Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 28, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 28, 1855 Page 2
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kfermtiDg Chapters of Contemporaneous History Correspondence Itta China, the Handwloh bland*, 8?utb America, Central taMrka, and Havana. The Defeat of the Walker Expedition in Nicaragua, X?., *o., Ac. Tbe following eommuiicationa from oar correa pcmdex to in different parts o the world, will serve jj teep ?ur reaieia posted up nthe ootemporaneous ftuiory of tae pla> ee treated of, and will be gener ally found ktemting and instrustiva. Oar China I'umipondcDce. Bhamohai China, May 4, 1855. Trad* (if the Port ? 'CKt CKine-t Custom ? H* Future Prospect* of Ou United Suite ? in Chi ?M ? Drfeetive Minutenal and Coniular System ? United Statu Flag Stup Macedonian and Steamer Powhatan. Almost three months have elapaed sines the re capture ef tula city by the impaiialiata, and to a eaaaal observer it would item aa If the indu-trioo* thoueanda who throng the avenues of trade bad pever known the horron of war. However well adapted a Chinaman may be to learn otiei thing*, the ait of war ia annly not thetr "pigeon" aa a na. ttoa. Bnt aa tradera and merchanta they perhaps have no superiora on earth. Toe unsettled aU'? of tbe empire at all the other ports, together with the raptrior advantages which this offers, and w.iich they are now beginning to see, has given a direo tten, and hence a great impetus, to toe trade a*, thii pert. Ibe trade at Canton Is bio ked; the native merchants a/e centring here, and it only reqn res a Bitle judicious conduct on the part of our foreign Mpresentatives here to secure fr >m tie 0 lioese great additional piivilegee. The Oninese orgaoiz ed a Custom House h*re by employing gool and rvsponeible foreigners as ln*p?ctora, through whom they levy datiea as agreed in the trestles. The Americana agreed to pay ona ihird of the bici du ie*, and the Engllih are attemotlog to aask ont fcom their obligation a in ttto. Tae Imericina itind high in the opinion of the Chinese, as they say we win redeem our pram ees, bn-. the Eagliah are em harassed a*, every step by th-m, having aa the Gal n?ee say, "gained a few d ops of aliver, but lost their good Dame." The English feel they are below par, and it huts their pride toaea Anerioait getting ahead of th6m by good management. They are ho incensed to a", h is well understood here tha'. this mall will carry forward s >me powerful document* to the Foreign Offic i, at London, to induce them if possible to abolish,' "or at least embaras* the working an the Chinese Uun om Huiitto, so that tbey may have re-vnucted the sjaiem of "bonds and obliga tions," then, of ionise, no Custom House. To those of us s .moirwi acquainted wthCiina Hie wonderful that tbe Ctiuese did uot, during t!ie late tr^ub<es about the nMn,Mtf entirety, by etapping the transit interior, me trade of the |>oil This tbev meditated, and nothing hat tbe establishment of iha Custom House, with the i o opeiatlon of the foreign Consult, prevented <h? m. D stray t/ is Custom House and tbe trade of China will be cot off. R+ tndiate our solemn treaty st>pa>atiOis, aud tae ' IniUd bin e* will have no commerce in China, and no uee for Ministers and Con* uls. Of the "hack du ties," It is ciear betond a doubt, that the C dneae at* eati'Vd to every cent 'ton the time tne Taout&c retorted with freen seals (Sept. 27th,) to replace these which had been stolen oy U-e mob. Ine at- ' serskin now echoed at home, tiat the e was ' no pi'itecicn," ia founded una caxh operati on to the merchants, though at the expenso of honor and trath. That they shipped tne tea and Bilk they <ont deny, but t at tbey thereto. e owo the duty, *>7 do. Xhe avenues to the silk countries about Bang bow, i!ooc'>ow, and thence np Ureen river, tbe green tea countries Uaogohow, and tne bl*ck tea districts ot Hochow, Ningcbow aid Toklen, have been always held by the imperialists, and yet when the fo.eigners would not i<ay the duties, they 49 d not atop the trade, because t ,ey were told tint Iha governments of tbe Unite! States and Great Battein would oblige their cidaana to pay a'l their notes. These promises have been ropu dated by the English, and the Americana hare followed in the ?erne line to tbe extent of two-thirds, fro-n whioti a Ch ma man considers the Englls'i hive no honor, bat Mm Americans one-third part. Such nas b?en the re mit of the confldenoe the Chinese have placed In foieign word* aud fo/elgn no its. At any mornaot, and at a hundred poiate, tbey might have out off the aUk and tea from coming to any port in China; ar d now from tbe lesson they have learned onosrn tog tbe honor tf lore igserr, they will do ao, if inter faicd with agbln in exacting all which has been gua ?aateed to them by treaties. The occurrences at this port of late indicate a fine offering to Tankea enterprise; but we mu*t do our duty faithfully and honorably to the Chinese, or we will blast onr pro* paets, and loee thai which nothing but a war oaa it pun. Onr repreientatire eyetem here la Minister, Cot ev*s and the navy, hi a been very icjudicixu. We tut no Miniater, bat a C uneul General to reside at tea port, aa tt la simply ridisuloua to have a man in eueh a capacity at Canton, when all foreigners lire hwMoof tiree aarea of ground, and r* not allowed I* go beyond, white here they can more ah Kit <rhe e ?bey like, hara personal lotercune wlm the hlgheA ?ffieers, and tboa hare ooportanlties afforded of destroying the prejud ces of the Chinese to all fraelgnrra. this has not been the .-ate; tne Minister has II red at Canton or Macao, and aftor remaialng ? j?er or two, gees hone, Dr. Parker, the Secretary of Legation, acung in his stoad. Hie per ae physician t> the foreigners to tar sur l+fBta bis c itLptbttMOD aa Sxretarr or Cnargt- ds Afthire, that hi* official dntier a e salwrient to the ? enter m terra* ef bit prscice. Oar Cjueala, too, we been merchants tlU lately, using their bigo pewtrs to their ow% advantage aid hence to oar dteadraittag*. The change ban been mule at. this pen, ud we hope to fee it edited out at all toe o*ber*,bat they mn-t be p*ld well la oder to justi fy eonnetent ptr one to a*aaaie and reta'n dalles which are three f Id- consular, judicial aid diplo matic- nod wbich makes them altogether thi moot Important oonaala'ea In the gift of tbe Preel Itat. There la pethap < no pi't of t>.e world whe*e oar ?ovy shoes to more di*adv<v :t?ge tuaa in 0 da*. Tnere?in?r Powhatan, vapt. M;0.nney, la haro, asd the Chinese think tweaase *'>e looks like tbe ?Mil Meaaier* t-iatnoe is n it a mao-of war. Hie Is an erormiius expense to the gorercm^nt, and literally ?selee* tor this station. The U. H. tUg shin M*c? doti<n, Commodore Joel Abba'-, is aiiolrere; tic ahtp commaiids, as usnftl, ttie admiration of ail ob eerre's. Tbe coonnodoio aod uffl vrs. at weil at ?raw, are qul'e well. Tbe Incapacity of tie saper ?Lsnated old ioglM ?ho c >mm*ua <.ur ships of war, ve are ail ? ltd to see, naa bten attracting fie at tention of Oongr*M, and we bop * tbey ? 1 1 not stop MB they purse tbe rary of all Ha exuberance*, wblc Oojkmwsare many and of long standing. These ftie solemn tra ns I h?ve wntteo.bat we ere so 'ar away term hone that la all prababdity thej will all be forgotten the day ft'te' they hare h?*n read; nerert e'eae there Is a satisfaction to a T antes in grumbling, and espe laliy whan he has ROSA cants. OaiKKfAL. Owr Hmiwith Island* Comipnadrsrs. IIomiLi'Lt', Juue6, 1855. Tht Emigrant Autiraltmn Datk JVrte fVtirll in /httrfii?Th, (jn,irj stah < Ship Decatur Gone lo Her Rthtf?Pvluttol Affairt?Ormeimg oj (irnjHt and Jndtgn PI ant ~ Reciprocity Pro ject!, tfC. , The seihng of tbe clipper \,wk Franoee Pal aer, ?morrow, girts mc sn opportunity of fjrwardlng yew ft lew items of lnt?lU(cw? trsm pltck Through the kindness of Capt. Itaac H. Sierrstt, of the Usited Stales abip Decatur, I id ?u, enaVod to seed ym ft ooriect bat of the antral* *t tuu port ateee March 9, which I hope may prove of ralae to yonr nutrerone renders. Tbe Deofttar, during her stay here, hai giren the residents an cp^ortonlty of f>r<nlag the aoqutiv. ?nee of her (tntle manly ooicmander and efficem, ' end baa a!ao been of raat eerrlse In aiding on many occaaVona veeaela arrtring in distress, and in autry other waya has rendered assistance to Ameri ean and other shipping intereete. The bark New Weeid, iron Melboorne, baring been reportal in 4MMe*? leaking badly, and her sails btosra away a' Aa island of w e*han. (tbe leeward Island of tne ?ftwfttfon group,) with acme acres ty peseengere on beerd, the Deaatar baa gone to her relief. S)mi ?f the pMeeagere lift the bark an t croaasd from Wleshan to Kanai la oanoes, and bsre brought the totalhgewae thence to this plaee in a teastar. They jepert the -Vrw World utterly unable to beat op to Houolii.'*, and also that abe la loakfcig aw** a per t>eur. Oi' receiving rffloW laf >roa itloo torouwh vha Ctn a ol and C nim?aa ooer that ttie Na* World ?nijKt statd to nted ,.f some Sum* 1 ? bis * to go t jhv r*nef, and got the Da atorundtr w?yoa Fril*y *?**? towdtog to crulne uu?ii h-> fall to with he.-, and reJkre bar capWn, orew and pMaengera inaiv manner to hia power. The day before toe Decatur aailei t e <ap'a!n entertaiieo hi# Rojal Hlghitas Piinje Lw K^no kaateba, the United Salts 0 -mailarioner, a?d a email patty ol ftienda at dtonor on board U>e Decatur. Tno utanst goid feeling prevai etf, and the Prirce waa only prevented fro* aooeptirg an Invitation to accomp<uy C*o'-#to S. on b* pt"Al* dlK*9 m ttt8 tThr ?"bitrarv control Dime -to inaia^iwed by tbe miaeinnarif a over aim , at alt toe an > v? m uj * 8,l"n? majority ia t*v ,r or a bigoted and narrow mm ltd .01 y. in re'e eno* a toe 1 evrlopme. t of nuny of tbe moe; imporUut la tort ai rtaourcea of the witnda. The attccg position which thi new King has taken t? a, howavet, doce mucn to ?urcn e;ie DBure fam*n0 and liberal aute of amu/a, ?lo wo have to t>o?o with pmuuM ti- uu. MM on many law. whioo, . few yrae ..nea would SftftSAJK&iU?* '?"*??<<' tani?* Among tftp n/oai p omment of the a to tsndlair moat to the aavaiomwt of tbe agricu'wr* lu ? mto of tre iajanca, u a bill wnicaTJWj Jrft* Legttlvnre, ?>nthorwh>g cuttare of the grape and tie mauufacto'kg ot wtafc K* pf rimtrnts bay* proven tnat a oapi al *rt.oie ot viae equal to qwuitj t0 me Malaga a d O^rZ b can be cbuintd torn the rommoa tcrape; a id a* the soil ud climate are favorable to tbo^Vtoofal varUtiea of the tiuit, we laok f r?*d to*?ar? w^ji ,ttat 111 * ,e" ?tUi Hawaiian wrne I will be an important article of txp.jri. 1 -(^0ther <nU!rpme h^toteiy t>eeu uader'ake'a H *mjr ?>* ? favor<?bio rwaiu "5* bj name of Tre* .ma, inuoducf d tn>m Beogai the tooi^o pia. t. II* oih?Vnn't , ^DJS w,ct 01 0.- from olron#m?,?'0 a, did no", auc i iu "J' ^g bib P" Ject of ioluvat oa and awT.ufac'^ire of the pioduct mt?> operation; mtac<rh<le vdd n'ait tow* s^reiao rapid y ia tbi vie ai;y o' t ia ?p >t of jt? totr.duction, ana has aim at completely oive sd large tracts of Jaiid ia Maener vaLej, ia'th* ixim ? diate Bubutba cf Hoooulu. v f P^110*1 enterprt?io* chemht, Dr. D. rriok, late c bail eelior of the Frifboa ojio wrv but latjly undertaken tbe manufaocire iv/i toe mft, * ?ooceM baa fur exoa?drd iiia anticpatioia. atd already withmt %uy r>ut t'io commonert material of mach'nery, hi h ^ so otwdc J to obtaining a apieaulo qaaiiiy oi nutaTa -iored ia ot ?ppr?oiattog toe ? im tot Doctor to dtvfctopo t >ia fa'unM^ao quiaition to the 00 umerw of u?a w.anda, tara 0* mo to?n'h J'ih euc*cibed a auifljient amonat of fuudi f ?PWMi?b to be t uliy o?rit~d oa n,d tr n" ^ P? 10 b? <*o'e hereafter ro inform yuu of auocesB of tbe worthy Docco 'a oL?us. ?.k ^re u bat In tie local newa at preaeat. Mdi in keep< rs and mechavi a are only ba v ,a,,oa \he VT<>?P-cn of tae next uu Mason, when tbe anlvai ot tee wbow fl*t wtil ?we an impulae to trade, and telieve oa irom tae p eSnt 0rKr^te 0f VtP C brayoh. P ^nt ?||? ?f ^ ai*0),# ?'? tost w the necfli. .2 l'enu,<t tho La borand en-etinfr wb?rvA< ?W5COinunt' 4 00 o( "toamsia and other trtu ?St?.J%T?ta^Pfon,,t'n* ?' O" pore, and biva ordered a dirdginft machite and other reoui. it? matfrtol lor .carrying out rbia purpoae. a itivmtm !2 an au??~^<rt?to on foot ti Mine's I ?wf{i?^e0,pr0c"y m%h Urt,t9<1 s ?*? by | wnlcb H?waiiaa anitua, ajrup, and mjlan^ea a nit I 'f tb? pritc'.pal .ex jortB, m *y ba ti t: 0 dated into Call'oima auc. Oii-gon du y free and 'i bko exoepUon made in fav* o?a ime of %S ?L t pal importo trcm ibe United Statea. ^ Aa the preaent Chief Juatice, W L. Lee. who 1m Mnwif ^ I18 lbe Ambivatdor to Waihnptnj is / '5 totereated in a aagar pHatidon tbtro it 1 lo doubt he #ili jeivc uo meaaa U 'trirti to obtain the d?a red end, alttioueh mvjv here douSt S^,? ?cb atroaty' ,.n bf MgoiStS 'wltbSSt tiona. * r for8^n t?cw>ea and atiiuia deathEeXrftl.0anfeem! i-? have expired a natural death. "Do prfaent King aoema deteimlaed t-> tanacioualy bold on to thT torone oT l bi ^ cea ore, and ia if abything piejuJiced airiiuat rtOLeJ r 2?08' ^*fi dea wbicb ha i a au'roanded by <.ill_ clova ay.ophtuta, who endeavor to bar ererv avenue of accef a to hia ear o' any lotelltoeoca bear Hawa^an ^e^edly binetictol to the ? kTi? n .f th"iruolon with our <rra id re 1 hW(n P'0T?? The far famed apeecnof tne SXad A'?' GV,tnl UlU?r' ^ l * f?t ?e J0011141'/ w ^ squire* at pr* freut lo comnjenf, except the *?Hurd*,oe fro u th* m'rJ^irt?arCea i^re l1"" ^ version publianed ia a correct one. Ocn. Ublar, by a well known ti?niM extra-ta fpom criminal atatlatioa, 00 point (?. r tothKj^vS^wf1^!. *? ??,or) to >nio * evriy 1 b*ta< le to hia po rer to tbe adv&nn* toto M?ije?y!,1C*ninflue,,0e the P*"0" Of hla Our worthy oommlMrtoner, Hon. L. L. Cre**, ha? hia V<*p*lre<1 of nIttoutely gaining bia loint. Ilia efforta 10 advance American in* aiTtoo weU "Ido? 10 ^ ' oantrynkm here, we too well known and appteclwed to require 00m TOnt. Dr. Jndd. the foim*r Mloiator of Finaase aon e1? th^JS^rf4 M.Bote d'ctolor near the per g' k** qntatiy dropped into hia Iwmer inaigalflcanoo, and ia now a uwrTur^ti^ phyaician, and vaikder of druga and aoda water. Bukineaa generally ia exoeedtogly dull the uwket i?a^rto,T't0Cked' "d b0t ""I* ??M'r5?22 v Of amuMBMPto there la but little to a?v. Tna ?al Havalian thettrea in b^lh town ,e U *" no stock ooaipaiiy in r blon able newa there ia but little to m;nUon. "option 1?. perhapf, to noto t'ie enter iwitn? ft!?" I gen'letnaijJy offloera of the Decator, duriou one evObtng of the paat we >k t, the laujea tad g?nUemen of Honolulu. Taa ahiy rT^?idtcu?^d' #Dd tne Ml 011 r'f'"1/ toaJj parties oonoerced. Winci'ur kept np to a late hour, and all went off meruit. noh.? ^n??-^n*.^0n lieen c??"d in oa- lit'lfl bj too report of two prom'xient F.eion fft-ntltmen beiug about t>> cut eato other 'h tor >au ?f1?0ljr^ ?? tbe duello, but the loqaaoity of oac ot otbtr of tre partiea created the iat? rl<ron e of Md too affair ended, If not ia auok?, at leaat In gaa. Oxur Peruvian corrnpondanrr. Tacua, Jaae lit, 1*5"). Political Affair* ? Prevalence of RMreriti in i ? /few Coinage ? The Utiano Trade ? IJjUritn Affair*. Tern la jilt now labiriog under the Inll'ica^ o' ft pt lit leal crtiU, which, if it ia cot reuiedibd by ttis approaching convention, we apprehend, w:ll reJuoe tbeconntr> to a state of anaratiy and poatmtfon upcqua.ied to our peat c >nvnl*ioiiF. No oao cu deny that this coat try baa been In a disturbed c n ditlon since the overthrow of the government of GeneraJ Echentque la January last. Geaeral Cm ulio, Invested with an trbilrary power, baa t.?ea pereecutlng tnoe'. te^a ioualy Individual* (or politl eal opiniota; he bai restricted the press, and s xi?e 1 altogether hia post. Besides, the iflaptiie * of hi* n>liiaUr<, Ureta and G?lvei, baa produced a wjnt of contldcncc in b!s admiuistre'l n which w;ll lead to nmr coD?plia-'.es a> d revolt*. 1) Djmlofo Kli*a anartaln* Gen. Cacti lo at prraeni. No falti can be pu'? on bla au.>port afterwards, as h* U oao of the aspirants to tbe P eMdin y, aid h? h?i been lnttiguicg wlde'y in the last electl ma. Tic c>n vert ion will itmnble vary atiorily, a<d idmiwc aril aee If we have a oonatltuUon and aa eut*i?!wac J k> vetoMBt. The million of doPsm aa igned to p\y (Ai *!??? ownrra in utid>r dt?tnou?ioa. Lima ia full of ruboara. aod it i* nJt a?'s to von tore <u?de tbe valla .t alga;. H )ftn> Lights n ; > * beiO rvbb d tbe hou-c of Seuora i'ac:W, aud jivuo off with IW), 000. C.>l?w?-la i.ijueca, Varea, Causae v an?l \iMrM?? have been e f vatem to ue rank of geusraK Oid?>t bare be*n passed 'o toe in;uu of Mrmar 1 (>t ro de Pneoo t > commence coining m *>avy o.' tb? wtlgbt of 460 grains per d IUr. 'lb? re wete la May sixty-cut Vcaeel* *? <pU>ioi frtm the C alalia Ulan is wWti ru:? Vt??rl*. jf'.mi. Englacd and tb? Continent 4rt 2? II* vriUfl States. (4 5.411 Maor.traa 2 1,713 Salt) 7 ina 1 7Ji Total. 6? 2" "H Tbu of.mme.dai point a t>r vrraaiov very r?i>? i y. Tbe with B 'ivia is h?f)i <n"l hcwit. lb# arte* and i aooa Ktl'votd, ua<i r the ?ertu tendearyo< c uip?et#<* lor eighth id lire, a t'd wi.i ha fttu>h?d b> tne a?d o' the je?r Tbe la>p?wa4oii ot D.odaoe f? m vhe tnwr or "? beta very large alnee ibe fcaaaii was op?a, ** l?0*"' ??. 'or tluwaai Un 17||4 p-f ??,r 'i ' i15 '"PP** o 75 m c*o . | 111!, Call- a* a b?*k, ? 0^ ; La na * <,i i5||. Of , copier bar.' ? suow J.niary 60 000 m it t*i? ] H ildl of tt Will |!0 to FraDO*. t i,Th f "'9 h#T4 ,r,m 8^* is np ti t fe ? 0"uiltr* l" p'5? ?ae.??ed t> os in a ? 1 * *#it?tioi? oo %coiia? oi tog e?#^M 14 PftBKlency. Gmwal Oa m *MnO .mo M 1 Ma we) too fa .it*l. T? i?rioc oal ean*Haee arel.eierat Joise CardoTa an-J Dr. D J *6 ?ru '"raw- u pr >t?-!Ud by Bel n, bsiog ?Jf J i .i! y *he ottosr baa a wid? cire.e of .hZ .1 " t. olb* Q"0"1*1 8?*? C -m, expend sboitly ?rom ?um> o??, he* a limited party. tkv. J. U. lUna, tour-riom t*? B ilirU, ia *t preaent in onr o?ty. Ha Will leave far Law la a lew d?>?- Bkta. Lika, Jun* 20, 18A5. Dtxipptaranrt of the Ship a of War of the M?d Fleet ? Our Pacific to/nadt on? Splendid Built? Motal und hhyital A pptatance uf L?na - A fait! Ffffht ? The John Camming* Affiir, fyc. There !? not at present a single Fienoi or E filth man of *ar, of any alwt. on the coat*. of 8 mtb ame nd ; ney hare all gone to their general read* Z /OQ4 at ifcoSande'ch Irlat<j#, prvp&ratory to K oomoioaa atia< k npon the liuinfaB pcaMaafans; or. peraap*, ?b much aa ujtkiug elf?, to d'moMt-at* tbat tae twa Powers, which hav? a>inonoeed (heir desi e to legcle e the t.MrH of the wo'Jd, are qu'te pr<*p?red topreveat any ci angea in the Nor h Fioldo. Waila t.'eae two Powers an corcentratifig large flteto, our for oe io the 1'a^lflc oomfata of one friga'e, heavy fcad alow In her motions; one &ni ciaaa Mjo^, lu ft bid state of repair; two arnaUer sloop i, ?nd one b%* asner? la all five veneia, fmr o t which are old fashioned and dnU aaUers. The in tffiMfucy of this squadron la increased by the light wlBds aid ationg cureata wbljh prevail over large portlona of ltd crola ng griu.d. Oao good steamer could do more work thao the foar satliug f#wola. In Oallao, abra* the end of May, b*ldta .he Ama zonas a ean. filgate, whloa la go.n* to i3aa Ptanon co to be pfot in d-jek, and acrerai other Prrarlan n eu of.War,ti o\o we e an Eagliai four gun echo joer, Mid t e Am^j -aa fr'gate Kdtp^ud^oce, aud the slo. p John ACaTi". The olfioars of the flagaltp fi-ve a b# 1 to tke l*dy of onr M'.ois*r to Pern-tfr. Claj? which was attended by Geaeral Caifliloe.D n DjffiiEgo Kliaa, and a Urge a.ray of the betaf* and tdhhl.n. of the city of the lucaa. Mrs. 0 ay gave one in roinrn at her residence in Linn, a ball to ti?? oftl -era of tue squ-idroa, which was a tha^n aUff^ tLough u W*B ncsiumou*iy vot:d tha. l.lnia coutd proaaoe notQlug ffort&y or omoi il.-on with ? toe RiriB wo l?.fv behind ut." Lima is at prmeot the seal of ra .oh txcl??mf>nt comiog el-otmn. GscerU C*gi lio,' fc i? ra?Jd)> losing his onso Fran ?V ?> ( ^ itioo to the cnief magie trao> of lern. Ca-t'iio's gracd afcp of UbaraHjjr tii? neorces, haw in Pern, ?a ev?ry where eUe woera i| his been til?d, boen Mlowe.d by great aaiaary. The country la floor cd wita f/ee negroos, wai an* iMolentanaUf.wiJiog to work; the tece^ry Mqutnwa are roin t.i tie cnltlTatora, g*aeral scar city, and increnso of o.ime. The ioUuenaa wd entmnouB wealth of D .n I)..mir.go K!i? w-U probv bly socme for h.rn ibe Pre.idfnoy, t' onah u ni fh^liosl t^nt^CDUrf ' ?48tm^' whobcoaside-ed iht ?ost talented aod energetic m m ia Peru, w.U not lvog submit to the dominion of any one T m a^ital l? crowded wita Diiaoed an/ bepnmed ofliclaLi ol every kui'J. The army ofQoera are er^n Sr?A ".IT1**1'1 f 0 the ??ldfp'8 5 taeiraalaries ar? !?unffv?v<rf? ' 1111(1 uiuve'sai rals Wahtsi to tue iowebt ia for ev^ry on? io provide fur kiia?r>il ^l<ru??>r a chance oflfera Uader this tygtem it ih easy to noderatand ho* tie im mturo revenue derived Lorn the Chiaoha l*ia"di is M(Daudeied and totally disappears, withoa one cent of it beiog appii/d to the pub! * wa??; ? impiovtment. it la like pouring a email stream of water tttrough Vi? sieve. Monev Uiot eaaly acquired is cireles^v tirf ni'.a2? i ift M on? of the moat dtasloj ttd places in the wond. I<ag?aeral appea-sncs is not very imposing though It ia the ruieat oit5 " Booth America. Tte great uncertainty to which everjtbing la snbje ;t, probably prevents external display, but the !ciary ?> d msgnlflo nc9 of the uite i tor of the Louses li In keeping with the gnat wsUth or nr??' A,mo,lf the pobllo places, ia tb? " A I n?da," tn.Pii ,g ,he bu,k" or >be it la a triple avenue of elms, of aurpasaing beautv. In the evtringa of feast da^a It isTlll aro? dtd with .n an mct?;d throng of daik eyed senorltu their ohar-na cot?alul beaea* ;he pcqurttw. ?, ya'mSSa. ' ThJ grebes of Lima are lamoua. i'hey have been robbed of ffiuca cf tlwir wealth, and all tfie.r paiiititgs, which wera of va ne. The silver ?altar ol the catheoral still reanlns, a m igniiicnt m'.iuraent of the f Lfy of an a*e tbat 1* gone for nenrnr^wliS fl ff15 fSmt tur bouehf the first n ^titprr wuo flnd? himself pressed frr ' plat*." Toe j *'uvt^n Geuhiato of the propent day have all .6Ji ?Z J ?J?ai'ia* ??d Jnpiter's golden cltak, and, beyond al doubt, it isalavori e with fJ?"10? C4Hfed * choice oollecllon of patntr Ic^s fiom tho churches; and when the Ubsrattog army scared him out of Peru, the dolos and oe poea wao composed It, made a grand b. nftre of hla rurnilnre and picture#-? tim sacrificing to toelr tetae esn and cowardly vengeance the ffreateet mennmeuta of art which Hout^ America poaaeesed A ekoit time ago a bull Gchttook place, noder the au* plica of (.onetal t'astlllo; quit? a number of bulla were slaughtered, and one or two persons IbVmM ^eJI,,loita <Wi*ht of the Limaniaaa. It o ^ sff*ir, NU'paaaiog any',hin<r of the kind teat bad taken placi for yean? the bri liant flash cf High'., whto i wlilaoon m extinguished ErtharirST2f th' *"*? i*"0' tronb!a bm> CVitnd ?W .w''a|,Ui!1 of th? Oa<nattag?, cm!, !. !.; !0 m Cltw' ln ",r defence, at the CTilni ba laiands. Ilia oondaot was oe.tainlv blams Jew, ana wli'le our s.i'iadron was here he was llbsra ted, but ms bqol as it etiled for Payta, he was re tSZSl l'inPf? B!',p df"r4l3fd- Th? Independence frigate will, in conat qnence, retarn to thk plaoe. Oor Montevideo CtirrMpoodenco. Unihd Bran* Ship Savannau, ) Muntbtwio, May 24, 1H56. ) Enthiuuatic Filling * f)i$npyointrd--A Glanct at the Ji ttery tj Uruguay ? Ap]? arancr of Mont, ViJtO? lli PvHir Amun nttiU.' ? The Unittd 8tnta> Pari f< i Si/vadron. Ai ) have an hour at my disposal today, I think I cannot do bettor than fold, a promt*# made to one of my fyrtnrr litters, that you should hear from me when we urived h*re, while we remained; btfjM we k ft, or fometVirgof vie kind. My las*. was from Kio, which city we left full of the idea that we were destined '*> aouihilate Paraguay? to wipe out *r?m *be infp of tlic world that filthy, Yankee Intal' teg natiOD. fur which vtry imj>ortant services every jmrli. 1| at?r *?s to b? rcwardeJ with goldeo ptlw ol extra pay, land warrant! In any quantity, ni re roper csccmir wi by the half doz.?n, be permitted to ihaka bai'U*, dii>e rid <*up with the Pr*ldmt, and walk tiptoe on the heads of the people forever after ward.'. Alas, that suofc bright dreams should psore grenadier wLrn at the very ztrlch of their glory4. Ud a d( zen t'misi ela?, that mtn it ee prone to olio# to the chimerical .ide of a picture ! We had hardly airiv??l here, wl< n intelligence came on b >ard that the Pnrapuav trouble was amicably settled, to the **ttf>fart'on of a!i partks <vn creed, and- that, ai a mat ter of court*, all hostilities had oeased, and our a??latat ce waa not require t, What a tall w?? th?r*, my countrymen! ard bow desperately wa* our entbuaiaim cruih edl t1 yre grew dim and bosoms heaved with disap pointment, to pttvent which from preying too se verely on the fee ing# of th? chagrined candidate* for Immoitalnatlon. the Commodore gave all handi forty eight fccure liberty; and having baen well na tit tied with my part of it, I will tell your reader* Kmciblrgof tbis part of the world. Cingosy? poor, forgotten Irugu&y-of whlc^J Montevideo U the capital, waa fsnuerlj, aa every Wt; kuowa, united *.o Pa agu*y tad Buenos Ayree; bat, as e'er v bidy dois not ko^?, owing to the ml ^vic>)?Q3 mc'diin^ of R.-azi', hacked by the mtfa t.n i ./?(?? c trot- intrigues of aome Kampean g(/%titmintr, the Made of discsid aod disunion w*re ?p??dily ?. \T?, tad a aenca of civil wars en m?.J, in vhtch t* a of tha c mlederato States w?s t'jed * ..h tbe bl. od of lte people. l\<iro ? m ba&itbed, and war, with ita train of ac r- tniarvlrg calamities, raged from the pampas to the octkv. To* ne a?re bu-nt, bons' tt^adiiraTAgod, ti, habitant* murvered; even the church**- 1 1? Ita'. to bo df. uuonJ by mtn having span *h hl xxi In thalyvetaa- wero rnieiy )???.' ated. Io lf*ltl Har? M-ey thitw iff tic nn>on yoke and entehlinftad its r< Vj ercenco. end la 1*26 l"'u?u*y a^hl'ved a likt victory . nvt w^i* h ume at>e r.ti beon airoggUng r>, tiiy aloi ?. ba ?" v able to keep b?r name oa tbe ll?t of EatW'K. Fv? n at the pta^ut day her prne Kete arc tot by ? yr means what a person oould rail floarkhteg, for bun peoonUry Bib>lW? to B ti l ud o tiler wguiikH itlirl vrr ##wd pro |itn. Iiidod, fur kki aval p<?( D u Pud ro dm ne?n ihr ru tt rue aiid if ?* oaitog events oast I etr ?bacowa bet He," ? e thia i?t e. m * naalrei mile* from nw tbe givei flag of Brazil will flo?- o?e- W?e iii y and >be f. rts. mert m*y be a light about U; ba' a r#- voimi"n I* bo i ? ? thing he e. Am aiy loV tor N>* n it do much 13 do wlti pwiiag events, ? ? in g rail jou M osttioe of u? (J Ogata metropolis, I ?pi no ? iaro tc my chief Mnbj?ei. Mcmtv deo, tbe n>aaning of which is "mountain view," at and a on t e Rio de 1b Plata, 164 mile* from it? uicu^; ud ban* p<puiattou of about 13 000. lb- iuooD"in f'cm which tbe ttce mom I) have I orig'i?*'Kl, \? d t ut twelve mi en from the cltv , mad bM a fort mounting ? few gum built on its nnvt. In be itr?i grment o* the nUwte nod ooMtruotioo ot tbf bousee, Montevioeo ia like all tbe old Sjwilan torn a Moat of tbe thoroughfare* are roogb, aa evf n, and baaiy paved wivb large, aoarp atones, be

tweeo whicn, neglected later* uoei at* frequently anlleied to exist, and these, as a natter of oourae, era always *tn ded with waer inui, or nasi other oe< upant *a tb.? season provide* tb>m with. In vet w< a> ber ti e highway* and oy ways present an aspect moie evv lting tnan Cow B?y or ft mth street after tie severest ttaw. Tne onmate here is very cbang*ab>, bat as a gene ral tbing healthy and agre iabm. Ho* ceiy a week paaa ea Diiacooiupa' ted by oie of thou-} wild pamperos whica have a' r ti ke terror to tbe heart of many a Umpest toa-ed mulner. Tb?y proceed, it Is aad, from th b nnsb?l*Nd pampa* of t o tnt?riir, not w.tbitai d dk tbeir journey, from which they blow wi b tbe m st unimpairt d vio tao whta they reach here. Tbe principal, end icdted, the only, boild'nga of any n< te, a-e a cathedral in Co nuta ting p aoe, fi te i np with all tae sp end >r and mag nifloence of (be Catholic Cburc.'i, toe city hoipicaJ, a new cu-t >m b ute, and a fe w atb. rs The aiiiiu entente to which Mootsvideans devote their attention are numerous, and peculiarly Spanish in tt?ir nature. T e opera, the dram*, bull flgbling, cock fit.hiing, are the most proml Leiit The caterers for t e operatic appetite muage to kee always on hand a cover prima denoa, and a ftw talented asainutta, who invariably meet with th mc st liberal mtippt rt. Toe prf-aett s'ar i? a Bra. Lorrini, oi wooae capablitiaa, bowtver, I can say cg, as I have not ?ai tbe no:or o? b >lng one of htr axtoieLcr. Of ball figtting sj maca ha* bien said and written, in nove d,rew?piper?, and rnooth iy ma^as nee, thai it wou'd be p e'auiiUon in ma to mm mot a tew Description; suffice itM say, th?t fceie, monnif-d oombatai<ta ent?r tbe ring prior D tbe btro ot the day, who aeljom f?i s to m-ike his bollsblp beat a basty retreat, amid the deafening cbetra or ?n cnthns as ic aad delighted assemblage, ^icae t e Eastt r b"li<lays bull tigb'iDg i-x.ioiU'tos have bten quiie nunierous. Th-i oock c ro is his maoy woibbtpoirs, uem* s o' all oUas s; ncn a.d pi or, c mt m d ooismooer, fl .ch to a cock tinht as emtua'asticajy as Veticontors to an lndepenle oe dhxer. Game bt da are highly v*lurd, aad aime ilrnts st 11 for enormous pros. Minqaerad rg in also rztei Sivety patrooiztd by tbe dutmgui of 11 >a ttv ceo, aitd br f rcign visiiers, frvquoutly. Che latter, (amoi>g wbom tbe naval clo n of tne IJ cited 8t?tes, Fsance, Eaglsnd, &o., has many nprasen. tatives,) al p- a ma<-k as tbe satcst m>de of mter coune with s< t&e oark eyed damsels, who *re somfttmes ladies or e^sy virtue, gifted witu the iacnltle* of t mil lug bevitchingiy and dreaaing wiih ihe most exquisite abandM. Is talkiDg or umuMmebtc, 1 must not forget meationag hirse rscirg, which is quite a <>oi>alar pistimn, aid about one a the m at ably ooduowa recreations to bs fca d hete. As horaes are app irsntlv of vor> little vaine, every one you meet la mouuted on some kiud of nag or uther. A great maay of these steads a-e, it Is true, osudidites for a pa<s^ge through tbe "vslley <>f the xhadow of deutb;" bat >oa wilt often meet? ?ueral)y the property of a rich nttive? a flie, noble )ookn>g aiiimsl, aud Bach a?e a m?t in variably caparis <ued in the costli-iat mtuner. Pat"; of onr crew b ing on liberty la'tly many of them ?ugagi d steeds from tbe Lvery, which are qnite nume n us, and rode to toe races in regalir sailor rig, their appesr&n e causing quite a furore on tbe cou|bp, whe. e tbeir evoiotii.ns on horssbick, ."tbengh itl in the bills," were loudly apu landed. As regards foreign imports ties of toe animal own, Montevideo has done its share in that line. Yon have beie Iiuh gin shops, Yankee bar rooms, llutch 'ager bur saloons, French frog cooking es tahihbnients, and Eoglish r >ast beef hote's la any quantity. I had nearly said tb>re ware Btrnnm* btre, but tbe of that biography at my ?)bow suggesttatbat I might a a well Ink for a Fo jte mermaid. The promenadea are always crowd-id with denizens ana strangers of every rank and sta tion in life aid i- stives ot even country a ndcr tbe snii. Married gentlemen, and single gentlimeo, and pluial gentl men, ai d all other kinda-of gentle men. rigbtly tamed and nickcawd; srmy ofli sers, and navy ? fflcers, aad p >lice officers, in uniform ? in ur dr? ts; ladies ditto, oitto, to an enirmous extent. Padres wiia broad brimmed h?ta, Bptniards with flowieg cloaks, beggars in tattered dads, in ragi, and out ol raga, begging oh the wayside, and invent irg evtry position, propoaition and depositloa theit ugrLuitj can devise to sufcen toe heir; and open the pu:Ff? in foc?, inch a motiey mixture of Adim's dercetdaats can hardly be seen all tbe world over. Tbe rutive inhabitants of Montevideo ara kind, hospitable, and obliging; bat whether owing to na tural it it) net, < r Influenced by t .e hitherto very unrett (d condition of their country, they are tret Jul and suspicious, and ever fearful of invasion. This la?t rhsrtcte rustic waa forcibly, yet tnaaingly illustrated while the United States brig Balnbrioge lay here last Bt plemhtT. Ex Capt. Hnnter took il into hia head to have a nccinrnal general quartets on board, duriog which be pnt the men toroogh in regular man of war fashion, and do mistake; and, to give proper effect to tae imaginary action, flred a few blank carttidjes, the rtporta or which woke every aool in Montevideo, Ditsatd, half dressed and naked members of both i sexea flew hither and thither, to and fro, up and I down, la the moat langhaba ooufaalon, carrying with them snob of tbeir goads and ohattela aa were most portable, and likely to be neeced in ro~h an nnprepan d for elopement. Tbe Brazilian aoidiars of whom 0,000 are stationed here, were summoned to arms, the forts burned blue ligbte and red lig ita ol all shapes and siaes, and tbe greatest excitement prevailed every wbtie. Few bad the courage to n?ar tbe wharf, and tboee who had looked oa iu spef cblcse tenor at tte little Yankee craft, through whose sides were bursting flames of harmless fire, evtrv one of which tbe poor Inhibtt&nta thought would prove tbe tattoo of their existence. It ia al io Ft reedless to say that considerable eloqaenje bid to be wasted m the pa iflc iotentiona of Capt. Mooter oould be tuffisienil/ appreciated to allay the ft a re of the popnla e. Tbe Ofiaplnal jaUs here are always crowded with evrry specks ot ciimioata, who ara nsed to clean the kticets, which, notwithetinding tbeir oonstant r xertiona, they are nnab e to do to any oaa'al ex tan'.. Tbe muderers are dUllngnltbed from o'.lutf1 prison ere by tbeir green ooats and caps, which Home of tb?m wear for yea's, till t bey are permitted to quit the ocantry. or till tbey rffVct their escape, Pum log by a jail, at every nindow you will e?e an old parse dargling down, wblch tbe ovner will shake with tbe ltost untiring indartry to attract the a . tentioa of, and solicit a larg-as from the charitably dispoB'jd. IUIiaiun ia pica bed regularly to thus* iflendeis by the itke raut padre, bur U to be tearrd, with any pn flmhle rrsalt The h itel* of Montevideo are numerous, and s^me of them art rarely turpaased in the eltganoe and o mfort <>f th-ir srrangeacnui. The principal ones are the H >t?l de Palis, and tbe Hotel de l'Earope, wh'ch are no lesa i remsrkabie for tielr anlpe like bills, tha.i for tbel ? Fnnch dishes and the jaw-breakiag titiea tiey give ibem. In tbe suburbs or Montevideo there Is ITtV.e to &d mire In the w?y of icenerj; in fact, the only thing llkrlj to attract iltei lion at all, when enoe jcu got clear of tbe l'y, la tonaw loeg no*ro hwejingajui look for next morning's market, or a female regi ment et ?at>Je females encircling some HtU? p ind or <*tl er, WMhlsg clothee, and hamnlog alltnetlm* ?? uw oeoied nitty, cot to be foaid In toy version ol tbe "Plant* Jon Melodies" that I h*ve seen. Toe country for ira-y milts around is i campy, and the atn/08|j>tre gvmrail/ damp, Wild fowl a?and (,'knttoufly, and the ? flic. ra of mm-of-war lyUg la j arbor, aa we>l aa many other a,wrt'aeekiQg genta, litquently aa ow Uumcelves by thinning t*iem. Montevideo haib >r m large and oommjdloos, bat w> vrtsil of w; great ?!/.? o?n come near tbe city. <n conoMiuence of the maov shoals that cross t e rlvef. lwo very laoousidemble forts are tie ocly pr< '? Ion It potse*aes. Tbe only steim rommaLlo? ion between tble and Kirovs 1h tbe tnont* ly mail from Southimpt >n to Ro, whi jh ta feiwsided by brencn * teamen to this pvt. a grand pitafcum paitj is to leave here In tho middls <<f Jue, tor Londtn, Parta, aud probably N^tr Yoik, In < ne of Uie rWtti Am rican 6ieam Cj ni v ity's vetsel*. Th* advertisement offers maay Induce ments to tbe euiloos.and tj be extensive ly patrctiKad. i brie axe a thousand otiier things which I wm detern.lrtd to aay oL Montevideo, rambling anund my memory now in a het?ro*ene ju* mau, bat whica aie really ro very inextrtoatfe, that, situated a* I tm at pre cent, stttti-g on my ditty box, almoit doubled in two, it la Unpoaatbie for im with any hope of succcta to attempt to unravel t em. Though 1 hive but vi rj tnoiftuanUy described this very queer place, a td the vciy queer people hare, I wfil live In Uie expectation that some otbbr Itinerant man of-war'a man, will redeem toe honor of Um craft, will take up tbe yarn so abiaptly snapped, and spin It to a proper end. , At all events, It would be naalaaa to attempt a C e Unite delineation w.thm the up aoa allotted to me at pusent, atd whlcn I have, eveo now, crowdel to >cor*v?rieooe. I have written, however, aa muci ?a 1 ooold readily think of; for tbe net yon moat take the will fur tie deed. I have rot maeh naval news for thia letter. We are all well, and la bopas of aion being relieved. Tbe Gernt-mtown la lying quietly at Human Ayraa? effi ? wi nd on* l> ictl b?iltk; v 4 (hs Vmt Wllali, ba*>pg lepaired the inj<>i1?? done by vie P?rwa .a tort, is kcm to ?nm? again. T e haro or here Is stodoed with Brazhtun meao/smr, and otners are buml) A regolar b'eak outtKiiMMl ?Ms, i' they in slut oo boUtlcg toe B-tzllti fiat?, which, It ia Mid, ttey intend dolog on tie 29tn of tbla moot b. I will contrtve to send yon some d a- 1 pern, Horn woich yon can glean tae whjs ani w ive re fer* n. The weather i a becoming very eo'd, whl ih will ' prcbably ixdoca our Commodorw to leave for Rio sb u . the middle of ?it month. My thank* are doe to Isaac T. Doughty, oar gentlemanly Captain of Marines, for tack filee of the Hkkald. _____ Edhok. Our Nicaragua correspondence. G kin ad a, July 10, 1855 Additional Particular* of the Walker Defeat? The Filibuster* Entrupftd at Rivas ? Colonel Walker Wounded? Paper* in Pottcttton of the Victors ? P( ait ion of the United State* Legation? Rem nant of the Band Surrounded? The Transit Route. We tare quite exciting times here. Co>. Walker, with sixty men and four officers, and 200 revohi tlo .iate, embarked en tbe 23d alt. at Reakjo, wlti the intention of landing at at a and attacking Rtvas, which place was almoet without troops, to take It, then take Ban Juan, from there go to Virgin Biy gat possession of the Company's stsamsr, aal the a take Granada, while Mono* was to attack from Leon the government forces at 11 magna; bo he qiV e?ly dlnmba'ked his troupe at Brl'o, twelre milas above Pan Juan del Bad , on the 28th alt., and sent his bifg, the Yeata, do an to cruise off Saa Juan, to make them believe he was going to land there, snd kept everybody on the qui vive. In tbe meantime, he marched up to R'vas, be. leg eare of taking the plaoe without any trouble; bat ha was disappointed; on the 29 ;h he arrived and got quietly into town near the Plaza, when he belted and made a grand sp*eoh, occasionally repeating, "Where are the Chammorroists?" ant hew easily they bad succeeded ; but then they ware suddenly attacked by the militia and volunteers, contbting of one hue died and fifty men, who had been laying in ambusoale. They stood the first charge, but at the seoond the native revolu iooiste fltd a> d kit the filibusters to fight for tiemaBtvee; and they soon bad to retreat and take to tha bashes, with the ex< e ption of thirteen, who fortided taeas selves in a strong adobe houne on a hacienda of Maxir ca Espinoza, rear Rivas, and from there kepi up a coistant fire tnriugn the window, a thing to kill the < fficjrs. Tl ey ?u ceeded well, for they killed six i Ulcers, tl lrty men, at d put fitty hors du combat; bat tie ui habitants atta k. d them like tige<s, and kept i ashing towards the house, but ctulu effect no entrance, so they had to fire the roof, and woile It burned forced an entrance, when the filibusters fell on their knees and cried for mercy; bat that they mild not expect, aft e? kl li; g so many from taeir hiding place, so they we<e ail tut down or shot Walker ana several ot ers are wouaded: tiey bu tied aim* on the road, at d for y- two reached Sin Joan, but their vessel w?s not in.slg it, aad they took forctbe possession ? fax Itiliau brig an 1 a Costa Ri an pilot beat and went to tea to go uo to Realejo, or search for their vessal; but I think Walker was bo ?ure of suoce*s that ne ordered her back to R ulejo. Toe victors at Rivas got poeaessiou of all the documents cf the expedition, toe contra -t bst#eea the revolutionary p irtj a d Byion Cole ? Coi. Walker being his agent ? the list of laoies, all toe a-nau union, iifle?, revolvers, medi lte ceiti, a large amount of scrip en it log toe bolder to one one-hun dreotb part of the tint oolcn zation land', being 62,000 awes, and a good many private letters, wbicb thow the miserable character cf acme of the gang, whioh will all be laid in doe time before the public. Col. Walker's object la decidedly defeated, and filibusters have yet to learn that such an expe dition can omy be got up by fata re presentations ; the natives nsre have well thown that they can fight for their couatry, if tbty a>e attacked by a gang of desperados, who lave nothing to lose bat everything to gain. The i evolutionist a have benn aseiated by Honmrae, and tbry could net suoceed. They then called in fillbus tera ficm both sides of the ooeau. Col. Walker csme and was defeated ; ai d I h<pe, for the sake of hamaiity, that C< 1. Kioney, w th his friends, will l ever rea h tee A'lantic aide of Nicaragua, for they are ame to get a hot reception, and they wil have to ecccunter a great many more obstacles to get into the interior tlan ?hey tmagie. Our UUister, Col., left f r the United Btate* in the last steamer. I learn that Gen. Corral Bent him a courier, with the leqnest to go and lee Walker, and get him to te embark, bat he refused to intcfere. It ie a certain faet that two of the killed are re* cognized Biiaaotand Captain Horns by, of San Jnan del Koite rotortety. for trying to cap ture a piriqua, loaded with ammunition for the grr einmet.t party, and who since have aoc impaaled our Minister, on his first arrive! here, under ap pearance of belonging to the United B'<ates Lega Tbere appears no more excitement or fear from filibustering, and they are anrptised how easily Walker's object was celeated, as there was not a slrgle soldier of the regu ar army at Rivas, thsy all bemg at Managua. The government is certainly the Cer by It, for the dtoumente f and fron CaitU ?how that he has literally sold his couatry, and the better of the m see what danger they have been in. Tcu cannot imagine the hate here against the filibusters, for when General Corral gave oners for sixty volunteers to go to Rivas against Walker, thev rushed forward, and sixty of the b at wera se lected; and men wbo were knows t> me to have skulked away formerly, and 1 thought were co *? aide, catre forward and fought bravely. Toey say, we can fight sgaliut a foreign foe, but may not ?gainst our countrymen. This shows that Nicara fua Is not easily taken by a gai>g of desperadoes, 'be two hundred revolutionists wbo fled under Utndec and Uadtigal ran for Cos'a Rt-o, aid are hotlv punned by tfce militia. The Coeta R'ca is will ?6t u-t them enter, so they w'H have to keep In the wcodB, and stand but lltte chance of escape. Gen. Cenal, after tae news came, sent a courier to General Man< r. and Padre Alcalce, Commie siocer cf Ban Salvador to this country, coa taitirg the offl lal report of the attask on Rivas, and defeat of walker, and informed him alio that on the bodies of tne killed the v had ronnd the proofs, a'though Manoz had tomsriT protested that tbey bad nothing to do with the fmbuateroj ? that they came herelovlted by tbem aod regular cor traci s made for reoomjiettse for services renler ed ; snd that to defeat Wa ker be had not been obliged to send a single soidter of the regular army, aa ti e militia and volunteers were Muflkient to take care of them, aod a run like tha^<cra d aever draw his attention off hem. General Gatrdiola has marebed, with 300 sol die s, rewards Masa?a, where be will be reinforced, and then take p weeesion of Coicand>go: at tbe same vlme' Gtpe rat Conal will advanoe the main h dv ot the army, consisting of about 1,000 men, to Poepia Nueva, eight leagues from I/mo. By this mat uuvre he cute off tbe comoutict 1 >n<? with toe Msshore, and the greatest pjut of t ie resmroet of the reviluiionary aroy. The tranait route to Callfo nia Is is excellent or der at present, and passengers me the Utaau* in a ehrrt tome, aid tbe acr/imtcodations era the boats are g' tally Improved. The rainy season ba? se: in, snd o cs?ii ral sbo vers n ake toe weather dsli^ht fui. Tbe steamer Virgin U here at pre sen*, a id hu b . v o bt np a load of freUht from B?n Juao d 1 Norte, which is a great aocomnx dation to toe ne'chaats here, ard it woald be sUll greater if they w aid take tbe prcdncts of the country down to Baa Jaaa dei Nine, aetbey a-e actual y suffetirg for wait of tisrsirr*aiiOE. I shall go up aho ty t > Vana^ua aid let jcu bear from m< again. Couuills. Gaknada, July 11, 1955. Official His ten y of Iht Erpcdttitn to Uranadi-Ca* itllnu'i L'ontivct wuh Pyron Colt ? The F.nlitt mn t of Amtric*in.< in California? Walkir Tuku Uf Cult'i Cjntrad Iht Fuib^tltit w,rr to EjTtct and how they i cere It do it ? They S.nlfrim California, Lmd in Xica-agna and ch to Death or Victory -The Attack. D?/tnt and Itrtrrat ? Action of tht United i/tmtri //fi tie*. In the month of De^mber Iwt, when C??tillon, a ifctlvc of 1*00, ?nd p:o*l?loa?l Chief of th? Lv drop??, who would not recognize the legitimate g* rtrniwnt of the republic of Niaarngna, e?w that it won d be iapmeible for him <o atUle the execo 4ve power, prevented by the enooeee of the arm* of le^l. tiaete goverrment, be entered Into n public contrac, of colonization with BywaCoto to bring to thU own. ti) three hundred ftu>dl?a; eakteootreot to he void if not complied with by the Uet of Mvrcb, 1S55. Bjthelewi of tbla oouatry, end the oonetltoUoa or 1SS8, which the revelutkmkte pretoad to rcepect, the executive power onnnot approve if ttenttee or eeatrnete, for thie cm only be done by the kfialatlve pewer, but CmUOos'i otyeet wu to gel ao'dtera to carry oa the clrtl w*r ui) tortahao hie vie?re of power tad revenge oo too GranadlBoe, Mid therefore he approved of too trettj made wit" Byron Colo, and tula waa too llrot step t: enoouage fil<bu?tering. Maximo B*pi?oza, in January, 1856, being Gov en or o ' Rlvaa, then mode on agreement into Jutes Briesot, oho <m going to California with * paaa poit fiom too American Minister, tod cone to Gra nada m attached to tb* United btotea legation, to enlist flftbafters is Bon Francisco. Byron Cole offeicd, u o reword to each filibuster, one hundred acres of land oat of the 52,000 aorta, which, by oon<iact, wa? given to the ouionkta, tod, at the *ame tine, ceced laid contract to Wm. Walk er, knovn aa ex Treat dent of B-mora, in Mexico. This oontroet being void on the last of Kirch, Cu tali on prolonged It arbitrarily, aa it wan of import ance to b<m to toko Rtvaa to keep up the civil *w in Nicaragua. The aa Iring and ambttioua leaden of that bam of Ladronca believed mat a baodfnl of fliiboateri, accompanied by some revlaUonista of thia e -uatry, were sufficient to take a depe'tment of 31,040 in habitant*, march on Ban Joai del Bad, Vtrg n B?y, take the Company's steamers, surprise Ban Oa.lot and Oaatillo, and t pen the way to Kinney and F* beni , who intended to oome to break np too Trenail Company, and take foroibe poaaeaaton of tb> mines and catfce estates o( Chonialea. Alter aome carreer ndonoe having paaaed b?twe*a CaiU'lon and Walker, 'or grant* to be made to tooae that would servs aa citizens of Nica ragua? wblh documents are la peaetaaion ol the General-ln Chief, Corral, taken at the attack on Rivae ? Va>kjr left California la tie bi ig Vtsto, and arrived at Realejo. The firtba^rt dlsemboiked and came as far as Jhinaudege; Walk, or, Bticrot, and tw> more going t> Leou. Oa tie 23d of Jnne they io embarked at Real* jo for Brtto, where Maximo E*pin?za, who had brea eonflrmed by Oa?til?cn as military cuief, tuld them toev w m.4 find at his eatate fou. hundred men and two ban died horses, itaay to join them to m&roh onto Rtvaa. Get oral Corral, whose headquarter* are at U*nagu lec-ived m tice of >heir emoa kt toon tn the 24<.h, and at otcc took toe ne cessary measures to im>ede toeir landing. By not comply!', g well wl-.b hi* ordes. tie fiubui teis effect* d thtlr lanowg, with eighty soldura fiom Chuancego, ommanled by OjL Mead- z, a particular friend of Cant iiou, ui by Feix Madri n?>. called Bocon (Bgmoutn). T is for e mirca d on Rivas, we ere Coi. B >-ke and L'ont. CjI. Run were ten. by General Corral, ana the/ immediately, with s'xty all'tla f om G anada and asms pv t' lots fiom R'vaf>, attacked t em and I jag it (or five bonrs, wbea lu kiiy t>e garrison of Ban J eta del Bud a'liveo, aid tieir c jmm*- der, Maouil Agoeiia, de ided the actloe and dispersed tn em my. Td? filibusters who were not killed fl?d, ard oa ariiviigat San Join dm Bar sat fire to tin bir ra.ks, took for Male p^eoaljn of tiro vessels aid emba ked for Itealejo. At pretent th y are rnpposed to be tn Lson, little d?slr< na ot renewing vw attock on Rivaa and to gain those lands whioh was to be their reward, offered by Ctotillon; aod t > get p ^session of to?a tfcty will i.avt to s'a^ all wro are ab'e to carry arais In Granada and lU?a- , sash is the hate they havs against rb. 11 inns er*>. Ula rat; er singular tKat the American Uloisterii jour now oo hit way to tae United 8 atea, for it Is now known that moat of tioae who aosoaptjied him in February last to G a&ada.onder tie cover of the United States Legati b, ?ir- fllibosters; tofsli proved b> Jules Br ss >t and others (Brini.t bsarins the 11 g of the Minister at his entrance La Grenada) who were kllhd at R vat, Briaaot being socjud li c mmand to Waiker. The aoansents taken from th? fllibosters are verj curious, ar d may be some will be published, so as w find Mit who are honorable men that oome u> toil rcuttry. or who ate adventurara anl Lad roues who ccme to make their fortune. Oaat Hob , Munos, aid all thoee revolution lata wh< are in Ltoc,?ustaln a caa?e wuhoat principle? tosj preund to rooatobln>b the constitati^a of 183s whioh they hove violated from toe commencement C. Our New Granada CorrwpomMaM. Pi.MA.xi, N. 6., July 12, 1855. Ctkbraiion of the t\>urlh of Juy? Lynch Lite n 1 Veto Graniuta ? Hull Fight* , 4*c. Had J on beta ban on tae Fourth, yoi would scarcely hare been ab'.e to re alia! tba yon win not la* Yank'.e to *a. Tae dilapidate! lock of the place, and th? d>ngy, dirty fa ?a of tb< Choloa would hare bean the only ttunga to later fen with j out believing that you were; tor tba Foortl waa celebrated ip tbla old Bpaa'ah ton by al batda, aa heartily, and wi'JH aa mash bom, as any where In tee State*. A* aooa aa the cathedra clock tolled the knell of tba third, and Introdacet the Fourth of J aly, rocket* were eentnp fro nvartou parte of the town. At eight ia the awning eialutj o twenty oae guna waa fired from the battery by tb< order of government, and returned by tba Unite Btatea akop-of-war John Adama, w(ii;h baa been 1) ing in the harbor tor the laat two week*. At 12 1* Adama fired tbirty one gun* ? one for cash Btate aad during the entire day cannon were find at i^to raJa from tbe city, the Ia'and of Teboga and the amtl ?r lalanda in tbe bay. About midday the Daclaratio of waa read at tbe American C.?nat late, by Uol. Ward, to a number at peraona who wer ammhled there to bear it. At 5, a larg comber of guere, among whom were tb Governor and B ahop of Panamn, tbe Franc Coukul and the cfficera of tne John Adam aacembled round tne hoa^it?b(* table of Cel. Wan ?or' connnl. The toaeta naual oa anch eccaaiot were proposed, and aeveal epaechea mvde with tb beit effect Tbe boat p o^> red 'Mew Granule, i complimenting her program and her policy; t w.ich tbe Governor replied in a apeech aboundin with profttaiona of good feeling to war da tba Unite Btatee and the Ameri jaae aettird on tbe Ia.unia The dinner waa not iiver uafare the eound ef eai ton and the glare of rocket* called the attention ? every i ne to toe Pinna, woer* % platform, adoroe wltu tte Americen avd New Oraandinn flsgs, hi been itanding ail d?y. tne American ree'.de* bad prepared a quantity of hendaoaaa fi-ewo.-k and for tbrte borne t ?? cuy waa one blan* of Ugh and re ejfcocd wib tte a, ana of cannon and V vivnn of tbe crowd. At the earn* time tbe J. b Adama waa lit us witi but lijbte, at tbiew up rockmi, responding to the display < ?tore. Tte Pacific Ma i 8t??uubip C^m oe^y cot mtmorated the day by a hunting party > aid, I t lien, a pic nlc, on Pi?mingo tat And. The celebration pernio off ete?y at ere without (I s.igbUrt accident to mar toe oieaanra of tne di hv?rj where tne native* aeem d to Join iu tbe eel braikii with great g *'0 will; ajd my Aaierr pride w?a fiaticird b> m-e log a native official g iiooalj "coined" before 12 o'clock. Nj Yauk-efr the vicinity of Bucket 11 il or Indeoeoden e H cculd have shown more rpiti'. Thta diepiay of g teeing, on tne part of J?e naUvaa, we* gratify m tbe extreme, for m*r>.y thing* have tu.ip*o lately to (implicate > ur rrlattoua and involve c inteieeta in New (>i*naaa. Three aegrea wire tung lately ia TaSoga ljnc: law, and tnoogh three-fourthe of tba oer?< engaged ?n the transection a ere not America ci?jI waa imotied lateiy m?oe u^a the foreigo C tow 1 r protect ion egaltet tre Americana a I ? Amerlric c nip an: en. Jnd*e Lynci male aw.' Leerence lo A>-ptn*ai. utey, and bl* vi'it bj uc me amrat iw emary, ?n cotaequau^ ot t tari incaa at d in- fficier>cy of t e trit>?i? ? of ' (CULtry. DiVuti?? to we c>nventi.)n vb"i i? Ivirn a conatitutioo for the ne r Htnte of l<Ut i 1 ave been elected, aud ?rt ub ?u', enUtrUg oa lb Wtrk. the vital qneattoi of tb* rigate of f.^reir' i ettltd en tbe Utbmua la now the aobjact o a nai td oi?cuMlcn, and there -a mac i rea*?ot> e*r that eone of tbe \>rov ai aa ot tba O'.w ? > n'.iw i will piova very osnoxioua.aod perhapa give rii* trcubie. There ee. ma n > ad quata reaa n for formation < f una new State, uaieaa it to to ?A teater racil twa for plandetlng the oora(nui ?. fear tba* tbe di*aaa ?hciba ao l<mg a^d ? lertly afllicted Eigtand- tba "aeceaalty of a?if ?randteam*xt" ? wt)l wn an'za apoa n?, and m< feet ita*if in tbe Ietbmua, wber> we wul tn in." v eatabtlah ouraelvae. If for no other tcm u, at i o keep otheia oat who have n> more ilgit ? much leaa reaaon than we havs to keep tn it y of tbe wor d in order. Attempt* have kx-en id to ant at and inter'eie with office of the rtlr crmp nj ; the Americai Pac He S^an Na*i?*t Cotnpaj y baa baea Ux-d nearly tbree tee* an m a* the Engiiab company. Amerirao ctuztov b in Hveral laatanoee b en barthiy tr?*t d ; p* attempt* have been made to embanam our C a4 aed ia a tboaeand waya the J*aiouay ct the p? ' and government u abowa agalnat the people > tte ocmpaniea, wooee energy and oa >ital have r? tba pet j Stata of Kat Oraaada irom toeiRald^ to i a prevent imporuat poaltlon. Oar govsnm ongbt to keen a man of- war ateamer cowa-.tiy the riclaity of Panama, If It do?a not mace i place apeamanaat naval ettdon. Lam Buadar n party at Sptalah boll Offh'ara. ? have been exhibiting in I. ma, gave a vu*e\^ tnm in Panama, which waa atiaadai by all he aatiao of tba plaee. Taaeimpaay la aa ex tent oae,battba bulla provide*} f? ui* eaoa?