Newspaper of The New York Herald, 31 Temmuz 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 31 Temmuz 1855 Page 5
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r? ii? BimnWutn, 333 Brawtwajr, lul *? Ml* agenoy for the Ml* of T. Gilbert * Oo.'i, Hal lstt k Csmston's, Woodward k Brosra's, ul Jacob Uitktrtog'a Boaton piuoa; ud hit U thi mIt houM wk*i* eu i>? obtaiaed tne celebrated mod era Improved borate Waters' piano*. with owl atrtnga. PrioM lee* t*>aa Ma b* bad ela* where, tad which defy eompetition Mane* to MBt, and rent allowed oa purcha**. Piano* tar Ml* en monthly payment*. Sol* agency for S. D. A 8. W. Bkith'i eelebrated melodeon* toned th* equal temperament. New ?>i ocUvx piaao*. with iron fram**: ?or $160. Second hand plauo* from I3U to 9140 StW Kaile.-uJcnnlc DUnh, of Cherry Val ley." Song and chorus. Word* by 0.1*. Horrid, K*j ? nsnaic by Tbomes Baker. Price 26 etuis. A litt.o item, With word* and music charming for ihatr simplicity. Tfce melody ia exceedingly pretty, and easily caught. M nut soon be a* popular ax "Our Boys," by th* saw* aomposer. HORACE WATERS, 333 Broadway. Dr. Agilmont'a Remedy far Dysentery Anrrha-s, cuoler* Infantum, ami kinlted disease*. The afflicted may depend upon immediate relief. For sale by JOHN MJtAKlN, 497 Broadway. Dr. Agihnont'i Remedy I* a Certain Cnr* tar eko'era Infantum, dysentery and dtarrfioa. For Ml* by E. M. GUION, 127 Bowery, corner Grand Htreet. Aaetl-n Sale ut a Choice Collection of wine* ami brandies ? Attention in called to th* Hale to be ma le by ALBKRT H. NICOLA If, auctioneer, till* day, (Tns*Jay,) at 11 o'clock, at th* sileirnom. 11 Broaa ?Meet, consisting of a very choice collection of bran Ilea, wines, Ac., to b* sold in the original package* a* im pelled and delivered from tb* I'nited States Bonded Warehouse. For tail particulars we refsr to th* adv*r ttMaxat of th* auctioneer in another column. Do Straw Bonnet Dealer*. ? We Are Now prepared to show a large and complete aa*ortm*at ef lb* fall atjl* of atraw bonnets, consisting la part of tb* Florence, Fed ale, Eag. imnstable, aad split straw basinet*, all of which are of oar own manufacture, aad will be told at th* low**t market prlc*, by the ca**. A. LEIJLSD A CO., 171 Pearl atre*t. Black Slllis.? We have Just Reoelved from auett' n a very superior lot of black silks, which w* are eaabltd to sell at much less than the.r real value. Also, MKI ceien superior Paris made kid glove*, at 6*., worth 7*. K. H. lEADBEaTKR 4 GO , 347 Broadway. Teas, ColTers anil Sugar*. ? 1'he Largest and beat assortment of th* abeve art clea, *111 bo louad at WILLIAM LYNCH '3 newly erected, beautifnl stor*, earner of Greenwich and dpring street*. We assur* our readers they can do batter at wholesale or retail, than elsewhere m th* city for cash. Bkb d( Co.'* Salamander Safes, Wilder'* patent, with Rich's improvement. Depot No. 140 Water street, New York. Daring th* last thirteen years these safes nave been tested in accidental Urea one hundred and ninety six times, and hav* fully sustained their reputation as a Ore proof article. A larg* assortment, with or without powder proof to*ks, lor sale at the depot. the subscribers at* th* sole proprietors of Brennan'* recently patented " la bkllk" lock. wkleh, from it* construction and finish, la powder and toarglu proof, and less liable to get out of older than moat lotas now in u**. STEARNS A MARVIN, Iks only maker* of Salamander bafts combining Wil der 's and Rich'* patent*. Cbarlei1 London Cordial Gin ? ^lovw Land. tog ex Yorktown. an invoice of tliii cele crated 'gin. tor sale in cares of two ''"'?n quart bottles; each bot tle bears tb* titll on th* glass wit a th* proprie tor'* fac simile sigiatnre uu toe label. Ncn* other genu M. OK V KN'OQK & CHaULbS, 138 Peal stre*t. for PrutrrUon Agauul Moaqultoes and all towns.? llaaa.n'a patent Unproved canopy and n*t? smabining beauty, cheapness and entire security against tasirts without obstructing tb* circulation of air. It la constructed so that it will tit any oeJstead, and the a*t la so arranged that it will Contract and ecpand by MMna of rubber orai's, so thatv t will (it securely at ail tote* and on all bedsteads, thereby atlording entire pro lection againsa insects. It cjm oe atlacne 1 to t/ie oed stead in lea* than two minutes, and can be taken dowa ha aa equally short space of tiuie, yet wbil* it afford* the protection sought, it is a beautiful and chaat* orna aeat to th* bed. Particular attention paid to order*. It 1* indispensable to lavalid* not only bv night bat taring th* day. W. STRAITON, tool* Agent, No 00 Cham barn s treat N. Y. Mill's Improved Instantaneous Hair Dye, aaly lour shillings a box, acknowledge by ail who use M to be the best for a Hack or brown in use. Applied privately, or sold atl Barclay street or 45 Nassau xt. V*. S. S. Fitch, Author of the ?4lx Lectures aa consumption," office Tit Broadway, will be p eaasd to allow relief to tho>e who Have be*n injured, or who have tailed to he benefitted t.y the *|i*ciality oi inhUa toos, for diseases of th* King* or throat. ti(j*n dally (ttnntia; * excepted) from 0 to 6 o'e.ock. Treat* con swaptlen, aitcma, d!s*ases of the heart, and all enronic dl*n it* of males and femalas. Consaltation free. Mr Ailliy t?o|nr'n Mad Aperient A ntl-Rl Il ea* pilla (or bile, wind, indlgeation. aick headncbo, giddi ee*e, heartburn, roetiveaeia, loin of appetite, fa. The Al?tingai?he<i patronage Willi wnich tbiM etandard pill* have long been hcriored, the beneficial eflect* wuicn have ronatantly r<*Milted from their us*, the pant/ of tbe ingredentN wbich enter into their composition, their eeiefuland peculiar mode of preparation and the great wad mcreauins demand for tti?D irom Mir/ quarter of the globs, prove at oncejtbelr auperiority overfall aimilar yieparatiou* n Europe <rr America. Prepued from the /ecipe of tbe late Sir Aatley Cooper. Sold in boge* with Airecti una i or axe, at 26 i-eota, M cent* and $1 each, by A. B & D. Hand*; Schiellelin, Broa., k Co.; McKeaaon ti MobbiDF C. H. Kmc J < N. Uliektaa & Co., and brail reapec table drugging and dealer* in medicine tbrougb cnt the world. MAt i'dAiL & CO., dole 1'roprieiore, Load< in and New York. D. Cameron's Keelpea are the Moat Rcnno aaical things of the day. They contain everything that la aeeued to heighten or preieree the oeauty, enabling ?eery one to make their 0*0 cosmetic* at a savin? of tram 500 to 1,000 per cent. Sold by II. I). CAMKKON, '412 Columbia atreet, one door from Atlantic (left mdej, Bseoklya, one mionte'* walk from the terry, price f 1, Isrwardea bj mail to any paxt of the United atatee. Dr. Jaa. MeCUntock'a Otarrhoea Cordial la tally performing extraordinary eur?? in cholera mor baa, dysentery, cholera inUntom, \c. Ft inatantly ar. ?cite ail danger ju* *) mpt'iins, and 1* perfectly *afe for ehi1rfr?n or aral's Price "5c. Mid iOc. Sold by A. CI . '?H.MAN it CO., 295 Broadway, and by all druggist*. Tbe ftsger of acorn Should point, night and day, At him who won Id (teal Kepntaticn away. Look eat, then, if jou d not be "eold,'' >"er counterfeit* (the acampa are bold) Of I yon'a 1'owaer and hi* Pilla, Full many a ehamelesa pedler sella. Depot for L|on'a Magnetic Powder and Pi 11a, ?r uaaeite, rata and mice, 424 Broadway. The Great Inhaling Kcmctly for Aathma, eraaampt on, and all dlaeaaea cf the throat and lung*, Bit. Cl Allri' Hygeana. lhouaamU have beea real >r*i to health tbe paat year by toe bygeana. Principal office Ne. 34-1 Broadway, and sold by C. U. Kiog. So. ly.'i Baeadway. l'rice only t.'l a package. Dr. Cartla will be at the office daily from 10 to a o'clock, where be may be eeaaolted free of charge. A Great Core for Female Complaint* will be fomd In llolloway 'a pilla. Tbe wonderful cu -e? ef feeteit by tl.ese med.cine*, in eomplatata lo.:id<-aUl t fvaaal's. are eo extrorllnary aa to a*:onish the greatent abyniciao*. Sold at the manufactories, HO Maiden lane, Slew York, aad 24 4 Mrand, I/inlon, and by all drug gist*, at *5 cents, 62>, eante and fl per box. Pet aoaa Who (lave Given up In Despair wMb tpthalmla, amauioaia. cataract and other alfecUona ?( tbe eyea, may apply to Dr?. BI.lLN & LAMOt'R, 7a 'i Broadway, aad be cored. 1BIEETISEMOTS RtNLWtD LVKRY DAY, pEftsoa&u kWARD.-PLEASE LIT ME KNOW UOW I CAN GET a letter to yon, and olillga IT TF W. MEAD, JR , OF PLTMOtm, EN0L4ND, WIU. 1 call at the office of Osborne >yme ft Co., No. 0 he a bag lireen, be will hear ef eomething to kla advan tage. IF THE GUARDIAN <-F (>. T. DAVIDSON, WHO FOR merly Heed at >.# Varick atreet, wu! pleaae addree* a aate te a re. O. F. Davidacn. at the Philadelphia Poet office, ke will bear of acmethlng to hie advantage. Philadelphia, July 27, IMS. Information waktbd-of Christopher turn er. who left New York for 'aliforn.a about the ?>th ef April, 1HM. ainee which time nothing haa bees beard ef bin Any Informative concerning him will be ad rfeeaeed to MaKY TIRNER, Ixui.vUle, Ky. Information is wantvj>? ok the whereabout* ef Milium Mariiea. ilia mother ia at 41T Kghth iv ant, New York, aad ia anxioua to hear from biaa. Hi* father, who la ia California, has aent money for bim to pay kU paaaag* thither, If be wtahe* to go. Any peraoa fteleg info; (nation of bim, will cooler a favor by Inform ing hi* mother. Direct ?.? above. Jersey City paper* pteaae >rpy. Information wavted-ofann mcooi.orick.who ?trayed from her home 00 Toeed .y When ?he le t Vie wis ?he had on a r?d eaiico dre?a, with whit? *pet? In, a ?mall plaid Ihawl, and an old faehl' ned white cap. She ba* been fxilub a shcrt time. Any information ?UI b* thankfully received by MlCHAJCL BMO mix, 47 Hamlltoa avenue. BrKklyn. WANTED? INPORVATION OF JAWH FaLVKY, al?at 1? year* of ane; wb?n laat heard from he hveA with a farmer in Colcteeter, Conn . left New Yom aboat a jeer ago laat ?pr?g Any Information of him will be thankfully recived by his uncle. Michael M? beaey, la tbe Manhattaa Co., New York. TI1K. MILITARY. ri MEMRKM OF THE t'KITRD AMERICAN 'JCARD are aatii>ed to mee*. at Ata F, VtUUr'a, H I'iaon rte?et cn WeAaeaday, Asraat I, at 12', o'clock, la fall uniform, te attend tbe fnaeral of their deeea*e-l com fade, ti, U. Iian>*va. By order. w, fl. nsf) N, yrttrlj. TUB TURK. mO THE I/) VERS AND BREEDERS OF FINK STOCK.? _L Th? celebrated thoroughbred stallion WUd Iriahmaa will stand for ft llmred Dumber of mares the Maniac n*mi, ftt tbe fUd Hons* Stables, ftl |60 the Hwoa. All mmji to be pftid before serving Um mare. All fto cidents ?i Um rlik of tbe owners. WIJiiAM A. BROWN. Proprietor. STNION COURSE, L. I ? TROTTING? ON TUEJDAY, J Ju'y 31, ftt 4 o'clock P. M , ft matcb for $600, dv? Us out, to wagons, between the Jersev hor*e Ned and the Newtown mare Kats. ftwners to drive. SHAW ti WHITE, Proprietor*. UNION COURSE, L. 1 TKiJTTINS.-FRIDaY, AUG. 8, at 4 P. M., match (or $2,000, two miles ftnd repeat, to wsffons? Mr. W. l'aftbody namen b. g. Hard Road, from 11 ston, Mr. D. Pilfer names b. g. Major Rogeri, or New York. Th e race 1* likely to be one of the moat exciting race* of the searon. Tbe a Sore horses having trotted mile beata last week, end the favorite (Hard Road) getting beat, makes the friends of both horse* tbe more anxious to see which la the beet horse for bottom. BHtW & WHITE, Proprietors. tiut uhcok mmvnoa, A MEETING OF THE LIQUOR DEALERS' SOHETY '? of the lhird ward, will be held at < hamberlln's, 77 Robinson street, on (this) TuesCay evening. at eight o'clock. Punctual attendance of membsr* is parttcu Urlj requeued, as business of Importance will be trang acted. GEO. E. SHiJiWUOl), Chairman. Ht'UB 0. Crozikr, Secretary. FODRTH WARD IJQUOR DEALERS? A MEETING will be held at the Shakespeare Hotel, on Tuesday ev? BiBg, at 8 X P. M Punctual attendance Is requested, as busiBfM of importance will be brought be tor 4 the ?Meting. By order of WM. BAIRD, President. John Joukn, .-eerstary. 81XTH WARD LIQUOR DEALERS' A8SO JIATION? llin liquor dsaieis of this ward are particularly requested to attend a meeting at the Coopsr House, cor ner of Broadway and Anthony street, on Tuesday eve ning. July 31, at H o'clock precisely, for the purpose of electing a nominating committee to elsat delegates to the Sj raouee Coovet lien Punctual attendance la most particularly requested. By erder, P. GARKICK, President. J. P. u'G?o<;iie<;a.v, Seorttary. mO THE LIQUOR DEaLERH OF THE TWENTIETH I ward.? Tbe liquor dealers of this wftrd ft re respect. I ally requested to ultend ft meeting ftt Miiliman's Hall, ?t the corner Twenty -sixth street and Seventh avenue, on Tuesday evening, July al, at 3 precisely. A full at teadaace will be advisable, us business of Importance will be then submitted (or actioo. HCGIl MOONEY, ChaUmin. Jas. Wallack, Secretary. TWENTY SECOND WARD ? 1 HE MEMBERS OK THE Twenty seoond Ward Liquor Dealers' Association are requested to meet at the National Hall in Forty fourth street, on Tuesday evening, the 31st Inst., at 8 o'clock, (or the purpose of electing a committee to elect a delegate to represent them In ?he Syracuse convsntion. J. 0, hi KStlAM, Cbalrmtn. Twelfth ward.? the member \ of the liquor Dealers' Association of the Twelfth ward are re quested to assemble at tbe Irving, oorner of E gbtb ave nue and 12&th street, on Tuesday evening, the 31st lost , at 8 o'clock, for the purpose of electing three delegates to tie Ttnth Assembly District, to meet on Weoneiday evening, Angust 1st, corner of Third avenue and Korty elghtli street, for the purpose of electing three delegates t<> tbe Sjracuse Convention, In accordance with a call of the Central Convention. L. Lei- uk, Secretary. T. T. JACKSON, Chalrmtn. TO TENTH WARD IJQUOR DEALERS.? AGREEABLE to ft resolution of tbe IJquor Dealers' Central Con vention, passed on Thursday evening, July lit), at tbe National Hall, the Tenth Wftrd Liquor Dealers will hold a special meeting at tbe Capital, corner of Essex and Grsnd streets, oa Tuesday evening. July 31, at 8 o'clock [precisely, la compliance afth the atiove 1 HENRY C. ATWOOD, Chairman. 9nUVn A. Ratz, Secy. CLARETS, BRANDIES AND OIL NOW LANDING from baik Laurens, from Bordeaux. ? 40 lihds. H. Sautern and Bsr^ac; 150 do. Ht. .lulien. Ch Mtrgtux. Ac. ; 1,410 eases Ch. Msrgaux and St. Julien; lbo baskets Iiordeaux oil: 30 octave* cognac brandy, for sale from th? duck by L. H. SIMl'SON h 80-N8, I'J Beaver attwt. CI.ARKT WINE9 FROM *2 (BOTTLES RETURNED) to $6. Blackberry brandy, an ?xc*lleni. remmy fi r disrrbn a; wbit* lirandy (or preserving; I/iadon and Dublin porter, Scotch ales, brandies, wines, rums, Hchledsm schnapps, and all other imported liquors, cegarn, \e., for ?a'e by PRDBBIUi k MAfTEKSON, 430 Broome street, corner Crosby. OEWAIiUS. 811 n BKWARn.-I.OST, OS SATURDAY EVENING, ?1U July on tbe road between Coney I -Una and >-oulh llrooklyn, a gold l?p. no watch and chaio. An/ p*i>on returning Hie earn* to J. M . Daly, 213 Culumom atreet, or at tbe Atlantic Hotel, lUmiltou ferry, South llrooklyn, will receive tbe above reward. An REWARD. ? LEFT ON THE FSRRY IIOAT TO wjjj Iloboken, on Tueeday night lait, tbe 24tb In it , a parcel contango* a manuacript boon, with red papar rover and aomf letteia In it. The flader will recaiva the above rewarl by tearing it at Mr. William Kgintoa'a, 149 Fulton atreet. LOST AWI> FOUND. Lost? on eriday AFrERNOON, in going from -9 Wall atreet to tlie corner of William an ! Tine c'rcet*, a letUr directed to Fleitmau k Weddigen, William itreet, New Xork. A lil.eral rewarl will be paid for tbe name on ll^return to McC'unn k Moncriaf, 29 Wall itreet. I(HT? ON OR AliOI'T JULY 27, A PROM1330RY j note, made by J. '1'. Ooodin, and endorsed by ft. (A. Ferguion and Richard .Mknvfil, for one hunlrad and and twenty eight dollar* anl cento, dated May 1, lk65, payable Hirty daya after date at lr>4 Rroulwuy. Tbe fiudvr will be auiiably rewarded by leaving tue lame at 70 Soutn Seventh atreet, Wiilinmaburg. UOIXKS, MHUiMj WADTKO, A 1'AKTMENTH WANTED? IN 80LT1I BROOKLYN, r\ conaiatlog of a pailor, two bed ro una audkilehen, on iecond door. Aid rem L. k W . box 188 Herald otiice, dialing term*, which muit be m?<ierate. WANTED- A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED no I' Ml, by a amall genteel family, on a leave ?f two or tlirea yearn. An) party having a furnished houae, wail loratfd. will I'.nd a very rteairabla tenant by Applying to K. H. KlNSHIMhR, 31u fourth avenue, 3 to 7. Y.\( HT WANTED ?WANTED To ITKCHA H, A ?mail yacht of from 3I> to AO feat length. Any petion having anch to diapo'e of che.p may And a pur rbarer by calling at or.addreaaing a note to tbe ator*, 30 Fulton itreet, Brooklyn. FlttNlTHlK. ENAMEL! EI) COTTAOI FI'RNiri RE. :-a*e V> per cent, and buy from tbe manufacturer, 034 Rioadwnv, n?-ar llieecker atreet. Neat mite aa low ai $26, -and carelully packed to go Sontb and A'eat S. 11. WARWICK FUBMTt'RK OF A HOUSE FOR SAUU-A GENTLE about to give up houieaxeptzg. wiabai to Oil poee of the furniture, it ia aimoet new, ^he preeeat ar rangement can be continued with toe landlord, na:oaly, the rent to be tai en out in board, the furniture to lie valued by an appralaer. Addnea kerniture, Herald office, for three oaj a. PARI OR, KITCHEN AND BEDBOOM Ft'RNITl'RK for aula cheap, only a few month* in uae; a good change lor a newly married couple mot, only ^ > a month. Inquire at 175 Grand a tree'., Wllliemaburg PLAHDU CARDS. P laying cards or kvkkv dkhsriition? eor aaie at the Union Card Manufactory, 177 aad 179 Grand itreet, near Broadway, Including alngla aad doable headi, ornamented and plain, aad S pernio aarda. A i ? p?rlor article of linen faro Aarda. well aaaaoaad an* wimaW not to war*, aad* exareeelv fa* deahag. PINK ARTS. K" ~EAD Trf CUT IT OCT. AND KEEP IT.? CA-W PAID for all kindi of old newipap?ri, old pamphlet*, old blank booki, old wntlag bjoki of any kin I, oi<l tickita, or anything that l? old paper. Now ia your time to fetch It along and get the r.aah. No. 2ft Ann itreet, baeemeat. J. OHACNCKY STOCK WELL OCllilM* AND AI'RISTS. OCl IJST? S. M. ELUOTT, M I>., OFF ICR NO. 1W Clinton place. NlS4'KLf.ASKOVS. A VERY D1MRAPLE SI'lTK OF FlRVHUF.ll R(K)-"k| may be bad, with board, by a genteel family, at 12 Eaat -ixteeath itreet naar I'mon tare. I be flrat or Mcond tloor may ba ?eleeted, witb extra roomi above if required. COMlflKiON? WSBTKRN StATIH? A GENTLEMAN of Integrity, activity aad addlM, about vult isg the MVatern and southern -tat?i on i/naiani. Ii de-lroui of loma reipectable and r?m taerative roan n ?Ion Add ram box 114 Hirald odice FOR 10NG BRANCH, PHRFWSMCRY. HK2HLAN0R Uitle -liver Point, and '>oetn I'urt Kara, 37 cent-. Tbe 'avonta irtaamer Jamea (rlatophar will leava Jay itreet piar daily, at H o'clock A. M., na'll .-Sa turday next, Aogn?t 4. for the above raaaloni' ie water leg place*? ??turn:ng leavea Ocean Port July I, at 4 I' M , Acg. lit and 24. at 5, and 3d, at 4 I*. M . giving paiiengera o'arly tbe entire day for rural or a la.'le rvreailoni, to treaty tbe invlg- rating ??a air. audio !.atte, #ail. or tilb In either the rivir or tba ocean. TO hHOIMAKER'8 AND FINDING -TORH ? t M CRISTAI AR, auctioneer will aell tbla day. at 10^ o clock, at 61 Idvfiion itreet, tbe coa>nt< of a leather and finding* -tore, li-ath?r ?ain? of var<o-ia kinda, alao a large lot of finding* and tnmmlsga, carte, wagon, bar aeaa and at ore fixturvi. ofllci furniture, k*.. flue tale la well worthy the attention of ;he trvle *nd otla*. CaUkvMi and tarni ca the morning of eel*. Aale positive By order of the reeeivera. T) I FT? THE THUtD HTORY;OF Hoi -I 47? Eol RfH itreet of front room and M*? room wi'.a marbie maalele, aad three ba-lrootr.i. Poaee< won -*j> be bad iwirr ed ately. litj,; ivW a gw4 Ap rj M u>? fUMli wjjrw. A MARRIED WOMAN', Wim A KRMH BREAST OP m<lk, who ha* lort her ha t>j, m deairoux of obtain a baby n?r>e. Apply at 1j& We*t 28th it." A YOUNG WOMAN, LATELY ARRIVED IN TBH ii country, winbe* a situation u chambermaid uJ I 6n? fiilMt and iioner, or to mind a baby end do plain ?ewing and embroidery. Apply at the atore 'JM 6th avtnue, corner of 17th street. A LADY, WHO M CAPABLE OF WRITING A FINE baainaae band, wishes to pro> nra employment aa a copjiat. at her reaidence. A note addreaaed to E. H., lie mid will receive prompt attention. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE woman, aa wet nurse: baa bo objection to go to the country . haa a baby a in* weeks old. C?U at JO Greenwich atraet. ARBsPECTABLE GKBMAN GIRL WANTS A sITUA Hon, aa aeanutreaa or aa chamberaftuL Apply at llzabeth street, second Hour. A YOUNG LADY WIfeHBB TO ACT A? PRIVATE amanutiuia, or a* copjUt, In aa ottlce. Compoee* rapidly, write* a good baud and can ba railed on aa a coutid?ntial agent. Addres* Amauuensia, Pout otlice. A girl wanted? to do the housework of a ?mall family. Wages three dollars a month. Ap ply at bib Sixth aTanue. A YOUNG WOMAN WANIS A SITUATION? TO DO Jx chauberwork, or houaewo-k In a umli family. Can be teen (or tbr?e daya at No- B Htrrlaon street, between Colombia atieet and Iitlany place, South Brooklyn. A YOUNG FRENCH PERSON WANTS A SITUATION, in a gentleman'* family, to take care of children and to taw- Apply at 158 3d avenue, corner 10th at. AMARRJI D WOMAN, WITH A FRESH BREAST OF milk, who has loat tier baby, ia desirou* of ob tain ng a baby to wet nurse. Apply at 143 Kaat -M at., fomth lloor.'for Mr a. Campbell. Can be aeon for on* week. I A RESPECTABLE VOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU J\ ation aa chambermaid or waiter in a r*ape;tabls fan.ily ; la capable of dolog the Hues*, waahing; nan the beat of reference from her i*st place where ah* haa lire! five j ear a. Can be aetn for two daya at 122 Kaat -Octi at. A YOUNG WOMAN WLSIUH A SITUATION A* jflL chambermaid and to asslit with tho washing and iitning, or to do the work of a email family; hie tho boat ol city inference. 1'laaae call at 123 Weal -hta at., In the atora. A SITUATION WANTED? BV A VKRY RSPVfcCTA ble and competent Protaitant girl; n a good plain cook and a llrat rate waahar and ironer; nan do g*n>'r?l bouaowork: beatof recommendation* given; no objec tion to the country. Call at 2til Bowery. V. NURSE AND SEAMSTRESS WANTED. ? ORE WHO ia a neat aawcr, and who would have no objamon to do the work of threo in family for one week, as the family are gom,; in the country for a abort time; none but German, English or Scotch Protestants, with goo t city reference, need apply at 22 Went 12th at., between Mb and 7th avenue*, from U to 11. A YOUNG FRENCH GIRL, WITH GOOD REFER enoes, la deairous of a aituatio.i to take charge of children Apply top. A. Guy, 20? William at., between 1 rank fort and Duane. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG MAN, AS coachman; understand* driving and th* care of bora**; haa no objection to any plain, aa be la in good health, con- nee) * :> jiVy but a Presny'.uian family. Adcree* W. F. P., 1*1 Clinton ?t , for twoday*. a protectant girl wishes a situation as jCX chambermaid and waiter; i* capabie of tiling charge of a dairy bous*; none but Ameri :aos need apply; no objection to the city or country. Apply tor two daya at 172 Meat Twentieth atreet. A CHAMBERMAID AND WAITER WISHES A SITUA tion; the country preferred. Apply at her pre nut tmpioyei'a, 77 test 2Jd si, fot two day*. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS THE WASHING of a family, or a few single persona. Apply at 171 Wooater at., in the rear. A YOUNG WOMAN WaNIS A SITUATION AS rite cook, and wonld have no objection to assist in washing and ironing; no objectiao to a geuUo 1 men's t.oarding house, but a private family preierrwl , ia willing to go a little way* in the c luntry. Has the l?at of city reterence. Apply at ?(S Weat lNth at., for I twooajs A RESPECTABLE FEMALE WISHES TO OFFER HER. i?'f u i sick and monthly nurae. Can produce the best ol testimonial* Ifrom England, an I also go il city reference*. Can be wen for two day*, a*. 174 Kelt i4th at., between 1st and 2d avenues, second tloor, front rtom. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A VKRY RESPECTABLE Protestant girl, to do chs.mberwork or general housework, for a small lainily. I'le iae call at 2il 14th at., between avenue* A and li, top floor, for two d*j*. A COOK WANTED.? ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS UK*. huainrca, and can fur-iisn satisfactory reference* aa to ter honeaty, neatness, and Cipaeity, maf apply between tbe hours of H and 11 o'clock at 1U6 Waverley , p. ace, third door weat of Waahlngton Park. A FRENCH GIRL DESIRES A SITUATION, AS CIKlf beimaid or nurae; can apeaa I ngllsh, do plain aewing, an I take good care of children. <>ood reference given. Call at 179 Vartak at., In the store. ABESPrX TABI .EQIRL WlillM A Sia'AHoN, TO D'j n*ht chambarwork aud In waitiug. Km jood city reference. < ?n be ?rni for two ?! *jr? I'leaae call at j9 Weat lath at , between 6tb and ?l:h ml. AFIRHT BATE OPERATOR OS 0 ROVER A BAKER'S nuuting machine m?T apply to J AMU- O H.YN, 1?H (triad a ty. ALaDY, DMIROIJM OF UOING HOI TH, WHI1E- It) obtain a aiiuaion a* gtiveroeaa tn undertake lb* 'are >n<l intne^rmrut of <.hlMren, or would hat* n > o? jecuon to no ke companion to a lady. The bo-it of refo r?:jce h uu, Ad4r>ae, for one week, A. A. C., Urooaiya Poet Ottice. AS GOVERVEaf - vN ENGLISH LADY, COMPETENT to na'ruct in mua>e (ntunlet in fan* uader ito ?elian), Krtncb, <ierm*D, a little Italttn, and drung, biatory, geography, and the :aual oranche* of a !ura tion. H'he wan laat jeer in 1'erla, and bt< bma much on 1he coatiaent of Europe A I iota I aa'ary ejuac'ad. The Houlh or the country preferred. Adlreaa A. B , b- i ?40 l'oat Ofiice, Newport, K. I. AliUPECTAHl.E YOVM, (}IRI. WANTS A MrCATION a* took , ii a (nod we* her aud troner, or would do the bou?< work of ? ainall family, uoderatmda chamber work and waiting, baa food cltr rvfefrwace baa no objac lion to the country, Cell at V!3'2 nta ateu ie, between KMb and '26th at*., drat lloir, front room, for two <!ay?. A YOUNG MAN WA*TE'>? a* general Cf.-KK Is a Drat claaa grKtry iter"; oo" who 'an tfiee oai|aeationahle reference*, ant! who la fully competent, ran apply loown liandwrlt.og, to (olebi, Herald None but an American u?<"l apply. ARK-PK<TaBI.E MAKKIKft HAN (HOLLANDER) want* a allnalion in a choeolate or apiea magn'ac tory ; be la a tlrat clara chocolate maker ant (agar pi 4ru rn. r la acijuaiated with the management of a ataam an gina, and ia alao a flrat rata confectioner, and la .ib,a to make preaerTea In the E reach atyle. Aldrea?, poatpaid, U. P. W , Mm aid oflit*. AYOCNO MAN, TWENTY YEAR-' OK A'.E, OF fiod ad<r? ?? and doing a b'.mn??e of whi-.U b i ehare of the nroflta arw "ulli lent to euppirt a wife hand aouirly, would Ilk* to form tba acquaintance of a yo log lary, with a liaw to matrimony Jbe anal not baoter l n?te?n. of good appearance, and eaay in ner manner*, ol a kind duapoaitioo, and In every way calculated to make a borne happr All communication* treatel with tl.e ut nit at coa licence Addraaa (rank It, Jieraid WANTED?' TO 8E! 1 A NEW MAP OF THE He a of AiofT Jt'ack and Haltlc ie?a, t'r.mea, n*w plan of Kel aatopol. ?mall fcap of K iropo, ke. Price, centa. A. H. J"' fXYN, ?X> I ulloo ft. .'oma areata are making fn m K> to $10 per ''.ay. Bookkeeper wanto? a <ohp*ient yoiw man, of cfcaractar and eip*r eace, 2>) to 'Zi yetr* of M*. to aaalat in keeping tl.e oook- of a do oeatic ccicmiia*on houae. (?o'td referenda r*titr?d. Adlieaa hot 440 Poat Office. CiUMMM VMM (ikrman woman wtflj. ea to mat ', with a family ^o'ng t'? r%!ifor?la at teo'l a la .y or to take car* of children -be la witliog to pay half her par>ag* money lu juira at 1M Fjr*yth atreat, drat Boot IMBMi MXf Atm WANTED- For. PRIVATE j famtliea an l flrat claaa hotala. Kea*. an lpaaTJ Cook a, lannc raeaea, iaaiee maida, waahera n 1 iraaara, llorekeepera, nuraea, and hall b07K. -iIii.wd* n?a ready la thl< city, Newpart, aa4o'.li?r water ng |..a a?. Apply at tbe ^areanta' [aitr.u a, 14 > Urao . at. T.1AKM I AW)RERfl*_ EKMAI E 'DoiMMTB ?, kt ., viTy b?enaaia<l at tba Amarifaa t mptoymeat -V> taty, 27 Greeawich at. temalae at No If, Hio.e liouaa, anl No k Hatda at., Brcoklja. (a OVEhNCS? AS EKOl.HH I.AKY, Of fiKEtl K\ r pailenca In taitlon, ? ahaa 'or a re engagement aa reatlent go'atna**, in New York or to go *.utu aba t>acbea muaic, arawltg,, traacb (a julrel .a Frao'O, ) and ail tba Ij.i<1hIi hraa> n>? Th ? higlioat re farancea wnl bo giten. Add/aa i Ml ?a fv U., box 4, Poat Offlea. Ga OVPi-.N ?.-??? > GERMAN i.*M W |ji i f{ f ab>d aoaaa lima ia tbia r.ooatry wiehaa a aitoa* n aa goaarnae* in a private fam ly or eem.ntry Mm la fully <aj able of tea-ting >re0cB. Uarmaa, dr? wing, tha ordinary Eagliab braa<*hae. and tba rudwate ?f > .ua|& K? fetanja giran Irom her pieaeat d'uttloo Wiluld pre t-r g'.iag Mouth Mdraea (poa'pa I ) F. V , U)? <Jl'i I ' at OBm, Bridgeport, (>>on. Hooe KVxytji wAsm>_(/E i "nkxteitiona / ilk cbaia <-var, aad ia aaary raepe" ror. v* eat w< va?e the aatira eharja ?f a gontleinaa a bnoaohoil A G'rmta lady abo la ac?aaV>uied ?nd falir able to ()|| ??'> ? p'aca, W'm'd he prafarrad. Apply at So ? P aa afreet. -www Hoi n*k?*paR'n kit Cation wan rio? b y a uidole age.; American woman, antira>y ua t, ia berad, in ageatae) faaJly, la the e:ty or ew entry, aa derataa^a kaaai kaapiag in a! 1 ite braaab?a, aad J> 'apa kie af aa<iertak.Bt *?e aat re charge A l,ae addra.awi

9 W.,U*nU4?*?*, viil t? tJMiiaCJAUi/ ?tt?4M t9> M ILIJNERS WANTED.? WORK GIVEN OCr TO good hand*, at 60 Barclay at., op itatr?. "Mjf BS. GREEN 41 OKI' Rr Hl'HCTFU LLY INFORMS IIEK 111 Mtroni end the public lhat her agency 'or Ioidm um >? removed t<> No. TO While (trot, wit akle, three doora from Broadway. Wanted a lady'* maid. Knglieh, F ranch or Gorman. mn*t be fully competent. Aleo. paltry cook*, woman for general work, Germane and lrlab. SITUATION WANTEIU-BY TWO RESPECTABLE young gbla; on* chambermaid and waiter, and to aaiut in waahing and ironing; tae o'.her t> do gene ral booaawork In a a in ell private family uo ubjecUon to jo to tin country. Good nhrikor Call at 8.1 Wait 27 th atreet. Salesman wanted? in a wholesale hat, cap, furiind atraw good* e?Ubll?hmeut. A h?1?m man ol expeiience, wbo can command a good amount of country trade in tba a trove builneai, may haar of a dutiable el'uetlon In a bouee of long (landing, by al dreaeingH. I . li?rald otli.e SERVANTS' OFFICE.? COOKS, NURSES, WAITERS, and other male and female doin??tlca for avery ita tion, provided Igr reipectabl* familiM, city <r country. i\ea?e apply at tba Employment Agent Ullioe, 60 Eaat Fourteenth Htraet, Union luuar*. J. 0. Q ALL \C IIER, Agent rE ADVERTISER, (AN ENGLISH MAN',) BEEN III Naw York 7 yeara, a fed 30, of good baeineae ba baa, it deiirom of meeting with employment, either ib an importlrg bou>e, a* aeitrtant bookkeeper or porter, conductor ou a railroad, elark on a atetmooat, or would not object goin^c South, aa ovemeer, lie , or in any oth*r capacity that would enable bim to make a living . haa excellent testimonial*, and not afraid to work. Addreaa IJverpool, bos 178 Herald ofllca mO TRAVELLING AGENTS ? WANTED IMMEDIATELY, J. Il?e or nx pernona, of gentlemanly appearance, and good addrer*, with $60 capital, to travel for a newly cetablUhed buiineaa. fommuaioni will be very liberal. Adoreaa F 1). S. , box 165 llerald ofHc*. TO FARMERS A STOUT, ACTIVE BOY, 18 YEAR-? of age. want* a aituatlon to learn farming Bent reference given. Addreai II. T , box 121 Herald oBiae. TO STOCK CLEBK*.? W.vNTED. A COMPETENT AVI) active young man. from 'JO to 25 yeara of age. that ia familiar with all the Tartoui branch** of the n'ock buninaaa, poaieeie* an inflneoo* witi ail the leading broker*, ami haa an extensive acquaintance among the leading atock operator*, ao aa to be able to control their patronage To iuch a pereon aa can eoinply with ail tbeaa requirement*, and prodace the moat uuaxception able reference* na to character and qualiBcat'oni, a libe ral compensation will be klven, and ? permanent altna tion. No othera need apply. Addreea O. B., Herald oflice. TO COMMISSION MERCHANTS.? AN ACTIVE BUs! nean perron. of good addreai and respectability, who ia about to travel over the WeeUrn fltatM, will under take commiMtione (rem reapectabl* boa*** in New York and aurrounding diatrlr.ta for the tale of good* gene rally. Ha a tart* on Saturday, and arrangement* muat be mad* by Friday, .Id proximo, City refaren-we given. Adure**R. A . . 1 'ey Street Hotel, I)?y street. tTNE JKUNE Fir.l.E PRAVCAHF, PARI.ANT UN j p*u l'anglale, d.aire ae placer dan* uue famille fraryalie ou am< ricaln*, comma bonne d'enfante ou lemme da chaiobrr: elle jmut fournir de buune cecom mandatlom. H'adrxaaer au No. IB Mercer it. WAN I ED? A GIRL To DO GENFRAL HOU'KWORE in a email private family ; one tliat unl?r?T*n!* cooking, waafiing and ironing thone who are cap* Me, and have good city referen ft, can app'.y at No. 221 Bieecker atreet, after 12 o'clock. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A REHl'EC' TABLE I'OR tuguee* girl, (a|iaaka Engltah,) to travel with a family to any part of tue world, would b* willing to make lierrelf generally uaeftil. <>ool reference given from ber prevent employer. I'letee call a*. 2H Cortlandt Street Hotel. Aak for Anue, I'ortuguene girl. WANTED? br A RESI'KX .TABLE YOUNG GIRL, A situation, to go to ? alli'ornia with a family. I'leuae call at U2>| Atlantic it., beteeeo ILcke and ilenry tit., Brooklyn, lteferenre can be given \\J OitK WANTED? BY A SKAMHRI K+?, BY Till: DAY YV or month. un^aretandH all alndu of family kw iDg. Itqnire at 162 Foriy ih I'reet, in tbe rear. WANTIUl? A tiOOll ACI1VK GIBI. < AS 11 AV r. A g noil home and $?> a month, U> do the huusewurk for thrte pereoni; muat b* boneat, Intelligent, and obliging. Amer.oan 1 roV*atant p.eferrel. Apply at Chatham at., baeement. WANTED- A 811UAT10N, BY A RESPECTABLE womau, an flrtt rale cook, ?bo perfectly nn4er ataadi ber buainem in all it* brauchae No objection to *h*t?t in waibiiig and Ironing, If required. Iteat of city* reference given, 'an be teen lor two dayi at 11 4th avtnua, between ltith and llth ata. TVT ANTED? SITU ATOMS, BY rvo MBB01 :i VV young ?omen- (In* ai flrat ra'.e waabtf ant Ironer. wbo haa lived thrn* yaa' < in l??r iait pltce tin other to mmd children and do plain ae*in<. No objes tiun to go a ebort dUUBce in tba country. Call at II Atb it , near the Bowery, fourth lioor, front room, for two day*. WANTED? A SITUATION, IIY A YOUNG A HUU< AN girl, to attend a confectionery or bakery. Call at 335 Sixth at anue, near Twenty flrat etreet. WANTED? BY A REil'kCTABLE GIRI, a SITi A tion in a private family a* nur-e and aeamit re?i ran cut and dt tadie*' dreaaea llool city referen -ea wl.l be given. Apply at MD Iait Ninth ilreet, Bra. 0MV| Iront icom. ? an be eeen for t*o day*. WANTED? A SITl ATION, BY A GIBI P>Z.O'll\M b?rw?.rk and waiting, or lewlng. 0..-M referen -ee given. Call at Iu4 1 birty aecond atreet, li?twten Tbird and Kouith avenuen. WANTED? A NF.AT TIDY GIRL, TO DO TIIK HOl'^V work of a email family liviog in Wui.ania'<'irg. .-he mult underatand her budneia w*<l, an 1 be w i;'?g to 4o what may be ne.-eaaary. Good wage* and a perm a nent place will be oll?red to one properly qual Be^, wtio can Coin* well recommen led Adur??? <?., l-o i. iO;i I o*t ORk?, or apply at 139 South Fifth itrict, WiUiatni barg. WAN I ED? A SMART, Tlliy <i RL, TO IK) GKN'I HAL b> unework In a amall family ah* muat be a gen 1 pluu ti "k, waeher and ironer and a go>l ba^er None r.-el apply without tb<>* qoallttcatlone and the be-- of r- fe'eo?e I'roteaunt preferred. Ap^ly at J17 Heary it , Brooklyn. W ANIKD? BY A HIGHLY REOOM VENDED MIDDi I i<r*d perwin, a litaat on aa boaaefceeper in a fen teel private family, where th-re i* no o'.her m.?tr-e< No ot>j>cUon to go a abort dtetan'.e In ttie country. I leai* ,-ail at 105 Aaioi it. Hefereno* exchanged. Wasted- \ situation, hy a vm-.v hi M'h ta ble, trua^worthy inld'll* aged worn in >he la a goo l eook, in I an eicciient waaher and Ironer Ha- the >*at of rafereno*. I'laae* call at 177 < Union at . Brooklyn, at ber preaent employe a, where abe can ba teen un:u engaged. WANT ID? KY \ vo: NO <i!K!.t A SIB' tr!0\' TO do g<-nrtal bouaawcrk. In ,u.r? at 'il? <,r*?n wicn ?t. WANTRIl-KV A IU-I'MTAB!.K W'OWks A -IT ktion aa rook, jo. aratanla all k m-ita of p??*.rv ?oopa, Ac baa no ohj?.:lioa to a lilt* wtabiu* an: Ironing, n a prirata fam If. i >a?a i*U at 1 T'rf I iut<g> at , o-mr lileack *r m lb* raar WAN I ED? A hiK\A\T, TO Ixi ?.KM Ul. H"t ??! work in a family of four paraon*, mint kooa boo vo bak?, eojk ptato, *??'i and Iron, an 1 :oaat l m w.Illag to do a* aha i? bM. I Jbaral ?*???? I >i<! to a ((??<! I'll. 'all at W) llojt >t , llrockljo, batwma I wan ao itargta. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A Kh-f ? ? TA1" K jo jn* girl, to do ??n-ral bouiawork, or cfeam Mr work aha la a ?? .oil eook. waaber and i roaar. Ho d city rrfaraaraa. Call for tiro da/a at 77 Wr?t ivtti at. W anted? by a yocno woman, a hutation, In a pr. rat* family, aa ftrit rata ebamtxrma d, wa-b?r aod iron'r, or aa waiter ?n l charri **n??.d, or ? do p.iau aawtrg i* ?? ?"7 eompat?nt paraoa aod taa ?.t? good iaf?r n * Uo Ir molur l?u lij'ii . fji ?V. near oth itpduc. W AXTD-A SITUATION BY A IIIOBLY RE abla Kagnab I'rtitaatant girl, to do gan?ral boiM work >od to tak* r*r? of ? ti.Idn d. or to do plain aamr la a r??pact*l,la fa?i!/ Appl/ at -41 ?tnr?, .? lb* raar, for two day*. WANTED? BY A Y'H'Vf. W'MiN, A aa ebam <*rinaid a?l waltar, or lodo^aaaral houaawork is a amail far .it ^<a ?> ? ? th* t??t city rafaraaea from bar la at pla-a 1 allV. 1-J kith at. , batwrra tth aod 1th a"auH, lot two daya. | M7ANTED-HY A VEJtT RMI'M TaIII YOfMi V? wi uiaa a a.tuatioa aa cli.l !r?o a o.jr?a or la*!y a : I a aid and plain aaamatrnaa la ea?al>la of tax ag barga | of aa lafaat from ita blrtb, gool eitj rafarwo ?a can o? ( an. Call at I(?3 Waal U'.tb at faartb flo->r, for two I Caji. WANTED? BT A r*f) TV.- r A S T 0E' HAN MRE, % ? t -ation in aa Aniari to lami'y a< { a r. ool .a I waab aad I- >o aad 1* willing to lo#*n"ral baaaawo.-a I (ad ba ?a?o for two -1aj? If ao* *ng*g?l Apj. / at IX'j I (iriaawirb tw, third fl"or, ba?k roria Wa till- a ktti'ation ?v a MNMIIV joaog woaiaa, aa ebao '?arma.'S ao4 M wa-kar at.<; ir<>ti?r, or aa --amatra ? haa i. .a (<???. of e tj ra 'ar ? o'a. r.'-aaa call at >'< Waat lit* at. < aa ba aaaa for '?o<a?a If aot aag?<(ad -iir ANiKD? a -rr? aii",?, by a k-:-i t/tahu: rk<? Vf Vataat girl to e" ? w ?l, aa ?>, or w. j, : I |ht ataiuowrwort aad Vaaa rara f aba*/ baa l?ad , i?arala bar laat p.a^? ???/?d raf?/?a- ? r Ayp4a at ill' ??a* '.'?tb at . thiH 'batwaaa vji aad rt), 1 ? ??a??? Caa ka aaaa for t#a da; I. \tf AMID? BY A RR'EVCT 4IH> AMtli'.', A M W a'l- a, aa rjua* ?!?a 'pwr'? :tl/ aa lar?taala j | iiitaaa la a I u ' raO'S-a la a g-xad k*k?r of uraad aad ba nit, will aaaiat .a waar.-?r ?' ra , , rad gv.l Ity wlatagia ghtt l? Mwa for two kafa r'**aa _ ra.i at 6 Mariaa at. (froat /, bat w??a Bra? in aad 4pr ag *1' ANTED? A mirATION. BY A R?>m7AB;jJ \l )?ug w?u ? ha ta ao at * .a' >t4a> ' ftanda raatiag ta all Vr*o?k?a a?a j> nar<>l | aat ? '?a- iSa baat a/ fafwaa" fran a*r va". I .? -a Ua Ui >?aa far t*? 4a/g M W MHffl , ?n'. ?**r, j rtau*, mmkjf. i WANTED? A SITUATION, By A RKSI'ECfABLE jouog nana, ? plain aeamatreaa. or to do gene Ml houaawork good reference. C'ao ue mod fjr two daya At WO Smith atraat, Brooklyn. WANTED-A SITUATION HV A YoUNU WOMAN, U keamatroea, or to lake car* of ehtblrea ; u_ ab jection to the country. The l?it uf city reference. Ap ply at :tCH Eighth etreet, betwe?u xrimai H an 1 C; can Ua was for thrao daya, or u uole addreaeed A. C ,' boi 187 ilartla oBica, ?1U bo attend ad to. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RttI>BUh4BIJ! young woman, aa good root, waaber an) kroner In a private family ; I* a good baker ol bieadani paatry, and can coekall ktada of poultry la wlliiuf to 'uake her lalf aaeful, and to go to tba eouotiy. tioo 1 city refer ence. Call at *? Hammond ktreat, in the rear. Wanted? a siri wins, hv \ ci.Eis, rinv. ?mart young woman, to do general housework. i? a llret rata waaber and trouer, aad a gjod plain cook. Ilaa the baat of eily reftrance from ber laat pla<-e. Can be reen for two uaye at -07 Weat '.toth at., Ural UDor, front room. WANTED-? A SITUATION, A8 COM TAN MX T<? A lady or family going to Karopa, by a laly who hae had ?omo jeare e*peti?nca in aultuig her?el? t? Ilia diepoeition of olber*. Beat of rafernncaa given. ld dreaa K. S T , Stanford .V Sworda' bookalore, Broadway, n?ar Blaeckar at. WtNTED A V'CMi HUMAN', AS M It- 1 AMI chambermaid alia muat be aocuftUimed to tbe care of children, nnd u> MM If flootf city fttaMM will ba required Call at 173 Henry at., llr^oaljn, ba twten 9 and 12 thia morning WANTED? BY A REM'Krr * BDE l'RofiVTANT wo man, a baby to wet narae at her own realdeaoe. Baat of reference gin n. Can ba aten for three daya at so Prince ?t., Brooklyn. WANTED? BY A MNI'KQTABIJ? YOCNO W )U iN, ately raturned from i urope, a altuat on to take charge of ehiidren or to travel with a la<<y to any part of tba United .-ta*?a or Europe; la a good naiin'rani, and la aecuitomed to travel, Beat city reference Ap ply at 81ft 1 Ith atraet., bet wet n wth and 10th avenue*. WANTED- -It V A I'KOUSTANT UIKI., A KiriMrioN', aa cook and to aaiiat in waahlng aad ironing; baa no objeetloa to go a abort diataace in iba country , aity reference. Call for two day* at Ml ll'th Mt., botween (lib and 7th arenuea. WANTKD? A SITUATION, BY A GERMAN OIRf, AS aeaaiatre**; or to wait at table, aad do the cbamberwork. (Jcod reference. I'laaaa oail at 130 Eaurena atriet, in the rear, aecond lluor. WANTED- A SITUATION, BY A RESPE'TA FU.K yoang woman aa aearnatrea*. la willing to da chamberwork In a private family. Oood city reference Willing to go in tbe country. Call at 107 Weit U'Ji ? treat, between Oth and loth atenuea, for two day*. W\NIHl-BY A KV>rH'l' \ I'l.K WOMAN, A ifl ation aa good cook, or flrat rate dairy mtld. N folly capable of eitber aftuatlon, aod haa uoobjectl^na to go in the country. Ileaae call at 4U Eighteenth "treat, between Broadway and 4tb avenue. WANTED? A YOUNG WOMAN AS WAITRHH, NOT uo<*,er 20 yeara of age. Hhe muat ooma well re comineadcd, and undeiatand her bualneaa perfe -tly a I'rotrxtaut preferred Apply at No 1 h 26th 'trcel, between 11 aad 1 o'clock ?*TrANTED? A anUATlOV. HY A YOUNU WOMlW, VV aa cook, waaiier and Iroorr Id willing to mate heraalf gt nerally uarfnl (icod refeience Apply at No ^r> lhlrt>anth etie?t, belw>-?u fith an 1 nth avenue1 I an be attn for two daya, If not engaged WURDV-A SITUATION, AS I'OKTKU OK some unelQl bUF-lnera, l>y a young roan, who la nober and induatrinu*. and willing to make himaeir ganerallv ?MfftL BWl of reference given. A ldreaa UflMM) Herald ofllca. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A KE^i'K.TAUI.K woman, at prorra?ion?l cook: abe uuder^unda Erenrh, i-ugllKh and American t-ooklug in al ita ?evvral departmrnta, plckhn/ an t preaerriog al i? Ilka tbe bi-?t city referture. Ai.'dreaa No ft i tb avenje. threa itooia above lilhetreat, for Oiree dtya. WANfED? A SITUATION, I V A T0VK9 WOMAN, to coor, waab and lion, or lo Co general twiuae woik for a amall family. Oooi reference fr >m her :a?t place. No ob|ectluu to go in tba <ounlry Apply at ft'Z nyckoO at., Brooklyn, for two da}-,, if not engagfl. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A mnorUHX young w< man, aa cbaiulxrma'd and aaamatreea, will make beraelf gmerally uae'ul. liood rlty refarenre. Call lor two daya at laat 12th al , balwern let ave nue and avenue A. WANTKD? BY aN AMERICAN WIDOW I.AHY, A iituatlon ai bouaekeep>r, in a geuteei prliat- fa mily wheie there la no otber mi?tre><, or in a g*ate?l botal, tbe applicant being futly comfxiUint I'leaan a,> ply at the < ity ilotal, corner of Broadway an I Howard at , room No. 3. WAMMi ? A MH inON BT A PI m : I ? : W? rtoto girl; i? * jool eajok, waaher ni l tr >n?r, ?n4 can co (antral wurl. Apply at I'll 30tn?., batwaau I^ziii||Uin and .iJ ara Can !? ???off 1 00 day a. WANTED^- A SITUATION, BY A KM- I TABU youftjf wcm.o to do K?o?r*l houaaw jrk for a ? Bail family tfood ritjr rafaran a. Apjily at I. '.'7th at., ba '. w < '? n 7tb ao<t * tci uttuM. Can l>? aern Cur \*j da/a. WANTKlt? A J-IH ATluS, HV A Kt h ! V K WO mia >? wat aurx; *<???? I r<X'"nni' ala'l a* *'.*ao A Dot** ?dd??iaa?d to it. S., l>oi lVtt ll-fjll vBi'o, will !>? attaodad to WANTID A HITt'ATION, BY A IO -TH fAfH.K girl, to do u ?-i< ? r?i tiou?"W,irk or r-haravrw >rk, id a Lri*at* latnily. whrra tin tan latki a bom*. ? all kt I.. Columbia at. , tvo dr.oia !t?u I'a .Be at , ftjutb Itrookl/n WAMH). \ :IH AM"'. HV A .Hit fY )vu?( >1111111., a? ?ranu'rix aol dr# amakar, 10 .. fr ?a'? family, ah# ur< :nr*ua<!? dr?aauttia( in al. ,t* bracebo: haa bo ohjact<?a to fo 10 tba conritry * to t ratal ? <b a lady, t ao ba ???a for two 4i ?? at |M) 1 1 ? a ? t , m tba raar, Ml???ri avouuaa A ao : II. tual raf?r ? oca <at ba glran. WANTEH--A ?TOATK>N, ItY A KErfl'tCrAIU.K MID dla agad protaatant woman, lo do ?r?l bo i?a work in a rmaii [.rival* larn.l; J I a ? no objab?i>n? ?? . a alott '.i?tane? In tba m otrf . )ia? goo I rtt* r'fa r?-Df? I'laa a all at No SW Wait I wrnt/ firat atrial WANIXP--DY A RIBPWTABl.K TOI SO W 'MAW, A aitaat|< n to do cbaml?r<aotk, or (fan***! !.'???? work in ? amafl familr, and 1a wuliog to ra ika b?r*a f OMful. ' *0 b?* Mao, for tbr?w .'a/a, ai 61 hio,; atraat, m tbai raar WaNIKO? A < KiiMA.V lilHI., TO Wa II, IRON, AN|? do ganrral tojaaw ik A | ply at 17, aoiaui < II' A.N TIC MY HMI'M T/BI.K WOMAN A -IT' {? VV t U'O, aa ant norw, la a pruata fawlly ' ao m hib, all tbi? ?#?;., at '?o a.'* I'.i* b^too atirat "non 1 Boor, front ro?.m. WANIIU-A Bin'AllOV, IIY A HKU'KCTABI X ?( man, aa ??<><?>, wa?'i?r an I Iron* r jro tlty r?i*r?n ? 0*11 at l ifl< itnU?? at , toarlb Coor 10 tba r??r I or laoi -llf ASIH* A Hill AlKtS, BY A YOVV. W to <Jo t'b'rai bi.ja' ? .ra In a ?'nail tat'. J (!'??. eity r?f?r?bc? j1??o A|pl/ at M) WatU ?t., flr?t floor ran b# m*o for tvo.laya II not an<*f?! W.tNirr?~A WOMAN 10 !>0 OCOBAL H'C -f work aM ?bieatroak, w?b an: ir .o i.t?? < '.bar a*?d apply lth#*ral an A ??r. " ?n [>r?f*r/a 1 Aji ly at 1:1 I 1.100 at , fou'.b Hroutiyn WANTlfa-A KA>IIIONABI.I' OIUfffWAKCR na?d apply ''all swrr# *-iat*ly at 'I ?? lial n, ? * I * W ??t 1 ??nty flltii ?tr? ?t, n>ar Math ????>??? . W.tNTH>- nv A BtMWTAW.l: YOVSO Woman, a ? taat > n aa fra?? an I rb>m ><rtaa ' :a ? apab'.a of ruling alid rHil- r*? a U* ? a 1 l>a vllllBf 'm ???;?? m <*? n/ 'a ra of c ill Iran . r an ;,a wall rar'/iofnand^d from b?r a' I f ! a a ("ail nr aMr*a? SM f aa*. 11th ?'.raat, (?al?a?o lal at-1 U itaauM lor two II- am M?- A -lll'ATI?.N a A . ? - W ** rba?b?r?akl ar.l wal'.wr or a ,ul<| ?, tba touaawork of a rnall family |->vt rifafaa^a. Apply at 141 :oath ' b airaat, H t|h?m?b . f(, b^taaan f.tb an 1 f,'B ?U*a'a, f..r two <5aya, II not ai>(a<?l |l,rA'-'i.. a ' a ; > aji <ook. wa?hkx A?fi? jfy ?. .'1 '1? 'b? (?n?r ai b. .^ w?r! of a a. ?.l ' >r aa ebaa.'^rr a.d a?.1 V. io tba p:al>. a??,n?. l,otv' raf'ranaa. Ilaaa* rail at ' bar! Von atravt, for tar Viftcl, (or 'wo 4aya. WANTin- MY A RIM 'Rf TARI V. P% 'ITTAfT fill, a altoa'.i n to faaaral W..>a?oit ta a food pa a rw.fc ai.d |'^d waab?r a vl I" aar foarl J'y /?faran'# OB for taao daya at ?V W. 24tb atraat WAKTIU? A WTL'ATIOS ItY A f'Kfa.T* .. TII'Y |irl, aa chaabwaaaa 1 and aaipan araa l?imal>: and to aa?i#t In tba aai af'ul ,t *. ? t ? fosd of children aad pla n ? ?at ?.t y ra farana W a^aa (t to a <a?u. tail at *1 ia?t %'A ?'.???' \l* '?flit MY A Y'l' ' .'?<> ? ' I, * W ??on?? a?? r - . '".it ra a 'rrjtd fafaf?ar* Apply at I/-M ? " a n ? '.r aa' , ta tkaiaar. ( aa ba ?aan laa j?ja ll i> I ?(a<a4. la a |o*d a* war WANTfla? BY A IUfWr?"TA hl> Ml* (II p?K?ON. a at'.aaUrra ta a fa?(l?aa*a a faaa ty aa pf*ra?.a 1 rof.i ?n'^rataai'la all k.a ? a A 4aa aVI 00a. || ?ul lar 1 irf f aa ? aad ^.?!try. a?< Fraa?b "?,a .,* aaAeraiaeds b?r baiMrat a aii Ita trar. ?? a aa acaUaat pa'try ?a*b. ????. ?ty r?faf?a ? ? ?!< at 103 V.tla at W\???a ','h aad Ua laaa ?? UkiH ??ir, for "aa aa>. 1|?7A>TM- MY A Kl-I VlAWi YOI V'i ?i!Rt % Tr ? nat-oa aa ?aaaaatraaa aaa da all aia ta af aaai V" dary aad ??? tawirtk. or ibaak?f fort a?1 wad mf ar 'aaa aara Ua?i drwa . ? afaraa-a if r..( % r. tu m I a>aa !of ata a.?a If aa/t aara^at, at I<*1 t* i ib al/awt, | k.'aara ' b aad *'k tiaatw wstantid? er i noiWAir OIU, A in inwi ( Yf *? ? ? **4 MMbVn?~rrt* * ?<? I t* f'i ft #brf 1 'a.i#'*##1* ?? 1^1 ?? ft r|^- u ? * ^ri.u r f# ? tit; rw # r*.v ?? "Aa U | ???. (4# h Mt? /tf xxt* at Ml > Jk it , Itvr wajto. Wanted- A situation, by a RWI-BC TABLE jensir firl, to da ebemberwork ecd iwnt la ?ud:d| and ironog aleo ?o take charge of eUUrra : ate it willlac to make her?elf generally u awful, ha* good rafiniM, Cm b* MM (?l I xo <lt/l tl 111 Bwkllt at., lira ok!) a ?\I'1VTKI)? A Mtt'ATION, BT A MMCr.AB!.K W widow lady, aa bouaekeeper family; food reference given. Inquire fur two daya at 191 Hit* betfc at. WASTED? l?Y A JU"iPKCr*BI,K I'KOTTWrANr t.fl, a a.tuntlon, either aa chambermaid or to da general aaueework to a (mall family. Can b? eeen foe two tlaja al l1"!' MaiMM atreet ?ytr astku? a man or kxi-kkikm k, with *>\u: WW ' I 'al, to opao a riataurant 10 NUMtiai wlU? a b ,'el aa noiltot Ixoallon, mud a moat adraotageoaw ?i:?n??ic.nt ran be made. Andre>a Mr. Faraum, 11a fft.d o!tic#?. WAN1Kl?_iiN A HMAT1. KAK*. A HINiiLK MAN. wbo rao ploaeh, mow, cultivate vegetable*, aa<I make blaeeif genereilv uaeful A t>v<7 *t Month -U W\STH>-A l?K('<i I I.I KK USK Ft I I.Y OOMI'E tent, U) take aharge of a rr??l\ .<rug atere: MIX otb?r netd apply. Reference- required, Apply from H to 10 A. M aod from 1 to 4 1*. M at I'M avenue D, cor oar of Hth a tract WAlTThD? BY A KMPkCI ABIJC VWNO MAN, A ?('.nation, either aa potter in a atora or a* eoaab man, naderitanda driving and taklne care of horeee; cao wrlto a fair ban I, and not afraid t > work , baa no objection* to going to the country , la aa Amerlcae. I' Apply at SM WM '-"tb ?l fi r tw.. daya. W.VNTID-AH I'ORTEK AND T?l TAKK CMUfc.roV a boraa, aa loduatrioaa alogle man; Mootc&sta preferred. Addreta lm? 4 <??.'?, M Office ASTRD ? A BTKaDY, I'KltHKVIdtlNd MAN, TO dellvar periodical* in tfea city. To a competeot. perron liberal Uroia will be ollered. Apply tbie day, batw?*o HAM aod 6 1*. M. to Ueo. A. Sorrltb, No, 2? Jobn it., baaemeat. ?*T|7 ANTkJI? YOl'NU MKS K?>R WHAlJNO VOY W age* Advanoe allowed of from >(>0 t>> l?"> to out fit. Alao wan tad, ooopere, carpeotere aod bla'kamltfa*. Anply all thlj waak to Kaadall A I'.obaon, 1(1 lioutb it., corner P?ck alip, up atalra. WANTKIi \ roMI'ETKM II \ Ith KKI'Kli ; VMJ, .1 Out rata womua. to take charge of pantry ami attocd to private aupper r<iem? a mHdla aged woman preferred , alao a good experienced waiter, ?n > under ataad* DakiVf toe cream* Apply at tba Philadelphia llouee, I aud 1U l.urth ?'reet, ffllHlltlffi "\A7 ANTFU A Fl W HAI.FSMKN, FOB A '? AKTKI.K VV la retdy demand they n.uit l>e energetic ami bualneea men. 4 all at No 1 f> Hamilton avenue, Houta l.rookljB, for ten daja, fretn 10 A M till 6 I' M w w WANTMI-AMTl iTldS, BY A ti'Mll) MH IIANK' to (O t-'outb or Weal, ondaralanda aaeisf la all Ita braB'bea, la a k<kx1 inarliinlat or miller (bt, la compatast of taking charge of either of the above, at aa ? CKine or would w.rk n tie rltr kilNH UecbaOie, Chatham ?<|uare l'?it Office, for three daya. WASTFI?-A IAMII.Y WHO WOI l.l> I.IK K T<> II A VK a i?rvant man from lianeva, wbo underataa'la b>a bu'lneaa ihomaghly, ao<1 can be highly recommended (rem he laat place In thla c tv haa n ? o'ljeetioo vo go la the country Apply at 121 (iieeni atrect, at Mr. Kbiu mann'a, baker. W\NTKI>? A MAS, WITH A CAPITA!, OF I IV), TO ?ake barge of a llrbt bualo?aa In a nelgb'^rlng city , aala: y 160 per month Aleo, three or four amart men, to travel, on a aalarjr of 9 10 to f 4o per msa'h For particular*, apply at 334 llroadeay, room II, up r'-air*. "11/\??1F1> \ i f ATlnS !' V A > ! I V tttn W writer at, I accountant he uadcMUada ??ry well the ri rrv?p< ndence of the Iteiman ao 1 ?ee.;'i}i laa guagea. id rn? t) Jte **??? n, rare of Mr. Kabeae<ra, HeaU'.inavian .-bade*, VO t?r*? uwich at .asm n by an i rH.Mursr m timw t? ma ., a altuation aa pori?r, or in eome light b?a!a*M( wage* mod) ra'e woul>l have no ohjei I on to aa r | iaat < r grocer ( wa/on tb'iroiighljr un leritaada tbo el'y. beat of re>'omnendaUooa aod goad aecttrity If re. >, Hired. < all on or addreaa ,lo?epli llrneite, 21. Uit l.'ltla at , la'.wfi o avenue A and lat avenue WAknil)- A l ilt I UATF. < Ol I I ' fOlt, 0\IC THAT can eome well lecommen ??!. Apply at the mull' (tore ??f Horace Watera, .',.'.1 lti< ad w?y "tl^ANTEU? A (OMI'FIKNT PI H^ON, TO A f Al W coUertor and canve>aer none but pan e* la every way <,ua.illed for tbia aitqatlnn ne?d apply. Ap ply to JOHN KINO, 17 North William atreet WANTkI?- A MAN, Oil lot I HOY INTFI IliKNT, willing, and of goo>i hablta, W> work m my blad ing, pr atiag and Utbigrapoli eaiabllahmeni. Tl.e aitua'.ioo will be permanent aod pay fair. Apply Im Wm W. lUae, 17 Wall at. Wan rut- - ammmcam boy, ia ob m vkaim of age, to aaaiat In a liquor a*.', re Apply latweaa '' ai d in o clock 1IIOM >" A llltAlK II, ftou'.h aad I'iko ?IN e'r ek(j?7 BKOAI'WAY, < OK K FA III -At MOHKH A ? * I COUA I HI H rtu Iw ha.) I n^liali, .Scot** Irian aad oermen belp, fur buieie and private fan I ei, a<ao, wailara, porter*, coachman, gardener* , farmare, ma i a ami laoori-ra, at tble or at Ibe Man b u(f e, 102 I.KIawl. b atreet TliK TIIA0K*. Aj-;ri Alios, g ABM.* in by a HuPrh nau: ?uarriad v ?o, alio jrarfaMi/ iaa<.?rat?n4a !.?? t jii r.aa ilia baat til r.tjr i ft it arm g *ao ll-aaa -.all far ibr?a 1'aja at U*? >.?>? '.'VUi "I , ?ar;?.o4 Boor froo'. rovra, batatas I'd au4 S<1 ???>? \b "iABI?EA'Kil?A Birt'AnOS WAVfKJ?, HV A c iddla a*a i ilBfia man a I'ii tMlml, of lirat rat# ? apartaaoa to nail I no ? n pla.*a in 1Mb ' in'ry, aial ?l.o la tMro i|t>lj a (na ti*>i aitli li a b'taiiaa* -a iff |ta tart', it bran baa I. a nu t-atao^l tba mllltat-oa of >ol lb* nunajaraatii 01 |ra>>? bo>??, as t la <ia ? i|i. .a of m? i-'lpj #i\e a placa ? ra tu> an) fool ?oi tar? ? I", uUad. 1 D loublat r?f?t>? ??a to -lara-tar aril et^abi ttjr A44ratt HI P , >? 7 John a;, lor t?? <:?)?. N'AIi.lH WA'.TKII ? A Nl mhui <?r m \tu rj aiii faa.'ar# in fla t ?i?a4jr r r plo> >naat l<f ap(4f Bg at tha (uBIar ml Hall an) T JU Wi>r<*, Iir4|i Ivii, I antbar *n>l ;oiBty, Na? 'arny Tj nrnv ) i'i.A rac M'mib:. mta rti? iumkm ?U't. lull) (nu-) n. tlilara. l<iul?( rmpUw aa*B' ib4 A( | li 'o Mr lloanar Hit* -tin, Itrrnai -|>u}tas I ujtll fnuniry, at " ("if tan I'iftil. I^^snri-AN ?:*?'? im ?> v.n wiitrte rt 'Uf. VV < rafttman A p flf at tb? > ? " ' iftaaai ? alfl-a, '?aw Vrr* N>if Var l ? ooa rt<?1 aj, j,</ aa>aa wail i lal r. ??: for 'bat ?lui/ 11/ ANTI I II \ ? ' ? VV t! a boraa ani ?)? ?u?' lb# a r -it*, lata '??r liian ar < n ar ' ?B un at ? tan ' ? bit I. ,a aaaa feat* (t?t> tbraa a craa of lagt 'iv'/ at Va< 7-1 l> IU r.. rt>( at Si at 4 i4 I ??jr alia.i jf alalrt Wrf iMVFORfl II' / ' III A -17! AT" S, AH'i.l':'?Nm, *T t'l V? In'- i|tnt man i.f a'tn> 'a . latrioaa ta l>, fU a par'art./ a' ja'riial ?Itn b'a bna >.??< la a>?-r>'1 AM |H'< ?B VaBttag a ?ar *?l li a^rari aar aC? i?',? |?r?n wll <"a?a'? h ? t in la lk? alwai'. of Lia ?i ( .ojar AOrtii J I? lltral 1 ? ffiaa, it 1(17 'da?B?i?B at . Inr tao ? aja W**T? a Hifi a7k?'. a? miit r? I* - 1 1 ?m; ? Mhv as who lb* < a/Mjr . a l< rxan ta bia a?? |H. f led baa La.t alfbt aaara aipf at.?a> to SB ? all A1 rtaa T ' ,n; -Haul c at ur ' t ji fASTU? ? m I IK.-T KATI' IXAT H UJ I H' N M 'Ai. ? f ? aa"t 1^/ a" I. 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