Newspaper of The New York Herald, 28 Temmuz 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 28 Temmuz 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 6?09 , MORNING YORK HERALD. bdition-satukdat, jtrtr. 28. less. PRICE TWO CENTS. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAT. imijh Ai Auvi'iwai* A I.BIXI H. NICJU1.AY, AUCilONEEK ? LARGE CON' ,A tmuatioo Sale of bonded wines nl brandies.? OBKRTH. NICOLA Y will sell tbU day (Saturday), at 11 o'clock. at the Mies rorms, Mo. 11 BrcadT street, the bsf/iuc of the assoitmeat of hoe wines ?and brsudien, from under Custom House lock, <ooei.tiag a put of l,6tu oases St Julian claret, SOO Cbetesu Margaux alsret, 100 mm llaut Herzac, 1MI ce.-es Haut Sautern, 'M octaves pal* cognac brand/', 14 quarto** do. do., 20 halvte do. do , 18 octaves dart vio. ?? , 7a basket* 11 SC. Champagne, 60 baskets royal xrepe it* 1M abore are all warranted to be as repre sented. si.d vrH be delivered from the bonloif ware Jiou.e ia tVe original packages." Terms cash. A C. Il'lttE, At'CirONEER.? TO RETAILIHC?.? J\ , I >i;'inh t'.one ware, toys, tea sets, Ate ? A C. tTTTIJ-", sill Hel'. on Mon'Wy, at lu>? o'clock, at f>H3 Broadway, a email stock of English stone ware, com prising 'tte a teta sets, fancy pltch-ri, vases, toys, mugs, frncy ornament*, candlesticks, Japanned waiters, Ac , tor ca-h. a Ct'IION NOTICE ?A (IR.lND CHANCE TO MAKE J\_ Eint j. ? Ft r sale, the etoes, lease aad fixture* of -(be old estsbHahed oyster and disiag saloon, now doing <t tirht rate buaineas, situated at No 1,104 Broalway. next door to II* Sixth Judicial District Court. If not eold on se fore tbe :icta inst , lt<wili be noil at auction en tlia UCth. at " F. M. For particulars, apply to WM. JB. JON Eh, Wo Canal street, or oa tbe premlaes. Auction notice? w. a. carter, auction err, will -:<4l this Saturday, at lo o'clock, at No. 80 firteawich stmt, a stock ot groceries, teas, rioe, wine, MiuarH, bfvns, soap, mstohes, flour, mackerel, flue ?3t, Sc. a UClloN NOTICE.? J. BOWAItr, AUCEK iNEER-BY B Bogart ? Monday, at 10>? o'clock, at the auc Mm room*, corner of Fkiankfort and William streets, mortgage ?<ie of a lORe and extensive assortment of ^ioubehold fuinitdWf tto . ? Sotn, large mlmrs, mahegaa/ chair?, rockers,, Frineh bedsteads, :?iaii matue --ei; BrusstK three ply and ingrain oar 3>et?, nui.tbl ornaments, wahUsUuIs, ptteat cottage \iedsteatf*, otl paintings, engravings. cooking and pur lor stOTPn, vitohen furniture, window curtains, table cutlery, pot. oh ad walnut tables, refrigerator, counting house <ltek.i. lounges, &c. The whole comprises a gen* ral asaortmeat oi housekeeping articles. ?A UCTICN NOTICE? THOi BEEL, Al'CTl JN'EEP. - ,A_ 11EU. ?Sc BUSH will, tlis day, at 10}? o'clock, in their n!f? rooais, 12 North WillUm street, continus the xsleu of ncu Iloliemian an! Saxony glassware, rises ulilna, Aft., which has boen oa exhibition in the Crystal intact*, including the splendid set of nuntel rases which tiave attrar'4.1 so much atteutiin by visiters ; also a i?autiful collection Sof |painMogs. This ooUeotiuu will <v<n>pri>? the original palntiun of lilp Van Winkle, by tjuatri, tha ooiy o&e 1a the United States; original paint ing of the Wai-ii. Dgtca family, by ' His; orginalt ot V* laiiquet, ! Our next sale ot' choice artulM. k will be on Tuesday ? U NOTICE? H. BG'AN'HN, AUCTIONEER, JV. will fill, this day, at 10,',- o'elock, at S3 North 5lcore street, beaMn^ houfe iurnltnri, bar and bar 'fixtures, gsa fixtures, &d. fciale positive. BY JUWJ'll llEGEMAN, AUC riO.VEER? TUESDAY, July .il, at 3 o'clock P. M , at 103 Harrison itreet, iirouklyu, * quantity of household furniture, in good ei In 0. I* *SH, AUCTIONEER? STORE 310 BROAD r m way. ? Sheriff's sale or fancy goods, jewelry, ko., w..? day, Ma'.ui-day, July iS, 1805, at 10 A, M nt the ?tore, cenitH .og of dry goods, ribbons, collars, lacea, jewelry, fob and rest chains, breast pini, fancy boxes, ?cloths, lit. , also, a lot of furnlt'ite; also, a lot of poroe Jala and other ulatea. "Tl H. I.UDLUW, AUCTIONEER? PI KA8URE YACHT Jjj. Ultra at Auction. E. H. I.UDUJW will sell "at auction, oc Tuesday, July 81, at 1 2}i o'clock, at the ilerchas'ji' kxrhange, by order of executor, the hand some and wetl bsilt yacnt Oltri, her tastde. apparel and furniture, lyiiij at Bobeken, and formerly belonging to Christopher Killer, deceated Shu is about ICO t?i 'burthen, schooner rigged and well found ia every par ticular, making her a very desirable pleasure yacht. 'Ie be seen on application to Dan.el MoHullen, on board. Terms cash, ?r approved notes at four months, with ia 1s?f?t "TJIUflENE B EHANKI IN, AUCTIONEER? BY ERANK tri LIN .V NICHOLS ?Assignee's sale of a bay horse, I6 hands high, wi'i trot a mile In 3}^ mlnutss: light buggy, and >et of silver mounted harness Also, a cart and banes*, tins day (Saturday), at 12 o'clock, ia front oi the stere. 19 Nassau (tre?t CI ROCffltY, STOCK AND FIXTURES. ?THIS HAY, AT T 10>? e'cJock, at 01 Forayth street, corner ot Be* ter, segats, teaa, coffees, eugur, fig*, raisins, herrings, Ae. ; iett beef, hah, prunes, mascaroni, covered lee box, srnles, lnjuor casks, counter and bar, beer pumps, Ac. I<epo?4ts required. W. CARrVR, Auctioneer, ft" Dey street C i o! IIORTON, 'AUCTIONEER.? FIXTURE^ AND r. Iee?? of a bakery.? Will sell on Monlay, at 10>{ o'clock, at 187 i>a.iex street, Uxtaree and seven yaars' lease ef ?a tstablished bake, v alio wagon and harness G(J. BORTON, ^UCnOSEBR, WILL SELL THIS , day. at 1 o'clock, at 13 Siith avenue, a lot of gas flxturee; aire ca>e of drawers for a grocery, show cases and olethlnf . f KNRY T. LEEDS, Al Cl'iONEER, BY N. B. WOOL I LEY 4(0, will sell, this day, at 10>{ o'clo:k, at tbe sales r?>tns, S8 and 38 Ileekmaa street, household furniture, pianos, one melodeon, also pailir, <Malng room and chaml'tr furniture of every variety, silver plated w*te. clocks, Ao., to pay advaasea. H' J I.. YANDEWATEK. AUCTIONEER.? this DAY, v ? (Saturday,) July 2H, at 10>{ o'elock, at the sales room, 12 Maiden iane, aale ef household furniture, new snd seooad hand, removed for the convenlenae of prompt sale, a large and varied assortment of exoellsat rose wood, mahogany, black walnot and painted furniture, carved nan p.ain, marble top centre and side tables; eard da, ricu rcsewcod parlor secretaries aad I adieu' work stands; do. quartette stands; elegant parlor suits, in crimson and flowered brocatel, and in hair cloth ; easy >.haira, sets parlor do ; rosewood seven octave piano: bookcase* aad bookstands of rosewood, black walautaad mahogany . elegant etegere* and corner stands lo. hat xtaads; mirror-, paintings, he. Bedroom furniture? Rotewoed and mahogany dressing bureaus, marble top aa4 plain' do. do. washstaads, double and single, ele gaat Pleach bedsteads, hair mattresses, p!llowa,pallliesee; cottaae fori'ture. complete chamber suite*, nurble tops; tedroem ebaiil rockers, kitchen furniture, two large elaborately carVeu J""1 rirh]7 ?iU "P,?*" also 2,800 very fiae regalia ITava?? ,B h??" of 100 eact. Peposita required from stiAng*.'*' JOHN W. 5-OMKRINDYKE, AUCTIONEER.? PTORr. ***?? ef Franklin and Centre streets, will sell, on lNe**y, Jaly fo. at I0>jj o'clock, on account of whom It may coaeern, at 220 Franklin street, for storage, the following goods: ? 7 hogsheads ofgMaewsre, oon sIstlngdT lamp chimneys, glohee, Ac.; aleo, 96 pieces of Jagging atone JOHN IJtMSON, AUCTION EElt ? HOl'iEHoLD FUR aiturr ?On Monday mornlag, July 30. at 10H o'clock, all the furniture contained ia the toar story brick boute A75 Greenwich street, two doors from Chris topher, rorsisting of sofa, tables, chairs, earpo >m, fleeeee. heu steads, bedding, kitchen fiuniture, crockery XOP^RU'DINO. AUCTIONEER? WILL HELL ON HON ej ^ay Ike ?/th tnit., at 10 o'clock A. M., on the pre - nrtsev, Nar 1 70 Eighth avenue, the stosk of a aecmadhaad Cealar, dertiaing in business :onalsting of euhoganr marble top Ublee, lounges, louORe be-Ntead-, black walaut book cases, oil pitntinp, oval mirrors, with sua dry other srtlclee, together wltn Ereach mahogany bed kteads. Alert a cart and harness JMOKIARTY. AUCTION KER? WILL SELL, TUH , day, at 173 Chatham street, at 10 o'clock, tbe furniture from a boarding house, a general assortment ; one pianoforte, in good order, feather beJe, .vc aleo from fam<lies leaving the city, rarions articles of far allure sol .ther gooes. Hale positive. MN IKi 'Ft, AUCTION KiR ? BY CROFT A BII , 1 1 M.s ? will sell at their salesroom. William eireet. MM of Oedsr, this tar, at 10', o HNk, a large ?seortincai of new aad serondb?ad tornitare. "onsisUair wf desks, bureaus, chairs, lounges, sofas, tables, cb>ike, iak stands, powder Basks, percussion csps; als- about 40,000 segers OYBtrtt H.\l <>ON hTOCK AMI FIXH RK* ? M"N dar "0, at 10o eloek, at 1*9 OfaMWteliatfMt, Wtwaaa Ubartj an-i CorUaadt, ehaira, ubl?r katTM an<i f< r*a. har Altera*-, bHt rn"?H. -aoking utrorib. br?I?, heduin*, aivl other faraitaia. > JM>po?.t? ?<|uiNd. W. A CART>.R, Au;tlon*ef, ?7 t*/ ?U>at SBKRJtl * *M?? TBI. J?rH DAY OK JUt Y, 1? '?? at t?n n ciork la til* for-m-oa, at (07 Broa Iwmf, up In, aa uw'.nvat al cloth*, oaaalMra*. raatlofa. tailor itt mmiaga,, <-ouatar?, abow < Wok lag |Uw< roa aafaa, *? Aa. IQHUUt> I* IUIA-AT H ' iry BAU. PI A< l OS 1 to aatariajr. Inly 28, 1166, at 10 o'alMk v. M., tfe ?MtMti aad httoraa of a fro ??ry itorc M 8. ft . ^ I>epoty -hMllf JOB V OMUCR, -li?i i j yITStte HORItKlX, AH ri'?\K*R_wiTHOI.l Itfc ?#??<?, tbit (Saturday) moro.nn, at IQyi o'alo'k, at Naaxaii itrni Hpa?nla'or?, aad tboaa wlUiag to aiak* Mur, will bo prompt, roraaiaacln* with aa ax Ara itark of aacara, thaa furaitnro of anporior mautj, ; oU?w ptaW'l war* aatlmmi, RtmhIi rarpotla; faany aoapa, rafrigaratera, *c., Ac. -tl/UJiA* T. BOYD, ACCnom?-?m-!CK 77 Tf Naatau atraet. MortgagaaaJa- Orojarr ftrtaraa, butaa, wagon. Ac. Tbit 4a j, at 10 o'rlaak, at iJ hUU a?ma?, norm; af Twaaty fonrth atraat, fro**/ aad *e ' oaantar, glaaa aaaa aad ?atrara, t?a aad ?ra kaga, eaaka, maiaaaaa and taa aaaa. <HI <la . Mar i ?p. DMMwuraa, Aaeaatora. UiaiWlari, ?W? , Wj I raa, gtoeerj wa*en cart, h?ri,?e,, Mr aUo a ,uta *?jr of |ia>'tta> WW 4 .MM r Irr ; M?.:tfag?a. salmis at Jtucrron. rpiN * U'.'S TOOLS AT AUCnON-ON MONDAY, SOTB J it. at., bt 10 o'clock A It , will be I old without re ?rive, t be slock and fixtures. Grand street, Wil tams burR, consisting of Iht ware, Hrit?naia warn, iron wara, atovre, tkO. ; teo rate of tinners' trola will be aold, i a lot* to auit purchaser*. J. W. HAVENS, Auctioneer WM WlTTkHS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THfS day, at 10>. o'clock, at 410 Ifroome street, cor ner of Broadway, tbe furniture and fixture* of a lu?r bier talc<n,' liquor*, eegare, an d alio reetaurant hi fuita; also fixtures of a berner's saloon; large chain and atocla, two French plate mirrors, alabs and brack ?ts. tea i Me top warhatanda, stove, oilcloth*, carpota ? Ed othir furniture, gas fixturts. By order of m?rt Kr.Ric FRED. 1U0K WW. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL ON Monday, at 10>? o'clock, at 187 Canal street, the entire furniture ot a four story house. removed far coa ven>*nce of sal*, consisting of parlor auit in hair ciath, i*ntie, extension and dininir taVea, gilt and mahogany frsixe mmor*, picture*, one elegant roeawood piano forte, elegant tapeatry and othercarptta, oilcbtha. stair reds mshep an* and walnut besteads, hiir aad othsr cattieeees, bed a aad bedding, dressing and plain ba reutui. wa.?hstanda, toilet lata, ehma, glaaa and plated ware, dining room and kltchtn furniture, oooking atOTM. A too, alaige quantity of cola and mattresse* hale prieuptory for caah. Uco'n must b? removed tie una day. A LONG BRANCH OOrTAOK LOIS AT PUBLIC 4r V aaio. on Friday af 'eroooa, August 3d, at three o'clock, at toe Pavilion Hotal, l ong Branch, Near .fer ae*, by M THOMAS & HONS, auctioneers, 40 oottag* and builoing lota at Long EtraacU, frosting on t'aa orean and on Chelsea avenue (00 feet wide), situated between tbe l aited SiaU- II 't?! ual {ha Mansion tliun, wild a lawn ftcifg tl>* AUaalic Ocean, comprising about 4,000 f?|ti?i? feet, aid to ba left opae for ever for the (re* aad oomir.oa ute of purcbaaera of aaid lota. Lithographic plana can be had by addressing M 1 HOMAS Ai rfOS'3, Philadelphia, or S. t. Morris, I'avili >a Hotel, l onf itranch, Naw Jersey. TRAVKLLER8' UUUK. TTtOi1 CONEY ISLAND AMD FORT HAMILTON ?THE I' ateaoier Norwalk naves New York aa follows: Pier foot of Amos straot at 0)4 A.M., uud 12 "4 aad 8 ^ P. M. : pi 3T foot of Spring street, SH? A M. ; l J>, aad P. M ; pier No 3 North rivwr' at 10 A. M ,1 and 4 I*. 54 ; leaving C oney Island, last trip, at P. M Fare to (Jo nay Island and Fort Hamilton and bask to New York, 21 (ants. No hatf prioe for children ?<Ott KEYPORTAND FORT HAMILTON.? THE ?KW and fast steamboat KEYPURT leaves New York t of Marray street, dally, Sundays euepte 1, at 4 o'clock, P. M., returning leavis Keyport o'clock A. M Fare 26 cents. Persona deslron* of visiting oa? of the most li?altby sad best bathing places in tho vi cialty of New York will Sud It *t Key port; and Uusmeaa men can be lu New York from 9> ? A. M until 4 P. M T7*0R LONG BRANCH, HIGHLANDS OF NKYISLVK, !H Shrewsbury, Uc.? The popular hteam*.r J.VMF.S CD KfSTOl'ttrZ! wl" leave foal of Jay atrei-t, North river, for the above delightful # 'i?'", vn S*?nr4*y, July 28, at 2 P. M ; Sunday, 20iii, 7 A. M. , Monday, 3Ctn, and the four following days, at M o'clock A M , daily. Retnrniog, leaves O^an Port on Saturday, July 18, at 0 I*. M. ; Sunday, Mou ray and Taaaday, at 4 I'. M. Fare, 87^ centa. Sea air and bathing unexcelled. Twenty first class hotel" now open. Harlem railroad.? inland roijtk? and after Manday, Jai; -3, Sundays excepted, for Albany and Troy, leavlag deh?* corner of Whita and Oentiu street*. Maii train at 7:30 A. M., atopping at HriJge aad mail atations North, i'aiaengi r-i f?r l?banoJ springs taking this train arrive at labaoon J P. M. Wayexpreas, 3 P. M., stopping a" VAuts Plains, Ne#< castle, Croton Falls, and suMona North, connecting at Chatham Fonr Corners with Weatern llailroad Exprraa train, arriving at Albany at 10:16 P. M From City llall atation ? Dover plains at 6 P. Vf . , stop ping at ali stations. The 6 P M. Davtr Plains train will, on t^atordays, ran through to MiUertan, returning, Uave at 6:30 A.M. on Monday. Croton Fail* at 10 A. M., stopping at all statlcus. Croton Falla at 4 P. M . stop ping at ali stationsabors Fordhain. Wlrie l'laioa at 3 ;i?i and C:lf> P. M , atopping at Yoraville and atatioas North. WU Jams' Bridge at 7, 1?:80 A. M , 2:16, 4 .30, 5:4f>, H aad 11 P. M , stopping at all way stations From Twenty B:xth street station? Williams' Bri ige at OA. M, Wnite Plains at 12 M. Paasangersmav also procure tickata and hare their bagfag<< checked for Lltea, HuJalo anl other places WMt and north of Albany, ?t the company 'a oflioes cari<er ? Bowery and Broome atraeta, and Fourth ave nue and Twenty sixth strset. Returning to New York ? Mail train leaving Sla.-it Albany at 6:30 A M., and Chatham Four Comers at 8:14 A. M. <?c tbe arrival of the train leaving Plttafisld at 8:30, atopping at all mail stations above W itUaas' Bridge, ar rivug at New York at 1:40 P, M. Kxprvss train leaves Albany at 11 A. M., aad Chatham Fonr Corners at4 ft M. Passengers from Lebanon Springs I'avlog < anaan .ill "4 I'. M. connect with this train, atopping on signal at all s'ntions abova WilMama' Bridge, arriving at New York at 8.55 P. M. 0 A. M. from Dover Plains, stopping at all scatiena above Fordham, arriving at New York at 10 16 A. M 6:60 A. M. from Cratoa Falls, stopping at all stations, ardving at New York at 8.20 A. M, 4.20 P. M. from Crotoa Falls, stepping at all stations ncrth of Fordham. 5 A. M., aad 2:30 and 8 .10 P M from Whita l'Laina, aioppiuq at ail atationa. From Williams' Bridge at 6 40, S:S?, and to 10 A. M. ; 1:16, 5 :f'5, 6 15, 7 :16 and 9 :3o P. M . stopping at ail ita tions. P***en>.'ers by the 10 10 a. U. from Williams' Kridge, and the 2.30 P. M. from Whits Plains, will be landsd in New York at the Twenty -sixth atreet station only. Sunday arrangement ? Trains will leave for Uroion Kails, and all way stations at 8.30 A. M , and P.M. Returning, leave CToton I alls at 7 A. M., stopping at all stations, and 4 :30 P. M., stopping at all stat>ons north of Fori nam. For WilL'ams' Bridge and all way stations at 9:30 A. M , aad 1:30 P. M. Returning, leave Williams' Bridge at 11 A. M , aad 6 45 P. M , stopping at all statiena Freight for Albany re-eired daily until 6 1*. M. at the depot comer of Centre sod White streets, New York WM. J. CAMPBELL, Aeliag Superintendent. Begclar day boat for ai.bany, i.avdi s<; at Yoaktre. Woat Point, N'ewburg, Poughkoop^lo, (Jatakill tad Hud-ca. Me?l? atrred oa boar !. Tho ataemer MKlBoPOUTAN, Captain I. Polherau' willcom mtnce bar rocular trip* from Now Yore to Alt>*uy W*>1 noaday. Jan* 20, 1**4, 1m ring lay alltet jiler e?ery Monday, We-laeiday and Friday at * o clock A. M., ar riving at Albany (n tim? for tb? ear*. Riturnia^, will 1mt? Albany ?ruy Tueaday. Thu radar and Saturday. Per further particular* inquire at No .02 W?at atreet, near Jay atrc?t SlCNCAY BOAT FOR OLKNC JVE, [ a\'?1NG AT 7 tstrattaapori and Nrt lu.ob?iU ? Th? ?Infarct new atoaasrr THOMAS G. HAKilir, will let re reguUrty dur '?If Xi?)l from North if core matt, North rftir, at HA. M. , pier No. 3 North river, at S:15; Catherine Market alip, at 8:16; Dalaacey etreot, at # Twel/tb RrwJ?.* aad Thirl/ fourth atroot. at #.i& A M, t NDAY Tluj' TO NEW BURGH. WK?T I'dlNT Tn"k Cold .Jprio(f, Uadlnffat Yonkora. Heating*, Dobba' Ferry, Tarrytown, Sing Si?g, Havsratraw, Verplanfk'a Polat. < aUl will. Writ Point and CoM -p. n*. touching at Amo< atreot each way.? The favorite ataamor TH<H. K. llL U-t, wiU leave from foot of Jay atrrot every Sunday raornmtf at 7 X oclcck, for the ihovoplaooa Returning, leavea Newburgh'at 1 x/t P. M QTNDA Y BOAT FOR AUUsy AND TIOY, I N CuN ? O aoetion with the New York Oatrel an '. Vortbern KaDrooia ? Iho apfcn'lM it-an?r HiJtO, f'?pt. J. W. Haneox, w 11 leave the fcot of Rob raoa itiaot evory -<i*i dayevoaiog, at 0 o'clock hf i.c?v? wlanii kaiijuA r < ro5 m t ?? fir moralag a etrlea of cheap neuraion tralna tolireen curt and .--eg Harbor, to lee re Brooklyn erery Tueaday, Thura<*ay aad Saturday, at i M aad leave l.-ewnpirt on Mo*4ty Wednoalay and FrMara. at 10 A. M 'are o?te ' bck.ll IV fare oat only, ?1 M. WSTIlCtTlOH. (? I A BOOfcKFEPINO, I: m, wmnsi;.? DOI nD 1 yj a BKAR S Academy, t!0? tiroa lway. Studenta m?_. ecure eeata for thia oouimeaclof let f Auguet, by immediate apptle*t!on, and b? iqaltOod to ao< p any a?t of b<oka by double en'ry, an ! write an ele gant '.and. by tho lat of ~*ptoni>or. h niXON'U iNinATWIY OitNTtNfl II1" -; jC, 1 App'.etoa a building, IV) Brr*<l*ay, whar* *<lulu <M>aTcmat with biuineea may atto<a a practical kar.w ?odte of bookkoeplng and penmanohip la tho abort ap?M oi ua weak. IaiproToaieril guaraatead. oj ANisfT i.vM.i \'iK ? \ jj .>nJ a altnatton in ?ma !>oar'tng e:bool, to teach to* above laagu ajfO, an I to p-it In the aame echool t!ir?? hoy ? to leer a the ix^lnh labgutge prefer* 1be emintrr. Tho<e ra ,nlring hl? ?wrtlcea, ploaee a<J0reaa latil the a(h of AufO't oait, I V , J5- Hu .eon ? am mo: of eatery (oi >*ch n? , and o* rnuei. to 'to p. Id for tl<e boye Zad^p- OF M Bf JC m HOOI.'1 HAY, nl-RfvfTFv. catioa. improve tbelr tin* pl<waaotly aad proSta bly by learniBK Mr. Wf>o<r? l/oautif'il aya'fm of aietih leg aod m>.oorhro"iatlc palatlag fn>m natore, to whoaa hie t' U'ona will no greatly re-lunad. 'ttho* pupiU ae aeoal. Apply at hie iMidrac*. '131 With area ue G?(#l.I.SOS SEW RWrAt/USI. VO .?* mu>AO r way, Bret honae ab?.Te Duaao itre?t, open eeory day for kreakfaat, dinner aad au?aw f-om < I ? m P. M The proprietor la rotwra/Kg lie tkanko for th* Gtroaage he haa ro. otred for tho laat eereeW-a yeare, la Vo aaeora h'e frlende, the nnMk gw?er<ny Ibat I hla K?a aeoa will ho c.*d<ic1o4 -ith tho aamo ene rr aal polite attoaUoa. aa well aa the eamo Moderate 'largeo. which baa modo(;oelia4'a reaiaoraat eo popular through out tho V a tod SUUa t'pwarda of XJU Ilffereat ll*h?e are eefvod up daily, cookad la tho hoot meaner aad m*t *4 up by poll to aad atwotire waiters I oT.l V ., Propr ?' ? i TnFi (T.ookV vo-! *"* atw yfwtKl. -p;.V ??to ?Hn ag aad elab rooaae haro;aat *?ooa ?4<'od ?a tho olrwaOy capo>otoae apariaaoota. diraotiy over the n-a'a 4:a n< Wj, aad othar laaportaat lapriteaaeU coaj le'od Ve are aoe arepakewd to eorre p?r?aa, oltkee aa it'.i'.iMk or la e]*r>e, w 'h all *h* Wvi'ioi Of (be eeaooa POKZZZCAL ZNTBLLiaairOA fiiEVV YORK POLITICS. COtfYISNIIONS ana COUNCILS) to BK UK LD. -? hl-?B (?pciiei.a) at Xrstsitsr Jv r 31 Liquor Ileaier* Conveotie-s *t hyraccse Aug H r OwtwhM at Kfrfnu. Aug i?9 Colortu Col Tent. on at Tiey S?ot 4 ijomocratic (hard ah a. I) at 8y recuse.! ' ! . ' 6 Knew Nothing Cotveation at Syraeuse s*pt 11 Whig Convention at .>?racuh? Seat. 20 R(|>ublicaa (fnt, Hit/ Convention at Syracuse beot 16 Temperance Conventional Ctic* ,8?p?. ^7 "15 BkWAKi) SFDUOtni KNOW nOTUIKA MO VltfliNT. 'o'lomngcii-cuiar baa b?.>o mot to the m.?b*i of the Order throuiit'out tfce Stat*. It emanates Iran tbe Reward Know Nothing ?wgaulratten, and U another Xtiik toiLtrip tli4r uuimry ? _ liRAKi* PaiaiDorr'a Orn* July 11, ISM. Hrotmm! ? By virtue o< the power vta'ei (n tbe Craai lT?nc?nt, by rBotion 2 of article VII. of the constitution an amputation havm* b*en mad* w h<ra therefor, as i* by that aeaCon provmed, a apeclai -u?-tin< of tb* Grand 1-oogi? of th* 8* *t? of N?w York is hfrebr billed to t? MO at KochmUr, on Tu?*Ur, th? 31?t day of Jmir, io HUot, at L' o'clock r. M , at hons of Temperance Hail, T t?* ' on th? forcer of Mala ana St. Haul Kscli primary lodge iaoattttad to be represent#! by u,r?e dtitttaUfe, to be elected to attend itus ?esaum of the Grant) Lo^go only. Yoa will p.eane notify your lodge or tbe fat t, aae are that the i'ele.;?te* are duly ?Uc!<m1. 1K? ttif pr"?nptljr. hopt to bire 4 ltrM it teocano. The proceedings of the Cleveland convention, beld lest month; the Republics! Convention, to be hell next Bouib, ami other important baaineai, relat'ng to ?be trit fall election, and the interests of the Order, re quire that ?ach louge tie fully represent ?>!. Herewith era enclosed blank credentials for delegates, which you will All up ai toon a* your delegates are chosen, and send to tbu flrand Secretary, at Kocbeatir, by mall. De putiea ate entitled to seats us honorary members. I'l-on ooniulUtlon with many brothers ia difleraat peile of the State, it has bfeti suggested that we shell, moie likelr than elsewhere, fin! nan embracing our principles in the Republican Convention before attention ed; tbat the " f/icns.i of freelom ani tempsran'a" ebouH not eatfrr themaelrea to he dirtied, and that we ougbt, tberefoie, to p-cpare to make our priwvplei felt tfciough that convention The epcctal met- ting will, witliont dosbt. h*rs thla subject piftntru to it. Pl.^aae bare an eye to the dele gate* that may b" appointed to that convention from j our count), clioul 1 they be appointed jirior to the ipecial m?et'Bfr tYs mu?t up aid at work, if we woul l have our principles prevail Delegfc'en are referred to J. Van Vootbia, Jr , Seer* tsry, ollice No. 81 \rca"e, over tbe I'ost Ofli -e, for any infotaoation they in*) t'eeira alter arnriog at Kochsatar. WILLIAM C. l'AK4()NH, Grand i'rsiidMt. JOHN VAN VOORHIS, Jr , Grand 3?c y. PWWCBIPT ? At the last mre'ingof the Grand lodge, ?n **HMm?i>t was ma^e iip?m primar/ lodges of Ave r?n'it lor each roeinbt-r, and tU?'c'icra4?Br wm directed to is* ue a circular to the Lodges informini them of the fact and requesting payment. ThU he has not hitherto done, and he t?k?n thin opportunity to l/>jges which bare not paid tbiir RMteaamant. to forward tax Fame immeclatef* to him, at Ko:he*trr. N. V , or send it by tbtlr <*el?giitev a? nha'l b<-at auit their convenience. J. VAN VOOKHIS, JR., Q. d. [Frcm the Albany Jteyiater, July 27. J PMNO TFMPtBAMSK M*N. One part of the After Ilou^T ?*"" *" 10 th* pernn^e men of the htate. And frho <.?? C2 *0 well aa thiy wbo drink the coatly liquors o( that gre?{ ho4'*1 oue of the propiirtors of which last winter represented the l-i re 1'ointe district in tbe Aaaembly, and probably will again. The pl%e? and the men are just suited, a a all mutt :ou!e*ii, to tbe perfecting of arrangements for , umog the temperance men of the State. And this is the way it ia to be dote. Sir. William Richardson, who U one of the Aster House committee, In the name of the commute* appointed by tbe Convention at Auburn that g^jpiinated liaymon'l and such like temperance men Uat j e?r, i?.,n ** * ? V 11 kte!* Teinpfrauce Convention, without COb?'u^'n* Officers ol the .State Temperance Society (the real ?."Pr"t-nuiires of thetempsraaos men) at all The CoeventTO w'" asMtmbln, care bavtig t>?en taken to a?!eot delegates who will carry out the Aster Hoi:ae programiai*, ?'* 'sioraisf the re publican fusion ticket, ? hl:b -'J. j liL^?,>er? A: ( 9.,' will have already put in the 6?1J. Wh?ri?ei pr ihlb'. tion will no beat tuere it will be talked up - wherever antl prohibition will go beat there prohibition will be talltd down; .ml thus by a bogua Htate Temjieranoe Cobrention under tbe management of Hirhardson, ona | of tbe '*si:ent partu?>ra" of tbe Bras of "J.J Coamuers At Co., "and by blowfng hot and cold at circuma'ancua aball dictate, Umperaace m?n are ts b? haruessed in for fai-ion sad the repnbiican movem'bt. We conclude that when the temperance men uf New i ork want to promote ><u<ii men ae bambiia. Abe', White, and they wbo drink liquor at the Aator tlouas, they will d>> tt In tb'a cn motion PowTsckiiT -Since writing the above Mr Klchardson's call for a Htate Temperance Convention at I tica on the WHih September, baa appeared in tli ?> h'f~nuiii Journal, ?he ??man of tbe lH|mnMM?i of Mr. itirhariUoa'a sort ?-o by degreee the vator Houae programme de velopea it - e If . [i>'iom the Albany Argus, Juiy 27. i AKOTHEIt < ONVENTIOP. ?Ibe Journal of Inst svining brings out s caU for ? ftate lemperance We do not know why it was not published in connection with th* two other calla, which appeared in the Journal a few days ago. Whether it wasbtcauie the negotiation* had not then been eoia ple'ed. or it waa thought It would be rather strong to come out in the ?ame psper witb eo large a programme, we are not advine l. Ihia conrention ui not to be hell ho the same day of the twin conventions, but In imitation of tbe gsine of last year, on the following day. We knew tbat many of t.heptraona whoee names are aigned to tbe call are fair, honest men, who would not be in cline4 to prostitute the temperance caaae to parti/an purpoaea, nod wbo are hardly aware of the schema- to wh'Ch they are made anbaervient. Rut It ia r leer enough to tboee who are lamilUr with the political plottinga now going forward, that this convention U InUnded by thcr? who have concocted It as merslv. auxiliary it th* whig and republiean convntiona to be held on tbe pr vious day. It U eipecte<l to io what'wai done 'art ye<r? endnras tbe whig ticket. Mr. Wm. Richardson, the chairman <>r tbe coicmittee iaaulng tbia call, la a whlpper la of tbe Pewaid whig leaders, nsed as stool pijreon to deeoy tsm peranee sen to their support. Tbe call czpreaaea the object of the cvavention to be to nominate candidates for Attorney Uen-rtl and Judge* of tbe i ourt ef Appeals, aad to traniact other buaine-<a, \c. We .loult net tbe politicians, wbo will take care to get tbe control of the oooventlon, will eul<r<* th* whole whig ticket SENATOR PoOTE IN CALIFORNIA. MA#." MBTT1SU OK KNOW XOmiNttS IN AACTUMfc^rO ( uoi>, a. a. toOTK, or MiraiMirri, in rivoR ok Tllf. ORDER. [I ron tL? Sacramento ' olm, June '.'i . <*! .Jnturday night wai boldea the large-t politi .?! <? thrrtog #Ter roan-ned in the ralley of the Sacramento, with the ?ln<Ui exception of the ma*? meeting of the whig! of the >'ntir? .-"at*, <m the Public ?'j ii?r* , during the rreeidentiel rampt'gn of ftU. We put down the number preeeot at fifteen hundred, although m?n. of our diecfeet and carefully calculating fri"u i? ?-?ur.i u* that there were at no time after the commen'-eaieut of tbeeteici'*a lea* than that nrmber In attendant 1 he entire ?treet !d front of tbe Or <-in?. the walks on elthtr ?U?, the hpac.onn readta? room, -alooo and olMct ?>f the hotel, tbe pia//a .-Oo?e, the window* of tb? front room*, the bitlconlee of Vilam* k Co n bull log adioin in* thereto ?n ! i he doer* of the numerou. *hop* in ' ie immediate rlrmlty, were all crowded with anxtoat aad attentive apectatoi e ami lin'-aera. "a tke outakir'* of tbe denie bbm mi*ht h?>e beeo ?tea a number of carriage*, warotii, carta at. I e<(ueetri ana, an J inter?per>ei ter? and there tkrotighwt the crow ! w?re iirmiftakeable evidence! of the nrwoen^e o( fJttMltet ten Aroa the a?i< of freedom 4 nhaiar The Taat etembUga waa called to order by ei lUcorter Mi Grew , cn wbcae raotioa I?r 3. A McMeam, Ireaaurer of the -U*.? we*'Tuoiialy l.oaen a* the preeiding i.flicrr of the it.eetin< The fe-iow og oftirer* were al*o ?In!/ elee'ed -\ice PreiMeata, Krantie Tokey, H. II Stanley A. Bennett, fiobert Kobla?oiJ. Sacram?-eto, ?n<i Jndge < oob, I'rairle <1ty. ><?rr*t?rte?. 1". H Fren-b, li. lleeku* Till* wai no mtauakiog who tbe crowd w?a'.? : to bear now, \ nrlferou* d?m*id* for "K'ote "'Jorernor Koote "liotert-or " "Secator Koote " Ac , aroi* from centre an I cigeum.'eieti-e of tbe daa*e au tltu le. .-con thr ?n*?'i?e white bee) peere : itvire the pint form, when tumeltuoue '?heerlnif gr? etel tbe riMribie ? tetuman, which waa ontlnued uatlt 'be rery welim rong with the 'tjaun note* ti welcome la heartfelt terir ? the orator return-"! hi* profound act nowledgmenta for tb" cordial reception tendered hi m, and hi* gr?-'6cati. u at *>rhol< >0 nan / o< Un fellow American* He di*cl? mid all deeire Ui ac.raarebi* owe per>oaal laima, for be bad none to put forward the ? ubieet, bower*:, wae intereetin* tob 'n??lf ?? a patrtat and ?? a tjaa lie had ktwt*! yeara at-o. wh 1* in tl e federal rongrree. i'et?rm!n? I no loafer to mingle la the I 'ormcU ?ai tlfi'e of tMr-f politic*, bat derole himee ? I 10 the legitimate du'Jae of hte nro'eeamn. Tbe *p*a'.?r how* rer, ''.eemed tbe preaeat the rooet ha/udo n rrl*'? that bad ever arieea n our national*, an*' one whi h deeaaaded the ??noue eoni der*' on of 'hi* patriot, j a ml e eery lorsr of hl? oetintry. At great lerjjth, bit moat elovi- n'.ly, did the rr'enn ora'or ia?e g!i a?{?in?t the action of liie .'intti ? of tbe Mrth aed H?e ?e<?? ? oni?'? of tbe oath, n their mholy tUempU to >!."tr?et the (rate of the eo>uit-y and to endaov r ' lie ae'et/ of tb* repnhltc The karavi genllwmaa. In '.We cneae t:on. read fiom the ' rwdeiickabure ?pwe<h of enator K. M Hunter, hilur~lf aa oppow?ni of tbe Amertena t>*rty 'oBflrmalnrr of b>e, 1 the ?p?*. ?r'? inwrto. r?f? eg the j. iea? nt tiireatei.1 Ig -tate of twr pof l.i-?i afii r? Ike ">rrupt.'/a and Imbecility of prwient and pae* id R.laiet ration* ware aB!made?rV<I up"n with grw*'. aeeer !ty, and the ipeaker detailed many tncidenta ?? * t ug hi ao wiee crariltable ter-n* 00 many oniding ' 'gh nlaeew la autnortty the tntrtgue- and ? <h{Batior>* of reward In endearortog Ui ad??i ' uB t tad sBtafa n ?n t-. |<*ta of reepon-tbih'y wer* *ei* rail* aalraadf (rted upon, aa>' the -pe?. ?? dirutge-1 Vd> Biode by wuieh hte nab ly plana were thwart*' T. eee Utemp'e were ma '.e D v -er tbe edmlaletratiAa of Tai Wr, although hoaeat hlmeelf, had fceew I'epo**. ??v a br anti Vmarie.a peiltteiaa . lewiro .? af prvawH og on)/ t:.etr 0*1 eelHab end. All of tb* aota'aeea n rrmn.en .ed by "wward to Taylor w ?r* 'breigh the eowrgeaie a ad ; *Lr <A of tbe bead of fenatoe* wbe b*U tb*^ eo .Birr ?a to higt *.t matioa t* plar? thetr ova aad Ik* B*t ? ? *af?- j la jen pBrdy Tv * ak? MM peaair M^|*|dw kvi v u* tay? ef vm LCf.oa, referred to eetaaaitoa* cnm wb eH he*. u?p peof i at va.-ion* per^eda of our eountr/'s a iat?r r 'I >en loU'trwil, and tkat theae tad happily averted b y tte arlaa c^uaeela so J patriotic endeavor* of tte aoiie Bad true baMtad American* wbj teld tb. helm of gov*n>?i>eat. Gorarnoc Koata ??"' tal, tb*t no (juthtioa* ct public jkJic. no* difWfi the c?.!m1 taMMUl P*rL ?'* !j "yy1 ta internal improvement*, he beiieced tliat <;??? g;eas had th- poser to appropriate m.-oey aul Uol for earning on wor n or internal impr-avamer I * Inch were of a national character. ( Ap pia'iia I it rould appropriate auch for the .jreal rac'.fle Rai'roaJ? (cheer* i ? aitbo i%b He cnfw^ 'but l'i?ic# aou b h ' aKoat wa* oppoaed ta? It ( l-aughter ) In cobcIu/iob, '.be ! ooorab.c gentlemen explained th" apparently iltiulitl} anomalaua poetliaai io which tbe Amerioan pari/ hat Man, up to tba preaeut, placed. Ibvj bai two an .minateo a secret conclave, but tba* were sow such do longer. At tha outeat the nucleus of tfcla vr*ht party ?aa n*ce?*nrily loaspelle.' to oiature : iheir )Un> sna Uauxaet tbelt lium?ai to secret eeesion, I incrdntogain aunt-wat Htrrogth to oomblt sucees*. full/ wlta tbe '.nog established and powerful pol<tieal peine* then In existence. Oog Koote, tafara ba re numed hi* sent, ri-ai. to the tuoiaiace the platform of t pilinplw ?f 'be American party, and ac ampaoied tie eece* with ru'.ning comment at ies. These wora re eel" , with erety te*tinionl*l of appn bat-on by tte aulUn J "lbe ftroratioa ol ThU elaborate and effective atdrees of the eenara1'!* statesman waa aubl*ely ?iD{U?nt, aad rrat a thrill of .in/ In tha b??rt ol every American- ia tii at iniroert." assemblage. It Is impaealhle to |lw aven scarcely a hurrlel eynopaaa of Dot. I'owte'e apeach. H>Hice it 'o aay that tar two hour* he luald, an it were, r pall touud tbe fate* and an large aa audience ae be had at fiiet The ?x lenstar oiadeevoren oaoe to resume hi* e*at, but tte urowd ? ouldn't primlt 'be mo??ia?nt, and be waa comprlled to proved. At tU> olona of hit ad drfea be wi-.a the m ipiaat of the moat Mattering de monntrationa of applauaa TBE FUSION NOMIVaTION'S REPUDIATED IN CUUNCV, OHIO. Tha whig' of Kw?? county, i>t?lo. held an mitbuniajtic n?etioi< at tbilln-oite on tbe -lat iaat , aad adopt#', tlie following ie?olutiflu? ? Keeolted, Tliat the gTeat national piiaciplen, ua!.*?r aalty dlaiinguiahi-d by tbe adrocary of Heury (.Hay. I Ptnl't WebeW, ami tbeir corapatrioth ; wliieh obtained pre tauneace 10 tbe executire branch of tbo gJTern | miat on the elerlien ol William llfnry llarriion aad '/.arbary Tayicr to the l're?idi and which w?r? illn* t rated fn the wiaj and tiaefu ininlnration of Millard | | hilliiiore, all1', reiualu onr priaripie*, and willtn lure the i biuad, manly aod trae b??e.i ol oooterv vtlre ropublicaa I i?n> amir? all the change* of far:tioa?, an long a* lhl? go- | vttrmentmay la?t , ? , i lieeolved, 'Ibat the Ftate nominationa irnde at Colutn j bu? on tbe lilt! Inatnnt, were ellected without aur par- j tirlpatlnn or founent, have not our aympatlilea, ant j sb?!l not re-eiTe our aupport. Itenolvtd, That while *e regard .'almon I . Lbn-e aa i evi u a more radictl demorrat tliaa hia dlre:t opponent, with who.e acbiMil of p>UU. we have not the remiUet | ?> mi>a't y ,"w? aleo object lo him lor the unprincipled .its vblib inaugurated hi* public career; for the di, | macelul leg'a'ative ?eene? of that time, for which be le i ajcountabli'. for tbe pemlcloun nuUIOcatlon ptlnolpltit ' fore-hai'.oweil in the platform of tba conation which ( nrminattd him, am! in Mr. Chaae'a M^pe-atrUing at 1be l?gl?lation and judiciary of the |M*ral gorern treat within their conntitutlonal Urnite, and beciuae bin ' LteriouK cour-e ha* demon, traled him to tie moat inc.,,. niatuit In every reepect itatre one, and intent 0?,/ t,a hi* own political exaltation. The me?Ung recommended the whig* of tha >ta!e tu bold m?? ItSrfl, and Tally In a patty capacity, prepare ' Mrrt:Kr.Hip)(*SU$????T*?i'V?<'a Qr lh# otb of Augu>t. MISCELI-ANEOU8. In the CaHfornla new? puldiahed on nmralay, th* rtM.lutlrni of the Democratli CooTentum m laerimen'n aeie attached to the account of th? KnowNotblog ?aeet ing. Of tour**, fmiu the lona of tbe reaoldUoaa it waa i piam to the reader that tt>ey had atrayed fr-in thetr proper place. An araccia'lun ha* be?n formed in Blddeford. M? , for I tbepurpotaof oppodng the Know No*htng?, ba~-*u?e, j a* tbey u>s?rt, tbe member* of the Awilcan party !ia?? 1 ? ,li.lurb?d and broken up prim irr aw eting*, became the* 1 liave publicly a^uaed an<i inputted, an I Tlolentlf okil treated prareabl* clHwni and bici'iiii thay have (Jragged the inhahiter.t* ff-m their domicile*, an t re | etralnrd toem of thair pereoaal liberty. What a ma ! ram'tnjt *et of fel'oaa the Know Notldnga ot M?lne i niiat be' The Am'rlcai potty of Woodford cauaty, Ky., held a iiratd ra' 10 cation meeting at Vtraaillea, July 'ZS, up : wbtcb occasion I b? Hon. Jo'un .1. Orl'.ten len and other | diatlcguiabed gentleman were to addreie tha people. Tte dtmocracy of New Orlean* held a grand maaa , i at ideal ion meeting on tbe llttn ln?t , which ia renre j I rented to be the largeet demnnitrati'in ever wltneaMd In ! I that city. .Spwichee were made by Hon. It. J WicUilfe, tbd dttuo^riltfl candWatff for Gommor; Hon. r?. W. Ilobi, the candidate for Attorney G?n?r%], ml Ho* A 1 k Itficn, the candidate lor Secretary of mate The Conejr laUnd < ?lamlty, KlOOVItV or KEV. MR. II.LIOT'B W>f>t. ( aptaln J. >1. Croft, tbe brjtber iu law of IU* ?r. Klllot, continued the leereb after tba boJy of hie de cea/ed rtlatire, at Coney Iilaad, during all of Tharaday night, lut witbeut fui-coe*. YeeUrday morning, about a o'clock however, aa the ateamtug We?t I'od, Captain Jtne, waa paraiog Hheepebead lUj, the engineer, (la/ret Mare/, dUccTrred the bo<l/ of i ta^in about a inile fr.m the ahore Bc itlng iB t&e water lbe re*?el waa atopped ; aad tbe bo<'y ta - en on board, and conTered to Jereey , i lie The family "f Mr. Killot wae noti(l?d and the bur Idan tilled, and tiken to llowtoneille, the late real- I 4ence of tbe deceased, from which place both father and , laughter will te iaterral next Bu?d.y. Tl.ey will be depo-ited n tUe family fault In Kteritrea cemet-ry. | IIONOn TO WHOM HONOIl M MIK. tothi fbiroH ov nir. n?RAi.n. In the notlca* la your journal, relatire to the late ma lane holy eataatropbe at Cauay l*land, tba fact* relatlre W> tbe aaviag ol Mr. (iibbona are slightly maocurate, and being m/ielf an eye wttneea of that transaction, I feel bound to stata tfce fact a* it occurred. f)n W?dne?d*y afternion wh?n on tbe pia*/a of Mr, W/ckofl'a hotel, a peraon cam* in <raat haste aod alarmed u? by reporting that a numb- > of person* were Ulng catrlfd away by the undertow, and drowning. Mr Joba | I'ev n, a mr-r' liitt, loiof bua nee* it I Cedar street, in tbi- city, waa *Un ling near me at the time, who Imme j diately itarud off, I accompanying bin to toe fatal -pot. 1 i n learbia^ tbe b?aeh wa found but one till *truggltn| , ftf ltf* ? Mr UibbtM ? the other', who had nut been j reamed, bating, prior to our atrieal aank to riae no mote In thla U'e We found In tbe water many wfco | might, had they cbese tha rtak? who were able swim j m*rs ?nough? to baee struck out to the re?tna of Mr. i i;ibbro?. I, myself, at flrat felt that ImnuUa, which i wss however, reprea*?-d by considerations for my fan I | |y, and the ear,oua faelicg* tending t" **lf praaertallon which pietall In *lmo t all. Mr Oerln alone of aU tbe group, aeeme-l only to tba drowning man, hta only thought* bow io *a?s him I -?if and family tie* were aa nothing before tue gener u? , mpulae of htimanty, aod staking hi* Itle on the ^?n tuie, plougad in aad l.aall* reecued Mr Oil <oas Irora ertaia <"eath la Thursdays rapolt yoa state, that i Mr i; was fortunately lrlfta.1 towards a polat of tb? talsnd wnete he founda foothold," which Is not < orrect He * as In a strong entrant an ' in deep waVer when *>lr { i'evin rea< he'1 htm With th' *ole.ty bo h e?er cbaraeteaiees true c?iiirage and bumnriity, Mr I) after I imnjing the drownlag ma?n t?> the h<nde of tf?o?a who weta *taa. *g lueast deep in tha water, swsai Vu a p-dnt dlrtsntfrom tlie crowd 'bo had cou?ra-ga'.e<l on 'he -b' re, and afMr 4ra?alng, ret .**>1 to h.s hotel witb>ut acslB micgiieg with tbo*? who had wi'.ne* ed hia |*llaat eoodui t ?nd but tha- I snd a*w other bad witn?aee1 ?he r:ol>ie actios, It would ne?er have cr?~e< Mr. I?. a , up*, or lia?e i?eea kno?n to the public aa (aa eeew i t [ *.na 1 at tbe noth? he ha>t attr*' t?-l -nd the eompll fronts L?i?* bin. 1 feel deeply grateful to Mr 0. e? I ?bouid never have fat .leeu rnyaeif for my aelflsbne** and Inactivity, bal Mr. Mbbona found a watery graee, wbila I stoo>l looking on lha -care of tke occurrence Wa* bo*, in front " 1 n>/t did the I arty go'" r* Mr Wyckoft * establishment, aaet?U-l l<ut troaa '.b? "g houaea next below his A PU I ttOI' f mnmktlmitti on lUtbnr Km rmrliinriiM, '?nlhrrvlej tba ran'.la-nen ?omp"*ia( tb'a ?wrmu > i g ?nt ?? So* r I tba -owl antra? ?' 4au>*r < or* t a (Of tb? purpo a of laapactiag tba ?b?r>n and tUnkt of tlila rltjr 'mm '.ha water- ?bla "be' - rois ia '???<? 1 a to?M<tiCD with tba rluttaa of ihla '/nmswlai. )? ma it ( >? ?eUta re ?utray of tbe b?j ??) barbur if i Ofk. Aftar rtiooinj sic** tlcnf U ? of tbe ? bar ?? . < n Via North tlrtr >lde, flal, by tho ?a/, . ? r>?irieg ??T?tal poot? ?h?r? tb? tntarpoaitton of th? r i ?a? raou) rad. It" OawiaaloaT- ratnroart ? "ng tba iltMj ?hot* u><1 It'ict p? <ra?!*4 to !a?p?-t ?be faat ti ir. u far tip >? tiia wnlfin -ad of HLek atU'a !flaa4 K'-tnniiof. they at"pp* I o" HuaW? i otat. o?l puiM ap Sa?w.?a "ra?* In on* of tb" (.or ? !?li. The WiUumil .?( >d Mr* oi Ijr o al la wa? <tulf te?1 a rrtaiDlaf t?> t ? "Warner a >a'h?r?(r o?l Uoreitor'a aland Ihe ptaiUnnajy work of makiaf Uit r?i,n?j m I r< >. be aatruatait U> abler hui't 'baa ? apt < n>M <?f 'ha *<?*y, aa-1 llM eoarja** fur.. ; o">-ar? aa<1ar bta " Btuii > o? boarl '.be '.?? i T < ? h?r? ? re*.!y h i. 1 the >'?? rinr !wn <1 iilor a ? all'* iat?n<1 V> Ra4 Hnob ?cl th# ar tire work will pro lab! be eonplat* by tbe lat of With It. a new rhatl U i? aroo?#?'l bef. re tbani, h? ' ?n,l*e.ow?r? ?ttj be *hka, by a it ipar ar?. with <b? o !iurr?? Ma ? bat 'liar, gee ha a a r<a4; Uoi ? a the a bar* Una. 6aa'.i. ' ??? ar>4 ?bara?t?f "f ' I' itoai <?1 (iom Uk wall ktuva a'ulrt ol tba m?m '-?'a of tba Hoard wa Mat etpatt to ha. a a proper limit t?t i(?a '??a ?aaraelitiagb pa tba ?f tb'a I %ibor RaprfMr taart J- . 47. _ (a rnaa*'. naaoa ?,f Iba lUnaaa a( a iw ? ! >4 (ov'aa 'aaiilf ha vtfl aa* ba abi? U> a,-?a>l a* [at'al tar r or t lalan, a at,! ~i a?xU? aa.L ill I Mt |aM MaU ?a a/a al aaraa : ca'.U * a*?>l Tba ffaXat baa raaayaliail Krwt Oar! aa "rartlar ?r"a" -f M*?ia a* ar| ?^ab??> 'a, t rai <a a r* u??u, <>y?. I Pa|UttU( F1|hl In HiMdim7. (>? TltoJi; tight ? bru'al **?a? ?ti nai a IliU, IItoiJnj, wVc it hi ciuhI * <(??! of ?ge<tas?at <im<ufp th* fate y mi (iwiil; it ? ppewe a* far a> we can '.earn, that t?i well Ln?rn ht r *e dea er.e az. J Wcilr ' of pifi'.iata beeaeae engage! in a (faarrrt, whs* a regular /Bush ??J tumble flgv" took j laea Tha 'itfhting appea.-el to l<? a.' oj olo nidi , tb* iriaada of tha croat falVa <ewt aa leuvarel to iuv*. fere In h.t I ehalf, ar. 1 aeparated Mia com bat an'*, w i -a a friend (A the coei'iurt ng rn*n, win llja ?".I r?r; >t tecfiveiy in the Ittuv!i8illbi(id;, etofpid >? h* tween the 7f?? nuin ?ud tlioee ibfragtei is etr.le, and pre Tea ted aajr interference an their jart. The pugilist* aad thalr friend* i ,crf.>ded in iietunx a<r? ia cairu^ee before the police informed of '.ho o." ? i <?? 1 bo tfjuud a at/ went to n$ !>l.'iod Its' ?m ?!,? to re- ui hii health altar the ?,*> . bmiaiag 1" auetaine.l at tha huBilH .fi i t*o power ; 1 1 t raa lurunr mu ?lit* lutoi, rated at .ae time of to? light, wb la the " ( viajutt eobar eanutk to Ino* Via to take ?J ii. ' of tba* c'rcau >'*r re j City IiitflltKrnrt. A l'NiMii ? bwBMjyi IUi* ? Tim I.*m? Y*?k ami ru> 1'nafKM' ? Ihi i o>?ka-t.? Tue abort heated term of the 'ait three or toar da/a, waa rounded ou beautiful'/ laet (nniiiK by oaa of the moat Qltaenitax a u miner eboweia we it-member to bare earn fcr many year*. It waa not one of thoae ?Xr jr, t<? i| ahowore, but a full, guthing, hourat rata, the' waa wall meant, and Old wail. It wax accompanied aad !ell behind it a refie, h!ag aon*e of cooiceim that waa mon* frat*fui after being baked aad broiled in a warm Jul/ aun. What a i intrant between the iaat. ummer in I 'h?pre eent ' Whkt a t iflerture n man/ th nga aod wbat a I reh?t in the change, especially in regard to the Tital *le | m*nt of rain' i.aat.innmer, fiom the ." i,\wrrore to , the (iulfoi Mexlra, and from (.'one/ lalan 1 to tba ltorky Mountain- there waa a drought, teaeral, all perva iai, ' diy ng up tba frulta of the earth, tbreaUniag ua witb i fiminn, aad rrnultiEK In ?1??tructlm lln. ? ia tet ja aal forfkti*, ?? well ua in txwua au<> citim Tea lull (irai auie of the calamity, kowerar, wax not fait until t lie win ter e?nie in, wbau tbounan"! i up'ja tliojiaada ol uur aoikinc i lana??, no ad?. itl< n to lb- miafortnaa of beia* ' thrown out of emplo/iteut, warn brounulta Uia ?m?e of j atarvation b/ our fauiisa |>rloa proviaTobl Wbat a change' Jlow wiilily dl itereat the a-.t?al r? futta an! the piu?p>i^t before n ?, of thu [?ro?. at iuusim ' Never be'ore, wa vtuture to eif, ala-a tha iaalm^ ot I the tlrat white ?et?l?rH at .lamentown, ha.H tUaia* t*eu i ?eaaon no rfguiarly and bountifully auppliad with rain I aa tfce "pring and aiimajBr ol lh55, from Oapa C'aJ to tn? l'aclflc. and from the I of th? Woo la ;o tbi lh'?f? And tha rriult- am before u? in the uu"?am;,ia() un j.Iun ?bich are ^urlo^ in upon ua from o_r fari?e;, ? ? very direct 0B| >n(j 4n . he reiiorta froiu ever/ point ol 1 the coo'", 0f of (jlJ .mpreeaJjnte l la 1'l^atity and 'jualit', fiuch ate nine of the reminiacancat and rellert'ijoa aii(rg?tteii by the charming afternoon ah ?*ar of i flay, e'eaing up the boated dar w lh a wboU-eomt w i - i itjfof tbo atrieta and n purlflcaUoa of the awalUriog a?iuo?pb?r?. In the wnrkiug people down loan who lire up town tbla ahotrfr waa aomewhat Incpn reoi-nt, no doubt, in inVrfertOK with the avercian aod the econ omy of walking home, but the drawbuek will b* an ore tbaa n.a?'e pn in btendaialf* a Li pro?iilon?. ^o, lUe the man la the play, wken tflei u,.! It will rain to .'ilgbt, ? ecenatlU anaarr without b?eitaM,y, "J^t it com* down '* Til* Yoi'kd Uik'n litMiM'naTn Wiiki Ommrrinr. ? \ apeeial mieting of thin comm.tte* waa bald at tba Hi >ad | way Houre, laal a?aning, Jamea T . Weiah in tha ebair The buaiaeaa propoead to )>e brought bafcra the commit ire waa, f< i toire eogant reaaona, |HMtpon>?l until neat Kilday. No bualneaa ol aay im|ortaor? wbatavar waa tranaastt d, the mefttiig aMjournio^ a few nmiueuta afker , Ita organ! /atlon. Iur I at* \i innriT in Roon vr.i.r Fttu >7 ?Mary Kewfa, j the woman who wee knocked down and ton mar by a . >< 'la water wagen, la IU,oMTeH atreat, on Thura<lay af tariKon, eapirtd yaatarriay, at tba New V'?rk lloapltal, from tha edecta of the injuiie* rac?i?p-l ? n the occ?*l'ia The driver of the wa^on, whcua arraat wa notired in yoterdav'a paper, fanning (.ommitlvl to priaoa 1 1 await the reaait of the CorOatr'a 'n ,ul-lli> n. which, perha^a, will coma oil to day, that Itictii having receirad due notlQcatlon of the >leath of Vra Keefn , Coa?mKMK?T of Ktatlart We learn that iiy the bark Ttereae, arriTel yea'er< ay, there hare been ra ceired three rarea of brrn*? atatialy, teing tha atatuaa of Jetfertonand I'atrick Habry, with l.aa rallafa, wrought for tba Mat* of Vifginla, b/ kl r t raeford They w?ra cocfigoa l to E Thayer, Ket| , o ' 'hi* city, by whom thay were promptly forwarded to K chiuct, Kinr is ,<*ni?.i.T.? Ratweao S and 0 o'cloak laat tranirg aa alarm of lira, for tbe Sith dlatrict, took place, caused by the upiettin^ of atamphina lamp in the jewelry aail watchmaker a ?tor- of i'bllip Man htlirer. No. fR Kaaex (traet. No damage dooa by tbe lire, aa it waa epeedily put out but aome llahooeat fel low* kicked in til* alaaaa wio'iow, and (tole >'?? ?V| worth of jewelry, witL which they en <p?l. Sif Ma i beimar la r^ot inaured Hoy liaoa vto.? A ion of Cap'.aia Otto Marreli, o' tba of tha ateamer llnntreea, waa dtowaed oa Tbnraday ereniug at WilUamabnrg, by falliag fr in the <l?rL. If a lio-iy waa ree< re red the neat m>rning li ? elder br'itber, 10 yaara of age, narrowly eeoapid a finular fate bartag leaped into the rtver to *ava him ila wa reaeuad with great difhculty Tnaow* rrnon a Waoos.?A Mr. UcOarthy, wb.? re a:(!?i in Wooeter afreet, wa* thrown from hia wagon, on Ihuraday nigbt, la Tenth rtreat, near the I ijirerell/ He waa burltd with great tiolenca ?galnat the curb atone, and ao aariouely In "irai that tr,ere ara fa<ira aa t? the leault. lbeacci iaat waa r.aaaad by tha i'.r>? Ua C'.mirg r?>tira Pollrc lnfelll||t nee. a MUIil.1 4Knt-T? (it < i uig imnTII w*Kr?? ?hi; Iiooi iiKogt. irp ii itxnttr. At a late hour oa Thuraday night, Cnp'ita lat'a, of the >*Tenth ward police, aad a large platboon of men undir hia command, mi !u a aumber of deaceata upon diacrtlerly bouf-i la Jackeoa atreat, aod arrwatad ail 'be nmate* found on the premiaaa. Tha warrant waa aaue<l by Juatire Waad, of the I'hud Diatrtat I'allce 1 ocrt. Tie honaaa No 'Ji, 4 .v,8tilt, ,TD and I'i, ware ..II pounced Lj.f.n Thirty two paraon* allofethar ware arieated aod taken bafr.ra Ua inagittra'e laaulng tba weiraat. Tke propriatreaeea of the bou ,e< a'xj a man t on'd here gara tbeir aamee ae ?Maria i'urney, t atha rn'iifn, Mary B??ah, Mary Sane Ingoie, Mary Haaeaa ac ! r?i?f, it'/dmaa They wrra<aeb b*ll ta bail ta tl>e aum of to answer toe < oarga of teepiag a dieorder 1/ houae while tba K>rla twenty in number, were all eii: Kitted 'o pn-oa for *i*m natioa 'ilia/ w<ll ia all probability ba ?ant to Waraweti a laland aa ragranta, aa i uw -e .!egra< ad eat of Wo? ng wratebea wer*- u" r lollected t'gether f?f I Kit ? H r A H K I ?? li Cj> ?? w THE ??*KTViI? T * 4KD. A <|uarr*l ?n<i I^lit of raib?i a ihioiii natura r? I on Tburuiajr ? ?oio? Hit, *t tka iwjlm? "mim Vo IW ft t iTCol; ? |llh itrnt, ihtM la'tora ub<4 Ai|ulu< iiajn, l'?t<r !"(*? l?r < ? a md '.*11 .t?iu IV*. d?, a vbtea llt|? t? aariotaal/ mjurarf >>/ ki Kg (UliM, U it l? ftU?f ? 1 with * 'lira kalfa a tb? hat<ia of tha oth?r? l/ftr?ra ain aa'' t'oalarr of Ik' ? Hi t ?ii h?a;lo( of Iba ll W' 'ilt^ , l/rn <jti<U4 o 'f * afxit an<! im(M ? raaW larUao a?4 H?oa? '?a b?r*i of It w??.b , at^nr to ? I H?k? >u bel ly 'at aoout lha baa I ||4 U. (a ? iIMIhm p?<wniw), ?!iaa tb? ?aufi'.*4 mta't la. ? w?r? !?r *f?.| to l#o iita|*rc>bi Ilia praoc* a a?r? briafhl l>?f<ia Jo?t.'? I'farr/ ah? riir at lti?aa h ifiil ?h? r??^t t of tka wout,'*'! u ?v ? la ?r)?a ALLtoi.DTm.rr nuju m* r?nr<>mrn, . Mrko'aa J lmt n waa a rroalH yaatf-l*/ r b? ? ? th lia? tg at/la a ftftj ?o;.p<T '?jm fnr t*i?(rap . ? tfca of !l? ' '?fp'?ta'-'.a wbi.-u war* ii'''#^ a if.* ba?M?at >.f l>'? ' V; lUil iatt raaljr ' ?? . ? T Of ltl? tii MkN ftOJwt a mil awl hf'turtoa | Hi liaaoa of U.? ' Yl?f< ?>*/a, V? vtMM, it ? ?? ! ?'a fti*nlttai '.ha roaitrn -ua rat tka P. a ? ??"' ? l< '??' iiltt?) for 'r *1 I./ ? o la ? ?? t >4 kail (it?'>i or rri-om t 4-4*11.7. A fftitor iam4 UlM|* H. am- *? Uk*B >.1 iti t'4y . j?ftar<1ftf , t>jrcrS'?r H?at**, of IS* J'.mth ? ar |?>i>?, ?.ti ' kar?.a of b?r!a< a??? ?'?I I'tlllp V.urU lan ? !th a p?"L*t (ft. 'a. and 0 n* twe ??.#(? *0 -.a/la f*a k'a lha ff*irpJaoa?t rwaMaa at ? 71 ' ? atrtat * ',J1. i?? w a kr?'>t'?t >?!?>?? Jt?? a 'fca f'.Uy a'. th? I o?< r foli-a ? on'., wb?ra fta k?H la 'fca '<? of I -"C* to ???*" lfrn?hl|rn laMlllft BM. I'm, K 11 ? 1/ f? <*-1 m t W.?i?io ?a :<fia ? rl l?o ;? ?? "t Ha 'J 'aa* f?afff, ?ll ft m uarifc ?>" f of *? 1 Itudrm ai>i?, ?a 7% nfc'a/ a; tar mm M ?*?* " <*?? tka a?/,'j?? fc.i jnn 4ra?? a ?? '???? f'o ' ha o*?s, ?k.*Ji pu^?i on f a ? ? 1'* raarWagj 11 Ml ??( tal , wuinm Vka "?<*?* >a lK? rm?t f*r? a 1taUt>-? ? , k f"; f??*. 't ?a-rl??4 kat t?o Nairn ? 'V?r a .. t 1 u??f Haa ofj hat>. an ta a nf??( f< a ''rati a a^a-ztfaa'a a ilk tfc* fiut'a 1, *1,. -Tki 1 ' mm> u < ?at< il <n aa a^raaeae , oa Tkuraua; a?*k'. ?ka??kj ? ? A'.'Ual b? a rF1**4 ?.tk I* at ?? ja? ' Hn f'.IX f'at fai aaaa?. f ' ar rata ra????o a T a yrl -o a 1 a-.~? Uaaa fa* Ana faa* V.rvara ?laM $,?. t*a> it , m 4; I'a (aft far IV/. ka.ii 4 aa ft , -ft' Ik* ? a'.rm- t ta to 1*at fa* t >% i?a a CMTMUo. -r the tmmt Amnu (in. .. _ rrrTM dat. ** I ?V/w^ !h# *Mibw* ?* ?-? coar?nti#? m . ? ?'?d vZ " "w"*10" ?"rT'' ",<1 ?tin of .J /rn,'?'UU,?r0" 4,n~- "?? Mr ?b;ek r?,iph * ?"B,b<e " w*rt Mil, M tiv 2i!L* th. Li.r v, " W C W tba Dioiiiutg, ft U|?? l->r,u"r* <>r^u,,*?,, iurmg Lr?#* M'-nut b?Mlo? K?d Jii? (.<<(liniit1 *?n #>', lb? U?.l .. #?rl, Wh Oh IU .Jul; "? 0!j?f m%-J? ? ?*" A r^.v. w?, t? k ? n ?tl '*vT ^?5T? i* , ?MC 11,1,1m >i?. J| u'? ? At pur,lr ?""*????** (M .1* ? Ji .'tora fo"0,*'M. xrfciH., tn? lUmtr.., . 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