Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 31, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 31, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 6912. MORNING YORK HERALD. EDITION-TUESDAY, JULY 31, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. ^ssls Co" tSrt-HHW MANKKH OF HANOS0YW1W I? MOSalf nVcommttto* of th> B->ard of Aldermon, in th? case o I the Joseph Walker, r?*umtd th?lr investlrfa'.lon yes t+rUT Tbw? was qa"? * considerable number of per sons pn??< "4 th# totamt m the ?abi,4t 10 be uisdim Inisbed. AytII<1? Ety, be'ore rs*ura:ng th* examination of ?attain" mvde the toltooriu* *tatem?ut;- Alderman Voriar, ?*?<! he, by l?U?r addressed to the Chairman of this Committee, etitei that oeing to severe lodis position it will be utterly impos?ibl? for htm t, meet with tbe cure Uee ?oon*r thin a week from thi? date, sud le ??*? th?-- the com mittoe adjourn till one w.ei from today. The com mittee eotld be t ery glad t> a?*?nt to hi* requet , u there ... ??. two or three wtta??? of leave tova. nod tbeir testimony w > , * . tij great importanoe, as it >? W ??? ? tow UblishafaeiE two. The cemmtw^ ? ? ?? * their du*y un'iwthe c.roum.tM?oe?u ,lo-tbat &?&?*' *0?M anything trans r?'f?"^ yent thmt . * . j wo ilt! not ba better not to go otbf r rabjtcl, whiter It * t am Qnl afr4ld that S5?3?S3E55sS I am t concern , , tl) i,ave it Bo on without him. ujiwore the commits for *? P?l?;e liSSHSSK Slsissfffiiss^ssi it m only proper Ui*t toe anoulii have the same todugenee extended to htm in the way of etin ? "wllroi'i II Jbere Yhoul l'he an affidavit drawn ap ivi-h oueDceo"omX.lnV..I had to attend to, I wasu?abl. to fliisbit. At jour next meeting Jow**!r'f A "n?c Mmter will present. unler o*th, a. ?tit?mwtof th in*& curacies end mi#repre?enlations made by Mr Jones htAu^",rK?-Thecon,mittee will be ready to r-celT. that; tut they are hardly prepared to go > inU im ' #"?' nation ot thr character of every man In ths a???*1""'; w* will receive ttoe affidavit and endeavor to ao what ot tbe ves?et ? to ehow wbeth-r it was a _nuif.?neo, or In "IV WSL'TiZf* ? ?,-< u-f ? know whether you spoke for yournelf or for Alderman WM?r Whitk-I spoke to the committee flrit on behalf efM^r^.^and in coaaeH^nce of ? that have b?m made to me by credlbU who sli?H eppvtras wltoMaea. I mvde my sUtament as the MSe?a at No 39 Soath atreet. waa he? caUei, ?d bMn dul' ?w,,rn? ^U^rino^u'know where the Jo^ph Walker U -UQ*Are vou' familiar with the locality? A. ! haie been' round upon the pier, and in the immel.ate ^?Ko^rK^thaV there wa. an, thing ?r f.uMve' .fi-n( rfrom that shl^ fa. j? Sn ' wl. ~d'd^wn and ar?thitt". Uot Yrery off, finelfTwi^n che Is under wat?r there is bo smell. q i)e you think (the could hare lain ondsr water a hundrwl ?e?rs without endangerlBgr puollc health A. when Mr. BeU took the contract. I advance 1 ^?i^TthT^h. ..Wee of the Uu Walter B. Tone* I though he was a nur* but a flow maa. Q Ha> Vr Sell rec#ve4 from ?"*?*><?. "T ^ any portion of tbe money expeud^.1 by him, a* fa' at vonkoow A 1 don't know that he hss. Q Bad you a claim on the vessel for salvage wheo ?he wou'4 be got A. 1 suppose 1 had. y. How did yon propose to collect i? A I to make a p'opoeal to tteConunon louncil and give a ?tat> mei/t of tbe mon?y I bad e*P?na?d. and in itha way M ren*ji it; Mr. Jones thought he could get C"otrn<d b* a've you any reasons to lead you to "tippo.* v i t it- A 1 met him, and aiked htm ab?ut t hnntiaTlt t' me, buth ? said he Un?w nothtn^ about { " n ..Ur heard that be had done something , but Li atw it' hid to wake dtff??t arrangement* , h* dld.^Ut" . hat ?hfy were, nor who he had mad. the ?*QtT W III* i f^th e vessel is got up by the rrM*?V^roe"",' do vcu thick you would nav* any claim veswl A I con't know; 1 havu't gtven tlie sabjett sufficient contldtration. a* fol W b Ba?MiH)k aas ns*t sworn, and to?tiBeS a* ?i lows ? I MS a merchant doing buMnens at .138 Sooth tt??t oiwtly in front of where tbe Joseph Walker is r,rr ?.me y~rs in busine*. in that lo "y/'fUve you ever seen anything about the Jojeph WalWtrwb rh would lead you t> suopone that your health or that of other* would be Injured by net .A. I never did, nir; nor never heard of any tUn^?f?ln* from tbe veesel that would be regarded as ? Q What portion of the day are von at your pUce of feusines* A. 1 am there ordinarily from eight in the roornic^: till kIx in tbe evening . E? Ale f maa Gkoiujk H. Covwrr Wmg nwotn teetiBe.i "iSh^nltv-lf any .iueatlon. myamctate leading to criminate you. of ?>"r" ,^u are not bound to answer. In fact, I don t know. A^er man Cavert why you should be brought <orwarl h*r? ~ a ilrcelv conciv. why w. should propound any que- lion* to you. or why we i have a rteht to Fi Alderman Covnrr ?When I was notified ust w ?k 1 wtsonV^d of slsknsn*; I hadn't b*en outloraome fnur dav* from that time; I neivsr, however, helped to raise the Joseph Walker, and Ifaow nothing abaut her. y. I)o jou know anything about toe m?tt?r of raising the vsese' or of it* having biin referred to the i t teeon Whsrvee. I'iers aad flipt af the Board of Alder men? A. 1 heard so; 1 asked We question myself, and was told so. Q. Cad jou tell the name of the committee of whom you mada tbe inquiry? A. I m.ide it "I Alderman Mowr Q. Did jnu have conversations with him on the sub ject- A. I did. Q lUd j>ou any understanding from Alderman Moser that you were to make ad y inquiries about it fr?m any body ei?e'' A. I did not, bat 1 volunteered to bui in qjiiriea about it. Q. Who did you call upon' A. I accidental]) met Mr. Robert 1.. 14M in front of (ieorge W. Rrown'i. Q. Are jou willing to relate tbe conversation? A. I am : 1 bare no aeorecy about the matter. Q. Waa fiere an v one standing about who wan in terested la it*' A. I don't know that there wee; there wer* half a dozen landing around. y Did you request Mr. I.aae to go an 1 ae* Mr. Jonee, or did jou offer to go youraelf? A. I did not rejueet hi*, lint be voluteered of bin own accord to go; the ?object waa about tbe Joeeph Walker. I (aid to Mr. Lane that I had a converaation with Ald<<rmin Mow in re gard to the Joseph Walker, and flit I tin lcrntooi from Alderman Mc??r the .loneph W?lk?r had to pass the Board ef Councilman. I thought I could ??op tbe reso lution In the Board of Aldermen; now understand I make no secrecy an to what I did; I told Mr. I. an" I thought I could atop it, and that I would like to see Mr. Jonea oa the subject. vj. Well, what did Mr. Lane Co ' A. Mr. I.aae went and taw Mr Joaea in front of Mr. Hrowa'a. i) What did you and Mr. Jonee both wf A. Weil, I rild't say much to Mr Jenea anyhow. Mr. Laae 'lid ail the talking. Only when there eai a remark by Mr laae to Mr Jonee that it wonld take eome nix or eevon feuadred 'toilers, I said It would take a thouatad. I thought m j labor waa worth that. I wae in the mar feet for anything of the kiad. .Alderman Ktr? Well. WtTvw? Wall. elr. that waa for my service*. (J. Did yon ever bare any conversation with aay other Alderman except Alderman Mo-er. oa thia aobject A No, air, never in my life, nor with aay maa who hulds ?ay public office whatever Q. Did yon aver request AMermaa Moeer to hold on to Mentations or to keep hack a report A. No sir. It waa either in front of the City Hall or at Mr. rthereotd's the' I met Alderman Moser one day, about two taantha aire . I asked him for a manual of the Common Council for thia year, be eaid he would leave it for m?> *t riherwood's e??H a week after be left it for me; whether tbe soover nation came np oa the Joeeph Walker at Br 1 1 lon't ? now; I introduced the subject and asked him what he Intended to <lo, when he said be hardly knew wbnt to do About It. that it waa a pretty bard Butter 1 then eaid joay friend 1-ane wae somewhat interested in It, aal that he wae a schoolmate of mine, and I would aee him aad Mr Jones al-o; he aaid, do eo, aad that i? all the conver aaticn I ever had with Alderman Moear upon Lhia aab lert; I never called uaon Maa again, or had aay lnt?r view with npoo It; ana now I have given you every thing I caa remember, aad yon may have It for what It ?'m worth. g After this did yon ?se your old schoolmate* A. I told vou all the conversation 1 had with l?ne. t paae?l Mr. .Tone" and Mr lane half a ilotea ttmee after, and I never rooks about it Q. DM you ever get that (Is or eevea hundred dolltr* {ou spoke about' A. N'o, 1 n?rer did ; M 1 had I wonld ave liked It well enough; If I thought tbera waa a ?brare to make a thousand dollars Out of any man I weald make It. Q Where waa the last place that yon bad a eonver faUcn with Mr. Lane upon this enb.ect A. I ttaver bad ?anther ana except la mat of Brewn'a. U How about AMemaa Hem & Xtrn *>-h him I Joept t>at pace. Q W nat ?*r*lc?ti <Jia you eipect to rendur for tboae ?ix or revtn hundred dollar*, or a thousand? A That, lir, wa? m my own mina a 'tar 1 bad It eecured Q. l id you |?t lb* bob ?j? A. Mo, alt, I never got the money. Q. Vf bat aarrirca did you aipaetto render for tbia nronej:- A 'I tat I cannot anawer; I would have come, U r iDrtaoM, to too, Alierman lily, and aaid It would b? to have toat tbip raleed In sixty day", and tbat it coulo not bo done In alxty years Jn thia way I would bate endeavored to bar# kept out the report I Vt?-w tbat Mr. Joneu and Mr. Lane ware good for any an ount. Mr Jojris ? I thank yon, ?ir. Q. Old vou have any conversation with Alderman Mo Hr.n relation to getting any motey from. ijtna, Jooee, or enj booy alee, abont the Joaepb Walker!' A. No, no an?bo<it eiee. y. Did yon ever hare any conversation witb Alderman U<?rr <n re'atlon to getting any money? A. .No, sir u > won#* ?t nil g Well, if you got It would you barn given bint au*f A Now, you a?U im too much; if 1 got fin woey I would bar* put it In my po- tel. ami bare done the bent I cou:a with it; Mr. Jun*a. I knew, waa a broker, an<< I am another, and I would Lava maun a? ranch money out of him a* n.ulr, 'ti 1* plnin talk; there is no aecre?y about it at ?4 I t-elina I bava a rigbt to do my o?u private buM r.elH as ' l.avi> a mind to una nohoy h?* a ri^ht to lu ttifti* with me; it is very curious tmumuny, but I waiit to give it to you plain, just an it i?; 1 thought tlie-y ware making money enough out of the thing, and 1 wasted to get my nhiire of it; 1 supposed if I made a thousand out ol them It would b? well mad*; 1 do auch thing* fast enoug'a, wb?n I lt*ve a chnnue. (J. Do you know who owaa the pier on the wouth ?id? of thin klip? A. I don't; neither ilia I know where the con tract wap got unt l I eaw it in tbe nnwapiper; I should have called upon you, Alderman tly, nod AIlenn\n Voorbia, and ail the r*tt of tne gentlemen, to Induce you to keep back tbat report; 1 would have mide you liclieve. if I could, tnat thfy never c0aM get that ship up; my object w< uld be to delay it. ao a* to give them more time to sr .e tbeir contract I) Wall, in there any more? A T am ready to anawer any questions; there is no aecrepy noout me. Alilnmiio Voohuih ? Your chject waa to tnakeaa much morey hh you could. Witkkih ? Yes; 1 would make money out of you or any other genti?man Fkam-ib b. L?wh, l>eini? iworn, testified >i follow* ? My buslnes*, for tbe lant fifteen jm?, hu been mining punkeo vmaels. '/ Have you over had a contract to raiM the JoMph Walker? A. I bad; I mat!# tb# contract with Thorn i* Pi II ; be repreeented blmielf to mo m the contractor with tfce usdtrerittr*, upon wlioin the vessel bad bean thrown by a1 andotinerit after she waa burnei; after bearing that the committee or the Comer on Council had been appointed. I thoupht they could not be fully pottod uji till 1 presented myself, and gave them what iniorraa tion 1 bad , Mr. Hell been Baking attempt* to rain* her, by putting canvass around her, aoinl time before I prfeenteu myh?l: aa a purchaser; 1 hud previously bfco employed in d ^charging the Great Republic, after abe hail been railed; I purchaa*! oze-balf of the interest which Mr. Bell bad in bin contract with the under writer), and took charge of the work o( rail ing her; after spending some few weeks In Bnishleg the effort* which Mr. Hell introduced, I aban doned tbat plan and substituted my own of raining ber, by vessels Inside and outside of ber, by having cbalni beneath the ahlp; In tbti plan I waa HuuoMaful, and csrried ber Iroui tn* outer end of the pier up into the slip, itay one huntred and fifty feet, bar n; tU? boir of the ihlp po tar out of *a'm th?t it meded no eleva turn to 1>? pumped out; all tbat wai requisite wa-i that the item should be raited to the aame elevation; duiinf tins time we had passed through tti" aiinimer K)lHti>>, ar.d haa peictiveu no unpleasant odor trom any of the dfconecaiac substances IB tbe ship, although we had disturbed ibeui to the vary bottom, about fifteen bales of cotton tbat we took out were fold at auction in W?U iitreet, at that Stage of the MINI tt Ixicame nere***ry to cbsng* my p'an.of operations; I could no longer uh vessel* within the ahip a* litter*, and having other pressing basmesi, the work wax suspended during tbe coldest ptriol cf tbe winter; 1 recommenced work during tne early part of April, having bad mm in charge ot the vessel for the entire winter. 1 com menced then under the contract which I bad with Mr. bell, 'and a verbal one with Mr. Joass ; the work waa continued till we were interrupted by parti** Who re presented themselves as coming from the Mayor, and dispossessed ua, taking a vemel trotn within the Joseph Walker, and taking her out of the head of the alin waere ahe l'ta nink in 36 or 40 feet ot water previoui to thii I wis called oe by Walter .lonen, Jr., who aatd lie bad bought a wrecking rchoorer, and wanted her employed in tone way, and wanted to purchase a part of uiy in tereat In the Joieph Walker, Riving me a g<<od to* I of loft noip on ray en'-erprl/.e ; he loft soaped in-- vory hsndsomtly, and wanted to become a partner of mins I have no written memoranda of t'ie date cf my interview with Mr. Jans* ; but 1 think It wan *?-nt tho fifteenth of April. *a Mr. Doyle a dek master, represented the Mayor; I think Ue took ou'.tue meij titer beiop diipMmai I called upon the Mayor at bla oflioe; be had been seen on my acs<> int by Alderman l ord, and had expressed t? the Alderman Us willingness to communicate all the facti to m* in rcitioii to my being MncNwrf: iAh statin* to tbe Mayor bow I waa situated about the Joseph Walker, be remarked that he wai> sorry be had aot kn iwn my posl? ticn before; if le had known he would not have made the contract be did; I aifced bia if I could have sight of that contract, be laid the contract and paper* war* with Mr Fnrey la tbe Htreet <<' office, an 1 thai be would >ecd for them if 1 desirel to have tbe perusal of them; be alio saidihehud urged on to this msa Mire by aitlcie* in the newrpapen, and by petition I flora merchant* 'n tbe ne:ghhorlioo1, who represented the nuisance to Ve of that character tbat would jeoparci:ie the health of tbe city, If left to de compote in the *l!p ; the paper* were not tortucoxning; I called again and again for two week*, and was then told by Mr. Party that I had no rght to tbe papers; that I bad mi ie a ape:ulation like bolting on a boire rtca? that I had lott my etake in the buaineii, and tliat I could not have a ngh*. to a view ot the paper*; my object wa? to find where my meats of redreia Uy, and upon whom I could put mr finger a* tb* rerponnlblB party; feeling pretty well convin"*l ttiat without law or ^oupel I coulii not be diipoaxeaaed of a veeeei upon which I apentiomuch time and money without having a leaponaiole party to loot to, I called upon tbe Major four or five time* . 1 waa referred to theHtreet Comminiocvr; be kept me running glvln.* I me to understand that the papers were at tb? City llatl, until finally 1 obtained the an*wtr about loalng my (?take; 1 told the Mnor that 1 had expend ed and become liable for krg* ?lima, and that I had eucceeded in moeing her from a very bad position to a place where I* conld have railed ber la a very few day*, and diiclitrged ber cargo; I I toi-l the Mayor 1 wanted t > find tbe party whom I could bold a* reiponiiLle, and tbat iithe reason 1 want ed to get the paper*; be did aot lay anything to me about any redreae. he laid he regrettat wuat hal taken pltre, tbat he was committed, am could not recall what be had done; he **ld he ha l consulted with the Coup troller or seme other official person I behtvs that before the June every article would have been out of her, and ahe would have been sold, if I had not b?en diapo* seaeed, and every man whom I consulted and explained my plan of OMratioo*. ha* confirmed ita feailb.lity I have raneo, I believe, fifty old venel* from the bottom of thi* barbor. more ttiaa seven eighths of tbe work of raining the ve*ssl wu dose when I was disp<ii*esied , I never undertook tbe railing cf a veeael but what I suc ceeded; I rained the. "wallow at C*t?kil] Creek, and abe was heavier; not on* thousand aidlars would It have taken to finish the raising and discharging fnm the tune I w?. diepoliened I waiUi ralie her, oUcharge her and ?ell her out; my r*inun?rat on wa- to l>? ialv ige, whlr-h wa* agreed upon both os Ih* m|l *nl v??*el If I bad *ne reeded I never dreameil of a*a>nc the city treaaury for piy; I never felt more aggrieved in my life than when I was tbna robted of my bard earning" , I am a *ulWer by mattera as they now a*and to the amount of about gMWj I not only mean 'o get mv but a!l that tb'- v?*?el and Mlpni wor'.h ? hen IBS w la taken from Re . as now advued, tbe p*rti*a by ?bom I waa disp^i ie?aed are tbe corporation 1 understand tb* act'on ef ?he Mayor wa* coolirnied by tb* Board ol Health. I think 1 gave tb>- Strett CommUaloner to under-tand tbat I was la pursuit ofthe re'ponslble parties again*! whom I could make good aiy loss; 1 think aouiebooy will have to stand the Ion forth* v?*-el tbat wa* takea ant of the Jo*epb Walker. tbU ve*sel had been placed on top of th ? Joeeph Walker, aad when It wa* removed to th* end o' th* <!<>ek, it *anh; I m*ac to be mad* round for all the lc*?e* I h*ve laffered la thii Joiepii Walker buiinee* by reason of thi* diapo?a?**iun, and I coasidar th* cor p . ration tbe rtspoaaibl* parti** it i* my intentioa, aa now ad v Wed. to commence a *uit *gtin*t the corporation the Mayor laid i.e r*grette-l tlie maiUr very much, that he bad been told I bad abaadoned the work, beiag unt bls to accomplish it; I never abandoaed the job. I had su*pend?d it on account of th* eold weather . h* adml'.ted that the proc*t(ilng wa* wrong, that be bad I. -en de eeived La tbe matter, aad that tie bad made a contract and ihou Id aot recall it I aakad him If he could not remedy an error be admitted be had m vie, and be sa.d be abould aot <*.o It. after Mr. Jonea had received tb? contract, he was astonished that I had claim*! the ri?ht t< the vMWtl, I never knew *neh an act of in'and piracy in all my Ufa; I aa a man of m*aa* sufficient to carry out my plane Tbe corr mitte here adjourned till Tuesday ne.x' at two o'cloeh. Belle* ite Roepltnl. WAKDis'n Ornct, Bii.l?vpi Mo*m?t ) Jo! y 30, 1166. ' / to tiik rnrrOR or tin mtu. In your Iwe tie of thi* morning I notice th* proceeding* of s ' onioer's jury in th* can* of a man who fa 1 from the huiMtng on tbe corner of Fourth avenue aad Twen ty third street. It is sta'ed that a rule prevails in Ilellevue lloepftal " prohibiting tbe admix no of person whose diaease ar sickaei* mar **?? inruraSle, ' and the jury therefore recom mended that luci rale he reecia lad. the Coroner's j?ry in tni* cse* must htve been groe'ly imposed upon, ae ao surh rule **l-t?, bat on tbe coe trary, th* ?.?rernots of th* Alm*beus* puMithe] to the world, over two years ago that all ca-es of a eident needing *nrrtcal treatment should be admitted at aay hour of lbs day or n'ebt. Tl.e pohce of all tbe up-town ward* are. an1 have bee*, la tbe habit af brinfcin? in all w<rts of eaaee oe*: ing me Ilea! or (urgleal aid, when fonad In a helple** '*n'!;tion Whoever iiaposw! unon Coroa** lliltoaanl bis ju ry in this ease, knows little of th* Hellavue lfo> P'tel, or else rnirt h* governed by very iapropet mo fit** I* it aot siafuiar tha* tb* Intelligent (araaer should aot bav* known hatter * TIMOTHY DAI Y, Warden P. H - Tb* H?nfi of this uwrniag say a that th* " I m*'..lm Maa ' IM at tha New Yorl Haepital. Oils it ? Bustak* , it bare mi4 BeOria 4t*pttai Ccnaoa of New York HICOKP Wi KD. Ciifrict. Itwinngt. fhmiltet. I'opuVn. * 104 14- 1,098 * ..189 301 2 151 ToUl 3 2t? Fipnr wabd. 1 914 4,324 2 'Jilt 1,124 5,076 8 4h? 670 C.972 4 810 6.U 3/2J4 6 157 S10 2,084 ? 282 597 2.970 ToUl 1,691 4,240 2t,??l fEVCNTH WAHD. 1 461 H10 8,212 - 288 :<.4?6 3 SIKi 364 2,880 4 46?J Mil 1.4W3 6 260 1,137 ?,384 ? ^1 191 2,334 ' 219 (>73 ? 314 8 401 1 ,:m ?,9I3 ToUl 2,483 6 381 32,500 KIUI1T11 Wilt#. 1 -70 4?2 2.962 2 4'iH 1,074 S 008 8 44<? 1,782 7,595 4 259 701 6 401 1,P(H) 8 200 ? 34h i?T 4,621 " Ti 69'. 3 450 8 131 4lS l,H77 ToU!.. ......2,560 T, 109 31,160 KLKVKNTII W Altll. 1 '287 1,175 4,885 f. 372 l,6i:8 CM 8 JH9 Ttu 8.3M 4 *202 827 Ji.647 5 2U. 7-21 a.oa'i 6 4C4 1,902 8,4*0 7 '240 1,196 8.H89 8 2'2tt 922 4,042 9 271 1,<W?H 7,429 1C 144 4.12 5,664 Total 2,498 11,987 83,344 FimurrB ward. Tills wfcrd U one of tbr mont reapecUbla in the city? tint in. if wealth end Ho* Iioum* and *|Uip*nei mtk* re?p?cUbUltjr. It will b? noticed th?t toe excoi ?? f? milie* over bouiwe in compfcretirelj ?m?ll, there being but one third Boor* nf the former th?n the Utter. The following in the report of '.be m*r?h*l? ? tfutricU. Ovrllingt. Fu -millet. Pojnil'n 1 462 91R 4,067 2 456 886 5,310 3 301 343 8,100 4 352 65* ;i,?>?4 6 403 <104 a.SJt' 6 29.r. 876 2,797 KBC\r:TUI.ATIOK. IlwnlliDga... 2.269 FamiliM 3,686 lobulation 2:;,T7ri COMPARISON. 1836 1.1,302 1840 17,769 1M& 19.4.W 18t0 22, ,164 185 & 23,77? Incr?K?? nine* 1850 1,212 < f rtmon y of Iiiylitff n Corner HUwir In Brooklyn. Tbe (??union y of laying Uie corner atoMn! a new build. IrK ta be erected on the corner of llarriHon itreet and Totnpklni place, for the Middle Reformed I'roteatast Dutch cbaich, totV place jeeterday after noon, at Ire o'elcck. lbe acrvicei were held in tb* lecture room Immediately adjoining tbe aite of tbe propoied eUiflce. The building it to be of brick, in th* No. man ?tyl* of architecture, with two tower* in frost? the principal one to tie lhO feet in height. Tlie dinonaios* will be, 7u ftet frost on Harrison itreet, and extend '"1 feet ?n Tompkln* place; tbe audience roetn to litre a clear ?l net of t4 i*?-t in width lti a to be provided witn nil eriee, and it 1* eaUiiitteil toat the bulldlug will *.-*t about l.ti'O perron*. The exterior ia to be trimmed with blown atone, the co*t will be ? }-J,?/00. Tbe Uctwte room adjoining la Ii^uhI with blue mar ble, acd the new bulking i I to bo palsteJ 10 iuiiUtiou. lbe Hereicen w?ro cr.n. !oenr?<l with the ei'igtng of a bymr. aid a prayer, wt.en tl.e following irtatement wan read by tar juittor. Her. N. E. Hmi'.h, being ;i history of the organization of tbie church ? ll.e.-ouib ( iaaaie of I ong Island met on the 23.1 of Noreicber, on the corner of Mnltb and Mutler etrina. and authorized lbe orgaci/ation of the Mid lie I'loterUict Relormed'lmtcb <'burati. A meeting lor that purp<*e wa* beM in I heir own rtxai at the abore nam"! place, December I', 1Mb. the Rer Dr. Bmdhead presi 1 ing on tbe oocaeicD luauumbe- of membera at tbe commencement wae 14. '?ft first Mlicereof tae cliorcb were elected on the eresing Of December 1P4', con ?ietlng of thp* eider* and three deacon*. The firat atatnl preacher w?? Jobn V. N. Talmage, who waa en laged uutii a permanent pa*tor could be procured. The flmt regular piator calle 1 we* tie Iter. 1'. 1) Oakey, frr.rn the Reformed Dutch Church of Oy*ter Biy, who comBenc?<! b>* labor* March, 1*47. During that ye** the cbuicb e>. itlce which tbe coagregation ha* races tie left we* built, Mr Oa'.ey remaining a* paalur for a'.*ut thrse yean. The next paator calle.1 wa* the Rer .!??. R. Talmage, from the Ihitch Reformed Church of Athena, N. Y., who con i masted hi* ministerial labor* 0 :utb?r, lhio, end remained about two years Tbe neit regular pnktor called wa* Rer. Nicholas C ^miti, from Jibe He torste I Dutch Church of Oyater Ray, 1,. I who corn no teed hi* labor* Kebruary,18.>.J, and ianowtb* paator. Tlii* new euterpriae wa* Cjoimen ied in 11(3, tbe lot* purcbeted that year and the aeaalon rrwu com msoc*.t, aid completed and dedicated March, D?'>V when tbe congregation commenced wor?h)pplng in 11, and will continue to ure tbe *ame until tbe church cdifice now being built i* completed. Rer. Mr. Ct iut, of New I'treeh'. oT< rrd a p'*y?r to tbe Thione ot Grace, when ahort addresses were made by Hev. Mr Can*, of Monmouth, N .1 . Her Mr Oakeley, formerly pastor of tbe church, and Rer. Dr. Dwight. , Tbe corner atone waa th*n laid by the l!?r. Mr I wii.iit, tbe rain coming down i a torrent* at the time. Tbe box contain* a hijiory of the churcb from I * or ganirat'on . iiat of the memb?f< and officri history of tbe Sabbath ecbroi. ?ib ? fflcern and teacher*; sauiea ot IlulV.irg Committee and architect; on*t;i jtioo of the Dutch churcb. by mn ><ook and holy llible charter CeanKtM city of Bro< kits' copy of tb" mmutee of tl>a laat Oneral f^ysod; BrooMyn city directory, and ra nou* Willi asd religion* nawnpaper*. The ceiMooni** were tbes eosclude<l is the lecture room. The church somber* lif.l communicant*, t?<>nty being tbe oiiglsal somber -ohes tlret orgemreil. The building la to be well ventilated, and will be heated * itli hot fsisacea. | Pollr? Intelligence RRNCOMRI BPTWgrN NMALM. [ Adella Andereon, a good looking girl re*i l:ng at No ?> Tbompaos atieet, wa* brought before J uitlce Weiah, at the I ower Polio* Court, ye*Urday afternoon, charge?l oS tb* complaint of Agae* Near, of No. 'iSl Cbnrrh atriet, of abuaing her ladly In a tow that oeenrrod be twees tb*m while promesadlng Hroadwar by g*a light a few i-rening" ago. Agse* nay* that Adrlia cut h?r In the h*- id ai ! lip with a knife and lefl her Is a rer . faist con.' tion os the ?M*wali, from which abe waa remored b is a carnage by aome of her Irlesdl. Aa near aa eonld V* aacarUlned, It a()|?ai? that a regular rough ? ni tumble I gbt toik pl ica l?|ween Ui? females, In wblcl. Ac'eliS, getting tb* w .rat kind of a wh.pplsg cut angrr, and, drawing a knife rut th? lip and hea I of her aaamlan'.. The magi*trate held tbe seeuaed to nail In the aum of I '0 to aniwer toe charge of lel inlMU **? aault and bat'.ar> . itrooklyu Cl'y Inlelll?riire. sisT*?irni* rjfrD.rirroi Siwai Hhon< -In thia court yeeterday fire bora, named Johs Duffy, ? eo I er gun n, Timothy Kyle, John McCenne?a asd lohn i.auly, were aeverally airaigntil on an indictmi nt for burglary ? i tbe ftr?t degree iu robbing a dwelbag li' uae In llan i rer place, ?'.m? eight month* -inee They pleade-1 guilty, wltb the exception of fianly, ndwere *entenc?l to the House of Refuge, being all un.ier twslre yaar* o age. t.auly waa remasded. Two laiii. named Charle* Merer* ige I Id, and John ^ctmldt. aged l7,*osrlete<l dnrlnr tDe term of burglary in the eerr ed d#gr*e. wer* arraigned and e?ntesc*.| U> I the Kate Wmi for tli* term ot fire ye^ra each | W'm Dugsan, cosrMed of grasd larrenr is *tealln; ' asd e!aughter;?g a cow, the properly of a farin?r a*, t l ay Kidge. wa* aentesced to the Mate I'riaon for two ; year*. lbe firan l Jury preaeate,; about twes'y lira tnlli an 1 , were diae barged and Ikaeourt a 'iosrsad tor the tern i. Ohllsary, i Another cf th> -e lendo.a rai of tUe iteroli lion ?bi I are now no very limit ?d pa-ae.1 Sway a few day* age at Fort i'lats, Montgomery county is thl* -tate, in the dea'h of <>>seral Oro H. Xnu* eighty nine ye??? oW. lhi? diatlsgi:l?he<l gentleman wa? a h'er m <f N rerrlot" nary ref'roente and aerred three je*r? at > .rt Hyde usder Captain l.yp, who wa* in command of a p >r- j t os af the irtiof* which were aent to defeat the lr> s- . er . **WI?? t* of w* Stat* of New York. During tte t *tm ! ot hi* Mrrte* he fought Is aerersl e*gagem*et? with I th# tsdier*, arid be *:4ed tbe can** Of hTi or ntry. on ose ocesalos hr aerersl darls* explo'.ta. -ub? i.est'.y is the wsg r<f l'li l.e ae'ted t?>. ? a inn,. ? ct siw.andant of the regfmett e?n* to gatlaon asd .e'asu Caehetta flarhnr. sod he seted tbfo-igb- t the wir ne 'er tbe e lr**tMo ot tl*oii lie Brows sod CeUise. n? nt cboeis se s member of Ife* legislature of thl* ' tate la t!.* .< ear a 1814 and l*lS,ajsd ru after <ar4*. (weort ye*r?, Judge of tb* Court of Co**os F1*s* Is Mest g r?ry cocsty lor aore Ibvs thirty year* be w?e a ,'D'tire o* tl* 1'eace, asd la a U sasttioa* ta which hia duty CJ 'led hia, h* acted the part ?f a aaas asd a p*V rV t. 8* w*ot daw* t* Ma grsee Hp* is rut, sat reelected he all who hanr Wa. 0e ?? the father af r.. a tf >?w to?k. City InteUiRenc*. CocRTBiur Uitdkr DirrK t'LTiKM -Am rntcrii* or a LomiK ? Captain Ditche'.t, o( the Konrth war! police, 1* reaponatb'e (or tbe facta conUtned in the fallowing, which wiU liotMu, on perUHil, to be quits a roaaatic a/lair, Rod might nerve a* the baaia of a chapter of *j:n? future ?? atory of citjr lift " The naaiea aod lockt.on we

?uppieu, for reaaon* which will be obvioua on reading the artic'e ?It appear* a certain young gentleman of tbia city became euamond of a young lady realdlng in the lourtb ward; and aftrr Mcarlog an introduction to her? b*lng a goed looking fellow, with irreproachable j whltkira end a fluent toogne? he managed to gain htr allectiona, and doubUni the atfalr would hire ended bridal ring*, wedding cake, kid glove*, crying, k f?m, aod rimilur vamtle*, had it not been that the lady i.iu Mi?t independable re?{ui*ite In all roaanine ? a <-riie father. It apprara the old gentleman <lid not fancy hn would be ton in law, aod wan proof again it th* faaina tious of tie remeuLientd whtaktrn aud inimitable MCtU that had *0 charmed hi* daughter. >0 he 'or bade bim the bouse. Hut all hlatory proree that lover*. lit. certain wltne*?e* befure AMermm'c conitLltttea, are ' ' contumacious," an l won't do ? Lat 'he* are I old by ollicioua m?<ldle.-a iu their alTairr to, like keiueo, our hsro vlalted hla Juliet, by ateaitb, wLeu the old fogy waa aaleep and it?r u; Hat tr??c nocturnal visitation* were at length dlacover *0, and every door waa bolted and barrel to prevent mgreai or egreM a'te: a certain lm?ur al night. Uut love laugh* at lockamltha,' and our ltom?o, If he coull not get la th * door got over it, and every evening he Managed to nlmb ovtr a gateway that openi into a yard mcnlbg betwf*n a cliurcb and the Iiuuhj where dwelt >?* fair Juliet Hut, unfortunately, one eveuing l?? ?>ek our Komm had acalet the walla, and waa already ii< anticipation in the m m? of hi* maitmru'a indulging in 'd?llianc? ??i when he waa aUrmed by what Dtunded like the anarling of a oouple of unaiuiable bull ttruen, win# vole** did not found "Oliver 1 1. eet. A* lover'* tongue* by night " A?d lura enough, before our nrro could get to the end of the alley, the aogv were on the ran, witn the btnevo lent intention of making an and of h in, or, at le**t, of attacking hia latter etd. Hare wa* a dilemma. It waa lo.po*?ible to gat t>*cx over the gate in time, aid to con U ml in a aiugie handud light with two wicxed (leg*, waa out of tbequeat on. There waabutone reeource, anil tlat waa to jump up aud catch on the aill of the wlncow adjoining , and e?r,er the church. To aave hia life, hi* reputation, and hia braeehaa. he made tb" Kprlng. a-ul the doge juat arrive! in t\m? to aee a (pot lor a nice hue uiauppear through the window Hut our lover'a mUfottunra h id only ju?t begun, lie waa tn the church Hut how to get out of It waa the i|oeation '' Ha atole aioug the atalea to the d Mir*, but U?ey were fa*t, and he waa compiled to jump from tha window to toe atreet, *on.e twenty feet below. Capt. Dltohatt waa parity at tile time, and eared the unfortunate Kon.eo the tiouble of getting on hia feat, by picking hun np, anu taking him how be got into the churoh - Aa the poor fellow could five no aatiafastory account ot Ulmaelf, ne wa* marched oil to tha 7omb* to aoawer a charge of aacrtlogo. Hera waa a pretty kettle of tuh. The poor lover wa* is deapalr, aod in view of hi* oaae got i|uita oeejx-iatc Next morning, when brought betore the magjitrata, he took a<ivantage or the ollher'* back being turned, aud mixing with the crow i, aecapwa unuo lined from the court room. Capt. Ditohett altwrwarda invea tlgated tha allalr, aod found the facta to b? pretty much *a above related. We rrgrot, for the aak* of our lady readtra, being unable to atate whether the affair had % happy uxiu nation or not, but we (ball keep them ad vUed abouid we learn anything more. Vertly the courae of true love never doea run auiooth. Narrow I>cap> ntoM DflowmNn ?On Saturday after nton laat, aa Mr. Jam<'a iiogle, of thli city, and hit on, a bor about twelve yeari of age, ia company with a couple of frienda, wera about returning from a tubing etcurmon on 1-ong Inland Sound, oil l'ort Moiriv tje boat waa auddenly capa.ied while at an 'bor, throwing th* whole party Into th* water Mr llogla bung the only one of the nnmber who could iwlm, Imoiadlalely on rtachmg the *urfa:e of tbe water caurbt hold of hi* boy by tbe arm ard drew bim towanla tie boat, wb -n wa* tMi'.tom up. ihe other ir*ntlem?n bting aomewliat atartied at their urcer* mooioua ard unet period < oil plunge bath, caught hold of the keel of tbe boat in aucb u mann r aa to cauae It to roll over, thua thriwing all iDUi the water again. Mr Iiogle after conatderable ?trangliDg, *ucc*ed*u in placing hia eon 01 the keel o' the beat, while tae o.her gentleman hung on either aido to maintain It* ba -ere While in th:- prwoarloua poal tion, tbe boy, observing that hia father waa nucb ex hauateil and over anxiou* on hia aejount, excUlrn?l ?'Never mind me. *are your<*lI for mother'* ntke ' Thi* bero'C Ipeochencouragwl nil band ? to remain per ftctiy calm, until tbeir altnatlon waa oMervwi by an old gentleman. Mr. Week* who wan In a boat about half a mil* oil. who came to their relief, and aiiceewded in rea cuing tbroi from their penlon* ponitlon. Th* accident occurrec near a rmail ialand, known aa Anna'a l-ltn ), near the mlcille ol tbe found, an I w >uld doabtleex hare Dioveotatnl bad not tl?e boat hung br her anchor and tbe party maintained a very ramarkable aegree of aelf po***?*ion. I I 'kath op Kx Atr>i:nw** Hi*n Nurmin. ? AI1?r i nan Maynard Ln <I*a<J. He wi< a whig in politic), an I rapii'HQtwl tb* liirhta?ntt> ward c( thla city In tb* P?ard of Aldermen id the jaara 1W7 ami 1NIH II* wai alao veil known from hia connection with the 1/iog l?land Itallroad Company, of wfcjrh body ba waa I'rea i i ?nt pieviona to Mr. Morri > nilfm that offlr* A fr.i?i 'iAT Cou.iv ion. ? A? tlm Htatan laland ataairnr Hunchback wan entering that atip at Wbltaball yeat?rd?y n.oralrg , ah* came in o? Melon with a ?m*ll boat, having in tow a raft of timber Ilje ?n:lc?' ?aw the hjat aid attempted to back *it?r, but could not avoid atrlklng the towhoat, wbicb waanrlvan under th* paddl* ?k?l(, and b? r ?t a r beard bow atoi* in. Two men, who wera In tba -mail boat, (prang ud the aide* of tb<* ateatncr and w*r? aartd. Statu tan Arrrypt at 8rinn? ?A man namM Andrew I arb.ffl came to tha* Nir.ata'nth ward ilatlon bona* on atu.-day night, aal aakad for lodginge, whi;h war* granted hint, la the morning ba attempted to commit rulclda la an ei're^rriinary u\aoer. Ha procured a a lioraaaaho* nail, and trie.1 to drive It Into tb? lowr part of hi* atomacb. II* ?uce?*W io p'inHa?te? th? I cutirl? anl mnntracc but wa? ulacov. red before he got it all tba way In. A phyalcien *?? called, but found th* wound not vary dan/>mu<. I'arSiea wea ?ent to tie i'olic* Court at Yorkvliie on a char** of inaaolty and vagrancy. f IKK in WjumiviTOi r-T*r?r ? I a?t night, about II o'clock, a lira broka out in the prerai 'JO Waahmglon ?treat, occupied L / Joaepb I'urr, dea.'er la cldar. pickiea, ard manufacturer of drier vioegar Tba upper part of the boura la rccuplel by Mr. Iiurr a family lha houa* waa found laatened up, and wban tba atr~t ? cor waa broken op?n, tba lira waa found burning un dtr tba ?talr* in a cloaet Tba flamea had progreeeed pretty wall up tha ataira however, tha flr?m?o war* quick, and extinguished It before it aitandad mu:h ba vend tba oloaat and a portion of tba atairway. Mr. Imrr, oor any of hi* family, wara la tha hoj?* at tha tlma. oor lad tbay mad* tbalr ap[<earan<-e up to 1/ o clock. Ihacirenmatancee wara <-ori?i1*f* l luapicloua, aao < apt. ( arpenter with tha Klra Marahal, ra>m??ed at th' piaaiiawi for tha purpona of took ?? furt kar In'o tba matter t.n tb* arrival of Mr. Purr. Tb* laraage will amount probably to abont Preeentatlaan of m Mword to Commander In granam. fFrotn tba Chariaaloa Hundard, July 27 J Tha pra*?ntaaioa of tba ? wort Manufactured by our (iarrran cttlrana for Commander Ingrabam. cania oil la?l araoing at tba Military Hall according to aipa<;tatlon ? r are ,1r'orm*d .that It wa? latandH to be rather a private alrai r, notwithstanding the public announce j r.x nt, but tbe renult. at leaat, ?M yilu contrary. Ihe ball wa? an*4 aw tiro* bafor* eight o'c'o k by tbe many clti ana vbo wara.daairoua of wfta'aaln; tb* lnl?r?Umg r*re*an/, an l erary thing wa< conducted with op?a doore. The (r'aantation ?u gone thrcugb with wltb Cut aay ostentation, bat In ae?or tan-e with tbe airnpli Ity with which tba Ormtn pw<pl* rbaractenrt tualr jarf' rmancei of thia nature Capita Irgraham aatarel ?be r<- ai aacmpmlad by aararal ganrleroan, met tbo>< *PP'nnte<l to iwait klm, an 1 recalra l the aword froai th? tind of Mr Malrfcera e<l tor of the /? t 'unj. who a?c?m [*ni?d tha f reeentatloa with an appropriate ap*acb de taillag tb* eircumataaca* which ?nti'.iad the ? xamanVr to th* compliment, aad eulogirlbg bia r >nduct tommanccr lagraham, upoa r*? ?.ng tb* weapon, trialty r?plu-! in the folk<w!ng wo d? ? i Mr, PreaXent and gentle' ?n cf tbe '?rraan Aaao'.a t u n ? I canaot but f*el highly gratified that tba '.?rm?n pontoB of ay fellow tow oa men na?? my wia da't n tb* affair cf th* 'id July at ffmyrna.'ln raicuieg Vai'in Ko*rta frr>m tha Aua^rian e-ithontje? o' mrk t 'hart' 'er a* t' Induce U.ere tc pra ant tne with tbia bet.j . !i<: wtipM) I bellaead Mar'ia >? ?r'a aoUtlad ' protect.on b* rlaime<] at my ban<ia aod I ?boald bare proted ra-r??nt to the tro-'. rap? a/1 la ma by tba g <f 'ramcnt bad I not ettan^ad to h.m the aid be a-<aght !: hta l>arn > aoirce of gratt graliCcatlcn to ma that t waa to nobly ?oitaii>a<l by tbe l>e?.J o' tba gaaarnseat Vbe cb.ef Of H# flepartmant inter wboee soiraed.ata ? n troll waa, and tha wbola Arteri a? pa^ple It la aot l-nartllykn' wn that I waltal oa the i.-jaernor of Jra?r ra and ury*4 upon b m, tn th* etrnogeM ?ng a /? I t'Vd t'.?e, 'he prr.t rlaty h:? ('.ar^kntliei* tba iar# ate rxtorailoa of Koi/ta to U.e ?..l of furkay, two. wbee?* lia had ba*a *o wu*lly and o agtiy fof ?d Me a<*lrJtf?dalt I aai but a* h^ha : no'Jtbe power t/> enforce t U !air and be ??Q: j .,nly rvp'ttthe - ??? tc iwa^taa aopie I then 4*t'rm aes that Kaerta ai.ojll act he ??at to IrtaeU and iwu after ma!a tb? !?a.aa*. wk ?. a f) Lapr ly eadwd |a L a raleaee >ot aa'?t y W'.fboat Vmo i ? t,i<t Mr. 1'iaatoant, la aoce^tiag tbia t'"'- *w?r' a! low r a to ratara yon my thank* for tbe mj latteri*g master jwn bate v<?n | >? ? ? v> aae?? o* ay aiert-'?? I ? tha 'caafkn '?? eh?fli I aa Inst boacrel t abell alwajc wear It with pr da a* tha w?/rt of art' aaJ of the lo?a<: rrfy wUk gat* n* birth and wbare I hope ta ract a Lea I a ball baa* fnitljac tba tlnta elated na ? -*? earth Ta T-m, fawllesaee, te* ri-.alty and & Ue- ta a |y I w^ah alt tha Kapp'naai ant aaraa** ya* **ab ia Uie lead rf Jtrnr adawti? aat wbar* ail wVa ao?dart tb#a ??'?' M p?d aittaaat M* >ar? if ba ac '^aa*-?i fifefW. I RhlpboUdliiK III Uoitan. LAUNCH or TH r. *BII' IMfKNIiKk -M'lllfCIl OK TltK ijon. hdwako ivuum -launch or tuk b tu WILfcUK rixs. (Iroin tk? lloxtoa All**, July 30. | Bince tti- launch of (be clippe abiu <lrea' It* pub/ic, we have not mvo ho maoy p-opie a?i <mblnd in Air. M'Kty'a yttti m ?>eru ^rtt-ouw on tiaiur.iay to witnea* the launch of t'.e abip I>afemler. Tua wtuther ?u mild and pfeaiant. with Juot wind enough to ripple the aurtacs of the water, aod fill tie ?nil* of t'?? unmetou* ya bin arsi pleaaur* b >.tta Sateinir to and Iro in tt??? v/ciniy. The noble ahu, oublv ennobled by her nam*. w*< uroaine Jted wit" (Ihi/h ?n(j m':i from the bow<pr:t to t ie taffrsil. She in about i,40<) ten*, c tpperlv la b auty ol outline, but pai Let model in capac ty an1 htmgtb, Itatipi:*<t to stow a inry i ar?<o anJ mil faet, ehe omhtnta Intl thew- qualiit's m ai ecu next <1 {<rcC, aiid appear* a* Ik?u'i ul m a p'eMoro yacht. A full e of th* la<e Dan'.ii W*b?t*r,ad mimb.y cxi eule i, atni painted wbiu, ort> unin'a bar bo a, ana her htern, win n ii r >u idril, is aet off wi'.h Allied curved woik. Her bottom ia c ippw color; the re<-t of the ^uM. eutdde, b'ack, and In side at* la pain'mi buff ool< r, r? r?r?i*i with whlta. When completed, reaoy lur *>?* *'?* nil be a* tinea ve??el oi brr capitct y an Mr. M'k*y tw %t\ pio dutfd. Bheliovned by M-nnr* f>. H KtudaJl and C. H. P. P.yuiptint, i>t tb>* city, and will bo com n.ui d d by Capt. I*aa3 It uau clump, long and favor ably k.itwL a* ote of the b&it Bailors belonging tj thiH city. Although b^autirul, ably cmroaod 'd, and built by the pi insect mechanics, y?t it w?a c'iiHIv the a?i??.cliiti. na conn*- Ud with her name ttaa: drew to gether a<i maDy U> witnaea her launch, a id thus another tribute "wja paid to on* who"thoo\h ileid, j? 1 1 vtth ' in the fceaiti of hia o.mntrymbo. IHaw I Webster, th < MMdlf Of th') 0 i nat 1 1 u > on , tfeMffe laid in t it) grave, "a HI Iito?" in bta wirki. _ Armmg me iprclatori were Finn. Kdwari Krcrrtt. Fletcher WfbHte", K*j., tx MaJ;or^ H"?i?Tfr and JUgeluw, C'o!cntl Ada.ji?, I'mUtDt of t e N. K Mutunl Insurania ('omi-an v, M' <!io< krr*,Tap pan, Train, T. J. Hhelv.u, V. It own, ant in ny others iLtcnxUd in abipping, beaidea a largo num ber ot laditt. At twenty Are rqjnnlea toll A.M., all but ibo aLx foremofci b ooka living b? ?n cut a?ra> she atari ed aluely, c-u-uti'lng the ramalmng b'uck * .ik j d u'. benna'b ber toretooi, and then incr axinic her?oii?d, movrd grandly al j0<< the w*y? lot > th" a?*t. aaluted by loog ootilirued cneenng from the ape latir^i on tee tbore, echoed b?ck from thuMi ou tuard, and from ttic flotilla, whi n hailed hir aivent ill at, ai anew iMIMfMk SUtfMMI il?*ard li <d a i*lu?e M the bta itiful ?Mj> rrc>ive i l.vr nun ft ;rn tlie K'Jilar.t (liffird. r?iebed on tho biw, bun above lila tell./ru. aa the abip Vim ;he l tne watar, na roand nut "Djfeudcr," ami at the tarn* t j ion amaabed a b'jUie of Cochituate oj her be*d. Nirtfc lug couid faavebeeu more impo?lnftly lieau'.iful thia when nbe cleared the wajr. Tari<'4: ahe ourteaiaU to the ipfctora on tao shore, aa abe mroed a?ide the whiteued f'.am, th?-n bowh'g gently, ge itly, abe ?con cleared the awall.and aKlmmeJ maj'-nti .-ally along the art, m apright m a tn 'iiu^intr. Many ladua aod gftj .etLeu repair -d to Mr. McKay'a liouae after thu lauuch, iota I'ilib partook ? ot bin hoapitallty. Af*>r the colutt >n, Mr. M:K*y imtro luc*l H ou | lOtiirard Krrrett, an tbc friend of th? laumjtiu W'ebator, iu who?< fconor the ooblu ?hlj? *w named. Mr. KvereU tnrn i"(?ok? it* foinw Mr McKay, Km. M< K *v, J.t mm **l> Okwi k*** Altfcou?!i 1 porcaira froBi tbt ui??.n?r In which o ir boat hi* pi.lBOtaO Hi* tO ,'OU OO lni? IMC** "11 t' ?' ?'|l I* lhir? * ainrctad from roa, jat I muat ray itoinkltla no oc-ation wbara *??tbio< lUa a tat ?p-?- n would ba Dot onlr ueiibubI nul tory niiirh out o' plac.a M. filrotf Mr. haadtU, will t*?r ?na wl'.oaat If - thai tlia mount*. of my Yolr.r that whm ha pro|iotvl t ? mi tha *ra tlllcatoD oftxlng pranatton thlt or:??. a uo bloc wtn | p*I<1 about rp-tchmaklo*; m4 moit ?aru aiy I iiB't mjrril hara aatiraly UDpraparwd for anjthu < formal lly * workman ao'l bt -Intact Ilka Mr "**'7, * inJ" i ritu m?i?t ba nnhrrt?<i ?ary mil b In tha lijhto * land labbar, and it noa rho d com- 'Iowa tiara w Ui hit tjopwt and ? on tula wa'ar, ha would lia thought to i? pajimt a aup-rfloooa and fo'iliili pail. (I.auRbttr ) Wa I') k to you, Mr Mo .ny, tor aa t'rtaicBicnt on Mil* occ*a;oa. fia*o art ( come boa. 1 am aura, to ur* our ?*ra lick ?<? with Bgur?? cf apa??-'i, bat to baar tha mail' of your roaUal B&?cbl<>? ???T "?* Wat bloc*, ant ?*?'? loir off t',uT baautifui rt??ai to IU datUoai nlom-nt. (< bttra i \ ou w?ie rood arougb. hi.aarar, to prataat ma a* th* fritnd <;f ihtt ?*?.f *ed *o*l mar, who.* I ..? wa >? wall a* tha whola ?m'n, bat- ?'> tn> h r?? ? m to dtp!?r?. K< r and la tiahalf of otnarn wli .ui I a*a aroMD'l ra<' 1 hara ir.ur.b ploMura ta ??pt?-'l i ma jrr?a< >ratlfle?tlo?i which wa na?a all r> .??man -! ci "it tiaiaiof Ihia aucranfut .aiinc'i *'??"? nt< '????I t>T'>u Kir, ami a!ao to tha own?r?, for tb" trlbtit- yri h%?? paid U> tbl- uri-at man, ?bo l?li'<ooi?d t.j tli- u*m* j< ur r.<aulllul v?a<i?l t>aar? aa tt - " IM.n >r r?( II, a 0>n?l tutioo " I ??iira jou that it raj- > <?? ' ir v l.'ar'- U> ?? bfn wall raffafaotait aod ?n?j?atlc fltfiira cipoi tha prow, Irokirir <l?>wn upon tha watara aa tt?a *????! tU<ia llal.> lt? apM/ln'a.l alur-ant. aa If I.a romm??lal th?-o, r.o? tliat ha ia iiona, an ha roii.n and?l ttt? h??t?a of whll? li'.in/ (Ch-ara I Mr, It wai a J i?t trlbuV to 1, la pattlo'l'm, to In Ionic ?0'1 fa'thlu!, ant mi:?t I not a-..J, air, lll-rtf uitad aar*i?a?. lla <111 ?'afand t'ia <v?o?u tutlop, Bi t roaraly aa ararr j??d cltl ? n l? o >1 -jwl to . ! ? fa r <1 ID duty tlia jorarDmaDt un.lar whlfli Ua ,i?an but ha .taf-o-Vl It l^faow H ?a. tha fi.rantjr loaatlmabta*? aurr. in I o( -i? on e?ary ai4a Ua dafan lad tba coD'1itntl?n of tM I n't?1 ??? ran?a ha fait * yon aa<l I, an l all of u? f*~?l ti?t I*. I? * kind of ??Hhl? piofldeDca, nummndlflK il a aliVa arlilla wa waki- aiai whila ?< ?Wp n 1 ta >lri?K u? *n aia r.o' of blaa.iiiKa ?u< h ?? I firmly bvllata iV?'-r la>!ora w-ra an iu j til Iit any otb?'r joofla aiaoa the cr??M<n of tUla w< rl?l. (Cbaari l H r, tb*r? i? a?"'.har r?a??o, an^'har ?roued on which It waa Ui gl?a hl? w?J aa'Dtd tltl? ? "Ilia Iia'tpdar * -U? tbla nobla ????! Mr Wabatar. anjoof otbtf faaf'.- aitolla<! tha ?a?t!t?ton of tba I Olta 1 Htata* l<arau?a II ?pr?a<l It* <ia o*af tlia coagmarca of tba rouotry ? Wau'a II ?ai, in fa' t. tlia bulwark of comm?r<a lla kraw aa wa mil know Ibat OfSMOR* ?*? ?!'* |fa?t Hal) ?ar of nat 'ina, t'ia pa r?nt of lltiarty, of tlia afta, of r?fiu?aiant. Ha kB-w, air, from tha b:?U>fT of onrowr. n n'rj, h-.w tb? e>n^'.;iu Hon of tha I mtft Hut*' b*<! alarVa-l It* -onunwv. from tt at m'.? poll! of apn-non la whi h it ?H?m bafcra tl a a<loptt<?n of tba v n (Itotion wl.aa thraa or four Kanilau an Boatoa war h?at? aara o'i.i/al t . anbactlba t> * tba p-irpoaa of buldln* an I flit n< o it two IT thr'a ?a.a I Wauaa Ihtra^ a?> no. capital aooufh In (??'? b?n ? to bai ? ?'??al atota. Iia raai/llart d that comioew oa-1 J .'a a.i tha Plain to<, anil ha .III a ?? f' rfat wha' tha ri prltatioa bad dora In r?ta^>IUbio;: thia b*rr . -al'Hia , Intar'owr" batwaao tba .North an I tba w, tb, t'.a K*a? | act tha W"*t lBi'ant of rarolotloaary la?lal?t??o I boatlla tartffa. tad capr.ctov pr'-blHtlja, ahi-.h hr >*a j vp Iba country aad i.iula It Iftlo ^t?taa la -aalltyfo j tai,-a to??r?? aach oShar. ha k?a? hiw innh tMOa j atltutloa !,ad (".ona la a'oll'h ig th?t fiiditloa of tbirf. ami brln# n* ti? all into t'.a proaparou la'ar couraa now aila'luf batwaan lb a ?a?? r?' - ?ta llut 1 faal that I * going too far aa<! waarflr.g r<- ?' pa'laacya | upon th.a li'pl" TM# BObia ablp WbJcl. I.aa JO?t b*0 j latiDcbarf, will ?O'.B apr-ad b?-r canaa.a aSroad t/, tj.a braara, but a* h?r capita a ? '.rata ?>n 1 ? . ?ura l.a will ba. to f a aatr nt?'t ' Mh prr,|<r'? f ?-< a >-'< ?alua ? a* t.'raap'als iU?' ? m??i tarda'k an t l'.'?? bl* h'ma, ab'l ?aaa hl? natlaa tboraa malting a th? ?.!? j Inn' a )>a may ba a??iirad that tba bwat wUba? of B i' ia 1 roti" frl'O'!*, thoaa ar"uB4 bara and o'h?r? "111 foDow h'tr mi r tba ?'?> lla may ba ? ira. to ? that to no t< at hii?> >?r d -Uat caa b- 'arrr U?l ra.?| wttra tt a 14 a an? fa">a of tba " | alavdar of taa (oa.t tat,. a will oot ban prac?a?l b . V *?*?.) lla ran aotar n" frt, i.oaaiar dutaot, whara t'.a ? a* OT tba I i,iia. wl. ct, b ? T...alb?a-. -ill acit ba a ?ufflcl-Bl i (l.taoca nd ? r. 1 wiU aay otbar tbtnc alt>?ou4>i , jou ara pr.?aet, that tb.ra U r,?, port, b',w.,T?r drftant, ? * ?My \ mr Kay alii W t alao'l 'A >o 1 (U<od tUll ) ? ? ?tr at,?lf 'tiaia wara iti lat ?r <vn.a* baf-'ta A or ati Bicra itaa^io* h *h?r thaa I '.b? laof K.aalt Mf hay ? u!d ba & 'laaU-t by that M'ai aad that f.jara (Apo'a a?.: ia J?tiur ) I a?a at a HtV*? l?aa I c-,b ft?? to eaWLWband tha aa'ralof U.a rt?al r/w wl. cb I ?? a-.b i ? a'l our ?aJ ho i H?utf two ,1,11 f | on- ri'Uiit ha haa batlt a ' *a ?? ? aa h a .a baia ?-a to 'lay I bo' '..-an tbat ?naf wara all a a ,aif? lilltilt; *H*t "all ?< i .pv Wl at \ .'-okat aa , lalaBCfly. aa tbay l*U lata IU wara* 0ftt/ twa M, i?a I ? " It til ? va<l<,w BV?+ lb?a >??' frit a " to '?p" tail' a'ia.t.i- a. a, art:.- tbi? f.-.a" ? and It ba ? I* of ?rit*4 Ui a.* thai tba** ata a rr : ? ? ? J .teat It Hat mm I ba?a ba*B ondar tHa r-o- 'o lay, I bar a laadal tw aaarct of faan If |o ? . ? r ?<* i t III ? r*?: t*lprnn>\ to taaa co.aaai ? b tt.4 a Bar a rt ft aaa at fr</? A ta r wofatr* a " 1 ?' a., p a .a I ' ? -U'caa. la I aaa awiw. ifaa to at . ir,' a< *" \ 'oBfiatfcjiU tba fataar ?' oni ?* t, t*a ratt-? * 4 - 1 ' ? , t, 4 f ? U > J ' ? ta> ta!4, fnartMa itai Ml 4aa|tlf>. aal ' 1. cbli "ran *IBB of tba latt?* <? t ? "iM ?J ^ yaar . I ?t?b to too* ?' , balE? a ctt. at J *4 Mr WU. (I'.ka **4 I* ????!? t ? ** \2\ Ti4.r. f r*t ?f Mr * k*3 %t * fa.l t, It li.|.ta. antral jatiiaf aa*J what ^ Ward Wd M? Tralst iWttilf a- .ara a biao w?tr* hat boat r fa "i to '1 ? r.' ar '? a *, a of ?> Ir ? ?? bb*c a w.t tba ?r.t i4Ma'?riatfo4iM'M, ?? ?" ?'? ' irWB'a. tba aaatio?af tba Kl'tlW (Wain) 1 1 mm B?t ba wora taka m f > ' 1 ?ar turn* bat m a taa*. i.a..' I pr (**? lfc?* >aa a'l -;riBk Una ' " 'rY/'t Mr fa aa f Kay A ?u'?oatf?l ?0}fc|a ba b a b?* ??. ac a at t lit* party to laf .*'ar,riaian oauait | v..,.r h.ara- rf Hoaioc. atd f'4. >:ry i Tram f T ood ? '?? ? w? ??'? ?'?ia? rar/^arka u4 a i rat'T rrta. absktac of han4a ?llh Mr. ail Mr* Mr Kb), ar. cri.patiad vitk Um ba? aWw, r aad if ptnraa*i?fa o( UUa latoraatiax rcaaot t ? *. j brat to lari, array ladVad aw pw?*a? ?< _ Jt\ fcataafffdai Mr. Mrkay aa ?#U aa Ua t1Miii i r ';0t!'*t4 aa?kafarto?a H ? f>?a*4a ar-o? Uia ar*?a*.a?4 ??t?c K?aa-? taa ?tta?* * fv , tX i?B >.tit f*f 7f ,jr ^ tut ever entered the port of Liverpool, will to! with pi rax ure thin teatimonial to the worth of toe irnr who baa placed their line of AuatraHae dia ler* ah) ad of all the world for epeed, atreaftto, beauty. aud oompleteDeae of cutilta. lilghy m Mr. Mi. Kay la I'eiervidly eetea?ed la England. Ma friend* thipp will parcel t, by the prcooedlng* re corded, that b>*irerltaerr u well epnraciated here. Long mat h* coi.tmue th* boourablo oar#*" which 1 a* ihiik far ti'oin eo creditable to hlflwdft and ueeful util honorable to our country. i. ki'soM hi' tux wn.mra ria*. IHrrrtly imw the <??. k from where ttve Pefeader we* laniched, on the Ch. eburr, in tde yard af John A. Taylor, waa m tHe ?UIp ui ooe Utooaaad tone. aJ) ready to ti? launched. and gathered a beet ber in tlie ?h'.p yard and ita vie ulty wrreUrfe oaa bem ol the p'oole of C rl? >. It *a< arranged ??* t?wii Mr. M'K.y aid Mr. T*yl<>r that the letter ?hon'd Uurch hl? ?'?<cl tlmt, but owlnp t? ? <m* deiny on ?h? ^an of Mr. T?y1or in ge'tlng hli wwl tlT. Mr. McKtv Uunc'fd tlivt. A imd many of lbs people rn the K*et Boat on aide bi^me wnary ef waiting, and retired before the Wilbur Ki* weal off. These who remained w? re ?? II rettald. At ftvt' IP not? h i>a?t *l>.ve', nSe tm v?d ' ff In Hue <**?, ai 6 wan loudly cheered. The Vi llbur KUk la owned by Iraac ltlob, Keq.. ol thl* c*'y, and la intended for a freight ny iblp. Itoth ?hlp? wtre t-iwel to toe r.rand Junction wharf, whin they will receive fee* niasla. Thr Pmhlbllnry (Jqiinr l.?W ARKK TH KOK MU.<NKBNNKh4 YKHTKIUaAT. Kartjr aarro U?|nr< wne brought hefora UMW|il tiat*a, it the rarinua pollfl' court*, ana'.er lay. 7b< ia aa of fully tweaty Are par cast ?nr Um aritag - DtiinWt dally utiM. Hundar probably U4 % great deal to <Io with the larreaae, ?? mm; of tkaM arraigned yiatarlay CBfaawd to hariag be* a draab ? It" * lfa> Sabbath. Tba follow i r>< t*hl? ?hnw* tha bf r ut painoun examined at each dlatrlct court ya*Ur da j ? Magufntft, ?mmilmmU. F rat Mat I'oliaa Court. . Juatlra Welab.. 21 1-rc?Bd " " ...luailoa I>ari??o T Third " " . .Juatlea tireobao. .......... .It Total ra..?I AltklxrH POH INTOXICATION IN rKOHl.TN. Tba total nunVr o' arra<iU lo itnriVlyn lor tka ttr'f right b< um i-nding j??Ur '?/ muralof. for irutaa t*aa, ware twai nt y one, a* lolluw* ? Kjit rtiatitet I record " It Kmrth " t tilth ?? I Total ? Of tha a bora, Juatlc** Cmilb *01 Curti* diapaaed a# nearly tha wbola number by inlHetlag tba Banal probity, rut i.igt mi Ckntn in wii.i.iANHiirtfl. lb* trial of Thoroa* llerry, of tba Kaatara dlatrlct, wMrh w*a to barn taken place ye*t*rd*y, bafara Jaa tlra Jamba as I a jury, we* puatponi- I by mutual afraa ? nnot until aft< r t(.a dtr aloo of Toyatice'a caaa MflTI the Po pramc < o'jrt. Tba raac of William Oniachard w'll taka tba aaaia cornea Mi pereor.a arraatad for Intmlratlaa by tha I- lllh tla'rlr' police, ?<-r? brought b?i >re Juatiea. )f?t*rda; m<i*nl#g. an<l ml on* of tt> 10 could raoaUwt ?b?ra tb?y obtained th?(r ll'juor Three of tbea wara lined, one tra*e Ixini'a lo *pp**r for trial taa waa aaa\ to iba | riiit'i.tli i r, an J two wrra die< barged. 1 UK I'MOHinlTOKT I. aw IS YitNBIlUI. Tba r a?e nf tlia> ptople, Ar. , ra. Oliver t Daralaw. a# tbe Hanklio Houae, Yotikera, cam* up for trial Mara Juallra <ir<>-bua, 04 tbe VMli mat Mr. l"enalow, rouc.ael for defand/tat, morel Va 4Aa ini-a tba m mplalot on tbe followlag ground* ? I . The law ra<)B>rea en affidavit auflicieat to aathartaa a atnrrli warreut to be taxied en I tba latulaf af airk warraut, lawlore a warrant can Uaur agalaat tba prt ? aoarr a. Iba eomplalot doee aot aVata that tSa l'^aare alltgad to bate l/*au aold were domeattc, abd not iaa p< ited 'bjuoia. lb- wa teat la ila*"* on lim l tli whila tba raaa pieint Uf'.'i which it laaut'' waa a worn to > a tbe 20tt Mr St* f>>r c<nplaia?Viia m r <l to eataad aadar >a<tioo *i al rti al'i . 1 amen tiuenia at anjr tiaaa tt Ucbi l<" ?not? 1.1, a ? tio< i u?n? Ihe Ji-attre, b< *? >?r be l-l tl at tba d'facta vara la tb* JM ,ii . ttoo an I t taaefaaa Could not le ato'i. ' d I be oiiuplaint wet dinmUaad tut 1 i'.j.H mill lhiai. in KOCNrjfrtOt- & iitHB asiiaai/ h? t'a-r. (F>>m <be In baaier An<><ir?a ItAy :/> ) Tliiate'e, el, i>ii baa o cu^tad tbe fobaa < aurt far aeaati at.d a half ?:ajr, >l> .f ahtab w-r? . cmauauad m the trUI wae Daail; f aali ded al 11 o cluck ?a Tridap I .. bt. Mi H lie u eoiciaed up tbe c?ae for tka defaace, ei' ! Maa>re flopkm* end Mabh 11a for tbe ^roeacat<wa lab aloe Be* Imiliw I to ona hour tne laj 'attar geaa tlanir n lek lag a half buur each Me bate o<, a be tract el iba ar(UBi'ai' anuaael Me gire |he r*i?rga af thr Juato ? to tbe if for all rk a* are ladebtad ta Mr I'ti r ~a II . of toe / ?? a office 1.1 ntlco ea of tie Jar; ? 1 bia ana; ba cooaidara I a Dotal aiilt? a pl> 1 ?er aaae uadar <ne new la* aad wae which baa riaaled a greet 'laal of Ne.iag in Uk* <iaaraa n 11 r and up<a which loan* opmluna bare t>aaa wa pr>?aed It l<e j,,nt duir In danldtag ac-ordiaf ia li e lacte ao l tba law ia ti e ea**, t<> tbrow aai la all t Urate lea Ubga and pf*,n.di -aa t <1 and I neat a^laala letar tl.a 'aw aa we l.nd It. Villa r at l>* ao uaaar all lewa un ci a rtpablicaa form of (naerawieat If the lawa are wroa(, rcureaa ren i>* ougiit a tbe rr urte pra rldad for aurb ? oatiageaa.** a I ar aa taa law la rmm ft Bad, I rbanre you the' ?"U hate nothing t > do wttkl tha cenatituto ualitji It i>ao<m.ei me ant I *0 aba/fa jou thai 1 be law la conalltut ouel If It la n"t Ikera I* a | roper tribunal to paaa up a It, where It will ba da aided. Me to Uke tbe law aa It a'andf tb a ia a ca -e ia whl' h " a 1 ialat la ma t* againat J <Mpa Kaa for M lltg Bt"i .rating IJi/oora, aa 1 cl aig ag that be aUlt doea aali certain I uora aa' .ei la the warrant la ria la'.rri tf the fret ta- '.ion o' tha at V,e gaaUemea, ? bare ar* three l,raa' be* 10 tbi? eaa? If II ? prraaau tH n laata ah?*a t' roar aa'lafa- 'inn that tint man ba* kept thearti* ea prt : ibitad lu bla ao . a aad tba* ha iaa la Dot eareplel b/ thia a't b? la ,fu '? y of Ota trat ?act,ni of t>ie law Tli?r baa* r*l>ed pr a'lpaJI^ man tb> ?? a 'A laa'r bet aad ? irtat am gaU' proai ta relauoa to 1 >.? aa e l a< Wen f iolacad If hara ?bi an Ui /ou tba! ibl* l-a-r wat kapt 'or aa a aad waa ta'oairat of? M If *7 bate '.om? that, joa aiait Wrlag la a rardict r.f galllr If U.*j bat* u .t duaa tiaai, and )'*ra ahoen that It I* a ma I liiao*, aa da a<rltail in tbe ^>1 aa-tlcn of f.a act I ckarfa jow J'bat It cue* vaCer lie n.eao 'if of tba law, aaet ion aiuat brinr Ib a rardict of gclllt I bla la tba law In lb* raee If^tbaf be ta la ? J ta abow tbat ha baa k?pt IsUiicatigg li'jU'ira Ib bsa hnoae eantrar / to tba atatata? if tt.ejr I, are lalbad t. ah' w t .at lafer bar . a a malt h'jnor, aad Bot mt/rt ,'a'l?g, jr?? m >il brtag la a arr'lrt of wd guilty Aa to jvry h' tg j < 'ga* of tba law ar.t tha fa't li ttaa jaa' 'e toot not ?>??'(? 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