad, aal all a ?<*# e>' rlalaa* ^ra aat Ha Cait#-". " -tea ear. . ral br aa'e.a ti ej aat ' ? w. ?, - ? or ha.raof tlaaa ela ;ei iM wi'a II' ' a.??. ?U'ea ahlp ' AlhaB/, wtD bo |*o'.?a.: Sy ea.i ?< aa ? w a tit n < ij.i AgaBt a??A lata ? I'araat * *?arp, *' *?d #1??e* *" PUT'8'I ' A ft fX. ~ ?DI^YIMH rAiuw or ?T?Y L*??'HirT)0?-r' m JT aa>a *8 tto UBaa iwrt MuafaaMi), f m4 l'v VrMd Maat, aeaf 8raa4*?r, halatlM aia?t* a*d ioabia haado, oraaaaaafd aod platt, aaal dpaaiah aarta A a a pa atae antrta of taao far* ?r*i arali bimm a*-' COAfa f,o4! _ti> *iw Ann ow,?-r fo i at i* Vy tbatr tmi I" artartBr, bora la a alwa v? '?uy ? aheap a ad gaod. tba aabaeHbai oJara ta Maa pabU the Mil a4 red aah eVre* ao* eerg aaal foa threw day a, fr??a baa 'a, at iba t*? prtao af ft ? pee Vaofor ?tol. er.'y M we?fbl warnaM Jausft ?. oomwcix. r? Beaw? etreet C. . MV i <|?T* MALM A*f> **'U, ?aMataraaah I aaa daMioeiag boot iaa?-; rod ar wUaa Mb, **41 a'laoai i at 08 '?*, or ia *?' rrey lea 'aaaat U 14, 'rem my ya?W K.a* aad <Hoeawvh 7 waaty afui eirewt aa VhM a?e*ae, I14l%am draat aa*r hraadway HrTV* Ct 1 4T)'> 0tt I UOOOH, : A, ? \l I? ? 70 TilK lit" f'iW.N PliMLli , AM) mr |.i ill" in |krti:ui?(.-ll(. UilUl O'l'ma b ft*? >ha iwrMiit in 'tai'n i?> (?in kii ah :tr? tkauaa U> u ')?*.* kind friend* a?.' p. (MM wl>o I* >? Iwtdrti) bian nth Ij?I/ patr a ?>?* joJ ft ill. 'in* >. u - ir; M i' l*?t die yw*r- Ibn lit ba* b >u tDg?s i a lb? ? o ? hi' inraa ao !he Nrwr o lonrterm' m? . ?nj Kj?'b >niiu?, but n.orapft?Urj ?erl? f ?? a.riu ipi. '?>( anil bial feel n/ ?Mtlxto-I t ?tt ? > m )<j *u . u.c- !. id iac*?t iro-ib-eij fliirh t*na??>iirr bl* ( r ?of* ?' b; m miamintfra-erra: it^i. c. aiitiarlion or ui p?r!, bul ratfe. r b, ? iieb uat.on of oirc jwatutsi] (far wl.ich >-?' Led ac CKI.U1. lor t'.e?ft waur /D'r? 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