Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 29, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 29, 1855 Page 3
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OUR SUMMER RETREATS. UTTERS FROM LOiG BRANCH m NEWPORT# A BAD SEASON AT NEWPORT. ' L0tf3 y??.Nca. UtTHOPOUTAS HOTRl., ? Lovo Bbi*-ch, N. J., July, 27, 1*3, >. I f'Ong Br inch Compared with O'.her Witter.' ng Plurt* '? At rivals? LM of Diitinguuhtd Vi li ter*, 4'C? 1 hare tiave.ledsomein my day, and liars visl'ed many of oar fashionable popular summer vraWiog places. lit my wanderings I bare been a: 6*ratoga, and hare drank Cotgress water to excels, and once suffered fsthicnably through an entire eeasor. Since then I hare paid fijiz>g visits, and bare frequently tidden to the lake, avi can speak feelingly of those trout dinners. I hare .spent much time pleasantly at Lake George, euj<yed ttie beautiful s tsnery, flahed and sailed upon i's waters, and partaken of the hospitality of the hotels. 1 was oace fool eaoagh to olimb the Catskills, and winy through a t: lions ride up the mountain eid?, of twelve muss. have spent a seasoa at L^binon, aaung th bills and Shakers; I bav* v>cited Went Point Lake tfahopac, Newport, Kj k? ?ay, Bath, For Hamilton, and have eujoynd th'j surf buhin and clam bakes of Coney Island ; I have per formed fatiguing journeys in stage coaches an dusty railroad c-us to reach these points, bu\ for some teas :n? probably prejadljs? I never before virtted Loos Bianci, New Jersey. Aicldent brought aie here thia tease n, and the many advantage* tois beautiful seaside resort possesaea over tht ot kw, '? induce me to write this communication, eo tint the public, through the Hkbai.d, may receive the i benefit. It 's true we bare no medicated mineral . wateis to purgfl as aid produce an artrtLnl as .-e ? tite, but then we have, icsteid, pure, teeuh air from ofl the ocean, ^cd the rolling, dashing, foaui'ng surf . to cool ounelvif, that make us long tor tue dinner 1 hour. And, in lieu of the view fiom the mountain top, we have a broad expante of ocean, and *n cvsr changing panorama of steamships and sailing ves sels. Oar liitung is unequalled, and the drives ex- j cellent. Just think of tno enjoyment, these exces sive waim tights, to sit out on the piazza, or upon the beacn, with a pleasant bre?ze playing over you, and "nereramosqnito coidjw near ! ' The coid of Saturday and 8ucd?y last lessened the arrivals, but to-day there have been more thaa on any former 4>y of the seaaou. At the Metropolitan we have about 250 guests, : among them Gov. Price and family; Judge Tramaln and family, of Albany; tbe families of Lord & Tay lor, J. P Howard, James Hewlt, and many others of New Ycrk? Hon. Wm. L. Pnllipi and family, of Washington, Ac. The splendid turnouts dtiviog along tbe beach road to-day were no', o llv numerous, but give an appearance to " things " that m dcos one fear, almoet, that the old fashioned oimforka of Ling Branch are about to be changed. The semi-weekly hops are well attended, aud have the e fleet to give a general Introduction, and every body and their wives are determine 1 to have "a go<.a time.'' The Herald of tnis morning publhhed an account of the Coney Island tragedy, which tends to excite the fears of our timid bathers. Hal the same precautirns been observed at Coney Island that Meetre. Van Dvke and Cooper, of the ifetropilUan, take here, probably two valuable lives wou d have been savtit. In the fitat place, bathera are no'.itiad when it is proper time cf tide, and the bathing master, an expert swimmer, always accompanies parties. He is also provided with ropes made fast I to stskes diiven in tbe bank, s> tiat tie swimmers ' need never loose their h?ld. An abandan?e of sarf beats are also in readiness but the precautions be fore mentioned reader them of little or no use. Long j Branch is de. Heily " the place, " and the Metropo litan " one ot the nous fa." Ajstan, I Howland's Ska Bsach Hotel, i Lopq Hkanch, N. J., July 26, 1865. f filter from an Old Hubitui -Changes at lsnxg Branch? J)r> ?ts m Iht lnt< rior ? Conitnuiiica,' i wi with TVitr York, fyc., frc. It if no# several jeai t since I wrote you from this place: and a'ter suc'j an absence, it is truly refreshing wad pleasant to turn the eye again sea ward from this delightful spot. If I mistake not, at tbat time the Herald proprietor and family were acjcruuing here. Time makes m\ny altera tions. Now, magnificent hotels, vieing in internal arrangements and aocommo<latlons with those of Broadway, hare takes the place of alder ones. Mat ice villas are springing op on all sldjs, erected by wealth} citizens for the accommodation ot th;m se'ves and families on ing the summer months. Beautifully laid out lawns, gravelled walks and drms have added mnch to the bsauty and general appeal ance of Lorg Branch. At evening, a stroll along the main thoroughfare i> grand in the ex treme? upon the one hand, nothing is beard save the wild meaning or the dark blae sea; while upon i the ether tfce eje is dizzied by the glare of flashing , gaa tights, gay promenades, and broil halls re ech> 1 ing to the tocUtepe of tbe msrry daacera. Speak- j irgof drives, they are nsmeroos and very flne, ! affording sn opportunity for a display of equipage I and speed that is rarely met wi'.h, the later (speed ) i having been famished principally brths Monmoutn ) people; tor 1 am told that a majority of the horses > In um hands of citizens soj jurning hire h?va b;ea I reared in this county. A drive inland as far as | Andersen's, at Eatontows, is decidedly agreeabls; 1 and who has not heard of "Unjle Jemmy/" he Is dlois tam'Uatly termed? world-renowned for hU hospitality, alirays ready with a smile to greet ths i traveller, asd possessed of the haopy fa;ul'.y of j inducing people to putake or tbe good things with wfcica his board is alsaya so bountifully pro vided. I notice on the boeks at Holland's and others, 1 tbe names of many distinguished visitors from the difffennt Statrs, particularly the Southern and Westetn? at the Metropolitan, that of Gov. It. M. : Price and fimlly, of New Jersey. Tbecomnuni ration with the two cities U vary direct and easy of access. Boats are running dally to asd from ' Neir Yoik, the iee '?, heietofoie an obitru:tloi to ssvlgatkn, having bsenremired. Telegraph crmmuoioati' n can be had at all hours. W. NEWPORT. Ocka.n Hoi iK, i j Ni wpmtT, R. 1., July 'if,, l J54, , JVo Alhac'rm,' ?Archbi Hughe* ? Smithtin 1 ? Madame f.a Orange? Rum- The "Hoff?Yecht Raring? Important Prediction*, Jfr. Newport Is doll! Last year, at thii time, 1$ wam rather a lively place. Ram dan'i seem to make a " bit of d ffit'etct," for last year it was hard to ob tain, but now it flows almost constantly to your mouth. Tbis h< use is not near ha f full of sojourn oi?. It is a genet al complaint with tbe other public houses on the la'and. Tbe foot is, people who hid a little m ney laid by for the watering plaoes, during the put two yeais, havs not gut it at the present time; aad thty who havs got the "rocks," economise reventyflre percent. Extravag*aoe ha* raised the very devil with moneyed people during the list flf teen moith*. A change has come ever the 'dippers cf tbe pocket," ard landlords feel it kesnl; Motey, what a king! Fashion, woat an Idol' There are hut few nctable arrivals here Ar h bi?hop Hughes is at this house; Mrs W a rich ladj from Louisiana, seems to comaunl the drawing f.oocs just her own way; Mis* H ? ? , s Virginia hehc?s, sweeps her silks and saMns through the halls with a dasilng, rustling soiad. Hhe ifj Lot \r autlful, but bandso-n*. Vetterdty, 1 saw LengMlow, the poet, who "takes' so beauti fully Jwm tbe f*rmas; Bancroft is here so is Rveiett. Tonight a "grand hop'1 cornea eff at this the Ocean H,n*e. The (lermaoia Band, In foil will "bios" :or the crowd. From present appear an ess, but little beauty will adorn the o.-caalos. A more ugly looktng -set of ladies y ju never saw at a watering place. This ia ratter ha id language, bnt as yoa alwav* demand tbe ttath 'rem ycur Hkku.d correspondents. 1 am just ths Individual to do K. Madam I Arrange and suite occupy a good ?part of the pnoDc attention so does tbe ?' Bouquet Mas," whose arrival has jist bees amiouaoed by any qnsatity of psrfumery, and a dispiav of floweis. W Cere don't hsgo ? He bo rs tome at Saratoga, at Niagara, Caps May, Lmg Branch, and Newport, all is one breats? at least al inside of thiee weeks. What don't " tarn up" for him M.cswber saver heard of. On 'be l nth of August a grand regatta c>ae< off at Newport. Most of the New York Yacht C ub wifl be present. It will he a grand race, weather proving ravcrab'e. At preaent there are ?but twj nlits ia pcit.the Uso asd fttanight. Cat*. N. H. mer. nf 8'onmgton, with hie ya*t Juliette, left here a shcrt time since. 3he wOl be here for tie nee co tse tetth ; so will Captais Dick I.oper, owner of tbe yacht America, asd she ia a' per feet powder hern model alio Captain Willi m?, with his dishiau vac hi- bar name the Rack Out, I believe ; a^o Captain Ketcbum, of tbe prWty Hf? tic, together with o4har actable vaseels. Ntwpxt ns say liers that the I'oo b*at the Maria la?t sea rs'. Others swear he d in't ?o /atil f. M W,?UiU'rs's 'ulia lit-Vwl ths sad Maria awfully Hp* is thin? Acd prayUti ua v w\j the Harta ^ iai<i np at the present tixe. Coca 8. ias't b< *frai<?, c&n h?7 Acccrdlrgto t ie " talk" ta;* war, wUa an eight-knot breere, t'u Axerica cat wfcp th? crowd, providing Caotaio Lop?r h.u the h?las. Derenl upot one thlri? It will bs an *XGlttr;r time or tte 10. h ; and, :f alive I wti! send jou 4 ja-.fbct acooun*. of the regatta. L'atll tlen ' J. D V. Sf.w roRt . It L, July it'., 1*55. 'J'/i'il "Heated Term " ? 7'Ai ? 77i? I'nita ?;an Char eh Fair? A t'raetir tl Joie. We here been Mked the meaning 0' the "tisaW terns," we were Voseat, ud confessed oar inability i to oxplaln. We remarked that oc? Mr. who "dote'' the weather en Bneikijn Height*, ha 1 . fired eff a aeri-a of paragrapba om that i w Licit ttr the moat part briefly aaaounced to j t Wilteting humanity in general, that toe "l.eatui I term still continued." Oar friend taid "auobug" ! snd "guffaed that the cleik of the weather was well, never mlud what our filecd aail? he wui excitable? perhaps the "heated term >vl? hint bo? aad we regret to admit that hs went the wiol* lergth of the e xpreeolon and etaeludeiby ' quoti jg the precedent of one Mr*. Jones, who front I round retailing atale news. fiut may w<? 1 ! a-k, "What has all this to da with Newport?" A I "prit'y considerable eight,'' (touse a Yankeelsn.) as yu ^ooreelf would aLicw if you could but sea as an we si'. (La a thin coat and profuae ps:?pira tion) to ;ora?l this epitt'e. " Toe a eaaon," ia about *hat it waa tea da;sugo, the Uc<au House haa about 150 inmate*; the pla e ia net cranmed, nor do we fiink it likely to be. All the l?etter, therefore, for thoae wbo come? mere bedroom and elbow roc a, aad, bettor still , a reiaos able prospect of getting aomehing to eat. The < ?ermaniana are here? ooncsrta, hops. baMiicg t'tira (rut unlike those so graphical!/ dwcribtid by oue of jour " 'long shore" correspoodeatatna reoeut epistle), and all the complicated machinery of " the Etason," are ready, and on'y wait ttie inQax of " the s'.rargers," to get ap the s earn. W m' a pretty sermon- a practical one, I meaa? c u!d tm preached here during the high carnival ot the su if 1 mer time, frcm the text, " I waa a atraogsr aa<! y 3 j tcckmetn!" But there, aha! the qu>t?-,ion muit ' end, for we never heard of Mjbody deprived of raiment in these parte wbo wJTclothed without a pecuciary consideration to hla tailor, aor of one " tick ana in prla3n" getting out without feeing hia lawyer. The "laat agony " bere in the way of anex:ito ment, has been the 1 nitsriaa church fatr, a'. tt?e Ocean Home hall ; or as it may o;herwi?e be styled, a not very new way of raising th 9 wind to Jli<a:di e old debts. Dat honesty of latent! in la evdry.alug ia t6e?e latter days, and surely "charity ootrereth a multitude ot ains yea, even aa la tbis inat&ace, these of needlswoik. Weil, take it all in all, it wis a fair fair; with fair women, fair glda, a more than fair attendant, aad If miaerly souls were inclined to discover aa unfair difference bet veen the amou it diabur?ed and tbe articlea purchased, wh? they had only to reflect that they we*e casting their breai npoa tie waters aad might possibly find it after many dsy?; even if the crnmba we.-e n^t t> bj puktd up immediately. T&ere was, moreover, h , Peat Office where we tailtd to inquiio f:r letters; and a pasteboard siga which informed tbe frienla ttat a "grab box (crab b:>x( we read it), w>* ?oca'fd in that quarter of tbe establishment, wher?, for the very moderate charge of halt a dime, the celuded yoath throat in his hand and drew foith? somethlrg less than bis money's woitb. But, after all, we ought to be a.hsmei of ouiteWes to make fun of net lout things, cue mora so aa a I'nitarian friend of ourselves has lotimitod an inte-nticn of cr srii g n? off her books if we tth >uld ^ive this " chsrtUb.e effort" either more or less tian a lit at rate noiict : -o we'll try and mend oar 4e scriptioD: that is, if we can show evidence of a good intention by ao dolcg. So in all sobemev, at a taVe hcaadtd "l.'temrj Coricfities" (there must have b <en a mistake tere, for we looked in vain for tie auto biograpbita ot Barnum and G.eeley,) were to tyc fcunaabrace of autograph poems by Lcngfellow, which doubt'eaa bronghl a round sum ; di to by Tucktrman, and ditto by Geo. Curtla. Th^re were also sin dry specimens of bal sig Lataree, by ciatioguiahed individuals, among j which these of Uiaa .Fanny K?imt>\? were the most abundant- it beiog p/etty Keaeraliy I tudtrstocd that more were to have been had, if they ! cculd have s Id them. The Crimean N'igbtingate would a 'so hare been "on the tab:?,'' but as tue 1 I'tn r.t bas jet to attt'e the ({aeation of her being a 1'nitanan, they woa!dn't "grieve her" by the impu- I tation. Id addition to thes' matters, and a atock I "tr.o rnmeroua to meotcn," tie paator, Charles T. | Bro< k?, K?q., has labored hard to produce a quanti ty c I little manuscript book*, containing transla tions from the German, (in wbch Mr. B. excela.Xor paragraphs picked up abroad. Prota one of these - a collection of epitapts? we cull tbe following, c ) pied frcm a grave stote in tbe churchyard of Liar gotten, in North Wale*: ? Our lift it tut a wintry da j? Some ob't brtakfant sad i?i^ Olheie to dinner ?t?T, and ire (uU fed ? The oldest man but *uh and goe? to bed. 1 erg* ifchii debt who Unfert out the day Wlio goee the nooneit ha? the least to p?7 Oar eld fishermen here are fond of practical j >kea, as tlie following may ahosr Some eat3rf>rlaing snia'eun in piscatory pursuits employed a man to t?ke tbem out "baseing,' bat aa they were, or Kerned to be, very " iw n," the old wag took then to a wtite washed leoga of ro:k? in the inner h?r bor, known as the lime rock*, and there the eathu H'aait: Waltonian passed their day, with a blazing sun abftTf, and ab.ut the aame cnao:aof catciInK fiah as if ihey had been angling in thetr cisterns at home. Bat the old fisherman's rrj was ever? " Bait 'cm well np, gentlemen: they're a lee'.'e sbr about here.'' But the ma 1 is clotting, aad I mmt cry bold. On Saturday n? xt, at 5 P. M., Bishop Cluke, of Rhode Kard, with others of the clergy, will lay tbe ootcer s'one of a naw Episcopal church in thu place. It is to be called Kmmanuel charcX and will be un der the charge of the late recU>r of Trinity. Mr. Brewer. Tbe Kpia'opaliine, by tbe way, are to bold a prand fair on the 10th of August, toos-ur in raising the rec:mary fai d?. SvArrt: o Tcktm Our PbltsvlUe Coireapoi.rfnirr. Pi TTaTILLK, July 2?, 1?M. H'dJinjf Unhand ? It* DirtdtnH, Fu '?ri Volut 'o N><r I'm k *nd the Ka'trrn State* ? Phi I'ld'/fhiii, In Burint'i, It* (tnirurd Profrr**, It* < vstoni <md it* Im/ioitanci? Pi nnnylvania, Iter Ha(rt*<dt, Hrr Ct'l, Her IVmlth, M a nn fact or ifj ? ( ' mmtrti of A*"' Yotk ? li/aprm tiy Treaty? i r,}. v^a lion in MY ?ttrn Titirn* ? Tiunk Lmr* to i tht IVc. ! ? TiOiti, 4 f., ^-c. 8 ccs my U*t, the "agony " on the Ktatling ha* ; rtachcd 'he eriaie, and pwaed off wit'iou*. ntr*i.iitig 1 ' or break 'ng the )?"k cf a uingie Individual. T <.e , | manager i hare [iioclaimtd n di vide nd of four |>er i 1 c?-at from the earnirga of the flnt nix montha, and ; | hare made such txh:blt of the baiicen m to lndu ;e | the belief that thiee timet the amouat will be i^tmed ao'l divided in Jatoaiy next. Daring the eeven month* ending cn the let if July, they ahoir a aet | rffcult cf II W,2''2 87, agalnat 1713,983 86 durtng the noM pctiod in 18o4? being no increase of I47j, 03, and exactly %'M flfil 24 more than your e?tl w-ate for the btulneee of the year In March laat. But aa the Ave montha yet to corae gave laat year il. 640,6*3 20 more than the preend iri' **vcn montha of the year, we cannot, with the pxtent bualntu before ua, teogniae leu for the balance of the preeent year. To gratify' however, the partlea whoee cmaclence ia tender ; i n the anty ct . we may admit that the Increase will > be the tame aa' leported, and content oureelvej with ! a net mcoaoe for thia year of 12,961,146 27. Thi? , him unt, af'er deducing the intereet on the banded ! debt, ar.d all other Habllitlee, will leave a balance i equal to '.'7) per cent on the capital of the c>tnpv ny. Bnt If, aa reported, the holder* at the convert ible boTda bare made their electltn, and taken the atock Uatead of the ?lx per cent, then our ncconnt i for the yenr will give oa a net income of $:i^H.i,!Kn; 27; w hi let, after dednctiag the intereet on the hi 'ance ol bonded bebt and all ot^er linMlltlee , oar ' uiridend fond will be %'l 5.'tl tO.27 ? equal to 241 I percent on $10 214, <542 W, the prevent extended ! capital atock cf the coapany. The ?xc<(?. however, aof the btwineee, eettle the qneatioa h r the f otore. It nlao eoabiea the public to eaiimate how muoh the ehortalghted opponent* have gained by their continued oppoettion, aid how much of the ingredient called tru h embelllabed their ?evwal argamentn again* the wo<ka. The ' Bonting debt," made necenairy by the pur rhnae of whnrvea, depute, nod a rnilrond, by watch the tight of way Into the city wae eecurel- and I wnlcb, at the time, wae provided tor by a ?ink1n( fund? la lominaily a bagnUUt, and the proflta r?. aultlag to the company from the porchaee u .?ti mated at tfl,C00,W>, eqonl to 1>?j per cent ?n the re* of the rand. The "extravagant ani to ca a tire ? u llkewiae uma?d of t>y toe naftiiaK*. n a?l ail the infiw?e ? fraud ea ip'phed in the prfpec'a c 1 the fatate. Indaad, th? I mvtk 1* new upon its legs *ai u there are bo i n^Lill grades to icterte-e witn iU progrees or tta bum e-t, no in t rf c?pit*lcr ijcit. at tie mlaa?, no i cbt. k ia tbe market cr the character of the coal. I wo aa?y leave it in the Lied* of '.U cu net, i?ni !?t tbe croilhly .eport of Its earnlagr eiut las it* v? up. Tbe qufetion for tit future is, who bvsida the ?Uck?oli??, ma the paitlea reaping a~d s W ti g tbe e xc.bitant uat reaw Fy the !ait j\ a a report, it appear* 1.0i7,iij4 toiaofcal wtrs> brcbght ov.r tU? i ja4 vj tank-it, i L Wuicb, 283,212 wtra Oro >pe<l by tne W*y. 292,901 ' wereoehvered :n tie rftjr of I'htladeipnia, and 1,411.734 ? ci b #'rt tt&i to tti<.' Kastat? muket. Of Urn ?meant, it ia ? a'juuU.-l that 800,1*00 tons m >r? t*k<a iw.i coD?u2ie?i la the city ar.d B"?to of New Y< <k. Cou*'iueLtl7. New Yoek, i&sUmi of Phii?d?l pbifc, frca' ILt B^gle artic.? cf :.oil, in to? r?c(piant of n(?j!y tiireo t'aet tap advantages. Bat it we view tbe lateral or irdirett otytc a of trade, and fut.'mta tie j bearing upon jo>a canine ca ?id the gtaeiai itu teats of yoir city, jtu will find 2:0 banj'.rl cm? ia ftDr ot your public ?Tik?. Philadelphia, it is voij ?c.l kr. ivn.uyaur beat ccrtcaer. llerariiusl mi jnrui <?:;* :aroa gh t ! jocrcity.u a aader'tood, exceed 41ft OOi.OOO, an*. | hr i-dividvsl purchase* 'till; cqae fxa i m- uut The who e am u:t rwuids ciau b^ud through tie | Wckt t i.i tha S-;utii at Ui> riak o( the par: ??. and ; /< or uturn ia prcmptly mad'.- is omj^j o-.dUn j product ct the StaV ; a->l or toe l>??,? of tn*?e m i ui -'U.thbe hn M? her 'allruada, aid gives 70a ?n . cutlet fcr the cnrp'.uM that miglit r.thcrwiae rot oa ! }our ! hcl?es. 0* ttia poaibon it ta not neoaetajj j to gr itto tbe anamont to orovs t'ie f?:t; nor id r?j tv>n to t?a nt''ieor iapor'anr?of h^r cuatjm w it iiiiiK?t<ct to tabibit ta? dtuUa. A ?ia<le la ! *tanc? fcet^?e the ?iae?tioc: - (a 1*24, tia who e ; tuc her or nrriTtu at tKn port cf Paiudelfbla ?ai 1 1 ,4W. ol ?khico 501 wvre fr-?m f '*eiRn tiorti. Lirt ;c-tr (lH>*)4 : tje a-rlya .'a from l^/eign p?rt< war? j j61, &nd fvw 20,000 w?a*t rrUe, wit:.^at es'.tax* ting the buHtrwi ou the Ctradac asi Aaboy RMlroaa, or ttia D?airar?aad ltari^n Oana*. Bat U.ffcr are cot lie ouljr a ivanaaiM /ou dari?a ! rem th'i cu>t'.Q cl' l'h:1adplpt>ia and l'enn'ylfiQia. Vonr worYerfai c mm art* a;, a inutt^d apace for its acxmiordaUoii, bave driTeo from >t-ar olt/ tte manutactu:iDg inbsr^ata; and a. Pbiladei^ma ?nl l'!?aT la is the looatlon.of all other*, where tbe ra* ttati rial rtn bp had in abundanoe ? where cheap Janas cl eep fael, riieap llring, ail tha mar ket, or tbo mr at direct rontp to it. are at the'j dia pcaa!? vou will r?ccgr.l7e advantage.* uot to be bad caat ofk*Jie Deuiwaie. Now, when it la knoA'n that maij of tU l?t k cations ta /a baen aecitvd by Raaierc capitallita, it will be well to dlreat your aelna of t:e MjuM driren int? your hiada by tbe apeculaUr? theorifa of your L'eataaant e.cvtitor and bis august aaacr'a'ea, and rea'.lze the proniMd advaLtagea. l?h? " higher l*w" and " Maine la?" expoacdera, it ia true, ruined tte pubi'.c wo:ka of i'ennayivanla, but contrary to their intentions, they gare you a work t'jat nere afUr a nat protest and Mir tain your city. At th? expertecf tbe canal*, the Pennsylvania railroad, which ia Loir an important link between toe K*ai aid the West, and which la exactly the object to which join attention w diteoted, is, In lonnectioa with the Sunbu j and F.rie, worth to Philidelphla and New Voik all your cantla and half your rail roads in operation. In their zeal to pram it? the lntm?1n cf their abolltkn friends, thev have given ! the Weatein t.*ade for a del'oate metn or salmon, and | now that jcuj caaala are crj lug for budnena, your I ral'rcada aie deprived of thtir dividen'a, a d tie ropnJaUcuof yenr intr. ior fowaa are decreasing, ! tbicewctka, likt the I!e*di?g, are extendi "g their | benevolent ban ia, and emphatically asking y >u ti , ? hate their advan'ages. Iheue lacta, which are plain, <nd require onl> ? ; irrdicvm cf reflection to auataln thim, at? every da/ fi:cisg themetlvea into notice. The rai'reada of PenM<ylra< ta are tbe natural chancel* between tbe Eastern and Western markets. Tney are cot ol, y geographloally nearer tbe aeveral points, but their graiea shorten in the exponss of tianapottatioa full balf the diitmca. By tha New .Tcpey Central, which now expend* 'o Allentowa, while a connection of thirtv-tbrci mil-* catries it to Poit CI nUn, where it uai'es wt'.h the Uanphin and Bn'qnebanna, and ther.ce over tie Pennsylvania Certial to l'ittsburi,Jycu have a direct line to that section of tbp State. At the SuHqushanna it t^aln cotnects with the Banbury and Fn'e, an J on the l4e blgh with tte f'ataivlas* and Klmtra, where it not otiiy inteicepta the portion of the tiade declined for New Yoik, tut U g'.vea you an outlet not to It? Taltied by any of the examples before us. To Philadelphia, which has ever exh bited m>re I en'erpiioe than their teighbora are willing t> a jv?rd them, tbe comp'etlon of thue works wl 1 t?e of lm meiife liuporta^ce. The haery puritan of tbe trale, j frtro the descending) graies, hki the coal, inns'. ! MM IB that dlncttoa, and as be- citizens, or at least the UttlUgent portion of them, are beginning t > leoognize the tine character of her trade, and tbe impossibility of interfering or diverting It rron her, ymwill und no difficulty In me?. lug and ar ranging the plana for completing the worlu. rhaso maiteia, hewtver emphatically urged upoa vonr notice, are not intended for privata or individual adva^U&ea. The object la to ahow tha*. it la ths ? inter? or New York, at this particular time, to . lock at Pennaylvanla, and aeenre the advaita<?< wtich lie at ber diapoul. Tbe dlatano? ia not great, tbe aeaacn ia propitious, acd the hsrvent la ctitaialy ready for the sickle. ANrnaaciric. Shocking Haider of Captain Frailer, of the Mti ttllfh, [Krom tb? Btltlmore Aatriean, July 27 ) Tbe bark l.apwirg, arrived here ytsterdty, bring I iBg Kio de Jaieiro dates to 21st June. The ideation ! betWeen Paragoay an ! Brazil ia temporarily termi nated, thu President of the Itepu bile baring given the aatUfaction which waa required from him by tbe Impei ial gonrnment. Thj < ommander in chi?f of the Biaslliaa squadron waa dlemlaeed for tut having omptkd lu part with tie order* givei by the gov ernment. The Brazilian steamer fozttti >u?, wh< 5h left Hio on the 1 1th ultimo, at the dia'.ance ?t a fair , milea attack againut tbe lUniai buk Iodia, on ber . voyage from Hamburg. We h?ve received By GViUtio Kel T, of the Lap | wlrg, the following particular* of a mmtbmUl 1 morcer committed on board tbe ahlp Met Witch, 1 Captain Fiazier, bound to Coin i from New York: ? The cllpptr ahip S:a Witch, Capt. Frszier, ornel ! by Uowlatd & Aapinwallof New York, arrived in ! tie port of Hio Janeiro on tbe Itith of J use, and on | belt g boarded by the odicer ot Co'toms, it wm c ih 1 c,vf>i(d that tbe captain had been mc-derei. fbe Custom hou'jcfBcer immediately sent for a gua*d and tTol^cbarge of the atip. Tbe Amcricvj c <nsal, Mr. Bcott,was tben Do'ifhd of the afliir, aad he, accfrop*Liel by Capt. Row in of tbe United 8' it ?* brig BaiDbr lga, promptly ropaired on bjard. rue I men weie all pal in >ronn and Mr. B:ott entered in 1 t ?n (-xtniiDHii jn of tola "iel?oc ?.ly Affair. Ficm i^e evidence take/v it ?ppe?M th on the Eliiht of the .'t/i of June, bi.-twecn the boar* of 1 aid I, tbe fln.t mate, who tben had ciargeof tie de< k, writ V) the room o:<cur>ied by the *hip * ?ur I gcca, Dr. Rrr>:e?ky. and hurriedly )?<?<( a ?? ted Mm to gjtup.atalDg tbat be believed tbe captain ww moniereil. The doctor immediately ar >?c, ?iJ mi < eMer It r tbe captain s aputmtn'.b. beid bi n b? h-:d 1 in blood, and he immediately gave tbe alarm. Tne watch on ceck came cown ud ?'??:? the doctor to ruiee the < aptalp, acd ?n ctrelolly i * imlniig the wt and*, it w?a dia^irered thai tnc nkal' hail oeia fractured by three diftioct blown. ra ;h :A o? b :lo,< itut to h are cioaed hie ileetb, m the akuU tu abeoiotely driven la on the brain. The captain died the next day and the body *h j> ac< (1 n a boghead of apiilta. rai ?hi,> wii tb? a in the Ittirnde of U <}eg. H. and la the long tnde of 11 tleg. W.. aboot ^Omite* from R.o. The <kot<r ion*ted upon going lnt> Rio aa tbe rearrat pert, but tbe mite wiabed to k?ej ofl. However, the doctor told him be auipeoad him aa tbe murderer, and if he matiif?aied the ahjjh'^at | ?)OptOEii> < f treachery he void ?hcot Tbta i icensa to have ovei awed the znite, m he pu*. into 1 Wo. On tie 1 !*ih cf Jtitir, Or. Itnfeneteln >,t tbe | I,' Li ted B'un big Bitubriiljre, accompanied by ' Dr. Penwil, a cbnician reanentia FUo made an I examination <f .he Ixx'y. Taey J'acovered three i ttactuiea to the akoll, and t'.ai th^y were thi caaee of hie ileatb. On exploiting tbe eparm?nt 1 of tbe mate a marlli e-apike waa f toed w'licn, being j applied to the ^actorea, filter tiem exactly, aad farther, th? re waa a deep tnden'.itton la the wood of the cabin jrntt above the c?r>tal.i a bead, to which tte bead of tbe marlice emxe alio correepowled. Aad, on examining tbe marliae apike ra re cloae'y, a i mall portion cf peiot waa dieicvarad wbich wai identified by chemicil tenta aa of toe aaoae quality aa that el the rabin. The ve nd mate on being 1 exatalcad stated that the cariine aptke had aever i been painted: he 11 ret thought it had. I Tbe foamlnett' n Lnrtng proceeded thna far th* j ComuI ordered the flrat a ate. Hylvanaa If. ripencjr. j to be aneeted and piac'd la iron*. He resetted lea re to <L-eee hlmaelf preriooa to balng taken aahore ; and M a marine waa knocking <ff ths ir>n? Hpeactr , drew a kaife and atabbed hlmaelf In the left beeaat. { : The wound ie alight aa the kaife glanced over the { I ilba, atd the wretched man failed la h i wicked at i tempt. He waa carefully at'eadad an4 eonvevel to prlacn to remata antil the Conanl can eend n'm ( to the United S'atee. All the am except three bare been liberal"!, and they alao will toe eat free at . Hxn aa examined. Thua tar dreeaaHeeeea point j very afrotgly to the mate aa the perpetrator of '.he ; crime. Meaar*. Maxwell. Wngbt A Co., the ageata of Aa | ptawatl A Ca , have charge of the efcfcp. aad will ex Sdrte bcr upon her imraee aa eooa aa poeiib!e. e Cornel appointed <'%pt lang to the ( wrnud ' of U? abfp. aad he baa rematoed cm hoard daring tbe whole of the examination, dihfeatly performing the t>)isg dati?a of tfcle melaacbiuly oecMioa. Ty bo4y ot C ?pt. Fre/ier, we are informed , wtD he eeat , V N?w York io the abip Ucirn whi b waa a'i i* I to eeii whea the l.apwlag 1 eft. Our ll*t?M C?TUpond??t?. Havana, Mi; 23, H5 >. A T' if (o t!i * Grown# irtt? Th* Pinto Hunt Affair? Imprutnmtnt and Banuh we*t? Art of Gi'iet ti TrardUri ? F.i\U ^ Rami trz-A CvMia R ra Patmict t'n Cu!ia-Hn Di/fi rtil'it* at ( Hii at H i R*cryt<tm and Hu Ritrtal -*f<irai /!??"? ? Choltra. I only ittnrned j?"Xs Jaj frcra ft viait of flte days to the K'fai tobacco growing district called the I "Va'lU Ab'.o." I will not attempt ft dsn nptioo I c I I ! a', c oeen, <r ?ead you tbf statL'U < I L*?b obtained relative to thrgrowthef the "wttd, ' which is t:e-e placed of a quality snpenor, for tlx iraiutsctaje (A segars. to thi?t grow a !n acy ctb*r int.i4? cf Cabft, cr indeed in tie world. 1 rtwtve u . m> E.tff (era future letter. I wrtt? y. a en the 11th Instant, that theri>btd not be*n U} anwti uj o tbe hoar ef my tte? writing, for tbe ctime(?) of the PntoJ>u?t affair. Had the eUfoiir teen <?t?*ired fir a tow h.un longer. I tbeuM tare titen ecaVed to inform ycu tost HcL*r bid btfti ar?estej and placed ia bis old quarters is the Pitu Fen. Another paity, named Taye*. who wts ecp'o/fd a?ac'eik in the Brnk for 6aJlpgs, ba< since beer calx d befote the Chief of Pwiioe. ftoundly rated tcr having permitted thy bant t? bemtde at bie resident e, informed that the Captain fieneral w<a tjrtrr&ei\ wrgr; with him for bU "Impadencla," ard dirtoted to e?l?ct tbe country in Europe where be chore la futa*e to reaile; he at Itctel Hpain an t hie r*,sPort for that coeisfry baa since be?ti sent tfm. Jiii tin sly, I have hewd, are endeavoring to nake Willi Jfctt ii fluence with the Captain (Secern! I U> izduc htm t r> revert? this sentence of banishment I lesrn tLat at/ potty whom the numeral" spies, by wbcm we a.e tarrounded, nay denoonoe, will In atentl; ate their paaeport sent them, without evn the tiigbteat opportunity of knowing with what of fer?* tbe; are charged, much less of defending th< Uiteivtn aga.nat the aosuaatioo. So It will be re. qoicite for as. wbo drnlit to reside ia thla gen'.il ctime, to Kind oar P's aca Q's; but nerertheidH it ifftlly U vt ry teri'b c that the one m?a pfwer aSouU be <? tu h force as to prevent the exprtasioa of even an hot <v.l; entertaictd opinion upon an; matter of public Importft&ce. I bave titen informed by & par*y who haa peculiar rpporturitiea for tbtaining each information, that a dccree will toon be issaed by which the hoi fin dt dittfnharro ((xrmlt to ted) will be rendered a pass port to pro<e<d to anr^art of the Island tor tie fpftce of thiiiyda>R. This ia eonAidarea quite an act of gtac* ; but what ntce?eity exiata, I would ro aptcttuliy liquvie, for requiring a pwtpoit at all In travelling abou*. Cuba? Assuredly, if ft mm is suf fered to lard here in (be Havana, Le might, without danger to the S'.ate. ba permitted to chaaire tbe placa of bis abode as frtqt en Jy aa he plejuei*; b it I ?nppcte < ier. Concha wouU* tell na ot the danger of rtvduUon btiog fomented. Is it, or ii it not, pos sible tbattba CastaiL General really baa no contl derce in tbe stability of tbe pr.?ent form or g?veri uent in Cuba ? Is It tast tbe murmaringa of dit content, woich doubtless are aomotimet uttered in andibie wh i(?ra, have rcacted his eara, and th?t ne kels that it is lonrjekible roach lorger 1 1 tyrannize over thr ptovle of Cubai1 A n ii.tiiiiate friend, who hat drop >ed in to ?o?sip ?iih me, a: d to wb< m I had hanotd the uapera of yes eaiay publ'shid amuse blmaolf, whilst I r< nti; in a 'hii letter, bas jus*, dra vn my aVonti >n to a fact, which In in y ha*'* on my return yta**rt ay I had r-mitted to observe, that lite Uanta of Kun da; (yei-t eiity) (.onuinsthe de roe before referral to, tvLilerli g the boltta dt dii< ml/an o a paMijiirt f ?r ! thirty da;*; it is such, bowrver, ocly to proceed by { any ot ihe railways of this islaud Yen are, of course, aware of the decision of the Conwjo de He vision us rraper'a the aliened p iltticil , cfletuers. atd thercf ;te i will nut trouble you with 1 mere than a ting e <>>,?, lva'ion regarding It. Tint t whilst It acp< ura to Lbve gcntrally leaot to the a de | of nucy, > t>t In at least one inautmie it h*?s proved i bow oompnttly the Captain tieneral hiatLe o<ntrol cf tbe perhcnal liberty and fa e of erety man oere | in h s hands. Mariano Hirnutz was vquiUad by the C'onif Jo de tluerra, yet tbe Cjnsiji a* IttvM'oa has teiiter.ced him to aix yean' lmptlaopmtnt at Ctn*a. I beard, wLllst in tbe country, a csilta'. s'ory, wt leb, although it will extend Um letUr a-tmewaat beyend tbe uraal length of ft latter, yet I ctnnot witbhtai d t e temvtition of sending y >u. Heme l.ttle time ?lnc?, about tbe period of tbe nuidtr of I'into, ft :en? n nam d MM arrived in this island from P^rto Kico with s me ntwlnvsn tton or Imprtviment in the mu>uf*cture of aura', frr tbe Inttodnctlcn of wbi;h ha <lesired to cb'.aln a patent light from tbe goveirment, for which pur noae be soogbt an interview wl'h Usneral Coajhu Having railed at tbe palace and male known h's e'eslie to the < fflcer on gnard at tbe reoeati n ro.-m door, be was in'ormrd be conid sm the Captain Ceneial at four o'clock that afternoon; whereupon be tetuined to hla hotel, asd at th'ee o'clock sat down t ; dinner. Kither frout lingering over hi* wine, or Nome other cum, four o'c.ock allp^ed by at, noticed, and It wainot aotll about twenty minu>? afUr (tat boor, on looking at bia watch he dl?c> I v? rt d the r ntmy hal " stolen a march up in him.'' He, however, Inttan'.ly jumped up from tue table, 1 ard literally running through the a'.reeta, retchad the palace quite out of b?eatb. tlo'og u,? ntvn, to bia eurpiiee be found the ante chamber tilled with (Ulcere, marching np and doatj wifi drawn awordv, which circumstance, with the haate be had made to reach the pa ace, oaai;d bim to apptar aomewbat cotfu?:d. ttie Cblel of Police than made bia appearance, and c?m minced a rigid <jaetti"ning of Senor Jimenez, aakmg him If be wai i.ot a Creole Ac., Ac. S?nor J. having aa t i-flcd tbia InLctlonaryae to bia (Hsnor .!.'?) birth place, tbe de?l*lon waa arrived at that he ma*1. < octeut to be aearc j*d before be could be per mliUd lo ent?r tbe room where General Concha wa? ; and tbe Chiei of Police a:.d hia myrrniloci jiomtlvely stripped '^enor Jimenez to the very " bull," in order to Me whether be bad not cotceaW arm* upon h a P<rion. Of MM he Lad rut, and wm. alter put iir g on hia garment*, albwtd to aee Can. Ciaohi, who apologized for tie trea meet tbe atranger hai leorivtd, ailodln? to tbe " troubloua tlmea'' tha? lauittd aa an excune for tte c induct jf r>ia"<>aa-da.'' ?*?nor Jimtn? z waa, howeve.-, *o mii h a'armed at "?etrtatmtn* he hid net 'v,*d, tb?t a*l thought of Lia patent right earaped hia reuolle tloa, ami be gladly withdrew again, an<i hurrying back to hta h > t?l, Uifantly took pataatc In none utea uer on the vrytveol leaving the pjrt thanking hn fir'une acme peraorai punishment had not b^en inll n ed upon nm. Tbeae liUle a-.e< d >tw. Whic t (to ao far to -bi.w tbe real cbaruc??r or riir (.'tptein < . ?ue ral fcr ptiao' al c urage and b.-avtry, arc only n >w beginning t r> Irak out. i be Hi itiab briif of war Paring came again Into ihi? hat boron ivorday la**. Ibe weithtr In truly deligh'ful : the thermometer n< w atacda l?t H A. II.) at *i of Fahrenheit, and It ?lll not n>e w jond two or three degree during '.he wkrrnm hour a of tbe iiav. The ch> lera i> reported to have app tared in the Military lloplta' Tbe Itr itirb brig of war llucar arrived yeeterday fir< m V? ra Cruz. No new* thenr*. I!, H*VA#4, Jul f'l.i, J I <-./ ti t Militant { 'omlHtUlfltt 7/1, Vfir /-?U' tj Tramtl I /'anfi,rl ? H'utlh of itu ' C'tly? I m'rd St" 1 tuft - Mot ( little !m Lortri. I tu ?r it irrnatk'd eiace th? rf&Jiti'jn of tb<! rerdl;t cl the C&iHOtlve .IolU that baa praeid?d orer U>e j judicial 'X t?lllj|CBr? of the military rotn ?n 10 ttat the mtnnUia in had brought f,rth % moort. Tbia I dwm urjuet, 'o: w? bare etxhiean Hmnnii, and ? boat of (Ahtrr for <lr?th ovchalae. that were tot on lecord. ail of wbia war# aa (b<k*i tLToivi l in tb? rerolutknary purpo^a m Pmt< I or I jttrunpr a. Affaitet mtny tbeie *u mtlcw.nj a (tale ac re raapectabl* tbu that J t> conrtct RoOrfgaex, o|?mi wbi< b Plato vaa doom*] to d*ath. It ia of iapcrtame, a? tbowieg the groae fraud of joatioa wbicb Lad i-e? perpetrated ia acJriU/.?d roaanntty, claiming to betiret of th* age for purity in all (ta adminUtratlve braaebae of got erna*tt aad of aestla?nt in ita aortal tela' ten* aai obligation* Wbat waa dnty, under aolrain '*U> to jaeU a aid tba country, with ioi<|u>tou? teat.m my on tha trial , at Pinto, did not ceaaa to b# to with tbe lapee of a 1 '< ? wtefea. ' lit .lie limit* of the <>overamabt of tha 2? d ap peara an aitct gated the -Otb naUnt iaa>i?<] by | 'be Captain '.?a?ra of Cuba, '0 ?xt#a4 facUi tea to 1 etracgeta atrirlag at tba Haraaa, nbieo ?i)l aa?? 'barton mocb inronret iaca-glvtng th fright 1 to trawl to any put of tba iotorV r for thirty day* I frca tha dot* of tba landing perait, by whicb they ara allowed to dWrabark froa tha femti touting 'hem v> ttia port thai peer aaem% aa a travel ! 'tag kataa, wlthoai Bailee H a* ceaaary f * tay I farther reference to tha pailoa or othee U< *1 ai therlly. I Tha Ua*atiiag edict apf>>a oay to thaw a a ara ?r V oai bora with rag a'.er paaap -rta. ea k>raad ' bytfcaHpanleb poaaaU at tha ?nU tr>M w tan tbejr a*tl 1 1 Cube, sad not totho* vUo aft la Iru , alt, have a&d ua pvnKi, ae> to*: tLay ecu lire co eArt. ah. la v?!llo( 'or m?ui of irtsaportauoa heoc*. Noi ioea th.atdl:t a?re Utcnf from At. c who eeme here to apend any time, and Ceil I? provide U en>al ?m vr*:ij tbe irt t--4io? of * pawp?rt. A I export ia < I oo aaine, wiU-out betaf c"*jalera!f? el by the Br?olfch couwj. u a\.c ve auted or at *ucn- ptista where f\ere 14 no 1 *_?ul, by tit* on ? ul of *ny other cation atatir.* rn f* t that theie ifc no SpafciaU oou';il; a't.l 1? vht-rr aVtuid bin jMJB to ty bo ooaaul a tay '.^tluu at to* port of mbar;attor, tl.en the pa-aputt lo , ?rt1U?<^ by thefci^lewt KfOfl Builcrity of the t. ?o, with na <r?>re**ion of tLe f?cta. The. city cootu>uc? ? eai:hy. T'epeopl* are d?oolng a??y tlie hot t'Ull ti^Mjt r.Ot in e?e?oa. W'f ! k ft tll? ' l)? ' I V; i;' ?et eo tauelc "Com Mala," that in. tt.e<?b mi o' V? 4 i> Oitfle dM V.nry takirg piece, ?!?! :.h li Ua taa ' Loiiio ard e*p?ctat'.oi>. TV Anmitae nhip Howard ari v?d l?a\ evsaiag fjoc.M?c?o,??ita (wo bundled anJ teaoty eight Aalafcce, vomLtary lnVjrrr* for Cub?, u> ?u' v.itu tioo lot elave 'abor. Tbe Kkltuovtb aaa pud u? quite tnti nilrnt, Afid will trrli?b!jr taave the tw??jt* til lb; ail well on braid. It ej bave no' no putaken of ahore hi ayt j taaty m to cawte ?ickn<ea or t:.e violation cf the Lair. i>. I C( ia, Jaiy 10, H > ?. ?Store l.ilxiahjn ind Chinttf Im^ar' i(n>n Crtot* j A jni attorn f <r erifoert ? P ? r,j the l'<i''rd Statu ? Aui Ksi*tlid from h'oflnnd n* a La ! H'tat/u-i and Public ff t Irh, 4" ? I pttc?fvfl jo* r roneepor.denis keep you *dTiaed H riiAtteit and thio^a in tbin "ever fa.'.ifal IiUaa ],' ?t.d tno the tew raovtment in (aror of ita lade. | peudtioa ha -1 been Uitb'uly thr at died. I bura do (icubt m<ui 7 ol your retdora ?nuK' > tb? id* of > C:eoltj ttiici|uitluri{ tkeir alavea for the boon of fitedem. I leU jou ttey will d rt it. I tell jr .u they are nuovinf in i>; and if no oifacr aourca of freodem , i8o;<n, that art will be oocanmufitAd. Hut tl*ua xacrilito la n-t ?> gtr*t na n-.mj wo'ild auppoia, Tae slave labor cab eiatly be replaced by the C!?i nete, a pre?t number of whom are now bcia^ lotro dortd. 1'he Utited Htatea ahcrnid losk well tj thin tubjeot. Tbiy l>ave bjea wuned. time and bj the cfflciala rf tue government bare , and il tbay U> Kcg.ard make t tUa Uibraltar of the (Jul', w m to AmMican commerce. The iudupeudence of Cuba, uu^ec tUe juiUil.ctloo of the Cn'ol". ia the ou!y quekliou whicb nhould be at aii tion<:.t of, un Ufa the I'cited Htn'ea t.k^a forcible po???<wi ,n of 1 U bh a nieuix cf ae.f dete'.ce, in whi 0 c?ne tae Ctecle will ti#d Ic ban no poliUcal equality. 1 will u >t at prcauut be pi*lner~lt uiuy l/e i>e<- jaaary t> rxpIalD at aime futuie time, but cot now. 1 presume it will not be doubt?d that the clt'au of tba ULlt?dbtat?a opon S;>ain are qult>) ta'ge enoogh and great en ,ugb to demand cjlleteral ?j cnrl y, wbioh, aa ahe H tmnkmpt, render* it nore naceiaa xy. Then let the I nltrd Htatea uks Uut*a , aa tbla oollateral. I-et the l/aited State*, dirini? 1 ibe holdii g of the aecuiitv, give the Creole Uie free dom of equality with otnera; let him have arm*, and taach him to dereod hjmatlf and hbt h' u>?, aid then, wb?n the <lebt ia paid - If it ever eh"uld be the Creole wi I have the power to exerciae hia , tLdublubie rigs', cf casting off aa oppre??tve ?;<> vrumect. Nowleha^Lot the |ioivtr- he h*? do me are ; the t>raiijy iind oppr?M?icn around him birdaLim down like aalave, and be hit no poirer ?0 act. (live klV bat half a cbance, and th>- fJuhi* o( oppretaion will Hy from him like tn?> bindings of glai*. Cuba ia approaching a crieie. The C'eolra now mi bow lb ey have be< n decelrrd, rheated, awlndlrd aid t'ecmed by thoae t^ry thought were their frit ota, hi d they are determ ned to act? to do -in a wo d, t bey aie (ItUriLlr.ed to be free. If the boon of l.btrty ia tot given if em by the great republic, tbe> will |?bm i.ver to tin tj'terirg moo vchy of l>nlanl. and hi r polity will <(iil< kly mak- lior a :L l>e I 'lilted SUtei bavn ac^d mynterumily in thia whole ma'tc. l'oev bave born* until'* tbeaiasirea beyotdw'at any other nation would bave birne, end tH y bave ciu?t ed the apirlt ot freedom h?re, tven a ter gtvipge>v?ry a>;??iriuiceof n'd and tu^po'< ; acd ail they have dime waa t > ?*t,d a few vcaaila bete with tbe immotta! 'jtiern ? " If tbey are prtMeit when a voatl la nverbau'-ed, to prevint it, even >f f rre be required." lhat order ahvild be printii 1 d kMtin, ar d Luj g up in tveiy A'uarican hcuae aa a eamnle ef ra'ioral Rrtatr.eea. All la quiet here, a >d the thermometer 1111 U* sH, t(.< ogli i ete >ou have it a* high n* '< > and '.'7. Vo?i Lad fx tter come out to Cuba to keep cool. It hae tot b?en biKber in my offiee than mh thii ae*?oo. Pi -TU. Our Uoaeon (orr?a|miiilrnre. Hictoh, Jnly 27, 1H.?6. Salt oj <Ar /.fug I'/inil I {nut 4? A Orrat Hatifuin ? Mutual t 'onimtion ? Af. rr 4Vo" i/u> iding* ? An A*t><fut Painting? Ti ial t>] L*i/u rr Vhm? vndir thf ,\n r hi'irpi ndmi r of Juriei ? ; W?i/i Publication' -A Mm' A Inmi'i Fi'KV en Fuvnr of U'nmrn fl'ing Uiingrtl in N< if Yot k? Boiton HI uthmr tit. The l<oog lalaad Home, on (aland, la Km tcnbarlior, waa aold by auction on tbe 'lith, for t U,5d0. Tbe purcbaee Included tbe furniture, Utile ?in, Ac. Tbe prtc* i* nominally greetet tb?a it I* in reality, ee one'hli'l ot the parrbaee money can be paid in iciip of tbe Loaf latand Company, which liu beta *elUtiK at ft fly et n? p*r ?h*re * f tbe per relne 01 tea do!lnr?, ud the u tl wor guarantee! to lorrlkb t h > am< uiit of *to<-k rt'iaiieJ at II .'iQpor fb?r?. Tbe 'concern coat ) . - >0 but a few >eer? ego, wt<n It wm thought that the Uland c mid l>) converted Into a mi of marine eabuib of toe city; but it bM tank money every year. It la oae of the beat bcuaee of the kii.d ia tbe Nor b. ail the pro* pect from It ii marvelloualy beau Ufa'; but I U In. ? uler po?nloo b<* txei fttal to it. for, lo aplte of .u Dime, tbe ialan 4 u long only by compart* >n w'.tti IU neighbor*, which are generally abort and ?|u?h plf rta tn a*h. Tbe lalaod la pretty, bet there are Dopla** for d<linn and walking, uoleai horaea and I ranlagta rxold be made to ?klm the wite-; and tbe 'acMtke for bathlrtf are anything bat faciUi'ee Tben the mease of >07im'iat< itin K wl*b thetawn : have ntrer bten ii ml, ao that to one be* ever mile enithiig by bimg tbe place, and wm hif* | loet large!} by dt/ng a i. The pun baa- r la Mr. Itailey, now leee^e '?f ttwi Maoal' n Home at Nintacket Pan', la fill*. II* haa co ttird intent; >n of 'jpenlnK the tnnee bow it bertn'ter, on I/ng lalanl. bat in*?'?td?, I int/J, to rtnwive U to N'auUr ket I'jint, a di?tin i of * m; ml'ta, and which ' >n be e?aly done, ae the '??in. ! vejacce eai be ra*'ie entl?ely by eater. Tbe par <ba?e b wi?ir, wae *> roM a OMtkal be m?y ! ticdttvutb hie while to oprn the kioat ?b?ee *. ' r.ow etaai'a an</t.ier enl perinea It w <i d pay to do ao, aboo'i the aomneaei'^U nt bet ?e?n tbe ialan i at> i H %t/m be e*i h ?i ri*iter? jold *le j#nij ujun. Mr. Hailej i* a nen'.leman <>' rnu-h ?Bir(fy. and iu<liT*t?n J hit Iriattf ?%, +, tie'. h? m*j ?oc??d where o here ha?? failed The aanu*i meeting of t it Kan liaatoa Yttt / ('? B|>> r?y vaa held oq the Mtfc. T(je report made afcoae lb at. for the jrer Md.r.f 'J no* KXh, U;a rt relate W*i* ) W, and ?' e r -in tin* > f..;,vi| 'il. ?.f*al uip-oi# ait rLaklox at o? lao<iioK on tbe B/aton ?l<le. Th? re a V. be a eottrntw r. at William* town, in ible '"ate. on t*>a 7tb, ?*.h an J -Wi of ,tORae?, utder tb? r'a?f? of Pf'4r-<e?>? I i^r a& I I/.aell Maaor.. 1 eb:/a'.d en/ ibe* UmI iv wouUI Ui a tery dtarordant one mun*! people b lac -f a <tr- Idedlj '|ii?rr?.ar.??# turn AnvfiK I be buildlrira v>m to >? ?;? l?l '"f ? a birch of etorat Vo ba l?> audoa K?l?ra! firm' at 4 | a Mcb wlU ?<a ei'-aadei ibroo?b t/> ?i"M. ! thua r&ak r,f of then awn?? ?tm< -j e? Tt* towra on hlater meet, deat.nad to ba t rn Jew a at a in ooun of b*l rf cleared of tbatr ImuIi : Wteie ;*opl* aia to lire la a ooa, po/44 1 tti? otaerrtr natU fce ??.b to tha eiueOMa o | tte place aad a>m bow maw a/e the dwa :10c 1 b< 'i??a c eaeti ?jctinf of thai r?a*e bn MUvdj r*re?t!t. Haeera. aft etthar bol! tlnf n V> ba ball* won. Tba Nate Hw* ta rrceriTla*. I? >ta aew parte. a i <*al et | a. a'. to make .la eoU/e app^arac * a* no 1 tl tea ae po?eibie. Vno a*?bt aaapaee that tt? U il.tka* bed been aaaJe before the Unndiftf ktaeif vaa 1 eifc'fd. eo ?eo*rmbia io ttoay ?*ew TU i*<re*Hn? , fe*tide 'jp* of the toadu faf Mr Htorfln?. la tie " CWudaattoe M affiant " wbo bad mm* aai.<(?a nine contacted oa Ma aaUte. to U>? d'*o? of Jx/rd OaWWy. I aa^poaa tkia te a palcttex of lha 0>? a rJfcOfJ. (tea la k?k a? a|?. Thai lienor !a?r. wki'b <aaa to coavnt tha wWe Maaaa^bae^ ? vor.d la*a a tai ad la*, arttboat aay apple Iraae, la rerjr '?ae of I Mr. A bai Haady a ?arb aaa M'J tor aeibtac >Vi Hi aiftw M aaa^jaH v. ?- ? 4 j-? ^ T ? trale ef raeea nw4*r trie txUe by tte (.raid Jiry.iba tea' two %\ tUm 'HJ>tf Tl V% tie I?th but, J udge Bi'nl? prieldLaj, ia ;h? Ifaut cipfc Conrt Mr Oootey, toe AiUme? for tfc* Di* trot, (hi Mi wkolt duty to to* (ivtcaii', It* flag so fair Md l Tf?p?f [B-1 iU U4'/* I to urocu:e coorloHozui , but it wm ot u.. avail I So not ear tMtt tie did not m vWe jut hie om#: on tii a coh'nur. ie did ?o cowplrtr'y There rcaid be no dotbt wiatevar of lb*., bat It* jirore orulJ not t*ooovlxi>?d. ,<H t wealj-tlve cum, but two txurf beee tried, and ia nettUir wee e nt, oint ebuinwl. the jarlee were out more tun ?? retire da/, or? (4 toes Mi( eaat out tire it if <Ud But be iafctred that they ?m dieregaidfal of tt<lf oath*, for trw Court e*,>r?i?a / admit?* tb?: it waa their riaht to ;u1ge o( <%b coatauwttoa u.ttf if th? Uw. rt would, tn<rp?orB, be utjuet U coudeoin tLe jaro B, erea tb< u&ti the t-v i lec 5 ? >? C >*I M t? tta t?c\ of y< IT aetgfcftet'*, with your tats# 00 Uu pep?r. t* the eaouit <>( the vaJue of eli your autiateaee Tbere ere two rtaeeee of oaeee u oder which It W?r<4 U, ami M urpoeeible to got c mdrmnetory verdRla. IcB drat claaa latitat of C*BBB BliBing und t r breach** ot the Kugttiv* Kiev Uw.eeveraluf which hero baa* UlM ti?iB, without Bay coademaatioLB tiling Iu4, bi i govrn m< ot K?ve up other* ia deepair, theugti the proof* were taunt. rt? other cIbm cjosute at ?bet are called Uquor cmi ? ider the dbw Uw. The (ice wilier* got the Uw petted givU'g to jurlea BddltHOii p??e;?, ar.d uow t il v OiWM If iIBB the wcosil Man* law. The buu* m work B r ether t'jBblJ} : for M b g?r?ul rule, th? ?ea who or? lieice?t for eafor-tng the Punitive 4U?a law ere Mi tor eat agaitat the Maine Ue, Bud the tmpvaaoe m oitn, vrtille litcdty de. .nriai( that vhe I.Vjeer Uw o?:gbt to be enforced 1*0*11* It ts Uw, vehe??itl> Bwit th?t the Ku?tttTc blt?? Uw cu^ht to be dtaeordsd, brcuiaa a u 1 eatrerf to the Uw cf Lberijr and tae Uw ot (2m|! buca *m htiuceo incooMiiieoi'ieB. Jurira ouuht to be iad? t er.dei.t ia b21 o mm. Without ia>i?p?o<leuo^ are mere tauuiw tooU ioeB?We armt-er? Ju4??m to oommlt BiblUBry Bid t>raamcii uaier ?ht cukr a: d ia the twruo of U*. Ttrknor A F'leifa hare poblUhe<i CSarlee KUfe !?>'?' <>Uuetie, or the W< aden ot thertaore, ' m * pie'tjr ii'Ue Hmo. It ia full of aeaaa aau p j*tr/ (t otisu to have a tar?e it e, lor people li not k i ti the reaeliora mu< h th<* eeaaoB, aa i * ? liioj ehiMt l n>?d the mi' re about 1*. G?oid A I.Uc< U have (>ahlUbtd a ?e* tmi ediu m of C?pt. Haaiey'e work, " TUi< Hory o( Ue Ca* l>tigu, ' to ?hl~h a 3..1P I*f,. l. -rr tbtr g that relatre to tiie i(u?aiao w u U euro to ??il. ?rd I wroler that eoma hoiue Uom b?( got out the I I rat to ume of b hlatory < t it, brlaxing th? rat ?2??n to the tjkath of Lot d KatUn, aud ooatU'itac it. prubabJ/ for jaa-a. 1'hr publiahen aighi keep a h'ntorian, u the l'ark troot'i did a port t* ailg tfe* (ttaimi of their razor etrope. lice of our old t<>/f daiiiiw ia rery aagry beoaot* the p?'<pl? of N?ir ) irk do not m ea to like Uka Idea of baxiglog womao. Tab b i or would here Mre. Koblnirn tt'ntan up. The fellow ?>u?tit ti bo taatla to pU> t be part of uangman bimiwiif , tgB <>? oe bata| tuittd to hU capeclty ?ud iwnUaeeU. Na* York woa <1 be (Ju^r* ed forerer by a piere a t HtuBtly jud.cial tatcheira* wouid ba introtved U Uie ?trBn?(i!ng 00 the kbIIown ot b wixaaa. A we man c uUt tot be bnt.g in UaakacUiiaatVa, na nitta wfcat her c/loi??. I.oturto wouil be pordoaad, aa4 T' ,t*j b ntnt to the lloiue of C.o.-re? tloa. lun't jtm lit jour Ri?*?r?mei.t IteUn to Uie BiKQineota at ewe oho would bare bee* diajrueted, baii ha lirad ia am old timre, w.Ui the MM Mka 0! UM K^lem witoh 1 rait liHBi uar<fere. ife d< e*u t epeak tha awti r.ei>U t.( Uaeaiw iuuH'tta by b great d< ai. Wt ai*f Le aii ccwntiir people, but ciuel ?lJ barbaroae wa are not. Nowbeta wouid the coamuUt.oa of Mra. Ilcblti'ii'i NDteiit W nioie apprtvtd i4 tbaa It ?ttild )>e btre. 'JTiere ere ihiee pi r*or? coatined ia our jaii an Ch? ('Large of l-avlng kil'e4 their aire*. Bluebeard.** U ue, tlie lacieaae heir. 1 he ?1k>? t' wr* are very pr ?jer\>u?, aXwith atanrilrg tbe dtiln/ir of th* tiu.e?. fo f./aa, ibag a'f tullding m'lrli, ard a vetv aoperl r oieaa W l<o?>*t?;aEa In MaverbllJ a bunaiad umim 4re gutag up, auii ottieik ere to tie built aooo. TLe ?tatemi nt that the iiay blete nulla at l,?w MLce. ?.,d the tli.!d'">< * and Merrlmi' k m'.U M. UptD. ha 1 lm roBM d ihf, buimra? it deoied oa Mm b'ghrel aulNinty, and the partiea Inteieatod ooa |<!?ln Uut Ue Mtorr put In circulatloa Uat bee* of riitoue it>Jury to thetn. Oa the ottm Uaad.aaan t)i man wio fcaa gocd rne%;i? ot knowing the truth, dtr *.<? that the etaViueul U true to the levter. Wa lieve a cumber ot nt.i'.ei frcm Caoap Kaaa. wl.tte Hie H >?tou replnienta are Uo'. ling their aa i.iml milkier, tine i?. that a aoidler waa etra k with paiaiykU, ard baa *tnr? dlw). Auo'Jiet ia, t%at a B>eii bae dud l lure oi Asiatic cholera. A fl(ht le eeld to have oci igied Uat iikgbt betweea a pk'ty 04 K<mb>re an i a military drt*rbnieot. ia whi-a a Ik r>e of c>oe of the a.irera wee ejaln. The a'llta'y have had vrij !*.i weather thla yeer, <|ulte ia cob t:aet with ttat of 'aat ysar. Tie jxilitl al wiild cua'iouoa dull. T'iere wM trobalx'/ be little dooi until af'er the Aniciat Meet It K ot the AmeiU-an HUte (''uccil. teu da)* haaee. at Hpritglleld. when and where there le te be a na*i meetUg. Ttie fate of the fua.oa aovesaaA will Uieti be aeltltd and there are rn mora that the Know N'othlog leedtre are very willing to da ?* A to r ik 1 n'rate all opposition men In eipport of am* ?et of caLdUUtee. The anil Maice Law tata are witkleg vlgcroiely for the formation 0 1 a aaar |4irty. Mr. (Awrtaoe ia fatllna faat. ill* oaoUiat la a B'blt'dia aSbrtion of the etomach, tbe ease at wblib Napaleoa e Led. ifiidaya are Bumbarrd, bat they have oot been fair or ucproepa/oue He wtfl be much Blaied. Aiooaa. Mli.lng Kelerprlw In UM* Rlri. We t ran* lata the following article (rum Ibe M>" lm (Mn?i of Hu Jom, (Coal* Hlce.) of 4lk J a'/ While the cuKiretion of the rateable productiaae which coaatltu'e the chief waeltn of Um > nair; ia U :t>K itcreaaed ud |?rfi < tal, It la rerj attufn-urt f r hi to <f? that, witv>ut ?t*r. v?otaf acrtc?JUr? toll* oar follow cit'teoa are dellrertig taemeelree nit to new eolerprUea, waking ead extra tlat Ue ifeh ailr.trml* *hi h l eo murh la Co*'* lUoa. Witt In a abort time there have been dVarover ed a in altitude of roel cop fie r end *o <1 miaee, a* I alter ly oca wbirb haa Ueo de< lar?d by expert* t* be i?:rta*ei?rn. There '.a a gold nine ta operative, wblrfi, although woiked "0 the rtrf ? at', eel arale, aid with a thooaand :n<-?>j,renter>'ee, tar a ?t ry itch pre tit to the worker*. lae coai raise* watob *itat on lue roaat of the Blraeant Gulf, (('oifo I>aloej ?ad on the r jaet af lotja, will Id form a poaltlv* aad inoibeea MM WHS, !*? ..lUtT.f ?'y?T1 i'n'/i n ? .. >? ia our pcrta, eu4 openin# a naw brarj h of taleaUj wbi h foreigners ma/ ar joy nwre t iaa curaeiree Itnt tie rn 'net wUi< h oaf* iaaervadlj aUr? t?l p ita lic attrntion ecd Inter** are ibo* rery abnetaat ropp'r m)M* wh < h hate been diecoreii-a at a baa 4uo different pout* and m>tm of wbl< '? ere a irealf la o^erai on Oa eotupMisg t>.?- ?r?? <?f the** miace wl'b the teC, one? wb<ri hare baei brought aa ce^tM tie* Irom ibe rtui minted < ?|ut?b<>, ia Cain, eel '.I < < Kit, ia H. Ilrla, It baa beta foetid tbat the +p per of 1 1* f'rmer '? of aa B")d, or 0 # brtuw '(tiali jr, act th?t tb? j pr rn ?e a much larger riti i ?0 erery fjtilr ta.' of ore Mote lien fear thoueanl |U,nta' 'a, (two b?eJr?l tot?) . f tf ia eiceiUot iBlwte', ?xira<.i?d ia a f*m ??>?, bar* bten ?er t Wi f\t>gland witkla Ue ul nooi lb to be ??aaye'l. I'adouMediy lu <?;?**? obta.n a ia'jte pr</4t, a cut in ' (j-re.( tbi fra aent i<oa?a>!^a of 'A'.er rniOM Ua>e rmJ**4 to wetk tf<eai ?n Dietr own a/'?not. or to ! tbea v* ?erl'<na fotel|r>^** ?v <> :.a?e *M taeaa. aad aa>de aiivaaraffro .t o^v>ra. Kaoaaa TwitUMfi Ti?a Um'jjw ,:.k .(lb* !?ii- by tto I aat4al?ro ?I Hk?wt)f? Mia.' 0, ?*UM.D* I >* '??<? ' Mioaw rl r/?or lb# To;Ht< rj a > 10 ? ? f" <" "* '?? Imu+mt * K**M? (??>??<? rwi ? " K?r??ii ??????!. /? ? k, MM I "? It n,? M ; r. ".iNu*ui4i?|<iAi ? IwuM "( lk? T? r ?f?< *IMH, ftot la Mm ik ??!*??? ttot lb* ? IaW>* ?< '?? ?'? '' * ????Jit, *Mcb ?*r? r* ? m4 Ml ?? <???*?%: A weekly W <l?*t mala, k?l4 tW '??? l?M ?M im, ?f ? r?" ml ??<???? Ml iMMi Mi tto ? *'? mb.r k ??? OOt 1% f ? IM ' '<??? M?l ?? <4 M > WM *??'? a*r i?IM f ?fc ?< t W C?ogf?M mI IM m III U r,?? X W Tim'M'M ?< Kutu u4 VlUiall, If f,. >? Ma/ A A ?> i*M, I bi? f?ll f*r?? ul ?l?i * ?*4 '/???, 'to >4.1 T writer/ '/ hum *?" . t> I M ltl> ?V. i?4 M t 'im ill ? f Ui ta |?ai(i pnrryimA (bat ?*?k ?>? ? ?a i. m4 ? W "i<v>?4 u, coiifltct nil ?f ??>? ??< ? If ? .>??>; *?Ot ?t of 10U lOfltte' ?? ilMtaM/ Tbo fr?? hull a ,oas>*fa ba?a haM a C ^DTfRtV? ?/ Wfeo MM 10 of utkMi Kimm ? tr*9 MM*, to ba ba I la lawroacooa tba aory.*. J Tt?*?<l%y of A uxaat. to Uto into oomM**1'* lb* MUiatk* of Ibo Tom Way lo rofereato ki tto fofronv-oi. ? Kama*, JaiyH i P. H i.ri'i rl'Vtr'uUkft apOM Mil If lb* * ?p*,aM>/?!>' r ?* ?at(rtaf aQ tba Wl ? Itol hM? ;?< k*oa pr*?rt.t?4 u> btai. Ho alatoa in bla aaoat , ? ttat ton* m utfb lag otyaetkmM* la tto bUla ibaco '?Ivaa, b?t tfcai bo tow act ia4 vff) uA ? rruii-* tM I#(l?lot?iM mi bot?t la 1o?aI aoaat *n Ha tmmm ibka ' p ? sW e i|iM tbo hci ItM lb' T attain n too n (root Paaao* MltfMMt outWit;, ul la ?fr.wiTtoboi trf tba pvo^iiloM 'A tba mmw No bto*M bill. Fartbonton, bo inform* tbo Amno My, la a Tory pmmftoty tot, tw. if it p?r*.?'? a Na M*arat tba KvtiUro oaJ tv > a aool Kt taAava&AoMttr <4 oacb 'Vr Itt MUm ? ?Mal bfno as lor or*, to at ?o oae ?>??*? tb m owor acala thr^ab b-A( brat' mo, by I*/** ?O/mtMa. t.roat ot iuoaool ^ la ?M?a (inoaaa tf ?bu art * tb# <.cw?- tba LofWatora to MtamaM V. <aid>t f. ?o-jrw. *?? tbo 'i# mtor hi Miaa2y ?< W? -f? ?? v ?? raf?oa: i? r -v| ' rCr? tbo U** ii#y . -? WballbaftotH m?

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