Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 29, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 29, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6910. PRICE TWO CENTS, The Uttruj World. The book trade l*n* ui abed in the early part of the iieason. No branch of bisiaees suffers mire quickly or stvertly a dtp tnloa In WaU itrest. ThJ gloomy prcspeota of the spring cauied adruoe abtets ftota London to r main unopened, and tie mmu-oipts of native writers to be declined unread. The improved condition of the cauntry, hoirever, ! a* la'tijr revived the activity of all cUases of b>ok maker*, and November and Daoenb?r will faroieh nearly an avarage supply it new works and new editior*. Tae difficulties oat#e;n ihe Booksellers .Association and the Meson. B*n<a h?v? also bean arrange!, and there ia a p ob ability that the eeml aniual trade cata, iu September, wi'l be one of the ibOft extftitive and heavy ever held iu the United S'atfs. Of crstly illustrated basks for the holidays there wi 1 be (otr. AmH'g tuoae to b< read/ ia October, hovtver, supaatiDg everything hitherto ariamptM bj our I'ubPehera, ii "Ihe Holy Q epels, Illustrated with Jetty quarto engraving*, in tae highest style of ocstcmp raiy art, from original pictures by Ovar be.k." Ihla magnificent valume has bseu edited la the m mU xcellent m s nner by thn Rev. Samuel Of aoov, 1) D., and will be hardly leas attractive av a literary Ustait pictorial souveslr. , - Thf learned librarians of Harvard College aa<f L' c ion College ate preparing extensive works, illus" ?ri;t;rg the biogrspM ?l history of those veneiab'e in%titn?iosa? like Wood'* famous "Ather.u: Grant ei bis,1' but seme what mare minute an I compreh8n eive. Executed with proper attention to folnoas srd accuracy of facta, the prop a?d volumes will ba ?xtremc>y useful. Ys?e, Nassau Hall, William and Mary, and Columbia CJhg b should folljw the tx ample. Mr. Sibley, of Cimbridge, or Mr. Parsing, el Schenectady, will doubtless readily csmmmicate the m ai a which they bave adopted for collecting tb? neoeseary informiti >n. The h?blt of printing family histories is tccroas in<r. Dc. Bopd, as Ingenious acd pains-taking an'iqu*rr? cf PhlUddph'a, has devatad a largo portion of his tim J, a'.d a great deal of his money, 1or twenty years, to the preparation of a genealo gical accauut cf the families ol his native town, car Beaton. Hit) work, whhb will bspubliet?l n xt tall, wilt be as large as a B'.ble. and will utidouo*edly turpa's enjthlag ever eeen In its de partoeU, in cxicn.aa, c' names j and particularity. Mote icteresting than any aaoh collection of name*, c'ates and othsr statistic}, arc family memo rial which embrace hi ?) tori al and literary* enrres $ondencr,aoecd>tes and personal character <e titans. A wo i k cf this description hu lately been privately p.-in'cd by Thomas Balch, Esq., of P ailadelphia, wU\ch we hope some time to see given to the public. It is entitled "Letters and Ptp?s Relating Chiefly to tie Provincial History of Pannaylvania, with Feme Notices of the Writers;" and Mr. Bilch's vocation ia unmistakably indicated by the atk^a b't in whica helhas performed his editorial duties. The manuscripts cf which he haa made On Inr^ert me are those of Chief Justice Shippen; but -yearly a'.l the leading Philadelphia families of the latter half of the last centu y are repressatei la t}la ?cuilcu'.ei tertaliilrg and luminous volume. At a fu'ure day Mr. Baloh promises to print from the 31 >S. ia hia posceesion a selection relating to public aft Us, which will aid In aupplying gaps in the provlnoiil histrry of Pennsylvania. Taat selection 'Will probably be off-red to the booksellers. Tnc first volume <fth?" Lives and Timea of th Chltf Justices cf the Snpr^gne Court of the United ft' at**," by Hi met Flani>ers, ia an able and very in ter 9att?g performance, and has bean praised very vrarm'y by the bea? jidic'.sl and h'Jto.ical critics It cos'fr'ns oolv two biographies: t ioie or Jay an I Botlcdge, but these are in marked oitrast, from geographical aitnatiun, pers)nsl onarAoter and p> Uiiotl principles. If Mr. Flanders does as well with bin otiwr volumes, tha work will ba oni of gteat imp n*i.ce, and of inevitable popularity. Ur- A. W. Yockq has ready for puttUoatlon, in a weiy large volume, ' Amaticui 8tat?sm?n: a Pallti. cal H ttory." Of the manner in which h? has eie^ ?re 1 his taak we bave no means of lorming an opibi'-" ?, but all tbe recent books on parties and '?adi*r<i in the United States have been fail on x. tie ca<** notiocable contributions to political his to- j ud biography doricg the pre?eut season will be ih* concluding volumes ot toe ' Life tad Works of Jehu Adams," by Chablbh Francis Adams, and of toe "Life of Alexander Hamilton," by Joiiw C Hamilton. There are no more sagaoious and Cfcre'uJ stndents of American history than these representatives of the great rival statesman of the fedeini party. Mr. Ad&mi baa already published aUht voomes ef the works of his grandfather, and has : early ready the first and tenth, which will em brace the biography and remaining letters and ecmys, and indexes. No other Revolutljnary cha jacW has been presented by editors and printers with ?i much aocuraoy and elegauce as J )hn Adams. Mr. Hamdton's edition of the works of hi/ 1 at' er is also an excellent specimen of skilful and mtful preparation, bat it is incomplete in not -ennfcracfeg the "Federalist." Of the "Life of A'ex aadtr Hamilton," but tso of the foar or fl<o vo'.am<H hare yet appeared. The remainiog volumss are mail/ finished, and none win read tUoee pub lished a few year* ago will need ta be assured that nothing more lawyerlike, more exhaustive and con clusive, respecting the career of this Illustrious statesman, la likely ever to be written. t"Tl? Federalist," as we have observed, was not Iccin.' d in the e fltton of Hamilton'* writings, puV aiahtd under the pairing of Congress, Mr. JoUu C H mlltM will, however, hrlsg out an impreasljn of t\at. Uaaoa* production within A few nim*?*- 1? * atyl f- of typography utifjrm with llat of the ?tbfc w< iks i-f bis father, aad with an "Introduction" wbch win produce a greater sensation among the v?a iff* of old parties thau anything that has been .written for sne year*. The personal and politic U 'tame d Mr. Madison is bslreVjJ to have suffere! Tvty maieiially from the sta em outs and discur tions !ii the second volume of Hamilton's Life; and in tie ttjw "Introduction" t? the "Federalist, ' in ?wh'ch aa attempt will b-> made to settle conclusive ly ail tua dispute J miters connected with tin au hotuhip of those e?sa;s, the sage of Montpeilor i* in da jrer of s Jll greitrraid mire irremediable in ju. ie? , unless we havo erroneous information on the subject. Anot' er forth wreii* work wh ch cannot fail, in tbe present condition of par vies, t> be extremely Aater-wMog to politlciacsjs the "Memoirs, Speecnes, O alio if, Addresses, Sermons an i Pastorals, with o her letters, ofliclal and private, of the Rt. Rev. Jo!> n Hughes, Roman Catholic Archblahop of New York " None of the essential materials for thli voluminous compilation btlng protected by copy vigate, the publication is beyond the ArcnbWbop'j restraining influence ; and the reputed inlustry and ability of the persona who have it in charge Wave no doubt that all thi wtapons ever fabrica ted by his (irace, which can now be made use of against him, will be ooilected aad set la order for the convenience of every Know Nothing, Protest ant, or disaffected son of Mother Church, wbo is disponed to study or take advantage of his Grace's waak points. A character not unlikely to be present in national politica one of theee daya is Cnief JusU<* Kllis Lawn, of Pennsylvania, a man of immense is*ontB*e of laarning aad tact, aad a degree of popu larity among the middle classes to which few have ever sttaiaed. His Honor, we believe, prof eases to oerr nothing about political distinctions; bat It is known that there are easier, if not bigier, place* than a Chief Justiceship. A well ksora literary gentie mao, devotedly attached to the Judge, is en gaged upon h!a " Memoirs," which are to be a look ing glass for ycnng Franklins, with all thselemeets of an Unc:e Tone success. In this department there are also looked for the " Life and Writings of Joei Bariow," to which ire ?hall bav6 tie ?d republicanism of 1700 to 1610; the "Life of Bufus King/ b? Charles King; the "Memoirs of John C. Calhonn," avdthe fl'th votum? of bla " Worka;" te " Correspondence of Daaial Webiter," edited by hit Utecary exe.utm; tie "Letters of Henry Clay," edied by the Bev. Dr Co. ion ; nad. petbsps, the " Memoirs of the Life and ni^ts cf Martin Van Daren,' of w ioh the II 38 Id ocdcratcod to hare been completed dating the emirent authcr's recnt residence abroad. in Lis'ory, we stall have daring tie fall two work of the highest inte.-^t, Mr. Piuacorr'a "History of PbUip the Hectnl," of which two tuIutct are ahead; s^rco' jped, and two addiU .cal vo ot Mr. Macauiay's " History of EogJand," bss<dH a translation fr. m > he French, oi Da Witt's profound ardbnMaat "Life of Washington." Inimrrican local history, the most important publication of the year will be " The His'.jry of TrXss, frcm it) first Settlement to the Annexation," in two octavo volumes, by C >1 H. Yoakum, formerly <f the Unite! S'ates Army, rex is history, "all which he ?aw, and part ot whl h he was," la pre ttied in this work by Col. Yoakum with the most Jofcoricua exaeinesa, ani fuinesa of detail ard re markable perspicuity. In flcticn, the remarkable fact of the season is a io?el by Cuablkb Dicksnj. No announoemsnt in the llteiarj world could create a greater or more pleasing sensation. Mr. Thackeray's "Nowiomei" is get t rally voted a failure. The re*<ie a of thii ccuntiy will never erjoy his unamiabie aad vu'gir exhibitions of London swell life, nor bcliave that they are in any joit sense illustrations of human nature. The Americana have all a love of "gjjd society," and Mr. Thacktiay, who never painted a char it ter whem a gentlemen would Invite to dinner, cannot Introduce them to It. With Dickens it is iif feieut. The expectation of a new m.vel from him la equivalent to assurances of an introduction into a delightful circle of friend*. Teas of thousands tbroughcut all this country, will count upon Dickens' new atcry as oie of the fairest promises of happi. ceatf daring the jomlng winier. Tills hold whish I "Boe" retains upon the popular heart Is evinced by the extraordinary sales of his earlier works, which have a far greater popularity than thoae of James, Bulwer, or tvtn Scott. Any ne w production of Dickea* Is sure of a aale of at leaxt 160,000, in one shape orauo her, in the United States. The moat protsising author we have now in the Southern States is John Estem Cook, of B chmond. His "Virgiiia Comedians," "Youth of Jeffuraon," and "leather Stocking and Silk," are all intended aa daguerreotypes ot axial lite in the Old Dominion, and are extcaUd with great naturalness and spirit, and dramatic and pictu-eiqae power. A new work from his head, equal to the of bis previoni per formances, entitled "Eiiie, or the Human Comedy," l as just been issued. Ai ici Carey- has nearly printed " Married, not Mated," a new novel of Western life; and Marion Harland, author of "Aloae," has another work descriptive of Sontaarn manners, called toe " Hid deo Path." The author of " Which ? the Left or the Bight t" has made an exselltfnt beginning in literature. Ilia sincere and powerfal prcduatioa, betraying ou every page that it was written for a nobie purpose, and wi h all the energy of a nature taoroughly alive to its importance, ?!' as made a market f >r any new Lovel he may briog forward. Amoug tie other re cent anonymooa adventures in this department " Blanche D. atw.rd" deserves houoraVe met tin?. Twenty yeara ago it would have ma e ita an . cor a celebrity. Mr. Frkderice Bell, of Philadelphia, has just 'ct^up.eUd an enlarggd and other wine much in {.rcved e<Mticn of Bishop Percy's " B;llq't?s of Accitct English Poetry," making It in many re specta the moat desirable eihion ever published of this celebrated work. Txunvson'b new volume, "Maud, tad other Pofmi," ia neatly all in the hands of hU Bxtoa publkhets, who have alao receive! a portion of the cejy if Mr. atd Mrs.'i .oug promla.d volume. B?ilit, tfce author of "Festua," Is on hla way to thl* ccuntiy, with Uie Intention of lecturing tew. He cornel too !at*. The " Festus'' fever ia over. He would have made a tor tone, perhaps, half a doxtn ytais ago. Few except thote ergagtd In the business are aware of the immecae market afforded by tfcis coan try fjr woiks In the German language. Iu Phlla ('?Iphl* twoiival publishers are getting out editiona of the grrat wit Henry Helce, and voluminous as bis writings are, it ii antu ipated that taey will hare a aale of tot lees than twenty thousand copies. Weik'a edition, lamed under tue care of one o< Ikint'fl old frlenda, will be the moat complete ever piltted. It will contain bealdee, all the acknowl edged works of the author, tboee wicked per formanoei of his earlier years, which even Oermu aid French publishers care not to reproduce under their on a imprints, and which Heine himself ia un derstood now to repudiate. Tbey are not at all too free lor the German market in Ameiica. Of Heine's inimltabio "K^aebllder, or Pi:turas of T avel," an admirable translation hta been made by Cilocel Chatles G. Inland, of Philadelphia. Competent critics ptoncunce it the beat reproduction of the tety 1 fe of a Get man classic eve. effected Dy an Atn-ri can tcbolsr. One pait oaly u yet leaned? it is to te conpieKd !n Ave. Ihe Rtv. NrL. FROTHiNORiM, of B aton, has on the ere of publication "Metrical Pl?ce?," original and translated, in which we shall bare, besides the eminent author's exquisite original pieces, some of the finest gems of German song, as well clothe! ia Koftiish as they were in tbelr native U Ruage. Cheaply as books are maaafaciur^U m this coun try , and active as oar pub libera ate in f- very Ik 1<1 of competition, the "Libraries'' of B>ha are im ported and <told la ex'iaardkary 'juan'llks, and at prices for which no American books as well mann fsctured can be affrded. The latent vo'ames of these beautiful seiiea are 8m)tbe'a "Lectures oa Modern History,'' tbe "Memoirs of Philip de C. mines," tbe "Exemplary Novel* of Cervantes, " the firet v .lume of "Btrabo," asd the third volume of the ' Con. plate Wwks of Edmund Bmke." Rtvsl Intelligence. C. 8. Massachusetts, Meat. Meeds, ?ail?d from g*n Frsnelsj'i. 21it alt., ce> ? cruise. U B. practice nhip I'reble, G>mmso<lar Orwn, from Aaaipoits, Md , In Hauptoa Koadu oaTa cruis* >u in Eastpoit bsrborSttb iost. r. H. frlgste [odepeodrtp*, Cons motors Mervlne, la'Wil fiom I'ajta 22<S ult. tor Csliao, k< ?sttls a question bttfita the i'srmUc/rors. om?at ?d4 the upU.i of tn A?ilcsn Merchantman. Jtrtty City Mcwa. Rrneo? Bniso ?t Kb(T4Tio*.? Tbe IV?*rl of K. I u ca tion ef tbe new city cf Bml?on -on>i?t? of tbt foilowlnf person*, tf jc cttd by the < amnion i<>uaeii -'JWrle* K. Kevbaas, lM?td Conktla, Jama* Guanines, A R Dsy, Jacob Miller, William Nsujls, J ohm West, Jus*.. is -mith and John H Piatt. t-ronnun i'aoniamm. ? Tbs Coasaaon Council of tba alty of Hudaea, M. J. baa directed aa ordinance So be prepared pfoblMtiaf tba as* of Inuni end tbe ibootia. of wall birds vitbia tbe 1 salts of tbe city I Political 0>|tn<ution of tfar German* U Che I'mfcd State*. ' "Jim '.he Ioutuy l'.e (Ky.) JcuxebI JuW21 1 <f?e "F.etf dtiatkcn" tuts an oiganizid boa* of mn? ttK httS n ?l fcir *f?ciation? in all toe principal cituri cf h. r Vl oc. lh:a conization Oataa froai ? w-ii d a.-.tK*'or 80 tJuit 04 th? Know Nothings. In tbla c'ty in Civ ''JQtati, in St. Loali, In Ne? York, in Phiiace)i>bU, v 111 K>olJ?*d, the aietaty bai put lorMi mamftav^" <? pUtforota of principles There in alao an ^"elation tint atylw lUetf the "Amtiic&n IImo utick.'v7 '? r Wlch 18 ti'iur h b.'anui *"}* '*!*? <*ennr?" asciet] , or a eaciely thai Acta' ?r'1'1 "? ? bai pr> clamed umc-pm tiaular to of tie "Fmb tieimaaa," a:d La* pnbiaho4 aau f?ooraed ths pi aiiot ro < f tha LouiiviUe Fie? Uiouk*, *hwk we pOblilb br'CW. Tfce LcuievTJe brace b cf t! is Fri# Of rmO >k*0 caiicc. n Maicb, 1854. joblii-ted a piatfortto* I ru op!' ? ?io a piogiamma of meaauraafor tfrn lefoinj tf tn rnvcitiDu iit adapted to the enii^b ten et) vitwn oi tins* to. tlgn nvDluiiou'iti. It i? r>- 'h .i g li bin bn b,'cuji.t o ii.u< d ice (isrmaa li ca n ?oi >nro deiocciatic ah erica. The reader o' tbta piatfbim caniot tail to icatk t^com pre btn*lve icie of tfceae foreign rttomMi t ep fu. brace ive-j tojiic of caUtDal < r S'-itPintereat in tctir acteire ot iflorraa'ica. Er?ry right and iveij wtotg, teal ot tupfoted, (Mm t&oae whicli pert an to ibr nation t>t lurg-. down to thoae wnlca affctt wc in?i individually, *ie gracioualy taken in h?id by ttfn- irumiftrau'H or ye?t*id\y, nut ate ifguiatwi wi;h an i-xttttMa ata dog aia' cil prrci eiontbat ?ne would expect ony a nfe-ljng txptiiein e. Not bavin? toe in for ;ho wiolo of tin addmfl of tbe Free GeimanaGf Louitville, wo omit auch oor tttsa aa ate Lot mtUiial to cur purpw: TO 4L1. TBUK HKriinuCAfS IK THB-UNIOV. X^L * ft linn ??< ot thA I nvm h?r? fo'.n1. t m:m rrgiiBirfi Urm?rlr?4 for tLe purpoif ot b?ieg ?b!e to tmc ni ? polilir*! net ?lty piopcrUobtblr to tb?ir aumii r ?nii to th'ir princlpU* Tber* i? a f?n pn ?j?rt (rr tuorert foi ouch ?n *ni lti tli it hij.n tbe Frte <-cnr?o? or 1 ou Untie, Ky., b?v? piOciactd to lav ro?D tb* followibg pl?'..'orm, which tbey untnimouslv ?|{te>d upoo in a nm- nit-eUng, aad ii.* La :t 1 Bona to tbe public at Uift? m tba ataalaxJ of tb?lr colitUil eourra At tb* f?D.e toe tlnv bxT* entrusUJ tb* un iaMtjafd acmmltUe with tbe ctiar?e of taeotorai n .lo^ itl 1 pUt (orm, t<gttb*r vitb it* mt reduction to thatr ejapatbit lofr cruiitrj ii >n, for Ihem to join upon, no lof commu nicmi * to tbe mtmWri ot Vod^t*m uml tbon* cf tua ; oh teal preta fur as honect (ikmiaation aad Ulr eri ticlem. Tha i Bdtr>tgDtil (oicmtUaa hereby dKcbarga tbalr ecirmineior, and truit that It will il?o b? tbou<bt w >rth wb>U to infnrm our fellow citizen* of a dilT?riotaUn Kutgeoffhe pr:nelplei *o<i endMTOt* of tbe nuoisroa* Km (?< imnr ?> ?ru to a k tbnn to il'ow Hueb priaciplta ?nd emcavorn tb?t attintirn winch we ?ra oounnc?! tbry (ifierve. i he Kree Uermuai (urtheriror* int ilje in the hope tb?t it wtil b? poxibla lo form ? powerlu! ie'0'.ni ptrty, cmbiaclnx all who want tbtt liberty now ro mucb crciiagtrt'1, *o1 the proKiei* am h?pp.i<e*i ol thin eur cotLaoB npuldic to be aecundon priDcipie* l??tlrg. truly repuMicaa ar.d OemocriMc They wmh, | aftir ra?lc* rnmplettd their nnraair.ttiin, to e*t?i,il*b i ? will* tit ale ot their liberal miude<l !?l!ow civ* ? #ueb a power of Tote* *? to be abl?, in 1H5?, to decl'la lb* vlrtoiy io farrr of a party of true reformer j lie tdl'cra of pubiic paper < wbb wiU eater into a d ? euf?lon of the plit/oim ? which wa lurite thtin to do, ira ri slvtito, that i?, beluja ail, without narrow aoii;i''d nattrUra and blind party ap r.t-ara politely ra '{urHtid to favor ua wi'b a copy of me number or ntim beta coDtaia'.t'R their arfuuianta Adcitn* t'haa. Haftaen, (dl'orof tte I'mnrr, LoularUle, Ky. . letter box 1,1'>7 BDfOELWt, 1 K1K1N. 1. WIT nr., M onmittea. B | Cll BICUi^UN, J Lcuiatilla, Ky , M?reb, 1H54. (.MOW OK TUK (HKS OKKMaVB. " I.ibarty, pro?perity, *uJ education lor all !" Thie ia the great p: nrlpie of tba revocation which ail Free (1) r intra, ea * nummary axprexlon of tbalr deaiffn* aad eftcrta, brnujbt with tlieoi from tne old country. But wiih tsu they did not erect any new political 1 tbiory, for find tLa aame pracip'a ?.et in other ! worda in the ceoatitatlon of the United Stale* anl in tbe dMUratirn of iadependenc? of 1 77 . which acknow ledge! " that ail ni*u aie beta IftlL twt tbe/ are ea dowed wltb ioalu oable liglita," end thai to t^eea he Icng " life,libwty, and the uodlaiurbe 1 pursuit of hap p.n?r?i " But ban lb??e aolemnly pfoi l?im?d rights bien veri fied in tbe I ailed H'a'.rii v Only in part, and It bai htei'iae ntceatary .o icmind Ibueeof lr.em whose flrat duty it win to -?atch ov?r tben la eoaformity with the com tilutlon and with the O^'arit o.i of indepen deate, tba oice pioooonced pletforrn *?? mteadei to lecu.e j logiifi Ij erery dlrtrti' n, but we now tea moat cf tfre l?a^t ra o' tbe petple rather late retrogr* 1e atepa in *uch a aa muat create e?iiona apprebesaioiu with the true friend* of republican liberty. Inatead cf ercuria* lireilv to ali. mora than three a l lionx of 1 i mto bein?K b?ra heen coacen.oa<i to alavery, j aid tIToita are dally made to iecraa*e their aumhai. Icatead of making lltf ity pioiperi'y and elasatlon j acctfi ib> lo ertry ore. Ibey are ratber made a privilege . for th( re elarn* and race* ?ho control tbe iegiaiatloa and adnon atrat.i n cf the country We tthr.l? *(ec<i)atlon infteac of fulSllratnt ot duty e< rrnpt.rn it stead of vittt e, and leactioo ia po<?eeflon of poeer SVt ??e the p?opie ovtirultd by paitiea, the pattlte 1 Koveiard by eH'|U< a, pe aon* takisg the p ace of princi ple*, aid iinmca aut atituted for nghta. W? tte repibllc <?nri.d?il abroad by uopuoi*be1 rntri'*e? ccsx mlttao uton An ?rl an-c t./eL?? we a?e the i <-pu b:lc iin uBc?a at torn* y.* tb* trtocberiiiia eoall tlata l &d unrieiattnrilnge with tie cb'.efe nail ageoU I Liopean iferpo'lrm. Wa Ha Is < or great **?rj re. in f?Tot <if the pti fileged few ?? ccc'l, ana r?i ry meai-ur* la laeor vt ti.? fw pi* fruetrated. (? ? id tie niiaOA of l? e cut mi me<!e bcotjr by aiari cioai Crft tudtr/i, Ine'tad of btug epplid Icr the p lblic tereflt We ?ee lew!?*?Ber* an<! cr'me ro tie lner**??, bee*';"* tlie IrJtUt ?c aud ttecu'.iee authorise* are U- ff with thr'.r own l< !Qah prcje< t* ttau wi.h tha 'rua ln'.erenU of tf.a (?rpla tod rationed to eorer wltn i religloae varniab It* leatltute mural education We aee the r'pntiietB ac^.mtoto of tb* people do moral. r? d aad bltut# i by renPftml** law, wmch -corn MM| rtafy ktaulll, right uit tha coaaUtutiun, a< wall Moibfr agreement* whiet al.nuld conetltui* &a *>rnal bulwark lor ilterty when feloniously attack >d In ?hort, ?t ??? tfce main principle* >et forth abora, wbich wet* ra rr.ed by tlu# gr?at ft under* of tli'e reunb lie aa apu.ieforlte future <1? vi Ic^emeo' ;.n whl'h we full j concur In, renouncc-l euc eupplan U i la ail im portant aoo Baal 'jueatii iia b y a poitcy ir tmicol t) tli* lite <Dtn?aU of tl.o Tbla tlilr* nu*t be eUippwd If we will a roll '.hat fa'a of the rwpublle which Jelwrefm already feared and far whtekbe *' tirmMM." Whot trwechcmne r*pre?*Bla ll?*? of iba people fail to <"o, the p? <, le mnet ann u I them"i?ev tor. aa all tigb'a*in*te with thepenpl*. ao all law i mnut t>* treat"! by Urm Tl.* I rii (ittmao*, aa an Imptrlaot number of foliod Mate* c'tijeoa, aa fai'hfijl aiu*r*nt* to republican liberty, a t c an jealou* warden* of democratic ri/hte, ?111 falDl tf'f'r cat/ to th?'r ??'opt?d country by f"rm tr an o?K?n <a'ion 'or tt* HIMH at <-?rrj\vt i Into full eflart thoae grat j pr nclpl*^ of tb? derlar*tmn of io*:* pad*ir* and of Iba covatitvttos, and toopp?'i a.11 who jeopard tbim bj oraaal'iog for nub por^owa air thomeolree, Ike j <lu bj no u*?n. lntWkd to eeparate tLaiowlra. from lb' ^t|'o .''m/iliiiea it ??'Og, on iha contrary, tbair ?ety p.,)rp?aa to wntraet an ?fllji?nt alHaao* with alt trt.? .titarlea n ? i. ? all tr ja rapnblicaaa, hot tbolr pr'llm aary ??(i<rated cr<aalieti?a la ooly t proctlea) oeceftlty, imposed apoa t"-w? by tha dlffarwwo* In Un guaga. and k*e tba object to ImiI at oa?a aatny of tba ?kar (iwruen to a aiite hoaurabla poaltkin, kho hitherto nnur '?!?* aarnaa ?t.d prattxta war* da ti [?wS and ustx! aa I' ol* by (oa?citn tint* party dwtna loeiiM W? rs^rtla sur f r'a-lpil a m tod lie motiraa in tha : ftllowicg platform, leUndwd to aarva aa a >tan*ar1 ia tba pert rmaice ot our rrpub 'eaa r'gbta la tLa a!??v t caa, t-f thay aatloaal, f>'y, ocuaty, or Ktata alaitiooa, wa ?ba II. without ie|ard tonuna* aalbo;lli?a aad ? -a nations, aopp< rt owiy eueh m?t. aad par*''a aa will p!?*g? tfc# trrtlraa to tte aappoit o? our principle*, or gir* uk tb* b??t guarantee of eariytog ttrrr oet. f L ATI OHM or THR f *r? i<BI>M AM 1 ? nUIIT III nfio*. NctwHbt*aij<itg Uat we ttn>ld>r ?l??*?y to a po llt'tal ard moral raeaer. that will by and by andwraiine all re^uMfeaoifM. we deem It* ewMko abuliiioa naitBar poeattil* n?r advirabl* Bat we. a? repab.leaaa to I m?a, ? ?m*ad that the fu'thar extanmoo ??f >la**ty te aot ocwataatly argid, wblla . aot a ?ifcl* atep la taktn tor tte ?*t*rmtcatu.'n. Wa (ten.anl tfcat at length real prool be giver of tb* goodwill ai tfteo mj?> ! of to r?nK>?? tba etll, that la paiticaLar >Ue*ry b* baat-.ludad fr m all new ferrltor iodi?crl?.l?ately and fcrwrer, wblrb B3'a*ur* t'cV|i*>* I* completely entltlwd t > paaa aeend lag to tl* tooatlti tion wad*m<ad thla the more, aa a republican eo??t totlen ?* gaaraowd 'o er*ry new t;it?, an'i a'ia?t rj , In truth cannot b* *ooi.<?rod a r* I ubl en eketoent or re<(u<eil* W* further l amand that eU aad *' try eae of tha law* lad mtly tran<|> tie iliac.)- e tna tha iaflu?nc? c! rlavtry ia ann upoa fra ? Ptatea tamely, the fugi'ie* H*?* law. ehall t>* repeal id. aa femnral ting anl <*egrc. tag, act ai ecntrary to right* aid to 'be c r. e h t u : im , we laollr demaad that, la ail nat.oatl afTeita, the prlB' p!e ef .i(j?rty ahail be eUietly raintalnod aad nee la the awv*ra 4*a'?a it ba n.rre aad mora reeliied by (raoaal aatermiaattoa of alarary. 2 ? ReuitKii * qt aniM. W* toeMider the rtgbt of fra* oipreaotoa of rallgt' til ueic iaca ui.'oticbtii'e, a* wa do tha right of free *a pr?**k>B of op.aioa ia gonerai w* theiefore ac wrl to the reliever the aaoe liberty to aiake know a hi* ooael: ttoaa aa ?? <o tlva aon belie eer, a* long a* tha right* of otbor* era aot eiolatod thor*t>y< Ba*. tr>?a thi* rery principle of Uhert* *f ooaa*>wao* w* ara teoMadiy op [o*ed to all ecaipBUtoo mrticud to 4 1 ten Hog pwr? .?? eit/a* iy lawe aneonatitatlowoily roatrlettag th* Mi*r y ?f etpaeaaloa. Keikg ow ia a prltaU ?atur. it re* ao thlt g to do with policy, hence ll ia doepatnan >o 0 tnpol *lt .eae by polii.tal wxtao* to religion* aeaoifeebetio<>? or " ' ? oaa co?trary to t heft pr eat* pwreaaatoa*. We ?b-'efrr* I old thelebSotb lawe, Thaa.-gtelag le;e. ? ?> lefeagnw aa4 I?gi< latere* th* ??t*a open ike ? it* iBtfwdoetMM nf to* Wbl* iaV> 'h* frewacbo^to I . . Jt>'loe ft " ?U't|*Vt" fx?? '*f*l tj , M V3 cjxb violatica of human right* aa well u of Ik* coai'i tutton. and demand their .'enonl S ? yxAHi'Rwe voh fuk wu-raaa or th? twin* A$ the lor. moot of (Dab meejuren w? Cjii tier tb* free region of public l?ad? to ?<! *ettJer<, tu occipy n? tuit, the no;! a* eir.lumve prjpsr'y, tb.i no in-!'.* dual b?? ? rlgot to do. It U, for tae M?a fh* common prla oipu: tone ot that i?npuiatioa wbi?ta inhabit* i?, au ? aav \<x.j ml! ng to eu'tir*^ it bai an ?hu?1 right u> *,om rriat? > atara r>t the got!, U fur ?* It I* net !tapo*? : o', 'cr pti poie* rf itginiH iat?r*et It U fc'gh tune ttiat 'to Xb UCU i ti?!H" wth t&c public JaaiH fhojld be abol tbad "fc.Mlie wtii'irjf ol tli?n by apoculatms *oo iM taaa* at.J teat tba ;adt|<ot p?opi* talor upen taeir r'gtt r I fit r*tFeloa. l'ot if tb i ted ?h*li b? full/ attained It w'll bo r? ituir?d tf tic pfor coluo'vU'. a* tuelr flrat ae'.tiemna with t<i tu nil err at* l*?t ae.U meaaure prove ucsloaj ( r tin*. T* 1} pnn n.i ?l .> n>pt.t nt?<J tt. )t> tte rl- ? at c nrection wlta the lan l raforae qua* * i' <*. *?*? ? 'hi' ct (?oiigratlrn whle*. J>jr its ;f"ai?ra! i*|?<'rt?j?? ktou'd I* rai ec to tb* rank of a national af*'r, ir1 to ?i):cb a special oflico of coi>al?a<ioa no I ani>gi:iM? n fl'.ulr becieateo aa a particular deparimtat o? tt? I inter Metcn Korrrrmeab hueh a boarj would hex- *0 j,r< ?1 'e lor the va'toua i'lti iMii of emigiant* ?fco art HW bllftMl) M BMW i-ulf*riu|e, jr. er a, a tl abute* licra tbe place of eci'ja'ka'lau la ?JTiti i), ? to ?!? | ?c? o' the r ikUiemtut In Amir'na. Neith Ai'ri r* I* naglteticg b*r?*lf when Mgl'Cttn( the ? nt'itrsUcs for *m gratlun it the motcor of t&u re putllc. 7b? at'mltiitc of ctti/.?D*bip muat bo rea<'orml a< ai poikibl* to Ui> ?ml?rant*. It* w<llar? of a Ckt?-a rabnit b? k?='t?Ut aa l p?r mtitvVj ipcuih' UDl?*a ltx laboiiog cUn>ia? be ma'te lafvpvtdPTit of tho i pj.iTs-.ioo of tb" capluliat. lA>x>r b?? an icci ntratibU ulaiin to tbe valux of iu product*. V Vifio I* in prrTPottd, by tlin waai of tht n?r'-<?r j ca pita', to itcma th'a rla'.m, tt la of course laferrtd ta an a llanre with capital of otbrri lint if no Jaitaxree atot can o? tbia ntd bt I oj.h Mi-octatioa with the oapi ta!!at, tl tL tl, ? State, aa the arbitrator ol all contenulaj lBt*rt?tf , h?i to Ittirft-re Tbn mutt eitbfr aid tba ai locavctit o( witkn g into by creait bnuca, or mediate brlwtrn tb" cla on. o' ti.c laborer an I tbe capitalist, bj lijlr^ a iLii.imMo of wag>a ei|ualliD| tte t?.1u? of the lati r and a mtx'.inrm of labor aonweriDK lb* damtnlk <..1 htaiiai jr. lie ot lab.r ah?U nut ?ic?e ) ten hcv-.a p?r tiay la It It Eg out Htnte ctn'racta, tlia prvf<ireae< ihou' l bp give:., II it can lie .lonr without ruoulag a riak, V. aa foci?t CL? of wcrkmeo, ta'lier tbaa to mrgle contra*". OfP* Ilut ?b>n givf n tb aln^la contractor , tbe latUr rcjbt to ?'??? nacurity for proper wages to the wocamon MBpl?'J?<l by 'b?m ]n i idei ?o f n toy "Hie. Mkarty an 1 happlneat, '? all la <1 iicritc 'neteij n.u?t tare the u?cf tr?e achoola for all braneletol, ia whicb, vharrvnr a audi lent Lunibti if ticrmanr lire, a tieiman teacher ahuutd be | ? oi'lot? I lc uiilfr that the atttiaiccnt of jtutica may bo longar ; riuia n a piml*** for tbe poa;e?aloa of tnoaay, Jm'.lse I Kuat b? Jljjcnrc.l witboul lf?fi 4 ? CONHTItmOWAL yr*HTI<)SI1 Coaaiil?r>og aa we <lo, the Amnioan t'onatltution ai tba l>eft tow in fXiaUn**, wo yet thtok It naithar par lect t?>i ui ImprotaNe In pailica'ar we hoi I the fol Icwii g ani*nilm*nT( an<l aildlti na, ln.?wue aou<ptable for the Mate cooNlttulioB, na tin. ?'> and proper mean* to cli?ck tt? pr? vailing corruption, to wit: ? 1 All altctlona, without aa/ a tcepllOa, abould laiue tiled j fun '.ha ptople '1 Acy ei'gibie ctthen ol any ftata may bo elected a* imojbtr of Cr.ngr?K? by tbe clti?pa rf any otter ."t?te, and lik?*i-? in >y any Vl glble i'ea>.. a of any ouoty be electa d by (he ctt z>na ot aoy other county for a luem It r of tbe State I agialnture. 9. Ary tapr???ntative an1! officer mar at any time b? i?ca)la.l by the asniorlty ot hi* constituent*, an I re placed by aiotber. 6.? rKKa TR*I?*. \V? c'rcMrd'r pro ca* the principle of frae Irade, and wi'l ?urp<rt it <a all ctat* where If may be II r? . nil w'tbout d'aadraataga to fba p?ople, aud where kc:(..o c.t/ i* acctrted by tte other alia. 7 - niHaia* roi.wr. lb* jKl'ey of neutrality vuat c?a ae to be an article of cur cittd. aa<i ouabt to be at.aolbfied aa aoou aa con trary to tlie intaifnt* of North Amarlea. The rlghta of / can cltireaa asd eo l^raa'a ba> bk declaiai their in'?n".ou |r? bates* citicaa, mu*t the mora eoargatl ca 1/ 1* pro'ectcd in fv>elga coualriea, aia. e ev?ry \m? in til aip*aia to rooaarchiral an t ae^poticel i{ivera n<ctn |< a lapieaeuta'lre of revolutioa agalaal deapot :-m an. tb.a repubi.c oogbt to boacr thi* point of view aa t? ( a!/ aae w? r't, j ami lav'.'lmat a. r ? hiuutn or woatx 'ilia Da>cia?att(a f indapancante aa}*, that " all man ? re brrn e.^ual aLU eu!ow?d aaltb leal eaat>la right*, and to thar? lelong Ufa, Jibarty. arc tna purault ot happi ttae.' t\ a repeatauly acopt tbia prtucipla, anl are of tie bp.c Co lb<t mt man tf o, ate amoug ? ' all inea. '? 9 ? HiniiTx n? latu rvm-osa Ia tba fiaa Stat** tb* color of the *kia cannot juatifj a cineratceol 1? (? rghl*. Ibar* are aot burn two taeu ol a<;ual ctlor, but at ill lea* two Biia of aae<|aal light*. ]0.? HhAAI. I.4WR. It i* our opiaioa, that all penal law* can on y havetha purpcae of ri/iac Ion, but naaer tbe abaanl purp n of i*|l?! um W'c, ibarefora, confM?r the penally of death, wl n h e?cltn*aa tae pr>>albillt/ of cerrectloa, ta be a* Iwatlcnal aa tatbarc<ui. 'Ill e U'httltr Slmrr lua In Plilladalplila Ai.uthra (llabeaa (orpua-Uail !(? <f u< nl. tl ruu tL? 1'b'Jadalpkla llullrtia July i!M.J Jcbti Itai'ard, William Cattle, .lain-* H l'.ra?M#ik, Jacaaa WaJ'l , and laalab Mocre, the four ealjred men irriated id a cterga of participttlog In tba Whealar ?leve leecue, waie be ora Judge kaltey, thl* m raiag, on a writ of habea* ca.rpoa lb?*e men were charged be 'ere AldarmaB .lama* II Kraamaa, with aaaault aa I bat tiy. i tot, mcitlag to riot, and highway rol iierr, Ibey ai le htld by tbe n.'agintrata ia (7,100 each, to aaaear tie tlaigaa eye'Lut n.f ram of John llallard, alia* Rah'ilt, waa Sritcallad. ( ol Wbiaar w?* cal'aJ am; a* of n ? He then re 'la'rd tte avtdaace that ban al/ea/v liaen tmbllahwl. Iff laid that Bal'ar.1 wa? pr> .'?nt an>l r aught liim by the ' atmr rudf :y ; b* llt'.au*, mi l that If 1 rwnat*d tbey ?> old cut my tbioat from tar t" tar I H* wltoata waa croat a iannn'1 ' y Mr I'alrca, an1 la I rej Ijr Jo bl? >|U?a*lo?a, i?M Ilia |?rx,u accompany ! li|; mr war* my alartt un<!?r Ilia lava of North t arn it a tt?/ ? < i? *e?omptayia< tn? rcluo'aiily through a fit* ro?Al(T to a fr?? country, I Wat go)ni( to M<*r?gua a* Ml e lata r 'or tlia I'lilad Mat#* Iba** | >*i*ant* w*ra a?r?r wi'h ro? la North Caro . I ta tbay llttll ? th ma daring tba patt jaar la Wa>t'r('o? tbay *? r* n*t*r with gir lo North i aro I Un?. I raid tba/ ?MI toy tlata* utMt th* Uw of North i Carol.'aa, bacaaaa I an a eil no of that Hlata; 1 (at j it' m la Virginia; thar vara alataa Intra. I li*r*o*n?d j tfettti *<,?? tLraa y?arr 1 ba>li-ra . oth*r branch** of 1^* ' ftm \j art by my family. tin* arm* of tha viiiid it Jina , in th* houlh alatat gaM-raVy t A* the iirntrat I i if ttair owaar I pr*?u?* arc would ba known aa Jau* |* b?y**r? mtn* 10 or It y*araold r**p>c I tml) ; (do act know thtlr pr*ei?*?aga . tba youuratt | wai *ut at atrvlea two y**r?. Nicaragua la a rrea ceunt i) , I waa car r? ng ibam aa frte p*?>pl*~aa my . '.only. (The witna.i l.ara txpla.nad that what ha 1 n ? act by frra paop>, waa that tb*y waat of Ihtlr ova llta Will ) lb? rjute? on of tba ? ciaamlaa'.n of bljbway rnkVr; by tfc? rftftafaat wa? bar* mooted. I> ttriot Attara?y k"?tn abtn'<ntd that ehaig* latiag th?' chtr<* of h'fbway rt.b'aiy ta tba raaa waa aftnolr abturl ??!?? tl ? law* ?>f W?lI*. Mi. V> haa?r t?ma-**rt that I ib'**it??tg [*d iro??rty of bla with ti.?jtt-a? umbralU ? a??* otbrr bnleltt ? I Uuntlaa by Mr. tiar^f?Kln, t>,a lata p' Nicaitgaa al j l?w tt* imp nation r.f aUtrar*' Mr y?rorbj?rt?i to the ^arit'oa. Mr i'i.iea raplla-i t>?t tt* a-.ti ,o la tl U mwImU { lt>l >l'v tm t a?i#^ iij/< i. tta grouad that tha partiaa i ware ('an*. II* d*tii?'l U> tbow by at wi'.oat* that U m party ??? b? i-n taktu tbrtugh tba fie* ttiai* of I 1 '.uayltanl* to tea Ut* Ntat* of Sow York, tb?r? ta act tall for 5i*ara|ua, ia 1 leat aa aa aaa^aark'rir ba w>u)<l eot br??L U? 'awa of "ba Mata to wbijli ba ft< ac tf dltad Mr Mara rnt'B'!?4 t>?< Mr Wfcit'wr waa aota i><o t? 'aat wilnrta aa to what w?r? tba laara af Ni^aragia 1 it'it f ? ?'!? > wart bla aarraat*, wbtthar fraa or | and ha had a right to prottel tbam auU of thla r ght ha f ba<l btta 'it pitted by tha C? faa laa't Iba r.cart asatalr "I tha objactioa, on tha grouad that Vt Mbatlar waa tot a co0>paUat wltD t> aa to tba tawa j of a f. ral| a Hlatr. ItaD itiM AtMrrty t|a*a rtm*rk<fcJ that l>a f ?/l ' al.taiJciti tla r: a n- "f highway rn*i hrrr aa1 tba. tba 6 r ? leg ottr oo I ? > ha; (a waa >i?ply rtdlgalooa. Ike cir?a tiamiaat < a tu Ihn rwuroM 1 fl'tt raw ballar'l oo tba boat tba wboia affair !aal*i. j 1 tufpeaa at"ut tbrta mlaa*>a. I flm titfc m tb?a ka I tbiaat'cac to eat lay throat. I waa iwo?"k>4 at tba ' t at, tat aot titi'ad I tu aa coU aa I am at lb a (ra I n.tat t am ? oit h> laid he M on ru? b? taok b'.l.j of my inr, trl'iotly tappettsg I waa ibaal ti ''.raw a wtap- a ' I bad bo w*t[' n ahcut tt?, ? *?pt ? k h aa Ood Alia jBty tat* m?- Bij fli ia I 4id a tl I to prar?at my pro t> r*y bafrg takaa away frtnr ma I : .ut my baa I oo 1 >a <b- o War of tba w. maa, and ta'd, "4ao? jn kaiw ynm ! at* th idrta aad fn*r< * at Waablmtoo I ta 1 iaia fa try and air ta aympathy ammg tba p*r*"o* imt Uo aat tbam to lat n.? a < ?-* all tf n? of my aa^rtn'a n-ac* ao ootery I know tb?y laiioa?l inifUr I :*a t V row Whl/b ol tbam h?'W a-1 tbr m'?u?ar -tw! afia katw a bar# ali* ? a* gotrg. aa 1 aba wan'ad to ba M a'oo* I tl Ink ah* did ix/t go T>>l*atanl) I aaw Wtlliaoiwa tab* ^'^def h?r ?b? \a* two r H Iftn a WatbfBftoo aha f'*a t'A yat a*?a hark la fan* tr< a .|aa*?foa fram u I l*B?oa Jaca a a Id tba wantad to ta frt*. bat that >fca kr?w wktr* tba wu g - ng, lid aot prowiiaod B *k# bi r fra? wtae wa w?r,t to m f fet??r ia la ? a tba ? rtaat* wtat wivbr? wa w*ta ?ot a?v???t* t at *oy I at tatii tb*y *m tiiae ?*ay I waa *??toat4 by a frt*?4 ? 'la ear* "at I m ft. hatatf ub** with my ataiittea fiiaiwa. Mr frlra t>kad ? all o 'ha mm t>ar*d'i?ad ba <acal<!*ta1 H anil . ua" apj>?"'.?* I 11* I tatr*et >?t 'i>ta*y aaad tf at highway t',*"~TT "** | imaapaaaJbla oadartt* cireuo-ataa'aa, aa ?f iktlita '4 II ttr ay ;tatia, aid taa r.baige <f laritiri tl Itot tM nari?d ft tfatofilo* Ha w->al'1 tb*rt'-*a *?k that Ibliaid ta bald to ia*wtr th* ehargaa af aaa*?)t aa' bat t*rj *cd r<A. Ja<*|* K*'ly aaid the -jaaati'-a prwaca'a-4 %n l ha ;ad rtai m ad wat * mply oa* af ba I Ataaalt aa 1 Mtvavy tad itat ear* uafortuaataly **ry fra-|??w' ??"??* ?* ia tka oamaaity awd bail ta vara 'a? waa rarMy Had I fa?ti*r tbaa 11. la tba Iracn a rVaU ta* far i (w.paau wan tal'ow) ba d la a b- ?tVa ?a>?*t M | ball tbaa |1 ' '? aad la na* <aa? war* fit rtatari ' * llttla araawal ataot wi'b t&aa aad { lad mcaktti W?da4 wltb alaga i. ? .* aa ?t *r iwa tf tkfi tka i^ry h a' , laatlaf tka^i I tfpaoaata. tba aa m * wwr* ba^ a gl.'f) aa-a lb ' .tfw K'.tnl tUjf I wr J.l ? a, aat ?>>aa i'ary to mention, ?li?rf lieaeler bail ?*? UQi Tiia'defendante in thu e?e* were aetata U / p?,f ni?d It wae not nrobabie that they were eery eoiiubt-a?l or deeply akUleJ in international Uw, and *. to ibe i >xb . and prirllaget of ambaiaa<lor? otb'r into rae Judge, In conoluaion, aeid ha < aw nothing la the eui t<i juetify the demanding of eiorbiteat ball, an 1 b? wuul.l induce It $l,ftx> lla woulc eiaet goiid ban. H.e rata of William (Juh'.U via nail p<l'.at Mr W Ire'ar trititliul tbat thia drlreilaal tit on* of tin nan who tcok bold of him. lite bail in thU cast* ?u aie? r? Oucrd to $1,(00 ? ?)>tain lieatb. rfllcar Wallace, aod Mr Joaeph Mirkle were celled and examined aa to tLe ehtre thnt lirad i'ock, Media and Moorat'iok in the iranaaittoo From tbe a* dmee ol tktae me? it ate??d tbat ?be ooyt kicked aod cried m order aa ther "etc being iieaeed off tlia hoat Tha ermao, the wlfn>*a tbocght, held back and aeem?d unwilling to go with the crowi to the carriage In tt1' l?K On llork atrcet. All tbe witne*rtea agr?rd that there wap do notaa ol any account, aad ?*r y little e?-.iietw?ai ( a |-t Ileal li aaiu 11 ? thing waa done quietly and ?iu<?iy. XaiatiM Mm Hum 'i? m i>gu laat Masai I > 0 i>s>'.biPK mere tban ecc< lupaiiy the crow-l Dlft/iat Atri>r?ey .Mann Ill4 tbat li? hal before abandoned tba charge if bl&hwty robbery, aad la tha cate of thrae three defendant* ha ooujdnol aw* tbat tha charge of riot rould lia tutia.ned T. aaa men ware ?!???', and it did not appear tbat they were active in tba ?ia?ti'lD|? lla iht.u^ht. lh)U|li, tbat another nlleare bad n conmiMtd. Threw peraoaa hat Imo talrn cff aitaiaat their content, and tlila wax an olUu<-a a?a:nat thu law. I in would aak tout tlie de'en tintn he held lor tbi< IWifo-e a Jury tb?y might parliipa l? able to prove that tha perron* were held an aiavea, and the lattar might eten bt brought forward to prora that theydtaiiad their libf rtjr. For all the Court kaew lime roay hava been a ?reat outrage rommlltail upon tlie ptrtooa. He would aak tbat tha defendant* Ix* held to anawtr tba rbaiyo of ooatpiravjr, aaatuit aad battarr, or for auoli eliarjie ai the Attirnoy (itaarai nn^bt aand up agait at them Mr. I'itrca taid the Common irnalth h:i I abiodonel all il? aid i??ur?. He gntllM Ibat lb>rt ?i nothing whatevtr proven tgalnat tboae thr'e dafen<laota There waa no illitarbatiex . nohody bad been aMuc'e I ; tneie waanooutory, no rsaiata <re. The holding hack of tha wnuian, an tha waa hurile<l alon| the wbarf, nad b aa tortured l^to retlaUncv, hut It at>im t<> nare I mvtely the natural poaitiou tsto wbicb ahe would fail *h?u urgtd fcrwtrd by tho?e who were aliou' litr fitter than her tmual gall. Ihe woman waa koib( f r oi a title of lll'ital cuntody to f;aadom. and tbara *t< D9 , evldtnce of anwlllin|(ae<i4 ou her part The l?iatrtr.t At j toioiy had hi right to charg" pert ica with a'Hluctinn 1 wto Mtre merely acc^mptntioi; tin woman ml Imr ehtldrtB. If tb?y dtaired to return to Mr. Wbeeltr tbey would r< ma back Jud<e Kelly taid lh*ra were two <|ua>'.lnnt ln? jiv?d , the II rat w:ia wha her th?r? bad lM ?a a il it. or a ?oo(a deration to Co an unlawful an'., an I if ao, w?ia th? ihr?a c'tfenilanU a part of Ilia eonfe Itraoy t lie thoii|(ht there bad perbapa been a I ot, for the W toea aee had teatitled ! to a crowd and ?<> !oud Tiea. the ??nli n"? wla prniahly tufllcleat to< iii? tbe Diatitct At'urnay to aak for a ceii'friittal for riot, but he waa unaMe to nay whether it would be euflirient to convict b*fcr< a jury, lit Hough' It, lionretar, a aubject for a jnry to pita upon, and lie would hold Ibe defendauta la fh'M) etch 'to ao ?wer auch ehaiga a 1 tbe lhatrist alto-nay may bring agalcni them. Coroiidl' lri?|taeafa Til* I.ATF AniMur in UooKkvaiT Btrktt ? ('orooai lliltcn lie'd an Irqneat jetter lay. at tbe New York llo* pital, upon tbe twly of the womtn Mary Kaafe, who waa killed by being run over by ? aoia water waggp in | Uoomrtll a'.reet, on the 2<ith Inat. The efldenw go ng | to alow that the <lrir?r, John I a'orge, wax dr. ring the I vthtrle lu a careful naooer, and that the caaualt? waa ! purely acclleetal, the jury rendered a rerdi;t <if dtath by fractara ef tbe bonae of the head ao 1 o?c*. from bi lag rua over by a eo<la water ?>tiid la Itooaevelt atraeV, on tbe Kith o' July, 1 If ft. The dnrer who hai been im i ft eontil ainee tba accident, waa up?n the rendition of ' tbe verdict dlacharged from cuet ly by the Oorooar. I'm r pk Mu bl ? An lni(ueet waa aUo held by Coro ner Hilton, upon the boJy of a maa namtd tie<irge Mctilary, who died at the New Vurk Uoeplial, fro a the efftcta of tbe h'at of Friday. Yer4lot-I>eath by ana ! i<.a??d waa V!U jb art of ij'.iii! tk<ig? tire of Ireland. loioaer (iamble htld an lmiutat upon the holy of a nan named Joeeph BebafNr, who waa alao proetrat?d by l ht beat of tbe tun on Friday afternoon Ixraaaad wai toily <t.ayeera nf age, *n>i waa a attire of Uenutay I He reali'ed at hi'.' I In afreet, where lb* In jue^t w?? | held \?r?let ? "lieath froui llwaStCta of tha neat " .. o laijuetl waa held by tbe aame up<ja tan body of Mart n ."ebuiidt, a naflr* of Oriaaor, aad thirti-Hre jeaiacftge alia ctme to hit d?ath frum tunatroke re ca.?ed on Friday at bO'n. The holy of deetaeed wae taken to tb>- I lui-ntl ward fal oo hture. wb?ie an In nuett wat l.el.l Vtrdiet of tba y rj ? "C"up de wW.'' I)ih?a- * or Tiie JfraiiT ? Coron-r <!amhle held an lo ?ineat np'O tL<- body of a colored man nam*l Jainaa Fltber, who dieJ from dlieaae of tba heart, wblle at wi^rh hcitliog up ifwd? in bia tmp'oyar't ?to-a at Vo S0 f cora ttraet. 'J ha deceaaed teai'ltd a*. >o ill (-aur.n afreet tbe jury in tbla caae ren^ertd a rervl t of ?'(kath by d^aeaie of the heart." The ?!???!> I wat a ??ry reepectable jonnir nun, waa t natirt of tbla city, aod wta twenty lire yrart of u/e. I*rath raoti IiTHima a v. r. ? An it waaalaobill by C kroner (Iamble, upon tha b"!y of Co si/, a ittiteof tble city, -6 ye art < f age, who expired at the Ninth we-'! ttation haute, from rongeetlna of the hraia. I rwl< ie<t by intampertace Tba deoaattd waa e omitted | to (rlion >t a tomut'm raf'tn',at iba ra<|uaetof ha wi'e, and being at the time In an Inaenaibla eon lit >>n from etreeaive Irlvklng, be aeon afeiwarda di?d In tha j ctll The j "try rvndere l a reMict of ? llaatb froi.i ooa | gtatlon of ' ba train, prodn" by laiemperanre ' Ann iiTiltt llaowi n ? 4n l?'|uaat waa alao hall by <?oroB< r Catnbla upon tbe body of a boy all yeara | of age, named W. Ultra flaearaut, a native of l.ngland | who waa aae Idea tall* irowaed h) falling la'.o a tank j of waltr at Ibe foot of 1 <>art?-*nl!i t'r-e;, whfle araw- j ng nine water fcr hie pareale. Verdict, ac Mental i Ceath. Bi KKtn to IhtAlii ? loulaa I.?pulle, a child tbrwe^eart of age, wea butred to death on 1 ri lay night by btr | eli/thft catctiLg Bra, at tba reeldeate of her m<tbar, | Jfo. <>7i tt ai?r elreat l??cee??d apnroa- lied to ? oe?r the ^ ate va, when h? r ' reea au, bt fire en<l lie'or* I lie f! i>n?* | rould ba eitiaeu'abed aha waa burned alau t to a criep Vt rdkt accord. ngly. Another at ll?in<llon, Ohio, mem* cruaoia Aim-fr tub mutin jrNi IhUtOOATIU* MI.KTINO or rim citixbmm. (from tb'i lib to T tart, Jtlf 26. J Our T)it> afater city o' Hamilton, botvl'.hiU&d Ing l'a itirai wt avaaura and ib? quwttdiap.a t on f lik InfeabiUnta, imiti 'ootttJ rtcattiy to |<v^i<iaJ ? x' luiun. ' . lhc p?-?>f la rcystSy racoaar from ? ? thockof th* ?tt? nr.| W <J Cathoilc ?%a?iaalr a'toa b'fo-a a c /M murCar ti r^niTiltwd, to *v>tb ?r 'joarW of Ue town, tod the mtmtaar It W 11 f 'cdgM Id )%?l . bt/oia tunrraof tbfl m ?t V ??'N t 90 MM p?lt pyi<-PtlffD> lUl t r lb* Mri (jf '.ti entile &JtnWi;j- Y ? ?*er*J?jr t .a folio #lfj< j>oatrr w?i atu<k op ob c>* gf ir* Wfrv, ?.-*? I'Mii' \fr?tt?c, ? Tb*?a all' N ??>??? Of ?? th* f.l' I' 01 of Hull *r rtjrtnty , *t tba (War'. '?i? *r**ia{ I at ? >g bt o'clock for 'to parfoaa ?f w i tuotair tba i tiulo of <l.a tun ' f b? raise tba Probata '<vl(a wit;. ? (rota tt?a^aaa uf- n tL? af ? otaawa '.fmrj ?n 1 pvit'y i.( ft r I b?>>! ?q1 <?( 4atarit> ola( ? iik'. tb? >i>aa<- ?? of th? oi-aajloa r*|air?a I>-Mf Ufor* U-t Lour of iiy aimer th* C'tu it 11 ?ia? ?a* crowd"), and by 1 o'< U> k ?u 1/ 1 jw y?vli? v ?ro a.n ir.t. 1/ d. Thl# U r*a ?r*Ui?rlnir at tba ah'rt fit not '4, a/i w'd u>? intarta- crery ciiixen frit la len-at'ir. Tim imtrW# w*a otcuj ??4 by tba ap lull ta?'.t tf W. Beatt/, K?(., Ctn*rumt>, *t?J llio* 0, I*') , *iy Hun. I- 1'. ( tmpUU and o;J ?rt a-l4rf?a <5 t>*a ; lu riawra ch? t .? I'roba'* IK DK ill'l ^ tl tt?j fj? '.'.r * ,u <.U( , l>r. < r?l?M n, *?rd m#?m. j ??/?, uil th? >Umw a -j? ?ht#r ol Mr. <i?'rf* H<t*?r.l, aip-1 tw?il??i i?f? ? ? t.r lo k?'l tt? door, w?J to4*a*M?Hl 1 j far/* trot* U<? iBo*t btitona cf rr^mea 1>a atat?m*nta ' f tba fin a ?*ra rtloal ?.i ' Auair.j; ao ^rrU so ?*.t'*in at thai mab> ?tif In faatr 0 < lbl1> 'Jeir 1 -cdn'e p-in <U- I intr.t tip- tt U?a acr?r4. C *>t?a?i (>* lawful ar t ,n, I ro*<?rr, I r??a ia<l. ar.d a c it..j lllae 1 1 ,n??ai <(? - { U? crar^'a a(u4a??d aa<l r? p n at * rrxwtix r ' '? b*ld 't m#* ?. A bnndrH ru? >aaat? Alt -r 1 art* if lh? aor.t?a?d, '?< a t'm> ?r bara. >r, a*a 1 afloat, ? ifj? ati??a t> lr ,/ra? t'i* ?? i^aaaot I lit* o>> ??.inn to al|?l>i Will no d ?<(/. i<a a IrtnMA'l/ua | ???#. (Frtai 'b? 'MimU ' il; T! I W* aaaaa lulef a-< *h.\<A aa tu'fad' aJiaifH to I >-a?a i/??n j?ar|i?'iaV>4 bf I'r l/*?# Ja if* ol BuUir (ant;, ?b tta 'J- -riU t/ W'#1fc??Jay Tia *4 a h aa /1*' y r?? at*1 ji'tl ? ? ' '? ? A mart lr a waa b?IJ in fa <<? rt If.' a* llaiiltoi.fn tt 1 4; < tdaj n>Lt, a: s ^ H I- Kaj , pr? I . Hon. I~ V. f ampUi: at ?? oti ai? addrataad toa n.?ntr k wbtrb ad^t-rtad to luaat a?aib la?t nt|bt. fbara *aa a auoair lari aaUoo 10 rtm ?t to Jodfa I.- act ; b'it tha ? ^a?a datorr lt?4 that all to* ' f?ma '(law >b4ui b? daly rbaarrad. To?>aro ar ('awa^oiiaiia. ? On T tar*4*j af /r 1 a<M t. laat. a ?atti* toai.a4o j aaaad wn tba *Cla?a c ( ( an a J bar a, bW?la( off tha l.utvrao cbir* a. ai.d e n?i ?>'* 1 dan. ?aah>aj( U? aaw ab*d In t '* ia*r, tib.rb ba4 tet irc?t.tly b?M? MM|rt*tad. T a? ??i'?i?a fr' tn Um rvif '1 tha ab?4 aart Waaa 1 4 rati *v l*ara "fiuoet ilaa a 14* nt Uva ^tir^ liat that'll t*ataa?? p?a*trat*d Im lapb<*Ma a? a ? ?d?a drt**a by a alalia bammar *"? ??<"< rud U*t a mta tibo aaa BaMaf ib P>* rlaar, a-ar ? ha totdja. ?*? b "^r* itrt 't U?a b ?* lat> th# w?"t ?Wa4 la iaoilk:,l *** ^ ? "" ^aUi Wry R'fOt~. Deeper* te fight with %. PoUmkm ?he* la the Otedwrg* of hit I .Hat/. About three o'clock yerierdej m <rvlnf, u ofloer Kartell, of tbe Fourteenth ward police, ?u petretllag blj beat near the oorner of the Bower J ud Spring rtieet, he uvMcrved tw? m tiree ?u*ptet >?i looking che ractara prowling around the neighborhood If* IMt diataly croaaed over to tba ether aide of the etreet aad Informed olflctr Hoyt, of the Teeth verd polloe, ef hla ?uaplelona Kn ib th*t . Metr he ImtmI that oM of the party ?u i m?o un?| Juki Turaar, aad that he wee a lugf'lte I rt>m Uruoklya, where Ue had escaped Iron jail, b? having ii *k? 1 up there < ? a charge ef bar '"f ehlcb two of bin acroaaplice* had baeo eat to the State j>t i*ou for u*a y*ar* each l.fllcer Kartell, a?m that Turner's arraat waa a ait ferofuroat Importance, rerefuMy tb* r el to ire unplix rve<', and whan tbey ?i re turning do we H/vng atraet toward* KiiraUeth atroel, reahwd forward aa< caught Turner I* the collar. draper at a atrugele thaa tDKuad bates, a the aad hie pnijex, Turner draw a all I arrt>:i?d levolver ae t ILr?l at the eflmae ? the ball taiiioK affect in the llraliy part uf hi* ahauld-r, wilbiut, however, oaualag aufHeieat' pun for the pr a< to eacape the clutcn of the polK-winan ( lllcer Hoy: bearing tba report of the revolver, hae tetied acrta* tba alreat to the leacue of hi* comrade, and furcitdad, by a ercll directed Woe, In knocklag Tar sar ?'own. 'turner aooa r*(Bin*d hla feat aed agaia discharged hia pti-Uil at oftloar tar rail, the bail iU iii< Lia I'auairi hat. end * ladonrf oil did BO , further Injury. A nil tba r Mow 01 tba ilub brought the piiaoaer to teraae, anl be waa imae'ltetely conveyed to the ><>art*ealb waul atatlori hour* m l tbara locka<l up lot the remaia i*tr of tb' n'^l t. 1 he romp tnlon* of Turner aucreated In making kcoii Ihair aaraiie It is moat nuracuiuna tfiat officer Kairtll not killel, ae the burglar eae not more than thr* 'eat from h'm at the laat dltrharue of tha revolver Hla bat la completely blackyatd oe eae able with the poedar, ebowing consluaive * that the muiile of the piatol wai not far from hla head whna into oil (ireat praiee la doe t h la offlcwr for bts tranry In itcntlng turner. who, ae the foregoing will ?!iovtwaa a I'arperata n an to eeceeater at night, fbe prleoaer ' ? ill lie conveyed back to llrooklyn for tr et oa the char** of buiglary. and will In ali probability have te ?* i jilete biaennita *>y a Wrm of luipriooiaent not many ?aje ?hortcr ttian that to which h a lotapaaluei have air vac y titan ??ut*med. < lly Intelligent-*. IH>unn i At't'iniorr it llHoauttar ? Oa* Mtft Kiuea arii A*cmu? fatal i t l?Ji am ?About 4 o'clock J eetar - day ?(trrm on, a drealful acel lent occurred at the Ne? Yotk llutal, lltcad tray, by which one mae wai lattaatly htiled, while anotbar wat -o neterely lajure l that Ufa la ileapelred of It app?ar? tfiat w hlle two painter*, naaaed Jain?? IViii|<tjail? an J John leof, were painting ihefreat wall ol thia boUl, on a aealtold put up a', tha a t'h aterp uf tie bulMiOtt, by loma uiiacbance the faatenlngt gave way, and both mm alosK with the acairolllag, fell te the aldawalk, a dlnlance of nearly aaventy Net llcugberty waa Inataetly kllle I, hla bralaa baleg daahtd out u|*iu the aMeWelk, preeeetlag e hernd iptctacle. leae waa picked up In a dying icrul Hun. aid takao inime>llaUly to the New York Me* pltal, ebere be iec?.ived pruiript me<llcal at ten laaoe at Iba baBOa ol the houae aurgeon. I'be boly of the de ceeaad man < la ugli?rty ) waa conrayet) to the Flfteaatb waid alatiuo houae, wnere ( orocei llutoa will held ae lLi|Utat to day . I be ? ia< t caune of the aec.tdeet oaenet yet lie dltcotertd but It la anpp 'ted that eone heavy w? fgbt waa pieced opoB the outalde edge of the plaUecB. tbua ralainn lb? inalde edge oR the boo a t<> which It waa atterbed, whm the r<*oioval of the weight leateet ly unablpped the totlre atruetare, aad preclpltetet the unfortunate m.n 1-. tl.e lidewalk beeeeth. Tin h i kvmt U??ai.4i iinT*B Caa* ?Three iaya a?o ibI'/I matloB waa received at Ilk* ? or laar'e efhea that a nan waa Ij iiiij dea-l at 04 Ol ver (tre?t. eel ttat he ha died fn m the eftacta of a blow with a itoaa tree. ted at tha baa la o( a boy aooia tea Bioallia pee ?loo*. The Coro'.er, however, coUld sot, It me', iMe ci var that tl?t re waa anyhely a*, lite ab ite h >uae. ae4 af\> r a* art lleg ta vain, leave tha caae up aa a haaa Yeatertaj alterioon. bewevar, a eomaa in eieurat^ came In lit oRlca aed o miplalned joudlr of tba iaeltae lloa of the t'orii.rr to tha puMIc bueineea, aeylag ? hat abe ka kept hei buabaad a deed body for twe daye await. ig the tetOBtr . toi|ueet bet bo attaaUea b?tae paid to C?r caae, aha ha t tba liody bune<l Kbe recw.ved a rerliB iale fnm Hie doctor wbe atteadel deceiaa4, ay n wbtch the i it) lna|?< tut graBte-l a kurlal eertak cete. ibii U MI Doe *<y> her latiban l a n^B* waa llrnry Itufay. that aha r?a de>l at No ?.# tH'ver atrwaA, i nut fll,aa the alaed ta fure/ ; tha' about V weak a age her bueband waa aUuek ? n the tea l with a atoae by tee aee of akr>iui'h ear ' police man which wound the hvllevee waa the caute of tl.e ..?.?aa?d'a death, ae be Betar did a t'aj a work ?fl> r the laiury. Hbe lyaanda jia'ire at the handa i t It;* ' ornner, as I ? ?y ? abe waate to have tbe/outb wbo etrutk her heabaa i arreeted, aa4 ?lta t with lexMltl to law The matur will he a' tended to to day by oee of the < oroeera. Ntnoeai (<>?ta<nif>* or rite Aeeelrae I'a. rrrjrraer AKMliriM-HilTN aai> l.tar Jlar ? Tblt body, wblofc baa ta?n ta ataalon for a weak (?at, yeet*rday ?Uiee4 ay lta latrra. aad the turn are parted fer their reap eat) ve b i>ir.e* laat aijbt. there waa Bo bualaeaa ef laporteaoe ti*ai acted duriBg the day, It being oe?up ed la pteekag ? a bt it, and atttndleg t" p* >n ary mattera teere'y lha aaaual rept.rl waa rse.1 an ! orlared to be paMieaad. A eotlee wt* trade to make the New Yerk 'V?ae<fcw. <b* piUib*r| ^nirwa* I'rearaM, aad t)ie(taueaeU I oh Mittk the or(*na uf the aatoc atioB, hat altar a leae I abate the bh.I.. n wit nageuvel It wee eaggaelad that tba lit a * I ?' ba the organ; battbeugh the i?*e wan ruorU'e/td a kappy oee, It waa eot adopted. A* ageae tal thi?r, the rr?Bivara o I tbe cotiveeUoa eere auk plrattd aad edlBed with tbe reporta we have puhliebed ire cotiveat on adjourned at i I*. M , to re a*e*mhle ie Clat iLBtl, ' b o, the third Tuaaday la Jaea^^d. la 111* Ati*nit *Ta?e I'. ia.i?'<? a ''tflPH tbe at latka of certain (eurnala, aa laprea*|i% haa (a. aad irt/'iad am' ng foollah country people that 'he alaatha* traea ire polfonoua and tbey are retting tfcetn do we *M oter the eonetry It la Ineielible tkat people la the rural dtatrtcM eaa In a? oVilvlaaf U IM; own iiUtmU ?< to <3**ti?7 ika ml; Un thai la (lor of ntaii m4 virma, aa<l I* a ra a laa<Jia( Ik ? thai ara lufaakad wit* lb*m. Tb? following <oti*rp'jc rtxM a I plat** Ilaa If ? P?t at nun, Jalj IS, [Ml I/a J H ( Mil tai>. CNriaitr. *< hiw *?/?? Oitt ? l?? tl'-l (M ikHl la ?? ? l |aa Ul> Batata* ? k*l *f alltUM lUaa-m (a Ifllfll la f t>.a af - ir tlhiaai ka*t ll>iia|?<iNaa tkat M.a I**<ra ?r Itlaavaa af Itwa af?aaaa af .ka- a raa i a?t la. I ri ?? I* ka4?t4. ??-< U> uiiklar akala aala *.a ra.tla* I.; aatUaa 4??? >a aat k?kli? M#a%*a ? a4|>ll>ala|t.alll Ut>ll4lt| Ik at )M au; 1.4 * a aaua ua4 tt>'r it *a?M la aa*wc ?* Hhan lt.a>?allif)??r !',<?>' It;** ha*.? tl. ?<?? ? ?>?* aiaa i'i II it aa* (if'Matiaar aaaa.f ?f? 't la l?a lata t ? aal tla u...,. . f ,4J\ Hai ;?a a Wa '?? a ? a /Ma lam, tar; mpaatlally, P to "bl'li i t C. r*fl *4 ta f> ,l*aa ? H . .. ?aa V'.aa, Jal; 14, a iihii aa-| f'aa/ iir I Lata ta>ar laaljiH aha lUaWtti li?a*?aa. i in .ua4a< t* haa. aala|??ttl|M.a>tU U?K i al<aa? kal ? ?> I *4 ilat U'aatl af d I ?? ixt| aitvaa I 4a hi wli.aa ' ? *i tl?a; ar? ia,*ri.aa t <? kaalth i- aaral; i- 'a a *aa < 4<r, far I l ata aaaar Ixrl ?f a atm ? aiana al Uaar ir?;?< ttantUM ill|fcurtla4ii|>?all>a a*4 ;*? -?? laar all lAatra aaa ra*il/ ail ?full lm ?kaM lat'a aaaark al \ka a*?f "f?ia Ika.. tfaaa I ' aaalta aa la ? af iktl a lltffaia at lata) tta- a/a i??l'ii II fai I'lli' ? . ' aila > , i ij >na ?, tta f ain tal alJI I'll a aaili) al llaa. i? I II.m I 'Mk !.i a ?aa a? 'I I'll I all! aU't4 la ilaa lata a .at 'aaa aill alia*. ? i(|Mlfallr f?MI, J***' M fllltTHS If tfa mm j aa k*U<-* tkat 'ha Iraa* a Ua. far a ka** Mal| baaa ?*opl, a*-1 aia *?* ctaa rtl Uaa aaattaa, arnu ao-1 catarya! a/a U at that* fkla la aail, ar.iJ ' t?a '?* n*a 'a! a J' a:U aiat ilaa a> a < lilar al'k 'ha aait T?a of a ?a IM tM kaaaata of lU't'ui v?:a a aat a<(ua/aa laaia* Ukaa aiMatw. aa4 Iff a ill ran ?* I'a Uaa <? ? ' attf 'lira** All Ukat la aaa' it la ? >ar aa.; tfca **? ?a la a ?U*t aV.'k ?iUa aaaal taiga ?n ?aa aa4 aai a atnat iarkaf ?ar hlillailia Itaallal A HlUa llaav fr>aaa k/ iba .??at ai l aid am- a-a Tlaa traaa la tfta r art aaaar laa?a? a> ra haa -rtaat a?4 tlaaaly Ikaa al yraaaat 4 S ? a *ii f". Calia ?ti' aa Mi aaa a laaaat >oa haa a tiaMI aa4 ?'< aiat'.ai Woa aw; Ua??a a UiIm aaa/ aaaa kaaa <i?aa aa aarttJaal gataiaa ?tU Ia4taa> aa* aa; f ?IHrtlaf aa u44 raaall Al laaal aa'k aaa tk? (4.; M^kUal rntMloalna a aatal] aai a>!mtr1a# ara?4 airtft4al ;aatar 'af, ?U'a Ika aaral a??a ?-a'af aa r.'i4 a^la aar.m ako 1 ?j?aaia iWaial* a^flaa aari wllakl ymtt Hal Uaa Mam a I a a?'a la kraak ? < aaa y.aaaa U al^a aaa aaa a , -?-a.' .a a/ "aa Ia44 a a >/f tti^^<r*> la <k? ta ' la of <fca atiaat aal |rtka^ hat af't a ro*a, Uaa #* I" rrefMaS**, tka abaraa al I Baa aa<i Ika caar.,? a?. !?? '-a'a tt ftif+rl/ Utkaa A a-I aora.t .#k ^a ???. * na-a Ika la?va* .at 't, aikaa araakiac 1 *' ? ?'**' ?*?*???? "**. ? aaMN.??al; ?# a ?*' ?"* a> \ lkoa|U *4 la >ta crtiliilrtaiWti'Ma a??u-r at 'i ?? 'r i?? la ? ilka r a m * r aa4 a ?? ? '* '' * a??aiaa ka/. a at?a pita of v<?4 ? k ft*'- v u * ^ ?I*' ? IV of aim 't aaa ?>.a Ufa aua .ra w.ra fraa'l/ ||a,aai ?? tta aaaf' ??? t' ?a1 a?il aaa/ "Mlrla ?l *ka| aa?a U'lf 'aa M itata aa aall aa artlaara I ?t. T?a?'*at?"? ?? raa liatat 1 1 Hiun Pm ?m**t I ,,, -V rfard far i, t .a a --aaa a aha aaa <W .a tM i.. ?t #k*a? a aura h ago b; > aa asial ?fra#t? aa II a ttifgmt 'tail jdaMaj al Ualiaaaa Ilaa) ?? Iraaa ? . ,at; I.^alta J "a thai '4-ialm TW "aafwaaal iaa.^-4 ?t ,M laiakia) a Waal atljfc |ai baakaiM, aa4 il aa? . k? a ha *a> a '?a?a<. la a ^aa/'ai atlh f>taa?a I>a1 II* ra -?i?a4 U? fatai aiaa?4 Jha hal a.. 4ata?(a! fo# fc#? L akaa^, hal it *alar:<iaal*> alra ?* ha' la iW Waaa, af'a; |aaatr y liralin'; km " I ' *4 ?* haa haii ? ? ptlaaaa . ilka fa; of 1 '?a a?# .rtaa*a < r ?i a if II ' iaa vtll i.a ? aa la^vaat aa tka M; *? ??> _ Kn .ti' ?i i kt>i . taf "????"?* '.-Aaa ja?l?r4aj afVit^aa, ?**' * haa*k' | a4h? ?ha ? a.?a?a#~aaa ta#4. a Ik* ta.*if aital I aail Tka ?aM?? ??? ?* a?a ' ,-WI W 4a;

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